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  1. *Twiddles Thumbs*
  2. Name: ViktorMethod of Combat: Fencing, Some Magics (Adept)Date of Birth: -- (Is approximately 14 years old)Place of Birth: Weyard, VaultRace/Ethnicity: HumanHeight: 5'2''Weight: 143lbs.Reach: 31" inches.Body Type: Athletic build, Moderate definition. Other: General Appearance ________________________Equipment+.] Weapon 1: Longsword - +.] Weapon 2: Dagger - +.] Armor: Leather Pickelhaube - Black leather helmet hosting an iron spike at the top center of the helmet. +.] Armor: Leather Chestplate - A black leather breastplate worn over under attire as an extra layer of defense. Light and durable. +.] Armor: Leather Vambrace (x2) - A pair of black leather vambraces worn to protect the forearms. +.] Armor: Leather Greaves (x2) - A pair of black leather greaves worn to protect the shins. +.] Armor: Hauberk - A chainmail shirt complete with a hood, composed of Mythril. +.] Armor: Steel Gauntlet - A single gauntlet worn on the right hand, the left bearing a leather, finger-less glove. +.] Artifact: +.] Artifact: +.] Artifact: ______________________________Abilities +.] [Passive] - +.] [Active] -
  3. "I'm not big on pretending!" Yona spoke while attacking, up until his sword was snagged that it. Though he hadn't the chance to say it he felt the urge to explain further than he was Envy, not Petty. Though it would seem his opponent was in the business of over selling her role. Certainly his bokken bisected her breasts prior to being hung up and then bound to the bone carapace that seemed to appear out of no where. He wouldn't resist the pressure Elenwen placed against him, rather he would allow her to lean forth upon the sword. Slightly bending his legs at the kneee he suddenly sprung off of them to his own right while manipulating the bokken lodged in Elenwen's armor to persuade her to move a certain way. Not just driven by his arm, but by his shifting body weight as a whole. If he had it his way, she would twist to her own right prior to falling in that same direction and onto that side of her body. Even if her words remained uninterrupted, Yona had no response for her in the moment of concentrating on what he was literally doing in this moment. Airbourne was always a heavy risk so early in a fight, though he refused to relinquish his weapon so easily, as well as the continued refusal of showing more of his abilities. Regardless he continued to pool his Yoki. @Robbie Rotten (I'll count this as my number two, considering my intro post actually included action I count it as my post one.)
  4. Shigurui | Port City - Ragnarok Starring: Datsuzoku Koji (Al Sa-her), Momoku, Kenshi (Ishi ni Etchingu), --- (Maybe more?) Summary I will update this with a summary as soon as possible. If the activity thread doesn't finish before the deadline, I'll put a summary here then while still working for completion. I'd do it now but I'd hate to spoil the read. =)
  5. Yaw can skip me this round. I don't have much to say other than he still walking. Lol.
  6. Kenshi's words pleased his Emperor deeply. His natural high allowing Kenshi to be graced with a shit eating grin, genuine and authentic. The compelling euphoria was body numbing, prickling his flesh with goosebumps as his skin tingled repetitively. His narrowed scarlet gaze would continue looking into the oblivion that was birthing before them, by them. Most of Kenshi's words were in the perception of more of a man's mind. Ultimately the deeper philosophies failed to entice Koji in the slightest. As one that was erecting himself a God among men, as a true monster, he only knew one philosophy to defining life. The food chain. "As I have already said, do not stray too far if you wish to not find yourself in an unwanted situation. Other than this warning, have at it Momoku, Kenshinobu." Considering he was unleashing what would be comparable to a starving, rabid dog to slaughter the sheep, his only direct guardian on this trip, Koji would opt to begin pooling his Yoki. The scarlet based aura that faded to black at it's flame like tips would encase his entire body. For now however, the flames only dotted his form and seemed to only stretch up to and inch from his body. No doubt the more he accumulated, the more of his aura would be seen. With his Dragon Bone Kanabo still hefted upon his shoulder, Ryu Kotei began to march beyond the city's border. Walking into the fray as if he was invisible, and yet he truly believed in this moment that he was. Certainly this cloud of chaos was a gift from fate, delivered upon him through divine admiration. He was being given the perfect conditions to harvest the lands to his liking. Suddenly, a blood curdling scream erupted close enough to his person to interrupt the frequency of his own natural vibration. A woman in tattered peasants clothing ran, obviously in fear for her life towards him. She had plenty of scratches, cuts, bumps, and bruises scattered across her body. Her cries for salvation fell upon def ears as she grabbed at his white pants, crying so hard she choked on her words. Stalking out of the dark alley way the woman had come from was a common beast in his home realm, known as a Shadow Mastiff. With is jagged, fanged maw, it's large size, and it's shadow nature, it was easily among apex predators on a world like this. A few more sets of eyes joined it from the darkness, equating to a small pack of five of these beasts. He simply glared at them through his half lidded eyes as his face shrank to it's former glory of no emotion. As the Mastiffs approached, growling even, Koji himself remained still. The panicking woman crawled behind him, yet found her self to tired to continue running. This strange man with a barbaric, spiked, bone club could save her right? Suddenly the Mastiffs broke into speed, charging Ryu Kotei and this not so damsel in distress. From the outside looking in, he definitely seemed the part of the savior. Hoisting his Kanabo from his right shoulder, he swung it vertical from it's high position, bending his knees and dropping with his draconic arm arching the bone in a crushing downward blow. The not so mundane dragon bone club smashed into the first Mastiff, crushing it from it's shoulder blades up beyond it's face. Effectively the thing was eradicated in one fell swoop. Next came one from his right, in which Koji would spring up and to his left in a half step as he prepared his dragon arm once more. This time he swung the club horizontally from his left to his right, in which a lunging Mastiff would be swatted from the air and past himself. The terrified woman was nearly hurtled into as the Mastiff was knocked aside Koji. She haphazardly threw herself down and screamed as she covered her head. Now with his left flank exposed to the next nearest Mastiff, the he opted to use what he presently had mustered in terms of his Yoki, absorbing his growing aura which inadvertently snuffed the flames dotting his form. Suddenly his skin blossomed with a dim golden light, the light spawning in folded lines that mimic the lurid, ebony scales that made up his entire right arm. The Mastiff effectively bit upon his left shoulder, anchoring the bottom jaw abop the shoulder blade as the top jaw sought purchase over the collar bone and breastplate. It's front claws raking into the makeshift scales gliding upon them without penetrating the surface just as it's fangs had failed. Using his lesser and yet still immense strength, Koji's reinforced left arm bent at the elbow as he formed his fist in a manner that his extended fingers folded into a point. His five claws grew an inch as he hosted them in a single point. As if trying to stab himself in the shoulder, the Heika would lodge his claw baring human hand into the ear of the Mastiff, easily penetrating a weak point of said skull, into and through it's grey matter. Dropping to his left knee he hoisted the beast up and over his shoulder, growling into the ferocious roar that was his battle cry as he effectively used his humanoid arm to throw the dying beast into the last two charging him. These last two wouldn't outright be killed of severly hurt even from it's dead pack member slamming into them, but it did disrupt their charge formation. Having lost their pack leader among 60% of their pack, the remaining two Mastiffs would recover, only to flee from Koji. His black silk shirt had become shredded terribly by that last Mastiff that attempted to maul him, only to expose the dying light of the scales he had produced a moment ago. With the sound of the crying, fleeing beasts , the woman behind him tried to gather herself as she hyperventilated, fighting to catch her breath and stop the burning in her chest. Even though she couldn't breath, she tried her best to thank Koji for saving her life. Koji faced the weak woman, and as she attempted to offer her hand to him for him to help her up, his left hand suddenly lashed out like a striking snake, securing it's jaws in a vice grip upon the woman's throat prior to lifting her completely off of the ground. He stood erect at approximately 6 feet tell, His long, humanoid arm that was a dangling torn sleeve separated from the shoulder yet connected beneath the arm pit holding her at least a foot or so higher than his head level. She kicked and scratched as he squeezed her throat, crushing her trachea completely as he eyes even bulged in violent protest of her fleeting oxygen. Finally he fight grew slower and weaker until finally, she went limp. That was when Koji would toss her aside like a rag doll, discarding her without any real regard or satisfaction in the act. Before he began to walk once more, he would take a moment to rip off his shredded shirt, discarding it in a similar manner of the woman from just a brief moment ago. Once more he brought his Kanabo up to rest upon his shoulder, the black ichor the splattered upon it's white surface, even dripping from it's tip with sliver of blackened flesh handing onto a few random spikes. His march would continue from the edge of the Port City that was connected to the land, to the northern end where it was connected to a vast and expansive ocean. Once more he would continue pooling his Yoki. @Ishi ni Etchingu
  7. Yona stood a mere ten feet away from his opponent. Elenwen was it? Lady Lust herself. She certainly was a sight for sore eyes, quite attractive in her own right. Even the way she spilled even the faintest of drops of her own blood, only to use her sword for the moment as a make shift lipstick, painting her lips with her very own liquid life. The faint aroma of iron from her exposure of blood caught his nostrils, sending chills down his spine as goosebumps raised upon his flesh. There was certainly a first impression made, dare he say he got a vibe about this one? He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was something about her that just made them click right from the get go, or so he felt. Still, he wouldn't try to make light and worm his way into her likelihood. No, this was a display of one's ability in the martial way. Yona knew that he didn't need to defeat his opponent, that he simply needed to try his hardest. At yet he was certain he wouldn't even get near his hardest. Such levels of input would prove fatal in several outcomes, making it not only a waste of energy but an unnecessary risk of one's life that failed to insult him, and did nothing more but intrigue him. Standing erect at 5'10", weighing approximately 160 pounds soaking wet. He stood with his right side first, his body angled so that his right shoulder and peck pace his opponent more so than his 'front'. His left hand gripped the top of his sheath, just beneath where it's lip met the hand guard of Kuroi Tori. Ironically enough he would swiftly unfasten the sheath from his left hip, only to to begin using his abilities immediately. "No offense, but I'm not so sure you have anything for me to be jealous of." He mocked with a sweet, honey like voice. The tone and light bass only complicated identifying his gender. As one of the Yosei variety, Yona was a creature gifted with the ability to assume practically any appearance he wished to, and then some. Just like now had his sheathed blade had suddenly turned into a single item. For all intents and purposes, his sword had trans-morphed into a bokken. A training sword...For a duel? Was he truly mocking the woman, or was this more about him than her? Sure this was to be a test of skill, though Yona was certain he wished to keep as much knowledge of himself unavailable as possible. From his complete sword form to his complete set of abilities. Finally, he would mimic his previous stance, hosting the bokken to his side in the same manner in which he gripped his swords sheath. Bringing his right hand to the opposing side of the guard, his finger's curled around the top most portion of the handle. With his feet approximately shoulder width apart, he would slightly bend forward as he gave a slight bend to his knees. His opponent had a small moment of time to initiate combat first, though if she allowed Yona to begin she would be met with him simply taking two swift steps forward prior to executing what would have been one of the fastest iaijutsu any swordsman would ever dream of being naturally capable of. Having sacrificed his baseline ability in this moment, or just prior too, it could possibly be felt or obvious this was his natural physique at work. The bokken would take a line of attack in the form of a that would draw upon Elenwen's right hip to left shoulder, at which point Yona flicked his wrist, turning the would be single edge towards his opponent nearly and instant after completing the initial 'slash', only to continue with a second, horizontal cut that was neck level with her. Meanwhile, the Yosei was pooling his Yoki, preparing for what he hoped could drive him to a short and neat victory, again, without actually showcasing even a majority of his capabilities. While he didn't underestimate his opponent, he was willing to take a risk that was just as foolish in crucial moments such as this one. @Robbie Rotten
  8. I'm dropping out of this. Sorry guys, my plate is full enough and I don't want to get invested just to let y'all down. Good luck!
  9. I got dibs on Saturn? Mars. I'll take Mars. I'll get a profile together for this Asap.
  10. First you at the matches are non magic, then a paragraph down you explain magic is allowed, but set some simple standards on it. So I'm gonna go off on a whim and say it's allowed. I'll also not that Yona's abilities aren't seen as "magic" by his race. This is just a forewarning before we get to the nitty gritty. There will be plenty of series play, though that's not to say Yona didn't rely on his abilities. They're apart of him, innately as you say.
  11. As the Magician grew nearer, it became painfully obvious he wasn't the only one in response to this incident thus far. For certain there was one that managed to close in on the threat before his arrival. He hoped it wasn't some poor fool acting as more fodder against whatever this large creature was. Perhaps it was a giant or something similar, a golem? Regardless, he could tell even now by reading the Aether than the newcomer wasn't human himself, and yet that only offered him so much relief. Suddenly, the birth of magic came to fruition. He could feel the newcomer's molding energy prior to it's ejecting from his mouth. The newcomer spewed liquid, and yet he could feel the lack of power behind the spell itself. This caused Xartia to quicken his pace, only for him to catch the ass end of the spell itself. Against his own thoughts of necessity, he couldn't help but call out the guy on the opposing side of the giant with some level of distaste. "What the hell are you doing, giving it a bath!?" He came to a stop about 20 feet away. Keeping his left hand resting on the gemstone pommel that pulsed dimly, he continued to pool his own Aether. If it wasn't for the confined space of the alley, perhaps he would have began to pull some Materia from the Great Aether, but this job require much more precision and tact than what the Materia could provide, lest he needed them for defense purely. However he had no plans of getting close enough for that. Considering the current situation, the Cambion had to act swift with a different course of action than initially planned. The giant need not die, unless it could not be detained. As for the guy on the other side of it, well he seemed capable enough to survive, and he too would be responsible for his actions if he got hurt or generally in the way. Like wise if he bolstered more force and destroyed property he would answer for it when the time came. For now though, the giant was still priority, and Xartia would begin by raising his right arm from his side. "I shoot thee, Magic bullet of Lightning! " As he began to speak, his raised arm fully extended to head level with himself, his hand coming before him with his fingers spread and his palm facing his target's center of mass. By the end of the first three words, a basketball sized or of electricity would generate an inch off of his palm. The crackling electricity was blue in color, emitting a sound comparable to that of hundreds of birds chirping in restless manner. The spell fully formed in it's weakest form, without any extra pooled energy being donated to it. Though the incantation sure did seem to aid it's potency as opposed to him just spawning it on a whim prior to casting. Considering the target would (presumably) be rendered wet, the Cambion would use the conductor as the cherry on top to hopefully stop the being enough to subdue them without much more of a fight. Then again, Xartia never expected things to be that easy. At the end of the last of his incantation spoken aloud, the ball of electricity would eject from Xartia, easily climbing upwards of 35mph by the time it would reach half the distance towards his target. The electricity itself upon delivery wouldn't do much for burning past the first degree, the remaining effects within the realm of .1 amps, enough to stun the target for a brief moment after laboring it's breathing and causing hopeful lag in neural to muscular response times, as well as over all muscular control and motor functions. While full out paralysis might be avoided, the target would surely feel some numbing sensations swiftly followed by the feeling of the finest tipped needles penetrating every pore on it's body. @Voldemort @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen