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  1. "It's fine. I've been eager to open the doors to The Wiseman, though of course I'm not hoping to build another fortune off of it. I'd rather have minimal high end customers than to serve the many....Concerning my responsibilities however, " He paused as he face Arthur again, looking him clear in the eyes as if he truly felt the need to explain himself to begin with. Even Leinhart could have been called upon and asked to assist. Alas, even he had met the boy before he had grown into the monster he was now, and even then he had some pretty steep potential. Regardless, the fact of the matter remained the same. "I have no intention of sharing responsibilities with anyone, friends or family. The fact of the matter is, I have a plan that requires letting Koji come for me directly. This is more or less a contingency for the Khaliq. Koji managed to murder all of his other siblings, save for my first born, and his half sister on his mother's side. I failed to protect them, so instead of relying on myself to protect this one I'm hoping to prepare him well enough to protect himself. I can only hope that Koji comes for me before having a run in with someone else important to me; And that he finds me before death finds him. It seems so fleeting these days, death, which is why I have an alternative means of ridding this existence of him for an eternity." His face became one that flirted insaniy, his Chashire grin couple with the sharp angles of his narrowed eyes. "Sealing Magic." The last time Xartia attempted to seal an entity in a previously selected vessel, the spell had in fact backfired and lead to his direct demonic possession by the one called Shin'su. A mishap occurrence that lead to what should have been the young magician's best years, into years of blood, violence, pain, suffering, death. It was a mistake that he'd never make again, for such would be the greatest disrespect to his years of study and experience. "We can talk more along the way, I assure you we have plenty of time to chat along the way." His smirk diminished yet it remained to some degree. As he turned to walk away, he looked over his shoulder to Lein once more, musing before making his way to the captains quarters. "Perhaps you'll even learn to appreciate travelling, with good company at least." @Voldemort @Etched In Stone
  2. From the looks of things, Bishop's opponent was a no show. He grew tired of warming up just as he was working up a sweat. Coming to lean on the ropes, he shouted to the all that could hear him. "Guess m'opponent is too bitch made t'show'is face." He mused despite his frustration of being stood up for a bit of the ultra violence.
  3. Jinsoku maintained his composure as the Raiju within growled in protest of the pack before them. He was ready to assist his host in not only defending against them, but also in dispatching them. Though the finger ushering the pack to stand down too warranted the placement of Jinsoku's hand over his belly. 'Daijoubu', he mentally reassured the spirit. The storm that was growing in his core had been quelled, though the Raiju remained standing and alert. Without much protest or hesitation, Jinsoku began to find himself a seat as Kenshi requested. As he did so, the swordsman questioned him most sudden and directly about the spirit he harbored within his entirety. Within his very soul! "A guy like me?" He repeated to himself. For a brief moment he was reminded of his youth in the islands of Ryukyu. Was Kenshi calling him out, just like the bullies of old? Was he speaking in terms of Jinsoku being a half breed? He sold his thoughts short and dismissed any accusations; Considering this was a world even further apart from the one Jinsoku was born on. He doubted those petty detriments followed so easily across two or three worlds spread so vastly apart through both time and space. Then again, he was here was he not? "I'm not sure on how you perceive a guy like me, but to answer your question....Good or bad, I suppose I just call it a stroke of luck. Some think me to be blessed, others say I'm cursed. All I know is that one day while running, a storm rolled in. I just so happened to be at the right place at the right time and ZAP!!!~ I was struck by lightning! When I awoke with tattered clothing, my body had already healed itself, forcing me to question if it had even happened to begin with. Though obviously, something happened. Regardless of how or why, we are a part of each other. We are one." He paused, snickering a bit as he shook his head. "Forgive my manners, I am Sir Jinsoku Hayabusa, Knight of the Order of Force Majeure." @Etched In Stone
  4. "Play the part...?" He stood perplexed on that specific suggestion. Play the part of Lord and Lady, in a place that he was politically tied to, where he held history with the nation and its people. In the very place he already held the biggest secret in, one that only the Scarlet Queen herself knew; In this nation at least. To push a front as strong as to appear as any sort of couple, formal or otherwise, anyone that knew Xartia would know better than to accept that. Those that knew him before this world knew him for his lustful nature in his youth, oft times he had been deemed a womanizer; and he even had several bastard sons all with different mothers. He managed to keep himself tame these days though, save for one instance; The instance that had become that biggest secret. Besides, he had nothing to hide as it was. His presence here nearly just as benign as his absence. However, it was also known of him to be quite the gentleman. The need for deflection and the archaeological dig for excuses was something the Cambion could go without. After all, both of these women were still more or less strangers to him. He left the negotiation of terms to them and silently nodded to Isabella before she ultimately departed. Xartia had but one task set before him: To be himself! “Then we will meet here again once you are done. If you get lost I am sure we will find you....Excuse me, I need to let my staff know when they should be expecting my return.” "No worries." With a bit of her staff having been released to the festivities without knowing when to expect their commander back, and with the proximity or her sudden yet brief departure, he could only assume that Ilyana was more or less giving some sort of orders to her people that she either didn't want him to hear or that she simply chose to exclude him from as it didn't concern him. He took his moment of privacy however, to pull one of those illustrious materia orbs from the Great Aether. A translucent orb roughly the size of a soft ball spawned seemingly out of thin air, encased in ghastly tri-color flames of purple, blue, and green. The orb zipped off after Isabella as it lowered to and into the ground. Without leaving a trace of its existence, it sped to catch up to Isabella until it sat directly beneath her feet and matched her approximate pace.* Upon Ilyana's return, the Magician afforded her his right arm. With a charming grin, his eyes shut a brief moment with his left hand lightly toughing atop her arm that was hooked in. As they began walking, he lightly directed their path but more or less matched her pace. Once time he'd have felt obligated to provide his company with small talk, though he had a feeling that Ilyana enjoyed the silence just as much as himself. Or rather it was just easier to not compete with the excited shouts of the crowds as they reminisced round one. Suddenly, they were approached by some sort of catgirl, neko or otherwise. She came in the form of performance, a stunning one if he said so himself. He'd never admit it aloud, though he was a little jealous that none had ever serenaded him in such a way. It wasn't obvious that it was all for Ilyana until she chose to break away from him and move ahead to meet the performer. While PK was a part of the Allied Nations treaty, Xartia was the councilman that was the odd man out having spent the last year or so overseeing operations of Port Caelum in Genesaris. For this reason, Xartia knew very little about Dali, or of any of the other's to be found in Ursa Madeum; Thus he hadn't noted Cammy for anything other than amazing. Hiya! Are you Ilyana's friends? “Yes, this is Xartia, one of two new friends I brought here. The other one should be out looking for a friend of hers before returning to us. She has beautiful eyes almost as vibrant as yours Cammy.” "Xartia Raye Prendragon, the First!" He chimed in, exclaiming just loud enough to be heard clearly by their standards. Not like he needed to announce his presence now in the midst of celebrating until tomorrow's round of fights. If his whole name was enough to tell Cammy he was one of the Scarlet Council member's then she'd know. Otherwise she'd become none the wiser. “Xartia, this is Cammy, a dear friend of mine from Hell’s Gate. If…Isabella is going to take some time, you wouldn’t mind escorting yet another beautiful lady further in now would you?” "A pleasure to make your acquaintance Cammy. I'd be delighted show you in. Should Isabella return to us, it appears I'll need to figure out how to grow another arm." He mused as he refreshed his grin, his arms being offered to the two ladies. @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian @Pasion Pasiva
  5. I'll definitely be on board this season.
  6. As they disembarked at their destination, Xartia had the pleasure of finding Isabella again first. A change of clothes and some rest seemed to have done some wonders for her. Even if she didn't feel like she was at 100%, she looked quite a bit better than she had when they boarded the airship. He gave a single nod of silent salutations as they drew nearer one another. She'd notice that his outfit was the same as when they'd met, his entire appearance just as pristine. His trademark Cheshire grin painted his handsome face, his sparkling, emerald eyes narrowed; Sharing said smile genuinely. “Did you have a pleasant flight, Xartia?” "I haven't been on many, but I do always enjoy flying in airships. Something about the unfamiliar hum of the magitech engines, their entire design is remarkable. I'm surprised I haven't bought one to keep as my own yet. How about you?" While he didn't lie, it was a half truth. Not only was he still skeptical as to how they'd receive his presence back in the Keep, but to be honest, he'd have been here much sooner had he simply relied on his magic. Not only was he begging for the extra time to mentally prepare himself, but he also often enjoyed taking life in the more mundane ways when possible. As they conversed the two of them were escorted back to the company of their gracious hostess, Ilyana. Whatever Isabella's response, it was the last of their personal conversation; For Ilyana took the floor upon their arrival. “I will help you find your friend quickly. I intend to find mine along the way as well. Should we get into trouble doing so we have our handsome escort to save us.” "Mind you, I'm certainly no hero. Not any more at least. Though I doubt you ladies are here to cause any surmountable amount of trouble that will lead to my interference. Unless of course there's something someone isn't telling me." He mused into a giggle, his fist closing loosely as it rose to his grinning lips. “Go enjoy the festival and if you see Lady Glasmann, please tell her that I would like her to find some time to see me.” He mentally repeated the name to himself, 'Glasmann...' Which didn't appear to be a familiar name to him either. Still, he'd be certain to remember it. Just in case.With her crew allowed to roam the festival freely, Ilyana turned to them, encouraging them to lead the way. Being of the council, even with his uncertain status, the Cambion assumed by this point that it was more or less on him to lead the way at this point. Fortunately, the festival served a good purpose in distracting the locals. His not so grandiose appearance just as helpful, along with his arrival accompanied by strangers both to him and to the Keep as far as he knew. "Allow me." He mentioned as he stepped forward, each arm offered, one for each lady. Whether they took his offered appendage or not, he didn't wait long before he began to trek into and through the Keep. After the flight, and now that he could smell the myriads of aromas, Xartia was almost certain that he'd attempt hitting the feast sooner rather than later. For now though, he sufficed with keeping a more or less low profile, for his appearance had changed rather drastically since most here had seen him. Save for those whom returned to the Keep after the Yokai Queen's coup of course. Then there were always the case of familiars to himself, and to the knowledge of his varied appearance(s). @Pasion Pasiva @Dolor Aeternum
  7. Another familiar presence was detected within the Great Aether, or rather within his range of perception of such. He continued speaking to Arthur as it was, in which Leinhart appeared more or less in their company at the approximate moment Xartia was mentioning becoming the stone's guardian. His trademark, Cheshire grin crept onto his face, his emerald eyes narrowing. "After all, we wouldn't want the stone to wind up in the wrong hands." He mused, begrudgingly agreeing with Arthur in the slightest of ways. Perhaps the stone was best left where it was. Unperturbed by even the likes of them. Finally, the Cambion turned to face the King of the Damned himself. He snickered as he stepped towards the Ancient, his hand raised, poised to offer the same respect he'd afforded Arthur moments ago. Leinhart's compliance could only lead to an audible pop as their hands met, in which Xartia used their locked digits to pull him in for a brotherly hug. His opposed fist coming to tap on the Vampire's back thrice. "It's nice of you to join us. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up. I trust your travels have been kind to you." He relinquished Leinhart as he finished speaking his words, unknowing that Leinhart could have in fact appeared sooner had he not left the gift he'd given him what was only a few years ago at best. Regardless, he was here now, and Xartia planned to continue just about where he'd left off. "I've just given my friend Arthur here the vague run down I've acquired of the Isles. While I'll refrain from repeating that mouthful now, we'll have plenty of time on the way to get you caught up to speed. Now, I've taken the honor of producing a few magic suits that may come in handy during the life of this quest, beyond it even. Once accepted it's your's to keep. Unfortunately, they're duplicates of a prototype and relatively feature one primary function; To mask the presence of the supernatural and the metaphysical. I have no idea what sort of detection capabilities they have, but with these on, I'm confident you can only be detected during the use actively energy working." @Voldemort @Etched In Stone
  8. Jinsoku silently arrived somewhere in the midst of the first round. Naturally, his curiosity lead him to key in on the fight involving Bishop. A few years ago, as an up and coming amateur fighter, Jinsoku used to frequent Bishop's club. He often looked up to Bishop, for his tenacity as a fighter if nothing else. However, it would seem that today the Russian Meta was set up to take on a proper Martial Artist. Whether Bishop noticed it up close or not, Jinsoku could immediately tell one thing about the Martial Artist that piqued his interest even more. "Is he...Blind?' The exciting round came to a sudden close as time restrictions had been met prior to a formal ending of the round by was of knockout. For as many times as he'd seen Bishop earn his alias as The Ripper, Jinsoku saw how this foreign Master managed to avoid being another living example of such a violent truth. Some short while later, he saw this man again. It appeared he was about to gather himself a bite to eat, when Jinsoku's face became one of brief shock before a smirk formed on his face. With closer closer proximity, Rei could feel it too. This was no ordinary man. No, he too harbored the spirit of a wolf inside. It was just as similar a case as it was completely different. Still, the wolf spirit contained within Jinsoku's body stood erect on all fours with it's tail straightened and it's ears pointed upon it's head. It barred it's fangs, though it refrained from growling. Typically when this has happened in the past, it winds up in a fight. The last time this happened, Jinsoku coincidentally lost a limb over it, an act that was obviously reversed upon him considering him having to organic arms now. Still, he wondered if this man would be able to sense the wolf within him, and how he or the other wolves surrounding his flanks and backside might react to his sudden presence. With caution and confidence, he approached. Judging by his skintight black t-shirt tucked into his fitting khaki slacks, it was safe to say that while he was still brawny, this Knight had finally managed to get his routine back in order enough to respect his body. With more time to heal properly and without reverting completely to his old routine, Jinsoku was a living, breathing image of a mesomorphic build. Coming to stop about six or so feet away from them, the young Knight began to speak. "That was an impressive performance, even if it's your first time doing something like this." He mused meaning no offense. Considering it could be taken in such a way as is, he opted to continue speaking as a means of diffusing any potential situations before they could arise. "A word of advice, don't be afraid to hurt the competition. Sure killing is frowned upon, but just because your aren't fighting with such intent doesn't mean you have to hold back necessarily...Your style, what is it called?" His charcoal eyes looked on from behind the red lenses on his aviator shades. Despite his lack of layers for the current change in climate and weather, it was obvious that he had no issues with being cold. After all, it was hard to get cold when you had something such as a Raiju living inside of your body. @Etched In Stone
  9. Just as he had in the previous round, Bishop appeared topless; In addition to no armor however, the Russian Meta seemed to have also opted for no weapons this round. Sporting his old boxing shorts, with fresh tape shrouding his fists and feet Bishop appeared on the seen. As he walked, he tied a folded bandanna about his forehead to keep his hair out of his face. He had no idea who he was fighting, or if they'd oblige his apparent mode of combat. Regardless, he was prepared to compete. Bounding up to the ring and clearing the ropes, Bishop began to bounce around on the balls of his feet. Shadow boxing it appeared, no doubt in preparation for the fight that was about to unfold. @Damnatus
  10. It wouldn't be much longer. Any moment now they should be arriving at their destination; Predator's Keep. For the majority of the ride, Xartia was no bother, and contrary to the opinion of their gracious hostess, he obliged any and all of her obligations without any signs of resistance what so ever. While mysterious and still more or less a stranger to his current company, he ultimately had nothing to hide from them. Once upon a time they'd be incredibly smart to be weary of him. However, since arriving on this world, he'd made wise enough decisions to keep from tarnishing his reputation. In any lasting meaningful way anyway. He spent his afforded silence in meditation, contemplating on just how his arrival and reception would in fact be. This was his first formal return since the coup of Port Caelum, and without the Prince at that. He doubted that he'd be facing any charges himself, but whatever was left of the counsel expected answers; Lest they already had all the answers they needed. If absolutely nobody else, he was certain he'd have to touch base with James considering the intimate relationship the Scarlet Court obviously held to the Order of Force Majeure. It was of his best interest to have his facts together prior to the start of such a conversation. For he wished not to share more than what was absolutely necessary, without overtly appearing to be dismissive of any details. Once given confirmation of their inevitable arrival, the Cambion took a deep breath before sighing in exhale. His sparkling, emerald eyes pried themselves open once more, remaining half lidded as he came to stand and stretch. It'd be nice to know if a limb had fallen asleep prior trying to walk on it. Smoothing out the fabrics of his clothing, he finished by running his fingers through his short black hair. Ensuring it was all still neatly swept back, save for those stray bangs that always seemed to defy even pomade. Once instructed, he'd reunite with his new friends and together they'd disembark together. From the looks of things upon arrival, the festival was already in full swing, and quite the success. @Pasion Pasiva @Dolor Aeternum
  11. @jaistlyn Due to changes in circumstances, Jinsoku is now very likely to attend the festival and I will likely make his entrance today after work.
  12. BOOMFUCK - A very large explosion.
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