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  1. Shout outs to America today.

  2. Compound probability can't save you now.

  3. I'll be a one trick pony as long as that one trick wins the game.

  4. When I dance with you I can't control myself

  5. Too many cooks.

  6. PSA if you live on the same floor as me take it easy on the smoking

  7. My floor reeks of weed.

  8. Feel the love tonight.

  9. Burning up the charts.

  10. Back to school. Back to work.

  11. It's a bit chilly.

  12. Deadly Premonition why you gotta do me like this?

  13. We keep on walking, steady in a perfect line.

  14. I throw things into dumpsters for 10$ an hour.

  15. I've got too much face to rock a clean shaven look.

  16. I like to hide in air vents.


  18. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see

  19. My net worth is 1$. Fascinating.

  20. Happy Valentines Day, and before I have to beat the ladies off with a stick my valentine is already myself.

  21. Ice is a worthy foe.

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