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    Acies ab Vesania - Today at 5:15 PM And so it begins. One side of the camp has the crack heard around the party, where the bard slaps the hostile warlock for her commentary. At the same time, the three brothers reveal themselves to be something other than human, unleashing a haunting howl that requires everyone to make a Wisdom Saving throw versus a DC of 11 Those who fail suddenly feel lethargic, like the weight of the world came to rest upon their shoulders at this very moment. You are under the effect of a slow spell https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Slow#content Initiative Order: Mortal Player (21) Reth (17) Winter (16) Wolf Men (12) Disgruntled Tea (11) Doom Sparkles (7) Ayden (5) Jessica (4) AC 16 for those who get to go first. Mortal Player - Today at 5:36 PM Although Artimus appears to be sleeping, his eye cracks just a hair. Slipping quickly to his feet, it appears that he already had a wand ready. Looking over the camp site, it seems that the arguing girls are closest. So he positions himself on the opposite side of the campfire from the werewolves and waves a hand to place a wall of stone next to the camp fire as an extended barrier. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 5:39 PM Reth too felt something was off, and was prepared to take action if needed. He charges the wolves as they transform, but then gets hit with the slow effect. Due to the lethargy, Reth can only muster one attack this round. He swings with his better sword, hoping to do some damage. However, Reth’s strike is too slow, and the first among them easily evades. (Roll 6+6 = 12, miss) Winter's Sorrow - Today at 5:42 PM As the resounding crack of the slap reached Sylvena's ears, her head was already reeling from the blow. The bard's quick reflexes went past her own ability to see it coming, and thus, met with a painful stinging on her cheek. She didn't know whether or not the slap hurt more from the physical pain, or the shame of her own actions. But, that didn't excuse the fact that Kylah tried touching her journal. It was more than just a journal. It was her very being, and keeping it out of her hands was more than she would be able to bear while traveling. Before the conflict could continue, though, a new one arose. A howl, coming from the other side, reached her ears, taunting her very body to the core. She felt sluggish for a moment, but through sheer willpower, she managed to throw off this feeling of slowness. As she got up from her sitting position, she noticed Artex conjure a wall between himself and the three wolfmen. Keeping pace, she sped next to the wall and peeked around the right corner, and then hexed the nearest wolfman before striking at it with an eldritch blast.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 5:45 PM Unfortunately, the wolf man dodges the eldritch blast The wolf man swings a bastard sword at Knox, and hits him with a solid blow (21 roll) for 11pts of damage. He then attempts to bite at him but misses. Both the other wolf-men try to attack Reth, but miss (4, 12, 8, 6 vs 14) Fortunately, Knox is able to partially deflect the damage and reduces the hit to 6pts. Disgruntled Tea - Today at 5:53 PM The sound of the bard slapping Syl caused the elder twin to snap his eyes open and glance over at the pair in bewilderment before howling sounds tore though the air. His head jerked to the sound as he sprung to his feet, hands gripping his hilts white knucled. Poor Thayrin happened to find himslef an unwilling viewer of the transormation of these strange wolf beast men, unable to look away. He was able to shake off the effects of the howl as he tore his gase away from the dogs to his brother with a grimmace. I TOLD YOU! I TOLD you something was off with those men, but nooooooooo i was just being paronoid as usual. He draws his blades from their place and dashes around the wall created by their gnomeish compainon to get into range of the closer of the three dog-like creatures. He slides to a halt infrount of the beast, twisting and attempting to adujst to the sunden halt while swinging both swords at the creature. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 5:57 PM Both his swords connect, the first a biting blow that should be rather crippling. However, Thayrin notices that something seems off--it does not hurt the creature as much as it should. The second hit seems like it was ineffective entirely. Doom Sparkles - Today at 5:58 PM Raleon felt the air shift as he could hear the mysterious cracks inturupting his song. He stopped to set down his viol as if to investigate--then clutches at his ears at the blasphemous sounds of their howls, his ears ringing with the sound banging around in his ears, hardly keeping his balance upon the log. He clenched his teeth, his eyes wide with the sound of dogs registering in his head. His fingers clutched his bow in terror. The elf's face grew pale. His brother's bickering hardly registering as he was exposed to the full terror of the wolf men transforming. He gulped hard as he loaded his arrow and as if snapping from a trance, he followed his brother with a sluggish footing. He kept his distance, making sure to stay close in reguards to his brother. He shoots off a round towards the devilish hound. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:02 PM The arrow grazes the wolfman, but for some reason it seems like it did not damage. Ayden - Today at 6:11 PM He was nearly caught off guard as the events unfolded around him. As the bastard sword came closing in, the Paladin did everything within his power to parry the blow. His shield would tuck tight into his body, and as the wolf man's momentum came to an end... Knox would do his best to try and shove the creature into the fire. Knox pulls his sword, and he is now prepared to use it now that he recognizes these creatures for what they are.(edited) Jessica - Today at 6:12 PM Alas, Kylah doesn't get to see the Warlock's face, because their three new friends choose that moment to turn into slavering beasts and try to eat everyone. Honestly, couldn't they have waited just a few minutes for a pair of girls to work out their differences? Fucking rude! She doesn't follow Sylvena on the attack, however. The bard yawns, blinking rapidly as she tries to stay awake. There's only three enemies, after all. The others should be able to handle this... No. Wait. She's been trained against this kind of thing. What was it he'd told her, all those months ago? "A curse can chain a mind, but a song can break it free." If this is the spell she thinks it is, she knows just how to counter it. With a groan of annoyance, she flops to the ground and fumbles for her violin. The first notes are slow, almost sad. Then something in the music begins to pick up, a steady beat in time with her pulse. Faster. And faster. And faster, until the sound becomes a storm of adrenaline, a desert song, pushing back the heaviness laid down upon her and the others by the wolven spell. (Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTF-NvvA7Ds) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:15 PM The Wolf is shoved into the fire, tripping and rolling through the flames, taking 13pts of damage. The creature bellows, howling in pain as it rolls around and tries to put itself out. Next turn, attacks against that wolf are made with an advantage. It does not get an attack. The Counter Song is in effect. All those who failed previous saves get a save at the beginning of their turn with an advantage. Mortal Player - Today at 6:19 PM Artimus' eyes widen as he sees his companion's blows having no effect upon the atreange wolf-like creatures. Nervously glancing up at Sylvena, he mutters something incoherent under his breath. Seeing the creature writhe in agony in the fire, Artimus step forward with a glance at Knox and prepares to shove the werewolf back into the fire the moment it tries to stand up. His stomache rumbling, Artimus realizes that he never ate dinner.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:22 PM Reth makes a still slowed swing at one of the two who remain by him. His attack connects, and makes a biting blow as the magical blade sinks in, doing 9 points of damage. The wolf growls at him. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 6:22 PM Sylvena muttered a small curse under her breath as she watched her first attack miss the wolfman as it nimbly dodged out of the way. She winced as she noticed Sir Knox take an attack, but his skill with his blade allowed for him to deflect the incoming sword enough so that it hurt him slightly less. Gathering up more eldritch energy, she unleashed another eldritch blast at the wolfman she hexed as Kylah played her energizing song. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:23 PM This time the blast is close, but the wolf just barely manages to duck out the way... The wolf man fighting Reth swings with his sword but misses. He does manage to bite Reth, who takes 4pts of damage. The creature then initiates a trip attack, with a disadvantage due to the warlock. Unfortunately for Reth, both rolls were good and the one that sticks is a 17. Reth's check against it is an 11, he is tripped. Reth's next turn is going to be spent getting up, with a chance at one attack assuming he makes the saving throw next time. Thayrin gets hit for 9 points of damage (22 total on the roll) by the one he is fighting. It's bite attack misses The wolf on the ground tries to get up. Mortal Player - Today at 6:29 PM "dodge this," says Artimus and shoves at the wolfman. 😂3 Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:30 PM The opposed check is 20 vs 10, in favor of the gnome. The wolf man is shoved back into the fire. It takes another 11pts of damage, this time, he does not roll back out. A wolf is on the spit and there to stay.(edited) Disgruntled Tea - Today at 6:33 PM Noting that his blades do little to no damage on thier own he sends a quick mental warning to his twin that other actions should be looked into...that is untill he spots Knox shoving one of the dogs into the camp fire, rendering it to a screeching somhow even more foul smelling thing. He briefly spares a glance tward Raleon before changeing his postion to better back his opponit to the flames before speaking to his other half though thier conection. Don't sapose you could do some of that voodo shooting magic you do and catch an arrow on fire and hit one of these things can you? His monentary distraction cost him. He grunts as his defences were broke though allowing him to take a nasty blow. well there goes my shirt...looks like we match again brother dear With a quick adustement to his stance and grip on his blades he swings the blades at his foe. Hell even if he was doing little to no effect, he was still wounding the beast...and that ment it would just take a bit longer to kill the things than usual. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:35 PM The first attack, again seems to do less than it should, but does leave lasting damage. The second closes right back up after striking. Doom Sparkles - Today at 6:39 PM Raleon's elven ears twitched at the sound of the intense music and he smiled at the sound of the Bard. He always loved a good song. He took a breath and gathered just enough courage to push down his fears for if nothing just the moment and jumped along side with his brother, clutching his sword in hand. Seeing his brother in danger, he grits his teeth and takes a moment to prepare his next action with a wrathful vengence in mind. Coating his sword in oil, he prepares to give the beast a reason to regret ever injuring his kin, his clouded orbs lit with rage. Ayden - Today at 6:46 PM The sting of the wound filled the paladin with anger. This fight had made him mad, for a lot of reasons. The deception of these creatures, who played the part of a human... even his companions who bickered prior to this didn't help. Yet, the group didn't hesitate to strike these men down... did they know that these were not human? Had anyone killed a human before? There was so much wrong with this, and Knox wanted little to do with any of it any more. Sheathing his sword, Knox sneaks up behind one of the foes who were after Reth. The Paladin would use his strength to grapple with the foe, restricting its movement while allowing the others to attack it freely if he were to succeed. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:49 PM The wolf easily slips past the Paladin (Roll of 20+4= 24) and dodges the grapple Jessica - Today at 6:49 PM Kylah's song seems to be helping a little, at least. Seeing the group rapidly turning the tables on their new enemies, she sets down her violin, yawning and stretching, before muttering a quiet melody, summoning a Mage Hand. Given how even the stronger fighters seem to be having trouble at close range, the bard doubts she'd be able to do any damage by attacking them herself- but fire seems to work. Using the Mage Hand, she grabs a stick from the fire and pokes the least wounded werewolf, attempting to light it aflame. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 6:53 PM The flaming club drives itself agains the wolf man. It's skin sizzles and the creature growls, swatting at the unseemly fire poker Mortal Player - Today at 6:57 PM Watching the firewood rise into the air and attack, Artimus smiles and looks back at Kylah. For the first time, since encountering the wolves, the gnome visibly relaxes. Then his stomache lets out another growl and the smile vanishes. Skirting around the fight, he looks for an opening and moves forwards as if to shove the wolfman. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:01 PM Reth swings twice this round, overcoming his lethargy. Even with his advantage, he misses the first time with his betterr sword. His other one strikes the creature, but only does minor damage. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 7:01 PM Curse her terrible luck! Sylvena blamed hers misses on not fully understanding the eldritch knowledge she was given, and the bard's nasty slap. Mostly the bard's slap, to be perfectly honest with herself. Keeping pace with the motions of the battle she muttered another curse under her breath as she loosed another beam of green energy at her hexed combatant, hoping desperately to hit it this time. It did seem like the tide was turning in their favor though, with one of the wolfmen dead, and the others wounded. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:03 PM The hex strikes home, burning right through the beast's chest, leaving a smoldering husk where it's heart once was. The creature drops dead. The last remaining wolf swings at Thayrin and misses. He tries to bite him but misses. Disgruntled Tea - Today at 7:12 PM Without the added distraction Thayrin easly ducks under the attempted swing his foe though at him with a grin. He retaliates with a quick swing of his main sword, swinging it in a deadly strike. Simotaniosly he deftly fips his off hand blade in hand so that the sword was now held in reverse with the blade resting along his forearm. He had little to no faith that he would actually cause much damage to the dog, but hitting it in his faimly jewels with a sword and creating some opening for his bro to mock and take advatnage of...priceless. Doom Sparkles - Today at 7:17 PM With his blade now aflame, the twin growls almost an animalistic growl. With his brother's actions done towards the creature, he let out a nasty yell as he swung towards the creature, determination in his eyes. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:19 PM The flaming sword cuts down the last of the wolf men, and he falls down dead. Jessica - Today at 7:19 PM "Yay!" Kylah pumps one fist in the air. "Can we sleep now?" Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:20 PM All three of the foes are dispatched. One is currently feeding the fire with all the spirit of a yule-tide contribution. The other two lie still, strangely remaining in their hybrid forms--this is not congruent with were-wolf folklore. 🔥4 Mortal Player - Today at 7:22 PM Sighing, Artimus looks at his companions, then notices the wolfman is getting a bit too charred. He hurries over, "Give me hand with this would you." Ayden - Today at 7:22 PM Knox takes a knee to grab the earth at his feet before wiping it on his armor. The same dirty hand would grip his side where blood flowed freely. Wincing in pain, he would stand to look at all of them. He was still angry, his heart was still racing. Unlatching his shield, he would throw it onto the ground before walking away from the group. "They weren't human.." He would mutter to himself.(edited) Doom Sparkles - Today at 7:23 PM Raleon stands above the wolf man, watching him die with little remorse in his expression, the flames from his sword licking up into the air as the blood from his blade threatens to do the extinguish from his foe's insides. He glared down at it and as his foe dies he speaks, "I trusted you...NEVER...harm my kin." He spits on its corpse and flicks the flames and blood from his sword, retuning to his twin's side, tears threatening to well in his eyes. He would claim because of all the smoke. He attempts to speak but only manages to choke out a message to him through their mind. I'm sorry... You were hurt because of me. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 7:24 PM Sylvena, herself not too happy with the situation, stormed over to her pack and grabbed it with a hefty heave before leaving the immediate campsite. Not only did she want to be away from the carnage and smell of burnt fur, she wanted to be away from the bard. She had also left without speaking a word to anyone. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:26 PM Reth assists the gnome with the body, and then goes over to the other two and hacks away at their necks, removing their heads. If questioned, he adds, "Just in case." Despite being in hybrid form, they do still have their backpacks. Jessica - Today at 7:27 PM Seems the Warlock is too embarrassed to show her face around the others. Good. Let her stew for a bit, then come back later and apologize for her words. On her knees. For now, she has the others to check on. "Anyone hurt? If there's anything you guys can't sleep off I could try and fix it up." In spite of the prior violence, she seems quite merry, having made it through the battle entirely unharmed. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:28 PM Reth shrugs. "I'll be fine." He has a minor bite, but nothing a good night's rest won't attend to. Mortal Player - Today at 7:30 PM "Thanks Reth." Artimus wipes his hands together, frowns, and mutters a word. Bits of ashe fall to the ground, leaving the gnome clean. glancing back towards the fire, he waves a hand, dismissing the wall. "I think we should all be a bit more careful about who we camp with from now on." Doom Sparkles - Today at 7:31 PM Raleon perks up his head from smothering himself close to his twin, piping up for his mute twin, "Thayrin is injured fairly bad I fear..." Disgruntled Tea - Today at 7:31 PM Standing slowly from his crouch,Tharyin winced at the pain that ran though his body from his wound. It wasn't the worst he had recived, but it was sitll rathar painful...not that he would complain or mention that to anyone in the group. With a soft weary sigh he return his swords to thier place and looks over at his brother with a smirk. He was generally the more genltle of the two...if one could call them gnetle. So seeing him snap and take out one of the enamies before he or the others had the chance to was a change of pace for the slilent twin. Thayrin would never state this, but it both made him proud and saddened him to see his better half take a more deadly and angry stance twoards others. It just didn't suit him. He forces a brief smile to his tired face and pats Raleon's head affectionatly before stepping back several paces to use a tree as support to slide to the ground. He was tired, sore, and somewhat light headed...and all he wanted to do was rest. It was not your falt. I simply was not fast enough this time round. besides better me than you my dear. Jessica - Today at 7:33 PM Kylah smiles wryly at Artimus's comment. "All right, maybe a little. Though I'd say this kind of thing was just what we were looking for when we set out, right?" With that, she stands up, making her way over to Thayrin. "Here. Let me see." Ayden - Today at 7:33 PM His breathing continues to be heavy as he pulls away from the group. He could still hear them off in the distance, but he would push his back against the tree and slide down it-placing him out of sight. His hand would shake as he pulled it from the wound covered in blood. "They weren't human." He continues to say to himself, as if trying to convince himself. Deep breaths would fill his lung as he would try to concentrate.(edited) Jessica - Today at 7:35 PM Apparently the elf hadn't gotten off easily, in spite of his amazing bladework against the beasts. Kylah lays one hand gently on Thayrin's cheek, crooning an old lullaby, sealing his wounds with her spell as best she can. Mortal Player - Today at 7:37 PM The gnome begins pacing. He was tired and ready to sleep before this all began, but now... "I think I'm fine. I wasn't hurt in the fight Kylah." Finally, the gnome settles down to watch the bard work. Just as he is settling, he spots one of the wolf packs and his curiosity arouses. He might as well see what these guys were lugging about. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 7:37 PM As she walked close around the camp, Sylvena tried to calm her recent emotions. She shouldn't be angry at the Kylah's inquisitiveness, but something about her blatant curiosity just sent her over the edge. She knew, deep down, that her reaction was far over the top, but some other part of her also knew that she was justified. It was her journal. Her secrets. She didn't want anyone else to know, lest her shame be known to the entire world. That was it. Her shame. After some time, she wandered back into camp, setting herself down with nary a sound, interaction, or acknowledgement. She wanted to be alone, but she also knew that wasn't a possibility. Not when traveling with such a group. Doom Sparkles - Today at 7:41 PM Raleon's face did that thing when he tried to not cry so his brows scrunched and his lip quivered. He bit his lower lip to stop it but it was futile. It was a pretty cute face honestly... Though he doubted anyone saw his face due to the cover of night. He shade his face in shame with his hair, keeping close to his brother, helping him to the tree and remaining at his side until Kaylah arrived. He smiled at her with gratitude... "Thank you for helping a few fools..." He whispered towards her.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:42 PM The gnome finds between all three packs: 15 copper, 13 silver, 5 Electrum, and 5 bottles of wine. In addition to the wolf-men's three Bastard Swords. Disgruntled Tea - Today at 7:43 PM The song seemed to flow though him...a rather odd feeling combined with the even odder feeling of his wounds closing up with little time or pain. An almost childhish quizical look appears on his face as he looks at Kylah as she sung her tune. It was if the pain was never there in the first place, leaving only the blood and ruined shirt to show that it had indeed been present at one point. He smiles and nods in genuine thanks to the lady musician, his face briefly losing the ever present scowl and standoffish appearench is uaualy had etched into it. he places a hand absientmindly on his bother in an effort to calm and comfort him while briefly scanning around the camp. Jessica - Today at 7:44 PM "No problem, Raley," says Kylah, somewhat reluctantly moving her hand away from Thayrin and standing up. Part of her is tempted to cuddle with them, but after Syl's reaction earlier... well, she doesn't need to deal with any more chaos tonight. "Take good care of each other, all right?" She steps back. "Now. Did anyone see where Knox went?" Mortal Player - Today at 7:45 PM Artimus begins to chant and wave his hands in a soothing rythym, after a while he stops, apparently satisfied. Ayden - Today at 7:45 PM Knox would squint in pain as he looked to the moon high in the sky. He tried to envoke his power, but it waivered. He couldn't focus as his mind raced.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:49 PM The only magic you detect is from your companions. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 7:49 PM "He's somewhere out in the woods," Syl replied flatly, not acknowledging the question for the bard, but more for the good of the group. "He'll be back." She flicked the straps of her pack off her shoulders, before digging through it to find her journal. Taking it out ever so carefully, she dusted it off, having found a small piece of dirt on the back cover, before holding it tightly across her chest like a stuffed animal. Mortal Player - Today at 7:52 PM Artimus takes out a bottle, "Well, well, well, what have we here?" He opens it sniffs at it and gives it a taste. Is it any good? Doom Sparkles - Today at 7:53 PM Raleon takes a moment to rub over his brother's healed chest, smiling a bit to himself. He watches her sway between drawing closer and father away and takes this moment to stand--bringing her into an embrace--this time NOT covered in carnage. "No really. Thank you, you're very good to us. You are very much appreciated." He gives her a kind smile. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 7:55 PM The wine is common. Decent enough, but nothing terribly fancy. Reth plops down by the gnome, grabs up one of the wine bottles and takes a swig. "Typical human piss." Despite his comment, he draws another swig. trash3 Mortal Player - Today at 7:57 PM Artimus is, of course, intrigued that everyone has some magic and absently-mindedly notes the school of magic for each as a mental exercise as he walks over to Syl, "Here, it isn't that good, but maybe it will cheer you up." Jessica - Today at 7:59 PM Kylah rolls her eyes at Syl's cold response. "Well, I'm sure he plans to come back, but honestly? Heading out alone, in the dark, on the same road we just met three hungry wolfmen?" She sighs. Of course, she has the be the one to hold the group together. That said, she's quickly cheered up as Raleon wraps her in his warm, strong arms. Kylah reddens slightly in the firelight, but returns the embrace wholeheartedly, a little closer this time than the last. Her chin rests on his shoulder for a moment, just close enough for the edges of her curly hair to brush up against his face. After the long day it's been, she really needs a moment like this- But there are others watching, and she has some fires to put out, metaphorically. She pulls away, about as slowly as she can get away with, sliding one arm along Raleon's until one of his hands is held in both of hers. "It warms my heart to hear that. Really." And then she slips away, smooth as water, striding out from the campfire and yelling in a somewhat annoyed tone. "Knox! Where the hells are you?" Ayden - Today at 8:01 PM After a few minutes of getting his breathing under control and his nerves in check, Knox is able to envoke the powers within him. His hand starts to glow as he prays. Placing the hand upon his wound, it would begin to heal itself completely. The pain would subside, but it didn't change much about the way he felt about this last encounter. Perhaps he would stay here, at this tree for the night. That was until he heard her voice. A hand would wave outside the base of the tree to grab her attention. "Shhhh." He requested as he relaxed. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 8:02 PM Sylvena paused for just a moment, wondering whether or not drinking wine at this time would be a good idea. Then again, she was in the mood for some alcohol, good or not. "I doubt it will," she mumbled before snagging the bottle from Artex and taking a long draught, wincing as the offending material burned as it went down. She didn't drink too terribly much, but with her current mood, she was glad for it. "One of the best things to happen all day, though" she grumbled. It really wasn't her day for being a scholar. Jessica - Today at 8:05 PM Ah, there he was. Still not quite satisfied, Kylah walked over to the paladin and his tree, though she kept quiet as he'd asked, at least until she was close enough to lean against the tree next to him and speak in a low voice. "Everything all right? I saw you were in the thick of it back there..." Oh. Shit. Was he angry at her? "...I'm sorry," she continued, as regretfully as possible. "I shouldn't have been so haughty, earlier. You were right about being cautious." Ayden - Today at 8:07 PM The quite was welcoming. Though, her low voice did just as much to ease his mind. Her apology was appreciated. "It's not that." He said softly, his eyes gazing to the moon. "Have you ever killed a human before?" He asked her curiously. Knox was doubtful that any of them in their group had. "Did you know they weren't human?" Mortal Player - Today at 8:10 PM Artex shrugs and counts out the money, dividing it up for everyone and leaves the wine and swords for everyone to take as they please and then falls silent as if lost in thought, "What were you and Kylah fighting about?"(edited) Winter's Sorrow - Today at 8:13 PM Sylvena took another long draught of the wine, coughing slightly as it stung down her throat. "That's none of your -hic- business, but s-she upset me, that's all." She explained, feeling a slight buzz begin to flow through her. Deep down, she knew this was a bad idea to drink so much wine, but it felt like the right time to her current thoughts. Taking another swig, she shook the bottle, hearing the slowly emptying contents slosh in the bottle. "This tastes....terrible, you know that?"(edited) Jessica - Today at 8:16 PM The bard visibly relaxes, relieved. Well, that makes things easier. What's got him down is a moral thing, not what she'd expected but certainly in line with what she knows of him. She shakes her head at first. "No. Not a human." She's killed animals, and even arguably sentient creatures in her recent battles, but those were in self-defense, and she doesn't really feel bad about it. You try to kill someone, they try to kill you- simple as that. She doesn't voice this opinion, however, letting Knox direct the conversation. "Hah!" Her laugh is quiet but sharp, not so much mocking as genuinely amused. "What kind of human has claws and sharp teeth and hair all over? Besides, you must have heard what they were saying when they turned." She rests one hand reassuringly on his shoulder. "They were going to eat us. Might have looked a little like humans at first, but I wouldn't disgrace my own race by counting them among us."(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 8:16 PM Reth agrees. "Yup." with the Warlock on the quality of the wine. Doom Sparkles - Today at 8:19 PM Raleon allowed her to slip away to tame whatever love called perhaps an interest. Though there was another smell that caught his interest. Alchol. He smirked as he pat his brother's head, signaling his return in a moment. He snooped where he saw the gnome snooping and reaped the spoils of the left over bottles. Snickering he winked at the ranger. "Human piss, perhaps, but I know my brother won't complain." He uncorked one with his mouth and taste a bit. Well...more like human spit....He'd tasted fowler. He spit the cork towards a corpse and returned to his twin. "Look what I've gooot~" He left the bottles beside his brother before returning to the bodies to inspect them. Something was bothering him about them. He couldn't place why. Mortal Player - Today at 8:23 PM Artimus stares at Sylvena for a moment, "Uh, okay. You know. You're right the wine isn't great." Artimus blinks at his companions and the rapidly vanishing wine of mediocre quality with a sense of astonishment. For a moment, he looks as if he is about to ask another question... and then stops... Ayden - Today at 8:24 PM "Yes. I know that they weren't human. They were Therianthropes, wolves twisted by magic to hunt people down." He paused. "They could be the reason for what is happening at the lake or surrounding areas. Or, whatever turned them into what they are could be responsible." Knox would stand to look at her. his eyes rather intense. "I hesitated because I thought they were human, I thought I could save them from their curse." He was just thankful that was not the case.(edited) Disgruntled Tea - Today at 8:26 PM Feeling Raleon shift away from him again with a pat to his head caused Thayrin to crack oppen a sleepy eye questioninly. He watched his twin pick his way across the camp and snag something from the ground before conversing with the ranger briefly. With a tilt of his head and a raised brow he takes note of the yonger twin takeing something in his teeth before spating it at a corpse as he passes by. A slow blink truns to realization and an adorable smile and a raised gimme hand action was preformed before the sullen twin could stop himself. He happly snags up the bottle in his grasp and settles in a bit more comptroably against the tree taking long swigs of the wine. Unlike the others, It did not matter what the taste was like for him it only mattered what effect it had on his nerves and pain levels. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 8:27 PM Taking an abnormally long drink from the bottle, Syl blinked, before pulling the bottle from her lips. Her vision began to swim a little, but she kept it afloat after a moment of concentration. "I just don't understand why everything has to be so damn difficult," she said suddenly, drawing the words out slightly. "I just can't put up with shit like this anymore. I want to find whoever -hic- whoever.....Godsdamnit!" She slammed the bottle onto the ground, but the soft ground didn't break the bottle. Instead, the empty container rolled a bit before resting right up against her right leg, the last of the contents dribbling out onto the dirt, muddying it. "Why can't I ever find peace anymore?...."(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 8:29 PM Reth shrugs, taking another hearty swig from his bottle. "Life does not provide peace. Life and nature are unfeeling in that regard. It simply just is." It seems the alcohol has made the Ranger a little more expressive. 😮1 Jessica - Today at 8:32 PM "Huh." Kylah certainly isn't as well-educated as he, but she catches his drift. "We probably ought to look into that. And by we I mean Syl and Artimus..." She glances back at the campfire, hearing the revels unfolding back there. "...I'll mention it to them tomorrow, if they're not too hungover." He doesn't seem on the verge of a breakdown, but she pauses anyway before leaving. Maybe today it wasn't human, but if something that looked like a man could get him this bad, what would happen if they actually ran into bandits? They'd need some way to deal. After a moment, she sticks out her hand, waggling two fingers in front of his face, a rough impression of a pair of legs walking. "Remember what I said about hand signs earlier? If we're up against an enemy and you... decide it best not to kill it, signal me with this. I know a charm which puts things to sleep. Might come in handy if we ever end up in a situation like you'd feared." She meets his eyes, a little unnerved by the intensity in his gaze but meeting it with warmth in hers. "That sound okay?"(edited) 💖1 Mortal Player - Today at 8:34 PM "Ah, yes, I suppose." Artimus looks uncomfortable. "I don't think we can find peace in the past. We have to look forward for it," he says after a moment. Disgruntled Tea - Today at 8:36 PM with a sigh, Thayrin hauls himself off the ground and santers over to his brother. He wraps his arms around the others waist and rests his chin on his shoulder looking at the felled beast with intrest. and what are you looking at so keenly dear heart?(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 8:38 PM "The wolf eats the deer. The deer did not get fairness, it does not understand its lack of peace. It simply dies. The wolf is sated, until it encounters the bear, who sees it as a threat to its cub, and kills the wolf. None were concerned about peace and fairness. They acted as they are, and made the best of life that they could. It is us silly, overthinking creatures who wonder why..." 🎓1 Ayden - Today at 8:39 PM Her response was welcomed with a smile. It pained him knowing that he could have put them in a difficult situation. "Agreed." Her friendship was unlike anything he had before. He would never dare reveal such a flaw to others. Though he had sworn to rid the world of evil, some lines would always be blurred. "I wouldn't let anything happen to you Kylah." He can see that she wishes to rejoin the others. He would accompany her if she wished to do so. Winter's Sorrow - Today at 8:40 PM "Of course w-we can't find peace in the past, it damn well already happened!" Syl cried, clutching her journal even tighter despite her alcoholic stupor. "Just like how the only peace I'll ever f-f-find will be after I kill my patr-" Sylvena cut herself off, her eyes growing wider, before refusing to say another word. She averted her eyes, which had begun to sting slightly in her emotional state. Even with her alcohol-ridden mind, she knew she had said more than she was comfortable with.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 8:42 PM Reth doesn't seem to understand what she got at, but did hear killing someone. "If killing that would kill you shall find you peace, then perhaps nature wills it. But killing for vengeance rarely closes old wounds. It causes them to grow septic." His eyes grow distant. He throws the empty bottle away from himself. He pats Sylvena on her leg and gets up, wobbling a little has he makes for his tree where he had tried resting prior to the attack. Doom Sparkles - Today at 8:45 PM Raleon licks the insides of his mouth, tasting the garbage someone claimed was a drink and spat once more in distaste at the corpse. "These things normally turn back to humans if they were werewolves....just weird they didn't..." He spoke aloud. He noticed the ranger getting up to rest and waved to him, tilting his head towards his direction he heard the foot falls from. "G'Night, Reth!" he called, noticing the familiar...yet alchol influenced steps. He chuckled. Jessica - Today at 8:48 PM "Well of course you wouldn't." Kylah grins mischievously. "What greater sin would there be than to let the world be robbed of its cleverest and most beautiful mortal?" She's clearly joking around, now. "Speaking of which, it seems I have a dangerous journey ahead of me. Would the brave knight be so kind as to escort me back to the campfire?" She moves to slide her arm into his- not holding his hand, but aiming to link them by the elbows, so they can return side by side. She's not insistent if he brushes her away, but it's important to try; such expressions of unity may be helpful for the group as a whole. With Knox apparently feeling a little better, Kylah sneaks a glance over to Syl as she approached. Goodness, but the elf seems upset. The slap had been thoroughly deserved, perhaps, but she hadn't meant to upset the elf that much. She keeps quiet, not wanting to provoke another fight, but racks her brains for some kind of solution. Mortal Player - Today at 8:50 PM Artimus' eyes widen in surprise and he balls a hand into a fist and places the foreknuckle of his index finger in his mouth. "I, uh, yeah... I, uh, probably should, um... rest, you know, rest is good for the ah, soul." Artimus stand up awkwardly, shakes his head, and looks down at Sylvena, "I'm sure you have your reasons for... well, you don't have to tell me." Artimus pauses, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you find a moment of peace Syl." Disgruntled Tea - Today at 8:55 PM He hums softly and frowns. I guess your right on that one...your better with knowing stuff like that. I usually just sing a blade at it and see if it dies or not. he turns his head with his brother and signs a quick good night as well to the tipsy ranger.(edited) Ayden - Today at 8:55 PM Knox accepts the arm with his own. Walking back with Kylah gave him a reassurance that was previously missing. As they enter the camp, it seems her attention fixes back on Syl. He knew that there was some mending that needed done, and would let them at it. Grabbing his shield, he would go grab his priest pack before relaxing once more. The others were drinking and having fun for the most part, and his mood had improved much. He wouldn't be joining in on the drinking, but he would watch over them for the night.(edited) Jessica - Today at 9:00 PM She's played a lot of pieces in her time, and it takes her a while to dig up the right one, but it's there. A bard never truly forgets a good song, after all. As they reach the campfire, she steps away from Knox, giving him a nod of thanks. "You get some sleep, now. I'm not too tired, so I'll take first watch." With most of the others dozing off, she makes her way easily around the campfire to retrieve her bow, which she'd left on the ground during the fray. A bit dirty- she'd need to clean it up in the morning -but undamaged, still good for what she intended. She takes a moment to seat herself comfortably, or at least as comfortably as she can under such circumstances. Then, resting her instrument against her chin, she draws the bow, sounds off a few experimental notes, and slips into a melody. It's not just some ditty. This one is chosen carefully. She doesn't know the words, for they aren't in her language- instead, she lets the music speak for her, pouring her weary heart into the performance. Where gaps in her memory appear, she swiftly improvises, knitting together what she knows to form a sound whole. It's an Elvish song. A slow, serene piece, perhaps their equivalent of a lullaby for their strange meditation. She doesn't know. What she does know is what she's heard, the slips of conversation she's caught from the drunken conversation before. Syl is hurt. Syl wants peace. Kylah can't give it to her in words, or in gestures. So she gives it to her in song. 🎼5 Mortal Player - Today at 9:04 PM Walking back to his place, Artimus settles down and stares at the dying fire, then looks away. Finally he gets up, unable to sleep again. He grabs a half burnt stick from the fire and returns to his place again. Sitting down, he begins to chant while picking pieces of the soot off of the stick. After several minutes of this, the gnome appears to have relaxed. He settles down and a moment later appears to be sleeping soundly. Winter's Splendor - Today at 9:09 PM It had been a long time since such a song had come to her ears. Decades, actually, before she left her homeland. Before she became a warlock, actually. Sylvena didn't know why Kylah had decided to sing an elvish song, but perhaps it was because of her. She hadn't exactly been the quietest in her emotional state, and the way she sang it, it sent shivers into her very core. At this point, why even hide how she felt. Looking up to the bard as she played, Sylvena's emotions broke through the dam, as several tears spilled down her cheeks. She didn't want to show it, she didn't want to give it up, but her inhibitions were gone at this point; the alcohol had seen to that. The faintest wonder of why the bard may be singing an elven song swept through her addled mind, but it was moved aside by feelings she hadn't truly gotten to feel in ages. Happiness, friendship, comraderie, they all were felt in this beautiful song, and she was an undeserving recipient of such pleasure. She wished she could have her lover by her side at this moment, but that was in the past. She had new friends now. Friends that were the first to give some semblance of care to each other. Her arms, still clutching her journal so tightly that the knuckles had become stark white, began to loosen, before she altogether let go of it as it fell into her lap. She needed to make amends with her new friends. Maybe she should let Kylah know what was really going on. She deserved that much, after all. Doom Sparkles - Today at 9:10 PM Raleon noted the music noted before them. His lips curl, his heart strings tugging at the familiar tune. It had been some time he had translated it into common tongue, but the song was a bit of both. He waited for the beginning to strum. He took a swig of his brother's wine, guiding his drunken brother to the fire with the others, sitting next to Kylah. Slowly, he began to bring words to her beautiful strums. His voice was smooth and floated along the night's air. His clouded eyes closing as he focused his words to sing with meaning. He could feel the bard's desires living within the music and wished to assist her in her meaning. The homeland reminence touching even his heart. It had been so long since they had left home... Even longer since he had been in an elvish settlement and within the welcoming embrace within similar race as he. His brother and he were oddities, this was clear as the moon's rays to him on the lovely night's air, but this would not stop him from wishing to find company within his own people. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO7Qmh0IC2Q)(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Today at 9:14 PM The keen eye notices that the ranger sits up and cracks open an eye, watching the Bard as she sings, and then Raleon joins in. There is the ghost of a smile on his face, and for a moment, he too looks at peace. 👌2 Ayden - Today at 9:19 PM As the beautiful song started to play, he couldn't help but rummage through his belongings. A part of him thought to pick up his panflute to play along, but decided against it. Instead, he would grab the grey wool blanket inside his bag. Pulling it forth, he moves to Kylah's side to wrap the blanket around her - careful not to disturb her playing. A large white star would be decorated upon the grey wool, the symbol of Etoile, as it glimmered in the moonlight. Knox lays down right beside her within arms reach of where she is sitting and falls asleep with ease.(edited) 😇1 Disgruntled Tea - Today at 9:27 PM Guided by his twin Thayrin found himslef sitting among the group, an unusal thing for him, but soon adjusted when his better half joined in with the soft melody. The notes sounded familuar to him. It sounded like a melody once sung to him long ago when he was a small child...although he could not recall if this was the particular tune. He watched as the groups palidan takes a blanket out for the bard and breifly wondered if there was a thing between them. It wouldn't suprise the rouge, as combat and stressful situations do tend to lend a hand in forming uniqe bonds. However he secretly thought that they did make a rather cute cupple standing next to another...now if only one hadne't taken a silly vow of celibacy.... turning his attention back to the lovely melody ,a brief nastalgic smaile finds its place on his face as he pulls out a blanket out of his pack and settles in for the night. The tune the duo singing softly in the crisp air was doing wonders to sooth away the stress from the day and lull him into a peceful meditative state. Winter's Splendor - Today at 9:31 PM It wasn't much, but it was enough to pacify Sylvena for the time being. It was true, she wasn't one who was at peace with herself very often, but this song was a first step to finding that peace. For now, it was time to meditate. She would try talking with Kylah sometime the next day. If not an apology, at least an explanation, too. Maybe she wouldn't find true peace in her quest for vengeance, but she knew it was necessary. That would come in time, though. Even if it wasn't what she had a lot of, the time this group had tonight? It was time well spent, in her drunken opinion. Acies ab Vesania - Today at 9:33 PM Though the reconciliation goes unspoken, it seems the group has pulled back together after a harrowing encounter with the creature known as the Therianthrope, a twisted amalgamation of dark fey magic and nature. The group is but a stone’s throw from the Pitune Lake, the first of what is surely to be many future stops in their adventures. Thus closes this week's session. The adventure begins on the next morning, ready to make for the lake, in two week's time.
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  4. To Tame The Beast

    “Oversleeping, the first day on the job?” Aaron’s voice dripped with irritation, a purposeful display of his disappointment with the “new help.” “I can’t recall any of my previous servants failing to meet my expectations so early in their tenure. Perhaps you seek to set the record for shortest stay in my direct service.” Aaron waves a hand dismissively. “If you cannot do better, then don’t bother with trying. Save me the trouble of firing you and go. See if you can make it in the real world outside the comfort and charms of my hospitality.” He lowers his voice, taking on a nasty edge. “I’m eager to see you try.” He knows he intentionally adds new layers of nastiness to his handling of the girl. Anything to push her away. Let her decide that leaving is in her best interests and a choice she makes of her own volition. Perhaps even James would let him have this without a fight. No more late night arguments, no more pushing for some kind of miracle. The man still believed in his humanity, and while Aaron had to admire his commitment to such sentiments, he knew that James sought after echoes of the past whose last cries faded into the din of his growing violence. Life is no fairytale; fair maidens cannot bring him back from the precipice of morality from he plunged ages ago. Aaron’s soul is damned, and James best learn to accept it. Aaron feels his shoulders sag, the weight of his own malicious handling of the girl pressing down on him. Even he felt the pangs of disgust in the manner he spoke at the girl. She deserved better, and he sought to push her away so that she could find it within herself to seek out new opportunities. Yet, no doubt she would continue to stand by, idly waiting for his instructions. James had a way of finding help who would dutifully serve even in the face of direct threats to life and limb. How that man found these people, he could only guess. “Yes, instructions.” Aaron rolls his eyes, making a big show of the inconvenience she thrust upon him by asking for his lead. “My room is overdue for a deep cleaning. Strip it bear, scrub it from top to bottom, and launder all of the bedding. Remake the bed, and be sure it is immaculate. I will accept nothing less than flat planes and starched out creases.” Aaron turns around, giving the girl his back. “I want my formal attire pulled from storage. I will have need to see it properly washed and ready for the tailor, who will need to ensure they fit perfectly, as the charity ball is coming in a month’s time, as I am sure you recall.” He referred to their unwelcome visitor from the night before, who held him at gunpoint, demanding that he take her with him to the ball. Fortunately, some quick thinking by Elizabeth, coupled with a spot of luck, rendered his little problem obsolete. Still, he expected Elizabeth had paid enough attention to realize that the annual event was soon upon them, and as in every previous year, he had obligations to keep. “Once you finish with that, scour the chamber pots and ensure they are clean enough to eat from. That should occupy your time for the rest of the morning. I will find more tasks for you this afternoon.” Aaron turns to walk out, but then pauses. “It would also do you well to look at least somewhat presentable in my presence.” His voice is low, nearly growling. “You look like you just crawled out of a gutter.” With that biting comment, he stalks off, leaving her to her tasks. Assuming his brusque manner and caustic comments had their desired effect, she would be gone by that evening.
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    Epic music scores. Themed to fit the mood of the post. Rainy Mood as background with the music. If I am really having trouble with focus, I'll also add some binaural beats in the background.
  8. To Tame The Beast

    Aaron keeps to himself that night. James informed him of Elizabeth’s accident shortly after he finished attending to her wounds. He suggested that Aaron keep his distance long enough for the girl’s wounds to seal over completely. It seemed insulting to Aaron that James might suggest that he would be overcome by his bloodlust at the sight of a little dribble, but he let the matter rest. There were other ways a man might feel temptation. They pulled at him strongly this evening, and he hoped a night of separation might bury those feelings for good. The girl is his servant until her usefulness outlives itself, and then he would move on to the next. Just as he always had. In the morning, he sends James after the girl once more. He has his usual business that required his attention, and today he felt especially torn. The little distraction from the night before reminded him of the charity ball, an event that required his presence regardless of his firm commitment to remaining in isolation. Should he fail to fulfill his role, people would come knocking at his doors, asking questions and poking their busybody noses into that which should not concern them. Naturally, he could tear them apart and rid the world of their pilfering kind, but that leads to more complications and more questions. No, the simplest solution remained the same each year—attend the ball, provide money for their cause, and then have another year of relative peace. Despite the desires of his unwanted guest, Aaron always went to this event without a date. He preferred to go alone, making a brief appearance with a flourish of cash and lavish donations, making enough of a scene to ensure that all the relevant parties were well aware of his contributions. Only then would they be satisfied, enough so that they would not direct pointed questions at him about his ongoing bachelorhood. No doubt, they still gossiped, that is, after all, what the lonely rich wives do with their plentiful free time. “James, what is keeping my assistant so long?” Aaron knows he only sent for the girl a couple of moments ago, and if she still slept at this early hour (as would any sane person), it would be a few more moments before she was presentable enough for his lordship. Aaron was more reasonable than he let on, but he purposely made a show of holding unrealistic expectations. If his servants assumed he would request the absurd from them, they would remain on alert at all times, trying in vain to “please” his “firm demands.” Aaron managed his estate from a basis of fear. It kept everyone at a distance, and it kept his people in check. It worked for him, so why make any changes. The ball is less than one month away. Another month of agonizing the preparations and ensuring that he would cross all the necessary t’s and dot all those obligatory I’s. He had to ensure he spoke briefly with the upper crust society members and did not leave any feeling inadequately fawned over. He had to ensure that he maintained his thirst and did not let his temper talk him into turning the ball into a violent brawl, with spilled blood paining the walls. My, that would be a most entertaining party, wouldn’t it? “Elizabeth, about time. I have much for you to do.” He speaks up as she finally arrives. He makes no comment on her condition. He does not ask her about how she feels. Acknowledging her wounds would be a step towards admitting he cared for this pitiful creature. He could do no such thing.
  9. Isabella's Secret {Fated Quest}

    She called him brother for the benefit of the little people. The rabble. Those who were blessed to have stood in their presence, his presence. Areder knows she does this to prevent rumors of impropriety—well, rumors with substance at least, for surely those rumors would start even if she were nothing but proper. He knew better than to believe her coy phrases even without the reminder of her bosom pressed tightly against his chest. She knew what that did to him. Arendor wanted her for his, there and then, to hell with what the little people thought. He would rip out their throats and dare those that survived to go rushing off to tell his brother. Arendor sensed her disappointment. No doubt she wanted him, just as badly as he wanted her, but he needed to show to her his growing superiority. His brother thought himself the most powerful vampire in existence, but the fool knew nothing of La’Ruta and its potential. Isabella rightfully belonged to him, and soon he would prove it. Oh, Isabella knew how to play him. Mentioning his brother, and the envy that man would feel in having so little access to a power that now swelled within him. “But of course dear sister. Samples are being loaded as we speak. And there are always more dolls for the taking, if you desire. They come in a variety of forms.” Arendor leads her away, doing his best to keep his own temptations in order. Were he a simpler man, he would have taken her to some secluded site and ripped her dress from her body, taking her with the ravenous hunger befitting a queen. But he is no lesser man. He has control of his baser desires and can put off his need for gratification long enough to satisfy loftier goals. First she would see the fruit of his labors. Isabella would come to know all his achievements, ensuring that she can report to his brother in full detail. Let the man sit in his jealousy and impetus, knowing he can only sample the greatness that now swells inside his brother. Arendor leads Isabella through a traditional tour of sorts, sticking to his script for the most part, only daring push the boundaries with subtly placed innuendos at the most opportune times. More than once, he stood close by, letting her feel the warmth of his body as he explained his future plans. He knew she craved him, but he also knew she would see the merit of his work. This was the future of their people, sitting ready to bear them into the next golden age. “Tell me Isabella, is this not all that we dreamed about? A land that not only nourishes our bodies but brings about its greatest potential. Each feeding is a stepping stone towards greatness.” He speaks to her as he leads her back towards his private chambers, gradually slowing as they grew closer. Arendor wanted to savor this moment, and draw it out for as long as he could. “I think greatness is at hand.”
  10. To Hell and Back

    The girl resists. He could smell her true nature; it permeated through her flesh and hung about her like the musk of a rutting deer. Amelia danced around her true desires because she had not yet reconciled her true nature with her fragile psyche. Resurgence felt the urge to push, to push hard against her boundaries and revel while she crashed into depravity. Let her inner darkness claw its way out and see if enough of her personality proved salvageable… but he enjoyed this toy. He likened her to a new pet. First, he must pet her, stroke her, and feed her little treats. Then, when she came to trust him unconditionally, he could turn her world upside down and subject her to the worst horrors imaginable. Souls driven to corruption… no doubt those who were most difficult to corrupt in the first place would feed her best. “I think I understand.” Resurgence slowly circles Amelia, bearing down on her with eyes burning like molten silver. “The corrupt, the damned, those destined for the birthplace of your hidden companion, those stifle your hunger for a short while. An ugly soul, corrupt from the start and with little to no hope of redemption, those you could consume with only the most imperceptible pang of guilt, but with an equally small reprieve from your gnawing hunger.” Resurgence bends down, cupping her chin in his right hand, grasping just firmly enough to dance on the edge of causing pain, but never quite crossing over. He lets his dark presence dance at the edge of his fingertips, teasing the girl in equal measure to the pain he threatens. “Someone whose fall is long and deep, whose plunge into depravity echoes through time and all of the hidden strands of morality, this would satisfy you more.” Resurgence tightens the grip, ensuring that she keeps her eyes locked on his, using force if necessary. “There is no denying it. You are as easy to read as a large print textbook sold to the aging dredges of society. That deep, endless hunger of yours only sleeps when fed something once pure but fouled beyond redemption.” He lets go, trailing his fingers along her jaw as he slowly separates himself from her. “But I can see you struggle with your true nature. I sense that the idea of consuming those who were once innocent leaves you stricken, unsure of your existence. Lucky for you, I travel among filth and the corrupt, the weak and those who fall easily into temptation. I can provide you easy access to those souls you seek. All I ask is that you keep a lonely man company, and aid him in his ambitions.” The chameleon that he is, he puts on the airs of a man nearly pleading, putting the control back on her. Never mind that his dark presence flares fully, driving outward with such force that it would knock a lesser man down to his knees. The wooden door splinters and rots, withering unto itself as its pulpy flesh bursts apart into putrid sludge. “Will you join me then?” Resurgence withdraws the presence, pulling it back before it overcomes the door to such an extent that nothing remained. It would leave the security scratching their heads no doubt, but surely, they would chalk it up to the same efforts put forth by the vandals who broke in and made off with blueprints and documents. Perhaps they used a form of unnatural magic to age the wood-matter and use that as their means of bypassing locked doors. Let them speculate. Resurgence enjoyed leaving others red herrings to sift apart. “If you mean to come with me, we depart for Ashville.” Resurgence smile is wide and warm. He purposely forces it to touch his eyes, as he learned long ago the difference between smiles seen as genuine and those that are not. In his heart, that smile touched nothing of the sort. Deep down, all that resided in his chest was a deeply seated hunger, insatiable and clamoring for its next victim.
  11. Roundup [Tavern of Legend Quest]

    Abandoned. Relisted.
  12. Why do you write?

    Several reasons. I enjoy telling stories. I find it to be the means I am best equipped to communicate. And, as an 11-page paper I wrote a couple years ago fleshed out, I simply write to breathe.
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    I knew several people here already. Looks like the first person I didn't know who greeted me in my New Members thread was @Malum.
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    Session 5 Chouette - Yesterday at 5:21 PM The sound of birdsong rouses Kylah from her sleep, though it was unfortunately a short one. Hard to get much rest when one's pulse is pumping after murdering a bunch of living plants! She groans quietly as she sits up, looking about her to make sure her traveling companions haven't all been eaten while she slept. "Morning!" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:22 PM The previous day entailed a battle against accursed plant people. Their origins are as of yet unknown, but their presence alone implies something is amiss. Today, the sun rises ever faithfully to the east, golden rays sinking to the floor through the overhead canopy of trees. It is a warm morning, and other than some residual soreness from the previous battles, the group feels ready to face the next day. On with the adventures. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:23 PM "Good morning," says Artimus as he pores over a book.(edited) Ayden - Yesterday at 5:24 PM The previous night's battle had him stirred, perhaps more so than any of the previous encounters they had faced this far. Even when the dragon had crushed his home, that uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach had found its return. The night was not a good one, as dreams of his past come to haunt him, waking him silently from his sleep. The others were already getting up and ready to continue, and he would do the same. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:25 PM With a soft 'clip', Sylvena's personal journal once again closed, having just been victim of another hastily scribbled set of notes on the previous day's journey and activities. She had decided after her completed meditation that it would be better for her to document any strange findings on the road, including research she found, since everything had just been destroyed. She needed to start again somewhere, yes? Documenting the adventure was a small step, but a step nonetheless. "Morning, Kylah," she responded casually to the perky bard as she stowed one of her pencils in her pack.(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:25 PM The twins surprisingly had little trouble entering their state of meditation after the gore fest. The two sat together, one nestled in the other's lap as they sat with a book left open. One twin looking entralled, the other...not so much. When the others woke, Raleon jumped up from his brother's lap with a spring in his step. "Ah! The others awaken from their nocturnal comas!" Thayrin sighed in relief, as if released from a horrible curse that is reading books for hours on end. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:28 PM The gnome has been deeply absorbed in his studies for about an hour. Then he engages in mysterious chanting, "Mrala, Mrala, Mrala, Mrala, ..." Chouette - Yesterday at 5:31 PM Tiny wizard, check. Noble paladin, check. Pretty warlock, check. Cute rogues, double check! That left only the ranger, and knowing him he'd probably be wandering around somewhere doing... ranger things. Maybe he liked to hug trees in his spare time. Movement around her serves as encouragement for the sleepy bard, and she quickly musters her aching muscles and pushes herself upright. "Is anyone hungry? I'm hungry." Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:31 PM As if on cue, the Ranger comes back into the camp, chewing on an edible root. He doesn't say anything, however. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:32 PM Finally satified, the gnome closes his book with a smile and rises. His clothes billow about for a moment under an invislbe wind... his clothes are wrinkle free, his hair and beard combed and well-trimmed. He grabs a snack of unfinished food supplemented by a few rations. Ayden - Yesterday at 5:33 PM Knox slowly places his armor back on piece by piece. It had been nice to stretch and sleep without it on, a luxury he assumed would become more rare with each passing day. Digging into his priest's pack, he checks to make sure everything is safely in place. Putting his blanket back into the bag, everything would be ready to go. Grabbing his sword, he approached the rest of the group as thoughts of the night weigh upon him. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:35 PM "I could perhaps go for a small meal," Syl commented, "But I am not terribly hungry yet at the moment. To address what Artex has said, I believe he is correct. These woods will not be safe for us the longer we stay. We should get moving to our destination as quickly as possible." Putting her journal in her scholar's pack, she hefted the small burden on her shoulders, and readied herself for departure. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:35 PM "You are welcome to some rations Kylah," Artex offers.(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:36 PM Raleon approached the bard with his creditable smile and offered up some of the berries he and his brother managed to forage. It could be gathered this elf had quite the sweet tooth. "We have some of these left, but I would suggest we get moving. Mobile breakfast. Toast in the mouth as you're running from the---well you get the picture." He chuckled. His quirky brother inserted some sort of qwip inside of his mind and he turned to stick out his tongue behind him, revealing a smirking Thayrin. He nodded towards Kaylah in greetings, hovering close behind his brother. Chouette - Yesterday at 5:41 PM "Why thank you, Arty!" Kylah seems positively delighted by the offer, but no sooner has she moved to accept than an elf is handing her berries. A mark of a good bard, that every man around is eager to feed her. She takes the food with a grateful nod as she moves past Raleon, nodding her head. "Right. Mobile! Can't just sit around when there's evil afoot and dragons to be slain..." She cuts off, distracted by food as she practically pounces on Artex's rations. She can't eat too much, but surely a small guy like him isn't going to miss a bite here and there, no? Ayden - Yesterday at 5:45 PM Knox looks at the others for a brief moment before scanning the woods. Blights in the woods... still didn't sit well with him. They were an abomination of nature, upsetting the rightful balance. "To the lake, then we should head east into the Glendaby woods to investigate the elves. No sense in changing course now, but it is something we should consider after we reach the lake." This is all he says before stepping northward. He was ready to go and made the impression of such as he waited on the others. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:46 PM Artex smiles. He still hadn't finished the food from last night! But did so now as he shares his rations with Kylah. "If the lake is closer, then I suppose we could go there first... I am worried about these woods though. How far is it?"(edited) Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:50 PM "Wherever we head, we should still be careful," Slyvena mused, but left the matter up in the air. The rest of the group didn't need to know information that was already obvious. "I do not believe it should be much farther to the lake, but with the rate we've been traveling and the interruptions, I am not entirely sure my thoughts are correct. The best we can do is carry on until we reach it." DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:50 PM Thayrin looks around the camp, as if attempting to see which direction they should strike off in. This time, he would stay closer to his brother. The only thing taking a bite out of his brother would be him. He was paranoid and protective. His eyes wandered towards the ranger. He liked him. Quite, kept to himself. Though it still baffled him why he hardly spoke when he had full capability to. Raleon smirks as he hears the word lake. "So, we ARE going swimming aren't we?" Chouette - Yesterday at 5:51 PM "Mmm hmm!" Kylah still has her mouth full, but she mumbles her agreement to Raleon before moving to grab her things. "Oi coulf do with a gooph swoom." She chews, swallows, and then hiccups. "So! Let's go! Um." She glances east, then west. "Which way was it again?" Ayden - Yesterday at 5:53 PM A soft sigh is released. He points north, being familiar with their position thanks to the sun. He stays silent as he pushes on through the woods, with or without the group. Perhaps it would do him best to shake this feeling from his body by walking it off. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:53 PM Raleon begins walking in his chosen direction. "This way--!" he proclaims before he is grabbed by the collar by Thayrin and tugged in almost the opposite direction. Thayrin sighs and shakes his head as he leads them off, already familiar with the area in their nightly treks. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 5:54 PM RR is quiet during the debate and discussion. He appears to busy himself with looking over the trees. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 5:56 PM Artex packs up the rest of his food and stands up and stretches, "Lead the way." He follows Knox, "What exactly do we know about this lake?" Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 5:56 PM "Is something the matter, Sir Knox?" Sylvena questioned, walking slightly more briskly to catch up to the paladin. "You've been quieter today, your directions less enthusiastic than before. Am I right to be asking you of this?" DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 5:58 PM Thayrin glanced towards their ranger companion. He seemed...distracted, which was unlike him. With simple snap, he hopped to get his attention to sign a simple: "Worried?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:00 PM The Ranger, without appearing to put much thought into the fact that someone signed him, shrugs and quickly gestures back, "Always tending." Chouette - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Kylah follows after the people who know where they're going, licking berry juice off her fingers. Tasty! Nothing like starting off a day with sugar in your mouth, the sun in your hair and bright emerald leaves dancing overhead in a faint wind, casting gentle shadows that brushed over the group as they moved beneath branches young and ancient alike. Perhaps she ought to compose a song about this place. Her lips part, and she begins to mumur. "A thousand seeds from nature sprung, climbing skywards 'neath the-" She's interrupted by a sharp hiccup. "Oh, doggone it." Perhaps she shouldn't have eaten so much after all. Ayden - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Her concern wasn't without merit. Knox would place a soft smile on his face as Sylvena quickly picked up on his mood. "You are a scholar who studies many things?" He asked her, knowing the answer to this already. "I too study. The earth, and its balance." He said as they continued through the woods.(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:04 PM The elf seemed rather surprised someone other than his brother understood his signing. He was greatful none the less. Perhaps...he would have a small conversation with someone besides his other half. "To what? ...The woods?" He signed in return, if nothing else but to continue conversation.(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:06 PM The ranger nods and then signs back, "My duty." Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 6:07 PM "Yes, that seems quite like something for one of your standing, but what we both study is far apart and both alike in many ways," Syl continued, knowing full well the paladin had asked her rhetorically her profession. "Then if I may make an assumption, you are finding the unbalances with the land quite troubling, yes?" If she had not seen the oddities and strange occurences, she may have been more confused by his answer, but she was fairly certain she were correct in her assumption. "If I am correct, that is." Chouette - Yesterday at 6:07 PM What are those elves doing? Is the gesturing some kind of cultural thing? Kylah moves into step with them, trying to mimic the hand signs. 'Cat blue potato fart door.' Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:08 PM The ranger laughs, loudly. It is the first time he is head laughing out loud. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:08 PM Artimus' perks up, "Indeed! The Earth in it's revolutions. The stars in their progressions! I had no idea you were a student of the meanderings! What is your consideration of of the significance of the current balance? It is not a subject I've studied extensively, but we were planning the festival and all..." Artex trails off suddenly with a frown. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:09 PM He purses his lips. That was right, the elf was a ranger after all. The corruption of the woods must be taking quite the toll on him, especially after losing his master. His thoughts are broken by the bard to which he cracks a grin, a sort of hissing sound escaping his throat that resembled a laugh. Raleon follows suit with the ranger. "Kylah, do you even know what you just said?"(edited) Ayden - Yesterday at 6:11 PM Knox is somewhat impressed with her response, but really should have not been surprised - she was very intelligent after all. It was rare to find beauty and intelligence in the same person. Even as the others join in conversation, Knox offers her a nod. "But there is more. I don't know what yet, but the earth cries at its core. Perhaps the dragon has thrown my instincts off, but the earth does not lie." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:12 PM Artimus raises an eyebrow, "You think the dragon has something to do with the blight in the woods?" Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 6:15 PM While his beliefs were grounded in a more spiritual level as one connected to the natural world, Sylvena could not discount his ramblings as inane. He was a paladin after all, and their ideas were just as important to the land's research as a whole. "Then with what we have seen, and with what I have studied, I believe that much is true. There is too much occuring that does not fit with the world's cycle. These strange rumours, monsters appearing and ravaging the landscape, just like the blights we encountered last night. I have feared that there is something much, much larger going on, and if you feel the same way, then our fears may come to pass soon."(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 6:15 PM Well. The Bard doesn't quite know how she did it, but she's managed to get a reaction out of Mr. Stoic over there. Success! She smiles and is about to break into a laugh when she hiccups again. Freaking... How the heck is she supposed to sing their daily marching song with her esophagus playing up like this? She hadn't even been aware that the elves were speaking to each other, though it makes sense in retrospect. Still, it'd be better for her to play along. "That was 'pardon me for interrupting,' right?" She signs again, this time managing something along the lines of 'chicken chicken marry the banana assassin.' "Was I slightly -hic- off?" She follows up, speaking aloud. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:19 PM Rethyrian cracks a grin. "Only if you have no marriage aspirations with banana assassins of the fowl variety." Ayden - Yesterday at 6:19 PM Knox looks at Artimus after Sylvena finished. "Through the world balance, it is all connected. The good, the bad. I won't know more until I enter prayer upon sacred grounds." Knox said this as he continued to push through the woods. "Until then, we must be the light this world needs." DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:20 PM "Oh no," Raleon snickers. "We have another hand speaking entrepreneur. A lady of many talents for certian." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:22 PM Artimus strokes his beard once, "curious. I for one cannot assign causation to conincidental events. I might just as well say that someelse caused both the blight and the dragon to occur, whether is be a celestial sign, or political issue." He pauses, "It may be as you say though, Knox, that the gods have their hand in things. It would be nice to have more inforamtion. To whom do you devote your self, if I may inquire?" DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:22 PM Thayrin rolls his eyes, though his grin remained stained upon his lips. Chouette - Yesterday at 6:26 PM Kylah folds her arms, pouting. "Well, maybe I can't talk all that well with my -hic- fingers, but I'll have you know they can do many things besides. Although I practice -hic- more with my tongue..." She's watching them as she speaks, idly wondering who'll catch the innuendo. "Where did you lot learn to do that anyways?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 6:28 PM Apparently, Rethyrian caught something of it, because he blushes and adds nothing further. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:31 PM Raleon snickered, giving her a wiggle of his brow in retailiation. "Oh I caught your drift." Thayrin simply signs with a straight face. "Lack of vocal cords makes it difficult to talk with my tongue." Though his lips smirk and Raleon goes a bit red, elbowing him. Raleon picks up, knowing full well she did not understand. "We learned the language out of necessity since Thayrin's vocal cords are...well missing." Ayden - Yesterday at 6:36 PM Knox looks at Artimus who's response was rational, but not founded in the eyes of the Paladin. "Dragons and Blights don't mix. I doub't they are directly connected." He stated as the next question came forth. "I give prayer and find strength from The Light, Blanc Etoile, The Mother of Life." He stated with pride, as his eyes looked to the sun, soaking in its rays as if it were giving him strength with every passing second.(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 6:37 PM Perhaps it's just that she's finally getting to spend some time with him while not getting attacked by monsters, but Kylah can't recall ever seeing so much emotion from Rethyrian in so short an interval. Perhaps he's finally softening up a little? All the same, she decides to to press him. Wouldn't do to make him uncomfortable at this stage. Instead, she picks up the conversation with Raleon, beginning by smacking her own forehead with one sticky-fingered hand. "Oh, right! Should've -hic- thought of that." She pauses, then moves a little closer, lowering her voice slightly. "Is it... hard to pick up? Because I was just thinking, well, it might be nice to be able to talk to Thayrin- hic- directly, that is." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:38 PM Artimus squints as if thinking very hard for several minutes... Finally, Atrimus speaks slowly, "I don't recal this particular diety. Where did you acquire your faith?" Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 6:40 PM Sylvena sighed as the conversation turned away from research, and further toward divinity. She wasn't one to challenge faith, but she didn't put her life toward it. Not since the hell's ruined her life. No, she put her faith in the books and the information they provided. Nothing could beat the facts of the earth when utilized correctly. She let up her pace, allowing herself to fall back behind the wizard and paladin, sticking to a more secluded portion of the party. She was no longer in the mood for good conversation. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 6:46 PM Raleon chuckled as he signed "Not really." He picked up with words next, using both sign language to help demonstrate. "Though, Thayrin and I grew up with these sort of things. He helped me with his eyes, and I help him with my voice. Without one another...we are lost in the sea of stars without the moons to guide us.... We learned our first signal language through our guild, and through them--a manner to speak more fluently with others." Thayrin watched Raleon and rolled his eyes, signing to Reth, "Show-off" motioning to Raleon. Ayden - Yesterday at 6:46 PM Knox looks at Artimus curiously. "Here actually." He said nothing more on the subject. He didn't want to seem rude. Some people weren't religious, which was... fine. Yet he knew that it made Sylvena uncomfortable as she shifted away from them. What she didn't realize, was that his connection to the earth and its "balance" was as solid as the sciences themselves. Religion only played a small role in this connection he shared with the world. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:49 PM "Really? Fascinating. I had no idea a new deity had entered the pantheon. Are there many temples devoted to her yet?" Ayden - Yesterday at 6:53 PM "I would not know." He stated in response. It wasn't a lie. "When I was younger, I drifted from campsite to campsite with a group of others. I had never entered any villages or towns until I settled back in our home." Of course, Knox left out the part where he was actually a slave to human traffickers at a young age. "It was through my master that I learned of my faith, that gave me direction." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 6:55 PM The gnome is getting more excited the more they talk about this new "non-canonical" (but in reality actual canonical) diety. so how how often do you worship? What are the principle tenets? How will you know if you have found sacred groud to pray on?"(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 7:01 PM "Hmm." Kylah is quiet for a moment, in part because she's holding her breath to try and stop the hiccups but also because she's trying to imagine just what it'd be like to be connected to someone that deeply. Did they ever get into fights? Or leave each other for any amount of time? She'd felt that way once, bound to someone by ties stronger than the hardest of iron chains, but it had all fallen to pieces with frightening speed. Her eyes drift away for a second, then she picks up her thoughts and pulls them back on track again. "Which guild was that, then? Same one that made Thayrin so good at stabbing things?" Ayden - Yesterday at 7:05 PM Knox continues foward as he talks with Artimus. All the questions about religion had made him curious about this companion. If Knox had just met Artimus, he would have assumed this to be sarcasm. "I offer prayer and give thanks every day in some shape or form. "Healing, Protection, Sun, and Travel are her domains. Her mark is that of the white star." Knox points to the emblem upon his shield. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:09 PM Sure, the two got into fights, bloody ones at times, but the two...had been through quite the trek through life with one another and were bound to one another like no other. Thayrin had a hard time staying truly mad at Raleon anyways. He was just so damn brash in his ways but always managed to get him to cave in eventually to his wild ways. "The very same actually!" Raleon snickered as Thayrin rubbed the back of his neck akwardly at the compliment. "They are the ones who taught us to fight, fend for ourselves, as well as many other things. We owe them for much..." He seemed to become lost in memories of his youth and their endless mischief. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:10 PM Light is falling now. The day slipped by with silent grace, allowing the travelers to draw closer together as they learn of each other’s interests and stories for the first time. Is it only coincidence that such a compatible group fell together after the loss of their village? Perhaps, but one cannot help if something more were guiding this coming together. As your surroundings dim, you see the trees thin and the faint outline of the road coming into view. You have cut through the forest, and should be able to use the road to reach the lake by morning. The road is a welcome sight, for that means easier travel when you set out again. That sense of relief is short lived, for upon stepping out into the open, a voice cuts out in the otherwise silent evening, startling everyone. “Hail!” Just a ways down the road, three travelers with backpacks and swords at their hip (still sheathed). Like you, they look like the adventuring type. What is quite the surprise is that they all look nearly identical—more twins? Only instead of two, there are three. “Evening to ya, lads and lasses. Were you shortcutting through the woods? Tis brave of you.” Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 7:12 PM Sylvena perked up at the foreign voice, but kept her tongue. She was not one to voice her opinion, nor was she wishing to be the face of the adventuring group for any reason other than if she were forced to be. She wasn't about to trust those she met on the road, especially when they were armed, given their sheathed swords, until she was certain they meant no harm. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:12 PM "Indeed? You don't say. Hmm. I wonder how the other dieties have reacted to her. You say that you travelled town to town, so she must have acquired followers in others parts of Fescipate too! Do you-" the gnome cuts off as the three travelers hail them.(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 7:14 PM Out of the woods- Kylah feels a momentary pang of sadness as they leave the quiet beauty of the forest behind, but quickly reminds herself that this way she's less likely to get eaten by stick monsters in her sleep. It helps, to look on the bright side of things. Besides, as it turns out, the road has some interesting quirks of its own to offer. No sooner have they begun to travel down it than the old prophecy of the tall dark stranger is fulfilled threefold, and a party of triplets appears before them. Kylah immediately steps forward to the front of the group. "Aye, we did- an eventful journey it was! Say, you wouldn't happen to have passed a big old lake recently, would you?"(edited) Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:16 PM "Lake? You mean Pitune? Not yet lass, that is a day down the road from here. We plan to pass by it on our way further north." Ayden - Yesterday at 7:16 PM "Have you heard the rumors?" Knox asks as he approaches the three with some caution. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:18 PM "Kylah, that's the direction we are headed in...." Raleon whispers to his companion. Thayrin squints at the three, trying to determine their intents. He would know the sights of bandits or theives if anyone would. Raleon trots out from the woods and waves politely. "Indeed--the woods seemed the more fun route to take, less walking. Have your travels been well?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:18 PM One brother, who clearly had been eying the attractive women in the group, lets a wolfish grin quickly pass before turning his attention to the Paladin. "Rumors? I hear a dragon made its mark further south. That's the talk of the people right now." The other brother, who had been speaking first, turns his attention to Raleon, and appears to consider the question as he scratches behind his ear. "Well enough. We had a brief run in with some Kobolds, but they were easily dispatched. No match for the likes of we three." Ayden - Yesterday at 7:22 PM "It is no rumor. The dragon has laid our village to ash. Only a small handful made it out alive. But you're headed north? To flee the dragon?" He inquired curiously as to their destination. "I doubt it will be leaving any time soon." His eyes continue to scan from one person to the next. They three would be outnumbered, yet they were able to dispatch a group of Kobolds with ease... unlike their group who struggled. He only hoped there would continue to be no conflict here.(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 7:23 PM Kylah blushes, glancing back at Raleon. "Um. Right. I knew that. Just, you know, checking we hadn't gone too far?" Gosh, she really has been proving herself a bit of a dunce today. She perks up on hearing the travelers mention a fight, however. "Sounds like you're all pretty capable, then! Have you been doing this..." She makes a vague gesture with her hand. "...traveling and fighting business for long? I'm wondering if I've heard of you three."(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:24 PM Raleon snickered. "Aye, there was a dragon! We had a bit-a-few scuffles ourselves. Kobolts...Lizard-folk--And Blights in the forest--oh and that damn tentacled Bastard that tried to eat me--What was that called again, Reth?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:25 PM Reth says, "Grick" The trio chuckle in unision. "Sounds like you lot have had more to face than we three. We stuck to the roads and they've been mostly good to us. I doubt any you all have heard much about us, we're still a bit new to this traveling thing. Only just began expanding our range this last year." Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 7:27 PM "Why are we divulging all of our information to travelers we don't even know..." Sylvena muttered under her breath. It most likely did not matter, but something felt off about these twins. Perhaps it was her quick judgment of untrustworthiness to others, and she was wrong to misjudge them. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:30 PM Raleon grins large with a laugh. "Aye, I normally pick the harder path--but I like to think it adds character." Thayrin smacks his forehead with a hard thwack....suddenly calling to his existance into attention. "Awwww...come now brother, don't be like that, you know you love the adventure." He snorts and adds in a mental qwip to which Raleon chuckles. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:31 PM "Where exactly did you say you were traveling from" the gnome inquires. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:32 PM "We're from the South West. A little hamlet you likely haven't heard of unless you've had the misfortune of stopping there. Nothing but pig farmers." The lead brother again is the one to answer; the other two seem to defer to him in most regards. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:34 PM "ah, well, I am fairly well-studied. Perhaps, I have heard of it! Pig farmers you say?" Chouette - Yesterday at 7:35 PM Kylah nods along. "All right. You three seem like honest enough people, and we're planning on passing by lake Pitune too, so maybe we could travel together for a while? Safety in numbers and what not." DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:36 PM "A HAMlet you say? That does sound rather boring. What do you aspire to gain from the roads? Or just ready for where the road takes you?" Raleon questioned with curiosity. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 7:36 PM Syl grimaced at the thought of taking on strangers in their group, but let her mind relent. It wouldn't do her any good to worry about hostilities until they actually happened, and the three travelers had given no indication of attacking them. As long as not one of them got too near her, she would be fine with it. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:36 PM "Aye, that would be lovely. At least share a campfire, that's what they say, right?" The brother glances at the other two, who shrug with a slight grin. Ayden - Yesterday at 7:40 PM Knox gives Kylah a glance, one he hoped she didn't notice or catch. She had invited strangers upon their travels. They were armed, capable, but strangers none the less. She had decided for the group. "If we are traveling together, lets get moving. Where is your destination?" He asked as he took the lead. Knox would turn his back to the group and take the road. If they wanted to attack, they would have their opportunity to strike him from behind. Knox would put trust in his companions to protect him if needed.(edited) Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:44 PM Artimus doesn't move to follow Knox. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:45 PM The lead says, "We travel for its own sake. To roam and hunt, see what there is to see and capture exotic game. For now, we hope to find a good camping grounds. A warm fire sounds nice." Chouette - Yesterday at 7:45 PM "Right! A campfire, and perhaps some tales and food, if you're open to that." Given how wooden most company has been over the last couple days, it'll be nice to have some new faces around to liven up the group, if only for a while. That, and more men means more people potentially feeding Kylah! She's distracted, however, by a strange look from Knox. She doesn't let her expression betray that she noticed, but inwardly she takes it in- she'll need to have a talk with him as soon as they can get out of earshot of these strangers. As it is, however, she can't have the party showing disunity in front of others. Appearances were important, after all.(edited) DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:47 PM Thayrin notices the lack of animals currently. He realized they were a rather noisy bunch, but the lack of animals near a forest was placing him on a higher grade of alert. He signed towards Reth, asking him if he felt if anything was off....more than usual. He also suggests scouting around the area for potential threats. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:50 PM Rethyrian does a suble look about and then signs back, "Something feels very off. The woods are wrong. Something is wrong." Chouette - Yesterday at 7:52 PM Not waiting for a second opinion, Kylah plows ahead. "It's late anyways, so we may as well rest now." To emphasize the point, she stretches her arms and yawns. "Raleon, Reth- think you could find us a good spot for a fire? Somewhere without shit- I mean, Gricks, popping out of the ground and trying to eat us?" That would be an easy enough task, but she's not just asking for the sake of it. She sees the hand signs, knows that they're talking to one another. Something's up.(edited) Ayden - Yesterday at 7:53 PM Despite turning his back to the group, Knox continues to feel off. The balance, the earth, it was off. Yet, he couldn't place his finger on it. Knox would place his hand upon his sword, ready upon a moments notice. "Be the light, preserve the light." He repeats quitely to himself. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:53 PM Reth takes one final measured look of the others and then sets off to find a campsite. He comes back after only a moment, gesturing towards the other side. "Nice clearing over there." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 7:54 PM Artimus steps closer to Syl. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 7:55 PM "Then shall we use the clearing as our camp?" Sylvena asked hesitantly, not at all willing to speak with the newcomers about, but out of common courtesy decided to speak a little bit. "It is getting rather dark after all, and I agree with resting." DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 7:56 PM Thayrin places a hand on his brother's shoulder, suggesting that something feels wrong around them. Though Raleon seems to have none of it, stating he is just being paranoid. They could handle anything that came their way.(edited) Ayden - Yesterday at 7:57 PM Pushing on with the group, Knox felt the uneasy shift remain. Using his Divine Senses, he scans the new campsite for any dangers. If something was out there, if the ground was desecrated, Knox would know. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 7:58 PM Reth leads you to a clearing that does indeed look like a good place for a large group to camp. Plenty of room, but still some coverage overhead in case it does decide to rain. The apparent leader of the trio reaches into his backpack and pulls out a few rabbits. "We took these just a couple hours before. We're more than happy to share. If any of you have some good tubers, we might be able to get a nice stew going." Chouette - Yesterday at 8:00 PM "A good choice, Syl! No wonder everyone says you're clever." Without missing a beat, Kylah turns and starts heading over to the indicated clearing. As she does, she passes by Knox- and grabs him by the hand, pulling him with her and away from the rest of the group. It looks like a friendly gesture, perhaps an indication to the triplets that they're a couple, but it's rougher than it seems, and as she does this she hisses at him under her breath. "Something you wanted to say to me, Sir Knox?" Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:04 PM Rethryian pulls out some tubers and root vegetables and hands them over to the group. He does his best to not look like he is watching them carefully, but those with some high perception rolls going do note he is being quite vigilent. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 8:06 PM Raleon continues his conversations with the new three. "Do you all like music? A few of us are musicians here. The last few days have been a bit drab...perhaps we could have a bit of a performance?" At the mention of food, Raleon nods. "Ah, we could probably find some--Oh...Why than you Rethryian... Always prepared." Ayden - Yesterday at 8:07 PM It only takes her hand to make him come. Following behind her, he already has an idea of what this is to be about. Her question came forth with a bite attached to it. Despite all the armor he wore, her words were able to cut. "Forgive me Kylah. I am off today. We've been through much already, and taking strangers in could be dangerous for us. It could even place them in senseless danger." He sighed as he looked upon her with steady eyes. There was genuine concern written upon his face, and his heart weighed heavy upon this day for more reasons than one. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:08 PM In the meantime, the three brothers set about putting together some food. They chop of the tubers and skin the rabbits with enthusiasm. They fill the pot with some water and herbs and soon have a delicious smelling rabbit stew cooking. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 8:09 PM Artimus will open his book and walk about camp chanting while they cook(edited) Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 8:13 PM Thayrin sitll uneasy about the new addition to the little group he had become familiar with sighs softly and shakes his head. His eyes scan about the camp sight before he shifts slightly to a spot with a better view of all the occupants before setting his pack down. Like Rethryian, he too was keeping a weariy eye on the tripplits while trying to not appear too obivious that he was doing so. Chouette - Yesterday at 8:14 PM There's a frown on the Bard's face, but it softens as Knox delivers an honest explanation. Sure, he'd gone against her, but he hadn't voiced it at the time and he did seem genuinely sorry about it now. She looks up at him sternly for a moment, speaking with mock seriousness. "Very well, O courteous knight. I forgive you." Then she smiles, and reaches up playfully, using two fingers to gently push the corners of his mouth upwards. "Don't worry about it. Yes, there's danger, but so far we've stuck together and made it through, no? If something happens here, you can count on me to protect you." Gently, she lets him go, and starts heading over towards the campfire. "Say, next time we're not sure how to handle something like this, we should have a way of communicating it, working things out in the moment. I've just been learning about these interesting hand signals..."(edited) Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 8:17 PM With an audible sigh, Syl sat next to the nearest tree that was closest to the campfire, embracing her anti-social tendencies by writing her mis-givings about the twins in her journal. Flipping to the last page, she drew a line underneath the writing at the top of the page, before scribbling down what she thought. It was crass, juvenile, but most of all, important to her. She needed to take comfort in her notes, even unnecessary ones at that. She'd erase it all if they proved her wrong. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:18 PM Before long, food is served. One has to admit, it is a damn good stew. Perhaps to the relief of others, the three twins waste no time digging in. Ayden - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Knox listens to Kylah as her sarcasm came forth. Her smile was returned with a forceful one of his own. It was only a few days ago that he was saying the same thing to her, vowing to protect her, and now she was returning the offer. He nods in agreement about communicating, it would come in handy in the future. As she returns to the campfire, Knox goes to sit by the three twins. Sitting his pack to his side, he pulls out some rations and starts to eat. Mortal Player - Yesterday at 8:20 PM Artimus doesn't appear to be hungry tonight. He yawns and settles down for light reading before turning in for sleep. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 8:23 PM Raleon can sense the tense mood amongst the fellow travelers and sighs. With a huff, he digs around in his belongings to find a medium sized box. He smiles as he clicks open the box and reveals his beloved viol. He took up his viol and placed it upon his shoulder. See something you like with those three, Brother? he teased through their link.(edited) Chouette - Yesterday at 8:24 PM Kylah sits down near Syl, staring at her own fingers as she does. Maybe she could work out some quick signs to signify things like danger or move in emergencies. She experiments, seeming to fidget but unwittingly spelling out 'green star man attack world' as she does so. It doesn't take her long to get distracted again, however. One moment she's sitting quietly, the next she's leaning over Sylvena's shoulder. "What's that you're writing?"(edited) Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 8:27 PM The moment Kylah spoke up next to her, Sylvena snapped her book shut with a jolt. "It's nothing that matters," she muttered hastily, before stuffing the book into her pack. "Not that there's a lot left that matters in it any more." In truth, she didn't want anybody but herself to look inside that book. It contained more than her research. It kept her secrets, her worries, her very identity in case she lost her own mind. Letting other people see it...unnerved her. Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 8:30 PM like? Hardly. As i have said before those three are off somehow....And its not the leech like glances towards our ladies of the group either....might want to keep an eye on that as well. He crosses his arms and huffs silently while scanning the woods around the camp. Chouette - Yesterday at 8:31 PM "Aww come on, let me see!" Kylah swipes at the book as Syl tries to put it away, but it's only in jest, her fingers barely touching the cover before dropping away. "Nothing that matters? Must be something special if you keep hiding it so quickly." She lightly elbows the warlock, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Were you writing about a man, maybe? I saw you talking to Sir Knox earlier... definitely some features worth describing there, hmmm?" Ayden - Yesterday at 8:32 PM As Knox finished his rations, he would stay close to the trio. Getting tired, he would rest his eyes. If any of them were to shuffle or move about without extreme caution, Knox would know. He would be the closest to them out of their entire party, just in case something were to go wrong. There was no fear, for he trusted his companions, and trusted that they all would protect each other in the end. DoomSparkles - Yesterday at 8:36 PM Raleon began to play his viol, closing his eyes as he swayed back and forth with the music performing quite the musical as he stepped upon a rock, humming along with his tune as the blind man was suprisingly nimble. Suspricious are we? Perhaps you can place a litttle more trust in people...I don't sense anything wrong with them. If they do anything, then we can wreak their shit, if not, let's have fun. Winter's Sorrow - Yesterday at 8:39 PM As Kylah tried grabbing for the journal, Sylvena's temper skyrocketed into the high heavens. Not one to raise her voice she instead lowered it. Dangerously so. "Keep your dirty hands away from that journal," she growled, shifting the pack behind her as best she could before glowering in absolute disgust at the bard. The nudges also did not help. "I'm going to say this once, Kylah. Once." She cleared her throat, before gripping the young bard's arms with surprising force, given her weak stature. "Mind your own...how would you put it? Yes, mind your own fucking business with my life! If I don't want to tell you, stay the hell away!" Through all of this, her voice never rose above conversation level, but it did indeed strike fear inside her own heart. What had come over her? With a scoff, she let go of Kylah's arm, turning her head away. "Get away from me, and don't ask me about that book again." Mortal Player - Yesterday at 8:42 PM Artimus settles down to rest murmuring, "Egam Romra." He might as well. If he seemed worried before, it doesn't show as he slips into deep sleep. The three strangers no longer bothering him as he drifts off... the references to "exotic game" however.... Rabbits aren't "exotic", pigs aren't "exotic".. Dragons are exotic... Disgruntled Tea - Yesterday at 8:43 PM With an annoyed grunt though their bond, Thayrin leans back against a nearby tree and crosses his arms loosely while watching Raleon play a familiar melody. Oh i'll have fun makeing them eat Grick compost if they try anything all right. He grumbles before closeing his eyes and forceing himself to relax. The drop in Syl's usual tone caught his attention, but after catching a few bits and pieces of what appeared to be a strong lecture of some sorts, Thayrin decided it was best not to go pokeing his nose into the range or wrath of someone who could litteraly turn him into a twitching crisp on the ground. Rather he turned his attenion back to the melody his other half was skillfly playing and attempting to stay in some sort of relaxed state. Chouette - Yesterday at 8:46 PM Kylah seems shocked by the sudden reprisal, flinching back and staring at Sylvena as the warlock unloads on her. She seems to be trying to speak, a few small syllables barely escaping before being drowned out by the elf's tirade. "Wai-" "I didn't-" Then she falls quiet. Her head drops slightly, as if in shame, and she seems to take the rest of the furious rebuke without answering. It's only when Sylvena lets her go and turns away that she suddenly moves- a pink blur, and then a sharp crack as her palm meets the elf's cheek with all the strength Kylah can muster. Acies ab Vesania - Yesterday at 8:47 PM They waited for everyone to eat. To be sated of hunger, filled up and feeling slower and drowsy. The added distraction of the marvelous violin play only helps them further. Adding to that the commotion between the Bard and the Warlock, and the brothers knew they had a good opportunity. They knew the group would not rest easy with stranger, so why wait for most to lie their heads, when that would be the expected time to strike. No, they planned their move for when everyone felt the euphoria of a full belly dampening their senses. “Rabbit is good. A little gamy, and not all that filling, but it has sated my brothers and I for years.” He rubs at his hair, which sticks up like hackles of fur on the back of a cornered beast. “Rabbit is fine, but there is better. A game that is more filling, and richer in flavor. We hunt for it at every chance we get. Right my brothers?” The other two answer not with words, but bellowing, inhuman howls. Something is wrong, their very sound seeps into and fights to your bones, filling you with a sense of slowness. All three brothers begin to transform. Their faces extending, their mouths’ turning to muzzles with gleaming teeth. Their hands stretch into claws, their bodies growing inches upward and their already broad chests stretching. Seconds later, this is what the party sees: So begins our session two weeks from now. The group facing an unknown threat, with a Wisdom Save being the first roll they shall make. What threat is this? Can they overcome it? We find out two weeks from now.