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  1. The Cult of Power falls soon? I suppose if you consider going back to its roots and stepping away from the limelight counts as "falling" then you're not wrong.
  2. Ataraxy

    [GS] Gemini

    On Lumina's word and with Aedos' affirmation, the villagers began trickling out of the city toward Darling's Point. It was an unorganized and chaotic march with the random person running back to their home for last minute objects and trinkets. After nearly thirty minutes of ushering the many villagers toward the city's exit, the last one finally left; an old lady who had adamantly refused to leave her home where she was born. Only after Aedos promised her that she'd soon return, did she finally acquiesce, making sure to force a promise from Aedos to rebuild her home if it was destroyed. Sweat drenched Aedos completely, his clothes feeling like they weighed at lest ten pounds heavier as he reached the village's exit. Even with his advanced build, sprinting at max speed for nearly half an hour was bound to produce quite the workout. Wiping some from his forehead, he met up with Lumina wherever she may be after no doubt helping villagers prepare to leave as well. Throughout their ushering, the thundering sounds of the giant god had progressively gotten closer and loud as it seemed to realize they'd tricked him. When he and Lumina once again met up, he'd place one hand against a wood beam and breathe in deeply; until his lungs could take no more, and then an equally as long exhale. "Okay Lumina. We've got two options. We can either try to fight... it," Aedos said, pausing in between breaths when the thundering grew so loud he could barely hear his own words. "Or we can escape with the villagers and escort them to Darling's Point." On one hand, they'd be able to keep any eye on the villagers and hopefully protect them from any bandits or other beasts on the way to Darling's Point. On the other hand, if no one was there to fend off Gemini once it latched on to their scent from the village, it was unknown if the civilians could make it to Darling's Point before the God caught up. "I'm thinking that we," he was shouting now, trying to make himself heard over the raging stomps of Gemini, "lay some traps and then escort the villagers. It will all be for naught if we die and they do not make it anyways!"
  3. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Why have fairly elected leaders?
  4. This is honestly fantastic. The anti-christ reference is spot on too, since I created Lilith to be a mix of Lilith the first demon and Lilith the first woman, while her species touches upon a lot of anti-christ themes. The "It's not as bad as it looks" part had by dying 😂
  5. That's why you should join #TeamLilith She's the only woman running for throne and is the most likely to be able to stand at the Vanguard. Peace through war is how the world has always operated. The cities within Macedonia were never as at peace as they were during the reign of Alexander the Great (whose tomb has recently been found! Kinda nerd hyped about it lol).
  6. Despite her attempt to stop it, Athena's eyes would widen just a little at Addison's prodding of her intended product being volatile. Only the most dangerous, most exciting things tended to be the most volatile. Try as she might to refrain the small smile continued to tug at the edges of her lips. "Our facilities are a bit more... appreciated," Athena answered vaguely, not bothering to hide the condensation she felt for those nations that only bothered with magic and ignored the beauty of scientific advancement. "I can't say that I have no interest, as volatile substances do tend to be a focus here at Aurelium. The commonplace goods are no problem, but I will need more information about your classified good before I can agree to it." Although she almost definitely would. Unless it was something with nuclear fission. Eventually that would be something Aurelium investigated more thoroughly, but their relations to weak in Genesaris to work on something that threatening to nearby governments.
  7. I'm assuming Tyler was referring more to the Second Amendment and its classic requirements banning them from certain categories. Of course you could claim that the U.S. 2nd amendment does encourage terrorism by pointing to school shootings and lawless by noting our per capita prisoner count, but still. The way you phrased it illustrates something more akin to anarchy.
  8. WOW a second backstab in the same time period. Hurtful. *cries. Sniffs.* I'm gonna ban you T.T
  9. Fun fact: Did you know that Force Majeure is the legal Latin phrase used in place of "Acts of God?"

    1. Fierach


      Yup! That, its other definitions, and the fact that it is intended to be a reference to my very first WarCraft 3 clan are the reason why the Order is so named. 

  10. 🎶 Supernapril powers~🎶

  11. On a real note I much prefer Lacrimosa to Fracture, since it has more of a fantasy vibe. Can't say I prefer it to Terrenus, but it's much closer. Also, I keep reading my username as Supergirl and it's weirding me out
  12. As the only person who figured out the indigo key, I feel betrayed from being passed over. Et tu, Brutus?
  13. I'm the real supernal. The other one is an imposter. A hacker. He's not even a flat earther like I, the real and true supernal
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