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  1. Twitterpated

    ryu; tennyo

    As the conversation progressed, the Empress came with a loaded question. Why....Why did people follow him. Multiple answers came to mind, though he sufficed to narrow it down to a few good potential answers. "Perhaps it is because of my ambitions, perhaps it is because I don't force anyone to follow...Or maybe it's because I saved them in their time of need. I'm certain there's no one true answer." He paused as he silently continued to mull over the question in his head. He had never truly considered nor cared why any of the people that followed him did. Koji only cared that the people did follow him, and that he hadn't a single need to force himself on any of them. Considering the strict way of life his nation held, with few yet harsh laws known as the Emperor's Kodo, it was almost a surprise that Koji couldn't be tagged as one of the many conquerors that have been finding their way to lands both near and far. It would be a lie to say that he hadn't forced his way, though it was ironically convenient that he hadn't the need still to force his acceptance beyond establishing it. "You and your Emperor are welcome to visit at any time, announced or otherwise. Perhaps during a visit you can ask some of my citizens why they follow me and get a more accurate answer to your question." With as much mystery as there was surrounding his title and his Dynasty, it came to no surprise that she was interested in investigating first hand what exactly was so unique about him or his growing Empire. Especially considering he was so eager to worm his way into cahoots with them and the entirety of A.N.T. formally. He stepped into their home and captured a glimpse of it, it was only natural for them to want to take a peak at his home. "What about Taen, or did you have more questions about the Datsuzoku?"
  2. Twitterpated

    The Bad Doctor

    Captain Becky's head ached harshly for the moment, a drop of blood leaking from one of her nostrils. While the trauma of the subject she abused was much worse, she suffered some herself thanks to not leaving her mind before the Asian woman was shot and killed. As much as she wished to go after them all now, she was in no condition to play Rambo and try to take them all herself. With her wounded mind recuperating, she was unable to reach out to her remaining squad mates telepathically. And thanks to the knock knock at the cockpit, the girl were more likely to hear that commotion over what transpired back where the prisoners were being held. Begrudgingly, Rebecca had no choice but to find a corner to hide in. There would be no catching anyone or doing anything if she was dead. Meanwhile, Daphne and Taylor proceeded strategically through the fray left in the wake of the Blitzkrieg that ruined the bridge. Cautiously, they moved through the smoke and around the bodies, most of them yet not all of them quite dead. They could hear shouting in the distance, though thanks to the prior commotions of explosions an what not, there was no telling the source or hearing what was specifically yelled. The pilots tried their best to remain calm from the breech to every moment after. Continuing their flight path as originally intended, they were frozen in fear. The co-pilot looked to the pilot, and with a shifting of his eyes he signaled to him that he should respond to them verbally. He was the pilot after all. Pilot: "PLEASE! We'll do whatever you say, just don't shoot. I have, had a wife...but I still have two beautiful kids!" Co-Pilot: "..."
  3. Twitterpated

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    I'll have a post up tomorrow right after I make an edit in another thread. Today got away from me, busy week.
  4. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    Funny is funny.
  5. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    I mean I already accepted your judgement. I just wanted it to be clear that the teleportation mentioned was not originally intended for any sort of defensive use what so ever. I/Koji never intended direct conflict. He's just bossy, rude, arrogant, naive. But he is at least "strong". I'll refrain from repeating myself since you aren't reading the previous explanations. I care less about the character and ruling and more about being misunderstood. Either I could explain better in the future (IC & OOC) or other people just need to read and/or communicate better.
  6. Twitterpated

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    I'll wait or go ahead. Just let me know.
  7. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    That's the problem though. It wasn't to deal with her attack...
  8. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    Let me start by saying I am NOT disputing your ruling. However, I hope you actually read my response here in this thread because based on your details, you didn't. Yes, the teleportation ended, but before he even offered his hand, he prepared to do another teleportation but this time with her. There was no defense created in mind if any attack. He was going to help her get what she came for and hoped to find what he came for. So no preps, and even if he did choose to engage her in conflict, it wouldn't have involved "preps". My profiles are out of date but you're albeit aware that I'm ditching the Valucre fight systems to stick to what I know/prefer as Supernal has also advised me to do in the past. Val Rulesets are not a requirement, and without consenting to it it's kinda poopy to be forced into its regulation, which ever one you're referencing. Again, this and Koji was never interested/intended to engage in direct conflict, and he (again) only arrived personally because of Schrei going out of her way to show herself while being stealthy. Alas, thank you for your time, sorry for the commotion. Moving forward I'll just ask the person I'm writing with if we're fighting so I know to treat it as such. I'll make my edits asap to reflect your judgement.
  9. Twitterpated

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    Hmm. Well I believe Thotty is in a place where I don't know what I can do being that the character is going through the vents correct? I've already prescribed the status of those. Unless I'm mistaken and she's already arrived elsewhere. I'd have to reread the last reply to be certain. Regardless, if they're taking a pass this is my first knowing if it. Otherwise I'd have posted already. No worries though, I can shake something up for y'all today.
  10. Twitterpated

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    I thought it was someone else's turn in posting order? I'll check again and get to it. Thanks. 💯
  11. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    You're comparing the shadows around him to simply shadow being manipulated by him, when the only part being manipulated directly are the mentioned tendrils. The shadow enveloping him is him opening a door so to speak, piercing the veil between the material plane where they are and bridging it to it's ugly twin sister. The plane of shadow is a place that is the dark, negative, broken mirror version of this one. Sound is absorbed, as is light by this type of "energy" If it was merely a spell being used defensively (Which it wasn't it just happened to serve as a convenient defense*), then the attack would've heavily outweighed the spell and he might have seen the face of devastation. But as is, if I didn't feel so cheesed about feeling forced to take a hit in the first place (and if I hadn't have been drinking all weekend for my birthday) I might have mentioned some actual visual damage to the Dragon Arm, some blood and some loss of scales at best. You literally had a better chance at punching him in the face or kicking him in the ball. Stabbing him or even shooting him. Something physical more than "energy based " considering his position. He wasn't seriously threatened due to convenient circumstance of the happening. Again, there were better ways to try and inflict harm on him for sure. She could have even used the dragon strength she is harboring to yank him out of the veil between planes before detonating the devices. This actually would have proven preferable in my book because then he would've gotten fucked up. As an up and coming "villain" I expect him to take L's, otherwise he can't become "stronger". I actually asked King to drop by and try to knock his teeth in for me on his own fucking porch. No I'm not going to "let" him win, but I want him to. His draconic strength is limited to the one arm, her entire body is juiced, she easily could have pulled him out and then BOOMFUCK!!! The Heika would have been critical. AND FUCKING LIVID! Silence Orb < Silence: As mentioned above, shadow absorbs sound, devours it, mutes it, etc. If this little magic orb can do it, a place full of this shadow/negative energy would surely do it. She had a pebble, he stood in an ocean of the same potential that pebble has. Though it doesn't matter in this discussion, I'll note Koji is a Master of Shadow, actually he a creature born from said plane of shadow. (I made a thread in the alternative rp for this a long while back for shits, giggles, and to have a place to spin plot occasionally cause I have a character from there. A carry over from my "home site". I did specify the speed of shadow is second only to the speed of light. Where I'm from I play with a bit of semi-realism in my fantasy. This claim is wildly accurate, and even if there are other things faster between, I'd wager that the speed of shadow is still greater than the speed of sound. Again, that's my bad for the speedy response in my inebriation. I felt cheesed and was just like IT'S THE LEANING TOWER OF CHEESE-UHHHHH!!! But like I said, in my right mind there would've been given detail to some level of damage directly to the arm being that it's point blank, still, it wouldn't suffice to anything crippling. Had it have been his human arm, then he may have lost his arm with Shrei, and in the most emo scenario ever they'd still be holding hands as she escaped. Specifically his dracon arm is resilient to a lot of shit, and incredibly vulnerable to the things that actually damage it. (i.e. dragon bone, anti-dragon magic, holy/light/enchanted stuff to name a few.) Don't test me, I'm the best loser I know. I'd be happy to tell you about my best L's some time. I still find reminiscing them entertaining. (If ya don't know knigga ask about me!) You should understand by this point that this claim is the most ridiculous one. Again, just in case, it was a matter of convenience. There were other ways to apply herself to yield more fruitful results as mentioned above. No, just no. We have an OOC, I have an inbox, I even message you this morning on Discord so we have that too. You could have done what most the people I play with would have done and asked me for clarification if needed, or even just simply communicated your conflicts of interest with me. When Koji appeared, he was indeed dick waving his authority cause he been taught to act that way, he's arrogant and demanding. Though as mentioned in my posts (I think even more than once?) in the thread as a whole, it was mentioned he was only here to try and look good to some attractive friends he's trying to make. As a creature of chaos, he thrives for the shit he's seeing in Tia. He would never wish to stop it. As for saving any amount of people there, he could truly, honestly give a shit less about them. He'd enjoy watching them die with the rest. And the distant future if he ever gets things his way, he'll do to Valucre as a world what the Dead has done to Tia. (Though I'd be willing to be he will die long before his goals are achieved, in which his heir and his siblings will be the deciding factor on if the Empire follows his legacy as intended, or if they choose to take the Empire/Dynasty in a different direction, which they most likely will. Not that you care just saiyan.) Balance. Balance is important. In my experience, both observing IC and witnessing some renown players speaking frankly OOC, quite a few folks around here seem to scale their characters power to whatever they are facing. Which is ridiculous to me but to each their own. I've also noticed that for characters that do have profiles, they generally lack full definition of their abilities. I try to express all of my characters higher limits in the profiles as best I can. This is so when you jump out the box bigger and badder, it's easily identified as public knowledge. Likewise, the amount of different abilities he has both passive and active, and their prescribed limits respectively, all fit within mild powers. In which the more absurd they may appear, the more taxing they are to use, and the less likely you are to see him use in direct and active combat. I've given you some examples of how he can be harmed already, and there are a few players that have in fact harmed him. The only conflict he had that he didn't take damage in was I believe in his own territory with one of his concubines tag teaming a single target together. =\ It's not a tactical advantage, to be honest I was never planning on our characters engaging in direct conflict to begin with. He literally came to investigate who or what tf was roasting his men with dragon fire. It felt similar to his Tatsuo, but clearly was something more of the Undead variety. (One of his abilities actually allows him to command the Undead something like Vampiric Oppression used on Humans. I would've been interested to see how you'd have reacted to it, I personally would've probably been like "Do a barrel dice roll! Fukket!" Cheese, see above. Bullshit, at this time I'll willingly overlook this specific explanation. Nobody told you to have your character attack his Imperial Forces, whom had no fucking idea she was there in the first place and was too busy fighting the infected. She was so stealthy she BURNED A BIG FUCKING HOLE IN THE FLOOR, THROUGH THE CEILING JUST TO ROAST THEM UP! In which the survivors even still lost parts of weapons and armor despite surviving the assault. 3 out of 12 survived, though all 12 could still be circle jerking with the infected until they realized errbody was dead. In which Shrei would have never met them or their Senpai Emperor. (Real Ninjas are...STEALTHY) If you or @amenities have any further questions, I'd be glad to take them. Otherwise we've each given our opinion and I leave it to him to make a decision.
  12. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    While I'm at work on mobile, I will simply say that you and I don't have the same perception of my character (obviously) and that I'm more than happy to explain in greater detail where you're misunderstanding. I'll be off in a couple hours, expect a response to address each issue you have presented one by one.
  13. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    @supernal No tactical advantage, it was pure transportation. 💯 The objective was for Koji to not personally get involved in the first place. He has cronies for that. But when his dragon infused orcs and his men got roasted by dragonfire his interest was piqued so he merely came to investigate the source. @Grubbistch Koji can't for two reasons: 1. To appeal to Emperor Titus by helping save any lives he could via evacuation. 2. To try and save dear friends of his Imperial Advisor (Dove), in which the friends of her's were the Dolos and the Mattons. She assured him they'd be good assets regardless. Most of these details are in my posts as is. Have been from the beginning of the thread.
  14. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    Simply put, I haven't stepped out of mild powers as the rules indicate. My uses of perception while they could allow him to see across the city didn't automatically mean he did see or that he saw everything. The teleportation used is running no different than when I got the okay to use it because of how it's used. (Yes, Supernal gave me the okay personally.) As for the mission, my post is left open ended because he still has to try and look for the founding family members. If he can find any that are at least infected, then he would try to detain them. I personally have already accepted that he probably won't find any worth salvaging which is completely fine by me. I'm also willing to give you a "serious" fight if that's what you want, but I'll just stick to my roots and counter offer that the "AMP" is the agreeable "ruleset" I'd rather use. Still, I hardly think it matters at this point. Regardless, I don't agree with the claim of breaking mild powers, and I think you're concern is perhaps a bit misplaced simply because you thought you weren't (for a lack of a better way to put it, no offense) getting your way? I don't mind taking hits/L's, though I'm no fan of someone trying to force such upon my characters when they clearly have an out. If the shadows weren't already in place with his preparation for moving yet again, then perhaps she's have had a chance at actually hurting him. But again, if her little orb kept her safe, so would occupying the veil between this plane and the one he has access to. I'll also note that mentions like "stronger than those of this world" and the like shouldn't be taken out of context. My character is entitled to their opinion, and in this case that is how that one feels until proven otherwise. I try to write as clear and direct as possible while providing entertainment, though if my details are convincing you otherwise then I must be doing something right. Sorry for any confusion, in the future try communicating. I'm always willing to explain any confusion away and even make minute edits for cohesion between myself and those I'm interacting with. And please, don't ever try to throw a tantrum and complain with my name in it like this again. I (and arguably most of us here) am an adults, and writing is my hobby. Save the distasteful argument elements for someone that's petty enough to indulge such behaviors. Since arriving to the site some few years ago, you're only the second person to try this with me, in which the first one made a huge ass of himself for literally nothing because he didn't believe I was being genuine when I said its just a game and that I didn't care as much as he did. For what it's worth, Koji likes the hell out of Schrei, and he hopes to run into her again.
  15. Twitterpated

    Destruction des morts

    Koji was indeed a member of sovereignty, and while he accepted the role to serve a greater purpose, it was one he never truly wanted. Long before he held any grandiose titles such as Emperor, he was a monster first and foremost. Where he hailed from, The Plane of Shadow, was a place incredibly unstable and largely uninhabitable by creatures born outside of it. Koji however was born there, in which his earliest up bringing was perhaps the simplest it could ever be. Kill or be killed. You were either the predator, or the prey. Koji himself was among the grouping that most would deem apex predators of the plane. Even if the girl's own gifts prevented him from detecting a trick up her sleeve, or rather from her pocket and into her hand, it was still not enough to keep him from being weary, nor his words from delivery. As for his reception of this surprise attack, and his ability to endure and/or survive it, none of it had anything to do with luck. Shadow enveloped him before Schrei decided to go along with his request, before she made physical contact. The type of sound hardly mattered, sound could never travel as fast as shadow, it was simply impossible. The only element that could surpass the speed of shadow was the speed of light. In this case the shadow was already where it needed to be however, without the need to move anywhere for compensation being that it enveloped him, holding the Emperor within the veil between this plane and the one he was born within. The range of the sound's effects that didn't collide with the shadows directly were left to their intended, destructive path, and yet Koji was more or less safe. Though it would seem that he was not fortunate enough to come out of the encounter unscathed. Just as her's had been, it seemed that the Heika had also managed to have one of his limb's lower portion dismembered. His Dragon Arm! The debris cloud left in the wake of the terrible explosion masked her from the bulk of his natural senses of perception, though it was yet again foolish to assume that he couldn't in fact feel the shadows around him whether they were under his effect or not. Still, the girl had blown off their arms, which lead to her narrow evasion of his lethargic grasp from those failing tendrils of shadow aforementioned. As she ran, he was busy recoiling from the explosion, curling in on himself as he was forced further into the abyss. There we no cries or shrieks of pain and suffering, in fact he hissed behind a harsh grimace, barring his fanged teeth in full. Olive toned tongue of flame licked between his teeth in no particular pattern or fashion, wrecking of brimstone.His assailant wouldn't be around to witness it, but it was there none the less. With the walls, ceiling, and floor demolished in his immediate vicinity, it wasn't hard to feel the life of his three remaining soldiers in the tower growing more and more faint. The Tatsuo were easily salvageable, but the man with them was in a terrible condition that was only becoming worse. The threat of the infected was removed, though the explosion had left them caved into some rubble, not to mention the sound it's having still done more damage even to the three of them than it had to their sovereign. With the agents of Dead retreating in the wake of their devastation upon Tia, it slowly became abundantly clear that it was too late to outright save any of the founding family members as intended. With this revelation, Koji put out the mental command out for his forces to retreat. He would help his closest soldiers find freedom to do so as the opposing group sent separately would simply get on with the order as given. Once his Imperial Forces were in full retreat, Koji remained within the comfort of his home plane. As the bridge between collapsed, those flames left his teeth and his face slowly returned to some sense of normalcy. That default, emotionless expression. His eyes half lidded, his gaze rather lethargic. With his bleeding limb that was nearly half way missing, the several lacerations about his face and torso, and his ruined robes he ventured on aimlessly, presenting himself to the creatures lurking in any given direction as easy prey. Living, wounded, vulnerable. To ease the job of the hunt for himself, he sufficed to use himself as bait. If he wanted to recover at a more desirable rate he was well capable of, he would have to eat. Meanwhile, his forces in Tia commenced with their full retreat. Thankfully any refugees that could be saved would already be out of the area, meaning his remaining forces were the only one's not yet accounted for. Overall he'd lose a few more good men in the retreat, the survivors joining their comrades and immediately been ushered towards the airship for the infirmary. Koji had no idea of The Dead, who or what they were, that they even existed. However, now that one of them has so heavily gained his ire and attention, he would be sure to look into seeing what he could learn about them. As furious as he was, it would be a lie to say he wasn't impressed. He would see the little vampire again, and she would pay for her transgressions. For now he had to focus on recovery so that he could return to his people without them even knowing he had been wounded in the first place. fin. @bfc @amenities