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  1. Okay! So happy Thanksgiving yall! As you all know the holiday that we feast upon Turkey is here and so I will be busy cooking and preparing for the big day. I may not have a response for anyone till Monday! I hope you can understand and if I do get something out to you just know I probably wont be able to throw anything back until.monday or so.

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    Romantic Notions

    Thank you! I really want sure what to put. That is a really big help.
  3. OctoberSkys

    A Simple Walk Around...And All the Lies That Follow.

    Megan jumped at Anna’s sudden yelp, dropping the bowl of flour she had in her hands. Megan looked back at Anna only to see her gaping at the man she had just helped. Anna was staring at him as if he was some type of monster. Megan rolled her eyes and walked back to the front. She wasn’t sure what reason Anna would have for yelping like that but she was going to find out. “What on earth is the matter with you Anna?” Megan asks as he reaches the counter. Her Green eyes finding that man’s two different colored eyes. “He asked if we um… accept that as currency.” Anna pointed to his hand and Megan gave a soft gasp. She quickly grabbed the man’s hand and closed it around the beautiful gem. Touching him sent an electric chill down her spine. “Sir, you should not show things like this out in public… someone could try and rob you.” She pulled her hand away and shook her head. Megan pushed the drink paper and chocolate crescent to him and waved her hands. “This one is on the house but you should really think about putting that in a safe place.” Her words were of truth. Lately there had been these goons running around and robbing people for little to nothing. This had the officers here so busy that they haven’t been able to catch the people who are driving way too fast in those fancy little things called cars. Megan preferred to walk to her little establishment. Things have been getting worse now that the holidays were approaching. People who would be coming home with the gifts for their families would end up getting robbed and sometimes even hurt. She hated the thought for this stranger walking out of here and getting mugged because he didn’t know any better. He deserved to know the truth about what has been going on rather than walk around without a care in the world. “We have been having some trouble with a group of people who seem to think it is okay to run around robbing people. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt over something like this. Perhaps you can take that to Murphy’s just two blocks up and he can exchange that for you. I am sure he would be the best one for the job.” Megan gave him a warm smile and held her hand out to him. “I am Megan by the way…. I own this shop.” Her eyes twinkled with curiosity. Just how old was this man and where did he come from? Her mind was asking a million different questions as she let her green eyes roam over his face, trying to figure him out as if text from a book would appear on his face and give her all the answers she was looking for. He was rather intriguing considering he was standing here trying to pay with one of the most beautiful gems she had ever seen. Nostalgic indeed with how long ago he must have been here.
  4. OctoberSkys

    Romantic Notions

    I have two Ideas based off of Classics (Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood ect.) with a twist. If you are interested in hearing about them PM me and I would be more than happy to go over them! I am wanting someone who can post often and write more then a small paragraph.
  5. OctoberSkys

    The Maid

    It was in this exact moment that she was exactly in the same position she was in when she was only a small girl. She stood against the wall looking into his bright red eyes. She could never mistake them for anyone other than those monsters. It was strange though, his eyes said monster but seeing Silas attached to them, it was different. He called to her… his eyes started to fade from the monster to the man she has fallen so helplessly in love with. Why was it that she was so angry, angry that the thing whom killed her parents in front of her was the man she loved? This started an internal struggle inside of Elizabeth. She wanted to kill him and make him feel the pain and torture that she had felt in losing her parents. Yet here she was looking at Silas. She thought he was dead. She thought she had lost him and this caused her to want to fling herself into his arms and dare she say kiss him. Elizabeth was so torn that it wasn’t until she heard his gruff voice and the word no she shook out of her thoughts and really looked at him. He seemed to be struggling with something. He then lets out a raw and fierce scream. This caused her to jump back further into the wall she had been pressed against. He took out a wall as if it was like kicking a sand castle. The wall crumbled under his touch and this caused Elizabeth to shrink covering her face as pieces of the wall flew at her. When it calmed she uncovered her face and looked at him. He was kneeling down and seeming fighting with himself internally. Seeing him in this feral state caused her stomach to clinch and her breath to catch. He was a beautiful beast, a beast that killed her parents and made her feel things she had never felt before. This was why he would not return her feelings. She was being pushed away because of what? He could kill her… NO! He knew! He knew that he killed her parents and that is why. This whole time he let her fall for him, love him with everything she had and he knew that he killed her parents. This only causes Elizabeth to seethe with anger. With one final yell he bounded off into the forest without looking back and causing her world to crumble around her. Everything after came as if it were in slow motion. Red’s voice was distorted as he began to ask her a million and one questions. It was as if she was losing all since of self. There in that moment she wanted to kill James. She wanted to take that revolver and empty it into his chest and one right between the eyes. Her hands were shaking and she was only inches from falling off the edge. She was so close to snapping. “Of Course I saw him, of course I watched him stare me down and I definitely watched as the monster whom tore my parents to shreds ran off into the woods as if him leaving would make this all better. So, yes James I would say I saw him.” James stay silent as he watch the girl he had known for most of her life crumble before her. He was not sure what to say to her. He wasn’t even sure if he was ready to have this conversation with her. He had been preparing for it for so long that he was not prepared for it this very moment. “Liz…” “Do not Liz me!” She growled through clinched teeth and in one swift motion she snatched Red’s gun and started off in the direction Silas was heading. “I am gonna make him pay!” She yelled and stormed off. She was seeing red and nothing was going to stop her. “Elizabeth, he cannot die. That gun is going to do nothing to him!” Elizabeth stopped and turned on James. “I am going after him. You either come with me or I am going alone.” This caused her to look back at the house and she rolled her eyes. Elizabeth knew that she was going to have to make a decision now. She was going to have to decide to face her demons or live with them…. James gave her an exasperated look as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew that either way he was going to have to go after Silas to ensure that he doesn’t harm anyone other than the people he already took out. Taking Elizabeth was going to be a challenge considering she wanted his head on a stick. She would either get herself killed or worse, she would get them both killed. “Fine…. We go after him but Liz you have to promise to hold off on shooting him. If he isn’t in control when we find him he will kill us. He doesn’t have control Liz. When he lets go…..he doesn’t have control.” James was saying this but all the while he was thinking about how Silas could have left Elizabeth there and not killed her. This isn’t like him. He would have killed her no hesitation and now here she is standing in front of him and Silas has ran off into the woods. James began ahead of Elizabeth his mind on why Silas left her alive. Maybe it was the thrill of the hunt…. He was hunting her wasn’t he? Her blood is what woke him… he had never seen Silas heal so rapidly but with her blood he had recovered so quickly that it wasn’t funny. There had to be some explanation for him to spare her life. He loves her… that is the only thing possible. Silas beat him… he beat that beast. Unless the Beast is just as in love with her as Silas is. They are the same person one just will choose blood over anything and everything else. Maybe because she gave the blood he didn’t see her as something he needed to kill. He thinks she will give it willing. James was trying to come up with every excuse in the book and there was something that finally sank in. Silas had been lost to that beast several times and he was also never a casualty. Did that mean that Silas could control the hunger? He could control who he feeds on and doesn’t? The night was bitter and cold. They had left with nothing but the clothes on their backs and James knew that Elizabeth wouldn’t last without some semblance of warmth. Still they treck on until James starts to see the massive trees that were knocked down in Silas’ wake. He was catching up to the trail Silas decided to take. The only question is…. Would they catch up to Silas?
  6. OctoberSkys

    A Simple Walk Around...And All the Lies That Follow.

    The day had started off normally, everything the same as it always was. Her bright green eyes focused as she piped one last flower on the side of her three tier cake. A satisfied smiled found her full glossy lip, as she stood up straight and began to admire her handy work. The cake was dark chocolate with strawberry filling between the layers. The frosting on the outside was white and red roses trailed from the bottom up till it made it to the top and a few sat bunched at the top. It was simple yet very elegant, giving an air of sophistication. She normally would come into work and just start on her baked goods for the day but today she had to finish the wedding cake that Kate and Eliot ordered for their big day today. It was not long before her assistant Anna showed up for her shift. Anna worked the front, taking orders and helping to get them ready. She was also studying to become an amazing baker. Anna had gone to school and graduated but she wanted to take lessons with one of the most known bakers here in this bustling city. Anna looked up and gave a soft laugh. She shook her head and pointed to the back. “Meg… have you seen yourself?” She could not help another giggle. “What do you mean?” Meg asked as she rushed to the back and looked at herself in her full length mirror. She scanned herself over from head to toe. Her shoes were red flats, dark skinny jeans and a black long sleeve shirt that is being covered by her red apron. Her reddish brown hair was piled high on her head with loose tendrils falling out. She looked like a hot mess with all the flower and icing on her. “I look like I own a café.” She says as she comes back to the front and gives a soft laugh. “I suppose so. So you finished the cake right?” “Yes, it is all done and so now all we have to do is get the pastries and coffee going.” “Yes ma’am!” Anna chirps and places an apron on, her hands digging into the batters that lay before her. It seemed like only minutes had gone by and soon it was opening time. Anna unlocked the doors and turned the open sign on. It took no time at all for her regulars to start piling into the door. Mr. Herold ordered his usual crescent and dark roast with light cream and sugar. Mrs. Herold ordered her latte and blueberry muffin nagging her husband as they went to sit in the corner table at the far back. Joe comes in next waving at Anna for his usual and he sets the 20 dollars down and walks to the table by the door. He likes to make a quick exit. He also never asks for his change. Megan smiles at all the regulars as they come in, giving soft waves as she tends to her cookies and donuts, Anna taking orders left and right as she dishes out coffees and cakes to the morning rush. Everyone coming in before they had to rush off to work. They all say she makes the best coffee and teas in town. Now that it is winter time she added hot cider to her list. Everyone use to drink this, way before she was even born. Megan on felt it right to keep up the tradition. “Hey, Meg you got a one Matthew here to see you.” Anna turns giving Megan an exasperated look. “Ah, yes um, I am coming.” Meg calls out and wipes her hands with her cloth walking to the register. Matthew was dressing his usual suite and tie. He is a top notch lawyer for the courts. He seems to have a crush on Megan but she just doesn’t see him that way. He is always so… over the top and smug. He treats the people around him as if they are small and unimportant. Megan Smiles reluctantly at him, the thoughts of him being just like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. That was her favorite book to read when she had down time. She must have read it a million times by now. Megan was always eager to learn, getting her hands on any bit of knowledge she could. Matthew was always trying to get her to go out with him but she just was not interested in his male ego and intellectual shortcomings. When she first moved here and put in an offer on her café, he was there trying to get her to hire him to ensure that she get a good deal on the foreclosure. She declined him several times as she had already had a lawyer and real-estate agent. He was so pushy and overbearing, yet here he is every morning like clockwork. He does the same thing every day minus the weekends. He doesn’t work on the weekends. “Hi, Megan how has your morning been?” He asks giving a smug grin as he leaned against the counter. “My morning was the same as it has been. Busy and bustling with customers, you know such as yourself.” Megan mustered up a small smile. She tried to be pleasant with him as much as possible but it was hard to keep up her composure. “Well, I have two tickets to the theater and….” He was thankfully cut off by the multiple officers that came in. “MEG! How are ya? We are gonna do our usual but we need it on the double!” Frank calls out to her. He and the boys come in every Friday as if it is a ritual. Meg sighs in relief and gives Matthew his things and shrugs to him. “I have to go. It was nice seeing you Matthew.” He looked exasperated at her as she turned her back to him. “She still won’t take you up on that date huh?” Frank gives Matthew a soft smile and shakes his head. “She is one heck of a beauty for a human ain’t she?” He pats the bewildered lawyer and walks off. Matthew was an elf. He had never thought about Megan being a human. He looked around and realized that everyone here comes from different walks of life. It was only minutes before she had everything packed up and ready for the officers to take and head off to the station. Anna took her spot back at the front waiting on the next customer to come in. Anna leaned herself over the counter and allowed herself to flip through a magazine she had been trying to read for a week now. Meg could not help but smile at her hair brained friend while she kneads the dough for the bread she was making. Anna was just about to grab herself a coffee when a man came in. She had never seen him here before. She watched him as he strode over to the counter and started his order. He was dressed in purple and his eyes were odd eyed, one green and on a yellow color. He was handsome, rugged with his unshaven face and his well-traveled demeanor. Anna was thrown off when he asked her to change his drink to cider. She blanched, confused and looked up at the menu. There it was sitting at the bottom written in red. “Meg…. We uh, we have cider now?” She called to the back and Megan shook her head. Wiping her hands clean she headed to the front, her eyes on her hands to ensure she dusted them of well enough to touch the front. “Yes…” She looked up and stopped. The man at the counter was no one she had ever seen before. He must be new here. He was a peculiar man, purple jacket and his eyes were two every beautiful colors. One of his eyes matched her own green ones. His stubble gave him a rugged look but behind that she could tell he looked stressed and tired. He was probably here to relax and take a load off. “Yes, I put that up this morning actually. I have it ready in the back, Anna would you mind grabbing some for our guest.” Meg moved to the register to ring him up. He was intriguing and had caught her attention. He was not from around here and yet he walked in here as if he had always lived here. He even said he was feeling nostalgic. “That will be 3.25.” Meg looks up at him from under her lashes and gives him a soft smile. This was when she reached under the counter and pulled out a paper for him. “Here is the paper and ….feeling nostalgic are we? Did you use to live here?” She gave a soft giggle trying to make small talk. It didn’t take long for Anna to return with his cider. Megan pulled a chocolate crescent from the warmer and placed it in a bag. “On the house….” She said and backed up letting Anna finish giving him his things. Meg walked to side and began to re stock the drinks that had been taken from this morning. She always did love new customers.
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    Welcome to the Jungle

    Kathrine and her team stormed their way through the thick greens and tough vines. She was hoping that getting though all the traps in the cave...tomb whatever it was would be easy. She knew it would not be because it never is but one could hope. Looking at the sun setting she knew that they would have to set up camp and sleep until the morning light rises again. Kat barked out her orders and then set her things down, claiming a spot on a small patch of grass. A smile found her lips as she watched her team bicker about who would sleep where and what they would make for dinner. Kat did not have much of an appetite so she settled with setting her tent up and getting ready to sleep for the night. She knew that she would have to wake up early and start another long hike to the ruins that held a very powerful relic. Once she had finished setting up, her head hit the makeshift pillow and she started looking over the map she was following. Kat wanted to make sure they were going the fastest route possible. Her eyes squinting as she looked over every possible route. This was going to make or break how many days it would take her to get to the temples ruins.
  8. So, I wanted to thank everyone for helping me on the laptop front. I actually rented one from my school library because it is free and will give me time to shop around. Well, with that being said I will have posts out as soon as I can!

  9. Okay, so.... my son broke my laptop... he dropped it down the stairs. I am officially laptopless.... 😞 I am going to try and get replys out on my phone. The only exclusion to this is @zackrobbman ..... I will have a new laptop in maybe a week or two. 

    The other possible exclusion to this is @Fennis Ursai it's our first posts so I kinda want it to be amazballs and I cant do that with a phone.... so same applys to you. 

    Also if anyone has any suggestions on what type of laptop I should get ...that would be great. 

    Sorry guys I knew better than to leave it in attended. I literally just ran down stairs to grab my some some milk and he said "here go mommy... you app top." And then I stood there dumb struck as I watched it tumble down to my feet. 

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      Deus Ex Aizen

      Also keep in mind post holiday sales for better deals than black friday. Maybe find something to tide you through Christmas and find something really nice when people drop prices to clear stock.

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      Oh! That's a great idea!

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      Hmmm...You know what Sky? I forgot to mention Toshiba!! they are QUITE inexpensive and are WORK-Horses. It depends on what you can afford right now. Netbooks are HOT these days too. They are compact, don't give off much heat and are perfect for Students, writers/Moonlighters, ect.



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    For Real in Real Life!

    You posted?
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    For Real in Real Life!

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! THIS IS A RANT SLASH ROLEPLAY INTEREST CHECK! I APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE..... So, I don't normally demand anything from anyone because I feel that it prevents them from letting out their full potential in creating a masterpiece and also limits their ability to let their imagination run wild..... however today I am. I am in search of someone who can write at least one page on word document as a response (unless circumstances calls for shorter posts such as dialog scenes ect.). I would like for them to be able to handle the work load as well. If you have 17 other responsibilities and it takes you more than a week to respond to me then you may not be a good fit. Also if you feel that your writing is far more superior than others because you use big fancy words and every bit of your grammar and punctuation's are correct and you never, I mean NEVER make mistakes... I might not be the best person to get into bed with. I mean obviously we don't want one lining, no grammar, run on sentences kinda people but at the same time we can not expect everyone to have immaculate writing skills. I am not perfect and I miss spell words as well as miss punctuation's. I am even guilty of using she, he and her way too much! I know this! I am working on it! I feel that you just need to understand that not everyone can be on the same level as you and you should probably give them a break. Now that brings me to this..... If your partner is giving details and trying their best than that is all you should care about! Do not ghost them because you think that their skill level is not good enough for you. Again there are people who are absolutely horrible and just you cant even! trust me I know! I am just saying that for the ones who are really trying and they really are not half bad....give them a chance. I know several of my partners are 10 times better than me and I strive to write better for them! They make me want to be better. So, I implore you to give people a chance. One last thing.... communication is key! Your Roleplays should make you so excited that you cant wait to read what happens next and you should be so inspired that even in the slumps or boring parts you are eager to write back.... If this isn't happening then I hope that you speak up and talk with your partner to try and get it straight! RANT OVER! I still love you all. Now! I am the type of writer that stays in Romance/ horror, syfi, magic, ect. I am better at those plus it always make the plot and plot twist so much more juicy. I rarely play male roles but I am not against it! So... if anyone is up for a roleplay I am all ears but keep in mind....
  12. OctoberSkys

    To Tame The Beast

    The darkness was all consuming considering the day that she had. Her dream was now so vivid she was unaware that she was dreaming. She was there scrubbing the floor she was getting another blood stain out of the hard wood floors. Her focus was on ensuring there was no trace of blood to be found. She was doing this to protect him. Aaron. He was now there walking up to her. She looked up to him and smiled brightly, he smiled back to her and gave a quick wave. Elizabeth stood up and wiped her hands on her dress. She shook her head and gave a soft laugh. Her eyes looking deep into Aarons. “Aaron you have made another mess.” She gave another chuckle. “Im sorry love…. You know I cannot help it….” He gave a chuckle of his own. “I know…. That’s what I love about you. Don’t you worry about a thing, I will make sure there is not a spec of evidence.” Elizabeth smiled and Aaron pulled her close his hands holding her tight while another rested on her cheek. There came loud banging from all around. Elizabeth’s brows furrowed as she began to look around. Aaron pulled her face back to him. His smile still there but his mouth moved. He was trying to tell her something. His face became grim and she felt her heart rate increase. She shook her head trying to tell him she couldn’t hear him over the loud banging. “What?” She called out. “Wak..p ve….” His voice was distorted and she could not understand him. “Aaron I can’t hear you…..” She called out loudly to him. “Wake…..uvp” Still the words were distorted by the loud noises. “WAKE UP LOVE!” His voice came through loud and clear this time causing her gasp and jump, sitting up in her bed. Elizabeth could hear the loud thunderous noises coming from the wall that separated her room from Lord Aarons’ room. Her heart began to beat even faster as she realized something was wrong. Something or someone was in his room and he was trying to fight them off. She knew she had to help or do something. With a quick motion Elizabeth threw her duvet back and jumped out of her bed. She did not worry about appearance as she grabbed her thin white silk robe and threw it on, not bothering to close it. She was too worried about Aaron to worry about him seeing her in her little white sleeping gown and her curly hair down and in a mess. Her bare feet padded across the hard wood floor that she had just dreamed about until she reached his door. With no warning she threw it open and rushed into the room heading to the source of the noise. On her way to help Aaron fight off whatever was attacking she grabbed a candle stick and held it up as she rounded the corner to the deeper parts of his room. That is when she saw it, him…throwing things about and monstrous growls coming from his throat. She watched as he knocked down his book shelf and threw furniture. She gasped as something went flying past her at an outrageous speed. “My Lord! Are you okay?” She called out as she yelped, ducking as another object flew past her.
  13. Okay, so I have had the flu and have been super not up for writing. I am feeling better and less like I am dying! So, I will be getting my replies out to you shortly! Sorry for the wait!

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      Think I might have it too.🤔 Get well soon!😄

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    To Tame The Beast

    Elizabeth expected Aaron to be angry with her, even yell or hit her for evading his space at dinner but nothing. She had entered his room and served him his desert with nothing not even a warning not to touch him again. Though she wasn’t so sure he really cared. He did not seem to care when he strip down bare naked in front of her and acted as if it was a normal everyday thing. Then again this man she was looking at was no ordinary man. He may be fine with looking but do not touch. She had been waiting to be struck by him or punished in some sort of way but nothing had come. Elizabeth turned and began back to his door, her heart pounding in her chest as she fought not to turn and look at him. Something she thought would never happen caught her off guard. She had never expected the words he just uttered to come from those perfectly sculpted lips. Her world began to spin causing her to stop abruptly at his door. She felt as though the breath had been knocked from her lungs and she found it hard to swallow, her now dry mouth causing her discomfort. “Thank you, Elizabeth” His words play over and over in her mind. The sound of the words, low and thoughtfully dictated. It caused a shiver to run down her spine. Elizabeth turned her head softly, her chin touching her shoulder as she looked back at Aaron. She did this for one to make sure it was truly him and two she just couldn’t resist the urge to look upon his perfection. The words that found her full lips next were simple, soft and a complete shock to her. “The pleasure is mine, my Lord.” Her head slowly faced forward again and she lifted her shaking hand, opening the door and making her exit. She had managed to make it halfway down the hall before she let the breath she had been holding out. She grabbed her chest trying to calm her breathing and think things through. He was being nice…too nice. He was planning something …but what? Elizabeth leaned against the wall and calmed herself down before heading back to the kitchen. She was surprised when she saw that it had been cleaned and tidied up. Her eyes roamed around the whole room before she decided it was as she would have done it. This caused her to sigh in relief, walking to the cake and cutting her a slice. Elizabeth pulled out a chair and took a bite of the moist, flavorful cake. Her Caramel eyes closed as she savored it, letting the icing melt on her tongue causing a soft sigh to escape her lips. Elizabeth finished up with her sweet treat and cleaned her dish. She wasted no time hurrying to her room and quickly dressed for bed. She was tired and on edge, waiting for Aaron to make his move. He was setting her up or maybe setting a trap so that she would crumble at his feet. She wasn’t sure but for now she knew she would just sleep. It didn’t take long for her eyes to close and for her to drift off into the darkness.
  15. OctoberSkys

    Welcome to the Jungle

    The morning turned into evening faster then Kat realized it would. Calling a halt, everyone stopped and began to scavenge around. She needed to stretch her legs and get out of those cramped vehicles. Smiling to her companions she walked into the thick brush looking for any reason to really stretch her legs. This reason... she wanted to see how far into the jungle they had managed to get. "Hey, Kat.... I think you should come an see this...." she could hear Narobi's voice calling to her. She reluctantly turned around and headed back to the vehicles. "Yeah, what is it...." "It looks like the path narrows out sooner than expected. We should go ahead and unload the horses. We can send the others back and get a bigger jump." "I agree..." she said this slowly as she looked over the map, biting on her lower lip. It didn't take long before everyone unloaded their horse and packed the other horses with supplies. Honestly Kat was relieved that she no longer had to spend any more time in that cramped car. The trees were filled with beautiful sounds that you could not hear over the loud roar of the engines. In total there were five people along with her. Each of them had their own job and talent. Aaron and Kat were the only humans in the group. Nairobi he was strong and very good at protecting the group. His power is raw and untamed....but he only uses it when he absolutly has to. Vira was an amazing huntress. She could provide a meal for them in seconds. Also she was stealthy and helped out when pirates and bandits tried to steal their bounty. She would kill them before they even knew they were dead. Aaron he is the navagator. He is amazing with a map and the stars. He can get them pretty much where ever they wanted or needed to go. Kade... he is an amazing strategist. His plans are flawless and rarely fail. He has got a pretty nasty demon that comes out to play too. This was going to be an amazing find.....