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  1. First you at the matches are non magic, then a paragraph down you explain magic is allowed, but set some simple standards on it. So I'm gonna go off on a whim and say it's allowed. I'll also not that Yona's abilities aren't seen as "magic" by his race. This is just a forewarning before we get to the nitty gritty. There will be plenty of series play, though that's not to say Yona didn't rely on his abilities. They're apart of him, innately as you say.
  2. As the Magician grew nearer, it became painfully obvious he wasn't the only one in response to this incident thus far. For certain there was one that managed to close in on the threat before his arrival. He hoped it wasn't some poor fool acting as more fodder against whatever this large creature was. Perhaps it was a giant or something similar, a golem? Regardless, he could tell even now by reading the Aether than the newcomer wasn't human himself, and yet that only offered him so much relief. Suddenly, the birth of magic came to fruition. He could feel the newcomer's molding energy prior to it's ejecting from his mouth. The newcomer spewed liquid, and yet he could feel the lack of power behind the spell itself. This caused Xartia to quicken his pace, only for him to catch the ass end of the spell itself. Against his own thoughts of necessity, he couldn't help but call out the guy on the opposing side of the giant with some level of distaste. "What the hell are you doing, giving it a bath!?" He came to a stop about 20 feet away. Keeping his left hand resting on the gemstone pommel that pulsed dimly, he continued to pool his own Aether. If it wasn't for the confined space of the alley, perhaps he would have began to pull some Materia from the Great Aether, but this job require much more precision and tact than what the Materia could provide, lest he needed them for defense purely. However he had no plans of getting close enough for that. Considering the current situation, the Cambion had to act swift with a different course of action than initially planned. The giant need not die, unless it could not be detained. As for the guy on the other side of it, well he seemed capable enough to survive, and he too would be responsible for his actions if he got hurt or generally in the way. Like wise if he bolstered more force and destroyed property he would answer for it when the time came. For now though, the giant was still priority, and Xartia would begin by raising his right arm from his side. "I shoot thee, Magic bullet of Lightning! " As he began to speak, his raised arm fully extended to head level with himself, his hand coming before him with his fingers spread and his palm facing his target's center of mass. By the end of the first three words, a basketball sized or of electricity would generate an inch off of his palm. The crackling electricity was blue in color, emitting a sound comparable to that of hundreds of birds chirping in restless manner. The spell fully formed in it's weakest form, without any extra pooled energy being donated to it. Though the incantation sure did seem to aid it's potency as opposed to him just spawning it on a whim prior to casting. Considering the target would (presumably) be rendered wet, the Cambion would use the conductor as the cherry on top to hopefully stop the being enough to subdue them without much more of a fight. Then again, Xartia never expected things to be that easy. At the end of the last of his incantation spoken aloud, the ball of electricity would eject from Xartia, easily climbing upwards of 35mph by the time it would reach half the distance towards his target. The electricity itself upon delivery wouldn't do much for burning past the first degree, the remaining effects within the realm of .1 amps, enough to stun the target for a brief moment after laboring it's breathing and causing hopeful lag in neural to muscular response times, as well as over all muscular control and motor functions. While full out paralysis might be avoided, the target would surely feel some numbing sensations swiftly followed by the feeling of the finest tipped needles penetrating every pore on it's body. @Voldemort @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen
  3. I'm interested to see what you do @Misty I'm totally gonna be stalking you for this profile and activity surrounding it. Lol. Gluttony is always tough to capture and you're a good writer.
  4. XD Just to clarify, Yona sure as fuck ain't no feminist. That's Ishi's poor assumption. Don't let Robbie confuse yaw!
  5. Lol Kenshi better watch himself too. Get jealous of him as well, this target that nigga. XD TARGET ALL THE SINS!
  6. Kenshi picks favorites huh? Guess Yona already has a reason to hate her. Lol. Envy ~