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  1. Maybe I'm not pretty Maybe I'm just fun 'cause I got a belly and I got a bum But I can't be jelly of all the other ones So I'm falling in lovе with my Rum bum bum bum~
  2. Paper thin I waste away Caught up in an endless phase Trying to tell myself you'll fade While clinging to the mess we made
  3. Akako couldn't help the frown that marred her expression when he mentioned the lost kingdom and how she was the cause. He laughed, however, she wasn't nearly as amused. His priorities were certainly misplaced at best, but this was Xartia. Part of her always wondered if he felt indebted towards her and that was why he seemed to drop everything to run to her aid. She didn't know if she should be grateful for that or concerned. At the moment, it didn't matter. She didn't have time to think on it with him present. He always found ways to surprise her, and today was no different. The daiyokai didn't know where he got the nerve or confidence to take liberties with her person, but he did. First, a finger that feathered over her cheek then a gentle press of his lips on hers. The vixen could have stopped it from happening, but part of thought this was some twisted game of chicken, however, she was wrong. Her teeth pressed together, her jaw working as she tried to decide how to handle it. How to handle him. The daiyokai turned her face away from his and took her glass of sake and sipped it, still rattled by his forwardness. It was a mistake. She didn't want or need a man in her life. Especially not, Xartia. So be it if she were to die alone. She died before, completely alone, and it wasn't the worst thing. There had been silence, blessed silence for a time. Then she was with Red, seeing through her eyes and seeing everything she hated. A growl vibrated in her chest and Akako also stood while the Cambion paced. "We all have responsibilities that come before our desires. Get used to it." Then Akako was heading to the door. She needed to get out of this room. It was stifling. Perhaps she needed to hunt again. It had been awhile. The mountains would heal whatever this feeling was. The uncomfortable tightening of her chest and breathlessness that came anytime she thought of the moments she inhabited Red's mind. @Twitterpated
  4. I know I said I would post today, but I am emotionally fried. This weekend was ... a lot. I am going to try to post during the week as I have time, but please bear with me. 

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  5. Her face scrunched up into a petulant sort of pout at his initial response. Somehow, she wished they had stayed in, or maybe gotten a sitter so they could have a moment together. Her wheels began to spin as she plotted making that happen before he left. There was no telling when he would be able to come back so Crystal needed to corner him. "Okay, but we should try to keep this trip short. I am already ready to climb back into bed. I could use a significant quality time with my big spoon." Crystal looked at Leon unabashed and it seemed her previous moment was distress was forgotten. Pulling Kyna up a bit in her carrier, Crystal reached to him with her left hand. Her fingers weaved through his with a practiced finesse that came from years of being together. Despite how off and on they were due to external circumstances, they both still managed to behave as if there was never a time they were without the other. Crystal always said they were soulmates and that was why it was so easy for them to pick up where they left off without too much of a hitch. Leon had argued that statement with him being from another planet and all, but Crystal, stubborn to a fault, would argue that souls can move across planetary systems. Somehow, the two of them were meant for each other and perhaps this wasn't the first time their souls had found one another. It was what she believed at least. "I am thinking of calling Akako." It was a hint, a pretty sizable one at that, that she was ready to have the musician to herself. Last time he was in town the three of them spent every waking moment together leaving no time for the parents alone. While Crystal adored Kyna, she felt the same for the man at her side. Even so, she felt guilty even suggesting it. @Trexasle
  6. Crystal nodded. "You definitely do." Her statement was followed by a small smile. "You know... Akako could probably use some sort of fox magic to change your appearance. I've seen her do some weird stuff like that before." And it was true. Akako had changed her colored multiple times over the years. When Crystal met Akako, she was typically sporting red hair and bright blue eyes, albeit a darker shade than hers. Then a year later Akako had black hair and red eyes. It was a curious thing. How and why she changed. Now, Akako was often in her truest appearance with the white, silver, and gold coloration. What was more interesting was the several times that Akako took on the appearance of others that she had touched or warped her appearance enough for close friends to not recognize her. Her trip down memory lane was disrupted and Crystal tilted her head and regarded Rin with interest. The elemental wondered if she realized that there was no question that Akako wouldn't answer herself. Then again, maybe she was trying to ensure that whatever Akako already said was true. "Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. I have known her most of my adult life. She saved me from my servitude from spider yokai when I was in my late teens. She raised me basically. Taught me how to fight, taught me about yokai physiology, introduced me to her entire leash." Crystal paused and glanced at Rin wondering if the term resonated to her and if Akako had explained what it meant. "You're part of that now, as am I." @Lacernella Rubra
  7. Watching the fluctuating crowd was entertainment enough for the witch that she didn't notice how long she stood there waiting for her companion to arrive. When he did, she offered a distracted smile to him before turning her head to glance at the bouncers at the door taking weapons. Her left hand reached reflexively to touch Tabitha's immaculate hair that contradicted the rest of her appearance. The porcelain doll was tucked into the same garment that Iona's research notebook dangled from. Concern wrinkled the witch's brow as she watched a pair of women have their daggers and pistols removed. Looking back to Arthur, realizing he spoke to her, Iona looked at him dumbly for a moment. "Hmm?" Looking back to the door then back to him. "I suppose we should go in. You don't think they would take her... do you? She'd be upset if we were separated." Iona remembered the last time they were parted and Tabitha spared nothing to find the spell caster again. If Iona didn't trust her, she would certainly be frightened of her. For the moment, the doll remained unanimated at her side, glassy eyes peering into nothing and everything all at once. @Voldemort
  8. I just see what I'm not I'm guilty 'bout everything that I eat (Every single thing) Feeling myself is a felony Jedi level sabotage Voices in my head make up my entourage 'Cause I'm a black belt when I'm beating up on myself But I'm an expert at giving love to somebody else I, me, myself and I, don't see eye to Eye, me, myself and I Oh, why do I compare myself to everyone? And I always got my finger on the self destruct I wonder when I love me is enough
  9. The bartender was a comic. A single brow lifted and something akin to amusement twinkled in pools of warmed honey. "This One would like to see them try," the vixen said, her voice lowering in a conspiratorial tone. Her tails flicked this way while she observed the gentleman a moment longer before allowing Xartia to pull her attention away again once her wine glass was in hand. She gave the man a look before he left to serve others, a silent thank you. The Cambion didn't surprise her with his response. Of course, he didn't know. She refrained from rolling her eyes and simply brought her glass up to her lips while twisting in her seat so she wasn't fully facing the bar. Her gaze wandered and her ears turned this way and that listening to everything around her, picking up conversations clear across the room with no difficulty. Xartia was lucky that she was somewhat distracted or there was no doubt this conversation would have ended already. She scent of blood lust tickled her senses and she schooled her expression into an apathetic mask as she completely tuned the magician how as he asked his question. There was another scent in the air, one that Akako wasn't pleased with. The Devil's voice cut through the crowd and he confirmed her suspicion. Foolishness. With a click of her tongue, Akako shifted again, uncrossing her legs only to cross them again with the left over the right this time. Her gaze slowly returned to Xartia. With her attention split, her voice came, stern and unforgiving. "This One shouldn't have to enlighten you, Lord Pendragon." The vixen came off of her perch then, taking her glass with her. She took another sip before continuing and venturing into the crowd, towards her would be enemies though she was looking elsewhere. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about the chemicals that she'd already breathed in and was continuing to do so. There was always the option of leaving, but it was abundantly clear, from what she'd heard, that whoever these people were, they would attempt to prevent that. This was clearly a planned party and it would be a shame to ruin it with unnecessary violence. "He is your responsibility, not Captain Rebecca's, not mine. He is in Predator's Keep again and I've no jurisdiction there. I cannot send armies to stand beside him if needed." Akako spoke as she navigated through throngs of people and writhing bodies that danced, her hips swaying as she moved like water among them. Despite herself, Akako felt elation and a need to dance amongst humans and beasts alike. It was nostalgic, this feeling. It reminded her of days by Leo's side, hosting events that would bring hordes of customers to partake in dancing and singing. The only difference was the venue and the type of music, but it felt so familiar. "You are incredibly fortunate, Xartia," she breathed not explaining her meaning. A low rumbling vibrated in the daiyokai's chest and upon her lips was a slight grin. Something had entertained the elder kitsune. She stopped her trek forward and allowed herself to be lured into the music. Her yoki fluctuated in the air, a purr against those closest to her. Tails swept against the floor, swaying as she moved with the beat. Her long lashes kissed her cheeks as she continued to listen to the world around her and allow the drug to do its work. With inhibitions removed, the demoness would be less likely to hold back in an altercation which could be a fatal error, if confronted. But, for now, she was docile. @Twitterpated @Pasion Pasiva @The Alexandrian
  10. "...Legion of Doom's sugar momma shows up on my doorstep..." An unfamiliar voice whispered at the edge of her senses despite the cacophony. One of her ears was cocked forward toward the bartender while the other tilted in the direction of the female's voice. "Merlot, please." The vixen spoke as the blond gentleman behind the bar laid eyes on her. "She tries to bolt, hit her with everything. Someone needs to learn a lesson, so tonight, my friend; I'll have need of your special services." The second voice cut through the noise and the demoness sucked in a slow breath before exhaling in exasperation. Surely they wouldn't make a spectacle of themselves at a party no less. Her legs crossed, right over left, beneath the bar as she adjusted in her seat. Leaning onto her elbows, Akako put her hands in prayer, the tips of her thumbs resting where her lips met. Something in her expression shifted and a wicked gleam shone in her eyes for a blip of a moment before she blinked and it was gone. No later was the Cambion approaching her from behind and speaking in her native tongue. Her silent gaze shifted to him and she noted the formality he afforded her. Shifting again, Akako removed her hands from their resting place and settled them into her lap, straightening just a bit as she gave Xartia most of her attention. Still, she kept alert to the pair of female voices that she could only assume were talking about her. How many Legion's of Doom was there? The daiyokai regarded him for a moment before she glanced at Gabriella then back to him. She didn't say a word, but her brow quirked just enough that he would likely notice. He rarely failed to notice anything about her as of late, as if he was trying to make up for something. Without waiting for him to speak, Akako's voice slid across the space between them. "Do you have any idea of your son's whereabouts, Lord Pendragon?" Her tone was clipped, annoyed. He would hear it. The way she didn't even bother to speak his given name was typically a bad sign. There had been minimal communication as to what he was up to, and based off of Gabriella's statement, he was funding... something. Sure, it was his fortune to do with whatever he pleased, but they were business associates at the very least and transactions, large and small were to be discussed. Especially if politics were involved in the slightest. @Twitterpated @Pasion Pasiva @The Alexandrian
  11. Iona hummed in agreement at his response. She too thought they would be fighting the moment they stepped foot beyond the wall. It was a pleasant enough surprise that that wasn't the case. They both needed to reserve as much energy as possible for what she assumed was to come. There had only ever been horror stories from Yh'mi and Iona preferred to be fully prepared for whatever they would inevitably encounter. For now, though, the slow start was appreciated while she had the opportunity to bond with the man that dared accompany her on this trip. It would serve both of them well to be able to anticipate the other if engaged in combat in order to fill in any gaps the other might leave open. It was certainly too soon for that sort of connection, but she hoped it would build before they were faced with an opponent that was fatally dangerous. His question earned a snort of mirth in response. "My, you are perceptive. This job is merely an excuse for me to see the forest and observe the landscape in Yh'mi. I doubt this will be my last time here... If we don't die of course." Despite the severity of her words, Iona was smiling at Arthur, amusement twinkling in her eyes. Her attention shifted and once again she was nibbling like a rabbit on her food. She only got halfway through her first kebab while he spoke and she listened with interest, nodding every so often to agree with his sentiments. Lifting her head and looking at the mutant, her expression hardened into one of fierce commitment. "I have no intention of leaving any time soon. Where the Order lacks in academic minds, I will happily step in and provide those services." Then Iona smiled again, the corners of her eyes wrinkling as excitement shone in them. "I am glad you'd be willing to stick around to assist. I can't say I'm opposed to having a strong man in my corner... even if I can handle myself."
  12. There was a buzzing sort of anticipation that had started in her chest earlier that afternoon as it got closer to this event that Arthur had invited her to. At first, Iona wanted to think about it, because she wasn't exactly the partying type, but after a day of considering, she finally caved and agreed to come along. It was a decent enough networking opportunity and perhaps there would be individuals from other continents that would be happy to sit down with her and discuss botanicals. Initially, that was why she was excited to go, but as it came closer, she realized how novel this was for her. Not even in college did she attend a party. Iona never drank or went to any social gatherings for that matter. She was the definition of a shut-in, electing to stay home to study her vast collection of books. What was not exciting, was the amount of money she dished out for her outfit. Iona wasn't exactly well-off given her stage in her decided profession. She was an adventurer/scientist, and green under the gills at that. Fortunately, her most recent excursion with Arthur had been a success and she had extra to buy a lavish outfit that she would likely never wear again. Perhaps she could sell it later... It was a thought at least. Iona was the first to arrive, all nervous energy, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Her dress was form-fitting and sheer in some parts, but fairly conservative in comparison to some other outfits she saw. She bent over slightly and tugged up her thigh-high boots and her curtain of pink hair slid over her shoulders and hid her face for a moment. She never wore her hair down but opted to tonight. It was a special occasion after all. Iona even when so far as to put on makeup which enhanced her light green eyes and made them impossibly bright. What was odd though, was strapped to her hip was a journal of sorts. This was her first time going to something like this, so it never occurred to her that it wasn't suitable to bring along. Standing back up again, the witch looked around the myriad of people to see if she could catch sight of the mutant. @Voldemort
  13. When had she last stepped foot on this soil? Perhaps it was when she came as a favor to the resident Devil of Patia. It was a shame she owed him anything at all back then, but they had not seen each other since which suited her just fine. Her visit to Fracture was before her congregation with Dredge and his ilk. Rather, before she took Legion in to expand her militant forces and to offer a safe haven for those that men called monsters. To some, it seemed like a generous deed made by someone kind, however, others crucified her for allowing a murderer to reside amongst her ranks without repenting for his sins. In all actuality, it was a calculated move much like how she was now tracking the Cambion to remind him of his responsibility face-to-face. It was an easy enough thing to call on Xartia from Genesaris, but it would hardly make an impact. Akako knew that if he was to understand the severity of her annoyance, she would have to face him and leave her little haven to her retainers. The vixen stood at the entrance for a moment, her sensitive nose sorting through the myriad of scents. There were a few recognizable ones and given the environment, surprised her. For a second, she wondered why someone so inclined on isolation would be here in this crowd. Ah, perhaps the focus of their interest was also here, but she could not identify that particular aroma in the room. It wasn't the time, however, to be pulled into curiosities. Akako shifted her focus again and swiftly found the object of her search. The deliberate click of her heels on the ground was drowned out by the sound of music that was practically deafening to the vixen. Her yoki swirled, then expanded. Before she reached the gyrating people, they parted for her, feeling her presence press upon them gently. Most described it as a feeling that someone was watching you, a prickling at the edge of your senses. Despite her diminutive stature, Akako had an air about her that suggested authority of some sort. Besides, she appeared otherworldly with her cascading white and gold hair, pupil-less golden eyes framed in black, and nine plush tails that swayed idly behind her. Unlike when she was home, she dressed down in a black pencil skirt with a modest cut in the front to bare glimpses of her thighs and a wine-colored cami. It certainly made it easier to navigate the crowd. She could only imagine the hassle it could have been if she wore her silken finery. Finally, the rumored queen of yokai made it to the bar. Akako glimpsed a man behind the bar with a classical handsome appearance with his baby blue eyes and blond hair. She admired his beauty for a moment before her gaze shifted to where Xartia was, with a familiar face at that. The daiyokai's nose twitched as she sniffed the air and her brows drew together. The scent was at odds with the woman's appearance, but there was no doubt that was Gabriella. Her cheeks were flushed and her scent suggested she was no longer a vampyre. Curious. The second thing Akako noticed was how the Black Queen's hand was pressed on the Cambion's knee. The only tell that she had noticed at all was the way one manicured brow lifted ever so slightly before her expression was cleansed of any emotion whatsoever. It was comical and Akako fought the urge not to laugh out loud. The poor Camion must be suffering right now. It was rare for her to give offer him affection despite how bad he wished it. The only time she gave him anything was when she was vulnerable, which was a very rare occurrence. What was even more humorous about the entire scene was who was leaning into his space. Of all people, Gabriella. Akako thought back to Roen for a moment and a hint of a smile graced her features. What a small and funny world. She wondered if he was watching, but she made no attempt to look for him to find out. @Twitterpated
  14. I know that I'm a handful, baby, uh I know I never think before I jump And you're the kind of guy the ladies want (And there's a lot of cool chicks out there) I know that I went psycho on the phone I never leave well enough alone And trouble's gonna follow where I go (And there's a lot of cool chicks out there) But one of these things is not like the others Like a rainbow with all of the colors Baby doll, when it comes to a lover I promise that you'll never find another like Me-e-e, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh I'm the only one of me Baby, that's the fun of me Eeh-eeh-eeh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh You're the only one of you Baby, that's the fun of you And I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me-e-e
  15. To all of the people I owe posts to, I am very tired. I am working long hours, moving this month, and have personal life matters that most of you close to me are aware of. I am trying to get myself caught up, but it might be awhile yet before I am fully engaged again. 

    Thank you for being patient! Soon I will have more spare time and energy to write. 

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