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  1. Akako Akari

    Return of the Fallen Yokai Queen

    Port Caelum was teeming with demons waiting for the daiyokai to arrive. Some looked human with various nuances to their appearance that singled them out as demon-kind. Others were much less human, covered in fur, scales, or feathers - with claws, beaks, muzzles, talons. It was a scene to be had, for sure. Residents of Port Caelum were not unused to yokai, however, to see so many at once, gathered at the place where the Regent used to reside, it was troubling. Many locked themselves in their homes because it was an ominous occurrence. Aiyoku and Jun stood side by side before the crowd of yokai that hummed with whispers of the Yokai Queen. There was a tangible sort of excitement that buzzed in the air. It was electric, and the pair of familiars shivered with the anticipation. There were still demons arriving, stragglers coming at the last minute. Among the crowd, the elder tortoise watched the pair of women and smiled a knowing smile. Hope had been lost when the demoness vanished mere weeks after her return. The knowledge of her return to Valucre was enough to lift the spirits of the creatures that were persecuted in her absence. It was the thickening of the air that signified the daiyokai wasn't far. The crowd hushed as they watched and waited to see the demoness. It was minutes before midnight, and she was finally here. Heat flooded everyone's lungs as the atmosphere warmed and became heavy. It was a familiar feeling to many and foreign to others. There were children among the crowd, their voices excited as they whispered to their parents asking if they would see Lady Akako or if she was as powerful as rumor made everyone believe. Then there was a tear, a jagged vertical mark on the fabric of space. It was a sickly noise, like when flesh ripped apart, and an equally disturbing visage. There were a few in the masses that stepped back in alarm, whereas others were more accustomed to the demoness and watched with a morbid fascination. The pair of familiars also seemed entirely unperturbed by what was transpiring and only turned to face the gash that was mere feet away from them. From within the cut, the daiyokai reached out and pushed out, opening the portal wide, enough to fit one person at a time which wouldn't work for the sake of time. The demoness stepped out of the Void, still dressed as she had been at the edge of the mountains. Her golden gaze swept over the crowd and she noted that there were at least a few hundred yokai in attendance, waiting with a sort of desperation. Among them there were a few humans as well, perhaps mated or betrothed to demons. The vixen hummed then turned to look to the familiars that remained in place. "Open the portal wider," she instructed before looking back to the mob of yokai. Taking a breath, Akako spoke, her voice carrying with ease to reach everyone that stood before her. "One hour. You will have one hour to step foot into my domain. If any of you have ill will toward me or my own, I will personally deal with you." The warning was explicit. It was unfortunate that Akako had to precede leading them to safety with a morbid warning. Behind Akako, the Jun and Aiyoku stretched the tear wide, the magic burning their hands as they did so. Akako had never held a portal open for an extended period like this and knew that she would be in poor shape once the hour was up. Jun and Aiyoku would heal quickly and be able to manage her estate while she recovered. "Come." The crowd moved, however, there was order. There wasn't anyone frantically pushing or trying to make their way in first. Several entered at a time and so it went for the allotted hour.
  2. Akako Akari


    Despite the warnings, a child had been born that had a father and two mothers. Akako's involvement was unknown to all, except her. The daiyokai knew the scent of her kin and this boy that she didn't give birth to smelled like her own. It was the reason why she remained close. Her gaze watched from within the Void as he grew without a father, something she would reprimand Xartia for later, and a mother that was kind and attentive, but distracted. Akako understood why. If the Outsider showed up without warning, the boy's life was at risk. Another reason why she felt it necessary to remain close. There were days that she would take on a guise while he was out and about with his mother. She would take on the visage of a senior woman more often than not, her yoki hidden, her scent cloaked. She had even spoken to the boy and mother alike, and no one ever knew it was her. Akako was a kitsune, after all, a daiyokai with thousands of years of experience with the art of transformation. Even though her guise was flawless, the vixen never touched the boy; she knew better than that. The contents of her mind were also well guarded because she knew Red and knew what the psion could genuinely do. Because of this, she was unsurprised to hear the child's voice call her name from within the Dreamscape. Even though he had never seen her or heard her name spoken aloud, he had seen and heard from Red's mind. It was true; his abilities were well advanced, but he was unique and would always be. It was unheard of for a child to have three sets of DNA, and Akako's was just as surely in him as the two others. Akako could have, should have told Xartia and Red, however, she had put a distance between the pair for many reasons. Even then, she answered the child's call. Red and Xartia wouldn't know. It was a dream after all. There would be no trace except for his memory of meeting with the daiyokai. In a swirl of black mist, Akako's image appeared in the dreamscape. Her round gold eyes watched the child with an impassive gaze. Her long white-gold locks were left unbound, cascading down her back in a curtain of silk. Her nine-tails swayed gently behind her, not quite touching the ground, and the triangles atop her head were swiveled forward at attention — the demoness dressed in a deep violet kimono with white and gold foxes leaping across the hem. A gold obi was wrapped tight around her waist with a crimson cord around that. Tucked into her obi was a fan, the crimson tassels dangling harmlessly. Her claws painted silver and dangerously sharp. With a tilt of her head, the vixen regarded the child with mild curiosity. He was no more than a babe still, yet he was incredibly articulate. "Child," she greeted, her voice soft, yet commanding. @Twitterpated
  3. Akako Akari

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    It was the feeling that someone was watching that made the hair stand on end, something sinister and wicked lingering, but to look back would offer no answers. There would be nothing, only space and the feeling of foreboding deep in the gut of those that still traversed amongst the festival. The lights and the crowd didn't matter; there was something there that clawed at the hearts of the people that walked the streets. It moved like a phantom causing a chill of dread to everyone it passed. Despite the feeling of trepidation left in its wake, there was no true maliciousness, perhaps a monstrous sort of playful curiosity. Though, it had a purpose even as it observed what the Emperor had built from her design and ideas. The seed was planted in his mind long ago, the confidence, and courage to grow a glorious empire. Oh, and the harem she had so graciously built for him was fueling him to this day, the heir left behind as a stark reminder of her existence. She wasn't ever far from him, his true Empress. Her memory would forever remain even with those that served him. But every so often, her ghost would return to disturb his harem, to haunt his men, and him. Koji was deep in conversation with a woman, and the dread would creep in during the discussion. In the woman and him both. From his peripheral, a phantom, a pale green hue moved between the crowd before flickering away again. There was a giggle at his ear, one the woman wouldn't hear, but the feeling of ice-cold fingertips at her neck, a feather-like touch could be felt — a warning. The sense of ghostly fingers would vanish as quickly as they came only for a cold breeze to circle Koji and disperse again. Then it was gone. People in the crowd looked around, curious, apprehensive that the feeling vanished. Then it returned, however, it was a physical thing upon its return. Children in the crowd sobbed with fright as nausea plagued everyone near the Emperor. It was as if ooze was forced down the collective throats of the thousands in attendance, choking, suffocating everyone before narrowing in on Koji and the woman in front of him. The apparition stood in the crowd, partially hidden, smiling lovingly at her mate, her husband, before being eaten up by the masses once again. Panic was taking its hold on the people, a familiar sensation to Koji that would surely remind him of their wedding. She laughed at this, the ghost that plagued him. He would hear peels of laughter that made the blood run cold when she lived. Now, only he could listen to her. "Svabol vi lotoc klewar," she cooed in his ear before her presence vanished again with another giggle. She returned, ghostly fingers tracing over his biceps from behind as she pressed against his back. "Coi xurwkic Nomeno Ir naake." Those ghostly lips pressed to his neck, frigid in their temperature. "Si tepoha vi regipre ihk wux, sia itov." She whispered, then vanished again, but she was not gone. He would know that. Within the crowd, she moved, touching those that wandered too close. One elderly man collapsed from her touch, his heart seizing in his chest and she laughed a wild laugh as she watched people around him swarm to save him. Then her gaze would lift to Koji from across the way and like his dream not too long ago, he would see her, her corpse, beautiful and haunting. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  4. Akako Akari

    Return of the Fallen Yokai Queen

    Upon her arrival to the Arcane East, Akako's yoki had shone bright like a beacon to any that recognized her. It had been brief, the demoness swiftly concealing her presence to make it much more difficult for others to find her. Even her unique scent had been hidden to thwart any who would attempt to track her. Only a few would be able to feel her presence despite all of this — those with a blood bond to her and her familiars. It was this reason that she wasn't entirely surprised to feel two of her own approaching her rapidly. The pull of the familiars' bond was strong, and Akako couldn't help the way her lips upturned as she paused and waited. Snow continued to fall, barren branches clawing at the air as if grasping for her. It was all ignored as the vixen remained with her amber eyes cast to the sky. There was unwilling anticipation in seeing the pair of familiar as she hadn't seen them since the Festival in Port Caelum so many months ago. Her estate that was now back in the Void realm had been closed off from anyone, including those that used to serve her and reside under her care. It was too dangerous. The twin feline yokai that she had lost had been a lesson that she was hard-pressed to forget. A hawk beat its wings; a white serpent grasped in its talons. Copper and gold feathers glinted despite the lack of sunlight. The world was bright, snow reflecting what little light that came through the clouds that lingered in the sky. Akako appreciated both demons for a moment as she watched the hawk angle her wings and dive towards the Earth. Human eyes wouldn't see the decent with how fast she careened towards the ground, but she wasn't nearly as skilled in hiding her yoki, and so any with spiritual ability would feel her. Before crashing, yoki swelled around the pair and with a flourish of magic and a plume of white powdered snow, a couple of women stood before Akako. Both immediately knelt and daiyokai rose a brow as she watched them. The hawk was lovely, with dripping feathers that faded from copper to a warmed honey color that fell to her shoulders; eyes were large filled mostly with her pupils and rimmed with gold. Her face was sharply angled, her cheekbones pronounced and a hooked charcoal colored beak that made her look refined. She dressed as Akako had last seen her, a light gray kimono with the crest of Akako's house engraved over her heart. To her left, the serpent rose, her bob-cut white locks falling away from her face. Her eyes were a light lavender color that was mostly for show. She wore glasses to see a bit better than she would without them; however, the serpent could merely see shapes and heat signatures. Her lips parted, and she sucked in a breath, tasting the air, her forked tongue flicking before retreating to warmth. She was tall and slender, the serpent; built like a dancer. The woman was all limbs and grace. She dressed in white skinny-jeans, black over-the-knee boots, with a thick white jacket lined with fur. "My lady," the hawk demurred first. "Lady Akako," followed the serpent. "Enough." Akako's voice was stern, and she watched the pair as their brows drew inward into a collective frown. "What do you mean... enough?" Aiyoku, the serpent, asked perplexed. "Why have you come?" the vixen asked rather than answering the question. It was the hawk's turn to respond, and she stepped forward. "Many of us have been misplaced since you've closed off your home to us. We are here to ask for shelter again... for all of us." Akako's chin lifted and her lips pressed into a severe frown. "You both know why my estate has been restricted." Jun, the hawk, lowered her eyes to peer at her feet while Aiyoku hissed in annoyance and brazenly stepped forward. "We weren't prepared last time. Your daughter is dead. There is none else that can step into the Void, into your estate without your explicit permission." Xartia. Akako thought the name while holding Aiyoku's hard stare. He had access, and if he were to betray her trust again, there could be a slaughter. It wasn't worth it. "My lady," Jun spoke again, her eyes remaining down-cast. "We are being persecuted. Those of us with more... visible demon attributes. Some humans don't understand." With that, Akako's spine straightened, and she felt the restraint in her slip a little, her yoki flaring for less than a second. "There are safe places, like Port Caelu-" "We wish to return home, Akako." Aiyoku was fed up, all decorums falling away. The vixen's teeth pressed together, her jaw clenching. They had lost two of their own over the span of centuries. Centuries. Even then, Akako was pushing everyone out when danger was a part of life. It was safer with her than it was without. "Aiyoku and I," Jun continued before Akako's temper was shown, "we have found others. There will be more of us, an army. If - if anyone were to attack, we would be prepared this time. We will protect what we were meant to protect." Akako regarded the hawk a long moment before allowing her amber gaze avert to look at Aiyokyu. A small noise of agreement escaped her, and the tension melted away. "Gather them at Port Caelum. I will open my estate for an hour at midnight. Anyone that isn't there; they will no longer be welcome." Jun's eyes widened. Their deadline was less than 12 hours away, and many needed to be told to make it on time. "I suggest you two split up and inform them." The pair of women knelt once again and bowed their heads in unison before another plume of snow exploded from the place they were. Akako looked to the sky and watched as spheres of lights dispersed in different directions. With a sigh, Akako looked back to the path ahead before she turned on her heel and started in the opposite direction, towards Port Caelum.
  5. It was becoming more and more common that she would find her shadow as the only consistent companion in her life. It was purposeful; though it didn't make it any less painful. Humans craved and needed companionship, touch, and love. In this, she was no different from them. It was deplorable, burdensome, and entirely unacceptable. After all these years, she'd hoped to turn it off entirely. While she had come close, she still had urges and moments where those longings haunted her like an unyielding phantom, an emotional poltergeist that tormented her. She was immortal, once called a Queen in rumor and reputation only. Whispers of the Queen of Yokai had since quieted with her frequent disappearances. The longer she lingered here, the more ties she made, the more relationships she built only to tear apart. It was a predetermined cycle that despite others' efforts, remained. As a series came full circle, the demoness would return to the void. In her seclusion, she precariously rebuilt the wall, the defenses she guarded so carefully. Over the last few years, she was absent more often than not. Lately, Akako had made many appearances throughout a few weeks to visit acquaintances despite her reluctance. Favors had been called in, and she found herself involved in foolishness, though, it did help the time pass. She justified returning because her impassive nature was intact and her ironclad walls were in place. There had been a slight misstep, but Akako had swiftly corrected the error and felt confident enough to wander Arcane East after her brief visit to Terrenus. It seemed like no matter where she went, it was unbearably cold. Drifts of snow fell in hypnotic swirls that the daiyokai watched with mild interest. Everything else was quiet. Rarely did she pass any other travelers, likely because of the mage-storms. Though, Akako didn't seem to care either way. Perhaps to onlookers, it was reckless, but the demoness could and would slip beyond the veil to avoid the worst of it if it came down to it. She always seemed to have a contingency plan, or she didn't honestly care. If she were meant to die, then she would and hopefully if she did again, no one would be so foolish to bring her back. Several millennia was enough. Her travels were aimless, passing Umbra, hugging the mountain line as she went. There were no used roads here. However, there were small settlements here and there that she didn't pause to explore. Smoke from fires warming homes drifted up to the heavens and served as an implicit warning that the houses weren't vacant. Her true nature was hidden behind a glamour as it usually was. The curtain of her black hair fell down her back and spilled over her shoulders offering a bit of additional warmth. She was dressed in a traditional winter hikizuri kimono, her hands hidden within the sleeves. The top layer was a crisp white with golden cranes suspended in flight stitched into the fabric in an intricate scene. The layer beneath was a bright red that only showed at the vixen's neckline and each time she stepped. The obiage was a deep violet fabric that a golden obi was layered on top. It was fastened tight around Akako's waist. Even with as many layers as she wore, the demoness was cold, her fingers chilled beneath the fabric of her kimono sleeves. Memories of heat surfaced to her mind, and she craved it despite herself. It was easy to justify. It was a recent memory and pleasant. With a huff of amusement, Akako looked back to the sky again as if to dare it to open up.
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    Ursa Madeum Quest Board

    X Marks the Spot for @Voldemort and me!
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    Adeline Meaux

    personality; history; etc
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    The Beautiful and Damned

    [Just kidding]
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    Adeline Meaux

    Full Name: Adeline Meaux Nickname(s): Hazel Age: 17 Race: Human Gender: Female Height: 4’11 Body: 32-23-32 (Bra Size: 30C) Weight: 100 lbs Hair: Chin length bob with blunt bangs Hair Color: Black Eye Shape: Round Eye Color: Icy Blue
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    General chat thread

    An old friend of ours.
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    General chat thread

    I can imagine. So long as he's happy, more power to him.
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    General chat thread

    I was sure he fell into a black hole. Glad he's alive!
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    General chat thread

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    Yoru no Kyōfu

    Darkness, the familiar feeling of the void wrapped around Koji like a blanket. There was no feeling, no noise here, not even the sound of breath. Seconds stretched into minutes which then felt like hours. It was a suffocating depletion of the senses that he knew better than anyone else. The Void Kitsune had once trapped him in his own personal hell, the void, for much longer than strictly necessary and yet, she lived. Akako was alive and well despite everything they had done to wipe her from existence while his mate was gone. The one he had loved more than anything else was taken from him when she hadn't deserved to die. The universe had always been a cruel mistress to him and his family. Perhaps his father was to blame for the misfortune because he too was plagued by piss poor luck. Even so, it had been fortunate that his Empress had gathered him a harem before her untimely passing so he would not be lonely. But, did those in his servitude truly fill the hole she left in his life? The emperor was blessed with children and followers. He was in communication with the other leaders in the area and seemed to be doing well, but without his Empress pulling the strings behind him, what was his purpose now? Who was he without her influence? Was he capable of true greatness without Kimi's constant counsel and whispers to encourage every despicable deed he did? Deep in the darkness, something flashed, a spark that seemed misplaced in this realm. A pallid green glow, sickly in color, weak against the blackness and so far away. It seemed to be slowly approaching while Koji was anchored to where he was, not tethered to a floor but floating in place. rooted in the abyss. From a distance, it looked like fire, but it was difficult to tell. It could easily be his own mind toying with him seeing as where he was. Perhaps Akako had captured him again somehow, it was a possibility. He knew she had been brought back from the dead, but she had been missing for several months now. As quickly as she had returned, she was gone again. Maybe this was what she had been plotting this entire time. No one would put it past her to find her retribution. If nothing, the woman was vindictive and vengeful. Koji would suddenly feel fingertips against his back, gently tracing down the line of his spine. It was a familiar touch that was so confident and so sure that he wouldn't mistake the owner of those slender digits. Even though the cloth that covered his back, he would feel the bite of cold as her chilled digits danced down his spine like a chill. It was a sudden onslaught to his deprived senses to be sure. A fluttering giggle, high and light, echoed around him as if the owner of the voice wasn't hovering just behind him. "Sia itov... svabol herajic wux?" Her voice a soft coo behind him, her breath a cold wind at his neck. There was a hint of concern in her tone as if she knew all that had been happening in her absence as if she had never really died. It was so commonplace that it was difficult to tell if she had really died or not. It was as if she had never left him. "So lost, my love. So very lost." She rounded him then, still invisible to his eyes, but he would feel her fingers trail around until they rested on his chest. "I cannot rest like this. These imposters taking my place... they aren't me. They cannot guide you as I can. They cannot adore you and serve you as I did." She paused, a sigh sounding the in pitch before she resumed. Only those words would affirm that her death had been real and this was an apparition of sorts, a ghost that would never cease haunting him. Most would consider it a curse, but perhaps he would think himself blessed to have his true soul mate with him even after death. "You know what you need to do... What we were born to do. Burn it all, my love. I am with you. Si geou agantal qe mrith wux." Her lips were on his then, and still, he would be unable to see her but would be able to feel something not quite right about his Empress's lips. They weren't as full as they had been in the past and it felt as if something was missing. There was no scent, as if she wasn't truly there, though he'd feel Kimi pressed against him as she had when she was alive. Suddenly, there was light, pale and green, casting an eerie glow upon the pair. The small green ember was just above them, flickering with wicked intent as if the little flame was no flame at all, but a spirit that was shedding light on the truth. It was then that he could see his mate. Kimi was a corpse, practically rotted away. Her lips were still on his, half eaten away by the maggots that had likely devoured her flesh in her passing. Those familiar crimson eyes glinted with a violent promise as her left hand, a skeleton lifted to grip the cloth at his chest. Her lips parted and the stench of death would hit his nose then, the illusion was gone. The green light glinted off her rotted organs and eyes. Half of her face was missing, skin hanging from just beneath her left eye. The right side of her face was as perfect as it had always been. The sinewy muscle was bared to his eyes, her heart beneath her ribs unmoving and bare. It was a nightmare. A terror. She was the undead haunting him. @Twitterpated
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Whatever you want. Freeform. It's traditional eastern music, so just keep that in mind. You can probably look up an example of that song on YouTube.