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  1. Areder intended to make a grand and sweeping entrance. He wanted to impress Isabella with his status, to show her and by extension his brother just how far he had risen since they last set eyes upon him. Here on this world, he finally cultivated the respect he deserved. The great and powerful Isabella waited on him now, and to punctuate that point, he needed an entrance befitting such an improved station. Only, things did not go as he intended. His pride and intentions remained tangled together in knots, caught in his throat and never quite reaching his hungry lips. Seeing Isabella, and the way she reacted to him, made him momentarily forget everything he had worked for up to this moment. Even in the presence of others, he forgot himself, and let Isabella clean to him just in the way she did in ages of old. “Sister… indeed, it has been far too long.” Areder knows that his voice is far softer than it rightly ought to be in the presence of the blood doll and especially the other nobles. A glimpse of weakness would be more than enough to fuel backbiting conversations between his rivals. Better to quickly nip this one before it got out of hand, before anyone even begin to contemplate treasonous thoughts. Areder steels himself, and reestablishes the hardened edge to his tone. “I see that you have already quite the gathering before you. Ever the popular one, my sister.” Areder straightens his back and rolls back his shoulders, regaining his noble standing. To outside viewers, his is a stiff and regal stance, one born of suffering the careless advances of his eager sister-in-law. However, he lets just enough of the guard down in the front to ensure that his ever-observant Isabella knew that the act was for the benefit of others and no insult to her. As much as he craved respect from her and through her his brother, he could not bring himself to put up such vast barriers between them just yet. “Has my gift sated you properly? Does the taste of La’Ruta excite your senses?” Areder is eager to hear her answer. When he wrote back to them extolling the virtues of this mysterious force, he meant every word he shared. La’Ruta was a mystery, but a satisfying one that left him feeling more vigorous and powerful than ever before. He also saw it as an opportunity, a resource his brother could learn to crave and be entirely dependent upon him for access. Having Isabella backing him in its qualities was the first major step in eventually bringing his brother beneath his thumb. In his excitement of simply seeing Isabella, he had not taken inventory of her appearance and choice in wardrobe—or lack thereof. He slowly, then quickly and all at once, became acutely aware of her nakedness pressed against him. Despite his visit with his blood doll earlier in that day, he still felt his appetites quickly mounting, demanding access to goods denied to him for far too long. Santino could not leave soon enough. “I have much to show you. I am sure Santino has research to get back to as well. Perhaps a tour of the grounds are in order?” Areder slides his arm down to the small of her back. For a moment, it feels like old times.
  2. [offtopic]Meant to get to this sooner. Sorry for the delay. Should be much more regular about a month from now. No school this summer, yay. :)[/offtopic] Aaron nearly did tell the cunt to pull the trigger. Let her solve another one of his problems at the same time as putting a lurch in her plans. Did she think he cared for the little mortal? He felt an unnatural pull towards the girl, but his rejection of this one had nothing to do with Elizabeth and entirely to do with his genuine lack of interest in her. Especially given that she still desired him despite knowing what he was. What foul manner of person would willingly align itself with a vampire, especially in a betrothal. That and her reckless display she put on right now both highlighted just how damaged this one was. The situation seemed to be moving from a manageable mess to an outright disaster. What surprised him was when Elizabeth tried taking the blame for his rejection. He nearly thought the girl delusional, but he could see that she didn’t at all believe what she told the woman—that much was clear in her eyes. She knew he felt no love for her, but she stood up for him nevertheless. What on earth could compel the young woman to put herself in harm’s way for his sake? No amount of pay should make the girl willing to throw her life away, let alone the small amount a servant makes. The surprising act left him momentarily speechless. Long enough for the blond bitch to round them up together. “Are you so dedicated to your cause that you would kill an innocent bystander? The girl has nothing to do with this, and you know revealing my secrets means never letting her leave.” He spoke evenly, with just a hint of that frosty detachment in which he now approached in all things. Matter of fact, just sharing the gravity of what the woman would be forcing him into doing. If Elizabeth knew what he was, he would have no choice but to keep her close until such time her usefulness ran out and he ended her life. Leaving would not be an option. The woman waved that gun around and acted like she was willing to pull the trigger on another human, but would she actually do it once pushed to that point? He supposed he owed Elizabeth that much—call the woman’s bluff. “Let her leave. We’ll settle this. No guns, no violence, just two adults. We’ll discuss your terms. No need to entangle her in our business.”
  3. Only have one character with which I have really put some thought into this... er, not so much thought as it was just a funny part of a post that has carried on in continuity. My mentally ill cleric Stupple Hupple loves sausages. Put a platter of sausages out and he'll be so happy he'll start bouncing off the walls.
  4. Elon's enthusiasm and vision are so infectious.
  5. Formatting is off, but the lore is all there: Ballard Bay Celin City Cobran Town Kaurilia City Kuratel City Lantern Way Port Town Talthanus Talix Engine Telerian Testerosa Valinde I am having trouble with Vintel City. Will look into it further when I have more time. I can make no guarantees on how long these links are good for, so grab the lore while you can.
  6. Today. The first day of the rest of his life. When everything would turn around, and he would finally get what he deserved. Areder had mixed feelings; Isabella coming alone granted him all the time he wished, but without his brother’s presence, how could he bask in his successes? Surely, when Isabella returned to their homeland, she would tell his brother of his triumphs and conquests, in how he brought the mortals to bear and kept them under tight control. Then he would wish to see it for himself, and then he would come crawling across the stars, just to steal a glimpse of his good work. Perhaps then, he would finally be better than Bonifacio. Knocking at his door interrupts his reverie. “Yes?” Areder fights to keep his voice level and calm. The servants know better than to bother him with trivial matters. No need to remind them of this every time they approach. “Milord, Lady Isabella has arrived.” Areder softens slightly, feeling nervous for the first time in over a hundred years. “Excellent. See to it that she is comfortable.” The servant leaves, knowing a dismissal when he hears one. Areder strolls to his wardrobe, picking through his lavish collection of clothing. There is something funny about having such a sizable selection, and yet never being able to find the one thing that fit the situation. Perhaps he was making a bigger deal of this than he need be. Isabella treasured him, not his brother, so why would he need to dress to impress her? She came alone, despite his brother’s arrogant refusal to enjoy his hospitality. Areder knows he spends too much time giving thought to his brother’s intentions. To hell with that worthless runt, he would soon be fucking his wife. He picks out something that works well enough for the occasion. Areder smiles as he dresses, counting off his accomplishments thus far. He brought a new land under his subjugation, and with that created a vast store of readily available playthings there for his pleasure. He found a way to feed on the magical presence of La’Ruta and with each feeding, he grew stronger. Soon, he would be unstoppable. “Perhaps I should attend to myself before going out.” Areder saw no point in going out with all of this pent up energy. There would be time in due course to fulfill his needs with his beloved sister-in-law, but for now, he needed to compose himself. Although the temptation of the one who should have been his wife tempted him so, he could settle for his plaything for now. The servants would keep Isabella occupied for the time being. *** As usual, Areder does not knock before entering the quarters of his blood doll. Though treated better than any other mortal, she was still his property and bore no rights to privacy, or dignity for that matter. He found her lying on her bed, perhaps waiting for his next visit. He wondered how the girl took the news of Isabella’s arrival. Would she find relief? Fear that her relevance would fade? He knew better than to think she enjoyed her position, but he was sure she was well aware of how much worse things could be. “Do not bother with getting up. This visit will be quick.” Areder climbs onto the bed, straddling his doll, cupping her breasts briefly before moving on, ridding the girl of any articles of clothing or bedding that might get in his way. He is straight to fulfilling his needs, giving no explanation nor compliments. He uses her until he reaches the point of climax, at which time he simply climbs off, straightens out his clothes, and then leaves the room, offering not an extra word. He slips out of the room as quickly as he entered. *** Areder works his way to the lower levels. He merely glances at a servant and is quickly told where he can find the Lady. They know whom he seeks, and they take care not to interrupt his arrival. When he comes upon her, he feels his breath halt. Hundred years had passed, and still she looked the same. Remarkable.
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    Amelia’s unease is palpable; it stirs him to his bones. The way she idolized him fed his ego but did nothing for his insatiable desire to inflict suffering. Her agonizing over their brief separation—that invigorated him. It tickled his senses and filled him with a sensual glee that extended from his scalp down to his sack. Were they not going through the motions of leaving this place, he might have given into that gnawing urge to splay Amelia out and show the naïve girl just what he liked to do with finery like her… Resurgence could sully even the purest soul, given enough time. He kept his hands to himself. For now. While waiting for the girl to answer his inquiry, Resurgence goes about touching up the crime scene, ensuring that no stray threads revealed an alternative story to the narrative he put together. They say the devil is in the details… well, Resurgence certainly never met anyone who filled the role of devil better than he. Certainly, there were others who tried to take upon themselves the mantle of the most potent evil to have ever existed, but to Resurgence, the best among them were children, with fanciful imaginations and no talent nor drive to fulfill half of what they thought themselves capable. They died in the most entertaining way, always with the look of shock and horror as their life drained from their bodies, unable to comprehend what looked into their eyes as death took them away. A real monster. Resurgence breaks from his task when he hears the girl finally state her intentions. It seems the beast within hungered for more souls, and the broken human firmly under its grip, asking for more. Did it know him well enough to sense Resurgence’s own constant hunger and desire? Or was it mere coincidence that their proclivities for violence and consumption happened to meet? Resurgence knew to be wary of the demon kind, for they made plots within plots and often made the mistake of underestimating him as an adversary; but he also knew that one deprived of his needs for so long was likely ravenous, now that it was free to feed. “Hmm. More souls.” Resurgence makes eye contact with Amelia, holding it for an intense moment, letting the silence hang between them. Held just to the point of becoming intolerable, and then breaking away without a word, failing to address her desperate plea. He goes back to fixing the crime scene, putting down the last little details sure to make any detective too tempted to jump on the easy theory than dig a little deeper. Resurgence takes his time, tidying up without hurrying a single step, even going so far as to adjust the minutest details. At this point, he did not do more to ensure his narrative complete—that he was confident in. No, now he just prolonged her waiting, feeding off the building tension. Sweeter than honey. Resurgence approaches the front, making to leave. He still has not addressed Amelia’s plea, letting it sit for another moment. The fruit was coming to bear. It swelled up and presented tender flesh ready for plucking, but he would not consume it until the moment it reached its peak flavor, the second it ripened. Still a little too early. The girl could suffer more. Resurgence lets his presence expand outward, reaching all across the room and leaving its hidden stain on every floorboard, but most importantly making sure Amelia steeps in it. A few seconds, not even a moment, and then he lets it recede back to himself, hidden away once more. He puts his hand on the door, pausing to add, “My time here may be reaching its end. I cannot decide how much baggage I want to take with me to my next task. I tend to travel light, taking only that which is essential to me. Tell me, Amelia. Are you essential?” Resurgence’s hand rests on the doorknob, pressed firmly. The gesture suggests that he is poised and ready to leave everything behind, including her, unless she provided him with some reason to make her with his time. The man is a liar, of course, she is worth the time he has invested and more, but Resurgence wants her to justify her following him. Reasons supplied by her own lips would not only feed his ego further but also cement her position with him. Those who made great efforts to stay in misery convince themselves of their enjoyment and stick around that much longer. When she answers, in whatever way she answers, Resurgence relents, acting as though she passed his test. For now. “Fine, fine. I suppose I should feed my little pet. Lest it does something foolish in its hunger. What souls do you crave? Better yet, what do you want to avoid? Tell me, is there a line you still wish to avoid crossing?” Resurgence’s lips flicker into an awful grin.
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  9. Kill her. That was his immediate instinct. Kill the threat and be rid of the nuisance. She found him out somehow—now she must be eliminated. Just one more body for James dispose of, right? One more nuisance removed from his sight, one who dared challenge him with a gun. A gun of all things! She claimed to understand what he was and still she threatened him with a mortal man’s toy. If he were not for the rage swirling inside him, he might have cracked a smile. He could almost feel it, tugging at his lips, but even the futility of her gesture could not hold back the anger boiling over from within his core. “Stupid woman. I could rip your throat out right now. What should stop me?” His hands were shaking. So much rage, so much uncontrolled volatility sitting on the cusp. This might be it, the moment where he loses all control and kills everyone within the mansion. Perhaps it would be better that way. Put an end to all of his hiding and skulking around, getting rid of the bodies and praying that his most trusted servant would not too forsake him. It would only be a matter of time before the man grew weary of putting young traitors in their graves, the worthless backbiters they are. Aaron clenches his fists, fingers digging deeply into his palms, drawing blood from the tender white flesh. He inhales once, deeply, and stuffs it away. Not today. He would not give in just yet. “Childish. Blackmailing a man so that he will attend a ball with you. What are, teenagers?” Still, his clenched features softened. His shoulders slowly fell and his tensed muscles let go of their hold, the fight draining out of him right before her eyes. He visibly lost an inch of height through the process. “Will this appease you? You’re lucky. I am wearing a shirt too good to ruin with the likes of your flesh and blood.” Aaron’s eyes glisten, a malevolent light rolling through them.
  10. Rather than watching the video in its entirety, you admit to watching a small portion of it (enough to know the basis of the subject), and the proceed to make an argument entirely based on: The source of the claims The argument that there would be a double standard if one could exist. At this point, you have the fallacy of origins, a strawman argument, and within that strawman argument an implied argument for dismissing the statement because if one party does wrong too, there is no need to address the other person's wrong (fallacy of relevance). Saying that because someone is an extreme liberal anything they say should be immediately tossed out crosses into ad hominem territory. The problem is, we cannot say what would or would not have happened if HC were elected because she was not. The relevance of what she would have done with the Clinton Foundation and how others would react to her hypothetical failure to lock it down into a blind trust does not bear relevance on what is occurring in reality. Now, I would be much more interested in hearing what you have to say on the subject, especially given that you have some educational background on the issue, had you not dismissed the point entirely out of hand without listening to it in its entirety and then addressing actual problematic claims rather than dismissing it out of hand based on the source. The tendency to dismiss something out of hand based on its origin is one of the biggest problems we are facing right now, in my opinion. Group polarization leads to this tendency to immediately paint the other side as having nothing of value to offer and a dismissal of any claims, and I'll tell you, it bugs the crap of me to see people doing it. I have no love for places like Fox News, but I make it a practice to read an article someone supplies as evidence rather than dismiss it out of hand. I'm much better off dissecting what misleading or outright false claims they made, because then I make a counterargument based on substance and don't miss an opportunity to read something that may have substance and merit. Sometimes, the "enemy" has some valid points.
  11. Yeah, go got to give us enough time to get the message and then act on it. :P
  12. First, refer to me as he. >> But seriously--stay on the site for about six months, post regularly, engage with the new folks who come into the site (such as in the newcomer threads) and then shoot Supernal and I a PM.
  13. Naw, you want more powerful, see if you can master a swan. Them are nasty things.
  14. If you can find a way to get that duck to follow through, more power to ya.