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  1. Bye guys! Try to keep the board alive while I'm gone. I believe in all of you <3
  2. Gonna be gone for a bit. From both Valucre and Discord. I have no idea for how long, but probably until at least mid-September. I know it's all very out of the blue and right after trist had to go, but it is what it is. Sorry for the people I'm in threads with, but I'll be taking another one of my long hiatuses. This time I won't really be checking in as much though. :( @supernal I'm still going to finish our thread though. My pure stubbornness won't let me drop another FIST mission. But that's about all I'll be able to do with the looming LSATs and other stuff. In the meantime, if Carlos accepts it, I'd like to (hopefully...) momentarily transfer authority over Taen to @Csl with @danzilla3 as her second while I'm away. Keep the land alive you two! See you in a while, crocodile.
  3. ooc

    Hawks removes badge from his coat pocket and holds it up so the man can see it. "Federal Detective. And while this most likely has nothing to do with whatever drug operation you've got going on, it can become about that very quickly if you keep avoiding my questions. The girls, Iraut," he added, seconds after the man's name popped into the bottom right of his vision.
  4. I added these two clauses as well as an entire section labeled || Gameplay || I'll be tweaking the || Gameplay || section until R3 starts, so I suggest reading it. We'll use these gamplay rules in R3. If it totally flops, I'll get rid of it. But hopefully it works out fairly smoothly. The only relatively long part is the interrupt section.
  5. ooc

    "Something like that," Hawk answered, noting the man's avoidance of his question. "The girls. Recognize any of them?" Btw: if he has a criminal record, Hawk should get like basic details like his name and place of arrest.
  6. Best get replying to my ooc dialogue post /takesupallyourtime

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      Lmao I saw your dialogue post as I was getting ready for work. I'll post responses as I get the chance too. At work :p

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      Pardon my transgression sire. The excitement - it gets the better of me at times

  7. palgard

    The first thing Hawk noticed upon entering the apothecary's shop was the smell. There was something off about it. There was a distinctly bitter smell that he hadn't scented outside. Hawk looked around the shop, his line of sight hopping from medicine jar to medicine jar. It was familiar, the name of its origin on the tip of his tongue. The strong bitter smell didn't tell him much, but the sweet aftertaste that remained in his mouth told him so much more. He'd experienced a similar lingering taste in Doughton a few months ago when his team had busted drug traffickers. Still, Hawk didn't make a move other than to continue his casual stroll toward the man with heterochromia. As Cadmium broke off from their little group to do a bit of solo scouting, something that Hawk wasn't sure was the wisest decision, the detective noticed Lex tense a little. Cadmium's last words seemed to really strike deep with the young soldier, and Hawk found himself rather glad to have Lex at his back. He'd seen the man in action earlier that day and had no doubt that Lex would do his utmost to keep his partners breathing. He stopped at the glass wall that separated the store from the desk, quickly scanning it for hints of tampering or a way through the glass wall. There didn't seem to but much point in the glass wall besides to look interesting. Clearing his throat in hopes of getting the seemingly aged man's attention, Hawk consciously ordered his index finger to stop tapping against his gun's holster. Apparently he was more nervous than he'd let himself believe. As if realizing this, his CBC released a steadying chemical that worked to loosen up Hawk's body so that he wasn't so stiff. It wasn't a calming or numbing chemical in that the detective was still in relative alertness, but the absent minded nervous ticks would cease. His heart would slow marginally down as both the chemical and his experience began to kick in, making him a deadly tool for interrogation. Rather than beating around the bush, Hawk went straight to the point. Based off of the man's general appearance Hawk was fairly confident small talk wouldn't get him anywhere. "Have you seen these three women?" he asked, pulling out a portable hologram machine from his right pocket and clicking the middle button. Miniaturized versions of the three women were produced in a ghostly blue light based off of Hawk's recorded memories of them. If or when the man answered, the detective's CBC would begin to analyze the older man's breathing patterns, heart rate, pulse, and shifts in body temperature. It was one of the more useful sides of having an AI implanted into his head: the lie detector function. At the same time, Hawk's CBC sent an image of the assumed store keeper to FIST headquarters for facial recognition. Unfortunately the lack of a FIST building in Palgard would slow down the process enough that it could be nearly an hour before he got approval, much less a confirmation. Hack the FIST mainframe and run the picture. Hawk ordered his CBC, telling it to do something beyond it's original purpose. Not for the first or last time it seemed. Command recieved, his CBC responded. Command function beyond agent parameters. Field permissions overriding agent parameters. Command allowed. Hacking initiated.
  8. ooc

    Real quick before I can finish up my post, would the man with heterochromia register in the Taen federal database if Hawk ran a facial recog scan? The scan would still take a bit of time, but I'm curious if he'd show up for realism purposes. Btw- Don't spoil any surprises! I just want to know if his face would pop up >.<
  9. ooc

    Working on it rn actually. I know I cut it close usually but it's a coming!
  10. Welcome to Valucre!

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      Are enjoying your ToL experience so far?

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      Definitely! I am so happy I found this site. A good pass time and a great platform to practice my writing skills!

  11. || League of Bloodlust || || General || Name: Joanna Vyse Gender: Female Race: Human Age: 22 Height: 5" 6' Weight: 125 lbs Hair Color/ Length: Black in braided pig-tails Eye Color: Green Skin tone: Lightly tanned || Martial Disciplines || Martial Discipline ( A ): Kendo/ Iaido Martial Discipline ( B ): Muay Thai Martial Discipline ( C): Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu || Abilities || Primary: Nega-Ergokinesis - This is the ability to manipulate the cosmic force known as Dark Energy, a mysterious existence said to make up 70% of the universe. Dark Energy can be manipulated to hold forms of solid, gas and even a liquid substance. The most common knowledge of Dark Energy is that it is the absolute absence of light, thus having a pitch black appearance. A wall of Dark Energy could possibly have the ability to repel any material whether of light or something solid. Unlike Black Holes, Dark Energy is known as an anti-gravity manifestation that has a continuous habit of repulsion rather than pulling objects. As a side effect, there are always 10 black spheres floating around Joanna. They don't initially do anything as they are dormant- she needs to activate them. The spheres behave, though not exactly, similarly to a wizard's wand. All abilities based from the manipulation of dark energy have an effect on all realms, be it the physical, astral, ethereal or otherwise. The Dark Energy that Joanna can control is not limited to her spheres. Dark Energy is infinite and everywhere, almost like being submerged in an endless ocean. There are different forms of Dark Energy, and not all repel. Examples of different types of Dark Energy and their manipulation Secondary: Illusion Manipulation- the ability to easily create mirrors of actual or imaginary entities without conjuring a physical form.This can cause the opponent to believe they hear, touch, feel, see or smell something that isn't actually there or cause them to perceive something differently from what it truly is (disguise a tree branch to appear as a gun). In other words, she does not manipulate her opponent's brain into sending different messages, but disguises reality with a creative mask. Tertiary: Puppet Master - Dark Energy, being something so universal, is extremely powerful at the core of its nature. Because of this and Joanna's connection with it, her consciousness or her "life essence" has long sense melded with Dark Energy. Her body acts as a puppet to her consciousness, reactions are instant as if she were in the body but this renders Joanna's mortal body beyond becoming unable to fight due to head injuries or bloodless. The Dark Energy that fills her body and lets the woman control her body from afar, making her body like that of lich. Undying. Of course, the body can still be disabled by, for example, rendering it unable to move. || Innate Abilities || Primary: Reflexive defense -Because of Joanna's exposure to so much Dark Energy, there is always a small lining of dark energy around her. If an attack comes within a two feet of her, the energy around her expands into a defensive bubble. It retracts like an inflatable suit once the threat is gone. This is automatic. Secondary: Beyond sight- Joanna has the ability to "see" the tendrils of magic, energy, psionic attacks, and elemental manipulation. See is in reference not to her eyes, but to an extra sense that can simply feel it. Tertiary: Enhanced speed: This enhanced speed is directed at enhanced base movement, as well as enhanced reflex time. In the time that it could take someone to realize a fireball is flying at them, Joanna could be meters away. || Armor || N/A || Weapons || Weapon (A): Wooden Bokken Weapon (B): N/A
  12. I think this is him asking to set up a gun shop in Lunaris. So, not really a quest.
  13. As Matthias had though, the trip took a while, but not so long that their scouts didn't see the dwarves arrive. He rode near the middle of the traveling group, his hands holding loosely to the reigns of the horse under him. Unlike a lot of his brethren, the diplomat kept his brown hair short and tidy. It was surrounded by a thin silver circlet that spoke to his place within the Taen Empire as well as within the Woodland elves in Lunaris. He didn't particularly mind that he had no real military power in either: the political power that both his positions let him wield was enough to drive any mortal man crazy with ambition. It was rather fortunate, and perhaps well planned, that Matthias was not an ambitious elf. The soldiers surrounding the three diplomats stopped them approximately a mile away from the dwarves' encampment. Rather close, considering the speed of enchanted arrows, but it was at Matthias' orders that they did so. A show of faith, that the dwarven people wouldn't instantly start shooting them down. The wooden bow tapped against Matthias' back as he dismounted the horse, planting his feet on lush green grass. "What's the protocol here?" Randall asked. The silver crowned elf looked at the other diplomat with a deep frown. Titus had strapped him with a newbie? Great. "We'll set up our tent first," Matthias answered, "and then I'll go to the center with three others who will carry a single tent out with us. This might take a while, so bring some chairs as well." "What about us?" Stella, the third diplomat, pointed out, jabbing Matthias with her index finger. The blonde haired human was way to close. "Don't you dare say we stay here. I just rode a billion miles to get to this fucking meeting." The elf shrugged, not really caring enough to put up a fight. "Whatever, just make sure to follow my lead. I don't want one of you insulting a dwarf." At Stella's face of disbelief, as if she could never insult anyone, Matthias mimed poking a smaller figure. "No poking. Kay?" Setting up took nearly an hour. Once all the tents were set up, machines configured, and precautions taken, Matthias began to remove his armor and weapons. Another show of good faith. Besides, as a woodland elf he felt better without all that weighing him down. It wasn't until he went to remove the bow and arrows slung over his shoulder that he hesitated. Hopefully the dwarves would respond in kind. Matthias removed his final weapons and with a motion of his hand, began to walk toward the center with the accompanying soldiers carrying the tent and chairs. The other two diplomats lagging behind a bit, as if frightened. Matthias shook his head and sighed. It didn't really matter in the end. He hadn't planned on using their help in the first place.
  14. Someone needs to post. @Robbie Rotten If you need the morks to move, just treat them like reasonably intelligent npcs. If no one posts in the next three days, I'm going to kill them Snek so we can move on to the next event.
  15. Guys! We've hit page two for Taen's thread count! Whoooot!