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  1. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Let the one-eyed lead the blind.
  2. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    I will lay you down On a black laden crown As your eyes open wide Let your heart bleed to die I will lay you down On your blood eagle crown Lay your wings open wide Let the skies bleed to die
  3. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt
  4. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Yo I came home from work the other day I was tired I just wanted to sit back in my big chair And play a little Xbox You know Relax a little Then my wife comes in She starts telling me I play too much Xbox I said what the fuck do you mean This is just how I relax Can I just play a little Xbox Then she says I saw on Oprah today That guys who play video games Don't love their wives I'm like motherfucking bitch Fuck Oprah I don't give a fuck I wanna play my video games I don't give a fuck about Oprah Oprah ain't got no man You better worry about your motherfucking self I just wanna kill some motherfuckers on Xbox She said You seem like you have a anger problem Maybe you need some help I'm like Bitch call the police now Gonna be institutionalized You'll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes You won't have any say They'll brainwash you until you see they way I'm not crazy - institution You're the one that's crazy -institution You're driving me crazy - institution They put me in a institution Said it was the only solution To give me the professional help To save from the enemy myself The other day I go on the internet I'm just trying to check my email So put in my password It says I have an invalid password I know my fuckin' password So then it says go to customer service So I get on customer service I start talking to this dude This motherfucker sounds like he's from India or some shit He says to me Whats your first dogs name I don't know what my fuckin' first dogs name was What the fucks the matter wit you I just want my password Gimme my fuckin' password So then he ends up giving me my password And he says Your password has been sent to your email address I'm like I cant get in my email address What about cant get in my email address do you not understand motherfucker He says oh my god It seems like you have an anger problem You should have that checked out I'm not crazy - institution You're the one that's crazy -institution You're driving me crazy - institution They put me in a institution Said it was the only solution To give me the professional help To save from the enemy myself The other day I'm just sittin' alone On lunch break at my job Trying to eat a ham sandwich Got little potato chips on the side Little koo-aid This motherfucker walks up to me and says Are you gonna eat that Like yeah I'm gonna eat that What the fuck you think I'm gonna do Shove it up your ass Do you understand that that pork can kill you Look motherfucker Pork is not gonna kill me Unless they figure a way To shoot it out of a fucking gun But I might kill you If you keep fuckin' with me He says hey calm down I'm a vegan Fuck a vegan I could give a fuck if you eat sawdust motherfucker Just step away from my fucking sandwich He said do you realize how much sugar is in that kool-aid I said do you realize how much blood is in a human body Do you wanna see it motherfucker Oh my god You need therapy You have an anger problem Ahhhhhhh I'm not crazy - institution You're the one that's crazy -institution You're driving me crazy - institution They put me in a institution Said it was the only solution To give me the professional help To save from the enemy myself Suicidal
  5. Devil

    What are you playing? [Video Game Edition]

    Been watching me son play Little Nightmares. Kinda reminds me of little big planet.
  6. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    They sweep the land untarnished, embraced by our denial Whole generations garnished, a face behind the lisle Inflicted dead weight premise, how dare you wink and smile? Your beauty in these numbers, a fraction in this wile
  7. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Ridin fast out of the sunset, Devils and horses advance, Thunder and lightning and honour, The army of saber and lance, Every man somber and focused, Each man looks to the fore, Death is the life we are living, Hungry for battle and war, War for War, saber in every fist, Where we were and are once more, Out of the dark and the mist, War for War. Determined for victory, Over the line they drew there, Honour the cavalry.
  8. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Under my boot. Every snow flake looks the same Beneath the scars there's an empty spell cast in vain Inside those walls. The little voices know my name Below black stars these old dirty streets have no shame Tear my soul apart. Drown me in your sea of darkness I'll be your lucky star if you promise that you'll never let me go Better the devil you know. Better the devil you know The squeaky wheel is the weakest link in the chain I see the cut but I still can't feel the fucking pain Between these walls there's a tiny chance I could refrain Below black stars an even smaller chance I will complain
  9. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    The metronome of rain on the rooftop Velvet draped across the floor Was a time when we measured but never up to our fathers The sorrow cuts and as I stare at the blade you’ve reached the dark we
  10. Devil

    What are you watching? [animated]

    Pretty much does. Its kinda funny. Lots of nut shots.
  11. Devil

    What are you reading?

    Hard of softback bro. PDHs corrupt easily.... Also, I dont have the patience to scroll a pdf to read it. Which makes me look like an albino gorilla trying to operate a tablet/smartphone,
  12. Devil

    What are you watching? [animated]

    Sense8. Castlevania is pretty okay. Needed more episodes tho.
  13. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Hearken hosts on high Fetch me your god As my ambition prescribes Challenge the sun Ascend shall I unto the heavens Exalt my throne above his celestial display Sit shall I upon that mount ov congregation Far toward the north
  14. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Well the missionary man He's got God on his side. He's got the saints and apostles Backin' up from behind. Black eyed looks from those Bible books. He's a man with a mission Got a serious mind. There was a woman in the jungle And a monkey on a tree. The missionary man he was followin' me. He said "stop what you're doing." "Get down upon your knees." "I've got a message for you that you better believe."
  15. Devil

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    When she comes in all degrees, no more need Burn the taste of all away, you can't say Try to kick a line in time, no more time Burn the taste down on your knees, you can't see Breaking glass will do you harm, my blood's warm Somehow words are meaningless, I'm breathless Try to put your arms around what you've found Disappears and all is gone, you can't go on