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  1. Twitterpated

    [GS] Ventus.

    This was beginning to sound like more than what he'd bargained for. As opposed to something more akin to being touched by a God thus endowed by them, this sounded more like assimilation to him. All that she was was in his veins...He was the Avatar of Ventus. His pupils dilated, thinning in likeness to single strands of hair as his glare grew pensive at the dawning realization. His devotion and Yoki, ki, and blood alike would fuel the Goddess for presumed generations to come. To tap into her prowess, all they need do is pray. Regardless, there was no turning back now. What had been done, was done. For sparring his life, he felt indebted to her to some degree, though a lifetime of devotion, of prayer, was not something that sat right with him. He was the manipulator of the Red String, the twister of fate. Though mortal, he laid claim to the title of God of his own accord when he established himself, followed by establishing his Dynasty. While Fracture could not fit within his grasp just yet, the seeds had already been sewn in both Nehalen and Genesaris. To fold or yield to anything that disagreed with his self proclaimed fate, was something he wasn't certain he could do. By saving his life however, the Goddess was not doing anything more than clinging to life all her own. Could he accept this divine parasite? Endure it, life cohesively with it? Or was he bound to ignore her presence, to allow her to simply lie dormant within him until the flame of his own soul has been extinguished? As they walked, they talked. His bare feet padded against the marble flooring, only starring at Ventus' backside at this point. "Three you give me, yet only one remains. In the case of your children, our children, would you have me enact your vengeance upon them?" @Chappu
  2. When the Cambion watched Akako glance to Isabella before looking back at him with that raised brow, his expression remained largely unchanged. She'd notice by more than one factor that he was largely sober as of this moment, and that he was obviously not nervous or truly concerned in the least. There was no way that she could truly believe that there was another woman for him over herself, could she? The gravity of the situation at hand however, shifted dramatically when she eluded to Kairos being in some sort of trouble. She asked him if she knew of his whereabouts, in which he already knew that anything outside of the answer "No" was the wrong answer altogether. He had taken measures to ensure he knew something, even if he didn't know everything or what was most current. "Do you have any idea of your son's whereabouts, Lord Pendragon?" "Not quite. However, Captain Rebecca was keeping eyes on him in Taiyomichi for me, meanwhile Seidmadr is residing in the Keep in case the boy somehow wound up back there on his own. Between the two of them, I'm confident that I'll be as aware as necessary. Assuredly I can trust that neither of them would allow any harm to come to him." He surely sounded confident enough. While he wished not to disclose his full reasons behind being here tonight, as not to raise her concerns without actual cause. While he hated to feel as if he'd lured her out as bait, it was easy to reason that she was always safest by his side. For if these folks that were so upset with her as they'd seemed to be, they would inevitably make their move on the Yokai Queen whether it was somewhere like here, or back in Taiyomichi. At least this way the event could remain contained, sealed. That, and the Cambion had less concerns about holding back here without worrying about consequences for his actions should the need to act arise. "Please, enlighten me though. What is it the boy has gotten himself into this time?" It was about now that it dawned on the Cambion that while he'd given way for the Prince to be monitored, he'd failed to provide certain communication as to get real time updates on his whereabouts. Then again, he'd never planned on being away for so long, back in Terrenus no less. Xartia would have done better to have brought the boy home in the first place before deciding to venture off on another one of his grand adventures. Only to be side-tracked by Isabella ironically enough. While he'd previously thrown a finger up to Morris to display that he needed a moment, once he'd spoken his peace with Akako, he chimed to Morris, "I'll take a Vodka martini please, shaken, not stirred." @Akako Akari @Pasion Pasiva
  3. "Lord Pendragon," "!?" Had he really been caught off guard so easily considering the events that began unfolding quite a bit before tonight? To think that someone could approach him so formally and so casually all in one instance. A presence that begged familiarity in the one thing he could immediately tell they had in common, and yet, she wore a face that he couldn't recall having ever seen before. She was cute, and she wreaked of innocence. Easy enough, he seemed to relax a bit at the assumption that she was perhaps likely just in the market for what she asked for. As much as he didn't feel in a dancing mood, he found himself questioning what kind of gentleman would turn down a beautiful ladies request to dance? "May I have this dance?" "I..." He started before pausing. Bringing his glass to his lips he emptied it's contents and set the glass down as he cleared his throat to no avail, for the burn of the liquor remained despite his efforts. "I'd be honored." Offering his hand to her, the Cambion awaited her to take it before leading her out to the dance floor. The slower melodies accompanying them at the time seemed to reason that slow dancing was the most likely option. While there was nothing wrong with a dance in his mind, he was already just a tad bit upset at the thought of dancing with someone that wasn't whom he'd wished to do such a thing with. Even worse, the one he'd have saved his last dance for was likely to remain without desire of such intimate moments with him for years more to come. Alas, he would try his damnedest not to allow his personal issues to sully what was hopeful to another to be a good time. @Phoebe
  4. Why withdraw? Don't you want to wait and see if Psions become segregated from non-psions?
  5. “I am your friend, aren’t I?” As anyone else was, Isabella was allowed to assume what she wished of a man she hardly knew. Likewise, if she gave him the time of day, he'd inevitably show her just who exactly he was. The him of the here and now, and stories he would tell her of where he'd come from, what he'd been through, and just how far he'd come. Though not in public settings like this one. If the public face was all she could afford with her friendship, then that was precisely all she would get. As trivial as it may come to appear, there was nothing fake about Xartia's Cheshire grin; Exposing his fanged teeth. Soon. Little did all of them know that soon they would get a glimpse of Xartia Pendragon in his rawest form. The quaint and gorgeous gentleman was quite more than just. With layers upon layers of mystery surrounding him, his presence has been nothing short of a treat thus far. To all he's encountered. Just as girlishly as Isabella's infectious giggle, he too giggled, her hand having retreated somewhere near the beginning of the experience. Continuing their conversation shortly there after, he continued by questioning her. “Not directly,” she half-lied, “I grew up, mostly alone after I ran away from home, but often found myself at the head of collections of people. I am a natural born leader, some would say. I would say most people are natural born sheep, just waiting and seeking the next best thing to look toward for answers and direction. Anyway, when I found my way back to my family, I was surrounded by people who wielded power. I learned from them.” "That pretty much settles that then, " He began before pausing. His smile grew as he quickly turned and looked back at the door, despite the fact that nobody was entering it yet. Looking back to Isabella, his emerald gaze sparkled more intensely than any glimpse she'd had of them prior. Or perhaps it was just the booze and the lights? "I'm afraid I have no useful advice to afford you that you wouldn't already be aware of or have considered prior. I can only wish you the best of luck in your endeavors." Just then, late as he was to notice, another familiar presence approached them. Illyana. Affording her his gaze, his eyes carefully studied her as he could see and feel that her appearance as before was abnormal. Though he was not aware or invested enough to know the secrets behind the aetheric anomaly. “Already quite the spectacle. I’m hopeful Cammy and Io appreciate the business you are likely to bring their way.” By now, he could feel and smell Her. She was here after all, after teasing him by saying she simply couldn't make it. Had she come for him though? The thought was flattering, extremely so. He dared not to look back at her now that she could see him though. He knew how she felt about upholding her social status and not exposing her truest of her three faces, especially not to the public. He could feel the bane of the great aether within her, that illustrious Yoki, complete with an aura that somehow supranaturally matched her scent. Even without looking, he could see her. Regardless of her attire, he could never forget the shape of her figura, the preternatural glow of her skin. The silver locks that compose of her hair and her majestic nine tails. His eyes closed for a brief moment as he inhaled deeply, slowly, opening his eyes as he sighed as lightly as possible with the feeling of butterflies rising in his stomach began almost made him shake with pure excitement. He'd never deny that Isabella and Illyana were beauties to behold in their own rights...Though their wasn't as soul in this multiverse or the next that could hold a candle to Yoko Akako, the infamous Yokai Queen herself. “What a pleasure it is to see you again.” "Just as the last time, I assure you the pleasure is all mine...If you ladies would excuse me for a moment." As Isabella became more distracted by Illyana's presence, Xartia became more distracted by Akako's choice to detour from him location and instead find herself at the bar. It was about then that he also noticed a few other familiar presences about the bar; Most notably Cae, and the bubbly Cammy, and of course who could truly miss the Devil of Patia himself. Smoothing over the fabric of his shirt and his slack, the Cambion approached with his hairless, olive toned chest exposed. Turning a few heads and earning him a few whispers from scattered points about the room. Gently he cleared his throat as he strolled up to roughly two meters behind Akako before stopping and delivering a nigh horizontal bow after formally greeting her in the most traditional manner he could muster. "Konbanwa, Akako-Sama!" His voice was familiar no matter how well dressed it was in formality. Coming to stand erect again, he awaited for her to turn around and respond to him. Though he wondered why she didn't approach him directly, he knew better to ask her in such a time and place and this one. What was experienced by most as the briefest of fleeting moments, every second spent around the Daiyokai was akin to eternity to the Cambion. It should be noted that his exclamation was more in excitement, without a necessary increase in volume. "I'm extremely pleased you could make it after all." @Akako Akari @Pasion Pasiva @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian
  6. @Ataraxy Specifically in this case, the child is more human than Koji. So his aging is slower than Koji's (for more than just that reason). What appears to be a young man to most/all(?), is no larger than say, a large toddler. As a character I've designed as more of a special case psion, part of his mental capability allows him to scan surface thoughts of those near enough to him, or he can even glimpse one's mind more in depth through more direct contact and a lack of constitution (more or less NPCs?). This has been used as a crutch to learn a lot of information at a ridiculous pace for someone his age. However, the knowledge has little to no practice by his hands, so this is bound to be a bumpy ride regardless of how much support or opposition he receives. So he's smart, and pretending to be a big boy. But in reality he's still practically got milk on his tongue. The same way he makes his kitten companion seem like a ferocious lion at his side. Can he keep up there facade? If he can, for how long? 🤷‍♂️ Hopefully I answered your question. 😅 @Akiris Most of the quests had been taken up prior, some more than once. Alas, they're still incomplete to my knowledge. Regardless, my character wouldn't be clear on such details at this point, which leaves the comment to stand as his current opinion formed on mostly old information. I posted it yes. But we had this conversation like 2+ years ago, I'm not my character, playa.
  7. While the character in question does age faster than a normal human, he's still very much a child. He's a gifted Psion that finds his niche in perception manipulation though, and so he's projecting the perception of his older self currently. I believe it's all hinted at in the first post.
  8. It appears the Prince of Predator's Keep is now aware and unhappy about the things happening to, in, and around his Mother's Keep and their small dominion beyond. Starting with the Keep, the boy has taken it upon himself to step into the Queen's shoes and attempt to pick up where she left off. In the case that he can't do just that so easily, then he is faced with executing changes in and around the environment to compensate and accommodate the wishes and well beings he has in mind. Will you come to the Prince's aid? Will you oppose The Bastard Prince? Below is a link for a freshly started open thread. The only immediate player I'll hassle for a response directly is @Fierach since the Prince is headed to speak with the Master Knight. Feel free to comment and question here, coordinate even. To note, I have no hard up plans for the latter stages of this plot. This is character and plot development, in which the interactions to take place will help to shape and mold the future of both the Keep and the Prince directly.
  9. It was a long trip back home from what was now known as Taiyomichi. Prior to such a trip, he was not mentally matured or prepared enough to understand the gravity of his title; Of his position. During the several days at sea it took to return here on a fisherman's vessel at that, he had plenty of time to digest on the information and knowledge gained both directly and indirectly; From a wide variety of Human and Yokai sources that differed from those found here among the vast psionic populace. He had learned from his father that one had to make sacrifices to protect and ensure what was most precious to themselves. Sisu-sama had tought him that honor was tied to one's duty, one's fate; That one didn't always choose the life they were born into, and that responsibility had to be taken on anyone's account. Months before either however, he'd learned from his mother, and affirmed with his aforementioned guardians, that love seemed to be the one thing in the balance that disturbed such a thing. Love creates pain, and pain changes people. Though said change could not be predicted person to person, it had become a veritable truth in his mind that such a thing was too unpredictable to allow one's self to become overly attached to anyone or anything by choice. Though what he had been born in bondage to was already as much a part of himself as any other part in mind, body, and spirit. First and foremost he was born a son, his first duty being to those whom came before him; His parents and his Sisu. Then came the fact that he was born a Prince. The Bastard Prince as he was coming to be called, cared not for the illegitimate nature of his claim to the court. For he was the only child born of the Scarlet Queen. Once docked, the boy had done as he had his entire trip, masked his presence by way of bending the way minds perceived him. Where a boy and his cat stowed away on a ship, it appeared it was just two cats that went largely unperturbed. Together the duo traversed the roads of crushed stone beneath there feet, still warm to his senses as he remembered when he'd left. That was good, the Keep's defenses were still up and running, which meant that as he'd assumed, his Mother was in fact still alive where ever she was. He would find her one day, though in the mean time it had fallen upon his shoulders to pick up the reins where she'd prematurely left off. He had to restore stability within there lands, at least in the Keep itself, or he ran the risk of leaving his Mother's people more or less abandoned, as well as the risk of leaving his Mother with nothing to return to. As he made his way, Kairos took note of the environment overall. While the economy and it's people hadn't necessarily fallen or suffered great losses, it was apparent that excluding the recent feast hosted by the Order of Force, this region had grown rather stagnant. even to the point that adventurer's failed to lay claim to their outstanding Quests. This coupled with the silence of their sibling nations, save for the Taiyomichi, as well as with the empty council sitting in the Queen's place here, it was all just more evidence that he was right. Somebody had to do something, and soon. If only he'd realized sooner that he was just that somebody. Many would deny the claim a child made to a thrown, though his parents had provided him with the tools necessary to appear in whatever manner the people needed to see most in their minds. Creeping into the shadows of a nearby alleyway, the two cats vanished from sight for the briefest of moments. The Prince took a deep breath as he gathered himself, mentally preparing to put everything he'd learned to the test. For if he could not succeed here, now, then he'd have no hope to succeed in the future. While still incredibly young, he was wise well beyond his years; One of few consolations of being born to a Psion and a Cambion. He was a prodigy, gifted with advance Psionic capabilities that he still hadn't fully grasped an understanding on himself. Yet each day he understood more, each day he grew stronger and smarter...Each day, with every ounce of gained awareness, the boy gained confidence. Stepping from the shadows once more, the boy emerged in likeliness to how he appeared when seen in Taiyomichi, the day it was named such. Those that were present or aware of his appearance that day would undoubtedly recognize him now, giving some semblance of weight behind his words when he inevitably came to speak them. Stepping center-most into town, now with what was undoubtedly a lion, he cleared his throat and began by announcing himself and his claim before committing. Regardless of the apparent reception of his words here and now, he'd made up his mind on this matter. With or without the support of his nation, he would serve and protect them the way that he knew his Mother would, if not better. "Ladies, gentlemen, children of Predator's Keep; Lend me your ears, and your minds as well as your hearts!" He paused as he obviously gained quite a bit of attention from them all. A crowd began to gather as some ran to tell others to come and see before it was too late. Even one of the Order's Knight ran to tell the Master Knight himself that a spectacle was on the rise while other's remained around to observe the speech that was about to be delivered. "As most of you are aware, the budding Scarlet Empire ha taken quite a slide back in our Queen's absence. While the Keep itself has suffered the least, it is obviously thanks to the allowance of the Order of Force's presence within our lands. This Force however, is not a governing one, and with the realized loss of the Scarlet Council, it has become apparent that such responsibility falls upon myself; Your Prince!" Confusion became apparent among them, for the Prince was but a we lad. A far cry from a young man. Surely this man was an impostor? "It is true, I assure you all. While I left here mere weeks ago a boy, I return to you a man. While this may be difficult to accept as the truth, it does nothing to change the fact that it is. I am not lost to the fact that I am widely known among you all as The Bastard Prince. While I can do nothing to change the circumstance of my heritage, I can only assure you my Mother's blood runs through my veins, and that there is no alternative as far as genetic alternatives are concerned. As a result, I'm here this morn to tell you all that your Prince has returned, and that he, I, am going to absorb whats left of the Scarlet Council into my board of advisers...Without another to oppose my claim to the throne by right of birth or blood, I am issuing an open challenge to any and all whom would oppose me now. You have until sunset two moons from now to prove you are the more worthy to replace me on the throne. In the mean time, I'll begin by currently claiming it as it's interim monarch." As the crowds grew chaotic in their confusion and rejections, the Prince merely began to walk with purpose towards the Bastion; His Lion by his side. The crowds birthed a path for them to pass throw regardless of their acceptance to his speech. Formally, he'd placed himself out there to the public, and now it was time for him to appeal to perhaps the only person that truly could prove an issue for him moving forward. James Eredas. So far as Kairos was concerned, the OFM was nothing more than an over-glorified military force that specializes in Demon slaying. Curiously enough, it seemed to stand that his Father wasn't here, or else the man would've shown himself already. Not like his immediate attendance would've served a purpose in slowing the Khaliq down, let alone stopping him.
  10. There he was, the very man that she so sought. He was found fiddling with a small bag with some sort of icy content inside. Dipping his pinkie into the mess, he scooped the content with his ebony talon; As if it were a spoon. Bringing his pinkie to his face he audibly inhaled the content into his nasal cavity before rubbing his nose and mildly snorting in the process. Sealing and pocketing the bag once more, the bar tender returned to him, setting a glass before him. It was a Vodka martini. With a reassuring smile, the Cambion looked to the barkeep with narrowed, glassy eyes and mouthed his gratitude before so easily sliding the glass from the counter and taking a sniff before sipping the contents. Lightly sucking his teeth afterwards, the Cambion moved with purpose to return to seclusion, where he could continue to try and fathom just exactly what he thought he was doing. Not necessarily here or now. In general, like with himself. It was times like these that he wondered about all the unanswerable questions both about his direct miserable life, and life in general. His thoughts, a dangerous abyss to be lost within.
  11. Minutes turned to hours as the Peregrine traversed the oceanic waters for the illustrious Antigone Isles. The current crew of four had largely had a quiet trip unhindered. However, that was all soon to change. Over half way to their destination, but with a stretch still remaining before reaching their destination, a storm appeared to be brewing. While it wasn't of the Magestorm variety, a storm could still serve as a problem for them depending on just how turbulent it made the waters for the small vessel. With out much verbalizing, the Magician hurried about the cabin and made way for the deck where he made quick work of manipulating the either around them. Taking the sails with his arcane prowess, he coated them in a protective layer as to keep them from tearing while daring to continue onward. Hail cried from the heavens as thunder growled on the horizon. Flashes among the clouds could be seen occasionally, though there had yet to be a bolt seen streaking from them. There had yet to be a proper boom of thunder. Retreating back to the cabin, the Cambion stood with a grimace worn on his face. His emerald eyes narrowed in distaste as he continued to evaluate their situation at hand. As the boat began to rock more violently with the passing moments, the remainder of the crew would become aware of their situation if they hadn't already. @Etched In Stone @Malintzin @Artificer
  12. "Nine hundred ninety eight..." One thing that had never changed about Jinsoku, was his need to physically express himself when made anxious. While this blight had stricken him twice now, he had once again recovered from the ridiculous ballooning of his muscles. Still, even now on the verge of testing the Cornerstone acquired by the master himself; The verge of trying to bridge this realm to another. While this was a far cry from what he endured venturing to Bel'shir, the fact of saving people from another world was something that brought grief back unto the Knight. Thus, here he was, hammering out rep after rep as a way to cope with his anxiety. "Nine hundred ninety nine..." His sweat pooled beneath him, his smaller muscles still quite brawny from his height of 5'6". It couldn't be helped. So long as he wasn't so large as to sacrifice his mobility, he'd continue to train so rigorously. After all, "In this world, the only thing we truly own...Is the body we shape every day". While some could hear him count and think he was about finished, this was hardly the beginning of his regiment of push-ups. 10,000. That was the desired goal of his repetitions. Alas, a familiar voice spoke within him, his stomach vibrating for a brief moment as to warn him the voice was coming. As if he couldn't predict it coming by now. 'You're going to be late.' "One thousand." 'Shit', he cursed mentally as he rose to his feet and actually checked the time. With haste he moved throughout the barracks and made way to shower. He had to freshen up and quickly as possible if he didn't want to miss the entire even. After bathing he wasted no time getting dressed in a rather plain T-Shirt and a pair of denim jeans. Sliding on a pair of socks followed by a pair of all black high top chucks, Jinsoku raced through the halls and corridors. Though they knew they didn't have too, the familiar folks of the bastion often made it easy for Jin these days by opening his path whenever they seen him sprinting like this with purpose. Slapping his red lens pilot shades on, his still wet hair bounced freely and unkempt as he rapidly approached his destination. By the time he arrived, the portal was already seemingly stable and operational, though he had yet to notice anything out of the ordinary. Silently, he stepped closer, ultimately stopping at the forefront of the the small crowd safely watching the portal as in front of it as he could safely be. His thickly muscled arms folded over his chest, a smirk forming on his face as he controlled his breathing. A growl resounded in his mind as his stomach vibrated once more. 'Easy, Rei.'
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