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  1. I feel like I can finally write again.

  2. In the same day, I get diagnosed with sciatica for shooting leg pains, AND have to make a midnight trip to the ER for tearing my Achilles’ tendon.


    It’s been a real peach of a day.

    1. Twitterpated


      Shit. Be safe. Hope everything has otherwise been okay. 

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  3. I don't think much of my writing. The thrill of it, for me, is in writing with other people. Most of the time, I hardly feel like I'm worth their time, and certainly not their effort. But it is so nice to feel like my writing is genuinely enjoyed and wanted, so... thank you for that. ❤️

  4. I don't think much of my writing. The thrill of it, for me, is in writing with other people. Most of the time, I hardly feel like I'm worth their time, and certainly not their effort. But it is so nice to feel like my writing is genuinely enjoyed and wanted, so... thank you for that. ❤️

    1. Twitterpated


      And here I am, patiently waiting for another opportunity to arise. 

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  5. Just a personal curiosity question, have you ever seen a naturally-growing Venus Fly Trap? (meaning not somebody's plant but found out in the wild)

    1. Twitterpated


      Not in real life. 🤔

  6. A bit behind for the next day or so!

    My nephews wife had their baby via C Section this morning. The little dude was born early this morning, weighing 1 whole pound and 10 ounces ❤️

    Imma be a little preoccupied but no worries! I’ll be back rockin’ and rollin’ in a few!


  7. Massive move starts on Wednesday or Tuesday. Sorry for the sudden disappearing act... Everything is well (sort of). 

  8. "It seems obvious that we all see things differently. Yet we constantly forget, and act as if there is only one true way to see. However, knowing now that we are all susceptible to inattentional blindness and other perceptual errors, we cannot assume that anyone else sees what we see, that we see what they see, or that either of us accurately sees what’s really there." (Amy E. Herman, Visual Intelligence)

    1. Twitterpated


      "There is only perception, there is no veritable truth." (Caustic - Apex Legends)

  9. Feels good to finally go a few days without owing posts. 😤

  10. Feels good to finally go a few days without owing posts. 😤

  11. ALRIGHT! 

    So I’ve gone through all my PMs here and on Discord. Expect posts starting tomorrow morning (or sooner, depending on the mood). ❤️

  12. My house is under contract. We signed the selling agreement on father's day, which is hilarious to me because I'm spiteful and mean. We close on July 21st. 

    I just want to say that I am very grateful for this space. For Valucre. I cannot stress how hard the past year has been, and I've generally stopped using Val as a place to vent after coming across comments that questioned my ability as a parent and even went so far as state that I was the sort of person who didn't deserve to be a mother. This was a long time ago, but these comments by someone totally irrelevant to me have stuck with me. It's probably because it's the same sentiment that my husband is constantly pushing on me. I wish people knew that it isn't as easy as they think it is to get a divorce and get custody of children when you are up against a highly intelligent and moderately wealthy individual, who believes in their heart that they too have their kids best interest at heart. It's just not black and white. Not to mention a total lack of family support, or rather support that looks like, "I know you think he's trying to hurt you, and if you're really that *unhappy* I guess you could leave him, BUT those poor boys will miss their daddy so much. I mean, maybe just don't drink anything he pours for you...maybe...but just in case anything does happen maybe you should have a testament or something that states your preference for the boys to stay with us rather than their father, you know, just in case." 

    Yup. That was a real conversation I had with my mother. 

    Anyway, I almost lost Val when things got really bad and dark. Oddly enough, this is where I made my stand. I don't have to be as present as I use to be. I don't have to give the things I don't have to give -- time, commitment, inspiration, writing. But this is still my little safe place. And I'm just really grateful because this last year would have been so much harder without this little corner on the internet. I know I can't fully explain it, or maybe it comes off as whining or attention-seeking, but this place means a lot me. So thank you for those of you who have been patient, and kind, and so gentle with me. I feel like there just might be a light at the end of this tunnel and a way out of this darkness I've been living in for years now.

    Thank you. 

    1. Twitterpated


      Children will miss any parent that is scant regardless of why. Yes it's a hard choice to make to go through something like divorce or debate custody of children,  and I admire your bravery for not using your kids as an excuse to remain unhappy. 

      Best wishes dear, stay safe. If you ever need to vent I'm always open for folks to vent to. And of course, no matter the rate of activity, if you ever want to write something, I'll gladly oblige you either way. 

      Mothers... the toughest creatures in existence. 💯

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  13. Let's see how today goes. Might get to get back to the writing grind. 

    1. Twitterpated


      Shits just been a little wild. I'm trying to get it back under control. 

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  14. Day ran short before tonight's DnD session. I'll finish my post for the Time Stone Quest tomorrow, then start on any other replies I owe. Stay safe y'all. 

    1. Twitterpated


      Bare with me y'all...😩

  15. Thinking of redoing studies of my studies (below is circa 2007). Been a while since I've sketched people. :think: What a creepy face, tho'...


    1. Twitterpated


      Sketch Bishop ugly ass XD

  16. Illness and the general melancholy that had come with this social distancing has hit me hard. I am dealing with the deep disappointment of family cancelling some very much needed visits (and the on set of guilt for feeling disappointed given what's going on) and mounting feelings of being a failure to my kids because I can't even take them outside to due to the heavy pollen and my pathetic lungs. Not to mention the fear of what all of this means to selling my home and getting back to CA. Sorry for not posting. I'll try harder. I care about writing, it's just hard right now.

  17. Gird your loins folks, for I am coming for those Cornerstones. Investigation starts in T-minus 3 thread completions.

  18. Hey y'all, I'll be taking an indefinite AFV for a while now. I've been in a dark place and I need to turn my life a complete 180. Today's the last day I'm taking this shit, I need to succeed.

    Sorry to any RPs I've left behind, to those I've hosted as well. @Ataraxy, @Meraxa, @Metty@-Lilium- and others who I may have forgotten to mention, I promise to pay you all back 10 fold when I come back 🙂 Sorry once again.

    Do wish me luck all, I hope for my sake, that you won't be seeing me anytime soon

    And that when I do come back, I'm a happier man 😄 

    Take care all, and catch you later.

  19. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! May your writing muse be blessed and all your words be the right one, always. ??

  20. *Sigh*

    Well that short hiatus became a rather long hiatus...

    Aside from that, in the throes of finals, I have returned this winter to write once more... so...

    Lindsey Lea dog cartoon pink snooze GIF

    Hi y'all! I'm back!

    Can't wait to meet up with everyone again and do some hardcore, collaborative writing ?.

    Let's get on to the spicy adventures, shall we?

    1. Twitterpated


      Welcome back. I could use some activity with ye.?

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  21. Hello everyone, vielle here (again)! ?

    So: I'm a prodigal daughter on her way back home. I just wanted to apologize to everyone for ghosting all those months ago—it's as @Csl has said: I've taken a leave of absence because I had to focus on stuff irl and also my mental health. Things haven't been the best in that latter aspect, but methinks I'm doing better nowadays. It's kinda tough, having to learn some things the hard way, but that's life for you! Now, I've kinda gotten better at handling my stressors now. ?

    Which leads me to that elephant in the room: I'm dropping out of past threads, cutting down on new threads, and focusing more on personal plots this time around. Taking up all those past threads and keeping up with them was in fact doable, truly, but I unfortunately overestimated my capacity to stay interested in all the things. It's not that those plots weren't interesting; don't get me wrong! It's just that there's only so much my writing muse can do for me, and though some once thought it of me, I'm not a machine. ? So, as I make my slow return, I'll be more particular about the future plots and threads I'll be engaging in, so I can give them my utmost writing efforts to the best of my ability. It's the least I can do for my writing partners; you all deserve the best I can give. ❤️

    By the way, I have not checked Discord yet and probably will continue not checking Discord for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry if anyone sent me any messages over there; I haven't opened it at all over these past few months! ? But please know, whatever you may have sent me, I appreciate that you have thought to interact with me at all, even when I was, y'know, away. ?

    Overly sentimental stuff aside: I'm (omw) back! I've missed you all dearly. If you would have me back in your good graces, I'd be happy to write with you all again. Gonna do some spring cleaning on my thread tracker (it's a little dusty in there!) and take over handling that character/lore garage sale @Csl was doing for me (thank you so much, bestie!), and then maybe I'll have a cup of tea and look around what's changed here in my absence some more.

    It's kinda great to be back here. ❤️

  22. My father passed away. 

    Not sure when I will return.

  23. I am going to be taking a partial hiatus from role play, my posts will still happen but probably with long waits. 

    I currently have a lot happening IRL. 

    Trying to sell my house, going through possessions to downsize. 

    More importantly, my father's health is declining even more. Been on hospice since June and now with a hospital bed at home I am busy working while managing some of his cares when his nurse or aide isn't around. 

    Life is getting emotional as I juggle my own family, while preparing for that day I dread with my own father. 

    Please be patient with me ?

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