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  1. Water of Wonders [Quest]

    And just then they were out of town, in a swift motion of the guards. It seemed rather interesting that the path from this gate was a lot less wooded than the others. "I know the feeling of an uncomfortable familiarity. I stopped going to Ashville because of the scoundrels always trying to get me to pay 'merchant taxes' and bridge fees, like if they needed more money." Enk was interested in the story, and there was no rush to hear since they had a nice amount of time to on the road anyway. His concern was really accidentally stumbling into the woods without knowing it. Enk had never been close to the Labyrinth forest so he wasn't sure if there was a clear indication of the boundaries of the forest. He would assumed that you would be able to see the edge of the ominous area but a forest doesn't necessarily have to be dense, or sudden in the change of trees or terrain. "Hey Akiris, have you ever seen the edge of the forest?" Enk asked curiously. Akris mentioned earlier that they would not walk to the edge but it was unclear what the signs would be like. The road started to get a bit more rocky with them reaching a stretch of plains where the grass was become scarce. The Blaurg Mountain was clearly in the view on Enk's side of the cart; he noticed as he peered to his left. It was a marvel to him on the geography of the mountain, somewhere with much different terrain in each cardinal direction.
  2. Water of Wonders [Quest]

    "Honestly the bottles were a bit unnecessary." "I could've drank some juice from a plastic bottle and used that, but that wouldn't be a good impression, you know?" He said, reinforcing what Akiris mentioned about the presentation. And it was just enough for both of them to turn in a bottle and still have one left over, just in case. In little time they both hopped into the cart and started heading towards the nearest gate, as Akiris indicated to do so. He mentioned possibly heading back through a different gate. "Ah, you wanted by the guards?" Enk asked, curious if they were going to need to head a different way. He could accomodate and find out some solution for the two. "Or still concerned about the ghost?" He asked, referring to the Zine incident. It really could be a simple reason as just to head out and back in a timely manner as he said, but Enk just wanted to ask if there was . The cart was in motion at an easy pace, allowing them time to think through what their path of choice would be. Not that they needed to decide how to get back immediately, just something to talk about while they head out of town and to their destination.
  3. Water of Wonders [Quest]

    Enk prepared went to prepare his cart and alert Akiris of their departure. "Let's get a move then, I want to make a quick stop in town and continue." Enk declared, with the small hop. He checked for the bone shiv on his belt, strapped in his oxen and looked at his map and canteen. "Oh, I almost forgot to check something." Enk said, almost leaving without checking for spare rations. He went to the back of the cart and felt the true emptiness, with just some Suujali Jerky and his jar of water. He opened it and gave it a knock, noticing that it he barely drank any since the last time. A quick taste test to confirm it wasn't stale in flavor, and he was off ready to go. They took a quick path through the town, with nothing too out of the ordinary going on. Enk wanted to head to the marketplace right before he headed out of town, since he didn't have bottles to hold some water in. "It might be a bit, if you want to take a look around." He said to Akiris. There was plenty in the marketplace that was useful, but few that was truly impressive. He followed a rule of thumb to only get what he needs, otherwise he would probably fill his cart just from the market. Enk liked being prepared but he knew the best of solutions usually needed to be improvised. Enk took a look for a merchant he saw while he was on his way to check a few different inn. He knew there were bottles for sale, he couldn't recall if they were some kind of potions and concoctions or empty bottles, but depending on the price he could just pour out the contents and call it a day. Soon Enk was able to see the stand that caught his eye previously, but it seemed to be much different from what he recalled. He greeted the merchant who was actively advertising himself by talking about his bottles. It almost seemed like it was made out for Enk to find him. "These bottles are made out of volcanic glass. Shatter proof and heat-resistant" The merchant said to Enk. He looked at them, seeing the smoky gray color and perhaps imagining a slight heat to the bottle. "They still could chip and crack though." He clarified. Enk wasn't expecting something indestructible, but he wanted to make sure that an accidental drop or a rough ride wouldn't cause damage to the delicate bottles. Enk took a moment to question it he made a statement. "There are no volcanoes on Terrenus." The merchant scoffed at his comment, feeling challenged. "Of course there are, in the Blaurg Mountains. That is where these Dwarven-made beauties come from!" The merchant said with delight. "You mind if I test a bottle?" "If you pay for it you'll see how good it is." The merchant said, trying to get Enk to make a safety deposit. Enk could sense the confidence that the salesman had in his product, and even though he wanted a deposit Enk knew it was just out of good business practice. "Well, since you seem so sure I'll give you the coins and give it a drop." Enk said, taking out a few silvers from his satchel. He gave a pile to the merchant and the merchant fairly returned a few back, and he gave Enk the bottle with an affirming nod. And the bottle dropped to the dusty ground. With a nice crystalline ting ringing around the stall. Enk could feel the sensation of flinching as if it were to break, but the single ring gave him a sigh of relief. "Seems like you had a bit of doubt there. Good, aren't they?" That was not to say that a forceful throw wouldn't break it, but it was substantial enough to put certainty in Enk's mind. "Well, that certainly is some good glass." Enk said, impressed at the resistance. "I guess I'll take three." "Alright, you take that one and any other two." He said, shuffling the coins from the first bottle in his hand. Enk paid the man a fair price, showed his gratitude and left with the bottles in hand. He returned to the cart and put the bottles in the back, comfortable knowing that they would not break. Just like that Enk had already started a small collection of junk within his cart. Some glass bottles from Blaurg, or at least supposedly from there.
  4. Writing a few events for the next thread. Nothing too crazy, just minor stuff.

  5. Played through Doki-Doki. Scared the shit out of me.

  6. Water of Wonders [Quest]

    And it wasn't to say that risk was bad, but it needed to be managed and calculated. You can't go into a situation feeling unsure or having no exit-strategy. Enk could agree with Akiris on that sentiment. There was no sense in going into a job that would probably get you killed since no amount of silvers was worth your life. Even with ethical resurrections and unnatural life it wasn't worth the chance. Enk would rather return to the dull life farm worker and know that he was going to live a few hundred more years than that of a mercenary who doesn't know if they will meet their end tomorrow. "It doesn't sound too bad. Take a look at the stream, find the source and just report what we find." Enk said aloud, confirming to himself what the task was. He felt that he would be able to do something that simple with ease, taking a look didn't necessarily mean doing anything fancy. It might even be something that could be done before sun-down, if they were lucky. Even if there was no compensation Enk felt like getting to know the area was much more valuable than any amount of money. Who knows if he could find something along the way, whether it is trinkets and spoils of war or the gratitude of the townsfolk. He grabbed his map and took a look at the area. The South-Eastern part of town wasn't too far away to head to, so he knew that they could get what they needed in the day and head out right afterward. "Perhaps we should get a few things and head out then?" He asked, seeing if Akiris was ready.
  7. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    After hearing that the gambling den was out because of some of the employs not being present Enk thought maybe he should just take it easy. With everything going on so quick maybe now was the opportunity to really think of what he wants to do. Find a stable way to use the one thing he still had: His cart. Akiris was kind enough to order two rooms. Enk was thinking about asking if there was rooms with double beds but he wanted to respect the privacy the man. With a motorcycle helm like that he could certainly pull a lady in, or perhaps have a reason to hide his identity from time-to-time. Magic and mystery went hand in hand, afterall. "Thank you." He said, looking at the desk attendant. It was more directed towards Akiris, he said it aloud so that he didn't have to say it twice. Expressing his sense of gratitude was something he could do on the road, and he was starting to think of ways that her could already. He thought it would be nice to take a walk to the bar to see who was around and what was going on, perhaps check the room before hand and then go. @Akiris
  8. The holidays have been strange. Time to continue on though.

  9. What offends you?

    Just recently I have started to get real irritated with people who complain about having to take on all the responsibility and such but not accept help. It gets frustrating to hear that someone feels like they are struggling and then they deny the kind gesture of someone to lighten the load for them. I can see it from the perspective that you wouldn't want to accept help from someone who isn't familiar with the task, but if they are willing to learn why not do so?
  10. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    They made it to the inn and to his surprise there was certainly life there. It wasn't as abandoned as it was when Enk visited there earlier, but the life it certainly wasn't as lively as before. "I guess it is coming back." Enk had said, rather startled at the event. He was hoping that it really didn't take credibility away from him, since this would be his first destination to head to. "Let's take a look inside" He said, curious to see if it was how it appeared. They pair walked in and Enk could see that the business was slowly coming back to life, still showing signs that it was abandoned for a while. The front desk was in disarray but it was occupied, while people were in the lobby where entering and being greeted by desk person. He saw a young fellow asking for the cheapest room, and in an instant Enk knew he wouldn't have the silvers to get a room. He was respectful enough to not try to pull a fast one, but luckily the inn didn't just have rooms and a lobby. There was plenty to go there for and spend a bit of time there, without going in awkwardly and just stepping out. "Well, it's worth hanging around to see what is going on around town. I hear they have a gambling den and a sparring room." Enk said, suggesting they go check it out. He wasn't much of a fighter and he didn't want to blow his last dime on someone else's pocket, but he knew that there would be capable people there. Whether it was for hire or just to hear a few rumors around town it would be pretty nice to talk to some fellows around.
  11. Hatching me up a nice post right now. looking forward to bumping into a few unfamiliar characters.

  12. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "I went there a while ago and it seemed like there any staff there. It was pretty odd, it was like they just ventured elsewhere and let the place be." Enk mentioned. he set up his cart and started heading towards the Inn. The pair of oxen seemed to be ready, perhaps the lack of weight was relieving for them. "Well, if there is someone there I'll take it easy and take a rest in the cart then. It's been a while since I had the space back there to do so anyway." Enk said, remembering the musky smell of the back of the cart. Doing so a single night would be pretty uncomfortable but just to save the buck in dire times would be nice. Something that just came to mind was how Andromeda also disappeared before the staff did. Invaded by a mystery man searching for her and then the people of the Inn afterward. Maybe the place really had some sort of haunting aura of bad luck, with people and things mysteriously disappearing. The thought made Enk a bit suspicious about the Inn, it didn't seem like a coincidence to him of these events happening. "Honestly one of the people I was travelling with disappeared as well. Her room was invaded by some guy and she just left with him in a rush. Maybe something odd is going on there." Enk questioned. Maybe it wasn't really worth looking into, he was afraid of what he might find. Better to not worry and move on than the have his mind stuck there.
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  15. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    With the arrival of the mercenary Enk was delighted and prepared to rest for the day. It wasn't a particularly eventful one, but he thought it would be best to take it easy and see what other jobs they could find around the place. The keep was a relatively new town on the rise, and that meant plenty of opportunity for them. Vendors that needed materials, officials that needed to survey the land, Curious sorts that have seen and heard all kinds of strange things around the place. What made him nervous was the fact that he might not even have enough for a night at the inn. He might be able to sell some of the useless junk in his cart but that would take much too long, maybe even over the course of a few days. Luckily some gears in his head were moving and lightbulbs lit. "I'm pretty low on silvers, after my cart got raided. I know an Inn in town that is pretty abandoned that we might be able to sneak in for a night." Enk suggested to @Akiris. Enk wasn't sure whether he would agree or if he had a moral code that he liked to abide to but he felt uncomfortable asking for a favor from the hard working mercenary. It wasn't the only option he had, but why not sleep in comfort rather than give him the impression that he was a dandelion eater.