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  1. OOC Queen's Party

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  3. To Seek Audience With The Queen

    The Cambion shed his jacket with ease. He could feel his body temperature rising with his anxiousness. Though he'd never admit it aloud, he actually hadn't slept with anyone else since Red. Granted he hadn't truly had the time for it considering the roller coaster of events that followed the abrupt end of their fling. Events that effected him dearly in the long run. As it always had, irony had forced it's way into his life, only revealing itself to him after he made a huge web, mapping out the coincident until he could see everything so clearly. The downside being that even if he saw, he still failed to understand. If things like karma were real, what had he done in his past life that was so terrible? Surely dharma was done serving him retribution from his downward slopes in life, from badder to worst. Luna, Lucius, Akako, Raveena...These were the most important names of the ones he would realize something about. The harder he tried to hold onto these loved ones, it seemed the more he ensured that he would lose them. Luna. His history with Luna, or as he preferred to call her, Jessica, was a long and bloody, mangled, morbid and macabre one. From murdering her life partner and her offspring, to their entire village at that time...All those families...Lost to a fit of rage over his rejection. While he was possessed, he has learned not to blame anyone other than himself for allowing his human emotions to run too high, forcing him to relinquish his control over the possessing entity. All the same, this lead to years of warring, where often she sided with his enemies and just happened to be there half the time to fight him. To try and kill him for how he had so tragically ruined her life. Finally it came down to a man that was known best by Oblivionic, only of the Pendragon's longest running rivals. At a time when she needed someone most, Xartia came to her aid, and for it she used him. She cried upon his shoulder until she had finished weeping, only to provide the metaphorical knife in the back to finally cost him his life. To his surprise however, he fate fell upon him on the hallowed grounds of Hell's Stride. This delivered him to a second chance at life, with a cost. Rather intelligently, he bargained with the enigma known as Chartres, and offered him the possessing spirit within as the price he was willing to pay. Without detest he took it, and granted Xartia not only a second chance at life, but his original life as it was intended to be. This lead to a love confession, and an apology, which lead down a slippery slope of a relationship that eventually ended in Xartia getting his way, for the most part. And yet he had failed to hold up his end of the bargain as well, considering even now he was ready to dive into the Scarlet Queen without any consideration for Luna's feelings. In winning his woman and convincing her to start a family with him, he lost her. Lucius. That prodigal son, the heir to Xartia's namesake. By taking extra special care to raise the boy good and well, despite his mother's (Luna's) warnings, Xartia was all but certain he would salvage the boy from his chaotic nature. Though it would seem the life of a dignitary was not for young Lucius after all. He was a wild thing, one that couldn't be tamed. He was passed around from place to place, never really living with Xartia. This neglect and his mother's want for him to be dead in the realization of making a mistake, the boy grew unbalanced before he really had a chance. And then Xartia did the unimaginable, he wrangled the beast under pretense of alliances and marriage. He quite literally plucked the boy from his environment with his first ever girlfriend, and dumped him into Akako's care for the remainder of his development, thus sealing the fate of their estranged relationship. He pushed as hard as he could to give the best to make his son into the best, and for it he completely lost him while ensuring he became the very thing he fought so hard to prevent. Akako. She was the third chance at Xartia's happiness, and he ruined it before it ever had a chance to be a thing. Or so she would have told him. They had danced around the same social circles for years, and simply missed each other almost every time. Though under the banner of the Lich King, Ursan the Gold, they had come to know each other rather well. She refused to show him any attention what so ever, labeling him based on his lineage and assuming the worst of him. And so he began with travelling abroad, in which he discovered Valucre for the first time. Irony had it there that he met a red hair woman that he would see again with Akako at Ursan's manner. Here he settled for less, and he slept with the redhead whom turned out to be Akako's assistant. This lead to more clashing between them, and ultimately into a few long years of him chasing her on and off to no avail. He just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper. Finally when they seemed to be making some good progress in the right direction, she discovers his fling with Red, while in the act no less. This drove the last nail into the coffin, condemning his chances for until a week ago. And yet here he was once more, betwixt the legs of the woman she caught him with. Even if he knew about their intimate relationship over the last year or so, it would do little to make him feel any different over the situation, for that too was his fault. Raveena. This was perhaps the harshest loss of his. All that work, the finale with OXY, all of it to save her. And in a sick twist of fate, she loses her memories and makes it all irrelevant. Despite the things he's done for her in the past, and the things she's done for him, despite their intimate friendship that lasted years without err, she now looked at him like a stranger. A distant someone that she clearly didn't quite feel comfortable around. It was written on her face when he was in her company. If he were wrong she might have reached out to him for assistance with her latest endeavors, yet she hadn't. She hadn't even so much as tried to speak to him or visit him. No doing one another's hair, no tea, nothing. The relationship that had grown the most of these, and that was fought for the hardest, was the one that ended up causing him to suffer the greatest. The single largest most piece of irony to be thrown into this equation thought was a singular constant. Considering availability, this was technically the first chance Xartia had to jump on Red since their fiasco, meaning that even if they hadn't been discovered prior, they likely wouldn't have knocked boots again until about now. The point here being that Red was the only one of these friends he hadn't chased after, or fought for her attention or approval. She was the one that was just, natural and flowing. They came, they saw, they went. There was no heavy burden or strings attached. No jealousy, envy, no infatuation. It was nice to know that she was here for him, in more ways than one. And he could only hope to continue with occasional business visits within his future, regardless of which of them traveled. It's not that he couldn't lay with another woman, it was that Red was much more than a lay. With or without the pleasures of her flesh, she was and still is, still becoming one of the greatest of friends he could ask for. Even if he managed to take her a bit for granted. He would not break their affection for any other words, there was surely no point if one was to uphold this mood. Ensuring the ease of it's release, Xartia would allow his mind to briefly focus on the corset his hand most to undo. Flawlessly he would relieve her of it, discarding it haphazardly to the floor beside them. Plucking her blouse free of her bottoms, he would smooth it up her form, only for his finger tips to catch a glimpse of the odd tattoo upon her back. While he would fail to hesitate or think about it now, he would be sure to ask her about it at another time. For now he would suffice with fighting to undress her and she no doubt replied in kind. @Red the Ambivalent
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  5. OOC Queen's Party

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  6. OOC Queen's Party

    Well there goes part of the mystery, I'm sure the lich will be able to tell the Bandit King is off the dhampir variety.
  7. OOC Queen's Party

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  8. Royal Birth Day

    Oh what a wonderful surprise! This one was trained, well enough to either not show fear or she had one hell of a poker face. Still, she tried to engage him with some dignity and respect. She even called his sir! Perhaps all hope was not lost in thought of positive reception to their visit here. The moment was short lived however, considering the women saw fit to ask them to check their weapons in at the door. For a moment he stood their in the perfect freeze frame with that crooked smile, his eyes unblinking as he stood perfectly still. His beating heart even paused at his Will. Suddenly he erupted into laughter, a jovial, hearty chuckle that warranted his right hand coming to rest upon his belly as he would lean into the pain in his ribs caused by his amusement. He would even look back to his cronies, whom would surely already be joining him for the good long winded laugh he was experiencing. Though suddenly his eyes changed. His narrowed brown eyes grew sharp, his smile fading as his arms fell to his sides again and his body snapped erect, his gaze set upon Erin as he would begin speaking. No doubt his entourage grew silent at the perfect moment being that they saw his face change first. "I understand you have a job to do, I do, and I respect that...But no. Not even the Queen herself could convince me to do such a thing upon request. Perhaps if you had managed to catch me without having noticed the explosion, I would be more...accommodating." Of course he was lying through his shark like teeth. Between his odd features from his teeth to his attire, to his lack of a shadow upon the ground, he was obviously not human this close up. Not fully anyway. Still he produced another crooked smile, akin to the one from before, his eyes softening once more as if they delivered a speech completely separate from his spoke words. Something like "Take them from me" or "Over my dead body". In any case, he would not be relinquishing his blades on this day. And of course being of Royalty*, he would be damned if he left here today without seeing the Queen herself directly. "I'm sure you can understand the need for a King and his men to be able to defend the King's life at any given moment. Or at least I would hope you could, considering the job title I would assume you carry." As bad as the long term results could be, Lykos almost wished that they would try to disarm his crew. It wouldn't take much to convince the others to initiate a raid and come charging in with an elephant and all. They were few, by Lykos was willing to bet that each of his capable men and women could easily account for anywhere between 30-50 of her men easy without going down. Perhaps the orcs could manage to do a dramatically inclined amount, upwards of perhaps even a couple hundred. Then there was Lykos. While he couldn't take out an army on his own head on, he could surely strategically, surgically remove hundreds....Perhaps even 1000 men without being brought to his knees! He'd wager the Queen's life on it if they really wished to test him. Fortunately, the Bandit King was not here to make waves, despite his men's desire. Though it was obvious that he would not budge to reconsider his attendance or his armament. "That won't be a problem will it? I can't imagine that such a great nation would fear five simple men and women versus a large explosive detonating within these very castle walls." @Chappu @Mickey Flash @Tyler
  9. Clash Fah versus New Challenger

    It would seem that this Clash guy was a bit more intimidated than originally assumed, especially with the lava returning from the birth it created. Sealing said birth in the process. The scimitar snagging briefly on the bone armor was enough to warrant the withdrawal of the knife as prescribed before, though it would serve to keep in mind that Lykos never made an attempt to stab Clash, not yet anyway. His lean back would only serve to ensure his scimitar was free while Clash dedicated to what could only be some sort of weird taunt with his hand swathing the air so sudden and with obvious intent. Flipping the grip on his scimitar to and underhanded position, he brought the blade between Clash and himself as the man would close on him. The sharp edge of the sword was hosted facing Clash his fist positioned about chin length with the length of the blade stretching from his neck to his ribs. This is where things would get wild! The execution of a well telegraphed uppercut would be met with Lykos helf stepped to his own left, bringing the scimitar between them to set about Clash's torso from his left his to right shoulder. He was primed to cut the man terribly from chest to stomach in this moment. Simultaneously, he would use the angle of their coming clash and the distraction of the frontal attack to deliver the knife in a proper overhand stab to the kidney region of clash. Failing an uppercut would place the dagger coming from his right respectively. While he half assumed that the slash to the front would be guarded, he was doubtful the literal back stab would be anticipated. From around Clash's right arm, and his own for that matter, he caught Clash's eyes from the corner of his own. A sadistic grin spread wide on his lips as to two men were colliding in what could only become an eruption of blood and viscera.
  10. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The rare sensation of chills ran up his spine as she traced his lips and continued to educate him in the tongue of Drow. Unfortunately, his Draconic tongue didn't separate terms directly in the same fashion as the Drow. Lip and lips were the only respective terms, unless the latter was inter changed with mouth for sake of reception and keeping clear separate speech. He would speak after her, pausing between words in order to allow the separation of the terms. "nerisk....narod." They lingered for a moment that felt like an eternity. Often he found himself in such euphoria with her. The only other woman to inspire such feeling in his, albeit on more occasion, was his Empress. However, in this instance, for the first time in a long time, his Empress was not on his mind. For the moment he found himself to allow Kat the selfish satisfaction of all of his attention being with her, here and now. When she pulled his chin down, he gave no resistance. His left, human hand snaked around her and embraced her by the small of her back. His Draconic hand coming to her face once more. With a caress of her face, his hand would smooth down her skin until it found her neck. Briefly it deterred her from breaking away so easily, though it wouldn't become as much a display as the prior kiss they shared with the entire bathhouse. "sotsca...." He grinned once more, another part of the shell cracking in her wake. That last word, sotsca, was kiss in Draconic. For the moment he was uncertain, did she intend to say the term in his tongue, or was the word the same between the two languages? If the latter was the case, it would be entertaining to hypothesize that perhaps the two languages stemmed from the same source and were merely different dialects. He wouldn't manage to question her right now however, due to the distraction of her allowing her hair to tumble down. The golden silk curtains didn't seem like the hair of a being that was of a non-living variety. In fact everything about her was very live and vibrant for an undead creature. A beauty of it's own with no match. It wasn't long before she questioned him on how his hair looked now. Without a word he would move his hand to the top and back of his head respectively. Plucking a gold pin from it's place the entire ensemble fell in shambles. His own silky black hair allowed to freely fall down as he would allow sleight of hand to mask his banishing of the hair accessories to his Personal Dark. Manipulating his thick black mane that fell to about his shoulder blades, he would push the hair around his face, otherwise allowing it to fall naturally where some was spilled over his shoulders, and the rest hung naturally to the back. "I haven't cut my hair in a very long time, since the time I spent in the void." Briefly he would reminisce on the experience of retribution for his transgressions. The pain of endured torture against his Empress and himself, only to cast into the abyss of the void for any eternity. He was supposed to die there. The Mugen-me was a welcomed addition to not only dwarf his abilities like the void had, but it actually clear him completely out. The bitch was warned before she did it too, before she treated them so poorly because of petty rules. The Yokai Queen was a creature tainted by the greed of man, fronted with a fallacy of Order. Not only did he survive the experience, but he thrived from it. It took making him powerless, to turn him into a monster capable of passing the limits he had previously tapped into. In a way he owed her thanks honestly, though he swore to her that torturing his to be Empress at the time would only warrant her death. Obviously he had been a man of his word, and yet nobody knew it. Only his Empress and himself. Would he tell Kat about it? Or would he limit the mentions to his father? @Dreamer @Eternity
  11. OOC Queen's Party

    I agree, it was a great touch. I may or may not go ahead and respond once I'm caught up elsewhere. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
  12. Beautiful as Autumn

    It is oft said, that first impressions were everything. Such a case would be no different here, that much was certain. Before him sat three women, first to catch Koji's eye was the crown jewel beside the masked woman. For one of the round eye variety, her beauty was something that could not be argued. Then he would properly note the masked woman, obviously a warrior of some sort. It would be noted that having much more obvious security than his guest would possible give a wrong impression, though if these women were smart, they would understand the need for extra hands when one had done nothing but scorn those in the path he walked. The one's that failed to follow anyway. As such, it was only a matter of time before outsiders of Jigoku figured out his involvement in many things he had been doing that seemed to go unnoticed for the most part thus far. The entertaining part being that he had barely done a thing to cover his tracks. He had nothing to hide. He was a proud man with a just cause. Any that would oppose his indomitable Will deserved to be cut down where the stood or sat respectively. And then there was the woman he was offered a seat by. A respectful Lady Seo, being the only one to bow with honor at his presence. Perhaps she was the smartest of the bunch. Without hesitation or a spoken word thus far, his men remained out of the way, though they stood ready. The Heika himself made his way next to Seo, pulling his own chair out, he would have a seat. Back straight, chin up, and chest out, he place one leg over the other, only to fold his hands together with interlocking fingers. The pair of hands coming to rest upon his highest knee. Casting his gaze across the table to the jewel and the iron mask, Koji would let his face remain unchanged. However, he would finally grace them with his voice. "It seems to be the perfect season, as well as the perfect occasion for warm saké." Those that knew his father would know that this nature came from said parent. For he had delivered advice, but had directly failed to mention whether he in fact wanted a drink or not. This was a very minute and petty test, though a test all the same. He was well aware of what he brought to the table, which at face value wasn't much, but with the proper investments his potential was limitless. How desperate were these women? What did they have to offer him of value? How could they serve him, his Empire, his cause? His scarlet eyes would shift upon the blue eyed jewel once more. Here he would silently, and awkwardly stare until his attention was otherwise broken, or until negotiations had began. Though his face would fail to change in any manner, Koji was busy examining the woman's features in full. Her smooth fair skin, her big blue eyes, those full soft lips...He couldn't help but wonder how the woman looked naked, dare he wonder how she would look beneath him? He might have felt shame over not having her rare beauty included in his harem, though admittedly he was quite satisfied with each and every one of his women. Still, he wondered. @Aleksei
  13. OOC Queen's Party

    Nah, it's correct. I'm just playing up his image. Though he's a bandit, he too is a King. So naturally I'm sure he feels bigger than most the people in the room. Hell, I'm sure some of the spectators will say he was 6'8". XD Perception ~
  14. we were the damned. (altissium)

    "If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see, no matter how unusual it may seem. If you look away, even for an instant, then our hero will surely perish." ~ Unknown It was another seemingly usual day for the most part, despite the rumors of the shadows doing their work around town. While some societies boasted their existence with flashy robes, sigils, and huge displays of existence, the particular one this individual aligned with was a true cult. Their society was a well hidden one, including their purpose, their teachings and general knowledge. This please the Spectre to no definite extent. Working in the shadows was best. One needed no further recognition of their work than the success of completing it itself. The only gratification needed was from the self. This he knew without argument. There came a point where one had to ask, why such an individual keen on shadows and secrecy would come out during the day. Even now he was out and abound, dressed in greys and blacks, complete with a hood. At first glance he would easily appeal to a passerby as some sort of monk perhaps. While they wouldn't be entirely wrong on what he was, they would easily have the wrong idea about it. Fortunately, he stalked the shadows and blind spots of the environment as he traversed the city. He was searching for a particular person in would seem, otherwise he would've already finished his business and left the city. Was there a specific reason that this person would be selected? Did it matter if it was someone else? These were not questions that came to the Spectre's mind. Tailing his target had been without excitement, thought exhausting none the less. His body yearned for the waves of adrenaline, his mind privy to the anticipation of getting physical. He thrived for moments that he could promote proud-ness over his endeavors and accomplishments. He quaked as goosebumps rose over his flesh, his mind wandering to thoughts of what would follow once he had done his job. But for now he had to continue stalking his prey, waiting for the precise moment to strike! His nature was not so different from that of a snake's. A venomous one at that. He would strike his prey swiftly, injecting them with his venom, prior to coiling around them, crushing them, and ultimately eating them. While the latter of this analogy was a bit farther fetched than Spectre's reality, he would be sure to deliver the latter in the form of metaphor if nothing else. He was the one retrieving a target, therefore he would enjoy the splendor's that target could provide once secured in his, no....in their possession. "..." After a short while of staking out a restaurant, the target finally came out of hiding once more. Spectre continued to tail him, still waiting for the right moment to act. It wouldn't surprise him to see the target looking around and acting silly, as if he knew he was being watched. That rare ESP most humans and humanoids had, that told you when something was lurking just beyond your sight. Though he would be certain to remain undetected while in pursuit. It would take a heavily trained eye to catch on to Spectre's game here, other wise he was just some monk looking dude with a hood. Not suspicious at all, right? (Better than if he wore a tunic. Never trust a man in a tunic.) Finally, a moment of chance seemed to be arriving. He patience would pay off greatly, so long as he timed his preemptive strike precisely enough to do this without being detected in the process. From what he gathered, the paper in the Target's hand was his directive, either a place to be or a thing to do, or both. And it would seem that the target was arriving about at his destination. He would creep silently beyond Alan still, even avoiding attention from the gaggle of passing boys. Little did Alan know that the so called cult mentioned in the article was about to come much more than so called in his mind. If he stood long enough staring at the graffiti, Spectre would strike, otherwise he would slink on up the rest of the way and snatch the lad as he aimed to actually breach the facility. Already in his left hand was a syringe, filled with a clear liquid of some sort. Currently it remained flipped up against the palm of his hand as to remain hidden. But as soon as he struck, he would be sure to grab Alan about the shoulders as he would hug the his chest against Alan's back. Leaving his left hand to either swiftly stick him in the side, somewhere near the kidney, or right in the neck. Whichever zone was most accessible when grabbing the target from behind. @Mag
  15. Royal Birth Day

    crashatter ~ Almost as if on cue, despite the more aggressive on goings in the environment such as explosions, a party goer gazed at the image of the Bandit King and his colleagues breaching the castle. This caused the shocked woman a sense of dread enough to warrant the dropping of her glass, leaving wine to bleed upon the floor from the shattered remains of the bulbous glass. Lykos would grin viciously at the woman that dropped it, her mouth open and her eyes staring in bewilderment, perhaps even ire or disgust. A wink was delivered to her, only for her to react by fainting and nearly falling into her spilled wine. Saved by those around her and placed gently on a dry portion of the ground, Lykos snickered and looked ahead once more. As if their appearance wasn't enough to make them stick out like a sore thumb, the mingling crowds muted themselves at a certain proximity, parting in waves to avoid being too close to these filthy, stinking savages. Some muttered to their peers, no doubt gossiping about their arrival already. Others just gawked in disbelief and tried to be sure they weren't even caught staring. Lykos walked tall and proud, regal in a sense despite his outward appearance. Broad shoulders back, chest out, the majority of his torso was bare for all to see. And still he grinned, his shark like teeth warranting an increased sense of dread about him. "Please, please.....PLEASE!!! Ladies and gentlemen, don't allow my most welcomed presence to disturb you from your festivities." That was when Lykos realized his path was blocked by a female, smaller than him. She boasted a bow on her shoulder and hand upon the hilt of a "big knife". He stopped mere feet from before casting his brown gaze upon her, his narrowed eyes above his crooked smile searching for her own as if he was attempting to peer directly into her soul. How would she react? Would she cower in fear, or wet herself even? Would she treat them as guests proper? Perhaps she would pull that knife out and bet her life on a poor gamble. Or perhaps she wouldn't even react at all. Perhaps she would be just like the majority of the snobbish sheople in attendance. She would simply stare utterly dazed and confused. Either way, it would seem that Lykaios was in a bit of a jovial, playful mood. As such he would allow a faint growl to accent his most recent snicker. "It is a beautiful day isn't it? Perfect for a Queen's birthday don't you think?" @Chappu @Mickey Flash @Tyler