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  1. Faceless, underwater We can disappear for a while No one will notice Shifting, out of focus The silence calls on us for a moment Sinking down Thought I lost myself, but I didn't Looking up on us Shadows dance above Blurry vision We could disappear for a while
  2. Filicide? That little tidbit was not something well known about her. She could count on one hand the individuals that knew about her first set of twins and their fate. That being the case, Akako struggled with keeping her expression neutral while those terrible memories were brought to the surface. Who could have let that secret slip? Had she mentioned it in public and forgotten? Leonardo, Red, Snake, and Xartia knew. Only two of those individuals were in Valucre now, but the other two, could they have told someone that was here now? Paranoia clawed at her. The paranoia distracted her from the mention of incest which was untrue. When Yon brought up civil unrest, that was when Akako's focus honed in on his words once more. The vixen wasn't at all prepared for what he said next, and her carefully crafted mask shattered, and her brows rose in incredulous surprise. When the glint of the blade appeared, she realized what exactly he was talking about. He was committed to it, though; she could give him that much. Whether the double entendre was intentional or not, Akako assumed it was purposeful, but she couldn't seem to fathom why. He was a fascinating individual, but could she trust him. It was unlikely, but perhaps he could serve a purpose for now. She hummed then turned to head back towards her estate, then paused to glance at the masked figure again. "Would you like to come with me, Yon?"
  3. So much had changed since the Flower Festival. Once Akako decided that they would break away from the Scarlet Empire, access to the port became extremely limited. Only highly trusted allies were allowed in and out for the time being as well as the already established trading vessels that moved goods. Tourism came to a grinding halt, which was preferred because the resources that would be used to feed those individuals would be rerouted to Dredge's population. However, she left the particulars in the capable hands of the port's traffic coordination and control team. They were given specific orders for arrivals that didn't fall under pre-approved vessels; Dredge's fleet being one of them. Akako presented herself when they arrived along with a horde of volunteers, advisors, physicians, and potential employers that would assist in the process of acclimating the refugees. The port was closed off to civilians for the day, and foldable tables and tents lined the harbor, each numbered and labeled to assist in finding where to go next. She stepped forward and introduced herself to the lieutenant and briefly spoke to the individuals to explain the process that they would need to endure. There were applications that Legion's citizens and military would need to fill out to the best of their ability, interviews, medical examinations, resettlement stations, and cultural orientation classes. For citizens, there were job-readiness classes and onsite job interviews. Some business owners of hotels and apartments offered space for families to stay for 30 days while they worked on approval for government housing. Even some of Caelums' citizens with homes offered rooms and sponsorship for single individuals and smaller families. The daiyokai remained onsite and offered her assistance for the duration of the day, primarily working in the job-orientation area where she interviewed potential candidates that could assist her staff on her estate. A few days later, Akako moved through the halls the estate with purpose, some of her newly hired employees nodding their head as she walked by. So far there had only been a handful of hiccups that were reported, small skirmishes between Legion and some of Scarlet Empire's former residents. As unfortunate as it was, the daiyokai expected it and already had requested an increase in local police forces. "My Lady," the elder tortoise said as she approached her office. His head bowed briefly as she stepped around him and into the room, motioning for him to follow. "Come, Sheru. Close the door behind you, please." The door closed with a soft click as Akako sat down at her desk, looking to her oldest advisor. While some might find her expression cold and without feeling, he had known her long enough to gather that she was expectant from the way her head tilted just a fraction. It was hardly noticeable, but over the last millennia, he had grown to know the Lady of the Void quite well. "The Dark Lord has requested six months of supplies and food be sent as soon as possible." She nodded slowly before propping her left elbow on her desk and toying with her bottom lip idly for a moment. Her gaze found some particular grain of wood on her desk intriguing as her mind turned over Dredge's request. Sheru remained quiet, waiting for her to decide on how she would like to proceed. With a sigh, Akako righted herself and turned in her chair around to the row of drawers behind her and pulled one open before flipping through the files. Coming to the right one, she pulled it from its place before turning back to her desk and opening it. It seemed they had enough emergency rations to accommodate Legion and still have some left. It wasn't ideal, but she understood the necessity of keeping his people fed and capable of carrying out their task. "Send four months worth of rations, five cows, hens, roosters, seeds for them to plant grain, and tools to build. They have plenty of lumber in that region so they can be resourceful." While she spoke, the vixen plucked a piece of plain parchment from the stack, then an ink pen and well. A note was written to the Dark Lord to provide instruction on how to utilize the resources provided without burning through it. "Here," she neatly folded the note and stuffed it into an envelope then extended it to the tortoise. "Give this to Aiyoku. She will be leaving today with 100 men to assist Dredge." "My Lady," he took the letter, bowed his head and excused himself.
  4. Heaven help me My mind changes like the wind Please excuse me I don't know where to begin But I didn't think I cared I could be your friend But I'm unprepared
  5. Finally, it was starting. Crystal's electric blue eyes turned to focus on Luiz. He'd barely started, and already the redhead was feeling the tell-tale feeling of hatred rear its head. Demons. She hated that derogatory term, and there were many yokai and other non-humans that were perfectly capable of assimilating into the population without causing a ruckus. If anyone could hold a grudge against yokai, it was Crystal. The recollection of the onigumo that captured her not long ago sent a shiver down her spine. Even then, Crystal knew many yokai and otherworldly creatures that she considered friends. Across the room, the robbed figure frowned into his glass before setting it down. Unease set him on edge, and he felt every muscle tighten as he listened to the man at the mic give his speech. It sounded like the beginnings of a witch-hunt. What was worse was the man's mention of a daiyokai and a female daiyokai at that. It was unlike it could be anyone aside from his mother. It was enough for him to lift his head for the hair to fall away from his face so he could get a better look at the unfortunate fool that would be crushed in his maw. Crystal glanced at Rin and noticed her pinched expression then swept her eyes over the crowd again. As she did, she saw a visage that reminded her of an older Gin. She looked again, and her heart arrested in her chest. It was him. When had he come back, why did he come back? The elemental looked back to Rin and tapped on the top of the table to get her attention. "Hey," she said softly, "see the guy over there sitting alone. The one with blue eyes and clearly in need of a brush? That's Akako's son." Looking at him again, Crystal noted how much older he appeared now. There was stubble dusted over his jawline and what was more impressive was how much he took after his mother - the angled features, dark hair, and the pale skin. His jaw was sharper than his mother's; eyes narrowed rather than almond-shaped, and a greek nose instead of her small upturned celestial nose. Overall though, there was an unmistakable resemblance which was concerning. If he drew attention to himself, the mob would be on him. Looking back at Rin with a pleading look, she tried to figure out how to get a message to him without drawing attention to themselves or him.
  6. I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself You know that I could crush you with my voice Stood on my roof and tried to see you Forgetting about me Hide the details I don't want to know a thing I hate the way you say my name like it's something secret My pen is the barrel of the gun Remind me which side you should be on
  7. Come on, come on, pick me up Go on, go on, let me down You couldn't tell me if I asked you "Do you still want me around?" Come on, come on play your games Go on, go on, say my name You won't, you won't stay the same And don't you know it's just not like me to wait?
  8. Her fox ears twitched, straining to hear anything, but there was silence when she should have heard the snapping of branches, the rustle of leaves, and the booming crash. There was nothing but an eerie silence, and her instincts screamed, but stubborn as she was, curious as she was, she remained. Not only did she hear nothing, but there was no scent, no aura that she could feel aside from her own and the wildlife that was retreating. It was alarming, and logically she knew that leaving now would probably be the wisest choice. She was building what would eventually be an empire, and this particular risk might be unwise. However, there was excitement in the unknown, and this being was just that. One didn't live several millennia to walk away from something that sparked an ember of interest. This was new, strange to her and the demoness found herself holding her breath as she listened carefully for the winged man that presumably crashed to the forest floor. Then the atmosphere changed, causing a sensation unlike when Akako unleashed the full weight of her yoki. Where the vixen inspired the air to warm and thicken when she tore the fabric of space, this was cool, refreshing, and then it was gone. Righted again so suddenly that she wondered if she had imagined it, but then that doubt was put to rest when she felt his energy once again. As if she stood before the sun, she was basked in his energy as if it were warm rays. As it were, she couldn't trace his physical location, though her eyes did scan the trees before her until she finally turned her cheek to look to her left. At the first distinctive crack of electricity, the demoness turned to look. She moved then, turning to face the being, her nine tails sweeping behind her before they settled to swaying idly without touching the ground. He began his approach, and Akako lifted her chin, squared her shoulders, and bid her beast to settle itself. What was it... or he, if it was a man at all. Surely he wasn't an illusion; she was particularly good at spotting them given her modus operandi. Given the nature of his energy, she wondered if he was a psion, but this was beyond a human being with psionic capabilities. She wasn't blind, and it was impossible not to notice the effect he was having on their setting. It was, however, a surprise when he reached forward. Akako's left foot slid back a fraction, ready to retreat or to brace herself. Whatever she instinctually anticipated never came; instead, there was light. Her right hand pulled away from her sleeve, and she covered her eyes even as they closed to shield herself. When the world seemed to darken again, Akako slowly lowered her hand and looked to the titan. A set of chairs and a glass table was arranged before her inexplicably, and she puzzled over it for a moment. Could this be a trap? It was likely. She took a step back then lifted her golden eyes to meet his as he spoke. Her eyes widened for the briefest moment as she heard his voice or voices before she replaced the impassive mask she was known for. "I suppose I should ask the same," she said, forgoing her usual conventions.
  9. "Yon," she murmured more to herself than to him. The vixen turned the name over on her tongue before refreshing her disarming smile. It was probable that he was mocking her, but the daiyokai didn't decide to comment on it. Had he been yokai, then maybe she would have chastised him, but to him, her style of speech was likely foreign. Akako thought to cut in, provide him an adequate name for him to call her, but he didn't allow a break in his speech. The topic shifted from name to his employer, and that piqued the kitsune's interest. Her expression sobered as she listed with ardent curiosity while he spoke of Shokan and someone named Eiji. None that she knew. For a moment, disappointment simmered beneath the surface while Yon took a brief pause. Perhaps a nobody was concerned about her ambition, or maybe she'd unintentionally stepped on someone's toes. When he uttered Koji's name, Akako did well to conceal any outward facial expressions; however, her eyes brightened with malicious intent. Yon continued, while Akako considered the new information which wasn't a surprise. Then, slowly, the facade cracked and her rouged lips curled into wide fox-smile. The arrogance of that child would get him killed, and Akako had the mind to be there to watch as he fell. "Too true. It is a wonder how your 'friend' managed to be employed by such incompetence. That is, if all that you say is true, of course." Even as she alluded to not entirely buying his story, Akako knew that there was a high likelihood that this assassin was being entirely honest. Koji had something of a God-complex or the early stages of one. She could recall his sharp tongue when she trained him within the Void, and how he seemed fearless as if death nor harm could ever find him. A brief pause filled the space between them, the crashing of waves and call of birds the only sounds. The demoness did finally look away from the assassin, a seemingly foolish move. The daiyokai's expression was contemplative as she looked at the waves before returning her attention to Yon. "I suppose formalities are unnecessary, now that we are friends. What do you know about me? What are the rumors floating around these days... "
  10. I have a question:
    For the "Gathering Items" quest, do we keep the item, or is it given to Akako?

    Quest List: 


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    2. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      I have not yet added her history here just yet, but her alignment is listed. I can give you a brief overview of her relevant history by tomorrow evening. 


      As far as the quests are concerned, everything that I have personally posted for quests is for Port Caelum's profit. However, if there is something that you are trying to gain for your character without aligning with any particular group, let me know. I might be able to come up with something to suit your needs. 

    3. Priestess


      If at all possible, an item that teleports Aya and any items directly in her possession directly back to the Shrine of Judgement (aligned to the God of Justice) should she be about to die. "Anything in her possession" being things in her hands or worn on her person, like a purse; but, anything not being held/warn, for example her staff if someone stole it, would be left behind. It'd be preferable for the item to be small, like a pendant or a talisman.

      As for ideas... Akako could, possibly, use a Priestess of Justice if she needed to punish someone but was on the fence on whether to kill them or not. Or if she needed a specific dispute settled by a third party that's sworn to neutrality. Aya would never be able to work full time for her, but it could be a way for her to meet the leader lady.

    4. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      That's a possibility. I will consult with my partners in crime and see if they have additional ideas as well. Otherwise, I will get you a breakdown on Akako and what she's all about. 

  11. It wasn't until their party had stepped foot into Alverton that the white serpent familiar uncoiled herself from around the bastard's throat. She had half a mind to squeeze until Dredge's eyes popped out of his skull, as revolted as she had been at his suggestion. However, the mountains were far too cold for her, and the heat was incredibly necessary for her to survive. Had she known Rin would be along for the trip, the snake might have asked to hitch a ride on her. Unfortunately, that little tidbit had been kept from her. She was convinced that Dredge did so on purpose to get under her scales. Aiyoku had learned very early on in their venture that she should refrain from tasting the air while trapped in her claustrophobic hell. It was a reflexive habit, and the first time she allowed her forked tongue slip out, she was greeted with the musk that was Dredge. It nearly made her go limp and pass out. Only twice more did she make that error for the duration of the trip; however, it was enough to sour her mood considerably. By the time she felt the vibration of Dredge's voice against her scaled belly, the serpentine yokai stirred then perked her head to listen to what was said actively. It seemed like they had arrived, praise be to any god and all gods that may or may not exist. She slithered out from under his helm until she was perched dangerously against the end. Then, she purposefully slid down the plate of metal and fell towards the ground. Before she could land, the familiar transformed with an audible pop. She was facing Legion's leader, glowering up at him, paler than usual. From her proximity, the scales high on her cheekbones shimmered an iridescent kaleidoscope of colors. "You're an asssssshole," she hissed at him before turning on her heel and stalking towards Rin. "Sssso help me if anyone issss ssstepped on." Usually, Aiyoku did well to tame her speech; however, hours in her true form and the overwhelming irritation made it difficult to reign in her less than human discourse.
  12. The faint orange glow cast upon dark canvas walls trembled as if an invisible force disturbed the small flame of a single candle. It was disconcerting how dark it was. It was always so dark here. Even the place of nightmares had sunlight on occasion, but here, in Inns'th, it was impossible even to know what time it was. For all anyone knew, it could be the middle of the day or the middle of the night at any given time. She had no idea what time it was as she hunched over a piece of paper, ink brush in hand. A small well with black ink was off to her side while she neatly painted various shapes within a circle. The thick scent of smoke filled the small space as incense and herbs burned. Undisturbed by the aroma, the woman continued her work, mumbling an incantation low on her breath, the arcane words were but a whisper that was swallowed by the darkness. Her left hand loosely cupped a blue calcite stone and on a dark smudge of dried blood marred creamy skin from her index finger to her palm yet there was no injury. There was a low hum as her energy localized within her tent, and the spell was completed. Opening her eyes, the woman looked at her handiwork for the first time upon completion. Lips upturned into a hint of a smile, and she tore the sheet in half before neatly folding one side and tucking it into the top of her corset. Flipping the other half over, the woman wrote a note seeking assistance on a venture beyond The Wall. She afforded no information as to who she was or where to find her. The right individual(s) would undoubtedly pluck the page from the board. A few days later, the piece of parchment was indeed taken from the bulletin, and the sympathetic binding pulled her to them. From behind the alchemist, a petite figure garbed in black with a hood pulled over their head approached. Her face was hidden beneath the shadows of her cloak, and there was a strange item clutched against her chest. From afar, it looked like a little girl, but up close, it seemed far more sinister. A porcelain doll dressed in a grey colored frock with a ghostly white face and dark blue eyes was held almost lovingly. It was dirty, this doll, and her eyes appeared almost human and seemed to follow one's movement. Her lips were dark, nearly black in appearance, and her hair was dirty and matted in placed while others retained their luster. Across the hooded figured shoulder was evidence of a haversack. Whoever it was, was prepared to travel. It could easily be assumed that this stranger was the potential employer, and that was only punctuated when she came around the tarp and to pause just outside of it. The person was silent for a moment, then she ducked down to look inside the makeshift tent. Then, a feminine voice came from beneath the hood. "I believe you have something that belongs to me," she said, her voice low and smooth. Using her right hand, the woman procured the other half of the parchment from beneath the corset and showed the folded piece. @Voldemort @Spooky Mittens @Fierach
  13. I had an opinion, but I never spoke my mind And I wouldn't argue, even when I knew I was right But I'm not that girl anymore Yeah, I lost the battle but I won the war 'Cause I'm worth fighting for So put me in a cage Lock me in a room Throw away the key I dare you I'll break down the walls
  14. Jun was still frowning, unimpressed by everything happening around her. She would be reporting all of this to Akako. The indecision and lack of leadership was appalling. While it was true that they knew little of one another, they could have easily corrected that issue by individually discussing their abilities then voting on who would lead them. It was unorganized and a waste of time in the familiar's opinion. It was for this reason that her eyes lit up at the sight of a fellow familiar. Perhaps Akako-sama already knew or felt Jun's discomfort from afar. It was unlikely, but the falcon romanticized it regardless. "Well then," Jun bowed at the waist before turning to her counterpart. "Apologies, Jin. I cannot ignore my Lady's summons. Do take care." Her eyes then turned to Leon and she frowned at him. "You especially. Akako-sama would be incredibly cross if you left your family behind." Then she approached her counterpart and smiled at him before touching the pendant at her neck. Akako's yoki reacted to the touch and space tore. A portal opened before them and the pair stepped through before the portal sewed itself closed again behind them.
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