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  1. Session 2 Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:01 PM And so begins the second session of the D&D Discord. When we left off, our would-be adventures successfully held off a Kobold raid in the midst of the destruction of their home at the fiery maw of a red dragon. Now, the group must decide what actions to take next. Perhaps someone survived the attack, and perhaps items of value can be salvaged from the ruins of their once prosperous village. Questions to begin exploring now… Chouette-Today at 5:06 PM Kylah doesn't realize the battle is over until a few moments after it's ended. She strikes out with her blade, piercing the kobold she's already killed twice more before finally coming to a halt, breathing hard as she glances about and registers a sudden quiet. They're not dead yet, at least, but there's blood everywhere and she can remember seeing at least a dozen of the little monsters. Still trembling a little as she yanks her sword out of the thrice-perforated corpse, she calls out to the group as a whole. "Is anyone hurt? Are we all-" She's about to say 'alive,' but cuts herself short. After all, the dead would hardly be eager to answer. Mortal Player-Today at 5:07 PM The gnome takes a step back, tension lining his features. "Thank You, great warrior," he speaks to Sir Corsica Knox in clear yet accented syllables. Ayden-Today at 5:08 PM Knox stood there staring off into the distance, hardly acknowlding the compliment from the gnome. The battle shook him, but more importantly, he hid the tears from the rest of the group as he looked towards the burning village off in the distance. His master couldn't have survived the dragon's wrath. Mortal Player-Today at 5:09 PM "I am am , indeed, wounded. It would appear that I have been stabbed by a dagger of some sort," the gnome remarks in response to Kylah. The blood has poured down his shirt and down his leg. DoomSparkles-Today at 5:10 PM Raleon cringed as he held tightly to his wound, finally falling from his pain to take a knee. He grunted and closed one of his eyes. The world spun around him as he steading himself by pressing his forehead against Thayrin's thigh. "I'm just gunna...use your plush leg here for a minute..." Winter's Sorrow-Today at 5:10 PM Sylvena didn't know what to do next. Part of her wanted to stay in relative safety with the crowd, but another part desperately needed to find out the true destruction of the desecrated village. Moreover, she needed to find if her home had been razed to the ground. Years of research, her entire life; it needed to be salvaged. The shock of the townspeople could wait, worries and mourning for the dead could be dealt with. Perhaps it wasn't the wisest of decisions to set out after such a cataclysmic event, but she wasn't stupid. She could fend for herself. Sylvena ignored the rest of her comrades; that is, those who stayed firm in their aggression against the Kobolds. She needed to know if her archives still stood.(edited) Mortal Player-Today at 5:12 PM The gnome observes his confused companions with detachment and follows their gazes towards the town. His thoughts, whatever they maybe, are ineffable at the moment as he adopts a vacant stare.(edited) Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:13 PM Tharin frowned and looked over his brother with growing concern. He lighly patted his brouther on the head and held as still as possible for him after being turend into a pillow. it would seem like your clothing should be red brother. he joked softly trying to dispell the unease gathering in his gut. His eyes glance around the corpse littered ground and raised his hand slighly in a wave to the bard asking quesions before pointing to his brouther...sometimes being a mute was a pain. Mortal Player-Today at 5:16 PM The gnome pokes the dead kobold before him with a toe and examines it. He pisks up the dagger that wounded him. It is still coverd with blood. Chouette-Today at 5:16 PM The gnome. One of the elves. She can't see any corpses she recognizes, which is something. "Can you still walk?" she asks the gnome. "I know a spell for healing, but I can only cast it twice on short notice." Raleon looks like he might need help too, but if she tries to heal everyone they might be left defenseless against whatever came next. "Hold on." She approaches the elven twins. "Is it bad?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:17 PM The sylvan stands off by himself, swords left hanging at his sides. He too looks hard upon the ruined village, the hint of a grimace worn on his face. Ayden-Today at 5:18 PM Knox would take a breath before wiping the last tear away. He would have to hold strong, not for those who had fallen, but those still around him. Through such darkness, he would have to be the light, the beacon, the ray of hope. Sheathing his sword, Knox would look back to the group to see those who were injured. Seeing Kylah approach Raleon, Knox would approach Artimus. "Will you let me heal you?" DoomSparkles-Today at 5:19 PM Raleon grasp at his shirt and stood for a moment, using his twin as his crutch with a grimice. "Ah, I've had worse. You should see the other guy...since I can't." The twin replied wittily as he gave a hidden pained grin. Oh, shame, I thought this Was the red one. He replied to his twin. Mortal Player-Today at 5:19 PM Looks up at Kylah, a tension in the air all around the small gnome, "I don't know for how long." He nods to Knox, "I would permit it great warrior.... in fact, I would be honored." Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:20 PM The other townsfolk appear to be getting restless. They look unsure of what to do. DoomSparkles-Today at 5:21 PM Raleon looks towards the people and frowns. "...Someone should address them...They feel anxious and for good reason, but they may act brashly." Ayden-Today at 5:22 PM Knox examines the wound. "May the light within heal throughout." Knox performs a Lay on Hands, a sort of miricle gifted to him. The injured gnome would feel himself being healed, put back together. The gnome would feel better in no time.(edited) Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:23 PM wraping an arm round his better halfs shoulders, Tharin simpy girns and shakes his head. To a fault Raleon would crack a joke, even with one foot in the grave. nope it appeares to be one of much for having more than one shirt he nods in agreement with his brother and states quitely why not get Sir Kno to do that? he is a plaiden correct? hell even the bard would work too as she is a person the people trust Ayden-Today at 5:24 PM Taking another second, Knox looks around. The crowd seems in shock and unsure of what to do. Yet there was the matter of the sylvan who gave them warning. Without it, the paladin in training wasn't so sure that this outcome would have been in their favor. "Stay close, there could be more out there. Give us a moment to collect ourselves." He told the people surrounding them before approaching the sylvan. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:25 PM The paladin's lay of hands feels warm and comforting. A moment later, nearly all your wounds have healed. Mortal Player-Today at 5:25 PM The gnome looks surprised as the wound heals itself. He pulls away his shirt, there is still a wound there, but the bleeding has stopped and it has closed, "Thank You!" Winter's Sorrow-Today at 5:25 PM A little preemptive in her actions, Sylvena halted mid-stride as she left for the ruined village. As much as she wanted to, nay, desperately wanted to search her own home, the danger was too great that she may encounter hostile creatures in the vicinity. She turned around, and in a moment of uncharacteristic charisma, shouted to those behind her. "Listen! I know some of you may not trust me, but we need to search the village! Once your wounds are taken care of, we need to salvage and save what we can! There could still be people in danger!" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:25 PM The people are huddled together and whispering, but they appear to take heed of the paladin's words. They know him to be a trustworthy member of their town, and his words do sound wise. Ayden-Today at 5:26 PM Knox approaches the Sylvan in an attempt to gain information. "Thank you for your help. Who are you, what do you know of this?" Chouette-Today at 5:26 PM A part of Kylah still wants to fall over in the mud, to simply stop and let the world do what it would with her. This, on the other hand, gave her something to focus on. It sounded like Knox would be taking care of the gnome, so she approached Raleon, glancing at his twin as if asking for permission before gingerly reaching out to touch his forehead. "Give me a second" She stabs her sword in the dirt and begins gesturing with her free hand as her voice- broken, quavering -sings out the first notes of a song. It's hard to make out the words, given the frailty of her voice, but there's still a touch of passion in there, emotion enough to make it clear that she's truly trying her hardest to make the sounds come together. She's hardly a sorceress, but maybe this will help. DoomSparkles-Today at 5:26 PM Ah...a shame, hope you didn't like it that much then he gave a weak chuckle as he looked towards the Bard. "I agree; thought it would seem they have things covered..." He said as he listened to those talkling. Mortal Player-Today at 5:28 PM "My name is Artimus, you may call me 'Artex'. We have met before, but not talked very much." Artimus looks towards the village and appears anxious. "I think we need to do something about the town, but... you saw the dragon, di you not?" Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:30 PM He simply blinks at the bard and smiles. It appeared he had his usual angry and gard dog look on his face again. Not that i bothered him much. he afterall was much less social than his twin. He busyed himself by looking twoard the Sylvan stranger and Sir. Knox speaking to him, curious on how the man will reply. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:31 PM The Sylvan looks at the paladin briefly, blinking slowly. It seems to take him a moment to remember how to put things to words. "My master sent me. He went to the village to evacuate the people. I was to stop the revelers." He pauses, struggling to keep his features neutral. "The dragon learned of your village's discovered gold, and craved it for itself. The kobolds worship the dragon as its god and do its bidding." He speaks slowly, almost looking pained by the process. Chouette-Today at 5:34 PM Kylah nods. "Maybe. But it'd help to have someone keeping an eye out for the others." With Raleon on his feet, for the moment at least, she pulls her rapier out of the ground and flicks it in the air, sending flecks of mud and blood flying away. Wincing a little, she wipes it on her dress before returning it to its sheath and joining the huddled villagers. "Everyone all right? Are we missing anyone?" Her words are soft, but her face is grim. It would be nonsensical to try and cheer someone up so soon after what was likely the greatest catastrophe in all this lives. Ayden-Today at 5:35 PM A bit of relief filled his heart at the response given by the Sylvan. "Evacuated? Where to?" Knox asked. It was possible that his master and many others were safe. If only they knew where the towns people were taken, Knox could send the rest of these townfolks on their way to be reunited. DoomSparkles-Today at 5:37 PM Raleon could feel the passion in her song, her emotions and her struggles. He knew her voice well, but had not heard her sing like this. It brought a smile to his lips as he felt himself grow in strength. He knew the song she sang. It seemed...familiar somehow. He felt his strength begin to return to him as his flesh reformed abou his chest, a shame he couldn't see the miricle. He finished the last of the song with a whisper, repeating her words in the familiar song with a grin. "A most beautiful song, Kaylah...thank you." He gave a short bow towards her as he picked up his bow. When she turned around he let down his facade and frowned sadly.I suppose this means no festible... Mortal Player-Today at 5:37 PM Artimus eyes the Sylvan suspiciously. "I don't recall seeing you around town. What is your name?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:38 PM Answering the paladin, the Sylvan says, "I know not if he even succeeded. The attack came sooner than expected." To the Gnome, he simply says, "Rethyrian." DoomSparkles-Today at 5:40 PM Raleon approaches the elf and gives a smile, his shirt torn and bloodied from the fight. He gave a bow and nodded towards him, speaking in elvish. "I trust you come in good terms. I was a bit preoccupied, but heard you have come to assist in the evacuation. I trust we can leave the villagers here in your hands?"(edited) Mortal Player-Today at 5:41 PM Artimus strokes his short well-trimmed beard once and nods. "What more can you tell us?" Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:42 PM With a shake of his head he silently agrees with Raleon before trailing about the battle feild. He trusted the others to handle the stranger well enough...that and what good could he do? wave and mime his questions. instead he took the time to help the common folk gather their things and calm them down as best as he could...her really needed to work on his social skills. Winter's Sorrow-Today at 5:43 PM Sylvena walked slowly back to the group, having heard a smattering of the conversation a fair distance away. She wanted to salvage her research, ever so dearly, but with the looming threat of the dragon, perhaps it was best to wait in stronger company. "I'd suggest we stick together for the time being. Who knows what could beset all of us if we separate. I know I suggested this before, but it may be best to check the village for survivors." Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:45 PM The Sylvan says, "I can lead them back, but I know not what comes next. There might be more Kobolds lurking." DoomSparkles-Today at 5:46 PM "I second this thought," he elvish still. Raleon turned in Sylvena's direction, his eyes opened, yet still remained their foggy nature. He grinned softly at his mistake. "We should send a party to investigate the village, there will be still some trapped. Or at least a chance of it." He corrected himself in common. Ayden-Today at 5:48 PM Sir Knox hears them all before speaking up. "Listen up!" Mortal Player-Today at 5:48 PM As more join in the conversation, the gnome grows quiet.(edited) DoomSparkles-Today at 5:48 PM To the Sylvan he pursed his lips and ran his fingers through his tossled hair. "This is true..." common once more. "Perhaps we should choose two parties..." Chouette-Today at 5:49 PM Kylah glances over her shoulder at the others, who are gathered around the mysterious Sylvan. Hopefully they'll be able to get something out of him- she almost wants to join in the conversation herself, but doesn't want to leave the other villagers unsupervised. All the same, she listens as she hears Sir Knox speaking over them all, loud enough for her to hear. Have they reached a decision of some sort? Winter's Sorrow-Today at 5:50 PM Taking herself away from the conversation at Corsica's command, she turned to the paladin, head tilted quizzically. "What is it, Sir Knox?" She asked, giving her full attention. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:51 PM He straightens up from assisting a random stranger to trun and look in Knox's direction at his sudden shout before silently sighing. oh this otta be good Ayden-Today at 5:51 PM "The path ahead is dangerous. If you don't have a weapon, take one from a fallen enemy." He looked mostly at the villegers who didn't participate in the fight. They might have to fend themselves. with the enemy's daggers. "We will approach the village with caution. When we get close, those who are willing will investigate with me. When the coast is clear we will come back. Is there any questions? If not, we should move out now."(edited) Mortal Player-Today at 5:51 PM Artex nods. Chouette-Today at 5:53 PM Kylah frowns. She wants to investigate as much as any of them, but... "How do we know it's safe down there? What if the dragon comes back?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:54 PM The Sylvan grunts. "I will look ahead." and then disappears (stealth check 14+5= 19)(edited) SidekickBOT-Today at 5:55 PM @Mortal Player: d20+1 = (10)+1 = 11 Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:56 PM You are unable to track the ranger, he seems to have given your watchful eye the slip. Ayden-Today at 5:56 PM Sir Knox looks at Kylah as she expresses some worry. A smile crosses his face as he tried to give heart. "Then I will protect you as I did our last battle. You have more strength in you then you give yourself credit for." Disgruntled Tea-Today at 5:58 PM if the dragon comes back we all run for the hills like the devil himself is after us Acies ab Vesania-Today at 5:59 PM Doomsparkles 20+6= 26 hiding and scouting with the ranger, showing him how it's done. Chouette-Today at 5:59 PM Kylah's expression softens, but she doesn't smile. "You're kind as ever, Sir Knox, and I truly believe you would do your utmost to keep us safe- but let's face it, our enemy back there was a bunch of kobolds, and we still had people injured! Maybe you're strong enough to keep me safe, but what about everyone else?" Winter's Sorrow-Today at 5:59 PM Sylvena sighs, shaking her head with closed eyes. Everything went from perfectly fine to disaster in a heartbeat, and she could do nothing about it. "We need to go soon. People may need our help." Hearing the paladin's encouraging words to Kylah did help somewhat though. Encouragement and morale was necessary in trying times. Ayden-Today at 6:01 PM The smile doesn't fade from his face. Her concern is not without merit. A beacon, that is what he would be if that is what these people need. "To rush into the unknown can be disasterous. We should rest and lick our wounds until the Sylvan comes back. When he does, we will make haste." Everyone was tired. Much of their power used up from the previous fight.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:02 PM Neither the Sylvan nor Raleon find anything of note. They both independently reach the conclusion that the coast is clear. Chouette-Today at 6:04 PM That, she can agree with. She knows an experienced fighter when she sees one, and the Sylvan, whatever his name is, seemed a more hardened veteran than anyone in their own group. "All right. If they say it's safe to go ahead, then we'll move." As they wait, she begins dragging the kobold corpses into a pile. DoomSparkles-Today at 6:04 PM Raleon followed after the elf without a moment's hesitation. Thayrin was used to his antics of disappearing and having to search for him. "Thought you might need a hand. I'll check over here," he whispered before slinking off to search in his own direction. After his search, he returned to the party, letting them know his side was clear of any sort of near by enemies.(edited) Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:06 PM Gritting her teeth, Sylvena stayed quite for a time longer. She didn't like waiting around, especially after such a disaster. She needed to see how much of the town survived the attack, but her fear of dying out there by herself swayed her decision in favor of sticking together. "Very well, we shall wait and see what they bring back, information or otherwise." Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:07 PM A small huff and a brief check of what his brother was up to brought to his attention that he was up to his usual antics again. he huffs once more in slight irratation wishing he would at least be notified when his brother pulls a vanising act, before assisting Kylah with body stacking. no use just standing around twiddeling his tumbs like a loon. Mortal Player-Today at 6:10 PM "Well, I guess it's time to go see what can be seen while the coast is clear," Artex says to Knox and begins walking towards town.. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:11 PM The Sylvan merely gestures in a wave towards the town, and then starts walking that way. He has sheathed his swords, but his hands appear ready. Mortal Player-Today at 6:12 PM Artimus has put away his weapon, wand, and the kobold dagger (after wiping it clean), but he remains as alert as it is possible for him to be...(edited) Ayden-Today at 6:12 PM Sir Knox agrees with Artex. Taking a chunk of earth below him, he would smear it upon his armor. This battlefield would go with him on their journey. "Let us stay together." Knox would say making haste, taking the front position ahead of the Sylvan. Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:13 PM Sylvena decided to follow them, knowing full well the safety there would be in numbers. She took her position behind Artimus, poised for danger, but relaxed enough to conserve her strength for a more useful time. Chouette-Today at 6:13 PM Looks like they won't be getting much time to rest after all. "All right, everyone, time to move! Let's see if we can't find us all a safe place." There's still no cheer in her voice, but there's a strength to it, a confidence that she hopes will rouse the other villagers to follow along as she strides along behind Knox, gesturing for the others to follow. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:14 PM with a quick brushing off of his hands, Thayrin walking up to his brother with a slight tilt in his head. anything i should know about? He took the time to clense his blades and store them before turning in the direction the others were heading a slight frown on his face. what would they find in the ashy remains of the most recent place he dubbed home? Ayden-Today at 6:15 PM Sir Knox looks over to Kylah and notes the strength founded in her voice. Perhaps his strength rubbed off on her? Sheathing his blade, Knox would speak to her. "Perhaps a song to put the others at ease?" DoomSparkles-Today at 6:15 PM Raleon sally's up to Kylah, seeming to appear from nowhere. His kind smile is present as he sets his hand on her shoulder. "Care to help a blind man out on his way back?" he attempted a small bit of cheer, knowing the upcoming journey for her was going to be a tough one.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:17 PM The townspeople seem to have overcome their temporary shock. They trudge back to town, moving quickly, but without that bounce in their step that everyone had before the attack. Chouette-Today at 6:23 PM For a moment, a small smile finally returns to Kylah's features. There's something about having multiple attractive young men paying attention to her that does that to a woman, and without a moment's hesitation she throws one arm around Raleon's shoulders, pulling him closer. "Of course! Wouldn't do to have our best scout getting lost on us now, would it? Besides, you can sing- and I think Knox here has given us a very good suggestion." She gives a nod and a winning smile to the paladin, then without further ado, begins belting out a marching song. If the townspeople had lacked a spring in their step, perhaps this will help restore it! "For we're comin' up on uncharted territory but we still March, I still, you still, we still... So many obstacles in front of us we can’t see but we still March, I still, you still, we still Let the clouds bring a storm. Bring us pain, bring us harm and we'll still march, I still, you still, we still Let the ground rip apart, push us back to the start and we'll still March. I still, you still, we still..."(edited) Ayden-Today at 6:26 PM Sir Knox enjoys the song as she sings. Pulling forth his Pan Flute, he plays a tune with her words. His love for music, forever shining through for the moment. The world was a much better place, and with such sudden sorrow, there was nothing better for the heart. Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:28 PM To Sylvena, the song did indeed lift her spirits, but her main worries lay with what she could recover of her work. It was her remaining life inside that house, and if she lost it, she didn't know what would become of her. She wasn't used to the adventuring life yet, and the very idea shook her to the core. Yet, the song went on, the merrymaking bolstering her spirits. Perhaps she could get help from those around her... Perhaps she didn't have to suffer alone anymore. Mortal Player-Today at 6:29 PM The gnome winces at the song and looks dismayed. Then he shakes his head and focuses on the town ahead His small legs doing what they can to keep pace... Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:31 PM Joyfull marching songs were never his cup of tea...But it was a nice turn from the sounds of battle. He lingered near the back of the pack away from the larger clusters of people. He had his fill of socalizing for once and prefreed to keep more of a rear guard just in case some more creatures got any bright ideas. like the stranger elf, he too was at the ready to draw his blades should something decide that the large group looked like an easy mark. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:32 PM The trip to the village proves uneventful. Perhaps the attack itself has cleared out life from these parts, for even the woods themselves are unnaturally silent. No bird songs, no chipmunk chatter, just your footsteps, and singing. When you get back, the damage is worse than you could have possibly imagined. All structures are burned to the ground—from the smallest hovel to the mayor’s home and the guard barracks. Ash and soot swirl about in the wind. Pockets of glowing embers still shine in the rubble piles where scorched and warped bits of metal poking out from the charcoal remains of organic matter. There to greet you at the entry is the smoking remains of a human skeleton, or what remains of it, as even half the skull is burned to ash. You do not immediately see survivors who remained behind. DoomSparkles-Today at 6:32 PM Raleon smirked as he cleared his voice for the song, singing proudly on with her, his song rining true with her voice and harmonizing. He was perhaps not as loud as her, but his voice rang the notes as tender and true as hers. He swayed with her as they trod on, the height difference only helping with their sway as they accomodated one another by leaning. Mortal Player-Today at 6:33 PM Artimus stops walking and stares... Gulping, he begins to search. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:35 PM Artimus' search so far turns up nothing of value. Even the most intact objects are rendered all but completely useless. Some metal here and there is somewhat intact, but the heat has weakened it. DoomSparkles-Today at 6:35 PM Raleon's song stops abruptly as he falls silent in the wake of the town. Even his normal cheer is gone. His first instinct is to rush towards the inn and search for them, calling their names. Mortal Player-Today at 6:36 PM After a while, it soon becomes clear that this is too much or the gnome to handle. Scraping desperately through soot, he sits down and begins to cry. Ayden-Today at 6:36 PM As they appraoched and the song had ended, his pan floot would be returned and attached to his side opposite his sword. The damage to his home was shocking, even as they expected it to be in such ruin, it didn't prepare him for this. As Artimus searches, Sir Knox would use his Divine Sense to help search for any survivors in the immediate area.(edited) Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:37 PM She didn't even need to search. It was plain as day in front of her, and there was no denying herself the mere thought of what had happened. She had most likely lost everything. All of her books, her notes, her supplies, everything that she left from her hometown was gone, probably burnt to ash. Nothing except what was on her person. She foolishly rushed to where her own house was supposed to be, in a desperate attempt to find anything to salvage. Anything. Chouette-Today at 6:38 PM The final notes of Kylah's rhythm fade away into nothingness on the final approach. She'd needed something, they'd all needed something to keep them going, but even a bard could only keep her voice through so much, and the sight hits her worse than a knife to the gut. She sags against Raleon, her mouth gaping open, wordless, and nearly falls over as he rushes away. Part of her knew it might be like this, had expected it. Nevertheless, part of her had wondered, had hoped- No. It's all gone, and there's nothing she can do. As the others rush off to search, she turns away, wandering numbly away from the group. She can't bear the sight any longer. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:38 PM The sylvan is looking around the outskirts of town, hunched down low. Those familiar with the practice would note that he is probably trying to look for tracks. @Winter's Sorrow, investigation check. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:40 PM Thayrin stopps abrupty at the sight of the village his eyes wide with shock. He had expected bad, but not nearly as horrendious as what he was viewing currently. He slowly begins walking around the ashes at the edge of town carefully picking his way though the dust with eyes searching for traces of anyone miracously escapeing death by fiery doom. Mortal Player-Today at 6:40 PM Artimus notices the Sylvan... and his actions seem to quite the gnome. With an intense look he walks over to assis the Sylvan in his search... "What exactly are you looking for?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:41 PM The sylvan simply says, "Tracks" @Winter's Sorrow You spot something underneath a smoldering crossbeam. The glint of metal perhaps... Ayden-Today at 6:42 PM Knox finds comfort in knowing that they weren't in any immediate danger. He sees them all going off on their own, or doing their own thing. Perhaps he should see if there was anything left behind by his master. With his home so close, he could easily check it out and return. He knew that his master was strong and wise, he could only hope there was something left behind. Mortal Player-Today at 6:43 PM "Over here," the gnome says in a hushed tone, as if the tracks might vanish if he spoke too loudly. I can see where they are going. Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:44 PM Finally seeing something that could be salvaged, Sylvena dug through the soot, dirtying her hands as she tore at the ground to claim the glinting object. In her desperation, she didn't care what it was anymore. She needed it to give herself the peace of mind that at least something survived the catastrophe. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:44 PM The Sylvan nods. "These are fresh. Not even an hour old." and he takes off after them. Mortal Player-Today at 6:44 PM Artimus follows. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:45 PM In your hurry to free the object, you accidentally burn your fingers a few times. But the effort is worth it, when miraculously, you find your most detailed journal. The tracks lead out of town and up towards the foothills. The sylvan points to a long, circular shaped rut/track and says, "wagon" Winter's Sorrow-Today at 6:48 PM Wincing at the small burns as she tore the object out of the dirt, Sylvena cried aloud in joy at what she had found. Her most prized, most detailed journal out of all of them! Everything that she deemed the most important of her studies went into it, and since it survived, she no longer had to start back at the beginning. Clutching the journal tightly, she raced to the rest of the party, not willing to stay in the ashen graveyard anymore. She had what she needed. What mattered the most to her, at least. Mortal Player-Today at 6:48 PM Artimus nods excitedly, "Survivors? And they salvaged something of the town? Do you think?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:48 PM The Sylvan shrugs, but keeps moving forward.(edited) The paladin is so overwhelmed with emotion, he cannot focus and thus finds nothing (2 is a bad roll). Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:50 PM Following shortly after the unusal pair of elf and knome, The silent twin catches up farily quickly. He noticed the tracks, but just decided to follow the pair instead considering it appeares that they were seeing the same as himself. the circular track gave him a small measure of hope that at least someone escaped, but he didn't let himself get too exited. He trails after the Sylvan silently keeping an eye on the track as well as the senery about him. DoomSparkles-Today at 6:51 PM He felt his heart clench as he searched for what little belongings they had there. He assumed they would not be coming back here would be best for him and his brother to pick up and leave as they usually did. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:52 PM The sylvan pauses. Points to a different looking set of tracks. "That's not human, and that is fresher." Ayden-Today at 6:52 PM After finding nothing, Knox would take a breath to collect himself before returning back to the party. Deep down, he was defeated, but he would do his best not to show it. Taking note of the Sylvan and Artimus tracking something, he takes note of those who were still present. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:54 PM @DoomSparkles Your search of your home does not prove useless after all. You find a treasured knickknack (you can decide what it is, I don't know the brother's background well enough ;P) @Mortal Player You got a 20 total, which is on the nose for what you needed. It takes you a moment, but from previous studies you recall that footprints of Lizardfolk look like this... Mortal Player-Today at 6:56 PM Peering at the fresh track, Artimus remarks, "According to the Encyclopedia Reptilia, the shape and number of digits here indicates that we are looking at what is know colloquially as 'Lizardfolk'"(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:57 PM The Sylvan lets out a breath. "They're tough. Eat people too." Mortal Player-Today at 6:57 PM Artimus also remarks out loud, "What would Lizardfolk be doing here?" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 6:58 PM The sylvan says, "Dragon kin" Disgruntled Tea-Today at 6:58 PM A slilent groan produces from Thayrin as he shakes his head. Great people eating lizards that proably will try to ruin his day....and God shits in his dinner once again. DoomSparkles-Today at 6:58 PM He uncovered the jade flute from their items and sighed, making a note to beat his twin with it for leaving behind something so valuable. He stood and dust himself best a blind man could and head out towards the others. Mortal Player-Today at 6:59 PM Artimus bites his lip and gnaws on a finger as he looks off into space, lost in thought... Ayden-Today at 7:02 PM Knox would stand there and listen to the others conversate while keeping a watchful eye out for the others to return. Sylvena had been gone longer than he liked, but would give her some time. They all needed time to process... Mortal Player-Today at 7:04 PM Emerging from his reverie, Artimus looks around at his companions, "Where is everybody," he asks, as if unaware that he was among those who wandered off. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 7:05 PM A slow blink and a glance down at Artimus brought a flicker of a smile of amusement to his face as he points in the direction the others were left at. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:07 PM Rethryian says, "Trouble. Should move." and then continues following the trail. Mortal Player-Today at 7:07 PM Blinking back, Artimus glances back towards town. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 7:09 PM With a small nod the silent elf trails after the other mostly silent elf. He briefly caught his name in the aftermath of the battle, it almost sounded like a mashup of his and his other half's names....Rethryian was it? he would ask, but no twin equals no speaking. Ayden-Today at 7:09 PM Knox sees the Sylvan and others advancing even further, about to leave his sight. Looking back at the others who were still around him and willing, he would speak. "Let's catch up with them." He would then take off in the direction of the others. DoomSparkles-Today at 7:09 PM Raleon returned from his trip to arrive back at the entrance of the village to find Kylah. He carefully tucked away his brother's flute, it would need to be cleaned but it was all in good condition. He approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "How are you holding up...?" He looked up and took the Paladin's words with a grain of salt before returning his attention to the bard.(edited) Mortal Player-Today at 7:10 PM Artimus will stay close to his companions, not wanting to be alone.(edited) Chouette-Today at 7:10 PM She whirls around. "How do you fucking think?" Her eyes are red, her face still wet. DoomSparkles-Today at 7:12 PM He frowned. He knew the answer but it was the thought that counted he supposed. "I know it's hard...but we must press on to find the others. Come now..." Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:14 PM The Sylvan is leading others up a winding path... Winter's Sorrow-Today at 7:15 PM "Trouble?" Sylvena asked, having just reached the sylvan elf and the other companions. "What trouble is there?"(edited) Chouette-Today at 7:15 PM Kylah twitches. "The others. Did something happen?" She's on her feet in an instant, already reaching for her blade. "We need to..." She calms down upon seeing Knox following the rest of the party, none of them apparently in danger. "Oh." She takes a moment to breathe, and wipe her eyes, and push everything that had surged up in the moments before back down to the darkest corners of her mind. "Are we moving on? We should get the other villagers, let them know. Might not be a good idea to leave them on their own down here." Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:16 PM The other villagers seem preoccupied with sifting through ruins, looking for possessions and signs of loved ones. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 7:19 PM oh nothing much, just some people eating damn hard to kill lizard folk running amuck. Nothing too big...damn where is my Twin when i need him. He tries his best to mime out that it was the lizard folk running around to Sylvena, hopeing either her lip reading was on point or she was good at sharraids. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:20 PM The Sylvan quickens his pace. He stops once to point out a copper stain on the ground. "Blood." Ayden-Today at 7:23 PM Knox hears Kylah's concern. "Let them mourne. Let's keep them safe by making sure there are no other dangers out here. We should catch up to the group, I think they're on to something." Saying this, Knox would take off before it was too late. He would catch up in only a few moments, just in time for the Sylvan to take note of the blood on the ground. Knox would withdraw his sword and shield. Mortal Player-Today at 7:23 PM Artimus follow the Sylvan as quickly as he while remaining stealthy Winter's Sorrow-Today at 7:24 PM Sylvena pursed her lips at what Thayrin was trying to mime to her. She caught something about eating and running, but couldn't quite decipher what he was trying to say. "I, um, don't know how to say this, but....I need your twin to help communicate for me." Hearing the Sylvan speak the word blood, and noticing a drop of it, she put two and two together with what Thayrin was trying to communicate. "Wait...eating, running...are we tracking something dangerous?" DoomSparkles-Today at 7:24 PM "There is little left to find here, but the people may not leave. They are too preoccupied with their mourning and their possessions," he said this with a bit of unattachment. He and his brother were used to losing everything. It was one reason they did not attach themselves to one place for a long time. Though it was clear he had a deep sympathy with them. He turned towards the bard once more. "Knox has already rounded the willing up. The tracks lead out of the village." Disgruntled Tea-Today at 7:26 PM He nods slowly, once again cursing his inablility to communicate on the go without the use of paper and ink. He frowns at the blood and drops into a stance more appropriate for stealthing himself. Chouette-Today at 7:26 PM "Tracks? Does that mean there were survivors?" This makes her perk up somewhat, or at least look a little more alert. "If there's a chance someone's out there, then I suppose we need to search for them. So long as we don't go too far." She glances back one last time at the townspeople now scattered about the burned village, still a little worried, then steels herself and breaks into a run, following after Knox and the others. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:27 PM Around another corner, you come upon a terrifying sight. Lizard-like humanoids, broad chested and over six feet tall, standing over a fallen man covered in bleeding wounds and burns. Four creatures stand, and four more lay slain. Further down, you see a few townsfolk slipping away with great haste. These are what you see, only their scales are red, not black: Rethyrian initiative: 10+3= 13 Lizardfolk: Surprised this round, party has advantage and free round. Initiative roll of 2 for next round. Initiative order: Disgruntled Tea, Doom Sparkles, Reth, Ayden, Chouette, Mortal Player, Lizard Folk (next turn, roll of Armor class 15 Mortal Player-Today at 7:35 PM Artimus peers cautiously from his magical concealment. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 7:36 PM Well, if that was not a sight to see, Thayrin didn't know waht was. Tall Lizard folk doned in red scails that looked rather nasty dwelled around the conner he just snuck around. Fortantly they have not seemed to notice him yet. Deciding on a whim he silently draws his blades in both hands, the weapons sliding out smoothly before sneaking up behind the nearest of the still standing lizards to skewer the thing in its back with his blades. DoomSparkles-Today at 7:51 PM Raleon sprint up the hill, sensing something was not right with his brother, he readied his blade and ran quickly through the grass. In seeing his brother openingly weilding his sword he let out a half hearted laugh. "Looks like we're not done killing ourselves today. Time to have a bit more fun it would seem," he commented as he tumbled into the fray beside his brother as usual, slicing the strange lizard thing in his path. Ugh...I really dislike your new friends, brother...They're a bit scaley...sort of rude dining habits. (whopping 4 damage) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:52 PM Thayrin does 16 points of damage to one, but it stays standing. His brother strikes it for another 4pts, but it too remains upright, though you can tell it is bloodied. Reth shouts out, “Master!” and charges in. He attacks the first he can reach. He misses his first attack (even with the advantage roll he still missed), but does a glancing blow with the second (2 damage). This finally brings down the one Lizardfolk creature. Ayden-Today at 7:54 PM Knox watches as the others engage into combat. "Give me strength, shine your light upon me to help bring us to victory." A swift prayer was all he needed before rushing to the man bloodied and burned upon the ground. Knox would strike the closest enemy to the injured man, not realizing it is Reth's master, protecting him with his own life. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 7:57 PM Knox strikes one for 11pts. He is bloodied, but still standing. Chouette-Today at 7:59 PM Even rushing as fast as she can manage, it takes Kylah some time to get up the hillock to where the others are. By the time she catches sight of them and the vicious beasts, she's panting from exertion and the battle is already well underway. Five scaly beasts lie dead on the ground, while Knox and the elves hack away at the remaining three with sharpened blades. The bard's eyes widen. "Shit, not again..." Still, in spite of her reservations, she draws her rapier and stabs at the wounded lizard, hoping to at least distract it as she calls out to her allies. "Thayrin! Strike it down!" Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:01 PM The lizardfolk takes the stabbing but remains upright. He hisses at you even as blood seeps from his wounds... Mortal Player-Today at 8:03 PM Slipping forward behind Sir Corsica Knox, Artex taps him with a wand and then takes a few steps away from him and the fighting... "I did not forget."(edited) Disgruntled Tea-Today at 8:07 PM Thayrin grins wide at the call from the local pretty bard, her shouts encourageing him to strike at his foe harder. He dashes to the next nearest unwounded target his cheshire grin unfaltering. Although hard to fell, thses things were rather fun to do battle against. He swings his swords in a deadly glittering ark, in an attempt to drop another beast before it could get the jump on him or his brother. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:11 PM Thayrin misses with the rapier but strikes home with the shortsword. He does three damage, but the creature remains standing. DoomSparkles-Today at 8:19 PM Raleon smirked at the comboand rushed after his brother in toe. Team elf strikes again it would seem. He readied his blade for yet another strike, slashing at the next beast with his brother. With the final blow to the beast he stabbed it with a swift jab, blood spewing against his face as he retract his blade from the humanoid. He gave a flick of his blade to disreguard the blood, swift to tail his brother to the next beast. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:20 PM Reth lashes out at the closest one to him, hitting once with his better hand but missing on the second attack (8 damage). Ayden-Today at 8:20 PM With magic from Artex flowing through his body, returning a sure favor from earlier, Sir Knox would let out a loud battle cry. He would slay all of them if he needed to, he would threaten to strike one down all by himself. Another swing of his sword against the creature who threatens the life of Reth's master would be unleashed. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:25 PM Sir Knox strikes his Lizardfolk for 8pts, it still remains. Chouette-Today at 8:27 PM Flinching back as her blade draws blood, Kylah sees the elven twins strike together and finish off the beast. In spite of the situation, she can't help but gasp a little at the sight of the flashing blades, the streams of crimson, the almost balletic movements of the two rogues. It's horrifying, and yet beautiful at the same time. Nevertheless, there's no time to stand around and watch. Already she's circling- Kylah isn't much of a fighter, but she is an opportunist, and she quickly stabs towards a lizardman she thinks looks a little off-guard. Not a particularly subtle attack, but the sight of her companions fighting so well makes her want to help them all she can. Mortal Player-Today at 8:29 PM With a casual wave of the hand and a whispered word, Artimus conjures brick wall between teh fighting and the wound man. He makes it look effortless.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:33 PM The wall fools the lizardfolk, who spring back in surprise. The injured one directs an attack at Ayden, making one hit for for 5pts of damage with his club (goes against your temporary hitpoints first). The other one launches an attack but rolled a 1! The fumbled resulted in weapon damage--he slammed his club on a bolder, putting a hair line crack in his club (4pts damage). The round is back to you guys. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 8:36 PM With the next target down, Thayrin simply spins and heads to the next target. Deciding to retun the favor to their bard, he pops up next to the bleeding beast with a wink to the lass before once again swinging his swords in a deadly arc at the scaley beast. He could fight without much of a care because he knew that whatever he did, this better half would always be watching his back. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:38 PM Thayrin cuts down the beast with two well timed attacks, leaving only one. DoomSparkles-Today at 8:39 PM Raleon swiftly followed his twin with a bounding leap, quick to pick up in the familiar blood shed. "Hey, Brother! Do you think we should leave some for the others to slay or shall we steal the spot light all the way?" the male laughed in the seemingly unhumorous situation. He rolled over his brother's back with a combination to slay his foe once more. He watched as the remaining beast hissed before him in pain as he slashed it, nodding towards the bard with a smirk.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:41 PM Rethyrian goes to attack the one that remains, but oversteps a bit. He manages a graceful recovery, but loses his other attack. Ayden-Today at 8:42 PM Beast for beast, the Paladin would trade blows in a one on one struggle. With a wall behind him, there was no where for him to go. As the others worked together to fell the beasts, Knox would do everything within his power to strike his foe down single handedly. The blow against him would strike his shoulder, but the momentum of his body being jerked would be used to swing the large sword back against his foe. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:43 PM The Paladin swings well but can feel that he got more scale in that hit than vulnerable flesh. He still does 5pts of damage, but the creature still stands. Chouette-Today at 8:45 PM Distraught as she'd been earlier, the thrill of the fight keeps Kylah going for now. Her second strike glances harmlessly of the monster's scales, but the twins are already moving in to show her how it's done, slaughtering their way easily through the small pack of foes. The bard can't help but blush a little at their subtle signals- she feels quite embarrassed by her own poor performance in comparison to theirs. Still, perhaps she can make that up a little. With Sir Knox distracting the last of their foes, she steps in around its side and thrusts out once more, aiming for where its scales seem thinner.(edited) Mortal Player-Today at 8:49 PM Artimus walks behind the Brickwall and examines the wounded man, "Don't worry," he says, "Everything will be okay. What is your name?" "Healer! Quick!" The gnome cries. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:51 PM The lizardfolk turns on the paladin, this time making two hits. He strikes with his club and rams the paladin with his spiked shield, doing 9 total points of damage. Ayden-Today at 8:54 PM Knox would step out of the way in time to avoid taking the full blow of the lizard. With a swiftness, he would do his best to counter the creature with one final strike. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:55 PM The counter blow is swift, and the creature stands reeling. Somehow, he remains upright, despite all the blood he has lost. He wavers, barely holding up his club and shield. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 8:57 PM I mean we could leave it up to the others...but where is the fun in that? With a smirk he rolls over his brother in turn before quickly sallying up to the last beast his grin even wider. The paladins efforts were quite good and he almost felled the lizard before him...I do belive we should kill that one as well...Rouges do it better right brother? with a swift carefree jab at the beast he aims for the more fleshy parts. Acies ab Vesania-Today at 8:58 PM The sneaking blow is more than enough to kill the creature. It drops like a sack of stones. Rethyrian rushes to his master's side. Chouette-Today at 8:59 PM "Doggone it!" Kylah hisses through clenched teeth as her blade misses the moving lizard entirely. Thankfully for her, Knox is drawing most of its attention, taking its blow with seeming ease and hitting back with a powerful counterattack, which is soon followed up by the elf twins. The bard is no expert on these matters, but it seems to her the fight is as good as over. The gnome's cry draws her attention, however, and she rushes over. "Shit!" She hadn't noticed him before, but it looks like he might be moments away from death. Desperate, she places a gentle hand against his own burnt one, gesturing and softly singing as she pulls on her thin reserves of knowledge to try and save him. Mortal Player-Today at 9:00 PM Artimus watches, fascinated by this simple spell.(edited) Acies ab Vesania-Today at 9:01 PM The spell is like dropping a drop of water into a bottomless bucket. You can sense that his wounds go too deep. The man coughs, blood bubbling at his mouth. “I save as many as I could. Dozens yes, but not all. My final regret. I could not save them all. I proclaim you raised to the rank of ranger. May you serve well.” He rests a burnt hand against the cheek of the Sylvan elf, and with a final sigh, he dies. Ayden-Today at 9:01 PM As the battle comes to an end, Sir Knox dips the point of his large sword into the ground. He was tired, exaughsted from the last two battles now. This armor was no joke, and it did well today in protecting him and the others. For now, he was stay close to the group and try to relax. Mortal Player- Artimus stares at the dead man, but says nothing. Disgruntled Tea-Today at 9:06 PM with a flick of his blades to rid them of the blood and gore he sheaths them with practice ease. A small frown on his face upon the death of the man the group tried so hard to save. with a sigh, he shakes his head. loss was not a new thing to him, and the loss of the stranger did not give him much reason to morn for long. He gave a quick send off to the man before beginning to rummage around the fallen bodies of the recently slayed lizard folk dividing up the coins for each member as he found them. Chouette-Today at 9:08 PM Once again, Kylah's voice fades, and her hands drop to her sides. She glances at the Sylvan ranger, eyes filled with sorrow. "I'm- I'm sorry. I couldn't..." she trails off, for once not knowing what to say. The adrenaline is leaving her now, the grief from before coming back. Why hadn't she been able to do anything? First in the fight, and now with this. She's useless. Absolutely useless. Quietly, she steps back, moving away from the others. What's a person like her doing among warriors like them? Acies ab Vesania-Today at 9:10 PM The ranger's head is bowed. He merely says, "You did what you could. As did we all. As did he." He stands and says, "Villagers. Then rites." DoomSparkles-Today at 9:11 PM Raleon watches as the beast falls and highfives his brother, flicking the blood off of his blade before shealthing it. He was also in equal ease with the blood and gore. He ran his fingers through his hair, following after his twin for a moment before hearing the distraught bard. He frowned. It seemed that her attempts were in vain. He stepped towards her to offer a hug...then looked down at himself. He still had the blood from the scraps staining his clothes. He pursed his lips then rubbed the back of his neck. "It's not your fault." Mortal Player-Today at 9:14 PM The gnome does not rise immediately. Chouette-Today at 9:16 PM Kylah looks up, putting on a brave face. It's almost instinctive- she cares about how others see her, and is suddenly conscious once more of how she appears to them. True, she's little help in a fight, but that's not what a bard's for, is it? "I know," she says to Raleon, "it's just this day's been a little overwhelming for me. And by a little I mean a lot." In spite of everything, she laughs a little. "Must be for you too, no?" She meets his eye. "But let's not let that keep us down." And then she steps towards him, wrapping him in a tight embrace, heedless of the gore staining her dress. It had never been that nice anyway. DoomSparkles-Today at 9:25 PM Raleon was taken off guard as he stumbled almost before holding her tightly in his embrace, smiling at seeing her try to keep her fragile mind together. He stroke her hair. He knew well she was not of stable as her front told him, but he would try his best to keep her spirits up. He and his twin had seen much of the darker sides of the world, this was no exception... The dragon was new though. He was almost blessed to have been blind to it. There was so much much death. It pained him to not know if the the inn leaders were alive and well, but his training had taught him not to get too close to others in passing. Though he still wished he could have done more. He gripped her arms for a moment then pulled her away, showing his usual soft, cheeky grin. "It may seem bleak now, but in time... you can rebuild." Acies ab Vesania-Today at 9:26 PM And this is where the campaign for today ends. The group has succeeded in ensuring that the remaining villagers continued their escape without flesh-eating lizardfolk stopping their progress. They confirmed the village is a complete loss, especially with a neighboring dragon now taking up residence in their mines. The mysterious sylvan elf was an apprentice ranger whom upon the death of his master, was raised to a full ranger. The group has found a small amount of treasure and must decide if they wish to keep it, or give it to the villagers so that they can try to start over in a nearby village. So far, at least one member of this group has sworn to get their revenge on this dragon. But what adventures wait? Well, the group will have to mull over their known lore of this land and decide what appeals to them.
  2. Week 1 went great. Week 2 is this Sunday.
  3. This is the transcripts for the Valucre Discord D&D Session. This transcript is for the July 2nd Session which ran from 1700PST to 2030PST. Today is the beginning. It feels like any other summer day. The air is comfortably warm. Birds and insects sing their songs, setting a backdrop to the conversations swirling around you. You have fallen into step together after setting off from the pavilion where the annual festival will soon be held. In addition to the player characters, there are a handful of familiar NPCs as well. Some of you may already be talking, or you might simply be aware of each other. This is where the scene begins. Feel free to start. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:12 PM Sylvena walked the path, slightly behind most of the group. She didn't care much for the chatter, with her mind being more open to the festivities at hand. It helped to take her mind off of the previous events and her studies. It was a time for her to relax.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:24 PM The others give you a wide berth. You are beautiful, so you still tend to draw the eyes, but given that you are still an outsider who has interacted with others minimally, they still know not what to make of you. @Winter's Sorrow Chouette - Yesterday at 5:24 PM Right in the thick of the small crowd, marching forwards with a spring in her step and a smile on her face, is a young woman in red. Yes, it's a little faded; no, it's not quite so bright as anything one might find in the great cities, but it's still eye-catching enough for these parts of Fescipate. The young woman wearing it is brown-haired, long curly locks cascading almost to her waistline, and clearly quite enthused about the coming event. "This is, what, the ninteenth? Think I missed a couple years, but I've seen a right lot of festivals, and I'm telling you- this year, this one, is going to be the greatest of them all." Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:26 PM The town baker, who has spent many a night in the local tavern, is quite familiar with your antics @Chouette In response, he snorts and says, "Isn't that what ye said last year? What makes you think this will be any different now?" Ayden - Yesterday at 5:31 PM Corsica moves to the center of the crowd with eyes wide open. He takes note of Sylvena, very beautiful, but it was the chatter of the town baker that drew his attention to the red head. She was a musician, he knew that much. Many days he had passed to listen to her songs, though he doubt she noticed. Her songs seemed to calm his soul. It had been a week since the dreams woke him violently from his sleep. A deep sigh would calm him as his attention moved back to the path before them DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:31 PM Raleon strolled about the path with his twin at his side. Growing a bit tired of all of the walking they had done. He gave out a long sigh. " much pickier are you going to be with the spot? Or are you punishing me for breaking that vase at the tavern?" the iridescent haired twin giving a puff of his cheeks to push out his bangs. His weight pushed into the other’s shoulder, pressing against him as he looked up in his direction. His ears wiggled at the sound of the familiar bard, his lips curling into a grin. “Of course it is, Kaylah! We’re here after all~,” the entertainer cooed to tease the lass with his playful banter. Of course, they both knew this comment was only to ruffle her feathers, @Chouette Chouette - Yesterday at 5:36 PM Kylah scratches her head, putting on a mock frown. "You raise a good point there, kind sir. Last year was the greatest of all..." Her expression erupted into a smile. "...which means we'll all need to drink all the more and celebrate all the harder to surpass it!" Her spirits, it seems, will not be dampened so easily. She gives Raleon a small grin. "And I'm sure our elven friends will be able to help us with that. You're bringing all your best songs for us this time, right Ral?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:37 PM A local man, known as "Cud" brays with laughter. "Aye, drinking is what I do best." As you may all guess, he is the town drunk. Ayden - Yesterday at 5:40 PM Corsica takes note of the town drunk and makes a point to stay clear. His duties within the town had given some a reason not to like him. It was all fun and games until someone got hurt, and when someone got hurt... Corsica was there. Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 5:41 PM Thayrin let out a small huff as he glanced at his other half. In all respects he was no longer too angry at the vase being damaged thus keeping the twins stuck in one place for quite a while longer than he would have liked, he just felt like he should probably do a decient job for the people who were kind enough to let them off the hook. After all, that was one expensvie peice of useless glass. A small smile graces his lips as he wraped an arm around Raleon in a breif hug before replying softly though their mental connection. Oh come on brother of mine, we have not been waling for too long. we have been though worse...although all of these people are a bit off putting At his brothers call to the bard he tilts his head in her direction seeking out the woman his more lively half was replying to before turning back to look in the direction he was walking as to avoid any tripping. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:48 PM Sylvena couldn't help but smirk at the bard's lighthearted demeanor. She remembered the festivities from the previous year, and they had indeed been quite illustrious. It would be a challenge to overcome such a feat this year, but she felt the town had enough vigor within it to achieve it greatly. Perhaps it would be more of her interest to involve herself with others this year. She had been such a hopeless recluse during her stay. "It's an effort I believe we all wish to strive hard for to achieve, as you all most likely know. Perhaps, this year, it shall be remembered for centuries to come." A warm smile beginning to set upon her visage, Sylvena tugged the hem of her robe a smidgen. The day was quite warm, in accordance with the pleasant weather. It made for a fitting backdrop for such a festival. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:48 PM The blind lad gave a cheeky giggle as he rubbed beneath his nose. “You know it, I’ve been practicing all this week. Pretty sure poor Thayrin is deaf AND a mute now,” he called as he gave his brother a playful punch to the shoulder…or he would have if he hadn’t misjudged and hit his chest instead. Eh, playful gesture made all the same. He looked up to his brother, leaning into his hug with his cheeky grin in tack. Thayrin was possibly the only one to know the difference between a blind moon elf and one who bare their usual sort of galaxy pools. He knew that the twin wasn’t too angry with him, or he wouldn’t have helped in the tussle in the first place. This is true…but what made you choose the day time to choose a place? Normally we go out at night. Were you wanting to /talk/ to people for once~? The twin wiggled his brows to his brother. Chouette - Yesterday at 5:55 PM As the elves speak up, Kylah's spirits rise. Cud was right about her exaggeration, but clever lies are what musicians and storytellers are for, no? Sometimes the truth just needs a good bit of stretching to keep everyone happy, and from the look of it she's succeeding in this case. Her eyes, however, drift over to Corsica, who seems to her a bit quiet, a bit glum. Wouldn't do to leave a man looking like that on such a nice sunny day, would it? "And I'm sure we can trust Corsica here to keep us safe through it all. I doubt there's any warrior in the country even half his equal, isn't that right?" She gives him a light elbow, eager to spread the mood. Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 5:56 PM Being used to the playful hits, Thayrin only blinks slowly while shakeing his head in agreement at the satment his brother spouted off. Deaf and mute may be an understatment of the year. some of those songs made even me want to go find a cliff to shove a dwarf off for speaking to people its about as much as your being able to see thier smileing faces His head tilts slightly at the comment the reclusive blonds words. that womans words...personally I hope something Intersting does happen. otherwise i may die of boredom Ayden - Yesterday at 5:58 PM @Choutte His eyebrows raise, and thanks to his half elven bloodline, he blended in more than he truly desired. "Sir Knox." He corrected her boldly, reminding everyone of his position. How they had found out his first name, probably his master talking to other locals, he would never know. Though a soft smile would cross his lips. He meant no harm as he nodded in her direction, in thanks of the generous comment. His reputation had grown over the last few years, and all for the better. @Cho </e> DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:05 PM The twin suddenly, in respects to the others, burst into a laughter that was suddenly cut off by a sudden hurt expression. He touched his chest and spoke aloud, looking towards his brother. “Now that was just rude!” he said as he puffed his cheeks full of air. “Poor dwarf though…” he gave a grin, showing he wasn’t actually mad at him. Seeing his brother's gaze (through their mental connection of course) wander his nose twitched, taking in the air. "Ah, the other eladrin..." he smirked with a miscievious grin. Are you finally going to get the guts to talk to her at the festible instead of staring at her like a drooling doof? Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 6:06 PM The paladin Corsica, or 'Sir Knox' as he often wished to go by, reminded Sylvena of herself from time to time. The village watchman, protector, and guardian. He was reserved, yet dedicated to his cause. In another life, she may have tried to make friends with him if she herself wasn't held down by her own work. Ah, here she was, reminiscing about that which could have been when she should be basking in the relative warmth and excitement of the upcoming festival! "Of course," she began, agreeing with Kylah. "It is quite fortuitous that we have such a warrior to protect us, though I do not see why one would try to wish harm on this festival. It is a harmless tradition, after all." Chouette - Yesterday at 6:13 PM Seems the man is still a little uptight, by Kylah catches his smile, and a rush of victory courses through her. Kylah Bailefour, bringer of smiles and destroyer of low spirits. This festival will be a fun one, she knows, but what about after that? She can't stay here forever, and there are so many more stages to play on, so many people out there who don't yet know her name. She falls quiet for a rare moment, daydreaming a little, quietly noting Raleon's words- hard to say what he means, exactly, but it's not harming the mood. Maybe an elf thing? It's Sylvena's comments that catch her off guard. Not necessarily her flattery of Corsica, though that does evoke a small pang of jealousy and a glance at a face that's far too pretty for the bookworm's own good, but the note about harm. Something about that strikes a nerve with Kylah, and she shivers in spite of herself. "Well, better safe than sorry, no?" Ayden - Yesterday at 6:14 PM This tradition was one that he wasn't all too familiar with. He had been in the village for a few years, but those years were dedicated to other causes. This was the first year that his master had forced him from his training to enjoy the festivities. So he did as instructed, and ended up on this long walk back now. His eyes drifted to Sylvena, so beautiful. A confident voice came forth to her response. "Agreed, but I have no intention of lifting my sword." But that didn't stop him from carying it. The longsword was always with him. Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 6:17 PM A rare cheshire like grin graces his face upon seeing his brothers reactions before he quickly schooled his featutes into the one of bland apathy that he usually wore. dwarf propbalby deserved it in one way or another. His gase quickly snapped back foward and down at the ground before he gives a quick jerk of his head in a no like fashion fighting the uge to blush at his brothers comments. you can't possibly be serious right now. Have you seen the woman?..wait don't answer any event, I am no were near the leauge that she resides in. His hetrochromia eyes wander round the camp sight in an effort to distract himself from his momantary uncharastic awakward blathering noteing the paladin and his overwhelming confidence in his strength. wonder if mr. beef cake over there is any good with the sword, or all hot air... Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:18 PM Down the road, a solitary figure stands at its center, arms crossed. A sylvan elf of approximately the same age grouping as the rest of you. He has a pair of short swords, but they are sheathed for the moment. As the people approach, he holds out a hand in a gesture to stop, and grunts, while looking back over his shoulder. Those who have a knack for reading facial expressions might notice that he appears worried about something. Chouette - Yesterday at 6:23 PM There's someone up ahead. Kylah blinks, not quite registering the sight the first time, then tilts her head slightly to one side, puzzled. She didn't recall anyone being sent out to meet them, and an ordinary traveler would have just passed by, maybe with a quiet greeting. All the same, she comes to a halt when the elf gestures, not wanting to start any kind of argument now. He's armed, and commanding, so maybe a guardsman or soldier of some sort. Corsica might know. Still, she feels an urge to speak up, command this man's attention. "Hello? Is there something wrong?" He didn't seem angry, more concerned, so perhaps he was trying to warn them about something.(edited) Ayden - Yesterday at 6:25 PM Corsica shifts his glance from his sword to the road where a sylvan elf stands in the middle of the road. The paladin in training takes note of the obvious weapons, and body language, in an attempt to give reason to this behavior. Without a doubt, something up ahead must of happened that warrents to the group to stop. Corsica moves to the front of the group, passing Kylah, before echoing her question. "What is the meaning of this?" Corsica is sure to keep his reactionary gap. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:26 PM The blind lad’s gaze lounged towards the paladin and grinned in a similar Cheshire grin. “So does that mean if we get attacked, we can steal the lime light and get all the attention at the bar afterwards while you stand there full of your hot air?” his words were obvious teasing, this was his nature, though he knew it would ruffle his up tight feathers…or armour. Ruffle his chainmail. Nods. His attention shortly turned towards the person up ahead however, cutting his antics short. "Who's that?" Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 6:29 PM Sylvena's mind began to race the moment she caught sight of the sylvan elf, but stayed quiet. Gathered by his stance and his emotion, she could tell that this man was worried about some event or other. It didn't bode well to her. "We'll find out who they are, I'm thinking..." she said quietly, but loud enough for at least the blind twin to hear. The day had changed, from calm and relaxed, to tense and excited. Whoever this man was, whatever they wanted, time would tell.(edited) Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 6:30 PM a soft chuckle sounds over their connection, with Thayrin hopeing the paladin takes the ruffleing with semi good spirits. he really didn't want to fight a walking hulk of metal today. He pauses briefly and glances over in the direction of the bard before traceing where she is looking twoard, his eyes alighting on the lone figure on the road before shakeing his head. no idea, seems kind of weird for a lone traveler to just be standing all lone knight and all though. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:31 PM @Chouette When you mention trouble, the man grunts and nods. He turns to the left side of the road and points. Everyone, roll a perception check. That's a 1d20 and add your wisdom bonus and proficiency if applicable (elves). Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:34 PM the small gnome appears to be absorbed in a book Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:35 PM Those who beat a DC of 12 note that there is bushes and brush rattling about. Something is trying to sneak up on you, but not doing the best job of it. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:35 PM he has barely been paying attention to anything this entire time he looks up breifly in another direction and then looks back at his book Chouette - Yesterday at 6:37 PM A thin hiss of fear escapes through Kylah's teeth, though she manages to avoid yelping in panic. Still, she nudges Corsica and points, positioning herself so that he's between her and whatever is trying to creep up on the group. @Ayden DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:38 PM Raleon readies his dagger, staring directly at the bush, readying himself, yet remains calm expression. (If I can sense ill intention he will throw his dagger at the bushes' edge.) Ayden - Yesterday at 6:39 PM Corsica takes note of where the elf points and sees the bushes and brush rattling. As Kylah hides behind him, he raises his free hand to warn the others to stay back. A true gentlemen. "You in the bushes, come out now!" He yells, blindly challenging whatever might be hiding within. If all was well, a rodent or rabbit would run out. Though it would be comical, he had no desire to pull forth his sword. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:39 PM It happens all at once. From the bushes burst a group of kobolds, reptilian creatures brandishing daggers, hissing and barking like dogs. They prove to be the least of your worries. In the distance, a deafening roar thunders across the valley, followed by a powerful rush of air. A shadow goes beyond you, taking several seconds to pass. By the time you see it, you know in your heart that it is too late—a dragon has descended upon your village. Big, no… huge. It appears as large as the lord’s castle, with sinewy wings that stretch for what must be miles. It takes a deep breath in, and then unleashes a deluge of fire that engulfs the village. Even from here, the glow is nearly blinding. You smell smoke and ash, and swear you can hear the screams of the people. But first, you must make an initiative check. There are Kobolds to be dispatched. Kobolds group roll /roll 1d20 @Acies ab Vesania: 1d20 = (18) = 18 Initiative Order: Kobolds (21), Chouette (20), Disgruntled Tea (19), Mortal Player (18), Doom Sparkles (12), Sylvan Elf (7), Winter's Sorrow (5), Ayden (4) Kobold 1: Attacked random NPC, 2+2= 4, total miss Kobold 2: Attacks @Mortal Player, 19+2= 21 (double damage)- 2d4= 6(edited) Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:52 PM ouch! Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:54 PM Kobold 3: Attacks Sylvan Elf 6+2= 8 Miss Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:54 PM The gnome staggers back from the blow gasping and closing his book. He looks gravely wounded, but is alive.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:55 PM A second kobold attacks the sylvan, 11+2= 13, miss @DoomSparkles Last attacking kobold hits you for 2 damage @Chouette Your turn! AC: 12 (I Should supply this, ha ha) Chouette - Yesterday at 7:06 PM Kylah likes to think she's a grown-up now, likes to think she's experienced enough to handle the world, but the space of a moment seems to blow aside all of her confidence like a dry leaf in a strong wind. She shrinks back from the kobolds, but manages to keep her composure at first, but then thunder cracks across her ears, and then- and then- She stumbles back, and topples to the ground, nearly falling on her precious violin as light flickers across her eyes, a distant and horrible light that grasps hold of the joy inside her and breaks it in an instant. Eager as she'd been to get away from that village, she'd lived there all her life. It had been her life, and now it is dying before her. She doesn't realize she is screaming. But where her thoughts are paralyzed with fear and horror, baser instincts kick into gear. There are enemies, close, vicious snarls and cutting blades, and some part of Kylah reflexively reaches for her own weapon, drawing it with a single jerky motion. A rapier, long and thin and deadly, gleaming in the sun as she thrusts out halfhazardly at the closest of the attacking creatures, desperately trying to keep it away from her. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:08 PM Chouette missed (total 10), on to @Disgruntled Tea Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 7:17 PM Despite being in a somewhat unfamiluar situation, Thayrin was strangly ungarded before the haphazard attack by the tinny pests. He was even more so unpepaired for the arrival of the breath takingly gigantic flying lizard. He jumps slightly and whips his head in the direction of the hell fire leveling the place he had come to call a temporary home with slight shock and even more dismay than he thought possible. after all, the small town was not really his home, but the people dwelling in it were kind. however his shock was short lived as he gathered his wits about him and attempted to find focuse in the task at hand in front of him...the pesky kobold's swinging annoyingly sharp objects at the people around him. personally he could care less about most of the common rabble, but some had caught an inkleing of what his better half would call affection for. He reflexivly reaches both hands for his swords hanging low on his waist drawing them with ease before launching an attack at the nearest unwanted nusance. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:21 PM @Disgruntled Tea Two hits. The first hit with the rapier strikes for 7, dropping the kobold foe.You whip around and strike a second one for 2, which does not stop him, but certainly makes him think twice about attacking. 1 down, several to go. @Mortal Player your turn Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:24 PM The gnome looks up at the sound of a deafening roar and nearly leaps out of his skin. Pulling a wand out, waving it wildly, his eyes dart about. He drops his closed book into the open pack over his shoulder, "gnomgnomgnomgnom," he says in a language no one understands. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:28 PM Mortal player beefs himself up, giving him advantages on Con checks and a bonus of 5hp This moves us to @DoomSparkles(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:40 PM Raleon's ears twich at the cacophony swirling around him, his head truning to gase in the direction of the nearest sounds. The "suprise" jump of the Kolbalds was rather expected after the oh so noticable bush rustleing, the dragon not so much. useing the mental connection with his brother, he witniseed the collosal beast belch out a torrent of flame decimateing the village and its occumpoants to ash. Unlike his twin, Raleon had better connections and interactions with its occupants and found himself borderline angry at the loss of some of the people he had come to know. This however had a time and a place to dwell on. right now there was a hoard of putrid smelling beastys needing to die. he swiftly unsheaths his rapier from its home, before takeing a small step twoard the one he noted his brother injuring. He swiftly jabbs at the little offender with the intention of felling him before he could get the jump on either him or his brother. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:44 PM Raleon strikes the wounded Kobold, and does 4pts of damage (1+3) with his rapier. It proves enough, and the creature goes down. The sylvan elf is quick to react, drawing out both his swords and swinging at those who would attack him. He strikes at one with his right hand, making a hit (7+6= 13) and doing 7pts of damage (3+4), dropping the kobold. He whips around and hits a second with his other hand, striking with a 19 (critical), doing 2d6 (5) damage. 5pts proves to be enough, and the Kobold is down. Next is @Winter's Sorrow 4 down, several more left alive. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 7:49 PM Sylvena had been slow to react. Not only was she distracted by the throng of talking, she couldn't keep the festivities off her mind. However, as she contemplated the time to come, she was surprised by the bushes suddenly exploding outward, with multiple kobolds following suit. She didn't have long to ready herself, as she was interrupted by a dragon flying overhead. To her dismay, it lay waste to the village ahead of them. Something inside her broke. It was just like before she left for Fescipate. Everything was coming to ruin. With her fury, she gathered energy within her hands, lashing out in fury against the nearest Kobold with an Eldritch Blast. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:51 PM Your eldritch blast nails the Kobold solid in his chest. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that was one of your best (3 damage), and it proves not to be enough. The Kobold still stands. @Ayden Ayden - Yesterday at 7:54 PM Corsica’s voice was cut short as the world around him crumbled. Was this the reason his dreams had come back to haunt him? To warn him of the forth coming danger that threatened to swallow him? His new home and his master, they were all gone within a single moment of time. He had only seen a dragon once before, but it was much smaller. The cries of the crowd pulled him back to the numbing reality of the world around him. As Kylah falls to the ground in an attempt to fend away the oncoming creatures, Corsica swings his massive sword at the Kobold trying to attack her. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:55 PM Corsica makes a solid hit (24), striking a kobold dead on with a glancing blow. It takes 5pts of damage (1+4) and it goes down.(edited) As the numbers thin, you can see that there are 7 left, making a total of a dozen. Four find targets for this round (the other three were not able to reach anyone), so four attacking. @Chouette a kobold glances you for 1pt of damage Chouette - Yesterday at 7:59 PM ow Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:59 PM The second strikes at the gnome, but misses (7+2= 9) Mortal Player - Yesterday at 8:00 PM the gnome dodges about wide-eyed, a look of fear on his face, "gnomgnomgnom" he says.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:01 PM The next two saw what @DoomSparkles could do, and target him. One hits him for 2, and the other for 3, a total of 5. @Chouette your go! Chouette - Yesterday at 8:04 PM The shrieking bard's blows go wide, her frantic state of mind doing little to aid her already weak arm. Something swings down in front of her, and blood splatters across her face and dress, horribly warm against her skin. She glimpses a face- Corsica? -and instinctively crawls towards him, seeking protection. Another of the stinking creatures has spotted her, however, and swings a small club, knocking her on one shoulder. Her wail is cut off with a small yelp, before she whirls around, furious and afraid, striking out with the hard guard of her blade to try and ward the monster off so she can skewer it.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:05 PM This time, the bard finds purchase with her blade, driving it deep into the belly of a Kobold. It pukes up blood as it drops to its knees, and then slides off the end of the blade. @Disgruntled Tea You are up. Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 8:15 PM Seeing his brother take a hard hit Thayrin eyes widen momentairly with fear. He knew his brother was not as hardy as himself, and seeing him take that blow sent a chill of dread shooting down his spine. The silent elf couldn't care about the rest of the camp. They could go and die misrable deaths in a ditch somewhere, on thier own. Allowing his brother to leave to a place he himself could not follow to on the other hand is not something he is going to let happen. Not while he still draws breath. With an angry shout he steps foward and swings his swords in a glittering arc in an effort to dispatch of the threat to both the safety of his beloved half as well as his own sanity. after all a life without Raleon is a life not worth fathoming in the first place. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Seeing your brother in trouble, you double down your effort. The first hit is solid enough (6 damage) to drop the Kobold. With the second, you ram your short sword between the kobold's ribs, finding devastating results. The kobold coughs up blood spittle all over your face as it falls dead. @Mortal Player You up, 4 left Mortal Player - Yesterday at 8:20 PM The gnome's eyes continue to dart about as he lowers the wand and clutches his hand to... not to his wound, but his chest instead and takes a deep breath! "Romra Egam," he incants and passes his hand about his body. For an instant, the air around him seems to vibrate with unseen energy. The motion is oddly serene in the chaos of the battle, giving the gnome a confident expression as he looks up at his kobold adversary and draws a dagger. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:22 PM The gnomes armor improves, and now it is doom @DoomSparkles DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Raleon gasps as pain sears though his body from the offending forigen object that so kindly took part of his flesh from its rightful place. He staggers slightly unbalanced with pain before regaining his footing bitting his lip lighlty to work past the inital pain and fiant feeling corseing though his body. He was not feeling well at all, and it most definatly showed. Hearing his brother shout though thier connection, he looks up to see Thayrin jump foward and brutally dispatch of the two nearest kolbalds to him. He sends a brief message to his frightend twin, conveying that he will be fine. before drawing his bow from its place on his person and knotching an arrow to the string. bowwing the sight of Thayrin's line of sight, he draws back the bow with some struggle aiming briefly at the next closest Kolbad to him. pausing just long enough for a waive of disnyness to pass from his wounds he lets the arrow fly. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:33 PM Raleon drops the kobold with a shot to the chest, dropping the Kobold. The sylvan is proving to be an effective ally. He swings his swords around and strikes one solidly (hit 8+6= 14), causing it to drop (3+4= 7). He twists around and drives his short sword through the chest of another (19+5= 24), spinning away to dodge the spray of blood that followed (8). Two more down. Only one wounded Kobold remains. @Winter's Sorrow Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 8:34 PM Sylvena wasn't going to stop at just one cast. Her anger at the destruction of yet another home was grating on her persona. She had never wanted to find herself in this position, and she never had asked for it. Yet here it was, plain as the entire land in front of her. Now, she had another quest for vengeance in her life. Gathering up more energy, she unleashed yet another eldritch blast at the last kobold, aiming for its death. How dare they attack a peaceful community. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:34 PM The eldrich blast misses its mark, and now it falls to the paladin to finish him off. Ayden - Yesterday at 8:35 PM Despite the depthless pit within him, he pushed forward. His training had kicked in, reinforced by the sickening first blow that painted his sword in Kobold blood. The creatures would continue to come, even as more and more fell to their deaths. These creatures, including the dragon, would try to rob them of their light. His eyes scanned the makeshift battlefield. Kylah was staying close, which he liked, but more importantly she was taking care of herself now that she was ready. Corsica would let out a fierce war cry before stepping at the last of the Kobolds with a mighty swing. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:36 PM The paladin delivers a crushing hit, driving his sword down through the shoulder. The Kobold barks out in pain and then drops. The encounter is over, and this session closed. Follow up post to follow (when I get time) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 2:49 AM The last kobold falls to the earth, one of many whose blood spilled this day. In the distance, a sickly glow of vermillion paints the skies. The smell of smoke and burnt flesh is strong here. The with the end of the kobold threat, you swear you can hear the crackling of flames and the fracturing of earth—what is that dragon doing? Here, the handful of townspeople who came with you emerge from their hiding places. The town drunk, who cowered with his shivering ass sticking out from the bushes, sheepishly returns to the grouping, not so drunk as to not feel shame for his failure to assist in the battle. The baker, armed with only a whisk, still stands in shock, holding out his feckless tool like it were the only thing standing between him and certain death. A few others too, those who were unarmed and unprepared for a fight, nervously titter among themselves, whispering at what they had seen. The town’s bard. Outsiders made up of a handful of elves, an aspiring half-elven paladin, and a gnome, they were the ones who stood up to this threat and defended the people. They were brave, but they had to fight hard against a small troupe of Kobolds, worshipers of dragonkind, an inferior race whose entire religion banked on glory through servitude to creatures much stronger than they. Could this same group take on a dragon who so easily destroyed the entire village? And to what end? What good would a village such as yours have to one of the dragonkind? These are questions for the next session.
  4. Given that it is only a couple of days, and I have not seen characters from the other two, the two spots are back open. If someone wants to join and can get a character ready before Sunday evening, first come first serve.
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  10. Got you Discord Access along with access to the D&D channels.
  11. In order to add you to the Discord, you need to have visited our Discord (so I can find you in the server list). After looking them up, I'm fine with it. Like all elves, they get the +1 to dexterity. Their secondary bonus stat is +1 to intelligence. The Fey Step ability is fine as the specific racial ability. I don't have issue with doing a telepathic bond with a twin, might create an interesting dynamic. In the old school D&D, there was a non-weapon proficiency (now called skills) for "Blind Fighting" which dropped penalties for being blinded from -4 to -2. I wouldn't be opposed to giving a character a "developed" form of that skill so that the penalty is wiped. No special sight, but they have worked around their blindness well enough to have mostly overcome the disadvantages. Some were having issues with trying to upload their sheets to the google drive folder (see the Discord Pins). I *think* I rectified this. Added a bit about comeliness for a step 5. All I had time to add, for now. :P
  12. I need the discord name of everyone who intends to play. I have created two channels for this. One is the IC channel--please do not post there yet. The other is the OOC channel. We can use it for clarifications, questions, and real-time character creation help. I have also linked a 5th edition character sheet that can be filled in on the computer. I will need you to download it, fill it in (will explain what stuff means in a bit) and then upload it to a google drive folder I will give you all access to. There is a link in the discord that will give you access to that folder. ____ Character creation step by step: Read the background information piece (below) Decide on a race and class. How you decide is up to you---you may have your heart set on one race. I would suggest finding a good fit for a class. Or, if you have your heart set on a class, I would suggest trying to find a race that fits that class well. Or you just want to do whatever--totally cool too. Determine Stats: All stats start at a base of 10 (excluding comeliness). You will need to use your points to alter them to where you want to them to be (minimum 8, maximum 18) before racial adjustments. Then add racial adjustments (racial adjustments can exceed 18). See Stat Buying section below. Pick your skills--this is in accordance to your class, as well as any racial bonuses Determine Comeliness: Comeliness is how good looking you are. Some races are better than others, so see the following for modifiers based on race. Unlike the other stats, this is not point bought. I want you to use the Discord Dice roller to roll a 1d6 four times. You can reroll any occurrence of a 1. You then take your three highest. So if you get a 2,4,3,6--your highest is the 3,4,6 for a total of 13. When you do this dice roll, flag me on Discord so I can see it. Values less than 6 is hideous, 6-7 is homely, 8-9 is plain, 10-11 is average, 12-13 high average (somewhat attractive), 14-15 is attractive, 16-17 is highly attractive, 18-19 is beautiful, and 20-21 is stunning, and 22+ is borderline surreal. It's a fun additional element from the original Unearthed Arcana and it is a way for attractive characters to leverage favors from individuals with low wisdom scores. Elves get a +2 to comeliness Half-Elves get a +1 to comeliness Humans and Halflings have no adujstment Dwarves and Gnomes get a -1 to comeliness Half-Orcs get a -2 to comeliness You also add your charisma modifier. Background information you need to know: You will all be starting out in a village in a continent called Fescipate. The majority population in this village are humans who are of the Fescipate racial stock. You are going to be given a sizable list of available races, which clearly means you might have to explain why you are in this village. For this campaign, everyone has lived in this village for at least the last year. This means if you are playing a race that is an outsider, you need to come up with some background information to explain why you have been there for the last year. I leave that in your creative hands. Now, you all are free to "know" each other--at the very least, the idea behind this campaign is that you at least all "know of" each other--in that you recognize everyone and probably know their name. You can go further than that--be friends, siblings, an item, however you want to work it (just make sure it makes sense ;P). The races available are as follows: Dwarves: All Dwarves get a +1 to Constitution. All Dwarves get an advantage on Saving throws for poison and have poison resistance. Dwarves may apply their constitution bonus to all saves, not just constitution. However, magical items have a 25% of failure each time they attempt to use them (excluding armor, weapons, healing potions, girdles, or items that are blessed). Dwarves do believe in magic and magical items do not cooperate with them. All dwarves have 60' darkvision. Dwarves automatically gain proficiency in the use of Battleaxe, Handaxe, Light Hammer, and Warhammer. They also have proficiency in the use of one artisan craft's tools (of their choice): Smith’s tools, brewer’s supplies, or mason’s tools. Dwarves can be any non-arcane class (divine okay). Mountain Dwarves: Get an additional +1 to constitution. When a Mountain Dwarf makes an Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of stonework, they are considered proficient in the History skill and add double their proficiency bonus to the check, instead of their normal proficiency bonus. Sundered Dwarves: Get a +1 to strength. A Sundered dwarf starts with a bonus skill from the pool allowed by his or her class. Role-playing Dwarves: Dwarves are hardy, tough, and quick tempered. They don't put up with much nonsense and they tend to have little trust of others--however, once you do earn one as a friend, that bond is for life. Dwarves to lighten up when supplied with some good alcohol--you can even get them to sing and dance. Dwarves love to craft and mine. They have some impressive technologies related to mining and warfare. Dwarves hate orcs, kobolds, goblins, hob-goblins, and evil giants. Mount Dwarves: Moutain dwarves are the crankier of the lot. They are a bit isolationist, so they rarely deal with outsiders unless there is some good trade to be had. They are more suspicious of other races. Sundered Dwarves: These dwarves lost their homeland long ago and now typically live with humans working as artisans and crafters. They speak of their homeland with sadness, but get along with humans fairly well. Elves: All Elves get a +1 to Dexterity. All elves get an advantage on spells from the Enchantment/Charm school and are immune to sleep spells. Elves also do not sleep, but enter a meditative trance for four hours, after which they gain the benefits of 8hrs sleep. Elves have 60 feet dark vision. They have proficiency in Long Sword and Long Bow. They also have the perception proficiency. Elves may be of any class. High Elves: High elves gain additional +1 to their charisma. High elves start with a proficiency in persuasion. Sylvan Elves: Sylvan elves gain an additional +1 to their strength. They have a proficiency in Nature. Role-playing elves: Elves tend to be carefree, happy folks who appreciate art, beauty, music, and the whimiscal patterns of nature. Elves can be quite serious when it is required of them (and of course individuals can vary) but most would rather focus on having fun. High Elves: These elves are not native to this land, but they are the elves who tend to travel the most. They produce a lot of commerce and tend to be very diplomatic. They sometimes take up residence in human communities to learn about them or try something new. Sylvan elves: These elves tend to be the more serious elves, but even they can have fun. They are not quite as much of a stick in the mud as are dwarves. Sylvan elves often sport intricate tattoos and take tending nature very seriously. Sylvan elves are native to this continent so they do have their own communities. Gnomes: All gnomes get a +1 to intelligence. All gnomes gain an advantage against saving throws versus intelligence, wisdom, or charisma. All gnomes gain a proficiency in investigation (Due to their natural curiosity). Gnomes also have Artificer’s Lore: Whenever they make an Intelligence (History) check related to Magic Items, alchemical Objects, or technological devices, they can add twice their proficiency bonus, instead of any proficiency bonus they normally apply. Forest Gnomes: Forest Gnomes gain a +1 to Dexterity in addition. Forest gnomes also start with a proficiency in crossbows. Rock Gnomes: Rock gnomes gain a +1 to constitution. They also have a proficiency with artisan's tools, allowing them to tinker (see resources). Role-playing Gnomes: Gnomes are lively--they love to learn and prank people. They too have an appreciation for gems and gold, but they are less obsessed than their dwarven cousins. Gnomes appreciate life more and take a zesty approach to things. Forest Gnomes: These gnomes are especially care free. They commune with nature and will happily accept others into their homes (if they can fit) for meals and story swapping. They produce the best crossbows money in this land can buy. Rock Gnomes: Rock gnomes are a bit more techology and creation oriented as well as academic. They still appreciate fun and humor but they dedicate more time to learning, especially with illusionary magic. Halflings: All Halflings gain a +1 to charisma. When a halfling rolls a 1 on the d20 for an Attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, they can reroll the die and must use the new roll. Halfings also get an advantage on saving throws against fear effects. City: City halfings gain a +1 to dexterity. They also gain an advantage on saving throws for dexterity that involve dodging an object (not area of effect). Forest: Forest halfings gain a +1 to Wisdom. City halflings are so wise, they may apply their wisdom bonus to saving throws for intelligence based effects instead, if the wisdom bonus is higher. Role-playing Halflings: Most halflings are friendly folks who love life, good alcohol and food. Halflings are friendly to others and try not to rush the small things. City: City halflings are those that eventually mixed with humans in cities. They have learned to dodge bigger people and appear skittish, though they are less afraid so much as careful. They get a wrap for being thieves--not entirely unearned. Forest Halflings: These halflings are your kind of people who act like every day is Sunday. They eat, do only the required amount of work, and relax. Half Elves: All half elves get a +1 to Dexterity and a +1 to Wisdom. They have 60' darkvision and an advantage on sleep spells. They get also gain the skills associated with the elf mixture (a half high elf/half Fescipate gets the skills persuasion and surivival). Role-playing a half elf: Half elves have it a bit rough, because they never quite fit into either place they come from. Some take in stride and find their own way. Others struggle with this and take a long time to find how they reconcile these things. Half Orcs: All half orcs get a +1 to strength and +1 to Wisdom. They have 60' darkvision. They gain a proficiency in intimidation. Half-Orcs are hardy--if a blow were to reduce them to below 0 hit points, but would not kill them outright, they can go back to 1 hit point. They can only do this once for every time they get a full night's rest (8 hours). If a half-orc scores a 20, he can add another 1d(weapon base) damage to the roll without a crit check. Half-orcs have it even harder than half elves, whose other halves are at least to some degree accepted by the people they live with. Humans have ill feelings about orcs (for good reason) and thus look down on half-orcs, who are pretty much always illegitimate. Nevertheless, not all, if not even half, turn out bad. Some do find careers as weapons makers or soldiers. Human: All humans start with a +1 to Wisdom. All humans start with a bonus feat (also randomly determined). Centre: Centre humans get a +1 to intelligence. They get two bonus skills, but must choose from: Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Medicine, or Religion. Fescipate: Fescipate get a +1 to Charisma. They gain proficiency in survival. Role-playing humans: The humans in this world are like humans in our world. They live quickly, die quickly, and tend to get focused on tasks. Individuals vary of course, but that is how the collective would be described. Centre: Centre are people from a different continent and would be our world's equivalent of "Asian" people. What kind these folks resembles depends on what part of the continent they are from--some look chinese, others Korean and others closer to Japanese. These people tend to be vrey business and avademically oriented. This contintnet is all about trade and marketing, as well as having some of the best schools in the world. Fescipate: These folk tend to live simpler lives. They are friendly until made angry (bad tempers at times) and live in fuedal societies. Their appearance is closer to Celtic people. They live in small communities typically and villages often rely heavily on woods. They tend to get along well with other races, more so than other human save for Centre, who deal with everyone. Classes: I will allow any from the 5th edition players handbook. This resource has all the class descriptions. Stat Buying: All stats start at a base of 10 (average). You have 60 points to spend on your stats. However, the bigger your number, the more points it will cost you. You can choose to drop a number lower, to a minimum of 8. Dropping confers the amount of points equal to an equivalent cost of the increase. Here is the table: 1pt: 1pt 2pts: 3pts 3pts: 6pts 4pts: 10pts 5pts: 15pts 6pts: 21pts 7pts: 28pts 8pts: 36pts If you increase one stat all the way to 18, you burn 36pts and have 24pts left over to distribute over your five other stats. If you were to get the most you could out of that, you could jump one to 16 (21pts) and a last to 12 (3pts), giving you a stat set of 18, 16, 12, 10, 10, 10. Or, you could drop four stats from 10 to 8 to get back 12pts, which then would give you 36pts and allow for another 18. This would look like 18, 18, 10, 8, 8, 8. How you do it is up to you. Just remember to modify with racial abilities after you distribute the points. A Mountain Dwarf can get a Constitution of 20, for example. Still being updated
  13. Looks like between this and a PM, I have six interested people. Info incoming in the next day or two, depending on my schedule.
  14. Someone asked me a few days ago to come drop some input when I have time. Apparently, they think I both have input others would find useful (laughable enough) and that I would have some spare time in the foreseeable future (even more laughable). Well, I guess life is stranger than fiction sometimes, as here I sit with a few extra minutes and some thoughts rolling around in my head that I figured I would come drop off in this thread. My loose change is about as good as the next person’s, so feel free to take what you will and leave the rest. Personality is a complex topic. Trying to nail down what exactly personality is remains an ongoing headache for psychologists, so of course trying to distill that into something useful for writing and role-playing presents itself with challenges and all kinds of caveats. Fortunately, with fiction, it is less about having an accurate theory of personality development and more about spinning together some “bullshit” that is passable enough to convince the reader that what you did is an acceptable gesture in the time that you and the reader have agreed to share. You can start by working with some real world stuff that is pretty well defined and believable. Things like, people’s pasts influence their future actions (one thing Freud had right), that internal motivations often drive behaviors, and sometimes people deal with conflicts they don’t understand themselves. Also, people at different stages of life have differing needs. The 10 year old kid is (usually) going to have a different set of driving behaviors than the thirty year old. There is also going to be a vast difference in experiences (generally) and brain development (usually). I know I am hedging a lot here, but the real world is fraught with exceptions and fantasy RP worlds can be especially tricky. Another reliable metric of personality measurement is what is called, “The Big Five.” There is a lot of solid research backing that up. You can use the five broad categories in combination with one and other to make some fairly decent and fairly reliable predictions of people’s behaviors. Rather than burn what little time I have writing an explanation about the five categories and what they all mean, I’ll just link you to a resource. Read it if you feel so inclined. There are three major things for you to put together—what has happened to your character prior to the current events, what are the current motivations, and what are their “Big Five Personality Traits.” Between these, you can work out a pretty complex set of parameters. Big Five is often shaped by genetics and environment, so you can decide how much of it is inherited (my character is open to experiences like many other members of their family) and how much of it is environment (my character learned to be super organized and ambitious because they were brought up in a preparatory school that punished for failing to keep your space immaculate and demanded a lot from you). Deciding origins of traits can also help you determine how changeable they are. Learned behaviors that developed later in life (and thus are less engrained) tend to be easier to change than those that were hardwired genetically or came about in response to events in early childhood. Traits that came about in early childhood and have survived into a full-fledged adulthood are probably going to be an ongoing struggle for the character even if they truly want to overcome that trait (such as an explosive temper). Getting over that quality might be an arc that lasts the entire character’s lifetime. Something like being flighty after some troubling events that last briefly in their teens might be something you can overcome in the course of a thread. Your character, your discretion, however. This alludes to another quality of personality often overlooked—learned behaviors and qualities. As people, we learn, adapt, and change based on environments and experiences. Baseline temperament plays a role—some people are so damn resilient they can overcome just about anything, and some people are so utterly the opposite a series of a couple of struggles is enough to cause them to develop learned helplessness. Anyway, I think I have rambled enough. That and that pocket of time I have is shrinking. Here are some promised resources: Stages of Development: Erickson Kohlberg and Piaget Stuff Big Five Personality Inventory Learned Helplessness
  15. We are back down to three interested parties. I need at least one more before I move forward with posting additional content for character generation.