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  1. A Moonlit Flight

    Thud. Thud. Thud. The dragon gained a little bit of altitude so she could survey her territory better, that is when she noticed some movement. Narrowing her eyes so she could make out finer details, it was a human, male. No armor or weapons. Wearing only plain clothing...he was the man that appeared on the shore by the sea about three years ago. That was but a blink in the years of a dragon but this human didn't seem to change much. How interesting...why was he back? With a low growl, she began a full descent towards him. As she reached him, she flared her wings out to slow down. The force from the downward stroke of her wings caused the trees to sway and groan under the pressure. "Human..." She said as she brought her hind legs down first, then her forelegs. The earth shook slightly as it absorbed her weight. "I did not expect to see you again, much less in my territory...I usually kill those that trespass..." The last word was said with a slight hiss as she folded her wings and sat back on her haunches. "Nathan correct? Where are your companions? Hiding somewhere no doubt in hopes of ambushing me?" She would have smelled them as she drew nearer had she not been able to see them. Other animals would not be out and about due to the snowfall, they spend most of their time seeking shelter. Therefore, it would be much easier to detect anything or anyone else. "Why have you come?"
  2. A Moonlit Flight

    It was a rather calm evening. The last highlights of the sun's rays slowly creeped towards the horizon, signaling that the end of yet another calm day was near. It wasn't often that Mladris was able to take on the full beauty that the Cold Mountains had to offer her and she wasn't the only one. The snow lay undisturbed for the most part, covering the trees and the ground. Deer and other local fauna were out and about. The few trails in the snow made that apparent but they did not bother the dragon. They bore her no ill will unlike other creatures, humans were her main problem but she could handle them. She had observed none in weeks, not since she flew down to the ocean and came upon a rather curious band of individuals. One was a young woman, there was something unusual about her that she couldn't quite put a talon on. Definitely magic oriented. Then again, there are still quite a few creatures/beings that she was unfamiliar with. With a rumble, the dragon shifted from stomach up onto all fours and then began to move to the mouth of her cave. The sky was streaked with orange, yellow, red, and a hint of blue as the sun's retreat began to close to an end. The moon was beginning to make a appearance and it was full this night. "Hmm...a perfect time for a flight." She said to herself as she stretched her wings, flapping them a few times to get rid of the stiffness and then with one powerful stroke, she was in the air. Thud. Thud. Thud. The downward stroke of her wings caused the trees to sway back and forth as well as shaking the snow off of them. She maintained her current altitude above the treelike, just enough room for her wings to not skim the trees.
  3. Frigid Winds & Warm Hearth

    The dragon's gaze followed the creature as she flew up into the air, paying no heed to the snow that fell from the upper part of the hill. It was no danger to her. Mladris would not chase for she was in no mood to play that sort of game. Besides, the creature was no threat. "What are you? Why are you here?" Mladris asked with her mind as she rose up onto all fours, stretching her wings as she did so. The storm did not seem to let up anytime soon but it did not bother the dragon. The only time she would retreat into her cave is when hail would start to fall. The ice crystals that formed around the archfiend did not dissuade Mladris nor did it intimidate her. It took quite a lot to scare off a dragon, much more than a human with wings. She moved down from her perch, in a deliberate slow pace. The muscles in her back and legs coiled slightly, ready to take flight if need be. She stood up tall and proud as she moved closer. Then she stopped once she was within one hundred paces. Tilting her head to one side curiously. 'Such an interesting being...' The dragon mused as she tilted her head to the other side.
  4. Frigid Winds & Warm Hearth

    The winter's fury was a force to be reckoned with indeed, the winds were almost too much for any normal being but the dragon was not so normal. The hardened scales and the internal warmth that her body naturally provided assisted Mladris in battling the harsh conditions that came with the Cold Mountains. One reason that the great dragon chose to live here, another was that it did not receive too many visitors. Those that did usually tread lightly. Rumors of the Mladris's occupation of some of the mountains had trickled through out the villages. Not only that but she had made sure to drive out any competition for food from other dragons, smaller cousins. The only company she ever received were those sent to hunt her or those that stumbled in by 'accident'. Today, she received no 'company'. No intruders, just one being that was close to the border of her domain. Mladris had been watching her since she arrived from her perch upon a larger ice chunk. The snow and bitter cold had kept it from melting so high up and the wind had carved it perfectly for the dragon to rest upon. She did not move as the creature produced wings and took flight. Just watched with interest and caution. Many new beings had made themselves known to the dragon that she was unfamiliar with.Therefore, she was careful. Mladris did not live this long by being stupid. With a grunt, she shifted her body from one side to the other. Her tail slapped carelessly against the ice with a loud thud. Her piercing, orange eyes never left this being for a moment. It was evident that this creature had some power of her own. "Let us see what else she is capable of..." Mladris said softly to herself.
  5. A Centaur Without A Home

    Fenian was able to steady himself a little more as his body became adjusted after...whatever had happened to him. He wasn't harmed in anyway, just exhausted. He still didn't remember anything. How he got to the Eastern Grasslands or when, just that he was here. He looked towards the hills and across the grassy plains as a slight breeze blew in the air. It had somewhat of a calming affect on him but he was still wary. "Then what remains of my kind must be in hiding...to my knowledge, there are not many tribes left." He said as he turned his gaze back to Theron, leaning on his spear slightly as he listened to the Giant. Fenian had been alone a long time, he knew that he was not the only one but when one could find no remains of their race...that was true loneliness. So in a way, he felt for the Half-Giant. "It seems we walk similar paths, Theron..." He said as he moved out into the meadow more, testing his legs. The cool breeze seemed to strengthen the centaur a little as his gate became steady.
  6. A Centaur Without A Home

    Fenian's demeanor relaxed slightly as the Half-Giant placed his weapon on the ground, he lowered his spear slowly. "I..." The centaur started to say but then he surveyed his surroundings and realized this place was unfamiliar to him which troubled him deeply. Where was he? How did he get here? "I do not know...where did you say I was?" He asked as he turned his gaze back to Theron. Grasslands of some sort? Interesting. "All I remember was patrolling a forest...my home and then...nothing." He said quietly, pausing for a moment as he tried to remember what had happened to him. "How is it that you have seen no other of my kind?" He asked curiously. "I am sure there are some of my people here." He said hopefully, perhaps this is where his tribe was.
  7. A Centaur Without A Home

    Fenian flicked his tail back and forth at a fast pace, showing off his irritation as the half-giant came just outside his spear's length. Aside from his irritation, the centaur was able to really get a good look at him. The most prominent feature was the color of the half-giant's skin but he did not linger on it for long, he still did not know if this being was friend or foe.   "And it would be unwise for you to move any closer...I am not some dimwitted beast to be toyed with." He stated bluntly as he held his ground.   Despite the fact the half-giant gave his name and race, Fenian didn't distrust him any less but he decided to give him the courtesy of knowing who and what he was.   "My name is Fenian...I am a centaur, half-horse...half-man."
  8. A Centaur Without A Home

    Fenian was just about to doze off when he heard a voice, a male voice. Not just idle conversation but it was a song that he heard. A sad and lonely tune by the sounds of it. In a way, it connected to the centaur. He was unsure if he was the last of his kind for the clan he originated from had lived on Iselyr. It had been quite a few years since he had last seen them.   The song's end brought Fenian to realize that this individual was getting closer. While he may be no threat, he still grabbed his spear and shield as he attempted to stand once again.   "Stop right where you are!" He answered the man's question with a firm answer.   Since the being was taller than most humans, Fenian was able to get a good look at him and it became clear that he was not human. Some sort of mutant perhaps? Possibly a half-giant? It mattered not to him, the only thing that mattered is if he was here to harm the centaur.
  9. A Centaur Without A Home

    All was quiet this night. The animals were all nestled in and the air was still. It wasn't too quiet as to cause one to worry but it was peaceful...serene almost.   He remembered nothing of the past few days, only now he realized he was in a land unfamiliar to him. His last memory was of his meeting with the four companions, their names were lost to him however.   Fenian had awoken at the edge of a meadow near a small pond. His belongings lay beside him and he appeared to be unharmed but a little weak. He was wary as he slowly came to and attempted to stand but his legs gave out from under him and he collapsed back to the ground. He still needed time.   From his point of view, he couldn't see much except for a column of smoke rising in the distance above a tree line.   "There must be a village nearby." He murmured. I doubt they take kindly to beings with more than two legs. He thought before shifting onto his side, curling his legs under him.
  10. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    (Sorry for the wait, working twelve hour shifts literally takes the life out of me :p) ---   Mladris shifted her attentions back to the two men and crouched down low so her head was just above Nathan and Gabriel, she would not give them a chance to strike if they proved to have malicious intentions than they let on. A dark plume of smoke rose from her nostrils as the soft glow of fire in her throat dimmed, her reptilian eyes narrowed into slits. "Well...you are certainly fortunate that this territory does not belong to me for you would already be dead." She said flatly.   "Iselyr?" She asked. "I do not believe I have ever heard of such a land..." She stated, more to herself than to them.    Her tolerance for intruders had worn out, the only ones that dared to enter her domain were the ones that sought to kill her or steal. No one, besides a half-giant by the name of Theron, had left alive. He proved to be a worthy adversary and had promised to return with something from a dwarf that had originally told Theron of her.   "There are villages nearby, I am sure that at least one will have a guide that could lead you...but it could take months depending on how bad the storms get. The mountains are unpredictable and show no mercy to those that are unprepared."   The dragon folded in her wings as she leaned back on her haunches, sinking into the sand a little bit. She saw no need to keep up the appearance of the menacing Red Wyrm for they were no threat.
  11. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    The dragon chuckled loudly before she snorted, smoke shooting out of her nostrils. "Harm me? I think not...but it would be entertaining to see you try." She swooped down to land, flaring out her wings as she settled her hind legs down first and then her front legs. The force she used to land caused the earth beneath her to moan and shutter under her weight.   With her wings still unfolded and her tail swaying behind her, she truly looked monstrous. Horns as black as night curled around her head like a crown. Beautiful yet they provided the protection for the base of her skull. Scales of blood covered her hide until they turned into a lighter color on her underside, white. Her reptilian eyes narrowed as did the pupils into narrow slits, revealing a true predator.   "Do not think that your honeyed will words will save your skin..." She rumbled. "I am no mere animal you can calm with a graceful tongue and a feathery touch."   She then let out a hiss as she curled her lips back to reveal large, white fangs. A soft orange glow appeared at the back of her throat, the fire from within was brewing. Her gaze shifted from the two that had addressed over to the female and the other male.   Interesting...such purity radiates off of them.
  12. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    The wind whistled past Mladris as she dove from the sky, it sounded similar to that of a missile just before it strikes its target. However, she had no target, only the intention to show her power and that she wasn't to be trifled with. Dragons were prideful creatures and loved to display their power. Some would say it was a matter of survival, it was more than that to Mladris. It was a display not just of power but of dominance as well. She would rule her territory until the day she died and she would make sure that everyone knew that.   Just as it seemed she was about to crash right into the ship, the Red Wyrm snapped her wings open at the last moment and sailed right over it, towards the shore. Doing so forced the wind downward, causing the ship to rock back and forth.   A rumbled emitted from her throat as she eyed the three beings carefully. Her reptilian eyes taking absorbing as much detail as she could. There armor seemed to glitter in the sunlight and their weapons made of the hardest steel. Knights! The thought jumped forward into her mind along with a low growl.   Knights usually meant that her exploits of burning villages that moved to close to her territory had reached a certain nobles ears and they were sent to destroy her. A painful memory surged forth as well but she was quick to beat it back. No...not again.    
  13. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    The dragon took no notice of the ship's approach, nor of the angel that lay on the beach, unknowingly saving from her possible death. With one downward stroke of her wings, she shot up into the sky high above the clouds. The air was cooler and the dampness of the clouds clung to Mladris's scales like morning dew among the grass. It was here that she hovered, gazing across the open sea with awe.   It's vastness surpassed beyond anything she imagined. Of course she knew that the sea was large but it went farther than she could see and what also her struck her was how beautiful it was. The deep blue glittered as the sun's rays danced off of the surface. The glimmer of fish could be seen as they jumped into the air only to be snatched by birds of prey.   Mladris simply closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, soaking in everything it had to offer. Some of the scents were new to her but some were familiar. One was humans, a group of them. Her eyes snapped open as her pupils narrowed into slits as she turned her gaze downward. That is when she noticed the ship.   She had made no claim to territory nor had anyone else, but they still posed a threat. An outright attack would be foolish, she would merely observe for now.   Without any delay, she folded her wings to her sides and plummeted into a spiral head first.
  14. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    Thud.   The air shook with a slight vibration, the birds grew silent and the resident fauna looked around frantically to try and pinpoint where it was coming from.   Thud.   There it was again, only a little louder.   Every animal stood still, waiting. After a few minutes passed by without another sound, life soon began again. Birds chirped and started to sing as the deer grazed within the trees.   Thud. Thud.   Thud.   The sound appeared to be getting closer as the air shook, the trees swayed and the once calm wildlife fled deep into the forest. The sound of wings could be heard, giant wings. Then, a roar. An announcement of sorts, she was here. The dragon flew just above the tree line, catching glimpses of fleeing deer. But she was not here to hunt. Mladris had done much contemplating on whether or not to fly down to the sea shore. Her curiosity had won against her good judgment.   Fisherman in boats offshore paused in reeling their catches to gaze upon the red wyrm flying down from the mountain. A dragon? Here? They wondered why but were brought to their senses when she roared and hastily returned to their homes. Mladris was not here to attack, only to sate her appetite of the sea.   
  15. Under Her Wings, Sea Breeze

    The air was still, which was unusual in the high peaks of the Cold Mountains. Normally, one could not see ten feet in front of them. Nature's fury did not hinder the dragoness but she was ever watchful for the weather was unforgiving and unpredictable. For now, she would enjoy the clear weather by sunning herself at the mouth of her cave.   Her large wings were spread wide, the delicate leathery skin absorbing as much heat from the suns rays as possible. It would never be totally warm here but being a dragon, Mladris could produce here own heat from within. Still, it was nice for the sun to show itself once in awhile.   With a mighty groan, she stretched her legs out from under her and slowly pulled her wings back to her body. As Mladris stood slowly, a salty scent filled the air. Her nostrils expanded slightly as she took a deep inhale, it was the sea. It had been sometime since she smelled it, let alone seen it.   She was fortunate enough to select a cave that was perfectly positioned on one of the many faces that were carved into the mountain that was close to the ocean. Due to the rare clear view she had, she had never thought flying down to it.   Perhaps she would today.