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  1. "See we've all got somethin' that we've trapped inside
    That we try to suffocate you know hoping it dies
    Try to hold it under water
    But it always survives
    Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise
    Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies
    You don't relate to that, must not be as crazy I am

    The point I'm makin is the mind is a powerful place
    And what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way
    It's pretty cool right? Yeah, but it's not always safe
    Just hang with me this will only take a moment okay

    Just think about it for a second if you look at your face
    Every day when you get up and think you'll never be great
    You'll never be great
    Not because you're not but the hate
    Will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith."

  2. For a roaring 20s setting in Chicago, I'd say that main areas needed to really get a taste of what it was like back then are, in proper order, of the top of my tongue: 1) Jazz club for all the swing dancers out there. No one dances like the gals and pals in the 1920s. Sometimes the clubs would even extend into the streets and hold up what little traffic there was! Can combine with Lounges since during prohibition those tends to be "in the back" kinda places 2) The Mob Restaurant where the area's reigning power does all it's deals in the backroom with popular public figures eating in the main area. Also a major source of money laundering! 3) Underground Alcohol Seller -> pretty linked with the restaurant deal but normally both wouldn't be in the same place (minus a few bottles probably). This place would be small and hard to find, but in an area where having a cellar is possible 4) the Mob Hotel, a place where mobsters can set up rooms without windows to do their lil' business deals. Al Capone did a bunch of dealings at Blackstone Hotel. Kinda cool 5) The Red Light District (though maybe skip this cause of our graphic rules) 6) Athletic Clubs cause what's a rigged fight but thousands of dollars? But mainly the jazz club and well-known secret mob restaurant tbh
  3. The roaring 20s! Elliot Ness > Al Copone The Untouchables was ? I think maybe a bit more information as to the city's layout could be handy. Doesn't have to be super detailed, but a lightly mapped out idea is always nice to have. Maybe notable places?
  4. For all you guys wondering where I am: I really, really, really wanted to do this and I still intend to. However, let me tell you something about the course work load in law school from my experience so far. You know the metaphor where people go "if you want someone to learn how to swim. you gotta push them into the pool and let them figure it out," right? Well hohohoho change the pool to a moving train and instead of pushing into the pool you're pushing the person off an overhead onto the train. And everyday you're then pushed off that train onto another train. Still moving. So I'm trying. I'm really really really trying cause I want to start this but I'm gonna have to ask you guys be a bit patient (as you have been). I am utterly swamped with a bunch of new information and study from the moment i finish class to like 2am. Hopefully I'll get a hold of the hw and be able to complete it with better quality at a faster rate. I'm hoping I have time this weekend since Monday is Labor Day, but I already have a diagnostic exam to do by Monday night so idk lmao ? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ☹️ ... ? ... ? ... ?
  5. This workload is fucking nuts

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      Hang in there, I believe in you!

  6. Lmfao I know i know lol gonna have it up tomorrow
  7. Work while they Party; Live like they Dream.

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  8. Just in the Reno parent board, yeah. We may or may not get a board for Nede, so for now just the parent board. If a sub-board is offered to me for Nede, we'll just transfer the threads over afterwards
  9. Just fyi, Section 2 is still open for anyone interested. Also, just a heads up, but each section is in charge of creating and going through it's own threads. This isn't one big thread, it's a new "area." So in that same breath, I'd like for each thread to start by the end of the week. I'll have mine up sometime soon, though probably not until Friday. I'll try, but damn lol, more homework than i thought.
  10. As she passed through the wormhole, a mixture of both pure light and pure darkness, there was something akin to a strong suction that pressed down hard on Lilith. It was as if she were trying to walk through a wall, so strong was the suction pushing her away from the wormhole. Then, with a large pop that broke every bone in Lilith's legs, she was thrown into the wormhole with ancient strength. The hole snapped shut, effectively locking Lilith in wherever she was. Even with her healing capabilities, the result wasn't instant, so the force chucked Lilith into the side wall where her body thumped against it before slumping to the ground. Ribs broken. Legs broken. Clavicle probably splintered. The black blood spilling into her still lips told Lilith her nose was probably broken as well. It would take a minute or two for her body to get back into fighting shape. Unfortunately, time wasn't on her side as multiple ghost-looking creatures steadily pawed their way toward her.
  11. If you're the only candidate for a tower, you'll get it either way. The dice system is mainly to make the thread more fun and challenging, but it's really there for when people are fighting over a Tower. Not claiming one from an NPC lol So don't worry about it too much. If it's really unfun for you, you can just freeform it so long as the battles and triumphs are believable. I'm not overly picky since you're section is going uncontested lol
  12. Mercury stood by Cerin, watching the necromancer do her thing. Part of the young vampire wanted to go help the Commander but a larger part knew that staying with Cerin was probably a better idea. Not because Cerin necessarily needed her help, but because whatever the trial the Commander had to go through in the cave was well behind her. Probably. Maybe. When Cerin lifted her skirt and walked into the water, Mercury laughed. Her clothes were alright soaked from falling into the water earlier, so she stripped down to the bare necessities and jumped into the water after Cerin. Pinching her nose out of habit from when she was human, Mercury dove head first into the deeper parts of water, making sure to purposefully splash the necromancer a little. There wasn't a a reason behind it. It was funny. Moving her arms in a fashion she was pretty sure was how they were supposed to move under water, Mercury gurgled incoherent words as she swam in the direction of a large fish. Shark? Aq... aquatiac? Aquatic? Yeah, aquatic fish thing.
  13. Okay, so after going through a variety of available combat systems on Valucre, I've settled on the Terrenus Dice System (TDS) as being the best suited for Nede. It takes a little bit of reading, but since it as three different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), you can adjust the rules to your preference. For the moment, this is what we'll be using for all threads taking over a Tower. Threads with one 1 Demon Lord Candidate: During your campaign to take over the Demon Tower, you need to defeat three Low Tier beings (grunts), one High Tier (demon second), and one Mega Tier (Demon Lord). You can roll for the Demons yourself. Since you have a minimum of 30 posts to do, that seems highly doable lol Threads with 2 or more Demon Lord Candidates: During your campaign to take over the Demon Tower, you must defeat the other Candidate(s), one High Tier (Demon Second), and one Mega Tier (Demon Lord). You can assign someone to roll for the Demons or have a third party do it. It's up to you. 30 post minimum, so doable unless you get super shitty rolls the entire time. If you hit 30 posts and haven't managed to defeat all the enemies, you can kill of the Demon Second early. Working together to beat the Demon Lord and then fighting each other is also allowed. Artifact/ Relic Rules: Most rules in Valucre don't include this, but since I was the one essentially driving the Valucre community to value artifacts and relics more, I like to put in this rule because it's incredibly important to the Valucre narrative imho If you're interested in getting an artifact/ relic because you don't have one: Terrenus Artifacts, Genesaris Artifacts/ Relic, Renovatio Relics These are the standard Artifact Rules that spread throughout Valucre. The important part that we'll be taking for this ruleset for our Demon Tower Campaigns and so on, is the artifact ranking system. The listed benefits do not stack. Class B -> Class A -> Class S Class B Artifact: You can either A) Inflict an additional 0.25 damage or B) Defend against 0.25 damage. Available every turn. Class A Artifact: You can either A) Inflict an additional 0.5 damage or B) Defend against 0.5 damage. Available every turn. Class S Artifact: You can either A) Inflict an additional 0.5 damage or B) Defend against 0.5 damage. Available every turn. +1 HP from the start. Multiple Artifact Rules: (Falling into these categories does not mean you lose the single effects above) 1) If your character has 1 artifact: Follow the rules listed above depending on the strength of you artifact/ relic. 2) If your character has 2 artifacts: Your character is classified as High Tier. 3) If your character has 3 artifacts: Your character is classified as Nova Tier. Important Note: Because RNG relies on your ability to roll, the more people you get to join you, the easier it will be. If you really want to do it solo, I can let you roll 2 times per turn. Let me know if you have any questions! I just dropped a bunch of stuff so lol
  14. Just as an update, I believe this is where we are right now! @Vilhardt just read your character sheet 100% dope. Let me know if you want to elaborate a bit on the City of Abaddon. I can add it to the main lore article or you can make it its own article ?
  15. lol no worries! The Demon Lord moniker doesn't have to have a literal demon. You can be anywhere from hitler, to mother teresa, to some rando off the street. The title is Demon Lord because you are the Lord of the Demon Tower, but that's too long to say lol Also, fun fact you may have read in the lore article, the person who owns the Demon Tower is given almost infinite power over the land. Meaning that you can shape the land and control it however they'd like. It also allows you to draw hella power from the leylines and crystals at Nede's center. So the current Demon Lords are ridiculously strong for us to overthrow. Should be fun haha
  16. Additional Note: you can breach this limit a bit if you have artifacts/ relics, but those you have to get from other places lol
  17. With Infernal gone, section 2 has no Demon Candidates. If Kaane leave Section 2, it will have no Demon Seconds either. You can always have them be NPCs as necessary. So, Valucre follows a mild powers rule that we can't break. However, Nede jumps to the very limits of Mild Powers. What this means is that your absolute strongest, most powerful attack, should have the power to destroy a skyscraper
  18. En is the name of a character, but the owner pulled out in an edit that I just saw now. I'll be replacing it with @Vilhardt character in a little bit. You can sign up to be a candidate in any section you desire. The more candidates though, the more people you have to "beat" to get the tower. As of this morning, Section 2 has 0 candidates though, so you may want to think about jumping on that lol
  19. Also, I'm thinking about changing Demon Second to Demon Noble. What do you guys think?
  20. Heya! So as it currently looks, Infernal just pulled out last second, so his section currently has no candidates. You could definitely sign up to be a candidate for his section and, if no one contests, well, you go uncontested lol And as for the development team, sure! I'm open to it, but let's see if you stick around for a bit first lol gotta show some a bit of consistency in Nede first ya feel? I look forward to seeing what you can do!
  21. Rng lol Nope, technology is gucci wherever you go. And you could bring the whole thing there, but these demon Lord's have been around forever, so it's reasonable to believe they'd have a necessary defense up in case other demon Lords try to attack them. Going guns blazing with what has the power of a canon weapon is probably not the best idea lol since remember the tower is currently occupied by an NPC demon lord with power akin to a top level raid boss. So you could probably try to prevent people from traveling to Reno from there, but setting up a perimeter would spark the ire of all the current demon Lords lol
  22. Awesome sauce! So, today is the day to start our adventure into the newly discovered Nede! Section 1 and Section 2 (claimed by @danzilla3 and @Infernal) were not challenged, so you guys just need a minimum two page thread each depicting your character/ group arriving into your section and taking it over. Keep in mind that this should be very hard, and very dangerous regardless of character strength. I won't canonize roflstomping. You're taking out a Demon Lord that has ruled for millions of years and is in charge of the Tower which grants crazy abilities in Nede. Remember that if u have a character die in a Nede Dungeon they are just thrown off the island and banished. If you die outside a dungeon, u actually die. Section 3 and 4 both have 2 people going for it. We'll be following a varient of one of @supernal's rnf systems. I'll post it in an hour or so.
  23. If I could get a little something something for Nede, that'd be dope. Something like "Garden of Nede: Race to the Demon Towers"
  24. Not necessarily. The Cult's mark acts as a canon weapon, meaning that it gives the character an edge. However, like canon items, the more you use it, the more powerful it can get. Think about it like this: there's a locked door in front of you. By taking Lilith's mark, you are essentially getting that key. You open the door and find, idk, an ancient weapon. The weapon makes you more powerful, but you don't necessarily know how to use it. If that makes sense. Just because you can throw a perfect punch or kick doesn't mean you can use it effectively or in concert with other moves. You can start if you'd like! There's still one day left for someone to jump in, but you're free to kick start the thread. The requirement to become the ruler of the section or the second, is 1 page to establish your existence and at least 1 page of "taking over" however you wish to do that. Section 3 will be a bit different since 2 of us are vying for the Tower. I'll post about that tomorrow ? Also feel free to use this as an OOC or create your own. Important Note: Because Nede does not have a board (yet) I'll be posting all the lore stuff in the Renovatio Roleplay Information board. That includes canonized threads, artifacts (eventually), bestiary, etc will all be there. I figure since no one is really using it, it's just a free area for me to keep track of my stuff separate from everything else lol (lemme know if you can't find that board for whatever reason and I'll link).
  25. Haha we'll work something out so the numbers aren't too one sided. Not overly worried about that messing with the competitive spirit of the game lol Once the entry closes for these initial opportunities, I'll post the PvP rules and we can set up a thread where we both walk out with something gucci
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