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  1. Just turn off any ad blocker for that page and it works.
  2. This article gives a pretty good breakdown. The map they reference seems to break down regions both on accent and some dialectical traits. There are large regions with significant overlap--west of the Rockies tends to have a lot of similarities, as does a good chunk of the south, etc., but this map gives some further breakdown that someone with a more trained ear might notice when traveling around. It might give some folks food for thought when developing their regional accents/dialects/mannerisms.
  3. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:02 PM When we last left off, our heroes had successfully restored the angel, identified their new goodies, and revived the survivor from the Gnoll warren. They dug up an exciting new lead on the mysterious purveyor of fiends in the area, learning a named tied to an extinct species of reptile conquerors. Now, we pick up on the next day, with the group preparing to leave for the capital with their new ally in tow, Art having taken measures to arm and armor him. The morning is bright and the day upon them, should the group wish to leave now (or they can stay for additional days, each day dropping one level of exhaustion from their new companion--group's call). Prince of FateYesterday at 4:09 PM Raleon sat in the tavern hall, having just finished his breakfast and tapping his foot as he hummed. His violin sat in his lap as he tuned, and maintained it. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:13 PM After spending his morning people watching as usual, Thayrin quietly walked into the taven and snaged a seat next to his twin. think we will be leaving today? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:15 PM Reth stops in, somehow with a new twig in his hair, plops down at the table Prince of FateYesterday at 4:16 PM "I sure hope so--Hellooo," Raleon says as the bow of his violin tumbles from the ranger's entrance. "As graceful as usual I hear, Reth." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:20 PM He grunts. [4:20 PM] "People here are rude." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:20 PM Raleon raises a brow. "What did you do?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:21 PM With a small tilt of his head the assassin regards the new twig before reaching over and plucking it out of their rangers hair. probably tried to show them his fashionably popular stick in hair trend Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:22 PM The gnome finally joins his companions, after fitting in a little bit of study time and having attuned to the Helm of Teleportation. "Have we decided to pass on the chance to catch one of those emissaries?" Prince of FateYesterday at 4:22 PM Where does he even get them at this point? Was he snooping in someone's yard? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:23 PM Reth shrugs. "Just walking. People glare, bump into you and don't say anything." He shakes his head. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:23 PM Raleon furrows his brow. "Did you check your belongings?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:24 PM "Yeah, no pickers. Just jerks." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:24 PM "D'ya shove em back?" the elf chuckled. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:25 PM "I glared back." He kinda smirks. [4:25 PM] Eòghann comes down stairs, takes a seat at the table. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:25 PM "That'll show em," he chuckled with a wink. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:26 PM "Actually," ponders the gnome, "It would be in the opposite direction anyway and we don't actually know when the meeting might take place... or if it already did." He shrugs. "Perhaps this is something we can return to." [4:27 PM] The gnome looks around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:27 PM Reth shrugs. "You've got a point. Might be over already." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:27 PM "Ah, I take it our new arrival joins us?" Raleon asks, turning towards the new member. "Sleep well...Mr...Gohan?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:28 PM He rolls his shoulders. "Still sore, but feeling a little better." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:30 PM "Good to hear. As for the emissaries, I know which way my horse is pointed. I've had enough distractions for the last century and I'm determined for this to be my last day of blindness! ...well, days since there's travel time." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:33 PM "Good," replies the gnome. "It is a day or two to the capital, but we chould be free of gnoll territory relatively quickly." [4:34 PM] The gnome looks around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:34 PM Eòghann says, "Once you're within ten miles of the capital, it should be smooth travels." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:35 PM Thayrin simply gives a small wave to the new member joining in and leans back in his chair. i cant wait to see your response to seeing reth with your own eyes when you get your vison back.....smooth travels he says. He obviously has not traveled with us long. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:36 PM The gnome walks over to the bar. "Excuse me. Has there been any news of the road to the capital?" Prince of FateYesterday at 4:38 PM Raleon's cheeks flush for a moment as he looks suddenly sheepish. Y-yes... I suppose that will be something of the sort. But I do hope that we have such fabled travels. Any one who gets between me and that capital will have my sword to deal with. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:41 PM Middle-aged redhead with a bit of a stoop (making her seem even shorter than her 5ft) and a bit of a sour disposition. When you ask for news of road to the capital she says, "Not much, I suppose. I hear about these gnolls still going after people, and how the capital should do something about it. Most around here just complain without much substance." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:44 PM The gnome nods, "I'm actually surprised that there isn't that much traffic from the capital here. It's only a couple days away."(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 4:44 PM Raleon packs up his violin and gear, switching them out for a ribbon to tie up his hair for the road. "Mm, did you need me to tie up yours before we leave, Thayrin? Or have you figured out how to not tie your hair in a knot while trying?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:46 PM "Most go through Dawnrest and on to Embercrown, we're kinda out of the way here and not much to see." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:47 PM Said brother looks over with his hair not even styled in the slightest. He chuckles softfly though their link. if you want....your lucky i rememberd to brush it this morning. I think reth may be rubbing off on me. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:52 PM Raleon glances over towards Reth with a bit of a side eye. "You have been brushing your hair haven't you?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:52 PM The gnome shrugs and turns back towards his companions, "Well, shall we be on our way?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:52 PM Reth says, "occasionally." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:53 PM "How often is 'occasionally'?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:53 PM Thayrin snorts in amusement before signing to reth. "Careful he may attack you with the brush." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:54 PM Reth leans back. "When I feel like it." Cross arms, looks huffy Prince of FateYesterday at 4:54 PM Raleon puffs his cheeks. "Why do I seem like the bad guy in this? It only hurts when I brush it because you both refuse to maintain it!" [4:57 PM] At the gnome's statement Raleon stands. "Praise the moons for Mane and Tail, I suppose. Reth, I'll be riding with you unless Mr. Gohan here wants to purchase a horse while we're in town." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:58 PM "I've already borrowed a lot from your friend here, and I really don't need another horse." [4:59 PM] Reth just lifts an eyebrow. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:59 PM The gnome walks with his companions to the stables to pick up the mounts. On the way, he stops by the market to pick up some fresh fruit.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:02 PM A breakfast's worth of fresh fruit runs Art 3 copper Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:04 PM Art hands some to Eòghann, "Did you eat breakfast, Eòghann?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:04 PM The stable boy is the same as before, and he is still leery of Reth's horse [5:05 PM] "I didn't, but its fine. I don't have much of an appetite yet." [5:05 PM] You can tell he is leery, as he quickly brings Reth's horse out first, and moves away from it as quickly as he can. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:06 PM "Keep up your strength and recover. You won't be much good as long as you remain fatigued." The gnome waves to the stable boy, "Hello, Coda!"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 5:06 PM Raleon raises a brow. "I'm sure if I hadn't ate in 3 days I'd eat a whole cow." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:07 PM Cody nods. "Hello, sirrah." He brings out Raleon's next. Prince of FateYesterday at 5:08 PM Raleon smiles at the boy. "Thank you, kind lad." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:08 PM He glares at Reth's horse again, and nods. "Yep, no issue. Horses are well tended." [5:08 PM] Aust turns up at the stables. [5:09 PM] [We'll say Knox is already there] Prince of FateYesterday at 5:11 PM The elf smiles and ruffles the lad's hair. "Careful now, those eyes could kill a man. It ain't the horses fault we put magic shoes on it. Nothin' wrong with being a bit different." He raises up his glasses and winks at him with his blue eye. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:12 PM His eyes go wide and he rushes in to grab the next horse. [5:13 PM] Aust says, "I appreciate you all letting me fall in with your group, but I get the sense my Goddess wants me to stay here for a while, and look after these people. Now that her watcher has returned to the celestial body, they will need a little extra help." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:14 PM Raleon raises a brow. "Aye? Well...don't get robbed of your tunic now. Or stabbed in the kidney, I suppose. Try to teach these guys to defend themselves for once while you're at it." Raleon smiles and slips the horse a sugar cube. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:16 PM hes gonna get robbed.....best kiss that nice everything he has gone Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:18 PM The gnome arches an eyebrow at Aust, "I see... Well..." the gnome glances at Sir Knox and back again, "Best of luck to you! Maybe you can bring some added prosperity and cheer to this town. You know, it could be a nice get away spot for people in the city. You can send a message to - - this address and I'll try to stop in and pick it up." The gnome leaves Aust with a slip of paper. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:19 PM "Thank you, I will keep it in mind. But before you go." He turns to Knox, "I see you are getting stronger every day, the Mother says it will not be long before you need one of these." He then hands Knox a diamond worth 300gp Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:20 PM It's the same address the gnome gave Sylvena. [5:21 PM] The gnome stares at the diamond and then at Sir Knox with wide eyes, but says nothing. [5:24 PM] The gnome hands Cody a 3 cp tip, "Thanks for keeping an eye on them!" The gnome takes his pony and mounts up. He guides the pony towards the front gate of Reptee. [5:30 PM] The gnome passes through the village gate, waving to the guards on duty there... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:31 PM Cody says, "Thank you," and then disappears into the stables [5:31 PM] The guards are two new guys you don't recognize. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:32 PM "Hello there! How goes the watch?" [5:33 PM] "What are your names?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:34 PM They shrugs. The heavier set of the two says, "Why do you care?" Prince of FateYesterday at 5:34 PM Raleon settles in on the back of Reth's horse with a sigh, then smirks. "You're stuck with me now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:34 PM Reth says, "Leave my hair be." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:34 PM "Why?" the elf pouts. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:35 PM Snickers could be heard through the link as the silent elf trots by on his own horse. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:36 PM "I like to know everyone," replies the gnome. "Last time I came through this gate, Angus and Dan were on duty." He hands them some fruit. "Here. Have this. It's fresh from the market and I know you guys can't leave your post when you feel hungry." [5:36 PM] "My name is Artimus." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:38 PM They look at each other, and look at the gnome with suspicion. "Angus and Dan take over in the afternoon. We already ate." The huff as they open the gates for you. [5:39 PM] Reth whispers to Raleon, "Rude." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:41 PM "You can't blame them for being suspicious of a man trying to offer them fruit and asking their names. Don't let it bother you too much," he says as he brushes some of the ranger's hair behind his ear. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:42 PM The gnome leaves the piece of fruit anyway. "Don't look so glum. It's good day and the Mother is happy. I imagine the Father is too." The gnome rides on. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:44 PM The watch you leave, and slam the gates shut behind you. Prince of FateYesterday at 5:45 PM "...Okay now That was rude," Raleon grumbles. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:47 PM With the slamming of the gate a huff of annoyance and an eyeroll were all that the quite elf offerd in reaction to the utter rude actions the village gards. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:47 PM The road is before you, the day is warm and a touch breezy. You can hear cicadas in the distance, and not a fiend in sight. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:48 PM "These are tough times. It's hard for people to be friendly to each other and understand the basic ways of courtesy and respect." The gnome looks over at Eòghann, "Not that I blame them. Even gnomes might be a bit mistrustful of humans, if the situation was reversed."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:49 PM Eòghann shrugs. "To be honest, this village has never been known for its hospitality." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:49 PM "Do you think we will have a warmer welcome in the capital?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:50 PM "Depends on where you go. The merchants will be happy to see you, because you look like travelers with coin. The people are often so busy with their own affairs they take little stock of others without prompting, but they tend to be friendly enough, especially if you catch them a few pints in on a dance night at one of the taverns." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:51 PM "So... money and booze, is it?" Prince of FateYesterday at 5:52 PM "Sounds like my kind of town," Raleon snickers Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:53 PM "Oh no, there is lots to do in the capital. Some go see music shows, we have a theater hall where they put on plays, a large library, and the academy lets people browse topics as well, even if they aren't attending. We have farms that let people ride horses, magic shows, all kinds of things. I just meant the drinkers tend to get the most friendly!" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:54 PM "Hmm." The gnome frowns. "Hopefully there's a substantial library at Villeurcourt." [5:55 PM] "In fact, let me think..." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:55 PM As the ride continues, the rogue's fingers begin to itch to fix the mess in front of him. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:02 PM "Ah, yes, Straumore Academy has a library! And, it is huge!" The gnome sits up in his saddle. "No doubt there are many scholars there as well. As much as I enjoy the rustic life. It's hard to find people of learning outside of the big cities." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:03 PM Eòghann nods. "Straumore Academy is among the largest gathering of academics in the land." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:03 PM "Tell me, Eòghann. What do you look forward to most at the capital?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:04 PM "Going home, honestly. It's always good to return home, sleep on your bed, be around people you know. I don't look forward to reporting the losses, but at least where we failed, you all succeeded." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:04 PM Mesageing art thayrin smiles in good hunor. "So your saying we can expect to find you buried head deep in bookes" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:05 PM "I hope that the books go a bit deeper than that," replies the gnome and gives Thayrin a smile.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:06 PM "It will be good to report that the Kingdom has one less threat to concern itself with, given the tensions right now."(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:07 PM "What position does Sir Emmond hold at the capital? He sounds like someone important!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:07 PM Reth grumbles, "Leave the hair alone..." "Leave it." "Will you stop it!" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:08 PM Raleon simply dodges the ranger's failed attempts at making him cease fixing the rat's nest he called hair. "If you'd just...be still...I could get this done faster..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:14 PM "Sir Emmond is a captain among Knights, he is in charge of those that we call field knights, those that go out into the lands to resolve conflicts." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:18 PM "I see. Maybe we should stop by and tell him of some of the other troubles through the Kingdom." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:18 PM "He certainly will want to hear of it. The king himself will need to be made aware of these fiends you mention." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:19 PM "Oh really? The King himself? That sounds like a fine idea!" [6:20 PM] "Have you met the King?!?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:20 PM "You don't think the King would want to know that fiends are plaguing his lands?" He asks with a laugh. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:21 PM "I'm sure he would want to know. I just hadn't thought about actually meeting him." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:21 PM After reining in the ranger into pouting submission, he braids his hair in big braids on the sides and pulls the front and sides back into a messy ponytail/bun. When finished Raleon smiles to himself and wraps his arms around the ranger's torso as they rode, resting his head on his shoulder. "I feel better now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:21 PM "A handful of times. I don't know him well, we're not close enough in our stations to meet regularly, but I have spoken with him at functions, and I have reported to him in the past on a few occasions." [6:21 PM] Reth eventually gives up and just grunts and grumbles the whole time. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:22 PM Thayrin gives the grumbleing ranger a look of sympathy. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:22 PM "I'll have to find a good tailor first. Are there any places you would recommend? It's not easy to find someone good at gnomish style." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:25 PM "If you are willing to drop the coin, look up Velda's in the north quarter. You'll drop almost as much in good clothes as you did on this armor for me, but you'll never find better finding silk." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:28 PM "Hmm. We'll see. It's not easy to fund research! But a meeting with the King does deserve some attention! - some special attention."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:29 PM "Oh, you want to meet him? I think I make that happen, but you might be waiting a week or two, I know his schedule has been incredibly full." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:31 PM The gnome blinks, "Um, well, you said the King would likely want a report..." the gnome tilts his head, squints, and arches an eyebrow at Eòghann. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:31 PM "Oh, well I meant he'd want to hear about it after I report to Emmond, but it makes sense, you have first hand knowledge you could share." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:32 PM "We'll see what Sir Emmond says," the gnome agrees. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:32 PM Raleon piped up. "If we're going to meet a king, we're All going to a tailor." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:32 PM Reth Grunts Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:33 PM So now Art is going to be visiting kings? hope that king loves to have a whole libary of facts tossed in his direction.........wait. no. can i just wait outside? I don't want to be suffed in some fancy clothing an expected to stand still and look interested in whatever is going on the entire time. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:33 PM "Oh hush," Raleon squeezes the ranger. "Some nice clothes would do you well." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:33 PM The gnome longs side-long at Reth, "Ah, true. I mean... it's only fitting - to meet a King." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:39 PM "I'll make sure to point you all towards Velda's, you'll want to get there soon if you want all of you to have stuff ready." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:40 PM "So many appointments," Raleon sighed. "It's going to be so lively there." There was clear excitement in his voice. "and I might actually get to see a musical..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:42 PM Reth asks, "What's a musical?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:44 PM A smirk flits for a moment on the elf's face as he glances back at the unsespecting ranger who had no clue on what Art like rant he was in for from his twin. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:45 PM The rogue seems to nearly fall from the horse. "I-It's the combination of a play, and a musical performance! A combination between an actor and a musician. They weave stories and music gracefully into one like...like true art." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:46 PM "Mhm, so stuff like Kylah used to do?" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:47 PM "Mm, no, not quite. She's a bard, so she tells tales and sings, as I do, but it's an entire cast of bards, all telling a story, dancing, and playing out an act." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:47 PM Eòghann adds, "It's been a while since I've seen one, it would nice nice to see one again." [6:48 PM] "So a group of Kylahs." Reth thinks about that for a moment and says, "That could get overwhelming." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:48 PM "Are they good there?" Asks the rogue with excitement. [6:49 PM] "Well they're not going to come out and seduce you out of your pants," Raleon reassured. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:49 PM He looks at Reth and grins. "your not wrong there. some are more tollerable than others though...so thats a plus." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:49 PM Eòghann nods. "It varies with what production they are doing, but they are never actually bad, just varies between really good and okay." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:52 PM "Fair enough, you can't be fired enough and coordinated for every show I imagine," Raleon states. "They seem fun though..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:54 PM He shrugs. "Less the talent, more like sometimes they just pick a bad show, or it's not a good one for their team." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:55 PM "Aye, you have to pick the right story to tell. Otherwise the notes fall flat. Singing from the heart is what makes good music," he stated. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:57 PM The gnome lets the others chat while he opens a books and does a little in the saddle reading. A clockwork bird flies through the air above them watching the way ahead. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:57 PM "Well, you mentioned being a musician, so I'll take your word for it. I enjoy the shows, but I have never had any musical talents." [6:57 PM] Have the bird roll a perception check Prince of FateYesterday at 7:03 PM "That's fair in itself. You don't have to be a musician to appreciate it. But music is like any other thing. If your heart isn't into it, it won't turn out as good," Raleon stated a smile creeping onto his lips. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:04 PM "You seem to know a lot about music, is it a common past time where you come from?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:13 PM "Hmm... Not particularly. I wouldn't quite say I have a 'where I'm from'. I remember we stayed near a theater for a few years while I was younger. I wasn't allowed in since I was just a street urchin, but I could hear them play in the alleyways at night. I'd never heard something so beautiful in my life... I wasn't much help with anything besides being a pity case and a trouble maker. Eventually I learned the songs and when we traveled, I became a performer, I earned up enough money for a violin and have been practicing ever since."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:14 PM "Oh, so you came into it more by chance and passion, then a product of the upbringing. It has a more Romantic sort of origin to it." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:15 PM Raleon smiles, "That's what the gypsies said." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:16 PM "Gypsies? You must be well traveled then. I've never met one myself." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:19 PM "You meet quite a few people when your life also revolves around traveling. A tribe of dragonborn. We travelled together a whiles back," he explained. "Been at it for 3 times your life now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:22 PM He seems rather surprise.d. "I've heard elves live much longer lives, but I was not aware it was that much longer." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:24 PM "We can live well over 700, should anyone be able to collect that much dust," Raleon states. "Though because of our longer youth periods, well, there's a reason there's so few of us." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:28 PM "I can't imagine living more than a lifetime as a child. I thought a few years of adolescence was hard enough." He chuckles. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:30 PM "Tell me about it," Raleon whines. He pokes his woodland cousin's cheek. "Though it's a rare gem to see one of him out of his forest." [7:31 PM] "Tell me, Reth, were you as grunty and grumbly 30 years ago?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:31 PM Reth grunts. "Some of us get out." [7:31 PM] "Worse." [7:32 PM] As the day progresses, the familiar remains aloft and does not seem alarmed by anything. As the bartender alluded, the road to the capital from Reptee is not all that well traveled. There are no other travelers out today, and the road seems less worn than some of the others you have traveled. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:32 PM "Believe it or not, he said less words when we first met him," he teased. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:33 PM Reth grunts again. "I only spoke when needed. You keep wrangling more out of me." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:35 PM "Like pulling teeth~," he continued to poke at his cheek. "One day I'll crack this hard boiled shell of yours, like an egg." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:35 PM "Keep poking me and I'll dump you off this horse." [7:35 PM] "Maybe drop a tiger on you again." [7:36 PM] That threat gets a raised eyebrow from Eòghann Prince of FateYesterday at 7:38 PM "Oh yeah? I'll tickle you before you can get to your bag," Raleon rebut Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:39 PM "You think I'm all that ticklish? Especially in armor?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:40 PM "We all have our spots." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:40 PM "So you say." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:41 PM "I do say. And as we both know, my word is law." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:41 PM Reth actually snorts. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:42 PM Raleon chuckles triumphantly Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:45 PM So, as the day starts to come to a close, the sun slips beyond the horizon, and lengthening shadows tell you that dark will soon arrive. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:57 PM "I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't see so well at night. Think we should find a place to camp?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:57 PM "Well I can't see at all so, it makes no difference to me," the elf proclaimed. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:58 PM The gnome closes his book, puts it away and closes his eyes... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:58 PM Knox adds that he also can't see well in the dark. Totally missing Raleon's joke [8:00 PM] Art, using the last of the light, spots a nice clearing about ten minutes up the road, with a good space for a dome and some trees nearby. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:01 PM The gnome opens his eyes, "There is a clear space about ten minutes ahead that looks good." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:02 PM Raleon leans his head against the ranger's back, enjoying the last bit of ride he had with the excuse to hold onto him. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:03 PM Ten minutes later, you find the spot as described by Art Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:04 PM Art does the usual set up and includes Eòghann in the hut.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:06 PM Raleon hides a pout at being parted from his source of warmth which likely leaves him unceremoniously. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:09 PM The hut goes up. Anyone building a fire, making food? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:09 PM If they build it, Art will light it.(edited) [8:10 PM] that's before the hut goes up. [8:10 PM] hut is usually last thing. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:14 PM A fire is made, a hut is produced. Setting watches? Prince of FateYesterday at 8:15 PM Raleon will take watch with his brother, giving the ranger some space to do his hermitting Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:17 PM There should be an Alarm on the horses (audible) and the pony can come into the hut as usual. The clockwork bird is in the backpack, which also has an Alarm (mental). And there might as well be an Alarm on Artimus himself (mental). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:17 PM Reth offers to pick up the other half of the night, since he only has to trance for four hours Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:18 PM The gnome gets some sleep! Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:19 PM Get a perception check from one of the twins, can have advantage Prince of FateYesterday at 8:21 PM The night is filled with the twins poking at one another, yet remaining alert to the lack of danger. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:22 PM About two hours into Reth's watch, a lighter sleeper might wake to hear a "Thud" and Reth grumbling something along the lines of "What the fuck?" but even the heavier sleepers awaken when one of Art's alarms goes off. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:23 PM Raleon grumbles something about the paladin making noise even in the night and gets up to investigate. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:23 PM "Something's out here!" [8:24 PM] As people rouse, another thud against the dome, as it seems something flew into it Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:25 PM The gnome blinks his eyes open, gets up, and looks in the direction of the sounds and of the horses. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:25 PM The twins grab their swords. "The fuck's going on out here?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:25 PM Taking a look outside the dome, you see a couple of these nearby [8:25 PM] Prince of FateYesterday at 8:26 PM "Oh for the Love of...PISS OFF," Raleon yells. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:26 PM And looking out, you see more, and more, and more, and something really has the horses upset Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:27 PM Artimus stares at the creatures and would like to cast Mirror Image on himself.(edited) [8:28 PM] Also make sure the pony can come inside and be safe. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:28 PM Pony is inside [8:28 PM] Knox yells, "I sense fiends, they're fiends!" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:29 PM "Fiendish... chickens?" wonders Art. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:29 PM "Of course they are~," mocks the grumpy rogue. "Why wouldn't they be?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:29 PM Reth, getting his swords ready, says, "Fiends raise chickens now?" Prince of FateYesterday at 8:30 PM "Piss off, or I'll be roasting you fuckers alive!" shouts the sleep deprived elf. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:37 PM Thayrin, who had just managed to snooze off into his own groove walks out and instantly stabs one....or two(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:50 PM Raleon stabs the chicken in front of him. Then goes to help out Eoghann.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:03 PM Raleon stabs the chicken in front, and skewers it. He moves over to 8 and manages to land a hit, but the chicken persists. [9:07 PM] The bad news for Thayrin is that he still took 15 points of fire damage. The good news is he was not forced to drop his rapier as it suddenly turned white hot with heat and burned his hand. He will attack with it with disadvantage, however.(edited) [9:07 PM] He sees this emerge from the shadows [9:07 PM] [9:09 PM] From somewhere else unseen (stealth = 17), someone else apparently cast a spell, because the dome goes down (Dispel) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:10 PM If sounds could be made through Thayrin's ripped out throat, yells of pain could be heard, instead there's odd...hissing? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:11 PM Reth runs up to chicken 4, as he can see it. [9:12 PM] He swings twice (attack action) and takes it down on the second swing (18 total). Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:12 PM The firelight spills out upon the landscape suddenly illuminating the field of battle. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:14 PM All the chickens are now fully illuminated, so Knox won't have penalties (Eoghann already does anyway) [9:15 PM] Reth moves to chicken 1 to take a bonus action swing, but misses (11) [9:18 PM] Knox attacks chicken one. His first hit only scratches it (6 damage) but the second is much more solid (13 dam) and kills it [9:19 PM] He moves to approach the next [9:20 PM] Chicken 2 flies over and attacks Art. [9:21 PM] It's scratch attack rolls a total of 20, but the bite for sure misses with a 7 [9:22 PM] The scratch does 5 damage [9:23 PM] But fortunately, it was an image that took the 5. The chicken is confused and crashes to the ground Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:23 PM the image blinks out of existence Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:24 PM Chicken 3 attacks Eoghann [9:26 PM] The chicken just manages to bite him (19) but the scratch goes wide (9) [9:26 PM] He takes 6 from the bite [9:27 PM] Chicken 8 goes for revenge on Raleon [9:27 PM] Neither attack hits! (12 and 15) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:28 PM Raleon spits at the chicken and gives it the run around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:28 PM Benny Hill music plays [9:28 PM] 9 Attacks Knox [9:29 PM] No attacks hit (15 and 10) [9:29 PM] Chicken 10 flies over and attacks Art [9:30 PM] Chicken 10 is really confused by the images. It got a 6 for the first attack, then rolled a 1 [9:32 PM] Chicken ten swoops at the many Arts, misses, and gets its claws stuck on some twigs. It takes the rest of the round sorting itself out [9:34 PM] 11 goes after Eoghann [9:34 PM] It misses with the bite (6) but manages to scratch him (20) for 3 more [9:35 PM] Eòghann is down 9 out of 52 [9:35 PM] Chicken 12 attacks Reth [9:36 PM] It hits with a bite (22) but misses the scratch (7) [9:36 PM] Bite does 7 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:37 PM "Get back Eòghann!" Art cries as he sees the man getting pecked to death by fiendish chickens.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:39 PM Wait, missed something. On the bite for three more, Eòghann uses his reaction to parry, adding +2 to his AC. That attack misses, and he is only down 6 [9:40 PM] Eòghann then attacks the chickens pecking at him [9:41 PM] He swings twice at 3. He misses once (8) but hits the second time (17) and does 12 damage to it. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:45 PM "LLaberif" a burst of flame washes over the chickens (3, 11, 8). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:47 PM 3 and 8 turn into roasted chicken. The last is looking really crispy but still rearing to fight Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:48 PM Art adjusts his position to be adjacent to Eòghann, while maintaining his adjacency to chickens (2, 10). [9:49 PM] "Don't die on me now!" Prince of FateYesterday at 9:56 PM Thayrin swipes at the shadowy creature in anger, gritting his teeth. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:58 PM Thayrin manages to glance it with his off hand. That attack was less effective than he would have liked. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:01 PM Raleon moves down and slices at chicken 11. "You okay Thayrin?" Thayrin hisses in frustration. "Be there in a second." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:06 PM Raleon makes BBQ out of the last charred chicken [10:11 PM] At the start of the Babau's turn, Thayrin takes another 15 damage and needs to make a constitution save [10:12 PM] The Babau then attacks twice with claws [10:13 PM] It misses once (11), hits once (22) and does another 7 damage Prince of FateYesterday at 10:13 PM Thayrin makes a sound what one could assume could be a curse. [10:13 PM] Thayrin dodges the second hit Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:13 PM It then uses its weakening Gaze at Eòghann, who needs to make a constitution saving throw [10:13 PM] Reduced to 3 [10:16 PM] The babau decides to risk opportunity attacks to move out of there [10:16 PM] Raleon can make one (Thayrin used the reaction already) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:24 PM The Babau moves around the camp and down by Art and a chicken [10:25 PM] The other one tries to do something Reth, but Reth rolled a nat 20 on the saving throw, so nothing happened [10:25 PM] It then sends its weakening gaze at Knox [10:27 PM] Knox fails the save (11 vs 13) and does half damage now [10:31 PM] Reth swings once, getting a nat 20, doing maximum triple damage. The attack does 41 damage, with Reth's short sword running it through like a skewer, and Reth taking the chicken with him as he charges after the creature that tried to cast a spell on him [10:33 PM] Reth's second attack with same weapon first flings a chicken into the Babau's face, and then runs him deep for 19 damage [10:34 PM] Reth then follows it with a normal hit (25) for 7 more damage [10:37 PM] Knox hits the chicken by him twice. With his new weakened state, it does not die (takes 10). So Knox drops a level 1 smite on it for another 13 and the chicken explodes [10:41 PM] Chicken 10 misses with its bite (6), but gets a nat 20 on the scratch against Eòghann [10:42 PM] It does triple damage, which fortunately was only 10 points of damage, taking him to 16 [10:44 PM] Chicken 2 tries to attack Art twice. It gets a 7 and 11, both miss [10:45 PM] Eòghann swings twice at the chicken but misses both times with a 9 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:48 PM "Elissim Cigam" magic force bursts forth unerringly striking at the Babau (1). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:48 PM Babau one is showing signs of wear and tear as the missiles strike true Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:50 PM The gnome remains near, "This one looks close to going down!"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 10:52 PM Thayrin (bonus action) dashes to flank with Reth and slashes at it Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:54 PM Thayrin gets a solid shot in while Reth has it distracted. Though he notices even as he expertly drives his sword in, it's not going in as deep as it should. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:57 PM Raleon runs off towards the paladin, returning to his post with the others, now that Reth could help his brother. He slashed at the foe that got away from him...but not for long Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:00 PM The demon is looking pretty dang banged up, but still hanging on [11:04 PM] Babau 1 steps back 5 feet (does not leave threat range of anyone, no opp attacks) and casts something, I need everyone but Thayrin to make a Wisdom save Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:05 PM The gnome holds up a hand(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:07 PM Babau 1 has surprised pikachu face, with anger quickly replacing it [11:08 PM] Babau 2 does something similar, moving back and this time everyone has to make a saving throw against Wisdom [11:12 PM] Reth attempts to hit the Babau as it moves, but he misses (11) [11:12 PM] The Babau casts fear. All who saved (Reth, Art, Thayrin) have to drop what they are holding and use the dash action on their turn. [11:13 PM] Reth drops his swords and runs to the left for 70ft. As he is no longer in line of sight with the Babau, he gets a new save.(edited) [11:14 PM] This time he passes (19) and is cussing up a storm as he prepares to head back next turn [11:15 PM] Knox swings at the Babau twice. He misses once, but hits the other time. The attack doesn't do much, because he is doing half damage. He then drops a level 2 smite, and does another 13 damage. The Babau fills with radiant light, bursts into white flames and turns to ash. [11:15 PM] One down! [11:18 PM] The chicken attacking Eòghann misses with a 7 and then gets another nat 20, this time double with advantage, doing 7 [11:18 PM] the other chicken lands a scratch against Art's AC (20 total) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:19 PM The scratch lands on another image, which blinks out of existence.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:19 PM The chicken makes confusion demonic clucks [11:21 PM] Eòghann goes to hit a chicken, slips and rolls his ankle, losing this round and the next. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:23 PM The gnome dropped his Staff of Adornment he was holding and runs 50 feet away...(edited) [11:25 PM] He stops and catches his breath! "Whew! That was interesting!" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:25 PM Thayrion...now drops his Other weapon and dashes further off the map? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:26 PM "I wonder what I would call this spell? Maybe 'Babau's Compelling Exercise'?" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:29 PM "Man you are some stubborn motherfuckers, if you could just Die now so I can back to resting, that would be great," Raleon growls as he shifts to flank with the others, and slashes at the chickens.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:30 PM "I haven't felt like that since..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:38 PM Raleon rage hits the chicken, running his rapier through it so hard it digs into the dirt [11:38 PM] He flings it across the battlefield as he slashes the other [11:42 PM] Babau 2 goes to drop a globe of darkness at the center of the group... Prince of FateYesterday at 11:43 PM Joke's on him, Raleon already can't see. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:47 PM A 20ft radius spread of darkness goes up, and the Babau runs in some undetermined direction [11:48 PM] Reth spends his turn dashing back, and uses his free interaction to pick up his swords, and his looking for it [11:48 PM] Knox walks straight until he is out of the dark (20ft), makes a perception check [11:49 PM] Between divine sense and a perception roll of 16, he is able to point in the direction it went (down and left, off map) [11:50 PM] Eòghann moves 15ft, but cannot get out Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:54 PM The clockwork bird flew through the night air on an urgent mission, towards the unknown thing that had creeped up on the camp. It must think itself stealthy pondered the bird idly, "Coo-coo" called the bird as the gnome muttered the word, "Tghil" the bird emanated light illuminating from the bird itself to reveal the fleeing figure. [11:55 PM] The gnome chases after huff huff huff March 23, 2020 Prince of FateToday at 12:15 AM Thayrin, being the disgruntled assassin he was, angrily huffed it towards the shadow, flicking out one of the daggers Raleon gave him and tossing it at the shadow. He may not get him, but this motherfucker interrupted his trance.(edited) [12:17 AM] Thayrin may have missed, but the red twin was closing in quickly on the foe. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:19 AM The creature turns to face Raleon, and casts something, requiring a con save [12:21 AM] Raleon finds out what Babau 2 tried on Reth: He levitates him. Raleon is now suspended 20ft in the air, unable to move. Prince of FateToday at 12:21 AM "O-Oi!" shouts the blind elf. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:22 AM The gnome holds up a hand. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:22 AM So, Raleon starts to lift off the ground, and then Art waves a no hand at the Babau and Raleon is set back down. The Babau snarls loudly. [12:23 AM] Babau 2 elects to run 40ft anyway, risking a hit [12:24 AM] The Darkness disappeared after the use of levitate [12:25 AM] Raleon gets a grazing hit on it as it moves 40ft away. [12:27 AM] Reth uses a dash action to make up 70ft of the ground lost (the creature is still 10ft from him). He uses a bonus action to drop a hunter's mark on it(edited) [12:28 AM] Knox dashes, gets to within 40ft [12:28 AM] Eòghann stays at camp, knowing he is not up for a foot race Mortal PlayerToday at 12:33 AM The gnome presses a hand to his chest and then extends it towards Raleon "Etsah". Raleon's movements take on a supernatural speed. [12:34 AM] The clockwork bird flies through the night air, intent upon its mission, it follows the figure as it tries to escape. "Coo-coo" it cries as the light shines down from the bird unto the Babau. [12:34 AM] The gnome continues to chase as best he can. Prince of FateToday at 12:37 AM Thayrin rushes forward with a vengeance. [12:42 AM] Raleon whooshes forward, not quite understanding where he got this sudden speed. It was as though time had halted for him and his world was moving in slow motion as he slashed at his foe faster than his sword had ever moved. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:47 AM Raleon, like some hyperactive child given an espresso and a kitten, charges up and turns the last Babau into a literal pin cushion, jabbing it repeatedly as he doesn't realize just how fast he is. The babau is long sense turned to sludge while Raleon keeps stabbing it. [12:48 AM] Reth jogs up. "I think its dead." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:49 AM omae wa mo shindeiru nani Prince of FateToday at 12:50 AM Raleon nearly vibrates with a combination of rage and pure magical cocaine coursing through his veins, his fingers twitching with his sword as he puffs with effort. "What....was that?" Mortal PlayerToday at 12:51 AM The gnome runs up, "Wh- this has been quite a night for exercise." [12:51 AM] "Um.. that was a hyper-mobility effect that I used on you." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:52 AM Reth looks at Raleon and then back at Art. "I think you broke him." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:52 AM "It's a spell that accelerates your system temporarily. It's effects should be wearing off soon... you're going to really feel it in a moment..."(edited) [12:53 AM] The gnome tilts his head at Reth, "Didn't I do this before? Against the, what was it?"(edited) [12:53 AM] "Dimbuk" [12:54 AM] "No, Dybbuk!" [12:54 AM] "There are so many fiends to keep track of!" Prince of FateToday at 12:54 AM "Feelwhatinamoment--" Raleon freezes as the haste wears off and his body is hit with a shiver of exhaustion. "Oh Fuck--" he nearly takes a knee. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:55 AM The gnome stares down at the current fiend. The clockwork familiar descends with its light and the gnome pores over the corpse. "Uh.. feel that, yes... it's a side-effect. It'll wear off in a moment." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:56 AM Reth snorts. "You broke him twice." Prince of FateToday at 12:56 AM Thayrin looks down at the fiend and kicks it. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:56 AM He takes the opportunity to put twigs in Raleon's hair. "That's payback!" He winks at him and walks back to camp. 1 1 Mortal PlayerToday at 12:56 AM "Sorry! I... didn't want it getting away! We don't know if it has friends." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:57 AM Reth calls back, "It was a good call." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:58 AM After a bit, the gnome returns to camp, fishes through his backpack and makes some notes on paper. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:58 AM Anyone going through the goop piles? Prince of FateToday at 12:58 AM Thayrin will poke around curiously. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:59 AM Well, we don't want them just lying around in camp! And the gnome takes notes. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:59 AM Between the two Babau, you find 220 sp 50 gp Mortal PlayerToday at 12:59 AM When everything is back in order, the gnome will set up the Hut again. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:59 AM To no one's surprise, the chickens had nothing Mortal PlayerToday at 1:00 AM The gnome makes a note, "...no eggs found on fiendish chickens..." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:00 AM 5 way split is 42 silver and 10 gold Prince of FateToday at 1:00 AM Raleon is too shaken to take notice of the sticks right away, his head whirling as he rubs his temple...then feels the sticks. "H-Hey! Get back here you lousy Ranger!" He jogs lightly and tackles him, hanging on his back. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:01 AM Eòghann declines any share, pointing out you all are doing him the favor and he has no need for it. [1:01 AM] Reth, hearing Raleon yelling and charging, ducks down and goes stealth(edited) [1:02 AM] With another nat 20! [1:02 AM] Reth is dust on the wind with a 27 Mortal PlayerToday at 1:02 AM "That was actually a very tough fight, even considering all we've been through, but you held up well, Eòghann! And I can tell you are still recovering from your ordeal." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:03 AM "Wish I could have been more help, I assure you my blade is more true than that, but I am clearly still not my old self. At least I kept some of those strange chicken things off you." Mortal PlayerToday at 1:04 AM The gnome nods and smiles. In the firelight, it can be seen that the gnome appears unharmed and even the brief evidence of his nighttime run has already disappeared. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:05 AM The Gnome sits proudly in his mirror images xP [1:06 AM] Raleon, eager to go after Reth after managing to sniff him out somehow, gets over eager and trips over a rock and splats right next to him. Reth just sits on him. Prince of FateToday at 1:08 AM Raleon gracefully tumbles to the side only to eat it on the grass beside him. Raleon recoils in pain then grunts as the elf happily takes a seat on his back. "UGh! You son-of-a--" The elf squirms beneath him. Then goes to roll and tumble their positions. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:10 AM Reth, not being all that heavy, is unable to keep Raleon from worming out Mortal PlayerToday at 1:11 AM The gnome settles down while the elves frolic. Unlike them, gnomes do not trance. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:13 AM Reth, feeling pushed off, spins around and drops a tan ball, which turns into an ape. He tells it, "wrestle that one." and takes off. [1:14 AM] The ape gets that big grin that apes are known for and tries to grab Raleon [1:14 AM] Only got an 11 on its athletics Prince of FateToday at 1:17 AM Raleon sweats as his blind eyes go wide. "Uhhhh NOPE!" He gracefully slips away--well, almost. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:17 AM The Ape grabs hold of him and blows a raspberry [1:18 AM] Reth hides again [1:18 AM] With a 25 Prince of FateToday at 1:18 AM Raleon whines loudly with obvious displeasure, thrashing about in the ape's hands. [1:21 AM] He slips his hand into his bag and pulls out a wand. "C-charm Animal!" Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:27 AM The ape looks at the wand, then licks it [1:28 AM] the ape uses his action to try and pin [1:28 AM] With a nat 20, total of 25 Prince of FateToday at 1:30 AM "Gh!" the slender elf never stood much of a chance. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:31 AM Reth meanwhile is laughing in the distance, contemplating how long he wants to let the Ape keep at it Prince of FateToday at 1:33 AM Raleon huffs angrily and puffs out of existence, charging at the voice again. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:36 AM Reth, seeing the poof, immediately stops laughing and moves away Prince of FateToday at 1:40 AM The elf gives chase, he huffs where the elf was previously, and glares into the darkness. "Ch....eat...er" Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:41 AM Reth, this time, keeps his trap shut Prince of FateToday at 1:42 AM Raleon huffs and plops on the ground with his arms and legs crossed like a child. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:55 AM And so, the group spend a day of travel getting to know the Knight in their company, a man who apparently leads small groups into the country to attend to threats caused by interior problems. He was able to fill in the adventurers with stories of the shops and academy and the library, as well as apparently having the ability to create a meeting between the king and the rest of the group, a rare opportunity indeed. After camping out, they fought what proved to be some roided up demon chickens, proving that perhaps KFC spicy chicken can go too far. The real threat proved to be a pair of clever, spellcasting Babau, but in time the group was able to take them down and get back to their usual shenanagins--primarily Reth and Raleon tormenting each other as usual. They rest now, prepared to make the trek to the capital, where the next part of their destiny awaits. What will come of this meeting? Will Raleon and Thayrin find the cures they seek? Find out next time (April 5th) on D&D Discord!
  4. Of all the stuff in my lore for Mezthaluen, I missed coming up with unique dishes. I will need to someday rectify that. >>
  5. I don't think anyone should intrude on a closed thread. Maintaining that sanctity protects people's RPs that are very particular or in a truly closed off situation. BUT People should be careful not to abuse the privileges afforded by a closed thread. If you were submit a thread to me for canonization that created big/sweeping changes and/or occurred in a very public place, I'd reject it. Part of making a sweeping change to the canon needs to allow for resistance in some fashion, especially from those who want to represent the lore. A large, militarized city isn't going to roll over and let you blow it up. If some others want to come in and play the guards or heroes who happen to hang out in this city and want to protect it--they should be able to do that. But if all you want to do is establish that a super-secret sect of evil-doers had a conspiratorial meeting about blowing up the city and all of them took a lot of pains to make sure no one who wasn't invited would know about it--sure, it can be closed, and no one should intrude. But once you're blowing the place up--that needs to be open to other people.
  6. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:01 PM When we last left off, the group, beaten down and worn (except Artimus), came crawling back to the cave of the angel, triumphant, if not exhausted. They just defeated the Flind, an empowered, highly dangerous version of a Gnoll whose abilities went far beyond that of a typical gnoll. He was accompanied by some kind of fiendish pet, and together, they made for a difficult challenge. Fortunately, our heroes through clever strategies and well as well as a bit of luck, put down this threat for good and made off with the Flind's cursed weapon, a tool that can be used to create the next Flind to lead the Gnollish hoard. We pick up now with the group returning to the cave, towing magical items requiring identification, and an angel waiting to be restored. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:11 PM The Giant Ape sets the chest down, gently lays the unconscious man down, and transforms into Artimus, unscathed with a smile on his face, "I think we were quite successful and that we shall not be pursued by any gnolls." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:13 PM Reth looks back on the path. "No, they seemed preoccupied with the animals." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:15 PM Thayrin sighs and rubs at his temples as means to clear a growing headache. He glances back along with reth and nods in agreement. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:16 PM Knox walks in to the cave and stops before the angel, He drops to a knee and presents the glowing essence like a knight presenting a treasure to his king. The angel actually laughs a little, coughing and wheezing. "No need to bow, Knox." He pats the paladin on his shoulder. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:18 PM The gnome observes the exchange between Sir Knox and the angel. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:20 PM The angel reaches out for the essence, cupping it his hand. He considers it for a moment, and calls out to the group, "You might... want to... cover your eyes. This... will be... bright." He waits for everyone to do so. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:24 PM The gnome averts his gaze, closes his eyes, and covers his head with his cloak... but a clockwork familiar peeks with surreptitious curiosity around the corner... Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:24 PM The assassin simply raises an eyebrow and does as the falling apart angle asks. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:29 PM The angel waits for everyone to turn, and once they do, he places the glowing essence into his chest. His warning proves to be an honest concern, as suddenly a burst of intense white light spreads throughout the cave, filling it some completely that even with cover, you can still see a halo of light trying to leak past your arms and cloaks. The light is warm and pleasant, and a smell of sea salt and cinnamon fills the cave. As quickly as it spread, it recedes, the warmth fading as it draws back into the angel's body. When you peer from your obstructed views, this is who stands before you now. [4:29 PM] https://i.pinimg.com/originals/22/ee/1d/22ee1dbdd00b48d7dc892118ce7c7e16.jpg Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:30 PM huh...the vulcher is.....shinny now. AydenYesterday at 4:31 PM "Praise be the mother." The words loosen without thought. The warmth of the light was comforting and welcoming, even though it was near blinding. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:32 PM The gnome blinks his eyes open as he uncovers his head. [4:37 PM] "How do you feel?" inquires the gnome. [4:43 PM] "Also, out of curiosity, would there be any long term effects from directly observing your reunification transformation?"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:43 PM The voice that answers now is different. No longer wheezing and halting, but firm, rich, and strong. "Better. Not to my former strength, but much better." [4:44 PM] "Temporary blindness, possibly permanent. The light is too intense for mortal eyes." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:44 PM "....I've seen worse," Raleon shrugs. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:46 PM He gives Raleon a knowing nod. "Your eyes, and your brother's throat, have the smell of Rouge Lune about you." He wrinkles his nose." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:47 PM "Blessings of his," Raleon grants a forced smile. "From the last divine being we were gifted with the chance to meet...." His knuckles are nearly white from gripping his crossed arms. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:48 PM Looking over the group, he says, "I am not what I once was, but for now, I can do this much for all of you." He waves his hand and everyone gets 31hp back (for those who need it). Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:49 PM Thayrin simply crosses his arms as well and leans on his twin in an casual apeareance. although his form did look a little too tense for the more decerning eye. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:50 PM "Hmm. Interesting, so immortality confers other benefits besides eternal life..." "Ooh, interesting mass healing effect.." The gnome writes writes something on a piece of paper. "Oh, right. Perhaps you can tell us some additional information about what we encountered..." The gnome gives a recounting of events... "Does anything we encountered provide any ideas as to what is going on?" AydenYesterday at 4:53 PM Knox feels rejuvenated. He stands straight as he looks around at the others. Before he has a chance to say anything, his gnomish friend speaks up. Knox was just as curious, and hopes that they can gather more information. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:53 PM "I don't know how they got the fiends they had. It seems the essence was preventing their own summoning. I have had limited ability to track events below, especially in the last decade. I know they brought the fiends in from outside, but not from where. I am relieved you destroyed their focus, because it will set them back for many, many years." [4:54 PM] "Flinds are gifted to Gnolls by their patron, Rouge. They might have had this artifact among them before I arrived. Or, perhaps a Gnoll warleader went elsewhere and had those lending them these fiends assist with the ritual." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:55 PM "This isn't the first time that we have encountered creatures being gifted such an odd offering of power, a corrupted druid was given a crown of madness, and goblins were given fiends as well as gifts in the lands nearby. These can't be coincidences. Someone is granting these creatures power." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:56 PM "Hmm, just a 'set back'? It seems that there is some sort of unending eternal struggle... Perhaps this will never truly end?" The gnome taps the chest... "We have the flail - the one the Flind used." AydenYesterday at 4:57 PM "The last decade?" Knox felt surprised for some odd reason. Not knowing of such divinity until now seemed, harsh almost. "You know of the destruction of Chiwak village then and the dragon? Are all of these things connected?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:00 PM "I knew of it once the Mother told me she was sending me you, as she let me know of your recent trials. I am truly sorry for the loss, and I am sorry I have no information to offer about the dragon. The gods have a way of keeping things on a need to know basis, as they are bound to avoid meddling with mortal affairs to directly." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:01 PM Raleon lightly scoffs. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:02 PM "Hmm. The gods do know the answers to these questions though?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:02 PM He gives an appraising look to Art. "You are perceptive. The struggle against evil is an ongoing one, not just here on your world but beyond as well. As you all must fight to keep evil from spreading, so must we in the planes beyond. The flail must be destroyed. I suspect you can accomplish this with a simple dispel to make the magic inert, and then drop it into a forge and melt it down." [5:03 PM] "They often do; it takes a powerful god to block information from others, so little escapes their notice. But how much they are willing to share, or even allowed to share, can vary. The mother is bound by the rules set forth by the Father, and he has put certain rules into place out his wisdom for what is best overall."(edited) AydenYesterday at 5:04 PM Knox looks at Artimus."Perhaps it would be wise to do it with the crown as well?" Looking back to the Angel, Knox nods in understanding. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:05 PM scritch scritch The gnome makes a few more notes, then places the quill to his lips pensively, "We need a forge. Presumably once dispelled, it just needs to be hot enough to melt the item materials?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:07 PM "A blacksmith's forge will do for the flail. But your crown, even in that lead box I can sense how powerful it is. The flind's flail is a strong item, but it can be destroyed. That thing in your box is an artifact. Ordinary means cannot destroy something that strong." He actually looks uncomfortable talking about it. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:09 PM "Is it that strong?!?" The gnome raises an eyebrow, "Interesting. What makes it an 'Artifact'? What makes it different from the flail?"(edited) [5:10 PM] "I mean... that flail seemed very powerful..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:12 PM "Artifacts are rare magic. Either a god has a hand in it, or someone nearly as powerful. Not all things linked to the gods are necessarily as strong. These flails for flinds are generally given by Rouge, but he only imbues them with the power needed to serve his purposes. Mortal mages could replicate its effects if they were learned enough and had a mind to, though I do not know of any who would wish to make Flinds." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:15 PM "You seem to be able to tell what gods have had their hands in certain things... Can you tell which god or gods has given power to the Crown?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:18 PM He shakes his head. "It would take a closer examination, and I would not want to risk it. I am also not one who specializes in divining sources. I have knowledge of history, but am not nearly as skill as identifying magical origins. Be careful with it, I get the sense you carry something incredibly dangerous." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:19 PM Never the one for long conversations, even ones he may be super into the quiet twin of the duo found his mind skipping off into daydream land. In a fit of boredom, Thayrin pokes his brother in the side. He has never seen you go hungry then. \ AydenYesterday at 5:20 PM Knox looks at the angel. "Should you not take the crown and rid us of it? How else should we destroy it or keep it from falling back into the wrong hands?"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 5:21 PM A snort leaves the red mooned elf and he jabs at his brother's ribs. [5:22 PM] "If he takes that crown, he'll become a more powerful mad dryad. And I'm not in the mood to be fighting any crazy doves today." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:25 PM He shakes his head. "Even without consulting the Mother, I know she would not allow it. The crown is from here, and it must be dealt with here. And the strength that it puts out makes it a great risk in the celestial body. Could you imagine a demi-god coming into something such as that?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:27 PM A slight smile plays at his lips at Raleon. Honestly im not in the mood to be going hand to hand with a crowed angry anything today....or ever if you ask me. AydenYesterday at 5:30 PM Sighing softly, he supposed it was another issue that they would be left to deal with. "Very well. So what will you do now that we have set you free?" Prince of FateYesterday at 5:31 PM "Well, as much as I enjoy your company, I'm sure our gnomish companion and other divine compatriots will keep you speaking long with your newly acquired long windedness. I for one am going to find something useful...like a bite to eat and something to drink," Raleon turned and jabbed at his brother again, offering for him to come along as he turned towards the cave mouth, heading out towards the direction of the man they brought along. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:31 PM The gnome looks over at the man laying next to the chest. [5:32 PM] "How long do you think it will take for this man to recover?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:33 PM Without missing a beat the the twin follows after his brother. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:34 PM The angel looks at the man. "I included him in the healing. My time grows short, so I will offer a little more help. I can give him restoration, which should allow him to walk out of here." He steps over and lays his hand on th man's chest, and he casts greater restoration. The man stirs, though he is not quite awake yet. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:36 PM The gnome nods and looks over at Aust, "We'll need to talk to him when he awakens." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:38 PM He then turns to Knox. "There was a time that my power let me take on those who would serve my goals, goals that serve the mother. I would grant them powers and boons, but it will take quite some time in rest for me to regain what I have lost in my time here. However, I can give you a lasting gift, a small piece of what was once my capability." AydenYesterday at 5:40 PM Knox pauses as he goes to pick up the man. He turns to look at the Angel with acceptance. He understood. A gift was more than he had dared ask for. The fact that he was called upon was more than enough for him. The Mother used him, him, of all people to save this angel. "I graciously will accept." He offered in response, waiting. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:43 PM The angel, standing his full height (now over 8ft) walks over to Knox. He bends down and places a hand over Knox's chest, where despite wearing heavy armor, he can feel that hand on his flesh. It pushes in, and it burns, but not in a way that is unbearable, but strangely both painful and pleasant. The angel says something in a language (I assume) no one speaks, and with that, the spot glows a second, and then fades. "I have given you my boon, may they serve you and your compatriots." He then leans back, and looks weaker once more. "I have used up what little I had left. I must go. I thank you all for helping. Even those who I can sense have reason, good reason, to distrust my ilk, I thank you anyway." [5:43 PM] And with that, he disappears, leaving behind nothing but a few feathers, which slowly flutter towards the cave floor. AydenYesterday at 5:49 PM Knox takes a moment, taking in all of the sensations. It was odd, heavy, and uplifting all the same. The words hung upon his ears in a language that sounded so familiar, yet unknown all the same. This boon, he could sense it. The power of this angel ripping through his body. The essence of this angel left behind in Knox's own body, truly a blessing. Before he had a chance to ask or say anything more... the angel was gone. "Very well... let us go." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:50 PM The gnome looks around, "Well... let's rest here. Let me know when the man wakes up, Aust." The gnome proceeds to examine the area. There are many things on the walls of this cave... The gnome picks up some feathers as souvenirs as he walks around, taking notes, and using Comprehand Languages among other things. Perhaps bugging a compation or two if he thinks they might offer insight as to the meaning of the various writings and drawing on the cave walls.(edited) [5:51 PM] "ER.. sorry Knox, but we've been through a bit and a rest would do us all good." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:53 PM The writings are in what you assume is probably some variation of celestial. The words on the wall are a mish mash of prayers, blessings, and pleadings. As Art goes through it all, he can see a natural progression of someone devout trying to remind themselves of their task, slowly losing their hold on sanity, and the writings turning into ramblings and broken reminders. Art actually gets the first real sense of how lonely this being must have been. [5:54 PM] Austs asks, "Do you want me start looking into the items we found?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:57 PM The gnome jots some notes down on some paper. "Hmm... well, as long as the man is comfortable for the time being. Sure. I'll come help you out in a moment." The multi-tasking gnome is ready and eager to explore all that is at hand. AydenYesterday at 5:59 PM Knox sits and relaxes against a wall. His mind and thoughts reflecting within as he continues to gain a fundamental understanding of this new power and its capabilities. He knew that this boon would come in handy, it would be useful in the trials to come. "Thank you all for helping me." He said and offered to the group. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:01 PM "Do you know what the angel did to you?" asks the gnome in response. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:01 PM Aust sits down and prepares to ritually cast identify, as he is out of slots. "Which one do you want me to start with?" [6:04 PM] Were the twins foraging or hunting? AydenYesterday at 6:04 PM It takes Knox a moment, but he looks at Artimus and smiles. "Yes. He gave me the power to strike down foes from a distance with the radiant light of The Mother. My healing and protective measures have also been strengthened." He says to Artimus with a smile on his face. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:06 PM The twins find a patch of wild huckleberries Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:07 PM "Let's start with the Maul, then the spectacles, and finally the helm... Be careful, we don't want you to put any cursed items on your head. Keep an eye on him Knox." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:07 PM Aust starts with the Maul Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:07 PM After jogging a coupple of steps to catch up with Raleon, Thayrin glances over at the other with a questioning sound ringing though their link. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:11 PM Raleon does a sniff in the air and skids down a path to arrive down at the berries with a grin. "These should be a nice treat for our sugar chasing cat," Raleon claimed as he grabbed a bag at his side and began to fill it with the huckleberries. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:12 PM Is Art examining anything else while he has comprehend languages active? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:13 PM The gnome looks around for that piece of paper we found.(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:14 PM A soft laughter answers Raleon's statment about a certain cat like ranger as he helps his twin with his gathering task. why do i get this thought that you may somehow find another cake to saduce Reth with at the next town we stop at? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:14 PM And any other papers the group may have brought along with them.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 6:15 PM The rogue glanced over his shoulder and winked. "I have more than cake you know." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:16 PM The gnome also examines the man for anything written. [6:16 PM] The gnome examines the items in case any of them have inscriptions on them. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:17 PM No other notable inscriptions on the other items. [6:18 PM] Aust announces, "Maul is a +2. The ugly design is just cosmetic." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:18 PM He snorts in respoce and shakes his head in amusement. AydenYesterday at 6:19 PM Knox watches as the others go about their business as he relaxes. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:23 PM Aust begins working on the glasses Prince of FateYesterday at 6:26 PM The twins pack up a reasonable amount of berries and begin to head back to camp. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:27 PM The twins head back. Art is going over letters, Aust is praying over a set of spectacles. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:29 PM "Does anyone remember the name Zsatluhlih from anywhere?" asks the gnome without looking up from his reading.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 6:29 PM Raleon blinks. "It's so quiet around here..." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:29 PM When passing by their silent ranger, the mischievous elven twin gives him a quick poke to the side and a grin over his shoulder. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:30 PM "...gesundheit?" He replies to the gnome. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:30 PM Reth grunts and shakes his head. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:31 PM "Hmm, Sarruhk..." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:33 PM Tilting his head and blinking a few times he looks toward his twin with a confused expression. why are we speaking in the jibberish of small children? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:38 PM "Ozteank? Reptile people? North of the Marsh?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:41 PM Reth says, "Isn't there supposed to be a couple different swamps around here? One due east and one back where those trolls were?" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:41 PM Raleon begins to shuffle around in a bag, looking for any left over breads. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:43 PM A lightbulb moment crosses over the assassin's expression as he snaps his attention twoards Art. He blinks and quickly messages the mumbling wizard. "Sarruhk? do you mean the now very gone lizard folk who used magic way back in the days?" AydenYesterday at 6:43 PM Knox listens to the conversations unfold. They had encountered Reptile people before, even fought them. "What about them? What do they have to do with this place?" He asks curiously. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:44 PM The clockwork bird begins to pull out more notes and papers from the gnome's backpack and lay them before the gnome, who continues to mutter, "Zsatluhlih... Zsatluhlih... Zsatluhlih..." [6:46 PM] "Yes, yes, " says the gnome dismissively, the Sarruhk were a progenitor race but there are many races, remnants of them that would speak a similar language..." The Clockwork bird pulls out a piece of paper unlike the others the gnome has been looking through and lays it before the gnome... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:46 PM In the midst of this, Aust announces, "Spectacles are glasses of charming." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:46 PM "Aha!" cries the gnome triumphantly. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:48 PM Reth glances at the gnome curiously Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:48 PM He tilts his head and waits for the probably incomeing rant of knowlage from either Art or Aust. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:49 PM "Here we are!" says the gnome holding up... a ledger of names. "Zsatluhlih is the name of one who had dealings with the Night Hag!"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:50 PM Reth perks an eyebrow, as this has his attention. [6:50 PM] "Didn't you say those hags sell souls?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:51 PM "Umm.. err.. well yes," says the gnome. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:51 PM Aust is listening while preparing to go on to the helm Prince of FateYesterday at 6:52 PM Raleon shuffles around, finding some bread with a grin. He begins to get to work with a grin, rolling up his sleeves as he sets up a small cooking pot with a bit of water. He pops a squat and holds out his hand, flickering a small ball of fire beneath the pot to get it to a boil. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:52 PM "It seems that the Night Hag carried out several transactions with someone whose name appears also in this-" the gnome holds up a scrap of paper retrieved from the gnoll village, "-letter! So it would seem that the Flind had dealings with the same one." [6:53 PM] The gnome stands up excitedly, "Do you know what this means?" AydenYesterday at 6:53 PM Knox nearly looks at Artimus with shock. "It's all connected." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:54 PM "Well.. yes, but it also means we've actually found the name of one who connects them!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:54 PM Reth nods, "That's a start." AydenYesterday at 6:55 PM "Hmmm..." Knox ponders for a moment. "It's just a name though." He says finally. "Does it say anything more about this person?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:00 PM "According to this piece of a letter that Raleon found... an 'emissary' meets 'at the usual place, north of the marsh'. Apparently, he tends to eat the emissaries..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:01 PM Reth snorts. "Sounds like a gnoll." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:02 PM Tharyin almost mirrors Reth in snort and nods in agreement. AydenYesterday at 7:02 PM "And why would they meet him there if they're just going to be the gnolls dinner meal?" Knox asks again. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:03 PM "So... it must refer to a nearby by marsh.. Perhaps one East of here, as Reth says, and if we were to wait there we might be able to see the emissary..." The gnome's eyes drift towards the unconscious man. And the gnome strokes his beard in thought. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:04 PM "Sounds like their emissaries are expendable." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:04 PM The gnome rouses slightly, "Well, if this guys sent the emissary, then it could be he is involved with orchestrating all these fiends everywhere!" AydenYesterday at 7:05 PM "So they send this guy emissaries in exchange for demonic fiends and powers?" Knox tries to put the pieces together in his head until it all gets spelled out for him. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:05 PM "And, remember we saw a serpent-type of creature at Ozteank? It could be he was an emissary to Albrun." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:05 PM Reth lifts an eyebrow at Knox. "Emissaries are representatives, probably give orders or hands over fiends or other resources." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:06 PM "We have a lead on the source of all these fiends." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:06 PM Reth gives a surprised look to Art, and nods in agreement. "Sounds plausible." AydenYesterday at 7:07 PM "Ahh.. i'm getting this backwards..." He admits as he blows it off. He lets them figure it out. Whatever the case, Knox knew he could count on them. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:08 PM The gnome looks around at everyone. And glances over at Aust. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:08 PM Raleon dumps the berries into the now boiling pot of water and rotates his finger, causing the flame to bend around the pot more to a nice simmer. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:09 PM loseing intrest in the conversation he finds himself floping down in an unelagent heap next to his twin and looks on at what he is doing with the berries they had aquired. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:10 PM Aust is working on identifying the helm Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:11 PM The gnome watches Aust worriedly, "But why would he need to order so many 'test subjects' from the hag? What is he doing to them?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:11 PM It is fairly apparent he is making a jam to Thayrin. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:11 PM Reth says, "Does the hag provide test subjects?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:13 PM "Well, I assumed.. but maybe the hag acquired test subjects from him? It's not clear which direction the transactions are taking place.... Maybe these are numbers of souls the hag paid for test subjects?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:13 PM Reth grunts. "I could see hags wanting test subjects." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:15 PM "Hmm, and then this Zsat guy... maybe he eats souls?"(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:15 PM Ah next plan of seduceing the lovely Ranger....sweet jam on bread with a side of cake. He laughs though their link and leans back on his elbows with a smrik playing on his lips. 1 Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:16 PM Reth shivers at that thought Prince of FateYesterday at 7:16 PM Raleon lightly laughs. "I doubt it. Though I'm sure he'll enjoy it." [7:17 PM] Then to add to the conversation, he says a bit louder. "He could also be using the souls as a power source? Perhaps even converting them into fiends?" AydenYesterday at 7:19 PM "Is such a thing even possible?" Knox asks Raleon curiously. Though they've seen so much so far, Raleon was speaking of... necromancy of some sort. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:20 PM "I mean why not?" He gave a shrug. "Their souls are damned anyways aren't they? Guy became a murderer after becoming maddened by her spells." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:21 PM Aust pipes in, now that he finished the last identify, "Such magic exists, souls are a currency on the hells, perhaps it smooths over the process of bringing them to our side." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:22 PM "Souls for fiends." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:23 PM He then looks at Art and says, "You're going to love this. The helm is slightly watered down version of the helm of teleportation. It only goes to permanent circles and it recharges weekly, but you attune to it, and you can cast teleport up to 3 times before requiring a recharge." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:23 PM That is a rather distrubing thought. But knowing some real pieces of works for Gods out there, i don't see why this isnt possible for others to possibly do or think about doing. AydenYesterday at 7:24 PM Knox looks disgusted at the thought of trading souls for fiends. It was blasphemous. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:24 PM The gnome smiles, "That's sounds great!" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:24 PM Raleon blinks at Aust's statement. "That's...very useful." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:24 PM Reth looks confused. "tele-what?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:25 PM "Have you never heard of teleportation, Reth?" the rogue asked. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:25 PM Reth shakes his head. "You forget I grew up in the woods?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:25 PM Tharyin looks over and signs. "less walking and more getting to areas without getting jumped. thats nice." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:27 PM "As you forget you speak to a blind man," he simply smiled. "It was more of a confirmation question. Teleportation is a type of magic that allows users to magically transport themselves and others elsewhere without having to physically walk there." AydenYesterday at 7:28 PM "Haven't we crossed a teleportation circle already?" He thinks back, perhaps mistaken. He tries to recall, thinking it probably wasn't important to remember since they didn't have the ability to do so anyway. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:29 PM Raleon stirs the berries before explaining more. "Do you recall how my brother and I can shunt forward a small bit when we need to?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:29 PM Reth says, "So, is a permanent circle some predefined landing point?" [7:29 PM] "Yeah, you poof into mist and move. That Flind did the same thing." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:29 PM "Yes, predefined." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:31 PM "Yes, it is a similar type of magic. We travel through the Feywild when we teleport, it is a short jaunt of a distance that we can pinpoint and come back through to here in the overworld, the Material Plane as it were. I imagine though that the spell Teleport uses the astral plane to travel fair longer distances. The sea of stars," Raleon explained. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:32 PM Reth grunts, his interest already waning. Magic such as that goes beyond his abilities. [7:33 PM] "So, the paladin saved his angel and received a boon. We got a lead on the asshole dropping fiends off like rabbit kits, and we have a helmet that makes long distance travel easier. All told, not bad." AydenYesterday at 7:34 PM Knox nods in agreement. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:34 PM Raleon rolls his blind eyes. "Basically." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:34 PM Tharyin snickers at the blunt to the point explanation and nods. AydenYesterday at 7:34 PM "We got more than we hoped for." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:34 PM "Maybe than what you hoped for," Raleon corrected. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:37 PM The gnome will come over and examine the Helm carefully also. "How does it work? Does the Helm give you a selection of locations?" AydenYesterday at 7:37 PM Knox looks over to Raleon and decides it's better to not respond. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:38 PM Aust shakes his head. "Seems to be you have to know it yourself." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:39 PM "Ah, interesteing." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:40 PM The elf begins to squish the berries within the pot and scrapes off a bit of a white cone into it with a knife. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:40 PM "But does it only teleport the wearer? Or...?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:41 PM "No, it can take up to eight other willing people, as long as you can see them and they are within ten feet."(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 7:49 PM After a few minutes he snaps out the flames and uses a tool/thick cloth to remove the pot from the area to cool. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:50 PM Raleon has made a jam for the group Prince of FateYesterday at 7:53 PM "So Sir Wild-elf, are you also unaware of this method of magic?" Raleon asked as he sliced a piece of bread and spread the jam over it, offering it out to him once it had cooled. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:54 PM Reth grunts, "No, I am well versed in the ways jam." He takes it happily. [7:55 PM] Behind you, the unconscious man groans and slowly sits up. "Where am I?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:55 PM "In a cave, where I have made sweet jam and hoist your ass out of a pit of dead bodies," Replied the elf. "I suppose you're hungry too?"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:56 PM Holding his hand to his head, he says, "I think... also very dizzy." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:56 PM "I can imagine...Here, eat it slowly," Raleon said as he readied a second slice and held it out for the man. [7:57 PM] "Thayrin, your flask." He nods and walks towards the man, handing him a water flask. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:58 PM He drinks the water in choking gulps, and takes a bite. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:00 PM "Can you tell us your name?" asked the blind elf Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:02 PM The gnome gathers his various papers and sorts them into some sort of order. Carefully, he packs them away with the help of his clockwork companion. He opens a book and peruses it. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:03 PM "I am Eòghann." (Pronounced pretty close to Owen)(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:05 PM "Pleasure to meet you, Eòghann. My name is Raleon, this is my brother Thayrin, and these are my companions. We found you within a city of Gnolls inside of a pit. Do you remember where you hail?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:08 PM "I am from Villeurcourt, I was with an exploratory group looking into the gnoll rumors. There was just four of us, and we were surrounded by more than ten and twenty of those things. They killed two of us on the spot, took the lot of us back and began to butcher my comrade in arms. I managed to slip in with the bodies and hide, and they managed not to find me. What is today?" AydenYesterday at 8:12 PM Knox watches and listens. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:12 PM "Today is the 14th of Hoza, and you are in lucky my lad. For that is exactly where I plan to go," stated the rogue. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:12 PM "The fourteenth? I was in there for three days? Gods be praised, I am surprised I lived." [8:14 PM] "You are headed for the capital? Another blessing, if I could accompany you, I would be doubly in your debt. The roads are dangerous for lone travelers." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:14 PM "I'm afraid you were the only one we found in there alive..." Raleon frowned and appeared sympathetic. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:14 PM He face falls slightly. "I suspected as much, I know my companions did not make it. The third... I saw them carve him up while he screamed." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:15 PM "Yes, we plan to go to the capital to try and get my brother and myself healed by what we hope are some good clerics to be found there..." [8:15 PM] "May the stars carry them..." he whispers.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:17 PM "Ah, you will want to go to the High Temple, see Father Matthias. He is probably the most potent healer in the land." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:19 PM "Father Matthias, you say? I see. You'll have to guide us there when we arrive. When you're ready to leave that is. You can use my horse." AydenYesterday at 8:21 PM Knox is relieved to hear that there is a cleric powerful enough in the capital. The High Temple would have to do it for them. He continues to watch and listen. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:21 PM The mention of horse causes a momentary flicker of emotion over his face, but it quickly passes. "I appreciate it, I am not feeling fleet of foot, I'm afraid." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:25 PM Raleon tilt his head to the side and spread another slice of bread for him, holding it out. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:26 PM He takes it. "Thank you. I am grateful for your help, and the food. How did you get me out?" AydenYesterday at 8:27 PM "I think were all tired. We should relax a little longer." Knox suggests. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:27 PM "Our wizard turned into a giant monkey and crawled down to get you after we slaughtered the tower of gnolls," Raleon explained casually as he sliced himself a piece. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:28 PM He raises an eyebrow, looking at the gnome and picturing a giant monkey. "You must be quite capable. You entered their den and lived? And your wizard can polymorph too?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:29 PM The gnome makes no reaction to the mention of monkeys. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:29 PM "We had business there, and the gnolls were in our way. The town near by weren't going to take any action themselves," the elf explained. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:30 PM He actually smirks a little. "No, Reptee is not known for its ambition, nor friendliness for that matter." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:31 PM Raleon sighed. "Aaaah but it did have a nice bed... Our horses were left there, so we'll have to make a stop there before heading off to the capital." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:32 PM "Understandable, you are providing a great service for me, I cannot complain." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:35 PM "So... munch munch. sh-ell me m'bout yershelf, Eòghann," Raleon said as he stuffed his mouth full of jam and bread. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:36 PM "Me? Not terribly much to say, really. I worked for the capital and look into problems when assigned. It seems we overlooked how bad this one was." [8:36 PM] Reth is munching food, watching the mountain roads. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:38 PM The gnome raises an eyebrow. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:39 PM "Yeah, quite a bit seems like. Dumbasses down south have been too tight pinched with their coin to ask for any protection from the capital," Raleon nodded as he swallowed his food. "No kids? Family?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:40 PM "No, not right now. I have been so committed to my work I have not had time to look into arranging such things." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:41 PM "Arranging? What are you some noble?" the elf laughed. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:44 PM He glances down. "Technically..." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:44 PM Raleon raised his brows. "Oh? How is one...technically a noble?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:48 PM He sighs. "It's a less than interesting point of discussion for me. I was born into a family with wealth and distant relations to the crown, and it allowed me to be trained as a knight. I'll someday inherit some land and gold, but I prefer to try and make a name for myself on my own merits." [8:49 PM] The crack in the facade removes a little bit of age from the face, he's a bit younger than you first thought. He's got that young adult tone about him. AydenYesterday at 8:49 PM Knox continues to listen. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:52 PM Raleon slowly feeds another slice of bread into his lips and chewed. "... Hmm...You humans are quite ambitious." He leans forward and pokes a finger between his brows. "But if you run yourself ragged and keep putting wrinkles in your brows you're gunna look like an old peeping Tom before you settle down with anyone." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:53 PM "It's fine, we don't usually marry until our thirties anyway. For the men at least. We're expected to have an estate first." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:54 PM "That's like a half through your life," Raleon said with brows raised. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:58 PM He shrugs. "This is the way of things in the circles I come from. I am not so sheltered as to fail to recognize it is different for the common folk, and different for those who are not of human lineage. Some marry for love, while I am expected to marry for politics and contracts. As it is just some distant transaction, I choose not think of it." He leans back. "Enough about me, Raleon. You are my benefactor, and your group succeeded where my companions fell. What of you're group? Who are you, and how was I so lucky as to happen upon you?" Prince of FateYesterday at 9:05 PM Raleon lowers his bread. "That's so sad... You shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to. If you're not interested in such affairs you could always just pretend to be dead," he said, as if he had found a better solution to the story. "As for us...We're just a bunch of pissed off adventurers with no place to look back to. We're looking to stick a big red lizard for torching a place we liked. We've been investigating these lands for ways to get stronger and have found that it's been infested with all kinds of shit. From Night Hags, to fiends, and nasty gnolls. Corrupted fey and asshole werewolves we don't ever get much time to sit on our asses." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:09 PM "Duty binds us, and though I always have the choice to shirk it, I find it is not part of my make-up to do so. I might not enjoy the duties thrust upon me, but I am a slave to my nature, and that nature is to follow through." He pauses to reflect. "Are you speaking of the tragedy of Chiwak? News of the village's razing just reached our knowledge a couple weeks ago." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:13 PM "You're a strange man..." Raleon said and shrugged. "I prefer to be bound by other things, but yes. I do speak of the late Chiwak. A dragon torched the village in a few days before the festival, we were lucky to make it out alive since we were outside of the village scouting for places to set up..." He points to Reth. "We met him just outside the forest and he came to our aid." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:18 PM He studies the group for a long moment. "You all seem to have a strange bit of luck about you. I know not whether to leave it at that or assume that some divine presence has looked favorably upon you." He shakes his head. "Regardless, I am fortunate to have found myself among you." He then asks, "You said slaughtered the tower of gnolls... did you manage to destroy that entire city?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:21 PM "You can thank the Mother," says the gnome, "And an observant eye - to see you at the bottom of a pit filled with the bones of the dead..." The gnome looks the man up and down. "You seem like a man on a mission, Eòghann. What is your mission?"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:23 PM The elf's expression tightened at the mention of divinity, but he's quick to regain his composure. "Let's just say we're skilled... As for the city...no we didn't destroy the whole thing, just those within the tower. We disrupt their leader and left with some important items. It should keep them docile or at least weakened for many years." [9:24 PM] "We may have been able to take out their leader, but that city has far too many numbers for us to do something that big." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:27 PM He gives an appraising nod to Art. "I follow The Father myself, but I hold high respect for his favored daughter. Perhaps her mercy shined on me in that moment when you spotted me. As for me, I am on no particular mission. I serve the bests interests of the community, trying to do what I can to maintain peace in troubling times. The threat of war keeps the armies stationed close to home, so it is left to small groups like mine to try and help other communities. But there are only so many of us." [9:28 PM] To Raleon, "A victory nonetheless. I saw their leader, a massive, hulking creature with some strange beast always at his side. I did not get a good look, but the little I saw..." He shivers. "If they are weakened, then it will have to be enough, for now. You did the realm a great service." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:30 PM Raleon took in a breath through his teeth. "Yeah....he hits harder than you'd think... Nearly killed two of us in single swings. Nasty bastards." [9:35 PM] "The Father? Daughter...? The priest has a daughter?" Raleon smirked. "So you do have a crush then," the rogue teased. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:36 PM "Perhaps you will join some of us in prayer when we reach Reptee?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:36 PM He seems a little surprised by the offer, coming from the scholar and the other talking person the group seeming to sidestep religious talk. "I can, certainly." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:39 PM "It would seem fitting, I think, considering the fortuitous nature of our meeting." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:40 PM "Indeed, a wise course. Best not to have the Gods grow resentful of our lack of gratitude." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:40 PM "Why...are we praying at Reptee?" the rogue looked visably confused. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:41 PM Retch actually chuckles, taking amusement at Raleon's discomfort. Prince of FateYesterday at 9:42 PM Raleon throws a harder chunk of bread at Reth with a pout. [9:42 PM] "What's so funny?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:43 PM The gnome looks over at Raleon, "Oh, I thought he would be more comfortable at the Temple to the Father... but... actually, if your up to it, I'm sure Sir Knox here could lead us in a prayer to the Mother right here. "Also, he may need to rest a bit in Reptee. Although..." the gnome looks back at the man. "Surely you are eager to report your findings to the capital. Yes?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:44 PM "If we travel by horse, I think I can manage. It will be several days before I am back into my fighting shape, but I can manage. You are correct, I do need to get back and report what happened."(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:46 PM "I would rather not waste time in a church when I'm already headed for a different one, long over due. Remember I only came out here as a favor to our paladin over there," Raleon said, flipping his jam spreading knife and licking it clean. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:50 PM The gnome nods, "I'm sorry that we cannot retrieve any of the bodies of your companions." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:50 PM He looks down. "I have a feeling there was not much left to retrieve." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:53 PM "Did you lose much else? You know spells. Did you have a spellcaster with you?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:55 PM "I was in the company of a Paladin, he could do a little. But mostly we relied on our skill in combat." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:56 PM "Oh! Was he the leader of your group?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:57 PM He shakes his head. "I was the field leader, but we reported to Sir Emmond back home." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:58 PM "Well, are you ready to be off? I for one am DYING to get out of here," Raleon said as he piped up. "We can continue our chat on the road. I want to get to Reptee by night fall at least." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:03 PM The gnome looks around the cave and frowns, "Very well, if we must." Prince of FateYesterday at 10:03 PM "Feel free to stay" Raleon says as he cleans up and gets ready to leave. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:03 PM So, we'll say Knox helps the Knight climb down, between the high strength and the boots of striding and springing Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:15 PM Reth Athletics = 19, he climbs down with the flail no problem Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:26 PM A ten is good enough for the unencumbered wizard to climb down [10:27 PM] The group succeeds on getting down \ Prince of FateYesterday at 10:28 PM Thayrin comes down with his shoes of BSness with the kit remnants. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:30 PM And so the group slowly makes their way back to the town, the newcomer walking more slowly. You make it back unmolested, no Gnolls in sight. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:31 PM Raleon stretches out as he walks up to the gate. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:32 PM The gnome lets the faster member of the party lead the way and stays with the slow Sir Eòghann. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:34 PM The town comes back into view, seemingly as you left it. Small, but busy, the people barely acknowledging you as you arrive. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:35 PM Raleon mossies his way on through. "Reth, how long do you think it'll take us to get to the capital?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:36 PM The gnome waves anyway. Is Angus or Dan on duty? [10:39 PM] The gnome passes through the gate and sees Adam's Arms right there on the right. "Hey Reth, maybe we can get that flail taken care of right away. Might as well try, eh?"" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:39 PM Angus Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:40 PM "Good to see you again, Angus! How's everything going?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:41 PM Reth answers, "About two days, I expect." [10:41 PM] To Art, "Your call, but sooner is probably better." [10:41 PM] Angus gives a nod. "You return." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:43 PM "Indeed! As we said we would! There's some interesting rock climbing to be had out there!" [10:43 PM] To Reth, "Yeah, let's swing by Adam's." Prince of FateYesterday at 10:44 PM Raleon nods in thought then looks up to the sky blankly. "Hmm...I suppose we could stay here another night.... Probably best for our friend here..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:45 PM He nods. "As much as I would like to head out, I could use a day of rest." [10:45 PM] Reth starts heading towards Adams Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:45 PM The gnome looks up at the sky, "Well, yeah, that was the plan..." then the gnome looks back at Reth, "Okay. But smithy first!" Prince of FateYesterday at 10:48 PM Raleon looked around at their party and blinked. "I'm starting to think a caravan or a wagon would be easier than all these horses...." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:49 PM You reach Adam's Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:49 PM "Hmm," says the gnome. "It would be more comfy." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:54 PM The man running the place is middle aged, with big dirty blond beard. He has a bit of a sour look about him, but nods when you walk in. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:55 PM "Hello there! Are you Adam?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:55 PM "I am. Anything in particular you looking for?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:56 PM The gnome glances around the place and the various arms, "Hmm, well yes actually." [10:59 PM] "A couple of things. One thing, I don't know if you've met Eòghann here... Eòghann, you probably want to get a weapon again, right?" And the other thing, is that we want to melt a thing down. Do you have a forge here?"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:00 PM Eòghann nods. "I can be of help in defense if am equipped. Unfortunately, I cannot pay now, but on my word, I can repay you once I arrive home." [11:00 PM] Adam nods. "Of course I do. What do you need melted down?"(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:01 PM "Why don't you check out the arms here and find something you think works for you, Eòghann. Then we'll sort that out. Meanwhile, Reth and I will see about the forge." [11:02 PM] "So Adam, would it be possible to get a thing melted down here?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:03 PM "I suppose, depends on what it is." He looks suspicious Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:04 PM The gnome nods, "Good. Good. Reth, you have the thing..."(edited) [11:05 PM] "You see, this thing is no good. It's a..." the gnome gives a hard look, "a gnoll wepaon, if you know what I mean. And we mean to destroy it!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:05 PM Reth hoists it up on to the counter. Adam looks at that and says, "What is that?" [11:06 PM] "You sure that thing won't taint my forge?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:06 PM "It's a gnoll flail and it will make the gnolls mad if we destroy it... so we are looking to destroy it."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:07 PM "Make them mad? Won't that make things worse?!" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:07 PM "You're not great at talking to people are you, Artimus?" Raleon says from the door way. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:08 PM The gnome shrugs, "I usually spend my time among the books." Prince of FateYesterday at 11:09 PM "Look here, Mr. Adam, excuse my companion here. What he means is this. We've killed their leader in a quest from your savior there up in the mountains to save your little town here. This thing here needs to be dispelled and destroyed in a forge otherwise, a new leader will immerge should they get hold of this. We were hoping that you could help us with that last part." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:10 PM The gnome nods enthusiastically.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:14 PM He seems unconvinced, but he's not kicking you out yet. "I get that it should be gone, but I'm worried about my forge. That's my livelihood." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:16 PM "I'll cast Dispel Magic on it. And then you can melt it down. Will that make you feel safe?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:16 PM In the meantime, Eòghann asks, "Can you afford to lend 215gp?" He has the discounted suit of splint, a long sword, and a shield on the counter. [11:16 PM] He eyes it warily. "What is dispel?" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:17 PM "It makes any magic within gone," He covers the gnome's long winded answer. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:17 PM "It's a way to remove magic that may be on a thing. You said you are worried about your forge. So I'll cast Dispel Magic on the weapon." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:18 PM "And how do I know it worked?" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:18 PM Raleon raises a brow. "Shorter than I expected..." [11:19 PM] "Well, one of the heads will likely not fucking give me such a damn headache..." signs Thayrin. [11:19 PM] Raleon snickers. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:20 PM "Hmm, 215 gp. I think we can do that for you Eòghann, but only if Adam here agrees to help us melt this flail down!" [11:21 PM] "If it doesn't work, then we won't go through with melting it down!" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:22 PM Raleon raises a brow. "The angel Literally told us to melt it." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:23 PM "I know right. I mean we are taking the word of an angel..."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:23 PM Roll another persuasion, Advantage this time [11:26 PM] He really seems conflicted, but finally says, "I'll let you do it, if you swear if it breaks my forge, you replace it." Prince of FateYesterday at 11:26 PM Raleon shrugs. "Fair." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:28 PM He leads you to the forge outside Prince of FateYesterday at 11:29 PM Raleon pats Reth on the shoulder. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:30 PM The gnome follows to the forge. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:31 PM He starts billowing it, getting the heat up Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:32 PM The gnome will prep Detect Magic by ritual to make sure he can Detect Magic. [11:35 PM] When the forge is ready and the smith is ready and the weapon is prepped for destruction. The gnome will cast Dispel Magic on it and let the flail melt into what ever container the smith has on hand for containing melted materials in a forge. [11:35 PM] He will watch the whole time using Detect Magic just to make sure everything works the way it should. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:36 PM The flail gives off a magic ping. As does some sling bullets inside the shop [11:37 PM] The forge is good and hot. Standing near it is making you all sweat Prince of FateYesterday at 11:37 PM Raleon is standing...a reasonable distance away. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:38 PM Reth drops the flail in, the flail starts to glow, but is resisting melting down (as expected) Prince of FateYesterday at 11:41 PM Raleon tilts his head. "Do we give it a bit more time or...do we make it hotter?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:41 PM "What do you think Adam, how hot should it be to melt a weapon like this, do you think?"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:42 PM He's scratching his head. "Should have been melting already." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:42 PM The gnome nods, "We'll wait a couple minutes just to be absolutely sure. And then do it!" [11:44 PM] When the flail is really truly hot, the gnome Dispels it! What does the Detect Magic reveal?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:44 PM It is glowing quite white Prince of FateYesterday at 11:45 PM "Do you think....it has to be hotter?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:45 PM Dispel magic reveals that the magic is gone, temporarily inert. The flail loses shape and turns into molten metal. When the dispel wears off, its magic turns into blackish red smoke and billows up, sending out a burst of sulfurous gas out past everyone. Fortunately, the forge did not explode. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:47 PM The gnome watches everything carefully, Following all the traces of magic until they dissipate. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:48 PM Reth says, "That do it then?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:51 PM The gnome watches, "It's an interesting effect, but yes - It is done! And it looks like everything worked out!" [11:51 PM] "We now have some ordinary melted metal.. I suppose." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:52 PM Adam is examining his forge. He slowly looks more and more at ease. Prince of FateYesterday at 11:52 PM "You tell me, you have the working eyes," Raleon teases.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:53 PM Reth says, "We can cover the tab with the gold from the gnoll hoard, split it after he pays us back." Prince of FateYesterday at 11:54 PM Raleon shrugs. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:55 PM "The magic was expelled in that blackish red smoke." [11:58 PM] The gnome waits for Adam to finish inspecting his forge, "Thank you for helping us destroy that item! Do you recognize the metal used here?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:58 PM "Hmm, looks like some kind of steel. Nothing extraordinary. I can make into a couple ingots if you want." March 9, 2020 Mortal PlayerToday at 12:00 AM "Sure. Although we don't really have a need for steel in this form ourselves... Perhaps you could make greater use of it than us." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:02 AM He wrinkles his nose. "I think I'd rather get rid of it." Prince of FateToday at 12:04 AM "The only thing we could use it for is for other things. Trap parts, weapons, and picks," Raleon shrugged. "Maybe some ball bearings and caltrops. I was going to pick some up next town over if they had some." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:06 AM "Okay, maybe we'll find a use for it after all!" [12:08 AM] The gnome will wait for the smith to finish forming the ingots and setting them out to cool. "So that's 215 gp for the armaments for Eòghann?" Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:09 AM He nods as he dumps the molten metal into the forming shapes, and cools them, steam going everywhere. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:10 AM The gnome counts out an equivalent in coins for Adam. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:10 AM "Thank you. Anything else?" [12:11 AM] Eòghann says, "No, thank you. Now I'll be more helpful if something comes up." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:12 AM "It's a dangerous world and travel has been dangerous. I would prefer you to be able to defend yourself in a pinch." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:14 AM "This will go along way towards that. It'll be a while before I pull my weight as well as before, but in time, I'll get there." Prince of FateToday at 12:17 AM Raleon simply pats the knights head. "Sure thing tincan 2.0." He winked at him, which was slightly off placed. "We can babysit you til then." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:18 AM "Tincan two?" He asks, naturally confused by the inside joke. Prince of FateToday at 12:20 AM "Well yes. Our original tincan is the paladin," the rogue smirks. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:33 AM And so, the group has checked off several items from their list. The angel is restored. The stranger they rescued is doing much better, and appears to be some kind of Knight from the capital. The dreaded flail of the Flind has been made into steel. And now, they have a greater sense of direction. They know the name of this individual who seems tied to the influx of fiends, and have clues as to where they might find this thing, or where it resides. But what of its ancient name, tied to an extinct race of reptilian tyrants? How is this related to the snake person they found before? Much to unpack, next time (March 22), on D&D Discord!
  7. February 23rd, 12 hour session Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 When we last left off, the group successfully dispatched the enemies in the room called The Butchery, where they take their still breathing victims and butcher them alive. There, they found some gnolls who are a little faster than their average counterpart, along with Leucrotta, large cow-like evil monsters who take pleasure in the pain of others. After dispatching these foes and investigating the room, they found a single living person, who was much worse for wear. Deciding he was safer remaining hidden and in this semi-comotose state, they decided to come back for the man later. They spent quite a chunk of time at the door, deciding how to get past the obstacle with its squeaky hinges. Art of course was trying to over-complicate the problem, but the rogues found a more straightforward solution. Unfortunately, all of that ended up for nought when four out of the six members failed their stealth check, with the even normally stealthy Reth rolling a 1. Stumbling into the room making too much noise, the Fang has alerted his comrades of intruders, and we start with Reth leading the initiative count. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth runs into the room and attacks Gnoll #1. [2:11 PM] Reth makes a critical hit on the first attack (nat 20), doing 18 points of damage. The gnoll still stands. On his second swing he misses (10) and the bonus action swing misses as well (13). Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Takeing a moment to think Thayrin decides on a whim to dash towrds Gnoll #2 and snag a quick swipe at it. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Thayrin strikes the Gnoll hard, it is clearly in pain, but it stays upright [2:32 PM] Knox uses up all 30ft of movement to flank with Reth, finding a path. He strikes out at the Gnoll hitting (16) and does 15 damage. The gnoll is dead. He would normally have a second attack, but he is out of movement. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon dashes up to Gnoll #3 and gives him a reason to yip with his sword. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust moves in 20ft, but can't go any further in this turn without having to stop in a bad place. He throws a sacred flame at the gnoll by Thayrin, but it succeeds on its saving throw (18). [2:41 PM] Gnoll 2 attacks Thayrin and misses (13) [2:41 PM] Gnoll 3 attacks Raleon and hits (18) for 9 damage total [2:45 PM] Gnoll 4 uses 20ft of movement to reach Raleon and attack. It hits with a nat 20 but only managed to do 4 damage (the minimum with a 20, go figure) [2:47 PM] Gnoll 5 uses 25ft of movement to reach Knox and attack. He misses with a 15. [2:50 PM] Gnoll 6 uses all 30ft of movement to reach Knox and attack. It misses with a 17. [2:51 PM] Gnoll 7 uses dash to reach Thayrin, but does not get to attack [2:54 PM] Gnolls 8 through 10 use dash actions to move closer to foes, but use their action to do so as well. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The raises a hand with three pointing fingers. "Elissim Cigam"... Three glowing bolts of force zip through the intervening space unerringly impacting gnolls (2, 3, and 4)... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Art's magic missiles strike true (of course). Gnolls 2 and 3, who each had 2hp left, drop. The last was unharmed so far, and takes the 5 and remains ready to fight. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome smiles slightly. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Maw Demon one charges over to between Knox and Reth, and chooses to go after the Paladin. It misses with an 11. [3:09 PM] Maw Demons 2 and 3 both move to within reach of Thayrin. Maw demon 2 hits with a 19 for 14 points of damage with a nasty bite, chomping down and gnawing. Maw demon 3 misses (9). [3:09 PM] Maw Demons 4 and 5 dash in the direction of Raleon but get no attack Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "This isn't the kind of crowd I like having!" Raleon shouts. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "It would be better if they formed more of a mash pit with you all not in the middle of it," remarks the gnome in reply. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "You obviously don't know what a mosh pit is then..." retorts the musical lad. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth attacks the Maw demon with advantage, thanks to flanking with Knox. He hits it with a 23, 27, and a nat 20. All told, he does 33 damage. The final strike drops the maw demon, as it gurgles on blood, and then melts into sludge. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Indeed, I never really found that much interest in attending them. I've really only heard a few people ever talk about them." Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The Fang works his way around to Raleon and attacks [3:19 PM] He misses one claw (13), but hits with the second claw (17), and and the bite (17) [3:20 PM] The claw does 8 damage. The bite does 8 damage and I need a Constitution save.(edited) [3:21 PM] Raleon fails to resist the venom's effects, and takes another 9 points of poison damage Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Why am i not suprised that our little wizard has never experienced a mosh pit but still knows of them though copious amouts of reading? Thayrin slightly shakes his head as he lashes out at the offending maw deamon that bit him. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The 1 is just a miss, no added effects. Continue as normal Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "GRaah! Nasty son of a bitch! Get your damn fangs off of me--grgh! Watch it! This guy's venomous," he warns. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Knox swings twice at Gnoll 5. The first attack misses (11), but the second hits (19). He does 14 damage on that swing, which left it alive. He goes ahead and uses a level 1 smite to do an extra 1d8 (rolled 8), which killed it. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon assessing the situation, grits his teeth then grins. "Alright fine, this is how we're going to play it? Let's play 'ring around the rosey' then," he remarks then takes a slash at Gnoll #4, disengages, and books it around the crater. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust moves 5ft, to get within 30 of Raleon. He uses his stone to use his last healing word on Raleon, then throws a Sacred flame at Maw Demon 2. [3:46 PM] Raleon is healed 9 [3:46 PM] The Maw demon failed its save (2) and took 20 damage from Sacred flame. It looks badly hurt. [3:50 PM] Gnoll 6 attacks Knox. It misses with a 17 [3:50 PM] Gnoll 7 attacks Thayrin. It misses with a 15. [3:53 PM] Gnoll 8 dashes to flank against Thayrin, but gets no attack [3:54 PM] Gnoll 9 moves and attacks Thayrin. It hits with a 19 for 10 damage [3:55 PM] Gnoll 10 attacks Reth. It hits with a nat 20 for 14 damage. [3:56 PM] Knox uses Rebuke against the Gnoll. It makes its dex save (21), taking 7 instead(edited) Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome places a hand to his chest and focuses on a location around several gnolls, he extends his handas a fist and then opens it splying the fingers. "Rettahs"... A loud noise rings out around the gnolls (7 and 9)... as well as hitting Fang and Maw Demon 4... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Gnoll 7 saves (18), Gnoll 9 fails (8) [4:03 PM] Fang saves (23), Maw Demon 4 fails (11) [4:04 PM] The gnoll who failed is reeling [4:08 PM] Maw 2 attacks Thayrin with advantage, due to flanking. It only got a 15, so it missed [4:09 PM] Maw 3 attacks with advantage and gets a nat 20. It did 29 damage [4:11 PM] Maw 5 attacks and hits with a nat 20 for 19 damage(edited) [4:12 PM] maw 4 used dash to get into position [4:17 PM] Reth cuts down Gnoll 10 with two strikes (22 and 27) and then moves to by Maw demon 4. He hits it for 11 damage, leaving it with just 1 hp left. >> [4:21 PM] The fang moves in to flank against Reth. It hits with its bite (19), and both claw attacks (23 and 24). Reth fails his con save (rolled nat 1) and took a total of 28 damage. Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Gasping for breath and finding himself bleeding profusely, the assassin takes one look at the perdiciment he landed himself in and quickly takes a swipe at Gnoll 7 befre he disengaged though that mess and up in closer proxemity to Aust. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Knox swipes twice at the Gnoll by him (Gnoll 6). He hits twice (23, 19) for exactly 22 damage, killing it. [4:41 PM] Knox moves with all 30ft to get closer to the other enemies and be near allies Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon nocks an arrow and fires off a "blind" shot at the Fang. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The arrow harmlessly sails past him [4:46 PM] It doesn't even acknowledge it Prince of Fate02/23/2020 The News is out: Raleon is ACTUALLY blind. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust holds his symbol, says a quick prayer, and then waits to see the results of his confusion spell. Gnolls 8 and 9 and all four of the remaining maw demons need to make wisdom saving throws [4:50 PM] Gnoll 8 saves with a nat 20. Gnoll 9 fails with a 6. [4:51 PM] maw 4 is the only maw demon to save (17), the rest fail [4:53 PM] Gnoll 8 moves to attack Reth, and misses with a 15. Gnoll 9 takes no actions or reactions this turn, and stays in place doing nothing. He just noticed the interesting tile. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome points three fingers "Elissim Cigam" and magical force unerringly strikes Maw Demon 4, Gnoll 9, and Fang... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Maw 2 and 5 do nothing. Maw 3 attacks 2 [5:06 PM] Maw 3 kills maw 2 with 13 damage. Its rampage bonus action kicks in and it makes a bonus action bite against 5. [5:08 PM] Maw 2 hits Maw 5 for 12 damage [5:10 PM] Reth hits Gnoll 8 for 19 damage on two hits (first missed with a 10). It is hanging on. Reth opts not to move, as he will draw 2 opportunity attacks [5:13 PM] The Fang hits Reth all three times (18, 21, 17) but Reth makes his Con save (16). He takes 25 damage in total, the third attack dropping him below 0. 1 [5:14 PM] It's rampage bonus action triggers. It leaps the chasm and makes a bite attack against Aust Knox.(edited) [5:15 PM] It hits with a 23. Aust passes his con save (nat 20) and takes 10(edited) Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "Reth!!" cries out the blind elf with obvious panic. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust rolls for concentration against DC 10. Gets a 13 and passes(edited) Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Practically staggering himself from his own wounds, Thayrin snaps his horrifid look from the fallen Reth twoards the fang that droped him. Raleon, you go help Reth, I'll drag this thing's attention with Tin can here. He quickly steps around to the side of Knox and lunges an attack on the fang. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Two quick, well placed attacks from the assassin deals a total of 31 damage. The fang is hurt, but still stands. [5:35 PM] Knox takes two swings at it with advantage. He hits twice (23, 26) for a total of 24 damage. It still is upright. Looks decently wounded, but it holds up. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon rushes across the field once more and beside his companion, with a lashing slash of his sword. "Get away from him, you mangy mutt!" he cries as he swipes at the gnoll. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Raleon, with literally blind fury, runs over to the gnoll that threatens his Reth. The gnoll whips around to face the rogue, but before it even realized what happened, the Rapier is jammed through its nasty, bulbous yellow eye and pushes through a soft point at the back of its skull, running all the way through. Raleon has to plant a foot against its chest and kick it off to pull it free of the sword. The dead Gnoll falls into the pit 1 [5:45 PM] Aust uses 20ft of movement to run and jump over to beside Reth. He uses his healer feat to make one use of a healer kit to heal Reth 1d6+11, which restores 16 HP to the ranger. He then uses a bonus action healing word for good measure for another 6. Reth is back up to 22 Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome raises his Wanf of the Warmage. "Tloberif"... a mote of fire arcs towards the Fang... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The fire mote hits the fang. His fur is singed and now smells even worse, but he is still alive. [5:52 PM] Maw 3 discovers the nice floor and decides to not do anything. Maw 5 is clear this round and can attack normally. [5:53 PM] Maw 5 moves 5ft to attack Raleon [5:53 PM] It hits with a 22 and does 14 damage on a bite [5:55 PM] Both maw demons fail their save (10 and 14 vs 16) [5:55 PM] And remain confused [5:57 PM] Reth is awake and uses 15ft of his movement to get up. He moves to be beside Thayrin (using another 10) to attack the Fang. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon sighs as he watches the ranger rush straight back into danger the moment he's healed. "The Moons damn you..." he mutters under his breath.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth strikes the fang twice, (18 and 15) doing a total of 19 damage to it, which drops the fang. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Well done!" says the gnome. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 He moves to where it was while deciding where to move next Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Gancing over to give a small nod to thier now up again ranger, Thayrin moves forward a bit behind Knox while sheating his blades and drawing his bow to take a shot at maws 3.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The arrow strikes true and the maw demon melts into goop [6:14 PM] Knox flanks with Raleon and swings twice [6:16 PM] Knox hits twice (24, 26) and does 22 damage, which kills it. The last enemy is down! [6:17 PM] Reth looks around, lowers his swords swords and says, "That damn bite hurt." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon leaps over the small chasm and hugs the small wood elf. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth acts stoic, but after a moment reciprocates Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Thayrin simply collapes on the ground in an ungraceful heap of bloody exhausted elf. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust calls injured people over, offers to do another prayer of healing. [6:19 PM] The three injured elves get back 15hp Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome enters the room and craefuly examines the goopy pools that were once demons... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 You can roll perception if you just look, investigation if you want to poke around [6:21 PM] Reth also pops up a healing spirit, and everyone gets back 16 Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome glances at the red tile, "We will have to return to this room when we are finished with other important business." The gnome looks meaningfully at Sir Corsica Knox.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Knox nods. "I am tempted to go for it now, but better to do it on the way out." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 After charging his ranger-endangered hug meter, he sighs and lets him go to cleanse himself of his curiosity of the red tile.(edited) Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Although, perhaps it would grant us some power. WE certainly could use a buff... but, I suppose, it is too much to risk?" [6:28 PM] Whiile the group heals up, the gnome will ritually cast Comprehand Languages and peruse the monuent. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Knox shrugs, "I don't know if it will, and I worry if they see it and get a hold of it." [6:28 PM] Reth goes ahead and tops himself off with a cure wounds for 6(edited) Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Thayrin looks over and messages Reth with a sly grin. "we really need to stop nearly getting ourselves killed. it can't be good for the health." He stands from his resting spot and wanders over twoard his curious twin. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon squints and pouts, poking at the tile with one of his picks with furrowed brows. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth shakes his head in agreement with the negative. [6:39 PM] Aust looks down after patching up others and says, "Based on the decomposition and the environment in here, a few weeks maybe, give or take a few days." Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Is it odd that gnolls known for cannibalism would leave the corpse?" The gnome examines the potenital climb. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust shrugs. "Maybe the climb wasn't worth it?" Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon continues poking around the tile, feeling around for a way to remove it like a child hyper-fixated on how to take his toys apart. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Hmm, intriguing geography, " mutters the gnome. "I wonder if there are any details our quest giver has ... omitted about events of the past." The gnome strokes his well-trimmed beard.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust says, "Perhaps there were events he thought not relevant, or occurred before his time here." Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Perhaps." The gnome pauses, "And perhaps he did not deem them relevant to our quest." [6:47 PM] "Is anyone able to make an sense out of this monument?" asks the gnome. Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 what are you up to now? more inportanly, are you shure prying up some floring of a place with holes to who knows where is a good thing? Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust walks over to it and looks. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 The twin furrows his brows more. "I don't know I just have a weird feeling, they're different. You know tiles that are off bother me..." grumbles the elf. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust says a quick prayer to his goddess, using his channel divinity to give himself proficiency in religion for ten minutes Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 He nods slowly in responce. well you have fun with that...imma gonna go see what the brainiac of our group finds about that weird monument over there. He truns and moves next to Art and Aust with a questioning glance at the two of them. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome is muttering and running his hands over the writings in the monument (in an attempt to Comprehend Languages).(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 He then carefully examines the statue. "The shape seems more of one of convenience, it has no relevance. These creatures are not artistic, and have no ability to make shapes of their god, but they do leave runes, symbols that relate to the Dark One, the one they call the Father Within the Blood Moon. They have structures here in place that would be a precursor to forming a bond between this plane and the abyss. The angel is right, they've been trying to bring demons here, but their runes are inactive." [6:54 PM] Art is able to determine that the markings are magical in nature, but not of a specific language. They are more like symbols to enact magic, but not communicate Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Aha!" says the gnome triumphantly, "This is not a language!" Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust nods. "These are symbols of power, not words. If we have time, I think we should destroy this as we leave." Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 The assassin blinks slowly at the two of them while trying to keep up with the infromation being presented. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome looks worried, "I was thinking the same thing, Aust. We will need to destroy these runes."(edited) [6:57 PM] The gnome looks at Thayrin, "Perhaps you and your brother can help determine the best way to disable these runes and make them permanently inactive."(edited) Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Looking down at Art Thayrin quickly tosses a message. "possibly. i would think your the expert on Runes though." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon, fed up with thinking, grabs his crowbar and jams it between the two cracks of the tile, using it as a lever to try and dismantle it. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth puts his hand on Raleon's shoulder. "Remember, the angel said only Knox can touch it." Mortal Player02/23/2020 "I think we should work together on this. What if the runes suddenly activate when we compelte our task here and -" The gnome cuts off as he is pointing towards the red tile and Raleon is putting a crowbar to it , "Raleon!"(edited) Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "Huh?" Raleon asks as he tilts his head. "Touch what?" Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 "What if you accidentally make contact with it while trying to pry the tile?" [7:01 PM] "The essence. It's under that tile." Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome walks quickly over to Raleon, "Raleon, I think you should consider these runes on the monument.. perhaps once we've extracted this essence, the runes will activate... and summon all manner of creatures into our presence."(edited) Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "Essence?" Raleon squints with confusion as it ticks through his brain. "Oh!... I thought just looked suspicious..." he said glancing back to the tile. 2 Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Of course!" the gnome places his knuckes to his forehead, "Raleon, that suspicious tile is a red tile. The red tile." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 "Runes?" He blinked. His expression changed to unamused. "There are FOUR in here thank you... And just because it's red doesn't make it bad... I just forgot about it. I check out of place tiles out of habit. It's a common place to hide things--or traps. I was trying to help," he grumbled. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth says, "I know we're all admiring the stone thing, but if we don't press on soon, we might have a gnoll band wander in and sound the alarm." Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 The silent twin looks from the grumbleing brother of his twoards Reth and nods in agreement. he for one was not keen of the idea of another fight so soon after the pain train of a braw they just finished with. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "I'm actually quite curious to see what's beneath...," the gnome's gaze lingers on the red tile a moment langer, "but yes, there are runes ont he monument over there associated with summoning demons and it would be best to disable them first... and you're right, Reth, about spending too much time here... we need to come back to all of this.." the gnome looks at the monument again and sighs. "So.. everyone is healed up?" Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth stretches out. "I'm good to go." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon nods and puts away the crowbar. Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Thayrin simply crosses his arms looking ready as ever. Mortal Player02/23/2020 Right, then listen up. The gnome quickly outlines what's in the next room to remind everyone of what is ahead. "Let's check out the door to the next room. If everything is in order, then I recommend we cast up any battle buffs ahead of time and move in." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon heads over to check out the door. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust nods. "I can give bless to three people." Mortal Player02/23/2020 "I can summon up my mirror images and I can Haste someone OR Polymorph someone... into a Giant Ape." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon's expression looks both horrified and impressed at the same time. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth says, "I'd rather not be an ape honestly." [7:21 PM] Then remembers he has that bag of tricks. Mortal Player02/23/2020 Artimus follows Reth's gaze to the Bag of Tricks... "Hmm." [7:24 PM] "Are... you thinking... what I'm thinking here Reth?" he asks with a smile. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth says, "Might as well make use of it." and he tosses out three tan colored balls. Out pops a Black Bear, a tiger, and a giant weasle. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon's ears perk at the sound of the tiger. "Kitty?" Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Thayrin snickers at glances at the tiger with a grin. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome nods, "Excellent! Excellent!" The gnome's eyes narrow as he looks over the summoned creatures... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Knox says he doesn't need help with fiends, and opts out of Austs bless offering, indicating towards the elves, "Give them your boon." Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome rubs his hands together as he looks betwen the bear the cat and weasel... "Which one? Which one?" he mutters. Finally, he turns to Reth, "Well? Which one do you want me to transform?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 "The weasle is the weakest of the lot." Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon inches closer to the tiger.] Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 It licks him. It's tongue is like sandpaper [7:27 PM] It's breath is almost as bad as the demon goop(edited) Prince of Fate02/23/2020 The elf giggles happily at the feline's affection. "Yes I missed you too, fluffy butt," he says as he pets the tiger, seeming to ignore the smell in favor of a feline that tolerates him. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "The weasel it is! Make sure it is willing to accept my spell upon it and become truly Giant!" [7:33 PM] "Huge! In fact, if we are being technical." [7:34 PM] Suddenly, the gnome stops. [7:35 PM] "Wait, it won't work properly on them..." The gnome's sad eye cast downward and his raised hands deflate. "They - they're too weak... to handle the transformation..."(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth ponders it for a moment. "Let me drop a hunter's mark on someone here, then I'll do it. I should be able to move it even in ape form, but I won't be able to cast it as an ape." Mortal Player02/23/2020 The gnome looks towards the other party members. "If we want to do it, it has to be one of us."(edited) Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon squats next to the tiger, petting it and scratching its neck. "Oh? Tuning into your woodland ancestry?" remarked the elf. "Ranger gone druid? Elf gone wild." Disgruntled Tea02/23/2020 Thayrin snorts with silent laughter before looking twoards Reth. "you can possibly toss that on either me or Raleon here since we usually are in the thick of it with you." think he is just trying to see what being tall feels like? Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon bursts into laughter but then tries to cover his mouth. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 The rogue seems unusually content as he lays with his face burrowed into the fur of the tiger. Mortal Player02/23/2020 "I'll save the spell for myself after we enter the room. I'll be useful to you guys as a tank and as a fighter." Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Aust gives the elves bless, so they get +1d4 to hit and saves 2 [7:50 PM] Reth directs the animals to attack all enemies in the next room Mortal Player02/23/2020 "Egami Rorrim" There are now four gnomes. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The door gives way to a small hallway that goes through an open doorway. [7:51 PM] The next room is dimly lit but has lighting Mortal Player02/23/2020 As the gnome traverses the hallway, he begins the spell, "Hpromylop" running to be ahead of the others, he bursts into the next room while simultaneously transforming into a massive... a huge, and terrfying beast... a GIANT APE! And he let's out a beastial roar as his feet land upon the stone and his arms, now incredible large as the trunks of trees, rest all the way to the floor on the knuckles. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 As the giant ape touches down, the ground cracks and the walls shake. Your presence is detected.... Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Thayrin dashes out, readies his bow and shoots at Witherling #1. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Reth charges in, using the dash action, making it 70ft. He gets to where he can just lean around and see the Flind. He drops a hunter's mark on him with his bonus action. [8:12 PM] The witherling is shot with the arrow, and drops. [8:17 PM] The Shoosuva moves 20ft, but will go no further, as it remains close to its master. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon rushes after, keeping up with the crowd as he too notches an arrow and lets it loose on Withering #2. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Witherling 2 goes down into a pile of bones Mortal Player02/23/2020 The four mossive APES pick up large rocks lying near the entrance, then move forward leaping towards the pit... Instead of taking the long way around, the APES leap into the air flying more than 20 feet across the pit, landing on the otherside. The APES continue moving forward another 10 feet feet, before hurling their rocks shot-put style across the room at the Shoosuva. [8:32 PM] The large rock impacts the Shoosuva for 31 points of bludgeoning damage! Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The rock slams into the Shoosuva. It seems to shake off the damage, growling loudly in anger. The rock didn't quite have the oomph the cranky ape desired. [8:40 PM] Witherling 3 moves ten feet and attacks the weasel [8:41 PM] He swings twice, hitting once (23, 😎 and does 5 damage to the weasel. Weasel is still alive [8:44 PM] Witherling 5 moves 20ft and atacks the tiger [8:44 PM] He actually hits twice (23, 17) for 9 damage between two hits [8:47 PM] Witherling 4 moves and attacks the weasel [8:48 PM] He hits twice (15, 14) for 11 damage. The weasel perished [8:50 PM] Witherling 6 charges and attacks Reth [8:50 PM] It manages to hit Reth twice (17, 19) and does 8 damage [8:53 PM] Witherling 7 charges Reth and attacks [8:54 PM] And hits twice, (19 and 19). It deals 9 more damage [8:58 PM] Witherling 8 dashes to get by Reth and the Tiger, no attack [9:00 PM] Witherling 9 dashes to by the bear [9:01 PM] Witherling 10 dashes to by the bear as well [9:04 PM] Knox runs and leaps, using his boots of striding and springing, with the dash action, to jump way over the chasm and land in front of Raleon [9:06 PM] The Flind runs and jumps down from the ledge, using 30ft of movement to reach the Paladin, then swings three times. [9:07 PM] The first and third head of its flails hit (26 and 26), but second misses (11) [9:09 PM] The first hit lands with loud shrieking that seems to echo inside of Knox's head. He takes 9 points of bludgeoning and 18 points of psychic damage for a total of 27 [9:10 PM] The second hit does 8 more bludgeoning damage and he has to make a DC 16 wisdom save [9:11 PM] Total for Knox = 12, fail. He attacks the nearest target other than the flind in a moment of temporary madness [9:13 PM] Knox lashes out and hits Raleon for 13 damage as his eyes are clouded over with red. Immediately afterward, his eyes clear and he is apologizing profusely. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The Paladin's attack his one of the large APEs and that APE vanishes, leaving three APEs. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Thayrin rushes in next to Reth to help clean up house, rushing to help the animals with 5 and 8. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Thayrin takes down two minions [9:34 PM] At initiative count 20, a lair action occurs---the only one. More witherlings crawl out of the pit. This time four crawl out join the fray. They are 11-14 [9:38 PM] The bear makes two attacks. He hits 9 and kills it (14) but misses 10 (11) [9:38 PM] The tiger bites 10 (15) and kills it [9:40 PM] The tiger moves closer to Reth to get between him and the minions [9:40 PM] The bear moves a bit as well [9:43 PM] Reth takes a bonus action swing against a nearby Witherling, to clear some space. He hits with a 19 and then steps up to flank the Flind. [9:46 PM] Reth strikes the Flind twice (19 and 28) for 30 points of damage total. [9:48 PM] It runs and leaps down, attacking what it perceives to be the biggest threat--the giant ape [9:49 PM] It attempts a bite with a 23 to hit [9:49 PM] After the bite, it rears back and stings with its stinger [9:50 PM] With a 15... [9:51 PM] This time it hits the ape for 16 damage, and the ape needs to make a constitution saving throw Mortal Player02/23/2020 16 damage fails to penetrate the ward Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The stinger crashes down on the arcane ward. The Ape turns just in time to avoid having venom get into an mucous membranes and thus effect him [9:55 PM] Aust channels divinity and turns undead. ALL of the witherlings have to make a DC 16 wisdom save [9:56 PM] All witherlings are just within reach [9:58 PM] All of the witherlings have a -3 to Wisdom saves and needed a 19 or 20 to pass. The highest roll was 16. All of the Witherlings turn to dust [10:01 PM] Aust holds out his symbol. He calls out to The Mother, "Mother, in this place of evil, of undeath and fiends, I call upon you to shed your light and purge these abominations!" A white light spreads out from his holy symbol, bathing everyone in warmth. As it passes, all of the skeletal gnolls crumble and turn to ash. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon shields his eyes, cowering from the light for a brief second as the undead fade from existence. He raises in time to steel himself and clench his teeth, cursing in elven as he grabs his blade, putting it to good use on the Flind. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Raleon steps up and hits the flind. It is two solid hits, but he takes them without much issue [10:11 PM] at the end of Raleon's turn, he uses a legendary action to misty step 30ft away, down past the bear [10:11 PM] He goes up in blackish red smoky mist Mortal Player02/23/2020 The APEs raise their fists in anger and give out a bellow, they bring their fists down on the Shoosuva... Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The Apes slam their fists down, hitting the Shoosuva once causing it to shift and growl in anger. It dodges the next blow, growling as it decide which it wants more, the big threat or the nearby Paladin [10:41 PM] Knox swings at the shoosuva once, landing a blow that caused it to recoil in pain. The second is another blast that even the nearby Raleon could feel, as briefly he swears he sees a dim white light at the center of his vision. Knox's sword drives deep into the midsection of the Shoosuva, as fiery white light blasts out sends waves of heat past the gorilla and Reth. All of you feel the intensity of the Mother shining down, trying to drive this beast out of existence. [10:41 PM] The bad news is... it is still alive [10:44 PM] Were there any Witherlings still here, the Flind would use his villain action to direct them, but none are here, so on to his action instead [10:44 PM] He moves 20ft to go after Thayrin [10:47 PM] He lines up his flail and swings three times, hitting three times with a 24, 21, and 19 [10:49 PM] The first attack cracks down, doing 14 bludgeoning damage and an additional 35 psychic damage, for a total of 49 >> [10:52 PM] Second attack does 6 damage, need a save against Con 16 [10:54 PM] Last hit does 11. Need a Wisdom save 16 [10:58 PM] Thayrin manages to avoid paralysis and the urge to attack one of Reth's animals and is somehow still standing Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Thayrin, knowing he was taking a hit, simply smiled before being battered. After taking not one...not two...but THREE full flail heads, he pukes out blood, head whirling from the massive damage he took. His hand reaches up and wipes his bloody mouth before gripping his swords and gritting his teeth. With a trembling hand he grips his swords tightly then slashes out at the Flind. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Two hits on the flind. He is starting to show some signs of wear [11:03 PM] Initiative count 20, three witherlings jump out of the hole. [11:04 PM] The tiger and the bear both go after the Flind [11:06 PM] The bear tries to bite the flind but misses (8). It slashes at him with claws and hits (20 total) for 5 damage [11:06 PM] The tiger attempts to bite the flind but misses (12) [11:08 PM] Reth decides to risk an opportunity attack from the Shoosuva to go help Thayrin. The Shoosuva tries to him him with its tail, but misses (10). Reth flanks with Thayrin to attack the Flind three times. [11:12 PM] Reth charges in, seeing Thayrin in danger. He scores two critical hits (nat 20 on attack one and two) and misses with the third, perhaps just swinging so damn hard he overdid it. [11:13 PM] The first hit does 24 damage [11:14 PM] And the second another 16, for a total of 40 [11:14 PM] It looks badly hurt, but still alive [11:17 PM] The Shoosuva charges after Reth, who just hurt his master badly. In doing so, it draws an attack of opportunity from Art, Raleon, and Knox [11:19 PM] Despite getting wailed on by three people, it manages to charge through. You can see it is barely hanging in there, blood and ichor dripping from multiple wounds [11:20 PM] It hits with its tail on Reth, doing 8 damage. Reth passes the Con save with a 17 [11:22 PM] It then bites Reth for 25 damage on a hit of 19 [11:26 PM] Aust tries a hold person on the Flind, to slow it down. [11:26 PM] The flind fails with a 13, it is held! Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon's whole body trembled as he saw the flashes of divine energy soar through the air. The heavy smell of sulfur wafting through his nose, bleeding into every thought he had. He grips his head and shakes it, his breathing ragged as he tries to get ahold of himself. His eyes then flew open as he watched Thayrin get 3 savage blows, blood splattering in his shared vision. Horror washed across his face as he watches his brother fight back in his best attempts to survive. Then felt Reth rush in past the elf to help his brother. What was he doing just cowering like this? He grits his teeth, trying his best to steady himself as his anger boils inside of him. "You son of a BITCH!!!" cried out the red twin, his hand gripped his blade tight again with determination as he ran in with a war cry. "Leave them alone!! I won't let you bastards take anything more from me!" The flames in his eyes sparking and blazing at full capacity. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Raleon, his vision through Thayrin clouded as his brother barely holds to consciousness and sees his world through the haze of his own blood spilling into his eyes, charges forward refusing to let his fear of fiends hold him back. He steps into the space of the empowered gnoll and drives his rapier through its chest, sinking deeper, and deeper, and finally, with a primal scream throws his body into it and pushes the rapier hilt deep, out its back, where blood sprays. The Gnoll crumples to its knees, laughs once, and then keels over. Mortal Player02/23/2020 The APEs raise their fists and bring them down ont he Witherlings... [11:38 PM] Two Witherlings are pulverized, and the APEs move away fromt he pit to be in 10 foot reach of the Shoosuva, next to Knox and Raleon.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 Witherling 17 charges and tries to hit Aust [11:39 PM] The witherling massive fails, as it first rolls a total of 6, and then rolled a 1 [11:40 PM] It passed its dex check and did not slip [11:42 PM] Knox steps up and flanks with Reth to attack the Shoosuva [11:43 PM] He hits twice, with a pair of 26 totals [11:44 PM] The first hit does 9 damage. Knox, seeing it is still looking at him with its eyes of hellfire, screams, "Go back to from hence you came!" and slams down with another smite, this time doing 31 damage. The radiant light of the mother rips through the creature, starting as a bright light at its head, and then spreading throughout its body, leaking from every wound. It screams once, and then turns to dust. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Thayrin's head is still spinning as he drops his swords and takes a knee. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The tiger charges the last Witherling [11:49 PM] The witherling actually sidesteps it (8) [11:50 PM] The witherling attacks the tiger and hits for four damage. The Tiger redeems itself by biting it in half in retaliation with a 14 to hit. No more witherlings crawl from the pit [11:51 PM] Reth asks Thayrin, "You alright, that one hit, damn that looked bad." Mortal Player02/23/2020 The Giant Ape explores the area. Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Thayrin looks up with one eye open, the other closed from the blood in it. He simply gives a cheeky grin and a thumbs up. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The giant ape finds it hard to explore as well as it would like, given how big it is and that it lacks proficiency in investigation [11:52 PM] Knox says, "The threat is gone." and then he falls to his butt, holding his head. "That one flail head really hurt!" Mortal Player02/23/2020 However, the Giant Ape has a climb speed, making it easy for him to move around pretty much anywhere, including the pit. 1 2 Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 The ape climbs into the pit with ease. He finds it full of mostly gnoll skeletons, though some other humanoid ones are here too. Seemed to be the source of the Witherlings being summoned [11:54 PM] None appear to be forming right now Prince of Fate02/23/2020 Raleon rushes to his brother and "looks" him over. Thayrin seems to squirm away from his investigating, but seems alive enough. A relieved sigh leaves the red twin and he smiles. "You two will be the death of me..." Raleon grins at Reth. Mortal Player02/23/2020 Once satisfied that the bones are at rest and there is nothing of interest the Giant Ape returns. [11:55 PM] The Giant Ape walks up and peers over the tent thingy and looks around. Acies ab Vesania02/23/2020 He sees a large chest, and a lot of flesh scraps [11:58 PM] Aust says, "since no one died, I can use a third tier spell to heal everyone who needs it, if you all would sit still for ten minutes." February 24, 2020 Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon sighs and ruffles his brothers hair. "You two stay here and get healed, I'm going to look around for anything useful before we head back." He heads up towards the throne area. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape thinks hard for a while about what the Arcane Eye saw when it was here, while it peers around. Then it uses its strength to begin methodically dismantling the area. The Giant Ape eventually grabs the chest and sets it down in front of Raleon.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Raleon is gifted with a locked chest [12:02 AM] Those who need healing get 16 from the Prayer Mortal Player02/24/2020 Eventually one of the Giant Apes disappears.(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "AH!" Raleon jumps as a sudden thump sounds in front of him. He cautiously kicks at the chest and blinks. "Geeze, warn a guy when you're about to toss something in front of him..." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox lays of hands himself for 10 Mortal Player02/24/2020 The remaining Ape watches Raleon. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Gives Reth and Thayrin 10 each Prince of Fate02/24/2020 He squats down and feels over the chest, feeling it over and examining it. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Raleon feels like he is having off day with the trap, his hands still shaking from battle. Despite it, the lock the Gnolls could find is not impressive, and he gets it open Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Like the locksmith he is, he gets to work at cracking open the chest, though his hands are still a bit trembling from the battle. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 While Raleon works on that, is anyone doing any other poking around? Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Ape will further assist Raleon in exploring the area by following him around and moving anything that needs moving. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Raleon gets the chest open, revealing: Loot: Coins: Platinum: 42 Gold: 462 Silver: 600 Copper: 900 Mundane Items: 4 flask(s) of alchemists' fire (200 gp) 10 gallon(s) of ale (2 gp) 1 lute (35 gp) Gems: 8 carnelian worth 50 gp each 9 golden pearl worth 100 gp each Bloodstone ceremonial dagger with large gemstone pommel worth 750gp Magical: spectacles that look magical A helm that looks magical Maul gleams black and wicked in the light, with a decoration of a leering face. It appears magical Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon picks up the flasks and whistles. "Now THESE will come in handy~," chuckles the rogue. Mortal Player02/24/2020 "Hmm!" the Giant Ape snorts. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon continues to feel about the small objects. "These...feel like pearls. You need those for components, right?" Mortal Player02/24/2020 "mmm" Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Thayrin follows up with his brother, cracking his neck. He felt much better now that his head didn't feel like it was a bell. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Aust glances over. "I can help with identifying the things that might be magical. I have to do it ritually, though. Well, actually, if we're in a hurry, I can do two in a minute each."(edited) [12:15 AM] Raleon looks around, he notices a fire pit that has some ashes spilling out, and like there might be a scrap of paper in there. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon purses his lips. "There are 3 things that feel magical, but you're right, we don't have much ti--." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape also picks up the throne if possible and shakes it.(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 He stops then shuffles through the fire, scooping away the ashes and then handing it to Thayrin to look at. [12:16 AM] Thayrin blinks and tilts his head at the ashy paper. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape looms behind Thayrin, peering over his shoulder at the paper. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Well, considering the ape can lift 2,760lbs (I checked), he easily hefts up and throws the throne, revealing nothing of interest. He does get a whiff of Gnoll butt though [12:19 AM] What languages does Raleon speak? [12:20 AM] A short statement and a signature, by the looks of it, but Raleon can't read it Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon squints. "We don't know what it says... Do any of you?" asks Raleon. Thayrin raises an eyebrow and looks to the others. [12:25 AM] Raleon cups his chin and then takes the note, folding it carefully and tucking it away. "Maybe this 'angel' can read it, regardless I'd rather not tarry here. Let us deal with what we came here to do and be off before more of our furry friends return." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The clockwork birds flies around the room looking at things. It eventually find a suitable perch on part of the tent wall. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon shuts the chest again and the twins head back towards the previous room. "Someone should grab that chest, it's very useful." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape rises, takes one last look around and grabs teh chest. He walks over to the Flind, bends down and grabs the three haeded flail as well.(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Thayrin notices the ape go for the flail and rushes in front of him to stop him, throwing out his arms Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape stops [12:28 AM] The Giant Ape peers down at Elf. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Remember Artimus, this thing is cursed." Thayrin messages. Mortal Player02/24/2020 "Hmmf" Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon looks over his shoulder and blinks. "Oh right, wasn't Knox supposed to grab that or something?" Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Gian Ape looks around the area and grabs some tent cloth or rug or fur or something and lays it over the flail and then carries it. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox shrugs, picks up, drops it into the chest no problem. [12:30 AM] "Didn't the angel say it only works on gnolls?"(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape stops as Knox puts it into the chest; the Giant Ape holds the chest carefully while Knox does so.(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Hell if I remember, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm the only one who's allowed to go crazy. TWO crazy party members is too much," he said as he puts his arms behind his head and continues. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth taps his chin. "When we go to get out of here, I can send the tiger and the bear out as as distraction." [12:33 AM] "Maybe have Art-Ape carry the chest and the survivor out of here, I'll hit us with trace as we go out the gate, try to sneak out without getting engaged." Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon sighs. "Poor Kitty..." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 "it'll be back tomorrow morning." Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Doesn't mean he should get beat up by stupid gnolls," Raleon retort as he pets the tiger's head. "Isn't that right?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 The tiger just licks his hand Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon grins ear to ear and stucks his tongue out at Reth. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth admonishes, "we tary too long, lets get the Paladin's essence and that survivor and high tail it. Oh, and we need to take out that tower. Maybe that maul would work?" Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape squeezes into the Temple Room and explores in Ape form, climbing down and up any pits that fit him. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 he can kinda look down them, but they aren't big enough for him to go down Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon heads over towards the tower, Thayrin heads over towards the tiles. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape wanders over to the monument, "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox squats down, and uses his sword to pry up a tile. Despite the trouble it gave Raleon, it pops right up for him. It reveals a faint, pulsating white light. He reaches down and it pulls it out. "Its warm, and it feels like a stone. Its beating." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape looks at Raleon and tilts it's massive head to the side slightly. [12:39 AM] The Giant Ape comes over and stops them from prying uyp the tile Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox puts it into his alms box [12:39 AM] The light disappears. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape gets in front of the paladin constantly. [12:40 AM] The Giant Ape herds the paladin over towards the runes.(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon cups his chin. "Hmmm... Do you think we should just destroy the whole thing or do you think we should defile the runes?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth shrugs. "Might start with the runes, see how if we notice anything." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape will try to move the monument, testing it's sturdiness. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Seems sturdy. Heavy. Mortal Player02/24/2020 If it is sturdy, enough. The Giant Ape climbs it. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 He is able to climb it [12:41 AM] He looks like King Kong(edited) Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Well... I have a pointy thing. I doubt my weapons would be much help against something this big...." Thayrin chimes in something. "You're right. We do have that maul though...It does seem painful." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape returns to the ground. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Will you stop monkeying around?" Raleon grins at his pun. [12:43 AM] The rogue seems to be teasing. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox puts his shield on his back, takes up the maul. "Feels lighter than you would think. It's ugly though." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape prowls around the monument. Then sits down and snorts. Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Do you think we should identify its properties first? It could be---OR NOT." Raleon ducks.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox shrugs as he winds up. "Doesn't feel evil, just looks it." [12:46 AM] Knox, suddenly feeling like he should drop a smite, winds up and slams the maul into the column. The chest in his bag suddenly glows as he does a double damage smite, which is further enhanced by the glowing light in his box, dealing a total of 55 damage. The column fills with light, cracks, and shatters, turning to rubble. [12:47 AM] Knox says, "Whoa." Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon blinks. Thayrin coughs and waves away the smoke from the blow. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth says, "That'll do it" Mortal Player02/24/2020 "Hmm!" Prince of Fate02/24/2020 "Well... If a Paladin Thunder smite light that didn't take care of it, I'm not sure what will. Next is the poor sod in the pit," Raleon said as he turned on his heel and made for the door.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth says, "Right, let's go grab him and get out of here. Our ape friend can easily get down there." Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape pokes around the rumble slightly, just in case... [12:51 AM] Then follows Reth into the next room and retrieves the person. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 The ape does it without problem, as he can climb naturally [12:52 AM] The man is still alive, in bad shape as before. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape gently lays the man before Aust. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Aust says, "Better to take care of him at the cave. Magical healing is only going to do much, he is going to need fluids and bedrest." [12:53 AM] Once back by the entrance, Reth casts pass on the group, giving everyone a +10. He then instructs the bear and the tiger to go out into the village and cause chaos. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape picks up the man carefully and carries him. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Due to the chaos, everyone has advantage on their stealth. Which offsets disadvantage for Aust and Knox Prince of Fate02/24/2020 Raleon steps out from the gnoll's den and looks up blindly at the sky. "It's a miracle we made it out..." he whispers. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Reth= 35 [12:55 AM] Aust = 29 Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Clockwork Bird stays perched on the chest the giant Ape is carrying as they move. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Knox 25 (Whaaaa) [12:57 AM] Even with a giant ape among you, the group manages to sneak out of the village while gnolls chase around a tiger and a bear. Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape carefully follows his companions out. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 Everyone makes it back to the cave, where we'll pick up next time Mortal Player02/24/2020 The Giant Ape carries the man to the top and helps everyone up safely. [1:00 AM] Once everyone is secure. The Giant Ape will transform back into Artimus. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2020 And so, beaten, battered, bruised and bloodied, the group succeeds in returning to the angel's cave with his essence in two, having taken down the Flind and retrieved his cursed weapon. While there, they took out the ground work for fiend summoning and ensured it would be quite some time before the gnolls rise to power again. With them, they take their hard earned treasures and wonder--what prizes have they found? What of the angel now? And who is this strange man? Much to unravel on March 8th, Next Time, on D&D Discord! Mortal Player02/24/2020 except Artimus, who looks dapper, unharmed, and still has all his temp hp... o.o
  8. I can't remember where and when, but I do recall having a character or two complain of allergens in spring-based RP. Where there was a heavy focus on on all the flowers being in bloom. I have a character with an Aetherbrand. It gives him enhanced abilities but it is also slowly killing him and causes random bouts of intense, excruciating pain as well as spasms. In terms of mental illness, I have a couple. One with near-crippling social anxiety. Another who has Disorganized Schizophrenia, which has led to significant conflicts and issues For the sake of being pedantic, Tourette syndrome is a disorder, not a disease. 😉
  9. For good measure I'll shut this one down too.
  10. "Do not value money for any more nor any less than its worth; it is a good servant but a bad master." --Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (Bonus points to anyone who knows the connection 😉 )
  11. The topic started as important but quickly wandered its way into discussions of power. Power is an interesting topic--unsurprisingly, it has a way of coming up a lot in psychology and communication classes. There is a lot of ways to look at this. What makes the character important certainly depends on how we arrive at the definition of important. Is the thread in question about your character? Have all the players engaging in the thread agreed that your character is at the center of the plot? One could certainly argue that because there is this agreement, the character is important. Perhaps consensus leads to importance. Or perhaps your character has a great deal of getting around in this land, participating in role-plays and adding their influence to the lore. They have slain dragons and rescued princes/princesses, taking names and besting villains, all in well-earned RP. Perhaps prolificacy leads to importance. What about the common example from above? Actual superhuman powers and capability? The Ki to summon bursts of energy, the strength to topple trees and the magic to turn entire armies into pigs. You have more capability in your finger than the canon wizard's entire library. Did you earn it? Did you write it? Perhaps a point to quibble. But yes, perhaps capability makes importance. However, not all characters are brawn or raw capability. Some have a dearth of lore established making them royalty with all the connections, both NPCs and PCs out in the lands who will turn up without a moment's hesitation to do the bidding of the character in question. This ruler could have an army on hand within a day, should they just put out their sign and request aid. Or for a more delicate approach, they might have a secret weapon up their sleeve, an unbeatable champion whose skills are unrivaled. Perhaps affiliations creates importance. Yet, you might have a mover and a shaker in different ways. Your character does not rely on subjects and loyal followers, no. They ensure respect with wealth and gifts, having something always ready to offer and promises to outdo any competitor. Maybe you earned it in all your role-playing, or maybe you just wanted to play a character who started with the silver spoon in their mouth, but this character has the wealth to ensure they get what they want. Yes, maybe it's resources that makes importance. Seems like there is a lot of ways for a character to be important. The character in question might have more than one of these things or even all of them. As already discussed above, it can also be very situational. Your exploits might count more in one region than somewhere else where your name has never once been whispered. Or you might be the big fish in this little pond, but now that you got dropped into a bigger pond, you're the small fish again. The character might have earned stories, or they might be created specifically for the story you are participating in. But asking about character importance to me, is not the important question. We can arbitrarily argue about character importance and power, and sometimes you can make a compelling argument and sometimes it might be laughed off. The character's importance is one of the least concerning things for me. If I wanted to ensure character importance I'd work on a novel with the character. I can make them the star of the show there. Out of all the things I wrote above, there is one I think that is of greater desirability than anything else: Trust. I hope that I have earned the trust of the people I write with well enough that they are willing to collaborate with me. That I have done what I can to elevate their characters and stories and lent what power I can to make them feel inclined to reciprocate. That when it comes time for me to have a moment with my character, they not only allow me that moment but encourage it. Or that I have the trust of fellow players to be asked or invited to add to their story, because they felt that the way I go about my business, or how I play a character, can add something of value to their RP.
  12. Workaholic regrets date with manic-pixie dream-girl Friendly oaf panics during social gathering Pet rocks declared far more entertaining Episodic lifespans marred by bad weather He’s Rembrandt, only with human organs Spasmodic Prison Fugitive Turns Venture Capitalist Schizophrenic Nudist with Boat-Oar Heals People
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