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  1. Who wants a pet phoenix?

    I was basically saying you're welcome to join my thread and just wing it. I'm only two posts deep at the moment. Though if you'd prefer you own thread, I can understand that too and am still willing to help.
  2. Who wants a pet phoenix?

    Currently I'm running my character solo in an attempt to claim one as is. I'm not completely opposed to company, I just figured the thread would be easier to finish solo since one of my other threads is/was waiting on another at a stand still. Though I'm always up for assisting others if/when possible.
  3. His eyes opened once more as he flew, his third eye remaining open for the journey as well. The cold, cutting air did little to nothing to hinder him, for it paled greatly in comparison to the harsh and cold environment of the Plane of Shadow. For several minutes he searched, his hair and the dark fabrics of his robes billowing in protest in his wake. Finally, his scarlet eyes found the silhouette of that which he so diligently searched for, and the Mugen-me made the image out in clarity his natural eyes could never afford, even at this distance. The nearer he drew, the more he could make out of the ruined creature, reminiscent of the Whispernight scourge. An ominous glow revealed itself to be the hellish flames that that danced about the partially exposed rib cage, as well as the gapping maw that was now screeching in protest at the rapid approach of a dangerous thread. Koji himself. At first he failed to slow down even a bit in his approach, though once he found himself about a mile away, he would begin to reduce his speeds consistently until he found the most comfortable cruising speed at which to close on the Dark Phoenix. Beating it's wings in protest, it faced Koji and readied itself to strike him down without a second thought. Koji could telegraph the avian's body language with extreme ease, likewise could he read its natural sounds and feel its very essence. Erecting his form vertically, he splayed his arms out to their respective sides, showing himself to mean the creature no aggression, no harm. Despite this his face remained one of neutral expression, his eyes growing half lidded, save for the Mugen-me. The reptilian slits his natural eyes held thin in likeliness of single strands of hair, the Mugen-me pulsed with metaphysical prowess in the form of Koji's dominance. Waves of pressure escaped him, finding themselves washing over the Dark Phoenix, and ultimately attempting to compel it's compliance. Though it protested still, it ad managed to grow a tad more tamed, quieter if nothing else. He refrained from attacking longer than anticipated by the Dragon Emperor. Despite this, Koji would fail to let the minute victory break his concentration. Slowly still he approached as his waves of influence washed over the phoenix repeatedly. Finally, his human limb dropped naturally to his side, though his right, Draconic limb found itself erect before him, his palm angled straight ahead at the phoenix as he continued his cautious approach. No words or sudden motions left him, only the consistent act of drawing nearer, as well as the act of claiming the avian undeniably beneath his influence. The faintest smirk cracked the stone of his face when the avian began to approach him with just as much caution and bewilderment he did it. You see, to most, this ruined creature was a monstrosity, and abomination! To Koji it was beauty, marvel, dare he claim it as perfection. It was just as he had assumed prior to actually finding one for himself, perhaps even more. "..." The longer he gazed upon it, the closer he got to it, the more he understood it on any and every level. Perhaps even more than itself considering it's current state. Judging by it's exact condition, this was an affliction that deliver undeath to a fallen Phoenix, breaking it's cycle of rebirth indefinitely. Despite this creatures estranged state and potential experience of pain and suffering, Koji was certain that he could give this avian new unlife as well as new and actual purpose. The bird's neck lowered its head and brought it ever closer to the Emperor. Stopping at a point, it tested Koji's confidence and fear all at once. In which Koji obliged the creature wholly. Completely closing the gap between them, he brought the palm of his hand to gently press upon the top of it's beak before smoothing up it's face between it's eyes. His eyes peered into the Phoenix's, and the Mugen-me peered beyond as his influence continued to lull the phoenix into a sort of hypnosis. When the moment was right, he would begin to assimilate a part of himself into the fallen avian, as well as commit to formally commanding it as he could with most other sorts of undead.
  4. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    "Splendid!" He responded once more, though he spared her any prolonged speech within their minds as he much preferred to be near her, to speak to her in person. Alistair found himself falling in with the plethora of persons undead or otherwise, gathering to embark on this quest of great import. Killing two birds with stone before they found themselves committed to marching to their inevitable destination, he took great care to seek out Maryanne as he found himself with the horde. As he searched, he found himself interrupted by ~ Give it time, Son of Istrefi.; Which proved hearty enough of a sudden unwanted response to his thoughts. Not that he quite had an issue with such an intrusion considering it's source being the Master himself. It was amazing how Leinhart always knew what was on his mind, and as if on queue, he had even attempted to put Alistair's mind at ease. Unfortunately, there would be no convincing to be had until they were standing face to face with the Hydra, where he could properly hypothesize his ability to subdue and or control such a beast. Still, even with a surmountable force, the issue was the tact of taking it alive. He would certainly survive this encounter, he held no doubts about that. So long as he survived, so should the Master himself despite Alistair's designated position in the house. Most certainly, no harm would come to Maryanne either, though the reasoning for such a harsh warrant of protection was far from the reasoning he would argue for Leinhart. The only similarity between the two was that they were each respectively a person of his affect. Albeit, in completely different manners. His smile refreshed as his amber eyes found her, a certain twinkle was to be had in his undead eyes. For a moment, he thought he actually felt a beat within his cold, dead, heart. "Care to wager on the casualties of this exercise? By my assumptions, we easily stand to lose a few dozen, with several more dozens wounded in the process. Then again, knowing that you'll be by my side, I'm almost willing to argue that perhaps with the right tact we can actually complete our task with little to no loss. Still, I'll stick with my original hypothesis for the sake of a gamble twixt you and I." @Moonbay
  5. Zentai Shin Sekai | A Whole New World

    There was something that felt special about traveling expansive lands and knowing that they were held beneath your rule. Such feelings were much more enjoyable when there was somebody to share it all with. For the first time in a long time, it would seem the rising Sovereigns of this region had finally decided to spend some of their time alone exploring the new lands in which they possessed. Koji had already had the pleasure of exploring Oo'Xora Capital as well as a bit of the remainder of the mainlands. However, it appeared that within their reach were also several islands scattered across the water and air from the floating continent's mainlands. Mention of there being such a great amount of unexplored land under their prefect, it only made sense to scout and survey the land. Naturally they payed selected individuals to manage the hard work for them, though that did not spare their curiosity. Koji and his beloved Kimi craved to get out and see Oo'Xora in it's entirety, and so they were. Ryu Kotei found himself sitting lotus with an inky cloud of shadow beneath him, and his beautiful Empress upon his lap and leaning comfortably into his chest. With his chin resting atop her head, his eyes carefully searched the immediate environment below for anything that looked particularly interesting. With nothing of express interest was abundant, Koji had apparently thought up another way to spare them the boredom and upset of a wasted trip out. Then again, no time spent with his beloved was a waste. Not to him at least. "Perhaps we should make a game out of exploring our growing nation. While searching for points of actual interest, perhaps we should abuse this opportunity to survey specific areas that will certainly require names under our affect. Not just the islands far and wide, but all the corresponding landmasses and bodies of water as well. Perhaps we can find the most beautiful forest, or even the highest mountains in which to erect the Oo'Xoran Temple in your honor." A snicker rumbled from his chest as his draconic arm cradled her, his lurid thumb caressing her bicep to and fro as he began speaking to her. Certainly he would feel her reaction before she spoke it, and he would know it just as intimately as he knew her. Still, he was certain that she would at least entertain him a bit if she wasn't outright interested in the act itself. Still, the thought of naming landmasses after themselves and their brand, their heir even. His human hand that rested upon the growing swell in her belly remained still, patiently waiting for some semblance of feeling from within. For as much as he could tell beyond a doubt about this child, there was so much that still eluded him. An abomination of a creature, even more than either of His parents respectively. Certainly there was only greatness to be born twixt the demonic hybrids of Dragon and Kitsune kind. "Perhaps we'll find inspiration for a name for Him. Likewise, something to name after him." He added as he continued to wonder why it was so difficult for him to elect a name for their unborn son. Whatever the name wound up being, the sure thing was that it would be a name of pride and strength. A name fit for a future Emperor. He had no doubt that his Empress had a few in mind, though it was entirely possible that nothing would be settled upon until the miracle was actually born. This reminded him, Kimi never managed to mention to Koji what Shuyi's prophecies were in respect to the unborn heir. He wouldn't bother her about it, though he would have to be certain to pay Shuyi a visit himself in order to inquire about the prophecy himself. Likewise, he needed to continue working to figure out just who exactly had them and the midlands in their sites. It was likewise about time to check in with the Imperial Adviser herself as well. Dove. Between the two of them, and perhaps even a newer acquaintance unbeknownst to him, Koji was sure to be prepared for any and all conflict to come his way in the foreseeable future. Even without any future knowledge, considering such knowledge could change at any given time, Koji had been diligently at work to ensure that they were ready for a multitude of things. What they meant to him was something that only his Empress and himself knew for certain, in which she could rest assured that he would never fail to protect them. @Akako Akari
  6. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The Emperor found his entrance just beyond Gwen whom seemed to have caught Katiya up to some introductions with another very attractive woman. This one however was a bit more pure in comparison to their lot, one of Elven lineage no doubt. He could practically taste her enchanting aura from where he stood. A grin crept upon his face as his mind began to consider this days outcomes based on the looks of things now. Each of the couple had found a new guest to bring along to their bath. Mischievously, the Emperor dared to dabble outside of his selected harem, an act that would surely upset his Empress. While she would likely fail to scold him with harsh vocabulary of even physical assault, all it would take would be her dissatisfaction, her disappointment to make him potentially regret his very thoughts in this moment. Still, in one way or another, perhaps he was his father's son in this way. With each additional temptation, Koji found himself more than willing to take this party to the next level so to speak. Silently he watched as the women each exchanged words, he admired them each for their personal perfections, and even the minute flaws that would escape most people's visage. By the end of their exchange however, it seemed that the one called Bodice was interested in each of them respectively, though she preferred to spend her time with each one individually as opposed to sharing any of their attention when it should be on her. Koji could respect her notions as offered, though he was a little frustrated by her giving up with such ease. After she had spoke to each woman respectively, only to turn her inviting gaze upon him as she left, Koji did the one thing not even he saw coming himself. His right, Draconic arm moved to block the woman from exiting the room so swiftly. He towered before her, rivaling her own height give or take an inch. His scarlet eyes searched for her's as his reptilian slits for pupils thinned and slowly expanded once more. "With or without my presence, it is I who am sharing with you mademoiselle. Speaking frankly we have our own ranks and bonds to uphold, and this opportunity might not present itself again so easily. If you're willing to entertain us, I can assure you that you won't have to share your prize with either Gwen or myself." He reassured her with a warm smirk before his eyes shifted over to Gwen, lingering briefly before they ultimately glanced to Katiya. Her initial reaction would either reinforce his notion, or, she herself would seem disinterested in it. Though certainly if nobody else was outright interested, Gwen would presumably have no quarrels with watching the attractive women tend to each other in a way only they could, while Koji himself got more intimately acquainted with the mysterious demoness running this very bathhouse. Likewise they could still talk business somewhere between, or even however briefly afterwards. Once he received Kat's impression, his gaze was brought back to Bodice's , his sadistic, Cheshire grin refreshing as he awaited to hear what he thoughts were of such a random and possibly odd proposition. While it would only make him more curious of her in the long run, he was certain he could contain himself by way of distraction with his own new associate. Kat seemed to continue surprising him more and more the longer they remained in close proximity and away from the dictation of his Empress or his Court. "You won't be disappointed if you stay, I assure you." Regardless of her decision, Koji withdrew his arm from her path and merely removed his towel and exposing himself to Bodice in full. It was the least he could do after taking a good look at her. Slipping into the warm bath, he dipped below the water's surface, only to emerge seconds later beyond Katiya. Coming to stand behind her, bot of his hands pulled his hair away from his face, then allowing it to cascade naturally down his back. Bringing his hand to Katiya's respective sides, Koji pressed the front of his body against the back of Katiya's. Lowering his chin, he brought his lips up to her left ear. Refreshing his sadistic, Cheshire grin, Koji mused into her ear, chasing his words with a growl of a snicker. All the while his scarlet eyes settled on Bodice one last time. "Make her stay..." @Dreamer @Eternity @Jotnotes
  7. Death Marks The Spot

    The approching undead charged as haphazardly as expected, in which Xartia initiated a flawless fleche in order to circumvent any potential damage while using his blade to rend the skeletal soldier in two. Despite the ease of its dispatching, the Cambion maintained the pooling of his mana as he assessed the others most direct whereabouts. With his party currently accounted for, Xartia's awareness began to affix onto the population of undead he could feel growing, gathering, and ultimately nearing them. His mind raced to single out the direction he felt the largest signatures in, in which not only would they find the bulk of the undead traveling from, but also the source of their life. While he could surmise that the inevitable, ultimate opponent was indeed a powerful one, his luster lacked in comparison to the likes of Ursan The Gold. While he could never defeat Ursan, he was able to survive him, though perhaps the gap in power was great enough in mind to assume Xartia, along with his companions, would have minute issues with felling this variation of Undead King. Certainly the attraction of these forces meant that they were now noticed and expected, leaving Xartia with little less choice than to hope that his comrades were prepared to take a round about approach to escape as much conflict as possible. Then again, Arthur was probably more likely to want to defeat as many as possible on the way to claim hopeful prizes. In which case, Xartia would have to comply. No way Xartia would leave a friend hanging in any scenario. Arthur executed an attack involving what seemed to be some sort of small, hand held explosive. Clearly it was not a grenade, but Xartia was sure that it wouldn't upset with its display to come. For a brief moment he began to doubt it himself, though without seeing Arthur's displeasure he was able to reassure himself something was coming. Suddenly the device activated, and began to spray whips of holy water in multiple directions. The undead in range of the unique weapons groaned in agony and protest, their sounds muting as as they assuredly dissolved where directly hit, their entire bodies collapsing to the ground in shambles. Swiftly his visage turned to Akako, and just in time to capture the renewed flawless form of her unbound light. With higher brilliance than before her untimely demise, Akako 's hair and fur glowed intensely as a golden aura began to build around her body. The color of her Yoki akin to the golden tips of her tails, and the golden hues found in her luminescent eyes. As much as he wished to keep watching to get a direct glimpse at her in action after a long season apart, Xartia then returned his attention to the most immediate grouping of undead swarming him. "Take care that we are not separated in any skirmish! I'm certain I don't need to remind you that while generally weak, a horde is just as dangerous as a single formidable opponent!" His announcement might have been rhetorical, though he was certain that it was also a loud reminder to himself. Though he wasn't necessarily a warrior by trade, he often made the poor choice of pretending to be one so long as the cause behind it was worthy. It didn't always spell disaster for him, though it was never an easy task to take on and he never succeeded without cost of some degree. He hoped he wouldn't have to try and play the hero for either of his comrades, just as much as he hoped they wouldn't need to do the same for him. Technically he was already playing the hero for one of them, in which she was ultimately safe with or without his direct assistance. Arthur on the other had was nearly as good of an adventurer as himself, and easily the better fighter. Though certainly even he managed to get ahead of himself on occasion. Akako would engage her portion of the horde first, in which Xartia would shortly follow into action with his own. Arthur and the damsel in distress found themselves spared a moment longer before they too would be pressed once more by the undead legion. "I release thee..." He began as he opted to dedicate his gaining mana to a perfect spell in mind to mimic Arthur's great train of thought. Granted he has wouldn't use anything close to the same application, after all, he didn't possess Arthur's ability to manipulate his body. By Xartia's Will, a transluscent disc appeared in the air about five feet ahead of him, and about 50 feet above him. The disc was easily paper thin, though that didn't discount it's sturdiness. It's full circumference was roughly 25 feet wide, and it's edges were blessed with the ghastly tricolor flames that matched the suddenly swirling eyes of the Magician himself. Purple and blue clouded a third of his emerald green eyes respectively, in which they swirled in likeliness of the eye of a storm of aether. @Voldemort @Akako Akari @Autholius
  8. The Heika Went Down to Kaurilia

    Overall, the initial skirmish of the journey afforded the travelling party no casualties, though there was certainly some injured persons among them. The wounded were ultimately rounded up and accounted for, in which a small fraction of the remaining group broke off to remain to guard over them once they were all assured safety within the ruined city's limits. Koji himself was not displeased with the results, though he wasn't pleased either. His soldiers accompanying him were supposed to be more of a simple precaution, an extended security measure to ensure that Koji was able to tend to his task unperturbed. While he had been afforded just that sort of a luxury, it was simply something unanticipated with his mind affixed on reaching the Undead Dragon housed within the city itself so that he might solely face it in an attempt to subdue and ultimately control it. He was careless in his manner of commanding his own men and women, and for that he had paid a minute price. Perhaps in the future he would pay more mind to make certain that things like this didn't happen again. Perhaps... "Our wounded will be watched over until our mission has been completed, at which case we shall return home with them and treat them most properly. Let us continue to move with haste as to not prolong their suffering!" Deep down inside, his reasoning for haste had nothing to do with his injured numbers, though as any other opportune time he abused this one. Dressing up his greed and selfishness as compassion. This was not to say that his people weren't important to him. Though he perhaps they were in invaluable in the way that most would take such a claim as. Suddenly, just as the party was about to continue to hunt for the dragon as rumored, Koji could feel a grand and foreign presence growing from the core of the city. One that wasn't outright apparent among similar signatures of the exalta energies scattered throughout Kaurilia. Koji looked in the direction of the disturbance as an invisible wave would usher past them, followed by another and another. Koji signaled his company to ready themselves, meanwhile he watched the distyurbed dragon awaken and take flight right before their very eyes. The large rotting, skeletal behemoth rose assuredly into the air with it's ominous glowing that stemmed from the large prism cased in it's ribs, acting as it's preternatural heart. Koji grinned once more despite his lack of wanting to. As he began to remove his robes, Koji stepped further ahead, away from his men. "Split into smaller groups of 3-5. Raid the city for anything you think the Empire or myself would find of value. Surely the closer you get to the dragon's nest, the more spoils there are to be had. As for the Dragon itself, allow your Emperor the honor of taking on the monster head on, fighting fire with fire!" Standing nude before his growing nations great warriors, Koji's body itself illuminated, rapidly growing to glow with a brilliant white light that would suddenly begin to deform and stretch at a rate clearly not like anything a human was capable of. The long winding stretch of light continued to expand as it stetched, becoming a large form of itself until it reached it's apex of approximately 85 feet in length, it's width something akin to something ten ten or so stories. Once the mass stopped growing, the brilliant light shattered silently away from him revealing a large serpent like being with lurid vantablack scales reminiscent of the Emperor's right arm in human form. Without the likes of large beating wings, the serpent like dragon slithered from the ground an miraculously climbed the air towards the heavens. Those fortunate to gaze upon the newly formed dragons face would witness the no longer hidden third eye just above it's would be brow line, it's conjoined dual pupils obtainging a mutated appearance most like a pair of rhombus' connected about its half way conjoined narrow most points.
  9. Inu no Tatakai | Martial Dominance

    It was always a special occasion when foreign wolves crossed paths with each other. Especially in the case of one rogue wolf just so happening to cross roads with an Alpha. While Jinsoku was certainly no wolf directly, he had the blessing/curse of housing a unique variety of one with in him. Possessing a stray Raiju, a Yokai, within his body. In all his travels, only once prior to coming to Valucre had he had the pleasure of crossing paths with specifically another wolf spirit. Mitsuke Darez of Hell's Stride, the son of Dzaek Darez, otherwise known as the former Champion of Hell's Stride. The White Wolf. While this newer acquaintance was not the same as the old one prescribed, the two had one thing in common. They were both half wolf spirits, albeit, different types. Likewise, Jinsoku shared this factor, yet in his own more unique way. While he was not born a half spirit such as those he compared to himself, his soul was permanently intertwined with the spirit within. Even in this case, he wasn't half wolf spirit. Rather her was all man, meshed with all spirit. Still as Mitsuki had taught him, this by no means gave him an automatic advantage of any sort, and neither did just his martial prowess. Despite the outcome and spared aftermath of the fight with Mitsuki, Jinsoku was ever confident and ready to side with his Raiju and issue challenge to the mentioned newer acquaintance. Kenshi Momoku. Donning his personalized suit of armor mostly leather with some steel plating, Jinsoku appeared today armed with his usual micro-composite spear suspended horizontally across his lower back. Along side his traditional armament was his more recently acquired Nagamaki. While it was no special enchanted weapon, it was a well made weapon. Full tang, battle ready. In addition to the traditional single edge of the blade, roughly a foot length of the back of the blade harbored a false edge, just as razor sharp actual designated edge. The sword was equipped upon his back. The extremely long handle compared to a katana was something not far off from the make of an odachi. This curved sword was more precisely completed to be used in familiar manner to the likes of spear form. It was the best candidate for expanding weapon skills. Though perhaps a planned event such as today's was a poor choice to getting acclimated to a new weapon. Fortunately, he had managed to get some semblance of practice out of it. Though he was far from mastering the blade, especially compared to Master James, and presumably the same notion went for him comparing himself against Kenshi. Back when they met, the wolf spirits clashed with one another for a brief moment. This lead to some exchange of words between the corresponding men, though even sense that day, the Raiju had been eager to test the Hanyo it happened across. Likewise, Jinsoku was certain prior, yet a witness still to the prowess Kenshi had to offer. He was eager himself even without the spirits involved to crave a healthy spar against the man. And so they arranged such. They were to meet here in the vast stretch of rolling plains where the Midlands met with the territory known as the Southern Swell. It seemed to be a fine day they had selected. With the harsh winter mostly past them and the first signs of the spring season beginning to appear, Jinsoku sat out in the open at about high noon. Patiently, he awaited his scheduled opponent by way of mediation. 'Whatever happens, it can't be worse than fighting a guy that turns into a big ass wolf that winds up biting off your arm right?' The Raiju growled mildly in response to his thoughts, though Jin would be lying if he said he perfectly understood that last response. Despite their time together, he still hadn't quite learned to discern between the Raiju's severity, and it's sarcasm. @Etched in Stone
  10. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    It was bitter sweet how Arashi continued, especially the part where she refused to back down immediately and yet also refused to act as rashly as she had back in the Imperial City of Jigoku. The first of her words did little to insult him surprisingly enough. 'Good', he thought as she announced her discovery of her immortality, gifted to her by the Dragon Emperor himself. Still he stood there staring at her with that stupid blank expression and those half lidded eyes. "You're just as bad as Xartia with his fu-" By the time she began to utter Xartia's name, she most likely noticed the shift in his very essence before she would witness his face growing into one of severe distaste. In unison, as if his body was one singular muscle, he stepped towards Arashi as his right arm of lurid scales fashioned a knife hand. His erect fingers grew firm as his arm flexed, only to raise swiftly and with extreme prejudice. As memory served, his dragon arm was vastly stronger than anyone other limb he harbored. With but a blur between words, he swathed the air, aiming the back side of his hand's lurid scales to slap her across the face with extreme prejudice. Should his slap find purchase upon her face, it would likely be felt that his intent was to knock her head clean the fuck off of her shoulders for her insolence. However, Arashi was in an intimate case of immortality with Koji, and he knew that killing her again would prove fruitless this soon. Instead, if his hand found purchase across her face, she would feel immediate bruising. Perhaps she would find some of her teeth chipped or knocked out, a fracture to her jaw if it wasn't outright broken. Certainly his lurid scales scrapping across her face against the grain would inspire several lacerations in it's wake. "You seem to forget with whom you speak. Understand that I already hold your delicate life in my hands, and that your transgressions may still earn you an untimely death Arashi! " He spoke with greater excitement, though his volume barely shifted in either direction. Once he effectively slapped her, it would seem that the crowded streets saw fit to begin crowding them more directly, staring in bewilderment and amazement at the growing spectacle. Koji's arms dropped to his sides and his face restored it's default setting. This created no sacrifice to how comfortable he was however, for the rising sovereign despite his new face in the lands of Avylon. This would only serve to help learn these new faces of just whom the Dragon Emperor of the Midlands and now Oo'Xora was. As for Kenshi, this act alone gave him the brief moment longer to consider his actions prior to executing them. Either he would follow the directive delivered to him but a brief moment ago, or he would see fit to defy and disobey his Heika. This act would not only jeopardize Kenshi himself to some degree, but also Koji's public image. Should he continue with the train of thought that he should slay Arashi where she stood, then Koji would deal with him accordingly. Likewise, if his words ever came to fruition, then perhaps he was prepared to receive more physical abuse of his own by such poor vocabulary choice in mind such as 'dragon scum'. It should be noted that Koji's passive trait of reading one's surface thoughts was limited to the active Mugen-me only, meaning if he failed to speak his words aloud, Koji would fail to know in this instant that he even harbored such a distasteful opinion. Exposing this opinion was surely directed at Arashi solely, but to apply the term of dragon so seclusive in poor context would still earn him a glimpse of disrespect from the Emperor he had been growing so intimately with. "So you have not only found your way out of the Plane of Shadow, you've even managed to discover your immortality. I must admit, I hadn't guessed in a thousand lifetimes that you would have ever crossed paths with Xartia. We should talk more about him, though you would be wise to never make the mistake of comparing me to his ilk again. Likewise, this is hardly the time or place to discuss him any further." He pause for a moment, casting his scarlet gaze upon the staring faces all around them. So remained still and looking, others began to turn and walk away. Koji's face settled back into a less harsh one, void of any one expression as he tried to maintain most of the time. His eyes drew themselves as half lidded once more, though still harbored their sharper image as they found Arashi once more. "I'll give you two options Arashi Sato, accompany us this evening and depart with us after so that we might answer both of our questions in mind...Or, continue down the path you have elected for yourself out of anger, and find yourself forfeiting my mercy towards you." He gave her the civility she so desperately needed in this moment, and this moment only. Without the eyes of his entire nation looking in, he didn't have to act so harshly towards her. Though his overall severity was a whole other argument. Kenshi cutting her down would do not good, lest he felled Koji himself in order to fell Arashi permanently. Currently, only Koji was fully aware of what he had done to her, and how it worked. Well, perhaps now Xartia was aware as well, though clearly he cared not enough to spare Arashi of her curse even if he very well knew how to. If Arashi could not comply, then Koji would not go out of his way any further than he had already to convince her of doing such. He would simply cast her into the abyss once more, and hope that upon her next return that she was able to or otherwise challenge him properly for a chance as redeeming her very soul. Ultimately, should she become nothing more than a growing problem, then Koji would have no other choice but to exterminate her regardless.
  11. Kenshi is always hard headed when it comes to obeying orders. His job is his job, and when contradicted even by the Emperor, he prefers to do his job. It's okay, he'll continue to learn the hard way to follow direct orders over following the orders of his rank.
  12. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    Good mind @Roen, I'm trying to convince one of my peeps to start a martial movement in some Wudang type ish. Wu-tang Clan ain't nothin t'fuck wit!
  13. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    After allowing himself to linger a bit longer prior to proceeding to dry himself a bit and to secure his towel about his waist, Koji took note of Gwen's rather attractive silhouette. The steam proved to dampen her delicate fabrics, gracing him with but a glimpse of her figure. She began to speak as she fought to remove stray hairs from sticking to her face. Ultimately she responded with interest, though of course there was a catch. She wished to be guaranteed of her consumer volume despite a shift in location. It was laughable really, how she was concerned about losing business, while he feared she might be overwhelmed with much much more. Then of course came the attraction that surrounded her still quite mysterious self. She was something like a poisonous flower, and even now he debated over whether or not he dared to smell of her pollen or to partake of her fruit. Before he could respond, Gwen turned away from him, affording him a look at the rest of her alluring form. That was when she mentioned the desire for a change of scenery. There was something to be said about first impressions, and considering this was the first real one he had been afforded during his short stay, he had to admit that he admired a person that was so direct and respectful at the same time. She wasn't asking, more like offering him the luxury of her company and potential business. Judging by her mild sense of entitlement, he assumed that perhaps there was even more to the demoness than what met the eye. Something unrelated to being of the demon variety, and likewise unrelated to being something such as a business owner. "I was thinking that perhaps you would enjoy joining my Katiya and myself for one of your very own infamous baths, though if you wish to speak more privately..." He paused, finding himself at a loss for words that made since in the common language the majority spoke in these lands. His scarlet eyes traced over her once more, his feet finding the inspiration to move him just a few steps closer to their great hostess. A smirk settled on his lips, offering just a bit of his fanged teeth as his reptilian slits for pupils narrowed ever so slightly. The hot nature of the room had not only proved to dampen Gwen from the steam alone, though the opening of her pores and even the slightest production of perspiration, in tandem with their close proximity afforded him a healthy dose of her aroma. She smelled sweet, more so than when Kat had come to admire such, or at least by his perception. Despite his own growing case of curiosity, he maintained his composure and likewise what was left of their distance. "I'll follow your lead." He mused in delight and satisfaction. The potential she might carry with her business was something he couldn't fully evaluate just yet. Though he was certain this was an agreement to be struck, in which both parties would mutually benefit. In Koji's mind, she could have things in just about any manner so pleased, as long as her desires did not go against those of Koji's. Being a simple man, and much like Gwen's self direct, he was nearly certain that it was impossible for her to have requests outside of his own wants. However, in the case that something arose, he was willing to negotiate to a degree. He simply wouldn't compromise his own desires at the expense of another's. Then of course was the sobering fact that no matter what the terms were prior to acceptance, he was in fact the Emperor of his growing nations. His Will was and would remain Absolute. Once Gwen started to walk, Koji surely followed. He even took the liberty of pickup up their conversation where they had left off. "By my assumptions, you'll be able to have as large of small of a consumer volume as you wish. I have no doubts that you will find at least as much business as you possess here, though it is possible that you might need to exercise thoughts of what your hard limit would be on the far end of the spectrum. It's possible that you customer base will be much more than you had potentially hoped for or imagined."
  14. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    The level of excitement held over this day was something much higher than one might expect from the sort like Jinsoku. Though that was the great thing about his training thus far, it focused on minimizing forms and perfecting those fewer forms into something worth more than those boasting many. Still, Jinsoku never avoided learning new styles, however, he was precise about what he was or wasn't up to adding to his list. Truth be told, he expected to have his shot at learning the ways of Yon first. Though there was time yet still for his rendezvous with that teacher and venture. In the mean time, he thought it would be wise to explore this academy, and to devote himself to one of it's styles of teaching. What was more was the fact that he managed to bring Erica with him. She wasn't too keen on coming at first, though Jinsoku managed to get her to not only come along with him, but to actually commit to learning at the same school, regardless of if she learned the same style as him or not! As Doublt T introduced himself first, Jinsoku and Erica both listened intently. Erica was lost in translation too much to form a strong opinion of the young man, but Jinsoku was the sort that spoke his language. A smirk appeared on his face as his charcoal eyes narrowed and lingered on him for a moment. Without making things weird, he would take the lack of a next volunteer to step up to the plate himself. As much as he wished to connect with Double T and even spar him prior to training here, he was certain they'd have time to get to know one another. For now he would keep his answer current, and exact. "I am Jinsoku Hayabusa, Second to Master Knight James Eredas of the Order of Force Majuere. My knowledge of the Martial Way is intermediate at best, though I look forward to learning more." Looking down to Erica, he nudged her, urging her to introduce herself, though when she cast her gaze down to the floor, Jinsoku decided to do her the honor, and without telling her tragic backstory or revealing her given name. After all, Erica certainly died with her family back in Genesaris. "This adorable lass is my little sister, Kotori. She'll warm up to you all I'm sure."
  15. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    More words inevitably arose to mind, though before they actual found his tongue, a familiar voice hit his ears. One that he had felt drawing closer and closer before it actually happened. The joys of having one's life force as a part of one of their own. Haughty and incredibly frustrated, Arashi strolled upon Chijono Heika, and dared to speak to his with such high levels of disrespect. Before her words even finished, his right arm of lurid scales rose to erect only two fingers. Effectively, he signaled for Kenshi to stand down at what was most likely the approximate time he would be prepared to act. Casting his scarlet gaze upon her, Koji allowed his face to maintain it's lack of emotion. Awkwardly he stared into her eyes, his arm eventually falling to his side again despite what she might have assumed was coming in response to her approach. "You are sorely mistaken, Arashi Sato. I owe nothing, and it is only you that has done against yourself." His baritone voice chased by a certain rasp unique to only him (and a bit surprising considering his stature). His words were cold and precise, direct and without even a drop of remorse or accepted responsibility. Arashi had come to his party and long ago camp, without being forced directly or indirectly by his Absolute Will to do so. It all started when she decided to investigate rumor of a power couple wedding, and from then on things just continued to gradually go against her desired ways. As far as Koji was concerned, Arashi was the one to place herself in this position not only by proxy of the origin of his Reign, but also by choosing to do one of the most foolish things a person could in the likes of an Empire. This ultimately placed her in line to be put to death, execution or ritualistic seppuku being most ideal. Yet, despite his grandiose display of killing her, it was apparent he had in fact kept her alive and well. You see, Arashi was akin to a wild mare that refused to be tamed. Though the patient trainer, the Dragon Emperor himself, was certain by this one act alone that he was getting through to her. To an extent at least. "Tell me Arashi, what have you learned on your journey since last we met?" Surely this encounter couldn't delay him too long or he'd completely miss his escort to the castle. However, there was no way he could ignore one of his greatest specimen that had been left to dwindle in the wild of it's own accord. Honestly he had meant to start with tormenting her and luring her back sooner, though it seemed that he had obviously been so busy that he simply hadn't the moment to do it. Thankfully, the act itself was now able to be deemed as unnecessary. Her surface emotions were anger, though somewhere there was understanding to be had. Dots to be connected, only for the revelation of the bigger picture she should have started noticing once she was afforded such a crooked deal with Xartia in order to lessen the severity of her crimes. Only, the method chosen was by convincing Arashi to make formal and legal agreement to be his slave. Indefinitely at that. The Cambion was sly and cunning, much like his wanna-be lover of a fox, and Arashi fell for his tactics hard. She chose the greater sentence over what could have been less. Even more so she could have just completed the alternate offer. Yet somehow, Xartia played her the fool. That or she played herself once more, just as she had in the quaint and humble Jigoku. @Etched in Stone @Pink Fluffy Cutiefly