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  1. Twitterpated

    Tadashimasu | "Rectify"

    Summary The Datsuzoku Dynasty orchestrated ill will upon Union City in order to take advantage of it and drive a few points home to it's council. Thanks to his hard work and eventual acquisition, the Datsuzoku established the region of the Midlands more formally, seeing fit to rename the region the New Union Frontier. With the help of the councilmen from each respective region of the continent, the seeds of civil unrest have been sown throughout the nation, and that unrest would only grow as tensions rose between to Empires. Though one had reputation, the other had more of the element of surprise. With the reconstructed city following a terrorist attack, the city now had a Military Police Headquarters (Kirin) with an in house jail, an improved Medical and Research Center (Kurama), and a Rehabilitation Center (Enso). With a reunited Midlands and a refuled, burning desire to return unity to their distressed continent, the Midlands became reinforced. Every able bodied citizen both native and refugee was educated in the martial ways of the Imperial Nation of Jigoku, ensuring that in times of conflict, they are not incapable of defending themselves, their families, nor their nation. Corresponding Quest Stay tuned for quests and/or activity pertaining to an upcoming event! @King
  2. Twitterpated

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    A faint rumble like mild thunder in a storm cloud, a grin growing upon his face as she touched him. Her cold skin pressing against his lurid scales intimately. Certainly her way of Draconic played a part in the slip of his mask. His grin persisted as she continued to speak. It wasn't until she mentioned his successes that his grin diminished and he defaulted to the his expressionless mask. Thanks to his close proximity to the Scarlet Queen at the A.N.T. meeting, he learned of something he was always weary of happening. Queen Red was with child, and interestingly enough, her unborn spawn felt familiar. It felt the same as each and everyone of his siblings had, save for his sister on his mother's side. On his father's side however, each and every one of his brothers that could be found had been, and consequently murdered in a show of power and dominance. This was something he felt he needed to do to prove he was thee son. While he was pained to admit to himself that he never found Xartia's first born, he had the fortune of knowing that he too hated Xartia. By the time his next child was born, he would have another brother as well. "Perhaps." Drink had been delivered, a pair of glasses as well. Wine. He accepted the glass with ease before listening to her toast proposal. Such a heavy toast on the brink of war, and yet he had no doubts that they would do just that no matter what. Prosper. A war, win or lose, was simply delaying the inevitable. Koji's ambitions would be realized regardless, and even with those feelings, he still had no worries about just how well they could defend their home. Just how well they could retaliate against forces of some variety. Raising his glass in kind, he tipped his head in compliance before swirling the contents of his glass. With a quick and silent sniff he finally placed the glass to his lips and proceeded to tilt the glass until it's contents had been emptied. "nomagqe jaciv ornla hefoc ekess demak udoka poktosh." He uttered in his native tongue as his grin returned. Handing the emptied glass back to Katiya, The Emperor moved to stand facing the hall as he felt them approaching before he could smell them, smelled them before he could hear them, and heard them before he could see them. As his first born came bounding down the hall in all her adorable glee, Koji came to squat, an arm extending as he left Akui to the other. Finally, he had been disturbed enough to start waking up. Perhaps he too felt his sister approaching. When she drew near enough, Koji's warm grin with fanged teeth and eyes alike welcomed Kaori, his extended arm ushering her into his torso before embracing her. As he came to stand once more, he lifted her, holding her closer only to kiss her upon her forehead before pressing his head gingerly against hers. A brief moment later, Celine reached them. "I'm surprised to see you two made it out before Noi. Kenshinobu for that matter." In about the same moment that 'She' was revealed to Kati, if she hadn't caught on sooner, Koji could sense that Kenshinobu was already present outside. That should have come to no surprise. The Heika could only hope that he wasn't up to old habits again, investigating the safety and well-being of the the Emperor and his nations. While it was part of his job as General of the Imperial Army, today was a day for celebration. Just as much as the Emperor expected him to perform his job well, he expected him to enjoy the home he worked so diligently to protect. Likewise, it seemed that Gwen was hiding within the crowds as well. "Have the entertainment on standby." He ordered in a tone of voice he never afforded his women, though he also failed to mention any names or titles as well. His gaze refusing to divert to one of the servants as well. However, they still knew exactly whom he was speaking to. Without hesitation, two of them went to notify the entertainment for the evening that they would begin very soon. After long last he found the proper excuse to share the bulk of his discoveries with his booming nation. @Dreamer @Aleksei @Chappu @Etched in Stone
  3. Twitterpated

    Mapping the Depths

    The Praetorian began to panic as it was thrashed back into Jin's abuse. Its failed escape only further securing its demise as it was thrown back against the cave wall, revealing it's ruined breastplate and rather exposed torso. Despite all of the big finishers he could commit to secure their victory, his mind forced him ultimately yo take the simplest route possible. Yet another lesson endowed within the young Knight from Master James himself. As the undead was thrashed back against the wall, Jinsoku cocked his left fist, albeit, he left it open with the fingers tucked firmly and the palm exposed. Thrusting his hand forth, bone could be heard shifting and cracking as he forced his way between the ribs and under the sternum to what looked like a heart. His fingers suddenly snapped outwards for a snatch, purchasing grip upon the glowing curiosity in a brief moment of desperation. With all of his might, he squeezed! A furious cry of rage chasing the pressure as his charcoal eyes glared into the skull where its eyes would be.
  4. Twitterpated

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Begrudgingly I must respectfully bow out of this before I even begin. I have new activity obligations that require my attention more. Best of luck to you all, hope to catch you all around.
  5. Twitterpated

    Prison Break in Port Caelum

    A jail sounds more appropriate. And I can think of reasons for his trial to have been delayed for so long such as Red being pregnant. Xartia is coincidentally the father. Between that and the war the Arcane East will bring against the Midlands and it's current sovereign whom is also Xartia's son. A lot of drama, you picked a great time to start on this. As for sentencing, I would say that his involvement would earn him lifetime sentencing of imprisonment; unless the test subjects and targets of these cult were off now than civilian importance such as law enforcement, military, etc. He'd likely be see his attempted escape just before or during execution. In the case of just imprisonment, the best bet is to bust him out during his extradition/transfer to his forever home.
  6. Twitterpated

    Prison Break in Port Caelum

    Well buckle up bud, cause we get to create together! I didn't know there was a local prison to begin with. I thought everyone in Gen used the prison cities. XD
  7. Twitterpated

    Prison Break in Port Caelum

    As far as I'm aware, Xartia is still playing Red's recent in Port Caelum. I am also willing to give advisement and I'm also willing to GM or simply play ST. Control the opposition between their psion and wizard forced. Captain Becky wouldn't just let a prisoner escape the city. 😬
  8. Twitterpated

    Mapping the Depths

    Bone and metal slugged Jin across his right jaw, his head snapping to the left as the cheek split both in his mouth against his teeth and the skin tearing on the outside. The coppery, metallic taste of blood filled his mouth as his eyes shut briefly before snapping open with the snap of his head back to the right! That's when he heard it, rushing water to his backside. Despite their brief meeting thus far, their collaboration earlier allowed him to sense her familiarity. Once again, she proved just how much their abilities and styles truly complimented one another's. The torrent swept him up willingly, scooping him haphazardly off of the ground and hurtling him at the unbalanced Praetorian. As he closed on it, Yoki pooled from his core once more and move to collect into his arms. The front of the wave would force the Praetorian to continue fighting for it's balance at the last moment before Jinsoku was upon it once more and already on the offensive. Applying the Yoki through his attacking limbs, his comrades would only see what looked like two, maybe three punches tops. In reality however, Jinsoku's skill allowed him to place nearly a dozen (10) strategic and swift punches. While they were a softer touch than his heavier blows, and the undead would likely be unaffected by the shock itself, he hoped that the Praetorian would inadvertently have its exposed state extended even more as he was being debilitated for the final blow! If successful, Jinsoku with the help of Selene and her wave would undoubtedly manipulate the Praetorian against a cave wall.
  9. Twitterpated

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I'm willing to commit my newer Warlock. I'll dig up his profile for you shortly. I should also warn that while I'm not snail paced I'm also not super active. I post what I can when I can. 💯
  10. Twitterpated

    Tadashimasu | "Rectify"

    Nearly another month came to pass. While the structure of the city had hardly changed, everything else had. Any local and national laws they were already enforcing were left as they were, the Emperor's Kodo simply serving as superior law. Nearly all citizens new and old had been given martial prowess, as well as a new sense of community. Military and police activity was becoming more regulated, formal. Not only within Union City, but throughout he Midlands that was now being hailed as The New Union Frontier. While the nation's original flag continued to fly, another flag had been erected above it, bearing the Kamon of the Dynasty. Likewise, the modified military was now fashioned with this same symbol upon their uniforms and various pieces of equipment. Regular drills and training exercises had been established to encourage cross training, sharing the wealth of benefits between the two forces now united. This of course was extensively and carefully orchestrated across the board with his forces in and from Renovatio. The elected Prime Minister got comfortable in her seat, already proving capable of keeping things tame in what would serve as the heart of this beast, the Imperial City of Jigoku being the brain. While his assets off continent were a great addition, Genesaris was and still is the best starting point for His ambitions. As he had since the beginning, he sold the same pitch. A worthy one that grew from his ambition to the ambition of every man, woman, and child within the expanding borders. The Midlands was a strategic choice, and came with certain ease that was too good to be true. The pendulum swung evermore, however, to forget of it's existence could prove to hold consequences never before imagined. Balance was something that existed in all aspects of life. No matter how altruistic and selfless his acts were, the acts of Koji and his Empire would inevitably find itself under scrutiny and absolute opposition. For there would always be those that refused the better way, the right way.
  11. Twitterpated

    Destruction des morts

    Gaki continued to give chase best he could, though the sudden arrival of helicopters was an obvious game changer. His Emperor was right to assume that this woman was apart of something bigger, and even he had to admit that he was curious at this point to know for himself. As the clone chased Venus directly, the original watched one of the helicopter's strategically approaching the fleeing Venus. Knowing the clone would not reach here in time, Gaki chose to initiate next jutsu. He was going to create a dragon made of earth to attack the helicopter aiding the escapee. Though when Gaki moved to separate his hand and squat to to tap the ground, burning feeling suddenly tore into his chest. His eyes grew wide and he hacked up blood inside his mask, his body suddenly stopping and snapping back a couple of feet before hitting the ground. With it's waned purpose, the clone was dispersed, allowed to fall into used rocks and dirt. The Shinobi slowly picked himself up before looking down at the hole in his chest and fingering it curiously. Never before had he been shot. If he were a normal man, he'd probably be dead. Instead, his blood manipulated any pieces of bullet from his chest before the wound itself began to move curiously. The flesh stretching, tearing, and sticking the wound shut slowly but surely. A master of his own blood and body, the bleeding was rather easy to staunch. Grunting in frustration, the Shinobi moved to follow the line of fire to the source he was shot from. While the shooter would likely be long gone, perhaps there was evidence to be had in their wake. A shell casing that could be used to identify rounds of similar make in the future she he ever come across them again.
  12. Twitterpated

    ryu; tennyo

    The meeting left Koji wondering just how much of an impression he had made over all with his visit here. Regardless of A.N.T. respectively, he was eager to see where his acquaintance with Taen might take him. There was still much he had yet to learn of them, but from what he could tell, they were good company. Or so they would be to him. While he would hope to be apart of anything building something greater, he was fine only chasing such necessities selfishly for his nation and it's people. Taen was his true reason for worming his way into the meeting, others like Roen and Gabriela especially where very considerate consolation prizes. It should come as no surprise that despite a great friend in Renovatio, Koji's Dynasty had planted itself and rapidly grown at a rate that was simply too good to be true. He had created a bubble, and as all know, eventually all bubbles must pop. His reign had made him quite a few enemies, and yet yielded so few allies. While he wasn't worried about aspects of things like war, there were several other reasons why he should seek more alliances. Not to mention his deepest ambitions that would be met inevitably, but could be met sooner and with more ease with the simple act of cooperation. He got that sudden feeling that something was watching him. Naturally, he searched for the cause directly, bringing his indigo gaze upon the Empress he had the pleasure of meeting before the meeting. However, if memory served correctly, their personal meeting was cut severely short. Koji reflected the smile he was afforded, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly as his serpentine pupils thinned ever so slightly. Stepping towards the Empress Rozharon, Koji's hands found one another beneath the large sleeves of his robes. "Empress Rozharon, I was hoping we might have a moment to speak before my departure. I believe we were cut rather short earlier this evening." @Csl
  13. Twitterpated

    [A.N.T.] Main Thread 2: The Treaty of 597

    As much as the Emperor might have had to say, be took pride in biting his tongue. He sparked enough opposition to the Uldwar Patriarch to warrant his departure over negotiation To him, it was a clear sign of where his loyalties lied. His priorities even. Koji couldn't blame him, but at the same time, this very meeting wasn't meant to discuss how to hardly work together at all, and merely trade with one another. It was to unify them truly, to make the parts a greater whole. One the other hand, the Chairman he blew off earlier proved to be the one to deliver more of the angle he was hopeful to deliver himself. It was better this way anyway. He was but a foreigner listening in, he had no rights to this table, evident in his unofficial seat. Between the other speakers chiming in, Koji simply listened, watching intently as they all continued. His various interests and disinterests alike would be saved for now, and delegated if/when necessary towards the end of this meeting if he proceeded as he currently planned in mind.
  14. Twitterpated

    The Beautiful and Damned

    They burned a Witch in Bingham Square Before the village gate. A huswife raised a skinny hand To damn her, with tense hate. A huckster threw a jagged stone - Her pallid cheek ran red . . . But there was something scornful in The way she held her head. As he drew nearer, so did noon. The crowds grew thicker ever more the closer he became to the Pavilion. Already he could see the pillar they claimed as their stake, though the base of it evaded him a moment longer. With the fluidity of a serpent he weaved through the ecstatic crowds. Despite whom he thought was one the other side of this tremendous energy, he reveled in it. These were the negative emotions their Gods fed upon. Hate, Anger, Rage, Vengeance. Justice. Closer to front and center, the people threw rotten fruits and vegetable at the Witch, donated by the townsfolk for just such an occasion. Children cast stones upon the Witch. One boy hit her about her collar bone, another smacking her across the opposing cheek, splitting it regrettably. With a wicked gaze he focused upon the boy that specifically struck her face first. Blessed they were by his accursed Evil Eye. It would be but a brief moment later that a rock struck that very boy in the back of his head, in which he easily blamed the boy just behind him whom had struck the witch in the collar bone. The two began to fight with one another. Despite the joy he would feel in watching the mistaken and unfortunate boy's reception of his influence, he remained with his purpose of being here to begin with. He already knew what the outcome would be regardless. Finally, he had made it close enough to see her for himself. His blue hazel eyes settled over the young woman's form. Pitiful it was to see how such a fragile girl could ever cause such a fuss among such proud and strong citizens. 'If licensed magic isn't great enough to defend one's self with, what good is it?' They burned a witch in Bingham Square; Her eyes were Terror-wild. She was a slight, a comely maid, No taller than a child. They bound he fast against the stake And laughed to see her fear . . . Her red lips muttered secret words That no one dared to hear. "Burn the Witch!" "Burn the Witch!" "Burn the Witch!!!" They cried in chanting anticipation. He himself was filled with hate, with rage and with vengeance. However, he turned his back on their intoxicating verbal delivery of the negativity. Their shouts and cries muffled into white noise as he simply stood there in the crowd. Awkwardly calm and recluse, glaring at the Witch unblinking as he muttered words nearly muted by the exclaims around him. Whether or not he could afford her gaze, or deliver his directly as reassurance, she would surely feel his familiar ilk amidst the vast sea of alien energies around her. Their brand was a sort of exclusive one, one that these lands, that these people had yet to truly see for the miracle it was. With a stoked base, lubricated in fuel for the flame to come. The leader of this angry mob lit the end of a torch and hoisted it high above his head. The crowds threw their fists, torches, and tools of trade respectively in full support of the tragedy being perpetuated here today. Turning to the young witch, he stalked towards her torch in hand. The stranger remained in the crowd, still starring unblinkingly as he muttered tongue of the occult. A gifted Warlock himself, the stranger found his highest proficiency right in line with conjuration. Sleight of hand only confused the eyes, this application of his gift would be more like a sleight of mind. They burned a witch in Bingham Square - But ere she swooned with pain And ere her bones were sodden ash Beneath the sudden rain, She set her mark upon that throng . . . For time cannot erase The echoes of her anguished cries, The memory of her face. The moment the torch was lowered to the stoked wood, the flames easily spilled all around the stake, rushing the witch directly with flames of her contempt. As sure as the people could see her burning, smell her burning skin and hair, and hear the furious popping of the flames as a cadence to the crescendo of her wailing cries; They had all been fooled. They cheered, hooting and hollering in triumph only for their eyes to reveal the sad and mysterious truth that had befallen the stage before them. The torch lay on the ground abandoned, likewise, the witch was gone! In her place was the man that dared to follow through with setting her aflame, in which he had become victim to his own misplaced malice. His cries of pain and slow death were the ones his people heard and cheered for. By the time they realized what had happened, the strange man in from the crowd moments ago would have also already vanished. "I'm sorry, I should've never let you go alone in the first place. Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" He questioned the young witch as he knelt on the ground in the ally half cradling her on the ground as he ran a moist thumb over her cut cheek. His fingers flawlessly scooped her hair out of her face and carefully tucked the excess strands beyond her ear. Getting a good look at her now that she was certainly free, he could begin to trust his natural senses in observing her. Surely they had minutely damaged her delicate frame, though her pride had hardly been tarnished. He just hoped that all of this wasn't for not. So long as she found their stolen grimoire, it was well worth the risk. If not, then he was just that much more the fool for letting her try to retrieve it on her own. @Akako Akari