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  1. Whether you're just checking in or anticipating a return, howdy and welcome (back)!

    1. Relic


      Hey thanks. I always have this forum open and tabbed. So I'm always checking things out.

  2. -Scrolls through, stumbling upon such a thread and decides to resurrect it.- Alakazam! What offends me? People that take OOC to IC, Has happened in the past. People that take things way to seriously. People in general. Lol Fuck me.
  3. I like your profiles. Very clean.

    1. Relic


      Why thank you.

  4. I gotta say... Benny's 10th character, with all that manipulation, seems to be a lot of power... Just my opinion. As for my characters. Regular Characters. Malikor Deveraux -- An undead High-Elf, similar to a Death Knight from World of Warcraft, he was once a hero to his people yet was resurrected by the God of Death for a specific purpose. A purpose he fulfilled but had betrayed the god of death at the very end. He himself can raise the dead and command the undead. Children of Aeon Series. Surrealius -- The experimental son of Pandemonium... Standing about 7'2" in height. Being ¼ Human, ¼ Elven and ½ Aeon/Aeonain (A race I've developed.) Aeonians are a giant of a species. Humanoid in appearance obviously, their only traits that tell them apart is their bodily girth, subtly pointed elven ears, and the black sclera of their eyes. The iris' are usually thin and has a slight glow, which can be any colour of the spectrum. While humans average between 4' to 7' in their height, Aeonians average between 6' to 9' in height. His powers consist of the natural innate ability which created the Aeonians... Corporeal Synthetics, which is a form of particle weaving, the easiest example I could give to this is the way Apocalypse was able to build the pyramids by controlling the matter to build it in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Martial Arts and Psionics, both self explanatory. Chi/Prana/Chakra manipulation, able to control his own bodily energy to be used as he see's fit, much like how the Saiyan's manipulate energy. Gltiching, which are biological augmentations that vary in degree, such defenses, strength enhancement, dermal conditions, etc. Glitches are NOT used as weapons against anything or anyone. They only benefit the Aeonian they were created with. Aeonians also have a specific set of senses beyond the natural human scope of the 5 main ones. Apocryphus -- Attempted clone/Brother of Pandemonium. Created after Pandemonium's escape with his then wife. He went psycho with rage and power, killing the creator of the Aeonian's... Standing about 7'6" in height, and being full blooded Aeonian. His powers consists of... Corporeal Synthetics, Martial Arts, Psionics, Chi/Prana/Chakra Manipulation, Glitching. Pandemonium -- My main character that I've RPed since 2001-2002. He was the second Aeonian built, as Aeonians were built to be biological living weapons of mass destruction. To be controlled and enslaved for the purpose of war... Standing about 8'1" in height and full blooded Aeonian. He is HUGE, think Reinhardt from Overwatch. His powers are pretty much what both Apoch and Surreal have, except he also has a jewel embedded upon the back of his right hand which is called The ARQ... The ARQ is an internalized, dynamistic system intertwined with an arcing ultipotent dimensional manifold. Meaning it's power creates power and houses a dimension of energy and storage. Aside from this Pan and Apoch are pretty much equal in power. Anarcha -- The first ever Aeonian created, she is the purest of pure. A goddess among the Aeons. This character HARDLY ever gets RPed unless for a specific purpose, other then that, she is too powerful to mingle with mortals. Then there are two others... Maelice (♀) and Paroxus (♂), both of them have been created yet profiles for them have yet to be created. They were created as servants for Anarcha, and most likely would be stronger then both Pan and Apoch combined.
  5. I like your character profiles. Their so cool!

    1. Relic


      Why thank you. I try to perfect it and make it my own. I know there are templates, but I prefer mine. It's like a long form birth certificate, the art for all my characters are commissioned by me from artists I trust to get the looks just right.

  6. Relic

    Surrealius - X02

    — D O S S I E R — Full |birth| Moniker: Experiment 02. Proclaimed |title| Pseudonym: Son of Pan. Acquired |aliases| Sobriquet: Surrealius [Pronounced: Sir-Ril-Lee-Us] — Surreal — X02 |visual| Age: XXVIII. |factual| Age: XXVIII. Birth |time| Date: 73121.5. Birth |origin| Place: Jacmus Prime. Zodiac |aspect| Sign: Chorokus — Sigil of Chaos. Race |species|: ½ Aeonian — ½ Homosapion. Generation: Second. Epoch: First. Echelon: Experimental Weapon. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Marital |spousal| Status: Single. Status: Alive. Biological |physical| Strength: Meta-Humanoid. Preternatural |power| Strength: Metaphysical. Blood Type: Aetho+ Primary Residence: Melancholy Hills — Falkrhon. Primary Discipline: Quantum Mechanics. Sub-Discipline: Meta-Psionics |religious| Discipline: None. Base of Operations: [Current] No Affiliation. Weapon of Choice: His Fists. Theme: — C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S — I. Body. Gender: Male. Height: Seven Foot Even. [7'0"] Weight: 102.05 Kilograms. [225 lbs] Eye |iris|: [Left] Aurulent — [Right] Amethyst Pigment: Obsidian. Hair: Bald Pigment: Onyx Facial: Bearded. Laterality: Right Handed. Dermis: Multilayered — Flawless. Pigment: Alabaster — Pallor. Scent |aroma|: Ethyl Formate [Raspberries and Rum] Physical Condition: Defined — Lean — Ectomorph. Voice: Deep — Intellectual Diet: Omnivorous. Sexuality: Demisexual.
  7. Relic

    A quiet return

    I had only just saw this thread now... I remember Corban... Back when Ayenee.com was up and running, back when he wrote the PC-Fu Manual. (of which I never got to take a glance at.) Which is fine, because I was always a writer, rarely a fighter. Although looking at it now doesn't matter, as it seems the general PC era and the entirety of the power character concept has up and left without me. Since I personally left RP (and now returned myself.) around, I would guess, a few years before it ended. My characters and RP mindset still remains within that forgotten world. I feel like a newbie again, having to dumb myself down just to be accepted. Yet there is so much more to do with the story of my character/s, their history, their race. Which is why I may just stick to the "Alternative" forum and within my own semi-closed topics until I feel that It is acceptable for me to escape my prison. Aside from this... Welcome back.
  8. I started back in 1998 on the username Surfer_790 in Yahoo! Chat. I was randomly chatting with people in the basic rooms, even using my mic to voice chat when I stumbled into the Roleplaying Games section and their user rooms. Some of them had anime names so I checked out what the fuss was about. I noticed people typing weird and I asked around, luckily some actually helped the little newb I was. I eventually joined in and made my first character, Koga_00. Within a month or two (I cant remember) I joined a clan using that same name called Viperia, and the rest is history.
  9. Sounds like me... Seven years ago when I took similar ideas that others had because they sounded good and I expanded on them differently than they originally did... Yet they still said I stole their stuff and that I'm some "shitty unoriginal roleplayer." Funny... I have a Novel in progress at the moment. What have they accomplished? Yeah... I thought so. Just as Roen said... I know how you feel... It's why I left for seven years. I just didn't want to deal with the petty drama when my energy could be better spent elsewhere.
  10. This is cool. I was RPing on Ayenee.org back when Dot Com was up and running. That retro feeling though.
  11. -Stands in the corner of the dark message box, lifting his head just enough, the brim of his hat shifted out of his gaze and those orbs fell upon the newcomer, oocly.- Welcome...
  12. Tebo

    4 hours ago, Pan De'Monium said:

    It was. Not that it stopped me from doing my thing in Adobe. It's just a comment you made that has stuck with me for years. I've reminded myself of it to help me better myself. I should thank you lol.

    Did that actually happen on DotCom or was it Aoyn? I know we butted heads in both locations. Either way, I'm glad it stuck with you in a positive way rather than discouraging you. Not everyone makes it past the Papyrus-font-and-border-over-cropped-art-with-filter badlands of Photoshop. I used the program for over a year without improving at all or even scratching the surface of its capabilities.

    1. Relic


      It was on DotCom. I was only on Aoyn briefly. I'm not mad though. I'm still far from Professional, but I'm better than I was for sure.

    2. Tebo


      Grow a little every day. It helps to look forward when everything you look critically at everything behind you.

  13. It was. Not that it stopped me from doing my thing in Adobe. It's just a comment you made that has stuck with me for years. I've reminded myself of it to help me better myself. I should thank you lol.
  14. I'd give it a shot... But nah, the last time I made a sig or ava combo for someone was back on DOT com and I was called a... What was it?... Oh yes... a "Second-Rate Photoshopper" by someone in this thread. Heh.
  15. I still have a pretty powerful character that I use to this day, regardless of the mild power standard. There are such ways around that though. As far am I'm concerned, you can't RP the same character for 15 years and not evolve somewhere... And I don't intent to stop now. When I retire, my character retires.
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