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    D O S S I E R Moniker: Mezor Ockham Epithet: Lich — Undead. Visual Age: XLII. Actual Age: Unknown. Zodiac: Drejius — Sigil of Darkness. Species: Formerly Human. Echelon: Vagabond. Alignment: Chaoticunknown Marital Status: Widower. Religion: None. Base of Operations: No Affiliation. C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S Gender: Male. Height: 173 centimeters. Weight: 76.6 Kilograms. Eye: Onyx. Hair: Shoulder Length — Obsidian. Orientation: Uninterested. Laterality: Right Handed. Scent: Rot. Physical Condition: Gaunt — Mesomorph. Voice: Hallow — Intellectual Diet: Omnivorous. F E A T U R E S Scars intertwined along the very canvas of his bodily flesh. A soft green glow of his eyes beyond the darkness. M A N N E R I S M S Highly unpredictable, and mostly the silent type. He is the last to suspect and impossible to read. All this because of his slight addiction to drugs and booze. At any given moment his personality could change instantly to ruthless and cold-hearted. However, honor and loyalty come to those whom are befriended to him. As of current, due to his slight age immorality, he has wandered around the realms. Fierce: Violent in battle, though always calm and calculated. Mastermind: Superior adroitness in the art of war. Quaint: Attractively unusual or old-fashioned. Apathetic: having or showing little or no emotion or concern to those he doesn’t personally know. Dymaxion: Use of technology and resources to maximum advantage, with minimal expenditure of energy and material. Precise: Exact, as in performance, execution, or amount. Leogere: He lies and those lies are indeterminable from truth. Spontaneous: Always random, never predictable. Bodily Linguistics: Able to express and read people based on bodily movements. A M B I T I O N To figure out how, and why he died... and why he was brought back. To find his wife and child. A R M A M E N T Name: Torment & Woe Type: Twin Daggers Style: Karambit Creator: Unknown Paragon: Cursed. Biology: Unknown History: The only thing truly known about these daggers, is that they were crafted in the fires of hell with the blood of ten thousand demons. They hunger, endlessly. A T T I R E Head: None Face: None Upper Body: Three piece suit, vest, tie, button down Hands: Finger-less gloves. Lower Body: Fitted Slacks. Feet: Leather reinforced shoes. I N V E N T O R Y Two blood thirsty karambit daggers, rightfully named Torment + Woe. A silver locket, given to him by his now dead wife. A pack of limitless cigarettes, there is always one left in the pack. A black lotus flower with a connection to his past. Dice of Fate; always one to leave his motives to chance and fate. A B I L I T I E S Martial Arts. mastered Roll The Bones: Dice of fate made of the ancient bones of a long dead god. They are eldritch in their mystery. P A S S I V E Will of the Necropolis: An ability that keeps him immune from any sleep, charm, or paralyze attacks, as well as viral and bacterial diseases Rot & Decay: Able to corrode any organic matter, metal or element that comes in contact with him. Can be turned on or off. Cannibalize: His very own special way of Regeneration. Eat the enemy and incorporate their body into his. Superiority: Undeath has enhanced his senses, strength, speed, etc. Including enhanced durability and hyper awareness. Darkeye: An enhanced night vision ability that makes vision in darkness almost as clear as day. S P E C I A L Necromancy. mastered Death Magic. proficient Shadowmancy. learning
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