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  1. As many of you suspected, I've been hinting at some grand scale crazy roleplay before I leave Valucre and turn all my attention toward law school for the foreseeable future. However, at the urging and behest of the other people on Veluriyam management's team who were strongly against the direction I wanted to take or what I wanted to do in the thread, I've decided to not do it. On one hand it wouldn't be fair to them to leave Veluriyam in a position they don't like and on the other I'm not particularly interested in my last thread being an uphill battle against Dan and Csl. So we'll leave it at that, and I will leave with this fare well note. I wanted Endgame, but I guess we're skipping the theater lol While I'll do my utmost to continue posting in the Nu Martyr thread, Soul Stone thread, and the Space Stone thread, I can't make any promises that I'll be able to finish them. I'll try, but starting June 24th I will be starting Law School and most likely will have my hands full. But I'll try for a few posts per month. Depends how I hard it is, I suppose. In any case, I hope I'll be able to come back to Valucre one day. Perhaps after law school. In the time that I have been on Valucre I believe I've grown as a person and as a writer. It's been my friend when I had none and an outlet of imagination when that same imagination was stifled on the outside. Truly a home away from home. So with this, I officially and permanently withdraw from being Veluriyam Empire's primary board leader and pass on that title to @Csl with @supernal's permission. Some small notes: May 18, 597: Emperor Titus Demetrius falls ill to a deadly angel virus May 19, 597: 12 hours after contracting the virus, Titus passes away, ending the agony. May 19, 597: Teresa Demetrius contracts the same virus but then mysteriously vanishes before the Imperial doctors could help her. In the upcoming days my pinned posts will be removed and replaced with Csl's so that she can edit them at will. In the meantime I'll be locking all the one's currently mine, though Csl can unlock them if she wants to keep it for the time being. All further canonization will also be done by her, so no need to tag me in the PM's anymore. And so, farewell Veluriyam and sort of farewell Valucre. Hopefully I'll catch you guys in Nu Martyr. Ciao bella /End of era
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  15. The title reminds me so much of high school musical lmao It's the start, of something new!
  16. My Counselor did the same thing but I complained and argued until the waived the final credits and let me graduate lol
  17. 1. Get my own board and make it one of, if not the, most powerful independent nation in Terrenus. ☑️ 2. Have one of my characters be internationally notorious.☑️ 3. Have a character widely acknowledged as canonically one of the most powerful on Valucre. ☑️ 4. Have both my antagonist and protagonist groups be active and admired (of envied, that's always fun too). ☑️ 5. Tear everything down and start over fresh, follow a different path this time. Tbd
  18. Still not bothering to wait to see if the others had followed, Lilith continued her trek forward. It was, after all, her journey. Though she would prefer to retain the power of those following in her wake, she was more than comfortable to continue alone. It is how she'd walked the world for many years and would eventually walk it again in the future. As she walked into the cave, Lilith noticed how the only light source she could find were long blue crystals. Their azure lights bounced around the walls in a bizarre dance, always moving like water reflecting light. But no matter how hard she looked, Lilith couldn't see where the actual light was coming from. It was likely the crystal themselves were magic of some kind and wielded it as a light source. Maybe. It was hard to be sure. Not that it mattered. The further she walked, the harder it became to continue forward. Not physically though, her body moved just fine. It was as if a pressure had been placed upon her soul. Her very essence. A trial? Or simply one of the stone's defense? It was impossible to know, and probably just as impossible to think about as the pressure continued to increase. After a handful of minutes her entire body burned and screamed, threatening to explode from the bomb in her core. "You want a battle of wills?" She growled, assuming the stone could hear her cause if it couldn't she was just a moron talking to herself. "So be it."
  19. Nu Delo Lilith Reiter Lilith took a deep breath, absorbing everything and anything all at once. And it was good. Even perfect, perhaps, had she been one to believe in perfection. There was blood in the air. Death. Power. Anger. Rage. Desperation. Fear. Loss. Love. Hate. Passion. Envy. Greed. Pain. Sadness. To a necromancer as powerful as she, the emotions had a smell to them. And as they intermixed, the glow in her eyes became more prominent. The beating of the red gem in the pommel of her swords thrummed faster. The orange soul stone clipped into Zengi's Gauntlet almost screaming in pleasure, were it not inanimate. It could sense the lost souls filling Nu Martyr increasing by the second, and with that, so did it's power. Though not as in control over the dominion as souls as in Genesaris, even in Renovatio it held authority over life in a way that was unparalleled. The aggregated souls in Nu Delo, however, was disappointing. Less than she'd expected. As their life energy was absorbed by her artifacts and their corpses rose in accompaniment, it felt... empty. Almost as if... "They must have evacuated part of the city," Lilith muttered aloud, making sure it was her own thought and not one of the many Lunar Daughters in her head. Not that it bothered her, other than the slight feeling of disappointment which flooded through her from her hungry artifacts. In any case, there wasn't much left for her to do in Nu Delo now that she'd drawn the spell's runic base and summoned an army of corpses throughout the province. Even if those of Nu Martyr wanted to stop the infinite circle of arising corpses, they'd have to shut down the rune itself, such was the spell. But to reach Nu Delo, well, she'd like to meet the person with balls enough to do so. With a sound that may have been the start of a laugh or a snort, black fog collapsed around her and shot into the air. Not a trace of her presence was left there, except for the runic structure and the Supreme Witch who continued to look at it with something akin to love swimming in the black of her iris'. Parrish was next on Lilith's list. But not to attack, at least not yet. She would move ahead of her Paragons. The city was strong enough to fend off against the undead, but the city also had one of the Asteria's gems. There she'd start her final descent toward Nu Martyr City.
  20. At Tenkai's initial arrival, Ardon found himself rather hesitant to allow the man into the inner circle of planning. They weren't people of Renovatio and certainly weren't of his own. In fact, the Order of Force Majeure most likely wouldn't have even bothered with small corner of Valucre like Nehalen had it not been at the behest of Veluriyam Empire. If the empire was so scared for their little port, they should have put up better defenses. Ardon smirked a little at the snide thought, never having found himself particularly fond of the Primera's agreement to sell off a bit of Renovatio to Terrans. Which brought him full circle back to Tenkai, the otherworlder hailing from Terrenus. But as the Knight spoke, Ardon found that his head was nodding in agreement. It was a smart plan. Smart, but bold. If he'd been but a decade younger, he'd have jumped at the chance to lead his army straight to Parrish and meet the Commander head on. Perhaps if he'd been a decade older, he'd have been to cautious for such a move. But he was neither, and thus he stroked the beard that had recently sprung from his usual clean shave. Despite the surprise of one of the strategist, Ardon nodded again. Thinking. Approving, though with a slight begrudgingness. "It's a good plan," he said. "Not without the possibility of error, but a smart plan nonetheless." At the Knight's question, the room fell silent. Not because of how or the fact it was asked, but because many were curious about the answer. Everyone knew the crown was powerful, but only a few knew how or why or in what way. Ardon knew that because he was the one who'd spent the better part of his last three years tracking it down, so the only people in this room who knew the extent of it's powers were those he'd chosen to tell. "It's a bit both, really" Ardon answered finally, taking a moment of silence to find the right words. As the PRIME he couldn't just wave his hands like some random joungler with tales of power and glory. "It's quite the story, but succinctly put, it is said that the Crown of Asteria was a gift given to the goddess Asteria from the All-Father himself. Eventually man killed her, believing her power to be of the crown. Alas it was not, but their evil acts tainted the crown and the goddess, distorting what was once a power for good to something of absolute evil. Whether you believe the stories of gods and goddesses,, titans and the All- Father, I've seen the crown. Held it. I'd once longed to return the Crown of Asteria back to it's former divine glory." Ardon shook his head, parts of his sideburns having gone gray since the Commander had declared war. "But I no longer think that's possible. It is hard to explain, but it is blacker than black. An item so tainted with evil, I'd go so far to say it will bring nothing but ruin to Renovatio and Valucre as a whole if this witch gets her hands on it." “So, how about we set a trap? We know her target, this means we can manipulate her to move as we wish.” His smile threatened to widen as he spread his hands open before him. “As Buddha holds the world in his palm, so too shall we hold her, no?” He said, flashing the warrior monk and look and clenching his metal clad hands into a fist. “The question is, how best to implement this with minimal risk of her taking the crown.” He added, looking at them all. “Personally I would destroy it and supplement it with a fake, so that win or lose the battle, we win the war.” He chuckled. “Though I suppose that’s not an option, hm?” [Connor] "Unfortunately not," he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "The myths say it is indestructible. And, try as I might, I have not been able to prove this part of the myth wrong. You are free to try, if you wish. Grubbar will show you to the crown if you'd like to try your hand at destroying it, but it is not to leave this castle. If my suspicions are correct, the Commander has a way to locate the crown wherever it is. Dark powers tend to find each other, one way or another."
  21. What cool threads have I missed? Fill me in guys

    1. supernal


      I like this bug and mech concept 


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  22. Oh shit, you met Brent Weeks? I'm hella peanut butter and jelly
  23. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    I'm just not gonna clear my cookies lol gotta keep that Lilith love alive! I will, however, go have a cookie. Edit: now I'm kinda curious as to what the new reacts are lol
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