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  1. Sorry I've been M.I.A. everyone.  Massive anxiety attack that's lasted daaaays. I've been to therapy so I'm on the mend,  but my creative mind has decided to be a Judas and go on an unapproved hiatus. I should be back to writing next weekend though.  

    1. princeben07


      Geez.....what has you reacting THAT badly?  Hope you make a full recovery and get that Therapy young one!!!



    2. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      This is pretty normal for me. I have bouts of terrible anxiety. Comes from trauma and genetics. I've been pretty good at seeing someone regularly to help manage it, but I have bad days and bad weeks sometimes. 

    3. princeben07


      There is NOTHING normal about THAT dear......I HOPE you're okay....hit me back...



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