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  1. Well, shit. I don't know if supernal wanted you to reroll though. I'll wait for his final word. But damn dude. So much for being partners lol Joanna gonna get a rock in the face
  2. There's no rush :D
  3. I mean, if you divide the attack power by the number of total attacks it's more balanced. You might roll a hit for one person and a critical for the other and do 1.5 total damage. If you're dividing the attack by the number of total attacks, you pretty much always going to max out at 2 points of damage. This way there's no preference of multiple attacks and makes it more of a style/ strategic thing. I just don't want it to be on the turn after because someone is definitely going to launch thirty fire balls so that he can roll thirty times. Chances are it's gonna be a 1 hko lol
  4. Punishing the next turn because of something you did this turn seems a bit over complicated for no reason. People will forget or get confused if cool downs and turn after effects are installed. To me it just makes more sense to divide the initial turn attacks. You can still score quite a bit of damage this way, but not so much that people would rather always fire off fifty attacks than one concentrated one. If we make it the turn after, then are you going to give me thirty rolls, each at full power? Seems a bit ridiculous. (30 is an exaggeration but done to make a point lol)
  5. Yep, here's the OOC! Welcome to the Board Event: An Unintentional Awakening! Ask any questions you have as they come. The lore of Taen is actually pretty simply once you get a general idea, so if you're having trouble finding lore or understanding it, don't be shy to ask! If you have a question, someone else probably will to <3 If you would indulge me, write a bit about your character down below. I think it'll be good to get a bit of info on our characters heading in to this battle. If you have a character sheet that's cool too if you don't want to tell us a bit lol @AsenRM @Mag @danzilla3 @Teivel Morteus @Wade For those of you who were in the previous thread with the Xer, I have a confession. I had created Titus specifically for Taen, but I really wasn't clicking with him. He just felt so stale which was making it hard to write his character. So, I'm making him more fun lmao Edit: Posting order will be determined on a first come basis
  6. On the worst day of Titus' year, minutes before the Xer-orians were to burst through the gates of Lunaris, the world exploded. The man had been through many horrors in his life but to see the entirety of Taen collapse into itself was by far the worst. It wasn't long before the scream of the dying burnt the air with fear and stained the ground with blood. And it wasn't just those from Valucre who screamed. It was the Xers. The animals. The trees. The water. It was as if Taen itself were crying out in pain. The Elder Tree trembled under his feet before a large crack filled his ears and the unimaginable happened. An Elder Tree was falling. And with it, hundreds of houses, their food storage and their main base. Impossible. Not even great magic or tools from the mainland had been able to get beyond a few feet of the mile long trunk. The chains strapped to each of his wrists glowed bright, pulling him toward the exit of the tree. The room spun around him in every way as the trunk presumably spiraled downward. The invisible hands grasping onto the chains yanked Titus from the falling Elder Tree and into the air where he hung. Suspended and useless as his city burned. While his people died. Trees for as far as Titus could see were up in flames, felled and broken by giant cracks in the earth that continued to spread with a terrifying speed. The sky cracked, bolts of lightning like arrows as the slammed into houses, people, Xers, anything in the open. Below him, Titus could see the ground literally shaking. If he hadn't known better, he may have believed that Gaia herself had taken a hold of Taen and was using it as a snow globe. Still hanging limply in the air, Titus felt his eyes widen at the fear the struck him deep within. Beyond his mind, heart or soul. It was fear on a primal, ancient level. A single eyes stared up at him from the cracks below, red and black, filled with millennia of hatred. Rage. Titus could feel the emotions broil the wind and heating the air around him. It must have been worse for those below. A child's scream tore Titus' focus away from the peering eye, snapping the warrior into action. Without so much as a thought, the tension holding him in the air released. Plunging to the ground, the muscles in his back bulged and opened, giving way to a pair of white wings that stretched in relief. The spell keeping his appearance human faded as his wings spread, removing the humanly clothing he wore and replacing it with angelic cloth. A golden crown circled his head, keeping in complete sync with Titus. The ghost of a staff blinking into existence before just as quickly fading was the only hint of the archangel's past. His attention now on rescuing the child about to fall into a crack of earth, the archangel shifted his graceful plunge to a full nose dive. His wings tucked in as his body begun to spiral. A bolt of lightning lit the sky and arched downward, chasing Titus.
  7. I think that having multiple attacks is fine, in terms of trying to hit multiple targets. But there should be some sort of negative effect. Such has the roll you get is divided by the number of attack you're launching. So in this case, he could roll twice but would be required to divide each roll by two.
  8. So he did .5 damage to Joanna, not Ersatz? I don't know if you're allowed to split it into a .25 damage each lmao
  9. @AsenRM Lol did you just attack Joanna?
  10. LMAO the poor professor is gonna have so much shit to deal with Still need 2 people in Section A! Section B is waiting on some takers!
  11. My editing skills are too fast 346 words bb 350 lol
  12. Ah, crap. My bad. I read the min amount but my brain seems to have slipped over the max. Give me a sec and I'll fix that.
  13. So, just to clarify, if I attack you, I roll to see if it hits and how much damage it does. However, I can decide to prep instead so that the next turn I can roll twice. Or prep twice so that I can roll three times? Or do you need to prep before you can roll at all?
  14. A shrill wind passed like a ghost, biting Joanna as she stalked her way up a small hill. Joanna absently pulled at one of the braids tapping her shoulders. The fight she walked toward had been a last second phenomenon. If she'd had more preparation, she wouldn't have chosen to wear her kimono. Luckily it was fairly easy to move in it. If need, she'd just rip it. Joanna preferred to keep her fights within tournaments, but there was no way she could pass up the chance to fight Ersatz Kleen. A supposed master swordsman. Or so the rumors had said. As she hit the peak, Joanna noticed an older man and one not so old. It was hard to tell from such a distance, but Joanna could have sworn that the younger man was the same height as her. It was rare for her to find a warrior around the same size. Walking down the other side of the hill toward the men, her mind raced to analyze them the best she could. Neither of them struck her as tournament combatants: she would have recognized them. The old man had most likely been some sort of wandering fighter at some point in time. It was all in the man's posture. Her eyes flickered over to the younger man. Harder to judge that one. Military man perhaps. Though mercenary would fit the build and posture as well. Reaching closer to the other two, Joanna slowed her stride. Her ten black spheres hovered dormant around her, some bobbing in sync with her steps and others blinking in and out of visible existence. Bringing one sphere down to linger above her palm, fingers collapsed around it to flood her system with amplifying energy. Her body surged with increased physical capabilities. Quickly maxing her speed, Joanna flung herself toward Ersatz. Her sheathed katana sliding out amidst her charge, aimed to behead the swordsman who sat with his eyes closed. The path of her blade would be from her left to right, attempting to pass from the right side of his neck to left.
  15. Combats Valucre's Chosen Ruleset Free Spar: Joanna Vyse versus Relik Shadborne- Win Tournament of Ascension Ruleset (ToA) ToA Rd 1: Joanna Vyse vs Nicki Song- Win TDC Dice Combat Death of a Swordsman- Ongoing