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  1. New Union Frontier’s Quests Quest Rules DM Twitterpated with interest in any particular quest prior to beginning one. Please title your message with the title of the quest of interest. Each quest post should contain a minimum of 250 words, and a minimum of 15 posts to be considered for completion. Not that the post requirement might be greater dependent upon the severity of the quest and its rewards. Rewards vary from agreed upon prior to quest start and/or loot obtained IC from said quest. When the quest is finished, complete the canonization process by DMing Twitterpated and King. Quest Log Class D Harvesting Elemental Stones (Repeatable): In the wake of the most recent magestorm, which spent most of its landfall in the comfort of the New Union Frontier, the Imperial forces have been tasked with gathering the Elemental Stones left in its wake. Rumor has it that the Emperor has a reward for those willing to donate stones of their own gathering. Class C Acquiring Korenia Root: Being that the root is exclusive to the West, the Datsuzoku are eager to acquire Korenia Root in order to research it more closely and perhaps even try and replicate the plant’s growth in the New Union Frontier. Any samples are requested to be delivered directly to Doctor Chiryo over at the Kurama Medical Facility found in the New Union City. Acquiring Runestones: With unclear relations with the East, the Dynasty is weary of sending it’s forces into the cold mountains to search themselves. As a result, the Datsuzoku are offering rewards for any and all varieties of Runestone in which compensation varies based on the overall haul being considered. Class B Stryder Hunting: Stryderian Scales are known for their uncanny ability to blend nigh perfectly into darkness. The Datsuzoku Dynasty is offering compensation for hides of these creatures based on their condition and weight in pounds. Greater rewards are available given that one if gifted enough in trapping to actually find, catch, and deliver a handful of these creatures live. Class A - Class S The Genesar Cornerstones: After learning of the Cornerstones, the Emperor has grown eager to get his hands on one. Any information concerning these stones stands to be handsomely rewarded, so long as the information can be deemed as not only valid, but useful. One could only imagine the gratitude the Dragon Emperor might hold for one willing to gift him an actual stone. The Lost Blades of Power: These sacred blades are said to hold some of the greatest power of all the artifacts in Genesaris. Any information concerning these swords stands to be handsomely rewarded, so long as the information can be deemed as not only valid, but useful. One could only imagine the gratitude the Dragon Emperor might hold for one willing to gift him an actual sword.
  2. In the face of hunger, true hunger, there was little to no room for modesty. Regardless, Xartia tried not to be so judgmental these days; Not to mention he'd already known that she was practically starving, that was why he invited her to brunch to begin with. He continued to eat at his own leisurely pace whilst she scarfed her food down at an alarming rate. Isabella seemed to have zoned out for a brief moment, in a manner of which the Cambion knew well himself. That deadpan stare, as if she'd suddenly recalled something of great importance. That or learned something new altogether. Her speech to come clarified his former assumption was most accurate. With a mouth full of flapjacks, he struggled for the chance to talk her down before she'd left. Fortunately for him, she was staggered by the large meal she'd inhaled. “I hate to eat and run, but I just remembered that my friend is waiting for me, and I should have gotten back to her nearly half an hour ago…” Forcefully swallowing his poorly chewed food, he wiped his mouth with his napkin. Before he could stand, before he could come to her aid, she'd reclaimed her seat for a moment's rest. He grabbed his tea and washed down any lingering contents in his throat before audibly clearing it. His lips parted to speak, though her words stalled him into what was most visibly a false start judging by his open mouthed expression. “I am sorry -- just a moment.” "Are you okay, Isabella?" “It was such a pleasure, Xartia… I hope we’ll meet again.” Though she managed to get to her feet easier this time, it was with much effort. More than what it should take for the average human. Was something the matter with her? Was she sick? As far as his keen senses could pick up, she was the living standard of healthy. As if she had literally just been born in the last day or so. Her deflection of answering him directly and attempting to so swiftly dismiss herself gave him that much more cause for concern. Though they had just met, he felt uncomfortable leaving her on her own with the way she was acting. "Not so fast dear, at least allow me to escort you to your friend. I'd feel much better knowing you at least made it into a familiar face's company before letting you go." She seemed reluctant to accept his assistance, though she wasn't overtly denying the offer as it were. Xartia had no idea whom she was seeking, or in this moment that she'd bee seeking them in Predator's Keep. Though when he figured out at least where they were going, his mind worked for a means of how to finesse a visit with all of the changes between the Scarlet Region and himself in recent weeks. Perhaps with their Queen temporarily out of the equation, the moves of the Yokai Queen as well as himself, even if noticed, would likely go wildly unchecked. Still, it was a risk to return. His mere presence could be salt in the wound; Hopefully he could just slide thru without causing too much attention to himself. Right, walking around with the Black Queen's look alike was incredibly discreet.
  3. I mean you said no powers... it's only fair. 🤷‍♂️
  4. When his leg struck he could feel the opponent's resilience, gauging his ability to endure directly. Despite his training, the swordsman could only tank so much force without giving in to the body's natural reaction. The time it took him to take the kick and recover, before stepping around the retracted (right) leg was more than enough time for Bishop to see his opponent moving, in which he merely pivoted to remain more or less facing him. The moment Kenshi's hands both went to grab his right wrist, Bishop sacrificed the rotation of the shoulder in backing his follow up attack, and instead advanced his whole body forth in a singular burst of motion. His legs pushed him ever so closer to Kenshi as the left fist snapped out and forward, sending a left cross for the martial artists chin. The spiked cestus on that hand primed and ready to maul the blind man's face first by puncturing the target zone before those gnarly spikes were no doubt dragged, raking his beautiful face and mutilating it in the process. @Etched In Stone
  5. A woman with an appetite, he admired the eating habits she displayed against the way she looked. For a human, she had a rather flawless figure. He failed to observe her level of athleticism, though if that' how she usually ate, she had to lead an active lifestyle. "I'll have to settle for the country fried steak, with hashbrowns, eggs, and -" He paused to look away from his menu and to Isabella once more. "hotcakes. Though I guarantee they're nowhere near as good as mine." Not only did he cook, and rather well at that, breakfast was his specialty. Hotcakes being his personal favorite. He'd eaten flapjacks in so many different varieties that he'd be surprised to find a recipe he couldn't compare to another. When the waitress returned with their beverage order, Xartia took the liberty of repeating both of their orders to her, starting with Isabella's. Eyeing his tea for a moment, he judged it before he even took a sip. He could tell by it's appearance that they were rather sparring on his dollop of soy milk. No matter, it was hard to ruin chai after all. He'd just have to make due for the sake of a cohesive experience. As the two of them awaited their meals, Xartia kept with pretty basic, casual conversation. It was obvious that even without having a romantic vibe about it, he was obviously fishing for information she was willing to share about her self. He was getting to know her. Even after the food was delivered, and they began to partake in the fresh, piping hot goodness, he'd try to keep a little speech going between them without being rude. By this time, Isabella herself had learned that Xartia familiar with Predator's Keep more than he was with any other part of Terrenus. This was his first trip to this very island. That he was a Magician, and an Adventuerer; Argonaut if he wanted to make himself sound more important. The biggest revelation she was afforded of him however, was the fact that he was an outsider to this world. One that had obviously been around for a while and had no indication of departing any time soon.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone for preferring otherwise. By the given example of the mage student, I'd just rather be the weaker version until the character grows stronger. Like if he needs to be stronger to assist on a quest, then he either doesn't go, or he goes as a growth experience. Perhaps his prowess matures during said quest/mission. @Vansin I'll agree with you easily on the scaling down example, that is easier to digest. A godlike character making himself weaker. But if your character is more like Captain America, you shouldn't just be like "well, for now he's hulk strong" cause it fits. Only to continue as Captain America the rest of the time until you need to scale him up again. Competitive rp or not, it's okay to have a weaker or stronger character without feeling like either side needs to compensate so that things are "fair".
  7. @jaistlyn I think power scaling on the fly is, boring or lame? I think is also a little "cheap" in terms of experience and development. You're not the first I've met in the community that does this, and likely won't be the last, though I find that well defining the limits of a character's capabilities keeps all players involved honest, while again providing balance to the character.
  8. In the simplest explanation possible, so long as a character is "balanced" it can't be OP. Favoring semi-realism in my fantasy warrants that some characters are stronger or weaker than others. I also have somewhat of a history for taking underpowered, though still powered, characters to face and defeat over powered ones just to show that less can always be more.
  9. As soon as his leg was freed, he rolled to gain a couple feet from the swordsman, whom he still personally hadn't noticed was blind. Not like he'd care either way. Where he came from, a blind fighter was nothing too outside of the ordinary. In fact, most blind creatures humanoid and not where typically capable of seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, etc.....in ways that gaze them clearer sight than eyes ever could.Coming to his left knee and his right foot, he braced himself, careful not to get up too fast so he could assess the overall damage the pretty man's nails had done. Another wound, superficial at best. His side leaking somewhat obviously, his head jerking to the side suddenly before turning as he craned his neck. He spat, and with his somewhat labored breathing, he rose to his feet once more. With his expression defaulted into nothing more than a cold smoldering gaze, no smile, evident, Bishop began to walk towards his opponent at a quickened pace. If the crouching warrior wanted a break now, he should just quit while he was ahead. If Kenshi allowed his proximity then Bishop opted to use the reach of his right leg once more, executing a Muay Thai low kick aimed to do nothing more than to warrant a response and continue the action. @Etched In Stone
  10. “Perhaps, but I am happy to play the damsel in distress if you’re willing to be the knight in shining armor,” His lips parted to reply, though before he could gesture for the door and express his belief in ladies first, Isabella took the liberty upon herself to head in. While she presented herself as nobody of interest, she perhaps made herself seem that much more appealing; At least to him. When she turned and his hair splashed across his torso, he caught a generous glimpse of her scent. What was strange was that it smelled so, neutral.....Pure even? Maintaining his charming smirk he rushed to continue holding the door open as she entered. As he followed her, he gave no indication of preference for seating, only once they reached the table might she notice that he refused to sit with his back to a door. Depending on the shape or size, he took care in avoiding windows as well. One could never be too careful after all. There was hardly the time to regain any semblance of conversation before the waitress appeared beside their table, ready to take their order. “A glass of orange juice for me, please...and some coffee…” "I'll start with a chai tea, hot, with a dollop of soy milk. Do not stir it, please and thank you." He refreshed his grin as the service departed for at least a few minutes, his emerald eyes settling on her's once more. "I'm not usually the sort to hold people for ransom, though I feel the need to tell you directly that I refuse to let you leave this cute little diner without actually having a bite to eat."
  11. The swordsman's kick did nothing to deter the nature of his own, it only turned the offense into a defensive, counter measure given the same intent. To kick that leg. Their striking limbs collided awkwardly, denying each the completion they desired. Like two rabid, wild dogs, the pair of them continued to down grade into quite the dog fight. Between kicking with one leg and pulling the other, swordsman temporarily standing on one leg would find his strength over the grappled limb useless in the loss of his balance. As his foot recovered to the ground, Bishop's simply repeated the bend and kick aiming for the lower body of the martial artist in general, namely between the knee and the groin. Accuracy was not key here as he pried his right leg free. Any attempt to continue a hold on that leg warranted nothing more than Bishop suddenly pushing off of his supporting left arm and crunching his abs in order to swing that mace at Kenshi's head. @Etched In Stone
  12. The moment Bishop has his leg grabbed, he pushed off of his grounded foot. His body was allowed to fall in the direction it was already leaning in, in which his left arm extended, his open palm smashing into the ground as his right arm swung his mace parallel to his grappled limb. The reassuring ting of metals clashing ensured him he had deflected a blow, and that he'd likely afforded the a bend into the folded metal of the wakizashi, compromising it if not knocking it out of the swordsman's hand completely. Simultaneously, that left leg tucked from it's temporary loss of use found itself violently ejecting for Kenshi's right leg just above the knee cap. This jutting kick help enough extreme prejudice to severely fracture if not break the knee. Between the foot, hip, and now the knee all being targeted on the same limb it would be obvious soon what Bishop was up to. With the connected strike he'd yank his right leg free and work to recover before his opponent did. Still he refused to get further from the man, and still he'd encourage the man to approach the edge of the platform. @Etched In Stone
  13. “Isabella,” "Isabella." “Isabella Marquez,” The two shook hand, in which Xartia made sure not to let his grasp linger for too long despite the intense sensation of joy and comfort found in her baby soft skin. The feel of it's caress as their hands parted was a feeling he wouldn't soon forget. Though he couldn't fathom why she felt the way she did. Easily he assumed she was gifted in the arcane arts such as he was, though unlike him perhaps used it unabashedly to maintain her nearly flawless beauty. Some sort of spell to keep the body fresh or something like that. Unfortunately, he didn't plan on asking her, so he wouldn't likely ever know the answer. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance." “I would absolutely love to join you. I am rather embarrassed to admit it, but I am in a bit of trouble...I just came from the bank, I am not from Terrenus you see, and from what I was told, all of my accounts have been frozen but they couldn’t give me a reason as to why. I am not sure what they expect me to do. I just got in yesterday from Genesaris. And without access to my funds, well...I am just not sure what I am going to do. But I am absolutely starving.” The look on his face when she told him all of this was priceless; He was dumbfounded. Though he easily corrected himself by gently clearing his throat and refreshing his charming grin. "In a world filled with magical prowess, you'd believe that you were ever broke? Bank, bank error, or otherwise?" He needn't explain his origin, nor his technical now home away from this world; Outside of the Material Plane even. He certainly had no need to explain to her that he also hails from a prominent family; The clan Pendragon. His twin brother sitting on the throne. He had no reason to tell her that he was rich, for even if he wasn't (which he wasn't on this world*), he was a Magician. When one had no funds, they had to produce some for themselves. Be it through honest labor, or by magical means. When in doubt, gold always seemed to a be universally accepted currency; And for good reason. "A mild in convenience I assure you, I'll be happy to explain more over tea. In the mean time, allow me to treat you. Typically that's what happens when a gentleman invites a lady to be his guest. Perhaps my thoughts are too outlandish or outdated."
  14. After about a week of searching, locating the Prince Grant proved more difficult than he'd hoped for. This left Koji with one alternative option, one which double in purpose of checking up on a relative of his. It had been too long since he'd last seen Raveena, and it was high time he checked up on her. For the sake of maintaining appearances this time around, and thanks to their proximity from palace to palace, Koji opted to have them ferried by Palanquin to their destination. The vessel was carried by small dark clouds, with singular red hands extending from each and working in tandem to move the Palanquin smoothly as they traveled. To the front and back of the vessel were six warriors, a Tengu Knight leading, and one tailing; making the others more of mere foot soldiers, grunts. To each flank of the Palanquin marched one of the Emperor's Tatsuo, each accompanied by a pair of Wolves of Jigoku; Courtesy of the Imperial General himself, Kenshinobu. As always, there was assuredly more under his employ, namely his shinobi, whom lurked in the shadows. Not like the protection he and his Empress boasted visible or otherwise could even compare to themselves. Koji had no intentions of flexing, he simply acquired a small troop out of personal formality. "Si tir ti bvare, tepoha wux tepohada wer petranaswin di tafiafir wer kapraliv Raveena?" @Dreamer
  15. Xartia's immediate reaction to her words was nothing short of jovial laughter. He chuckled heartily and even clapped his hands together about half way through the entire experience. He wasn't laughing at her, which may not so readily obvious. Rather he was laughing at his own past prejudices against the likes of vampiric creatures, indiscriminate of their many varieties. Even if he was still that guy, he'd never call The Black Queen bloodthirsty. Not that he had any adequate source of knowledge either way, though he often followed his gut when it came to the nature of things; Including people. Gabriela didn't fit his image of bloodthirsty, thus he assumed this human as prejudice. “I mean, that’s just what I’ve heard…” "I can't say I've heard much, but certainly nothing as severe as you have heard." “How do you know what the Black Queen looks like? Have you ever seen her in person?” "Indeed I have, though I never had the pleasure of meeting her personally." He was nothing more than one of the mere plus ones, though at the time he was standing as Viceroy of Port Caelum; A member of the Scarlet Council. That night of grand celebration which was more or less a night of high emotions. To guess then that life would lead him precisely where it was now was a task too daunting, even for this Magician. Still, his new found freedoms associated among his multiple life changes of late left him unaligned with any one court. Thus his knowledge of the current events in and around Genesaris or Predator's Keep were severely limited beyond public knowledge. "Forgive me, it appears I've lost my manners. My name is Xartia Raye Pendragon, The First..." He mentioned as he offered his right hand to not the Black Queen. "I was just going to have a bite to eat, would you like to join me Miss.....?" He lingered on miss for a moment, informally asking the woman her name while inviting her for breakfast, lunch; Brunch, he'd call it brunch. He knew she was hungry for he'd heard her stomach groaning moments ago, though he made no allusions to having witnessed such a thing.
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