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  1. Not yet. Will be soon. I by and large based much of Valjer off Bahamut from D&D, though there's little lore about him here on Valucre, he's listed under Genesaris' lore. Here. I haven't made Elias' bio just yet.
  2. "I could very well ask you the same thing, ma'am." Nathan replied. "No disrespect meant, but I don't believe you are a warrior. You carry not even a dagger." At a guess, the woman before him was a mage or a spell-caster of some sort, given her choice of garb. Most mages disdained armor, but most mages lacked appreciation for the protection of heavy steel. A fact which he made note of with an internal, appreciative smirk. A gesture and a thought and his suit would appear on him in a flash - quite literally too. Nathan's dark brown eyes scanned the area around them, carefully looking for even the slightest sign of any lurking danger. There was none. His eyes went back to the woman, searching for even a sign of magic being prepared. Again, there was none. No traps lay in wait, to his knowledge. No one attempting to surround him. No hidden foes. To all eyes it appeared as if it really was just a lone, strange woman wandering the woods. "But ah, where are my manners?" He mentally slapped himself at the discourtesy. Such paranoia was terribly improper. "I am but a humble knight trying to make his way home. Sir Nathaniel Jameson, at your service. But please, feel free to call me Nathan, if you wish." Not the way he had intended to spend his afternoon, but not unwelcome.
  3. Two hours had passed before Nathan stopped his horse by a creek to stop for a drink. All throughout his journey, his every step was plagued with the undead. Clusters of them; skeleton warriors and a few wights, but not anywhere numerous or powerful enough to pose a threat to him. Because they were cut off from any controlling influence like a Necromancer or the like, they merely wandered around, aimlessly. Without someone or something to lead them, they were little more than discarded tools. Nathan galloped right past the majority of them, only occasionally cutting them apart with single strokes from his sword or running them down with his horse's hooves. "Run, Spero." He urged the great animal, gently patting his head beside his mane. "Show the meaning of speed." The horse whickered as if in reply, but then turned about sharply as if spooked, but calmed quickly. Holding the reins firmly but gently, he urged Spero into stillness. The horse snorted and looked east and his partner did the same. A figure entered his field of vision, far off on the main path. Nathan's sharp eyes took notice long before they did, as his sight was enhanced like the rest of his senses. The slender figure and delicate features meant the figure was obviously a female. Probably a fellow human. Closer examination showed she wore her long hair in a braid, curiously adorned with a bell that gently tinkled in the breeze or when she turned. Nathan regarded her silently for only a minute longer before he called out. His voice carried by his powerful lungs. "Gods to you ma'am." He greeted in a clear voice. His tone was conversational. His baritone voice was almost musically soft and smooth. "A lovely day is it not?" The other Watchers could wait a few minutes more. It had been too long since he had a pleasant conversation with another human that did not want his blood. ---------------------------------------------------------------- "What do you mean, a dragon?" Arthur said, incredulous as the soldier finished his report. The man appeared to have run nonstop through the entire town until he found his target. From what he described, the town was occupied by a Dragon, the biggest the man had ever seen, and what was else, the creature was sentient and capable of speech. If Arthur wasn't a devout follower of the Dragon God, Valjer, he would have thought the whole story was insane. But then, he was a member of a demon slaying order that fought against the creatures of Hell. This was hardly the strangest thing he'd ever encountered. "Well, best go and see if this dragon can be reasoned with or not." Arthur declared, turning his head and cracking his neck. "Send for Elias. My idiot brother is good with animals. He might be able to assist." _________________________________ The beast in question turned out to be a rare subspecies of dragons, probably a descendant of the multicolored Chromatic Kin, the same class that the legends said were the spawn of Valjer Himself. Seeing such a creature up close and personal made even Arthur's fierce heart skip a beat. But he did not let his trepidation show as he gave a smooth, slow bow. Beside him, his twin did the same. "Greetings, dragon." He said coolly. "I am Arthur Morn. This is my brother, Elias." He gestured to his twin as he stood upright. "We are a part of a group known as the Watchers. We come in peace."
  4. Absolutely. Part of Nathan's goal is to establish an alliance of the forces of good to do good in the world. Most definitely looking forward to working with you.
  5. Link. With the age of new kingdoms in full force, the Watchers team of Genesaris have decided it's time to establish a place of their own. With nearly a thousand people rescued from Nu Martyr in tow, they are on the run from the Cult of Power and have landed in Genesaris. With many areas still abandoned from the Whispernight Event from years ago, the Watchers and their charges have resettled in one of them, an abandoned town south of Kethlerin. Nathan, leader of the team has declared his intention to build a new haven for all freedom loving people; a sanctuary based around virtue and justice. All are welcome, he declares, provided they uphold the same lofty ideals. Yet, there are malevolent forces in the land that would see this burgeoning haven fall... __________________________________________ I intend to make this new territory official lore as per canonization, but I thought it would be a bit of fun to have this place go through a hard beginning. The Watchers are a group of demon slaying brothers that recently fought against the Cult of Power in the war for Nu Martyr. Obviously, they've made many enemies, so if you have a bone to pick with them, now's the time to get revenge. Of course, they also have allies, so if you want to play the hero game and stand with the Watchers against the forces of evil, you're more than welcome. Nathan might even be tempted to offer a new home in the town they're creating. I have the end of this thread predetermined, but I'm very open to improv and suggestions. In the end, this place will be a haven for heroes, so to speak. Think of it as something like the Justice League's Watchtower, New Avengers Training Compound and the Sanctum Santorum of Kamar Taj all in one.
  6. Looking for volunteers or participants in the thread I've posted in Kingdoms of Genesaris. Looking to establish a new one for the Watchers - which in turn will grow into the Freedom Fighters. The group and the entire thing are based around virtue and heroism rather than ambition or villainy.

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      Given the amount of status updates in the last 24 hours, strongly recommend putting this up as its own interest check in the water cooler!

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  7. ((Feel free to post in any fashion. I'm an improv kind of guy, though I very much do intend to make this official. If you want to join in, great. If to oppose, that's fine too.)) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~Several hours later, in another part of Genesaris~ There were not many times where Nathan Jameson was ever very surprised, but his latest escapade was one of those times. His effort to secure aid from the Red Dragon, Mladris had been a resounding success. He was practically glowing when he finally set out on his way - even the prospect of what they were about to face could not dampen his spirit - and while riding through the countryside on his horse's back, he was grinning ear to ear in a way that betrayed his earlier fury. Master, can you hear me? A familiar voice floated into his mind, over the sound of the galloping hooves. Unknown to most, the Watchers counted two psychics among their number, which made it easy for communication over long distance. The voice in question was Elias, the younger of the Morn twins. When together, they could even send instant messages across continents. Yes, Elias. I can. Nathan thought back. What news? We've established a base in an abandoned town, south of Kethlerin, near the river bank. Arthur has ordered the creation of a militia. Elias replied. Things are quiet up here, but the people are getting restless without a clear direction. Are we to stay or are we to move on? Remain where you are. Tell them I will be there in a matter of hours. Nathan thought, turning his horse about. heading west by northwest. A quick scan of the area and he had a clear idea of where he was from the flora. Grasslands, thick forests and rolling hills made up every direction, but he had little difficulty telling which way was which. In his youth, Nathan had been trained by an explorer in navigation; latitude, longitude and wind direction, even reading the smallest details like rocks and trees was as easy as breathing to him. Moss only grew on the north side of trees, so he was heading the right way. Because the Dragon had made her home in the Mount Tyrin region of the Cold Mountains, he used Genesaris' highest peak, Mount Ruzahl, as the primary landmark and mentally charted his way from there. A quick survey of the surroundings and he knew he was a few hours ride away: A half a day at the most, depending on if there were any obstructions or traffic in the way and if his horse's stride stayed consistent. He was traveling alone after all. A single man, wearing simple brown robes and carrying an ornate sword about his back would probably make a tempting target for brigands, but there were few of those in this region, especially after the disaster last Whispernight. Hopefully, I'll arrive sooner. He thought, urging his horse a little faster. I simply cannot wait to give the others the good news.
  8. Yeah ne neither. Got no interest in the artifacts either. The Watchers are an independent group that has their own agenda. Part of that is eliminating the threat posed by the cult. Once that's over and done with, my participation is concluded. For the list, I can be either under Genesaris or just independent. Nevertheless, I will say Nathan is very interested in forming a permanent alliance with the Order of Force Majure and this new police force.
  9. If there's still room on the roster, the Watchers will definitely be involved in this conflict. Their leader Nathan has a chip on his shoulder towards the cult and he's gone through some special training to prepare for a confrontation with Lilith. Since the war, they fled with a number of Nu Martyr citizens to Genesaris to found their own land. Real soon, they'll be rechristened the Freedom Fighters. Though admittedly, Nathan probably wouldn't mind settling for a rematch with Khaedal. 😉
  10. ((Imagine as taking place southwest of Kethlerin)) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A week had passed after the war in Nu Martyr, with the Watchers had decided it was time they forged a new destiny amidst the ruins of the old. On their airship, they had absconded with a number of refugees from that land with a promise of safe havens in their homeland. Their number consisted mostly of families with a few soldiers, but it was the speed at which they fled across the Great Northern Ocean that provided the most protection, as did the anonymity with which they traveled. When the ship had disembarked in Port Kyros, it was a nightmare for the Watchers to go through the problem of customs with the locals, as did the question of what to do with so many people. Very few questioned that life was going to be hard, especially for those that came from Landonia - where the proud, knightly traditions held strong. After a day or so of arguing with the customs officers, the Watchers had simply packed everyone who did not wish to remain and headed further east. A select few did leave, but most stayed and waited - huddled together amidst the ship's cavernous interior while they waited. It took another day of flight, but they reached the coast of the western edge of the Great North. To the more cautious minded, this was the ideal spot to set up, but Arthur Morn, the Watcher's second (and interim leader in Nathan's absence) thought it better to head further inland, away from prying eyes. Furthermore, he argued, the ship was borrowed from the Nu Martyr Defense Forces. It would need to be refueled, refitted and then returned once this business was concluded. It was a matter of honor. "Honor is not what keeps these people fed and happy, Arthur." Gale, the Watcher's strategist had said that evening over some of the last bottles of water and bits of bread. "We need to find someplace to drop soon or they'll start eating each other." With that, Gale and Elias volunteered to head further southeast - scouting for a different spot. It took a day, but eventually, they found it. Far to the southwest of the city of Kethlerin, on the banks of the Kethlerin's river tributary were the ruins of an old keep and some unnamed town. It was probably one of the places destroyed in the cataclysm from a previous Whispernight when the dead had risen from their graves and laid waste to much of Genesaris. Though nature had come to reclaim much of what was lost, the town's buildings remained largely intact, including a blacksmith's forge and fully stocked larders. Even better, the few clusters of the still-living dead were easy to dispatch. It took a skirmish, but the Watchers and their forces had secured and scoured away the area. Near the keep, the four members of the Watchers discussed what was to come. Four men fresh from a war they had fought and nearly died in, all for these people who were to them as complete strangers - now people under their protection. Nearly a thousand of them, just looking for someplace to go. "Much will have to be done." Gale said as the first wave of people began to arrive. Most of them women, children and the elderly. "We'll need to figure out who gets what houses and to secure a source of drinkable water." "Not to mention the security situation." Elias said, folding his arms. "We'll need to make another sweep of the area and find out if there's any more undead, or worse." "And the fact that Nathan is still missing." Max pointed out. "It's been almost ten days now. We'll need to contact him to make sure he's okay." "Jameson can take care of himself." Arthur said. "He'll contact us when he's ready. Until then, we need to follow his orders and keep these people safe. And Elias is right - we have to cover our tracks and ensure the Cult of Power does not follow us." "If the cult found out where we are, their reach would have to be long indeed." Elias said, inwardly glad his brother was so quick to agree. "I can only imagine their wrath would be terrible. Nathan made a direct threat to their leader - and more, we snatched a whole group of people from right under their noses." "Even so, this little town is as good a place as any to start over." Arthur said. He turned to his brother and the Fairy Knight. "I'll see to it that makeshift defenses are set up. Elias, run a sweep from the north and east walls. Gale, give me south and west. I want to know what's coming this way before we're gagging on it." With that, he turned to the Angel Knight. "Max, you're with me. I'm going to start organizing a militia."
  11. (Turns a switch on his vocal cords and activates his Salesman Voice. Then snaps his fingers and this music plays) Look, learn and be amazed at the wonders of the living dead, all for the low, low price of your soul and a buttload of pain. Non zombie undead come in a variety of different (disgusting) flavors for all your horrible unlife needs! There's the incorporeal forms, such as the Lich, the more powerful Arch-Lich, the Poltergeist (popular in Haunted Houses) the Shadow Person, (shades from the blackest depths of the Underworld) and my personal favorite, the wraith. Spawned either from the plane of shadows or from the souls of the vengeful dead, the Wraith is a nasty little beastie that will drain the life force from its target, eventually leaving it a withered husk that will become a new wraith upon death. Call now and we'll throw in eternal damnation absolutely free! That's 555-Skulls-and-Bones. ((Warning, undeath may not be for everyone. Consult your local priest or exorcist before selling your soul. Do not take undeath if you enjoy life and don't want to be an aberration against the laws of nature.))
  12. I personally would like to see some more fantastical beasts and I know where to find them! I like Giant creatures: Humanoids of prodigious size and strength, though often thought of as evil or hostile to Humans. Giants have a place in nearly every mythology. In recent works, they are imagined as a dying race with increasingly fewer numbers. A species that is slowly being driven to extinction; often as a result of Mankind's encroachment. My character, the half-giant, Theron is a human-frost giant hybrid. He stands around 8 feet in height and weighs 400 pounds. (2.44 m and 181.43 kg respectively) Posessing immense strength, Theron is easily my mightiest character. (Also the slowest, however) I also like Lizard Folk. Humanoid Reptiles that are as vicious and deadly in combat as they are cold blooded. (I know, humanoid lizards makes little sense from a biological standpoint, but bear with me.) Although thought of as brutish, I like the idea of sentient creatures that predate humans, in much the same way as the Age of Reptiles preceded the Age of Mammals. In recent works, like in D&D, Lizard Folk are largely solitary and reclusive; rarely interacting with other races unless provoked. When angered, they are often shown as fearsome opponents with sharp claws and teeth. I also have a soft spot on my heart for Werewolves. Also known as Lycanthropes, or Wolf-Men. Typically cast as evil, they recently are shown as sympathetic or even benevolent. In many ways, the unity of man and nature, the creature in question is a shapeshifter that can transform into a lupine like form. (Although other animal forms are rare, they are not unheard of.) In my opinion, Werewolves are in many ways an ideal method of acting out my teenage power fantasy. I admire the Wolf's strength, ferocity and pack mentality. Plus, having the enhanced smell, hearing and (often) boosted metabolism means there's a degree of enhanced healing, possibly even longevity. Yeah. To make a long story short, (*Too late!*) I like creatures that are parallel to Humanity, but also have some added qualities and quirks.
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