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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Whatever you want. Freeform. It's traditional eastern music, so just keep that in mind. You can probably look up an example of that song on YouTube.
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Aiyoki tucked her yoki within her, so tightly wound that no one would sense her from here on out. Her movements were like a shadow on a wall. It would be difficult to know she was there unless she wished it to be so. The serpent scented the air with her forked tongue before reaching to her mistress via their mental connection. “My Lady… no one is mortally injured. I will return to tracking the assassin.” There was a pause before Akako’s voice sounded within the familiar's mind. “The source of blood?”, the vixen inquired with obvious concern. “A game between a Carpathian and Fae.” “I see… Very well then. Find the assassin and bring her to me.” “Yes, my Lady.” The connection severed and Aiyoku vanished in a wisp of violet smoke. Meanwhile, Akako shifted her attention to those before her. The young elf had been speaking, but she only caught what the spirit at her side said regarding her being a Queen. While he wasn’t entirely wrong, Akako was only a Queen by rumor. The Yokai population considered her as much due to her longevity and the power she had accumulated over the many millennia she had lived. The daiyokai considered this apparition for a moment before shifting her golden gaze to the elven Lord. Her name was upon his lips and on cue, Akako’s own pout curled into a beautiful smile. The volume that Lothlorain produced was enormous and Akako’s dainty brows rose in amusement. There was a little snicker that she covered with her fingertips before she waved her hand over the book in his hands. Ancient magic brushed over his palms as her yoki surrounded the bound collection of poems before vanishing altogether. “Many thanks, Lord Lothlorian. It is among my favorite pieces of literature. I will certainly take the time to enjoy your lovely gift.” She then watched as Xartia and Red were bestowed equally amusing trinkets to add to their collection of gifts they had surely amassed as she had. The elder demoness decided at that moment that she was rather fond of the trickster elf lord. The only hint that he was up to something was the subtle change in his scent. It was a citrusy aroma that was a tell-tale sign of mischief, one Akako knew all too well. The demoness parted her lips to comment on Xartia’s gift in particular; however, the words died on her lips as chilly white flakes fell over them, disappearing before they even touched her lavish silk. Akako’s eyes lifted to the sky before looking for the culprit. Her ears caught low chuckling from several guards that were not her own. A lovely young girl that the fox spirit was unfamiliar with blushed brightly and Akako tilted her head in curiosity. Her gold and silver tails swayed and before anyone could stop her Akako was moving away from her guests. “Excuse me…” She was silent across the courtyard on her bare feet as she made her way onto the dancefloor. This would not be the last time the demoness would dance during the festival, there would be a bond fire and the demonic children would come to dance with their queen. For now, Akako would entertain this gifted child even as a scuffle took place just outside her walls. She knew there had been a death nearby, several even, she could smell the stench of blood, and hear the commotion outside her gates. While she didn’t mare her face with a frown, Akako knew and felt a familiar presence nearby and knew the situation would be handled. “Do you mind if I join you?”, the demoness inquired upon her approach to the young girl even as she waved to the guzheng player. “Spring River Flower Moon Night…”, the instruction was telepathic and the human guzheng player bowed gracefully before laying her fingers on her instrument, waiting for Akako’s young companion to oblige her request. @Grubbistch @Twitterpated @Red the Ambivalent @Ataraxy @Deus Ex Aizen @Voldemort
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    I'll be posting this weekend. Busy week.
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    Zentai Shin Sekai | A Whole New World

    How he was still attracted to her with the swell of her tummy was beyond her, but Kimi basked in his affection nonetheless. Her palms pressed to his chest, fingertips resting there gently as if content to enjoy the simplicity of touch. It was true that they could likely stay in that position forever, basking in each other’s presence and getting lost in each other’s eyes. Kimi was practically purring in his grasp as his hands cradled her waist the way a lover, no… a husband should. His generous doting always reminded her why she gifted him a harem. While she found herself often jealous, she knew that his happiness outweighed her own. “Si geou gethrisj svaklar wux gethrisj. Yth tlush svaklar wux huven ekess tlush.”
  5. Akako Akari


    There was a curt little nod from the red-head before she looked at her hands that fidgeted nervously in her lap. She remained quiet for a moment then looked back over her shoulder. He was eying the comb with a skeptical expression. Crystal couldn’t help the amused smile that appeared on her lips before she gave him some instruction. “That bottle, spray the water on my hair to dampen it. Then use the teeth of the comb to brush through my hair. Please be gentle, I do have some bruising towards my neck.” Turning her head forward so Leon could brush her hair, she sighed. Clouds drifted in the sky in a lazy fashion and the elemental longed to be back outside. She had become so accustomed to being outdoors that she missed it. “You said your surgery… I assume you are talking about your eye?” It was strange how the roles reversed. Her hand lifted and she brushed her fingers over the bandage that covered her eye and she frowned. Even Crystal knew that she had been beautiful, but a scar… on her face. Swallowing the disgust, Crystal tried to shove the self-deprivation talk into the back of her mind. She could hear her own voice telling her that she was no longer desirable.
  6. Akako Akari

    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    It was as if time slowed, Akako felt that familiar pulse of power as arcane magic charged. The scent of ozone burned in her nose and she felt her beast rear its head. Her golden eyes, already on Lothlorian, saw his gaze shift to an oncoming assassin. The demoness turned her cheek and glanced over her shoulder. The second before the energy blast let loose from her elven companion, Akako’s gaze locked on the assassin’s. A smile curled her lips, something wicked that promised retribution. A human dare to make an attempt and such a shallow one at that. They were certainly unaware of what Akako was truly capable of if this was their method. It was… amusing at best. As magic screamed past her to send her assailant skittering away, the elder demoness watched her briefly then flicked her gaze to Aiyoku who was crouched on the outer wall. Akako’s smile widened into a malicious grin; her yoki shifted in the air as she gave a silent command. Bring her back alive. The words were never spoken, but any that knew the demoness knew just how much she loved forcing information out of others. The serpent gave Akako a withering look before standing and vanishing in a cloud of mist. The exchange was but a blip of a second; in that time the Cambion had entered the fray. She could feel him a breath away. His true power was interesting and Akako loathed that he withheld that dirty little secret from her. With a bored sigh, the daiyokai looked towards Xartia, the elf lord, and noted the impaled assassin. “Oh, Xartia… you killed him. Such a waste…” With a click of her tongue, she placed her fingers on his bicep and stepped a bit closer to admire his handy work. “Excellent timing though - truly. What would I have done without you.” There was something in her tone that hinted at her ire that was still present, though her expression gave nothing away. She looked pleased, albeit a bit exasperated. Junko, Akako’s hawk retainer, came dashing out of the shiro only to slow as she saw the scene. Her perfect onyx colored beak parted slightly as she stared wide-eyed. Akako didn’t seem to notice; rather she was more taken with a familiar wash of power. While the psion’s intended effect didn’t force Akako into a sense of peace, it certainly brought a smile to the woman’s lips. Golden eyes averted and she looked at her once lover with a knowing look. The citizens seemed to calm, including her Junko. With that settled, the vixen turned her full attention to the recently deceased assassin. With a hum, Akako released Xartia and stepped forward. A delicate hand touched the man’s chest and her yoki burst forth. Junko let out an alarmed squeak and immediately dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the ground. While the daiyokai’s power wasn’t malevolent in its purpose, it was heavy, oppressing in its weight. Her essence snaked into the man and forced his body to temporarily mend then restarted his heart. “This One is not finished with you… so much fun we will have.” “Junko.” The young demon started at her name and lifted her forehead from the grass, dirt, and grass still imprinted on her forehead. “Put him in a cell… he will likely wake soon, so hurry.” Junko bowed again before scrambling to her feet and picking up the now discarded, comatose man by his shoulders and dragging him towards the shiro. Meanwhile, Aiyoku was tracking her prey through the city by that familiar bitterness of poison. “What insolence.” Akako breathed to herself as she watched after Junko until she disappeared into shoji door. Returning her gaze to the newly acquainted pair, Akako refreshed her smile. “Lord Lothlorian, this gentleman is Lord Xartia… a colleague of mine. He was kind enough to care for my port while I was on a sabbatical.” Akako looked towards Red and motioned towards her as she joined the group. “And this is the Scarlet Queen.” A waft of copper touched Akako’s nose and the demoness nearly frowned, however she kept her composure. Blood had been spilled in her city; however, it was more than a silly wound. “Aiyoku, change course. Find the source of blood.” “Yes, my Lady.” The white-haired serpent altered her trail and parted her lips. She tasted the air with her forked tongue before she leaped onto the rooftops and sprinted towards the scent. She was a blue of lilac and white as she streaked across the city. Finally, she found the culprits. A fae and a vampire. The serpent yokai frowned and crouched to watch. Her tongue tasted the air again. For now, she would observe and report. @Red the Ambivalent @Twitterpated @Grubbistch @Radioactive @Bardic Knowledge @Abigail666
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    I will be posting tonight. Sorry for the delay. I work long hours, have a toddler, and obligations that come before writing.
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    Flower Festival - Meeting the Family

    Clouds that were various shapes and sizes whizzed by as the newly reunited pair made their way to the Hanami Festival. Crystal ached to reach out and touch the fluff, but she remained still only reaching up to graze her fingers over the eye patch that used to be Leon’s. She looked like a pirate and a leprechaun had a baby. She lamented over that fact several times after he had gifted it to her. Leon always had the knack for upsetting her unknowingly. It was also somehow part of his charm, that ignorance born of innocence. Tearing her gaze from the sky, Crystal angled her sights on the ground below. She marveled at Akako’s residence and felt anticipation bubble up in her. The elder demoness was like a mother to the bright-eyed redhead. She hadn’t seen Akako in so long and she was excited to finally see the woman again. Even more than that though, Crystal was looking forward to meeting Leon’s crew. They were his new family and they were possibly closer to him than even she was. Crystal glanced up at Leon’s back as he spoke and she smiled. Taking a slow breath, she relaxed and waited for the ship to land. The little elemental thrived in the center of attention, however, things were different now. She hadn’t been around so many people in so long; little did she know that this festival would test her in ways that she wasn’t entirely prepared for. It was fortunate that Leon would be with her this time, though he would likely learn of some of the trauma she was subjected to. After they landed, Crystal shimmied out of her seat and peered down at Leon with a skeptical look written on her face. She chewed her bottom lip nervously as she contemplated if he was telling the truth or not. Also, she wasn’t so keen on jumping down given her leather mini skirt, an electric blue bralet, black sheer hose, combat boots, and Leon’s jacket that still dwarfed her. Her long red hair was left down and wavy. It was organized chaos and seemed to offset the bright blue of her top and eye. There was still a jagged scar that streaked down the left side of her face and it made her very self-conscious. Finally taking a little breath, the woman took a leap of faith, literally and figuratively. The plummet to the ground was fast and she squeaked, slamming her eyes shut, body tensing as she prepared for impact.
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    As stubborn as Akako was, she wasn’t about to allow Red to change the subject so quickly. It seemed as if the human had forgotten what truly made Akako a daiyokai, the expanse of her lifetime. The demoness stopped and pulled Red to a halt with her. There was something dark in her amber gaze as she locked down on her closest friend with a scowl. “No… it was not worth it.” The demoness forced through her teeth as she felt the contained anger rise unbidden in her. “You have barely lived while I have survived for several millennia.” Akako’s free hand lifted and the backs of her fingers brushed over Red’s cheek. Her hard expression softened into a somber one; a bitter smile then curled the woman’s lips as she continued. “You’re but a child… Had you died in your attempt to save me, my soul would have never found peace.” Akako could keenly remember her first loss, her sweet child that fell from illness, plague. The stench of puss and blood was still thick in her throat and she could see Red there in that hut on a bed of straw with a rough sheet that was meant to be a blanket. The demoness swallowed back the sorrow that nearly consumed her. If Red had failed or been irrevocably wounded, the daiyokai wouldn’t have been able to call upon the yoki within the woman to revive her or mend her. With an audible sigh, Akako turned forward again and returned to walking in the direction Red had been heading. The demoness allowed silence to reign for a moment, waiting for Red to speak before forging forward again. This time Akako truly changed the topic, yet she didn’t return to the assumption Red made about Aiyoku. “… Xartia never returned it.” It was a cryptic statement, but surely Red would know what Akako referred to. The statement whispered of betrayal and Red would know the depth of how it affected Akako. Aside from Red, the daiyokai hardly allowed herself to trust others. There had been a strain on her relationship with the Cambion long before her passing, but this would be what ruined her perception of him possibly forever.
  10. Akako Akari

    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Akako understood what the elven lord was explaining deeply. Yokai weren’t a well-loved people. They were demons, subjected to purification and hatred by ignorant humans. Though, unlike Lothlorian, Akako had no misconception that her kind was the ultimate being. As old as she was, she had been humbled many times. Several millennia gave her knowledge that was rare. Each race had its weakness whether they wanted to admit it or not. Despite being subjected to hatred from humans, the kitsune didn’t loathe their existence either. The demoness hummed in agreement and snapped open her fan which she tapped on her lips thoughtfully. “Well, as you can see, my port does not discriminate…” She interjected as an afterthought. The demoness was distracted however by the shift in his scent. Pepper spiked his bright aroma as anger laced through his blood and ignited hormones which changed his scent. It was a subtle thing, but Akako wouldn’t miss that hint of spice. Her nose twitched slightly as it burned her senses lightly. “You can be sure that I will offer sanctuary to any of your people within my port. While I do not control what happens across the Scarlet Region, I control what happens here.” They would need to hold a meeting with all figureheads in the Scarlet Region to iron out a true alliance; however, Akako was ready and willing to offer her support. It was like yesterday, she could remember shackles that had her arms spread eagle and her ankles chained to the floor. Mages chanted around her nude form that was covered in blood. How many sacrifices had been made to summon her and they were so disappointed that she was the result. Demons and yokai were constantly poked and prodded by humans. They called them monsters, but how true was that? Akako turned her gaze to the apparition that kept the ancient elf company. “Just an elf, indeed…” The fox-goddess laughed then before looking to Lothlorian then back to the spirit. “In our world, he is a God in his own right. Those in positions of political power are in some cases. Loved by his people… influencing those enough to practically worship him.” There was amusement in Akako’s eyes. Surely they would all be stunned that Akako could not only see Terianthus, but hear him. Unless Helian knew what Akako was exactly, she wouldn’t understand why. The kitsune was a Daiyokai, a Great Spirit or demon depending on who you were talking to. Most knew what Akako was by the rumors that had spread. She was the Queen of Yokai. The underworld of things that went bump in the night knew her name and sought her out for refuge or to request favors. It was undeniably useful to the Scarlet Queen, however, that wasn’t why Akako was brought into the position of power. Red trusted Akako above most others and valued Akako’s added knowledge. Like a beacon in the dark, a lighthouse in a storm, Akako felt Red’s presence amongst her people. Hopefully, the Scarlet Queen would come to greet the Daiyokai, but Akako wouldn’t hold her breath. Red knew that Akako would be busy and Red would avoid the limelight on this particular day. Aiyoku stepped out of the garden area, however, remained in the estate. Her lips parted, her forked tongue tasting the air. Closing her mouth, the serpent’s white brows furrowed. There was a hint of bitterness in the air. Vanishing in a wisp of white smoke, the serpent took her smaller form which was inconspicuous. The white snake trod through the grass heading the same direction as the wind. Another pulse of her yoki and the demon familiar shifted back into her humanoid form. Her light violet eyes scanned the area, seeing the yellows and oranges that signified body heat. She parted her lips once again and tasted the air and hissed in annoyance. As many canine yokai there were in the estate, someone with poison was in the vicinity. Stupid fucking dogs. Looking in the direction of where Akako would be, Aiyoku realized that Akako wouldn’t scent the poison until it was too late. Shit!
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    An Audience with the Damned

    The demoness laughed as he settled his robes over her slender shoulders. While she hadn’t been cold, she enjoyed the comfort of warmth. But even more than the makeshift blanket, his words meant more. He was willing to face his friend on her behalf. Akako’s gaze turned molten gold as she smiled fully. “The Lord Emperor is already aware, but I am glad to know I can rely on you if it calls for it. I would rather avoid you facing off with an ally.” Her lashes fluttered closed as a feather light touch brushed over her cheek. Opening her eyes again she decided to reward her human for his bravery. Licking her lips, Akako reached for her filled cup and took a slow sip of her sake. “I am hosting a festival soon in celebration of spring returning and a subtle reminder to those of the port that I am back.” Akako chose that moment to pluck another piece of peach which she examined with mischief twinkling in her eyes. Slowly, those amber orbs slid his direction. Shifting in her seat, Akako faced the mage and parted her lips as if to compel him to follow her lead. The piece of peach in her fingers then lifted to his mouth. Akako waited a moment to allow him to register what she was doing. As soon as realization would dawn on him, she would press the piece of peach into his mouth, her index finger pressed to his lips. “You could join the festivities… This One will be dealing with politics, however if you are available, I would love the company…”
  12. Akako Akari

    An Audience with the Damned

    Allowing the indulgence, the comfort of contact, the demoness leaned into his side before trying to explain her circumstance to the best of her abilities. “From what I understand, my sweet Red trusted Xartia and told him explicitly to return the orb upon my recovery. I only woke for a moment within the shadow realm before falling asleep to continue recovering the power I had lost.” Arthur was right in his assumption though. When Red had found out that Xartia hadn’t been entirely honest, she wasn’t pleased. Xartia had put a strain on everyone. The relationships within the Scarlet counsel were now razor thin paper and could easily be torn. “The intension wasn’t bondage… it was just to keep the orb from falling into the wrong hands again. How was Red to know her then lover would take it upon himself to keep what wasn’t his in some misguided form of protection?” Akako had expected Arthur’s question, though she knew what he was implying. She returned her attention to the scroll as she tried to explain why it was still an offense to her person even if the Cambion hadn’t attempted to compel her. Slender fingertips whispered over the old scroll, tracing the ink that depicted what she truly was, an animal. Akako’s lips pressed together as she considered his questions wondering where to begin. Though, her attention diverted as she felt her hand left and not of its own accord. The demoness shifted those expressive amber eyes to gaze at Arthur as he brought her hand to his lips. Despite how unapproachable she made herself appear to be, the demoness softened subtly at the attention; her lips curling ever so slightly into a ghost of a smile. Forgetting her scroll as it tumbled off her lap, the demoness turned her upper body towards the mage. Searching his face for a moment, the demoness began to speak, her voice soft in the silent room. “No. He dare not impose his will on This One. As foolish as he may be, there is some part of him that knew he would lose every bit of me if he…” The daiyokai trailed off her gaze lowering. Her expression was uncharacteristically mournful briefly. Just the thought of being controlled that way again pained her. The elder demoness recalled the chains that the Golden Lich put on her only some decades ago. Her small frame shivered as she mentally walked down memory lane. Lifting her lashes, Akako looked to Arthur. “I should not have to ask him for what is mine. I should not have to fear anything as old as I am.” A bitter smile adorned her face then. Akako always kept everyone at arm’s distance, not willing to get close. She always regretted when she allowed someone in. They either died from their mortality or they betrayed her. Xartia betrayed her trust by withholding his plans. Little did the demoness know that he was withholding so much more from her. The moment was broken fortunately by the sound of sliding shoji doors. Akako tore her gaze away from Arthur and looked to the attendants filing into the room with plates of sliced fruit. The demoness smiled as she sniffed the air. Sweet, bitter, mouthwateringly good. Something akin to purr erupted in her chest before settling again as she shifted in her seat. While Akako didn’t need to eat anymore, she certainly liked to tease her taste buds on occasion and her guest was certainly human. It was a perfect excuse to indulge in such a treat. The plates were set down and the attendants bowed before backing up and turning to step out of the room. As the shoji doors closed, the excited demoness released her unknowing captive, favoring a particularly delicious looking piece of peach. She quickly popped the morsel into her mouth and sighed happily as it exploded with flavor in her mouth. The skin all but melted in her mouth as she broke it apart with her tongue before swallowing. Returning her attention to Arthur she smiled, “Help yourself. If this isn’t to your liking, I can have them fetch something more…savory?”
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  14. Akako Akari

    An Audience with the Damned

    Junko, Akako’s hawk retainer, startled as the jug was lifted from her small hands. Blinking owlishly, the lesser demon looked to Akako for some sort of guidance. The elder demoness kept her gaze on the magi even as her own cup lifted from her palm. She seemed entirely unperturbed by the entire situation and Junko wondered if she would be like her mistress as the centuries went by. Slowly, Akako turned her alarmingly warm amber eyes to the hawk and the avian opened her beak and snapped it shut nervously. With a slow blink, Akako conveyed all that Junko needed and that was to relax. Her shoulders loosened at the instruction and she looked to Akako’s companion with curious eyes. The ancient demoness effortlessly molded to his side as if she was meant to occupy that space. Her fingers settled into his palm, her skin soft as a rose petal. Those slender digits felt deceptively fragile like bird bones and they were cool to the touch. Akako knew how much men loved the illusion that they were protectors, providers. So the demoness entertained this notion more often than not with simple things like this, being escorted. Though the demoness certainly did enjoy being doted on and touch meant more to her than words; as was the case for any of her species. The demoness hummed softly as they approached the shiro and Junko knelt to slide the door open for the pair. Stepping up onto the wood, Akako spoke. “Kitsune are fox spirits. As time passes and we gain tails, we gain power. The most powerful of my kind have an orb which contains our soul. It is also a source of power, though we are still powerful without.” The pair continued to move through the maze of the shiro before they slowed at a pair of shoji doors. Two yokai knelt and opened the doors that opened into what seemed to be a luxurious room with a large sitting area, shelves of books and scrolls, and another passage that didn’t contain a door but seemed to lead into a sleeping area. Junko spoke to the demons at the entrance to Akako’s sanctuary and they nodded and hurried away. Akako steered Arthur to the sitting area and lowered herself with him onto the floor that was heavily padded with silk and pillows. She continued in her explanation without missing a beat and even as they were seated, she didn’t release him. “The significance of possessing a kitsune orb is the one that possesses it has power over the kitsune. They will be compelled to follow orders and are incapable of killing the one that has the orb.” There were other vulnerabilities for kitsune and yokai in general. Though, Akako wasn’t going to divulge that information. Reaching across Arthur towards the shelves of literature, a scroll shifted then floated to Akako’s outstretched hand. The item looked very old and when she opened it, there was ancient kanji written in faded ink in addition to illustrations of seven-tailed kitsune with an orb in its open maw. The marking on the fox’s face could have likely been recognized by the Scarlet Queen. A small smile tilted Akako’s lips as she looked at her younger self and remembered the days she preferred to use her true form.
  15. Akako Akari


    Outside the room, the elder nurse smiled gently before making her way down the corridor to find the requested items. The younger nurse than had been in the room the day before sidled up next to the older woman and she leaned forward and looked up at her face with an expression full of expectations. “So?” The younger woman asked while the elder’s lips upturned even more a look of mischief twinkling in her dark brown eyes. “Oh come on! Spill!” With a short laugh, the elder parted her lips to speak. “I am almost sure that those two are… something.” She whispered conspiratorially. “Something?” The younger woman’s expression was less than pleased. “… vague much.” “Our resident anomaly…”, she spoke of Leon given the color of his blood. “…seems to care deeply for our Jane Doe. Ah, her name is Crystal. Fitting, right? With those beautiful eyes… Eye.” The elder nurse frowned at her mistake and sighed. “Poor girl… she asked for a mirror.” “What are you going to do?”, the younger nurse asked softly. “Well give it to her of course. Perhaps I should talk to that young man before I do so. I know she will be upset…” And so the conversation went as they continued down the halls. Crystal found herself somewhat relieved that Leon seemed to be just as nervous as she was. It was silly when she thought about it considering how intimate they had been. Her ears burned red as that memory surfaced at the most inopportune time. The young elemental looked away at that point, choosing to look at the window as if the sky was the most interesting thing that she had ever seen. Internally, she willed her heart to slow and the blood that was coloring her cheeks and ears to recede back to that stubborn muscle that thudded swiftly behind her breast. Chewing on her bottom lip, she let the silence of the room settle against her skin like a blanket that was far too warm. His voice was a welcome break and her attention returned to him. Though, his question nearly sent her off the bed. Small talk? Really? … Jesus Leon… Crystal rolled her eyes and her lips finally upturned just a bit. Amusement returned to her uncovered eye and a quick sound that was something like a bird chirp. “As well as it can be…” Part of Crystal wondered why he wasn’t asking about where she had been or who had touched her. Her arms wound back around her mid-section. Maybe he didn’t need to know. Who… how… what had happened. A slow sigh escaped her and she looked away again and back to the window. “I am already tired of this room… I am tired of being stationary.” The door opened again and the nurse made her way inside with a smile. “I certainly understand sweetheart, but you really need to stay put while you heal.” She interjected herself into the conversation. While she spoke she gave Leon a black thick toothed comb and a spray bottle. The nurse then set a mirror on the foot of the bed, face down. “Do not use this until he has pampered you. Understand?” Crystal nodded numbly already feeling the dread creeping into her stomach. The nurse gave Crystal’s shoulder a little squeeze before retreating again. Crystal shifted on her bed and looked to Leon. Biting on her bottom lip again she considered him for a moment before turning so her back was facing him. Again, her arms settled around her too tiny frame. Her hospital gown dripped over her shoulder, far too large for how thin she was. Leon would be able to see the ridges of her spine from the split in her gown that was tied behind her back and again at the top to hold the flimsy garment together. Crystal picked that moment to speak, her voice quiet and full of gravel. “I thought about you often.” She chose her words carefully… she didn’t admit to missing him though she had.