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  1. What do you hate to see in a post?

    As tothe spelling and grammar.... You also have to take into consideration people with dyslexia. I have dyslexia and I do not always post on my computer where I have word for spelling and grammar checks. I write/RP to force myself to write and to make myself keep working on improving my dyslexia. There are people like that who write for training exercises to keep themselves from not trying to improve themselves. Grammar is particularly hard to grasp with dyslexia.
  2. What do you hate to see in a post?

    So you dislike the word Noble as a descriptive word for a persons actions but what about noble as in Nobility, a group of upper class titled people like a group fof noble men and woman earls countess duchess dukes ladies and lords?
  3. What do you hate to see in a post?

    The one thing I hate, is people who try to take over the entire RP. Make it all about their character an try to force a plot their way even if it is not originally their Idea. Another thing that gets my goat, is somebody who joins an RP with a character that absolutely does not fir the theme of the RP. Like a sea faring RP and the person joins with a space ship, or is Fae who spends the whole time sea sick/dying because they cannot be away from land.
  4. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa was both pleased and surprised when Dream gave her the pendant to wear allowing her to contact him at anytime with just a touch. It was truly an honour to her to be treated as a adult not a child to be sheltered and given no responsibilities. She would not let Dream or her father down with her responsibilities as an Ambassador. She would also do Night proud as his intended bride. She was nervous a little, nobody had ever trusted her with this much responsibility. Cordeliane trusted her with responsibilities around Kedves but that had changed after their fight. She missed Cordeliane and wished she had her to talk to about what was going on. She was nervous and scared about all she would have to do. She had no idea Night had been willing to leave with her to Nvengaria, she would have never asked it of him. "I do not mind wearing shades of grey Lord Dream, silver is after all a shade of grey." She smiled brightly at him as he said he would make arrangements " Thank you Lord Dream, It would be good for Sebastian to see what the Arcantian people are capable of as he will one day be king" She looked from Dream to Night eyes wide at the mention of springs. She had never bathed in hot springs before and now they were going to show her some "Can one bathe in the springs? or are they a place of worship?" She sounded excited and looked hopeful as she took Nights hand not realizing the significance of hand holding. Fingers linked with his she smiled liking him calling her his love, it had a nice ring to it. "You will help me pick out gowns that I do not have to lace up? I would like dresses like Cordeliane came home with, ones that slip on over the head or one can just step into." She was unaware of the looks from a few of the women she was getting. She did not see the anger and jealousy in their eyes as she and Night passed by them holding hands. She loved Night and never dreamed the people here would be like some of the people back home looking for status or power in marriage. Night had talked about needing to choose a wife at some point but had said he had nobody in mind, so it did not occur to her that their might have been some woman planning on getting his attention and marrying him for his position. Angrily two woman of age with Night glared at Rosa's back and the linked hands of the High Seer with this foreign woman. How dare she come and lay claim to the most coveted position next to the position of Dreams wife, which all knew there was no hope of. She had been here but a few days and had managed to convince Night he wanted to marry her. That was unacceptable, she looked to her friend and grabbed her pendant. " We have to do something, did you hear him? He called her his love and was holding her hand. We need to separate them, once she is gone for a few days he will see he does not love her or need her and we can step in to gain his attentions." " You are right we must do something. Though none of us wished to marry Super Eclipse he was Third leader and now he is married to that blonde foreigner and left our lands and people. This woman is a Princess, what is to say her father wont recall her home and Crimson Night with her? No, we will not lose another one of our men of rank to these Nvengarian invaders. My brother should be able to help us spirit away this tresspasser."
  5. General roleplay discussion

    There does not seem to be a universal Law system for any one board or area, though there are board Leaders they allow players to take control of major cities and land marks, and kind of do with it what they will so long as it fits in with the overall vision for their board. Most of the time those in control of the city/land mark create lore for the area they take over. Alexei, Supernal, pasion pasiva, Acies ab Vesania, desolate and other board leaders owners might be the best people to talk to for getting ideas and inspiration for what you want to do.
  6. Character and roleplay help

    Lol I have a love of books. I have over 1000 between my kobo and my google play books. But my favorite is Guy Gavriel Kay. He writes the Fionavar Tapestry its 3 books. The summer Tree, Wandering Fire and the Darkest Road. Should give him a read. If you like fantasy you woukd enjoy the trilogy
  7. Character and roleplay help

    Personally I look at my favorite authors and the way they write. What is it about their writing style and characters that draws me in. Then I take that into consideration as I work on my own posts.
  8. Back From the Dead

    Welcome back. Dont worry we have people take hiatus from Val all the time. You can come and go as you please. I am sure there are tons of RP waiting for you to get your feet wet again
  9. The itch you cant scratch is back!

    I am a pro been RPing for 23 yrs
  10. The itch you cant scratch is back!

    Welcome back. Hope you have fun and enjoy the time here. Nothing says you cannot make new friends... as to bosses showing up early hey make your own RP pots and have tons of fun with it. there are tons of new members looking for somebody to RP with and have adventures.
  11. Valucre needs a Moon [Petition- VOTE!]

    That is why we only have one moon Damon blew up the second one....
  12. Everything is up dated. which would your prefer? the Tavern owner or Arch mage, for now one spot so I can see what you do with it before i give another.
  13. Attention Board Leaders of All Levels!

    -What's the plant/flower called? Moon Orchid -Whats does it look like? Pale yellow Orchid -Where can it be found? The Barony of Pinecrest and the Earldom of Silverwood in the southern part of Nvengaria -Is it hard to get -- what are some of the hardships that an adventurer might encounter while trying to get a sample? They grow in the wood rumored to be haunted, when unknown to the people of Nvengaria they are Faerie forests. Weird things happen to those who enter the forest with malice or ill intentions. -Does it have any special properties? It holds the light of the moon and can be used to summon the head goddess of the Nvengarian pantheon or her Familiar. -How might have someone in Orisia heard of it -- as in, is it well known, is it legendary, or a part of a myth? With the borders of Nvengaria open many have been talking to travelers of the rarity of the flora and fauna on Nvengaria, any collector would hear of it as word travels.
  14. Barriers to entry

    As a former And longest Lasting Outreach member you had. I still have many of the welcome Pms and stuff on my computer/external Hard drive. I could dig them up and send them to those who might need them. And you can always hit me up for outreach if you need me. I will not be going back to work for a while until I can get my son into day care.
  15. Attention Board Leaders of All Levels!

    I will have my plants up tomorrow. some how all my files on Nvengaria manged to poof on me. I got lucky and after searching through Val found some of my land explination but my flora and Fauna no such luck I have to rewrite it all by memory so its taking me a little longer then I planned. I am not happy. 4 external hard drives and two laptops and its all pooffed as if it never existed.