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  1. It is sort of like that. Forum based RP is turn based. You create a character and either join in an already active story marked open or create your own and post a thread in the Watercooler. Since you are new I would suggest getting your feet wet in the Tavern of Legend. Turned based RP is fairly simple. You make a post and then your partner(s) post in the order they joined the thread/story. Once everybody posts you start at the beginning again responding and adding to the story.
  2. Oh Raze again.... I am waiting for the day you snap and slam a cake in to somebodies face.
  3. Im sorry. People this side of the pond with no close british roots can be moronic
  4. We had a member Archival play a sentient ball of green slime at one point. Pretty much if you can dream it and it fits in the power restrictions of Valucre you can be it
  5. You are not limited to one character either i may self have over 30 tho not all are in use at the moment.
  6. Another thing people do is have characters 'magically' transported here from other worlds and have no way back or know how they even managed to get here. Magic spell gone wrong, dimentional shift, blackhole. You name it people have done it.
  7. Had my baby tonight. A baby boy. Welcome Ryder Xavier. 6lb 11oz 19 1/4 inch long bornxat 233 am after 4 hours labour 30 mins pushing NO DRUGS

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      You jinxed yourself by calling the fetus Cordeliane. :P

      Congrats lady. Now go seepies.

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      Awesome! Congrats! 

  8. I saw one block of txt like that. Nothing i would honestly worry over. Dunno why Val is doing it its never done that to me. From either docs or word and i copy paste all the time. Its easier if i have spell check for my dyslexia. Maybe something in your personal settings?
  9. Jaistlyn dunno what you are talking about must only be on your computer/ phone you are seeing thevwhite with black in the post. I only evrr use dark theme and its not showing up to me on either device like your screen shot
  10. After returning Heth to his mother she would once again pick up her blanket and bed roll. Night and Chivika had given her much to think about. She was unsure about magic and the one person she could ask had vanished as he had appeared. She was very confused by it all. Surely Night might know somebody who could help her with her innate abilities. Turning she followed him through the camp her eyes missing nothing as she walked. She was taking everything in. The was the people stood and interacted with each other. How they were dressed and the diffeent designs and patterns on their clothing. She wanted to miss nothing of the camp so she later did not make a fool of herself around them. Reaching his tent she stopped and hesitated a moment before entering. She has never been alone with a man who was not one of her brothers before. She was a little nervious as she carefully put down her blanket and bed roll. She looked around taking in the tent. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. Giddy with nerves she looked and moved around the tent. It was such a welcoming place. It had that home like feel to it. She could see why they used twnts as they did if they were all like this. "Its wonderful" She smiled at him her eyes bright with her joy of sleeping in the tent. She moved to him and with out thinking hugged him tight and pressed a sift kiss to his cheeks." Thank you for allowing me to stay" she murmured looking up into his face her arms still wrapped around his waist. She did not even realize what she was doing. She was holding him like she would one of Corde or her own brothers after doing something for her.
  11. Cordeliane smiled at Shawn beaming really. He was handling it so well all the people and it made her proud. He would do her people proud as well. Excusing herself she smiled more brightly at her people. "We will hold a festival in honour of our marriage in a weeks time. As of now we having thinks we must attend." Giving them a celebration to look forward to and to show her newly married status to her people. She concealed her surprise at him calling her love. Terms of endearment were not something she had expected from him. She liked it but knew not to expect them often. Smiling up at him she linked her arm through his again and lead the way to the cobbler. It was not too far down the road from the tailors, another simple building with a sign shaped like a shoe. "This will be quick and painless Shawn. He is the best at what he does." She led him in to the cobblers shop, the bell on the door chiming softly. The cobbler was a older man in his mid 40's, thining brownish blond hair and hazel eyes with deep laugh lines around them. He looked like a man who enjoyed life. His clothing was simple brown tunic and pants. Around his neck was a tape measure and over his left ear a stick of charcoal. "My Lady, My lord welcome. " Orion was shocked, the goddess had been watching his mothers blood line since the founding of the island? Why, what made the blood line so important? He would not voice these questions he was not sure he could handle what she had to say. He just bowed his head to her. What did one say to a goddess any way? Mina was different than other gods. More involved in mortal affairs than the rest of her pantheon. She has chosen him and Kay to watch over while they quest for the hunt god and it bothered him a little. He did not understand her anymore than he did his sister. They were women and alien to him. He frowned as the horse came out of the woods. It sparked something in him. He should know this horse and the rider but it was as if the answer to the question was stuck in his mind just out of his grasp. He was not a god, immortal yes but no god, not with a horse like that. He watched as Mina mounted up followed by Kay. It was obvious this meeting was over but he had a feeling it would not be the last time the Goddess popped in on them. There was something going on if Mina was walking the world again and he would question the man once she was gone. Mina was amused as she mounted Swiftwing and patted his neck. "Very well my friend, take care of them or you will answer to me." It was not a threat, but a promise one Finvarra knew she would keep. She had decided these men were hers and there would be no changing that. "Farewell, I will see you later gentlemen." She gave Orion a pointed look." Explain our pantheon to him. He is new here and we are not his Gods." She turned her horse into the woods and rode off in to the trees. Allowing the darkness to swallow her before disappearing. She would catch them later when he was not so skittish of her. Finvarra just chuckled at Mina and watched her ride off. She would never changed. Mounting up he looked them over. It was going to be an interesting ride with the two men. They made him think of the sweet Mina he had known long ago. "I have no trouble following Orion. I just know these woods are not always friendly to travelers." What he didn't say was that it was his own people who sometimes played tricks and made it difficult for travelers. They of course would not try anything with him around but it would still be interesting. "She is not always like that you know. She was softer once" With Mina gone Orion just nodded to the other men "I know the stories most of them. I will tell them to you Kay once we settle for the night" He nudged Peach and started off down the road again thinking. He was still trying to place the man who joined them. As they rode off the trees and plants russled and though not all can hear it they whispered "The king has passed by, long live the king"
  12. They are certainly mild mid powers and seem to fall into the moderate useage. Its almost like a summoning ability since it looks as though the Reaper really posses the Magic. Nice well thought out character.
  13. The youngest i have encountered has been age 15 the oldest is around 40.
  14. Which independant?? Though Genesaris is run by Hummingbird. Some of the Indepentant have their own board owners or rulers. And not all top city ppl are played by board owners. Some positions are held by members.
  15. The Cold Mountains are in Genesaris. I would speak to The Hummingbird as it is her domain. But she is usually fairly open to people creating their own towns and villages for RP purposes.