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  1. Thread Canonized: Rath Lux - Quests: Principium @Tyros @Shal @Myrinda
  2. Thread Canonized: Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law
  3. Love the username lmfao

  4. First off, "morning glory" LOOOOOL Second, I'm running back to Val as fast as I can. My new job is pretty long hours so I'm trying to get in the rhythm of stuff before fully jumping back in. I have, like, 2 threads to post in and then I'm back to this one ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Ataraxy

    [GS] Gemini

    "Oh my, forgive my manners," Delphina said, laughing softly, "I am Delphina Chanaril. Aedos is my younger brother." She smiled as Lumina no doubt processed the information and stood to give an order toward one of the House slaves to go check on Aedos' progress. Delphina would have to step in at a later time for the more strenuous surgery but she'd just get in the way of the prep. "It's my pleasure to give you at least this much. After all, when the Duke was in one of his harshest struggles, you were by his side all the way it seems. Without your help it's hard to say that the body count would have stayed so low. It may have even included Aedos." As the slave came back with Aedos' condition, Delphina gave a quick nod and dismissed him. She frowned a bit before glancing back to Lumina, her expression flickering almost instantly back into a light smile. Nobility to the core. "I think it will be good to have you around Aedos. Try to get him to relax a bit." Although just a suggestion, her words lightened the mood with its easy implication of Aedos no doubt surviving. If one couldn't hope optimistically, then the world truly was a dark place. "I have to head over to him right now and start his surgery, but feel free to wander around and get used to the airship. We'll be arriving at the Chanaril Mansion in a few hours; once we get there we can of course sort out the logistics and decide on how to best fit you into the House."
  6. I added the answer to the main thread, but pretty much to start you just have to either (1) choose a quest from the Reno Quest Hub (linked in op) OR pitch a cool idea to me that has a Hero ring to it. The technology is max steampunk but on average is medieval. Read the link I provided to Tickle earlier for more information! It's surface gives a brief overview of the important aspects and provides links to more in-depth information. Go for it! It sure would! At the moment it's easily a B Class quest in terms of length, and might be A Class by the time it wraps up. I'm getting back into the funk of things though, so expect some movement on it soon ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. PSA: If your glasses fog up when you wear a mask, put your glasses on top of the mask.

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      Wash your glasses with soapy water!

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      This is becoming mandatory in Scotland to wear a mask from tomorrow.

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      Tenkai Matsumoto

      It's mandatory here to wear them inside stores, which is good because stores are one of the bigger places you can get it from due to aerosols.

  8. Sweet! This might help you get more familiar with Renovatio. I made a quick post to give new players all the links that Reno currently has (lots of lore to write and update), recent events, and just a quick overview of what it is.
  9. 1) I haven't posted my closing post yet nor have I started the new one, but it's effectively closed. 2) Acknowledged. I'm still planning on her being handled eventually, so nothing has changed there at this point in time.
  10. I will absolutely undeniably post to this. It's currently second on my list of things to do, so I should have a post by the end of this weekend at the very latest. I thought I'd have time today, but I just received like 2k pages of stuff to sort through so probably not haha
  11. Call for Heroes in a Land of Darkness I'm looking for 1-3 players who are interested in building up their characters into "Heroes" in the continent of Renovatio. These can be a group of heroes or individual heroes that do their own stuff, maybe occasionally work together. Also, to be clear, these Hero characters don't need to be "I can't kill because of my code" type of characters. They can be, but goody toe shoes characters are super hard to pull off without becoming stale so do so at the risk of your own interest lol In order to determine how far along your Hero character is getting, all the Heroes should be using the Renovatio Hall of Fame thread. This thread is an opportunity to pitch large scale events for lots of reputation points and to make a name for your character! Although it will still take work and effort to climb to the top of Renovatio, this thread is providing something of a short cut as I'll be giving much higher levels of reputation points than I will be after the Heroes are found. I can't promise my personal participation in these threads, but I'll do my best to make appearances or reference them in threads I'm already committed to. This is a chance to create a story focused on your character and to give them a path to the top. Give the dark lands of Renovatio some hope. They need it. Let me know if you're interested! Lilith is always looking for a nemesis >:) If I want to brush up on Renovatio Lore, where can I look? Follow the link below ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay so I want to be a Hero. Where do I start? You can either choose to do a Quest from the Renovatio Quest Hub OR you can pitch a cool idea to me! Potential Heroes:
  12. @supernal @Mickey Flash @Praetorian @Tyler @Metty @Hydrangeas
  13. Welcome, wary travelers, to the dark lands of Renovatio! Reno Calendar: The current year is 135 AC = 599 WTA. All new threads happen during the current year unless otherwise stated by the creator. What is Renovatio? Brief Summary of Renovatio Renovatio is a collection of floating islands that have congregated together. Over the years the layout of the islands have shifted and changed. The most recent splitting of Alterion and destruction of Elendaron has left Renovatio with bits and pieces of each. While part of the same continent, many of the islands are their own nation, sovereign to the ruling government of Nehalen. Watch out for that! Although a mixture of many different genres, Renovatio focuses on dark and high fantasy with medieval to steampunk levels of technology. Some islands and cities will be different, but most follow that technology restriction as an EMP type magic was unknowingly spread across the continent, causing all forms of electricity and advanced magitech to be rendered inert. Whether it's for combat, politicking, ambitious plots, or just slice of life, Renovatio can and will support your roleplay with open arms! Our only request is that you show your passion and dedication to the plots and characters by putting in effort and roleplaying to your heart's content! Any questions can be asked in our AMA (linked below) or you can send a PM to our trusty board leader @Aleksei. She's always very helpful! If she happens to be busy, you can always PM your question or concern to me as well. What's new in Renovatio? Newer information at the top; keep up with the latest in the Updates thread. - After the invasion of Lilith Reiter and the death of the Renovatio PRIMES, the Great Noble Houses of Renovatio's forgotten history are on the rise in Nehaen. - During a meeting between the La Guardia PRIME and the Avylon PRIME, assassins break in and kill both of them leaving blood, explosions, and zombies in their wake. - Under the command of Grand Kommadant Primera Cartyr, the Gods of Old Renovatio are killed and banished. - Lilith Reiter and her Cult of Power invade and takeover the Nehalen province of Nu Martyr. Most of the province is burnt and destroyed, rendering a once beautiful province not much more than ash and blood. Important Lore Links! Your one-stop-shop of Renovatio links to do some lore reading! Lore Article Links Renovatio Landing Article Nehalen The main and most powerful Island Nation in Renovatio. Nehalen Province, City, and/ or Landscape Lore Nu Martyr Nu Sicily Primera Capitol Avylon Avylon City (renaming tbd) La Guardia La Guardia City (renaming tbd) Oo'Xora Xora City Garden of Nede A new island summoned by the death of the Renovatio Gods. Grad Na Ang'eli A nation of Angels that descended to Renovatio in order to spread the word of the Creator. Kalopsia (TBD) Seinaru Forven The remains of Elendaron, Seinaru Forven stands as one of the last remaining areas of pure fantasy. Athentha A series of floating landmasses created in the sky, ruled by Princess Rinoa. Alterion A nation of three city states constantly in political turmoil, blending together dark science fantasy and horror. OOC Thread Links Detailed Historical Timeline Official Quest Hub Timeline and Canon Updates Hall of Recognition Ask Me Anything (AMA) Club Renovatio (TBD) Artifact and Relics
  14. Ataraxy

    Renovatio Map

    Nehalen+ Smaller Reno Nation Map Renovatio "World" Map @Csl Inkarnate actually made this really easy for me, so you don't need to push yourself or anything. If you have the time to make something more exact, feel free! The size ratios and placement are more or less correct in this map. Probably. I'll let Aleksei and Supernal make that decision. I think Athentha is technically a bit smaller but close enough tbh @supernal @Aleksei Let me know what you guys think. I have a cleaner version of the Reno world map if that's better for you guys; I just went with the darker feel. @Rin @Mickey Flash @paradigm
  15. Bippity Boppity Boop I've stuck my hand through a hoop and lost my finger in the belt loop.
  16. Sorry for the delay; in the next couple days I'll be getting around to all the request for canonization! In the meantime, I've updated the Renovatio Map to better portray the lore and cities currently in Nehalen. When I have more time, I'll be looking around to see about finding someone who can help me add the larger island nations like Seinaru Forven and Nede/ Grad na Ang'eli to the map as well. But, for now, enjoy the updated map! OR @Veloci-Rapture @Aleksei @Tyros
  17. Justin Trudeau says you shouldn't say Mankind because it's sexist. By that logic, I will henceforth always refer to Germany as Ger-people-ee. Also, happiness sounds like Ha-PENIS, so from now on you should only say Hagenitals.

    1. Maelstrom


      Thanks, this joke just made my day

    2. Vaudevillian


      ย Surely, it's the best choice for the entirety of the Huperson race. Our humility is what separates us from the rest of the Personmals, or what we once called Mammals before Non-Binary Parent Nature got woke.

    3. Ataraxy


      Ah @Vaudevillianย unfortunately you made a mistake there my friend. "Person" has "son" which implies the word is male orientated. So what you meant to say was actually Perchild or Perhupeople.

  18. Ataraxy

    Renovatio Map

    Awesome, I'll download it after I do some work. Or well first, is there anyway I could get that file? Or can only Aleksei have access as BL? I can just spam her to download it lol
  19. Ataraxy

    Renovatio Map

    You always come in the clutch haha Is there a program I'd need to access the file?
  20. Ataraxy

    Renovatio Map

    Does anyone have an image of Renovatio before all the cities (old lore) were added? We could really use an empty map. Also! If anyone is interested in creating a new map for Renovatio, @Aleksei and I would be super thrilled with that as well! Let me know here or in a PM! If you want some type of reward, we can discuss what that would be too ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. Lilith Reiter. To accumulate enough power that she can cut the link of thoughts between past, present, and future Marzanna thereby freeing herself from the innate shackles of her species. She's kind of like, maybe midway there if she succeeds at all.
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