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  1. Race: Human Apparent Age: 44 Occupations: Notary, Diplomat, Interrogator Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil Height: 6'1" when drawn to full height, 5'6"-5'8" when hunched Weight: Approximately 120 lbs Hair: Dark-but-greying Eyes: Faint brown Complexion: Pale, slightly sallow Voice: In the range of low alto to tenor; smooth, soft, leisurely, as of a practiced speaker Abilities: Zero-Sum A restorative ability which "transfers" physical damage from one party to another, or, put differently, which heals one to the same extent it injures another. The ability requires continuous physical contact with both parties--it typically demands either the consent of both or the incapacitation of at least one. The ability's principal risk is a chance its user may independently sustain injury. This risk is proportional to the severity of the injury at issue. The user cannot directly repair their own injuries. Oathkeeping This ability also requires continuous contact between all parties, and it depends exclusively on consensus and understanding. This ability allows the user to bind parties to the content of their speech acts. This often relates to swearing oaths, but it likewise includes wagers, verbal contracts, proclamations (e.g. "I hereby bequeath..." in a Will) or declarations of consent (e.g. the "I do" during a marriage ceremony). Those affected by this ability are bound to their word by their very being, and immediate death and damnation are guaranteed to those who betray this trust. The user is moderately restored and rejuvenated when a speech act is guaranteed, incentivizing the ability's liberal use. The restorative effect is amplified dramatically if any party reneges on their guarantee in proportion to the gravity of the subject matter. This ability may not be used to underwrite a speech act to which the user is a direct party (e.g. someone promising the user they will perform a service on the user's behalf). This ability is not intended to produce a geas or word-trickery situation. Crippled This is exactly what it sounds like. Vex is crippled below the waist and has use only of one leg (and not entirely reliably at that)--the other is inert and slightly shriveled, and an aid is required at all times to remain ambulatory. Sample Dialogue:
  2. I'd like to return to the world of collaborative storytelling. I ran a character or two on the board what seems ages ago now, and the idea recently surfaced to give it another go. Writing is a healthy outlet for me, and I look forward to building stories with you all. Where possible, I have a preference for using my characters to develop or advance others' stories, and my greatest joy is character-driven storytelling. I firmly believe the greatest gift you can give a well-built fictional world is a cast of interesting people to play around in it, so I hope I can help some players make a little magic.
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