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  1. I can crack out another response tomorrow to begin assuming responsibility of conflict with the npc opposition. I'm certain it's crucial to Jin that he helps while still saving as many human lives as possible. Friend or foe.
  2. For the first time since his accident that wound up in a rather lengthy coma, it would seem Xartia would finally be coming out of his slump and jumping balls deep back into what it was he was best at. Adventuring! It would seem he had made some slight modifications to his equipment as well. His magic sword found itself nestled perfectly into a sheath composed of leather grafted with shadestone from the lot of it the Pendragon's acquired when Orphen married into the family ruling over the Kingdom of Umbral which was worlds away from this one. Still the material would served it's purpose, having been enchanted to the purpose of allowing Xartia to reap it's passive benefits without having to touch the gemstone pommel of the sword with his actual hand. It was strapped to his lower back diagonally, the handle protruding from the right hip. Unusual as it was, it was more comfortable this way, and he still had swift access to it with his dominate hand. It was easily assumed that based on his appearance he was perhaps ill equipped for this quest, however he was quite a resourceful man, and despite the air of arrogance he carried, he wasn't so arrogant anymore. He was more confident in ability from his many lessons learned via trial and error. Besides, it was easy to go seemingly without when you had a pocket dimension to store your belongings in, and when you were a wielder of something such as the Great Aether. "Once more I go into the unknown, to do what none before me could..." He confided in himself. Despite the fact that he'd never admit it aloud, Xartia took the long way from the keep and decided to walk from the city to the bank where Arthur was awaiting him and the oh so interesting Enid. Mentally he would prepare himself for the trip, psyching himself up mostly. He wasn't worried, though the same was true when he had his accident while observing magestorms. Perhaps that in and off itself was what lead to him being struck down by a bolt from said storms. 'Nothing like that will happen again. You know better, you've learned this lesson already. Always be wary of your surroundings. Always approach unknowns with caution, always be on guard!' He just kept telling himself to remember, that way he could maintain the normalcy of old and remain safe and survival ready. Before he knew it he could physically see Arthur waiting for them now. Once he was close enough to speak to him without shouting, the Cambion would begin small talk with the man that had gotten the closest to being what Xartia could call a best frined in several years. Well, excluding that Gustave fellow. "You know, in all my time here I'm surprised I've never thirsted to traverse the Labyrinth Forest. Though I must say, there can't be something too terribly interesting within it if it's as simple as it sounds. It's a labyrinth after all, not a maze. Labyrinths while possessing a seemingly complex path due to it's large size, it actually only travels a single path from point a to point b, as opposed to a maze actually having false paths available where one really can get lost along the way." @Voldemort @Lady Gilaen
  3. The metaphysical anchoring of their vessel was something that was swift and easy. The Cambion strolled forth, only to vanish mid-step, only to reappear safely below upon the ground once more. He wouldn't make it far into exploring before he could feel Her presence shift. It neared in an instant! So suddenly that Xartia prior thoughts and decisions escaped him. His face become one of shock before he would seemingly regain his composure. His face twisted into his trademark Cheshire grin, not so sadistic any longer. Perhaps his attire and appearance in general would be obvious to her. With his more human look down to the loss of his horns and his smooth olive complexion. His emerald green eyes sparkled in the most mesmerizing of ways. They narrowed upon Akako as she seem not only as pleasing to the eye as ever, but she appeared to him as if she had planned on matching his own appearance this evening. After a brief, silent stare, Xartia gave a slight bow to the Yokai Queen as he would no doubt greet her. Breaking the ice as usual, despite how long it had been since they last spoke. "Salutations, Akuma no joo, and congratulations on your acquisition. Though I've barely witnessed it, I can see the beauty in this city. I think your leadership will be more than fitting in maintaining it. Dare I say it will flourish?" His heart had miraculously returned to his body with his mildly different appearance. It climbed ever so slightly in rate as he pushed his poker face and simply showered her with minute compliments that would surely hold little weight to this recent past. Though he would do his best not to expose himself or his feelings in front of his new companions. The last thing someone in a leadership roll needed to do was to show vulnerability or weakness to anything. Or so he thought. @Akako Akari
  4. I'll get something written up to give a character or two for the list. This should be exciting.
  5. Posted. Hopefully I can remain a bit more consistent now.
  6. People like the Exarch and his cronies were able bodied folks, very much capable of defending themselves regardless of how well they could do just that. And so when shit hit the fan, Jinsoku made swift work to ensure the safety of the fleeing innocent bystanders prior to giving attention to the actual matter at hand. Fate would have it that by the time his undivided attention could be afforded to the attacking woman, she had outed herself through a window. Assuming he was right to believe she was obviously some sort of assassin, he felt certain that they would see her again. Man, that dragon dude that was ready was pretty rad. They even shared some vague similarity in their ability to manipulate electricity. Perhaps later he might be able to exchange words and notes with him, and they both might learn something new. The one guy from Isore, Ivas was it? His sword was unlike anything he had seen before, even considering Master James' collection of artifacts. Clearing his throat, Jinsoku would fall in with the disturbed posse as they regrouped. "Excuse me guys, I'm not so sure just what the hell is actually going on, or why...But I feel it is right to align with you for the foreseeable future. The choice was made for me back in Isore. I am Jinsoku Hayabusa, Second to Master Knight James Eredas of the Order of Force Majeure." His right fist met his left palm before he hinged at the waist, bowing in respect as his culture would demand. "My priorities are to defend those incapable of defending themselves, especially from the like of monsters, though I would be honored to serve you with my spear. At least until your home has been avenged and you head is no longer sought, Exarch....sir?" He wasn't good with the proper ways of speech with important figures of proposed royalty, or something of the like. Though he was obviously a genuine, honest person. Though he did seem to be a bit on the young side, he was actually a full grown adult. The virgin Babyface was actually knocking on his mid twenties by now, and yet still he seemed to lack the ability to grow even a single bit of facial hair save for his unkempt eyebrows.
  7. Today, it'll have to be after work today. Unless work is slow enough to get something up from there. Lol.
  8. My apologies on post delays. I'm going to do my best to post here tonight.
  9. Her orders were simple, and precise. Best part was, she placed the responsibility of playing squad leader on him. If his allies simply obeyed their orders, none of them would be harmed or lost today. Not even in a worse case scenario. As he was swiftly introduced to an elemental twin of his, he simple gazed upon her with those empty, narrowed charcoal eyes. His black, shoulder length, unkempt hair moved ever so slightly in the passing current. At the right angle, one might catch a glimpse of one of his stray grey's that had began to appear in upon his scalp. After getting a good look at Vera, he looked back to his commander. After tagging her a fool, Arashi was an already acquainted addition to his party that he was certain would be a headache. "Hai, Taichou....?" As he answered his fearless leader he was cut off by the utterance of words "Don't stop me. I'm doing this myself.", though before he could finish his words the Commander had moved on. Great....This was his problem. He always had to get stuck with some chick that was too brawny and ballsy for their own good. And they were always hard headed, and arrogant as fuck. "Arashi, stop! We have our orders, if you cannot comply with them you have two options. Return to the earthen crust below, or subject yourself to the retribution fitting for only the likes of treasonous swine." As he grew frustrated, his eyes went from looking dim and broken to the likes of a fierce, passionate flame. To deviate from the plan as given was to threaten the life of Raven. Regardless of what she meant to anyone else, to Jin she was Commander. She was a teacher. He loved her, he cared for her. It was very similar to the way he felt about Master James, but it was still different. Regardless, he was the sort to protect others. It was his job to protect all, it was his life to protect especially those he loved. If Arashi was willing to compromise a loved one of his, he would fail to hold back whilst comprising such a threat before it could succeed. "Make your choice now, we don't have time to waste." @Metty @Deus Ex Aizen
  10. Name: CaldoonMethod of Combat: Date of Birth: -- (Is approximately 20 years old)Place of Birth: N/ARace/Ethnicity: Yabajin (From Planet Yaban)Height: 5'6''Weight: 183lbs.Reach: 30" inches.Body Type: Athletic build, high definition. Built with a middle-heavy weight's physique. Other: General Appearance ________________________Equipment+.] Weapon 1: +.] Weapon 2: +.] Armor: ______________________________Abilities +.] [Passive] - +.] [Active] -
  11. After a busy week and weekend I'll begin playing catch up with my activity today. Perhaps this weekend I'll get something together IC for the Datsuzoku Empire as well. 

  12. I can post today if that's acceptable.
  13. Jinsoku rode the small dragon into the swirling fray of it's brethren that circled the city like scavenger birds swarming a fresh kill. At the apex of his rise, he found himself useless to act despite his awakened state. He couldn't deliver attacks directly while maintaining control of the drake he rode upon. Before he could act altogether, it would seem that another stray drake haphazardly slammed into his, causing him to knock heads with the dragon and easily casting him into a free fall from some couple hundred feet up. With about fifty feet to spare, as Jinsoku reached a complete state of being incapacitated, a sphere of electricity expanded from within him and stretching roughly ten feet from his body. This protective shell was an innate happening, and would see that he was safe until he had at least regained consciousness. --- Fortunately for him, Jinsoku seemed to come to prior to being left behind by the fleeing refugees. Begrudgingly he fled with them, yet only because he was certain the city was lost with no survivors still inside. And those fleeing still needed protection until their destination was met. Once they were truly safe however, Jinsoku would opt to remain awake as to gather any intel he could about their enemy prior to engaging them again. This no doubt lead him to where he could also get some relax without resting. Granted actual sleep aloud him to recover and heal much faster than when he was awake. For the sake of appearance, Jinsoku fetched himself a mug of ale (even if he technically looked too young to drink what with his baby face and all). Sitting near the group with at least one face he recognized from the tavern is Isore, he would simply sit without looking in their direction. He used his enhanced, sensitive hearing courtesy to the spirit his body played host to. Eavesdropping was rude, and usually something he only managed when he felt it was necessary. Just like now. However, he wasn't spying on the enemy, he was spying on potential allies. He wasn't acquainted with anyone, so he expected no level of trust. Though that would not keep him from trying to offer his help. Still, it would be easier if he knew any one of them enough to approach during such a troubling time.
  14. Xartia: Combat without woo-woo magic. Jinsoku: Deliverance in comparison to his possibly over confidence. Bishop (Retired?): Suffered from a moderate to severe case of Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It's like the rage/anger aspect of bipolar but may only be soothed by destroying objects nearest him, including people. This left him incredibly reckless and irrational. Koji: Being a a hybrid of demon, dragon, and human, he is still mortal and vulnerable to the anti-creature or holy magic where applicable. The best part is that I don't ever design weaknesses. I just look at what the character is and assume whether he is or isn't effected by something, and when he is, I consider literally how vulnerable I think they should be. It's why I don't actually "compete" in fight rp settings, I just enjoy writing a good scene and pretty much leave victory to the same level of chance as a coin toss.
  15. interest check

    ALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTS! LONG TIME NO POST IN THE OOC EH!? As some updates, our little posse is finally getting close to closing the arrival thread for the new clan's desired plot of land over in the midlands of Genesaris. Exciting right!? Once this happens, I will diligently work in my spare time to finally flesh out a thread for the actual Palace/City (Palace City?), and hopefully by it's completion I'll also have a few quests to throw in the mix. Perhaps even some small side quests to pass the time of me finishing the main thread, while allowing yaw a chance at contributing to it's erection (giggle snort). Feel free to start some chatter once more, and of course offer any ideas or interest publicly so that we might see some immediate reception, and maybe even adjust some of the foundation before molding the official starting point of our masterpiece. I know we've lost some of you, or some of you maybe thought this was dead even. I know some are too busy to participate currently as I'm super busy too, but I wont let this or my hobby die, no matter how ridiculously slow it can get. If you are around but no longer interested, please let me know! If you're still here and not active IC but still interested, then stick around, we're just getting started. =)