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  1. From inside Enk could here speaking, which was distinctly female. He wasn't able to discern what was said but he could sense a rather strange energy from inside the room. It was a bit odd since Enk wasn't too sure whether he should check inside or continue to call out and possibly be disturbing the other guest at the Inn. He leaned towards the slightly open door, almost as if he was going to poke his nose in and take a peek around. "Hey, I think the Inn might have breakfast if you want to come." Enk announced, waiting for a response. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  2. Enk made it outside and looked at his oxen still sleeping, in what would be the start of sunrise in perhaps less than an hour. He climbed into his wagon and hastily grabbed the jug of water to take it back inside. Oddly enough at this hour he could hear the people who were still in the pub. Perhaps not as lively as before, but people still were having their chattering and having the occasional laugh. Maybe there was complimentary breakfast though, for the early birds. It was worth checking out in a bit. Heading back to the room Enk walked to the sink in his room. Enk place the opened the top and placed the mouth of the urn at the faucet and angled it since it was just slightly too big for the sink. while waiting he brushed his fingers through his dense hair. It was a bit mangled from the lack of care but the hair itself was fine and smooth, like a silky spool left hanging around. A few light strokes later and his hair was a bit more flowing, and he turned off the faucet. The jug was about three-fourths full, and he didn't want to over-fill it and make it too heavy to comfortably carry. He closed urn On his way back outside Enk noticed that the door of Andromeda's room was open. It was pretty odd considering that she was the first one to go rest. Perhaps she was in a rush and didn't close the door, but he didn't recall it being open in the night when he went to bed. He was sure Luke would've closed the door while he helped her get to the room. He put the urn on floor and cupped his hands over his mouth as if to project his voice toward the door. "Anybody home?" Enk asked, from outside the door. He learned not too peer in, considering her temper at the Tavern over the chair. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  3. Awakening from a nice rest Enk laid down for a bit, not really wanting to get up immediately. It was a bit odd to Enk that he rested for four hours and feel well rested while a lot others needed a full eight hours of sleep. Perhaps it was one of the benefits of being an Elf but it also put him in the awkward spot of waiting for establishments to open or for people that he was travelling with to prepare, so he usually slept a bit later to speak with the folks at night. Occasionally he would sleep when most did and he would wake up early to prepare, but that usually didn't take a whole four hours to do. With what he had learned from the night before Enk knew he should really get a map of the town and add it to his pack. It would be a pretty helpful thing for the future. Maybe Luke was familiar with the place, so it wasn't too much of a priority but he wanted to get on later. Enk wasn't sure what the place had for breakfast but he was in the mood for some onion bread. A nice little treat with some ground meat, whether it was beef, venison or some other red meat from a four-legged creature. He decided to go fill up on water, so he walked out his room and towards the entrance to go to his wagon for the jug. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  4. After a while of the fellows making their way out Enk had a feeling that the second fellow was seen recently as well. It was likely that he saw the familiar faces in the Tavern, since that is where he met Luke and Andromeda and where the staff of the Inn traveled to. He found it a bit odd that the staff would be travelling to another establishment but it could just be to re-direct the crowd towards their own place, which would make a lot of sense. Whether it was transporting goods or finding someone who owed their debts, Enk was sure he could hear out an opportunity to travel and work. It seemed like the people of the town were self-sufficient. Many built their own homes and hunted for their own food, which meant that the typical and mundane help probably wasn't needed. They defended themselves against the creatures of the forest, and the occasional wanderers from the deserts up North, there probably wasn't much they needed locally. After getting an idea of what is around town Enk decided that he would go and rest up. The Library was sure to be something that would take a lot of his day, and he wanted to that he wasn't tired and able to focus. The town could be looked at later after they went and searched through the library if they had time that day or perhaps within the next few days. There was no rush, afterall. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  5. Enk laughed at the comment made by the second fellow entering in. To see the urgency in. It seemed like people were familiar to each-other around here and that he would stick out like a sore thumb but he knew with a little bit of time the suspicion around him would fade. "Oh no, I didn't even get to ask if you were thirsty." Enk commented, a bit disappointed of the short encounter. He still wasn't exactly able to figure out were he had seen the fellow but it would have seemed to make sense if it was in the Tavern, considering that that is were he met Luke and Andromeda as well as were the staff for the Inn went. To think that the Inn had a portal somewhere was a rather astonishing to Enk. Many towns had portal stations, but for an Inn to have on directly in it was something that he had heard about but never seen. It must've been a special venue for it to have the resources and need to make a portal, and that was something that just sparked curiosity in Enk's mind. "Wait, there is a portal in the Inn?" Enk shouted, trying to catch the angel before he left. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  6. Within a a few moment Enk felt someone draw close and a slight gust followed. "Have we met, good fellow? Your face looks more familiar to me than the doors of this building."The fellow said with a grin. Not exactly the toothy kind, but more of a sly or prideful one. "Passing wind I see" He said, jokingly, making the situation as light as possible. The thin-haired blonde man had a sense of grace, in a way which Enk could not explain. It was almost like seeing an angel, but with webbed wings rather that feathered ones. He felt like he had seen the man somewhere. "Met, perhaps not." Enk responded, trying to recall. It could've been any number of marketplaces which he visited within the last few days, but he felt it was rather recent. "Perhaps I've seen you around though, you do seem familiar. Do you do a lot of travelling?" Enk asked curiously. @Victorious @Crossbone @LukeRipstine
  7. Enk noticed Andromeda seemed to be in the struggle to get walking, possibly from all of that walking through the whole day.Luckily Luke was there to help carry her, and with what seemed like more-than average strength he was able to lift her up. Enk might've been able to lift up a person in such a way, but to be able to swing her around and carry her like he was cradling a baby was a pretty coordinated effort with his movement. With the two already heading towards their rooms Enk thought it would be a good idea to check out what the locals might have to say about the area. Sure, the time might have to sacrifice a bit of rest it would be well worth it for finding a bit of loose change around. With the courtesy of Luke paying he thought it would be fair to help him make back the expenses of the night. Enk walked to the bar close by and checked for a bartender. It was a bit odd to see a person or two with drinks but a bartender to be nowhere in sight. "Hey, where is the bartender?" Enk asked one of them. It seems like he wasn't in a stable mindset but he was able to ramble a bit about how some of the folks who ran the inn headed to the Tavern of Legend. He thought it was somewhat ironic, but while inquiring about the drinks he was able to find out that someone was still running the inn while others were gone. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  8. Enk looked at Luke and tried to lighten the situation. "Maybe it takes a while to change back. You know how complicated magic can be sometimes." Perhaps it was better to settle down and enjoy the scenery. The stone building he stood in front of seemed like it was the work of the people themselves. No architect or experts, just a normal sort of building that was from the hands of your average laborer. Although it might not have been as grand as the tavern it certainly had its charm as a welcoming place. It was pretty odd that Enk had never anything of the place. He didn't meet anyone from here on his travels, nor did anyone he ever spoke to mentioned it. It seems like Luke was the first person to bring it up, and even then there wasn't too much said. For somewhere so new it seemed like it had to be rich in history and resources to have risen in such a short time. Perhaps people were getting tired of the towns and gentrification was genuinely making the city life much harder than it needed to be. The comfy town in the woods would have been a perfect getaway from that kind of lifestyle Or it could have been as simple as the area being rich in some resource itself. Perhaps there were gems and metals that the people aimed to covet, or the wildlife was rich in variety. If logging was a popular thing around the area maybe he could see if there was something he could trade or do for a bit of repair work on the wagon. "Maybe we should reserve the room for her. She can go in when she is ready" He suggested, trying to be courteous and considerate. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  9. "Sure, we could definitely use a nice stretch of the legs." Enk answered. The ride was plenty of long to have just sat through all of that. He could imagine that Luke probably was still feeling the rocking motion even though he was standing. It was just on of those funny phantom feeling that was there sometimes. Enk got off his wagon and let signaled the Oxen to rest. He went to the back to check on his wares and assure that his provisions were well off. He went toward the jug and shook it a but, realizing that he took a few swigs of water and ran out some time ago, which was probably why Enk stopped drinking for a bit. The carcasses of the fruits he ate along the way were still there, and the Suujali jerky was still in a bundle untouched. The junk wares in the back seemed pretty much the same, with some minor shuffling occurring back there but luckily nothing that warranted reorganizing. Enk was thinking about taking the jug with him inside, but he knew he was going to get other more convenient chances to fill up on water. Looking at the surrounding buildings Enk could feel the magnetism that the inn had. Something odd made the inn feel like it was a lively hosting place. "You've been here before, haven't you? @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  10. "Well, then we better make the most out of the rest that we get." Enk had responded. Sometimes he liked having a lively time and the bars and taverns but with a destination in mind he should really get make sure to eat and sleep well. The distant lights of the town were almost like a goal line, just illumination the road that they traversed.
  11. After about a day worth of travel Enk and company was in tangible reach of their destination. The rumbling sensation that the wagon had sometimes made Enk a bit sleepy and drowsy at times, but it was a rather soothing feeling. Arriving at the inn would be a pretty nice thing, it was a place where he could wind down and relax and where the everyone could prepare for their next trip. "Guys, we are almost there" Luke stated. The Inn was well in sight, and although Enk wouldn't be able to recognize it from first sight he could see the building in the distance. It seemed like it was almost at the edge of the town, as if to act as a welcoming building. "I guess we are." Enk responded. He wasn't too familiar with the Predator's Keep but it seemed like a cozy town to stop by and see the wares. He could stop by the marketplace take a nice look. Enk was fidgeting with a his coin for a bit, thinking of what else he should do on his off time. Perhaps there was an interesting commercial center or art displays to look at. Life is always nice when you go sight-seeing, whether it is look at some art displays or just roaming around the commercial centers. "So how long are we going are you planning on resting over here?"Enk asked curiously. He look at the horse Luke rode, thinking about the long ride it endured. "I'm sure that Catori could use the rest too." @LukeRipstine @Victorious
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    "Ah, I see." Enk responded. Whether or not there was really something specific in mind wasn't much of a matter of Enk to meddle in but why decline an invitation to check it out. "I'm guessing we are visiting the bed-ridden fellow at the at the inn?" He asked to inquire. Even though Enk felt light in the pocket he wasn't concerned of the pay or cost. Travels always had their way of paying, even if it wasn't in money. He checked the inside of the wagon to make sure he had some food and water for his travels. The assorted junk that he found was still taking up the back wagon like a messy pile waiting to spread, but he was hoping to rid of a lot of that junk in the next big town he hits. Luckily his bundle of everlasting Suujali jerky was still intact, so he proceeded to. He gripped the cork top and with a wicked twist he was able to open it. A small shake of the jar and he could hear the water swooshing around the top, which was a good indicator that he must've not made too many stops. Enk then closed it back up and stepped out the wagon. "Alrighty then, let's get going" "There is a town East of here that has a functional portal we can use, which might be a bit of a steep price." Enk mentioned They departed from the inn heading East North-East towards a shanty town which had a portal.
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    With what felt like newly met strangers Enk was preparing to embark to the library of mystery. "Pretty odd a library would be empty. Are you looking for something in specific over there?" Enk asked curiously. Even though it wasn't the most specific place to go it is one with purpose. Libraries could potentially contain what felt like an infinite amount of knowledge and history. It could be just a regular library but knowing how things are in Terrenus he knew there would be more than what he would bargain for. And frankly that was alright with him, after all, there was nothing gained when nothing is ventured. Maybe he would find books of monetary value or something useful for his travels. "Sure thing. Where might we find the house of knowledge?" Enk asked inquisitively. @LukeRipstine@Victorious
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    "Yea, they are pretty solid. In the sun or in the rain, through the marsh and through the plains." He said in a tune. Enk looked at his oxen, which seemed to be grazing on lazily on the patches that dared to grow out of the stone pavers. "But they take their time to enjoy the scenery, I guess." @LukeRipstine @Victorious