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  1. interest check

    Why would you revive this is Killidia is now merged with the souls of the dragon and human aspects of the previous host and is supposed to be spreading the word of the rise of a new Emperor. An Emperor whom has now landed himself in the heart of Genesaris and is beginning his Empire! If the Emperor sends or comes to collect, he will not be pleased to see that he was not taken seriously. >.>
  2. interest check

    Currently I'm going to give a hard pass. Tech and the type of weapons I assume you're getting at is really not in our forte, or rather I prefer it not be. Things should stay pretty basic with melee weapons within the dynasty. I won't speak for all, but I know my character isn't so threatened by the likes of advanced tech/weapons himself. Not this one at least. Though if we find a necessity in the future I'll totes keep you in mind.
  3. The young Emperor was temporarily halted early on in his walking, thanks to Kenshi's opinion. He briefly considered his options prior to speaking out loud. Kenshi wasn't wrong, but he was only half right. Ultimately, Koji cared for no life around himself, none in all the Material Plane...Except for Hers. In fact, if all went as planned, Koji and Kimi would be all that was left at the end of their reign. They would simply watch everything turn to nothing, and be at peace knowing that the plane had been corrected. Though for the sake of maintaining appearances, perhaps it was wise to allow such a task to unfold sooner rather than later. Train the incapable to protect themselves and their dynasty. It was a firm opinion of Koji's that every single man, woman, and child even had some means of ensuring their own survival should such a time come to cross any one of their paths. "You're ambition is admirable, Kenshi. I had originally made plans for your job within the dynasty myself, though I might just have to reconsider..." Koji was aware of the two women in tow of them as well, and despite the level of interest they held in him, he seemed to pay them no mind at all. However, the next female to approach did so directly to him, and she easily stole his scarlet gaze away from the Hanyo. Before any of them even knew she was coming he could already feel her youki's embrace, coiling about him in a way nothing nor no one else could. His expression made not even the slightest change from what would become his common one, a plain blank slate void of emotion and feeling. His half lidded red eyes would at a glimpse be just as disinterested and blank. And yet with a trained eye, especially belonging to one that had been in Koji's company enough to tell, they could see the passionate flame that burned in his scarlet gaze. He watched his Empress approach, and when she finally reached him, his body quaked mildly as she clutched his draconic arm. A slow blink accented the euphoria that began hazing over his mind. His heart rate increasing ever so slightly as his ears twitched in reception of her voice speaking his tongue. Looking into her eyes and getting lost for an eternity within them, Koji would be sure to not allow his feelings to delay his reactions. Speech or otherwise. "sva drong annyo yth re. re wux petranasgarh sia itov? despite ti tangis bafoidrih di svaklar yth jahen gethrisjir, nomeno ui svaklar si jahus korepa ekess. khruvi wux kiwieg wer diieson." The thunderous rumble of bass that was his voice was much more attractive in Draconic than it was in Common. The tone of which was just as aimless as his facial expression. With his Empress at his side, Koji would continue trekking their new path to where they would find them selves actually home. The forestry offered resources that would be most necessary. The proximity held with the lake would no doubt benefit them to the fullest as well. Water could be reassuringly purified for consumption, the wild life of the forest and of the water at the mercy of their bellies. The bountiful land that they struck into the very heart of would breath life into their Empire. There was no doubt in his mind that this is where they were supposed to be. Until they were taken by fate to yet another place. It should be noted that the lesser demonic creatures plaguing the shadows among the Emperor's party would almost immediately be felt by the Emperor himself. He knew not their origin, though he could tell for sure that they were weak, of demonic heritage, and that there was more than simply a few, but they were also not many. Up until they actually posed a direct threat to the Emperor or his Empress however, they would be left by him up to their own devices. They were simply not his problem. It should be noted as well that those effected by the minions, should their purpose be disturbed long enough or on grand enough scale, would have to answer to their merciless Lord as to why they were unable to meet his or his Empress' expectations. @Etched In Stone @Akako Akari @Aleksei @TheCalmOne
  4. Lost all notes that were saved in my old phone btw bookmarks and all smh

    1. ImNoHero


      That's why you save stuff on sites. You'll get it all back eventually. 

  5. interest check

    Aleksei had it right. I'm currently allowing open posting with small groups having personal orders until we have to accommodate otherwise. This is for convenience to those still working on joining us IC, especially those not traveling with Shuyi's group, but also haven't formally joined our group. But this also allows those already in the current activity thread to remain as active as they want instead of being stuck waiting for several people to post. If I feel the need to post sooner, I will. Though I am trying to wait for Akako to make her first post before responding again myself. @Etched In Stone Where's my spar post sir? While you busy checking up here for whose turn it is to post? Lol.
  6. interest check

    @TheCalmOne Indeed. @Noonday Demon Originally I had planned on labor via undead, though this sounds interesting and more authentic than raising undead. Let me consult my partner in crime and get back to you. @Akako Akari ^
  7. interest check

    @TheCalmOne So far so good! @Etched In Stone I think you have good ideas and all, but your timing could use some work. They don't even have an empire or forces to speak of yet, but Kenshi is already asking to train those who can't fight. You get too anxious and jump the gun sometimes. But rest assure something like this is possible when the time is right.
  8. Awesome. What would you say is the overall goal for the guild in character? What's their aim?
  9. interest check

    I'm open to pretty much anything. Your opinion matters most since you're playing the character. :)
  10. interest check

    Of course you can! @Etched In Stone Nah man, you gonna love my ebonics.
  11. interest check

    @Etched In Stone Nigga don't be posting in the fresh quest thread when you owe me a spar post! Lol.
  12. interest check

    Did I ever message you my latest interest with your cult yet or had I only told you to remind me to do so?
  13. interest check

    Indeed. We'll all be meeting up here. There will be no posting order outside of direct interaction at this point. I'm also thinking I need to implement some sort of understood, unwritten rule where basically, if some is in a posting order and fails to post within say 3-5 days, WITHOUT giving any guidance on the issue, they shall be skipped that round. Only exclusion to that being the level of relevance the character/author in mind have with whatever is happening in character.
  14. interest check

    Daoda | To Erect an Empire! So here we are! Lol. This isn't what I originally planned, but looking at the map, we had the perfect opportunity to just sail on through to just about literally where we are actually headed. So I cut out all the extra bullshit and had us arrive, pretty much where we are headed. Now everyone can begin gathering together as a single group. We can build our structures, and establish our dynasty! WOO! I'm so stoked!
  15. Westbound within the continent of Terrenus, a young and ambitious Lord began his rise to power. Despite his lack of age, experience, and even proven status, thus far he had done well to prove his worth to those that have witnessed his greatness first hand. For weeks they traveled, he and his bride, along with the few souls daring enough to become tangled within the worsening knot of theirs in the red string. A few followers managed to gather with the growing power couple, only catching up to them in the Terrenus Wasteland's thanks to a delay provided by the Wasteland Border Patrol, courtesy of the Terrenus Military. By extension, courtesy of some mystery guy named Odin Something, the Lord himself had already forgotten half of what he heard from the peons he encountered. Nothing held real importance from them, not to him anyway. After swiftly dispatching the patrol, the rising Emperor and his Empress took to stealing one of the now vacant steeds of the military. Wasting no time there after, they rode into the horizon, continuing to blaze their trail and ready to destroy all who opposed their Will. No matter what it took, Koji would unite the lands as one, starting with this world, more specifically where he thought he was travelling to. He knew not where they were headed, and yet he was allowing the red string to guide them flawlessly to their destination. They rode the horse all the way to Terrenus' east coast, presumably followed by those capable of keeping up. After a brief moment was allot them to regroup, the motley crew would no doubt seek a worthy vessel to travel the seas upon. And as luck would have it, they would wind up seizing a fisherman's boat of fair size. Considering the Emperor and Empress could go without certain means of resources, there seemed to be plenty available for a long trip. Not to mention the ability to catch fresh fish in bulk, so these lesser being's could sustain themselves. If push came top shove, Koji could always substitute their rations with the filth of the shadowrealm. They might find it terrible and disgusting, but it would certainly keep them dying of starvation or dehydration. The voyage over waters brought them through some gnarly weather patterns of harsh refuting winds, and even a couple of the wretched Magestorms! And yet, the entirety of the voyage was just as imaginably comfortable as could be for their vessel, in terms of sailing anyway. Tirelessly, Koji set to abusing the pearls called ebb and flow, using them to churn the water and guide the ship in the direction they desired. He was able to manipulate enough of the water around them in order to keep them comfortable and in motion. And being a fisherman's vessel, he harbored no second looks from other passing ships, despite the trail of chaos they were leaving. It started at the Marriage Massacre*, and continued through their travelling east as depicted above, up to this point. Despite what monstrosities could lie beneath, the crew miraculously had no chance encounters with major danger other than human interference thus far. How would a different land be? Had word of them already traveled past where they started on this world? There was some level of curiosity, but ultimately it did not matter. After a couple weeks at sea however, they would finally manage to physically see the next closest landmass. Unknown to this at this moment it time, it was actually the largest of all the continents, and had the most spread out territories to boot. He only knew what he could tell from the world and continental maps this ship had to offer. Surely it only included knowledge of the Fisherman's experience with travels he had made, considering it was almost obvious the maps were incomplete. At least what they had seem to be accurately enough portrayed that he was confident he wasn't "lost". The crew likely wondered why, though Koji kept the ship in motion as they circled the coast of the island. Alas, Koji found what he was looking for, and inlet. One of those water trails called rivers that stretched the land, all the way to the sea! They entered the continent by river, first arriving in and yet still just passing by/through a place called Port Town. Next came Aelindra, then Reyer City Prison, the oh so attractive Bloodstone Marsh, and finally the river would let them out into the opening of one helluva lake. The brackish water would come in handy in many ways for certain. Upon observation, there was settlement to be had immediately west of them, as well as south. Once more, Koji would leap with faith and travel to the more vacant east of the lake. It wasn't much longer before they found themselves banking the ship gently upon the 'beach' they had arrived at. As soon as the ship came to a stop, Koji would surely be the first one off the vessel and onto the new, unexplored lands they so desperately sought! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As he stepped out onto the deck of the ship, Koji inhaled deeply, absorbing the smell of the lands as he viewed them more directly. He would easily engage in the act of shadow stepping, allowing him to suddenly vanish from the ship and reappear in front of it on the land they had just arrived at mid step. The Lord himself would get a good look at their surroundings as he would traverse the beach and approach the tree line that lead into a not so vast stretch of forestry, not in comparison to some other directions so close to them. He would stop there and pause for a moment, simply staring into the forest as if he could see through it. A strange feeling welled up in his stomach, causing a sensation within him he was not so accustomed to. He was reminded in a brief moment that he had feelings, emotions. And yet thanks to the torture afforded them by his mother in law, those very things felt so foreign and mysterious to him. Confusing, especially when not associated directly with Kimi. Turning to face the ship once more, he would allow everyone in their company to assemble from the vessel and onto the land before he would address everyone directly. "We have finally arrived, welcome to Genesaris. Through the forestry behind me is where we settle. This is a solid, vacant area between other nation, one that also connects us swiftly enough to a lake. A lake that is connected to the ocean at that. The trees will provide the necessary supplies to build our beginning." With that, Koji would easily turn and continue his path into the forestry. They could speak as they walked. He himself was at that point now that he had anticipated getting here for so long, that despite their harsh travels, non stop at that, he was more anxious to get there now that he had been the entire trip. They were so close, why slow down or stop now? All they had to do was at least get to a comfortable zone, set up camp, and while the weaker mortals rested, Koji would be full swing in designing just how their village would begin. He had much bigger plans and ideals of what he wanted, he even knew what Kimi likely wanted, however the sake of convenience and living within one's means would first compel him to reserve his ambitions and start small, simple. After all, whose to say this would be their permanent settlement? It was only certain that they had finally arrived at their beginning! @Akako Akari @OutlawD_One @Etched In Stone @Puranetto Ueivuzu @lovelylilmii