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  1. Wonderland Resort: ETT - Team 7 vs Team Be Kind, Rewind

    Fights never last long. A popular myth, in part owing to the distorted perception of a fight’s participants. Scuffles rarely lasted more than a moment, and those that dragged out often did so through posturing and contests of witlessness. In a real fight, economy of action is key. Act quickly, strike and move. There is only so much energy to spare. Make your move and make it count. When the chips fall down, those who waste their actions squander the opportunity to take victory with both hands. Each move needs to count. Every maneuver a purposeful step towards victory. Like a penny-pinching executive, Shivers let go of nothing without the promise of significant gains. There is a lot of ground to cover. Take a moment. Step back and look as the pieces fall into place. Shivers diverts to his right, letting the clone take the preordained path. A lightning bolt chased ever after, but alas, it was not to be. His partner dropped an encasement over clone and opponent alike, discharging the bolt against its surface, but not staving it completely. No, the ice could only prevent part of its damage, which meant half of an otherwise insignificant attack still leaked through. Despite the weakness of the attack, it would be enough. Let this be the spark that lights up the night, and brings the world crashing down. The ice dome falls from above, perhaps in part knocked kilter by the earth wall rising up to meet it. Describing the order of the following events is a challenging endeavor. The rate of fall for the ice will be quick. The rate the wall rises likely slower (gravity so often wins) but probably not leisurely. The time-clone moved at approximately the 15mph held by Shivers as he initiated the jump (surely losing a small amount of speed as air resistance takes effect, but the timing would make this negligible). Then there is that baseball slide to contend with. So much occurring, all of taking place in what would have to be less than a couple seconds1. Lightning off the ice like a bead of light crashing through blue sheened glass. A minor spark striking a temporal being just as Titus attempts to “take the feet out from beneath the clone,” such an offensive gesture. Whoever thought these battles occurred between gentlemen. No, it was a clash of egos between warriors with only the desire to win. Either of these events would be enough to kick off the next set of events. A tiny spark, profound in its impact. A counterattack meant to purchase advantage. All sandwiched between two barriers laid down a most effective trap2. Titus would find the next moment exciting. Well, perhaps exciting is the wrong word. Invigorating… no, that too fails to capture the proper mood. Momentous, yes. An occasion he would not be like to forget. After all, how often does one get to rest at the heart of a revolution? Who has had the privilege to witness the whirlwind of change ripping about from all sides, tearing down institutions? Forgive the exaggerated pretense—there is a simple explanation. Time Remnants are rather fickle, volatile things. As Titus soon found out, when Shiver’s simulacrum suddenly split the night, returning to ether. More precisely, it blew the fuck up. If a time remnant is hit by any type of attack they explode dealing energy damage to anyone within 10 feet of them. [Power Description] You see, Shivers laid down a trap. A carefully crafted, prepared little treat for Titus. Be it the weakened spark, the contact with man’s attempt to move the remnant or even inadvertent contact with the ice and earth, no matter. All at once, the remnant exploded in a ten foot radius, with Titus caught at ground zero3. No warning, no indications of its fiery nature. One moment it lunged with knives raised, feigning its true design. Shivers dropped the bomb, and now he made a clean getaway. Not only had he landed two pews back, a good twelve plus feet, but now there were barriers containing the blast as well. By the time Titus would know what happened, Shivers’ fiery trap will have already enfolded him in its cradling cinders. In the meantime, Shivers went on the move4. Recalculating the strategy, taking in the environment while working his way around to the knife wielding Joanna—a woman after his own heart5. In another time, another place, he might have taken her out for dinner and drinks. Get to know her real well. Played a game of if show me yours I will show you mine. No such luck tonight. He had to get rid of the next target.
  2. What are you reading?

    It is for homework reading, but this poem actually had me laughing out loud in a mechanic's waiting room. Leave it to Swift. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/50579/the-ladys-dressing-room
  3. The Obsidian Crown

    Listening to Alicia form her thoughts and work her way into making an articulate statement pained Lee. It was not that he doubted her ability to communicate (he had seen the other version of herself do just fine at such a simple task) but that it delayed receiving the information he sought. Lee lacked the usual amount of empathy, at least not as far as reading facial expressions went. He likely missed subtle expressions that might reveal ulterior motives that a better-practiced reader of people might have caught on straight away. Despite that, he could at least see that she was going through some kind of motions, weighing what to say to him and how to frame it. For a few long seconds, he feared he was still far from home. “Good, good!” Lee can barely contain his excitement upon hearing that they were back in Terrenus. Sure, he was not on his homeland and a good ways from where he started, but at least he was in his home world within a reasonable traveling distance of an established city with transportation options. Getting home would not be so difficult after all. Being caught up in his joy and excitement nearly caused him to miss the rest of what the young woman had to say. Lee caught on a few seconds too late that he had been invited to sit and hear at least a partial explanation for the troubles he found himself caught between. Lee caught that she was working towards a many world theory, one he was well aware of, given Genesaris’ regular access to the crossroads. It was said that those ways led to an infinite number of possible worlds and realities, each with their own structures, rules, and even laws of physics. Such ponderings often kept him up at night, especially given his psionic talents to bend the rules of some of those laws. Lee often considered how his powers might expand or fade, dependent on where he travels or whose world he finds. In any game, some rules are more favorable to some than others are. There he goes, mind wandering again. Lee manages to get his focus back in the conversations just in time to hear Alica make a half-effort at an apology and mention her intent to travel to the Cold Mountains. Those were literally half a land away from his final destination but he would cross them on his way home. So, he turns to her and shrugs. “Alright, traveling companions it is. I have much further to go than the Cold Mountains, but they are on my way back to my home.” To be honest, he had never spent any real time there either. It might be worth his while to take in a view of the mountains and experience one of Genesaris’ greatest wonders. Who knows, perhaps if he played his cards right, he still might have a chance at getting that last itch scratched. Granted, he really doubted it, given that this individual, though similar in looks, already displayed a difference in personality. But a man could dream.
  4. Valucre D&D Discord

    Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:02 PM When we last left off, two Splinterwaifs attempted to flank the party as they approached the weapon shop. Luckily, the new addition to your party (The Dwarven Cleric) succeeded in hearing their approach, warning you before they had an opportunity to pull off a surprise round. At the same time, a handful of Blights, old enemies from before, come spilling out of the shop and towards the party. There are three needle blights, three twig blights, and two vine blights. They are within range of melee fighters, while the waifs are hanging back, only easily accessible to those using ranged attacks (though one can spend a turn going after the Waifs if they so choose). The ACs are as follows: Vine and Needle Blights: 12. Twig Blight: 13. Splinterwaifs: 17. Reth begins the round. Reth hits a vine blight twice (23, 15) and does a total of 16 damage (11, 5) on both hits. It reels back in pain, but it does not go down. The order: Reth, Grim, Raleon, Kylah, Blights, Artimus, Splinterwaifs, Thayrin, Knox Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 5:09 PM Grimni swing his hammer one handed at the closest Needle Blight to him, keeping his shield in his other hand ready.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:17 PM Grim swings his hammer against a needle blight. Unfortunately, the creature seems to anticipate the attack and moves back, taking only a clip. (3 damage) Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 5:19 PM Raleon chuckles as he places his back against his brother as usual. "Well well, looks like someone forgot to use the pesticide this year~," he spat as he whipped his sword with a flick of his wrist. With a leap he jumped towards one of the approaching beasties, slashing at it with his blades. 3 Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:24 PM Raleon makes some solid hits, really tearing into a vine blight. Though the creature looks seriously wounded, he remains upright. 1 Chouette-Yesterday at 5:30 PM "Hush a bye tree tops, who eat babies, You're so damn ugly that it's crazy; When my spell casts, you fuckers will fall, And down will come tree tops, dead kids and all." Lyrics aside, Kylah's song is surprisingly soothing. It takes her only seconds to get a general idea of the acoustics of the area, and she moves into position so that the splinterwaifs moving to flank catch the full sound of her lullaby. Hopefully this magic works on plants- the sooner those fuckers are out of the fight, the better. 4 Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:30 PM The bard's sleep magic goes after the Waifs. One of the two drop into a slumber. The vine blight fighting Reth swings and misses (total 8) The vine blight fighting Raleon succeeds in a hit (19). It does 7 points of damage, as it slams its thick vine arms into the rogue. The vines attempt to constrict, Raleon needs to make a DC 12 strength or Dex check or he is grappled. The blight fighting grim swings and misses A Twig blight attempts to hit Knox but misses (16) The third Twig blight attacks grim and hits (19), doing 2 points of damage as it slashes him with its claws. Tis but a scratch! A Needle blight hits Raleon with its claws (21) for 6 points of damage. Ayden-Yesterday at 5:38 PM Knox watches as the blight attempts to hit Raleon. The Paladin pulls his shield at just the right time, using his Protection, while attempting to throw the blight's attack off and cause a miss. Though, the Paladin can't do much about the second blight coming for him. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:38 PM Yety another one hits Raleon for 6 (21 hit) --this dice roller is evil today. The protection works, the attack is deflected (7) The last needle blight goes after Knox but misses (7) Mortal Player-Yesterday at 5:41 PM "Egami Rorrim," Artimus intones as he takes a step forward to the front line and splits into four! The quartet walks calmly forward trying to get as close to the building as possible, placing the gnomes in a position flanking enemies, "The blights must be attracted to the dark magic here," they say in unison as they stare at the pulsating building. "Hmm... interesting," the gnomes all cock their heads to one side with a quizzical expression. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:48 PM The technique is an effective one, but unfortunately the waif gets lucky. It shoots a splinter at the gnome, finding the correct one (die roller picked 4) and doing 6pts of damage. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 5:49 PM "Dleihs," Artimus says as he casually holds up a hand, then peers at the waif, "I see the blights here alert you to out presence and allow you to set up ambushes."(edited) Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 5:49 PM Thayrin snorts in agreement adjusting the grip on his blades whole noting his brothers strong start in the battle at hand. looks like your having fun over there. Too bad that thing is more stubborn than you. He shifts his placement to better attack one of the annoying thorn blights, before swinging his blades. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:50 PM The shield deflects the splinter shot off the side. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 5:51 PM As the attack misses, Artimus replies, "How unfortunate for you, that we are not so easily surprised." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 5:57 PM Thayrin succeeds in dropping a Needle Blight, cutting it down to little splinters. Ayden-Yesterday at 5:58 PM Knox shifts his attention to the closest blight. A field of light shimmers around his body as a holy protection secures safe passage. +2AC=20AC. With sword in hand, the Paladin swings down on the monster with all his might!(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 6:01 PM The paladin strikes out at the needle blight. It looks severely wounded, but it manages to stay upright. Reth strikes out at the Vine Blight he fights. He gets a nat 20(!), doing double damage. He does a total of 15 with his Hunter's Prey tacked on, dropping the creature. He is able to use his other swing on a twig blight going after the Cleric. He does 7 damage to it. It dies. Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 6:09 PM Grimni casts an eye about his fellows in arms, seeing that the pointy ear the others called Raleon take some hard hits. His gloved hand reaching out, splaying fingers across his spine. A faint glow shines from beneath as he channels some divine favour into the elf. Casting Cure Wounds.(edited) "Where are ya going ya daft sod, can ya nay see we are in a spot of bother 'ere!?" Shouts over the noises of battle to the little Gnome as he seen him wander off to peer at the smithy. Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 6:14 PM Raleon may slightly regret antagonizing the plant people. If only a little, but it still felt worth it. He spit out a bit of blood and wiped his cheek with his cheeky grin still in tact. "That all ya got? Ya overgrown weeds!" he insults them again, showing they may break his bones will not break his spirit! Perhaps just a bit, but Nothing is more stubborn than me! he replies as he cockily slashes at it again. Within this strike he seems to find himself feeling better as a hand touches his back. He blinked his foggy orbs and looked back towards the Dwarf, "Thanks." Chouette-Yesterday at 6:17 PM One's better than nothing, at least. The rest seem to be chopping up plenty of plants, so Kylah switches the rhythm to something faster, something more aggressive- though she can't keep a hint of sadness entirely out of it. "When a village is broken, and the eeeeeeelves don’t trust you, Young ones dying with their heads in the ground, When you talk about saving, the sooooouls of the faithful, You can't help thinking you've got sap on your hands. From a croooooss of thooooorns."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 6:23 PM The vine blight goes down, cut up to pieces. The twig blight fails his saving throw (3) That twig blight takes 3 damage and will have a disadvantage on its next attack The bard blesses three people, preparing them for their next attacks The twig blight with disadvantage swings and misses (13) The other twig blight misses the Cleric (14).(edited) A needle blight hits one of the Gnome's mirror images. It dissipates as the slashing claws rake through it. A needle blight hits the bard (21) for 7, digging claws deep into her flesh. Ayden-Yesterday at 6:30 PM The Paladin shifts his feet and pulls his shield, tucking it before extending it violently towards the incoming attack aimed at the bard. Knox hoped it would be enough to cause a miss with the new found protection. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 6:33 PM The gnomes begin to dance around the splinterwaif poking and jabbing at it. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 6:44 PM The waif attempts to move, so the Gnome takes an attack of opportunity and scores a hit. The hit connects, but as the blade comes back out, the creature seems barely injured. However, because it still has a hostile presence within 5ft, the attack it made has a disadvantage. The disadvantaged roll is a total of 10, which misses the Bard.(edited) Chouette-Yesterday at 6:45 PM The Bard sticks her tongue out at the waif. "Nyeeeeeeh! Can't hit me, can't hit me!"(edited) Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 6:47 PM I agree with this. Although our miss bard my give you a run for your gold when it comes to food...speaking of bards looks like some of the plants took note of her. While casually conversing with his twin, Thayrin shifts round to assist with killing the bard targeting needle blight. Ayden-Yesterday at 6:57 PM Knox attempts to penetrate the twig blight in front of him with the longsword in his hand. His grip tightens around the hilt as his heart races. Thrusting the blade downwards, the Paladin plans to run the blade through the creature's entire body. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 6:58 PM Knox rips the twig blight a new one, and it dies. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:01 PM Reth turns and cuts down a Needle blight, doing exactly what was needed to kill the creature. He attemps to swing at the twig, but narrowly misses (10). Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 7:05 PM Grimni drops his shield from his grip sighting one of the Twigs. "Hello there wee beastie~" Taking a firm two handed grip on his hammer and swings it upwards into the besats mid section.(edited) 3 Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:05 PM The hit connects solidly, doing 8 points of damage to a creature with 4 hitpoints remaining. Wood shards go everywhere as the creature goes down. Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 7:10 PM Raleon swings his sword deftly in his hand with a snicker. "Well, now we just have a bit of trimming to do and the garden will look much better..." He cooed as he approached the waif. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:16 PM Kylah draws in a breath. She's been pricked a little by one of the blights, but overall her companions have done a fine job of keeping the plants away from her. Only one left now, and she knows just what to do with it. "Roses are red You plants are creeps Now fall right on over And go the fuck to sleep!" Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:18 PM The final waif waivers, and then tips over. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:19 PM As soon as it's down, Kylah leaps up and pumps one fist in the air. "Hah! We win again!" Ayden-Yesterday at 7:19 PM With the final foe dealt with, Knox cautiously approaches the building to look inside for any weapons that may be of use. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:19 PM "Can someone go actually kill those things? They won't sleep forever." The bard is too grossed out by the waifs to approach them herself. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:19 PM Reth plunges his magical blade through the throat of one of the waifs. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:20 PM "Thanks Reth!" Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 7:20 PM Raleon pout a bit with his insult falling short then approached them slowly with his brother. He blinked and looked over towards the dwarf with an amused smile. "Thanks, shortie. Looks like you can stand in a fight without flopping." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:21 PM Knox makes a great investigation check. He notices that the plants are growing all over, busting apart weapons. There is one sword that they do not touch however. The distraction proves bad, because it turns out there is a third waif in the house, which just got a sneak attack needle shot on the Paladin for 14pts of damage! Mortal Player-Yesterday at 7:22 PM "Perhaps, a magical or silver blade is best to deal with these creatures." Artimus sheathes his mundane dagger and moves cautiously, keeping an eye out, "The blights serve the waifs as an alert system. It is almost certain that any other waifs will know we are here." Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 7:23 PM Grimni picks back up his sheild and swinging it onto his back, standing up straight, grasping at his small pendant. Casting his gaze to Raleon, a faint soft smile across his lips. "Aye, I do what I can." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:25 PM Reth goes ahead and dispatches the other one. Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 7:26 PM they kinda look slightly less murderous when they are passed the fuck out....or dead. Ayden-Yesterday at 7:26 PM The needle shot hits the paladin, connecting with a solid hit that nearly takes him off his feet. A needle sticks in his left shoulder, pinned between the armor. Quickly, Knox calls for help, "In here!" as he grabs the silvered weapon, or what he thought was a silver weapon, swinging it at the damned waif.(edited) Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 7:27 PM "Hey Holy man! Ya find anything useful in there?" he hears the call and jogs up towards the door, drawing his sword from the sense of urgency Chouette-Yesterday at 7:27 PM Kylah yawns and trudges after Raleon, interested to see what the paladin has found but too lazy to hurry. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:27 PM The Paladin grabs the sword, which he notes two things about: 1. It is not silver. 2. It is a long sword. But for some reason, the creatures brambles avoid it. Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 7:27 PM Grimni hears the alarm making a hurried, albiet slow heavy footed dash for the entrance to the damnedable smithy Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 7:28 PM Thayrin as always had been not far from his brother, when he heard the call as well and followed suit. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 7:30 PM Artimus moves to where Knox stands with a needle sticking out of him and brings forth a wand. He taps Knox and keeps a wary eye out for other dangers, "Don't be wandering off alone Knox".(edited) Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 7:35 PM Grimni darkens the door to the smithy his smaller form allowing him to slip past Raleon and inside. Taking in the scene for a brief moment, the Paladin injured and swinging at a third beastie. He hefts his hammer high and charges the waif, lending his aid to the Paladin. Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 7:40 PM Raleon arches a brow and rolls his shoulder. "Well, looks like I missed a spot," he approaches the beast with his blades drawn, defenses up, and obviously sass out as he takes a cheeky slash at it. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:42 PM Two solid hits from Raleon. The first seems to leave a lasting mark, but the second barely comes off as more than a scratch. The waif is wounded, but not yet stripped of life. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:47 PM Kylah finally arrives, only to reel back in shock at the sight of another fucking plant. Was there no end to these things? Tired out from the big fight just before, she doesn't bother with a song, instead whipping out her sword and stabbing wildly in the splinterwaif's general direction. "Shoo. Shoo!" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 7:49 PM As his companions close upon the lone waif, so too do the three gnomes. They glance about nervously, then leap forward suddenly to deliver a three gnome shove! Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:51 PM The creature attempts to dodge, but fails. It is knocked prone, reducing its AC to 12! Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 7:52 PM dogpile on the plant monter...what will kill it first? One of us or the combined weight of the bloody group hug? Thayrin deftly slipped and weived though the cluster that was the store and his companions to take his own crack at taking down the plant. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:55 PM The final creature is killed by Thayrin's attacks. The room returns to quiet, just as Reth arrives, his swords still drawn. He does not say anything, but instead goes about sweeping the shop for more threats. Chouette-Yesterday at 7:56 PM Kylah is the first to break the silence. "That's all of them, right? Please tell me that's all of them." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:57 PM Reth grunts in answer. He has not found any more. Ayden-Yesterday at 7:57 PM Knox pants with a heavy breath as the last waif drops. He pulls the damned thorn from his shoulder, tossing it to the ground. With the new longsword in hand, Knox notes that there is something more to it. It isn't silver, but it might as well be. "Thank you..." He says to the others as he tries to relax for a moment. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 7:58 PM Reth comes over by the Paladin and puts a healing hand on him, restoring 13hp (max roll) Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 7:58 PM Raleon puts away his blades and sighs. "Well...that's that. Did we find anything useful?" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 7:59 PM The gnomes say, "Others may be lurking anywhere and they will know we are here." He turns to Knox, "Did you discover anything useful? I see you have a new sword." Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 8:00 PM Grimni stands up strat and spits on the dead waif nearby. "Krut" Curses before he starts to take a look around the smithy at what tools and weapons might be around the blacksmiths. Chouette-Yesterday at 8:01 PM Breathing a sigh of relief, Kylah begins to wander wearily around the building, poking plants with her rapier. Ayden-Yesterday at 8:03 PM Knox is thankful that Reth had provided more healing. Feeling better, the Paladin stands his full height as they turn to look at him. "The creatures avoid this weapon. It's not silver, but perhaps it may be magic." He wonders if there may be more laying around, but doubted it since he didn't see any prior to being attacked. Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 8:03 PM With a sigh he flicks his blades and reruns them to their place before glancing around the store in slight disinterest. He couldn't imagine the blacksmith leaving anything of extreme value out in the open. Despite the rushed exit. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:04 PM The shop is mostly in ruins. The brambles have overgrown, tearing apart the structures and the cupboards, even breaking apart metal weapons and bending them into useless shapes. You can tell the shop is an unsteady structure, probably due to collapse within weeks, or sooner if the growth continues. As the others explore, a couple finds some goods. Kylah comes across a small quiver, with elven script written across it (can she read it?). Inside are 6 hand crossbow bolts made of silver. The gnome finds a couple silver ingots, which are untouched by the brambles. Over by them, he also finds a hand crossbow that was untouched because of the proximity to the silver. Chouette-Yesterday at 8:08 PM "Ooh, shiny!" Using her sword to cut through some thorns, Kylah leans down to grab the quiver, holding it up to the light. "Hey guys, check this out!" She waves it towards the rest of the group. "These look valuable. Maybe we could sell them?" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:09 PM Glancing about, the gnomes grab up hand crossbows and silver ingots, "Well, well, it looks like this has survived the ravages of the plants!" He glances at Kylah, "I think this goes with what you found!" Ayden-Yesterday at 8:10 PM "We should rest here to catch our breaths." Knox suggests as the others continue to look around. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:10 PM Reth nods, and then goes and sits by the door, keeping an eye out. Chouette-Yesterday at 8:11 PM The bard glances back and forth between the crossbow and the bolts. "Huh. I think you might be on to something there." Pulling one of the bolts out of the quiver, she holds out one hand to Artimus. "Mind letting me have the crossbow? I want to see if it works." Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:13 PM Artimus hands the crossbow over to Kylah. Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 8:13 PM Raleon blinks and glances towards the bard. "A new crossbow huh?" he draws closer, using his brother's sight and squints. "Thayrin, can you come closer? I can't read this..." Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 8:13 PM Grimni wastes little time in finding a nice corner to slump slowly into. Glancing around the room and settling in for breather. Watching the other's looking over the plunder. Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 8:14 PM Thayrin simply does as his brother asks placing down a broken bit of wood he had been fiddling with to pass the time with while walking over to Raleon's side. what are we reading? Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:15 PM "That sword you found is magical Knox. It has transmutation magic." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:15 PM The script is in Elven, but Sylvan dialect. He can make an Insight check to see if he can make full sense of it. Chouette-Yesterday at 8:15 PM Kylah passes the quiver to Raleon, before loading the bolt she took out before and firing the hand crossbow at the wall. Ayden-Yesterday at 8:16 PM Knox had figureed there was magic of some sort in it. The creatures avoided it even though it wasn't silver. It did make him wonder though, as he continued to concentrate on the weapon. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:18 PM The gnome takes notice of the writing on the quiver, "I should be able to decipher that." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:19 PM Raelon is able to figure it out after a quick bit of deciphering. It literally translates to, "In Case of Were-Wolves" Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 8:20 PM Raleon begins to laugh. "This is wonderful--where was this when those werewolves came nibbling at our ankles?" Chouette-Yesterday at 8:22 PM The bolt hits its target with a satisfying thud, and Kylah hums happily as she walks over to pull it out. "I'm keeping this." Now she can stab things without having to get close to them! Disgruntled Tea-Yesterday at 8:22 PM Thayrin literally face-plams out of remeberance of that fiasco. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:22 PM Reth says, "Werewolves?" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:23 PM Murmuring some words and concentrating. Artimus examines the quiver as well.(edited) Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 8:23 PM "It literally translates to 'In Case of Were-wolves', Reth," he replies with a snicker. Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:24 PM The Gnome's comprehend languages turns up the same. Reth actually cracks a grin. 5 Chouette-Yesterday at 8:24 PM The bard finds a relatively vine-clear spot to sit down, and takes out her violin. "Anyone have food left?" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:24 PM "It would appear that neither the crossbow nor the bolts are magical, but the silver in them is sufficient deterent." Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:25 PM Reth tosses the bard smoked meat. 4 Doom Sparkles-Yesterday at 8:26 PM "Playing music for food now?" Raleon teased. Chouette-Yesterday at 8:28 PM Kylah catches it with one hand. "Heck yes I am." Without further ado, she stuffs it in her mouth, pulls out her bow, and starts fiddling away with gusto. 1 Ayden-Yesterday at 8:28 PM The paladin finds himself relaxing as he toys with the magic blade, seeing if he can get it to react or discover its usefulness. Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:37 PM The gnome looks at the dwarf, "I see you have an interest in these silver ingots I found. What exactly do you plan to do?" Scared_Nerd-Yesterday at 8:41 PM Picking himself up from the floor and stand up, one hand on hip. The other pointing around the vacinity. "Well I could proabably use em and this ol place to coat a handful of our weapons in said silver. Give them beasties a good lickin" Mortal Player-Yesterday at 8:42 PM "Ah, ha! Well, if you have the skill perhaps you could craft me a few odds and ends, gears and sprokets, springs and things!" Acies ab Vesania-Yesterday at 8:43 PM At the end of an hour, people are feeling better (good time use hit dice healing if needed). As that hour winds down, Knox realizes his sword is a +1: nothing especially fancy, but enough to overcome the waif’s defenses. The dwarf works on turning the party’s mundane weapons into silvered weapons. The party recuperates to the tunes of the Bard’s violin as they prepare for the next phase of this challenge. The creatures have proven tough but fallible, capable of going down with sufficient damage. How many remain? Where is this knave? Find out next time, on D&D Discord!
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    Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Into the furthest reaches of the woods, the mysterious Sylvan elves lead you to their base camp, where the huddled figures of their families sit close to their campfires, watching you closely. They appear to have had a rough time of things, with mud and leaves sticking to their boots and cloaks. Small children lie curled up and sleeping, exhausted from their travels. The elves lead everyone to a particular campfire, where it appears a small council has gathered. There too is a Sundered Dwarf, looking about as cooperative as Dwarves ever get, especially with elves. Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah was a genius. Now normal people, see, they had to walk from place to place. Wear themselves out and get sore bruises and knobbly blisters on their feet, not to mention dirt and such if they were wearing a skirt. But her? All she had to do was faint once, and then pretend to be asleep once she woke up, and the paladin would carry her as far as she needed! A perfect scheme! (Except the fainting part had been more of a coincidence really but she wasn't about to tell anyone that). She really ought to do this more often. Something was going on, and for a moment she considered 'waking up' to see what was going on. Wouldn't it be worth forsaking a little extra rest if it meant catching up on vital developments that could mean the difference between life and death for everyone involved? Nah. Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox shifts carefully, thankful that Kylah has awakened- though he doesn't let her know that. Despite all the group has encountered, Knox approaches with caution. Whatever omen has befallen this group, could easily be bestowed upon them all. Knox takes the front and scans the campfires. He could see their pain. He had to help them. "Pardon our intrusion. "(edited) Mortal Player-01/21/2018 The gnome glances about, "Well, well, well, I can see that this group doesn't talk much" "I am Artimus" Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Raleon frowned, feeling the anguish through the air. He might not have been able to see it with his own eyes, but he knew people and how to read the mood. These people had seen their own hardships, just as they had. He was determined to help anyways that they could. "I'm glad to see some of you have made it out alive," Raleon comments. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He was about to continue his grumbling as he tried his best to explain his presence to by his accounts could tell to be a "male" Elf. But the words and gumblings fell oddly short as he noticed a very strange to say the least, group approaching. Being as cautious as life had taught him to be he remained for now silent. Scanning the mudded and tierd band of rag tag would be adventurers. Chouette-01/21/2018 The Bard cracked open one eye. A bunch of muddy elves and a... dwarf? What was he doing here? Pretty handsome fellow, all things considered. She closed her eye again. The others would no doubt ask the important questions, and she could get Artimus to explain it to her later if necessary. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Right..." The gnome looks back and forth from elf to elf to dwarf, "so... ah... who are you all?" Ayden-01/21/2018 It seemed that, regardless of carrying Kylah all day, she seemed to grow heavier and heavier. He wasn't sure if his arms were getting tired, but perhaps he thought to make it a point to discuss Kylah's "eating habits" after she comes to. He wondered how much she ate the day prior, or how much food she managed to take from the others. For now, Knox looks at the new dwarf and this Council. "We've come to provide aid for your people." Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Standing next to his brother, the silent elf glances around the ragged elf camp with a mixed look of concern and his usual of apathy. His brow raises slightly in surprise upon seeing a dwarf in the mix. well I'll be damned...one of us ain't like the others....one of us is a dwarf. He tilts his head slightly and glances towards his better half and blinks(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The elves blink at you, and then look to each other. There is some quick whispers in elven. One of them looks back at the group and says, “We struggle for weeks, praying that aid will come. Nothing. Then in one night, a dwarf shows up. And then your party. How have you come to hear of our struggles?” Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "Yes, we heard whispers about a missing village. Reth, our newest companion spoke of trouble in this area. We stumbled upon the abandoned village, but there was little we could understand. Could you tell us more about what happened?" spoke the tall elf. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus looks at the Sylvan Elf that accompanies his group, "How did we come to hear of their troubles Rethyrian?" Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 His eyes narrowed in his head, peering at all the new faces. Grumblign naturaly of course counting elves amoung more of the new faces. Although his spirits perk finding a half elf-half manling and a gome in the mix. Fingers strokes his greying ginger beard as he goes to speak. "Do ya mind answering whom you might be first master gnome, seeyin as I was standin here long before yee arrived? Seems only natural that the strangers walcing in should introduce themselves no?" His sing songy accent dripping with hints of surly temper.(edited) Ayden-01/21/2018 "Like you, we've lost our home. To a dragon none the less." Knox states, sharing a story in hopes to connect with these people. "We heard of your struggles only through rumor and chance." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth says, “My master spoke of it,” and as you have come to expect, does not offer much more. 3 Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus stares at the dwarf for moment... then very slowly ennuciates very carefully and clearly (for the second time), "I am Artimus." Then he looks back at the elves, "Well, there you have it. We know there is trouble and that's why we've come." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 "Our village is plagued by creatures known as splintewaifs. Their appearance seemed to coincide with our loss of access to the sacred grove. They first started by stalking the edges of our village, waiting for opportunities to snatch children while they were briefly unattended. We killed a few, but they just kept coming back, and soon those who went out to hunt them failed to return. What we did uncover is that their numbers seem replenished by much stronger one, though we know not what to call it, if not another one of their kind. About the time that we saw brambles cutting off our exits from the village, we fled. We would not let these things box us in. We have remained in these woods since."(edited) Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus strokes his well-trimmed beard, "Hmmm." Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Hearing his brother within his mind, his face turn to face the dwarf with an intruiged look, tilting his head to the side. Interesting indeed, dear brother... Seems as grumpy as normal, perhaps we shall have some fun with this one once things selttle down. He turned towards the elves once more. "We had a similar experience with thesplinterwaifs when we were investigating the village. We were attacked but killed them before setting off. The brambles seemed to be alive...helping them even. I assume this isn't normal..." Ayden-01/21/2018 Know became extremely interested as the Council spoke. He was sure the others had questions and would ask, and he didn't want to overwhelm them all at once. Though, if anything were to get done, they would need answers. "How did you lose access to the sacred grove?" The Paladin was concerned with this, almost more than anything else so far. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Eyes only narrowed further at the exaggerated enunciation of the Gnomes name once more. "Aye I heard ya the first time, here I was musing that yer friends and yourself might'a had a dunno. A collective name or something. Ya all do seem like little band of adventurers." He quickly goes quiet as he listens to the native elf speak of their troubles. Afterall, he did want to help the pointy ears.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 In response to Raleon, they shake their head. “No, the bramble growth is abnormal occurrence.” Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 sounds like fun to me. You know i love to pester the grumpy ones Thayrin crosses his arms and rocks slightly back on his heels as he processes the information given. so they can't go somewhere important, and some sort of super plant pops up to help with child snatching plants...lovely Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 To Knox, he says, “Our druids tend the Sacred Grove. It is a holy place, one our people have cared after for generations. One day, our druids went in and did not come back out. Staying overnight was common for them, but never longer than that. A few days after, the woods began to change, and evil fey became far more common in these parts. We have no way of entering anymore, the druids took the only pass key we had. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "Hmm.. Seems to me like a bigger hand is at work," he cupped his chin in thought. He looked to everyone. "Perhaps we should investigate the grove once day breaks." Mortal Player-01/21/2018 The gnome blinks at the dwarf and laughs, "Group name? You can ask our bard, Kylah... if you can wake her from her slumber." Ayden-01/21/2018 The Paladin listens carefully as he places this all together. It seems the stem of their issue comes from the sacred grove becoming lost to these people. Yet the only way was now lost. "Can you tell us if the druids had tended the sacred grove for other reasons that night? Did they share any concerns?" He asked carefully, hoping not to offend. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Casts an eye to whom he assumes is the bard in question. Stepping closer to the gnome as he speaks. "Is she normaly always so........comatose? Only time you'll find meself like that is with ale involved." Chuckles heartily to himself. 3 Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 “Tending the grove is their duty. They needed no special reason to go. We do not know why they failed to come back. We assume it might be connected to the changes without.” Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox was afraid as much. "Are there any druids left? Perhaps someone that did not go that night?" He asks curiously. This would be much easier if they had a guide. He only hoped that he wasn't focusing on the wrong thing, but somehow, he doubted that was the case. Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah opens one eye again, and sticks out her tongue at the dwarf. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Normally? No, no, not at all, and yes, yes, of course." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 "No, we only have three druids right now, and all three went in that day." Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "Perhaps something began corrupting the grove and is spreading throughout the forest. This only makes it more dire... Hopefully we can make it in time to see if there are any survivors..." the elf mused aloud. "Reth, do you know the way?" Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He pipes up rather loudly and cuts into the conversation being had about the Grove and Druids. "I thought'd I would throw my two coins into this 'ere conversation. If you lot plan to investigate this grove and the wee problem within. I'm comin' "(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth answers, "I know of the entrance, but not how to get in." Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus arches an eyebrow, "What interest is this matter to you, nameless one?" Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox looks at the dwarf with some concern. The last time they had let strangers within their group, they had turned into wild creatures who tried to eat them. He was glad Artimus spoke up first, questioning the man's intent. While they discuss, Knox turns back to the Council. "Would you be able to show us where the Sacred Grove is come morning?" Perhaps there was another way in... Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Raleon arched a brow at the dwarf's interest. "A cleric, huh?" Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The man shrugs. "I can show you, but there is no other way in. Unless you have happened across the last key, there is now way to get in." Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 wait a candle lick. Why does a dwarf want to help elves? Has he lost his better sinces...or is he drunk already? Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He glances around back to the little Gnome. "My name, is Grim-az.....most call me Grimni. And for now......my interest is my own. For now......" Hearing one pointy ear call him a Cleric. He gave a hearty chuckle once more. "Aye I am a man of faith. You have a keen eye Elf." Hand instinctivly wrapping around the silver moon pendent hanging from his neck.(edited) Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 I mean, if he isn't we have more than enough to drown him with it he snickered back. Ayden-01/21/2018 "Do you have any better suggestion? What course of action would you takeif in our boots?" He asked the man respectfully. Knox was having a difficult time comming to terms with all of this. It was part of his duty to return the sacred grove into holy grounds once more. Even if these people didn't worship the Light, his goddess, it didn't matter. As Grimni spoke, Knox would keep his guard about the dwarf. Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 true. Add the keen eye bit to your list as well dear heart. He tilts his head and ponders slightly. lacking the pass does prove to be an issue though. Maybe someone has a back door key of sorts? Ayden-01/21/2018 As they all carried on in conversation, Knox looked down to Kylah. "What do you think Kylah?" He asked causually as if she had been part of this conversation the entire time. He wondered if she would respond. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The gnome peers at the religious iconography, and for some reason, he cannot recall whatsoever who that symbol refers to. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Grim-az. Okay." The gnome's eyes narrow, "What sort of cleric are you? Who do you worship? I do not recognize your symbols."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 "I know not how to advise you all. The immediate threat in our village is one you can find without entering the grove. But the long term threats likely stem from something happening from within. We too fear that this may only be the beginning of troubles for our lands. We only wish our neighbors to the north had not fallen into disarray centuries ago, for they once had key as well, for them to take up our role should we ever fail." Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 "Grimni, call me Grimni." Eyebrow quirks a the narrowing of the other's eyes and questions that followed. "I worship The Mother of Time, she who claims all in the end." Chouette-01/21/2018 "Hmm," Kylah said, without opening her eyes, "I think we should decide over dinner. Don't you?" Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "A death priest?!?" The gnome exclaims, wide-eyed, "How do we know you will not cause more mischief?" Ayden-01/21/2018 "Have you sent someone in search of the key in the north?" Knox asks. As Kylah speaks, Knox released her from his grip and drops the Bard flat on her ass. A smile is on his face, but it doesn't do much to pull him from the important matter at hand. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 The elf snickered at the comment of his keen eyes. Looks like he still had it. Or at least, he hoped he did. After patting himself on the back, he turned towards the bard and laughed. "Aye, we did miss dinner." Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Without skipping a beat The silent elf holds a chunk of bread up to the bard with a smirk. totally would not have called that one. Would have though he was gonna worship that one forge God or another Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Softly he shakes his head as he tucks his holy symbol under his scale mail. "There is nothing mischievious about natural death, are ya havin a laugh?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The elves shake their head. "That tower is overrun now. We don't have the manpower to search out haunted ruins." Chouette-01/21/2018 "Owww!" Finally, Kylah opens both her eyes, and shakes her head, looking up at Knox with a pout. "And you call yourself a paladin! Dumping innocent young ladies on the ground like that- shame on you!" Without hesitation, she grabs Thayrin's offered bread and starts chewing on it, giving the elf a thumbs-up with her free hand. At least someone here understands her.(edited) 6 Ayden-01/21/2018 The Paladin is disheartened. Would there even be enough time for them to go and search out these haunted ruins and return with a key, that they hopefully find, in hopes to gain access to a Sacred Grove without being killed in the process? He looks at Kylah as she speaks. "I don't dump innocent girls." Of course he was hinting at something... more. Looking back to the Council. "If we were to help, what is it that you'd have us do?" He asks finally.(edited) Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah kicks Knox in the shin. 4 Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Thayrin slow claps. 1 Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 "The greatest immediate threat to us are the waifs. The grove is a pressing concern, but one that can wait a little longer. I doubt they will let you enter the grove anyway." Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "This is true," Raleon mused once more. "So you would have us clear out some more of the waifs?" Chouette-01/21/2018 "Wait, waifs?" Evidently the Bard hasn't been paying much attention. "You mean those spiky things? There are more of them?" Ayden-01/21/2018 Kylah's foot would be met with a twang of metal from his armor. He only hoped she didn't hurt herself in the process. "Then, to rid these woods of more waifs. And you spoke of another creature among them? Something bigger? Can you tell us more about it?" Knox wanted to know as much as possible. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "So, you do worship death and you have your own reasons for wanting to tag along. If you are not up to no good, then why hide your reasons?" Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The speaker says, "There is one among them that is bigger, faster, and stronger. It has been seen vomiting pods that later hatch into more waifs."(edited) Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 "All yee need to know is that I have taken an oath. One that I intend to be following to the letter, helping people were I can. Aye, even pointy eared elves..... It's what I do in service for the Mother of Time. She told me to come here and help these folks, so I reckon that's what I am gonna do. I am coming with you to that grove. Come hell or high heaven. So ya best get used ta that idea." Folds his meaty arms across his chest. Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah makes a disgusted noise. The small ones had been icky enough, but there were big evil plant things? "Welp. Looks like we'd better burn down the forest." Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox kneels down to grasp the dirt and ground. "How much bigger in comparison to the others is this creature?" He wondered after everything they had seen so far. Could they even face it and stand a chance? The Paladin didn't like this idea. They had to be smart about it, or end up dead. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus stares intensely at the dwarf for a moment. "Hmpf. Very well. We accept your company... for now." Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Leans his upper body forward and returns the intense stare "Aye, not like I was givin ya a choice wee man"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 @Mortal Player You get the sense that while he is being secretive, he has no ill will towards your group. You have caught glimpses of what appears to be genuine compassion while he listens to the plight of the Elves. And you do recall that Thyr, while a Goddess of time and death, is not an evil god, but rather as he put it, one who sees to the "natural death," as all people eventually run out of time. Knox thinks hard over all the things he has learned. He has a light bulb moment, when he remembers something about a Splinterwaif Knave, a larger creature that spawns other splinterwaifs. As the elves have mentioned,. they are stronger, and generally harder to hit as well. Chouette-01/21/2018 The Bard, who is still sitting on the ground, giggles a little as she polishes off the last of her bread, before extending a hand towards the dwarf. "Right then! Welcome to the crew, Grim-whatsit." Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Suddenly, the gnome brightens, "If you are concerned about natural death, then perhaps, you have an interest in these Splinterwaifs... they feed on plants grown from the corpses of 'planted' children." The gnome shudders.(edited) Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "Then we shall set out once day breaks to find what we can do about this bigger, nasty plant problem," Raleon decided. "Have you any sort of idea of an effective way of dealing with these creatures besides the ol' fashion slash and gash?" Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He takes the girls hand, giving it a firm squeeze and a hearty shake. His previous daur expression fading or least washed over with a more cheery expression. "Grimni and you are?~" Ayden-01/21/2018 Recalling the creature, it sends chills down his spine. Knox recalls this creature due to his past... but speaks nothing about how he recalls it. "Sounds like this monster is a Splinterwaif Knave. Was there only one that you could tell? Or more?"(edited) Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Ear still tuned to the piping up of the wee fella once more. "Aye, I have an "interest" " He replied sharply and straight cut, the mention of child corpses clearly glancing a nerv. Chouette-01/21/2018 "Kylah Bailefour, best bard to ever walk the land. Pleased to meet'cha." She gives his hand a dainty shake, before yawning and glancing back at the others. "Do we really need to know the details? Big nasty plant. We go kill. Then dinner and sleep. What's so complicated?" 1 Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus doesn't look directly at Kylah, "Well, there is that... matter" ... "but perhaps it is for the elves to decide," he says will a false brightness. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Releases her hand as she glances back towards the other of her group, having barely caught her name. Clearing his throat as regains his composure. Safely shaking the old memories of their faces from behind his eyes. "Kylah.....I will do my best to remember that lass....." Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 We could always go our bards route, and kill it with fire. He glances down at Kylah with a smirk before pinging her a message. "Sounds simple enough to me as well. Also are you planning on standing anytime soon my dear?" Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Kylah suddenly remembers that Splinterwaifs and Knaves are best dealt with by magic and silver. Ayden-01/21/2018 Though he wonders if there is still more than one Knave out there. Knox asks one last question. "If we come accross any of your dead. How would like us to handle them if given the chance?" Tension in the air had almost torn the group apart over such conversation just the day prior. It was best to let them decide. Chouette-01/21/2018 Seemingly energized by the conversation and the prospect of stabbing leafy things, the self-proclaimed Best Bard does indeed spring to her feet. "You know, I heard a story about these things a while back. Apparently they're weak to magic and shiny shit, which means all we need to do is have you guys protect me and Artimus while we throw spells at them." Just their luck that they'd run into these things after losing the warlock, but the cleric might help. "Hey Grimni. Did your goddess give you any good spells? Something, like, I don't know, a massive fireball?" Her eyes seem to light up at the prospect.(edited) Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus slowly adds, "by dead he means... the ah... 'buried' children." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The elf says, "We are aware what they have done with our children..." He looks away, fighting back a sob. "Leave them for us, we will tend to them in our way when we can return." Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah winces. Not much they could do about that. At least they could claim vengeance, if nothing else, though that'd be a small comfort for those killed. Same for Chiwak, really. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 The gnome exhales in relief and sadness. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth asks, "Shiny shit?" Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He cutes in with a much lower tone than his usual borderland rude abrasive one, addressing the Elf Speaker. "Perhaps I could pray over the bodies and offer up a prayer to my deity, should you permit it." Chouette-01/21/2018 "Yeah," Kylah answers, a little less enthusiastically than before. "Um, some kind of metal? What was it... started with an S and rhymed with... actually it didn't rhyme with anything at all. Weird." Ayden-01/21/2018 Perhaps the Council could see such relief in the group at his response. "We will respect your wishes, and do our best to clear these creatures from your land. Do you have any spell scrolls, or silver weapons that might be of some aid to us?" He imagined that, despite their limited resources, they might have something that could further help them. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 As the bard tries to work through it, when she mentions S metal, about the same time as Knox mentions it, Reth asks, "Silver?" Chouette-01/21/2018 She snaps her fingers. "Right! Clever elf." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The council member nods to the Dwarf. "We would accept the blessings of Thyr. While she is not our patron, we recognize her domain." Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Or... steel?" Chouette-01/21/2018 "Nah. That rhymes with keel and feel and at least a few other things." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 To Knox, he says, "The weapon smith might have had something in his shop. We would ask him, but he is one who failed to return while hunting the waifs." The elf gives some details of whereabouts in town you could find his shop. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 He gives a slight bow of his head to the elf. Clearly not wanting to prolong the issue of thier dead. "I will see it is done." Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox was feeling much better about this plan. "In the morning, we set back to the town to find the shop. If there are silver weapons, we will take them. If not, we will continue to kill as many as we can. But our goal should be to kill the splinterwaif knave." Knox looks back to his group. "Any objections?" Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth nods. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus nods, "It is settled." Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Shakes his head silently to the plan laid out before them to signal he had no objections to it. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 "For once, I think we agree Tin-can," replied Raleon. Chouette-01/21/2018 For once, Kylah shuts her mouth and simply gives Knox a thumbs-up. She's not going to turn down a chance to get more sleep.(edited) Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "One other thing... doyou guys have a library?" Ayden-01/21/2018 For a second, Knox wondered if he died and passed onto the afterlife. None of them would argue over this? No one objected? Perhaps his leadership skills were starting to bloom? None the less, he looked around at the various fires. "Alright then. Everyone get their rest. We head out at first light." Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The party agrees to reconvene in the morning. The sylvan elves show you to where you can sleep. They provide you with a decent space close to a fire. While the others still watch you warily, those who know you are here to help seemed to have warmed to you a little. They do not watch you as closely, and some even give thankful nods. The dawn arrives too soon, and it is daybreak. You all awaken to the sound of the Bard’s stomach growling. 5 Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Mrala, Mrala, Mrala" the gnome chants finishing an incantation rising to meet the day. Breaking out some cheese, he cuts off a piece and offers it to the bard. Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Ah the sound of wind in the trees, birds chirping...and the angry gurgle of a hungry bards stomach. The chance to go out and kill something else today. What can make for a more normal morning? Thayrin sits up from his meditave state with a stretch and a soft huff of breath as he waites for the rest of the group to come to the world of the living. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Raleon was already up and at-em as perusual. Seems he was quite the early bird. He "woke" his brother by pouncing on him, tackling him in a playful tustle, ruffling his hair and laughing cheerfully. "I finally got you!" he cried victoriously, wrapping his arm and legs around the other elf's torso.(edited) Chouette-01/21/2018 What bard? There's only a tightly wrapped lump of blankets that wriggles forwards like a caterpillar towards Artimus- until an arm reaches out to snatch the cheese and a muffled thanks emerges from within. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 A low groan came forth from him, lips smacked together loudly as he began to stir. Hearing at first what he thought was his own stomach angry with him, bleary eyed he focused to the source of the noise. Noting it Kylah. "How can a lass make such damned noises?" Grumbling as he began his daily morning routine, rolling up his blanket, packing it away. Before kneeling on the ground. Whispering a short prayer under his breath, grasping at his holy symbol followed by a short list of names. Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 It was in his mid stretch that a certain playful brother of his tackled him with a hug. oooof! I have been captured it seems. Good morning to you as well love. His arms automatically wrap around Raleon in order to support him from falling back to the ground. Ayden-01/21/2018 That night, the Paladin was wrapped tight within his dark blanket. The white star designed on the blanket would face the sky and ward off the darkness. Yet, it wasn't the darkness that disturbed him... it was his own mind. He had dreamed of a beautiful woman. Smart, strong, powerful. She was unlike anything he had ever seen. Yet, she was haunted. And regardless of his promises to her, she slipped through his grasp and left. As his eyes opened to the new day, his heart was heavy. Knox sits up and sees the others getting ready. Chouette-01/21/2018 Finally, the soft cocoon unravels to reveal a disheveled bard within, chewing on the last of her cheese. Her hair is a mess, and she runs one hand through its tangles, trying to restore it to some kind of order. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 It was clear by now the two pale elves stood out quite a bit from the other types of elves. Their hair was pale as they were, accented by pastel like colours. Their eyes gleamed with different colours, accented similar like thier hair. The twin squeezed the brother in a hug and gave him a playfu nuggie. His smile beamed down at him, grateful for him to be there another morning with him. He rubbed under his nose. "Morning. Bet ya didn't expect that one, huh?" He teased. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 The gnome's clothing is in order, clean and... pressed? as usual, and, of course, his beard well-trimmed. His hair while not ordered, is not in disorder either. He smiles at the bard, "Good Morning!" His voice is upbeat and almost has a sing-song quality.(edited) Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Standing to his feet to stretch, the last of his things packed away bar some tac bread from his fairly scant rations. Wolfing it down, he took a heary sip of his waterskin to wash the dry brittle bread into his gullet. He'd slept in his armor, he was ready to travel or fight at moments notice. Being on the road by himself for a bit now, he'd learned the value in it. Sitting back down silently watching the others go about their business as they started to rouse.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth is awake. He appears to be roasting a squirrel over a fire. Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 When it comes to you my dear. I have learned to expect the unexpected. The morning hug tackle however will have to be added to the list. a wide bright smile found it's way to his face as he accepts the nuggie with good grace. His hair falling perfectly back into place. seems like the others are up, so we should be moving again soon. What are your thoughts on mr......also, Grumbly dwarf so far?(edited) Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox had pulled out one of the last few rations he had. He was running low, but he wasn't concerned. Taking a few minutes, he would eat, and place everything back together before being ready to go. With sword and shield, Knox picks up his belongings and approaches their newest companion. Sitting by the dwarf, the Paladin breaks the silence. "My name is Knox. It is my understaning that you will be joining us?" Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Looking straight on at the other as he as joined by the heavily armored one amongst the little group he'd spent the first night not alone with in a long time. "Grimni and aye. I will goin with ya. Business here needs settlin. Hope you can use that sword, she looks well put together." Gives a slight chuckle.(edited) Ayden-01/21/2018 Grimni makes note of his sword, but Knox offers little in response. Truth be told, he wished he didn't have to use this thing. "Everyone here has lost much already, as you heard last night. It is why we are here. Tell me Grimni, is there something you have lost as well?" Knox asks curiously, purposefully getting personal with the cleric. Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah frowns curiously at Artimus. "How are you always so clean?" Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 He separated himself from his twin for the moment and helped him up from the tackle, having already stuffed himself with the food they found earlier while the others rest, he offered the rest out to his twin. "Not so fast, you still need to eat. As for Grumbles...seems like any other dwarf. Grumbly. But he seems alright. Cleric of some Time and Death goddess? Similar to us if you think about it. We'll see." Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 Frowns slightly at the nature of the inquery. "Everyone has lost something, best leave it at that lad. I suggest you put a fire under your friends asses, children fueled plants won't weed themselves." Stands up, draping his bag over his shoulders, taking a firm grip of his warhammer just under the head in his right hand, his left hefting his sheild. 4 Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 wow. The bard didn't find it first? Color me surprised. he chuckles as he accepts the food and starts eating while glancing at the odd short and tall duo speaking off to the side. I sapose you are correct about that. If nothing else, it looks like he may give our tin can some hell. Which will be amusing. Ayden-01/21/2018 It seemed that the dwarf wanted to be nothing but business, which was fine with Knox in the end. Standing on his own, the Paladin nearly towers over the Cleric. "Fair enough. If you wish to travel with us, there is one rule. You protect them, with everything you have. You protect them, I protect you. That is how this works. Do you understand?" Knox wouldn't take a chance having another psycho in their group. If there was any doubt in the Paladin's mind, or if the Cleric couldn't convince him, there would be significant push back. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 Artimus finishes a ration and offers Kylah some, "I find it's a great way to start each day," he replies absently, as if it was no great mystery. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The camp is stirring. Other elves are getting about preparing for their day. Some glance over to the group, waiting to see how you move forward.(edited) Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 "Aye that is fair enough. But not because you told me, cause it'd be the right thing to do." Grips instinctively at his cresent moon pendent. "None die before their time" Mumbles "Not on my watch...." He steps off curtly from the Paladin to his flank. 1 Ayden-01/21/2018 Knox nods and approves of the Cleric, gaining some respect in the process. "Grab your stuff and lets move out," he says to the rest of the group. Knox also steps off, ushering the others to follow suit. "We head to the weapon smith's shop." Knox would ignore the glancing eyes and push on.(edited) Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah notices that the halfling evaded her question, but she also notices food, and the latter takes precedence. She accepts his offer along with the change of the subject. "Sometimes it's hard to say when each day starts and ends. Like if you stay up all night drinking and then sleep in past noon..." She sighs. Good memories. Then groans. "We're leaving already?" Hurry, hurry, hurry, they're always in a hurry. She's grumbling more than the dwarf as she hauls herself to her feet to gather her instrument and supplies. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Raleon stretched. He had already packed away their things. "Mmm," he replied and looked out towards the elves. "We're setting out now to take care of your troubles. When we return, it will be with the head of that damn beast of yours! Your town and grove will soon be yours again." He announces towards the elves. "Until then, keep safe and seek shelter within one another." With this, he joins his brother as they make thier way back towards the town. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The group makes their way back to the village, with their new acquaintance in tow. Reth is able to retrace your steps easily enough, following the tracks back to where you began. Soon, the village comes back into view. To your dismay, all of you are certain that there are more brambles about than the previous day. The plants grow thick, making accessing the village requiring some real doing. One of the vines even twitches briefly, pulsating as the group nears it. You can be certain that the creatures living within know you have returned. Mortal Player-01/21/2018 "Romra Egam," the gnome intones as he passes his hands about and lays one hand upon his chest.(edited) Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 Raleon hissed with annoyance at the sight of the lively brambles. "Careful, Grimni. These brambles are sentient and likely to change, blocking your path and trapping you inside rooms." Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 "I'll keep an eye out, elf." Realising he didn't catch the name of the pointy ear giving him the advice. His fingers tighten around the grip of his warhammer. Ayden-01/21/2018 "Everyone stay close. Never separate." Knox warns the group, knowing that they already understood why. "It looks like we're going to have to hack our way through, unless someone has another suggestion?" Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah has very carefully positioned herself near the middle of the group, where she has the maximum number of meat shields. "Hacking sounds good. Anyone feel like a song?" Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The gnome's AC is increased to 15. Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Thayrin tilts his head and shrugs at the song comment. Before drawing his blades in preparation to possibly having a plant deciding to get the jump on them. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 He blinked, realizing he hadn't introduced himself or his brother. "Oh yes, my name is Raleon, and this is my brother Thayrin. Pleasure working with you," he introduced as he set out his hand towards the short one. "The bottomless pit is Kylah by the way."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 Reth slowly steps up to the brambles, his swords out. He takes a swipe at one with his magical blade, cutting through it. There is an audible hiss as the brambles retreat to the sides, clearing a little room. Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 "Well I am sure it is very nice to meet you Rayleann or whatever but maybe we keep the names till after we hack our way through?" Chuckles and steps nearer to the back of the group, if the job required slashing he'd let the others have at it while he kept a keen eye. Ayden-01/21/2018 As Reth hacks away, Knox joins his side. Though his weapon doesn't cut as nicely as Reth's, it still helps push the brambles to the side in order to make room for the others. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The brambles are less responsive to the mundane blades, but you are able to cut through them regardless. Soon, a path leading into town is cleared. Doom Sparkles-01/21/2018 He arched a brow then rolled his glossy eyes and continued on. Fair enough he supposed, he was still gunna pout though. He continued onwards with the group, letting the others do the dirty work, glaring at the brambles that boxed him in before. Ayden-01/21/2018 Taking the lead, Knox is cautious and scans the area for any immediate threat using his Divine Senses. If they were close, he could keep the group clear until they reached the Smith's Weapon Shop. Chouette-01/21/2018 With no one specifically objecting to a song, Kylah decides to launch right into one, her voice loud and confident in spite of her nervousness. Well, you can tell by the way I use my blade I'm a warrior, here to lend you aid Monsters fierce and dragonfire warm, I've been kicked around since I was born And now it's all right, it's okay And you may look the other way We can try to understand Adventuring’s effect on man Whether you're a ranger or whether you're in danger You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Feel the forest breakin' and everybody shakin' And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive 5 3 Mortal Player-01/21/2018 The gnome follows confidently, keeping an eye out for danger or ... Splinterwaif Knaves! Scared_Nerd-01/21/2018 A slight smile cut across his lips at the lyrics spewing forth from the bard. Keeping in toe of the party. Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 The paladin can sense faint evil coming from the brambles themselves, like they are not quite evil themselves, but were wrought by evil beings. You sense faint evil all over the village from your vantage (probably more brambles) but no strong presence nearby. Ayden-01/21/2018 On guard, givin their situation, Knox looks at the others. "Everyone on guard. Approach with cuation." Knox states as he takes the lead and heads in the direction of the smith's weapon shop. He didn't like that his senses were going almost crazy. His sword and shield were ready to go if anything were to try and sneak up on them.(edited) Disgruntled Tea-01/21/2018 Thayrin simply rolls his eyes at the comment of being on guard. He looks about the grounds seemingly at a semi relaxed state, despite being on high alert. is it just me or is Knox getting to be a Bit more bossy as of late? He may even give Kylah a run for her money by now. Chouette-01/21/2018 Kylah's song suddenly breaks for a moment as she shrieks loudly. "Shit! Over there, it's a-" She stops. "Ah. Never mind. Just a leaf."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-01/21/2018 You make your way through the village. Around every corner, you expect something to jump out at you, but are almost disappointed by decided lack of threats. You finally reach the street where the aforementioned shop should be. You definitely feel like something is watching you, but you cannot say where that is. As everyone walks further down the road, the sense of something being off grows. The Paladin’s Divine Sense now tells him that there is a clustering of evil creatures nearby. When he goes to point out from where, his finger lands on a solitary building with a sign hanging from its door, bearing a picture of a sword. The place is overrun by brambles. They grow through the walls and around the whole structure. As you get nearer, the plans constrict around the building, and begin to thrum. They seem to pulsate with your every step, shivering as you come nearer. Rumbling from within tells you that your presence is known—and unwelcome. The building itself is distracting, and the permeating evil from within makes it hard to pay attention to what happens without. However, thanks to the new Dwarf’s very high perception roll, he manages to catch a couple splinterwaifs out of the corner of his eye, trying set up an ambush to get a surprised round. He has the chance to warn the group, allowing everyone to make an initiative check on even footing. As he (the DM assumes) calls out his warning, the door bursts open, and blights start pouring out as well. It appears that splinterwaifs are not the only threat here. everyone, roll initiative... for next time!
  6. Valucre D&D Discord

    Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Last time, on D&D Discord…a Sylvena, they mysterious warlock, felt the summons of her patron and could not turn away his demands. Faced with uncertain future, she took her leave alone, leaving the group to reconcile the loss of a close companion on their first night alone in woods said to be haunted. Together, they sit huddled around a campfire, trying to keep warm as the night settles in and with it a light, cool drizzle. Other than the occasional pop from the burning logs, the night is as quiet as they ever get. This is where we begin. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus keeps his books stowed and pulls his green hooded cloak tighter about him. Tentatively, he warms his hands by the fire. Ayden-12/23/2017 After a long day, Knox takes comfort in the darkness that the night sky provided. Though his eyes are heavy, he drifts from wakefulness to sleep several times. Sitting up, he notices its still dark as the campfire's light dances upon his solid figure. He had hoped that Syl would be there with the rest of them, but knew better. For now, he would take things one step at a time.(edited) Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus uses his cloak to shield his books from the drizzle as he studies. the cloack makes his form seem like a rock. Muffled chanting can be heard from within, "Mrala, Mrala, Mrala." After some time , he emerges, his books again stowed safely and a smile gracing his face. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon was a busy elf, patrolling the camps, preparing food, and of course setting up for his brother to rest. He did what he could to comfort his brother, doting over him quietly and tending to his wounds. It was after a moment he approached Reth. "Reth...Could you teach me anything about herbs and healing? As you can tell....My brother and I get into a fair bit of trouble. If it wasn't for you and Kylah..." His fist tightened a bit.(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 Morning? What is this 'morning?' For that matter, could anyone provide a scholarly proof of the existence of 'midday' and 'afternoon?' As an esteemed scholar of sleep, Kylah disputed such assertions. According to her exhaustive studies, day and night were one and the same, and thus it was entirely justified to sleep through them both. Hence why she was currently bundled up tight beneath a blanket, dead to the world and intending to stay that way for as long as possible.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth grunts. "Better in the morning. Night is harder. Rain worse." Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Lingering pain annoyed the silent elf for a fair amount of the night. The healing from the other party members as well ad thee extra attention from Raleon helped considerably though. The rain however...not so much. He casts an annoyed glare at the heavens crying upon their heads with an annoyed sigh. He pulled up his blanket with a deeper frown, wishing that the drizzle will soon pass on. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon nodded and was about to turn when he stopped to think to himself. "Reth, can you play an instrument?" He often saw Reth off to the side of the group. Respecting his hermit ways as he did with his brother, he couldn't help but think he may enjoy the music if they ever separated. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 "No." Reth is a man of many words. Ayden-12/23/2017 As the others talk amongst themselves, Knox stares into the depths of the fire. The drizzle of the rain had soaked him to the bone, penetrating his armor and the cloth underneath it. His white hair would cling to his face and armor as he hummed ever so faintly under his own breath. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 "Would you like to?" he asked coyly. Chouette-12/23/2017 Kylah was shoving her way through a tight crowd, music and noise ringing in her ears from all sides. The air smelled of smoke and sugar, and bright tends towered to either side- a festival. But that didn't make any sense. There hadn't been a festival this year. No matter. She was looking for someone, someone important. Had to find her, so she could share in the celebration. Where was Syl? 3 Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox shifts as he tucks his legs underneath himself. He pulls his arms in and slides his hands into the slits of his armor. His cold wet hands take warmth from the paladin's belly. Knox focuses on that warmth, the heat the his heart produced would spread. Entering into deep prayer, Knox ignored everything else that is going on. He blocks out the sound of the fire and the conversation, and he tries to clear his mind as he starts to pray.(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 It was bright. Loud. Just her kind of environment. She wanted to add her own voice to the singing, to find a stage and lead the revels herself. If she could just find her friend... Damn it, where was that stuffy bookworm? Gritting her teeth, she shoved past dancers and travelers, merchants and villagers, the farmer, the blacksmith, Knox, the baker, those pretty elf twins. Each body she pushed past merely revealed another. An endless sea, bereft of her quarry. Then a shadow fell over it all. The people scattered, the sea breaking in an instant and flowing away in every direction, leaving Kylah stranded on her own as she stared, transfixed, at the sky. The sky was shaped like wings. It glared down at her, eyes like molten gold, teeth wreathed in fire. Fire. When had everything caught fire? The tents withered around her, grass turning orange and bending, wavering, burning. She heard a scream. She recognized that voice. Chouette-12/23/2017 Frantic, Kylah shouted back. "Syl! I'm coming!" Heedless of the chaos around her, she raced towards the source of the sound, passing through hot tongues that burned her feet and thick clouds of smoke that make her cough and weep. There was a silhouette ahead of her, a faint image, in the middle of the fires. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth shrugs. Ayden-12/23/2017 The warmth from his core would spread throughout his body. His prayer to Etoille was one he often recited in mere loyalty and compassion. It was her power, her light, that gifted him his power. It was his determination and sheer will that allowed him to harness it. His prayer tonight, to the light, was for another. To rid the world of shadows, to guide the lost souls like a dirge and give them peace. It was for his friends, and for those who were lost on their journey.(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 She found it. Seized its hand. Just in time to see it burn away into ash. Kylah's blanket shifted. Slowly, she crawled out. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 a man of little words that ones. He quietly snickers under his breath as he shifts and checks on the food that his brother had started preparing. Although he was stopped from going out and gathering it, there was no stopping him from making sure it didn't burn or taste completely inedible. He briefly glanced about the party and emidatly burst into silent laughter. apparently knox is trying to get in touch with his inner turtle. I wonder if you flip him on his back would he get stuck? 3 Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Go ahead and try it, brother. Raleon arched a brow and strode towards the Ranger, wrapping his arm around the lad to lead him closer towards the fire and his brother. Thayrin, hand me that lute. As if on cue his brother hands him the instrument as the elf sits Reth down near the fire and places the lute in his hands. "You see these strings? They are a scale, going from high to low sounds. The placement of each finger along the string, changes how the sound comes out as you strum." He placed the ranger's fingers over the frets, sliding them and pointing as needed, not too sure how touchy he should be with him. He shuffled about and grabbed his viol, demonstrating each cord change.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth raises an eyebrow when he is led to the fire, but he goes along with it for the moment. He nods as the information is passed to him. Ayden-12/23/2017 Even as the sounds of strumming came along, Knox was now deep within meditation and prayer that he didn't even notice. His focus was on the warmth within his body, connecting it to prayer in an attempt to distract him from the wordly ties that kept him bound so tight. Chouette-12/23/2017 The bard stood up. Her clothes were rumpled, her eyes tired and blinking as she looked around at the others. She smiled a little at the sight of Raleon showing Reth his instrument, nodding approvingly, then made her way over to Knox. "Oy." She frowned at him, then leaned down, rapping one fist softly against his back. "Knock knock. Anybody alive in there?"(edited) 1 1 Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon stares at him with blind eyes, unable to see his head rattling, nor his little quirk of his brow. His lack of sight left him unable to pick up on little cues like that. In response he gestured to the strings. "I assume you're doing what Thayrin did before and nodding at me...If you understand, perhaps you should try them?" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth pauses, but then slowly tries to emulate what he was shown. Ayden-12/23/2017 Etoille's light aided the paladin, and the warmth throughout his body had spread and the damp cold drizzle was beyond managable without the need to be so close to the camp fire. Even as Kylah had softly struck his back to gain his attention, his eyes would open slowly and adjust to the world around them. His face would hardly budge and at first, it would seem that he didn't even notice her - but he did. "Of course. What of you that stirs you from your sleep?" He asks, quick to assess her. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 "Just strum your fingers over the strings for a chord, or for a different sound, you can pluck at the strings individually for a more exact sound," he demonstrated on his viol. "Does that make sense?" Chouette-12/23/2017 "Oh, you know," she said, sitting down next to him, "I was lying there perfectly happily, and then I thought, what about all the boys? There's no Syl, so other than me it's just a bunch of men now, and everyone knows you can't just leave men to their own devices." She gave an exaggerated sigh. "So I thought I'd stay up, make sure everyone stays out of trouble." Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth grunts. He plays around with the strings, working to individuate their sounds and recognize each as their own. Ayden-12/23/2017 Her response was expected, but he had no issue with her sitting next to him. "Probably for the best." He offered softly as his eyes looked at the others that she references. "Thought it looks like they got themselves occupied for the time being." He pulled his hands from his armor and his arms would fall to each of his sides to brace his weight. Chouette-12/23/2017 "Mmm." For all her claims of watchfulness, Kylah looked half-asleep. "Oh, and I almost forgot." She glanced his way. "Syl left a message for you." Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Accepting the small grunts as a sort of agreement of pace, he continued. His fingers searched for the top of the lute for a moment before falling upon the small knobs at the top. "See these? They change the pitch of each string, they are used to tune the instrument and keep it in tone, We can play with those when you are more advanced." He thought for a moment. "I think I have some sheet music from a little tavern I visited once. Are there any tunes you remember you would like to learn how to play?" Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox is perhaps, just as tired as Kylah. He had gotten some rest, but not enough to fairly call it sleep. Only when she mentioned Syl, did Knox turn his face to actually look at Kylah for the first time. The moon painted his face with a dull light, accented by the dancing flames of the fire. His eyes locked on her, and it was obvious she was digging into wounds she could not physically see. "It matters not." He responds bitterly, lying to himself. His fingers dig into the wet earth, clenching onto mud as his mind wondered back to Syl. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Thayrin simply sits and watches the musical duo with amusement, while placing the finishing touches on the food. A brief smile crosses his face at the mention of sheet music. Although his brother no longer could use it, Thayrin had keept a few lodged in the pages of his journal. food is up for when people want it...also I have that music you mentioned acting as assundeois bookmarks if your needing them in the future. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth just shrugs. "Been a while since I heard songs of my childhood." Chouette-12/23/2017 Kylah looked a little surprised at that, but then nodded after a moment. "Fine. Don't listen, then. Shame you won't get to hear what she said about how you should always do whatever I say, but I suppose that part was obvious." She scooted a little closer, then laid her head against his shoulder. "You're right. It doesn't matter. But you do, okay? To all of us. If it's hard, just remember- the rest of us are still here. If you want help, we can give it."(edited) Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox didn't quite expect her response. The bard was always loud and direct with her words. It had been a while since she heard such concern, geniune, showing her true colors - it was nice. "I made a promise I couldn't keep Kylah." The words stung as they haunted him. The weight of her head against his shoulder was most welcoming, it had been a while since he felt such compassion, even if it was just slight. At this point, he closed his eyes. He just wanted this night to end. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 The two's session continued throughout the night, breaking for food, rest, and most importantly wine as they went back and forth, sharing tips and tricks for this and that and hopefully stories. Though he wasn't sure what he could squeeze out of the quiet ranger. He felt he did most of the talking, but he was used to this with his brother. As the morning crept through the trees, the trio began packing up camp and beginning to set off with their prepared meal for the road all ready to go. "Right. We should make it to our destination today, right Reth?" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 "Yep. Before Lunch." Chouette-12/23/2017 The bard's response came with a yawn. "Not your fault. Promises are... fragile." She reached out, grabbing a blanket and pulling it close. "Any kind of oath is a lie, in a way. Maybe you can control yourself. But you don't control the world, and there's always a chance something will go wrong." Snuggling closer, she wrapped the blanket around them both. "But you swear anyway, because you believe so strongly you can make things right." Her voice was growing quieter now. "And that's beautiful..." She fell quickly asleep, and lay there against him all through the night, never stirring.(edited) Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Having slept at best he could, and woken as usual to make preparations, Artimus yawns, stretches, and stands up, ready to continue their journey. The green hood of his traveler's cloak is clutched tight. A closer look reveals that he is relatively dry and his cloak is wrinkle free despite the drizzle. Ayden-12/23/2017 Her words spoke with a familiar truth that he had heard once before. As she finished, he pulled the dark blanket from his pack and threw it over the two of them. The White Star would appear atop the blanket, protecting them from the approaching darkness of night - granting them a peaceful sleep. Using the pack as pillow, Knox would finally get the sleep he needed. Tomorrow was a new day, and perhaps in the near future - he would hear the message Syl left for him... Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon nodded and summoned his brother to gather the others to set off. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "Excellent, exellent," the gnome chimes, despite the gloomy weather. "I look forward to sampling the local cuisine!" Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon snickered "Well, you'll be dealing with rogue cuisine again today for the time being. Though the spices should help making the food a bit better." Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth gathers up his belongings, and then leans up against a tree, indicating his readiness for departure. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 A soft sigh is given before he stands and walks over to gather the rest of the camp supplies as well as tap Knox on the shoulder as he passes by. "Knox....You fairing alright? You were unusually quiet last night....and that is mind you coming from the mute one." Ayden-12/23/2017 Night had passed and Knox had awakened and gathered his things. He slept well that night. By the time his stuff was together, it looked like the others were about ready to go. "Just tired." He responds to Thayrin with a reassuring nod. "We should get going." Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "Hmm, yes, nothing that doesn't go well with a good slice of cheese! Speaking of which-" pulling forth a wheel he cuts slices for everyone as they gather themselves and set out.(edited) 1 Chouette-12/23/2017 "Everyone set?" Surprisingly, Kylah was actually awake, though she did have a mouth half-full of cheese. "Thankth very muth, Artimus!" Her cheeks puffed out like a hamster's as she led the way into the woods, roughly the same direction they'd been traveling previously. Ayden-12/23/2017 With everyone set, Knox takes step with Kylah as they head farther into the diseased woods.(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon accepts his cheese portion and divies out the food as they walk and stuff their faces. Chouette-12/23/2017 The Bard, true to form, was soon belting out a marching song, stealing a tune and substituting words of her own invention. "Many are the joys of this sweet earth A kiss A laugh A summer breeze But nothing warms my heart so much As a great big wheel of cheeeeeeeese!"(edited) 2 Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "Your quite welcome, Kylah," Artimus responds, happy to make the cheese appear from nowhere as if by 'magic'. Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox scans te woods as they travel, keeping his eyes open for signs of 'others'. He didn't want to be caught off guard with one less person in their group. Plus, they were looking for the elves after all...(edited) Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Bringing up the rear of the group Thayrin silently munches on his own cheese slice. His brow quarks slightly at the bards choice of song...even if he was amused by it. Like Knox, he was also on the lookout for any danger. Chouette-12/23/2017 Humming happily, Kylah glanced up at the sky. "Is it that time of day when we get attacked by monsters yet? Or is that after noon?"(edited) 2 Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The bard's perception reveals no threats. It is unusually quiet in these parts, but nothing is outwardly threatening. Perhaps attacks do occur after noon. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 "Hmmm....I can't seem to find the elves either..." Raleon hummed as he looked about....with his blank orbs. Chouette-12/23/2017 "You just scared them all off with your smell, Raleon." Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "A fascinating question. I am not certain of the activity patterns." Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 He blinked and sniffed at himself. "Well as much as I enjoyed our sea bath I would enjoy a good bathing..." Ayden-12/23/2017 "I'd rather find the elves before running into more monsters." Knox added, though not needed as they continued. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 At the mention of his brother not seeing anything a mischievous thought occurred to the elder twin. A Cheshire like grin spreads on his face as he looks over and snickers. I can help with that. With that said he simply grabs Raleon's hand and places it neatly on Reth's fine looking butt and steps well out of the rangers reach. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth jumps away and stares daggers at the mischievous twin. Chouette-12/23/2017 Kylah waved a hand vaguely at Artimus. "Maybe you could figure it out, then? What with your smarts, and... wizardy... stuff." Then she turned, and grinned at Raleon. "Right you are. Sometime soon I'll need to clean you up- hey! Don't harass the poor ranger!"(edited) Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox does his best to ignore the ongoing shananagins as he focused on the path ahead of them. Chouette-12/23/2017 "Honestly. I have a perfectly good arse, but nooo, you have to go trying everyone else's..." Kylah grumbles as she turns around and forges ahead. 1 Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon blinked as his hand somehow found its way to touching a plush piece of merchendise. With confusion, he tried to grasp what he was being shown--as percustomary of what you would do-showing a blind man items. When he realized what had transpired, his face lit up with blush as he threw up his hands innocently. "I-It wasn't me!" he claimed with a stutter. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The gnome digs deep into his collected knowledge from years of working as a scholar. He realizes that the woods are off, and that the increased activity of Fey and other strange creatures in the area is telling that something is amiss. He would also know that it is more common for attacks to occur to travelers at night, as some of the more traditional threats are active during those hours (Orcs and Goblins, Bandits, Etc). With the way the woods are, however, all bets are off as to when an attack could occur. The woods are different, and what is normal is not taking place. Reth shakes his head. He gives an extra hard stare at Thayrin, who has moved away quickly, implicating him in the act. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Thayrin simply winks in good humer at the ranger. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Well at least the twins found where he stands on butt grabs. Raleon, now quite flustered as usual, rubs the back of his neck, finding himself awkward next to Reth with the whole "sorry I grabbed your ass" deal going on. He slipped in beside Kylah and bumped her hip with his casually. Ayden-12/23/2017 "What do you think Artimus? Of the woods." He asks the gnome. Knox was still trying to put everything they've gone through together, like one big puzzle, but was failing. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 The gnome squints in thought, "Of course, most of the usual threats would strike at night, not unlike the wolf men we encountered choosing to reveal themselves at night. However, this strange activity and the Fey, well, it is most disturbing and it could mean an attack is pending at any moment, even now, or in the afternoon. There really is a diverse collection of potential threats and a large uncertainty relating to the newer threats. Perhaps, it would be useful to examine the question more throroughly. Why, it could be a subject of quite the treatise!"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The further the group travels into the woods, the greater their sense of unease. The woods are far quieter than they have any business being. No birds chirping. No chittering chipmunks nor the soft rustling of furry creatures running through brush. Only the dull patter of rain against dying trees. By midmorning, the group sees structures ahead as expected, the remnants of a Sylvan community. Only no lights shine through windows, nor smoke from chimneys. This section of the city is abandoned, devoid of any signs of elven people or other humanoids for that matter. The buildings are overgrown with thick nettles, with jagged thorns that jut towards you almost as if daring you to make contact with them. The plants smell of rotting meat. It grows so thick in some places it would be impossible to enter the structure without first cutting them away. There are signs of people’s departure—discarded goods, forgotten belongings left behind, indicating a swift exit. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus pauses, and draws to a halt for a moment, "Well, it doesn't take a wizard to see that something happened here. we had best pon out guard." He wrinkles his nose at the smell. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon studied the town through his brother's eyes and pursed his lips. "Looks as if they had to leave quickly....what could have happened.... We should study the area and see what we can find. We can meet in the center of town in 15 minutes." Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 This time, the gnomes knowledge fails him. He thinks he can recall a flowering plant whose blooms smell badly like this, but nothing of a plant resembling nettles. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "Hmmm," says the gnome and his eyes dart about nervously, "What if whatever drove them out lingers still?"(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 "Sounds good!" Kylah smiled, pinching Raleon's butt before racing eagerly away to explore. This place seemed delightfully spooky. Ayden-12/23/2017 Knox examines the scene before them. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 He pauses, he wasn't used to that question, used to having other scouts with him. "If you see any sort of trouble, you retreat and find the others, we won't split up too far." he offers a smile, then a yip from the pinch. Chouette-12/23/2017 First things first, she ought to try the doors. Were they locked? She found a larger building and tested. If that didn't work, she could always try breaking the windows. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The knight thinks these look more or less like ordinary nettles, but that smell indicates something more. The Bard finds the door unlocked. Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 A soft snicker sounds though their link. looks like everyone is having a bootyfull day. He walks up to his better half and places an arm on his shoulder. what first, oh wise and wonderful love of mine?(edited) Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus follows Chouette nervously and less hastily. He pauses at the door to the building.(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 "Guys! The doors are open!" The Bard was quick to duck inside, snickering to herself as she looked about to see what she could find. Maybe there'd be food!(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon starts heading for the outskirts of town, scouting around the area with his brother. He grumbled at his brother before looking for tracks or signs of the source of their troubles, anything that may seem to stick out. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The smell inside suggests that the food that remains is nothing the bard would want. She finds dusty furniture and rotten food stores as the remains of this structure. Ayden-12/23/2017 "Hmm." He says standing center as the others search on their own. Perhaps, like the blight they had faced, these plants could be man-eating? Impacted by dark magic? It would give justification to the smell, but it was hard to tell. Knox heard Kylah speak as he wanted to test something. Knox picks up a clump of mud and throws it on the plant to see if there is a reaction. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Raleon is pretty easily able to find tracks of the people, heading deeper into their woods. It seems to affirm the rumors--that the people have been retreating inward to get away from some threat. The plant does nothing. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus will carefully search the area of the abaandoned city for clues. And where is that smell coming from? Chouette-12/23/2017 "Damn it." Why couldn't the elves have stuck around and kept their kitchens running? After all this traveling, Kylah could kill for a fancy meal. All the same, furniture could be nice. She searched from room to room, looking for any sign of a bed or mattress she could lie down on. Ayden-12/23/2017 Almost happy that there was no response, the Paladin would brandish his pointy sword and slash at a thorn with his strength, taking this test one step more. If it didn't react, he would be pleased.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The gnome can tell that it is the plants. When stepping closer to a larger cluster, the smell is stronger. Kylah does find beds in the bedrooms. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "G-guys, the smell is definitely coming from these plants." Carefully, Artimus will poke with the end of his staff to see if there is anything there to uncover. Chouette-12/23/2017 "Ahaaaa!" Kylah immediately proceeded to collapse on the nearest bed, rolling all over it as she reveled in the feeling of sleeping on something soft again. This was good. They could stay here, and be done for the day. "Raaaaalllleeeooooonnnn!" she called out, "come here! You should see what I've found!" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Nothing happens when Knox hits the plant with its sword, other than what one might expect. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus retreats back to Sir Knox, looking around wildly, "It isn't safe here," he whispers, "We should not linger." Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon's ears perked, hearing his name. In instances like this, that could mean danger, so with post-haste he ran towards her, skirting inside the building she went into. "What--what is it? --Oh gods that smell...." he covered his mouth and nose. Ayden-12/23/2017 At first he was satisfied, then Artimus came back. They knew it wasn't safe here. "What is the matter Artimus? Push on or retreat?" Chouette-12/23/2017 "Yooo-hooo!" Kylah's voice was coming from the next room. "Don't mind that. Some elf must have farted in there or something before they left. Look in here, though!"(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 The elf peeks around the room and blinks. "...am I supposed to be seeing something he--is that a bed?" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 When Raleon goes to enter the room, he finds something odd. The doorway, and the surrounding area, is overgrown with brambles. Mortal Player-12/23/2017 "I can't recall what manner of dark creature created this.... nest out of the bodies of its victims, but they are likely to return and could be lurking about even now," Artimus conveys in hushed tones.(edited) Chouette-12/23/2017 "You betcha!" Kylah lay seductively on said bed, beckoning. "Come on. Lie down with me and cuddle." She'd have asked for more, but the others were still around, and she wasn't that immodest. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 It is when Kylah is calling out to Raelon that she now notices the new addition to the room. She is certain those brambles were not there before, because she could not have slipped past them without getting stuck. Besides, how does one miss brambles? Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Of course he would love to lay down with the beautiful human, but he couldn't shake this strange feeling. His hand touches the doorway and he cringes away. "Bram...ble?" Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Raleon suddenly bolting off startled the elder twin. It took him a beat longer to follow after with a concerned expression. Of course as soon as he found she was more than fine he simply huffed and escaped the fowl smelling dwelling back into the open air. Although he didn't venture out of range of communication with Raleon due to a lingering feeling of paranoia....bigger things have jumped at them in quieter places. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Across from the bed, there is a closet. It is hard to detect at first, but the door is slowly opening. Ayden-12/23/2017 Dark Creature? "We should tell the others." Knox uses his Divine Senses to see if he can see any danger lurking around here that might give truth to Artimus' story. "Let's get the others." Scanning the area, they would go back to where the others had gone.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 A thick, thorny vine pokes out from the door, slowly creeping towards the bed. Chouette-12/23/2017 "Oh- godsdamnit." She knew they should have set fire to the forest when they had the chance. Leaping to her feet, the Bard drew a dagger and started repeatedly stabbing the brambles. "Fucking evil plants! Why nowwwww? Out! Out!" Mortal Player-12/23/2017 Artimus casts Mage Armor Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 And the door bursts open, revealing... see DM @Chouette The door bursts open, tearing at its hinges. Raleon can hear the crash, but cannot see what she sees. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Sensing the plant, Raleon grasped his sword. "Kylah!? What's wrong!?" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The paladin is oblivious to everything, apparently. Chouette-12/23/2017 "HOLY SHI-" Kylah immediately runs to Raleon's side, grabbing him tight. "Godsgodsgods it's ugly killitkillitKILLIT!" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The bard will have to go through a thick patch of brambles to do so. The paladin most certainly registers evil in the area. He gets the sense that there is one in the house where the bard just went, and that there is another ping in cluster of bushes about 30' away. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon looks at the brambles blocking the door and begins slashing at them. Chouette-12/23/2017 There are more fucking plants in the way to Raleon, so instead, the bard makes for the windows. Seizing her rapier, she attempts to use the hilt to smash the window so she can dive outside.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The window smashes easily enough. Meanwhile, the creature slowly slides out of the closet. Chouette-12/23/2017 "Raleon! Run!" Kylah quickly knocks the remaining glass out with her sword, then forces herself through the window. Hopefully all that cheese she ate won't keep her from getting through.(edited) Ayden-12/23/2017 "Get Kylah out of there!" He yells up ahead to Raleon with a sense of urgency. With a sword in hand, his senses would not fail him as the Paladin charged forward, veering only seconds before reaching 30' feet away, slamming his sword down into the brush at the very spot he felt the foe at.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 @Chouette Acrobatics check DC 10 to get through the window unscathed, since you are rushing. Just as the paladin goes rushing towards the bushes, this creature bursts out: Mortal Player-12/23/2017 The gnome stays close to Sir Knox, nervously scanning all around them as he hears the window smashing and Kylah's bardic voice. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 Reth, who has been quietly observing the town, immediately draws his blades. "Splinterwaifs!" Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 Raleon attempts to rush out of the house. Chouette-12/23/2017 Kylah bursts out the window and lands on her feet. "Idon'tcarewhattheyareKILLTHEM!" Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 The bard easily climbs out the window, only to find Ayden facing another creature. The one that is hot on her heels is currently climbing out of the window as well, doing so rather nimbly. Raleon succeeds in exiting the house. Doom Sparkles-12/23/2017 He races to the side of the bard, sticking his sword into the creature following her. Chouette-12/23/2017 Kylah is more interested in running than fighting. She lets Raleon take point, backing quickly away to try and get away from both creatures. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 In the midst of the chaos, a third one springs up from the way you came, effectively creating a three way pin. Initiative rolls to set us up for next time! Disgruntled Tea-12/23/2017 Still on high alert, Thayrin jumps slightly at the sound of breaking glass and she shouting of both bard and pally. He whirls around and checks on his brothers well being before spotting the creature he was attacking. wow ugly! What in the realms did you two do? He quickly draws his blades and covers Raleon's flank from any more attacks that may crop up. Acies ab Vesania-12/23/2017 It seems the group has discovered the source of the troubles for the elves. A foul, dark plantlike monster called the Splinterwaif has taken over the city, turning the former Sylan home into its nesting sight. The smell of decay can mean only dark things, and it is on that note the group will have to begin uncovering the tragedy of this city, assuming they survive this ordeal. Initiative is set, and we see what happens January 7th, on D&D Discord!
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    Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The battle is upon the group. A redcap burst from the ground, brandishing his wicked sickle and kicking at the dirt with his murderous boots. The wiley speedsters are running amok, but Raleon and Artimus got the drop on them all, and they go first. Doom Sparkles - 12/10/2017 With a surprised gasp, he reflexively brandished his trusty rapier and slashed at the beast the moment it burst from the ground. His heart about leaped from his chest, but it seemed he had a quicker draw as he punished his foe for popping out of the ground. ...Or he would have if he didn't miss with both swings. He curses under his breath and jumps a bit back to gather his senses.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The Redcap AC is 13 Mortal Player - 12/10/2017 Artimus waves his hands, "Egami Rirrom". No sooner has the incantation left his lips then what to your wonderous eyes should appear... but three tiny gnomes more! Stepping boldly forward, Artimus says, "Your ambush shall not avail you! It would be best if you desist your aggravations!"(edited) Each duplicate has made the same announcement! Who is the real Artimus?!?(edited) Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Artimus creates three duplicates of himself, just as one of the Speedsters comes in with a swift three stabs. All three would have connected, but it targeted the same one--and by the time it realized it had the illusion, its round was spent. Doom Sparkles - 12/10/2017 Raleon looks over to the gnome with newfound amusement. Now that was one he hadn't seen before. He snickers to himself. Clever gnome. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The second speedster strikes at Thayrin three times. He hits twice for a total of 19 damage (9 and 10, 10 being max--this dice roller is mean today), but fumbles the third. He nearly trips over his own feet, but he made his DC 13 dex check (total = 14) and had no other ill effects. A speedster hits the bard twice, for a total of 15 damage (7, 8) 2 hits to Reth for 17 damage One hit to the warlock for 9 damage. Missed two other times (low rolls, finally) Ayden - 12/10/2017 Knox see's the second speedster strike Thayrin, and rebukes him for it! Chouette - 12/10/2017 "Ow! Stop that!" The bard is not happy with recent developments. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Ranger Reth strikes the mushroom once, but misses the second time. His first blow also includes damage from Slayer's Prey, but the rolls end up lousy and he does a total of 7 (2+1+ mod ((4)))(edited) Ayden - 12/10/2017 Knox takes sight of the foes and joins the fight with his own sword and shield. With the Redcap in sight, the paladin approaches with a determined step, followed by a heafty swing of his mighty sword to come crashing down on the creature. With a shield of faith wrapped around him, and despite the circumstances, he felt untouchable. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The paladin strikes the redcap for 10 damage, leaving a nasty gash that results in the ugly little man growling with spittle flying in all directions. Winter's Splendor - 12/10/2017 Of course there was something off about the mushroom, it wasn't even a mushroom at all! Sylvena jumped back in surprise, having already been wary in due part to the little annoyances running around, though they were proving to be more dangerous than just mere annoyances as she took a nasty blow. Not one to falter through use of magical violence to halt a situation such as this, she gathered her eldritch knowledge and magical energy, sending forth three bolts of fire from her fingertips at the Redcap. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The Redcap's skin starts to blister and smolder, but the ugly little man continues to remain upright, gnashing his teeth. Disgruntled Tea - 12/10/2017 why does this not surpise me considering our luck as of late? With a brief sigh and a shake of his head, Thayrin draws his blades and prepares to leap into battle. He loved fights and the unexpected, but sometimes things were just in the land of overdone annoying abundance. In his brief distraction of the mushroom beasty he hadn't noticed the little speedster until it was too late. pain seered though his body as nasty jabs rip though his skin. An involentary yelp of pain slips to Raleon as the silent elf rightens his stance and attempts to give back what he got.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Thayrin stabs the Mushroom man pretty good. The little man tips over and unfortunately knocks the elvish rogue off balance, causing him to need his dex save for that nat 1(edited) Despite the way the little man tried to stick it to him one last time, Thayrin recovers with his 18 on the DC 15 check. Chouette - 12/10/2017 Hurting badly from being stabbed by little speedy guys, Kylah decides that fuck it, she's going all-out. Biting her tongue to help offset the pain, she stumbles up to a tree and leans against it for support as she whips out her violin and belts out an angry chant. "Hey Mushroom Man, you smell like shit, And you little guys are creeps! So do me a small favor now, And GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP!" Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Of each and every creep, you make two find their way to sleep, drifting off into the slumber of the deep Doom Sparkles - 12/10/2017 Raleon flinches at the mental connection and lets out a deadly hiss as his rage is turned towards his brother's foes. He would leave the mischievious mushroom to the others--who seemed to dispatch the ugly mushroom with ease, those who harm his brother would die as equal swiftness. With a turn of his heel, the elf turned and rushed at the speedsters as a few of them fell. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Raleon stabs one of the speedsters straight through, dropping the little one. Mortal Player - 12/10/2017 The gnomes' hands continue to wave about, the energy in the air charged with unseen energy as they intone, "Egam Romra," and press hands to their chests. The gnomes seem to dance about as they move one into the other into the other as they circle the hapless speedster. Artimus would like to be adjacent to as many enemies as possible to enable flanks from allies. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Reth attacks two at once, one with each hand. Reth hits one for 13 total damage (double damage rolls on the 20), and strikes the other for 11 damage. Two go down, leaving one. The encounter is no more, the last two living Speedsters (called Quicklings) are unconscious Winter's Splendor - 12/10/2017 "What do you suppose we do with the remaining two?" Syl asked aloud, unsure if letting them live would be the best of ideas. "If we must kill them, we should make it as painless as possible. Otherwise we should let them leave." Ayden - 12/10/2017 Knox watches as the last one falls. He scans the area to make sure there are no more active threats to the party. With part of the party injured, he would hate for something to sneak up on them last minute. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Reth uses a healing surge. Getting back 1d10+2 Doom Sparkles - 12/10/2017 Raleon flung the body to the ground with a disgusted look and flicked the blood from his dagger onto the body before sheathing it. "We tie them up and interagate them, drag them with us or kill them. Simple as that." he put curtly. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 The paladin attempts to use perception, but the rush of adrenaline coursing through his system makes it very hard to focus right now. Chouette - 12/10/2017 Kylah frowns. "Are you sure? If they leave, won't they just come back with friends?" She lets her arms fall to her sides, revealing a bloodstain spreading across her torso. Luckily, she wore red today, so it won't stain too bad. Acies ab Vesania - 12/10/2017 Reth shakes off some of the ache. He shrugs. "They befriended a redcap. Kill em." Mortal Player - 12/10/2017 The gnomes carefully examine the fallen foes, "We can't let them go," he adds absentmindedly. "We don't know their intentions and they are too much of a threat to allow them to create more ambushes." Disgruntled Tea - 12/10/2017 With the conscience ones now placed in eternal sleep Thayrin lets out a strangled sigh and steps to a nearby tree. leaning on it he slides down to the ground with a wince. That last battle hurt, and frankly he wanted nothing more than to sit and not move for a time. fucking kill the things. they are crafty, fast as hell, and would sooner stab you to death. plus they do not speak our language Winter's Splendor - 12/10/2017 "Unfortunately, interrogation probably will not work, as I don't believe they understand our language," Syl pointed out. "Dragging them with us would be a chore, and like Kylah says, they may come back with more. As uncouth as it seems, I agree with Rethyrian. It would be our simplest, safest option." Mortal Player - 12/10/2017 "Redcaps are evil creatures," Artimus adds, "They like to hunt and kill humanoids and paint their caps red with the blood."(edited) Ayden - 12/10/2017 Knox had decided. These creatures had no hope in a place like this. If any wonderer got lost in these woods, they would surly fall victim. Knox approaches the first with his sword, thrusting it down onto the sleeping creatures neck in a merciless blow. Judge, Jury, Executioner. Chouette-12/10/2017 Kylah winced, and turned away. She knew it had to happen, but she still didn't like it.(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 "That decides that then," Raleon said as he brandished the dagger the other quickling so kindly "gave" him. He swiftly slit the other's throat. Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 Sylvena's brow furrowed as the deed was done, but she was no stranger to death. It was necessary for their survival. For her survival. As she watched the quicklings' execution, she felt something tickle at the back of her mind, as if she were being watched, but with taking a quick look behind her, she saw nothing in the immediate vicinity, paranoid as she was. "Let us continue then, and leave this carnage, lest more unsavory types show up." Mortal Player-12/10/2017 The gnomes look up and blink, "Yes, well, let us hope there are no more that would harry us in these tainted woods." Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Raleon manages to drive his blade right into an artery. He is now showered in a brief spray of blood. Chouette-12/10/2017 Hearing the noise, the Bard grits her teeth, still facing away. It's over. For better or worse, they'd exterminated the enemy again. But why, oh why had those adorable little idiots had to try and kill them? Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Experience: 365 each. Items: 2,290 Copper 1,406 Silver 15 Gold 5 Daggers Wicked Sickle 8 Gallons of ale 4 lbs. of copper trade bars (2 gp) 1 lute (35 gp) 9 wheel(s) of cheese (9 gp) 2 lbs. of cooking spices (4 gp) 5 turqoise worth 10 gp each opal-framed small mirror worth 25gp soapstone pair of dice worth 25gp jade small bracelet worth 25gp jade-framed small mirror worth 25gp bloodstone figurine worth 25gp Potion of Climbing Lock of Trickery Candle of the Deep Tankard of Sobriety Bead of Nourishment Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon seems to flinch for a moment before casually clicking his tongue with annoyance and rolling the body to drain away from him. With this he went to loot them while his brother rested. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Investigating the creatures finds the loot in addition to the bloody hat. The redcap is a squat little man with rotting teeth and a nasty look about him even in death. The quicklings look like other Fey you have encountered, built to be lithe and speedy. Ayden-12/10/2017 As he pulled the tip of his sword from the creature's flesh, Knox wipes the blood off with a hand. His bloody hand is then wiped upon his armor as he looks to the others. "Who is injured?" He looks upon the others who still might need some help before pushing on any further. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 The elf had closed his eyes simply resting while waiting for the others to do whatever they wished to do with the remaining little beasts. He had briefly opened one of his eyes to glance twoard syl when she spoke and internally groaned before simply closing it again. He would move when they all started to go, and no sonner. find anything intersting in all that mess? Chouette-12/10/2017 At Knox's call, Kylah lazily raises a hand. "Meeeeee. Here. Do your healy thing, please and thanks." Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth adds, "I have my spells left, I can offer healing." Chouette-12/10/2017 "Thanks Reth," Kylah says, still sounding a bit beleaguered. "I think Thayrin got hurt a bit too." Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 Syl kept quiet when the call of healing came up, shifting some of her robes to cover the deep slash on her side. She wasn't hurt too terribly, and did not want any of the others to worry about her well being. She would be fine after a bit of rest, anyways. Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox approaches Kylah. "Where are you hurt?" He asks as he looks her over. They were all covered in blood in some way or another. It was hard to tell since she was dressed in red.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth provides Thayrin with 9 points of healing. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 At the mention of his name, Thayrin looks up and nods slightly before simply closing his eyes again with a sigh. He felt the healing provided by Reth and signed a brief thank you to the ranger before turning his attentions twoards Raleon. you know, now that i think about it. thank god those fuckers didn't get you love. this sucks and i do not wish it on you at any moment....also i get all the cuddles tonight...all of them. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Oh, here." Kylah leans down and lifts the edge of her dress up to her waist, revealing a shapely leg with a stab wound in it, and another bleeding tear near her stomach. She is wearing underwear, thankfully, though it's been badly stained. "Ow."(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 I found some pretty neat stuff actually. These guys had some pretty sweet loot... he replies as a matter of fact. This cup looks pretty sweet? Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth mutters something about going scouting and heads off into the woods. Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox hesitates for a moment before sheathing his sword and tucking his shield on his back. As he investigates the wounds, he sees the gash rather clearly. He looks at her before placing a large hand upon each wound. For a moment, warmth would flush through her body and his magic flows through her with a feeling unlike ANY before. Only when he was finished, would he withdraw. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus examines the turquoise with interest and picks one up. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 There are five of them. Small little ones, not worth a lot but still nice looking. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus gathers the turquoise stones together along with the bead. Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 Syl sighed, itching to leave the area, but she knew she couldn't rush everyone. They needed time to recuperate from their injuries enough to move along. Through all of this, the tickle at the back of her mind grew ever so slightly in intensity.(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 "Oooooh I remember these, tricky little fuckers these are," the elf says as he thumbs over a strange looking lock. "Hey Knox! You're collecting money for the town right?" Chouette-12/10/2017 The bard moans quietly as her wounds disappear. She's been healed before, but somehow this time feels a little strange. Maybe those knives cut deeper than she thought. Still, the Paladin's warm touch drives all that's left of her pain away, and she lets her dress back down, dusting herself off quietly. "Thanks, Knox. I owe you one." Ayden-12/10/2017 He nods appropriately to Kylah. Looking back to Raleon who called out to him. "Yes." He says taking his fair share and split of the coin. The little box with leftover coin was slowly growing. but no where near enough for what they needed yet. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus takes his share of the coin and idly plays with the Lock while his companions recuperate. He appears to be unscathed, not even a hair out of place and his gnome friends have vanished.(edited) Ayden-12/10/2017 "If we're all set, we should get going like Sylvena suggested. We should be close to the elves by now." Knox says, making sure he had everything he needed before stepping beside Syl who seemed just as ready as he. Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 He offers a small smile as he lift the lock for him to see. "This lock can keep out theives from the box and keep it safer. It's much harder to pick than a regular lock." He gave no context as to how he knew this... The lad was still covered in the bit of blood from the enemies, he probably looked the worst of them--especially after that spray--as he couldn't really tell where he was covered in blood...(edited) Ayden-12/10/2017 "Would you mind if we use it on the alms box?" He responds as they wait for the others. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus nods, "Most intriguing. I think it would suit your box well." Chouette-12/10/2017 Kylah's doing her usual stretch now, the one she does whenever she gets healed to make sure her bits are all working properly. "Don't see why not? It's not like we have anything better to do with it." She frowns, looking around them. "So now what? Can we head back to the road for now?" Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth returns after a short bit. He doesn't say anything, but nothing much new for the Ranger. He collects his share of the money, drops 20 silver into the paladin's box. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 Feeling better with the help of Reth and a brief break, Thayrin stands up from his place with the help of the tree. He blinks to recenter himself and looks twoard the group waiting silently for them to move out once more. Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "I can't help but feel as if something terrible is soon to occur," Syl said to the paladin as he made his way next to her. "Though I'm certain it is just my nerves after a battle like that." Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Spotting the spices, Artimus picks them up as well. Looking at Kylah he says, "We seem no closer to discovering the source of the taint." Chouette-12/10/2017 "Right. Which tells us it wasn't just the Redcap." The bard shudders. "All the more reason to get out of these woods." Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox appreciates the silver that Reth offers, placing it in the alms box. It was Syl that caused him concern. "We've had many battles. This seems like something else." He offers as he stands beside her. "Stay close, I will see to it that you remain safe. I promise." He says with confidence as the others seem to be about ready. "Okay, let's go find these elves." Knox says to the group. The Paladin's word was his oath, a promise not to be taken lightly.(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 "We should head out again now that everyone is patched up. Reth, did you find anything to report?" he asked as he jogged up to his counter part with the loot distributed and packed away. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth shakes his head. "Just diseased trees." Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 He hummed and nodded a bit. "We should continue then. Are you ready brother?" Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus follows, carving cheese from a wheel and munching it, "It's mgcl." Chouette-12/10/2017 Kylah's murmuring idly to herself. "I wonder what would happen if we set fire to the trees..." Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 as ready as i'll ever be. he nods and picks up his pack with a small grunt Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "Yes, let us continue," Syl agreed, taking Knox's words to heart and sticking near the paladin. However, this did nothing to abate the feeling at the back of her mind, as it unabashedly continued to get stronger. It wasn't as if something was just watching her anymore, but actively trying to contact her. She remembered her discussion with Knox beforehand, and how she had said her patron had failed to contact her since the contract was made. If what she was feeling was this, then her fears would soon come to pass. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 with a glance in Kylah's direction he pinged her a message. "please don't get any ideas in your head lass. As much as i love the thirll of near death and running.. I would not enjoy trying to outrun a forest fire or a possibly pissed off ranger" Ayden-12/10/2017 As they continued deeper into the woods to find the sylven elves, Knox couldn't help but feel the odd body language that Syl was expressing. His mind goes back briefly to the creature he had executed moments ago, it still weighed on him - almost like whatever it was weighing down Syl. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked concern. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Hah!" Kylah sticks her tongue out at the rogue. "Why should I listen to you? Why, I think I'm going to set fire to this tree right... now!" She snaps her fingers, and absolutely nothing happens. "Shoot. Just remembered I don't have any matches. Guess I'll shelve that plan for now." 4 Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth gives the bard a dirty look. 1 Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "Y-yes, I'm sure, Sir Knox," Syl replied, her conscience weighing down on her with such a lie. "I'll be okay, I'm certain of it." She began to feel an urge to take out her book of shadows, but managed to resist the temptation. Chouette-12/10/2017 The bard rolls her eyes at the ranger. "Oh come on. I was joking." Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimus offers some cheese to Kylah in consolation. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 A brief chuckle and a warm smile was all the responce he gave to the lass. before pointidly looking at her with a raised brow. "see your upsetting our lovely Reth. you know he looks better with his nutural or happy faces." Chouette-12/10/2017 "Thanks Arty." Kylah takes the cheese, and proceeds to shut up for the first time in a while as she happily nibbles on it. Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon coyly slips up next to the ranger with the potion of climbing and sways it side to side, the colours refusing to mix. "I found something you might like."(edited) Ayden-12/10/2017 Her confidence wasn't all too reassuring. It was obvious that she didn't wish to pursue it or discuss it, and Knox wouldn't pressure her. For now, he would be a friend and offer her an ear or shoulder - whatever she needed. "Very well, but if anything changes... let me know. Gut instincts are not normally wrong." It would be the last thing he offered before drorpping it, unless she chose otherwise. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth wrinkles his nose at the odd looking potion. "Hmm?" Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 "I remember a few friends drinking this in my days of training, it'll make you better at climbing for a while," he explained.(edited) Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 Noteing Raleon's shannanagens with Reth the other twin slips up to the other side of the silent ranger eyeing the bottle held in his brothers hand with a curious expression. the thing looked odd and frankly not something one would want to injest. signing with a tilt of his head: "and what is this your trying to give to our lovely ranger brother dear?" Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "I....I....," Syl stuttered, feeling the tickle become a strong pressure in her head, akin to a migraine. It was then she heard three foreign words in her mind, their echo exactly the same as what she heard the day she acquired her powers. "Open. The. Book." Syl trembled, giving one last, apologetic look to the paladin. "I have to go!" She sobbed, running off into the sickened woods as she tore her pack from her shoulders, pulling out her book of shadows and tossing the pack aside. After a ways in, she opened up the book as commanded, her hands guided to one of the middle pages. The words were clear this time, written in Infernal text. -You thought me a fool, Sylvena, that I would ignore you as you grew in strength? No, I control you. And you will do as I see fit or your soul is forfeit. Go to where it all began. Alone.- After she closed the book, she collapsed. Everything was lost once again. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Mmnh?" Swallowing a mouthful of cheese, Kylah watches as the warlock suddenly flees. "Syl?" When she does not turn, the bard follows. "Syl! It's dangerous out here! Stay with us, damnit!" Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon blinked as he heard Syl's familiar footsteps rush off. "The hell did you say to her, Knox?" he asked with confusion. Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox was quick to note her change. He waited for her words to come, and as they did, he could feel what was wrong. A gut feeling of his own. As she took off. "Wait!" He had made her a promise. Knox would follow in pursuit. She had her book, which meant something deeper was going on. As Raleon questioned him, and Kylah following, Knox would pull forth his sword. If her pactfiend were to appear... he would have no choice. He would have to free her. "Sylvena!" He yelled as his eyes landed on her, collapsed by a tree. He slows and approaches with caution, looking around. Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 Blinking and tilting his head the other twin watched Syl rush off into the woods with a quizical look toward Knox and then Raleon with a shrug. should we follow after? Mortal Player-12/10/2017 The gnome's head jerks in the direction of the fleeing Sylvena, ""Mmpf, mmpf, mmpf?" Tossing the unfinished cheesewheel onto his Staff of Adornment, he turns in that direction with a quizzical look and begins to follow the fleeing party members. Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "He calls me forth," Syl responded shakily to her name being called, looking up to the paladin with great fear. "I cannot stay any longer. Please go, I cannot bear to tell this to the others."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth stands on the periphery, appearing confused and concerned, but maintaining his distance as always. Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon decided to stick with Reth, no doubtedly with his brother. He wasn't exactly sure...what was going on. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Hey hey hey, whaaaaat?" Kylah, unfortunately, is not so far behind. "Who is he? Is someone fucking with you right now?" Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Wide-eyed, the gnome stares back and forth between everyone there, "Uh...-"(edited) Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "My patron," Syl muttered. "I cannot resist his summons. He has remained quiet until now, but I feared the day would come. Please, I beg of you, go. I cannot stay." Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox looks at the others who approach with caution. Her words had struck him like an arrow, unsure of how else to respond. "Where will you go? And at what price?" Asking, he tucks his sword away again realizing they were not in immediate danger.(edited) Mortal Player-12/10/2017 "Oh!" says Artimus brightly. Then "Oh." he says not so brightly. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Wait." The bard is shocked. "You're leaving?" Closing her eyes, she shakes her head, hissing through her teeth. "This better not be a fucking joke, Syl."(edited) Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "Do you think of me as one to casually joke?" Sylvena retorted. "This burden has been upon me for many years, and I have never had any choice in the matter, not when my own soul is at stake!" She picked herself up from the ground. "I did not want this to happen, but I must leave, there is no choice. I must leave for my hometown, away from Fescipate." Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth steps forward. He extends a hand, silent as always. Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox approaches even closer to Syl as she comes to stand. A flurry of emotion was bottled within and he would do his best to keep the cap on. "There is always a choice." He says softly, quitely. "Stay." He asked, closing the space between them even more. "I gave you my word I would help you." Chouette-12/10/2017 "You're serious, then." Kylah's voice is low, her tone aggressive. She glares at the warlock for a long, long second, eyes filled with something cold and painful. Then, suddenly, she looks away. "Don't, Knox," she whispers. "She has no choice." Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 "Listen to Kylah, Sir Knox," Sylvena said, guilt plastered over her entire visage. It hurt her to shun the group so freely, but she needed to answer her patron's call. "If I stay, I will be killed. Even under your protection." Ayden-12/10/2017 Knox hears Kylah and Syl both, but wasn't satisfied. "Then I will go with you." He offers in response, to her directly. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 A look of curiosity on Artimus' face vanishes and he nods. Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 A tear shed itself from Syl's eyes. She wasn't prepared for this. She wasn't prepared to lose everything for a third time in her life. "I'm sorry Knox, but you can't come with. I was told to travel there alone. Please leave." Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth still stands there, hand extended. He looks awkward. Ayden-12/10/2017 To willingly leave on his own, knowing how it could end with Syl, would be a violation of his duties as a paladin. More so, it would be a violation to their friendship. But what more would she expect from him? If she truly knew how he felt about her, would she have commanded him so? A moment of hesitation is shared between the two, even after the command is given. Without another word, Knox would turn and take his leave, leaving her as she wished - breaking his promise to her.(edited) Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon squints and chews his lower lip. A demon? No choice? This peeked his interest. He had little information about this contract of hers or her fiend friend. Any mention of it he had usually been occupied in other conversations. She also kept to herself mostly, and he wasn't one to pry, especially about pasts. He rubbed his arm awkwardly. But this begged the question. Brother....do you think something like this might happen with our father? You know....the moons father.(edited) Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 Finally noticing Reth's hand as Sir Knox left under her spell's influence, she took it lightly within her own, before quickly releasing her hold. "I don't deserve respect for leaving like this, but I know it has been a pleasure traveling with you all. Kylah, please understand that I would never leave if circumstances were different. This doesn't feel right, but there isn't any choice I have..." Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 The elder twin shrugs slightly, his eyes drifting briefly from the unfolding events between the other members of the group. I couln't say....I guess it is not outside the realm of possiblility. unconsicouly he wraps an arm around his brothers waist and pulls him closer the thought of what was going on being simular did occure to him; he just wasn't going to put voice to it to save Raleon. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth nods, and says, "Do what you must. Then come back." At the same time, Syl finds her wounds knitting. The ranger slipped a healing spell on her, despite her best efforts to conceal the injury. He says no more, but wanders off after the Paladin, to make sure he does not leave into trouble. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Shh." Kylah's hand slices a horizontal line through the air, cutting Syl off. She smiles. "Don't worry. I get it." Then she steps forwards and grabs the warlock, squeezing her tight. "You go kick its ass, all right? Whatever's screwing with you out there." Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon was awful at goodbyes....normally he was the one on the sneaking off side. He couldn't blame her, but felt he should say something. He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and pointed towards Syl with a message only she could hear, "Just...don't regret leaving. Keep your head up girl, stay strong, and do what you feel is right." Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 Things like this were the reason Thayrin never made any real attachments to anyone outside his brother. However he had grown somewhat used and dare say fond of the female elf. with a slight frown he looks over and dips his head in her direction before softly messageing her a quiet "stay safe out there Syl." Mortal Player-12/10/2017 "hmm, yes, well..." The cheese floating on Artimus' staff begins to turn. "If you must leave, Syl, then you know our itinerary, more or less, and we may well cross paths again. And don't forget, that you can always send a letter... I know Chiwak Library is gone, but leave it in the care of one Hanselbromakertwinzleton at the Academy for Study of, and of Invention for, Things of Advanced Articulation." Artimus pulls a Cheese Wheel out of his pack, "Here's something for the road and to remember us by. It was going to be part of a tricycle, but, I suppose a bicycle will have to suffice.... if my hunger remains abated for long enough that is. I'll bore you with the details some other time, perhaps." 1 Winter's Splendor-12/10/2017 Sylvena hugged the bombastic bard right back, glad that she harbored no resentment. "It's always been my number one priority," She answered, releasing Kylah. She grabbed her discarded pack and shoved her book of shadows into it, still keen on learning its secrets, but more wary since her patron communicated through it. "Kylah? I just want one favor to ask of you. Tell Sir Knox that I'll always think about what he said to me, and that I'm sorry for forcing him to leave. If we ever meet again, maybe things can run their course." She took a glance to Raleon and Thayrin, the curious twins, then to Artimus, the awkward wizard, declining his offer of a cheese wheel. She found herself glancing to Rethyrian, the quiet Ranger, then to Kylah, her first friend in a foreign world. Finally, she let her gaze fall on Corsica Knox, the enigmatic paladin. She'd miss them all. If she ever had the chance, she'd find them again. "I'll see you all later." With that, she left the way they came. Another adventure to cross, another hurdle to overthrow her fiend patron. She was ready for the challenge. 3 Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 /Exit the Warlock Chouette-12/10/2017 Kylah nodded. "I'll take care of it." There wasn't much more to say. She stood, she waved, she cried a little. She stayed where she was and watched until the Warlock had disappeared off into the distance, and for some time afterwards. The bard had her quest, and so too did Syl have hers. Knowing the warlock, that fiend whatever was screwed- and Kylah would be damned if she'd let herself come in second place. Next time they met, they'd have many more stories to share. And hugs, of course. That went without saying. Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth works on catching up to the Paladin. Chouette-12/10/2017 After a long silence, Kylah glanced at Artimus, and snickered. "A bicycle? Seriously?" Ayden-12/10/2017 The spell had worn off and Knox was left with nothing but confusion. He had let his guard down in front of Sylvena, and her magic worked with ease. Knox had looked back, but she was already gone - the others just standing there. He simply looked around, realizing that there was no point in going after her... this is what she wanted. Seeing Reth approach, Knox remains quite. They still had their own goals to tend to, a dragon still in their home, and a purpose. With or without Syl, they would have to push on - or so he would tell himself. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 The gnome glances at Kylah, "Hmm, what? O yes, a bicycle... well it was going to be full sized, but you know the cheese wheel radius has to be carefully considered. So for now, I'm going to suffice with a prototype and since she turned down my offer it may well be a tricycle after all." "I haven't quite figured out the optimal ratio of foot cycling to cheese wheel radius, but, details, details!"(edited) Chouette-12/10/2017 The Bard snickers some more, but then breaks out laughing, even as tears streak down her face. "That's... absolutely incorrigibly one-hundred-percent fucking ridiculous!" She leans towards him. "I wanna ride it. Please let me ride it."(edited) Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 well this has been a rough day...first the mushroom that wasn't a mushroom, then pain...lots of pain. where the hell did you put that booze Raleon? Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Reth puts a hand on the Paladin's shoulder. "Each of us has our own journey to take. Hers diverted from here. It hurts, it is okay for it to hurt. It meant she mattered. Because she mattered, let her go." Doom Sparkles-12/10/2017 Raleon snickered happily at the talk of a cheese tricycle. Now that sounded fucking hilarious--a total waste of cheese and he by all means wanted in. What on earth were they going to do with 9 wheels of the things anyway? There was only 7-wait 6 of them now... Disgruntled Tea-12/10/2017 It took some time to find the desired object, but once found he prys open the bottle with ease and takes a large swig. A brief cringe runs though his body. yep still tasted like shit human brew. with a sigh he slips up to the bard and taps her on the shoulder offering her the bottle with a tilt of his head. "cheese wheel traveling device aside. would you care for a swig lass?" Mortal Player-12/10/2017 The gnome frowns and his posture straightens, "Just because I haven't finished the calculation doesn't make it impossible." then his expression softens, "But once it's complete I'll be happy to let you take a twirl." Artimus glance up and down Kylah, "I may need to make some adjustments first." Ayden-12/10/2017 He hears Reth but declines a response. The paladin is appreciative to have friends, and companions, but it did little to change how he felt at the moment. As the others were laughing at something or another, Knox looks back to the sky in search for the sun's warmth - something of comfort. Whenever the others were ready, they would go. They still needed to find the sylvan elves in these woods. Chouette-12/10/2017 "Hmm." Kylah squints at Thayrin. "You know. That's a most graceful offer you make now." She sways a little towards him. "And I would be remiss not to accept it. Gracious thanks." She grabs the bottle, raises it high, and proceeds to drain half of it in one swallow. She grins back at Artimus when she's done. "Oh, I'm sure you'll figure it out. You're so clever, after all." Leaning down, she ruffles his hair with one hand, giggling a little before standing up and doing a twirl. Mortal Player-12/10/2017 Artimsu raises an eyebrow, then laughs. "You twirl rather well." Acies ab Vesania-12/10/2017 Alas, tonight’s session marks one of triumph, and sadness. Our intrepid heroes stumbled across an encounter that nearly proved too much for them, with the nasty slashes of quicklings proving to be more than just a barking threat on their heels. With the enemy dispatched, our party only just earned a brief respite before learning of crushing news: The warlock’s patron has come calling on his soul debt, and she had no choice but to answer his bidding. It pained the group to see their friend moving on along, but they realized the awful truth soon enough, even if it took some magical aid to convince the stubborn, but well-meaning Paladin: She must go alone. This session ends on a bit of a sour note, but the group perhaps draws closer together still, feeling the bonds of friendship tighten as they lose one among their ranks. They must camp for one evening in these haunted woods, but by midmorning, they should find the Sylvan village—or what remains of it—and start getting to the bottom of this mystery. Why are the elves receding? What of these rumors of missing children? And why is it all of this region teeming with evil fey? Mysteries for the next session of D&D Discord.
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    Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 This week, the party is left with a decision to make. Continue on to the elves? Their plight sounds grave, and they are reasonably close. But then further north is a tower rumored to both host haunts and wonderful treasures. Or perhaps they would like to go on to part of the land all together. It is time for them to work this out, as a new morning approaches, and all feel rested and much better after the previous day's multiple battles. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon stretches as he bends his arm out and leaves the old man's place. "Hmmm...the sun feels nice this morning, is it sunny or cloudy?" he asked no one in particular. Ayden-11/26/2017 Feeling well rested and lost from the woes of yesterday, Knox prepares all of his belongings. With a new sun rising, he takes in the golden rays to warm his body and give him the energy he knew he would need for this day. A slight prayer was offered in thanks as he comes to stand outside where the others would soon be gathering. Chouette-11/26/2017 As they begin to rise, the party might notice something strange: Kylah's bed is empty. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena sighed as she poured over her newly acquired tome outside the confines of the village's houses. She had been struggling to understand it ever since she awoke from her meditative trance, unable to sit still knowing the knowlege kept within, but nothing was coming of her endless study. She shut the book, annoyed, before hearing Sir Knox come out the door. "It's been rather nice out for the time being, but who knows what the weather will change to in the hours to come. I take it you had a comfortable rest?"(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus chats with Foss, "It's been really good staying here and I'm glad we could clear up the local situation. I hope everything works out with any remaining Nixies." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 He agrees. "Aye, we lived together in peace for many years. Perhaps we can go back to that now that the other creatures are destroyed." Everyone is pleased to see that the weather outside is quite nice. A beautiful summer morning. Ayden-11/26/2017 It's Sylvena's voice that pulls his attention and gaze from the sky. Regardless of her late night of endless study, she was still a pleasent sight to behold. "It's been a while since I've slept so well." His response came with some reluctance. Knox hadn't expected to sleep like a baby after yesterday and with everything that was going on. "Have you made progress with your book?" He asks in response.(edited) Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena shook her head, taking off her eyeglasses and storing them away. "Nothing aside from what I gathered before the ogres attacked, to all of my frustration. It's almost as if it is actively hindering my progress in the information it contains. Though, enough about my study. I wanted to ask you a question, Sir Knox, if I may?" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 The elf nods and sets a hand on his hip, approaching Artimus and Foss. "I had a bit to think about last night during my meditation. I think we should head out for the Elves. They're closest as well as it makes me a bit concerned for them to move so suddenly... There must be a reason."(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "I suppose it would be too much to ask for this small village to have any tinkering supplies around?" The gnome inquires, his mind at work on future possiblities. Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox shifts as his eyes begin to scan for the others. It seemed that they were still waiting for a few others to arrive. "Looks like we're still missing some." He states to Artimus and Raleon before looking back to Sylvena. Her question hadn't gone unnoticed, but there was some clear hesitation in his response. "You may."(edited) Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 "You might be able to find some extra tools, but I doubt we have anything especially good for advanced work."(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus looks up at Raleon, "I think you may be right. It would be nice if I could find a place on the way that has some basic tinkering supplies... I have a pet project that I'm working on that requires some additional pieces." Disgruntled Tea-11/26/2017 with a small sigh Thayrin stands from his spot he had been settled in for the night while streching out the nights kinks dwelling in his muscles. He looks toward his brother at the mention of the elves and nods slightly in agreement. it's not like they are our kind and move around frequently, so it is worrysom that they are up and moving as they are. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "I have tools. I just need some materials." Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Syl shifted closer to Knox, lowering her voice so that others within earshot of normal conversation would have more trouble picking up on it. "I kept this in before, at the caves, but I can't help but notice something is frustrating you deeply. Before a time like this, I would hold my tongue about it. You are a paladin, after all, but I can't help but shake the feeling there is something bothering you that needs to go answered. I promise, I can help in any way possible. So please, tell me. What ails you?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 "Materials? We have a lot of wood. Some iron as well." Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon arched a brow at the Paladin's response. Obviously they would wait. Did he think he didn't realize they were missing because he was blind? He could likely hear the man's heart beat if he listen close enough. He knew exactly who was missing. He shook his head. Though that did raise the question...where were his favorites? He began to look around when Artimus spoke. "Tools? I have some if ya need. I have a hammer, some rope, and a crowbar? Not sure what ya need 'em for though." Ayden-11/26/2017 She wasn't wrong. It had started long before they had ever come together in this group. Perhaps it was the thought the fiendish wolves disguised as humans, tricking him. Or, more than likely, the thought of their group using a companion as bait is what did it. Combined with his doubt, Blanc Etoille was the one who reminded him of his vision, his purpose. What ails me? He wonders. "We all have demons, even Paladins. You are already doing much to help, and for that, I am thankful." He says softly. There were too many others around for him to dig into his life story. This wasn't the time, or place. Though, it was one he wouldn't mind sharing with her one day.(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus frowns, "Wood and Iron are a start, but I'm going to need some refined materials too. I require springs and gears. Perhaps I can make some of those from the available resources." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 "You might have a little more luck if you come across a larger city." Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Yes, I thought as much... perhaps there is one on the way during our travels?" Artimus cranes his neck and looks about for Reth. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 A lifetime of reading did not lend itself well to understanding other's emotions, but Sylvena knew that the paladin's response did not fit with his previous demeanor. There was something that he did not wish to give out just yet, and she would respect it for the time being. "I see," she answered, giving Knox a weak smile. "I sincerely hope that is all that is needed. I don't wish to see you fall into despair, Sir Knox, that is all." Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 With his offer left to hang, he went off to find one of his missing companions.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth is holding up a wall. Ayden-11/26/2017 He was thankful she didn't push any further. Knox wasn't sure he could truly explain himself to the others if they knew the truth about him and all of his holy abundance. Would Sylvena be so willing to open up about her past as she had asked of him? Perhaps in due time. Looking around, he sees that Kylah was still missing. "Anyone see Kylah? We should get going soon."(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus looks at Reth, "Uh, Rethyrian, do the elves have a city?" Chouette-11/26/2017 A sweet refrain rings faintly on the breeze. It appears to be coming from the general direction of the road. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "It seems Raleon went off into the woods. I assume he's in search of her," Sylvena piped up. "Though with her temperament, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth shrugs. "Depends on the elves. Chiwak, I know little." Disgruntled Tea-11/26/2017 Seeing Raleon wander off, Thayrin makes a small questioning noise though their link before wandering outside himself and leaning on the wall not far from the doorway. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Oh, I thought you knew about these elves we were planning to visit. You aren't from there?" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 With little struggle, Raleon catches sound of her tune and with better ear than any other, he follows her to her source. "Odd for such a lazy girl to be out of bed so soon," he teases as he approaches, his hands and stuffed into his pockets, his bag already strapped to his back. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 "No, South, like the rest of you." Chouette-11/26/2017 The singing cuts off, and a voice sounds in reply, only a few feet away from Raleon. "Odd for you to take so long to get up. Did the hags curse you with laziness or something?" Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox notices Raleon head toward the road. He must of figured out where Kylah had gone off to. Somehow, he wasn't impressed, but distracted by the fact that Kylah had slipped out before the rest of them. "Looks like we should catch up with them." He states to the others as he takes off. "She must be ill if she got to the road before us." He joked to Sylvena about Kylah. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Ah, okay. I thought you had been there before..." The gnome looks off in no particular direction for a moment, then sighs, "I guess it will be some time before I can get proper materials." Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 He leans on one leg and offers a crooked grin. "Aye, maybe I caught if from a certian someone. Contagious perhaps? At least it wasn't a case of the uglies, that's harder to get back from." Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "It is unlike her to be up before the rest of us, yes," Syl responded half-heartedly, still thinking about the information she could obtain from her tome as she got ready to head out.(edited) Chouette-11/26/2017 There's a quiet snicker. "You don't say." Soft footsteps move past the rogue, very close now. "Are the others coming, or are they still snoring away back there? I don't think I've the patience to wait for them much longer."(edited) Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 He could almost smell her now, though it was almost pointless for him to really turn towards her, well except for maybe for politeness to pretend and look at her. "I suspect they will be on us soon. Thayrin normally isn't one to leave me to my own devices for too long...paranoia and all that," he offered a half hearted chuckle. Ayden-11/26/2017 Not too far behind the others, Knox lets Kylah and Raleon lead the way. He was quite comfortable traveling beside Sylvena for the moment. "Your tome. Does it come at a price?" He asks Sylvena in turn. Something had happened in the cave while he was distracted and he missed some of what his companions had gone through. He wondered, if perhaps, she would be the one needing help.(edited) Chouette-11/26/2017 "Mm." Kylah stares out into the woods, quickly checking for any sign of sneaky elf brothers creeping up on them. There don't seem to be any, but the rest of the group is not long in catching up, and she waves to them as they arrive. "Morning, slowpokes!" Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "well, I guess we might as well be on our way. Thank You so much for your hospitality Foss. Be well and good fishing!" Artimus steps out and joins the others. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena shook her head. "I don't know if it comes with a price, though I can be sure my patron already has what he wants from me." She lowered her voice once more, almost a whisper. "I never wanted to be a warlock, but sometimes one is left without a choice..." Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon raises a brow, feeling her curious nature. "Why do you ask? Was there something you wanted to talk about?" he asked slowly as they began to make their way down the path.(edited) Disgruntled Tea-11/26/2017 Taking note of the other leaving party members said sneaky brother silently kicks off from his leaning spot and follows silently behind the others. He rounded up the rear of the group for the moment, but he kept an eye out for his better half' s "shananagens". Ayden-11/26/2017 He understood her words too well. Perhaps more than she would ever know. Even though she had grown silent, he would join her. Today, regardless if either knew it, they spoke of dead ones that had come to pass in their lives. "What is your Patron exactly?" He asks instead, truly curious as they continued to walk. Chouette-11/26/2017 There's another snicker as Kylah catches Sylvena whispering to Knox. Perhaps there's something growing there after all. She's tempted to stick her head in and try to eavesdrop a little, but they're likely too canny to let her get away with that- best to let their little bond blossom on its own. Besides, she has a traveling companion of her own to keep her entertained. She shrugs. "It can wait. There's a long trip through the woods ahead of us, and I'd rather not have us trip over any shit-stains this time around." She gives Raleon a light elbow. "So keep your eyes- uh, ears -peeled, okay?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth joins the group, standing a bit off on his own, quiet in approach. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena hesitated a short moment, at odds with whether or not she should answer Knox's question. On one hand, she wanted to be truthful to him. He was there to protect them, and she wanted no bad blood between the two of them, but on the other hand, fiends were evil. She didn't want to know what Knox might do if he learned that she potentially served an evil being. However, truth won out. "Sir Knox, I can tell you I don't know who my patron is. The most I learned was from a portal to the hells, and since then, I have been trying to figure it out. But.....my patron is a fiend. I do not wish to serve him, but instead am forced to. Though, he has not issued me anything in the many years I have been under his service. I sense he finds my suffering to be pleasureful, to say the least." Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon scratched nervously behind his head at whatever it was she may need to talk to him about but merely nodded. At the mention of the Grick he visably scowled and grumbled to himself an elven curse. "My ears are always open. Even if you just need someone to talk to," he offered before pulling out his gem and rubbing it softly. Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah lets out a quiet breath, and smiles a little wistfully at the rogue's final words. "Oh, you." There's a short pause, and for just a moment only the sound of the wind rushing through the grass by the roadside can be heard. Then something soft brushes against Raleon's ear as the bard leans over and plans the lightest of kisses there. "I'll keep that in mind," she says, as she looks back to the road ahead.(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Catching up quickly with the staff Sir Knox gave him, Artimus actually overhears his conversation with Sylvena. He says nothing, preferring to follow behind. The gems on the staff spin idly. Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox listens closly as Sylvena shared some truth with him. "And if you refuse to serve him? If you were to find happiness?" He asks, almost knowing this answer already. "Fiends are not gods, they can be stopped." He said with a soft smile, giving her some hope. As long as she used her powers for the better of this world, it mattered little where they came from. Perhaps when all was said and done, Knox would have to help Sylvena with her Patron. But for now, they had other important matters that needed addressed. "We should be approaching the territory soon." He shouts up ahead to the others, making sure they don't overshoot their path.(edited) Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 The elf could sense the bard's hesitation and could hear her soft smile in the soft resistance in her voice. What he also heard was the soft sound of nature and--GOD DAMN IT SHE DID IT AGAIN. Visable shivers work over his shoulders and neck as the elf rubs the sensation from his ears with a soft whine, his cheeks tained now with a hint of blush. hearing the paladin, he looked over his shoulder. "Yeah, yeah!" he yelled back. Chouette-11/26/2017 The bard's eyesbrows rise a little as she watches Raleon's reaction with interest. The ears, is it? A weak point she'd do well to remember. The short exchange between the rogue and the paladin makes her start a little, reminding her that yes, they are actually going somewhere. "Do you know the way?" she says quietly to the elf beside her, "I'm not sure I know the way." She shifts her posture a little, sighing. "I don't think I've ever been outside of Chiwak for this long before." Disgruntled Tea-11/26/2017 Bringing up the rear of the group proved to have its interesting moments. Apparently Syl and Knox had gotten all friendly while he wasn't paying attention. And the bard looked to be up to her usual antics. Upon seeing what she did to Raleon and his reaction he couldn't quite keep a chuckle from escaping him. looks like she found your weak point love. Better watch out. he snickers once more and picks up the pace untill he is at his usual spot of walking next to his twin. He briefly takes the time to nod at the bardic lass before turning his attention back towards the path. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon hums as he thinks and looks up to the sky. "Well, from what I remember of my brother looking at a map--" he was interupted by his brother. He grew a sour look and puffed a cheek, senseing him growing closer now. "--Yeah tell me about it. Say, I remember these elves putting out a great number of druids and rangers. Didn't you used to want to be a druid when we were younger, brother?" he asked as they strolled along. Disgruntled Tea-11/26/2017 He blinks at the question and nods before briefly signing "untill I found that I was absolute garbage at it and would sooner get stuck in some weird animal person hybrid the moment I tried anything". A shudder finds its way down his spine before he sings once more, a small grin on his face. "Besides I am already bad at playing an instrament...why add to the list of things I do that im gods awful at?" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Oh come now, you turned into that frog that one time and scared that one lad into the ladies changing room, that was fun, right?" he teased his brother. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 In the afternoon, the sun hangs high over head. You have been on the road for a bit, cutting upwards and across. People feel their stomachs rumbling. The abandoned portion of the woods are ahead, if you look hard enough. The trees do look a little... off. Ayden-11/26/2017 His eyes fall upon Artimus who catches up with them as they continue to walk. The staff that the gnome was given seemed to oddly fit the small companion. The stones dancing upon the staff made it look rather impressive for Artimus. His gaze fell to Sylvena before looking back at the front of the group to see the abandonded woods slightly off. Though hungry, he uses his divine senses to see if there is anything wrong with the woods up ahead. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 The stones on the gnome's staff stop twirling and he takes a closer look at the trees. "what do you make of that?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The paladin's divine sense fails to register anything within 60' of you. Chouette-11/26/2017 Giving Thayrin a little wave, Kylah leaves the brothers to their incomprehensible communications, kicking at loose stones on the road for a while before wandering over to the ranger. The elf seems quiet is always, but any conversation partner is better than none. "Hey, Reth. Do you recognize those trees?" Might just be a weird species, but Kylah's curious, and experience have taught her that nature is one of the few things the ranger might actually open up about. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The warlock notes that the woods look brown and sickly. It is hard to say for sure from this distance, but it almost appears that the trees are diseased. Reth squints at them. "Wrong color to be what they look like. They look like elm trees, but wrong." Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena frowned, noticing the trees were of an unnatural color. "There's something wrong with these woods. I cannot say for certain until we are closer, but I agree with Reth. They look wrong, diseased. Like everything else we encountered before. A sickness covers these lands." Chouette-11/26/2017 "Eh?" Kylah's confusion is clear. She knows plenty about songs, but jack shit about plants. "Wrong how? Are they going to stand up and try to eat us or something?" The way she says it makes it clear that she considers that a very real possibility. Can't trust plants, not after her last time traveling through the woods. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "We should be wary of more blights or something like that. Blights only appear when something isn't right." Artimus looks at the bard, "Yeah, they might try to eat us." Chouette-11/26/2017 "Shit." Kylah quickly scuttles to one side of the road, putting the rest of the party between her and the treeline.(edited) Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox can see the unnatural look of the woods and their condition. It wasn't good, that much was obvious. He wonders if he can recall anything that might do something like this, something like what Artimus suggests. Or even something that could destroy sacred grounds that the elves are suppose to be protecting. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "More blights could be a possibility, I agree" Syl responded. "Though my intuition says that it may be far worse than just woodland blights. What could have caused such widespread contamination?" Chouette-11/26/2017 "Maybe someone pissed in the wrong part of the woods or something?" the bard offers. "Blighting the land and all that." Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Indeed, " says the gnome with growing excitement, "We knew that something was causing the problem besides the blights and the hags seem to indicate more trouble. Maybe we'll find the problem here!" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Oi," Raleon said as if remembering something. He turned to Syl. "You're a magic user, yes? Can you tell if they have been infected with magic?" Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "Perhaps I can see if anything here has residual magic, yes" Syl responded to Raleon's prompt. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 the gnome immediately begins an incantation. Ayden-11/26/2017 "If elves lived in this woods, they wouldn't let just anything do this so close to their home. I doubt a few blights could do something like this." Knox says this as he readies his sword and shield while approaching the woods and closest tree. He places a hand on it, hoping it would reveal a truth to him. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Cagim Tceted, Cagim Tceted, Cagim Tceted." Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "Unfortunately, I cannot tell if anything about this disease is magical, Raleon," Syl said, finding nothing. "What must have done this, I do not know..." Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Th gnome walks up to one of the strange trees and inspects it carefully.(edited) Chouette-11/26/2017 "Well." Knowing little about trees and blights, Kylah decides to break things down simply. "Way I see it, we have two choices. We go around the weird trees, or we go into them. Any votes?" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon crosses his arms and hums in thought once more. "Reth? Anything to add?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The tree does seem to have faint magic. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Interesting, interesting, yes, hmmm, I wonder...." the gnome mumbles to himslef as he continues to investigate the tree. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The school is hard to pin down. It seems to not be arcane in nature. You would almost call it druidic. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "very interesting, indeed, yes, not arcane, but why would druids so something like this?" Chouette-11/26/2017 Seems nobody's going to move until they've figured things out. Frowning, Kylah pulls out a dagger and hurls it at one of the trees the others aren't investigating. That ought to tell her something, at least. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 The gnome recoils sudenly from his investigation and then continues more tentatively, " Be careful," he announces to no one in particular, "These trees have been ... corrupted... and magic has been used, nature magic of some sort." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 While the party contemplates this, a little shape bursts from seemingly nowhere. It leaps, jumps, and grabs one of the gnome's gems on his staff. It stops about 6ft away, blows a raspberry at him, and then takes off running into the woods. The little guy is fast. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 Raleon laughs. "Well that's one way to investigate!" Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Dleihs" the gnome pronounces as the creature leaps out.(edited) Chouette-11/26/2017 "Hey!" Kylah had been hoping for something to happen, but she hadn't expected that. Who is this little guy? "Wait! Stay and talk to us, we're friendly!" Her voice has a singsong lilt to it, and magic fills every word with a tantalizing power. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The creature comes bursting out of the shadows. It thought itself clever, but did not expect the gnome to put up a shield. A faceplant is exactly what it does, smacking into the shield like a bug to a windshield. The stunned creature falls to the forest floor, rolling about has it holds its face (stunned 2 rounds). Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox tightens the grip on his sword and shield as a creature leaps out at them with a quick burst of speed. Yet the Paladin never expected things to unfold the way they did, as he was sure their new friend did. Instead of rushing over to the creature, he would look back out to the woods. Were there more out there? Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "A theif?" asked the twin as he trot on up, getting a good look at the creature. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 You see none at the moment. Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Oh ho! What have we here!" The gnome peers at the creature and moves the staff slightly away from it. Chouette-11/26/2017 Wasting no time, the bard dashes to the creature. She puts out an arm, holding the others back in case they try to grab it while it's stunned. "Hold on a sec. Let's not hurt it- just gather around. Maybe it can tell us something." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Perception 17 to Stealth 14. The paladin takes a closer look and sees some more sets of eyes watching from deeper within the woods, hiding in dried out bushes. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "A peculiar creature," Sylvena responded, looking at it. "I wonder what it's doing, hiding out in this diseased forest." Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah is crouching down next to the fallen humanoid now, peering at it without touching. "You okay, little guy? Can you understand me?" Ayden-11/26/2017 "Don't hurt it. There are more out there watching us." He lets the others know quickly as he tries to identify the creatures. He places his weapon back in the sheathe as he steps slightly from the group. "We're here to help." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 It starts cursing to itself in its language (fey if anyone speaks it). The tone and harsh speech pattern clues in those that do not speak it that what it says is probably not very nice. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "We're not gunna hurt it," he rolled his eyes. "He didn't try and attack us...did you?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 From within the woods, the others the Paladin mentioned step out into the open. They start thowing rocks at you. One of them yells, "Mother fuckers!" Apparently, it knows that much common... 2 Chouette-11/26/2017 Seems intelligent, at least, but the language isn't one she recognizes, and it doesn't sound too happy. Slowly, the bard backs away, making a placating gesture. "Hey, hey, it's okay. Just don't try to steal our stuff, and we'll let you go, all right?" Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus says, "Hello." and then "GnomGnome" and then "ElfElf". And finally starts an incatantion, "Segaugnal Dneherpmoc..." Ayden-11/26/2017 "What the?" He looks curiously, raising his shield to stop the rocks from hitting his face. From between rock throws, he tries to identify the creatures. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 A couple continue to throw rocks, while others start waving around daggers. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena looks flabbergasted at what's occuring, deciding it may be better to not end this in too much bloodshed. She points to the two closest creatures, uttering the words "Submit!" Chouette-11/26/2017 "Ooookay, not friendly." Kylah backs away a bit faster, ducking away from the rocks that come her way. "If anyone speaks little-blue-tree-person, now would be a great time to start talking!" Ayden-11/26/2017 Instead of raising his sword, Knox attempts to catch a single rock being thrown. Though it was mostly used to show that their attempts should stop due to its annoyance more than anything.(edited) Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 At the sights of daggers, Raleon and his brother slip quickly over to attempt to either disarm them or knock them out. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The spell has no effect if the target is Undead, if it doesn't understand your Language The warlock yells submit. The creatures seem not to understand that word, but another one yells, "Mother fuckers," apparently showing off the extent of its common vocabulary. Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah sticks out her tongue at the creatures- she's not about to let herself get insulted without retaliation. "As if your mothers were worth fucking, you little purple babies!" Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "This is going nowhere," Syl groaned. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The gnome completes his spell at about the same time as the one on the ground zips off to rejoin the others. Raelon pops up behind one and does succeed and knocking the dagger out of its hand (14 vs 19), but Thayrin's gets some advance warning from that and manages to keep hold of his (25 vs 14). The Fey stops cause the creatures to scatter in a flurry of movements. They go away from the group, but arc out in several different paths. Fey steps^ Chouette-11/26/2017 "...Huh." The bard dusts herself off, frowning, and retrieves her own dagger. "That was strange. Anyone know what those were?" Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus steps forward, "Wait!" he says to the creatures. He plucks a gem from his staff and holds it in his palm almost as if offering it. Ayden-11/26/2017 He wondered if there was a point in all of this. These things couldn't be the reason for what was happening here. Sylvena was right in her statement. Dropping the rock, it seemed that they would be frightened away. He wondered if Artimus' offering would be enough to pursuade them. But wasn't sure. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Some sort of Fey," Raleon states as he procures the dagger, his brother cursing at his lack of skill. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The paladin goes to make a perception check, right about the same time that one of the little buggers takes a final opportunity to throw a rock. It hits the paladin, which makes him see stars for a moment. That is also the only thing he perceives for several seconds. 3 Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah winces. Ouch. "You all right, Knoxy?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The one who threw the rock pauses at the gnomes offer. It seems to be contemplating it for a moment. Then it drops its shorts and moons everyone before taking off into the woods. 1 Ayden-11/26/2017 Though Knox had thought the last had taken off, a lucky throw had smacked him above the eye. His hand grabs his head as it throbbed, ignoring everything else going on for the next several seconds. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "They're a waste of our time, to be honest," Syl said aloud, annoyed, watching as the last one rushed into the woods. "If they get in our way again, we should use a little more force." Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "Well, that didn't go so well," says the gnome. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "They're probably harmless, might just be like pixies or something," Raleon offered.(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus frowns and puts the banded agate back on the staff. Chouette-11/26/2017 "I think they're cute." says Kylah, staring off into the woods for a moment before rolling her shoulders. "Anyways, the situation hasn't changed. Do we go into the woods, or stick to the road for now?" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Says the one who insulted their mothers..." he snickered. Ayden-11/26/2017 "Woods." Knox suggests as he looks at the others. Syl and the others were right. They were, nearly harmless. If the elves were using these things to protect these woods, no wonder he had fallen so ill. "We should search for the elves further into the woods or find a trail and follow one of those things. It could take us to where we need to go."(edited) Mortal Player-11/26/2017 The gnome looks startled at Kylah's suggestion, "We won't learn anything out here and we have to get to the Sylvan elves."(edited) Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Reth, would you like to scout up ahead with us?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth nods and goes off. Chouette-11/26/2017 "They started it," the bard shoots back at the rogue, "and anyways, if I couldn't be friends with anyone I'd ever insulted, I'd be all alone for the rest of my days, wouldn't I?" She doesn't seem too bothered by the choice of directions. "Woods it is then. Let's just make sure those little buggers don't sneak up on us again, 'kay?"(edited) Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 "As long as they don't stir up more trouble, it shouldn't be too difficult to continue further through the woods," Syl added. "Just keep alert for more of them." Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth goes into stealth with a 22 Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus follows Reth and Raleon cautiously and at a distance. Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox would push forward as the others begin to scout ahead. Letting them stay ahead to see if they can come back with useful information. Knox rubbs his head once more as his concern for the land becomes obvious again. What could cause something like this to infect the land and trees? Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 The twins nod to eachother and seem to disappear Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Artimus goes to sneak, and trips over a hiding little creature who apparently had doubled back to spy on you guys. It says, "Shit!" in its language (the Gnome understands this) and takes off. Chouette-11/26/2017 Maybe she isn't so sneaky as the rogues, but Kylah at least manages to keep fairly quiet as she moves slowly into the forest. She has to stifle a giggle at Artimus's attempt, though. Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena didn't bother attempting to be stealthy. She wasn't quite so agile, and would rather stay in the protective company of the group than off on her own. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The gnome goes to grab it, but it just manages to slip past him Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "I just want to try and talk!" calls the gnome. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The sneaking group can hear a bit of a commotion behind them. Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah pretends not to hear for a moment, then whirls around and very loudly shouts "BOO!" Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 The twins shake their heads and ignore the group, continuing on. Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox watched as Artimus nearly fell upon one of those creatures. The thing was so shifty and odd looking, it was hard for Knox to accept that he didn't know what it was. Like Sylvena, he wouldn't attempt to sneak either. A large tin can playing "where's waldo" in the woods never ended in his favor.(edited) 2 Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The bard jumps out at the creature as it takes off and yells "Boo!" It jumps back and yells, "Mother fucker" in common. Then it takes off. Chouette-11/26/2017 Kylah snickers. "You know, I really think I like these guys." Mortal Player-11/26/2017 "well, they don't seem to be using very many words that we dont already know." The gnome shakes his head. Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox wonders if the creatures learned their words from Kylah. Continuing his approach, he makes sure nothing else is going on. Hopefully these things were fleeing because of their presence, but one could never be too careful. These woods left him uncomfortable. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 The group follows after the creatures Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Knox does not find anything amiss at the moment. That one seems to have been the only scout, for now. The bard suceeds in catching a glimpse of her treasured booty. The stealth group comes into a clearing with a giant red mushroom. It sticks out because it is the only one there, and it is really large. For a mushroom that is. Probably 1' radius (2 ft across). Sitting about 1ft. In height. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "What the..." Raleon mumbles and looks to Reth for any info on nature. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth says, "Never seen one like that. Wouldn't eat it if I were you." Chouette-11/26/2017 With the stealth group stopped, the bard is quickly catching up. As they said of her earlier, she's like a bloodhound when it comes to some things. Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Well I mean...I am hungry but I didn't plan to..." he grumbled before growing a bit closer, cautiously. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 -You think you can see it quiver a little as you get closer.-(edited) Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox continues his approach with the others. He can see the stealth group up ahead, stopped as if looking at something.(edited) Winter's Splendor-11/26/2017 Sylvena kept quiet, unsure of her course of action as she approached the rest with Sir Knox. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Raleon approaches and does not see anything amiss. He totally misses the fact that the mushroom has risen slightly and might have a nose. 1 1 Mortal Player-11/26/2017 Artimus will approach with Sylvena and will put awya the stone floating on the staff. It seems that for now the display is a bit too audacious. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Reth apparently doesn't notice much either. Chouette-11/26/2017 "What's that?" Kylah is close enough to see the mushroom now, though she can't make it out well with the others in the way. The sight of it does make her salivate a little, though.(edited) Ayden-11/26/2017 Knox shifts to the side of the group to get a better look at what was going on and what was being looked at. Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 Thayrin catches sight of a glint of metal Doom Sparkles-11/26/2017 "Wait," Raleon says as his brother stops him. "Metal?" Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 The bard is contemplating how filling that mushroom might be, but her perception catches sight of what might be a face on the bottom. Chouette-11/26/2017 Would go great in a stew. Maybe a pie. Though it does look pretty unnervingly human. "Guys, is it just me or is that mushroom looking at us funny?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-11/26/2017 As everyone looks closer, two things happen. The mushroom bursts from the ground, revealing a squat, old looking man with a nasty little sickle. And also the five little speedster pains in the backside come rushing back in. We're gonna end with an initiative roll! The group has encountered a dreaded Redcap, a fey creature known for its bloodlust. As for those helping it, who could say? The party will have to overcome this challenge before they can begin working on identifying what is wrong in these woods. All for next time! Initiative for next time: Raleon (24), Mortal (22), Speedsters (nickname, 21), Reth (21), Ayden (20), Winter (19) Thayrin (15), Chouette (8), Redcap (4)
  9. The Obsidian Crown

    Finding people lifted his spirits. A large gathering implied an organized group, one with rules, structures, and some degree of resources. Perhaps enough resources to help him get back home, should he ask nicely enough, or offer something in exchange. Lee knew himself to be a man of a variety of talents and figured he could find some manner of service exchange to give these people in aid for helping him along his way. He could repair devices, build new tools, or if he had to, even engage in some manual labor—not that he particularly favored wasting his time on such menial tasks. Those were usually best left to the meatheads without other appreciable talents. Nevertheless, he was feeling just desperate enough to degrade himself to such base forms of working off a debt. Then he saw her. Not her… her… Lee did a double take, rubbing his eyes and then giving a hard look at the woman who approached, trying to convince himself that the one he looked at was not the same as the one before. After a closer look, he realized that he was not looking at the same woman as before. She looked older, aged by both time and circumstance. The resemblance though, too uncanny for this to be just some kind of older sister or another close relative. Then she removed all doubt by admitting to as much. It brought back memories of the conversations from before, something about avatars and forms, differing identities and representations. He had not wrapped his head around it before, but something told him he might need to work on that soon. Lee stops, keeping the gap between the two of them a healthy one, not yet sure if he was ready to approach Alicia, or this representation of her anyway. She clearly knew him, calling him out by name and even alluding to the recently transpired events—well, as recent as they could be. Now that he was here, he had this foreboding feeling of lost time. How long had they been in that other world, fighting creatures and watching as things fell away to ruin? Oh, how he felt his fingers itching—a brief but almost irresistible impulse to pull out his gun and put her down. Then it passed. “Alicia, I assume?” Lee stood with his hands in his pockets, keeping his shoulders down and his stance ablated. He did his best to convey ease while remaining ready to strike if necessary. She seemed happy enough to see him, but the last time he got himself mixed up with this one, he ended up far from home, fighting a fight that was never his to begin with. Yes, he took in this encounter with caution. “You have me at a disadvantage, it seems. You are aware of what transpired before, but I know so little of what is happening or who you really are. Perhaps you can start by telling me where on Valucre we are now? Or if we are on Valucre at all, for that matter. This looks right… but I cannot tell for sure.” Lee made eye contact as appropriate but took moments to steal glances of the surroundings, as well as those of her companions, watching for brewing hostility or other signs of danger. The last time he went around with this one, outsiders came to them, taking them away. They invited him down a rabbit hole, and assuming he had no real choice in the matter, he voluntarily took a step down and explored its depths. He hoped to never repeat that mistake again.
  10. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    @amenities I should have made it clearer in my post, the time duplicates have substance (mass). So if you want to make any adjustments to your post based on that knowledge, I have no qualms about it.
  11. Wonderland Resort

    It took Shivers a moment to decide if he wanted to disclose his name to that… thing. He had a similar reaction to the overbearing woman as the bartender, only Shivers felt no need to lick her as an exit strategy. He was a bit choosier about where he put his tongue anyway. “Shivers.” Call it an impulse, but he went ahead and answered the question, but he counted on her attention quickly returning to the one she kept referring to as “Hore-hay” and away from himself. The bartender plopping down a full bottle of high end whiskey in front of him with no currency exchanged quickly abated his concerns about the bouncy one with the strange dog nearby. Actually, now that Shivers paid more attention to that creature, he realized that it was not at all a normal dog but something else entirely. Not something he had ever encountered, but different enough and emanating potent magic at that for him to know it was no house pet. Neither was the odd wolfman humanoid sitting next to him, trying too hard to pretend that he was not trying to work up the courage to start a conversation. What is it with these people today? Do people no longer go to taverns to sit and drink in silence, with nothing other than some second-rate band playing washed out tunes from decades earlier?
  12. dvsn vs the Flu, [T1 DM, loser leaves net]

    Problem with the Tamiflu special item is that it only works effectively in the early game. If you let the flu start to get its defenses in place, it laughs at your Tamiflu application and keeps on trucking. Make the decision soon. Good luck. I had the flu last year for the first time in years. Fucking sucked.
  13. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Reclusive is normal for me. I work 65hrs a week and take 15 credits of classes. Not be around much is my baseline. ;)
  14. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    You'd think that people might have caught that the villain using psychological tactics to cause dissent, chaos, and separation was the guy who just recently finished a psychology degree ;)
  15. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Mag tells you when the roles are killed off. Priest musta been an inactive.