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  1. I watch it via "showbow" apk, or on my firestick*.
  2. It's been my favorite comic for years, hence my character Bishop featuring Compound V. Shameless fanboy. I can't wait for season two.
  3. It had been a while since the Dynasty had received word in response to their efforts afforded launching the THRIVE initiative. It had been even longer since the Emperor stretched himself into the general public of Ursa Madeum, even longer for Terrenus which was also an inevitable trip as relations continued to grow between Veluriyam and the Datsuzoku. While this was mostly a get away of sorts, it harbored a bit of business still. For Koji was concerned about not yet receiving his land, promised from assisting with the launch of the initiative. Originally, he'd hoped to salvage enough lang to house those Tian refugees he'd been caring for. However, his alternative was found with the Empress Rhozharon herself. A bargain was being struck in Taen to grant land to the refugees without having to force them from the lands they hailed from. This did nothing to reduce the value of land he could hold here in Thraece. Even if he wouldn't commit it to anything substantial, he'd find something meaningful to commit the land to. "Nomagqe yth shilta klae wer jusida thaczil ekess establish creol senar di vacation okarthel ihk hesi svihelen. Preferably vi spot ini wer pab." His voice could suddenly be heard as shadows grew naturally darker before stretching and twisting into an opening to a place called the Plane of Shadow. Though they traveled largely by airship, the Heika saw fit to arrive ahead of his vessel and crew in order to better assess the nature of their arrival. Diplomacy would happen with only his Empress and himself, for if he hailed his ship to their aid, it would be with violent intent. These days his men were itching for war, reluctant to have managed to attract no skirmishes upon their territories. For they expected it prior, now they began to crave it. After all, why prepare so well for something, if that something never came to pass? Dressed in black robes, accented with layers of white and gold trim. His bare feet padded the ground silently as he completely escaped the shadows that birthed him along side the silhouette of another, slender, more feminine frame. His Empress. How uncharacteristic it was for such high ranking monarchs to step out on their own for such a petty purpose, and yet he'd elected to consider using it for just as petty a purpose. His indigo eyes peered forth in a soft, half lidded gaze; A soft smile painted onto his smooth face. His Draconic arm hovered at his side motionless, his lover's alabaster skin heavily contrasting against his lurid, ebony scales. @Dreamer @Malintzin @danzilla3
  4. Hebishima (Snake Island) Geography Snake Island is the smallest island to the northwest of the mainlands respective to Oo’Xora. Climate Tropical Savanna Demographics Culture Hebishima consists of a plethora of serpentine and reptilian creatures: Snakes, lizards, drakes, kobolds, and other small draconic species. Before the arrival of one of Emperor Koji’s concubines, the island was largely left in a chaotic state; Without any semblance of intelligent life. Thanks to her influence before her untimely passing, the island has formed its own understood hierarchy among the reptiles, in which her son has been left holding the mantle in her wake. A son of the Emperor of the Datsuzoku Dynasty. Civilian Population: Approximately 10 million Minors (Under 16): Approximately 3.5 million Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 650,000 Male|Female Ratio: 45%|55% Economy Major Companies & Institutions N/A Parks & Recreation N/A Landmarks & Monuments The western coast of the island is majoraly covered by a vast mountain range. A sophisticated tunnel system that rivals even that of mention worthy Dwarven populations has been made throughout the mountains without sacrificing the stability of them. Considering not all are fortunate enough to occupy this region so elevated, most of the islands inhabitants sleep in smaller caves and caverns if not within the intricate tunnel systems found throughout the island itself. Government & National Security The only notable group found within the island call themselves the Orochi, a clan of sentient serpent-like creatues, headed by a child of the Emperor Koji and his late naga concubine. Deigned the strongest on the island, he rules with dominance unparalleled, in which his legions consist of all the monsters inhabiting the island with him both mundane and otherwise. Education There is no formal education to be found among these savages. Survival of the fittest is the law of the land. You either hunt or become one of the hunted. Transportation Dirt roads, mostly travel by foot. (Outside the Capitol) Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots. (Inside the Capitol) Notable Residents Orochi, Utsu - The first born son of the Emperor Koji, leader of the Orochi Clan. History Canon Past
  5. Twitterpated


    Emporia Geography Settled on the border of southern Avylon and north western Oo’Xora, this nation is a mix of the two regions, blended together through time and tragedy alike. It’s epicenter straddles the border between prefects, and so far remains an independent nation within the graces of the Grand Kommandant. Climate Mediterranean Demographics Culture Emporia consists of a diverse cast split between middle eastern and asiatic influences, gaining qualities of both the people of Avylon and Oo’Xora. Their nation borders the two prefects, causing a slight divide among the people in which they rival one another without alienation or descrimination leading to internal conflict. While the south had the superior lands and persons for things like farming and smithing, the north is known for following suit with its Avylon ancestors and producing this smaller nation’s best warriors. With a certain lack of technology, Emporians rely on their martial prowess first on average, magic being the second strongest quality they hold currently. Civilian Population: 1.2 Million Minors (Under 16): Approximately 350,000 Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 250,000 Male|Female Ratio: 39%|61% Economy Major Companies & Institutions TBA Parks & Recreation The Bazaar - A diverse marketplace teeming with independent vendors buying, selling, and trading goods literally from all around. Typically collected from raids and/or trades made during travels. If you see something you like, get it now, for it may not be there once you walk away and return. Landmarks & Monuments The Palace - An Islamic design of a castle, the precious gem sets out of time and place compart to the architecture found throughout Nehalen. It’s faux golden accents topping the walls of the palace are often said to be blinding on a bright sunny day when reflecting the sun’s rays. Relatively never open to the public beyond the courtyard, Varangian guard actively patrols the palace night and day. During moments of public address, it’s common to glimpse the Sultan on the balcony extending from his throne room, where he speaks to the people of his nation. Government & National Security The nation is ruled over by the reigning Sultan, accompanied by the Kaliph (Prime Minister/Religious Figure Head) and a Wazir (Royal Advisor). The personal guard of these figure heads, as well as the majority of the ranks within the military are referred to as Varangians. Regardless of designation, most men and women of Emporia are well versed in the martial ways. One’s trade or profession typically dictates their name unless they elect a preferred title or name for themselves. Varagian are not just defenders of the homeland, they are wandering mercenaries, raiders, and hassassin. Education Emporians often grow into the trade of their family, unless they choose to apprentice under a person or family of a different role in their more simplistic economy and way of life. Transportation Dirt roads, mostly travel by foot. (Outside the Capitol) Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots. (Inside the Capitol) Notable Residents The Sultan of Emporia - Ruling Sovereign of the nation, often the strongest warrior, sometimes an inherited position. The Kaliph of Emporia - Often a rank claimed by the nation’s greatest Sahir or Sorcerer. The Wazir of Emporia - An elected, trustworthy official with great knowledge. History Canon Emporia has shown support of their neighboring Emperor Koji by not only appearing in some amount to pay their respects to the Empress at her coronation in Genesaris, but also by donating to the entertainment surrounding the event. Despite this they have yet to formally align with the Datsuzoku Dynasty, abusing their location as a means to so far remain an independent country split between two larger nations. Past
  6. How unfortunate, another man blighted by a heart of vengeance. At least Alistair had no chance of regaining that which he'd lost, and Leinhart himself had already slain his and his lost love's persecutors. While he had learned to let go of such harsh emotions, it took him longer than a human's lifetime to do so. If he had to guess, Ira would either die fighting the demons that haunted him, or he'd die with his heart full of hatred and regret; Regret that he had failed to avenge his losses, and also that he'd neglected to live his life prior to dying. Unless he too decided to join the ranks of the Undead like Alistair himself. "I propose we let Quinn here enjoy her delightful looking bath, instead of having the two of us here to give her all kinds of distress. lets go somewhere else in the castle." "I propose you remember your place. The way I see it, you have two options: Return to your cell in the dungeon, and await one of my ranks to bring some supplies for you to clean it; Or, run. Either way, you have approximately 10 minutes to decide." His expression grew solemn, his eyes coruscated ominously as he delivered his speech. Turning his gaze back to Quinn now that she'd calmed herself a requested a change of conversation. She'd partially get her wish, but at what cost? Surely she didn't think that Alistair would leave her as is. He wasn't quite done with her yet. "The window is there, or you have the door you entered. I'm sure you remember the way out." Reaching into the tub, Alistair began draining it. He needed to give her fresh water for her to truly be able to enjoy it. Though he'd be in trouble, part of him sincerely hoped the lad would simply run off at this first given opportunity. Part of him doubted however, that the man was truly in any condition to attempt a full escape. Especially with only ten minutes as a head start, running from a variety of undead and preternatural creatures. Either way, the choice was his.
  7. "Come, let us commune with our other leaders. I'm sure they grow restless as we continue to banter away from them." "I am proud of your progressions, Mika. As I'm sure your father would’ve been, as well." "Domo artigato, Kenshi-sama" Mikazuki stated plainly as her right fist closed before pressing its knuckles into the left palm of the open fist, a bow afforded in order to show respect in completing a traditional, martial salute. Leaving Kaori in the care of Ozu as arranged, Koji sought to return to the remaining clan leaders and the Shogun with Kenshi in tow. As always, the Inari clan leader was reserved of emotion, though he knew deep down inside that the Inari was just as weary and nervous of the Okami as its allies. Otomatsu, leader of the Owari clan, though veiled beyond a menacing mask harbored a thick energy of contempt with him. The two of them along with the Kaminari head were mostly only here due to formalities, out of respect for their Emperor. For none of the three contributed to the numbers of the new students entering the school of the Rising Sun. As the Emperor returned to them with Kenshinobu, he maintained his default face. Devoid of any one emotion, with half lidded indigo eyes staring lazily at the three other leaders and the Shogun; His Draconic hand lifting and signaling reassurance for Kenshinobu to stand with him directly as opposed to a step behind as all the others, save for the Empress. "Of course you are all aware of your Imperial General; Momoku, Kenshinobu. Kenshi-dono, it is my pleasure to formally introduce you Inari Yoko, Owari Otomatsu, and Kaminari Aoi. Of course, I'm sure you remember the Lady Koharu's endearing words whilst we celebrated our Empress." He paused, allowing the trio to suck in the envy before driving yet another nail into their respective coffins. "It has been brought to my attention that it would please the Shogun for you to extend a branch of the school in the New Union City." Silently, Otomatsu rose from his seat and took a silent, casual stride out and away from not only the group, but the school over all. He'd had enough of these shenanigans for the evening. It was best he left before he was forced to do something foolish, or remain to appear as a coward for allowing any man the chance to continuously and blatantly patronize him in front of an audience regardless of it's size. "Forgive him my Emperor, perhaps his mind is beginning to fail in his old age." Yoko spoke with a spot of wisdom, regardless of his personal feelings. "Gomen, pardon me. Well wishes to you all, especially to you, my Emperor." Aoi left shortly after, following after Otomatsu partially to console him, and partially to confide in him perhaps. After all, the Yanaihara threatened the balance of power the Kaminari possessed simply by erecting one of their own as a Shogun of the Empire. Though they didn't have the same blight, the fact that they were both blighted perhaps gave room to relate if nothing else. Yoko on the other hand was more interested in watching the meeting play out to form more strong of an opinion about everything. After all, her duty was to her clan first; Unless compared to the likes of the Dynasty over all. @Etched In Stone@Hani@vielle@The Rabbit Emperor@Armada@Aleksei
  8. Finally caught up on posting. Just in time for a week long vacation from work too. If I somehow missed our activity please tell me and i'll respond asap. Otherwise, be on the look out for any new content you may or may not be interested in. 😀

  9. The demon continued to borrow from the energy it had already expended, neglecting said Yoki enough to leave flames raging in the field around them. Not only did he borrow from these flames, but he chose to distribute the flames in multiple uses thus muting the overall effectiveness of the flames exuding his hands now, as well as the Yoki applied to the soles of his feet. This was evident in the swordsman's ability to gain distance on him prior to his full halt a defense against the thrust. Continuing to keep himself shrouded in Ki, along with his sword, Komorebi's two handed thrust was more than enough to resist Shiroyasha's deflection of the blade. While he now re-channeled the same tired, borrowed Yoki into the deflection, the Monk's prowess did not falter. The superior Ki coating the swordsman and his blade was was easily a band to the demon whom didn't exude the Yoki through his defending limb, just into it. This allowed him to reinforce his own prowess, though he neglected his endurance in the matter. Not only the the swordsman's sword failed to be moved as Shiroyasha wished, he likely also felt the excruciating pain associated with his hand pressing against the Ki coated blade, burning the limb as his own two hand gripped the handle with extreme prejudice, his feet stomping into the ground and firmly planting into it while his arms fully extended into the thrust as planned. As the blade thrust into Shiroyasha's gut, those shuriken from before smacked into the Ki coating the swordsman at his backside. With a visible grimace he growled, twisting the blade to widen the wound he'd just created. The Ki penetrating the Yokai's midsection likely caused just as much discomfort to him if not more than when his hand tried deflect the blade. For the damage was much more severe by this point. His growl turned into a blood curdling war cry at the zenith of the twist which brought the sword's edge to aim upwards. Despite the misfortune he faced, the solace found in this moment for the demon was that the bellowing war cry carried the swordsman's name with it. Should the reinforcements or Shiroyasha himself failed to stop the process of his continued attack, then the demon faced finding himself with his upper body split from the when the thrust occurred, all the way through his head with the ease of a hot knife through butter. "I AM KAGEYAMA, KOMOREBI! OF KAGEYAMAGAKURE!!!" Regardless of if the demon could or would be spared, the swordsman had revealed his identity. Not only to the Okami before him, but also to the dozen or so more than were rapidly approaching. If pressed he'd continue to fight until his last breath, even in knowing that he likely couldn't handle this many more adversaries in his current condition and live to tell the story. Thus was the life of a man that lived by the sword. Inevitably, he'd also die by the sword.
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    [GS] Ventus.

    "!" The sudden closure of the the ice on the undead dragon's tail did nothing by slow it as it tore and cut into the already deadened flesh and bone. The end of it's tail removed without a drop of blood accounted for. Moving onward at it's slower pace, Koji worked to repair it's damage by channeling negative energy into the beast. Not only did it's tail slowly grow back, but it's tattered body began to mend flesh and bone alike to a more solid appearance reminiscent of the dragon in it's living form. This was taxing, especially with the Mugen-me opened, though the Heika was careful to pace himself as to not make himself any less formidable to Ventus. Typically, this third eye would see veiled threats like the lance in the sheet of ice. However, in this case the lance too was made of the same ice, allowing it to elude his arrogant gaze. The deity spoke of it's blight, which was one not of Koji's directive. Though in retrospect she questioned him rather directly of his desires. An opportunity to stall he dare not pass up so easily. “What do you seek outsider?” "I seek to liberate." He started plainly before pausing to gather his words. "The grey evils of man seek to swallow up any semblance of freedom and righteousness, under the guise of Order as they see fit. The disease that is man has been left to run rampant for far too long, so much so that the less human species have began to mimic the poor behaviors that they once also despised so deeply." Having traveled approximately a quarter of the way to her, the dragon's tail was only about a third of the way reformed. as his third eye continued to watch her, his draconic limb continued pumping his mount with the bane of existence that so eagerly fed one of its kind. "I seek you, your comprehension, your compassion...Most of all your power. I seek to play the games of the grey evils to earn the love and trust of the masses so that they might reap what they so in the end, and so that I might perfect the work of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and even your mothers and fathers. I will bring ruin to the false facets of order and restore the tarnished paradise that has become of existence." Though he spoke with a certain level of pureness in speech, Ventus likely tasted his aura even from this distance, and identified it as the opposite of her own. Their respective differences the polar opposite of one another, the bane of one another even. Her aura even now pushed outwards in waves of peacefulness, or righteousness, or light! His clashing aura while not as grandiose as her's was one of entropy, discord, and chaos! Either she would accept his words as spoken, or she would deny their truth as she remained weary of this stranger that felt nothing like he advertised. Though he did not particularly lie, his methods of achieving will continue to make other's question his motives. Just as any other embodiment of true chaos however, this way always their primary function. To destroy creation, only to create anew. Only in toppling the tarnished paradise could he plant the seed to erect true one. One where all could be truly free, and happy. One where the God's did not have to fight their ungrateful children, and where their children need not continue petty conflicts of greed among one another. @Chappu
  11. Indeed. She had grown leagues in such a short amount of time, in mind, body, and spirit! As much as Jinsoku had sought to hide her from the cruel nature of the world, it seemed that such run ins were inevitable. At least her reservations of being her were more about being back in Genesaris than adjusting to being there for the first time. She was just thankful they were rather far from the East. Then again, their wasn't a ton of solace in the fact that they were still plunged into territory ultimately overseen by the Carmine Empire. At least the vampires associated with such leadership were more of a living variety than the monstrous brand that took her family, her town from her. When she was smiled at in salutations, she silently returned the smile with a wink before her right hand rose before her in a victory sign. The crew retrieved their bags to her surprise, though she gave no protest. Silently she began to follow along with the crowd as the adults took to small talk. The strange, beautiful woman spoke of Nymeria, in which this was her first time seeing one of their people. Judging by her attendance, she wondered if the woman was special, considering she'd heard most of their kind couldn't spend prolonged amounts of time on the surface without some special equipment. She questioned of Tiandi Wushu and it's women, flattered that she'd been referred to as such. Her face flushed red and with heat as she grew slightly embarrassed over the Shangdi's indirect appraisal. Throwing her hands up, she waved them profusely in rejection of his words. "Don't listen to him. I have a long way to go before I might consider myself a master student."
  12. When the Queen leaned in rather closely, he refrained from moving away, though his speech slowed ever so slightly, and a pinkish tint began to warm his face. When she moved away just a bit, he gently cleared his throat, even though she took the opportunity to speak herself once more. "Precisely." Was all he had to reply to her notions of new taxes and citizens. Though he wouldn't mention anything more aloud so soon, he was curious as to how accepting the general public would be to sharing the land more permanently with outsiders. He feared prejudice might experience sudden rise, though to what extent he wasn't sure. The cost of having a nation with closed borders for such a long time. His thoughts subsided however, when the Queen proposed another idea. “Or..” Aurora started with her voice soft, as if someone would be listening in. “I could just eliminate the need of a council, maybe marry with the excuse that the King will be my advisor?” Originally he might have thought of her slowly ushering out the old council to fill it anew, though this option sounded like more of a fast track. Not only, but also a recession into the ways of old. A more traditional approach to monarchy. Though it stood to reason just how strong of a grip she could maintain on the throne and her people. What sort of man would she make King? Or would she further her endeavors by arranging a marriage between herself and a pre-existing King? "While the council seem to cling to old ways, I have a feeling they'd rebuke the changes simply because they stand to lose some sort of position of power. I myself have yet to gain a semblance of such, but those whom have been in their seat for decades have established themselves in a certain manner by now. Forgive my forwardness, for it is none of my business, but does this stand to say that you'd be marrying strictly for political reasons to back your choices? Furthermore, would you grow a fresh King from your personal selection, or would you seek to formally join an established King; Essentially merging Kingdoms in some form of alliance?"
  13. It wasn't every day that a man sworn to service was afforded the consideration of what he truly desired. While Ira was in no position to grant him any of his desires without potential repercussions, it did cause Alistair to truly consider for a moment what he wanted. When some semblance of answers formed, without ease, he scoffed audibly before snickering and musing his response. "I want to enjoy the eternal life that I have been granted. Regardless, your questions are better suited for our Patriarch. I am but a, as you humans put it, cog in the machine. Make no mistake, I am a boss of the house, though I am not thee boss of the house." It was ironic that the conversation before he entered the room was headed right this way. He really wished to know what it was the doctor really wanted, and of course while he was already at it, he too wished to know what Ira actually wanted. Anything pertaining to the good doctor would be nothing more than lies, though now that he knew she was here, he couldn't just walk away...could he? His jovial nature slowly escaped him, a rather plain expression taking his face, save for the eyes. His eyes still smiled. "Ironically, I was just about to as Quin that very question. However, now I'm curious, what do you truly desire Ira?"
  14. "Wha'tif we jus' go in as band yeah? Hired enta'tainment, nah' mean?" "A Trojan horse methodology isn't a bad concept. However, we need two folks separate from the band to pull an infiltration during the performance. Otherwise we're back at square one with the whole slave guise. Of course, I don't wish to jeopardize your reputation as an artist, Leon. As talks progressed, Bishop's hand nearest the knee Jade perched herself on rose to rest on Jade's hip. Not that he felt entitled to do so necessarily, more of a natural habit he's had since he became acquainted with women. Though Cici took him off the market for several years, their relationship had never failed like the average one did. Their young, haughty, bizarre love was and arguably would still be one that none compared to. Alas, he'd made his choices, and in his seasoned maturity he'd chosen to to repeat a past mistake in order to make up for said mistake. None the less, in his worlds prior, he was a ladies man. Not the best looker, though not terrible to look at either; And despite his rather slim figure with obvious definition, he pack more than enough punch to back his sharp tongue and smart, raunchy mouth. "Our third, and most foolish option, is to infiltrate as a single force with no undercover persons. It's the highest risks with the lowest chances of success." He'd let the other's give their two scents before differing to Kirena and ultimately making the final choice. Jun was right, time was of the essence. Though in retrospect, their was no true time limit on a mission that could leave them enslaved if not outright dead. Better to be accurate than swift. A lesson he was still having a hard time learning; Words from Master James that he'd never forget.
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