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  1. Twitterpated

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Space Dandy He's a Dandy guy, in space!
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    It's cause he like-likes you. 😏
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    Inu no Tatakai | Martial Dominance

    "!?" Tremors? For a moment, Jinsoku was confused as to why Kenshi was kicking the air. Though the revelations of his intent were apparent as he felt the ground shaking beneath him. Not enough to disturb his footing outright, but enough to warn him of its manipulation. Thanks to his Electrolocation, the shifting grounds were not as big of any unknown surprise as perhaps Kenshi had wished them to be. The first pillar came to rise beneath him, in which he ensured that his lead foot in that instant was about center within the two foot surface of the rising pillar. With a slight bend in the knee, he balanced himself, riding the momentum up until he felt the slowing motion, in which he stole said momentum to feed his own jump as that unnaturally strong leg ejected him from the pillar in defiance, created multiple cracks in its top as he launched him haphazardly through the air at Kenshi. The second pillar simply wouldn't reach him at his current elevation and trajectory, As opposed to the initial attack plan, Jinsoku opted at this moment as he found his falling point to cock his right arm, positioning his spear with a tapered point pointed at Kenshi. Throwing it at the Hanyo, he waited to see how his opponent might respond to such an attack. Suddenly, a wall of rock formed between Kenshi and himself. The tapered point slammed into the earthen wall and pierced it's ten inches well enough for the spear to completely pass through it. Though it coincidentally slowed the thrown spear down enough to grant Kenshi safe passage from it's path. Jinsoku himself was landing just before the wall, in which he landed against the wall, his prior throwing hand gripping the top of it before pulling himself up and over it. Despite the cover he afforded himself, Kenshi was unable to use such a parlor trick to mask his movements. Unless of course his plan was merely to create obstacles in general. If Kenshi was half the warrior that Jin's Master was before him, then he was literally just toying with Jin to gauge him while attempting to set the pace of battle right from the jump. Jinsoku would remain weary of this, though he would act as if he wasn't suspicious of Kenshi. He would play the aggressor and give chase, yet only until that precise moment when he would have no choice but to spring his own surprise upon Kenshi. Jinsoku continued all the while to prepare his Yoki, though it seemed he was already thinking far enough ahead to prepare a second technique that could certainly come in handy in multiple applications.
  4. Twitterpated

    Hanami Flower Festival | A Hard Day's Night

    Two doctors, a Radiologist, and at least a dozen nurses later, Xartia sat patiently watching over his sleeping Queen. Curiously he ever looked at her stomach, waiting to see the most subtle movements beneath her flesh. It had been a few hours and still there was nothing, until finally the Primary physician he had appointed came back into the room to update Xartia about the Queen, and to update her even as they suspected she might be regaining consciousness soon, They continued to dose her with pain medication, though they toned back the dosage in order to avoid dependency or prolonged slumber. "Tell me some good news, hm doctor?" "Right, I know you gave me quite the list of concerns for your beloved. I'll just jump right in. As far as our predictions indicate, Our Queen shall be just fine. The pain and abnormal fatigue she feels is a result of carrying some level of demonic offspring. Without the stress of a half demon child, or more than one child at that, I suspect that she will be able to carry that child safely so long as it wishes to be. However, let me be clear that I doubt she can carry for the full term of a human infant. And even with an early extraction, I extremely encourage removal by Cesarean. Natural birth might even be impossible without some long term damage to consider." "I see, that's quite the relief. So what can we do to make this experience a bit more comfortable for her to endure without depending on conventional medicine? The last thing the Scarlet Empire needs is a junkie leader." "That's actually quite much more simpler than you think, though I'm not certain if our Queen will approve of such measures." "If it is her only option, I'm sure she'll place heavy consideration on it. As much as this is affecting her right now, I doubt she can function as a full enough capacity to meet her demands." "The only viable option is a choice between consuming demonic blood of any variation, 1/3 cup every 6-8 hours, without consuming more than three whole cups in a 24 hour period. Perhaps there are other method magically speaking, though I am a Doctor not a Wizard." "Are you trying to tell me that your expertise thinks that demonic anything being consumed by a human is less addictive than conventional medicine." "Well Sir, actu-" "Not another word, get out. You're off of this case, send me a certified physician better than yourself. If you aren't sure of who that is, then perhaps your should start by referring people of your profession you hate to us." As much as the Doctor wished to reason with him, he knew that it simply couldn't be helped. This delicate situation had no room for error. If the medical personnel was too ill equipped to handle such a rare and bizarre case such as this one, then it would be up to Xartia himself to find an alternative for his Queen. The Mother of his child. Such a weird thing to say considering he figured days of parenthood were well beyond him. Thinking of it now, Xartia wasn't sure why he even tried to trust modern medicine on this foreign world in the first place. Well he was actually, it was simple political policy to blame. Though he was certain he could've eventually come up with the same diagnoses, with a better solution to boot! If all he needed to do was design her an item to make her pain more bearable, then this would be quite easier than he originally surmised. In the wake of the dismissed but not fired Doctor, a nurse came to check on the patient and the Viceroy themselves. As they inquired whether or not the Queen or the Viceroy needed anything, Xartia had one simple request. "Bring me her charts, I'd like to evaluate her condition myself."
  5. Twitterpated

    Blood & Steel

    The Horde's attention shifted from that last attack by the Master Knight's Apprentice. The shrieking terror produced a blood curdling screech so loud and high pitched, it's focused target Jinsoku found himself in a flinch effect of some sort. For whatever reason, he simply couldn't move against the powerful scream. Fortunately for James, his maneuvers were ideal for escaping the same fate, even if he hadn't expected them to come. Slamming sluggishly into the cave floor in James' wake, certain tremors shook the cavern in which they fought in. The walls themselves shook as the creature rebounded into another panicked pounce, this one meant for the shook apprentice. Overhead at the roof of the cavern, a the environment shifted ever so slightly, releasing a few stray spires to haphazardly fall for the bottom, haphazardly aimed for the Horde before anything else. Thanks to James' pattern of attack, his burst of flames that helped to suspend him in the air while attacking the Horde, he was certain not to fall victim to the falling debris. As the Eredas flames combust upon the Horde's hide, it responded by moving away from it's bane as he sloppily fell towards Jinsoku still. He grit his teeth as his charcoal eyes looked on at the inevitable crashing body of the monster. Suddenly realization took him, his eyes wide in shock as he couldn't figure out what took him so long to know what to do, even though he knew in enough time to save himself from a world of pain regardless. Abusing his abilities, Jinsoku could feel the Yoki pooling through him. Gripping his armor with his prowess, he filled it with static prowess that yanked him suddenly back towards the wall. The motion was swift, and dangerously so, though with his level of attention to training, he was more than capable of enduring the jarring motion. When the Horde impacted the ground once more, it was crushed by the spires that threatened it, which kept it stalled just long enough for James to miraculously hit his mark without the requirements of a direct hit changing in that moment. Suddenly the flames that scoured it's outside lodge into its center of mass via the Slayer's spear. Another shriek escaped the Horde, yet this time it was not one of aggression. No, the beast for the first time in it's miserable life (probably), felt true pain. It's body coiled in on itself before frantically slamming around on the ground and nearby cavern wall, refusing to just die. Overhead, those threatening, larger spires of the cavern roof found about a third of them noisily shifting from their hosted locations, only to rain down in retribution upon the source of their disturbance! While not a cave-in outright, the fragile cavern proved capable of such a disaster if they couldn't reduce the disturbance from carrying further than it already had. The spires that crashed into the Horde pierced it, one of two of the largest one's pinned it to the cavern floor as it continued to burn inside and out. Slowly its movements began to lag, it became heavier, lazier. The Horde began to form two byproducts, charred hide of some sort, what was left of it, and an tar like substance as if it were melting. Beneath the burning remains, spires of rock, and the dust clouds of debris choking nearly the entire cavern, a myriad of magic and mundane weapons alike, as well as a plethora of Black Exalta Prisms, lie in wait for the adventurers taking. That is, if they both survived the entire discourse the cavern barely endured. At least the crashing spires had their momentum absorbed by the unfortunate Horde, sparring them any further discourse. Jin hugging an opposing wall of the cavern was safe from the threat of the failing Horde and cavern alike. And while he could sense that Master James was at least alive, he was eager to see if the man made it out most unscathed as well. Regardless, it was nearly guaranteed that they would certainly need a drink when this was all said and done.
  6. Twitterpated

    Hey, hows it hanging

    Who writes them? Obviously some shady mf'ers. Including yours truly. My dedicated villains are featured with my character Koji, Emperor of The Datsuzoku Dynasty. I'm sure I can dig up some general info and DM it to you. Likewise I'll be glad to answer any questions of inquiry you may have.
  7. Twitterpated

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Based in that comment though, didn't that mean Konig is now if an antihero type than a villain? Perhaps spin it as he was only here in this plot as a means of convincing Dredge to give Konig more power in the first place? Then of course if he did get truly evil, perhaps he comes after Jinsoku at some point as a means of taking a jab at James or something. Sending a message, luring him out, etc. Just some thoughts. @Grubbistch
  8. Twitterpated

    The Rise

    "I can't imagine how difficult this must be fore you my dearest Noi. Rest assured that your sacrifice shall not be in vain." In Koji's mind he liked to believe that Nora was not on a one way ticket, though she had been given a daunting task. Still, being a product of A.I. meant that she herself should, could, and would be able to hypothetically visit and/or return home if and when such need arises. Deep down inside however, he didn't expressly care either way. This product had been created to do one very important job, maintain and operate the TENNO! As the launch process initiated, Koji watched rather intently all his own. A knot appeared in the center of his brow, a fissure bisecting it only for it to part and open into the awakened Mugen-Me. The vertical, dual pupil nature of the eye was severely unnatural, and no matter it's rather simplistic appearance outside no matter it's bane to nature, it was capable of seeing so much more than what extended peripheral was afforded to it. LAUNCH INITIATED!!! As the techs and engineers continued to do their jobs, all the way up until take off, Koji double checked all status reports with his dissecting gaze provided by the Mugen-Me. Most of the math and science applied to this risky launch was spot on, and the few statuses that weren't up to par would become so as the satellite moved up through the stratosphere and up into the upper atmosphere. As any particular space faring craft would, the satellite flew and flew, higher and higher, discarding the finer machinery that was only necessary for launch itself yet would prove to disturb the balance of the satellite in orbit. Though the Mugen-Me could see for miles, there came a point where even it lost sight of the launched vessel. Yet, he continued to watch where it had vanished to, ever vigilant for a sign of their failure such as a crashing vessel or a corresponding explosion. Not that he doubted Noi's intelligence or Renovatio's technology, he was simply aware that malfunction was always a possibility.
  9. Twitterpated

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    inb4: Koji is the one that will die and return as something like Sauron. But that villain is neither here nor there. @Grubbistch At the mention of character development, I felt the need to give my minute two scents on the matter. If I were in your shoes, I'd simply see the plot we just went through as a means for the character to realize that their power as is is simply not good enough to accomplish his goals. He has a lot of power, he's strong af sure, but that power had been proven to be limited by it's nature if nothing else. One manga series I read really puts it into perspective, explaining that in the short term of things, excessive amounts of "energy" are indeed daunting and powerful, but true power is gauged by the purity of one's "energy". I'm not saying to undue your villain in some drawn out plot of redemption, but rather, perhaps he needs more of the energy he already fuels himself on to compensate for it's lack of purity? Either way, having fought and lost to a character designed to be the bane of your's, the development and growth is set if you decided to roll with what is undoubtedly going to be logged as "Canon".
  10. Twitterpated

    Hey, hows it hanging

    shhhhhh.... It's okay Supes, just let him find the few true villains we have hiding around the site. I have a feeling this guy is my type. @Narcissa 😏
  11. Twitterpated

    Hey, hows it hanging

    Thank you for calling the RP hotline: For general play, press one For heroics, press two For villainy, press three to hear these options again, press seven.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

  13. Twitterpated

    Tadashimasu | "Rectify"

    As their attention was undoubtedly grabbed, the gathered crowds however each one was beaten of bloodied respectively witnessed a man plummeting down to them in the Undead Dragon's disruptive wake. The indigo flames that erupted from it's decrepit maw cleared just as he might have passed through them on his way down. Landing haphazardly in the three point stand using his Draconic arm, he landed much more softly than expected than his fall speed might have indicated. Still, a few cracks appeared beneath his open fist of lurid black scales. Slowly rising to his full height of approximately six feet tall, Chijono Heika gazed upon the masses that looked to him with swollen eyes, blacked eyes, wide eyes, and otherwise. His solemn face appeared devoid of any one specific emotion as they viewed him, his darkening scarlet eyes narrowed in a cold smolder that portrayed some semblance of displeasure in what he saw before him. "You see..." He spoke pretty normally, and yet metaphysically his voice rang out from the heavens for all to hear. Such was just another gift of his prowess. His baritone rasp of a voice really did his face justice. Despite his young age, his tone of voice and his physique easily painted him older by several years based on appearance alone. His keen, intelligent mind conveyed in their minds a vision of wisdom in him, a vision of experience. Of promise. Standing before them now, he was a proprietor of faith. "This! This is why I came to you lands, your Union Capitol, your council! Look at what your long years of unity have garnered you. Your once unbreakable bonds have grown tired and soft, and in the wake of this revelation, others had taken advantage of you. Of your entire continent! My act of erecting an Imperial City as a neighbor to this one as well as securing the Lake as out property is just further evidence of my case. I, and outsider, was able to walk right in and establish my own kingdom without regard to any other peoples in these lands. Despite this, many come from all over these lands and further to stand beneath the banner of the Datsuzoku Dynasty. Why?" He paused mostly for dramatic effect, but somewhere deep down inside he almost wished someone was ignorant enough to try and answer the question. "Because of who we are, what we have done, what we are doing, and what we stand for. I talked to your council, and hoped they would speak to you, though it appears that was a grave mistake. One that I should have known better than to make. Now however, now I stand before you myself, and I am here to tell you that your liberator is here. Your salvation is here! I will fight for what was once yours, for what can still be. As I told your council: Datsuzoku is a proud family name. It means breaking the covenant, and while that might be intimidating, it should not be misinterpreted. We stand to break all covenants of old. We will tear down the fallacy of Order as it is perceived by the ignorant mind today, and by doing so we will usher in an era of true peace and unity. We will established the truest of order, and generate a true paradise where all can live happily...Where all can live freely!" He paused once more as he watched people shift uncomfortably, he watched faced change as guilt set in. The crowds heard the Emperor Koji and took his words to heart. At least half of the nay-sayers now found themselves on board with his cause. They saw what he saw, and they were ashamed. Their arguments of native status, of pride, it was all hog-wash. There was nothing patriotic about what they had allowed to happen to their nation, nothing respectful about their actions when it came to contributing to a greater cause that was created for them. "Hard times are coming. Whether or not your beloved council has informed you of this is beyond me, but I am here telling you now regardless. There are some powerful people that wish to harm us. They want to main and kill you, as a means to get to me. They don't care that the Midlands are not my affiliate. Do not misunderstand me! You are not in danger of being collateral damage, you are being targeted in likeliness to myself. The imminent threat comes as supposed retribution for a terrible crime that I did not commit. So what will you do? Will you cower in fear, run? Will you lay down and just die? Or will you stand and fight!? Fight for your brothers and sisters, fight for your Unity, fight for your city, your country even! Stand by my side, and rise against the forces that seek to oppress us. Together, we can vanquish any foe and reclaim what is your's. What I will one day be able to rightfully call my own!" The Heika's words were certainly inspirational to say the least. By the end of his speech, the pained and suffering crowds found their fear and guilt burning away with each passing word he spoke. Those regretful feelings became fuel for the furnace, and the flames that began to light aflame within each and every one of them focused their perceptions more and more. He harnessed their deeper feelings and gripped them by them. They cheered him on and some even began to publicly praise him. The evidence of his claims was apparent. With a new found level of respect, the overwhelming odds were in his favor. Despite the new found pleasure over turning this thing around, mostly as planned, Koji has one certain condition that absolutely must be met for this all to work as he advertised. There was one last thing Koji needed them to do before that could simply stand with him. "Kneel." He demanded of them as his Undead Dragon continued to circle around overhead "Kneel to me, swear your allegiance to me as your new Emperor of the Midlands. As a token of my gratitude to be placed in a position of such high regard, I am honored to announce that from this day forth, we shall refer to the Midland region as the Union Frontier! So long as we remain united, we will be the unstoppable force of change in these lands, Together we will restore peace and unity!"
  14. Twitterpated

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Hope everything is good/works out. I know we didn't write together in this thread but I hope to do so in the future.