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  1. Still focused on personal matters. But I'm okay!

  2. Wolves are watching me
    All they want is to cut my breathing
    They're the cause of my first collapse
    This is the aftermath
    Claws are crushing me
    Now I've learned to shut my feelings down
    Don't cry, I won't cry

  3. Sorry I've been M.I.A. everyone.  Massive anxiety attack that's lasted daaaays. I've been to therapy so I'm on the mend,  but my creative mind has decided to be a Judas and go on an unapproved hiatus. I should be back to writing next weekend though.  

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      Geez.....what has you reacting THAT badly?  Hope you make a full recovery and get that Therapy young one!!!



    2. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      This is pretty normal for me. I have bouts of terrible anxiety. Comes from trauma and genetics. I've been pretty good at seeing someone regularly to help manage it, but I have bad days and bad weeks sometimes. 

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      There is NOTHING normal about THAT dear......I HOPE you're okay....hit me back...



  4. When he mentioned the temple, Akako chose that moment to turn and look at Xartia. His reputation with women still weighed heavy on her, and she narrowed her eyes at him. There was no doubt that he would get into something. It was inevitable as it was his nature, as it was hers. Pursing her lips in resignation, she looked away again. "So be it. Do well not to get yourself killed." It was the best she could come up with. Relationships weren't an easy thing for her, especially when she still didn't trust the object of her affection; though, there was no affection shown. There was no telling how long she was planning on holding back, or maybe she had no intention of letting her guard down at all. Maybe their moment when she had first returned was a fluke. In any case, it was sure that she was still not convinced by him, or she was still trying to forget her most recent fling. Their idle conversation reminded her of their time in the City of Doors and the company they kept. From time to time, she wondered about Ursan and the Baron. She had heard of Ursan's fate but was a rumor at best. Still, she mourned the loss even if he had deserved to spend eternity suspended in nothingness. Then the Baron was an enigma to her. There had been no rumors of his whereabouts and what he was currently doing. It was well enough, though. The vixen did not doubt that he was doing well. Akako didn't speak again because she fully expected the Cambion to fill the silence. There was nothing for her to talk about really that wasn't work-related. The vast majority of her time was spent strategizing and doing paperwork. It was endless. Otherwise, she didn't have much of a social life these days. @Twitterpated
  5. Say it louder won't you Tell me, that you give a damn what you say That your world is where you came from You've been at it, been at it for years and I can tell You're affected by the hidden signs I don't want to live a lie You trust what keeps you calling for more Burdened by the deeper sigh The dire hearts that pull you from your goal, why aren't you ready for? Your dire hearts, don't let them tear your soul
  6. Iona shrugged noncommittally in response to Arthur's question about her familiar. It wasn't something she told anyone. The story of Tabitha was an incredibly personal one. As a matter of fact, there was much about Iona that was unknown because she made it a habit to never broach to the topic and to redirect the conversation to avoid discussing herself. "That's what I understand. Had The Order allowed it, I would have gone on my own." She said as she redirected her gaze to Cabbage. "How much for them?" Then she looked at Arthur again. "We're leaving now. I dislike wasting time." Then Iona busied herself opening her robe just enough to fish out her coin purse. Meanwhile, Tabitha climbed back into her master's lap before becoming lifeless again.
  7. Aiyoku seated herself next to Rin and watched on with a look of exasperation. It wasn't often that she questioned Akako and her decisions, but the serpent found herself wondering what possessed Akako to take Dredge in. "I'll watch. My patience is thin, and any more interaction will likely send me into a blind rage." Then Rin was off and into the crowds. Aiyoku remained seated and watched everything with apathetic eyes. Every so often, her serpent tongue would taste the air. After a moment, the familiar closed her eyes and allowed herself to bask in the warm sunlight while Dredge managed things well enough on his own. If he needed her, he'd say so. One thing she had learned about the Dark Lord was there wasn't a shy bone in his body. He was loud, boisterous, and had no qualms taking what he wanted. There was a vibration, unlike the ones already present, and Aiyoku's eyes opened. Light violent eyes spotted the ship or at least the vaguest outline of it, missing the finer details as her eyesight wasn't terrific. When the thing landed, Aiyoku watched what unfolded and the confrontation with Dredge. Her head tilted, and finally, she laughed under her breath. The stranger departed with no fuss, and everything seemed to progress as if nothing happened.
  8. It was unintentional when the waitress approached with the drink, and he glared up at her before softening his expression to one of apology. Looking to where she motioned to, Gin immediately noticed the albino woman and read her lips. He frowned across the room at her, not thrilled that he was being watched. Then he saw her companion and realized his initial instinct was correct, that was the woman that he had seen from time to time while residing within the Void. Looking back to the albino woman, he offered a small nod before returning his attention to his drink then to the one they sent. Gin downed the rest of his glass before picking up the one the women had sent and sipping the honey-colored beverage. Crystal tore her eyes away from Gin and looked to the woman across the table. Her usually bubbly visage was now stern, concern with a hint of contempt in her electric blue eyes. "I don't doubt it." Then she turned her focus back to the crowd, her skin tingling with anticipation of violence. Meanwhile, Gin remained in his place, listening to the mob slowly spiral into chaotic yelling spurred by confusion and fear. He glanced at the women again and considered how to approach them. It was regrettable that he couldn't recall the redhead's name, but he'd been a child when he met her. There was a lot he didn't know, and he wanted to understand so he decided that he would have to just take his chances and use the turmoil of the crowd to his advantage. Gin stood and worked his way around the room, careful to remain unobtrusive. He paused at the bar and leaned over the counter to talk to the bartender in private, asking what the women were drinking. He took the pair of glasses in one hand, his drink in the other and found himself at their table. At first, he said nothing. He simply set the glasses down, procured a seat and settled himself next to Crystal. The elemental looked at him curiously. "It would be in your best interest to leave." Her statement was curt which was very unlike her, but she had to put across the seriousness of their current situation. "So they are talking about her, aren't they?" He asked finally, his voice a deep tenor with a raspy quality. @Lacernella Rubra
  9. The hospital was the last place the vixen ever wanted to visit, but this was a special occasion. An elderly fellow lay in a semi-reclined bed as a nurse began to remove the apparatus that delivered medication that kept him from feeling the agonizing pain which came along with his particular illness. Akako was at his side, sitting at the edge of his bed while his family gathered around them, some weeping, others watching with morbid fascination. He was dying, and perhaps Akako could save him, but that wasn't what he wanted, and she couldn't fault him for that. He was human, and by every account, he had lived a long and fulfilling life. He was tired, and he missed his wife. The request had come a few days ago, and later this afternoon, Akako was going to assist in the delivery of supplies, men, and her familiar to Dredge. The timing was impeccable. In the letter, the eldest daughter of the man asked for Akako to give her father peace, and he had asked to see his wife one last time. Additionally, he had asked to be put to rest, assisted suicide, which was unheard of in Caelum. There had never been a case so severe that a patient requested death, but in this instance, it wasn't out of the question. It was how she found herself here, mere hours before her departure to pay a visit to the Lord of Legion. Akako had seen a picture of his wife, and that had been enough. With a breath, her yoki expanded throughout the room, warming the air and pressing on all of those within. Then the feeling was gone, and the family let out a collective sigh as the demoness pulled the power back within her core as she envisioned the woman he missed so dearly. Like a droplet falling into still water, Akako's appearance rippled then changed. The illusion fell into place with practiced ease, the smallest details matched from the lines in her face to the shadow cast against the opposing wall. A plump silver-haired woman with smile lines around her mouth and crows feet at the corners of her eyes smiled down at the prone man. His eyes opened, and he looked up at her in awe for a long moment. Akako knew he was unable to move, so she took his hand in hers and kissed the tips of his fingers. He continued to stare, unabashed. Akako's smile softened, and she nodded gently. Realization shone in his glassy eyes, and he moved his chin the barest fraction to mimic her movement. Then, she leaned down and pressed her lips to his in a chaste kiss. His soul stirred within him, an ember of light that she could see, then ever so gently, Akako retrieved the soul from within him while her lips remained sealed against his. Pulling away, Akako, in his wife's image, watched him as she felt the boon of his soul as it absorbed into her. Meanwhile, his breathing slowed, and then he was gone in peace. The nurse that had remained checked his pulse and called time of death before making notes on his chart and removing herself from the room to allow the family a moment to grieve. The illusion fell away, and the daiyokai stood as the eldest daughter approached her. She thanked the daiyokai then went to her father's side. The other siblings followed suit, and finally, Akako slipped out of the room and into the hallway where Aiyoku waited. They met each other's gaze a brief moment before they made their way down the hall in silence. The family may not know, but they had just ensured that Akako would accompany Aiyoku. ____ She rarely fed. It was taboo to consume human souls, but it was how Akako remained alive for so long. Void kitsune were rare, and she was the only one at her age. She was hardly the oldest of her kind, but she was certainly unique. With age, her need to feed dwindled and now she only did so once every several decades. Fortunately, she usually did so within the Void Realm, but this time she didn't. The meal, as meager as it was, whetted her appetite and gave her a boost in her magical stamina and strength. It was impossible to not daydream about more, perhaps something younger. Her lips upturned as she finished getting ready. ____ Just outside of Legion's encampment, the air became stagnant, thick, and warm. Not that there was much in the area that could notice, but if there was, it was an obvious thing that would leave most unsettled. What followed was a grotesque noise like the tearing of flesh paired with the visual of space tearing. A vertical and jagged line severed space in a downward motion and only stopped as it met the ground, the snow melting immediately beneath it. From the wound, two sets of fingers wiggled their way through before gripping each opposing side as if they were holding a curtain. It was no simple thing, this magic. The two sides were pushed apart until there was a gaping black hole about 10 feet tall and 16 feet wide. From the pitch, the vixen emerged dressed in black leather pants, black boots, a black silk blouse, and a dark red wrap coat. What followed the vixen was several carts of supplies and rations, then cattle, and finally, the men she promised him. Once everyone was through the portal, Aiyoku stepped through along with Akako's newest familiar. The serpent waited a moment for him to fall into line at her side before following the rest of the group as they approached the camp. Akako lifted her hand, signaling the group to pause before turning around to face them. "Aiyoku, Kofudo." Aiyoku moved without hesitation and made her way to the front of the caravan to approach the demoness. Gold, impassive eyes looked between the pair before she issued her command. "Be sure everyone is settled in." Then she faded to mist. Her image dissolved before them, transforming into black wisps of smoke, then trailing towards where she could sense that dark aura that was impossible not to recognize. As she approached, she caught Dredge's last statement, which demanded an answer, though it wasn't posed as a question. The black tendrils of mist twisted through the crowd before gathering a handful of feet away from Dredge, carefully out of harm's way. From the mist, the Void Kitsune emerged seemingly amused by the way her lips tilted into a ghost of a smile. "What impeccable timing... what have I just interrupted," she asked before turning her attention to the familiar and curious being she'd met once before. "Kru'Gorah... to think we'd meet again and so soon. Such a pleasant surprise." @Dredge @Djinn&Juice @The Courier @Twitterpated
  10. I'm countin' up my karma And I think it's time to cash it in So tired of livin' in a shadow Of a mountain of what might've been And I know I sound dramatic but that's just how it feels I've been looking for somebody to tell me that I'm real I just want to be wanted I could use a little love sometimes I just need to be needed Like to know I'm crossin' someone's mind I just want to be someone that somebody needs I just want to be more than a drop in the sea
  11. Knowledge of all things arcane fueled everything she did; every place she traveled was because there was something new to learn. It was the reason for this particular quest to the archipelago islands southwest of Yh'mi. It was close enough of a trip, and after several days of travel by carriage and then by boat, she landed on the shores of Corinth near Ilvor. The climate was vastly different, which promised new vegetation which she could add to her ever-growing index and catalog of herbs and plants. A rumor of a masquerade floated about and didn't pique her interest until she heard of magical beings and witches being present. It was an excellent chance to learn new magick. She swept through the foyer with purpose, a blur of white, green, and violet, dressed in special attire which was not a typical affair for the young sorceress. The heart-line bodice of her white dress clung to her waist and hips before flowing out in a sheer curtain of white chiffon. As the skirt neared her calves, the chiffon seemingly faded to moss and small purple blooms, a fantastical gown expertly crafted. A matching mask made of moss only covered from her left brow, over the bridge of her nose, and her right eye. Large violet flowers decorated the simple mask, and live butterflies rested on them occasionally opening and closing their baby blue and black wings. Pausing at the entrance of the grand room, Iona's light green eyes swept over the crowd before seeing the door to toward the left. There was more movement there and probably where she would find others like her. Her right hand gripped the skirt of her dress and she hiked it up a fraction before making her way towards the ballroom, her heels clicking against the linoleum floor as she went. Iona's violet dyed locks were pulled up into a rose-shaped braided bun which provided an unobstructed view of the occult tattoos just behind her right ear, the base of her neck, and between her shoulder blades. As she stepped to the threshold of the ballroom, her left hand lifted and she covered her eyes. Her lips moved wordlessly as she barely mumbled archaic words with a sing-song quality. The rune at the center of her left palm buzzed as magick provided her a brief unobstructed view of what was around her, seeing what could not be seen. Her left hand lowered and her lashes lifted as she peered back into the crowd of strangers. Auras of various pigments moved across her vision, blurring together in a kaleidoscope of colors. It was beautiful and for a moment her breath hung in her chest as she watched motionlessly. @Voldemort
  12. Why wasn't he speaking? Her brows furrowed as she watched while his face pinched with frustration. Then all at once, a cacophony of voices drowned her, chattering endlessly as they all tried to decide what the vixen's nature was. She was hardly registering each word whispered from what she could imagine was his mind, and it made her incredibly curious. Her eyes narrowed on him, and she nearly took a step closer, if only to inspect him and decipher something that might strike her as familiar. But her nose and every other sense deemed that he was an oddity and something unlike anything else she'd ever encountered. And he was dangerous. Akako could sense that without a shadow of a doubt. This being was a predator to yokai, though she wondered if she could be a danger to him too. It was exciting to consider, and perhaps more foolish for her to stick around to find out. The demoness was rarely intrigued to this extent, and so she stayed despite the clamoring of her instincts and insisted otherwise. An image had her avert her attention to see the child with a likeness to her, but somewhat different in coloring, size, and of course the number of tails. The daiyokai shifted her gaze once again and landed on the seated being before her. He was still on about what she was, and it amused her a bit. Her lips twitched, nearly cracking the carefully crafted facade she deemed appropriate in front of this stranger. "Kitsune," a mere three syllables rolled off her tongue as she remained standing before him before he finally looked to her again. He seemed startled that she was there and then she tilted her head, also confused with him. It seemed as if there were several personalities rolled into one which was concerning and also captivating. So, the demoness found herself stepping forward and lowering herself into the seat, unwilling to leave this chance meeting to spend more time in her study. Akako didn't take his veiled threat lightly, however. There was something more to it, and she knew that letting her guard down would mean death, but the danger of it was exciting. Adrenaline coursed through her and she reveled in the feeling that she thought she'd never feel again. "Oh? That is quite the claim." Her lips tilted up as she offered the hint of a coy smile. "I must say... most gentlemen have the courtesy to treat me to dinner before making outlandish statements."
  13. Initially, the woman's eyes scanned over the objects sprawled across the man's bedroll then to his cabbage companion. There were items on the man's bedroll; she was intimately familiar with having worked with them in the past and others that were unfamiliar. The cabbage was an oddity that even the witch had yet to encounter. She regarded him longer, glancing at the berries he presented to her, then back to him, and then finally to the man as he spoke. While he spoke, she tucked the torn piece of parchment back into her top before pulling back the hood of her cloak to reveal her alabaster skin, light green eyes, and pink locks that were pulled back and away from her face, save a few stray curls and her bangs. "Iona Saxe," she cut in before he could introduce his leafy friend. Her gaze averted to him when he did. "A pleasure," she drawled toward the personified salad. The woman stepped fully into the tent and lowered herself to peer at the berries offered to her. "To be fair, that was entirely the point, and it seems like you were probably already aware of that Mr. Uskglass," Iona spoke without glancing at him, instead, examining the produce at hand and wondering if she could use them for any spell work or healing. "Tabitha, would you mind fetching my paper please from the nice man?" It was odd. Who was Tabitha? There certainly wasn't anyone else in the tent aside from the three of them. From Iona's arms, the doll stirred. She blinked once, then slowly crawled out of the witch's embrace. The porcelain figure unfolded and stood, looking at Arthur for a long moment, her glassy blue eyes watching him as if she was trying to see into his soul. Then her lips began to tilt into a devastating macabre grin. It should have looked innocent, friendly even, but there was something unbalanced and terrifying about Tabitha's smile. Almost as if she was planning a game that would only be fun to her and fatal to anyone else. "I'm afraid the lighting isn't quite good enough for me to make out what it is you're attempting to market to me, so it will have to wait until we are in a well-lit area," Iona reasoned with Cabbage as Tabitha hobbled closer to the mage. "Mr. Uskglass, I am in need of assistance. I have been trying to go to the other side of the wall for quite some time, and finally, the Order requested assistance in locating someone on the other side. It was ill-advised for a woman to go alone... misogynists," the last word was but a murmur, "...so I require assistance. From what I gather it pays handsomely, and I am willing to forfeit some of my earnings to assuage you and your... friend." Iona turned her cheek and glanced at the magus again. @Voldemort @Spooky Mittens @Fierach
  14. My posts are going to be significantly delayed for the foreseeable future. Sorry to keep folks waiting. I am doing my best to get online when I can make time for it. 

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