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  1. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    I put it there in advance since that's where we're heading haha it's more just to keep track of stuff. I don't want to forget anyone by accident 😛 @Zashiii fixed it!
  2. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power

    Being a Paragon What is a Paragon? A Paragon is a character which has sworn absolute loyalty to the necromancer Lilith Reiter and has obtained her Loyalty Brand. They have all, therefore, had their base power increased by what is ultimately a canon backed item. In the face of characters without such weapons, Paragons stand superior in physical and arcane prowess. Actions of disloyalty toward Lilith will become impossible for a character under normal circumstances. Enough divine magic or intervention can weaken the contract, but it may never be broken without significant costs to a character's health. The sole requirement to being a Paragon of Power is absolute obedience to Lilith Reiter. There is no code among brethren that must be respected, nor is there a formal hierarchy that must be followed. That being said, a new Paragon who demonstrates the desire to fight an older Paragon may find themselves killed if there is a difference in strength between the two. The longer and more loyal a Paragon becomes to Lilith, the more powerful the Lunar Mark's amplification effect is. As is the cult's foundation, it is the weak who perish and kneel before the strong. Conflict between Paragons is just as pervasive as bonding due to the power hungry nature of those who give up their free will for strength. In essence, there is no responsibility, ties, or obligations pushed upon Paragons upon receiving Lilith's mark, other than their fealty. In times of crisis or conflict, a Paragon can be called back to Lilith: the mark will relay information to the Paragon like a compass pointing toward Lilith. When an order is given from the Commander, all Paragons must answer regardless of the place or situation they are currently in. They may not agree with the command but such is the price of obtaining power beyond one's normal means. There are, however, other Paragons that will choose to stay by Lilith's side. Just as a Paragon is allowed to follow their desire continents away from Lilith, so are they allowed to serve directly by her side. Those serving and proving their loyalty at her side or on her direct orders will have Lunar Marks of increasing potency because of their ever-increasing solidity of their loyalty to Lilith. A Paragon whom has gone inactive may become active again by contact me and starting a thread with the character. Paragon Benefits A Paragon who swear loyalty, obtains the power boost, and then wonders off the fulfill their deepest desires with newfound powers have the benefit of near complete freedom despite the increase in power. Other than a specific call by Lilith herself, this type of Paragon is chained by nothing. They are free to wonder Valucre causing mayhem, saving lives, or doing nothing but sipping tea. What they do has little impact on the Commander, so long as they are mindful of the loyalty contract. The Paragons who swear loyalty to Lilith and choose to follow her, obeying her commands and aiding in her ventures will all eventually be granted with even more power. Each Paragon who follows Lilith will be given at least one artifact from the cult's many artifacts. The strength of the artifact will depend on the Paragon themselves as well as their loyalty to Lilith. At times it will require actually hunting down the artifact, while at other times it will simply be handed to them. However, any artifact obtained and/ or given by the cult belongs to the cult. If a character breaks their agreement by Lilith, they will not only suffer the pain of losing the mark but will also find their artifact has returned to the cult. Only a Paragon who bares the Loyalty Brand may wield an artifact of the Cult of Power. Using Paragons in Player v. Player within a Canon Setting Being a Paragon does not guarantee or promise an automatic win in a combat scenario. The mark, through awakening a character's potential, will give them an power advantage when against a regular enemy. This is something backed by canon and cannot be otherwise argued because the mark counts as a canon backed item. In some cases, however, the opponent may outsmart a Paragon or wield an item of equal power. There are many ways to still lose. But there are so many more ways to win now. Don't underestimate your opponents and remember. You are a now a Paragon. Make them kneel. Non-Paragon Followers @danzilla3 | Ankou Lethe @Zashiii | Middy Alter Active Paragons (oldest to newest) @Zashiii | Black Sera | Khakina Khatun | Others of the Black Spear Cartel @ourlachesism | Samael @Chappu | Caelian Miles @Rin | Esben Djinn Valentin Sychron Inactive Paragons @Piperpie | Ziva Ex-Paragons
  3. Ataraxy

    Crime DOES pay (And has a great health plan)

    Sounds like an enforcer for the mob lol
  4. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    But the pocket Liliths I use in my signature are the best ever lol so sassy
  5. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Lol Unfortunately I don't have any with specks! I really like it as well. While the second one captures the ferocity and superiority complex I wanted Lilith to have, the first one just hits my image of her bulls-eye. Her expression, posture, features, everything reflects how she was in my mind. That and the second made her too busty lmao But then again, the second one is super arrogant and I love it lol
  6. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    So guys, I was talking with my RL friend about the crescent moon on Lilith's forehead and he said the black moon in the first custom art looks better than the golden one in the second post's custom art. I've always gone with the gold one, but figured I'd ask you guys as well. Black or Gold?
  7. Ataraxy

    The New Kids' Party House

    That's interesting. I'm actually reading a web comic called Unordinary were in a world of super powered people, there are some that have no powers. Called Cripples. It's cool that you see being normal as a superpower instead of the implications the web comic pushes! Well, if you ever find some time let me know! I'm a bit busy myself but even if I can't fit in another roleplay I can always give you a hand in finding one 🙂 My board Ursa Madeum is history (medieval) and fantasy! If you ever feel the urge, you're more than welcome! Nice answer! I was actually thinking that "superpowers" would be designated toward those who have stronger powers.
  8. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Here you go!
  9. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Yasssss @danzilla3 @Chappu what do you guys think?
  10. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Cool! Then about one where all our characters are in a cave and hunting down a Xer queen!? (Like a big humanoid bug thing). There are a bunch of traps in the desert cave, so it's completely plausible Esben just kinda falls in lol
  11. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Sure, no problem. Lilith in is three threads at the moment, so you're welcome to jump in one of the current threads! If you'd like to have a new thread, I'd like to ask we wait a little bit to see if any one else wants to join! That way we can do it all together. More fun that way 😄 Also, you guys, what do you think about having players associated with the cult use the crescent moon emoji in their signature? I really like how the Dead has those images. I like my Lilith image too much though, hence the emoji suggestion lol 🌙 or 🌒 or 🌘
  12. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power OOC

    Oh, awesome! I'll just reply here instead of the PM lol Did you have a character in mind? And would you prefer having Lilith mark your character in a thread or for it to have been already done in the past?
  13. Ataraxy

    Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: Not just area, but distance [closed] +5 Square Miles to the territory of House Dali!
  14. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power

    General Information Name: Cult of Power Leader: The Commander, Lilith Reiter Followers: The Paragons Doctrine: The weak will always kneel to the strong. Goal: Absolute & Unstoppable Power Heraldry: A golden crescent moon. Location: Unknown About The Cult In a world where the weak are forever the punching bags of the strong, the Cult of Power (C.o.P.) seeks to rise overturn this seemingly normative structure. As stated in the group's name, this is a cult which revolves around the obtainment of power. This can be done in various ways, ranging from collecting artifacts to ruling over territory. The cult is not, however, an organization with any true structure to its name other than Lilith Reiter at its top. Despite that Paragons have, in the past, formed de facto hierarchies based on seniority and current levels of power. The more power one has, the more highly they are regarded by other Paragons. There are Paragons throughout the lands of Valucre, each grasping and fighting for their own individual desires. Just because a Paragon is a member, that does not obligate them to actually follow Lilith. They must obey her orders and heed her call, but otherwise are given free will to do whatever they desire. Therefore, there are Paragons stretched across the lands of Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. Paragons can be recognized by the crescent moon mark somewhere on their bodies. The color and location may differ from member to member, but each will have a distinct lunar mark that, upon the Paragon's will, exude Lilith's magic signature. The Crescent Mark The mark a character attains upon agreeing the Commander's contract holds the power of a canon based artifact. Although weaker than a Terrenus Artifact or Legend Class item, it nonetheless gives a power boost to whomever wields it. Instead of granting them new powers or giving them a bit of Lilith's own energy, the mark actually unlocks a character's potential so that they can bring out more of there own strength. In essence, the crescent mark fulfills the role of a power amplifier. In certain circumstances a Paragon may find themselves with multiple lunar marks. This has no actual affect to the achieved level of amplification. Becoming a Paragon of Power There is no one who cannot become a Paragon of Power. The Commander, Lilith Reiter, does not care who who your are or what you've done. The only things that matter are what you desire to have and do. If you want power and access to a global network of unnaturally powerful characters, join the cult and become a Paragon by simply requesting entry through the cult's OOC or a private message. Accepting the Loyalty Brand The Loyalty Brand, or Lunar Mark, is an exchange of equally valuable attributes. In order to attain a lunar mark, the character must first swear a binding oath of loyalty to Lilith. By giving up their ability to disobey her and restricting their own free will, this allows them to be granted greater power. This is due to the equal exchange law of magic on Valucre, where to gain something must cost something of an equal amount. Thus by giving up part of their free will, they gain power equal to the loss. For the contract between Lilith and the character to become official, the character must grab her hand when it is offered to them.
  15. Ataraxy

    Cult of Power

    Do you desire power? If so, take my hand and make the world kneel. TABLE OF CONTENTS Cult Overview Being a Paragon The Global Network Cult Artifact Archive & Thread Activity History & Roots