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  1. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Last call to join! The roster will close on Saturday morning when I wake up, so don't let this chance pass you by! :D
  2. The LSAT would be fun if the time restriction was removed. I swear to god if I run out of time for a logic game one more time...

    1. danzilla3


      Shall we play a game?

  3. Taen HQ

    Probably. It could maybe even be connected to the main Val server. Unfortunately I don't use discord except for rng anymore.
  4. Taen HQ

    @MrDoubleSunday lessgo with the post boi! I wanna close this thread!!!!! >:)
  5. Chasing Zhengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    Lilith nodded in response to Ziva's first question and motioned further into the cave with a head jerk. It really didn't matter what kind of creatures were in the darkness beyond- they were still animals. Living beings that could die. There really wasn't much more to it than that. Anything alive that stood against her died, and anything dead simply abided by her will. Being unable to die made everything seem rather irrelevant in her eyes. The only way that Lunar Daughters could die was the birth of a new Lunar Daughter, but fate had fucked up with Lilith. The power and knowledge of Lunar Daughters had been given to a born Marzanna, a being destined to inhabit the space between life and death. The two sides of her blood made a concoction rendering Lilith nearly immortal. There were weapons that could kill even her, but she was working on destroying or obtaining all of them. The gauntlets were probably one of such weapons, though the witch couldn't be sure without seeing them herself. "That is a Coven's branding," Lilith said, her voice matter-of-fact. When you snatched my soul daggers, you touched a trapped soul. Living beings cannot touch them and continue living." The witch shrugged, having her large sword over her shoulder as to rest it. "The soul must have liked you since it decided to connect you to me so that it wasn't your life essense being drawn out." Though Lilith didn't say it, Ziva was the first living being to be marked by her crescent moon. Neither the witch nor her hundreds of lifetimes of memories really knew the full extent of the marking. But Lilith suspected it could be used to command someone. She'd have to test that out later. "Anyways, there's a lot of necromantic energy coming from down the cave." Lilith reached out with her free hand to run it against the rocky wall. "The Queen is probably in possession of the artifact." The so there's no way around it was left out, but obviously implied. "It might be a trap," Lilith said to Jebe with a small, rather erratic smile. "But I don't think the Xers are the ones who will end up trapped."
  6. @Chappu

    Gonna be posting in our thread soon. I'm feeling like going big with our plot, so expect a nice challenge for us. 

  7. A Rip Between Worlds [Precursor]

    The wild child shook her head before remembering it was dark enough that Wyn probably couldn't see her. "No, they didn't say anything about drawings or pictures. All they told me was this is the cave where ancient magic...um." Aziza snapped her fingers in the darkness for a second as she clamored for the missing words. "Stands? No, lays? Uh, rests. That's it. Where ancient magic rests." At Wyn's request Aziza angled her flashlight so its beam fell upon the changing hieroglyphs. They just looked like pictures to her. And not even good ones at that. She'd seen children draw more detailed drawings in the sand. With a stick. In the dark. Blind. Being chased by zombies. Well, not that last one. But Wyn was much better at reading ancient languages than she was. What being an elf and all. "Duh," she replied, wildly moving her flashlight from side to side. "I didn't sneak passed a horde of bug people and go hiking into their caves to not do what creepy ancient drawings tell me to do!" To most that might sound sarcastic but having grown up in the wilderness, Aziza was still learning the more intrinsic parts of human speaking. Sarcasm was not exactly part of her repertoire. "Can I hit it?" As the question fell from her mouth, a large rock leaning against a nearby cave wall rose into the air and collapsed around her right arm. "Or does it have to be actually shot?" Under their feet the ground shook slightly: not enough to knock them off balance but just enough that small pebbles jumped and scattered on the rocky terrain. The hieroglyphs spread, expanding from the decorated wall to the plain walls. They snaked their way passed the two of them, covering either side of them with living-tattoos. Aziza felt beads of sweat trace a quick line down the back of her neck. "Yeah. Uhm, Wyn. Did the wall not like me saying I want to hit it?"
  8. Palgard's Club Med

    Although the detective could tell that the beautiful woman's lips were moving, he was having a distinct problem in focusing on the sounds they were making. It wasn't that he didn't understand the language or that she was speaking to fast; her lips were simply entrancing. His focus was narrowed. It became linear. Hawk's cybernetically enhanced senses all geared into overdrive, analyzing the red lips before him. Their every crook. The way they curved on the letter "f" or how they puckered as she inserted the cigarette between them. When Iraut went to light her cigarette, Hawk felt an uncanny rage build up within him. Who did that man think he was? The only man in the room even half deserving of lighting Sierra's cigarette was hims-" WARNING. HIGH LEVELS OF PHEROMONE CHEMICALS DETECTED. BRAIN FUNCTIONS COMPROMISED. PROGRAM: REBOOT ACTIVATED. PRIORITY- SAVE DETECTIVE ALEXANDER HAWK CONFIRMED. BRAIN REBOOT IN 3. 2. 1. ------------------------------- To the third party observer, Hawk's face was turning a beet red one second, his fists clenched white. And then he simply collapsed. His body fell limp onto the floor, dead of reflexes, pulse, and even breathing. It was as if the detective had died on the spot of some random cause. The gun which had been gripped between his fingers hit the ground with the body and skid nearly a meter away from Hawk's hands. Luckily, or perhaps as calculated by Hawk's AI, there was nothing but floor under him. Other than a relatively large bump on his forehead, the detective's body carried nothing more to indicate injury. The bleeding cut from before had stopped bleeding; the cut remained but the blood had been clotted by millions of temporary nano-techs Hawk's AI had released into his bloodstream upon being alerted to the blood loss. There was a pause of 10 seconds between Hawk's limp collapse and the instant expansion of his chest as he gasped for air. There was a brief second where Hawk choked on the air he inhaled but just as soon got over it and instantly climbed back to his feet. What in the world was going on? Detective, your mind was infected by pheromone chemicals that altered your brain patterns. A filter has been established to prevent more chemicals from contaminating you. A reboot was necessary in order to wipe the chemicals already permeating your brain. Shaking his head in a mixture of disbelief and trying to clear his mind of cobwebs, he spotted a large chest roughly 10 meters in front of himself and Lex. What was going on? Had Sierra given them the supplies back? Is the recording of the past 4 minutes still stored? It is no longer within your personal mind-drive, but was uploaded realtime into FIST Headquarter's database. Shall I request a copy? Later. Hawk looked at Lex and raised an eyebrow. The soldier was already heading toward the door. To leave. "Oh shit," Hawk muttered, reaching for his holster only to have his fingers grab air. "Double shit." If the pheromones had affected him so strongly, even with his innate mental barriers from the AI in his brain, it was scary to think how Lex might be affected. The last thing he wanted was to be thrown across the room like the previous guy. He rather liked his spine intact not shattered. "Lex, it's pheromones. You've got to fight it. Look, we'll just grab the chest and go. Okay? Like you said, we'll just leave. But first the chess. Good?" He inched slightly backward, putting his back toward the far wall so that Lex was on his right, the chest on his left, and Sierra a bit further on his left than the chest. This was not the easy mission he'd been promised.
  9. Taen HQ

    There's no real "don't do this" just maybe run the idea passed me before initiating it. Just to make sure :)
  10. Taen HQ

    Though Taen is a pretty dope board, if I do say myself, the community for Taen is what makes it. WE FUCKING AWESOME!
  11. Taen HQ

    Heh Rick and Morty Snickers
  12. Taen HQ

    Wait wtf you guys are naming the heads? Which one is bb snek? Edit: Does Lenny like rabbits? (Get it? Of Mice and Men)
  13. Taen HQ

    Wrap up a thread means to finish it. HA!
  14. Taen HQ

    Yeah, but we went with destroy all its hearts route