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  1. Acies ab Vesania

    How did you get into roleplay?

    Let's see how well I can condense a long, nearly 30-year spanning story. You could say that role-playing is in my blood: my mother and my uncle dabbled in D&D and similar games in the early eighties. They both fell out of it, but my mother rediscovered role-playing games in the early ’90s and got back into D&D in the mid-nineties. Hers and my story overlap in some places but that’s about the extent of that connection—I have a direct relative who has been playing RPGs off and on for nearly 40 years. The relevance is that it explains my early start with RPG like games. When I was around five, I created a game called “Super Heroes” with my younger sister. It was childish and silly, but it was already more complex than games like “house,” and it involved full on role-taking as well as world building. As I got older, we added details to this imaginary world (called Kendrillia) as well as the indigenous peoples, their abilities, and their adventures. We spent entire afternoons outside immersed in varying roles. At the age of eight, I was invited to play D&D with my parents. They made a new campaign for me to try out and I made my first character in AD&D (aka 2e) named Crittish Rockcrusher, a fighter. I got to play some here and there for a couple of years, participating more as I matured. At the same time, my “Super Heroes” game evolved to include fantasy elements. About this time I was devouring fantasy-based books (including Tolkien), so I was pulling from all kinds of sources. At about 12, we moved on from Super Heroes and created a game called “Wars of the Future” (an unintentionally similar acronym for Writers of the Future, which I did not know about for more than a decade). This game was a futuristic sci-fi-fi game with war themes; I worked up into a pen and paper RPG style game which I played with friends at school. I got to play D&D at an increasing rate as I got older and developed an array of characters. The oldest active character I have is a half-drow Fighter/Thief named William—I still play him off and on. He’s a total sociopath. As I got into high school, I had increased access to the internet and looked up D&D related material for character ideas as well as putting together a campaign I wanted to run at school with friends. I came across a Forum (now defunct) called The Dragon’s Breath, which discussed D&D and ran an online Shadowrun and D&D game. The idea of running a game online through text-based writing was foreign to me. This was the spring of 2003. I met some neat people, asked about getting in on the games but found out they were super strict about who they let in and when. Another member reached out to me about starting up our own place to run games for ourselves, since we didn’t want to wait. We did just that while maintaining our ties to that other place (we had great discussions and many friends from there). We made a site where I would run a D&D game, and my friend would create a Heroes Unlimited game (Super Hero RPG). We both ran games as well as some other games that were more strategy based rather than RPGs and writing. We had a lot of fun, and eventually, another friend of ours ran a villains Heroes Unlimited campaign. Sometime during all this, a person registered on our site and told us of this place he came from where he was bullied. Well, my friends and I didn’t suffer bullies, so we went and registered at this place called Ayenee to troll some assholes. Ayenee was an interesting place. They had role-playing tied to different worlds without a super structured system. We found it had their share of assholes, but it also had some cool folks. A couple of others and I kept hanging around. I got into play-by-post RP and found it was an excellent outlet for my desire to write, which I loved to do. It changed a lot of how I looked at online role-playing. It gave me a place to dabble in different styles and genres and contribute with people from a broader set of backgrounds. It also gave me a place to hang around more frequently after that good friend of mine took his life. Eventually, Ayenee burned out. I was mostly done with online role-playing. I ran one online D&D game for some close friends, but that was about it. In that time, I met my now wife, and she kept badgering me about coming over to Valucre, told me a lot of the Ayenee refuges had made their way over here. I was stubborn, if only for the sake of being stubborn (I can be). I eventually registered and came over. Found a lot of people I used to know, and I still drop posts here now and then despite how busy I can be. This also led to me running a D&D game over Discord (which I love doing). Nowadays, I run two campaigns for friends/family in person, I run the online Discord game, and I manage a D&D game for my patients at my workplace. I try to weave in life-lessons, collaborative problem solving, creative thinking, and prosocial behavior into the game to teach lessons while providing them with something fun to do. I like to think I have seen some therapeutic benefits from it. And if you read all that, pat yourself on the back. 😉
  2. Acies ab Vesania

    How do you post?

    Short posts I will write in the Valucre text box. If I am only dropping two to three paragraphs, I expect to finish quickly enough to forgo worrying about site crashes. Longer posts I do in MS Word mostly. On occasion, I have used Google Docs. I like to write with non-vocal music of varying kinds: epic, orchestral, ambiance, movie scores, etc. I find vocals can get distracting. I can get away with turning in college papers in classes outside the English department with little to no editing and revision, so I don't dabble in it much. If the document is especially long or I find the post is of greater importance, I will do a pass or two through it for revisions/fixes. Otherwise, I just scan for typos.
  3. Acies ab Vesania

    Specific character weakness

    I have a character who lives with a severe case of schizophrenia. This is a disorder that has a significant effect on his ability to interact with people in everyday settings, as well as his perceived reality sometimes being incongruent with the perceived reality of everyone else. He still goes out and does heroic things and tries his best to help people, but his symptoms have gotten him into trouble more than a few times.
  4. Acies ab Vesania

    Feedback - the leaderboard

    Seems kinda fun. Surprised I am still in the top ten for most content even though I only post here and there. Given how small the share of my posts are in occ sections (irony realized), I am pretty proud of that. I once posted in RP so prolifically, the legacy still maintains ;)
  5. Acies ab Vesania

    How often does your character go hungry?

    I have a couple characters who have had homelessness/poverty and thus had finding food and other resources a part of their posts (because it was a primary concern). I have on occasion had characters address concerns of hunger not for scene setting purposes, but because it made sense in the flow of the narrative: role-playing the course of a day, and at certain point, the character will be hungry. Since there is no planned times skip to occur, I will have them make some kind of detour to address food. It's not a common occurrence but I will throw it in if I think after a certain point, the character is going to want something to eat. I have also on occasion done eating scenes as a place for role-play (a dinner, a function, sitting in a bar). I suppose those more qualify as the tea and crumpets. I believe I have done tea a handful of times, but I cannot recall ever having any of my characters eating crumpets, lol.
  6. HOW BUSY ARe you with School?Work?Family?


    I'm drunk muthafucka!! BENNY BOY!!


    Please return my message as SOON as You CAN ACE!!! I NEED to TALK TO YOU!! SERIOUSLY!!!





    1. Acies ab Vesania

      Acies ab Vesania

      Just working. No school for now. 

  7. Acies ab Vesania

    Uh, Hello ^^;

    I remember you. Been a while. I haven't been writing nearly so much myself anymore--busy with life and the like. The D&D renaissance is indeed a welcome thing. I love seeing more people getting into it and the social acceptableness of the hobby increasing all the time. Welcome back. 🙂
  8. Acies ab Vesania

    To Tame The Beast

    Aaron’s muscles remained tensed, action potentials firing off and ready to lash out the instant he let down his guard. He knew he could end his troubles instantly; snap the girl’s neck and toss her out with the rest. Yet, while his fingers twitched and the maelstrom of rage bubbled over, he held himself back. Aaron could not bring himself to do what he knew would solve his problems and free him of this burdensome bit of remaining conscience. If he let the last threads unravel, soon he would sink ever further into the chaos and ruin and perhaps self-destruct completely. Like so many, he secretly longed for an end to this existence but struggled to do what would accelerate his decay into his final stages. Get rid of the girl and allow everything else to fall away. Despite the anger, she maintained her eye contact with him, Aaron soon feeling his resolve disappearing into that same void from which his temper rose. He could not go through with it, and despite his seconds earlier murderous intent, he felt something inside him soften further. With that, a touch of something Aaron had not felt in years: shame. He was embarrassed to be seen here, tearing apart his possessions in a self-indulgent temper tantrum—especially ashamed because Elizabeth was the one who found him. A deep, growling voice gave a simple answer to the observation of his safety. “I am.” It was all he could muster, because anything more might have let more of that shame leak out, and he could not be seen as weak. Not by anyway, especially not Elizabeth. Aaron turned his back on her at this point, perhaps interpreted as his indifference but in actuality, it was to hide the flickering emotions threatening to betray his deepest thoughts. He intended to remain this way for as long as she stayed in the room, but the familiar hissing of pain caused him to look back over his shoulder, finding that Elizabeth bled. “You… you’re hurt.” Aaron struggled with the words. He also struggled with the sight of blood, awakening a feral hunger that wished to feed upon the new source. He clenched his jaw, fighting back the urge. “James. JAMES!” When the assistant arrived, he pointed away from his room. “She is bleeding. Remove her and attend to her wounds.” He did his best to make it sound as though her injuries inconvenienced him, but there was a crack his façade. He was starting to lose his fight with keeping his concern hidden away.
  9. Acies ab Vesania

    How old are your characters?

    Aurelius "Lee": 26 in the year I created him. I think 2-3 years have passed in the canon since then, so he would be 28-29 in a present-day thread. Chaflin: I believe he is now 24. Resurgence: In actuality, old as shit, but this form is about 30. Shivers: Turning 32 this year, if I am tracking time correctly. So, they range mid-twenties to their early thirties.
  10. Acies ab Vesania

    The Valucre Photo Album

    Merry Christmas
  11. Acies ab Vesania

    What's your favorite class to play?

    Does "All Powerful Dungeon Master" count as a class? ❤️
  12. Acies ab Vesania

    The Obsidian Crown

    Alicia expected more resistance, and had this been the beginning of this cluster-fuck so-called adventure, he might have made more of an effort to resist. Hell, he would have done more than make an effort, he would have made the process as unbearable and annoying as he could, trying to tempt the others into cutting their losses and sending him on his way. Lee had a way with getting under the skin of people who annoyed or otherwise inconvenienced him (the two were often intertwined to be honest)—high intelligence and no desire to adhere to social conventions made for a caustic pairing. Despite his instincts fighting cooperation, he gave in. The Cold Mountains were close enough to home that he could at least manage the rest of the trek back to a larger civilization and catch a gate back home. In the meantime, he could enjoy the sights and see where this went. Despite feeling greatly annoyed by the unplanned events and his afternoon turning into a week-long bender rippling in some cosmic underpinning that even he found a challenge to wrap his mind around… he could manage this. It was not a calm, controlled lab setting where he set the variables and the controls, but he could manage this. “Wretched bitch?” Alicia’s casual mentioning another party threw him off from the mental calculations working through their permutations in his mind. He planned to travel with them as far as the mountains, to wherever they were headed, and then soon after strike out on his own, a free man at least on back on the damn continent of his origins. Another person brought into the situation threw off these plans at least a hair. Would this person interfere? Would they produce more troubles, more blasted complications. He hated complications, almost as much as he disliked people with little imagination and with little to no ability to wield logic. It was always a shame that so many of them ended up as politicians. Lee was about to press the issue, but damn if the clothing change wasn’t distracting. By itself, clothing that reformed and changed the color and fit would catch his attention even if it were worn by a manikin, because that is unusual—and useful. Couple it with it being on a woman he had just recently (well, same body and look, different temporal personality or some such, but whose keeping track anyway) tried to sleep with, and well he couldn’t be bothered to finish that train of though. A wretched bitch in the mountains—well, anybody who holes up in an unpredictable mountain range was probably a wretched bitch before they bought property. Taking up residence there was just making the identity complete, liking adding a hat to an almost perfect suit and tie. The drifting into more lascivious and less strategic thoughts halted when she inquired of his readiness to travel, and dropped yet another tidbit that forewarned of possible danger and complications. “Fight?” In their previous conversations, there had been no mention of tracking down a wretched bitch who was also a captive that might fight back. Lee began to develop a strong suspicion that despite Alicia’s air of candor and honesty, she continued to hold back a great deal of information. He understood such practices and regularly employed them; after all, lab assistants rarely understood the work he developed, and even if they did, they were not privileged with that information. Technology development operated under a need-to-know set of practices. The workers were only granted what they needed to know to do their job and remain safe. If all she held-back were trade secrets that had no bearing on him, he’d manage. Of course, his intellectual curiosity would desire more information but he could understand her desire to retain company material. Withholding a possible fight from him though—that violated his need to know for protecting himself from harm, and that was not kosher. Again, an opportunity to dig for information closed before he could pry it open, when one of her men interrupted his inquiry. Lee might have opted to press further if it were the interruption had not borne some interesting bit of news that set Alicia and the rest of the camp scrambling. Whatever could get a group of inter-dimensional travelers worked up was at the very least worth giving a bit of attention. Especially after Alica declared it a secondary target that they did not want to “contact with planetary wildlife,” which just eluded to all kinds of potential problems. He really wanted some Gods damned answers! Watching the others prepare, Lee did a quick, sightless inspection of the P.A.S.S. armament hidden beneath layers of clothing and outerwear, worn across his torso and down his arms. The activity of the encampment piqued his caution now, and he wanted to be ready. This creature of theirs was no concern for him personally, but if it could cause harm to the world itself, than he might be obligated to ensure it never found a way to Genesaris. He was no altruistic sort; it would be a matter of duty to his city and homeland, not a favor to the locals around here, though he could empathize with them to an extent. That and he didn’t want to be caught in any crossfire without protection at the ready. Alicia’s relayed plan to the crowd meant little and less to Lee, but it seemed they understood and he took it for some kind of strategy based on the weapons and technology they possessed. Much in the same way were he to explain what his gear could contribute he would expect them to look at him with confusion, he felt no sense of lost pride at not knowing what they were doing, beyond teasing out some hints through the words issued. Psychokinetic, something to do with energy of movement through psychic sources, probably tied to the abilities that created the quantum-fuckall of the multiple Alicias problem. How was it that there could be so many and yet he still had not managed to bed a one of them? His week indeed. Alicia’s transition to comments on death and dying brought back his full attention. She didn’t want the men under her watch to die for this cause, but made contingency plans in case she should fall. At least he was part of back-up plans. Should she go out and go down in act of unnecessary heroics, he would still get back home. That was nice. It made him feel slightly better about all of this bullshit. Calling out to her, he says, “How about not dying, telling me what the fuck we’re doing, so I can help you round up this little problem of yours?” Emphasizing his point, he pulls out both his custom made Exalta pistols. The sooner we get done here, the sooner we’ll be back in Genesaris.
  13. Acies ab Vesania

    Valucre D&D Discord

    Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 When we last left off, our group encountered a meeting between a couple of Goblin squads, each led by a hobgoblin leader. These squads stopped to compare notes and share information, and while they were distracted, the group arranged themselves to allow for a surprise round on the goblins. With the initiative order set, the group is ready to head out, the Gnome alerting the party to his intentions to blast the goblins on the left side into a smoldering pile of ash and sulfur. Keep that in mind those of you who head forth, as that side is soon to be a bit of a hot mess. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon's eyes light up at the gnome's intentions. "Oh I wish I could see that..." he mused before thinking to his brother. Make sure to watch that so I can log it into my brain for epic things the gnome did. With this he approached the group with a smirk, stabbing at one of the goblins. "Greetings, my lovelies. I can't help but notice you might be talking about something quite interesting. Mind if I join you?" He flourished his rapier with a dazzling grin. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 It doesn't take much to bring down a goblin. The rapier runs through the surprised would be scout and he goes down before he knew what hit him Reth comes charging in, throwing out his hunters mark before taking a couple of swings at a pair of goblins. Reth makes two hits (22 and 26 respectively) against two goblins, doing 8 and 9 damage on each swing, dropping two. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "You don't mind if I brought friends do you? They have..."(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 Fawhooom! the fireball blossoms into a raging inferno upon the hapless goblins! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "...Explosive personalities~." Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 A soft snort rings though their link adding to the log already are we? His eyes flick to the gnomeish blaze with interest of his own before promptly decided that having his backside roasted was not something he wished for in any future. Staying just out of range of the blaze, he quickly runs past his twin to snag an attack on some more unsuspecting gobs. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Thayrin comes rushing in, looking cool with a backdraft of fire billowing behind him. Unfortunately, the surprise blast caused these goblins to duck down at the wrong time, causing his attacks to miss! The fireball goes off. Those poor goblins never had a chance. Art, using the spell for the first time, is quite surprised by the powerful oomph that fireball carries. The little glob of light races out, touching down with perfect precision exactly where he wanted it. A blast of heat spreads out so quickly the trees shake as where a group of goblins once stood, all that remains are small piles of ashes, now swept up by the rush of air caused by such a drastic change in temperature. For some, perhaps, there is a small bit of fear at seeing one of your friends wielding so much power! Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah strums at her magical bandore, a spell on the tip of her tongue. As the huge blast of fire roars up among the goblins, however, she freezes, before stumbling back wide-eyed and almost dropping her instrument. The bard takes no action this round. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome's mouth hangs slightly agape at the effect of the fireball and he blinks a few times. 4 Ayden11/18/2018 Knox pushes through the chaos from the fireball and pulls forth his sword to strike down the closest of the two hobgoblins remaining! As the backside of his sword knocks out the hobgoblin in a single strike, Knox changes his attention to the other hobgoblin to also knock it unconscious. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 One hob goblin goes down in a heap, but the attack on the second catches a part of his gorget and misses the head 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon grinned deviously, as he slipped up next to Reth, stepping next to one of the two big leaders. He hears Knox drop one of the hobgoblins. "Well...I guess that makes the job a bit easier," he says under his breath. He approaches the other side of the hobgoblin and taps his shoulder before ramming his guard against him for a non lethal shot. "Nap time~." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The second hob goblin goes down, struck so hard on the first that he was already going down when an even harder second shot comes around, causing him to bounce his head off a rock. He's bleeding an drooling Reth comes around for two more goblins, using a bonus action to move the hunter's mark Reth however has to dodge out of the way of the hob goblin going down by the paladin, causing him to slip on some ash. He has to make a dex save (17 total) which he passes. He recovers, but lost the rest of his round. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome shakes off his astonishment and hangs off the branch, dropping down to the ground. His short legs move quickly to cover distance and carry him closer to the battle... (120' - 25' = 95' to center of battle). Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 one annoyed huff later and a quick glance at the flames gives the rouge time to scan the battle field and take stock of what was left. He looks down at the missed target and rolls his eyes mentally at himself for missing such easy targets before taking a swing again. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 This time the goblins have time to see the assassin, and in their panic manage to put up their bucklers in time more by sheer luck than actual skill Chouette11/18/2018 Recovering from her momentary lapse, the bard approaches the site of the battle, twanging out the opening notes of a song. "This one's for you, Knox!" “It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say (dun dun dun, dun-dun dun, dun-dun-dun-dun) The goddess is here, you can take a break (dun dun dun, dun-dun dun, dun-dun-dun-dun) I'm a righteous warrior who can smite all day (dun dun dun, dun-dun dun, dun-dun-dun-dun) With my team, it’s the dream, we’ll go all the way (dun dun dun, dun-dun dun, dun-dun-dun-dun) Huh, ‘cause I’m a PALLLYYYYYYYY! Clap along if you feel like a temple without a roof! ‘Cause I’m a PALLLYYYYYYYY! Clap along if you feel like the path of light is the truth! ‘Cause I’m a PALLLYYYYYYYY! Clap along if you know what Heloptra is to you! ‘Cause I’m a PALLLYYYYYYYY! Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do!” 2 Ayden11/18/2018 Seeing the fiery hellish scene of burnt flesh and bloody ash, Knox sees the goblins foolish decision to fight back as they pull up their bucklers. Knox cuts the distance to them and screams from his gut while clanging his sword against his shield to place the fear back into them, make them second think their foolish decision in their moment of panic. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Knox yells at the two goblins within close proximity to him, trying to scare them off. One does actually take fright, and will use its turn to take the dash action, running off into the woods. The other one seems to manage its resolve and sticks his tongue out at the paladin, and then will charge and attack him on its turn The goblin who charges Knox actually lands a hit (21), doing 5pts of damage. A second goblin uses his bonus action to dash, and flanks the paladin. He also scores a hit (21) and does 3 more Two goblins rush up and flank Reth. Both, despite having advantage, miss (9 and 13) The last two goblins run up to Raleon and flank him. The first got a nat 20, doing max regular damage (8), with the second scoring a hit (21 total) for another 5 damage. That ends the goblins Ayden11/18/2018 Knox uses Rebuke The Violence against the goblin that harmed Raleon! Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The goblin is rebuked, he drops dead! 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon looked at the crowd accumulating by him. "Well, this is less than a ideal..." Raleon mused before flicking his sword with a grin. "Guess you're my new partner, tin bucket. Don't let me down!" he called with his usual playful banter before passing him with a rap on his armor and sticking the blasphemous goblin attacking him. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Raleon turns his goblin into a shishkabob, running it through twice even though the first was more than sufficient to bring it down(edited) Reth attacks the two that came on him, using the bonus action to move the hunter's mark to the one that is running away, to keep tabs on it. Reth swings at the first one, scoring a hit (16) doing 10 damage total. He gets a nat 20(!) on the second attack, doing a triple damage strike for 16 points of damage. That goblin goes down. Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus continues to make his way towards the center of battle (95'-50' = 45'). Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Shaking his head in aggravation both now at his lack of performance and a certain Pally scaring one off like a lost sheep into running. He watches the goblin scurry off in a panicked mess before dashing after the thing. Of all the days for a bad day to happen. The gods of fortune must be in a giggling mess right now. He continues to chase after the wee goblin before taking a swing at it with his main hand. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome furrows his brow and turns his head at Thayrin speeding past. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The one running goblin, still trying to flee, does not notice the assassin come up on him and run him through. Chouette11/18/2018 With only two goblins left, Kylah has little need to keep her song going. Instead, she rushes the rest of the way to the battlefield, drawing her blade and thrusting at one of the creatures attacking Knox and Raleon. "Take that, you little green shithead!" She misses, surprising nobody at all. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 At calling it a shithead, the goblin knocks away the sword with his buckler and says something to the effect of "Fuck you" in goblin Ayden11/18/2018 "Don't let you down? Just try to keep up." A flare in his eyes with a small smile returns the jest that Raleon offered, perhaps the first, after the Paladin recognizes Raleon's help. Knox swings his sword at one of the two remaining goblins - specifically the one talking dirty to Kylah. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Knox brings down the longsword, cleaving that goblin in twain! Ayden11/18/2018 Knox dances with his sword, rather graceful for a tin can, as he strikes the last! Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Knox lashes out at the last, barely getting past this one's shield, but after sending a shower of sparks flying to the sides, he rams the longsword through its belly and drops it. All goblins are down! Ayden11/18/2018 His breathing slows as he looks back at Raleon with a brief moment of silence. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon raises a slender brow with a hint of a smile. "Good job, Pally." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth looks around for more, but sensing the one he marked is no longer among the living, he relaxes. He looks down at the brained hobgoblin and says, "He might not talk" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "Well they won't talk unconscious," he chuckled at Reth's comment. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox pulls the sword across his armor, cleaning the blood off of it as Raleon spoke. The Paladin nodded to Raleon in return. "You as well. You dropped that hobgoblin with ease. Maybe... too much?" He looked at the one Reth was examining. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 What Raleon can't see is the one he pointed at has multiple swelling sites on his head, as well as lost blood. Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 taking the time to briefly catch his breath, Thayrin begins walking back to the group to take up his spot next to his twin. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome hurries up and surveys the field of battle anew. Looking at the hobgoblins, he asks, "Did you kill them?" and points at the two hobgoblins lying on the ground. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth answers, "Napping." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "What? I didn't hit him that--Ooooh that's a lot of blood..." He says as Thayrin trots up beside him. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The hobgoblin is still breathing, but it is shallow breathing(edited) Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 humm that brings back memories...how hard did you hit him? Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looks at Artimus for a moment before speaking. "How are you feeling Artimus? That fireball..." He pauses for a moment to glance at Kylah before finishing. "Well done Artimus." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "Well...now that he has some brain damage that makes things easier," he says as he begins shackling up the unbroken hoblins' hands with his manacles. I may have gone at it a TOUCH too enthusiastic...maybe Mortal Player11/18/2018 "Oh..." Artimus looks away from Sir Knox, "I guess that was a bit more intense of a fire than I expected." 2 Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The one that was brained with less enthusiasm is starting to stirr Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 A slender brow raises at his twins answer and a smile threatens to show on his usually RBF prone face. clearly. Hope that they are into a little pain. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "Reth, he's starting to wake, could you help me tie him up to this tree? You're stronger than me, remember?" He smiles. Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah sheathes her blade, and yawns. "Well, that was easy. Anyone hurt at all?" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth lets a small grin flash as he, rather roughly, gets the Hobgoblin tied up Ayden11/18/2018 Knox approaches Kylah and grabs at her wrist. Though she yawns, a weary look rests upon his face. "We managed, but how are you?" He asks cautiously. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The tiger and Jackal both start eating at corpses... Reth swats away Raleon's hand when he tries to get into his stuff. "Hands off!" Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artex will search the hobgoblins for any potential helpful clues or items. Chouette11/18/2018 "Me?" The bard laughs awkwardly. "I'm fine! Wasn't even close for most of the fight, and you took those last two out before they could hit me. Nice, uh, sword-ing there, by the way." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Art finds more maps on them, same as the previous The hobgoblin is tied to a tree, and shackled. The other one is still lying in a pool of blood, drooling 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon sticks out his tongue innocently. "Well I did say you were grounded." Ayden11/18/2018 "That's not what I'm talking about." He released her hand as he stared at her. "And thanks, I guess." Knox states this as he looks back to the hobgoblin tied to the tree. "You hesistated when the fireball went off..." His voice trailed softly as he continued to speak to Kylah. Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Thayrin goes about searching though the bodies of goblins that littered around the battle field while dragging them into a rough pile while waiting on the others to do their little question session. Chouette11/18/2018 "Ohhhh. That." Kylah wrings her hands, looking down at her feet. "It just... took me by surprise, is all. I saw fire, and it reminded me of... you know." Her teeth clench, and she looks up. "But it won't happen again! I'll be ready for it next time, I promise." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Among those that aren't incinerated, you find 10 mostly useless sets of leather armor, okay quality bucklers, okay quality scimitars He also finds 10 gold, 11 silver, and 21 copper. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox turns back to her and smiles softly. "I know, and I want you to know it is okay." The Paladin steps closer and hugs her, though awkward - but out of kindness and reassurance - while also forgetting the blood smere from the goblin might transfer. "We're all in this together." He whispered before letting her go. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 When Art searched the hobgoblins, he found they wear decent chain mail, have a shield and a long sword, and money total of 18 gold,. 43 silver, and 52 copper(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 "Um, yeah, sorry about if the fire surprised you guys. My teachers often told me to try to hold back, but I was worried that we really needed to hit them hard after the last fight..." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth shrugs. "Crispy goblins are good goblins" Chouette11/18/2018 "Thanks." The bard hugs him back, surprisingly tight, and forces a smile. "And I know. I have faith in all of you to see us through whatever we may face. Be it monsters, magic, or our very own fears. And I'll always be there to support you, too." Her courage returning, she grins a little. "So long as you keep me fed, that is." Ayden11/18/2018 The Paladin offers a true laugh, perhaps the first since they had started their travels, to her response about food. Looking back at the others and hobgoblin, Knox finally steps forward. "So what is the plan?" Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus looks at Sir Knox, "Once we revive one, I can use magic to attempt to compel his cooperation." The gnome looks at the hobgoblins. Is one of them waking up yet? 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon sits by a log not too far off from the group, cleaning off his sword and gear. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looks careful at the hobgoblin tied to the tree. "Wake up." He states in fluid goblin language. His words are forceful to catch its attention. "This one is waking up Artimus. Go ahead." Mortal Player11/18/2018 When the first hobgoblin begins to wake up... "Seugnot" Artimus intones, pressing his hand to his chest. Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah keeps an eye on the other fallen hobgoblin, which has not yet been restrained. Mortal Player11/18/2018 "Noitseggus"... "Obviously, you have been captured by us and are our prisoner. You should cooperate with us fully." Artimus says to the hobgoblin. Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Not needing any of the equipment that he found, Thayrin simply left them with the corpses. Once done with his work, he takes a seat next to his twin and hands over the money he found and most certainly pocketed. found this on the gobs. looks like we have more to our steadily growing money pile. I'll let you decided if you want to share it. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The hobgoblin spits right at the wizard Chouette11/18/2018 "Guys," Kylah says, careful not to raise her voice too much lest she interrupt the interrogation, "I don't think this one's waking up. If we want to question it we'll need to heal it ourselves, and frankly I'm not sure it'd be worth the spell." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 We'll share, it's not much, but the others did quite a bit of work as well. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Art is pretty sure his spell did not take hold Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome looks back at Kylah, "And it looks like this one will be harder to persuade than I thought. He isn't following my Suggestion to cooperate.'(edited) Ayden11/18/2018 "Enough." Knox raises the point of his sword at the hobgoblin. "You will tell us what we want to know. The truth!" A white aura shimmers in a 15ft radius around the hobgoblin. Everyone within range must make a Charisma Saving Throw. Chouette11/18/2018 The bard sighs. "Tricky devils. Here, I'll have a go." With the other hobgoblin so badly injured there's likely no need to keep an eye on it anymore, so she strides up to where the conscious one is tied, before being interrupted by Knox's sudden spell. "Whoa!" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth failed Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome blinks as Sir Knox's zone washes over him, "Wow!" Chouette11/18/2018 Squinting, Kylah waves a hand in front of her face, not feeling any different. "What was that supposed to do?" Ayden11/18/2018 "How do you get into the Ozteank?" He asks the hobgoblin without lowering his sword. He ignores Kylah's question as he is focused.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon failed. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The hob spits at the paladin Chouette11/18/2018 "Geez." Kylah approaches warily, ready to duck out of the way of any saliva that gets flung her way. "You sure don't like playing nice, do you?" She sighs warily. "Then again, we have another hob back there, so we could always cut your head off and then give him ago. If I were you, I'd answer all our questions fully, see if you can prove yourself useful enough to keep alive." Hopefully her spellcraft will hold up better than the wizard's. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon's eyebrows raise as he whistles at the bard's vicious nature. Mortal Player11/18/2018 "Sthguoht Tceted" Artimus places two fingers to his forehead and one hand on his chest, with the staff cradled in his elbow as he stares at the hobgoblin. Chouette11/18/2018 She can feel the spell taking hold. Seems she's gotten lucky, this time. "All right, you boys do your thing," she says, standing back and maintaining her concentration on the spell whilst the wizard and paladin ask their questions. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looks back to Kylah as Artimus is questioning the hobgoblin. "Tell me," He asks quitely, soft enough for her ears. "What is it you want when all of this is said and done?" The question lingers from his lips as his stares at her.(edited) Chouette11/18/2018 She gives him a sharp look. "I told you already, remember? Back on the very first day." She's not angry, but there's a hard edge to her voice, something cold and deep-rooted. "We can save towns and stop threats, sure, but I'm not here to do good for its own sake." Her hands quietly clench and unclench. "I'm here to keep us all alive, and make us strong. So that one day, we can go back and wreak thourough vengeance on the fucking animal that destroyed our home." She pauses for a moment, grinding her teeth. "And when... when I see that thing's steaming heart cut from its chest and hacked to pieces on the ground, then this'll be over. Then I can think about what comes next." She looks at him and smiles, that same cheery smile she makes when she comes up with a silly song or begs the party for food. "I hope you don't have a problem with that."(edited) Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 It takes a good while to get all the information you are looking for, even with all the steps put into place. It takes a bit of everything to make this work: Artimus thinking of the hard questions, asking and rephrasing to work around attempts at evasion. The paladin greasing the wheels by encouraging it to speak even after it wants to clam up, getting it to believe that the best thing it could do for itself is cooperate. Also the detect thoughts spell giving access to little hidden bits of information left unsaid, withheld, or giving hints that inform the next question to be asked. When everyone is done they are exhausted, but they have much more information than before. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox smiles softly at her and nods in approval. "You should think about what comes next, after the dragon, now Kylah. Give yourself something more, you deserve that." He looks at her for another moment before stepping away and approaching Raleon. "You." He points rather sharply at one of the two twins. "If push came to shove on the battlefield, would you let me die to save yourself?" The question was sharp, and clear enough for any to hear.(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus nearly chokes on a question as he hears Kylah's response. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The Hobgoblin helps narrow down exactly where you need to go. Not just confirming that you had the general area correct, but even marking exactly where the hidden door will be, what are the signs that you are looking for to locate it, and then how to get it open. This includes how to remove the hidden trap that will go off and both hit intruders with poisoned darts, but also alert a door attendant to an intrusion, allowing him time to call for help. You know that there is one door guard posted nearby, but he has messengers within shouting distance who can run and get reinforcements if you guys come barging in. What is a key bit of information you get is that while you could continue on to the city, which he confirms has thousands of goblinoids living there, you do not need to go that way. While there is a direct route that leads to the Keep of Albrun, the Hobgoblin field commanders know of a secret path that is more direct and will get you into the keep without running into more trouble, other than possibly some more hobgoblins who are using the path to get around. This path is to the right, hidden by another secret door, which you can access after getting into the tunnels. It will cut through an underground network and lead you through a portion of the goblin nursery, where caretakers attend to the young goblins (babies and toddlers) before they are “old enough” to look after themselves. This path will lead to a secret door that goes into the keep. He confirms there will be a couple of bugbear guards there, and probably some more hobgoblins. Once inside the keep, you will encounter a network of paths and different areas, including training grounds, meeting rooms, and places to entertain guests. He tells you that Albrun meets with denizens of the underdark from time to time, as well as Orcs, but he knows of no upcoming meetings. He tells you the way you need to go to get into the inner chambers, which is his living space. He warns you that you will almost certainly encounter what he calls, “Iron Shadows” which he says are hobgoblins trained in special fighting arts. They guard the inner chambers and attack uninvited guests on sight, even other goblinoids. Once you get past that, you can find your way to the hall that contains his room for entertaining valued guests, his bed chamber, and his study, any of the three he might be located at any given time. He will have more body guards with him of some sort, including his two dogs.(edited) 5 2 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon's face honestly looked a bit flushed, his eyes fogged over as if he was deep in thought, similar to when he was in trance. He was completely caught off guard by the task at hand as he seems to return to reality. He brought his attention to Knox once more, blinking. "I beg your pardon?" Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Thayrin's head snaps up from the forest he was surveying with a glare at Knox for his questioning of his brother. Time and time again it seems like they were placed in dangerous situations and risked their necks to help the tinny group that they had attached themselves to for the time. He takes a brief moment to close his eyes and take a breath to calm himself and center his thoughts. He slowly opens them and snaps his fingers into a point at Knox for a message. "A rather rude question for my brother, considering he and I have both risked our lives many times with you and the others. We could have split tail, cut our losses and left you long ago. And yet here we are. As for a semblance of an answer for both of us, as I'm sure you will eventually round off to me at some point with the inquisition. My brother will always come first. If that requires me to ditch any one of you lot and save him, so be it. However, I find myself growing quite fond of all of you...so things may be different depending on the situation." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The hobgoblin does not know what the dogs are, only that they are massive and breathe fire, as well as have fire, smoke, and ash sometimes burst from places along its fur. He says he once stood just a few feet away and could feel the heat coming off them. The hounds are much more intelligent than the worgs they have worked with, watching with an unsettling intelligence. Albrun does indeed feed weaker goblins to these hounds when they displease him. He gets a kick out of watching the hounds rip them apart and cook them alive. He says Albrun got these hounds from his friends he refers to as “Children of Kralchiette.” He has not met with them personally, but he did see one once, in passing. A tall figure, nearly seven feet. Wearing a cloak with a hood, and gloves as well as long sleeves. He did, however, catch a glimpse of scales and bright, inhuman eyes when walking past them. He says Albrun claims they come from further north and east of their city. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox stares at him before getting ready to repeat the question when Thayrin chimed in. The Paladin pauses as the message settles in his mind. "Good." He states flatly before turning and leaving the two brothers, rather satisfied. His final approach for the moment takes him to Reth who seemed rather interested in the hobgoblin revealing all these answers. "Why do you hate them so much?" Knox asks softly, standing beside the Ranger as Artimus continued to pull answers from the Hobgoblin.(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon looked between his brother and the paladin, seeing him leave. "What just happened?" he asked aloud. Ayden11/18/2018 "Ask your brother." He offers back before turning his focus back to Reth. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The hobgoblin is unable to provide much beyond that, at least not much you didn’t already know. He confirms that Albrun is intelligent and capable, what they call a “Devastator”—someone trained with offensive magic and particular skill in effectively using it. He also says Albrun is an able fighter and intelligent. He does seem to be the cause of the recent ambition—he is charismatic and driven, and gets other goblins worked up as well. He has the connections with the unknown group, whom Alrun hints is tied up with other entities in the region. They seem to be using the brewing civil war as an opportunity to gather power unchecked. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "What the hell is up your ass?" Raleon snapped back. "Why do we suddenly need to prove ourselves?" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 As for the races allowed, only Goblinoids mostly, as well as some other evil races brought in as guests on occasion with escorts. The Captain is a captain who is fiercely loyal to Albrun, and just someone who coordinates a lot of the outgoing missions. He is not a political kind of guy really, he just keeps the troops on top of gathering resources. Reth answers Knox, "I have my reasons." Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Grumbling silently Thayrin goes to work on maintaining his equipment casting an annoyed look at the Pally. By the moons. I hope that whatever crawled into that tin can he calls armor and up his ass gets pulled out soon. He snaps his shortsword back into its sheath before going to work on his rapier. You seemed distracted so I answered for you. figured the inquisitor rolling around the party with all his suspicions and stupid questions would eventually roll back to me. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox paused at the question Raelon snapped back with. It was a fair question in turn, but the wrong one. "You've already proved yourselves." Before he had a chance to say anymore, Reth finally provided a response. "Don't we all?" The question wasn't meant to be answered as Knox stayed by Reth's side. "Do you think any of the goblins can be of good nature?" He asked curiously to Reth. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth actually makes a look of disgust. "Never seen one. You find me one, maybe I could believe. Never seen one. Only what they're capable of." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon was...not expecting that. He was shocked at this and felt his shoulders slump a bit. Ayden11/18/2018 Knox chuckles at the comment and look of disgust on his face. "I'm afraid if I found one you might just try to kill it before it had a chance." He elbowed the ranger gently and in jest as his eyes wondered back to Raleon who seemed to give up. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon simply gazed at the paladin with confused, questioning eyes. He was ready for a fight, but wasn't sure what exactly he got in response. He proved himself? How? Did he see him as proven guilty or innocent? Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah, meanwhile, looks over at Artimus. "I think that's about all we're going to get out of him." Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome nods. Artimus regard the hobgoblin carefully for a long moment and finally asks, "Why do you want to kill the humans?" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 "Humans are weak, worthless. So are Gnomes." He glares at you. "The light dwellers have ruled too long, but soon it will be our time." Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looks at Reth. "Looks like you're up." He states coldly. It appeared they had the last of the information they needed. Knox would turn away and let them deal with the hobgoblin as they see fit. He would start to head back to the horses to make sure they were still safe. Chouette11/18/2018 "Oh, we're weak?" Kylah raises an eyebrow. "Seems to me you're not in much of a position to say that, Mister Hob."(edited) Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Knox looks for the horses. He is distracted when he steps into one of their leavings. Ayden11/18/2018 The paladin laughs softly. "Of course." He spends the next few moments wiping his boot clean. Those who were currently under the influence of Zone of Truth are no longer. The shimmering field fades. Mortal Player11/18/2018 "Hmm," Artimus strokes his beard, "What makes the goblinoids superior though? If you conquer us, will you simply become light-dwellers yourselves?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 He laughs. "Of course not. We will make you our slaves, and force you to live darkness." Reth, answering Knox: "Aye, maybe. Be sure to warn me first." 2 Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus blinks, "How strange. What good are slaves that cannot see?" Then the gnome looks at Raleon, "I wonder.... it seems strange to live in a state of conflict with each other." Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Just when you think you have some sort of ground with someone...What do you think we proved ourselves of? He glances over at his twin, his face still wearing a more annoyed expression than usual. He crosses his arms and resumes his scanning of the forest before huffing, standing up and slipping into the trees a few feet away from the group. I need to roam. Let me know when we are moving. It had been some time since he had hit his wall for people tolerance. Apparently he hit it face first like a running child into a glass door. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 "Har har, even in darkness we allow just enough sight to see. Torchlight for those with weak eyes." Ayden11/18/2018 Knox is away from the group tending to the horses by himself.(edited) Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 The horses seem glad to see you, given the recent noise and rush of fire that went bursting into the sky. But they are no worse for wear. Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah groans. "Can we shut this idiot up already? If you still need him alive I can put him to sleep." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon had settled down on the floor now, hugging his knees to his chest with his head sideways on his knees with the usual perplexed, glazed expression he normally had. His head perked for a moment when his brother left him. Alright....Stay safe, Brother. Raleon seemed to feel Arty's gaze and turned to face him with a blink, though it was unfocused and he soon shrugged it off.(edited) Ayden11/18/2018 After a few minutes of calming the horses and making sure they were alright, Knox slowly made his return back to the group. His eyes land on Raleon who is sitting by himself, and the paladin sighs. After a moment of thought, Knox sits down beside Raleon. "If I offended, i am sorry. It was not my intention." He starts before looking at Raleon.(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome regards the hobgoblins for moment, then nods, "Alright then." He rises and steps away from the hobgoblin, "It is unfortunate that your people feel this way about light-dwellers." Artimus looks for a spot away from the hobgoblins where the party may finish planning their next step. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth shrugs. "Told ya they aren't worth saving." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon's ears perk again, coming out from his daze. "Knox?" he asks with a sense of innocence to his tone, he was identifying him. Without his twin, he was truly blind, something Knox did not see him often. He pursed his lips and looked to the side. "Yes well...We're used to being told we have to prove ourselves as being trustworthy..." Ayden11/18/2018 Knox nods, regardless if Raleon can see it or not. "My question wasn't to see proof..." He said gently, afterall it was Raleon who stated it to begin with. "Truth told, I am glad you and your brother have each other. If push comes to shove, you must hold onto yourselves and each other no matter what." He states, perhaps revealing his intentions in the process. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome arches an eyebrow at Reth, "I'm not sure that that has been truly determined, but it seems clear the goblinoid attitude as well as the urgings of their leader, Albrun, play a large part in the current conflict between them and the Kingdom." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 He blinked possibly more confused than before. "Knox....how old are you?" Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looked curiously at Raleon's question. "What? Why does that matter? I'm just saying, I don't want you or anyone else sacrificing themselves for me..." He says softly, perhaps lower so others can't hear as they are distracted with the hobgoblin. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "It matters. How old are you?" he repeat. Ayden11/18/2018 "25." He states, this time with a flat tone of indifference. Mortal Player11/18/2018 He purses his lips for a moment, "It's not clear that peace is an option." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth glares at the Hobgoblin, who is watching everyone. "No, they never want peace. They do not know peace. It is not there nature." Chouette11/18/2018 "Well, not by negotiations." Kylah strolls up to the wizard and the ranger. "But it's not like we have to wipe out the whole city. If we take out the leader and his cronies, chances are that'll quell them for a while." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth snorts. "Wish we had the numbers to exterminate them." He is still glaring at the hobgoblin Chouette11/18/2018 "And they wish they had the numbers to exterminate us," Kylah retorts. "In their eyes, are you any better than them?"(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 "They've always been a problem. Relations have never been good with the goblinoid races and the problems do seem intractable: deep culturally reinforced, racially directed hatred." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon nods a bit. "I thought as much...We are 5 TIMES your life's age. We have seen countless humans throw themselves at death's door. We have seen so many of our comrades die because of stupid mistakes and unavoidable mistakes.... When you live a life such as ours...you learn it's best not to get attached to anyone else besides yourself. The first 1/5 of our life we spent ridiculed by our own people, but not my brother...he always loved me. The 2/5th we spent amongst Prime, the world you know, trying to find a home for ourselves. When we found one--somewhere where we mattered--it was fleeting, like the wind. Every few decades everyone we knew was dead. Replaced with new voices. New places, different names. You learn to not get close to anyone, because they'll just die... But my brother will always be there. All we needed was each other." He looks up towards Knox, or where he guessed him to be. "And then...we found this group, in another fleeting wind...and things seem different."(edited) Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth shrugs. "I didn't start my life seeking to end their kind. Not until they pushed that view onto me." Chouette11/18/2018 "Did they?" Kylah frowns. "And those whose actions made you think that way. What happened to them?" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth face darkens, his brows furrowed. "They lived, when others didn't." Ayden11/18/2018 Knox listens, truly listens as Raleon shared. At first, he thought Raleon was going to rub it in his face about his age, but that wasn't truly the case. Yet, as Raleon spoke, it made sense. The way the two act, seemed to have light shed upon it. After a moment of silence, and after a moment of eavesdropping on the other conversation, Knox just sighed. "I understand more than you think Raleon. Perhaps we are more alike than either assumed."(edited) Chouette11/18/2018 "Hmm." Kylah's frown deepens. "I think... I understand." And then she gestures to the hobgoblin, still tied to the tree. "He's all yours."(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 "This problem, in its current form, is a relatively recent development, the hobgoblins initiated recent hostilities under the direction of Albrun - a powerful fighter and spellcaster." Chouette11/18/2018 The bard sighs. "We know that, Artimus. Now use that big ol' brain of yours and figure out how to kill him." She glances off into the woods. "We can only keep skulking around for so long before they start sending out bigger parties, try to hunt us down. We need to act, and soon." Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus frowns at Kylah, "I thought you were going to put him to sleep." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon stared out into the night, wetting his lips. "When Chiwak was burned...I felt like I was starting all over again. Like I had just walked out into the Prime dimension when I was 26," he laughed half-hearted. "I could hardly walk farther out than Thayrin could see without him coming to my rescue... We didn't have the gifts we had before. I was truly blind then. We had to fend for ourselves, forage with our small bodies." He looked over towards him. "I feel the same dealing with this group. Every interaction is a struggle to run away. We planned to leave you know, after the werewolves." Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus asks, "What makes the elves better than the goblinoids? It seems that the elves hate the goblins simply for living."(edited) Chouette11/18/2018 "Changed my mind." The bard shrugs at the gnome. "After all, you got your info. Maybe I'm not the cleverest one among us, but it seems to me like he told you more than enough to give us an in." Ayden11/18/2018 Knox continued to sit there as Raleon shared more. "What changed your mind?" He asked curiously. The tone didn't have any suggestion behind it or hidden meaning, but was curious in nature. "Because this group is different?" He stated, reflecting back to what Raleon previously said.(edited) Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus nods, "Indeed, he gave us all the information we requested of him." The gnome cocks his head at an angle, quizzically. 1 Chouette11/18/2018 "Then that's that." The bard claps her hands. "We should find a place to camp, away from all the corpses. We can spend the rest of the day planning our next steps and preparing spells, then strike by night or by dawn. Sound good?" 2 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 "To be honest... I wasn't sure until Reth and I spoke about it. He solidified my resolve and what I was thinking. This group has done some amazing things. By ourselves we could never do such things to help people. In the end, Thayrin and I are only two elves looking for simple solutions to the common problem. We can do only what we are able. But this group can accomplish so much more. A dragon? It doesn't seem so impossible anymore... Reth helped me see that we have value here. We're a part of something. We have...a family almost," he said quietly. "Dysfunctional, but what family works?" he grinned. Mortal Player11/18/2018 The gnome nods. Disgruntled Tea11/18/2018 Feeling more centered, more like himself; the silent elf made his way back to the group. He twiddled with a small flower absentmindedly as he walked silently though the foliage. It didn't feel like he was away for long, so he didn't feel like he missed much. Color him surprised when he retuned to find not only Mr. Hob still among the breathing. Color him more surprised when he spotted Knox sitting next to his twin. His head tilts slightly in confusion as he drifts over to the two and promptly plops down on the ground next to his brother and turning his shoulder into a pillow. Bonding with the tin can are we? Ayden11/18/2018 His stomach nearly turned at the mention of family. Knox just sat there quite again, realizing that the two were much more alike than he could have ever imagined. "Family." He stated after a brief pause while staring out. "True, but I never..." he pauses as his eyes watch Thayrin return and sit next to Raleon. "Anyway, we should probably deal with this hob before moving on." Knox stands and nods to Thayrin who returned to his brother's side before approaching the others. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth hears, "Deal with the other" and doesn't wait to hear any other arguments. He slips up beside the hob goblin and stabs each of his swords through its face with one harsh blow, grinning. He whispers something to it as it slumps over, and then he pulls out the blades and walks away, much like a cat gloating over its most recent kill. 4 Ayden11/18/2018 Knox saw that. 2 2 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon arched a brow. "You an orphan? Well that makes 4 of us now." He stood and brushed himself off. He laughed at Reth dealing with their issues. "Well now, aren't you quick to pounce?" He approached Reth and placed his hand out. "Sorry about messing with your bag before. I meant nothing by it. Just a light hearted jest. No hard feelings?" Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth shrugs. "Nope. But next time, I might let the tiger sort it out." He winks, and saunters off into the woods.(edited) Ayden11/18/2018 Raleon stumbled upon more than Knox intended for him to know, but Raleon didn't seem to push or even confirm the question as attention was brough to Reth. It was more complicated than being an orphan, much more complicated. His eyes turned to Artimus and Kylah, ignoring Reth. Knox knew that he would have to get through to the Ranger some how, sooner rather than later. Fear settled in his gut with the thought of what the next day could bring. Mortal Player11/18/2018 Artimus watches Reth walk away from killing the hobgoblin. He looks around at the other party members. What Artimus is thinking, he does not say. His thoughts remain his own. As Reth leaves, he turns away at last. His eyes meet Sir Knox's eyes for a moment. Then it is time to to find a suitable spot to rest up, spells to memorize, plans to prepare. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 He jogs after him, wanting to go for a walk himself. "Don't you think you can escape into the woods twice without me now. The least you can do is put up with my company after scratching up my pretty face." He stuck out his tongue. There was indeed several scratches against Raleon's cheeks and a gash on his arm he didn't seem to notice. Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth slows back. "You're wounded." He reaches over, places a hand on the wound and uses cure-light wounds. "Take care of that before it gets infected." Perhaps he lingers a moment, perhaps it is just in Raleon's head, its hard to say. But he is healed all 5 of his missing hit points, and the goblin's slash and the tongue scratches from the tiger fade.(edited) Chouette11/18/2018 Kylah follows at a slow pace, humming quietly as she goes. It's been a rough day, but they're on the right track, now. Soon, this whole goblin business will be dealt with, and then they can head to the capital and enjoy some civilized company for once. In the meantime... "Who's ready for dinner?"(edited) Ayden11/18/2018 Knox looks around, meeting a gaze that Artimus held for a moment before following the others. He would feel better after they got some rest. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝11/18/2018 Raleon blinks as he seems to register that he was in fact wounded. "Oh? I guess I did take a scra--..." he is cut short from his sentence as Reth heals his wounds. The place where he touched seeming warmer with the lingering touch. His ears grew a touch warmer and he smiled some. He wanted to say he could have taken care of it himself, but the notion of Reth caring about him made him happy to not fight him. "Sure thing." Acies ab Vesania11/18/2018 Reth uses the woods as a round about way to walk back to the horses, waiting to see where the others want to move their camp, as to ensure no more surprise visits. It is assumed that a new place is found, a late dinner is eaten, and people rest for the night, setting up watches and the wizard preparing his spells. Here we leave off, with the party having uncovered a significant amount of information. They now know where to locate the entrance to the city, as well as how to bypass it, with a shortcut to the keep where Alrbun resides. They know more about his pets, as well as these strange allies of his, said to be scaled with inhuman eyes. What does it mean? Who helps the hobgoblins, and what of the other destabilization in the area? Much more to uncover in the coming days. For now, they must rest and prepare for a tough fight with a spell-casting foe, aided by two dogs who breathe fire—a challenge indeed. In the meantime, can the group maintain its humanity? Conflicting ideals cause some friction, but it seems the group is more alike than they first thought. Still, difficult questions require answers, and perhaps some will be pushed to the front in the coming days. Until then, we must wait to find out what happens next time, on D&D Discord!
  14. Acies ab Vesania

    To Tame The Beast

    Darkness closed in from all directions, circling around with long reaching tendrils seeking the light. Consuming and ever moving, Aaron’s vision faded further into the recesses of nothingness as the anger filled him up, starting from his chest and moving towards his fingertips. Filled with energy, overcome by the need to destroy, he stalked about his room a tempest let loose upon an unprotected space. By the time Elizabeth made her way towards his chambers, he had already ripped apart most of his belongings, splintering wood and gnashing cloth pillows with his teeth. Growling he did, but so much more than that—he sought to destroy everything he could reach, the urge to break down everything unrelenting and irresistible. Aaron did not hear the door open as Elizabeth came hurrying into the room, concerned that her master was under some kind of attack. He did not hear her soft footfalls as she rushed from the entry to the bedroom proper, sure that she would find some ongoing threat of danger, a candlestick held in her clenched fists, ready to defend him from whatever dared enter his sanctum. Even as she stood in the doorway, out in plain view, Aaron did not see Elizabeth, watching as he tore through his room in destructive, uncontrolled fury. The darkness threatened to take him altogether, snuffing the light and forever damning him to the darkness lying just beneath his surface thoughts. Not until she spoke up, just as the last shreds of light began to disappear from his vision forever, that he first acknowledged the girl. No doubt, she would have spoken up once, twice, perhaps even three times before her words penetrated the fog of anger overtaking his mind—it is so hard to reach someone in such a state. But reach him she did, that voice finding a way to slip through the nigh-impenetrable wall of anger and hurt, bursting through like a bullet and striking him at his core. He spun around at that moment, eyes still aglow with feverish rage, his face more animalistic than human. With a few sharp exhalations of hot hair from his nostrils, Aaron’s body slowly relaxed, dropping tense muscles and giving in to his fatigue. “Elizabeth?” First confusion, then surprise and soon slipping back toward anger. All of these emotions went through Aaron instantly and ceased, back again and mingling, a jostled mess of mixed feelings leaving him without the ability to react for many seconds. He takes a step forward, something murderous in his eyes. They flick over the girl, taking in everything about her in a swift instance. Though he wishes he could deny it, he sees her apprehension and concern. The weapon in her hand, poised for use. She thought he was in trouble again, an also comical thought given his abilities. Still, it did something other than make him feel anger. For the briefest moment, Aaron thought he felt… touched? “What are you doing here?” He quickly retreats into the anger and rage, snarling at the young woman who ran from her private quarters to his, dressed in nothing more than a delicate night gown and a haphazardly donned robe. Some protector she would have been dressed for relaxing by a Winter’s fire than ready for a brawl with a dangerous foe. Yet she came. Despite his best efforts, a softness starts to thaw the rage locked on his face.
  15. Acies ab Vesania

    Valucre D&D Discord

    Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:00 PM When we last left off, there a close call for the party, as their Ranger nearly succumbed to series of hits from goblins, followed up by a bugbear critical hit. The group managed to put down the threat and save the ranger before he went out, and in their state of extreme adrenaline, some members finished off all the goblinoids before saving one back for questioning. The group was fortunate to find some maps on one of the hobgoblins, which with some conversation and a bit of dumb luck, they stumbled onto a potential point where the goblin city entrance might be located. The rest of the night passes without issue, and we pick up in the morning, following these events. ChouetteYesterday at 4:05 PM As orange hues sweep across the sky and the first birds chirp to one another amidst the trees, a young bard opens her eyes and yawns. "Am I the first one up?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:06 PM Artimus sits studying his spellbook and completing his morning rituals. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:08 PM It wasn't until his brother had pointed it out that Raleon had realized he was actually sitting in the ranger's lap for quite some time. The rogue had said something bumbling in some sort of manner before stumbling off to rest. By the morning, Raleon had freshly washed in a near by river and was brushing out his hair, leaving breakfast up to his brother. "Of the humans perhaps," Raleon teased. ChouetteYesterday at 4:10 PM Kylah frowns. "Aww. Still counts, though." She rolls over and pushes herself off the ground, blinking rapidly. "Kylah Bailefour, fastest of the... one human in the band. Fear her devastating wakefulness..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:11 PM "The only thing I'll be fearing is that bedhead," he cooed, shaking his own shining hair free and sticking out his tongue. ChouetteYesterday at 4:15 PM Groaning, the bard fumbles vainly for a comb. "Silly elf, always mocking perfection. See if I save you when you're knocked down by bugbears..." That said, she is looking a bit of a mess, even after having a chance to clean herself up a bit in Millgrave. Seems long travels and life-or-death encounters with goblins will do that to a girl. "You know what we need? Servants. Servants to carry a bathtub around and attend to my every whim."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:16 PM Reth glances at the bard and snorts. He has dirt on his hands and face and a twig in his hair, yet seems to pull the look. Perhaps its all about confidence. Or apathy. Sometimes its hard to tease the two apart. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:19 PM Artimus closes his spellbook and stands up. As usual, his beard is neatly trimmed, his hair in order, and his clothes even look as if they have been pressed, showing no signs of battle or undue stress. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:22 PM Raleon chuckles softly before getting a ping from his brother. His eyes widen for a moment before he sighs softly and seems to slip easily out of sight. The next thing any of them know, Reth gets a bap atop his head by a brush. "You're not excluded, Reth. You need to bathe the Most out of us." He whispered into his ear. "Now you're either going to go wash up yourself or Thayrin and I will wash you like the family pet." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:23 PM Reth whips around just as Raleon is sneaking up behind him, and shakes his head when chastised. He goes off to forage for some roots. ChouetteYesterday at 4:24 PM Kylah winces as she runs her fingers through her hair, prying apart dozens of tangles that seem to have tied themselves in the night. A bit of dirt, a bit of ranger blood, and some good old knotted locks. With some effort, however, she's able to dislodge the worst of it, and get her hair in order. She giggles a little at the two elves. "Oh, I'm sure you'd love to wash him, right Raleon? We both know how you get around water."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:27 PM Raleon's cheeks puff as he follows after him, Thayrin moving to block Reth from moving away from the water. Though Raleon stopped as he remembered struggling about near water probably wasn't the best idea for him, being blind and all. Losing his footing once was all it would take and he would be in quite a bit of trouble."W-well... I would just be there if he tried to escape. Thayrin would have to do the work," he offered in retaliation. Thayrin simply smirked.(edited) AydenYesterday at 4:31 PM Knox neatly packs his bag and folds the cloth with the star of Heloptra facing outward as usual. He reviews the battle of last night in his mind as the others are getting ready for the day. A hand pulls earth from the ground as he wipes it on himself. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:40 PM Reth just looks at Thayrin and says, "I'm stronger." with a slight grin 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:41 PM Thayrin arches an eyebrow and messages him with a grin. "Yes...This is true, but We're faster"(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:42 PM "Only slightly."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:42 PM "Slightly is all we need to win." Raleon moves in slowly to flank.(edited) ChouetteYesterday at 4:47 PM "Too late!" Kylah strides past them all, heading for the sound of a nearby stream. "I call dibs. And since I'm the only girl here, the rest of you can wait." She glances back towards the paladin, who's doing the exact opposite of bathing. "Knox! In the name of all that is good and true, I ask that you make sure none of these sneaky fellows try to peek on me." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:48 PM Reth just stares him down, and then suddenly reaches into his back, throwing a grey ball behind him. In the middle of a camp, a fully grown tiger springs up. Reth simply says, "pounce" and darts off to the left. ChouetteYesterday at 4:49 PM "Oh holyfuck that's a big cat!" The bard promptly flees. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:49 PM Raleon needs a strength save 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:50 PM He fails miserably as expected ChouetteYesterday at 4:51 PM Sounds of bardic amusement arise from somewhere in the trees. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:51 PM By the moons thats a big cat. Duck! Thayrin jumps out of pure reflex away from his brother as he gets pounced on by the tiger. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:52 PM This 500lb+ Giant cat materializes and pounces on the unprepared Raleon. It licks his face.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:52 PM The gnome backs away, taking cover near a tree where his pony currently resides. He watches his companions for a little bit with pressed lips. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 4:52 PM Raleon's eyes widen as he hears the sudden tiger. "GAH!!" Raleon struggles beneath the weight of the beast, protecting his face as he is pinned beneath the tiger. "RETH! You dirty cheater!" he cries, fighting laughs as the tiger mlems his face.(edited) A-After him! Raleon commands his brother.(edited) AydenYesterday at 4:55 PM Knox looks upward to see all the excitement unfold. For a group who just had a rough night, it seemed that the others were in good spirit. He smiled softly as the laughter breaks the camp. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:57 PM shaking with laughter at the sight, the assassin twin quickly darts after Reth with a grin on his face. He most certainly never expected a tiger play from the silent ranger. I swear if he pulls another large cat out of thin air and I get jumped, Reth will be forever known as a fucking cat wizard. 3 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:00 PM The gnome sighs and finds a comfortable spot near the tree. He takes out some papers and studies them. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:03 PM This time, as Thayrin takes after the ranger, a different ball of grey comes to life. Reth shouts, "pants" and sends the jackle biting at the pants of the pursuer ChouetteYesterday at 5:08 PM A short while later, Kylah reemerges from the trees with a dramatic hair flip, having made good use of some of the soap in her Diplomat's Pack. "Right! That's everything important taken care of, so how about we get wherever we're going..." She trails off upon witnessing half the camp running around like a bunch of wild animals, with a bunch of wild animals. "Oh, doggone it." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:09 PM Reth takes advantage of the distraction to try and stealth away 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:09 PM With all his strength, Raleon slips his hand inside of his pocket to grab his wand of charm animal and uses it against the tiger! Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:10 PM The tiger resists the effect with an 18 on the save! Reth is sneaking off with a total of 18 By the time the bard comes back, the tiger is laying atop Raleon, starting to doze 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:12 PM "Come ooooooon, Get off meeeeee, kitty cat~!" Raleon whines helplessly. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:12 PM Not expecting another animal to apearafy against him Thayrin was quite literally swiped off his feet by the jackal and dropped to the ground. what the hell. a dog this time? what else does the magic man have up his sleeves?! Despite his misfortune he attempt to free himself from the animal, only failing because of the unceasing laughter at his own misfortune. help. i feel like the local postman...except i am fairly certain im prettier AydenYesterday at 5:12 PM Knox heads over to Artimus and sits down. "Discover anything good?" he asks ignoring the others. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:13 PM All Thayrin hears is muffled suffocating by cat on face noises ChouetteYesterday at 5:15 PM Slowly, the bard approaches the big cat and reaches out a hand to scratch it behind the ears. "Who's a good kitty-kitty? Yes, you are!" She sticks her tongue out at Raleon before making her way over to Artimus and sitting down beside him with a sigh. "You ever wonder how we even get anywhere with these dorks in tow?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:21 PM Raleon is almost ready to submit to defeat as he groans at the heavy cat, far heavier than any human. He sighed desperately as he looks up towards Kylah, knowing she passed by. "K-Kylah please...You gotta help me. Could you just...get the cat to move?" He offers out the stick. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:21 PM The gnome looks up at his companions, "I was just reading some old notes to refocus my mind." He puts them back in order as he looks over at the shenanigans, "I don't know how we plan to proceed. I gave the notes from the hobgoblins we killed to those individuals last night. It had a bunch of notes on troop movements: patrols and the like. I thought maybe they'd figure out something useful, but..." Artimus shrugs.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:24 PM After a minute, the jackal wears itself out and legs go of Thayrin. It's difficult to maintain a bite for long AydenYesterday at 5:24 PM "Goblin language can be tricky, " Knox states as his mind drifts to a distant memory before looking over Artimus and giving a nod off understanding. ChouetteYesterday at 5:24 PM "Hmm." The bard gets up again. "Keep them with you for now." she says to the wizard, "the information we have could come in handy if we find the missing pieces for it later." In the meantime, she ambles over to where Raleon is being flattened by a tiger, and crouches down, poking the helpless rogue in the nose. "Oh, I don't know..." She grins, then takes the stick anyway. "Fine. But you owe me a favor for this." She tickles the tiger's nose with the wand. "Um... la de da de dum de don, get the fuck off Raleon?" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:26 PM Raleon huffs, gasping for air as the fat tiger flattens him, "Y-Yeah, sure. Just get this fat cat off of me..." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:26 PM Thayrin still laughing, sits up in a more comfortable position and gives the Jackal a good scratch behind the ears for its effort. Although he was most decidedly a cat person, he had to hand it to the beasty for keeping him down for as long as it did. ChouetteYesterday at 5:26 PM "How the heck does this wand thing even work anyway?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:26 PM I am trying to find the DC for this thing, because the roll is borderline 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:28 PM "Lúth" the elf weases. ChouetteYesterday at 5:29 PM "Lúth!" Kylah repeats. "Move, you big furry fatso!" 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:30 PM "Tell him to take me to Reth," he asks nicely. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:30 PM Think your gonna need me to help move the king catto over there love? he looks almost like you on Reth last night. hella comfy and not wanting to move. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:30 PM The tiger yawns, and then slowly gets off the rogue, snorting once more in his direction 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:31 PM Raleon gasps for air, getting to his feet. Shut UP. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:32 PM It's then that Raleon realizes his feet are asleep ChouetteYesterday at 5:32 PM "Too late." Kylah tosses the wand back to the rogue. "Besides, he's sneaky enough in these woods that I doubt even the cat could find him. I'd say just call it his win today. Ambush him another time, when you're better prepared." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:33 PM Raleon sighs softly and takes back the wand. "Well, it was--WORTH ask--" He nearly trips as he stomps feeling back into them. "Fucking...tiger... When I find that ranger...He's getting more than a bath." ChouetteYesterday at 5:34 PM The bard smirks. "Could always do it cat-style and clean him with your tongue..." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:35 PM Raleon is now stunned 1d4 rounds from that mental image---nah he shakes his head as his ears turn red. "S-Shut up, both of you!"(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:35 PM laughter rings though their connection as the silent twin stands, brushing out the dirt that managed to find its way into his long hair. after strolling to where his twin and Kylah were he grinned at her before slinging a message her way. "careful he just might do that. and then we would have to find them a room."(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:36 PM "Reth! When I find you, you're SO grounded!" Raleon calls out into the woods. ChouetteYesterday at 5:36 PM "Give it time, give it time," Kylah says to Thayrin. "You can't rush these things. Unless you're beautiful like me." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:38 PM He winks and nods in agreement to her statment. "or that. Reth and my lovely brother aside, what are our plans? I have a feeling Raleon might have had a good guess on that map thing earlier last night...but am unsure of what the others wish to do." 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:39 PM Raleon stalks into the woods to find their ranger after receiving no answer.(edited) ChouetteYesterday at 5:39 PM The bard shrugs. "I'd ask Artimus for that. Maybe Knox. They seem to know their stuff." Tactics aren't her strong suit, and nor is navigation, as evidenced by how easily she'd gotten lost the evening before.(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:42 PM He nods "maybe a good idea......why did...might have to put that that thought on hold." Doing a double take after his brother stalks off he tilts his head in minor confusion in his direction. Did he just....he did. After rapid blinking in surprise the assassin twin quickly darts after his other half. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:44 PM ....Why do all these trees feel so familiar? Every tree he touched felt the same. He sighed. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:44 PM Thayrin easily enough finds his brother, out trying to track down a ranger in his natural element, all without being able to see... Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:45 PM The gnome watches the twin hurry after the other. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:46 PM "Reeeeeeeeeth," Raleon called. "I know you're out here, ya tricksy bastard." ChouetteYesterday at 5:46 PM The bard starts humming a cheerful tune. "Oh Raleon, bold Raleon, To a ranger he was drawn, Hoping they could get it on! That rascal, lustful Raleon! Oh Raleon, poor Raleon, The dashing rogue was set upon, By a big cat, and sat upon, That silly, lovestruck Raleon!" 3 Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:48 PM Despite Raleon's keen hearing and hyperawareness of his surroundings, Thayrin gets the drop on him(edited) 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:49 PM "I swear to the stars if this asshole is watching me and not making a sound I'll throttle him..." Raleon grumbles. "Him and his stupid grunts..and head nods. I swear he does it on purpose"(edited) ChouetteYesterday at 5:50 PM Growing impatient now, Kylah brings her little ditty to a close with one final verse. "Oh Raleon, sad Raleon, Where the devil have you gone? Get back here and let's move on! Come on, foot-dragging Raleon!"(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:50 PM Once in the trees, the natural instincts to walk softer than usual kicked in for Theyrin. a thought popped into his mind that it had been some time since he last tried to sneak up on his unusually perceptive twin. With this thought in mind he drops into a crouch and sneaks up behind his better half, a playful smirk painting his lips before wrapping his arms around the others waist and sweeping him briefly up into a hug. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:51 PM "I don't have any ideas on how to deal with an entire city full of goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, fiends, and other underground denizens," the gnome says to Sir Knox. 🤴✨Prince of Elves ☪🧝Yesterday at 5:54 PM Raleon's entire being shivered in surprise as he felt his brother's familiar body against his frame. A feminine squeak left his lips as his hair fluffed out on end. "G-oood damn it, Thayrin! I hate it when you close your eyes like that," Raleon grumbled as he set a hand on his brother's head. It made him so much harder to find.... ChouetteYesterday at 5:55 PM "Hmm." Kylah scratches her chin, overhearing the wizard's conversation. "Well, it's the leader that's bringing them together, right? So if we take him out, we could set the others fighting among themselves." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:55 PM Reth turns back up in the camp, stepping out of a cluster of trees over by the Gnome and Knox. "A den is a dangerous place." ChouetteYesterday at 5:57 PM "Well, there's one renegade elf back among us." Kylah looks at the ranger suspiciously. "If you can call on giant cats like that, why didn't you use it last night when we were ambushed?" 1 Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:58 PM more laughter springs thought their link as he ruffles his twins hair. yes well its not often i get the jump on you love, now it it? in any event following after Reth in the trees is like trying to find me in a den of assassins. not easy. shouldn't we just head back to camp and wait? plus I think the others are itching to get a move on to whatever it is that they wish to tackle today. AydenYesterday at 5:59 PM Knox listens to Artimus and his concerns. No sooner does Kylah and Reth speak on the topic does Knox ask a question of his own. "What do you know about a den?" His eyes landed on Reth curiously. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:59 PM Reth looks down and grunts. He mumbles something about "Didn't think about."