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  1. The factions are coming! - civil war, phase 2

    I had read that part, I was just looking to see if any type thread might wander closer during the plotline, not that they could or would set up camp so close. I haven't kept up with this thread at all, so I was just clearing up a train of thought. I was only inquiring about a certain part I wasn't certain on, I'm aware there's is a 50 mile radius that the factions can't place claim within.
  2. The factions are coming! - civil war, phase 2

    From what I've canonized with Pk, the Labyrinth Forest is directly on the border of Pk. There's maybe a few hundred yards between the Keeps wall and where the Forest would begin. Ah okay, I wasn't sure how established this was just yet so I was curious regarding the outlines on the map. Good to know!
  3. The factions are coming! - civil war, phase 2

    Also, looking over the map, the Pink Zone is almost literally touching Pk. I don't think there will be since I can't participate, but if something happens that is very close to Pk is there a way I could get notified? I would definitely like to read along with it. Although I am pretty sure that is part of the Labyrinth Forest, which I was hoping to conquer and acquire one day since it's right there looking out of my back window. >__>
  4. The factions are coming! - civil war, phase 2

    If I was confident I could take this on, I would probably be following in Fae's footsteps. But I know the state of burnout I'm in, I'm still trying to set out the flames and get back on track. Thanks for tagging me though, @Fae, even little mentions help get my brain going towards new ideas that'll jumpstart a new wave of Scarlet Queen activity! I'll try to follow this though, I love seeing people strive for greatness. :3
  5. Unbroken Seals

    Falling back into the role of quiet listener, Red allowed her eyes to wander the new scene that was unfolding around the three of them, watching thousands after thousands of men prepare for a war that she hadn't heard anything about. It reminded her of the war she'd brought to Dasua, and therein every mistake she had made as a green leader that had lead to her defeat up on that mountain. Although a loss that had dropped her numbers of able men, the experience had left her with knowledge she never would have gained if she hadn't decided to take on this venture in Valucre. She understood war better, although tactics and statistics were still not the most familiar to her. Two years as Baroness and then Queen were hardly enough, and Rou was right, but she wouldn't stand to be walked on by a spoiled brat. As Predators Keep came into view, a faint smile pulled on her lips. That was her prized possession, it was where she had made an imprint on Valucre and where she would always call home. Still she remained silent as he spoke of her would-be involvement, of the investigation, while Predator's Keep disappeared in front of her eyes, leaving her with a pang of homesick flipping her stomach. To be involved in a war that she was only brought privy to her because of that meeting so long ago with the Emperor, granting her Port Caelum and a small ruling seat in Genesaris, it was a lot for her to take in. In Terrenus she was constantly busy, between ensuring that the Keep remained the sole center of her Kingdom, raising cities from ruins, and learning what she could from a man she considered her mentor, she hadn't expected much to come out of Genesaris so soon; Especially after the situation with Akako. Honored, flattered, humble that he was willing to forgive her and forget any issues she hadn't handled properly since her arrival in Genesaris beneath his rule, Red tipped her head to give him a short bow. "This is a lot to take in, to decide so quickly." Her attention shifted to Rou, the woman turning slightly to the side to watch as the Bandit opened a rift. "I'm sure we will meet again, An'She." Whether or not the following tilt of her head was genuine or out of mock, Red gave a bow as the other woman departed. It hadn't been her intention to anger the woman, but from what she knew and seen thus far, it wasn't difficult to do. After the portal had closed, leaving the two in silence as she waited for any comment from Rafael, Red returned her attention back and returned her expression to that of the mask. "Of course. I will make sure to report to you...In proper timing if something else arises. My apologies again, my Lord." My Lord? Your Grace? She almost found herself frowning at which proper title to use in his presence. He was the highest ranking person she had ever been in the presence of, and frankly her education wasn't as advanced and she would have liked with these matters. "If you would understand...My military is spread out thinly between the new cities in Terrenus and the islands. I haven't had the time to recruit and train more men, I don't know if I can spare you a lot of troops at the moment. If I had some more time..." Idly she chewed on her bottom lip in thought, rearranging numbers in her head and running calculations and odds. Flicking her eyes up to his after they had strayed for a moment, the psion nodded. "How much time are you willing to give me? I'm honored for the opportunity, if you have any more specifics on what you need me to do I'll go over them. I'm afraid I just can't spare a lot, hardly enough to make a difference."
  6. Reaching Out

    She let out a short, soft chuckle after she'd taken a drink from the sweet lemonade the kind waitress had brought to them. Although they reigned from the same other world, there was actually very little that the Scarlet Queen knew of James Eredas. He had done her a service eradicating the Spider Queen in the forest, and if he was telling the truth than his help with the plague was greatly appreciated as well. He was proving to be a welcome ally, and kind company on the same stride. "Well, whatever you may need, don't be afraid to ask." Leaning forward to glance over the design and location he had chosen, he would note a rather subtle nod of her head as she further skimmed the plans. "It's not very far off from the Keep itself, and it will be the tallest building yet. I have plans to grow upwards, soon. I don't want to take away any more of the forest around us, and the Underground has proven to just be a harbor for criminals. I think going up would work well." Musing to herself, Red sat back, seemingly satisfied. @Fierach
  7. Reaching Out

    With her travels of late, Red only knew slight specifics of the 'plague' that James was talking about, with a nod she took her eyes away from the papers he was pulling from the briefcase and looked towards him. "Seems I owe you more than just one favor, then." Honesty was always the best clause, especially when dealing with people held in high regard or simply as friends. It wasn't in her to deny what was owed, so while he continued on with his explanation of a remedy for the worries of these religious fanatics, Red also wanted to offer him anything he might otherwise need that he wouldn't have normally asked for towards setting up his outpost. What that may be was up in the air, but with how detailed his plans were she hadn't a doubt there might be something. After the waitress had returned with the drinks, Red was nose deep in the documents that he had given her to look over. She was thoroughly impressed with the work he had put into them, and the few raised eyebrows and quirked smiles would give him a clue to this. After several minutes of silence, Red sat back with the papers nestled neatly in her lap, a clear smile splitting her lips as she finally looked over at the Daemon Slayer. "Each of these areas you have outlined are relatively available, honestly I would leave it in your hands to choose where you would like to set up the outpost." Leaning forward, Red handed the papers back to James before reaching for the glass of lemonade the waitress had set down on the table. "I'm willing to fully fund the Orders outpost in Predators Keep, and if there is anything else you might need, please feel free to ask." @Fierach
  8. I am still alive, peeps. I just cut myself down to a few threads and have been enjoying the slower pace until I am actually caught up on plots (which I have no idea till when), but I am still working on a few things.

    I'll be adding threads here and there, hopefully as soon as I can find people who would like to take up running cities. That has been a task and a half...

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    2. Enk Razorwood

      Enk Razorwood

      I've still been lurking and reading, but forgot to respond to a thread and now I feel super bad xD. Like two weeks late.

    3. Red the Ambivalent

      Red the Ambivalent

      >_> I mean...I have an Island that could use the activity. 

    4. Enk Razorwood

      Enk Razorwood

      Ah, That would be a good place to continue and pick back up.

  9. Predators Keep AMA

    I would have to say that it completely depends on the IC interaction, I wouldn't say it's completely impossible at all but she is stubborn. So long as it doesn't directly contradict everything she stands for, there could be a chance.
  10. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    Not without permission from the Queen, law changes would need approval.
  11. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    Predators Keep is definitely my baby.
  12. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    We are speaking in terms of 'in character', I assume. In reality these cities are more independent and 'care free', the laws are simple and relate the same as any U.S city, magic is openly encouraged so long as they use it with respect. As a ruler, you would be allowed to say, interject when someone is breaking the law, causing havok, ect. Sentencing, punishment, all in your hands. Really the only stuff you wouldn't be able to do without permission is declare war, approve tax hikes that are above say, 1%, and they would have to abide by the same laws as the citizens.
  13. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

  14. Reaching Out

    Smiling and giving him a nod in turn, Red couldn't help the short chuckle while she moved across the room towards the couch he'd motioned for. "No, they really don't." She admitted, smoothing the back of her cloak as she lowered to sit on the couch. Watching while he brought the case up and onto the desk, her polite smile extended to the young woman who'd appeared with his calling. "Lemonade would be wonderful. Thank you." Enough time had passed that the psion had grown accustomed to the position she was in, with proper etiquette and stance to knowing when true politeness was called for. She quietly envied the ease in which the woman moved, the simplicity of her job. Glancing back towards James, she gave him a curious tilt of the head. "I'd be glad to hear it, the city has been much more at ease without that Eldritch beast stalking the forest." No truer words, although she wasn't going to admit yet that she only knew this information from reports, Red hadn't been in Predators Keep long enough since to see it for herself.
  15. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    As it goes, I am looking for consistency. These cities will respectably be yours, for you to run and jump and play in. Quests, activity, events, I'm hoping the chance to rise to a leadership position will entice a few of you. So far I have been moved into creating a 30 day termination policy if said leaders do not post anything within the board or even just interest checks, as my luck is apparently bad when it comes to choosing who should sit on these thrones. I'm not a hard ass, I promise, but these cities I have created from scratch alongside friends who have put effort into them as well. They deserve more than what I can give them alone, which is why I am hoping to hand them off to someone that isn't opposed to ruling beneath the Scarlet Queen. Questions, concerns, I'm all ears.