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  1. Ataraxy

    Persistent Alternative settings

    Early 1800s. The King's son ruled as a King Regent or something. Anyways, I'm down af for the Prohibition Era. Dibs on Eliot Ness. I'll be Kevin Costner looking edgy telling everyone to "never stop fighting till the fight is done." Literally probably my favorite time period. I was Eliot Ness for Halloween in my senior year of high school. Fedora and all. No regrets.
  2. Ataraxy

    Ataraxy Learns/ Tries to Draw

    OH SHIT I just realize Iorta's left arm isn't colored in hahahah I'll fix that and update the post tomorrow
  3. Ataraxy

    Ataraxy Learns/ Tries to Draw

    Thanks everyone who let me use their character for this drawing! I had a lot of fun trying out new hair styles, colors, and body postures. Kitty, I made Ioreth's hair longer than waist length 'cause it wasn't really showing otherwise. I thought this way looked cuter lol Eyes were a bit tough. Wasn't entirely sure how to do the cat pupils and it came out hard to see after I colored it in. If you squint you can see the diamonds lol Khaki, Ioreth, Lilith, Cain, and May @Thotification, @KittyvonCupcake, moi, @amenities, @spacegy4 Anyways, hope you guys like it! I think it came out pretty cool
  4. Ataraxy

    Ataraxy Learns/ Tries to Draw

    @jaistlyn I might draw your little fairy zooming around in the background lol Abbreviating the cult as CoP is already paying off! We're under cover using reverse psychology lol
  5. Ataraxy

    Ataraxy Learns/ Tries to Draw

    For the moment I went with Khaki, Ioreth, Lilith, Cain, and May I'll probably do other characters after as well but yeah. @Thotification, @KittyvonCupcake @amenities @spacegy4 I just finished the pencil sketch, so let me know if there's anything you want me to change/ adjust cause once I start lining it with sharpie I can't change anymore. PS you wont see all the erased lines and stuff once I ink + color so try to look past that lol
  6. The Imperial Advisor Matthias Grindleward isn't something I'm just putting together. He's been around for a while, if not often used. I believe the first thread he was used in occurred some time in 2017. Although the thread died, he was the main character being used to negotiate a alliance with @Grubbistch's previous nation Tazarek. Despite him not having a character sheet, Matthias is certainly not some "new" character I'm throwing together for this. Granted he's a character I no longer have use for, but thus is the reason I'm down with him dying lol I understand that you'd like to try your hand at killing a "big fish" or a "whale" so to speak, but those characters will basically guarantee a failed assassination. Even just from an IC PoV when you look at how well guarded the characters would be, not including that character's actual canon strength. Which is why I suggested Matthias. Character isn't just some fodder stand in, he's backed by and is part of what is currently the largest independent nation in Terrenus (besides Terran fed obv), while also not being particularly strong himself. Plus, I don't mind if he dies. Sounds like the perfect assassination target to me. Or you can try to assassin Emperor Titus Demetrius and probably all die in the process lol Take it or leave it, it's up to you guys. Like I said, I'm just doing this to help out.
  7. I'm tempted to open up potentially assassinating an imperial advisor or something like that to give the dead some face, but before I do so, what risks are the assassins taking? Is this thread like Tia where the attempt will definitely happen and the assassins will definitely get away? Because in my case, attacking an influential character in the royal castle would, realistically, result in lots of injuries if not imprisonment. So, in other words, if I say you can try to kill my character in an assassination, can I try to kill your asassins? Assuming of course, there's a logical reason for them to be discovered and what not. I kinda rambled a bit but I'm sure I got the general question across lmfao
  8. Ataraxy

    Lemme draw your character!

    Gimme more suggestions plssss Btw, more information you give in this thread the better. Plus, posting reference photos in this thread along with the description is a definite bonus. Helps grab my attention js
  9. Who isn't active in Veluriyam lmao that's the real question. #2cool3skool
  10. Ataraxy

    Terrenus slang

    In the five years I've been on Val, I have never heard the term "Magicer." The common descriptors in my experience have been very basic, ie mage, witch, warlock, sorcerer, sorceress, etc.
  11. Ataraxy

    Outreach Team AMA

    Damn, rep counts would've definitely been more of an incentive since I know *ahem* certain people like to have there rep count as high above post count as possible lmao But I think post counts could still be a nice incentive, especially since they allow someone to buy stuff/ encourages more IC posts. I guess that's fine. We could just say IC/ approved lore counts Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm saying. Instead of the BLs, I think we should be looking at the Bank of Val as a separate entity which acts with the board leaders but is not necessarily part of them. In other words, BoV would be sort of like Outreach in that it's an OOC group of admin approved players. Off hand, I'd say around 2-3 players at any one time would be good. This way we can rotate out players that leave without really harming the process. Now it changes the question to "who will manage this?" To that, I have no idea. My initial suggestion would be that it would fall on you to approve members, but I guess theoretically there could be like a "Senior" Bank player that recruits and submits volunteers to the administration for approval. I'll have to think on that a bit longer. Another big question that interests me, is really, how much would this be used? Optimistically, I'd prefer this system be contained to Auction Events and Board Approved Items (such as artifacts and materials). On the other hand, it would be really cool to see it be used in player2player interactions. But I can see the whole thing easily becoming entangled and complicated if it's used daily, or even just weekly by enough members. Keeping track and staying on top of 20+ exchanges per week could prove to be really tough. So it might be more realistic to simply restrict this to auction-type events. hmmm I may very well trial something similar in the Reverie Auction. Depends. Maybe I'll think of a better way to operate an auction with no viable OOC costs.
  12. Ataraxy

    Outreach Team AMA

    I would also be very interested in seeing this play out specifically in an auction/ player2player trade setting. Where, say, Player 1 obtains Artifact X from Y Continent and then puts it up for 2,000 rep points. When Player 2 sees this, they contact Player 1 and include the Bank of Val in the PM. The rep points are exchanged and the artifact's ownership is switched over to Player 2, once an IC thread represents the OOC actions. Or, in the auction setting, players send their items plus desired value in a PM to the auction host (including the bank in PM), and then IC the bank holds a thread for every item where characters/players can bid for it. Once the price is decided, the host could get, idk, 10 percent (or what's agreed upon), and the rest goes to the player who put up the item for sale. Obviously there's the issue that a Bank member would have to be present, but focusing on that is akin to beating a dead horse since there's no way to completely remove the aspect of manual involvement of approved bank members. The members will just have to be chosen/ accepted wisely lol
  13. Ataraxy

    Veluriyam Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: To Arm, Or Not To Arm
  14. Ataraxy

    Outreach Team AMA

    I'll def give a look at it So, to your first hurdle, when I went about testing out forums and admin tools I saw that some had the possibility of turning off the post/ rep count for certain areas. I'm not sure if it's possible to do so on IPS, but if it is possible, I think that would be an easy way to fix that. Just make it so that posts in OOC boards don't really count. To further that point, is it possible to make so certain threads don't count, such as Veluriyam's update thread? On the other hand, we could make it work so that IC + lore counts but strict OOC chatter does not (ie random stuff/ talking about lore rather than making it). Hmmm that's a fair question. What if they don't need to buy in- they just aren't obligated to participate? In other words, they can continue with the current method of requiring X amount of specific posts for X item. However, if they want, they can participate in the baking system. The banking system itself would be an account we could call, say, the Bank of Valucre, which only approved members have access to with (obviously) oversight from the admin (you). This account would have the permissions to change/ edit post/ rep count. Every exchange would have to be documented in a PM with the parties sort of like receipts. This way it's not really on the BLs to manage the exchanges as it is to simply opt in to the participating. Of course, they can apply to be an approved BoV member if that's what they wish, no issue with that. This would mean that Paradigm could opt in but not have to be present for any of the actual exchanges- he would only need to approve if it has to to do with buying something from the Alterion Market or w.e. Same to Aleksei and Renovatio. No worries! It was my idea to bring up the idea and I've got loads of time right now, so I don't mind taking lead or co-lead with anyone else who feels like putting in the effort. I can't promise this idea will last or become like a core of Valucre, but it would certainly be an interesting thing to try. Maybe in a trial period (obviously any purchases made during the trial period would remain afterward).
  15. Ataraxy

    Outreach Team AMA

    Since this can apply not just in Terrenus but all over, I figure I can just ask it here as the Abaddon question went here as well. What are your thoughts on creating an optional (or not I guess) IC money system on Val that's connected to your reputation points/ post count. I know that we used to have something like that but it put a lot of pressure on the admins since everything had to go through them. But my idea is that there would be a sort of BANK account that certain volunteer/ approved members (maybe board leaders specifically?) have access to in order to regulate the IC exchange. Something costs 300 Gold (posts/ rep), so one person sends that 300 over to the other person. It could be a system that board leaders opt into but that isn't necessarily required. Not that I'm relying on this for my auction event or anything, but it would certainly make future auction-type events a lot more interesting if there were OOC implications like limited post counts/ rep. Basically Supernal, I'm interested in hearing your position on this type of market. And if the sole/ main reason is that it makes a ton of work for the admins (specifically you), maybe we (all of us) can come up with a method to circumvent that negative aspect. PS I can make this a different thread if you'd like.