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  1. I know I've been a bit MIA for a while. I'm dealing with some stuff irl relating to law school internships and it's making me really tired. I'll try to start writing more again Wednesday at the latest, hopefully sooner. 

    1. Heroshima


      Take your time! We hope you're doing well ^^

  2. Ataraxy

    Chesterfield AMA

    It does! But just to triple check through comparison, the process of "leveling" up is something that mirrors the promotion system of the Terran Military fairly adequately... Right? So, that being the case, is there no difference between the longer and shorter threads in terms of renown you can gain? I understood the Chesterfield locality fairly clearly, but wanted to double check in case Chesterfield was just one of many cities with this system, but you were using "Chesterfield" as an example/ placeholder. My initial interpretation was correct though, so I was just over thinking that haha Rather than wording, it just feels like it's not addressed. Or that the reader should impliedly realize that it's 1:1. If you mentioned something like how 1 thread = 1 promotion (folk to minor ex), it would clear a lot of it up.
  3. I think we all feel this comment to the bones haha
  4. Ataraxy

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    I'm a bit confused by the renown system in two major parts: 1. Do the first couple threads have to specifically be in Chesterfield or could they have happened anywhere in Lagrimosa? Like if I wanted to add Lilith to it, would her attack on Casper qualify? 2. How does one progress through the system? It's not really clear. Is one axis per thread? All of them? Multiple times in a thread of multiple actions were done?
  5. I'd say my completion rate is about 70% without doing any math or counting. It takes me forever sometimes but I try to finish them up. Looking at my Lilith thread history, about 4 were dropped or incomplete and 1 is a hub, while the 12 others were completed. That's about a 70% completion and is probably representative of my overall count. The thirty percent accounts for threads that just die because I have RL to deal with or the luster of the thread peters out. My answer may change depending on how completed is defined, though.
  6. Well Nede aside, the majority of Nehalen despises Lilith and her Cult. The mindset of our mafia group in Nu Sicily is fairly representative of Nehalen as a whole. Even Aedos is planning against her, and he's known her since they were kids. So fame is a safe bet lol
  7. This line of questioning though is probably better put in the Renovatio AMA rather than the Hall feedback lol
  8. Nede is a brand new setting, so the social temperature with the cult of power is: "who?" Ankou defeated the Demon Lord of the Desolation Section, but hasn't really interacted with any of the demon or other sentient beings living in the Garden. So far the only information that's be gleaned about Nede IC is that it's ruled by Demon Lords, the rulers of Demon Towers, and there are all types of Demons living there. Some like humans, others like eldritch monsters.
  9. Oh and remember, anyone who has posted more than twice is awarded 30 RP for the Nede thread. I was gonna make it 40 but after counting the posts a lot of people didn't post more than 3-4 times since there were so many players involved. Didn't make sense to give it B lvl rewards. So don't forget to make your Character Card in the Hall of Recognition!
  10. Sweet. So now that we have all that locked down, everyone has 7 days to post their character's exit if they're exiting. On the seventh day I'll post the exit of IPP unless someone else wants to as well as the thread summary. Then I'mma lock it and start the Part 2 thread. @danzilla3 and @Fierach, if you guys want to do some fisticuffs, you can do so in the Part 2 thread while Lilith fisticuffs with @Tenkai Matsumoto, or you can split it into your own thread. Up to you. We can throw in some obstacles and turn it into something where James and Tenkai are chasing Lilith and Ankou, while CoP is just kinda trynna to ignore them up until they get punched in the face or smth like that lol @AngryCacti what you planning on doing? Stay for fun and RP? Peace out?
  11. They're pretty fun imo makes for fun quests
  12. If it was done in Renovatio, we'd get some juicy RP for Vet and Lilith during that artifact thread though.
  13. We can definitely discuss how to make it work, though. It depends whether supes is okay with having a lagrimosa artifact be newly claimed in Renovatio haha
  14. I think it still has to be "earned" under artifact requirements. So for Vet to gain possession of Heartbane with S class power, it would still have to be 5+ pages and Supes will probably want that done in Lagrimosa lol
  15. I can't believe you still remember that article I wrote about CoP hahaha wasn't sure anyone had even read that It won't be anything uber dramatic. There are a couple threads that are going to come from the dungeon crawl I'm doing to reveal Renovatio's hidden history (since it was never established before me I got free reign so pretty excited). Some of Reno's history is related to Marzanna and I want to play with that a bit before I go ahead with removing Lilith as a playable character. I also was talking with King about setting up a meeting between Lilith and Endriel (who's in a sort of spectral form), but at this point I'm fairly certain you won't accept Lilith just kinda meandering into Lagrimosa. But I might talk to to him about finding a way to do it from Renovatio. So it's more localized things. I can't guarantee no one will die, but Lilith doesn't really set out to kill people so as long as her goals are more local it won't come to that. I also want to set up a thread where Lilith essentially relinquished Heartbane, since OOC I'm not allowed to keep it as per new artifact rules. I thought about just having it be taken during her capture, but I'd rather make a small thing out of it. Not sure what, but I'll do something. Lemme know if anyone wants it.
  16. RIGHT ISN'T IT JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER HAHAHAHA the duck floaties always make me rofl
  17. That's what I was thinking lol the general theme fits perfectly.
  18. Then I shall refrain from using that as an OOC description or one that Aedos uses! No promises about what Lilith says about the IPP though. She's not a very nice person
  19. There's quite a bit of time that happens in between the two. In character, I'd say a little less than a year difference. The way that I calculate thread dates is by the date of the thread's first post. This means that the Nede thread happens in February 2020 (w.e. IC date is). I'm not even confident that the capturing of Lilith will happen this year as it depends on my availability. At best it'll happen around Halloween. At worst... idk. Nede is still an open thread and I'm down for going a few posts with Tenkai as Lilith. It could help set up Tenkai's persistent attitude, but it'd only be a few posts and I wouldn't want to get in the trenches of fights. It'd be more like, you accept what the other person does and take the punches without interruption with the understanding that neither does a fatal hit. If you're okay with that, I'm more than ready to tussle a little if Tenkai manages to follow Lilith into Nede's dungeon where she's going to be falling into soonish.
  20. I do want to point out that I haven't "retconned" anything. Rather, I'm doing my best to go with the flow of something sprung up on me without having to retcon or backtrack on anything. I also didn't make any assumptions; no canon threads were made in specific preparation of the Nede attack that I'm aware of and since Nede is a brand new playing area, planning for Nede by any character is impossible. I suppose they could have prepared weapons and/ or tools based on what the AI in Vetiver was relaying to them, but I couldn't see a logical track toward proper "preparation" here even if I was okay with retconning or adding new facts facts so that the IPP didn't just barge into everything with nothing but the limited information relayed by Vetiver's AI.
  21. Yeah that's pretty much what I meant. I just didn't want the IPP to literally encircle Nede. That sounds like overstretching manpower. But you're right, I think we're basically saying the same thing. As usual, just using different words and meanings haha True, that the IPP has already gone balls blazing and said "we're here bitches" (not verbatim) so it's not like their presence is much of a secret anymore. I'm cool with this. Lilith isn't exactly known for being stealth haha
  22. I don't really have any ideas that sound as good as regrouping while leaving observational drones and begin setting the plan so we can say the IPP began planning months in advance. If you have other solutions, I'm all ears.
  23. The IPP, but how it resets is what we're discussing right now.
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