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  1. I have two characters on Val that existed before Val and thus came from elsewhere. One regularly makes a habit of traveling to different worlds and planes, so that was easy to handwave. The second was investigating a corruption in a travel path called "The Ways" and stumbled into Valucre when finding the source traced back to here. The former character had a large hand in that corruption, so made for a story explanation for how and why he came to Valucre.
  2. Happy Holidays old friend!!! Hope you're doing well!!! Hit me up and let me now how you are fairing!!





  3. I'm going on vacation soon, so I just might drop in for a few posts.
  4. I've been sitting on a couch chaise, listening to the ocean crash against the beach while reading a thrilling book for nearly the last two hours. It has revealed to me just how important it is to engage in restorative activities, because you never realize how badly you needed it until you have started to feel the benefits.

    Make sure to indulge in some self-care, especially during these difficult times.

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      How ARE you doing these crazy days brother?


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      Acies ab Vesania

      Been getting by. Still have work because psychiatric hospitals can't close even with pandemics and everything else 2020 feels like serving up. It's been hectic, so I put in for a week off and went away. Each day I am more and more glad I did. 🙂

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      Well, it's very nice to HEAR from you in all brother. My kid just got to FIFTH grade with Principal's Honors!!!


      i was supposed to be starting a very HUGE RP on Valucre, but Home repairs have kept me quite occupied. I just HOPE to make it before the deadline.


      I'm up RIGHT now working on Software packs, since I have to be at work in just seven hours, lol. Money doesn't come knocking at your door like it used to, lol. I actually have to WORK today, lol. Garden is flourishing. Got some Tomatoes, Corn and other nifty Veggies that are good for you overall. Even got some Pumpkins growing this year man!!! I've been trying to grow them, but the Squirrels always ROB me. For some odd reason, Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water is keeping everything away this year, which is good for me since I don't have to spend countless hours chasing rodents and the type away. I mean, share and share alike, but don't just come invade my shit and leave me with NOTHING to eat. I mean, seriously, lol.


      Other than that, besides this pandemic and our dumb-ass President, things are going okay with me.





  5. I don't set up the threads anymore, but you are free to do any of the quests in the listings. If you complete it, just drop me a line so I can pull it and put any relevant bits into the lore page.
  6. That's a real shame that happened, because Sanderson himself is a really kind, low-key guy and a great writer. Toxic fans have a way of ruining it for other people. 😞
  7. "Hey kids!" *Looks at his middle-aged paunch* *sighs* Welcome to Valucre. 🙂
  8. Not all of mine have lost something significant. But among those that have: Chaflin: His best friend growing up, later his innocence Matilyn: Her childhood Reincarnate: When you live a lot of lifetimes, you lose a lot of people Shivers: His humanity Stupple Hupple: His sanity, and at times, his hope.
  9. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:08 PM When we last left off, our heroes successfully thwarted an effort by a pair of tricky fiends with an entourage of over-cooked chickens efforts to turn the group into lunch meat. This followed a day of travel where they peppered their new ally with questions about the capital, learning about places to go, things to see, people to meet, as well as a bit about the internal politics. The next morning comes around without any more surprises, and so the group makes their way down the last stretch of road, perhaps still giving the poor knight a heavy day of answering questions, as the group prepares for having some downtime available to them. They do know that the Leader of the Church of Seul should have the ability to cast regeneration for the twins, and that if the Paladin feels more comfortable with having a priest of the Mother assist with absolving soul of the hag's victim, the head of the church for the Mother in this region also resides here, and should have access to a spell of that potency. We will start this off with the group approaching the city, seeing the massive, shining wall that serves as the first impression for travelers arriving at the capital city. Made of polished white marble and standing 20ft high, the walls are a marvel themselves. The open gates are massive, standing nearly as tall and perhaps a foot thick. Four guards stand by, nodding to locals as they pass. They move to stop your group as you approach, but upon seeing your Knight friend, they stop and address him. [4:08 PM] "Owen, you return! Who do you bring with you, and what of your fellows?" [4:09 PM] Eòghann answers, "Our mission did not end well, I'm afraid. I'm the only one who returns, and with much thanks to my friends here, who got me out of a bad situation. I need to speak with the Captain." [4:10 PM] The guards step aside and say, "Of course, of course. I am assuming you vouch for these newcomers then?" [4:10 PM] Eòghann says, "Yes, I owe them my life and more." [4:10 PM] "By all means then, come on in. Welcome to Villeurcourt!" [4:11 PM] Entering the Capital is a spectacle for any who have never seen such a huge, sprawling city. [4:12 PM] As far as you can see, there are market stands, buildings, and people bustling about. While Chiwak's festival gathered large groups, the crowds here are equal in number, but not for any special occasion, but as a daily occurrence. In the distance, you can see the castle itself, situated atop a hill, gleaming in the light of the setting sun. [4:12 PM] Even though it is late, people still are out shopping, selling, and running errands, though the more perceptive members of the group might notice some are starting to pack up [4:12 PM] The air smells of an interesting mixture of fried meats, spices, and horse dung. [4:13 PM] Eòghann says, "Let me show you to the inn." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:13 PM The gnome nods, "Is it difficult to enter the capital if we were not with you?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:14 PM "Not especially, they are tasked with asking people about their business and ensuring you do not show any signs of ill-will. You might have been held up for ten minutes but I don't foresee you all being turned away." AydenYesterday at 4:21 PM Knox enters behind the gnome with a frenzy of thoughts and potential in his mind. There were a lot of people here as expected, and many who may have heart to their cause. He wondered if they were too comfortable here? For now, he would follow the group. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:24 PM It takes a bit of work to weave around the amount of people here. Eòghann has an easy time of it of course, given he has lived here his whole life. He slips in and out of the crowds, taking you into a nice part of the town where the quality of the buildings improve noticeably and the people out and about are dressed in finer attire. Some are watching the group curiously, as you are a rather mixed bag, but others are polite and give nods, while some shop-stands, hoping to make a good final sale of the day, call out to you about their trinkets, fine and rare wonders, or exotic foods. [4:27 PM] Before long, you find yourself outside a rather large establishment, with three stories and seating outside for people to dine. Looking around the back, you can see a large, magnificent looking garden, filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. The sign says, "The Morning Glory Inn" and has a rather detailed morning glory flower on the sign, with its center filled with a sun rather than the normal interior of a flower. Eòghann leads you inside to a spacious, inviting open floor, a large space reserved for dancing as well as more than a dozen tables. The place is about half full, and many of the clientele here resemble Eòghann in manner and presentation--you quickly surmise this is a hotspot for the knights. [4:29 PM] On the way to the inn, you find a stables where your horses can be housed for 5 copper a day. Unlike the small towns, the young woman (about 20) running the place seems unfazed by Reth's unusual horse. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:33 PM Raleon's mind is in a whirl of excitement at being in a big city again. It had been so long since he had been within the stone walls of a city. He rode in on the back of his brother's horse this time. When they dismount and wove through the streets, his lips seemed plastered with a smile. "We're back to civilization, Thayrin," he sighed happily. "And we're finally to a place where we can get ourselves fixed. Aren't you excited, brother?" the elf asked, elbowing his kin who was close at his side, assisting him through the crowds. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:33 PM The gnome stables his pony once appropriately unloaded at the Inn. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:39 PM The silent elf although apeared nutrual about the large amount of people and activity going around him was rather excited to see what he could stumble across durning his stay there. He was looking around at the mass of life when Raleon spoke up about them finally getting fixed. It has been some time since we last were in such a busy place. A smile slowly started to form on his lips as his twin's exitement started to rub off on the assassin. Getting fixed will be wonderful. I dont recall speaking much when i could, but it would be nice to pipe up and tell groups of people things without haveing to repeat myself multiple times...but getting your sight back will be the best of all in my opinion. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:43 PM The gnome is happy to get situated at the Inn and mingles a little, getting a sense of the people and of the place. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:43 PM Raleon reached over and ruffled the blue twin's hair. "Oh don't be so dramatic. Getting your voice back will be a great thing. Perhaps you and Reth can learn how to talk together while I learn to read again. Lord it's been forever since I've even thought about reading." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:43 PM The gnome is excited about the upcoming temple visits as well. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:45 PM He chuckels though their link and grins at his twin. Or, maybe i'll pick up his grunting and shruging speech. He seems to have the full common language converterd flawlessly. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:46 PM The local chatter seems to be about political rumors, such as which noble required help with their cat, or which wife was seen sneaking around with her husband's squire, and other grapevine stories as they go. There is also a bit of talk among the more serious folk about the concerns of the still-growing conflict with the Aristosh kingdom Prince of FateYesterday at 4:51 PM "You all can't hide your secret shoulder shrugs from me anymore! No shaking of heads or middle fingers are hidden from me anymore. Body language shall no longer be a halt for my understandings of social situations!" Raleon continues to nuggie his brother. "I'll make you two talk if it kills me." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:52 PM Eòghann sees you all to a table and says, "Unless you have further need of me, I should report to Sir Emmond." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:52 PM "Try to get some rest, Gohan!" Raleon says, raising a hand to their knight friend. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:53 PM The gnome rises, "Of course! I will accompany you! I was interested in talking with Sir Emmond also... and we will likely need to set up a meeting with the King." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:54 PM "Certainly, you can come with me."(edited) AydenYesterday at 4:57 PM Knox looks around. "Would you like some assistance Artimus?" He wondered if it was best that they split up in a place so large so soon. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:58 PM "Of course Sir Knox, you probably know better than anyone about the situation at the gnoll village... I'll follow your lead on that!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:59 PM Eòghann leads the two of you further into the city, headed in the direction of the castle. You come to a second set of walls and a gate, where the guards seem to be more discerning about who they let through. Seeing Eòghann, they nod and say, "Welcome back." and open the closed gates to allow him through. They seem to allow you two to go in by extension of being in his company. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:00 PM to be fair, love, not much has passed you by despite being unable to see. It makes me wonder what you will miss when you actually can. think you'll be able to see how much coin is in someones purse across the inn? He snickers and retruns the ruffleing of hair to his twin. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:01 PM Soon he leads you to a rather nondescript, mediumish building also made of stone. It has a militaristic sort of look about it, designed for function rather than aesthetics. AydenYesterday at 5:03 PM Knox watches his surroundings as they follow. He looks over to Artimus curiously. "These look like good people Artimus. They should know of our trials and what waits for them outside their walls. What do you think?" He asks his companion curiously. Prince of FateYesterday at 5:03 PM With this lot of tin cans? Likely a lot. Oh the beds are going to be so soft.... The twin sighed and released his twin. "Where did our woodland cousin wander off to I wonder?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:04 PM Reth sits back down at the table with an ale Prince of FateYesterday at 5:04 PM "Priorities I see," snickers the blind elf. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:05 PM The interior of the building is equally simple. There are desks where officers are processing paperwork, maps on the wall with assignments and notes, and people who have a warrior's bearing but the dress of mid-level nobles walking about. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:05 PM "I think Sir Emmond will be very interested in what we've encountered in our journeys wince Chiwak. How much of your religious experiences do you wish to share?" (the gnome replies to Sir Knox)(edited) Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:07 PM Priorities on point if you ask me. he might need it with the amount of people around. Poor Reth is going to be like a cat in the bath if more than us folk try to speak to him i bet AydenYesterday at 5:07 PM Knox pauses for a second as he considers Artimus' question. The building they entered was simple, but even so, made him felt... underdressed in all of his dirty armor. He then decided. "I will share all of it, to those who are willing to listen. They should know, the world should know." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:08 PM Eòghann takes you through the building to a separate little office off the back wall, with a partially closed door. He knocks twice, and in response a baritone voice from within says, "Enter." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:09 PM So true. Wonder what he'll get up to. While we're having so much fun. "Say, what do you plan to do while we're here, local stick gatherer? Won't be any hair accessories for you to gather. Are you going to become the town drunk while we're here?" Raleon teased. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:10 PM Reth grunts. "I was thinking of going to the library, do some homework." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:11 PM Raleon's eyebrows raise. "Oh, what kind of homework?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:12 PM The interior of the office is also quite simple. There is a desk, where a middle-aged man with shoulder length black (peppered with some gray) hair and blue eyes is filling out some sort of document. He has three chairs in front of the desk, and behind him is a coat rack with a coat. He currently simple but nice clothing, a breastplate with some sort of insignia on the top of the left breast, and Art (probably not Knox) notices he has a short sword on his belt as well. He looks up and sees Eòghann. "Welcome back. How as the mission?" [5:15 PM] Eòghann takes a seat and gives him a full report of events, starting with the arriving in the area, the ambush and capture, the death of comrades, his managing to get into the pit of bodies and hiding, being rescued by your group, and how you all seem to have if not eliminated, significantly reduced the gnoll problem(edited) [5:15 PM] Emmond turns to address the two of you now. [5:15 PM] "I see, so I have you to thank for returning my field officer. How did you come upon the gnolls?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:18 PM "The gnolls were in our way and trying to summon fiends," states the gnome and looks at Sir Knox. AydenYesterday at 5:21 PM Knox is slow to start, but offers a readily response. "We come from Chiwak. Our travels have been hard and trying, but I received a vision from The Mother." He states as a matter of fact. "She showed me an angel, trapped by the gnolls. When we rescued the angel, we also saved your friend." The words rolled off his tongue smoothly and with certainty. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:23 PM "We have, in fact, fought against numerous fiends through the country." The gnome with inform Sir Emmond of some of them. "What do you make of all these threats to the Kingdom?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:25 PM You catch a brief flicker on his face at the mention of Chiwak, which you probably assume means he knowd of its razing. He remains neutral at the mention of the angel, simply listening. [5:27 PM] "There has been a great deal of... New threats in the region. Ill-timed, given the political climate. I havr heard rumorsnof fiends, but we had no confirmation from credible sources until Owen's report." [5:28 PM] "There are other issues as well. It sounds as though the goblins are getting out of hand, and the Lizard folk west of Embercrown have began attacking travelers again. They had been peaceful for the last ten years, so it makes us wonder what changed." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:36 PM "We do believe that there is some group who has been trying to coordinate these various groups to make trouble for the Kingdom. We have discovered strange emissaries who have visited the leaders of the various groups such as at Ozteank and at Gneixruh Krolga" [5:37 PM] "Do you think the Kingdom to the East might be involved?" [5:38 PM] "The fiend that assisted them is dead, " corrects the gnome, "but he was only an emissary." AydenYesterday at 5:39 PM Knox nods in agreement. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:42 PM "Sorry, the emissary itself wasn't a fiend, but it was a strange creature." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:42 PM He sits back in his chair, steepling his fingers, listening. When you mention the goblin city he lifts an eyebrow, a sign he knows of the city. "You went to the Goblin fortress?" AydenYesterday at 5:43 PM "We went. The emissary had hell hounds though. We think a lot of this is connected." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:43 PM "And what of these emmisaries? How are they connected?" [5:43 PM] "Hell hounds? I think I have heard of those before..." AydenYesterday at 5:44 PM Knox pauses and looks at Artimus, wondering how much more they should give. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:45 PM He takes a moment to process the new developments. "So, you have been to the Gnolls' warren and the fortress of the goblins, both had fiends in their company and both were contacted by some outside source, am I following?" AydenYesterday at 5:46 PM Knox nods in agreement. [5:47 PM] "We seek an audience with the King to explain the gravity of this situation." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:47 PM "It's really just a theory," says the gnome, "because so many fiends have been popping up in these encounters." The gnome reaches into his backpack and pulls out a piece of a note from the gnoll raid. "This is a piece of a note we confiscated from the gnoll village indicating a person sending emissaries to the gnoll leader. The name given is 'Zsatluhlih'."(edited) [5:49 PM] "What do you think this means?" asks the gnome, again trying to get a sense from Sir Emmond of things. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:49 PM He takes the note, glances over it, hands it back. "I do not recognize the origin of that name, it certainly isn't a name used in Aristosh. To answer your question, I would not completely rule out their involvement, because these events would benefit them, but the evidence at this time is flimsy and circumstantial. It might be an unfortunate coincidence. Or the source of these fiends is taking advantage of an uncertain political climate." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:51 PM The gnome nods. "That is good to hear." The gnome exhales, then takes a breath, "We think that this figure is connected to the various fiends we've encountered through the land."(edited) AydenYesterday at 5:51 PM Knox takes a step forward. "I understand your concerns regarding the political climate, but we've not crossed any evidence suggesting or linking these events to Aristosh." His sentiment echoes that of Art's own. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:52 PM "Your evidence makes me inclined to agree, the fiends are connected to a related source. The king will certainly need to know about this, and I am sure he will be interested in hearing from you directly. Is it just the two of you?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:53 PM The gnome glances at Sir Knox, "I think we have multiple reason to see the King. As some of the only surviving members of Chiwak. We would like to discuss the possibilities of its restoration." AydenYesterday at 5:54 PM The paladin laughs softly. When Artimus suggests other reasons, he completely agreed. "As much as I'd like to take claim to such deeds, we were not alone. There are a few others who assisted us in these matters." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:54 PM "There are, what? Five of us now?" The gnome looks at Sir Knox, "There were more of us." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:54 PM "Were you present when the dragon attack occurred?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:55 PM "I was outside the village at the time. Many of us were. If we had been there..." the gnome looks at the ground, "We would likely not be standing in front of you today." [5:56 PM] The gnome looks up, "But we saw the dragon and rushed to the village as quick as we could."(edited) AydenYesterday at 5:56 PM Knox nods again in agreement to Artimus' calculation. "We were on our way back to Chiwak, we took witness to the event from a distance." He states, making sure that Emmond knew that this wasn't a story passed on from person to person. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:58 PM "There were... what were they? kobolds? lizard men? We fought them outside the village." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:58 PM "So it was a dragon for certain, then. There are rumors, and stories of hearing strange sounds and the land changing, but no one has reported seeing it since." [5:59 PM] "The king will certainly want to speak with the entirety of your group. Where will you be staying?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:00 PM "We will be at The Morning Glory Inn," states the gnome. "I look forward to the honor of meeting the King." The gnome pauses, "Perhaps we can find some way to help further." [6:02 PM] "Perhaps, the King will help us with..." the gnome looks at Sir Knox, "our desire to rebuild Chiwak." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:02 PM Raleon returns with a few ales and a plate of a shareable appetizer. "So besides some reading, any other plans? There's much to do around such a big town. It'd be a shame to stow away in a library for so long. Perhaps we can all go out for some fun later? See a show? Be a show," the elf laughs and drinks from his mug. AydenYesterday at 6:02 PM Knox agrees. "We have full intentions of ridding the dragon from Chiwak. As long as it remains there, it threatens everyone, even the Capital." He says seriously. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:03 PM "I know there has been conversations about what to do with the area, it is a topic you can bring up with him." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:03 PM The gnome presses his lips together at Sir Knox's remark, but says nothing. AydenYesterday at 6:04 PM The Paladin looks curiously at him. Conversations about what to do with the area? What was that suppose to mean? "We shall do so. Thank you for your time." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:05 PM The gnome nods his head. [6:07 PM] "Sir Emmond, we also have information about the plans from Ozteank to conquest the Kingdom." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:07 PM He probably will be hiding from the droves of people and cultivating a small following of the trendy sticks in hair campaign he has going on. He snaggs an ale from his twin and a bit of food off the plate before leaning back and processessing the possiblility of what to do. I for one, will probably try to find some better swords while here. can't hurt trying to find some pretty shinnys after we get ourselves fixed. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:08 PM "Apparently much of the kingdom was once under the rule of goblinoids." [6:08 PM] "And while the threat has been averted for now... in a generation or so it could easily return." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:09 PM "Yes, in the early history of settling these lands, the north region was dominated by goblinoids." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:09 PM The gnome pulls more documents from his bags and shares them... They include maps of the area with plans to conquest it. [6:10 PM] "This threat is ever lurking." AydenYesterday at 6:11 PM Knox watches cautiously. They were trusting this man. His eyes look back to Eòghann to see his response to all of this. They trusted Emmond by proxy. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:12 PM The gnome takes a bit more time to discuss things with Sir Emmond to impress him with the importance of preserving knowledge for future generations concerning this threat. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:12 PM He looks over it carefully. "This is foreboding, though not entirely surprising. This leader of theirs was very-well organized. People often write off goblins as simple, but they forget that their hobgoblin counterparts are rather good military tacticians."(edited) [6:15 PM] He listens to Art and after a moment says, "You are right. Books preserve history and knowledge, both of which are building blocks of what has made this kingdom successful. I am not in a position to do much, but I can relay your concerns to the King. He does have an appreciation for academics and libraries."(edited) 1 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:17 PM The gnome smiles a nice big smile, once again thanks Sir Emmond for his time, and departs with Sir Knox (when Sir Knox is ready). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:18 PM Eòghann walks you out and says, "I'll see you again in the coming days, once I know when the King can meet with you all." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:19 PM "Mm-hmm" The gnome has a spring in his step. "It will very exciting to see the King!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:20 PM "I recall the first time I did. I was ready to puke. But, if it helps, he is a person like the rest of us." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:21 PM The gnome arches an eyebrow, "If he is anything like you Eòghann, then he is truly an incredible individual." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:23 PM Eòghann actually blushes a little. "Well, he's certainly trying, which counts for something. We've had kings that are more concerned with power than statecraft." AydenYesterday at 6:23 PM Knox expresses his thanks and takes leave with the gnome and Eòghann. "Very well, I would like to take the Soul Pouch to a temple of The Mother sooner than later Aremis." He says finally. [6:24 PM] "Tomorrow morning work?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:27 PM "Yes... and we can see about the regeneration of our friends." AydenYesterday at 6:27 PM "Of course. I'd be amazed if they're still where we left them to be honest." He chuckles softly. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:29 PM So, the next morning, one by one the group awakens to the smell of eggs, bacon, and cinnamon, and if you recognize it, coffee. AydenYesterday at 6:31 PM Knox comes down to join the group and enjoy in the food. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:32 PM Raleon sits at the table, his hands holding a cup of said joe, seeming to be smiling to himself as it rests under his nose. He's up early...and for once not grumpy. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:32 PM Like usual the quiet assassin was up early in the morning already drinking a cup of tea people watching wile waiting for the others to rouse themselves from bed. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:33 PM The gnome enters, shuffling some papers and stowing them away. He gets a faraway look in his eyes. Then he joins his companions for breakfast. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:33 PM Reth joins everyone at the table, leans over Raleon to sniff his mug and asks, "What is that?" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:35 PM "Morning grump begone juice, want a taste?" The elf offers the sweetened and milked coffee. AydenYesterday at 6:36 PM Knox is wearing his vestments on this day, looking a little nicer than normal as the group gathered. "I figured you two twins would have been gone already." He jests at them. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:37 PM Reth takes a sip and wrinkles his face. "That's bitter!" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:38 PM "We're used to waiting on you two," teased the elf. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:38 PM Thayrin simply smiles briefly at Knox from the rim of his cup as he takes a sip of his tea. A full on smirk plays on his face at Reth's reaction to his brothers already too sweet for himself coffee. and messages him. "you should have tried it before he sweetend that" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:38 PM "You are looking nice today, Corsica." AydenYesterday at 6:39 PM Knox laughs. It was rare to see everyone in a good mood. "Thank you Artimus. Today is a special day. It serves the occasion." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:41 PM Raleon snickers to himself. "You're such a child." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:41 PM The gnome looks around the group, "Yes, it is a special day! I'm excited as well. I need to get some finer clothing for occasions like this... and we'll be seeing the King at some point in the near future as well." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:41 PM Reth groans. "I suppose I have to get something nicer too." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:42 PM "I think Eòghann mentioned a clothier by the name of Velda." [6:43 PM] "It's not that bad to look your best every so often, Reth." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:44 PM Thayrin simply tilts his head and blinks at the Wizard's statment looking just about if not more road worn as the ranger. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:45 PM Raleon's brows raised. "Excuse me, did I just hear you're going to dress up? No fussing? No howling? Cussing to the moons? Who are you and what have you done with my beloved ranger?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:45 PM "The Inn will provide bath water on request too. I usually just use magic to clean off, but every now and then a good bath is really quite nice."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:47 PM Reth crosses his arms. "Even I know that you can't go visiting kings tracking in mud." But he doesn't look happy about it. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:48 PM The gnome arches an eyebrow. AydenYesterday at 6:49 PM Knox laughs again. He wasn't sure what this group of battle worn rags would look like if they all dressed up. Perhaps they would appear as fancy as some of the nobles in the city. "It may be frowned upon, but I think we will manage." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:51 PM Raleon's lips still have a snarky smirk about them. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:51 PM For those interested, breakfast this morning is your choice of omelettes, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, or a fruit salad. AydenYesterday at 6:52 PM Knox eats a healthy serving of sausage, oatmeal, and fruit salad. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:53 PM Eggs and bacon for Artimus today, Prince of FateYesterday at 6:57 PM Our chaotic moon elf has a refreshing bit of oatmeal with brown sugar and a fruit salad. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:59 PM So, as Reth licks the last of the icing off his fingers, he asks, "We fixing the cursed soul or our twins first?" AydenYesterday at 7:00 PM "Twins." Knox is quick to speak as he looks down the table at the others. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:00 PM "I'm still alive, so I call dibs," Raleon perks up. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:01 PM "Eòghann recommended Father Matthias at the High Temple. Perhaps, he can take care of the soul as well. If not, we can visit a cleric of the Mother next." [7:02 PM] "So... to the High Temple?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:03 PM Tharyin apears to snicker and shake his head before pokeing his twin on the cheek. yep. still very much alive and kicking, and not a product of my imagination Prince of FateYesterday at 7:03 PM "Well I doubt you'll really be needed for our healing if you wish to do them at the same time," Raleon shrugged. "I'm...unsure of the process, but all the other healers said it was impossible... I have to yield my expectations this one isn't the same." Raleon placed down his mug and wiped his mouth with his thumb, smiling to the gnome. "But yes... to the temple. I haven't given up hope yet." [7:04 PM] Raleon snaps his teeth at his brother's finger playfully and swipes at him. "I'll show you how real I am." AydenYesterday at 7:04 PM "If this is possible, I wish to take witness to it. We should all be together for this." Knox states calmly. They had come this far together. [7:05 PM] "We are here to support you two." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:05 PM Reth says, "And miss their reactions? Of course we're going." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:07 PM "I doubt the cleric can do them at the same time..." but I'm not a cleric myself. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:07 PM Raleon's face looks surprised for a moment before he softly laughs. "Well, thanks for making me feel like a dick." He turns to Reth. "We might just bar you from coming in and tormenting us. 'Doctor! We don't know this man!' " he feigned ignorance. AydenYesterday at 7:07 PM "It matters not. I'd give preference to taking it to a cleric of The Mother, but it can wait." He says as the others continued to discuss. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:08 PM "Were you not going to--yes, to your Mother figure." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:08 PM I don't boubt it.....and is it just me, or is it a rather werid feeling to have people who seem to have a real concern in our wellbeing and be our friends? A simular look of suprise mirrored on his face as well with the others statements wishing to tag with. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:10 PM Raleon stands and pushes in his chair, picking up his sword cane for perhaps the last time. "You're right, Thayrin .... Perhaps we have found some good friends. You know, that means none of you are allowed do die now. It's strictly forbidden." He gives a shrug. "I don't make the rules." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:13 PM The gnome rises, "I wouldn't miss it. Besides, didn't I suggest that the clerics here might be able to do something? At the very least, they should have the answer to the question." AydenYesterday at 7:14 PM "Then it's decided." He said watching Raleon. "We shouldn't wait any longer than needed." He said finishing the last bit of his food. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:18 PM And so after a bit of asking around, you are given directions to the Temple of the Father, what you also learn is the largest church in the Niberis Kingdom. The church is less a traditional church and instead an actual cathedral, with stain glass windows, huge arches, and gargoyal statues on the exterior. The structure is large, foreboding, but beautiful in a gothic way. As you prepare to enter, you see a family walking about, holding a small, frail child close, looking relieved. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:19 PM "Greetings," says the gnome, "This must be the High Temple to the Father. Yes?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:20 PM Raleon whistles at the large building. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:21 PM The inside is massive, with high rising ceilings, an open entry of a foyer of sorts, where people hang up coats and leave offerings. A young acolyte is there to greet you. [7:21 PM] "Welcome, friends. How may we help you today?" AydenYesterday at 7:21 PM Knox is impressed as they approach the church. He had never seen one so large before in his entire life. It made their small place of worship in Chiwak look like a small hut in comparison. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:23 PM do you think these people built this church big enough? what do they even need with such a huge building???? Thayrin looks about the grand building partially in awe with a healthy mix of puzzlement and curiosity. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:23 PM "Ah, yes, greetings. My brother and I have traveled long and far for a healer that may reverse the effects of our....shall we say, brandings. I was told that your, Father here could perhaps help us?" Raleon states to the acolyte. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:24 PM He looks a bit puzzled. "By what do you mean brandings?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:24 PM Raleon lifts up his glasses and taps at the sides of his eyes. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:25 PM Thayrin simply smiles while standing next to his mirror immage, the large scarring quite prominent on his neck. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:26 PM He winces a little. "Oh, I see. Have you had anyone try to use curative magics before?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:27 PM "Many times, but not just anyone can reverse the effects of the Red God I'm afraid," Raleon states with a frown, placing his glasses back down. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:28 PM He blanches a little at the mention of the Red God. "Hmm, well, perhaps Father Matthias can be of aid. I will send for him. Please, come this way, I'll show you to a sitting room." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:29 PM The gnome gives a small offering as he enters: 150 cp Prince of FateYesterday at 7:30 PM Raleon finds his way with his brother's aid per usual. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:31 PM The Acolyte leads you to a simple, but pleasant sitting room, with comfortable chairs, wood-panel walls, and a kettle with hot water and a basket of varied teas. "Please, make yourselves some tea. He will be with you shortly."(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 7:31 PM You know how these places are. I don't find them so bad...unless they're harming the local economy for it. But somehow I believe there are many who see this place as a sign of prosperity and joy. Remarked the elf through their link. Not all of the moons are bad....just ours. He snickered.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:32 PM The gnome tilts his head and arches an eyebrow at Raleon's sudden snicker. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:32 PM Fair point. but by the moons is this place fancy. He quitely takes a seat and perks at the mention of tea before snagging a cup. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:35 PM "Uh oh, Thayrin found the leaf water," he teased. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:36 PM The gnome takes a seat, pulls out a book, and starts reading. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:36 PM Said man sticks out his toung in response before taking a sip of his preferred non alcoholic beverage AydenYesterday at 7:38 PM Knox remains respectful and follows the others in as they wait. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:39 PM The group has a bit of time to sit and get comfortable, as fifteen minutes passes before there is a knock at the door. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:39 PM The gnome looks up and regards Raleon and Thayrin intently for a moment, then goes back to reading. [7:39 PM] At the knock, the gnome closes his book. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:40 PM Raleon has sat himself sideways in the chair in a lounging position by the time the door is knocked on. He lifts his head and straightens himself. "Someone gunna get that?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:40 PM The door opens on its own--it seems the knock was a polite way of letting you know someone is walking in. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:41 PM The gnome looks at the entrants. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:42 PM A man who appears close to 70 steps into the room, dressed in simple robes that are clean and well fitted. It has a way of both giving a positive impression while also not flaunting wealth. He steps in smoothly, moving rather easily for someone who is in the twilight years of his human lifespan. AydenYesterday at 7:42 PM Knox politely stands as the elder man walks in. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:43 PM Raleon blinks. "Hello?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 7:45 PM Thayrin blinks as well and simply dips his head slightly in geeeings. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:45 PM The gnome puts away his book and rises from his chair. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:47 PM "I am told by my assistant that you have sought an audience to remedy a difficult injury to heal." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:51 PM "Aye, I regret to say we have two in fact... My brother and I have received brands from the Red God for our hubris," Raleon says and removes his glasses. "We were hoping that your magics would perhaps be an aid to us..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:54 PM (Medicine 21) He examines the injuries. "Well, conventional magic would not remove these wounds, the damage is irreparable. You need to have these parts generated to have their function restored." AydenYesterday at 7:55 PM "Regenerated?" Knox questions. "Is this something that can be done here?" He asks curiously and with hope. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:57 PM "I am capable of doing such feats. The degree of magic it requires of me I can manage just twice, provided I upcast it the second time." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:58 PM "Well...My brother's vocal cords are already gone...I heard them splatter on the ground. But my eyes are still...well in their sockets," Raleon seems...uncomfortable where this is going. AydenYesterday at 8:02 PM Knox smiles. "Looks like we're in the right place then." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:03 PM The gnome watches quietly. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:03 PM "The process can heal existing, ruined parts or regrow new ones. One is just slightly faster than the other." [8:06 PM] "Our church operates off donations. The suggested donation for magic of such caliber is 350 gold, if you can afford such." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:07 PM His shoulders relaxed a bit, seeing his eyes seemed to be able to stay in their sockets. Raleon's brows raised. "I was expecting much more." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:08 PM "If you have no other questions, there is the matter of resolving who is first?" Prince of FateYesterday at 8:09 PM Raleon looked to his brother. "Thayrin first. It was my fault he got drug into this mess in the first place." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:11 PM "Alright, please have a seat, this will take a moment to complete the casting." [8:12 PM] From beneath his robes he pulls out a prayer wheel a vial of holy water. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:13 PM Thayrin is obviously in a state of rejection of going first. But Raleon simply smiles at him. "Not like you can say no." and winks. Thayrin pouts. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:13 PM The gnome sits in a chair and watches. AydenYesterday at 8:13 PM Knox has a hard time sitting as he watches. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:21 PM The process, as he stated, does take a minute (the casting time is one minute) as he begins chanting, steadily working his way through a prayer while holding the prayer wheel and rubbing some of the holy oil atop Thayrin’s forehead. At first, the chanting is just a steady, comforting procession of repeated lines from some old language (think world equivalent to Latin). As the chanting goes on, the voice grows louder, and soon an echo that fills the room, bouncing off the walls, filling each one of you with the warmth. The words themselves take on an almost physical presence, each accentuated syllable striking you like hailstones. Nearing the end of the casting, the praying intensifies, growing faster, louder, and more powerful. Everyone can feel their hands and eyes vibrating as a powerful energy fills the room. Radiant light forms at his finger tips and at the end of the casting, it leaks from his fingers and seeps into Thayrin’s throat, the inside glowing so brightly that it shines through his flesh and glows like a firefly captured beneath an translucent glass. There is discomfort, as new parts regrow and renew, but the pain is bearable. Thayrin feels a hum in his throat, as vocal cords start to form, attach, renew. He can feel words on the cusp, something bubbling at the back of his throat, ready to escape. For a second, it appears he is ready to speak, but while the light builds up steadily, its disappearance is instant, snuffed out like a candle. [8:23 PM] Red streaks crisscross the natural lines of his throat, first subtle then quickly burning brightly and intense. The smell of smoke and sulfur starts to fill the room, and everyone hears what sounds like a succession of three, booming claps, followed by the deep, terrifying laughter. Just as Thayrin starts to form words, perhaps trying to say his brothers name, his voice fails, and instead he coughs, coughs uncontrollably, until he coughs up blood, clots, and a wad of charred flesh. The sight is familiar to Thayrin. [8:25 PM] One word echoes throughout the room. Simple, perfunctory, absolute authority. “No!” And from Thayrin red light and a wave of heat bursts out, hitting the cleric hard enough to drop him to his backside, while the rest of you are shaken. Another peel of laughter bounces about as the smell of sulfur fades, and the room slowly returns to normal. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:26 PM Raleon stands and shouts, "You SICK son of a bitch!" AydenYesterday at 8:26 PM Knox is comforted by the warmth of the room and the comfort that the words bring. The magic here was powerful, and his heart fluttered. The man's skills were borderline miraculous and unlike anything he had witnessed. In comparison, the man was far beyond Knox's own reach. Yet, as quickly as things seemed to be going well, things seemed to go wrong. Knox turned to find the laughter and see where the threat was coming from. [8:27 PM] He uses his divine senses to assist him! Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:27 PM "Are you okay?" the gnome asks the old man. The gnome seems calm. [8:28 PM] The gnome hops off his chair and walks over to the cleric to inspect him. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:28 PM Knox is quick to glance around, and with his divine sense reaching out--he senses something different. Normally, he just senses a fiendish present, with a distinct unpleasant odor coming from a nearby source. In this moment, he does not sense a nearby fiend, but has the sense for a few seconds that everyone in the room is entirely immersed in it, surrounded by it, choking on it. [8:29 PM] He actually catches a glimpse of a brief, massive shadow figure along the walls, watching with eyes burning like orange coals, filled with hatred, and just as quickly it dissipates like smoke. [8:31 PM] The Cleric looks a little stunned (like, he literally just got stunned) [8:31 PM] But he is shaking it off. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:31 PM The gnome swallows slightly and looks around nervously, but waits for the cleric to recover. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:32 PM Raleon shakes with anger, his fist clenched so tightly that his palms threaten to bleed. "Stop toying with our lives like it's some twisted show you pathetic savage! I'm not a source of your fucking amusement." AydenYesterday at 8:34 PM Knox is shook for a moment as the room filled with the awful sensation that his senses picked up on. Just as quickly as his eyes saw the shadow, it was gone. Quickly, Knox takes action and casts bless upon the twins, the cleric, and the gnome.. just in case it returns for more. Or in case they missed anything.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:34 PM Thayrin's arms shake as his hearing seems muffled, staring at the remains of his newly grown vocal cords. Raleon's face twists with pain at their shared sight. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:35 PM The Cleric, managing to shake the effects off, slowly gets up from the ground. "Please ask my assistant, Stenval, to bring us the good tea. Emphasize the good tea. He'll know what to do." And he moves over to a chair and plops down. At the moment, he looks years older. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:36 PM The gnome moves to the door and calls out, "Stenval! He says to bring the 'good tea'" [8:37 PM] The gnome moves back to the cleric, "I think you can see that this is no ordinary case of amputation," says the gnome, "I was definitely uncertain as to how it could be cured... but I remain confident that if an answer can be found, then such an answer resides here in the highest temple of the land. You can see that the mark upon these two is of a certain deity..." the gnome pauses for a moment, "Rouge Lune" he whispers. AydenYesterday at 8:37 PM "The shadow in the corner... it did this." Knox says softly, his eyes still fixated on where it faded from existence. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:37 PM Raleon kicks the chair he was sitting in with rage and runs his fingers through his hair. His teeth are clenched as he paces back and forth. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:38 PM Reth looks like a caged animal, pacing the room, looking for trouble, wanting something to lash out at. [8:38 PM] Father Mathias nods with Art. "I see that now." [8:39 PM] A moment later, a knock at the door, and the Acolyte comes running in with two kettles, a basket of prepared tea drops, and honey. He sets it down and departs. [8:40 PM] Father Mathias drops one into a mug, adds water from one kettle, and pours in something darker from the other. "The second kettle is a potent liquor. I think all can use a touch, especially your brother." He nods at Thayrin. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:40 PM The red twin growls in elvish, seething with rage as he seems to be saying something...quite morbid, grotesque even.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:41 PM Reth lifts an eyebrow Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:44 PM The gnome looks over at Raleon. The gnome places a fist to his mouth and shuts his eyes for a moment. and takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes, lowers his fist and turns back towards the cleric, "Yes, if you recommend it." The gnome will take a cup and move back to sit on a chair. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:45 PM “I have run this church for more than two decades now, and I have been in service to the Father for more than six. Many times, I have had some come to my door, claiming to be cursed by an evil god, most often Rogue Lune, the Father’s evil counterpart, his fallen son. In my years of providing alms and services, I have rarely encountered something I found to be unnatural, that is, beyond what one can expect to befall people due to the way the world works. Still, I have healed, and provided comfort, and done what I can.” He takes a healthy sized pull of the tea. “Only on two occasions have I thought an evil God might have had an influence, indirect mind, for rarely do they do their own work. Most often, they are content to allow a follower, a cultist, and evil entity, to do their bidding. Twice I have had to intercede in a more direct, more involved way to solve such a problem.” Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:45 PM "What do you recommend as the next step here?" he asks in even tone. AydenYesterday at 8:45 PM Knox stays clear of the drinks. His eyes continue to scan around as if he was still nervous. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:45 PM Thayrin sits up, trying to collect himself, blood still oozing from his lips. He spits a chunk of flesh into the pile and crosses his legs, nodding to the tea idea. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:47 PM “In our advanced teachings, for those of us who go far in our structure, we learn of something called a ‘God Curse’, a rare and terrible condition. There are stories, but few cases even deemed plausible, none believed as certain. Some in my order do not believe in them at all. I once leaned that way myself, thinking that Gods do not care to intercede to such a degree.” [8:48 PM] With a crack in his voice, tinged with authentic regret, he says, “There is nothing I, nor can anyone here do for you. Removal of a God curse is beyond mortal measures. You need the intervention of another God.” [8:49 PM] “Again, there are stories. Stories of those who were cursed, those who rose in favor with some other deity, a deity who then interceded on their behalf and interfered. A curse from the Dark One… that is something.” Another healthy pull of the spiked tea. [8:50 PM] "Have either of you formed a close tie to one of the Pantheon?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:50 PM The gnome nods, "I thought, perhaps, a curse, but this does seem to be on a level surpassing the curses of mortals." [8:51 PM] The gnome looks at Raleon and Thayrin. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:52 PM Thayrin tugs at Raleon's pant leg, looking up to him sympathetically with soft mental calming words. Raleon sees the state he's in and how his eyes flicker with flames of anger. His teeth clench harder as he's stopped. "No, it's NOT okay, Thayrin. He TOOK your voice again," whaled the rogue as he kneeled down and pulled his brother close. Thayrin hugged his raging brother as he burrowed his face into his shoulder. He stroked his brother's hair softly. [8:54 PM] Thayrin points to the priest and messages him. "Well...I wouldn't call us close...but I was born under the favored moon of the Blue God. The Trickster Moon, as was he since he is my twin...Sadly he was born under the Moon of Rouge."(edited) [8:55 PM] "We also just saved an angel of the..." He seems to become puzzled in remembering her name. "The White one? The Mother I think you call her..."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:59 PM "I must admit I am not well-versed in the lore of your people, so I do not know what it means to be born beneath one's moon, but it might be a place for you to start. Fulkin is motivated by trickery and pulling one over on people... perhaps that is the angle you should seek. I should not know of this, but to the South region, there is a village, where a small band provide worship to him. I would seek them out. It is called Faersmarch. If you have provided services to the mother, perhaps one could petition her as well. She is the god of benevolence. As you are both elves, you might also try Wetr. But be aware, Gods are not like people. Navigating their desires, even of those who are kind, can be tricky, and they may ask much." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:03 PM Thayrin nods with a bit of concern. "The gods...have not been kind to us so far. To ask faith from us is...a lot. What would you suggest we do?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:04 PM "Why shouldn't you know of people who worship Fulkin?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:07 PM He actually smiles a little. "Fulkin is a god of chaos, mischief, disorder. The Father represents order, law, justice. They do not see eye to eye, and so we followers are discouraged from having such knowledge. As the head of my church, I take it upon myself to know such things anyway, especially if it might help another." [9:08 PM] "They might not always require strong faith. Some are placated with service, or an oath to a cause. There is more than one way to approach a god. Someone like Fulkin might be persuaded by the promise of some grand form of mischief, it is hard to say. Each god has their own individual goals." AydenYesterday at 9:11 PM Knox listens as the cleric speaks. He ponders upon the possibilities, even wondering if the Mother would answer him this time? Sure, he was paid well for answering her call to save the angel. But what if he approached her this time? Was he considered one of her agents now that he carried out her will? Would she answer him? He said nothing as they continued to speak, only listening. Prince of FateYesterday at 9:14 PM Raleon let out a slow, uneven breath as he sat himself proper. He was...smoldering now, but murderous intent still lingered in his eyes. "So you're saying we have to try and ask one of the other gods to heal us to spite the bastard?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:16 PM "With Fulkin, spite very much might work. With others, a different approach. I am sorry that I cannot offer clearer guidance right now, but I am not well apprised of your situations, how you came into this curse, the lives you have led or will lead." He finishes off the tea. "I cannot help you now, but I would like to try and help in anyway I can. Would you be willing to come visit? Tell me of your histories, of your travels, what you do? Perhaps in time I can better guide you, but I am sorry, I cannot offer much right now." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:17 PM "Just to be clear, it is your opinion that there is no other way to heal them, except for the intervention of a deity? Or do you think that perhaps another way could be uncovered in time?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:17 PM He shakes his head, "It will take a deity, but perhaps in time, once I know them better, I can help guide them on this." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:18 PM "Grandpa, that is a long story .... You'll likely need more of that tea," the red twin teased. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:18 PM He chuckles. "A story we can do it bits, and on a day where I am better equipped to listen. I have a feeling I am going to partake in a nap today, and I have not allowed myself that in nearly seven years." AydenYesterday at 9:19 PM Knox sighs softly as he listens. They had come all this way only to find more hardship for his companions. It wasn't what they had planned, and perhaps they were too hopeful. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:19 PM "Err.. seven years...?" Prince of FateYesterday at 9:19 PM Raleon is visibly confused. "Do you humans...evolve to no longer need sleep once you get that old?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:20 PM "Oh, I sleep at night, I just don't often allow myself time for naps. Too busy, I'm afraid." His smile is a tired one. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:21 PM The gnome nods, "Well, it seems this will take more time to solve..." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:21 PM Raleon pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded. "Right..." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:22 PM "Before you nap, I do have a couple more questions for you... on simple question and one potentially difficult question." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:23 PM He nods to give his consent to ask AydenYesterday at 9:24 PM Knox listens. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:25 PM "The difficult question concerns a soul that requires atonement. The man has already died and his soul is doomed... but not yet passed on. He was a follower of the Mother in life and he was... tricked into damning his soul. What do you recommend for this one?" [9:25 PM] "Should we try to atone him here or with a cleric of the Mother?"(edited) [9:26 PM] "The second question is: do you have an archive or a repository here at the Temple that I might peruse?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:26 PM He seems a little confused. "How his is soul doomed? It is for the Gods to decide such things, no?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:27 PM "He committed an evil act before his death and was captured by a Night Hag." AydenYesterday at 9:27 PM Knox looks at Artimus. He had assumed they were going to let the cleric rest after that ordeal. He supposed it was better than traveling to another temple to find a cleric. Yet, he continued to listen for now. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:27 PM At the mention of a Night Hag he flinches. "Vile things, Night Hags. You were able to wrest away this soul from her grasp?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:29 PM "Yes, we were able to do exactly that... and thus prevented his soul from being sold and consumed by demons and the like." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:30 PM "Atonement is something I can do, but if he followed the Mother, it might be for the best that you seek out Anita. She runs the church of the Mother, and she is capable of such as well. It would be more proper to honor the teachings he followed." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:30 PM The gnome nods, "I suspect so." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:30 PM "As for a repository, there are many books here. You are welcome to peruse if you wish, I will give you a letter before you depart, so the Acolytes know you have my blessing. It is not off limits, but we're careful. I get the sense you are trustworthy around texts." He smiles. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:31 PM The gnome bows his head slightly, closing his eyes and laying his hands across his chest, and smiles, "Thank You."(edited) AydenYesterday at 9:32 PM Knox nods also, thanking the cleric for his time and words of wisdom. "Very well, if Raleon and Thayrin wish to return back... I can go speak with Anita." He says to Artimus.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:34 PM The gnome looks at Raleon and Thayrin. "I..." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:34 PM Raleon leaves the room. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:35 PM Reth goes out after, and without even a grunt, grabs Raleon and gives him a hug. [9:35 PM] "I'm sorry." Prince of FateYesterday at 9:40 PM He doesn't get very far before the elf stops him. His body is tense, shaking with emotion. He's uncharacteristically quiet. Then the sound of choking as he's biting his lip. His arms slowly wrap around the smaller elf and squeeze tightly. His throat burns. His eyes burn as he fights back tears. "I....I just... want to be normal," his voice is hoarse and forced. "Why is that so much to ask?" Raleon whispers. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:41 PM The gnome looks at Thayrin, "This isn't over... just harder." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:42 PM Reth grunts, one that seems to say, "It's not" and "wanting to be normal is fine. Reth's grunts are rather expressive at times. Prince of FateYesterday at 9:44 PM Thayrin glares at Artimus. Then looks down and huffs through his nose with a bit of a defeated sigh, messaging Artimus. "I'm certain it's not... But I don't think Raleon's going to stop now at just getting us healed..."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:46 PM Is Knox heading to the temple of the mother? Others going? AydenYesterday at 9:46 PM Knox is heading to the temple, assuming Artimus follows or gives the soul pouch to him. Prince of FateYesterday at 9:46 PM "Why?" His voice quivers. "Why does he have to torment us?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:47 PM "Maybe not, but that's a choice he has to make for himself. No one can do it for him, not even you." the gnome replies to Thayrin. [9:47 PM] The gnome accompanies Sir Knox. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:49 PM Art and Knox are headed to the other temple, what of the elves? Prince of FateYesterday at 9:52 PM Thayrin sits and drinks the rest of the spiked tea for a while in thought. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:55 PM Art and Knox find the temple after getting some directions. It is in the same district but a good ten minutes of walking to get to. This building is smaller, but still well-made and maintained. Larger than the church in the village, but about half the size of the Cathedral of the Father. The doors are open. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:56 PM The gnome made sure to get that permission slip before leaving the Temple to the Father. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:56 PM Of course, he received it. [9:57 PM] An acolyte stands near the doors and greets you as you enter. "Welcome, sons, to the Temple of the Mother. How may she assist you? Have you come to pray?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:59 PM "We have... for a lost soul that needs redeeming in the eyes of the Mother." [9:59 PM] The gnome looks at Sir Knox. AydenYesterday at 9:59 PM Knox looks at the acolyte and offers a smile. "We have come to ask for assistance. A soul that needs atonement. Can you assist us?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:00 PM "Oh? Let me get Anita, this sounds outside my paygrade." He gives a cheeky smile at his joke. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:00 PM As he departs, the gnome wonders aloud, "Hmm, how much do they get payed here do you think?"(edited) AydenYesterday at 10:01 PM Knox follows him as he goes to get Anita. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:01 PM The gnome follows Sir Knox. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:03 PM The Acolyte returns a moment later with an older woman, perhaps in her fifties, her gray hair tied up in a tight, neat bun. "Welcome, I am told you are in need of an atonement service?" AydenYesterday at 10:04 PM Knox looks at Artimus. "Show her the soul pouch please." He says. "We retrieved this off of a dead hag, and were wishing to make things right." Knox says softly as he waits for Artimus. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:06 PM "Be alarmed, but not overly so," says the gnome as he retrieves the soul bag, "There is a soul trapped within this grotesque bag." Prince of FateYesterday at 10:07 PM Raleon pats Reth's shoulder softly. "I'm okay now..." His eyes look...cold and determined. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:07 PM "This soul was loyal to the Mother in life, but fell victim to the wiles of a Night Hag, committed an evil act of murder, and was slain and captured by her." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:08 PM She also shows a similar expression of disgust. "I know of such foul things. Come with me, this is a lengthy ritual." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:09 PM The gnome follows her. AydenYesterday at 10:09 PM Knox steps in behind her. "Thank you for taking your time to see us." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:10 PM Reth shakes his head, grips him tighter. "Your pulse is still faster than a scared rabbit, and you have the clenched muscles of a pissed off, mother bear." But then he lets go. "You can be not okay yet. Let's get a drink." [10:11 PM] Anita takes you to a smaller room, with a statue of the mother, and a place to burn incense. She pulls some incense out of a closet and puts them in there, lighting them. [10:12 PM] "I will need the... remains... placed here. This will take an hour. You may remain if you wish, but I did warn you about the duration." AydenYesterday at 10:13 PM Knox looks at Anita, then back to Artimus. "I will stay to see this through to the end." He says calmly. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:13 PM Raleon manages a chuckle. "Since when can you read me like a set of tracks? Must be getting rusty..." He says but sighs, trying to steady his breathing. "Yeah, let's go." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:14 PM Reth ruffles his hair, having to stand on his tip toes to reach. "Nah, I'm just getting that good." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:15 PM The gnome bites his lip for a second, then sighs. "I'll stay and see this through to the end as well," he says with resignation.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 10:15 PM Raleon seems to lean down for him, feeling him strain at his side. "Now you're just cocky." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:16 PM "Aye, perhaps you're rubbing off on me." [10:17 PM] As the elves make off for the inn, Art and Knox sit through what is a lengthy ritual, one that takes an hour to complete. The incense are perfumed and not unpleasant but a bit of a heavy smell. As she works through her prayer, the woman becomes increasingly flushed and her face coated in beaded sweat, the exertion taking its toll. Still, she works through the hour. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:18 PM The gnome takes a feather from the angel out and holds it during the ceremony. AydenYesterday at 10:19 PM Knox observes the ritual and offers a subtle prayer in the process. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:20 PM As the ceremony comes to a close, she puts her hands up and says emphatically, "A mother's forgiveness!" As she utters these last words, something peculiar happens. The larvae slowly begins to pulse, beating like a heart beat, growing longer, and lighter in color. Slowly, it regains the shape of something humanoid, but insubstantial, as if made from ethereal light and wisps of gas. Bit by bit, the form breaks down into tiny, glowing motes and floats skyward, hanging over you like a blanket of stars. They blink once, twice, and then disappear all at once. [10:20 PM] Anita, wiping her brow, says, "It is done. He will be at peace." Prince of FateYesterday at 10:20 PM Raleon snorts. "You'd learn to brush your hair if I was rubbing off on ya. Ya muddy brat." The elf snickers. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:21 PM Reth grunts. "I like my hair the way it is." Then muttering, "But it did look nice the other day." Prince of FateYesterday at 10:22 PM Raleon grins like a Cheshire. "O-ho?" AydenYesterday at 10:24 PM Knox watches as the ceremony comes to a close. He had never actually seen this before, and was a bit surprised to be honest. "Thank you Anita, this was long over due." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:26 PM The gnome nods, "I will inform Brother Aminu in Fairwallow that the Atonement was successful." The gnome proceeds to cast Sending to Brother Aminu, "Brother Aminu, the atonement on Forthold was successful. His soul is at peace. (you may reply to this message)" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:27 PM Coming back a moment later, "Relieved to hear it. I will let those who were close know of this. Thank you so much, we are in your debt." AydenYesterday at 10:28 PM "Thank you Artimus for letting Brother Aminu know." Knox had almost forgotten, but that's why he kept the gnome around after all. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:29 PM The pauses for a moment as if listening to something, then nods, "He knows." "Anita? I wonder if I may look in the repository here at the Temple of the Mother."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:29 PM "Our books? Of course, drop by any time. I'll make sure the staff are aware you have my blessing." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:31 PM "Thank You." The gnome bows his head. AydenYesterday at 10:32 PM Knox looks at Anita. "How much for this service you provided?" He asks curiously. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:32 PM "For a spell of such magnitude, we usually would ask for a donation of 250 gold. However, since you are righting a wrong, I ask for nothing. If you must push, a gold to cover the incense will more than suffice." AydenYesterday at 10:36 PM Knox bows respectfully to her and places a gold coin on the table in front of him. "Thank you again Anita. Your service in appreciated. We've had a long journey and crossed many paths with fiends on our way here." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:36 PM The gnome will take out a gold piece and place it.. next to Sir Knox's offering. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:37 PM "Thank you, gentlemen. May the Mother bless you and yours." [10:38 PM] Back at the Inn, there is talk of a viewing party for an special event, a comet that shows up every three years, on this evening, around ten at night, just after dark. The owner is busy setting up the tavern portion with decorations, special games, and ladders to head up to the roof to view the comet. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:40 PM The gnome, returning from a full day of activities gets excited about the comet and is eager to view it with the others at the Inn. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:42 PM Raleon doesn't seem as eager. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:43 PM The rest of the afternoon is busy, with people assisting with set up, special grilled foods being made, special liquors pulled out of the cellar below, and others come around. Raleon might be inclined to remain grumpy, but the atmosphere makes it difficult. AydenYesterday at 10:43 PM Knox senses it getting later and doesn't press her any further. He figured he would have time to come back if needed, and was sure their paths would cross again. He takes his leave with the gnome. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:48 PM In the later hours of the evening, the party moves outside to the gardens, where lanterns are set up and music is played by alternating bards. Perhaps after some prodding, Raleon joins in on a few songs (Reth certainly gives him some nudges) Prince of FateYesterday at 10:52 PM With a few grunts and grumbles of his own, and after a few drinks, Raleon does join in for a song.... He does seem a little happy doing so. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:53 PM As sunset approaches, the party itself is moved to the rooftop, first priority given to patrons staying the inn, then as room allows. You all have good places to watch the night sky as lavender fingers stretch across the golden hued skies, spreading outwards and slowly fading into darkness. [10:54 PM] The Innkeeper, surprisingly knowledgeable about celestial events, gives some of the history of this comet and how it passes, where you can expect to see it, and famous events tied to its sighting. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:55 PM The gnome is keen to hear the famous events associated with this comet... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:56 PM Old battles started on the basis this was a good sign, a kingdom selecting a new prince based on his birth during the comet, tales of another people deciding it was an ill omen and leaving the land entirely. Prince of FateYesterday at 11:01 PM Raleon doesn't say much during the party, the bitter feeling of exclusion once again trickling in his subconscious. He sits and swirls his ale as he listens to the man tell the tale of the comet, snorting at the coincidence.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:03 PM The gnome notices Raleon and Thayrin and walks over to be near them. Prince of FateYesterday at 11:04 PM Thayrin is up on the roof. Raleon is down below. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:04 PM Reth hooks Raleon on the arm and says, "Come on, I've heard dancing on rooftops is fun." Prince of FateYesterday at 11:06 PM "Wha-I could fall!" the rogue protests ironically. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:06 PM "Like I'd let you! And you liar, like you let that ever stop you from getting up high!" [11:07 PM] DM's Note: The roof is flat, it's made for having people stand about Prince of FateYesterday at 11:09 PM Raleon snickers a bit. "You could, be rid of my pestering and brooding once and for all," he joked morbidly but he isn't putting up much of a fight being pulled along. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:09 PM So, Reth drags Raleon up top to join the rest, to watch the show and to dance with some of the music. About the time it the comet is to pass, Reth grabs both the twins (since Thayrin helps Raleon experience the world) and takes them to a good viewing spot. "I don't like these cities, but I can get behind things like this." Prince of FateYesterday at 11:11 PM Thayrin lets out a whispery snicker himself, followed by some coughing. Raleon punches Reth's shoulder. "We'll make a city boy of you yet." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:13 PM The gnome looks up into the night sky expectantly. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:14 PM Overhead, as previously described, what looks like a big, burning ball passes over head, easily seen from this vantage beyond the city's lights. It streaks by at a slow pace, taking its time, shedding an orangish light as it passes. Reth grips Raleon and Thayrin tight, and says, "Rouge gets to win this battle, but we're taking the war to him. I want my two favorite elves back to their full selves, even if that means you'll be a bigger headache for me later." He glances back and Art and Knox. "I think they feel the same." And so the comet passes by, brilliant and fleeting, but a reminder of the natural wonders the world has to offer. Perhaps, a reminder that each moment is fleeting, even those that feel hopeless, and in time, new opportunities will come to pass.(edited) 3 2 Prince of FateYesterday at 11:25 PM The red elf smiles, watching the fleeting colors streak across the sky through the eyes of his brother. He feels the tight squeeze of the ranger and turns to face him as he speaks. A warmth returned to him as he felt cared for. Moments after Reth finished speaking, Raleon pulls a bold move. He leans in and steals his lips. They taste of ale...and gratitude. A breath leaves him as he presses his forehead to his. "You'll regret it," he assured. "But I'll cherish every moment of it."
  10. Not too shabby, especially with current events considered. How's things been for you?
  11. Long time no see. Welcome back. 🙂
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  13. This article gives a pretty good breakdown. The map they reference seems to break down regions both on accent and some dialectical traits. There are large regions with significant overlap--west of the Rockies tends to have a lot of similarities, as does a good chunk of the south, etc., but this map gives some further breakdown that someone with a more trained ear might notice when traveling around. It might give some folks food for thought when developing their regional accents/dialects/mannerisms.
  14. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:02 PM When we last left off, our heroes had successfully restored the angel, identified their new goodies, and revived the survivor from the Gnoll warren. They dug up an exciting new lead on the mysterious purveyor of fiends in the area, learning a named tied to an extinct species of reptile conquerors. Now, we pick up on the next day, with the group preparing to leave for the capital with their new ally in tow, Art having taken measures to arm and armor him. The morning is bright and the day upon them, should the group wish to leave now (or they can stay for additional days, each day dropping one level of exhaustion from their new companion--group's call). Prince of FateYesterday at 4:09 PM Raleon sat in the tavern hall, having just finished his breakfast and tapping his foot as he hummed. His violin sat in his lap as he tuned, and maintained it. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:13 PM After spending his morning people watching as usual, Thayrin quietly walked into the taven and snaged a seat next to his twin. think we will be leaving today? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:15 PM Reth stops in, somehow with a new twig in his hair, plops down at the table Prince of FateYesterday at 4:16 PM "I sure hope so--Hellooo," Raleon says as the bow of his violin tumbles from the ranger's entrance. "As graceful as usual I hear, Reth." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:20 PM He grunts. [4:20 PM] "People here are rude." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:20 PM Raleon raises a brow. "What did you do?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:21 PM With a small tilt of his head the assassin regards the new twig before reaching over and plucking it out of their rangers hair. probably tried to show them his fashionably popular stick in hair trend Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:22 PM The gnome finally joins his companions, after fitting in a little bit of study time and having attuned to the Helm of Teleportation. "Have we decided to pass on the chance to catch one of those emissaries?" Prince of FateYesterday at 4:22 PM Where does he even get them at this point? Was he snooping in someone's yard? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:23 PM Reth shrugs. "Just walking. People glare, bump into you and don't say anything." He shakes his head. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:23 PM Raleon furrows his brow. "Did you check your belongings?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:24 PM "Yeah, no pickers. Just jerks." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:24 PM "D'ya shove em back?" the elf chuckled. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:25 PM "I glared back." He kinda smirks. [4:25 PM] Eòghann comes down stairs, takes a seat at the table. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:25 PM "That'll show em," he chuckled with a wink. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:26 PM "Actually," ponders the gnome, "It would be in the opposite direction anyway and we don't actually know when the meeting might take place... or if it already did." He shrugs. "Perhaps this is something we can return to." [4:27 PM] The gnome looks around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:27 PM Reth shrugs. "You've got a point. Might be over already." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:27 PM "Ah, I take it our new arrival joins us?" Raleon asks, turning towards the new member. "Sleep well...Mr...Gohan?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:28 PM He rolls his shoulders. "Still sore, but feeling a little better." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:30 PM "Good to hear. As for the emissaries, I know which way my horse is pointed. I've had enough distractions for the last century and I'm determined for this to be my last day of blindness! ...well, days since there's travel time." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:33 PM "Good," replies the gnome. "It is a day or two to the capital, but we chould be free of gnoll territory relatively quickly." [4:34 PM] The gnome looks around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:34 PM Eòghann says, "Once you're within ten miles of the capital, it should be smooth travels." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:35 PM Thayrin simply gives a small wave to the new member joining in and leans back in his chair. i cant wait to see your response to seeing reth with your own eyes when you get your vison back.....smooth travels he says. He obviously has not traveled with us long. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:36 PM The gnome walks over to the bar. "Excuse me. Has there been any news of the road to the capital?" Prince of FateYesterday at 4:38 PM Raleon's cheeks flush for a moment as he looks suddenly sheepish. Y-yes... I suppose that will be something of the sort. But I do hope that we have such fabled travels. Any one who gets between me and that capital will have my sword to deal with. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:41 PM Middle-aged redhead with a bit of a stoop (making her seem even shorter than her 5ft) and a bit of a sour disposition. When you ask for news of road to the capital she says, "Not much, I suppose. I hear about these gnolls still going after people, and how the capital should do something about it. Most around here just complain without much substance." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:44 PM The gnome nods, "I'm actually surprised that there isn't that much traffic from the capital here. It's only a couple days away."(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 4:44 PM Raleon packs up his violin and gear, switching them out for a ribbon to tie up his hair for the road. "Mm, did you need me to tie up yours before we leave, Thayrin? Or have you figured out how to not tie your hair in a knot while trying?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:46 PM "Most go through Dawnrest and on to Embercrown, we're kinda out of the way here and not much to see." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:47 PM Said brother looks over with his hair not even styled in the slightest. He chuckles softfly though their link. if you want....your lucky i rememberd to brush it this morning. I think reth may be rubbing off on me. Prince of FateYesterday at 4:52 PM Raleon glances over towards Reth with a bit of a side eye. "You have been brushing your hair haven't you?" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:52 PM The gnome shrugs and turns back towards his companions, "Well, shall we be on our way?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:52 PM Reth says, "occasionally." Prince of FateYesterday at 4:53 PM "How often is 'occasionally'?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 4:53 PM Thayrin snorts in amusement before signing to reth. "Careful he may attack you with the brush." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:54 PM Reth leans back. "When I feel like it." Cross arms, looks huffy Prince of FateYesterday at 4:54 PM Raleon puffs his cheeks. "Why do I seem like the bad guy in this? It only hurts when I brush it because you both refuse to maintain it!" [4:57 PM] At the gnome's statement Raleon stands. "Praise the moons for Mane and Tail, I suppose. Reth, I'll be riding with you unless Mr. Gohan here wants to purchase a horse while we're in town." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 4:58 PM "I've already borrowed a lot from your friend here, and I really don't need another horse." [4:59 PM] Reth just lifts an eyebrow. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 4:59 PM The gnome walks with his companions to the stables to pick up the mounts. On the way, he stops by the market to pick up some fresh fruit.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:02 PM A breakfast's worth of fresh fruit runs Art 3 copper Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:04 PM Art hands some to Eòghann, "Did you eat breakfast, Eòghann?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:04 PM The stable boy is the same as before, and he is still leery of Reth's horse [5:05 PM] "I didn't, but its fine. I don't have much of an appetite yet." [5:05 PM] You can tell he is leery, as he quickly brings Reth's horse out first, and moves away from it as quickly as he can. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:06 PM "Keep up your strength and recover. You won't be much good as long as you remain fatigued." The gnome waves to the stable boy, "Hello, Coda!"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 5:06 PM Raleon raises a brow. "I'm sure if I hadn't ate in 3 days I'd eat a whole cow." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:07 PM Cody nods. "Hello, sirrah." He brings out Raleon's next. Prince of FateYesterday at 5:08 PM Raleon smiles at the boy. "Thank you, kind lad." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:08 PM He glares at Reth's horse again, and nods. "Yep, no issue. Horses are well tended." [5:08 PM] Aust turns up at the stables. [5:09 PM] [We'll say Knox is already there] Prince of FateYesterday at 5:11 PM The elf smiles and ruffles the lad's hair. "Careful now, those eyes could kill a man. It ain't the horses fault we put magic shoes on it. Nothin' wrong with being a bit different." He raises up his glasses and winks at him with his blue eye. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:12 PM His eyes go wide and he rushes in to grab the next horse. [5:13 PM] Aust says, "I appreciate you all letting me fall in with your group, but I get the sense my Goddess wants me to stay here for a while, and look after these people. Now that her watcher has returned to the celestial body, they will need a little extra help." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:14 PM Raleon raises a brow. "Aye? Well...don't get robbed of your tunic now. Or stabbed in the kidney, I suppose. Try to teach these guys to defend themselves for once while you're at it." Raleon smiles and slips the horse a sugar cube. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:16 PM hes gonna get robbed.....best kiss that nice everything he has gone Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:18 PM The gnome arches an eyebrow at Aust, "I see... Well..." the gnome glances at Sir Knox and back again, "Best of luck to you! Maybe you can bring some added prosperity and cheer to this town. You know, it could be a nice get away spot for people in the city. You can send a message to - - this address and I'll try to stop in and pick it up." The gnome leaves Aust with a slip of paper. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:19 PM "Thank you, I will keep it in mind. But before you go." He turns to Knox, "I see you are getting stronger every day, the Mother says it will not be long before you need one of these." He then hands Knox a diamond worth 300gp Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:20 PM It's the same address the gnome gave Sylvena. [5:21 PM] The gnome stares at the diamond and then at Sir Knox with wide eyes, but says nothing. [5:24 PM] The gnome hands Cody a 3 cp tip, "Thanks for keeping an eye on them!" The gnome takes his pony and mounts up. He guides the pony towards the front gate of Reptee. [5:30 PM] The gnome passes through the village gate, waving to the guards on duty there... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:31 PM Cody says, "Thank you," and then disappears into the stables [5:31 PM] The guards are two new guys you don't recognize. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:32 PM "Hello there! How goes the watch?" [5:33 PM] "What are your names?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:34 PM They shrugs. The heavier set of the two says, "Why do you care?" Prince of FateYesterday at 5:34 PM Raleon settles in on the back of Reth's horse with a sigh, then smirks. "You're stuck with me now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:34 PM Reth says, "Leave my hair be." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:34 PM "Why?" the elf pouts. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:35 PM Snickers could be heard through the link as the silent elf trots by on his own horse. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:36 PM "I like to know everyone," replies the gnome. "Last time I came through this gate, Angus and Dan were on duty." He hands them some fruit. "Here. Have this. It's fresh from the market and I know you guys can't leave your post when you feel hungry." [5:36 PM] "My name is Artimus." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:38 PM They look at each other, and look at the gnome with suspicion. "Angus and Dan take over in the afternoon. We already ate." The huff as they open the gates for you. [5:39 PM] Reth whispers to Raleon, "Rude." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:41 PM "You can't blame them for being suspicious of a man trying to offer them fruit and asking their names. Don't let it bother you too much," he says as he brushes some of the ranger's hair behind his ear. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:42 PM The gnome leaves the piece of fruit anyway. "Don't look so glum. It's good day and the Mother is happy. I imagine the Father is too." The gnome rides on. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:44 PM The watch you leave, and slam the gates shut behind you. Prince of FateYesterday at 5:45 PM "...Okay now That was rude," Raleon grumbles. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 5:47 PM With the slamming of the gate a huff of annoyance and an eyeroll were all that the quite elf offerd in reaction to the utter rude actions the village gards. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:47 PM The road is before you, the day is warm and a touch breezy. You can hear cicadas in the distance, and not a fiend in sight. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:48 PM "These are tough times. It's hard for people to be friendly to each other and understand the basic ways of courtesy and respect." The gnome looks over at Eòghann, "Not that I blame them. Even gnomes might be a bit mistrustful of humans, if the situation was reversed."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:49 PM Eòghann shrugs. "To be honest, this village has never been known for its hospitality." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:49 PM "Do you think we will have a warmer welcome in the capital?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:50 PM "Depends on where you go. The merchants will be happy to see you, because you look like travelers with coin. The people are often so busy with their own affairs they take little stock of others without prompting, but they tend to be friendly enough, especially if you catch them a few pints in on a dance night at one of the taverns." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:51 PM "So... money and booze, is it?" Prince of FateYesterday at 5:52 PM "Sounds like my kind of town," Raleon snickers Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 5:53 PM "Oh no, there is lots to do in the capital. Some go see music shows, we have a theater hall where they put on plays, a large library, and the academy lets people browse topics as well, even if they aren't attending. We have farms that let people ride horses, magic shows, all kinds of things. I just meant the drinkers tend to get the most friendly!" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 5:54 PM "Hmm." The gnome frowns. "Hopefully there's a substantial library at Villeurcourt." [5:55 PM] "In fact, let me think..." Prince of FateYesterday at 5:55 PM As the ride continues, the rogue's fingers begin to itch to fix the mess in front of him. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:02 PM "Ah, yes, Straumore Academy has a library! And, it is huge!" The gnome sits up in his saddle. "No doubt there are many scholars there as well. As much as I enjoy the rustic life. It's hard to find people of learning outside of the big cities." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:03 PM Eòghann nods. "Straumore Academy is among the largest gathering of academics in the land." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:03 PM "Tell me, Eòghann. What do you look forward to most at the capital?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:04 PM "Going home, honestly. It's always good to return home, sleep on your bed, be around people you know. I don't look forward to reporting the losses, but at least where we failed, you all succeeded." Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:04 PM Mesageing art thayrin smiles in good hunor. "So your saying we can expect to find you buried head deep in bookes" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:05 PM "I hope that the books go a bit deeper than that," replies the gnome and gives Thayrin a smile.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:06 PM "It will be good to report that the Kingdom has one less threat to concern itself with, given the tensions right now."(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:07 PM "What position does Sir Emmond hold at the capital? He sounds like someone important!" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:07 PM Reth grumbles, "Leave the hair alone..." "Leave it." "Will you stop it!" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:08 PM Raleon simply dodges the ranger's failed attempts at making him cease fixing the rat's nest he called hair. "If you'd just...be still...I could get this done faster..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:14 PM "Sir Emmond is a captain among Knights, he is in charge of those that we call field knights, those that go out into the lands to resolve conflicts." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:18 PM "I see. Maybe we should stop by and tell him of some of the other troubles through the Kingdom." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:18 PM "He certainly will want to hear of it. The king himself will need to be made aware of these fiends you mention." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:19 PM "Oh really? The King himself? That sounds like a fine idea!" [6:20 PM] "Have you met the King?!?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:20 PM "You don't think the King would want to know that fiends are plaguing his lands?" He asks with a laugh. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:21 PM "I'm sure he would want to know. I just hadn't thought about actually meeting him." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:21 PM After reining in the ranger into pouting submission, he braids his hair in big braids on the sides and pulls the front and sides back into a messy ponytail/bun. When finished Raleon smiles to himself and wraps his arms around the ranger's torso as they rode, resting his head on his shoulder. "I feel better now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:21 PM "A handful of times. I don't know him well, we're not close enough in our stations to meet regularly, but I have spoken with him at functions, and I have reported to him in the past on a few occasions." [6:21 PM] Reth eventually gives up and just grunts and grumbles the whole time. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:22 PM Thayrin gives the grumbleing ranger a look of sympathy. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:22 PM "I'll have to find a good tailor first. Are there any places you would recommend? It's not easy to find someone good at gnomish style." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:25 PM "If you are willing to drop the coin, look up Velda's in the north quarter. You'll drop almost as much in good clothes as you did on this armor for me, but you'll never find better finding silk." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:28 PM "Hmm. We'll see. It's not easy to fund research! But a meeting with the King does deserve some attention! - some special attention."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:29 PM "Oh, you want to meet him? I think I make that happen, but you might be waiting a week or two, I know his schedule has been incredibly full." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:31 PM The gnome blinks, "Um, well, you said the King would likely want a report..." the gnome tilts his head, squints, and arches an eyebrow at Eòghann. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:31 PM "Oh, well I meant he'd want to hear about it after I report to Emmond, but it makes sense, you have first hand knowledge you could share." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:32 PM "We'll see what Sir Emmond says," the gnome agrees. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:32 PM Raleon piped up. "If we're going to meet a king, we're All going to a tailor." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:32 PM Reth Grunts Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:33 PM So now Art is going to be visiting kings? hope that king loves to have a whole libary of facts tossed in his direction.........wait. no. can i just wait outside? I don't want to be suffed in some fancy clothing an expected to stand still and look interested in whatever is going on the entire time. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:33 PM "Oh hush," Raleon squeezes the ranger. "Some nice clothes would do you well." Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:33 PM The gnome longs side-long at Reth, "Ah, true. I mean... it's only fitting - to meet a King." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:39 PM "I'll make sure to point you all towards Velda's, you'll want to get there soon if you want all of you to have stuff ready." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:40 PM "So many appointments," Raleon sighed. "It's going to be so lively there." There was clear excitement in his voice. "and I might actually get to see a musical..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:42 PM Reth asks, "What's a musical?" Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:44 PM A smirk flits for a moment on the elf's face as he glances back at the unsespecting ranger who had no clue on what Art like rant he was in for from his twin. Prince of FateYesterday at 6:45 PM The rogue seems to nearly fall from the horse. "I-It's the combination of a play, and a musical performance! A combination between an actor and a musician. They weave stories and music gracefully into one like...like true art." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:46 PM "Mhm, so stuff like Kylah used to do?" Prince of FateYesterday at 6:47 PM "Mm, no, not quite. She's a bard, so she tells tales and sings, as I do, but it's an entire cast of bards, all telling a story, dancing, and playing out an act." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:47 PM Eòghann adds, "It's been a while since I've seen one, it would nice nice to see one again." [6:48 PM] "So a group of Kylahs." Reth thinks about that for a moment and says, "That could get overwhelming." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:48 PM "Are they good there?" Asks the rogue with excitement. [6:49 PM] "Well they're not going to come out and seduce you out of your pants," Raleon reassured. Disgruntled TeaYesterday at 6:49 PM He looks at Reth and grins. "your not wrong there. some are more tollerable than others though...so thats a plus." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:49 PM Eòghann nods. "It varies with what production they are doing, but they are never actually bad, just varies between really good and okay." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:52 PM "Fair enough, you can't be fired enough and coordinated for every show I imagine," Raleon states. "They seem fun though..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:54 PM He shrugs. "Less the talent, more like sometimes they just pick a bad show, or it's not a good one for their team." Prince of FateYesterday at 6:55 PM "Aye, you have to pick the right story to tell. Otherwise the notes fall flat. Singing from the heart is what makes good music," he stated. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 6:57 PM The gnome lets the others chat while he opens a books and does a little in the saddle reading. A clockwork bird flies through the air above them watching the way ahead. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 6:57 PM "Well, you mentioned being a musician, so I'll take your word for it. I enjoy the shows, but I have never had any musical talents." [6:57 PM] Have the bird roll a perception check Prince of FateYesterday at 7:03 PM "That's fair in itself. You don't have to be a musician to appreciate it. But music is like any other thing. If your heart isn't into it, it won't turn out as good," Raleon stated a smile creeping onto his lips. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:04 PM "You seem to know a lot about music, is it a common past time where you come from?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:13 PM "Hmm... Not particularly. I wouldn't quite say I have a 'where I'm from'. I remember we stayed near a theater for a few years while I was younger. I wasn't allowed in since I was just a street urchin, but I could hear them play in the alleyways at night. I'd never heard something so beautiful in my life... I wasn't much help with anything besides being a pity case and a trouble maker. Eventually I learned the songs and when we traveled, I became a performer, I earned up enough money for a violin and have been practicing ever since."(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:14 PM "Oh, so you came into it more by chance and passion, then a product of the upbringing. It has a more Romantic sort of origin to it." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:15 PM Raleon smiles, "That's what the gypsies said." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:16 PM "Gypsies? You must be well traveled then. I've never met one myself." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:19 PM "You meet quite a few people when your life also revolves around traveling. A tribe of dragonborn. We travelled together a whiles back," he explained. "Been at it for 3 times your life now." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:22 PM He seems rather surprise.d. "I've heard elves live much longer lives, but I was not aware it was that much longer." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:24 PM "We can live well over 700, should anyone be able to collect that much dust," Raleon states. "Though because of our longer youth periods, well, there's a reason there's so few of us." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:28 PM "I can't imagine living more than a lifetime as a child. I thought a few years of adolescence was hard enough." He chuckles. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:30 PM "Tell me about it," Raleon whines. He pokes his woodland cousin's cheek. "Though it's a rare gem to see one of him out of his forest." [7:31 PM] "Tell me, Reth, were you as grunty and grumbly 30 years ago?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:31 PM Reth grunts. "Some of us get out." [7:31 PM] "Worse." [7:32 PM] As the day progresses, the familiar remains aloft and does not seem alarmed by anything. As the bartender alluded, the road to the capital from Reptee is not all that well traveled. There are no other travelers out today, and the road seems less worn than some of the others you have traveled. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:32 PM "Believe it or not, he said less words when we first met him," he teased. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:33 PM Reth grunts again. "I only spoke when needed. You keep wrangling more out of me." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:35 PM "Like pulling teeth~," he continued to poke at his cheek. "One day I'll crack this hard boiled shell of yours, like an egg." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:35 PM "Keep poking me and I'll dump you off this horse." [7:35 PM] "Maybe drop a tiger on you again." [7:36 PM] That threat gets a raised eyebrow from Eòghann Prince of FateYesterday at 7:38 PM "Oh yeah? I'll tickle you before you can get to your bag," Raleon rebut Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:39 PM "You think I'm all that ticklish? Especially in armor?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:40 PM "We all have our spots." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:40 PM "So you say." Prince of FateYesterday at 7:41 PM "I do say. And as we both know, my word is law." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:41 PM Reth actually snorts. Prince of FateYesterday at 7:42 PM Raleon chuckles triumphantly Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:45 PM So, as the day starts to come to a close, the sun slips beyond the horizon, and lengthening shadows tell you that dark will soon arrive. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:57 PM "I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't see so well at night. Think we should find a place to camp?" Prince of FateYesterday at 7:57 PM "Well I can't see at all so, it makes no difference to me," the elf proclaimed. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 7:58 PM The gnome closes his book, puts it away and closes his eyes... Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 7:58 PM Knox adds that he also can't see well in the dark. Totally missing Raleon's joke [8:00 PM] Art, using the last of the light, spots a nice clearing about ten minutes up the road, with a good space for a dome and some trees nearby. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:01 PM The gnome opens his eyes, "There is a clear space about ten minutes ahead that looks good." Prince of FateYesterday at 8:02 PM Raleon leans his head against the ranger's back, enjoying the last bit of ride he had with the excuse to hold onto him. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:03 PM Ten minutes later, you find the spot as described by Art Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:04 PM Art does the usual set up and includes Eòghann in the hut.(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:06 PM Raleon hides a pout at being parted from his source of warmth which likely leaves him unceremoniously. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:09 PM The hut goes up. Anyone building a fire, making food? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:09 PM If they build it, Art will light it.(edited) [8:10 PM] that's before the hut goes up. [8:10 PM] hut is usually last thing. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:14 PM A fire is made, a hut is produced. Setting watches? Prince of FateYesterday at 8:15 PM Raleon will take watch with his brother, giving the ranger some space to do his hermitting Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:17 PM There should be an Alarm on the horses (audible) and the pony can come into the hut as usual. The clockwork bird is in the backpack, which also has an Alarm (mental). And there might as well be an Alarm on Artimus himself (mental). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:17 PM Reth offers to pick up the other half of the night, since he only has to trance for four hours Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:18 PM The gnome gets some sleep! Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:19 PM Get a perception check from one of the twins, can have advantage Prince of FateYesterday at 8:21 PM The night is filled with the twins poking at one another, yet remaining alert to the lack of danger. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:22 PM About two hours into Reth's watch, a lighter sleeper might wake to hear a "Thud" and Reth grumbling something along the lines of "What the fuck?" but even the heavier sleepers awaken when one of Art's alarms goes off. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:23 PM Raleon grumbles something about the paladin making noise even in the night and gets up to investigate. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:23 PM "Something's out here!" [8:24 PM] As people rouse, another thud against the dome, as it seems something flew into it Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:25 PM The gnome blinks his eyes open, gets up, and looks in the direction of the sounds and of the horses. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:25 PM The twins grab their swords. "The fuck's going on out here?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:25 PM Taking a look outside the dome, you see a couple of these nearby [8:25 PM] Prince of FateYesterday at 8:26 PM "Oh for the Love of...PISS OFF," Raleon yells. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:26 PM And looking out, you see more, and more, and more, and something really has the horses upset Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:27 PM Artimus stares at the creatures and would like to cast Mirror Image on himself.(edited) [8:28 PM] Also make sure the pony can come inside and be safe. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:28 PM Pony is inside [8:28 PM] Knox yells, "I sense fiends, they're fiends!" Mortal PlayerYesterday at 8:29 PM "Fiendish... chickens?" wonders Art. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:29 PM "Of course they are~," mocks the grumpy rogue. "Why wouldn't they be?" Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 8:29 PM Reth, getting his swords ready, says, "Fiends raise chickens now?" Prince of FateYesterday at 8:30 PM "Piss off, or I'll be roasting you fuckers alive!" shouts the sleep deprived elf. Prince of FateYesterday at 8:37 PM Thayrin, who had just managed to snooze off into his own groove walks out and instantly stabs one....or two(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 8:50 PM Raleon stabs the chicken in front of him. Then goes to help out Eoghann.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:03 PM Raleon stabs the chicken in front, and skewers it. He moves over to 8 and manages to land a hit, but the chicken persists. [9:07 PM] The bad news for Thayrin is that he still took 15 points of fire damage. The good news is he was not forced to drop his rapier as it suddenly turned white hot with heat and burned his hand. He will attack with it with disadvantage, however.(edited) [9:07 PM] He sees this emerge from the shadows [9:07 PM] [9:09 PM] From somewhere else unseen (stealth = 17), someone else apparently cast a spell, because the dome goes down (Dispel) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:10 PM If sounds could be made through Thayrin's ripped out throat, yells of pain could be heard, instead there's odd...hissing? Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:11 PM Reth runs up to chicken 4, as he can see it. [9:12 PM] He swings twice (attack action) and takes it down on the second swing (18 total). Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:12 PM The firelight spills out upon the landscape suddenly illuminating the field of battle. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:14 PM All the chickens are now fully illuminated, so Knox won't have penalties (Eoghann already does anyway) [9:15 PM] Reth moves to chicken 1 to take a bonus action swing, but misses (11) [9:18 PM] Knox attacks chicken one. His first hit only scratches it (6 damage) but the second is much more solid (13 dam) and kills it [9:19 PM] He moves to approach the next [9:20 PM] Chicken 2 flies over and attacks Art. [9:21 PM] It's scratch attack rolls a total of 20, but the bite for sure misses with a 7 [9:22 PM] The scratch does 5 damage [9:23 PM] But fortunately, it was an image that took the 5. The chicken is confused and crashes to the ground Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:23 PM the image blinks out of existence Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:24 PM Chicken 3 attacks Eoghann [9:26 PM] The chicken just manages to bite him (19) but the scratch goes wide (9) [9:26 PM] He takes 6 from the bite [9:27 PM] Chicken 8 goes for revenge on Raleon [9:27 PM] Neither attack hits! (12 and 15) Prince of FateYesterday at 9:28 PM Raleon spits at the chicken and gives it the run around. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:28 PM Benny Hill music plays [9:28 PM] 9 Attacks Knox [9:29 PM] No attacks hit (15 and 10) [9:29 PM] Chicken 10 flies over and attacks Art [9:30 PM] Chicken 10 is really confused by the images. It got a 6 for the first attack, then rolled a 1 [9:32 PM] Chicken ten swoops at the many Arts, misses, and gets its claws stuck on some twigs. It takes the rest of the round sorting itself out [9:34 PM] 11 goes after Eoghann [9:34 PM] It misses with the bite (6) but manages to scratch him (20) for 3 more [9:35 PM] Eòghann is down 9 out of 52 [9:35 PM] Chicken 12 attacks Reth [9:36 PM] It hits with a bite (22) but misses the scratch (7) [9:36 PM] Bite does 7 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:37 PM "Get back Eòghann!" Art cries as he sees the man getting pecked to death by fiendish chickens.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:39 PM Wait, missed something. On the bite for three more, Eòghann uses his reaction to parry, adding +2 to his AC. That attack misses, and he is only down 6 [9:40 PM] Eòghann then attacks the chickens pecking at him [9:41 PM] He swings twice at 3. He misses once (8) but hits the second time (17) and does 12 damage to it. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:45 PM "LLaberif" a burst of flame washes over the chickens (3, 11, 8). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:47 PM 3 and 8 turn into roasted chicken. The last is looking really crispy but still rearing to fight Mortal PlayerYesterday at 9:48 PM Art adjusts his position to be adjacent to Eòghann, while maintaining his adjacency to chickens (2, 10). [9:49 PM] "Don't die on me now!" Prince of FateYesterday at 9:56 PM Thayrin swipes at the shadowy creature in anger, gritting his teeth. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 9:58 PM Thayrin manages to glance it with his off hand. That attack was less effective than he would have liked. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:01 PM Raleon moves down and slices at chicken 11. "You okay Thayrin?" Thayrin hisses in frustration. "Be there in a second." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:06 PM Raleon makes BBQ out of the last charred chicken [10:11 PM] At the start of the Babau's turn, Thayrin takes another 15 damage and needs to make a constitution save [10:12 PM] The Babau then attacks twice with claws [10:13 PM] It misses once (11), hits once (22) and does another 7 damage Prince of FateYesterday at 10:13 PM Thayrin makes a sound what one could assume could be a curse. [10:13 PM] Thayrin dodges the second hit Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:13 PM It then uses its weakening Gaze at Eòghann, who needs to make a constitution saving throw [10:13 PM] Reduced to 3 [10:16 PM] The babau decides to risk opportunity attacks to move out of there [10:16 PM] Raleon can make one (Thayrin used the reaction already) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:24 PM The Babau moves around the camp and down by Art and a chicken [10:25 PM] The other one tries to do something Reth, but Reth rolled a nat 20 on the saving throw, so nothing happened [10:25 PM] It then sends its weakening gaze at Knox [10:27 PM] Knox fails the save (11 vs 13) and does half damage now [10:31 PM] Reth swings once, getting a nat 20, doing maximum triple damage. The attack does 41 damage, with Reth's short sword running it through like a skewer, and Reth taking the chicken with him as he charges after the creature that tried to cast a spell on him [10:33 PM] Reth's second attack with same weapon first flings a chicken into the Babau's face, and then runs him deep for 19 damage [10:34 PM] Reth then follows it with a normal hit (25) for 7 more damage [10:37 PM] Knox hits the chicken by him twice. With his new weakened state, it does not die (takes 10). So Knox drops a level 1 smite on it for another 13 and the chicken explodes [10:41 PM] Chicken 10 misses with its bite (6), but gets a nat 20 on the scratch against Eòghann [10:42 PM] It does triple damage, which fortunately was only 10 points of damage, taking him to 16 [10:44 PM] Chicken 2 tries to attack Art twice. It gets a 7 and 11, both miss [10:45 PM] Eòghann swings twice at the chicken but misses both times with a 9 Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:48 PM "Elissim Cigam" magic force bursts forth unerringly striking at the Babau (1). Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:48 PM Babau one is showing signs of wear and tear as the missiles strike true Mortal PlayerYesterday at 10:50 PM The gnome remains near, "This one looks close to going down!"(edited) Prince of FateYesterday at 10:52 PM Thayrin (bonus action) dashes to flank with Reth and slashes at it Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 10:54 PM Thayrin gets a solid shot in while Reth has it distracted. Though he notices even as he expertly drives his sword in, it's not going in as deep as it should. Prince of FateYesterday at 10:57 PM Raleon runs off towards the paladin, returning to his post with the others, now that Reth could help his brother. He slashed at the foe that got away from him...but not for long Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:00 PM The demon is looking pretty dang banged up, but still hanging on [11:04 PM] Babau 1 steps back 5 feet (does not leave threat range of anyone, no opp attacks) and casts something, I need everyone but Thayrin to make a Wisdom save Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:05 PM The gnome holds up a hand(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:07 PM Babau 1 has surprised pikachu face, with anger quickly replacing it [11:08 PM] Babau 2 does something similar, moving back and this time everyone has to make a saving throw against Wisdom [11:12 PM] Reth attempts to hit the Babau as it moves, but he misses (11) [11:12 PM] The Babau casts fear. All who saved (Reth, Art, Thayrin) have to drop what they are holding and use the dash action on their turn. [11:13 PM] Reth drops his swords and runs to the left for 70ft. As he is no longer in line of sight with the Babau, he gets a new save.(edited) [11:14 PM] This time he passes (19) and is cussing up a storm as he prepares to head back next turn [11:15 PM] Knox swings at the Babau twice. He misses once, but hits the other time. The attack doesn't do much, because he is doing half damage. He then drops a level 2 smite, and does another 13 damage. The Babau fills with radiant light, bursts into white flames and turns to ash. [11:15 PM] One down! [11:18 PM] The chicken attacking Eòghann misses with a 7 and then gets another nat 20, this time double with advantage, doing 7 [11:18 PM] the other chicken lands a scratch against Art's AC (20 total) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:19 PM The scratch lands on another image, which blinks out of existence.(edited) Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:19 PM The chicken makes confusion demonic clucks [11:21 PM] Eòghann goes to hit a chicken, slips and rolls his ankle, losing this round and the next. Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:23 PM The gnome dropped his Staff of Adornment he was holding and runs 50 feet away...(edited) [11:25 PM] He stops and catches his breath! "Whew! That was interesting!" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:25 PM Thayrion...now drops his Other weapon and dashes further off the map? Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:26 PM "I wonder what I would call this spell? Maybe 'Babau's Compelling Exercise'?" Prince of FateYesterday at 11:29 PM "Man you are some stubborn motherfuckers, if you could just Die now so I can back to resting, that would be great," Raleon growls as he shifts to flank with the others, and slashes at the chickens.(edited) Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:30 PM "I haven't felt like that since..." Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:38 PM Raleon rage hits the chicken, running his rapier through it so hard it digs into the dirt [11:38 PM] He flings it across the battlefield as he slashes the other [11:42 PM] Babau 2 goes to drop a globe of darkness at the center of the group... Prince of FateYesterday at 11:43 PM Joke's on him, Raleon already can't see. Acies ab VesaniaYesterday at 11:47 PM A 20ft radius spread of darkness goes up, and the Babau runs in some undetermined direction [11:48 PM] Reth spends his turn dashing back, and uses his free interaction to pick up his swords, and his looking for it [11:48 PM] Knox walks straight until he is out of the dark (20ft), makes a perception check [11:49 PM] Between divine sense and a perception roll of 16, he is able to point in the direction it went (down and left, off map) [11:50 PM] Eòghann moves 15ft, but cannot get out Mortal PlayerYesterday at 11:54 PM The clockwork bird flew through the night air on an urgent mission, towards the unknown thing that had creeped up on the camp. It must think itself stealthy pondered the bird idly, "Coo-coo" called the bird as the gnome muttered the word, "Tghil" the bird emanated light illuminating from the bird itself to reveal the fleeing figure. [11:55 PM] The gnome chases after huff huff huff March 23, 2020 Prince of FateToday at 12:15 AM Thayrin, being the disgruntled assassin he was, angrily huffed it towards the shadow, flicking out one of the daggers Raleon gave him and tossing it at the shadow. He may not get him, but this motherfucker interrupted his trance.(edited) [12:17 AM] Thayrin may have missed, but the red twin was closing in quickly on the foe. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:19 AM The creature turns to face Raleon, and casts something, requiring a con save [12:21 AM] Raleon finds out what Babau 2 tried on Reth: He levitates him. Raleon is now suspended 20ft in the air, unable to move. Prince of FateToday at 12:21 AM "O-Oi!" shouts the blind elf. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:22 AM The gnome holds up a hand. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:22 AM So, Raleon starts to lift off the ground, and then Art waves a no hand at the Babau and Raleon is set back down. The Babau snarls loudly. [12:23 AM] Babau 2 elects to run 40ft anyway, risking a hit [12:24 AM] The Darkness disappeared after the use of levitate [12:25 AM] Raleon gets a grazing hit on it as it moves 40ft away. [12:27 AM] Reth uses a dash action to make up 70ft of the ground lost (the creature is still 10ft from him). He uses a bonus action to drop a hunter's mark on it(edited) [12:28 AM] Knox dashes, gets to within 40ft [12:28 AM] Eòghann stays at camp, knowing he is not up for a foot race Mortal PlayerToday at 12:33 AM The gnome presses a hand to his chest and then extends it towards Raleon "Etsah". Raleon's movements take on a supernatural speed. [12:34 AM] The clockwork bird flies through the night air, intent upon its mission, it follows the figure as it tries to escape. "Coo-coo" it cries as the light shines down from the bird unto the Babau. [12:34 AM] The gnome continues to chase as best he can. Prince of FateToday at 12:37 AM Thayrin rushes forward with a vengeance. [12:42 AM] Raleon whooshes forward, not quite understanding where he got this sudden speed. It was as though time had halted for him and his world was moving in slow motion as he slashed at his foe faster than his sword had ever moved. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:47 AM Raleon, like some hyperactive child given an espresso and a kitten, charges up and turns the last Babau into a literal pin cushion, jabbing it repeatedly as he doesn't realize just how fast he is. The babau is long sense turned to sludge while Raleon keeps stabbing it. [12:48 AM] Reth jogs up. "I think its dead." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:49 AM omae wa mo shindeiru nani Prince of FateToday at 12:50 AM Raleon nearly vibrates with a combination of rage and pure magical cocaine coursing through his veins, his fingers twitching with his sword as he puffs with effort. "What....was that?" Mortal PlayerToday at 12:51 AM The gnome runs up, "Wh- this has been quite a night for exercise." [12:51 AM] "Um.. that was a hyper-mobility effect that I used on you." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:52 AM Reth looks at Raleon and then back at Art. "I think you broke him." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:52 AM "It's a spell that accelerates your system temporarily. It's effects should be wearing off soon... you're going to really feel it in a moment..."(edited) [12:53 AM] The gnome tilts his head at Reth, "Didn't I do this before? Against the, what was it?"(edited) [12:53 AM] "Dimbuk" [12:54 AM] "No, Dybbuk!" [12:54 AM] "There are so many fiends to keep track of!" Prince of FateToday at 12:54 AM "Feelwhatinamoment--" Raleon freezes as the haste wears off and his body is hit with a shiver of exhaustion. "Oh Fuck--" he nearly takes a knee. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:55 AM The gnome stares down at the current fiend. The clockwork familiar descends with its light and the gnome pores over the corpse. "Uh.. feel that, yes... it's a side-effect. It'll wear off in a moment." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:56 AM Reth snorts. "You broke him twice." Prince of FateToday at 12:56 AM Thayrin looks down at the fiend and kicks it. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:56 AM He takes the opportunity to put twigs in Raleon's hair. "That's payback!" He winks at him and walks back to camp. 1 1 Mortal PlayerToday at 12:56 AM "Sorry! I... didn't want it getting away! We don't know if it has friends." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:57 AM Reth calls back, "It was a good call." Mortal PlayerToday at 12:58 AM After a bit, the gnome returns to camp, fishes through his backpack and makes some notes on paper. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:58 AM Anyone going through the goop piles? Prince of FateToday at 12:58 AM Thayrin will poke around curiously. Mortal PlayerToday at 12:59 AM Well, we don't want them just lying around in camp! And the gnome takes notes. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:59 AM Between the two Babau, you find 220 sp 50 gp Mortal PlayerToday at 12:59 AM When everything is back in order, the gnome will set up the Hut again. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 12:59 AM To no one's surprise, the chickens had nothing Mortal PlayerToday at 1:00 AM The gnome makes a note, "...no eggs found on fiendish chickens..." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:00 AM 5 way split is 42 silver and 10 gold Prince of FateToday at 1:00 AM Raleon is too shaken to take notice of the sticks right away, his head whirling as he rubs his temple...then feels the sticks. "H-Hey! Get back here you lousy Ranger!" He jogs lightly and tackles him, hanging on his back. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:01 AM Eòghann declines any share, pointing out you all are doing him the favor and he has no need for it. [1:01 AM] Reth, hearing Raleon yelling and charging, ducks down and goes stealth(edited) [1:02 AM] With another nat 20! [1:02 AM] Reth is dust on the wind with a 27 Mortal PlayerToday at 1:02 AM "That was actually a very tough fight, even considering all we've been through, but you held up well, Eòghann! And I can tell you are still recovering from your ordeal." Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:03 AM "Wish I could have been more help, I assure you my blade is more true than that, but I am clearly still not my old self. At least I kept some of those strange chicken things off you." Mortal PlayerToday at 1:04 AM The gnome nods and smiles. In the firelight, it can be seen that the gnome appears unharmed and even the brief evidence of his nighttime run has already disappeared. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:05 AM The Gnome sits proudly in his mirror images xP [1:06 AM] Raleon, eager to go after Reth after managing to sniff him out somehow, gets over eager and trips over a rock and splats right next to him. Reth just sits on him. Prince of FateToday at 1:08 AM Raleon gracefully tumbles to the side only to eat it on the grass beside him. Raleon recoils in pain then grunts as the elf happily takes a seat on his back. "UGh! You son-of-a--" The elf squirms beneath him. Then goes to roll and tumble their positions. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:10 AM Reth, not being all that heavy, is unable to keep Raleon from worming out Mortal PlayerToday at 1:11 AM The gnome settles down while the elves frolic. Unlike them, gnomes do not trance. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:13 AM Reth, feeling pushed off, spins around and drops a tan ball, which turns into an ape. He tells it, "wrestle that one." and takes off. [1:14 AM] The ape gets that big grin that apes are known for and tries to grab Raleon [1:14 AM] Only got an 11 on its athletics Prince of FateToday at 1:17 AM Raleon sweats as his blind eyes go wide. "Uhhhh NOPE!" He gracefully slips away--well, almost. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:17 AM The Ape grabs hold of him and blows a raspberry [1:18 AM] Reth hides again [1:18 AM] With a 25 Prince of FateToday at 1:18 AM Raleon whines loudly with obvious displeasure, thrashing about in the ape's hands. [1:21 AM] He slips his hand into his bag and pulls out a wand. "C-charm Animal!" Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:27 AM The ape looks at the wand, then licks it [1:28 AM] the ape uses his action to try and pin [1:28 AM] With a nat 20, total of 25 Prince of FateToday at 1:30 AM "Gh!" the slender elf never stood much of a chance. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:31 AM Reth meanwhile is laughing in the distance, contemplating how long he wants to let the Ape keep at it Prince of FateToday at 1:33 AM Raleon huffs angrily and puffs out of existence, charging at the voice again. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:36 AM Reth, seeing the poof, immediately stops laughing and moves away Prince of FateToday at 1:40 AM The elf gives chase, he huffs where the elf was previously, and glares into the darkness. "Ch....eat...er" Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:41 AM Reth, this time, keeps his trap shut Prince of FateToday at 1:42 AM Raleon huffs and plops on the ground with his arms and legs crossed like a child. Acies ab VesaniaToday at 1:55 AM And so, the group spend a day of travel getting to know the Knight in their company, a man who apparently leads small groups into the country to attend to threats caused by interior problems. He was able to fill in the adventurers with stories of the shops and academy and the library, as well as apparently having the ability to create a meeting between the king and the rest of the group, a rare opportunity indeed. After camping out, they fought what proved to be some roided up demon chickens, proving that perhaps KFC spicy chicken can go too far. The real threat proved to be a pair of clever, spellcasting Babau, but in time the group was able to take them down and get back to their usual shenanagins--primarily Reth and Raleon tormenting each other as usual. They rest now, prepared to make the trek to the capital, where the next part of their destiny awaits. What will come of this meeting? Will Raleon and Thayrin find the cures they seek? Find out next time (April 5th) on D&D Discord!
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