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  1. Kasai and I haven't been able to work out a time slot. What would you like us to do in this case?
  2. You sell pieces of your soul to the board leaders for goodies. It's a global soul trading market. 😈😈😈
  3. Final midterm on Monday! Posting habits will return Tuesday <3

    1. danzilla3


      Godspeed you glorious academic bastard!

  4. US domestic business law was a shit ton of fun lol Intl Business law is just a straight up pain in the ass lmao
  5. Also, if this quest is completed everyone will get a canon weapon. Strength dependant on length and effort of thread.
  6. While Van's stun of electricity was effective in increasing the damage incurred by Marik, it's raw ability would not be able to fully overcome the natural insulation material of Marik's leather jacket quick enough. Though his movement was restricted, the Psyren would still be able to lean forward and activate the previously stated maneuvers; thus removing himself from the blast center and being forced through the window would be unchanged actions. What was changed, however, was the injuries incurred by Marik. As Marik found his way to the bathroom from outside the physical establishment, the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide being constantly pushed from his swords is a almost clear gas state rose quickly to the ceiling3. It was at the same time that the emergency sprinklers, having been activated by Van's explosion, were beginning to create steam that naturally rose upward as well. Though Marik was at quite a distance from the blades, they shrieked with rage at having their food be pulled from them. They began to bleed venom, hilt becoming covered in a poison that would act to prevent anything from touching it2. Placing his palm against the outside of the bathroom, Marik froze the wall. A clear layer swiftly spread from his hand, covering a large portion of the surface area before the material shattered in icy pieces. The accumulated water from the overflowing raced to meet him, washing over his feet with a calming cruelty. Just as the water traced its way up his leg to the cut on his chest1, Marik slammed his shoulder into the non-frozen part of the outside wall, forcing the dislocated shoulder back into place.
  7. open

    Downing her third glass of Fireball whiskey that evening, Crystal could feel the effects slowly begin to take form. That being said as a dragon, it would take nearly triple the amount of alcohol required for humans to get her tipsy. Even more for a flat out drunk. "Can I get two shots of vodka?" Crystal asked the bartender, motioning toward her empty glass. The dark elf bartender returned her taunt with a thinly forced smile that, for obvious reasons, did not even come close to reaching his eyes. The draconian female however, simply smirked in smug self satisfaction and went back to the other dragon female that sat beside her. "So, what are you doing in Oakwood? Not many people really come this far out from Lunaris. It's pretty dangerous." Not a moment after her words spilled from her lips, a group walked into the bar. Each of them gawking at the foreign and downright class of the place. The Black Cherry truly was a tavern that extended beyond dimensions.
  8. Changed the link in the above post. It was only bringing you guys to the military post which was the third one! Take a look at the two above it. A couple lore facts have changed, so keep yourselves up to date.
  9. Executive Summary: Due to recent events plunging the major Taenian city of Lunaris into a desperate state, the land's Emperor has taken his army and begun an invasion of Ursa Madeum. Within the first week of the invasion, the Taen armed forces have captured the furthermost outpost on the island of Corinth. With a quick follow up, two Taen captains take their half of the arrived military and proceed to occupy strategically dominate outpost towns which lay between the originally conquered outpost and UM's capitol city, Andelusia. Though Taen forces have attempted to avoid spilling unnecessary blood, war comes hand in hand with unavoidable death. As the dawn approaches, the Taen armed forces prepare themselves for the final push into Andelusia. In an attempt to better understand the lay out and to determine the location of Ursa Madeum's Tyrant King, a soldier from the furthermost outpost was given truth serum. Now with the advantage, Taen begins moving toward Andelusia. Conclusion: Taen has gained a strategic dominance over Ursa Madeum as they begin the final step to invade and overthrow UM's despotic government. Minor Summary: The Taen Armed Forces have invaded Ursa Madeum with a dual purpose: to attain resources for their currently destroyed city, and to free the people of Ursa Madeum from their Tyrant King. In doing so, Emperor Titus of Taen has ordered for the furthermost outpost of the island of Corinth to be occupied while his military captain's proceed in bringing down strategically optimum outpost towns. After injecting a prisoner of war with truth serum, Taen is now armed with the layout of Andelusia and the general location of the Tyrant King. Opportunities: 1) Join forces with Taen in reassuring the people of Ursa Madeum that the Taen Empire brings good will and a better life. 2) Step up to help the Taen forces finish of Andelusia, or fight against them (if you want to support a Tyrant King lol) Characters/ Players involved: 1) Titus/ Ataraxy 2) Mars/ Chappu 3) Kaori/ Caloric 4) Som Basil/ Danzilla 5) Jenn and Carolyn/ Tangora @supernal
  10. One of, if not the, most annoying line in any anime that I have watched is: "From now on, this is my fight now." "No senpai, this is our fight!" Every. Damn. Time. Like shut up and let him fight jfc
  11. The Land of Taen Lore Article has been updated and upgraded! Let us know what you think <3
  12. Terran Rules of Engagement Military Defenses *Disclaimer: Not necessarily a direct translation into Taen storyline Communication Every soldier carries with them a watch placed over their bare skin. The watch keeps a reading of their heartbeat, pulse and performs constant DNA readings of its bearer for security reasons. This watch relays bodily information instantly to the database that only the King and his QN Generals can access. The watch is controlled through voice determination and relay magic. For example, a soldier can order the watch to call or relay a message to a commanding officer. All messages must be recorded out loud, but messages can be listened to directly into the mind- similar to how telepaths communicate. The watch, however, is only a machine and doesn't do anything on its own. Whether it is to listen to or speak to someone, the order must be put to the watch. If a watch's user dies, the watch breaks down into particles. A watch can only communicate with other soldiers lower than one rank above him or her. This means that a Pawn cannot speak past his Cube's Knight and a Knight cannot speak past his Unit's Bishop. This is in place to restrict overload and misinformation. Hierarchy (lowest rank to highest) Main Military: Pawn > Knight > Bishop > Rook > QN Generals > King Special Forces: Elemental Benders- A special group of soldiers placed strategically throughout the main cells. There are a set numbers of elemental users in Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Ranks Description Pawn- Similar to how you would think, this is the soldier that is put on the front lines. Though some people view pawns as expendable, without a large numbers of soldiers acting as pawns winning a war would be nearly impossible. Pawns command no one and must listen to their Cell leader, a Knight. Pawns are trained to have absolute obedience to Knights. Knights: Each Knight is directly in charge of commanding 5 Pawns. Knights report to the Bishops but the Knights are usually given a lot of free reign in acting. Knights are also trained to constantly be in contact with on another. They are, however, required to report any and all changes to the Bishops. Any order from a Bishop is absolute. Knights are generally less obedient than Pawns but they always listen. Bishop: A Bishop of Taen has nothing to do with religion. It is simply the name of a position in the Military given by a very lazy King. Bishops act as the go between, reporting the actions of the Knights to the Rooks and give orders to the Knights from the Rooks. Each Bishop is in charge of 10 Knights. Whereas the Knights are more focused on the actual battle and communicating with the other 10 Knights in their Unit, the Bishops job is to think more theoretically and strategically in a play by play moment. Rook: Rooks take care of the Quads and make sure that all the Bishops and Knights are doing their jobs. If something goes wrong in one of the Quads, it's on the Rook to find out what caused it and fixed it. It is also the Rooks job to relay orders from the QN Generals and to communicate the actions of their Quad with the other Quads. A Rook is in charge of 10 Bishops. QN Generals: QN Generals are the War Generals of the King who are each in charge of two Rooks and thus half the military each. The two QN Generals are there to look at the big picture and command the lower ranks in their half of the military in accordance with how to win. They are also there to advise the King and relay direct decisions made by their King. While they will be heavily punished, the QN Generals can disobey the King if they find his decision stupid. King: The big boss. The man in charge. He's in charge of the entire army but, for the most part, only gives orders directly to his QN Generals or his Rooks. Elementals: Elementals are a special forces unit that aren't part of the general system of hierarchy. The report directly to the King and his QN Generals who deploy them to whichever Quad needs them the most. The Elemental then chooses themselves where in the Quad they are needed. They are in charge of no one besides themselves. There are 53 Elementals. Numbers per rank: Pawns: 2000 Knights: 400 Bishops: 40 Rooks: 4 QN Generals: 2 King: 1 Elementals: 53: 25 Earth Benders, 26, Water Benders, 27 Fire Benders; 25 Air Benders Total Count of Armed Forces: 2500 Departments: A Cube x 400: 5 Pawns and a Knight A Unit x 40: 50 Pawns, 10 Knights, 1 Bishop Quad x 4: 500 Pawns, 100 Knights, 10 Bishops, 1 Rook A Half x 2: 1000 Pawns, 200 Knights, 20 Bishops, 2 Rooks, 1 QN General The Armed Forces x 1: 2000 Pawns, 400 Knights, 40 Bishops, 4 Rooks, 2 QN Generals, King A Red Piece x 53: 1 Elemental A Red Board (RB) x 4: Sending out all of one element A Black Unit (BU) x 1: All of the Elementals. What Units do what? (The specializations are divided equally unless otherwise stated): 20 Units are infantry/ foot soldiers: 1,000 Pawns, 200 Knights, 20 Bishops . They are armed with a range of weapons that are all close combat. The weapons can range from a plain sword and shield, to spears and more specialized weapons. The Taen Military keeps on hand extra weapons at the base within magic dimensions to make sure the Units are always as up to date as possible. 4 Units are Snipers: 200 Pawns, 40 Knights, 4 Bishops. Each Quad as 1 units of snipers. Snipers are armed with custom rifles made for accuracy. Snipers are trained in stealth, camouflage and accuracy. The rifles are embedded with penetration magic that can pass through shields if it's straight on. If the shields are tilted that the bullet is likely to ricochet. 10 Units are Calvary: 500 Pawns, 100 Knights, 10 Bishops. They ride on a variation of beasts ranging from the classic horse to moose to interesting creatures from Taen (refer to Taen Bestiary for the possibilities). 5 Units are Anti-Calvary: 250 Pawns, 50 Knights, 5 Bishops. These soldiers are armed with spears longer than the normal spear. Anti-Calvary members are trained to throw their spears with dangerous speeds and accuracy. 1 Unit are War Machine user: 50 Pawns, 10 Knights, 1 Bishop. They are trained in utilizing the 10 War Machines that the Military has. There are 4 turrets (each in a different Quad) and 6 militarized cannons that are armed with exploding projectiles. Notable Members of Taen Military Forces: Titus Demetrius: Rank- King [@Ataraxy] Kaori Battler: Rank- QN General [@Caloric] Marsuvues Artimes: Rank- QN General [@Chappu] Som Basil: Rank- In training for Rook level [@danzilla3]
  13. Send me a PM and we'll talk about what kind of quest you're looking for in more detail ^.^
  14. Welcome to Valucre! Now, for the real questions! Aren't puppies basically chibi dogs? How do you have a chibi of a chibi 🤔🤔🤔🤔😥🙃😟😟😟😟🙃🙃🙃
  15. I can create a quest for you with a lantern like that as a canon reward if you're up for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯