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  1. The woman scoffed and continued drinking, letting the somewhat awkward silence fall over them. thoughts racing through her mind, thinking of new ways to survive.. Often she would break then get back to her feet, it was not all uncommon for her... But this time she had done so in front of a potential threat, even if he offered her aid the trust would not come. It had been her life line, never trust others, everyone had their own agenda and if you trusted people you left yourself open to betrayal. Despite her finding some kind of peace in Damian's arms it too had been short lived, the master pet relationship meant she never had to trust in him, just obey and take the moments of peace and comfort for what they were.. Fleeting. Now it would be slightly different, this man had killed Damian and now had given her a chance at another life in a sense. There was no telling what his agenda was, maybe he had taken pity on the woman? Who knew. The feral creature she was needed no pity, but she would take the opportunity to possibly leave the city before being hunted and bathed in the blood of the fallen. It was too risky to stay alone, if she became involved in bloody battles it would only make her lose what little was left of her humanity. Back in Durem she had gained some control... as short lived as it was. Breaking the silence as the now empty bottle was put back on the counter, "So, where to now? do you have a place to stay?" The slightly slurred voice of the woman would carry over to the man, her cheeks flushed as she waved at Marg for another bottle to go. Despite James's offer, she had decided out of the blue that she wanted to go back to Damian's apartment. Possibly gather her minuscule belongings before they departed.. if that was indeed his plan. Otherwise they would be able to sleep at the apartment before leaving the next day.
  2. It was crazy, he had so easily destroyed the peace she had become used to. Like tidal wave that crashed down and carried away all that she knew. Yet as she watched him it became apparent he was cold, uncaring ... like her. Marg emerged with his ordered food, placing it before him with a mug of light ale. looking between them before moving back to the bar, placing another bottle of whiskey on the counter for Jay. The woman was silent as James spoke of offering aid, what could he possibly offer that would benefit her? the curse was not a spell that could be easily broken, it was gifted by cruel ancient gods. There was a slight hesitation before the woman opened the new bottle, taking a hearty swing before responding to the hunter. "A place for me.. I don't need a purpose, however tagging along would be better than going back to that pit." It was a fairly sour way of accepting the offer he presented. "I wont promise anything good will come of it though."
  3. Marg shook his head, "Ain't worth payin' for, happens a lot around 'ere." His gaze falling to the woman who had gone silent, he reached back to pull out the remainder of the whiskey they had been drinking. "Ye' heard him, get up." He would bark, practically slamming the bottle on the counter before walking back to the kitchen behind the bar. The pain in her chest subsided as James's words assaulted her, he thought he had saved the woman.. But the reality was the feral beast no longer had someone to restrain her. Should things go south she would no longer have the calm voice of her master to stop her from flying into a blood rage. Brainwashing was one way to put it, although it was more like grooming. Training her to heed his commands at all times. "James.." the whisper would reach him, cold and laced with hate. "I wont die here, I can't die in a place like this.." Her mind worked furiously to repair the damaged barriers to push away the human emotions once more. Her form shifted as she slowly got to her feet, one hand touching her now bare neck as the empty brown eyes met his once more. "Is it easy for you to say that? To live for myself.. What a joke." Lashing out with her words Jay moved to snatch the bottle of whiskey before opening it only to chug the contents. Pulling it away with a deep swallow it was safe to say she was no longer in the mood to fight, what was left to fight for now? It was a question she had found herself asking many times. The only drive she had was to live, no matter the cost to those around her. A primal instinct to keep stumbling blindly forward. "Fucking hunters.. You didn't answer me. Why are you here?" Her body trembled as she lifted herself onto the bar counter, bottle still in hand, seating herself cross legged while facing the slayer. The woman was far from stupid, no hunters had shown up in this city in the time she had been there, especially not one from her world. It was too much of a coincidence to let it slide so easily.
  4. Damian groaned, barely having time to register what had just happened. The heart was pierced, the beating coming to a stop as blood spouted from his lips, ending the life of a being that had lived too long to remember his age. It was funny, never had he encountered a hunter who was as talented... no ruthless as this one. The vampire would look to Jay who had been shoved aside, now standing rigid beside the slayer as he slumped to the floor. The woman felt something rise inside her, an emotion that hurt her chest.. It was like part of her was breaking as she watched the life fade from the vampires eyes, the skin peeling and floating into the air like ash in an unknown breeze. Her mouth moved to worm words but no sound came, her legs finally gave out allowing her to fall to her knees as her chest tightened. Unbeknownst to her the chain and collar were part of the reason she had lost the ability to move, finally as Damian faded to nothingness the chain and collar would shatter like glass, fading away much like he had. Her voice returned, instead of words however it would come in agonizing sobs as her face became warm and wet from the tears she had not know she was capable of shedding. Marg stared in horror, having finally emerged as the fight ended with the life of the woman's only friend being taken. His eyes found James, pleading for him to do something as he unfortunately had been the one to end the vampires life, releasing the woman from servitude but also leaving her alone in the world. "Jay.." He whispered before turning away to find something to drink. The woman curled over her knees and screamed into the ground, her breathing heavy and uneven, muscles trembling with each painful sob. She wanted to cut out what ever was hurting, her heart? It had not felt like this in years, she had been sure not to get attached, to live alone, to never depend on anyone for fear of losing them like she did everyone... Yet there it was, the pain she feared so, had she been that content to stay with the vampire? The mental barriers erected over years of solitude began to crack, wide red strained eyes finally lifted from the floor, sitting back she would stare at James. "Why...Why did you come here...Why did you come here!?!" She began to cry out in distress, her irrational thinking was causing her to let the emotions that had been so carefully contained run rampant. "Why?! WHY?!... why..." Her cries faded to a whisper as she sobbed between each word, she was confused and afraid... Damian had been the only one to take her in since she came here, he saved her... and she couldn't return the favor. She had let him die before her eyes... She felt helpless, weak.. again she found herself alone. What would become of her now? She would have to leave, no one killed a pure blood without being hunted down by the clans that resided in the city, she being the pet would too be hunted and killed. "What do I do now.." She whispered, not to anyone in particular but she was trying to force the emotions away again and think of what the next step in her life here would be..
  5. The table came towards the woman as she balanced on one leg, it hit the mark forcing her off her feet for a few seconds as she was forced backwards. The woman landed on her ass and stared on horror as both James and the chair moved towards Damian, he had no intention of facing her.. Yet he had gone past the dog right to the demon itself. Jay pushed herself to her feet before feeling a physical tug on her collar.. Damian was impressed, the man going for the handler instead of the dog, his eyes glowed brightly as the man brought the chair around to slam into his form. It would strike as he had intended, the wood splintering with a resounding crack followed by the mans body leaving the chair and tumbling across the bar floor ... that brought a moment of absolute silence to the bar. However the vampire got to his feet with a glint in his eyes, his raised arm having taken the impact and his body simply following the motion of the swing. He was not much for fighting, but he was not a human either. Some of the splinters however had embedded themselves in his flesh, rewarding the slayer with the sight of his blackened blood trickling back down his forearm. "You are the first to draw blood on me in the last hundred years! Good show!" He would exclaim, moving to stand by the bar itself. The silver chain appeared as the vampire appeared next to the bar, he tugged it violently with a twisted grin. Jay would find herself being dragged by neck across the room, her fingers gripping the collar as she neared the vampire. It was humiliating, she was being moved like a damn toy. The embers of rage were fanned inside her, bringing a cold hatred to those otherwise empty eyes. She understood that he was putting on a show but it was going too far.. "Stop it Damian!" The words carried a cold determination with them as the vampire pulled her to his chest, his intention was to use her as a shield, hers was to try stop the fight altogether.. "He will kill you... I can't stop that from happening. Please let's just go home." Her plea how ever would spur something cruel and evil within the man, he looked to James with that wicked look in his eyes. "No he wont, you will die before he gets to me. I know you think that we have something special, I have spoiled you in the hopes of having a companion for how ever long you survived. But don't ever forget you are a mortal, a pet, a toy! You will do as I wish or I will kill you myself." The words hurt her, like needles stabbing into her very soul. The fate she had been dealt was again to be nothing more than a monster on display, a pet to be used as the owner saw fit... The woman felt empty and cold, her head lowering as she gazed at the floor below, the rage had not left but it mixed with the pain he had inflicted leaving her to suffer internally. "What will you do now? Will you cut through her to get to me?" He taunted, wrapping an arm around the woman's neck to hold her against his chest.
  6. Damian listened with an over confident smile, the man was becoming rather interesting. Insulting him while trying to guess at his past, some of it was true, he left his original home due to a power struggle, he had made this city his sad little hill kingdom.... yet he had missed out something important. The vampire was a pure-blood, never once had he been a petty thief. Everything he had was brought from the money he earned, spending countless years establishing roots in the cities infrastructure as well as numerous businesses. To say he was disapointed would be an understatement. "Dogshit? Really? You may not of noticed but his debt has been paid. Those bones are broken and he is now free to do as he pleases. What I am interested in now is you, the strange man who dared to speak to me in such a manner, one who also seems to have no fear of the woman in front of you." He mused, waving his hand towards the brawler. "Well it looks like I didn't get an apology after all. Jay... kill him." The woman grimaced internally, she would most likely be the one who ended up dead but his order was absolute.. In her brief hesitation the silver chain appeared and he glared at the woman. She responded, her body moving before she had a chance to resist. Left foot sliding forward and pivoting as her right tucked in only to snap back out again the steel toed boot aiming for James's head. If she had to fight, she would try end it quickly...
  7. Damian would step out of his chair, eyeing the man who sought to lecture him. Crimson eyes bearing down on James as he approached, "Oh? you seem to be new here.." His words were saturated with distaste, the vampire was prideful and very rarely was challenged by anyone in the city itself. Something like this irritated and vexed the creature, raising a hand to click his fingers in the air, Jay lowered her head and heeded his summons. The merchant had since passed out from the pain, Marg quickly tending to the man once the dog had left the table. He had a sinking feeling, something bad was about to happen and he would no doubt be witness to it. "You think that your words hold any weight traveler? I feel as though you misunderstand my intentions here tonight." The vampire would continue, reaching out now to grab his pet by her shoulders, bringing her to stand before him. "I was watching when my dog took a liking to you, is it possible you too are a wild animal needing to be tamed?" He mused. Jay remained silent, the worst case scenario was unfolding before her eyes, she was not the only thing between the slayer and the vampire. It was not as though she could not hold her own, but she knew Damian, he was playing another game... trying to provoke the slayer into moving first. The brawler knew better, the fight would not be between slayer and vampire, but rather his pet monster. "Unless it is actually for her sake you even bothered to open your mouth.." The vampire continued, his gaze shifting to his guard dog, reaching up to roughly grab her chin and force her gaze up from the ground. Empty brown eyes met James's as the vampire wore a cruel smile. "I guess your kind is not as rare as I thought Jay, he smells of the same world you do." He jerked her head back painfully, his eyes fixed on her as he continued, "Don't you want to play with one of your own kind?" He taunted, knowing that with a single command he could force her into action. "Please Damian.. Let it go." the woman would say softly, her only real attempt to stop the inevitable. The vampire released her jaw and shoved her forward, leaving the brawler only a few feet from James as he moved aside. "Maybe, it all depends on him my dear. Should he apologize I will consider leaving, if he does not then you will do your job and defend me." The words stung, inside his home he treated her almost as an equal, she was convinced that they cared for each other.. yet in public she was his feral pet and he seemed to enjoy showing everyone the real power he held over the woman. She took a deep breath, resigning herself to the fate forced upon her. Reaching down she would pull free her trademark trench blades, her fingers slipping through the duster hilts and gripping them tightly. Her stance would loosen, her feet sliding apart to stand square with her shoulders, the now armed hands brought up before her chest and slightly extended, the blades facing back along her forearms. Regardless of what happened next she would do what she needed to in order to survive the night. Even if it meant fighting a hero... "I'm sorry.." She would whisper as she closed off the emotions she had forgotten existed inside her, steeling herself for a fight should it come.
  8. Jay forced herself to keep smiling, she truly despised the name given to her at the basement, "Oh that? Just a little inside joke. So ale, steak and chips.. I'll be back in a bit." Brushing it off as well as she could, she slipped off the table and trotted back to the bar. Speaking quietly to Marg who looked over the woman to the oriental man, he shook his head and went about preparing the order. "Jay.." The voice making Jay's blood run cold, Damian was calling to her.. Now of all times. "Would you mind giving me a hand, it seems our friend here hasn't got what I need." The woman turned, the cold empty eyes fixed on Damian and the merchant who now looked as pale as a ghost. Why wouldn't he? The vamp had summoned his dog and there was no guarantee that he would survive. She would reach up to touch her collar, the silver thread like chain linking her to the vampire would shine in the dim bar light. There was no choice, glancing at James the woman would almost seem saddened by the fact he would bear witness to her true nature. He had been someone she looked up to back when part of her wanted to help people. Never would she have imagined that he would be in this world, convinced she was the only gaian in the area at least. Jay moved over to to the table where Damian sat, standing behind the merchant she would rest her hands on his shoulders, "How much?" She would ask, forcing the memories of what she once was to the back of her mind. It had been 50 years for her, yet based on the time jumps it must of only been around 4-5 for everyone else since they last laid eyes on the brawler. Things had changed and to survive this long she had been turned into more of a feral beast than a human, accepting long ago that she was a monster among men. "Hmm let's see, I can recover some of the money by taking the business as an asset. But.." Damian paused, seeming to look at the man with careful thought, "I think two should be enough to cover the rest. You should be grateful that what is about to happen is wiping your debt young man." He smiled, a devilish grin as Jay lowered her head, her grip on his shoulders growing tighter by the second. The man cried out in pain as his bones began to crack under the pressure of her hold, Two was not a bad price all things considered, it would be two bones shattered instead of his life taken. Despite the pain she was inflicting she was grateful she hadn't been asked to take his life completely.
  9. Name: Azalea zen Terina. Age: 18 Race: Human Occupation: Moisture manipulation mage Appearance: Younger than her age, long luscious brown locks that fall past her waist, icy crystal blue eyes, pale porcelain skin. Attire: Wears gold trimmed heels with black lace thigh high stockings that have matching gold trim, a cream and gold corset that has a long loin cloth attached to the front and back. Red stringed bikini bottom underneath. Black dragon skin gloves cover her arms up past her elbows, and a red and gold collar adorns her neck with a gold chain dangling in the front. Azalea! Items of interest: -A large red book that she carries everywhere. This is the book of spells that she had been handed by her parents after first showing promise as a mage. She is to use it to write down all that she learns. -The dragon skin gloves, dragon scales being used in magic for centuries help this young mage accentuate her magic, sometimes enhancing the power of a spell, other times lessening it. But it also protects her weapons..her hands, while handling volatile ingredients or casting dangerous spells. -The red and gold collar. This is in fact a talisman given to her by her mother, who in turn received it from her mother. It increases her awareness at all times, to the point where should she watch a person recite a spell her mind memorizes it for use at a later date. Often seen noting it down in the book at a later time. Since knowing the words and actions does not always mean the magic can be used by her right away. Practice makes perfect. The talisman has a secondary passive effect too, it makes her immune to mind magic. Which includes any influence on the mind right up to projections and contact spells. Drugs are a physical whole body effect, but the effects on the mind are halved due to the collar. History: Brought into this realm of magic by the request of her parents Azalea has been left on her own to forge her future here . She had a relatively peaceful upbringing, nothing overly interesting making her stand out aside from her natural talent with moisture and water magic, learning to manipulate it without having to recite the spells out loud. She had advanced in her classes with ease, although it meant never really acquiring friends due to her focus on study. Strengths: Magic - A prodigy of sorts she has mastered moisture manipulation even at her young age. Mana - Due to her choosing to study over making friends she put a lot of time into increasing her mana capacity. As such she has a large pool to draw from. Stamina - Although physically weak she is able to keep moving and using her spells for extended periods of time. Magic: Water magic, manipulation and affinity. Having mastered the magic itself she has a number of spells commonly used when required for either combat or personal use. Each has a cost on her mana. Pool - 120. - Recovery rate 5 per turn. - Draw - Literally pulling the moisture particles from the air within a 5 foot radius. This also can be used to draw moisture directly from another being or plant life. Causing severe dehydration depending on how much she takes. - If used against a living being plant or otherwise it is implemented in stages. Side effects of this spell - Constant thirst, the need to drink becomes almost unbearable, if they manage to locate water and drink it will not sate them, instead increasing the need for water in their mind. This can lead to over hydration which causes bloating , sluggishness, vomiting and in extreme cases death. -Stage one - against a living being (Will cause dry mouth, as though the person is thirsty and breathing dry air. Not harmful physically but can cause a break of concentration in the target as their thoughts turn to wanting a drink.) Against pant life (Dulling of the leaves/flowers as the plant stops being able to absorb water from the roots.) Cost - 5 - If stopping at this stage it is a 1 turn cool down. -Stage two - Against living being (A feeling of slight nausea, now finding it hard to swallow as the fluids are pulled away, starts to cause discomfort and concern.) Against plant life (the leaves will begin to lose colour as they start to dry up and crack.) Cost - 10 - If stopping at this stage it is a 2 turn cool down. -Stage three - against living being (Severe dehydration, headache, can no longer produce saliva. Starts to become weak physically.) Against plants (Death of the plant itself, the whole plant becoming dry and brittle as the very fluid within it is finally pulled away.) Cost 15 - If stopping at this stage it is a 3 turn cool down. -Stage four - Against living being ( The skin has started to dry out now causing great pain as it will begin to tighten and tear if the target keeps moving around. Labored breathing due to dangerous dehydration level, blood flow is starting to effected.) Cost 20 - If stopping at this stage it is a 4 turn cool down. -Stage five - Against living being (Blood flow heavily restricted causing the body to collapse, along with additional blood loss if the skin had torn in previous stage.) Cost 25 - Final stage 5 turn cool down. To reach each stage the previous one must be cast, one cast per post. If cool down activated it will go back to stage one at the next cast. Barren - This is similar to draw in the sense she is pulling all the moisture from the air itself in a five foot radius, although now she maintains that pull stopping any moisture from reforming in the area selected. This can be cast in tandem with draw on a living being or a select spot. If cast on a being the radius moves with them, it hinders her additional spell casting a little but at risk of the target becoming dehydrated more quickly. -Single cast spell - Cool down 4 turns- This can last up to 4 posts each cast, giving the mage a constant supply of water to use as well as keeping an opponent from gaining any moisture back. - Cost 10 Disk - The mage can use the moisture gathered to form a spinning water disk, this has three uses. One - mobility - she can stand on this disk and use ti to move swiftly about an area to increase her evasion. Lasts 3 turns with a 2 turn cool down. - Cost 5 Two - offensive - The disk can be manipulated at will, the spinning increased so that the edge can cut through items such as wood, thin metal and flesh. Lasts 2 turns with a 2 turn Cool-down 2 turns. - Cost 10. Three - Defensive - It can act as a shield to block medium to light attacks. Has a stronger defense against magic, especially that of fire or air. Lasts 2 turns with a 2 turn cool-down (if not broken during use.) - Cost 5. Whip - An elongated stream of water, this can be moved at incredible speeds much like a normal whip. Slicing through flesh, clothing and able to physically coil around an opponent if they get caught. - Single cast - 4 turn use - 4 turn cool down. Cost 5 per post of use. Can be used in conjunction with other spells, if used with drain it doubles the effect if the whip is directly touching the opponent. Saturate - Acting in the opposite manner to Draw, this forces more moisture into an object or opponent. Stage one - The opponent will start salivating more, needing to swallow more often or spit out the excess fluid. - If stopping at this stage 1 turn cool down - cost 5 Stage two - It begins to feel like fluid is running down their throat, may cause coughing and discomfort trying to dislodge it. - If stopping at this stage 2 turn cool down. - cost 10 Stage three - Lungs start to ache as if they have swallowed a mouth full of water the wrong way, harder to breathe while also dealing with a watery mouth. - If stopping at this stage 3 turn cool down. - cost 15 Stage four - The coughing will be induced now as the moisture in the body starts to cause more serious effects, bloating of the abdomen, the urge to throw up the excess water may cause gagging along with labored breathing. - Final stage 4 turn cool down. - cost 20 To reach each stage the previous one must be cast, one cast per post. If cool down activated it will go back to stage one at the next cast. Wash away - A strong wave attack/defense. When the opponent gains too much ground Azalea can cast a single use wave that washes the opponent away with incredible force ( much like being hit in the face and rolled by a surf beach wave.), putting distance between them again. Can cause damage if they are forced back through objects ( such as trees or building parts). Cost 30 This is an instant cast, a panic push back for at least 60 meters. Can only be used once per 10 turns. Also lessens her spell effectiveness by half for 2 turns while recovering. Splash - This is a buff that can be used on herself or an ally, increasing their magic resistance for 3 turns. Reduces incoming damage by 30% for air and earth - 50% for fire and 70% for water based magic. - 4 turn cool down. Cost 25 Recover - A healing spell using the purity of water to increase the bodies healing rate and sooth wounds. Can be used on self or an ally. This can heal a single non lethal wound during combat, also reduce the damage taken by a more severe wound enabling the person to keep fighting. Can only be used once per encounter. Cost 15. TBC Weaknesses: Physical attacks of course, she is small in stature and has never fought hand to hand in her entire life, nor will she. Strong earth magic can often match her spells and cause a stalemate.
  10. Jay was enjoying her drink, turning every now and then to survey the various people gathered. He cold empty eyes would even settle on the cloaked traveler, raising a brow at his arrival. He may not of remembered her very well, but when his hood was removed Jay saw a face she had long forgotten. The hero of Sigil, the man she had met not long after her arrival... He had spoken with her briefly before a werewolf attacked the markets. It may not of seemed like much, but the memory had stuck with her. Often hearing about him afterwards during her own ventures, he was a slayer... and it made her very uneasy as the only thing worth slaying in the tavern was Damian. The brawler would slip off the bar, walking over to James with a casual smile. He seemed to be waiting and although she didn't work there Marg would do nothing to stop her from acting like she did. "What can I get'cha? We serve battered fish, chips, booze.. Or are you looking for something else?" She was careful not to let on that she knew him, moving to sit on the edge of the table. Making sure to block the view to the table where her master was seated. Should he become hostile she would fight tooth and nail like the guard dog she was, but even then she remembered him being able to take on high tier demons, he was out of her league combat wise.
  11. Location: Northern district - Damian's penthouse. The pair lay curled up together in the bed, having slept through the daylight hours to awaken to a glorious sunset. The female was the first to stir and roll out of Damian's arms, slipping free of the slumbering vampire to walk over and pull the heavy curtain aside. Her empty eyes gazing out at the metal towers and pipes that reached far into the sky around them, it was strangely beautiful, the dying light glinting off the various metals. Maybe she could make her home here after all, it was not a bad life she had now, even if she was a chained dog. I wonder if anyone else survived.. The thought invaded her mind at random, it had been years since she had thought about the people she had met over the years, as far as she knew she was alone in this world. Based on her conversations at the pub and with the vamp it seemed not many people were transported here, there were cases recorded of tears in reality occurring or of powerful entities sending through their own champions. Even accidents it seemed happened within magic circles trying to summon creatures but instead opening a gate to another plane. It seemed that it was a random event, most placed years apart. She had been fortunate enough to have a gate keeper send her here, it was her choice after all to go to a place where no one knew her. Not that it turned out better than where she had come from. Again she had been too careless and ended up with a collar around her neck, the irony made her smile. Maybe it really was her fate to be a chained dog for creatures too powerful for her to take down, sent out to do their bidding. Damian rolled over, waking suddenly as he grasped for the woman. She was not there.. He sat upright and spotted her staring out the window, the evening sun illuminating her like some kind of godlike creature. He smiled warmly, if only this moment could last forever.. He burned the image into his mind, her wild beauty and graceful posture were made all the more wonderful knowing that she was a monster underneath. The appearance was deceiving indeed. "Go get ready, fighting attire this time." He would say as he removed himself from the bed, watching the woman nod and move to the wardrobe to dress. To say he wasn't tempted to watch would be a lie, but he too had to prepare himself for the trip they were taking. He needed to call in at a local bar to collect money, they had missed the last payment and he was not one to let it slide. He would set his dog onto the establishment if they didn't have what he wanted.. Location - Devils and Ladies bar and Hostel. The pair arrived at the bar, a sanctuary in an otherwise barely lit part of the city. Damian adjusted his suit jacket, choosing a maroon colour set for this evening, while beside him stood Jay, the red and black hair tied into a loose bun, body clad in the patent bikini top and hot pants she had worn in the ring. The tattoo on her left side exposed, Purgatory.. it went from her under arm down to her hip, a bitter sweet reminder of her humble beginnings. The woman fingered the studded collar around her neck as they entered the bar, the loud conversations came to a sudden halt. People staring at them as though the devil himself had wandered in, although it was close to the truth it was the woman people were more shocked about. They were seeing a ghost.. Many had known her during her time fighting, she was a goddess of pain and had even graced this bar after each night in the basement. "Jay.." A familiar voice would break the silence, Marg shifted his bulky body out from behind the bar, the long braided golden beard swaying with each step as his bear like body picked up speed. The man would grab jay off her feet and hug her tightly, the woman was silent as she knew she may have to kill her dear friend tonight if Damian wished it. "I thought ye' were dead! No one has seen ya' for months!" He would exclaim before placing the small woman back down on her feet, his giant hands grasping her slender shoulders. It saddened her that he had been concerned for her well being. Many fighters came through here, many never returned, yet as she looked around she saw a picture frame hanging over the bar.. Her smiling face captured within. Below it was an inscribed gold plate.. 'Goddess of pain'. Jay visibly cringed, that name had been given to her based on the number of fatalities and broken bones she had caused. Many celebrated it, others feared it and she loathed it. "Marg, you know why I am here?" Damian would interject, interrupting the reunion. His crimson eyes scanning the room, many people lowered their heads or looked away. Marg straightened himself up and stroked his beard thoughtfully, "Aye, the bloke ye' want is in the back." He would nod towards the back tables, often used for shady deals or a place of peace for those wanting solitary. Damian smiled devilishly as he walked past the adventurer, leaving Jay to have a moment to herself as he seated himself across from the rather well dressed merchant. Jay sighed as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, "Marg shout me a drink would ya', I have a bad feeling about tonight." The man would grunt and lead her to the bar, lifting her so she could sit comfortable on the bar top as he pulled out two glasses and a bottle of vintage whiskey. It was a silver lining about this world but the drinks were far better, as though they had all been hand crafted with love. Jay noted the second glass, it seemed he too was wary about tonight. "You bringing out the good stuff? I wont say no." The woman mused, trying to lighten the mood a little. "Well tis' a bit of a celebration, ya' came back from the dead little lady." The man would follow his words with a bout of thundering laughter, that alone seemed to put the bar at ease and people continued as though the pair had never arrived. Although both Marg and Jay would be on alert. Both being fighters and strays they knew all too well what could happen should the vampire give the signal, Marg was far from stupid, he knew what the collar around Jay's neck meant and he would be heart broken should he have to face her. Then again it was not him who was in debt, just the fool merchant who had chosen this place to conduct the meeting. It made him angry that it would no doubt be his bar that was razed to the ground if things went south. "I am too old for this shit." He would mumble as he raised his glass to the woman, the pair sharing a moment of mutual respect before downing the contents of their vessels. Marg would refill them as soon as they touched the bar surface. "Might as well finish this bottle first eh'." Jay laughed, it was whimsical, probably the first time she had actually been amused in a long time. "Aye we will.." Her words trailed off as they downed the second glass, both of them now having rather warm rosy cheeks, both enjoying the moment of peace and remembering the old days fondly. People came and went through the hours Marg and Jay spent drinking, some daring to stare at the chained dog in awe as Marg continued to fill her glass free of charge.
  12. A bit of history: Jay's origins - Jay was born into a low income family that consisted of her, her baby sister and her parents. Her parents were never around while she was growing up, always working to try and provide for their children. At some point her parents became followers of a god she knew nothing of at the time, Tzeentch was the name she remembered her mother mentioning a few times during their dinner conversations. Jay paid no attention to it, finally reaching the age of 16 she would go and find her own job, even if her parents had managed to line their pockets after somehow gaining knowledge of how to better themselves. Jay was expelled from her family after refusing to become a follower, still not knowing what the god was or caring to find out. She had never been one to follow during her younger years, working part-time jobs from the age of 16, paying her way through life, even paying for fighting classes. When she turned 18 she found that she needed more money in order to advance in life, choosing a rather odd series of jobs for her age including street fights, stripping and collecting debt for local gangs. So by the age of 20 Jay had become a very good fighter, having played the game of pole fighting for 2 years she had a very good win to loss ratio. But the money she had been promised in the beginning was never made good on, deciding she could put her skills to better use she left, not without making a few powerful enemies of course. This continued to be a life of luck, ruin and hate. Finally leaving the woman with a demon on her back and pledging her life to a gang that had become family to her - Purgatory. At some point in her childhood before she could remember she was attacked by a dark being, something that had sought to claim her and left four large claw marks on her black. At the time her parents blamed her for bringing misfortune but after a while it was no longer spoken about. Recent History - For the last 50 years the woman known as Jay had been travelling around the universe, visiting many planes of existence in an attempt to get back to Gaia. Initially she had gone on an adventure with bishop and Dzan which had gone terribly wrong, she was captured and pulled through a wormhole placing her in an alternate time. After realizing this she made her way through life by taking on bounty's and searching for various gates to lead her home, collecting new combat skills and knowledge along the way. This continued like clock work for 45 years before she was transported to a rather ominous place, having paid a mage to open a portal she was surprised to learn he had sent her to a hellish realm over run with demons. It was not a major issue considering her experience but it would be troublesome to leave. There she found her way into the higher planes, demons finding her fascinating as her blood acting like a natural deterrent, poisoning those who had bit her and rotting them from the inside out. It was then she was approached by the gate keeper, taking the form of a black dog he requested that in exchange for helping her get home she would take his three children into that world, setting them free among the mortal realm. Jay refused as it meant she would have to obey the demons whims, the gate keeper did exactly give her a real chance to decline. Her soul eventually being torn from her body and ripped into three parts. Each held onto by one of the children. At this point she agreed, taking them all back to Durem in Gaia to set them free and reclaim her soul. Once finished she stayed to help the strongest sibling for a while, the gate keeper staying by her side and observing his children as well as finding the human far too interesting to leave alone. Five more years passed and she had finally grown tired of life on Gaia, she made a deal with the gate keeper once more. this time it was to take her to a world she had not seen, a place where she might find some peace after struggling against her fate for so long. he agreed and opened a way into a world filled with magic, technology and wonder. Terrenus... He told her here she would be safe from creatures seeking to hunt her from the other worlds as so few gates could be opened into this land. She was given a chance to start again. the gate keeper followed her, deciding to keep watch and document the behaviors of the bizarre woman. It was not often one found a creature so broken yet so beautiful, he would happily keep close until she finally passed onto the next life. After arriving at the base of Tia Jay had quickly found herself in trouble, she needed money and to learn the native tongue. That was where her slow descent into the current situation started. More in depth history to be added as her story continues in Tia. ;)
  13. Jay.s.Borne. Rp character. Name: Jay. S. Borne D.O.B: Unconfirmed Age: 75 - appears 25 Race:Enhanced Human/ Cursed being Height: 5'6" Weight:70kg Occupation: Unknown Eye colour: Dark brown Hair colour: Black hair, thick white streaks throughout, mostly on fringe. Appearance: Hair length is just past the shoulders, so relatively long. Pale skin, soft facial features. Well built, dd bust, slim waist, well rounded hips, muscular thighs and calves, and average length legs. Attire: Often wearing a heavy winter coat with a thick fur trim around the collar. A black patent bikini top and hot pants with a thick studded leather belt. Knee high red and black stripped socks and shin high combat boots. Strength's: Physically strong, well muscled body. Knowledge of street fighting. Above average stamina. Able to withstand intense pain Weakness's: Being partially human (can still suffer from illness, physical damage and death.) Personality: Cold and feral at times, has a dark heart and shows kindness when there is something in it for her. Weaponry: Two knuckle duster handled daggers (Trench blades) hidden in her boots, and her body. Distinguishing marks: Four vertical scars on her upper back, a mark left by a clawed demon. Purgatory tattoo down her left side from under her arm to her hip. Mark of the demon - A cross shaped scar above her left breast marking her as a pet to a higher being. Added attributes/abilities: Poison 'Although the scent was alluring it carried with it a sense of imminent danger..' Due to the touch granted to her below her genetic make up has been altered, the blood running through her veins classed as toxic. Should a creature demon or otherwise feed on her flesh or blood it will become deathly ill within seconds once ingested/swallowed, the blood causing them to rot from the inside out. This is a passive ability, it must be directly ingested in order to come into effect. This only causes death to low tier demons/vampires etc. Higher tier or ones with faster regenerative abilities may survive if they spit out what regurgitate what they swallowed. Compound V This million dollar steroid is taken one time only. The purpose of the serum is to enhance strength and speed in a human being in order to make them a more formidable opponent against other/out world-ish creatures. This serum also allows for larger burst of adrenaline to travel through the blood stream at a slightly accelerated speed, this makes the user experience an unnaturally high threshold for pain. [Max Lifting Capacity: - 750lbs, Max Running Speed: - 28mph.] The Touch :: After rescuing a dying mute in Sigil’s streets, an ancient force graced Jay with this unwanted gift; granting her access to the aspect of decay, and allowing the female brawler to become its embodiment. Essentially, this allows her to touch any physical/material substance and implant it with an infectious energy of rotting affluence. While markedly powerful, the “disease” takes time to manifest fully; the impact multiplying with each, successive, touch. While often expressed by touching the same target multiple times, this is not required…Meaning that she may increase the power of The Touch by utilizing it on, for example: a wall, a plant, a person, and then the wall again. Each successive touch increases the potency of the decay by one step (listed below), and progresses Jay one step closer to her “cool down” phase. That being said, she is only able to (safely) raise The Touch to it’s fifth (5th) step; risking damage to herself should she attempt to take it further. In order to continue the decay progression she must use this ability at least once every three (3) posts, or else the counter drops by one step. If forced into her cool-down phase, The Touch immediately resets all the way back to it’s first step after the five (5) round cool-down is complete. Step One - Blackening of the surface touched: Causes localized burning sensation (similar to a serious sunburn), and tightness to the skin/scales/fur/etc. of any living creature; Weakens any non-living structure/object as if exposed to open flame for approximately a minute. Step Two - Splitting of the surface touched: Causes painful legions (like having the flesh ripped away), and ruptures of the skin/scales/fur/etc. in the area touched of any living creature; Weakens any non-living structure as if exposed to open flame for approximately a minute. Weakens any non-living structure/object as if exposed to open flame for approximately five minutes. Step Three - Rotting of the surface touched: Causes underlying tissue/bones/etc. to ache as if under pressure (like being gripped by an adult gorilla), outer layers of skin/scales/fur/etc. to begin falling away (exposing muscle), and weakening the living creature as if recently dehydrated; Weakens any non-living structure/object as if exposed to open flame for approximately six minutes. Step Four - Rotting of the surface touched: Causes underlying tissue/bones/etc. to ache as if under increased pressure (like being run over by a motorcycle), outer layers of skin/scales/fur/etc. are completely removed(exposing muscle), and weakening the living creature as if moderately dehydrated; Weakens any non-living structure/object as if exposed to open flame for approximately eight minutes. Step Five - Decay of the surface touched: Causes underlying tissue/bones/etc. to ache as if under extreme pressure (like being run over by a car), exposing underlying tissue (muscle) rotting away to expose skeletal structure, and weakening the living creature as if severely dehydrated; Weakens any non-living structure/object as if exposed to open flame for approximately sixteen minutes. Step Six - Destruction of the surface touched: Causes immediate paralysis of the area touched until magically healed, exposing the skeletal structure, and causing Step Five effects to spread to any near-by tissue (up to a foot in all directions of the initial point of contact); Immediately destroys any non-living structure/object. Jay is immediately fatigued, and forced from her feet for two rounds. During this time she is unable to walk, and The Touch is forced into its cool-down phase. Threads of life Threads of Life :: Upon reaching Step Five of The Touch, Jay's mind begins to slip into the "Realm of Truth"; granting her various glimpses into the reality that waits at the furthest edges of space. Often times this power manifests in vivid, sometimes confusing, visions of things that may...or may not...come to pass; other times, typically in the presence of Death, it allows her to draw upon the fabled Threads of Life. While under the effect of this ability, Jay may extend her own life-force out into any currently/once living creature; connecting her to them, and allowing her various benefits. First, she may see the world through their eyes...either in real-time, or via the last few minutes of their life. Additionally, she may pick up surface thoughts or especially strong emotions. However, most impressive of all, she may resurrect dead beings...forcibly yanking their respective thread, and calling them back from the afterlife. This effect, which appears as a bolt of lightning passing between both herself, and the respective party, is not harmful to either...but will temporarily knock Jay unconscious. Resurrecting a person in this fashion is not perfect, and weaker-willed subjects will become enthralled to Jay...Acting, essentially, as they did in life; albeit serving her every whim and desire without question, and with absolute loyalty. Those with stronger wills are instead shown a glimpse of the Truth, and can occasionally become Truth-touched...as Jay herself has been...granting them additional powers. Typically, any wounds received prior to being effected by Threads of Life will remain...as the person (if thralled) is still -essentially- dead, this does not bother them. Those who are allowed to see the Truth, however, are immediately stabilized...healing enough of their injuries to keep them alive until they can receive medical attention. All in all, Threads of Life has an effective range of 30ft, and occurs instantly.So by the age of 20 Jay had become a very good street fighter, having played the game of pole fighting for 2 years she had a very good win to loss ratio. But the money she had been promised in the beginning was never made good on, deciding she could put her skills to better use she left, not without making a few powerful enemies of course.
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