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  1. Considering that having Lilith captured was my idea, this makes no sense. I'm not losing and no one is winning. So idk what you're talking about here. This comment makes me extremely frustrated. It's as if you ignored every post I've made so far in this interest check thread explaining... I'm not even going to re-explain it since any form of back read will explain my position. The fact that you italicized "will definitely happen" suggests you've read my stance, understand that Ive made no guarantees, and have decided that you don't care. Canonize whatever you want, you have the authority as moderator and I can't stop you, but at this moment and time I will reject that canon. You absolutely do not ha e my permission to go ahead and canonize her capture, and the more I'm pressured, the less interested I become. I'll be locking this thread until Nede is over and if we go the capture route I'll make a new thread for that. If it's something else, the thread will be for that. I'm tired of explaining it was a brain storm and having people try to force me into something before I'm ready. What I thought would be a fun idea to talk about and maybe do in the future is quickly becoming something of a forced obligation that's overruling my original desire. I'm not sure why the concept is so hard to grasp, but right now I'm tired of dealing with the seemingly purposeful misunderstandings. I'll keep in mind to never put forth an idea in the water cooler that I'm not 100% guaranteeing again. Geez. I'll be off Val for a while following this. While I'm gone I'll try working on the Nede posts.
  2. What is certain to happen are the things occuring in the Nede thread, which is why I've aimed to be clear about the two threads being distinct. It got a bit muddled when Amenities started to try to combine them and I pushed back against that pretty hard. I've never intended the two to be linked, but I've made some concessions concerning her being "contained" by IPP to Nu Martyr at the end of the Nede thread. I think, considering that the two threads were linked without my permission, desire, or even knowledge at the beginning, that was rather fair of me. Anything talked about or relating to the Capture of Lilith interest check is brainstorm. Whether Lilith is captured, killed, blown to kingdom come, escapes containment to be a bitch another day, or anything in between is up in the air. If everyone decides that they're of agreement with Tenkai and they specifically want commitment from me to promise that the capture will happen because if I don't give it then I shouldnt have brought it up, let me know. In that case I'll lock this thread and that'll be the end of that until/ if I'm ready to commit in the future. I created this to brainstorm and seek interest, but if people aren't wanting to respect the fact this was an idea of a potential path forward not a canon path I'm set on, I'll just remove the path for now. The part that Liliths storyline not being the only one at stake is a bit unknown to me. Idk anyone who's already started on a story predicated on Lilith being captured or w.e. If that's the case, I'm sorry to say, but it's not really my problem anymore. I've done my very best to be absolutely clear and have corrected anyone who's made a comment going against my express wishes. If everything I've said, done, or clarified was expressly ignored or disregarded and they went ahead to create a story like that, I don't feel bad in saying tough shit. If you're specifically talking about the prep you and Amenities did in tracking Lilith down, you both made that without knowledge of my interest in her being captured. So it shouldnt impact anything there anyways, you can just keep going with the original intention of chasing her gauntlet.
  3. Also since this was brought up, let me clarify so no one is confused or mislead by what you're claiming. I am not a board leader of Valucre and I do not have board leader powers. I help Aleksei since she's busy in order to make it a bit easier for her. Any "power" or "ability" I have is available to all other members if they gain Aleksei's permission to help with lore.
  4. I won't change my mind about not guaranteeing this arc. You can make whatever argument you'd like, but I'll simply refer back to my previous statements. Until I'm 100% ready to commit, I promise nothing. Simply who I am. I was very clear in first post of this thread that I'm simply checking for a level of interest. You say there was no need to do that if I might not follow through, but that's literally what an interest check is. A check for interest. Where else would I do that but the watercooler? There's no rule that says interest checks are only for ideas intended to turn into threads. It's last ditch for me. That's my end goal for Lilith, so if I have to leave Val, I'll push her into that spot. Again though, even for this you're asking for specifics. As if I've thought about every little thing and avenue I'll take. I plan and I think, but I don't cross bridges until I get to it. Yes. Until she tries to leave Nu Martyr, she won't know. Once she does, she will. Nu Martyr city was renamed to Primera Capitol bc naming cities after their province was confusing. Idk why they did that. I never said I couldn't play her, I think you need to reread that section. I said her play would be limited to her incarceration. And yes, I could break her out quickly. I could. But that would render the entire capture arc pointless and if I go through with it, I wouldn't want it to end up being for no reason. In any case, I'm not going to argue about any of this this because in the end it's not an opinion. It's my statement of facts concerning my current position. If my level of commitment bothers you, you don't have to participate or you can just wait to see where everything goes before deciding if you'll participate or not. Short of Supernal threatening me with an OOC ultimatum, everything in my initial response to you will stand until I determine otherwise. My guy, have you never done friendly trash talking before? By definition it's trash talk, not me setting a canon result lmfao But think what you want I suppose. I just won't try to josh around like that next time since you take it so seriously.
  5. So yes, this Interest Check is NOT directly related to either Nede 1 or Nede 2 threads. There will be months of IC time which passes in between the two events. The Nede events will definitely happen. The capture/ fall/ defeat of Lilith is something that I've been interested in doing but not something that I'm ready to commit to at this juncture and I've been very clear about that since the beginning. I created this interest check purely to see if there was enough interest among the community for me to want to do it. Turns out that there is a large desire for it, so atm I'm planning on following through. But again, I give no guarantee and want to see how Nede plays out first. Once both Nede threads wrap up, the next large Lilith plot will be her Fall. I will give more information/ guarantee once we get to that point. I find it much to early to commit to something that's no where near happening or if I'll have enough time to follow through. You can argue that it's unfair for me not to give a guarantee, but the reality of the situation is I won't be pressured into guaranteeing the capture of my most played character if I'm not 100% ready to do that. Because if I say "yeah let's do it" but in six months I change my mind, that'll cause much more issues with players who have been building up to it with the understanding that it will definitely happen. You have to understand that Lilith being detained IC has OOC consequences in that I will only be able to roleplay her as an inmate for months of irl time because I can't simply have her break out a week later. Imagine if Tenkai was captured and you were effectively banned from roleplaying him in any other situation for months. It's a tough decision to make and until I'm ready to commit to that, I won't guarantee a thing. Like I've said, I do want to do this and I'm working toward it, but I won't guarantee anything related to this interest check. The side which will theoretically be doing the capturing has determined things among themselves, and that's fine. But that's still predicated on this thread going through. Anyone who assumes, has assumed, or will assume that this interest check is guaranteed to turn into a roleplay exactly as imagined has misread nearly every other post I've written in this thread and that's not my issue. I've been super clear REPEATEDLY and have been firm in this belief since the introductory post. The "poofing" of Lilith from Valucre was more of an exaggeration and/ or last ditch scenario. If I leave Val as a player, I'll figure out a way to remove Lilith as a player character from Valucre. She probably will not go "poof" since, like I said, that was a joke, but she'll become something like Zengi, but for Renovatio. Sort of. Nede 2 will end with Lilith capturing one of the Demon Towers and making her way back to Renovatio because a Paragon discovered an access to Renovatio's Loci. IPP then sets up Anti-magic stuff around Nu Martyr which contains her, technically, but this is something unbeknownst to anyone but the IPP and/ or who they chose to tell. It's not something known, even to Lilith. It's a joke bro lmao I was doing friendly trash talking. Nede is more an adventure than a brawl anyways so my trash talk barely even makes sense hahaha
  6. For sure. In the event that everything goes as according to current plans, Lilith will be locked up but it will likely be on death-row or something of a similar nature. Assuming that she isn't "killed" during the fight. If it's death row type incarceration, that would be delayed since she has to be killed by a Marzanna weapon and that would give time for her to eventually be freed by outside forces or w.e. future plans occur from that. It won't be a CEO type cushy prison. That would only hinder the plot points I'm trying to gain by having her captured in the first place.

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      What is this

  8. I think in Lilith's case she won't want anything specific from Kahd; it'll be more like looking at something out of curiosity. We briefly talked about how Kahd is around 5,000 years old, so there may be some knowledge of each other's species stemming from way back then. Lilith is likely to have heard of Kahd from the Lunar Consciousness and become curious as to what monstrosity the consciousness has remembered lol I still have to read your character's lore, which I'm gonna do today if I can, so it's hard to give specifics of what exactly I want to happen but I'm thinking keep it simple.
  9. Lol I suppose that depends on how much effort I feel like my post to this will require. Brevity posts are simple, I just need 20 minutes. My Nede post will be full posts from two characters + canonization requirements which will probably take me around 2 hours. So if this thread's post takes a lot of time, yeah Toto first. If it's brevity, probably not bc I'll knock the brevity post out on the bus or smth lol
  10. Actually, I might do a sort of spectral appearance. Lilith doesn't technically need to be there in the flesh to make an appearance. She's a necromancer after all lol
  11. Okay, then yeah, we can just go with the first gen Paragon for now. Lilith's situation is Renovatio is a bit complicated, but she's currently in a sort of cold war with the International Police Program who have her trapped in Renovatio, soon to be confined to Nu Martyr. The plan right now is for the IPP to capture her for some period of time, so I'm not sure how long that would be. Lucky for you that's in Lagrimosa, so whenever it comes to her breaking out, I can hyu Kahld will be in the area haha
  12. Out of curiosity, is this thread supposed to be occurring in real time or is it back dated? I ask because if it's backdated far enough, I can use Lilith herself. Right now Lilith can't really leave Renovatio, but if it was predated a few months back... If not, I'll just use a first generation Paragon so same result but Lilith might be more entertaining to rp with haha
  13. Haven't read your lore yet so I didn't understand a thing, but sounds interesting! I'll definitely have to check out your lore sheets before posting lmao
  14. I will do my best to throw in a post within the week, but I'll need you to post again and reset the scene. I'm not sure how I could enter that scene.
  15. Ataraxy

    Gender discussion

    Refer to my previous post, but I'm glad you watched the video. Now you have something actual to make an opinion on. You clearly went in with preconceptions of what you were gonna think he was gonna say, but I'm glad to see you were able to put your opinions aside enough to watch it lol
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