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  1. "What do you think of the boy, then, my Lord?" A question in which he hadn't truly considered the answer to, prior to being asked. Moromichi, a clan name he was familiar with as a part of the greater Okami clan. While most of the smaller clans didn't stick out within the Okami, the Moromichi did. The Shiroyasha perhaps it's most tenacious and blood thirsty leader to date. While he didn't look much like him what with his dark hair, Ozu was the son of the White Devil. Taking notice that Shiroyasha was not present at the ceremony, the Emperor wondered why. Surely there was no task as great as to keep the man away from viewing his own child being honored as perhaps the youngest team captain in the history of the school. Had it have been his own son, he'd be honored to view the experience. Still, duty called. So long as the cause of absence was for the sake of the Dynasty and not the self, the Emperor would lose all quarrels with him missing the ceremony. "There's no doubt that he has raw talent in the martial ways, that is clear even to myself. Though in my experience, talent can only get one so far." With his father being Shihan of the dojo, and their cousin being Soke, it was easy to see how an inflated ego might dampen his development. Though from what little he'd learned of the boy in his short time at the dojo, the boy was determined more than anything. By what he had no idea, though it was obvious in his eyes that the boy moved with absolute purpose. "So long as he remains committed with the school and it's teachings, I have no doubt he'll serve as one of the sharpest of blades the Dynasty has to offer." While most here were likely oblivious, he could see the scar on Ozu's spirit. The one that branded him a killer. The fact that a boy his age had already managed to kill before committing to formal training was impressive to a certain extent. It showed that the boy knew no bounds, and that he would stop at nothing to achieve his goals. It also showed that the boy was likely preparing to kill a larger, more difficult target in the future. Only time would tell if he was right, and if he was right, only time would reveal whom Ozu's ultimate target was. @vielle
  2. For the briefest of moment, the silence that fell beyond his speech felt like an eternity. His facial expression and body language remained unchanged, though on the inside he could feel just how far he'd pushed the proverbial blade. Even if she didn't accept his forgiveness, and even if she wished to continue blaming him for his misfortunes, it was no longer her problem unless she chose to make it so. For even if he was as guilty in her faux death as she implied against his perception of things, she still ultimately did it to herself. Twice. As for his presence and the threat it brought, if she was concerned about how just looking at him made others feel, imagine how much more concerned she'd be if he did repeat the atrocities he committed on his wedding day. "You have said your piece. You may take your leave." "As you wish." He stated plainly before turning his back to her and receding back into the comfort of his entourage. As he by passed them, he was certain they'd recoil, reforming their formation as they participated in leaving the Daiyokai's estate. As the crowds parted awkwardly, giving them a clear birth out of the estate, Koji's closed Draconic fist pumped into the air, his final address being more audible to the general public. "Long live the Yokai Queen!" He shouted as he continued to walk, his hand falling naturally to his side once more. When Akako's barrier fell, Xartia initally felt a mild sense of panic. Though the revelation of each of theirs energy signatures unperturbed by the barrier allowed him the relief he was beginning to desperately seek. Though she mentally patronized the Cambion for his reactions to Koji, or lack there of, it seemed she now held a similar stance judging by her words of parting with him. His all too easy compliance revealed itself when he mocked the Yokai Queen, causing his fists to close tightly at his sides as he quite literally bit his tongue. Over and over he reminded himself that there was a time and place, neither of which was now. Stepping closer to Akako once more, his right hand sought the small of her back, in which he remained facing the exiting party, his eyes watching them as he whispered to her. "I'm going to monitor them until I'm certain they've left the city. I'll find you once they have." Considering their means of arrival, Xartia was all too weary of the groups decision to walk out of the estate and into the city, in a region where they were most unwanted. On the anniversary of his distasteful deed, in the expanse Carmine region where an investigation took place of Koji's involvement. The proof was in the pudding, and while nothing had been done about it, Xartia found himself both mortified and relieved. His wished no death upon one of his children, though the one had killed the many. No Xartia wouldn't kill him, though his ultimate motives against Koji could prove much more severe than a mere death. Would prove much more given the chance. Blending into the crowds, the Cambion remained vigilant of the unwanted visitors, praying that they'd leave as soon as possible, and hoping that if they did stick around for a while that it might be on the best of terms possible. A blessing and a curse considering the recent, official proclamation of the the New Union Frontier. @Akako Akari @dvsn @Aleksei @Etched In Stone @Dreamer @danzilla3 @Chappu
  3. The initial moments following their departure from the Master's immediate company were served with nothing short of silence as he seemed to almost drag the Doctor out of the room. Once they'd managed to meet the stairs however, he relinquished his grip on her, allowing her to walk on her own. He craned his neck to look over his shoulder, as if his preternatural sense could be fooled in knowing if they were being followed. "You really believe yourself don't you? You believe that you truly love him." His words might have made it seem as if he was preparing to mock her, though in all reality he was envious of Ira. Of her feelings for him. Not that those feelings had to come from her, though Alistair felt slighted by not finding such complex levels of affection in his short miserable life. In his second, longer life at that. He thought he'd found something special with Maryanne, though her presence proved fleeting enough for him to question if she was ever coming back. Urging her to go first, he'd easily follow her down the stairs in which he'd continue from his rhetorical question. "All I can say is that I love his love for you runs just as deep, though if it did I doubt we would have ever met. Especially more than once."
  4. I will not be posting today. Busy start to a busy week. Rest assured I'll be caught up by the weekend, before I start my ten hour days for my job for the summer.

  5. Sitting higher than the clan leaders, and center most between them was the Emperor himself, leader of the Datsuzoku clan, in which the Dynasty was named after. Inevitably, those here within his service stood as a representation of themselves, but also of himself, his clan, and his prefecture. It was only natural he attend the ceremony as well, and experience first hand the greatness that Kenshinobu and his brand continued to bestow upon himself and this nation. He held no direct part in this, nor had he a desire to speak. He was here merely to observe. Seated to his left was the Shogun Koharu, in which it was rumored she was interim in this appearance due to their clan's leader having sudden illness, in which he sat to her left. As the head of the Owari clan, Otomatsu was weary of the growing Yanaihara. Their sudden boon in reputation and power threatened the balance of the Kaminari clan, and with the others that affiliated with them. In his ripened age, he'd experienced such before. It was only a matter of time before the Yanaihara grew too big to be controlled by the dwarfing clan that currently sat above it. Just like the Owari, the Yanaihara stood to assimilate their smaller neighbors into a grew whole. A wise move in a game of survival. While the Emperor was busy with the greater issues to come, the internal conflict rested on the lower leaderships beneath his rule. In which the Owari have typically been the balance keepers within the community. One day a choice would have to be made on whether or not to support the Yanaihara. Otomatsu hoped that by then he was no longer alive to be the clan leader, for he didn't like his options either way. If he died here today, his conscious would be clear. To parish after making a choice concerning them and their future, he could not say the same. The Yanaihara natural and promising, when the Kaminari had deeply rooted history as providers for the Owari. A symbiotic relationship his children perhaps weren't so hard up about feeling loyal to. To the right of the Emperor was the Okami clan leader's seat, and to the right of that sat the Inari clan leader. He stood out with his angular face, evidence of the years of bandage with the fox spirit within him. Likewise the evidence of his status was found in the fox ears protruding from his head, and the tail from his backside. Yoko, their leader was referred to. Rumor had it that the same spirit was passed to each respectively leader when they took the seat, which lead to question if the clan continuously held the same leader or not. Nobody knew his real name, for even he couldn't remember his real name anymore. @Etched In Stone @The Rabbit Emperor @ShogiJesus @Hani @Aleksei @vielle
  6. That would be the boy's downfall. That show boating, flamboyant nature. She could never deny that he had natural, raw talent with the martial way, but talent could only deliver one so far. Either he'd eventually mature enough to grow past such nature, or he'd parish into vague forgetfulness. Either way, she wouldn't complain. Ozu might have been her cousin, but he was also her rival. Her lessons started roughly six months ahead of his, in which he's nearly managed to accomplish the work that took her a year to do in just half the amount of time. Even now she wore a bandage with a small dot of blood in the middle, worn upon the bridge of her nose. The only evidence of his recent victory defending his captain status before they finally saw it wise to promote her to Hangetsu, Half-Moon. Graduating levels with honors apart from Ozu gave her the admiration she so deserved. The respect and reputation she'd worked hard for on behalf of her father, and his father before him. For the Honor of the Momiji! Leading out her generation of students, unchallenged at her ascension and proclamation as Captain. At the point anyone was willing to challenge her, she'd retain her position as Captain. While most of the students being recognized today wore red haori, Mikazuki herself adorned a black haori framed in the red traditional patterns that identified as only one thing in this country. A jacket of her acceptance into the Akaktsukizukuyo. For the men of their clans respectively, it was much too easy to find one's place in the ranks of the school, let alone the Wolves of Jigoku. But for her, a female to do this, she had to work twice as hard. As she found her place not far from Ozu's position, she was seen hosting a fine bamboo kendo tucked in her crossed arms. With the Momiji clan having been assimilated into the Okami generations ago, they had no direct clan leader aside from the of the Okami himself. And while her father was no longer with the family, her Grandfather attended the ceremony today in his honor, and in hopes that his only child, his daughter, could carry on his legacy long enough to see the day that she gave birth to a sun. Should she fail to carry on the legacy, she risked her clans namesake dying with her direct lineage. The fact that she had made it this far at her youthful age was promising, though her and her family both knew there was still a long road ahead of her. If she wanted to succeed without sacrificing her life in anyway, she had to become the only one dictating it. @Etched In Stone @The Rabbit Emperor @ShogiJesus @Hani @Aleksei @vielle
  7. Dressed in Imperial Robes much more formal and complex than his last appearance in the region. This was not for his own personal image, not any more than usual. No, this was a sign of his respect for the fallen Emperor. While their acquaintance was brief, and their history all too short, he swiftly grew intrigued by the Emperor Titus. To the point that he was in the works of finding more time to be in his company so that Koji might learn a thing or two from him. Alas, tragedy struck, and Titus found his premature departure from this life. While he didn't necessarily feel sorrow or grief over the loss, he imagined that the late Emperor's family may or may not be having a rough time. Once he managed to pay his proper respects, he'd be certain to deliver his condolences to the Empress and her children himself. As the eulogies began, Koji stood still, his face an unchanging blank slate of emotion. He didn't even blink his humanoid eye lids, just the occasional blink of his Draconic ones to keep the eyes moist. Standing in his immediate company were a trio currently playing escort for the Heika himself. A step back, a couple feet away to each respective flank stood a Tengu Knight, and centered beyond them was an imposing figure. an abomination known as a Tatsuo. He listened the whole while until the day progressed forth, ushering the visitors in for a moment to show respect to the family, and to break bread with them on what was undoubtedly one the hardest times they'd even be confronted with. When everyone else moved on, Koji took his time to approach the grave in silent. There he stood for several minutes starring down. Whether he simply observed and accepted this fate or whether he were doing something like praying over the deceased was unclear. Regardless, the open fist of his Draconic limb aimed its palm at the grave, and for a brief moment, Koji could be seen talking to the grave or himself, his eyes closed. Once he'd finished paying his respects to the deceased directly, Koji's hands inserted into each opposing sleeve. He stood erect, ultimately turning and walking at his leisure to join the others in the reception. There were a few familiar faces, though most of them were new, not having been around for the historical ANT meeting that took place not so long ago. He saw people he wanted to converse with, some he felt he may end up conversing with without his direct interest even; though he wasn't going to encourage words with anyone else prior to speaking with the Empress herself. His condolences afforded to her and their children was an utmost priority. "Standby. Do not wander off, though your proximity is unnecessary as is." As ordered, they silently afforded him some distance without completely abandoning him. Though the human knights questioned themselves briefly on what if's, one had to recall that just because they didn't see them didn't mean there weren't Shinobi and Kunoichi lurking in wait for the Emperor's need of them. Then of course the fact that the Emperor had yet to prove he ever needed the protection given to him in the first place. The Patriarch of the Tatsuo himself, the were no doubts the Heika was capable in it's mind. Somewhere back about the Horizon could be seen a rather large, ominous figure. A dragon of some undead quality, it's life preserved from a lurid purple glowing from between it's exposed ribs at it's core. Though familiar could tell when they saw Black Exalta and effect, other's perhaps became weary of the undead beast. Hopefully it wasn't mistaken as a beast of Yh'mi that somehow made it this far, regardless, he hoped even more none would trifle with it as it was currently being rather docile. Failing to even appear as a threat beyond it's large size. It was not difficult to spot the Empress out of the crowd. She harbored two familiar to herself, three counting the one he remembered from the ANT meeting. The human, Tynes. He continued to watch as he approached weary of other's that may try to beat him to the punch of seeking the Empress. His three guards fancied themselves a table that was about center of the room in which they'd keep watch over the Chijono Heika. Moving with silence and fluid grace, where the robes met the ground he seemed to be preternaturally gliding across the floor. Arriving while the group of them continued to converse, he kept himself close, yet out of their temporary inner circle. Likewise he steeled his tongue as to not interrupt. After the last time Koji was careful not to embarrass himself. Even if he was the only one that caught it. @Csl @Tyler
  8. Twitterpated

    Neo Oo'Xora

    Neo Oo`Xora The Golden Dragon is approximately 560 miles West (30min/airship) of La Guardia. Oo`xora is a rather unique destination, for she is nothing like its elder sisters. The heart of the mega-capitol city is very advanced and constantly bringing about evolution to a point that some scientist/alchemist felt the Renovatian race would soon exhaust all its potential and opportunities. The more rural areas outside of the capitol resemble Edo times with very little technological advancements only favored in few arbitrary locations. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Oo`Xora province is around 15,000,000 (capital: 1.3 million); 90% of the people being Renovatian and Damiryans as the minority at 10%. Geography Oo`Xora is known as the Golden Dragon because of a single wonder that can only be observed from outer space. Satellite imagery revealed to the public by the Accademia showed that there are massive intricate line systems spanning across the land that takes the shape of a grand dragon chasing the setting sun. Climate Mediterranean Demographics Culture More than half of the population of Neo Oo’Xora consider themselves spiritual in some committed way whether through teachings, careers, or straight up lifestyles. Most of the citizens, however, are quite accustomed to living the minimalist life, even among those found in the heart of the city, with the most advanced tech in Nehalen, perhaps all of Renovatio. Despite a certain sense of comradery, the citizens are often times welcoming of tourists and refugees alike, even in the portions of the mega city that already appear to be overpopulated. Their primary diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and grains such as rice. A decent portion of their food comes from the famous World Tree, the rest being grown in greenhouses complete with labs. Seafood and poultry are most common meats to come by, with red meats being found if one is willing to pay a bit more than it is worth per pound. After the events of Halcyon, it seemed that Hume and Nelrosis alike found further genetic mutations, rendering many of the regions people with oddly colored skin. While more than half of the population appears as memory would serve, a healthy amount of them feature red, blue, green, or yellow skin respectively. Even more rare were the few that featured one of those colors, accented by a secondary color in similar fashion to birthmarks, burns, or scars. The only ones of these ‘ethnic groups’ that segregate themselves are those that choose to affiliate with some sort of organization, be it religious or criminal. Organized crime is the majority of crime, in which there isn’t a whole lot of crime thanks to unity through hardship. It’s safe to assume that most of the crime committed by those within the city do so against outsiders, unless something domestic is personal. Civilian Population: 3.5 Million (Capitol) (18 Million - Province) Minors (Under 17): Approximately 450,000 Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 850,000 Male|Female Ratio: 49%|51% Economy Between the flora and fauna carried here like the plethora of man and manlike creatures, and the waterways, the economy flourishes with natural water sources and seafood. The water source helps with the dry and drought seasons by supplying water year round. The primary currency of this nation is gold, silver, and copper coins, brandishes with the Kamon on one side of the coin, the opposing side hosting a serpent-like dragon among clouds. Minted coin of similar make is acceptable from any place at equal value to the national coins weight. All outside currencies taken in are systematically melted down and minted into one of their national brands. Major Companies & Institutions TBA Parks & Recreation Landmarks & Monuments The Temple of Ventus. Enigmatic and mysterious, the temple of Ventus acts as a Primal crown sitting high above the beautiful land of Oo`Xora. In the day its All-seeing eye (the pyramid's tip) casts a vibrant golden hue over all, sparkling like a gem in the sky that could be seen from a thousand miles away, and strangely, dulls in the ambiance of moonlight. Ancient scriptures explain that the temple is in fact a ship piloted by none other than the Herald, Ventus. To this day, archaeologist discover hidden areas within this colossal structure, though the bridge remains hidden for the temples complexity and puzzles have yet to be mastered. There are four airship docking stations on the north face allowing tourists to explore the ancient megalithic spacecraft, which has actually helped the economy tremendously, generating substantial income annually. Ukiyo (The Floating World, Formerly known as The Cosmic Dragon) is one of the most famous venues in Nehalen, if not the greatest. Specializing in Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines, exotic cocktails, and unrivaled entertainment. There are several floors that host parties/raves and other unique club and lounge atmospheres all day, everyday. Whether your taste is for the domestic, or something a little more exotic, you'll find your spice of life here. (The picture will change once I find a new fitting one.) Government & National Security PRIME Belah Predecessors: N/A SOLDAT 200,000 3rd Class SOLDAT, 40,000 2nd Class SOLDAT, and 500 1st Class SOLDAT uphold the law in Oo`Xora, receiving their orders directly from the Prime SOLDAT. The Celestial Guard The idea of this organization became reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected, and has been as safe as it has ever been. Zodiac Knights A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capitol. The Lurid Inquisition Approximately 500 Inquisitors remain in the nation to facilitate exploration teams and to reinforce the regions defenses. The Imperial Army of the Datsuzoku Dynasty 10,000 Tengu Knights, 1000 Tatsuo; these forces as divided and used as task groups, commanded by the Inquisitors of the Lurid Inquisition. They are the grunts and foot soldiers, added brawn to the brawny brains of the Imperial Forces. Education All styles of the Imperial Arts offered in Jigoku have opened branch schools in Renovatio save for the School of the Rising Sun. Transportation Roads, Expressways & Autobahns. (in the Capitol) Train stations & Subways. Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots (outside the Capitol) Air stations. Notable Residents Belah - Current acting PRIME, Shogun of the Datsuzoku Dynasty History Canon Beautiful As Autumn Past With the interference of the Dastuzoku Dynasty and the Emperor Koji himself, Oo’Xora had recieved nothing but boons of growth over the past several months. Being rather technologically advanced herself, Noi, one of the Emperor’s Concubines, has even donated time, knowledge, and energy into the region as it is her birthplace. Her home. While the centermost point of the town remains the most advanced, the outskirts now resemble more of a cyberpunk utopia trapped inside a time well before it’s proposed existence. The rural life found minimal enhancement by the well spring of advanced tech the nation had to offer. This advancement has also lead to the building of confidence and inspiration, giving those brave enough just enough courage to see families embarking on a journey of their own. Expanding to settle new territories and jump start new businesses, all within the comfort of their allegiance to the Datsuzoku.
  9. "Go Kairos, take your cat and head back inside. I'll be in shortly." "But - " "Now!" He hissed venomusly with excitement, yet without raising the volume of his voice. The boy didn't realize how dangerous it was to look so grown to the man that was now shrouded within a barrier, though Xartia was too well aware. All of Koji's siblings by Xartia had been murdered by except one, his first born, whom he hadn't seen in many many years. Arguable, the only one he'd actually pay to see dead considering Xartia didn't have it in him to kill his own children. Not even for another one of his children. Though who knew how his opinion might change in the heat of the moment. Right now he was too concerned for Akako though. Kairos was just another distraction when he was ultimately the largest target to the Ryu Kotei. Whether Koji planned to come for the boy or not, Xartia would do his damnedest to prepare him for that day. He sure looked the part now, but the look was hollow. Akako was right, Xartia was livid still, and he wanted to take Koji out to avenge her honor. However, he wanted to do this his own way, on his own terms. While he wouldn't kill his own child there were other ways to deal with him. Timing and placement was everything. This was not the time, nor the place, though eventually the chance would appear. When it did, he'd be ready. For now, it was best to keep things kosher for the sake of the public. Not need to jeopardize the entire port city for a half ass chance as getting rid of his koji problems for good. For this to be the first time he saw him in the past year, after thankfully missing his appearance in Hyperion, things were pretty quiet. Complying in his confusion and frustration, the prince retreated, Rex in tow. Xartia remaining vigilant as he awaited the barrier to fail and the black mist to clear. Beyond seeing the silhouettes of their profiles with his WIZARD EYES was nigh impossible, though at least he could see if Koji did in fact try to attack her. He remained from willing it so, though he was prepared to beckon The Sorcerer to his hand. A weapon that was so much more than just, not only capable of cutting through the Yokai Queen's barrier, but through Koji's lurid scales as well. @Akako Akari @dvsn @Aleksei @Etched In Stone @Dreamer @danzilla3 @Chappu
  10. Waving his hands before him and shaking his head with a smile, his snickered a bit, ultimately dismissing her wild claim. "I'm flattered." He mused with a crooked grin. As his jovial nature diminished, his soft, charming smile remained. Queen Aurora smoother her hand over the fabrics of her skirts, suggesting a change of venue for them to get him up to speed in. As nervous as he was about serving the council, he was certain that even this chance to receive details on his new life was going to fall short of his reassurance. Only time and experience would prove to him his strengths and his weaknesses. Then and only then could he grow to feel that he was good enough for the seat. For now though, he'd argue his Mother was more competent for the task than he. Alas, the Seelie Court's decision was final. Efemaer Tourmalini was his father's, Soleil's, successor; For better or worse. "Please High Queen, lead the way." He hesitated not to follow her, careful not to step too closely. Shortly after she thanked the guard for opening the door, he nodded in passing. Mouthing his gratitude without actually speaking it allowed as he pushed to keep up with the Queen and continue to give her his undivided attention. If she spoke, he wanted to be most certain he heard it. While he already had a few questions in mind, he was careful to wait and see if she answered them prior to his asking. @Eternity
  11. For the briefest moment, Katiya could see the glint of a smile, yet only in his eyes. A knowing gaze indeed. While it showed positive reception of her message, it failed to taunt any of his personal bias in the matter. No matter how good an impostor, there was no replacing Kimi. It was sweet how this girl was a great echo in her image, though that's all there was to it; Or so it seemed. Patience was afforded to her, in which she seemed to find his hand with greater ease than he anticipated. After taking his hand, the smile she held told him she liked her new name. That or perhaps she liked any name so long as it came from him. Curiously, she traced upon his palm simple kanji that delivered unto him no immediate meaning. Simultaneously, Katiya made a great suggestion. While he could just as easily have someone escort her to the pagoda in which her new sister's occupied, perhaps it was better to deliver her personally. Miru "Perhaps we would show her to her new quarters?" "It would be wise. Who better than to deliver her to her sisters?" Relinquishing her hand, Koji stepped around and beyond her, starting at his leisure for the corridor leading out of the throne room. Out of the Emperor's pagoda altogether. It wasn't long ago that Katiya was living in just this same pagoda. Thanks to there being less than half of the Harem left, Kimiko had her choice out of a few rooms. Not that she could see them. Assuredly, Koji sought to deliver her to the lowest floor available to her for the sake of convenience. It wouldn't be wise to put a blind, mute woman up flights of stairs to be left unattended, especially with her feet. "Originally the Harem possessed 6 out of 7 planned Concubines total. With your arrival as the seventh, that brings us back to three including yourself. Your sisters are Celine, and Noi. Celine had the pleasure of being the mother of my first child, Kaori, shortly before the Prince Akui was born. Noi is currently with child, I feel it will be another boy. What do you think?" He questioned Katiya as he slightly turn his head so that he might look at her beside him as they walked. As custom dictated, Kimiko was to remain a step behind. A lesson she'd learn upon failing to realize this sooner. As all else in the Dynasty, she was able to be subjected to learning through trial and error. Granted, she at least carried the privilege of being one of the Emperor's wives. He didn't expect her to know their ways, though he was willing to see just how fast of a learner she might prove to be.
  12. SUMMARY After successfully launching a weaponized satellite complete with A.I., the Emperor and his living remote controller of a concubine now must focus on testing the weapon. Steadily, the TENNO charges in the upper atmosphere, and the Emperor's forces have began working to find a suitable target to stress test the weapon against. Their objectives: To fire the weapon and record the aftermath of it's prowess upon the target, and to test the satellite's endurance. While the initial charge was swift and efficient, it has been hypothesized that the weapon will take longer to recharge including the cool down period, lest they risked unnecessarily damaging the TENNO.
  13. I think it's safe to assume the current roster is what we now have to run with. I'll be starting the next thread soon.
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