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  1. Mladris nodded her head slightly in response but said nothing as he started to speak. The forest seemed to come back to life, seeing that the dragon was not in a hunting mood yet the fauna kept their distance. Never before had she encountered a demon, that was a name that was usually associated with her due to her appearance. The jagged black horns that surrounded her skull made her look the part. She chuckled quietly at the thought but was quick to return her attention to Nathan as he spoke. "Are the others that were with you on the beach that day a part of this group...the Watchers?" She asked, thinking back to that day that she spoke with them on the beach. "And there names were..." Mladris paused as she heard someone approach and quickly sat up, a deep rumble emitting from her throat as she cast a glare at Nathan. "I thought that you were alone...is this your attempt at slaying me and taking what is mine? A poor attempt at that!" She snarled as she then turned to face the intruder. An orange glow appeared at the back of her throat, a fiery torrent ready to be unleashed.
  2. "Hmm..." Mladris gently rumbled as she slightly tilted her head. "What is it that you wish me to hear?" This human had kept his word before, perhaps she should allow him some of her trust...for now. She settled into a more comfortable position by laying down on her stomach and crossing her forelegs over one another. The once undisturbed snow now crumpled under her weight and it began to melt due to the warmth that her body emitted. "I do not wish to kill you for you have shown me that you are not here to kill me like all the others before you...a very rare trait among humans to keep their word. What is the saying I have heard your kind mutter as they dig through my treasures?" She tilted her head to the right and averted her eyes upward while tapping a talon on the ground. "Ah yes! Shoot first, ask questions later?" She snorted as she returned her gaze back to Nathan and shifted so she lay on her side, her tail stretched out behind her. "Forgive me, you are not here to be criticized for others actions..." Night had fully taken over the sky by this point, the only things that shined were the thousands of stars that occupied the sky and the dragon's ember eyes. All was quiet...peaceful.
  3. Thud. Thud. Thud. The dragon gained a little bit of altitude so she could survey her territory better, that is when she noticed some movement. Narrowing her eyes so she could make out finer details, it was a human, male. No armor or weapons. Wearing only plain clothing...he was the man that appeared on the shore by the sea about three years ago. That was but a blink in the years of a dragon but this human didn't seem to change much. How interesting...why was he back? With a low growl, she began a full descent towards him. As she reached him, she flared her wings out to slow down. The force from the downward stroke of her wings caused the trees to sway and groan under the pressure. "Human..." She said as she brought her hind legs down first, then her forelegs. The earth shook slightly as it absorbed her weight. "I did not expect to see you again, much less in my territory...I usually kill those that trespass..." The last word was said with a slight hiss as she folded her wings and sat back on her haunches. "Nathan correct? Where are your companions? Hiding somewhere no doubt in hopes of ambushing me?" She would have smelled them as she drew nearer had she not been able to see them. Other animals would not be out and about due to the snowfall, they spend most of their time seeking shelter. Therefore, it would be much easier to detect anything or anyone else. "Why have you come?"
  4. It was a rather calm evening. The last highlights of the sun's rays slowly creeped towards the horizon, signaling that the end of yet another calm day was near. It wasn't often that Mladris was able to take on the full beauty that the Cold Mountains had to offer her and she wasn't the only one. The snow lay undisturbed for the most part, covering the trees and the ground. Deer and other local fauna were out and about. The few trails in the snow made that apparent but they did not bother the dragon. They bore her no ill will unlike other creatures, humans were her main problem but she could handle them. She had observed none in weeks, not since she flew down to the ocean and came upon a rather curious band of individuals. One was a young woman, there was something unusual about her that she couldn't quite put a talon on. Definitely magic oriented. Then again, there are still quite a few creatures/beings that she was unfamiliar with. With a rumble, the dragon shifted from stomach up onto all fours and then began to move to the mouth of her cave. The sky was streaked with orange, yellow, red, and a hint of blue as the sun's retreat began to close to an end. The moon was beginning to make a appearance and it was full this night. "Hmm...a perfect time for a flight." She said to herself as she stretched her wings, flapping them a few times to get rid of the stiffness and then with one powerful stroke, she was in the air. Thud. Thud. Thud. The downward stroke of her wings caused the trees to sway back and forth as well as shaking the snow off of them. She maintained her current altitude above the treelike, just enough room for her wings to not skim the trees.
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