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  1. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    I'm just not gonna clear my cookies lol gotta keep that Lilith love alive! I will, however, go have a cookie. Edit: now I'm kinda curious as to what the new reacts are lol
  2. So just a real quick update, I got a part time job, but the training is full time hours, give or take, so I'm just tired af when it's combined with everything else lol

    It should even out and I have Friday off (working Saturday lol) so I'mma finally get some posting done. Maybe even actually write something not already prewritten lmao

  3. Btw guys have my post and meant to put it on here a while ago but I'm a bit short of time so it's still just hanging out in my Google docs lol if I get home before midnight tonight (and am sober) I'll try to get the post up
  4. Aight so more or less the only real development since I've been gone is the progression of battle and stuff in Landonia. Cool. Easier for me haha
  5. Just so everyone knows, in currently reading up all the new posts for this thread and I should have my post out within the next 48 hours at the very latest. Damn lol you guys really just kept on trudging, huh? Lots of good stuff I'm reading. I'll try to cover everything that's been done to interact with Lilith/ Dallas, but it's been a while since while so I might miss or overlook something. If I do, just let me know after and I'll just edit it into my post once it's up.
  6. Did Thurgood and Holly ever end up actually getting married? I was looking forward to the wedding lmfao
  7. Aaaaaand we're back. Let's boogie oogie oogie!
  8. In stark contrast to the relative "peace" the tavern was currently experiencing, aside from the occasional fisticuffs that go hand in hand with being a tavern during the day and age, not half a block away was a circus. And though this circus had many animals, ranging from a garantah of Taen to a dragon of Renovatio, it was not a very good circus. Not to say that it was evil but the ringmaster was very forgetful. It was a bad habit, or perhaps not really a habit but a mishaps of unfortunate cranial genetics, and it usually cost him a great deal of money and time to make up for. On this day, the ringmaster made his biggest mistake. He forgot to lock the door to the garantah. This great creature, he would often brag to the audience, has the strength of thirty men and the speed of an automobile. It's teeth are made of materials so strong, that a single bite from them can crunch even adamantium into millions of pieces. This one was over 20 feet tall and nearly 6 feet in width of just rippling animalistic musculature. It's roar shook the tent just as it did the ringmaster's knees. The man's last thought before the garantah's jaw closed around his neck was "oh, the keys! I forgot the keys." Generally not far from her Commander, Mercury the little vampire was hanging out on the top of an adjacent building. Long, sharp black blades poked out from the hairband trying it's hardest to keep her crazy pink hair in check. Despite it more or less failing in that endeavor, it had been given to her by the Commander so Mercury was quite fond of it. The little vampire cocked her head to the side at the roar, her eyes squinting at the distant circus. Curious. Then nearly thirty creatures came roaring out of the circus' confines; the variety of which she hadn't seen in many years. One in particular, a sleek quadruped with stripes and an angry looking face, headed straight for the tavern the Commander and Ankou had decided to meet in. She shrieked and leaped off the building, her finger nails elongating to a foot each as she bore down on the nearest creature. For a second she was tempted to make a meal out of it, but the smell turned her off. The blood of some animals were just truly disgusting. Inside the tavern, Lilith's eyes flickered to the door a split second before the sleek creature crashed through the wooden wall and glass door. It snarled at the occupants. Lilith snarled back, though the twitch at the corner of lips betrayed her slight amusement with the situation.
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  10. When Ilbis left, Lilith said nothing. Not that the djinn would likely be surprised by that. She’d ignored enough people that day that he probably should have realized her disinterest in things once they lost their purpose to her. Her eyes had already landed on the grimoire, a small book in terms of length but rather large in width. Thousands of spells were locked away in its pages. Ways to wield unimaginable strength lost to the ages. The Supreme Witch’s Grimoire outdated even Zengi himself, though it didn’t necessarily grant equal strength to the witch king. But it was certainly a large step in that direction. She grabbed it from where it floated in the air, doing so with her left hand, and quickly flipped through a few pages, her gaze jumping from words as if wanting to swallow whole all it’s information in a matter of seconds. But after a moment she closed it and handed the book off to Venus. It was only after that Lilith realized Vetiver had said to grab the “gift” with her left hand. Lilith hadn’t meant to follow the instructions, but found it interesting she had despite the lack of intention. Though considering a gift was something given for free or in response to an action of sorts, something told Lilith the grimoire was not what the Oracle saw. With a shrug Lilith turned to the coffin and waved her hand, the motion closely followed by a group of cloaked Paragons who lifted the coffin into the air and took off into the sky in surges of black smoke. Now wasn’t the time to rise the Supreme Witch from her slumber. But it was a good idea to keep a potential power like that close. Looking back at Shane and Vetiver, Lilith nodded. “The mission for today has been accomplished. As new Paragons, you both now have a choice. You may choose to follow me, though retaining your freedom to wander whenever you please. Or you can take off now and return to your old life with your newfound power. The choice is yours. Chose wisely.”
  11. Wrong Turn When Rai got knocked away in the neverland and the weird looking woman close to the tree started started screaming right before getting knocked the fuck out, Teresa just ran. It was all she could do really to not just scream and start crying. She’d always considered herself rather tough, but obviously she wasn’t that tough. Or even tough enough. Some maze. It was more like a pit of horrors and pain. The screaming in her shoulder agreed with that sentiment, kicking and punching her with its metaphoric appendages. She had no idea which direction she was running, much less if it was the right way. Fuck, she didn’t even know if it was forward. Granted if she was in fact running back the way she’d come, well, it wasn’t like she would miss the giant shattered axes. If the maze kept to its current reputation, Teresa didn’t doubt that the traps had reset. That seemed just about right. Turning the next corner hard Teresa almost slipped on the wet grass in both surprise and simply because she’d been running way to fast. Her legs had started to do that thing where it feels like you’re almost about to fall and suddenly it’s like your legs are going a bit outward and there’s no way to stop so eventually you just fall or hit something. Whichever comes first, really. For Teresa, at least in this specific case, it was hit something. Very, very, very hard. Or, rather, something hit her. I supposed that answers the question which force wins: immovable object or unstoppable force. Though after she gave it a second though, that wasn’t quite right. It was more like unstoppable force hits lightweight angel girl. Yeah. That sounded more fucking right. Fuck. This. Maze. For a split second she blacked out. The thick branchy arm of a second whomping willow had slammed into her right as she’d turning the corner, sending her flying into a bush of thickets. When she tried to move, it held her form. Like fucking hands. “Creator’s testicles be fucked,” she muttered, her curses only getting worse as the trials progressed. Thorns. She’d been launched in goddamned thorns. She tried to move again but all that happened with the thin points dug in deeper, red and gold blood spilling down to soak her shoes like she’d walked into swampy water. She took a deep breath- or at least as deep as she could without her ever-so slowly growing chest pushing forward to much- being small had its occasional use, she supposed, and then she let loose a torrent of powerful wind magic. Her abilities were technically on changing the weather, but used right, they could mimic more basic elemental magicks. Like a mix of light blue and clarity, a ball of wind exploded with her as the center. The thorns were blasted backward, yanked from their roots in the wicked maelstrom of teenage rage. It was one of the only times she’d used her energy like a fucking train rather than a sharpened thin blade, but whatever. Fuck it. The blast left her a bit winded but otherwise fine, excluding the scrapes she’d received as the wind had yanked the thorns from where they’d dug into her skin. She kicked a vine. “Fuck you, you stupid piece of backyard garbage.” She kicked it again and one of the thorns pierced her shoe to poke her toe. “OW!” She blasted it with a wind kick and sent that specific piece of shitty nature over one of the tall maze walls.
  12. Round 6 Your seven days start..... NOW! GO GO GO GO!!
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