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  1. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Enk noticed that it would be a waste of Luke's careful preparation of a fire. Just as simply as Enk could carve a hole into the fallen tree he could do so into some of the logs that Luke gathered. "We could make a hearth or a fire board out of the log." He suggested. It might require more than one log but if Luke was able to cut a log than with no doubt he had the ability to cut a board and leave the rest for fuel. Enk's hand drill technique wasn't the best but he knew with some effort and time that they would be able to start a fire. With all the board they were sure to get a few fires worth on the go, and it wouldn't be a problem next time they tried to start one. @LukeRipstine
  2. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Instead of the sticks we can use the bones. It's more dry on the outside once you scrape all of the stuff off." Enk said, looking at the clean-swept leg. He walked to the creature and tried to snap the hind leg off of the creature, thinking of a creative use. Since he didn't have anything to cut with he might as well have made a bone shank. The resistance of the joint felt rather uncomfortable, almost giving him shivers from the click of it moving out of place. Enk tried to manipulate the bone to poke through all the hide. He then moved the hoof on the other foot to scrape the hide off of the leg. He was able to move the hoof in a swift strike against the leg and cause a tear in the skin. After noticing that the hoof wasn't too effective he walked to the horn and grabbed it, struggling with the awkward shape. He stuck part of the horn in the rip and was able to hack downward at small intervals to open the leg. With a good pull Enk got the leg out, with a bloody mess around the leg. Enk grabbed the bone and the swung it at a sturdy tree. Upon impact it slipped out of his hands and flew a bit behind him, spinning out. The bone had a decent split in it and he grabbed one end and left the other end on the floor. He pushed his foot through and with a smooth snap was able to create his quick tool. "Well, I guess this will do for a nice shiv." He said, look at the blood bone and his hands. It was a rather crude job done, and he would have rather respected the body but he was in need of something to cut with. Enk was almost going to wipe the blood on the inside of his jacket but he took a moment to think and thought he might as well wash it off a bit later. He walked towards a large fallen branch of a tree, one that he wouldn't be able to lift and move to easily because of the awkward shape and the weight. The branch was probably dried on the inside since seemed to be there for a long time. He carved a small notch into the branch for starting a decent flame. "Maybe it would be a bit easier to start a fire here." Enk suggested. "Just get a nice, straight stick and roll it in the notch." @LukeRipstine
  3. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Unfortunately I have don't have a match to start a fire." Enk mentioned, pointing out he wasn't able to start a fire there. "I mean I have done it with the reflecting the sun of the time dial but I am not able to here." he said, looking up at the canopy and nudging his chin toward the river. And it wasn't really a consistent effort either, he was only able to do so out of favorable conditions, a lot of percision and a bit of luck with the angle. "I was under the assumption that you had something to cook the stuff with." Enk answered, wishing he was better prepared. He had a fire starting kit in the cart but he rarely used it since it was more of an emergency for him. Being stranded in the forest was nothing harsh to Enk, it just meant a walk in the homelands and a haul back to the cart. @LukeRipstine
  4. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Pretty soon Enk noticed it was no ritual, but a really small preparation for a meal. It seemed a bit different from what other adventurers might do, but to take it to town and cook it there probably wouldn't be the way to go. "I'll see if there is anything else around." Enk said, while Luke was preparing the leg. Enk took a look around to see if there was anything that he might be able to use for the small meal. He took a careful scan around but he didn't see any distinctive plants for him to use. He knew with the water source nearby there was life, and he thought he might as well take a look at it to see what it had to offer. Enk then tried to recall which direction they were walking in and decided to take a solid look over where he could see the standing water. It was a pretty decent size, not a stream where he would be able to find crayfish. Although he could fish without a fishing pole he wasn't able to do so in the depths of that river, so trying to fish was out of the question. There was a shrub, long and stocky with dark berries on it. It seemed a lot like a black currant or elderberry but Enk wasn't really sure which one it might have been. He took a look at the leaves and pluck one of, crushing and the smelling it. It seemed like the aromatic in a grassy woodland sort of way, nothing that really stuck out. "I guess I'll take a pop at one of these bad boys." Enk said, taking the chance to find out. It was rather tart and strong, downable but not really enjoyable as is. It was definitely an edible berry but he felt that it would be better roasted. He was able to confirm that it was black currant, and he thought it would be a nice idea to take a few. He a branch with a few of the berries and took it back to make something with it. "So I found currants we can cook. Or eat raw, it's on the sour side though." He said to Luke. @LukeRipstine
  5. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    The clean kill ended the struggle of the creature and body was fresh, filled with life. Luke took a step and let the leg down, sitting down towards it and sheathing and unsheathing his sword, as if to be doing a ritual. It seemed rather esoteric on what Luke was doing to the leg, but he had a general respect for the customs of others. Enk found it rather odd that he was just taking note of the leg when the whole body was available. "This antler should make a mighty nice souvenir, don't you think?" Enk said aloud. The bones also make for some nice trinkets as well but he have anything to cut and carve with. And even if he did he didn't want to touch the body until he was sure it wasn't going to be used. Enk was wondering if Luke was doing some sort of necromancy or witchcraft. It would be a rather odd thing to be a part of. @LukeRipstine
  6. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Luke swiftly affirmed his call, tossing the horn in his general direction. Enk scattered his way to the horn and picked it up by the base, letting the branching face outward. "On the count of three." Luke instructed. Enk saw him draw his sword again. It seemed like a death wish if he would try to charge the horn into its head but the face was a sure way to do some substantial damage. Enk prepared for the charge "Two, three!" Luke yelled, prepared for an attack. Enk stepped aside and swung the horn at the face, just distracting and redirecting its motion. The rushing motion of the creature pushed the horn out of Enk's mediocre grip, luckily right next to him. It fell in after the impact and let out an unpleasantly loud yelp, and then Enk had noticed that it was from the leg cleanly taken sliced off. There was no way it would try another charge, with it struggling to push itself upward. The creature began to re-orient itself right-side up and reposition itself in a defensive stance. "Man, that is awful." Enk had said, with a slight discomfort of seeing the struggling beast. Forest hunting sometimes was an uneasy experience but it was something that was rather natural around him. It was one of those things that certainly could be emotionally moving at times, considering that he was taking what nature had to offer. But he did so with a sense of gratitude, for the creature and for their safety. Enk picked up the horn and looked toward the direction of the sword, to ensure it was in a safe range from the creature. "So Luke, are you eating just the leg or do we take the whole thing?" He asked. @LukeRipstine
  7. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Rustles were heard from somewhere nearby and within a flash. Turning to see the sound Enk had side-stepped and stumbled trying to dodge the creature, seeing that Luke had already drew his sword to slash the beast. He swung down and struck the antler of the creature, sweeping off the prized antler and disorienting it, knocking it into the tree. Momentarily afterward Enk stabilized his stance he sees the creature rotating around, as if to make another charge. It seemed to be a bit slow to move, which gave him time to do something to react. He reached down and tried to grab a handful of dirt but the soil was well put and he wasn't able to grab much but a few loose leaves and a twig. Readying himself to dodge and throw, Enk tried to think of something else he might be able to use as an improvised weapon. "The horn!" He said aloud, making a move to jump toward the horn for a better chance. @LukeRipstine
  8. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Enk could feel the change in the forest but wasn't sure what could be around. It could be a predatory animal, another hunter, even a disturbance in the arcanosphere. Enk didn't sense anything magical though, so it was likely to be something live. "Don't continue." Luke had spoken. Enk halted and could hear a river within walking distance. Where there is water there was life and judging by the change in the atmosphere there was something close. He had no weapon, no magic, no real defense but he could sure climb a tree and wait it out. He took a quick scan around without moving his feet, and saw nothing on the . Whatever it was probably was something that was hidden well in the trees, waiting to pounce and attack. @LukeRipstine
  9. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Good thinking, I would have lost the time." Luke responded. Luke started walking seemingly immediately, Enk could imagine that if he was hungry he would want to get a move on as well. They walked into the woodlands from the Inn, and ultimately away from the core of the town. They started to walk out of the tavern and in some direction, perhaps just by whim or perhaps with a knowledge of the forest. The forest was rather light in trees and shrubs. Enk was pretty glad it wasn't too dense to traverse because the efforts of cutting a path and moving forward would make it difficult and use up a nice chunk of their time without notice. Things seemed pretty at rest for the most part, just the sound of the wind raking the leaves and the even ground pats as they took there step.
  10. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Enk headed back outside to grab something for the quick hunting trip. He already knew all his stuff was in order and he wasn't worried about the short period of time that passed. Checking the front of the wagon Enk looked under the seat and grabbed his mace; just a regular, tapered mace for self defense. It sure helped crack the skulls of crooked con-artist. He thought about grabbing the mace and heading inside, but he thought that would be a rather odd thing to do since people might get the wrong idea. It would be awkward to go inside and not bring anything but he thought it would be better to head inside with something. He tried to think up of something that he could take inside, plotting to pick up the mace on his way out. There was no concealable weapon or something with a sheath to take with him. He didn't even have a knife for cutting because he has been using the great-sword in the wagon to cut just about anything he could hold in his hands. Papers, meat, wood, chains, locks, sometimes even lifespans. The weight proved to be hinder to use in battle but the sharpness was something Enk wanted to be able to replicate one day, something that could just cut through armor as if it were a a tissue. After pondering a bit about what he would bring he though he might as well just bring his time dial and canteen in his satchel. Enk felt a like the satchel was a bit empty and in the way, so he just took out the time dial from the bag and instead pocketed it so that he could keep track of the time. After all, he wanted get food for Luke and move on with the day, he could imagine the hunger that his companion had after what seemed like a rough night. Enk headed back in to the Rebellious Rose Inn and took a look at Luke. "I got what I need. I just want to keep track of time, I imagine after the waking hours there are all sorts of hunters out there." Enk said. Maybe there were a few early birds that would already be there but that shouldn't matter too much with the size of the forest out there. @LukeRipstine
  11. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Not to worry, I won't be getting in the way." Enk said, assuring Luke that he wouldn't be in the way. If he was hunting for a meal surely it was something that he would be able to either eat in one sitting or preserve for a few days. As long as it wasn't some horrendous creature it isn't like it would be something out of the ordinary for him. "I should probably should grab something from the wagon, for my sake." Enk mentioned. He really didn't think the mace would help much against a wild animal but it was sure better than being bare-handed. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  12. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "So does everyone go hunting around here or something?" Enk asked, noticing the pattern. Perhaps Luke was from here, or maybe not but it was worth asking to see how much he knew about the area. It was pretty interesting to see that Luke was capable of surviving on his own. That sword must see the light of day pretty often. And that made Enk think about how he was just rather decent in the woods. Sure, he knew a bit of fencing and archery, but not enough to survive off of or defend himself from some of the gnarly bandits that roamed the land. Enk was curious about leaning how to fight a bit better as well, deep at the back of his mind. He was always thinking about how much more he could do if he knew how to fight, going so many more places without worry, being a much better caravan in general. "You mind if I come along?" Enk said shyly, a bit worried that he might be a bit of a liability. Maybe the subtle suggesting to meet him at the Library was a way for Luke to announce him going alone, but Enk felt that he might be able to benefit from the observation of Luke's swordplay. @LukeRipstine
  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Enk could tell that him and Luke had more or less a similar response to the situation. Perhaps it was one of those areas where there was a grey area, just a haze instead of a clear line but the overall concept. Regardless Enk was looking forward to going to the Library today. Perhaps a capable pair of hands and eyes were lost, but it wasn't something that taking a bit of time to look through couldn't do. For some reason Enk's curiosity wondered why exactly Luke might want to go to there. He figured whether it was to help people, for personal benefit or just for adventure it would help a bit in the direction of what to look for. "So did you check out the food?" Enk asked, curious if he had already exited while he was outside or passed a while ago. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Luke seemed to have already been some distance down the hall, almost as he had elusively slid through Enk's busy mind. Luke commented that a friend passed by and tried to get her to leave, expressing that he rather not meddle in the situation. Enk grew slightly concerned. It could be a friend, or it could be a foe. Sometimes being an adventurer had its downfalls, like bounties and the innate enemies made from the results of the choices made or the consequences of bad decisions. "A friend you say?" Enk questioned. Then again who was he to get involved in the affairs of others? It might be more trouble trying to find out than to just let it be. But Enk wasn't about to lose his head for someone he just encountered. "I guess I could see your point on not wanting to get in the middle of things though." Enk responded. "Maybe I am thinking of it too hard, I just wouldn't want anything bad to happen, you know?" He spoke, trying to subtly suggest the possibility of something not being right. @LukeRipstine @Victorious
  15. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    After taking a moment to think Enk decided to go get a plate and come back. It seemed like a pretty basic inn breakfast, with a few meats probably being rather fresh from the forest. Not exactly the what Enk was in the mood for, so he just took some of the muffins and eggs to eat in the peace of his room. On his way to the room Enk noticed the room was still open, and still felt a rather odd amount of energy in there. He felt the presence of the two before, but this was either more entities or one or both of the growing in power, and that was something that could make the trip awry. Enk knew Luke was likely to have some hidden power, but if he sounded slightly fatigued then perhaps it wasn't him, but Andromeda instead. With the plate in hand Enk nudge the door open a bit more to nice that they weren't inside the room. He could still feel their presence, and he "Is she doing alright?" Enk asked. @LukeRipstine @Victorious