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  1. What WPM do you guys have? I'm scoring around 80 but it's my first time, so I'll score a bit higher in a little. @Archeos is getting high 90s. 

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    2. susitsu


      Retried it a handful of times just now, couldn't do it without four mistakes. Going back, I actually took some typing and business classes, so those had their impact, but I didn't stay in practice over the past few years.

    3. King


      110 with 99% accuracy. I'm pretty sure when I drop to around 100-104 I nail 100%.

      I believe most sites/programs consider 80 or above to be professional level. So, if you're scoring that then you're already at the top floor. ?

    4. supernal


      97-98. Sometimes higher 

      If you want to have a real trip out moment with me, at their peak and the peak of T2 fighting for our circle —Rob and Traxien Cion were capable of regularly hitting 200+. I can’t remember the accuracy percentage but it was accurate enough for me to just lol myself into the spirit world 

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