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  1. To: Everyone who has laughed at this thread
  2. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    That anime created a pit in my stomach that, despite the memories fading, the feeling remains. Almost as bad as Your Lie in April or Clannad After story 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  3. Unfortunately it's 12:09 am and I'm still working on hw, so I'll have to post tomorrow. Sucks cause I really wanna write but ugh, vicarious liability, here I come
  4. Will be posting today, sorry for the wait guys!
  5. Are you sure? It's not connected to Veluriyam at all
  6. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Ataraxy Nation does have a nice ring to it
  7. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    I wouldn't say it's sci-fi but it did come off as a little strange to me. Personally, I may have gone with something more fantasy sounding like World of Valucre or smth
  8. I know that we haven't had any actual IC interactions yet, but I currently have permission to fuck with 3/4 countries of Nehalen in any manner which I so choose until Aleksei comes back for a lore configuration and board update. In the meantime, she's encouraging ridiculous carnage and conflict as seen through the Cults massacre of civilians and the killing of old Reno gods and leaders. Ofc, this is for Nehalen, Renovatio so you'd have to boogie on down here. If you don't find anything in Gen or Terrenus that spikes your interest, hit me up for stuff in Reno. Especially in Nu Martyr. I have permission to, and I quote, do ANYTHING Within site limits ofc
  9. Nope! I didn't close it so you're accepted! I'll start the thread sometime between today and Thursday. I have a flight tomorrow, so time is a bit short atm but I'll see what I can do. Will link it here and tag everyone in the thread 🙂
  10. We just call that a solo thread and it has no special rules that don't already exist for the site in general, so feel free to do so!
  11. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Threads in the chat board are generally open to anyone who isn't OOC restricted, so you 100000000% can! As the title suggests you can talk about whatever
  12. Yes ma'am! Welcome to the team 😄 I'm not picky or anything, I'd prefer you just play the one that strikes your fancy the most atm! With that, I think I'll allow one more character to join, and afterward I'll start the thread. Wouldnt want to get overcrowded haha Gonna give one more day to join!
  13. While easy for Ankou to track down Barlova, the task was not much harder for Lilith who'd marked the Captain's soul with her own stone. But, still, the actual airship was only something she'd decided to get on the side. As opposed to all her goals before, this was more about the journey than the destination. After all she didn't know when her thoughts would be locked again. After they'd defeated the Wyrms, the remainder of her stretch to Strider City was quick and uneventful. Thirty minutes later she arrived at the city gate where a guard stopped her and asked for ID. While Lilith had vague memories have what an "ID" was, she hadn't suspected it was an actual object. She blinked and thought for a moment before shrugging at the guard and started to walk passed him. Before she could, however, the guard reached out and placed a heavy hand on her shoulder; an attempt to stop her movement, Lilith supposed. Normally she would have instantly killed the man, but considering the situation a less bloody solution might works best. Instead of sticking her hand through his head, Lilith simply blew a breath toward him as if sighing. The breath, laced with soul energy, washed over the guard and he dropped like a rock. She'd extinguished his soul like a candle. "He's collapsed," Lilith shouted, doing her best to imitate the worry and fear mortals around her generally spoke with. She even tried to copy the quiver in their voice, though she wasn't confident the imitation was accurate.
  14. Welcome to Val! Have you ever used an RP site before? What kind of genres are you interested in?
  15. I'm probably going to wait to post after more people have posted since I'm a post ahead of most players. But if there's too big a time lapse, I'll post again anyways lol
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