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  1. I've got two characters that I'd like to use if I ever get free time (and a new laptop to RP with) - those being Gerald and Anthony. Gerald is a farmer - a pessimistic killjoy - he's got a cynical wisecrack for any situation. That said, he knows his stuff. What most people don't appreciate is that working on a farm will give you a heroic build. In terms of sheer strength, he could give a Powerlifter a run for their money. I didn't mention him in my topic "Strongest Characters" - because he's really not much of a fighter. Anthony is a blacksmith - (speaks with a German accent) I had a subplot with him and the Watchers planned - whereupon they'd come to him with their weapons and armor - and he'd improve them. He's one of the few men left on Valucre that knows how to reforge and rework Iselyrian Magics.
  2. Hello, since I (for once) have a day off, I thought I might give you guys another topic of discussion. That being as simple question as - what is your character's trademark favorite food? Quite simply, what is a food/drink that your toon just loves? Often, I share the same tastes as my toons. -Nathan loves Apple Pie. Favorite drink is Apple Cider. Once claimed he could drink a whole barrel of it. -Arthur's is steamed crab. Favorite drink is sweet red wine. -Elias' favorite food is salt cod. Favorite drink is water. -Gale's is eggs. Any kind of eggs: Scrambled, fried, deviled, sunny-side-up, you name it. One of the few ways of breaking his stoic exterior is offer him eggs. Favorite drink is milk. -Max loves lamb: Rare and juicy. His favorite drink is hard stout. (Though given he's got Angel blood, he never gets drunk). -Isaac loves whiting (a type of fish) and his favorite drink is coffee: Hazelnut especially. He often drinks vast quantities of it - given that his super soldier enhancement makes it impossible for him to get drunk either. -Theron has no particular preferences, but he likes vegetables of any kind. As he's a Frost Giant, he likes cold water. Really cold water.
  3. About a year or so ago, I created a list of the Watchers' weaknesses. They are as follows. _____________________________________________________ Nathan - Post hypnotic suggestion in his sleep to bypass his mental shield and make him believe he has lost control of his electric powers. His own willpower will do the rest. Arthur - Think of a mirror image of himself in your mind while he is accessing his psychic powers. The mirror image will then redirect his psionic attack and the resultant backlash will shut down all mental faculties and turn him into a vegetable. Alternately, take his adopted daughter hostage. The latter counter is not recommended, as he is fiercely protective of her. Elias - Lure him into an ambush. Alternately, get him to fight Arthur. The twins powers are absolutely useless against each other. Their shared blood means he will refuse to fight his brother. Gale - Lure him into an urban environment with no plants or natural scenery to disorient him - then trap him in an iron cage. Fairy Magic is useless against cold iron. Max - Deprive him of sunlight for a long period and then decapitate him with a demonic based weapon. ______________________________________________________ Non-Watchers weaknesses: Isaac - Tracheal trauma. Bal - Break one of his arms. Dugall - Sniper shot to the back of the head. Theron - Incendiary bombs. Drake - Attack from blind spot in his left eye.
  4. "You're wrong." He said emphatically. "Men are not such beasts. They become demons because of black magics - or because they were deceived." He paused a moment to let his words sink in. "If you are truly a mirror - and can see what lies in men's hearts, then surely you can see what lies in mine. You know that I am a psychic. I too can see into the minds of men. Though I have never used that power for personal gain. I have only ever used it for the good of others. To encourage them to bring out that inner goodness." Throughout the conversation, Elias hadn't used his psychic power. The implication was clear. His ability to read minds had given him empathy - but that same power was a two-edged sword, and he had successfully resisted the temptation to abuse that power. Even now, when it might offer him some advantage - he hadn't used it. "In spite of everything, I truly do believe men are good at heart. That we are not born with malice. Too often, we are led astray by outside forces or influence - but with the right guidance, we can purge that malice at its source. I believe that even the worst of us have something positive. And I believe that even you must have something positive - a scrap, even." He paused again as he gathered his thoughts. "You must have had a very sad, painful life. I know how that feels. But Rin, you can put an end to that." Slowly, very slowly, he outstretched his right hand. The implication, again, clear. His brown eyes were pleading. "Just please; stop this. This need not end with bloodshed."
  5. "Made them better?" Elias couldn't believe his ears. "You have turned them into mindless monsters. They did not ask to be turned into demons." Elias looked up at the sky, wistfully. "Eternal Heavens know, I nearly went through the same experience once. It is not a fate I would wish on anyone." No doubt she didn't have the patience for a long story, so he kept it at that. He gestured to the land around them. The corruption had taken hold of the soil and trees. Wherever they fought hellspawn, it seemed to have grown. Their hope was that by destroying them, it might be lessened. "We are the Watchers. Our mission is to eradicate demons for the good of Mankind. And now, I ask you - why have you turned these people and cursed this land? Have you the slightest conception of what you are doing?"
  6. Elias knew from instinct that the woman was following him - and so he was taking his sweet time in leading her away from the Watchers' encampment - in the exact opposite direction in fact. He kept his face carefully composed as he walked - making sure that he put on as convincing a performance as possible. Play the part of unwitting victim, that was part one of setting up the trap. Part two was contacting his comrades, which was marginally more successful - but less than satisfactory when he established a psychic link with Gale. After the initial bombardment of profanity had died down, he explained the situation to the Fairy Knight. As commendable as your intentions were, it was incredibly foolish to run off alone. Gale's thoughts had taken on a chiding tone, like that of an older brother scolding a younger sibling. I am a grown man, Gale. Elias thought back, projecting a contemptuous frown. Besides, I believe I may have seen the face of our enemy. A woman - clearly with demonic influence of some kind. Is she armed? No. Elias replied. Oddly enough, she seems rather polite. Amicable even. She offered to treat me. Then it's a trap. Gale thought back, in a way that made it seem like it wasn't already obvious. Still, what are you going to do? Make her follow me. Lure her away from the town - then see if I can talk to her, reason with her. Have you taken leave of your senses!? The Fairy Knight replied, clearly outraged. You're going to need backup - especially if this woman is one of the infernal nobility. I will handle this myself, Gale. If I need backup, I will contact you. Elias then chose that moment to sever the connection - at least for the moment. He blinked several times as his thoughts became his own once again. Connecting over such a distance, even for short periods was disorienting. Communication between the Watchers was a task made easier when his brother was around. The twin's psychic abilities were amplified in each other's presence - making it all the more difficult now that they were separate. It also meant that many of Elias' more advanced powers would be harder to cast. That meant he had to rely on his wits and skills if it came to violence. Nevertheless, it was a matter of principle to try and negotiate his way out first. A quick scan of the surrounding area and he was sure this would be a good place to stop. He set the bucket down once again and stood upright - slowly he turned around. The demonic woman was out of sight, clearly intent on ambushing him and his comrades once he led her to them, an outcome which was now unlikely to occur. "Let us drop this charade." He said aloud, in a voice much more forceful than before. Despite knowing how odd it might look he was talking to himself, he was sure she could hear him. "I am much stronger than I look. But I am sure you are aware of this." After a moment, his expression softened. "I do not wish to fight you, Miss Rin. There is no reason we need be enemies. Come - and let us settle this like civilized people."
  7. Now as we all know, it's absolutely necessary to create limits for our characters - but there are those that push the limits of what we can do with RP. In particular, I find a good measure of what a character's limits are is just how good they are at lifting heavy weights. That's why I've decided to go ahead and create this little questionnaire so that we might gauge our characters and which are the most physically powerful and why. On my list from weakest (comparatively speaking) to the strongest. 10. Bal - The underused character that never quite got off the ground. This guy is a gladiator - so he focuses more on his brawling and his weapons training than on strength. His lifting level of 450 pounds places him at number 10. 9. Arthur - Yes, the Batman of the Watchers is in fact the one that boasts the lowest level of strength in lifting power. The fact he is a psychic does not enhance his physical prowess in any way. His top lifting record stands at about 530 lbs. This alone means he is about peak-human, though not particularly impressive by fictional standards, consider that anyone that can deadlift 500+ pounds even in our world is still a mighty fellow. Arthur focuses more on fighting skill and technique than on brute force, but he still keeps himself in peak shape by benching and lifting large weights for long periods. 8. Elias - The younger Morn twin used to wrestle wild animals for fun in Terrenus' wilds, so his musculature is more developed than his brother. This means that his total lifting strength stands at about 600 pounds. God knows, he could grapple with a Grizzly Bear and probably come out on top. Also, consider that he is an acrobat/gymnast - and that obviously requires some very powerful (if compact) muscles. Pound-for-pound, he is stronger than his brother, but less enduring. 7. Gale - Though uninterested in raw might, the fact that the Fairy Knight uses his Magic to enhance his muscles means he is still stronger than most men. His strength level stands at 720 pounds. For emphasis, this is about on par with the world's bench-press record without use of a bench-shirt. 6. Richard - A new invention I've created for fun, this guy is a powerhouse. Unlike some others on this list, Drake is strong not because of Magic or some half-breed lineage, but because he's got Charles Atlas Superpowers. He trained hard, nearly every day for most of his life in weights and in wrestling - and so he's developed an extremely powerful physique that can lift and hold 750 pounds - just above Gale but below Nathan. 5. Nathan - The leader of the Watchers may come second to its Batman in fighting skill, but he is most certainly stronger. At his base level, Nathan's strength stands at 800 pounds. He is a force to be reckoned with, especially when angered. At his most powerful, Nathan has lifted and held about 1,000 pounds. This is about on par with what the Superhero - Batman has accomplished in the comics. 4. Isaac - Being 51 years old and still kicking the crap out of youngsters half his age must take an amazing amount of strength - and so Isaac takes #4 on this list. His feats stand at overpowering both his adopted son and carrying three heavy men on his shoulders. Isaac's total lifting - because of his super soldier enhancement stands at about 1,100 pounds. 3. Dugall - Nathan's arch-nemesis, the assassin is the only opponent that the Paladin fears for a reason. His strength exceeds Nathan even at his strongest because Dugall's record in lifting is 1,200 pounds. Not that much of a difference, I know, but through use of chi and the fact he can ignore pain - Dugall is able to overpower Nathan through sheer grit. 2. Max - As he is part Angel, Max's strength is outrageous. He is quite simply the strongest member of the Watchers - able to lift and bench about one metric ton, or 2,205 pounds. He states that on particularly sunny days - (his power being derived from sunlight) he is able to lift even more - approaching 2,500 pounds. 1. Theron - You get no points for guessing that this guy would be at the top of my list. Standing at a mighty 8'0 feet tall - being half-giant - obviously Theron is a living mountain of muscle and might. He can wield a hammer that is bigger than most men one-handed and can smash through a wooden door by knocking on it. Theron's upper limit stands at an incredible two tons - approximately 4,410 pounds.
  8. "Thank you, but I must decline." Elias said politely. "I am afraid I already have prior obligations and I must be on my way as soon as possible. Please forgive my impertinence, but know that I do appreciate your offer. Perhaps some other time." Elias meant no offense in declining her offer, but he was sure his compatriots were worried sick. Furthermore, Jameson's orders had strictly forbidden any contact with the people of Hydra. Heading there with a stranger would violate that order. Nathan was a reasonable, fair-minded leader, but when confronted with any sort of disobedience he became highly agitated. Then there was the fact that Elias was not the type to be taken in again by a strange woman. His previous experience with Ellen had taught him that some were out solely for his psychic abilities. Others, Arthur had warned him, would be out solely for his body. Better to avoid any emotional attachments and focus on the mission. "Please, excuse me." With that, he picked up his buckets and walked at a leisurely pace forward. "Good day." He said cheerfully. _________________________________________________________ Further along the path, the three companions were advancing steadily, swords drawn. In particular, Gale was the one moving the fastest - his blue eyes burned with icy rage. If Elias wasn't dead already, then Gale would do the deed himself! Well, maybe that wasn't the right way to put it. He was by far the one most angered by his friend's idiocy. Normally, the psyker was more prudent. He should at least have contacted them with telepathy to let them know he was alright. This was just like Hell's Gate all over again.
  9. The younger of the Morn twins had gone with his comrades on this mission because he had high hopes for the landscape. What disappointed him about this floating island wasn't the lack of scenery. Of that, there was plenty - winter flowers, evergreen trees and a few fiercely beautiful mountains here or there. No, what really upset him was how this place was... rotting. The demonic influence and the many fierce wars fought over its soil had turned it into a wellspring of corruption. The plant-life that remained untouched was both hardy and strong, but it was hard-pressed into staying alive. Then there was the fact that the demons themselves had turned it into an icy hellscape - like the lowest, bleakest realm of the underworld. The only thing missing, (he noted with some black humor) was the wailing of tormented souls. Then again, he thought with some lightening humor, just make my brother attend one of Miya's little tea-parties and then you will have all the torment you need. He had thought his brother was missing out on all the fun of being on another mission in another land, but then, raising his niece was his primary concern. Miya had grown to enjoy more mundane, real childlike activity since being adopted - and Arthur played with her as much as possible, putting his responsibility as a parent over his duty as a Watcher. It then fell to his younger twin to liberate this continent. But his first priority was finding a bite for his comrades. Since they had arrived, their food stores had started to run low - and since buying anything from Hydra was out of the question, they had to resort to alternate methods. He had found scarce game in the woods and less in the way of edible vegetation. So, he had instead resorting to sneaking off and doing some midnight fishing. This one day, he had chosen to leave a bit earlier than that though, as he hoped a nice fish dinner would surprise his comrades in time for their return. Of fish in the lake, there was plenty - salmon, mackerel and trout - practically leaping onto his hook and into the bucket he'd brought along. No wonder the town had a reputation for it. He was walking along a gravel path back to the Watchers' encampment when his keen hearing picked up the sound of bare feet on the road ahead.Elias had been raised among the wilds of Terrenus where he had learned to hone his other senses - able to track prey by means other than sight. His intuition was well tuned - and even in this place where the ebbs and flows of the natural world were distorted, he could make out that he was being watched. Elias carefully put the bucket down and scanned the surroundings - his brown eyes wide open and alert. One hand instinctively went to the spear tied to his back. That and the leather armor he wore meant he thought himself well prepared for a fight. His long, fair hair had been tied into a braid for just that - and years of swinging from trees had left his musculature well developed - described by his brother as like an acrobat or a gymnast. For a moment, he could swear he heard a voice being carried in the wind - light, feminine but also strong and carefree. That made him suspicious. His last two experiences with women had ended badly. The first one had been possessed by a terrible demon and nearly ripped his eyes out. The other had been a witch - but she had redeemed herself, now wandering the world in search of her corrupted sister. I always attract dangerous women, he thought with some self-deprecation. Why can't I ever meet any nice girls? "Hello?" He said quietly, but still loud enough for anyone nearby to pick up. "Is someone there? Show yourself - that I might speak to you. I mean no harm. I am but a humble fisherman."
  10. The land of Athentha was home to many different species of demons. A land of cold and ice - to anyone else, it would seem like certain death to venture there. However, to a group like the Watchers, it was like an all-you-can-eat buffet. At the direction of their leader, Nathan, though - they kept it down to snacking. The group had landed on the floating island in an airship owned by their benefactor, Maxwell Marshall and established a small base in an enclosure outside the fishing town of Hydra - spaced in between the water and the town in a natural rock formation. For several days, their presence had gone unnoticed while they conducted missions that ranged from intelligence gathering to hit-and-fade strikes. The team had been careful to specifically isolate and destroy individual demons - ensuring that all traces of their activities were cleaned - even the blood stains were removed with the utmost caution. A full week passed - and the group had destroyed over a dozen demons - yet they still remained silent. After one particularly gruesome fight in which three more were cut down, the group returned to their base without bothering to clean up the remains, lest they be discovered by the townsfolk. The two members to participate in the mission this time were Max, the Angel Knight and Gale the Fairy Knight. The other two members present, Nathan and Elias (Arthur, Elias' brother remained in Genesaris with his daughter) had remained behind to guard the base and continue to strengthen its defenses. In between missions, it had grown from a small collection of tents to a wooden palisade that functioned as a sort of barrier or door that blocked off the cave's entrance. Inside, while they were removing their gear in order to clean it - Max voiced his protest. "I do not care for all this sneaking about." He complained in a soft voice while he undid the straps to his breastplate. "Are we knights or are we common thieves?" "Are you a buffoon?" The Fairy Knight - Gale asked. "This sneaking about is the only thing keeping us alive." "Maybe, but this is a land infested with demons." Max pointed out. "They're bound to find us sooner or later. Wouldn't it be better to destroy all of them with one stroke?" "Are the demons goals not death and destruction?" Gale replied. Rather than wait for an answer, he continued. "The people of the town didn't ask for their home to be occupied by this filth. If we go for a more direct approach, they're likely to get caught in the crossfire. Fighting larger battles will do nothing to help them." Max was about to retort when he realized that his friend was right. Though it suited him ill, the battles they had fought so far were more unlikely to draw even more demons into the fray, if they even noticed or cared that about a dozen of them had been wiped out without a trace. The presence of several holy knights, however, would attract them like sharks to blood. The fact they had so far resorted solely to their weapons and hand-to-hand combat instead of resorting to magic meant that none of the people or the other demons in the region would be able to determine their exact location. "I suppose you're right." Max conceded. "But why do we have to keep our presence hidden from those townspeople? Let them know we're here? They obviously won't think twice about helping us once they see we're trying to free this place from the demons. They deserve to know who is trying to protect them." Gale shook his head again. "If the people of Hydra find out about us, the demons will surely know they were helping us. There'd be dire consequences for anyone involved. Furthermore, if the townsfolk know nothing of our presence here, the demons will have no reason to harass them." "Gale is right." Said a third voice. Both men stood at attention as their leader, Nathan appeared in the doorway. His armor and sword were slick with gore, obbviously from a fresh kill. "The Hellspawn are getting more wary with every skirmish." He raised his left hand - and clutched within it by a horn was the severed head of a Lesser Demon with red skin and pale yellow eyes that had gone dull and listless since its decapitation "This fellow's group, I found about two miles west. Greater numbers than any we've fought so far." He released his grip - and the head fell to the floor with a wet thump. Black blood pooled around it. "Do not fear. I destroyed the rest of them and torched their remains." Max regarded his Master curiously and looked at the grisly trophy he'd brought back. It appeared to be a variant of the rank-and-file troops, probably fulfilling a leader role to lesser creatures. No doubt such a beast would have been a formidable fight for any other man, but Nathan was made of stronger stuff. For him to destroy this one and a whole warband of others meant the demons were aware someone was targeting them. And it also made Max suddenly grateful his Angelic powers had returned. "So what's our next move, Master?" "Isn't it obvious? We fight them." Nathan's expression was grim - at odds with his cheery nature. "But first, have either of you seen Elias?" Both younger men exchanged glances, then collectively shook their heads. "We thought he was with you." Said Gale. "He must have...-" His voice trailed off as realization took hold. "-...Gone out of his own accord." Max finished for him. He raised his fist and slammed it, hard, into the ground - the impact causing a small crater to appear. Yet, his hand was undamaged. "That bloody fool. Where could he have wandered off to?" "We'll know soon enough." Nathan declared, raising his sword. "Both of you clean your gear and get ready as quick as you can. We're going to find him before it gets dark out."
  11. Once again, I love topics like this. Nathan is the Father (Think Team Dad) - with hints of the Explorer, Sage and Ruler. Think of him as part of the glue that holds the group together - and so for his experience and age, the group all defer to his authority. They know he's the most emotionally balanced, mature and composed member. He rarely ever loses his cool and loves his job. In his youth, he was an actual explorer - working under a mapmaker, he went all over the world and learned from multiple teachers and picked up a number of different skills: Sketching, navigation, linguistics, Martial Arts, chemistry and military strategy. Arthur is the Rebel and the Regular - sure, he's got psychic powers, but he usually relies on his Martial Arts and tactics to win fights. In attitude, he's the grouchy member of the team - though when push comes to shove, he's there for his team. Furthermore, he's learned to be less of a loner and more sociable - even referring to them as his family. He and Jameson occasionally butt heads, but that's only because he's independently minded and thinks Nathan is naive. However, deep down they really do respect each other. Eventually, in Phase 3 - they'll iron out their differences and hammer their relationship into shape - to the point where they openly start calling each other "brother". Elias is the Innocent, Regular, Clown and the Lover - He's the most cheerful, friendly and open member of the group. Like his brother, he relies on hand-to-hand combat instead of psionics, though he does use it more liberally than his twin. The Clown part comes from his teasing, easygoing sense of humor and his love of pranks. And then the lover part comes from his relationships with women - he's a good-natured flirt. Max is the Innocent with the Lover, tiny hints of the Magician and the Sage. His relationship with Jophiel, his kind heart, his sad eyes and wisdom all make him the most pure member of the team. His Magician status is because he's one of the two members that actively uses his Magic in a more offensive manner. Then there's the fact that his partially Angelic status means he has a lot of untapped Magic potential. If he were to really give it a try, he might rival a mid-level Mage. Gale is the Magician, Rebel and the Sage. He's snarky, arrogant and rather detached, but still has a good heart. The fact he's the most powerful Magic user of the group makes him the Magician, and the fact he plays the role of the Smart Guy means he qualifies for the Sage as well. He gets on poorly with Arthur, given they're both Rebels, but he does grow to respect him - and he forms a close bond with Max and Elias, given their similar personalities, love of nature and the fact they fight best together.
  12. The referee stepped between the combatants before they could begin. "Before we begin, the rules are that whoever leaves the ring first - by any means - is the loser. Knockouts and submissions are also acceptable ways to win this competition. There is no time limit." Drake nodded, cracked his neck and turned back to his opponent with a grin. He felt fully confident in himself, despite his good humor - and no matter what tricks were up this woman's sleeve, he had every intention of winning. Before them, the referee continued his speech. "No weapons, no offensive Magic and no outside interference are allowed. Are you both ready?" Both combatants nodded and took up their starting positions. "Then let's get ready to rumble!!!" There was a sharp *ding* as the bell was rung - signaling the match had begun. Drake took this opportunity to rush forward in what was known as a Spear - a charging attack - using his whole body's immense size, weight and his large arms outstretched - attempting to wrap around her waist.
  13. It's fine, it's fine. I'm not upset. In fact, I welcome the inclusion!
  14. I'm more than able to keep this wrestling match going. Originally, it was going to be with Sphinx - and he's more than welcome to contribute if he chooses - (3 way match?) though if he doesn't want to, we can just go about it ourselves. Just be aware, my schedule over the weekend is going to be a lot more tight. My boss has me going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday full-throttle.
  15. I agree with Acies. It definitely feels like there's more cooperation between us. Along with more... shall we say tolerance? It feels less judgmental with our younger recruits. Those that come and try to earn their place here no longer get harshly criticized or mercilessly critiqued - which was what happened to me after RP started to become a real thing. Don't get me wrong - in the earliest years (I know, I was there) things were wild; haphazard and felt kind of 'improv' in writing. Yet, as the major forums started to take shape - it became more uniform to "help" others by having them be limited by strict rules and force them to adhere to certain standards. Perhaps this was necessary in some ways, mainly because when it entered its middle years and people started to put out their own, independent forums - one-liners became the norm on many of them. For some they were too timid - others were just lazy to post anything more than one line of writing. In one case, when it became a rule not to post those, one of my former comrades tried to leave RP-ing altogether, rather than stop being lazy. Somewhere along the way, though, people became better writers - and the Mods, Admins and others became better leaders. Exactly as I was trying to do on the Artix Entertainment Forums - a long time ago. Yet, my idea was rejected. But that's a story for another time. My point is, the overall quality of RP has greatly improved - we're seeing better writers than ever flourish - along with the communities. People are not judging others, nor are they trying to force them to adhere to their standards, instead simply let them learn and grow on their own. Let them experience it, if you will.