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  1. 100% lol im fucking hot
  2. Same man #wtf-imma-girl?
  3. Le roi est mort, vive la reine

    1. Alexei



    2. Csl


      Thanks fam. You may now return to being dead.

  4. Ataraxy

    General chat thread

    @Deus Ex AizenAizen @Red the Ambivalent You guys caught up with the 100? E4 of this season just mind fucked me LMFAO
  5. "rehabilitation" like Winter soldier style?
  6. As many of you suspected, I've been hinting at some grand scale crazy roleplay before I leave Valucre and turn all my attention toward law school for the foreseeable future. However, at the urging and behest of the other people on Veluriyam management's team who were strongly against the direction I wanted to take or what I wanted to do in the thread, I've decided to not do it. On one hand it wouldn't be fair to them to leave Veluriyam in a position they don't like and on the other I'm not particularly interested in my last thread being an uphill battle against Dan and Csl. So we'll leave it at that, and I will leave with this fare well note. I wanted Endgame, but I guess we're skipping the theater lol While I'll do my utmost to continue posting in the Nu Martyr thread, Soul Stone thread, and the Space Stone thread, I can't make any promises that I'll be able to finish them. I'll try, but starting June 24th I will be starting Law School and most likely will have my hands full. But I'll try for a few posts per month. Depends how I hard it is, I suppose. In any case, I hope I'll be able to come back to Valucre one day. Perhaps after law school. In the time that I have been on Valucre I believe I've grown as a person and as a writer. It's been my friend when I had none and an outlet of imagination when that same imagination was stifled on the outside. Truly a home away from home. So with this, I officially and permanently withdraw from being Veluriyam Empire's primary board leader and pass on that title to @Csl with @supernal's permission. Some small notes: May 18, 597: Emperor Titus Demetrius falls ill to a deadly angel virus May 19, 597: 12 hours after contracting the virus, Titus passes away, ending the agony. May 19, 597: Teresa Demetrius contracts the same virus but then mysteriously vanishes before the Imperial doctors could help her. In the upcoming days my pinned posts will be removed and replaced with Csl's so that she can edit them at will. In the meantime I'll be locking all the one's currently mine, though Csl can unlock them if she wants to keep it for the time being. All further canonization will also be done by her, so no need to tag me in the PM's anymore. And so, farewell Veluriyam and sort of farewell Valucre. Hopefully I'll catch you guys in Nu Martyr. Ciao bella /End of era
  7. Thread Canonized: Importing The Future [Karradeen Land Expansion] +5sq miles for House Karradeen
  8. Thread Canonized: With Fire And Steel [quest]
  9. Thread Canonized: More Lands till Sheathe Happens +5 sq miles for House Sheathe
  10. Thread Canonized: Expanding the Holly Land (Sheathe Land Expansion 2) +5 sq miles for House Sheathe
  11. Thread Canonized: Holly's sky is full of Sheathes
  12. Thread Canonized: Expand or Die [Port Mars Expansion Thread Part 3] + 5sq miles for House Uldwar
  13. Thread Canonized: There's Oil in these Jungles!
  14. Thread Canonized: Singlance House Party
  15. Thread Canonized: Surveyed Up The River (House Singlance Land Expansion)
  16. Thread Canonized: Constructing the House Singlance Manor
  17. Thread Canonized: A long way down
  18. Thread Canonized: Return to Illhelm Castle
  19. Thread Canonized: a superficial matter
  20. The title reminds me so much of high school musical lmao It's the start, of something new!
  21. My Counselor did the same thing but I complained and argued until the waived the final credits and let me graduate lol
  22. 1. Get my own board and make it one of, if not the, most powerful independent nation in Terrenus. ☑️ 2. Have one of my characters be internationally notorious.☑️ 3. Have a character widely acknowledged as canonically one of the most powerful on Valucre. ☑️ 4. Have both my antagonist and protagonist groups be active and admired (of envied, that's always fun too). ☑️ 5. Tear everything down and start over fresh, follow a different path this time. Tbd
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