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  1. Sent an email to the wifi guy. Shouldn't be long now. I need my internet lol

    1. The Fire Heart

      The Fire Heart

      You can count on me if you want free internet. Just buy me a plane ticket 😛

  2. Nah man! I'm still available OOC, here and discord, to a certain extent so we can keep the story going! Obviously attacking Lilith is a cant do rn cause I can't post, but if someone wants to post for Dallas in the meantime, you can hmu and I'll give you dialogue u can use for him so that part doesn't get bogged down. So feel free to continue on other aspects of the thread! I'm reading and watching as often as I can
  3. So what's the sitch on the riddles? Anyone get anymore keys while I've been afv?
  4. It was an off sort of happening, having Winter drop almost completely off any radar she had. Other than what her eyes told her, it was as if the white haired elf suddenly ceased his existence. He didn't go invisible or play dead- she could sense the dead in the same way she did the living- Winter's existence just essentially vanished. There was, quite effectively, no difference between him and the air next to him. Despite herself, Lilith couldn't help but find the stealth ability particularly fascinating. And, much to her surprise, extremely impressive as it had fooled even her senses. If she focused extremely hard on spotting someone in the area, perhaps she'd have noticed a discrepancy near where her eyes said he stood. Still, though she could see him, her mind struggled to accept what her eyes told it. How could she see something that her senses said didn't exist? For a moment she paused and lip twitched in something reminiscent of both a smile and a frown, giving the Wyrm chasing her just enough time, a fraction of a second, to catch up to her. It burst from the ground under her feat obviously aiming to swallow her whole.
  5. Ataraxy

    Public AFV Thread

    Since it was my idea, I shall go first! Due to my move and lack of internet (other than LTE, obviously, since I'm online right now), I will not be making many posts for a while. I'll try to get some in using my phone but things are a bit hectic. I'm starting from nothing except 1 couch in my studio, so I'm out spending tons of debt-moneys and shopping for stuff I'll need, then going home, then remembering i forgot something, etc etc etc. So bare with me! I'm hoping to get settled in and wifi by Mondayish (oh God I hope so), but I haven't even called the internet dude much less scheduled something. So, uh, yeah. Afv (minus couple phone posts here and there), until I get sorted. Probably around half a week to a week more.
  6. Or maybe a pinned thread in Chat called "AFV Updates" That would be incredibly useful
  7. Time to go shopping for stuff to fill my new place with!

    And then so some cleaning lol

  8. @notmuch_23 sure, Lilith isn't immune to basically anything. It's not inflicting damage that's tough, it's landing it.
  9. @vielle Because of my move and whatnot, I probably won't be able to post by the end of today or probably even tomorrow. Maybe not for the next handful of days. Since I'm going to TO on the posting deadline, I'm to default on match unless you're down with waiting an indeterminate amount of time for me to get settled and internet access other than LTE lol At this point it's your win, even if by default, so you can take the win and spear no hard feelings, or put a pause to the match lol Either way, thanks for playing LBS with me! Was quite fun lol

  11. Welcome to Valucre! What kind of roleplay themes are you looking for? Light adventures? Dark trials? Do you prefer playing antagonists or protagonists? Also also, is your profile picture Raven?
  12. Thats exactly what an AI would say
  13. Just saying I've been on Valucre going on 6 years and have never seen an image of Carlos irl 😏 So u tell me what that means hmmmmmmmmm
  14. I like them both on the front page and would prefer them both there over roleplay discussion, but that's not what your asking so i digress lol If i have to choose, i choose status updates because they're slower paced and that allows the messages to be seen by more of the community before being off page. The chat is fun and is good for new comers, so its a close race, but the chat falls short in terms of long term utility imo
  15. Do her thing indeed. That was something certainly easier said than done. Having never fought a desert Wyrm before and knowing nothing about its anatomy, Lilith wasn't super positive she could even kill it short of blasting it to a billion pieces. A feat, while impressive, was an entirely next level kind of problem what with the stand blocking her vision more than fifteen feet out. But nonetheless it was a good feeling. With the bike's motor, the roar from the Wyrm's, and the loud drone of her adrenaline as it pumped through her near invisible veins, every single one of the voices belonging to the previous Lunar Daughters, her previous lives, were drowned out. There was only her. Her and white noise. It was a good feeling; a wonderful feeling she might sometimes admit, and certainly one that has been growing on her as of late. Much to the despair of her previous lives as they could most likely feel their grip on her being slowly pulled away. The first wyrm, a giant motherfucker by any definition of the term except perhaps the most literal, bared its head (mouth?) at her and dove, trying to swallow her whole into the depth of that deep body. But today wasn't her day to die, especially not by large teeth and creatures without much thought besides those of survival. She gave a hard jerk to the left and her Magibike obeyed swiftly, just barely dodging the Wyrm has to devoured the land where she'd stood and dug back into the earth below. Then two more burst from the ground on either of her sides, spraying dust and debris over her like a wave of dilapidation. As if they were taunting her, laughing at her lack of ability to utterly annihilate them. And Lilith laughed back. Not because they couldn't hurt her. But because they could. She laughed to show them what she cared of their power. Of their threats. They were nothing. And they were going to lose the game because they'd chosen to move on her too early. You don't attack the queen unless you're sure you can win. Reaching out toward the one to her right with the gauntlet of Zengi, Lilith closed her fingers into a fist and the orange cornerstone embedded into it lit up on a brilliant radiance. The light burst forth with an overwhelming pressure of dominance, burning straight through the Wyrm and ripping whatever kind of soul it had to shreds. It took a lot of energy to use the Soul Stone, especially so soon after she'd gotten it, but still she grinned at the sight of such a giant beast collapsing to the earth like a sack of potatoes. Too bad she'd forgotten about the second Wyrm, who'd decided the death of its kin was not so important and its potential meal more so. With those rotating razor teeth in its mouth the beast fell on her like a tunnel, its teeth cutting at her skin with endless hunger. Grunting against the pain Lilith grabbed one of the teeth between the fingers of her gauntlet and shattered it, sending shards scattering down into the beast's stomach alone with a blast of necromantic energy that exploded from her. Like a ball of destruction it tore through the Wyrm, sending skin and green creature blood raining down all around. She looked back to see the Magibike ruined, torn to shreds by the Wyrm's bladed teeth. "Fuck," she muttered, nudging the destroyed parts with a foot. When she got back to town she'd have to remember to snatch another. Keeping in mind the their Wyrm below the surface, Lilith turned to face wherever Winter had headed. Her body morphed into a black stream of smoke as she lifted into the air and barreled toward his position.
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