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    X Marks the Spot for @Voldemort and me!
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    personality; history; etc
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    [Just kidding]
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    Adeline Meaux

    Full Name: Adeline Meaux Nickname(s): Hazel Age: 17 Race: Human Gender: Female Height: 4’11 Body: 32-23-32 (Bra Size: 30C) Weight: 100 lbs Hair: Chin length bob with blunt bangs Hair Color: Black Eye Shape: Round Eye Color: Icy Blue
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    An old friend of ours.
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    I can imagine. So long as he's happy, more power to him.
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    I was sure he fell into a black hole. Glad he's alive!
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    Yoru no Kyōfu

    Darkness, the familiar feeling of the void wrapped around Koji like a blanket. There was no feeling, no noise here, not even the sound of breath. Seconds stretched into minutes which then felt like hours. It was a suffocating depletion of the senses that he knew better than anyone else. The Void Kitsune had once trapped him in his own personal hell, the void, for much longer than strictly necessary and yet, she lived. Akako was alive and well despite everything they had done to wipe her from existence while his mate was gone. The one he had loved more than anything else was taken from him when she hadn't deserved to die. The universe had always been a cruel mistress to him and his family. Perhaps his father was to blame for the misfortune because he too was plagued by piss poor luck. Even so, it had been fortunate that his Empress had gathered him a harem before her untimely passing so he would not be lonely. But, did those in his servitude truly fill the hole she left in his life? The emperor was blessed with children and followers. He was in communication with the other leaders in the area and seemed to be doing well, but without his Empress pulling the strings behind him, what was his purpose now? Who was he without her influence? Was he capable of true greatness without Kimi's constant counsel and whispers to encourage every despicable deed he did? Deep in the darkness, something flashed, a spark that seemed misplaced in this realm. A pallid green glow, sickly in color, weak against the blackness and so far away. It seemed to be slowly approaching while Koji was anchored to where he was, not tethered to a floor but floating in place. rooted in the abyss. From a distance, it looked like fire, but it was difficult to tell. It could easily be his own mind toying with him seeing as where he was. Perhaps Akako had captured him again somehow, it was a possibility. He knew she had been brought back from the dead, but she had been missing for several months now. As quickly as she had returned, she was gone again. Maybe this was what she had been plotting this entire time. No one would put it past her to find her retribution. If nothing, the woman was vindictive and vengeful. Koji would suddenly feel fingertips against his back, gently tracing down the line of his spine. It was a familiar touch that was so confident and so sure that he wouldn't mistake the owner of those slender digits. Even though the cloth that covered his back, he would feel the bite of cold as her chilled digits danced down his spine like a chill. It was a sudden onslaught to his deprived senses to be sure. A fluttering giggle, high and light, echoed around him as if the owner of the voice wasn't hovering just behind him. "Sia itov... svabol herajic wux?" Her voice a soft coo behind him, her breath a cold wind at his neck. There was a hint of concern in her tone as if she knew all that had been happening in her absence as if she had never really died. It was so commonplace that it was difficult to tell if she had really died or not. It was as if she had never left him. "So lost, my love. So very lost." She rounded him then, still invisible to his eyes, but he would feel her fingers trail around until they rested on his chest. "I cannot rest like this. These imposters taking my place... they aren't me. They cannot guide you as I can. They cannot adore you and serve you as I did." She paused, a sigh sounding the in pitch before she resumed. Only those words would affirm that her death had been real and this was an apparition of sorts, a ghost that would never cease haunting him. Most would consider it a curse, but perhaps he would think himself blessed to have his true soul mate with him even after death. "You know what you need to do... What we were born to do. Burn it all, my love. I am with you. Si geou agantal qe mrith wux." Her lips were on his then, and still, he would be unable to see her but would be able to feel something not quite right about his Empress's lips. They weren't as full as they had been in the past and it felt as if something was missing. There was no scent, as if she wasn't truly there, though he'd feel Kimi pressed against him as she had when she was alive. Suddenly, there was light, pale and green, casting an eerie glow upon the pair. The small green ember was just above them, flickering with wicked intent as if the little flame was no flame at all, but a spirit that was shedding light on the truth. It was then that he could see his mate. Kimi was a corpse, practically rotted away. Her lips were still on his, half eaten away by the maggots that had likely devoured her flesh in her passing. Those familiar crimson eyes glinted with a violent promise as her left hand, a skeleton lifted to grip the cloth at his chest. Her lips parted and the stench of death would hit his nose then, the illusion was gone. The green light glinted off her rotted organs and eyes. Half of her face was missing, skin hanging from just beneath her left eye. The right side of her face was as perfect as it had always been. The sinewy muscle was bared to his eyes, her heart beneath her ribs unmoving and bare. It was a nightmare. A terror. She was the undead haunting him. @Twitterpated
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Whatever you want. Freeform. It's traditional eastern music, so just keep that in mind. You can probably look up an example of that song on YouTube.
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Aiyoki tucked her yoki within her, so tightly wound that no one would sense her from here on out. Her movements were like a shadow on a wall. It would be difficult to know she was there unless she wished it to be so. The serpent scented the air with her forked tongue before reaching to her mistress via their mental connection. “My Lady… no one is mortally injured. I will return to tracking the assassin.” There was a pause before Akako’s voice sounded within the familiar's mind. “The source of blood?”, the vixen inquired with obvious concern. “A game between a Carpathian and Fae.” “I see… Very well then. Find the assassin and bring her to me.” “Yes, my Lady.” The connection severed and Aiyoku vanished in a wisp of violet smoke. Meanwhile, Akako shifted her attention to those before her. The young elf had been speaking, but she only caught what the spirit at her side said regarding her being a Queen. While he wasn’t entirely wrong, Akako was only a Queen by rumor. The Yokai population considered her as much due to her longevity and the power she had accumulated over the many millennia she had lived. The daiyokai considered this apparition for a moment before shifting her golden gaze to the elven Lord. Her name was upon his lips and on cue, Akako’s own pout curled into a beautiful smile. The volume that Lothlorain produced was enormous and Akako’s dainty brows rose in amusement. There was a little snicker that she covered with her fingertips before she waved her hand over the book in his hands. Ancient magic brushed over his palms as her yoki surrounded the bound collection of poems before vanishing altogether. “Many thanks, Lord Lothlorian. It is among my favorite pieces of literature. I will certainly take the time to enjoy your lovely gift.” She then watched as Xartia and Red were bestowed equally amusing trinkets to add to their collection of gifts they had surely amassed as she had. The elder demoness decided at that moment that she was rather fond of the trickster elf lord. The only hint that he was up to something was the subtle change in his scent. It was a citrusy aroma that was a tell-tale sign of mischief, one Akako knew all too well. The demoness parted her lips to comment on Xartia’s gift in particular; however, the words died on her lips as chilly white flakes fell over them, disappearing before they even touched her lavish silk. Akako’s eyes lifted to the sky before looking for the culprit. Her ears caught low chuckling from several guards that were not her own. A lovely young girl that the fox spirit was unfamiliar with blushed brightly and Akako tilted her head in curiosity. Her gold and silver tails swayed and before anyone could stop her Akako was moving away from her guests. “Excuse me…” She was silent across the courtyard on her bare feet as she made her way onto the dancefloor. This would not be the last time the demoness would dance during the festival, there would be a bond fire and the demonic children would come to dance with their queen. For now, Akako would entertain this gifted child even as a scuffle took place just outside her walls. She knew there had been a death nearby, several even, she could smell the stench of blood, and hear the commotion outside her gates. While she didn’t mare her face with a frown, Akako knew and felt a familiar presence nearby and knew the situation would be handled. “Do you mind if I join you?”, the demoness inquired upon her approach to the young girl even as she waved to the guzheng player. “Spring River Flower Moon Night…”, the instruction was telepathic and the human guzheng player bowed gracefully before laying her fingers on her instrument, waiting for Akako’s young companion to oblige her request. @Grubbistch @Twitterpated @Red the Ambivalent @Ataraxy @Deus Ex Aizen @Voldemort
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    I'll be posting this weekend. Busy week.
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    Zentai Shin Sekai | A Whole New World

    How he was still attracted to her with the swell of her tummy was beyond her, but Kimi basked in his affection nonetheless. Her palms pressed to his chest, fingertips resting there gently as if content to enjoy the simplicity of touch. It was true that they could likely stay in that position forever, basking in each other’s presence and getting lost in each other’s eyes. Kimi was practically purring in his grasp as his hands cradled her waist the way a lover, no… a husband should. His generous doting always reminded her why she gifted him a harem. While she found herself often jealous, she knew that his happiness outweighed her own. “Si geou gethrisj svaklar wux gethrisj. Yth tlush svaklar wux huven ekess tlush.”
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    There was a curt little nod from the red-head before she looked at her hands that fidgeted nervously in her lap. She remained quiet for a moment then looked back over her shoulder. He was eying the comb with a skeptical expression. Crystal couldn’t help the amused smile that appeared on her lips before she gave him some instruction. “That bottle, spray the water on my hair to dampen it. Then use the teeth of the comb to brush through my hair. Please be gentle, I do have some bruising towards my neck.” Turning her head forward so Leon could brush her hair, she sighed. Clouds drifted in the sky in a lazy fashion and the elemental longed to be back outside. She had become so accustomed to being outdoors that she missed it. “You said your surgery… I assume you are talking about your eye?” It was strange how the roles reversed. Her hand lifted and she brushed her fingers over the bandage that covered her eye and she frowned. Even Crystal knew that she had been beautiful, but a scar… on her face. Swallowing the disgust, Crystal tried to shove the self-deprivation talk into the back of her mind. She could hear her own voice telling her that she was no longer desirable.
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    It was as if time slowed, Akako felt that familiar pulse of power as arcane magic charged. The scent of ozone burned in her nose and she felt her beast rear its head. Her golden eyes, already on Lothlorian, saw his gaze shift to an oncoming assassin. The demoness turned her cheek and glanced over her shoulder. The second before the energy blast let loose from her elven companion, Akako’s gaze locked on the assassin’s. A smile curled her lips, something wicked that promised retribution. A human dare to make an attempt and such a shallow one at that. They were certainly unaware of what Akako was truly capable of if this was their method. It was… amusing at best. As magic screamed past her to send her assailant skittering away, the elder demoness watched her briefly then flicked her gaze to Aiyoku who was crouched on the outer wall. Akako’s smile widened into a malicious grin; her yoki shifted in the air as she gave a silent command. Bring her back alive. The words were never spoken, but any that knew the demoness knew just how much she loved forcing information out of others. The serpent gave Akako a withering look before standing and vanishing in a cloud of mist. The exchange was but a blip of a second; in that time the Cambion had entered the fray. She could feel him a breath away. His true power was interesting and Akako loathed that he withheld that dirty little secret from her. With a bored sigh, the daiyokai looked towards Xartia, the elf lord, and noted the impaled assassin. “Oh, Xartia… you killed him. Such a waste…” With a click of her tongue, she placed her fingers on his bicep and stepped a bit closer to admire his handy work. “Excellent timing though - truly. What would I have done without you.” There was something in her tone that hinted at her ire that was still present, though her expression gave nothing away. She looked pleased, albeit a bit exasperated. Junko, Akako’s hawk retainer, came dashing out of the shiro only to slow as she saw the scene. Her perfect onyx colored beak parted slightly as she stared wide-eyed. Akako didn’t seem to notice; rather she was more taken with a familiar wash of power. While the psion’s intended effect didn’t force Akako into a sense of peace, it certainly brought a smile to the woman’s lips. Golden eyes averted and she looked at her once lover with a knowing look. The citizens seemed to calm, including her Junko. With that settled, the vixen turned her full attention to the recently deceased assassin. With a hum, Akako released Xartia and stepped forward. A delicate hand touched the man’s chest and her yoki burst forth. Junko let out an alarmed squeak and immediately dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the ground. While the daiyokai’s power wasn’t malevolent in its purpose, it was heavy, oppressing in its weight. Her essence snaked into the man and forced his body to temporarily mend then restarted his heart. “This One is not finished with you… so much fun we will have.” “Junko.” The young demon started at her name and lifted her forehead from the grass, dirt, and grass still imprinted on her forehead. “Put him in a cell… he will likely wake soon, so hurry.” Junko bowed again before scrambling to her feet and picking up the now discarded, comatose man by his shoulders and dragging him towards the shiro. Meanwhile, Aiyoku was tracking her prey through the city by that familiar bitterness of poison. “What insolence.” Akako breathed to herself as she watched after Junko until she disappeared into shoji door. Returning her gaze to the newly acquainted pair, Akako refreshed her smile. “Lord Lothlorian, this gentleman is Lord Xartia… a colleague of mine. He was kind enough to care for my port while I was on a sabbatical.” Akako looked towards Red and motioned towards her as she joined the group. “And this is the Scarlet Queen.” A waft of copper touched Akako’s nose and the demoness nearly frowned, however she kept her composure. Blood had been spilled in her city; however, it was more than a silly wound. “Aiyoku, change course. Find the source of blood.” “Yes, my Lady.” The white-haired serpent altered her trail and parted her lips. She tasted the air with her forked tongue before she leaped onto the rooftops and sprinted towards the scent. She was a blue of lilac and white as she streaked across the city. Finally, she found the culprits. A fae and a vampire. The serpent yokai frowned and crouched to watch. Her tongue tasted the air again. For now, she would observe and report. @Red the Ambivalent @Twitterpated @Grubbistch @Radioactive @Bardic Knowledge @Abigail666