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  1. Not sure what @Csl wants to do about that
  2. Summary of Lilith After landing in the city of Parrish, Lilith used her Soul Stone to resonate with the stones of Asteria's crown. Without much difficulty, she found the first Crown Stone: Stone of Life. The stone proceeded to immediately fly from her hand, toward a direction an unknown location. Following it, Lilith found herself standing before the entry to another hidden sanctuary for the Church of Three; like all the others, these people of faith believed Asteria to be a blasphemy against their 3 gods. Hidden in their sanctuary slept the second crown stone, the stone of following. The Co3 fought to their dying breaths to keep the stone away from the monster rampaging through their home, but to no avail. Only streaks of blood splattered to floors and ceilings, littered with random body parts remained by the time Lilith left. Both stones in hand. Unfortunately the stones were pointless without the crown itself, so Lilith once again headed toward Nu Martyr City to take what was rightfully hers. However, a fighter along the way caused her pause. Not because he was making quick work of the lower and mid Paragons, but the sword he wielded and the way he did so. She, nor any of the lunar daughters, had ever seen such a weapon. Ultimately it was just a weapon though, so after a moment Lilith turned to continue her trek to Nu Martyr, ignoring the warrior. As chance would have it, the warrior, Tenkai, had a different plan. He stepped forward, confident, and engaged her in battle. Other than the Peacekeepers from Terrenus, it had been a while since Lilith had faced something she considered to be... threatening. Unlike the wounds caused by those Peacekeepers, however, the damage caused by the warrior wasn't healing. At least not as quickly as it should. The longer the fight went, the more Lilith's disinterested expression contorted itself into a frown. Though her necromancy aided in healing wounds, it wasn't exactly prominent in healing. Had Tenkai been able to push that advantage, may very well have found a way to be victorious. But the moment the moon began its rise, Lilith's body soaked up the lunar energy like a sponge in the ocean. From that point on, her wounds healed almost the moment they were given and Lilith became even faster. Stronger. The tides had turned in favor of Lilith. Literally. It became painfully clear that Tenkai could no longer do much besides hold her off. To buy time for his allies. But it was too late. The fodder had already been disposed of from both sides, leaving nothing but Lilith's stronger Paragons on the country's outskirts with free reign. As her Paragons collapsed inward toward Nu Martyr, the city and its inhabitant found itself surrounded on all sides except west. To the ocean. Perhaps some others were able to hide in cities or retreat to Alterion. Tenkai, the warrior, was also able to eventually separate himself from Lilith. She didn't chase. Killing him wasn't her goal. Collapsing back into her black form, Lilith then made short work of the remaining space between her and Nu Martyr City. Following the path highlighted by the crown stones in her palm, Lilith found the crown. A group of energies clustered around it. She crashed toward them from the air, her cloaked figure crumbling everything it touched until she stood before PRIME Dallas and his soldiers who'd stayed behind to protect the crown instead of going out to fight or retreating. Only Dallas lasted more than the first few moment; most had been frozen once Lilith released her blood lust. It was simple to overpower when the opponent was effectively fighting in underwater. Originally Lilith had planned to only take the crown and then leave Nu Martyr. After all, she was only after Asteria's Crown. But the emergence of a large island off the coast of Nu Martyr changed her plans. The dark aura radiating off that island was beyond anything she'd experienced in Valucre to date. She needed somewhere closer to prepare. There was only one thing left to do. Take Nu Martyr has her own. Her hand sunk into Dallas' chest; fingers wrapping almost gently around his heart as Lilith waited for the fear in his eyes to show. But it never did. Defiance gleamed proudly in the man's eyes even has she slowly squeezed the life out of him. Then she took the crown on the statue behind Dallas, pushing each stone into it with something similar to thrill and excitement. She'd invaded the country. Killed the ruler. Taken its most valuable weapon. Now she'd take it for everything it was worth. Using the power of her lunar mark, Lilith made her intentions known to every Paragon around the world. In moments, words started to spread and Paragon in Nu Martyr began weeding out officials and taking over cities and towns throughout the country by whatever means necessary. Thread Reward: @Aleksei Crown of Asteria and 2 Stones that come with it
  3. Ataraxy

    Outreach Team AMA

    What happened to the Renovatio map? Is it under construction?
  4. As many of you are aware, I've entered law school which has reduced my time for roleplay to very, very, very little. However, this isn't to say that I don't want to at least use that time I have for interesting stories and advance plots, etc, etc. The issue is that many of our characters are caught up in this war. And since the arc has yet to end, there's a lot of questions in the air. I feel bad for everyone who's waiting and honestly just want to be able to move Lilith on to other stuff. So here's what I'm going to do. I have about an hour or so of time right now before I need to get back to studying for the only class that's ever made me feel like jumping off a cliff, and I'm going to write a summary for how things progressed for Lilith starting from my last post to the end of the arc. What I would like for everyone who participated in the thread to do, is use my summary as a basis for them to write a summary for their own characters. Feel free to discuss with others if you want to combine summaries or bounce off each other. I know that we all wanted to carry this through to the end, but I just don't have enough time to dedicate to large threads for, idk, the foreseeable future. (Got three weeks after finals for a Reverie event though, so yay!) Anyways, yeah. Working on the summary right now and I'll have it posted within the hour. Feel free to ask any clarifying questions you think are necessary. Oh, also, feel free to give yourselves some bounties. We did 8.5 pages afterall! That's almost, what, 200 posts? And they weren't at all short posts either haha
  5. My #1 anime of all time right there. Still disappointed R3 came out as a movie in the alt universe.
  6. Lol I was 0 when Wing came out. I much preferred 00 and Seed. Seed destiny was p good too, but didn't match up to Seed imo. Best part of destiny was when Kira came outta no where to fuck shit up. 00 still my all time favorite Gundam series tho. Just clicked
  7. I find this hilariously ironic considering the genre of Terrenus lol seems like something you woulda been into I've never seen a Fast and Furious movie other than Tokyo Drift. I don't really get what's so fun about watching people drive cars really fast in really improbable ways.
  8. It's not being involved directly, but as a port that links the two places there'd obviously be people traveling between them and people from UM who are celebrating it abroad. It'd be like having people fly from the US to India and expect the US peeps to not talk about Christmas or celebrate it. I won't be able to touching the port itself, but as a landmark of Reno it'll probably be mentioned as a method Reverie was initially spread into Reno. Unless the new lore article says the Port is defunct?
  9. Then... A loud crack A boom And the falling of rocks from the cave. Well, the roof caved in while the walls shot inward, as if the entire cave was seeking to entomb whomever reached for the stone. Although Lilith could easily withstand the gravitation force of the rocks pressing down on her and block the pain from them, she couldn't stop the shards from piercing her body in all the available space. And yet, still, her hand remained fastly curled around the orange stone. With a final pull, the rock came free and the cave finished falling. Thousands of tons of rock barreling down and piercing her, forcing her into a place of stasis. Her finger twitched. Foot twitched. If shards hadn't ripped apart her eyes, Lilith would have narrowed them in frustration. Despite her physical strength and magical prowess, not even she could free herself from a literal mountain with her at the center. A beat of her force and a ring of telepathic commands burst outward to her Paragons. "Free me." @AngryCacti @Thotification @danzilla3
  10. That's more or less correct. It's still Reverie at it's core, but obviously to make it work in Renovatio it has to change a bit. Can't have it be based on Damien and stuff lol I'm still playing with possible scenarios, but I'm thinking of throwing Teresa in there... in a certain... otherworldly capacity which is what will really link the Reverie holiday. LOL no no no, this isn't associated with Nede hahaha It's an event from mainstream Renovatio authorities. I'm thinking grassroot movement picked up by Primera even, if @Aleksei CHECKS DISCORD.
  11. He means dances lol like a soireé Also hi! Another victim has fallen to Jill's Val advertising I see If you click on the link in my post where you see the HERE you'll get a bunch of information about the previous Reverie 🙂
  12. As Christmas approaches in real life, so does Reverie approach us in Valucre. Some of you may remember the Reverie events from last year that occured in Veluriyam, hosted by recently deceased Emperor Titus. Linked HERE for reference. However, while I'm sure Csl has plans for Reverie in Veluriyam, I am now mainly located in Renovatio. With many travelers going back and forth between Veluriyam and Renovatio via Port Sun, celebratory spirits and events have been brought to Renovatio. More on that travel and adaption of Reverie will come closer to the date in question, as will *where* in Reno and who will be hosting it. For now, I'm interested in seeing who is interested in making this venture into Valucre tradition with me? Also, what events do you guys want? Last time I went way overboard, so I'll probably go down to 2 events hosted by me, but others can host affiliated events on their own. I'm thinking I'd like the maze to be brought back since last year we never got to the end, which was sad lol Suggestions? Interest?
  13. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Bruh I legit went in law just so that I wouldn't have to go into anything math related lmfao I'll push my 1L glasses at u law noobs doe tri me
  14. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    lmfao well i wasn't disagreeing with u i just saw that on wiki and was like woah fucking trippy haha
  15. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    According to Spy Kids, 4d is the ability to smell lool Fourth Dimension from a mathematic standpoint is basically this
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