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  1. Important Links Cult of Power (CoP) Group Page The Commander's Character Sheet The Cult's Public OOC PM to officially join and be added to the Club OOC Information This thread will act as the Cult of Power's official hub thread. I won't promise it'll last forever, but should last for a good long time. The start of this Hub Thread is after the Cult's adventures in Genesaris and Renovatio are momentarily over (after the obtainment of Asteria's Crown, the Cornerstones, etc). As any hub thread, your characters can come and go. Some cool things might develop in this thread and require a storyline, or it'll just roll with the punches. Who knows! There is no required post length or posting order. Location: Delcore, Terrenus. Delcore is a medium sized city a few miles east of Hell's Gate. The Cult has a Lunar Castle taken from another group they absorbed called the Fallen which is another few miles east in the Forbidding Hills. We might go there but this thread will start in Delcore. The city itself is controlled and regulated by Paragons, but it's down in a shadow mannerism where Lilith is not involved. Many of the ruling Paragons don't even know she's in the city. What Lilith is doing in Delcore is anyone's guess. It was a weird sort of feeling, being back in Terrenus after so many months in Genesaris and Renovatio. For so long she'd been focused on accumulating power. Clawing and climbing her way to the top of the world. To a place where no one could so much as reach to the top of her toes, metaphorically speaking of course. Now, however, she was there. More or less. It didn't matter what continent she was on her what foe stood in her way; she was the peak. In a way she always had been but now she absolutely was. The gauntlet of Zengi. The soul cornerstone. The crown of Asteria. The millions of Paragons bearing her mark. The raw, bottomless well of energy constantly stirring through her very being. She'd reached the goal. Now what? Get rid of my past lives? Perhaps. Easier said than done though, or at least one of the previous Lunar Daughters would have already done it. Instead it was almost like they feared the possibility that she'd break the link. As if they had never even considered doing it. Which was probably true. Lilith was a monster even among monsters. Leaning back she crossed one leg over the other and released a sigh, tapping her index finger on the rim of "her" beer mug. One of the men in the tavern had brought her a drink. If she understood correctly, he was hitting on her. It was almost funny, really. Put a whole new meaning on flirting with death. The large man had taken a seat next to her, not put off even a little by the red gleam of her eyes or the stink of death that stuck to her like bad karma. Probably that she was a vampire. Or some sort of undead. Maybe he even knew she was a necromancer and just didn't particularly care. He certainly didn't know who she was though. What she was and who she was, though intrinsically linked, tended to have much different impacts on people. Still... maybe this was what was next for her? Now that was a funny idea. Even the voices of her past lives chuckled in the depths of her mind. Yeah. Right. "So pretty lady," the man slurred, reaching out to sling a hand around her shoulder. "What can I do you for?" A question. A fucking question. Why did mortals ask so many questions? "You are either an absolute fucking moron," Lilith answer with such venom that the man blinked and nearly physically recoiled, "or your inebriation makes you an extremely horrible judge of character."
  2. Before I forget, let me link the important links (lemme know if you have any important links to throw up, will not put up character sheets): Nu Martyr Goes to War Interest Check (has background information I'm not going to retype, but that should be kept in mind) Nu Martyr Lore Article Cult of Power Lore Article IC Thread (when it goes up) Okaaaaaaaay, hey guys! Yeah, I know I said I'd have this up by Friday/ Saturday but, as the saying goes, "man plans; god laughs." Not much I can do when I get hit in the face by a head cold lol Anyways, here's the OOC and I'll have the IC thread up as soon as a I can, though that will probably be early tomorrow afternoon. So here's a quick drawing of the Nu Martyr Province that I put together. It's a very quick map and I didn't bother setting the lines/ colors perfectly. Note that blue is water, sand is land, and the void space connected to the land is where other provinces are, so we can just ignore those parts. For this thread they're irrelevant unless you want to somehow mix in other provinces. Which you can, but at a tangent. Looking at the map you'll see that, along with the two red dots, there are 18 smaller purple dots. Each of those purple dots represent a smaller city, village, or town that characters can attack or defend in basically any form they want to. You can consider these to be "ready made" cities in the sense that you have the right to make them what you want. If you like, you can choose to canonize a city with Aleksei if it grows on you, but that's not really the point of them lmfao Here are the 18 cities you can choose from, the numbers here corresponding to the numbers on the map. Nu Rosinder and Mu Martyr (the city), are playable but not for destruction. That would have to be on the outskirts of it. Note that I do NOT expect all of them to be used. I honestly would be extremely surprised if more than 5 end up used, but you're free to destroy any of the ones that you want. Or save them. Or whatever. Draven Skaiway Primaria Apolypse Yascrow Shrreb Collorea Parrish Landonia Hungary Fannow SkyHaven Ralrome Algany Taronta Nu Delo Keto Tabtany Let me know if you destroy a city or something so I can mark your name down beside it with a small description like "destroyed" or whatever. For the record, Lilith will be arriving in Keto (17) and making her way toward Nu Martyr. So arrange yourself with that in mind as she will be heading toward the Nu Martyr dot. Oh, also any two parties that want to fight need to come up with a system and let me know so I can record it here. That way we can avoid the *ahem* misunderstandings that sometimes occur in big threads when people engage in T1. Feel free to ask any and all questions here. Defenders of Nu Martyr @Alexei @Djinn&Juice @Fierach @Hurttoto @notmuch_23 @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated @-Lilium- @Chappu @Sir Nathaniel @Tyler Attackers of Nu Martyr Me @Thotification @Die Shize @Metty @Archeos @danzilla3 @Tyler
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    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Nah man! I'm still available OOC, here and discord, to a certain extent so we can keep the story going! Obviously attacking Lilith is a cant do rn cause I can't post, but if someone wants to post for Dallas in the meantime, you can hmu and I'll give you dialogue u can use for him so that part doesn't get bogged down. So feel free to continue on other aspects of the thread! I'm reading and watching as often as I can
  4. Yeah lol MCU quote again. It's a phase. Maybe. We'll see! But still, ya'll should get used to it cause it's not going away until at least Endgame. Anyways, I've talked to quite a few people over the past month or so and lots of people have an interest in the Cult of Power, but they aren't exactly sure how they can start or if they're 100% on the group. Since, as many of you know, there are certain requirements a character has to accept in order to join. Liking selling your soul... sort of. In an effort to make this easier I've opened up a Cult of Power Hub thread which you can access by clicking HERE. All the IC information is provided at the top of the first post and is located in a made up city somewhere east of Hell's Gate, Terrenus. This doesn't mean the only way you can join the cult is by posting in the hub, but my hope is that it'l make it easier for people who aren't sure and want to try it out. Or whom want to talk to Lilith without joining the cult or getting wrecked by her not-so-friendly attitude. Since it's a hub thread, you can pop on in and pop on out at will. No worries. Note that this hub happens after the Nu Martyr war though, so yeah, if that comes up there ya go! Important Links Cult of Power (CoP) Group Page The Commander's Character Sheet The Cult's Public OOC PM to officially join and be added to the Club This current thread can also be used as an OOC, but for the Hub thread specifically, not the Cult as a whole please. Thanks. ❤️ Look forward to seeing everyone!
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    Mr. E General Discussion

    So what's the sitch on the riddles? Anyone get anymore keys while I've been afv?
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    kick names, take ass [Airship]

    It was an off sort of happening, having Winter drop almost completely off any radar she had. Other than what her eyes told her, it was as if the white haired elf suddenly ceased his existence. He didn't go invisible or play dead- she could sense the dead in the same way she did the living- Winter's existence just essentially vanished. There was, quite effectively, no difference between him and the air next to him. Despite herself, Lilith couldn't help but find the stealth ability particularly fascinating. And, much to her surprise, extremely impressive as it had fooled even her senses. If she focused extremely hard on spotting someone in the area, perhaps she'd have noticed a discrepancy near where her eyes said he stood. Still, though she could see him, her mind struggled to accept what her eyes told it. How could she see something that her senses said didn't exist? For a moment she paused and lip twitched in something reminiscent of both a smile and a frown, giving the Wyrm chasing her just enough time, a fraction of a second, to catch up to her. It burst from the ground under her feat obviously aiming to swallow her whole.
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    kick names, take ass [Airship]

    On the outskirts of Strider City, a lone woman leaned casually against the frame of a wooden post. The odd thing was, however, that the wooden post belonged some feet away as it had previously been used to hold up the Traveler Restaurant's rafters. Now it was instead being used as a makeshift spear, a broken branch so often used to stick a pig. Except what it poked out of wasn't a stick. It was a man. A drunk man at that. The sight of his belt buckle being undone and pants unzipped as if he'd been sure of his score tonight was in stark contrast to the pure terror that filled his eyes and contorted his expression. The wooden post was gutting him. Stabbed in his midsection, just to the right of his spine. Lilith had half a mind to kill the man right there. There was just something about drunk men and their consistent inability to determine whether or not she'd be an easy target that never failed to annoy her. Any dimwit with have a brain could feel the intense power that rolled off her, power that originated from each of the three continents in mass quantities. But not drunken men. Or drunken women for that matter, though Lilith found herself in situations like these with women much less. There was just something about the fact that they were male and drunk and in the middle of no where that incentive them to try forcing their will on her. On Her. It was so ridiculous it was nearly funny. She almost laughed. Almost. And, yet, she resisted the urge. Not out of kindness or pity for the mortal insect that had stirred her wrath, but because she'd recruited a healer for today. She doubted the healer had any intention in becoming one of her Paragons, but something had told her a healer would come in handy during this trip. With the Soul Stone Lilith could do much and control life in general, but healing others had always been a skill that alluded her. Especially in physical wounds. She tended to do more harm than anything else, even when she bothered to try doing otherwise. Lilith didn't spare another look at the stabbed man nor did she care to watch the life drain from his eyes; there was no pleasure in killing him. It had simply been something necessary. Obstacles needed to be removed. With a small tuck, she pulled back a few loose strands of light brown hair behind an ear and walked into restaurant. @Song Sprite
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    Public AFV Thread

    Since it was my idea, I shall go first! Due to my move and lack of internet (other than LTE, obviously, since I'm online right now), I will not be making many posts for a while. I'll try to get some in using my phone but things are a bit hectic. I'm starting from nothing except 1 couch in my studio, so I'm out spending tons of debt-moneys and shopping for stuff I'll need, then going home, then remembering i forgot something, etc etc etc. So bare with me! I'm hoping to get settled in and wifi by Mondayish (oh God I hope so), but I haven't even called the internet dude much less scheduled something. So, uh, yeah. Afv (minus couple phone posts here and there), until I get sorted. Probably around half a week to a week more.
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    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    Or maybe a pinned thread in Chat called "AFV Updates" That would be incredibly useful
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    Heroes and Villains

    PALGARD -:- Our very own Gotham -:- The premise of this Interest Check is very simple: who would like to play a hero or villain with me? Although Palgard doesn't see much use and a lot of the newer players might be like wtf is that place (click the name to be linked), it's essentially a city run rampant by anarchy with very little if any ruling factions. In fact, most sane people have left it for Martial Town. But that makes it even more like Gotham! My idea is to run this in an episode format. Which is basically just threads labeled with E1, E2, E3, etc. I think it could be fun to just watch the numbers roll up and whatnot, idk. Now I want to be clear, this isn't something for "World saving heroes" or "villains that plan to take over the world" type characters. Similar to superhero shows/ comic, we're going to be specifically focused on Palgard and stuff going on in Palgard. Everything else can suck it lol Characters will have to be those that feel some sort of duty or responsibility to Palgard because it's their home/ their family lives there etc. So I'd prefer characters to not have already made outside affiliations. For example, I'm not going to plop Titus down in Palgard and call him the Veluriyam Angel. While the thread is light hearted, I do want participants to take it seriously and at least try to stick with it. I personally think this will be really fun! (after watching Gotham + starting Young Justice >.> haha) There will be conflict but it'll be narrative. Winning and losing is irrelevant cause in Superhero stuff no one really loses or wins forever. Always another round to be fought, so let's have some fun with it! Not like Palgard can get anymore fucked either way lol Oh! Also, Heroes and Villains have to have something that makes them unique and a Hero/ Villain name cause secret identities and stuff (although villains don't HAVE to have a secret identity, they still have to have a villain name). It'll be boring if everyone is classic hero A or classic anti-hero B. All good superheroes have a unique quality to them. Like Batman. Catwoman. Hulk. Thor. Etc etc etc Powers should follow MP and the Terran mainland limitations 😄 If anyone is interested in this, lemme know!
  11. *Please note that Everrun is not currently connected to Veluriyam Empire at the start of this thread. With most of Terrenus' current abnormal activities concurring in either South Terrenus or East Terrenus, barely anyone payed much attention to the small, albeit growing, city of Everrun. Recently freed from a gang of powerful bandits by a man the people called the Prophet, the man's religious and spiritual teachers had started to attract followers from all over Valucre. He promised freedom and safety. He healed the sick and turned dreams into reality. Because of its spread, not long had passed before news of it reached the ears of the Commander. It wasn't that She was particularly bothered or threatened by such a religion, but rather that Her curiosity was peaked by the rumors concerning the Prophet's ability to grant wishes. If such rumors were true then there was a large possibility the Prophet could retrieve an ancient weapon She desired. One from the past of Ankou Lethe, currently Her most powerful Paragon. Like a nightmare, the Commander traveled to Everrun as smoke darker than black. Those few who spotted Her might revel in the seemingly propelled spiral of black smoke before it suddenly changed trajectory, now coming down upon Everrun. The black smoke was like a streak as it slammed into a fairly crowded street, all sorts of items and people blown backward from the sudden crash. The road catered in, those people unfortunate enough to be the in the smoke's path crushed beyond recognition. Standing where the black smoke had touched down was a tall woman, an aura of overwhelming power clinging to her like water. Brown hair slung silently down to her shoulders as red eyes and thin lips gave a sense of death to whomever she glanced at. But like ants, she ignored them instead choosing to walk forward at a steady pace as if the lives she'd taken upon landing had never existed. Behind the woman a second streak of black smoke crashed against the ground, this time revealing a shorter woman. This one less menacing, but somehow darker. Smelling more of death than of power. This woman, however, did look at the bodies the Commander had killed upon arrival having not killed any herself. The first woman, the Commander, looked around until her eyes landed upon one who wore the Prophet's mark. A twitch of her head toward the marked man sent the second woman flying toward him, swiftly lifting him off his feet and dumping him before the Commander whose pressure kept the man on his knees. Her eyes shun for a moment, looking deep into the marked man's soul to try and find his deepest desires. Then she spoke, her voice smooth, rolling accent making her foreign nature distinct. "Where is your Prophet, Servant?" @Vilhardt @danzilla3 @Veloci-Rapture @Hurttoto @Higuu @A Most Sovereign Lady @Thotification @ChaosLord
  12. Ardon Dallas In the nights since The Commander had declared war against Nu Martyr a blanket of still silence had enveloped the province. Each night fathers locked the doors and shuttered the windows, mothers hurried their children home in hushed voices. Fearful voices. Children, to young to truly understand the depth of their situation, remained ignorant to everything butt the occasional quiver in the voice of the parents. Nor were they oblivious to the ways the eyes of strangers darted around anxiously, yet never made eye contact. Those few that did quickly looked away, not wanting to chance the potential of doom. In all manners of the phrase, Nu Martyr had sunk into a state of waiting. Waited to see what would come. Dreaded the approaching calamity. But even the least of them could sense the near tangible aura of death permeating around them. It was there. And they could fear it. Hate it. Run screaming in terror into the night. But it was coming. She was coming. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The sense of foreboding was prevalent not just in the outskirts or the smaller cities scattered through Nu Martyr, but also in the Capitol City itself. The Commander's threat had not failed to spread into the province's heart, poisoning and corrupting its way to even the PRIME Ardon Dallas. The man found himself constantly stopping to take in deep breaths, failed attempts in lower his heartbeat and arresting the small trembles that shook his arms. Even pouring himself a simple bourbon was a struggle. He was a politician for Tellus Mater's' sake. Not a soldier or a general. He was ambition, sure, but a politician nonetheless. Oh gods, what if She breaks through the city defenses? Ardon sighed, pouring himself another glass after downing the first. The thought was a useless one. He'd prepared the best that any PRIME could. Military at the ready, generals called back to help plan, and war schematics sorted out until they'd all been worked to the bone. He was ready. There was no way She would make it to him. Nu Martyr the city was itself huge. A powerful city-state within the continent of Renovatio. But when combined with the help sent from the Allied Nations of Terrenus, Kadia, and every city in the Province? The PRIME shook his head in disbelief. If the cult's Commander could fight against that much fire power, surely the entire world would have been after her already. He put down his cup and beckoned a man through, tilting his head in acknowledgement. "How are the defenses looking?" Lilith Reiter The evening sun had barely begun to fall when the citizens of Keto were shrouded in literal darkness. In moments that sun had been blotted out by a black cloud or, rather, a cloud of dense black fog that moved at inhuman speeds. As if born from the cloud, the fog formed a dark skull. A golden colored crescent moon shining from within each of the sockets as streams of that black smoke shot out from the cloud and skull down toward the city. At first people were surprised, though not overly so. After all rain clouds were quite usual considering they all but lived int he clouds. Then panic slowly started to set in as it became obviously apparent that the cloud was not of a natural making. And the skull appeared. People panicked, taking off in all directions for shelter or just in simply helpless retreat in the face of something overwhelming. It was the crescent moons that set in place who it was. What was happening. The Commander had arrived. Hundreds, if not a thousands, of those streams of black smoke slammed into buildings and city roads. Infrastructure collapsed at nothing but their entrance, not withstanding even long enough to be directly dealt with. Paragon after Paragon landed in Keto, clearing the way for Her. In moments the Paragons had wiped out every other living life within a mile of their landing zone. Buildings fell to their combined might, being swiftly decimated into dust until the land was completely flat. The hadn't needed to or been ordered to do so, but it was a show of loyalty. Of respect. For some, even of worship. A final surge of black burst from the skull of smoke, causing it to grow formless. This one, however, was levels darker than the others. A palpable corrupted around it that could strike fear into the most righteous or the most villainous without a care for their alignment. It was a primal authority raised even further by the corrupted powers She wielded with the ease that a blacksmith might a hammer. Lilith Reiter landed in Keto, rings of dust exploding outward from the force of her arrival. The necromancer motioned toward the nearest Paragon without bothering to so much as look their way. "Grab a few others and begin preparations for the Summoning. The magic circle will not have any mistakes, is that understood?" The Paragon nodded. "Yes Commander." Ignoring the Paragon her red eyes stared into the distance, though not into the nothingness of an unknowable beyond. No. She stared toward the Capitol City of Nu Martyr. The force of her gaze perhaps even sparking a primal alert of danger in anyone within its path. Deathbringer sheathed at her side beat a steady purple glow, as if excited for all the souls it would soon consume. Despite its number of souls already being enormously high, this meal would dwarf it all. Its apparent excitement leaking into even her, adding an equivalent purple glow to her eyes as well. The purple energy surged through Zengi's Gauntlet and the Genesaris Soul Stone, white and black lights joining with the purple. And then an aura of necromancy soared for hundreds of miles in every direction, claiming Keto as hers. For war was not coming to Nu Martyr anymore. It was already there; and all around Keto the screams of opposition rang out like dying chirps of squashed insects.
  13. Time to go shopping for stuff to fill my new place with!

    And then so some cleaning lol

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    Spear of Diamonds Relic OOC

    @vielle @Twitterpated @Thotification All three of you claimed a challenge against my claim of the Spear of Diamonds relic. Since this challenge was first made by Twitterpated and he challenged me with the LBS ruleset, those are what we're going to follow. Die Shize has already agreed to be our judge. If you haven't already read the LBS ruleset, they are linked HERE. Since there's more than two of us, we will follow the Mass PvP rules. Feel free to ask me any questions that don't make sense, though I believe that LBS is fairly obvious. I'll restate the general process in bullet points, though I really recommend reading the ruleset itself for the more detailed rules. First round of posting is outside the fight and is introductory only. This isn't required but will be used to establish who is entering the PvP match Once all players have posted their introductory post, we will all PM the judge ( @Die Shize ) saying which of the 3 action options we choose (shoot, block, load). Make sure to state who you are shooting since there are more than 2 players. Do not include anyone in the PM other than yourself and Die Shize. Players have 24 hours to submit their OOC action. Die Shize, as judge, is not to leak any of the answers until all players have given their answer. When he has all of them, he will post them in this OOC. Since everyone only has 3 lives, it's pretty easy to keep track of. Once Die Shize posts that round's actions, we follow it up with IC posts. The IC actions can represent the OOC action choice, or just be a narrative scene. Doesn't matter. Players have 48 hours to post following Die Shize's Judge post in this OOC. Rinse and repeat. Pretty simple. Last person to hit 0 HP wins. Edit: Almost forgot, here's the IC thread.
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    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    @notmuch_23 sure, Lilith isn't immune to basically anything. It's not inflicting damage that's tough, it's landing it.
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    Spear of Diamonds Relic OOC

    @vielle Because of my move and whatnot, I probably won't be able to post by the end of today or probably even tomorrow. Maybe not for the next handful of days. Since I'm going to TO on the posting deadline, I'm to default on match unless you're down with waiting an indeterminate amount of time for me to get settled and internet access other than LTE lol At this point it's your win, even if by default, so you can take the win and spear no hard feelings, or put a pause to the match lol Either way, thanks for playing LBS with me! Was quite fun lol
  17. A handful of weeks had passed since Samson delivered the Mori armband to Ankou and Lilith broke Samael, turning the young boy from something with potential to something dangerous. With her goals more than accomplished in Terrenus, Lilith put the continent behind her. Perhaps to return one day, perhaps not. The winds of power would take her wherever they beckoned. In those weeks various rumors had spread through the Cult of Power's Genesaris branch like a hungry fire, deftly alerting Lilith to the discovery of a Genesar Cornerstone. To her knowledge, as well as those of the Lunar Daughters' swirling in her thoughts, the Cornerstones had been lost for ages. Not that Lilith was particularly interested in most of the Cornerstones- they held abilities far removed from her own, even those that came close being not necessarily worth the effort with Terrenus held similar artifact but were much closer. That, however, all changed when whispers of the Soul Cornerstone reached her ears. After generations the stone was once again said to have appeared, this time in the Bloodstone Marshes. The Soul Stone not only aligned with her personal capabilities, but would prove a powerful addition to Zengi's gauntlet. Together the two would prove to be a power beyond anything Valucre has seen too date. Displaying a lazy grin, Lilith knocked against the side of her Ghostship and a landing board expanded out of seeming nothingness. With the soft clatter of her boots on the solidifying ghost wood, the powerful Terrenus necromancer disembarked onto the northern coastal of Genesaris. Though she hadn't particularly forced any of the Paragons to accompany her, those that had would be following her exit so that the Ghostship could vanish once again. Patiently waiting for Lilith's summoning. Glancing down at the three figures who awaited her, Lilith gave a rare faint smile in their direction. One Paragon, Mercury, one servant of Ankou, Samson, and a new member, Cerin. The new member, though Lilith thought of her already as a Paragon, had yet to undergo the initiation and was not marked. That would swiftly be changed. "Hiya, Commander," Mercury shrieked, rushing to Lilith. The little vampire tried to bow but her momentum carried her forward despite the attempt, rolling her straight into Lilith's legs. "Hello Mercury," the red-eyed Commander drawled. "I see you are still... you." The vampire gave a giggle as she straightened back up and went to go hug, or try to hug, Ankou. In the meanwhile Lilith turned to Cerin. "Mercury has spoken very highly of you in her letters, Cerin. What do you hope to gain from joining us?" @AngryCacti @danzilla3 @vielle @Thotification @Chappu @King @Tyler @Veloci-Rapture
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    Ursa Madeum Quest Board

    Ataraxy - Quests have different levels of toughness with varying levels of rewards! If none of the quests suit you, feel free to create your own with the rewards that you would like. However, regardless of if you create or choose a quest, don't forget to either send a PM to me or @Csl for confirmation or post below. Once the thread is up, the Quest will be marked as claim. If it goes inactive for over a month, it will be marked as Unclaimed again. If no one claims it before the original quest taker returns, then they can start up from where they left off. If not, well, move your feet, lose your seat! 📌 Difficulty Classification Level A - When a Cave Falls: Under the directions of one of Veluriyam's many faction leaders, a group of people seeking to discover treasure in the name of fame ventured into one of the Corinth's mountain ranges and started to mine. Nearly 30 people are trapped in a man-made cave nearly 300 miles east of Andelusia. The collapsed cave borders a river, threatening to flood the cave and kill all the people inside- if the lack of breathable air doesn't do them in first. A group of medium strength Wyverns guard the mountains, perhaps being the reason for its collapse. They will try to hinder your rescue. Reward: A possibly max of 60 followers and a small favor from the Veluriyam government. Location: 300 miles east of Andelusia Restrictions: 48 hour time limit. Post Requirement: 3+ pages Status: Unclaimed 📌 Difficulty Classification Level B - Hand of Fate: An ancient Relic, a powerful tool that grants enormous power to the wielder, has been discovered approximately 200 miles south of Andelusia by unknowing travelers. The Veluriyam government is offering a large sum to anyone willing to head down and obtain it for them. But beware, the Relic infuses anyone that touches the golden material with an intense sensory capacities. Until the hand is released, the holder's brain absorbs everything- touch, sights, sounds, smell, tastes- everything. Held too long, the information overload can send the holder into an indefinite coma. Used wisely, one can become on par, if not better than, someone like Sherlock Holmes. Your job is to retrieve it and deliver it to Veluriyam officials. Reward: 300 gold. A large favor from the Veluriyam government. Location: 200 miles south of Andelusia Restrictions: You cannot double cross and keep the Relic. Post Requirement: Minimum of 2 pages. Since it's an artifact, more pages equals stronger artifact. Stronger the artifact, bigger the favor. Status: Claimed! by @Thotification 📌 Difficulty Classification B - Traitors Beware: Having ended victorious in his conquest a little over a year ago, Veluriyam Empire has ruled over Ursa Madeum with little push back. However, a faction still loyal to the deceased Tyrant-King has been harassing local enforcement and civilians. Root out the traitors and try to find out if they're working for someone, or on their own. Reward: 2 square miles of land if no land owned and 10 if character already owns land. A small favor from an official in the Veluriyam Empire. Location: Andelusia Restrictions: Available twice. Post Requirement: 2+ pages Status: Claimed! Both missions are now taken. @notmuch_23 @Alexei 📌 Difficulty Classification Level C - Rebuilding: A crew of pirates from the Cove have stumbled into a struggling village on Corinth's western coast. Remove the pirates and save the people. Discover any information possible as to whether a Pirate King exists. Reward: Either claim the village as your own, or gain up to 25 followers. 200 gold. Location: Village on Corinth's West coast Restrictions: Can't kill the village people. Post Requirement: 1+ page Status: Unclaimed 📌 Difficulty Classification Level C - Something stirs beneath the waves...: A sea monster has been spotted making trouble in the seas! Kill it, and bring it's briny hide in for a reward. Be it Kraken, hydra, or royally pissed off snapping turtle, they'll be the perfect addition to your maritime legend! Post Requirement: 2+ pages Reward: If turned in to House Uldwar, a grand party held in your honor with a magical item made from the beast you have slain. If turned in to the Pirate's Cove, a raucous party will be held in your honor, with rum and women aplenty. A magical item will also be made from the beast you have slain. Restrictions: The quest is repeatable, so only one sea monster should be killed per quest! 📌 Difficulty Classification Level C - Expanding Your Land!: Need some more land? Set up a roleplay where your character either obtains land through various methods. Feel free to go on tangents, but make sure to keep land expansion as a core concept. Reward: 5 square miles of land Post Requirement: 1 page/ 15 posts Restrictions: None! Quest is repeatable! Claimed By: @Aleksei; @Grubbistch; @ourlachesism; @supernal 📌 Difficulty Classification Level D - Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!: A valuable shipment of rum has gone missing! Discover it's whereabouts to receive a nice reward from the proprietor of the local taverns within the Pirate's Cove. Reward: Some gold and a free night's stay at the tavern. Post Requirement: 10+ posts Restrictions: None! Quest is repeatable! 📌 Difficulty Classification Level D - X marks the Spot!: There be buried treasure in a deserted island somewhere in those seas. Find it, claim it as your own, and reap the rewards of your labors! Post Requirement: 1+ pages Reward: Large sum of gold coins and jewels, plus one item made from the Terran material list. Restriction: None, go nuts! Claimed By: @Akako Akari & @Voldemort

  20. Ataraxy

    Hello >:D

    Welcome to Valucre! What kind of roleplay themes are you looking for? Light adventures? Dark trials? Do you prefer playing antagonists or protagonists? Also also, is your profile picture Raven?
  21. Ataraxy

    Gwuff? BORK!BORK!BORK!

    Thats exactly what an AI would say
  22. Ataraxy

    Gwuff? BORK!BORK!BORK!

    Just saying I've been on Valucre going on 6 years and have never seen an image of Carlos irl 😏 So u tell me what that means hmmmmmmmmm
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    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    I like them both on the front page and would prefer them both there over roleplay discussion, but that's not what your asking so i digress lol If i have to choose, i choose status updates because they're slower paced and that allows the messages to be seen by more of the community before being off page. The chat is fun and is good for new comers, so its a close race, but the chat falls short in terms of long term utility imo
  24. Ataraxy

    kick names, take ass [Airship]

    Do her thing indeed. That was something certainly easier said than done. Having never fought a desert Wyrm before and knowing nothing about its anatomy, Lilith wasn't super positive she could even kill it short of blasting it to a billion pieces. A feat, while impressive, was an entirely next level kind of problem what with the stand blocking her vision more than fifteen feet out. But nonetheless it was a good feeling. With the bike's motor, the roar from the Wyrm's, and the loud drone of her adrenaline as it pumped through her near invisible veins, every single one of the voices belonging to the previous Lunar Daughters, her previous lives, were drowned out. There was only her. Her and white noise. It was a good feeling; a wonderful feeling she might sometimes admit, and certainly one that has been growing on her as of late. Much to the despair of her previous lives as they could most likely feel their grip on her being slowly pulled away. The first wyrm, a giant motherfucker by any definition of the term except perhaps the most literal, bared its head (mouth?) at her and dove, trying to swallow her whole into the depth of that deep body. But today wasn't her day to die, especially not by large teeth and creatures without much thought besides those of survival. She gave a hard jerk to the left and her Magibike obeyed swiftly, just barely dodging the Wyrm has to devoured the land where she'd stood and dug back into the earth below. Then two more burst from the ground on either of her sides, spraying dust and debris over her like a wave of dilapidation. As if they were taunting her, laughing at her lack of ability to utterly annihilate them. And Lilith laughed back. Not because they couldn't hurt her. But because they could. She laughed to show them what she cared of their power. Of their threats. They were nothing. And they were going to lose the game because they'd chosen to move on her too early. You don't attack the queen unless you're sure you can win. Reaching out toward the one to her right with the gauntlet of Zengi, Lilith closed her fingers into a fist and the orange cornerstone embedded into it lit up on a brilliant radiance. The light burst forth with an overwhelming pressure of dominance, burning straight through the Wyrm and ripping whatever kind of soul it had to shreds. It took a lot of energy to use the Soul Stone, especially so soon after she'd gotten it, but still she grinned at the sight of such a giant beast collapsing to the earth like a sack of potatoes. Too bad she'd forgotten about the second Wyrm, who'd decided the death of its kin was not so important and its potential meal more so. With those rotating razor teeth in its mouth the beast fell on her like a tunnel, its teeth cutting at her skin with endless hunger. Grunting against the pain Lilith grabbed one of the teeth between the fingers of her gauntlet and shattered it, sending shards scattering down into the beast's stomach alone with a blast of necromantic energy that exploded from her. Like a ball of destruction it tore through the Wyrm, sending skin and green creature blood raining down all around. She looked back to see the Magibike ruined, torn to shreds by the Wyrm's bladed teeth. "Fuck," she muttered, nudging the destroyed parts with a foot. When she got back to town she'd have to remember to snatch another. Keeping in mind the their Wyrm below the surface, Lilith turned to face wherever Winter had headed. Her body morphed into a black stream of smoke as she lifted into the air and barreled toward his position.
  25. I will try to get out posts today. I have a lot to do since I'm moving at 4 am tomorrow. I will be AFV after that until I get wifi or find a place nearby that gives free wifi. I shall be on discord and will still have 4g so I'll do phone stuff, but no bigger posts or threads until I have internet again. Hopefully I can finish up all my left over paperwork and all my packing so I have a bit of time to post tonight. Who knows.