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  1. TheEyeOfNight

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    I dig it! Will get a post up tomorrow evening with answers for everyone
  2. TheEyeOfNight

    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    Roht responded with a loud grunt from the kitchen, closely followed by the clatter of dishes being tossed into the sink without concern. His furry bulk leaned heavily on the doorframe between the kitchen and the dining room, a dry and unamused expression set firmly into place. His posture was irate, but resigned to his fate. Arguments and discussions had already been had, a cutting back-and-forth that usually preceded Lynch's more daring plans. It was useful, after a fashion, to help refine the process and aid in spotting errors that Avarice might have missed before. But that consolation didn't help Roht's mood towards the whole thing. “Look, let's not kid ourselves." He aimed a lazy claw at her. "You're going wherever Lynch is going. And I'm going wherever Lynch is going. I mean, that's sort of our thing.” “A thing for which I'm incredibly grateful.” Avarice responded, smiling almost apologetically at Sorano. “Hired hands will be necessary, of course, and I've already begun courting some reputable guards, surveyors, and engineers for the task. I've no idea what condition the Sacred Attendance will be in when we find it, and I don't want to be disappointed and unable to raise it.” He finished his coffee in his free hand, setting the empty mug down with a satisfied clink. “But, as ever, I keep my circle of trust very small. And I cannot trust anyone else with this task. I need to see it for myself.” “Which means we're gonna see it too." Roht rolled his yellow eyes and moved past them towards the bedrooms. "I'll pack my shit. Did you even unpack yet?” Avarice shook his head with a gentle sigh. "Roht is concerned that possessing a high-profile, unique artifact will draw undue attention to our presence. After all, we do have a list of enemies both from Celin's surviving criminal clans, and old friends from Terrenus." "Bring more bullets!" The voice called from a distant bedroom. "And Roht is concerned." He explained with a shrug and a smile.
  3. TheEyeOfNight

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    @Dizzy00, your go on the turn. Let me know if you need to hold off, and I can post up answers to the others in the conversation in the meantime
  4. TheEyeOfNight

    Donations 9.0

    2DG80295S7303613L Tax refunds, yo
  5. TheEyeOfNight

    Abraxis Starts Anew (Side-Quest: Open)

    “The Lady is concerned about her health.” “We all are. But is it necessary to station a doctor there for her?” “A doctor. A driver. And a protection agent.” “You want to crowd three more people into her life?” “No, just one.” **** The radio was playing slow, playful jazz on Doctor Lee Herrod’s drive to the residence. His fingers tapped lightly on the wheel, eyes fixed straight ahead, following a mental map to his new assignment. The morning had been most stressful: a last-minute call from the police. One of their informants had been shot in a poorly-thought-out sting operation, and it had fallen to Herrod to keep the man alive until his information could be vetted. A harrowing two hours, full of screaming, near-misses, and flying bullets while the informant spilled his secrets under a cocktail of life-saving drugs and arterial clamps. It had been madness, utter madness, that had ended just before lunch. A bowl of seasoned pork in a rich sauce. And now the radio was playing slow jazz. Today was turning out to be a splendid occasion. The car eased into a slow, cautious park in front of the residence, clicking into position with barely a complaint, considering how recently he had to remove someone’s limp from the undercarriage. Herrod opened the door sharply, hefting his sleek black doctor’s bag out ahead of himself. The patient was going to be a strange occasion: blessed and cursed with tremendous power, strange injuries, and mysterious allies. Idly, Herrod wondered if he had been sent to this assignment to dispose of him. Stopping at the door, he supposed that he would find out before long. He paused to collect himself, counting a few seconds for each breath. First impressions were of the utmost important. A broad, warm smile appeared instantly on his face the second before the door opened. “House call! Doctor Herrod for Lady Abraxis.”
  6. TheEyeOfNight

    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    “You're picking up quite the flair for symbolism.” Avarice smiled proudly, and finally managed to part his eyes from her, taking a long sip of his coffee before continuing. “The secrets of making airships on that scale have long been lost, save for a few brave and creative souls who still try at tremendous expense. I certainly do not possess the means to create one, and I have no reason to do so when they still wait out in the world. It's a sort of maritime law, after a fashion: salvaging a lost airship represents ownership.” “That explains why they're all over the place.” Roht's voice was muffled by his bowl, cupped over his face as he licked out the last of the oatmeal. He set it down with a thunk, and his dry expression matched the sarcasm in his voice. “Free airships everywhere. Who doesn't have a free airship? Can't take a shit without knocking over someone's free airship they got for free.” “Roht remains skeptical.” Avarice dismissed him with a wave, and the gnoll grunted in exasperation, taking his bowl and rising from the table to toss it somewhere in the kitchen. “More specifically, what made Sacred Attendance unique was that it was a fortress cathedral built to house other airships. A soaring carrier, a hub of the skies, a mothership for others of its kind.” Avarice leaned back with a satisfied smile, like a magician who had just produced a rabbit. “If my contacts in the Cold South pull through, we should have a starting point for our search within the month.” His fingers entwined with hers, and he raised her hand to his lips for a silent moment. When he spoke again, it was quieter, more reverent. “Without entering a conversation about destiny and divine favor, had you arrived in Silver Harbor a few weeks from now, we might have missed you entirely.”
  7. TheEyeOfNight

    GIF association

  8. TheEyeOfNight

    General chat thread

    To give you an idea, the lead actor (Christopher Meloni, from Law & Order: SVU) described it as "A Christmas Carol, if Tarantino made it while on acid." Also, recommend Haunting of Hill House? I'm a sucker for a good horror show
  9. TheEyeOfNight

    General chat thread

    New season of Happy! comes out this month. If you haven’t seen it, it is utterly bonkers in the absolute best of ways
  10. TheEyeOfNight

    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    From across the table, Roht narrowed his eyes in a mirthful scowl. “Don't fool me with the cute-and-coffee smile. You're damn scary, you and those-” He pantomimed shooting two guns in wild directions, littering the table with bits of oats. Abruptly he stopped, as if noticing that Sorano was not, in fact, wearing the sentient revolvers. He couldn't recall ever seeing them parted, and his lip curled in sudden distaste. “You didn't do it in front of the guns, did you?” “Not everyone is graced with your childlike innocence towards the world, Roht.” Avarice's voice echoed from the hallways as he entered the room, smoothing out a simple shirt he had just donned. He padded barefoot through the room, softly cupping Sorano's head, leaning her head back and planting a slow, soft kiss on her lips before moving towards the steaming caffeine himself. Roht glanced at Avarice, and shook his head as he picked at his foot. “I am so glad everyone remembered their pants this morning.” He raised another piece of bacon to his maw, then paused. “Wait, where's Threl?” “Away. Rescheduling my morning appointments.” Avarice returned from the kitchen with a hot cup of his own. He pulled a chair close to Sorano's, slipping an arm around her shoulders, his fingertips gently toying with the flesh along her neck. “There were things we did not get to discuss fully last night.” Roht aimed a flopping piece of bacon at him like a weapon. “Lynch, if you make me vomit, I'm pointing it at you first.” “That is not to what I was referring.” Regardless, Avarice stole a smile towards Sorano, suppressing the familiar rush of warmth that found him every time she was near. Her bedraggled look did nothing to diminish her effect on him, if anything it made him want to lead her back down the hall to the bedroom again. Instead, he took another sip of coffee, letting the sharp burn draw him back to the present. “The airship I spoke of: the Sacred Attendance. It was one of the true titans of the airships during their prime. And, like most of its kind, it was lost in the Magestorm Years, passing into rumor, myth, and legend as these things do. The stories speak of it like an enormous cathedral in the sky, so large that fleets of smaller ships can dock within it. Its silhouette was an icon of safety for allies, and the promise of raining fury for enemies.” Roht had already gone back to his food, mashing another piece of bacon violently into the bowl. He was aware, he had voiced his concerns, and they had been summarily dismissed by Avarice. Part of Roht's brain was hoping Sorano could dissuade Lynch of the whole venture, and part of him was curious to see how the wild goose chase would play out. For his part, Avarice had already turned in his chair, a soft smile playing across his lips as his hand traced along Sorano's ear. “I want to find it, raise it from whatever grave it found, and bring it to Silver Harbor. From here, it will raise us higher, far from the reach of magestorms, criminal clans, or politicians.” He lowered the cup to the table, speaking softly, but with a hungry eagerness. “It will be our kingdom on wings.”
  11. TheEyeOfNight

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    @Die Shize, idea: We're about done with the briefing part, and I'll give the gang some time to do any prep or conversation in the interim. You can re-enter any time during the assault if you find time (cavalry: late by always effective), or Tara can be mysteriously absent for reasons of mysterious mysteriousness.
  12. TheEyeOfNight

    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    Roht wasn't surprised to see Sorano awake first, watching her as she padded down the hall and into the kitchen. Lynch had never been much of a morning person, preferring to wake when he was good and ready. Unless some scheme required an early start, in which case Lynch became an infuriatingly chipper morning lark. He returned his attention to the bowl of thick oatmeal and plate of largely-raw bacon that sat in front of him. Grasping a slab of bacon between two claws, he dipped it in the oats, and tossed it into his gullet with a slinging motion that left little oats scattered on the table. His jaws snapped shut as Sorano approached, and he wiped his face with the back of his hand as she sat down. The gnoll eyed her with a mixture of curiosity and a little exasperation. He really didn't understand the attraction of human women: they seemed scrawny, without enough fur, and without nearly enough teeth. Whatever, he supposed, maybe Lynch would settle down from his crazed fervor of planning now that she was back. So...the original? “Thanks for putting your pants back on.” He grunted. “I missed you too. But I'm going to be quieter about it.” He grabbed another piece of bacon, balling it up in a rough sphere and dropping it wholesale into the oatmeal. He stirred it with one claw, slouching in his seat and lowering his voice a notch. His yellow eyes watched the hypnotic movement of the bacon as it gathered a thin layer of oatmeal. “Lynch and basic geography had a falling out after Celin. I'm sure he told you he wants to fly a- well, assuming you two got around to talking.” He stabbed the ball of bacon-and-oats with a claw, dribbling it onto the table as he hoisted it to his jaws and consumed it in one chomp. Roht's teeth glistened as he tried to talk around the meal. “He knows he'll need help, but he doesn't want to rely on townsfolk. They're unreliable on a good day, you know what I mean. He wants to build a network, it's all in his notes in there: the Collection of Really Scary People, or something.” Roht pointed towards the direction of the study. “It's full of all the promising recruits to his madness so far. Special category of badass.” The claw turned to point at her, and his half-food-filled maw cracked a proud smile. “Of which you were, unquestionably, the original.”
  13. TheEyeOfNight

    GIF association

  14. TheEyeOfNight

    Yral; The Neverend Artifact

    "Demon? You don't look like-" There was no delicate way to phrase that. Best to drop it entirely. He patted the worn hilt of the sword slung at his shoulder. "Well, the sword's solid, and a better friend than most people I've had to deal with. It'll get the job done, trust me." You got a horse stashed somewhere in there? "No, must have left it in my other pants." He shifted the heavy traveling pack on his back: the sum of his worldly possessions wrapped in old cloth and tucked into a leather pack that was ready to give up the ghost itself. "But I'm not opposed to grabbing one if we find one. I'd rather not fight these...fur things while I'm tired and hungry. You probably don't either, if demons....you know...sleep and eat." Curious, he dropped back a step, sizing her up from behind. He didn't notice any obvious weaponry, which made him a little uncomfortable. As a reckless sword-slinger, he did not have a great track record with keeping others alive. He tended to dig in and tear his way through trouble, which had often times landed him in more trouble. "Look, I don't mean to be rude, but you're not wearing anything." A brief pause as his own words caught up with him. "Weapons. You're not wearing any weapons."
  15. TheEyeOfNight

    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    Her teasing touch scattered the plans and schemes from his head for a moment, as it always had. When they had first met her, Roht had deemed her the most dangerous obstacle to their plan, citing her talent for capturing all of Avarice's attention with a smile or a kiss. But Sorano had proved to be his greatest ally, friend, and lover and while she stood by his side, Lynch was certain they couldn't be stopped. “You're right, it's going to need everything Celin required, but more. A strong guiding hand, principles and values, a goal to pursue. Good people to hold up as exemplars and leaders. I've mapped it all out, from the soaring kingdom to the first of its people, and it's within our reach even now.” His fingers slipped under the hem of her shirt, sliding his palms along the fair skin of her waist. “But it was always one piece short of perfection, Something was always missing from the vision.” His eyes closed, as if in gratitude or prayer. “It was always you.” Avarice pulled her close to him, raising one hand to softly cup her cheek and guide her lips to his own. Their eyes met as her head turned, a half-second that stretched into hours, months, or a year of being apart. He had been far from her for far too long. Their lips touched, Avarice's free hand reached her belt, and the holsters slid down her hips to the floor. * * * * Threlfall set the fresh inkpot on the dining room table with a thunk, a timid sound effect that was lost beneath the lustful moans and cries of passion that drifted down the hall. He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed, addressing Roht, who sat at the table carefully replicating some simple runes Lynch had set out for him earlier. “Is that going to be...frequent?” Roht didn't look up from his work, but he grinned a broad grin. The gnoll's voice barely contained his amusement, tinged with focus as he painted another twisting sigil on the practice paper. “Better get used to it, little buddy.” Threl looked like he had just swallowed raw sardines. “Lovely.”