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  1. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    And it's now got its first volunteer. I have a Fairy Knight I've been aching to use. His name is Gale Hawk - and he's the child of an Undine Fairy and a Human.
  2. A Moonlit Flight

    It had been three years since Nathan and his companions first arrived on this continent on this very beach. Three years of bloodshed and battling the demonic all across the world. The group that would become The Watchers had, had its first triumph - its greatest loss and struggled onwards through thick and thin. Everything seemed to have happened so quickly though - he could barely remember some days that he had just turned 38. If he were to look in the mirror and compare himself to the picture in his wallet of the group when they had first arrived here - as a memento to mark the occasion, he would see only some minor differences: His hair was longer and he had grown out his beard. No doubt the creature he had intended to visit this night would remember him, facial hair or not. Age was quite different for dragons than it was for humans. Not that Nathan was an ordinary man in the strictest sense of the word. The passing of three years felt like the passing of months to him - given his enhanced condition, but to a Red Wyrm like the one the group had encountered - it would probably be like the blinking of an eye. Very likely, assuming she didn't group him with the unfortunates and fools that dared to enter her lair uninvited, she probably remembered him as if it were yesterday. For the occasion, Nathan chose to wear his suit instead of his armor - both as a show of peace and to mark the change that had taken place both in him and in the world. To a creature like a dragon - appearances meant much, as did a person's "aura". His had changed only a bit over the years. He had grown less eager to settle things with swords and more with words. In becoming leader of the Watchers team, he had learned that diplomacy and negotiation could be just as valuable as skill with a blade. In some cases, even moreso - as civilized people usually didn't settle matters by bludgeoning each other with oversized weapons. Not unless they had good reason to, anyway, he thought with a smirk. He started down the path leading to the Cold Mountains from Mageside City as per usual - on horseback - his name was Spero. After two weeks of riding - when the great animal refused to go further when they reached the outermost part of the icy peaks, Nathan released the reins and let his mount go. Spero was a good horse - brave, intelligent and loyal, and he knew the way back home. Nathan paused as he took in his surroundings. The area had not changed at all since he had last been here - a few more trees, maybe, but that was about it. The rock formations and snow-capped peaks loomed over him on all sides. Just ahead, not too far from the original landing where they had disembarked from their ship, he could make out a particularly large mountain- one that put all the others to shame in both height and in width. What most folks didn't know about him was that among Nathan's enhancements was a near-photographic memory. He could take one glimpse at any spot on a map and compare it to the land - and he could sketch the whole thing from memory. That served him well as he approached the shoreline - where he had first set foot on Genesaris. The waves were lapping on the shore - just the same as they did three years ago - though unlike before, the full moon was high in the sky above him - giving him a clear view despite the coming darkness. The last bits of daylight faded from sight - just as his acute hearing picked up the sound of the beating of wings from somewhere very far off. No doubt that meant she was up and about. Whether or not she was aware of his presence he could not tell, but he hoped it was so. He had only come to talk. A fact which he hoped was made evident in the fact he was only wearing a grey suit and tie as opposed to his armor. Hell, he had even forgone bringing along his sword, Godsend - all for the sake of this one mission. "May the Eternal Heavens watch over me." He intoned quietly - his dark eyes scanning the skies for the source of the sound. "May she see that my intentions are honorable and pure." A few more minutes of searching - and he zeroed in on his target. There indeed, flying above the treeline - descending from the mountain he had glimpsed earlier was the great red dragon. "And may she not think of me as a tasty midnight snack." He finished the prayer with some slight deprecating humor. It helped ease the tension he felt growing in his chest as he raised both his arms high.
  3. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for not being enough!
  4. Disturbing Signs. (Mageside City)

    ((I'll try and continue the rest of my storyline soon. Think of this as a warmup or a refresher. I'm not finished with this yet!)) ___________________________________________________________________ The group reconvened for a short time to discuss recent events not long after the month of the Hummingbird. Apparently, Max and Elias had discovered that a number of Gensarian cities had been destroyed during Whispernight by supernatural forces. That turned out to be the galvanizing force that Nathan had needed to reunite the group and fully close the fractures in the team. It was decided by unanimous decision that operations in Terrenus would be halted until the group could liberate each of those cities from their occupiers. Before that though, Nathan believed a bit of a change in their training style was necessary. Naturally, Nathan and Arthur were the most experienced fighters of the group, but therein lay the challenge. They were primarily strikers. They had little experience in grappling and even less in ground-fighting. So, to compensate, they had hired a professional to coach them. That man was Richard Drake. A native of Arthur's home of Shrine City, he had experience in both boxing and wrestling - and he pushed each of the Watchers to the limit with his coaching style. Every day just after 6 AM, the Watchers rose from bed and met in the weight room - where they focused on training to be more mobile, more explosive in their movements. It started with flexibility and stretching, followed by full-body weightlifting and functional strength movements. This was followed by lessons in the basics of footwork, agility, tactical thinking, striking and grappling both from standing positions and on the ground. After that, at about 8 AM, they shared a healthy, high protein breakfast of chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables and fish. This continued for several weeks afterwards - with each of the group showing great signs of progress - but especially Max. His strength had diminished with the loss of his Angelic power, but that didn't mean he couldn't regain some of his old spark. Out of all the Watchers, he surprisingly still showed great potential. Even if it was not quite superhuman like he was previously, he still moved forward by leaps and bounds. By the end of the fourth week, he was deadlifting 800 pounds, squatting 735 and benching over 600. It was during a particularly grueling session on the first day of their fifth week when all the Watchers stopped their exercises and gathered around him as he set on another two sets of 45 pound plates to each side of the bench-bar. Their combined weight added up to a total of 780 pounds. That was comparable to what he was benching back in his prime - when he first started out, back when he was superhuman. "Max, care to explain what you're doing?" Nathan asked as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He and Arthur had just finished with a round of focus-pads. "You know that you're supposed to keep at your current record for about two weeks before progressing. If you don't get rest days in between, you risk injuring yourself." "I can do it." Max said stubbornly as he sat down on the bench and got into position. "Powers or not, this is what I started at when I started training the first time." "Yes, but that was when you had powers. Your body is still in the recovery stage. Perhaps you should try for less - maybe 645?" "Nathan's right, Max." Said Elias. "Even I wouldn't go higher than my limit until I feel ready. I'm still at 600." "I think you're all being paranoid." Max deadpanned as he put his hands on the bar. "It's me, remember?" "Alright, but I'm spotting you." Nathan said as he took a position behind the bench and looked down. "Take a deep breath and exhale with every push upwards." "I know how to bench, thank you very much." Max replied dryly. "Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary." And with that, he tensed his shoulders, tightened his upper back and unracked the bar with difficulty - but straightened his arms. He held it in position, arms fully extended for a half-second before, trembling, he slowly lowered it down to his chest. All around, the Watchers' jaws dropped - and they stared in anticipation and amazement as the bar slowly rose. Even Nathan found it difficult to keep a straight face as he watched his comrade return the bar to its rack with a loud "clack"! "Told you... I could do it." Max said with a sharp exhale. "You don't need to prove yourself." Nathan said gently. "You're a valued member of this team. You showed your brass and your brawn when you fought the Leviathan." "And now he shows his brains." Arthur said, stepping forward. "Strength isn't everything. Face me on the mat - and I'll prove it." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Each combatant was well rested for a good hour or two before they began so they would have plenty of time to recover from their exercises, and in Max's case, it was followed by a rather large meal to replenish the calories he'd lost. Using that much strength in so short an amount of time had taken a lot out of him. He felt fully replenished and ready for the fight ahead. As with all the Watchers' practice matches, it started with a staredown. It was a matter of feeling each other out - gauging each other's skills through a quick, cursory glance. In Arthur's case, he'd agreed not to use his psychic power to avoid any unfair advantages. Doubtless he wouldn't need them anyway to prove his point. He had a reputation as the most skilled fighter of the team. He had, had significantly less time than the others to train because of his responsibility as a parent. And indeed, of them all he felt the least amount of need for it - given he was the one with the most experience, besides Nathan. Still, the others in the group couldn't help but wonder if his skills were waning because of the time he spent caring for Miya instead of practicing. Nathan knew better, however, as he watched Arthur's initial movements. The man moved brilliantly - even with just his opening stance. Standard kickboxing style, probably the eight-limbed version. Then there was that unmistakable gleam in his eyes. Taking care of his daughter hadn't weakened Arthur's resolve - it made him stronger than before. "Round one: Striking." Nathan called, signaling he had nominated himself to be the match's referee. No one objected. "Fight!" Max rushed in, aiming a right cross - with a flawed technique, Nathan noted as he took his rear foot off the ground before impact, halving the weight behind the attack. Arthur noticed too and took advantage with a 45 degree block and followed it immediately with a right elbow. A slight step from his back foot added extra weight and power to the impact, as did the twisting of his back and the area he struck - just above Max's collarbone. A bit harder and he might have broken the clavicle, which would have put Max out of action for weeks. As the younger man started to recoil in pain, Arthur completed the combo by dropping low and delivered a shin-sweep that took the Angel Knight right off his feet. "Round one goes to Arthur!" Nathan called. "Can anyone see what he did wrong?" Arthur asked as he reached down and helped the dazed Max back to his feet. Beside Nathan, Elias raised his hand slightly. "He took his foot from the ground instead of keeping it upraised." He pointed out. "And he misjudged the distance. That meant you had a split second to counter." "Very good, brother." Arthur said with a nod. "Proper boxing form should always include a firm base and stance. Unless you're backing away or trying to avoid a strike, your feet need to be kept on the ground at all times with the heel slightly upraised. And as for the distance, you are correct. He should have recognized that a jab or a leg kick would have been the better option. Crosses are powerful - and can be a good knockout punch, but they take time to set up." "Next round: Wrestling." Nathan said. It was time to see just how well rounded the guardsman was. Max held the advantage here. He had learned the basics of Amateur Wrestling from Nathan himself during their initial training - and had learned much more from Drake. Both men stood up with their hands upraised towards each other - awaiting Nathan's signal. "Begin!" This time it was Arthur who attacked first. Wrapping his hands around his struggling foe, he stepped behind Max and attempted a suplex - only to have the Angel Knight force his leg out and behind his foe's in a makeshift sweep, halting him before he could be lifted. With his free arm, he grabbed at Arthur's leg and transitioned into a takedown known as Run-the-Pipe - and forced Arthur hard onto his back. "Round two goes to Max!" This time Max helped the guardsman to his feet. The two stared at each other in silent respect. "Good use of your weight, Max." Gale pointed out. "And your use of angling. That leg takedown was well executed - forcing him off his center of gravity." "Round three: Grappling." Nathan said. This one would be the hardest for both of them, given their backgrounds and how little real experience they had in it. Time to change up the rules a bit as well. "First one to submission hold wins." What followed was both men starting on a kneeling position, with their arms locked. Upon Nathan shouting, "Begin!" what followed was a contest of pushing and pulling, each man trying to outmaneuver the other to gain an advantage. While it was clear that Arthur was faster and more mobile, Max was stronger and made liberal use of sprawls to avoid a takedown. A few minutes of more pointless flailing and both men tied up in a mutual leglock. Both attempted the same move - only to find his foe had already grabbed on. "I declare a tie." Nathan said after it became clear neither would back down - and he was in no mood for any broken ankles. "Well fought, from both of you. Max, it's clear you do know how to use your strength tactically as opposed to relying on it exclusively. However, you still need to relearn the basics. Having a well established technique is the key to maximizing your gains." He turned to his counterpart. "And you Arthur. It's clear you're a brilliant fighter in all aspects. But you need to keep pushing your body. If you let it plateau like you have, you'll have one less advantage. In combat, you need to look for an edge in everything: Speed, strength and reaction time." In Nathan's opinion it had been a very good day.
  5. News!

    I think I have just found a way to reintegrate myself into Valucre - and a possible new storyline involving my planned group, the Freedom Fighters: Liberating the destroyed cities from their monstrous infestations.
  6. What offends you?

    Seconded about non-detailed bios - I like it when I can read a lot about characters, though I will admit that not all of us actually want to put a lot of detail into our character's bio. So this one can be forgiven under certain circumstances. Overpowered characters - Self-explanatory. So boring. When people remind me of something I already know. Happens much more often than you think. My old man is a repeat offender. Because my Mum and my idiot brother have both turned their memory to hash with their drug problems, he has to remind them of everything about three or four times before they remember it. It's developed into a habit where he thinks I have the same memory problem. Internet Chat-Trolls. There's a reason why back on World of WarCraft I was known as the "Troll-Slayer". Every time somebody tried to stir up trouble on the Trade Chat, I would report their sorry butt - and since I was friends with a GM, they were banned. Permanently. Cockroaches - Disgusting, annoying little blighters. I sometimes think that Satan himself must have made them as an unremovable thorn in Mankind's side. When people try to tell me that MMA is a "blood sport" or a "human cock fight". In real life, I practice MMA and I personally think it's the best, most enjoyable thing I've ever done. It's helped me get into the best shape of my life, given me an outlet for my aggression, helped me to make real friends (my best friend is also my rival and sparring partner) and is going to be my choice of career: My plan is to become a Martial Arts Instructor once I'm done in UFC. Mayonnaise - Disgusting. I hate it on burgers. I hate it on sandwiches and I HATE. I HATE. I HATE Mayonnaise!
  7. On heroes, villains, and their antis

    Well, my heroes are not really rigid - but they are dedicated to a moral code that strictly prohibits harming the innocent. I try my very best to show them all as well-rounded and with developed personality. I have a clear-cut idea of what makes someone a hero or a villain. To be a Hero - they have to adhere to some kind of moral code and try to benefit others by their actions as much as possible. In their minds, justice is supposed to be fair. This is called "Utilitarianism". They stay within the law if they can, but most of my heroes operate somewhat independently of it. In fact, in some cases, if they feel they have no other options - they will break the law outright. Being the upstanding individuals they are, they will submit to whatever punishment the local authorities see fit. In some cases (Arthur, Isaac, Gale) their moral compass is a bit loose. In the first case - he won't kill (indeed, he's my version of Batman)- but will seriously wound and even cripple the bad guys if he feels it necessary. In the second, they disdain killing, but will if they have absolutely no other choice. Case in point, in the past during his career as a City Guard - Arthur viciously beat criminals to a pulp. In at least one case, he did so nearly to the point of death - and his superiors seriously considered relieving him of his commission for that very reason. Because at the last minute he restrained himself and because of his otherwise exemplary service, he was acquitted but kept on a much shorter leash. Even as a Watcher, if he sees a crime in progress, he'll try to resolve it while staying within the law. His natural impulse is to try and right the wrongs of the world. In Isaac's case, he's fairly manipulative, but very much grounded in morality. He knows how to pull strings and make things happen the way he wants - and he attempts to direct events to a end. ________________________________________________________________________________ In the case of villains - I have a viewpoint that they are set out to do harm purposely for no purpose other than amusement and self-interest. They could willfully choose to benefit others by their actions, but don't because they refuse to see the point, or indeed, deny that there is a point to it. In a few cases, they just flat out don't care. They think solely of themselves to whatever end and they willingly cross any line, be it deceit, theft or murder based on their whims. They feel themselves above all forms of reproach or punishment - and they think of everyone else as beneath them, having no attachment to them. It's difficult for me to express this fully, as I have few real villains that last because unlike film and comic books, they usually don't last beyond the story they feature in. Unlike most stories which feature law enforcement as insufficient, those that are captured are kept powerless and locked up without any further influence on society. And those that die obviously can't do anything else. Even demonic or undead based entities - once they are defeated by the Watchers' weapons cannot reform or come back in any way. ________________________________________________________________________________ Anti Heroes as others often say are a bit more grey (that rhymed!) - they operate for their own interests, to be sure, but even they have some moral restraints or have lines they refuse to cross. They do acknowledge there is at least some kind of morality in place - and so they often at least try and operate by it. My sole Anti-Hero, Dugall - is a complicated case. He is (strictly speaking) not a villain but still an evil man. He's not insane but not wholly sane either. He does acknowledge good and evil, right and wrong - but he adjusts his world view to suit his own version of morality. He has rules he abides by, he has lines he will not cross - but he acts largely out of self-interest. Hence, he's a mercenary. He fights for the side that pays the most, but prefers those he views as being morally right - especially if their offer gives him the opportunity for a good fight. In layman's terms, if you asked him straight up why he does what he does, he'd respond along the lines of: "9% is because I'm disgusted by this criminal's actions. 1% is for revenge. 90% of it is simply because I like it. I enjoy it." He fights evil most often because he thinks of morality as a sliding scale - taking out Baddies that are worse than him - strong in the conviction that those left behind will benefit from his actions, though that is more or less just an excuse for him to beat people up (if he thinks they deserve life) or kill them (if he feels they deserve death).
  8. Quest For An Upgrade (Open Quest for benaires)

    Today marked the first time that Garun Dugall had ever set foot in Ashville. It was a large city; boasting a sizable population of 5 million people, but this didn't seem to detract from its charm in any way. In fact, the more people one encountered, the more they would start to feel welcome. Even a loner like Dugall had to admit that it was somewhat pleasant seeing people tipping their hats and wishing him well as he walked through the streets. What struck him as odd was that no one bat an eye at his appearance, even though he stood a full six foot two and wore a dark brown, hooded cloak over his armor. His sword, Frostbite, hung in a scabbard on his belt - always kept at his side for ease of drawing and as a warning to any would-be attackers that he was not a man to be trifled with. But then, it was not as if that were not already obvious, he noted with some humor, from the unusual color of his eyes: They were yellow in color - a bright shade of gold that almost seemed to glow in dim places. Some of the more superstitious folk believed this to be some kind of demonic mark, a rumor that the assassin did nothing to dissuade, as he found it further enhanced his infamy and made people give him a wide berth when they saw him approach. That suited him just fine. He disliked the burdens of socialization and saw little need for friends and even less for such petty things as romantic relationships. It was unbecoming for the world's greatest assassin to have "friends" - and he liked it that way. Nevertheless, it was nice, even for that short time to have people treat him as if he were an honored guest. Even the well-to-do of the city stopped to give him a polite greeting as he passed them by. He hadn't expected the wealthy or the aristocracy to mingle with the more common folk - much less interact with someone they might identify as dangerous at best, or rabble at worst. Dangerous? Yes, Dugall thought with a smirk. Rabble? No. Dugall was in fact quite wealthy - a fact made possible by his career as a hired killer. Dugall cared little for money however - beyond its basic functions and he took much more pride in the collection of grisly trophies he'd taken from his kills over the years. Still, he made sure to keep a tidy sum on hand at all times - in case he should ever need a quick meal or tip off an informant. Some enemies were more easily bought than killed. Dugall stopped abruptly, taking care to avoid any traffic - and reached into his coat pocket. He pulled out a small, handheld map of the city - taking note of the various landmarks place on it. Since stepping off the airship, he made sure to periodically check up on his progress - familiarize himself with the layout of the city - a useful bit of knowledge in case he were to pursue a target or make a quick escape. Or better yet, know where to find work. Increasingly though, he found himself doubting that last part - as this seemed far too kind and welcoming a place for a mercenary. Still, experience had taught him - even the kindest, most welcoming of cities always had its share of secrets, lies and a dark underbelly. Now it was just a matter of finding it.
  9. Roleplaying forms of government and rule

    I have some experience wielding power in an RP setting. Most often, I find RP-ers respond well to a self-governing system. They like it when they let themselves be - unless they call for intervention from their leaders. Or (this being from my Kingdom Hearts experience) people respond well to a leader that tries to establish law and stability whilst respecting their personal freedoms. Largely, they want to rule themselves unless it comes up in RP storytelling. My personal belief is that any form of government can function provided it takes care of the basic essentials: Safety, taxation, economics (I prefer a laissez-faire, freestyle market approach to this one) and law. It works best if its doctrines and its ideals are flexible, but rooted in common principles. Furthermore, I'm a firm believer in the adage: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Hence, any leaders I make will inevitably govern based on consent and have an established, undeniable limit to their authority. Nathan for example is the leader of the Watchers based on his personal popularity, his charisma, his intellect and the fact that they all agree to defer to his authority freely. This is largely because his function is more similar to a military commander rather than a politician. In addition to his role as the group's strategist, he's also the one that mediates disputes, trains them, disciplines them when necessary and (though it's never come up) is the one to administer punishment and correction if they step out of line. His authority is limited because he'll never make a final decision unless the other members consent, a process which is made easier by the fact that the group is so small. Any larger organization would require additional leaders - and so, further power and responsibility would be needed to keep its members in line when necessary. Furthermore, because the Watchers are so informal and don't require any due process of becoming a member or leaving it (unless they choose a formal acceptance) - every one of its members is free to enter or leave its service at will. However, this is just my own opinion on the way it should work. I have no real experience in real life, so I can't say for sure how well it works.
  10. Evil vs evil

    I rescind my earlier statement. I had completely forgotten about an earlier thread I made a while back - one that I made with a friend about a criminal that actually teamed up with Arthur for a short time in order to take down a larger crime lord. A brief case of good allying with evil, I know, but still it technically does count. As per Genesaris, I have a real simple idea involving Dugall taking on another baddie I've been cooking up. Dugall's a mercenary, sure, but he's still very much an evil man. _________________________________________________________ In response to Die's post, I'd like to give the addendum that alignment doesn't force someone into cookie-cutter molds of behavior: Personality quirks and experiences make everyone different. It's quite possible for my Lawful Good heroes to grumble, be petty, lose their tempers, etc. Just the same, it's also possible for even the worst of my Chaotic Evil Baddies to feel lonely and desire companionship or even have someone to call friend. As for when Baddies betray each other in my works, it's not because they're enemies - it's because they're in each other's way. Unless they happen to be the embodiments of abstract concepts - like what the demonic are in my works. Because with demons, there's no real Valucrean "mold" to speak of - I find it helpful to have them be actual entities that exist to destroy for destruction's sake, or betray each other in order to advance their own, often destructive goals. They are capable of higher thought, reasoning and theoretically could be turned to a different line of thinking - but most (almost always) are just innately vicious and purposely cause misery for their own amusement.
  11. Evil vs evil

    Right, sorry. Well, to my knowledge - there's only been one instance - in a topic I had never finished called: "The Old Dragon" - in which, several demons tried to kill Nathan and an old character I had named Justin. Since they're vying for an empty throne in Hell, one of them abandons his comrades to their fates and allows them to die, hoping to dispose of two birds with one stone.
  12. Evil vs evil

    I've often seen Evil vs. Evil matches that come with villains turning on each other after their alliance runs its course. Take the events of the opening cinematic of Mortal Kombat: Deception for example. After the two sorcerers, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi (The Deadly Alliance) defeat Raiden (God of Thunder) - the narrator says that suspicion and lust for power overcomes them both and they end up fighting. Something quite similar happened when I was back on a Kingdom Hearts RPG Forum. After my character started to lose a fight with two enemy RP-ers, they started to distrust each other and fought. (I won that fight in the end by the way) Alternately, there's the age-old struggle of Order (or Law) vs. Chaos. Using D&D's system of alignments (or indeed, it's example in the old lore of the Blood War) - Lawful Evil opposes Chaotic Evil because the former seeks to gain absolute power, establish tyranny and domination - the latter just wants to burn it all down and dance on the ashes. Or, there's also the Tolkien version: "Often shall hatred hurt itself" - that being, it's because of its all-consuming, destructive nature, evil will inevitably end up consuming itself.
  13. Name: Nathaniel Jameson. Alias(es): Sir. Nathan. Nate. Paladin. Paragon. Race: Human. (Enhanced Condition) Profession: Paladin. Watcher. Vigilante. Age: 38. Gender: Male. Marital Status: Divorced. Height: 6'4". Weight: 254 lbs. Hair Color: Dark brown. Eye Color: Brown. Skin Color: Olive. Build: Very muscular. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Relatives: *Michael Jameson. (Father, deceased) *Helen Jameson. (Mother, deceased) _________________________________________________________________________________________ History: Nathan was born in Le'Chery, Iselyr to lesser nobility, the only child of Michael and Helen Jameson. From an early age, he displayed a keen mind, was labeled a prodigy and he repeatedly impressed his tutors, quickly grasping every subject taught to him - from mathematics to geography, languages and military tactics. He says little of his early years, except that he aspired to be a knight from the time he could first hold a sword. His parents tried to steer him away from this, insisting he try to find more conventional work, but he refused. Eventually, they relented - and he was given instruction in the ways of the blade. By age twelve, he was already noted as an excellent swordsman - and had become a Squire in the Knights of the New Dawn - apprenticed to Sir Tor, a senior knight. Seeing the boy's potential, Tor trained him further in other skills in preparation for battle with the demonic: Military strategy, horsemanship and hand-to-hand combat. At age thirteen, Nathan's magical abilities began to manifest - allowing him immunity and control over electricity and lightning. Seeing that he had the Gift - Tor personally vouched for him as he rose through the ranks -by age twenty two, he had earned a knighthood - adding the title "Sir" to his name. At age twenty five, his training was complete - and he became a full-fledged Paladin and member of the Order. When war began with the demonic, he saw his first taste of real battle on the losing side of the Battle of Gorand, fought in E'Kraun Forest where he destroyed a Duke of Hell and later participated in the defense of Le'Chery. Nathan's valor in combat and larger-than-life personality earned him great respect from superiors and peers alike - and he was frequently sent on risky missions meant to aid the Order's cause. He traveled extensively throughout this period - striking an alliance with the Fair Folk where he met Gale Hawk (eventually recruiting him) - uncovered and destroyed the Brotherhood of the Pale Horse (a demon worshiping cult) and earned himself great honor by defeating Beleth, one of the Kings of Hell in single combat. At age thirty, he met his future apprentice, Maximus White - the two becoming fast friends. Together with Gale, the three of them fought in dozens of battles against the demonic with the intent of freeing their homeland, a goal they were never successful in. Also during this time, he met, fell in love with and married a woman named Eriel. For the next three years, life was good for Nathan - he had a high position in the Order, an apprentice and a loving wife. However, tragedy struck when his parents died in a demonic raid on Le'Chery. Furious, Nathan very nearly succumbed to his anger and struck down the demons that assaulted his family in revenge - but was eventually brought back to his senses by Gale and Max. Not long after this, his wife, dissatisfied with his being away at war for so long (and the fact Nathan did not want children) demanded a divorce. Hurt, Nathan only reluctantly agreed after a prolonged argument in which he unsuccessfully attempted to change her mind - and the marriage was divorced. For the next year, Nathan buried his grief in combat - fighting hundreds of demons and attempting to liberate each land one-by-one. Tragedy was to strike yet again, as during a trip to capture a Hydra at sea, Iselyr was destroyed in an event known as The Doom - in which the entire continent sank beneath the waves. Left with no home, Nathan and his company departed on their boat to the nearest continent - Genesaris, intent on finding a new purpose. The group landed in the Cold Mountains where they encountered a Red Dragon named Mladris. After a short but tense standoff, Nathan and the group were able to convince her of their good nature and peacefully departed with a new companion in tow: The Angel Jophiel, who instantly became attracted to Max. After a two month long journey across Genesaris, the group arrived in Mageside City, where they made contact with Maxwell Marshall, Gale's cousin - who proposed a plan to re-establish the Order in Genesaris with Nathan as its leader. Deciding that less formality and more mobility was needed, Nathan agreed and (after a number of misadventures across the world) the group established the team known as The Watchers. As per their first mission, the Watchers fought and defeated a powerful demon called The Leviathan. With their victory, the group earned worldwide government approval, the love of the citizens - and a new purpose: To hunt down and eradicate the creatures of Hell. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: Nathan is considered by many to be the world's greatest Paladin. Defined by courage, righteousness and an indomitable spirit - he is naturally charismatic and draws others to his ideals through his words, actions and force of personality. As noted by Arthur Morn, Nathan genuinely believes in the Watcher's cause of destroying demons to safeguard Mankind, a trait which the guardsman finds admirable. Although suffering no false pride, Nathan holds great confidence in himself and his team - which others note heightens his ability to lead. Out of combat, Nathan is polite and soft-spoken with an almost musically smooth voice that others find calming and reassuring. He maintains that he can be approached under any circumstance and often keeps an open ear to other's opinions and suggestions. Whether in regards to philosophy or his leadership style, he gives outside ideas some thought and even welcomes opinions contrary to his own, provided they prove their logic. While he refuses compromise his ideals, he does allow some measure of flexibility in his decision making and looks often for alternative solutions to conventional problems. This further enhances his reasonable image and makes it easy for him to earn trust. As well, it also makes him an adept strategist and makes it difficult for his enemies to counter his tactics. Although slow to anger and quick to forgive any slights, Nathan dislikes talking about his past and becomes noticeably uneasy if questioned about it - especially in regards to his failed marriage. In the rare times when he is angered, his voice becomes cold and flat - his expression barely changing; though his eyes appear to glow as if giving off intense heat - a trait which others find unnerving. In other matters, Nathan enjoys soft music and listening to others having fun. He is at his happiest when his teammates mingle freely and make small talk, often sitting in the corner, watching festivities unfold with a gentle smile on his face. Nathan's favorite food is Apple Pie - and his favorite drink is Apple Cider, once claiming to have drank a whole barrel of it in one sitting. In terms of religion, Nathan still clings to the old belief in the Seven Gods of Virtue - choosing to believe that they were released when his home continent disappeared. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships: Arthur Morn: Although he is close to all the other Watchers, Nathan's closest friend (and unofficial second-in-command) is Arthur Morn. Though they have quarreled over matters of morality and tactics in the past, the two have great respect for each other - along with a deep seated trust. In battle, they cover each other well: Often fighting back-to-back, they make a lethal team. Outside combat, they often go for drinks and spend hours making small talk - debating philosophy or playing good-natured pranks on each other. Only once have they truly had any bad blood, but even then, it was quickly forgiven and forgotten - showing just how deep their friendship goes. In a recent interview, Nathan described Arthur as like the younger brother he never had; saying he trusts the guardsman with his life. Maximus White: Nathan's apprentice and valued friend - the two have a close relationship that almost resembles that of a father and son. Upon their first meeting, Max's kind and honest nature immediately impressed Nathan, to the point where he saw in the younger man's compassion the potential to become a truly great Paladin. Nathan appreciates Max's optimism and piety; thinking of him as steady, reliable and prudent. For his part, even after his training was complete, Max still insisted on referring to Nathan as "Master" as a sign of respect. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Abilities: Master Swordsman: Nathan's swordsmanship has been honed to a masterful level - to the point where he is considered the greatest swordfighter among the Watchers. He has fought the powerful assassin Garun Dugall near equally numerous times - and has nearly bested the likes of Arthur Morn in a sparring match when the latter was armed with his spear. The guardsman has even admitted Nathan might win if they fought using weapons and bare hands. Nathan's style of swordsmanship is extremely aggressive; combining elements of both German and traditional longsword fencing meant to hew his opponents. He eschews most forms of defense in favor of straightforward, brutal strikes. With hacking and hammering at his opponents whilst exploiting any weakpoints, he can defeat most adversaries with brute force. In times that he is forced on the defensive, he aims to parry and riposte rather than static blocks - always aiming to turn force and kinetic energy against his opponent. Master Combatant: Trained by the Golden Order and by Nobu, Nathan is a master of unarmed combat and has knowledge of several different Martial Arts. These include disciplines resembling Bareknuckle Boxing, Jujitsu and Tiger Fist - Kung Fu. Like his swordsmanship, Nathan is aggressive, fast and deadly - always aiming for a strong blow instead of prolonged combat. With his claw-like hands and great strength, he tears into his opponents or sends them flying with his blows. He is also a skilled grappler - able to switch between throws, groundwork and submission holds with ease. If he is forced to defend himself, he relies on footwork and blocking with his forearms to avoid injury. Nathan's level of unarmed combat skill is at least on par with the likes of Dugall, Arthur Morn and Isaac Crane - allowing him to take on large groups of opponents, defeat both Gale Hawk and Max even when they attacked him simultaneously and fight his former mentor, Nobu to a standstill. Indomitable Willpower: Nathan is an extremely determined person. Through sheer grit and willpower alone he has been able to push himself past his limits time and again, endure life-threatening injuries and pull through - and even once managed to shrug off possession by a King of Hell, something the demon truly thought to be impossible. His willpower is so great he can also ignore pain and endure physical torture for long periods without breaking. Above all, it is his determination, willpower and charisma that truly make him the leader of the Watchers team. Powers: Electrokinesis: Nathan's manifestation of the Gift (Magic) is total immunity and control over electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of particles such as protons and electrons. Most often, this ability manifests as destructive blasts of superheated plasma generated from his fingertips or from his sword. The drawbacks to this power mean that he cannot affect rubber or silicate - electrically resistant materials that are not conductive to the type of energy he gives off. Furthermore, his electrical power is not able to be generated in a vacuum - such as an airless environment like the depths of space. Also, because his cells constantly give off a more powerful bioelectrical aura than normal, he must consume either a large amount of food or absorb additional electrical energy to sustain himself. If he uses up too much energy, he will weaken considerably. Magically Enhanced Physiology: Through a combination of training and sorcery, Nathan possesses enhanced human abilities including heightened strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, intelligence and granted him advanced healing - all bordering on low-end superhuman. While he lacks the same specialization that his comrades have, he is very well rounded and is proficient in nearly every area. Enhanced Strength: Through intense weight training and with his electrically charged muscles, Nathan has low-level superhuman strength well above normal humans. Though no upper limit has yet been shown, he has displayed himself able to lift and support the weight of a log stated to weigh around 1,000 pounds with moderate difficulty. His strength allows him to bend steel, smash through solid walls and in combat allows him to send opponents flying with his blows. Though his strength is less than that of fellow Watcher, Max, he is still is powerful enough to stagger the Angel Knight with his punches. His combination of strength, muscle control and highly advanced combat skills make him an extremely formidable fighter. Enhanced Durability: Nathan's muscles and bones are far denser than normal, allowing him to not only survive high velocity impacts without fracture or damage, but at times shrug them off completely. Though he is not bulletproof, he is still able to keep on his feet even after being shot with a small handgun. In another example, he was struck in the head with a wooden baseball bat (which broke on contact) and showed only minor discomfort and annoyance. However, his durability is not infallible and he can be injured or even killed if repeatedly struck with powerful enough blows. Enhanced Speed: Nathan can run and move at speeds rivaling or exceeding Olympic athletes, though his top running speed has been measured at about 30 miles per hour. He can keep up with vehicles on foot and can make short but intense dashes that allow him to avoid attacks. His speed is no match for fellow Watcher, Gale, but Nathan remains extremely quick and light on his feet. Enhanced Stamina: So long as Nathan has adequate energy sources, such as food or ambient electricity, his body will produce less fatigue toxins than normal - allowing him to push his body harder, longer than any normal man. Without these energy sources, he can function at peak capacity for several hours before showing any tiredness. Enhanced Healing: With adequate energy, Nathan's body will mend damage done in much less time than normal. While he cannot regenerate lost limbs or damage done to his brain, any wounds that are not immediately fatal will not kill him or leave permanent damage. Cuts, scratches and scrapes heal in hours - while broken bones will mend in days. As a result, he has great immunity to disease, infection and toxins. As a result of his extremely healthy cells and his balanced, heavy lifestyle he ages more slowly than normal - estimated by his friends that he will be able to survive up to 150 years. Genius Intellect: Though he has great strength, speed and combat prowess, it is in the mind that Nathan truly shines through. He is considered the strategist of the Watchers because of his vast memory, aptitude for tactics, problem solving and charisma. He is able to come up with effective strategies, even under pressure. With his calm, collected nature he is highly analytical and able to deduce an opponent's fighting style, level of fitness and their weaknesses just by watching them in action. _______________________________________________ Weaknesses: Although powerful, Nathan does have a few glaring weaknesses. Defensive tactics: Nathan's fighting styles rely mostly on offense - and so if he is met with a dogged opponent able to stand-toe-to-toe with him, he will be forced into unfamiliar territory and be at a disadvantage. Suggestion: Though he possesses a psychic shield able to block out mind control and possession attempts, Isaac speculates the best way to defeat Nathan's electrical power is to use a post-hypnotic suggestion in his sleep. If he can be convinced he is unable to control his powers, the theory goes, he will subsequently be overwhelmed by the amount of energy his body is giving off - often endangering others and forcing him to abandon the fight to safeguard their lives. Morality: Nathan's own sense of morality is a two-edged sword - being both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. He believes wholeheartedly in the concept of fair play and will assume others will as well. A pragmatic or amoral opponent that fights dirty will have the advantage against him.
  14. "Can you hear them? All these people who've lived in terror of you and your judgement? All these people whose ancestors devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves, to you. Can you hear them singing? Oh, you like to thing you're a god. But you're not a god. You're just a parasite eaten out with jealousy and envy and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorrow.'

    'So, come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you've got a big appetite, because I have lived a long life and I have seen a few things: I walked away from the last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space. Just me.'

    'I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man. I've watched universes freeze and creations burn. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I have lost things you will never understand. And I know things. Secrets that must never be told. Knowledge that must never be spoken. Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze!'

    'So come on, then! Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all!"

    The Doctor, Rings of Akhaten.

  15. Well, I've been looking to push my character - Dugall as the Anti-Watcher figure, but that plan has never quite gotten off the ground. The idea being there's an evil, extremely powerful and skilled assassin who can equal any of the Watchers individually in combat - acting as a recurring antagonist. Then there was the third phase of my Watchers plan - which might or might not still be possible. Spoiler alert for anyone who doesn't want to know. Lastly, the other plan that never quite got off the ground was a sub-plot of the Watchers storyline: It involved three gems - a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire - all cut into heart shapes. Once united, the three would be used to amplify the three brother's powers - making them significantly stronger. Nathan would get the emerald - granting him additional superhuman strength and a measure of control over earth. Max would get the ruby - giving him increased heat resistance and additional fire powers. And of course, Gale would get the sapphire - increasing his power over water and even allowing him access to ice based abilities.