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  1. Hello there. So, was thinking this topic resolve soon. I only intend to keep it going for a while longer. My main story will get underway afterwards, once I get some rare time off.
  2. Sir Nathaniel

    Writing Styles

    I use the same narrative for every character overall, but I find my dialogue and action is more organic and dynamic when I play off some of their little quirks and eccentricities. For example, my character Max is something of a religious zealot and his counterpart, a more secular character named Gale frequently snarks and derides him for his beliefs. In action, their fighting styles very well compliment each other. Underlying this is the fact that they are written to have a close, brotherly bond with each other, which I frequently mention. Overtime, I've found it helpful to play off my partner's characters to add the spice, if you will, to what I create. Every RPer and writer here has a unique perspective, a flavor, if you will, to add. This in turn helps make it feel more realistic, more enjoyable for all parties involved. In short, my style is cooperation.
  3. The boulder never had a chance to connect - as a bolt of lightning, brighter than any of the defenders had ever seen flashed down from the heavens and destroyed it in mid flight- and whatever was left fell harmlessly down to earth. Above the wall, Nathan glared, having barely moved a muscle as he commanded the storm through his will. His gaze met with his enemy far below, and to anyone watching it was impossible for them to tell which set of eyes were filled with more hatred. "Nathan!" Called Antares, raising his arm in a token of parley. The dead surrounding him immediately stopped what they were doing. "I have to admit, I was not expecting to find people here, much less you. I thought you had died in Iselyr, but you are as annoyingly stubborn as ever, I see. This battle is folly; you must understand. My forces are without number and yours will dwindle. I give you this one option: Surrender the dragon and I will leave you in peace." "You've no claim to her, Antares!" Nathan roared back. "Take yourself from here before I take your head!" "So be it." Antares said with a cruel smile. "But let me ask you something before you die." He looked directly in Nathan's eyes and just then, the amulet shimmered. "Have you ever wondered whatever happened to your wife? I slew her - not one day after she annulled your union. And her soul is now within this amulet. It empowers me, along with all the others I have slain." "I am going to gut you." Nathan said softly. His grip on his sword tightened - and his jaw clenched and the telltale flash of electricity started to crackle from his eyes. "You have lost your temper." Antares' smile widened. "The great paladin - Nathaniel Jameson has finally succumbed to his rage." "Antares..." Nathan murmured, his tone was icily calm. "Stop talking." Just then, a massive bolt of lightning shot down from the clouds - brighter and more intense than the previous one - striking the area where Antares' horse stood - forking out in every direction and obliterated every cadaver it touched. Only fading screams remained of those that were hit as they were wiped out - and black ash began to fall like rain over the field. Moments later, thunder clapped, loud enough to make every human's ears ache with just how loud it boomed over the field. Only Nathan did not cover his ears from the sound. Just as quickly as it appeared, the bolt dissipated, leaving behind a scorched crater in the earth where it had hit. Only when the clouds of smoke parted did it reveal Antares, standing there unharmed. His horse however had been reduced to ash - not a trace of it remained. Slowly, the sorcerer clapped his hands. "Fantastic light show." He said sarcastically. "But that was rather wasteful. That was my favorite horse you just destroyed. I think though a better mount would be your draconic friend." "Open fire." Nathan raised his arm again. "Destroy him!" "Warriors, forward!" Antares replied, snapping his fingers. A moment later, he vanished in a puff of smoke. As he faded from sight, the horde renewed its attack - more forcefully than before. Some of them began to attempt to scale the wall, only to have the defenders rain arrows upon them. When a few did reach the walls the defenders dumped barrels of holy water. Directed by Gale's magic, the water began to take shape and solidified into ice - impaling dozens of them. "Find that sorcerer." Nathan growled, though no one was sure who he was talking to. "Find him and bring him to me so I can kill him myself!"
  4. Valucre: I'm grateful to my old friends. To everyone that made the Watchers' saga possible. I'm especially grateful to my old friend, Die Shize, for his input. Been a good friend of mine since BattleOn Forums. You're one of the good ones, Die. Real Life: Grateful to my mentor, my Muay Thai instructor for giving me my self confidence back. A pep talk from him really gave my mood a huge boost. He talked about how proud he is of my progress and how much I've improved in the fighting arts these past three years. Really made me happy.
  5. So my friends, I know life does indeed spoil the fun, but I have to ask as when I can expect another post from either of you. I understand that you're both probably involved with other works, but I am curious.
  6. I have only one request: When the actual topic in which Lilith is taken down, that someone shoot me a PM and a link. That is all. As it stands, I am with Ataraxy in trying my absolute hardest to stay on Valucre with the limited amount of time I have. Things are going to be a little less hectic soon, I can tell, but there's going to be a time period where I might be AFV for a long while. At the very least, know that I am still very much interested in having the Watchers team play a role.
  7. Per Nathan's plan, the younger Morn twin was running his assault along the enemy's left flank - destroying whatever creatures they could before withdrawing a safe distance away to regroup. Because there were no horses, they instead relied on pre-prepared hiding spots in the plain or in the woods; dugouts and small trenches where his troops could rearm or rest under cover. They had already slain dozens of corpses in the forest and with their traps, but more would be coming. Even so, he was glad for the Isolde's intervention. The men's morale seemed to be boosted as Isolde prepared herself for the fight - doubly so when he watched from his spot as Max joined her, spouting sermons and prayers of righteous wrath. The excited mood was almost palpable as he watched the two of them lay into their first attackers with sword and shield. They could well handle the direct approach to the battle. Elias' speciality lay in stealth and speed and ranged combat. For his task he forewent his spear and instead had picked a pair of twin hand crossbows. They were loaded with smaller bolts than normal and were easy to reload and could fire several shots a minute. Each shot fired found its mark - one or two corpses here or there, yes, but mostly he targeted any living enemy troops. Without them, the horde would lose cohesion and the enemy leader would find it harder to maintain control of his forces. Little details like this added up and could gradually turn the tide of battle. Elias loaded another shot, took aim and fired - and yet another necromancer went down; a bolt in his neck, the fourth one he had killed so far. Beat that Arthur, he thought with a smirk. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Max was by far the happiest of the brothers to be back in the heat of war. To a man like him, there was no greater pleasure than to serve the Heavens on the battlefield and it was obvious from the great, joyful grin he had on his face that he was already having the time of his life, even before the first corpse shambled towards him. Before the fight had begun, he had knelt in prayer - beseeching the Heavens to grant him strength. When the enemy made contact on the plain outside, where Nathan had entrusted him to hold off their attackers from breaching the gate. "Ask of me and I shall give thee heathen for inheritance - and for thine possession, the end of the Earth." He quoted as he drew his twin short swords. "I shall break them with a rod of iron. I shall dash them into pieces like a potter's vessel. Be wise therefore ye Kings. Be admonished ye judges of Valucre. Serve the Heavens with fear and rejoice with trembling - though Their wrath be kindled but little." The first attacker was a sickly looking thing; a pale skinned wight - once a human male. It was bloated from its time in the earth - and all of its hair had fallen out, as had its teeth; in their place were rocks and dirt - both telltale signs of being recently raised from the dead. Max grinned savagely as he put his swords into a cross shape - just as the corpse reached out for him with rotting hands, then sheared them off with one swing each. No blood came from the severed stumps as the heat from his blades cauterized the wounds. A second swing from the left and he severed the creature's jugular - and a moment later the head fell from its shoulders. "Amen." He intoned as he watched the body fall to the ground with a wet thump. One down, many more to go. He went about the battlefield before the gate - cutting apart any enemy troops that came at him with single blows and he went about his task with a song in his heart and a prayer on his lips. "Through the victories you give, the glory is great; you will bestow on us splendor and greatness. Surely you grant us eternal blessings and made us glad with joy. For we mortals trusts in the Heavens; through the unfailing love of the Most High we will not be shaken. Your hands will lay hold on all our enemies; your right hands will seize our foes. At this time we will make them burn like in a fiery furnace. In wrath, the fire will swallow them up, and the holy will consume them." At his words, his body began to glow and radiate heat. Flames appeared on his blades and every corpse caught within its range was set ablaze. Each swing and backhand and strike was followed by a blast of fire so bright and intense that it reduced any cadavers he killed to ash. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Atop the wall, just as Igni was about to take off and take flight - Nathan watched as his brothers went about their task with an impassive expression. His face was a mask - but to any who might look closer, there was cold fury in his eyes. "Wait for my signal, then unleash hell." He instructed his dragon friend. He slowly raised his arm, then signaled the archers to ready themselves. Arthur mentally noted Nathan's voice had changed. Unlike the soft, almost musically smooth voice he had before, his tone and cadence had become as cold and hard as steel. The look in his eyes was that of a man who stood to lose everything and was absolutely determined to not let that happen. From what little Arthur knew of Nathan's past, he had been married once before - but was divorced, yet still loved his ex. That was where Arthur's knowledge ended. He had only known Nathan for four short years, yet he was still among his closest, dearest friends. Even so, whenever he broached the subject as to what had happened to his ex wife after their separation, Nathan turned uncharacteristically stern and warned him never to ask again. Arthur did not need to be psychic to know that his friend was masking a deeper pain - and if this man before them were to cause such a reaction, then obviously he was somehow connected. Other than that incident, Arthur had only seen Nathan's anger flare once before - during the war with the Cult of Power in Nu Martyr - and his fury was a frightening sight to behold. "Archers!" Arthur announced. "Nock! Draw! LOOSE!" At his command, the archers and crossbowmen readied themselves, aimed and let loose a rain of arrows. The first volley dropped dozens of creatures as shafts embedded themselves in heads and bodies. Every marskman's aim was excellent - and Arthur couldn't help but admire the discipline and focus in every man and woman as they repeated this action. Because of the blessings from Max and Isolde, each shot also caused the corpses to burst into flame and drop after a few seconds of burning. Just as they readied a second volley, a line of enemy war machines rolled up and started a bombardment of their own. A few ballistae shots were fired - but they stopped just short of hitting the infantry on the walls. Instead, they struck the walls themselves and either embedded themselves into the stone or bounced harmlessly off. "Now." Nathan said, lowering his arm. "Destroy those weapons before they reload. Let the enemy know the wrath of a dragon."
  8. "The other half of our number are noncombatants. They have no combat training or means to defend themselves." Nathan explained. "They do however have artisans, builders and engineers. People who will rebuild this town once the battle is concluded." Arthur nodded. "I'm sure it will shine brighter than it has ever before. And it'll be a fortress. Any attacker will find it too tough a nut to crack." "Indeed. But before then, I have a plan." Nathan smacked his fist into his palm. "Because the horde doesn't know we're here, and they are after our dragon friend here - we have the advantage of surprise. Gather up everyone who can work, we'll set up some additional defenses." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Per Nathan's plan, a number of citizens, (most of them stonemasons) gathered outside the walls and began to fortify them wherever possible. Because there was only one major entrance to the city in the front, they buttressed the door and shored up any cracks that might have appeared. It was a task that was made easier by just how sturdy it was built. While the bulk of the enemy force was engaged with the defenders atop the wall, small groups would hit the enemy from the woods along the flank and from behind, most of them woodsman and archers led by Elias - as he had the most skill in forest fighting. Because there were so few, it was decided they would be volunteers who knew the risk. Twenty or so did volunteer for this task. Next, Gale and Isolde worked together to create pits filled with holy water - a virtual minefield of them outside the walls to act as traps for any advancing units. Each of them would be deep and wide enough to destroy or weaken about half a dozen foes at least. Since his expertise was in fluid movement, he figured that he would do best in open ground. Once the enemy force was driven back or weakened enough, he believed his best spot would be to lead a battalion outside to meet the enemy in open ground and possibly try to kill the enemy's commander. Max would aid him in this endeavor - as he would light the plain outside with his fire powers - giving them breathing room and cover to retreat if necessary. Arthur, given his expertise was in commanding troops was to hold the wall. He chose archers, crossbowmen and other missile troops to sustain their defense. Any advancing forces would find the defenders well protected by high walls or by murder holes. Finally, Igni would swoop in and devastate the enemy with her fiery breath, destroying as many of their war machines as possible, along with however many undead she could. Because she was the enemy's greatest priority, she was to be protected at all cost. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Three days and nights of uneasy peace passed, during which time, Nathan and his men hunted for deer or fished in the river - bringing back large quantities of game and fish for sustenance. Given their host's appetite and the size of the number of their people, they made sure to stock up on their rations whenever possible; a task which was much easier given how little of it had spoiled. Many larders and well stocked basements and cellars were to be found in the town; most of it either frozen or preserved with salt. The river allowed them an abundance in the way of clean, drinkable water. Finally, on the third day, just after midday, the first scouts began to return with news that the horde was inbound. No doubt, Nathan said, the enemy would be assaulting the town in force and try to overwhelm its defenders with numbers, but the defenses they had prepared would beat them back. Above all, he explained to his men, the priority was to kill the enemy necromancer in charge - if he were to die, the horde would crumble. With that, they took up positions, everyone following their assigned duty and waited. It was not a long wait, but it was difficult all the same: A calm before the storm. Off in the distance, visible even from the top of the wall, there were the telltale signs of an approaching army; the pounding march of withered feet and the stench of carrion carried by the wind. To those in high places, they could make out individual shapes here or there - towering flesh giants and creatures stitched together from multiple body parts. Ghastly war machines were indeed in the vanguard, constructed from wood and bone and loaded with flaming boulders. In the town, the people huddled together under the roof of the church. Women, children, the elderly and sick; all of their faces alight with worry. The one or two priests among them were preaching and praying; urging them to have faith. All along the wall stood lines of archers; Arthur and Nathan standing above the ramparts of the gate. Before the battle could begin, Nathan decided a little spying mission would be in order. "Arthur, open a line of telepathy." He rumbled. "I want to get a closer look at our enemy and let our allies know who we are facing." Arthur nodded, then closed his eyes in concentration. A split second later, his mind's eye opened and his brain was flooded with images of possible futures, but he ignored the visions, focusing instead on the enemy's leader. A tall figure appeared in his vision - at least equal to Nathan in height and in build. Long black hair hung over his shoulders and icy blue eyes looked up at him. They narrowed. The sorcerer in charge was clearly aware someone had attempted to scry his mind. A split second later, the vision was blurred and cut out - and Arthur nearly fell from the sudden feedback - but the last thing he glimpsed was... a talisman, emanating great power. Nathan put his hand on his comrade's shoulder to steady him. "What did you see?" Arthur shook his head. "I'm not sure, but the enemy knows we're here now. He's a sorcerer alright. More powerful than anyone I've ever seen." The thought came, along with a memory to Nathan's mind. Could it be? "Did you get a glimpse?" Arthur nodded. "A man wearing red armor with an amulet around his neck." There was no doubt. "Arthur, let all of our brothers know it's an old enemy, one I thought we destroyed long ago." Nathan's eyes turned white as his pupils vanished as he willed a storm into existence. After a moment, a bolt of lightning shot down from the heavens and engulfed him entirely - nearly blinding all who looked with dazzling illumination. Moments later, he emerged - unharmed and transformed: His entire body now wrapped in gilded, steel plate armor - and his sword in hand. Eyes narrowed in resolve, just as a surge of hatred filled every portion of Nathan's being. "Let's kill him properly this time." ___________________________________________________________________________________________ At the head of the horde of living death, the sorcerer in charge was surprised at the sudden interference. More, he was annoyed. There were not supposed to be people here; much less an entire force of the living. The psychic that attempted to probe his mind was a mere amateur, but he was only half of a pair - together they might pose a threat to him, especially with what else was waiting. They had company - and a major irritant he thought had died with Iselyr, five years ago. "So, Nathan, still alive are you? And once again, you try to spoil my plans." He muttered to himself. "Very well." With that, he mentally signaled his troops to advance. Almost immediately, just before they could reach the treeline, dozens of them were ensnared in traps - spike pits and bear traps and falling rocks from the trees assailed his force. More emerged from the forest, only to be destroyed by gas deposits in the plain. Within minutes, dozens - almost a half a hundred of his warriors had fallen in explosions; their frail bodies ripped apart or pulverized by shrapnel. "A surprise welcome is it?" Antares murmured with a smirk. "I love surprises." Further along, his army advanced - approaching the town - only the left wing had failed to appear. Mentally, he reached out - only to find that several dozen more had already fallen. Probably an unwelcome hunting party in the woods - cutting down his troops in the flank. Sure enough, moments later there came a living party of humans emerging from the foliage and into the open plain and heading for the town. With a scowl, he followed their destination and looked at the city walls - sure enough, there was a familiar bolt of lightning appearing in the sky, which then shot down onto a single spot. "There you are." Telepathically, he commanded his warriors to move forward - the entire force as one. Like ants from a hill, they emerged from the forest - thousands of them, all approaching the city in unison. "Kill them all, my warriors!" Antares Draugur roared, drawing his sword and urging his skeletal horse forward. "Leave none alive! To WAR!!"
  9. Just want you both to know, I very much appreciate your patience. I hadn't expected my job and my life to take so much of my time up, but I should have a little something soon. Also, while I am very much an improviser, I do have some permanent ideas in mind. And I am always open to suggestions. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have anything.
  10. Now, as we're all aware many of our toons are superhuman - though many of them didn't start out that way. Often they go through some form of Training from Hell, as the Trope is known. The kind of stuff that turns boys into men and puts hair on your chest and on your face. Though, it often varies in intensity and how it goes, it's generally geared toward tearing the trainee down and rebuilding them stronger than before. What I'd like to discuss this fine evening is exactly what your toon went through. For mine for example, the three brothers, Nathan, Max and Gale, they went through standard knightly courses - horsemanship, swordsmanship and chivalric honor - but their trials also included some extreme physical and mental training to improve on their attributes. For example, Nathan went through trials that included strict dietary changes, calisthenics and plyometrics designed to improve his reflexes, strength and stamina. He was taught to be fast as lightning and as hard hitting as a meteor. Then came his mental trials which included Magic. Taught how to become aware of and harness his body's functions through force of will, these allowed him to control his lightning & electrical powers as well as giving him a means of controlling his nervous system and bodily senses; a useful skill for enduring pain for long periods without breaking. Lastly came learning psychology, improving memory and leadership skills - all of which enhanced his charisma and heightened his ability to command. Max being the physical powerhouse of the team, included something resembling strongman style and endurance exercises. From a young age, he was taught how to surpass muscular limits and to push his body harder and longer than normal. A part of it also included Iron Shirt Trials, which heightened his body's durability through repeated striking, postures and controlled beatings, so his pain threshold increased and his every muscle can contract to become as hard as steel. Lastly, when he ingested the blood of the Archangel Uriel, his bones and cartilage were mutated into something more ethereal - making him able to withstand damage much more efficiently - this in turn made him him the team's ideal "Tank". Finally, Gale - who was taught gymnastics, balance, bodily coordination and flexibility. This all heightened his physical prowess and allowed him to become as fluid and changeable as water. His reflexes, hand eye coordination and reaction time were likewise enhanced to allow him to become as fast and agile as a cat. Gale's strength isn't as great as Nathan or Max, but he is much faster, more explosive and definitely the most fluid of them. Another aspect of his training was the use of continuous movement, almost dancelike movement, to allow him to make full use of his agility - and so he became superbly skilled at leaping and avoiding his opponents blows. What about you, dear friends? Any details as to what kind of trials your toons went through?
  11. Mentally, Nathan slapped himself. He had annoyed her. Such hadn't been his intention, but at least she was receptive to his offer. That was his window of opportunity and he was not one to let such a chance slip away. She seemed to have a selfish streak, he noted, but at the very least she had a system of morality. That was something he could work with. With time, he believed he could reach her. It was almost a manipulative thing, not at all unlike how he guided his men - teaching and encouraging them to allow that inner goodness to emerge. In her service, he very much hoped for a similar outcome. Such a thing would go a long way to building a lasting peace between the people and her. "I am human, yes." He responded then ran a hand through his hair after she sniffed him. "But because of my Magic, I believe I will live far longer than normal human. My powers are to command all electricity and lightning. Such powers can also enhance my physical attributes. That includes my lifespan. Compared to you, I am still a mayfly, but at the very least, I think I shall live two or even three centuries." He stood to his full height. "With the Gods as my witnesses, I accept your terms." He said after only a moment. "I am at your beck and call. Now, if you will excuse me, there is an... unwelcome presence approaching. I had best help my men prepare. But rest assured, you'll have a contract in writing later, at the victory feast." Before he turned to leave, he flashed her a winning grin. "And from the bottom of my heart - I thank you, friend." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It took a moment, as if he were processing her words, but Gale nodded with a smile and a short laugh. "You have passed my test, good lady." He said after a moment. "Forgive me, but I was only seeing what manner of woman you are. Rare indeed are any that respond so eloquently and so firmly to my rudeness. I see that you are spirited, too; a good trait to have. I rarely ever change my opinion, but you have convinced me of your trustworthiness. Rest assured, now we have no further issue." "Indeed." Said Max cheerfully. "The Gods smiled upon our Master when he found you. A figure of holiness you say?" He leaned forward, his white hair hung over his blue eyes. They practically glowed with eagerness. To any close observer, they could tell indeed he also had a touch of the divine within him. "I too am a servant of the Heavens. But my abilities are rather more destructive. My gift is to wield purifying flames. The enemy truly has much to fear from us: The Watchers and their new sister!" He pumped his fist in the air. "Come, let us prepare." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Out in the fields, just outside the city walls, the Morn brothers went about their tasks with zeal. Under Arthur's tutelage, every man at arms who was trained for straight combat was organized into infantry units, each designated a number. Because of the lacking of uniform armor and armaments, whatever could be used as protection or weapon was pressed into service. Hopefully there was an armory or a blacksmith's shop somewhere in the city and they could get some proper equipment where it was needed. The living dead would be a similarly unruly mob, so to take the advantage, he needed both hardware and discipline. In that, at least, the task for organizing them into formation was made easy as the majority of his forces were long serving professional, knightly troops. The few that were green were still battle-hardened by the fighting in Nu Martyr, so he could count on that in lieu of actual combat training, at least until they could set up headquarters and formally instruct them at a later date. His task was similarly made easier by the fact these men were volunteers - and because of his own experience as a city guardsman. These men were fighting for their families and a potential new place to call home; both powerful motivators. "Commander, I have the count." Said the Sergeant in the front company, nearest to his right; a short, bald man with a neat black beard. "Our total strength reaches 422 men at arms and 78 volunteer militia. That is a total of 500 combat-ready troops." "501, Sergeant." Said Arthur, folding his arms behind his back. "That includes myself." "Yes, sir." Said the Sergeant. "If we can get some proper swords and spears, we will make the enemy pay." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elsewhere, just inside the town, near the inner part of the wall below the central keep where Igni resided, the younger Morn twin, Elias, found what he was looking for: A church dedicated to the faith of the Dragon God, Valjer. It was an old one; long since abandoned, but it was still beautiful. As was true to the Dragon God's faith, it was a simple wooden building with a shrine in the center, depicting the deity by a gold statue with rubies for eyes. Simple, yes, but large enough to safely keep the other half of the people they had brought: Those who were too old, too young or too ill to fight. "This will be the sanctuary to keep the nonmilitary personnel." He said, almost to himself. To his lieutenant, the swordsman that first spoke to Igni, he instructed. "Tell the citizens this will be their place when the battle is joined. Tell them to remain here until the fighting has subsided." His lieutenant nodded. To the depiction of the God, Elias grinned teasingly. "Great Dragon, my brother believes in you. If you truly are real, then we will need your aid." Ah, but then, they did have an actual Dragon, here, in this very town. Maybe He had given them His aid after all. ((The next post is when the battle begins))
  12. Ah, funny thing, Nathan's not anything more than human, but if his charisma and ability to inspire good in others IS superhuman. We'll make a hero out of Igni yet. Also, important thing to remember are the exact words he used. 😉
  13. "Well, not exactly. It is as you say; a well defended place. But the fact that you were here to begin with was indeed an unknown factor. I'm afraid I don't even know its name." Nathan replied coolly. His tone was still conversational and he did not flinch, nor stir when Igni's tail nearly struck him. He merely sat there, waiting and listening intently while she spoke. When he was certain she was finished, he folded his hands in his lap. He seemed to be perfectly at ease, despite the obvious displeasure of his host. "I suspect were there other, less scrupulous humans - they would not have thought twice about trying to end your life. I can assure, however that neither my brothers nor do any of these people have any interest in harming you or causing any more trouble." A pause. Then he continued. "And per your other question, I'm afraid all we have to offer at the moment is the gratitude of these people. Mine own as well. Though, perhaps the future may hold more." He regarded her curiously, not a trace of fear on his face. "If you truly wish it so, then we'll leave once this business with the dead is concluded. But, if you allow it, we'd rebuild this town - repair the damage done - and set up a new, better life for everyone here. For you as well. We would give any offerings of food you desire. But the truest victory, as I see it, is what we have to offer most - that would be the living proof that my kind and yours can coexist peacefully. Proof that dragons are capable of generosity... and kindness." He stood up, slowly walked over to the window where she had stuck her head through and put his hand on the wall. For a minute, there was a wistful look on his face, as if he were remembering something terribly sad. "Men have treated dragons so poorly in the past. I would see that end. I would see these people become peaceful and just. As I know all people can be... peaceful and just." With that, he withdrew his hand and stood at ease. His dark eyes looked into hers; they were filled with silent pleading. He was hoping she would understand he was being completely, absolutely sincere. A whim struck him and he obeyed it - and then he knelt once more. "On my honor - on my life, I swear - I speak nothing but the truth. And if you need more, I offer my life - in exchange for theirs. You say my name needs more preface - and so I would have men know me as Nathan the Dragon-Friend. If you would have me, I would gladly serve with you as your ally. And if my words ever ring false or bring me dishonor, I am your servant, for ever." He offered his hand. "What say you, Igini?" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Well, that answers a great deal of what I would want to know." Said Max. "And if Nathan trusts her, so do I. Welcome to this... well, so far nameless city." Unlike his comrade, Maz had every intention of simply believing this woman was just that - an ordinary woman. She obviously had no ill intention to them or any of the people, so he held little, if any reservations about her. "I have only two questions of you, then." Gale responded with a raised eyebrow. The penetrating gaze had softened. He was still suspicious of her, but there was something about her - the fact that Nathan trusted her, that put him at ease. "The first being what exactly is a Soulspeaker? I'm afraid I have never heard of such a thing. And the second, if you would - is just what are your intentions towards our leader?" "Peace, Gale." Said Max firmly, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. He looked at Isolde. "Do not take this question personally. My friend here is wary of all women." He explained. "Nathan was married... long ago, but sadly that union was divorced some seven years ago. It still causes him heartache every now and then." Gale snorted again. "Go and tell her our entire life story why don't you?" He said sarcastically. An annoyed glare from Max silenced him. "As you wish." He said mockingly. "We are a group of demon hunters who wish to eradicate the creatures of Hell. Gale, Nathan and I are from the now vanished land of Iselyr. And in Arthur's case... well, his twin and he only wish to help our friends and these people. That is all. So unless you are secretly a demon, or Gods forbid, a Succubi after our leader, you have nothing to fear from us, good lady." ((Post was much later than I wanted. I actually lost the first version, which was longer))
  14. Ever have a week where every day you wake up, life just gives you a hard kick in the family jewels? That's my entire month.

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      I sat through four thyroid biopsies at one point mate only ONE of said biopsies had any kind of surface numbers.  The other three were all raw yolo style.

      But yeah buddy sorry to hear you're having bad luck there's always a light at the end of any long tunnel.

  15. Going to try to post tomorrow. 

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