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  1. For what had been centuries for Xartia, he endured a lengthy season of anhedonia. Something about having achieved such a great accomplishment as creating a universe and dipping his toes into godhood, yet failing to achieve anything that contributed solely to his happiness. For decades, denial set in. He spent those years drowning his doubts and forcing his old habits in order to maintain a sense of normalcy in his ascension. When the depression fully set in however, it clung to him for centuries, pushing him to seclusion even. In reflection of his mortal life prior to The Værse, habromania plagued his existence to the point that when happiness truly chose to rear its rare face, he look right over it. His short, miserable life was full of chaos, mistakes, and guilt. Grief. His journey back to the Material Plane was forced upon him, though he took solace in the fact that it afforded him a chance to reignite that passionate flames he used to carry in his belly. All this time since Akako had left, Xartia remained however stagnant. The passing magestorm was a perfect metaphor to his emotional state, pushing him to physically and metaphysically experience his feelings as he mimicked his choices made in The Værse. Right back into seclusion he went. He managed to ingest enough food to keep himself healthy, though his lack of feeding left him dampened magically after the storm had completely subsided, or moved away from the Arcane East anyway. Despite this, he gave Akako what he could spare without making himself too bad off lest he wished to be grasped by the mage sleep. Even with their sordid past, this reunion had went surprisingly well. A range of emotions he had forgotten about were inspired within him, and in mere minutes and hours. His skeletons haunted him with no remorse, no mercy in sight. However, her presence forced them to retreat back to his closet. Her presence, his nepenthe. Not only had he smiled genuinely for the first time in forever last night, but he too had enjoyed an honest laugh. A grand conversation, albeit sort of short considering. As Akako unwrapped herself from him, Xartia stirred. The lingering warmth of her body impressed on him leaving the only hint as to just how comfortable she had grown with him, even after such a stretch of time apart. He took a deep breath as his emerald eyes pried themselves open, his arms releasing her though he felt it was too soon. Glancing down he noticed his wrinkled shirt. While the old him wouldn't have let her hear the end of it, this him had a certain level of admiration for the disturbance of the fabric. The wrinkles proof she had been their, proof he had not simply been dreaming. "How do you feel?" He almost whispered as he moved to sit up, an audible pop exuding from his spine, followed by his neck. Last night had been the best night of sleep he's had since bringing ruin upon his Kingdom in Hyperborea. Arguably it had also been with the best company that not even money or the like of could purchase. While there was next to nothing sexual about their co-sleeping, their was still plenty of intimacy shared between them sensually. Though it wasn't technically him, this him with her at the Black Queen's coronation, he remembered the proclamations delivered on his behalf; And he meant them. He harbored feelings for her that he had only ever felt with one other woman before her, and others he'd never felt for anyone else. It wasn't until he had dispelled his delusions of Luna that he was able to experience these thoughts and feelings unimpeded. The fact that his double was increasingly becoming a risk to her was the straw that broke the camels back, commanding his return after such a lengthy season away. It was true, he was going to return to Predator's Keep to raise Khaliq properly. However, he still fully intended to host his academy and his haberdashery here in the port city. Without the stacked responsibilities of overseeing an entire city, his focus could be gathered on these personal projects he still felt the urge to consider from his doubles experience as right on track. Akako accepting her rightful place was merely more inspiration to follow through with these plans ensuring his presence in Port Caelum somewhat regularly. Besides, no way he'd just go back to pretending she wasn't close enough to see; And of course from the sounds of it, Khaliq was rather keen of her. Surely he too would wish to visit with her...Outside the dreamscape.
  2. Basically when young mages come off age, they receive a grimoire which chooses them specifically. As they bond and gain experience with it, or in time of great need, they develop more and greater spells. This semi-sentient grimoires have also shown at least one instance of them being able to absorb magic times and scrolls in close proximity.
  3. Black Clover doesn't have a bad system either though. Not as complex though arguably just as diverse.
  4. After his fight within Chrollo in the arena, i'm certain he's not human. (So far this has only happened in the manga.) Hisoka must be an alien or a god. (I LOVE how much of a fucking creep he is. Pedo-meter is off the charts! "Ohhh Gon, I can't wait until you're fully ripened!~ ♡" ) 🤣
  5. I rather enjoyed each of the six principles respectively, equally. If I had to favor one it would be Specialization. Only because that's what it took to be able to combine principles or even find something between them unique to the user. Hisoka's bungie-gum and Killua's Electric affinity are some of my favorite examples. Like Killua can only explode Transmutation (1 of the 6 principles) electricity because his body was predisposed to large amounts of it most of his life. Speaking of the principles though, I most enjoyed the water divination they complete to figure out which principle they hold their natural affinities in. Simple as it is, it seemed cool to me, better than chakra cards on Naruto. Lol.
  6. https://hunterxhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Nen I generally just like how they map out and explain their use of "magic". Especially for the way the system pushes give and take. Abilities increase in strength based on the sacrifice ones willing to give. For instance one character, wagers his life on his "ultimate technique". Should he ever use it against the sworn targets its meant for, he would die.
  7. Ruler: Emperor Koji of the Datsuzoku Dynasty Flag: A black flag hosting the nations Kamon centered in gold. Contact: Twitterpated Geography Topography The Jigoku prefecture is a nation built near the heart of the midlands, claiming the no man's land between a few standing countries and the corresponding lake to its west. As such the city has been equipped with not only a nice port that ferries to any point across the lake, but also that can sail the channel that leads all the way north to the ocean. The location for the city and its design make for a lot of business and attraction. Designed after architecture of an old civilization of another world and composed of the goods of worlds between as well as this one, Jigoku is a breathtaking sight both to live in and to visit. The Imperial City sets approximately 30 miles east from Great Lake, 60 miles east/northeast of Mezathaluen, and 85 miles north of Union City. The wild-lands between these cities and spanning through the blood stone marshes north of Great Lake is dotted with outposts courtesy of the nation’s Imperial Military, reinforced by the re-purposed Union City and its resources. Cityscape Jigoku no Toshi | The Inferno City - The composition of most of the city is built in tandem with what are be traditional on another world apart from this one, boasting a combination of red oak structures topped with black clay tiles. In a world of magic, the city overall is mundane and simple. Rice paper sliding doors, polished hard wood floors, red banners and red paper lanterns littering the entirety of the nation. To those that have been exposed to an environment such as this before, they would surely feel welcome and at home upon visiting. The more imposing structures of import such as the Emperor’s pagodas in the town square are built in similar fashion to the structures of the entire nation, yet instead fashioned from shadewood, topped with metallic roof tiles fashioned from a rare substance known as Hihi-irogane. The mysterious metal is dark, black in color; It is rumored to be tougher than diamonds several times over, and hot to the touch. Though it isn’t aflame, the metal does give of the ominous appearance than the tiles are in fact on fire. The Merchant district seems to give way to that of the residential district. In fact, along the border it is often seen that a vendor stall might be a home all in one, or perhaps a shop and a home are conjoined. Perhaps a vendor or merchant simply doesn't live far from their stall/store. It is common in this young flourishing city to see about 75% percent of businesses close for the day, at which point the night life of the city begins. Every night seems to look like a festival of some sort. Humans, Yokai, and Undead are mostly common in these parts. They live in harmony and understanding of the Kodo delivered by their Emperor and Empress themselves. The remaining businesses that are open fuel and support this night life, complete with inns and small taverns. Climate Semiarid or Semi-Arid means "somewhat dry". Semiarid climate is found around the edges of Arid climate and serves as a transition from Arid to another climate. This is a dry climate that has fluctuating amounts of precipitation, which can often result in drought. Occasional drought can be a very dangerous place for human settlement. Semiarid climate supports more trees and scrub bushes and grasses than Arid and therefore more animals. Flora and Fauna Flora: Ketsueki Sakura no Hana (Blood Cherry Blossom Trees): In addition to the appearance of the Jubokko, a new rare breed of tree case appeared in the lands of Jigoku. These unique trees exclusive to the newly established Imperial City feature wood so dark the bark nearly looks black. As opposed to the usual softer tones of pink or even white, the petals of the blooming cherry blossoms were naturally stained a crimson hue instead. The first bloom of these trees in the springs, and the wilting of them in the fall seasons are said to be two of the most beautiful occasions the nation has to offer. Tsukiyomi no Ran (Orchid of the Moon Goddess): This rare beauty it a unique species of flower than only blooms once a month during the night of the full moon. The bulb cracks at sunset and progresses into a full bloom peaking with the apex of the full moon in the night sky. It is also said that the petals of this flower can be ground into a stun spore, capable of disorienting and incapacitating effects. Kokuren and Shiroi-hasu (Black Lotus and White Lotus): In the spring and summer months, it is said to bring one luck to happen upon the bloom of the Black Lotus from local ponds and even the lake in to the west side of Jigoku. Rumor has it that the Black Lotus can be turned into an extract that will bring one ingesting it blistering fevers, delusions, dehydration, seizures, and in many cases death. In the fall and winter months, the White Lotus blooms in the very same locations of the Black counterpart. The extract of this Lotus is said to be the only cure to the toxicity of the Black Lotus. Kuro Seji (Black Sage): Black Sage grows in the eastern plains and northeastern hills of Jigoku. This sage is not safe for consumption by humanoids as it is fatally toxic. However, with the proper prevention methods to avoid self-harm, this plant is ideal for those that are into energy work surrounding spirits and souls. When dried, this sage turns an ashy-grey color. When burned, its ashes are pure white, and the smoke produced is black. This smoke is said to thin the veil between this world and the Otherworld within the user’s vicinity, thus attracting more paranormal activity to said area than usual. Careful though, those that trifled with forces beyond their control often received catastrophic adverse results. Minokemoyodatsu Yona Chaba (Lurid Tea Leaves): Leaves of what is called the Lurid Tea Plant can be used to brew a naturally bitter sweet tea that looks as dark as coffee. Adding just dollop of milk into the tea will barely lighten the tone, though it will remove the bitter taste and maximize the sweet taste naturally available in the leaves. These leaves are also a hot commodity in the baking community. Perfect for making cakes and pastries! Taima (Cannibis): This plant grows and processes in a manner like tobacco. However, the plant is what would be referred to by most as a natural remedy or alternative medicine. Despite the plethora of medical benefits, the regulated use of this herb could offer, most seem to enjoy the use of these various plants in recreation. It is said that the high of good Taima can leave one in euphoric bliss for up to three hours. It is also said that the herb is a natural aphrodisiac. Ahen (Opium): This plant grows poppy seed that can be produced into a crushed, smokable power. A single hit of this potent opium that’s rumored to have smoke of indigo is said to intoxicate the user for 90 minutes, in which they experience involuntary muscle spasm, reduced heart rate, warped perception, and actual moderate to severe hallucinations. Overdosing can range from the contraction of drug induced schizophrenia and/or death. Akuma no Yona Kinoko (Demonic Mushrooms): If one knew where these mushrooms came from, they probably would not even touch them, let alone eat them. These mushrooms are harvested from explicit directions that lead up to the removal of them from beneath fresher patties of Yokai droppings. When devoured by humanoids, many describe feeling the sensation of walking under water. These effects along with varying severity of hallucinations last in a user for six to eight hours. Fauna: (Incomplete!) Zheng Gu Diao Ao Yin Huan Yama-inu - The Yama-inu or okuri-inu closely follows people who are walking along mountain paths at nighttime. If by chance the person falls over they will be immediately eaten up, but if they pretend to be having a short rest they will not be attacked. It is important not to look too tired, though. These features are common to every region, but the dog's behavior does sometimes vary - for instance in some places it is said that the okuri-inu will charge into you, and if you fall a pack of dogs will quickly appear and attack you. There are also regions that have stories about what happens once you safely make it to the end of the mountain path. For example, one tells that if you if you reach the end of the trail, saying something like 'goodbye' or 'thank you for escorting me' will cause the okuri-inu to stop following you. Another one claims that upon returning home you should first wash your feet, give thanks for a safe journey home, then offer the okuri-inu gift. After this, it will supposedly leave.  Jorogumo -  Jorōgumo (Japanese Kanji: 絡新婦, Hiragana: じょろうぐも) is a type of Yōkai, a creature, ghost or goblin of Japanese folklore. It can shapeshift into a beautiful woman, so the kanji for its actual meaning is 女郎蜘蛛 or "woman-spider", and to write it instead as 絡新婦 ("entangling newlywed woman") is a jukujikun pronunciation of the kanji. Jubokko - According to folklore, it appears in former battlefields where many people have died, and its appearance does not differ that much from ordinary trees. Since it becomes a yōkai tree by sucking up large quantities of blood from the dead, it lives on human blood. When a human being happens to pass by, it supposedly captures the victim and, changing its branches into the shape of a tube, sucks the blood out of the victim. A Jubokko that sucks life out of human beings in such a way is said to always maintain a fresh appearance. When a Jubokko is cut, blood trickles out. It is said that a Jubokko branch could heal and decontaminate an injured person. Nobusuma Kaiita* Goakarasu (Gore-crow): Any breed or species of bird cane become a gore crow, corrupted by chaos, these mutated crows acquire a blackened color to their feathers and their eyes grow completely red. While these crows are aggressive and carnivorous, especially to humans, they are typically easy to dispatch despite their sharp minds. A swarm of them however can take out the smallest of large cities within days if left unchecked. In the Midlands there are two varieties of these crows; Those spawn of the Whispernight Scourge whom flock to the Trees of Evil still standing throughout the land, and those created specifically by the Heika himself. Tatsuo (Dragon-man): a specific brand of Ogre/Oni/Orcish brand of creature. They come in various shapes and sizes, their faces usually grotesque and terrifying. On average they stand between 5’3” and 6’8” tall, weighing between 175 to 325 pounds. They boasted broad shoulders with thick muscular limbs and big hands. Their complexions ranging between firebrick red, black, and a few other colors of rare condition. Thanks to the mixture of Draconic bloods sampled and collected from the Velhatien Desert, Emperor Koji along with the help of his Imperial Adviser and his very capable Harem had managed to develop a system into which they could use to transform common folk such a Hume or Man into one of the mutated Tatsuo brands. So far, the method only works on humanoid creatures, though the responsible parties behind such a terrible creation worked feverishly to discover a method that would work on other animals. More specifically the predator variety considering the perks of increasing the risk an already capable hunter and killer of the animal kingdom naturally possessed. While most tend to get many more throughout their lives and careers during for instance times of great change, each fresh Tatsuo receives their first official brand. Traditionally the brand is the Dynasty’s Kamon. It should be noted that these man-made monsters rarely retained memories of their past life. They retained simple motor functions and basic knowledge, leaving them to grow and flourish together as a fresh society. They are incredibly intelligent, brave, and cunning. They hold their own unique culture that develops with each passing day. Though namely they currently uphold their own sort of honor system or code. This however did not circumvent or prioritize over the Emperor’s absolute Kodo. In fact, it modified it in complimentary fashion. Dishonor of a Tatsuo was often punishable by carving their Dynasty brand from their body, filling or removing one’s fangs, or their preferred ultimate method of beatings to the death from multiple volunteers. Likewise, the Tatsuo were often found gambling and bargaining with one another in leisure time. Sometimes they would pass the time by wrestling for both fun and competition. On rare occasion, a lesser ranked Tatsuo could be found trying to challenge one of its superiors, in which the death of his opponent decided the winner. While most adopted names and cultural aspects in similar nature to the Dynasty, it was usually a bit of culture shock seen when one viewed the Tatsuo closely in their own communities. The current Tatsuo population among the Imperial City is approximately 7000 strong, a number that will surely grow faster than the rate it would diminish. Tatsuo possess speeds that are not the greatest, though they are much quicker than they appear thanks to their large muscle mass and immense strength. While not being sensitive or vulnerable to light conditions, it should be noted that these creatures see best in low and no light conditions. The average strength of a Tatsuo is roughly three to five times the strength of the average “Man”. Their hides are thick and leathery, granting them high resistance to piercing damage as well as blunt force trauma and some magic types of damage such as burning or freezing. Thanks to their modified physiology, their diet usually consists of whatever they can get their hands on. Though they perform their best when full and are most full when they devour meat. It is common to see a Tatsuo eating a defeated enemy, though never a fallen brother without specific spiritual significance. Demographics Culture Jigoku is a culture shock at face value. Many people and species of different types and walks of life find some semblance of unity within the nation. The two major types of citizens are those that chose to be here with the growing nation, and those that were forced out of their homes for one reason or another in which they sought refuge in the comfort of Jigoku. The symbiotic relationship the nation sustains itself upon it the driving for between it’s success and continued, steady growth. Men, Yokai, and Vampires are the most common, though it’s no surprise to catch the random others among the crowds. As if those three cultures weren’t diverse enough. Economy Between the flora and fauna carried here like the plethora of man and manlike creatures, and the local lake, the economy flourishes with natural water source and seafood. The water source helps with the dry and drought seasons by supplying water year round. The primary currency of this nation is gold, silver, and copper coins, brandishes with the Kamon on one side of a coin, the opposing side hosting a serpent-like dragon among clouds. Minted coin of similar make is acceptable from any place at equal value to the national coins weight. All outside currencies taken in are systematically melted down and minted into one of their national brand. Major Companies and Institutions The Imperial Arts of the Datsuzoku Dynasty Hinode no Gakko | The School of the Rising Sun – While there are several dojos found within the nation, the most reputable is one founded outside of the orthodox teachings of the various Dragon schools. Spearheaded by the founder and Grand-Master Momoku, Kenshibobu, this school is prized on its roots in tradition, and its branches reaching into a variety of new styles in its ever-evolving Martial way. While strictly traditional styles stale over time, the mixed martial arts nature of the Rising Sun School will continue to present itself as formidable way of combat for generations to come. Students are even encouraged to train on their own and to self-develop their own personal style. Parks and Recreation Landmarks and monuments Kokuryu no Chashitsu/Izakaya | The Black Dragon Tea House/Tavern - By day, the second largest pagoda style structure in the entire city is known as Kokuryu no Chashitsu, The Black Dragon Tea House. It is easily a local hub that would easily grow into the hearts, minds, and mouths of citizens and tourists alike. There was no menu. If one wasn't certain of a name of specific tea, they could describe what they were looking for, and certainly they could obtain it. For those unappreciative of tea, other beverage accommodations could be made. Rumor has it that they also offer the best Japanese dishes the city had to offer, save for the palace. As a city with direct access to water, it is certainly easiest to assume there are more seafood dishes to offer than that of any other type. This operation lasts from dawn until dusk. However, from dusk until dawn, this very same location is known as Kokuryu no Izakaya, The Black Dragon Tavern. In likeness to the variety of teas, a plethora of alcohol awaits the patrons of this fine, massive bar. On higher levels, there is even a floor dedicated to small time gambling attractions. Rumor has it that upon vacancy and request, there is also a hidden bath house during these hours. Kanrakugai | The Red-Light District - Behind what would bring you to the inaccessible back side of the palace, there was a quaint little part of town known as Kanrakugai, The Red-Light District. All locations of business in these parts operate 24/7. A wide variety of male and female specimen were available to those interested. One might wish to just have a short visit with some obligations attached within any respective house, or perhaps one wished to have a semi-formal escort for a lengthy bout of a day. Some good company to those that had deep pockets and were lonely. On occasion, one thinking they may have found the one, perhaps they can purchase one of their choice to keep. However, each individual owner of each individual house likely each had a specific individual cost. What was one willing to pay, for happiness? Rumor has it that for those creatures surviving on the life essence of humans, life dolls were also afforded around these parts. It should be noted that dolls are for small feeds, there is a no kill policy on life dolls. Should one break the rules, well, like breaking any other rule, the offense is punishable by death. Jigoku no Kyuden | The Inferno Palace - The heart of the Empire city gives birth to a rather expanse city square. Easily 100,000 people could cram into here and at least have an inch to move. The largest portion of the square was in front of what the locals called Jigoku no Kyuden, The Inferno Palace. A fountain was afforded within the square, a center piece statue within the fountain appeared to be an image of the late Empress, with a black dragon loosely coiling about her. Certainly, the dragon was a reference to the Emperor, or so the three eyed face sorely gave it away for those whom had witnessed their Emperor's greatness. The palace itself is built in the hybrid styling of a pagoda meshed with a pyramid. The first level served as a lobby, complete with a throne for the sovereigns of this nation. Occasionally they can be found here for a wide variety of things, and yet also just to be readily open to the public if they aren't out about town somewhere. The courtyard bordering the palace out of the square was heavily guarded, and each night by midnight the square was cleared by curfew save for special occasions. The second floor through the fourth-floor housed guards in barracks. It was important that they work shifts, thought their odd shifts made it to where it was wise to slumber within the palace itself. The fifth floor through the fourteenth floor would be raised as home space for nine hand selected elites from the city. The fifteenth floor was a place dedicated to being the door to the final sixteenth floor, which was ultimately a shrine. This gate floor was usually lived in by the Emperor himself when he wasn't with his Empress in her shrine. A second, pagoda that was more traditional was stationed beside and slightly behind the place, serving as a guest house boasting five floors for any important visitors that the nation’s Leaders feel a need to cater to. Slightly behind and between these was a seven-floor pagoda of traditional value, each floor dedicated to one of the Emperors concubines. Only the Emperor and Empress can enter this area, though the concubine are free to come and go as they please. Don't get any ideas though, even when they look like they are alone, each one of the Emperors wives were kept under a watchful eye, ensuring their safety as they would join their Empress in mothering the future generations of this clan, this Empire. Unlike the other structure in the city, the walls of these building are constructed with wood from the plane of shadow, it's black is unrivaled in any light or lack there off. If one looked closely, they could see what looked like purple glitter infused with the wood. The roofing tiles of these few structures are constructed of a metal of legend known as hihi'irogane. Its dark reddish color was accented well contrasted with the black building and the appearance of the tile that seemed on fire. Government Federal government Futilitarian: The citizens and governing body of the Imperial city are Futilitarian, believing human hopes and faith to be in vain, and their strivings unjustified. The false since of order this world clings to is nothing more than a fallacy controlled by fear and greed. Datsuzoku translates as Breaking of the Covenant, the clan and its leaders stand to personify their chosen name. The Empire promotes that it will vanquish the fallacy of Order that is widely spread by mankind, and often abused by the greed of mankind. The Emperor and those beneath his employ pledge to liberate and ultimately untie all people, thus creating true paradise where all bare true peace, freedom, and happiness. In the same token, Emperor Koji’s brand serves as a vanquisher of its enemies both direct and indirect. None shall stand in the path of the Emperor’s indomitable Will. The Kokuryu no Kibo (The Black Dragon Scale), is the official Kamon (Crest/Seal/symbol) of not only the Empire city, but also to the Datsuzoku clan itself. Visitors and citizens alike are held to certain standards. Standards that only vary according to one's level in the societal food chain. Of course, there was a rule of thumb that all citizens respect those deemed of higher status than other. Any visitors that are not accepted as a foreign sovereign or explicit personal invitation was subject to whatever sort of treatment that came to them. Regardless, they fall subject to the Emperor’s Kodo. Kodo The Kodo is the way of the Emperor. In this case, while the Emperor has a certain lack of desire for “rules”, it should be noted that failure to adhere to the whim or the Will of his Empress or himself is punishable by death. Offenders will be sentenced to seppuku, and in more severe cases Harakiri (sometimes called Hari Kari). The Three Supremes The First of the Three Supremes is absolute Loyalty to the one and only Chijono as well as his beloved. No other source of power shall be feared or respected more than the head of the Dastuzoku Empire. The Second Supreme is obedience. Subordinates under the banner of this Empire are subject to absolute obedience despite the desire/goal of the Empire at any one time. The Third and final Supreme is honor. Subordinates should always honor the empire and their duty to it first. Likewise, their views of honor should lie in likelihood of aligning with the nature of the Empire itself. Heirarchy Emperor/Empress / | \ Empress’ Guard Shogun Concubines | Daimyo | The Lurid Inquisition | Civilians | Slaves/Servants The highest rank in the lands is awarded to Emperor and Empress themselves respectively. Directly beneath them are their immediate subordinates and almost equals. Next in line comes the Empress' Guard and the Emperor's harem, akin to the weight of a Shogun within these ranks. Shogun are responsible for reporting and answering directly to their sovereigns as designated. The Daimyo or Feudal Lords are the next step down in the food chain, answering directly to their respective Shogun when necessary. Once one was through the leadership roles, the ranking system of the nation reached what the Emperor has properly titled, The Lurid Inquisition. This rank encompasses many roles both militant combative and not. To serve the Inquisition was to serve the Will of the Emperor directly. Most able-bodied men and woman of certain age and circumstances are usually drafted into these ranks, though others willingly enlist for one reason or another. Virtually at the bottom of the list comes the civilians. Despite not hosting a role in military or combat setting, all residents of this nation are required to learn some form of self-defense. This is to ensure that they suffer as minimal as possible casualties in the case of war times or invasions. Literally at the tail end of the ranks in the nation, there were the slaves and the service roles. Some work, some served the Inquisition, some were simply purchased, and those that couldn't acclimate were slaughtered. Slaves in this nation can gain freedom, though there is always a cost to be paid to compensate for the weight of a life. The Lurid Inquisition There are few roles with many differing tasks within the Inquisition. Note that at any given time, these roles are subject to change to accommodate the greater needs of the Empire. Those beneath the Empire's employ are given preference when such can be afforded, other times, a rank, role, or task is given regardless of the recipient's desire. Sokushitsu: The Emperor's personal concubines. Their work while seemingly trivial is of the utmost importance. Hand selected by Josei Heika herself, the woman tasked with this role are expected to submit in every way imaginable, and then some. At no point are these women to deviate from their given purpose. Onmitsu: Members of the Onmitsu group are tasked with jobs usually associated with spies such as infiltration and reconnaissance. Often, Onmitsu is a term generally interchangeable with the term Ninja or Shinobi/Kunoichi. Ansatsu Buntai: The members of this group are general foot soldiers, ranging from what would be your average warrior (Samurai/Saburai) all the way up to the elites. The name means “Death Squad”. Regardless of leading the attack our defending home terrain, their job equates death both in delivery and completion. Hogo-sha: These are the guardians of the inquisition, charged with protecting the Emperor/Empress as well as anyone else they are commanded to protect. Their devotion must be absolute! There is no cost too great in the need to serve and protect. Even their own lives. Hojutsu Buntai: The most infantile but rapidly growing form and division within the Dynasty. These members are predominately the Emperor's personal brand of Orcs, trained in the ways gun forms and martial prowess alike. Education There is currently no centralized education. Education is primarily home schooling, in which families and clans teach the young their continued trade. Sometimes they convert by studying with a family or clan outside of the one they were born into, or if their parents come from differing clans. Mandatory education in self defense is the deemed important. The able bodied, regardless of intellect, should and will be learned in the martial way. In cases of invasion, all have the right to reassuringly defend themselves and their nation. Transportation Due to the high population and every day life of this self-sufficient nation, the most popular method of travel is by foot. Some residents host animals in some small variety they ride or use to pull carriages. Others manage the same feats with a wide variety of lesser Yokai. The roads created were few and held dedicated purpose to travel and trade to this region’s inlet lake, Mezthaluen, Union City, and its respective borders. The road to the northern border most travels the eastern side of the Bloodstone Marsh, bisected by the marsh itself and the Imperial Base erected there near the northern border. A few other outposts exist, one standing on the road respectively to the east, west, and south. Notable Residents The Imperial Family headed by Emperor Koji whom is also the head of the Datsuzoku clan. History Canon Arechi-e (Journey to the East) | To Erect an Empire Daoda (Arrival) | To Erect an Empire Ruto o Torimasu (Taking Root) | Laying the Foundation Sokui no Rei (Enthronement of the Empress) | Coronation
  8. Immediately following the completion and the hype of the Empress' coronation, a young woman appeared mysteriously. This of course happening just after the vengeful spirit of the late Empress paid them a visit to wreak havoc if only for a brief moment. The young woman came with her eyes and feet bound, and she refused to speak, or to make just about any sound for that matter. The Emperor has done little more than visually observe her, though the fact that she was marked with the number seven, and the way in which she was marked was indicative of the original plans for how they would mark their concubines, a choice that was never invoked upon the harem prior to Kimi's early departure from this world. The only thing he was certain he didn't regret in her passing was the fact that he kept his promise to her. Though Akako was alive and presumably well even now, there was no mistaking that he they had killed her. Penance had been delivered as it had been promised. What was more, Kimi was alive to witness her own vengeance. In which of course they conceived their heir in the entrails of the then slaughtered Yokai Queen. The simple occurrence of the number seven, and even now roughly two years later having never officially met the final concubine since the harem was formed, was enough to pique Koji's interest. Even though it had been nearly a year since Kimi's death, he wanted to believe this woman was but another gift that lavished upon him in her wake. "Bring me the girl, summon Shuyi immediately, and inform the Empress that I require her company once the Prince has been put down." With Katiya now filling the shoes of Kimi once wore, it was only right that she was present to observe and even differ to when he was unclear of his thoughts. If Nana could or would not speak, and he refused to express his own abilities upon her, then Shuyi would figure out the necessities he lacked for deciding first the authenticity of this young woman, and then as to if he was willing to accept her or not. His family and himself had been through so much. They've bonded in way he had never imagined he would care for another life. For a new face to suddenly join them was nearly a ludicrous thought in his mind without truly considering it. He never wanted a harem in the first place, and though he had learned to love this one, he consistently failed to replace a lost wife on his roster. With one delivering herself to him, he wasn't yet sure how to handle the situation. His thoughts fell to the Kodo in his lack of knowing what he wanted, in which it was announced in the beginning that those capable of completing the trials would be crowned as concubines, admitted into the sister wife lifestyle and charged with baring the Emperor's legacy. He had broken his Kodo before, for Katiya. More than once at that. If it was what he wanted, would he dare to do it again? @Dreamer @Akako Akari
  9. Between Koji's own ability to sense the supernatural, and his colleagues of similar qualities, something they had never yet experienced in their time spent on Genesaran soil was the infamous Magestorms the region had to offer. He had heard stories, and had known them to happen on the continent since his arrival, though for a great season they were spared from the storms effect. The storm coming was said to be a strong one, it was reported that this specific type of Magestorm was referred to as The Weakening. Thanks to it's projected path of travel, the storm was predicted to last over the New Union Frontier (The Midlands) nearly twice as long as it's neighbors. The Weakening being a storm that weakens anything in the nature of the arcane, it only made sense for Koji to evacuate his family. With one, possibly two of his wives expecting, his two beautiful children, and his beloved Empress, their departure for the next couple of months only made sense. Lest the storm pass over sooner than anticipated. Preparations had been made to facilitate the transition, in which he left his Imperial City of the capable hands of his Seer, his Imperial Advisor, and the General of his Military. @Akako Akari @Mag? @Etched in Stone (Shuyi, Dove, and Kenshinobu) Over the weeks that had passed since the Empress' coronation, the sites of the Datsuzoku brand had been busy at work fortifying structures and bolstering defenses for the storm to come. While the storm wasn't worrisome, the threat of invasion was far too great. The arcane forces of the Imperial Army and the Lurid Inquisition would find themselves in a weaker state during the storm, in which they would be left to hibernate in shifts to bide their energy. The hybids, humans, and some undead were to be the driving force of defenses while the Imperial family was away. Outside of Jigoku and Union City respectively, the bases and smaller towns and villages worked together to supply all with approximately just what they needed to survive the storm if things went too awry. As for the communities still hosting Trees of Evil and the abominations that flocked to them, they were left to stand on their own with what little population remained drawn to each respectively, the other creatures migrating away from the storm just as the Emperor was. The first tell-tell sign he should temporarily relocate was the sudden migration of the gore crows that had been breeding throughout the region. Koji wasn't quite ready to reveal the monsters breeding in his lands, though nature even in this sense could not be stopped. Whatever scourge and chaos spread to the surrounding nations was inevitably wrought, he would just have to hope that the creatures could return in the wake of the storm without witness or question; Or, that they had all been dispatched or otherwise prevented from returning in the first place. Regardless, more would come to replace the lost, and more would come in general. The final task before leaving for Nehalen was the placement of TENNO in Genesaran airspace. The weaponized satellite shifted in the orbit of Valucre, positioning itself over Genesaris. Over Jigoku as a middle point to be exact. Should cause for concern arise in his absence, this tool could be used as a defense as well as to send a message to anyone foolish enough to try and invade them during a weak moment in existence. Koji himself would've been foolish enough to stay if it hadn't have been for events in his history that bothered him to this day. So long as he was at his best, and surrounded by those he loved, he had no worries of survival. While the mysterious Nana was still uncertain on his mind, Koji too chose to bring her along. His words had with Shuyi weighed heavily on him, in which he would have to harshly consider them before passing ultimate judgement. Perhaps by the time he returned, his mind would be made up.
  10. To his surprise, one of the proposed party members had a mind for the details surrounding the target region of the mission. While this was quite helpful, Jinsoku had prepared for his lack of knowledge in the manner of which he decided to take this quest in. Had it not have been for the arrival of Bishop, he would have already covered that his knowledge was extremely limited, but also that he already had the plans in place to remedy that. "There's no doubt that your knowledge will serve us well, it already is. Like you said, my personal knowings of the Alcove are limited. However, the Grand Imperatrix has agreed to grant me council on this matter. Her past is....intimate with the environment, and so she has agreed to tell me all she knows about the area as well as those directly responsible for it. Please, unpack. She'll have to forgive me if I'm late, I have a feeling her information will be more easily received if my general knowledge going in is greater...I was hoping I wouldn't have to ask, but before you continue, you mind telling us your name. "O'yea, y'aw can jus'call me Bishop." His speech couldn't be any more impeded by the chunks of squid in his mouth. He shot a glance to Jun as she lifted her veil to take another bite with those chopsticks. If she managed to look at him while he was shamelessly staring, he'd deliver a wink with that shit eating grin before averting his gaze back to the other two men present. He too was curious as to who was who, considering he'd missed the introduction faze. He'd never ask though, not like he wouldn't call them all whatever he wanted anyways. Still, his keen senses keyed in on the back and forth in which he'd naturally acquire their names from hearing other people use them. When Tobias took the spotlight he was afforded, Bishop paid extra attention to the man. Though Bishop was obviously the one that someone should find hard to trust, the leader of this party was well aware of just whom he was as evident from his arrival. Seeing that familiarity deliver a certain level of trust all it's own to the shot caller had to count for something. In retrospect, Bishop noted two things; This dude ain't told nobody what his name is, and he knew quite a little bit about this Slaver's Enclave. Bishop was a title of the Catholic church meaning 'Overseer', while he wasn't much for passing judgement on people, Bishop was always watching them.
  11. As proud and surprised as he should be at the boys mental ability to do something so advanced at his age, Something about the words that followed convinced a greater reaction out of him. When her cheek was placed on his shoulder again, the thumb resumed its rhythm. However, when she mentioned about a thread of herself being within the boy it stopped again. Xartia's eyes grew wide, his jaw becoming slack as he realized the full reality of her words. His body's temperature rose ever so slightly as his palms moistened, his mouth and throat grew dry. His heart rate increased and a faint red stained his face. Partly out of trying to keep her from seeing his face, and partly because of the intimate feelings inspired in this revelation, the Cambion gingerly placed a kiss upon her head before placing his chin where he kissed. His arm holding her pulled her closer, urging her face to his chest as his other arm moved to wrap around her as well in one awkward, albeit warming embrace. "And here I thought it was just my quixotic longing. A figment of your presence in my imagination." If her wisdom was broad enough, she'd catch his slip of vocabulary, followed by a swift deflection from the statement with some relevance. So the boy had two mothers it seemed, no doubt it was relative to Red possessing some of Akako's aura within herself. The very same reason Xartia blame's his prior ustulation. Though his body standing here and now had never touched her flesh, Xartia would be lying to say it was not he whom slept with her. He carried the feelings and the memory of the experience, thus it was his. Knowing the Kitsune to speak in mystery, her blunt truth was something so uncharacteristic of her when it came to their discussions. No slyness, no mischief. This coupled with the fact that this child was in one way or another a byproduct of her, he felt obligated to share his personal thoughts and feelings with her. "I've had long time to reflect on my past, and I've realized one huge mistake I've made with all of my children. I failed to simply be there...Each and every child have that most in common. I never failed at raising my children because I simply raised them wrong, I never actually raised them. Every child, every life, I conveniently had a reason to not be there for them. I think a part of me knew this long before the last three were born, though my hubris wouldn't allow me to ever admit it, aloud or even just to myself. I will go to Khaliq, and I will raise him to the best of my ability. I would bring him here, though I feel his upbringing would be best around similar individuals. That being said, Caelum will need the leadership it deserves, I was finished ruling years before I had the chance." Lifting his chin as his body regulated itself once more, and as his face was more or less recovered from his anxiety, Xartia attempted to lean back just enough to peer down at Akako's face, searching for those golden orbs he fancied so much. "Take your rightful place here, the only answer that make sense. The only one that will make us all happy. Just as Khaliq needs me, he needs you, as does Red. As do I."
  12. As mentioned in DM, I am more than willing to help these quest by participation as a party member or a GM. Just let me know. Also Fie, if you need me to play assistant, I'm willing.
  13. His cheek pressed gingerly against her head, his nose just barely touching the top of it. He basked in her scent while he was afforded it's company. Regardless of the past, and regardless of how much he had changed, she was still a creature of divinity. Having achieved such a state for himself, however limited, he understood her so much more. He didn't doubt for a moment that there was still much to learn. As she regained a fraction of her strength, she struggled to speak into his chest. His thumb continued to caress her shoulder. subtly he shook his head no at her declaration of owing him. His lips parted to speak, though before he could, Akako had more words to get out. Suddenly, his thumb stopped moving, and if she listened closely enough, perhaps she could hear his heart skip a beat. "Khaliq...He needs you." Khaliq Alkawn Almadiyi, The Demiurge. A fitting name for the psion prodigy of his potential. Xartia did not doubt for a moment that the boy needed a father figure in his life, though he was hoping Red would have been wise enough to find a suitable replacement for the task. Immediately Xartia thought about how he had failed all of his several children to date, for the first time in a long time in fact. After centuries of ignorance, he realized the root of his problems. He hadn't failed at raising his children, he simply failed to raise them for whatever excuse he had at that moment in time. He never did a bad job raising any of them, he simply wasn't there. Perhaps this had something to do with his own traumatic upbringing, despised by his father whom was the King, and loved unconditionally only by his brother. Even when he wasn't, Orphen was always there for him. If anything, Xartia simply needed to remember how his brother cared for him in their youth despite being twins. This being a fresh thought upon a pile of the old ones boasting his inadequacy, the Cambion had his doubts of course. Though Akako saying something to him about it made him feel all the more a fool for having doubt to being with. Orphen would be disappointed in him. "He does...wait, how do you figure? Has something happened I'm unaware of?" As the current longest standing councilman, Xartia was all but certain that news of any drastic changes would have reached him with haste. The fact that nobody but Red, Akako, and himself were the only ones to know he was Khaliq's father was of course something he still thought was the right thing; If only for the sake of reputation. Though his face hardly moved, she had obviously struck a chord in him. A chord showing that he was still capable of feeling like a man, so long as he existed as one. In the back of his mind he couldn't help but wonder the worth of his actions this day. The Verse was were he belonged, or so his brother told him. These feelings were what made him unsure of that statement.
  14. "Many thanks!" His words chased after the waiter as he hurried off to get their requests in order. With the current party left to themselves, Jinsoku had been posed a couple of questions. In his mind he had a couple of questions of his own. Though he would do his damnedest to answer them without actually having to ask them. For instance who was this guy? He was the only one yet to reveal his name to the party. Then there was Jun. She was willing, and seemingly resourceful. He just wasn't sure if she was a good fit for this job specifically. The risks are very high, and death is a most certain possibility. Regardless of her self, would she be a risk to compromising what little team they had so far? Perhaps he would be better off doing this by himself... "I hope a few more faces make an appearance. Unfortunately we have to limit the team capacity, with such a high risk to this task, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the complete turnout. That being said, I'll go ahead and begin debriefing." Just like that, their waiter had returned with their beverages of choice. His whiskey, her sake, and their waters. A brief comment was passed of returning shortly with the calamari. Sipping his whiskey, Jinsoku sucked his teeth in defiance to the sensitivity the ice inspired in them. This did not cause any further delays in his resumed speech. "Several months ago, I happened across some slavers around the borders of the west, the south, and the midlands. A friend of mine was one of their captured, along with a few others. After freeing these few I began a brief investigation. Not only have I figured out a few of the main routes these slavers travel, but there is apparently a somewhat reputable enclave full of slaves. In all honesty, depending on which direction you arrive from, and your method of travel, you may have caught a glimpse of it and mistaken it for one of them prison cities. Once I learned of this entire operation, it has been eating at me that nobody is doing anything about it. As an outsider I'm sure many would say I have no right, it's none of my business. But I can't stand by and allow people to be forced into a life of servitude, driven by nothing more than fear." The waiter returned with a rather impressive party sized platter of calamari, complete with sauces, small plates, and napkins. Like wise, each of them received a bundle of silverware, wrapped in a navy cloth napkin and bound by a white bow. "Thank you, if neither of you want to order anything else right now, I suppose we'll flag you down if we need anything else." So long as nothing else was ordered, they were left to each other's company. Jin urged them each to help themselves before he worked to serve himself. Once he had his plate he worked to get comfortable in his seat before - "Dis a nice boat." A rough, rasp of a voice poorly managed over a heavy accent not native to this region nor this world. He wreaked heavily of an herbal, earthy scent that honestly kind of stunk. His eyes were half lidded, blood shot, and glazed. He wore a shit eating grin that flashed his chrome teeth, the canines complete with fanged tips and a small gem embedded in each. His odd clothing, tattoos, and available arsenal all made him stick out like a sore thumb. His gear was foreign and old, though he was willing to wager that such a thing still wouldn't leave his practiced hands at a disadvantage. Otherwise he wouldn't have been who he was. His steel cleat boots tapped precariously across the wooden deck of the boat as he looked around at the staring faces of more than half the patrons. Some scared, some confused, others curious. The best was the minority though, you know, the one's minding their own business. He nodded his head up in salutations at a couple of men, wink at a few women. His choppy, unkempt red hair rather complimented his hazel green eyes, despite even the random grays scattered throughout. With a ballistic vest over a beater, a pair of black cargo pants complete with his very own utility belt and armed with his modest arsenal; A Morningstar*, a strange looking firearm, a pair of knives*, and last but not least his rather fresh pair of spikes cestus'. "Ah yeah, I bet yaw th'ones I'm lookin' fo'. Matt'r'a'fac my guy, ya look kind o'familia'. Sumthin' 'bout tha' face....Damn girl! Speakin' o'face, wha' dat mouf'do?" The Russian Meta mused into a hearty chuckle in which he was likely to end up being the only one laughing. Even now he still looked at the weird bird girl wondering how she did many things like life. Most of them likely trivial and non-applicable considering he was wrong to assume she was like him; A Metahuman. Otherwise referred to as a Mutant. Thankfully his gifts didn't cause him to turn into some shit that looked like this girl, or worse. "Nani!? Tzak 'The Ripper'!!!" "Th'one an'only yun'blood, respect! Th' Prince tol'me sumone o'interest was 'bout t'do sum stupid shit, so y'know my dumb ass had t'come see wha's up. Wer' I know y'from anyway?" "I used to hang out at your club, in Sigil." "Oh, so we go back huh? Then y'know how I roll. Run wit'it mayn, do y'thang." Taking the nearest available seat, he made no hesitation to grab a handful of calamari, dropping a few in the wake of his grab. The strays lay abandoned as he cradled his keep and used his free hand to pick up a piece or two at a time. Eating at his own leisure, this rude, strange man was ready to listen and participate wholly. While the other two at the table had no idea, Jinsoku was well aware of the most important thing to know about this man that had just arrived. Whatever one does, do not make this man angry. @ODSTDRAGON @Akako Akari
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