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  1. OOC

    @Red the Ambivalent Honestly looking at the dates of the other threads in the sub-forum makes me think it might be a good idea to work it through again. It seems like most of the people from the in the sub-forum( @Alternative, @Alyssa Coops, @CrimsonAurora, @Crossbone, @Sapphire Blue, @Fortress,and@LightningBolt) all went inactive during the summer months.
  2. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    It is a bit of an odd things to not be able to leave because of the commitment to wait for somebody. Enk wasn't planning on just disappearing on Luke, and he really doubt that the people he was with had double crossed him. Perhaps it really was just a streak of misfortune and trouble. He went back to his caravan to take the mace but it seemed like that was missing as well. Luckily he was not left without a weapon, but that goes back with the theme of what the thieves took. If this group of folks that was the ones who raided his carts then surely they were either around the area. They couldn't have gone too far within the time that had passed, they were surely to have left some trace of their presence. Maybe they were even desperate or simple enough to sell it to a local merchant. Enk was stuck with an odd choice to leave and investigate, but he knew he wanted to be able to check out that Library. Perhaps the best thing for him to do was to leave the caravan in place while he went and searched around town for clues. With that in his mind he decided that he was going to leave a note for Luke to head to the library in his cart. Enk could work his way through town there and find out who it might have been, and then he could go pursue after he helped the fellow. Enk headed into town, keeping an eye out for anything that struck him as odd. @LukeRipstine
  3. @Akiris I am all ears if you do have an idea. I started to read and though up a way I can ease in, but I have to write my closing post on another thread before I post.
  4. I'll read through and let you know, I don't want to be too disruptive of the flow.
  5. Is the thread still open? I was wondering if I could join since my Character is in Predator’s Keep.
  6. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    By the time Enk got back the sun was beaming rather high, well into the early afternoon. In just a few moments he notices that his oxen were loose, but close by and just taking shade by the inn's entrance. Enk heads over to his wagon checks the back, noticed that it was ransacked. It seemed like only a few things were taken, but he would have to look closer to see how bad it was. His jug of water was still there, and the jerky which he had toiled for was also snugly in place. Trinkets were missing, the sword and armor set he had were taken and many things seemed displaced but still there. "Why me?" He thought aloud. At the least he still had his pouch of silvers with him. He went to the front and noticed his map and compass was still in place, but they seemed to have been tampered with as well. The map was folded half-open and he opened it to see check the condition and see if there were any markings. Unfortunately no clues were really left behind, maybe just someone who was trying to see if there was something of significance in the papers. Thinking about just cutting his losses Enk let out a deep sigh. Sure, there was some amount of money lost in the wares that he had but more so his sense of security was gone. It wasn't his first time losing a nice amount of his inventory, he once lost an entire carriage. But this definitely was going to be a big hindrance, maybe for weeks even. Enk's hopes were that someone around the area must've known a bit about what happened. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  7. OOC

    Now thinking about it I really should get the Rose Inn thread back to the proper setting, since I wandered off into the forest but continued to post in that. I'll be doing that sometime tonight, if anyone wants to RP for a bit over there. I noticed the people of the inn also haven't been on for a while.
  8. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Looking at the massive amount of meat he knew that he wasn't going to eat of it, he already had a nice plate at the inn. He roasted the currants on the bush and just ate a few of the ones which were heated and soft. After just a few he could already feel his belly bulging a bit. He put the bush down a few feet from the fire and grabbed a hold of the shiv. "Man, I am actually a good amount of stuffed. I'm going to head back and prepare, I'll be waiting for you there." Enk had said to Luke. Perhaps he should've offered help to carry back the meal but he knew that with a skill like that Luke could always get himself a fresh kill and have himself a nice meal. He was a bit worried whether Andromeda was alright, with that strange occurrence of someone just popping in and taking her with them. Perhaps someone in the inn had an idea of who she was, or maybe who the other fellow might have been. Enk really didn't get the chance to ask Luke but judging on how concerned he responded it seemed like it wasn't someone who was putting her in danger or like he questioned it too much. Even if it wasn't his business to stick his nose into he knew that it also wasn't in his interest to be seen as someone who was travelling with someone that had a heap of trouble following them. If someone had seen them together then it is possible that Enk was noted as someone of interest already @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  9. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    It seemed like in an instant the fire was up. It wasn't abnormal for things to happen magically or supernaturally. This really wasn't the kind of area for things this kind of thing to happen. Perhaps the meticulous preparation was a bit more than what his eye caught. "Well then, I guess the fire and meal is on then." Enk said, curious on what happened but thankful of the event. Perhaps there was more to the eye about Luke than he knew. Enk had a hold of the dark little berries in his hand, ready to make a nice little meal out of it. He didn't have something to hold the currant in and roast it, and he didn't want to poke them through a stick and do it that way since they were much to small for that. "I'm glad I left all the berries on the stalk now, man." He spoke aloud, preparing to roast the whole branch itself. @LukeRipstine
  10. OOC

    @Red the Ambivalent I still read threads a good amount of the time, honestly I have been had a tricky 2 months that I had with transition back to my home town. I really have been slacking on the Rose Inn thread though, I bit of block and a bit of laziness going on. I really should apologize for letting @LukeRipstine waiting constantly.
  11. The Psionic Caravan

    There was nothing more intimidating about the situation than having to deal with an enemy that could peer into the mind of others. Enk was aware that it was likely he wouldn't know reality from trickery. And that was fine, he felt sure that he could find a way to make it to his desitnation despite all of this. But the bigger worry he had was the sheer amount of things that she could draw from. Travelling all around the southern half of Terrenus he had seen some rather odd parts of the world, from erratically changing mountains to magical forest that housed some of the most elegant creatures he has seen. But if she was going to conjure all sort of trouble he knew that he had a strong chance of being in danger. Maybe there would be physical dangers like bandits or the wildlife, but more so travelling without certainty. By the time Enk reached the docks on foot it was well into the afternoon, with the sun still beaming down. He was expecting the sea breeze to cool him down but the muggy moisture definitely was a drag, making the heat almost unbearable. He could even feel the heat from the pavers on the bottom of his boots. And he knew that he was bound to find someone in the heat that was willing to work, whether it was a sea-dog desperate for a few silvers or an adventure who was looking to travel and hitch a ride. "You look like you are looking" "Not really, just looking to see if there were a few capable." Enk said, suggesting that he needed freight moved. The fellow looked at Enk as if he was a bit skeptical but interested. Enk could feel the shady nature of the sailor, maybe smuggling illegal goods "Depends what you are looking for." "I need to get a wagon to Ignatz, preferably cutting through the hills." "You got a better chance checking a tavern then. Most of the mates around here are looking to get on a boat and wreck havoc." The pirate said, seeming to smoothly disengage from the conversation. He walked into the crowd and back towards one of the barracks nearby, and shortly merged with the people around. Generic adventures would be hanging around all the taverns, inns and bars around town, but Enk really wasn't looking for just some person to travel with. He really was hoping for someone with contrast, who would bring out the keen senses from him. If mind games were going to be against them Enk would at least want someone who could help him see through the odd bit.
  12. I'm getting ready to write again since I am pretty much going to be homebound for the next 2 weeks or so.

  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Enk noticed that it would be a waste of Luke's careful preparation of a fire. Just as simply as Enk could carve a hole into the fallen tree he could do so into some of the logs that Luke gathered. "We could make a hearth or a fire board out of the log." He suggested. It might require more than one log but if Luke was able to cut a log than with no doubt he had the ability to cut a board and leave the rest for fuel. Enk's hand drill technique wasn't the best but he knew with some effort and time that they would be able to start a fire. With all the board they were sure to get a few fires worth on the go, and it wouldn't be a problem next time they tried to start one. @LukeRipstine
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Instead of the sticks we can use the bones. It's more dry on the outside once you scrape all of the stuff off." Enk said, looking at the clean-swept leg. He walked to the creature and tried to snap the hind leg off of the creature, thinking of a creative use. Since he didn't have anything to cut with he might as well have made a bone shank. The resistance of the joint felt rather uncomfortable, almost giving him shivers from the click of it moving out of place. Enk tried to manipulate the bone to poke through all the hide. He then moved the hoof on the other foot to scrape the hide off of the leg. He was able to move the hoof in a swift strike against the leg and cause a tear in the skin. After noticing that the hoof wasn't too effective he walked to the horn and grabbed it, struggling with the awkward shape. He stuck part of the horn in the rip and was able to hack downward at small intervals to open the leg. With a good pull Enk got the leg out, with a bloody mess around the leg. Enk grabbed the bone and the swung it at a sturdy tree. Upon impact it slipped out of his hands and flew a bit behind him, spinning out. The bone had a decent split in it and he grabbed one end and left the other end on the floor. He pushed his foot through and with a smooth snap was able to create his quick tool. "Well, I guess this will do for a nice shiv." He said, look at the blood bone and his hands. It was a rather crude job done, and he would have rather respected the body but he was in need of something to cut with. Enk was almost going to wipe the blood on the inside of his jacket but he took a moment to think and thought he might as well wash it off a bit later. He walked towards a large fallen branch of a tree, one that he wouldn't be able to lift and move to easily because of the awkward shape and the weight. The branch was probably dried on the inside since seemed to be there for a long time. He carved a small notch into the branch for starting a decent flame. "Maybe it would be a bit easier to start a fire here." Enk suggested. "Just get a nice, straight stick and roll it in the notch." @LukeRipstine
  15. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Unfortunately I have don't have a match to start a fire." Enk mentioned, pointing out he wasn't able to start a fire there. "I mean I have done it with the reflecting the sun of the time dial but I am not able to here." he said, looking up at the canopy and nudging his chin toward the river. And it wasn't really a consistent effort either, he was only able to do so out of favorable conditions, a lot of percision and a bit of luck with the angle. "I was under the assumption that you had something to cook the stuff with." Enk answered, wishing he was better prepared. He had a fire starting kit in the cart but he rarely used it since it was more of an emergency for him. Being stranded in the forest was nothing harsh to Enk, it just meant a walk in the homelands and a haul back to the cart. @LukeRipstine