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  1. Cordeliane

    The Great Shipping War

    My Cordeliane and Razes Super Eclipse are an interesting couple. The are opposits in a lot of ways. I have enjoyed RPing them these last 6 yrs and we continue to do so. They were an unintentional match.
  2. Cordeliane

    General chat thread

    Just Venting... Iam part of a parenting group about finding ways to entertain your kids in the most vost effective way... The number of bullying parents who should just mind their own fucking business and not offer unsolicited advice is astounding. In Canada we have a place in Niagra Fall called Marine Land.. It does not have the best reputation for its Animal care... but the number of parent attacking people who ask about discounts or cheap tickets to get in bothers me. I do not like the place but if their kids want to go and they are willing to take them who thee fuck are we to tell them off and make them feel bad for wanting to make their kids happy. I am so sick of people judging others for their choices. I see it everywhere and parents tearing down other parents just makes me sick we should be sticking together helping each other. Ok end of rant.
  3. Cordeliane

    Leaving for a whle

    Ben take care of yourself. I have known you a long time my dear. And I do not want anything bad gappening to you. If you do not get international charges I will txt you. If you do I will call you to make sure you are doing well as I have unlimited long distance to the USA on my cell and unlimited international txting. Love you. Mina
  4. Cordeliane

    AFV Hummingbird

    Enjoy Raze. Wish I could join you. Gonna have to get the money together soon so Ryder and I can visit for a bit. Then we can both be AFV for a week or so lol.
  5. Cordeliane

    It's not all Roses

    She looked up at him shocked. He called her Corde. Since she had known him if he spoke her name it was never shortened but always Cordeliane. She was pleased he was getting comfortable enough with her and their relationship to start shortening her name. "I will Shawn. Just tired of protect myself, my people and lands from him. It is nice to have help dealing with him" She pulled from him as they pulled up and stopped infront of the cobblers. She was not used to looking weak to her people and it would not due for her to appear so now that she was married. She need people to see women as strong and good leader. Things were changing and women besides her need to be able to own land and run their lives and the only way to do that was to give them a strong example. Composing herself at the sound of the knock on "Enter" gone was the shaking woman and the composed sure mask back in place as the cobbler opened the carriage door. The cobbler seeing the carriage came out. The just finished boots in his hands. Having been hard at work on the boots for the new Lord he had not heard of the near miss with the tree. Knocking on the door of the carriage"My lord the boot are ready" Once given permission he opened the carriage door and deposited the boot inside. " The clothing will be sent to the castle by the end of the week my lady" he gave them a bow and closed the door. "What a remarkable front you put up my dear. You are very much like your mother." Without warning they were no longer alone in the carriage. A woman with long brown and blond hair and eyes sapphire and violet sat across from them. Smiling with deep red lips as she looked them over."You chose well my daughter. He is well suited. I just might have to leave the island to meet the people these men come from" Mina nochalantly sat there as if she had always been there. It was time to meet this Countess of Kedves and her husband. The bloodline was chosen by her and she eventually showed herself too all daughters of Kedves. "I am sorry I did not come to you before you ventured to the main land. Had I you would not have suffered. Should you ..either of you have need of me call and I shall come." Mina was being her usual self. She did not introduce herself though she saw the the bewilderment and awe in Cordeliane's face. She knew the young woman knew who and what she was. She did not know if Cordeliane has told her husband about her and the Gods of the pantheon, if not he was going to be surprised. Orion grinned as Kay caught up to them and spoke to Finvarra. It was good to see him back to normal. Patting Peach he looked around and noticed Mina was missing. He was curious about where she had gone. He had been hoping that she would join them for part of the adventure finding the Wild mage. "Where is lady Mina?" Orion wanted to thank her for whatever she had said to Kay to get him to open up. The communication between them was so important to any kind of relationship whether ot was friendship or something more. He was going to be there for Kay no matter what. "Mina had another matter to attend to. She will join us when she is ready or if she is needed" Fin was amused by how readily Orion accepted Mina as one of the party. Many mortals were unnerved by her strange eyes and powerful presence. "Kay, I would have wait days. Your talk was important. The time it took was but mere seconds to one as long lived as myself." He remounted his own horse and nodded " Whenever you are ready let us be off. " He nodded to both Orion and Kay to lead the way even though they were in his forest. It was Kay's quest after all and Orion was the chosen guide. He would not take over leading the party. He was there to observe and assist.
  6. Cordeliane

    When Night met Rosa

    8Shimmering Star nodded to her friend as she said they could get her brother involved. They woukd have to plan this carefully but hurried because of the forginers coming. She knew once the Princess' family arrived she would be well guarded. "We will have to do this quickly. Who knows when her family will show up like that other girls did. Will Silent Frost be able to hold her for a few days? Does he know of somewhere to stash her?" The last thing she wanted was for them to get caught. What they were planning was treason and most assuredly a death sentence. Not only were they going to be breaking Arcantian laws but she was a forgine dignitary as well. They were going to have to be very sneaky. "Yes I can get Silent Frost to help. I am sure he will find some place to stash and look after the princess while we woo Lord Night. I know of a sleeping draught we can give to both of them so she can be taken in the night without issue. Silent Frost goes hunting all the time so him being missing for a few days will not be noticed" Whispering Gale replied with a grin. There was just getting the sleeping draught into their drinks and making sure they were in Lord Nights tent when it took effect. If anybody sees what they are upto it would be death. Drugging the seer was even more of a risk than whisking away the princess. "I am looking forward to the springs. I have never bathed in a spring before" she murmured to him as they entered the tent. Her eyes went wide at the sheer number of items in the tent. She looked at the sea of sliver and grey her eyes wide. She had never been shopping like this before. Usually a modisite came to her fitted her let her pick out fabric then whisked away to make her dresses which were delivered day or weeks later. She followed the man to the dresses and smiled brightly as she fingered the different materials. "These are wonderful. So many to choose from." She picked up a silver silk dress, a dressof silver linen, and one of satin with a lace overlay. She also pucked up a few stocking ribbons and gloves. She blinked at Night as he asked her about money "Kaesivi I have my gems back at our tent but nothing on me. We could put my selections aside and return to the tent to get one." Once again Rosa was forgetting the true value of the gems she carried. She was thinking a small emeraled woukd be just enough to cover what she wished to get. She was thinking she might be able to trade in her other gowns for more Acratian dresses in the near future. " Mister Shimmering Winds, do you take trade ins. I have my Nvengarian gowns which I would also like to trade if possible for more of the Arcantian style dresses?
  7. Cordeliane

    Out of the Shadows, Into the Fray

    I have read all of Orson Scott Card's Ender series and Shadow (bean) Series. Also all of Tolkins books I am able to get my hands on. If you like world building you should read Tamora Pierce Novels about Tortall. The Lionness Quartet. The Immortal Quartet. Protector of the Small Quartet. The Trickster duet. And the Becka Cooper Trilogy.
  8. Cordeliane

    Old dog, same tricks?

    You can use a character in multipul threads but they cannot be occuring in your characters personal history at the same time. So you can do two or 3 stories but story 1 2 and 3 cannot be happening at the same time/day. They cane be days weeks months apart but just like you cannot be two places at once your character cannot do so either unless they are some Naruto like character who can clone themselves. As to where to start find a board that interests you and just go for it. You can post ideas and look for partners in the Water Cooler.
  9. Cordeliane

    "New Year, Old Me"

    She smiled at him and nodded her head as he placed his order " One Allen special comin' up." Allen was a regular and well like. The bacon wrapped jack-alope steak was his special. That he took the coachman word and ordered his specail made the waitress look favourably on the off islander. Not many of the visitors ordered Allens suggestion. " How do you like your meat cooked? Still bleedin', a little pink or cooked all the way through" being an Island with mythical creature that roamed the lands. They learned quickly that not all people liked their meat fully cooked. Once she had his answer she would head off to the kitchens with his food order. Putting that in to the cook she would get his beer and head back. Stopping to speak to some of the others in the dining area on her way back to him. " You are from the mainland. You visitin' or lookin' to settle on our Island" she asked as she set his beer before him. She liked to speak to the people coming to the island even if they were just visiting. Working at her fathers Inn was a good way to learn about the mainlander people and the different places they hailed from.
  10. Cordeliane

    Help.. i'm new

    If you ae looking gor medieval magical fantasy my Island of Nvengaria is pretty much that. If you want to know more feel free to message me
  11. Cordeliane


    You are not old.... I am almost 35. I RP a little bit of everything and have an Island in Genesaris called Nvengaria it is more medieval/ high fantasy . Magic griffin Gods walk the island. There are Faerie and a yet to be discovered hidden elven kingdom. If you want to learn more of feel like hitting me up for some RP feel free to message me.
  12. Cordeliane

    very confused, and full with even more questions!

    You can start out with almost any item you wish so long as its not a rare item orsomwthing your character would not have had a chance to procure. For example my Island of Nvengaria has only recently opened its boarders to the rest of Valucre. So there is no map available to purchase. So it is not possible for your character to stumble upon or purchase a map. You can also create a fully formed character with a fully developed skill set if you so desire. You do not have to start basic and build it up unless you want to. Also character sheets are not required. If you do not want to make one dont. Many use character sheets for personal refferences and not mych else. They are a good way too keep track of your character but not mandirory unless specifically asked for for some quest or by people creating an RP.
  13. Cordeliane

    It's not all Roses

    She did not stay composed long. As soon as the carriage doors closed and it started to move she launched herself at him and curled into him shaking. "He has got to be stopped. This obsession he has with my money and lands needs to be stopped. He needs to be stopped before you get hurt or killed." She was not to concerned with herself. Knox was a pain the the ass but he would focus on Shawn more than her unless she turned up pregnant. "I would like to handle this between us for now. If we have to go to the King we will but I will want as much evidance and proof as possible to take to him. Many think he favours me because his wife was my mothers best friend and she is my Gods Mother. We will have to be weary and out fox the sly bastard." She was so sick of dealing with Knox and his beed for her lands and money. She had been fending him off for years and even now that she was wed he still would not give up on her. Mina smiled at her friend and hugged him. "Watch over my chosen boys. I am trusting you to protect them. I have others I need to tend to. It seems my chosen ones cannot remain out of trouble. I am tempted to put the fear of the Gods in to that young bastard Knox Felmont. But I must let Cordeliane and her husband deal with him first." She grinned at him. " I think I might just show myself to him and her as well. He would be an interesting one to observe." Finvarra chucked softly." You are showing yourself much. What happened to the Gods must not interfere? Ahh right you are the protector your job is to meddle and interfere when it pleases you. Go have your fun my friend. I will guide these two to the wild mage." Watching with a shake of his head as she vanished he waited until Kay and Orion caught up to him. "Everything out in the clear? No more secrets? Good lets go" It was easy to forgive him the loss of Cordelianes unborn child. He knew his sister well. Though she will mourn the loss of her unborn child she would have mourned the loss of Kay longer. It was easier to mourn and move pass the loss of the life you did not have the chance to know than to mourn and move pass the life of a person you care for. Orion glad he was somewhat back to his jovial self nodded his head"Maybe we should send Mina to Shawn. She is the daughter of our Death God/ Ruler of the realms of the dead. She is of both Death and Life." Nudging Peach Orion grinned at Kay "Race you too him. " Orion had much to think on and digest but now was not the time. Right now he needed to put Kay back into his jovial self and move the quest forward. There woukd be time for deep though and reflections when they settled for the night to make camp. For now though there was much distance to travel and not as much day light to do it under.
  14. Cordeliane

    Relationship Between Valucre and Earth

    I have characters who are aware of other planets with humanoid population and thoae that know of Our Earth and have visited. My Faerie King Finvarra has visited Earth. Lady Mina Lexiss is a goddess and has visited many worlds including earth. But Valucre is where her Pantheon reigns.
  15. Never making a fondant cake again. I forgot how much i hate that stuff. This pawpatrol yower cake I am making will not happen again... stupid fondant...