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  1. I want to express my apologies for the insane lack of activity on my behalf the last couple of months. From the last thing I posted about my IRL situation, it's only gotten more emotional and difficult to traverse. A few people here know because they are on my Facebook, but in all not a lot of people or really any people know what has been going on, really mostly in my head. I won't go into detail, but minimally I will say that I managed to turn into nothing more than a robot with my marriage over the last year and half, and it was only a couple months ago that everything really clicked into place and I realize how much my husband really meant to me. And that was a couple months after my husband had began seeing someone else. 

    So I am working through that, and really my main focus is trying to fight for my husband. So I truly apologize for my lack in activity, lack of care for any subboards I was controlling, and I am hoping to drag myself along enough through these holidays to ensure that Pk and any other place I may still hold a small hand on stays active. I can't promise my writing activity considering, but I kind of really beg that anyone if they can help me out with even a small thread of activity in Predators Keep, I would be forever grateful. I love you guys, this community means a lot, but I have been finding it really hard to even log in considering the emotional turmoil that goes through my head every day. 

    I understand completely, since I don't know when I will be active enough, if I can't keep Pk. Hell It's been two months for my emotional state and it's felt like nearly a year, and I'd been having problems well before two months ago. I know I will be back. I really can't tell you when I will be -really- actively back though. I'm sorry, again. I'm not gone completely, but I can't fully come back yet. 

  2. Red the Ambivalent

    Constructing a Stronghold

    With the success of the A.N.T.S meeting only days in the past, it was only fitting that with the newly founded Allies meet on terms fitting to broadcast their relationship. It was with one particular relationship that the Empress had garnered within Taen that she took special care to maintain. The Princess Teresa, such a bright young woman with so much potential, and the two of them had struck a bond prior to the Allied Nations meeting. Whereas Teresa saw Red much like an Aunt, to her the young woman was much like a niece in the same regard. Without proper family for the majority of her life, it was a new and exciting feeling to care for someone as if they were actually family. Because of that special bond they shared, Red found herself meeting with the young noble about the Blue Region, an area that she herself had been eyeing for some time, just hadn’t gained the resources needed to further investigate the ruler barren lands. When Titus had gave his wishes for her to meet, Red was more than happy to accommodate. Although she hadn’t taken with her some thousand soldiers as an escort, a few dozen well-armed men and the famed black Gryphon of hers made the trek. Still largely swollen with pregnancy, it was urged she not do much walking, so the trip was spent resting on the back of the big black feathered beast. She hoped Nyxau didn’t scare Teresa, or alarm any of the escort she’d likely have along. He was a gentle giant, and they shared a telepathic bond. Unless harm was coming Red’s way, he would lie idly by and allow her to do whatever business she was here to do. The meeting spot was a common turnoff for travelers, a cozy little diner and Inn that stowed away the tired and the hungry. She hadn’t gone inside, but the commotion of a few dozen soldiers and a rather large animal with talons had stirred the residents inside. After a few minutes outside, a stoutly old woman had peeked through the shades, found herself with widened eyes as she spotted the blonde sitting on the Gryphon, wearing clothes fit for a traveling ruler, and was outside with water and a parcel of bread. ‘Ease’. The single word fled through the minds of the soldiers and beast alike, where the tension had mounted at the sudden arrival of the greying woman, they settled and stood at attention. With a smile that could melt hearts, Empress Red patted the side of Nyxau and he lowered to the ground, allowing her to slide from his back with only inches to drop. “Ma lady, is such an hon-or, please rest--” Outstretched was the glass of water and bread wrapped in would looked to be tanned animal hide. “Please, I’m your guest. I will pay.” It was unknown if the Innkeeper recognized who Red was, but with the royal escort and clothes to match, it wasn’t hard to figure out her standing. Bowing repeatedly and scurrying backwards, she graciously accepted the coins Red had pressed into her palms and fled back inside, a curious excitement to her steps then. “It won’t be long now, Princess Teresa and her escort should be arriving shortly.”
  3. Hey y'all sorry for not getting any posts out this week, it was busier than I was expecting, and I'll be leaving right after work for camping tomorrow so I won't be back until Sunday. Pending how tired I am, I'll work on the posts I've been getting pieced together, I just don't have anything finished yet. Have a good weekend!

  4. Sorry for not getting any replies out this week, I hit one of those moods lol. I'm going to wind down tonight, and focus on the priority threads after work or in the morning. 

    I am taking a leave from A.N.T.S for now, I took on too many at once and I don't think I can keep up, but I will rejoin later on in a different part of the plot, just so it's official that Red is there and participating. I'm so sorry @ourlachesism for leaving as soon as you posted towards me, I definitely need to make it up to you. And thank you @Ataraxy for the patience and helping me out lately. 

    Right now I need to put all my focus on my board, and other related cities. 

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      It's alright 😊 hope you feel better and up to it soon, and take all the time you need to get back. I'm still waiting to write with you soon ❤

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      Red the Ambivalent

      You're amazing, truly!

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      Oh hush hush 😊 head on back here to write soon ❤

  5. I forgot the pain of being stepped on by a horse. Swollen, bruised, going to be hobbling around for a few days.

  6. Red the Ambivalent

    The Keep of the Predators

    Not every soldier in rank was psionic, nor knew much about the abilities. A few of the soldiers recognized what this beast was, but there was no time to ponder except to bark over the psy-tek radio about needing all the cities forces to take this thing down. As soon as the beast began forward, guns opened fire in a hail of bullets; Specifically bullets crafted without the use of gunpowder as within Terrenus the powder was severely weakened. Instead of the explosive each one was made using the same psy-technology that the majority of the city used as a power source. The metal casings run through a machine that fills the ammunition with a powder similar, which reacts the same way as the gunpowder does when the trigger of the gun is pulled. In order for them to work properly, the guns had to be modified to react to the powder within the shells, mass produced with runes etched into the barrels. A trying process to get them to work, but a suitable replacement. The beast had only offered enough time for a short volley of shots before it's mass collided with the first line of soldiers, screaming and bones breaking as they fell to the ground and subsequently crushed beneath it's feet. Orders were barked again, more soldiers began to arrive and opened fire on the Metacreation without hesitation, hoping that these guns would work as intended and disrupt any psionic powers coming from the beast. The soldiers wielding swords and spears charged, hacking and slashing at the beast while trying to dodge the feet and legs, or any swinging arms. From inside the Keep, the Queen was shouting orders and demanding any soldiers with magic or powers need to be at the attack site at once. It wasn't enough to have guns and swords, they needed a solid magical base to trap the beast. The best of the best were soon surrounding it, shields in front in case it decided to charge once more.
  7. Red the Ambivalent

    [A.N.T] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

    Slowly but surely the Grand Hall was filling with Kings and Queens and Lords and Ladies, while glazed crimson eyes watched blankly the beautiful landscape and foliage that was the back acres of the estate. A serene half smile that spoke of the calm her exterior may have given, how still and peaceful the Queen—No, Spoken Empress of the Scarlet Kingdom seemed by herself just enjoying the sights and sounds of nature instead of the growingly crowded common room. Kahlan wasn’t truly watching what was beyond the deck, her thoughts were keeping her rather preoccupied without the distraction of beauty. Not far on the same side of the castle she’d felt the King of Patia and the Black Queen of Orisia, one in which she was never formally introduced, and the other she knew all too well yet seemingly not at all. It wasn’t her intention to pry upon private conversations, so she didn’t even with how plausible it could have been. The newly crowned Regent of Medain Sari had arrived, more so a cover of sorts so James Eredas could base more secretive Order operations out of the remote island off of the Terrenus shore. It had been planned the two arrived together, but as most things go it hadn’t worked out the way she’d wanted. Eventually she would meet up with the Daemon Slayer, but her wandering mind took a keen focus to another individual that the woman hadn’t expected to see so soon, or at all. The twitch of a smile fell into nothingness, an anger began to broil deep within her chest over the sickening presence. Koji, the son of one of her dearest friends and the murderer of her other dear friend. The brother-- The simple shallow smile returned yet didn’t touch her eyes, leaving her a ghostly expression that was a tell for nothing underneath. Blankness, a trained visage that left nothing to be seen of the inner workings of her thoughts nor feelings other than a false happy, one many took to the blonde as pleasant and kind. Using one of her hands, she pushed herself from the soft cushion of the chair in a rather wobbly grace, her other hand falling gently to rest on the rather noticeable swell of her pregnancy. There had been a scare months ago, one directly following the Spring Hanami Festival in Port Caelum, one full of doctors and nurses, pain and agony, and since then the Queen had strayed from the publics prying eyes. It was rumored that Red’s pregnancy had been false, that it was no more than a publicity stunt and the sudden trauma at the festival was a way to end the claims of child. It hadn’t been, and it was likely that none in attendance would have known of the child still, even with only months to go. Rolling her shoulders as she stood, the woman smoothed the creases of maroon fabric and began inside, since it seemed most of the guests had arrived. Kahlan made no move to head towards anyone in particular, instead she walked with a slow gait that held no purpose. Still pleasant with smiles, she let her eyes wander over the faces and listened to snippets of conversation as she passed, hearing introductions and names, so many false pleasantries spoken behind masks such as her own blank one. It was mandatory for rulers and leaders alike to lead with nice things said, to compliment other people within their same ranks to make them feel better about themselves and to feel known, to feel they had purpose. It sickened her. A small press against her hand from her belly gave her pause, the false smile turning genuine for a moment as she stopped and felt the little one inside moving—Still something Kahlan couldn’t get used to. Her thoughts turned to the father, about how he’d missed much of these moments due to the responsibilities they both held. Saddening, yet necessary. Once the little one had settled she started on again, moving through people with the false smile covering the pure joy she felt from the small, tiny life she was going to bring into the world. The small life that would be the heir to the Scarlet Empire.
  8. Thank you for liking my post, even if it was very lackluster! 

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      Red the Ambivalent

      If that was lackluster, mine are absolute dirt. It was a very good post. 

  9. Red the Ambivalent

    Hanami Flower Festival | A Hard Day's Night

    Although attentive as she ever was, the blonde was having a difficult time hearing the commands the other was shouting over the microradio. Gowned in the simple yet elegant red and white kimono and beautiful as ever, Kahlan was radiating in agonizing pain that masked her beauty in shaking, near convulsing shudders. Sweat quickly dampened the longer blonde locks against her flushing cheeks, it took near every ounce of restraint and control for her not to buckle and drop to her knees next to the Pendragon. “R-ripping o-OUT!” Although the child wasn’t threatening to rip out of her stomach, the pain could have easily rivaled such a thing, her cries giving as much away while she clung to him. The two guards that had been at post at the gate grabbed the tall iron wrought gates and pull them closed with haste, securing them and standing before the lock to keep anyone that may have heard the Queens pain from prying and seeing what was ailing her. The only reprieve from the publics gaze was that they had managed to walk far enough away that the bustle of the festival easily drowned out the woman because of how far they were away. Unsuspecting and even less caring of being scooped up from her feet, her arm looped around his neck and tightened, the other still cradling the swell of baby bump. Before the brilliant light washed over the two, her cradling hand grabbed at his collar, although unable to lift her head to look at him and feeling uneasy about speaking without crying, her voice shakily whispered through the forefront of his thoughts. ‘Do not let this child die, my friend. I cannot lose another. Not again.’ The implications behind her words were endless, but one dared speak louder above them all. Let her die, if it meant the child were to live. Nausea would have been more of an issue for the sudden transport to the emptied-out hospital wing if the pain had subsided more than it had, the uneasy sensation couldn’t compare to the ripping, destructive agony Kahlan was trying to overcome. Her eyes stayed glued shut, her mind trying to focus on the press of his smooth cheek against her dampened forehead. A light touch so familiar to one of their many nights beneath the stars or the sheets. That comfort she clung to, grasped at wholeheartedly. She truly thought she might die, this night. The staff that was standing by wasted no time nor effort to prepare the nearest room for the Queen, a luxurious hospital bed with curtains heavy enough to black out the fading sunlight, an I.V bag wheeled in and settled next to the bed with what could be assumed the sedatives that Xartia had requested. The security detail moved with ease to ensure all entrances to the Wing, hallway, and room were completely secure. With Xartia assumingly setting the pained psion carefully down on the bed, he would be moved aside as the nurses and doctors made quick work of getting her comfortable, hopefully before the pain overwhelmed her and sent her into the darkness of her mind.
  10. I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly I’m writing all the things. 

    I’m back, bitches.

  11. Red the Ambivalent

    The Keep of the Predators

    Silent sirens blared through the city, psionic pings that alerted the soldiers of the city of any type of psionic or magical attack within the walls. Receivers in the form of ear buds alerted anyone of import that wasn’t psionic or could not pick up on the frequency the psytek alarm. To anyone concerned they would switch to combat mode, dividing into sectors around the vicinity of the odd blast, and evacuating anyone safe enough to evacuate. People rose to help, bunkers created beneath their homes utilized to safeguard families and anyone who didn’t have the luxury of such accommodations. Within the Keep the personal guard of the Empress doubled-tripled their presence, the main doors locked and barred while she was swept somewhere safe within the Keep; Against her wishes of course. Armored in plate and mail, swords and spears, the forefront wielding psytek guns made to disrupt the brainwaves of the psionic, dozens of men and women surrounded the shambled, rubble house. There was no fear reflecting in their gazes, even as they looked upon a creature they’d never seen before. The response time was phenomenal, the first of the soldiers arriving less than a minute after the initial rare blast of power, the rest of the troops running in from their stations throughout the city. Following protocol, groups of soldiers posted up at the gates leaving the city, watchtowers were utilized and flood lights searched the surrounding forest of possible invaders. These soldiers of the Keep were seasoned by now, already having gone through one disaster. Their training was rough and brutal, but it kept them ready for something, even as unexpected as this thing rising from a destroyed home in the poverty-stricken area of the city. No guns fired, they simply waited to see what it would do.
  12. Red the Ambivalent

    Hanami Flower Festival | A Hard Day's Night

    As she mulled the possible reasoning behind the sudden and unusual pains within her swollen stomach, Kahlan did indeed remember a story from long ago where Xartia told the tale of his mother dying during childbirth. It wasn’t here, not in this realm. No, it was back on Gaia Prime, or possibly on Sigil, the center of the multi-verse. They’d had their fair share of deep conversations over the years, more so as of recent where their friendship had suddenly took a turn that was unexpected to the Queen. There was little to no regret for the decision, the Pendragon was a welcome distraction to the woes and bustling lifestyle she’d chosen on Valucre. Least, until the woes and business began to grow a life within her uterus. Fearful of outcomes, of what this child could bring to the table within her Kingdom, whether they’d be raised correctly and be faithful to her; Or if the child would take the path Kahlan had seen many children take that were swept up into such a life. Like Kimi. Like Koji. They wound their way through the iron gates towards the estate, the soldiers at post still as stone while the duo passed. Shaking her head, there hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary so far. “I wonder if it could be stress. Nobody outside of our inner circle knows about this pregnancy. Not even my people in Terrenus. I could just be overwhelmed by the sudden reveal.” Grasping at straws, she didn’t want to equate these pains to the loss of his own mother. “Leaving Terrenus has been a good vacation, though. The Keep has been quiet, nobody is trying to declare war. Commerce has picked up tenfold since the attack last year-” Her slender fingers on his forearms tightened again, her free arm cradling the swell of her belly as she was struck with another painful episode. Stopping short and pulling Xartia to a stop as well, Kahlan kept herself from doubling over. Searing pain ripped through her abdomen, much as it had at the festival not long before. “No, this isn’t stress. Something isn’t right. Call a doctor, any doctor.”
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    Awesome I've added those two. I have Hiding the Evidence on the list as well.
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    [A.N.T] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

    It was one of the first social gatherings she’d been to that wasn’t of her own, or her own regions upbringing, and as such she felt no need to put herself directly in the center of much of the mingling and conversation just yet. She’d arrived with only one solider from the Scarlet Empire at her side to the main entrance, where the guard informed her there were no personal guards permitted into the estate. With nothing more than a short, quiet nod to her own and what might have looked to be some rather awkward eye contact without the foray of words that should have followed, the man covered in armor with the gryphon sigil leisurely strolled away. With a pleasant smile the blonde moved past the Taen guards and through the gate. It was becoming normal for the woman to wear dresses during her outings, ranging from the lavish to the simple, much like the chosen attire for this A.N.T.S meeting. It wasn’t overbearing, there were going to be plenty of leaders of her caliber, some above and some below as well, impressing them of course something she’d wish to do but it wasn’t with her clothes she wanted to make an impact. A necklace dangled above the wine-colored fabric covering her bust, the same sigil the soldier had on his chest plate in miniature, colored design. A proud black Gryphon sitting in front of a shield and crossed swords, the beast representing Predators Keep and the protection of its people. Very little fine jewelry adorned her person, a couple simple rings of gold and a set of bangle bracelets on her left hand, again nothing more than simple elegancy. Her short a-frame styled hair was braided from the front, french style that blended into the shorter locks of the back to keep her hair from her eyes. Kahlan, or as anyone here would know her as Red, hugged the side of the Grand room while the few guests that had arrived began to hold conversations with each other, all officials with faces she didn’t know, yet names she’d learned a long time ago. Moving on through the Grand room without stopping to interrupt any conversation at hand, she slipped through a set of double doors that led out to the deck. Warm summer air replacing the cool of the inside, natural smells which kept her at ease, and a quietness that wasn’t heard from the inside. Easy enough to keep tabs on the inside, Kahlan chose a plush cushioned seat to plop down upon to relax until all of the guests had arrived, where they’d eventually be migrating to the conference room to begin the meeting.
  15. Red the Ambivalent

    Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.)

    I bet it smells nasty. 😐