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  1. Twitterpated

    Mapping the Depths

    Jinsoku watched in uncertainty as the creatures antlers missed him completely, only for his Master to plant himself in the way of it intentionally. A hand on each respective antler, James achieved a brief stalemate over the creature, exposing his upper physical strength. Reinforcing his physique with his aura. As he detached himself from the wall, he felt another from their party advance suddenly, attempting to lend a helping hand by delivering the mercy blow. With a flick of his wrist, a sudden electromagnetic push in excess of a sudden 50 or so pounds of force removed the weapon from it's line of attack, displacing the thrust from targeting anything prior to and during it's execution. James, proceeded by tossing the creature to the side, allowing it to steer itself into unconsciousness. It's own momentum carried it's own weight, driving face first into the ground. Lowering his hand once more, he wouldn't say a word or make any indication of what happened with the deathly blow. Rushing towards Master James, Jinsoku swiftly offered him any immediate support he might accept. "Impressive Master!" He was certain his superior leg strength would've allowed him to hold the creature in place longer, though without his Master's superior arm strength, he wasn't so sure he could have managed to redirect its momentum as displayed but a brief moment ago. Still, he questioned what more differences could be discovered between him and his Master. The similarities were uncanny, though as time went on, each man surely watch how the other grew just a bit more different. The compare and contrast of split hair insanity. As the excitement died down, Jinsoku took to attendance to make certain that the party was in fact all alive and well. Should anyone be injured, he would certainly examine them for their eligibility to continue. It might not have been his quest to lead, but he would be damned if anyone came along that would just slow them down or become fodder. "Everyone else accounted for?"
  2. Twitterpated

    Blood & Steel

    "I know, but at this point, I don't look at the Raiju as just a source of power. I am my power, my power is me. I've already passed the no return point, soon, the Raiju and I will be one. Though it feels like we already have been for a long while now." James was right, though Jinsoku was convinced he didn't need either suggestion. For better or worse, his time spent in the Draco South worked wonders on educating him. Still, the more exposure he recovered from, the higher his resistance seemed to grow. This too was a part of his training. It was a gamble relying on the Raiju to keep him from becoming sick or dying over any exposure to airborne substances. Though it was also reassurance. Back in the peak of Whispernight, Jin had nothing with little to scavenge out of the smaller abandoned and/or infested cities and villages. In a time and place where James couldn't provide a mask of filter, would his body be able to tolerate prolonged exposure to a myriad of substances? Would he be more vulnerable as a result of such preparedness? As James peered into the darkness, he wouldn't see movement within it. Though the darkness itself seemed restless, as if it churned upon itself, building in potency as it coiled out to drain the light of the surrounding area. James Sunsphere acted as a beacon in such proximity to the main entrance of one nasty hive. Jinsoku too peered into the darkness, his eyes narrowed in kind to the Raiju's within. The wolf stood erect with it's head lowered, fangs barred, it's goldenrod eyes narrowed on the darkness. It's ears flattened to either side of it's head, and it's tail standing on end. Jinsoku couldn't sense it himself, though he was certain that the spirit was able to sense more than he could. Then again, perhaps he could just chalk it up instinct. If the former as true, perhaps this would develop into another ability down the road as Jinsoku continued to grow with the Raiju. "Don't worry, I didn't care whether or not I got all of them on this trip. I just figured we'd work until we found a reasonable point to return to the surface." Jinsoku chuckled lightly at his Master's words of heeding his own advice. "No worries Sensei, I would never patronize you." Suddenly the darkness in view receded upon itself, becoming a not so ominous deep darkness in the immediate view. Jinsoku thought that maybe it was his vision playing tricks on him, something about adjusting to the different levels of available light. "Did you see it too!?" He questioned with excitment, yet a lower volume.
  3. Twitterpated

    Discovering Characters

    Also, maybe @Etched in Stone can throw an idea of meeting together instead of my vampire. Due to recent inspiration I've decided to abuse this play to introduce a new character, my Mage Hunter. If you don't mind, he'll be at the jailhouse looking for leads on a suspect, or perhaps coming to cash in on a successful bounty. Perhaps he's coming for a new bounty?
  4. Twitterpated

    Discovering Characters

    My apologies. Recalling other activity I owed on I can't up on that first. Fortunately that means I'm current in all activity, and it's Friday. Expect my post within the day.
  5. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : Birth Name: Casimir Espada Used Name: Casimir Alias(es): N/A Age: 19 Visible age: 18 Date of Birth: -- Lineage: Terran Human Class: Marksman -- Sub Class: Thief Occupation: Mage Hunter Alignment: Chaotic Good Marital Status: Single Birthplace: Blairville, Terrenus ____x____x : v i t a l s : Height: 5'9" Weight: 178lbs Hair Color: Black Hair: Dreaded, mohawk. Eye Color: Brown Handed: Right Skin Tone: Espresso Skin Condition: Average Physical Condition: Peak Voice: Sounds like Tsume, from Wolf's Rain. As voiced by Crispin Freeman. Arm Length: 32 1/2" ____x____x : s t a t u s : Strength:. Short to mid range combat. Power Classification(s): Anti-Magic, Guerrilla Warfare. Blood Type: N/A Primary Residence: Blairville, Terrenus Primary Discipline(s): Marksmanship, Jeet Kun Do. -- Sub-discipline(s): Krav Maga, knife fighting, stick fighting, fencing, Gun-Fu. Innate Abilities: Peak Physical Condition: Enhanced Senses: Second Wind: Survival Instinct: Magic Ability: As any natural born Terran, Casimir was born with the innate ability to cast magics. Thanks to a spell gone awry however, he has managed to put a lid on this ability. Fortunately for him, he hates magic. Special Abilities: Arcanabane: Despite being a Terran Human with the innate ability to cast magics, Casimir failed a proper cast on an enchantment spell upon himself. The enchantment was to make him immune to the affects of magics. While it mostly succeeded in that aspect, the cost is the loss of his innate ability to cast magic. Casimir may still wield magic via weapons, though artifacts granting magic prowess to the wearer will also not work on him. Like wise, externally affecting magics are his primary resistance, leaving him vulnerable to mind affects or the likes of manipulation of his senses. ____x____x : p e r s o n a : Casimir is a young man with a spirit of vengeance. At the peak of the riots and civil unrest, his activist parents that defended the Caster population and sided against the Safeguard Act found themselves losing their lives at the hands of a irresponsible Caster. Even worse to his opinion, it wasn't even a calculated choice, it was simply one man's arrogance that lead to harming those that were fighting for what he believed in. This taught him to hate magic and those that would abuse it's potential, whether they know and understood the associated risks or not. Fortunately his vigilante lifestyle blossomed in good taste, his targets consisting of those deserving of his punishment. ____x____x : f e a t u r e s : A. Body Art: N/A B. Scar Tissue: Casimir has an "X" shaped scar on his left jaw line. ____x____x : b r e a k d o w n : ____x____x : w e a p o n r y : Caster Gun: A hand cannon that fires ammunition of pre-cast spells, sealed into the munitions only to activate upon being fired. The gun isn't so rare, though finding reliable Caster's to fill orders on shells is rather difficult. KABAR: A foreign military's standard survival knife. Attire. -- Headwear: -- Upperbody: -- Armaments: -- Lowerbody: -- Feet: Armor. -- Headwear: -- Upperbody: -- Armaments: -- Lowerbody: -- Feet: ____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s : ____x____x : d e f i n e : ____x____x : c r e d i t s : Sheet by Dan & Andrew.
  6. Twitterpated

    The Prometheus Initiative

    It's settled. 😃
  7. Twitterpated

    Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Silently he listened to her words. Though his face didn't even so much as twitch, his interest was peaked in the slight shift of conversation topic. He was mistaken in the meaning behind her words. Reluctantly, he did manage to answer her question despite his slight misunderstanding. Still, he listened to her perspective of her feelings in full about them from meeting up until now. On one regard, he fully sympathized ans shared her sentiment. And yet on another, he gained perspective he hadn't considered prior thanks to his strange upbringing and still relatively young age. When she moved to straddle him sensually, allowing his scarlet eyes to find her once more as she continued speaking, his face still remaining rather plain, those narrowed eyes reflecting whatever emotion the onlooker experienced. Kat however would likely see through the facade and accept that he was genuinely interested, and simply analyzing this new found data. "The realm I hail from is a merciless and unforgiving one, a place devoid of things such as love. When I see you, I see the perfect balance between that realm, and this one. I'm not sure I understand the human emotion called love, though if that tiny part of my being is capable of feeling such, I'm sure it....I feel such with you. I don't fear the loss of what we have, only fear of having never experienced it." He paused to offer her a smirk reminiscent of his boyish charm. "Scary is good. Fear is such a foreign concept in my mind that when I do occasionally feel it, I also get a sense of excitement. The rush one feels as a result of fear pales in comparison to the rush felt through anger or aggression. That feeling, it lets you know you're alive." As he continued to speak, his hand's found her hips. His smirk remained as he continued to stare unblinking into her eyes. As always, their lives respectively as well as together were incredibly unpredictable. Still, as she reiterated, the red strings dictation was evident. This was fate. Destiny. Koji was fine knowing he could not change in every aspect, and in that regard he simply enjoyed his for what it was. Still, he often wished to see a glimpse of their future. @Dreamer
  8. Twitterpated

    The Prometheus Initiative

    I'm torn really. On one hand, Xartia would fully sponsor and back this initiative and wish to incorporate it with his academy. The two could potentially benefit between influx of student and member ratio. And the academy already fits the same vibe, wishing to educate the willing for means as simple as self defense if nothing else. On the other hand, I have a rad concept for a new character I'd like to call a mage hunter. Some prick with a vendetta against magic and those that use it, in which he'd mainly serve as an antagonist to your organization here. The more I look back at this thread, the more interested I get.
  9. Twitterpated

    Mapping the Depths

    "!" Jinsoku's eyes suddenly grew wide as he looked toward the rising threat. A myriad of thoughts passed through his mind. As much as he wished to attack or even kill the creature before him to avoid injury if nothing else. Though he easily saw reason in his Master's words. Jin didn't like killing. Getting good at it didn't make it more enjoyable. So when it came to innocent, distraught creatures, it was best to show some semblance of mercy when possible. In this moment, Jinsoku tossed himself back against the wall of the cavern, pressing against it with good faith that the creatures charge would simply bypass him altogether, regardless of the outcome of the others in the party. It was just his guess, but anyone directly hit by the charge would likely be rendered unable to continue on this quest. Then again, one could never be sure in the realm of the supernatural.
  10. Twitterpated

    Blood & Steel

    "Personally, " He began, pausing briefly to weigh his words before speaking them in order to deliver as clear as possible. He wasn't sure if this was the answer James wanted to hear either, though it was his answer none the less. "I would attempt to destroy the hive with the creatures in it, and pick off the survivors as they escape the failing hive. Alternatively, I would infiltrate the hive, dispatch only those immediately necessary, and sack the queen of any respective hive. Still, in the end I would destroy the actual hive. By my capabilities solely or otherwise such as this torch." As if on queue, James donated a spit of fire to test the foreign substance on the wall. Whatever it was it smelled even worse burning. In the readings of things like brimstone, he'd imagine this is what such a thing smelled like. Fanning the aroma from his face he coughed a couple of times and his eyes watered ever so slightly. Come to think of it, Master James could've been right. These markings were akin to something like say, the biofilm or even plain old waste from small vermin like cockroaches. Still, even if he was willing to believe that possibility more than his original one, it would take more investigating to get to the bottom of it. Either way, he would he'd James' warning, though he too would pull out a small vial. As neatly as he could, he grabbed a nearby rock and used it to knock loose some samples to experiment with and document later for the order. "I did not. As arrogant as this may sound, I am confident that my Raiju can sufficiently protect my body from anything a filter could.
  11. Twitterpated

    The World of Bel'shir

    "I'll take the higher vantage across roof tops. In any case I'll hide this guy on one of them, and pace you silently until we make enemy contact. You'll draw aggro, and I'll pick them off with quiet ease. Ready?" He took one last glance at the arriving bandits, only to see a hulking man reveal himself to be so much less than a man than the cover he previously wore might have left to the imagination. Some sort of strange shark man stood there, obviously calling the shots. This must have been their leader, or one of his higher ranking cronies. He certainly gave the air of something greater than a lackey of any sort. Jinsoku's momentarily widened eyes narrowed once more as he turned to face the direction he was bound to head in first. He fully expected Terrance to be on the move as well, considering he was practically shadowing him until his need to act arose. Stealth was the second most important factor at this point in his calculations, speed being the first. Abusing the Raiju's prowess, he expressed Yoki throughout his being and super imposed an immense static charge on himself. While his pores felt like sharp needles were stabbing into each and every one of them, his body gained the temporary ability to literally walk and crawl on a myriad of surfaces, be it through magnetic or even pseudo-magnetic means. Scaling a story tall stall wall, he breached the roof top in which he tucked the unconscious man in a safe flat with some coverage. After setting the man down, his body began to feel normal again. While his ability would serve him well, he had learned even before Master James' training to rely on his body. Old habits of parkour were not foreign to him, and he would use his acrobatic finesse to his advantage, in which he will only express the use of Yoki in a pinch of absolute necessity.
  12. Twitterpated

    Discovering Characters

    I'll try to post after work today.
  13. Twitterpated

    "New Year, Old Me"

    "A little pink." He chimed in response to the question, in kind as it were delivered. Just before she vanished off to deliver his food ticket, he mouthed the words thank you and chased them with a sincere grin. He watched her walk away, studying her figure and body language. He recalled her accent in his mind and took into consideration any scents she carried outside of the aroma of her work environment. Life here could be simple, whole. Largely these people remained fragmented in time, untouched by the vastly and swiftly developing world around it. Nvengaria was a diamond in the rough. His own personal utopia. Such a great place to hold as a personal contingency, just in case. His train of thought left the station as she returned to view, his beer in tow. Expressing her interest in his business on the island, he couldn't help but indulge in the notion of small talk with some random local. "I'm looking to settle actually. The alluring nature of this island as it exists has brought me to study it. Out of the great attractions this world has to offer, I find this island to be one of the most unique and interesting. Anything you recommend me doing during my stay here, regardless of if this trip turns into a simple visit?"
  14. Twitterpated

    Kastoria's Foundation

    "I'm just saying, you never know if you like something until you've tried it. Besides, I'm sure the Academy will be a far cry from what you'd expect out of more standardized schooling." He bargained with his little companion as she assisted him by helping keep his tools and supplies neatly gathered while he worked to fine tune some of the repairs and improvements left to be made in the finer workings of the Academy's facilities. Especially wiring and pipe work. Thanks to his close attention to the nature of electricity in wires, Jinsoku had found himself inadvertently tapping into some of his newer potential. Radiowave detection. Not only could he sense signals, though if they were indeed radiowaves, he could listen to their audio. With more practice, perhaps he can manipulate them towards purpose of misinformation or even simple network jamming. In regards to his words about the academy, Kotori sat pouting for the moment with her arms crossed over her chest and her lip poked out. "What's the point? I'd rather spend my time with Tiandi Wushu, and then hopefully become your Second." "You know that's never gonna happen right? I think it's important that you be able to protect yourself, but I don't think you should join the Order. It's much too dangerous." "But you're involved in it! Who are you to tell me what's too dangerous. I think by comparison, I have more right to train with the Order than you do. I know that a vengeful spirit will not bring them back...But I also want to be a part of making sure my past doesn't become anyone else's." Jinsoku stopped working suddenly and simply sat up where he previously crouched, hunched into his work. Silently he reflected on her words, and for a moment he could even hear himself in her. That day in Sigil, he nearly died. Regardless of why, she too had survived a traumatic experience, and regardless of the gruesome details, she was right. Her intent was pure, but still, he felt s if maybe she could be convinced to put her skills to a safer job relative to, seeing as to how she was so young. If in a few years she couldn't find a different purpose to her life, then perhaps he wouldn't object so harshly. Deep down inside however, he felt that her intentions were still muddled by the desire of that which she spoke against. She admitted her fault, but she did not denounce that she indeed harbored a spirit of vengeance. "Either way, you've got a long while to go before you are even old enough to qualify for application. In the mean time, focus on learning with Tiandi Wushu, and consider what you might be able to learn valuable at the academy. With the right vocations, I'm sure you can make compliments to your teachings with Tiandi." "Perhaps you're right...But if I don't see something that I am interested in learning for myself, don't expect me to take up courses myself. I also wont tolerate being treated like a little kid." "You can get mad at me if I treat you like a little kid, but don't punish strangers that don't know anything about you. You're life experience has matured you well beyond your age. Until your body can catch up, most people will see you as you appear. Surely those that get to know you will be a different story." "I'm hungry..." As if on queue, Jinsoku's stomach released a fearsome rumble, akin to the thunderous roar of the Raiju within. Apparently he was hungry too, yet he didn't realize his body was such until Kotori made mention aloud of feeling the same way. His eyes shut as he grinned wide. Throwing his head back his hand came to scratch the back of it, a chuckle escaping him before he took a deep breath and regained his footing. "Okay, let's go find something to eat!" He exclaimed as he stretched before offering his hand to her. With a reassuring smirk her brown eyes met his charcoal ones, her hand taking his in which he pulled her up to her feet and swiftly hooked an arm around her neck before ruffling her hair with his free hand. She giggled without obvious protest, though that changed when she punched him in the kidney. A released an audible "ooph" as he released her and chuckled once more. Together they made their way to the streets without a thought of where they were going or what they were going to eat, they just knew that the goal was food. "Jerk."
  15. Twitterpated

    Discovering Characters

    Did you just combine the plots of Suicide Squad and Guardians of the galaxy? Either way, I'm still interested.