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  1. Hummingbird's AFV!

    Safe travels!
  2. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Just before being lead to their private room, Koji would realize once more that Kat had no real idea of what he had been through, only that he seemed to have become much different in their time apart. The way she questioned The Void was all that was necessary for him to be reminded of how much she did or didn't know. Fortunately they found distraction though. It's not that he minded telling her about it, though in a time and place such as this, there were major doubts of this being the ideal conversation. Such stressful memories had no place in the realm of rest and relaxation. Not that it would bother Koji to speak of considering he had already partially accomplished his revenge, but it didn't seem like something Kat could take lightly. For an undead creature, her heart was huge. With this in mind still, he would refrain from bringing it up again, however, if she asked then he would tell. For now however, he would watch as Kat went to work selecting the right fragrance for them to bask within. Though out of all the scents, she seem to be enticed the most by their gracious hostess. Her uncertain "Oh..." proved worthy of pushing a grin upon his face once more, his narrowed scarlet eyes gazing without blinking as he didn't want to miss the part where the monster tore through it's cage, mauling it's selected prey to death without regard for social correctness. When she apologized, he was a little depressed over it, though he wouldn't show it. Still Kat played with fire throwing more questions at the hostess, thus prolonging her stay. Maybe she would feast upon the delectable Mai after all. Finally she had made up her mind, granted it wasn't the choice Koji had hoped for. The choice to tell the girl to leave them was something he didn't think was a bad choice per se, for several reasons. Though for the sake of his nature, for the sake of things like instinct, natural order, natural selective, and the food chain, Koji had craved to see this creature become more of herself as he had stipulated before. When humans slaughtered animals, did they feel bad for it? Surely not, especially when that slaughtered aftermath is broiled, baked, or fried before being placed upon their plates. In case she missed it, Kat would have to realize from her long life, even her past "human" life, that civility is an illusion, savagery is the default of humanity. Humans only hated human death, and yet they were the minority in the material plane, perhaps even the youngest and potentially the weakest race in his opinion. Despite this fact, Koji was still a fraction of a human. And while he did not cling to this as his father did, he had yet to despise it. It simply taught him that savagery was apparent in them, they simply had to choose to embrace that part of them instead of clinging to false morals and lost hope. "Orchids are just fine." He limited his response as he would remain smiling, his eyes shifting as he would watch Mai leave. For a moment he imagined the alternate outcome. He saw Kat pounce upon her like it was nothing, only to drag her down before sinking her fangs into the unsuspecting girl and sucking her dry in one go like a child that was too big for the juice box in their happy meal. The blood and viscera that would have staining the air, as well as Kat's smooth soft skin and her beautiful face, he pure golden curtains of hair. Yes, Mai would've been the perfect scent for their bath...Though snapping back to reality lead to the settling of Orchids. Considering her behavior, Koji was certain it had been a good while since the woman had fed, or actively hunted anyway. Perhaps that was why she didn't take the unsuspecting Mai. Perhaps she wished to enjoy the hunt, being every bit of a natural predator. This was something Koji could admire. In fact he silently would, failing to antagonize her with the ideal of going on a hunt at this moment in time. Perhaps he would ask her if she was privy prior to returning to Jigoku Country. "When is the last time you fed, Katiya? " He questioned her, with emphasis on her whole first name. He wasn't sure if or how this would trigger her, what sort of behavior or mentality it would usher in, though if nothing else, then perhaps she would be weary of her Emperor. She never revealed her whole name to him, only her preferred nickname, Kat. Though if he asked, while he wouldn't outright tell her how he was able to gather such information, he would be willing to tell her that he felt like the name was a preferable one. One that was fitting of a concubine for the Emperor. Speaking of which, he would have to consider giving Kat special treatment back home, at least as far as living was concerned. The last thing he wished to do was jeopardize the lives of his harem, especially against one another. It was no pressing matter, though it was definitely something to consider while the woman was having a hard time adjusting to life without the shackles of mortals, without the fallacy of order dictated by the vermin. @Dreamer @Eternity
  3. After stopping by Mezthaluen, Jinsoku had learned that he was indeed on the right track on his journey to find the area known as Stormward. His second tour to Genesaris was much better than his first, granted there was still plenty of setback to go around. The mounting pressure however would be no match for Jin now. He had grown strong enough to bear the burden of his short comings, and of course the things beyond his control. Still he did whatever he could in his travels to continue serving other people. To continue protecting them. Irony struck as he found himself approaching a few traders that were headed to the city he had just left. As they moved past one another, he would overhear mention of Slavers traveling in a convoy to the west, northwest of this vicinity. Apparently they were seen there camping near a desert. Jinsoku would sigh to himself before dropping his head and closing his eyes. He shook his head slowly before he would open his charcoal eyes again, albeit letting them remained narrowed as he had found his new primary focus. Investigate the Slavers and liberate any in their immediate custody. He understood there was an alcove dedicated to such, though he'd be a fool to try and free them single handedly. Besides, there had to be deeper plans for those people on an economical level. How would the sudden release of thousands affect the current economic balance of Genesaris, or Valucre even? Acquire a jog, Jinsoku would make with haste towards the location the bandits were last seen, while also moving slightly more north as he progressed considering they would inevitably be headed for the alcove. Little did he know however, that a familiar face would be among the oppressed. @Metty @brokendolleyes
  4. Clash Fah versus New Challenger

    The sound of steel and bone clashing would resonate between the men so close together. In a moment of surprise, Lykos would begrudgingly find himself letting his guard down. It was a moment that was just long enough to afford him a fist slamming into his chin. His chin would be knocked down and slightly to the side, allowing him to fall back in a few steps that would secure his temporary distance by cutting a swath in the air with his scimitar from his own right to his left, moving from what would be Clash's left hip to rip shoulder. As his feet would secure themselves once more, he would complete a second swath that would aim a horizontal slash across the man's chest from his right shoulder, back to the left. Granted if he did not pursuit, then he would likely be just about on the border of striking range. It mattered not, this was less of an attack, and more of reassurance that the opponent wasn't pressing him in punishment for his moment of openness. His left hand still gripped the knife in it's hand, holding it in a manner that would allow it to act primarily in a defensive manner, and yet was still ready to join the offense once more when the time was right. Sliding his tongue around in his mouth, he gathered a little spit and blood and spit it onto the ground before him as his brown eyes would watch Clash once more. Unlike Clash with the witty remarks, he remained silent. Calculating.
  5. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    It would seem that in a stoke of temporary luck, another of the beautiful couples children came bounding out to snatch their attention. He couldn't help but wonder for a moment how they were all truly related, and how they had so many children when this was their wedding day. It wasn't necessarily the number of children alone, so much as it was their apparent ages. Corvinus was of obviously well seasoned, but Leoa didn't quite seem to be that mature just yet. Ultimately it mattered not. Dismissing themselves, Koji was spared of the small talk that he was not so certain of how to respond. He was certain his land did harbor seasons, though he hadn't experienced a full year there at this point. Certainly there were other ways to know, though it seemed that he was going about mapping his own environment as they experienced it. For now though, it would seem that he was left to humor Darim. As the Imperial couple went to meet James, Koji looked to the man with a knowing glance, a smile afforded the man as he gave him a silent nod of salutations. Despite the history he held with Koji's parents, Koji had no reason to dislike James, save for his profession. Still, he did not fear James, however he was well aware of the level of threat he could offer his budding Empire. There was an old saying by the mortals, keep your friends close, and you enemies closer. Perhaps not so soon in his own vocation, but eventually he would have to entertain the thought of finessing the Slayer just as he would Raven, and any other person necessary that could directly donate to his level of success. For better or worst. His lingering scarlet gaze would be broken however, when Darim asked him if he was truly a dragon. His scarlet gaze shifted as his head turned to look directly at Darim, his fanged teeth still exposed in a smirk. His reptilian slits for pupils grew slightly thinner as he slowly lifted his scaly right hand. With his left hand he would pull the fabric of his sleeve further up, exposing the limb in a more full fashion for the curious cat before him. Hosting his arm before her, he would seem to be offering his limb to her in the case that she wished to feel his lurid scales brushing against her flesh. "Hai, partially so. Though I still have the ability to morph into a full fledged dragon." Whether she had chosen to pet his scaly arm or not, he would hold it there still, allowing her to get a good look at the limb while she had the chance. His mind considered entertaining her enough to show her his dragon, though he was skeptical on how long he could hold such form, and how much of a strain it would put on him. It was nice to know that he was slightly more capable of enduring Corvin's will than Raven. Though if he was going to feel more at ease within the presence of Mankind's Will, Koji would have to figure out how to make himself impervious to it's effects. Fortunately for Koji, which the energy itself was potent, it had a certain lack of purity that served to rob it's effectiveness against him respectively. "Have you never seen a dragon before?" He questioned her simply. Considering another train of thought on this opportunity. Perhaps he should strain himself enough to warrant his departure, without sacrificing his well being. Basically just keep himself primed enough to defend himself, just in case. Otherwise, impress the family best he could. It should be noted that none other than his Empress has had the pleasure of riding his dragon. This would easily be testament to the level of respect he was offering the family, even though impressing Darim was likely to be seen as a waste by many. But by appealing to her, he would inadvertently appeal to her parents, regardless of clashing opinions. He would be certain to make such public knowledge if he felt so inclined to afford her a ride. Assuming she was brave as the rest of her blood line that is. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. @Aleksei @Alexei @Fierach
  6. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    It pleased Koji so that this seemed to easily agree with his sentiments regarding the baka troupe that just came through . His smile crept upon his face in delight just before Tsuki would whisper something among her Emperor's ear. Begrudgingly he relinquished her, and mentally summoned forth a couple of shadow men constructs tailored to appear as Shinobi respectively. They would escort the concubine back to camp, ensuring her safety whether she needed them or not. With his full attention back on Nur, his plain blank face would return inevitably. His half lidded scarlet eyes would seal his face into one devoid of expression. A blank expression that would warrant confusion if nothing else. It was amazing how much people communicated with their emotions. Just in time as well, for Nur questioning him of his ambitions. Deep down inside he knew what he truly wanted beneath his rule, what his Empress wanted. To stand at the cusp of a new world, basking into the great potential from wince all life came for eternity as their flame spreads the plane into nothingness. But for the sake of public face, Koji focused on what was merely the first part of his plan, the sowing of the seeds of fate. "To be completely honest with you, I do not wish to rule. I merely progress to do so because it is the only way to ensure that my wildest dreams come true. My clan is named Dah-Sue-Zo-Coo (Datsuzoku), it means "breaking the covenant". As my chosen name implies, I stand to destroy the Mortal's fallacy of order. For countless ages and civilizations, across many spaces through time and space itself, mortals have sought to control their populations under the pretense of safety, sanctuary. Though it's always only a matter of time before mortals become greedy, and corrupt that order that was already too good to be true. I will unite the mortals under a single banner, and in doing so I will bring about an era of true peace, true happiness. A true paradise! " He would pause to be certain that Nur followed his words well enough to understand him. It's not that he thought the creature as ignorant or just plain stupid, he was more simply aware that the man's pallet was crippled. Though he spoke enough to communicate clearly. "Many have tried to accomplish my aspirations, my ambition...Few have come close. The Red String has secured my knot, my fate. I shall be the first to accomplish this admirable feat. I will fight those that oppose me, they will die, and then all of this world will unite beneath me!" His words intensified with taste, though his voice failed to grow in volume. A smile quirked his lips, allowing a mild chuckle to follow his words. No matter how sharp his eyes became in that instant, nor how sadistic he appeared in that instant, it would only be a glimpse of his chaotic nature. Sure, many would come to see Koji as a villain, and in the public face he was willing to take that abuse even if it would be misdirected. Ultimately he would be the Omega people feared he would become, though it was humble enough to settle for appearing to be the perfect example of doing the wrong things for all the right reasons. "Without destruction, their can be no creation. My burden is heavy, but it is mine to bear. Fortunately there are many flocking to me, banding together in support of my divine cause." Ever seen a devil with a halo, or an angel with some horns? @LastLight
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  8. Royal Birth Day

    "My name is Lykaios Rapp, or as my people like to call me, Lykos." He replied simply, yet with a certain air of arrogance about him. Between his comrade vanishing and reappearing beyond Erin, and the new comers interrupting his introduction of himself, he failed to skip a beat. Though once these words left his mouth he would allow a moment of brevity to see just how many folks within earshot would recognize the name. He even kept his eyes open for anyone here that might be more aware of his origin story already. Regardless, he would allow the moment to carry on naturally considering he now heard of an actual request of aid. Who would've thought that some snobbish faps would ever consider the company of these group of rubbish, let alone seek their assistance in important matters such as several attempts of presumably the Queen's life. What else was a man supposed to assume with scattered poison chasing an explosion that wasn't that long ago? The greater question coming to mind, who could possibly be threatening the Queen so? Or perhaps, why would somebody be targeting the Queen's life? As for the poison balls, Lykos wasn't even sure what to make of them. Was someone just tossing them around and waiting to see what happened? Was it strategy, pure and simple? "..." His silence was prolonged by the artful gathering of the poisonous metallic balls. He watched that artifact gauntlet intently, admiring it and it's current respective wearer. He wondered how exactly the thing worked, considering the noticeable forces that gentle pulled at his gear ever so slightly, just before the force seemingly intensified yet only managing to gather the target metal at hand. All thanks to a simple sample of the target. 'Impressive. Then again I'd expect no less out of a man that was hailed formerly as The Pirate King.' Why a man of his notoriety would give everything away to follow The (aspiring) Bandit King. While his time a a notable force was still young, that force continued to grow into a large, healthy network of nomadic bandit tribes that were slowly but surely spreading out into several camps scattered across Elendaron. The two "Main Hubs" of such arrangement and activity seem to be heavily rumored as Oasis City, as well as the jungle spanning beyond the eastern border of the desert. The bandit camp to the jungle was easy to be assumed as the number one lodging site, the largest one by far. This was only considering how much more conflict, and how many more numbers would be necessary to stage a formal coup on the vampires overseeing Oasis City. Then shit would really get interesting. "The Bandit King of Khufat'yd, of Elendaron." Finally he interjected, adding the last portion of his known alias'. To walk into the formal Queen's capitol, into her very castle even, being the man that he was was testament enough to the size of each of his respective testicular extremities. That or he was a major masochist with a secret death wish, or something. It wouldn't matter who he use to be, where he came from originally, though currently his very name was easily on account for what was approximately 32% of the bandit activity throughout Elendaron. There was no telling how many of the Queen's assets had been hustled traveling to or from the captiol from, well...anywhere else within the nation. Anywhere they were already established or just happened to be passing by anyway. That being said, how long was his mixtape record on the Queen's account? And what exactly had he been fined of? Or had he somehow managed to leave her business alone and she simply hadn't the level of concern for the common folk when it came to defending themselves from thugs and hustlers such as these. Most people couldn't look an orc in the face and tell him or her no when they were told to hand something over of value. Most people weren't ready for a party of goblins to maim and kill them, happy to simply horde coin. This together with the fact of his raw potential was the concern that should be had. The reason such a man could lead such a chaotic group of many individuals and keep them all in check, was because he didn't really give them rules. He just kind of goes with the flow, and if something feels wrong, he stops it. Though wrong to him was obviously not the same as wrong to most. This was The Wolf we were talking about. "Well done Abias. Certainly this court can be appreciative of our paying it forward." With the spectacle finished and the cool equip complete, Lykos almost admired the large gaudy weapon. He had to wonder if the blade was poisonous thanks to the metal worked into it. Ultimately it didn't matter to him. Poison was something that generally seemed ill effective on him. Even if it made him sick for a short while, or a long while, he had never fallen to the likes of poison. Likewise he didn't get sick, infected, or diseased like most men. Such would play a huge roll in sparing him of the ill effects of some of his dietary habits. With his shark like teeth and his knowledgeable mixed lineage, there had to be a reason he was called Wolf. He wasn't like his leech ancestors in respect to his selective diet. His meal was a much more filling one anyway. @Chappu @Tyler @Mickey Flash
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  11. To Seek Audience With The Queen

    The Cambion shed his jacket with ease. He could feel his body temperature rising with his anxiousness. Though he'd never admit it aloud, he actually hadn't slept with anyone else since Red. Granted he hadn't truly had the time for it considering the roller coaster of events that followed the abrupt end of their fling. Events that effected him dearly in the long run. As it always had, irony had forced it's way into his life, only revealing itself to him after he made a huge web, mapping out the coincident until he could see everything so clearly. The downside being that even if he saw, he still failed to understand. If things like karma were real, what had he done in his past life that was so terrible? Surely dharma was done serving him retribution from his downward slopes in life, from badder to worst. Luna, Lucius, Akako, Raveena...These were the most important names of the ones he would realize something about. The harder he tried to hold onto these loved ones, it seemed the more he ensured that he would lose them. Luna. His history with Luna, or as he preferred to call her, Jessica, was a long and bloody, mangled, morbid and macabre one. From murdering her life partner and her offspring, to their entire village at that time...All those families...Lost to a fit of rage over his rejection. While he was possessed, he has learned not to blame anyone other than himself for allowing his human emotions to run too high, forcing him to relinquish his control over the possessing entity. All the same, this lead to years of warring, where often she sided with his enemies and just happened to be there half the time to fight him. To try and kill him for how he had so tragically ruined her life. Finally it came down to a man that was known best by Oblivionic, only of the Pendragon's longest running rivals. At a time when she needed someone most, Xartia came to her aid, and for it she used him. She cried upon his shoulder until she had finished weeping, only to provide the metaphorical knife in the back to finally cost him his life. To his surprise however, he fate fell upon him on the hallowed grounds of Hell's Stride. This delivered him to a second chance at life, with a cost. Rather intelligently, he bargained with the enigma known as Chartres, and offered him the possessing spirit within as the price he was willing to pay. Without detest he took it, and granted Xartia not only a second chance at life, but his original life as it was intended to be. This lead to a love confession, and an apology, which lead down a slippery slope of a relationship that eventually ended in Xartia getting his way, for the most part. And yet he had failed to hold up his end of the bargain as well, considering even now he was ready to dive into the Scarlet Queen without any consideration for Luna's feelings. In winning his woman and convincing her to start a family with him, he lost her. Lucius. That prodigal son, the heir to Xartia's namesake. By taking extra special care to raise the boy good and well, despite his mother's (Luna's) warnings, Xartia was all but certain he would salvage the boy from his chaotic nature. Though it would seem the life of a dignitary was not for young Lucius after all. He was a wild thing, one that couldn't be tamed. He was passed around from place to place, never really living with Xartia. This neglect and his mother's want for him to be dead in the realization of making a mistake, the boy grew unbalanced before he really had a chance. And then Xartia did the unimaginable, he wrangled the beast under pretense of alliances and marriage. He quite literally plucked the boy from his environment with his first ever girlfriend, and dumped him into Akako's care for the remainder of his development, thus sealing the fate of their estranged relationship. He pushed as hard as he could to give the best to make his son into the best, and for it he completely lost him while ensuring he became the very thing he fought so hard to prevent. Akako. She was the third chance at Xartia's happiness, and he ruined it before it ever had a chance to be a thing. Or so she would have told him. They had danced around the same social circles for years, and simply missed each other almost every time. Though under the banner of the Lich King, Ursan the Gold, they had come to know each other rather well. She refused to show him any attention what so ever, labeling him based on his lineage and assuming the worst of him. And so he began with travelling abroad, in which he discovered Valucre for the first time. Irony had it there that he met a red hair woman that he would see again with Akako at Ursan's manner. Here he settled for less, and he slept with the redhead whom turned out to be Akako's assistant. This lead to more clashing between them, and ultimately into a few long years of him chasing her on and off to no avail. He just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper. Finally when they seemed to be making some good progress in the right direction, she discovers his fling with Red, while in the act no less. This drove the last nail into the coffin, condemning his chances for until a week ago. And yet here he was once more, betwixt the legs of the woman she caught him with. Even if he knew about their intimate relationship over the last year or so, it would do little to make him feel any different over the situation, for that too was his fault. Raveena. This was perhaps the harshest loss of his. All that work, the finale with OXY, all of it to save her. And in a sick twist of fate, she loses her memories and makes it all irrelevant. Despite the things he's done for her in the past, and the things she's done for him, despite their intimate friendship that lasted years without err, she now looked at him like a stranger. A distant someone that she clearly didn't quite feel comfortable around. It was written on her face when he was in her company. If he were wrong she might have reached out to him for assistance with her latest endeavors, yet she hadn't. She hadn't even so much as tried to speak to him or visit him. No doing one another's hair, no tea, nothing. The relationship that had grown the most of these, and that was fought for the hardest, was the one that ended up causing him to suffer the greatest. The single largest most piece of irony to be thrown into this equation thought was a singular constant. Considering availability, this was technically the first chance Xartia had to jump on Red since their fiasco, meaning that even if they hadn't been discovered prior, they likely wouldn't have knocked boots again until about now. The point here being that Red was the only one of these friends he hadn't chased after, or fought for her attention or approval. She was the one that was just, natural and flowing. They came, they saw, they went. There was no heavy burden or strings attached. No jealousy, envy, no infatuation. It was nice to know that she was here for him, in more ways than one. And he could only hope to continue with occasional business visits within his future, regardless of which of them traveled. It's not that he couldn't lay with another woman, it was that Red was much more than a lay. With or without the pleasures of her flesh, she was and still is, still becoming one of the greatest of friends he could ask for. Even if he managed to take her a bit for granted. He would not break their affection for any other words, there was surely no point if one was to uphold this mood. Ensuring the ease of it's release, Xartia would allow his mind to briefly focus on the corset his hand most to undo. Flawlessly he would relieve her of it, discarding it haphazardly to the floor beside them. Plucking her blouse free of her bottoms, he would smooth it up her form, only for his finger tips to catch a glimpse of the odd tattoo upon her back. While he would fail to hesitate or think about it now, he would be sure to ask her about it at another time. For now he would suffice with fighting to undress her and she no doubt replied in kind. @Red the Ambivalent
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