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  1. A friendly duel: LordYalet vs Al Sa-her

    Judging by Kelnor's appearance, Jinsoku would assume him to be a man in his late twenties to early thirties, though his attitude and personality struck Jinsoku as a bit immature for his outward appearance, something to be expected out of someone closer to Jinsoku in the early twenties. Despite this he wasn't too frustrated over being called boy for reasons obvious. As he took a healthy swig of his mug, Kelnor delivered upon him a tidbit of philosophy. This brought a smile to his face as he set the mug down once more. "A wise man indeed. It sounds like something my Master would say." He drew a blank on how to navigate the conversation from here, though the silence lasted just long enough for Kelnor to have finished taking a drink for himself. He went to work explaining to Jinsoku more about the situation, both directly relevant as well as touching on the bigger picture. He couldn't agree more about his views on the so called men that were here moments ago. Though he would note that the generally silly, loose, light personality was being accented with opinion of self doubt. Perhaps it wasn't actually self doubt so much as it was simple self criticism. One was their own worst critique. Then again, it was entirely possible that he was just an eccentric soul. One that showed the illusion of being incapable or only so capable, when in fact they knew they were much more so than they let on. "I know what you mean. I use to think like that, but then somewhere along the way that changed. I don't think I've specifically had the pleasure of fighting a vampire come to think of it..." He though hard about it as he took another sip from his mug. Unless he had fought one without knowing, he literally had never fought a vampire. Dare he say he had never seen one up close either? He had fought demons however, in which according to his studies with Master James, technically vampires were just another type of demon. His thoughts escaped him as Kelnor finished his drink and stood, signaling for Jinsoku to accompany him. Easily he would rise from his seat with his mug in tow. He would tilt his head up as he turned the mug, gladly chugging the last half of it's contents before discarding the empty mug on the table. Pulling out a small bag, Jinsoku would open it, only to shut it once more after producing a bit of coin from it. Placing the gold coins on the table as a generous tip to the owner, he pocketed his cash and began to follow after Kelnor. As he listened to to the man speak more, he couldn't help but allow another smile to grace his face. Perhaps they had more in common than Kelnor thought. Despite his experience, he was still young in his career. His apprenticeship hadn't even reached the five year mark yet. However, what was amusing was the part about wandering. Granted he was certain the man didn't do as much as Jinsoku, it seemed he shared the habit of walking practically everywhere. It didn't matter why, it just mattered than it was something in common. His smile waned for a moment before refreshing as the man seemed to be privy to a spar. This was something that fueled the competitive flame in the ex-amateur fighter's heart. Jinsoku might have chilled out requesting spars with people so often, but he rarely ever turned a challenge down. "Let's check it out. I'm always up for new experience. Besides, I still have much of the world and it's warriors to see before the Order of Force establishes is presence here. Not to mention I'm a hands on learner." @LordYalet
  2. I will be posting a fresh OOC with updates soon. Also keep your eyes peeled for interest checks relevant to our budding empire.
  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    "..." The Heika's face would fight any growing urge of emotion and draw blanks on the new comer, apparently Raven's escort for the evening. He feigned his existence and attempted to appeal to Koji directly, though he was sorely mistaken to assume that Koji was the sort to compromise his own pride or integrity simply to seem friendly. While he was here to make friends, this man was not one of them. To Koji he simply held no value. As the man offered his hand to him, Koji failed to even look at it, let alone grasp it for a firm shake. His half lidded scarlet eyes simply stared at the man's face for a prolonged, awkward moment before Raven stole the spotlight once more. It would be needless to say that he did not see what was coming, her reaction to his own words, though it came at no surprise. As most, her mind was unable to wrap around the truth and embrace it. He work was not in vein, but it only partially served purpose. She might have united and saved some people, and yet his ambitions appealed to ALL. The assumed jab at her courtesan was also likely misunderstood. The gift itself had no lost value, rather the value was squandered upon him and his dynasty. As per their choice in effect, the Harem was only to be composed of seven lucky women. This one would make eight, meaning that unless one of his concubines perished, there was simply no real space for the woman in his care. even if there was space, there was easily no way she would fit in, as their usual way of selection was first by choice, followed by trial. Raven however would intentionally attempt to get under his skin by insulting him. First she took a shot at down talking his budding empire. Not only did she insult it indirectly, but she even felt the need to mock it directly. Not once had he boasted about the size or status of his Empire other than it was being composed. Not like he even needed a physical empire when his goals were so much more important. The material possessions being produced in his honor were more of a desire from Kimi's stand point, in which he was lucky his Empress wasn't here now to hear this insolent bitch bark with no regard. What was even more interesting was the fact that even though she admitted that they were not on a map, she had some how managed to hear enough about them through the grapevine, or watched them closely enough to know what his nation would most likely be called. It pleased him that even without proper documentation, his growing presence was already noted. The biggest insult to him however was not even the false claim of him having transgressed in any manner against their host, but the fact that she thought she could so easily kill him. The fact that she even had the gull to directly threaten him. Finally, as she winked and walked away before he could respond to her, his solemn face cracked. A smile smeared across his lips as his scarlet eyes watched her walk away, albeit no longer simply half lidded. His vivid eyes were sharp and narrowed, his draconic slits dilating as he contained himself. If only looks could kill. "Fortunately there seems to be a rather deep misunderstanding. Usually I wouldn't tolerate such insolence, though I pity her condition. " He mentioned as his eyes finally shifted to look Sebastian in the face. A snicker crept out of him as he found some sort of comedy in his cousin's mother's choice of a man sharing the same name as her son. She had definitely gotten him to understand and agree that he would need to brush up on his political aptitude in order to sell himself better to the masses, but in the long run he knew it was such a waste that he dreaded doing it in the first place. Politics was but one sub-genre under the umbrella he so wished to destroy. "When you return to your Queen's company, inform her of my apologies. Let her know that she should be expecting a visit from me sooner rather than later." While he was serious, his mind was already wandering with what to actually do about her. Considering he had her son under his wing, it would be wise to keep her close. Certainly she couldn't be trusted in the slightest, but he was powerless to kill her unless he truly wished to bring bigger problems his way. It wasn't that he feared his cousin, he could easily kill him as well. It was Raven's baby daddy he feared most of the Pendragon's, King Orphen himself. In time he could deal with his father without worry. Perhaps he could even dispatch him now with some minor injuries, but he served no threats what so ever. Looking to his beautiful Celine, he would signal to her that he agreed with her notion of continuing with why they came here in the first place. Finally they would be headed not long after Raven towards their esteemed hosts. The sooner they paid homage to the newlyweds, the sooner they could return home and continue building their Empire. He wouldn't say a word out loud as he remained in thought. Perhaps his mind would be relieved by the time they managed to meet and engage their hosts directly. @Aleksei @Deus Ex Aizen @The Hound
  4. A friendly duel: LordYalet vs Al Sa-her

    While it was unclear what provoked the want for the morons to flee, Jinsoku was certain he would have no more words. The look in his eye spoke much louder. His cold smoldering gaze burning holes through the disgraceful men as they rounded up their heap of a partner and got out fast. It was a great that they failed to get away, however the solution was temporary. It was only a matter of time before they would be let off the hook to do more dastardly deeds. They even managed to deliver a verbal threat, solidifying why Jinsoku was certain he wouldn't say or do a thing just a brief moment ago. Now instead of petty extortion, threats on lives had been passed. The realization was heavy enough to keep him staring at the door where he last saw the three men. Finally his eyes slid just and his head lowered ever so slightly, only to shake slowly a few times as he took a deep breath, sighing in mild frustration. "..." Suddenly the man he had just helped would break the silence. Lifting his head and opening his eyes with a lighter mood, the Raiju within had calmed once more as well. It's growl dwindled into a hum as it's cheek rolled shut once more, concealing it's fangs. His almond shaped charcoal eyes shifted as he turned his head just a bit to look at whom was speaking to him. He enlightened Jinsoku of some resourceful information. The men they saw were of an organized crime ring, one notorious enough to warrant matching uniforms. 'Who the hell do they think they are? Team Rocket?' He thought to himself with a bit of comic relief, though he failed to show outward expression of his little mental joke. An explanation turned to words of thanks and an offer for a free drink. He parted his lips to speak, though the innkeeper managed to beat him to the punch. Despite Kelnor's obvious assumption of his age, he was willing to not only drink with Jinsoku, but to even attempt offering him booze. At least he had already proven his worthiness to drink with some identification with the man of the bar. "Many thanks!" He mentioned with a bow of respect to each of the men before him, continuing as he stood erect once more. "I am Jinsoku Hayabusa, Second to Master Knight James Eredas of the Order of Force Majeure. My friends just call me Jin." By the time he finished introducing himself, Kelnor found himself a comfy seat to enjoy his drink in. Naturally he continued conversation with Jinsoku, moving to the question of why the man held no fear in him when standing up to multiple men bigger than him. Jinsoku reluctantly smiled as he would retrieve his own drink from the bar and move to join his new associate. "It's not that I wasn't afraid, I simply refuse to be crippled by fear. It's a promise I made to myself a long while back, just before becoming a Slayer's Apprentice. Over the past few years I guess you could more accurately say I am simply aware. While I train to hunt and kill monsters, I have learned first hand just how terrible of monster man can be as well. While the truly monstrous men are far and few, my experience in dealing with monsters has numbed me to the likes of lowly hoodlums." Outwardly he seemed confident, though inside he was truly standing on the line that danced between control and chaos. Having endured some of the things he had, PTSD had become a term that he was growing to know intimately. The terrors engraved in his mind proved a heavy burden to him, one that he did not expect to harbor when he asked to be trained by his very capable and clearly unhinged Master. Each day that he walked in James' shoes, James' image became clearer and clearer to Jin. He had been learning the hard way that not all monsters were bad, and that some people were the worst kinds of monsters. Still, his freshest mental scar was the terror of Whispernight. He could remember it all clearly as he sat here, as if it were yesterday. The thickness of the air, the way it clung to the body as it slowly worked to suffocate it. The weeping, the screaming, the gnashing of teeth. The aroma of blood immense within the darkened stratosphere....All of what he had endure from nearly a month. He had lost everything. His armor, his weapon, himself. No matter how much philosophy had been drilled into his mind, it hadn't been enough to spare him pain and suffering. He wasn't sure which part he hated worst. The part where he was broken as a man, or the part where he failed to save so many people that he watched die. With him standing and breathing here and now today no worse for ware. "What's your excuse anyway? I wasn't certain you even needed my help directly. If you did actually need some back up, then all I can say is you have one hell of a poker face." @LordYalet
  5. A friendly duel: LordYalet vs Al Sa-her

    It was but another normal day in Hell's Gate. In fact it was his last day in town. Having bounced back completely from the terrors of Whispernight, the Slayer's Apprentice had returned to his norm of travelling while doing a little free lancing along the way. He wasn't a for hire by any means, more of a pay it forward mercenary. So long as he aligned beneath the banner of the Order of Force Majeure, this would be his life's work. The Order paid him well enough for him to not have to charge fees to assist. Besides, he was almost never asked to step in, he merely chose to do so when he deemed such necessary. Much like the situation that was beginning to unfold a mere few stools away from where he sat. A few guy's of some moderately impressive physiques came in looking to hustle the bar keep it seemed. Usually he would mind his own business in cases as mundane as this. Besides, what would the bar keep do after he had been saved by Jinsoku, only for him to leave town. These thugs would eventually find their way back, and likely with higher demand to compensate for their losses if there were any. But today was special. Today, there was some dude that just decided it was in his nature to do what Jinsoku would intelligently avoid. Once one of the goons began to approach the hero, Jinsoku would come to stand from his stool as he finished the frothy mug in his hand. Setting the mug down, would finally allow any looking a direct good look at him. Standing at all of 5'6" and weighing about a buck fifty, the young man of orient decent looked just that. Young. His lack of ability to grow facial hair was the largest detriment to his stature. A man well into his early twenties that seemed to maintain the look of a boy about 16, maybe 17 years old. His striking eyes held experience within them however, their dark charcoal iris' focused on the site of two men now approaching the one dude that was practically just defending himself. "I'll give you guys 10 seconds to pick up your friend and excuse yourselves from this establishment." He warranted as his pulled his sleeves up on his track suit jacket, exposing the fresh wraps that bound each respective fist from his knuckles to about the elbows. Closing said fists as his arms still naturally hung to his sides, his eyes narrowed on the two men that were obviously bigger and uglier than him. Fortunately for these men, Jinsoku only carried one weapon today. Hell, even more fortunate for them that he was certain he wouldn't need it nor the snarling Raiju within him. If one could see the spirit within him, they would see a wolf of lightning. Its ears pointed upon a lowered head, a constant rumbling growl akin to thunder. It's snout rolled back to expose the gnashing jowls of the beast as it steady just as ready as its host. Neither of them held tolerance for the scum of the world. Of any world considering they had barely been around this world for a little of a year now. His one unseen weapon would hopefully remain such as he began to approach the two standing men as he would advise them of how much time they had left to decide. "You've got 6 seconds left...4, 3, 2..." @LordYalet
  6. [Closed] Looking for a sparring partner

    I just felt like it had to be said. In my long time of rp, I've encountered many people that feigned being a good writer by writing a bunch of extravagant bullshit. So much so that it was even easy to lose sight of the actual purpose of the post. You had to read six paragraphs just to find out only one or two of them served actual relevance to the play. Forgive me for being cautious. ^.^;
  7. [Closed] Looking for a sparring partner

    I'm not gonna lie, I don't count my words when I write. But I'm privy to paragraphs by necessity. Could be one paragraph replies, could be five. It just depends. Writing outside of necessity brings down value after all. Quality > Quantity amirite? If you accept me, I think I'll roll with my character Jinsoku linked in my signature.
  8. [Closed] Looking for a sparring partner

    I can give you these hands. I always need more practice. Not all of my profiles are it's, but I'm fine working with what I got. I wonder which character is most compatible.
  9. [ Himmelsfestung ] What Lies Beneath [ Test Quest ]

    "The worst possibility is always death. I don't care how tough you think you are lady, if you can bleed you can die." He refrained from sounding condescending, he stated it in a more nonchalant/matter of fact kind of way. Vera chimed in shortly after with her concerns. While Jin was not aware of specific stories relevant to, he knew that the King they were helping the Commander overthrow was a monster. The sort that he had been so eagerly trained to dispatch. While the work of him personally must be left to the Commander herself, Jinsoku had a job that was just important. To clean out that fuckers basement. Breaching the no return point, Jinsoku remained weary though he felt just fine and there was no obvious sign of magic at work just yet. Vera asked aloud which way they would go, but ultimately, Jinsoku would remain standing at the fork in which he would address his companions once more. "The good thing is that as a labyrinth, it should only have one true path to the finish. So unless there's illusion magic at work, or the labyrinth is able to change shape, the correct path is inevitable...Judging by my best guess, I think we should go left." Why left? Straight was probably the most widely accepted choice for travel. Right being a close runner up. But left? Left was definitely the least likely to be chosen as the correct path, which triggered something in Jin's philosophical thoughts randomly, encouraging the presumed less traveled path. "Any objections?" @Metty @Deus Ex Aizen
  10. Shin Sojobo

    Roleplay character name: Shin Sojobo Nicknames: Daimao Age: 472 (Human Years) Race: Daitengu Gender: Male Height: 6'8" (40" Reach) Weight: 217 lbs Hair Style: Fade w/ part Hair Color: Blond Eye Shape: Almond Eye Color: Completely red Personality: Malevolent, vengeful Other: Physical Specs. :: (( Benching [ 300lbs ], Lifting off the ground [ 600lbs ], Overhead lifting [ 200lbs ], and Striking [ 1000psi ] )), Speed (( Running [ 27mph ], Climbing [ 12mph ], Swimming [ 6mph ] )), Agility (( Jump Distance [ 20ft ], Jump Height [ 10ft ] ))
  11. Xartia Raye Pendragon (Revised)

    Abilities Aether (Dark Aether): This is a classical Element discovered to exist in all things unlike ki/chi/qi that only exists within living things. This element may be used in it's rawest state as is, or it may be used as a Tribute, converting it into another element prior to using it. Upon contact aether is known to be incredibly destructive in nature. One translation of the term is 'to incinerate'. (As a result of a very bizarre power clash between the Pendragon twins, the two men have accidentally created a new existence as a whole. This includes the birth of the perfect element for both creation and destruction alike. A conduit of pre-creation. Dark Matter and Aether have become one in this incredible, accidental, creation. The Dark Aether. Or as Xartia prefers to call it, The Black Aether.) Qi Manipulation (Dharma|Adharma): Dharma is the art of manipulating nature, life energy. Adharma respectively is the opposite, permitting the manipulation of anti-nature, death, or negative energy. Specific to Xartia, his Qi color happens to match his eye color. Emerald Green. This energy may be applied to himself for internal use, temporarily modifying the peak performance of his physique. This energy may also be projected in the form of blasts, beams, waves, barriers, and constructs. Necromancy: The user's magical abilities revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and/or souls for good (i.e., resurrecting the dead), evil (in various ways) or neither. Users can also use communicate with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. Many practitioners find a way to cheat death one way or another, whether by becoming some form of undead creature or by bypassing their own ability to die. (Cost varies with the variety of tasks that can be done. Note some sub abilities of this particular skillset as well as others may be listed separately.) Possessing: Users may take the body of another, by stealing their motor functions and senses. Users may or may not have to leave their own body for this to take place. Disembodied users such as spirits may use the body as their own. (This ability is not intended for use to possess one's Original Character, not in a combat situation.)Exorcism: The user is able to forcibly remove possessing entities (ghosts, demons, etc.) from the body of one they may be controlling. Cost varies dependent on target being exercised. Target host must roll a 10 sided dice to see if exorcism is successful or not. 1-5 meaning it failed, 6-10 it worked. Odd number means the target host dies as a result, Even number means they survived.Spirit Walking: This is practically reverse possessing. The user may fuse with the spirit/essence of a spirit or one's soul. Temporarily they may take on knowledge and properties of the spirit they fuse with. The damage taken including death is all dealt to the soul/spirit. When defeated or killed, the spirit at hand explodes into ectoplasma-vapor and simply disintegrates into nothingness. The user's physical form retains it's status prior to the fushion. (Cost 5 charges + 1 Converted Soul* Materia to execute.) Skin Walking: The user is able to make use of the remains of living creatures, usually the skin or pelt of the creature, in order to mimic any one creature's species at a time. (Cost 5 charges + 1 Pelt to execute.) Summoning: The user psychically transports the person, creature, or object of choice by means of teleportation. This may also result from a previous summoning contract, which creates a connection between the summon and summoner. High level users may not be bound by restrictions such as a contract, and can summon anything they want, including powerful beings or "familiar spirits" and often require strong mystic connections to where these entities reside. Users can call upon fairies, angels, demons, or animal spirits, just to name a few. The summoning can backfire, however, leading to any number of misfortunes, such as the summoned person, creature, or item causing harm to the summoner. (Cost varies dependent on the desired object.)Banishment: The user can physically remove anyone or anything from a specific place, or that they specifically summoned so long as they haven't lost control over said summons ability to gain a free will. (Cost varies dependent on the desired object.) Astral Projection: User can separate their spirit from the body by entering a trance, gaining access of travel on Astral Plane. Experienced individuals may control both presences, the Astral and Corporeal. May allow some users to more easily possess others, but may battle over conscious. User can whisper into the ears of the target and make the target believe the whispers they hear are their own thoughts. Teleportation/World Jumping: The user can move somewhere without physically traveling: user thinks of a destination and can appear there at will. User’s molecules may travel at light-speed or may be realigned mentally at target destination, or may use quantum superposition, in which the user teleports by replacing and restocking energy in a spatial behavior. While teleportation may seem like simply for travel, it can actually be a valuable ability, as it can be used offensively (and quite powerful, as a spatial attack), while offering superiority in terms of movement speed and distance coverage, and a skilled strategist/tactician can use it for many innovative manners. This ability comes full swing into world jumping. (Cost 3 charges + 1 Materia -or- Nothing for use outside of combat. When world jumping, Points default to 0 upon entering a new world.) Levitation/Flight: Power to fly or otherwise move through the air using varying methods. Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can fly. Users are generally able to Levitate, and Glide as well. Alchemy: Users abilities focus on Elemental Transmutation (ranging from transforming base materials into purer (lead or iron into silver or gold), creating golems to making permanent changes on the state of matter (making glass malleable), etc.), various forms of Elemental Manipulation (especially electricity and fire) and Life-Force Manipulation (Immortality, Healing and even creating life or at the least clones) by Potion Creation. They also know how to create magical items, although these are generally for practical use (ever-burning lamps). Shikigami Conjuring: This power allows the user to call upon the power of a Shikigami, to assist the user in a variety of ways. Shikigami are said to be invisible most of the time, but they can be made visible by banning them into small, folded and artfully cut paper manikins. There are also shikigami that can show themselves as animals or birds. They must be conjured during a complex ceremony and their power is connected to the spiritual force of their master. If the evoke'e is well introduced and has lots of experience, his Shiki can possess animals and even people and manipulate them. But if the evoke'e is careless, his shikigami may get out of control in time, gaining its own will and consciousness. In this case the shikigami will raid its own master and kill him in revenge. Normally shikigami are conjured to exercise risky orders for their masters, such as spying around, stealing and enemy tracking. (Cost 1 charge to conjure 1 Shikigami.) Shape Shifting: Xartia is able to shape shift into a small variety of things. Mitokinesis: Xartia is capable of regenerating health and healing wounds on his person. Though to accomplish this feat requires focus and use of his magic. Level One can repair first degree frostbite/burns (Cost 1 charge), Level Two can repair second degree frostbite/burns AND staunch bleeding (3 charge), and Level Three can repair third degree frostbite/burns…staunch bleeding…AND close one open wound (Cost 5 charges). Weapon +.] Seiðmaðr: Also known as The Sorcerer, this blade is any aspiring Warlocks dream. The Blade is composed of Spring Steel for flexibility, Adamantium for strength and endurance, Orichalchum for it's magic potential, along with other minor ingredients to help put it all together in a cohesive bond. The hilt is composed completely of vibranium, namely for it's ability of absorbing kinetic energy through vibration, and some sort of leather wrapped about the grip. Embed within the pommel was a fine gemstone, the red Tiger's Eye, known for it's metaphysical properties of rebuking mental ailments and greatly improving the user's ability to concentrate and focus. This Viking Sword style blade is double edged and flat, measuring 32 inches, a total length of 39 inches including the handle. It is approximately 2.2 inches wide. This sword is capable of: - Doubling the user's intended spell potency, but only when fired through the blade. - Pulling, tearing, and cutting through magic as easily as it can flesh and bone. - Reducing opposing kinetic forces by half on impact. - Granting the user the ability of accumulating energy charges every turn of combat, so long as the same turn does not include casting a spell, or going through a cooldown effect. - The ability to free the user's mind of mental ailments and greatly improve the user's concentration. Will complete charge gains and spell casts even when physically struck.
  12. To Seek Audience With The Queen

    He could feel her long before she would be entering the room. He was actually quite surprised with her response time. Impressed even. Assessing her greeting, he was convinced it was innocent and authentic. "Tch." The Cambion remarked as he looked up to the ceiling for a brief moment in the apex of a rather dramatic eye roll. Perhaps Red's cybernetic optics could observe beyond the visage afforded by his pilot shades. His right hand came up and plucked the sunglasses from the bridge of his nose before setting them down lenses first with the arms left extended. Coming to stand from his seated position, he would allow his arms to fold over his chest as his emerald eyes found Red's Scarlet ones. With an expression that easily conveyed his feelings of annoyance, he cleared his throat while gathering his thoughts. The less words he said, the easier it would be to comprehend him. Granted he's been an emotional roller coaster since his last near death experience. Even now, he still couldn't believe he was afforded yet another shot at life. What had he truly done to deserve such blessings? Or would this prove to be a curse after all? "As long as I've been here, I've yet to actually feel vindicated in my position. Beyond our passion, I feel I have failed to provide exceptional service. However I don't blame myself. I of course point fingers at you, and of course The Ruined Kitsune as well. Every step of the way, it seems I'm about the last person to know what's going on. Even more, despite my presence lasting the longest, each and every person that comes in beyond me deemed of some importance is afforded what seems like more trust than I am. I know you have a longer history with Akako than I, but I stepped into The Keep and offered my assistance before she even noticed what you were up to. Yet she was still afforded the joy of being titled Regent under your banner despite my loyal service in protecting you and The Keep." He paused, throwing his arms up before they would come down, his right hand slapping his thigh before his hands found their respective pockets. Strolling slowly around the table towards Red, he would wind up walking past her as he spoke. He stopped a few feet past her and refused to look back at her as his question hopefully encouraged her thought before her speech. "What I need is to know why. To know why your important responsibilities are divided among those around me, and yet I am only trusted to keep an eye on PK in your absence. Is it because of our thing? Is it because of my history with the Pendragon court? You think I haven't learned from my mistakes? Perhaps it was Akako that has kept you against me, just like she used to try with the Lich King...Or perhaps you simply never trusted me to begin with." Anger, pain, and anxiety laced his words. He was seeing that inevitable pattern once more. The one where he made a great friend that he only had for a short while. Only to lose them over something he was doing that very moment, or because of something he had done in the past. The only exception was Raveena, her condition was a rare one that was even outside of his knowledge. Though she didn't abandon him, she was easily no longer the great friend he once had. Now she was just Rae, and Rae was practically still a stranger to him. Hell, she was still nervous around him. Instead of just leaving like Akako had, like he usually would from a dying friendship, he felt compelled to confront Red prior to making his decision. Besides, he had his new friends. Arthur and Enid. He wasn't sure how long it would last for, however he was ready to cling onto it and enjoy it for what it was while it lasted. How many times could he endure it though? How many times could he endure losing someone close to him before he just gave up? @Red the Ambivalent
  13. Medain Sari: The Island of Exotics

    Time to go hunting.
  14. [ Himmelsfestung ] What Lies Beneath [ Test Quest ]

    As the trio would take their descent, Jinsoku would focus on keeping a hold on his anxiety. The growing eerie darkness with that sort of silence you could hear was pushing him, albeit mildly. His long black hair was pulled back neatly into a bun. He donned his full suit of armor just as when they had arrived, again, without the helmet. The singular suit of armor was obviously something considered as advanced technology compared to what he was previously use to. It's mid-night blue hue that was akin to the color of obsidian was really cool too. To his hip he carried one of the default variations of the spear that originally belongs to Master James. The very one that the Commander herself had designed for him as he had learned. The Microcomposite Spear, currently fully retracted to nothing more than a half a meter or so. It seemed like nothing more than a short stick with each end tapered into a fine point. Despite his plethora of thoughts flowing through his mind, he remained silent as they went underground (could it be called underground if it's techinically in the sky?). With his breathing deep and slow, he maintained his composure without even breaking a sweat! Reassurance fell upon him when he could see the silver lining that was the entrance to the Labyrinth Arena. His eyes grew slightly wide as he his heart rate surely kicked up a little, adrenaline starting to push through him not only due to his anxiety battle, but also because of their actual arrival to their destination. The fact that it was called an arena was enough to anticipate certain conflict. Finally, he would break the party's silence as he would easily deem himself as the Alpha of the group. It wasn't because of arrogance mind you. It was more so because of his most recent experiences in the last year or so, forcing him to feel responsible for lives lost in his presence. "Alright ladies, looks like we're here. This is your last chance to bow out. Once we go in, we stick together...no matter what." That last part was spoken with his head turned just enough to look at Arashi over his shoulder and from the corner of his eye. Looking straight ahead once more, Jinsoku would become a bit more weary of the entrance itself. His words having triggered a feat of Claircognizance. This was no video game or dope ass anime, this was real life. This light was obviously energy of some sort, perhaps even magic. Two options crossed his mind: The first was that once one passed through the barrier, they were stuck inside. The second being that crossing the barrier could cause some sort of effect spell such as a binding or a curse. Thus was the nature of dungeons such as this. Call him paranoid, but there was no denying his intelligence, especially in his age. A tribute to how much he had actually been through. He had yet to get to know their other companion too well, but as far as he was considered, the biggest threat right now was Arashi. Unless she had managed to get a leash on her recklessness overnight. "I advise you remain focused as well. I can't be certain of what, but I have a feeling that glowing around the entrance is more than just for show." @Metty @Deus Ex Aizen