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  1. The two quests I have in mind are Creepy Crawlers and Purging the Quarter (On the Predators Keep quest board). I wanted to establish a bit of consistency posting before finding people who might be interested in it. I thought a bit of the Cedars, maybe a connection there or a way to transition my character into heading that direction. For the second one I was thinking about starting a thread where I make a gambling den that was run by a local gang or crime syndicate. If the inn wasn't in use then I would like to start there. I think it would be interesting to have gambling (possibly rigged) juxtaposed with psionics, a nice way or really looking into the nature of psionics in the keep. I have a "bit" written for this idea already, but I was pretty timid about asking when I initially started writing. I wanted to wait until this change gets resolved but I feel like i can continue posting without worry. Idk why I thought that moving the thread might zap away something, especially since this one moved to OOC. Definitely derping there.
  2. I have two quests I want to do threads for, so just let me know when you want to update the board. If @Fierach is willing to host the pinned boards I am for it.
  3. "From what I've heard. So for now I can only assume she's passed and that it's a foul play, as there isn't any direct conflict at the estate I'm aware or unaware of." "Surely with all the political strife that is going down there are rumors and such being spread." Enk said. "Perhaps the answers lie with the new territory that is coming up. I guess if there is something to be found out about the situation it is there." It seemed to make a bit of sense to him at least. Maybe there really was no foul play and it was just a way for the queen to enjoy her life quietly in a new town, without the stresses and worries of the Keep. It would be a a well put together exit strategy, but not plan was perfect. Regardless there must've been someone at the keep that was aware of what was going on, It was only a matter of time until the truth came out. If the queen really did pass it would be known in a matter of weeks. And if not then people would also know, and time would expose the truth. "I might head there after my trip back, I have a task at hand for the next few days." Enk said, finishing his meal. He had all he needed to continue, and was mentally prepared. But something certainly held him here, it seemed like there was something particular about this meeting that Enk couldn't exactly point out. "If I may ask, from where did you travel?" He asked, curious about where the adviser was from. The first thing that came to mind was somewhere from the North because the proximity and the fine material of her clothes, but the style seemed to be much different from there.
  4. I was just thinking of continuing on the "Rebellious Rose Inn" thread, I had an idea of turning it into something to align a bit more with the psionic aspect of the town. Hopefully you guys could get in touch with her. Another question, (mostly for Kalmuli) is if Altissium Bay would be an area that we would continue or if we just leave it be. So far there is only one thread for it but it is pretty solid.
  5. To his surprise this was the first he heard of such news. He didn't hear anything about the death of a queen, perhaps from being out on the travel. "The Scarlet queen, passing?" Enk said in shock. It must've been tough hearing about it and having to come on such quick notice. He was hoping she wasn't going the mourning away by drinking, but surely she knew that she must be level for business. Things seemed rather orderly, but with a council that was well put together it seemed like the Keep could run autonomously. Perhaps another queen fell, but why here then? Regardless, his task was uninterrupted by the event. Perhaps the timing of the task correlated with such an occurrence or maybe there was just a lot of logged work and things were just started to carry out. The fish and salad came in, which was something that almost completely slipped his mind. He inspected the fish real quick to ensure that it was well cooked, and he began to make the meal no more. There was no drink to accompany his meal, but he was so consumed in the meal that he didn't really notice it. The moisture of the fist and freshness of the salad was enough to smoothly go down.
  6. It seemed like her mind was preoccupied as is, perhaps a long day on the road or difficult agenda on hand. With a whole bottle in hand Enk had a feeling he just asked the wrong question. She opened and poured as it into the cup with liquid already in it. Just by the way she was having a meal she was sure to be happy indulging today. "I am an official, a royal advisory, but just one passing through, nothing local. But I'm guessing your local is far in range, traveler." She spoke. Perhaps his attention to her actions and assumption of her status was misdirected by her poise. Enk knew royalty came in all kinds of forms, some people of mundane villages were of royalty while there were families who have ruled their respective territories yet not considered so. But to be an adviser meant some kind of merit was earned. "I guess local is wherever I am at the moment." Enk said, noting the way it was stated. He was under the impression that local meant around the town, but hearing it that way was a bit changing on perspective. When you expand your horizon local certainly is a bit different in a sense. "What brings your here?" He asked. He wasn't even sure where the other place was, but if she was here with a purpose she had a funny way of settling in.
  7. Making his way back to the inn with a plan was nice, and he certainly felt confident enough to go through with his plan. First he would take care of business with complying with the investigation and then Enk would depart on his route for the next few weeks. "It'll only be a few, You eat here and I'll eat inside." He told his oxen. They certainly could eat just about anywhere but the sand and the sea, which was a nice thing. He set them loose and they seemed to take cover pretty quick, with the weather not being in favor today. Enk made his way back into the Inn. It seemed like it was occupied but calm, perhaps a pretty light day. It was a pretty good thing since he knew what he wanted already. He took a seat at the bar and ordered his meal. "Can I get that salad with the walnuts and apples, with the vinegar. Oh so good." Enk said, not recalling the name. "And steamed tilapia, that would be all." He said, concluding his order. He saw a well-dressed lady who was also seated at the bar. It wasn't unusual to see people who stood out in places like this, but to see people who stood out and were alone meant there usually have been something going on in the area. Enk didn't have too much time to question what she may have been doing here, but with the rise of a new queen perhaps they were involved what was going on around. And a plate with cake was served. Enk thought it would be nice to have dessert too, but maybe it was better for his health and pocket to refrain. Waiting for his meal he decided to ask, since it wasn't like he had much planning to do right now. "Are you one of the new officials in town?" Perhaps it was bad mannered of him to ask a question first, but it was a good way to find out. Or have his question ignored.
  8. Lumber was definitely the thing to export, and what would be the bulk of his cost. There was also the fact that he could use it to build a bit of a shelter, but that was more secondary than anything else. He followed the road to the edge of town at a leisurely pace, looking around. It seemed like the lumber mills were peaking from the other side of the walls but a few tents were set in town, with all wood neatly stacked in scattered piles. He waved at one of the men, made a brief introduction and stepped out his cart to conduct business. "I hear you from a few sailors that you sell goods. What kind of wood have you got?" "Anything you might need to build a house or do some repairs." The brawny man had a welcoming smile, but the silence showed that he was uncertain of exactly what Enk was coming to buy. "You don't look like much of a handyman yourself." Said the Lumberjack. "Oh me, I'm not. I'm a merchant, I usually transport goods." Enk answered honestly. "I thought it would be a good idea to stop buy and check out the wares. Some parts of the desert north pay well for lumber, especially with all the beast and bandits running around." He mentioned, preparing to inquire about his wares "Anyway, I was curious if you offer special pricing, like deals for contractors or bundles." "No bulk pricing here my friend. You can't discount the price we pay to nature." He gloated, showing pride in his work. "I'll get a few six-footers then. I don't think eight feet would fit." Enk swiftly spoke, cutting the chance for him to a say any more. The lumberjack pointed and spoke. "It's the first one on the right guy in blue." Enk move his cart next to a pile of six-foot beams. He could see a feel tools on the floor by the beams and deviously steered over them. "How many can I get you?" "Twenty will do." Enk told the man he was directed to. They walked to the beams and Enk lifted the first only to get stopped rather quickly. "We'll take care of this" The lumberjack interjected. "I just got to make sure they are good. Those people up there catch a real fit over " "I know what you mean. They always want things a certain way and just right." He took a look and nodded to continue, inspecting each until they were finished moving all of them. He paid the lumberjack and thanked him with a firm handshake. Even though he spent a fair portion of what he earned just on the lumber he knew that he could either put it to good use or find somewhere to sell it. Enk walked walked between the pair of oxen. He petted them while looking around, and when it seemed like nobody was looking he picked up the axe and put it in the harness by the handle. The saw seemed like it would cut the harness so he made his way to the cart, crouching to take a look at the bottom. Enk tried to place it on a hook above the axle of the front wheels. It seemed to hold in place, and Enk went to standing in a hurry, saying some endearing words to his oxen. "You got some nice legs, just like the lady at home. Let's get going so you can rest them." Enk went to the front of the caravan and started his trip back. After moving away from the marketplace Enk got out of his cart and moved between the oxen. He took the axe and looked under his cart, noticing that the saw must've fell out while he was riding away. It would be a real embarrassing thing if the lumberjacks noticed the saw falling. Enk made his way to back of his carriage and took a look at what he got today. He had two-hundred feet of rope, a few torches, plenty of lumber and some torn tarp. Beneath the tarp he placed lumber axe he snuck out with finesse, to save a few coin. Although Enk really wanted a pick and shovel in the case that he went mining in the mountain Enk knew it would be better to get it over there, where it was probably more abundant and thus cheaper. He headed back to the Inn, concluding the preparation for his next day A good meal and a day of rest was what he looked forward to.
  9. Torches probably was the least of his worry, but it was a nice start. Enk knew that the real gear had a bit of weight to it, some quality and streamlined stuff. He was able to eye a larger distributor, a few men of the sea that were likely from some port town on the West coast. He couldn't tell if the sailors were clean-cut or a few rogue pirates, but regardless Enk knew that either way they could need quality supplies and a couple of gold. "We sell supplies for ships, at least while we are still on land." "So like sails, barrels and the like." "You got the idea. Tell me what you are needing, and I can get you some." The sailor said with a sharp smile. Pirates always had their ways with getting a bit of loot. "If it's not here then I can point you the way." "What about rope." "Twenty gold for a thousand feet. Standard price." "You don't have anything smaller, like fifty feet maybe?" The sailor scratched his head, "The shortest we have is two-hundred. I'll lower the price a bit, I'm guessing you weren't expecting that kind of length. Three gold." He offered. Enk did the math for a moment nodded. "That would be wonderful." Enk watched as the sailor picked up a coil of rope with a blue tape on the end. He was surprised to see how easily it was lifted, but considering that he probably moved barrels and kegs of all sorts of good this was probably the light work. Enk ha "Hey, I didn't catch your name. I really want to pay you back the rest." "Dante, but I go by the Lemon Seagull. I'm usually around this part of town every other week, for a week. I'm more of a land swabby." He said, making a bit of small talk. "You don't sail much?" "I usually move goods off the ships. I was a deckhand back in the day but just want a bit of stability nowadays." Dante said, "I'll be closing the shop for the day, so feel free to pass by here whenever you are in town." "I'll see you around then." Dante waved, and Enk saw that the men were taking down there stand and watched as they looked at the top, as if they were puzzled. He saw that they weren't taking the tarp into their cart and decided to ask to see if they were trashing it. "You guys are throwing out the tarp?" "It has a tear in it." "You wouldn't mind if I take it with me?" "I would have to charge you if you did." "Oh." He said, with a dull silence following. "Only joking. Take it, hopefully it is of use to you." The man followed up, presenting the tarp to him with both hands. Enk took a look at the tear. It was as long as his forearm, definitely not something he could use to jury-rig a tent, but he couldn't beat free. He took the tarp and placed in the in back of his cart. "Where do you get the supplies that you don't sell from?" Enk said, leaning on his cart to imply his cart might need repairs "Usually we get them from people at the wharf, or towns that specialize in those goods." He looked at the sky, and then back at Enk quickly. "Actually we get lumber to patch our ships from the mill just outside of town. There are a few gentlemen at the border of town that sell it for a fair price, you should look if you are in need." The sailor pointed the direction, and Enk nodded, making his way there.
  10. It seemed like there was more to look into than in regards to the expansion of the forest. If the expansion of the forest was to be controlled and counteracted then they would need to find the source of the magic. That meant following the stream and preparing for whatever he might run into. Enk wasn't sure what to expect, but it seemed like neither were the researchers who were looking into the matter. Magic was no friendly thing to deal with, but Enk was sure that he if things got out of hand he could always back out and bring back-up. Since he was on his was to Blaurg it made sense to get some stuff for mining. The mountain range surely had something in them, he just wasn't sure what was of value there. If the locals mined something and knew about the range, then surely there was somewhere that had more of it that was just too far or risky to mine. Or maybe far too risky to mine. With what Enk received he was decided to look through the town marketplace and get himself some supplies for the task. He mostly needed some mundane supplies, something to make himself a bit of shelter for the night. The market was certainly bustling with life. If Enk wanted to flip his money he would need to do so in a smart way, buy what the town specializes in and selling it some where in need. He found himself strolling through what seemed like the heart of the marketplace. Clothiers and craftsmen of sorts selling their products and services. A pretty standard sign of a healthy and living market. It was a pretty tempting place to be for a merchant like Enk, but he knew from the years on the road that most of this stuff wouldn't make profit elsewhere. If lucky he could break even with the costs of the product and travel. There was an elder lady, likely from the Weland country side. These kind of storefronts always seemed to have second rate items for cheap, which was a good gamble. "Welcome." She spoke, with a skeptical look. Enk took a look at the stand that she had, and it seemed like it was mostly like daily necessities and some trinkets, but it had some other odd things like garden tools, wood toys and assorted potpourri. "How much for the torches?" "A copper each. Five for four." "So how many for eight?" "Seven copper." "I'll take seven then" Enk said, taking out his pouch. He took a silver cone and a copper coin, and gave it to the lady. She looked at them as if she was counting, and shot an eerie smile at him. "Thank you, have a nice day." Though Enk was hoping to confuse the sales lady he left with a fair deal. He could imagine that the torches probably had a poor lifespan or didn't even light up, but it wasn't something which he would really need. He knew he could start a fire if it really came down to it. This was just a back-up for later. @Akiris
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