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  1. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Where da bone king at? @The Bone King
  2. The events unfolded before her like a chess match1. She stood apart from the combatants, able to quickly study and take in every movement. By the time Goliath reacted to the fourth lightning bolt hitting him from behind, Joanna had managed to further separate herself from the fight by nearly twenty steps5 and wad near the middle of the long row of pews: the aisles of pews separating her and Goliath like rows of loyal soldiers. This way when Goliath tossed himself onto his back to cast his eyes upon Titus, Joanna would find herself removed from his field of vision as she continued to stand at least 100 feet behind him. Just as she witness Goliath's backward movement, Joanna also noted Titus' dedicated slide tackle and Shivers' fanciful juking techniques. Although not entirely sure if necessary to go to such lengths, she couldn't help but commend the thought behind it. So when Goliath suddenly summoned a giant prism of what looked like ice 20 feet above Titus, Joanna was more than ready. Upon the appearance of the prism, a quick mental command directed a wave of innate energy that coursed through her and into the ground. At that moment Joanna's body thrummed with the ability to manipulate the ground, anywhere and everywhere in the arena. Once the ice prism had dropped ten feet, a wall of concentrated earth shot from the ground a foot from Titus' head at an 80 degree angle (from where Titus is)2. By this time Shivers' clone should be directly over Titus who is sliding underneath. The concentrated wall of earth was 6 feet by 2 feet, with the 6 foot side being perpendicular to Titus. The earth wall would continue upward at a swift rate until it reached thirty feet. Should nothing interfere, the earth wall was directed to hit the ice prism just a little off it's center, about half a foot, so that the earth wall's upward momentum and the ice prism's downward momentum would force the ice prism to slide down the earth wall and away from Titus. There was a risk that the strength of her earth wall couldn't defeat the ice prism head on, but she really didn't need to. Just needed a little knocking of course. If Titus managed to toss Shivers' clone into the earth wall's path, all the better. Too bad she had no power over that little fact. Joanna frowned at the thought but shook it off. Though she kept an eye on the earth wall's movement, she wasn't too worried about Goliath. Her positioning was enough so Goliath would have to take the time to turn his body or head to face her, giving her enough time to react should he try anything during the earth wall's growth. Not to mention the guy had just thrown himself onto his back. Joanna then cut ninety degrees and jumped atop the closest pew, making her way to the aisle in front of her. The blue orb bobbing before her chest took on an even darker blue, the sphere seeming ready to burst with uncontrolled power3. There were still three rows of pew separating her and Goliath and a little over 100 feet in pure distance. The instant that Goliath might go to climb to his feet, Joanna would loose another dagger4. This one aimed 4 feet off the ground, just above the head of the pews. Judging by the distance, Joanna would make a quick strength calculation so that the dagger would close in on Goliath as his head crossed the five-feet-off-the-ground threshold, penetrating into the man's neck. She didn't really expect it to do much. Throwing daggers just made her really happy. They were a lot of fun.
  3. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Lololol quotidian is not a word I'd used to describe myself #forgetstopostallthetime Edit: I do use the manage your content thing sometimes
  4. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Lol y'all over achievers. I just remember stuffz
  5. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Die Shize, go nuts dude. I don't think any of would mind if you wanted to write some action lol Tyler, Fiora is 28. I haven't created a sheet for her yet, so feel free to ask away.
  6. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Damage away! Long as it's still functional at the end. Although the tattoo defense is battered to shit, its still got that plot armor lolol
  7. I always wondered why the Legend of Korra didn't go into more details about Zuko and his mom. Turns out a manga was released in like 2013 after the cartoon ended that tells what happened. I know now what happened to his mom and whether or not he finds her again. It was actually a pretty satisfying read. Azula is still batshit crazy tho
  8. The Dragon of Datsuzoku

    Elise rolled to her side and then sat up, immediately ceasing her laughter as a stern expression eased across her impeccable features. Her dual pistols still layed in the palm of her hands, automatically loaded and ready to rumble. If there was one thing in life that Elise was known for by those who knew her and those who knew of her, was that she didn't like being told what to do. Even by herself. Especially herself. So when Ben told her to get in line if she wanted what he wanted, there wasn't even a fraction of a second before Elise decided that she did, in fact, want it. Whatever it was. And nothing was going to get in her way of getting it. Plus, she'd die before letting a male anything give her an order. "Hmf!" Elise grunted, jumping to her feet. "I don't wait in lines." As she stood, her fire colored hair swept around and into her mouth. "Pffffft." She made a spitting motion in a desperate attempt to remove the strands of red hair from her mouth. "Gross." Well, that could have gone more gracefully. The shapeshifter took that moment to shift is feeble turtle body into a giant ass dragon. And it was big. She'd seen demons and all sorts of nightmarish creatures, but a dragon was a first. Going by her initial look, the dragon would definitely be in its own category. Not necessarily because it was more dangerous or stronger than the other beasts, but it came with a rather noble presence that put it heads above the others. Or, more aptly put, a normal dragon would be. A human in the shape of a dragon certainly did not carry that sort of authoritative aura. "Tell you what demon," she said, rotating her shoulders to get a bit of the stiffness out. "There's a map the lower level of this cave. You give me your word I get that map with no question or debate, and I'll help you take out this shapeshifter."
  9. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Okey dokey I will totally end up posting on time unlike all my posts ever lmfao
  10. Som and Dominic versus Joanna

    With eyes on the two newcomers, her brows creased in the middle. Although the first one, the one seeming a bit troubled but altogether normal, hadn't particularly worried her but when the other had seemingly appeared from some vortex-looking thing, that was when she knew something was about to happen. Slowly, without leaving any noticeable openings, Joanna took a step into the stake's shadows, larger than normal thanks to the raging forest fire's flickering light. This put the stake between Joanna and Dominic, but left a clear path between Som and Joanna. It was only a moment, a moment in which her being seemed to blend in with the darkness and then there was a blink. Suddenly Joanna's form was apparently consumed by the shadows, her physical form almost indistinguishable from the shadows around her. Blury and without a sure form, as was the previously normal stake. The two shadow clad beings had a power masking them1. Before Joanna was a large boulder with a pointed end, tough and worn but with a deadly edge. The surface was ragged and screamed of danger, its pointed end directed toward Som2. The rock was approximately 6 feet in length with a 3 foot radius. "Just looking around," a voice responded to Som. Though the words obviously came from the shadowy silhouette, it was almost as if the voice and the body were not in accord with each other. It wasn't usually within her character to pick random fights with strangers, she was more of a tournament gal, but with the adrenaline in her blood from a previous fight and her increasing need to prove herself, a 2 versus 1 was something she just couldn't pass up. On the final syllable, the shadow of Joanna flickered and the giant floating boulder tore through the air in Som's direction5. Unfortunately Joanna aimed a little high and the boulder was aimed to pass nearly three meters above Som's head3. Meanwhile two of her black orbs chased through the air away from her toward Dominic, there usual bubbly black surface dyed an inconsistent grey-brown4. Its edges bubbled and bounced as if something was trying to break out. Or explode.
  11. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    @HollowCipher that lawyer part killed me lolololol
  12. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    There will always be room! It's a free come and go thread, meaning no player cap and no real post order.
  13. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    It certainly might! I initially just posted this to check the interest level rather than a recruitment tool, but got damn it got more attention than I thought it would lmao I'll leave it up for another couple days and then post the thread :)