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  1. No, he left awhile ago. The posting order is Me Dan Fie Tenkai Notmuch Zashii Sir Nathaniel
  2. Isn't Ankou not in his body though? I remember a few times where his body was destroyed and he took over another. So technically it's not even his body lmao You should do a thread of Ankou retrieving his original body
  3. Bro I'm so tired lmao was a long day. I'll reread in the morning and make some edits if needed lol changed the name to Ankou tho lmfaooo
  4. "If you so desired, you could regroup in my sector. While I do not know how the enemy has managed to set foot there undetected, I know that my stronghold remains unbreached. All that I have is yours to command; you need only give the order." [Ankou] "No," Lilith murmured quietly after a minute, "We'd have to wade through whatever trap they hid on Nede first to get to your sector. We'd lose too many Paragons." Not that she particularly cared about the lives of her followers, but their lives were her power and to carelessly toss that away would be unsatisfactory. "Continue back to Nu Martyr. There's a barrier around Ascension City that will block their advance and allow us to gain footing." Part of the knowledge and plan came from Lilith herself, but more came from the voices of the Lunar Consciousness. Years of experience driving their suggestions, in turn influencing the choices she made. As she'd suspected, the two sides made occasional attacks but nothing close to what had forced them off Nede. It was almost as if they were being... herded. Lilith frowned at the thought of someone herding her. A mortal thinking so high of itself that it attempted to do it. Believing that it could. She wanted to ignore the thought, but the Lunar Consciousness warned against arrogance in face of objective fact. Before she could more analyze the thought, the Airship passed through the barrier of Ascension City, along with hundred of other Cult aircrafts. The High Magic barrier surrounding the city drew its power from the ground and essence of Nu Martyr, of the blood and bones which built up the earth itself. Impenetrable. Clockwork landed, but Lilith didn't move from her seat. Something was wrong. Off. It wasn't adding up. It felt like she was being led back to their Stronghold? It would have made more sense if they'd prepared a trap to keep them on Nede or to a different province. Pushing them toward Nu Martyr, Ascension City of all things, didn't make sense. Even as others departed from the ship, running to their stations within the city of begin with defenses of what was no doubt going to be a siege, Lilith didn't move. Her eyes remained aimed outside the barrier to the opposing sides aircrafts that hovered and buzzed like flies waiting for a chance. Wait. Waiting for a chance? Her eyes widened as a realization dawned on her but before she could utter a word, the barrier dropped right before her eyes. The golden-silver glow of the High Magic barrier fizzled within seconds and chaos erupted. There was another traitor among the Marked.
  5. Posts TODAY! Get ready nerds

    1. Fierach
    2. danzilla3


      You can do it! Today is a subjective term!

    3. Ataraxy


      Exactly! The subjective today

      Today = Before I go to sleep


  6. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Until the end of the internet!
  7. Okay, I ended up going away for the holidays to a place with crap internet so slightly delayed. I return Monday though, and I'll be posting lots. Let the Ataraxy, return! If I have time, I'll try to write it out on my phone or smth before, so might be able to post early. We'll see.
  8. Ataraxy

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    As an extension to @L E V I A T H A N's question cause I'm curious, can obsolete artifacts be obtained as canon items? Or is the name-power-history-make up combination (ie. The item as we know it) completely voided by its status removal of being an artifact? Cause it could be fun for members to obtain an item premade, even if not an artifact.
  9. We actually encourage you to use one account for all characters, but there's no rule against making multiple accounts for characters. It can just be harder to contact someone and keep track of their stuff if they have a bunch of different accounts.
  10. Ataraxy

    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    So cool! Thanks for the art csl! Glad to hear your friend is doing better
  11. Merry Christmas nerds

  12. CODENAME: KID NEXT DOOR Operation: J.E.R.K. CODENAME Ataraxy responding in the affirmative. Those nerds got hella pushed.
  13. Lol it's something kids used to say when I was a lot younger. Your comment just reminded me of it haha
  14. J.E.R.K. Junior Educated Rich Kid 👍
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