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    Big Pond, Little Fish.

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    Destruction des morts

    Blood, death, smoke, fire, discord, entropy, chaos. These things coupled with the late dusk bringing more darkness to blanket the region were the things he reveled in. Koji felt exhilarated by it all. His senses grew sharper as his heart rate increased, pushing bursts of adrenaline through his veins. His almond shaped, indigo eyes narrowed as he observed better the closer he grew. He breached the city against all odds, reporting to his airship what he saw. Titans, a dragon, guards and soldiers moving to a fro as the sounds of magitech rifles pierced the veil of silence. There were shrieks and cries of terror, citizens running in fear, some taking cover of false protection even. Koji had no idea what was going on, though he remained unperturbed in his intent. What did however stall his intent for the briefest of moments was a familiar presence on his radar. Sato, Arashi. Ever since he lost track of her in Renovatio, she had managed to break the bond that tied their life forces together. While he wondered how she had done it, he couldn't find the time to investigate. So many things had happened in such little time, not to mention her departure from the general vicinity of either of his territories. Though there was obviously a lot going on, he couldn't seem to resist the temptation of going to her so that he could ask her for himself. This chance would certainly not come to him again so easily. Upon reaching the building he sensed her in, a smirk broke his porcelain, previously expressionless face. There was certain irony to finding a church that was too stained with blood and death, though as to what Arashi and the few other life forces around her had to do with it was beyond him. Perhaps she was guilty of assaulting the city in tandem with the rest of the force responsible for such. Precariously, another life form found itself slipping around the shadows from high to low. What was even more curious was that this was a creature he sensed as the undead variety, and yet it move with such sentience and purpose. Not only was it moving strategically away from the church, though it almost seemed to find itself the life of a member of the living to take. While Koji was curious of the undead, he himself was committed to investigating Arashi. A repeated offense of making his late Empress roll in her grave, albeit this was his will and a lackey serving his purpose, Koji dispatched his personal guard; Tasking him with the job of tailing the undead being whom was suiting up into a guard's uniform. "Follow the undead, if it moves to kill another, engage it. Take it alive if possible." Seemingly to none, he ordered. The Shinobi that sank into the earthen crust earlier now moved away from his Heika with purpose. So long as he remained in the ground he was nigh undetectable. Likewise he could cover much greater a distance in less time. He would have to be careful not to waste too much chakra, though for now he was quite comfortable with what he had spent and was still spending. Gaki had nearly reach Venus by the time she equipped the magi-gun on her person, in which he continued to follow her when she worked quickly and efficiently to assume the role of a guard and slip into formation with others. Meanwhile, Koji continued by vanishing mid-step, only to reappear before Arashi and the four guards a split second later. Upon his arrival to them, they would likely notice the eerie feeling that came with not only his entrance, but his presence. A cold chill harassed the spines of the guards, and perhaps Arashi too. Still grinning, he snickered to himself before he graced them all with his baritone rasp of a booming voice for a rather slender man. "You just can't seem to keep yourself out of trouble, can you? Sato, Arashi!" He exclaimed her name more with intensity than he did volume. His sudden silent entrance from literally thin air would perhaps go unnoticed until he actual spoke, in which the guards would likely find their attention on him. Should they train their weapons on him, he would respond to them sooner rather than later. To keep their weapons on Arashi would leave him to continue acting coy with her. Should the guards find themselves a split with two aiming at each of them, then the Heika would still react accordingly. Back in his countries, any act against him was virtually a death penalty. Being on foreign soil however, just as he had with his visit to Ursa Madeum, he was willing to dial things back just a bit for the sake of not making poor choices that would hinder his public acceptance in Terrenus even more than it already was. While he would bend his own ways for the sake of his ambitions, surely he would still bring an abrupt end to the life of any that so threatened his own. @Ataraxy @Metty @Tyler
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    The Festival of Lights - Exhibition Matches Begin 9/8

    Currently waiting on @Mettypot. We've only just begun! 🎶
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    Destruction des morts

    Tia. A name that carried with it a stigmatic history. A city known to be kept under the rules of Vampires, more particularly two families; The Mattons and the Dolos. When his Imperial Adviser mentioned to him of her prior involvement with them and their dealings, as well as her current choice to make a visit to the city on personal business, the Heika decided that perhaps he too should pay the city a visit. With his rising Empress being of the Vampire variety, perhaps it was in his best interest to befriend more of said variety. If the ones to be found here couldn't be of any worth or assistance to him or his cause, so be it. However, with the recent reports of a newer, unknown family of vampires moved to make their mark in the annals of history. Boasting a name familiar to his memories at that. The Choisels. He hadn't seen one since before he came to this world, though that one he saw a few years ago did mention being friends with his father. He couldn't only surmise that the Vampire had taken his time in following suit and jump worlds to this one. Between the three families, Koji was certain at least one of them would hold interest in working closely with the Datsuzoku. With his closer proximity to the region, the Heika could feel it. There was a certain air about the region, shrouding Tia in the intimacies he was oh so familiar with. Something was coming, and it wasn't himself the Emperor sensed. Perhaps he was even sensing the presence of the dark artifacts rumored to exist within the region. Regardless, Koji was intrigued to say the least. While it was uncustomary, and a bad time to put himself in such a position of vulnerability, the lack of his late Empress left him with the chance to make a myriad of choices that would perhaps have her rolling in her grave. His nation stood on the brink of war, his heir not yet mature enough to take his seat upon the throne. His Empress had not yet been crowned, his first born was taken, and another of his wives was currently carrying another one of his offspring. Fortunately he had more than curiosity going for him, he had motive. Purpose. He arrived in the area upon a healthy vessel of obvious Renovation military make and mark. Though the banners flown outside of it, as well as the variety of uniforms to be had both armored and not all found themselves branded with the Datsuzoku's Kamon, heralding their allegiance beyond the shadow of a doubt. Over all, the healthy ship housed a total of approximately 1000 persons. About 40% of those found within were the ships crew specifically, the remaining 60% comprised of members of his Inquisition and his Imperial Army. Half of the enlisted were of the human variety, while the others were a diverse cast of demon, yokai, Tatsuo, and vampire. A third of these forces was entrusted with defense of the ship unless ordered otherwise, in which the remaining forces were primed and ready for deployment should the Heika call for such. While they weren't expecting to get into or start any trouble, they proceeded knowing Koji sat in a strange place when it came to the opinion of the Terrenus Military, as well as a few of their nations that palled in comparison to the several he was currently appealing to. Conflict is all but promised, regardless of the enemy. The ship came to lower itself to just 100 or so yards above the ground, while remaining at least a few miles away from the city itself. The bay doors of the ship opened up, allowing a party of the ship's forces to exit the craft in order to watch over and defend the ship from the outside, the rest remaining inside either to monitor from the inside, or to simply await orders should they arise. The Heika himself also disembarked, though as per the new norm, his former body guard was nowhere to be had. His duties had evolved tremendously ever sense the birth of the heir. Akui was his primary focus now, not only the task of protecting him, but also the task of training him. In the wake of the skilled swordsman was perhaps the Shinobi equivalent of a candidate. Gaki. The magitech engines of the ships remained running in order to keep the ship afloat. Without another vehicle, the Heika would settle to approach the city directly on foot, with but the single Shinobi as his defense. It'd be easy to assume that the young a naive Emperor was perhaps arrogant, filled with hubris. While the latter was true, the former was actually mere confidence. Those under his employ as well as himself were all quite capable. Unlike his usual, more careless demeanor, the Heika did travel light in terms of bodies, though not in terms of his armament. He was dressed in full regalia, donning black plate armor with intricate gold trim and his hair coiled into a matching, ornate hair pin and plume that doubled as a crown. To his right hip was a sheath, hosting within it the Emperor's sword, Kage Tatsukiba, The Shadow Dragon Fang. His personal guard was much less grandiose, donning a gray ballistic flak vest over a black hoodie with a pair of black cargo pants and black boots. His vest hosted a several pockets of a gel like substance, and his waist featured three pouches no doubt concealing tools of his trade. "..." As the Emperor began his silent stride, Gaki made a few hand seals in swift succession in which he held the third seal. Chakra spread throughout his entire being, molding as dictated by the seals he created with his hands. Gaki's entire outward appearance turned a dusty brown color that matched the likes of the very ground he stood upon. Suddenly he sank into the earth, becoming one with it, and undetectable from within it. Likewise he left no trace of his union with the earthen crust. Like this, he continued to tail the Emperor, and together they approached the city that was known as Tia. He couldn't be certain just yet without activating the taxing Mugen-me, though if he wasn't mistaken, it would seem that he was ironically arriving to the beginning of some sort of shit storm within the city. If the lesser activities weren't a red flag, then perhaps the large out of place figures that had began to wreak havoc would be all he needed to witness. Regardless, nothing would deter him from investigating the city as planned, even if what precisely within the city he was investigating had changed. @Ataraxy @Metty @Tyler
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    Jinsoku Hayabusa vs ???

    Despite his outward appearance, there was much more to him than met the eye. The Raiju within remained calm and collected, knowing that even though death was a possibility, this was more of a contest of power than a war time scenario. Still, the threat was real, and the purpose just as much so. Temporarily Championed, he was a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure first and foremost. As ridiculous of a feat it was to agree to these terms of combat, there was nothing that could prohibit him from such an act without exception. Even if he was told he would be unarmed against an armed opponent. Fortunately the latter was not the case considering his opponents view-able armaments. A pair of daggers and a rapier. Comparing and contrasting, he weighed the variables between himself and this woman. She were potentially boast a quicker pace with his smaller, more agile weapons. However, Jinsoku had speed that was no laughing matter itself, and strength to boot. He almost questioned if he heard her right, but there was no mistaking it. She mentioned of hearing and knowing of him. While this did not necessarily worry him, he was curious to know of what she had heard. It was amazing how fast people began to remember his name after being Knighted. "..." He refused to try and shout over the crowd, and since he wasn't sure of her own ability to hear above average, he remained silently regardless. As the announcing of the commencing of the trials, he delivered a bow to his opponent as a sign of respect. While he felt it was unfortunate to be facing a woman, he would fail to hold back or take it easy on her. Though thinking of her pained him, he had to thank Rou mentally for his ability to stand here capable and ready to fight a woman naked. For this would've been that much more difficult had he still been a virgin. While seemingly disadvantaged compared to his armored opponent, the woman was smart to not rush him. Then again, neutralizing his superior reach over her weapons was exactly her best bet at trying to overwhelm him and earn a victory. He couldn't figure out why she was holding her rapier in such an odd stance, though perhaps it served a purpose he was incapable of predicting or comprehending. Regardless, she immediately took to the defensive, ultimately leaving him to break the ice and engage her first in this duel. A grin came to his face as his charcoal eyes watched her a brief moment longer, his legs bending as the knees as he came to squat. Springing up, he shoved the earthen crust from beneath his body. He moved forward at a fraction of just how high he jumped. Peaking at approximately five meters, Jinsoku brought his halberd into both of his hand. Bringing it between himself and the woman, he hosted its pointed tip at the woman below. With as much speed and force as his rise Jinsoku found his patch of gravity that brought him crashing down weapons first towards the area ground once more, the spike aimed for the woman. While nobody would likely notice, there where cracks on the ground where Jinsoku jumped from.This was a foreshadowing of his strength before the woman decided how to respond to his assault. While she may have heard stories of him, she perhaps would notice that his carried weapon didn't match the description of anything that may have been mentioned in his stories. @Phoebe
  6. Twitterpated

    "New Year, Old Me"

    Magic library. A name fitting of the history surrounding a star falling upon that portion of the lands. The most magical place on the island. The more she spoke, the more he confirmed what he had already felt was the case here. He was justified in his curiosity of this quaint island off of the mainland of Genesaris. Orisia and it's elusive La'Ruta were originally at the top of his interest, though his vague discovery of this precious gems usurped said interest with the lack of information to be found on it if nothing else. Silverwood, he'd be certain to remember that name. If he was lucky, the library hosted knowledge of them, as well as the temples and their Gods. At this mention of Gods, Xartia couldn't help but grin wide and chuckle lowly to himself. It was perhaps fortunate that she was called away, ensuring she wouldn't question his reaction directly. Besides, who would believe him on average if he were to express to them that he was in fact a God himself? "Thank you." He mentioned to her as he examined his plate of steaming hot food. His emerald gaze looked to her face as he refreshed his grin, her wink inspiring a girlish giggle out of him. Without asking, she took his drink for a refill, a feat he would remember when it came to tipping his service. In her absence, he took to cutting into his steak to investigate just how close to order the dish was. The even brownish tone of the cooked meat was consistent until one found the middle of the steak. Inside was a perfect thin line of pink, and not a drop of blood inside. Stabbing his fork into a chunk of jackalope, he took the first bite without hesitation. He was eager for a new cuisine he hadn't even considered trying. It didn't taste so different than venison, however, the meat was a tad less gamy, and a tad more tender to boot.
  7. Jinsoku=thicc

  8. Twitterpated

    Jinsoku Hayabusa vs ???

    Once permitted to enter the arena, the opposing champion approached without hesitation. The natural soles of his bare feet padded upon the packed dirt of the arena floor. As the crowds continued to verbalize their anticipation, he came into full view to reveal himself completely. Standing stark naked at 5'6" and approximately 182 pounds, his olive toned skin gleaming in the sun's rays. His body type was a twisted semblance to a body builder. His large rippling muscles showed poorly to moderately scarred tissue beneath the skin, clear evidence of poor bodily care in the wake of extreme training regiments. Jinsoku was not only known to not rest enough between sessions, but also to rapidly heal thanks to what lied beneath the surface. A bad combination to abuse, no matter the reasoning behind it. Still, his results were great, and he had no regrets. Unlike the true nature of a body builder which is more for show than power, every inch of Jinsoku's body was primed to express force by his dictation. A curious set of scars going across his legs from the calf of the left leg and spanning diagonally across the opposing thigh just above the knee. Starting on the calf and wrapping the shin with about a 4 inch wide scar at it's smallest, in which the thing concluded with the scar spanning down the knee as it was closer to a foot wide. There was obviously no armor to note, nor any other objects to be found other than the weapon he gripped firmly in his right hand. A halberd. The pole-arm was approximately six feet in length. The the end of the shaft before him was the ax blade and corresponding thorn to it's backside, as well as the spike the tipped the shaft from above the ax head. The consistency and hue of the metals were obviously different, in which the blade and pointed portions of the weapon seemed special. Pacing about to about 10 feet from the center, Jinsoku came to a stop. For a moment his eyes slid shut, allowing the crowds to become white noise as he steeled his mind for the battle ahead of himself. As an outsider that didn't quite agree with the reason behind this custom, he respected the custom enough to engage it on behalf of another. 'No Gods, no kings, only man.' @Phoebe (Pheebz!)
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    Kaess Exhibition Match: Metty vs Twitterpated

    With casual attire and a lackadaisical presence, Arashi didn't seem too excited to be here. However, he wasn't willing to lower his guard. This could in fact be some sort of bait for him, and attempt to soften his presence. These Exhibition matches were voluntary, meaning that if she didn't wish to be here, she wouldn't be. Perhaps she wasn't interested in fighting him, regardless of the specific reasoning behind such. None the less, here they were. Jinsoku maintained his approach. He failed to speed up or slow down, using their delayed contact to his advantage by pooling his Yoki. As he reached his striking range, Jinsoku raised his left fist suddenly. Mildly cocked from it's downward defensive position it became his offense in the form of a left jab. He considered baiting her with a feint, though he bargained an actual punch was most convincing when it came to forcing a reaction out of the opponent.
  10. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    I don't much care how exactly I'm involved as long I'm working on fighting and evacuating to whatever degree possible. @amenities
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    Mapping the Depths

    Jinsoku made a direct hit to the shield as he intended. Due to such, it wasn't hard to tell that he was most likely being baited further into the undead's range. You see, the shield and it's user lacked the movement that Jinsoku would've expected from the connected punch The worn metal was hardly dented by his fist, gauntlet and all, and the rigid motion of pulling away was a far cry from the fluid motions of knocked away. Regardless, Jinsoku obliged the skeleton completely, stepping into the space it so generously offered him as his right fist retracted to starting position. Before he could press with an actual follow up, the skeleton a blood curdling shriek that absolutely rattled his entire body. As his eyes shook he tried desperately to look through his disturbed vision. His hearing dampened, and his mouth dried rather quick as he felt himself becoming nauseous. A dizzy spell finally forced his eyes to close as he grit his teeth in protest to what was obviously a sonic assault. In Jinsoku's personal experience between various methods of travel including a myriad of ships that contest one's ability to travel, and his own ridiculous amounts of exposure to self produced sonic booms, he was well versed in coping with these debilitating effects. His steel stomach resisted the urge to regurgitate, and his eyes remained shut. With his five natural born senses dampened, Jinsoku focused on his sixth sense solely. While he had not gained a supernatural tolerance to sonic anything, he was rather capable of pushing through these effects. A few years had taught him at least that he could endure whatever it was he was not resistant to. One of the best qualities he had seen first hand, and learned from Master James and Rei alike. His ridiculous training regiments alone had taught him that endurance was one of if not his best quality. With diligence being a hard second. As clear as any one of his senses would be at their peak if not even more so, Jinsoku felt the electromagnetic pulses all around him. Given the limited area, he could sense all within the area, including the summoned pets. Despite the undead enemy, he boasted something that could be read and felt better than the lack of pulses found in the undead compared to the living. Armor and a weapon, each composing of metal. It wasn't hard to assume the opponent would either thrust or slash, but to feel the swords motion confirming one option over the other made reacting that much easier. Focusing on the sword as it began it's attack, Jin executed the half step maneuver demonstrated earlier. This brought him just inside the thrust before he rolled his left shoulder and crunched his abdomen, his fist hosting that building energy still at this very moment. (1) "OSS!" He exclaimed as his left was brought into the lead, his left foot bisecting the shrieker's feet as it's sword created sparks as it scratched his own armor. His charged fist cocked and ready launched out and upwards as his abdomen stretched, a flawless uppercut aimed to slam into the torso of the shrieker just before releasing the charged energy that had been accumulating. Crashing Thunder. Impact warranted the expulsion from his fist, into, and likely through the shrieker from torso to head. The yoki threatening the shrieker with concussive force in excess of 2500 pound of force, and accompanied by it's own sonic boom as but further evidence of his own witnessed endurance in even this very moment. Already debilitated, he threatened to worsen or prolong his condition just for the chance to cripple or kill the enemy in as swift and efficient a manner as possible.
  12. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    Group 5 as we discussed. General evac/surrounding fighting. 💯
  13. Twitterpated

    Project Destroy Tia

    I'm participate with the defense as well. With Koji, and possibly Jinsoku as well. Koji for sure though.
  14. Twitterpated

    Mapping the Depths

    Jinsoku braced himself for contact with the weird creatures one of the four enemies conjured right before their eyes. Jinsoku had faced undead before, though nothing this capable of they showcased that sentience and strategic value. Their party was swift and efficient to meet that of Jinsoku's own. They sounded as they approached, some of them laughing even. Suddenly, the pets were blown away before making actual contact with him or any of those behind him. Though they rebounded easily enough. As they raced to support their primary forces , the Praetorian summoned more pets about it, keeping them close no doubt as a means of defense. A humored Shrieker found its way facing off with Jinsoku. As he was charging, it was only natural that the laughing, glowing skeleton was confident. Perhaps even arrogant. It took a defensive stance and waited for Jin to close the rest of the distance and engage him as requested. "..." As he neared, Jinsoku pooled his Yoki through his left arm and into his fist. As it assimilated, a nigh invisible foot wide sphere constructed around said fist. The Chitterlings charge, though he closed on the Shrieker before they had a chance to impose over his forward advance. If the Shrieker was keen on taking the what would undoubtedly be a punch with it's shield, then Jinsoku obliged it with one of those strikes he an Master James had displayed earlier. The energy building on the left fist would continue to do so, however, the right struck with it's own naturally explosive force. Twisting his fist into the blow as his feet suddenly planted him upon the earthen crust, he put his body and momentum behind the blow. He hoped that the assault would only decimate the skeleton's defense without ejecting him from his person entirely, though he wasn't willing to hold back when using unmastered techniques and fighting any opponent in what could easily prove to be a fatal situation. "OSS!"