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  1. Like myself, all the Watchers greatly enjoy music, cooking, exercising, reading and Martial Arts. They all do however have their own ways of having fun. Nathan enjoys reading detective stories and playing board games like Chess and Go! He also likes watching his teammates at ease. Any time there's festivities or a simple hangout, he'll be the one sitting in the corner, observing the other Watchers with a smile on his face. He loves watching others having fun. Arthur meditates most of the time, whenever he has a rare free moment. Usually, he acts as a parent to his adoptive daughter, Miya. It's a role he takes very seriously. They read stories, he takes her on walks or plays her childish little games. If he's not doing any of this, he can be found in the gym, lifting weights. An unusual way to relax, I know, but he's quite obsessed with pushing his limits. Other than that, he also loves to cook. Because of his intense paranoia, he prepares his own meals to prevent poisoning. He's become amazingly skilled at it, even if his meals are quite simple. Elias likes to free run, climb trees and explore high places. He enjoys rock climbing and mountain sight seeing most of all. Unlike his more bookish brother, he's an outdoors person and volunteers part time as a gymnastics teacher. He and his students spend hours running, jumping, climbing and performing acrobatic feats. Gale likes swimming, finding he much prefers to be in his element (literally) than being around people. He feels most at peace with the natural world and its animals. Also, as a bonding point between him and Arthur, he also enjoys cooking. (Gale is a vegetarian however.) Max meditates, prays and serves meals for the poor at the local Church or Temple. He was preparing to become a Monk before his homeland was destroyed, so his spiritual practices remain important to him. Other than that, he's got a close bond with his horse, Duke. He's usually in the stables or riding the horse through the countryside. Max has recently taken up Wushu, Kung Fu. A future story I intend to show is how he's learned barehanded combat from Nathan's old master.
  2. I am not active at the moment, but should the cult ever be in need of enemies, I can offer 5 fighters to serve against them. In the style of the Avengers, the Watchers team is a group of heroes that put up a stiff resistance against the cult in Nu Martyr. The leader of the team, Nathan in particular has a chip on his shoulder towards Lilith.
  3. I do my character development in the creation process. My mind thinks of what this character is and what they're capable of. Given that I dislike OPed characters, I try to keep their power and skills in the (comparatively) realistic end. Even my strongest and most powerful character is still nowhere near say, Superman level. For me, the question is, how can I make them great enough to be exciting but not too great to be boring? Furthermore, I like to make my characters abilities as well rounded as possible. Each has a clear definition of what they can and cannot do. When obstacles arise, the question I ask is what are the limits to their abilities? Case in point, my character, Max, the one that uses brute force most often among the Watchers team. He can deadlift a (literal) metric ton of weight. (2,204 pounds. 1,000 kg for our other friends) Is this superhuman? Yes, it is. However, it's not entirely beyond all possibility. There are at least two of the strongest men in history who could have replicated it. The drawback is that he's comparatively the least skilled fighter in the group. He can take on individual opponents just fine, but unlike his brothers he's not exactly a one man army, unless he uses his fire based powers. The drawback there is his flames only hurt opponents of evil alignment. Good or Neutral are not harmed at all. Likewise, as real world combat teaches, strength isn't everything.
  4. Summary. Nathan did not arrive in time to defeat Lilith or prevent her from taking the crown. Seeing the Battle at a loss, he turned about and headed for Genesaris, where he knew an important potential ally might be waiting for him. A message was sent to both the Watchers and their allies in Landonia and detailing the plan to make for safe havens on their ship. Regardless of the end of this battle, he said, the war was far from over. There would come another day, he declared. Nu Martyr was not a place, he explained. It was where their people stood. The Watchers, ever loyal to their leader and his ideals followed his instructions to the letter. As many refugees and soldiers as could be found were evacuated from Nu Martyr and brought aboard their ship. Hundreds, if not thousands of lives were saved. A small contingent of troops remained behind to continue the resistance and prepare for the future liberation of their country. Lilith's victory today would not go without cost. When all were aboard, the Watchers departed from Nu Martyr to Genesaris, bloodied but undaunted and unbroken. ~Thread participation concluded~
  5. Color me surprised. I think sometime real soon, I'll post a summary of the Watchers and what their leader is up to after finding out that he wasn't able to stop Lilith. Doesn't mean he's given up on that however. He still very much intends to put his sword through her face, but not at the moment. Glad to hear from you, Ataraxy.
  6. Name: Gale Hawk. Gender: Male. Race: Human-Fairy Hybrid. Current Age: 25. Hair Color: Red. Eye Color: Blue. Build: Lean. Height: 6'4. Weight: 185 lbs. Profession: Knight. Fighter. Adventurer. Appearance: Armored. Unmasked. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Appearance: Gale is the both the tallest and leanest member of the Watchers - with long limbs and slim physique. He has shoulder length red hair and dark blue eyes - and unlike Nathan or the Morn twins, he is always clean shaven. In battle, he wears an ornate suit of blue armor with white trimmings made to resemble the moon. In plainclothes, he is known for being something of a fashionista. He is often seen wearing a variety of different outfits, mostly suits and smart casual attire - blazers, coats, jeans, dress shirts and shoes of all kinds. Personality: Gale, for lack of better term is complicated. He has struggled his entire life with his ego and with his temper. Born and raised among the Fairy Folk, he was brought up with the mentality that he and his people were superior to all races on Valucre. However, the fact he was half human by his father's side meant he was seen as a second class citizen and treated as an exile by his peers. This created a great amount of anger and insecurity in him - which he has tried to conceal with a razor sharp wit and biting sarcasm. He is quick to make wise cracks and jokes often, though as Nathan notes, he rarely ever laughs himself and almost never smiles. He dislikes socializing and would much rather be in his gardens, tending to the plants and trees - as he feels most at home in nature rather than urban environments. Though it need not be said Gale dislikes people, there are individuals he is truly fond of - his teammates in the Watchers especially, he regards them as family. He looks up to Nathan as a father-figure and Max as his younger brother figure, even though they are not blood related. Arthur and Elias he is on good terms with, the younger Morn twin in particular he considers a close friend and has an unrequited infatuation with. Given he is half-Fairy, he holds a loose, laissez-fair attitude towards sexuality and relationships - being quick to connect to others who are like him, showing he has great compassion and care for the disenfranchised and outcasts of society. Having lost his homeland and his people with the Doom of Iselyr, Gale has tried to keep his team's spirits up and has further retreated into himself as an effort to mask his pain. As per Nathan's suggestion however, he has recently been attempting to contact any other Fairy Folk as an attempt to find some closure, showing he has not totally lost hope. Also to note, Gale enjoys looking at the Moon and has a deep, lasting love of the Seas and Oceans and has remarked the mere sight of such is enough to cheer him when he is depressed. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ History: Born out of wedlock in E'Kraun Forest to the Fairy, Asana and a human knight, Gale was brought up among the Undine people of Iselyr. He learned etiquette and received a proper education from his mother, but never knew his father, as Fairy-Human relations were cold at this time. Rumor quickly spread of his parentage and from an early age, he was treated as an outcast by the other children in his home - finding he much preferred the company of animals. He became quite skilled as an animal breeder, herbology and in botany as a result. As was normal for his people, he developed use and control of Magic by the time he had reached 5 years of age. By the time he reached his adolescent years, he had developed an intellect rivaling the Fair Folk's greatest minds. When he had reached his teen years, he met the man who would become his greatest mentor and ally - Nathaniel Jameson. The Golden Paladin had earned the trust of the Fairy people and had good relations with Asana. The two became fast friends, with Nathan offering to train the young fairy in the arts of swordplay and unarmed combat. Gale accepted and became a skilled fighter - with his particular brand of Magic making him a unique, unpredictable combatant. Also during this time, Gale became the best of friends, rivals and training partner to Max. Together, they became an unstoppable trio in the war for their homeland - with the three of them destroying hundreds of demons. Gale became known as the group's greatest tactician; his intimate knowledge of strategy and the landscape proving invaluable time after time. In the end, the three would never achieve their goal of liberating Iselyr, as the continent was ultimately destroyed during an event known as the Doom, in which the entire continent sank beneath the waves. Gale and his compatriots were away from the continent at the time as they were on a mission at sea, attempting to capture a Kraken. When they saw their home gone, Gale was distraught - but joined his comrades in journeying to Genesaris to contact his cousin, Maxwell in finding a new home. With that, the three made landfall in the Cold Mountains where they met the Dragon, Mladris, recruited the Fallen Angel, Jophiel and set off to Mageside City. Upon reaching the great city, Gale became a founding member of the Watchers. To this day, he remains one of Nathan's most steadfast allies. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weapon: Sword. Moonlit Night is the name of Gale's sword. An ornate Ninjato, it has a single edged blade that measures at 35 inches long and 4 inches thick. Made from Iselyrian steel, it is virtually indestructible and especially potent against demons. Powers and Abilities: Given that he is half-Fairy, Gale has a natural affinity for Magic. Nathan believes that were he to focus exclusively on the mystical arts, he would become an immensely powerful mage. As of the present, Gale focuses on a mix of swordplay, hand-to-hand-combat and the use of a limited form of Magical prowess - giving him a unique blend of offense and defense. Master Swordsman: Trained by Nathan and sparring partner to Max, Gale is a masterful sword-fighter with a specialty in a unique form of fencing he dubs "Blade Dancing" - using fluid footwork, extremely agile movements and graceful slashing arcs. His movements on the battlefield are akin to that of an ice-skater or a professional dancer. He is superbly skilled at avoiding damage, even with the weight of his armor. Noted to be the second most skilled swordsman of the group (after Nathan himself) Gale frequently duels his mentor to a standstill - and has twice managed to defeat even the highly skilled Garun Dugall with Max's assistance. Master Combatant: Gale's prowess in hand-to-hand combat is top-notch as well - the equal of Elias and a shade more skillful than Max. Specializing in spin kicks, swift elbow and knee strikes - Gale's style of fighting greatly resembles a combination of Capoeira, Muay Thai and the Monkey, Crane and Snake styles of Wushu. His prowess is great enough to allow him to best his friend in a sparring match and very nearly defeat Sir Arthur. Water Manipulation: Like all Fairies, Gale was born with affinity for a particular brand of Magic - his is based around manipulation of all forms of the element of water; be it liquid, vapor or solid forms such as ice. He can pull in moisture from any source - be it the air or even in the human body. He can control the density and temperature of water - enabling him to solidify it into ice or make it as fluid and shapeless as mist. At full power, he can create tsunamis, on-land whirpools and grueling rainstorms or hailstorms that can batter opponents. In his own words, though mountains may stand tall and proud, waves will eventually reduce them to pebbles. In controlling temperature he can create ice-spikes, walls or even solid constructs - or he can alternately make pressurized water hot enough to boil and cause third degree burns. Lastly, though he never actually uses it, Gale does possess the ability to manipulate the water in the human body - in doing so, he could theoretically control body movement, or more insidiously, remove all moisture from a body and cause death by instantaneous dehydration. As per Jameson's advice, he never uses his power in this way, viewing it a unethical to the extreme. Genius Intellect: Gale is regarded as the most tactically sound, most intelligent member of the Watchers' team. Described by Isaac Crane as "cunning, innovative, intuitive, observant and strategically brilliant". His memory, thought processing, information storage and deductive reasoning allow him to not only piece together solid conclusions but also come up with complex strategies, even in the heat of battle. Moreover, his intuition combined with his logical thinking make it exceptionally difficult to catch him off guard. Whether commanding a single unit team or a large army of hundreds of thousands of troops, Gale is the one that Nathan turns to when it comes to logistics, tactical thinking (when Arthur does not fulfill this role) and data analysis. Magically Enhanced Condition: Gale's half-Fairy physiology and flair for Magic enable him to perform at an Olympic physical level. His flawless mix of strength, speed, agility, balance, flexibility and bodily coordination make him a formidable combatant. Enhanced Strength: Though uninterested in raw might, Gale's strength is still noted as well above normal. Through Magic enhancement and frequent weightlifting exercises, (especially Olympic lifting) he has achieved a level of strength that surpasses Arthur and rivals Elias. His total lifting records stand at a bench-press of 720 pounds, squat of 970 and a deadlift of 950. Through use of his strength, he has staggered Max with his kicks, smashed through solid wood and thin metal doors and nearly match Nathan in a contest of strength. Enhanced Speed: Noted as the fastest member of the Watchers' team, Gale has exceptionally powerful legs that allow him to reach a top running speed of 40 miles per hour. He has surpassed a professional sprinter in a contest, outrun a charging warhorse and moved with such speed that even the assassin Dugall had difficulty keeping up. Gale's reaction time and reflexes are similarly enhanced - enabling him to snatch arrows out of the air, avoid attacks coming at him from every direction and disarm and knock out four armed opponents in 3.2 seconds. Enhanced Agility: Using his amazing reflexes, bodily coordination and considerable flexibility, Gale can perform any number of acrobatic feats. He can climb to the highest building and mountain peaks with few handholds, perform high jumps, backflips, cartwheels, handstands and other athletic movements with almost no effort or difficulty. Enhanced Stamina: Through high intensity aerobics and cardiovascular training, Gale's body produces far less fatigue toxins than normal, enabling him to perform at peak function for 24 hours before the buildup impairs him. As such, he can perform all kinds of acrobatic feats, fight for hours on end without stopping or run for several marathon length distances, all without displaying any tiredness at all. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weaknesses: Though he is rightly regarded as an immensely powerful fighter on par with Jameson, Gale does have a few glaring weaknesses. Insecurity: Gale's own doubts and fears can be used against him by a manipulative opponent and those who know him well enough. Given enough time and persuasion, he could succumb to despair and be rendered less effective in combat. Attraction: As he is a noted homosexual, Gale displays a weakness for attractive male figures - something Isaac notes in his files about the Watchers. He believes that the perfect way to distract him and neutralize his intelligence is to confront him with a man that meets his standards. Urban Environment: Because he feels more comfortable in natural areas, Gale dislikes being in large cities and becomes notably disgruntled and disoriented in heavily industrialized areas where he feels cut off from nature. Electricity: Because he manipulates water, Gale's primary weakness is electrical currents. As water is highly conductible, he will take additional damage from lightning and other electrical based attacks. Cold Iron: Being half-human, Gale has some resistance to cold iron but is by no means immune to its effects. His half-fairy physiology means that if he is exposed to cold iron in its raw form, he will significantly weaken. Furthermore, his magical powers are all but useless against it - and so Isaac speculates the best way to defeat Gale is to trap him in an iron cage - cutting him off from his primary source of power.
  7. "Duly noted." Nathan said, giving the other man a nod. With that, he gave a slight smile. "I can only hope your Commander leaves some of the fun for me. Do not mind Arthur, he is a good man - and an excellent fighter. He simply needs learn to control his tongue better. Regardless of his mouth, I can think of no better man to lead my team. With all that I am, I am truly thankful for your intervention. I hope we meet again - at the victory feast, celebrating the Cult's utter defeat." And I hope you raise a glass in my memory should this mission fail. Nathan thought as he turned away and headed back to his ship. Despite his brave face, Nathan knew there was a very good chance he was walking to his death. That notion did not bother him though. Death was a constant companion in his line of work - its shadow loomed over him every time he threw himself into the fight. The only thing he could hope for was that his actions made the world just a little better - that he could drag as many of his foes down with him as possible - and that after he drew his last breath he could reunite with his loved ones in Paradise. As Nathan strapped himself into the command seat of the ship, activated the controls and started off on his departure, he decided a little speech might be in order. Patching into the Vox frequency on an open channel through the communications headset, he cleared his throat and sent out a broadcast to any that might be listening. "Citizens of Nu Martyr, this is Sir Nathaniel Jameson, leader of the Watchers team. I send this message to you from a liberated Landonia. This is not the end. Barely a day ago, the Cult of Power entered your country. They came not as friends and equals, but as murderers and would-be conquerors. They have mercilessly slain many of your citizens and enslaved their corpses in service to their dark leader, Lilith. No doubt many of you have lost friends, comrades and loved ones. They believed you would be easily defeated. That you would surrender to despair - that you would be like animals to the slaughter.' 'We have proven them wrong. Twice now, the Watchers have assisted your defense forces in decimating their armies. You have fought them at Parish, at Landonia, at Hungary and Kadia. Your living countrymen are still fighting now. Even as I speak, the enemy is approaching your cities. They will soon be in your homes, on your streets and your rooftops, roaming the underbelly of your cities. To all those who still live - to all refugees and to the brave defenders, I say to you the same thing I tell my comrades as they move on to the next battle: Keep fighting. The enemy corpses will not falter, but should we cut off the head of the snake - the body will die. Target any living enemy commanders and the hordes will crumble. If all of you do your duty to your country, I know in my heart we can win. Hold out as long as you are able - then take a rest - then stand and fight more. Keep fighting - I promise, you will prevail.' 'To our enemies in the Cult of Power, I say this - you have come here to die. The Watchers are here and we are invincible. Our swords and spears wait to rip you to shreds. Our Magic will tear your bodies and souls asunder. The veterans of the War in Iselyr await to add you to their tally. We have prevailed against ruthless enemies before - the Leviathan, Leraje, even a King of Hell itself, Beleth has fallen before our might. You cannot win. Will not win. So long as even one of my men stands against you, you will never be victorious!' 'And to Lilith, I say this... make ready your defenses; for I am coming for you.'" And with that, his ship's engines roared to life - and it was off in a flash at full speed.
  8. I'm eager to see what you lot have planned. As for my gang, Nathan intends to go for the head while the other Watchers cure the undead sickness. Put otherwise, I'll be ready anytime for the next battle.
  9. Sir Nathaniel

    Valucre Wars

    I'm not sure if it still counts as canon, but there was a war fought between the Knights of the New Dawn and the demons occupying Iselyr. It's part of the Watchers backstory. There was an offscreen war between a rebel faction in Cosanastre, Sector 2 and its previous regime under a tyrant called Noice, but again that's of dubious canon. Armed conflict as I'm aware of is somewhat rare on Valucre, but I very much do intend to participate in as many more as possible.
  10. Defenders, Landonia. "Our numbers consist of myself and my knights: Max, Gale, Arthur and Elias." Nathan gestured to the Landonian troops still standing and gathering the dead. "Our numbers now are less than when this great assault started - but still great enough to challenge battle should there be another." Behind Nathan, Max had just finished lighting the last of the corpse piles - his enhanced strength and healing had allowed him to recover his full potential in considerably less time than any normal man. No doubt though, he would be wanting a massive meal once they had a chance. Battle had drained him and there was too little sunlight to draw power from. "The Order of Force Majeure?" He murmured, almost to himself. "The threat must be great indeed." "Yes." Said Arthur with a snort. "How fortunate for the good people of Nu Martyr that they have such keen eyed eagles standing vigil over their gates." His tone was sarcastic - and he opened his mouth as if to give another quip but a silent, angry glare from Nathan silenced him. When the Watcher's leader turned back to Gideon, his expression had softened. "I believe together, our chance for survival increases. Our next objective was to strike Hungary and attempt to disrupt the enemy's forces. With the use of our airship, though I have another idea in mind." He turned to his men. "I want the four of you to head over with our friends to their objective. I will take our ship on an... errand." The other Watchers looked at him as if he had gone insane. Arthur was the first to speak up. "But Jameson, you're our leader. We need you." This time, his tone was sincere. "The defenders need you." "And in my absence, you, Arthur will lead." Nathan replied. Before his compatriots could interrupt, he raised his hand. "I will return to you as soon as I am able. I give you my word." "So where are you going off to then?" Gale asked. "Should you not be heading to the fight?" "Plenty of fight to go around, Gale." Nathan said, clenching his fists. His eyes started to take on their blue glowing tint. "I intend to take this battle to Lilith herself." That got everyone's attention. Even the Landonian troops stopped what they were doing and listened. "Master, have you taken leave of your senses? She's a sorceress of incredible power!" Max cried. "Attacking her head on alone is suicide!" "Not with what I have planned." Nathan replied calmly. "Please understand; I have to do this alone. All of you are to head to Hungary and disrupt the enemy's forces." With more force of his own, he barked. "That's an order." Reluctantly, each of them nodded - then walked towards the Invictus Nova - and all but Arthur did not look back. For just a moment, it looked as if he wanted to speak but could not find the words. With a slow shake of his head, he joined his comrades. Nathan would long remember the stare he gave. Was it sadness? Grief? Rage? Or was it fear of the possibility his closest friend might be rushing to his death? With that, Nathan offered his hand to Gideon. "Take care of my men. They are the bravest, most dependable fighters I have ever known. Every one of them. Go with my thanks - and with luck. I go to strike the head of the enemy."
  11. All the Watchers live in their benefactor's spacious mansion in Mageside City, Genesaris. All of them have separate rooms. All of them are suited to their personal tastes. Pretty soon though, Arthur will establish an independent base for himself in Shrine City. A "Batcave" if you will. He's more than saved enough money to get himself a house and paranoid enough to build himself a panic room. Otherwise, he keeps a spare room for his adopted daughter; full of books, toys, what have you. Originally, the three brothers were born in and lived in Iselyr. Arthur and Elias were born in Shrine City - though the latter moved to Hell's Gate for a year, then to Dougton. Dugall has a hideout for himself in Martial Town - spacious and largely devoid of ornamentation, except for the grisly trophies he takes from his assassination missions: Weapons mostly. He was born in Hell's Gate then moved to MT because he likes the merc work.
  12. You were fun to talk to so now I'm following you. Because of how my notifications are set up that doesn't actually mean anything but your picture will be on my profile so I can occasionally stalk you.

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      Sir Nathaniel

      Ha! You were a most enjoyable conversationalist yourself, Blackguard. I look forward to our next interaction with great interest.

  13. Name: Maximus "Max" Album (Latin for White) Gender: Male. Race: Human. (Enhanced Condition) Current Age: 24. Hair Color: White. (Formerly black) Eye Color: Blue. Build: Muscular. (Mesomorphic body type) Height: 5'7. Weight: 220 lbs. Profession: Crusader. Knight. Fighter. Adventurer. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Appearance: Standing at 5'8 and weighing 220 pounds, Max is the shortest member of the Watchers' team, though he is by far the most muscular and 'pretty boy' of their number. His facial features are soft, smooth and almost effeminate - with many women considering him highly attractive. His hair reaches shoulder length, being completely white in color - though formerly it was black as coal. His eyes are blue and gentle - once remarked that they resemble a clear summer sky. Under his clothes, he has a number of faded scars - the most prominent of which is a set from a claw on his right bicep from where a demon slashed him. He often wears simple, functional clothes - baggy shirts and trousers with leather boots and fingerless black gloves. In battle, he wears steel plate armor, polished to a high sheen - consisting of a breastplate, shoulder plates, gauntlets, leggings and greaves meant to protect his limbs while providing him with maximum flexibility. He declines the use of a helmet, as his skull is noted to be exceptionally thick and durable - stating the limits to his vision and the fact it is unnecessary as the reason. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: Bright, sunny and optimistic are the best words to describe this devout warrior. Max is a cheerful, friendly man that makes friends easily and always tries to look at the better side of any situation. Devout, almost to a fault, he is obsessed with the idea that he is a living weapon of the divine. Though some would label him a fanatic, this actually is a misnomer. He finds no fault with other religions; in fact, he is fairly open minded with other spiritual beliefs, with the sole exception being demons. His personal philosophy is that all gods are in fact aspects of a single, omnipotent Creator deity. In his mind, the demonic are the root and source of all evil and must be purged. He has a tendency to quote scriptures in battle and loudly proclaims his intention to eradicate all corruption from the world. During the war for his homeland, he gleefully destroyed hundreds of demons, achieving a reputation as the Order's foremost expert on dispatching the creatures of Hell. Having experienced firsthand the benevolence and beauty of the Angels, Max holds his mission is a sacred one - he is to act as an instrument of righteousness. Max is unfailingly loyal and polite to his friends, whom he views as his family - as he was an orphan, he views Nathan as his father-figure and mentor, being the most ready to defer to his judgment. In turn, Nathan views Max as dependable, brave and the physical powerhouse of their team. Max has a good relationship with Gale - regarding him as his closest friend, both among the Watchers and in general. The two of them often have friendly competitions and try to best the other in contests of strength and skill. Win or lose, Max enjoys competing for the sake of it and even applauds his friend whenever he is bested by the Fairy Knight. Though they rarely interact as much as the others, Max holds a great amount of respect for the Morn twins. Arthur he holds in great regard; recognizing his authority as the second-in-command of the team and thinking of him as its greatest tactician. As well, he appreciates how Arthur recognizes his abilities beyond his brawn, acknowledging his skill as a wrestler and training partner. Elias, Max regards as a kindred spirit for their similar world views - though he is sometimes annoyed by his womanizing ways, he recognizes it's all in good fun. Further, Max appreciates how close to animals Elias is and the two of them enjoy spending time caring for the horses in the stables. Max also has a close bond with his horse, Duke, whom he has cared for since he was a colt. The two share a unique bond among the Watchers - with Max preferring to ride the horse rather than travel by airship. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bio: Many years ago, a child was found on the doorstep of one of the Golden Order's Chapter Houses in Le'Chery, Iselyr. It is not known who his original parents were, though some suspect him to be the child of peasants or possibly an unwanted bastard of a noble family, but neither theory has ever been proven. The Order gave the nameless child the name Maximus, meaning greatest, as it was believed that his coming was a sign from the Gods to be their champion. The boy quickly proved to be extremely strong - surpassing even adult men with his feats of physical might. His father-figure during his early years was a monk named Tor, the very same man that had trained Nathan in the rites of the faithful. Tor was a kind soul and taught the boy to read and write, noting his brilliant mind and exceptional memory - as well as how pious and quick he was to believe in the Seven Gods of Virtue. Shortly after he turned fourteen, Max became Nathan's apprentice - accompanying his master on numerous missions and training to use his strength to fight for the Order. Also around this time, the Golden Order came into contact with a being seemingly made of light - a being that called itself Uriel - asking for Max by name. In the chapel where he had spent so many nights praying, Max knelt before this being and watched as the figure poured its blood into a cup - compelling him to drink of it. The moment the blood touched his lips, Max was transformed. His hair had turned white - and he gained heightened strength, speed and dexterity, but more importantly, a new insight to his existence and the universe at large. As he downed the last of the blood, Uriel vanished with the parting message: "You have found favor with Heaven. In you now dwells its fire. Use it well." From that day onward, Max set himself to work dispatching the creatures of Hell and their mortal slaves; eradicating hundreds of them, sometimes dozens at a time. Over the course of the next three years, he became acquainted with Gale, fought on the losing side of the Battle of Gorand, liberated E'Kraun Forest and assisted Nathan in destroying Beleth, one of the Four Kings of Hell. Right around when he was about to turn twenty one, he and Tor had a disagreement regarding his participation in a mission to capture a Kraken for the Order. Though he had come to love the man like a father, Max broke ties with his mentor and departed the chapel in a rage. Ironically, his volunteering for the mission was the very thing that saved his life when Iselyr disappeared beneath the waves in what became known as "The Doom". As he and his companions were out at sea when the continent sank, they alone were spared from the disaster. With no homeland to return to, the three of them departed for Genesaris - landing in the Cold Mountains a month later. With that, the group made their way to Mageside City, where they formed the Watchers team. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weapons: Swords. Sunrise and Sunset are the names of Max's twin short swords. Both are cruciform in design - double edged blades with sharp, elongated tips for thrusting and stabbing. Made from Iselyrian steel, they are enchanted with anti-demonic magics that enable them to harm hellspawn on the spiritual level as well as on the physical plane. If a demon is dealt a fatal blow using these blades, their very essence is permanently destroyed. As they were forged using Iselyrian magics, they can operate even on other continents. Also to note, they are immune to the effects of Max's holy fire and its temperature - in fact, they seem to greatly enhance the effects of his powers. In times when Max needs additional power or is faced with one overwhelming foe, he can combine the two swords at their hilts, creating a single, much larger sword called Daybreak. This weapon combines the sharpness of his two blades with greater weight and attack power. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Powers and Abilities: Noted as the physically strongest member of the Watchers' team, Max has an enhanced, if not outright superhuman physiology. Every aspect of his physical form has been attuned to grant him extreme levels of performance. Master Swordsman: Through Nathan's training and years of practice, Max is an excellent swordfighter specializing in dual blades. He is ambidextrous and can use two short swords with great precision. Typically he uses one blade to attack and the other to defend. His fighting style is aggressive - meant to cleave and hew his opponents. When combined with his great strength, he can defeat most opponents with brute force. Though his skills are not quite up to par with his mentor, he has earned his praise and has even gone toe-to-toe with Gale in a sparring match. Master Combatant: Trained by all the other Watchers and by Richard Drake in the arts of hand-to-hand combat, Max is a master of unarmed fighting with a specialty in wrestling. His style is fast, hard-hitting and meant to take full advantage of his physical power. He typically relies on grabs, chokeholds and quick strikes to defeat most opponents. Against more durable adversaries, he relies on professional wrestling style moves. Though normally such movements require a consent or even some assistance, Max's strength and skill are great enough to where he can pull off such maneuvers effortlessly. His style involves use of suplexes, chokeslams, powerbombs, piledrivers, knee strikes, elbow strikes, spears, bodyslams, body splashes, clotheslines and even a hip toss. Holy Fire Manipulation: By drinking Uriel's blood, Max has gained power over what he calls "The Fire of Heaven" - white flames that burn anything "unholy" or demonic. Using either his hands or more often his swords, he can project jets of flame that burn so hot they turn sand into glass. Demons cannot cross lines of these fires or touch them or they will be destroyed. Like his swords, the magic inherent in the fires damage demons at the spiritual level as well as the physical one - meaning any hellspawn destroyed by such fires are unable to ever reform or return. Often, Max's preferred tactic is to create a circle of fire that binds demons - allowing him to interrogate or kill them (often both). Against human enemies of evil alignment, these flames will cause searing pain and eventual death. Against humans not of evil alignment, these flames have no effect. Max himself is also immune to the flames he generates - making him able to cross lines of holy fire unharmed. Enhanced Strength: From an early age, Max was noted to be exceptionally strong. From when he was old enough to walk, he displayed an aptitude for heavy lifting, often exceeding efforts even by very strong adult men. His strength only grew with age, to the point where he was noted as the most physically powerful member of the Order by the time he was a man - able to overpower three other humans in a rope pulling contest. When he partook in the blood of the Archangel Uriel, his strength was enhanced even further - making him powerful enough to deadlift the weight of one metric ton. Using his strength, he has broken and bent steel swords, punched a hole in solid concrete, lifted a man off the ground with one hand and more. Other feats include wrestling a 600 pound grizzly bear that was possessed by a hellhound on even terms, used a 400 pound barbell as a weapon and even supporting the weight of a 1,200 pound tree falling on top of him. Enhanced Speed: Though not quite as fast as Gale, Max's total running speed is calculated as exceeding 25 miles per hour. His reflexes and reaction time are likewise outstanding - bordering on perfect timing. This has enabled him to catch an arrow in mid-flight, catch the Fairy Knight by surprise, even managing to once outrun a professional sprinter. Enhanced Durability: Partly due to his enhanced strength, Max's muscles and bones are far more durable than normal, making him extremely difficult to injure. He has withstood explosions, been thrown the length of a city block (about 660 feet), had a small building collapse on him and been struck in the head with a mace, none of which caused him any permanent or lasting damage. Also, as part of a demonstration, Max allowed Arthur to strike him in the head with a baseball bat, (which broke on contact) and was barely fazed - only sent reeling from the force of the impact. The only thing that can truly bypass his durability are demonic based weapons and energies. Injuries inflicted by hell-forged steel will cause him additional damage, as seen when a hellhound slashed his chest, leaving a permanent set of scars. Enhanced Healing: Also due to his enhancements, Max's body heals at an accelerated rate. Any injury that is not immediately fatal will not kill him. Though he cannot regenerate lost limbs, his skin and bones will repair damage much more quickly than normal. Cuts, scratches and shallow scrapes will heal in minutes. Dislocations, fractures or even severed bones will mend in hours - enabling him to recover from almost life threatening injuries in mere days. That said, his healing is not infallible, especially against demonic weapons. As mentioned, he was unable to recover from being slashed by a demonic hound's claw - only able to regenerate after weeks of medication and rest. Even then, the wound left behind a permanent scar. Max's healing also affords him an extremely advanced immune system; making him all but impervious to disease and toxins. Much to his annoyance, this also includes alcohol - meaning he cannot get drunk. Decelerated Aging: Likely because of his healing and his healthy, balanced lifestyle and diet, Nathan speculates that Max's aging process has slowed to the point where he believes the Angel Knight will live 300 years or possibly longer. This means he will retain his strength and physicality, even into his twilight years. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weaknesses: Though he is regarded as the most powerful of the Watchers, Max has a few glaring weaknesses. Physiology: Though he is strong and durable, Max's biology remains fundamentally human. He requires food, water and sleep to perform at peak function and will gradually weaken if deprived of them. Also, he is unable to regenerate limbs - and if a blow is immediately fatal (such as decapitation) he will die. Furthermore, his healing factor, though potent, is not infallible. No upper limit has yet been shown, but Nathan speculates that if he takes enough damage, there is a good chance he will be killed. Demonic Powers and Weapons: Though he has some resistance against mortal weapons and power, Max is vulnerable to demonic weapons and magics. Because his abilities are holy in nature, he will weaken if in the presence of unholy or demonic influence and is unable to exert his own power. This means anti-magic and anti-holy based weapons and spells are quite potent against him. Naivete: Though not unintelligent, Max is a bit gullible and open minded - his optimism and naturally trusting personality make it easy to manipulate him.
  14. A half second later, Dugall drew his own sword and brought it up in a sideways parry - just as Godsend struck in a vertical slash that would have split him in two. He pushed forward in a well executed low riposte. Nathan countered him, his blade lunging low then high, only to have his foe parry them both - his sword a blur in his hands. Back and forth the two humans fought - their swords and feet a flurry of movement - each too fast for the naked eye to follow. Like so many times before, their skills were absolutely equal; their blades ringing and repelling each other. Their eyes and attacks were focused solely on each other - neither paying the slightest attention to the dragon in their midst, and how could they? They were mortal enemies - this clash was one they had repeated times beyond count - each unable to best the other, but were determined this would be the one instance where he triumphed over his hated rival. Just as the sun began to set, just out of sight, their blades clanged against each other, once, twice, three times - then locked. Sweat dewed their faces; sparks flying from their swords as the stalemate continued. Arms quivered with effort as each pushed and tried to overpower his foe, in vain. Beneath their feet, the ground began to splinter and break from the force they were exerting. "Your skills are as sharp as ever, Jameson." Dugall admitted between breaths. "I daresay they are on par with my own. It will be by a razor thin margin, but you will lose." He leaned forward, then whispered. "And then I'm going to kill your scaly friend. I've always wanted to slay a dragon." "You wish." Nathan replied, gritting his teeth. "You can't win, Dugall. Even if you strike me down, the dragon is impervious to your weapon." "Are you so certain?" The assassin pushed a little harder, catching his foe with the edge of his sword. To the Paladin's surprise, the blade simply bypassed the armor - cutting into the flesh beneath. "The Ghostblade - Frostbite. All armor is useless before it, even yours. Even your friend's scales are no match...-" He was interrupted by Nathan rearing his head back and slamming it against his foe's in a brutal headbutt. Dugall jerked back in rage and pain. Seeing his chance, Nathan reared his blade back and struck hard in a left-to-right slash against Dugall's breastplate, just above the right pectoral. The attack did little damage to the steel, as expected, but it did dent it - probably bruising him. Dugall leaped away before any more damage could be done, rearing back into a defensive stance - a scowl on his face. "You're going to pay for that, Jameson." He snarled. "You're going to regret not making it a lethal hit." "I could have killed you right there, Dugall. I could have just gone for your head - and that would be the end of the 'world's greatest assassin.'" Nathan taunted. "Now why don't you leave before I do?" "Never." Dugall roared, then charged again. "It's all over for you, Nathan. You and the dragon."
  15. Lke before with Lord Gerold, Gods rest his soul, Nathan thought, the Watchers stood at attention and waited behind their leader. With one smooth motion, he sheathed his sword and fixed his posture. "I am Sir Nathaniel Jameson, leader of the Watchers team. With the unfortunate death of Lord Gerold, it falls upon me to act as commander of the defenders here." Nathan was using his "diplomatic, noncommittal tone for this conversation. His face was a mask; his expression unreadable. While it need not be said he wasn't ungrateful for the Order's assistance, experience had taught him to keep his emotions in check. Nevertheless, there was the ghost of a smile on his lips as he watched the soldiers march in perfect formation. A part of him admired their discipline and training. "By the authority vested in me by the good people of Landonia, I extend my greetings and give my heartfelt gratitude for your aid."
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