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  1. Well, I've been looking to push my character - Dugall as the Anti-Watcher figure, but that plan has never quite gotten off the ground. The idea being there's an evil, extremely powerful and skilled assassin who can equal any of the Watchers individually in combat - acting as a recurring antagonist. Then there was the third phase of my Watchers plan - which might or might not still be possible. Spoiler alert for anyone who doesn't want to know. Lastly, the other plan that never quite got off the ground was a sub-plot of the Watchers storyline: It involved three gems - a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire - all cut into heart shapes. Once united, the three would be used to amplify the three brother's powers - making them significantly stronger. Nathan would get the emerald - granting him additional superhuman strength and a measure of control over earth. Max would get the ruby - giving him increased heat resistance and additional fire powers. And of course, Gale would get the sapphire - increasing his power over water and even allowing him access to ice based abilities.
  2. Your Best Fighter

    Well, I was kind of speaking from a narrative standpoint. Given my own experiences with T1 combat, I'd say just about anyone can equal anyone if one side disagrees enough - but given my own form of combat and the fact that all of my partners have been reasonable, open minded folks, the fights go about even anyway - until I establish clearly the difference between them. Pound for pound, my boys are nowhere near higher level superhuman, but they'd be able to take on anybody in our world today, both in physicality and in technical skill. Perhaps a better way of putting this would be which of them is the most skilled in a narrative standpoint? Dugall - Mastered 8 different fighting styles. Arthur - 7 different black belts, with a whole lot of cold, logical pragmatism. Nathan & Isaac, both have 6 and 7 respectively. Gale - 2 with an unofficial 3rd. Elias, Max - Both have 3. Before you say it - I know, in reality, who fights with many styles masters none - but that isn't the case in fiction. Especially since there's guys with Magic running around.
  3. Your Best Fighter

    Hello once again. (Don't you just hate me now?) We've discussed our strongest characters and our character's favorite foods, now I think we should discuss which of them is the most skilled in combat? Obviously, that's a very relative term, so I figure the best way to avoid overgeneralizing is to sort it into experience, skill and styles. Mine for example: Garun Dugall is by far the most talented combatant in all areas. He's quite literally been training his whole life to be a living weapon - unarmed combat, swordsmanship, spearmanship, you name it and he's good at it. He's the self-proclaimed best assassin in the world for a reason. His hand-to-hand fighting skill is superior to Nathan and Arthur though only by a slim margin. Arthur is the second best in hand-to-hand. His experience is about 18 years - and he's got military training. Though not shown just yet, Dugall considers him one of three worthy opponents able to match him. Arthur is also the best spearman of the Watchers. Third is a tie between Nathan and Isaac. Nathan's hand-to-hand skills are surpassed only by the two above by a very slim margin. He's a master of 3 different fighting styles - and Arthur admits he would lose if Nathan got a lucky shot in. Dugall thinks of Nathan as the second of three men able to beat him. In terms of swordsmanship, however, his ability exceeds them both. Isaac is equal to Nathan in hand-to-hand - and surpasses any of the others on this list in marksmanship. He admits that Arthur has surpassed him in hand-to-hand, (a given since Isaac trained him) - but he's far more experienced. Comparatively speaking, Elias, Gale and Max are less skilled than the top three, but they are highly capable combatants in their own right. There is a chance any of them could win if they fought, but it would be a hard won battle.
  4. What is it that pushes your character?

    The Watchers are a tight-knit group. They're loyal to each other through thick and thin. Several times, they refer to themselves not just as a team, but also as a family. Yet they all have their own, personal reasons for staying together. Nathan is the one that gives them direction: He's the team leader that charts the course, draws up the plan and inspires them. His desire is to destroy as many demons as he possibly can. His parents and his mentor taught him that Mankind is basically good - but that the demonic are attempting to corrupt it. The only way that Humanity can reach its fullest potential is if the world is free of the demonic. Arthur largely follows Nathan - and his motivation is his love for his family. He fights for his brother Elias and to make the world safe for his daughter. A bit of personal justice also plays a role: He's a former city guardsman, (I.E: A former cop) so he wants to go along and beat up criminals, thinking that'll do it. A bit like the superhero, Batman, he lost his parents at an early age - and so his outlet for his grief and rage is to correct injustices. Elias is about the same as his twin; he fights for his family. Only he's much happier and more carefree than Arthur - so he's all about having fun on the way. Given that he's the younger brother and has less responsibility, he's all about having a good time. Something of a hedonist, he follows the group's ideals but will also take time to stop and smell the roses. In Max's case, he's motivated by faith. He believes he's a living weapon of divine retribution. While undyingly loyal to his family, (indeed, he views Nathan as a father-figure) he's also obsessed with what he sees as his "crusade". However, he's not a fanatic - and in fact, he greatly respects other beliefs. He thinks that the various religions are more or less the same - that they all serve different aspects of a single deity. Gale is a bit more complex. Given that he is half-fairy, he struggles with feelings of arrogance and manipulation - and Nathan is one of very few humans that holds an alliance with the Fair Folk. The Fae are obsessed with obligations - and since Nathan helps him remain stable and grounded in morality, he owes him his loyalty. Then there's the fact that Gale's homeland was burned by the demonic - so he naturally thinks the Watchers are in the right by eliminating demons. In his case, it's slightly leaning more towards vengeance.
  5. Why do you write?

    My reason for writing is simple: It's what I love doing. Creating works of art and ever trying to surpass my previous writings is simply my passion. I care little for the monetary aspect of it, less for the fame, but I do like it when people appreciate my works. My fellow writers from my past Forums have all asked me why I haven't sought out a publisher - though the reason for that is because I don't want to become some company's dog. The moment that greed overtakes passion is the moment that it's no longer art, but business.
  6. So shines a good deed in a weary world. This is my first official return topic. I intend for it to be a short one; see if I still got the moves. It's very simple in premise: The Watchers have dispatched two of their members to Tia - intent on helping secure it. Along the way, they meet a new creation of mine - a fledgling vigilante. The three of them work together to quell the riots in Civil War affected Tia. What I need is somebody to play a bad guy. Preferably a rabble-rouser or a demagogue (or just a good old fashioned sorcerer with mind-control juju) causing trouble and stirring the Vampires and Humans into fighting with each other as an attempt to kill or deter the Watchers. It is that simple. Anyone interested?
  7. So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

    ~10:30 PM, local time~ ___________________________________________________________________________ The vigilante group known as The Watchers had never been to Tia before, but of the five of them, the one with the most experience for it would have been either Nathan or Arthur. The ones that the Watchers had sent however, were neither of them. Nor were they the ones most experienced in technological marvels. In fact, both men held such things with disdain and in the case of one of them, with some measure of fear. Those two were Arthur's brother, Elias Morn - and the Fairy Knight, Gale Hawk. They both trusted Nathan's judgment and they went about the city on their assignment without question - but the younger Morn twin couldn't help but wonder if their leader was flawed in his way of thinking. His reasoning was that both men were experienced working together - and that Elias was the best of them at reconciling differences. Furthermore, they both favored stealth and speed in their fighting styles as opposed to brute force. In his mind, this was a situation that required a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. All that made sense, of course, but neither he nor Gale were particularly fond of technology - and neither of them was fond of Vampires either. That was to say, Elias didn't mind them, but it didn't strike him as right for a creature to feed on human blood. The recent upheaval meant that tensions were high between the Vampire and Human populations. Sporadic violence and suckings became increasingly frequent, as did reprisals against those that had nothing to do with the attacks. This in turn led to further bloodshed and made the whole situation worse. Elias had done his best to keep the peace; several times he had intervened on behalf of the Vampires - stopping human attacks against the ones he knew were not responsible and occasionally beating the offenders unconscious before handing them over to the security forces. The number of Vampire to human attacks were less frequent, but he knew that sooner or later he might be called to intervene. For his part, Gale kept to himself - often going out at night, supposedly to gather intel. Several times, the next morning - he usually did so whilst covered in bruises. He didn't answer when questioned, but at a guess, and from the lack of bite marks - he had been busy as well. After the third night this week on patrol, Elias decided that a routine change was necessary - and suggested they head out for drinks. Surprisingly, Gale agreed on the condition that Elias foot the bill. They headed out from their (temporary) headquarters in a small hotel room and started walking the rest of the way to Jidoor Hall - the largest of the taverns & inns in the city. While on the way, Elias noted that tonight was particularly quiet. The streets seemed deserted. Even the usually noisy Steamgear Clan's HQ (an abandoned factory on the lower east ring) was deathly silent. That struck Elias as unusual, especially because he had frequently spent his patrols targeting their members - focusing on taking them out whenever he wasn't settling disputes. The gang was notorious for abducting tourists and citizens at night and was responsible for a series of violent muggings. Elias had broken up more than three of those in as many nights. Now, there was nothing. No trace of life anywhere. "Gale." He said, putting a hand on his companion's shoulder. "Do you hear anything?" "No, why?" The Fairy Knight replied. "Do you?" "No. That is why I'm suspicious." "Think this may be linked to the riots?" Gale asked, coming to a halt. "Normally, I've heard this is a city that never sleeps." "It's a strong possibility." Elias agreed. "Let's investigate." _____________________________________________________________________________ In another section of the city, the boxer, Jack Ortega* was likewise out on a late-night walk, for much the same reasons as the Watchers. Though he was ignorant to their current presence in the city, he was aware of them by reputation - as he frequently read the papers and had become a great fan of their exploits. Fighting demons and criminals alike - taking down those that the law wouldn't. It seemed they were doing the world a favor. In between fights, Jack prowled the streets like his hero, Arthur Morn, dispensing his own brand of justice. His skills which served him so well in the ring also played well into his efforts against the criminal underworld. Slightly shorter than the average Terrenian male, Jack was still extremely muscular - and frequently cited as being perhaps the strongest pound-for-pound boxer in Terrenus. He recently tried his hand in the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts - specializing in grabs, holds and quick strikes. Jack wasn't normally the type to do vigilante work, but recent events had changed his mind. Using his Mixed Martial Arts training (and donning a biker's helmet), he went about the city at night, beating muggers and purse-snatchers to a pulp with his bare hands. Tonight proved to be somewhat boring, however - as he found nothing. No purse-snatchers, no muggers, not even a civic dispute. The whole city was quiet as a graveyard. Turning away from that morbid line of thinking, he rounded the corner of Riverside Park and the adjacent structures and kept going, making sure to keep his head low and his eyes open. ((*This is a general idea of what he looks like))
  8. Disturbing Signs. (Mageside City)

    Nathan spent some time after the meeting in the gym, venting his frustration by punching the heavy bag - at least his enhanced strength broke the chain connecting it to the ceiling and the bag fell over, spilling sand every which way. That was the third one he'd destroyed so far. Maxwell would probably have a fit over him wasting good training equipment, but he didn't care. Why did matters like this have to be so complicated? When did the day and age pass when it was simply the team doing battle against the demonic? Things were so much simpler back then, before all this. The group had been heroes, contrary to what Gale said - and seeing the smiles and waves and hearing the cheering crowds whenever Nathan went on his daily runs were a sure sign that they were doing good in the world. Now it came down to trying to balance the team's conflicting loyalties and tempers. Arthur had gained control over much of his anger, but his former life remained a sore spot. Gale's natural cynicism and lingering bitterness over his mother's death caused him no end of grief, namely because he never kept his mouth shut. And of course, Max with his situation... It was all more than Nathan could bear. As if he wasn't already dealing with emotional problems of his own, he had to be the reliable one. He was the only dependable one in this situation. Somehow he would have to figure out how to get the team to come clean about their insecurities and start learning to trust each other again. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door open. Arthur stepped through, his expression unreadable. "Hello, Nathan." He said quietly. His voice was flat. His tone one of careful blankness. The paladin didn't answer. He stared coldly at his counterpart - as though the piercing gaze would discern his intent. Arthur merely stared listlessly back at him, arms hanging loosely at his side. "I'll leave you to your exercises then." Arthur said after a long moment. As he turned to leave, Nathan stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. Slowly, the guardsman turned back to face him. His eyes finally showed emotion. Sadness and a hint of regret too. "You have something you wish to say." Nathan said. It was not a question. "Say it." "I came to say I'm sorry." The guardsman replied almost at once. "I acted rashly - in front of you and the whole council - and I apologize." "You're sorry?" Nathan said, incredulous. He felt the temptation to mock the attempt, but resisted it. Arthur hadn't come to mock, he had come to make peace. Slowly, he mastered himself and nodded. "I accept your apology, but I think there's another that is owed a reparation." "I know. Gale and I have already said our sorries. He wants to apologize to you personally in the courtyard." If the floor beneath Nathan's feet was less solid than concrete, he would have dropped through it and fallen to the core of the planet. It was incredible. The group had already taken an initiative and acted of their own accord? Better still, they had made peace all on their own. "I'll be there in a minute." Nathan said, gesturing sheepishly to the mess he'd made. "I'd better clean this up." "I'll join you." Arthur said, a small smile appearing on his face. "Two are better than one." ___________________________________________________________________________________ After they had thoroughly cleaned the gym, the two walked slowly to the gardens. Gale liked to frequent them as they reminded him of the Fairy's domain back in Iselyr, except they, unlike the enchanted forest were regular, non-magical flowers and trees. The Fairy Knight was indeed there, sitting on the bench in the middle of the courtyard - his long red hair hanging over his eyes. Nathan knew however that Gale was already aware of his presence, even before he approached. "Hello, Master." Gale greeted formally. The antipathy and normally omnipresent hint of smarmy arrogance was completely absent from his voice. "Has Arthur already told you?" Nathan nodded. "Indeed." Gale's face was completely hidden by his long locks, but Nathan could detect the presence of a frown and a low, almost inaudible sigh. Finally, he spoke slowly. "Regardless, I feel I should say that I am sorry." "There is nothing to forgive, Gale." Nathan said, approaching him. He halted a short distance away and reached out his hand. "We are brothers after all." Gale took his hand and rose to his feet. He was almost of a height with Nathan, if shorter by just a few inches. "I do apologize for the argument earlier, and for what I must do." Nathan regarded him quizzically. "What do you mean?" Finally, Gale looked up - his hair parting and allowing Nathan to see the dark blue of his irises. Like the deepest oceans. "I'm leaving the Watchers." Nathan blinked, then squinted. "Come again?" He was sure that he had just heard something crazy. Gale must have misspoke or some... "I said that I am leaving the Watchers." He repeated. Just like that, Nathan felt as if Gale had stuck a knife through his chest and into his heart. "I'm going to head out on my own. I don't deserve to stand among you anymore. Consider it my act of penance for...-" Nathan reared back and with a speed that surprised even himself, and he struck the Fairy Knight across the face with his open palm. Gale fell to his knees in less than a heartbeat, his cheek red and his lip bloody. He looked up at the now fuming Nathan with his previously blank expression turned to one of incredulity, confusion and anger. "What the Hell was that for!?" "For being such a fool!" Nathan replied angrily. Arthur rushed past him to the Fairy Knight's side and helped him to his feet. "What in Valjer's name is wrong with you, Nathan?" "As if I would even consider expelling you from the group!" Nathan replied, throwing his arms up. "Such a thing is unthinkable!" "Unthinkable?" Gale echoed. "I nearly destroyed our team with this petty bickering!" "Is that what you think?" Nathan replied, his eyebrow raised. "That somehow, I would think it prudent to cast away a valuable member of our team and just let him wander the world, alone - all over a disagreement? Have you taken leave of your senses, Gale?" "I was about to ask you the same thing!" The Fairy Knight said, gesturing to his cheek. "You hit me?" "Consider that your penance." Nathan said. "And if I recall, that was part of your knighting. To help you remember your oaths." The memory came for both of them - brief and bright and sharp. That day was almost twelve years ago, now, when Gale was officially welcomed into the Knights of the New Dawn and pledged his loyalty to the cause - and to Nathan. "And if I remember further," Nathan continued. "the Fair Folk take the letter of their word very seriously. One of your oaths was that you would serve by my side through thick and thin. Therefore, to send you away would violate that oath and bring us both dishonor. Therefore, your place is here. With your brothers. With your family." He made sure to emphasize that last word. The Watchers had indeed become as close as family in bond, if not through their shared oaths. "I seem to have forgotten my oaths." Gale said after another tense silence. "Then I accept this punishment." He pushed himself into a kneeling position. "Allow me to reiterate them then, here and now." Nathan smiled. "Very well then." The words came easily to him. "Gale Hawk of the Fairy Folk, in the presence of this witness," he gestured to Arthur, "and in the sight of the Divine - do you swear to uphold the virtues of all the Gods?" "I do." "Do you vow to be undyingly loyal to your lord, unless he issues a command that would bring you dishonor?" "I do." "And do you vow to oppose evil in all its forms?" "By my blood and honor, I do." "Then again, arise, Sir Gale Hawk, the Fairy Knight of the Watchers." With that he helped his comrade back to his feet. "And welcome back, old friend."
  9. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    My next post will be longer. Just setting up Dugall here. Just be aware, not everything is as it seems.
  10. Disturbing Signs. (Mageside City)

    ~Watchers Mansion, Mageside City~ __________________________________________ In light of recent events in Terrenus, the vigilante group dubbed "The Watchers" were holding a meeting. At the head of the long table sat Nathan Jameson, the group's leader. To his right was Arthur Morn - the former leader of Shrine City's Watch. Arthur's twin, Elias sat opposite to Nathan on the other end. To his left sat the group's other two members, Max and Gale. "You are certain of this, then Elias?" Nathan asked, leaning forward while looking up from the notes on the table. Across from him, Elias nodded. "I am. Terrenus' government is attempting to stamp out reckless, unauthorized use of Magic. Though some are in agreement with this decision, many are offended by the very thought of it. There has even been talk of armed insurrection." The Watchers exchanged worried glances. A tense silence followed. They all understood what this meant. Terrenus was a principal battleground between the group and their enemies - the demonic cults that had spread all across the world. Without being able to use their powers in combat, they would be at a critical disadvantage. Furthermore, to ignore the law and go about using their abilities openly might bring governmental reprisal. The debate that was raging in each of the Watcher's minds at that moment, though a word had yet to be uttered, was over their stance in regards to the law. Arthur in particular had fought his whole life to preserve the law as part of Shrine City's Watch. However, he had given up that career when he joined the Watchers. Though Nathan suspected Arthur still held lingering sympathies for his former comrades. He was not blind to the man's nightly activities. At least once a week, when he put Miya (his adoptive daughter) to bed, Arthur left the mansion, ostensibly to go on late night walks around the city. At first, the Watcher's leader had accepted this as part of the man's nature as a creature of habit. However, Nathan became aware of his real doings when one night, he returned (near 3 AM no less) with a number of bruises and a bloodied lip. Instead of confronting his friend - and risk splitting the team on their opinions, he had secretly allowed it - even taken to shadowing Arthur during a few of his nightly patrols. Most of the time it was nothing; just the guardsman walking around the city, but lately he had encountered increasing numbers of disturbances. Purse-snatchings and muggings were on the rise, as were the number of renegade magic users fleeing from Terrenus to escape persecution. Nathan suspected these events might be linked. Finally, it was Max who broke the stalemate with a few choice words. "Perhaps we should consider appealing to the government. See if we can get them to change their minds." Beside him, Gale snorted. "You'd have a better chance of negotiating with a stone wall. The government is afraid of what it can't control. They think that anyone who doesn't answer to them is an automatic threat." "That would include us too, then." Arthur pointed out. "We are not beholden to any government. We answer to no authority but our own - and we operate largely independent of the law." "Yes, but that doesn't make us a threat." Nathan replied. "After the Leviathan Incident, we were thought of as heroes. The governments of the world thought of us as their allies." "Allies?" Gale spat. "They thought of us as potential tools. They saw us and labeled us heroes - hoping that would curry our favor and make us more sympathetic to them. They didn't see us as savors, they saw us as potential weapons." "And when that did not happen, when we did not become any tool of any government, they went the opposite route and started to try and slander our good names." Elias said, understanding dawning on him. "So you think this is all part of some conspiracy to coerce us into joining them?" "It's a strong possibility." Gale replied. "They know that some of us are more inclined to serving than others." "Serving?" Arthur said coldly, leaning forward. His brown eyes were dark with anger. "I didn't serve anyone except the people." "That's enough, you two." Nathan said firmly, eyeing them both. He saw the potential shouting match brewing between his teammates and he was determined to keep that from happening. The moment Arthur lost control of his temper, the moment this whole meeting would become worthless. "Why the government is doing this is irrelevant. The real issue is to decide what are we to do about it?" "The answer should be obvious, Nathan." Gale said, slamming his fist into the table. "We join the rebels and fight." "And be part of a war that could destroy innocent lives?" Arthur countered. "Who's to say these rebels are even in the right?" "There are those of us that rely more on Magic than just for reading a few dirty minds." Gale said angrily. "Or are you saying that all of us should be like you and just rely on our fists?" "ENOUGH!" Nathan shouted, rising from his seat. He took several deep breaths, as all his comrades looked up in surprise. Rare indeed were the times Nathan ever barked an order, or indeed, ever lost his temper. "Both of you knock it off before I knock both your heads off." Once he mastered himself, he sat back down. "Elias, since you're the one that brought us this information, you and Max will head to Terrenus and check on every area of instability, then come back and give us an update. Don't interfere unless the situation demands it or you find your lives threatened. And don't use your powers unless you have absolutely no other choice." "As you will, Master." Max said with a nod. "IF that's all, then." Nathan said. "Meeting adjourned."
  11. [Baaj Island] A Night on the Shore

    Unnoticed by anyone, a figure watched the proceedings from high above, on a cliff overlooking the docks and the resort area. Over the last two days he had avoided detection by both the patrons and the resort's authorities through use of camouflage, patience and agility. Now, he was fairly sure he was far enough away from the town that no one could see him standing amid the rocks, unless they knew what to look for. Unlikely, given that he had left no traces and had approached the island in secret on his private boat. Once he was close enough to anchor but not too close to risk discovery, he had leaped overboard and quite literally swam the rest of the way to shore. With the eyes of a predator, the figure observed his prey - the regent of this island - and grinned in anticipation. That figure was Garun Dugall, the world's greatest assassin.
  12. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    I've thought a lot about it. And I've decided I'll join after all. Got an idea to do with my mercenary character. Will post either later today or tomorrow.
  13. Superheroes in a fantasy setting

    (Long post ahead!) All of my Watchers characters are basically superheroes - except they don't wear silly costumes. They wear completely functional armor. They are a group of extraordinary people that all wield superhuman abilities for the greater good of mankind - taking on everything from mundane stuff like purse snatchers and muggers to supernatural threats like monsters and demons. That's the mark of what we call a hero. As for the whole "Super" thing, it's a bit more complex - but I'd say that it falls in line with the "we help the law enforcement out with altruistic ideals in mind". Furthermore, I'd say it follows the heavily debated "Don't kill your enemies" rule that most comic book characters follow. Obviously, given that it's a fantasy setting, actually following with the rule of not killing anyone is going to be a bit of a stretch - but it can be done. Now, I'm planning on retconning my group so that members Arthur and Elias haven't ever killed before joining the team - and they won't, unless it's under the most extraordinary of circumstances. Arthur, given that he's a former City Guardsman actually has a license to kill in self defense - so he has a bit more leniency in that regard - yet he's preferred not to use that license. The three brothers, Nathan, Gale and Max - have killed humans before in Iselyr - but upon coming to Genesaris they adopt the no-killing rule for two reasons: First, they are not in their homeland anymore, so they prefer to do things differently. They act in accordance with Genesaris' laws. They bend the law a bit by fighting criminals, but they don't break the law by going that extra step and killing their opponents. It means they are technically not acting outside the system. Furthermore, it shows they are better than their enemies by acting with restraint in regards to how they use their powers. Second, sure, there's tons of people with greater abilities than them (good thing too, because OP characters are boring) who happily abuse their powers for selfish gain, but that's precisely the point. The Watchers want to show they are moral, yet still powerful enough to cause change. They try to create a selfless example for others to emulate. _______________________________________________________ Obviously, the Watchers' actions are controversial; not often shown, but there are those that disagree with them and their methods. Half of them I imagine would think their measures are ineffective - that they are weak for not killing their enemies and need to put down the bad guys permanently. Others think they can't be trusted to make the decision on who gets beaten up and should answer to some higher authority. The other half are those that just think they are straight-up heroes, which they are. Like the Avengers, they are a group dedicated to taking on any big threat to the world as a whole first - then they take their spare time in beating up more mundane, street-level baddies. (Footnote: Destroying demons does not violate the no-killing rule in the Watcher's minds, as they are not living in the strictest sense of the word. They are not human and don't possess souls, so therefore it's not unlawful murder. Same rule applies for the undead. End footnote.)
  14. Arthur Morn. (Revised version)

    Name: Arthur Morn. Alias(es): Sir Arthur. Art. Arty. Race: Human. Profession: City Guardsman. Watcher. Vigilante. Age: 30. Gender: Male. Marital Status: Single. Height: 6'0. Weight: 180 lbs. Hair Color: Fair. Eye Color: Brown. Skin Color: Fair. Build: Lean but well toned muscle. Sculpted physique, powerful limbs. Appearance: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Relatives: *Jack Morn. (Father, deceased) *Laura Morn. (Mother, deceased) *Isaac Crane. (Adoptive father) *Elias Morn. (Younger twin brother) *Miya Morn. (Birth name Cosette) (Adoptive daughter) _________________________________________________________________________________________ History: Arthur was born in Shrine City, Genesaris to Jack and Laura Morn as the older of identical twin brothers. His father was a wrestler who taught his sons the basics of wrestling. His mother was a stay-at-home woman. Arthur remembered later that his mother was kind and very beautiful, but frequently suffered from heart problems that left her bedridden. When the boys were five - she fell victim to aortic failure, suffered from cardiac arrest and died before she could be treated. From then onwards, the boys were raised by their father - though Arthur remembers little of this time period - only recalling that his father was never the same after the death of his wife - and took to drinking heavily. Arthur remembers that before he died, Jack taught him to always value justice and warned him not to become like him - a failure because of his own emotional weakness. Shortly after the boys turned eight, Jack drank too much and succumbed to alcohol poisoning. The city's child services became involved and the boys were sent to an orphanage. Arthur recalled this as the darkest period of his life - although he was a bright student and exceptional fledgling athlete, he was bullied by his peers. At this point, his powers started to manifest - and so he was labeled a freak by the other children. To protect himself and his brother, he started to fight back against the bullies and was often subject to disciplinary action. When the boys were twelve years old, they met and were adopted by Isaac Crane - then a young Lieutenant in the Hell's Gate Defense Force - though Arthur refused to change his name - believing the man was not truly his father. The three moved to Hell's Gate where they lived for the next ten years. Isaac tried to connect to his adopted son, but Arthur resented him. The boys were given a proper education and were allowed to choose their own careers. Rather than follow in Isaac's footsteps in the military, Arthur chose to pursue a career in criminal justice - remembering Jack's final words to him. During this time, he and Isaac started to bond over their love of hand-to-hand combat - and he started training in Karate. At age eighteen, Arthur started attending Hell's Gate College and received an advanced education - specializing in law, criminal justice, forensic science and criminology. At age twenty two, he graduated from College and decided to move back to Shrine City, though he continued seeing Isaac and trained in several other fighting styles. When he did return to Shrine City, it had become mired in corruption and was beset by a crime wave that seemed to have no end in sight. Seeing the city's poor state, Arthur decided to make a difference and joined the City Watch. He quickly went through the Benton Academy - emerging with top scores in his class - and earned the rank of Guardsman. In his first assignment, he was deployed into the Bay Area - where he proved himself by helping to settle a public disturbance in a hardware store. Suspicious of the owner, Arthur discovered it was actually a front for a weapon's smuggling ring. His arresting the owner led to the ring being shut down. After this, he was commended by the Watch authorities for rescuing three children from a fire, showing his bravery by charging into a burning building alone and carrying all three children on his back. His actions allowed the fire to be extinguished without casualties. Further actions he undertook during this time while on patrol included the dismantling of a prostitution ring, the arrest of several poachers dealing in the fur trade of endangered beasts, and a raid on the headquarters of a thieves guild. Watch authorities noted his performance during these assignments - praising his outstanding fighting skills and his excellent detective work, but saw his violent treatment of the criminals he arrested as unnecessary and excessive. After this, Arthur was twice reprimanded by Watch Command - first for violently interrogating the lead suspect in a murder case, (although he was later proven correct, his actions nearly rendered the man's confession inadmissible) - and second for savagely beating a rapist almost to death. Watch Command considered relieving Arthur of his commission, but decided to acquit him - provided he show restraint and supervision on future assignments. Following his rebuttal, Arthur proved himself again by uncovering and arresting several members of a dog-fighting club - played a key role in the non-violent quelling of a food riot in the Bay Area - and participated in the case that led to the arrest of the serial killer nicknamed "Black Mercy". At age twenty five, after three years on the force, Arthur was promoted to Watch-Commander and assigned a unit in the city's Third Ring, which started as a simple desk job, but he soon took up responsibility over the entire branch. He proved to be an excellent administrator - with crime in his area dropping considerably. However, Arthur grew bored with the life of a pen-pusher and requested a return to active service. Watch Command granted his request and he was assigned to the Bay Area, where he fought for the next three years against the criminal element; arresting crooked merchants, smugglers, corrupt politicians, slavers, drug-runners and many others. At age twenty eight, he was promoted to Watch High Command and became the de facto leader of the entire city's security force. Under his leadership, crime in the city dropped to an all-time low. During this time, he met and adopted a young Kitsune named Miya Cosette and had a change of heart because of her influence. With his guard career and his newfound role as a parent conflicting, he resigned from the force, deciding that raising his daughter was more important than administering. With that, he and Miya left Shrine City - moved to Last Chance and there, he met Nathan Jameson, who recruited him into the fledgling vigilante group called "The Watchers" - becoming a founding member. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: Arthur, for lack of better term, is complicated. Initially he viewed the world in very black and white terms, with his thinking being that crime had to be violently punished so as to deter it. This led to his joining the Shrine City Guard, eventually becoming its leader. Working in the mean streets, he was cold and objective - almost single-minded in his pursuit of criminals whilst following the laws of the city to the letter. Although commended multiple times for his bravery and his heroism in the field, he cared little for fame and less for more mundane pursuits - devoting all his time to his job. He had few friends and barely spoke to his family, only scarcely visiting his brother. However, after taking in a young Kitsune named Miya and adopting her - his view started to change. For his adoptive daughter's sake, he learned a measure of restraint, even mercy - becoming more level headed to a degree. Because of his parent's deaths at an early age and being raised by an emotionally distant father-figure, Arthur has a short temper which he has worked his whole life to keep under control - eventually learning to harness it to positive ends. Occasionally his control slips and he lets loose, but such times are becoming increasingly fewer and farther in between. In more recent times he has learned to open up - slowly letting his emotions show and has started to learn to enjoy himself in times of peace. Arthur is asexual and aromantic - and while he knows about such things as romance, he is completely uninterested, thinking of such things as a distraction. ___________________________________________________________________________ Relationships: Miya - Arthur's adopted daughter is by far the most important person in his life. Having experienced firsthand the love and care that a father feels for his child, he shows his most visible emotion and happiness around her - trying to be the best parent to her he can be. He is fiercely protective of her safety and will respond to any threat to her with extreme hostility - once viciously beating several criminals into unconsciousness when they attempted to kidnap her. In times of peace, they often take walks, play games or reads stories together. Overall, Arthur's relationship with his daughter has become very stable and loving. Elias - The Morn brothers were close from birth, but grew apart after their parents deaths. Arthur's anger and strained relationship with Isaac caused his connection with his brother to deteriorate - eventually it got to the point where, when they were adults, they were barely on speaking terms with each other. Arthur viewed his brother as weak minded and naive for trusting Isaac, but still admitted to himself that he still loved his brother. After adopting Miya, Arthur realized his stubborn pride had kept him from recognizing the man his twin had become - and so he apologized for his stubbornness - with Elias happily accepting and the brothers finally reconciled their differences. In battle, when not fighting with Nathan, Arthur covers his brother - standing back-to-back. Being so alike in voice, appearance and fighting style, they make a highly effective duo. Isaac - Arthur's teacher and father-figure, the guardsman always refers to him as "Master" or "Teacher" - partly out of respect for the skills he learned from Isaac, but also out of resentment over the fact that their initial relationship as he was growing up was cold. The reason for this being Arthur believing that his mentor had taken in the brothers to replace his estranged biological son, Jake. The only activity they enjoyed together was Martial Arts training - and so to help him defend himself, and to teach him discipline - Isaac taught Arthur everything he knew about hand-to-hand combat. When Isaac found out he had become an adoptive grandfather, he reached out to Arthur, hoping for a reconciliation - and the response was lukewarm. Today, they are civil to each other - but there remains a rift between them that has not been fully closed. Nathan - Arguably Arthur's closest friend among the Watchers, the guardsman holds Nathan in considerable respect - being the most ready among them to defer to his authority. Although initially suspicious of the man's good nature, Nathan's charisma and genuine desire to improve the world won him over. In battle, they cover each other well: Arthur preferring a straightforward approach - frontal assault tactics - Nathan opting for a more cerebral and strategic fighting style. When not in combat, they often go out for drinks. They spend time talking about any number of topics; politics, philosophy, their differing attitudes about justice, but there is rarely a disagreement between them, likely because they regard each other as kindred spirits. Of note, while Nathan focuses exclusively on defeating demonic threats, most often Arthur is the only one of the Watchers to advocate fighting criminals. For that reason, they had a slight disagreement in their methods of dispensing justice - but eventually they came to an understanding: Whenever there was a threat too great to face alone, they would call on the others for assistance - with Nathan being the one to judge which objective is of greater importance. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Abilities and Skills- Although psychic, Arthur primarily relies on his combat skills and peak conditioning - believing that relying on special powers makes one weak. Master Martial Artist: Arthur is described by everyone that has seen him in action as a brilliant fighter - an exceptional combatant able to take on large groups of opponents in short order. Trained by Isaac, who called him his best student, Arthur is proficient in several disciplines reminiscent of Muay Thai, Shotokan Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, Judo, Hapkido and Professional Wrestling. His signature move is the chokeslam - he has developed a more effective variant of it because of its impracticality - that being to kick out his opponent's knee and then shove them via their neck to the ground. In general, his fighting style is extremely brutal - being quite willing to break bones, shatter cartilage and cause serious injury to his opponents to the point of crippling them. Two years after joining the Watchers, Arthur's combat skills seem to have improved - to the point where even the powerful assassin Garun Dugall views him as a worthy opponent. Master Spearman: Regarded as one of the best lancers in the Guard Academy, Arthur's weapon of choice is the spear. He is trained to play a dual role on the battlefield: Be fast and agile one moment, stout and immovable the next. With its range, he fights in a counter-offensive style meant to take advantage of his opponent's openings. Master Tactician: With his keen mind and quick thinking, Arthur is a highly effective tactician. He is able to come up with unorthodox strategies on the fly, even when under pressure, making it difficult to catch him off guard. A firm believer in adaptation, when directing the Watchers (most often in Nathan's absence) he frequently employs flanking, ambushes and dominating the field through superior position. Psionics: Arthur is a powerful psyker with several unique abilities related to his mind and affecting the minds of others. He is registered as a 6 on a rating of 1-to-10 - meaning he possesses moderate skill in the application of his powers. He can read minds, access their memories, plant hypnotic suggestions and even dominate weak minds - though he almost never does so, believing it to be unethical in the extreme. Furthermore, he is listed as having a limited form of precognition - able to see glimpses of possible futures. In battle, this manifests as combat instinct - a form of limited prescience. This makes it extremely difficult to strike him. Peak Human Condition: Right from an early age, Arthur showed himself to be an exceptional athlete - able to outperform many of his peers in the Guard Academy, earning top scores in every training course. After intense training from Isaac, he has pushed his body further, allowing him to perform at the limit of human potential. The result has made him into a highly fit man - and an extraordinary fighter. Peak Human Strength: Through high intensity workouts and a high protein diet, Arthur has a great deal of physical strength. An accomplished weightlifter, his top benching record stands at 550 pounds, Squat 740 lbs., Deadlift 750 lbs. Using his strength, he has lifted a man in full plate armor with one hand - smashed through a thick wooden door with one kick, sent men flying with his blows, even broken and fractured bones with his strikes. Peak Human Speed: Arthur is a frequent runner - often sprinting around Mageside City to keep himself in shape. With his powerful legs, he has run about 3 miles in 15 minutes. Even in full plate armor, he can still run at high speed and can keep up with most criminals in foot chases. Peak Human Durability: Through training in Iron Shirt, his muscles and bones have become denser and harder than normal - allowing him to take far more punishment than any ordinary man and survive. He has been struck in the head with a wooden baseball bat (which broke on contact) and showed only minor discomfort, has taken blows from the super-strong Nathan Jameson in a sparring match - and even once withstood a 30 foot drop off a building unscathed. Peak Human Stamina: As part of his training in aerobics for an extended period of time, Arthur has learned to enter a heightened state of rest, lowering his heart and respiratory rate so as to conserve oxygen and inoculate himself against fatigue toxins, letting him push his body harder and longer. With this, he can fight at peak capacity for 24 hours before tiring. It also means he requires less sleep than normal - able to compress a full night's rest into 3 hours. Peak Human Agility: While not quite as agile as his brother, Arthur remains a skilled practitioner of parkour and given that part of his training included flexibility and gymnastic exercises, he has achieved a heightened state of balance - and can perform many acrobatic feats. He can scale buildings with few handholds, walk unaided across narrow ledges and leap over obstacles with little difficulty. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Weaknesses: Although he is a skilled, steady, disciplined combatant - Arthur has a few key weaknesses. Human Anatomy: Even with his training and near-superhuman prowess, Arthur remains a human man with all the weaknesses therein. His body cannot sustain too much damage or he will be seriously injured or possibly even die. Any injury to his organs will have to be treated, or he risks permanent injury or death. Wrath: Arthur's anger is his greatest weakness. His short fuse often gets him into trouble, especially when his loved ones are threatened - doubly so if Miya is harmed in any way. His rage becomes an almost tunnel-vision like state where he focuses all his aggression on beating the offender with his bare hands. On at least one occasion, he very nearly disregarded his self-imposed rule never to kill. Burnout: Although Arthur possesses complete control over his psychic powers, he has a limit to how long he can access them before he starts to overexert himself. If he uses his power too long, he becomes quite drained and eventually will succumb to unconsciousness for several hours.
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