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  1. Shuyi released Nana's arm and placed her opposite hand on the girl's shoulder to apply slight pressure to let her know to kneel again. Nana did so without complaint while the eldritch horror merely smiled as Katiya continued. Eventually, her head tilted to the side as if she was mystified by the vampire. What Shuyi knew was Katiya wasn't enough as she was now to inspire Koji to be the force of nature that he would eventually become. He needed more, needed her to be more, but Shuyi had seen that Katiya wasn't as manipulative or as ambitious as the void kitsune had been. Kimi was the daughter of Akako after all. There was something in her lineage that demanded extremes. However, the Seer's visions hadn't altered as of yet, which was promising. The Plague had chosen her words carefully, knowing that they would shape her relationship with the newest concubine and herself. Everything was deliberate. While the vampire likely deduced that the archdaemon was petty, there was more to it than that. Perhaps the Emperor was intelligent enough to know better considering he had interacted with her several times, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was how Katiya viewed Nana and how she remembered Kimi. Shuyi allowed the silence to fill the room as the Emperor and Empress shared a moment. When they disengaged, Shuyi's lips cracked open as she grinned, which looked more like she was bearing her teeth than smiling. She bent at the knees and bowed her head. "I shall take my leave, Heika." Then she turned, and the pair of monsters that were at her disposal followed along with her leaving Koji's guards, Nana, and Katiya behind. Nana thought it would have made her anxious when Shuyi left; however, she found herself oddly calm. His voice came again, and the mute lifted her chin as if she was trying to see the face that belonged to the sound. Her right hand stretched out and didn't even need to feel around the air. It was as if she could see precisely where his draconic limb was. Her fingertips quickly found his palm and slid across the scales before she rose to her full height and placed her left hand beneath his to cradle his knuckles in her palm. Her right hand lifted and away from his before she touched her index finger to his palm. Her given name gave her pause, and she lifted her chin again, lips parted in wonder. Kimiko. No noise came out, but eventually, her lips closed and upturned into a kind smile. It sounded so familiar and gave her such a sense of fulfillment that she stood still for a long moment before moving again. Finally, lowering her chin again, the mute drew a single character in his palm. To see. Then she waited. The voice that was ever present cooed in her ear, and she smiled gently, more to herself than to anyone else.
  2. "...no telling how much she misses you." It was white noise after that. The vixen didn't want Red to come near her, not after what she'd done behind the psion's back. It was purposeful, though not planned. Unintentional with the added benefit that perhaps Akako could save the Scarlet Queen from herself and her. The Lady of the Void brought death to mortals foolish enough to get close, like a plague of bad luck, and Akako didn't want Red to have anything to do with it. So, true to her nature, Akako would do the most despicable thing to push her away. Soon, Red would find out. Chances were Xartia would learn of it too eventually, and she wondered how he'd react. She couldn't imagine him caring considering his personality, but it worried her regardless. "...he is, how old does he look now?" Akako wondered if it was noticeable that she'd tuned out part of what the Cambion said. Fortunately, she at least heard his question and forced her lips to curl into a feigned smile. "Young - appears to be a toddler. I didn't ask him for his age when we met." Then came a knock at the door and Akako lifted her eyes to glance in that direction. In the doorway with the door left open, Akako's second familiar stood with a tray in hand. The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled with her eyes. Her beak prevented standard methods of smiling in her case. "Enter." Jun bowed her head and stepped into the threshold. Placing the tray on the nearest shelf, she lowered herself to bow before Akako rose her hand to prevent her from lowering herself entirely. Instead, the falcon yokai bowed at the waist, the dripping feathers around her face tumbling over her shoulders and hiding her face before she rose again. "Greetings, Denka." "You may drop the formalities, Jun." "Yes, my lady. Aiyoku is currently managing the estate and requested that I return to serve your first meal." Akako nodded absently as Jun retrieved the tray again, then approached the desk. The vixen moved some things around to make room for the miso soup and rice that Jun placed in front of her along with sauteed vegetables. Jun then poured a glass of an aromatic floral tea for the daiyokai and a second glass for Xartia. "Apologies, My Lord. I didn't realize Akako-sama had company. I will request a meal on your behalf. Is there anything, in particular, you'd like?" The daiyokai regarded her newest familiar with kind eyes, always impressed with how well spoken she was despite the beak and the way that she often shivered to unruffle herself. Her body language was entirely different from Akako's and so communicating had been difficult at first until Jun learned subtle cues that Akako would give with the direction of her ears or how her tails were positioned. It was the same for Akako - only time allowed her to understand Jun's particular quirks in order to better understand her.
  3. The issue the child presented couldn't be solved by education alone considering the cost and time required. There was something else wrong with the infrastructure of their economy that would likely take time to resolve. Wages for unskilled jobs didn't seem to be enough to maintain a family, which was unfortunate. The demoness also didn't want to overwhelm her citizens with a substantial increase in taxes to those more profitable in her city. Perhaps the formation of a council to discuss these issues would be beneficial to have more minds and opinions come together to solve the problems to better the lives of her citizens. The vixen was cautious because she had lived several millennia and witnessed a multitude of governing bodies struggle with the same issue. Her musings were banished temporarily as a group of emissaries from Alethea approached and introduced themselves. Thinking back, she recalled that Alethea was under Raveena's jurisdiction, someone that was a comrade once upon a time. Memories of the past surfaced for a blink before her focus narrowed on Dorian who was speaking. Human from his scent and without ill-will. His scent was bright and crisp, someone with honor. To this, she smiled. Lifting her hand, her fingers motioned for her staff to approach. Several yokai of various species came at their Lady's command holding empty trays to accept the gifts on her behalf. Akako let her eyes sweep over Raz-Nagore's horn before a female attendant stepped forward with her tray to accept the gift. Her long, stick straight, black hair was tied back at the nape of her neck, and she wore a light grey kimono with the Akari house symbol etched on her left shoulder in black. Dark violet scales glimmered prettily on her forehead and cheekbones, and her eyes were the color of peridot gems. Upon receiving the gift, the girl bent her knees and bowed her head to Dorian before stepping back. "Caelum's military forces aren't grand; however, we will offer you aid in time of war and refuge to your citizens. Hopefully, there will never be a day that we must rely on these promises." Akako spoke solemnly then nodded at Dorian before he returned to his group. The next to approach was a female minotaur who offered an unusual gift that Akako considered carefully. She could undoubtedly appreciate the meaning, probably more than most as complex as her life seemed to be. Another one of Akako's attendants stepped forward, a tray in his hands. He was tall and lean. His skin looked to be a strange texture, almost as if it was bark and his hair was a dark green that fell down his shoulders and was dreaded. He looked almost like a willow tree personified. As the gift was given, he too, stepped back into line with the others. "This One appreciates your thoughtfulness. I will cherish it." With a nod, Morningside then returned to her group. Next, was a woman that looked near human, but her markings gave her away to be anything but human. A necklace was offered, and Akako listened as Selesia spoke before smiling and nodding her thanks silently. The attendant that approached this time was a man that was shorter than the last with dark brown hair that was pulled up into a bun at the back of his head that showed his pointed ears. His eyes were an icy blue color and skin bronzed. He accepted the gift on Akako's behalf before returning to the others. The daiyokai's brow rose as an overzealous Squelk approached. She watched him and the way his fur moved as he spoke excitedly. When he presented his gift, it took every amount of effort to school her expression into one of gratitude. A small woman with blond hair and round black eyes approached. Where a human would have ears, what looked like fins were in their place, orange, and black, which matched the scales that trailed down the sides of her neck. She accepted the gift and quickly shuffled back to the line of attendants. She nodded to Squelk then turned her attention to the Blood Talon. Amusement lit her features as she watched him grope at his pockets fruitlessly. The interaction with the Dragonborn gave her an idea of what might have occurred, and she watched on in amusement even as her nose discreetly scented the air to memorize each scent. She could smell Blood Talon's mortification, and she did little to refrain the curl of her lips. "Your well-wishes are appreciated. This One will strive not to disappoint." Akako offered in hopes to mollify the feathered emissary. The dragon then approached, and the vixen eyed his gift with curiosity. It could be useful, but she was incredibly careful. She wouldn't use it or dare to keep it anywhere she could have crucial conversations until she could ascertain if they would or wouldn't have access to the discussions as well. Another attendant appeared to take the gift though she looked mostly human except for hooven feet and her eyes. She had auburn hair and light brown eyes with horizontal pupils. The attendant bowed politely then returned to fall in line next to her colleagues. "A useful gift, many thanks," Akako spoke with a nod of her head. The last of the group approached with no tangible gift; however, depending on what precisely this nest he suggested meant, it could be the most valuable of the offerings. The kitsune's brows furrowed, her tails swaying as she considered the Antec for a long moment. "This One would like to discuss in more detail. If you are planning on staying the night in my port, we can reconvene tomorrow morning at the Capital to discuss in detail." Akako then looked over her shoulder to Xartia. "This One would like to request your presence as well if you can afford it, Xartia." Although she did not doubt that he would jump at any excuse to stay the night. Looking back to Alethea's diplomats, Akako nodded her head once again. "This One is grateful for your presence and to meet all of you." The vixen hadn't decided on how to introduce Khaliq, and part of her was concerned that introducing him would possibly draw too much attention. Though, he would always be in the limelight given that he was a Prince. With that, Akako continued to introduce both the man and child in her presence as her attendants retreated into Akako's estate to put her gifts away. "Allow This One to introduce my companions. This is Lord Xartia Raye Pendragon the First, an esteemed colleague of mine." The motioned to Xartia as she spoke, then she looked to Khaliq and motioned for him to approach her side before looking back to the envoy. "This is Kairos Halcyon Yusuke, Prince of the Scarlet Region. His mother regrets not being here today, so she permitted he come to observe appropriate manners during events such as this one. It is never too early to teach our successors." With that, she offered the group another polite smile. "Please, take time to enjoy the city and everything it has to offer. We have a few hours before the performances begin." @Twitterpated @Grubbistch
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  5. Hush. That familiar voice spoke in Nana's mind. It was a tranquil and melodic sound that calmed the blind woman. The disappointment that she felt, given Koji's lack of response, faded and she relaxed. There was an awareness in her, unlike before. She knew then that she just needed to wait and soon the Emperor might address her. While Nana had sworn herself to silence, there were other ways she could communicate, but not yet. Nana wanted to ask her what to do, but not in a room full of people. One of the women sounded less than pleased and Nana internally flinched as the stranger bit out the word 'pawn'. While her tone didn't necessarily hold contempt, the newest concubine could practically feel it radiating off of her. She wondered if this woman was his lover or someone that simply wanted him. It didn't matter, but she was curious anyway. Nana wanted to know everything about the Emperor. From the stories, she heard from the mysterious voice in her mind, he very rarely showed anything on the surface; however, he was a complex individual. Koji was an enigma to her and she was compelled to learn more. While Nana settled herself and became still, Shuyi also remained silent. Her vast well of patience was the reason her smile never faded even as the second Empress spoke to her in such an accusatory manner only to question her Lord after that. It was humorous really. Shuyi could imagine how Kimi would have reacted to such disrespect, but she wasn't here. They spoke in Koji's native tongue, a language Shuyi had made a point to learn eons before meeting the late Empress and Emperor. Even then, Shuyi remained quiet, waiting for Koji to address her again. If he had more specific questions for her, she would do her best to give him answers as she could. There were things that she was unable to divulge, but that was the nature of her gift. After Koji fell into silence, Shuyi stepped forward towards the girl while speaking. "A gift... from your true love." Shuyi's lips were curled into a smile even as she spoke the words. She knelt and gripped the girl's arm and forced her to stand. "A romantic thought." The archdaemon continued as she reached with her free hand to trace the girl's face which she realized was shaped much like Kimi's. "Her purpose isn't limited to serving as a concubine. That much I can tell you..." At first, when the stranger touched her arm then gripped with bruising force, Nana nearly panicked, but the voice murmured and instilled a sense of ease. Nana should trust this stranger, the one that touched her face with a gentleness that was at odds with the opposing hand that clutched painfully. "As you know, my Lord, our Empress never did anything without thought. Each woman, with the exception of her successor, was selected with purpose. There was always a plan even when she seemed erratic. You would know best, my Lord."
  6. The vixen's hand settled on the elder Cambion's arm as soon as he offered it. The woman's fingers provided a brief squeeze to communicate a more intimate hello to Xartia. Meanwhile, her eyes remained on the boy even as that familiar grin curled his lips, and he approached. Akako watched every nuance of him and decided that the boy was much more like his father than his mother. The only thing Red seemed to pass along to the boy was physical appearance and power. As the boy offered his arm, Akako took it much like she had Xartia's only to still as he spoke. A single brow rose dubiously as her gaze lowered to the boy again. There was a severe look in her eyes, and that was all she would afford him. There were no harsh words that followed or scolding - only the press of her yoki and the look of contempt in her gaze. It was a warning that the child could take or leave. The demoness didn't report to a child Prince much less anyone else. Even Red knew this. When Red asked the daiyokai to assist on the Scarlet Counsel, she knew that Akako wouldn't take orders. Akako had chosen to aide the psion because she loved her. Khaliq was much too young to understand this, so she dropped the matter even before Xartia's voice cut through the tension. Akako looked forward, her gaze schooled back into a calm facade, not bothering to even glance at Xartia. She stepped out as the men ushered her forward and through the open doors. Much like last year, her courtyard was already teeming with port residents, yokai in her employ, and foreigners from all over Valucre. It was more lively this year than last, and she was immensely pleased with the turnout. The air was bursting with scents, and Akako's lips curled into a smile as she took them all in, familiar and not. There were a few that the daiyokai recognized that she hadn't seen in a year and she was pleased that they had returned to the Festival again. It would be good to see familiar faces. The other scent that the vixen caught as a gust of errant wind blew past was one she hadn't expected. Her brows rose in mild surprise as she looked in the direction, knowing that he was not yet close enough for her to see. How strange for him to come to such an event. He was usually too busy for such frivolous activities, so it was curious about how he managed to sneak away from his responsibilities. Stepping further into the courtyard, Akako seemed to glide despite how heavy the many layers of silk seemed to be. The trio only paused now and then as visitors would approach to greet the Yokai Regent. Each was greeted with a polite smile afforded by the kitsune and well wishes as they departed. After a while, a young human girl approached with shy eyes. She couldn't have been more than seven years old, and she was impossibly average with short brown hair and brown eyes. She dressed in a plain blue kimono and didn't have any trinkets in her hair. "Akako-sama?", the girl asked with a soft voice. The demoness untangled herself from both of the Pendragon's and stepped forward before kneeling to lower herself to be eye level with the girl. "Yes, my child?" The girl's eyes widened in surprise before she flushed brightly and lowered her eyes. Her small hands were balled into fists, and she seemed nervous about something. "My momma-" "Jennifer!", An alarmed voice called, and from behind the girl, a woman with a similar appearance approached. She touched the girl's shoulder and partially put her body in front of the child. The woman, clearly the mother, was also dressed plainly but in jeans that looked well worn and a t-shirt. Akako unfolded herself and rose to her full height, the gentleness in her eyes fading. "Apologies, please don't fault my daughter. She's young." Akako was confused as to why this woman was apologizing, and she glanced at the girl again that was peeking around her mother's hip. Lifting her golden orbs to the woman again, Akako spoke. "She has done no harm. This One will listen to all requests and wishes today. Please... let the girl continue." The daiyokai motioned for the girl to come forward and the mother moved aside, looking resigned. The human child stepped back around her mother and looked up at the vixen with determined eyes, her cheeks pink with effort. "My momma works all the time and has a few jobs to afford rent, food, and to send me to school. I miss her. Please help?" The daiyokai struggled to keep her expression void of expression as she listened to the girl. She could scent the woman's shame, a sour aroma that nearly made the demoness cringe. It wouldn't be an issue to give the woman enough money to make their lives easier, but what president would that establish? While Akako understood the girl's request and why she made it, Akako couldn't simply offer them financial freedom, but perhaps there was a way to provide additional education to find a better-paying opportunity. The demoness reached up and plucked a silver pin from her hair with a dragonfly at the end with amber stones. She lowered herself again and beckoned the girl to come closer. When the girl acquiesced to the silent demand, Akako's hands reached for the girl's hair, which she twisted into a pretty up-do before using her dragonfly pin to secure it. While doing so, she spoke in a gentle tone to the girl and the mother by proxy. "The man at my side is opening a school soon; perhaps This One can request a new branch that can assist in furthering education. If your mother were to learn new, profitable skills, she could find a new career path that will allow you more time with her. But, you must be patient and support your mother while she studies, and you must study hard as well." The child considered her words for a moment before nodding and looking up at her mom. Akako followed the girl's gaze and looked to the mother. She seemed embarrassed, but Akako's sensitive nose also found a sliver of relief and sorrow. Both emotions made sense, but the woman was quite young. Surely she could pull herself to her feet and make something of herself. The mother and daughter thanked the Regent and disappeared back into the crowd. Akako watched them as they went and even as she couldn't see them anymore. She wondered how many families in her port were like that one and how she could give them the tools to improve their circumstances without meddling too much. There wouldn't be time to think on it now, she had more guests approaching so she refreshed her smile, ready for the next to approach.
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  8. Koji only told the archdaemon what she already knew which she found amusing. Perhaps it was more for his benefit than for hers. In any case, the Plague knew this girl and why she didn't speak. For that same reason, Shuyi knew what she would bring to the empire and Koji. Her lips curled into a smile as she recalled the visions she'd seen. The knowing smile never left Shuyi's lips even as Katiya entered the room. Despite not having any eyes to speak of, the eldritch turned her head as if to gaze at the new Empress. Shuyi's smile widened at the woman before she turned to Koji once more to answer his question. "She is your final consort, my Lord," she answered simply as if that would quiet the questions that he surely had. He must know that she rarely divulged information unless it was in the form of an impossible riddle. While the trio spoke, Nana listened in silence. She was beginning to feel somewhat restless, wanting the man named Koji to address her which he had yet to do. On her hands and knees, the blind woman moved without turn and began to approach where she assumed Koji was. Her hands groped at the ground as she moved forward only for her to be grabbed by the back of her neck and hauled backward by one of the guards. She was placed back where she had been and her face twisted into a grimace at the rough handling. Her lips parted as if she wanted to speak though she didn't utter a sound. Pressing her lips closed again, the girl hung her head and waited.
  9. Akako's eyes closed as she listened to Xartia go into detail about his plans for the academy and she found herself smiling. Never had she considered adding courses regarding yokai; however, it was an excellent idea. Somehow, she wasn't surprised by the Cambion suggesting such a thing. She didn't know if it was for her benefit, but she liked to think that maybe it was. Educating the masses on yokai culture, habits, and the various species and the little nuances to each of them was something that Akako could appreciate. There were so many that didn't understand them and perceived her kind to be innately evil which was not an accurate representation. "I can think of a few that would gladly teach courses geared towards yokai." Her lashes lifted and she gazed up at the still standing Cambion. Even he could gain from learning about kitsune specifically, the subtle cues that she gave through body language and touch. He would otherwise never know her meaning if she didn't teach him. One day, perhaps. At the last statement, Akako nodded somberly. She understood the necessity of surveillance. She imagined he also planned on creating an ongoing course regarding ethics and morals to help guide the students on the right path. Unfortunately, though, there was always a rotten egg. Sometimes it didn't matter what good intentions were had; someone would inevitably fall off the path of good and realign into something sinister. It was a balancing act that Akako was all too familiar with and present in every world she had resided in. Akako couldn't help the smile that curled her lips at the Cambion's wording. She idly wondered if he considered her to be like the spring. Warm, bright, filled with hope... It was impossible for that to be the case. Akako always felt she was better associated with fall, the prelude to barren trees and the ending of something. Even if it was impossible, Akako found that she delighted in the idea of him associating her to the season that signified new beginnings. "Of course. I plan on Hanami becoming an annual tradition. It will be good for the city, much like your academy and the Haberdashery." There was a pause and Akako then renewed her smile before leaning on the desk, her chin propped in the palms of her hands. "Would you like to escort me this year to make up for last year?" Her tails flicked this way and that as amusement glinted in her golden eyes. It was an excuse for him to come back sooner than later.
  10. There were several questions that the daiyokai turned over in her mind as Khaliq vanished through the portal leaving Akako to stand in solitude to wonder. First, the boy somehow had access to her little pocket dimension which was incredibly alarming. It was fortunate that she no longer housed her orb within her estate. She'd taken extra precautions regarding her most treasured item after that happened. Second, Khaliq appeared to be in his early teenage years, and she certainly knew that wasn't the case unless Xartia had somehow accelerated his aging which was doubtful. Something about it put her on edge. There was no telling where the source of anxiety was coming from, but Akako's instincts were clamoring at her that something was not quite right. Unfortunately, today wasn't a day to ruminate over feelings of foreboding; instead, it was a celebration of new life and a fresh start. The vixen closed her eyes and took a slow, steadying breath, then sighed to herself before lifting her lashes and stepping through the gateway to follow the trouble-maker. With a flourish of silk, the demoness stepped back into the estate that had been afforded to the Regent. Upon stepping through the portal, Akako glanced at Xartia, then to the sulking child. She huffed lightly and shook her head before lifting her hand as if it had been an afterthought, sealing the portal closed. That would be the last time she would be able to bend space to her will for the next 48 hours which was somewhat troublesome. "Xartia," the vixen greeted coolly as she approached the duo. Her expression had evened out to its usual impassiveness making her terribly challenging to read. Xartia, having known her as long as he had, would be able to pick up on the tiniest of clues such as her gaze lingering on him more than necessary. There was still uncertainly regarding their relationship and what it would mean down the line, so she was treading carefully. In addition, she was mildly distracted by Xartia's kin who was looking forlorn. Part of her felt guilty about that. Perhaps, one day, she'd personally give him a tour of her estate beyond the veil. "While This One would like to discuss the boy's trespassing, it will have to wait. I am already late for my party." With that, Akako swept around the pair and opened the doors of the Regent's estate and looked out to the courtyard. Her golden gaze swept over those that had already arrived and were preparing for some of the more entertaining activities. Pride swelled in her chest, and her lips tilted upward into the barest hints of a smile. Glancing back over her shoulder, Akako looked at the Cambion, her brow raised as if to ask what he was waiting for. He wasn't new. There had been numerous events where he escorted her, although, they did have an extra this time around. Her gaze shifted and looked to the boy. Tilting her head curiously, the vixen had an idea. As petite as she was, Khaliq could easily take her other side, and the pair of Pendragon's could accompany her. Ah, but Khaliq wasn't a Pendragon by name, he only carried the blood of one. Another conversation Akako would eventually have with Xartia as time allowed. "Child, come... you may escort This One for a time, then you may explore my port so long as you can assure me to mind your manners and to stay out of trouble. They will see you at my side and so you must uphold my reputation. Is that understood?" @Twitterpated
  11. I'll go first because this topic is near and dear to my heart. I will be happy to review resumes and give workshops on resume building, interview troubleshooting, and preparation. Job Title: Account Executive - Temporary Legal Staffing Professional Description: The title is basically a lot of words that don't mean much to someone outside of the industry or even in the marketplace looking for work. In the simplest terms, I work for a company that finds people jobs. Specifically, I find attorneys and paralegals job that are temporary, or contract as we say. I review resumes and recruit new talent to staff for specific roles or to take to market. There are a lot of moving parts to my role and it is heavily metrics based. Experience/Certs/Degrees for entry level: Bachelor's degree, some sales experience, or legal experience. Best method for members to contact you with questions: I am frequently on discord and checking discord. My tag is on my profile. ^__^
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  13. So much had changed. Thinking back to last year's Flower Festival, everything was different from how it was then. Red was holed up in Predator's Keep, Akako and Xartia were... whatever it was they were, and the demoness was already planning on making her return known to the powers that be on this continent. It was all for the better she imagined. Still, Akako could recall the last Hanami festival and felt a familiar pang of anxiety. This time was different though, her orb was in her possession, and her small army of yokai was present and ready to ward off any attacks. Even then, Akako knew that she would be meeting many strangers today and little knowledge of their intent. There were leaders from every continent here today, and Akako had to do her best to play a gracious host. It wasn't something that was so out of reach for her though. Frequently she found herself in positions such as this one. It was where she excelled, truthfully. Political intrigue always warded off boredom, and for a creature as long-lived as she was, that was a blessing. The vixen stepped out of her room dressed in an extravagant kimono with several layers of rich colored silk. The top layer was black with red and silver dragonflies stitched from the hem to her shoulders. Around her waist was a gold obi that was fit snuggly and tucked into her obi was a fan with a red tassel that swayed as she walked throughout the halls of her home. Her long white hair was pulled up into an intricate up-do with various gold and red trinkets that jingled merrily as they moved. Silver and gold drop earrings had been fastened into the tips of her fox ears. Her makeup was simple, her lips stained red, cheeks lightly rouged, and her lashes coated in black which made the golden pools of her pupiless eyes bright. --- --- --- Within the daiyokai's hidden estate, an intruder appeared. The house wasn't as heavily staffed as it usually was due to a large portion of Akako's staff was brought to the other realm to cater to the festival. Therefore, there was no one on the grounds when Khaliq first appeared. The inside of the estate was different. A variety of yokai moved about cleaning or preparing for the rest of the residents to return. A shoji door snapped open as the duo approached. A boy, probably not much older in appearance than Khaliq blinked rapidly, surprised to see a stranger. Atop his head were antlers, and his legs were certainly not human. Hooves stomped nervously, backing up as he eyed the beast at the blonde's side. There had been a sheet in his hands, but that had since fallen to the ground before he spun on his hooven foot and darted inside without so much as closing the door again. His voice could be heard from the interior as he shouted to anyone that may listen to him. "Call Akako-sama! There's a stranger!" Another curious, young yokai peeked outside. The young demon was a tall and slender thing. Her hair was bright red that faded to black. Her hair was cut incredibly short and slicked back ending just at the nape of her neck. Her neck was long and her eyes wide and entirely black as were her lips. Her head tilted this way then that way, curiously looking at the stranger. Could no one else tell how this boy had Akako's energy? He wasn't a stranger. He was family. She smiled at him. Meanwhile, the estate was in an uproar. --- --- --- In Port Caelum, Akako was on her way to step outside. She could feel Xartia within the city and had known his presence upon his arrival, though she had yet to go to him. It was finally time to see the people of the port, the visitors, and the Cambion. Her lips were upturned into a hint of a smile as she moved swiftly down the halls. As she was reaching to the door, a voice called to her within her mind — one of her retainers that was tasked to watch over her estate called to her. "My lady, there is someone unknown here." Fear stole her breath. It was happening again. Memories of the twin neko's that served her not so long ago surfaced into an ugly, morbid vision in her mind and her face contorted into an angry snarl. She wouldn't allow those that remained in her estate on her behalf to come to harm. Her yoki manifested, and her portal to the Void split the space where the door was. She barely opened the gateway to slip herself inside before it closed. She planned to return swiftly, before anyone would know that she'd left. The only one that could possibly feel her departure would be the Cambion if he was paying attention. Within the grounds of her massive estate, Akako's yoki spread over the area to sense anyone that didn't belong. There. Though this was familiar energy, it felt like the child. There was no way he could access this place unless his power was much more frightening than she'd realized. Her gaze narrowed and she vanished into a wisp of silvery smoke before traveling at an astounding speed through her true home only to retake her form when she was before the boy. Akako stood before Khaliq, and she regarded him much as she had in the dreamscape. His appearance was different — a display of his power she assumed. Her lips down turned and she approached him. "Khaliq, how did you get in here." It was a question. However, she didn't pose it as one. She was angry with the child. "Nevermind. We need to return to the port right away. We will discuss this with your father."
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