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    Gaming, reading, writing. I love worldbuilding. It's one of my favorite things to engage in and I've been told I'm quite good at it. Feel free to hit me up for anything, anytime.
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  1. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

    I will find a way or I will make one.

    God, I'm bored.

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      Mickey Flash

      Join a thread.  That should help with the boredom. 

  2. God, Tumblr is a cesspit. Why do I even spend any time there? The things we do to ourselves to pass the time...

  3. What the hell is a "normal" sleep schedule, y'all are cute with this crazy talk

  4. Welp. There goes the country.

  5. Time: 2:00 a.m.
    Everyone else: Time to be in bed and fast asleep

    1. Rin


      That's me every day. Lol I know that pain

    2. WalkingWarrior


      Graveyard life represent. Nothing but pain, the deep dark of predawn, and loneliness. At least we get to share the stage with some of the weirdest people humanity has to offer. Makes for good writing material.

    3. Rin


      It does lol

  6. Note: I would prefer only one or two people at a time on this thread. If two other people have already responded, please refrain from joining in. It wasn't the first pub he'd tried, but he sincerely hoped it would be the last. A lesson had been learned before, at least. Before he'd walked in with his hood down and head exposed, allowing the patrons to take in the broken-off horns. That had garnered enough attention that any other questions he could have asked had been met with stony, distrusting silence. Since then he'd kept the cowl up and his features obscured. Better to avoid the spurn as much as he could--especially since asking after demons didn't do much to get a person friends. Besides which, he reflected, it's not like anyone in this city is keen to talk of demons and devils. The bar had more people in it than the last, a trend he had noticed as the sun got lower in the sky. It should have meant more opportunities, but it seemed whatever they drank in these sorts of places made information harder to get rather than easier. It made understanding them harder, anyway. He wondered if the man he'd asked initially had known that and intentionally mislead Regal. Maybe he should go find that fellow. Have another word with him. The idea made it easier to swallow all the rejection and dead ends. A smile flitted across his face as he took a seat at the bar to wait for the barkeep. It took the woman a while to get to him, but eventually she came, leaning on the counter across from him. "What can I getcher, hon?" "Information, I hope." He paused and glanced up at the woman's face. Plain, with a sheen of sweat. Flushed from her work. Not likely to want to deal with stories of monsters and myths. He reconsidered. "Information on potential work. A man needs coin, after all." She flashed a tired smile. "Implyin' you don't have coin for drink or food, then?" He paused, then reached into a pocket under his cloak and withdrew a small leather purse. He opened the drawstrings and produced a single gold coin. "No. Implying I want more." He smiled back at her as she laughed and took the coin. "I'm not sure who all's in tonight, but let me look around some. Ask some folk, see what's what." She bustled away to get him a pint and a plate, and he turned to survey the room. The day was nearly done, and he had nothing to show for his efforts. No leads on the demon he sought, no work to ensure he could keep looking. He wasn't really as well-equipped for this as he'd thought, even with all the city supplies his mother had left for him. He murmured a thanks to the woman as she delivered his mug and went off into the fray once more, only sniffing at the sour contents before ignoring it entirely. It might be in line to do some scouting of his own. Any one of these people could be offering work for pay. It wasn't right to expect one woman to do all the work for him, was it?
  7. Full Name: Regal Fairmont Nicknames: None as yet Age: 24 Gender: Male Eye color: Dark brown/black Hair color: Very dark brown/black, cut short on the sides, top is bleached white Height: 6'2" Weight: 300 lbs. Build: Very muscular and broad. Physically imposing. Very muscular. Other attributes: Horns broken off about an inch from the base, growing at the hairline just above either temple. Horns are flat and would curl around his skull if allowed to grow out. Marital Status: Single DOB: February 9th Birthplace: A shack in the wilderness several miles outside of Ashville. Lineage: Father: Unknown. Mother: Deceased. Goal: Get father to meet mother again. History For the majority of his life Regal lived a quiet existence far removed from major population centers. His mother was loving, but always seemed ashamed of him, and he learned fairly early on that he was only half human. She would never speak on what his father had been or tell him more than that until the night she died. A sickness took her, one Regal could not contract, and as she lay sweating through the night she confessed that his father had been what she could only describe as a demon or a devil. He had seduced her with magic and impregnated her, but the spell had worn off and she'd fled as far as she could from him. The resultant baby had been born normally, though in his third year he'd begun to grow his horns, which only confirmed that his father was some kind of monster. Regal's mother died weeping and apologizing, and he took it to mean she was sorry for a hatred of her own son that she couldn't help but carry thanks to the sins of his father. After another year living by himself, Regal decided to track his father down. He would meet the man who had ruined his mother's life, look him in the eye, and then send him to hell to meet her one last time. He burnt down his home and left, setting his sights on Ashville to start. If anyone knew anything about a demon, it would be someone in the city, or so he told himself. Personality Regal tends to be dark and sarcastic for the most part. He's not necessarily sociopathic, but growing up in the wilderness gave him a certain view on life and death that holds both in similar regard. He won't hesitate to kill if he has to, though he has yet to take sentient life. His sense of humor is skewed toward the macabre, as well. He has seemingly limitless patience, and at first glance seems to always be smiling. Very little appears to shake or rattle Regal, even in the heat of combat. This makes him a natural combatant and incredibly difficult to read in most other situations. Despite this, a largely solitary lifestyle has made him unsure and nervous around large crowds, though on an individual level he remains at ease. Combat While not formally trained, Regal is quick and has incredibly sharp reflexes. He knows how to hunt and track, and as such is surprisingly stealthy for a man of his size. He is also very strong, and can grapple and wrestle most opponents with ease. His half-demonic blood gives him a further edge when it comes to strength and stealth, and shadows seem to bend around him to help hide him when he needs it. It also grants resistance to fire--while not outright immune, heat doesn't bother him, and fire takes much longer to burn him. Magic also has a lessened effect on his body and mind. With weapons, Regal favors two-handed axes and hammers. The better suited to destroy an enemy in one blow, the better. His lack of training is his biggest downfall, however. Against a formally trained opponent he has a very hard time standing his ground unless it comes to barehanded grappling. He also has difficulty against ranged opponents. If you wanna beat Regal, be a trained archer/slinger/douchebag with a lance. Competencies Hunting; this allows him a measure of natural stealth and tracking ability, as well as a working knowledge of archery. Survivalist; knows how to find shelter, and can identify different herbs and plants with ease. Hand to hand combat; if you wanna beat up Regal and you don't have a weapon that can keep him at bay, good luck. Heavy weapons; his great strength and dexterity allows him to use large axes and hammers with ease. Cooking; he can prepare most types of food to a satisfactory degree. Demonic blood; high resistance to fire, heat, and most types of magic. Immunity to mind-altering spells like deception and illusion. Threads Pending
  9. I wish I could take some actual time to post but I work early tomorrow. I should really sleep. I hate working.

  10. Leave for a year, y'all go and change how the whole site looks. I like it. Lot less Tumblr-blue now, which is only a good thing. The further you get from that hell site the better. But yeah, I dunno. It's a bit awkward making this post, but then that's because I'm awkward as all hell anyway. For those of you who remember me, hello again, I'll be around for a bit. For those of you who have no idea who I am and are wondering who this pretentious asshole is, hi. I'm Theo. Nice to meet you. Let's write sometime.
  11. Wow. You just described your own posts as "gangster as fuck". That really says it all right there.
  12. I don't always say hello, but when I do, it's because Supernal is laying down the law and it makes me laugh. Welcome to Val, Avian. I feel like I'm greeting a bird when I say that.
  13. You really didn't need to announce you had a tumblr. That first line told us everything all by itself.
  14. Oh shit, really? So someone out there DID appreciate it for what it was. That show was just raw awesome back in the day.
  15. But there is font color option.