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  1. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei @Al Sa-her @Alexei It was impossible not to notice Koji gaze drift to his champion. It was even more unlikely that the young demoness didn’t feel the slightest hint of jealously welling in her chest; after all she had failed her husband to be the first to conceive. Celine was notably the favorite already and Kimi was less than thrilled by that. It was a nagging feeling at the base of her skull that had her teeth set on edge. Despite her well timed smile towards the concubine, Kimi felt her gut twist in anger. How dare she! The thought came before she could silence her mind. Kimi nuzzled closer to her husband before they began toward the entrance. As they neared the hall, her crimson gaze slid over to Celine. Koji was looking some other direction fortunately; so once Celine made eye contact, the vixen’s gaze would narrow. There was so much malice packed into a single look. If Celine didn’t know the extent of Kimi’s possessive nature, she knew now. HOW DARE SHE! Internally, the Empress seethed in contempt, however she was in her husband’s grasp and she knew that he was very happy given that he would soon have an heir. “Yes, Celine… hopefully your people are amusing enough.” Upon entering the hall, the group was greeted by a man and extended a note which Kimi stepped forward to accept before her husband could make a move to do so. Her gaze scanned over the parchment with an impassive expression before she glanced beyond the young man and sniffed the air. Curious. With a tilt of her lips, Kimi was grinning with amusement dancing in her eyes. This was the person she wanted to meet. How intriguing! Turning her head, she peered over her shoulder at Koji with wide eyes and a look of childish anticipation. It wasn’t too much after she gave her husband a pleading look that another presence that hung heavy on her shoulders. Frowning, Kimi looked away from Koji and back down the hall. It was then that she sniffed the air once again, stepping forward and away from her peers. Her eyes narrowed and the demoness lifted her hand to remove her choker. A spell-eater quickly stepped to her side as she dropped the trinket into one of its four hands. Her image rippled and changed until she sported two black fox ears at the top of her head and four tails dipped in silver that swayed in an impatient manner. Her nose wrinkled and twitched again as her ears also fidgeted listening to distant conversations. With a hum, Kimi stepped forward yet again before pausing and looking to Koji. “Vampires amongst others... One of them is older than my mother. He reeks.” It was nearly impossible to fool a kitsune’s nose, particularly one that wasn’t in the guise of a human. With a smug grin, Kimi began forward toward the scent that had written their welcoming card.
  2. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    Behind the golden curtains, a sheer shimmer that whispered against the wind, a young demoness and her lord sat hand in hand. Kimi leaned into her husband’s side with a satisfied sigh. The constant thrum of their energy was a calming balm. There had been no time to rest between the erection of His dynasty, to the consummation of their marriage, and the swift attempts to bear an heir of purely their blood. Only time would tell if Kimi would be the first to conceive as her Lord was attempting with his concubines as well with Kimi instructing who was most fertile when. Needless to say, the empress was looking forward to a celebration, a moment to relax and enjoy her husband in a neutral setting where they could banter without the fear of being pulled away for their responsibilities. The palanquin came to a stop and Koji slipped out of the golden curtains like water. Kimi watched with ever observant crimson eyes and appreciated each subtle movement from the shuffle of his silk to prevent wrinkles, to his draconic hand piercing the part in the curtain. The empress shifted her extravagant dress and reached out to her husband’s hand with a perfectly red manicured hand. Her gaze held his as her fingertips rested into his palm and she gracefully stepped from her perch. Her ebony locks fluttered in the wind and her hair ornaments chimed prettily like tiny bells. Kimi easily settled into her place by her husband’s side and her expression steeled as she looked to those in her order. With a gentle motion of her free hand, the Akateko were relieved of their duty. The palanquin was lowered and those carrying it retreated to the shadows to await their Lady’s orders. She would be the new Lady of the Void soon enough and the creatures of the Void were well aware of her cruelty in comparison to her mother’s. Though she looked innocent with childish features and a youthful radiance with wide red eyes, the young demon was much madder than her mother, Akako. “Sia Ith, si huven ekess tafiaf wer aesthyr ekess qe rumaga.” The draconic slid from her tongue with practiced ease. Her voice was like warmed velvet as she spoke lowly to her husband making an immediate request. Of course, she knew he would oblige her as soon as he were able. In the meantime, Kimi wanted to make sure he enjoyed himself. She turned towards him in a smooth motion and tilted her chin up. Her lashes batted and she knew that he would be pleased with her show of submission. The empress would only make requests of her husband, anyone else it would be a demand. @Al Sa-her
  3. Good news, I might not have to take the Series 7 and I might have a better paying job where I control how much I make (via bonuses). Bad news, I will still be semi-retiring for a long while to get comfortable at my new job (assuming I get it). I will go ahead and give everyone a little bit of hope... I don't think I will be gone permanently. Originally I wanted to not come back, but I think I will even if I am not nearly as active IC as I was before.

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      That's seriously great news, congrats! 

    2. AFV


      Thanks, Boss. Hopefully I will be neck deep and socializing in the near future.

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      but we haven't written together, ever.

      Good luck though!

  4. Port Caelum Festival Free Thread One

    Lifting her chin, the vixen ran the tip of her tongue over her top row of teeth, eventually prodding the sharpened canine and she processed Xartia’s blatant mockery and disrespect. The fool. Her cool gaze remained however there was something akin to a wicked amusement that flickered in those golden depths. Narrowed pupils dilated, tails flicked impatiently like a cat, and her ears twitched ever so slightly as she listened to him imply that she was being childish. “Mm…” She hummed as she stepped forward closing the gap between them. One of her delicate hands rested on his chest as her chin tilted up so her lips would hover next to his ear. That wicked gaze shot over to Arthur and she offered him a subtle smile that would be more of a warning. Black mist slipped between her lips as she spoke. “Am I mistaken, Xartia? You betrayed your wife and I know this wasn’t the first time. I do not care for how you justify such a thing… I do not care that you sleep around, however… you decided to pull what is mine into your web.” It was sudden, but her hand that was on his chest was suddenly threatening to tear away what was most precious to him. Nails pricked into the cloth and there was a rumble deep in her chest as a growl rose in her throat. “Cheaters go the same way they come. Leave Red out of your love life. Find someone with loose morals to play with. How anyone can trust an incubus is beyond me…” With that, Akako released Xartia and maneuvered around him. The crowd was silent, watching, nearly horrified. The demoness had hardly realized that her yoki was putting a huge amount of pressure on all those in the immediate area that weren’t accustomed to a demon of her caliber. “And you…” Akako sashayed, angling around Arthur. “Be careful. I am not a plaything…” Akako then turned her head to peer over her shoulder at Xartia one last time. Little did she know, it really would be the last time that she would see him in this life. Disappointment filled her gaze. Had he approached Red single, she would have had more faith in him. The blow would have been less stunning and she could have more easily forgiven him. Her fear was, she nearly fell for someone that wouldn’t remain true to her if they had ever been involved. It was fortunate that she had kept him at a distance. The reconstruction of the walls around her heart began anew. Steal was erected to protect her. Akako couldn’t afford to love anyone aside from Red. Red was now immortal and that was enough. All the vixen needed was the psion however whatever they were was still a question. They weren’t exactly exclusive, lovers, sure, but they had never discussed if they would be officially an item. Akako recalled how Red’s eyes drifted to Roen and a deep frown marred her pretty features. The black mist continued to spill from her lips before she was shrouded in the stuff. The mist then dispersed in several directions leaving nothing behind. The Lady of the Void was eager to find somewhere to be alone and her chamber was just the place. @Al Sa-her @Voldemort
  5. Port Caelum Festival Free Thread One

    There was a long pause as Akako regarded Xartia with an impassive stare. The Cambion had changed drastically since the last time they had seen each other. Despite herself, the vixen had to admit that he was much more appealing now than he had been. The absurd horns were thankfully gone and he looked like a man more-so than a twisted mutation of a man. Even so, his appearance wouldn’t cause her to forget his grave sins. The slight bow was hardly enough of a gesture however, the title he referred to her as was well received. Her lips upturned just slightly as her chin lifted haughtily. Her ears twitched as she listened to his heart beat stutter in his chest and she quickly recalled her ire and a sneer wrinkled her pretty face for a blip of a second before being replaced by a honey sweet smile used to lure flies to their death. “Your flattery will not save you, Lord Pendragon. This One has not forgotten…” The demoness stepped forward though paused at the shrill whistle that sounded more like a howl. Her ears pressed down to the top of her head before her eyes cut to the individual that had approached from behind Xartia. Narrowed pupils narrowed on him as she watched his eyes slide down her figure. With a huff, she cocked her hip and clicked her tongue to force his eyes back up to her face. “This One, is Akako Akari, the Queen’s regent of the port Caelum. Please at least attempt to be more subtle in your staring.” Though her tongue was sharp, there was some hint of amusement in her golden gaze. Slowly she slid her attention back to the Cambion and narrowed her eyes on him before starting forward again until she stopped a foot before him. A slender hand lifted and her fingertip ghosted over his cheek bone. “Men… disgusting, foul creatures. Particularly ones with no clear loyalty.” Her words were laced with venom. Her disappointment in Xartia was such a tangible thing. Looking back over Xartia's shoulder, leaning over so slightly, Akako peered to the stranger behind him. "I trust you are more of a gentleman than this sex fiend." Even though so much time had past, Akako couldn't rid herself of the memory of Xartia being intimate with Red. How silly had she been to have been attracted to him for even a second. It shouldn't even matter anymore, Akako was with Red, though it was a secret. No one knew that the two women were romantically involved. Akako wasn't sure if they were in-love, but they certainly loved one another. There was no one left that they could trust but each other and so they abandoned the hope of finding a happily ever after with anyone but themselves.
  6. Port Caelum Festival Free Thread One

    There were murmurs, whispers that she was heading their direction. Obvious excitement had the crowd wound up, many pairs of eyes peering around to hopefully see the Yokai Queen, just a glimpse. It was said that she was enchanted with moonlight and she glowed in a surreal light that made her already ethereal beauty that much more breath taking. “Did you hear? The Queen’s Regent is coming this way.” A young man elbowed his friend in the ribs with a lopsided grin. His friend shot him a withered look before tilting his chin up to look over the people in front of him. “Yeah, I know. Shuddup, man.”, he responded while shifting his weight trying to get a better look into the crowd. The smaller man in front of him backed into him and like the sea, the crowd began to part. Everyone collectively held their breath as she silently walked through, her golden gaze set forward as she walked with elegance unlike any he had seen. The crowd hushed around her as she closed in on the Cambion. All eyes were on her, most in awe, while others seemed unfazed by her appearance. Her gown left little to the imagination, silver embellishments that gave her a sense of modesty; however her milky pale skin could be seen beneath the sheer fabric that wasn’t decorated in diamonds. Her long white and silver locks were slung over her shoulder in a fishtail braid that fell to her ribcage. A silver half mask accentuated gold eyes with narrowed fox-like pupils that were paired with the two plush white ears that were turned to attention, and the nine white tails with golden tips that flicked idly behind her. As Akako’s eyes caught Xartia she nearly rolled them in an exaggerated manner. Of course he matched her. How, she’d never guess, but he would have somehow found a way to compliment her visual appearance with ease. Part of her wished Ishmael would choose this moment to show up, but she doubted he’d come after she had stopped calling on him when she took residence in Red’s home, room rather. @Al Sa-her
  7. Retiring

    Editing main post.
  8. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    The little white fox watched each match up with a fixed gaze. Each confrontation was more interesting than the next and it was much more entertaining than the few strangers that approached her at the banquet. It was with much impatience that the vixen decided to leave the banquet altogether and return all of her yoki to her true form. Talented martial artists to skilled magicians fought alongside normal human folk that fumbled in jest. The little fox’s eyes softened as she turned her attention to a father that knelt to the ground next to his son. The pride in his expression was obvious as he explained what was going on in the current match. The young boy, maybe seven at most, watched with eager anticipation and punched the air mimicking moves. With a huff of breath, Akako turned her attention back to the match. When she took a breath through her nose she caught a familiar scent. Her head swiveled as looked toward the bustling crowd. Warmed honey and the spice of cinnamon. With a frown, Akako was up on her paws and darted into the crowd leaving the games behind to find the source of her curious nose. Exit Akako. @Al Sa-her
  9. Port Caelum Festival Banquet

    Honey colored eyes watched the men before her, a lengthy pause that seemed to take an eternity passed before Soris introduced himself a second time. The vixen turned her attention to him, a slight smile curling her lips in a polite manner. Of course, this stranger was here for Red. They all were. With that, the demoness slid her gaze toward the crowd and peered at the blond that danced with Avvercus. With a sigh of relief, Akako returned her attention to the men before her. Soris bid a goodbye leaving the daiyokai with Souji. Her attention settled on him and she watched him while swirling her glass in a lackadaisical manner. With a hum, she waited a moment longer before looking away as if completely bored with the person in her presence. Setting her glass down, the vixen narrowed her gaze back on Soris. “Well, you’ll have to excuse This One. There are things to attend to.” With that, Akako’s image rippled like a drop of rain in a still pond. With an audible pop, her image was gone. Exit Akako.
  10. Retiring

    Some of you may have seen my short AFV status update awhile back. I'm going on an extended hiatus. I have personal things that need 100% of my attention. I apologize to anyone this might inconvenience, but life comes first. Good luck to everyone, hopefully I'll be back. If not, I wish everyone well. Ciao~ Brittany 7/22/2017 Update: Hi folks. I have decided to retire indefinitely. All of my posting in the next few weeks is just my prep for people to not be tied down by my character.
  11. Collection of Drabble

    2. Her mom was screaming with enthusiasm, her hands clapping as everyone in the room gestured at the idiot box. The adults yelled at the screen as if the football players could hear them, and her younger siblings followed suit, copying their parents and uncle. It was noisy and chaotic. The 12 year old was glaring at her lap, wanting to disappear back into her room to read, sketch, anything other than cater to the adults that were already slurring their words. “Beer.” She glanced up at her step-dad that swayed with his hands on his hips. There was a cocky grin on his face that stirred anger that simmered beneath the surface. “Yes, sir.” Walking into the garage, she paused, savoring the silence for a moment. The sound of the door opening gave her a start and she flinched before snapping her head toward the door. Her uncle, not really her uncle but step-dad’s best friend that insisted on being called uncle, maneuvered through the door frame with a friendly smile. It was impossible not to smile back. She'd known him for several years now and he'd always been very kind, funny, and easy to talk to. “I needed one too, kid, but you took off!” “Sorry, didn't want to make Dad wait.” His laugh was a rumbly sound, how she imagined Santa would sound if he was real. She laughed too, grabbed two beers, passed one over head to Uncle Robbie. Closing the fridge again, she turned around and nearly ran into his chest. She pushed him out of the way with a playful glint in her eye before making her way back inside. Uncle Robbie dropped onto the couch next to her and doing his arm over her shoulder. He gripped her shoulder and gave her a little shake before pulling her against his side. Her mom and step-dad were still on their feet wildly motioning at the TV while he affectionately squeezed her shoulder before relocating his hand to her waist. It was uncomfortable, but a seemingly harmless thing. She remained still, allowing him to hold her while a sense of unease settled in her gut. She watched her mom, mentally begging her to look her way. She wasn't sure why she felt frightened, because he wasn't doing anything wrong, but she wanted to get away. Something had her on edge, but she couldn't rationalize it so she remained quiet.
  12. Collection of Drabble

    1. The sudden jerk of falling followed by an immediate loss of oxygen caused her eyes to open wide in surprise. The sky was moving, the sun blurred, while darkened leaves floated on the water’s surface. She was sinking. She knew she would die if she didn’t swim. She couldn’t, limbs were hard to control, clumsy and awkward. Panic set in. I know how to swim. Swim. SWIM! With a gasp and a jolt, a young girl woke from her nightmare damp with sweat. Glowing stars littered the ceiling above her head that was close enough to touch. She reached, small fingers not yet marred with the ugly habit of nail chewing, ghosted over the little plastic stars as relief set in. It was a reoccurring dream that she had for as long as she could remember. It was a memory from when her real dad had been around. The one time he had been left to watch her alone for the moments her mom had gone inside. Life was such a fragile thing, as was trust. Both were nearly killed that day, but one had survived and the 12 year old was proof of it. Turning to the guard rail, the child looked over the edge of her story house bed to the bed across the room which her sister slept soundly in. With a sigh, she rolled back into bed and pressed the balls of her feet to the ceiling and walked her feet up till her knees pressed to her chest. Music played softly as she remained in that position a moment longer. Finally her feet fell back to the bed and sleep found her again.