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  1. Rosa was not breaking as many rules as Cordeliane had but she had gone well passed what was considered approperate for a Nvengarian woman. She was alone with an unmarried man and now had him unlace her. It was enough on her island home for somebody to demand they wed. Here she was given such freedoms from the demands of her people and their traditions. "Thank you Night." She smiled over her should at him as he offered the use of his bathing soaps. "Thank you but I have my own" She watched him leave going to her bag as her dress slipped from one shoulder. She pulled out her favorite scent pretty much the only one she used. Most people because of her name gifted her with rose scents soaps and shampoos which she hated. No this princess loved the subtle scents of Lavender and pomegranate. It was a unique scent that only she would mix together. She got it from Cordeliane's people made special for her. Soaps gathered she walked to the tub and let her dress slip off. She had never had such privacy before. She was enjoying it very much. Usually when she bathed there was a maid waiting to whisk her dirty dress away while she got into the tub. Then there were maids who brought towels and washed her hair. She was never really alone. That alone being able to do everything herself with no help was a treat and one she would treasure. Putting her soaps in reach she stepped into the tub with a groan of pleasure. She had not realized how much she had needed the bath to sooth her muscles. She had done more in the last day than she was normally allowed to do and used muscles she forgotten she had. As much as she was enjoying the bath she would not linger. She washed herself quickly scrubbing the dust and dirt from her skin. That done she began to wash her hair. A chore that took longer than she'd have liked as she has never washed her own hair before. 30 minutes from the moment she sank into the water to the time she rinsed her hair was all it took. Wringing out her waist length hair she sighed softly. It was a lot of work taking care of her hair by herself. She had never realized the effort her maid went through to make sure her hair was well taken care of. She would never be impatient with them again and she would have to apologize for being rude to them over her hair. She had thought them just fussing because she was a princess now she knew better. Going to her bag she pulled out her night clothing. It was not what one woukd expect a princess to wear. She had a love for night clothing that was not proper for a maiden to wear. It was not the long white virginal night gown one would expect her to wear. No she was dressed in a knee length dress of emerald green that hugged her figure. It had a shallow V cut that showed a hint of the swell of her breasts and two thin straps holding it up. Dressed she rolled out her bed roll not to far from his and put the blanket over it. Sitting she rooted through her bag for her brush as she called out. "I am finished you can come in now"
  2. She did not let it show on her face or in her eyes but she was horrified that the pain she was taking from him would one day kill him. How could she in good conscience leave him when his pain could kill him. She could not and would not leave him to that fate. She had a thought then one that might not go over well. She did not love him but she did respect him and they seemed to be getting along ok. What if she offered herself up for marriage to him? It was an idea, one she would think more about once she got to know him and the people here more. She hadn't even been here a day yet and she was already thinking of marrying him. Marriage to him was an advantage for both of them. He would have her by his side taking his pain. Wouldn't he live longer then? And for she would get to be free a little more. She would be able to see and do things she could not do at home. It was an idea to sit and think on. Her whoke face lit up as he told her she could use his tub. She was dirty and dusty from the journey here. Not that she could not do without, but it was there so she would like to be clean. "Before you leave do you think you could undo the lacing on my dress?" She turned her back to him and chewed her bottom lip again. It was a little unnerving to have a man help her undress but she saw no other way. He would also have to help her dress until she could fashion dresses like Corde had brought home. "Remember any more than 15 feet away and my gift stops working"
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  4. It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of conversation. It will be a while longer was the thought that crossed her mind as he spoke. She was not known for her skills at conversing. She used minimal words and if she could get away with it she would shrug or nod her way out of talking. She just shook her head at him. He was going to be disappointed when he did not get much out of her. She would not use her voice more than she had too. Talking was irritating and had no real value to her. Amusement filled her eyes as he looked her over not once but twice. It did not make her uncomfortable to have him look at her to practically fuck her with his eyes. It was a reaction she got most of the time when she dressed in her favorite assassin clothing. She had stuff that covered her more but men and women alike were distracted by it and it made it much easier to kill when they were busy oggling her. She shrugged her shoulder at him as he spoke of how she got in. The inmates knew better than to try an touch her. Looking at her one of the criminal element would know what she is and not bother her. She had the look and air of a killer. Her eyes were cold and deadly. Any inmate would know that look and not bother with somebody who would kill without blinking. As for the guards... well it was easy enough to watch their routines and learn there patterns to slipp passed them unaware. They were looking for people trying to slip out not in. "Yes" That was all no explanation. Just yes a simple answer. If he wanted a more lengthy answer he would need to ask questions or make statement that could not be answered in one word. She raised a brow at him as he leaned on his desk telling her he was looking forward to her explanation. He was not going to get much of one from her thats for sure. "You need me" That was all she said as she crossed her arms over her ample breasts. She breathed counting in her head. The next applicant shoukd be arriving in... 3...2...1... knock... knock... knock... "Your next applicant"
  5. As upset and hurt as she was by her parents at the moment she could not imagin being without them. She knew she could turn to them even though they were upset with her and seemed to want her else where. To have them taken from her would crush her. She was not sure how she would handle their eventual passing. She knew they were old, her brother was 31 which made her father in his late 50's. He had maybe if he was lucky another 20 yrs. She was strangely relieved when he said there was no woman who held his affection. She listened as he spike of pain and death. It confused her. Was he dying? She did not understand he did not seem that much older than her yet he spoke as if death was right around the corner. That his death would happen in a few years not decades. "You are dying?" She whispered unsure. She couldn't understand why he spoke like it was a sure thing. "Even here if Corde needs me she can reach me. I will always be there for her. Me being here would be no different than me being married off to somebody else. At lease here I am free to return to her shouls she require it of me" She did not mention the bespelled books her and Cordeliane have. Ones they could write in and the message woukd appear in the others book. It was a costly gift she had given her best friend for her 16th birthday. Even now her book was tucked into her bag in his tent. She took the offered fruit tossing it from hand to had as he told her the boundaries for her stay. It did not really matter to her since she wouldn't be more than 10 feet away from him at any given time. He needed her near him so he did not suffer pain. "Thank you, but unless Lord Dream has need of you I will not be leaving your side." She smiled at him as she held the fruit and stood looking at the steaming tub. She chewed her bottom lip as she gazed at it whistfully. "Do... do you mind if I avail myself of you bath?" She would love nothing more than to soak in the hot water of the tub and wash the dirt of her travel from her skin.
  6. Profile though are not mandatory for RPing here. They are used mostly as a reference guide for yourself. they are only required for T1 and if a person hosting a Quest or running a Story require it for participation.
  7. His chuckle amused her. He was one who did not fear death it seemed. That was good. He did not beg for his life he seemed to accept that he might have done something to warrent his dead. And then he started talking and talking. Briar who never wasted words, who infact never spoke more than she had to sighed inwardly. Would he never shut up? How much can one man talk without encourragemnt and response? She almost laughed when he began to ask and offer sex. He assumed she was either female or a man into other men. He was right on that she was female, but sex was nothing but a weapon to be used to achieve ones goals. Sex was a tool used to kill not to be barted for ones life. People thought she was disturbed... he was offering her the use of his dead body if it was her desire. That was a first for her. Many had offered sex in exchange for their life but never had one said that she could violate their dead body if she desired. Who disrespected the dead in that way? She would kill anybody whom she saw doing such a thing. One did not dishonour the dead that way. She wanted to slap his hand away from Thorn her blade. How dare he caress it like a lover. She did not she only removed it from his throat and out of his reach. It was her one prized possession all she had left of her childhood home and the family that had taken her in and trained her well. "You talk to much" She moved from behind him coming around the desk to stand before him, she would not take the offered chair. Sitting left her at a disadvantage if somebody came at her from behind. She came out of the shadows to stand before his desk. Her expression unreadable as he would be able to take her in. She stood before him clad in leather. Brown leather. Long gloves that ended mid bicep, what looked to be a leather top that barely contained her breasts. He body crisscrossed with leather straps of different widths and bottomes that looked more like a pair of leather panties. Her long legs covered by boots that stopped mid thigh and held up with straps with a sheath attached to it. Looking closely one would see various pouches on the straps crisscrossing her body. They held her throwing stars and knives. "Your security is laxed." She gave him acold look and sighed "Had I wanted you dead you would have been before you knew I was there"
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  9. She did not understand why he was frowning as she spoke many saw her and assumed things about her because of her looks. She was used to being viewed as property, did not know any different. She thought all women were treated as such not realizing how far behind her home was in women's rights. All women to her knowiledge were subject to the rules of the men in their lives. She expected no different from whatever man her father decided she would be bartered off to for the good of Nvengaria. As he spoke of understanding her need to get away for a while she blushed. It was not a while, she was planning on staying away for good. She had no idea the panic her parents were in at her disappearence. When she had last spoken to them they both had been disappointed in and frustrated with her. Both had voiced not knowing what to do with her and how it would be much quieter once she was wed. Rosa took that to mean they did not want her around anymore. Leaving home to her had been giving them their wish. While he took a chair to answer her question about family she did not. She gracefully sunk to the ground sitting next to him looking up. With her skirts spread arund her she gazed up at him her brows furrowed in unhappily as he spoke of not really being close to anybody and how the one person he had been close to was dead. She was fighting the urge to touch him to offer him physcial comfort as she would back home to such tidings. She lost the battle with herself as he spoke of being an only child and how both parents were dead. Fighting back tears for the man who was utterly alone with his visions she rose up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his waist her face against his stomach. "Oh Night. I.. I cannot imagin what you must be going through." She made a silent vow to herself to be there from him nomatter what he would not be alone. The pain she was taking from him was intense and had her gift not protected her as well she would have been worse off than Cordeliane after using to much magic. She could not fathom living with such pain day in and out alone with nobody to care and offer comfort. She swallowed at his mention of taking a wife and siring a child. "Do you have a woman you are courting?" She was feeling a little guilty for taking his time and being with him if he had somebody he was interested in. It was not right for her to be here with him in that case. At Corde's name she sighed and let him go. "She is keeping secrets. I know her marriage is not a love match, though they are pretending like it is and it is slowly becoming one of love. I see it in the way he holds her and cares for her."She smiled softly." He demanded a healer fix her when she did not suffer backlash from a very difficult healing. And he carried her himself back to their castle." She sighed." There is just something she is not telling me. She has changed to much since being here something happened and she will not discuss it with me. Everytime I try she just tells me to drop it and forget it. How can I when I know it troubles her? I pushed so much she refuses to have me at her home. I want to help her she is like my sister" She gave a shrug of her shoulders as he said he woukd ask Dream and use whatever sway he might have to get him to allow her to stay for a time. "It matters not Night. If he says no I will find somewhere else to be. I am not going home."
  10. The security on the place needed improvement, it was no wonder he was hiring new staff for the town. Silently she stood watching and waiting, she had to make sure they were alone before making her move. She was not worried about getting caught, this was not real, more a test really. Part of her wondered how he would react, candidates for a job did not usually go about applying for a position in this way, but he needed to see where security was lax. She should not have been able to make it this far without being questions by any of those how saw her. No it would not do, this was their leader and they had failed him. She waited until the door opened and the officer file folder in hand passed her, she slipped into the room before the door closed to find the man at the desk engrossed in his paper work. Too easy was the thought that passed through her head. Even if he was taking applications for new staff he should still be on alert for hostile parties. What better way to take out the head man then to get close to him under the pretense of a person for hire? It would not do. As silently as she entered the room she moved to the desk and the man behind it. Continuing to stick to the shadows she smiled to herself. Yes he would need somebody who could look at this place from an assassin’s point of view. If she decided she wanted to work for this man she would make sure he was well protected. She was not yet sure if she wanted to work for him. She did not know what kind of man he was her test would show her what kind of man he really was. There were many thoughts running through her head as she moved soundlessly towards the desk, sticking to the shadows to hide her from his view. She took in his desk and the room, making note of the windows and doors. Mentally working out how she would get in and out of this room if she were seriously attempting an assassination on the man before her. Too much stuff was her first thought. She took in the books and the stuffed animals. She never accumulated such possessions. Her one prized possession was the dagger she carried otherwise she did not possess much in the way of things. She moved around too much to collect books and other trinkets. She had her journals and maps which she had in a special place for safe keeping. It was not a place she went often, she would never allow any place to be linked to her. She kept her journals there so there was proof she had lived. With no record of her birth available, and her parents unknown, she wanted something to carry her name forward when her time finally came. She slipped behind him as he poured over his paper work. Finally coming from the shadows she pulled her dagger out and leaned over him holding it to his throat. Would he beg for his life or accept death with honour? “Never let your guard down” Her voice was soft and cold, like the first brush of frost in fall. Should he look for the person who whispered in his ear all he would see is a brown leather covered arm holding the dagger pressed to his neck.
  11. "Marcos how lovely to see you. Are the wife andkids doing well?" Cordeliane beamed at the cobbler as if Shawn hadn't made what Corde took as a snide remark about needing new boots. She knew he did not want to be here. Not in the cobblers shop, not in the village, not at the castle, and specially not with her on her home island. She knew she had been thrust upon him an unwanted burden a chore that needed to be tended. She would never tell him, never let him know his snide or sarcastic remarks hurt her, cut her more deeply than the horrors she faced in Celin. She was going to be a good wife to him and help him fit into the unwanted title he had gained when he had wed her. She would not let him be ridiculed by the other members of the peerage for his appearence. She knew they would make allowences at first but it would not last long. Corde gave a small laugh as Marcos took her hands and kissed her knuckles. "My Husband needs a pair of dress boots, riding boots and another pair of sturdy everyday boots. " Marcos took Corde's hands and kissed her knuckles. His usual greeting for Cordeliane. He smiled at her as she asked after his family then told him of what was required for her new husband. "My wife is away visiting her sister who will be giving birth any time now. My son is well, he is learning the trade and will join me in the shop soon. The girls have found positions one with the bakers down the way the other is working as a seamstress with Hellena." At her words on what was needed he nodded and went and got a large piece of parchment. "Please my lord stand on that." Once Shawn complied with his request he traced the outline of his boots on the parchment with the charcoal then whipped the measuring tape off his neck. He measure around Shawns calves and ankles as well as over the arch and toes of the boots after each measurement he would jot down the numbers on the parchment with letters next to them. His own method of knowing what measurement was for what. With that done he looked up at Shawn with a smile. "If you could remove your boots and stand in the marking on the parchment my lord i will finish taking your measurements and you and my lady can be on your way" He too felt the loss of Mina's presence. She was something else to behold like the touch of dawn on a newly snow covered field. A rare unmarred bit of perfection. Awe inspiring being near her like that to have her speak and treat them as if they were an equal. He was pleased by it, but the only thing bothering him was the man she had left with them. Orion was not sure what to make of Finvarra. He too noticed the rustling of the trees and it nagged at him. He should know this man who rode with them. There was something about him he just could not recall at the moment. He was frustrated he could not place him. Name him for who he was. Thinking of that he had not introduced himself. They did not know his name. Halting he looked back at Finvarra and Kay a frown marring his face. " I know you ride with the Goddess but you have not given your name. " Finvarra glared at the trees but could not stop them and his people from paying homage to him atleast not without giving himself away to Orion. He knew Orion was trying to place him and it amused him. If Orion knew all the legends and Myths surrrounding Mina he would have no trouble placing him soon enough. He was just lucky neither man could understand the whispers of the trees. As Orion stopped he reined in and smilled at them both a twinkle in his eye. "How foolish of me. You may Call me Fin as Mina does. " he knew that would only frustrate Orion more as in all the old texts and scrolls he was called Finvarra or the Faerie King. One did not expect the king of the faerie to allow anybody to shorten his name even the gods. He was almost as old as they were and was infact older than Mina. It was the reason he called her the young goddess. He had infact watched her grow and had a hand in raising her. He loved Mina like a sister and watched out for her interests. These men interested him as well. They obviously had feelings for one another Mina had picked up on it but their was tension between them. Something was holding them back. He was going to enjoy this far to much. Putting her plan into motion he drew close to Kay and placed a hand on his knee rubbing softly. "This must be upsetting to you. Is there anything you wish to know of the Gods here?" Neither him nor Orion knew Kay was feeling unworthy of Orion who until now had not known he was a chosen to a god. Not that it would have mattered and Mina would have taken offense to his thoughts of not being good enough for Orion.
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  13. Rosa blinked up at him and blushed softly. She was treating him as she would one of her brothers or the Scorcha boys. She was just so at ease with him she forgot she had not known him all her life, that he was not somebody she was so familiar with. She took a step back and chewed her bottom lip. She had felt him stiffen and realized her error. She was not used to not expressing herself both emotionally and physically. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I will try to remember your people do not touch so casually." She did not find the surroundings to be humble at all. They were perfect to her. She was not a fussy prissy noble who needed to be waited on hand and foot. Nor did she need the lap of luxury to make her feel at home. Yes she was used to the finer things in life but she did not require them. No this tent was perfect to her. It was quaint and felt like home to her. It was a place she could relax and fell like she belonged. It was not a feeling she felt often. She felt out of place at the castle at home. "Night it is perfect. It feels like home to me." When he asked her about Corde and her pace in the line of succession she blushed a little deeper and looked at the floor of the tent. She was not used to having to explain herself to people. Most did not care enough to ask her personal questions. Most assumed she was not the Heir apparent. "Cordeliane and I grew up together. Her mother was my mothers best friend. I have known her her whole life. My mother is her Gods mother." She knew Cordeliane better than her own sister and it hurt Corde was shutting her out. "I am the youngest. I will not be queen unless tragedy strikes my family. My brother Sebastian is the Crown prince followed by Alanna my sister the hostess in training, then there is Boaguard and Darius the Spare Heir and the spare to the spare. Then me. People look at me and think I am some vapid spoiled princess. Just some pretty thing to look at and be married off to the advantage of the kingdom." She shrugged softly." Dad tries to guard me, to keep me in the castle and out of trouble but I have a nack for escaping and sneaking away. I am not affraid to try something risky in my bid for freedom." From all she had said since she had been here it was obvious she valued her freedom more than her royal birth. She wanted to experience life. Live everyday to the fullest possible moment. She was not one tosit quietly and look pretty. She was a doer somebody who was always on the move always trying to experience something new. Each new day was a gift to her one that held endless possibilites. "What of you? Any siblings? Anybody you are close to besides Lord Hourglass Dream?"1
  14. It can be fast paced. We are a fairly active community. The pace of the RP depends on the people you are interacting with. Valucre has a discord server for live chatting. Members also use skype or other such messengers for live one on one chatting.
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