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  1. T1 Spar: Sollie v. Karolina

    A minute or so past as the initial dirt filled wind developed into what could be viewed as a contained sandstorm1. When no attack or arrow found its way out of the sandstorm's area of effect, Karolina couldn't help but get curious. What was her opponent doing? Either she was biding her time to attack, or her wounds had been bad enough that the dirt and earth being whipped around by the powerful wind was her undoing. Another minute past and still nothing. Karolina released her hold on the rapidly increasing wind, allowing the storm to swiftly dissipate. It wasn't long before Karolina spotted Sollie laying on her back, seemingly broken but unwilling to surrender. If Karolina had kept the sandstorm going and used its full power, as had been her original plan, she probably would've killed the naked elf outright. Instead, however, Karolina decided the elf deserved an honorable death. The death of a warrior. Not many fighters could remain so fast in their beliefs even in the face of imminent death. Karolina approached Sollie, one step at a time, and drew the katana hanging from her left hip. "Stand and pick up your sword, warrior elf," Karolina commanded, acknowledging Sollie's warrior soul. "I won't be so cowardly as to take your life through asphyxiation." At ten feet from Sollie, Karolina stopped and waited. Sword at the ready. "Stand up and finish your life like a warrior."
  2. Come at me...

    Yeah it's fine lol From the contents of your post, I take it you want Karolina to finish Sollie off?
  3. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Lol @danzilla3 when the guy held up a knife to fight black hat, I immediately thought of this
  4. Come at me...

    She's Just chaining quick draws. Dirt was summoned. Strong wind was summoned. Wind pushed dirt at Sollie. All quickdraw, doesn't really do damage unless you inhale the dirt lol I planned for the surroundsound sandstorm attack to happen next turn lol
  5. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    No guts no glory!
  6. T1 Spar: Sollie v. Karolina

    The first arrow struck the shield's side and bounced off harmlessly1. The second arrow whizzed a couple meters to Karolina's left, shooting right through the spot her head had previously been. If she hadn't moved, the double arrow hit might have broken through her shield. Maybe. It could only work for so long. Wild arrows indeed. Even if Karolina was unable to know the exact positioning of Sollie, not enough time had past for the elf to put too much distance between them. No matter how fast the elf ran, Karolina was going to get her. It was the only logical conclusion to Karolina's set up. Her tackle may have seemed like all she had planned, but it had instead been nothing but a diversion. The wind summoned behind her during her shoulder rush continued to increase speed, even as the dirt had been exploded between her and Sollie. The dirt was also part of the plan. Obscuring Sollie's view of Karolina was only a boon, not the main part. Separately, the spells weren't powerful. But together they were strong. The moment the gusts of wind previously summoned by Karolina crashed into the upended dirt, sand, and earth, and sandstorm was formed2. Dirtstorm? Further, from the direction the controlled wind came, the sand-dirt storm would rush toward Sollie, only about 8 feet again from its birthing. Sollie may have been fast, but injured and so close to the attack, avoid-ability was low. The earth particles would surround the naked elf, entering anything open. Wounds, eyes, nose, mouth- anything. And not softly like before. The wind whipped the earth around at a speed that contact would not be pleasant3.
  7. Come at me...

    I'm not your mom Radio lol
  8. Come at me...

    Wow lol looks like you're about to get a lot of practice
  9. T1 Spar: Sollie v. Karolina

    The impact jarred Karolina for a moment. The force of her own slam may have greatly injured Sollie, but it wasn't so gentle on her own body even with the armor. She could feel her shoulder muscle scream in protest as it charged right into Sollie's ribs. Fortunately it seemed to hurt the elf more. As Sollie rolled backward, Karolina finally lost the rest of her balance only stopping her face from kissing the earth was with a quick drop of a knee and an outstretched hand. Close. That had been a close call. If her head had been just a little higher right there... ouch. But such was the thrill of a death fight. Such was the reason why people watched them fight rather than a person doing chores. What excitement was there in everyday life? When the vine wrapped around the knocked back Sollie and whipped her in a different direction, Karolina watched. Bemused at the actions. It wasn't every day that she saw a naked woman be tossed around like a rag doll by her own magic. Elves really were fascinating creatures. Closing the gap would be harder this time. Sollie probably wouldn't charge at her again. With somewhere around 15 feet between them, Sollie had flung herself to Karolina's left. Damn. If only she'd been able to do more than slam a shoulder into the elf lady at that time, the fight would've ended. Before Karolina could find her way back off her knee another arrow was let loose. Goddamned fucking arrows. It was Joanna all over again. Just long distance attack after long distance attack. Without the time to think about her actions, Karolina's decisive nature reared its head once again. Her right fist thrust forward as if the punch the arrow. The gauntlet flashed blue and a window-like shield sprouted outward, clashing with the arrow1. The arrow would crash against the shield and bounce off. With the arrows power only at normal capacity, her instant shield would be able to match the power output and, for a lack of better expression, toss it aside. Instead of charging like before, she wasn't suicidal after all, Karolina slammed her left fist into the dirt. A crack spread forward as quick as an arrow and erupted in-between the two fighters2. Millions of dirt and sand particles soared into the air from the ground like an upward shower of earth, obscuring Karolina's vision of Sollie but also hiding her positioning3. The showering of dirt and sand reached thirty feet in the air and was ten feet wide. As the particles fell, the wind would randomly spread them, increasing the space covered. Karolina was on her feet when the ground erupted, left fist forward to block any wild arrows.
  10. Come at me...

    I can also go for a round 2 when this match is done. Or whenever.
  11. Come at me...

    Lol we've been posting pretty fast, that's why it seems so short lived. Most fights are decided between 5-8 rounds. Quick clarification questions: Which direction was Sollie thrown in and how far was she thrown? Normally if you don't specify those things, I can determine it on my own in my post. I really enjoyed the rag doll vine toss Sollie did. I actually laughed out loud lmaoo
  12. Come at me...

    Yeah, I'm totally fine with it. I like imagining the instant falling backward motion. I made Karolina think Sollie passed out or something. Ayyeeee same! I still make the same jokes I was making as a kid. LOL THAT'S RIGHT! Damon had changed the rules hahahaha
  13. Come at me...

    What's makes this fight even better is that the last fight I had with @Praetorian, his character was also naked. There seems to be some sort of theme going on lmao
  14. Come at me...

    It depends. Both attacks can't fully utilize the full weight of the prep if you're splitting it. If you didn't want either to be a quickdraw, then I guess you could put .5 prep on each action. But .5 is basically negligent, so I don't really recommend it lol In case of this specific event, you'd be better off putting the entire prep in the vines being used for defense. Considering my attack was 3 preps launched at a close range, I probably could argue that it hit you since your initial dodging of the attack was a quickdraw dodging action of laying down, it wouldn't be anywhere fast enough. Not to mention that I think technically you'd probably still get hit by shrapnel flying with a downward diagonal trajectory, but I don't know that much about exploding grenade and you took a couple hits from it, so I didn't mind. Some people might. A better defense might have been to raise a wall of vines a couple feet tall and then use that wall to cover up your counter attack. I also laughed when I pictured Sollie dodging an exploding boulder by laying down naked. Just falling instantly like | / _ hahahaha
  15. Come at me...

    Haha it's okay. For your first time you're doing really well! Fight's progressing pretty smoothly. Also, don't forget to note which attacks are being attached with how many preps. I misled you accidentally by not labeling that when I noted the rock explosion, so my bad on that one lol oops