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  1. I want to express my apologies for the insane lack of activity on my behalf the last couple of months. From the last thing I posted about my IRL situation, it's only gotten more emotional and difficult to traverse. A few people here know because they are on my Facebook, but in all not a lot of people or really any people know what has been going on, really mostly in my head. I won't go into detail, but minimally I will say that I managed to turn into nothing more than a robot with my marriage over the last year and half, and it was only a couple months ago that everything really clicked into place and I realize how much my husband really meant to me. And that was a couple months after my husband had began seeing someone else. 

    So I am working through that, and really my main focus is trying to fight for my husband. So I truly apologize for my lack in activity, lack of care for any subboards I was controlling, and I am hoping to drag myself along enough through these holidays to ensure that Pk and any other place I may still hold a small hand on stays active. I can't promise my writing activity considering, but I kind of really beg that anyone if they can help me out with even a small thread of activity in Predators Keep, I would be forever grateful. I love you guys, this community means a lot, but I have been finding it really hard to even log in considering the emotional turmoil that goes through my head every day. 

    I understand completely, since I don't know when I will be active enough, if I can't keep Pk. Hell It's been two months for my emotional state and it's felt like nearly a year, and I'd been having problems well before two months ago. I know I will be back. I really can't tell you when I will be -really- actively back though. I'm sorry, again. I'm not gone completely, but I can't fully come back yet. 

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