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  1. Another familiar presence was detected within the Great Aether, or rather within his range of perception of such. He continued speaking to Arthur as it was, in which Leinhart appeared more or less in their company at the approximate moment Xartia was mentioning becoming the stone's guardian. His trademark, Cheshire grin crept onto his face, his emerald eyes narrowing. "After all, we wouldn't want the stone to wind up in the wrong hands." He mused, begrudgingly agreeing with Arthur in the slightest of ways. Perhaps the stone was best left where it was. Unperturbed by even the likes of them. Finally, the Cambion turned to face the King of the Damned himself. He snickered as he stepped towards the Ancient, his hand raised, poised to offer the same respect he'd afforded Arthur moments ago. Leinhart's compliance could only lead to an audible pop as their hands met, in which Xartia used their locked digits to pull him in for a brotherly hug. His opposed fist coming to tap on the Vampire's back thrice. "It's nice of you to join us. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up. I trust your travels have been kind to you." He relinquished Leinhart as he finished speaking his words, unknowing that Leinhart could have in fact appeared sooner had he not left the gift he'd given him what was only a few years ago at best. Regardless, he was here now, and Xartia planned to continue just about where he'd left off. "I've just given my friend Arthur here the vague run down I've acquired of the Isles. While I'll refrain from repeating that mouthful now, we'll have plenty of time on the way to get you caught up to speed. Now, I've taken the honor of producing a few magic suits that may come in handy during the life of this quest, beyond it even. Once accepted it's your's to keep. Unfortunately, they're duplicates of a prototype and relatively feature one primary function; To mask the presence of the supernatural and the metaphysical. I have no idea what sort of detection capabilities they have, but with these on, I'm confident you can only be detected during the use actively energy working." @Voldemort @Etched In Stone
  2. Jinsoku silently arrived somewhere in the midst of the first round. Naturally, his curiosity lead him to key in on the fight involving Bishop. A few years ago, as an up and coming amateur fighter, Jinsoku used to frequent Bishop's club. He often looked up to Bishop, for his tenacity as a fighter if nothing else. However, it would seem that today the Russian Meta was set up to take on a proper Martial Artist. Whether Bishop noticed it up close or not, Jinsoku could immediately tell one thing about the Martial Artist that piqued his interest even more. "Is he...Blind?' The exciting round came to a sudden close as time restrictions had been met prior to a formal ending of the round by was of knockout. For as many times as he'd seen Bishop earn his alias as The Ripper, Jinsoku saw how this foreign Master managed to avoid being another living example of such a violent truth. Some short while later, he saw this man again. It appeared he was about to gather himself a bite to eat, when Jinsoku's face became one of brief shock before a smirk formed on his face. With closer closer proximity, Rei could feel it too. This was no ordinary man. No, he too harbored the spirit of a wolf inside. It was just as similar a case as it was completely different. Still, the wolf spirit contained within Jinsoku's body stood erect on all fours with it's tail straightened and it's ears pointed upon it's head. It barred it's fangs, though it refrained from growling. Typically when this has happened in the past, it winds up in a fight. The last time this happened, Jinsoku coincidentally lost a limb over it, an act that was obviously reversed upon him considering him having to organic arms now. Still, he wondered if this man would be able to sense the wolf within him, and how he or the other wolves surrounding his flanks and backside might react to his sudden presence. With caution and confidence, he approached. Judging by his skintight black t-shirt tucked into his fitting khaki slacks, it was safe to say that while he was still brawny, this Knight had finally managed to get his routine back in order enough to respect his body. With more time to heal properly and without reverting completely to his old routine, Jinsoku was a living, breathing image of a mesomorphic build. Coming to stop about six or so feet away from them, the young Knight began to speak. "That was an impressive performance, even if it's your first time doing something like this." He mused meaning no offense. Considering it could be taken in such a way as is, he opted to continue speaking as a means of diffusing any potential situations before they could arise. "A word of advice, don't be afraid to hurt the competition. Sure killing is frowned upon, but just because your aren't fighting with such intent doesn't mean you have to hold back necessarily...Your style, what is it called?" His charcoal eyes looked on from behind the red lenses on his aviator shades. Despite his lack of layers for the current change in climate and weather, it was obvious that he had no issues with being cold. After all, it was hard to get cold when you had something such as a Raiju living inside of your body. @Etched In Stone
  3. Just as he had in the previous round, Bishop appeared topless; In addition to no armor however, the Russian Meta seemed to have also opted for no weapons this round. Sporting his old boxing shorts, with fresh tape shrouding his fists and feet Bishop appeared on the seen. As he walked, he tied a folded bandanna about his forehead to keep his hair out of his face. He had no idea who he was fighting, or if they'd oblige his apparent mode of combat. Regardless, he was prepared to compete. Bounding up to the ring and clearing the ropes, Bishop began to bounce around on the balls of his feet. Shadow boxing it appeared, no doubt in preparation for the fight that was about to unfold. @Damnatus
  4. It wouldn't be much longer. Any moment now they should be arriving at their destination; Predator's Keep. For the majority of the ride, Xartia was no bother, and contrary to the opinion of their gracious hostess, he obliged any and all of her obligations without any signs of resistance what so ever. While mysterious and still more or less a stranger to his current company, he ultimately had nothing to hide from them. Once upon a time they'd be incredibly smart to be weary of him. However, since arriving on this world, he'd made wise enough decisions to keep from tarnishing his reputation. In any lasting meaningful way anyway. He spent his afforded silence in meditation, contemplating on just how his arrival and reception would in fact be. This was his first formal return since the coup of Port Caelum, and without the Prince at that. He doubted that he'd be facing any charges himself, but whatever was left of the counsel expected answers; Lest they already had all the answers they needed. If absolutely nobody else, he was certain he'd have to touch base with James considering the intimate relationship the Scarlet Court obviously held to the Order of Force Majeure. It was of his best interest to have his facts together prior to the start of such a conversation. For he wished not to share more than what was absolutely necessary, without overtly appearing to be dismissive of any details. Once given confirmation of their inevitable arrival, the Cambion took a deep breath before sighing in exhale. His sparkling, emerald eyes pried themselves open once more, remaining half lidded as he came to stand and stretch. It'd be nice to know if a limb had fallen asleep prior trying to walk on it. Smoothing out the fabrics of his clothing, he finished by running his fingers through his short black hair. Ensuring it was all still neatly swept back, save for those stray bangs that always seemed to defy even pomade. Once instructed, he'd reunite with his new friends and together they'd disembark together. From the looks of things upon arrival, the festival was already in full swing, and quite the success. @Pasion Pasiva @Dolor Aeternum
  5. @jaistlyn Due to changes in circumstances, Jinsoku is now very likely to attend the festival and I will likely make his entrance today after work.
  6. BOOMFUCK - A very large explosion.
  7. The irascible Meta found himself frustrated with his inability to formally finish the first round. He wasn't mad about having had a formidable opponent, only that they were incapable of finishing one another in a timely manner. As he was tended to by the healers only, he was already puffing on one of those Lho sticks. With a reassuring drag he exhaled the azure tinted smoke. slowly but surely the euphoric sensations began to creep back into his mind, body, and spirit. Suppressing his true nature for however limited a time as it could before he'd be caught smoking another. Unless he found a situation that not even being high could keep him from becoming angry over. Once the healer's finished mending his cut and stab wounds, Bishop returned his morning star to his utility belt and replaced the belt around his waist respectively. Packing his full arsenal once more, he almost wished a mufukka would just so he could flex and show these people what they couldn't see in the formal rounds of the Trueblades event; Unless he opted to break the rules which would earn him nothing more than a swift disqualification. Pacing out among the crowds once more in the cooling air of the eve, Bishop remained topless. He'd eat more first, then perhaps find him a broad or two to keep him company until the start of the next round.
  8. The Heika grinned menacingly, snickering a bit as thin tendrils of smoke were expelled from his nostrils in the form of a sigh. "Wux tiliw yenta batobot raveena ui sia yavsis, persvek vi sense wux tiliw yenta jaciv ui wer dask di darastrixi. Rumor tepohaic coi, vi ithquentiv persvek jacioniv kurjh harkt." His grin diminished, however, it persisted overall. His arms came to cross over his chest as his Draconic, amaranthine eyes slid shut in minute contemplation. "Hesi nation ui|ulph livaij vur relationship mrith astahi ui vi bumpy ir, shar persvek wer failure di ability ekess compensate udoka ihk hesi aso, jaciv ui throdenilti soyolir ekess deliver retribution. Jacioniv deevdru fehlim, nomagqe nurti intended ekess wiilirk erekess mrith tiichir asta sulta di wer bargain shafaer hesi behalf sva gekip. though si shilta ti qe jaunus li si shilta ti ehtah jacion." He paused for a moment as he weighed the possibility that Raveena and Grant both still perhaps harbored resentment over Koji's inability to deliver of the sentence invoked by their courts over the atrocity committed in Renovatio several months prior. Perhaps it was simply due to the fact that Raveena knew he had killed Akako, and despite that she was alive and well now, it didn't change the fact that he'd murdered her. Perhaps she feared him, perhaps she feared for him. Regardless of the exact reasoning, she kept him and his brand at a certain distance. Though the more he spent time around her and got to know her, the more he felt that their two Empire's would succeed in many things with great ease if they were to work together. Alas, politics were not that simple, and neither was their personal relationship. "jaciv ui vsist literally wer dask di sia rilnom, Sebastien Pendragon. Si tir ti nadot shafaer xiiwir persvek shafaer jacioniv vur jacioniv svihelen directly naeck, though si throdenilt usv nuri huven ekess ossalur leirith jacioniv turalisjthir shehad. Coi annishic batobot svabol astahii woari persvek Ursa Madeum ui drekim regained tenpiswo, ias ekik neighbors persvek wer lleisgarir ruhahe." Expansion in the West was promising, hence why he too wished to have part of it for himself; If not all of it. An emissary had been sent to negotiate terms of a potential alliance with the likes of Aelindra. Koji of course now pondered how Aelindra felt about Hyperion and how the two would grow to coexist. Was it even possible? If not, Koji would inevitably have a big choice to make. He hoped however, to move preemptively enough to not have to make such complicated choices. Forcing others to make these tough decisions instead. @Dreamer
  9. Easily, the Magician afforded the Wizard a brotherly shake, half embracing him with the opposing arm, a fist coming to his shoulder blade. As their hands separated, the fingers briskly snapping from the tips in an audible fashion. "Respect." He spoke his piece undisturbed, though of course the Mutant wasted no time reading into the situation a bit to get a better feel before committing. What any smart man would do. The question was, could he trust the answer he was given? Could he be sure that even with the best of intentions, ultimately a device such as this could fall into the wrong hands regardless of where it was now, or if they acquired it for any amount of time? “I’m in. I do have a few questions before I commit myself fully to the cause though. Like I said before, I helped a duchess in Fracture find a dangerous artifact, and part of me still feels that I was irresponsible in doing so. What the hell do you need this thing for? Because if it’s some frivolous desire, then perhaps a private collection may be the best place for it.” "How right you may be...However, I need to use the prowess of one of these stones as an extra precaution to my youngest son; As he prepares to face the same threat that has claimed the lives of all of my other children. It's an insurance policy for him, in the case that I fail, he might have a fighting chance at surviving Lucius." Xartia had referred to him as the Emperor Koji back at the festival. Where folks like Akako looked down on him for such, it was obvious in this moment the name he would always call that boy of a man. Finessing was something a Daiyokai was obviusly too proud for, though Xartia was all for baiting a certain mentality in preparation for inevitable confrontation. He couldn't go after one of his own sons, and he couldn't kill one for certain. Though there were other methods he had in mind that meant he just had to wait for Koji to come for one of them first; Or in the Yokai Queen's case, again. "Beyond that purpose, in my survival, I suppose I would become the stone's aegis." @Voldemort @Etched In Stone
  10. “I wouldn’t but I am a natural skeptic. I fear we are placing our new friend here in a difficult spot, gauging whether she can trust her new acquaintances in this wondrous nation. I do not envy her in this moment.” Xartia truly considered the gravity of this statement, and tried piecing together any clues that might indicate to him a bit more of Isabella's situation. Of course, Xartia trusted neither of them, he had no reason to. Then again, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If he were to give her any advice, he'd tell her to trust no one, and to trust her gut. The human intestines were literally composed of grey matter, the same composition in which the brain was. Why the mind failed to comprehend, the gut sometimes afforded them a sixth sense that just couldn't be explained as anything else other than intuition. Alas, he wasn't going to give his personal advice, unless it was asked of him of course. “Whether it is a lack of money, security, vehicle, or even company I assure you that I can satisfy your needs. I couldn’t stand to leave my newest friend abandoned when I can easily help her. I will take you where you need to go. Predator’s Keep is on our way to Hell’s Gate any way. My airship is not far from here and should get us there quickly.” “I have never been one to depend on the kindness of strangers, but I find myself humbled and grateful beyond words…” “With a member of the Scarlet Council and the trained security detail I have we should not encounter any obstacles making sure you get what you need. Of course, you could forego all of that and trust that I will support whatever endeavor requires that you have money. I am an investor and businesswoman after all. Funding the pursuits of others is what I do beautiful.” A grin, his trademark Cheshire grin found his charming, beautiful face. A business woman, and an investor. Certainly, based on the details surrounding that truth, it sounded like this might be the right sort of business partner for his own rising endeavors. Now was hardly the time or place, though he was certain that small talk between here and the Keep would be enough to catalyze the process of perhaps rendezvousing for a planned meeting at a later time and date. With the vision he had for The Wiseman, with his experience, could very well be more easily met. Of course he'd have to consider how much it would cost him to hold her invested interest. “My father used to say that friendship and money is like oil and water,” His sparkling, emerald gaze shifted back unto Isabella, his grin still worn as he both pondered and admired this statement. Again, he'd have his thoughts, though he'd avoid trying to share them aloud without being asked. It was often easier to keep his opinions to himself, lest he wished to risk passing judgement. Still, those were the words of a man with limited riches. Between magic, and the allegiances of the Pendragon Court, he's seen and infinite wellspring of wealth blossom and flourish beneath his brother's reign. Likewise, he too could just as easily create money, limited only by the amount that can be made within a certain amount of time. Either way, Xartia never tried to buy his friends, though he never hesitate to spend on of for them either. Fortunately, his wallet wasn't needed at this moment, there for he did not offer it. “To Predator’s Keep then, to amuse ourselves with the antics of the brave and the foolish, while I desperately try to alleviate my financial situation.” His grin shrank into a smirk and he nodded in more or less silent compliance. He was just thinking that she should still get some rest before their arrival. Whatever she could get would likely serve her well. Though he locked momentarily shocked when she responded, “I know,” "I beg your pardon?" “I mean to say, I know we’ll enjoy ourselves.” For a moment, he'd thought she'd perhaps somehow heard his thoughts, for he hadn't verbalized them. Though it would seem that she was distracted by something else entirely. Though it was only a hunch that she was in fact distracted, he couldn't be positive of just what that might be; Though he wondered of the variety and the validity of it. The gravity, the reality of it. Whatever it was. As they walked, he followed, the newest addition to their little party. At least until it was time for them to leave Predator's Keep. He had no current need or desire to travel to Hell's Gate, unless he learned that Ilyana’s base of operations was around about there; In which case he'd likely wish to visit later, but still. "Undoubtedly."
  11. If the opponent though Bishop wouldn't capitalize on neutralizing a limb, then perhaps he was too much practice and now enough experience. Either he was lucky in his age of 200+ years, or he was just ill experienced. After all, raw talent could only get you so far. Bishop had been bruised, bloodied, and broken more times than he could count. Both covered in ink and not, he had several scars to prove it. When he felt the resistance of a body upon touching his mace lessen, he leaped for while torquing his body. Twisting his hips, his right hand retracted that mace as his left hand lashed out and grasped Kenshi's robe short of the collar, more or less upon the pectoral. His left leg came to fold across the hips of Kenshi as the right leg came against the back of his knees. Executing a tenacious scissor takedown, Bishop followed up his mace strike without skipping a beat, without letting his opponent step away so easily. Perhaps such attempted transition would aid in his favor by the time Kenshi found a patch of gravity and fell back and head first into the boards of the platform. "TH'FAWK YOU GOIN'!" @Etched In Stone
  12. Finally current on all my activity again. Hopefully it more or less remains that way.


  13. If I can't decide on a character to potentially include as a member of service, perhaps I'd be willing to afford you one of my characters as a customer.
  14. "As ready as we're going to be." Jinsoku reassured, anxious to embark finally so that the chances of losing more party members before the task even began was diminished. While Leon got acquainted with the ride he'd be piloting, Jinsoku remained available to his party; Otherwise he'd settle for meditation if his attention was otherwise unnecessary. Besides, he wouldn't be with them when they arrived, he'd have already left them to their respective jobs while he focused on his own. A task he wasn't certain of until he arrived and got to inspect the region first hand. Bishop on the other hand was up and about. Pacing around just for the sake of being nosy. The Russian Meta had flown on a myriad of ships before, but never one that appeared so normal and modern. Of course his mind kept referring back to Jade, though he made it a point to leave her be until the ship set sail and most if not all of their party seemed to be distracted otherwise. If he was going to die on this mission, he'd prefer to make sure that he abused the last chance he was given to do anything. Especially when it came to gaining the attention and touch of a woman. Come to think of it, Bishop couldn't recall ever having lay with a woman of her decent before. Finally, he recognized the regal looking dude as Tobias from the Nautilis. With a shit eating grin, he stalked up next to the guy and slapped a hand on his back. "Looks lik'ya goin' all out playa playa! Once we on th'inside, jus' rememba' t'get me one o'them collars a'ight? Th'soona the betta'. Gotta know wha' I can do before I need t'do it ya' feel me?" @Malintzin @ODSTDRAGON @Trexasle @Narcissa
  15. "I suppose we've waited long enough, longer than I'd have liked to. Come, let's join one another aboard the vessel. I'll brief you all on the details as well as I'm aware of them." Welcoming Arthur to join them, the Cambion pivoted left and proceeded to board The Peregrine. It seemed that the three of them, plus the hell hound, would be the only three to voyage across these waters to the infamous Antigone Isles. There was a lot of grey area in his knowledge, and he'd stress that to them when explaining. Though for the first time in a long time he was willing to go against the grain without being fully aware or prepared, because the means outweighed the potential costs. One thing he was certain of was that Artamese and Arthur were providing him with such grandiose generosity that he would undoubtedly feel indebted to them. "Before we set sail, I want to be as transparent as possible. After I've given my piece on the status of the island, if you decide you'd rather not, you are free to excuse yourself from this vessel without inspiring any hard feelings from myself...The Antigone Isles, according to my research, is home to one of the precious Cornerstones of Genesaris. My best bet is that it is either the Reality Stone, or the Time stone; Both of which are incredibly versatile, both of which could aid me in the way I hope to use it. Unfortunately, the isles are plagued by phobia. It seems that those whom possess proficiency in magic, or even potential, are collared and suppressed; In which those that refuse or that are caught practicing are swiftly, harshly, and unjustly imprisoned." He paused as he began to pace about the deck, stopping as he cast his sparkling, emerald gaze upon the salty waters they were to pass through to reach their destination. "Rumor has it that this island has cutting edge tech, the highest advancement there of in all of Genesaris. To that end there is no doubt that they may very well have machines capable of detecting magic and targeting it even; If nothing else. Being that the Cornerstones are inherently magic themselves, I'm almost entirely certain that the authorities in place have either placed such an item in a vault; Assuming they aren't capable of being destroyed, or perhaps it has silently fell into the pocket of a collector or trader of some sort. Regardless, we're going in completely blind, with no idea what we're getting into, with no idea of whom or what we'll cross paths with, and with no idea of the consequences to our actions....Both those personal to us, and those that will mostly effect the region in our wake." He paused again turning to face them, his trademark Cheshire grin creeping onto his face as his sparkling eyes narrowed. His arms raised into the air in an exaggerated shrug. "So, who is with me? Regardless of any assistance I may or may not be afforded, this is something I must do." @Voldemort @Malintzin @The Courier(?) @Etched In Stone(?)
  16. There was no surprise in how fast the fledgling was learning, mastering the hunt. Though the process was a sloppy one at best. Half way across the tent city from her, Alistair found himself with a soldier of some sort, in which the poor soul never saw his untimely demise coming. Assaulting the man from behind, Alistair preternaturally yanked his head to the side before sinking his fangs into the man's neck. Without spilling even a single drop of blood, he proceeded to drink the man dry in likeliness to a large toddler with a juice box! Within seconds he was drained completely, and Alistair hauled his corpse into a vacant tent. It was here that he'd begin to set up distraction for his fledgling, dividing the air of concern so that they might stay off of her trail long enough to keep her from being spotted. The easiest thing to do was to set this very tent on fire. And so he did just that. Focusing on one of the tent's walls, his mind gripped the very molecules of it's existence. Forcing the molecules to frenzy, they moved with great haste; Accelerating as they rubbed against one another creating friction. A friction that inevitably inspired combustion, setting the wall aflame without physically interacting with it at all. By the time the flame was noticed, the tent would at least be half way engulfed; In which Alistair would be long gone by the time anyone came to investigate or even douse the flames. His eyes turned more red thanks to his fresh feed. Though there was more to be drank if he wished to perform at his peak capability. He waited until he heard the shouts and screams of panic, regardless of if they were inspired by the trail his fledgling left, or the flame he'd started in that tent just moment ago. Either way, the tent city began to raise into panic. When the the crowds began to gather and panic over the bodies being left scattered about, and the flame that threatened to spread throughout their camp, Alistair clung to the shadows and searched about for the largest and easiest target he would hit tonight. The Infirmary. He was shocked that Quin hadn't bee lined for such a place, though he was prepared to set the stage there for her now. The living flocked away from the sick and the dying, leaving at best a doctor and a couple of nurses to be concerned about. Alistair would have to take great strides to be sure he accounted for all of the living entering and leaving what was likely one of the largest tents in the entire encampment. 'Meet me where the broken and the damned reside, there's more fun to be had yet. At your convenience of course.'
  17. "I wasn't there for her kidnapping, I left rather early that evening. I'm not even sure I knew she had been kidnapped that night. I suppose you could say that I was....distracted by matters more dear to my heart that eve." He was stung by the memories of that night, yet how bitter sweet it was that just recently, the one dear to him that removed themselves from him had returned not so long ago. This of course shifted into thoughts of his own past prejudices at the expense of what he used to refer to as leeches. Between his blossoming friendship with the Him of Crows, and his brother's (the King's) choice of marrying a vampire formally has caused him to reconsider his stance over the years. Perhaps his acceptance came easier when he no longer was mutated enough to be mistaken for one himself. Xartia was at this point ever so close to excusing himself, especially with the prior silence shared between the trio. Though before he could bid these ladies adieu, Isabella chimed in once more, this time speaking of needing assistance reaching yet another friend. However, this one was in a place he knew much more intimately. Predator's Keep. He'd been absent for some time, though he'd yet to relive his seat on the council formally, lest they dissolved it for him. In the Scarlet Queen's absence, there was no telling how the administration was running without checking in himself on the matter. Regardless, Xartia possessed in his care one thing that kept him bonded to the nation so long as that one thing remained in his care. Khaliq as he preferred, Kairos as his mother had named him; The Bastard Prince of Predator's Keep. A son born out of wedlock, between two courts that remained unaffiliated. A son born between Xartia, and the Scarlet Queen himself. “What do you say? It will be, at the very least, a fun little adventure.” "It never ceases to amaze me, the way irony clings to my life. I wouldn't mind escorting you there myself, if you'll have me of course. Not so much an adventure for me, though I love adventures all the same." He paused, snickering as he shook his head. "What if I told you that I happen to be seated on the Scarlet Council of Predator's Keep? Would you believe me?" Perhaps this was the point Gabriela would start connecting some dots. Perhaps she'd recall that the Yokai Queen visited the last coronation, with him no less. Perhaps she'd recall that in the Yokai Queen's disappearance, Xartia was given title as the Viceroy of Port Caelum in the Arcane East; Regent to the Scarlet Empire. With the return of the Yokai Queen, he easily gave up his seat of leadership in Caelum. Once taken by the one originally intended to hold the seat in the first place, she wasted no time invoking a coup. This was were Xartia was unsure of if his position on the council was still valid, though he had yet to receive word either way. Regardless, the Khaliq was still there now, in Caelum. Or as it was now called, Taiyomichi. Regardless, so long as he was still accepted in his role, Gabriela would honestly be safest in his care. Not only did he have the political pull to keep her safe, he was also one of the only people capable of circumventing the Keep's defenses against magic. Which kept him versatile and able to cast magics limited only by his own discretion.
  18. Bishop was grinning again due to his opponents near miss with his fist. By the time his opponent was reaching for the handle of his katana, Bishop's left fist was retracted; He was more than ready to press on. With the opponent still well within his striking range, Bishop pivoted abruptly as he swung that mace through the air. Aiming to slam it's head into the swordsman's right arm, approximately at the elbow, he obviously hadn't seen the man reaching for his blade. The two attacks nearly occurred in unison, in which Kenshi's cut initiated just before the mace slammed into his arm. The occurring arc of the slash cutting him somewhere above his hip before biting deep into his flesh and ultimately scarping against the bone of his rib cage for the sword and it's master were likely knocked aside. While this cut was a bit more than superficial, Bishop was almost certain he could still beat this mufukka into submission prior to bleeding out. Besides, the healers of this event wouldn't let him die. If he ever had a legitimate excuse to be reckless, this was it! Kenshi, if hit by the mace, would undoubtedly suffer a severely damaged arm if not outright broken. Currently, Bishop's only saving grace was that his gut's weren't popping out of his wound. At least not yet. The crowd that had grown silent in awe was now shouting and screaming once more, cheering and jeering at the exchange between these two combatants as they continued to bleed one another slowly but surely. It was important to note that Bishop's breathing was pretty moderately labored, but to think that could impair his ability to fight was a mistake no man to cross his path ever made twice. @Etched In Stone
  19. Twitterpated

    [GS] Ventus.

    How? How long? How long did he have to endure this suffrage? How long had he already been enduring it. Perhaps worse than the physical trauma superimposed on his form, was the PTSD that hid in the back of his mind. Triggered by what could only be described as torture, Koji couldn't help but recall his time in the Void. He couldn't help but remember what the Yokai Queen had done to him...What she had done to his Empress. Once freed from his punishment by torture, which lasted for approximately and entire year, he swore. He swore to her that one day he'd come for her, that he would kill her. It only took about another year after he had been freed to follow through on his promise. While she'd been saved and somehow resurrected by her pesky friends, the fact of the matter was that he did as he spoke of doing. At first, he sympathized for Ventus. However, as her wrath continued to unfold upon him, he grew to have less and less sympathy on her behalf. Was she truly any different than the Yokai Queen, this Goddess? For Akako had done the same to him, tortured him into a stronger version of himself between surgery and abandonment in the limitless void. While he was thankful for the boon he'd received, he still killed her for her transgressions. Though that was hardly for himself, that was for his late Empress. His Kimi. Recalling this fact led to reminiscing of her, which reminded him of Kimiko. In turn, this brought his Empress to his mind, Katiya. This brought to mind his other remaining wives, Noi, and of course the fiery haired Celine. These vivid thoughts a memories brought him to the cusp of the happiest he'd ever been. To ones of his first born, Kaori, and her younger brother Akui; Heir to the Datsuzoku throne. Then of course the two unborn children of his, carried by Noi and Celine respectively; both of which he was almost certain were boys. Finally his eyes slid shut, and any movements that weren't involuntary ceased to happen all together. There was no more opposing the inevitable, there was no surrender either. Though just as he'd done in the past, he'd do now. His friends, his family, those he loved...He'd survive and live because of them. For them. Acceptance. That was what he came to afford Ventus. Acceptance of the pain and suffering. Acceptance of his own life, of her's even. Between the split yet shared effects of timelessness and time, there was no way to truly tell; Though he accepted his dilemma unabashedly. With each repeat, with each reiteration, he began to feel as if these feelings of intimacy were being extended to Ventus herself.
  20. "Tch." When Kenshi opted to change tact from an attempted grapple to the likes of a kick, Bishop found himself already committed to his actions. Punch, kick, grab; It mattered not to him. As he burst forth with his punch, Bishop merely flexed his abdominal region. That coupled with moving into the kick proved worthy of diminishing it's prowess enough to endure it with little to no repercussions. So as the kick undoubtedly connected, Bishop remained largely unmoved by it; In which he progressed with his punch all the same with his opponent snapping back from his lean. Assuming the punch knocked his opponent back, the Russian Meta progressed by following up with what could only be see as a flying knee. A single step was all it took to keep the distance within his preference before springing up and off of the boards under foot. Bishop's right knee drove for Kenshi's torso with extreme prejudice. If it connected, he hoped to wind the man first and foremost. Ultimately, he aimed to stun him just long enough for Bishop to follow up with a blow to the swordsman's head. @Etched In Stone
  21. As he traversed the lavish architecture, he observed his surroundings and the on goings there of. He couldn't help wondering what it was the Emperor wished to accomplish with these people. The differences between their two nations seemed rather vast, and he questioned just how well the two were capable of working together. Regardless, he was here with purpose, purpose that had little to nothing to do with his opinions. Not like he knew much about Aelindra personally. After all, it was easy to get lost in your own country and it's affairs. When he finally reached his ultimate destination, he entered silently. The talks at hand didn't take too terribly long to wrap, in which Alfonso announced that the floor was open to any others that wished to take it. The masked emissary looked to and fro to ensure that no one else was attempting to seize the spotlight. “If any others have something to speak with me about step up, we welcome both the citizenry as well as those foreign visitors gracing us today.” Stepping forth, the shinobi made his way to the forefront. When he came to a halt once more, he took a deep bow, hinging at the waist and pausing in it's apex. With respect properly delivered in kindness to the sort he'd show to his own superiors, government or otherwise, he stood erect once more a cleared is throat with a hand raised to his mask. "My name is Otomaru Owari, Shinobi to the Datsuzoku Dynasty; Though today I am acting as emissary on behalf of the Emperor Koji himself." He paused, his hand clasping before his waist. "Perhaps your council members in the New Union City have kept you up to speed on the ways the nation is changing, as well as the alignment and intent of my Emperor. I'm also told you met with the Heika briefly during his visit to the Hanami festival in the east. However, just in case anything is unclear thus far, I'd like to share his vision with you before proceeding. Genesaris is a country with rich and diverse history. Union City used to be a beacon of unity, though the years have not been kind, and the powers that be have been soft. Coming from a past of greed himself, the Heika feels personally attached to these lands, comparing them to himself. As he has liberated himself, he seeks to liberate the people of Genesaris, and ultimately the peoples of this entire world; He seeks to re-establish true unity, while also breaking the fallacy of order imposed thus far. He wishes to tear down so that he might rebuild a true paradise. One where all can be truly free, where all may live comfortably and pursuit happiness. To those ends, I humbly appear here today to express the Emperor's interest in working with you to see this vision come to fruition. Seers and Oracles tell us of the future, a future in which he succeeds regardless of support or adversity to be faced. He sincerely wished to be here meeting with you himself, though I'm sure you of all persons understand the tole leadership takes on one's personal desires. In the simplest terms permit-able, the Datsuzoku is offering a stance of alliance along side Aelindra. Thus far, the Emperor has managed to align the Datsuzoku with The Grand Kommandant of Renovatio, in which they've afforded us nothing by their undying support; Especially in out expansion throughout Oo'Xora of Nehalen. Likewise, despite the untimely demise of the late Emperor Titus, his Empress has graciously allowed relations between the Taen Empire of Fracture (Terrenus)." Pausing, he allowed the information to be digested a brief moment before continuing. "As far as enemies are concerned, it appears that our presence has gained the ire of a few of our neighbors. While we remain rather neutral to the Carmine, there is little to no doubt in my mind that conflict will arise between them and ourselves. Our history with the Imperial South has proven to be inconsistent, by which I mean that the late God-Emperor as his followers called him graciously gifted the Heika in the beginning, yet sullied any chances of cohesion during his reign. Regardless of if relations between the nations can be salvaged, the Heika perosonally only hold a grudge to Corvinus directly. The Hyperion Empire has had somewhat of a love hate relationship with the Datsuzoku as well, though the Heika too wishes to salvage relations with them. He didn't mention that the Empress Raveena was technically Koji's aunt. Not because he wished to omit any information, yet because he simply didn't see such detail as important to share. Regardless of personal relationships, the Emperor Koji had a plan, and he was sticking to it. Even his own kin technical or even literal was expendable should they oppose his ambitions. With his speech complete for the moment, he let silence take the floor, awaiting Alfonso's response. All the while he studied the mans expressions and body language for any signs of his reception prior to hearing his thoughts.
  22. I like the idea myself. Of introducing some canon symbiotes regardless of origin. (Of course my personal favorite in the comics was Carnage.) I don't have any characters I'd subject to a symbiote currently, though I'd heavily consider making one specifically for this concept if you're shooting for canon.
  23. Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman And maybe he won't find out what I know You were the last good thing about this part of town When I wake up I'm willing to take my chances on The hope I forget that you hate him more than you notice I wrote this for you, for you, so You need him, I could be him I could be an accident but I'm still tryin' And that's more than I can say for him Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman And maybe he won't find out what I know You were the last good thing about this part of town Someday I'll appreciate in value Get off my ass and call you The mean time, I'll sport my brand new fashion Of waking up with pants on at four in the afternoon You need him, I could be him I could…
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