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  1. Thinking about writing up a few matches between various characters of mine. First one is going to be Nathan vs. Arthur.

    Sounds good in premise: Two of the best barehanded fighters on Valucre going toe-toe-toe in a friendly sparring match.

    Only question is, who wins?

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    2. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      Thank you for this input Supernal. I appreciate it. :) Though, I think I have determined my answer for it.

      Only thing is, I need to get myself an inspiration. That's a much harder thing to do.

      Also, since this is technically a non-canon, "What-if" scenario, I have to ask, would the most appropriate place I post it in be the Universal Colosseum? 

    3. supernal


      If you don't intend to canonize it then it can take place in nearly any setting if you want to use a setting as a backdrop but usually purely combat threads would go in the Colosseum.

    4. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      Very well. Thank you. That was most helpful.

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