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  1. At minimum I usually want to know what the area looks like (design, function, landmarks, style, etc), what the people are like (appearance, outward values, cultural norms, obvious taboos), and recent events. I use this information to inform the posts I will contribute and I want to ensure I properly capture what the setting is like, how the people interact with each other and with newcomers, and if there are recent events I should reference or use to set the tone--a city that recently got attacked is going to act differently than one that has a big celebration going on. I am an appreciator of lore, however, so the more you have, the better. It can be helpful to have it organized in such a way that I can pick out what I need quickly so I can get the post written, but as long as it is well-written and interesting I'll end up going back and perusing the rest.
  2. I'm not sure how I want to approach this thread. On the one hand, it could be fun to dip into ideas that never panned out or things you just never got around to doing. On the other hand, revealing them also feels like having to admit that the idea will never come about, which means letting go of it. In some ways I feel like I'm not ready to let go of some of those ideas. =(
  3. @Casanova On the first post there is a link to a form. It's a question I use to gauge how good a fit someone will be and also what they are interested in (full-time, cameo, both). The new recruit I picked out at the end of the summer disappeared on us, so sometime int he near future I will probably be looking to add another permanent (when it makes sense from a narrative standpoint) from the pool. So, out of fairness, I will open this up to any applicants for the next ten days.
  4. They thought him broken, because his eyes were in a permanent state of glazed listlessness, staring into the nothing that filled every room of that dreadful place. They thought him broken, because the few sounds he made were unintelligible whimpers and pained gasps—but what they failed to note is that a mind already broken, already shattered, cannot be made more so. Long before he arrived in this hellscape, Stupple hardly had a mind his captors would call “functioning.” In their eyes, he was a useless, already damaged toy they got to have a little fun with but otherwise tossed aside in quickly arrived boredom, taking little pleasure in torturing that which already seemed alien and diseased. Yes, it is was true that Stupple’s mind did not work like the others. It was true that he heard and experienced things that were not there, that he struggled with formulating speech that others could decipher and keeping his thoughts in a neatly arranged order was as hard for him as keeping water in a sieve. But that doesn’t mean he is broken. It simply meant his mind worked differently. That when he needed, he could retreat into that cataleptic state, unfeeling, unknowing, just resting. A weakness in the world outside, a vulnerability that put him at risk, supplied an uncanny advantage here. Whereas others would see him as unable to function, these retreats preserved him, letting him hunker down and hide from the men who sought to break him down. It allowed him to go unnoticed, even as he pulled from his sleepy state and finished that drawing of dirt and blood and dust, taking a memorable shape, a sign igniting old memories and forgotten talents. Three intersecting symbols, one for each brother, representing the unity of their bonds, the power derived from their banding. Stupple’s source of power. Tracing the lines with cleaned fingers, he felt a familiar tingle, a pulse, an awakening that coursed through his arms and legs and back to his heart. Stupple felt himself pulling out of that fog, that dense miasma of forgetting that let him sleep through these trials. As his clarity was restored, Stupple suddenly remembered their purpose for coming, and how they had forgotten themselves in this dreaded place. They came by choice, to infiltrate, to seek its inner workings so that they could tear the place down from within. Because the best way to remove an infection was to cut away its source. He and his friends were in the heart of this pus-filled, festering wound. And now Stupple suddenly remembered they were the scalpel, and they were here to cut away the rot. Drawing from that symbol, Stupple used his healed his wounds, sealing shut cuts and scrapes, aging bruises to old yellow marks with only hints of soreness. He drew at the circle again, taking on protective wards while he prepared for one hell of a fight. Because getting himself and all the others out of here was going to take a lot of fighting, and he had to be ready. He would have once chance to overwhelm these slavers and take them down. Once chance before they would just outright kill him, ensuring he never used his magic again. One chance to do this right.
  5. Another two weeks, still no sign of the old man who once offered his aid. Matti began to wonder if it was just a dream, a fake memory she created out of desperation. Though she was gradually becoming more accustomed to caring for herself, learning the nuances of street life, where and when to find scraps of food, beg for coin, and what she could get a way with stealing, she felt the inner light of hope slowly fading. Each night on the street created more distance between that time she thought someone cared enough to take her in. She still thought back to that man on the docks, the one who tried warning her off before the snatchers nearly took her away. She went back to look for him, hoping that maybe he’d take her in, or help her out in some way—only to find out he’d been in a fatal altercation three nights prior, and was sitting in jail. Mezthaluen’s Southern district claimed another soul. During the two weeks, she encountered no signs of the old man, and the few she managed to ask about him claimed to have never seen nor heard someone of that description. Most she asked either brushed her off or demanded “favors” for information, and she learned quickly that favors led to men taking off their pants, so she immediately walked away from any who asked for favors. During these two weeks, Matti also found herself in three more scraps, and was quickly learning that avoiding fights was smarter than fighting, even if you felt confident in your skills as a scraper. Cuts, bruises, and scratches take time to heal, and with little nutrition they heal slowly. Every injury slows you down and makes it that much more likely that the streets would swallow you up. She had encountered a man with a gaping wound with redness and swelling that consumed his entire thigh. He was delirious, rambling incoherently and making no sense. Two days after she first ran into him, she found his corpse, lying back against a wall, stiff as wood. She learned then how an infection can stop anyone. A few nights earlier she finally mustered up the courage to follow her mother one night. To see if her step-father’s words were true, that she was using drugs. There is adage about avoiding truths that you don’t want to know, and Matti learned then exactly what those words meant. Tailing her mother one night, she followed her to a seedy little tavern where she sat with a group of men, her hands down their pants as they drank and caroused. They passed her drinks and let her smoke from a pipe that smelled sickly sweet, the scent making her light headed. She saw her mother’s head lull and her eyes fade, and before long the men took her upstairs. Her mother eventually stumbled out of the tavern, early in the morning hours, her hair mussed, clothes disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and her lower right lip dressed in dried blood. Matti later learned that the stuff she smelled was an opiate called “Sweet Dreams.” Three weeks into living on the streets, Matti wouldn’t say that it was getting easy, but she was at least learning how to get by. She knew where to find food, how to avoid fights, and she also learned when to steer clear of certain areas, where the snatchers went roaming for street kids, possibly even still looking for her. To her surprise, they never went back to her parents and demanded their money back. For all her parents knew, she was captive somewhere, entertaining a rich man in some other land. She felt a tight, sickening pain in her chest each time she went by her former home, and if it weren’t for her desire to look after her brother, she would have stopped altogether already. She knew that each trip was a risk of being seen, being caught, still free and not entertaining some lord. Knowing her step-father, he might try to resell her if he knew she was still free. Still, she took the risk every day, just to make sure her brother was alright. On third day of the fourth week, that proved to be a nearly fatal mistake.
  6. There were two days that Z held in great disdain. The first was the day that he fell in with those Dragon Cultists, who used a combination of honeyed words, manipulation, and enchantment-based magic to convince him and his fellow brethren to take up their cause of usurping power and world domination. It all sounded well and good at the time, but during battle, Z had a change of heart and was lucky enough to have been on the right side of the battlefield when their controller decided to siphon off the remains of his army to empower himself. Had Z been standing on the wrong side of the shield put up by Ghallen, he would never have survived and thus missed out on his chance at redemption. Looking back, the day he fell for those words and let his mind and soul fall under the control of that tyrant is the one day he regrets above all others. But there is one that comes in as a close second. Chili Day. As the Tavern’s designated Privy detail, Z had the least desirable job around the Tavern, but damn if he wasn’t going to ensure that he was the best toilet scrubber that the Tavern ever had. Z was never going to let someone say he didn’t earn his keep or that he proved to be untrustworthy—no sir! Even Hand, the most cynical and least trusting member of that core team had started to come around, once commenting, “That lizard isn’t doing half bad.” Ha! Coming from Hand, that might as well have been one of the highest praises ever afforded Z. He beamed with pride that entire day, and it felt like he was truly on the path to earning the trust of others and perhaps repaying the kindness shown to him by Ghallen. At least, it felt like that, right up until today’s special. Chili. It always had to be that damn chili. Z wasn’t sure what Ghallen put in it. It tasted great and it had quite a kick to it as well. Some liked to eat it as it was, while others tried to temper its spiciness with a bit of cheese and sour cream. Z liked to eat it with some extra peppers spread atop, and he had to admit it was a fine bowl of chili. A wonderful dish that really hit the spot on cold winter days. It was one of Ghallen’s most popular orders, and the Tavern was always packed on Chili day. Packed full of people with weaker stomach’s and sensitive digestive tracts, apparently. Because by the end of Chili day, there was not a toilet to be found without an accompanying backside firmly planted, lighting up the bathrooms with a mess that could smelled miles out from the Tavern. And Z had to clean all of them. He really hated Chili day.
  7. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord: Raleon, finding that perhaps regular brushes with life and death situations makes for holding back truths a less than desirable strategy, confessed to Reth his feelings. With some regret, Reth admitted that he is not ready to commit himself to anyone in that way, still carrying burdens of his past. However, he did so while revealing that he too feels something more, and that there is a chance for a future. Now, the group camps out through the night and prepares for the day long jaunt to cover the last bit of distance to Reptee village, seated at the base of the mountains where it is said this angel resides, also in the heart of Gnoll country. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon began the day as he usually did: stretching, packing, and checking over his gear. There was one exception though, instead of the free-flowing style of hair Raleon normally partook in, there lay possibly one of the smallest pony tails on the back of his neck, tied back with a deep crimson ribbon. Seems the back of his hair had finally grown to a length where it was possible. Humming to himself, never without a tune it seemed, the rogue shoveled a bit of earth over the fire's pit. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome sits, studying and making notes, occupying his time whil his compaions rouse themselves and prepare for the journey. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox takes his time, spending some of it in prayer as if trying to find any last clues before a final approach to Reptee. The journey thus far has been long, but knew it scaled little in comparison to what was ahead of them. For now, he cleared his mind, watching nature around them as the others prepared for the day to come. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 The elf twin bent down to tie up his boot laces, his brother coming in behind him to bat playfully at his elder brother's tiny pony tail with a snicker. Like cats, they bat at one another in a bickering fashion, going back and forth like children who can't stand to Not pester one another when sat next to each other in a church pew. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth comes wandering into camp, dropping off a rabbit he snagged while he was out. "Found some more tracks. Weeks old, different sized group. Looks like these gnolls wander through here somewhat regularly." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome doesn't look up from his studies, "If it's every few weeks then maybe their absence will not be noticed by the majority for a while." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth answers with a non-committal grunt Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Think we can miss them?" Raleon added. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "No new tracks, so nothing out here right now. We'll probably fine, as long as we don't get unlucky and find another group." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 He rubs under his nose and nods. "Fair enough. We'll just have to hope luck is on our side then," Raleon says. "Come-on, we're burning day light. Let's get this nonsense on with." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 So the group is ready to move? Mortal Player12/22/2019 Reluctantly, the gnome closes his book and packs up his things. He readies his pnoy and retrieves his staff from where it leans against a nearby tree. He mounts with the others, ready to move on towards Reptee. A clockwork bird emerges from his backpack and takes flight. Up, up it goes until it is a hundred feet in the air where it circles a few times "We should get to Reptee around noon." The gnome peers at the sky, "Would you agree, Reth?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Give or take" Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods, "I should be able to spot Reptee on the horizon soon." The gnome closes his eyes for a few minutes. the gnome's vision springs into being flying high above the party, he sweeps his gaze across the open plains in the direction of Reptee, searching for anything of note or signs of proximity to the settlement The gnome's eyes flutter open. "The way appears clear and Reptee is not far, my friends. Let us be on our way. Perhaps we shall learn something in Reptee Villiage." The gnome urges his pony forward, eager to proceed, Disgruntled Tea12/22/2019 Thayrin takes the opportunity to bat his twins ponytail playfully one last time before urging his horse after Art. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon huffs and grits his teeth, urging his horse forward in a trot. "What are you 46!?" Disgruntled Tea12/22/2019 unable to hide the small smirk that graces his face the mute twin simply laughs though thier link. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon trots along towards the town, eager to get within the walls of civilization again. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 It is around lunch time that the group first spots farms, then walks among farms as a small village comes into view, with an 8ft wooden wall surrounding it. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox joins Arts side when they approach the farms. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The gates have a couple people posted at it, but are open Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon trots forward, following his nose to the closest food place. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome waves to the people at the gate as they pass. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 So far the farmers seem preoccupied. However, when you approach the gates, the guards stop you, presumably to ask you about your business. However, the one on the left suddenly interrupts the other, who was about to speak, to ask, "Is that horse floating?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon furrows his brows with confusion. "What, no? Oh--yeah, the shoes. Yes, the horse is floating. Good day, I assume you're the guards of this town?" asks the blind elf. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox uses his divine sense as he looks at the people in the area. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Knox senses.... nothing Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Indeed! A Marvelous enchantment!" the gnome declares proudly. "We ran into some gnolls on the road from Dawnrest to here! Is all well in Reptee?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "The guard seems to be watching the horse warily. The other guard only just now seems to be noticing, his mouth hanging open. The suspicious guard says, "Well enough. The gnolls have been a bigger problem in recent months." Ayden12/22/2019 "Any reason why?" Knox pipes up as he rides next to the gnome. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Wish we knew. They were manageable before. They've been here about as long as this village, but only in the yesteryear have they become overbearing." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Indeed, indeed, the rumours are true! They have grown bolder. Is there any place that they are known to congregate?" inquires the gnome. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "They've got their own village somewhere northeast of here, in the mountains I suspect." Ayden12/22/2019 "A village of their own? Do you know how large their numbers are?" Knoxs asks curiously. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Ah, the mountains, " the gnome looks in the direction of those great masses on the otherside of the Villiage of Reptee. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Dunno their exact numbers. Hundreds I imagine. And they breed like rabbits." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox sighs. Disgruntled Tea12/22/2019 After takeing the time to simply observe the senery around them while waiting on the questioners of the goup to finish their usual questioning, the silent twin simply popped the joints in his hands slowly. Think we are going hunting after this whole angel thing for this town? Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods, "I see. Well... well met, mister... ?" The gnome adds a questioning intonation to his sentence. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Angus. And my less than observant fellow here is Dan." The other one nods, and then says, "Hey!" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon absently ran his dagger under his nails, staring off into space as the blind one is prone to do. As soon as we're done here with this angel business, I'm going straight back to the capital and we're getting healed. Seeing as our Cleric friend here is useless and I don't see the point in going into a murder den of Gnolls without reason. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Well met, well met, I am Artimus, a traveling Librarian and Sage... is there, perchance, a... library in Reptee?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The man seems to trip over the word. "Li-brar-ie? No, not here. Not many folks here even read, let along for much other than business." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome sighs, "Ah, well, I suppose it was just a vain hope. Perhaps I can at least find a fellow or two who are learned." Ayden12/22/2019 "What about a temple?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Perhaps one day you'll find a place to bury yourself in books," He pats Artimus on the head, aiming for perhaps a shoulder or back. "But anon, I have a hunger that only a warm meal will fix. Can you tell me where the finest place for food is?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "We have a church. The pastor can read. So can most business owners round here." "Food? I'd hit the tavern and inn down the street a ways." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Glorious, I shall be found there should you need me," states the rogue and kicks off for his own adventure. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome continues to frown unhappily, ill-consoled by the pat on the head. He directs his gaze into the Villiage, "I the Church over there, and that must be the Inn not far beyond it." The gnome points. "I'm going to stable my pony first though." The gnome urges his pony forward. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Stables over there." He points Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome makes his way to the stables. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox follows Disgruntled Tea12/22/2019 Thayrin simply follows Knox to put his own horse with the others before tracking down his tiwn. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The stables are run by a teenager with shaggy red hair, freckles and some acne. He's shoveling out a stall when you arrive. "Hallo. It's 5 copper a night. Includes food, water, and grooming." His eyes then go wide. "Is that there horse floating? How'd it do that?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Hello there! Yes, it is an a special enchantment not easily replicated. My name is Artimus. My companions and I aren't sure exactly how long we will be here in Reptee, but I'd like you to take the saddles off and give the mounts a good resting and feed. We might take off today or tomorrow or whenever. What is your name?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "My name's Coda. That horse is kinda spooky. Is floating all it does?" He gives it a sideways glance. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The hand the stable boy some copper and looks at Reth, "What would you say, Reth, is floating all the horse does?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Other than horse things? Yep." The lad takes the copper. I'll see to your horses then." He seems to be extra cautious around Reth's horse Mortal Player12/22/2019 "The horse is normal is every regard except the floating, I assure you," says the gnome. The gnome smiles at the tentative youth as he takes his leave. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Where is the group headed now? Mortal Player12/22/2019 lunch Ayden12/22/2019 Knox smiles watching the lad be so skeptical. For now he stays with Artimus as they head for lunch. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome heads towards the Tavern/Inn and then spots the Market... "Hmm." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The Tavern sign has a picture of a person with their head down on a table and z's coming off him. The place is called "Sleepy's" Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome picks out some fresh fruit and vegetables with an eye for anything that appears local before proceeding to Sleepy's. He shares with the others and munches as they make their way. "Reptee seems like a nice place." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon enjoys a meal at the tavern, whilst keeping an elf ear out for any rumors or information of interest. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox joins in. "You think we can bypass the knoll village to reach the mountain?" He asks to the group. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I don't know... Have you recognized any mountains from your vision?" Ayden12/22/2019 Knox tries to recall but can't be sure. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Knox isn't sure, but they might be vaguely familiar. Then the sun gets a bit in his eyes Ayden12/22/2019 "No... it's all the same." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome shrugs, "We'll ask at the Church if there are any important locations of religious significance in the mountains." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox nods."Not a bad idea. If not, I'm not sure what else we can do." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I still need time to prepare the new magicks I'm working on if we want to use that to help us locate the angel." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Those at the bar note that there are four patrons present, a bit of a mixed group. Three are Fescipate, but one man who is sitting at the bar sticks out because of his dark colored skin, nearly black as coal, and his shaved head. He is speaking with the bartender, a middle aged female standing just barely 5ft tall. There is a younger female woman in the bar who is actually wearing armor and has sheathed blades on her sides. She is nursing a pint of something and watches those who come and go. The other two men look like locals of village stock and are sitting together at another table The two men are discussing business and how things are going. One is complaining that people are staying in and not spending as much because of "recent attacks". The one who complains is rather portly. The man at the bar seems to be talking with the Bartender about leads on "general labor" work. Sounds like he is a laborer and comes here to find out who needs a day worker The temple is a Church of Seul, a common religion in this continent. There are acolytes tending to the property, and a female pastor seems to be middle aged woman, going over some documents at the lectern. She is tall for a woman (5'7), a bit thin, and has big bushy eyebrows. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome looks at Sir Knox, "Umm... what do you suggest?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The church itself is a well built, but simple building. Enough pews inside to seat a couple hundred people at a time, which judging by the size of the village, might hold a quarter of all its people. There are tapestries along the walls, but they too are simpler in design and not flashy. The place has a utilitarian feeling about it. Ayden12/22/2019 Knox and Art approach the woman at the lectern. "Pardon the interruption, we are new in the village and hoped you had a moment to speak with us?" He asks politely. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome bows slightly. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She looks up and smiles. "Well, welcome to our village surs. What can I help you with?" Ayden12/22/2019 "I am Knox and this is Artimus. I was hoping you could tell me a little about your place of worship." He says, knowing he might be chewing off more than he can handle. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome smiles. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "This is the house of the Godfather, Aggrevito Seul. I am but one of his many humble servants, who provides guidance to our people." Ayden12/22/2019 "Ah. I see. Is this the only place of worship in the area?" He asks curiously. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Well, the presence of Seul is everywhere, allowing people to worship wherever they should feel the need. But if your question is if this is our village's only church, the answer is that it is." Reth grabs a couple of ales at the bar, and sits down by Raleon Thayrin, sliding one over as he watches Raleon Ayden12/22/2019 Knox nods and glances over to Art. "We heard rumors there might have been a holy place in the mountains, but since the gnolls.... no one goes. You know anything about that?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Particularly..." the gnome looks at Sir Knox, "...anything related to either the Mother or anyone opposed to the Mother -any places of religious significance." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She gives you a sideways glance. "Ah, so you've heard the rumors of the mountain guardian? It's an old tale, a myth told over the generations here. A glowing presence, seen only on rare occasions. Honestly, I can't say I ever gave it much stock, religious as I am, the only small miracles i've seen Seul channeled through me, but some people are convinced a benevolent spirit resides there, protecting the village. Well, most were convinced of it, until the recent surge in Gnoll attacks." She sighs. "The Mother? She hasn't got much of an established presence here, not like Oxdale, though she is a respected figure. She is Seul's daughter, after all." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox listens closely as clues came forth. "That's the one. Has anyone claimed to have found where the Guardian resides? Prior to the gnoll attacks?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Some few have tried, but it's a difficult climb and a dangerous territory to roam through, even before the gnolls were as active as they are now. Partly why I don't believe its anything more than fantasy and tales. No evidence that it exists beyond some tall tales." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox nods feeling somewhat reassured that they were on the right track. "Fair enough. We wish to visit or search for the truth, but I worry there may be too many gnolls." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon finishes and leaves the coin for the meal on the table before striding over towards the armored female. He grants her a charming smile as he approaches. "Greetings, Miss," begins the msytical appearing elf. "I hope I am not bothering you. You seem to be an able fighter, are you from around here or passing through?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Well, if you insist on such travels, go by day, and stay hidden at night. The gnolls aren't so active during the day." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin blinks curiously, noticing the ranger sitting beside him. He takes the ale and raises it in thanks, his eyes also trained on his brother. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She looks up from over her drink and sighs, using her hand to indicate an invitation to sit. "Not from here originally, but I go where there is work for fighters, and this village needs a hand repelling those nasty gnoll creatures." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon blinks curiously at her sigh, but takes the invitation none the less. "That is a fair assessment. We passed through the nasty creatures ourselves coming in. Strange things, I don't believe it to be normal that they've undead amongst them. Tell me, have you found more work than usual around the area? From what I can tell, this area seems to be swelling with evil influence." Ayden12/22/2019 Nodding again, Knox offers thanks to the advice. "You'd think if there is something glowing from the mountain, people would see it." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Raleon: She shrugs. "The world is always riddle with evil influences. I've seen these undead you speak of, the still walking corpses of their kind. Strange thing to see, they pull away their dead and eat them as they go." She shivers as she makes a face of revulsion. "I have not lacked for work, but I choose my places based on need. This village only has two other capable warriors about, so I stay here." The pastor shrugs. "You would think. But sometimes the sun's light off snowcapped peaks has a way of playing tricks on people's eyes." Ayden12/22/2019 "I'm sure." He looks at Art, giving him a chance to ask further questions. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Can you provide us with directions to where the mountain guardian is said to reside or can you direct us to someone who may assist us?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "A noble task indeed. I can't be easy to stay in such a lowly stocked place," Raleon frowns. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She actually cracks half a smile. "I'm a mercenary. I've slept in stables, in cramped quarters, and I've stayed through shit assignments. This little place? It's not so bad at all." The pastor says, "There is an old goat trail that goes up the mountains. It eventually goes around the mountains and out of the kingdom, but if you walk up it for most of a day, you'll find a small summit. The stories say the spirit holds up somewhere around there." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox is actually surprised to hear this as he recalls the location seemingly similar in description to what he saw in his vision. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods, "Thank you, that is most helpful." The gnome looks at Sir Knox. "If that is all... I have one more matter to discuss with the pastor here..." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon leans back in his chair dramatically. "Oh! What I'd give to actually stay in one town again with beds and running waters... I do envy you that bit," sighed the elf woefully then smiled as he leaned forward again. "Nah, I don't mean the town itself, I simply mean the work itself. Don't you feel your forces aren't enough? I hear the threat is nearly in the hundreds. My companions and I are here on a bit of a... strange task....you see, our tin head thinks there's an angel in the mountains, if you can believe that." Ayden12/22/2019 Knox nods to Art. "I think that's all." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome turns towards the pastor. "I am a Sage in search of inscrutable mysteries, a Librarian in search of libraries... and I must inquire: Does the Church here have any... books? Religious, Historical, Informative, any sort of collection?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She snorts. "You all hear those stories too? The locals talk about some spirit guardian up there. Never seen it myself, sure be nice to get some help. If the gnolls ever decided to attack at once, this village would be done for, but they don't seem to be that organized. They just go roving, looking for things to hunt. We fight off the raiders, help nearby traveling merchants get their wares here before they fall to an ambush." The pastor raises an eyebrow at Art's description. "We don't have all that much, I'm afraid. I have a small collection of religious texts and histories important to our order, but the bulk of our knowledge is stored at the main temple in the capital." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I understand," says the gnome, but he smiles and looks a bit excited, "Nonetheless, if I could take a look at what you do have... sometimes information can be found locally that you don't find in the big libraries in the cities. I collect information and I have a goal to one day reconstuct a library that was recently destroyed, adding new knowledge from diverse sources. Please, may I take a look?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon's eyebrows raise. "Spirit guardian you say? No, I haven't heard of the tales myself. The lad's a paladin and got some...weird vision he says. He's not the brightest so I haven't much faith in it to be brutally honest... Whatever's up there, he says it's dying. That's why he's dragged us here instead of going to the capital." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The pastor eyes the gnome for a moment, trying to keep a neutral face, but smiles despite herself. "Ah, alright. Sharing knowledge is important. Let me go grab what I have, and I can set you up in a study room." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Oh, thank you, thank you so much!" cries the gnome, "I am Artimus, and you are?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Dying eh? Might explain why its been a while since anyone said they'd seen it, assuming there is any truth to it." "Pleasure to meet you Art, I am Jane." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "I suppose we'll find out..." sighed the elf as he scratched the back of his head. "Or we'll get turned into dog bones...one of the two." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome will also make a donation to the Church of Seul in the quantity of 100 cp. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin snorted into his ale at the comment his brother made. He then turns to Reth and signs. "Apparently it's some Spirit Guardian up there." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth lifts an eyebrow at that. "Spirit guardian?" "If you're not careful traveling through there, you just might. Some of the gnolls are bigger and nastier than the rest." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "We plan to slay a dragon some day; some gnolls shouldn't be a problem," smiled the elf confidently. "But I'm not from around here, anything you could tell me about these rumors of the spirit?" Thayrin simply shrugs. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Don't underestimate those gnolls. They have a way of going into a frenzy, and like I said, some are much tougher than the others. As for the spirit, people been claiming to have seen it off and on for years. They believe it is a protector that kept this village safe all this time, which reduced their reliance on the capital, which meant less taxes. We're getting a point now where they are going to have to call upon the capital anyway, I imagine. As soon as Joseph quits being so stubborn." "A dragon? That's an ambitious goal." Art finds no mention of the spirit in the texts. The texts are largely on the history of the church, as well as the teachings of Seul. It details the creation myth, the millennia long clash with Rouge Lune, and then a lot on different ceremonies and practices expected of their priests. Mortal Player12/22/2019 Artimus asks Jane if there are any other people in Reptee who might have interesting lore before departing to finsih off various errands... Artimus does make some notes of the creation lore. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "I'm not saying they're not a threat. I'm simply saying that I can't be afraid to face them if I aim to face a dragon," Raleon shrugged. "I appreciate the warning though." He nods, his eyes suddenly turning cold. "Aye, a dragon...one who made the mistake of burning down a town I was fond of and harming some people I care for. I plan to hunt him down once we're strong enough." "A protector, hm? ...Yes, seems they people are going to have to realize their divine safety net won't always be there and may have to rely on others' steel." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Others with interesting lore? I can't think of any off hand. Our village isn't much for stories. We work and keep to ourselves. If anything, most around here aren't very conversational." The mercenary laughs. "I think it is less about a safety net and more about avoiding paying the taxes that comes with having capital soldiers patrolling around here." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon laughs. "People do tend to try and get out of paying for things when they can." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Thank You, Jane" The gnome heads nextdoor to the general store. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She smiles. "Indeed, a universal trait of people I expect." Jane nods as Art departs. The general store is called "The League Center." A short, human woman with black hair and watchful brown eyes is behind the counter. She is rather short, and her face a bit sunken. She doesn't greet you as you enter, but does watch. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome walks right up to the short human and looks up at her, "Excuse me, but I am looking for climbing equipment. Can you help me?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She looks down, and seems like she is surprised by the need, as she usually looks up. "We have climbing kits. I have four of them in stock right now, 25gp each." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods, "Yes, thank you! That's what I'm looking for. What's your name?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Me? Heather." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Nice to meet you, Heather. Have you ever gone climbing before?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "No." She seems bored Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I see... Do you know where I might find someone who knows about the mountains around here?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Aye, that it is. Well I appreciate your time, Miss. My name is Raleon by the way. Should you come across a mangled corpse in the mountains--" he clicks his tongue with a wink. "--that's likely me or one of my companions here. Or if I should succeed, perhaps we could put in a word at the capital your town needs assistance." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The merchant shrugs. "You going to buy the kits or not?" The mercenary says, "Well met Raleon, I'm Yvonne. I'd run it by Jospeh first before saying anything, but he might be coming around on accepting the help." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome looks over the kits, examining them carefully. "Hmm, do you sell many climbing kits?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Well met, Yvonne. Who's Joseph?" he asks while squinting. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "From time to time." "Joseph's the leader of the town, and the tailor. His shop is across the way, and he both trims clothing and hears out complaints from there." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "An interesting combination..." Raleon raised his brows. "Do you think he'll gasp at my tattered attire or perhaps my controversial opinion first?" he grinned cheekily. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "He's not bad about it, he mainly just makes clothes good for labor. The folks around here don't dress up much." Mortal Player12/22/2019 After assessing the climbing kits for a while, the gnome finally selects a climbing kit. He shrugs, "I guess I'll take this one." He counts out 250 silver pieces for Heather. Was there anything else that catches the gnome's attention in the store as unusual or interesting? Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Pretty standard wares. Nothing particularly noteworthy Prince of Fate12/22/2019 He waved her off. "T'was a joke. Well thank you for your time. I've got to wrangle in my accomplices. Good luck with your mercenary work." He snapped and made his way back towards the two other elves. "Well... aren't you two looking chummy? Are you drinking? It's hardly noon!" the elf grinned. "And you started without me!" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth just shrugs. "Safer than water most of the time." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Says the one who drinks mud water," he stuck out his tongue. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome departs The League Center and walks across the street, looking both ways before he crosses, to The Unseen Apothecary. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The shop is cluttered and packed with herbs all over. The woman behind the counter is a bit of the opposite of what one might expect for an alchemist. Rather than nerdy and perhaps wizened, she is a rather muscular and veiny woman with red slicked back hair. "Welcome in, take a look around!" Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome obliges by taking a look around. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She has various herbs and ointments, and a glass case with some premade potions Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome peruses the premade potions. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 She says, "What I've got in there are three healing potions, a potion of water breathing, a potion of hill giant strength, and a poison." (Potions are the 50gp 2d4+2) Healing^ Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome raises an eyebrow, "Poison?!?" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Well, apparently the person to talk to next would be a Joseph, a tailor in town who listens to complains--important ones should I say. Not a bitching tailor, though he could be bitchin'. Apparently, he typically makes labor clothes so nothing too fancy," explained the elf. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Yes yes, taboo I know, but the people who fight off these damned gnolls can use whatever advantage they can get." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Ah! That is probably very true!" says the gnome emphatically. "What sort of poison is it exactly?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth says, "So this place is so small their community leader still has a day job?" "Looks like a healing potion. We've been leaving it out for the gnolls to take, thinking it is some kind of spoil. They drink it, and hopefully they don't come back." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon shrugs. "It's pretty common it seems. I met one fellow who was a butcher and the 'mayor'. They had political debates while chopping up pork, it was quite amusing." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Note on the poison: This concoction looks, smells, and tastes like a Potion of Healing or other beneficial potion. However, it is actually poison masked by Illusion magic. An Identify spell reveals its true Nature. If you drink it, you take 3d6 poison damage, and you must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be Poisoned. At the start of each of your turns while you are Poisoned in this way, you take 3d6 poison damage. At the end of each of your turns, you can repeat the saving throw. On a successful save, the poison damage you take on your subsequent turns decreases by 1d6. The poison ends when the damage decreases to 0. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Is it, in some way particularly effective against gnolls.. or is it more of a generic one poison kills all sort of thing?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth shrugs. "Humans I guess." She says, "Nah, just made to hurt whoever has the misfortune of drinking it." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Ah well... I guess it's better than nothing. Still... I wonder if these gnolls are really dumb enough to fall for this trick." The gnome rubs his chin in consideration and appears to be thinking about something. "How much is it?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Those critters are tough, but also not so bright. Kinda eat anything we've noticed. That one is 95 gold." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Strange creatures indeed, but amusing," he shrugs. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Really? Eat anything?" the gnome thinks about that, "You know, I do think they actually eat their own kin." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I don't need to think it, I know it. Watched them start munching on their dead comrades as they retreat. Sick creatures." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods, "Okay, you've sold me on it. It's a terrible way to die, but it might be useful. What do the other potions cost?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Healing is 50gp. Giant strength 200gp. Water breathing 173gp." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "200 gp! Must be a nice boost!" The gnome nods and looks around. "One more thing... if I wanted to get some more spell supplies... do you have them or know someone who does?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I have some things here that can be used as components. Unlikely to find much at the general store, and even less likely anywhere else." "Anything you looking for in particular?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Okay, I just need some supplies to help me finish up writing some spells... ink essentially but the good stuff for spell books sort of thing." (like to help adding spells to a spellbook) Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Ah, that I don't have. You'd probably need to go to the capital for that kind of thing." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon stretches out. "Alright boys, if I have to do boring recon, you're coming with. Maybe we can stitch up our clothes while we're there." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "We talking to the tailor leader then?" --Reth Prince of Fate12/22/2019 He leaned one way then the other. "Might as well. You got anything better to do than sit for another 3 hours drinking?" remarked the elf sassily. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Well, then let's go see this guy." Reth gets up Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome peruses the alchemist store fussing over various components before completing his transaction for the poison potion (and other components). ""Thank you, you've been quite helpful!" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Well we can see him, he can't," Thayrin signs then gets punched in the shoulder. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome leaves The Unseen Apothecary and heads to Robert's Home. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The trio of elves find the aforementioned tailor. Has a sign that says, "Robert's." The group runs into Art and Knox on the way. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Hey guys!" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Guys, look, it's a rare sighting of a gnome!" Raleon grins. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I found a shop selling all sort os interesting potions...." The gnome fills them in on what's available, "Oh... and Thayrin... I found something very interesting that I think you will be interested in..." And the gnome pulls out the Poison Potion. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 This is when Reth says he is willing to chip in 50 gold towards picking up the three healing potions, to have as a back up measure Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin's ears perk then he tilts his head to the side. Messaging, "Oh a healing potion, very nice." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome responds by message "No, this is actually a Poison Potion" "Disguised as a Healing Potion... Do not drink this." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin's brows raise more and he grins. "How much?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 "95 gold pieces" "She said that gnolls could be fooled by it and would drink it." "It tastes like a Healing Potion" Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin turns to Raleon with his hand out like a child excited for candy. Raleon sighs, smiling to himself. "Fiiiine... but only because this actually will help us. It's not the worst price I've heard." He hands over the coin to Artimus. "I see--I am not carrying that." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth snickers Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods. "Keep very careful track of this. Don't misplace it." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Thayrin is already studying the bottle. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Everyone arrives at the tailor's place. Decent sized house, with a sign that shows knitting needles and a pair of scissors Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome walks up to the door and knocks before opening it. "Hello" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 A voice from within, "Come on in." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome enters and looks around. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon follows. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The entry has a little foyer for hanging up coats. There are two doors, one open and leading to a tailor shop, the other closed You see a shirtless man in the shop, sitting on a stool, stitching some cloth. "Welcome in, how can I help you?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Do you have any examples of your work I can look at?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Yep, through the back door there, I have ready made material hanging up." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome peruses the Tailor's work. Prince of Fate12/22/2019 The twins follow suit curiously Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Utilitarian, but well made. Nothing fancy. Just good working clothes Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome returns to the room with the shirtless man stitching cloth. "I see you do good work. Is there anything you would recommend for traveling in the mountains, climbing, and things of that nature." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Climbing up in the mountains? Well, first I would recommend against it. But if you insist, you might want to make sure you got long sleeves, so you can save yourself from any scrapes. You'll need something warmer at night, but this time of year, the daytime isn't so bad." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "Hmm." "Okay, what about getting something that would fit me well." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "We're searching after the supposed Spirit Guardian in the mountains, our Paladin says he's seen visions of it dying. We're here to help," explained Raleon. "Yvonne says your town is quite understaffed for defenses. Why won't you ask the capital for help in these dangerous times?" Raleon frowned. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 He looks at you for a moment and says, "I can take something meant for a youth, and let it out so it can fit your frame better." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "How long would it take you to create a good set of traveling clothes for me?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 The man first seems amused at the mention of the spirit and then a flicker of annoyance comes over his face when mentioning the not asking for help. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome looks at Raleon. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "We balance what is right by our town with what we can do. Guard presence means more capital politics and it means more taxes. Yvonne, myself, and Jane have been doing well enough for the most part." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I'm sorry," says the gnome, "Who are you?" The gnome looks confused. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I'm in charge here." Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome is looking back at the tailor. "What does that mean?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I am the head of council. I also defend against the gnoll incursions with the help of Yvonne and our priest, Jane." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "It is good to meet you. My name is Artimus. I am a traveling scholar. What is your name?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I am Joseph." "Joseph Blackwood." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Yes well...it may not be my place, but I just wanted to say to be careful. The outside world is much more dangerous. And should the gnolls be lead by an intelligent force like the spell casting hobgoblin we encountered, this town would be wiped off the map... That is all I wished to say," Raleon stated. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 He looks at the Elf for a long, hard moment. "I don't know much about spellcasting hobgoblins, but they have been more persistent as of late. I'll keep it under consideration, they have been more challenging and bold these days." He pulls out some measuring tape so he can measure Art. "I could have something modified by the end of the day." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Thank you, Joseph. The town will appreciate it, even if they complain a bit," the elf smiled. Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome's eyes raise slightly, "I'm sure a simply want a modified outfit as opposed to something tailor-made for me." But the gnome raises his arms so that the tailor can get some meaurements. "Do you not do custom work?" The gnome looks at Raleon adn then back at Joseph. "We've traveled far and seen... dangerous things. If the gnolls are braver it would be good if we know why." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "I do from time to time. I just need some measures to get it close. If you want something perfectly fitted, the time would be longer." He nods. "I would like to know why." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "How long would it take for something perfectly fitted?" sasy the gnome turning his body as the tailor gets the measurements. Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Assuming nothing happens between now and completion? A day maybe." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "When you fight the gnolls, where do you fight them? Here at the town walls?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "They attack the walls, we have some folks try to discourage them by firing off crossbows. A few of our guards can manage to hit the broad side of a barn. Yvonne and I meet them at the gates and use it to funnel them, while Jane backs us up." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I see... does anyone go into the mountains at all?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Over the years, some have gone, looking for their spirit. It's more dangerous now, with the increased Gnoll raids." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I'm a Sage and thus a bit of a historian as well. Are there any maps of the area or historical notes that I could examine concerning the mountains and their history?" Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 "Nothing that I am aware of. We don't have any cartographers in town, and we never really had need of maps. Most can't even read." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 "Right, well. Did we want to rest here for the day and then head out tomorrow morning?" Raleon asked the group. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "I see. Well, I need to think carefully about this... if you have some good fabrics, then I'll have you make an outfit for me." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 Reth shrugs. "Works for me." Mortal Player12/22/2019 "We can rest here tonight," replies the gnome, "and I think the sooner we head out the better. It doesn't seem that this villiage has much in the way of reconnaisance of the mountains, unless there are actual mountain guides somewhere." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon fist pumps with victory. "Beds!" With that he's out the door. Mortal Player12/22/2019 "It would take me time to add any useful spells to help find the angel, but there's no telling exactly how much time we have. It would take... probably a day." The gnome finishes discussing with Joseph about what Joseph can actually make for the gnome. The gnome is a bit picky and points out various adjustments that the gnome finds important. After much discussion, the gnome finally sighs. "I'm sorry, you seeem to have the sort of skill I'm looking for, but not quite the right selection of fabrics. I'm very sorry." Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 He shrugs. "We don't get much requests beyond just cloth" Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome nods. "My companions and I should be back this way after we are done with our little exploration. Perhaps we will be able to give you some news of things. Perhaps not." Prince of Fate12/22/2019 Raleon is back now at the inn, "How many rooms do we need?" Mortal Player12/22/2019 The gnome start to depart Robert's Home, then asks, "Who's Robert?" The gnome continues on the Sleepy's Tavern and Inn, joining his companions in getting rooms for the night... Acies ab Vesania12/22/2019 And so, our adventurers learned that the villagers have supposedly sighted this angel, calling it a spirit guardian who once protected them. The increased gnoll presence has been problematic, leaving one to wonder why now? Our adventurers will surely learn more as they venture up into the mountains, scaling cliffs and doing their best to avoid the nasty neighbors. Will they succeed? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  8. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord, the group successfully sprung and a gnoll ambush and led the over-eager enemies back into a trap. The gnolls bit the bait hook, line, and sinker and ended up drastically cutting down on their numbers before initiative calls were even made. Though the fight proved not to be easy, the group overcame their foes without any too serious injuries and have cleared their path to Reptee, the village sitting in the heart of Gnoll territory. Now, multiple goals sit in the group's cross-hairs: The village close, the angel not far away either, another threat looming in the area, and perhaps most pressing, the will-they won't-they conundrum of Reth and Raleon. Let's unpack as we dive into this week's session of D&D discord! Mortal Player12/08/2019 Having completed his general duties as far as securing camp, Artimus scribbles in a book, poring over a collection of notes. Eventually, he will yawn and retire to his bedroll to get much needed sleep for the next day. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon sits at the campfire, rubbing over his previous wounds with a transical way. His eyes seemed more cloudy than usual. His lips pressed loosely to a bottle as he poked idly at the flames with a stick as he drank. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 While Art is scribbling notes, he hears Reth come walking back into camp. "Looks like we got em all." He looks around the camp, presumably for Raleon, who asked to speak with him. When he spots him he plops down next to him by the fire. Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 Quietly sitting off to the side, Tharyin sat cleaning the blood and dirt from the recent events from his blades. He glances up when hearing the ranger retrun from his souting bout before simply retruning to the task at hand. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The elf's knee bounced with a nervous energy as he gazed into the fire, seeming not to notice the second elf at first. It wasn't as though his eye sight could become more damaged at this point, though emotion still seemed to flow through them, contemplation and a tight, furrowed brow, a tug at the corners of his lips to show frustration. A flower laid down upon the ground with the camp dirt half burying it, dismantled it seemed. A few moments of silence pass between the two with Raleon leaned forward on the knee not bouncing before he takes another thoughtful swig. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth gives a grunt, perhaps just to ensure his blind companion is aware he arrived back. Mortal Player12/08/2019 Artimus looks up... then goes back to scribbling in his book. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 With the intake of his ale and the distracted nature of the elf's mind, the surprise grunt next to him gave him a start. So much so, the ale he was previously enjoying slipped into the wrong tube and shot out of his nose, spraying out into the fire with a whoosh. He was quick to cover his mouth with a cough and rubbing of his nose. "Moons--FUck. Guh--That's it. You're getting a bell Mr. Cat." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth snickers. "Jumpy are we?" Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "Are you not? We're in enemy territory and just about got jumped by a small hoard of gnolls," reminded the elf as he sniffed the trace of ale from his nose. "That's going to linger for a while..." he mumbled to himself. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth shrugs, and grunts. "Starting to get used to being in danger every where we go." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 He snorted a bit with a crooked grin. "Ain't that the truth..." Raleon leans back and grabs a second bottle, holding it out for him. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth takes it, tips it back and takes a healthy swig. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "Thirsty boy, eh?" teased the cheeky lad as he elbowed his ribs a bit. "Gunna pick up a habit." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "Does take the edge off things. Maybe we need a vacation." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon simply smirked and turned toward him. "Yeah? You'd just poke your head into more trouble anyways." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 He grunts, then adds, "Probably." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "Where would you go anyways? If you could go anywhere? You asked me the other day what the first thing I wanted to see was--what do you want to see?" asked the blind man pointing with his ale. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth contemplates it for a moment. "I think that's the problem, is what I would love to do is go back to my woods with a nice quiet life... tending to the lands, maybe helping lost travelers... but something's wrong. I don't know what is, but it's like the lands are sick... all this evil coming about. I'm not well-learned like Art over there, but I grew up with stories, and none described things like this." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "You're right, they aren't like this. My brother and I've traveled all over, and these lands? ....They're as you say, sick," he takes another draw of his ale. "I don't know with what...but maybe we can cure it. We just have to find out how. All sicknesses are curable with the right method. We just have to find it." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "Maybe. Something going on. We're carrying around something we don't understand, it might be just one small piece of a bigger picture." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "Yeah... We're all very small in this vast place." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth takes another swig. "A termite is small, but enough of them and enough time, and they can bring down the biggest buildings. We're small, the world is big, but enough time, maybe we can change things." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon smiled, appreciating the optimism. "Look at you, Mr. Woodland Wiseman. Would you be petting your beard if you could grow one?" He mimed stroking a long old man beard with a quizzical expression. "Though you are small like an elderly man." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "I'm short, but certainly not small." A hint of indignation in that retort. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The male simply snickered like a certain Happy mask salesman, his grin full of teeth. "Short tempered too." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Another drink. "What was it you wanted to talk about anyway? Surely not to discuss my stature." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon’s smile fell away and he turned to the grounds, pulling up his knees to slump more in his state, he wet his lips and nodded. “R-Right… tha-at...” he replied, seeming to lose his ease of conversation. He started slow, picking his words carefully at first. His heart was pounding in his chest faster than he had ever felt it each breath felt heavy. His fingers felt cold and shaking as he gripped his wrist for stability. “I’ve... ran over this conversation in my head,” Raleon lift his hand and let it fall as he shook his head with obvious frustration. “Tch. At least a thousand times...thinking of every little thing I could say. Every phrase and line I could think of. Trying to make it as perfect as possible. Waiting for the right moment. The right time. The right words. But … Time is fickle and precious, and I don’t think that moment is ever going to come. I-I never know when it’s going to be my last day...or yours.” A long drawn silence passes as he stares at the ground, swallowing hard. “I’ve been faced with my own mortality...more times than I can even count. Every day, we risk our lives. For...for pride’s sake? For the sake of others? For revenge? Would anyone even know if we all died in some temple of cultists? But… More than death--more than the fear of dying in some unknown place without proving my self-worth--do you know what I’m afraid of the most?” He looked deeply into Reth’s eyes. “You. You scare me more than anything in the world. Do you know why?” Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reythrian listens as Raleon puts together his thoughts into words spoken aloud, letting him finish. He doesn't interrupt when Raleon takes a moment to collect himself, sensing that there is something important he wants to convey, and having the wisdom to let someone finish. He nods as Raleon recounts just how many times they had already put there lives in danger, taking risks and facing perils for reasons yet still beyond them, as their naive hopes of someday slaying an elder dragon seems to have slipped into something more, something greater. But even for all that, he was most surprised when Raleon that it was him that scared Raleon the most. "Me? Why would I scare you?" Prince of Fate12/08/2019 He swallows hard again, his empty gaze hitting the floor as his brows furrow and his knee kicks up into a nervous arousal once more. "And I'm the blind one..." he whispers beneath his breath as he closes his eyes to collect himself once more. "Because...Because I care about you. Because I have these...these Feelings that I don't understand. That I can't convert to words-to reason-to...to allow myself to have. I've... spent years, hating people for shutting me out. I understand that rage. Hiding from people and Using people for survival's sake. Making people laugh or cry or sing and dance--I understand joy, and pain, and sorrow. But... I've never...I've never let someone get so close to me. Because... I was afraid. Afraid to lose them." His voice trailed to but a whisper until he took another calming breath. "But...that day, when...when we met you in that forest at your master's demise. I...I felt such heart wrenching sorrow from you. Someone...who had been suffering for decades...just as I was--and I just--" He closed his eyes for a moment as he remembered. "...I just wanted to make you smile again," he said with a sweetness to his eyes that now seemed flooded with swirling emotions. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 He looks a little surprised (not that Raleon can see that) when Raleon admits that he cares about him. He seems about to admit a reciprocation of caring, perhaps to say that he cares about all members of the group, even the Paladin who irks him sometimes, but Raleon isn't finished yet, so he stifles his comments and lets him finish. For those who have a good passive insight, they might notice that there is a range of emotions on Reythrian's face, as much of what Raleon shares is an echo of his own life, having lost those he was close to, connecting with one other person and losing that one as well. Yes, there has been a lot of loss and sorrow in his life, and in just mentioning that he wanted to make Reythrian smile again, he does just that. "Aye, you've achieved that many times. I've smiled more in these dark times than I did in the many years past. A bit strange to think that a man can still smile even as he still mourns those he lost, and knows of the darkness around him. You've got a gift for that, Raleon." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 A stifled laughing breath leaves the rogue as he rubs his thumb under his nose, a small meek smile on his lips. "T-heh... Thanks..." Mortal Player12/08/2019 The gnome frowns... then mutters some words, "Sthguoht Tceted", and makes some gestures, placing one hand upon his chest. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon rubs his arms and frowns, looking to the ground. "But I--I don't think you're getting what I'm trying to say here... R-remember that song I told you all I was working on? Would...would you please listen to it?" Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth nods, "Aye, I remember. Is is ready? I'd be happy to listen." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The moon elf lets out a puff of air through his nose. "As ready as it's going to be I think..." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon turns and shuffles around his things then slowly picks up his violin, his hands shaking a bit as his fingers brushed over the strings. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. His heart pounding so loudly now he could hear it in his ears. He stands and places his back to Reth, the campfire light illuminating his figure. He readies himself to pluck at the strings like ripples of water dropping to the surface, and the beat slowly forms like quiet whispers. His tension slowly beginning to melt once the music begins. His voice uplifting as it carried his notes in the summer night's air. I wonder what I'm running from… (echos) Stay inside and barricade the doors… (echos) Miss the sun to avoid the storm, Would do anything to feel the warmth, I wonder where I'm going wrong… 'Cause love's just a feeling~ Some kind of emotion... When you need the healing~ When you're all broken. Don't overthink it~! Before the moment is stolen... 'Cause love's just a feeling~ And right now I'm open, I'm open! Raleon rifts into a beautiful violin solo, swaying and really getting into his notes, seeming to sing along to the song of his heart, baring his true colors despite his fears of rejection and complications along the way. Mortal Player12/08/2019 The gnome observes the performance. Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 pauseing his cleaning job, Tharyin simply looks up at his twin with a slightly raised brow. He sets aside his cleaning rag and settles his sword back in its sheath before leaning back and taking futher note of what the other elves in the group were up to. After all, its not everyday that his brother breaks down in song and fiddle. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth is sitting, tapping his foot and listening to the song, clearly enjoying it. the first stanza is not so revealing, so there is no notable reaction for those who are watching closely. As the second verse starts up, there is a bit of a change, because the song has shifted from running from something to making it clear that the speaker is running from their feelings, strong feelings at that. Thayrin and Art are welcome to make insight checks if they wish (Art would have advantage due to the spell). Prince of Fate12/08/2019 I wanna fall like I won't hit the ground… Raleon jumps up onto a near-by log he was using for a chair. I wanna dance like nobody's around! He spins on the log with a flash of fancy footwork flaire and there’s an innocent smile on his face, pure of heart. Walk on the edge and not look down Follow my heart and lose my head into the clouds! He marches along the edge of the log, never looking down until he leaps off of it and lands, keeping with the beat of the song. It took awhile but I'm~ here~ now~ 'Cause love's just a feeling~ Some kind of emotion... When you need the healing~ When you're all broken... Don't overthink it~! Before the moment is stolen... 'Cause love's just a feeling~ And right now I'm open--I'm open! Another solo begins as he faces Reth, the fires behind him flaring and flickering with every beat, bathing him in a red aura and lighting up the night with raw emotion, a similar scene when Raleon’s eyes catch ablaze. Except this flame is a flame of passion, one of love and energy which has been bottled up until now. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth is sitting back, listening, looking contemplative, letting Raleon play his song Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 Watching the two like a hawk, the assassin twin could not help the small smirk play on his lips when he watches the shifting reactions of the ranger. He snorts softly to himself in an 'Its about fucking time' motion before returing his attention back to his Raleon's preformance. Mortal Player12/08/2019 The gnome nods and turns back to his book. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 He plucks at the strings, a feeling of peace and perhaps relief washes over him. Summer fireflies float around him like ghost lights as the song turns more serene and soft. I hold my hands up… Afraid of so much It's time I let it all go~ Maybe I've lost touch...In all the blind love I'm gonna let it all go~! Beat drop with a stomp as beat picks up once more to the finale. 'Cause love's just a feeling! Don't overthink it! 'Cause love's just a feeling~ Some kind of emotion! Don't overthink it, Before the moment is stolen! Raleon belts out the last held note with a heavy breath. The violin’s notes falling into the humid air and ringing with the final touch. He slowly lowers his bow and violin with his heart still pounding in his chest, full of adrenaline as he catches his breath. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth, seemingly unsure of how to react in this moment, applauds the song, perhaps stalling. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The rogue laughs nervously, smiling perhaps a bit forced as he nods and bows a bit as he goes to put away his violin in its case. "That's...what I wanted to say." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "It's a beautiful song." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "T-Thanks..." he stammers and scratches the back of his head. Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 The assassin simply shakes his head at the suddenly back to awkward potato twin of his before retuning to his idle hand work. Mortal Player12/08/2019 The gnome incants, "Sthguoht Tceted", waves a hand, and presses it to his chest. The other hand goes to his forehead in concentrated effort. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "I...wasn't sure if I was going to sing it or not...But, then the other guy--with the little girl, told me 'it will be a ballad worth singing. But you might want to make sure your ranger knows how you feel before too long'." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth is silent for a long moment. Sixty seconds, sixty heart-beats. "Raleon..." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The elf flinches. "Y-yeah?" he fakes a smile. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth starts to say something, pauses, and then stops. All that comes out is an exhalation of breath as he tries to sort out what he wants to say. He lifts up his hands, starts to say something, and then lets his hand slowly drop back down. He bites his lip, mulling his response. “Raleon…” “I’m not good with words. You know that.” “It’s hard for me. I’m only just relearning how to express myself.” He rises to his feet, rocking on his heels, clearly nervous, antsy. A bit like a cat, one might venture Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon looks at him confused, his smile fading as his stomach turns and tightens. "R-right...It's..." he braces himself for the answer he's not sure if he's ready to hear. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 “You… you’re a better man than you give yourself credit for. You have a beautiful heart, and it shows in your songs. You’re so much more than the circumstances of your birth.” He steps closer. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 His ears flick at the sound of his footstep, his stomach fluttering as he rubs his arm bashfully, his pinkish skin turning his ears and cheeks more red. "You..think so?" Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth stops within about 18 inches, pausing. "I know it. Someday, someone is going to be lucky to have you." Mortal Player12/08/2019 The gnome's eyes flick over towards Thayrin for a moment before settling back on his books and notes. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon's breath hitches at their closeness, doing his best to just keep his breathing steady. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "Maybe, someday, it might be me." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 "S..omeday?" he echoes, his ears flicking downwards. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 "Right now, I'm not ready. I'm... still so full of grief, and anger, and fear.. it's not my time." He reaches out and touches Raleon's cheek. "And I'm working through. Every day, I feel a little more of it slipping away. Just not yet. He seems to be thinking about something for a few beats "But until that day, if you'll wait." He then grabs Raleon by the tunic and pulls him in, giving him a deep, hard kiss. It lingers for ten seconds to everyone else, to everyone but the two who for one blissful connection, have a brief eternity to see what the future might someday hold... "Until then, maybe this can be our promise." Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The elf's eyes flow through a river of emotions, as he bites his tongue and closes his eyes to hold back the dam. "R-ight," he breathes, "S-sorry. I just thought that.. maybe it--" he cuts himself short. His chest swells with more emotions as he bites them back again. He hand now on his cheek feels a wetness despite his best efforts to keep it together. It's then his tunic is grabbed, a gasp leaving him as his knees nearly fail him as their lips press. It's then his quivering turns to a desperate grab of the small of his back and hair, pressing into him with emotions he'd never felt before. His heart soared but with a bitter sweetness, salty tears finding their way to their ale touched lips. When they part, he found it still hard to breathe, but when he found air, he looked down. His face was twisted with pain and a mixture of emotions. He wasn't sure...what he felt right now. He gulped and nodded, his throat too tight to speak. Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 Thayrin snorts at the rather abrupt PDA event with a grin fully plasterd to his face. It took him a good few seconds to catch himself and force his features back to the usual bland look of disintrest. seems like your makeing progress. sorry it isn't already on the same page as of yet. but I have a feeling you two will be a sickenly sweet pair someday...and i will be having to constanly yell to get a room. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Thayrin gets the mental image of a Biiiiiiig middle finger. Disgruntled Tea12/08/2019 A belt of laughter just floats through their link as a responce. Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth, despite himself, smiles, pats Raleon on the cheek. "I need a walk. Guess I'll do one last check around the camp before we bed down for the night." Mortal Player12/08/2019 Artimus scribbles in his book. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 The elf nods slowly. "But you just got back. Thayrin and I can go check around. I'm sure you're tired." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 Reth chuckles, realizing that he's not the only oblivious one. "I need to move around a bit, silly. I'll be back soon." He pats him on the shoulder, and slips out of camp. Prince of Fate12/08/2019 Raleon pouts, puffing out a cheek as the ranger patronized him. "Maybe I wanted a walk..." Acies ab Vesania12/08/2019 And so one source of tension was resolved today, in this session spanning a rather short segment of time. In just an hour, the group destroyed a warband of Gnolls and then Raleon finally confessed his feelings for the Ranger--with relative success one might say. Though he admits to not being ready for a relationship, he certainly did not close the door on the possibility in the future. What might the future hold? Can the group survive these trials long enough to reach said future? Find out, next time, on D&D Discord!
  9. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord: The adventuring party informally known as "The Harem" traveled for a couple of days, coming within a stone's throw of their next destination, the village of Reptee (okay, another day's travels). Art, having sent his bird over head to take the lay of the land, rolled an excellent perception check and caught signs of an ambush in progress, with some creatures that fit the description of the so called Gnolls trying to get into an optimized position. Finding that going around would be difficult and have a low chance of success, the group decided instead to spring the trap, drawing the gnolls out from hiding and having them run through a spike trap put into place by Reth. And it is as they set this up we pick up Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon raised a finger. "Ah, we can use our dart trick again?" he smirked. "Except now some of them might be poisoned thanks to our Pustule friends..." Mortal Player11/24/2019 Having tied the pony to a tree some 20 feet behind him, Artimus waits in hiding some 30 feet from the edge of the Spike Trap zone in a location with some lines of sight to the center of the trap zone and the two potential side edges of the trap zone, watching carefully with his companions as they arrange themselves in preparation for what is to come. "If you like," replies the gnome to Raleon. Prince of Fate11/24/2019 He gave a shrug. "Any edge is an edge I'd like to have against a raid of ugly dog people..." Ayden11/24/2019 Knox sticks close to Artimus. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Yes, they are target able, you just don't want to enter that zone yourself if you can avoid it. Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon begins setting up the traps. Disgruntled Tea11/24/2019 Thayrin simply stood silently next to his twin popping his fingers and flexing them slowly waiting for the others to fully decide on what the general plan together. He glanced towards his brother and gave a sound of agreement though their link about having all the advantage they could get before assisting him as much as possible with the set up. Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome watches Raleon setting up traps, making a note of the locations and lets them know if he thinks the traps themselves are too obvious. Ayden11/24/2019 Knox grips his sword, readying himself. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth takes his horse ahead, purposely ensuring he is seen by the gnolls. The gnolls burst out and start to give chase, while a couple of archers take pot shots at Reth. One does hit (18 total) for 6 points of damage. Reth takes it stride and leads a large group towards the trap site. What the group sees coming after him is about 6 actual Gnolls, while the bulk of what chases him are skeletal looking creatures. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/forgottenrealms/images/9/9c/Gnoll_witherling-5e.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190408160234 Which explains the weird tracks Reth found There are several waves of Witherlings (the undead) and gnolls following Reth. The first wave got a perception check with disadvantage against the spiked area, because they were so close behind and in pursuit of the ranger. All 5 witherlings and both gnolls in this wave all failed that check. The Witheringlings died and the gnolls managed to run partway in and took 15 damage. They are still alive but look badly hurt The second wave got a regular perception check. Four of the five witherlings failed and ran in, all of them dying. The two gnolls with them also failed and ran in, taking 9 damage each The one witherling diverted and started going around The third wave all got perception checks with advantage, because they should notice something is up. Two of the five witherlings still failed and ran in and died. These things are not hitpoint hardy. The two gnolls with them also failed and took 5 damage as they ran in. The dice were not with the gnolls that day. Brining up the rear, you see a few gnoll archers who are going different directions, as well as five more witherlings, and a couple of bigger gnolls who look like they are in charge Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth charges a witherling and slashes it for 11 (19 hit). He moves on to another hits it (26) for another 8 damage, and kills it as well. He moves closer to more enemies but runs out of movement. Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon flicks out his sword, sensing the encroachment of the gnolls. "Well, time to shine I suppose." With that said, he dashes towards the pack lord with a slash of his rapier. "You brought quite the party, sorry we have to crash it." Then steps away with his fancy footwork (34 damage). Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Aust throws a sacred flame at a Witherling. The witherling fails its save (9) and it burns up. Hunter 1 hits Reth with one of two shots for 9 damage. Reth now has 15 wounds. The shot hamstrings him a bit, and his movment is reduced by 10 on the next turn (Gnoll Hunter special trait) Hunter 2 also hits Reth with one shot also for 9 damage, also dropping his movement by 10 (Reth has 15ft of movement next round). Bad news for Raleon, he got hit by a 20. Good news is that the 20 only did 7 damage. He too loses 10ft of movement That was hunter 3. Hunter 4 is attacking Thayrin Two shots go to Thayrin, but only one hits (21) for 9 damage, and reduces his movement by 10ft Disgruntled Tea11/24/2019 Noteing his brothers movement he briefly turns his attention to the rest of the feild takeing in who was left before a sharp pain skips though his body. he takes a short moment to glare at the offending archer before he truns his anger twoards the beasty standing near him. hopeing to take him out quickly and catch up to Raleon. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Despite missing one and getting only a regular blow against the creature, it returns to a state of dust The fang is not close enough to anyone, so he uses the Dash action to flank Reth with a minion, but that ends his turn Gnoll 1 charges in Reths direction, taking another 3 damage from the spikes He trips the trap But passes his save He gets to Reth and swings twice once And gets a nat 20 Does 8 damage Gnoll 2 tries to charge towards reth, but takes 7 damage from the spikes and dies as he falls out of the area Gnoll 4 tries to leave the area but dies (19 damage, ouch) Gnoll 5 leaves the area, uses dash to get as close to Reth as he can. Took 7 damage on the way out Gnoll 6 gets out of the spikes, uses dash to get next to Thayrin, also took 7 getting out Mortal Player11/24/2019 Peering carefully from behind his tree, Artimus points at Gnolls 1, 3, and 5... "Elissim Cigam". A series of glowing missles launch through the air and impact them one missile each on Gnolls 1 and 3, and two missiles on Gnoll 5. Art ducks back behind cover. Ayden11/24/2019 Knox circles up to Reth and flanks the demonic Fang creature to take two swings against it. After missing both swings, Knox uses his bonus action to Rally Reth. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Knox gets there to flank the fang with Reth, but somehow misses twice. He does give Reth an HP boost, though, to which Reth nods in return, ready to unleash on the Fang The Witherling 5 tries to go to Reth but triggers the trap, fails his save, and the damage from the dart kills him One witherling flanks Reth, attacks. Despite having advantage, both club attacks miss (15, 😎 Another Witherling uses dash to flank Knox, but cannot attack Minion 4 flanks Raleon, then attacks Only one hit (20 total) for 6 damage With a club Last Witherling attacks Thayrin, regular attacks Gets a nat 20, does 8 damage The pack lord makes one attack with advantage against each of the twins. Then he uses his bonus action to incite rampage, getting Gnoll 6 to use its reaction to make a bonus attack Raleon is hit (24) and takes 6 damage Thayrin is missed (7) The Gnoll using its reaction attacks Thayrin Gnoll 6 misses Thayrin (6) Reth attacks Gnoll 5, (23), does 15 damage and it dies. Reth hits the Witherling near by, kills it Uses his bonus action to put a hunter's mark on the Fang Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon feels the blood from the club's wound dripping into his eye, making him close it as he grits his teeth. With a flick of his hair, he splats his blood at the minion beside him as a brief distraction before moving out of it's clutches to flank with his twin, focusing the pack lord. "Gods you all breed like rats!" he spits as he goes in for another deadly brush (25 damage). Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 The minion did hit (20 total) for 6 damage The pack lord is alive, but looks really bad Aust steps up closer to the mix with Reth and Ayden. He sacred flames the Witherling (save = 0) and it dies. He drops a healing word on Reth Hunter 2 fires off twice at Knox and misses twice (10, 13) Hunter 1 fires off at Reth twice, hits once (15, 20). Reth takes 3 (comes off temp HP), and loses 10ft of movement Hunter 3 fires off twice at Raleon, hits once (15, 19) and does 9 damage, also causing him to lose 10ft of movement next turn Hunter 4 fires off at Aust, hits once (19, 9) for 6 damage. His speed is reduced Prince of Fate11/24/2019 The mute growls with a feral nature and slashes at the leader in front of him as well, making a calculated risk in hopes of bringing him down before he did more harm to his brother (23 damage, killing blow). Then turns his rage to the bothersome gnoll (9 damage). Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Thayrin drops the pack lord, and leaves the Gnoll hanging to life by just the skin of its teeth The fang decides to attack Knox The bite misses (20), but the claws miss (9, 13) Bite does 7, Knox needs to make a Constitution save The gnoll hits Thayrin for 8 damage with its spear Mortal Player11/24/2019 Artimus watches from his hiding place, "Llaberif" he evokes and points. A bright streak flashes forth from the gnome's finger and explodes in a low, fiery roar! It engulfs Gnoll Hunter 4, Gnoll 6, and Minion 8. The gnome ducks back down behind his cover. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Witherling: Save = 0, died Gnoll = 19, save, but takes 13 and dies Hunter fails (4), takes 26 and dies Ayden11/24/2019 Knox focuses on the fang and unleashes two more strikes while flanking! Both his strike unleashing a divine flurry of 46dmg! Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 The witherling attacks Raleon, hits once (21), does 4 damage, misses second attack Reth hits the Fang with a total of 21, striking for a total of 20 damage (Slayer's Prey, Hunters Mark) and drops it! Reth uses a bonus action to move the hunter's mark to the archer, then charges the hunter And gets a nat 20! He does 21 damage from the crit, leaving the archer alive but badly wounded Hunter has added effect of making next attack against Reth with disadvantage from the crit Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon grits his teeth and positions himself between the two enemies, slashing with rage at the pathetic skeleton crawling at him from the spikes (21 damage). The elf spits his blood on the crumbled mess before turning his burning red eye towards the remaining hunter. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Aust drops down as much as he can (25ft movement) to get just in range with Raleon to drop him a healing word, and Sacred flame the Hunter The hunter takes 6. Raleon gets back 7 Hunter 2 tries to step back to get out of melee with Reth, which allows reth to take an opportunity attack. Reth misses (10) The archer has disadvantage on the first attack. It misses (14) The second attack is a 1! It failed its Dex save, and ended up on the wrong foot. All attacks next round have disadvantage Hunter 1 fires two shots at Reth One hit for 5 damage (4 damage, 1 off temp hp) and Reth is reduced by 10ft of movement for 1 round Hunter 3 fires at Thayrin Both attacks miss (7, 17) Ayden11/24/2019 Knox's aura of the guardian transfers the 5 damage to himself. The movement reduction stays on Reth. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Oh, haven't seen him use that yet Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin strides forward with his blades in hand, deftly dodging the arrow as it chinks off his glamoured armor, revealing for just a moment he's not actually wearing regular traveling clothes. He gives a cheeky grin and winks before slashing at his foe with both swords (29 damage). Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome peeks out from behind his cover and points the War Wand, "Tloberif", a mote of fire launches from the tip towards... Hunter 1! Then the gnome returns to his cover. Ayden11/24/2019 Knox flanks with Reth and attacks the hunter closest to them. As it drops, Knox sticks close to Reth. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth uses Dash to reach the other archer, uses bonus action to move hunter's mark on to him Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon sighs only, the blood loss starting to get to him. Realizing he has one more target before he can rest, he flicks out two of his favorite daggers and dashes into position, throwing two shots in the dark...which became just that, narrowly missing their target Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Aust steps up closer to be within 60ft of the hunter, casts hold person. It passes the save (18 against 16) and shakes off the effect/ The Hunter decides to use an action to disengage, pulling away from Reth, and running 30ft away Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin jogs over to his brother's side and peers around for any more beastlies hiding in the shadows of the night. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 So a move and a perception check? Mortal Player11/24/2019 Artimus moves out from his cover towards the last gnoll and points his Wand of the Warmage at it, "Tloberif". A fiery mote launches at the gnoll. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Knox dashes to catch up Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome is now 105 feet from the gnoll. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth charges up to the hunter, strikes it once for 14 damage and kills it! Mortal Player11/24/2019 Artimus looks about the field of battle in contemplation. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 The gnolls have no armor or weapons worth taking (they have some weapons but they are garbage), but you do find coins and gems Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon drags himself out into the road and dramatically collapses back on the ground with his arms out. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth sheaths his weapons, and grunts, "Damn archers." as he breaks off arrow heads. "Anyone else need healing? I can summon a spirit." Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome pokes at various dead bodies. He picks up a gnoll longbow in contemplation. Places it aside. He pokes at the somewhat fiendish body. He examoiines the pack leader. He picks up a Black Pearl and examines it for a few moments. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth summons a spirit, so anyone who needs healing can get into the group hug and gets back 9 Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin chuckles with a hissy breath at his drama king brother and silently raises his hand at the mention of healing as he squats down beside him. Mortal Player11/24/2019 "hmm" emotes the gnome. The gnome looks at the Fang again, "Aha!" The gnome kneels down to get a closer look at the runes branded into the gnoll's flesh... Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Everyone with damage still gets back another 15 Mortal Player11/24/2019 Taking out a piece of paper and laying it against the body, the gnome sketches the runes carefully. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 You make some notes Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome studies the runes carefully in an attempt to decipher either their meaning or their signifigance. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Make an Arcana check Mortal Player11/24/2019 Then the gnome walks over top the Witherlings and pokes at their bones, examining the degree or lack of degree of connectivity of the bones. He works the jaw od one of them up and down. finally, the gnome casts Detect Magic (as a ritual) and surveys everythign a second time. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 No magic in the area. The witherlings have some flesh, but you notice toothmarks on the bones Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome motionsto Reth, "Hey Reth, what do you make of these toothmarks on the bones?" Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth comes over and takes a look. Reth says, "Teeth pattern look the same as the rest. If I had to guess, looks like after these things died, before they were raised back up, the pack ate them." Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Hmm... interesting. Cannibalism..." The gnome jots down a few more notes. The gnome casts Comprehend Languages (as a ritual) and examines the brands again. The gnome nods, "I expected as much. Aust, Knox, do you think that divine magic was used here?" Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Aust is unsure, given he knows very little about Gnolls, and the magic that augmented the creature is not leaving much lasting signs, beyond that it is bigger and tougher Prince of Fate11/24/2019 The rascally rogue continues lays on the ground, covering his wounds as they healed by the cleric. It was a strange sensation. It wasn't like it was new, but the feeling of brushing death only to be brought back to the brink of health was...becoming more normal than he liked. He squint up into the sky where he saw nothing but the typical blurry mess he always saw. Thayrin looks down to him for a moment then up to the stars for him to see. "Not that I'm ungrateful or anything...but I don't feel like this should be a typical Dorvir..." the elf said as he closed his eyes while lying in the cold dirt. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth grunts, adds, "Don't care for getting hit by those arrows." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 "Not my kind of clubbing either," Raleon adds. Mortal Player11/24/2019 After some time, the gnome looks up at the diming light of the sky, "I suppose we should make camp." The gnome looks around... and points, "I'll set the Hut up over there away from all this carnage." Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth sniffs the air. "Yeah, these things reek. Smell like rotten meat." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin smirks and kicks him with his boot playfully causing the rogue to grin a bit. "You wish," replies the blind one. Raleon pushes himself off the floor and stares off again, his eyes becoming hazy as he props himself up with his arms. With a burst of decision, the slender elf pushes himself up and turns on his heel. "Reth, when you get a moment, could I speak with you?" Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Reth looks up. "Yeah, catch up with you in a few. I am going to go scout and make sure the area is secure." Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Thayrin, what do you make of this?!?" exclaims the gnome pointing at the Fang's mouth. Prince of Fate11/24/2019 "Take your time," he waves. Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Thayrin's expertise with poisons allows him to deduce that on a failed save, it would do an additional 2d6 damage But he puts it into real-world terms, not game mechanic terms. Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin also seems...more excited than perhaps he should when going into detail of what kind of damage this type of poison could do if ingested. Mortal Player11/24/2019 The gnome enters into an excited discussion with Thayrin on the types of creatures that might have this poison.... certainly not normal gnolls. "What do you think Thayrin? Could it be a fiendish poison? Or does it resemble soemthing from a more common animal?" Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin scratches the back of his head. He gave a shrug and messages. "I'm not really an expert on animals or creatures by any means, but these don't look like any normal gnoll I've heard of. Might be corrupted?" Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Of course, I expect that this comes from some sort of transmogrification of the corporeal form!" Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin looks lost. Mortal Player11/24/2019 "There must have been some sort of ritual... and it seems that whatever tribe these gnolls are from has multiple types of rituals that change either living members with some sorts of fiendish chracteristics, or necromancy, which could be used to raise the gnolls as undead" "The gnome continues to speculate aloud, "We know that gnolls likely worship Sombre Coever - is that right Knox - and it may be that we have come across evidence of the effects of rituals. Now, maybe there are arcance elements, but maybe there are religious elements." "Also, I wonder if there is a selection process among the tribe as to who is transformed, or if all their dead get raised into undead..." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Thayrin frowns and opens his mouth, seeming to keep up at the first part, but then gets fairly lost as he continues, looking to his brother for support. Mortal Player11/24/2019 "It seems that there were no spellcasters among those we fought here, but, perhaps, as Reth had denoted, this group is merely a hunting party." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon simply shrugs and stretches out his back. "Could be." Acies ab Vesania11/24/2019 Knox actually has a flash of brilliance and pipes up, "Chaotic beings like Gnolls do not worship Gods of Order like that, they would gravitate to Rogue Lune" Prince of Fate11/24/2019 The twins spit at his name. They then look at each other and high five one another with cheeky grins. Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Really? O yes, I suppose that makes more sense, now that I think about it. Of course! So that means that likely there is some sort of ritual intended to allow certain gnolls to be 'honored' with some sort of transformation associated with the demons of Rouge Lune. Perhaps, there is some sort of conflict between the followers of the Mother and the followers of the Rouge Lune?" Prince of Fate11/24/2019 "They used to be spouses before his corruption," Raleon states. Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Indeed? Fascinating. So how does that play out now? What is the current disposition of the Mother and the Rouge Lune to each other?" Prince of Fate11/24/2019 "Well, after his corruption I imagine he's gone insane with power. Just as any Strength sign is prone to devolve into should they give into temptation and lose the ties they have to their willpower. The Mother--as you call her--was the only thing that kept him in balance, but after the whispers of temptation and deceit of his daughter, he broke lose from her calming ties and he rebelled," the elf explained. "So it is told by my people." "If I had to guess...she may feel pity for him? Or mayhaps she has lost all her love for him, I do not know of her personality, though she is the sign of the Lover." Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Hmm. Well, we are heading towards some sort of angel of the Mother and the gnolls are worshippers of Rouge Lune. So I wonder if there is a conflict between these two that is related to events that have taken place ahead of us, in our path, to which we, in the future, shall come upon." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 He thinks on it for a moment before stating, "Lover signs are virtuous and kind, often valuing honesty and prospering relationships. They value communication and harmony, balance. It's how I assume she kept him so tamed." Raleon thinks on it and looks up to the sky as if looking upon the star herself and squinting. "Mayhaps... Fate is cruel like that." Mortal Player11/24/2019 "Hmm." the gnome looks at Sir Knox. "Well, I suppose we shall have to discover it - unless Sir Knox has some deeper insight into the question." Prince of Fate11/24/2019 Raleon gives a shrug and pushes himself off. "I'm going to go clean up and find something to drink. This headache is killing me..." he runs his fingers through his pearly blood covered hair. Acies ab Vesania11/25/2019 And so, the heroes overcame the ambush of the gnolls, making relatively short work of the group before they had a chance to do too much damage. A clever trap placement caused nearly half their numbers to drop before even beginning to initiate combat, and thereafter our heroes managed to take out the gnolls. Among them was another sign of demonic activity, with one covered in abyssal runes and having a larger frame and a venomous bite. Gnolls are well known for their ties to the demonic, but what of the increased activity in the area? Are they the cause, or just another symptom? And how does this relate to the angel, hidden away in the mountains overseeing their territory. All this to discover and more, next time, on D&D Discord!
  10. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord: The group took care of business while in town, seeing to small errands and making sure all his well before moving ahead. The newest drama involved not combat, but one's... perhaps... over-zealous attempt to dig at a hidden truth, one that has circled around many's lips, both within the game and without ( 😉 ). Oh, but that Ranger is a slippery one and no new answers were learned as they prepared to leave for this 'dying angel.' What was found was the ranger entertaining the townspeople with his new horse shoes, apparently something that impresses all but the superstitious stable boys. The day begins with our heroes on the road, on to their next adventure Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon continues to chew on the pad of his thumb for the second day now, grumbling to himself as the air was filled with the clopping and squishes of horse shoes on the swampy earth continued on. Mortal Player11/10/2019 A clockwork bird flies 100 feet overhead surveying the area around the party. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Let's get a perception check for the bird Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome pulls out a map and consults it briefly. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox follows the group staying close to Artimus. Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Somehow manageing to be even more quiet than his aready mute self, Thayrin brougt up the rear of the group. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 A soft growl of frustration left the elf as he puffed his cheek as he felt over his thumb with a pout. Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome puts awy his map. "I think it will be about three days to Reptee Village." "Reth, do you think the weather will stay clear?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth looks to the skies, and then sort of helplessly shrugs. "Never was good at predicting the weather. Looks okay for now." (Nature = 6) Ayden11/10/2019 "There days?" he asks under his breath, slightly worried that it might be a longer trip than he imagined. Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome nods and looks at Sir Knox, "It's not bad time... We left Fairwallow four days ago... How long do you think your angel can hold on?" Ayden11/10/2019 Knox nods. "my vision didn't show me a future. It's hard to say." he admits finally as he sighs. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "At least we're kinda shaded through this area. 3 days through the plains would suck..." the blind elf mentioned offhandedly before flipping out a blade. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "I know that you want to move as quickly as possible, but if we take a little bit of time I can complete my studies on a spell that might help us locate your angel more precisely." "We don't know where exactly in those mountains your angel is." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Those who are keeping stock of the surroundings are noting a gradual shift from swamp to something more like plains and light woods. The transition is gradual, however, and the area off the roads is still wet and smelly. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox nods in agreement. "Showing patience might save us time in the end. Everyone's help is discharged." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 With a careful hand, as best a blind man could on a moving horse, he took the tip of the dagger and picked away at the very top layer of his wet thumb. His cheek puffed with irritation as he concentrated. Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome raises an eyebrow towards Sir Knox, "Meaning?" Ayden11/10/2019 "meaning, rushing in might make us lost or take more time than if we showed restrain and approached it with a plan like your spell provides." Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome nods. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 One clean slice into the skin later, he pinched at the skin flap, and sucked on his thumb once more. His dull eyes brightened as he spit out a small bit and shout out "Fucking FINALLY," in elvish. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "We'll see if we can learn any information from the locals at Reptee. If there are significant events occuring in the area there's a decent chance it won't go unnoticed." Ayden11/10/2019 "Might give me a chance to recruit more locals to our cause as well." he smirks. Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome peers at Raleon and gives a half-frown, "Hm." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon obliviously licks the blood on his thumb and flips the knife back onto the slot on his leg. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 The day slips by, the only noteworthy occurrence being Raleon's battle with the evil splinter. Sometime after 7, the light begins to fade, and evening begins to give way to twilight Prince of Fate11/10/2019 An audible growl emits from Raleon's stomach that makes even the rogue's ears perk with a bit of embarrassment. Mortal Player11/10/2019 Artimus closes his eyes and uses the clockwork bird to scout for good places to camp for the night. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Roll perception Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome opens his eyes and directs Reth to some potential places to survey for tonight's camp. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 The bird circles around once, twice, and then spots a nice clearing by a creek Mortal Player11/10/2019 "How about a clearing by a creek, Reth?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth nods, "Sounds like a good place. Water the horses, refill our skins." Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome points out the way and lets Reth take the lead and get a closer look before starting to set up camp, light the fire, summon the hut, etc. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Getting the camp set up goes without incidence Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon's stomach growls again, sounding almost like a whine. "Alright, alright, stop it already. You're being louder than the paladin..." he hissed at his stomach before hitching his horse with the others and stretching out. "Do we have to hunt tonight or do we have enough from the other day?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth looks around and says, "Still a bit soggy, I'd rather not hunt in this." Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Thayrin takes his time setteling his own horse down for the night before helping set camp like usual. usually he would hop into the conversation with his twin snarking about bards and eating everything. However, this time he simply stayed silent. pefering to simply find a place to settle for the night. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "So... from our other hunts...?" Raleon dragged out his sentence with curiosity. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 He shrugs. "Should still be edible." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Oh good. I'm starving..." sighed the rogue, holding his stomach. Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome muches leftovers from the day before. Then he spreads out his bedroll, lays back and sighs. He gazes up at the sky at teh sun sets and the stars emerge. "It's still a couple of days until Wetr starts to show again," he remarks. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth looks up at the sky as well. "You been tracking it?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 "I've been paying close attention to the night sky for a while now. I'm pretty good at calculating the phases of the moon and all this traveling has been an opportunity to get outside and look at the sky." The gnome glances at Raleon, "Do you think we need to worry about the full moon tomorrow night?" Ayden11/10/2019 Knox listens to the conversation unfold. He never paid much mind to the moon, but always admired it for how it could provide light in the darkness. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Knox forgetting there are multiple moons 😜 Ayden11/10/2019 Too many butterflies in the sky to mind something so far away. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon's ears perked and he squint at the stars for a moment. "2 more days...Then Wetr will be in crescent. As for the full moon tomorrow, you're meaning Rouge right?" He took another moment. "Halin and Vhal...will be in almost in equal powers. He shouldn't be too much of an issue." He looked curiously over at Artimus. "Have you studied the moons?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome begins at the sky, "Fulkin will set a little before midnight tonight. And there's Vhal and Rouge, starting to rise." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox looks confused. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Rouge is close to full." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Yes, my brother and I have always been reversed. When he rises, I fall and vise versa," Raleon explained. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Look closely Knox... There are six moons. We can't see them all right now.... but they are there." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox looks up. Mortal Player11/10/2019 (recalling how I've rolled repeated nat 20 when it comes to moons) "Yes, I've studies the cycles of the moons and the night sky." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "What made you so interested in them?" asked the rogue. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Well... it was always fun to calculate what phase they would be in. Also some of my summoner friends would come to me and ask me about them because they wanted certain celestial alignments for easier summonings." Ayden11/10/2019 "Other than you two, the only one I knew just as interested in the moons was a goblin I knew." he says while in thought. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth grunts at that Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Thayrin simply raises a brow slightly at Knox's comment about goblin folk interested in moons. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Not many gnomes maintain an interest in the moons or the stars." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "The moons are a part of our culture. To the point we're branded over them," Raleon explained. "They effect our daily lives but some to more extremes depending on the time of birth. If I had to guess... You give me the feeling of a Chariot sign. So you would be aligned with not a moon, but with Sombre Coever." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox shrugs as they continue. His mind wondered back to his past. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Chariot sign? That sounds interesting. What do you mean by that?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon blinks in almost astonishment. "Do you...not know of birth signs?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 "No." "You've mentioned things like this before... that where you are from it's very important... but it's not as big a deal where I'm from." Ayden11/10/2019 "Artimus has a point." he chimes in. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Do the humans use a lot of birth signs?" the gnome calls over to Sir Knox. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox shrugs. "I've never given it mind before, and no others I've talked to ever mentioned it." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Hmm. Think of them... as destinies or...rather personality guides," he licked over his lips. "They present each person as a representative of their cosmic being. So you're not of a moon sign but as the hells that Sombre reigns over and represents. As his influence ebbs and influences our world as do his followers and those born under his domain so to say. A powerful shift in his plane would ripple through the cosmos to our world. It's why those born under faster phasing moons as myself have a...tendency to be labeled as fickle or moody as our balance is changing frequently, while more dormant or stationary signs such as Sombre or The Mother, as you know her, are rather balanced individuals." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox perks an eyebrow as he refers to The Mother. He wasn't sure if he agreed with the relationship, but kept it to himself. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth is listening, while watching the fire. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Hmm. I wouldn't know. I would have to consult the ephemerides of a specialist." Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Thayrin simply pulls out a knife and starts to clean the dirt from under his nails while listening in on the conversation. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Of course we are all influenced by varying degrees of the powers of the signs during our moment of birth. It is how my brother and I have differing signs. We're twins, but born under different shifts of the cosmic powers. We share similar traits, but we're ultimately different. Oh, and just because one is born under a sign, doesn't mean they won't show signs of a different one--the flux of the different bodies create personal blends of the individual, but the overall moon sign is what my people brand people for. It's actually...fairly controversial to bring up signs with other types of celestial elves," Raleon explained before realizing he was talking a bit too much. "S-sorry, I'm told I talk too much about these things." He laughed softly and looked away. "We should eat and get our strength back for the night." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox yawns as he comes to rest by the fire. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Art setting up the dome? Mortal Player11/10/2019 "No, by all means continue. It's interesting to hear about topics I don't normally study that deeply." Oh yes, dome should be set up already I think? Party is officially resting? Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Just checking. Art has his routines 😛 Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon looked up to the stars, his normal eyes hazing over in a reflection of an image of a cosmic galaxy (thaumaturgy). He bubbled his lips. "Well...what would you like to know?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Are all the celestial events tied to the actions of deities? If so how?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Mmm...that's a rough one. I'm not a scholar of our ways. And I wasn't formally taught much of the exact dynamics. My brother and I came to your plane well into our youth--around when we were 20's. So we've been separated from our culture for little over a century. I can't claim they are direct causations, but according to our lore, there is a bit of a correlation. The Emperor--I think you all call him the God Father, reigns over all of the cosmos and balances our universe." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 The night goes by without incidence. Everyone eats, has good conversation, and then gets some sleep. Early morning arrives, the rays of sunrise creeping to the dome, glistening off dew which has collected against its shimmering surface. The Ranger is out ranging again, perhaps finding food to satiate the loud complaining of a certain elf's stomach Mortal Player11/10/2019 Up at dawn, the gnome studies his spellbook and does the usual morning spells before joining the others for breakfast and travel preparation. The magic hut has expired. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox is slow to wake, but rolls over to look at the sky. Another day of travel was set before them. Sitting up, he joins the others as they also wake. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Said elf munches happily on the supplied food like a purring kitten, humming to himself with contentment. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 As others are waking, Reth comes back into camp, dragging a field dressed white tailed deer with one hand, while his other has a handful of some kind of green plant in a large bushel (Survival = 20) "Found some goods." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Look Knox," says the gnome pointing at the middle of the sky, "There is Thyr, in its last quarter. You couldn't see it last night before we went to sleep." Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Up early with the others, Thayrin had amused himself with prepping for traveling out before stringing togeter random weeds into a flower chain of sort. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon wipes his mouth of the berries he was munching on--smearing the bit across his cheek rather than wiping it off. "Your back! What'd you get?" Raleon asked with a smile. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox looks up and nods. "I'm sure I've seen most." he laughs. "I've spent much time under the stars when I was younger. Just never paid much mind to it, that's all." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Deer, some water cress. It's spicy, but it'll complement the gaminess of the meat." He says as he drags the carcass into the camp. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon blinked. Water cress, huh? Well I trust your judgement," he says as he jogs over to help with what he can. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 He tears of a strip and hands it over. "Try it." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon takes the strip curiously and sniffs it. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 it has a pungent smell Mortal Player11/10/2019 Well-trimmed beard and slothes that don't look slept in, the gnome already has a random book open. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon makes a face before squinting at Reth and taking a testing bite. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Tastes peppery Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon makes a "phlek" sound as it falls from his mouth, shaking his head. "Tastes like sandy cud," he claims. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth just laughs. "Need to spend more time out in the wilderness, toughen you up." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon just poutishly looks at him with his tongue still hanging out of his mouth like a betrayed child. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth cooks up some of the meat with the plant. It does mask the gaminess, makes the strong flavor more evenly distributed. He wraps up the rest and says, "Smoke it tonight." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon partakes in the meat, but is suspish over it for a while before settling he enjoys it enough to choke it down. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Food is made, stuff is packed. The party ready to get on the road again? Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome puts away his book, grabs a bite of food, waves a hand over it, eats the rest, finishes preparing his pony, mounts up and is ready to go. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon hops up on his horse and as they lead out, he strikes up a tune. "On the road again I just can't wait to get on the road again The life I love is makin' music with my friends And I can't wait to get on the road again On the road again Goin' places that I've never been Seein' things that I may never see again And I can't wait to get on the road again Here we go, on the road again Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway We're the best of friends Insisting that the world keep turnin' our way" Mortal Player11/10/2019 A clockwork bird launches into the air and flies 100 feet above the party scouting the area around the party and up ahead. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 And get another perception check Ayden11/10/2019 Knox sticks close to Artimus as they travel again. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Late in the afternoon, the bird spots what looks like some tracks ahead, and telepathically communicates that to Art Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Reth, there are some tracks ahead." "Do you want to ... check it out with your super fast horse?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth gets a sideways grin, at the chance to use the horse. He goes out ahead Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome closes his eyes and looks through the bird's eyes to watch Reth and look at the tracks. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 He's sees Reth get about a mile ahead of the group when he comes to a stop, hops off his horse and examines the ground. He seems to be walking around some, checking out the area, then waits by the horse for the group to catch up. Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Thayrin simply shakes his head slightly before crossing his arms waiting for Reth to return. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "What do your elven eyes see our foresty cousin?" Raleon asked as they trot up. Mortal Player11/10/2019 Artimus carefully watches himself ride alongon his pony fromt he aerial view of the clockwork bird, then snaps back to normal as they finally approach REth. Ayden11/10/2019 Knox keeps a look out around their immediate surroundings. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 When the group catches up, he points out the tracks. "Feet that are large, almost like an animal's, but not. Walk on two feet like us. They were here more than twelve hours ago, but less than a full day. Went up the road, somewhat random. Moved around a lot, like they can't keep an orderly path." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Think it's the gnolls we were told of?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth shrugs. "I'm not an expert on Gnolls, but between how Knox described them and the stories I've heard, good chance." Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome dismounts and examines the tracks carefully. Ayden11/10/2019 "Maybe, we are getting closer." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "I have a gut feeling... hunting party." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon rubs under his nose. "Well... should we avoid them or take care of them like our heroic streak? We're timed on this chase aren't we?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth points up the road. "They went the same way we're going. Maybe we'll run into them soon enough." Ayden11/10/2019 "How many were there?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Hard to say, given how they move about. A lot though, and different kinds perhaps. These tracks here," he points to a particular set, "Are thinner and lighter, but these over here," he points at another set, "Are fuller and have a much greater weight to them." "Definitely more than a dozen though." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon winces. "Yeaaaah, I'd rather not...?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Hmm, yes, definitely consistent with gnolls." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox agrees. "They have numbers against us. We should use caution." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Rumors are they've been harassing people around Reptee. We're a day out from there. They must have a large range they claim as territory then." Reth seems to mulling to himself as a Ranger would, thinking in terms of pack animals. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Do you think you can get us through safely?" Raleon cocks his head to the side. "We can come back and thin them out on our way back." He adjusts in saddle. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Do you think the larger tracks are some sort of animal the gnolls have with them?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Without horses, maybe. With, not likely. If they're still around, they'll find us. The horses are loud. And smelly." "No, they're bipedal too. The larger ones aren't so much longer as just wider, and sink deeper. Like they are heavier, maybe they are just bigger, or they keep skinny ones with them. Not sure. I've never really encountered gnolls." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Could they be carrying something?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon rubbed his chin. "And your spell only lasts an hour right?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Might explain the width, but the footing is different. The lighter ones, it's almost like they haven't got meat on them." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "What do you mean 'meat'?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon's brows furrowed in thought. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "The footprints look bony. Maybe they got some with them that they don't feed much." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "You don't think they have undead or more stupid demons with them do you?" Raleon suggest. "It's...becoming almost common at this point." Mortal Player11/10/2019 Artimus looks at the tracks again. Disgruntled Tea11/10/2019 Thayrin simply tilts his head in thought. then looks at his twin. perhaps they are more like dogs and simply travel in large groups out of habit...those who don't have value eat less than those who do, causing a diffence in their sizes. or at least that is what im hopeing for. i don't care to deal with any undead thing today or any day soon. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Hmm, skeleton gnolls?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth shrugs. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "Mm, they could have pack like mentality, that would be rather drastic version of wolves though to starve their own. Of course, they're trying to eat humanoids so who knows. They're desperate or evil--or both." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox shifts at the thought of skeletal gnoll. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Well, let's continue. Reth, you can scout ahead. We might catch up to them and get a closer look at what they are." "If they start to move away from Reptee, then we might have to let them go." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "We've got a few hours of daylight left. Guess we can go make something of it." Ayden11/10/2019 Knox stays close to Artimus. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth sets out ahead (perception= 23) Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome takes a good look with the bird for any unusual signs ahead. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Have the bird roll a perception The bird sees Reth ahead, and so far does not spot anything. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon adjusts in his saddle and keeps a hand on his sword. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 As sunset is starts to approach, the clock work bird notes that Reth stops his horse, looking around. He immediately turns around and heads back towards the group at a hard gallop. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon's ears perk and he stops his horse. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Be ready everyone, Reth is coming back at hard gallop." The gnome watches carefully. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth catches up after a few minutes. "Something's skulking about up there. Didn't get a good look, but I caught a whiff of something wrong, and the horse was uneasy, and I saw a flicker of movement. I think they're setting up an ambush." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Romra Egam" The gnome presses a hand to his chest and then passes his hands about the air around himself. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "For us? Do they know we're here already?" Raleon asked with a bit of concern. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Possible. They shouldn't have heard me, but maybe the smell like animals do." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "How should we approach, do you think we can out stealth them?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "I don't think so. Reth said our animals are too loud. We may just have to try and run," Raleon rubbed chin. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Not with the horses. We can either out run them, or fool them. Look like easy marks, make them over confident." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Even with Pass Without Trace?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth thinks on it. "I'd think we'd easily sneak past them without the horses." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Do you think they would give chase to us?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Do you know anything about Gnolls?" He kinda shrugs Mortal Player11/10/2019 "We could set an ambush for them." "Okay, so do we want to avoid the fight or take the fight?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "I'm not ambushing a group that has twice our number; these aren't dumb kobolds," Raleon frowned. "I'm brash, not stupid." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Are they in our way? Let's just go around them." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth points to the sides of the road. "The terrain's not one I am especially familiar with. We can go off road, but we'll move slower. If these were the woods or the mountains, I'd get us through it without slowing. If they catch us there, we might caught flat footed." Mortal Player11/10/2019 The gnome looks at the sky. Prince of Fate11/10/2019 The elf bites his nail. "So the question is, do we sacrifice the horses and progress or take the risk we can outrun them..." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "How many hours to sunset?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth looks a they sky. "It's already starting." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "If we try and camp...they'll ambush us for sure." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "We can't get very far past them before we have to camp anyway." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon's tongue clicks. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Hmm. I think we have to go off-road anyway if we want to sneak past. I might rather have horses to move more quickly. I'm not going to be outrunning anyone. I also don't like the idea of not knowing when or where a fight will take place." "Reth, you've been tracking them for some time now, what is your best estimate of their numbers?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon looks to Reth. "I leave this to your judgement. You know survival best of all of us. I feel like we should use the horses to run, but if you say we should ditch the horses and try and hide then I'll default to your judgement." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth shakes his head, "Neither do I. Tired of having assholes jump us." "We lose the horses, we can probably get past. They might go back here, find the horses and decide its enough of a prize. Or they might give chase and then we still have to deal with them, only slower. We can try to out run them and hope the horses don't go down. Or we draw them out into our own trap and hope their numbers aren't so strong, even if more." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "What kind of trap are you thinking?" he frowned and wet his lips again. Mortal Player11/10/2019 "The other option is that we fight them here and now while we know roughly where they are." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "What little I know about them is they hunt. Eat people. Not terribly smart, but have a little cunning. They're like predatory animals. They want to hunt, chase, and can get blinded by their eagerness." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "So if we run or hide they will likely chase us." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 Raleon crosses his arms and seems to look uncomfortable. "It's unlikely we'll get away with them having the home field advantage, but depending on how tough they are, we might have trouble fighting them all at once." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "But if we draw them out, spread them out, we can spring their ambush and lead them into one of our making." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 He scratched his head. "We don't have time to make anything elaborate..." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 Reth shrugs. "Keeps us from over thinking it." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 He snorts with a bit of a grin. "Fuck it?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "I have a new spell that might help." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Oh?" The gnome looks at Reth with renewed interest. "Please do tell." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "I can make plants sprout from the ground, big thick spiky brambles. Should slow them down, and it'll hurt to run through it." "And it's hard to spot it." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Ah, the makings of a trap! That you can pring anywhere! How quickly can it be cast?" Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "You a dryad now?" he snickered, recalling a similar spell the dryad they fought used. Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "I can cast it as quick as I use a curative spell. I just need to go get seven twigs." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "It might be better to use it offensively if the duration isn't that long." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Up to ten minutes" "Any my horse can go right over it." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Hmm." The gnome's eyes dart about. "We could set up 1000 feet away from the gnolls." "I think you can just set up the terrain wherever we need it. We can get close to them, trigger their trap and when they give chase, put down the dificult terrain. And then they can't come at us all at once." "How close do you think we could get without being noticed?" "Naturally" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Well, me or the twins could get close probably, without horses. We're not going to be that close if we have Knox with us." He eyes the paladin's heavy armor Mortal Player11/10/2019 "I mean the whole party. What sort of distance are we looking at before we get noticed?" The gnome looks at Sir Knox. "Maybe even assume that we aren't sneaking." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Depends on how hard they're looking. If they are keeping a close eye out, they'll probably notice when we're between one hundred fifty, two hundred yards. If they are not looking actively, perhaps half that before they hear the tin can." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "We could have you trigger them and run away. When they give chase, we are hiding in ambush and have your cool new spell in place." "Another option is to have not so stealthy party members walk up into view and start making camp. When they come out to attack , the stealthy members ambush them and you cast your cool spell right then and catch them in it." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Do a pincer?" Mortal Player11/10/2019 "What do you mean pincer?" Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Three of us on one side, three on the other, catch them in the middle." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "I want us all to be basically on the same 'side' (not further than say 30 feet away from each other), but some of us aren't that sneaky." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "Have the not sneaky ones making camp, sneaky ones hiding, one to draw them out. When they start wading through the spikes, we drop hell on them. Maybe have the spikes just far enough that you can do area damage without hitting us." Prince of Fate11/10/2019 "I do enjoy not being hit." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Yes, I want to trigger their attack and force them to wade through your new spell to get to us. And then, when they do get to us, suddenly there are more hidden people that they didn't see who are now ambushing them!" "But I think that for this to really work, we need to find at least some sort of clump of trees." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "There are some spots ahead where they thicken." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "Okay, good, I don't want there to be any easy ranged attacks against us. I want it to force them to get up close to us, which forces them to go through your spell." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 "So we camp out just outside notice, send someone to draw them out, and lead them back over the trap. Once they run through it, we ambush them." Mortal Player11/10/2019 "I think that's the best plan of attack." Acies ab Vesania11/10/2019 And so, our heroes plot and plan, having taken the road towards an inevitable clash with a gnoll hunting group, perhaps out looking for humanoid flesh. Realizing a clash is bound to happen, they set their sights on turning the ambush inside out, springing the gnoll trap and bringing them back to where the group has the advantage. Can they stop this band? Will their plans succeed? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  11. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Last time, on D&D Discord: Our heroes had a long fought, hard battle with the the leader of the trolls, first sneaking in and rescuing the girl, then launching a surprise attack. Early on in the fight, the Ranger got into a bit of trouble after getting stuck in a hold person spell in the middle of an alligator pit, and spending most of the battle under that hold spell, or unconscious. After many close calls and some back and forth, the group managed to take down the trollop and ensure that the village's problem with this evil shaman is done for good. Inside the tent, the find numerous goods and some documents of a sort, perhaps records of their sacrifices. What does it mean? And what happens next? Let's find out! Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Alright boys, let's pack up loot and get a fucking shower. I'm tired of being covered in pussy troll...whatever..." Raleon frowned. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth mutters, "Try getting tossed around a pit full of Alligator shit..." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "I thought you liked rolling around in the mud?" the rogue replied cheekily. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome pores over the papers written in giant, tracing the latters with a finger, having activated his Comprehend Languages Ritual. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Not that kind of mud." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin simply smiles and pats the sulky ranger on the shoulder sympathetically. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "You do stink..." "Artimus! Could you freshen up the splash zone of the fighters, please? As fun as a long ride full of sweaty elves covered in gore and poison is on my bucket list, I'd rather not do it today. Artimus? ....Artimus? He's being a nerd again isn't he?" He turns to Thayrin then walks over, bends down, and taps Artimus on the shoulder. Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 The quite twin simply shrugs slightly with one shoulder as he goes about helping gather the things the party wished to take from the festering sink hole they currently found themselves in. If you were to ask me, dear heart, that man is always being a nerd in some fashion or another. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hmm? We left the horses at the town." The gnome rises and begins to put away the various notes. "Perhaps I will peruse these a bit later. It seems the trolls are not particularly erudite." Artimus glances around. Waving a hand about, he mutters some words of power and the slime and stench of the trolls beings to lessen from the group. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "We left them at the edge of the swamp not the--oh thank the moons..." he says at the very distinct feel of less grime upon his person. It was almost like a shower, but less bubbles and things for him to mess up. "I doubt the trolls are exactly scholars, but you might find some sort of interest in their...whatever passes for notes. But later. I don't want to dawdle here." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth says, "I could use an ale." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "We have the maiden?" Raleon grinned. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Ale and the maiden then." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Oh-ho, doublin' up I see. Are you pouting that much?" One could almost see the cat mouth on the rogue from devious pesterings. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "What did you think of the statue of the elf woman?" the gnome asks. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon arches a brow and physically turns his brother's head towards the statue getting a better look at it. "Hm, it's the pale moon alright." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth wrinkles his nose at the statue Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome nods, "Hmm, yes, made of limestone, a common material for making statues, or any sort of impressive building." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Can we go now? This place sucks," complained Raleon. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "It may have taken effort to get limestone in this swamp though..." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon grabs the two elves and leaves the camp. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome speculates on the origins of limestone adn the likely location the statue was acquired from. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth is eyeing the road Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome makes some notes on some paper about the statue before accompanying his friends. "Interesting, the trolls may have access to a good source of limestone." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Alright--to the nearest tavern?" Raleon glanced about, looking at no one in particular, be that because he's blind or because he's addressing a crowd no one knows. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The group makes it back to the town without issue. It is very late now, but you find the town has left a guard at the gates, waiting for you to return. As you approach, the man steps out to greet you. "Nikaias said you would be coming back. Looks like I owe him a silver, because I thought you were all going to get yourselves killed." Despite apparently losing a bet, he is smiling. Not often you find a man who seems to be pleased with losing a bet. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "No, only mostly dead and in desperate need of a drink," Raleon replied with a tired grin. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "You all look like you can use it. Normally the tavern closes down by now, but Nikaias talked the owner into staying open late. Head on in, take a right at the first fork in the road, and you'll find the tavern on the left side." The man shakes his head, still smiling. "We've been dealing with those trolls for years, and a group of newcomers finally put them down. Strange days." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Good to hear," says the gnome, "Who might you be? And can you direct us to a Nikaias and also a place to stay the night?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon chuckles a bit. "Sounds about right. We're not any group of strangers; we're the ones going to take down the dragon in Chiwak." Raleon boast. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "My name is Jemm, and Nik might still be at the tavern, but he might have also went over to his brother's. And the tavern has an inn attached." "The dragon? That thing is real?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Real enough to burn down Chiwak. Nasty situation," he frowned. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Thank You! And, uh, where might the stables be? I asked that my pony the other horses be stabled here." Ayden10/27/2019 Knox follows the group as he reflects on the last few days. He listens as the others talk. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Stables, just to your left." He points down a road that leads to a stables. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome stares at Raleon. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon doesn't notice his stare. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome makes his way towards the Tavern/Inn. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Right, well, lead on. We don't want me running myself into a building in the dark now," Raleon says before turning to the guard. "Sorry 'bout your bet. I'm a stubborn fucker to kill." He winks and follows after his group. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 You going to the stable first or the inn? You find the tavern and inn at the location described by the guard. The sign says, "The Clear-Water Fen." The place is lit up Ayden10/27/2019 Knox walks in. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon for once brings up the rear, a bit sluggish and stretching his back out. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The inn is mostly empty, save for Nikaias sitting at the bar, and a sleepy looking middle aged woman behind the bar, average looking with a brown dress on. Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin had been keeping pace near the lead of the group, but paused when he noted the lack of his energetic half. He looks back waiting for Raleon to catch up to him before slinging an arm around his twins shoulders. are you well? Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Oi, Nikky! We ain't dead!" called the rogue. "The guard owes you a silver," he grinned. I will be after a long drink, a warm bed, and a refreshing night he replied to his twin. TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias turns to see the heroes walking in and a rare smile lights up his features. "It looks like my bet paid off after all. Please sit and rest, you all look tired." He gestures to the bartender. "Please bring food and drink for the heroes. I will pay." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The bartender simply nods and goes into the back, calling out over her shoulder, "All I have left is some stew I can heat up and day old bread, but it's better than nothing." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hello, how do you do and what is your name?" asks the gnome looking at the middle aged woman. "What is it for a room for the night and good drink?" Ayden10/27/2019 Knox laughed. Knox had seen Raleon take many hits before. Though, he wasn't one to say anything about it. "Stew sounds perfect." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "A good stew is exactly what I need!" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 As she comes back out with a stack of bowls and a big cooking pot, she says, "I'm Sarah. Normally rooms are 5 silver a night, but seeing as how I have vacancies and you just saved the town, the least I could is let you have a night for free." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome casts about for a good place to sit and settles on a stool at the bar. He pulls himself up and surveys the tavern. TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "The town owes you a great debt," Nik says softly. "Whatever you need, we will give." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon raised his eyebrows. "Are we actually getting thanked for saving people now?" Raleon looked to the group in suprise. "Do my elven ears deceive me?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Thank you, kindly," says the gnome. "I appreciate your generosity." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth sits down at the bar. "Two ales, to start." After a pause. "Please and thank you." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Likewise Tharyin appeared surprised as his twin. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 The elf staggers over towards Nik and hooks his arm around his shoulders to ruffle his hair. "We could start with drinks and song?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks over at Nik,"It seems you've wasted no time in the telling of tales. How is the girl after her ordeal?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias looks uncomfortable at the contact. "She is tired but well. She says if you want any of her dolls to just ask." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome smiles and chuckles softly. "Well, I hope she recovers quickly." Taking up a mug of the local brew, the gnome raises it, "To pleasant dreams and a good night's rest." The gnome drinks fully, "Ahh!" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon is blind to his discomfort, but softens a bit at the mention of the girl. "How sweet...Poor lass is either going to be rather reclusive or the next troll hunter." He shakes his head. "Is the burn wine here any good?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik laughs and raises a mug. "She says the nasty trolls would stand no chance against you. Seems she was right. To you, my friends, the heroes." Mortal Player10/27/2019 Setting down the mug, he looks over at Nik again, "Was that really all of the trolls?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik sobers a bit. "Yes. Let us hope their places will not be taken by something worse. The main problem was the witch and her rituals. But hopefully, their bodies will serve as a warning and our town is safe." Ayden10/27/2019 Knox looks at Nik. "We could probably use a favor in good time." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Well, their charred, gooey corpses," Raleon says as he takes a glass of brandy from the tender and takes a healthy swig in solidarity. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome nods, "Good. One less thing to worry about." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik tilts his head at Knox. "What do you need?" Ayden10/27/2019 "When we defeat the dragon, we will need help rebuilding Chiwak. Any help we could get would be appreciated." He says. "If you know anyone that can help build that is." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon plops down with as much weight as his small frame could make on a seat next to Reth with a tired sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. "A wooden chair has never felt so nice on my ass...." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik smiles. "Consider it done. You will most likely die, and we will mourn, but should you actually succeed, I believe I can find a few good men." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Oi, you said that the last time!" Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome stifles a yawn. "Well, I think I'll get some rest. We have to head out first thing tomorrow. No sense in dilly-dallying." The gnome pauses and looks at Sarah, "Then again... Dawnrest wouldn't happen to have a library would it?" Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Blending into the background as usual, Thayrin snags up a drink and chair in a position to best observe the others quietly. His lips breiefly twitch in a symblence of a smile at his twins retort to Nik before he covers it by taking a sip of his drink. Ayden10/27/2019 Knox laughs. "Your people are not much for taking bets. But good men I am sure." he offers a nod. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 You know you're allowed to smile when I make a joke, I'm fairly hilarious. he spoke to his twin. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Sarah laughs. "A library? Not this place, no. We're lucky our general store stays open." Ayden10/27/2019 Knox looks at Artimus. "We all should get some rest. More traveling tomorrow." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "No? Ah, well, who around here keeps track of the history of Dawnrest?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "By the way, Raleon." Nik speaks up and procures a stuffed dog doll. "My niece said to give you this. She would not stop talking about the 'handsome one.'." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Sarah shrugs. "We all do, I guess. We tell our stories to our children, who pass them on to their children." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin nearly spits out his latest sip of drink in the laugh that he couldnt hold back...casing the poor elf to go into a coffing fit thanks to liquid going into his lungs. looks like you got yourself a young admirer. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks at Sir Knox, "Yes, well, I suppose so." The gnome looks back at Sarah, "What can you tell us of the road to Reptee Villiage? Any news from out that way?" The gnome sppons some of the stew into his mouth. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon's ears perked at the mention of his name. "Huh? What is..." his hands run over the stuffed dog. He takes a moment to identify it and his face softens. Then his cheeks flush at being called 'the handsome one'. His lips smile kindly none the less. "It's a cute fox. I used to have one of these when I was a boy...but I lost it." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Hmm, news, yes, there's been talk about those ugly things, oh what do they call them? Said they look kind of like dog people.. they've been going after a lot of folks on the road, and some are starting to attack the farms out by Reptee. Everyone is waiting for the capital to do something about it, but they're all tied up with the talk of that possible civil war and leaving the people to deal with that threat on their own." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "It's a... well, now you have another. Take good care of it." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "It's what?" Raleon blinks, his foggy mismatched eyes looking just past him. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Civil War? hmm. I can't keep up with all the politics of humans. What are the factions in this potential Civil War?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "Oh, nothing. It is a cute fox, isn't it?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Oh, the usual. Our kingdom against some other kingdom who's still up in arms about the last king's tendency to make war with everyone. The new king isn't nearly so eager for war, but others don't forget the sins of the father so easily." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 He grins. "Well from what I can tell. I've always liked the feel of button eyes," he commented as he felt over the ears with a fond smile. He took out an old, copper colored necklace. It looked rather simple, but he hooked it around the "fox's" neck and tucked it under his arm. He grabbed his drink and drank more of it making quite a strange scene of himself. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth is already on ale four by this time Ayden10/27/2019 Knox continues to eat his stew and enjoys it. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome pushes aside an empty bowl. "I see. Well, I'll be getting some rest and waking early. There are things to do and roads to travel, dogmen not withstanding." The gnome rises, "Have a good evening miss. And you too Nikaias. It was good to have you with us." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik smiles. "It was good to know you. Good luck with that dragon, should you make it that far." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 At the slam of the cup next to him, his ears perk, "Oi! Making me look bad here," Raleon laughed and elbowed the ranger. "You alright over there?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth grunts. Burps. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome pauses and gives Nikaias a look, "Yeah..." He glances at Raleon, and Sir Knox, "Thanks." And the gnome hops down from the stool and heads off to his room... Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin raises a brow in the direction of the ranger and tilts his head quizicly. Ayden10/27/2019 Knox follows suit like Artimus and heads upstairs to get some sleep. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon snickers and took the ranger under his arm for another victim of his bullying knuckles. "Oh stop being grumpy, Mr. Charge into Action, or I'll sling ya back into the mud." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome does his usual nightly preparations and some "light" (?) reading before getting to bed. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Anyone doing anything more, or is everyone eventually going to bed? Ayden10/27/2019 Knox is in bed. Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Hetrocomatic eyes track Knox for a bit with a bit of a quesioning gaze beofre they turn back towards Raleon pestering their grumpy ranger. He grins and signs to thier still apearently pouting ranger and signs "I mean you did have an intersting toss your swords in a fit of rage moment...that was cool. you should turn it into some sort of sport." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Drinking, pestering the ranger(s), the usual Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 @Ayden Reth kicked 50gp of his share to his village restoration fund Since it sounds like no one has anything of significance going on, the night passes and folks wake up in the morning Ayden10/27/2019 Knox wakes up feeling refreshed. After taking some time to himself to check up, he heads back to join the others. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome studies quietly in his room and makes his morning preparations. Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin, having gotten to bed slightly earlier than his usual time had been up rather early that morning. Instead of sitting twiddeling thumbs bored in the inn he had opted of takeing the time to simply wander around the town watching it slowly wake up to greet the day. Currently the silent elf was simply strolling though town people watching. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth comes downstairs and sits with the group. "We leaving first thing, or did we want supplies?" Ayden10/27/2019 Knox checks his stuff over. "I think I'm good. How far until our next stop?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Someone with the map could guestimate about 3 days to Reptee Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome comes into the rom, "Potentially we could equip the Horeshoes of the Zephyr onto someone's mount. I estimate about 3 days to Reptee." "Let's just swing by the General Store and see if there's anything useful." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon has yet to come down it seemed. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The general store is called the "Treasure Bog" and it is run by an older woman with her gray hair held tight to her head and with big blue eyes. She's wearing a rather nice black jacket as you walk in. She nods to those who went to the store and says, "Welcome, come on in." The general store is about what you expect. Nothing especially noteworthy, but they do have things like rations and such. You do note on the way there that there was an alchemical shop called, "Tonics of the Quag." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome notices the alchemical shop and decides to detour to there. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 This shop is ran by a stocky man, perhaps in his thirties, with unkempt curly brown hair. He looks at you as you come in and says, "Welcome to the shop. Let me know if I can help you find anything." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome peruses the alchemical supplies. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He has varying different ingredients that can be used in the production of different alchemical products, as well as some substances that serve as spell components. And he has a few healing potions on hand. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hmm, how strong are these healing potions?" asks the gnome. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 The sweet, steady notes of a violin can be heard as the elf sits upon a bench, happening to be perched outside Nik's house, intentional or not. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Just the basic, run of the mill stuff. I don't have the proper set up to make anything stronger." [DM's note: 2d4+2] TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik exits his house, curious as to the sound. He stops when he sees the elf playing the instrument, surprised. "Ah, so you do have more talents." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome nods, "Thank you. What was your name?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "I'm more than just a bit of sass and swash," grinned the elf as he continued his morning tune with a wink and a nod of his head as he played. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He holds out a hand, "Radal. And you sir?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nik's niece comes out of the house. Her eyes brighten as she sees Raleon. She runs over and falls on him with a tight hug. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "I am Artimus." He gives a short bow. "And this is..." The gnome looks about him. "Hmm, maybe I should catch up with my companions." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon's tune seems to just finish in time for the child to tackle him. He nearly drops his bow only to smile at the girl at his waist. He ruffles her hair. "Well good morning, little flower." He sets down his violin in the case and picks her up to spin her. "It's lovely to see you too." He places her down with a smile. "Thank you very much for the gift. Does he have a name?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Do you have a bit of chalk anywhere?" "And some ink?" "And some paper?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 The girl giggles as she blushes. it's obvious she has a bit of a crush. "His name is Poppy, Mister Raleon. He'll protect you from more nasty trolls." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Ink and paper you can get over at the general store, but I do have some high end chalk here." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome examines the chalk. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 The elf grins, his ears wiggling a bit. "I'm sure Poppy will keep me safe. But you'll stay safe too won't you?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The chalk is high quality stuff, meant for use in potions and for spellcasting Mortal Player10/27/2019 "I don't need any 'high-end' chalk. Do they have ordinary chalk at the general store?" TheHummingbird10/27/2019 She hugs him again. "Uncle Nikaias is here. He'll keep me safe. He told me you're going to be a Dragonslayer. You'll visit after you kill the bad dragon, right?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He confirms that the general store has regular chalk Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome takes another look around and says, "Thank you." He departs and heads over to the general store. "Hello, my name is Artimus. What's your name?" Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 A quick glance up at the sky gave the silent twin a general idea of the time as he strolled the streets quietly. WIth a sigh he deciedes to head back to the others and see what troble they have decied to kick up. When his brain routed on the word trouble a silent chuckle escaped his lips. In a split desicion he starts on the task of finding their equally as quiet ranger. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "But of course. After we slay the dragon, we're going to rebuild the town there. I hear some of the people from this town might come to help, perhaps you can come see it when it's done?" He hugs her back and pets her hair. With a flick of his wrist he slips a nearby flower (likely some sort of weed flower children collect) and slots it into her hair (23 sleight of hand). Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "I'm Aline, pleasure to meet you, Artimus." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hello, Aline. I'd like some basic chalk, some ink and paper, some silk rope, and ... do you have a decent bedroll?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Chalk is a copper a stick Standard writing ink is 10gp a vial Sheets of paper 2sp each TheHummingbird10/27/2019 She nods vigorously. "I have to ask Father, but I'm sure he'll let me visit." When he slips the flower in her hair, she touches it and squeals a bit. Nikaias laughs a little as he walks over. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 50ft silk rope is 10gp TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "Go inside, sweetie. Raleon has important things to tend to." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Bedroll 1gp and they do have climber's kits for 25gp Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Thank you" The gnome also lloks around and prices the climbing equipment available, if any. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 climber's kits 25gp^ Ayden10/27/2019 Knox also tries to purchase climbing equipment if more is available. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 She has 3 kits in stock Mortal Player10/27/2019 "What do you think Knox? Should we get any climbing equipment?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "I hope to see you at the big concert I plan to throw," he smiled and winked at her before standing and putting a hand on his hip. "I hope you don't mind I stopped by so early." Ayden10/27/2019 "Yes. I don't climb well in armor. Any bit will help." he says surly. "Hopefully we won't need it, but we will be thankful if we do." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias smiles at Raleon. "It is good to see you again before you depart. You had better make sure you kill that dragon, my niece intends to marry you." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon laughs, his cheeks a bit red. "Is that so? I'd hate to disappoint a princess. Alas, I believe my heart belongs to another." His ears turn as well as he looks to the floor a bit bashfully, twisting a flower between his fingertips. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome nods, "I'll leave the climbing to you, I think. Maybe you can lift me up." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias grins as he leans closer. "Are you engaged to him yet?" Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 With general plan well in head, Thayrin simply walks silently into the inn and glanced about looking for their ranger. he assumed that would be a good place to start considering he had not seen any of the others while he was about town. It took a bit of looking before he spotted the man and floped down into the chair next to him in a somehow non elven grace flop. he pokes Reth's cheek with a wink. "you don't seem to have the usual person glued to your hip. did you drink him under the table again?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 His ears perk, his eyes widening in surprise. "Eh!? N-No, we're not actually together...or anything really," he admit as his eyes shift nervously. "Wait, how did you know it was a him?" he blinked. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome willl buy two sticks of chalk, writing ink, 10 sheets of paper, 50' of silk rope and a bedroll. He hands over a significant amount of copper and silver to pay for it. TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias laughs. "Come now, I've seen the way you look at him. The sparks are a little one-sided at the moment, but I'm sure your ranger will come around." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth grunts. "My headache has a headache." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome departs with a smile and goes to find the rest of his companions so that they may get underway. Ayden10/27/2019 Knox purchases one set of climbing gear then follows the gnome. Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 He appeares to laugh briefly at while trying to look symathetic. "you did slam quite a bit of booze away in the night. i would be suprised if your head didn't hurt...outside your bain trying to turn into a gelationes goop in your skull how you doing?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "I can't exactly look at a-anything in a special way," he stumbled as he cursed himself. His lie came out fairly well said, though it clearly transparent if one watched him. "...Is it that obvious?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hey Knox, let's swing by the stables and see if we can get one of the mounts outfitted with the Horseshoes." The gnome heads over to the stables. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 There is a young man there shoveling out a recently emptied stall. Ayden10/27/2019 Knox follows. "Good idea, " he says. TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias chuckles. "Just a little, my friend. Don't worry, we're not judging here." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hello young man, " says the gnome, "Do you know if our mounts are here?"" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He looks over in the direction the voice came from, them jumps a little when he realizes he needs to look down. He looks at the sight of a gnome a bit puzzled, but then a dim light hits his face. "Oh, you must be the ones who went after them trolls last night. Yeah, I got them here." He points at some stables, where you can see some familiar horses. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "yes, that's them. Is there someone around who can outfit some horse shoes?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon holds the flower nervously, glancing to the side. "I've, never stayed in a place long enough to have a relationship, much less catch feelings for anyone. I'm...rather new at this. I'm not even sure if it's appropriate, much less reciprocated." He manages a forced laugh and scratches the back of his head. "Not that it's much your concern. I'm just some rascally adventurer after all." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "I can do it. I just got to get me tools out." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Oh, great! Let's see..." The gnome looks ove the mounts carefully. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth shrugs. "I'm alright. Don't want to look at Alligators again any time soon." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 "A very brave rascally adventurer," Nikaias grins. "Well, whoever you choose, it will be a ballad worth singing. But you might want to make sure your ranger knows how you feel before too long." Mortal Player10/27/2019 After contemplating the mounts for a good long minute... the gnome shrugs. "Let's put them on the pony for now." The gnome points at the pony. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The young man comes back with a small satchel of tools, including a hammer and shoeing nails Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon smiles at the compliment and continues to toy with the white clover. "I was writing up a song for it, but I wasn't sure if that was too cliché... Before too long? Why do you say that?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "You want em on the pony? Okay." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 "you should have skinned one and turned it into a bag for its trangressions." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth snorts. "Ugly bag though." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias waves a hand vaguely. "Either one of you could die at any time. It is the way of life. It is better to enjoy what you can of it, and to be able to do that, one must be free with their feelings and know if it is returned or not. The sooner you tell your ranger, the longer he has to think about it." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 Thayrin grins and winks. "could have given it to my brother. He would love it even if it was an ugly bag. especially if a certan grumpy man who speaks less than me gave it to him." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth simply asks, "Why would he want a bag like that?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hold on!" says the gnome suddenly. The gnome stares at Reth's horse in deep thought for a minute. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon nodded at the realism, taking a long breath. "Yeah... Yeah. I know the life we choose puts us in constant peril. And the idiot always throws himself right damn in the middle of it like some hero complex--damned fool. But every time he's still alive, I can't help just be glad the fool's alive so I can knock his head for scaring me again." He smiled a bit. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Actually, I think that horse needs the shoes. Sorry." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 The youth looks up. "Oh, okay." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 He simply props his elbow on the table and rests his chin on his hand stairing at the ranger for a few beats before slowly picking his words. "Reth...At this point im not sure if this concept is flying over your head or you simply being elsive on pourpose....so quick question here. what is your opinion on Raleon?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Well, for starters I think he has better tastes in bags than those ugly beasts." He snorts in laughter Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome smiles and nods satisfactorily. "Well done! We'll be picking up our mounts and heading out shortly." Disgruntled Tea10/27/2019 He grins briefly and gives a brief nod in agreement. "he is a someone who does tend to care quite abit of his looks." He blinks and waves his free hand in a casual gesture. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 It takes him about 25 minutes, but he gets them on there. When he gets the last one on, the horse suddenly starts floating, and the young man drops his hammer and leftover nails and steps away from the horse, going back first into the wall. "Is that some kind of witchcraft?!" Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks at the youth and tilts his head to the side, "It is a simple spell to assist us in our journeys. This will make our travel swifter and safer. Ummm... sorry to surprise, but it's nothing to be overly alarmed about." "How much do I owe you for the work?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "But what else?" signs the mute. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He just shakes his head. "Just take the spooky horse and go please." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome adjusts his conical hat. "Don't worry. We'll be leaving soon and the horse... is still just a normal horse. Only the shoes are enchanted." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Nikaias looks up at the sun. "We had best go meet your comrades at the stables. I suspect you must be going soon." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome strokes his beard thoughtfully as he looks at the youth. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Art gets the impression that the boy is a bit... simple Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Ah, I suppose so. Thank you for the warm welcome back," he smiles and holds out his hand for a hand shake. "It means a lot that folks appreciate our work. Hope to see you again soon." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth shrugs. "He's a good guy. Funny. Keeps things entertaining around here." TheHummingbird10/27/2019 Shakes Raleon's hand. "Be well, and good luck with your flowering relationship." Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Alright. Let's go get the others so that we can continue our journey!" The gnome goes to look for his companions at the Inn/Tavern. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 So, as Thayrin drills the ranger, the Gnome and Knox (Sounded like Knox was with him) walk back into the tavern. There are a couple other people here, but its fairly empty right now. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Is everyone awake and ready to go?" asks the gnome. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth says, "We haven't seen Raleon yet." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks around. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "He is known to be the life of the party so to say. Not one to show his inner emotions at the best of times...like someone I know." The pale elf arches a brow at the ranger. "Let me get to the point since you seem rather dense or evasive. Unlike my brother, I don't like to beat around the bush. Do you have any interest in my brother?" Raleon blushes and laughs again. "Y-yeah, thanks" He waves and grabs his violin, heading off. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Hey Thayrin, where's your brother?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 It is as he asks Reth that that the others walk in, and he answers the others Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin doesn't answer, he simply stares directly at Reth. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "Well hello! "So... is everyone here?" The gnome looks around again. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 At the lack of answer, he mentally messages him and leans back, crossing his arms. Feel free to answer here if you're being coy... Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks at Thayrin and then looks at Reth, "Is Thayrin okay?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth goes turns and goes say, "Huh, what? I what about your brother," out loud. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome stares at Reth. "Are you.. okay? Reth?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Think I'm still hungover. We ready?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "No, no, no more of this cat and mouse shit," Thayrin signed. "You've been avoiding the question." Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth isn't even looking at Thayrin at the moment and catches none of it Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome walks around Thayrin and Reth, staring up at them, "The mounts are ready to go. The stable boy is a bit spooked, but other than that..." The gnome looks back and forth between Thayrin and Reth. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Why's the stable boy spooked?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "What's going on here?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin sighs and messages Artimus. Reth won't answer my question. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome arches an eyebrow, What question and why won't you answer my question? the gnome replies through the spell. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 I want to know if he has romantic interest in my brother. But he keeps avoiding the question and evades the subject. He crossed his arms in a protective older brother stance. I'm tired of the game and want a clear answer. As for where my brother is, I'm not sure, somewhere in town it seems? I hear faint sounds of the outside. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome blinks What will you do if Reth says 'no'? Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 About then, Raleon gets back to the inn. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin blinks. Then I'll tell him the truth... Even if it hurts him. Mortal Player10/27/2019 And will that change anything between your brother and Reth? Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon knocks the mud off his boots at the tavern door, humming to himself, holding his violin case in hand and the stuffed toy on his shoulder. Greeted by the awkward silence he blinks and looks around and is met with Thayrin staring at Reth intently. "Oh, there you all are. Sorry, I went to go se---Why are we all staring at each other?" Thayrin grabs Reth's jaw and turns him to face him, his heterochromatic eyes that matched the elf at the door staring deeply into his eyes. I need to know your answer. Do you have feelings for him? "Wh-what are you doing, Thayrin?" stuttered the other twin in surprise. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 Reth rips his head free. Also asking, "What the hell?" He gets up and says, "can we leave?" Shaking his head and walking out the door. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin sighs, grabs his bag, and shrugs it on, nodding his head for the others to follow. Raleon...is very confused as he meekly gets out of the way of the storming ranger. "The hell did you say to him?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome looks back and forth between Raleon and Thayrin, "Raleon, how important is it to you that get a definite answer from Reth about how he does or does not feel about you?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon flushes deeply. "Wha--... I don't--I mean," his head is spinning at the situation. "I don't care what he thinks a-bout me. I mean we're just good friends. Good party members." He stumbled. Thayrin crossed his arms, giving him the bitch please look. A Lie. he messaged Artimus. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome tilts his head to the side, "So... you don't care what Reth thinks? Not even a little bit curious? Not at all?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Artimus doesn't think he's seen a blind man ever try and avoid someone's stare, but he did it. He laughed a bit forced. "Tch, I mean, we're just some guys who travel together. Not like we'll be together forever or anything, what's his opinion of me matter?" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He's both impressed that Raleon did almost put up a good poker face, but he let it slip at just the wrong moment and Art caught it. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin's eyeroll was nearly audible. Raleons words are as he said, but he seems to mean the opposite. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome nods. "I see." The gnome looks directly at Thayrin, "You're probably right. Forever is a long time to be together. It would be an immense commitment." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 "Y-yeah...and besides, he said he'll probably go back to his forest after this anyways," Raleon scratched at his cheek. Thayrin continues to look at his brother then down at Artimus Can you believe this dumbass? I'm not sure which one is worse. Mortal Player10/27/2019 Do you really want the answer right now. How willing are they to commit? "You could go with him to the forest... is that something you don't want?" Prince of Fate10/27/2019 I want my brother to be happy. Is that too much to ask? Thayrin replies. I'm just tired of this back and forth. "I..." The thought hadn't seemed to cross his mind, but there's a spark in his eye, hope. But it's soon crushed. "I've never thought of that. He always seemed to want to be alone so I didn't think he would want..." Raleon tugs a section of his clothes coyly. "I'm just a party member to him I'm sure. Once we're done, we'll split, right?" His voice seemed a bit in his throat and he took a deep breath. "He wouldn't want me to pester him more after this. I'm sure I'm just a nosey rogue to him." The flower fell from his grasp as he passed the group. "I'm going to go get my stuff from the room. I'm sure he's itching to get on the road again." Thayrin sighed and looked down to Artimus. My brother has always had a hard time connecting with people because we move around so much. He longs for connection, but has never had the chance to make one because he shoots himself down before he tries. He's actually a romantic sap, but he's shy when it comes to his heart. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 As Raleon gets his stuff, the others can hear some loud sounds coming from outside, perhaps a mixture of cheering, laughter, and clapping. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin's ears perk as he heads outside. Mortal Player10/27/2019 perhaps The gnome looks at Knox, then follows Thayrin to the door to see what's happening outside. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 You can see a small crowd gathered, mostly kids, watching as Reth is trying to get the hang of a floating horse, running it up and down the street, and then having it run over the water troughs, which elicits clapping from others. Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome smiles and joins in the clapping. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin has a 'what the fuck' expression. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "How do you like the adjustment, Reth?" calls the gnome. Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon softly laughs in the room, shrugging up the bag over his shoulders. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 "Taking some getting used to, but its handy. I could run over a river with these." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Thayrin is pouting and crossing his arms, leaning against the inn walls. Mortal Player10/27/2019 "I figured you could do some extra scouting for us! You never know what could be ahead!" Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 He nods as he brings his horse around. "We ready?" Mortal Player10/27/2019 "But you're going to have to carry books for me now that you have a super horse!" The gnome looks around, "Yeah, I think we're ready." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon takes a deep breath before he gets to the inn door. He slaps his cheeks and walks out of the tavern with a steady pace. "Yeah, let's get going." Mortal Player10/27/2019 The gnome retrieves his pony and joins up with Reth, ready for the journey. He looks back and forth between Raleon and Thayrin, nods to Sir Knox and waves to Aust Daily. "You know Reth. I think I might actually be getting used to all this traveling." The gnome glances around for Nikaias, "Don't die on us now. It would be a waste of our efforts." Prince of Fate10/27/2019 Raleon settles onto his horse, lost in his thoughts. Thayrin grumbles and mounts his horse, brooding it seems. Acies ab Vesania10/27/2019 And so, after successfully ridding the village of Dawnrest of its troll problem, the group prepares to make their push into Reptee village, where they will have to climb the mountains in search of Knox's dying angel. In the meantime, Thayrin tried hard to solve the "will-they, won't they" question, but could not quite get it pushed out into the open. Will he have better luck next week? Will they make it to Reptee in one piece? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  12. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 When we last left off, our adventures had a real scare, when they took the usual direct approach to their newly encountered enemy, charging straight in and poking it full of holes. As it turns out, the enemy has a built in defense mechanism that makes such a direct approach particularly dangerous for those who remain inside the splash zone. Now, they must reconsider said strategy as they prepare to face two more guards and the shaman leader who has a kidnapped girl stowed away with plans of religious sacrifice within the hour. How will the group get the girl back? Can they get rid of these trolls for good? Let's find out! Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon's brain racked over possible ideas to deal with the monsters. "New guy, do you know anything about trap laying by chance?" Ayden09/29/2019 Knox looks as Raleon asks the question. "Perhaps our best bet here is to get in and get out with the girl before they even notice?" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias shakes his head. "My name is Nikaias. Unfortunately I do not know the art of trap laying. " Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth grunts, "How are we getting in and out unnoticed from one entry into a hut?" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias looks hopeless as he shrugged. "Perhaps a distraction of some sort?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "The shaman witch lady is already inside with the girl now, maybe a thug as well. One outside," Raleon explained. He then placed his hand on his chin and rubbed it in thought. "Tin can, you help me set up some things? Artimus, can you help me with a distraction plan?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Hmm, what's that?" asks the gnome looking up from his book for amoment. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Diatractions, can you help lead some idiots through a space?" Ayden09/29/2019 "I can." he offers his cooperation without second thought. The last fight was no joke, this was border suicidal. Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome scratches his head, "Well, what sort of distraction do you think the trolls would go for?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "I don't know how many I can set up in time, but I can try and set out what I can," Raleon scratched his head. "Then I can go in a separate team to try and get the girl." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "What do you mean 'separate team'?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Hell I don't know... Fa, stupid flies," he swats at the air. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth says, "I can throw an animal out. Maybe they will give chase after food?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "As long as it's not the tiger, my heart can't take another cat death..." Raleon frowned. TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias looks gravely toward the troll's encampment. "My worry is, even should we rescue my niece, the trolls will simply return to haunt my people again." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "I guess food would be a good incentive." The gnome tilts his head to the side, "Another way to distract it might be to simply attack it and lead it away." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Nik, you seriously think we're leaving these fuckers alive?" Raleon said as he chewed on his thumb. TheHummingbird09/29/2019 He raises an eyebrow at Raleon. "Did you think the fight with the scout would had left us alive?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "You doubt our serious desire for vengeance," Raleon proclaimed with a cocky grin. "We almost lost our lives to it sure, but we don't plan to lose." He put a thumbs up. "We won in the end didn't we?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome rummages through his backpack. Pulling out a bag he says, "I have some caltrops here... We can attack them and when they move to engage, immobilize and slow them." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "Barely..." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth asks, "Once we lead them away, then what?" Ayden09/29/2019 "Can one of you block out the moon to interrupt the ritual?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Where do you want to set these up Raleon?" Ayden09/29/2019 "clouds maybe? " Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Venom troll, smenom troll. I'm not losing to some giant zit. We got dragons to slay, remember Knox!?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 "I can hide them with an illusion spell. They will never see them until it is too late." Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 Thayrin gives Knox a quizzical look. then slings him a message. "do what now with the moon?" Ayden09/29/2019 "They do this when the moon is at its highest. What if it can't tell because the moon can't be seen?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon's ears perk at caltrops. "You have the floor is legos!?" Raleon beams excitedly. "Dude those are so much fun! We have to use those! Come on, let's go set up," he tugged off the gnome and Knox. "We don't have much time." Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 "A fair idea, but somehow i don't believe we have a person among us who can alter clouds or weather...I suppose if you really wanted to piss off our nature folk you could set part of the forest on fire and hope the smoke block the view." He shrugs slightly while responding to the tin can before his attention is swayed back to his brother at the mention of floor is legos. Ayden09/29/2019 Knox dismisses his idea as Raleon urges them on with the plan Artimus suggested. It was half assed, but their best bet as time was running out. Knox goes with Raleon. Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome goes with Raleon to pick out an optimal spot for the Caltrops, "Hmm, this is actually not too difficult, right? There's really only one path the trolls could take trhough the swamp to get to us, yes?" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "Given their size, i would hope they could not make it through the thicker parts of the swamp..." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Optimally--oh hello new guy, glad you're joining?--we would find a set of rocks to hide around and then pot shot them as they run through in blind rage. Then when they get to the end, push the rocks on them, best em up, take their lunch money and be back in time for dinner--which won't be little girl." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth adds, "We should get them as far from the hut as we can, make sure the Shaman does here us taking them on." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "We need to stay as far back from them as much as possible to avoid their acid." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "I love when people come to help me, but now I have a lot more hands than I thought I would get... Knox can you find a big log?" Raleon asks randomly. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "What's the range and area of their poison breath, Nikaias?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Those Zits have Breath attacks? Gross!" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "Their venom they bleed..." Nikaias pauses, "is about a fifteen foot cube." Ayden09/29/2019 Knox looks around for a sizeable log for Raleon. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Perception check Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 His face twists into one of revulsion at the mention of bad bad breath attacks. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Acid? I thought that acid stopped their regeneration process." Ayden09/29/2019 "Here," Knox says as he picks up the soggy log. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Great, now we need you to string it up in one of the trees. We're making a battering ram." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The DM would remind everyone that setting up traps takes quite a bit of time... Mortal Player09/29/2019 Caltrops take a single action. Only time being really spent is time making sure we have the best place to set them up. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The caltrops are fine, but more complicated trap set ups are things you would want to try when you have a day to prepare Ayden09/29/2019 Knox looks at the tree then back to Raleon. Pulling out his rope, Knox ties it around the log. Throwing the few end over the tree limb, then securing the rope to the base of the next tree . With Raleons help, it goes by pretty fast. Unless told to stop. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Umm.. guys, I think we are on a bit of a time crunch... maybe just easy stuff... like umm... a rope to trip them." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Setting up that kind of a trap is not going to be achieved in time Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome eyes the log Sir Knox found, "I think we should not do anything that complex, Knox. Let's just Keep It Simple." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias looks worried as he glances up at the moon. "We're short on time." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon puffs his cheeks, a bit upset he couldn't go all out. "Okay, we don't have time for elaborate... Let's just do the dart traps with a string of trip wires? Can we at least do the rock fall one? Is there a cliffhang at the end of this?" he asked hopefully. He sounded more like a kid than a grown, century old elf setting up traps to kill a troll. Ayden09/29/2019 Knox instead ties a trip rope on the path instead. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Where are you tying the rope? Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon gets to setting up the dart traps he's been carrying, instructing the rest of the crew to be Very Careful not to trip the wire early and pointing them all about to set up other wires. Mortal Player09/29/2019 Having finished setting up the caltrops, the gnome wanders over and assists the paladin with rope tying... mostly of an observational sort, "That looks sturdy... try tying that one again... a simple loop might just keep him tripped up for a while...." Ayden09/29/2019 From tree to tree. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Where is this stuff getting set up (on the map)? TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias helps as much as he can with tying the ropes. Mortal Player09/29/2019 On the map? I thought ypou said we were setting up away from the hut so that the Shaman wouldn't notice? Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 Thayrin simply helps his twin by holding onto and handing things when asked as he is not exactly trap minded. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 I figured it would be occurring somewhere on the map, it's a wide spread. Just helps me keep things visualized. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "What do you think of this rope Reth? Is it hidden enough?" Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth survival = 23. He does a really good job helping you hide it Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome walks over to Raleon who is setting up traps, "We have to do this now. The majority of the party must hide while one of use lures the trolls over. "Can you do that Reth? Remember..." the gnome points, "this is where the Caltrops are set up." The gnome waves a hand and the are with the caltrops looks like normal grassy ground. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 In preparation of the plan, Reth pulls an animal out of his bag. Popping into existences is... A baboon Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "...Is that...a monkey?" Raleon squints. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth says, "Ape." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "How ugly." Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 looks like our old nanny.... Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Well...it's not the tiger so I'm happy," Raleon suddenly bursts out laughing. "It does look like Ms. Cramswell!" "If we had a bonnet it would be perfect...." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 It bares its teeth at you Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome carefully takes up his position with good line of sight but hidden from view 30 ft away from the caltrop trap in preparation for the ambush. Disgruntled Tea09/29/2019 He smriks slightly and leans slightly bac on his heels Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 So where on the map did you set up the caltrops and the traps? Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon pulls down his eyelid and sticks out his tongue at it. TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikasias stays just near enough to hit potential targets, such as fallen trolls, with arrows. Mortal Player09/29/2019 I thought we settled that the map is not large enough? Also, don't we need to set up out of line of sight/sound? Prince of Fate09/29/2019 I was thinking on one of the top right trails? Mortal Player09/29/2019 Oh, I thought we were approaching from the bottom left... but I guess we could do that? Still.. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 No one said where we were coming from Mortal Player09/29/2019 I thought our direction of approach was mentioned.... maybe I'm wrong? Tangora99809/29/2019 “I shall stick close to Artimus, as we are both proficient in magics. I will heal whenever one of our unit looks to be on the verge of a painful death.” “Oh, and I shall also cast flames upon the foul beasts. As soon as a plan is set, I am prepared for battle.” Ayden09/29/2019 "Use your ranged spells and let me do the healing. I have no range attacks or spells." Knox says. Tangora99809/29/2019 “My flames place no burden upon me, Paladin, but I shall indeed be wary with my spells.” Ayden09/29/2019 Knox nods in approval. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon gets into position Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Everyone gets into position, while Reth orders the baboon to get within 10ft of the trolls, get their attention, and then run back over the rope. He shows it where the rope is so it can leap over it. The trolls of course are caught in a conundrum. Follow orders from their shaman or chase a snack. They rolled a wisdom saving throw against a DC of 13 and failed (12 and 0 results respectively), so they begin to give chase after the baboon, which has a head start of 10ft. The baboon makes an athletics check jump against a DC of 10 to leap over the rope and caltrops (total 14) and successfully clears it while the trolls come barreling behind, totally oblivious And run straight into the rope and now must make a dex save Ayden09/29/2019 Knox uses the bless scroll on Art, Nik, and Raleon. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 (That was assumed done as the baboon was approaching) Neither troll manages to save (5 and 3 respectively vs DC 13) and falls flat on their faces, which sets off the dart traps. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 A total of 24 darts hits the trolls, dealing 14 damage to each. They are prone and the swashbucklers is up first Venom sprays all over in the air, but no one is within 5ft of them when the darts hit Mortal Player09/29/2019 is that 57 sprays of venom? Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 I would just say one each because the 12 darts all hit at the same time. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon hears the flick of the traps and smirks at his handiwork. Not all of them hit, but it was a start to his trap tripping career. He flicks out his sword and goes in for the strike. He knows he'll get a bit of damage, but hopes to get in and out before it gets too bad. He does his usual flared footwork, slicing it once, spinning and slashing it again before darting away into the bushes again (31 damage). Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Raleon comes swooping and makes two hard hits. He runs his rapiers through the troll twice, dealing some heavy damage. Unfortunately, the troll returns the favor with 15 points of venom damage on his way out. TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias straightens as the traps go off. His eyes narrow as he places Hunter's Mark on one troll. He notches an arrow and aims at the troll, the same one Raleon punished, unleashing it quick and furious. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The newcomer sends a hard strike into the wounded troll, landing a hard hit for 20 damage. Unfortunately, the second shot missed Venom splashes up, but no one is there to take it Aust unleashes a sacred flame, which hits the troll (save = 6) and does 12 damage. He then drops a healing word on Raleon For 7 Reth will use up 20ft of movement to approach the very wounded troll and then attack Hits with his first attack (19 for a total of 11 damage, killing it) He places a hunter's mark on the second and swings at it and misses with the second (11) Then uses his bonus to try one last time And this time hits it (17) for 11 damage, killing it Reth then uses the last 15ft of movement to get out of there, but will have a disadvantage opportunity swing at him The total is 16, a near miss. Reth takes 10 damage from venom spray Mortal Player09/29/2019 Raises a wand, points it at the troll that has been felled and intones, "Tloberif". A mote of fire launches from the tip of the wand towards the troll... He burns it for 11 fire damage, insuring the troll will not regenerate. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The troll is now dead-dead. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Thayrin's hands are trembling, he already went down once to these bastards. He didn't want to go down again... His eyes widen as everyone jumps out but him, slashing at the beast. Seeing everyone rushing in to attack, banding together as a team, he slapped his cheeks, drew his strength, and clenched his teeth, rushing in to strike with his blades in hand once more. He took what stab he could get at it before turning tail (28 points of damage). Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Thayrin charges in and lands two solid blows, including a heavy sneak attack, doing tons of damage. On his way out, however, he does take 19 from that annoying spray. As the troll already used its reaction, it cannot try to swing at his departure. Ayden09/29/2019 Knox follows the group tactic. Once Thayrin is clear, Knox rushes in to try and kill it. Light courses through his blade as a strike so pure lands upon the creature. A second swing comes back against the downed foe. And with that, Knox retreats back away. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Knox crashes down with the fury of his goddess, bright light ripping through the troll, which growls in pain. The second blow does damage as well, but it clings to life, angrier than ever. Knox takes 18 total from splash Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon hides again at the light. He took a few deep breaths, calming himself from the smite If he didn't go now he would miss his chance to get in another good strike. "I hate paladins..." he muttered before psyching himself up again to go out there. He wiped the poison from his shoulder last time and readied himself to go in again to work his magic with his sword (21 points of damage). Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The troll is stabbed through, and ceases to move TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias steps out of the brush, recalling the troll's regeneration ability. He levels an arrow at the fiend's face, ready to knock it back down as soon as it tries to rise again. But not too close to get splashed. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Aust gives everyone a healing word for 7hp (for up to six wounded people, believe only 4 need it) The troll does indeed regenerate, regaining a set amount of HP. With a roar it jumps to its feet, setting off the held action of Nikaias. Nikaias takes two shots at the troll, the second striking it for 17, and down it goes again Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome raises his wand, points it at the remaining unconscious troll and intones, "Tloberif". A more of ire lauches fromteh tip of the wand through the air to land upon the troll, burning it and preventing it's regeneration... Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 The troll is struck by the fire, his flesh sizzling and turning to ash. Both threats are no more. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Thayrin stands guard, his hands still clenched in the adrenaline of battle, his eyes darting around for more threats. "Hut?" he signs to Reth. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth nods. "We need to get that troll out of the hut and away from the girl." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "Let us be quick!" Nikaias cries as he carefully removes his arrows. "We have evaded death for now." Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome surveys the outcome of the battle as Nikaias retrieves arrows and nods solemnly, "Indeed." He turns towards the twins, "Are you ready?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "R-Right, let's hurry," Raleon stumbles as he spits at the troll's corpses. "They're...not gunna get up again, right?" Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth pokes one of the smoldering bodies with the toe of his boot. "Doesn't look like it." Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome bends down and examines the trolls... Prince of Fate09/29/2019 A sigh of relief leaves him as he chews at his thumb's pad again. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "They do not appear to be regenerating." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth taps Thayrin (4) and Raleon (6), with cure light wounds (sorry, crappy rolls), leaving him one spell slot for one last hunter's mark Mortal Player09/29/2019 "If you want, Thayrin, you can come back and harvest their poison once we have dealt with the Shaman." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Right, I'll clean up the traps later, let's get going on this spell caster...this could get nastier than it already is," Raleon says as he goes for another potion, only for Reth's hand to touch his shoulder with a spell. "O-oh, thanks..." Thayrin vomits a bit of venom when touched and wipes his mouth. "Venom trolls suck..." he messages Reth. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth nods, responding to the message, "Agreed." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Do we have a plan of distraction/luring her out?" Raleon asks. Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome nods, andplaces the empty caltrop bag into his backpack... then he pulls out some flask of liquid... "I forgot about these..." The gnome looks around at the party, "I have three flasks of acid here....." He gives one flask to Raleon and one flask to Thayrin. "You two are quicker than most. If the troll goes down, you can administer this acid to stop its' regeneration." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon blinks. "Not drinking water, got it," he says as he ties it on his belt. Thayrin swishes the acid about in the flash then messages. "When did you get these?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome thinks back over the groups many adventures, the many caches of treasure, various items of loot, etc, ... "Hmm..." The gnome strokes his beard and his brow furrows in thought. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth points to the baboon. "Still got that." Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome shrugs, "We've only been together... less than a month, but it seems we have seen many things in that short amount of time." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "....Nevermind, it's like asking my brother where he found the cat." Thayrin pinched his nose. Raleon continues chewing at his thumb pad, feeling over it for a moment. "Hmm... Do you think the shaman is as stupid?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome snaps out of his reverie, "No... but maybe she is distracted already by the ritual she is preparing to do. Why else have trolls watching?" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "Stupid or not she will have powers i am not all that familiar with. We should be careful." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth says, "Could send the baboon into the hut and get her to chase it out? Might not want to eat it but we could make it piss her off." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "That sounds like a good distraction." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Spell casters are already a pain in the ass, a spell caster who spits poison when you hit it and regenerates is a Mega pain in the ass..." Raleon grumbles. "Looks like we're switching to flame and dagger now. Though we could trip her on the way out again?" He suggests. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Perhaps the combined weight of several of you can pin the Shaman while we rescue the girl. She may be large, but there are many of us and as long as we don't damage her... she won't be splashing venom around." The gnome pulls out a wand. "I can improve one person's strength in this endeavor." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Look, we may be tall, but elves are pretty light, besides, my ass is better seated on better things than a troll witch," Raleon's nose sneered. Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth looks at Raleon and says, "We should send you in to get her out. If she's locked in there, you can get her out." "Tin can and I are better off trying to wrestle." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "I can do that. Troll locks can't be that complicated. Shouldn't take me long," Raleon replied. "As for strength...We have this?" Raleon pulls out the potion of stone giant strength. "I mean if you guys really want to tussle with a she-troll..." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "She has no reason to leave the hut. Even if you send the baboon in, once she chases it out the door... well, she will go back inside or she will notice that the guards she set aren't around... and then who can say how she will react?" Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 "Get her to chase the baboon out the door, grab her, let the rogue go in and get the girl out. Once the girl out of the way, we finish the job." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "Maybe." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Sounds good," the rogue replied. "Where should I put her though?" He turns. "Nik, you want her? She's your niece..." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 He nods. "I will take her back to the village... but you should know there are crocodiles kept near her at times. You may encounter them, and they are not friendly." Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome looks at Nikaias... Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Uh...like...big water lizards?" TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Nikaias finally smiles. "The gnome there would be swallowed whole." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "That's a big lizard," Raleon laughs. "I've never came across a crocodile before, but I've heard of them," Raleon says. "I have this wand of charm animal I guess if anything comes to it... I'm not great at using it though." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "I don't know very much about crocodiles. Is there anything useful you can tell us about what they are and what they do? Strengths? Weaknesses?" "Do you think she will keep them in the hut? Or somewhere outside of it?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Inside likely, we didn't find them outside when we scouted," Raleon answers. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "So they are not stealthy beasts." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 "They have very thick hides. They are slower on land than water, but they are very, very dangerous in water. Their bites are deadly, I would not recommend getting close. At least one will be in her hut, I suspect. Perhaps more, I do not know." Nikaias shakes his head and grumbles. "They are not alligators." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "How big is her hut?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "I thought they were? They hide in water to get their prey from what I know, right?" Mortal Player09/29/2019 "There's a lot of water in this swamp..." TheHummingbird09/29/2019 Alligators are similar looking, but a different animal entirely," Nik explains. "Just because they hunt in a similar fashion does not make the the same." Mortal Player09/29/2019 "It wouldn't do to get the girl out and then have her get eaten by crocodiles." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "Fairly large," Raleon says, still chewing on his thumb, seems he has something stuck in it. "25 diameter looked like..." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Reth asks, "Anyway we can scout the inside?" Prince of Fate09/29/2019 "I mean...Thayrin could go up there and peer inside? I could tell you what I see?" he suggested. Mortal Player09/29/2019 "A quick recon seems like a good idea." Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Thayrin shrugs and slinks up to the hut (21 stealth). Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 Fortunately, Thayrin had a total of 21, because this Troll’s passive perception is 18. When Thayrin peeks into the hut, he is at first a little overwhelmed by the mixture of odors that hits his sense: fragrance incense, troll body odor, and something not entirely unlike a barnyard. The lighting inside his dim, but his elven darkvision allows his eyes to adjust quickly. At the back of the hut, there is an altar with a nearly man-sized statue of a beautiful looking elven woman. Around this statue are the burning incense he smelled, their smoke lazily rising into the air. The shaman is on her knees at the shrine, praying quickly and tossing little bits of some powdery substance into the air. To the right of this shrine, there is a small cage with a little girl inside, curled into a little ball. The cage does have a simple looking, but thick, padlock. Behind and more toward the left side of the hut, there is a dug in small pit, perhaps three feet deep, with some murky water. There, lying atop each other, are FOUR crocodiles, currently napping. To the right and behind of the hut, there are furs tossed on the ground, probably bedding for the shaman, as well as a mixture of bones and a mish-mash of trinkets and well, junk. Mortal Player09/29/2019 The gnome will follow Thayrin up to just beyond the edge of the clearing containing the hut, so that he can just barely keep an eye on Thayrin as he scouts the hut. Prince of Fate09/29/2019 Raleon sneers. "Ugh, there's FOUR of them... They're sleeping, but they'll likely wake soon...looks like she's worshiping Kraulcheit if I had to guess... Smells...rank." Acies ab Vesania09/29/2019 And so, the group is faced with one more obstacle between saving the girl and ending this threat--the spellcasting leader, accompanied by four crocodiles in her hut. How will they get the girl out unscathed, and how will they put down the trollop for good. Can they get out of this predicament relatively unscathed, just as they managed to put down two more of these trolls without nearly the same amount of trouble as the first? We'll find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  13. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 When we last left off, the group informally known as The Harem had a chance meeting with a traveling salesman, who purveyed rare assorted goods and despite the increased local dangers, roams the land by himself. Fortunately, unlike many of the recent road visitors, this one was not an enemy in disguise--neither fiend nor were creature. He made food and pleasant conversation, provided a couple of items for members of the group. We pick up in the morning just after he departed for Oxdale, while the group is readying to travel to Dawnrest, which they should reach by this evening. What lies ahead? Will they reach this "dying angel" in time? Let's get to it and find out! Tangora99809/15/2019 "Agitha, dear, would you be so kind as to get our things neatly packed for the journey ahead?" Aust says, turning to his handmaiden. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon stretches out his limbs on the outside of the hut as his normal routine, bending this way and that as he prepares for the dreaded trail ride of eternity. He wiggles his nose, still not used to the feeling of actually having anything on his face. T'was a strange thing...especially since they didn't improve his eyesight at all, but they seemed to look nice according to Reth so he kept them. It was a nice gift and they gave him a bit of courage to be bold, a win win overall. His ears wiggled a touch as he listened for the others about the camp. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 It is turning into a lovely morning, with the early sunrise painting the open road with a soft glow of orange. The air is already warming, suggesting today will be a hot day. Reth returns to camp and puts down a big pile of berries, leaving them for whoever wants a light breakfast. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust heads over to where the berries have been laid down, and begins to eat a few, as well as pass some of them on to his servants. But still making sure to leave plenty for the rest of the party. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The Tiny Hut disappears as the gnome exits. Eagerly, the gnome packs a bookbag, "That's all of them!" he exclaims. Smiling, the gnome readies his pony. A clockwork bird emerges from his back pack and flies into the sky. The gnome closes his eyes. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Thayrin, as usual was up early with the rest of the morning crew. Currently he was simply observing the land with a slightly thoughtful expression painting his face. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The clockwork sets out to the skies. The sun is a little blinding at first, but once its eyes adjust, it takes a fair stock of the land. There is no pressing threats, no people on the road, and nothing else of note either. In the far distance. At this time, it is not yet able to spot the town. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome's eyes open. He walks over to the join the others. "The road ahead looks clear," he says, grabbing a few berries. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 The moon elf heads over to the campfire log with a rub of his eyes. He had a bit of bed head going on in the morning, seems he drifted a bit deeper in his trance than usual. His foot reached out to touch where he normally placed his bag. He placed it there on the right side of the log ritualistically. It made navigating the camp easier if he placed things exactly the same way every time. Only this time...it was missing. He furrowed his brows and scuffed at the floor again for a moment. "Where did..." muttered the elf as he crouched and felt about on the ground. Tangora99809/15/2019 "Splendid. I suppose we should head out as soon as we are all ready? It's a moderate day of travel ahead of us." Aust spoke, facing the gnomish man. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Thayrin? Did you move my bag?" asked the twin brother to his mirror. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Thayrin glances over his shoulder towards his twin with a slow blink. I don't tend to mess with your rituals because you get crankier than a bobcat whos had her kittens played with by dwarves. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Well no shit I get cranky, you try being blind," huffed the not-a-morning elf. "It's near impossible to find anything if it's moved," he whined as he placed his hands on his hip. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome nods and munches some berries. Swallowing, he says, "We should arrive around evening if all goes well." Ayden09/15/2019 Knox shuffles slowly to his feet and gathers his things. After some thought, he was rather pleased to not have to carry Artimus' books everywhere. It was a literally weight he no longer had to burden. For now, he joins the others as they get ready. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Thank you for the berries, Reth." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 He grunts and nods Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 he slowly tilts his head and sighs softly before turning to fully look for the apparently moved bag of a snippy caffeine needing brother. His eyes scan slowly across the camp before spotting the object placed about three feet away from the usual spot placed. The silent elf briefly pondered how it ended there but soon shrugged it off in favor of simply picking it up and depositing it in Raleon's hands. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Now that his twin was looking in his direction, he almost immediately spots the misplaced bag on the other side of the campfire, placed on the other side of a different log (perception 17). "There it is..." he sighed as he shuffled around the extinguished fire to the other log. Though it seemed his brother beat him to it. He takes it from him and shuffles through his things until he grabs his brush to fix his hair, another ritual it seemed. "Thank you, do you need to brush yours as well? Need me to put it up again? It's getting longer again isn't it?" he asked his twin. He may become a bit of a bear in the early hours, but he still cared for his brother. It was hard though to see how his brother fared unless there was a reflective surface near by. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth sees the horses while the twins sort of the mystery of the misplaced pack Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 If you wish to do so, I won't say no. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Raleon makes short work of his brother's hair--it is no match for his nimble fingers! Mortal Player09/15/2019 While everyone seems to be taking longer than usual to gather together, the gnome asks, "What did you think of the Tiny Hut last night?" Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust looks over to the twins, "Hate to cut your hairstyling party short, but we really should get going. There's a long day ahead of us!" Ayden09/15/2019 "I agree. I feel that time is against us." he says as he goes to check on his horse. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome's dark hair tumbles down in curls and his beard as always is well-trimmed. He peers over at the twins, "It's important to look your best wherever you go." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon raises a brow. "Says the person who doesn't even pack their own gear... I'm almost done, just give me a moment." The elf sasses before finishing off the last braid with a tie. "Elves take great pride in their hair you know." He smiles at Artimus. "See? He knows." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth, with a some berry on the corner of his mouth and a new twig sticking out of his hair, shrugs and grunts. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "...We don't talk about Reth's hair," he sighed. "Seriously, it's been only a few days!" Tangora99809/15/2019 "I do agree, appearances must be kept up, but perhaps there is simply a better time for it all." Aust would say this, ignoring the shot at him from Raleon. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome glances at Aust's hair... Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Thayrin simply looks at Reth and appears to snicker softly. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox looks at the butterfly nearby. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome looks away from Aust, "Hm." Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust's black hair, even though it has not been touched this morning, appears silky, wavy, and quaffed where it is supposed to be. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Fine, Thayrin, take my horse, I have to fix Reth's hair efficiently apparently. Reth I'm riding with you to fix that nest before the squirrels settle in again," he proclaims as he reaches into this bag to grab out a bit of oil to fix tangles, brush in his mouth. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth shrugs and hops on his horse. He's learned to withhold the arguing when it comes to the hair. At least the elf isn't trying to get him to go take a bath against his will again. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Perhaps, you are right, Aust. Let's get moving." The gnome mounts his pony. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 So, the group is setting out. Raleon is busy working on Reth's hair, which as usual proves to be a bit tougher than his brother's hair. The ranger manages to get everything in there. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox follows suit with Artimus and Aust. As the others follow suit, Knox takes time to reflect on the last few days. It had been much different than the rest of their journey so far, but he knew it wouldn't last. They had an angel to save afterall. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon hops on the back of the horse and settles in, he can't help but get a whiff of the ranger. "I'm honestly surprised you havn't taken a mud bath. Alright... let's get on with this." Raleon says as he easily battles with the tangles, seeming to have little difficulty with his masterwork fingers (29 Pro Hairstyling). No tangle nor twig would escape his expertise. It was strange as Raleon himself had rather short hair in comparison. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 how goes the war on Ranger's stick collection? did you find anything nesting yet? He snickers as he simply follows behind the group. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Small sticks mostly, a burr, mostly just usuaaaa---what the fuck!" Raleon waves his hand at grabbing the dried bits of moss. Raleon grasps his heart and leaned back for a moment and takes a moment to breathe. "...I thought that was a spider." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 A spider then does crawl out of the moss on to Raleon's hand Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "It was a spider!" shouts the elf as he vigorously shakes his hand like a panicked maiden until it flies off. He promptly grabs firmly onto Reth for balance again and calms himself. He glares daggers at him. "I hate you so much right now..." he growls lowly beside his ear. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth shrugs. "Spiders keep away the flies." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Reth promptly gets a slap to the back of the head. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust chuckles at Raleons surprise. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox looks at the elves goofing around and full of joy. They seemed to be truly enjoying themselves. "Could be worse. At least they're not brain leeches." he smirks as they continue. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Get your tentacle fetish out of here," Raleon sassed and stuck out his tongue. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 A rare full grin appears on the silent elf's face after Knox's wonderful input. I mean he does have a fair point. spiders are mostly harmless....mostly. unless they are the size of a house....that would be one large hard pass for me if we saw that. There are few times i am glad I'm mute. seeing a house sized spider would be one of those times, as I'm sure i would squeal like a spoiled princess and run away. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox laughs at the comment. It took him a while to figure out how to respond to Raleon's sass, but laughing seemed like the best cure. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Can we please stop talking about spiders..." the elf request weakly as his silent brother made him envision the creepy crawlies in ways he did not wish to envision. He was beginning to look a bit pale...which was a feat for a moon elf. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 You travel through what turns out to be an uneventful morning and afternoon, other than the surprise spider visit. Knox does spot several more butterflies along the way, but otherwise nothing of note occurs as you make your way down the road. It is late in the afternoon when the next village comes into view for those with sharper eyes (early afternoon if Art happens to send his bird out). The village even from this distance looks small, even when compared to some of the others tops you have made in recent days. It is nearing dusk as you come within a hundred yards of the village itself. At first, there is a sense of relief that comes with finding a community, a place where you can almost certainly get some rest with a real meal and a bed rather than sleeping on the floor of a dome (as nice as the dome is). That feeling of relief is short lived, however, as a you all hear a shrill, high pitched scream cut through the air, followed by a crash. In the distance, something large jumps over the wall and lands on the ground, with a small form writhing around under its arm. It takes off for swamp, as a group of people come running out the gates, failing to gain on the strange beast as it disappears into marsh. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Uh... should we..?" Raleon looks to his compainions. Tangora99809/15/2019 "I don't know what's going on, but we should assist!" Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 aaaaannnd yet another town with some more unusual problems. just when you think we were in the clear. Thayrin stares off into the space the large form took off to. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust starts heading after the group of people, assuming everyone else is following. Ayden09/15/2019 "Let's go!" Knox kicks his horse info high gear to pursue the beast. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Well if anything the last village was the most unusual," Raleon nods his head. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome follows along behind the others. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The best that people can surmise as they saw it flee and as they approach is that it was very large--probably close to 10ft in height, and what it was carrying seemed like it might have been moving. You also notice that there are now a few townsfolk coming out the gate. Among them are a few people dressed like town guard (that stereotypical look), a distraught woman, and equally looking distraught man, and another man standing near, dressed in dark clothing with a bow on his back. As you approach, you can hear the two men who do not look like guards having a heated discussion. And this is where we bring in our first ever guest player--say Hello to The Hummingbird. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man in dark clothing is tall but stockily built, with light auburn hair and dark green eyes. The bow seems to weigh heavily on his back as he carries himself hunched over, his voice oddly dull and flat as he argues back and forth with the other man. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth sends his horse in that direction, as finding the trail requires getting reasonably close to the townsfolk. As you approach, you can hear the woman saying, "My baby!" and the other man, who is talking to the one clad with a bow, saying, "You can't go in there alone! Let me find someone to go with you!" Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust changes course to the arguing men, and when he arrives he speaks to them, "Excuse me, but might you be able to tell us what is going on here? Are you in need of any assistance?" Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "We'll go with him," Raleon declares quickly. "What do we need to know?" he looks to the figure in the dark attire. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The darkly clad man sighs, his green eyes as flat as his voice. "Another kidnapping by a venom troll. She was my niece... she will be dead within hours." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Then we don't have much time then do we? Let's get going, you can fill us in on the way." Ayden09/15/2019 Perhaps the timing was just right. How lucky, or unlucky, were they to be passing through upon this day and time. As the group slows to talk, Knox reaches for the man with a bow. "No time to lose then, hop on!" Knox says as he adjust his shield to make room for the man to ride behind him. His hand is ready to help him up. Tangora99809/15/2019 "Indeed, let us waste no time!" TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man shakes his hand even as he takes hold of Knox's hand and heaves himself onto the horse. "It is likely already too late." Tangora99809/15/2019 "Not if we can help it." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Don't condemn a child to die without even trying!" scolds the elf. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 wasting time chit chatting. might need to move faster out at this rate Ayden09/15/2019 With the bowman on, Knox pulls the horse back onto the path and takes off in the last known direction. "Artimus, can you guide us in?" He yells as they ride. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Reth, let's go. Can you track it?" he touches Reth's shoulder. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth says, "I can try, this area isn't my specialty." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man speaks up.. "I know these lands. Let me track it." Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome closes his eyes and connects to his familiar (which he had directed to watch the thing). Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "That's all I can ask, do your best," He glances to the man. "Then lead the way." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 We'll have the newcomer do his roll as you get to the swamps, which are a bit of a ways off. Tangora99809/15/2019 "Great! Do what you can, good sir!" Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Art realizes that his familiar lost sight of it after it disappeared into the dense vegetation of the swamp itself. Everyone rides to the edge of the swamp, where the ground becomes soupy, thick, and smells of decay and old plant matter. The horses seem reluctant to enter. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome opens his eyes, "I'm sorry, but I've lost track of it in the dense vegetation of the swamp..." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "We can't go further on the horses in this land." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon's stomach is also reluctant to enter. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Hmm. This is something someone familiar with these lands should know. Can you tell us more about the venom troll? Any information would be useful before we get ourselves hopelessly lost." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Always with the swamps..." grumbled the elf as he slipped off the horse and continued on foot. Tangora99809/15/2019 "Then we must continue on foot." Aust dismounts, and turns to his servants "Agitha, Barnaby, Lance, watch the horses." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth mutters something about the "help actually being helpful." Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome dismounts as well. "Perhaps, they can take the hoses and pony back to Dawnrest for us." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Don't die by wolves now before we get back!" the elf calls to the 'help'. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Dismounting, the man narrows his eyes as he scans the swamplands. "The venom trolls are stronger, tougher than your normal troll. When you hit them... they release a noxious poison gas... almost like liquid. 'Tis a terrible death if you breathe it," he whispers, his eyes haunted. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "They might be safer in the town." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Should we...wear masks?" asked the elf to the mysterious bowman. Tangora99809/15/2019 "Clever thoughts, Artemis. Agitha, get the steeds back to the village please." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man shakes his head. "It will soak right through. Masks will do no good." Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome nods, "Interesting... does anyone have any safety measures against ... poisons?" Ayden09/15/2019 Knox slows his horse to dismount it. He pulls his sword and shield before they enter the swamps. As Reth speaks, Knox nods. "The help is helpful indeed, but don't forget we've dealt with worse before. All melee need to keep clear of it prior to killing it. We can kill it from a distance, but we need to save the child." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth shakes his head. "I don't have such skills or magic." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Thayrin only makes 'em. Don't think we have much for antivenoms though." Raleon shakes his head. Tangora99809/15/2019 "I can cure poisons and diseases through the divine power of the Godmother. If we may need it." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "We can burn it between the three of us," Raleon looked between Thayrin and Artimus. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "I have something that will Neutralize Poisons," says the gnome, "but I believe it has to be adminstered after being poisoned..." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 The elf frowned.. "But we're much better with blades than magic..." Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Thayrin simply stands by waiting for their next move silently. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The stranger bends down to track the troll. Strangely, as he is squatted down, his gaze roll to backwards into his head, leaving only the whites of his eyes. A sudden wind picks up and everyone can hear disembodied whispers swirling around him. When his pupils return, he sees the trail ahead. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "This way. Quickly, they sacrifice children to their master." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Uh... Normally I'm the one with the weird eye tricks, but I have to admit, that's pretty cool? Can you do that Reth?" He askes with a nudge. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth glances over at the newcomer and shakes his head. "Never seen that before." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Excuse me, but we have ony just met. What is your name? I am Artimus." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon follows after the bowman Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust moves swiftly after the mewcomer, "And I am Aust Daly, Oracle of the White Star." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man glances at Artimus. "Nikaias Starcrest, but names will soon be unimportant when we die." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon chuckles. "I like this guy already." Tangora99809/15/2019 "If only we could have met under better circumstances." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth mutters, "cheerful guy" Ayden09/15/2019 Knox nods. As the ghostly whispers pass him, he pauses for a moment. "We can chip away at the creatures and let the range make a final blow. If there's more than one, focus one at a time. Let's do this!" Knox says with some excitement, bolstering his companions with temporary hp (+9). Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Says Mr. Blunt himself," teased Raleon. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The man stops suddenly as his eyes focus on something unseen. "Ah... my daughter... well. She's already dead, but she leads the way. Not that you won't meet her soon enough. Onward, my friends, to our deaths." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Don't let me stop you from rushing to death, if that is your wish." Tangora99809/15/2019 "No one will be dying on my watch. Now let's rid this village of these pests." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Has this happened many times before?" Ayden09/15/2019 As they push into the marshy swamp, he is careful with each step. His eyes look around as he stays alert. His shield stays tight to his body as Knox stays close to Nikaias. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Nikaias leads the way, seemingly having little trouble keeping on the path (survival 19). The further in you go, the denser the plant life, with various willows, trees, and and other plant matter trying to hold you back. Fortunately, you do have a ranger in the group and he helps you navigate the difficult terrain without trouble. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "Since the town was erected here, the venom trolls have been a plague." Mortal Player09/15/2019 A clockwork bird flies down from the sly and lands on the gnome's backpack, then works its way inside and vanished from sight. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth says, "Let me know when you think we're within an hour of wherever it stays. I can help conceal us." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Why are the trolls kidnapping children?" Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon seems to have a bit of difficulty with the folliage, but he's helped along by his brother who tugs him along. Though that doesn't stop him from being battered by reeds and cat tails now and again Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Knox is distracted by a rare swamp moth that looks a lot like a butterfly TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "The trolls prefer children to give to their shaman, who sacrifices to their god their lives. I suppose they think the fear and innocence of children a tasty treat to such a foul being." Ayden09/15/2019 Knox is tempted to reach out for the moth but refrains as his focus falls back to the words of the bowman. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust seems to be slightly bothered by all of the muck and dirt covering his armor, but puts off dealing with it until they exit the swamp. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Who is this foul god?" Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon looks at Reth. "What is with these woodland creatures and sacrificing children? First the evil twigs and now venomous trolls? Your case for being a hermit is seeming less and less appealing you know." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth shrugs. "Trolls have always been less than desirable neighbors." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "Goddess, perhaps, for they call... her... the Dark Mistress." He looks sharply at Raleon and Reth. "What is this about evil twigs?" Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "We encountered some evil fey to the...west? of here. A corrupted dryad and some blights I believe they were called." Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Maybe being a hermit has its advantages...I just don't see any outside the fashionable hair accessories. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 The bowman shakes his head. "Evil and death are everywhere these days." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The group continues for a while, at which time Nikaias lets Reth know that you are within an hour of their known territory. At such time, Reth casts Pass without Trace. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox didn't like where this conversation was going. "Have you noticed this troll wearing anything unique or unusual?" Tangora99809/15/2019 "I believe it's all part of something bigger...something unknown waiting to happen upon this world. But that is a conversation for another time." Ayden09/15/2019 Knox notices his tin armor stop squeaking as much. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "So... it's her yet again..." the gnome mutters. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "At least you shall all perish with... impeccable hair," Niakaias murmurs. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome looks at Niakaias' hair. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 Thayrin appears to snort in amusement at the new guys comment. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Nikaias's hair is rather disheveled but smooth and very slightly curly. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Elves always look their best you know," Raleon smirked. "Jealous?" TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "The jealous burn in the fires of hell," Nikaias states firmly. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 With a group average of 30.5 and no one rolling under the passive perception of the standard venom troll (12), you make your way through the swamp for close to forty minutes before all of you (stealth = 10, not even beating the passive of Knox) notice a troll keeping watch, trying to be somewhat hidden but not doing a good job of it. It is about 20 yards ahead. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome falls silent and lets the experts lead the way through the swamp. He concentrates on his environment, peering about. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "...so is that a yes?" Raleon arches a brow, his smirk never faultering. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 This is what you see: Ayden09/15/2019 Knox feels like he's keeping up with the group and ignores the banter going on. Then he sees the troll... TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "Beautiful, aren't they?" Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Any specific plans or shall we get initiative? Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Romra Egam" the gnome passes his hands about him and places one hand on his chest. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Yup, simply gore--no Thayrin I didn't want to look at them--oh gods is that a nipple or a wart?" the elf gags, looking completely in a different direction as he speaks. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Sroetem Etunim S'flem" The gnome intones as he lifts his hand from his chest and circles it around himself in a circle. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust prepares himself for battle, waiting for someone else to make the first move. Mortal Player09/15/2019 Six tiny meteors circle the gnome now. "I'm ready now," he says. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 The assassin simply shifts silently on his feet awaiting the que for him to go out and do his thing. He does however smirk slightly at his twins ranting of the oh so lovely figure he was currently looking at. Disgruntled Tea09/15/2019 After a quick glance at his group of merry friends, the silent elf once again shifts slightly and silently pulls his blades from their place. After a few brief moments of eyeing the distance he gracefully launches into what he does best. Getting the jump on things that should really pay more attention for assholes like himself. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Thayrin does what he does best--stick them with the pointy end and make them regret life choices. The damage is solid, both attacks peircing through bulbous tissue and managing to dig fairly deep, doing 43 points of damage. Two problems arise, however: He is still standing, and as the blades pierce the skin, a spray of violet, soapy/slimy gunk sprays out and hits Thayrin in the face, doing a total of 24 points of damage. The venom troll is surprised this round and loses his attack, but he is no longer surprised as of moving to Knox Ayden09/15/2019 Knox sees what happened to Thayrin and charges in with shield in front of him. Like a freight train hitting a barn house, Knox attempts to push the creature to the ground. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Knox does indeed slam into the troll like a freight train, taking it off guard. It bowls over, giving others an advantage to hit in melee. Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust tosses his ioun stone into the air, summoning it’s power to heal Thayrins recent wounds, then staying silent, to not draw attention. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon slips closer with ease, with a flick of his wrist, he draws his flamed sword. "UGH, you fucking cesspool. Be cursed by wrathful flames!" he curses in elvish. His red eye burns with anger at seeing his twin harmed, red hot flames draw up from his blade's metal and scorch the beast. With a swift jump back he disengages the troll with a flourish of footwork. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Raleon comes in with his sneak attack, missing on one shot but hitting with the other. When he hits the creature, Raleon, Thayrin, and Knox all take 14 damage from the venom spraying out. Reth charges ahead, and attacks three times (2 attacks and bonus) against the troll, looking to cut it down. He hits twice (17, 14, 27) for a total of 22 damage. However, his attacks cause more venom to spray out, hitting Knox, Thayrin, and himself for 26 points of damage Ayden09/15/2019 Knox falls unconscious. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Knox unconscious after 40 damage? Ayden09/15/2019 Exactly 40. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome moves forward 25' carefully eyeing the area around the troll... Mortal Player09/15/2019 The meteors circling the gnome begin to streak forward impact the ground near the Troll, where they explode, hitting the troll with a fiery blast. A meteor impacts on the oppsite side of the the troll, exploding with fire! Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The meteor is a real close call, but the flames just miss unconscious companions. The troll, somehow makes its save (nat 20, total 21), rolling away from much of the fire, bellowing in pain. It takes four damage. Here is the good news and bad news: Good: The fire damage will stop its regeneration on its next turn, as those who are close and still awake noticed that it seemed to be healing. Bad: The fire causes venom to squirt. Knox and Thayrin lose 2 saves and Reth takes 6 damage TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Eyes wide, Nikaias rushes over to Knox and places his hands on him, a glowing light casting over the paladin. Ayden09/15/2019 His eyes snap open as warmth flows back into his limbs. Thankful, yet worries all the same as he tries to regain his surroundings. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The troll rolls from the fire and gets back up to his feet. It looks disoriented and rather upset The troll looks between Reth and Nikaias and decides to go after Reth, swinging twice with claws then attempting to bite. It only manages to claw Reth once (18) with the other missing (13) as well as the bite missing (11). The claw does 10 damage total, taking Reth to 42, leaving him with 15hp. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox uses his reaction to raise his shield and force the troll to attack with disadvantage. Reroll the 18. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 It rolled better (19) and thus still hit Tangora99809/15/2019 Drawing power from the Ioun stone above his head, Aust sends forth divine light into Thayrin’s body, breathing the life back into him. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 ...now Thayrin coughs up the poison. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 You yell at the troll to grovel, starting with emphasis but then ending with a squeak of gnomish, which the troll ignores, as it doesn't speak gnome. 😛 Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome glances at Aust. Ayden09/15/2019 Knox uses cure wounds on himself. Tangora99809/15/2019 “Damn...” Aust mutters as he lowers his hand from the failed spell, preparing himself for his backup plan. Aust looks at Artimus and just shrugs. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth yells at Raleon, "get your brother out!" Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome stares at his companions who are not moving away from the creature, "Can you guys not stand right next to it please?" Ayden09/15/2019 Knox pulls his shield tight, hoping the others can get safe or finish this. Tangora99809/15/2019 “Range is our best Friend here! Move so we can smite this beast!” Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon looks back and forth between Reth and Thayrin. His heart was pounding in his chest faster and faster as his fingers trembled. The smell of poison and acid bubbling at the ground below him and the sound of his brother coughing below him. With a clench of his jaw, he eventually hauled ass towards his brother. "Don't you dare do anything stupid you fucking idiot! I swear--if you get yourself killed I'll revive you just to kill you myself!" he spits at the ranger as he hooks his arms beneath his twin and hauls him up the best he can, which isn't great, but luckily he's quicker on his feet than the brute is and gets away with his twin in tact. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 True to the Ranger being how he is, he does not make a the most survival oriented choice for himself, but goes to keep the creature away from others, engaging it in a grapple. He succeeds (20 vs 8). The trolls movement is dropped to 0. As he does so, he yells at Knox: "Get out of here!" Mortal Player09/15/2019 Meteors continue to streak from the gnome and explode around the troll... "I guess you idiots didn't notice that the thing regenerates up until damaged by the fire I hit it with... Can you make some space!" The gnome will also move closer to 25' away fromt he troll, but diagonally so that he is 15' away from the nearest ally. But also I think this puts all allies within 30' of the gnome. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The acid kick back does 11 damage to Reth and Knox. Reth has 1hp left! TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Wincing, Nikais unleashes an arrow from his bow, striking down the troll. "I told you fools not to get close." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The arrow launches out and does 11 damage, which drops it from the 3hp it had left. Due to the fire from the mage, it will not regenerate However, Reth and Knox take 5 more damage, which is enough to put both back to unconscious (Knox again >>) Ayden09/15/2019 Knox falls back to the ground. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth slumps over as well Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Uuuuuugh!! Idiot!" Raleon growls as he tugs Thayrin to the cleric as he regains consciousness and begins to breath normally. The elf rushes to the other's side and begins slapping his cheeks. "Hey--Hey! Get up you stupid ranger!" Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The troll flops over, falling to the ground. Reth slides off its back, venom sticking to his face. Reth is unresponsive, as he is at 0hp Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Fuck, fuck..." Raleon curses and pops open one of his potions with his teeth, carefully trying to feed it to him. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Should restore 2d4+2 Reth is back awake at 8hp. He asks, "We get the fucker?" Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust reaches out to Thayrin extending some white light from his palms, chanting. Knitting his wounds back together. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth, sitting up and shaking out the cobwebs, notices that the Paladin is down again and everyone is looking rough around the edges. "Get everyone together who needs healing." A pained grunt, then, "Group hug." Tangora99809/15/2019 Sucking the last of the power from the Ioun stone, Aust sends a bout of light to Knox, healing him for what he can. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome moves forward and kicks the ranger, "Not thanks to you," he glares ominously, four more meteors still orbiting the gnome. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon glares down at him, his fingers wrapping around the glass tightly. "I'm so mad at you..." he hisses as he clenches his jaw and slaps his cheek. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome examines the troll and the poison. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth shrugs, "I was trying to give the paladin an opening to move." Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust remains away from the group hug. “Thank you for that noble gesture of self sacrifice, but this was a shit show!” Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Everyone who needs it gets back 9 from a healing spirit Tangora99809/15/2019 “What kind of adventurers are you? There were almost three casualties from one beast. We need to be more careful.” Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Actually, 12 not 9 Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Oh can it, priest. Decisions are not always easy on the front lines," Raleon snips back. "Though some mistakes were made, I'll admit that. We should have stuck with the plan of ranged." he sighed with defeat. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome sees Aust examining the poison, "What do you think, Aust?" and he moves closer to compare notes. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon rubs his face. "Sorry I just... I'm still hyped up." Tangora99809/15/2019 “Hmm. It seems that the poison this beast uses is highly concentrated, but will only create lasting affects with penetration and entrance into the bloodstream.” “Everyone should be fine.” Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Reth uses another cure light wounds on himself. "Do we want to press on, or rest for a short while?" Tangora99809/15/2019 “And apologies for my scorning, but lives are indeed at stake.” TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Nikaias breathes outward harshly. "It seems our lives are even more at at stake after that debacle." Tangora99809/15/2019 “If we could take a few moments of recovery, that would be ideal. Do you think the girl will survive for a few more moments Nikaias?” Mortal Player09/15/2019 "I don't know that we have much time for a rest." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon wets his lips. "You should rest. New guy, you're familiar with this area aren't you? Can you scout with me?" TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "I will scout with you. Perhaps for an hour, my niece will be kept alive for now." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Give our party an hour and we'll be back up. We were reckless before, but we'll be more careful this time. We'll do all we can to help your niece, I promise," Raleon nods. Tangora99809/15/2019 “I will stay here and tend to the wounded for now.” Aust says, pulling out his medical kit. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "I can use the spell Pass without Trace." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon nods to Aust then turns to Nikaias. "If you think it's necessary, but I'm fairly stealthy. If it's just us I think we should be fine. What spells do you have?" Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 While you are discussing plans, a raven swoops into the camp and lands on Nikaias's shoulder TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "Aha you are back!" Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "...Is that... a bird I hear?" Raleon squints. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 It squawks loudly Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome carefully considers the options, "I think maybe we should keep the Pass without Trace for the group. I'll try to figure out more about the creature, but please, be very careful and come back immediately if anything critical is happening. I am unharmed." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "My raven familiar, Stormy. He is pleased to meet you." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon covers an ear. "Definitely a bird...." Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome regards the Raven carefully, "How well does your Raven familiar see at night?" Meanwhile the clockwork bird emerges from the gnome's backpack and flies up into a nearby tree. TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "It is a raven, not an owl, unfortunately," Nikaias says regretfully. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome nods and looks up at the sky. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Nikaias will likely notice his elf companion has not removed his sunglasses during the night at this point as they start off into the dark swamps. Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 During the short rest, Reth uses 4 hit dice and gets back to full health TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "How do you see with those?" Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome's meteors disappate and he contiues to examine the troll body. He pulls books out of his bookbag and consults them. He queries Aust about the biology of the troll for additional insights. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon glances towards the direction of Nikaias and his bird. "With what? Oh, the glasses. I don't. I'm completely blind." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "They should have a pretty clear night and Halin is still full tonight." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 Nikaias looks intrigued and amused. "So you see with magic then? Well, one must still be fashionable while blind, I suppose." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Nope. I just got these yesterday from a random merchant because they look cool," the elf laughed. "They apparently help me help people as well." "No, I see with my ears and my nose. Spend a full century blind and you start to see the world in different ways...sometimes. I still can't read... Though I can see through my twin's eyes when we are close," he explained then grinned. "Though I'm still a better shot than most humans." Tangora99809/15/2019 Aust continues to path up Thayrin and Knox, while occasionally going over to speak with Artimus about the troll, and examine the orifices from which it secretes the poison. Patch* TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "How impressive. I have heard some blind people see better than most can with eyes," Nikaias says. "Well, let us see what we can find." Mortal Player09/15/2019 "If I could get a better identification on the poison type. I can narrow my search and maybe find out other important details about the troll, " says the gnome.... Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Thank you, it's taken many years to get this far. Though they say elves have a tendency to obsess over getting good at one thing... I have to say, traveling through cities are much easier than nature though. I'll try not to slow you down," he apologizes in advance. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Oh, what's that? I see..." the gnome listens to any information from Aust and thumbs thoruhg his books, "Yes, yes...that would mean..." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 The pair are doing well with sneaking (14 and 26). It takes about ten minutes for them to find the venom troll's little encampment. There, they find little bundles of rags on the ground, just a few years away from a squat, poorly crafted hut. The hut itself is closed, with smoke rising from a flue that exits the structure. Outside the hut is a small cage, and within that cage a little girl. Outside the hut, there are two more trolls. Both are sitting about ten feet away from the hut, keeping an eye out while talking to each other. Their language is gutterral and choppy (Giant speech), as Nik can understand it, he overhears bits and and pieces about the upcoming "sacrifice" and that they are "hungry" but "Mother won't let us eat yet." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "There is my niece," Nikaias whispers. "So she is still alive after all." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 Nik can also see the image of his deceased daughter, still pale with blood weeping from her nose, mouth, eyes, and ears, hair coated in the venom. She points at the girl, and then the hut. (This is something only he sees) Tangora99809/15/2019 “Ahhh, yes! Right here.” Aust says, helping Artimus reach a realization, and reaching a gloved Hand deep into the trolls venom holes, and pulling out some sort of organ. Mortal Player09/15/2019 The gnome takes little bits of the trolls flesh and subjects it to various experiments... firebolt, frostbite, etc, carefully observing the results and scribbling notes on pieaces of paper. "Oh, wow, what is that?!?" asks the gnome, staring at the organ. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "If we can get them away from the cage... I can get it open no problem," Raleon explains quietly. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "Also, I've determined that acid will also stop the regeneration process." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "I believe.. I believe there may be others in the hut." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "Perhaps, but we don't have to fight them. We can run. It's up to you. I won't push you one way or another..." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "We may have to make a run for it. If the troll Shaman is even half as dangerous as the guard, we may have no choice." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 "We shouldn't attempt to fight if we can avoid it. We need to get her to safety. We need a distraction. I can light fires or throw rocks... We just need to make a clear get away. You have a bird right? It's pretty fast?" Tangora99809/15/2019 “This appears to possibly be on of the organs that creates and contains the venom!” Aust marvels with Artimus. Prince of Fate09/15/2019 For once, Thayrin seems actually interested in the conversation over the thing that nearly killed him. He squats close by and prods at the troll's body with a stick. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "I wonder if that would be useful for the creation of an anitvenom?" marvels the gnome. "Or possibly a component in a powerful poison spell." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "My Stormy is fast enough to help. With the others, we just may be able to rescue her... but we must make sure not to touch the venom again. That is how my daughter died... I tried to kill the troll taking her, but instead, i killed my daughter." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon is quiet for a moment then offers. "We'll save her this time. You have us now. Do you want to head back or try something now? We don't know when they'll move." TheHummingbird09/15/2019 "We are only two. She looks safe for now. Let us return quickly and then strike." Tangora99809/15/2019 “Very possibly. But unfortunately, offensive spells and spell components are not my forte. Nor does the anti venom. I usually rely on my healing and restorative energies.” Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Raleon gives a nod then slowly slinks back. "Speed with us then." Tangora99809/15/2019 “Though I would be open to learning and assisting, as I know about curing poisons affecting individuals.” Mortal Player09/15/2019 "I think it requires a kit..." "Herbalism" "We need a better plan to deal with these creatures... now I see a few options...." Prince of Fate09/15/2019 Thayrin slowly grabs the vial from earlier and carefully drips some inside of the bottle, swishing some of it around, studying it. Mortal Player09/15/2019 "I can take a Hypnotic Pattern and try to charm every troll in an area. Or I could try to put a Tongues spell on you and you can throw out Command spells..." Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 As the two scouts prepare to return, the door to the hut swings open. From within the structure, an even larger, uglier, and vaguely female version of these trolls steps out. She says to the two outside (in Giant): "It is time! Bring her in and strap her down. When the moon reaches its peak in the sea of the ancestors, we will be blessed, and then feast!" One of the two trolls runs to assist with taking a kicking and screaming little girl into the hut, while the other remains outside, keeping watch. Looking upward in with a growing sense of desperation, you realize that you have less than an hour until the moon reaches the peak of its ascent... and this is where we will pick up on September 29th! Acies ab Vesania09/15/2019 And so, our adventures reached Dawnrest, just in time to witness the latest kidnapping that seems to be an ongoing problem for this small community. They met with a new ally, a strange, barely present man who is haunted by his past. They came upon their first troll and made the mistake of not heeding the warning that melee with such creatures is rather painful, and nearly lost several party members to that threat. They did manage to overcome the threat, and while others rested and studied, Raleon and Nikaias found the troll's homestead, where they spied up until they found the ritual is beginning. Pressed against a clock, they must find a way to take out this threat before another one is lost to the evil trolls. Will they stop them in time? Will they save the girl? Will they avoid getting sprayed by venom over and over? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  14. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 When we last left off, Art, Raleon, and Reth went to visit The Bear, to discuss the recent events in the region as well as to get a feel for the leader of this seemingly normal (and not in crisis) village. After a meeting with a his wife, they were introduced in passing to a man who seemed even more ground in nature than Reth (thought perhaps to be a druid). Art and Reth spoke with "The Bear" while Raleon attempted to rescue a cat from a tree, which actually went according to plan up until he tried to snuggle with the cat--his biggest mistake. He returned to the group sporting fresh scratches. They finished their conversation and have returned to the inn to retrieve everyone else, ready to set out on the road. Mortal Player09/01/2019 Teh gnome heads to his room and takes a bit to prepare for the journey, making sure he has the right spells for travel, before returning to the common room to rejoin everyone and set out. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth stays downstairs to wait Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon stays downstairs with Reth, still seeming to brood over his missing cat. He leans over a table with a puffed cheek, flicking crumbs off the table. Mortal Player09/01/2019 Artimus does not take long. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 The others show up downstairs, ready to go. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon has his head on the table, walking his fingers along the ledge. "Mmmm..." He grumbles. Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome looks around... "well... I guess we should get a move on..." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth jumps up, ready to get out of town Prince of Fate09/01/2019 It takes a moment, but Raleon eventually moves to follow along with a bit less pep in his step. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I'm going to miss this town," comments the gnome. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth grunts. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 The elf settles in his saddle for a moment and grabs his reigns as the gnome comments. He takes a moment to think about it then nods. "Yes, it makes me a bit sad though. Makes me think what life could have been should the dragon not attacked the village. But, then I wouldn't be the elf I am today. Life continues on, flowing like a river, as do we." He clicks his tongue and his horse spurs on. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 After a bit of a lengthy pause, Reth finally adds, "It's nice as far as towns go." He seems to admit this begrudgingly. Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome retrieves his pony and mounts up. As the gnome rides out from Oxdale, he glances back and the well-trod ground where the Oxdale festival was held, "I imagine we would've held a festival in Chiwak much like this one." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 A chuckle leaves the moon elf. "We all know you had too much socialization. You're ready to hug all your tree and animal friends and avoid people." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth shrugs. "Trees are good huggers." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "But most don't have any arms," Raleon points out Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome smiles and lets his pony fall into a natural rythm following the ranger and the scouts. His eyes drift across the landscape as they ride, where portions of the nearby Mahtlohli Vale can be seen. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth says, "You'd have to hug one to understand." And puts his nose up. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Unless you're falling from one, then they have many arms," he added "In that case, I've had many tree hugs." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth laughs. "That's more a pat on the back for 'good job you clutz'" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Someone has to praise me for my talent of falling with style," he said as he puffed out his chest with pretend pride. Mortal Player09/01/2019 A clockwork bird pokes its head from out of the gnome's backpack, it tilts its head from side to side and then jumps out, soaring low along the road ahead before turning upward and climbing into the sky overhead. The gnome takes a moment to close his eyes as the bird circles above and then opens them, but the bird continues its flight. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 The trees ahead continue to thin out, gradually transitioning from dense forests into something more willowy and at home in marshes and swamps. Further to the east, he can see that there is pockets of open space with dark, murky waters. To the west is grasslands and spots of wooded glades. The road going on for the next few miles is clear, without any other travelers in sight. Every once a while, Reth asks for a pause, hops down, investigates the area just looking at the tracks and the terrain, and resumes riding. (Survival 11) Mortal Player09/01/2019 "It looks like the way is clear for now," says the gnome. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Looks like," says the blind man, drifting in the wrong direction for a moment. Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome stares at Raleon, "Hmm. If you had a familiar you would be able to perceive through its senses... I wonder..." the gnome drifts into thought as his gaze returns to the road ahead, but he ocasionally mumbles to himself, "Telepathy, hmm, can non-wizards form empathic connections? Hmm." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Hmm? Oh, Thayrin and I have that sort of link. I see through his eyes and we speak with one another. But for others we must use spells," Raleon explained. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Oh? I suspected something like that. Tell me, is it only eyesight that you can do? Or could you choose to hear through each others ears as well?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 He shook his head. "No, just see. Thayrin conveys any relevant information I need to know. Ironically enough, I typically catch things he doesn't seem to. Four eyes better than two I suppose." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "That's... curious. Are you able to sense emotions from each other via the link?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Mhmm, believe it or not, Thayrin actually has emotions. He's quite the baby," the elf grins wide as a piece of nature was thrown at his head. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "But do you sense the emotions directly or... infer them because you know each other so well?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Mm, it's hard to say at this point," Raleon gave a shrug. "I would say its empathy to the point of feeling it through another's perspective. We cant really hide much from one another, but we can shut one another out like a blocked signal." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Hmm, I wonder if a telepathic connection could be extended across many people. Although that could get confusing, I suppose." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Links...are hard to establish with multiple people. Thayrin tends to get headaches when he tries. Perhaps just a limit of the magic we know. We're no sages after all." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I suppose the ability to shut out other people is essetial in that case. Perhaps it would be simpler just to do telepathic communication... it's just that it could be highly advantageous to perceive through the senses of multiple people directly!" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon frowns. "I disagree. It's quite disorienting enough as it is to be in two places at once, but only be grounded in one." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Perhaps if they could send images or sounds by the power of thought." The gnome strokes his beard, "but I suppose you're right. Personally, I can't see and hear through my familiar unless I 'turn off' my vision and hearing in this body. I become, temporarily, blind. It's... an interesting experience." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "That's how Jovah and I speak. Though he's been quiet for the past few days. Which isnt like him..." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Ah! Well images and sounds and ... maybe memories? could convey a lot of information, especially if two people do not share a common language." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Yes. We share memories from time to time. He seems to also be aware of my mental state. He's called me a number of times. Offers advise. Embarrassing enough to say..." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "You've mentioned that before. It seems that you can't keep him from perceiving your mind?" "A lone traveler?" the gnome suddenly says aloud, "and pulling a hand cart? Intriguing. Thamesh recommended only traveling with a large group. Who would travel the road alone so close to dusk?" The gnome focuses on his companions, "Hmm. Sorry. There's someone about an hour away up the road." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Mm, yeah I have less control over him it seems," remarks the elf. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth shrugs. "Perhaps a fool. Or something not from here." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "I don't think we should detour for one guy with a cart." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Can't our tin-can over there at least sense if he's something more of a threat?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "I am not old," Raleon interjects aloud. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth looks at Art and lifts an eyebrow Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Hmm, well we haven't seen any patrols or other caravans... Whoever it is might be knowledgable about the area around here. We have no reason to avoid one person... unless he's something other than what he appears to be..." The gnome glances at Raleon and arches an eyebrow at Reth in return. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Knox reminds the group that he can use his divine sense once the person is within 60ft Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon remains oblivious his answer went to the "wrong chat". Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Well... err, Raleon, you certainly don't look old." "Do you think we should be sneaky or direct?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Of course I don't! That's what I told him. I'm only 126..." he grumbled. "As for the guy, I say we're direct, no sense of wasting time stealthing around when we have the higher number. If he's an ass, we kick ass, ride fast." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Sounds good. Let's do that." The gnome closes his eyes for a moment. And a moment becomes a few minutes. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon pokes Artimus' cheek Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Hey!" the gnome opens his eyes. He rubs his cheek. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "He's alive!" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Sorry about that. Did I miss something?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Reth was picking his nose, but that's about it." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 The closer the person gets, the easier it becomes to make out details. He is dressed in utilitarian style clothing with a travelers cloak. He is pulling a hand cart behind him, covered by something (a blanket, perhaps a leather canvas). He is strolling down the road, seems to be paying attention to the surroundings, keeping an eye out as he goes. Reth glares at Raleon. "I was not." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon grinned mischievously. Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome looks back and forth between Raleon and Reth, "Well, he's dressed in utilitarian clothing. His cart is covered and he's appears to be alert." The clockwork bird returns to Artimus' backpack and vanishes inside. The gnome waves his hands about and places one hand on his chest, "Romra Egam" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "I would too if I were alone, near night, traveling on the road with my things all in a cart. You only travel like that if you're desperate or stupid." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth says, "Maybe we should make camp, let him overtake us?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "He might ask to stay with us," he points out. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth shrugs Mortal Player09/01/2019 "We'll need to camp soon anyway and I'd be curious if he could supply any information about the road ahead." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon shrugs. "Makes no difference to me." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I can set up my Tiny Hut spell." "If you see a good place to camp, Reth, then let's set up camp." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth goes off to look. About ten minutes later he returns and says, "Nice clearing up this way, and a stream not far off either." (survival 21) Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Nice, we can water the horses," Raleon approves. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Okay!" The gnome begins to do his part setting up camp. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth gets a fire going for the group. While this is going on, Knox offers to stand by the road and keep watch, and use his sense on the man when he gets into range. Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome suggests that a second person keep watch in addition to Sir Knox.... perhaps Thayrin? Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon and Thayrin do some maintenance on their gear. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 New guy offers to stand by while the attendants help with camp set up Mortal Player09/01/2019 Perhaps Aust? Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 About another ten minutes in, Aust points something to Knox. Knox keeps a close eye until he comes into range, and then reaches out with the sense. He calls back to the group, "Nothing!". The man hears him and sees the two of the standing there and waves. They wave back. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon looks up from his sword with confusion, then realizes he meant he got no poor reads on him. He was slightly relieved, if not surprised. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 As he comes into view, you see a man who is about 5'7, Fescipate (local human race) with a saved head, a well-kept reddish brown beard and blue eyes. He is a decent looking fellow in his mid to late thirties by the looks of it. He has broad shoulders a bit of a larger build. He is wearing the previously described traveling clothes and cloak. He has on leather gloves and walking boots. He calls out to the group. "Ho there!" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon and Thayrin remain quiet, Thayrin staring at the man with suspicious eyes, Raleon seems to be staring at the ground. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 The man pulls up his cart along side the road and lowers his wagon. He sees the dome and whistles. "Well isn't that a neat way to travel. What brings you all out this way?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome watches the man from inside his Tiny Hut which has completed in about the time it took fo the man to arrive. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Our Paladin having fever dreams," Raleon teases with a run of his whetstone. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Greetings traveler!" A voice sounds from within the dome. "What brings you this way?" "We are traveling to Dawnrest." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Dawnrest? I just got back from up that way. I am making my way over to Oxford. How's the roads?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "The road has been clear. If you were hoping to attend the festival at Oxdale, then I'm afraid you just missed it. How does the road to Dawnrest fair? Any news from that town?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "The festival? I heard a rumor about it, but I wasn't too keen on being there myself. It's hard to get your wares noticed over festival goods. The way to Dawnrest has been fine. I keep hearing about increased trouble, but it hasn't found me yet." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "A merchant? But you don't want to sell at the festival? What sort of wares do you offer?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Demons and undead tend to cause a lot of trouble; we've dispatched several on our travels," Raleon inputs. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 To Art, "I like to think of myself as someone who specializes in giving people things they truly desire, rare and hard to find bits that just lift there spirits the right way." To Raleon, "Fiends and undead? Certainly a bit of trouble then. I take it you are all quite capable then to have removed such blights. I can see that you have to followers of the Mother here. Judging by this young man's bearing, I'd wager he's a paladin." He nods to Knox. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Aye," he replies, seeming to pick up Reth's habit of phrase. "That's our tin can. Second one's new. Cleric, I think." Raleon replies, Thayrin still watching him, glancing to where he nods at while Raleon doesn't bother looking away from the fire. "I say we're fairly well traveled at this point. Fought several nasties at this point. Always can get stronger though." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "You must be confident to travel solo - a rare thing to see these days. What's is your name good sir?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He nods to each as they are pointed out. "Indeed one can. I am a firm believer in in self improvement." He turns to Art, "I am Benedict Crewe, and I guess it would be fair to say that I too have become... More skilled at taking care of myself over the years. " Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Have you always traveled alone?" Raleon asks curiously with a head tilt. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Mostly, yes. Spending time of the roads is probably half of why my marriage still works. Will and I tend to start butting heads when we spend too much time together, so its nice to get a little space for each of us." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Yikes, sounds complicated," Raleon raises his eyebrows. "As long as you're both still having fun though I suppose. They not like the roads? I can't imagine being with someone who didn't. Never settled down anywhere long enough to stay with someone myself." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Oh no, Will's a total homebody. I barely get him to go out on date nights much anymore. The older we get, the more cantankerous he gets." He smiles warmly. "Speaking of how dangerous these roads can be, you mind if we share the space tonight? I can make dinner in exchange." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Are you looking for a safe place to spend the night?" "How about you share some stories of your journeys with us in exchange!" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Stories are great too, but cooking is no trouble, I enjoy it." He reaches under the canvas and pulls out a cooking pot and some utensils. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Is Will waiting for you in Oxdale?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "No, I'm a long ways from home. I'm from a little town on the West coast, a long way from here." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon snickers. "Reth usually cooks for us. Really he's a great house wife." Raleon wears a shit eating grin. "But I wouldn't mind trying something new. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the break." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "The longer the journey the more interesting the story! Please, do tell!" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Reth just grunts. Says, "All I saw was a squirrel." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Do you have another hair accessory now?" The elf smirks crookedly. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 The man starts setting up his "workstation," pulling out red potatoes, cutting them into small cube shapes and dropping them into the pot. He then slices up cured meats (think Kielbasa) and tossing it in with some butter, pepper, salt, and some other exotic looking herbs and spices. Before long, he has something started that smells wonderful. "What takes you all to Dawnrest?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "There are fewer safe places to rest these days. We do hope Dawnrest is safe. Have all your travels been uneventful and safe?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "This leg hasn't given me too much trouble, but over the years I have ran into a fair amount of trouble. In years past, it was mostly just bandits, but more recently there's been some stranger encounters. When I was on my way to the capital I was attacked by some hungry looking Lizard folk, and later I had a bad run in with a pack of gnolls. After I went through the capital it's been fairly quiet." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Thayrin's interest has been peeked and he's near the pot like a impatient child sneaking into the kitchen. Raleon nods. "Brother and I heard something about those. Something about them eating people?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Both are like to do it, though the Lizard Folk leave people alone when their hunting is going well. They're a strange long. Not really evil, just view everyone as potential food and makes decision based on how difficult you are to hunt. Gnolls on the other hand," he shudders, "They'll attack you for the joy of it." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 The elf nods, "Hardly more than animals. We had a run in with a few of them when Chiwak got torched. Following a red dragon that set up roost there we believe." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "How many lizardfolk and gnolls were you attacked by? Are their groups large?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Are you referring to the town that was attacked by a dragon? I thought that might have just been a rumor." "Four lizard folk made a jump at me, but I managed to dissuade their attempts. I got hit up by Gnoll backs twice. The first I think had a group of four and the second maybe six?" Been a couple weeks, so the details are getting fuzzy." He starts handing out the food. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "By attacked you mean decimated, then yes. Though it was no rumor I'm afraid. Town's gone. Real as the hags and evil fey that were up north," Raleon nods as he takes his bowl. "Thanks, smells delicious... What is it? Thayrin slow down--you're going to choke." Moments later Thayrin seems to have burned his tongue. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "That's awful. An entire town in one swoop? And what about hags." "Glad he appreciates it. I've never heard a name for this dish, just something my mother used to make. Fills you up." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Is there any word as to why they are being so aggressive of late?" Unfortunately, objects cannot enter the Tiny Hut. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Yeah... seems so surreal, but that's what happened. Burned up by the time we even got back to it. We were just outside the border setting up for a festival. Came out of nowhere. As for the hags, there was a lake up north from it, Lake Puny was it? I don't know. Some hags had settled out on an island up there, missing people. We went and took care of 'em. A night hag too just a few towns up. She was feeding off the people there, making them go crazy. Took care of her too. Luckily it was only the one." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He sits back on his haunches, taking it all in. "Things really have gone downhill then. I knew it seemed a little worse, but that's the way it is when you travel a lot. You have good years and bad years. But if what you're saying is the norm and not an unusual set of experiences, the road is getting that much more dangerous. Maybe it is time I think about retiring." He ponders it a moment, shaking his head. "Will would be happier, but I love my time out here. I truly find pleasure in trying to connect others with things that they truly desire." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon arches a brow. "Yeah things have kinda been in a shit hole recently I have to admit. Normally Thayrin and I travelled by ourselves for... hell decades, but now it seems wise to try for numbers. Don't get down though. I'm sure a merchant's guild would be interested in your services. They often have hired help to escort them places, not to say you're not capable, but ...help is nice when dealing with this shit." He gestures around. "I'm sure Will wouldn't want you to give up what you love. Plus, I'm sure you have plenty of years left in you--though I can't really tell how old you are. You sound...Mid-thirties? Human, right?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome considers the food, but ultimately sets it aside. If one could see inside, the gnome would appear lost in thought. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Pretty close, I'm 38 just this last month." "That's the trouble isn't it? I like helping others find what they want. And that's what I really want. But the conditions out here are making that a difficult dream to keep realizing." He gives a defeated shrug. "I get the feeling there will be a lot of disappointment going around. But what of you? You haven't said yet what takes you to Dawnrest. It's not much of a vacation spot." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Thayrin stares at the food with desire, but then seems to resign and leave the gnome to munch on it later. He mentally messages him with a voice strangely unheard as it rarely spoke. "Everything alright?" "Dawnrest isn't where I'm headed. I want to go to Villeurcourt. They might have someone there who might heal my eyes and my brother's voice," he waved his hand in front of his face then frowns. "But we have a bit of a detour..." he looks over towards Knox. "Knox had some sort of fever dream, says some angel's dying in the mountains east of here... So we have to go there first." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Hmm? what?" The gnome looks around and frowns, "Oh." "We all have different places we want to go. We might as well see them all. that's why I want to know everything there is to know about the roads to the East." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Thayrin arches a brow. "You're spaced out there for a minute..." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Personally, I want to see the University at Klevaprag." "Just thinking." "It must be nice to be able to travel the roads all by yourself and not be concerned about other people." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "You didn't answer my question... Everything alright?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I didn't know anything was wrong." The gnome furrows his brow, "I have to say that you are a bit of a mystery Benedict. You're a merchant, but you don't want to sell at festivals. You want to give people what they want, but you enjoy time away from your partner. It's a dangerous world, but you travel alone." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Klevaprag, I passed by there about three weeks back. A friendly sort running that place. I must admit I don't encounter gnomes terribly often. They were entertaining a special guest, and I they were most pleased when I was able to provide them with a rare pastry the gentleman favored. I think his name was Emeritus, or something like it." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Pastries?" Raleon arched a brow. "You must have quite the assortment of wares." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "I said I am in the business of making people happy. It takes an assortment of items to accomplish that." Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome laughs, "There are a few with that honorary title. Did you acquire any interesting items in Klevaprag?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Alright, call me interested," Raleon gave a smile. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Well, the most important question is, what is you want? What motivates you? I know you mentioned your sight earlier, and unfortunately that's outside my abilities, but thinking along those lines, what is about your sight that you seek? What will it do for you?" Though Raleon cannot see it, he is watching him intently. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Ah, you are right, one of those who seemed his equal called him Argest." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Oh?" The gnome within the Hut raises an eyebrow. "Argest? He was at Klevaprag? How was he doing? Was there a Symposium?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 The elf gives a soft laugh. "Nor do I expect you to. I've been looking over a century for someone who can restore what was taken from us. No, no. I don't expect it from anyone, but I can hope someone can. As for my motivations and desires? Those are some tough questions." He takes a moment to think and folds his hands, leaning on his knees. He wets his lips then nods with a bit of a smile. "Well not to get too deep here, but I just want to make the world a better place. Stick up for those who can't fight. Protect the weak and the poor like Robinhood. To prove myself to others. Live life to the fullest. Fall madly in love and do the stupidest things to catch their attention," he laughs at himself at the last one with a crooked grin. There's passion in his words, true heartfelt meaning in the desire to improve the world. "As for my sight..." His smile falters, and he looks at Benedict with hauntingly accuracy. There's a bit of pain to his eyes as he gets a bit real with him. "I just...wish to experience the world how others see it. Colors. People. I want them to be more than sounds and smells. I wish to look into the eyes of the one I love and become lost. See the stars and moons beauty and spend hours stargazing as the wolves howl. Watch the sun rise and fall with a good book. Simple things are what I miss. Not to mention I could be trusted to take a leak on my own and not get lost," he cracks the seriousness with a joke. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "I don't know about that. They didn't share their business dealings with me, just asked if I happened to be carrying around this hard to find pastry he likes that you can usually only find in port towns because it comes from Centre. Of course, I was able and happy to oblige." Benedict sits and listens and though he cannot see it, Raleon can sense that he is truly listening. Hearing every word, no judgments, no waiting to speak, just hearing what the other person has to say. He smiles with him, and laughs too at the joke about taking care of one's business without needing an escort. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon grins at him laughing. "Don't even get me started on when I go to shops. They always seem to ask 'what can't you read boy!?' No! No I can't!" he laughs. "You think I would ask you how much something was or what it was named if I could see the sign?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 Inside the hut, the gnome furrows his brow, "Huh." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "And those are all wonderful, achievable things. I can see it in you, I can sense it. You walk a path that will someday let you achieve those things. But perhaps I have something that might aid you a little further." He gets up and heads to the cart. He rummages around, moving around objects, clinking metal and at some point it sounds like causing something glass to break. He chuckles and chastises himself, and returns with a most peculiar set of spectacles. "I can sense that you are bothered by those who fail to notice your lack of sight, and I too can sense your desire to help people. I happen to have an item that seems like it best go with you." https://www.julbo.com/media/catalog/product/cache/image/700x700/e9c3970ab036de70892d86c6d221abfe/7/5/7591Principale.jpg "These will make it clear to others that perhaps something is amiss. But, these are no ordinary spectacles. They have a light augmentation magic about them, and when you are out trying to do go, helping others, they will enhance your words." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "So... you sell items of a magical nature? I suppose that makes sense..." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 As the man compliments him, Raleon scratches the back of his head bashfully with a chuckle. As he leaves, Raleon's ears perk at the glass shattering. "Everything alright...?" The man soon comes back and his curiosity is still peeked, ears twitching slightly as he listens. "It's not that I'm terribly bothered, if anything it makes for great jokes, but it does get a touch annoying. I've had 106 years to get used to being blind, so I'd like to say I'm the best blind man there ever was, but I'm still blind." He furrows his brows then the corner of his lip raises. "Ben. I'm not calling you full of shit, but just how do glasses help you enhance your words...with light?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "I sell a variety of things, from pastries to trinkets to rare finds." "It's strange, I know, but they have a way of, helping with your presence and confidence. Go ahead and try them on." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon suspiciously takes the goggles? glasses? and feels them over for a moment. Then with a shrug he puts them on. "Oh they have weird handlebars...do these go around your ear?" After settling them on his face, he wiggles his nose as they adjust and then looks over at Reth. "What'd'ya think? Do I look suave?" He pushes up the glasses as the typical bookworm does. "Am I an intellectual yet?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Raleon finds that in a strange way, they seem to contour and move to perfectly rest on his face. He does feel a little bit of something, like a bounciness that makes him feel more confident about speaking. Reth grunts and then says, "Actually, they're kinda neat." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Do you have mechanical part for tinkering?" Prince of Fate09/01/2019 With a bit of a strange feeling, he wiggles his nose again as they fit to his face. "They're...quite comfortable," he comments then shakes his head a bit, then more vigorously to test how well they stay on. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He taps his chin and then goes back to his cart, tossing things around, more clanking, loud noises, and then returns with a small tool box. He opens it up and reveals a full set of tinker's tools made of mithral. "These should last you decades, if cared for." The glasses remain on without budging. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Hmm, I guess those tools would be lighter to carry around. Do you have anything that would allow me to carry around a lot of books? I'm trying to rebuild a library." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 Having an aha moment, he says, "Oh you said parts, not tools. Hold on." He returns to his cart and comes back with a large armful of gears, cogs, mechanical parts, metal wire, and metal pieces. "Something to help with holding books to rebuild a library. That's a large task." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Oh ho! Mechanical Parts!" "I do a lot of research. So I'm always needing unusual things, spell components, scrolls, scroll materials, mechanical parts, rare books, etc." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "I think I have something that can help with your books, at least get you started. A library contains a multitude of books, and carry a library's worth would be very difficult." He goes back to the back of the wagon, and this time returns with a leather book bag. "How many books have you got right now?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Can I use a few for demonstration?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Okay, let's see it!" and I guess the gnome has to exit the Tiny Hut to really do this. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He takes a few books from you. This bag as slots for four books. Yet, he puts not just one book into each slot, but puts five into a single slot, stacking them on top. As he does so, the other one just pushes further in, sliding down with ease. "Each slot holds five standard size books. You can carry twenty books in this bag and the bag will never weigh more than a pound." Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome lifts the bag of books, "Not bad. Although it's true that 20 books is not a lot compared to a library." "If you give me a moment, I'll verify the enchantments." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Twenty is certainly only a very small start, but it will allow you to transport some between sites and keep the most important books with you tucked safely." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Hmm... Interesting. They stay in place very well," Raleon comments...shaking his head as if to try it simply to do it at this point. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "And when you want a specific book," he says the title of the first book he put in and the book pops up from the bag, "the right one comes to you." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "That's a nice litle perk." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 When Art identifies the bag, it is as described. Similar make to bags of holding, but only accepts books. Can hold 20 books (about a hundred pounds) and weighs a pound. Also gives easy access. Seems to have enchantment and conjuration origins. The glasses require attument, give +2 to charisma skills checks when doing something to help others, and made to stay on the head unless the wearer chooses to remove them (includes letting others take them off). They have enchantment and transmutation properties. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "So what do you want in return for these items?" asks the gnome. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Seconded," Raleon quipped. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He thinks for a brief moment. "For the tinkering materials and the tool set, I could settle for 50 gold. For your book bag... I want you to rebuild your library. And for you and those glasses? Help people." "The world needs more good folks doing good things. It sounds like this is true now more than ever." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Well that is the goal, but don't you want anything in return?" Raleon cocked his head to the side. "I don't mind paying for something if it helps you and Will." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "It's fine, we're quite comfortable as is. What I could use is a good night's sleep, so if there is one more thing you want to offer, mind keeping watch while I get a full night's rest?" Mortal Player09/01/2019 "That seems like the least we could do." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon smirked. "He asks the blindman to keep watch, after giving him glasses to help people know he's blind," he snickered. "Sure, we can keep watch. Thayrin can you hand me my bag?" Thayrin hands the elf his bag and he rummages for a moment. "Here, I can't take them without at least something." He hands over a book that hadn't been seen since the first session of the game. The Many Shades of BDSM. He winks. "It's a fun read I assure you. Might get some fun out of it. Has lots of fun rope tying techniques. If anything they're good to know just to tie up assholes who try and rob ya." Mortal Player09/01/2019 The gnome will purchase the materials and tools. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 He actually flips through the book and says, "Hmm, might be a good read, if not, it just might be what someone else is looking for." And he goes off to read it before going to bed. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon sets out to take watch. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I also have a bunch of odd things. If you think any would be useful: broken hag trinket, 3 blight needles, a kobold's dagger, a bag of caltrops, my (non-mythril) Tinker's Tools." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Hmm, well, if you want to trade your old tools I am sure I can find a home for them." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Sure." The gnome hands over the old Tinker Tools. Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "A fair trade then." The night goes by without interruption. In the morning time, everyone is awakened to little baked crisps made from oatmeal and raspberries. They are steaming hot and just a perfect balance of sweet and savory. Benedict is packing up his belongings. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 Raleon sniffs the air and handed the crisp by his brother. "Oh, how nice. Reth your housewife skills are being challenged," the elf teases as he munches on the crisp. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Safe journey's Benedict. Is it okay to stay in touch?" Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "Sure, should we cross paths, or your skills advance to that level, feel free to check in." Mortal Player09/01/2019 "Great! Thanks again!" The gnome tries some breakfast. Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Oh, my name is Raleon by the way, so you know when the bards sing great ballads of my tales," the elf chuckled. "It was nice to share a fire with you. Thank you again for the lovely food." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 "And thank you. Make sure you set out to achieve your goals." and with that, he heads off for Oxdale. Mortal Player09/01/2019 "I'm pretty sure the Bard is claiming all the glory for herself though." Prince of Fate09/01/2019 "Well...that is the goal." He nods to himself. "Oh for sure, but there are other bards ya know." Acies ab Vesania09/01/2019 And so, after a safe day of travel, the group encountered a traveler on the road, a purveyor of rare goods he describes as things to help others fulfill their greatest desires. After some conversations and a shared fire, he gifted to Raleon a pair of glasses to make more evident to others his blindness as well as give him a little more charm with his skills. To Art, he provided a book bag that will allow him to store twenty books in a much smaller space, making carrying some of his load that much easier. He provided some information for the group and set back on his travels to provide for him and his husband, Will. The group, now less than a day from Dawnstar, have the next town in their sights. What will happen? Will there be more fiends? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
  15. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 When we last left off, the group stayed back to listen to the speech of the town's elected leader, "The Bear" and then gradually made their way back to the tavern. There, they met an outsider from another land, here for both disclosed and held back reasons, his shared purposes having to do with the rumors of the dragon. He seemed to mesh decently with the group, and for now is invited to come along. But before any of that can happen, Art hoped to stop in and speak with the Bear, asking Reth to come along with him. We pick up in the morning after the festivities. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Good Morning Reth! Are you ready to go see The Bear?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth, sitting downstairs looking a little groggy, his holding some cold water against his forehead. He grunts and shrugs. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Okay! Let's go!" The gnome and the ranger head over to see Devereaux Armin! Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon is also downstairs on the floor below Reth, chewing on a bit of bacon as he does his morning stretches, reaching down to his toes in short bursts. He perks an ear towards the grumbly ranger and chuckles. "I think he might be the bear this morning. Not taking too well to the number of ales last night," Raleon chuckles. "You have that root still, don't you? The one you gave us that one time? What was it called again?" the elf reminded him. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Hmm." The gnome raises an eyebrow. "Are you feeling well enough Reth?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth chugs the water, rubs his eyes and nods. "I'll manage." To Raleon, "None in this area." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 The elf clicks his tongue. "Merchant?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth shakes his head. "Doubt the humans know anything about it." He stands up to follow Art Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "....Want me to come along?" Raleon tilted his head. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Sure! The more the merrier! We all have important information!" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon takes a moment to decide between the two. "I would tell you to lead the way... But I think my noble guide elf might run me into a ditch," he snickered and pulled out something that he didn't often take out, his brother's walking stick. He apparently wasn't feeling well today. "Let's go then." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth asks, "You know where we are going?" To Art Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Everyone here knows where The Bear lives!" The gnome turns to the bartender, "Can you remind me how to get to The Bear's House?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 The bartender says, "Oh, he's easy to find. Head down the road, and when you find the general store, go down the side street to the left. He is the second on the right after that." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Thank You!" And... the gnome is on his way! He makes his way through the (sluggish?) morning streets. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 It's hard to say whether the amount of activity outside today is less than the norm, as this is your first morning here. There are people outside, going to and from different workplaces, shopping, and pushing wares. As described, the general store is just down the street, where you turn to the left. Just a couple houses down this way, you find a quaint home, nice looking but nothing extravagant. The yard is well cared for, and there is a flower garden around the house. The gate to the home is open, giving access to a walkway leading up to the front door, which is currently left partially open. A smell of pastries lingers in the air. Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome looks at the home of The Bear for a moment admiring the garden before sniffing at the air. "Hello! Anyone there?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 A female voice from within calls out, "Come on in, the door's open!" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon follows after, a bit confused, he points towards Reth and within his mind shoots his question. "Remind me again why we're here...?" Mortal Player08/18/2019 Walking through the open gate, the gnome makes his way along the path to the open door and peeks inside, "Hello! Is this a good time to speak with Devereaux Armin? It's about the state of the goblin population." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth sends back, "Art wanted to talk to him, tell him about what's going on in the neighborhood." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon nods and stretches out his back. "As long as it doesn't take too long I suppose. Knox wants to get a move on afterall." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Inside the house, Art sees a middle aged woman going about what looks like typical house work. She looks up and smiles when the three of you appear. "If you don't mind waiting a few minutes, certainly. He's currently in with someone right now, but I don't expect he should be too much longer. You can have a seat in here while you wait. I have some fresh made lemonade if you would like." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Thank You!" The gnome looks around for a suitable gnome-sized perch. "You have a nice place." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 There is a bench seat he can sit on without too much trouble. She smiles and says, "Thank you, I do my best to keep it in order. Easier now that the children are grown." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome climbs unto the bench. "Oh? Do they not live nearby and visit?" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon finds a wall to lean on, his ears perking at the sounds of such a peaceful village. He shifts a bit uncomfortably and folds his arms, turning to face his ear to the outside area. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "Oh, they do, but they no longer live here and leave me their messes to clean up. Now they have their own little ones to clean up after instead." She smiles and laughs a little. "It took more than twenty years, but they now understand what how their mother felt." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods and stares off into the air for a moment. Prince of Fate08/18/2019 As if remembering something, the elf turns to the lady of the house. "Excuse me, miss? Is there a place to sit outside I might use?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "Hmm? Outside, we have a bench on the side of the house. You can go there if you wish." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "Thank you," he nods then grabs his stick in search of the sitting place. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "It looks like it's going to be a nice day. Did you enjoy the festival?" asks the gnome. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She smiles. "It's something we look forward to every year. We have a wonderful time." Reth is looking around the house, pacing about the room. Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Eventually the elf finds the bench and sits himself down. He pulls down his pack and carefully unpacks a fairly large box. He smiles and opens it up to reveal his violin. His fingers slowly run over the instrument with pride. He spends a few moments testing the notes and retuning it. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "I really enjoyed making and releasing a lantern. It was a very beautiful ceremony." The gnome tilts his head to the side. "Would you happen to know a few things about the Founding of Oxdale? There wasn't a lot of information to be found and Oxdale doesn't have a library." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "I know it started as a trading post and then grew over time. I have to admit, history is not my area of expertise." Raleon finds a nice bench on the side of the house, overlooking another section of the garden Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Hmm... Well, have there been any important events in Oxdale that you remember?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "Not a lot. We're relatively out of the way down here, though the draft is still a sore spot. My husband, before he was my husband of course, got caught up in those conflicts. Fighting wars for its own sake. Nobles treating people like chess pieces." She shakes her head. "We've been fortunate that a time of peace has followed. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Was there not any reason for the war at all?" The gnome blinks. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She shrugs. "The last king loved his wars. From what I heard, he had dreams of making a big name for himself in taking more land and gaining wealth. The longer he went without successes, the more he wanted them." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Once he was satisfied, Raleon readies his bow and strums out a few testing strokes. Satisfied, he begins to string together the notes of "First Light". His eyes are closed, toe tapping as the notes leave his violin and echo beautifully through the morning air (performance 24). Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Some people walking by stop to listen for a moment, smiling and waving. "Fortunately the son has been more inclined to avoid the fighting, even as the other side tries picking fights now." Dev's wife adds Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon, quite literally blind to the attention, continues playing with a tender smile of his own, swaying about as he plays, a tactic that is style and flair as much as it is to get the right angle for the bow. Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome frowns, "If they pick a fight with the current King, what will you do?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Her expression actually shifts, dropping the smile. "They've been trying, but we're fortunate that he has managed to avoid going to war. My husband is too old to be brought back in now, but I fear for my son. He's more like me than his father, not one to fight. And he has a young daughter, not even a year old yet." She shakes her head. "Let us keep hoping that he keeps these war seekers at bay." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Do you only have one son?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "One son and one daughter. Our daughter has her own little ones now too, two of them." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "I've heard that some places avoid drafting only sons. What about your son-in-law?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She shakes her head. "He would be eligible as well. And it really depends on the whims of the king. The last did not stop at drafting only sons. But you are correct, some do give exceptions for family's only sons." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "What does your son do?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "He spent a number of years apprenticing under the thatcher, and took over when he retired this last year. He fixes the roofs around the town, as well as makes some other repairs on homes." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods, "Does he know enough to help build houses as well?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "He's not able to do it on his own, but he helps the carpenters with their tasks." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "I know guy who interested in rebuilding a villiage. And I'm personally interested in helping to rebuild a library... eventually, that is." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Switching up the tone of his tone, he rolled over to another song. He cleared his throat and began to sing in a thick dwarven accent. "I'll tell you a story that happened to me, One day as I went down to Youghal by the Sea The sun it was bright. and the day it was warm Says I "A quiet pint, wouldn't do me no harm" I went to the barman, I says, "Give me a stout" Says the barman, "I'm sorry all the beer tis' sold out Try whiskey or vodka, ten years in the wood" Says I, "I'll try cider, I heard that it's good" Oh never, oh never, oh never again If I live to two hundred or five hundred and ten 'Cause I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up After drinking a pint of the Johnny Jump Up" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She perks up a little. "Oh? A village that needs rebuilt?" Her face seems to imply she has an idea which village this might be, but she is letting Art reveal that first. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Yes, Chiwak. Do you know of it?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She looks down. "I had never been there myself, but we heard what came of the village. A terrible tragedy." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "What did you hear exactly?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "The rumors vary, but all of them speak to a red dragon having destroyed a village and taken over the nearby mountain." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Does anyone say why the Dragon did it? Or is it thought to be a random attack?" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 The violin continued on through the somber retellings, chipper and fast paced, bouncing a tune like a proper fiddle. After lowering the third I headed straight for the yard Where I bumped into Brophy the big civic guard "Come here to me boy, don't you know I'm the law!?" Well I upped, with my fist, and I shattered his jaw He smirked cockily and continued playing. He fell to the ground with his knees doubled up For t'wasn't I hit him, t'was the johnny jump And the next thing I met down in Youghal by the Sea Was a cripple on crutches, and says he to me "I'm afraid o' me life I'll be hit by a car Would you help me across to the Railwayman's Bar" And after three pints of that cider so sweet He threw down his trousers, and he danced on his feet Oh never, oh never, oh never again If i live to five hundred or a thousand and ten 'Cause I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up After drinking a pint of the Johnny Jump Up Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "I've heard some speculate that it wanted the mountain. Others say that Chiwak was secretly holding on to great wealth and the dragon heard of it. Some others say that they were practicing dark arts and the dragon was the gods correcting their behavior." She shakes her head. "I certainly doubt that. I am inclined to believe that it just wanted the land, but I admit that I know little of what motivates dragon-kind." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods, "It was a deliberate act. It burned the entire villiage to the ground." The gnome looks off into the distance. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "That's terrible. Did you see it for yourself?" Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome glances at the woman, then looks away. "I was there." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She comes over and sits by Art. "I can't image how awful that was. I am glad you made it out." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome looks at the woman. "I saw the red dragon. It flew overhead. I was outside of the villiage when it happened, and by the time I got there, there was nothing left but a smoking scorch-mark." "Chiwak had a good library too." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "I get the sense that libraries are important to you." Reth is currently trying to look busy, but he is keeping an eye on both the wife and Art Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Libraries are important! They are the repositories of knowledge for future generations!" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Now I went up the Lee Road a friend for to see They call it the Madhouse in Cork by the Lee But when I got up there, the truth I do to tell They had the poor bugger locked up in his cell Says the guard testing him, "Say these words if you can 'Around the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran'" "Tell them I'm not crazy, tell them I'm not mad T'was only six pints of that cider I had!" The elf takes a moment to play more and catch his breath, seeming self-amused with the foreign drinking song. Now a man died in the Union by the name of McNabb They washed him and placed him outside on a slab And after the coroner his measurements did take His wife took him home to a bloody fine wake 'Twas about twelve o'clock and the beer it was high The corpse he sat up and he says with a sigh I can't get to heaven, they won't let me up 'Til I bring them a pint of the Johnny Jump Up Oh never, oh never, oh never again If I live to nine hundred or two thousand and ten 'Cause I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up After drinking a pint of the Johnny Jump Up The chorus continues a few times, echoing out. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "For example, you don't know very much about the Founding of Oxdale, but someone has to keep that knowledge or it has to be written down somewhere or people will forget. People will forget what happened to Chiwak too if something isn't done! People might forget about the war the last King fought if we don't preserve the knowledge of it. And what they forget, they will be doomed to repeat..." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She nods as she listens to Art talk about his passion for libraries. "I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. Libraries keep our histories, and having those histories means we might avoid repeating past mistakes. You are very wise sir." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome shakes his head, "What I know is but a fraction of the world's history, but what I do know I have to do my best to preserve. That's why I'm here." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 She laughs. "Wisdom isn't knowing everything. I have met some folks who know a lot but have less sense about them than my children in their teenage years. Wisdom is knowing what is important about that knowledge, and how to best use it." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome smiles, "Thank You." "Maybe one day your son can help us rebuild." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "I am sure he would be happy to. He likes helping others--" About then the door to another room opens. A deep, familiar voice says, "Thank you for visiting, Thamesh. It's always good to see you." From beyond the door, a strange man emerges. Unlike the villagers, he is dressed in earth and leaf tone clothing, with actual vegetation weaved into the outfit itself. On his side he has a scimitar, currently sheathed. His hair his long and wild, tangled mats going every direction. His beard resembles the ranger's hair, with twigs and other things in it. The man turns back to the way he just left and says, "No, thank you Dev. Take care." As he walks by, he extends his hand to the wife and says, "Mahlina, thank you for your hospitality as always." Instead of taking his hand she stands up and gives him a quick hug. "No, thank you Thamesh. Don't wait so long between visits again." He simply shrugs and says, "Keeping the balance is a lot of work," and with a quick nod to Art and Reth, he exits. Mahlina calls out to Dev, "Honey, you have a couple of young men out here to see you." He pokes his head out and says, "Send them on in." She gestures to the door. "You can go in now. It's nice to meet you..." and she trails off, realizing she had not yet gotten Art's name. Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon finished up the song and takes a moment to breath before his ears perk at a very particular sound. He feels a chill run up his spine as he purses his lip attempting to resist the . Then it sounds again, this time a little louder. He puts away his instrument and takes a moment to locate the sound. His hand slowly reaches out and touches the bark of a tree. A meow echoes down to him. It takes him a moment to register just exactly where it might be, but he can tell it's likely high up inside it. "Are ...you stuck up there?" asks the tall elf. The only reply he gets seems to be a shake of the tree branches as the cat shifts. He wets his lips and glances around purposelessly. Then with a deep breath he begins to climb up the tree. Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome jumps to his feet as Thamesh enters, "Another Druid?" He glances at Reth to see his reaction. He nods back at Thamesh when Thamesh nods. After Thamesh exits... "O- Of course. Sorry. My name is Artimus. Pleased to meet you." The gnome glances back at where Thamesh had exited, then proceeds into the room to meet with Devereaux. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "You are quite astute. Thamesh is a druid from the area, have you had experiences with them before?" Mahlina answers as she walks Art to the door. Reth in response to Art simply shrugs. Beyond the doors is a nice looking office, with a couple bookshelves behind a large, mahogany desk filled with a number of different books. Opposite the desk are three rather plush looking chairs, contrasted with the well made, but otherwise plain wooden chair behind the desk for Dev to sit at. His desk is cleared of most things, other than an inkwell, quill, and some blank sheets of paper. The office itself is undercoated, with a utilitarian feel about it. Dev gestures towards the chairs. "Have a seat, and welcome. What brings you my way?" Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Yes, actually. Maybe... I should've asked him about the safest way to travel or does he only know the local area?" The gnome responds to Mahlina as they walk to the office. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "He does, he stays near the marsh, keeping an eye on things. I could call him back if you wish?" Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Would you? I don't mean to be too much trouble, but I can't stay long. My companions and I have a difficult journey ahead and we need to be able to move quickly." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "I will go back out and call him." And she goes out to do that While Raleon is up a tree, he sees the previously described man walk out the door. As he is just getting to the road, the wife (whose name he hasn't heard yet) comes out the door and calls out, "Thamesh, could you wait for a moment? One of our visitors would like to speak with you." He stops and turns around, returning to the house. "I can spare a minute." The druid returns to the house. Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Surprising himself, he manages to get up the tree with shocking ease. He feels satisfied in his training over the past few months and makes his way along the branches, finding his way through the leaves towards the mewing feline (24 athletics). He slowly clicks his tongue as he reaches out slowly towards the cat, keeping his footing sure. "Come on now... Nice and easy." (animal handling 17) Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 The cat just strolls right over to Raleon. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Thank You for taking a moment of your time. My companions and I will be journeying East soon towards Reptee Village. I was wondering if you had any recommndations for a quick journey. If you know anything about what's happening that way even better." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "Stick to the roads. The marsh is full of dangerous creatures that will be happy to eat you and your friend here. I would travel with a larger group right now. Seen some strange things out there as of late." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon tries his best to contain his excitement. Normally it didn't go as well as it was, but he thanked the stars that it was. A big grin touched his cheeks as he happily took the cat into his arms and stroke under its chin. "Well aren't you friendly?" he chuckles as he secures the cat in his grasp. "Now to get down..." he muses as he glances down the way he came. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Are there any particular creatures we should worry about? We were attacked by a Maurezhi and accompanying ghouls on our way here." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 "A mauzehi what?" he looks a little confused. "I know what ghouls are. I don't see them around here too much, they tend to turn up in areas with bigger graveyards and easier access. What I see a lot of around here are trolls, crocodiles, big rats, and the occasional undead." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "The Maurezhi are fiends who can kill people, consume them, and wear them as skins for a few days. If there are any strange goings on, I appreciate a heads up - anything that would be unusual." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon seems to find his footing with immense ease (24 athletics again). Perhaps it was his incredible paranoia of losing the cat that made him extra careful. Eventually, with careful steps, his feet touched the ground, cat and body intact. He smiles happily and ruffles the cats fur with satisfaction, nuzzling his face in its fur as it purrs at being freed from its high perch. "You're so soft..." he whispered. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 True to how cats are, as soon as he gets back down to the ground, the cat starts squirming and trying to get away. If he is not quick to release, it puts out the claws Themash nods thoughtfully. "I have encountered a couple things that seemed fiendish possibly, what you tell me confirms my suspicions. I appreciate that. They too are a danger to watch for then, but from the swamp, as long as you don't go too deep into it, I would most worry about trolls. They wander to the edges sometimes. I advise against going in too deep." Trying to read him is difficult. He is grizzled and covered in strange vegetation, making him a hard one to peg. Glancing back at Reth, his expression suggests the guy is a hard read for him as well (7) Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Thank You. I'll keep that in mind. Is there a safe place to rest betweeen here and Dawnrest?" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Not willing to give up the feline quite yet he attempts to hold the feline close only to get clawed quite badly along his face and down his neck (3 Animal Handling). His arms sputter as the cat kicks off him like a spring board. He winces as he holds his bleeding cheek. "Okay...fair... It was fun while it lasted," he mumbled softly. Knowing the cat was likely long gone, he broodingly picked up his things and head back inside to meet with the others. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 He thinks, then says, "The road mainly. You can get off the road and stay on the edges, probably about as safe as you can stay. Dangerous times right now." Raleon comes walking in with fresh catch scratches all over his face Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Hmm. Okay. We'll do our best, but even resting near the road doesn't seem to be particularly safe." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 He shakes his head. "Unfortunately not, that's why I would keep numbers." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon quietly enters the room, attempting to slip in as though he had been there the whole time and leans against the wall, keeping his eyes to the floor. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth glances over and raises an eyebrow Prince of Fate08/18/2019 True to the elf's nature, he doesn't see the raise of the brow nor Reth's gaze. Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods. "Be careful out there yourself. The druids may be targets for the fiends as well." The gnome is ready to go see Devereaux. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Okay, so previous description now applies. Nice office, a few chairs. Only now with future,recipient of cat-scratch fever Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome enters the office and looks around, noting the bookshelf. "Thank You for seeing me. I enjoyed your speech yesterday at the festival and I wanted to talk with you about things that are happening in the land. in particular, the goblin raids. I have some news of the goblins to the West and I was wondering if these are the same goblins mentioned in your speech." "I also hope you can share with us some news of the land." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon rubs his cheek painfully, his other cheek puffed a bit. He pulls a bit of blood away but licks his hand clean to smear over the wound. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 As Raleon and Reth walk in, Reth leans over and whispers, "What happened to your face?" Dev says to Art, "Yes, the goblins have been quite a problem as of late. If you speak about the one's raiding the roads going to and from here, then we are on the same page." He takes a seat at his desk Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "I um... was practicing with a knife," he quickly covered as he whispered back. "Hand slipped." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth says, "Sure, if you say so." (Insight 19 vs Deception 12) Mortal Player08/18/2019 "My companions and I have taken an interest in the nefarious goings on that have been happening across the land. I am curious about any such activities we may encounter to the East. I am also curious about any dangers from invading forces the Kingdom might be in jepardy of." "But first, I'd like to impart some significant information to you about the goblin activities of the Cistol Foothills and then you can fill us in on what else is happening..." The gnome beings to describe the raids of the goblins of the Cistol Foothills and prompting Devereaux for confirmations that these are part of the same overall golbin situation. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 He does in fact confirm that you are on the same page. He did not actually have knowledge of where they were based out of or who was leading them, only that they had been much more organized and active, and he knew of hobgoblins accompanying them. He had assumed the hobgoblin presence had a lot to do withe the changes. "I appreciate the news. I hope their ambitions settle down with the loss of their leader. I'm impressed by what you and your friends achieved." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome goes on to describe more extensively the goblin plan for conquest and asserts that because of his companions, Albrun, the leader of the goblins, has been slain and the goblin threat averted for the time being. "For the time being... of course eventually they will reunite under a new leader and he may very well resume plans of conquest upon human lands." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Gaining he likely didn't fall for his lie, Raleon blushes and looks down to the ground. He mumbles something not quite auditable as he scuffs his foot. "..er ..as..a c...t" Mortal Player08/18/2019 "I hope the threat of goblins will be much diminished, Devereaux and I hope that this information has been useful to you, but... is they anything you can inform us of about the state of affairs in the land? Of other nefarious activities or political situations." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Dev sits back in his chair. "You are right about the goblins. Taking down their leader bought time, perhaps even several years, but someone else will eventually rise up, especially if there is some other outside party aiding them. I would pay a great deal to know who helps arm goblins." He shakes his head. "I know a little about a lot of things, as it is my responsibility to keep track of said things. I'm not sure what you are looking for specifically. I mentioned the dragon attack last night, but I'm afraid I know little more than rumors. The only reliable information I have on that is that the village of Chiwak is gone. Beyond that, it gets into speculation and wild stories. " Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods, "We were at Chiwak. We saw the Red Dragon and we saw the Smoking Ash that remained of Chiwak." The gnome pauses, "The thing that disturbs me is that there are so many other creatures, fiends of various sorts that we've encountered on our journeys. If you know of anything troubles to the East where our journey takes us or if you know of any enemies of the Kingdom that would be suspect of causing diverse troubles throughout the Kingdom... You fought in the war - do you think any of those enemies would be a part of what's happening across the land?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Dev gives you an honest look of sadness at mentioning being present at Chiwak when the attack happened. "I'm sorry for your loss. I have seen terrible losses, its never easy." He takes a long moment to ponder the question. "Our past skirmishes were largely over land and resources. The king wanted what they had, and felt it was his birthright as a king to have these things." He pauses and shakes his head. "That man was always so concerned with his legacy, and was convinced the way to add to that legacy was to take from others. Anymore, most others he tried to fight have gone back to keeping to themselves, content that we should be dormant, no longer interested in trying to gain land. I am not sure what has caused this new conflict, at least not the initial reasoning. They keep pushing on the borders, making threats, and their diplomats are pushy. Some suspect its just seeking revenge, getting back at us for what the last king did. I think that's an oversimplification. But are they capable of mobilizing goblins and putting strange creatures in the land? That seems far-fetched." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods and strokes his beard. Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Feeling Reth's continued gaze at the unlikely story he repeats a bit clearer but still quiet. "There was a cat..." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth just grins and whispers, "No means no." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon's head perks up defensively. "It was stuck up in a tree--I just wanted to hold it a little longer," he explained. "They're so cute..." he looked down. Mortal Player08/18/2019 "Thank You for talking with us. My companions and I have travels to get to so a short meeting is really all we have time for." The gnome glances at Reth. "We are curious about something else. Did you manage to survive the war by acquiring skill or was it just luck? You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 A bit of a smile flickers on his face. "Both and more. Without intending to sound like a braggart, I have a natural talent for tactics in combat, and I rose to an officer's position quickly. My size gave me an advantage and I do well with war axes. But luck played a larger role than anything else. At the end of the day, I was lucky to survive the battles I did, and that I met Themash when I did. Following the worst defeat of my career, after the king insisted we ambushed a much more prepared camp with had better numbers, fresh troops, and a lot of supplies, I crawled away from that battle dying. Themash found me out there and got me back on my feet. Had he chosen to take any other patrol route that night, I wouldn't be here today." Mortal Player08/18/2019 The gnome nods. "The attack on Chiwak just seemed so random to us. Why should we survive and others not? It doesn't seem fair, but at the same time, we wouldn't be here if we didn't happen to team up and if we didn't hapen to have the skills we do. We survived Chiwak only because we just so happened to be preparing for the festival that day and thus weren't inside the town right when the dragon attacked." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 He nods. "I've been there. That feeling of why me, when others deserved it as much if not more." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 Raleon glares defensively and elbows Reth in the side. "Don't look at me like that. I might be blind, but I can still sense your cocky grin." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth just shrugs and says, "No grin." despite a shit eating grin Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "Don't bullshit me, you forest troll--Come here, you shit lord," he goes to lock his head in his arm and ruffle his hair. "Teach you to make fun of me." Raleon grins wide. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth pushes back. "Let's not mess up the nice man's home. Be a shame if a tiger got loose in here." Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "Coward, always hiding behind your bag," Raleon jabs. Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Feeling a natural lull in the conversation, Dev asks, "Is there anything else you wish to discuss? I hate to rush you out, but it sounds as though you have other business to attend to, and I know I have some myself." Mortal Player08/18/2019 "I think that is all." Looks at Reth and Raleon. "Are we all set?" Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth just laughs, "Use the tools available to you." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth yanks back his hand just before Raleon can clamp down the manacle. "And you call me a cheat!" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 "You mean...Like this?" With a flick of his wrist, Raleon flicks out a pair of manacles, they attempt slip over Reth's wrists but he managed to slip away just before the clicked. He snickers and sticks out his tongue cheekily. "You said use the tools available to you~." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth, walking out with Art, says, "Using my own words against me, the nerve!" Prince of Fate08/18/2019 The elf laughs and follows after. "Hey, gotta keep you on your toes. Makes you a little taller." Acies ab Vesania08/18/2019 Reth, for what will probably just another iteration of a common refrain to the end of their days adventuring, says, "I'm not that short!" as the trio walks back to the inn to gather the others. And so, the three had their meeting with Dev, who provided a little insight into the politics of the land. Art also had a nice meeting with his wife, who was as hospitable as described. They also learned from his Druid friend that the roads were dangerous before the inclusion of fiends, but now that much worse now that fiendish influences are in the neighborhood. What does that mean for the travels? Will they get to Dawnrest without trouble? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
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