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  1. Would you save your family or 10,000 people. Why?

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    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Assuming we can overlook the obvious 'can't really know until it actually happens to me' response--

      10,000 people

      10,000 is the bigger number. My family's just not that big! And within that number is a bunch of other families who feel as strongly about their family as I do about my family (probably stronger for some). So I have to look at this objectively instead of subjectively.

    3. Velindrel


      this will sound kind of selfish but hear me out a moment.

      I'm saving my family.  I know that whole thing of the needs of the many or whatever but I've been by myself most of my life.  I'd save my mom primarily.  Given a choice in the matter I'd give my life for my mom because that's what/who I know.

      I'm a realist...I don't believe ideology plays into it.

      I'm like this: I'll save who I can/when I can given my means.  And given a choice in the matter it would have to be my mom's life over 10K people I don't know.  

      I know it's a messed up choice though but it's what would be my response.

      Id save my mom.

      Even now, given the chance to do that I would without a second thought cause my Mom means that much to me.

      but yeah those are just my thoughts on the matter.

    4. Zigzag


      It's a hard decision, yeah. Definitely one of those things where you'd have a hard time with it. 

      This is why I prefer to view it more as how Cyanide and Happiness did it when they made a card game out of the Trolley Problem. 

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