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  1. Fair well, Valucre. May your legend live into the future though your world may perish.

    1. Lawman


      Valucre, banzai!
      jack black salute GIF

  2. Ataraxy


    I don't think that quote is particularly fair, though I also think the new site isn't THAT bad. But not all change is good, and it's certainly not an objective enough concept to warrant a blanket "is not the problem." And migrating to a new site isnt just a change, it's a restart. If I like red and you throw my red shirt away and give me a yellow one, then tell me "just deal with it and don't be the problem to this change" then that's simply unfair. Priestess opinion of this "change" is fair, if rather drastic, and I don't think her resisting it is a problem onto itself so for what its worth I deny the general substance of the quote in this situation but agree with what I think you meant by it, which I assume was "give it a chance."
  3. Whaaat I don't want this to be the last time we talk. 😥

    1. Ataraxy


      PGRP is actually a rather interesting site so I'm probably gonna migrate lmao

  4. A lot has been said and I'm sure a lot will be said but I'd like to share my two cents. I'll definitely take a look at the new site since Supernal is still heading it and look what he did with Valucre. In a sense, if I migrate, I'm following Supernal. But it'll have to be the site that I stay for. Nonetheless, I will remain sad to see this world go. I joined Valucre in 2014 because I thought the idea of Roleplaying with global lore was fascinating. That's what attracted me. As Supernal said, however, after a certain point I finished what I wanted to do on Val. I built a flourishing board that continued on even after I got busy and passed the throne to the next, my character became the most infamous on Val for a time, and so on. Perhaps it's simply because I've been on Val so long, but it had started to feel like there was not much left for me to do. Compared to my ever evolving real life, it began to dull in comparison. So while I'm sad to see Valucre go, and all potential it may have had with new members, I'm also excited to take a look at PGRP and what new things it brings to the table. That being said, and here's the saddest part for me to say, what attracted me to roleplay in the first place was the world-wide lore. Valucre's lore was special. There are many sites out there that allow people to make their own "games" but not many in which we're all playing in the same one. Supernal is smart though, so I'm sure he's already noticed this and made the transition with a unique spin. This is all my long winded way of saying I loved Valucre and it's helped me through a lot of stressful moments in my life. So for that, I give a million thanks and hugs to the community and staff for all the hard work they've done and fun we've had. I hope this new site has the same spark as Valucre which grabbed my heart. If not, and this is the last time I talk to you guys, I wish everyone the best of luck in your lives. May Gaia always smile upon you with warmth and never forget to kneel before Lilith. Good bye my second home.
  5. I clicked 2am Waffle House and was brought to Martial Arts Movie Showdown. Clickbait, I say, clickbait! Where the waffles at
  6. It's amazing how simply Hearsay sounds when learning about it, and then how complicated it actually is in application. Especially when it's a police officer's testimony. I just wanna go all Opera and be like, "Your testimony is inadmissible, your testimony is inadmissible, everyone's testimonies are inadmissible!"

    In other news, WA Supreme Court has ruled that the state's drug possession law is unconstitutional. Essentially, you can't be arrested for mere possession anymore. Now the arresting officers have to prove that you had knowledge and intent to possess. So if you get caught with a pound of crack, just be like, "Idk how that got there." And suddenly the onus is on law enforcement. 

    I guess, technically, that's not an incorrect interpretation of innocent until proven guilty. I GUESS???

    1. Veloci-Rapture


      There was a big story going on out my way a while back, where there was an organized criminal group that, if you pissed them off somehow, would hide a tiny bag of crack in your car's wheel well then call in a tip to the cops about it. It was apparently going on for years, and they just recently caught a guy who spilled the tea on it. 

      So I'm actually pretty thrilled about this WA ruling. 

  7. Nice background image, Skaikru

    1. Ataraxy



      Are you an original 100er? Or did you come along when it hit Netflix?

    2. Die Shize
  8. Would you save your family or 10,000 people. Why?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Assuming we can overlook the obvious 'can't really know until it actually happens to me' response--

      10,000 people

      10,000 is the bigger number. My family's just not that big! And within that number is a bunch of other families who feel as strongly about their family as I do about my family (probably stronger for some). So I have to look at this objectively instead of subjectively.

    3. Velindrel


      this will sound kind of selfish but hear me out a moment.

      I'm saving my family.  I know that whole thing of the needs of the many or whatever but I've been by myself most of my life.  I'd save my mom primarily.  Given a choice in the matter I'd give my life for my mom because that's what/who I know.

      I'm a realist...I don't believe ideology plays into it.

      I'm like this: I'll save who I can/when I can given my means.  And given a choice in the matter it would have to be my mom's life over 10K people I don't know.  

      I know it's a messed up choice though but it's what would be my response.

      Id save my mom.

      Even now, given the chance to do that I would without a second thought cause my Mom means that much to me.

      but yeah those are just my thoughts on the matter.

    4. Zigzag


      It's a hard decision, yeah. Definitely one of those things where you'd have a hard time with it. 

      This is why I prefer to view it more as how Cyanide and Happiness did it when they made a card game out of the Trolley Problem. 

  9. We're all just a little fucked up, aren't we

    1. Velindrel


      some of us more than a little than others but yeah!

  10. Who are u

    1. Aleksei


      Some cool chick lookin for cool people to hang out with!

  11. No, he left awhile ago. The posting order is Me Dan Fie Tenkai Notmuch Zashii Sir Nathaniel
  12. Isn't Ankou not in his body though? I remember a few times where his body was destroyed and he took over another. So technically it's not even his body lmao You should do a thread of Ankou retrieving his original body
  13. Bro I'm so tired lmao was a long day. I'll reread in the morning and make some edits if needed lol changed the name to Ankou tho lmfaooo
  14. "If you so desired, you could regroup in my sector. While I do not know how the enemy has managed to set foot there undetected, I know that my stronghold remains unbreached. All that I have is yours to command; you need only give the order." [Ankou] "No," Lilith murmured quietly after a minute, "We'd have to wade through whatever trap they hid on Nede first to get to your sector. We'd lose too many Paragons." Not that she particularly cared about the lives of her followers, but their lives were her power and to carelessly toss that away would be unsatisfactory. "Continue back to Nu Martyr. There's a barrier around Ascension City that will block their advance and allow us to gain footing." Part of the knowledge and plan came from Lilith herself, but more came from the voices of the Lunar Consciousness. Years of experience driving their suggestions, in turn influencing the choices she made. As she'd suspected, the two sides made occasional attacks but nothing close to what had forced them off Nede. It was almost as if they were being... herded. Lilith frowned at the thought of someone herding her. A mortal thinking so high of itself that it attempted to do it. Believing that it could. She wanted to ignore the thought, but the Lunar Consciousness warned against arrogance in face of objective fact. Before she could more analyze the thought, the Airship passed through the barrier of Ascension City, along with hundred of other Cult aircrafts. The High Magic barrier surrounding the city drew its power from the ground and essence of Nu Martyr, of the blood and bones which built up the earth itself. Impenetrable. Clockwork landed, but Lilith didn't move from her seat. Something was wrong. Off. It wasn't adding up. It felt like she was being led back to their Stronghold? It would have made more sense if they'd prepared a trap to keep them on Nede or to a different province. Pushing them toward Nu Martyr, Ascension City of all things, didn't make sense. Even as others departed from the ship, running to their stations within the city of begin with defenses of what was no doubt going to be a siege, Lilith didn't move. Her eyes remained aimed outside the barrier to the opposing sides aircrafts that hovered and buzzed like flies waiting for a chance. Wait. Waiting for a chance? Her eyes widened as a realization dawned on her but before she could utter a word, the barrier dropped right before her eyes. The golden-silver glow of the High Magic barrier fizzled within seconds and chaos erupted. There was another traitor among the Marked.
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