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  1. He had come a long way to arrive here, against all fears and doubts. The same could be said of his status as the elected Leader of his peoples. His peoples being the only reason why he had traveled so far from home in the first place, let alone the simple act of leaving the island they called home. Back in Nehalen, strange things had been occurring. There were no tears lost over the life of the Grand Kommandant Primera however, the extermination of the Gods that followed her death were viewed as threat to not only life as all knew it, but also to those like the people of the Xulu whom so heavily resonated with spiritualism. While their Gods and the creation there of was something apart from the Gods of Renovatio, the islanders grew weary of the failing spiritual and religious practices across the lands, as the masses grew more and more in fascination with the marvel of technologies. The rise of man wasn't a blight, or at least it didn't have to be; Though these conditions were far from being considered a blessing. Though widely unknown, the Xulu Nation had a rich history with the expanse world. The elders of his tribes tell them stories of how their ancestors originated from some islands off the coast of Lagrimosa that now lay submerged beneath the depths of the oceanic waters. While some of these tribesmen migrated to neighboring islands, or even to the mainland continent, most of the survivors eventually had made their way to Renovatio. Namely to Nehalen being that the landmass was a floating one, and thus the ancestors believed it would bring them closer to heavens; Closer to their Aurisha. As years and generations past, the ancestors grew apart from one another. Some wished to remain where they were settled on the mainlands, while some of the tribes sought further seclusion from the diverse world around them. It was the tribes that united in the final migration that have now become known as the Xulu Nation. One is born into that clan or family, a tribe is a chosen family in such respects or regard. It had only been months into his term as Tribe Leader, though that did little to nothing to staunch the responsibilities expected of him. Once selected by the peoples, his only option outside of compliance was exile. Xango was no dishonorable fool, thus he begrudgingly accepted the role and is doing as any other would be expect to do. Their best. His travels back to the world below that home so close to the heavens however, did not return him to find the remnants of their severed Lecumi descendants. Instead, he sought another group of migrants that seemed to only grow with each move. To attract like minded individuals and to thrive because of them, both foreign and native alike. A group that has just as expanse and eclectic spiritual structure as to an over imposing religion like the Gaiainist Church. From island and mainland alike, the Matreyans had managed to survive as the Xulu had, though their numbers grew while the Xulu diminished over time. To save the Tribe, to best serve them, Xango sought this flourishing Empire in order to determine if his people could be accepted into their nation; And to assess how his nation, his peoples could best serve this flourishing Empire. With a soft smirk as a fire in his narrowed eyes, he was almost certain he'd finally reached his destination. Without hesitation, without quickening his pace. He continued towards the city. His skin, though it gleamed in the sun's light seemed even darker in contrast to the white shirt he wore, his torso completely exposed. Silver jewelry adorned him in the form of necklaces, earrings, and rings; Some rather gaudy yet attractive red plumage of feathers cascading from each ear, making the warm glow of his red iris' pop. He traveled incredibly light for having come such a long way, carrying only a rucksack of leather that was dwarfed to appear like a child's backpack thanks to his larger mesomorphic build combined with a height of 7'2". Likewise equipped to his back was a more or less mundane yet ornate double headed axe. It was a beautiful weapon by designs, though it appeared the handle was a tad bit short for a two handed weapon. A rather plain looking set of gauntlets also hugged his fists, the metals and leathers obviously well worn from use, though each featuring some sort of bizarre marks in faintly engraved upon them; Primarily on the knuckles, and the backs of the hands. As he approached the gates, he brought up his right hand in a slight wave, signalling to the guard that he was approaching them. Other than whispers on the wind of this Empires resilience and most popular feats, he hadn't the slightest clue what to expect. As he got close enough to finally speak, he took to the guard nearest him. His baritone voice boomed with an obvious mix of outlandish accents, kissed with that of his most specific dialect courtesy of the island they currently called home. "De sun sets to rise again!" The guards reaction would tell him if he was in fact in the right place, or if he'd perhaps found an unintended find. Should the guard respond in kind with some sort of reassurance, Xango continued by establishing his presence and reason for travelling here to begin with. He could only hope that the Empress or that one of equal importance was not only available, but willing to grant him audience. "I am Xango Xulu de face and voice of de Xulu Nation. I have come seeking de Empress of dis beautiful nation." He didn't expect the man or anyone here to know of his peoples, their history, or even by name where they currently reside. Though if questioned more before being admitted anywhere near the Royal family, he'd have nothing more than obligation to reason with how he proceeded. A good look at the man and a listen to his words would perhaps give the assumption that he was in fact from Lagrimosa, what with their myriad of brown skinned peoples with their native languages and dialects, still, his was a little off compared to most from that region. @Malintzin
  2. 🤔 Just in case, Bishop ain't kicking any doors open yet. He's instead opting to find done product to buy in the streets as a first intent. On another note, I love that when strength levels are considered, Bishop is often assumed to be a huge gai, but he provides that level of strength while looking like a string bean. Ectomorphic build ftw!
  3. @supernal No really, thanks for pointing that out. And yes, welcome @Hojicha ! 😁
  4. I think it's pronounced "valu(e)-cray". 🤔
  5. The Great Hall No matter how much he'd changed, how much he'd grown, one thing that remained unchanged of Jinsoku was uncanny inability to grow facial hair. The strands of white among his charcoal hair had grown in abundance, though perhaps she only noticed as much because she'd cut his hair herself before. As much as he enjoyed their familiarity, he refrained from returning it with much more than a smile and a snicker, hardly recoiling from her shove in the process. Respectfully he afforded all as formal of a greeting as they were willing to receive from handshakes to hugs and hands kisses. "Hai!" He exclaimed more in excitement than he did in volume. She likely received it in likeliness to how she would have a few years ago when he called her Commander. If one investigated the full truth, they'd hardly known each other for half a decade, though the experiences they'd shared had created quite the bond between them. A sister, a mother, a potential lover, there was little in emotion she'd failed to inspire in most men she crossed. Though perhaps the latter was merely because she was nigh the first attractive woman that wasn't some ridiculous demoness trying to devour his soul. Refraining from bothering their family much more, he allowed his gaze to cast about the Great Hall once more. Perhaps he should visit sometime...Then again, perhaps he should remain absent. @Malintzin
  6. Twitterpated

    Fade Out

    It would be a lie for Bishop to not claim he felt some sort of connection with the Governor, from one alpha to another. While Bishop was obviously here along, he had already climbed the hierarchy of the streets before; More than once at that. He admired the Governor for who he was, though it was a short lived experience considering deep down inside, Bishop was already in the train of thought that would lead to him ruling the streets here with an iron grip. The difference being that he had no desire to sit in a pretty office with his face and name known on a legal, legit standpoint. His crown reigned best from the shadows. It was easy to lump the Russian Meta in with most like him, though one major difference is the fact that he himself was no liar. He either told the truth, or nothing, just as he did when introducing himself. The Governor made quick work of explaining what little they actually knew about the illustrious Tranquil, giving Bishop little to nothing more to go on than what he had known prior to his arrival. When the pig tried to cry to his Governor about the big bad wolf, Bishop merely grinned, chiming in just after him as they all more or less followed the directive given. "Governor-" "A'ight." While he had no interest in working with a cop, nor in being tailed by a reporter, he wouldn't gripe about it. As they left the office, the cop delivered the invitation to kick some doors open, though left the Meta to find a way to follow the man on his own. With a silent nod of compliance, Bishop allowed him to go to his ride without trying to so much as slow him down. Bishop might have been the thug, though he wasn't as dumb as this cop potentially made him out to be. As much as he loved kicking doors in, it was the beginning of the investigation for Bishop. Meaning he needed to gather more information first. "Ya' got a ride? I can arrange f'one o' my own, but ya'might not lik'et. Eitha' way, I ain't ready f'kickin' doo's yet. Point me to one o'dem hotspots wher' I can buy some Tranq f'm'self." In a world full of advanced techs and magics, what better way to kick things off than with some old school, old fashion methods. Bishop needed to find a seller while posing as a buyer. In tandem with his old ways, it was the easiest, quickest route to finding the answers he truly sought. Follow the product to the seller, the seller to the suppliers, and last but not least, the supplier to the source. Maybe that cop had leads as it were, though it didn't seem he was willing or trusting enough to share any of those details with this ruffian outsider. In which the Meta would be damned if he was going to blindly follow some smug pig blindly. After all, he'd seen and been guilty of setting up someone with less. "Wha's ya' name kid?" @Noko @Peach
  7. "Wha'ev'a ya' say Jimmy, respec'." A poor attempt made at compromising with James, considering that despite being older and out of practice. Bishop still feared no man, nor did he give a single shit, nor fuck, nor damn. He'd had his ass kicked more over his lifetime than fights he'd won. Even in his prime he recalled a swift defeat by James. In his mind he had just as good a chance now as he did then. If anything a better chance now with experience to replace whatever he was lacking. He wasn't asking for a fight, though he wasn't necessarily trying to prevent one either. Taking his token back, he'd be sure to tuck it away somewhere for a rainy day. "I'll see wha' I can do t'bring'em down. I might'a had a bigga' rep as a repoman, tho' I like'demolition a lot mo'." He mused as he took the files on Jay. If he could track her down from her or even back to Durem or Sigil, then he'd check up on her personally. For now though, it seemed he didn't have much to go on in terms of finding the remnants of OXY. His options were limited for now, though at least he was good at waiting. "I'll be in touch, make sure one o'ya' people show m'ow t'turn th' bike on an' th'basic controls. Lemme' ride outta' her' in style ya' feel me?" @Fierach
  8. As he casually strolled ahead of her, his arm lifted to his face. With the back of his hand he smeared the away and wiped it consequently into his pants. When she mentioned the thought of him cooking for them, he was glad she couldn't see his face. Though she likely noticed the subtle rise of his shoulders, the slightly quickened pace of his steps. He didn't answer her with words either way as he almost literally bit his tongue. His concentration needed to remain on his facade, at least until he made it to his Mother's tower. Once permitted entry with little to no push back and few words, he nearly instantly collapsed once he was sure only Myrlande could see him. With slightly labored breathing and a quickened heart rate, his physical form seemed to shrink in the blink of an eye. Spinning around he kicked his feet out and proceeded to make a funny face by way of a pretty rude and childish gesture. What was formally a lion nothing more than an orange tabby the purred as it slid its own body against the boy's. "Looks like the cats out of the bag. I think it's obvious by now that I don't know how to cook. I do however know how to get someone to do it for me." Moving to stand on his feet once more, he dusted himself off before scratching his cat behind the ear. A boyish smirk claimed his face as his eyes closed and his head tilted. He was curious as to what the witchy lady would say, though he was certain she knew something was odd about him from the get go. Though he did appear much older than he should be, he was nowhere near adolescence or his teenage years. The large toddler was a big four or five year old, his fathers demonic genes to thanks for his rapid aging. Still, being mostly human dwarfed this feature as compared to his half siblings before him. If anything, he appeared twice as old as his actual age. Though he even noticed as he grew, his rate of growth gradually slowed simultaneously. @Aleksei
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