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  1. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:12 PM When we last left off, the group sent Raleon ahead to swipe the Hag's special charm, but the normally clever rogue dropped a little sweat while in the process, alerting the hag to his presence. A battle started there, with the group split apart and a very nasty hag close to the rogue in question. As it turned out, she had a group of assistants in two: imps and a nightmare, whom made the battle a little more complicated. The group ultimately prevailed, with Art providing a couple crucial counterspell moments and the Paladin dropping some heavy smiting on the fiend, turning her into ichorous goo. The group searched her hut, finding alchemical components as well as some documents. We had a "montage" of the group dispatching the remaining vargs, so that none would go after villagers and the like, before returning to the town at dawn. That is where we pick up, as the group returns through the gates, exhausted but victorious. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:23 PM Newly muddied, covered in gore, and self-humiliated Raleon lets out an exasperated sigh as they finally make it back to the village. He was tired, he was smelly, and all out of fucks to give. "Well...we made it back in one piece... At least the town will rest easy again, and speaking of rest, a hot bath and a bed sound wonderful right now..." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:25 PM The gnome waves at the gate guard as the party enters the town of Fairwallow. Although he is tired... the day is just beginning. Turning to the rest of his party, he says, "Are we going to talk with Brother Aminu first... or..." the gnome trails off. AydenLast Sunday at 4:26 PM Knox agreed with Raleon. "I think you're right friend." he said softly as Artimus spoke. "I think that would be wise Artimus. Sleep can wait a little longer." The trapped soul deserved some rest. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:26 PM The elf rubs the back of his very sore neck. "Is that the priest guy you went to go see today--wait--yesterday?" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:28 PM "That's the one." "I also have to get some important spell components, so that I can complete my investigations." Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 4:31 PM In a similar state to his twin, Thayrin simply did what he did best and quietly lurk in the back listening to the others decided what to do. He raises a hand to rub away at some of the tension in his shoulder before sighing softly in his head. He really couldn't find much to care about outside the want to cleanse himself of all the mick and curl in a bed for a week or two. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:33 PM A wave of discomfort washes over him at mention of the church. "...I think I'll let you all handle that. Last two times I was in a church, fiends arose from the pits of hell. I should probably stay away," he laughed half-heartedly. "Cursed existance and all that." With a shrug he raised up a hand and turned on his heel towards the inn. "We'll meet you back at the inn should you need us." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:34 PM Artimus nods. AydenLast Sunday at 4:35 PM Knox also nods to leave with Artimus. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:35 PM "Okay.' Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:35 PM Reth grunts in amusement at Raleon. "Bring out the best don't ye?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:38 PM "I'm more than just a pretty face," he sasses with a blind wink. "Besides, y'all would be bored without my chaos," he hooks his arms around Reth's neck to give him an affectionate nuggie. He rangled Thayrin under his other arm and pulled them towards the inn with a sigh. "Alright boys, lets go clean up." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:39 PM The gnome heads towards the Church, "The Church opens at dawn, right Knox?" Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 4:41 PM He snorts softly in amusement while allowing his twin to drag him away. think we can get away with flooding the place with bubbles again? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:42 PM If it cleans the ranger, I'll flood the whole inn a smirk works its way across his lips. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:45 PM Reth says, "I'm not that bad." as he wipes away dried and crusted hag goop. The others walk to the church. Even at this early part of the morning, there are a few people out setting up stands and going about business. The church does appear to be open. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:48 PM Raleon stares at him and squints straight through him. "Reth... I could track you from a leage away merely by your stench. So help me if you don't take this bath with me, I will call upon the wrath of all 6 moons to douce you in divine flames to puge you off all the crud built up on your person..." he whispers menacingly. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 4:50 PM Quiet whispery breathing in the form of snickers could be heard from the mute elf. dont forget the new twigs in his hair Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:50 PM The trio of elves arrive at the inn with Reth grumbling something to the effect of, "Guess I could use a bath this time. That hag stinks." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:55 PM The gnome makes sure to knock any loose mud from the marches from his leather boots before entering the Church and seeking out Brother Aminu. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 4:55 PM Taking that as a 'good enough' response, Raleon approaches the inn's doors and blatantly walks in, feeling like he may have crawled out of a crud puddle himself. His normal pristine snowy hair stained with more than a bit of blood. It was hard to tell where his hair faded from red and where the clumps of blood started. "William!" he called out. "We killed the hag! Though I'm pretty sure there's a chunk of her somewhere behind my ear..." he grumbled to himself.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:57 PM The church has a few people in here currently in the pews, kneeling down and praying. There are a few acolytes checking in with people. Father Aminu is not currently in view. William, from the back, calls out, "What hag?" A loud crash as some pans hit the floor. "Son of a bitch!" A disheveled and annoyed William emerges from the back. "You all look like you just got done wrestling a boar." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:58 PM The gnome will check his office. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:58 PM The door to the office is closed Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 4:58 PM The gnome knocks thrice. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:59 PM "Come in," Father Aminu's voice. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:00 PM The gnome opens the door enters and closes it after Sir Knox (assuming he tagged along), "How are you today Brother Aminu?" AydenLast Sunday at 5:01 PM Knox follows the gnome rather closely as Aminu welcomes them in. "Thank you for seeing us." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:02 PM "Your nightmares were being caused by a Night Hag draining the souls of the villagers around here," Raleon knocks the mud on his boots on the mat near the door and kicks them off, glaring daggers at his brother as he attempts to inch past him without doing the same. "Remember how that boy said he could see ghosts? Well it's true, he can see into the Ethereal plane. The woman he said he could see--and the fiend our idiot Paladin came in here making a scene about--turned out to be a Night Hag. You alright in there?" Raleon walks into the kitche where he heard the clammoring.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:02 PM Father Aminu is sitting at his desk, writing out some notes. He looks up and makes a bit of a wrinkled nose look of disgust, which he quickly wipes away and replaces with a warm smile. You get the sense that the goop on you caused an reflexive reaction, but he is trying to be polite. "Were you successful?" "I'm fine, just caught my bad leg on the shelving and knocked down some pans. You all look like you had a hell of a tussle. You wanting food or baths first?" The emphasis on baths seems to suggest that he has a preference for you. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:04 PM "Bath would be lovely," a warm smile touches his lips. "I'll try not to drop the bubbles this time." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:07 PM He looks relieved. "I'll send a couple of the help to go fetch some water for you folks." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:09 PM "It would seem so... the hag has been slain... However..." the gnome exchanges a meaningful glance with Sir Knox, "This is not the entirety of the matter." Artimus peers at Brother Aminu intently, "What do you reckon is the status of Forthold's soul?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:11 PM Aminu puts down his quill. "I am glad to hear that the threat is dispatched. Of Forthold, I honestly cannot say. The mother is the patron of forgiveness, but to murder one's family is a great crime." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:13 PM "Thank you much, William. Come-on, Reth, you're bathing with me. I want to make sure you actually know how to use soap. And leave your bag in your room. I'm not bathing a Tiger or a Wolf as well," Raleon teases cheekily as he tugs the ranger up to the rooms.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:14 PM "What's wrong with bathing with animals?" He asks only half in jest. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:14 PM "Bathing one cat is hard enough," he retorts, not missing a beat. 2 2 AydenLast Sunday at 5:15 PM Knox couldn't agree more with Aminu, but felt it important to let Artimus continue. The Paladin shifts uncomfortably as he too noticed that they were still... Covered. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:18 PM After a while, baths arrive for the elves. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:23 PM The gnome takes notice of Brother Aminu's reaction. Those who look closely at the gnome might notice that he is, somewhat, less sullied than his companion. His traveling cap appears goup free. One might suspect that some sort of magic was involved in the gnome's cleanliness. The gnome waves his hands about and the air seems to vibrate for a moment... the stench abates slightly. "Indeed," the gnome nods, "I strongly suspect that Forthold's soul is currently destined for one of the 'hellish' planes. What can you tell me of his likely destination?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:25 PM Raleon's armor could not hit the floor fast enough, but he took his time finding each lace and ripping them free with surprising precision. Chunks of caked mud and grime chipping off in half dried states leaving a strange patterning on the pale elf's skin. He shook his hair out and cleaned off his hands first, testing the feel of the warm water. A moment later he was pec deep inside the tub. He took a moment to relax and sigh. "No better feeling than a bath after a job well done..." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:26 PM "The hells are a terrible place. They say the souls of the damned are doomed to the lowest existence, where most remain as slaves in a constant state of torment. Some few particularly powerful and capable evil beings rise up to the higher rankings, but most do not. I am not as well versed in the hells as some others, however. It was not an area I chose to specialize when becoming part of the cloth." Reth grunts, looking a bit like a cat who got dunked. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:33 PM The gnome strokes his beard, "Hmm, a terrible fate." He pauses, "but you knew Forthold better than... well, better than anyone else left alive perhaps, and during his most trying moments as well. So..." the gnome looks at Sir Knox and then back at Brother Aminu, "Your professional opinion as a man of the cloth and a priest of The Mother as one who knew him during these trying time is:... well, is that his soul is destined for a terrible fate? Would you say irredeemable?" AydenLast Sunday at 5:35 PM Knox listens carefully as the two discuss the man's soul. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:35 PM A soft snicker leaves the rogue as he rinses off his arms. "I can hear the displeasure in your tone. Surely you're not afraid of the water?" He teases. "Do you need help getting all those burrs out of your hair?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:35 PM Aminu ponders that for a moment. "Well, we hoped to find out what caused his strange actions. He was a good family man before. Had you told me a few months ago he would have done this, I would have thought you mad. We hoped to pray with him, but his death ended the efforts our church planned to make." "The burrs help me blend in!" AydenLast Sunday at 5:36 PM Knox looks curiously. "What did the church have planned?"(edited) Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:37 PM "I see..." the gnome ponders, lost in thought, while Sir Knox takes the lead. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:37 PM Raleon bursts into laughter at the comment. "Blend in? Are you a treant now?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:39 PM "We were going to pray together, see if we could get him to accept forgiveness. It is the best we can do here. There is powerful magic to expedite the process, but nothing I have access to, unfortunately." "When I am in the woods, I am unseen. I blend in with the environment and move about nature as one." Raleon cannot see it, but Reth crosses his arms. AydenLast Sunday at 5:41 PM Knox nods once more now understanding. He thinks a little more. "If we have access to his soul, could we set it free?" he asks cautiously. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:43 PM Raleon tries to catch his breath, wiping beneath his eye from the hard laugh. "Does that mean I should paint myself black to blend into the shadows?" His cheeky grin is ever present as he adds, "If it makes you feel better, you're always an enigma to me. You're blending in very well."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:48 PM "How would you have access to the soul?" He ponders it for a moment. "The magic I mentioned earlier might still work. There is a spell, but it is beyond my abilities. It clears a willing reformer of all past sins. They must truly seek forgiveness for their misdeeds. Forthold seemed genuinely sorrowful for what he had done. It would probably work, but you need someone with greater skill than myself to use that spell. It is called Atonement." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:49 PM "The problem is that Forthold, as good a man as he was, had to have willingly, consciously chosen evil... because that's how the Nighthag secures the souls she takes. She would not have taken his soul had he not acted in such a manner as to doom his soul. "Brother Aminu, we have a terrible conundrum of the most dire sort, a profound question about the destiny of souls. Normally, it would be a matter for the gods to decide - or whatever divine being whose duty it is to pass judgement upon the worth of a soul... but Forthold... he has not yet passed to that hellish domain or to that place of judgment, whatever it is." Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 5:49 PM wait...did he just try to defend the sticks and burrs caught in that hair of his? If he had any more help disappearing, he would be a God among antisocial folk He smirks from his corner of the room while carefully cleaning the gunk from his armor and clothing. AydenLast Sunday at 5:52 PM Knox is about to say something when Artimus spoke up. His gnomish friend said it better than he could. "We are in possession of his soul and looking for the best course of action to put him to rest." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:53 PM Aminu leans forward on his desk. "You have his soul? How?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:53 PM Sooooo, your God? Raleon teases. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:54 PM Reth runs his hand through his hair, finds a twig, throws it aside. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 5:54 PM ...if I ever dethrone reth of that position, yes. I'm God 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:55 PM No, not YOU'RE God, YOUR God. You said Reth would be a God of the antisocial. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:58 PM The gnome climbs up onto a chair, takes his backpack off, reaches in and pulls forth a bag - the Soul Bag of the Night Hag - "I have reason to believe that Forthold's soul currently resides within this magical bag, once the possession of the Nighthag and her means of transporting her quarry." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:59 PM Aminu examines the bag, reaching out an touching it. His face makes a similar wrinkle of disgust. "That feels like skin..." "You think his soul is in there?" Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 5:59 PM His hands pause for a moment and he stifles a laugh. I mean he would be better than most....does that mean if a certain someone manages to catch his affection, they would he banging a God?(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:00 PM Raleon arches a brow at the tumbling of a stick and sighs. "Come here, let me help you detangle the birdnest that is your hair..." Raleon wades over and finds Reth's shoulder with a testing touch. His fingers slowly begin to get to work on detangling the mess of hair. "I'm going to need a gallon of conditioner...What the...Is this...This is a treenut." he glares at Reth accusingly. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:00 PM He casts a quick spell (Knox recognizes detect evil and good) and shrinks back. "That bag has a strong presence of evil!"(edited) Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:00 PM "I think that to be absolutely certain, I would have to cast a divination spell... a spell that requires a (100 gp value) pearl as a focus."(edited) "Do you think it is the bag that is evil or the soul within it, or both?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:01 PM "A pearl? I imagine our jeweler probably has one of those." AydenLast Sunday at 6:01 PM "It is skin. We believe it holds his soul." Knox looks at it and listens. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:01 PM Who's banging a God? the blind twin blinks. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:01 PM "Hard to say for certain if what the bag contains also emanates that presence, but I can certainly sense it is from the bag." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:02 PM The gnome nods, "Interesting." AydenLast Sunday at 6:03 PM Knox uses divine sense to examine the bag. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:03 PM No fiend from the bag. Nor celestials or fey for that matter(edited) Reth sits and grumbles while Raleon dislodges a variety of natural material from his hair AydenLast Sunday at 6:06 PM Knox looks at the bag and back to the others. "if his soul is inside, do you think we can retrieve it?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:06 PM Aminu sits back in his chair. "If you can find a cleric who is stronger than myself, one with access to the fifth tier of our magic, you might be able to save Forthold. He seemed genuinely saddened by what he did. He kept coming back to being 'in a fog. Always confused, sure that his family planned to betray him.' He might have done it willingly in the moment, but I get the sense he didn't really want to do what he did." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:06 PM "Are you sure you weren't harbingering a squirel for the winter inside of your hair? Shall I check for furry friends?" he continues to tease. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:07 PM Reth grunts. "I only had a squirrel in there once, after it fell out of a tree." AydenLast Sunday at 6:07 PM "Can you point is to said cleric? Where we can find one?" Knox asks. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 6:08 PM no clue. But they would be hella lucky. Hes a good man. Well once you get him to notice you. He chuckles at the grumbling ranger as he finishes his task. He was just about to start the new task of cleaning his twins armor when the squirrel comment caught him off guard. His head snaps to the ranger and twins location with a very confused expression painted on his face. Once?! Why? Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:09 PM "Would magic items that hold souls be, in general, 'evil' items?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:09 PM "I have heard the head of the temple of Suel in the capital, whose leader is said to be quite powerful and old. If anyone would have such talents, I imagine it would be him." Aminu ponders that. "I cannot say for sure if all items would be. I suspect the nature of this hag's bag is evil, but perhaps there are objects without such inclinations, made for purposes of less ill intent." Reth says, "It was only there for a second. It got spooked and fell out of the tree and landed in my hair. Occupational hazard." AydenLast Sunday at 6:11 PM Knox was afraid of that much. At least they were on their way to the capital, but it would still take days. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:12 PM A mental sigh between them. Yes well, good luck getting anything through that thick skull of his. He's more oblivious than I, which is impressive. "Did you disturb his nuts by stealing them into your hair of holding?" the teasing is relentless. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:12 PM "I wasn't after his stash, I was trying to get at some eggs in a nest." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:15 PM "Did the birds come and peck at you to get the seeds out?" He playfully jabs at him with his two fingers as an annoying sibling would. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:16 PM "No, the birds were gone, so I was grabbing something to eat." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:20 PM Raleon chuckles. "You take everything so seriously. Oh yeah! Thayrin, come look at this scar Reth got. He was clawed by a bear. It feels similar to yours," Raleon turns to expose his back to Reth, newly added pricks are dug into his flesh where the hag's missles struck deep. They added amongst the previous sprinkled scarred dots, but these were fresh and still deeply red. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:21 PM "Less clawed and more just stepped on." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:26 PM The sassy elf looks over his shoulder with a grin. "Thayrin and I got stuck up in a tree once when we were kids, from a--what was it again? I don't remember. Our sight wasn't shared then." Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 6:30 PM Thayein looks back up and blinks slowly at the ranger a puzzled Expression on his face. "How did you manage to get stepped on by a bear Reth?" He pauses to think back on that moment before frowning slightly. I believe it was an angry badger after we stumbled on one of her children....although I dont quite remember as well considering I was fleeing like a rabbit from a fox. Not my finest of moments. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:32 PM "We were 28 of course we fled like cowards from a badger," Raleon arched a brow. "Could you hand me the brush, Thayrin?" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:33 PM "Well.. I suppose we will just have to hold onto his soul for a while," says the gnome, a thoughtful look in his eye. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:33 PM "My master and I were hunting it. It was clever though and sensed us. We hid in mud and vegetation, but it stepped one me while looking for us." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:34 PM "Until he can atone, of course. Unless, he doesn't want to, naturally." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:35 PM "If he has no desire to atone, the spell will fail, unfortunately." He looks at the bag. "I got the sense he did feel guilty, I hope he is willing, in whatever capacity he exists in that... bag. Please, if you succeed in the capital, send word back to me. It would put me at ease to know that he found peace after all." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:37 PM The gnome refocuses on Brother Aminu, "Yes, of course. I can use a Sending spell to inform you!" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:37 PM He then starts a little, like he is remembering something. "Oh, I almost forgot." He looks at Knox. "While I was in prayer last night, I had a feeling come to me. A special kind of feeling, one that I know to be the Mother guiding me. It was a feeling that when you take your rest, you should do so in our prayer and mediation room." He nods towards a door on the opposite side of the room to his office. "That would be splendid." (To Art) Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 6:39 PM "That would do it. Hope you got a nice back alignment out of the trouble." He smirks as he hands his brother the requested brush. AydenLast Sunday at 6:39 PM Knox looks curiously as he spoke. To do so in prayer? The word of the Mother hadn't ever called to Knox, it was much similar to the feeling, but rarely have gave him direction. "I will do that. Thank you." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:40 PM "She wants you to rest there, though perhaps meditation first my help you focus. It is no trouble, we allow anyone to use the room in their time of need." Reth grunts. "More like out of alignment, I was sore for a week." AydenLast Sunday at 6:41 PM Knox realized how weary he still is. "I think I may do so now." he offers in thanks as he stepped off to the side. Knox nods to Artimus. "I'll meet you back with the others?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:43 PM "I'm sore this week," Raleon complained as he rotated his arm and rubbed his tense shoulder. "That Literal Hag did a number on my spine... Now Reth, this is what they call a brush you use it on your hair to make it not mat." he spoke slowly, then began to brush at the ends. "Hope you're not tender headed."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:44 PM Reth blows a raspberry at Raleon 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:45 PM "You're as childish as Jovah," Raleon laughs happily. "You two would get along well." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:45 PM Artimus nods to Sir Knox, "Agreed. I'll meet up with you later. I may need some days to rest and study here in Fairwallow." He turns to Brother Aminu, "Thank you for advising us in this delicate matter Brother Aminu. I will take my leave; I have much to accomplish today. Perhaps, I can make continued use of your library while I am here. We can talk later about the books I would like to leave here for safekeeping until a proper library can be rebuilt."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:46 PM "Certainly, I will make sure the acolytes are aware that you have my permission to peruse the library." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:48 PM "Thank You." The gnome give a short bow, replaces the Soul Bag in the backpack, and shoulders it. He exits the office. Artimus will locate the Jeweler's shop and purchase some much needed spell components. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:49 PM Jeweler shop is called the Ruby Necklace. A halfling woman runs the place. AydenLast Sunday at 6:49 PM Knox nods then heads to the room Aminu pointed out. The paladin was very tired as he took a breath to relax and enter into prayer to find some relaxation. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:50 PM She wears tight fitting pants and leather jackets. She has a moderate pudge and is not very fit. She has a very tight haircut. She has a bit of a melancholic look about her face. When you walk in, she nods, failing to hide a bit of her surprise at seeing a Gnome walk in. "How can I help you, sir?" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:00 PM "Hello, my name is Artimus. I can see your surprise. Do you not get many travelers here?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:04 PM She seems a bit put off by his calling out her surprise. "Er, uh, sometimes, just, can't say I've ever had a gnome come in." @Ayden : Knox… The room smells of lavender and other herbs, a lovely mixture of burned incenses that makes his already weary eyes that much heavier. Getting comfortable and falling into a deep state of sleep comes easy to the weary warrior. The descent into the realm of sleep feels strange this time, like a literal slipping and falling through a bright, warm light surrounding his naked body. Briefly, he feels himself afloat in warm water. Knox feels at peace, with no concern for breathing or finding a way out. Briefly, he sees the outline of a woman, the image of a “mother” that always comes to his mind when he thinks of the word, or of his god. She smiles at him and waves her hand, beckoning him forth. More falling. Slipping through shards of light and brief glimpses of darkness, he soon realizes he is out among the stars, watching as the universe slips past him. He sees the formation of galaxies and worlds, all in brief flickers were every blink passes millions of years. He sees the world of Heloptra, a molten ball of rock, then one covered in oceans with six large land masses. Then Fescipate, and soon he is flying overhead, watching as Chiwak as it once was goes by his view, from overhead like he soars in the winds. Further, he goes beyond Chiwak into the lands further north and east. He recognizes the village where they are now, and soon they pass that village and two others, going past a large city that he assumes must be the capital. Soon he passes that and another village, headed towards a small set of woods and a mountain range, where he glimpses terrible looking creatures, almost like Hyenas but walking on two feet. They work at ripping open the corpse of a man, but never notice the body of the paladin slipping past, floating higher in to the mountains behind them. There, he spots a cave, where a pale golden light emanates, growing fainter as he watches. In his mind, he hears a female voice, a motherly voice, whisper to him, “Travel north my son, and seek the dying angel.” And just like that, everything pulls away in reverse, going backwards faster and faster, until finally he is in darkness. There, he remains asleep in a dreamless sleep for the rest of the day, feeling more at peace than he has in a long time. When Knox awakens, he will have a spiritual morale boost to religion checks regarding the mother, giving him advantage on those rolls for the next 5 in game days. 3 Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:16 PM "Ah, that makes sense. It's a bit far for a gnome to travel and then there are the marshes... are there many halflings in this area?" AydenLast Sunday at 7:16 PM After he awakens, feeling at peace, Knox takes a few more moments too savor the feeling. He is slow, but deliberate to stand as he gathers his belongings. The doubt in his mind, gone, he now has purpose. Knox would soon join the others, but would keep this to himself for now. They were already heading in the right direction, but perhaps he could get the others moving sooner rather than later. If an Angel needed his help, he would. If The Mother commanded it, there was no other option. For now, he would rejoin the others. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:17 PM "A few families here, but most live in the bigger city. Not me, I like the quiet life out here." Reth asks, "Jovah?" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:19 PM The gnome nods, "I can appreciate a quiet place. How has it been here in Fairwallow?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:20 PM "Hm, Jovah is the spirit in the ring. He's pouty and grunts a lot like a certian someone I know," he pulls at the ranger's cheek. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:21 PM "Mostly quiet, though the recent run of nightmares hasn't helped. Hasn't affected me yet, so I just keep minding my business." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:23 PM The gnome examines some of the displays (?) to see what sorts of jewelry she sells, "And you aren't concerned about business being too slow?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:25 PM "It is a bit slow, but I sell enough to pay my bills, and that works for me." She has some items on display. Decently made, but mostly things of not too much value. Seems more geared towards country folk, where it looks nice but isn't too expensive. She does have a ring with a nice pearl in it. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:29 PM Raleon goes back to brushing out his hair and carefully picking out the miscellaneous with a little more than a bit of elbow grease, grumbling to himself about stupid knots. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:30 PM "Hmm, are most of these stones local? May I see that ring?" The gnome points at the ring with the pearl. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:31 PM "I work with mostly local wares, but occasionally I have someone bring in something for me that came from far off lands." She pulls out the ring. "I went with a copper band on this one to keep the price down, as the pearl is higher quality. Cost you 125 gold for the ring." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:33 PM The gnome studies the pearl carefully, "The pearl isn't from this region is it? where is it from?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:35 PM "This one is a salt-water pearl, got it from a trader who had one. It's a beauty." "The pearl is worth a little more than 100 gold on the open market, so here I set it in a copper band to keep the price down. It would make a lucky lady very happy." She has a fake smile at the mention of lucky lady. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:44 PM With a victorious cry, Raleon finishes washing, detangling, and braiding Reth's difficult hair--all while being blind to his subject. An impressive act indeed. He sighs with satisfaction and shakes out his hands from all the pricks and jabs he got from the protective items within his hair. "Gods that was driving me up a tree..." He sighed softly and glances up towards the ranger. "I take it you can handle the rest?" he asks as he hands him what he believes is some sort of soap. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:45 PM Reth scowls. "I know how to use soap." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:47 PM Raleon's face lights up. "Oh I did grab the right thing then. I was afraid I grabbed the bubbles again..." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:47 PM The gnome raises an eyebrow, "Hmm." The gnome looks around, "Do you you have any dust, jade dust, gold dust, that sort of thing?" The gnome also glances at the jeweler's hands.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:49 PM "Dust? Well, I don't normally keep things like that in dust form. I could take a jade stone and make it into dust. And I could make some gold into dust." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:52 PM "Excellent, excellent." The gnome nods. "I'd like to get some jade dust and some gold dust." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:54 PM "I have a few jade stones. I have one worth about ten gold, another worth 25 gold, and one that is worth 40 gold. And I a decent amount of gold on hand. How much do you need?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:56 PM Raleon begins to scrub himself and realizes he may have been going at his jokes a bit too hard. He lifts his head, currently full of suds, "You know I'm just being playful...right?" Some bubbles runs into his rose colored eye and he rubs at it with a pout. "I always do this..." he grumbles, somehow getting soap in both eyes in the process. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:58 PM "Aye, I know." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:03 PM "Let's see; let's see..." the gnome thinks for a moment, "I would like 30 gp worth of jade dust and 50 gp worth of gold dust... yes, that sounds about right." The gnome looks at the jeweler, "And there's no lucky lady, but I'll take the pearl ring anyways. I guess you are the lucky one today, Miss...?"(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:05 PM The elf mumbles an acknowledgement and continues to rub at in attempt to wash his eyes out. Somehow, the normally cut-throat rogue looks very innocent in this moment. Normally he puts up a strong front, a strong swashbuckler who cuts down his foes, sneaks his way past anyone, and slip past any defenses with a blink of an eye. Yet here he sit, in a tub of bubbles, whining with soap at his eyes like a crying child. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:05 PM The halfling seems a little distracted from the question as she is doing mental calculations in her head for the total of the items requested. "Oh, me? Lavinia." "125 gold for the ring, 80 gold for your requested materials, and the time it would take me to have it ready for you would be about 5 gold for the labor, so 210 total, and I can have your materials ready in a couple hours." Reth snickers at the sight of the elf and his soapy eyes. "For all your bravado, you sure do whine a lot." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:10 PM Raleon's cheeks puff as he recoils in a defensive tone. "Hey, soap in the eyes is one of the few things all are allowed to whine about. Stubbed toes, paper cuts, and soapy eyes." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:11 PM Reth just chuckles. "Getting soft." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:12 PM Raleon promptly dumps a near by bucket on Reth's head, making sure the bucket stays on his head. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:14 PM Reth's grumbling sounds muffled beneath the bucket 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:16 PM "Now who's the soft one?" Raleon crosses his arms with a smirk. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:16 PM Reth takes the bony part of his elbow and gives a friendly, if not a bit firm, bump right into a rib. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:18 PM A soft grunt from Raleon, he then returns the jab with an equal shoulder bump. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:21 PM Reth puts the bucket between them so Raleon runs into it Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:25 PM "Thank You very much Miss Lavinia! I look forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime, can you direct me towards someone who sells ink? I am curious about some of the inks used in Calligraphy that make use of heavier metals in their content." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:25 PM "Ow!" Raleon laughs as he bats the bucket away. "Jerk!" he continues to instigate by smacking his chest with the back of his knuckles. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:27 PM Reth puts up his forearms, letting Raleon hit bone on bone. He laughs. Lavinia nods. "No problem. I think the church would be your best bet for nice inks. The general store has basic inks, but nothing like what you're asking for. They just keep basic things in stock for the handful of folks around here who can read and write." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:31 PM Raleon shakes out his hand with a witheld whimper. "Let me hit you--you asshole!" Raleon complains, but a smile is plastered on his lips as he continues to try and batter the poor ranger in vain attempts. His blows are almost pathetic in strength. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:34 PM Reth just catches his flailing arms and laughs at him. (Athletics 25) Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:36 PM "Of course!" The gnome smiles, "If it's okay, then I'll take the ring now and come back for the rest." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:36 PM "Certainly, and I can have your dust ready sometime after lunch." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:38 PM The gnome tilts his head to the side, "Do you know a good place to get lunch?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:38 PM Raleon struggles to get out of his hold with twists and turns, but every time he squirms, Reth's wrists just tighten around his arms. He huffs and puffs, then glares are the ranger in somewhat defeat. "...Bastard," he grumbles, resorting to insults. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:40 PM Reth grins. "I've wrestled with bears. I can handle a mouthy elf." He then lets go and pats him on the head patronizingly. "I don't know about you, but I could eat an entire bear right now." The halfling shrugs. "The tavern is about the only place in town for a sit down place. There are stands that will put out smoked meats, cheeses, and fresh produce, but it depends on the time of year. There is some good vegetables out right now." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:43 PM "I am interested in the local cuisine. Would you care to join me for lunch? We can find one of these fresh produce stands." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:44 PM Raleon keeps his cheeks puffed. "Watch out, I might be the next one to step on you," he retorts then nips at his hand as he pats him. His cheeks stained with a pinker shade than usual. But his stomach agreed. "Yes, we should get finish up and eat. I'm starving. Hey--we should drink tonight in celebration. I know a game that's pretty fun if you're up for it." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:45 PM Reth, towling off and throwing on some clean(er) clothes, says, "Hmm, I could be up for that. We going to be in town long?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:49 PM "Artimus said something about studying and I'm sure Knox wants to do his religious thing at the church so likely," he replies as he climbs out, finding a towel and wrapping it around his torso. "Oh, that reminds me. I have something for you." He squats down in his bag and pulls out a medium, brown paper wrapped parcal with a box atop of it. He hands the items to Reth. "I hope they fit. I...don't exactly know your size." His brows furrow in thought. "But I had the lady there help me, she says they should. If not I'm sure she could fix them." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:51 PM She kind of eyes the gnome and says, "I have a lunch back here, but thanks anyway. I tend to work while I eat." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:53 PM "As you like." The gnome bows his head in acknowledgement and exits the store. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:57 PM Reth smiles. "These are nice, thank you." and puts on the clean, new clothes instead of his "cleanish" other ones. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:06 PM The gnome walks to the Inn, goes to his room, and proceeds to use the new Pearl Ring to ritually Identify the magic items (Soul Bag & Heartstone).... and probably goes ahead and takes the time to identify his other magic items as well jut for fun ( because it is fun for him). He spends the extra time studying before going out to find one of these lunch stands that serves local vegetables. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:07 PM Raleon scratches behind his neck and averts his hazy gaze. "Y-eah, sure thing. I figured you could use them since you're hard on clothes and you might have lost your other skinning knife." He clears his throat and turns to get his own clothes from his brother to dress, who was surely smirking and teasing him endlessly, turning his ears red again. After a moment of changing and toweling off, he "peers" over his shoulder. "Do they...fit well?" he inquires hesitantly as they head down to get some food. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:10 PM Reth stretches out his arms, twists and turns, and drops to the floor and hops back up. "Yeah, allows me to move too. Thanks, it was kind of you." He pats him on the back as they head out the door to go downstairs. The stands have squash, tomatoes, corn, beans, and an early crop of some apples available. A basket's worth is a silver 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:18 PM Raleon beams with satisfaction, his smile quite dazzling. "Wonderful!" he replies. He's wearing simple, flowing clothes now, a pair of loose shorts with a cross stitching on the sides, ending at his knees, with a short sleeved somewhat form fitting tunic with an untied laced, collared neck, and bare feet with a few rope anklets. He winks at him as they reach the banestar. "Bet I can reach the bottom before you." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:20 PM Reth says, "Oh really." And takes off, tossing a familiar tan ball behind him... and a tiger appears, blocking the way. (Yes, I rolled an 8 again) 2 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:22 PM Raleon cries out as he flashes out of existance through an instant portal, in an instant he's sitting at the bottom in one of the innkeep's chairs. A smirk on his lips as he clicks the tip of his tongue and wags his finger."Cheating~" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:25 PM Reth calls out, "Pot, kettle. Tiger, meet pot." as he goes running by, cuing the tiger to pounce from the top of the stairs. It does so (17+6 = 23) keeping its claws in check, but scaring all the patrons. Reth is laughing, while the bartender is cussing up a storm. "What the hell is that, oh my gods how did that get in here, shit!!" 1 and the bartender runs into the kitchen 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:27 PM Raleon laughs loudly. "Only because you don't play fair! And I thought I told you to leave that in your room!" The rogue seems unphased that the tiger is there, much less of what chaos they're causing. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:30 PM Artimus grabs a basket and partakes of the 'salad bar', drops the leftovers off at his room for later and then heads over to the jeweler's to pick up his orders. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:30 PM The tiger after pouncing on the elf, seems to be looking at the fleeing patrons with a concerning look, as running people are "prey." Reth, noting its look, quickly uses the command to dismiss it. Art arrives at the inn as people are running out the door screaming about a tiger Or rather, a "giant cat" But when he walks in, there is just the Ranger laughing and Raleon getting off the floor. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:32 PM The gnome walks up to the Inn and peeks inside. "Having 'fun'?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:35 PM After ducking and being pinned Yet again by the tiger, Raleon lets out a grunt from being squished. "And they call me a chaos beast," Raleon smirks as he hugs the fluffy creature. "You're lucky I love cats... William, it's alright, you can come out now. He's just a pet." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:36 PM William pokes his head out, holding a sword. "Where'd it go? And how the fuck did it get in here? And what do you mean pet!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:38 PM "It's a summon of our uncultured, ranger here. He's dismissed it, t'was a simple game of cat and elf, our ranger's new favorite game it seems..." Raleon glares in Reth's direction who's likely smirking all proud. "If I didn't know better, I think you just like knocking me down." He smirks down at him. "Is it because you're so short?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:39 PM Reth just grunts. "Someone's got to keep you in check." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:40 PM "Ha! An impossible task," he retorts. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:40 PM Meanwhile the bartender is swearing up a storm about lost business. He quickly quiets down when Reth sighs and drops a few gold on the counter. "Cover the losses?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:42 PM Raleon swipes up an untouched plate of food one of the patrons left and munches on it. "We gotta keep ya on your toes, William. Makes you better at balancing on the one foot," Raleon jests with a laugh. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:44 PM He grumbles as he swipes up the coin. "Well, I hope the come back for dinner, or you'll owe more for losses." He huffs, but there is a bit of a smile there, if you look for it. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:44 PM "I have some vegetables form the local stand if anyone's interested," offers the gnome. "Say William, do you know what the deal is with Lavinia, the jeweler? She seems to not like... men." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:45 PM "Her? She chases off anyone who comes a calling, male or otherwise. No one's sure why, she doesn't say. Seems to prefer her own company for the most part, unless she's sure you're not going to try and court her." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:46 PM Raleon can hear the smile in his voice. "Aww, you're a good ol' man at heart once you get passed the grumbles. You're like Reth here. I'm an expert in grumbles and grunts now, ya know." He ribs the ranger. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:48 PM "Is she not from Fairwallow?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:50 PM "Not originally. She was from the capital. Moved here some ten years ago if I recall correctly." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:54 PM "So she doesn't have any friends or family here in Fairwallow either? I thought there were other halflings in Fairwallow."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:57 PM "I can't say for sure of all her dealings. I've seen her eating dinner with married folks, halfling and human. Why you so interested?" He leans over his bar, looking curious. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 10:03 PM "Well she gave me this weird look when I entered her store and I thought maybe she was just surprised to see a traveler, but then I got the feeling that she didn't like men, but ypu say she treats everybody that way." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 10:04 PM "Oh, we don't get many travelers, let alone gnomes. But I'd say its less a dislike and more just really wary of those who are unattached. She gets long well enough with those whom she knows won't try anything." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 10:09 PM "Hmm, okay. Well, I catch you later. So much to do today." The gnome yawns and heads back out. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 10:20 PM Raleon glares at Reth softly as he munches. "I can't believe you threw at tiger at me... AGAIN." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 10:21 PM Reth breaks out into a grin. "Don't knock what works." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 10:25 PM Raleon puffs his cheek and slowly puts a fry in his mouth, crunching down on it threateningly. "Mmmmhm..." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 10:31 PM And so our adventurers took the morning off to bathe, clean up, and get some food. Art and the Paladin spoke with Father Aminu at the church, learning how to deal with condemned souls. Knox was invited to sleep at the church, where he was given a special dream, pointing him in the direction of a "Dying angel." In the meantime, Art purchased some spell components and was shot down by the difficult to approach Jeweler, unaware that he was trying to undergo a nearly impossible task. In the meantime, the elves managed to scare away most of the inn's business with some tiger hi-jinks but smoothed stuff over with some coin. They are eating and resting, while Art goes out to make more purchases and research, while Knox sleeps with pleasant dreams. We will pick up next time in the Evening, on D&D Discord!
  2. If Alicia were to ask Lee about his “day,” he would have insisted on stronger phrasing than to refer to as merely a hell of one. Normally, he put little thought to the written word beyond its ability to disseminate information—leave the poetry and flowery phrases to the bards and lyrists in his not so humble opinion—but in this case, he might ask the aid of a bard in putting to words the exact depth of his experiences that day. No, just calling it a hell of a day fell too far short of the mark to adequately describe the annoyance, inconvenience, and utter bullshit he experienced. There were days at his job where things went wrong and he went home feeling like he had “one hell of a day.” His experiences made those past days look trivial. “Glad we’re skipping the talk of civilian protection. I’m Genesarian military anyway.” Aurelius expected that she would give him a brief rundown of what they chased and the highlight of its capabilities but instead got an unexpected history lesson on some obviously illegal experimentation going on wherever this woman came from. She gave him a look that suggested she thought him clueless when it came to genetic structures, but unlike most people of this world, he knew a thing or two about the smallest structure of the body. While he never heard of such terms as genetics, he knew about molecular building blocks of life, chained together by amino acids and sugars, pieces of people he could sense when he amplified his powers. The things she spoke of struck him more as the dreams of power-hungry madmen than realizable breakthroughs, but who was he to judge? He sensed and manipulated particles so small even the most advanced telescoping technology could not see them. The lighting out here was too poor for Lee to see the change in Alicia’s eyes, but he felt it in the subtle shift of her tone as she spoke about the work of this scientist, using hers and her nephew’s blood. Finally, she came around the bit of information he could use in this chase—that the thing they hunted could level a city or some such. Vague and not entirely useful, other than telling him to ensure he approached with absolute caution, but her follow up at least told him something else of use. Aim for the head, and “she” will at least take a nap. “You do realize that rounds I pack aren’t exactly standard issue?” She claimed a nap might come of it, but Lee made sure his rounds did a hell of a lot more than just deliver brass and lead at high rates of velocity. If the goal would be to take down their quarry alive, he might not want to fire off a round at her head after all. Not unless they were prepared to take back what remained of her charred skull fragments in baggies. He turned to follow her as she went wandering about her camp, checking in with others. He watched the body language and facial expressions of the soldiers, trying to get a bead on the task to come. He also watched her, noting the differences in the way she carried herself and acted. The glimpses of the young woman he met on the beach were long since buried, seemingly lost until she gave him that same innocent smile that sent him down this wild chase all day long. If disarmed him for a moment, but only that moment, as it reminded him of everything else that followed, giving resolve to his temper. She did not have to go far to return to his side, he had remained just a few steps behind, keeping a familiar face nearby. He watched as Alicia dismissed the soldiers and the signs of their stay, sending away the stage and entertainment, each fading like ashes swept up in the wind. Though he was loathe to admit it, the technology at work fascinated him, making him wish there had been time to speak with their scientists and researchers, to compare notes and learn from one and other. It might have made the events of the day seem worth the trouble, had he been able to engage in a conversation with great thinking minds from another land, another world if the stories told to him were true. These thoughts colored his mood as he watched everything fade away, leaving him with a touch of sadness for what could have been and never was. A day of this, chasing strange women and nearly brushing with an advanced group of people, all of it crashing down into a woodland chase instead. “Time?” He was unsure what Alicia meant by declaring her time short. Did she mean the time she had to put down this problem before it ran amok, or that her allowed time in their world drew near its conclusion? The meaning would appear to remain just outside his comprehension for now, as she broke off into a run headed deep into the darkening woods, leaving behind a brilliant trail for him to follow. A good thing perhaps, as it seemed her physical abilities far outclassed his own. He was in decent shape for an ordinary human, but pushing the limits was never his thing. While some fought with brawn and others with grace, Lee used wit and psychic power to take down his enemies. “I suppose it’s a good thing I kept up with jogging after basic.” Thus off he went, keeping a brisk pace after the young woman who was perhaps traveling nearly five times the speed he could muster. Well, perhaps he would arrive just in time to save the day. Not that he expected any kind of reward for that—with the way this day had gone, being a hero to this one might just get him tossed into another gladiator match, or stuck wrestling an overweight, sweaty man in underwear. Lee shudders as he carries on with his jog, following the blazed trail before him. It probably did not take long for him to fall behind, traveling much slower despite his efforts. He did not let it deter him, focused instead on maintaining the pace that he could, falling into the steady rhythm that helped him get through his early military training. Even a scientist had to endure the rigors and trials of the other enlisted, proving their worth so that they too could be relied upon as a line of defense should things go awry on the home front. He always understood the reasoning but disliked the training despite it. Now… now he felt a need to write a thank you card to his old sergeant for instilling some decent fortitude into him. Alicia dipping in and out of their plane of existence went without his notice: she was too far ahead and he was too focused on his breathing, trying to make the run without arriving out of breath and too tired to fight. He knew they were coming upon the place when stepped down on some black slime coating the forest floor, as well as the trees, barricades, and structures once outlining the now ruined Last Chance boundaries. Within seconds his boots were starting to sizzle, so Lee took great care to wipe away the sludge and move away from it, doubly glad he did so as he watched a figure emerge from one such pooling of the mysterious black liquid. It seemed Alicia knew how to dispatch the foes quickly, removing a soul gem and tossing it aside, causing the creature to return to its lifeless existence as unsightly sludge marring the otherwise lovely forest. She turned to call back to him, but he only had time to raise a hand in answer as he closed the distance as another one of the creatures sprang forth from the murky pools and attacked again. This one looked different, and it seemed Alicia knew this one personally, given how she addressed it and that it appeared to take offense at her words. Lee made another mental note to himself regarding the status of their relationship, something to the effect of this one spending too much time with sludge monsters and thus probably not someone he would want to spend an evening with, let alone try for a second date. No, he was going to call this a night. More chaos from the woods, as some creature came barreling out of the woods and throwing it into the sludge monster. In the meantime, Alicia worked on trying to cut the creature down, but it was proving more stubborn. While she performed her dance, Lee noted another sludge creature rising from the murk to his left. With a soft sigh, he rolls his eyes, pointing his pistol at it with a blue shard primed and ready to fire. He kept his eyes on the battle as a blast of frosty white splinters fired forth, bursting through the creature's chest, blowing black sinew and gem fragments out the back. The threat collapsed back into its prior elements. Lee kept his eyes on Alicia the whole of it, ensuring he did not lose sight of his ride out of this nightmare. Soon after she made her way back to his side, tapping his arm to ensure she had his attention, perhaps unaware that he never let her fall away from his intent stare. He looked the way she pointed, a menacing, huge globous mass dragging itself towards the heart of the city. Just what the civilians needed, a strange creature that seemed to burn through matter with little to no effort. Actually, his psionics attunement told him that the black matter existed in a state of plasma; unexpected and problematic to be sure. “Lead the way then.” BANG! The gun on the right this time discharges this time, leading to another spray of bluish white light lancing out through the chest of a forming creature that came too close for comfort. Like its predecessor, this one too fell away into chunks of black ooze that melted into the ground, rejoining the surrounding sludge. Lee could tell that this jaunt through the city was going to be interesting, if not harrowing. Lee wondered to himself, as he watched Alicia undergo some other transformation (one that he assumed increased her battle readiness) if any other men had been led so far astray while chasing… opportunities. If any other male in the history of their world ever got themselves caught up in some interdimensional battle scape involving illegal experiments and blob monsters. Really, he thought he might the first. Muttering to himself as he fell in behind, he quietly says, “I’m a black widow,” as he keeps in step, shooting down another minor inconvenience as they headed for the big one rolling towards the city. Alicia seemed to take that one down without much struggle as well, but it did appear to take more of her power than the last. He wasn’t feeling too concerned about it until he heard her mention that this one was just one down and that there were seven more of these damned things to go after. “Seven? Are you fucking serious? Are you going to be able to handle that many more? And what of the really big threat you told me about? Where does ‘she’ fit into this? Right now I just see these black plasma shits,” speaking of, he fires his gun at another one, “and nothing of a girl who might have some of your lineage.” Seriously, he was having a bad day.
  3. OOC: Actually submit a post or two this year. Perhaps even three. Let's not push four though. IC: Nothing at the moment, my stuff is in a weird state.
  4. Job Title: Mental Health Therapist 2/ Adjunct Instructor Description: My primary job is working on the floor with patients, facilitating activities and groups, following through with treatment care plans using behavioral therapies, crisis communication, and providing support. As a "2" I take the directive of a charge nurse and implement goals and desired outcomes, as well as acting as the go-to person on the floor, in addition to sometimes writing up the daily "functional" (schedule) and having a greater caseload as well as additional documentation responsibilities. Experience/Certs/Degrees for entry level: This will vary A LOT with where you are at where you apply. My facility used to require being a Certified Nursing Assistant with three years of experience or a 4-year degree, but we dropped our standards as our staffing needs swelled and the number of candidates we got shrunk. Now we only ask for 18 months experience, a CNA, or an associate's in psych. This gets you in the door as a temp (relief-pool) on a 17-month rotation. You can get on permanent into an opening by applying for lateral transfers. You are given a chance to lateral after an opening is rejected by all permanent staff, and in the order of your seniority among the temps. People with a ton of flexibility about the t and what program can often get on after six months, but choosier folks sometimes go right up to the limit. This gets you into the entry position which is a Mental Health Therapy Technician. We used to have a position between that one and mine (a "1") but that is now getting phased out. As the former 1's promote or leave the position is made into a tech. You can move upwards into a two position (which pays ~21.5% better) after acquiring five years experience in mental health in some capacity. As an adjunct instructor, they require that you have been with the hospital a year, have a solid reputation as a crisis communicator and a staff on the floor, and then come take their week-long class. After that, they have you intern with them until you prove you can manage a class. It came with a 5% bump in pay and I get opportunities to change up my work and get off the floor. It's also helping me qualify for Training and Development 2 positions, which have a preference for a 4-year degree in a related field (e.g., social sciences, psychology, education) and three years experience teaching, of which I have two degrees right now and about 8 years experience with doing training. Best Way to Contact Me: Here with a PM, or use Discord.
  5. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:10 PM When we last left off, the group made there way through a cave full of flying heads, strange creatures of fiendish origins that can paralyze foes and spread their curse with a kiss. Dispatching the flying menaces with relative ease, the group made their way through to the back of the cave, finding a bit of a shortcut to the Hag's hidden hut, where she worked on brewing some unknown concoction while an imp kept watch outside. Raleon bravely ventured forth alone, heading in to snatch the her special bauble before the group comes in to finish off the evil fiend, to prevent her from going ethereal. Like with any good plan, sometimes things just don't go as planned, and so despite having Cat's grace, Raleon managed to just nudge the hag well enough to get her attention, leading to a quick stand off. Raleon grabbed the bauble and disengaged, but now the hag is going to have her reaction. Soon, the party is going to have to figure out out how to sort out this mess.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 4:51 PM Raleon is booking it for the cliffs. He gets to about 10ft from the wall itself. In the mean time, the hag bursts from her hut, shouting something in a language I don't think anyone speaks (infernal). As she does so, she raises up her hand and some familiar glowing darts launch at Raleon (everyone has seen Art using this spell a time or three) while the imp the jumps (doesn't act yet, not its turn) and all hell (heh, literally) is starting to break loose. Raleon is hit by six glowing darts for a total of 23 points of damage. And that of course is enough to alert everyone, so we need initiative rolls. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:02 PM Raleon, getting hit pretty hard, hesitates long enough to let the hag go after him again. She launches another barrage of magic missiles at him! She hits him for another 19, saying some harsh words in infernal, which you don't have to speak to figure that she is cussing him out. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:16 PM Though his feet carry him swiftly out of the tent, blindly ripping open the tent and sprinting as hard as he could, Raleon is unable to flee completely without harm. With a hiss, the magic darts obtain purchase through his shoulder and back. He lets out a yell, blood spurting from him as he stumbles just enough to knock him off his game and get struck with a second set of missles. He coughs and whinces, holding with a white knuckle grip around the stone. His steps waver for a moment, his breathing becoming haggered as his world blurs, sounds whirrling aorund him. I-I've gotten it! He presses the message through as hard as he can manage to his twin. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 5:30 PM Thayrin's head whips in the direction of his brother as he spots him dashing out of the hut like a man possessed. A frown starts to appear on his lips before he spots the screeching hag screaming Gods know what...and then she started to lob a very familiar attack. He quickly passes the message of the stone being in Raleon's grip to Knox before drawing his blades and stealth dashing to the edge of the cliff. His form seems to dissolve into nothingness before he reappears down a ways at the bottom while still running without pause to take a crack swing at the horrid looking menace who had her sights fixed on his twin. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 5:35 PM Artimus steps to the edge so that he has a clear line of sight to the hag (and the Imp), "Elissim Cigam" He extends a hand towards... the imp! Glowing lights dart forth from his hand to hit the Imp. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:36 PM Art strikes down the imp who was preparing to react, nailing it with four darts, the last causing it to fizzle out into a black goop 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 5:44 PM Raleon haggers a staggered breath and grabs his barings. He takes a deep breath to calm himself before shakily grabbing for a dagger. He wouldn't go back in there yet until he had more allies here. "I-... I think she's alone," he stumbles for a second as he listens to his brother's quick steps. He staggers a breath and focuses his vision with he gets within range, calculating a throw. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 5:47 PM The dagger strikes true, but it doesn't sink as deeply as Raleon would have liked. Still, she yells out in pain and anger It would seem Reth would be reacting next, but something else joins the fight, as its initiative was 15. The missing Nightmare phases in from the Etheral plane, appearing 10ft up and to the left of the hut It comes after Thayrin, as he is closest. And it got a nat 20. The Nightmare kicks Thayrin hard, doing 20pts of bludgeoning damage and another 12 points of fire damage, for a total of 32. Reth attempts to jump down using acrobatics, but his total of 9 is not enough. His landing is rough, and he uses his action to recover. He is able to get 10 feet from the fight, and uses his bonus action to throw a hunter's mark on the hag. In the scrum, an imp becomes visible as it strikes Thayrin (21), stinging him for 7. He needs to make a Con save Another appears by Reth as it misses him (10). A third appears by Raleon as it misses him (15). AydenLast Sunday at 6:12 PM Knox watches the others spring into action and doesn't hesitate to join the action. With a deep breath, he climbs down to reach Raleon. A warm hand filled with light falls upon his comrades bloodied body as he says a soft prayer under his breath to use cure wounds. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:15 PM Knox comes up to cure Raleon, but as Raleon dodges the little imp, Knox only brushes him with his fingers, restoring just 5hp. The hag, seeing a sword wielding paladin join the battle, points her finger at him and launches a black ray at him! Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:16 PM Artimus holds up a hand towards the hag, "llepsretnuoc". Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:18 PM The ray starts to form in her hands, but the spell is counterspelled by the mage. She curses and uses her movement to slip into the cover of her hut. AydenLast Sunday at 6:22 PM Knox almost flinched at the hag but offers a nod to Artimus, knowing his friend just saved him from something nasty. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 6:23 PM Cursing as once again he had to twist awkwardly in order to avoid a large chunk of pain doled out by the random fire pony that appeared Thayrin's eyes narrow at the beasty before he lashed out in a return attack, figuring one of his friends could handle the hag for a few ticks. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:29 PM The horse snorts in pain, flames shooting from its nostrils! Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 6:35 PM The gnome points, "Rettahs" and a burst of sound explodes to encompass the Nightmare and one of the Imps. The gnome moves down the cliff... 2 The gnome makes his way as close to the hut as he can this way this turn. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:41 PM Raleon feels the awkward tenge of holy magic touch him. He feels slightly better, but the pain of the darts in his back still remains. He grabs his rapier and with a flash of his sword, he slices into the imp. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:46 PM Raleon turns around and runs the little imp through with both swords, the first right through its solar plexus and the second through its throat. He then flings it away, where it splats on the wall as it turns to black ichor. The Nightmare goes to kick Thayrin, but slips on some of the goop left by the Imp that Art snipped earlier. It recovers, but lost the attack 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 6:49 PM Raleon snorts with frustration and slips his hand into the belt on his side, grabbing the vial of red liquid. He pops the cork, takes a quick, identifying sniff, and guns it with a shiver. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:50 PM Reth hits three times (16, 27, 13) against the nightmare, doing 33 points of damage in total. The Nightmare is still alive, but looks very hurt. The imps disappear from sight AydenLast Sunday at 6:58 PM Knox uses his bonus action to use Rally on Raleon. "We can do this!" Then goes to attack to the nightmare!(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 6:59 PM Need a d6 roll from Knox, add your charisma mod Knox charges in and cuts down the remainder of the hellish steed. His second strike brings it down! The hag pokes a hand out, pointing in the direction of Raleon and Art, though Raleon is not effected. Art is being targeted with a sleep spell cast at 4th level, which totaled 41 hp. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:07 PM The gnome raises a hand, "Llepsretnuoc". He waves a finger back and forth, "Ah, ah, ah, there will be none of that." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:08 PM Art counters her spell, sending her hand retreating back into her tent, more cursing heard from within 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:09 PM Raleons ears simply twitch curiously as he glances back, unaware of being targeted. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 7:17 PM He grins briefly at Knox before turning on his heel and eyeing up the hut with a resigned sigh and 'fuck it' mantra he usually hears tossed from a certain ranger in the party he goes after the hag. wish me luck that i don't get swiped first while going after this eternal beauty Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:19 PM Two little twerps reappear as they both take shots at the exiting Rogue. The first just outright misses (12), but the other lands a hit (24)(edited) AydenLast Sunday at 7:20 PM As the two appear Knox steps to rebuke the second!(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:25 PM The second takes 6 radiant damage, looking unhappy about it, but still flying. Thayrin charges in after the hag. The hag is in the middle of the hut, waiting. He comes in with a good swing with his rapier, but slips on some spilled alchemy ingredients from when Raleon went running out in a hurry with the angry hag on his heels, but fortunately recovers. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:30 PM The gnome points at the first wounded Imp, "Elissim Cigam" and three glowing darts of force fly forth and hit it! Then he moves closer to the hut and positions to have a clear view of the inside and of the hag and of Thayrin.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:32 PM It's a less than clear view, as there is a flap in the way. The imp, goes down into a pile of goop Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 7:35 PM The gnome seems like he won't get there... but then "Pets Ytsim" and suddenly he blinks forward and is right there and holds the flap open with his staff in one hand.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:37 PM Hey, you're not allowed to die before me. I'm the older one! Don't do anything I would do~ The rogue smarts off as usual through their link. With a dash, he books it into the tent, sword drawn with a cocky smirk. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 7:47 PM Raleon comes charging in, scoring two devastating hits. The first runs her through the side of her chest, the other just above her hip, sinking deep. She is in pain, looking hurt, but still alive, anger burning in those eyes with what looks like the fires of hell themselves. If only Raleon could see it... Reth sees the others running it, but also notes that there is still an imp in the way. He swings at it as he passes by to enter the tend, courtesy of Art holding open the door. He hits it (27 total) for 8 damage, doing enough to fell it. He then goes after the hag He swings twice, hitting once (20 total) but missing on the second (13 total), doing a total of 12 damage (including hunter's mark damage). The hag is still alive, but looking worse for wear AydenLast Sunday at 7:52 PM Knox joins the others inside and swings down upon the worse for wear hag with his sword! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 7:57 PM Raleon can feel the heat radiating from her eyes and simply winks, circling the heart necklace around his finger before tightly clutching it again. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:00 PM Knox crashes his blade down twice, dropping a smite on the first. The divine light burns her flesh, causing her to scream in pain and terror. She seems to be preparing to cast a spell, moving her hands through the air, when Knox lands a second blow, this one worse than the first. He sinks his blade in, but she keeps right on casting, up until he drops the biggest smite yet, filling her with radiant light. The hut is temporarily bathed in the light, and everyone feels an out of place, comforting warmth. For the briefest instant, Raleon thought he could see a dim light as the hag explodes, glowing bits of black ichor spraying the inside of the hut. 3 The hag is no more. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:02 PM When the gnome sees the hag casting, he immediately prepares to counterspell it, "Your terror has come to an end Soulmonger!"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:03 PM Reth looks around the tent, down at himself, and grunts. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:04 PM Raleon staggers backwards, shaken for a moment. Flashes wash across his eyes and his heart pounds heavily. It felt different, but there was no denying it. He covers his eyes and abruptly leaves the tent. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:04 PM Reth pokes his head out, looks around (perception 21), grunts in satisfaction. "Think we got em all. Who needs healing?" Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 8:05 PM Knox's flashy finishing move complete, Thayrin simply flicks his blades clean of gore and limps out of the hut with a soft mental groan. I do what i want?...although lucky enough for you, skipping into the afterlife is not on the list for the day. He gave a wearily sigh as he returns his blades to their scabbards and simply flops on the ground not far from the tent.(edited) Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:07 PM Artimus smiles and looks around... son, he is investigating the hut, eying various concoctions and poking at things while nodding or shaking his head. He pulls out a piece of paper and begins to take a few notes as well. AydenLast Sunday at 8:08 PM Knox could feel his heart race as the extreme warmth floods from his body. The divine moment washed a feeling over him, as if he had become closer to the one bestowing this gift upon him. After a second or two, he snaps out of it.He uses his divine sense, to quickly scan the tent before stepping back out. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:10 PM Reth grunts again as he steps out of the hut. "I said who needs healing?" He is looking at both the bloodied rogues.(edited) Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:11 PM Artimus is interested in what's in the tent. He's also interested in seeing if he can't locate a certain soul... (Forthold) now where would the Nighthag keep such a thing. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 8:11 PM Thayrin simply raises his hand from his spot on the ground, looking very much like a nearly drowned kitten. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:12 PM Reth motions for the rogues to get closer together, as well as anyone else who is missing HP. He summons the healing spirit, which gives everyone back 15. AydenLast Sunday at 8:13 PM Knox could hear Reth. The Paladin wasn't even harmed thanks to Artimus. He would have to remember to give thanks later.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:14 PM Raleon slowly makes his way over, seeming a bit out of sorts, though for good reason. His back has a few bloodied holes from the many missles. Soon they heal over to turn into smaller pricks to freckle across his back along with his others. Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 8:15 PM Glancing over at his better half, Thayrin tilts his head slowly before blinking. you doing alright over there? You seem off. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:18 PM He runs his fingers through his hair, slicking it back for a moment with a sigh, slowly collecting himself. I...thought I saw a light. It came when Knox hit the hag. I've seen it before but... I just spooked me. He rubs his upper arm for a moment before standing up and shaking Reth's hand. "Thank you, Reth, you fought well." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:19 PM "Aye, we all did well. Tough one that monster." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:21 PM "Yeah," he agreed. He looked down to the stone. "Wonder what this does...?" Disgruntled TeaLast Sunday at 8:23 PM A look of surprise crosses the silent twin's face briefly before he gets his features back to the usual look of apathy. That....is surprising. He gives Reth a nod of thanks as well for the healing and glances at the stone in his twins hand with an almost visible question mark floating above his head. good question. think it could be useful for something other than death and ugly things? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:24 PM Raleon shrugs and tosses the stone up and continues to catch it with surprising ease. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:28 PM Artimus picks up the bag, "Hmm!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:31 PM He takes another deep, calming breath and circles the necklace around his dexy fingers. "Well, Artimus, you get the chance to nerd out over a magical artifact again." He lets the rock fall between his fingers, displaying the heart. "Think you can figure out what it does?" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:34 PM Artimus is looking at the bag with puzzlement. As Raleon speaks, he pauses and looks over... "Ah, yes, of course." He walks over and looks up, reaching a hand out to take the necklace, "I'll need some time to examine this... magical trinket."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:34 PM The bag refuses to open Pull as he might, it won't budge Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:41 PM Artimus moves about pushing aside... stinking bowls of... stuff... and collecting documents, "The necklace is surely no ordinary object. There is so much to puzzle out! -ew!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:44 PM Raleon pulls out one of the bottles and pops the cork, staying outside of the tent's smelling radius. He takes a long swig of whiskey and sighs, then offers it out to Reth. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:45 PM Reth takes it. Takes a swig. Says, "Thanks" Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:49 PM "It's going to take pearls to perform the necessary magic to determine all the things these items do." "The gnome's eyes light up. However... this bag seems to be something I recognize!" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:51 PM The gnome remembers reading about the hag's soul bag 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:51 PM Raleon purses his lips. "A pearl? Why a pearl?" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:52 PM There, she puts in the harvested soul from her victim, which she will return to the hells to trade. Given that it refuses to open, there is a good chance that the soul is still in there... Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:55 PM "Indeed! I'm pretty sure that the soul in question is in this bag! It must be a 'Soul Bag'! Pearls are important for tapping into the deeper magics of various items and artifacts of magical origins. It's true that I am able to use my knowledge of the arcane to figure out a lot of this stuff... but this necklace... I need to cast an Identify spell to really understand it's uses." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:56 PM Reth lifts an eyebrow. "You say there is a soul in that thing?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:56 PM "Soul...in question...?" Raleon only seems more confused. "There was a soul in question? Who's soul?" he blinks curiously. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:57 PM Looking closer, people also realize the bag looks like stitched together flesh... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:57 PM "Ewwwww...." Raleon scrunched his nose. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 8:58 PM "Indeed! A soul! We know the hag recently collected the soul of Forthold. And hags have soul bags that they use to carry their captured souls to their destination in Hell!" Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 8:59 PM Reth shudders. "Ew." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 8:59 PM Raleon arches a brow. "I suppose she did..." His eyes look down towards his hand unconsciously. Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:01 PM "Yes, and, of course, that raises a very interesting question: What do we do about this soul!" [ @Ayden for your reference](edited) Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:02 PM Reth blinks. "I'm no expert on souls." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:02 PM "I've only found one," Raleon mentions offhandedly. Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:03 PM Reth glances over at Raleon in surprise. "You've found a soul?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:06 PM Raleon glances over. "Oh, yeah. He's been with me for a while now. His name is Jovah. He's a perverted monk that was trapped inside of that ring I found with the druids." He flicks his wrist, snaps, and the invisable ring he wore suddenly reappears. "He's inside of this." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:08 PM Reth snickers. "A perverted monk in a ring? Leave it to you to find it." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:10 PM He smirks wide. "He says he's not perverted, but he Totally is." "I am a master of finding treasures." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:13 PM "Hmm. Interesting. I wonder how the soul came to be there." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:16 PM "Well... He died." He held up the ring for display. "When the barer of this ring dies, he may choose to become absorbed inside of this ring instead of going onto the beyond as I understand it." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:17 PM Artimus nods, "It's an interesting choice to make." Acies ab VesaniaLast Sunday at 9:18 PM Reth asks, "He ever say why me made that choice?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:21 PM "He doesn't remember much of his past lives other than he used to be fond of a monestary where he spent a lot of time. He sleeps a lot and avoids questions... like a certian someone I know." Raleon looks directly at Reth, his blind eyes squinting. "He's also currently pretending to sleep, like a pouting child." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:24 PM "Past lives? Hmm. That could explain why he chose the ring. Maybe it's easier to come back to a new life here if you don't 'cross over'." "Or he could just be hiding the real truth. Some people might not want to go to certain afterlives." The gnome glances at the closed bag. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:29 PM Raleon rubbed his chin and nodded. "That is true... but I don't think he's bad persay. Though I do wish to know more of him. He hasn't asked anything of me, but he's been offering me advice and guiding me.... He's also been rooting around my memories and thoughts, which is sort of the opposite effect of this ring." He arches a brow. "Joining in the teasings with Kylah and my brother." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:31 PM "Maybe, I should Identify the Ring for hidden, less obvious dweomers."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:32 PM "Well, I'm pretty sure that's all it does. Though I'm not sure you can really identify much about his soul from it." Mortal PlayerLast Sunday at 9:33 PM "It's sort of interesting to have a Ring of Mind Shielding that contains a soul that pokes around your mind." The gnome laughs.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Last Sunday at 9:35 PM "Yes, that was a bit of a surprise!" he nodded with raised eyebrows. "At first I thought it was Thayrin, but then he couldn't hear him either." May 6, 2019 Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 12:00 AM The group rests for an hour, while Art completes a ritual casting of the documents, learning of their origin--information will be provided in the next session. After their rest, some perhaps regain hitpoints before deciding to rid the caves of the Vargouille threat for good, lest their kind spread to the villages nearby. It takes quite some time, combing the caves and tracking all of the creatures down, while finding their way around, but as the moons descend to their hidden place in the lands beyond, and the barest hints of the light of the sun begins to illuminate the skies, the group leaves behind the caves and begins the ride back to town. They are exhausted, but perhaps hopeful, having taken down a grave threat to the region, and now in their possession taking with them the soul of a once condemned man. Perhaps there is some hope yet for such a soul, saving it from the horrible existence of becoming a delicacy for some fiendish lord, and eventually a foul, lowly creature in the otherworldly planes of evil. The group returns to town just as the sun's brilliant hues paint the skies vermilion and lavender, giving each of them a distinct glow that leaves the guards short of breath. They are welcomed back in, and will have to decide where is their first stop next time, on D&D Discord!
  6. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon continues, seeming unphased of the change of lighting, his hand running along the wall. Ayden04/21/2019 Knox and the others continue to follow Raleon. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Doorway leads to a split once again, one wrapping to the left and the other to the right 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon sighs, a touch frustrated. " I hate caves..." and goes left. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 Thayrin snickers softly though their link as he follows his brother silently. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth mutters, "Tell me about it. Not a dwarf." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon smiles back at him. "You're the second shortest here..." Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 The group wanders left, which goes more or less straight, before coming into a small chamber with two fliers in it Ayden04/21/2019 Knox follows the group while checking over his shoulder every once in a while to make sure they don't get ambushed. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 When he spotted the flyers in the cavern, He started to warn the others....but then the clanking of a certain heavy armored Pally caught the heads attention. He chuckles softly at the irony of it all before leaping at the two in an attempt to take them out quickly. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon hears the silent reaper's rage and grabs his blade as well, quick to enter the fray a flash later. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 The twins make short work of two, taking them down before they had a chance to do much of anything Taking down the two heads, the group is able to see that the passageway continues to another split, this one going three ways. Straight, to the right, and to the left. Straight goes into some large, dark room Right is similar, a short passage going into a room that you can't make out from here. Left goes on for a while Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 He takes one look at the three way split and groans dramatically. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon grumbles something about giant worms. Ayden04/21/2019 Knox uses his divine sense once more to look down the three halls. "Fiends up ahead and to the right. Also a few to the path on the right. Path to the left is clear of fiends." Knox clutches his eyes as he gets a headache.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon clicks his tongue again and peers into the large room ahead. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 As Raleon peaks into the room, he sees a large rising structure, that does not quite reach the ceiling (like an interior plateau of sorts). To the right are a couple of Vargs. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 "How many of these things Are there?" He whispers with irritation. Mortal Player04/21/2019 Artimus waves a hand and Helvetia appears, "the usual?" he whispers. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon nods and readies his sword. "the usual" Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 What? of those annoying heads? too many if you ask me. should have brought a giant fly swatter at this rate. with a shake of his head he glances over at his brother with a smirk. Ayden04/21/2019 Knox nods. Mortal Player04/21/2019 Helvetia walks ahead into the large room. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Footsteps follow. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Usual. They swoop and shrike. Only Knox has to save at this point Knox saves, they are distracted. Who does what? Mortal Player04/21/2019 Artimus waves a hand with splayed fingers that pull togetheras he draws the hand back, "Etibtsorf," he declares and a frost begins to form around one of the Vargouilles. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Failed Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 As per usual, The assassin leaps out shortly after the mage casts his spell as a follow up of doom. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon springs forth as usual, this has become his life. Dispatching flying heads...well he can't say it's the worst job. Who else can say "What did you do today?" Oh, I skeward some flying heads with the boys. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 The frost sprouts up around the Varg. It seems less than fazed, though it does slow down a bit Ayden04/21/2019 Knox wait to see what's left after all is said and done. Mortal Player04/21/2019 "Hmm, interesting, resistant to cold damage as well..." mutters the gnome. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Thayrin jumps out, and strikes down the frosty head with little issue. The second is wounded but still fluttering Raleon then comes out and finishes what his brother started. In fact, he turns the second head into bloodied mashed potatoes This room is empty save for the plateau 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon flicks the blood from his blade, sheaths, and sticks his hands behind his head, humming softly. He blinks and turns to the plateau, thumbing towards it curiously. He slowly slinks over to check it out, with a quick leap to climb up it. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Athletics check Nope Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome creeps forward and examines the way to the plateau for a suitable place to climb. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Raleon, to his surprise, finds some good footholds and manages to scramble up, despite how hard climbing a wall like this would be Ayden04/21/2019 Knox jumps up with impressive ease thanks to his boots of springing and striding.(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Knox, with his boots, is able to jump high enough to grab the top. Athletics check to pull himself up though Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 With an amused smile the quiet assassin follows after his twin after activating his boots of spider climb...and literally walks up the wall. Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome looks up, "Anything interesting up there? Should I come up and look around?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon glances around and huffs. "Show offs..." Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 On the top, the group sees this one goes for quite a ways to the left side. About 40ft across, the area considerably narrows, but continues going beyond dark vision range Ayden04/21/2019 "Another path to the left. This place is a maze." he speaks loud enough for the others to hear him. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 He laughs though their link and pats Raleon on the shoulder. If it helped, you looked lovely with that jump. Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome's ears perk up, "Well, does someone want to let down a rope or something?" Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth, hearing that the way continues and Art asks about a rope, just climbs up, making it look easy (25)(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon quite visually pouts, his arms crossed, though the reassurance does lessen it a touch. Thank you... Ayden04/21/2019 Knox pulls rope from his gear and tosses one end down while holding the other. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Knox, strength check to help support Art. Art athletics check with advantage to climb up (and the DC is lower) Mortal Player04/21/2019 "Thanks!" The gnome ties the rope around his waist, gives a tug, and then says, "All ready!" And walks up the cliff as he is pulled up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 "Welcome to the party, good lookin'," Raleon gestures to everyone atop the plateu. "We have booze and fiends everywhere, help yourself." Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Everyone is up top. The plateau goes on for 40' before narrowing. The back half is quite wide, but where it narrows, one person must go at a time.(edited) Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome smiles as he crests the top of the cliff, "Well, well, I feel taller just being up here." Artimus looks around the plateau. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 As Art looks around, he spots some bones scattered up here. Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome walks around a examines the bones. "What do you think of these Reth?" he asks with some excitement. Maybe it's the exhilarating climb, but the gnome seems chipper. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Art looks around, and finds the deer's skull immediately He also happens to spot a copper and silver wrought/braided diadem, worth 250gp Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome holds up the deer skull triumphantly, "Look at this Reth! The skulls are intact! But we know there were Vargouilles here. And..." The gnome looks aroujdn dramatically, "This is a cave. How did deer get inside?" The gnome places the skull in the Staff of Adornment and picks up a copper and silver wrought/braided diadem, worth 250 sp. "And look at this!" Artimus examines the crown carefully. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth shrugs. "Wouldn't come up here on its own. Something probably ate it here." Doesn't appear magical, just valuable. How it got here, who knows? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon squints. "It must have been carried up here...but by who? The heads can't carry that much could they?" Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth chuckles. "I doubt that." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon scratches behind his head. "Think we're close to the hags then or some beast?" Mortal Player04/21/2019 Artimus squints at the Crown, then waves a hand at the deer skull and says, "Thgil." The deer skull immediately illuminates with light. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 "Caves like these often house bears. Ourhag might have repurposed it." Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 maybe if they worked together...like what was that play we saw that one time said....sparrows and coconuts? He smirks and shrugs slightly. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Everyone groans as they have not been in light for a while 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Everyone except Raleon. Mortal Player04/21/2019 The light is actually emanating from within the skull and Artimus rotates the skull in the Staff of Adornment to focus the eye beams on the crown.(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 Thayrin covers his eyes as a reaction to the light and winces. Moons above and all that they govern! he could have warned us. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 When the passage is fully lighted up, you can see the whole structure. More bones scattered, which does suggest something used to eat animals up where. You can also see that the narrow ledge goes an additional 20 feet before ending, where you would either have to backtrack or jump down (what is beyond that you can't see from here). The style and etchings in the crown suggest that it is a bit of an older item, but not super old. It is made up in a fashion that reached its heights about twenty years earlier. The diadem is not magical, but is worth some money because of its metals and the artistic weaving. It would not been worn by royalty or the like, but someone who had money. This may have once belonged to an unlucky, wealthy merchant. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon peers around the edge curiously. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 The ledge ends in a spot where you can jump down into another cavern, this one with a hut. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 "Psst, there's a hut down there," he hisses. Mortal Player04/21/2019 "This style was popular twenty years ago!" The gnome walks back and forth thoughtfully. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth comes up behind Raleon, getting as close he can without accidentally pushing the rogue off the wall, trying to get a view. "Think you found it." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon blushes a bit in the dark. Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome perks up and looks at Raleon. He places the diadem and the deer skull in his backpack and covers the light carefully. Then he creeps quietly over to Raleon and peeks into the next room with the hut. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 Not wanting to crowd the ledge, Thayrin holds back and simply keeps an eye out. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Perception check Since he is actively keeping an eye out As Thayrin glances about, he spots a little movement. Looking closer, he sees something lurking down there, small but out of the way. It was doing a pretty good job of hiding (15 stealth) but the 23 saw through that effort. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 blinking slowly he narrows his eyes on the small thing. something is lurking down there...its small and trying to hide from us. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon's hands get a touch warm for a moment before he clears his throat softly and slips back towards Artimus. "Do you still have that skill spell that helped me before with the locks? Wouldn't hurt to have it here..." Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth says, "MIght be a good time to give everyone a boost, so we don't give ourselves away." He glances at the man in heavy armor(edited) Mortal Player04/21/2019 the gnome backs away from peeking as well, "yes," he whispers to Raleon quietly. "I can only Enhance one person," the gnome whispers, "Or I can give one person Protection from Evil and Good, but it's a choice between the two." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 "I would rather not have to fight them disappearing back and forth than some extra protection," Raleon shakes his head. He nods towards Reth. "Sounds like a good idea." Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 After spending a tick looking at it he slinks back with a frown Thayrin messages Reth after tapping him lightly on the shoulder. "There is a small winged scorpion like thing down there??? not sure what it is...any idea what that could be?" Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth squints for it Perception (21), spots it Religion (4--rolled a 1). He shrugs. "No idea." Then casts pass without trace on everyone. +10 to stealth Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome pulls out his Wand of Enhance Ability and taps Raleon with it. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 So Raleon has advantage on dex (Assuming going for dex), giving him both advantage and +10 on stealth. >> Art can make a perception check with advantage (as Thayrin can point to where it is at) Mortal Player04/21/2019 The gnome steps back and strokes his beard thoughtfully, "hmm" "It's an imp," he whispers. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon takes a deep breath, turns towards his brother and kisses his cheek. "Wish me luck," he says cheekily before skillfully slipping down the plateu.(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Raleon does such a good job disappearing, his shadow can't figure out where he went 2 2 Mortal Player04/21/2019 "It could be a familiar, or it could be here to collect Forthold's soul. It seemed like it was hiding, so it is probably keeping an eye out... although I suppose in theory it could be spying on the hags..." Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 who needs luck when you have skill? He looks away briefly from Ralon to glance toward Art. "did you say imp? is that going to be an issue?" After message sent, he turns his sight back toward the area his brother ghosted off to. Mortal Player04/21/2019 "They have nasty temperaments, and, of course, the stinger tail is poisonous. They probably also have some fiendish resistances of some sort. Hmm, yes..." the gnome turns around, "you should be careful Ral- where did he go? - Oh!" "He should be careful, if it is a familiar and he disturbs it, it might alert the wizard or warlock it belongs to that something is wrong." The gnome peers at Thayrin anxiously. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 Reth grunts, says to Thayrin, "Tell him to keep his eye on the prize." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon glances towards the imp for a moment, wets his lips cautiously, then decides to avoid it completely. He slips beside the hut and tries to find a place to "peer" inside. Disgruntled Tea04/21/2019 "I will pass that info along to him Art." He nods slightly signaling he heard Reth. So Art says that thing could be major issues if it is a familiar....and Reth says to keep your eye on the prize. I have a feeling your going to be more inclined to listen to the sexy ranger. If there was a possibility for his tone to have a smirk, his tone was dripping in it as he spoke to his twin. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 As he slips into the hut, he can smell a mixture of awful things. Sulfur. Rotting flesh, decay, other sour smells. The hag is in there, working on something, cutting up strange, foul smelling plants and putting them into pots. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon's face flushes for a moment as he mentally sends an image of him flipping him off before he refocuses, silently drawing in a deep breath--realizes this was a mistake--refraining from gagging--and wiggling his fingers. Crouching, he creeps closer, searching for his target and making sure they're alone. Before going in for the bold strike. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/21/2019 Raleon creeps in and grabs the heart, but as he draws even closer, his oversensitive nose overclouds his senses and gags loudly. The hag turns with a frightful glare as his hand closes around her stone heart necklace. He senses her glare and gives a soft, whimpering laugh, waving before ripping the heart off her neck and disengauging with a swift flash out of the hut. Acies ab Vesania04/21/2019 So, the adventuring group (called the harem by some) have successfully navigated through the cave network, coming across a bit of a short cut to the hag's lair. Throughout the caves they found more of those vargouilles, dangerous creatures whose stunning screech can lead to an wanted kiss of death (seriously, always get consent folks). They made short work of them, using clever distractions to ambush the brutes while they were attempting to feast on a woman who wasn't there. After, they used the short cut to send in their rogue to steal away the hag's special heartstone, a charmed necklace that grants her the power to become ethereal at will. Unfortunately, as Raleon closed his fingers around it, the awful smell caused him to utter just a little gag, enough to spin her around and face her foe. Raleon, wasting no time, snatches and disengages, trying to get out of there as quickly as he can. What will that hag do? What of the imp? Where is the Nightmare? Are there more hags? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  7. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 When we last left off, our heroes were looking into the plague of nightmares spreading through this small, quiet town. They had just found out that a man, who murdered his family, took his own life. There were some red flags with his death that caused the others to suspect that this death was not all that it seemed. Through continued investigations and excellent researching by Art, they were led to believe that the threat was likely a Night Hag, a fiend that frequents the material plane and the hells, corrupting souls through nightmares so that she can pluck them and turn them into larvae, which are a delicacy among devils. They also determined that the likely new target was a woman named Helvetia, and after casting protection from evil on her within the church, extracted the fiend, who fled out of the church atop a Nightmare, another fiendish creature. Reth is preparing to go track it down under the effects of an etherealness oil, while Art gets some rest to change up his spells, and others prepare. Game open! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon sighs softly to himself as he hears the clip-clops of the nightmare's hooves out of the church. "I suppose that's our cue to let loose the hound," says the elf as he turns towards his brother. "Tell Reth he should leave immediantly rather than our previous plan."(edited) The elf then turns on his heel and gestures to the others inside of the church, bundled for protection as if one would for warmth in the winter. He raises his arm to address the crowd with a soothing tone, the other hand still on his sword, "Fear not citizens of (what's the name of this town again?)... We have the situation under control. The threat has now left, and we shall be in persuit of it shortly. Please remain calm."(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Dropping his hand from the hilts of his blades, the silent elf draws his gaze from the place the hag had disappeared toward his brother when he spoke. He nods and heads over to the silent ranger with a small smile before messaging him. "looks like your up hag hunter. try not to get swept off your feet with their gorgeous looks and get back in one piece." Mortal Player04/07/2019 Artimus turns towards Sir Knox and Brother Aminu, "Do you know what that flaming horse was?"(edited) Ayden04/07/2019 "Nightmare!" There is an obvious scowl on his face as he answers Artimus. "It's called a Nightmare." He's still in awe after witnessing everything. Mortal Player04/07/2019 The gnome waits a beat, then says, "Okay... but what are they? What do they do? And is there anything we might want to do to be prepared for them?" The gnome pulls out a paper and quill and looks at Knox with a combination of hope and expectation. "And what do flaming horses have to do with dreams?!?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "No, no, Artimus, the creature is called a Nightmare," explains the elf as he approaches the two of them.(edited) Mortal Player04/07/2019 "So you've dreamed about them as well?" asks Artimus. Ayden04/07/2019 "They are called Nightmares. They are called upon by dark fiends as a steed of sorts. I believe they help the fiend travel to the ethereal, and resist fire." he pauses and shutters before cracking his neck. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon blinks, taken aback for a moment at Artimus' sudden daftness. "N-no.... I don't dream technically Artimus, I'm an elf... We trance." Mortal Player04/07/2019 scritch scritch scratch "mm-hm," the gnome nods as if diagnosing a patient, "So 'hallucinations' interesting." He stops and looks at Raleon, "This could be a problem depending on how intelligent these horses are. I don't think we will be able to follow them into the ethereal." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon "stares" at Artimus as if he was given the wrong answer to a simple question and shakes his head. "No, little one. I do not vividly dream, I undergo mental practices that clear the mind and reset my body. It is similar to what you all would perceive as meditation." Ayden04/07/2019 Knox looks at Artimus than back to the father who banished the Hag from the possessed body. "Do you know a way we can track it?"(edited) Mortal Player04/07/2019 scritch scraaatch "Ah yes, visions, possibly not unlike those rumoured to be achieved by a Shaman." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon waves his hand over his nose and coughs at the overwhelming scent of sulfer, "Well if anything he can follow the smell of it..." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth grunts. "Smell dissipates too quickly." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon lets out a soft noise and grabs his heart. "Seriously! I'm getting you a bell!" Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Thayrin snickers softly though their link as he casually walks up to his brother while brushing off his hands. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth grunts again, but then disappears as the oil takes effect 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon flips off someone in a random direction, possibly all directions.(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 He snickers again softly before crossing his arms and tilting his head. so what did i miss while I was helping out our now silent and invisible Reth? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Apparently we're Shamens according to Artimus because we trance and Knox says the mount she rode off on is called a Nightmare, pretty strong mount with fire abilities. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Well..." says the gnome as he packs up his paper and quill. A small mechanical bird takes the quill from Artimus before vanishing back into the backpack. "I'd better get ready for what is to come." He stretches, picks up his pack and makes for the Inn (and his room) for the usual rituals. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 so do i need to outfit my staff with some feathers and a rattle of sorts and start mumbling nonsense? He grins and looks toward the Art as he heads out with a small amused smirk and shake of his head. Nightmare you said? With fire abilities to go with...sounds like something that will be a pain and a half. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Just as I am the Lord of Bubbles, you too shall assend to a position of mad power. Raleon smirks as he usually does in random conversations with his brother. "Ah, yes you have to go prepare your mind for spell casting, right? Have a good rest. My brother and I will have a stroll around town, see if we can find something useful. Do you think they have a tailor around here?" Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Just around the corner, building in pale blue, 'The Outfitters'. Can't miss it." And the gnome is out the door. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon blinks. "Well that's convienent.... I was going to ask Kylah--Do you think she's still asleep? Humans don't sleep that long normally do they?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 When the Gnome enters the inn, the innkeeper waves him over. "Hey, your friend left something for you." He is waving a slip of paper. Mortal Player04/07/2019 Artimus arches an eyebrow and walks over, "What friend is that?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Shaking his head at his ever silent brother he drags him along to go clothes shopping. "Come-on, we need to repair our stuff and sell somethings." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "The pretty, crass one." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 He shrugs and willingly is drug along by raleon. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Where are they headed first? Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Oh. Well, Thank You!" Artimus will take the slip of paper and read it. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 The note says, "Hey: I'm sorry, but there is something I must do. I hope I can catch up to you at the capital, but I'm not sure. Don't wait for me. I hope to see you all again soon. Kylah." Looking around, Thayrin spots a sign that has a picture of a red ruby on it. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 you said you wanted to sell some of those rocks we have been dragging around? Looks like I have spotted a place to do that. he gestures with his head. Ayden04/07/2019 Knox looks around the church and at the father while still in the church. He approaches, "Do you have anything that may aide me or my friends in this hunt against this evil?" He wasn't sure of the church could help them or not, if they had anything of use or not, but it was worth a shot. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Father Aminu ponders for a moment. "I have some blessed water. It is said to be effective against undead. Perhaps the same could be said against fiends, though I am not sure."(edited) Mortal Player04/07/2019 The gnome pockets the paper. "I'll be renting for a few nights at least." And pays for three more nights (5 sp per night, 150 cp total for three nights). 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 The elf blinks and nods. "Mm, yeah we should likely do that first. Let's go there." Raleon agrees as he heads off towards into the jewelry store. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 The inside of store is filled with low sitting display cases, low apparently for a reason: the shop's owner is a halfing woman. She is sporting a leather jacket probably made from deer hide and wearing some pants that are a bit tight over the bulge of her belly--she seems to have not missed any meals recently. Her hair is up high and tight, kept neat without a curl or lock out of place. When you both walk in, she gives you a quick look up and down and says, "Welcome. Have a look around." The innkeeper takes the excessive copper and loads it into a pot kept nearby. "Thank you. Three more nights." Mortal Player04/07/2019 The gnome nods and heads to his room. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon smiles kindly to the woman and approaches the desk. "Greetings. I was actually looking to possibly sell some pieces we've come into possession in our travels. Would you be interested in looking at jewels?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 She reaches into a pocket and pulls out a little glass viewer for magnifying gem facets. "Of course, I am always looking into some new potential pieces." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon gestures for Thayrin to pull up their bags and takes a moment to search with his hands inside. From within he pulls forth: 9 banded agate worth (10 gp each), a Bloodstone small bracelet worth (25gp), 4 white onyx (50 gp each), 3 carnelian (50 gp each), and a large silver bracelet (250gp).(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 As she looks over the stones, she nods. "These are decent, they would be usable in some lower end pieces for middle class folks. The bracelet is nice. These Onyx are better, I can do something a bit higher end with those, as well as your carnelians." She actually cracks a smile at the large silver bracelet. "This is nice, all it needs is some polish." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon smiles with her. "We're doing some charity work you see. A town west of here, Chiwak, has been destroyed by a dragon and we're traveling about to collect funds to rebuild the town."(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 She frowns. "That's terrible. Come think of it, I think someone did come through here mentioning having seen a dragon. I thought he was pulling my leg. Hmm. Well, I'm willing to give you 215 gold for the lot. On hand, I can give you 65 gold and a bank note you can cash in at the capital for another 150 gold. " Mortal Player04/07/2019 Once in his room, Artimus takes the time to make use of his current spell selection... which includes 'Sending' before resting for his new spells. He pulls an amulet out from beneath his shirt and holds it in the air. He walks about the room hold the amulet up here and there before smiling slightly, "Gnidnes." The amulet begins to spin in place, "Kylah, please confirm: your departure on urgent business, possibly reconvening at capital by responding to this 'Sending' spell using twenty-five words or less." Artimus places the amulet back around his neck, waiting a moment for the reply if any.(edited) Ayden04/07/2019 Knox nods to Father Aminu. "Some holy water would go a long way for my friends and I. If you could spare some, I would be willing to pay the church in return." Mortal Player04/07/2019 The Sending used 23 words. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Father Aminu shakes his head. "No need to pay. Your service is enough. I have three vials available. Let me get them for you." Ayden04/07/2019 The paladin nods and respectfully waits for him. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 He takes a few minutes, and soon returns with three small flasks filled with water. Knox can sense a bit of something about them. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon arches a brow and leans down on the counter, "Come now, that's all you can do for us? We've saved whole towns and many lives, and we will be doing much more with this trade's profit. Surely you can see the value in such items, we're offering you a fair trade. Can't you offer us a better deal for the sake of Chiwak? They have nothing, and the dragon may come here soon as well."(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 She shrugs. "I'm running a business, not a charity. I'm sorry about what happened to those people, but I have to keep this place running too. But if it'll make you feel better, I'll give you 250. Take it or leave it. 75 now, 175 in credit slips."(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 He tilts his head slightly in thought while listening to his brother barter it out with the shopkeeper. for some reason, he seemed off his game today. Usually all Raleon had to do was batt his pretty lashes and smile for people to be coerced into whatever he was asking. A brief thought popped into his head causing his thoughts to come to a stuttering pause before he shook himself back into the present time. might as well take it. It still is better than lugging around stuff that is not of use to us at the moment. or we could sell the rocks and keep the rest to pawn off on some desperate person. its your call. Ayden04/07/2019 Knox pokes his eye with cork of the vile as he looks it over. He thought he saw something, but now he sees nothing. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 His eye is watery after accidentally poking himself. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 A frown touches his pale lips then a long moment passes as he's thinking. Eventually, he sighs, straightening up. "Alright, fair is fair." As such he takes the gems back. "If I have to head to the bank anyways, I may as well see what they have to say for it. Good day." With this he leaves to the tailor he was directed towards from Artimus.(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 The halfling waves dismissively as you leave. "Your loss."(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Thayin simply smiles slightly to the lady before giving her a small wave of goodbye and following after his brother.(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 The tailor is called "The Outfitters" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon enters the tailor's doors, curiously peeking his head in. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Middle aged woman running the shop. Basic clothing, mostly utilitarian kind of stock (good for work, everyday wear). The work is simple in appearance, but seems decently well made 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon looks over the clothes and runs his fingers over the cloth in thought. "Do you think these would fit a wood elf, around..." he takes a moment to measure against himself. It's clear he struggles with this for a moment, being blind and all. "This...high? Toned, but lanky build. He's our ranger and tends to be a bit rough on his clothing. I was hoping to find something for him." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 She frowns a little. "I have a few outfits in that size for the smaller men of the community"(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon tries his best to hide a snicker. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 an amused grin finds its way to Thayrin's face as he listens in. buying clothing for Reth now? first you pry the sticks out of his hair, now your dressing him in better clothing. your gonna get another tiger tossed at us at this rate. Ayden04/07/2019 Knox takes his leave from the church and secures the vile before returning to the Inn. Not seeing the others, he assumes the others are still out. He hoped Reth was doing alright. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 The rogue smiles kindly and says, "I'm sure your measurements would work better than mine... How many do you have and how much are they?" He glances towards Thayrin with a glare. "Sh-Shut up, Thayrin. You know as well as I do he's likely never to do this himself. Besides... I thought it might be a nice thought." Raleon scratches behind his neck. "I was thinking maybe a hunter's knife too... Something to help skin the pelts when we hunt." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "I think I have a few in stock over there in both everyday wear and in work clothes. The everyday ones are thinner and cost 5 silver, while the work clothes are thicker and have better reinforcement in their threading and cost a gold each." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 quite out of character the assassin did in fact shut up. instead he merely blinked and raised a brow at his twin. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "I'll take the work clothes, he'll tear through the others faster than a child hopped up on sugar in a mud puddle," he joked softly. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Alright, 1 gold each. I have 3 that will probably fit" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 He thinks for a moment and nods. "I'll take all 3, thank you," he places down the exact coin. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Thank you for your pateonage." She smiles. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 He nods, takes the clothing and packs them away into his bag, heading towards the blacksmith and the inn afterwards, assuming that his brother followed afterwards.(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 The sign for the smith has a picture of a sword made of a black material, painted to be glossy. Looks like obsidian. For the same of brevity, Raleon purchases his hunting knife for 2gp and heads back to the inn with Knox. None of them have seen Kylah at this point. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Speaking up for the first time since being told to shut up, he quarks a questioning look towards Raleon. don't you find it strange that is quite late in the day, and we still have yet to see or hear from our lovely bard? Ayden04/07/2019 Knox takes a seat opposite the wall he attacked earlier. He too starts to realize he hadn't seen Kylah yet. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon looks up towards his brother. I do... But maybe humans have to recharge? Remember that time that Jeffery was asleep for 3 days? Though it doesn't hurt to ask if she's been wandering around. He approaches the innkeeper. "Hey, Mister? Have you seen our bard companion? Last we checked she was in her room still. We have a lot to catch her up on." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Oh her? She left here earlier. Left a note, I gave it to your Gnome friend." Ayden04/07/2019 Knox turns as he hears the others and about the note that peaks his interest. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 The elf blinks. "Huh... Alright, guess we'll get it from him when he wakes up then. In the mean time, what do you have to drink?" a cheeky grin leaks on his face. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Ale, mead, some wine." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Mead? did he just say Mead? He seems to perk up at the mention of his favorite choice of booze. Ayden04/07/2019 Knox joins the others. "I was able to get these bikes of holy water from the church. It might help us." he says as he shows them the vile. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "I'll take some wine. Oh and some mead for the puppy behind me, wagging his tail like a booze hound," he snickers. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Glass of wine, mug of mead, 2 silver Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 puppy? I don't see knox here....wait....did you just call me a dog? Im not even graced with a feline like animal this time? my how i have fallen in your graces. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon grins behind his shoulder and grabs the tankard. "Does that mean you Don't want this mead? I'll drink both of them you know." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 A almost kicked puppy expression crosses the assassins face. what? no. I want it. don't keep my favorite vice from me. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 He turns to Knox. "I've got some holy water right here too." He raises their mugs and drinks deeply from the wine glass with a parched sigh. "Lovely...Honestly though, that's a good idea. We'll be facing fiends here soon. Good on ya." The twin smirks evilly to his twin. "Then admit you're a booze hound." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 a love of booze i have never denied. being a dog on the other hand. he frowns and crosses his arms after he flops down on a chair next to his twin. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 So, everyone gets their drinks. You wait for a while. It's getting to be about the peak of dinner time when the ranger comes back into the tavern, boots covered in mud, some new twigs in his hair. He doesn't seem to care. When he spots your table, he comes and sits down. Even over the din of conversation in the tavern, you can hear the innkeeper groan as Reth leaves mudprints.(edited) "Easy tracking her down. She's got a cave about twenty minutes walk out of town, off a trail in the woods. Cave network maybe. I took a peak inside. Saw the damnedest thing. Flying heads. They had bat wings where their ears are supposed to be. Decided to leave it at that and come back." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 The moon elf hears the familiar squish of mud and smell of the ranger. "Ah! Reth, you're back. How did it go?" Raleon asks with an enthusiastic smile, the glasses of wine and mead long gone. "Flying heads?" The twin nods and strokes his chin with his thumb in thought. "I see. You've done well. Would you like a drink before we head off or save it for when return with their heads?"(edited) Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 he blinks in confusion before shaking his head at the head comment. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Art not up yet? Might as well have an ale then." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon knocks on the table and raises his hand, standing up to meet with the keep. "Aye! Can we get an ale for the parched ranger, please?" Ayden04/07/2019 Knox joins in as they wait for Artimus. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Ale, 5 copper, coming up." Followed by grumbling along the lines of "parched? More like messy." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 He grinned. "Like you wouldn't believe..." remarks the rogue as he pays, takes the mug and makes his way back. "Thanks, old man!" Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Theyrin snickers and looks over at Reth. "been playing in the mud again? my brother may or may not toss a bar of soap at you soon." he reaches over and pulls a stick from the rangers hair with a smirk. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 He snorts. "I said she was off trail." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 The mug slides over the table towards Reth as he approaches with his hand on his hip. "I expected as much when he came back. As long as he came back alive. Just make sure to knock off the mud on your boots when you come inside next time. Less work for the geezer, you know?"(edited) Ayden04/07/2019 Knox pulls the vile and shows Reth. "Any luck tracking out? The church gave me some holy water just in case. "(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "I found her den. She's just got a lot of weird pets in there." He shrugs. "You two are gonna want to be careful, if the plan is still to sneak in and get that stone off her before we go attack. I think when we go in as a group, we're gonna be stuck fending those things off." He looks at the paladin. "He's not very quiet." Ayden04/07/2019 "What do you mean, weird pets? Anything dangerous?" he asks curiously, not bothering to even argue about not being quite. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 tin can quiet? NOooooooOOOOooo he chuckles softly. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "I said, flying heads with bat wings coming out their ears." "Just flying around in there." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Have you ever known us to be loud?" Raleon grins at him. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth smirks. "When a tiger jumps you." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon pouts. "You can't hide behind that bag forever..." Ayden04/07/2019 An image of decapitated heads with bat wings fill his mind and causes him to shutter. "I've never heard of such a thing, maybe Artimus would?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth shrugs. "We can ask him. Where's the bard? She still sleeping?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Apparently she left a note for us, but Arty has it." Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 he sighs softly and shakes his head slightly, favoring instead to simply lean back in his chair and observe the conversations of his friends. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 What's up with you? Raleon arches a brow at his twin. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 We'll skip again. Everyone is given some stew for dinner (comes with room). After 11pm, Art is back up and feeling ready. Mortal Player04/07/2019 Artimus goes to find the rest of the party in the Inn. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon is playing his violin happily and tapping his foot. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth nods to Art Mortal Player04/07/2019 The gnome says, "Let's discuss our final preparations in my room." Artimus turns round and heads to his room and waits for everyone to arrive. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth gets up and follows 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon packs up and the twins are soon to follow. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "What did you discover Reth?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 When in the room, Reth relates to Art what he already told the others. "Tracked her to a cave network. Weird pets in there, flying heads with by wings out of their ears." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Think they might be more fiends?" Mortal Player04/07/2019 There are books piled up all around the gnome's room. And he moved among the stacks with practiced ease. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Beats me. Maybe." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon nearly trips over a pile books, it wabbles and he catches it in time. "Where did these all even come from?" Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Thayrin eyes the piles of books with concern as he too nearly trips over a stray book. what in the realms? where did he spawn all of these from? the abyss??? Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Most came from Albrun." The gnome picks up a book sitting on top of one of the stacks and thumbs through it quickly to a page. "did they look like this?" He asks Reth. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth squints at it. "Yep, that's it." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Getting a glance at the book's title from Thayrin's gaze Raleon's brow furrows. "More fiends..." he mutters with concern. Mortal Player04/07/2019 The gnome nods and shows the others that can see, "Vargouille. They have a stunning sonic attack and a kiss that curses the victim to turn into one of them." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth snorts. "Guess they're no prince charming." Mortal Player04/07/2019 "How many of them were there?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 He shrugs. "I saw a few, but that cave went deep. Might have had more in there." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "No one wants to kiss that bride." Raleon remarks before returning to the subject at hand. "Has anyone noticed the high concentration of fiends here? It seems everything we run into there are fiendish beings in the works. The hounds, the nightmare, the goblin mutts, the priest, and now these heads? Something seems off..." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth chuckles. "That'd be an ugly bride." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Maybe they're the only ones who'd marry the hags," he suggests. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "I suspect that they would stun victims with their sonic attack and then swoop in to land a big fat kiss." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Gross..." his nose scrunches up. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 he chuckles and signs to the group. "maybe they are just trying to get ahead of the typical marriage motif" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth snickers 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon actually gags from something. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth asks, "Plan still to let the sneaks get in there and take her special necklace?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "Regardless, does anyone else think this whole collection of fiends in the area is strange? Don't you think there might be a bigger picture here besides the dragon?" he suggests again. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Yes. I do think there is an awful lot of fiendish activity taking place all around the Kingdom."(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 "Doubt the hag is gonna tell us much about it." Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Actually some of that activity was Fey - evil Fey." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth nods. "Yeah, kept spilling out of that grove." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "They're all nonsense and crazy anyways," Raleon shakes his head. "Yes, but there was also a lot of fiends. As I said, the hell hounds with Alls-burnt, the posessed priest, the feind goblin dogs, the nightmare, and these head creatures." Mortal Player04/07/2019 "But the activity was far too deliberate to be by chance and we never caught the one responsible." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "5 different instances? It's no coincedence at this point." Raleon stands. "Let's head out, I want to see if the hags have any information on this lead. They deal with demons right?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 People heading out? Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Okay, I'll take Remove Curse as one of my spells. I'm not so sure you can get the hags to talk." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "I meant through their belongings and what they leave behind through evidence. Everyone leaves some kind of trail." Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Ah, okay." The gnome nods. "I don't have a good plan for dealing with a swarm of these Bat Heads. Do you want me to have a spell in reserve to deal with them?" Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 hope he has that doom fire spell of his. could easily wipe out a swarm of heads...and possibly us but hey we been though it before. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon rubs his chin in thought. "A large burst of damage would be nice. The big fire one is always appreciated." The twins grin at the thought of it. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Hmm. Okay." The gnome closes the book. thump "Any ideas about the sneaking part?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth says, "I have a spell to help with that. Might not be enough for our walking armor man, but it will help these two get through with ease." he nods towards the twins. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Are you suggesting that we split the party?" Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 He shrugs. "Maybe. Or send them ahead of us" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "We can do that," Raleon nods Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 So what is the party doing? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 Raleon will head out, after asking if Knox can prepare more holy water. Disgruntled Tea04/07/2019 Thayrin simply goes over his equipment and does some basic maintenance on his gear while listening to the planning. He glances up every once in a while to show he was paying attention before finishing and following after his brother. Mortal Player04/07/2019 "Okay," Artimus will finish preparing his spells and setting up his protections. He'll pay the stable hand to keep his pony and meet up with the others to head out. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth leads you guys out. As he said, it quickly goes off path and starts going through thick foliage and vegetation. Because he is a ranger, he leads you through it without having to slow down, but people's boots are getting a bit muddy. Soon enough, you are outside a cave entrance, about 8ft tall and wide, mostly circular in shape (not a perfect circle). Mortal Player04/07/2019 "One more thing of importance... Kylah left a note." Artimus shows everyone the note. Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 Reth glances at it, shrugs. "Too dark to read out here." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝04/07/2019 "I couldn't read it even it it were light." Acies ab Vesania04/07/2019 And so our intrepid group has made their way to the cave network where the purveyor of nightmares resides, housing a strange menagerie of pets ready to do her bidding. At this time, the group also learns from Art that the Bard has departed on unspecified business, saying she hopes to return at the capital. Now a little more short handed, they prepare to enter dangerous territory with a little less help and a lot less support magic. What is a hag like in her own home? Will the twins succeed in getting her stone out of her possession so she doesn't just phase out on them? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  8. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 When we last left off, our adventurers started their day late, waking closer to the afternoon. Raleon passed the time by taking an excessive bubble bath, while Knox and Art checked out the temple, the central hub of the town. Art learned of a strange and surprising murder case, where a man plagued by nightmares murdered his family without warning. On their way to question the fellow, they passed a kid standing by with a pale white expression whilst also learning he had killed himself. And this is where we pick up 1 1 Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 To Raleon: "It would be good to play with someone new. If you plan to be hear for a while, perhaps we can arrange something." Ayden03/24/2019 Knox looks concerned hearing the news of a suicide. Even if the man killed his family, he didn't feel death was a just punishment. Some deserved worse. But, with the rumors... He doubted the man did all of this willingly. "If it isn't too much, may I see the body?" Knox asks cautiously and respectfully. Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus looks at the youth with his mouth hanging open, "Excuse me what's your name?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Aminu says to Knox, "I would like to see this myself, you are welcome to follow." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "I'm not sure how long we'll be staying to be honest, I believe we planned to just pass through. down to the capital. I hear they have healers that may be able to fix my eyes and my brother's voice," Raleon offers a contemplating expression as he runs his thumb over his lips passively. Then he smiles. "Though it would be very nice to sleep in a bed just a few more nights... The road is such a hard one." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The young lad, perhaps around 10, says to Art: "Wh-wh-what? Me? I'm Jamus." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "You look like you've seen a ghost. Did you notice something?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The kid looks around, and though young, he is still taller than the Gnome, so he bends down and whispers, "I did. An ugly woman." He stutters again, then hitches as tears form in his eyes. "She looked at me, and did this." He puts a finger to his lips, the sign for shushing someone. "She just walked through the wall and went that way." He points back towards the inn. To Raleon: "Aye, I remember those days. Camping outside between towns. The ground is hard and cold, but I still miss it sometimes. Perhaps its just the nostalgia talking." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon chuckles. "I do love the quiet and thrill of the night, but the ground is not so welcoming. Nor were all the goblins we slew yesterday." Ayden03/24/2019 Knox overhears the boy speaking about, a ghost? "How long ago did she leave?" it was odd to hear this since it was still daylight out. It did make him curious though. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "Goblins? Bleh. Always hated running into them on the road. Small groups are manageable, but where you find a couple there are bound to be dozens more not far behind." The boy, still pale as a sheet, says, "Just before you got here." Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus glances towards the Inn, "Hmm. Can you tell me exactly what she looked like?" Ayden03/24/2019 Knox is even more concerned now knowing that his companions were still in the inn. Mortal Player03/24/2019 As he listens to the boy's description he studies the direction of the Inn.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Aye, we went out into their city. Turned out to be a whole hoard of em. They've been helped by some sort of outside force... Best to keep inside your town if you can manage. We dethroned the head," He draws his thumb across his neck with a click of his tongue. "But I'm afraid we coudn't get much out of the accomplace before he escaped. Damn shape shifters are sneaky bastards." Thayrin takes his usual post against a post/wall nearby, scanning around the inn for anything interesting. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "She was sort of see through. A ghost. I've told people before that I can see them, but no one believes me. She had black hair, long fingers." He shudders Knox tries to recall what he knows of ghosts. He thinks of beings that look like floating sheets. 3 Aminu pats the boy's shoulder. "Jamus has come to us before. He has... seen troubling things at times. He lost his mother when he was young, and he's struggled with that loss." The kid looks up at him. "You never believe me. But I saw her, an ugly woman, with red eyes!" "Huh, that explains why we've seen more of them as of late. They've been bold, attaching merchants more." (At Raleon) Ayden03/24/2019 Knox looks at Artimus. "One of us should head back to the inn and warn the others, the other investigate the body." he suggests rather seriously. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Well, we've cut their numbers short (40 of the bastards at least) and taken out thier leadership for now, so they should be humbled for a while at least," he sighed. "If only they'd stay humble." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The man raises his drink, "I agree." About that time, someone comes into the inn and takes a seat at the bar. Raleon's passive is high enough to catch part of the man's comments to the bartender, telling him that "You hear yet? Forthold killed himself." Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus nods, "Uh... okay. If you think that's best, then I'll investigate the body." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon frowns at the news. "Have things been tough around here recently?" Not that he could really suppose what happened. Ayden03/24/2019 Knox nods. A part of him wanted to check out the body, but it was probably wiser to let Artimus do it. With one last nod, Knox rushes off to the inn. Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus turns back towards the boy, "Do you want to go with Sir Knox?" The gnome gestures at the Paladin. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Rober lifts a brow as he turns and catches part of the conversation. "A lot of people having nightmares. Forthold apparently snapped after having his for weeks and killed his family. Guess he took the coward's way out instead of facing justice." The kid looks at the inn and vigorously shakes his head. "I'm going to go pray." and he takes off for the church 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon raises a brow and shades his head. "What kind of nightmares?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 The gnome blinks at the empty space Sir Knox occupied only a moment ago... then shrugs and turns toward Brother Aminu, "My friend has a strong work ethic.... Shall we?" The gnome gestures towards the Council House. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Aminu watches the kid leave, waiting until he sees him arrive at the church. He then starts walking towards the council hall. "Jamus is a good kid, but he didn't take the loss of his mother well. She was very ill for a long time, and it was scary for him. He didn't understand why she was in pain and felt powerless to do anything. His father wasn't much help." He pauses as he opens the door for the two of them. "Turned to drink to end his sorrows for a long time. His father's better now, but the lad, he says he sees things like ghosts. I've never heard him talk about this one, however." He contemplates it as he writes his name into a visitor log. "Usually he claims to see his mothers or others who have recently departed. Never this one." Knox comes bursting into the Inn like a holiday shopper after the last item on sale during black friday 3 Ayden03/24/2019 Knox looks around, checking before he even entered, for someone fitting the description of an ugly old lady. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Uh....well, if it isn't Tincan," Raleon remarks as he slowly turns towards the door with a start, relaxing a bit. "Did the door personally assult you this morning?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 No one in here fits that description. You see Raleon talking it up with someone. Thayrin sitting in the bar. Reth and the Bard not present. Ayden03/24/2019 "We have a report of a ghost in the area. Old ugly black hair red eyes heading this way." pausing, after one final look. "Seems like she didn't make it this far." he says towards Raleon and Thayrin. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Others in the inn look around, a mixture of concern and curiosity. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon slowly nods. "Riiiiight... Well, I haven't seen anything, so I guess we're fine." A smirk on his lips. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Meanwhile, back at the council house, Father Aminu speaks with a guard posted by a door, letting him know that he and his "associate" are hear to examine the body. The guard lets both of you into a small storage room converted to be a make-shift jail cell. It has a cot and a window. A blanket is tied to the window and now tied around the man's neck, where he still hangs. It appears no one has touched the body yet. Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus follows Brother Aminu into the Council House, stopping by the visitor's log where he carefully prints the name "Artimus" in the ledger, "I see. Out of curiosity, what would you and the Church do if there really were ghosts in Fairwallow?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "Well, we are trained to turn undead, but none of us are strong enough to outright destroy them. Ghosts would eventually return. I suppose the best option would be to find out what keeps them here and help them move on. In the meantime, we could keep people safe within the consecrated grounds of the church." Ayden03/24/2019 Know pays no mind to the others. "Artimus is investigating the death with the council." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth comes walking into the inn. Uses his thumb to point back over his shoulder. "Big crowd." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon blinks. "That's kind of fast... A man killed himself. Plauged with nightmares apparently." Raleon glances over towards Reth. Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Maybe we can search the library records to see if anything like this has ever happened before." Once inside, the jail cell. Artimus takes his time to carefully examine everything. From the bed to the window and attempts to piece together how exactly the man came to be hanging from the window. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "Small towns." Seemingly in answer to the that was fast. "Who died?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Some guy, Forthold, nightmares for weeks, killed his family, now himself," Raleon caught Reth up to speed.(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Art- investigation check for the room. Reth says, "Odd." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon takes a page from Reth and grunts in reply. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Art is thorough checking the room. There is not a lot to it. A cup and a bowl, both empty. The cup has water residue, nothing noteworthy. The blanket is tied in tight knots around the window bars. The cot looks like it might have been moved--scuff marks. And most odd of all, a faint smell of sulfur in the room Ayden03/24/2019 Knox sighs softly and nods to Reth who is now caught up to speed. "If this is a ghost, these people will need our help. I think we've handled worse." he laughs reluctantly, but also slightly manically as well. Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus examines the man to see if he can verify that the man died from being hung. He looks at the knots and then the cot. "What do you make of the manner of death Brother Aminu?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Aminu looks around the room. "It appears he hanged himself. I wish we would have known he might turn to this, then we could have had someone actively watching him." Art examines the body. Being untrained in medicine, he is unsure of what he is looking for exactly, but something strikes him as off about the body's presentation. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Let's see... Lizardfolk, goblins, shit stains, evil children eating fey, tree people, mushroom zombies, corrupt driad, possessed priest, goblin hoard...yeah seems to be up our alley," Raleon counts on his fingers Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth snerks, almost laughing "We sure it's a ghost?" Ayden03/24/2019 Knox shrugs. "I'm not sure of much anymore. But the kid seemed spot on." Knox added as he looked at Reth. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth says, "Can't you sense that stuff?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus commits the entire scene to memory for recereation later, he explains to Brother Aminu... "Aha! but tell me Brother Aminu, do you not see.. the cot has been moved and he is 'hanging' in a sitting position. Does this not strike you as odd?" Artimus inhales a deep breath of air, "And do you smell that? Sulphur! Something out of the ordinary has transpired here." The gnome carefully observes Brother Aminu's reaction.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon quirked a brow at Reth and whispers. "He's blinder than me...." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Brother Aminu is taking it in, nodding. "This does seem odd. But who would have come in here? How did they get past the guard?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Tell me Brother Aminu... how does a man hang himself... while sitting down?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He taps his chin. "I assumed that perhaps he lowered himself and just suffocated." Ayden03/24/2019 Knox glares at the two before using his divine sense to see if anything is off in the Inn. He wasn't sure why he didn't think of that earlier. "sometimes." he adds before looking around. Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Hmm. What man could suffocate himself in such a way? Are you suggesting he was compelled?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "No, I just thought maybe he would have been distraught enough to just hang there and die. But it is odd." He looks at the body, kinda shrugs. "I am trained in medicine to help others, but I admit that I have not done much with examining bodies." (medicine 9)(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 One of the two of you make a persuasion check. You can make it with advantage since two of you are working together. The man looks at you all. "I have my orders. You got to get the okay from the council or from Father Aminu." He cross his arms. Tries to suck in his belly and look important. Mortal Player03/24/2019 "I'll have to make some suggestions to the librarians," mutters the gnome, when he happens upon just the book he was looking for! "Ah... well... here we are." Artimus carefully examines the book and decides he can't be too careful. He Detects Magic on the book, then Protection from Evil and Good on himself - just to be extra safe - and opens the book, "Evil Entities from Beyond", and begins the next stage of his research.(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Another investigation check to see if he happens upon anything useful 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon sighs and tries again. "Our group already got permission from the Father, otherwise our friend Artimus wouldn't be with him now would he?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He is adamant. "He was with him. I have my orders." Chin up, defiant. Reth is annoyed. Asks Knox, "Where is this guy?" Ayden03/24/2019 "The dead guy is inside his cell from my understanding. It sounds like Artimus and Father Aminu might have left. " Knox looks at the guard. "can you tell us where they went at least? " Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "He took your friend to the library at the church." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Not like he'll be moving anywhere fast..." Raleon comments. "Have you seen a child named Jamus?" Ayden03/24/2019 Knox nods. "Thank you." looking back to the others, he hears Raleon ask an important question.(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The man shrugs. "Jamus? Ghost kid? No." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Right. Pleasure," he comments to the guard (with sarcasm) and heads off towards the church with the others.(edited) Ayden03/24/2019 Knox follows Raleon. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The others arrive at the church. Knox sees Jamus sitting at a pew, hands in a prayer formation 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Thayrin also has tagged along behind his brother, silent as ever. Ayden03/24/2019 Knox accepted it and sits besides the boy. Looking over the pamphlet, he finally speaks. "I believe you." his voice is low and for Jamus. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The boy looks up, whispers, "Thank you." Knox also spots Father Aminu talking to some acolytes. Ayden03/24/2019 Knox pats the kid in the head before approaching Father Aminu. The paladin waits until the man is done speaking with his acolytes before talking. "Is Artimus here?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon seems, almost awkward in the church. He scratches the back of his head. He takes a glance around to see what Reth is doing. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He looks over. "Oh, yes. He is in the library. I left him to it, he seemed really happy to be there." "Is everything at the inn okay?" Ayden03/24/2019 Knox shakes his head. "I fear not. I sensed a fiend at the Inn. I think the boy may have mistaken it for a ghost, but I'm not sure." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Should we talk to the kid?" the taller elf asks the ranger. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth shrugs, "I'm not good with kids." Father Aminu's eyes widen. "A fiend? Are you sure?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Who are you good with?" Raleon teases with a light hearted smile.(edited) Ayden03/24/2019 Knox nods. "I am. It was quick, I couldn't destroy it before it had the chance to flee. Do you know anything about this?" He asks curiously. "It was invisible to the eye." He says, as if to himself. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "Get me back in the woods and maybe I'll show you." Father Aminu shakes his head. "I know fiends have many abilities, but I am not well versed in their kind. I know of the mother's teachings, and have had little to do with fiends and their awful ilk." Ayden03/24/2019 "I am struggling as well. Does the church have anything that could aid me while on this path?" Knox asks 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon rolls his eyes and flicks at his forehead as perhaps an older brother would do. "Nah, I like you in the city, where you can't disappear at a moment's notice." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "I can too." Aminu looks at Knox, "We have some texts, but finding them is another matter." Reth speaks up, "Ask him about seeing the body." The kid flinches 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon's cheeks seem to puff as if to say 'please don't'. He then approaches the kid with a friendly, sympathetic smile. "Hello, you must be Jamus? I hear you've seen some scary stuff..." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 (Reth is speaking to Knox) The kid looks at the elf. He scoots away a bit, but then says, "You have pointy ears." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon chuckles a bit and squats down. "I sure do, but I don't have any pointy fangs." He pulls out his cheeks to show his regular teeth in an almost silly manner. "Would you like to touch them?" his ears twitch and jingle with his peircings. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The kid reaches up and touches them, then laughs 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon smiles at him. "My name is Raleon. Have you never seen an elf before?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He shakes his head (Raleon does not see). Says, "Only humans. I've heard of elves." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "I'm what they call a lunar elf, we come from a far off land called the Feywild. It's very pretty. The grumpy fellow back there is also an elf, but he's called a wood elf. He's from the woodland area to the north of here. He protects the forests. Together we've started up a group that protects good people from bad stuff. We were told that some bad stuff might be going on around here and that you might know something that could help us?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The kid shrinks a bit (not visible to Raleon). "I saw a scary lady. She looked like a ghost." Whispering now. "I can see ghosts. They come and go, never for long. It started with my mom, and then others who died, I saw them leave. The scary woman, she's not from here." Reth goes up to Aminu. "Hey, I want to look at the body." Aminu seems taken aback. "Excuse me?" He says, "I'm with the gnome. I know a thing or two about bodies." It does not seem to occur to Reth that sounds wrong. Aminu says, "Okay..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Seems to me you have a special power. It's not bad to have abilities that others do not. It means that there are things that only you can do." Raleon demonstrates by growing a small flame between his hands, takes a paper from the pews, and passes his hand throgh the flame. The paper does not light no matter how long he keeps it there. "Never feel ashamed of your abilities, they'll help you grow, and allow you to help others." He tucks the paper back into the pew. "You said that she's not from around here?" Thayrin facepalms and almost seems to laugh at Reth.(edited) Thayrin approaches with Reth and signs to him. "You may want to explain you're a medicine guy and not some necropheliac." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth shrugs at Thayrin. Then grunts at the cleric, "I am trained in medicine." The cleric's face softens a bit. "Oh. Okay, Follow me." He moves to leave. The kid is grinning at Raleon. "That's cool!" "No, she's not from here. Never seen her before. She's really ugly, with long fingers and claws. Her hair is all stringy too." He pulls on his hair. It does not seem to have occurred to him yet that Raleon is blind. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon smiles at Jamus. "Thank you, people thought I was strange too as a kid, so don't worry about what others say about you. Sounds like that lady could use a make over. Is there anything else you can tell me about her?" Thayrin follows after the two, glancing back at Raleon for a moment then following them. Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus emerges from a back room into the Church.(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The kid says, "I don't like her. She gave me the creeps." Raleon is talking to Jamus. Thayrin and Reth are talking to a bemused Aminu, who was pointing back towards the council house. Knox is there Reth looks over at Art. Then looks back at Aminu. "Lead the way? Your doorman won't let us in." Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus walks up, "Hello! I'm glad you are all here! the most incredible thing has happened." "Brother Aminu, how secure is the Church from spirits, ethereal or attached to people?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He looks a bit surprised. "Ethereal?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Well reasonably enough, she's an evil lady. Knox saw her at the inn after you warned him. You did well," the elf praises. "Thank you for your time, Jamus. You stay here. I'm going to join my companions and see what we can do to get rid of the bad lady," Raleon says with a wave and carefully picks his way over towards the group. Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Yes, ethereal... it's a plane that coexists with the material plane." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He looks still a little perplexed. "And this has to do with the events?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 The gnome spots Jamus, "Oh right!" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth says, "We assuming ghosts are here and can answer our questions?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon strokes his lip again in thought. "Jamus says he's seen the ghosts of a few villagers here." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth gets a weird look. "You're not suggesting we..." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "But has he talked with any of them?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon arches a brow at Reth. "We what? Have ghosts around us?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 "I know the Night Hag communicated with him, but didn't use words to do so." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. He was worried the rogue was suggesting something else. "Hag's not a ghost." "She interacted with him?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 "She put her finger to her lips when she saw him notice her." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon nodded. "He's seen his mother and a few of the recently passed." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "She knows he can see her. We might not want to use him then. She'll take that into account." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "How else can we fight her then? It's not like we can throw flour at her." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "We can see what Jamus is willing to do to help, whether by communicating with ghosts, or by pointing her out to us in a battle. Either way we have to protect him at all costs." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "He's scared of her and reasonably so," adds the elf. Mortal Player03/24/2019 "There are a few other things we can do to detect them. They are fiends as opposed to fey, so Sir Knox should be able to detect them actually." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "I offered to track her once you flush her out." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon furrows his brows. "But even if we know where she is, if she's ethereal how can we hit her?" "He could detect her for a short burst, then lost her almost immediantly." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "She can't hit us when she is ethereal. If we encroach on her home, she'll defend it." "A wolf would retreat from a threat, but come to its den and it will fight to the death." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon ponders this for a moment then nods. "Alright. So what is the first step to flush her out?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Even if she defends her home, she won't die for it, will she?" "If she's losing the battle, she'll just pop into the ethereal plane and wait for us to leave." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth ponders another moment. "She should have a stone on her. I can't recall what they are called, but it lets her use some of her powers. If she loses it, she has to make a new one, and it takes a lot of time." (realized with his 20 on religion he would recall this bit of lore too). 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "If I can get close to her I might be able to snag it from her." Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus rummages in his backpack and pulls out a broken hag trinket, "That's right hags have trinkets..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon blinks. "Is that from the first hag we faced so long ago?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "They make those eyes in covens, but Night hags have something different, unique to them." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Yes." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon nods, impressed. He chuckles. "Y'all are making me feel like a brute with all your knowledge about hags." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth looks down. "My master knew a lot about them. Says he once encountered victims left by their wake." Mortal Player03/24/2019 The gnome turns the broken trinket over a few times and then says, "I remember now... The Night Hag trinkets are called Heart Stones. I assumed they were the same as other Hag's trinkets, so I glossed over that section. I should go back and read it." The gnome looks at Raleon, "I like the idea of you stealing the Haert Stone from her." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon's smile fades and he clasps a hand on his shoulder, squeezing softly. "Well now we're putting that knowledge to good use." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth grunts. "Yeah, that. They use those to go Ethereal. It's not a skill they have on their own." Mortal Player03/24/2019 The gnome looks at Raleon, "I think we have a plan of attack." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "....Could...anyone use them then?" Raleon furrows his brows. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 He shakes his head. "Only she can go ethereal with it, but I've heard you can use it to heal people or something. Maybe with illnesses?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon nods slowly. "Still useful." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Before we commit to this. I should read the section on the Heart Stone just to be sure there aren't any ill effects from you holding it or anything." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon shrugs then gives a devilish grin. "Don't want me going....rogue?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Uh..." the gnome looks nervous. "Yeah, that would be very, very bad for us."(edited) "Okay, so we force her out. She has no idea we can tell where she is. She has no idea who we are. We'll have complete and total surprise!" "We can do this at the Inn. And then..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon simply snickers, assuming he didn't get his pun. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth says, "We go flush her out. I track her. We go back later and wreck her place, make her come defend it. Rogues' priority is get the heart stone off her before we finish her off." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "We have to figure out how we're flushing her out first. We can either try and use our quirky tincan evil detector, or we protect Jamus and he can lead us around to find her. Once we find her, what are we supposed to do? The last time we tried to fight her, she just ran off." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Wait... you already tried to fight her?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Aminu chimes in (he's been quietly listening) "If Helvena is the next intended victim, it might clinging to her now." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Yes, at the inn, Knox bust down the doors to find us, saw her and tried to fight her, as soon as he swung at her, she dissappeared." "We should get going before something happens to her now then." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Oh. Well, I guess she'll recognize Sir Knox. Good to know." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "We'll figure it out from there. Reth, get ready to follow her," Raleon pulls out the flask of oil from his bag and hesitates. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth says, "We could have the kid outside.,he can tell me which ways she goes. Make it easier to get started." Mortal Player03/24/2019 "Okay, so final plan. We bring Jamus, if he's willing to come. We cast Protection from Evil and Good on Jamus and use Protection from Evil and Good on her to cast out the Night Hag. Then we have Reth track down the location of the den and have Raleon steal all the Heart Stones. Then we put an end to the threat." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon nodded slowly. "Reth follows her down and returns to us in town. We can return to the camp and attack there. Are you alright with doing this alone?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Reth nods. "You asked what I am good at." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "I'm good at disarming traps, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with a risk," Raleon reminds him. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 "Aye, all things come with risk. But if we don't take risk, we leave the town to her." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon sighs with defeat. "I know that; I don't doubt your skills, but..." he shakes his head and hands over the oil unwillingly looking at him with a strange look in his eyes. "This will take 10 minutes to apply properly. You do what you do best out there." He bites at the bottom of his lip and claps his hand on his shoulder for a moment. "I'm going to talk to Jamus. Good luck out there." A moment later Raleon's gone through the doors.(edited) Mortal Player03/24/2019 "All right. I guess we are in agreement." The gnome nods his head. Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 While you all are talking, the doors to the church open up. A middle aged woman who looks very tired, with short hair worn close to the scalp and some tattoos walks in. She is a familiar face, as she is from the inn. She calls out, "Father Aminu, I wanted to stop by and let you know I am taking off early. I had some bad dreams again last night, and well, they are getting to me. I decided to pack up and get out of here. I don't know what is going on in this town, but its just too much." She shakes her head. Meanwhile, little Janus is looking at her with eyes open WIDE, mouth slightly agape, and his hands turning white from holding on to the pew with such a grip. He is looking right at her. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 "Jamus?" Raleon calls out to the boy. "Can I talk to you for a moment?" Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 The kid is not answering 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon takes a moment to continue walking, his stride slowly a bit from his quick walk. "Jamus?" Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus elbows Brother Aminu and whispers, "Invite her in to pay her final respects and offer to say some prayers for her nightmares. Then we can , you know do our thing." Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 Aminu, trying to act natural, says, "I'm sorry to hear that Helvetia." "Would you like to come up here and say a prayer with me?" She ponders for a second and says, "Alright, sure. One for the road. That should be good." She comes up to the altar, where she kneels down. Aminu is not doing a good job of hiding his shaking hands. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Thayrin enters the room and Raleon's steps seem bolder, he passes the girl without a second thought towards Jamus. "You're still in these pews right?" his hand touches the pew, thoughtfully.(edited) Mortal Player03/24/2019 The gnome whispers to Reth and Sir Knox, "you can instant cast if I get messed up" Artimus will say some prayers with them, "I will pray with you. In the manner I know best that helps with bad dreams." And as he prays he beings the ritual spell....(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 She sits for a moment, but doesn't seem interested in staying for the time it takes to ritual cast, instead she stands up. "Alright Father, I think that's enough, I'm itching to hit the road." Father Aminu, acting impromptu, says, "Certainly. And may the blessings of the mother protect you from those of ill will." and he grabs his holy symbol, says a quick prayer and touches her. Several things happen at once. The hand touches her, and Aminu is blasted back off his feet (alive, but like he got shoved over) Helvetia collapses to her knees as the room is filled with the smell of sulfur A flash of bright orangish red light surrounds her and something steps out of her, stumbling out. Jamus is screaming Other people in the church are screaming As this enters the room: 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝03/24/2019 Raleon swiftly turns on his heel at the smell, hand on his blade.(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 She screams a deep, pained and angry scream. Then throws out her hand and in the middle of the room, a giant black steed appears, bathed in flames She then jumps on its back and screams in Abyssal (dunno if anyone speaks that) and charges at the door. As she approaches, she and the steed vanish, leaving behind flaming hoof prints Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus cast Dispel MAgic(edited) Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 need a roll Art attempts to dispel the effect, but it failed Mortal Player03/24/2019 Artimus turns to Helvetia, "Well, We found the source of your nightmares. Hopefully, that thing stops bothering you now." 3 Acies ab Vesania03/24/2019 This is where we will leave off. The group did great investigative work and uncovered inconsistencies with the scene. A young lad at the scene spoke of seeing a ghostly, ugly woman and that she went for the inn. The apparent suicide seemed off, and Art detected the faint smell of sulfur. He went back to the church library to check it out while Knox came back to the inn, searching for the "ghost." He then used his divine sense and realized that there was no undead there, but a fiend. He attempted to strike it, but it was to no avail, as his blade went through it. The rest of the group, intrigued by this news, went to go check in on the body themselves, but a stubborn guard named Gus would not let them pass. They instead went to make a case with Father Aminu, who was put in charge of the situation. In the meantime, Art discovered a book on fiends and found an entry on Night Hags, terrible creatures who go to and from the hells, using nightmares to corrupt people into evil acts, then turning their souls into larvae that they sell as delicacies to devils. Armed with this new information, the group reconvened and made a plan, only to have it a sprung a bit early when the suspected person carrying the hag arrived at the church, planning to leave early due to the nightmares. They got the father to call her in for a farewell prayer, and when she was itching to leave after a minute, he cast protection from evil on her, springing the creature free. Removed from the woman, the hag took her steed, a Nightmare, and went ethereal, fleeing back to where ever she resides. All that is left is a set of flaming hoofprints, and a shaken woman, whom Art Reassures. Where is she going? How did the hag get here? And will the group be able to take her down before she flees again? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  9. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 When we last left off, our group began searching the rooms and captives for goods and clues to their intentions. They found maps that revealed Albrun's ambitious intentions to take control of the entire eastern region, as well as logs detailing troop sizes numbering in the tens of thousands. Included among those maps were the goblin troops patrol routes, now making it a little easier to avoid their kind in the future, should the group wish to do so. However, when they went interrogate the Albrun and his unknown guest, the mystery man proved even more mysterious by transforming himself into a giant snake, killing Albrun and making an attempt to dash away, killed just as he reached the door. What powers he used to achieve this, especially without talking, remains unknown. Now, the group prepares to leave the Goblin keep, using Reth's recently acquired new spell, pass without trace, which will add 10 to everyone's stealth rolls. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox keeps his eyes open as the group preps to move out. The information they had was important, and disturbing all the same. The paladin tries to tighten down his armor and bag to avoid extra noise, but this heavy armor didn't make sneaking around easy. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome hoists his laden pack and moves to the throne room exit, where he waits for others to take the lead before following them. He brushes some of his curly hair back and frowns as he glances at his arm. He stays close to Reth. Mortal Player02/24/2019 As he waits for the group to assemble and move out, he sets his pack down, takes out a blight needle and an Iron Shadow Dart and sets to work removing a splinter from his hand with careful slow movements. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon stretches out his back and arms as he takes his place inside of the group's huddle, the newly acquired bottle of ale tied neatly onto his hip. He uses his brother's gaze to scout ahead, sending him forward to keep the group in touch. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox glances over to Artimus, watching him remove the splinter. "Are you alright?" Though they were mostly tapped, Knox could help his friend if needed. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Just a Splinter..." the gnome fiddles with the splinter carefully... finally he pushes it out and lifts it up to show Sir Knox. "See? I got it while searching around." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 With the spell cast and everyone ready to move out, the group is prepared to make their way back out as stealthily as they can. What's the order, and where are you going? Ayden02/24/2019 "I see. I can read any of the goblin books we have gathered. I think it would be important to keep one." he states, not revealing how he knows how to read or speak goblin. Perhaps if they ever got out of this place, he would share that story. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Ooh! Why don't you carry a few!" Artimus leads Knox back into the study and hands him books until he says to stop. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox quickly tucks a fewbooks into his pack, making sure they're in goblin before doing so. "Thanks." he says softly before returning with the others. "Let us get going then. "(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 Artimus beams as he helps Sir Knox by tucking an extra book into his back for him. "Okay" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon begins to guide the group with his brother down the way they came until they come upon unfamiliar territory. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard ambles along behind the rogues, keeping her mouth shut for once. Wouldn't want her charming voice to give away their presence, after all! Ayden02/24/2019 Knox follows, stepping carefully with the new weight. As they turn a corner, a book almost fumbles from his possession and Knox catches it before making too much noise. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon looks down the unexplored corridor and gives something that looks almost like a pout before pressing on through the way they came with the rest of the group. He was curious, but he knew better than to stick his nose where it shouldn't be when it could endanger the mission. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The way to the stairs proved clear as well, and the stairwell, despite earlier reservations, provides no obstacles. The group arrives at the next floor's landing without incidence. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox looks around and whispers to those around him. "We should go to the Capital and warn them of this place." Quitely, Knox continues, and keeps his eyes on the look out. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Wordlessly, Raleon nods and messages Knox. Yes, I believe that would be wise. We can't take on an army by ourselves. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard, impatient, gestures forward. Her shoulders are tense, her eyes narrow. Now that their work is done, she wants to be out of here and in the clear as soon as possible.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 The group moves forward. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome reaches up and carefully adjusts his new hat before following along. "Down the stairs, go until you reach a door, go through the door..." he whispers quietly. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon nods as he continues to lead the group. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 When you reach the sitting room where you had an encounter with the orcs, you also find that this room has remained untouched. So far, it appears you have been fortunate in that no one has come to check on the guests. Perhaps long waits to see Albrun are the norm... Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Okay, every one be very quiet as we traverse the hallway on the other side of this door. We don't know what's behind that door we passed before." The gnome sneaks along, allowing the others to go first. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "I'm still betting a weapons area or a kitchen..." Raleon mutters... Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Thayrin glances about the room as he slips in like a shadow. So far he had been completely silent, focusing on just getting everyone out alive...or mostly so. His shoulders slightly unwind from the tension the closer to the exit they get without notice. Perhaps he thought that luck tossed them some favor after the beating they took not long ago. Ayden02/24/2019 "Don't forget the group Kylah put to sleep." Knox noted as he becomes quite and follows the others Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The trip to the stair case on this floor is easy as well. There is the unexplored hall, but it sounds as though the party wishes to bypass this (despite the sad longing look of the rogue) and move on to the first floor, which will bypass the mysterious, noisy room. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Begrudgingly, Raleon passes this hall by as well.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Despite Raleon's sad, puppy-dog look, the group bypasses the door with the strange (and apparently inviting to some) noises and makes their way back to the foyer of the secret entrance, where they find the mutilated corpse of the bug-bear, courtesy of the group's assassin. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome stares for a moment, then shakes his head and steps forward, past the slain bugbears. He opens the secret door slowly and peeks out.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon, silent and graceful, leaps over the dead body, as if stepping over a fallen log. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Art, perception check please Art peaks his head out the door (perception 15), and does so just in time to catch a glimpse of a larger group of some kind of creatures, somewhat similar to bugbears yet different, walking towards the entrance. Seven in total, all standing around 7ft tall They wear studded leather armor, and six of them carry scimitars, while the one leading them carries a sword that looks similar to a scimitar only a bit bigger Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Uh oh," says Artimus and he looks back at the party with an intense stare, "I think those are Varags (seven of them)... and they are entering, which means they might discover the throne room soon. I bet that's where the unexplored hallway leads." Ayden02/24/2019 Knox tries to listen to hear if they are speaking. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon raises an eyebrow. "I mean that's the point... We need them to know he's dead. But you know...after we leave." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Perception check >D Knox tries to listen in, but is distracted by accidentally bumping his head on the door. That smarted Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Well, yes," the gnome whispers, "but they are scouts and assassins who relentlessly hunt their quarry." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon simply smirks and glances towards Reth. "Sounds familiar..." Mortal Player02/24/2019 Artimus turns back towards the door. When the coast is clear, he will open it up more fully and let everyone out. Ayden02/24/2019 Rubbing the bridge of his noes, he whispers softly. "we should get going then." he nods. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Just making sure it is clear--the group is headed for the door where you are collected at Ayden02/24/2019 Knox puts all his weight against the door to make it feel locked and buy them time. Chouette02/24/2019 "Have they seen us?" Kylah whispers, one hand already on her bandore. "We could try and ambush them... that worked well enough the last few times. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome closes the door and steps back instead and whispers, "They are headed this way actually. How do you want to do this?" Artimus will move back away from the entrance 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Yes but there are 7 of them... We can't kill all of them in one go this time. This will take time." Raleon puts a hand on his blade. "If we want to ambush them we need to do it now..." Ayden02/24/2019 "we make the door feel locked to reroute them. " he says. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard frowns at Knox's suggestion, her eyes meeting his in the gloom. "Worth a shot, but we can't count on them being fooled. Everyone, be ready to jump 'em..."(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 "We have to take them out here. Pretending the door is locked is a waste of time that could tip them off." Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 A silent sigh and a glance toward the ceiling in an 'of course something would go wrong now' look. His hands drift to the hilts of his blades, ready to spring into action. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon shrugs his shoulders. To be honest I thought it would go wrong much faster than this. I count it amongst the lucky stars. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth pulls out his swords. Grunts. Waits. Ayden02/24/2019 "Never mind, door opens out. I'll slam it into the first one who approaches. Everyone else get ready. " his voice is frantic but hushed. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 I would have preferred something to go wrong after we got out of this hell hole. Chouette02/24/2019 "Five... four... three... two..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon glances to Reth and smiles. "Don't look too excited now..."(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome gets ready to open the door on them. "On the count of three... One, Two, Three." The gnome will open the door and fireball them. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 You want to use a fireball with the party by the door 0_0 Chouette02/24/2019 "Hey!" The bard scowls. "I was doing the countdow—" Ayden02/24/2019 "Hey!" The paladin also scowls. "I was opening the do--" (edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The fireball goes off. 4 out of the six drop. The other two and the leader among them are still up, but looking more than a little singed. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon slowly whispers "Whoa..." as the crackling fireball winds up and lets loose. A sickening smile crosses his lips as he hears the crash of the flames. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 A smirk of his own could be found on the assassin's face as he quickly draws his blades and leaps in after the fiery greeting their small friend gave to the unsuspecting group. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome opens the door despite the objections of his companions, "LLaberif" and the raging fire strikes forth and erupts in a low roar. The gnomes eyes widen slightly at the fierce destruction of the flames.(edited) "um.. three"(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Thayrin comes charging out as the flames die down, the remaining Vargos looking shocked. He gets a good hit on the leader before he has an opportunity square up, but he is still upright and looks pissed Ayden02/24/2019 Knox moved quickly after the explosion, pulling his sword and thrusting it at the one who looks like their leader-same one Thayrin hit. He pulls the large blade through the smoke from the fireball and strikes twice at their foe. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The paladin swings twice. The leader manages to side step the first, moving with uncanny speed and grace, much like the party rogues. The second is more accurate and catches him before he can dodge. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Thayrin frowns back at the pissed leader before messaging him with a sassy smirk. "I'm sorry but you should really stop and notice your dead." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth comes shooting out the door and swings at the nearest underling. He swings three times (2 attacks and bonus swing with the off hand). The first misses (2+7= 9), but the second hits (17+7= 24), doing a total of 15 damage, dropping the foe. He goes to swing at the other, but misses that one (2+7= 9)(edited) The leader is up next, seeing two enemies on him. He growls angrily and swings twice, once at each foe. He strikes Thayrin (18 total) for 9 damage, but his swing goes far wide of the Paladin, (3+8= 11) and misses entirely. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox raises his shield to protect Thayrin! Chouette02/24/2019 Kylah is hanging back, ready to cast a spell if the fight gets hairy. With most of the hulking brutes already crumpling to the ground, however, she opts instead to reach for her small crossbow, popping off a quick shot at the nimble leader. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Knox goes to protect Thayrin, but he was a hair too late and the Varog still got him The arrow hits the leader. He stubbornly remains standing, though he looks worse for wear. The other remaining Vargos attacks Reth, but his swing comes up far short (total 9) and he misses as Reth steps aside. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon blinks as he takes in the awe of the flames but soon comes to his senses. He dashes forwards into the fray and with a swift spin and a slash he goes for the poor brute who glanced a blade towards his ranger friend. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Raleon sidles up to the Vargos who went after his favorite ranger, and runs him through, taking the brute down 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon flips his hair and winks towards the ranger.(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome looks at the dying flames of the fiery power he unleashed as his friends engage the Varags. His hand still extended and pointing at the place he sent the deadly spell. He blinks and looks around at the survivors. He moves his hand almost hesitantly as he points at the Varag leader... then grabs his wand and points at him. "Tloberif" a mote of fire leaps from his finger towards his target... the mote flies past the leader and dissipates. The gnomes hand appears to be shaking slightly.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The fire mote springs from the wand, but unfortunately Art has the angle wrong and realized it too late, leading to the fire shooting over its head by about a foot. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Wincing slightly at the blow he received, the assassin quickly righted his stance and retaliated against the leader. Tougher than he looks, I'll give him that. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 You got this, I believe in you. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The main hand of Thayrin missed, leading to frustration and concern, but then he spots an opening and goes for it, striking the leader with his strange sword right through the belly. He blinks a couple times then drops to the ground. Chouette02/24/2019 Kylah finally steps out of cover, keeping well clear of the few remaining flames from the fireball. "Well... that didn't go too badly. You all right, Reth?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth shrugs. He was never hit, so he feels fine 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Feeling pain through their link, Raleon turns to his brother, walking over to touch his shoulder. "Is it deep?" Ayden02/24/2019 Knox calms his breathing and listens for any other signs of danger this encounter might have attracted . Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Knox, still riding the adrenaline high, is able to take a fair stock of the situation. Seems clear Chouette02/24/2019 The bard smiles at that. She'd seen Raleon jumping to the rescue and assumed something might have happened, but apparently it was just the rogue playing the valiant companion. She almost makes a sarcastic comment on that, but bites it back at the last second. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome stares at the dead Varags, burned by fire, eaten by flame, charred corpses. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 well I did tell him to stop and notice he was dead.... He sighs and flicks the blood off his swords before returning them to their scabbards. I don't think so, I got lucky it seems. but what is with that sword of his? It looks odd He bends down and plucks the strange sword off of the corps, turning it in his hand curiously. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth walks over to Thayrin and pulls a bandage out of his adventurers kit. He does a thorough job of wrapping it up (Medicine = 24) The six other Vargos have scimitars. The last has a sword that looks similar to a scimitar, only longer. Chouette02/24/2019 "Right. If everyone's still on their feet, we need to move. I doubt our presence will go unnoticed for much longer... if they don't know we're here already." The bard still looks nervous. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Right... right." The gnome steps forward, and looks away from the corpses towards the party's intended route. Ayden02/24/2019 His eyes meet with Kylah's own and he agreed. Kneeling, he wipes dirt from the ground onto his armor. His eyes drift to the dead bodies, seeing if they had any parchment or paper on them. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Nothing of that sort. Seem to be traveling light. No goods, no gold, just armor and weapons Chouette02/24/2019 "Come on! We looted plenty already. Let's not risk our lives over a few coins!" Ayden02/24/2019 Knox stands and follows the others. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon raises an eyebrow. Someone needs a drink... Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Need new stealth rolls. Pass is still active. Reth never lost concentration Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Thayrin snickers softly before remembering to sign a quick thankyou to the quite ranger of the party. no clue what this is..but it is mine for now. He stows the blade away and drops into his usual stealthy ways. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "I think we should be careful," whispers the gnome, "Leaving might not be as easy. If the Varags were moving towards the secret entrance... it may mean they were tracking us coming in. Not every place we visited was left neat."(edited) Chouette02/24/2019 "Maybe they were guests?" Kylah sounds hopeful. "You're right, though. Let's stay on guard." If her memory is sound, they'll be passing the tents with the goblins children soon. Her gaze flicks momentarily over to Reth. He won't try anything this time... right? Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Kylah can make an insight check Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome gives a last glance at the dead Varags. He kneels next to the leader for a moment just to give him a quick look, then stands and moves with the group. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Art doesn't turn up anything of note, other than what has been found already Reth is hard to read right now. His face is tight and neutral, but it has about as much information as one of his grunts. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 It's called a Talwar. It's a part of the same kind of family as the scimitar. Raleon explains to his twin. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 A what now? and where did you spawn this info? con someone else to read you some books when I wasn't looking? He glances at his twin in fairly good humor. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Remembering the scene from before, Raleon turns to also check on Reth, resting a hand on his shoulder as well. "Are you doing alright?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth gives a small nod. "Aye." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 A soft, mental snicker in response. Yes. I've been cheating on you with other readers. Perhaps you should read to me more often. Raleon gives a gentle smile and squeezes his shoulder. "One step at a time, Reth... We're here for you." It's then he realizes just how far down Reth's shoulder is and he blinks. He takes a moment and touches the top of his head as if measuring something. A realization dawns on him and he purses his lips, as if to hold something back, a wide smile curling upon them which he tries to hide with his hand. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The group makes it past the nurseries without having the ranger wandering off to make a detour. They get back all the way to the cave entrance without alerting anyone. The group makes it back outside, finding the total of their trip having lasted between three and four hours. Reth is silent for a long moment after Raleon's assurance, but he quietly whispers back, "Thank you." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon ruffles the ranger's hair affectionately, regaining his composure, and chuckles. "It's what I'm here for. That and to make sure you don't touch anymore doors..." He points to his ear instead of his eyes and points to him as if to warn him he's listening for him. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox is tense as they pass the nursery, but relaxes slightly as they make it outside. He was exhausted, they all were. Mortal Player02/24/2019 Artimus makes his way to his pony and loads the saddlebags with books. "We should put some distance between us and Ozteank." The gnome squints at the sky, "The further we get before dark, the better. That's when most of them will wake up." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The horses are untouched, and as much as horses can convey, seem happy to see you. Ayden02/24/2019 "Agreed, these woods will be crawling soon enough." Knox secures his stuff to his horse, calming it down with a stroke or two before mounting it. Mortal Player02/24/2019 As he unloads books, Artimus pulls out a map. He unfurls it for a moment. "Reth, this should help us avoid the patrols. What do you think?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth glances down at it, and nods. "We can head this way, dodge their patrols. Map suggests the terrain should still be easy to navigate." Reth then takes point, prepared to help the group get through it (natural explorer) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon whistles lowly to make the horse nicker. When it does, he makes his way to her and unties the lead, stroking her face. "That's a good girl... Ready to be off?" Raleon smiles and kisses her face, which is promptly retaliated with a playful headbutt, knocking the light Raleon off balance. "Oof..." Mortal Player02/24/2019 Artimus shows Reth the map and assists him in plotting a course to get away from the City of Ozteank. With a route decided, the gnome rolls the map up, stores it back in his back pack after emptying a few more books and mounts up for the ride. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Quickly ghosting over to his own horse, the silent elf quickly untethers it and readies for travel. He pauses to stroke its nose affectionately and laugh at his twin's interactions with his own horse before swinging gracefully up into the saddle. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 So, taking the safest routs, it will take you about a full day of riding to arrive at Fairwallow, if you all want to pitstop there. Chouette02/24/2019 "Ahhhhh!" As soon as she tastes the fresh air, Kylah lets out a long sigh of relief. After stopping for a moment to take a few long breaths, she runs over to her horse, hugging it around the neck. "Guess who's back? That's right! The mighty bard has survived the underground!" She doesn't seem too concerned with where they're going, mostly just happy to be aboveground again. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "If we don't stop, we can reach Fairwallow by morning," says the gnome. Chouette02/24/2019 "Sweet!" The bard cheers at that, pumping one fist high in the air. "Maybe then we can find some proper beds to sleep in!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 As usual, and a surprise to no one, Raleon takes a moment to mount but makes it all in good time. As they ride, Raleon slides up beside Kylah. "So...when was anyone going to tell me that Reth was but a deadly kitten?" A smug, crooked smirk is placed upon his smooth lips, it looks as though it belongs there. Ayden02/24/2019 Knox follows the group, keeping a eye out. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome nods and smiles at Kylah. Chouette02/24/2019 "Hah!" The bard, up on her horse now, is smiling wide and cheerful. "Raleon, I seem to recall the last time you went up against a 'deadly kitten,' it ended with you pinned and squirming for minutes on end!" She raises an eyebrow, lowering her voice. "Or is it that 'pinned and squirming' is just how you want Reth to have you?"(edited) Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 minding his own enjoying the fresh air and the light, Thayrin had to do a double take on his brother and Kylah's conversation blinking rapidly while processing what he just heard. Soon enough however a flood of laughter is heard though their link and a bright and rather rare smile is found painted on the assassins lips. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon goes for the defensive at first at the first comment, to defend his honor. "Hey-now that cat was a fully grown---..." Raleon's confident face turns a brilliant crimson color, brighter than any flame he had produced. His tongue's sharp words leave him as he responds in unintelligent, incomplete replies, his ears and cheeks brilliant ruby shades. "N-no of course--I would... T-that's not what I..!" he seems a touch out of breath as he stutters in a mess. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 In a rare moment, the swashbuckler is at a loss for words Chouette02/24/2019 Catching his discomfort loud and clear, the bard laughs. "Oh, don't worry! I'm only teasing. Besides..." She winks, before realizing he can't see that, and then carries on anyway. "I've already personally experienced your proclivities in that regard." Her voice goes down to a whisper. "Reth is in for a treat." Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Still laughing, it took some effort not to fall off of his mount; and more to actually regain his composure. Oh? Your brighter than your own flames there. Got some hot and heavy images of a certain Ranger man? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon clears his throat and coughs into his hand, trying to tame his mind, shifting in his saddle a bit, definatly not hiding anything. Can it, Thayrin. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth, meanwhile, is busy focusing on getting people on their off-road routes without getting tangled to notice the current topic of conversation... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 (Much to Raleon's relief) Chouette02/24/2019 "Mmm." The bard hums idly, her eyes sliding up to look at the sky. "...Seriously, though. You two seem to fit well together. Heck, I'm not sure we'd have gotten through to him back in the caves if you hadn't been slowly opening his shell all this time." She's still fairly quiet, knowing that Reth likely isn't listening but staying careful all the same.(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome says nothing as they make their way through the Cistol foothills. Whenever there is a stop, the gnome gets his maps out and consults them. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon's face seems to calm for a moment, though still seems to glow with a flushed look. "You think? I'm...not so sure. He's opened up quite a bit from when we first met, but he's still so secretive. I just...he seemed so hurt when we met him. I couldn't let him stay like that." Raleon shakes his head and turns to her with a heartbroken smile. "I just wanted to make him smile again." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The group travels without incidence until the sun is setting and it is getting dark. No town in sight yet. Chouette02/24/2019 Kylah giggles a little. "Is that it?" Then pauses. "That's... actually really pure, as motivations go. Romantic, even." She hems and haws, turning the idea over and over in her head. "Might make a good story for a play, maybe." She ponders the idea over the rest of their trip, as night starts to fall. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Thgil" The gnome makes use of his light spell on a stone when it gets dark and uses it to consult the map occasionally, "If the light is a problem, I'll cover it up, Reth."(edited) Chouette02/24/2019 Yawning, the bard shifts her horse closer to the wizard's. "We still on track to make it to Fairwallow in the morning?" The long trip had sounded like a good idea at first, but she's not sure how well she'll be able to fight if they run into goblins or bandits and she's completely exhausted. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth shrugs. "Makes us stand out, but without it the humans can't see their hands in front of their faces"(edited) Since the decision is to press on, I need everyone to make a constitution saving throw 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon runs his fingers through his white locks shyly, turning his blank gaze to his saddle as they rode, his fingers twisting a strand of his long bangs. He may have been a hopeless romantic, searching for his knight in shining armor, though he preferred leather armor over clunky heavy armor if he was honest. "M-Maybe..."(edited) Chouette02/24/2019 "Ahem." As the only human in the ground, Kylah folds her arms and gives Reth a sharp look for his choice of words. "I suppose if it's a big deal, you nightwatchers could just lead us on in the dark. So long as one of you can read the map..." Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome seems energized by the new map he's acquired! He eagerly consults it as the party journeys and chats with Reth about the path they are taking. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon glances to Kylah. "I'm always in the dark..." he reminds with a grin. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Looking a little tired, Thayrin opted for simply trailing near the end of the pack and keeping an eye out for ambushers rather than helping with the task of navigating. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard, meanwhile, yawns again. And again. She seems to be gradually nodding off. "Yeah, I guess for you... the night isn't that big of a deal..." She blinks, blearily. "But then how... do you know... when to sleep..." She's thinking aloud, now, words tripping out without any filtering or calculation. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 The rogue simply grins. " I don't sleep. I trance, remember?" Noticing her nodding off, he pulls closer to her horse and ties it up to his so she wouldn't wander off. Chouette02/24/2019 "Oh... right..." The bard laughs slowly. "Durrrr! I'm so forgetful..." She slumps forwards against her horse's neck. "Uuuuuugh. Are we there yet?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Perception check But due to exhaustion, disadvantage Kylah asks if they are there yet, and gets excited when in the distance, she spots little lights, and realizes they are torch lights Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome keeps his light stone covered for stealth purposes while in goblin territory, but does have it, in case needed. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 During their ride, the crystal floating above Raleon floats over to circle Thayrin. Here you didn't get anything cool from the loot, you can borrow my moon~. Chouette02/24/2019 "Oh hey!" The bard perks up. "There's someone on the road ahead!" She points towards the lights. "Maybe they have food?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon arches a brow. "We have our own food, Kylah..."(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome looks up from his map. "Road?..." Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Thayrin glances over from his scanning of the forest with a raised brow. trying to make me look almost pretty as you again are we? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Well one of us has to try at least. he teases. Chouette02/24/2019 "Yeah, you know, the road!" Kylah grins. "The road we're riding..." she looks down. "...Oh."(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 As the group approaches, the outline of the village starts to form. A small place, scattered buildings and a small, wooden wall surrounding the interior village, while some farms dot around the edges. The walls look like they might keep barely motivated bandits out, but certainly not have a chance against a goblin army. The gates are closed, no visible guards in sight. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon smiles as he looks up to the stars and moons above. He's grateful for their safe journey thus far and for the companions he's made it with. Not a single one of them died this time around, he'd count that as a star's blessing. He sends a small prayer of thanks to The Mother and sighs with relief. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Behold the gates of go away weary traveler....or the gates of who cares when you can just get over them. He gestures to the gates as they approach with a small smirk. think there is someone still up to let the sleepy one in? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Perhaps a grumpy gatekeeper like in Lord of the Rings. Shall we find the tavern of the Prancing Pony? He retorts with a chuckle. Raleon glances towards Kylah. "Would you like to check the gates or should we?" Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Ah, Fairwallow... they follow the Blanc Etoile there - very religious folk." Chouette02/24/2019 The bard blinks. "What gates?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon seems to tense up at that remark. "The gates...barring our path to our beds." Mortal Player02/24/2019 The ultimate Boss Door... Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Knox would perk up at hearing about them being followers of Blanc Chouette02/24/2019 "Wait, what?!" Kylah is instantly alert. Her eyes find the gates, and she glares at them. "Well shit." She raises her voice. "OPEN UP IN THERE!" Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Would you like to do the honors of knocking on the door Knox?" The gnome jerks his head towards Kylah, "Or that , I suppose..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon snickers a bit at the released bard Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 When the bard shouts out at the door, a sleepy sounding voice answers, "Huh, er what? Who's there?" Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 The boogyman 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Here to eat up all your children and steal your wives. Chouette02/24/2019 "Weary travelers!" Kylah yells back. "We came down from up north! Ran into some goblins in the hills, but we made it out okay... mind letting us in?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "It's late, I'm supposed to keep the doors shut." Chouette02/24/2019 "Says who?" Kylah raises her voice even higher. "How about you let me talk to your boss?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "He's sleeping. You can talk to him in the morning if you have a problem with our rules." Chouette02/24/2019 The bard sighs. "Freaking..." Then raises her voice again. "Oh all right then!" Her hand goes to her bag. "Guess I'll have to camp out here with all my lovely silver coins. Who knows, a couple of them might have fallen out of my purse while I was riding through the gate— but I suppose they'll be staying out here with me, now!" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 There is a brief pause. "Well, er, I suppose I shouldn't leave people with coin out in the cold, not spending it in town." Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 He softly snickers at the bard's pouting and persuasion tactics. I guess that is one way of getting a gate open. Chouette02/24/2019 "That sounds like a sharp thought to me, good sir!" Kylah shouts back with a smile. "You're just helping the local economy, is all!" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Soft footsteps, like someone walking down steps are heard. Then a clink of a metal bar, and the gates open just enough to let people in. "Okay, hurry before I get caught." Chouette02/24/2019 The bard instantly spurs her horse forwards, rushing through. Looking for the source of the voice, she digs in her bag for a pair of coins, and tosses them gently towards the speaker once she ascertains their location. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome will follow inside behind Kylah.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon follows suit (quickly as their horses are tied together) and smiles at the gatekeep, making sure his brother followed as well.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 He tries to snatch them out of the air, but in his nervousness bumbles the catch and drops most. He quickly goes to pick them up, then seemingly as an afterthought remembers to close the gates after everyone is in. Chouette02/24/2019 "Ta very much!" Kylah smiles, and then rides on into town. "Right, then... someone find an inn, I'm too tired for this shit." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Kylah, we should ask for directions before we go wandering around..." Raleon reminds. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard fixes him with a lethal stare. "Too. Tired. For. This. Shit." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The man calls over his shoulder, "Tavern is down the road, to yer left. Just past the smithy. Called the Drunken Horse. They got rooms."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon blinks unphased as he is blind. "And stables I hope?" he calls. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "Yeah, they got a stable. You'll have to wake the stablehand up though." Chouette02/24/2019 "Thanks again!" Kylah gives the gatekeeper a wave, then heads down the road and to the left, looking for the aforementioned tavern. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Clink, as the door is locked up again 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon follows after...as their horses are still tied together. Disgruntled Tea02/24/2019 Thayrin trails after the tied together duo Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The town is as Art had described, a little place with nondescript buildings and some houses, as well as some businesses. You can see an elaborate church towards the center of town, with finer decorations and greater care given to it than the rest. The tavern is where the man described, with a sign that has its name as well as the picture of a horse standing on two legs, holding a foaming mug of beer while looking like it were stumbling about. The lights are off. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon trots up towards the stable area and dismounts, stretches, then begins to look around for the entrance. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The stables are about 20ft away, tucked in the back. There is one large door, wide enough to let horses in and out. Closed and locked.(edited) Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome follows the others, looking about at the town. He seems to be looking for something. Chouette02/24/2019 Kylah jumps off her horse and marches up to the tavern, then kicks the door. "Anybody alive in there?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon knocks on the door to the stables. "Excuse me?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 It takes a moment of knocking to get someone to come to the door. A lad, probably 16-18, blond hair all mussed up, answers. "Awfully late. Can I help you?" Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome takes another look at the Church and rubs his chin, "Hmm, yes, perhaps." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Sorry, I missed that Kylah was at the door of the inn. The door answered is the stables. Meanwhile, at the tavern door, after a long pause, there is the sound of a footfall and scraping approaching the door. Finally, it opens, revealing a man probably in his 50's, with the left side of his face slack, and his left hand curled inward(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon smiles innocently at the lad. "Oh, is it that late? Pardon the intrusion. My companions and I are quite tired from the ride through the hills and were told this place could set us up for the night. This is the stables, yes?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "Um, yeah, these are it. I guess I can get your horses put up. The charge is a silver a day, which covers feed and grooming." Chouette02/24/2019 The bard looks the man in the eye, a little fiercely. "Party of six, need rooms. We can make do with five if need be." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The man, who looks sleepy and is dressed and pajamas and a night cap, looks over the bard and the others who might be standing by. Chouette02/24/2019 "Party of six? Need rooms?" Kylah makes a circling motion with her hand. "Come on, we're fucking cold out here." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon nods and pulls out 10 silver, dropping them into the boy's hand. "Thank you very much, your name?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 He has long chestnut hair and a matching beard. He is well-kept, even for the late hour. With a bit of a lisp, he says, "I see, making a man who can barely walk around get up and just serve you at all hours. Expect me to hop to it on my one good leg do you?" His face is dead serious, but then gives way to a grin. "I'm just teasing, come on in. You lot are here awfully late. Fraid the food is cold, but I got some leftovers I can give you." He sidles out of the way, dragging his left foot. The young man, taking the coin, says, "Paxton. Thank you sir. I will see to it your horses are set up with some feed." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon wink with a click of his tongue. "Thank you, Paxton. Now to reign in our bard... Hopefully she isn't ripping the tavern owner a new one..." He hands over the horses and gives a wave before taking his brother's shoulder and allowing him to guide him up to the tavern. Chouette02/24/2019 "Oh thank the fu—" Kylah stops herself just in time "—the gods. We've been starving out there! And exhausted." She shuffles her way in. "Leftovers are fine, I could eat a horse right now. Well, maybe not my horse, but you get the idea..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Ah, Kylah, you've found someone. Good, I got the horses taken care of," Raleon makes his way carefully up to the door and gives a friendly salute to the tavern keep. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "You seem road weary there lass, but no need to watch your tongue on my account. The rest of the town might get their undergarments in a tangle over it, but I certainly know how to use a good curse word now and then." He smiles. "Comes in handy when the stump really starts to get in the way." As he says this, his bad left leg catches on a chair, causing it to crash over. "Fucker. See? Good time for one." He clumsily bends over and picks it up, putting the chair back to right. "Alright, six of you, and fortunately I happen to have six rooms left open. Give me a minute while I gather keys and get some of that left over stew. Rooms are five silver a night. Since the food is cold and old shit, I'll throw it in for free." Mortal Player02/24/2019 "I'll need to carry my books to my room," the gnome tells Paxton dismounts, ties his pony to the hitching rail, and takes the saddlebags off to carry them to their rooms. Chouette02/24/2019 "For free..." The bard makes a noise, high-pitched and mildly delighted. Free food! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Oh, Thayrin and I can share a room, no need for an extra," Raleon smiles. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 From the kitchen, "Five rooms then, just a moment." and then CRASH, "Damn it!"(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon goes over to assist. Chouette02/24/2019 "You need a hand in there?" The bard cautiously advances. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "You alright?" His eyes are fogged over and clearly blind, but his brother leans on a near by wall. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome enters carrying his load and settles down in a chair while he waits for the details to be worked out. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Those going to check on the man see some pots and pans knocked the floor, while he is juggling several bowls in his good hand. "Oh, nothing I can't handle." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon goes on to assist him regardless, picking up the pots and pans that had fallen, then taking some of the bowls to set them out on the counter.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 After a couple moments, a dropped set of silverwear, the man gets everyone set up with food and keys Mortal Player02/24/2019 "What can you tell us of the town?" asks the gnome, "And are there maps anywhere?" The gnome will accept a key and hand over 5 silver pieces. Chouette02/24/2019 "Thankth a bunth! A wholl bunth! Betht Tathern ether!" Is all Kylah says, her mouth already full. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "Maps, around here? Not likely, unless one of the others who do a lot of traveling keep one on them. We're a small town. Mostly old families who want to worship The Mother with other like-minded folks stick around, as well as the occasional traveler or merchant." Chouette02/24/2019 She wolfs down her portion in about five seconds, then leans back with a sigh. "Ahhhhh." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon looks up from his food towards the ranger. "Are you going to stay in the inn or are we going to find you skulking out in the woods again like the woodland troll you are?" Raleon teases as he blows on a spoonful of stew. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth looks over the bard with more than a little concern. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard is no longer moving. She seems to have fallen asleep in her seat. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "The Mother?" inquires that gnome, "I see." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth grunts in answer to Raleon. "I can handle a bed for a day." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Good, we just got your hair free of sticks," he smiles at him and begins to chew. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 The man nods. "Aye, Blanc. We have some real devoted folks around here. Don't get me wrong, I pay my respects, but I don't fall all over myself praying to her. I just do that when I trip over my damned foot." Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Some of us will want to visit the Church and spend some time there. When's the best time to do that?" The gnome glances at Knox. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "They open around dawn. Early folk over there. They hold a morning service at 8am, give or take, but they take visitors any time between dawn and dusk. Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Very good and Thank You." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 "Well, if that's all you need, I'm going to get myself back to my bed. We'll have breakfast available tomorrow around 7am." Mortal Player02/24/2019 "I'll be getting a good rest."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 The tall elf's appetite greedily devours the bowl, though much more eloquently than their bard. He puts away their dishes. Taking her key, he asks for directions to their rooms then lifts Kylah's sleeping body. He seems to struggle for a moment, but, having given the equipment to his brother, stabilizes and is able to carry her for a short distance to her bed.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 As he starts to walk away, he pauses for a moment, the looks back over his shoulder. "Sleep well. If for some reason any of you start having nightmares... I would leave sooner." He then goes through the back, to what is assumed is his room. After a few seconds, you hear the yowling of a cat, a thump, and the shout, "Son of a bitch!" Mortal Player02/24/2019 "Nightmares?" Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 He says nothing more, making his way to his room, as if he hadn't heard the comment. Chouette02/24/2019 Kylah collapses limply on her bed, muttering something about kittens. Mortal Player02/24/2019 The gnome carries his bags to his room, organizes everything, and sets up an Alarm spell. On his room. Chouette02/24/2019 And then her tone shifts, her voice suddenly high and soft. "Aodhan? Where..." She reaches out, fumbling around for something, until her hand finds a pillow. Then she pulls it closer, holding it tight, and falls silent. Fast asleep, dead to the world. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon pants softly as he plops her onto the bed. He sighs and wipes his forehead. He really needed to work on lifting more weights... Gathering himself after a moment, he removes her shoes at least and tosses them by the bedside. "Kylah? You should really switch into something more..." he sighs at her dead state(edited) He shakes her shoulder for a moment, a frown on his lips "Kylah... You should really change out of that. You'll wake up in a terrible mood. It's bad for your health." Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 Reth heads to bed. Chouette02/24/2019 She groans, but doesn't wake. This is a very sleepy bard. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 "Kylah...Kylah. Please don't make this awkward..." he pleads. Chouette02/24/2019 The bard doesn't care about awkwardness, because she is asleep! And it'll take more than just a shake on the shoulder to wake her up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon gives her a few soft paps on the cheek to rouse her. "Kylah? Kylah! I want to rest too you know..."(edited) Chouette02/24/2019 She swings one arm out in his general direction. "Aaaah... whaaaa?" One eye blinks open. For a moment it's bleary, still half-asleep. And then it's staring straight at him. "Oh, Raleon." She says it slowly. "What brings you here at this time of night?" She's definitely not asleep any longer. The enunciation of each syllable is icy clear. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/24/2019 Raleon sighs softly. "Don't forget to change out of your gear. You'll get chaffed. If you think a bra is a bitch to sleep in, don't even think about it with leather armor. Trust me. You'll wake up with bruises." With that, he nods to her. He stands and stretches out his arm over his head, yawning as he makes his way to the door. " Sweet dreams, Kylah..." then absent mindedly he adds. "And be careful of dreams." then he's gone, slipping out and closing her door. "Getting out of this armor sounds lovely..." he sighs as he rubs the back of his neck and makes his way to their own room with his brother in tow. Chouette02/24/2019 There's a moment of silence as he leaves. And then a series of hard thumps that may or may not originate from armor being violently hurled against a wall. Acies ab Vesania02/24/2019 And so the group successfully navigated Osteank, getting past a returning group of Varogs and making their way back out into the wilderness, where they traveled well into the night to reach the village of Fairwallow, a small religious community on the way to the big city further north. There, they met an eccentric (and as of yet still unnamed) owner who let them in have free leftovers, ominously warning them about nightmares before (clumsily) returning to his bed. The group rests now, worn out and exhausted from their travels. What is there to find in this town? Will the goblin menace be contained? And what about the nightmares? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  10. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord, our heroes had successfully thwarted Albrun after a hard fought fight, surviving his minions, an unexpected guest, and one nasty fireball. Battered and bruised, the group finally has a chance to catch their breath, as they are low on HP and resources. As we gear up, they must decide what they do next, given that they are in such a vulnerable state. They left both enemies alive with the intention of finding out information, but they too will eventually wake... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon pants as he leans against the wall, obviously worn near breaking point, his eyes closed. "We need to secure the area...and secure the hostages..." Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah raises a hand. "I can do the hostages. Anyone got rope?" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth pulls out some rope and tosses it over Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus doesn't look up from where he sits on the steps 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon nods and gestures to his bag with Thayrin. "I've got rope and manacles in my bags as well." Chouette02/10/2019 "Thanks!" The bard heads over to Albrun to start typing him up. Ayden02/10/2019 The last few moments had been a blur. I bright light or fire consumed him with a pain he could hardly remember experiencing. Moments later, he was standing and the foes had fallen. Knox steadies himself as the others move. "everyone okay?" Chouette02/10/2019 Once the hobgoblin chief is secured, she moves on to his weird hooded friend. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth, looking a bit rundown himself, grunts. Chouette02/10/2019 "I'm all right!" she calls out in response to Knox, "Some bumps and bruises, but I can still move around." Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Thayrin slowly walks to the wall his twin was leaning on and flops to the floor in an ungraceful heap. He shakes his hand of the remaining flames lingering before closing his eyes and trying to center himself back to some semblance of calm. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon takes a moment to think. "Thayrin, scan the room, is there any way that we can secure the room?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome walks over and makes sure the prisoners are properly unarmored, bound and gagged to prevent spellcasting, and useful material components removed. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 His eyes open slowly before glancing at Raleon while he was speaking before turning and scanning the room slowly for him. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The room itself does not have much. The only piece of furniture in here was the throne that was blasted apart. The Goblins were wearing heavier armor, so 12 suits of that would provide some decent weight. There is also 2 doors on the opposite side no one has checked out yet. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon passively ruffles his brother's hair softly as he scans the room. He wets his lips and squints at the doors as if he could see them. "There are two other doors we need to check..." He holds his side and slowly makes his way across the room to a door, pressing an ear to it.(edited) Chouette02/10/2019 "Are they locked?" Kylah glances in Raleon's direction. "If so, then it's probably secure enough, at least for now." "I remember at least two more sets of guests on the way here, so Albrun was probably expected to be in here for a while." Ayden02/10/2019 Knox steadies himself as the others do their part. For now, he waits and watches the Alburn and his guest as they remain tied up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "If they're not, then I can set up some of the traps we've found...at least give us a chance to get ready..." Raleon replies with a message to Kylah. Chouette02/10/2019 The bard ties a little bow on the shadowy guest's bindings, for good measure. She sticks an arm out in Raleon's direction, giving him a thumbs-up on his idea.(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome nods, "I suspect we will be safe here for now. However, we may find more information in Albrun's private chambers as to what in the world is going on here." Ayden02/10/2019 Knox uses cure wounds level 2 on himself. He stands there and let's the light comfort him, mending the burns from the nasty fire that nearly killed him. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 While the lock on the door is an impressive one, made well and rather complicated, Raleon still makes short work of the thing. Within a minute he has the door unlocked, revealing a bedroom Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome wanders over and peers inside from behind Raleon. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon blinks as he carefully slips inside of the room, dagger drawn. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The room is large. It first opens up into a sitting area, with a couple chairs, a small table, and a wash basin. Beyond that is a four poster bed, with a large canopy overhead. Those who see spot another door in the back of the room, small and without a lock. There is a chest to the side of that door. The room also contains some odds and ends one would expect in a bedroom 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Hello~... what do we have here?" Raleon's hands brush over the chest's wood, investigating the chest with devious grin. Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus watches, "Shall I Detect for Magic?" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Pulling himself off of the floor he wanders over to Raleon slowly. He leans on the door frame keeping a watchful eye on his twin while still keeping note of what the others were up to. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon glances over his shoulder and bites his lip. "It's trapped of course." He sighs and sits in front of it in thought. Raleon blinks then pokes his head out the of the door. "Thayrin, search All-burnt for a key." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Don't forget to check his hands and fingertips. that's the only thing I might not have double-checked."(edited) "And someone ought to deal with the poisonous snake."(edited) Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 With a sigh he glances over toward the trussed up All-twerp and frowns. I could have sworn Art was already sifting though his pockets earlier....but whatever. He slowly limps over and glances over his unconscious form. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Meanwhile, the venomous snake is still slithering about the room Mortal Player02/10/2019 "If you were looking for keys... I already found them." Artimus holds the keys out to Raleon for inspection. "He also had an amulet." "And he had magic armor and a magic rapier." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon's eyebrows raise as he smiles softly at the sound of jingling keys. "You know...it's been a long time since I've used these...Thank-you." Raleon took hold of the jingling sound and ran his fingers over them, searching for the right fit. He thinks for a moment. "Reth, you can handle the snake right? I think---Did you just say a magical Rapier?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Well... I haven't had the opportunity to properly identify it's true functions... but, yes, I think it is magical."(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth grunts. Looks over at the snake. Seems less than enthusiastic about snake wrangling. Ayden02/10/2019 Knox continues to watch their prisoners. Mortal Player02/10/2019 Seeing that nobody is willing to deal with the snake, Artimus finally just casts a spell at it, "Tloberif". Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 A firebolt shoots towards the snake. It moves away at the last second. Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Tloberif" Another mote of fire launches quickly after the first, anticipating the snake's movement this time.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The second firebolt hits dead on. The snake instantly turns into crispy-fried snake A bit overdone though Mortal Player02/10/2019 "How is the chest?" asks Artimus, "Did you figure out what sort of trap it is?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon returns to the chest to ponder it, rubbing his thumb over his lips in thought. "It's a nasty one... Even using the key will trigger it." Raleon glances towards the wizard with unfocused eyes. "How many spells do you have left? I don't want to ask for a resource you do not have." Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus makes his way over, "Okay, but how do you know it's trapped? What sort of trap is it?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Gas, poison if I had to guess." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Hmm, I don't have much that can help with poison..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 He lightly taps the mechanism to point it out. "Yes, but you have that spell from before, yes?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Which spell?" asks the gnome as he carefully examines the chest Raleon is tapping. The gnome looks for indentations or something like the Iron Shadow hands sort of bypass. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Nothing like that on this. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "...Please be careful. You could set it off." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome does not touch the chest.(edited) Ayden02/10/2019 Knox continues to keep watch while the others are in the other room. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Knox can make a perception check >D Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus thinks for a moment and brings his wand out and taps Raleon with it, "This should help you out." Chouette02/10/2019 The bard remains with Knox. If you asked her, she'd say she's keeping watch, but really she's just resting. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 All seems clear at the moment @Ayden 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon rolls his shoulders and licks his lips. "Alright...let's do this." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome backs away to just outside the room. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 please be careful....nothing in that box is worth more than you. Thayrin eyes the chest as Raleon tinkers around with it. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 It is a trying go. Raleon has a couple close calls, evidenced by some facial twitches suggesting "Oh shit!" before he finally discovers the mechanism for disarming the trap, which is almost certainly how Albrun gets in and out of the chest. The chest is safe to open 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 The elf took his brother's words into consideration for a moment, but his hands were already at work. He had never left a chest unpicked yet, and he didn't plan to change that. Raleon sighs with a bit of relief and wipes the blood that had been running into his eye out of the way on his sleeve, a smile of triumph as he uses the key to unlock the chest and peers inside. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Raleon uncovers a lot of stuff. Give the DM a moment to get it all pasted in here. 800 cp, 8000 sp, 1700 gp, 70 pp A deep red stone. At first appears to be just a fancy agate or crystal, but there is a special sort of shimmer to it. [Ioune Stone] A pouch with some fine dust in it. [Dust of Disappearance] 1 book of fairy tales - that is, tales fairies tell about humans (25 gp) 1 bestiary of common local creatures (25 gp) A jar with some kind of medicinal smelling ointment [Keogen's oinment] 10 redish, swirling potions. [2d4+2 Healing Potions] 1 flute (2 gp) 4 white onyx worth 50 gp each and 3 carnelian worth 50 gp each silver circlet worth 250gp fur robe worth 250gp silver large bracelet worth 250gp carved bone statuette worth 250gp exotic wood set of animal figurines worth 250gp Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 When it looks safe, Artimus walks back over to the chest to peer inside with Raleon. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon furrows his brows and runs his fingers over the red stone. Then his hands find the books and he surprisingly brightens. "Books! Artimus, what do they say? What are they called?" The rogue suddenly takes on a bit of a charming childish appearance. Acies ab Vesania pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.02/10/2019 Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome spots the book and his eyes light up, "We can distribute it for carrying for now... but at some point we'll have to sit down and identify all the magical bits... the book is fairy tales..." the gnome picks up the book and examines it for a moment, "it looks like tales that fairies tell about people!"(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "I would love to sit and listen to one of these... Oh, please tell me this is a healing potion..." Raleon gestures one of the red bottles. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Arcana check for whoever examines the potions While playing with the crystal, Raleon accidentally triggers it, which sends it flying above his head, about three feet up. It is floating lazily around him However, Raleon feels no different... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "I....I meant to do that?" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 what...did you just do? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Uh...I'm studying the arts to be a great wizard. Raleon looks up at it as it circles him. "I seem to have my own moon now."(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 "These are standard healing potions." The gnome holds up one of the red potions. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon pokes his head out with a bit of excitement. "Thayrin look! I have a moon!" Raleon chimes childishly. Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah pokes her head around the door. "You find anything good?" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Thayrin snorts and resists the small smile tugging at his lips. so you do....is this the fruits of your arcane efforts? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "There's some books and healing potions in here too! Some dust and tons of jewels." Raleon replies aloud for the group to hear. "You'll read to me later right? This one's a tale from fairies, of humans." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "We found some healing potions. Raleon has an Ioun Stone orbiting his head. There's some Keoghtom's Ointment - we should save that for when we really need it" the gnome take the ointment and carefully stows it for now. "And this is Dust of Disappearance!" The gnome holds up the pounch with fine dust. " We can use this when we leave the city to make good our escape!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 The elf looks to Artimus with confusion. "A stone of Ioun?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Or wait, maybe not... that's a different dust.. This actually isn't immediately useful to us.(edited) "Yes, an Ioun Stone, but I'll need more time to figure out what, exactly, that one does." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon hummed in thought for a moment and nodded. "Alright. Guess I'll hang on to it in the mean time... Not sure where it went anyways..." as the stone is currently 9 feet off the ground, it would be quite difficult for him to reach anyhow. Raleon slips out to the area with the others to snoop around for the sword that was mentioned. Chouette02/10/2019 Potions, ointment, dust... "Well," said Kylah with a smile, "That all sounds pretty useful! Let's take it all out here, and then work out a plan. Also dibs on the fairy book!" Mortal Player02/10/2019 "There are several items here... I should examine them all more carefully, when we have more time... ouch!" The gnome holds up a hand with a splinter in it. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Well then you have to read it to me!" Raleon smirks at Kylah. "There's another book in here too, but he didn't tell me what it's about." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "I would like to try to rebuild a library eventually and repopulate it with... books." Artimus picks up the other book, "It's a bestiary!"(edited) Artimus thumbs through the bestiary quickly, "there are lots of local creatures in here." Ayden02/10/2019 "Is there information about the dragon in there?" Knox asks curiously and hopefully. Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome scans the room for anything else that might provide information. He gives the ale a taste to gauge its quality.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Pretty decent ale Strong too Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus pauses, "Well, this is.. drinkable!" "Let's not forget to take some of this with us... for later." Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah raises an eyebrow as she picks up the book, looking at Raleon. "Aww, does the widdle wogue want a bard to read him fairy tales?" Then she sighs, and nods. "Well, all right then. That's just too cute to refuse."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 The pale skinned lad's ears burn as he pouts a touch at her teasing. "O-oh shut up, I just like fiction books okay?" The rogue grumbles a bit as he picks up the sword mentioned from before and takes a few testing swings, having caught his breath. Before leaving the room, he snatches 3 of the health potions from the area and ties them to his belt. He notices the silent ranger is much more silent than normal. Using his detective elf skills, he sniffs out the ranger.(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome's eyes eventually lock on to the door without a lock..."Um Raleon... what about the door without a lock? I think it could be his study." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 He's out in the main chamber, keeping an eye on the two tied up enemies Mortal Player02/10/2019 "We need information about what's happening and it might be in there." Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah looks around and picks up a flute as well, adding it to her things. She leaves the healing potions, though, seeing as she doesn't need them as much as the others do. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon stops for a moment and glances over his shoulder. "If it's unlocked can't you check it? I can't read it if we find anything." He continues over towards Reth and offers out one of the potions shyly. "I...can't do the thing you do with the healing, but you should probably drink this. Might taste a little better than the wine we found with the werewolves." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth takes the potion. "Thanks. Out of healing spells." Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus goes over to the door without a lock and carefully examines it. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 That door is not trapped nor locked Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus carefully opens the door and peeks inside. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 It is a closet. Lots of clothes Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus rummages through the clothes. He also checks the pockets on the off-chance that there are any notes. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Nothing of particular interest. Outfits for different occasions. More to a Hobgoblin's taste. While Art is rummaging through the closet, what are others doing? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon lifts his potion in a sort of cheers motion and downs his as well. Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah walks back out into the larger room, briefly checking the prisoners again. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Kylah thoroughly checks out the prisoners. They are still unconscious Chouette02/10/2019 Satisfied, she heads over to where Knox is keeping watch and sits down beside him, opening the book of fairy tales and reading through the first few pages. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon finds his brother and hands him a potion as well. "Here, we earned this for sure." Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 He blinks and appears startled out of his thoughts as he reaches up to take the offered potion. oh...thanks. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "You doing alright...?" Raleon asks as he sits down next to him, obviously exhausted, but feeling a touch better with the potion. He'd still rather not push himself much farther though. Though there was that second door...his gaze trailed towards the door on the right.(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 Does Artimus find any hats? Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Sure, he finds 3 hats Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome emerges wearing a hat in the hobgoblin style. It's a bit oversized and hangs lop-sidedly to the side. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth points towards the other door. "Someone gonna check that?" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Pausing a few ticks to gather his thoughts, he settles on the ground next to his brother while turning the potion in his hands. Not really...although I would be better if we got out of here sooner rather than later. I don't like the idea that we can get swarmed by more swords than we can handle..... He trails off softly and simply drinks the potion with a half hearted shrug. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 He lifts an eyebrow when seeing the gnome wearing an oversized hat Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome grins back. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon arches a brow at his brother. He was about to say something, then decided it would be best after they got out of here. Hearing the others inquire about the door he mentally groaned. He just sat down... "Guess that's my cue..." he grunt as he stood once again. He gave a worried glance over his shoulder to his brother. Don't suppose you'd like to share? He walked over towards the door. He wanted to talk more, but the security of the doors came first.(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 "What do you think?" The gnome suddenly swaps the hat for another, "I can't decide between the two." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Door is locked, also trapped. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Well, good news, no one is getting through this door without some help. Bad news, it's in fact locked AND trapped as most of the things in here are..." Raleon announced. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Art's found hats: Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah yawns. "Do you mean locked and trapped as in 'oh boy this is actually a serious obstacle,' or locked and trapped as in 'some goblin scub might struggle with this but I'll have us through in five seconds?'" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 he makes a noncommittal noise through their link before pausing and raising his own brow of judgment at the hat he spots Art sporting. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Hey now, I already have to deal with one grunting ranger, you can't join that club Ayden02/10/2019 Knox watched as the others leave one room and examine another door. His eyes gaze back to their unconscious captives while others look around 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "As much as I would love to say I could by-pass this thing in a moment, it might take some doing. But I can definitely get through," Raleon arches a brow at the bard as if she was questioning his skill. "Though if you ask me, if it takes more than a few seconds you're already dead." Chouette02/10/2019 The bard laughs in answer. "That's a nice quote. Maybe I'll write that down... does 'The Lay of the Door-Breaker' sound like a good name for a song?"(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus begins to make handkerchiefs appear out of one hat and places them inside the other hat. Finally, he presents both hats and shows they are empty. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon smirks smugly in her direction. "Are you going to make a song of me now?" He leans against the wall by the door.(edited) Chouette02/10/2019 "Well of course!" Kylah smiles. "I'm the heroine who waltzes around slaying great and terrible beasts, aren't I? It wouldn't make sense, from a narrative point of view, for a character like me to waste time on boring tasks like picking locks." She points his way. "What, did you think I only kept you around for your good looks and charming personality? Get to it, door-breaker!"(edited) "And you! Wizard!" She softly claps. "Good show. I'll mention how entertaining you were in a footnote under one of my verses." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome takes a small bow and places both hats on his head, one on top of the other. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 The elf's charming face twists into an offended expression. "Boring? You think lock picking is boring!? It's Quite exciting, not to mention difficult. I'd like to see you give it a go if you're so certain of its insignificance." His arms are crossed.(edited) Chouette02/10/2019 The bard waves a hand dismissively. "Pah! That's exactly the kind of thing a lowly lock-picker would say." Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 A slightly amused snort sounds though their connection. oh she's done it now with the dismissing of your second favorite hobby. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon rolls his clouded eyes. "If you think I'm falling for that, you're highly underestimating me."(edited) "If you think name calling will effect me, you're sorely mistaken, Missy." Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah raises her chin, and sticks out her tongue. "What's that, doorman? I can't hear you over the sound of how lowly you are. Now go open that door for me, and perhaps I shall allow you to lick my boots in recompense." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon spits at her direction. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 He fails at not smirking at his twins reaction and appears to chuckles softly. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Watch it, lass...." Raleon warns. Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome holds up his hands and steps forward, "Kylah, what is wrong with you? Raleon has been putting his life on the line for us every step of the way. These aren't just doors, they are lethal impediments."(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth looks like he is contemplating breaking the door down. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Thayrin glances over at Reth and flings him a message.. "don't even think about touching that door. Remember what happened with the last one?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome peers up at Kylah. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "If you think you can get through it on your own then be my guest Princess. But that door is likely to get you--and possibly others--killed. I've worked with locks and traps for a century and I've worked my ass off to master this craft. I'll have no lip of how these things are for a Simpleton. I've watched people DIE from them. And that attitude of yours is getting on my nerves. We are doing this Together for the safety of others, not so you can flaunt your tales of lies to the nearest tavern. My deeds are MY deeds, yours are yours. Together is how we build this tale, not individually. Do you understand me?"(edited) Anger crept into the normally smooth talking swashbuckler's voice, a hiss working into his words as his hands gripped at his arms in a fit of rage. He was obviously trying to control himself, his eyes remained their usual faded colors, no hints of the flames that licked his normal temper yet...but for how long?(edited) Chouette02/10/2019 The bard quietly raises an eyebrow. "It's called a joke, Artimus. Don't you..." And then she stops, and claps a hand to her mouth. "Oh my gods..." Then practically keels over laughing. "Oh my gods, Raleon, you actually thought I was serious? The whole line about licking my boots didn't tip you off? As if I'd ever say something that ridiculous!" She stands up, fighting hard to suppress her giggling. "Okay, look, I'm sorry, okay? I thought you were just playing along!" Then looks the rogue in the eye. "I thought you'd know me better than that, by now. I'm proud, yes, but I'm no narcissist. A bard is not her act, nor her songs, no matter what masks she may choose to wear out of duty or whimsy." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon's expression does not budge. "I'm not a tool, Kylah. Please be more careful of your words. Where I come from things like that could get you killed. Disarming traps is very serious," he glances towards Thayrin and his eyes seem to soften a moment, an unspoken memory flashing. It seems the bard plucked the wrong string with this tune. He turns and flips out his tool pick, working on the door. "Just a moment." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Raleon successfully rage picks the trap Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome looks back and forth between the moon elf and the bard.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 *moon elf Chouette02/10/2019 The bard resists seeing him off with a 'good boy.' Whether it's the topic or the stress of having just survived such an intense battle, the rogue seems a little high-strung at the moment. With a sigh, she glances briefly at Reth. "Tricky sometimes, isn't he? Intentional or not, I'll need to make that up to him somehow..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon flips through the keys within moments and finds the right one, feeling it over and nodding for a moment before inserting it into the hole. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth gives a shrug. He's not good with people and has little to offer with how to placate those whose feelings were hurt. He has built some rapport with Raleon, but solving these kinds of problems still falls outside his expertise. All that conveyed in a slight twist of the lips and his shrug. Kind of says, "What can you do?" Raleon opens up the door to the previously mentioned study. The room has bookshelves with nuermous texts, all written in Goblin. A desk with paperwork, some blank paper and ink and writing utensils. Maps on the wall of the local region Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome gives one last look at Kylah. Then moves over to the door and peeks inside. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon offers out his hand. "And the way to the mystery room is open..." His tone lacks the same playful tone as usual.(edited) Ayden02/10/2019 Knox continues to watch this all unfold. Chouette02/10/2019 This time the bard comes along, to see what's inside. Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Ooohh!" the gnome steps inside and starts grabbing papers and books, "What's this?... And look, they are written in goblin though.... and a map!" the gnome examines everything. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Kylah is looking around. She notices that the maps have routes written on them for Goblin movements. She also notes that they keep a wide berth from a marsh on the East side. He has also written new names beneath the names of towns and the city. It seems Albrun had some grand plans. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Raleon.... He pauses for a moment appearing to struggle with what he wanted to say before sighing softly. I think it is safe to say you can sit for more than a moment now if you wish. I have a feeling that we will lose our Mage in that room for some time. He leans back against the wall he was next to while adjusting to still be able to have a fairly good view of the room he was in. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth peers into the room. Seeing nothing of particular interest to him, he goes back to watching the enemies. Kicks a dead goblin for good measure 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon clenches his jaw, seeming to gather himself then leaves the door. He makes his way to the ale and feels about the nozzle, pouring himself some. If unable to find a suitable glass or mug he simply sits below the keg and pours directly into his mouth like a spicket. Mortal Player02/10/2019 sheets of paper and ink disappear into the gnome's back pack, "Useful stuff, I might be able to scribe some spells with this!" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 There are a few cups in the sitting area of the bedroom Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome pokes his head out the door for a moment, papers and books in his hands, "Hey Knox, can you read any of this? I think it's in goblin." Artimus' head disappears back inside the room. The gnome's head reappears, "You too Reth, there's a map in here with some gobliny names written on it!" The gnome's head disappears.(edited) "Can you understand the map, Kylah?" the gnome asks excitedly? Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth goes into the room and looks at the maps. "Names of the cities are goblin names. Can't recall the origin." (History = 😎 Ayden02/10/2019 Knox approaches to examine the documents in goblin. Even the ones Reth viewed, just in case. He would share anything he knew, if he could. Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Tell me. Tell me." Artimus has paper and ink ( not the good stuff) ready for taking notes. Chouette02/10/2019 "Hmm..." Nothing immediately interests the bard, but she takes a look at the maps regardless. "...I can't make out shit." Kylah groans. "Guess it's a good thing I didn't become a cartographer." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Knox kinda recalls something from the Goblin lessons on the names, thinks they might be famous past kings or some such, maybe folk heroes Mortal Player02/10/2019 As they soon reach an impasse, the gnome says, "That's okay. that;s okay, I know a spell that will help." And he begins chanting and moving his hands about. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth leaves the room again. Glances back at the sleeping beauties, heads into the bedroom Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Groaning softly he picks himself off of the floor and moves next to his brother before gently taking his hand and having him sit down. He then flops down in another ungraceful heap next to him and promptly turns Raleon's shoulder into a pillow. You going to be ok? Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth enters, grabs some ale with another mug. Sits down with the other elves. Grunts. Chouette02/10/2019 With the wizard doing his... wizard... stuff, Kylah takes a moment to look around for any books she might be able to read, specifically anything containing songs or stories.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 All in Goblin. The styling looks more academic than story based Chouette02/10/2019 "Well this all seems incredibly boring." She sighs, defeated. "At least the ink and paper will come in handy, I guess." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon pours more ale into his mouth below the spout. He arches a brow at the inquiry. I will be after this. he replies smugly. Swallowing another guzzle he licks his lips, hearing the third elf's quiet steps. He arches a brow. "Well if it isn't the cat." He offers a smile. "Want some? It's pretty good." Chouette02/10/2019 Humming to herself, Kylah wanders back into the main chamber, pulling out her new flute and playing a few quavering notes to test it out.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth fills a mug, tips it towards the blind one, cocks a half grin at realizing once again he forgot that he can't see. Mutters, "Cheers." instead It's a pretty nice flute. Probably not elven make. A gift perhaps Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Thayrin snorts from his shoulder pillow and cracks the smallest of smiles. I wonder if you put enough mead into Reth, would he talk more without the pulling of teeth to get him to do so? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Noting the muttering ranger's reply he snorts. "I'm not sure if I'm proud of you or if I should roll my eyes at you again. Cheers! To not dying!" Worth a ...shot. Get it? Fuck it! Worth All the shots a laugh sounds between them. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Art finishes his ritual Mortal Player02/10/2019 The chanting stops and all is quiet...rustle... Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 His own laugh sounds as well between them as he glances about the room again for measure and settles into a more comfortable position. next time we are in a tavern we will have to try that out...and keep an eye out for something that attracts cats. I think it would be rather funny if we managed to put it in his pack and have a gaggle of stray cats following him around. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Translation of the notes suggests lots about troop movements, scouting, estimates on numbers of enemy soldiers and civilians in the human towns and cities. Texts on the shelves are academic, theories of magic, applications of evocational magic, principles of war, etc. Lots of stuff about budgets, supplies, troops for the goblin city (they have a lot of goblins) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Oh this is so happening, and can we slip a bit of spoiled cheese into the bard's bags and see how long it takes her to notice? We can grab it from the orc's food we passed before. Raleon wraps an arm around Thayrin in a friendly manner and perhaps our of subconsciousness around Reth's shoulders as well. He sighs happily to himself, chilling with his two favorite people after a good fight. "You know... despite the whole near death experiences thing, I have to say that this is actually kind of fun. I enjoy fighting with you guys," he says as he squeezes their shoulders. It takes a full 10 seconds for it to sink in what he just did and he freezes. Well there was no going back from that... "And no... I'm not drunk yet." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Raleon can feel Reth kinda shrug. "Aye, sure ye aren't." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon puffs his cheek. "Just accept the compliment ya woodland hermit." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 From the throne room, Knox says, "I think they're waking up." [At this time, everyone can roll for hit dice if they so choose] Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 Thayrin simply leans into the touch and laughs before Signing to Reth. "you have never seen him get so smashed he was dancing on tables...but then again, so was I. Good times." He smirks and shifts his attention to Knox when he called out that the trussed up sleeping beauties were wakening up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "...I sense shit talking. What are you telling him?" Raleon squints at Thayrin. Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus makes some notes about the map, strategies, and the goblin names for cities. Chouette02/10/2019 Meanwhile, the bard, who is quite pleased with her new flute, begins to play a little tune. Just a simple one, at first, getting the hang of it. Then something a little more elaborate. Slowly, slowly, she feels out the instrument and tests its boundaries, until its lilting tones begin to sound almost melodic. Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus notes the book titles and info (as if he were making library cards). Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Think this got lost in the shuffle: From the throne room, Knox says, "I think they're waking up." Chouette02/10/2019 "Well then." Kylah stops playing and rubs her hands. "Artimus! Guess what time it is?" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Kylah sees both the strange man and the hob stirring, looks like they are waking up Chouette02/10/2019 "It's... question time!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "I'll let you all handle that. I'm comfortable where I placed my plush elven ass..." Raleon replies with disinterest. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The bard announces it is question time. The mysterious guest with strange eyes begins to shake. At first, it looks like he might be trembling, but then you can hear a muffled laugh. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 oh nothing much. just dancing on tables and stuff.... He turns back to his twin and resumes turning him into his personal pillow while waiting for the questioning to end. Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus selects some of the books to take with him. The gnome pokes his head out the door, "Really? Must we?" Chouette02/10/2019 Uh oh. The bard puts away her flute, then draws her crossbow and trains it on the bound mystery man. "Actually... maybe we could just kill them, for once. Up to you, Art." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The mystery man slowly stops laughing. Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome looks thoughtful and bobs his head back and forth a bit uncertainly, then sighs and steps out of the study. "I really don't want to do this, but I suppose there is no helping it." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon quirks a brow at the laughing then goes for another shot. "Wait a minute. Why are we the only ones drinking? Get your mouth under here. Wait, don't we have an empty wine bottle? As classy as this is I'd love some to go." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 While the elves rabble rouse and the others debate the fate of the tied up enemies, the mystery man looks directly at Kylah and winks. Then, his body shimmers, and the ropes drop as his form congeals and changes into a giant snake, one that is about 20' in length Mortal Player02/10/2019 Artimus looks at Knox and says, "Be ready. If you suspect anything, then you - whaoa!!!!!!!!!!" The gnome's sentence is cut short as he exclaims. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 He bites Albrun and then wraps his body around him, squeezing tightly. You hear the Hobgoblin try to yell, but it comes out as muffled moaning Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Elissim Cigam" Artimus points a hand at the giant snake and four glowing force missles hit the snake! "Where is everybody?!? Get your lazy butts in here before we all die!" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The missiles streak out and hit the snake. He holds fast! Meanwhile, in the bedroom where there is a drunken revelry (that almost sounds wrong), you hear Art shouting in a way that is not like him Kylah is up Chouette02/10/2019 Not quite used to the flute just yet, she pulls out her bandore. The crossbow won't do for something like this, so the snake gets her full attention. "Rock-a-bye serpent, Don't kill that guy. For if you try it, You'll surely die..." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 The magic makes the snake blink, but it stays awake! Knox swings twice, and hits twice Mortal Player02/10/2019 "What about healing Albrun?" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 He's kinda hard to target right now Entirely wrapped up by a big snake Knox does 13 damage in total. (Bad rolls). Still alive Albrun turn. Rolling death save. Back to top of round. Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 curious of the sounds outside the room, Thayrin untangled himself from his brother and peers out the door with a raised brow...only to see the utter chaos in the other room. ....aaaaannnd there is a giant snake trying to eat everyone out there....gods, does our work ever end? He quickly unsheathes his blades and jumps into the fray attacking said giant snake. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 As Thayrin runs it through, the form loosens its grip, then turns back into the man! It was on the second stab that he drops the form, becoming human again On his turn, he uses Expeditious Retreat! He takes the disengage action, and moves 30, making it to the doorway. With the spell, he can move up to 90' a turn starting on the next turn Next is Raleon 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon sighs as his brother leaves his arm. "Moon and stars...can they do nothing without us?" grumbles the rogue as he too gets up and follows his brothers' pursuit, pulling himself begrudgingly from the tangled mess of elves (But with surprising swiftness (prone only takes 5ft of movement)). "I'm sorry... a Giant S...snake?" Raleon furrows his brows as he witnesses the snake get diced and the snake man goes free...or so he thinks. Raleon dashes after him and strikes him down. Chouette02/10/2019 The bard, meanwhile, hurries over to Albrun... or what's left of him. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon drags the snake man's body back into the room and looks at the group, gesturing to the now corpse. "....Seriously?" he jests playfully. "Can you do anything without us?" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth comes out of the room, swords drawn, in time to watch a snake try to run, and Raleon chase it down and stab it. He says, "odd." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome will walk over as he looks back and forth from the snake man to Albrun. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 He drops it off by the other new corpse, as Albrun is now, upon examination, clearly dead. Chouette02/10/2019 "Well, shit." Kylah sighs. "I guess this means no question time." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth shakes his head. "What's with the snakes?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon sighs and tosses the body, with a bit of effort, into the pile. "Well, that was a waste... Who says we bottle up the rest of that ale, pack up and jet out of here before the rest of the city finds us camping out and celebrating the death of their leader?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Hmm." Artimus looks thoughtful. He walks over to the snake man and examines him carefully... "let me see, what exactly are you?" Disgruntled Tea02/10/2019 A simple sheathing of his blades and a glance toward his twin spoke volumes of how much he agreed of the leaving part, as well as taking some boozy souvenirs with them. Chouette02/10/2019 "All right." Kylah looks pale, ready to be done with this place. "Give Artimus a minute to do his thing, and then we'll head out." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Odd. This is some intense magical ritual. It's almost as if he's been... altered some how... or maybe he's part of a cult..." Chouette02/10/2019 "Don't take too long over there, okay?" The bard is still on edge. She doesn't like snakes. Or anything scaly at all, for that matter. Brings back bad memories. Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 #tooclosetodragons? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon goes to collect the booze. Mortal Player02/10/2019 "These symbols are religious... 'Dark Mistress'... wait! That's - this must be... a Child of Kraulchiete... incredible! that must be what this is!" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth goes to help gather up everything else that has not been put away yet, ensuring the leftover potions and the gold are all packed up. When he comes out, he says, "I have a new spell. Helps cover tracks. Noises." He looks at the Paladin 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 Raleon also seems to knowingly look at the paladin and the wizard. "Yes...that will be helpful." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome makes a sketch of the markings and nods in satisfaction. Then he looks about and sees his companions preparing to depart, "Right. Well, it looks like I've learned what I can here." Artimus moves away from the snake man. He pauses over Albrun and does a quick examination of his body to make sure he didn't miss anything there. Then he gathers up the things he wants to take with him. He makes sure to grab one of the healing potions from Reth so that he has one on hand and whatever cut of the coin is his. More investigations will have to wait, but he can take some of the things here with him.(edited) Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth says, "We ready?" Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome takes one more forlorn look around, "I suppose so." "I suppose we can say, in all honesty, that Albrun was slain by a Child of Kraulchiete." "The evidence is all over his crushed body." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝02/10/2019 "Reth," Raleon returns a moment later with the magic armor from before. "Here, you should take this before we go." Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth trades armor real quick, allowing Raleon to fight his way into his old set. A lot of work just to get an extra +1. Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Ooh, platinum.. you know, I think Ozteank is going to be around for a while yet... there's more than 10,000 in Albrun's army and this city is situated on a platinum mine." Chouette02/10/2019 The bard smiles. "Then they won't miss this much, right?" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth says, "At least he's dead." nods at Albrun Mortal Player02/10/2019 "It means, that it depends. There could be a civil war here, but someone will eventually emerge to take Albrun's place. When that happens.. the Children of Kraulchiete and their secrets will be waiting. We've only postponed a war."(edited) Chouette02/10/2019 The bard nods. "But that's where I come in."(edited) Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome raises a brow. Chouette02/10/2019 "I'll spread the word about what happened here, about what we did and how great a threat we were facing. So that the next time such a threat arises, the nearby towns will be ready. So that other heroes, if they're out there, will know to keep a close eye on goings-on in these foothills." She looks hopefully at the wizard. "And maybe... you could write it down, as well? Songs get turned and twisted over time, but a written record can keep the truth safe, for any who come after us." Mortal Player02/10/2019 "Well, the goblins have been around a while. This isn't the first time in history... I guess this is what happens when the tales of the past are lost. Will the world be ready next time? Who will listen to your tale?" Chouette02/10/2019 The bard sighs. "I don't know. Everything crumbles with time, and even the best songs will eventually fade." Then her expression changes to one of resolution. "Still, it doesn't need to last forever, just long enough. So I'll give it my best, and make sure they remember my words for generations yet!" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth grunts. "Goblins are like rats. Always around. Vermin. Easy to squash in small numbers. But they can overwhelm. Consume." "They had a rat king. Let's hope much time passes before another rises." Chouette02/10/2019 Kylah closes her eyes for a moment. "Amen to that." Mortal Player02/10/2019 The gnome nods and hefts his heavy backpack. "I have a library to build! Let's get out of here!" Acies ab Vesania02/10/2019 Reth gathers everyone around and casts Pass Without Trace. Everyone will have a +10 to stealth... NEXT TIME. And so, our heroes spent the next hour or so trying to unravel the secrets of Albrun and his connection to the mysterious people, The Children of Kraulchiete. They discovered mapped routes for soldiers as well as numbers of the armies he has, in addition to other resources. They found some nice new equipment, spells, and more than just a little gold. But still, the question remains--who was helping Albrun? How did he come to keep fiends as bodyguards? Who was the mysterious man and how could he shapechange into a giant snake? Will they escape without being seen? And where will they go next, now that their quest here is done? All this, for next time, on D&D Discord!
  11. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 When we last left off, the adventurers engaged in a lengthy battle with Albrun's elite bodyguards known as the Iron Shadows, and managed to best them in combat. After, they had a protracted encounter with a magically locked door with some strict requirements for passing, taking a group effort to solve. After the Ranger took a lightning bolt for the team, they got past that dreaded door and made found a small foyer, leading into Albrun's meeting chamber. In there, they found Albrun entertaining some mysterious guest with an array of Goblin guards dressed in half-plate armor. Unfortunately, the usually expert-sneak Raleon had a less than fantastic roll while trying to spy on the group, low enough that the passive senses of Albrun's fiery canines were able to sense the presence of the group, and combat is about to begin! The round actually starts first with two of the enemies! Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The mysterious figure hisses and says, "What issss this?" He darts to behind the staircase and takes cover (3/4 cover) and holds his action for a specific trigger. Albrun yells, "Get them!" and starts to move, but as he does so, a big black globe springs up around him, completely obscuring him and the "doggies" from sight. This is how the map looks at this moment: 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon walked into the room seeming uncaring of the many enemies that surrounded him. He took a few strides before walking into the depths of the darkness, seeming to not even notice it form around him, melding in with it like he was simply a part of it. It was then that he stepped beyond the boundaries of the realm, teleporting into the fey for just a beat to appear again in another place. A smile graced his lips as his rapier shined in the magical darkness. "Muzzle your mutts," Raleon whispers as he goes in for the strike against Albrun.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Reth charges into the room. Seeing the darkness springing up and obscuring his primary target, he instead ducks left and just gets into range with the two nearest goblins. He swings at both, trying to bring down some of the help. He scores a hit (25) on the first, dealing 15 damage. It goes down. He swings at the next one twice (second attack, bonus attack) but misses both times! (16 and 12). Disgruntled Tea01/27/2019 by the moons above and all that is worth wild in this world. I have a feeling I will get a taste on what feel like on the battle field soon enough with all that damnable black....and you just jumped into the middle of that mess didn't you. Thayrin slightly curses to himself as he watches his brother fade into the black where his eyes could not follow with a deeper frown than usual as he ponders on to follow. eventually deciding on going with the 'fuck it' motto that the group seemed to follow he strolled up and into the blackness a few steps behind his brother before fey stepping to where he last saw the hellish dogs. He swings his blades at where he assumes the hound on the left last was and prays to whatever god is listening that he hits. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 On to the bodyguards. They have limited targets at the moment, as two are in the dark, and two have not yet entered. The five on the left all charge for Reth All five attack Reth. The highest roll among them is a 15, which does not hit. The first rolled a 1. The goblin who rolled a 1 tripped as it turned to swing at Reth in retaliation for the swings at himself. It instead trips over its feet and runs the rapier through its gut, doing 8 damage to itself. It died. The the first of the goblins on the right is charging. It uses its bonus action to dash (goblin feature) and as it comes by the door sees three other threats within. It runs up and comes after the Paladin. It gets a total of 6 and misses. The second breaks off two do the same. It comes up and attacks the Paladin as well, since he looks the scariest. It gets a roll total of 7 and misses The third charges in and attempts to aid the other two. It gets a total of 10 and accomplishes nothing. The other three charge Reth. One misses (15). The other two score hits (21 and 20) doing a total of 12 between two hits Ayden01/27/2019 Knox uses Rebuke the Violence against the goblin who attacks Reth. Radiant damage surrounds the creature, requiring a saving throw. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Knox rebukes the first attacker, who did 9 damage on his swing. He fails his save and takes 9 damage, killing the goblin! Mortal Player01/27/2019 Artimus regards the Darkness for a moment, then casually waves his hand to the side saying, "Cigam Lepsid". Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The dispel magic takes hold... and works! The spell was clearly 3rd level or lower. It drops the darkness. However, the form of Albrun is not immediately clear to most, though Thayrin can kind of see him, as he actually ducked behind his throne. The bard, who now takes an action, steps up just enough to get Reth within 30', but avoids drawing opportunity attacks by the goblins. She gives Reth, Knox, and herself bless (the twins are out of range without taking attacks) Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnome is peeking out from his cover, peeking at Albrun behind his cover.(edited) 3 Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The hounds both shift and face the rogues. In a 15' cone, they blast a big burst of fire at both rogues, the first doing 20 damage, and the second doing 21. Raleon made both his saves and took 20 instead of the possible 41. Thayrin made the second but not the first and was hit for 30. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon reacts swiftly and nimbly dodges out of the way of the first, however there was no true safe place to be found. He escapes to where he could, still getting the flames of the second hell hound. (Reduced to 15 damage.) Ayden01/27/2019 Knox pulls his sword as three gobs enter and try to attack him. He swings at the first who attacked him with his blade. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 What the rogues saw first hand was both dogs open their mouths wide. A gurgling roar is heard before a bright flash of light, followed by intense heat washes over them, as it feels like hell itself opened for a moment, bathing them in its fire. Ayden01/27/2019 Feeling a clean hit of the first goblin, Knox strikes at the second in the same fashion. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Knox drops the first goblin, but he goofs up on the second But recovers himself before making a bigger goof Ayden01/27/2019 Knox uses a bonus action to cast Shield of Faith, bolstering his defenses. (AC=23) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 At the end of the round, the condition for the mystery man's held action triggers (end of round). He was holding a spell, which effects everyone. All of the group need to make a Wisdom saving throw. Those with bless add 1d4 to their save. The only one to fail is Raleon, who finds his motions sluggish. His movement speed is halved, he loses 2 on his AC, and cannot use bonus actions or reactions On his turn, mystery man remains behind his cover, but peeks out to use a cantrip (toll of the dead) against Reth. Reth however passes his save (20 total) and takes no damage). An ominous bell sound echoes by Reth, but he ignores it. Albrun peeks from his cover and mutters an incantation. All of those in the room will need to make a dex saving throw... Mortal Player01/27/2019 Artimus waves a hand, "Llepsretnuoc". Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Above in the air, a swirling cloud of frost appears, with it rolling around, churning and make the air chill. Then Art throws out his hand and counters the effect, making it disappear. Over by the thrown, Albrun cusses in goblinm He stays put for the moment 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon hisses as he grips his burned shoulder. He grips the blade in his hand tighter, his blind eyes seeming to hone in on Albrun with a chilling sense of positioning. He grits his teeth as the slow spell takes hold of him, he glares with an unbridled fury and lets out a growl as he slashes at the dog in front of him. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The dog is stabbed through. It lets out a pained yelp, but does not succumb to the wounds. It looks angry (and sounds) angry Kylah peeks around the two goblins over by the three in the foyer and drops a sleep spell by Reth's horde of goblins. Four of the six drop to the ground, snorring(edited) 3 Reth swings at the two by him. The first misses (14), but the second hits (26) doing 10. It died. He takes his bonus action swing at the other and hits (19) doing 7. It dies He then charges up the stairs, using 30' of movement to close in on the hounds and Albrun Reth turn ends with him in the middle of the left staircase Disgruntled Tea01/27/2019 Although usually quite swift on his feet Thayrin was not so swift this time round as the flames spewed from the hounds. He was forced to use his roughish dodging skills hard learned though previous battles to reduce the oncoming damage of the first bought of flame. Luckily he was quicker on his feet for the next bout of flame, and was able to clear most of the onslaught. As the fames wash over his form, a bone melting pain singed though his whole body casing him let out an involuntarily gasp of pure agony. Briefly his mind wanders to one of the worst moments of his past before he managed to wrangle himself back to the present. He grits his teeth and gathers himself to attack the hound on the left.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Thayrin runs the sword right through its shoulder and deep into its organs. It howls loudly, trying to pull back as the second attack comes. It is hurt, blood mixing with its steaming drool, but it remains alive! The two goblins in the Foyer change approach, as they saw that there are two casters back here. They cannot tell which Art is which, due to mirror image, so they both swing at the bard instead. One hits (17) for 7 damage, and the second hits (13) for 3 damage. She needs to make two concentration checks for bless Unfortunately, first concentration check is a total of 9, which fails Bless drops Ayden01/27/2019 Knox raises his shield to protect Kylah from the attacks of the goblin. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Knox stops the first blow (attack disadvantage makes it a 7), which removed 7 damage. However, second still hit for 3, and the concentration check was a 9, so the bless still drops Mortal Player01/27/2019 Placing a hand to his chest, the four gnomes shake for a moment before extending their hands towards the Hellhound on the right pronouncing, "Rethgual Suoedih S'ahsat". Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The hell hound by Raleon suddenly stops growling. It regards the blind elf and finds something absolutely comical about this situation. It begins laughing (an odd sound mostly of chuffs and growls) and falls over on its side, laughing at the situation at hand. Mortal Player01/27/2019 "What did the Hellhound say to the fire!" Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 ??? Ayden01/27/2019 "Hot dog" Knox whispers. 5 Mortal Player01/27/2019 and the Hellhound hears this with its exceptional hearing. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The laughing hell hound fails its save, so it will still be laughing through its next turn. The other hell hound turns and attacks Thayrin using pack tactics (ally within 5' ((Albrun))) getting advantage to its attack roll It gets a total of 15 and misses On to Knox Ayden01/27/2019 Knox has two goblins at his disposal. His heart races knowing the others already rushed in, giving him a sense of urgency. Pulling his blade, he swings twice to try and drop one or both - aiming first at the one who hit Kylah. Knox rushes into the room and yells, "Thayrin! You got this!"Knox does his best to rally Thayrin with his bonus action. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The mystery man at the back of the room casts a spell again, with a familiar verbal intonation. Everyone needs to make a wisdom saving throw Thayrin experiences the same as his brother a moment ago. He feels like the world is slowing down Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnome eyes the mystery man and arches an eye brow. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Albrun steps out from the cover for a moment, barking at the not laughing Hell hound to attack. He gives up one of his two attacks to direct the hell hound (commander's strike) to attack, while attacking Raleon himself. The one following the orders of Albrun makes an attack with its reaction, scoring a hit (23 total) for a total of 23 damage, of which 11 came from fire. Ayden01/27/2019 Knox uses rebuke the violence against the hellhound in reaction to the attack against Thayrin.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The dog yelps from the rebuke but is still alive Albrun stabs at Raleon (roll total 20), doing 7 total. He then ducks back behind his chair 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon flips out of the way, managing a much less damaging blow with his uncanny dodge. He sticks out his tongue and raspberries him before going in for a strike of his own, closing the distance between them, getting him into proper hitting distance. He flips his sword in his wrist while spinning, his foot work is extravagantly breath taking, even those with good eyes couldn't keep up with his speed as he goes to run him through.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The first misses, but the second strikes true. However, he manages to get his sword part way in the way, using his reaction to parry, reducing the damage by a total of 8 The bard steps up and says, "Anyone ever tell you that you have obnoxiously bad breath?!" to the Hell hound on Thayrin (Vicious Mockery) It rolls a 1 on its save She does 9 psychic damage to it. Which was exactly how much HP it had left. The bard successfully taunted the hell hound to death, rofl The hell hound whimpers and then keels over Reth charges the stairs, fortunately not having to deal with the hell hound on the left. He uses his bonus action to throw up a hunter's mark on Albrun, then attacks twice, going behind the chair(edited) He misses the first time (15), but hits with the second, doing 17 damage. Disgruntled Tea01/27/2019 Heavily burned and not feeling so hot, the assassin sluggishly shakes his head. The world around him seemed to warp to a crawl when he wasn't completely focused on the present day again. Mentally scolding himself to get with it he manages to step round the stupidly massive chair to take a swing at Albrun himself. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Albrun is struck. He bellows angrily, but is still up Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnomes move into the room, stepping around the dead bodies of slain guards. They move towards the mystery man, "That's a nice little spell you have there, Mystery Man!" Once the gnomes have gained an angle on Albrun, they point at him with their wands and say, "Tloberif". lazy motes of fire arc towards Albrun...(edited) The motes miss and fade harmlessly. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The hound made another save, got a total of 17. He finally stops laughing. Does not get to do anything this round Ayden01/27/2019 With one hellhound dead, Knox goes for the other before the fiend has a chance to cause any more damage. A swing of his sword would come crashing down. Knox moves into range of Albrun!(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The paladin strikes twice. The first hit makes it yelp, but it is when he unleashes his divine fury in the second that the hell-hound finally dies, turning to ash! The mystery man says something, and then two magical pulses go off (twinned spell) Both twins need Wisdom saves (they get +3 thanks to Knox) The twins felt something pressing on them, trying to keep them in place, but they shrug it off. The stranger curses, then tosses some a healing word at Albrun 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 The twins simultaneously flip the caster the bird. 1 Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnomes narrow their eyes at the mystery man, "What sorcery is this?" 3 Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Albrun feels boxed in, so he uses a Thunderwave to make some room those who pass took 11, those who failed took 22 and got thrown 10 feet, right off the dais, taking additional 3 from the fall Yeah, but the DC is gonna be hire due to the surprising nature of the blast Sex save, LOL He entertains special guests there The twins are blasted off the top, as are the two dog corpses and the thrown is blown away as well, spreading splinters(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon is blown off from the top of the dais. His fingers claw at the edge of the railings as he is blown through them. He luckily lands with grace, like a cat fallen from its perch. With a hiss, his eyes glow with a bit of rage. He quickly grabs his rapier once more and rushes back up the stairs with frightening speed. "You can't get rid of me that easily, bastard!" he growls as he slashes at him once more. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Raleon strikes true twice, on the second hit, Albrun curses and mutter something arcane. Through the sword, a bolt of electricty hits Raleon, who needs a con saving throw(edited) Fortunately, Raleon saves, so he only takes half of 6 (terrible rolling) and is not stunned on his next turn 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon grits his teeth as the blade vibrates with a shocking current, but as strangely usual with this one and thunder damage, he manages to grip the blade and glare back at him, taking the shock rather well. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Kylah uses a bonus action on Thayrin to give him a healing word, giving back 7(edited) She takes a shot at Albrun with her crossbow but misses (15) Reth comes up and swings three times, using his bonus action to swing. He has advantage due to flanking He hits twice (24 and 24) but misses on the third (18) Doing a total of 28 damage Albrun is not looking good, but is still alive Disgruntled Tea01/27/2019 A string of curses is heard though the twins link as the assassin was promptly thunderwaved and rag dolled off of the dais despite his dodging efforts. luckily he was able to twist in the air land with a surprising amount grace to avoid taking more damage. He rises from his crouched landing position tossing his rather burnt hair from his face in annoyance while glaring up at Albrun. Following shortly after his twin, he bounds up the stairs and takes a crack at finally killing him so that they could move on to the ever annoying secondary spell caster in the room. Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnomes move the rest of the distance to the Mystery Man. "Hey, do you want to know a secret?" Placing a hand to his chest, the four gnomes shake for a moment before extending their hands towards the Mystery Man pronouncing, "Rethgual Suoedih S'ahsat". Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The mystery man begins to snicker, then chuckle, then laugh uproariously (save total 10)(edited) Ayden01/27/2019 Knox swings upon Albrun! Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Mystery man's turn, new save: 18, he stops laughing. He cannot take any action this turn Albrun, bloodied, screams, NO! EVERYONE but Kylah, dex save Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Closer to the center of the room, a bead of light strikes down and explodes in a fiery burst. Strangely, the fire twists around the room in such a way that it never approaches the mystery man, and it goes around Albrun, never touching him or the sleeping goblins either Ayden01/27/2019 Knox drops like a sack of potatoes in a tin can. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 A cooked can of potatoes 0_o Albrun, after dropping a nuke on the area, attempts to take off running. The only one who can take a reaction to attack is Reth Reth swings at Albrun but misses (14 total) Acrobatics check for the jump = 18 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon's burns, which seemed pretty bad before, seem impossibly worse now. Next to the initial blast, he is unable to find safety within his usual foot work, but manages to escape the worst of it. With an unyielding grasp on his blade, he staggers towards Albrun again, flames in his eyes and on his clothes. He holds his torso in pain as he watches him jet just out of Reth's range. He grunts, cringing for a moment before grumbling. "Not a chance in hell, asswhipe..." With a burst of strength, Raleon takes off after the goblin leader, rushing after him and following him down (19 acrobatics). He books it after the leader, rapier in hand, eyeing for a sweet spot.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Raleon charges in and scores a hit for a total of 19. He attempts to parry, and does reduce the damage from 19 to 10, but he still goes under! Kylah, seeing Albrun down and Knox down as well, runs into the room her full thirty, stopping where she can still see Knox but also get him in range of healing word, using healing word to stabilize him and bring him back up. He gets back 8 Reth, seeing Knox is upright, charges down to go after the snake man. He bonus action moves the hunter's mark onto him then swings twice. Reth strikes twice, doing a total of 26 damage. The man looks bad. He screams and takes a strange reaction: he throws a snake at Reth's face! In his blind panic, he totally misses (8) and the snake lands on the ground Disgruntled Tea01/27/2019 Staggering from the sheer amount of wounds littering his body, Thayrin swears he is more a burnt husk than elf anymore. He nods in grim satisfaction when his twin manages to take down the fleeing leader and turns his attention to the remaining foe still standing. coughing raggedly he gathers his strength once again to somehow get down the stairs without mishap and into range to strike at the man. A bloody smile twists on his face, causing burnt pieces of flesh to flake off in the motions. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 The other man goes down in a crumpled heap Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnomes heave a collective sigh, "It is done." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 Raleon cuffs the leader with a weak groan then coughs, spitting up blood. He leans against the wall for a moment, catching his breath. He spits at the ground near the crumpled heap and sighs softly. "Well...time to kill the helpers...." Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 Reth says, "On it" and goes to deal with the sleeping beauties Mortal Player01/27/2019 The gnome glances back toward the goblin guards. The gnome walks to the steps and sits down heavily. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/27/2019 The twins slowly stagger into the room and down the stairs. With their eyes flamed, divine fire balls streak from their hands to the bodies. Quickly they begin to burn. Any of those who try to flee should they survive, they are quickly dispatched by daggers. Strangely...the flames do not cross to any coin pouches they seem to carry.(edited) It is perhaps the first time that any of them have seen Thayrin's eyes blazing with a blue flames as he shoots off his own blazing flames. Acies ab Vesania01/27/2019 And so, after a long fought, difficult battle, with one ally going down and others dangerously close the party has managed to subdue both the leader and his mysterious guest--a man with whom they now notice has slitted eyes and a forked tongue. And also a venomous snake still slithering about. They still do not know of Albrun's plans or how he came by two fiery hounds and access to a great deal of magic--the culmination being a nasty fireball that nearly took the group out. Mysteries remain, but the questions will have to be answered next time, on D&D Discord!
  12. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord: The adventuring party made their way through Alrun's keep, using a back channel reserved for his personal guests to make their way towards the top floor, where the hob-goblin leader resides. Along the way, they found numerous traps as well as a few sets of enemies, including some orcs and Duegar. Fortunately, some good sneaking set-up surprise rounds that made short work of these enemies, and other than one missed trap, the group climbed this keep with little trouble. In fact, the biggest hiccup only seemed to be the poor ranger really needing to use some the facilities. However, their luck seems to have run out as they have made their way into the hall leading to Albrun, and there, hidden in the darkness, are his personal protectors, the Hobgoblin Iron Shadows. Kylah, Reth, and Raleon have pinned located targets while the rest remain unsure of where to direct their attacks (and will attack with disadvantage, fighting in the areas where the others pointed). The mage is holding action, so as soon as one makes itself known, he will be using a reaction to release a spell. With that, let's get back to the action! Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Raleon opens up the action by bearing down on one of the hobs he managed to hear sliding just slightly across the stone floor. He strikes twice (no sneak due to no adjacent ally and not hidden) for 21 points of damage. The target of his is hurt, but still standing. Reth charges in and targets another, who he and Kylah had spotted. He hits two of his three attacks (2 attacks plus one bonus action swing) and does a total of 17 damage. That one is still upright. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Blinking in confusion Thayrin still really didn't know where the attackers were lurking in the shadows as he glances about the battlefield. he noted that his brother and Reth seemed to have something in their sights and decided to just go with the flow. sliding up next to his twin he makes a move to assist in killing whatever Raleon was stabbing at. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Thayrin comes up to the one with his brother, doing equal damage. The combined effort causes that one to slump over before it ever had a chance to try anything nefarious. The hobgoblin Reth targeted launches into a furious attack of blows, striking out four times and hitting all four times (22, 21, 17, and 20 respectively) doing a total of 20 damage. Reth is stumbling back, a bit surprised, especially when that hob goblin disappears into a puff of smoke! A second hob goblin steps into the open to make an attack (TRIGGER: @Mortal Player ) Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Tloberif" the gnome murmurs and the glowing mote launches from the tip of his wand towards one of the Iron Shadows. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The Iron Shadow is caught off guard by the mote of fire striking it. It hisses, and then throws four darts in retaliation back towards the mage. The rolls are 19, 16, 17, and 8 Art takes 14 from three darts striking true, while the fourth goes way over his head. It then disappears into the darkness, swallowed up by the shadows, blinking out of existence to a location unknown. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox uses his reaction to protect Artimus by raising his shield. Mortal Player01/13/2019 The darts plunge into Artimus and his eyes go wide as he looks down in alarm! Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The one who hit Reth disappeared and his sneaking with a total of 14. Anyone with a passive over 14 can detect where it went. The one who hit Art disappeared with a 19 total, which exceeds everyone's passives. Another steps out from the shadows, throwing four darts at Thayrin. That one only hits once (19 total) out of the four attacks, for 6 damage That one disappears into a puff of darkness, it's stealth total 16 The last steps out of the shadows, throwing four darts at Knox. It hits 3 times (24, 23, and 24 on the hits) for a total of 17! It then too evaporates into the dark. For a total stealth of 12, lol Ayden01/13/2019 The darts hit him hard and catches him off guard, unable to track these foes. Taking a second to catch himself, his eyes focus. Rushing into the darkness, he swings at the last known location where he saw one sneak off. As he slashes, both attacks catch nothing but air and darkness. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Knox attacks a last known location, and finds nothing there! Chouette01/13/2019 "They're that way, dummy!" shouts the bard. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Thgil," murmurs the gnome and the tip of his wands sheds light upon the hallway (20' radius). Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The Gnome lights up the hallway, removing the shadows. The four remaining Iron Shadows hiss in anger, but all are revealed! Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus will take position of cover behind Knox if possible Chouette01/13/2019 "No more hiding now, you cowards!" Taking advantage of the light, Kylah lunges forwards and attempts to run one of the creepy hobgoblins through with her blade! Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The bard lashes out at the one Reth had hit. She only just grazes it, as it moves back. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon clicks his tongue with irritation. His ears twitch, well attuned to the scuffling of feet around him, even in combat. Hearing Reth's grunt of pain he finds his new target. With a flick of his blade, he seeks to give the bugger a prick of his own. Though he suspects his will hurt much more. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Raleon turns the one who previously attacked Reth into a squishy mess, doing 38 damage , dropping it. Reth swings at one without wounds. He strikes all three hits, the second a 20! (the others 19 and 22) Reth hits the first time for 7, the second (double damage with advantage) hits for 14, and his bonus attack swing hits for 7, for a total of 28. The hob goblin looks bad, but still stands. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 The shedding of much needed light caused a slight twitch of a smile on the assassins lips as he turns towards the hissing creatures. without halation he steps up to help take out another of the buggers before it disappears into the shadow again. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Thayrin steps up and strikes the one the bard just went after, taking it down. One of the three remaining Iron Shadows turns towards the wizard and quickly mutters something arcane. Art needs to make a Wisdom Saving throw DC 12 Art could sense it attempting to use something to win over his allegiance, but his racial hatred for Goblin kind quickly shakes off the effect. One of the others turns and throws darts, while muttering something arcane (bonus action). It throws 4 darts towards the Gnome, whom has partial cover due to the big Paladin. It only scores two hits (15 and 16) Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome holds up a hand, "Dleihs", and an invisible force blocks the attacks. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The two would be offending darts, which had they struck would have done 11 damage, are instead harmlessly deflected, sent skittering across the stone. The Iron Shadow then turns and runs back towards the doors, having cast Expeditious Retreat as a bonus action, allowing it to take a dash action. It is already at the door, but cannot open it this turn. It is 50' away. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox swings at the closest with two attacks from his magic sword! Like the last attack, nothing but air. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Knox swings at the Iron shadow, but it sidesteps one, and then ducks under the other, almost sending the Paladin into a spin. He recovers, fortunately. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Tloberif" A mote of fire springs forth from the glowing wand tip and arcs towards the wounded hobgoblin. The mote of fire lands on its intended target.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The mote hits the wounded one, doing another 14. He is starting to look worse for wear, but remains upright! Chouette01/13/2019 "Go down already, you sneaky fuck!" Kylah stabs him again. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The one she stabs (also moted by Art) is just staying alive. He is a disco Monk Ninja Hob. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon hears the skidder of more feet next to him, another twitch of his attuned ears as he squints. "Oh no you don't..." he hisses as he runs into range (~20' away) and flicks out two shining daggers. We have a runner... Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The distant hob is hit for 20. He grunts, but he is still preparing to leave! Reth steps up to the one with Kylah. He strikes it two of his three attacks (25, 11, 25) and does a total of 18 damage on two hits, doing enough on the first hit to kill it, but he stabbed it once more for good measure. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 On it. Quickly turning on his heal, Thayrin blinks out of sight after the fleeing shadow. A brief second later he reappears seemingly out of the shadows themselves and lunges at the creature in an attempt to pin it down. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The creature attempts to use acrobatics to escape, getting a total of ... 16. It is grappled. The creature has to spend its action trying to get free again And got a total of 20. Chouette01/13/2019 "Stay put, you!" Kylah shouts. "You know, they say that all beings are created equal, but you look at you and you look at Thayrin and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one on one with another wrestler, you got a 50/50 chance of winning. But Thayrin's a genetic freak and he's not normal! So you got a 25%, AT BEST, at beat him!" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 It is momentarily distracted, and its total for the escape check is 15. It stays put! Ayden01/13/2019 Knox holds his move action and stays with Artimus. If Artimus moves, so will Knox.(edited) Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus moves 10' down the hallway..."Tloberif" Another mote of fire springs forth from the glowing wand tip... Ayden01/13/2019 Knox follows 10 feet down the hallway with Artimus. They stay side by side. Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah takes aim at the last enemy with her hand crossbow, doing her best to avoid pointing it at Thayrin. "As if we'd let you get away..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon makes his way over towards the bugger and his twin, sighing with a bit of relief. "Ah thank you, Brother..." he says as he draws his dagger. He places a finger up and gives a dastardly grin. "This will only take a moment." He slashes at the pestersome hob. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Raleon can't see his damage, but his brother sure did. As Raleon jams the dagger right into the carotid artery and rips it through with such force that the dagger tears the trachea in half, spraying blood all over both twins and the door as the Goblin goes limp Reth looks around (perception 17) and decides the coast is clear. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 There is perhaps a sick satisfied trace of a grin on the elf's lips as the blood splatters and the body drops. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth then grunts, and puts his blades away for a moment. "Need healing? Come here." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox approaches Reth while pulling out the last dart still stuck in him.(edited) Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 you know...I enjoy being up close and personal in fights...but this was a bit too much. also. I am fairly certain my hair may or may not be died pink for the next few days. A soft snort and a twitch of his own lips he lets the body fall to the ground and slings some blood off of his arms with a rough shake. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth waves the Paladin over. "Healing spirit, need you all close." Ayden01/13/2019 The Paladin nods as he stands next to Reth. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon shakes his head. So you'll look like me? the twin snickers as he shakes the large amount of blood from his blade. He takes a moment to gather up his daggers and wipes them on the bodies, looking them over for loot while he's at it. Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome hides his wand with it's light and glances down at the darts in his chest. He carefully removes them and takes a few steps towards Reth. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 They have darts and their Gi, but that is about it Reth waits for anyone who needs healing to approach. He conjures a healing spirit, and everyone receives 14 hp back. Ayden01/13/2019 "thank you" Knox states before pulling the dead into the shadows of the hallways. "we must be getting close." He then wipes the blood from the battle onto his armor.(edited) Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 I thought I already did? less smiles and sunshine though. he snickers though their link as he goes about getting as much blood and gore off his person while waiting on the others. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon approaches the gnome and squats down next to him. "Mind cleaning us up? We might just leave a trail of blood, and it's not even ours," the twin gives a cheeky grin. You do, but you have blue in your hair, kind of a give away Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome begins to wave his hands and mutter as moves around each member of the party, cleaning away any blood or gore that could fall off and leave a trail behind. As he does so, the party members also wrinkles in clothing getting smoothed out and hair that is in disarray is somehow combed. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth looks nonplussed at having his hair tidied. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon points and covers his mouth to hide his laughter as he watches through his brother's eyes the magic of taming Reth's hair. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox returns the favor to Reth and restores 7hp through lay on hands. After, he approaches Thayrin and does the same thing. Warm light floods through his hands and heals them both. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 A twig clatters to the ground from the Ranger's hair Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 He smirks and appears to be chuckling quietly where he stood at the ranger and his fallen twig hair piece. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon raises a brow towards Reth. "Seriously? Were you missing the woods that much?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth grunts, walks towards the door Ayden01/13/2019 "We should keep moving." Knox suggests as they catch their breath and clean up. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 with a casual shrug he taps his twins shoulder as he passes to follow after Reth. Chouette01/13/2019 "Yup." The bard is smiling. "If those were the bodyguards... we should be near the snake's head, now." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon sighs and rolls his shoulders. "Yeah, yeah~..." he follows after them. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Everyone approaches the door. And? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Thayrin, check the door Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Thayrin examines the door. He can't seem to, find a keyhole and gets stuck on that(edited) Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 you do know my history with all things doors, correct? he moves to the door and inspects it regardless. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 A thought occured to him just then. "Wait, it might be trapped." He approaches it as well. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Perception check, please The door does in fact lack a keyhole. There is a strange, raised area with an arcane looking rune (can be seen by others, felt by Raleon) that has 5 small circular indents spaced approximately evenly apart. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon slowly runs his fingers along the groves in thought. "Hmmm, it's arcane by nature..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 So, what are you all doing? Ayden01/13/2019 Knox examines the door to determine how nearby enter. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Knox can try an investigation check? Knox tries to ponder the door. His brain hurts. He needs to sit down for a moment. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "I can try and disable it if you all want," Raleon gives a shrug and arches a brow at Knox. "Though this magic stuff is kinda beyond me..." Ayden01/13/2019 "is this a door or wall? I don't see a knob or key hole guys." Knox goes to look at the wall fungus and mushrooms instead. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "It's a door. It has a---...nevermind." Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Thayrin glances at Knox with a raised brow while waiting on the more able people to figure out the door conundrum. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth is waiting. Passing tricky doors isn't his forte(edited) Ayden01/13/2019 "if it's a door, then open it. " Knox says as a matter of fact.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon gives a once over the group, looking Clear over the gnome. "Arty?" Raleon puffs up his cheeks. "Maybe I will open it." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox pauses, then an idea hits him. "What if we knock on the door but hide? When someone opens it, we rush in."(edited) Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus examines the door The gnome looks for the hobgoblin that was running to the door. The gnome grabs first one hand of the hobgoblin, then the other, "Hmm, it seems like it it may be for one hand." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The rune, if triggered, will shoot out a Lightning Bolt (as per the spell) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon arches a brow. "Wonder why he ran to the door if we already killed some of his buddies..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The Gnome's passive investigation score is more than high enough to notice that the right hand of the Iron Shadow does not have normal finger tips. They have runes etched in them. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Aha! This hand here has the key to opening this door!" "Ummm, could someone give me this hand from this hobgoblin?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "I could cut it off?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Yes, I think that would do, the runes on the finger tips are the key, I think." Chouette01/13/2019 "Ugh." Kylah makes a face. "Couldn't we just... lift the arm up, or something?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The body is already at the door Ayden01/13/2019 Knox scrapes several mushrooms off the wall and place them carefully in his bag, wrapped in his blanket.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon makes a face of his own, sticking out his tongue. "Arms are less heavy on their own..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth walks over and helps hold up the dead body Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 with an eyeroll Thayrin helps Reth by placing the correct hand into place. Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimsu stops them Ayden01/13/2019 Knox finishes collecting a number of mushrooms that glow before reaching the others. He watches a Artimus stops them. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Ahem.. the door will open, we should be prepared." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth grunts. "It opens, I toss the gob." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon raises a brow. "No jump on them I suppose then." Chouette01/13/2019 "Probably not. There might be alarm spells in there as well..." The bard sighs. "But then we knew this wouldn't be easy. We'll just have to get in there and let loose with everything we have." Ayden01/13/2019 "You guys figure this out yet?" he pulls his shield and sword to the ready position just in case. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "We should keep the hand with us, in case we need it later." Artimus removes the hand from the hobgoblin body.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Using? Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Everyone ready?" Artimus will use the hand once everyone in the party is ready. Ayden01/13/2019 "Ready. " Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah shrugs. "Ready as I'll ever be." Ayden01/13/2019 He stands near Artimus. Seeing his gnome friend working on pulling the arm off, Knox helps with his sword. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon spins a dagger on his finger as he waits. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 With Knox's strength, we'll say he gets the hand off with one or two chops. Ayden01/13/2019 One chop. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth moves the body aside, tossing it away Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome is having trouble cutting the hand off the body with his dagger. "Does anyone have a better chopping weapon?""(edited) "Thank You." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "So are we going in stealthy or swords ablazing?" Ayden01/13/2019 After cutting the hand off, Knox pulls his blade back to the ready position.(edited) Mortal Player01/13/2019 "The rune is a lightening rune." "But I think this will work to bypass the trap." Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah sticks her tongue out. "Bleh. I wish this kind of thing weren't necessary..." Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 While waiting for the others to finish their prepping, the assassin took the time to check over his blades and ready for a hard battle ahead. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon hardly seems to flinch at the goreish act. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Let's be ready for a fight..." The gnome will use the hand when everyone is ready by placing each of the finger tips in the appropriate indent. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth is indifferent as usual Ayden01/13/2019 "Just like the other doors, try to use the element of surprise." He says. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 So everyone is in place. Does Art apply the hand? Mortal Player01/13/2019 Yes. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Art applies the hand, and... nothing happens. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Uh...Arty? Are you sure this is how it works?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Hmm." The gnome squints at the door." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Fingers line up perfectly, fit perfectly, nothing happened. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox is confused as he tries to figure out why this didn't work. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 well that was anticlimactic. I was expecting more flashy door opening and doom to come spewing out. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Try...turning it?" Ayden01/13/2019 "Told you guys it wasn't a door." he whispers to himself. Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome examines the entire door for a mechanism of opening. He will push on the door to see if that works. He will try turning it next. He will try turning and pushing next.(edited) Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 curious the assassin leans closer and peers at the workings of his fellow adventures. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Both Thayrin and the Bard note that when the fingers are applied, there is just the faintest glow at the runes, but nothing else is occurring. Nothing the Gnome does makes any change. There is no keyhole Ayden01/13/2019 "Can anyone dispel the lock on this thing?" He asks curiously. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth grunts. "Think we're missing something." Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus tries sliding the door side to side.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon taps his chin. "The guards only had the darts and their clothes on them..." Raleon searches around the area of the door for any clues Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 how annoying would it be if you had to be alive and have those rune things for the thing to open? He starts to help his twin in searching the area for more clues to open the newest puzzle presented. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 search the bodies for more runes?(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Raleon does not find any clues near the door that would help Chouette01/13/2019 "The runes seem to be working..." the bard frowns, "but it's not opening. Maybe it's like a door-knocker, and it only opens from inside?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Well, definitely, if a hand without runes were applied here it would trigger the lightening trap."(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 "Could we draw the runes on Raleon's fingers or something? Maybe the hand that gets stuck in there actually needs to do something..."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon huffs and goes to investigate the door once more. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox looks the door up and down once more. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Yep, it is a door. In the way too Ayden01/13/2019 "We can always knock." he says before sighing, all out of ideas. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth says, "Try a different one?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Yes, have you heard of our lord and savior, the Grik? Yeah well us either, you're about to meet him here soon though," the rogue mocked a religious doorsman. "Do they have different runes?" he arched a brow. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth shrugs. Then grunts, because it was Raleon. He goes to check another body Mortal Player01/13/2019 "I'm not an expert on opening doors Raleon, but usually they have some sort of bolt between them and the wall.... it that something you can use your tools on?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth calls back, "This one has runes too." Chouette01/13/2019 The bard is still thinking. "We could blast it open... but that'd probably tip off anyone close enough to hear..." Then she perks up at Reth's find. "Oh! Maybe we should try that one?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth drags the body over Chouette01/13/2019 "Let's try this one without cutting off the hand first. And I'm not just saying that out of personal preference." Kylah idly scratches at her hair. "Whatever weird lock that is might be able to tell whether a hand is still attached to the body." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox cleaves the arm off the body Reth is looking at. He waves it at the others. "Let's try this one. " Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome looks down at the other hobgoblin, he carefully compares the runes between the two hands to se if they are identical. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth facepalms 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon puffed a cheek. "I already checked for something I could pick. It's an internal lock."(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 "Knox! Fucking listen when I'm talking!" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth checks a third body. "Has runes too, guess all of them do." Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Let's try the attached to body thing." The gnome shrugs. Ayden01/13/2019 "Cut off the hands, try all of them. " Knox says, having a hard time hearing Kylah. Chouette01/13/2019 "Okay!" Kylah breathes a sigh of relief. "Let's take this one over to the door, and try to restrain our impulses for five fucking seconds before we go chopping limbs off again. Sound good?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome also does his best to hide before the door is opened. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth says, "Damn it Knox, leave the bodies intact!" He looks flustered at having to make a full sentence. Ayden01/13/2019 Knox looks at Reth, unsure how to respond to so many words. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Thayrin sighs in aggravation and casts an annoyed look at knox. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth takes a body and brings it over to the door, without letting Knox have at it Ayden01/13/2019 Knox dodges the annoyance on Thayrin's face as he joins Artimus. He still holds onto an extra limb just in case. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth just marches up and plants the fingers in. Nothing happens He growls Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Let's try all five just to be sure." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox tries his acquired limb while everyone is there. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "My thought is that maybe we need a command word." "Or living body." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth is muttering about "Should have kept one of the stinky bastards still breathing." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon whines. "Since when are goblins this smart?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth actually pauses at that. "They're not... usually." Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Probably since their leader is a spellcaster with access to powerful intelligent allies..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth nods at that. That was along the lines of his concerns 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Maybe they have to appear alive?" He suggests out of desperations. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth lifts an eyebrow. "How would they appear?" Ayden01/13/2019 Knox straps the limb to the side of his bag. Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus examines the runes on the finger tips again... this time attempting to discern their magical significance.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Arcana check And for good measure, a perception check too 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "I don't know...They look the same to me dead or alive." he grumbled. "I can't find anything else on this door besides the grooves." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Art can't make anything out of the runes. They are complex and foreign. However, he does notice after staring at them for a moment, that the ends of the runes all touch little capillaries in the fingers. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Holy- Wow! Okay!" The gnome exclaims. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth says, "huh?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome frowns and his brow creases in puzzlement. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Maybe smear some blood in it? I dunno..." Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Yeah, maybe they cut themselves.." Artimus takes the and and dips it in hobgoblin blood, then retries the hand on the door.(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Nothing Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome frowns again..."But the runes are etched close to the capillaries..." Ayden01/13/2019 "I don't see caterpillars in here. Just mushrooms and fungus." Knox says as he looks around. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth actually laughs. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Growing increasingly more annoyed he casts a message towards Art. "I don't suppose that we needed these creatures alive?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 "Capillaries. Smaller than veins, carry blood." Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome starts for a moment and then looks at Thayrin, "We may have needed them alive." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox looks at Reth like he's the strange one. Again, so many words from someone usually silent. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon cracks a grin of his own. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth sighs. "Need a heartbeat." Mortal Player01/13/2019 "It would seem that a heart beat would work.. but how do we imitate a heartbeat?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "How are the runes on the fingers?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth shrugs. "Don't know how to get a heart started." Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 another message sent to Art: "could you reproduce those runes on one of us? we all have a beating heart last i checked" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Anyone proficient in medicine? Mortal Player01/13/2019 "The ends of the runes are near capillaries." Artimus examines the indents to determine where the runes would line up on them. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Yes, but how are they placed on the fingers? A tattoo? Ink? Chalk?"(edited) Mortal Player01/13/2019 "The runes are etched on the finger tips." Chouette01/13/2019 The bard pipes up. "I could try copying them." She shrugs. "I'm no doctor or magician, but I pick up a lot of little tricks. Worth a shot." "Anyone want to try?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus hands the hand to Raleon, "Here, see, he takes Raleon's hand and places it on the finger tips so he can feel the etches." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon hummed. "Yeah I'm not that dedicated to this door to have the key etched into my hands..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Kylah suddenly remembers this one time a traveling group came to town, entertaining with wonders. They had a low level spell caster with them, who could make a dead frog dance by using shocking grasp on some wires attached to it. They explained that electricity makes muscles work. And she recalls the heart is a muscle. Chouette01/13/2019 "Or or or! Um..." She scratches her head. "We could try and restart one of their hearts?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon looks at her with a confused face. "Riiiight....since when are you a necromancer?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth inches away Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Thayrin follows Reth's idea and steps back. Chouette01/13/2019 "No!" Kylah waves her hands hurriedly. "Not like that. I mean just by using electricity." She makes a wild gesture. "You know how people sort of, uh, spasm when they get shocked? Like that, but with the heart." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon casually slings an arm around Reth. "You're stuck with us, buddy." Then around Thayrin. "You too." Ayden01/13/2019 "Can you just do it on the arm without the heart?" he asks curiously.(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 "It saw it work once!" Kylah's still trying to figure out how to explain. "It's all about how muscles work..." She shakes her head at Knox's question. "No. You need the heart to pump blood. There's no muscle in the arm that does that." She turns to Artimus. "And we'll need electricity, too. You have any spells for that?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus tries making the blood in the severed hand pulse with his Prestidigitation cantrip. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Likely not much blood in it left either..." Ayden01/13/2019 Knox examines his arm and sees nothing but muscle. Still confused. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth holds up the dead body with an arm intact. "Fry it." Mortal Player01/13/2019 "I'm afraid I don't have anything electrical in my spells...but... there is this lightening rune on the door..." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth lifts an eyebrow Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus looks at Raleon, "I don't suppose you could somehow rig the Lightening rune to trigger on a corpse to trick the door? Is that a thing you can do?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon arched a brow of his own. "Mmmmm, see his hand has the etchings so it would open it, and not trigger it." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth sighs. "Move." Ayden01/13/2019 "I don't have anything for this." he says softly,backing up to give them too. To work. For now, he keeps watch to make sure nothing sneaks up on them. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Or if you disable the trap then maybe a living hand would work without the runes." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Reth don't you dare put your hand in that" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 He squeezes close to the door with the body. Then puts his finger up to the groove and squeezes it in with the body, and does his best to dodge Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus also gets out of the way ASAP. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 He waited for others to move. Unfortunately, holding a body makes this hard. So hard, he rolled a 2 on his save (total 9) and did not make it, so he takes the full 25 points of damage. However, it also hits the body, which then causes the door to make a clicking sound, and then it pops open. It only pops open a few inches. Reth, with some charring at his chest, says, "Ooow." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon moves to catch Reth should he fall. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 A surprised looks passes across his face and he steps back and to the side to avoid any door stuff. Ayden01/13/2019 Know has an idea he thinks would work, but sees Reth go for the door and gets friend. Knox rushes over and uses lay on hands. +10hp(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "You fucking idiot!" Chouette01/13/2019 "Oh geez..." Kylah's simply watching the whole scene in shock. "That's... one way to solve things. But maybe we could have found a better solution?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth drops the body, steps back, and blows out some smoke. "That hurt." Chouette01/13/2019 Either way, there's a path through. The bard steps forwards and peers through the crack in the doorway. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "More than the bear?" He sasses. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The bard peeks in. She sees a small sitting room with furniture. It is better lit, and beyond that is the outline of a doorway that is well lit, making it hard to see what is in that room. She can hear voices coming from it. Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 one sassy message toward Reth: "no shit sherlock...you sort of ok over there? I swear your shirt is more holes than shirt after all the stunts you pulled." Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth grunts. "Yeah, more than the bear." He uses a cure light wounds on himself, gets back a whopping 3 points of healing (rolled a 1)(edited) Sighs and burns another 1st level slot. And rolls another one. 0_o So Reth is healed 16 of the 25, leaving 9 He opts to save a slot for Hunter's mark Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah puts a finger to her lips. "Everyone quiet," she whispers, "there's someone up ahead through the door. We may still have a chance at taking them by surprise..."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 The elf's face is littered in annoyance, but more than than it is full of concealed concern. "Seriously, you need to stop and think about what you're doing for once. You could have fucking died from that. Magic runes are not to be toyed with so light heartedly," Raleon drills him. Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah shushes him. "Murder now, lectures later, okay?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome slowly recovers from a stunned silence and breaks off his stare at Reth. Artimus peers into the next room and whispers, "Do you think he has daytime guests?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Reth coughs. "Maybe a daytime person?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 "Do we capture or kill though?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 "Albrun or the guest?" Ayden01/13/2019 Knox shifts and sighs, pulling his sword and shield close. He looks for signs of puppies of other things with his divine senses.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon groans in annoyance, grabs his sword, and stands. "Why do I even bother?" He is about to suggest that he didn't care who he had in there to just kill him and be done with it, but he took a deep breath and sighed, collecting himself. "Are we here to listen in then?" Mortal Player01/13/2019 The gnome seems about to reply to Reth, but pauses... when Raleon speaks, "Listen in." Chouette01/13/2019 "On it." Kylah puts her ear to the gap in the doorway. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 But it does not work through total cover--he would need to go through the door Or at least poke his head through The bard can hear two voices. Ayden01/13/2019 With his senses active, he looks through the door while behind Kylah. He doesn't sound his head in. Just looks over her. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 One is deep, resonating, and has that familiar goblin accenting. The other speaks with more of a tenor, with a bit of a lisp Knox senses two fiends about 50' away Knox is distracted by the fiends and catches nothing of the conversation Chouette01/13/2019 "Two talking," Kylah whispers, "One's a goblin, the other one's something else, I think." Ayden01/13/2019 "Two fiends, roughly 50 feet in."(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 "Seems our target has guests." The bard glances back at the others. "Do we move in?" Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The conversation is about future plans. One (you can assume Albrun by his authoritative tone and arrogance) is demanding the other produce more aid. Says in order to move, they are going to need more magic, more dark creatures. The other is promising it will come in time, but they need to start moving against whole villages soon, that they great-ones want to see actual results. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Artimus... You can comprehend languages, yes?" Raleon recalls. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 The voices speak in common Mortal Player01/13/2019 "I can do a ritual casting of it... it would take about 10 minutes to get up and running."(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 "I can understand," the bard interrupts, still at a whisper. "Albrun- I think it's Albrun -wants his guests to give him help, magic and reinforcements. And they're saying that their superiors want him to show more results first." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 "Well that's not going to happen..." Raleon says as he flips a dagger, bored once more. Mortal Player01/13/2019 "We could be looking at Albrun, his guests, his bodyguards, and his Hellhounds. We can attack now and surprise them, or we can wait for guests to leave and then attack, but then we will have to figure out about tracking Albrun down again." Disgruntled Tea01/13/2019 Bored as well the silent twin went about rolling a coin over his fingers and keeping alert out for the voices to stop and possibly noticed that their little group was plotting just behind their door. Ayden01/13/2019 "Kylah, what did you hear them say?" Knox asks curiously.(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 The bard shrugs. "Not much more beyond what I just told you. They're negotiating over resources and aid. Something about dark creatures and 'great-ones,' nothing that we wouldn't expect." Ayden01/13/2019 "The great ones are not getting the results they want?" Chouette01/13/2019 "Yeah. That's what I said before." Ayden01/13/2019 "I might be able to lure him to us with a command word." Knox states carefully.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon pushes through the group. "'Scuse me, pardon me," Raleon whispers as he pushes passed the bard and the paladin, having to squeeze passed him and his armor to get through the door. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Raleon steps into the waiting area. He can't see anything... He does hear the voices stop, as growling starts... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon grins and looks over his shoulder. "Now the fun can begin" Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus casts Mirror Image. "Egami Rorrim."(edited) Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Art uses mirror image What else are others doing? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝01/13/2019 Raleon keeps walking into the first room.(edited) Chouette01/13/2019 Kylah hangs back. If this turns into a fight, it's better the rogues and paladin take the front line. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 I think we can assume Thayrin will do similar, so map incoming Mortal Player01/13/2019 Artimus will move forward stealthily just forward of Kylah (I suppose). Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 Albrun, large nasty dogs, cloaked figure, and goblin guards with nice armor These are the dogs So we'll get initiatives, and call that the session! The room is a large, square shaped room, about 40' wide and 35' deep (so more rectangle). The sitting room before that door is about 12' deep. Albrun is on a raised platform with two dogs beside him, and a throne behind him. The raised area is about 8ish feet off the ground, with two sets of stairs (one on each side) leading up to it. Acies ab Vesania01/13/2019 After a bit of a lengthier battle with the Iron Shadows, who proved to be tougher than first expected, our heroes dispatched the threat only to come across another obstacle: a dreaded door. After a lengthy time trying to find a way past the door, having uncovered the first half of its secrets rather easily, but having to engage in a lot of thinking to unravel the other half, the group realized they needed the Iron shadows to have a beating heart. As it turned out, the Mage did not have any such spell, so the ranger sacrificed his well-being to set off the the trap, using it to also open the door, giving them access. Here, they find Albrun entertaining some unknown guest, he wearing a cloak and cowl, while arguing with the increasingly greedy warleader. The group lost the element of surprise for this one, and came bursting into the sitting room. The mysterious dogs (okay, can we just quit beating around the bush and call them what they are--hell hounds, in the possession of a Hob Goblin!) were alerted to the intrusion and sounded the alarm. We leave off here, with the wizard having used mirror image, and all hell about to break loose. Join us in two weeks, for D&D Discord!
  13. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Last time, on D&D Discord: The group surprised their would-be guard patrol with a surprise tiger ambush, which one member of the group can attest to its given effectiveness. They tried to sneak around the threat, but the less stealthy members of the group struggled with that effort and a fight was had nevertheless. They dispatched the hob goblins and soon made their way towards the Nursery, where they temporarily lost track of the ranger. As it turned out, he was wrestling with his past demons, his fingers itching for all goblinoid blood, including their babes. In his distraught moment, he saw it no different than what they did to his family when he was a small child, revealing for the first time what drove his rage against their kind--murder, and cannibalism. The group found a way to steer him from such a bloody course, and got back on track, making their way to the secret door leading to a back access through Alrbun's keep. They removed the two bugbear guards from their post, and now prepare to enter the hidden levels of the keep, reserved for special guests and officers of Albrun. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome looks about and whispers in hushed tones, "We need to make our way to the inner chambers." He points, "That looks like the way to go. Once we reach the inner chambers, we may encounter Albrun's 'Iron Shadows'. So let's be careful. They have special fighting techniques..." Chouette12/30/2018 "Oh right. Cool." Kylah gestures towards the tunnel. "Uh... after you, then." If there are elite kung-fu hobgoblins up ahead, then no way is she going at the front of the group.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon pushed his brother forward and they took lead. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth slips in behind, keeping an eye out as well. Let's get perception rolls from everyone. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard, satisfied with the number of bodies between her and whatever's ahead, follows the ranger. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The door leads to a small corridor, which leads into a staircase going up. So far, no signs of enemies or traps. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah peers ahead into the gloom. "Raleon, watch out. There's a staircase coming up." Mortal Player12/30/2018 "If we encounter other guests, I think we can probably pass ourselves off as other guests, as long as we haven't reached the inner chambers yet," remarks the gnome.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "It's so quiet..." the blind elf comments. Then to Kylah he replies "Well...Stairs aren't so bad. Not as bad as walls I suppose." he cracks his usual grin. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard frowns at Artimus. "I don't know. I get the feeling they don't invite elves down here much, and we probably have enough goblin blood on us for people to smell... still, could be worth a try." She laughs a little at Raleon's comment. "Or pits. I swear, I'd rather sniff an ogre's underpants than fall down another of those damned holes..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He snickers softly though his brothers link at the Bards comment while milling about with the others waiting for some one to take the first step. After a few ticks of waiting he huffed lightly and blinked at the others. Shrugging lightly he steps forward eyeing the stairs before slowly sneaking up them, while keeping an eye out for those pesky jump attacks. Chouette12/30/2018 Watching the stairs ahead of her, Kylah feels a shiver down her spine. Could it be... that these stairs are trapped? Or perhaps they're actually the back of some giant crocodilian monster in disguise, just waiting to rear up as soon as the party attempts to climb... ...or maybe I'm just being stupid, and they're just fucking stairs. With a sigh, she follows Thayrin up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon feels along the wall of the stair case, looking for a railing of some sort before he traveled forward, chasing after the group, making sure to take their ranger and clattery knight in toe. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The stairs wrap around and lead into a new corridor . This hall is lit by the familiar glowing mushrooms. This path goes forward about 15' and then turns to the left. Reth follows behind, moving cautiously as well (stealth= 15) The hall itself is empty, and no immediate sounds jump out at you. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard starts to creep down the hall, careful to avoid touching any of the mushrooms. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The hall leads to a turn going to the left. It's a blind corner. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 staying as stealthy as possible Thayrin takes a small peek around the corner. Usually he would be cracking jokes with his twin in times like these. However, the assassin was strangely more mute than usual. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Thayrin peeks around the corner. He finds the hall continues about twenty more feet before ending at another corner going to the left. Half-way down, he also spots a door on the left. It appears there are two different options for going to the left. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 more dusty hall that turns left, and a door bout halfway down said hall. suggestions? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 The rogue in me says check everything, but we're here on a mission.... Raleon turns to the others and whispers. "There is a door and the hall continues for another left." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard frowns. "Artimus, you remember the directions?" "Maybe we should have checked those bugbears for a map..." Mortal Player12/30/2018 "We have to find the stairs that go up at each level. I think it doesn't hurt to check around the far bend and see if there are stairs there." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard nods. "Fair enough. Thayrin or Raleon can do it— they're the best at keeping hidden. I'll keep an eye on the door in case anything comes through." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome shrugs and nods. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon's fingers twitch a bit thinking about the door. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 After noting the plan, Thayrin nods briefly and readjusts his sneaking stance before Carefully sliding around the corner. He kept a weary eye on the door while passing by before pausing at the other end of the hall to take a quick peek. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The door does not open on you, but remains shut as you pass. The hall winds to the left. Peeking around, you see it goes about 8ft before turning to the right. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 more hall, turns right 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "The hall goes right." Raleon replies softly, still fixated on the door. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 So what are folks doing? Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah scratches her head in frustration. "Gaaah!" They were completely lost. "Should we split up? Or keep going, and double back if we're wrong?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon looks at her confused. "We have no reason to be lost...Never split up." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome thinks for a minute, then says, "I think we have no choice. The directions from the hobgoblin are not actually as clear as I thought they were. We will have to check as we go. It will take too much time to loop back if we miss something. and yeah - never split up." Chouette12/30/2018 "Check the door then? And if it doesn't go anywhere, then we go on down the hall..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon hears "check the door" and is at it almost instantly. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin remains alert where he was lurking to make sure nothing came down the hall on his end while waiting on the others. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon spots a doozey of a trap on the door. Magical rune trigger. Or rather, he feela the engraving 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon's face lights up with excitement. "I haven't done one of these in forever..." he whispers to himself.(edited) Raleon glances over his shoulder. "You uh...might want to stay behind that wall. This could get messy," he warns. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth takes a few steps back. Then one more just to be sure. Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus takes out his wand, taps Raleon and then moves back around the corner. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon feels a little unsure, because it's been a while since he removed on of these. But good old muscle memory kicks in, and he finds all the points where he can separate the plating holding the rune trap and removes it with ease. Within a couple of moments., the trap is safely removed and set aside. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah peeks out from where she was hiding behind the corner. "Nice!' 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon toys with the rune, it had been a while since he had messed with one of these that were so complex. He sticks out his tongue in concentration then feels the rune slowly slide out of place. He stops and then shifts it. It would have worked anyways, but he knew this manner was faster. He pulled out the trap and spun it on his finger with a cocky, shit eating grin before grabbing it again. "I love my job..." he whispered before he pressed his ear to the door.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon can hear sounds, like scraping and the clink of metal, as well as the occasional sound of boot leather scraping on floors (people walking) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "There are people inside...I hear...metal. Maybe sharpening of weapons?" Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah shudders. "Maybe not that way, then." Mortal Player12/30/2018 "We should avoid unnecessary fights... but it's tricky." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon pouts a bit about not going through the door, but gives in to better senses. Noticing Reth's timid nature of how far away he was, he grins at him. "Did I scare you?" he messages him as they head down the hall. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Yeah, I think the staircase should be more obvious than this." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. The answer via message is, "Need to stay healthy for the real fight." Everyone passes the door. The head down the hall to where it curves off to the right this time, the corner another blind one. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 The lunar elf sticks out his tongue in reply. "Gotta have a little fun..." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Who is peaking around the corner this time? Chouette12/30/2018 Emboldened by their successes thus far, Kylah takes a careful peek. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 This hall goes down about 15'. It ends at a wall, and door to the left. Chouette12/30/2018 "There's a door up ahead," whispers the bard. "Let's check this one too!" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon is dead certain that this door has no traps, but is locked. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon slowly heads towards the door to check for a traps but finds the door locked. He hums for a moment. He signs that the door is locked, but poses no danger. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 While listening at the door, he hears light conversation. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 He signs there are voices. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He does not understand what is being said. It does sound different from the Goblin he's been hearing recently. Difference in the language pattern. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "If it isn't any language you recognize, then it may be denizens of the underdark or orcs. Albrun has them as guests sometimes," whispers the gnome. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Not goblin...but similar. Perhaps orc..." One can only assume someone is translating. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. "I know orc." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard whispers excitedly. "Then what are you waiting for? Try and make out what they're saying!" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth steps up to the door and listens. "Argument over a card game. Definitely orcs. Two or three." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon rolls his sightless eyes. "Well, if there is no other halls, we have two doors to check. Orcs or metal scrapings..." Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah raises an eyebrow. "We can take a couple of orcs. I say we give this one a try. Can you pick the lock or something?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 "The hobgoblin said there were training grounds, meetings rooms, and places to entertain guests. The orcs are most likely guests." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon snorts. "Does the Paladin clatter when he walks?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 "We can take them out or try to bluff them. What do you think?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth says, "Kill em." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Sounds good to me." Raleon immediately picks the lock. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "I don't think they are allowed past this locked door." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The lock is not a complicated one, it does not take Raleon long to pick it. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah quietly draws her rapier. "Everyone ready?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus readies a firebolt spell, in case his companions get eager in the decision to ambush them. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin draws his blades, his head tilted slightly ready to spring upon the unsuspecting cannon fodder behind the door. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 So who opens the door, and who goes first? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon waits for the okay then opens the door up, prepared to leap in for a fight! Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Opening the door leads to a waiting room of sorts. Lit by the fungi, with bench seats and chairs, and a table with three orcs seated at it. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Wanna see a card trick?" he asked with a smirk as he feint throwing his dagger then leapt towards the orcs and slashed at them, nimbly escaping them as he side stepped. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Swiftly following suit after his brother, Thayrin springs like a cat into the surprised trio of orcs. His face set in grim determination to bring them down before any alarm is set off or the groups presence is noted. Blades flash in the dim glow as he gracefully sides up next to them and goes to introduce flesh to steel. Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus looks into the room, wand poised and intonation at his lips... but they are already dead. Then he blinks and sees that, in fact, one orc still stands, against all odds, somehow. He takes aim, "Tloberif" a mote of fire launches from the tip of the gnome's Wand of the Warmage... and misses. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He goes to shoot the orc. It bends down to hold at its gut wound at just the wrong time, and the fire mote blasts off the back well. Knox steps into the room and strikes down the orc with a hit (24) and it goes down. All the orcs are downed. This room has furniture, some decor, and you see cards and food and some copper and silver coins spread over the table. On the opposite side of the room is a door. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 The twins are as likely to promptly snatch the coin as the bard is likely to snatch the food. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Ew, orc food 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon pokes at the orc with his sword as he sits on the table where the blood hadn't spilled. "That is one hell of an underbite..." Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus helps (Knox and Reth probably) tuck the orcs out of sight, under benches or tables or whatever, and waves any obvious evidence of blood and gore away with his cantrips. He pauses and take a moment to clean the burn mark on the wall too.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth assists the gnome and the paladin with body disposal. Cleaning the burn mark takes a few uses of the cantrip. Stubborn stain! Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin stands alert and waits for the rest of the party. Although he appeared to be leaning against a wall causally, he seemed a bit off for those who looked close enough. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 4 gold, 9 silver, 18 copper @Ayden for Alms box(edited) Mortal Player12/30/2018 "I wonder how successful Albrun's meetings with orcs have been... it looks like this one won't reflect well on him." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon tossed a coin to hit Knox in the head. "Here, for the box," he declared before he leaned his head back and looked to his brother with a pursed frown. What's wrong? Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah sniffs at the orc food. "Yuck..." She's hungry, but not that hungry. She looks around the room. If this is a waiting area, then maybe there's a door leading onwards... Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus points at unsaid door.(edited) "Shall we?" he asks. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah looks at the rogues. "Mind checking that one next? Might not be any traps this far in, but you can never be too careful with these things..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 A slight frown finds its way to his face as he looks toward his brother. Its been too easy. Last time I went though something like this everyone... He pauses to take a deep calming breath before shaking his head. Never mind. I'm sure things will be fine or at least hopefully different. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon hops down from the table. "That'd be my job. Thayrin has a case of butterfingers when it comes to these things." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The door is locked, but no traps 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon pauses to glance towards his brother, his eyes somber. He returns his attention to the door and begins his search. "Locked, no trap. Give me a second..." I know... But it'll be different this time... It has to be. Besides, you have your good luck charm, remember? Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome double checks there are no keys in this room, possibly in the possession of an orc or orcs. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon easily picks the lock and sets his ear against the door. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon undoes the basic lock with ease. It takes him less time than it does for the Gnome to approach the orc bodies. But the search does not turn up any keys. A few more silver, and some stinky cheeses and questionable meats 4 The door is unlocked, what are you doing? Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome takes one more quick glance around and shrugs, "At least the doors won't slow us down any." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon doesn't hear anything. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon shrugs. "I don't hear anything." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard punches the air. "Onward, then!" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 So who opens the door? Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus looks at the stealthy ones... Raleon... Thayrin... finally his eyes settle on Reth. "Maybe you should take point Reth. You are stealthy and perceptive..." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth nods. He slides up to the door and opens it carefully (stealth 21) and starts to peek in (Perception 16) He gets his eyes through and then quickly, and quietly closes the door. "Two strange dwarves in there." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon blinks. "Huh...quiet dwarves... Who'd've thought it was possible..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 A brow is raised at that comment. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Hmm," Artimus strokes his beard. "If they are more guests... then they must be denizens of the Underdark..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Isn't there a dark dwarf race? G...Thayrin you know more about the short grumpy ones, right?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Oh yes, there are dwarves in the Underdark called Duegar..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He nods slowly and tilts his head. I mean i can speak dwarven...but even I don't recall a quiet dwarf. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth shrugs. "They're sitting in chairs. Waiting?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus begins to launch into an exposition on Duegar. "They have a long and troubling history with the gnomes." Artimus looks concerned. "They are skilled warriors, sturdy and have the ability to grow to double their size and strength. Some use magic, they can turn invisible, and poisons are really ineffective." Artimus continues on with various dates of important historical events for a few moments, then pauses... "Well, perhaps now is not the time for the whole story."(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth lifts an eyebrow. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Having only half listened to the story the assassin blinks down at the gnome before looking toward Reth . "so are we just going to attempt to jump them or find a way around?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. "Only other way is the room we skipped." Chouette12/30/2018 "And based on the sounds coming from there, that'd be a guardroom of some kind. Maybe the home of those Iron Shadow things." Kylah frowns. "We made it this far. I say we kick open this door, see if we can take those du-whatevers by surprise and do them in before they can use any magic."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Huh... Well that aside, they're likely here to side with the goblins if they're here in these rooms. Collateral damage and all that?" Raleon shrugs. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin shrugs and places his hands on his sword hilts. Chouette12/30/2018 "Murder it is, then." Kylah looks to Raleon. "Same formation as last time?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "We do the work while you all stand in awe?" Raleon smirked. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Just know that if we don't take them out fast... it means real trouble for us." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard smiles. "Hey, I'm just here to write a song about you afterwards." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome arches an eyebrow at Kylah, "Oh? About 'us'?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon frowned seriously. "Yes they seem likely to kick our asses a bit if we let them. Let's not do that. Eh?" Then to the bard, "That sounds lovely. Make sure to add in how awesome I am." He winks. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth positions himself so he can open the door and let the rogues come through and do their thing. Chouette12/30/2018 "Oh, I'll be sure to mention how you heroically supported me as I singlehandedly saved the day..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Drawing his blades again he crouches ready to spring into action once again when the door swings open. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He nods to both, then almost smirks and rolls his eyes at himself. "On three. One, two , three!" a hush, sharp three, and then the door swings open. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon gives her an unamused expression at her stealing his credit and rolls his eyes. "You're lucky you've got a pretty face..." he teases as he leaps forward into the room as the door is bust down. With swift steps, the twin rushes through the door and prepares his blade to do what it did best...make it rain blood. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon turns the first dwarf into a pin cushion. It is the second blow that finally does that dwarf in, as the first hit, while strong, left it standing. On to Thayrin Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Once again Thayrin follows suit after his twin, dancing his dance of blood and death. He twists neatly around his brothers work and launces an attack on the Duegar with almost as much grace as his brother. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Both Dwarves slump over just as they started to realize there was a problem. To their left is a door. There are a few more empty chairs. Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus raises his wand and sees... they are already dead! Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah yawns as she steps into the room. "Nice job, team. Next door!" "Oh, and someone search the bodies while we're at it." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 shaking his head and the gore off of his blades, Thayrin does as the lovely lady asked and searches the very dead bodies.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He finds some decent looking armor and hand axes. No coin Chouette12/30/2018 "Thank you, dear serv- I mean, dear Thayrin."(edited) Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus will help hide the bodies, either under bench or in the last room. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Nowhere good to hide them in here Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome also looks for keys. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 No keys on these guys. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Hmm. Well. I'm glad that was quick! These guys can be real trouble to deal with." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon stretches out his arms with a yawn. "Man... It's been so long since I've done this much work..." he shakes out his hands as he heads towards the doors, cracking his neck. He looks over his shoulder. "What would you all do without me?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon, feeling around, notices a trap trigger at the bottom of the door. It will go off once the door is opened, unless first disabled. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah shrugs. "Throw Knox headfirst through all the doors to trigger the traps?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "What a waste of a good trap..." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome blinks, "Without you?" He cocks his head to the side and has a puzzled expression. "We wouldn't have come here in the first place with out you and your twin." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 He arches a brow at the gnome. "Why not?" Mortal Player12/30/2018 "We would've continued on to the University." "At Klevaprag." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Ah ah ah, no this was Reth's idea we deal with the goblins first. I wanted to go to the city." Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah groans. "Can we focus on getting out of here alive, first? Then we can go visit wherever you guys want." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He tilts his head in agreement towards his twin and places a hand on his hip while listening in on the conversations. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome nods, "Good point. We would've disagreed with him though."(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Speaking of Reth, he is looking antsy. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon simply shrugs. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard catches that. "You hear something, Reth?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He grunts, shakes head. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome looks at Reth. "Is everything okay?" the gnome whispers. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth mutters, "Gotta pee." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon snickers. "I'm surprised you didn't piss on a goblin corpse." Chouette12/30/2018 "Mm." Kylah barely manages to keep a straight face. "Maybe you could... go back into the orc room, close the door and do it in a corner there?" "I'll make sure Raleon doesn't peek." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 "Can we just get moving?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "I'm sure there's a bathroom around here somewhere--like I would see anything!" Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 A slight quark of his lips is the only tell that the assassin twin was amused by this random turn of conversation. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah marches over to the blind rogue, puts one hand on the top of his head, and turns his head back towards the task at hand. "Raleon. Door now, jokes later." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon sighs dramatically. "It wasn't a Joke, but as you wish your majesty. But only because Reth asked so nicely." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The trap is actually more complicated to remove. It is one that is probably easily disabled by the other side, but on this side, getting it disarmed without setting it off on oneself proves hard. It does require purposely setting it off while distancing oneself. Raleon, though he has to spend a bit longer with it, removes the trap without getting stuck by the blades that shoot through the whole door way. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard nods approvingly, then takes her hand off his head and lets him do his work, retreating when asked and starting a bit as spikes come punching through the door. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 With a flip of his wrist the trap is disabled and he tenses as the blades whoosh by his face, nearly clipping a part of his hair. "Mmmmmm why do like danger so much?" he mumbles to himself. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The trap is disarmed. A basic lock remains. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin equally tenses when he saw the blades slice not a hairs breath by his brother's face. It took a deep breath and the literal forcing of himself to relax and shake out the tension running though his body. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome blinks. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth lets out a low whistle 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon remains on his knees, grumbling. He shakes out his hand again and rolls his wrists. Each only take a moment for him to do, but each trap takes extreme precision and each lock takes patience. The whistle of approval seems to lift his spirits though as a small smile hits his lips. Perhaps he was whistling at the deadliness of the trap, but he fancied it was his skill that impressed him. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon is busy feeling all proud himself for that last trap removal, and almost turns his pick the wrong way, which would have snapped it. A novice mistake! Fortunately, he gets it switched back around before he flubs it or anyone notices. The door's lock clicks, and the door can be opened. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome nods his approval, "I don't think we could do this at all without you here" he adds in soft tones. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth listens, says, "Nothing." Looks back to the group, shrugs and says, "Let's go." and he throws open the door. And reveals... STAIRS! Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus will ready a Frostbite spell just in case. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon softly curses, his face may have went a bit red for a moment. Of course he had that stupid ranger on his mind and almost fucked up. He slapped at his cheeks softly and prepares himself for the next--stairs? Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. "Up then."(edited) Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah grins. "They said stairs were the way to Albrun's quarters, right? Seems like we're almost there..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Letting go of his grip on his sword hilts the lunar elf looks up at the stairs and huffs a soft sigh. before stealthily walking up them. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Thayrin makes his way up. The stairs curve around, hitting an opened, arched doorway (without a door, just an opening). It is hard to see to the left and to the right, but opposite the opening is a wall about 5' from it. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 A deeper frown finds its way to his face as he glances around. looks like there is an archway of some sort up here....hard to see though. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth slips up and peeks through, looking left and right. Signs back, "Door to right, hall wraps around the left, another corner." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "We following the pattern of checking doors then hallways?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. Adds, "Up to you." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome nods, "Check it out." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon carefully heads to the door and checks it out. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin keeps watch down the hall. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon doesn't note anything, other than the door is locked 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "I think it's just locked..." He licks over his lips, doubting himself. Thayrin, would you give me a second opinion? ...better safe than sorry. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He glances over his shoulder and blinks before moving to stand next to his twin. sure. although your the leading expert on this, not me. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Thayrin sees nothing out of the ordinary either. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He shrugs as he looks over the door and glances at his twin. It seems fine and only locked to me.... 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon shrugs and looks over to the group. "Which way?" Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 if we are not sure about the door...there is the hall to check out. we can always come back here if need be. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Is something wrong?" asks the gnome. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 The elf shakes his head. "No, I just wanted to know which way we're going." "We think the door's just locked. I can unlock it if need be, or we can head onwards."(edited) Mortal Player12/30/2018 "My guess is that we will have to go through the door, but we can have Reth peek around the corner for us, if you like." Looks at Reth, "Take a look for us?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon shrugs. "I don't want him to wander too far. I'll go ahead and pick it." He returns his attention to the lock and goes to work. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth shrugs, slips to the edge of the hall to peek around. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin steps back to let his twin work. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 As Reth peeks around the corner, Raleon succeeds in picking the lock. Unfortunately, it does trigger a trap, and a dart hits him in the hand. He takes just two points of damage, but needs a con save Reth in the meantime, calls back and says, "Hall, many doors." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon gasps and shakes his hand, gritting his teeth with a sharp hiss. "Fucking knew it..." he grumbled as he retrieves his tools. "Door is open." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The dart didn't actually go all that deep, as it barely did more than scratch the hand. Fortunately, it seems not much of its poison got in either, and all Raleon gets from it is some minor swelling. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome frowns, "Hmm. Maybe the traps are getting harder to find now." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 The door swings open and reveals.... more stairs! (also going up) Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Frowning he plucks his twins hand up in his own and inspects the dart wound. looks like we missed something after all...luckily for you it didn't go deep, so you should be fine....If i know my poisons correctly that is. he looks up from Raleon's hand as he lets it go with a soft sigh. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon shakes his head. "No this was an easy trap. I just missed it." Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Well, if you can miss even an easy trap, we should take fewer chances with it if we can." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard scratches her chin. "The directions said stairs, right? And if there are many doors down the hall... those are probably sleeping chambers for guards, or something." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts, "Or guests." Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah nods. "Could be. Either way, I think the stairs are our best bet." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth starts up the stairs Mortal Player12/30/2018 "If I'm correct these lead to Albrun's private floor. that means 'Iron Shadows'."(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin follows after Reth. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 He nods and shakes his head, mentally punishing himself. "It happens to the best of us. I'm just glad it was a simple trap..." he provides before following after, slower than the others due to his handicap. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard follows after the people following Reth. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "There will be three rooms Albrun could be in: his Hall, his Bed Chamber, or his Study." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth slips the stairs quiet like (19) and keeping a careful eye out (21). This new archway leads another landing with a way to the left, and a door on the right. Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome follows the others. He has his Wand ready. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth looks around, "Which way?" Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah shrugs. "We've been checking the doors first, and that's been working out for us so far, so..." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Messaging Reth Thayrin simply stated "going with the pattern we seem to be following I would say door..." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth posts up to watch the hall, giving access to the rogues for the door. He does not do door duty. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "I think we should check the door." Artimus will stay back in the staircase. Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah raises her hand. "I know a spell that might help with this! So that Raleon doesn't get stung again." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 with a brief sigh he looks toward Raleon. Up for another round of the door gamble? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon nods, obviously this being his cue once more. He reaches for his tools when he hears Kylah chime in. He blinked. Did he look that worse for wares? He offered a smile. "It doesn't hurt that bad, honest. Just a scrape." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard folds her arms. "Yeah, but what if the next trap you miss is worse? Don't get me wrong, you're really good at this, but anyone would be tired after so many doors. Let me help." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon purses his lips for a moment before he seems to give just a little. "Well... It is sometimes hard to find them," he mumbles softly. "Once I can get to them, I should be fine." He may be stubborn, but he didn't want to die from a stupid mistake.(edited) Chouette12/30/2018 "All right." Kylah leans in and presses a hand against his back. "Try it now." She starts murmuring something, an old tavern song to help channel her Guidance spell. "It was a cave like this just a few minutes ago I picked some locks, picked up a goblin skull to go Torches were spitting fire, the fungi glowing bright I felt a little tired, so I asked a bard for light And walked the drunken orc, I walked the drunken orc! Open the door, trap on the floor Everybody walk the drunken orc! Open the door, trap on the floor Everybody walk the drunken orc!" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Raleon checks it over. He spots no traps, and the door isn't even locked. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon blinks and arches a slender brow, confusion on his face. "It...not even locked." Chouette12/30/2018 The bard frowns. "Could be something unimportant, then." Her face lights up. "Like a pantry!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Or a bathroom?" Raleon snickers. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth perks up at that. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 only one way to find out....lets hope its a bathroom otherwise we may lose our bard 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 "Well? Go on, sight-filled creatures. Open up the mystery box." Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah reaches over Raleon's shoulder and turns the knob, pushing open the door. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 She reveals... a housekeeping closet. Mops, brooms, a bucket, some soap blocks. A pump that can be used to (presumably) dispense water. A drain. Chouette12/30/2018 The bard looks mildly disappointed.(edited) Then, after second thought, she reaches in and grabs a soap block, sniffing it to inspect it. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon arches a brow. "I'm not sure what I expected. "Is that soap?" he sniffs.(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 if there was such a thing as a literal giant question mark above ones head, Thayrin had it. the elven assassin looked utterly confused with the presence of soap bars in a goblin domain.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth peeks in and says, "Aye, I can use the drain." Chouette12/30/2018 "Soap." Kylah tucks it into her bag. "Never hurts to have a little extra." Then she moves away from the door. "All right, get in there Reth." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon snatches the remaining soap bars. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 He doesn't hesitate, he steps in, and apparently not one to worry about privacy so much, does not bother with closing the door. Chouette12/30/2018 "Uh..." Kylah turns her head away and awkwardly shuffles in the opposite direction. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 Thayrin raises a slender brow after getting an eyeful of one elven boy who had no sense of privacy. He smirks and turns his head to glance at his brother wondering if he too had witnessed the scene. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon blinks at the sudden sound of urine and squints. "Is he pissing in a bucket?" he mumbles as he goes to shuffle away, his eyes widening. Thayrin! Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth finishes, grunts, and says, "Okay." Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 He nearly doubles over in his laugher fit caused by Raleon's outburst. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon's face flushes as he glares at his twin. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth steps back out into the hall. "Ready?" His disposition is noticeably much more relaxed. Mortal Player12/30/2018 "Lead the way" the gnome gestures onwards. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth leads the way forward. He is moving stealthily (22) and with renewed vigilance, his relief apparently making a big difference. He peeks around the corner, starts to go, and then stops, putting up a hand. "Something in the hall. Hidden." Chouette12/30/2018 "What?" the bard asks, "How do you know it's there if it's hidden?" Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. "A shadow moved with no source." He steps back around the corner towards the rest of the party, pulls out his swords.(edited) Mortal Player12/30/2018 Artimus has his wand at the ready to launch a Frostbite spell at any enemy that emerges from the dimlight. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 once gaining some semblance of composure Thayrin begins to follow after the ranger but pauses when he held up his hand. He tilts his head at the shadow comment and wondered briefly if this was what that iron whatist that they were wared about.(edited) Chouette12/30/2018 Kylah narrows her eyes. "Might be someone, then." She draws her rapier again, careful to stay close to the others." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon blinks and puts away his tools...and his newly acquired soap, exchanging them for his sword. "Or the dogs..." Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Reth grunts. "Not dogs. Watch out, its dimly lit." Mortal Player12/30/2018 The gnome switches to having a Firebolt spell readied and sticks close to Sir Knox as the others lead. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon bites back a sassy comeback for once in his life. Disgruntled Tea12/30/2018 drawing his swords quietly he steps up next to his twin ready to spring into action. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 With everyone ready, Reth slides out to the side, stepping out in front, pointing his sword at the one he spotted. "Right there." Everyone can make a perception check with advantage Reth points. Raleon can hear something, a scrape of leather on the wall. The bard actually sees a movement of shadow that isn't natural either, something that would require a new source to cast it and move, yet nothing is visible. Chouette12/30/2018 "I see it!" the bard whispers. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/30/2018 Raleon's ears twitch with attunement. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 And the one shadow she spotted with Reth goes to move, and we need initiatives. Acies ab Vesania12/30/2018 Our heroes have made their way through the complex, dispatching numerous traps as well as guest of Albrun. So far, it seemed other than a brief slip with a trap, their greatest threat was Reth finding somewhere to relieve himself without leaving obvious signs of intrusion. Nevertheless, that problem was resolved and they have found their way to the private floor of Albrun, and now face his personal bodyguard, who stand watch over the hall leading to his private chambers. How will this fight play out? And what do they expect of Albrun? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  14. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 When we last left off, our party began their infiltration of Albrun's city of Goblins, an unusually organized group of Goblinoid forces led by a leader said to have the ability to wield magic and command magical dogs who breathe fire. They made getting past the two sets of initial guards look like child's play, assassinating one group and putting the second down for a nap not much later. Making their way through a hidden network of tunnels that bypassed the city, they had a run-in with some difficult hobgoblins but were able to overcome that threat. Now, they stand back and observe eight more hobgoblins, who have become aware of the group's presence due to a couple muffed stealth rolls. This is where we pick up, with the group having to make some quick decisions about how to mitigate this threat. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox looks around to see if there is a way to avoid these eight hobgoblins. He scans the area looking, knowing time is against them. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon wets his lips and scans the area. "It looks like there is a path through them, they are huddled outside of the huts...if we can get around them...." replied the elf quietly. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 From what Knox can see, any attempt to come out of this area will get you seen. This is probably not avoidable by simply walking by. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome continues to hold his firebolt spell at the ready as watches his companions try to figure things out. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 In the meantime, a couple of hob goblins are shoved out to the front by the others, and carefully start walking in your general direction. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon readies his blade. "Here they come~..." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The hobgoblins are still about 50' from the main group(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Reth," Raleon hisses. "The animal bag." Ayden12/16/2018 "Someone send a distraction to the right, we will make haste to the left." Knox suggests openly to the group, hoping someone had a better way to make this happen. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth looks at Raleon, confused for a second. Then his face splits into a big grin. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Let them chase first..." Raleon suggests. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth reaches into his Tan Bag of Tricks and pulls out a little, tan fuzzy ball. When he throws it out (roll 😎 a familiar form materializes in the shadows. One very large, crouched feline. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox looks at Reth and Raleon, nodding in approval of the hasten planned. "Everyone ready?" Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin snickers softly though his link and grins at his twin. this is going to be fantastic. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon blinks, feeling a familiar lick across his ear. He shivers. "Oh it had to be you..." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The tiger is well hidden (stealth = 18) It waits for the Hob Goblins to get closer. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox prepares his shield and sword, getting ready to take flight and run with the group as swiftly and silently as possible with the group. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon grabs hold of his dagger, flipping it in his hand a time or two before getting ready to run himself. Preparing action should they be discovered, to toss it at the face of the one who would give them away. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome squints at his companions, wondering what they are muttering about, then realizing they are getting ready to run.... cautiously creeps forward, shaking his head. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard clutches her instrument, and silently prays to every god she can think of that there won't be any pit traps in the way. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome gets ready to run as well... when his companions run. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 The other rouge twin simply shifted slightly to prepare to run when the cat friend of the party decided to launce their surprise attack. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The tiger waits. It then ambushes one of the two Hob Goblins with a surprise pounce attack, attacking with advantage due to stealth. It gets a (20!) and does maximum regular damage (11) to the Hob Goblin. It fails its strength save (4+1 = 5) and is knocked prone. The Tiger gets a bonus bite attack with advantage (due to prone) but even with the advantage misses (best is 10+5 = 15). There is a huge uproar from the other Hob Goblins as this tiger came from out of nowhere and pounced one. The other Hob Goblin shouts in surprise but does nothing immediately, due to the tiger being wholly unexpected. Let's get initiatives! Mortal has the first action Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome surveys the situation and shakes his head side to side. He even rolls his eyes. but he says nothing and delays his action, while he waits for his companions to act. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard suddenly pipes up. "Hey, Artimus!" She whispers something in his ear. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus nods at Kylah's suggestion and waves his hands. An image of the entrance appears over the entrance. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Artimus creates an illusion, hiding the group (who fortunately are not all that tall). Initiative passes to Kylah Chouette12/16/2018 Crouching low behind the illusion, the bard creeps out from the entrance, moving slowly and innocuously towards the shadows so she can sneak past whilst the hobgoblins are still distracted.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon follows suit after the bard, well versed in the quiet step... well accept that one time where he fell over a rock. He was blind after all. He kept his dagger at the ready just in case their cover was blown.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon, thinking about that time with a rock, is glad he had it on his mind as his foot finds yet another rock. This time, he reacts accordingly and steps around it. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon glares at the rock, making the 'I see you' motion as he steps around it. Perhaps even flipping it off as he passes.(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 I was not disappointed. That tiger pounce from out of thin air is still priceless. even more so now that it is not used on us. He grins amused at the sight of the tigers work and drops into a low stealthy crouch to duck behind the illusion. He blinks, eyes trailing after his brother with a small frown. He briefly shakes his head and sighs softly before he followed shortly after. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The Hob Goblins who hung back are rushing up to where the tiger is turning one of their friends into lunch. The one who was knocked prone is attempting to get free of the grapple. The one right by the tiger immediately attacks The Hobgoblin who is grappled attempts to get free but fails (10+1= 11, does not beat 13) The hob who is next to the tiger swings (6+3= 9) and misses Hob 3 arrives and attacks, rolling a total of 13 for a hit. He does a total of 7 damage to the tiger, which is still alive Hob 4 arrives and swings, missing (8) Hob 5 arrives and swings and misses (11) Hob 6 arrives and swings and hits (14) for 11 damage, putting the tiger at 18. The tiger is still alive Hob 7 arrives and swings and hits (18) and does 12 damage, bringing the tiger to 30, which is still alive Hob 8 arrives and swings and hits (16) and does 18 damage, bringing the tiger to 48 damage. It goes down.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 Knox approaches the minor illusion and stays low in order to remain hidden by it. Next to Artimus, the Paladin steps to the edge of the illusion. "We will go together." He says softly, not letting Artimus to be left behind by himself and possibly become exposed. Knox would move with Artimus, thankful that the tiger was distracting hobgoblins. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth slips past the enemies with the distraction, rolling a total of 25 for stealth, joining the others. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome sneaks out of the entrance under the cover of the illusion. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox follows. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Knox and the Gnome try to be sneaky, but mages aren't typically trained in such things and that Paladin really needs to oil his armor. Kylah hears the Paladin's armor, and when she quickly glances over to the Hob Goblins, she knows they have spotted those two Chouette12/16/2018 "Shit! They're onto us!" The bard books it. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Bard takes the dash action, moving around towards the keep, the only truly visible thing out there. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 The elf is struggling with an internal battle as he hears the feline struggling with the blows of the hobgoblin. He grips his dagger tighter and bites his lower lip to keep quiet.... Then he hears a raddling sound...a rapping, a simply crashing, thundering towards his position of choice. Like an owl Raleon's head slowly cocks towards the two so loudly rattling towards them and simply smiles. He wasn't even surprised. Well the least we can do is give them some cover fire. Wish the tiger didn't have to suffer through that though... Raleon says as he lets loose a dagger towards the closest one to Knox and Artimus. He then grabs his rapier with a flick of his wrist. "Hello~ ugly goblins! Enjoy our welcoming gift?" Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Unlike his twin, Thayrin had no internal battles about the feline as he was not nearly as attached to all cat kind like Raleon. He simply aimed to continue with his task at hand when the sounds of furiously clanking metal caught his attention. Pulling a motion almost exactly like his brother, he turns his head to catch what was making the noise and sighed. A sad loss indeed. might as well beat up those hobs for their transgressions. He quickly draws his blades and follows after his brothers tossed dagger to smack some hobs about. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 One hob goblin is ran through from behind, taking it down in one swoop. The second attack goes back around and finds another, who is wounded by remains upright. Hob 1 has to use half his movement to get up from prone. He does so than attacks. He swings at Knox, but his attack outright misses (9) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Hob 2 swings at Art. He nearly hits, but his blade bounces off the mage armor! Hob 3 swings at Thayrin but misses outright (total 10) Hob 4 swings at Raleon but misses (15) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon raspberries it. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Hob 5 swings at Thayrin, landing a hit (17). It does 18 damage! Hob 6 swings at Raleon and also misses (13) Hob 7 (the last) swings at Art and gets a hit with a 21. It does 9 damage.(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Seeing the swing coming Thayrin uncannily dodges most of the damage and glares at the offending hob. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox raises his shield to block the attack aimed at Artimus with his protection! As the hob's weapon swings at Artimus and bounces off Knox's own shield, the Paladin returns with a sword strike of his own! Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Knox surprises the Hob with his shield, nearly knocking it off balance. It stumbles, but recovers (roll = 1, resulting in dex save DC 13. Roll total 13, barely avoided effects table) Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome looks up as the blow descends towards him, realizing he will not avoid it. He cringes slightly... then looks up at Sir Knox's shield as it intervenes.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 Knox swings a second time as the first misses with the hob stumbling around. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The second hit lands, doing 14 damage. The hob is hanging on by a thread! Reth comes charging in from around, attacking with a flash of blades and a deep growling. He slashes first at the one left standing by Knox, taking it down (hit 18) Reth uses a bonus action to place hunters mark, then takes his second attack. That attack is a 20! The effect is max regular damage, with all damage combined totally 16, enough to drop a second hob! Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus takes a step back and intones, "Tloberif". A mote of fire leaps towards the nearest hobgoblin. The mote of fire lands and burns a hole through the hobgoblin. It drops to the ground as it instinctively clutches its chest - dead. Chouette12/16/2018 Now a safe distance from the fight, Kylah crouches, drawing her crossbow and taking aim with one of her silver bolts. Aiming past the paladin and towards the remaining hobgoblins, she fires! Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The shot makes it about 3/4 the distance before it plunks to the stone floor and skitters away 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon feels the brush of wind as the ranger rushes passed him to join in the dance of death. Someone was excited, he could hear the two gurgles of the goblins. He pushes his hair behind his ear with a chuckle then brandishes his rapier with a flick of his wrist, simply smiling at them. "Going to have to do a bit better than that!" he taunts as he slashes at the first one who attempted to attack him. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon swings and hits one, dropping him with the sneak attack. He whips around and hits another, nearly felling this one as well. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Moving on to the next task at hand the silent twin shifted and took a swing at the next nearest offending hobs. I believe this is their best brother dear. After all they are basically the trash found in city gutters... Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Hob 5 swings at Raleon (who attacked him) and misses (10) Hob 6 is also attacking Raleon, swings with a 9 and whiffs it Ayden12/16/2018 Knox watches closely and closes the gap against Hob5 who is next to Raleon. With sword at the ready, the Paladin brings the weight of the sword downward onto the hobgoblin. As blood splatters the ground from the first, Knox turns his intent onto the last Hob6 standing. Another swing of his blade would come upwards and at a masterful angle. And misses. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon flinches as blood splatters across his cheek, his nose turns up for a moment. "Gross..." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth attacks, bringing his wrath. He misses with the first (14), hits with the second (21) for 14 damage. He hits with the last (21), finishing it off. All threats are down. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome heaves a sigh of relief. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon sheaths his blade and puts up a hand for a high five. "Good job team." Chouette12/16/2018 Moving slowly, Kylah puts away her weapon. "Well, that's one way of handling things..." Ayden12/16/2018 "Damn." Knox states softly scanning the area to look for any additional threats. Did they cause a scene that grabbed more attention? He hoped not. At this rate though, the group was handling the threats inside rather well. How much longer would their luck last? Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth does not sheath his weapons. He is looking at the structures, wavering. Mortal Player12/16/2018 the gnome nods, "I think we need to take out the groups that stand in our way if they are too many to easily avoid." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Knox does not detect any more threats at this moment. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard beckons, and mouths 'come on' at the rest of the ground. Mortal Player12/16/2018 "Let's move these out of the way and I'll clean the blood... just in case anymore pass this way." Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 After flicking the gore off his blades he briefly transfers both to one hand to high five his twin. fun battles as usual....although you got a little something on your face Ayden12/16/2018 Knox starts pulling the dead hobgoblins back into the trail they had come from to get them out of immediate sight.(edited) Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus waves his hands about and mutters softly to clean the blood away as the bodies are moved. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin chose to stay on guard and make sure they didn't get jumped by any sneaky foes while the pally did all the heavy lifting. He did pause however to scoop up the fallen arrow that the bard shot off earlier. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon pouts as no one returns his gesture, then smiles as his brother comes to his rescue. Thank you! As if remembering he wipes off the blood with a disgusted grunt and moves towards Kylah with his hands behind his head. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Is anyone checking the Hob Goblins? Ayden12/16/2018 Knox checks the hob goblins as he is pulling them away. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah gives a thumbs-up to Thayrin as he picks up her fallen bolt. Those things are silver, and thus difficult to replace. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 In total: 40 gold, 152 silver, 184 copper What are folks up to now? Ayden12/16/2018 As the last body gets tucked away, Knox rejoins Artimus and the others. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah is waiting for everyone to catch up.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon gestures towards the tents. "We want to take a peek or just move on?" Ayden12/16/2018 "Move on. Our objective is up ahead." Knox states quitely. Mortal Player12/16/2018 "We need to move on... there are bugbears guarding the secret entrance. Scout them out, in case they are hiding, and we will take them out."(edited) Chouette12/16/2018 "Move on!" The bard sounds impatient. "Someone's going to notice we're here sooner or later. We need to act fast, before the leader makes a run for it."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon shrugs. "Good to me." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 About this time, the group notices their ranger is missing... Ayden12/16/2018 The Paladin nods and agrees with Kylah. Perhaps for the first time in a long time! Yet, it seemed they were acting more like a team now more so than any time before. Knox was rather pleased, but felt that the feeling was fleeting as he notices the ranger missing. Chouette12/16/2018 "Seems we're all in agreement." Kylah gestures forwards. "You stealthy ones scout ahead, so we can ambush any other threats. We'll keep the..." as she turns around to look at Artimus and Knox, she pauses. "Where the fuck is Reth?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon goes to check the closest tent he remembers Reth by.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Which one? There are several Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin follows after his twin with a sigh. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome glances around for Reth, then looks at the buildings and groans, "Really?" He shakes his head and follows the group towards the buildings as stealthy as he can. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Tracking in a subterranean environment is not easy. However, fortunately, the fight kicked up some fresh dust, and there are some faint signs of foot prints headed for the tents that look different than Hob prints, which are wide and heavy, whereas these are narrower and lighter. It is hard to tell into which tent they might have entered, if any, however Chouette12/16/2018 The bard groans. "This way..." Without waiting for an answer, she strides towards the tents, pointing at each in turn. "Search 'em. Fast." Ayden12/16/2018 Knox looks around wildly as Kylah confirms the gut feeling he has. He follows Kylah as she suggests that she knows the way and searches a tent of his own that she had pointed out. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome follows Sir Knox from tent to tent, knowing that they just need to peek inside each and that if it takes more than a peek, it means possible trouble. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The nearest tent is the one closest to everyone (because no one was by them before). Peeking inside, you find the lighting in here to be better than much of this cavern. The tent is full of small bassinets, some with squirming bundles and others that are empty. You do not immediately see the ranger, but do see what looks like is probably a female goblin (hard to say for sure!) tending to one of these bassinets. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard stays outside the tents, positioning herself in the center of the situation. Wherever and whenever they find him, she wants to be ready to respond. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Spotting no sign of Reth, Raleon leaves for the next. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Left or right? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Left Ayden12/16/2018 Knox and Artimus are also searching. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus is watching Knox and stops him. He whispers... Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The second tent is identical in set up. A couple dozen bassinets, most with some bundle in the bedding but a few that are empty. A female attendant in this one who is sitting in a rocking chair with a bundle, occupied enough to not have immediately noticed you. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon moves again. Ayden12/16/2018 Pulling back Knox listens to Artimus. Mortal Player12/16/2018 "There is no point in not being stealthy about this." The gnome moves away. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon can go straight ahead or to the right 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 right Ayden12/16/2018 Knox joins Raleon. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon wordlessly places a finger to his mouth, hearing Knox a mile away. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Peeking inside this tent is a bit different. The lighting in here is reduced--not entirely, but so that the room is much darker. It takes a moment to adjust to this level of lost lighting, as around the tents and the interior of the others are better lit than the surrounding cave network. This one is also even quieter, with no sounds made by an attendant. Inching inward reveals why, as Raleon's foot hits something with weight and a bit soft. Knox can see a dead female goblin, stabbed right through. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon softly sighs and enters the tent. "Reth..." he says softly. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Looking a bit closer now, you can see her blood seeping from inside the tent back outside, pooling where the two stand. The inside is quiet, an eerie hush over the tent. There is no answer. Ayden12/16/2018 "We don't have time for this. The hell." Knox looks around. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Reth?" Raleon tries again. "I know you're in here..." He steps further into the tent.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 perception check Raleon Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin simply raises a brow and keeps an eye on his twin while scanning the area for anyone who would notice the groups movements. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Listening, as he cannot see into this tent, Raleon waits for an answer while searching with his ears. He hears what sounds almost like cooing, followed by a brief, hitched breath. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon slowly follows the sound. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox castes Calm Emotions upon himself. Everyone within 20ft has to make a charisma saving throw. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 That would be Raleon and anyone who stayed near you guys(edited) Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome is visibly perturbed: he shakes his fist angrily and is not calmed by Sir Knox's spell.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 Those who fail a dc14 charisma save start to feel indifferent about the hobgoblins. He hoped it would work against Reth so they could move on. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon continues on towards the sound. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox steps out of the tent, visibly annoyed with these antics. He scans the area to make sure they didn't have any threats closing in on them. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon moves closer in. Now he can hear it. Long, slow breaths. A slight metalic sound as swords are adjusted in sweaty palms. The smell of fear and anger in the air. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Reth." He repeats himself again, this time with a soft, soothing tone. "What are you doing?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 No answer, but no new sounds either. Just a steady, slow, deep breathing. Chouette12/16/2018 Seeing that the party has moved into the tent, Kylah approaches, though not without checking over her shoulder to make sure nothing is sneaking up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon continues forward with a searching hand, and places it on his shoulder. "You're better than this," he whispers. "You're better than them." Ayden12/16/2018 Knox clenches a fist in frustration as he sees Kylah approach. Chouette12/16/2018 Assuming no more goblinoids show up, she walks up to Knox. "He in there?" Ayden12/16/2018 "Your guess is as good as mine. He is putting us in danger." He states as his eyes continue to scan the area of their previous battle. Mortal Player12/16/2018 "Thgil" Artimus casts light on a sling stone and uses it to illuminate the interior of the tent so that there are no more shadows to hide in. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah frowns. "Yes or no question, Knox. Is he in there? If not, why aren't you searching the other tents?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The light illuminates the interior. Those who entered (and can see, sorry Raleon) do see Reth. He is standing over a bassinet, swords raised, pointed down at a moving bundle. Ayden12/16/2018 "I said, I do not know." He states flatly and unamused. "I'm keeping a look out to make sure we don't get our dicks kicked in while he's pulling this shit." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 As light creeps into the room, he whispers, "Someday, a monster." Ayden12/16/2018 His language was ramped up compared to normal as he is unaware of the going ons from inside. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah shakes her head. "Thayrin's taking care of that." But then a light shines from within the structure. "Never mind, though. I think I have my answer." She pushes her way inside the tent. "Reth, what the fuck?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon's face lights with pain. "But that doesn't mean you have to become one. Reth look at me."(edited) Mortal Player12/16/2018 "That's enough Reth," states Artimus flatly, "You're slowing us down from completing our main objective. Do you think your actions here will stop the raids? But every moment you take here makes it harder for us." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Voice trembling, sword twitching. "You haven't see what they can do." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "No...but I've seen the good you can do." Mortal Player12/16/2018 "What can 'they' do?" Ayden12/16/2018 Knox turns around as he hears Kylah speak to Reth. He turns to see what's going on. "Come." Knox COMMANDS Reth with another spell. DC14 wis save."We don't have time for this." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth looks at Artimus. "Destroy lives." Mortal Player12/16/2018 "Is that what they do, or is it what you do?" Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 A deep breath. A pause. A grunt. He looks at Raleon. "I told you about what they did. I never said how." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon frowns. "I know....and I don't know everything. But, doing this won't change the past. It won't heal you." Ayden12/16/2018 "You once told me to show you one that is not a monster. This creature hasn't killed anything. You've shed more blood than it has." Knox states, his voice rather rough and uncertain as he watches the exchange between Reth and Raleon. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 It won't bring them back Reth. he says in a message, his eyes soft as he stared at him. Please...(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 A soft frown graces Thayrin's features as he silently watches the interactions between the others. In one aspect he could see where the ranger was coming from if he really squinted at the situation at hand with the information he was picking up. However, killing small children future monsters or not seemed a bit cold blooded...even for the assassin. Deciding to keep his thoughts to himself he simply crosses his arms and lets Raleon handle it; He seemed to know more about the situation anyhow. Instead he simply turned most of his attention back toward the not getting their bones jumped. Mortal Player12/16/2018 "Should I care how it was done? You're spending your time killing babies. Maybe we should leave you to slaughter the young, since that's all you care about, while we do something to actually stop the goblin raids taking place across the land." Artimus' voice has taken a cold edge. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "There's a generation in here." He mumbles. To Raleon, he answers the message. There is so much more to this. Reth looks around briefly, seemingly at no one. “My family traveled a lot. Merchants, trading goods between villages. We kept to the roads, they were safer. Patrolled by other elves most nights, but that night no one came. Maybe they were dead. Maybe they were elsewhere, it doesn’t matter.” He adjusts his grip, keeping the point of the blade close to the babe. “We made camp. My brother and I were playing by the campfire while my father tended to the horses and my mother cleaned our dishes. It was late. Dark outside, hard to see anything. The night sky covered itself in clouds that night, not one moon had light to share. We could only see by the firelight. And it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough." His voice fades. His pupils are dilated. Eyes darting back and forth, perhaps seeing something that isn't here. "A large group. Armed, males and females, young ones too, out for their first raid. I have since learned Goblins start them young." "Most elves know how to handle a sword, make their way around a woods, but they surprised my parents, overwhelmed the camp. Just so many, pouring in, swinging their blades, cutting down my father like he were nothing. Have you ever noticed how quickly someone can leave your life? Just there one moment, then gone." Ayden12/16/2018 Kno takes a step forward and watches carefully. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah can't help herself. She giggles. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "My mother came to us, sent us running for the woods, off the road and away from camp. She ran at the goblins while we fled, throwing herself into a mob as we ran."(edited) Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah puts a hand on Knox's shoulder, holding him back in case he does anything stupid. "Let him finish," she whispers quietly. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "We nearly made it, but we didn't see the two lying in wait. The jumped out, grabbed my brother's arm and wrenched him from me." Ayden12/16/2018 Knox was about to take another step when Kylah placed a hand on his shoulder. She was worried about him doing something stupid when it was Reth that she should have been focused on, rather than laughing at. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth's face twists. Darkens. "I should have gone back. I wanted to, but I was just thirty years old!" Mortal Player12/16/2018 When Reth mentions the brother, Artimus looks at Raleon, watching him while Reth continues. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "So I ran. And I hid. And I got away and watched as the took their blades and cut down like they were butchering cattle. Watched as they made our camp into our camp, first eating the food we brought then killing and eating the horses." He shakes his head. His eyes fill with tears. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 The color fades from Raleon's face at the mere thought of losing his brother at that age.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "They stayed for three days! Three days I hid, watching as they ate everything. All the food, the horses, and then my family. My fucking family! They cut them apart and treated them like they were nothing more than meat!" His eyes are wide, spittle flying from his mouth. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard winces at that last simile. "...and then?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon's eye flickers for a moment and he goes quiet. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 He looks at the bard. Disoriented. "They left. They ran out food so they left. I wandered away and at bugs and drank from puddles until my master found me." Its hard to say, but at the mention of his master, he might have softened just slightly. Chouette12/16/2018 "And then?" Kylah gestures, indicating that he should keep going. Her eyes are wide and attentive, caught up in the story. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "He took me with him. Back to his home. Raised me. Taught me. Kept me alive." Ayden12/16/2018 Knox continues to watch carefully for any signs that Reth might kill the baby goblin. He was about to say something when Kylah continued to goad more information from their companion. As Kylah is watchful and attention given to Reth, Knox takes another soft step towards Reth and the baby.(edited) Chouette12/16/2018 "What did he teach you?" If the bard notices Knox moving, she doesn't stop him.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 He seems off put by the question, but in the moment, answers. "Tending to the world. Take less than you give. Be vigilant. Help others." Chouette12/16/2018 The bard frowns, seeming confused. "Take less than you give? What did he mean by that?" Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "Plant. Restore. Owe no debt to the land. Give back to others." He's stuttering. Voice shaky, eyes watering. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah carries on, voice soft. "And did you do as he said?" Ayden12/16/2018 Knox takes another two steps closer while listening. He's within arms reach of the baby's little goblin made crib. Though, he couldn't yet reach the baby or Reth.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 "I tried. I've always tried." The sword wavers. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard nods slowly. "You know, I think that's brave of you." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon takes a step between Knox and the crib. "This is between Reth and himself....let him make the right move." message. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus joins Raleon in blocking Sir Knox's path. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Perhaps...we can plant new seeds...from the carnage." Raleon seems to say softly. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox looks pointedly at both Raleon and Artimus blocking his path. "It is my job to protect those who cannot protect themselves. If you stand in my way, I will do what I must. If this baby dies, or any of us at this point on because of this antic, its on both of you." His voice was clear and strong as he gripped his shield tight. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "I'll accept that blow." Raleon replies sternly. It is perhaps at this moment that Knox realizes Raleon held a dagger in his hand.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 "Even if that death is your brother?" He asked Raleon quitely taking note of the dagger. "You have no sight, so where would that leave you?" Knox looks back at Reth, waiting for the ranger to decide. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Let. Him. Choose." Raleon snapped, his eye glowing with an intense rage. It had subsided, but at the mention of his brother, it flared back to life. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin's head whips round from where he was looking out on guard to cast a glare at knox. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus leans forward says, "Those blinded by hate are not easily healed, but it is not impossible. Reth must choose his path." Chouette12/16/2018 With Reth not immediately responding, the bard carries on, apparently ignoring the other confrontation playing out before her. "I can't know for sure what it was like for you, but... that day, the attack, sounds like that kind of thing that crushes you. Something that cripples the heart, and leaves you forever that trembling child. Small, helpless." And then she smiles. "But that's not you, Reth. It might've been, once, but... you were brave. You took the guiding hand, and grew. Into something stronger, something more." And then she shrugs. "But you didn't finish your story. I knew who you were then, but you still need to tell me: Who are you, now?" Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth looks at the group. Looks at the determined Paladin, and the others trying to let him choose his own fate. He looks at Raleon. And then he looks at Kylah, the charismatic bard always finding a way to leak through. The sword wavers again, and finally, he pulls it back, and lets it fall to the ground. Both swords, dropping to the stone floor as he backs away and falls to the ground himself. "I don't know. I don't know." He shakes his head. And whispers, "But I don't want to be that." Chouette12/16/2018 It's the moment she's been waiting for. The bard steps swiftly forwards, and wraps the ranger in a hug. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon kneels beside him and hugs him from behind, pulling in the ranger.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 The tension in the air is cut like a hot knife in butter as Reth stopped. Knox sighed and looks at Raleon and Artimus one last time before turning around and leaving the tent. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus turns away from Sir Knox and back to Reth, "You can't bring back your family Reth, but you can choose to become part of another." He also hugs Reth. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth sits there, mute, tears streaming for several moments, making no effort to push away the others. The paladin is the only one outside the tent. Can he give me a perception check? Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 with a soft sight Thayrin walks over and ruffles the rangers hair in a similar fashion he does with his brother when comforting him before strolling out the tent to join knox. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Thayrin nearly bumps into one of the other female goblins, who managed to get past the paladin, coming to come look in the tent. She bounces off his legs and lets out a yelp as she falls to the ground. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon's face is buried in Reth's shoulder. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Without much thought given where they were he reflexively draws a blade and goes to thwack the gob in the head with his hilt to knock her out. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus let's go of Reth and steps back. He waits for Reth to be ready to move on. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The female goblin goes down in a heap. Reth glances over at the commotion. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Thayrin found one of the guardians.." "He's put her to sleep." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth nods, pats the others still clinging to him on the back, then gets to his feet. Retrieves his swords, puts them away. Nods again.(edited) Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin sighs and shakes his head as he rights his blade and returns it to its place before dusting off his hands and glancing back at the others. looks like Knox is a shitty guard. must have spotted some sort of cave bug. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon takes a steadying breath of his own and stands, staring at his dagger then slowly sheathing it. He scared himself sometimes. His eyes weren't fully back to their pink and blue states, but his eye wasn't glowing anymore. It was a start. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus' smile vanishes, "Let's go. It is not wise to linger." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth grunts in agreement. Ayden12/16/2018 Knox waits for the others as he stands outside the tent. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon flicks Reth in the nose with a small smile. His eyes may have been a bit red with a few tears of his own he had been choking back. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Muffling his light by placing the sling stone away, Artimus moves to the entrance and glances about. He looks down at a bleeding goblin bodygoblin body and pulls it further into the tent and cleans the pool of blood that was spilling out with a wave of his hands. "Bring the other on inside as well," he says.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Everyone is gathered outside the tents now. Whereto? Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus turns towards the keep and recalls the information, "There should be a secret entrance to the keep guarded by a couple bugbears. Let's find it. He looks to Raleon, Thayrin, and Reth. I think it's... in that direction." Ayden12/16/2018 Knox is standing just outside the tent as the others gather up and figure out the next move. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon simply nods and heads out towards the indicated direction. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The group is making their way in the direction where the secret entrance is said to be located. You do not see anything right way, but just cliff walls. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon makes his normal routine of touching walls and searching for the door. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon feels his way around, and finds the outline of a hidden door. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Checking for traps... Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah follows lazily behind, trying to keep herself from whistling and giving away their position.(edited) "You find something?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon grunts for once, a softer "mm." Chouette12/16/2018 The bard grins. "Oh, I see you've decided to become a ranger too, now." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 A soft smile creeps on his lips. "Checking for traps." Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus will move to nearby and ready a Firebolt spell to attack any enemies that appear (hobgoblins or bugbears), presuming them to be on the other side of the secret door. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon's hands brush right up on not one trap, but three!(edited) Chouette12/16/2018 "Ah! Right." Kylah takes a step back. "I'll stop distracting you then." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon gives out an impressed whistle.(edited) Ayden12/16/2018 Knox hangs in the back as he follows the others, trying to keep an eye open on anything out of the norm for being so far in enemy territory. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 something interesting you found i assume. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Raleon works free the first of three traps. Some kind of poison dart in this one. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 I'll need 3 seconds this time he replies and squats happily beside the door, his hands working like lightning. Chouette12/16/2018 With one of her two favorite rogues busy, the bard looks around for someone else to distract. "Knox! Everything good back there?" Ayden12/16/2018 Knox nods to Kylah as Raleon works on the trapped door. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The first trap was the hardest to get free, but once Raleon finds his groove, he removes the other two one right after the other without issue. A second that was to trigger a glass vile with poison is disarmed, and a third that would have led to some apparatus going off is also disarmed. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 A whole 3 seconds. wow. they sure are putting all the challenges up for you aren't they. he rolls his eyes playfully as he stands next to his twin with his hands resting lightly on his hilts. here is a thought. if memory serves correct, and there is a dart or poison of some sort...you should keep it and try to slight of hand stab a bitch with it latter. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Without even so much as a sweat he pulls free two more traps and lifts up a vile to the light, swirling it in interest. "That's a nasty one..." He hands it to Thayrin.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Now to figure out how to open it... Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah sidles closer to the paladin. "You... held back, back in the tents. I know it wasn't easy for you, and it may not even have been the right decision. But thank you. For putting your trust in us." Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 oooh new shinny. might come in handy for us later he grins and stashes it away with care for later before looking at the door with his head tilted in thought. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon stands, brushes off his hands, and gestures to the door. "All clear, that last one was set to trip something though up ahead...some sort of thing going off." Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus steps forward and examines the area... Ayden12/16/2018 Knox looks at Kylah as she speaks to him. As soon as he was about to say something, Raleon gestures to the door and speaks.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "I disarmed it though of course." noticing Knox's unease.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Art examines the door. He finds a hidden mechanism that allows for the door to be opened. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard hears too, and winces. "Disarmed or not, let's tread carefully. I swear, if there's another fucking pit down there..." Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus looks at his companions, "I found the opening. Get ready... I'll open it on the count of three." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon stands on the side. Mortal Player12/16/2018 When all his companions look ready, Artimus says, "1... 2... 3!"and opens the secret door! Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Reth draws his weapons Ayden12/16/2018 Knox has shield and sword ready. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 And once it swings open, two very confused Bug Bears look at the group, blinking Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Thayrin follows reth's lead and draws his as well. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon follows suit. Chouette12/16/2018 The bard clutches her weapon and grits her teeth. Chances are the fight will be over before she has a chance to do much, but she'll help if she can. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 Without missing a beat, the assassin springs forward and slashes at the owlishly blinking bug bears. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 The first Bug Bear goes down from the sneak attack, the rapier stabbing through its throat. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon glances towards Reth for a moment, gesturing if he wanted to go. Receiving a shrug, he shrugs himself and dashes forward after his twin. They had done this maneuver so many times. He kicks off the large creature and flips onto its back, driving his rapier into its shoulder sending blood spraying up directly above him as he sinks his entire blade into its tender neck. Before he is sprayed with any of it, he's gone, on the ground again, flicking off his blade as the bug bear falls, not even realizing he was dead. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus blinks and inhales sharply despite the fact that he was ready for this. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon clears his throat. "As I said, way is clear...." He gestures again. Disgruntled Tea12/16/2018 show off thayrin simply steps out of the shadows cleaning his blades of blood and gore as he glances toward the group with a casual gesture that the way was now clear. Chouette12/16/2018 Kylah's jaw drops. After a moment she recovers, and exclaims "That was so freaking cool!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 Raleon smiles proudly, scratching the back of his head with a coy chuckle. Mortal Player12/16/2018 The gnome glances at Kylah and coughs, "Um, well, yes, it was... startlingly impressive." Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 Both Bugbears are down, and what remains ahead is a long, twisting passage, going into the darkness. A depth to be explored--next time! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/16/2018 "Thank you," he accepts for both of them, knowing his brother would likely just pout or ignore their words. "This is...kind of where we come in handy. Call it, the rogue's forest." he winked. Mortal Player12/16/2018 Artimus waits for everyone to enter and then pulls the door closed behind them. Acies ab Vesania12/16/2018 And so, our heroes have made it past the initial hob goblin threat, surprising the brutes with a tiger from the shadows, but after a failed attempt to sneak past, they finished off the enemies and prepared to move on, until the noticed that the Ranger had gone off on his own. Finding him holed up in a hut, a lengthy, emotional exchange takes place, the Ranger finally revealing the cause of his hatred, and nearly giving in to his urge to exterminate all goblins, including infants. Thanks to an exchange with the Bard and Raleon, he fought past his demons and rejoined the group, staying his hand from a character defining moment. Together, they leave behind the nursery and find their way to the hidden passage, where a quick and easy dispatching bugbears leaves them prepared to enter Albrun’s domain. Next time, on D&D Discord!
  15. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 When we last left off, the group executed their plan to catch a hobgoblin alive with nearly a flawless performance, the only misstep being that one of the two hobs were brained so hard they would never speak again. The group extracted all manner of information from the officer of the goblin army and now have a detailed description of how to get into the city, and how to go around the city itself and make their way into Albrun's keep. They were given a set of expectations that makes it clearer what they can expect, and now we start on the morning after, everyone preparing to go. Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus is hard at work studying his spellbook and making morning preparations, "Mrala, Mrala, Mrala". Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah, as is often the case, has yet to wake up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon sits by the remains of the fire, attending to his rapier with a careful shining. He is contemplative as the elf normally is of thier next steps into thie goblin area. With the new knowledge attained, he is sure they can come up with a clearer plan than before. The elf meditate to clear his mind the night before, hoping to push all distractions aside. Today was a big day for the elf and he hoped that he wouldn't let the group down. Putting the finishing touches to his blade, he sheathed it and gave his gear a once over once again before nodding. He slapped his cheeks lightly then stood to check the others. He made his way over to the bard and poked at her cheek. "Kylah~ It's time to get up," he sang softly to her.(edited) Ayden12/02/2018 Knox wakes and starts to fold his blanket, the star of heloptra facing upward as he tucks it in his pack. The armored half-elf yawns as he adjusts a few pieces of armor and gets ready for the day. The sleep he experiences was... rough, but good enough considering their situation. He only prayed they weren't chewing off more than they could handle. Chouette12/02/2018 "Mrrrrg. Don't wanna." The bard rolls over. "You all go take out the goblins and save the foothills or whatever, I'll stay here and... uh... watch the campsite... and stuff..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "Knox is eating all your food," he cooed softly to her. Chouette12/02/2018 "Wait WHAT?!" Kylah jolts upright and glares and the paladin. "Knox! You keep your grubby paws off my triple share of rations!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon simply smirks to himself. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox turns his head quickly, thinking something was wrong before realizing what was happening. He simply shakes his head with a soft smile on his face. "I'd like to think I am smarter than that Kylah." He states. "I'd rather face down another cursed dryad than deal with your hanger." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon booped Kylah on the nose before standing up and out of the way once more to avoid her angry swipes. "Morning sleeping beauty." Chouette12/02/2018 Indeed, the bard quickly perceives that the paladin is not, in fact, devouring her precious food. "Raleon, you liar! I'll get you for this!" Growling incoherently, she chases after the rogue, trying and failing to catch him and pin him down. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth stays on the edge of camp, watching the encounter unfold but taking no steps to interfere. He knows better. Chouette12/02/2018 "Change of plans! We're taking Raleon to the city and feeding him to the goblins!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Dispite being blind, he easily hears Kylah's sleepy trudging about behind him and swiftly doges out of the way with a hearty laugh. "Oh come now, you know that's too cruel. I'd be delicious!" Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome absent-mindedly moves out of the way as they run past. Then grabs a ration and munches. His eyes never leave the book.(edited) Ayden12/02/2018 Standing up, Knox gathers the rest of his stuff and approaches Reth on the edge of camp. Leaning against a tree, he lets out a sigh before eye-ing up the ranger. "You ready for today?" Chouette12/02/2018 "Delicious my foot!" Kylah suddenly stops, and pauses. "Wait, are you serious? Do elves actually taste good?" Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth shrugs and grunts. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "At least have me for a grand feast. Perhaps under the stars for a winter solstice?" He suggests cheekily. When he hears her stop chase he peers behind his cover of the horse. "I'm not sure, perhaps the wood elves would know." He teased with a devilish grin. "Rumors say some of them are wild cannibals."(edited) Chouette12/02/2018 "Reth! Come here and help me cook and eat Raleon!" Ayden12/02/2018 Getting little from Reth, Knox leaves the tree to stand in front of Reth. "We are going to be surrounded by creatures you hate. Will you be able to focus on the task aheaad of us?" The question wasn't harsh in tone, but honest in nature witha soft edge on it.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth does not answer the Bard or respond to Raleon's claims of cannibalism. He looks at Knox and says, "I will do what needs to be done." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon sticks his tongue out at the bard. "I'm not ripe for eating yet." Ayden12/02/2018 Knox doesn't push the question any further. He would trust Reth, as he trusts the others. Turning around, he finally speaks back to the rest of the group. "So, what is the plan exactly for today?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "That is a good question..." Raleon mused. "Are we going to stealth inside with our new info or are we going to call out the big baddie?" Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah crosses her arms and harrumphs. "What am I supposed to do, then, pickle you?" She turns away with a groan. "You elves and your silly tales..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 The elf simply gives a devilish grin to Kylah. "Perhaps you can scheme with the cannibals if we come across them. They might know if I go well with cranberry sauce or perhaps some chocolate drizzle. Because of course I'd be sweet." Chouette12/02/2018 "Shut up! You're making me even hungrier!" Ayden12/02/2018 "We should bypass the city, sneak in and remove the head of the snake. Maybe we can gain more information about who is helping this leader once inside." Knox suggests back to the group as they continue to get situated. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon tossed a loaf of bread at the bard as he went to stand by his horse. "Well then I say lets get on our way. Plans to foil, blood to spill and all that, right Reth?" Raleon asked as he saddled up. Chouette12/02/2018 "Margh mm mrrghh mm." The bard's brilliant strategic advice is unfortunately rendered incomprehensible as she sets about devouring her loaf.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth grunts. He keeps his eyes focused on the road ahead. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "Enthusiastic as always," he teased. Ayden12/02/2018 Approaching his horse, Knox ties a few loose ends together, and places his gear bag upon it. Another second passes and the Paladin lifts his leg up and over to mount the creature. "Are we all ready?"(edited) Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome closes his book and places it in his backpack. He finishes his ration and frowns, "Hmm." Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah swallows her last mouthful of bread. "All right! Now that we're set, it's time for our regularly scheduled paladin speech." She puts her hands on her hips and puffs out her chest. "I'm Knox, the noble warrior! Let's fight, and win, and be a right lot of goody-two-shoes! Remember to stay behind me and always be nice to your bard, and we shall certainly triumph! For the glory of Heloptra, huzzah!" Ayden12/02/2018 "What she said." He points to Kylah and smiles. (Inspiring Leader +8temp HP for all) "Couldn't have said it better myself." Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome mounts his pony following the others, but seeming lost in thought. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The group travels for the better part of a day. Soon, you found some rising hills and rock formations that fit the description the Hob Goblin gave you. You know the door should be in this area. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox takes a look around to make sure they're still safe. "We should stash the horses nearby." He says quitely to the others as they approach. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Knox tries to get a feel for the surroundings, but becomes distracted when he spots a colorful butterfly passing by Raleon does some keen listening, relying on his brother to pick up on visual cues of the surroundings. Using the visual data he got from his brother, together they spot a nice place to put the horses which seems to be off and away, far enough that they should go unnoticed and also lacking any discernible Goblin tracks, suggesting that they rarely head that direction. He also feels confident in that the area does not have anyone walking about currently, not entirely a surprise given that it is early afternoon (Goblins hate daylight) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon's ears twitch as they slow the horses down. "We're near? Brother, look around for somewhere to put the horses." he scans through the area in his mind, plotting out where likely exits are and taps at his chin while his brother looks. A moment passes before Raleon speaks, "There." He points out a brushed area. It's almost as if he's a master at hiding things in plain sight. "They should be safe there." Chouette12/02/2018 "Ooooh, well... spotted?" Kylah sounds surprised. "Or not, I guess. That's some hearing you've got there." Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome watches the twins silently, then nods and moves his pony towards the bushes, dismounting and allowing the pony to be stored. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "Hm?" Raleon arched a brow at the bard then gave a smile. "Ah, yes, well...I have been blind for a century. I'm a bit better at it than most." Chouette12/02/2018 The bard (and presumably the rest of the party) follow the wizard in hiding away their horses. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox follows as the butterfly leaves his sight. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth ties up the horse, patting it, whispering something to the animal. He checks his swords, and waits for the others. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon swings his leg over, perching princess style on the saddle as he listens to the group. "Anything we should know before ya set us loose Cap'in Tin head?" Raleon asked affectionately as he tapped his fingers. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Thayrin pauses after stashing his horse with the others his eyes drifting along the landscape, seemingly lost in thought. He drifts off to lean on a nearby tree his arms crossed as he waits for the others to finish with their own prep, still seemingly paying more attention to the whispers of his own mind than the others. Chouette12/02/2018 The bard ruffles her horse's mane, then plucks idly at the strings of her bandore, as if eager to start playing a tune. "Don't think there's much to say, other than what the hobgoblin told us. Artimus, you remember the way in, right?" Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome rouses from his reverie and looks at Kylah, "Indubitably. The twins can deliver a surprise to the doorman and then we can take out the messengers and slip into the secret passage. It's day, so there are not likely to be many who are awake." Ayden12/02/2018 Knox ties up his horse like the others and listens as they discuss the question tossed out there. Kylah was right. What more was there to say? "So we're clear, our objective is to remove their leader, dead or alive. In order to do that, we need to keep a low profile in and out." Looking at Artimus, Knox offers a nod in agreement. "No unnecessary killing, in and out." He states. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 The twins smile, give their salutes, and begin to make their way to their targets. "Your guardian angels at your service. It feels so good to be of use again... Come on brother, let's have some fun." Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Shaken out of his thoughts the silent twin blinks and kicks off his leaning post to follow after his perky brother. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The group ties up the horses and, feels relatively assured that they should be there when they return (should they return?). They make there way over to whereabouts a hidden door should be. Given that it is is hidden, nothing jumps out at anyone right away. Chouette12/02/2018 The bard sniffs inquisitively at the air. "Over there!" She points out the door. Goblins stink, which makes them easy to find. Mortal Player12/02/2018 "Egam Romra!" The gnome places a hand to his chest and the air about him becomes momentarily charged. "Be careful, the door is trapped," he whispers. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "Oh right..." Raleon blinks, getting out his tools he asks "Anything I should know?" before heading towards the door. Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus explains how to open the door, including how to remove the poison dart trap that alerts the door attendant to intrusion. He also explains that that there are messengers ready to react to the doorman's call for help.(edited) Ayden12/02/2018 Knox prepares his sword and shield as Artimus explains about the door. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "Dart protocol. Got it," Raleon nods. "Thayrin, Sand man protocol. I've got darts." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The trap was better than what one might expect when dealing with goblins. Raleon's first impression is that they probably stole it from a Dwarf or Gnome, both of whom are known for making quality traps and locks. Regardless, he dinds disarming it to be barely an inconvenience. A few seconds and a quick flourish and the trap is pulled away. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon approaches the door and quickly finds the mechanism, running his finger along the door he finds the panel and blinks. His eyebrows raise for a moment before nodding. He hums softly to himself as he unscrews the door to the shoot and with swift hands, he removes a single pin. He nods and signs for Thayrin to continue on. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 with a slight nod, Thayrin slips by his brother silently and sneaks his way in with intent to spot the guard and introduce him to the sandman, Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Thayrin is the first to enter. As he walks in, creeping about, he is almost too focused on his stealthing to notice two Goblins who are hiding their selves by the wall, ready to take off if needed. Fortunately, Thayrin does just spot them just in time (perception 14 vs stealth 14). What is even more fortunate, is despite these goblins being rather observant, especially for goblins, they fail to notice the hidden assassin (perception 18 vs Stealth 24) Ayden12/02/2018 Knox listens and waits as Thayrin enters. If an alarm would signal, the paladin would give chase and enter. For now, he waits for a signal to enter, - or for Raleon to follow after his brother. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon soon follows after. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox follows Raleon. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 It took a brief double take for the assassin to note the presence of the guards before he places his hands on his blades. A wicked grin graces his features before he silently draws his swords and pounces on his targets like a cat on a mouse. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon casually strolls down the hallway, trusting his brother as he watches the scene play out like a horror movie. He appears in the flicker of light from the shadows as Thayrin takes down the two goblins at the door, blood splattering at his feet as the second falls. He blinks for a moment. Oh so there were two. he says between them. Not that it mattered. Someone's pretty excited for the kill. Chouette12/02/2018 After a moment's hesitation, Kylah cautiously follows Knox through the door. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The others following the assassin round the corner just in time to get hit by the arterial spray of blood spewing from the necks of two now very deceased goblins, as blood as spattered from ceiling to floor. Chouette12/02/2018 "...ew." the bard whispers. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon looks over his shoulder. "He gets excited sometimes...." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth raises an eyebrow as he comes sneaking in. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Its been some time since i got the drop on a target, so yea. its nice to be the ambusher and not ambushee He casually shrugs before flicking the blood off his blades. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 As everyone eyes adjust to the dim light, you notice that the tunnel continues on a short way before going around a corner, which does not allow you to see where it heads next. If the Hob Goblin's information was factual, it should lead to a small chamber, which towards the left has a guarded gate leading into the city proper. On the right is an inlet where there will be another hidden door to the secret roundabout path 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Alright, Grim Reaper, you're up. Raleon gestures for the brother to continue before he follows. Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus follows Reth and notes the gore splattered all over. Frowning, he observes the blood all over his friends as well. "Tsk, tsk." Waving his hands, he cleans blood from the immediate area with a spell and regards his allies again, "I suppose you all enjoy being covered in goblin gore." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth gives a noncommital shrug. Something in his body language suggests he probably doesn't mind. The blood is removed. The bodies are still a factor. Looking around, it is clear that there is no good place to hide them in this chamber. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon simply gives a smile. "Comes with the territory." Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Thayrin snickers and puts his swords away. If I recall there is a side path here somewhere off to the right? want to take a look while i or someone with muscles tosses these bodies into a bush? Ayden12/02/2018 Knox looks around and is on edge. "Let's move, quickly and quitely. Our clock is ticking until they notice." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 They can handle the bodies, this is our task at hand. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth grabs up one of the bodies and takes it outside, headed for the trees. The body is still oozing a bit of blood, though nothing to major, given it has no heartbeat anymore. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox takes a look back out the door to see if anyone followed them, Knox grabs the other body and follows Reth. Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah sighs with relief, glad she doesn't have to carry either of the icky goblin corpses. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Nodding he quickly in approval of Reth's actions he turns to find the hidden door that they had heard about in their interrogations. all well and good there. you may want to open the door though. might have another trap. and we both know your better at dealing with those Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome waves his hand and murmurs arcane phrases to clean away all obvious evidence of blood and stuff. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 When Thayrin sneaks up first, he sees a layout like this (the door on the bottom is just to mark where you enter this chamber) https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/800x600q90/924/QxJPJZ.jpg Two hob goblins stand watch at the main gate And of course, he cannot see what lies to the right beyond a wall. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 And the group is through and just closing the door behind them as they hear the Hob Goblins start to groan and rouse from their slumber. The interior is dark, making it almost impossible to see. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox frantically scans the area around them as they enter the interior. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon looks to the trap in his hand with a sigh, cursing at it. "Stupid thing..." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Knox, with no butterflies or other distractions, is on point. He glances around, eyes adjusting quickly. He does not spot any obvious visible dangers, and can hear the hobs on the other side of the door accusing each other of going to sleep on the job, arguing and making threats. Ahead, he thinks he might hear something down the path, but from this distance (and the distraction on the other side of the door) it is hard to say what it is. Mortal Player12/02/2018 A gnome in the dark waits silently for some moments, listening to everything and waiting to see if his eyes adjust to any degree. Ayden12/02/2018 "We're safe from the goblins Kylah put to sleep. I think I hear something up ahead down the path though. We have to be quite or send someone to sneak up and check it out." Knox offers to the group rather quitely. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 at least it was you and not one of the others fiddling about with the door. he takes a few moments for the others who may not have the gift of seeing better in dark places adjust before dropping into a sneaking position. he might as well be prepared to jump anything that isn't his group when needed. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth joins Thayrin on the scouting. His sneaking isn't as good as it normally is (13) but he is doing a solid job of perception (24). Mortal Player12/02/2018 Slipping away from the secret door, the gnome softly whispers about the underground network ahead and the nursery they must pass through. "Thgil" The gnome shields a light beneath his cloak, using it's muffled illumination to provide minimal lighting for this portion of the journey. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Thayrin and Reth go ahead. With their low light vision, they are able to make out the details of the place well enough to find that the path goes around a corner. They both note that is a strange, phosphorescent fungi that provides the little lighting they have. Once around the corner, Reth whispers, "Wait" to Thayrin, as his ears have picked up on approaching foot falls. Squinting, both can see a group of six hob goblins patrolling about 30' up the path. Before they have much time to decide what to do, the sound of Raleon tripping over a stone echoes down the hall. The Hob Goblins start chattering rapidly, and approaching, drawing their weapons 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon nods following after his brother...or he would have. If life didn't start hating him. He grabbed his stubbed foot and cursed with soft whimpers, trying to cover his mouth the best he could. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 A silent groan and a quick glance back toward his twin with a raised brow was all the assassin did before he places his hands on his blades. lovely. six hob goblins heading our way. we will have to take them out quickly or this might get really hard really fast Ayden12/02/2018 Knox only hears Raleon fall and approaches cautiously with shield and sword ready.(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth steps back and quickly mutters, "Six incoming!" Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus readies to hit an enemy with a spell (Firebolt) if any appear. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Thayrin has the first attack, and due to going before the Hobs has advantage on his attacks Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Drawing his blades he quickly moves to take out at least one of the chattering hobs. Moons above and all that is holly. We can never seem to catch a break. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Thayrin swings with his rapier, but the Hob Goblin puts up his shield, blocking the blow. However, that leaves a nice opening for the shirt short sword, which goes right through his chest, dropping the foe in one hit.(edited) Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah isn't close enough to make a close-range attack, and still isn't entirely sure what the enemies are, but she can take a guess, and spits in their general direction. "Hah, you only spot us now? I've seen blind watchdogs guard better than you lot!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon gets up from his whimpering pathetic state, thankfully not pulling a Peter Griffin, and rushes after his brother. I'd say it was running quite smoothly, before the rocks attacked. Stars that is so embarrassing... Raleon replied as he slashed at the goblins like his brother. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Raleon redeems himself, charging in and catching Hob Goblin who was distracted by the blades of Thayrin, running him through the gut and causing the monster to drop in one blow. He swings at the one Kylah taunted, but misses Reth charges in at the one to the furthest right, trying to get on the edge. He swings with ferocity, growling as he brings in his blades. Reth cuts down the first with two hits (both total 26) doing 21 damage. He makes a bonus action swing at another but misses (12). The taunted hob swings at Raleon. Thanks to the disadvantage from the taunt, his swing goes wide (8 total) and he misses big The second swings at Raleon, but does not come close to hitting (10). The third swings at Reth. It scores a hit (17) and due to having an adjacent ally, does an extra 2d6, doing a total of 15 damage to the Ranger. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox uses his reaction to Rebuke The Voilent. In the midst of the dark opening where the battle takes place, one of the hob goblins lights up with radiant damage in response to hitting the Ranger! (wis save). Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The Hob Goblin fails his save (3) and takes the full 15. He is overcome and drops. Ayden12/02/2018 The paladin walks out of the darkness like a bad ass with sword atop his shoulder. The light dropping the first as he swings at one of the two remaining with his long sword! Knox will follow up with a second sword strike! Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Knox strikes down the taunted one, and then strikes a second. It is reeling, but alive Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus realizes he is a step behind everyone else, when, instead of waiting to hit incoming enemies, his party charges forward before the hobgoblins come into sight. Recovering, the gnome moves forward until he can see the hobgoblins, "Tloberif" A mote of fire arcs from the gnome's extended finger towards the remaining hobgoblin. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The Hob Goblin spins past the fire bolt Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Tipping his head towards Knox with a brief smile he turns to take out the remaining hob. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Thayrin misses with the first strike but takes care of business with the second, stopping the hob in its tracks. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox quickly looks around as the last hob goblin falls to make sure they didn't gain the attention of any other unwanted guests. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon dodges the feeble attacks with easy side steps only for the goblin to smack Reth. He glares at it and flips it off as it dies. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 flicking the blood off his blades yet again, he scans the area for any clue that their scuffle was heard. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Knox goes to look observe the scene, and becomes distracted when he notices the glowing cave fungus for the first time Thayrin is checking out the area. For the moment, the coast is clear. No sounds, nothing to see Ayden12/02/2018 Knox takes note of the glowing cave fungus. "Anyone know what this is?" He asks curiously, almost forgetting what the hell they were doing as he points it out.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon swipes their coin pouches before they even realized they were dead. Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus examines the fungus carefully... Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 I think we are in the clear for now....did he just notice that? The silent twin blinks rapidly at the commentary of their pally friend and chuckles softly. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Art examines the funus. He recognizes it right away as Dwarves and Gnomes will also purposely grow it for its glowing properties. It grows on rotting vegetation, and here they have smashed bits of decayed wood on the walls with nails. The effect is known as "Fox Fire" Mortal Player12/02/2018 "Ah, yes, I see a few different varieties of fungus here, Pannellus Stipticus, Omphalotus Olearius, and Omphalotus Nidiformis. They are all forms of bioluminent mushrooms and is known commonly as Fofire. Clearly the creation of this luminesence is deliberate. Decayed vegetation is distributed regularly to feed the fungi." Ayden12/02/2018 Knox begins to drag some of the hob goblin bodies back towards the hall they rushed out of while listening to Artimus explain the fungus. By the time Artimus was done, Knox moved the hob goblin bodies out of the way so they weren't 'as' noticeable. "We need to keep moving." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth grunts. But then does take a second look at it. He's not much of an intellectual, but is a ranger... Mortal Player12/02/2018 "hm? Oh, yes, of course." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 The twins are likely already moving on. Ayden12/02/2018 "Thanks Artimus. You're full of knowledge." He nodds in appreciation before stepping in line behind the twins as they start to move again. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The path goes on for a while, as the expanse of the city is rather sizable. Reth is trying to stealth with a 12. Not terrible, but not good either Mortal Player12/02/2018 "Assuming we making it through the nursery, we will have to be prepared for the bugbear guards to the secret entrance to the Keep itself." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 The group goes forward. As they trudge along, @Chouette Kylah thinks she spots something funny about a section of flooring that the three elves are about to step on Chouette12/02/2018 "Stop!" Kylah calls out softly. "Stopstopstop. Something up ahead, in the floor." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth halts mid step, holding his foot in the air 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon also stops and sighs. "Lemme guess....trap? It's on the floor?"(edited) Chouette12/02/2018 "Seems like it." Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Thayrin halts next to Reth in a similar position. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Something seems off about this section of flooring to Kylah. People who want to check it out can make an active perception roll to discern more details Ayden12/02/2018 Knox keeps watch as the others figure out what is going on. He wants to make sure nothing sneaks up on them as they figure out this trap. Mortal Player12/02/2018 "Or... secret entrance to side chamber. Ha ha ha." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Art looks where Kylah points and spots a pit trap, one used by many underground denizens. This one is oddly shaped, and he realizes there are safe spots to step to get around it. Mortal Player12/02/2018 "We can avoid falling into whatever lies below by stepping in particular places. Like so." Artimus demonstrates. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox watches. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Art is able to point out the safe points to step. Each person needs to make an Acrobatics check to ensure they maintain balance and step carefully. The Gnome goes to demonstrate, and as he says, "Like this," he wobbles and falls to the right, triggering the pitfall! Art needs a dex save The Gnome trips and is unable to tuck and roll, he falls in about 10 feet onto some wooden spikes, taking a total of 13 damage Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah winces. "Uh, I'd rather not do it like that." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon blinks. "Did he just...?" he looks to the others. Mortal Player12/02/2018 "It's okay" calls the gnome from below, "I'm good. Wow, that was quite a fall! Ha ha!" Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth makes it across with a 17. He looks down at the Gnome, who is 10ft down. "You okay?" Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Not able to resist the urge to laugh a small bit at the irony of the situation the assassin pauses on the other side of the hole and looks down at the gnome with a raised eyebrow. Ayden12/02/2018 Knox makes it over no problem. He kneels down and reaches down to help Artimus back up. Chouette12/02/2018 "Do you need help getting up?" the bard calls down to the gnome. Mortal Player12/02/2018 "Um, let;s see, uh, ooh pointy sticks." "Yeah, if you have a rope or something, it would be nice." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Kylah is distracted by the falling gnome, and slips on some loose rock, falling herself. Fortunately, she catches herself on the way down, and reduces the impact, taking only 5 points 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon leaps across with grace like a game of hopscotch, landing next to his brother and watches as the bard joins him.(edited) Chouette12/02/2018 "Ouch!" Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth appears to be surpressing a laugh, covering it with a grunt instead. He lowers down some rope. Chouette12/02/2018 The bard gestures upwards. "After you." Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus carefully ties the rope around his waist and then checks to make sure it is secure before allowing himself to be pulled up while he braces against the side of the pit. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 Thayrin standing next to him was equally trying to suppress his laughter. He glances over at the ranger with a shit eating grin., "The epidemy of graceful angels are they not?" Chouette12/02/2018 "It's epitome!" Kylah shouts up from below. "Ep-it-oh-mee!" Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth goes to pull the gnome out. His feet slip and he skids forward. (9 total) Chouette12/02/2018 "And I'll have you know I am very graceful! Most of the time!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 "No, dear, it's A PIT, Oh Dear." Raleon mocks. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 With help, he gets Art up no problem (23) Chouette12/02/2018 "I'll put a pit in your face if you don't shut up!" Kylah shoots back. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 With a combined effort, the Wizard and Bard are extracted from the dreaded hole, the greatest threat since the indomitable wall! Mortal Player12/02/2018 Artimus rolls out onto the floor and stands up, dusting himself off it appears that he is unharmed, not even his clothing is torn and any dirt of dust falls away with the waving of the gnome's hands. Chouette12/02/2018 The bard once again breathes a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Thayrin." She glances back at the pit. "That's the biggest challenge out of the way, at least..." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth answered in the message. "Like kittens." Ayden12/02/2018 Knox is watching this unfold. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 A soft smile graces his face as he nods at the lovely bard and then winks at Reth with a chuckle. Chouette12/02/2018 Kylah groans. "Screw it. Next time we run into any kind of physical obstacle, I'm levitating over, spell limits be damned!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon simply laughs at her, covering his mouth. Mortal Player12/02/2018 The gnome looks at the pit again, "As much as I prefer not to waste any energy... Kylah might be right." Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth goes to resume sneaking, still trying to hold in his laugh at the two who fell in the pit. He fails to notice some additional kicked up rocks and falls flat on his face. He quickly jumps up, brushes himself off and like a haughty cat that fell from a tree, pretended it never happened and attempts again. He does not a great job (11) but does not trip. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 A slow blink and a soft laughter he flicked a message over to the startled cat like reth. "you alright over there?" Chouette12/02/2018 Now it's the bard's turn to take a jab. "Oh wow, oh gee, I'm sooo clumsy! Sure wish I could be all agile and acrobatic like Reth!"(edited) Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 Reth simply grunts and carries on After hang-ups due to difficulties with walking, the group gets underway. They walk for what seems like a lengthy bit of time, but it is hard to say, due to lacking a sun or moons to track. Soon, they spot an opening. The opening is leading into a dimly lit, large open area, with huts, and a hundred yards back or so, a large castle like structure. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/800x600q90/923/aZ57m9.jpg Standing outside the buildings are 8 hob goblins, who think they might hear something, but have not spotted you yet (One can infer they think they heard something by the cocking of their heads, looking in that direction, and conversation ocuring) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝12/02/2018 Raleon looks behind him and signals for them to stop. "8 hob goblins...We should keep quiet, they hear us..." he whispers Ayden12/02/2018 Knox stops and takes a knee. He nods to acknowledge Raleon's warning. They would have to figure out how to handle the 8. "Can we go around?" He whisprers quitely back. Mortal Player12/02/2018 When the elves stop, Artimus stops and does not close the distance to the opening. He readies a Firebolt spell. Disgruntled Tea12/02/2018 any ideas on how to go about this one? I'm not keen on the idea of dashing out and trying pick a fight. Acies ab Vesania12/02/2018 And so, our heroes have made their way into the heart of the enemy’s homeland, getting past two door guards with the quick work of their budding assassin, who dabbled in abstract art. After, they put two other door guards on the ice with an unplanned nap, getting around that threat and making their way into the secret tunnel which bypasses the city. Soon after, they met a group of six hob goblins, but took out that threat with hardly a sweat, and proceeded unhindered, until they were thwarted by a simple pit trap, which almost delayed the group far more than any goblinoid so far. Fortunately, they made it past, and now are looking into the secret chamber, presumably where the nursery lies and beyond that, Albrun’s keep. Eight Hob Goblins, alerted by some noisy made from bad stealth rolls, seem to be aware that something is up, but have not yet come to investigate. How will the group handle this threat, and what will they find in the keep? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
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