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  1. Nuncle is the archaic form of Uncle. You can find it in works such as King Lear.
  2. I do RP posts on desktop only. I drop some posts here and there in the ooc sections via mobile (including this one ;))
  3. I am disappointed by how much traction this thread has received.
  4. Guess I be a disembodied eye. Creepy.
  5. Applications for permanent roles are closed. We will continue to accept applications for those who might be interested in doing a cameo (one or two sessions).
  6. Taking apps for full time roles for two more days. If you want to get into some D&D action with a DM of nearly 20 years, come on down. ?
  7. That reminds me of when we went hiking at Jordan Con and went chasing a snake... only to realize almost too late that it was a baby copperhead. >>
  8. If it ever changes, you can always apply to cameo at some point down the road. Applications are still open. Probably keep collecting for a week or so before closing down the application for permanent spots.
  9. Looks like your internet cut out at the wrong time. I have no response on file yet.
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