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  1. "Ah, you say such, and yet you beauty is merely imitation. Mine being authentic, natural. Stop feeding for a while and show us your true appearance as a California Raisin." Those of this world wouldn't get why he mused such words and laughed beyond them whilst accepting the letter. However, Lein would catch the reference; Perhaps they could consider it an inside joke. Looking to the face of the envelope first, Xartia's face illumined with surprise. He knew her handwriting anywhere, this letter was from Raveena herself. Wasting no time opening the letter and exposing it's contents within, he read feverishly to ensure that this wasn't some sort of letter of dire import or emergency. The calm was apparent in his face as his charming smirk returned, his eyes still digesting the page though he spoke to the Count once more. "So it appears she's more or less here to assist Artamese, though they're both here to assist us...Say, want to have a bit of fun to pass the time? The journey has just began, though we have quite a ways to go. Let's see how long it takes for the girl to realize you're not Xartia Pendragon." His volume diminished as his smirk became menacing. His hand gestured in the direction she'd headed off in whilst he handed the letter back to Lein. A giggle escaped him just before they'd temporarily part ways. As the Vampire likely obliged the notion, Xartia trusted nothing bad could truly come from such an innocent trifle. In the meantime, Xartia allowed the enchanted wheel to more or less steer on autopilot as he too exited the cabin in search of the black mage. An act that was rather easy to accomplish. Out on the deck, he looked back and saw how far they were beginning to make it from the port, his Cheshire grin refreshing as he continued to approach the Mutant. "So what's new with you, what have I missed. I had heard of your participation in that Reunion tournament, though you were gone for quite a while prior to those rumors." A loaded question, one that the Cambion had no idea he didn't want answered. Even with Akako's return, and the three of them in the company of one another however briefly as the flower festival, he still hadn't learned of Akako's whereabouts of her absence. Obviously the case being the same for Arthur. As intelligent as the Magician was, not even he could've guessed they spent a stretch of that time together. @Voldemort @Etched In Stone @Malintzin @Artificer
  2. She posed great question, one that he did not readily know the answer to. Currently he surmised that some of them likely had the experience necessary to deal with a variety of undead. Even if none were present on this ship currently, the Lurid Inquisition and the Imperial Army itself both composed of a myriads of beings, including the likes of her Genesar cousins. Doubt proved inevitable, prevailing to paint the assumption that there had to at least be some among the ranks that even if warned and given sufficient training, they perhaps were ill prepared. Even in the face of experience though, the Vampire populace of Talix Engine was a new face altogether, as was the rumor of their paralyzing weaponry. He grew eager to see how his forces fared in an outright incursion, though this was hardly the time or place to test such a feat. Precision was key here, and of course the Emperor himself still possessed the innate ability to command the likes of the undead, providing their constitution unable to resist. "Some of them I'm sure have, though I doubt all of them have. They've at least heard stories I'm sure. Whatever the case, I'm certain the Kōshitsu has given them the best chance surviving." The Imperial General, Kenshinobu, had yet to fail him in this few years of service. While their military had not been harshly contested by any opposition thus far, he was confident that if/when such happened, they would reflect the fruits of their General's labor. They would reflect his self. As they stepped out and away from the vessel, the Tengu Knights as ordered fanned out, scattering into formation with the soldiers to their flanks and their backside. Flawlessly they transitioned to a march in unison. The fact that he saw no immediate threats bothered him mildly, at least it had until even her could make out the details of what seemed to be a skirmish. A rather fresh one at that. Raising his closed, draconic fist into the air, all came to a halt as he himself considered option of advance. Especially on such an odd terrain as this gears ever turning. "Someone has definitely beaten us to the punch, though I only sense Vampiric essence outside of our own company. Perhaps they've captured a few straggling survivors to take back to their leader. Or maybe there aren't any survivors from the other vessel." His fist ejected two fingers, the index and middle, before opening to expose the rest. With a single wave forward, they continued their march into the engine. His keen eyes scanned the vicinity as they progressed, his ears listened, his nostrils flaring with occasional purpose as he too actively scented the region. Without the Mugen-me, he was more or less back to basic when it came to sensory. Thankfully, he could still feel the shadows within range of his perception. @Dreamer
  3. He grew silent with a charming grin on his face, the sight of a stray tear rolling down Isabella's cheek raising the question; What was wrong? Before he could ask her, she snapped at him viciously. A bit extreme of a reaction to his harmless antics. As Ilyana jumped in to assist in defending Isabella, he raised his hands innocently as his eyes shut briefly, his head tilting ever so slightly to one side. As often found in his nature, unchanged with his maturity, he saw a general lack of necessity in explaining himself. The battle and war was terribly one sided and easily won. Shifting his attention to Cammy's grandiose food order, the Magician chimed in, declaring his desire for whatever the cat lady was having. "Yes. We would hate to disappoint the attendees, perhaps especially one of the Scarlet Council and his associates." Perhaps the Order of Force truly hadn't seen him since his demonic mutations had receded. Though considering the fact that he had largely ever been the only male figure on the Scarlet Council, it likely wasn't hard for them to discern that he was claiming to be the one and only Xartia Raye Pendragon. This was his first time returning to the Keep since departing to play Viceroy of Port Caelum. Having finally returned among the others that came back from Genesaris, he was curious for word to get out that he was back after allowing a coup to take place without lifting a single finger in opposition. His excuses lame at best, the truth evident. It likely also wasn't a great idea to be treading these parts while the Bastard Prince remained on foreign soils. Thankfully he was not quite the rightful heir to the thrown, and that the Order of Force typically avoided politics. Without the Scarlet Empress herself around, he gambled that he'd have not issues arise with announcing his presence. For the damage of any potential civil unrest was done, and the Cambion had his lame excuses. Still, he was certain James would want to speak with him once he discovered Xartia's attendance. He too would gamble that James already knew he was here even. "Seeing as to how our friend isn't feeling well, she likely needs more rest. Isabella dear, did you find whom you were looking for? If not I'll help you locate them assuming they're here. Otherwise, allow me to make up for upsetting you. I assure you I have the resources to provide you with just about anything you feel you need." @The Alexandrian @Pasion Pasiva @Fierach @Dolor Aeternum
  4. 'Dauner...' He repeated mentally to himself. He'd remember the name, and be sure to try and catch at least part of his next match. Based on James' words, he surmised that this Dauner was still a part of the Trueblade event, though his loss seemed all but inevitable. If not in this event, in general. Surely though, it would be a loss he'd learn from. Jinsoku might have only aged a couple of years in the company of James and the Order of force, though he'd matured many years beyond his youthful appearance. A fact evident in the random strands of grays and whites scattered throughout his scalp. Still, he proved ever incapable of growing any facial hair. When he mentioned Jin being his former apprentice, Jinsoku snickered. An odd display of humility as he seemed to feel as if he were still merely James' Second. “This is Volentia, Paladin of the White Hand. Now, is there something you need? Otherwise I may ask you to take part in one of my demonstrations for her.” Paladins, warriors of faith. While he would argue the source and limits of prowess, deemed divine or otherwise, he was willing to argue that it wasn't as it appeared. Playing host to a spirit that was viewed by some as divine did nothing to perturb the words Jinsoku had imprinted upon his brain. 'No gods, no kings, only man.' Still, he afforded her nothing but respect. Just because he revoked faith didn't mean he had to revoke those that retained it. "Nice to meet you...I need nothing of import, I just figured I'd catch you for a brief moment away from the crowds of the feast. You know I'm always happy to oblige your demonstrations. @Fierach @jaistlyn
  5. Twitterpated


    A full moon rose in the youth of the eve, the sky more or less devoid of clouds; Allowing the beauty of the moon to shine down upon the lands unhindered. While viewed as a daily special event, omagatoki was an even more breath taking sight to see here in Neo Oo'Xora. These days, the mysterious glow provided by the tip of Ventus Temple reflecting the suns rays was an experience that painted the Golden Dragon red if only for the hours of sunset each day; For the growing megacity of advanced tech provided exterior walls on the building that too reflected this glow. Koji had put off seeing it himself long enough, and this evening he was rather pleased to have no excuse to not have spent such a beautiful moment with his Empress. This was but the first of a series of nights that would be spent here by the royal family. With the magestorms sweeping through their peak season in Genesaris, the New Union Frontier was going to be locked down for the better part of a couple months. This left the administrative duties on those he'd place in his absence, while the General of the Imperial Army himself remained to defend Jigoku against both nature and any potential incursions whilst he was away. His other wives and his children were all settled in, even better sleeping last he checked. This left him and his Katiya to one another's company until they saw fit to make a return appearance. For the wives and children, their absence was nothing too out of the ordinary. However, the sort of leisure time he had to spend with his Empress was something that wouldn't present itself too often. This was an opportunity he could not let slip by him so easily. "I've made plans for us to have Ventus Temple all to ourselves starting tomorrow, tonight however, we can do whatever you'd like. We can go, where ever you like." In a more playful manner than usual, Koji allowed a part of himself that he usually kept controlled to be exercised. Grasping Katiya's hand firmly, he stood erect and looked out at the expanse city both before and below him. They weren't on the tallest building per se, though pretty close to it. She had a few options, they could visit Ukiyo as the local attraction had been renamed. A place where she could fill her belly, entertainment purposes, and carnal desires all at once. They could check in with Belah, whom he was sure Katiya both had yet to meet, and that she would surely be just as interested in. They could merely wander and enjoy one another's company unhindered, or perhaps even take a ride upon the floating waters that remained with this strange islands in the sky. They could just as easily venture into the wilds and find that space they craved. The place where they could go to be away whenever they pleased. For it wasn't as if they'd miss their chance with the Temple if they didn't arrive promptly the following day. Reservations held a whole new meaning when it came to being the Magister of the entire province. He was doing nothing but costing his own nation money for any length of time he closed to Temple to the public. Compared to his purpose however, the money he could go without. Finally stepping forth, just before stepping off the edge of the tower, he mused a single phrase that was one she'd likely heard Kaori say a bagillian times already. "Ikimashou!" She'd have plenty of time to talk and think while they were in motion, regardless of choices to be made, Koji was already beginning to enjoy himself. Any time he got to spend with Katiya was time well spent in his book. @Dreamer
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    [GS] Ventus.

    Nothing. That's what he was feeling. This place of purity was neither hot, nor cold. It did not give him a sense of calm nor dread. It was merely a construct of white, a metaphorical heaven within the clouds by his perception. The battle with Ventus was a difficult one, in which even he had perhaps underestimated the might of a Goddess. Falling or otherwise. He'd suffered greatly physically and mentally, only to wind up in a place like this. Had he died? Truly? Had dying in this realm subjected him to it's respective variation of the afterlife? For all intents and purposes, this place was akin to a palace within paradise itself. Though when he'd had his mortal visions of paradise, this was far from what he'd imagined. For all the elegance and peace this place was teeming with, it struck a chord within him. A vibration that resonated from within, his body nearly rejecting the notion of this becoming his eternity. An eternal life without anything, without anyone that he loved was an empty one. For not even the presence of his Kimi could be sensed, in fact, nothing could be. Aromas of fresh food assaulted his senses, his eyes closing for a moment as he got a good smell as to predict what it was he was smelling. Though his eyes shot open when he heard Her voice. She beckoned him forth, and while he was mentally taken aback, his body refused to idle. At a leisure pace he traversed the hall, admiring some of the finer arts along the way; Admiring even more the figures that the art represented. Even he came from some semblance of lineage with warriors on each side of his removed families. Some more monster than man, though a warrior all the same. A survivor. Silently, he entered her company. Briefly he was reminded of his past spent among the Yokai Queen within the Void. Though that wasn't why he entered with such practiced calm and silence. His confusion as to his predicament was enough to warrant nothing from him but compliance as he focused on figuring out exactly where he was; What was going on. As she might have expected, though he meant her no disrespect, he continued all the way to the vacant seat across from the Goddess, and proceeded not by speaking to her, but by beginning to enjoy to the bountiful feast before him. While it wasn't quite the pallet his nature yearned for, it was sustenance all the same. Though even as his maw raked cooked flesh from bone, his amaranthine eyes settled their serpentine gaze upon the Goddess herself. @Chappu
  7. Not long after the arrival of the foreign Vampire troupe, another airship arrived on the scene. This one was of military status, branded by both symbols of both the court of Renovatio, and the kamon of the New Union Frontier. Aboard the ship was a total of roughly 5000, in which approximately 1200 of them were the ships engineers and crew, about another 300 or so being medical personal. This left about three thousand soldiers in attendance, and about five hundred Tengu Knights between them. On this particular excursion to the ruined Talix Engine however, the leadership of the nation in which these people reigned were also in attendance; Both the Emperor, and his Empress. Between the rumors of undead populace and the likes of paralyzing weapons, the Emperor easily found interest in trying to turn purpose from this place. Along with the hopeful assistance his Vampiress could provide. Though she was one of foreign origin, Koji had no doubts in his mind that Katiya would be just as capable as himself when it came to dominating the dwindling, lesser vampires left behind by the remnants of the latest Whispernight. "Sir! We've arrived within the vicinity of Talix Engine as you've requested." "And it appears we're not alone. Inform the crew to keep the engines running even while we're docked. Captain, inform my men that I require 300 soldiers and 50 Knights in my company, the rest will remain to defend the ship in my absence." "Hai!" "Keep eyes on the other ship nearby as well." As those under his employ rushed to complete his orders, the Emperor himself returned his attention from the deceased monitor to his Empress here in their temporary quarters. She herself wasn't the oldest Vampire, hardly old enough to by his knowledge to sire another just yet. However, he had no doubts she was old enough to impress some semblance on authority over the masses to be found here. If he proved wrong, then at least that brought with them a sufficient enough force capable of raising some of the undead populace in order to investigate the claims of their supernatural weaponry. Should the rumors prove true, the they'd just have to see how much they could loot in the wake of the opposition. "I'm ready to disembark when you are my love. This dark aura I'm sensing feels vaguely familiar, though I can't be certain of whom it belongs to without getting a closer look." @Dreamer
  8. Where she lacked experience, she made up for with intelligence. Places like taverns were always a great spot to hear about thing from rumors to superstitions. Having hardly began her journey to seek one of the lands most powerful artifacts, the young Akatsukizukuyo was virtually on a path that most would call something akin to a pilgrimage or a right of passage. She was seeking to earn her fangs. At her ripe age of 17, the intermediate student of the School of the Rising Sun, the last born child of the Momiji namesake, Mikazuki was ready to prove herself worthy of acquiring true power all her own, and wielding that power to carve a surviving and successful future for the true King. While most of her kind served their leader and nation feverishly, Mikazuki was of a different mind entirely. Though that was neither here nor there. "My, my, I did not think someone like you would be interested in the High Lord's blade of all things. Arashi, sweetie, it seems you've matured since I last saw you." "!?" Her ears twitched as she heard the words 'High Lord's Blade' spoken partially across the tavern from herself. Without turning her head or craning her neck to look, she merely lowered her chin and turned her head ever so slightly as to hear them more accurately with her enhanced senses. Could it be the very sword she had ventured from home to seek? And to think she'd only been sitting around here sipping on water for less than an hour. If it wasn't the sword of the sun as she'd heard it called, then perhaps it would be just as worthy of a fang to her. Arashi, that name sounded vaguely familiar to her, though she knew she had never seen not met the person before. Curiously enough she could smell the one they called Arashi. 'Dragon-kin...' Not quite like the sort she called Emperor, though not entirely different either. Undoubtedly she was strong, though how well could she wield her strength? She didn't smell that old, and she surely didn't smell that bloody either.
  9. "Wonderful! This way!" The first and last time prior to this experience that Xartia had visited the city, is was to meet, ironically with some fellows in kind that wished to undertake this very quest he seemed to have stumbled into. Rookhelm was the tavern they'd met in, in which the motley crew easily drew the attention of the locals, and at the brink of the civil war that ushered in the safeguard act, the quartet easily ended their experience here poorly. Despite his demonic mutations having completely subsided, Xartia wished to avoid bringing such a notable location any unnecessary, unwanted attention. For that reason, the Cambion led them to a smaller, more quaint location to regroup. The Purple Axe. While he hadn't yet experienced the location himself, whispers on the wind told him of them infamous import, Biazo's Volcanic Wine. Xartia was sure to slow his pace soon enough between alley ways to catch his breath. As he walked still somewhat briskly, he smoother out the fabrics of his clothes. Fortunately, the cooler season kept him from perspiring; and thanks to his active lifestyle, his legs were far from tired. His lungs far from exhausted, even after his little scuffle. Once they rounded the corner, Xartia's hands found his pockets and fished out his soft pack of LongStride 100s. His personal brand of tobacco. Shaking the pack he applied a slight grip, leaving a single filtered tip ejected from the small opening in the top of the pack. Placing it twixt his lips, he took a reassuring drag in which the opposing end seemed to ignite into the perfect cherry of it's own accord. Where they some sort of magic smokes that self lit, or did he in fact light the cigarette in his own discreet way? Either way, they soon found themselves entering the establishment he'd determined a kosher spot to plot in, he held the door open for Noah and anyone else still with them. The young elf wouldn't be much more help to them at this point in time, the best they could do was make her comfortable in a booth. Once seated, the Magician wasted no time in requesting service. "Could a get a few glasses and a chilled bottle of your most mature Volcanic Vino de Biazo? Much obliged." The half orc bar keep seemed confused by the speech if only for a brief moment. There was literally only one drink the strange, beautiful gentleman could be speaking of. It didn't take long at all for him to bring them a total of four glasses for now, and a buck of ice complete with a bottle of Volcanic Wine. Xartia mouthed his gratitude and smiled charmingly until they were left to their own company. Looking to Noah, the Cambion gestured with a single hand to a glass, silently asking him if he'd like one as his words spoke completely of the more pressing topic. "Noah was it? Tell me, can your surveillance determine approximately how many bodies we face in opposition? Also, how well do you know if this old boss and his cronies? If we remove the head, will the body fall...Or will we be facing some wild tantrum of vengeance so long as the lot of them breathe?" @danzilla3 @Zashiii
  10. The sound of multiple weapons being primed at his general location prompted him to be distracted enough from starting the bike in order to reach behind himself to withdraw his Sonic Pulse Pistol. Extending his arm, he aimed it, switching between a few targets before a shadow began to tower before him. As the man's voice commanded the others, his true aim remained trained upon the imposing figure in the fancy armor. "Hold! You want to know how fast it goes? It'd be slower than the speed I punt your ass into orbit." The Hyperkinetic stared through his half lidded, blood-shot eyes in a manner that seemed as if he was staring straight through it's protective layer and to the man inside the suit. The mean mug Bishop wore insinuated zero compliance at this moment in time. His aim still remaining true, his form nearly completely motionless as he watched the titan remove all of his weapons, yet not that ridiculous armor. The unnamed Greatsword stood infront of the vehicle, casting off his weapons to the side. "I suggest you get off, before I have you enter your next bout with an unfortunate handicap of broken bones" "A'ight, bet. You win, I enter th'next round wit' th' handicap o'whateva' injuries I sustain from ya' her' an' now. If I win, I get th'bike." Bishop hopped off the bike and holstered his SPP before removing his utility belt and tossing it aside. He matched the Greatsword with no weapon, though with his immense strength, he figured it was best if the bastard kept his fancy armor on. Not to mention how much more savage Bishop would look in the case that he bested the power armor. @Fierach
  11. “Oh…we are informal already then Xartia? Such comfort for someone thrust into this arrangement at the whim of a new acquaintance. Had I an official title worth flaunting I would make sure it escaped your lips many times today but I suppose Ilyana shall suffice.” Once upon a time, Xartia was a man full of hubris; A dangerous amount at that. He used to pride himself on his titles, verbal badges of recognition acknowledging his accomplishments. For better or worst. Most of his titles if not all of them bared a common history of blood and death. All the ones he'd acquired prior to relocating on the face of this very world. While there were far and few individuals that knew him from the past, most of them knew him in good standing. The more rare knew of his dark history, and merely chose not to exploit that against his favor. The rarest forgiving him for past transgressions directly. IT'S ALL TRADITIONAL HUMAN CUISINE! YOU'D THINK THEY'D HAVE SOMETHING EXOTIC, WHAT WITH ALL THEIR SPACESHIPS, LIKE LIVE GAGH OR FIENDISH DIRE RAT SAUTEED IN BUTTER! I PEEKED ON THE WAY OVER, AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY JUST HAVE ALL THE REALLY POPULAR FOOD TO MATCH THEIR REALLY POPULAR RECTANGULAR TABLES THAT REINFORCE OPPRESSIVE, OUTDATED SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS PROMULGATED BY AUTOCRATS AND A STAGNATING HEGEMONIC CLASS! “Nothing like the food at Club Tablillas and clearly uninspired. Perhaps the Order is low on funding and could not spare spending money on someone anywhere near your caliber Cammy. If we see anyone who can make the appropriate changes we have to let them know what a dire mistake they’ve made…” The cat girl chimed in before he could verbally respond to Ilyana's mildly patronizing remarks. True and unchanged to his nature, the Cambion ultimately felt no burning desire to explain himself. To explain how he'd grown beyond the want to cling to empty titles, as well as the false feelings of import they produced. Xartia had after all only taken his seat on the council as a favor to the Queen herself, for he also no longer desired to lead or rule over any amount of persons. "Transportation and import of specific off-world goods is a an uneconomic affair, especially in the perspective of catering to as broad an audience as possible. Nevertheless, if it would please you, I may be able to ask our kitchen staff to accommodate your requests as closely as possible. I apologize beforehand of course, if it does not meet the approval of your palate, as we receive very few guests of your class here" “Oh look. There she is with such impeccable timing. Isabella! Don’t drag your feet beautiful. Come, join us!” "I do hope she found her friend alright." Speaking of friends, he noticed a couple of his beyond Isabella; Arthur, and Enid. It'd been even longer since he last seen Enid compared to the likes of the Black Mage. Still, they seemed to be enjoying themselves in the wake of what was largely seen as a parade. With his own party just now getting reunited, he'd refrain from separating it again so soon. Perhaps after having a bite to eat he'd go say hi. For now he sufficed by moving to pull out Cammy's chair, one either next to or directly across from Ilyana whom took the liberty of beating him to the punch. Once Isabella drew nearer, he too worked to pull her seat out for her. "Welcome back dear, I take it you're feeling well enough to be trusted with food this time around?" He joked with her about her sickness that followed a heavy breakfast they shared the day before. While Xartia himself was ready too eat, he was all too curious what Cammy might request instead. Since arriving here he'd tried a few dishes exclusive to this world, though nothing so exotic as to be called far fetched. @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian @Pasion Pasiva @Fierach
  12. "Did you desire I go around territories enacting favors or deeds for others in exchange for service, land, or an alliance? Has this bloody world only made you weaker?" The Vampires words were personal, more so than anyone present might have known or even suspected. The Cambion's eyes became half lidded, his gaze remaining with Lein's. Over the years, Xartia hadn't grown weaker by any means. Though with power and age came wisdom; Wisdom so deep that he could even understand both why the Vampire would commit himself in such a manner, as well as the fact that he could never succeed. His own son he was discussing with Arthur earlier, Koji, is similar in these regards. The major difference here being interpersonal relationships. Where Koji was a burden he had to bare the weight of, Lein was not. Where he and Koji were enemies, he and Lein were not. Not only did Lein know better than those present of Xartia's extremely bloody history, though he should personally remember not to mistake his lack of sin as weakness. "Weaker? Need I remind you of the day you swore your fealty to me? Fortunately for you, your fealty was never of my desires. It shouldn't have to be said aloud, even if we haven't been around one another in long while...Even without my demonic mutations, do not ever look down your nose at me. Never mistake my restraint and patience for weakness." He more or less spoke just loud enough for Lein to here. Not that he cared if the others heard his words, more so that he wasn't trying to get a rise out of his comrade. As the Vampire resumed his speech, the Cambion was affirmed of his assumptions. Old habits died hard indeed. As much as Xartia wished to blame himself for the Vampires dwelling on this world, he refused to knowing he had nothing to do with his arrival. Besides, Xartia had long forgiven himself of his past transgressions, and had risked his life enough times for any world across the multiverse enough not feel the necessities of playing the hero any longer. Unless of course it was on a more personal level with himself. "Dark dominion if you had yet found out, but if my purging cannot be enough to control the World under a single order. I will be the sole reason the lands remain contaminated and fouled. You see, then will the World seek to find an antidote or a cure to end the affliction and torment endured." "So long as those I treasure remain untouched by your ilk, you need not be concerned with my personal resistance. I won't verbally threaten you directly, but I'm sure you get th -BRACE YOURSELVES!!!" The Cambion suddenly exclaimed as his right hand found the nearest wall. As a precaution, he metaphysically reinforced the presumed impact zone from the impending crash landing. How Xartia could've been so careless as to not notice the dragon and it's rider sooner was a mistake he couldn't afford to make again, especially during this quest. Judging by the landing as he perceived it, it was nothing of an assault, an accident at best. Fortunate for the rider as she made her way to his and Lein's company. Shoving an envelope into the Vampire's chest, his face grew puzzled. How many more humans had Lein been networking with, and how did this one know she could find him here? Her immediate choice to stroll away somewhat casually left him even more certain of his assumptions. Despite what he wanted to say, he bit his tongue and sufficed knowing that nobody was hurt in the crash landing, and that the vessel had sustained minimal damage that was virtually unnoticeable. "Perhaps I stand corrected, looks like you just might be famous already." He mused, refreshing his trademark, Cheshire grin. This hadn't been the first time the two had been mistaken for one another, though without his demonic mutations, it would likely be the last time such a thing occurred. It really was a shame that he hadn't seen Raveena since ridding himself of his mutated appearance completely. @Voldemort @Etched In Stone @Malintzin @Artificer
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