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  1. Well first, since it's a competition over winnings, I'd obviously need him to wager something as well. Perhaps him longetivity. Then I'd challenge him to the coin flip variation game called heads I win tails you lose. Ive never lost
  2. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    How are you defining lethal? Cause anything can be lethal if used with that intent. Do you mean things that are made to kill? Inherently fatal if used?
  3. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Is that Neil Patrick Harris gently stroking a giant omlette lmfao
  4. Although it'll take a while to get used to, personally I don't mind Fracture. Namely because I can see a realistic progression IC from Terrenus to Fracture. With the civil war going on, lots of people would likely be talking about how the factions and military groups are fracturing the land. It would started out as Fractured Terrenus or smth and then eventually just drop the Terrenus. I for one am rather interested in all the possible variations of fractured Terrenus people will come up with lol
  5. Reaching into the depths of her mind, Lilith released what was akin to a strong shove. Mental hands starting in close, launching outward at everything in her mental space. The soul, or life energy, of the Lunar Daughters were blasted to the outside of Lilith's own. It was temporary and took a large portion of her energy in response, but the life energy of her predecessor's acted a barrier between herself and the soul insects. Her speed increased almost immediately, the only real pressure remaining was the gravitation force. But neither her soul nor her body would be hindered by such a mortal thing. Another minute or so went by while Lilith stormed her way upward. She spotted a strong orange light in the distance. A small rock hovered above a pile of much larger rocks. Each of the larger rocks were dull, normal rocks. Many of them not even polished and littered with rugged edges or cracks. But the stone atop them all, was smooth and polished. And Brilliantly orange. The aura pulsing from it was neither good or bad, but ultimately powerful. Total control of life and power.
  6. A burst of foreign, yet familiar energy, exploded into Lilith's mental radar signaling the appearance of Ankou. She'd been slightly worried that Ankou wouldn't be able to deal with the guardian, though his victory over the beast was a nice surprise. Unfortunately her distance from the rest of the Cult was much to great for him to reach her. That, and the extraordinary amount of power that had formed a sort of dimensional cage around her was near impenetrable. Even by her. Even by a stone wielder. The Soul Stone was likely drawing on the energy of Genesaris' very core. Her thoughts were instantly snapped back into focus when one of the "insects" crawling around her dug it's fangs into her cold flesh. It wasn't physically painful, but the insects weren't physical creatures. At least, it didn't seem like it to Lilith. They were likely soul creatures, each of their bits slicing into her soul itself. The fact that she even had a soul came as a large surprise to Lilith, initially, but made since quickly after. Especially considering that the Lunar Daughters were in her head, it was reasonable to assume that it wasn't just their memories plaguing her but also their souls. If she could find a way to use them as shields to protect her own soul, the trial might turn into something much easier.
  7. Interesting concept! I thought about doing something similar when I was fairly new to Valucre as well, though I never really went through with it lol Were you thinking that the tomb would be underneath a city, near a city- how close? Is there religious significance to your characters species? A bit more information on your character would help me help you find a good starting place (just don't dump like two hundred paragraphs on me haha sparknotes pls) You also may not want to do years that go beyond Valucre's timeline since any character-canon you make for that can't become site canon, but it's definitely doable. I would recommend starting in Terrenus Fracture since (imo at least) it's the most beginner friendly continent on Valucre.
  8. Lemme know what you think! Every time a new chapter comes in, my heart races like a million miles an hour lol
  9. In order: 1. UnOrdinary 2. Solo Leveling 3. Returner's Magic Should be Special 4. Release that Witch 5. Legendary Moon Sculptor 6. Soul Land (all of them) Most of these are based on wuxia novels tho, so that's cool if I really wanna know what happened lol
  10. Sounds like strength/ durability enhancing magic
  11. Joker was so good holy fuck

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