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    General chat thread

    Just NPCs, I think. So long as the power of Paragons is respected, I'm totally okay with the thread claimer to NPC it and have fun with getting the ship. And if whomever takes up the thread wants to make it more mainstream, they can also reference the guest appearance of one of Lilith's Risen Servants.
  2. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    Not that I'm specifically thrilled to give it up, but I don't mind putting it back out there. Though I'd prefer a storyline where they have to snatch it from some lower Paragons or something rather than just finding it lol
  3. I don't understand Teen Wolf's logic. Idk about you guys but if someone risks their life to get the keys to save my life, I'd say thanks brah, not be like idk what u were thinking I can't trust you.



    1. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      But they're teens....teens do crazy things...

  4. Ataraxy

    Is Valucre Flat?

    It can be done, it's just not Canon.
  5. I just saw you guys posted a meme of Lilith of the Val Twitter page L O L

  6. Ataraxy

    [GS] E'na

    E'na the Glorifier Impossible. How could she be alive? E’na herself had been there when the mortals had torn apart Asteria’s body. She had gone out of her way to remove Asteria’s celestial defense so that mortals could kill her so. Everything had gone as planned. Or so she’d been led to believe for centuries. Damn her. Asteria had always been a clever goddess. Not the most powerful of body but her strength of will and mind had been a threat to E’na and the Titans. Her supposed favor with the All-father had also been worrying. Since the first time she’d met Asteria, E’na had sensed something dark within the goddess. She just hadn’t believed it was her death which would awaken it. E’na had believed herself lucky in that while the power was awakened, it was locked away in a relic too powerful for most to even tough, much less wield. Judging from the approaching presence of that very same goddess, perhaps she’d been wrong. No, she’d definitely been wrong. The only question was wrong about what? About Asteria’s death? Or about Valucre lacking a person powerful enough to withstand that crown’s power enough to use it?
  7. Ataraxy

    [GS] E'na

    Lilith “Get her! Use my power to eradicate her existence,” Asteria said, using the crown’s power to float next to Lilith in an incorporeal form that can only be seen by the one wearing the crown. Red eyes landed on the cursed ghost, the mere strength of the glare was enough to silence Asteria. It was a silent command. An order from a master to a servant. It wasn’t something Asteria was used to, Lilith knew, but the goddess was dead. She had no lone power and thus was subservient to Lilith’s whim. Just like the other voices in her head. If she wanted to keep what sanity was left, her only choice was to exert total dominance over the voices. A task of increasing difficulty ever since she’d razed a good portion of Nu Martyr to the ground. However, testing her newly obtained abilities against a modern goddess was, in fact, rather appealing. The one thing Lilith had always wanted more than anything was power. And then she got it. But that power was relative to the mortals and immortals who walk Valucre. She’d never actually fought a god before. It would certainly change the scale. Lilith turned to look at Asteria. “Lead the way.”
  8. Ataraxy

    [GS] E'na

    Lilith It wasn’t so much that Lilith found herself itching for a fight—she rarely got much thrill from physical altercations in any case—but that there was an urging in her mind to obtain some form of vengeance. Not for her or hers, but for the new voice intermingling with the Lunar Daughters that bounced around her mind. Asteria. The daughter of a Titan and once beloved figure whose spirit turned malevolent enough to bestow such extraordinarily powerful energy to her crown, now sitting snugly upon Lilith’s head. Her once holy and divine power had become something just as dark and corrupt as Lilith’s own. And the one who had betrayed Asteria, the one who had set her up to fall, whose conspiring with mortals had inevitably led to her murder, was once again walking the land of Nehalen. The urge Lilith resisted was on par with the Soul Stone’s pressure, a deep, ancient need which has a need to be fulfilled.
  9. That's 100% okay! Lots of people do solo threads for time to time, with some marking it as open in case anyone feels an urge to join. The only time threads have affirmative requirements is when you're trying to submit something to the canon lore.
  10. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    A girl in my law school said not to by from Amazon because they treat their employees horribly and so Amazon Prime day was probably horrible for them. I laughed and got over $1k worth of stuff from them lol like mofo I don't even recycle you think I'm bout to let a 50% of laptops passe by cause some people's life sucks? It was at that point I realized I have the makings of a good corporate lawyer lmfao
  11. Yo! I saw that you tried to join yeh cult group, does that mean you have an interest in joining the IC group?

  12. I don't particularly have an opinion on this either way ashere are already member run discords that work well with the people admitted into them, but I do have a question. Would the Val discord have similar restrictions like the ones implemented during the previous iteration i.e. required recent postings in order to encourage actually using it for roleplay centric goals? For better or for worse, last time I'd say 90% of stuff was general chatter from people long since not on Val. If this is a "wait and see situation" no worries, I'm just curious.
  13. Ataraxy

    Veluriyam Empire AMA

    It was originally designed to be pronounced Vel-er (like purr)- ee -um
  14. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    lol it was not but it is kinda cool, isn't it? Like some sort of literary device to send a deeper message. Nice find!
  15. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    I just realized that I didn't remember showing you guys this when I got it. It has @Aleksei's crown artifact, @supernal's gauntlet artifact, and @King's Soul Stone relic. I think it came out pretty great lol (I've been using it as my avatar but it's small so idk how much you can see). The orange ball is a soul lol I thought it was a fun thing to do, going with the whole "soul" theme of all the items.
  16. It didn't take long for the pressure bearing down on Lilith to become unbearable. Even for her, it was tough. What had originally been merely that of a spiritual sense quickly progressed into a pressure effecting her even on the material plane. Like a mountain on her shoulders, both physically and mentally. The Soul Stone's strength was, while not unexpected, both satisfying and annoying. On one hand Lilith was pleased to see that the relic was holding up to its reputation; if it had been weak that wouldn't have been an encouraging show of Genesaris' origins. What it being a cornerstone of the land's creation and all. However, it was proving to be a rather unpleasant obstacle. Her steps quickly became sluggish- even calling it a crawl would be been an overestimation of her speed. She probably would have moved faster at the bottom of an ocean. Or in a pool of liquid cement. A breath here. A breath there. Teeth grinding. Muscles weary. Mental capacity on the verge of collapse. That was when a screen appeared in the distance. A circular existence with an almost reflective surface to it. That's probably the end of this trial, she thought to herself. Albeit slightly bitter at the amount of remaining distance to it. Maybe a dozen yards. Maybe more. It was hard to tell with the pressure continually trying to bow her head. Her vision wasn't exactly trustworthy, much less her depth perception. Sktch sktch. Claws scratched the ground as small insects scattered from every corner of the cavern, scampering toward those who'd crossed the threshold of their territory. It was at that moment Lilith noticed all the chewed and broken bones laying on the floor of the cave, reminiscent of all those who'd tried and failed to grab the stone since it'd been lost to time. Or, as it looked, not so lost as forgotten since everyone who knew about it and went for it, died. Painfully by the look of it. Clenching her jaw, Lilith ignored the tiny creatures and the dozens of painful pinches of little teeth biting into her legs. Stomach. Arms. She ignored them, though momentarily curious at how they moved so fast under such pressure.
  17. Ataraxy

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    🤔 Friggin necromancers man . . . 😅
  18. 100% lol im fucking hot
  19. Same man #wtf-imma-girl?
  20. Le roi est mort, vive la reine

    1. Alexei



    2. Csl


      Thanks fam. You may now return to being dead.

  21. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    @Deus Ex AizenAizen @Red the Ambivalent You guys caught up with the 100? E4 of this season just mind fucked me LMFAO
  22. "rehabilitation" like Winter soldier style?
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