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    What was it she truly desired Was she even aware of such herself? He denied himself the ability to ask her at this moment in time as he instead continued to observe. Ultimately he didn't care what that answer was. He'd made his mind up by now on where he stood, and he'd continue to stand firmly until he couldn't any longer. Though of course he still had some amount of responsibility keeping him from committing the whole of his attention on his heart. His youngest, and hopefully final born child. When the fawn entered to serve her master, Xartia found himself entranced for a moment by her unique beauty. Most of the yokai in her company, much like herself, often appeared in such uncanny attractive ways that he pondered over why anyone would ever see fit to brand her kind as monsters. Anybody was a monster when they had to be, or when they chose to be for that matter. As Akako's words speech completed, his emerald gaze settled back onto her.
    "Trust, I'd never doubt you. I simply prefer to be aware of things along the way. Just in case."
    He waited to see if he'd be offered anything to drink before taking it upon himself to procure a glass even out of thin air if he had to.
    "In the meantime, I should warn that The Khaliq grows homesick. It seems he also has a growing sense of responsibility for his people. I'm still not quite sure what to make of it all. All I know is that other than myself, it appears there is no Scarlet Council, which is likely why I haven't heard about any sort of punishment for your coup. No Queen, no Council, no leadership. It's a wonder that the Keep has remained untouched by it's neighbors and enemies, then again, they do have the Order or Force in the backyard. None the less, I fear an excursion back to the Keep is on the horizon. Perhaps if you speak to him, he'd more easily speak his mind on the subject."
    Being born of his circumstances, it was easy for the young, gifted Psion to be told he had no real ties to the Court by birthright. Though it seemed that the Bastard Prince didn't seem to grasp the concept fully. That or he simply didn't care. Either way, his return to PK could go one of many ways; And his choices of what to do once he returned could go many ways more. Xartia could only hope that it wouldn't adversely effect any immediately involved parties. As the only last standing vessel of the Scarlet Region's Court, it was on his shoulders to keep everyone safe while negotiating the best potential future of the region. All responsibilities he was ready to just wash his hands of, and yet Akako had to inform him that his son had needed him in the first place. 
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    Arthur did a double take, slowing in his climb as he turned his neck towards Iona twice in quick succession. Of course, it wasn’t an answer one heard everyday, and it was quite a surprise that the witch was from such a faraway place. At the same time, the mage felt glad that she wasn’t from Genesaris; a revelation like that would have soured the war veteran’s mood. “That’s quite a ways away,” the mutant replied in astonishment, though only his voice would serve as an indication of his awe for the mage was concentrated on navigating the stone. 
    Moments later, the black mage lowered into a squat, studying the Kraith closely with his sharp eyes. He had never seen such a creature before and Arthur found himself scratching the back of his head. They were fortunate that this was their first monster encounter in Yh’mi, too, as the earth-bound beast couldn’t leap from the bottom of the crevasses.
    In that moment, the mage nearly jumped out of his boots from the sound of crushed rocks underfoot and Iona’s yelp as she fell back. His fright would prove the witch’s saving grace, however, and the mutant wheeled around and lunged on his right foot towards Iona. The mage’s arm stretched preternaturally, lashing out like a striking python as his powerful grip seized one of the witch’s arms. He reeled the woman back in, standing Iona upright while standing up straight to meet and stabilize her. 
    “I’d climb down after you if you did, but watch your step so I don’t have to,” Arthur said, grinning with a twinge of amusement (albeit not at the woman’s expense), though his skin went suddenly hot as he noticed just how close the striking woman was. The smell of her perfume wafted you his sensitive nose, sending his preternaturally slow heart into a faster rhythm. “I’m glad you’re okay and thanks for the stone,” the mage added in a more friendly manner, reaching out to take the stone out of her hands.
    “I’m sorry my assignment almost got you hurt,” he apologized as he turned back towards the crevasse with the stone Iona had procured. “But now we can take the Kraith out of commission for a time, so it can’t hurt other adventurers.” 
    With that, Arthur tossed the stone into the pit, causing the beast the chomp down instinctively. Suddenly, it was like a utensil stuck in a disposal; the creature struggling to free its maw of its new burden. Without a word and with their job well done, the mage leaped to the next stone  and continued their trek across the rock field. Unlike before the mage now found himself transfixed with Iona’s pretty scent.
     A problem and it was just beginning.
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    Iona was careful, making sure each foot placement was precisely where Arthur had placed his prior. Her gaze remained focused on his feet, so she missed the several glances he stole while they moved across the treacherous terrain. One misstep could be fatal; however, Iona didn't even consider death as an option. Iona was confident, but she had previous experience in an environment similar to this. The witch knew how fortunate she was that Arthur was blazing the trail before her. He was ultimately saving her time rather than her trying to find sturdy footholds and moving slowly as a precaution. 
    "Alterion," Iona responded immediately, her voice soft, but clearly not winded. 
    She glanced up at Arthur as she scaled the boulder behind him. He was already over the ledge, and she was nearly there. With a soft grunt of effort, Iona pulled herself up as his hand raised to stop her. She stilled and looked ahead. Looking back to Arthur, she noted that it wasn't a threat he was stopping them for, but from her vantage point, she couldn't see what he was looking at. 
    Slowly, Iona rose and followed his line of sight to the mushrooms that didn't look like much to her, but she wasn't a mutant. She hummed as he told her what he was looking at suddenly understanding why they came to a halt. Food would be scarce, and while they had supplies, stopping for anything edible was ideal because there was no telling when they might need it. 
    What was more fascinating was Arthur's magic. She had the sudden impulse to touch his arm, which stretched like rubber. Did it still feel like flesh? Then, it was the sound of the earth moving that drew her attention first, not even a second before Arthur's hand snapped back into place, narrowly avoiding the monster's maw. Iona blinked at where his hand had reached, and sure enough, in the darkness, she could spot distinct rows of jagged teeth. 
    Her eyes brightened before she realized that Arthur was speaking to her. Rocks. Yes, focus on progress. This monster wasn't what she came to study. Iona's bright green eyes scanned the area before she bounded off, finding a sizable boulder. She hoisted the thing up into her arms and grunted as she felt the full weight of it. It looked more manageable on the ground, admittedly, but it was necessary. 
    She hopped back towards the mage, clearing a small crevice when the part she stepped on cracked a fraction. Her balance shifted, and a slight noise of alarm escaped her, and she felt herself spilling backward. Either, she tosses the boulder she's procured and save herself from possible injury, or hang on to the rock and pray Arthur could reach her. 
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    Akako wasn't one to cow to any being. Everything she did was planned with precision, even down to conversations that would trigger an inevitable domino effect. Rafael held power in Genesaris, but he also associated with individuals that were well known across continents. It would serve her well to be in his favor, for now. Besides, he held the same amount of contempt, if not more, for one of their shared enemies. Their forces combined could neutralize them with fewer casualties on their side, which was ideal. There was more to it though, more to Akako's plotting as was her nature. 
    "I will send Jun to request an audience that I have no doubt he will permit. Afterall... he asked for a favor when we spoke in private during the festival." 
    There was something about her voice that spoke more than the words themselves. Perhaps how honeyed, and yet somehow wicked it sounded. 
    "Rafael and I need to spend more time together to build rapport, simply." She finished her gaze cast toward the window. 
    The sound of small hooves on wood drew Akako's attention, and the daiyokai looked to the young fawn yokai as she lowered herself gracefully to serve them yokai sake. She was a pretty thing, slender with wide black eyes and small pouty lips. Her ears were elongated like a deer, and her hair was red, cut in a bob that framed her little face. The attendant served the sake with care before bowing to each and backing out of the room. 
    Akako hummed softly before lifting her glass to her lips and taking a sip to consider the Cambion's next question. 
    "We are gathering our strength. Nothing else at this time. As for Legion... I am testing Dredge's loyalty. If he fails me, I have a contingency plan to deal with him and his. I am not the rumored Queen of Yokai for nothing." 
    Dredge was likely to fail. Akako bet on it. His loyalty was questionable at best, but she had known him for a week, if not less. Trust was built over time, and so, she was willing to give him a chance to prove himself and prove that he would be loyal to their cause. If he failed, and she hoped he wouldn't, he would surely regret his decision to turn his back on her kindness. 
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    The witch's expression screwed up into one of contempt as Arthur poked fun at her. She didn't know if she should be impressed or considerably worried that he seemed unperturbed given their current environment. The witch tugged the cloak tighter around her body before quickly following behind him, not having any issues with taking a daring leap across the five-foot gap. A small part of her hoped he saw that she could do this much without her magic and rely on her strength. 
    While she was human, she'd pushed her body hard to survive in less than optimal circumstances such as this. Iona had strength and stamina that backed up her magical prowess, though she considered herself a novice. Iona knew she had a long way to go, which was why she was always on the move seeking more knowledge from books, people, or the environment. Arthur was obviously a mage, given the artifacts she'd seen in his tent when they first met. Perhaps he could be a source of information, but Iona didn't know if she could trust him, yet. 
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    "Ah, you say such, and yet you beauty is merely imitation. Mine being authentic, natural. Stop feeding for a while and show us your true appearance as a California Raisin."
    Those of this world wouldn't get why he mused such words and laughed beyond them whilst accepting the letter. However, Lein would catch the reference; Perhaps they could consider it an inside joke. Looking to the face of the envelope first, Xartia's face illumined with surprise. He knew her handwriting anywhere, this letter was from Raveena herself. Wasting no time opening the letter and exposing it's contents within, he read feverishly to ensure that this wasn't some sort of letter of dire import or emergency.  The calm was apparent in his face as his charming smirk returned, his eyes still digesting the page though he spoke to the Count once more. 
    "So it appears she's more or less here to assist Artamese, though they're both here to assist us...Say, want to have a bit of fun to pass the time? The journey has just began, though we have quite a ways to go. Let's see how long it takes for the girl to realize you're not Xartia Pendragon."
    His volume diminished as his smirk became menacing. His hand gestured in the direction she'd headed off in whilst he handed the letter back to Lein. A giggle escaped him just before they'd temporarily part ways. As the Vampire likely obliged the notion, Xartia trusted nothing bad could truly come from such an innocent trifle. In the meantime, Xartia allowed the enchanted wheel to more or less steer on autopilot as he too exited the cabin in search of the black mage. An act that was rather easy to accomplish. Out on the deck, he looked back and saw how far they were beginning to make it from the port, his Cheshire grin refreshing as he continued to approach the Mutant.
    "So what's new with you, what have I missed. I had heard of your participation in that Reunion tournament, though you were gone for quite a while prior to those rumors."
    A loaded question, one that the Cambion had no idea he didn't want answered. Even with Akako's return, and the three of them in the company of one another however briefly as the flower festival, he still hadn't learned of Akako's whereabouts of her absence. Obviously the case being the same for Arthur. As intelligent as the Magician was, not even he could've guessed they spent a stretch of that time together. 
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    Closer to the engine room, many of the airship's corridors were calcified into a labyrinth of bleached bone architecture. Despite it's brief stay within the Immaterium, the malignant touch of the Warp showed in stark contrast against the ship proper. Grey formations of lusterless crystal knuckled up from the joints and cracks in the bone walls, veined and pulsing with the beating pulse of the reactor core deeper within. The entire vessel, it seemed from a certain threshold beyond, rang with the sense of journeying through the half-alive corpse of some great beast, languishing in a somnolence not wholly natural; breathing, watching, and waiting.  
    Not all was bleached bone and garrulous growths, however. Metal between the calcified obstructions, rusted and pitted, sweated blood and more. Exposure to the Immaterium's tides had drawn forth memories from the ship's interior, manifesting ghastly echoes of the crew who had died serving aboard the airship when and after it feel into the Warp. They were ghosts, ghosts of glass; crystal faces leering from bone and metal walls, crystal arms and hands reaching out, some beckoning for Tenkai and his companions, others gesturing, showing the way. The faces, so detailed, were perfect masks of closed eyes and open mouths; so perfect in their make, even the crease lines of their lips were visible. 
    And to the physically attuned, they spoke to whomever came close enough to hear. 
    I am alive, one hissed, a whispered shriek. I screamed as the halls burned. I screamed as the fire sloughed the skin from my bones. 
    They were tomb markers, one and all. 
    I am alive, another whispered to Tenkai. When I hesitated, I took a blade to my belly. Every gasp sucked blood down my throat. Blood filled my seizing lungs. 
    But the ground shook, and the vibrations of the deck plating caused a glass arm to crack and shatter. Then the smoke came, as it ever did in it's presence, a graveyard shroud of burnt cinnamon, blood and decaying meat. A shadow moved down the great hall, far along the passageway before the Inquisitor, Swordsman and their two companions, something huge and black in the gray, seeping smoke from beyond, and in those depths where the eyes might strain to see, stared eyes like ruby, lit and blazing like coals aflame. The Blackened Knight seethed, breathed, and through its very presence as a bloodied avatar of blood and war, influenced several of the men - Guardians all - into pure, unadulterated black rage. 

    Together, eight all, rushed from formation, some discarding shields, and into the thickened fog to face the daemon with throaty cries of war before vanishing into the charcoal mist. 
    The Blackened Knight rushed to meet them. The towering shadow in the fog of war lunged forward with whipcrack force, leaving but curling embers of smoke in the place where it had stood. The smoke filling the hall started to smell of burning wood and seared flesh as the Blackened Knight drew closer to the company as a whole, occluding sight further as it rose in sympathy with the Blackened Knight's rage, its cloven feet ringing sharp staccato taps into the decking with its tumultuous, lumbering charge. Melee erupted, men shouted, the roar of gunfire and the waspish buzz of weapons charged the air, and with them came the harsh, sweeping air displacement of a massive sword swinging, crashing against weapons, and the shatter-crack of splitting armor and the cries of dying men too proud to scream. 
    It was a wrenching metallic wail, the breaking of armor. And of the men within, it was a juicy snap, like the crunch of wet lumber. The Guardians were dying, and in a dozen heartbeats, they were dead. All sounds of battle stopped, and what followed in their stead were watery snarls and long, sticky growls, and then great gulping swallows as the smoke thinned. The Blackened Knight was crouched among the dead, its horn-creasted head tilted back to face the bone ceiling. The daemon was swallowing with gagging sounds, letting chunks of flesh still tombed in armor to run down its throat without chewing. 
    It was using several corpses of Guardians as a throne while picking apart another body, reaching with gnarled black and red hands for another portion before it had even finished gagging on the former. It kept gagging, but never resorted to breaking the meal apart with its teeth. When it swallowed, it turned its eyes towards the other pair. Beside it stood it's giant black blade, run through a yet still alive Guardian, pinning the man to the ground like a banner.
    Tenkai... the Blackened Knight gurgled through saliva-strung fangs. It's voice echoed aloud as well as in the mind.

    I see you, Ssssswordsman. Are you alone but for these few, brother? 
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    “Gather away,” Arthur replied to the pink-haired witch, his eyes rolling slightly in the darkness at the harsh tone that she spoke in. The mage wasn’t particularly upset by Iona, though neither did he enjoy being spoken down to, nor was he used to such treatment. Most would take one glance at his fiery set of orange eyes and realize that it would prove better for their health not to aggravate Arthur. In that sense, the mage was both annoyed and impressed by the witch. “I’ll keep watch while you do. No sense being ambushed while you play with the vegetation.” 
    The black mage nodded as the cloaked woman agreed to travel over the rock field, choosing the dangers of the crevasses in exchange for the shorter route. Such daring stoked Arthur’s sense of adventure and brought a wolffish grin to his lips. Arthur watched Iona while she worked her magic, staring with awed interest as shadowy clawed hands lashed out from the confines of her cloak and gripped onto the stone. When she was pulled upwards onto the natural platform, the mage grinned and followed suit. However, he gripped onto the edge of the boulder with his gloved hands and lifted himself onto the boulder with a single flexing of his muscular arms. 
    “For future reference, I’ll make this sign if I sense others,” Arthur instructed, moving his fingers into the shape of the rune of Egoth. It would be effective for the mage’s devices as none of his magic required such a hand sign. “I’d hate for you to get scared,” the mutant teased as he hopped across a five foot gap and landed on a smaller boulder. He hopped to the next jutting stone, giving Iona the opportunity to leap onto the stone he’d just departed. “Keep up though I doubt you’ll have any issues with that impressive magic of yours.” 
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    "Jesus," Crystal hissed as Rin initially disappeared into the mass of bodies and chaos that ensued. Once the elemental caught sight of her again, it was impossible to lose her. She was a drop of white among the dark clothed mob. 
    The red-head turned to look to Gin and nearly fell out of her chair to see that he too had left her company. "For the love..." Crystal was on her feet then, snarling as she pushed her way through people. One poor soul accidentally pushed the elemental, and he was immediately acquainted with the equivalent of a stun gun, 50,000 volts, and a few milliamps slamming into his nervous system like a freight train which effectively writhing on the floor in a mass of incoherent babbling. Crystal continued without making sure the man was alright. It didn't matter. There were more important things. 
    She spotted Luiz, bloodied from the man standing in front of him, and just behind him, there was Rin. With a click of her tongue, Crystal quickened her pace as she saw Gin's hulking figure quietly fall into place at Rin's side. Fitting, Crystal thought to herself. 
    Gin approached from the side, that way Rin would see him approaching. He kept his face downcast so it was hidden in shadow, but Rin would recognize what he was wearing. He even shortened himself, shoulders rounding over to appear shorter than he really was. Crystal said he needed to leave, so clearly she didn't want him to be recognized, but it wasn't common knowledge that Akako had a son... much less three of them. 
    "Do you want me to go after the rest?" Gin asked, his voice low enough that over the cacophony of the yelling, only Rin would hear him. 
    Crystal finally got close enough and gave Rin a look. She could, in theory, put the whole place to sleep, and they could slip out with Luiz to do with as they pleased. It was probably not the wisest move, though, because that could turn those in favor of Akako, against her. 
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    The Cambion took the silent entry to the room to his advantage. He took in the decor and admired the taste for what it was. While the golden accents were nothing of surprise, the plum hued pillows threw off his first guest; As did the imagery of a crane. He questioned if he'd just failed to notice the associations there of prior, or if they were in fact new with her established presence over Taiyomichi. Purple, a color of power and nobility. A color of wisdom, wealth, peace, and even of magic. The crane was a bird of mundane and mystical nature, seen in many cultures as a sign of longevity, good luck or fortune. Happiness.
    "I will likely be visiting Rafael in the near future. While there is trust between us, I would like to solidify my position among his court."
    If there was one thing Xartia had had enough of in life, it was ruling over anything. Let alone performing beneath another's court. Why a creature so seasoned, so divine, so wise to seek solidity to a younger creatures court was beyond him. However, it wouldn't surprise him if it was simply because of the temporary ambitions this world had to offer, and how they enticed the vixen. Perhaps there were deeper, ulterior motives he was unaware of; The he was incapable of surmising even with his own vast wisdom. Regardless, as he'd told her prior. No matter what, she had his support as well as his protection. If she ever chose to expand her opinions upon him, he'd be all ears. However, he refrained from asking questions he couldn't promise he wanted the answers to.
    "How do you plan to accomplish such? More importantly, once you feel reassured, what then is the next order of business?"
    Even with the solidity she sought, it did nothing to quell the level of concern he held for the nine tail. As his life had proven time and time again, trust placed in anyone can and will be wasted given the right circumstances. There was no reason to suspect that Raphael would turn on Akako or force her hand in anyway, though life seemed that easy and enticing when the two of them wound up in cahoots with the Golden Lich King. An act that cause them several months of disdain. An act they each harbored scars and a unique sword from. As he awaited her response, he recalled the quest board with it's plethora of Taiyomichi quests.
    As much as he wanted to tell her, he decided it was currently best to hold his tongue over having potentially located one of those mysterious and powerful Cornerstones that many were eager to get their hands on. Likewise, he refused  to even tell her of his plans to go and seek it personally. A handful of names came to mind on whom to ask for assistance from. He'd need each of the persons he had in mind to guarantee success in this endeavor, though as long as he had two of them he could still potentially suffice. Finally, he made his way to the table she'd seated herself out, bringing himself to sit across from her.
    "I do hope you've kept the Legion busy as well, they've been rather quiet since their arrival. Too quiet for people like them whom were just being introduced to domesticated living. Quite literally fresh off the boat."
    He took the passive aggressive approach, pointing fingers at a culprit that may or may not exist. He didn't wish to be 'that guy', though he was still plenty weary of the Dredge and his cronies. Dredge himself could take a bullet for Xartia personally, and he still likely wouldn't trust the guy. Only one person has ever proven that Xartia could trust them no matter what, without condition.
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    Arthur and Iona were on the move again. The ground posed to be a treacherous obstacle for them to navigate with random stones jutting upward like jagged teeth. Above them, the sky was dark with clouds that appeared ready to open up to flood the world. The dark mass churned, turning in on itself as if it was a living thing. There was no light to speak of; no moon, no sun, nothing that could illuminate the landscape they traverse with careful footsteps. Layer upon layer of ominous clouds prevented even the most minimal light from piercing their curtain of forboding. 
    Iona kept her gaze focused mostly on the ground, but frequently glanced up to the sky and around to her surroundings to be sure there was nothing afoot. Arthur's heightened senses caught something that not even the witch could intuit, and so she crouched low to the ground waiting for the mutant to either explain or make some signal for them to move. Once he gestured, Iona slinked along behind him, moving in something akin to a jaguar's prowl. 
    "That much is obvious," Iona's voice was a low whisper, though the ire in her voice was clear as day. "I am not stupid enough to spend my time here researching. My only objective is to gather specimens," she was frowning at him. 
    "Over," there was an edge to her tone. Iona wasn't thrilled with the fact that he had her thinking there was something beyond her sensory limits. Her previous experience made her wary, so she always anticipated the worst. Mentally, Iona had prepared herself for a fight, and her adrenaline was already pumping. It was a waste of energy she could have used later. 
    "I can manage just fine." 
    The woman stood and looked to the ledge. Her eyes closed and she muttered an incantation. Opening her eyes again, they were completely black, not even the whites of her eyes visible. From beneath her cloak, two pairs of gnarled charcoal-colored hands reached out, the nails were yellowed, but appeared impossibly sharp. The arms extended silently upwards until the ledge of the boulder was in its grip. Then, in one swift movement, Iona was yanked upward. 
    She landed neatly in a crouched position, and the two sets of arms retreated from which they came. Her gaze settled on the land before her and sure enough, it looked just as menacing as Arthur described, only worse. The ground was uneven as it was before, only now, there were hundreds of gaping crevices that resembled monsters' maws rather than dolines and craters. The witch bit down on the inside of her bottom lip and considered the landscape while she waited for the mutant to join her on her perch. 
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    Woo child, tired of the bullshit
    Go on dust your shoulders off, keep it moving
    Yes Lord, tryna get some new shit
    In there, swimwear, going to the pool shit
    Come now, come dry your eyes
    You know you a star, you can touch the sky
    I know that it's hard but you have to try
    If you need advice, let me simplify
    If he don't love you anymore
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    'Keep walking,' she told herself as she heard the Cambion speak. 'You didn't hear it.' 
    The rumored Queen of Yokai schooled her expression into one of perfect detachment despite her mind turning over the words. This wasn't the first time they were uttered from his lips, but this was the first time he spoke them in a language that she associated as her native tongue. It set her on edge. Did she love him? Maybe. Was she in love with him? That was unknown. Akako knew that she cared at the very least. If he died, she would be upset. If he was no longer within reach - if he left to Terrenus tomorrow, would she mourn the loss though? What the vixen could admit was that she did prefer he was accessible so she could call upon him when she needed him. Lately, that was more often than not. Something she wasn't terribly proud of. 
    The hand, his hand, at her shoulder gave her pause. Her steps slowed and she found herself peering over her shoulder, looking to the magician with the corner of her eye. Pupil-less golden orbs gave nothing away of what she was feeling. They were bottomless pools of aurum however, they lacked warmth. There was an intimacy in his gesture and she didn't know how she wanted to react to it aside from brushing his hand away, but she refrained from such a callous action. 
    Her vulnerability had vanished from their night together when she initially returned to Port Caelum. Independence reigned supreme and she withdrew within herself as she often did. Avoided closeness, shunned companionship because she didn't need it or want it. Xartia was still stubborn and Akako didn't know if she respected him for it, or loathed him for it. She leaned towards the latter when he spoke of fear. Her impassive mask cracked and her brows knit together, a frown marring her exotic features. 
    It was fleeting though - that expression of restrained scorn. Within a blink, Akako was walking again, facing forward as if the words were never spoken. 
    The sitting area was just beyond her chambers, a room bared by double doors that remained closed until the vixen approached. With a stirring of her yoki, there was a click of a lock unlatching, then the doors parted just as the demoness drew nearer. Once beyond the threshold, the floor was gleaming coffee maple hardwood which rose up to a short platform at the opposite end of the room. The right wall was lined with shelves filled with modern books as well as ancient scrolls from Akako's personal collection. In the center of the room, just before the raised sitting area, a large cream-colored area rug contrasted against the dark stain of the floor. Upon the rug was a center table that was a mere foot off the ground. Deep indigo-colored sitting pillows embroidered with golden cranes were placed at each face of the table. Along the left wall, There was a low sitting shelf and display cabinets that housed various trinkets including an array of weapons, pottery, glittering jewels, and jade statues. On the raised area, there were two cream-colored chairs that sat opposed to each other that resembled stools more than chairs and between them, another small black table was placed with a vase of stargazer lilies. There was a round window at the end of the room that looked out to the gardens, however, the thin curtain of indigo and gold was drawn, masking the greenery from full view. 
    The vixen made her way to the cushion that would position her with her back facing the display and facing the bookshelves. She lowered herself easily, careful of the layers of silk she wore. 
    "I will likely be visiting Rafael in the near future. While there is trust between us, I would like to solidify my position among his court." 
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    His silence was an unwilling one. He wanted to say something, anything. Though even with his seasoned wisdom, her's still outweighed his own. There was nothing he could say to shift her perception. Deep down inside though, he was certain that he could show her. A life worth living. One without an expiration date. An unconditional one. She was the only one capable of allowing him to do so, just as she was the only one capable of preventing him. Even when she chimed in again, confessing it was a topic she didn't like to dwell on, the Cambion bit his tongue. An act that did nothing to prevent his thoughts, 'It doesn't have to be'. When she suddenly moved to her feet, his sparkling, emerald eyes followed curiously. He questioned if he should follow her or not, though his body failed to hesitate where his mind had. He followed in the wake of her sillage, tantalized briefly by not only her scent, but by the ever fresh image in his mind of her walking away from him. Even now he wondered just how long she might be willing to indulge him. However, instead of worrying over it, he was careful not to allow his doubts and fears to intervene with the happening. Gently clearing his throat, he finally spoke again once she'd completed her request, as he followed her yet again; Unsure of where she was headed exactly.
    "Anata o ai shite shimatta koto douka oyurushi kudasai..."
    He repeated himself mentally, ensuring that his translation was as accurate as he could muster. With a few quickened paces, his right hand found her shoulder. His thumb smoothed over the top of it intimately as he lowered his voice, for the next words to follow were ones that might threaten to compromise the mask she wore in the face of her subordinates; Likewise, that might cause her subjects to question what he meant, when the message only mattered to the Yokai Queen herself.
    "Kyoufu wa teki de ari mikata demo aru."
    With a gentle squeeze, he removed his hand from her altogether, allowing her to continue unperturbed to her destination; Soon revealed to be her second office. Come to think of it, he couldn't recalled having used the room when he stayed here. He was curious to see what she'd done to personalize a space he had previously left untouched. 
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    The mutant surveyed his surroundings carefully as he continued their trek south, navigating around jutting rocks in an attempt to remain on mostly even ground. Arthur’s sharp eyes remained alert and surveyed the mage’s surroundings with every ten paces. Simultaneously, he kept his remaining senses attuned for anything that drew near. For the moment, the mutant sensed nothing which made sense considering that they were still within sight of Inns’th’s gate. The mage intended to continue his watchful vigil regardless. It would be folly to do away with his discipline so early, or at any point of this undoubtedly perilous journey.
    ”I’ve set aside a small bit of time in my calculations for that, actually. An emphasis on small. As my alchemy professor at the University used to say during our harvesting walks through the meadow: Gather and move, young Uskglass, gather and move..” Arthur smiled earnestly and chuckled, reminiscing of older and much simpler times when his only worry was the honest acquisition of knowledge. His stroll through memory lane did not last long, however, as his visage hardened and the mutant instantly crouched low like a hunting cat. He gestured for the woman to do the same, moving slowly and behind a large boulder that blocked their advancement unless they preferred to walk the full way around the craggy area. Turning to Iona, the mage spoke again but in a whisper this time. “If you want to study your samples in depth, wait until we reach Bloodwatch or until we get back to Inns’th. 
    “Now, there’s no need to be alarmed though. I don’t sense anything but I recognize this landmark from my map. We can travel around it if you’d prefer, but I think we should travel over them. Are you confident in your ability to jump from stone to stone? There’s dolines, deep craters and other assorted dangers between the stones.” Arthur explained, his wolfish smirk slightly visible within the gap between his bevor and helm. His gaze tilted upwards at the boulder they hid behind; the stone’s height rising above the mage’s standing height with no visible holds for feet and hands. “Do you need a boost?” 
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    There was real doubt when she initially posted her ad on the job board that anyone worth taking on this particular journey would appear. What she needed was someone made of sturdy stuff, someone that wouldn't be cowed by beasts and monsters. Iona knew what lurked beyond the wall. There were whispers of those things that went bump in the night, something that would make Carpathians and Nogitsunes seem practically harmless. This adventurer seemed promising. He wasn't human, which might be advantageous. Still, uncertainty lingered in her. It was rather unlikely that he had been exposed to the nightmarish realm she had stumbled upon years prior that prepared her for this moment. Even so, he seemed sure of himself, confident that they would make it out alive, or at least he would. That intent was promising so, Iona silently prayed for the gods and goddesses to provide for the treacherous journey that lay before them because she knew better than to ask for a safe one. 
    The witch stared out at the land before them, just on the other side of the gate. There was an electricity in her bones as her fingers glanced over the bound volume that was attached to her left hip, which was an expansive handwritten plant physiology text. On her right hip, her book of shadows was secured, which contained spells, rituals, teas, and herbal remedies for ailments. She hoped to add to one of the volumes during this trip and collect specimens to experiment with so she may add to the other. 
    The hired man, Arthur, she recalled, was already walking, talking all the while to explain their plan of action. Iona patiently listened, matching his stride easily, her boots making hardly a sound as they came down on the rock beneath them. Her long colored hair was left down for additional warmth; however, it was hidden beneath the hood of her cloak. Iona was clad in black and grey, her black lace choker the only thing breaking that particular trend with an oval fluorite stone. Her leather corset was reinforced with a light chain-mail, and she wore plate greaves and poleyn and leather vambraces with small riveted plates underneath. Everything she wore, with the exception of the cloak, clung to her body like a second skin to allow easy movement without fear of being caught by a loose article of clothing. One could never be too careful. 
    "I hope you've taken into account the times I will pause to gather plants for research purposes," she added as he stopped at a boulder. Her eyes weren't on him though, she was looking across the terrain for something of interest, but couldn't see anything as of yet, be it the darkness or lack of vegetation in these parts. 
    Iona sighed with a hint of disappointment on her breath, despite knowing that they would need to venture further into Yh'mi before she found what she looked for. Looking back to the mutant, Iona stepped closer to him, to peer around to observe what he was doing. Her lips quirked into an amused smile as she watched. The occultist hummed and nodded with approval as she watched. Promising, indeed, she mused. He also smelt nice, unlike her previous company. Another perk, Iona thought. She wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

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    After preparing himself and his equipment, the mutant and his new traveling companion found themselves walking underneath the archway of Inns’th’s southern gate. The sole fortification that blocked off the large encampment from the rest of the nightmarish region of Yh’mi. As they stepped safely to the opposite side, the gate closed behind them with a mechanical clicking that filled Arthur with an odd sense of finality. It was the mage’s first time in Yh’mi proper, and his impressively muscled body was tingling with anxious excitement as the two of them were left alone with the vast stretches of cursed land to themselves. Under his vestments, the mutant was grinning roguishly even as his frame suffered from slight tremors of apprehension. 
    “It’s seventy five kilometers south to Furthest Point. That should be two days worth of careful walking,” Arthur told the witch after they were totally alone. When the pink-haired woman hired the black mage, he had practically been rushed out of his pitched tarp and through the gate by Iona’s eager insistence. So it was well worth it to discuss logistics as they walked. ”We’ll walk about eight hours a day, not including when we stop for breakfast and lunch. When we stop for the evening...” Arthur paused as he began their trek, stepping carefully across the ground of the massive rock field. He pondered for a moment on the misnomer he’d just uttered, knowing that ‘evening’ didn’t offer a proper distinction for darkness always fell over Yh’mi. “At the end of our daily trek, we’ll cook at least fifty yards from where we’ll sleep, and we’ll sleep in shifts of four hours. I’ll stand guard first and you after me. We’ll be able to sleep as much as we’d like and replenish our supplies once we reach Bloodwatch base on Furthest Point.....
    ”But most importantly, we need to keep a light on at all times,” the alchemist finished speaking, walking around a large stone as he unlatched his wax canvas rucksack and placed it onto the boulder. It was a sturdy thing, made of tough material with a bedroll composed of several grey wool blankets and his canvas tarp lashed to the top of the rucksack. A large white crystal with a hollow center was strapped and hanging off the bottom of Arthur’s pack. It was a creation of the mutant’s efforts of transmutation, and hopefully would function as intended once they reached their destination. The mage produced a thick, waxy candle from a side compartment on the pack. He cast a cantrip with a quick gesture that lit the wick with a white and black flame, then placed the candle inside the rune-etched lantern. 
    Strapping the rucksack to his back again, the mutant was off again, gesturing to Iona to continue. On his first foray into Yh’mi, Arthur was dressed for adventure and battle. The mage wore a dark blue padded aketon and chausses over his bulky torso and trunk-like limbs. The chausses were tucked into black boots that looked nearly new. Aside from the gambeson he was wearing, Arthur had a scant few pieces of armor. A black-colored jack-chain of steel sections were tied to the sleeves of his aketon. Meanwhile, a blackened bevor was strapped around his neck, protecting his neck and the lower half of his face. A kettle helm of black steel was plopped atop the mage’s head, creating a slight opening from which only Arthur’s nose and eyes could be seen. However, his animalistic eyes were covered in a pair of goggles, its lenses tinted a bright orange. The black mage’s outfit was rounded out by his black fur-lined robes that settled upon his broad shoulders and fell just past his hips. 
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    If there was ever a thing such as conversational whiplash, this was it. The vixen felt the muscles at the base of her neck tense as the seemingly harmless question rolled off of his lips. It was an incredibly personal one. While she understood why he asked, she wasn't inclined to answer because it only pained her to think about it. She could be resting now, had they left things well enough alone. It made her tired thinking about it. 
    "No. I have never embraced my immortality. I have even ended my own life purposefully before only to be brought back." 
    Akako refused to look at the Cambion because she knew the face he would make. If anyone was capable of human emotion, it was her. Though, she did her very best to conceal was stirred beneath. The vixen was filled with complex feelings that stemmed from eons living amongst humans, falling in love over and over only to feel the sting of loss repeatedly. It was why she had resigned herself to death before Red, Xartia, and the Outsider intervened. It was regrettable, but nothing could be done now unless she wished to still her heart on her own again. No doubt, Xartia would selfishly stop her yet again. 
    "It isn't a topic I like to dwell on. It is depressing." 
    The vixen rose to her feet suddenly and made her way back inside without so much as looking back to see if he would follow. Instinct ensured her that he would. 
    The fawn yokai was the first to see the daiyokai and quickly approached.  "Akako-sama," she said as she bowed at the waist. "Fetch Aiyoku's sake and bring it to my sitting area please." "Yes, m'lady." Then the young demon was off while Akako breezed through the halls heading towards what most considered her second office, though much less formal. 
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    "So be it. Do well not to get yourself killed."
    A grin was all that followed his gaze as he watched her speak. How she showed concern in the most awkward of ways was perhaps one of the cutest things about her. He knew better than to breath a word of any of it, lest he wished to incur the wrath of the Nogitsune. Silently he admired her for a moment, careful not to make it uncomfortable should she notice. Finally, his head turned, casting his gaze to the ceiling once more as his grin faded. Stepping back into the shoes of mortality came with implications he hadn't considered prior. While he was theoretically ageless in this state, he failed to be truly immortal. Regardless, as a man that had the ability to live countless lifetimes, having already lived the span of several...
    "Having lived for so long, have you always embraced your immortality?"
    That was the best way he could word it in his mind without limiting the answer he might receive so severely. Just in case she felt some type of way about being asked something somewhat heavy so suddenly, he opted to continue by giving his current personal opinion in comparison.
    "Especially as something as almighty as a God, life just eventually became redundant, boring....Empty. I had spent so much time defining the meaning of The Verse and supporting my Court, I lost the meaning of my life. I lost the image of myself. Perhaps it's just the human in me, but in the absence of all ego and the presence of all knowledge..."
    He paused, as if he'd momentarily slipped back into that empty feeling; Evident in his gaze. Truth be told he spent the last couple of centuries in The Verse in isolation. He thought that such would allow him the space and time necessary to rediscover himself, to find passion in life once more. Though it was't until he was forced to return to the Material Plane that he ultimately realized that this was what he'd been missing. Mystery, wonder, love, joy, pain, suffering. Balance.
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    When he mentioned the temple, Akako chose that moment to turn and look at Xartia. His reputation with women still weighed heavy on her, and she narrowed her eyes at him. There was no doubt that he would get into something. It was inevitable as it was his nature, as it was hers. Pursing her lips in resignation, she looked away again.
    "So be it. Do well not to get yourself killed." 
    It was the best she could come up with. Relationships weren't an easy thing for her, especially when she still didn't trust the object of her affection; though, there was no affection shown. There was no telling how long she was planning on holding back, or maybe she had no intention of letting her guard down at all. Maybe their moment when she had first returned was a fluke. In any case, it was sure that she was still not convinced by him, or she was still trying to forget her most recent fling. 
    Their idle conversation reminded her of their time in the City of Doors and the company they kept. From time to time, she wondered about Ursan and the Baron. She had heard of Ursan's fate but was a rumor at best. Still, she mourned the loss even if he had deserved to spend eternity suspended in nothingness. Then the Baron was an enigma to her. There had been no rumors of his whereabouts and what he was currently doing. It was well enough, though. The vixen did not doubt that he was doing well. 
    Akako didn't speak again because she fully expected the Cambion to fill the silence. There was nothing for her to talk about really that wasn't work-related. The vast majority of her time was spent strategizing and doing paperwork. It was endless. Otherwise, she didn't have much of a social life these days. 
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    He peered out from beyond the veil, his scarlet eyes glowing from the abyss in likeness to dancing tongues of flame. Stepping out as he had already been trained to do, he bowed deeply to show respect to his Queen prior to her brief salutations to them, and the ultimate deliverance of her orders.
    He stated plainly as he rose from his deep bow, even though she'd already left them to their duties. Though she failed to physically be there for his verbal compliance, he knew better than to think she'd failed to notice it. He had no interest in testing to see if she in fact was incapable of watching or knowing at all times. Lest he was prepared to incur her wrath.
    Looking out to the crowds of the encampment, Kofudo looked genuinely confused. When he'd heard the rumors floating about that they'd be welcoming monsters into their home, he never imagined how diverse a cast they were compared to the brand known as Yokai. While these monsters seemed to look more of the part in a variety, it was important to remember that Yokai could only appear as human such as himself once they reached a certain age and prowess. Otherwise they were no different than any other monster, or so his opinion stood. After all, he wasn't once of the types of Yokai like his Master, he had no origin as an animal or the likes there of. 
    Without causing disruption, Kofudo strolled the streets at his leisure. His left hand rested lazily upon the butt of his tsuba, his robe like jacket waving in his wake. He took note of much of what he saw, though he was careful not to offend with a stare. Finally, a smile crept onto his face, a snicker escaping him briefly as he came to stop completely and fold his arms over his chest. Standing at 4'10" he sure didn't seem like much, though that was the perk of appearing as something you weren't. For all the nervousness of their new neighbors, he was relieved to see that they weren't so different in his eyes. He couldn't speak for Aiyoku or the others, but he honestly supported their Master's decision without fault.
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    The hospital was the last place the vixen ever wanted to visit, but this was a special occasion. An elderly fellow lay in a semi-reclined bed as a nurse began to remove the apparatus that delivered medication that kept him from feeling the agonizing pain which came along with his particular illness. Akako was at his side, sitting at the edge of his bed while his family gathered around them, some weeping, others watching with morbid fascination. He was dying, and perhaps Akako could save him, but that wasn't what he wanted, and she couldn't fault him for that. He was human, and by every account, he had lived a long and fulfilling life. He was tired, and he missed his wife. 
    The request had come a few days ago, and later this afternoon, Akako was going to assist in the delivery of supplies, men, and her familiar to Dredge. The timing was impeccable. In the letter, the eldest daughter of the man asked for Akako to give her father peace, and he had asked to see his wife one last time. Additionally, he had asked to be put to rest, assisted suicide, which was unheard of in Caelum. There had never been a case so severe that a patient requested death, but in this instance, it wasn't out of the question. 
    It was how she found herself here, mere hours before her departure to pay a visit to the Lord of Legion. Akako had seen a picture of his wife, and that had been enough. With a breath, her yoki expanded throughout the room, warming the air and pressing on all of those within. Then the feeling was gone, and the family let out a collective sigh as the demoness pulled the power back within her core as she envisioned the woman he missed so dearly. 
    Like a droplet falling into still water, Akako's appearance rippled then changed. The illusion fell into place with practiced ease, the smallest details matched from the lines in her face to the shadow cast against the opposing wall. A plump silver-haired woman with smile lines around her mouth and crows feet at the corners of her eyes smiled down at the prone man. His eyes opened, and he looked up at her in awe for a long moment. Akako knew he was unable to move, so she took his hand in hers and kissed the tips of his fingers.
    He continued to stare, unabashed. Akako's smile softened, and she nodded gently. Realization shone in his glassy eyes, and he moved his chin the barest fraction to mimic her movement. Then, she leaned down and pressed her lips to his in a chaste kiss. His soul stirred within him, an ember of light that she could see, then ever so gently, Akako retrieved the soul from within him while her lips remained sealed against his. 
    Pulling away, Akako, in his wife's image, watched him as she felt the boon of his soul as it absorbed into her. Meanwhile, his breathing slowed, and then he was gone in peace. The nurse that had remained checked his pulse and called time of death before making notes on his chart and removing herself from the room to allow the family a moment to grieve. 
    The illusion fell away, and the daiyokai stood as the eldest daughter approached her. She thanked the daiyokai then went to her father's side. The other siblings followed suit, and finally, Akako slipped out of the room and into the hallway where Aiyoku waited. 
    They met each other's gaze a brief moment before they made their way down the hall in silence. The family may not know, but they had just ensured that Akako would accompany Aiyoku. 
    She rarely fed. It was taboo to consume human souls, but it was how Akako remained alive for so long. Void kitsune were rare, and she was the only one at her age. She was hardly the oldest of her kind, but she was certainly unique. With age, her need to feed dwindled and now she only did so once every several decades. Fortunately, she usually did so within the Void Realm, but this time she didn't. The meal, as meager as it was, whetted her appetite and gave her a boost in her magical stamina and strength. It was impossible to not daydream about more, perhaps something younger. Her lips upturned as she finished getting ready. 
    Just outside of Legion's encampment, the air became stagnant, thick, and warm. Not that there was much in the area that could notice, but if there was, it was an obvious thing that would leave most unsettled. What followed was a grotesque noise like the tearing of flesh paired with the visual of space tearing. A vertical and jagged line severed space in a downward motion and only stopped as it met the ground, the snow melting immediately beneath it. From the wound, two sets of fingers wiggled their way through before gripping each opposing side as if they were holding a curtain. It was no simple thing, this magic. The two sides were pushed apart until there was a gaping black hole about 10 feet tall and 16 feet wide. From the pitch, the vixen emerged dressed in black leather pants, black boots, a black silk blouse, and a dark red wrap coat. What followed the vixen was several carts of supplies and rations, then cattle, and finally, the men she promised him. 
    Once everyone was through the portal, Aiyoku stepped through along with Akako's newest familiar. The serpent waited a moment for him to fall into line at her side before following the rest of the group as they approached the camp. 
    Akako lifted her hand, signaling the group to pause before turning around to face them. "Aiyoku, Kofudo." Aiyoku moved without hesitation and made her way to the front of the caravan to approach the demoness. Gold, impassive eyes looked between the pair before she issued her command. 
    "Be sure everyone is settled in." 
    Then she faded to mist. Her image dissolved before them, transforming into black wisps of smoke, then trailing towards where she could sense that dark aura that was impossible not to recognize. 
    As she approached, she caught Dredge's last statement, which demanded an answer, though it wasn't posed as a question. The black tendrils of mist twisted through the crowd before gathering a handful of feet away from Dredge, carefully out of harm's way. From the mist, the Void Kitsune emerged seemingly amused by the way her lips tilted into a ghost of a smile. 
    "What impeccable timing... what have I just interrupted," she asked before turning her attention to the familiar and curious being she'd met once before. "Kru'Gorah... to think we'd meet again and so soon. Such a pleasant surprise." 
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    Aiyoku seated herself next to Rin and watched on with a look of exasperation. It wasn't often that she questioned Akako and her decisions, but the serpent found herself wondering what possessed Akako to take Dredge in. 
    "I'll watch. My patience is thin, and any more interaction will likely send me into a blind rage." 
    Then Rin was off and into the crowds. Aiyoku remained seated and watched everything with apathetic eyes. Every so often, her serpent tongue would taste the air. After a moment, the familiar closed her eyes and allowed herself to bask in the warm sunlight while Dredge managed things well enough on his own. If he needed her, he'd say so. One thing she had learned about the Dark Lord was there wasn't a shy bone in his body. He was loud, boisterous, and had no qualms taking what he wanted. 
    There was a vibration, unlike the ones already present, and Aiyoku's eyes opened. Light violent eyes spotted the ship or at least the vaguest outline of it, missing the finer details as her eyesight wasn't terrific.  When the thing landed, Aiyoku watched what unfolded and the confrontation with Dredge. Her head tilted, and finally, she laughed under her breath. The stranger departed with no fuss, and everything seemed to progress as if nothing happened. 
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    The cacophony of voices was rising, but the telltale rumble of Gin’s voice made it easy to distinguish in the rising volume. It was the sort of voice that most women would swoon over, and Rin could understand why as the hair on the back of her neck stood at attention. Despite his desperate need of a comb, Gin was quite handsome – Rin had no doubt that many women would flock to him in an effort to get his attention. As it was, Rin’s crimson gaze bore into him for a long moment with lips tightened before speaking.
    “Yes.” Is all he is offered as her attention returns to the gathering crowd. She was pleased to see that the side favoring Akako was outnumbering those that Luiz had devolved into panicked, scared animals. It was unclear who threw the first punch, but the mass of bodies suddenly collided and became a writhing mass of violence. Rin jumped from her seat and moved into the fray rather suddenly. She stood out like a beacon, but that didn’t give her any hesitation as she grasped one of the men and slammed his head into a table with well practiced movements. Her goal was to get close to Luiz, who stood on the other side of the fray, looking quite pleased with himself. In her pocket lay a syringe prepared with a potent poison. Luiz would likely feel ill and excuse himself, only to perish later.
    Or if his system was weak, he would drop dead right there on the bar floor. The Twisted Sister wasn’t particularly known for having rowdy fights and sometimes fatal accidents, but when riots break out, no one knew what might happen. Rin ducked beneath a fist, grabbing the woman’s wrist and twisting it behind her back before shoving her deeper into the crowd as she continued on her way. A few others were heading towards Luiz as well – the young man that had initially protested Luiz’s speech, as well as what appeared to be his friends.
    Luiz appeared to be trying ot inch towards a door, his job done as chaos ensued. The men caught him before Rin did, and her gaze darkened as the young man plowed his fist directly into Luiz's jaw. One of the lackeys took after Luiz's friends as Rin continued her approach, eyes slitting slightly before the woman suddenly disappeared from sight, reappearing behind Luiz as she grasped his arm, twisting it behind his back as she hissed in his ear, even as he blubbered through a bloody mouth. 
    "Long live the Daiyokai." His gaze widened before he was hit by the young man again. 
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