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  1. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa smiled her thanks at him as he laced her up. She was excited to spend more time with him and get to know him better. He was more than just a seer, he was a person too and from the sounds of things his people did not seem to look passed his power to the man who wields it. "I am sorry meditation doesn't work for you. Would you like to try it while I am here? Might be better if you start without the pain." She was thinking he should have been taught to meditate long before his power had started to show. Most seers she had heard of and read about started showing their powers around the onset of puberty. She did not figure it would be any different for him. Her face lit up as he spoke of both the temple and the springs. She would like to see both and was excited. A dip in a spring would feel wonderful and not something she was allowed to do at home. It was too hard to secure an area around springs for her to bathe in one. "I do not have a horse to ride. We can take Twilight. There is nothing like flying. I am sure he will take you as well as me. He flew me across Nvengaria in but a few hours. It takes days usually by horse to go from our castle to Corde's" She gave him a hug, beaming up into his face. " I am so glad to be here. I know I can seem like trouble and Dream is not happy I sort of black mailed my stay here but helping you is worth it all." She leaned up and kissed his cheek. "I am going to find a way to make a charm with my gift to keep you from being in pain." She slipped from the tent and head to the food tent where Twilight was sleeping. She was excited and wondered what they would talk about this time. She was enjoying their conversations. He did not treat her like a pretty idiot. He listened to her and spoke with her as if she were equal to him. It was rare for her to find anybody learned who would converse with her. She was loathed to even think about going home when everything she had ever wanted was right here in the Arcantian camp. She smiled snd nodded at people as she made her way to Twilight and the food tent. Just happy to be part of the camp for the time being. Looking at her own dress and then at everybody else she realized she would need to find clothing in grey or silver. She would ask Night about it later.
  2. When Night met Rosa

    As the light played on her hair he would see a bluish hue to the raven locks that framed her face. Only when she was resting and unadorned did one notice the bluish tones to her hair. Many who had seen the color in her hair attributed it to the gems and reflection of light on her hair from the tiara's she wore. Other than Cordeliane and her maids none had seen her like this unadorned and in the morning sun. Rosa's eyes popped open at the sound of his voice calling her name. She blinked at him as her eyes adjusted to the light. With a soft smile she stretched out like a lazy cat in the sun. Arms above her head, toes pointed, she arched her back as she bent her knees pushing off the bed in her morning stretch. Settling on the bedroll once again she rolled onto her side. Hair tousled eyes glassy from sleep she looked well ravished as she smiled at him and in a soft husky voice replied "Morning Kaesivi. Did you sleep well?" She was trying not to make to much of her being in his bed. She did not want to have to explain about the nightmares and not wanting to be alone in bed after waking from them. It was hard on her remembering. She was full of what ifs when she thought of her kidnapping. What if she had snuck out earlier lime she had planned or what if she had not snuck out at all? Had she made the kidnapping easier? Her own reckless need for adventure had put her in many an uncomfortable position of her own making and she was never sure if the kidnapping had been one of those times. Acting as if it were normal to wake in his bed she stood getting up for the day. "Where are we off to today?" She asked as she head for her bag with her clothing in it. "Do you have a favorite spot here you like to go? Or do you need to see Lord Dream first? Did you have a vision while you slept?" She looked at him and bit her lip "Am I disrupting you normal morning routine? Do you meditate to help you recall your visions when you wake? Am I in the way? Should I leave you be for a bit?" She picked out a dress of the palest blue and turned to the bathing area " If you need to meditate I can make my way too the food tent. The mages I know all meditate. They say it helps them focus their power and organize their minds." Rosa ever curious had been at the library when a mage and his students had xome in for a quiet place to meditate. She had asked questions and had been allowed to join in their meditation time. "I meditate when I am troubles it helps me clear my mind and focus." She stood out of sight and changed slipping into the blue dress. Doing it up as much as she could unassisted she came out and gave him an impish half smile "Coukd you finish doing me up? " She turned her ba k to him her hair over her shoulder out of the way.
  3. The return of a madman.

    She stood watching waiting for any sign he knew her. When none was forthcoming she breathed in releif and sadness. He would not be attacking her yet he did not know her as a friend either. That saddened her deeply. What had transpired in the heel he had been in to make him forget her and what she is? She wished she could have spared him such pain but knew he did not belong to her pantheon. His beliefs belonged to one of her ' cousins' a different dogma and pantheon. She could not have interfered in whatever had happened to him without being summoned or given permission from the one in charge. Mina's eyes followed the witch, watching and listening to her soeak as if only he could see and hear her. The witch was wise not to touch Mina as she floated around her talking of her as if she were just some morral piece of ass to be used and discarded. Had the witch touched her uninvited Mina would have blasted her from existance. Here on this island she and her pantheon ruled completely. This witch might be the tool of one of her divine cousins but she was her without permission leaving open for Mina to deal with her if she so desired. The only reason she did not do anything was the man before her. She did not yet know how they were tied together. Doing to one could in fact do to the other and that she would not risk. Magic. She watched as magic was used. Blood magic, how distasteful. The circle would stop just before her feet. There on the edge of the magi she watched her eyes giving nothing. This was the witches doing. She had been leaving such marks in the foaliage of the forest. To what end Mina did not know, and she would not risk herself and this island to find out just yet. Something was going on. Was he sent to her or drawn to her and her place of power? It could not be chance that brought him here to her seat of power. Making eye contact with the other woman Mina gave a soft barely noticeable shake of her head as if to zay do nothing. She did not know the woman demon or not and did not know if she could use telepathy. Mina would not risk touching her mind to that of the other woman for fear of driving her mad. Touching a mortals mina who did not have telepathic abilities while they were awake would drive them insane. She could not take the risk. No Mina watchex both her and the man and waited, showing no dign she cared or was upset by the going ons of the man on the beach.
  4. Maintenance weekend of 7/29

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  5. Maintenance weekend of 7/29

    He will break everything he can.
  6. The return of a madman.

    Twisted. There was something wrong, something more with the man on the beach. She knew the feelings she was picking up from him but that was not what was twisted. No somebody she loved was twisted with somebody who had tried to kill her and him. How and why were they twisted together into one. Her father being who and what he was gave her better insight into him and the soul... no souls of this being. Which would prevail an be the dominate personality? If she showed herself would the killer or the one she cared about come to the forefront. She could not allow him to wander lost. Inside the torn man was one she cared for one who was important to her. This twisted soul attached to him had once been with another. Was his soul there too? She would have to get closer to properly look but did she risk it. Would the ghoulish witch attach to him remember her? Would she corrupt him into doing her harm when he never had before? There was so much to worry about, yet at the same time she could not watch and do nothing. Could not let him wander lost in her place of power and strength. There was no choice she would have to expose herself and hope for the best. With her mind made up she pulled her hair from her pony tail shaking it loose and letting it fall to her knees. It was the way he had seen her in the past, how he had known her. She hoped it would trigger something in him a memory of her. Stepping from the forest she smiled at the woman who answered where he was. "You are in the world of Valucre on the Island of Nvengaria where my Pantheon reigns."
  7. When Night met Rosa

    Her sleep was uneasy. Worrying about who would come for her dredged up memories she struggled to forget. She had been just 15 when she had been kidnapped to hurt her father. Then like now she had snuck out to do something she was not supposed to do. Only she had run into men who had been trying to sneak into the castle to grab her. She tossed and turned in her sleep as the memory assulted her. The fear she had felt as the men spoke and pawed at her. Talking about ruining her and making her suffer. She had been bound and gagged and terrified. It was the only time she had ever been in danger like that. She had not understood why somebpdy had paid the men to take her, but she knew if she made it to that man it would not go well for her. She dreamed of the slaps and kicks the men gave her as she struggled to free herself hoping her brothers or Cordeliane's would come for her and find her. She did not believe she would make it out alive and she had never felt such fear in her life before. She had seen her kidnappers which had not been part of their plan. She could identify them and that would put their employer at risk too. Rosa woke panting biting her arm to stuffle her cry as to not wake Night. It was always the same. She dreamed of the kidnapping innapropriate touching and the beating she had gotten at the hands of her kidnappers. Shuddering remembering the two days she had spent in their possession she llicked her lips and look at Night sleeping. Without even thinking about it she got up and crawled into his bedroll with him. Back home after one of her nightmares she usually slept with one of her brothers or sister. Curling into him she closed her eyes feeling safe. She had saved herself at that time when her captors had slept. She had run into Sebastian and Dreek as she had made her escape. She had been badly beaten and was bruised from head to toe but alive. Night made her feel as safe as she had that night in Sebastians arms it was not a feeling she would let get away if she had a say. Closing her eyes she sighed softly and let sleep find her once again. She did not think about how he might react to waking and finding her there. Her only thought was how safe she felt next to him.
  8. When Night met Rosa

    She too was shaken by the simple kiss she had given him. Her heart was racing and her stomach fluttering as she played with the gems on her bedroll. Even Dreek whom she had love for 11 years did not make her heart race and stomach flutter nearly as much as that close contact with Night did. She knew she was in over her head but even still she would not go. She could not believe it was happening again, another one sided love. Was she destined to love those she could not have? Her eyes went wide as he told her the gems could by her a castle if she desired. These stones were really nothing, just gems she had taken from mines no longer in use. Pretty little bobbles to keep in her collection. She really had no idea of their worth or value to her they were just rocks people placed a price on. "Really? I just thought they were pretty and worth a few gold at most" She did not tell him she got them from empty mines. She did not want another lecture about the risks of entering such a mine. When the earth mages said it was no longer safe to mine a site they just left it. Rosa liked to wander in them and maybe pull a loose gem or two from the walls. "We do not let out siders know of all the gems we can mine. We do not want people mining wherever or in mines no longer being used. We do not mine without an earth mage and stone mage on the site to monitor the mining" Stifling her own yawn she picked up all the gems and returned them to her bag."Yes, sleep is a good idea. It has been a long exciting day for me." She climbed into her bed roll and smiled at him."I would love that ." Pulling her blanket around her she snuggled in."Good-night Kaesivi and thank you." Rosa was not to concerned about somebody showing up the next day to find her. She knew it would take a day or two before somebody would realize she had braved Cordeliane's wrath and used the portal scroll. What worried her was who would be coming for her. Which of the Larken and Scorcha boys would be sent to bring her home. With thoughts of her's and Cordeliane's brothers she drifted of into a troubled sleep.
  9. The return of a madman.

    Too long since she had last felt anything like this. Much too long since somebody of the darkness called out to her. Drawn in like a moth to the flame, so too she was drawn to those with a dark aura. It has been so long since she walked the mortal realm, her home now in her own realm with the others of her pantheon. Finally she was taking her place among her own kind after years of wandering and learning. Now she was back again in the mortal world. The power and the one it is housed in calling her as it wanders her home domain, the Island where her Pantheon is rooted, where the belief in them is strong still. Appearing in the dense forestry of the island she smiled taking sight of him. Naked as a newborn. She chuckled softly tugging on the pony tail she was current sporting. She wondered if he would know her, like this, she was not the same soft-hearted woman he had known all those years ago. She had grown up a lot and become a little harder. She still had a tender spot for a few people and then there were those she chose to watch over and protect. But mostly now she stayed out of both mortal and immortal affairs and kept to herself. It would be good to see an old friend again, even one so entrenched in chaos and carnage as he. Even from a distance she could feel the darkness in him calling to her like a long lost lover. Always the goddess would have a tender spot for him in her heart, always would she come to him when she felt his presence. She did not yet want to make herself known to him, did not want to startle him, he who was so newly reawakened to this world. She did not know what was different about him this time and did not want to provoke an attack. He never harmed her in the past, she was the only one he could never hurt and she wanted to keep it that way. Letting but a fraction of her power out to let him get used to it and the feel of her once again she followed, watching and waiting till the time was right to make her presence fully known to him. So focus on him she did not sense the other in the forest drawn to his darkness as she was.
  10. When Night met Rosa

    She was a little disappointed in his answer but she knew she could find the answer herself if she looked. A smile played on her face as she followed his gaze to the books he had sta ked there. Her eyes lit up with joy upon spotting them. Books. She loved books and itched to get her hands on them to read and learn what she could. It was one thing she could do that would keep her occupide should he need to speak privately with Dream while she was here. "Do your gods not walk among you? Our gods do, though it has been a century or so since one was last reported to be walking among us." She did not know at this very moment there was one of the gods walking again in Nvengaria and that the God in question was a little pissed of yet another of her chosen females had taken off where she could not go freely or protect her. She was a little shaken by his words about having a child and how his gift was passed down. Back home it could be years and generations before a seers line produced another seer. Here it was the first born was heir to the power. It seemed to her a heavy burden to bear knowinv you would be sentancing any child you have to the pain of being a seer. "I am sorry. What a terrible price you pay for your gift. It is a heavy weight you carry Night" She wished she could ease tbe burden of his gift, to help him. He accept it so well that he would one day father the next seer and give the terrible gift and responsibility to his eldest child. His sudden anger took her by surprise. He had shown so little emotion to her t was unexpecred. His harsh words were like a slap in the face. Did he really accept the reality of it? Was her being here only making it harder on him to face it? Getting up off the bed she walked over to him as he apologized. Stopping inches away from him she reached her hand up and cupped his cheek. "Look at me, Kaesivi. Look at me." She had used his given name not Night as she had been calling him up to this point. This was too important to personal for her to be calling him Night. Sadness touched her emerald eyes sat there mingling with hope and determination ."I stop the pain Kaesivi. I will find away to harness this for you. " Stepping closer still. So nothing but a sheet of parchment could fit between the she leaned up and pressed her lips to his cheek. It was a soft brush of her supple lips on his cheek before she leaned farther and whispered in his ear " You think anybody can force me with Twilight here?" Reminding him of her griffin companion who was currently sleeping near the food tents. Stepping away from him she spoke again with a smile "Nothing short of drugging and kidnapping me will get me to leave here before I am ready." She sat back on her bedroll and picked up the gems. "Do you think these gems are worth alot?"
  11. Long time Lurker here

    Wekcome. your charactet can be anything you want it to be. We had a sentient Ball of Slime played by one of our former members. Powers are a little more restricted. You must be mild/mid power. Meaning you cannot have world or even continent distroying abilities. At max you could blow up part of a city. Also you cannot control other Players character with mind control or possessions.(atleast not without the other members permission)
  12. Hi there!

    No Carlos... this one is Mine to help ^.~ !!
  13. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa snapped her head up and looked at him her eyes wide as he answered her. She and the island of Nvengaria were very sheltered from the rest of the world. His answers and explanations left more questions than he realized. Rosa had a thurst for knowledge. So much so that the library in Starfall's magic school had no topic in its books and scrolls she had not read even briefly. She wanted to know everything she could. And Magic it was the one subject that she would never get enough of. "Yes all our seers begin to lose their sight as their power develops and matures. Most are completely blind by the time they reach 21. It is said that with the darkness comes true sight."She shrugged softly not interest in what she already knew and would explain more to him once some of her questions were answered. He had opened a whole new world of magic to her. "Really?? But what about empathic people? Does having the ability to know and feel other peoples emotions mean you are farther from enlightenment than those with just the 5 scenses?" She looked at him eagerly awaiting his answer her double question. She loved talking about magic and learning what she could. If she could get her hands on Chivika she would bombard him with questions if he stayed around long enough. "Do you think other magics work like that? And what of the Gods? As far as I know all of our Gods and Goddess' have all their scenses except for the seer goddess even she is blind." She was obviously not some dumb princess who only knew about hosting balls and planning dinners parties and running a house hold of servants. She was smart and thought about things she was told. She had a need to know things and it was part of the reason she was so wild. How else did one find out things if one did not experience it for themselves. "You said you are expected to produce the next seer, but how do you know you will? Wasn't it your cousin before you? You could very well father a child or two or more and none of them could have the sight. Will you live until the next seer is born to your people and can be taught? Or will you pass before the next seer can be found leaving your people without?" She was in no way trying to be rude, she was just trying to understand. She liked Night and would like him to be around for a long long time. She frowned at his comment and shook her head. "It will not be the last time. I have no intention of leaving until I figure out away to make yhe pain stay away"
  14. Hi there!

    Your welcome. Any other questions feel free to ask me.
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