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  1. Sir Nathaniel

    A Moonlit Flight

    ((Hello again! So sorry for the long wait.)) ______________________________________________________ "No, I am alone." Nathan replied immediately. "My comrades are in a place very far away from here." He also had sensed the intruder the moment he had glared - feeling strange. "Stand aside, for a moment, dragon. I will deal with our uninvited guest." Nathan's words were level, but his voice was laced with venom. How was it possible? He was certain he hadn't been followed, so why then was there someone here? A rogue treasure hunter, perhaps? Or was it a cultist? With a brief moment of concentration, Nathan willed a storm into existence. Above them, the clouds started to gather - black and grey. There came a flash of lightning in the distance, followed by a clap of thunder. Nathan's palms began to crackle and glow with sparks of electricity. His eyes took on a bright blue coloration - his pupils vanishing under its ambiance. "I am unarmed, but I am far from defenseless." He murmured, his voice having taken on a thrumming, echoing cadence. He turned to his scaled ally, as way of explanation, he gestured with his hand. It glowed and popped with a current of white-hot energy. "I control all electricity. The power of thunder and lightning is mine to command." To their intruder, he raised his voice. "You, reveal yourself, now! Come out and face us!"
  2. Sir Nathaniel

    Still here, but busy.

    Hey team, remember me? I’m the guy that made the Watchers. But then that thing called real life got in the way. Long story short, I am still here, but I have a limited means of posting. I’ll try to whip something up when there’s breaks in between my job and my training sessions. Good news is, my instructor says I need only a little more before I’m ready for my first amateur fight. Hopefully, I’ll be in Bellator before you know it. (Unlikely, but a man can dream) Anyway, I still love this site, so expect me back soon.
  3. Sir Nathaniel

    Feedback - RP etiquette: NPCs

    I confess that I also have used NPC’s as mooks, but nearly all of them do get at least one retaliating shot in to show that even against my strongest toons, it’s not totally one sided affairs. In the future, once I have the money for a new laptop, I’ll start working again and start showing NPC’s full potential.
  4. Sir Nathaniel

    Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Hey guys. Seems like my luck with machines is just the worst. I had a post on my iPad at my job when someone destroyed it while it was in my backpack. Now all I have left is my phone. I am truly sorry that I wasn’t able to continue posting. At the very least, I’m glad to have been a part of this.
  5. Sir Nathaniel

    Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    I am, but I have a bit more time now. Should have something by Friday or Saturday.
  6. Sir Nathaniel

    Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Yeah. I’m a big fan of Warhammer. My favorite enemy army to fight against was always Chaos, but I had a soft spot for wiping out Skaven too.
  7. Sir Nathaniel

    Beyond all Mortal Ken (Forgotten Woods)

    Hawk kept his eyes carefully forward, watching and listening as the rat-man explained his presence. He of all the party had the least reason to listen and even less to be inclined to believe anything he said. Hawk had dealings, so to speak, with his kind before, long ago. The rat-men were notoriously unreliable creatures that frequented underground lairs and dens where they plotted and schemes against all other races. By his past experiences, he knew there were a rare few of them capable of the common speech, but to speak to one of them was to invite discord and deceit. What came forth from this being was none of those things. A warning, most ominous and succinct in explanation. Of course, he stated the obvious. This was a dangerous place, yes, but then that did not necessarily mean it was malevolent. “I was unaware the vermin folk could be found here.” He commented aloud, once the rat had made his departure. “No doubt he has gone to alert his brethren of our presence.” Though he was loathe to admit it, Hawk knew it better to leave this place as soon as possible. ”Be wary, comrades. The rat-folk are more vile and untrustworthy than any other race in Creation, save the infernal denizens of Hell.” He drew his sword, his eyes scanning the tunnel. Upon closer inspection of the rat tunnel’s claw marks, and how numerous they were, he decided that for once, discretion might be the better part of valor. With that, he hurried himself back the way he came, until he found himself outside once more. “A Skaven.” He said in reply to Liiah’s query. “Also known as a Rat-man. Likely not the only one of his kind in this forest either. There could be dozens, maybe hundreds of holes like this one across this land, each containing thousands of those chitinous vermin. Likely, when the rat-folk decide we are their next meal, we will be beset by a force of them many times larger than our current party. This, my friends is a fight that I do not think we can win.”
  8. Sir Nathaniel

    Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    I haven’t been able to post because my laptop is still busted, so my typing is slower. Still, I can throw something together either today or tomorrow. I just need to know how to address the current speaker or have a proper moment to interject into the conversation. I don’t want him to seem like he’s just there, piping in whenever it suits him. I think to help keep things fluid, he’d need to be directly addressed to keep things fluid, or have something to contribute. If I have the gist of it, the one they’ve encountered is a fairy princess, right?
  9. Sir Nathaniel

    What are the most important aspects of lore for you?

    What I love about Valucre’s lore is how flexible and inclusive it is. As others have said, it allows the community a great deal of creative control over it. Furthermore, it’s a big, beautiful world that characters live in and interact with each other in very lifelike ways. It allows our Roleplayers to express their creativity and still have it be grounded. Really, I just love how it’s such a fluid environment. For me, I love recreating works that resemble those ancient epics and stories of larger than life heroes struggling to overcome impossible odds. What’s more, I think with the canonization process, I feel like it can leave a legacy: Rp’s that are set into the lore give a sense of continuity. Jokes aside, nothing makes me happier than giving my readers a sense of hope. A feeling that the heroes’ efforts are not in vain and that they can bring a sense of joy and optimism to the world. What I intend to show with my future Whispernight Campaign is for a larger, canonical storyline that details the Watchers/Freedom Fighters’ efforts. I intend to have them slowly but surely clean up the corruption in the world. Their actions cause so much damage to the forces of evil that people start cheering them on and remark about how they’re making the world better. That is my legacy. That, is what I intend to leave behind.
  10. Starting to get the creative itch again. Want to free some cities from Whispernight based evil, but all I have is an iPad. 

    1. supernal


      Need that BT keyboard 

  11. Sir Nathaniel

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    Well, there’s other worlds than just the two. Makes sense that there’s more than one possible Earth. Perhaps a bit more clarification is required. As said earlier, my character Max is one of the only two members of the Watchers that cares there’s another world of sentients. He cares, but largely only thinks of it as a possible battleground between him and the demonic. Because he’s been all over Valucre and has met beings from Earth, (and his love interest is an actual angel from heaven itself) he has a greater idea of the scope of the universe at large and is aware of the powers beyond it. In that sense, he keeps a very lasse faire attitude towards other possible worlds, but is of the idea that if there’s any demonic influence on them, it must be immediately eradicated. That aside, he maintains a detached sense of interest and curiosity. Also, he’s a real nice guy, so the moment that someone from Earth makes his acquaintance, he almost always will politely say, “Hi, how are you?”
  12. Sir Nathaniel

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    Acknowledged. Both sides admittedly have a long way to go, indeed. We have a lot of growing up to do as a species, but that’s the beauty of learning from each other. But again, I think maybe we’re straying a little off topic. I asked most primarily about particular characters view of or awareness of Earth.
  13. Sir Nathaniel

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    Perhaps I’m a bit too idealistic (or pacifistic) for my own good or it may just be a difference of opinion, but I find the idea of interplanetary war to be rather dull. In my opinion, it’s far better to try diplomacy first, fight as only a last resort and even then, only out of self defense. Gone are the days when everyone viewed all other cultures as an automatic threat.
  14. Sir Nathaniel

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    Perhaps. I think though it is likely that some in both sides would very much prefer a more peaceful coexistence.
  15. Sir Nathaniel

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    Now, as you are all aware, Valucre is an entirely different planet than Earth. For simplicity’s sake, they are similar to each other in many respects; climate, atmosphere, landscapes, etc. but the difference is we live on a world that has no magic. Valucre is one that is abundant with it. What I’d like to know is how do you, my fellow Valucreans view the possible relationship between these two worlds? By which I mean, how is it in your minds they should interact? Or even, if there should there be any relationship, like they should have no interaction whatsoever? Obviously there’s a few characters that are from Earth, but somehow ended up on Valucre. Some figure by that logic, the reverse should be possible. Nathan for example, is aware of Earth’s existence and hopes to one day visit it, though all the other Watchers, except Max don’t care. I suppose a better question would be, are any characters of yours aware of Earth or are from it?