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  1. Valbullion as it was called was player controlled when we had it. This host does not have it that is why the market was taken away.
  2. Making no bake cheeze cake for a bake sale... and fudge... mmm yummy fun
  3. Uggg endless christmas music... I loath Feliz Navidad.... makes me want to rapture my ear drums
  4. The first picture you posted reminds me of the guy qho played Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets
  5. See how out of touch i am... i thought Facetime was facebook video calling... why not just use Skype....
  6. I like Samsung better than Apple products. The A8 would br food for Facetime. And its a lot cheaper than an Iphone but it is reallly really good.water proof for 30 min up to 1 metre. Dust and sand proof. As an amazing camera oth front and back. Its vot 32gb memory and can put in an SD card
  7. Got a Phkne upgrade.... Samsung 8A still getting used to it....it asked me if I wanted a bedtime reminder since I stopped playing on it last night at 12:30 am
  8. The new Netflix movie Chritmas Chronicles is pretty good
  9. I have a few christmas movies I like to watch. Its a wonderful life Miracle on 34 street (black and white) Prancer Return of Prancer Home alone 1&2 The santa clause 1&2 All the classic kids movies with the bad puppets and animatronics
  10. Ryder wont sleep until hes watched it of watching it.
  11. Carlos my son likea Rise of the Guaedians...its a Chrismas easter movie
  12. As in Johnny Johnny?Yes papa?Eating sugar?
  13. Sad day for all Comic fans in the world. Stan Lee has passed away today at 95 yrs old.
  14. No I do worse. I FINISH a post get called away and leave it in limbo sitting in the editor for days (once it was 2 weeks) before realizing I havent posted it..
  15. NVENGARIAN PANTHEON (WIP) GODS Great Gods Mithros - God of the sun, patron of Warriors. Head male God in the Council of Great Gods. Black God - God of Death, judge of the dead, ruler of the realms of the dead. Father of Lady Mina Lexiss. Ganiel- The dream King, persides over the night and the dream world. Is the only God who cannot manifest himself in the mortal realms. He can only speak with Mortals in their dreams. GODDESS' Great Goddess' Mother Goddess- Goddess of the Moon, patron to healers and midwives. Overseez birthing and mother hood. Head Goddess of the Council. Lady Mina Lexiss- Protector of Mankind, final fate, Harbringer of the Apocalypse, god Killer, daughter of the Black God, and former Protector Goddess Lexiss.
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