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  1. An Audience with the Damned

    Akako’s lips quirked up into a highly amused smile at the mage. As always, he was charming and he certainly layered it on thick. “Still the flatterer I see…” She teased while wagging a finger at him as if scolding. There was a smile upon her face that belied the gesture. As Arthur sat, the attendant followed and knelt between the pair. “Yes, m’lord.” The hawk spoke softly as she held the decanter with gentle hands. It was surprising that she could speak as well as she did with a beak and not only that, but it was such a soft sound. It didn’t replace her twin retainers’ constant chatter, but the daiyokai still found it pleasing. Akako opened her palm, mist swirling before a sake saucer formed in her hand. Setting the glass before her, she returned her attention to the magician before her that also used magic to create what they needed to partake in his gift to her. Both saucers were filled and Aiyoku looked into the distance, seemingly uninterested in the pair. Akako took a sip and immediately smiled, her gaze sliding to Aiyoku. “This rivals your sake, Aiyoku.” There was glee in Akako’s expression as she poked at her familiar knowing her pride would have none of it. Aiyoku, true to form, snapped her attention to Akako before narrowing her eyes. Gritting her teeth, the white snake turned and stalked back to the shiro not wanting to be bothered. With a feminine chuckle, Akako returned her gaze to Arthur. “She’s quite sensitive… Typically we only drink her sake within the shiro.”, she explained with an air on nonchalance. Taking another sip, her amber eyes remained locked on Arthur as she contemplated her next move. A stray gust of wind sent ebony locks tossing in the wind as she pondered quietly. Setting her now empty glass down for a refill, Akako spoke. “I take it you haven’t known Xartia for very long?” Akako had known the Cambion long enough to know the circles he ran in. Arthur wasn’t someone she had seen or heard of until recently which was curious.
  2. Colors

    A full twelve hours passed, Leon allowed in during visiting hours. Crystal had been still the entire time. When he saw her, she was clean again. Her long red locks had been washed along with her face. A bandage covered half of her face and the other half bore stitches on her cheek bone and an ugly bruise still marred once beautiful features. With the grime washed away, it was easier to see how thin she was. Her face was sunken in, ashen, collar bones so pronounced that one would think to use the dips as cups to drink from. Crystal’s shoulders were sharp, jagged that somehow could be seen from under her hospital robe. The first movement was a small one, a whimper and her shifting beneath her sheets. After a few minutes her movements increased, progressing as it became clear that her dreams were shifting for the worse. Eyes flitted this way and that beneath closed lids, her heart was racing, a cold sweat raising on her brow, a chill crawling down her spine as the nightmares consumed her mind. Gnarled fingers gripped, tore, and bruised her ivory skin. Her scream was silent, mouth open wide as they broke her over and over again. It hadn’t been the first time. The memory was so much like her first encounter with them; their pointed teeth forever smiling, grinning in a macabre mask. It was unreal, it had to be fictional. There was no way it had been real. She would wake up in crimson sheets of Predator’s Keep, wrapped in warmth. Frail fingers gripped the hospital sheets as tears slipped from closed eyes, her face screwing up into an expression of terror. She awoke suddenly, screaming, turning to her side and curling into a tight little ball her free arm swatting at a phantom of her memory. The movement brought the IV bag and hook to the floor with a clatter. Crystal was pleading for death; asking whatever nightmare that she had seen to allow her peace in the afterlife. Kill me, she begged as she sobbed weakly into the sheets that were drawn up to her face to shield her from seeing the horror that she couldn’t seem to escape from. @Trexasle
  3. Entente

    “Lady Akako… forgive my impertinence, but you do realize he is like this because he fears to lose you.” Aiyoku breathed gently, referring to Xartia, while keeping her violet eyes cast down. The serpent didn’t much care for the Cambion, however she didn’t necessarily want Akako to gain yet another enemy. Aiyoku knew Akako’s feelings on the matter, but she was Akako’s closest, more so than Red even. The white serpent had been Akako’s familiar long before Red had even been born. It was for that reason that Aiyoku, a proud demoness, kept her gaze lowered. It wasn’t fear of subjugation, it was profound respect. Akako paused her pacing and angled her eyes on the slender demoness. There was hardness in her tone; however she didn’t call upon the mark that would force Aiyoku to kneel. It was seldom that Akako would ever use such a thing. The last time she had called upon the familiars’ mark was to break a spell Aiyoku had fallen under due to the madness that Koji had sown at the wedding. “It does not matter to This One. I am no child and I do not wish to be caged. It’s enough that he is in possession of that which is mine.” Her golden gaze was cast on her serpent familiar before she sucked her teeth in annoyance. “Aiyoku… I have a favor…” Aiyoku lifted her head and looked down at Akako only because she was taller than the demoness. She was 5’8, slender like a dancer, whereas Akako was petite with gentle curves that highlighted her femininity. “Speak to Rafael and show respect as if it were me. I want my orb back… see to it that he is on our side.” Aiyoku bowed her head in acquiesce before silently leaving the vixen’s study to do as she was bid. Even though her orders were spoken simply, Aiyoku knew that she would be in the Blood God’s presence for an extended period to make an alliance. No matter where she went, it seemed, Aiyoku would be subjected to the cold. It was winter after all. It was hard to enjoy the sights of Veelos for that reason. Well, that would have been the reason if she wasn’t nearly blind. She heard visitors ‘Oo’ and ‘Ah’ at the beautiful architecture yet she was left seeing the world as a blur of shapes. Keeping her head down, tucking her face within her coat was only the secondary reason for missing the sights. The white serpent hissed in annoyance as she tugged her long light gray coat closer around her body, envious of those with sight to see the world around them. The trip to Cantorra had been an uneventful one. A short trip on the water ways, a brief walk, another water faring passage and finally she was there. To most the Citadel would be imposing, impressive, and almost wondrous. Even so, the serpent familiar didn’t bother glancing up to enjoy the massive structure. Her lips parted and she sipped the air, tasting for guards that would give her passage. There were several in the vicinity, some closer than others. Her serpentine tongue flicked out again, narrowing on the guards that manned the entrance. Of course, she was bid to stop and she followed the order. Reaching her left hand out and lifting it palm up, a sigil glowed on the inside of her wrist signifying that she was part of the Akari household, therefore under Rafael’s protection. Heads were nodded and she made her way through the threshold quietly. Inside, someone else approached. A woman from the taste of it and her voice gave her away. “What brings you…?” “Aiyoku.”, the serpent interceded smoothly. “…Lady Aiyoku.”, finished politely. “Please, Aiyoku is fine. The Lady Akari has sent me to speak to Lord Rafael. May I request an audience? I apologize it is abrupt. There is reason why no word was sent prior to my arrival.” The woman nodded and frowned feeling the gravity of what the serpent said. “Come, I will see if my Lord is willing to speak with you. In the meantime, there is a sitting area where you may wait.” Aiyoku smiled politely and followed the woman through the corridor and into another room, entirely unaware that she was already reaching out to the King through a mental link. “My Lord… There is a guest that wishes an audience, Aiyoku from the Akari household in Caelum. I have brought her to the sitting area. Please advise.” @King
  4. Colors

    Paranoia was such a strange thing. Fear was borne from trauma and from that paranoia. Passersby would steal a glance at the woman that hobbled down the sidewalk, hunched over, made to appear smaller than she was. It was a sign that she lacked confidence. Each curious glance would cause Crystal to tense especially if it were someone of the opposite gender. Tucking her chin closer to her chest, her arms wrapped around her mind section and she quickened her pace not paying much attention to her surroundings. Rounding the corner, she didn’t notice the hospital that she would inevitably approach if she ever reached it. The woman felt the world rock then tilt precariously. Crystal stumbled, wobbled to the right, nearly walking into oncoming traffic before shaking her head and righting her footing. Glancing up, one blue eye gazed into the distance as black spots filled her vision. Her stomach groaned painfully and she swore she saw Leon. Another hallucination… she had seen him more and more often lately. Anger swelled and she wanted to yell at the apparition, but she was far too weak. Stepping forward, meaning to rush toward him to give him a piece of her mind before letting him vanish again into her mind, the world spun more violently than it had a moment before. Muscles became useless and her body crumpled, limbs limp buckling under her withering weight. For any that knew her before her disappearance, she had been a full bodied woman, but beneath the robes she was gaunt. Barely 100 pounds now, starved to emaciation and that was likely the cause for her collapsing. Several people that had been walking along the same side walk gasped and rushed to help the girl that was now out cold. Her face was visible now, long red hair matted and dulled with dirt and grime. She was a hideous mess. Bruised, broken, and horribly thin. “Let’s get her to the hospital… go grab a nurse!” An elder gentleman took charge of the situation, a young woman nodded and bolted towards the hospital nearly plowing Leon over as she rushed into the lobby to call for help. A gurney was grabbed and a few medics followed the woman back out. @Trexasle
  5. Akako's Threads

    Updated 2/18/2018
  6. An Audience with the Damned

    Akako lazed not quite sprawled on the decadent silk that was placed on the grass, eyes half lidded as she sipped tea from a small porcelain glass decorated with cherry blossom branches. The tea was fragrant, flowery with a hint of sweet peach. An elegant demoness tugged her sleeves back and lifted the teapot with dainty hands that were covered with copper feathers. Her nails were black, sharped into talon like points. Her face was lovely, different, but with angled cheek bones and a hooked charcoal colored beak, she looked quite refined. The attendant’s head was covered in dripping feathers that faded from copper to a warmed honey color; eyes were large filled mostly with the pupils and rimmed in gold. She was dressed plainly, a simple gray kimono; however the kimono was marked with the crest of Akako’s house in black. The hawk’s wrist bent elegantly as she poured the vixen another cup of tea as Akako set her glass down. No time was wasted; the hawk rocked back from the balls of her feet to her heels before she rooted her heels and stood again. The white serpent watched with dulled violet eyes. A forked tongue slipped out and flickered in the air tasting it idly. It was a boring afternoon; however Akako didn’t seem to be up to anything. Not at the moment at least. Aiyoku knew it was only a matter of time though. An alliance had been made and there was another one that was in the making. “You may go.” The smooth drawl of Akako’s speech released the attendant from catering to them. The hawk bowed at the waist, “Yes my Lady.”, she demurred before turning on silent feet and making her way back into the family portion of the estate. While the place wasn’t bustling and teeming with demons as it had in the void realm, there were many demonfolk that had approached the demoness as they heard of her return to the land of the living. The hawk was one of said demons that approached Akako and asked to serve the Great Demoness in return for a place to call home. It had been an easy enough request and despite the bird of prey’s lack of expression, Akako could smell how happy she was; similar to all of those in her care. Even though Akako had opened her home to a variety of demons, she still felt isolated. They were reminders of the two feline yokai that she had lost. Guilt settled in her gut, heavy and uncomfortable. Sipping tea from her porcelain again, the vixen glanced up at Aiyoku that remained stoic at her side. With a slow sigh, Akako released the little cup from her grasp and the thing evaporated into mist before she stretched herself out on her side. Her head was propped in the palm of her left hand. Her kimono opened slightly at the shift of her position and bared her right shoulder and collar bone. Crimson silk etched with black and gold stitching elaborated a scene of foxes chasing one another at the hem of the cloth. From her shoulder down, dripping cherry blossom branches hung their petals falling on the playing fox kits. Closing her eyes, Akako waited. She had already picked up Arthur’s scent that blew in from the breeze. It would be a matter of time before he arrived. “My Lady… I feel it would be prudent to meet with… “ The vixen lifted a hand signaling that her familiar cease speaking. “This One is aware… and I will. There is something else I need to confirm before I can do so. I cannot do as I please. Xartia could be listening at any given moment.” Aiyoku frowned and glanced down at Akako. The serpent wondered why Akako would invite one of Xartia’ allies here then if the Cambion could be eavesdropping. Her eyes narrowed and then a slow curl of her lip gave away that she was intrigued. Ah, this was more like it. The serpent enjoyed the plotting demoness more than the one that she was subjected to upon her return from death. Aiyoku could recall how Akako had tasted and how she nearly wretched. Akako had regained her strength and her yoki had cleared the rot. No longer did the elder demoness smell like death, no, now she smelt alluring more so than before she had passed. The resounding bang had the serpent flinching back and snapping her eyes upward to see their guest. Akako’s eyes remained closed as Aiyoku’s forked tongue tasted the air again. Aiyoku was taller and leaner than Akako was. Her short chin length hair and skin were white as snow, eyes a light shade of violet with narrowed pupils. The white serpent was dressed in black leather pants which clung to her hips and legs. She also wore a red sweater even though the weather didn’t call for it. Being what she was, the demoness was cold often so typically dressed as if it were the back end of fall. “You made excellent time. It is reassuring that you come so quickly when summoned by This One…” As she finished her statement, Akako’s eyes opened slowly. A polite smile curled her lips which were bare. She wore no makeup; however she certainly didn’t need to. Her black lashes framed her eyes and there was a touch of pink on her cheeks after having hot tea in the sun. Gesturing across from herself, the vixen motioned towards a pillow that he could assume she meant for him to sit upon. “Sit. I called you here with purpose.” As Akako spoke, the same hawk attendant returned from the Shiro and approached the stranger. With her hands folded in front of her, she bowed at the waist before righting herself and offering her hands to take the gifts he wished to offer. Akako watched her new attendant with a clear fondness in her amber gaze. Her focus returned to Arthur and her smile broadened. “We have much to discuss…” @Voldemort
  7. Colors

    It was gray. Everything; he sky, the leaves, the people that bumped their way through the crowds were all gray. Aside from that, there was white noise. She couldn’t hear or see. Glazed eyes remained downcast and no one seemed to see her either. Clothes were unassuming, dark brown, obviously cheap. A hood was pulled over her head, hiding the long locks beneath. Her gate was slow, but there was an obvious limp as her left foot would connect with concrete. Even so, her face didn’t hint a grimace. Perhaps it was from a previous injury rather than a recent one. Otherwise, wouldn’t she seem to be in pain? A child, gesturing wildly her smile wide and her focus on what anyone could guess to be her mother, collided with the woman in brown. Lifting her chin, Crystal peered from beneath her hood to the child who gasped and pointed immediately as a toddler would at something strange. The mother, mortified, hoisted the young girl into her arms, bowing and apologizing profusely. Hollowed eyes watched unmoved by any of it. Her gaze followed a bit longer even as the duo vanished into the ever moving mass of people. With a slow blink, the elemental turned her eyes to glance at the reflection in one of the shops. Her left cheek was violet and yellow. It seemed to be healing as did the minor cut on her cheekbone. Her right cheek was much worse. Her eye was covered with a white cloth, but an angry open wound sliced downward to her mid-cheek. Crystal didn’t acknowledge what she saw on her face, but she did realize that her face was likely the reason that little girl panicked. How Crystal had managed to become so damaged was a long story. How she had escaped her terror was an even longer one. No one had saved her. She had been missing for a year and no one, Leon, Akako, Red, or Raven came looking for her. Crystal was no one. She wasn’t insignificant in comparison to her master and savior. The daiyokai had always been so aware of when she was in danger. How had Akako not saved her this time? And what of Leon? Lips pressed into a thin line as she thought of him. Where had he been? There was an ache in her chest as she thought of him. He had left her; abandoned her before her world was tilted upside-down. They had found her. How had they found her here of all places was beyond her, but it seemed like most from Gaia Primus had found this new world. Rumor of Akako being here was likely enough for them to follow. The surgeon in Akako’s estate had been released as well. He had been there, still too traumatized to be a threat, but someone Crystal recognized. Pulling her gaze away from the makeshift mirror, Crystal began her walk again. She wasn’t sure where she was going or how she would get there, but she needed more distance between her and them. @Trexasle
  8. Phantasmagoria

    Little did they know, this would be the last time that Akako would allow such affection. The warmth she was currently displaying wasn’t common nor would it be upon her return. At that very moment, neither knew that such a thing was possible. The daiyokai had accepted death as her fate; however fate had other plans for both of them. She would return and the trauma to the Cambion would eventually ruin them. How could they foresee the future? Akako’s gold eyes watched as Xartia rounded the table. There was no heat in his embrace; there weren’t tangible beings after all. There was only sigh here and the barest of color. Taste, touch, scent… there were all absent. Even so, the vixen could imagine it. Sinewy arms with a surprising amount of strength encircling her slender shoulders, tugging her close with warm palms. An innocent kiss followed by one meant to comfort both of them. Akako smiled again, a little more than the time before. The words she meant to say were swallowed by silence as the world began to fade, but Xartia would see her lips move to form the words. Save them.

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  10. Death Marks The Spot

    The silence had been effectively broken by the newly arrived trio. The loud crash as Arthur collided to the ground was enough to bring dust down the cliffside. While Akako had been amused by Arthur’s magic, she was mentally scolding his choice of attack. A hum of disapproval rumbled low in her throat as her gaze narrowed. The vixen operated in silence and bested her enemies quietly so it was a second nature to her. Rather than completely disregarding his ability because of the light folly, Akako realized that he may have never been an assassin. Perhaps he was simply confident in his ability to ward off any danger… which was foolish. The demoness frowned at that, her amber gaze narrowing. Despite her criticisms, it seemed the magician was faring better than the Cambion. Her attention quickly shifted and her gaze landed on Xartia’s back. The normally impassive daiyokai sneered, contempt in her amber eyes as she watched him a moment longer. Certainly he could feel her gaze and the loathing that was meant for him alone. The demoness had no reason to be on this forsaken island aside from the fact that Xartia held something that could compel her into submitting to his will. When would she have her justice… it was something she seemed to think about often these days. Since the vampire’s coronation, Akako hadn’t spoken a word to Xartia. Not directly at least and the only times she ever looked at him was when he couldn’t catch her gaze. He didn’t deserve to make eye contact with her. It was as simple as that. Xartia didn’t deserve her. After a moment, the woman disregarded her anger with the Cambion and even the Scarlet Queen for her new shackles and chains. Redirecting her focus, she watched Arthur’s strange magic again, his arms stretching in a grotesque sort of way. A slender brow lifted as he reached to the lady mage. Idiot. The vixen rolled her eyes and nearly stepped off her perch to prevent Arthur from potentially falling into a trap. A second of thought stopped the demoness from going to his aide and she remained still. Perhaps a lesson could be learned. Neither one of her comrades considered the danger that this she-mage could present. Had either of them asked the daiyokai to render the undead useless while they spoke to her from afar… it was a moot point. Akako clicked her tongue as she watched the scene with a bored look cast upon her features. Was this all this island had to offer? The undead? They were a child’s game especially after her time with Ursan. Akako’s lips quirked into a slight smile as her thoughts veered toward memories of the lich king and her time under his rule. The demoness recalled everything he had gifted her, lavish dresses, bright jewels, and magic prowess that she had always dreamed of. Even though he had been the second to collar her, the gold lich king was to thank for her ninth tail. Somehow she had already forgotten her ire towards Ursan after all this time. Her thoughts were broken by the commotion from the shore. Turning her cheek, Akako peered over her shoulder. Against the horizon, a horde moved like ants pouring out of their destroyed mound, eagerly approaching her and those of her party. Rolling her eyes again, the woman turned on her heel and began towards the approaching enemies. As she sashayed toward her prey, Akako considered how she would dispatch them swiftly. Her lips pursed in thought before a slow smile curled her lips. It was obvious that she was up to something, but what was anyone’s guess. What was clear was the golden yoki that was building around her like an aura. From anyone’s peripheral, they would see white hair woman with nine tails dipped in gold. @Twitterpated @Voldemort @Pseudonym
  11. The Wine Box -- Motherhood Chatter

    My son is 2 years and 4 months. He just doesn't seem to have an interest in the potty at all. When I do put him on the toilet he does the alligator death roll to get off. The theatrics with this kid....
  12. "I bruise easily,  so be gentle when you handle me...

    I bruise easily,  can't scratch the surface without moving me underneath..."

  13. -=Walking in a Winter Wonderland=-

    Unadulterated loathing began to seep into her veins as she listened. He had betrayed her; taken something that wasn’t his to take. If he wished to woo her, he had gone so far awry that back tracking now would prove to be in vain. How could he smile? Ah, because he didn’t know her feelings or refused to acknowledge them. Perhaps she hadn’t been clear. Now that she thought about it, she realized that they had never discussed feelings. There was one time where she had felt something for the Cambion. Probably not love, but something. She had cared and so swiftly he had ruined such a rare thing. Akako allowed him to finish then spoke slowly, clearly, no emotion written on her features. “I do not love you, Cambion… and now you have ensured This One will never care for you again.” Shrugging out of his jacket, she tossed it to him, unwilling to accept the small kindness. It wasn’t because she was trying to be petty, but the scent of him so close was making her ill. After learning that he stole her very soul, she needed to get away from him. A name came to mind and she sighed. “You have undoubtedly lost me. In more ways than you know. I promise you will regret taking what is mine without my consent…” With a pause, Akako looked away towards their mode of transportation. “This One is tired. I wish to return to Caelum.” Little did he know, Xartia had pushed her so far out of his reach when he had hoped to do the opposite. The demoness wouldn’t even waste her time to end his existence. No, she would allow him to walk the face of Valucre, but she would be sure he regretted this moment. He would never see her smile his direction, feel her touch, or bear a kind conversation again. Never again would Akako speak his name. They would become strangers. [exit Akako] @Twitterpated
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  15. Death Marks The Spot

    It was as if glass shattered, a voice breaking the silence that was a dull roar in the vixen’s sensitive ears. How strange, surely she should have heard the scuffle before she had approached the ledge. Cold eyes angled down toward the woman surrounded by the undead and she watched, unmoved by her pleas. The skeptic in her was alive and well as she watched with keen eyes. Tilting her head she considered the situation and the likelihood that this woman was a trap, a black widow meant to lure men to their death. The kitsune’s lips curled as she considered it. She would know best after all. How many men had Akako whispered to before devouring their soul the way only a kitsune could? Xartia’s voice was muted in her ears as were his actions. Her ire was still very much intact, unfortunately for him. Even though she could see him traipsing into potential danger, Akako made no move to stop him from his foolish escapade. Rather, the vixen found herself momentarily distracted by Xartia’s counterpart, Arthur. Amber eyes, gold that blurred to red then black, cut towards the man that seemed more animal. There was no turn of her lips, no smile, but a hint of curiosity in her gaze as she listened to him. He flattered her, as most did, and she appreciated it. It was more than she could say for Xartia. At least Arthur knew his place. With a dip of her chin, she nodded before turning her attention back to the struggling girl down below. From the corner of her eye, Akako saw the strange magic and found herself turning to look to Arthur again. It was probably the most crud form of magic she had ever seen and she watched with mild fascination. They hadn’t talked during the voyage, mostly because Akako had avoided everyone. Perhaps she wouldn’t have completely minded talking to his particular magic man. Tilting her head slightly, that curious nature set in wondering which arcane books he studied and if she could possible read them as well. While she didn’t really fuss with magic aside from her own, she did enjoy learning. The thought was snapped from her mind when Arthur plummeted down toward the mini battle. The woman stepped closer to the edge, balancing there on the edge. She hummed lightly and decided to go ahead and make sure the boys weren’t making a horrible mistake. Akako’s yoki burst to life within her, a warm golden light glowing from her chest before channeling to her already luminescent eyes. With her eyes enhanced, the daiyokai could see through any illusion cast. She was a kitsune after all and kitsune were masters of illusion. Akako was exceptionally so as she was a nine-tail and had spent the entirety of her life concealing her true form which was the better part of three-thousand years. @Twitterpated @Voldemort @Pseudonym