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  1. I'll try to write for this tonight. =)
  2. Good. You get disturbed Jin.
  3. Oh, I should ask, this plot, does it take place before or after Whispernight in Genesaris?
  4. I stand corrected. Apparently I over looked the notification for the OOC thread. Lol.
  5. But....I can't give you a hard time about it like I can her. Delete your reply!
  6. The latter. Sometimes both.
  7. That we have in common.
  8. I'm open to all those options honestly. Keep in mind this won't be a fast pace. It'll be casual. I work ten hours shifts during the summers and have two kids at home. I do however get three day weekend all summer long.
  9. It's simple in essence. A Shuangshou Jian is the style of sword selected for crafting. As far as specific composition and what's special about it if anything, I had no expectations. Just that it's that's specific style of sword. So we have to play with composition of the sword, as well as composition of the story. Where is Tobruk? How would Koji here of him or find him? Would he want to make the sword for Koji, why or why not? Blahblahblah? I'm not asking you for these answers, just putting the general thought out on how not solid my plans are. Lol.
  10. For some time now I've been stuck trying to figure out how to progress my Slayer Apprentice character thanks to a very very very very very very very VERY slow quest he's on. With that in mind I've decided to put that quest on the shelf, only to place it in my character's history where I feel it belongs if/when it ever finishes. In the mean time however, we just had one major even that could help marginally with character development. Whispernight. Basically I'm thinking I'd like to play out this character's experience during Whispernight. I'm posting this here to see who might generally be interested in participating. He can stay alone the whole time, find some allies/survivors, watch people die after failing to save them directly, have some close encounters with death himself. I'm mostly looking for some people to play some nasty creatures to mess him up real good over the course of the entire even which will roughly last a month in character. I want him to lose his armor, his weapon, his sanity. Put this man through the grinder, smelt him in the crucible, and refine him into the product I wish for him to become! A slightly psychotic hero type that will toe the line between lawful good and chaotic good. Is chaotic lawful a thing?
  11. On the bright side if I throw him in he'll likely be in Patia.
  12. Ossim. Now to decide whether or not to include my OC in mind or not. Lol. I'm not clear on where he stands, but I have a general idea in mind.
  13. When does this take place in time in comparison to Whispernight over in Genesaris?