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  1. Cordeliane

    General chat thread

    You might not be able to fly alone. Can your 2 yr old climb in and out of seats ok by his/herself? Vheck the airline you are supposed to be flying. My friend kids 20 months apart was not allowed to fly alone with her kids when they were that little. It is a safety issue in case of an emergency. If you can fly with them I know tricks to help with take off and landing
  2. Cordeliane

    General chat thread

    What age are the kids? Some airlines have restrictions about single parents flying alone with young children
  3. Cordeliane

    General chat thread

    Kareoke is fun
  4. Cordeliane

    When Night met Rosa

    Bemused as his people stopped them to express wonderment and joy at his lack of pain, she remained silent. She had learned long ago that her gift worried and unnerved people. Look how Noght and Dream had first reacted to her when she arrived. She would tell nobody of her gift unless it was necessary. She wanted to be accepted by these people for her ownself not by her magical gifts and what she can do for their seer. Dropping off all but one dress and the swim wear into his tent she looked around and smiled. This was going to be her home. Her brother would not approve but Night needed her close so close she would stay. Rosa was having difficulty containing her excitement at being able to bathe in the springs. Something she had never done before. She barely manged to keep the spring from her step and her face netural as Cordeliane had told her that these people did not show emotion and thought it rude. She wanted to fit in as best she could here and learn their ways and history. As careful as she was she slipped a litte into Night as they reached the bottom. It was much brighter than she expected and when they reached the spring she gasped. "Great Goddess....this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Your people are lucky to have such a natural wonder." She looked back at Night and chewed her lip"Are you sure it is ok to bathe in the water? I would not want to polute it. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Spoiling it would kill a piece of my soul." Once he answered her that they could indeed enter the pool with out spoiling the wonder of it , she turned her back to him"I need help undressing so I can change into my bathing things" she shyly looked at him over her shoulder. This was very different than the river. It was more private and romantic. ~ ~ ~ While Night and Rosa were readying themselves to enter the hot spring, Whispering Gale and Shimmering Star we drugging food and drink and placing it in the tent Night and Rosa shared. The drug put on the food was oderless and tasteless. It would put them out for 10 hours long enough for them to spirit away Rosa and get rid of all traces of the contaminated food. They were ready. Now it was a waiting game of when they would get back and the treasonous act of kidnapping the strange princess.
  5. Cordeliane

    New to Valucre but not RP

    My island Nvengaria in Genesaris is very fantasy based. Myth and legends roam Gods walk the land and the Faerie inhabit forests. Its Medieval ish magic fantasy.
  6. Cordeliane

    Outreach Team AMA

    For ease sake Valucre has the same Biomes as earth. Just like flora and fauna. Though people have added to the flora and fauna biomes would be the same on a life sustaining planet for ease of RP sake.
  7. Cordeliane

    It's not all Roses

    Cordelaine eyes wide looked from Mina to Shawn in horror as he spoke to her like she was just some woman or a possible threat. She dropped from the bench to her knees head bowed to the woman her skirts billowing out around her. "M..my lady." There was a tremble to her voice as she spoke. "Shawn no.. do not..." Corde sat next to Shawn her blue eyes wide as Mina spoke. As calm a front she could usually put up there was no trace of it now. Corde trembled there was a quiver to her hands and body as she listened to the goddess speak as if they were friends who talked all the time. She knew Mina had not been seen walking the world in centries, that she had shown herself to not only her mother but now her and Shawn told Cordeliane something big was going to happen. Mina cut her off with a smile "Cordeliane do not bow get up. It is alright. I see you have not explained our Pantheon to him" There was amusement in her voice as she spoke." Do not threaten me with our mainland cousin. I would never harm one of my chosen ones dear boy" She smirked as Cordeliane righted her self and sat on rhe bench next to him again. "Since you are not one of my people I will introduce myself." There was amusement in her eyes "I am Lady Mina Lexiss, Daughter of the Black God, Lord of Death and ruler of the realms of the dead. Goddess protector of mankind and Harbringer of the Apocalypse. One of the Great Gods of our pantheon. Your wife is one of my chosen, had she know before her venture to your land she could have called on me while in your lands." Mina gave Cordeliane a looked filled with regret and compassion"Forgive me child for not protecting you. I cannot act in this world outside of this island without being summoned." Giving her full attention to Shawn again she gave him a soft laugh"I hear you wish to discovery the mysteries of Death. Maybe once Cordeliane is safe and that little ass Knox is dealt with I will take you to visit my fathers realm. I make no promieses. Finding the answers to ones ultimate desire can take meaning from life. But should you wish it of me I will consider it" ~ Fin just laughed as Kay called him old and stressed the word. " I have been around since before the birth of man. When Magic flowed unconstrained. Yes I am 'Old' as you called it. I will be here long after Man has disappeared. We Fae are a kin to the gods themselves." He was amused by Kay and his attitude. Mina did well with him, putting his fears to rest and giving him an ease which Fin knew must be his true self. "The journy will be long. Wild mages of the past like mountain ranges where not only mortal but immortal creatures make their homes. The closest mountain range is 3 days ride. Orion just shook his head "I sleep under the stars every chance I get. " Fin was just to much. The king Faerie did not seem to care that Kay was in awe of him and his age. He was something else and being with legend made Orion nervous. He never dreamed he would be on a quest for one of his Gods and that another would set the Fae king to protect them. Trotting after Kay he gave a chuckle." Gods never give much info on the quests they set. What I do know is watch for animals acting as they shouldn't be."
  8. Cordeliane

    You peeping shows?

    It is but it only unfortunately has 2 seasons. It was cancelledso not season 3 v.v Been watching the Netflix leathal Weapon. After coming toterms with the guy the have playing Riggs will never be Mel gibson crazy. Its actually a pretty good show. Though the leads do not have the chemistry Glover and Gibson had. Also watched The Rain. The dubbing is horrible but the show itself is intrguing. Netflix also came out with The Dragon Prince. Same creators as Avatar the last Air bender. And actually one of the voice actors Sakka's voice actor does a main character. Its a really good show with an Avatarish feel to it. Not often I get to watch grown up shows any more but if you have the chance watch Paradise PD and Disenchantment.
  9. Cordeliane

    General chat thread

    Most places have their own beastiary
  10. Canadian Thanksgiving coming up... making pumpkin pie flavoured Cheesecake for the holiday. Should be fun. First year hosting the family

  11. Cordeliane

    "New Year, Old Me"

    She gave him a beaming smile as he spoke about staying on the Island. She loved her home and unlike others had no desire to leave. That he was looking to settle and not scoping the land for its natural riches or exploit the naive people living on the island. Very few of the natives had left the island other than fishing or the now popular ferrying people to and from the island. Only Lady Kedves had left for any length of time and returned married to a mainlander. At his asking for recomendations she nodded her head and grinned at him" Well the lake the kings castle is built on is a sight for sure. Its not called Crystal Water for nothin'. There is also the magic library at Star Fall. Its built in the crater of a falling star. Its the most magical place on the Island. Ya wanna be weiry of the forests. Silverwood for sure something weird about that forest. Also the temples of the Gods. Rumour has it that they are walkin' the island again after centuries of bein' gone." Getting called back to work by others wanting ale she gave him an apologetic grin before getting back to work giving people their drinks before heading into the kitchen to retreive his food. There was a fair amount of food on the platter she brought him. The jackalope steak was a 15 oz steak wrapped in bacon served with potatoes smothered in a gravy. Steamed veggies with melted butter. "Here ya go Allen special enjoy" she said with s wink as she went to get him a refill on his drink.
  12. Cordeliane

    When Night met Rosa

    2Rosa blushed as he told her the gems in her possession were to costly for the items she wished to purchase. She never thought about cost and the value of things. In this she was a spoiled princess. She usually just picked what she wanted without thought and her father paid the bill. She was going to have to start paying attention to the value and costs of items. Pleased the merchant would take trade-ins she smiled and looked through the dresses. She wanted simple but also something fitting her station as embassador as well as his intended bride. Finding one of silvery satin with long sleeves tight on the upper arm and loose over the hands and fingers was exactly the kind of thing she liked even better unlike the dresses she owned it slipped on over the head. She picked out a few more less formal dresses. One in a soft dove grey made of cotton, a storm cloud grey dress of a fabric she was not sure of, but felt sift and silky in her hands. The other two were simple grey nothing to flashy. All the dresses were styled to pull over her head. She looked at the swim wear and blushed. Having never owned a bathing suit they looked to her very much like underclothing. To her they were scandilous but she was excited at the same time. She grabbed a top in silvery grey that looked like a sports bra and a pair of boy short bottoms to match. Blushing she added a towel to the pile and nodded to Night she was done. Smiling st the merchant she touched Nights hand "We will be back later with my other gowns. I have 5 others with me I would like to trade to you" With her purchases draped over one arm she linked her fingers with Nights once again. "I am ready to go when you are" The two women contacted Silent Frost informing him of what was going on and their plan to make it stop before it could go too far. They explained how they needed him to spirit away the woman while both her and Night were in a drugged sleep. They were sure once Rosa was gone Night would look among their people and possibly chose one of them if they had the chance to get close. They were going to sneak the drugged food and drink into the tent while Rosa and Night were at the hot springs. It would be their best chance of doing so without being caught. Silent Frost gave his agreement to help his sister and her friend so long as they did not hurt physically hurt the Seer or make him ill. What they were planning was already treason, He did not want to make it worse by harming the High seer.
  13. Cordeliane

    Books on the mind

    Started a series by James E Wisher called The Ageis of Merlin. Its young adult but very interesting
  14. Cordeliane

    Valucre Yearbook 2018

    Things is how do you decide longest thread/rp. Because Raze/Hummingbird and I have been writing the same Rp for almost 7 yr now spanning over 5 or 6 threads but it is the same RP. And as it started in 2012 would ig qualify for something like longest Rp of 2018? There are many things yo take in yo consideration. There are people who have been. Writing/using characters for yrs and many of their threads/RPs are continuations on other RP threads
  15. Cordeliane

    Feedback - RP etiquette: NPCs

    Mortal I see your point but at the same time it all depends on the lore of the area you are in. For instance I have an Island. It is a peaceful place and fairly tollerant. The people of the island are used to myth and legend walking around among them. Gods and mythical beasts wander. Now you have a vampire who comes to my island and all the NPC's are now suddenly affraid and intollerant. Though it might make for a good story you are being disrespectful to my lore and work I put into my island. Yes some of the NPC's might be frightened of Vampires but to make a whole village or town react in a way that most would not is the kind of thing he is talking about.