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  1. He tried his best to be certain he wasn't being watched or followed without raising anyone's level of concern. The Queen's personal assistant was unaware of where the Queen had actually last been seen, though between the room he'd just left, her personal quarters, and her office; There had to be something of value. A hint or clue of some sort, a lead as to whom the culprit may be. Still, it was incredibly hard to believe the Queen could be taken against her will, without alarm at that. And so soon after opening the borders. There was no way an outsider could've learned their way around so quickly. That's when it dawned on him. Perhaps this was an inside job, as afraid as he was to doubt or accuse one of their own, he couldn't rule it out until he discovered a sufficient reason to rule it out. If someone on the inside wasn't the culprit, they were certainly an accomplice. Despite how against the grain she was, he'd have never guessed that Aurora was capable of drawing enough ire from the older faces on the council to warrant her removal. 'It'd be even worse if more than one on the inside was involved...' When he reached her room, he guard was absent, being that all hands were on high alert over the Queen herself missing. Slipping quietly into her room and shutting the door behind him, he got to work moving as swiftly and silently as possible. Without turning the room over so to speak, Efemaer got hard to work on scouring the room for anything he would consider abnormal...Which in this case was difficult considering the rare use of the room as it was. Somebody had spent a bit of time sitting on the edge of the bed, though it didn't seem to have been slept in for several days on end. Overall, much like the guards, he turned up absolutely nothing. However, on his way out of the room, he did notice the crack in the face of the frame's glass. Running a single smooth digit over it, he felt with his eyes closed as he tried to decide for himself how old the crack was, and if it had been created by natural means or otherwise. Sliding back out of her room, he ensured the corridor was still clear before fully exiting and shutting the door once more. Ultimately as he approached her office, he continued to dissect and digest his thoughts for the most logical explanation. Whoever took the Queen, he wondered what the motive behind such an act was. Did they hope to achieve a ransom? Perhaps a scorned suitor was prepared to attempt strong arming her hand in marriage? Whatever the case may be, he was certain of one thing. Whoever was responsible would have best served themselves by ensuring the Queen was permanently removed, and that her remains could never be found. Efemaer may have lacked a certain arcana prowess, but his short comings were not reflective of his nation's prowess. Finding his was into her office, he did much like before. Ensured that no prying eye spotted him entering when he did before slipping in and shutting the door. His search here was largely fruitless, much like the search in her room. Most of the things he could imagine would be of value seemed to have gone untouched. Though there was a drawer. One solitary drawer that was locked. As badly as Efemaer wanted to know what was inside of it, he considered the fact that maybe someone else was looking for something the Queen had, and maybe it was there. As open as he personal bedroom was, he couldn't fathom a reason why she would have locked a drawer on her desk when again, all he could identify as important seemed to be accounted for and virtually anything but secure. Without knowing how long the Queen had actually been missing, it was difficult to decide what to do next. With the kingdom being notified and the people joining the search, he best bet was to sit tight here for now and hide out in the corner. Once a proper window of opportunity had passed, Efemaer would opt to try getting the drawer open. For now though, he was content with steaking out her office and waiting. @Eternity
  2. Tada! I'm officially back in character!

    1. Eternity


      We can be back together!!


  3. Time passed, how much was an uncertainty, for the Cambion had been so engrossed in learning over the past several weeks that he simply failed to keep up with the passage of time beyond three or so weeks. Nigh his entire party had left his side, and yet he found temporary refuge with the Rebels it seemed. He heard some stories about the history of the island, as well as it's Queen. Of her absolute rule over the city, of just how ludicrous and advanced their tech was, even more than the famed Joran City. He found no promising leads on the Time Stone beyond the hunch that it was under lock and key with countless artifacts that the Warden of the Prison seemed to keep in a private museum of some sort; In the prison itself for safe keeping and within the Queen's rule and protection! However, he did learn something valuable about the varying loci even here compared to the rest of Genesaris. He'd learned why his prowess waned even more here than it did on some other worlds he'd occupied in the Material Plane. The foreign value of his magics apparently flagged itself as such to the loci of this world. While results vary between lands and proximity to magnetic poles, it would seem that like an immune response to a virus, it sought to extinguish his arcana. For that purpose he'd spent the better part of the last two weeks traversing the island in search of the most available, proper ingredients to design a hopefully compatible wand in which to amplify his casting to levels he was more familiar with. Even after existing here for a couple years, he found immense joy that he still had new things to learn about this strange place. He also kept in mind that this wand even if it worked, would likely not work as well the further he went near or into an adverse loci. "Thanks to her royal highness there isn't really any variety of mythical creatures to borrow materials from...I doubt the rebels would agree with me taking a bone from one of their limbs, even the deceased." Still it wasn't out of the question for him. After all, Xartia had done much, much worse in his past. Whether it was grave robbing or assault, or even attempted murder, this Magician always had the willingness to take things just as far as he needed to in order to meet the ends he desired. In such a train of though, he weighed three new options to meet his ultimate ends of coming to this island, in which all had terrible endings involved for anyone involved. That is, unless he succeeded in retrieving the Time Stone. @Etched In Stone
  4. "I." He stated rather plainly. Indeed he too was worried, however, he didn't necessarily agree with the others. It was unfathomable that anyone could walk in and outright kidnap the Queen. It was his best guess that she may have more likely disappeared on her own accord. But for what reason? Wouldn't she have told him if she was going to wander off, even if she hadn't necessarily told him where? As a councilman, he was obligated to agree with the others, but as a life long friend of the Queen's, he couldn't just idly sit by and wait for results. Once this meeting adjourned, Efemaer was prepared to carefully make his way to and infiltrate the Queen's quarters and office himself. Perhaps with a more keen eye he would find at least one clue as to where to begin looking. @Eternity
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    Heat blasted through the Meta's knuckles as pain flooded into them. Past his prime and still out of practice despite his warm welcome at The Festival of Blades, it became obvious rather quickly that Bishop was as he used to be so many years ago. He was out of his league. However, that didn't cast any doubt to this underdog. He used to have a reputation for defying the odds! As his arm recoiled, the Enforcer caught him left ribs, fracturing two of them as far as Bishop could tell. His mouth shot open as a a bit of blood flew from it, the wind being knocked from him. His bloodshot, glazed, hazel green eyes widened as well. This moment served as a severe reminder to the limits of his meta abilities. While Hyperkinesis was great for his senses in most cases, it was always up to the body to be capable of reacting to the information fast enough to benefit from it. Even with the V, the dulled blade that was Tzak the Ripper still found himself a bit incapable. 15 years ago, he would've crushed this fucker already, no doubt! His left elbow knocked the charging limb off to his left side as he crunched his midsection all the same as he would've in his youth to cushion the blow. Perhaps the Enforcer would notice the intent despite the old dog failing to execute properly. Suddenly, his body snapped back with inhuman speed. A faint uppercut from his left swiftly extended into a rather savage upward strike all the same from his bent elbow, aimed for the chin. He continued to charge his super breath, more than certain the potency of it's next use needed to catch the Enforcer off guard. And of course pack enough power to pierce his enhancements. Logic said he should've been using his full arsenal, but his fighting spirit couldn't resist the closing thing to Dzan Streea this godforsaken planet had to offer. He almost felt obligated to throw hands! @danzilla3
  6. I'm down for making an appearance with my Bishop. General note: He is always likely to be a problem, but never has to be. He has a mental disorder that makes him very aggressive. 🤣😅
  7. How goes boss

  8. Training is well complete and I've officially been in the field two weeks now. At this point I'll admit that work is no longer my primary distraction from writing. It's time consuming and exhausting to be back on the dating scene after a 12 year hiatus. But yeah, that's where I'm at. Alive, mostly well, trying to kill these sales. 

    I'm getting that itch though. 😏

  9. @danzilla3 I haven't forgot about our thread, I've just been hella scarce lately.


    On that note, a general note to all, I'm pretty much unofficially afv. I'm preparing to start a new job this coming week and as they often due, things in life have been changing. For the better though! Y'all be safe. I'll see y'all again one day. Maybe. 😁

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    "Знаешь..." The Meta responded with some amount of confusion. Ever since leaving his home world, he had grown used to people not speaking his language. His native one especially. This particular guy however, was more interesting than he appeared on the outside, even with the evidence of his body modifications. The mind of a Hyperkinetic was something special. To Bishop, not only did everything appear as if moving in a slower motion than it really was, but he could make out most if not all the minuscule details of something provided he can pick it up with his inhuman senses. He easily projected the distance of his opponent, estimated how fast he'd have to react at a moments notice whether his body was capable of keeping up or not. While the illustrious Compound V coursing through his veins helped to that end, though he was deep down inside still only human. Bishop's arms formed some semblance of a boxer's guard as the Enforcer's legs opened up, and as his engines started and launched him at Bishop, Bishop stepped in as his right fist closed tightly and launched at the Enforcer's head in the form of a haymaker with nigh the full force he was capable of mustering in a single blow. Bishop's strength was tremendous despite his rather small frame. With a single blow, the Meta was capable of denting or even outright penetrating some of the densest metals known to man. Had the enforcer been ordinary, it's likely he'd have been easily flipped, his jets carrying that momentum forward and up as the head went back and ultimately down. As if the brute strength of the punch alone wasn't enough to shatter a skull and literally knock one's face into/through the back of it, the act crushing it to the ground was necessary overkill considering his opponent wouldn't likely be so easily thwarted. Just because this guy's head likely wouldn't pop like a squished grape didn't mean he couldn't try it. Regardless, he answered the man's takedown with a punch to the dome, his steel cleats digging into the concrete beneath them. Even if Bishop couldn't man handle him so easily, the Enforce would learn that even without cybernetics, his method thus far was best compared to the act of a small child illogically smashing one action figure into another yet neglecting to move the other in any realistic manner. All the while, the Meta began preparing his super breath* . @danzilla3 @Yoko
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    "Tch." He audibly sucked his teeth as he refused to move out of the way, yet made no attempts to stop Tak from leaving when he did. Shortly after him, the Meta made way for the door. Without looking back over his should, he gave the woman some parting words. "Take care of yourself Cici..." Despite realizing what he'd said after the fact, he refused to correct his error, instead choosing to walk away. Bishop recalled the strange looking kid with blue hair. He looked like a bass head, certainly that little punk knew where to find some tranq. Searching the kitchen and even the freezer, the kid was nowhere to be found. Asking a few of the employees, one said that he'd seen the kid take off through the back door minutes ago. Grunting in mild frustration, the Russian Meta needed another drink. As he inevitably went to return to the bar, he could see a man near the entrance gathering energy in the palm of his hand. Despite his hyperkinetic, there was nothing he could tell about this foreign energy other than it seemed to host some hard to see waves permeating from it. Heat... Inhaling deeply, the Meta chest swelled preternaturally in likeness to the circumference of a barrel as his steel cleats locked into the ground beneath him by nothing more than the strength of his legs alone. As the gathered energy left the strangers hand, Bishop exhaled a breath of frigid, gale force wind. Blasting the kitchen door open and likely off it's hinges if it didn't outright shatter from both the immediate drop in temperature and force alone. Between the aggressor and Bishop himself, the breath swept the room and left a shimmering thin layer of frost in it's wake due to the hot temperature of the incinerating wave it contended with. Though not as wide spread, the breath's more cone like shape of projection threatened the offender with the widest end of it's ranged prowess. It was maybe just enough spread force to knock him back out of the entrance. It was possible that Bishop might have saved a life or two, though it was quite obvious that he hadn't intended to save anyone other than himself. With his ectomorphic frame returned to it's normal state, Bishop stepped out into the bar. His steel cleats crunch into the frosty, charred floor as he looked around the room to get a good idea of what actually just happened. Thanks to his experience, it was safe to say that whoever that was, was sent here to kill someone. That, or they had a personal grudge to carry out. Either way, he had no plans of getting involved anymore than he had to. Little did he know that he was the mark. It was sad when a life was lost, though Bishop only truly seemed to care when it was a life that was close to his; That he favored. Still, to some degree, all life was precious. No way he'd find a dealer here, not now. His clue should have been the staff continuing to clear out. Perhaps the cop was right, and Bishop knew better than most that the streets demanded respect. "Yo, cyka!" He called out to the prick that just fried the bar before stepping out the doors himself and into his view. "I'm lookin' t'score sum good shit. I was thinkin' I'd find sumthin' her', but y'kinda messed tha' up. Y'look lik'ya know y'way 'round her', wher's th'next best place t'ave a good time?" @danzilla3 @Noko
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