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  1. 2. Her mom was screaming with enthusiasm, her hands clapping as everyone in the room gestured at the idiot box. The adults yelled at the screen as if the football players could hear them, and her younger siblings followed suit, copying their parents and uncle. It was noisy and chaotic. The 12 year old was glaring at her lap, wanting to disappear back into her room to read, sketch, anything other than cater to the adults that were already slurring their words. “Beer.” She glanced up at her step-dad that swayed with his hands on his hips. There was a cocky grin on his face that stirred anger that simmered beneath the surface. “Yes, sir.” Walking into the garage, she paused, savoring the silence for a moment. The sound of the door opening gave her a start and she flinched before snapping her head toward the door. Her uncle, not really her uncle but step-dad’s best friend that insisted on being called uncle, maneuvered through the door frame with a friendly smile. It was impossible not to smile back. She'd known him for several years now and he'd always been very kind, funny, and easy to talk to. “I needed one too, kid, but you took off!” “Sorry, didn't want to make Dad wait.” His laugh was a rumbly sound, how she imagined Santa would sound if he was real. She laughed too, grabbed two beers, passed one over head to Uncle Robbie. Closing the fridge again, she turned around and nearly ran into his chest. She pushed him out of the way with a playful glint in her eye before making her way back inside. Uncle Robbie dropped onto the couch next to her and doing his arm over her shoulder. He gripped her shoulder and gave her a little shake before pulling her against his side. Her mom and step-dad were still on their feet wildly motioning at the TV while he affectionately squeezed her shoulder before relocating his hand to her waist. It was uncomfortable, but a seemingly harmless thing. She remained still, allowing him to hold her while a sense of unease settled in her gut. She watched her mom, mentally begging her to look her way. She wasn't sure why she felt frightened, because he wasn't doing anything wrong, but she wanted to get away. Something had her on edge, but she couldn't rationalize it so she remained quiet.
  2. 1. The sudden jerk of falling followed by an immediate loss of oxygen caused her eyes to open wide in surprise. The sky was moving, the sun blurred, while darkened leaves floated on the water’s surface. She was sinking. She knew she would die if she didn’t swim. She couldn’t, limbs were hard to control, clumsy and awkward. Panic set in. I know how to swim. Swim. SWIM! With a gasp and a jolt, a young girl woke from her nightmare damp with sweat. Glowing stars littered the ceiling above her head that was close enough to touch. She reached, small fingers not yet marred with the ugly habit of nail chewing, ghosted over the little plastic stars as relief set in. It was a reoccurring dream that she had for as long as she could remember. It was a memory from when her real dad had been around. The one time he had been left to watch her alone for the moments her mom had gone inside. Life was such a fragile thing, as was trust. Both were nearly killed that day, but one had survived and the 12 year old was proof of it. Turning to the guard rail, the child looked over the edge of her story house bed to the bed across the room which her sister slept soundly in. With a sigh, she rolled back into bed and pressed the balls of her feet to the ceiling and walked her feet up till her knees pressed to her chest. Music played softly as she remained in that position a moment longer. Finally her feet fell back to the bed and sleep found her again.
  3. "I need to go handle something. Stay here, please." Akako’s gaze shifted to Red as she spoke. She blinked slowly, a clearly lazy air about her as she stared silently before turning her molten eyes back to the party while humming in acquiesce. The buzz of chatter was ever rising, a cacophony of voices that continued to build as guests arrived to the courtyard. There was a slow influx of people that made Akako yearn to vanish back into The Void. Even so, the vixen was well accustomed to being in crowded places and at the center of the fold managing, leading. She was a politician above all else. For that reason, the vixen wasn’t bothered by the whispered voices that spoke of her and how she obtained the Scarlet Queen’s favor. Impassive golden eyes shifted and landed on a group of women that seemed to insist on assuming her role and why she was suddenly drawn into the limelight. One brunette in particular caught the demoness’s gaze and went rigid before ushering her friends back into the ever bustling crowd. Akako clicked her tongue as a ghost of a smile twisted her lips. Taking a sip of her wine, Akako lowered her gaze to stare at a particularly interesting grain of wood on the table. The tip of her tongue poked idly at one of her top canines as her mind lingered on the Outsider being present and the way Red’s scent had shifted notably. While it was easy to understand the psion’s emotional, the daiyokai wasn’t exactly fond of it. Why had he decided to show face here, now? He could have easily come to make amends while Red resided at the Keep before showing up to a festival where the soon to be Queen would be crowned. There was already enough pressure on the poor girl. Ever the selfish Devil, never thinking of another’s suffering other than his own. His voice cut through the crowd, clearly agitated. Akako sat up in her chair and watched with narrowed eyes. Youki rippled around her and her image shimmered as she readied to replace herself with an illusion. Roen was over stepping in a big way. Not only was he outside of jurisdiction, but the Baroness had received an exceptional allowance from the Blood King to permit Roen to set foot on Genesarian soil. For him to even attempt to throw his weight here was absurd. As Raven approached, Akako’s youki withdrew to the source and her image stilled. The Akako that remained seated at the head of the table was a duplicate, a tangible illusion while the real Akako walked the Void stalking potential prey if the Devil continued to act out. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ As Red reappeared, Akako’s temperament eased. A reassuring smile was offered from the psion and vixen’s gaze softened immediately. She followed the woman with her eyes for a moment longer before tracking Raven down again. There were two with her and it was clear they were on a path in her direction. Leaning back into her chair, Akako lifted her glass back to her lips and took a long, lingering sip without removing those golden orbs from the trio that approached. "Lady Akako. First and foremost, congratulations on your ascension.” The daiyokai’s eyes smiled from above the rim of her wine glass before she pulled it away from her lips. Setting the glass down, Akako returned Raven’s smile and offered a glance to the pair that Raven motioned to. Without removing her polite smile, Akako was quick to see the warning in Raven’s eyes. “It’s always a pleasure, Raven. I would like to chat eventually in a more casual setting. Hopefully we will one of these days. Be safe…” The Regent paused for a moment, watching after Raven as she sauntered away before returning her attention to Soris and Souji. “Gentlemen… thank you for coming to the party. I suppose no introduction is necessary as Lady Raveena was kind enough to spare us that formality…” Despite her casual tone there was an obvious inflection of regal confidence. Her voice in addition to the easy sway of nine white golden tipped tails and the way her golden eyes narrowed, it was enough to put an average human on edge, but none of those in Valucre were average. At least they weren’t in comparison to those that she encountered elsewhere. Leaning onto the table with her elbows, Akako cradled her chin in her hands, the white triangle ears atop her head twitching ever so slightly as she listened to their respective heartbeats. She took a slow, deep breath through her nose and began to memorize their scents. Even though she was merely an illusion, the visions, scents, sounds were easily transmitted to the true Akako that now wandered near the festival games. “How might I help the two of you?” @Red the Ambivalent @Deus Ex Aizen @Wanderlost @Bardic Knowledge
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  6. Not too far away from the games the atmospheric pressure changed in the slightest; a warming of the air as ancient yoki fluctuated with an ebb and flow that would alert any privy to esoteric magic that she was coming. Passersby would slow in their travels, gazing around from beneath their masks to see the cause of the anomaly. One native of the Genesaris frowned deeply as her hands smoothed over her bare arms as chills rose along her flesh despite the supernatural warmth around her. It was an uncomfortable thing, as if unwelcome fingers tickled along her spine. It was the fear that something was beneath your bed and if you looked you would surely be sucked into the abyss. With a shudder she quickened her pace and continued towards the courtyard where it was rumored the soon to be Queen and Regent were. As the native passed by, the image rippled like a pebble had been dropped into water. Space seemed to move on its own as what could only be a portal shifted and moved in thin air. From the ripple a lithe white fox leaped and landed silently on small paws. White fur laced with gold shimmered in the orange glow of lantern light as the little thing shook her coat and swiveled her ears forward. The fox couldn’t have been more than twenty pounds even with the nine swaying tails that seemed intent on moving this way and that. Black eyes with narrowed golden pupils blinked as her snout twitched. She could smell excitement in the air and with a twitch of her tails she was off at a sprint, darting down the streets, weaving through the many party goers. There was a sudden blossoming of copper at the back of her throat as the scent of blood stung her nose. Frowning, the fox sped up, limber legs stretching and folding beneath her as they propelled her through the city.. The vixen was a white and gold blur as she tore down the path until slowing to a stop as a man with fiery hair charged a large woman brandished in armor. There was a blossoming of crimson on cream colored cloth and Akako knew that the man was injured, though not gravely. From the scent of burnt flesh, Akako could assume that he had used some sort of magic to mend the wound to save him from possibly bleeding out. The nine-tailed fox sat nearby and watched the events unfold with an impassive gaze, but this was certainly more exciting than what her illusion had to sit through back in the courtyard. Even though the true Akako wasn’t present at the banquet, the white fox could see through her clone’s eyes and observe everything that was taking place, including the insolence the devil insisted on. Political arguments were tiresome things and this festival was to be fun for the Red Queen and herself. Unfortunately it was turning into a stress filled event where egos were clashing in epic proportions and so, Akako assumed a form that most hadn’t seen so she could travel freely and try to enjoy herself. @Caloric @Robbie Rotten
  7. The scene was something out of a fairytale. It was a fair of twinkling trinkets of gold and silver, the flutter of silk and chiffon that the women wore with exquisite taste, a sea of masks and grinning teeth as the party goers chatted with energized exuberance. There was nothing left out for this event and the vixen smiled only slightly in thanks to the troublesome Wizard that had brought the entire event together. Eventually she would thank him for his dedication and hard work personally. He certainly outdid himself this evening. There was only a slight clicking of heels from the pair of women that walked in silence down the stairs. A vision to behold, glowing with the radiance of the sun and moon, equally alluring in there visage. The lines of their femininity were enhanced by the hug of the fabric on their waists, but despite how they should look delicate in their appearance – there was an obvious power that radiated from them. The warm golden pools of the kitsune’s gaze landed on a certain guest and she felt immediate anger that he had decided to show face after so long. Her yoki wrapped around Red in a protective embrace, knowing the psion had already realized he was here. While Red continued to survey, Akako remained with her attention on the Outsider until he met her gaze. They had allied once for a purpose; however they had no reason to be on friendly terms at this point. There was no pity to be had for him now, so Akako’s ire would be felt through her heated stare. A dare for him to approach what he had so carelessly hurt what was so precious to her. Akako settled into her seat at the head of the table alongside Red. It was wide enough for two chair to fit and plates had been arranged them both. Of course Leandros hadn’t missed a thing. He made certain they would be seated side by side, rather than Red at the head of the table and Akako caddy corner to her. “Don’t let it get to you. I doubt he’d make the mistake of approaching after so many months of letting you stew.” Akako’s lips never once moved, however beneath the table, Akako’s hand reached for Red’s and offered a reassuring squeeze before releasing and reaching for her wine glass. The demoness leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. Her free hand sat in her lap as her other brought the peach wine to her lips. There was a hum of contentment as the aroma touched her senses before the taste did. The statement within Red’s mind was only paused for a moment while Akako accommodated herself and tasted her wine. “As much as I loathe to admit; the Wizard impressed me. Never repeat that. Ever.” Letting her gaze wander, Akako caught sight of Raveena and her lips tilted upwards into a small smile. A familiar face and someone she respected at that. Continuing her sweep of the crowd, Akako noted the bear, the woman approaching the Devil, and various others. Some were familiar, others were unknown. Being social was not something the daiyokai looked forward to. Having been a solitary creature as long as she had, this would be something of a challenge. It had been several decades from the last time that she was in this sort of position. Her tails flicked idly as her ears twitched listening to this and that. There were so many conversations and none of which seemed alarming or noteworthy. The scents though, that was what interested Akako the most. The bouquet of emotions that flitted across the vixen’s senses was entertainment in itself. Lust, anger, jealous, admiration, sadness… it was all there and a soap opera in itself. So many stories were being told collectively and this was what made the celestial being truly appreciate mortals. They were capable of so much in an emotional spectrum whereas Akako was only beginning to feel again after being impassive and aloof for however long she had allowed it. Looking to Red again, her gaze softened. Her best friend, lover, and doppelganger had been a reminder of what it could be to live again. Red had unwittingly forced Akako out of her shell the day she came back to Predator’s Keep emotionally broken. Red needed someone capable of caring for her and Akako had stepped up to the plate with no hesitation, but it had required something fundamental to shift within herself. A wall had to be broken down and she had to love and be selfless. With Red finally mending, Akako had withdrawn just enough to return to being outwardly impassive, but it was a façade. She had changed, again. It was only appropriate for someone with her longevity. She would never remain the same for too long. @Red the Ambivalent
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  12. Tap. Tap. The silence in the room was shattered; the light knock drew Akako’s attention from the backwards twin she stared at with lipstick in hand. With a slow intake of breath, Akako replaced the cap of the lipstick and placed it in its respective spot. She lifted her chin, as she gazed through the reflection to the dark hardwood door behind her, clear across the room. Within the reflection, it was clear that the daiyokai had finished her makeup; however something else had been done to her appearance. Normally black eyes with golden pupils had been enchanted and so her eyes were molten gold with narrowed black pupils. “Enter.”, came the vixen’s voice in a low melodic timbre. One of her feline familiars, Ayame, pushed through the door, her gaze cast down. The gray tabby knelt and bowed her head. The plush carpet was inviting, but there was no way the familiar would linger on such a thing with The Lady of the Void in the room. The nogitsune slowly turned in her seat to peer over her shoulder at the girl crouched by the door. Ayame remained with her gaze cast down as she spoke clearly, sure her voice would carry across the room to the vixen. “She has summoned you, m’lady.” The feline’s ears twitched delicately as she listened for Akako’s response. There was a slight scratch of the chair sliding back and Ayame bit down on her bottom lip. Surely she hadn’t said anything offensive. Akako-sama was Red’s familiar after all… surely there would be no repercussions to taking orders from the psion. There was a glint just out of Ayame’s line of sight and so the feline lifted her eyes just enough to peek at what had caught her attention. The feline’s ears swiveled and pressed back against her skull as she caught the vixen’s feet clad in nude strappy heels. Then she realized what had glistened and captured her notice. Falling around the vixen were bright silver jewels, embedded in sheer fabric. The gown was unlike anything she had ever seen on the vixen and certainly paired well with the nine white tails that shimmered as they floated aimlessly. “Ayame, stand. We will go to her now. This One is ready.” There was no anger in the kitsune’s voice. Rather there was no emotion at all. It was what Ayame was used to and so the feline sighed in relief. Ayame hurried to her feet and looked at Akako in her entirety. She was starlit and looked like a vision of moonlight on a dancing tide. An ornate silver half mask adorned the vixen’s face. Her long white locks were knotted in an elegant fishtail that draped over her shoulder. Her lips were painted matte in greyish-taupe. The ethereal beauty looked like something out of a storybook, shiny and bright. The feline stared a moment longer before nodding and turning out the door for the daiyokai to follow. ___ ___ ___ The duo made their way to the main entrance in silence. All that could be heard was the light shuffling of fabric and patter of foot falls and the steady click of heels on marbled floors. With Akako’s financing, the palace had been crafted with lavish tastes in mind. If the Blood God were to ever step foot here, he would likely appreciate the refined decorations and finely crafted details that were etched into the walls, painting on vaulted ceilings. The place exuded the feel of royalty and there was a tinge of magic in the air as well; a hint of a secret door that led to Akako’s true estate. Pausing as the Scarlett Baroness came into view; Ayame bowed her head and retreated in the opposite direction. Akako’s gaze followed the feline a moment longer before she turned her attention to her. A whisper of a smile curled the woman’s lips as her eyes drank in the tall blond. With a huff of impatience, Akako closed the distance and reached out to brush her fingers over Red’s knuckles in a reassuring gesture. After all, the woman was going to be crowned Queen. Akako could smell the nervousness on the woman. It was muted by excitement, but Akako knew Red better than anyone and knew what this meant to her doppleganger. “Are you ready?” @Red the Ambivalent
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  14. A slender woman with a chin length bob knelt, her face downcast as her voice came in a demure lilt. Her white hair hid her face for the most part, but the violet eyed demoness didn’t need her eyes to see her leader. Her forked tongue tasted the air as she felt the vixen’s unmistakable presence and the feel of her yoki soothing down her spine as she shifted in her seat. “Akako-sama, there’s a rumor about an uprising in Ursa Madeum. A traveling merchant from Taen was the source and his reputation is very high amongst various other travelers and town folk.” Akako leaned forward, her elbow resting on her knee, her chin falling into her awaiting fingers as she watched the white serpent with little to no outward expression, though there was a curious glint in her eyes as she processed the information. “Hn… Send a rider to Predator’s Keep and Patia. This One will be going undercover to confirm.” “Yes m’lady.” With her orders given, Aiyoku stood and hinged at her hips to bow deeply to the lounging kitsune before straightening and making her retreat. _ _ _ The velvet curtains opened with a flourish revealing an ebony haired beauty with bright blue eyes and ivory skin. Her cheeks were flushed pink, lips a similar color though darker. She was dressed in a simple white sun dress, though it had seen better days. The girl was barefoot and notably dirty; however it looks as though someone had attempted to make her mildly more presentable by brushing her hair and cleaning her face. Her knees and feet had been left neglected and the bruises and dirt were enough indication of that. The only thing that seemed to be in perfect condition was a black choker with a small red stone. “The bidding will start at five ounces of Rhodium.” She was certain that they didn’t know she could hear them through the silly glass panel. She was also sure that they didn’t realize she could see them. Her gaze wandered to her feet to play her role as she should. Her illusion was perfect. Her eyes were wider, lips slightly less pouty than her true form, and the angles of her face had been softened. In addition to the change of eye color, the demoness looked nothing like the rumored Queen of Yokai. “Sold! For twenty-two ounces of Rhodium!” Akako’s gaze lifted a fraction to see the ruler of Ursa Madeum at the window watching her with a less than savory expression. Rather than allowing her eyes to linger to give herself away, Akako let those bright blue orbs wander the glass with a concerned expression. Practiced tears welled in her eyes and she quickly lifted the back of her right hand to wipe her eyes. Simple men… _ _ _ “Lazuli!” “Yes, sir?” Akako rose from her vanity, ready for the evening that she was paid for. Her long black tresses fell in waves down her spine and to the small of her back. They had provided a dress made of deep violet chiffon that fell in an empire line and was cinched at the waist with a gold belt. The way it fell on her shoulders accentuated the lines of her collar bone and the delicacy of her slender neck. Her eyes had been framed in black while her lips painted in gold. She was a vision and looked very much the part of a royal’s whore. “Have you received instruction from the head mistress?” “Yes, sir.” “Very well… follow me.” _ _ _ The vixen was knelt, facing the door, her hands folded on her lap when that familiar scent of burning ozone graced her senses. Her brows drew together and she turned her head to peer over her shoulder. A blinding light shone from the mirror and suddenly the woman wasn’t alone. Quick to her feet, Akako turned towards the intruder her chin lifted, eyes narrowed.