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  1. I apologize for being more or less MIA the last couple weeks or so. One of my teeth acquired a sizable abscess and left me with a significant amount of pain, limiting my ability to get to tasks. Fortunately, antibiotics cleared that up in time for Thanksgiving, which came with its own cause of delays (a busy week and weekend).

    Afterwards, I began buckling down for Finals week, and as that got underway, I ended up with that abscess getting infected again, this time 3x worse than the first time (I can thank my dentist for diddling around and NOT making an appointment for me like they were supposed to two weeks prior) and the pain was incredible. I ended up missing quite a bit of work because of it, not to mention writing a subpar final essay for one of my classes (that still ended up being an A-, guess my standards are way high >>). 

    Finals are over and I am out of class until next year (January that is). I will be going on vacation in about a week and this tooth is letting up finally (and I got a root canal for the fucker in 10 days). So, my productivity should pick up significantly in the coming days. 

    Apologies again, and see you around. :)

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