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  1. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa looked up at him her eyes wide and filed with love as he turned to her grasping her shoulders. giving him a brilliant smile she laughed softly. "They do not have a choice Kaesivi, though they are in love now, Cordeliane and Shawn were not a love match. She was compromised by being alone with him, like I have been with you. I am ruined in the eyes of my people, a fallen loose woman. I was planning on ignoring it and telling nobody we have been alone together, but it matters now, you and I wish to be together." The archaic laws worked to her advantage this time around, it was a mixed blessing. There was no way her father would dare turn them down, it was a good match, Rosa was needed here, she would be a good person to represent their people. Little did they know she was already staying, that her father had sent a missive to Dream, informing them of her new status among the Arcantian people. " Dream will have no choice once he is reminded of my peoples rules, I will need to be wed to somebody of equal status, which is you or Dream. I cannot see either of them denying us." Rosa was her fathers little girl, but he would not deny her this, he wants nothing more than for her to be wed and happy. Night was everything she could want, he saw her for who she was inside not the title or money attached to her name. "Will Dream approve? I am of an age to bear children, and there will be no worry of one of our children ever needing to take the crown of Nvengaria as I am youngest of five. I have no desire to take you to Nvengaria for more than a short visit." She leaned up and kissed his cheek before looking at Twilight. It was Twilight who had her most worried, he was far from his eyres and nesting grounds. She did not think he would leave her here even with Night to watch over her. It was the only thing that made her give pause for a moment. She would have to talk to him. There was always the portal scroll to send him home to hunt in his favorite hunting grounds. Pulling away from Night she sighed happily and picked up her dry clothing. " We should change into something dry" she winked at him and headed towards Twilight who was sleeping on the bank after finishing his meal. Touching him softly "Twilight, I need cover to change" she murmured to him and waited. Once Twilights wings were spread blocking her from Night's view she stripped off her wet clothing and put on her dress. "Kaesivi, I am decent, could you please do me up?" She called from behind one of Twilight's massive wings.
  2. "New Year, Old Me"

    Wooden ships of all shapes and sizes were docked and busy. Cargo ship loading their wears to take to the main land as fishing boats unload the days catch. Passenger ship loading trunks and baggage as people said their goodbyes to loved one. His arrival would go almost completely unnoticed among all the people on the docks. Walking into the city he would have to go passed the fresh market. Fresh fish and sea foods of all kinds were sold, as well as fruit and vegetable stands of all kinds. It was busy with people buy and trading for what they needed. The people happily went about their business ignoring the tourists who watched them with interest. The place was brimming with activity and the people seemed happy and friendly. The local man proud of his island home boasted of many things. Their kings and his line being unbroken since the founding of Nvengaria, Griffins being their national animal and it was death to harm one. He spoke of the abundace of magic to be found on the island. As well as the strange creatures that roamed. He warned of the man eating Spidrens that were want to appear from time to time. He spoke of the Faerie and of their forest outside the earldom of Kedves. He boasted of myth and legends that walked their island home. He did not speak of the wealth the island had as it was not good to entice those out for greedy purposes. Nvengaria mostly traded their magical items and some of the unique produce to the island, they also dealt in precious and semi precious stones/gems and metals. That wealth trickled down to the people. Yes their were social classes but unlike else where their was not poverty. King Luca believed fully in taking care of all his people and so did a vast majority of the nobility. Nvengaria was very much an almost perfect utopian island. It had is troubles and some very out dated laws where women were concerned but over all it was a peaceful place to live and the islanders were content not to leave it. The coach ride was a long one, Crystal Water was a day and a half away from Sea Haven. The landscape was vast and beautiful. Large trees stretched out over the road way their crowns a mass of green gold and silver. Various creatures could be seen out the windows roaming around the forest. Winged horses in various sizes and birds of all colours and sizes and the rare sight od a family of griffins flying over head to the ocean.
  3. When Night met Rosa

    Pain flashed in her eyes as he told her they could not be. That she would be demanded home and he could not go with her. She shook her head and cleared her throat of the tightness in it as she spoke "No Kaesivi, I am of majority. I always expected my father would find me a political match and I would not turn it down because I could not have who I thought was my hearts desire. This is different. I will have nobody but you, how can I tie myself to somebody when I could never love them as I do you" She was speaking from her heart and the truth as Twilight was still up stream not to far from them. She could not lie and knew he could not lie as well. "We could stay here, we would strengthen the alliance Cordeliane and Shawn marriage initated." She waded out of the water and went to him.Wrapping her arms around him and pressing her face to his back she clung to him."Please Kaesivi, please do not deny us what time we do have together. We can make the most of it while we can. I do not want to think about what might happen in the future. I want the here and now with you."
  4. When Night met Rosa

    Her heart was pounding in her chest. She was sure he could hear it as he closed the distance between them. Her name on his lips came to her like a whispered prayer. Hand gripping his shoulders as their mouths met in a passion filled kiss. She clung to him, returnning his kiss as if it was not out of the ordinary for them to be showing such affection for one another. At this point in time they were not Princess Rosabella and White Crimson Night High seer, they were Rosa and Kaesivi two people who had found affection for each other. As the kiss came to an end Rosa sighed softly resting her head on his shoulder as she tried to calm her pounding heart. "That was amazing Kaesivi" she murmured softly. Rosa knew as she cuddled into him, she was never going home. No she had foubd something she could not and would not leave behind. She had fallen hard and fast for the man behind the High Seer. Looking up into his face her feelings glowing in her eyes she murmured "I have fallen for you Kaesivi"
  5. Upcoming Maternity leave

    I hope you child is as peaceful as my almost 8 month old. I hope you are as blessed as I am with a child who sleeps through the night from birth. You take care of your wonderful family. Take it easy on your self. And If you need grown up talk the people of Val are here for you. Good luck and congradulations.
  6. It's not all Roses

    Corde sighed and turned with him. She did not know what she had said that had upset him so, only that she had said something. Turning as she did she too missed the danger to them. With her back to the tree she did not see it as it began to fall. Only the yell of the workers as yhey rushed to try and stop it and the growing shadow allerted her to something being wrong. "SHAWNLOOK OUT" She screamed as she dove at him in a tackle to take him down as she called on her magic for the shielding spell to protect them both. The tree came crashing down onto them. Branches and leaves everywhere. Covering the couple as workers scrambled to pull it off praying that both the Countess and Earl were alive. They were unsure as they watched in horror as the had disappeared under the tree if Corde had been able to use her magic to protect them. Fin sighed "It is not my place to say Orion. Speak to Kay let him tell you." He gave the younger man a reassuring pat on the shoulder and sighed softly. "Nothing will harm either of you while Mina walks the forest. All beast fear the Young goddess even other gods fear her" Fin wondered what Mina was saying to Kay. He knew her past well and all she had been through to be who she was this day. Hopefully it would be enough to help the young men. Orion glared at the immortal man. He was hurt and angry and nobody was telling him anything. Spirden were the most vile creature to walk any realm and at some point in the few days Kay had been on the island had come into contact with them and nobody hd seen fit to tell him. " I do not care. He is under my protection and I failed him. I need to help him" There was nothing in Mina's odd eyes but love and understanding as he yelled at her. He was scared and much had happened to him in his short time on her island home. "Oh Kay." She murmured softly watching him drop to his knees the fear radiating off him in waves that almsot made her sick to her stomach. "I have been where you are in many ways. " she dropped to her knees and folded him in her arms like a mother holding her frightened child. Slowly she rocked him. "I know this is all overwhelming. I have been here. I was not always as I am now. The other gods of my pantheon feared me even before I was born. My mother was banished when I was a child and I became the strongest warrior our pantheon had. Even stronger than Mithros our head male of the council god of Warriors. But I lacked much. I did not and still do not love my own pantheon. Only my father and Wyvern have my love and respect. We were at war because of me, and I fought even as a child of 4 I could duel wield swords and use magic. Nobody would train with me even Mithros because I cared not for any of them. All weakness was not tolerated and to me compassion was weakness. So on my 18th millenia as the war ended the gods got together and sealed my memories giving me false ones and banished me to the mortal world to learn humanity and compassion". She sighed softly rubbing his back" It was not an easy path for me. I have truely love but twice in my long life time and still love one of them with my very being to this day. It was not easy being banished and learning the mortal way. Even part of my powers were sealed locked away from me. I felt helpless confused and lost. Much like you are now. Unlike you I did not have somebody I could speak to and confide in. Trust Orion tell him what happened with the Spidrens. " She kissed his forehead softly and patted his back" You need never fear them again. You are one of mine now, even they dare not anger me. You have my protection Kay. If you have need of me you only need call no matter where you are."
  7. Gudday

    There are also the AMA (ask me anything) for the boards/lands of Valucre if you find a place you like and have questions.
  8. When Night met Rosa

    She looked up at him with hope and trust in her emerald eyes. Her head tilting in to his hand as he brushed the hair off her face. A slight tremor ran through her at is touch. It shocked her a little his touch could effect her so. She knew now without a doubt that she had fallen for him. That what she had thought she felt for Dreek was nothing more than a young girls infatuation with her brothers friend. Colour rose to her cheeks as he called her stunning. She did not think herself stunning or lovely. She was so different from the others of her social class even Cordeliane who was her best friend, that she felt that although her out ward appearence was lovely she was ugly inside because of her differences. "You make me feel beautiful inside and out Kaesivi. " She moved closer still and touched his face looking into his turquoise eyes her own a glow with happiness." You are one of the most remarkable men I have ever met. You are so much more than I could ever dream of." Rosa had fallen hard and fast for him. She did not know him as White Crimpson Night high seer of the Arcantian people, to her he was Kaesivi, her host and friend, a man who saw behind the title to the person she is, not who she is expected to be.
  9. When Night met Rosa

    While Rosa and Night were at the river a missive would come through the portal for Dream. It was two notes sent through together. The first was from Cordeliane and read " Lord Black Hourglass Dream, Lord Dream, it has come to our attention that Princess Rosabella Larken has gone missing with her griffin companion Twilight. If she is there I am sorry. I did warn you that she might show up unannounced. If she is there please take good care of her. I know how stubborn she can be and is likely refusing to leave. I really am sorry, from my lips to the Gods ears it seems as upon our arrival home and introducing my husband to her I joked about sending her to you to tame. Rosa is very special, I hope that she makes her gift useful to you and our people while she is there. Just do not let her take on too much. She will taken on more than she can handle and make herself sick. She is not like other royality, She is kind sweet loving and above all adventureous. She will seek to try new things. Her own father though he tries cannot cage and tame her. Please watch over her as she is my dearest friend. I do not know if she will think to explain to you about griffins and their own special abilities. It will be impossible to lie even little white lies that are harmless while Twilight is among you. If you do not find yourself speaking the truth against your will you will find you cannot speak a lie at all your throat will work but no sound will come out. It is Twilight causing this. It is a griffins gift they cannot be fooled by magic or lied to. Nobody know how or why they have this ability only that it carries over to thwir feathers making them priceless. Though one can lie to s person wearing a griffin feather magical false hoods will not work against a person with one. Illusion magic can be seen through and magic to make one sound like somebody else will fail as well. Arrows fletched from their feathers fly true even if magic is used to alter the aim it will hit its intended target even though it might miss the mark. Please take care of both of them until my brother Dreek and Crown Prince Sebastian can come for her. Loyally yours Lady Cordeliane, Countess of Kedves. The other was much more offical looking. It was a scroll wrapped in a ribbon sealed with the Royal Nvengerian seal. It was obviously very important and urgent if it was coming through the portal and not by messenger bird. The missive from Luca was not just a request to keep an eye on Rosa, no it was much more offical than that. Justin Etherea, Lord Black Hourglass Dream, Ruler of the Arcantian people. We humbly appologize for any disturbance our youngest daughter has brought to your camp. It pain us to admit it but We cannot keep Princess Rosabella in check. It has been brought to our attention that We give Princess Rosabella more responsibility in a manner which speak to her thurst for knowledge and excitement in the unknown. Which bring Us to the point of our missive to you Lord Black Hourglass Dream. As you have sent one of your people to be embassador to our people We would be honoured if you would accept Princess Rosabella as embassador to your people from our Kingdom. We believe that Princess Rosabella will bring honour and represent us well among your people. We are giving her the authority to speak and make decision for Us and our people should you have need of Us for any reason. We will be sending our Heir his royal highness Prince Sebastian and his closest companion Lord Dreek Scorcha Marquess of Alberich to access Princess Rosabella's capabilities as embassador. Expect them with in a few days of this missive. Luca Larkin the 4th King of Nvengaria. Rosa was completely unaware of the immage she made standing there. It did not occure to her that the white clothing would become trasparent when wet as it was not something she had experienced before. In her personal pond she was nude and other than Cordeliane or her sister the only one to use it. The sound of his laughter startled her. Until this point she had not heard him laugh and wondered if it was something he did often. It was such a pleasant sound one that should ring out more often. Rosa was almost always smiling or laughing about something. She took joy in the people and world around her. Very little evil had touched her life. "It is hard to find your place in life when everybody is trying to fit you into a mould you are not made to fill." She stood somberly watching Twilight catch his food as the sun danced over her. "I am much more than just a princess in a castle, other than Cordeliane you are the only other to see it too. " Turning to look at him fully she caught the sparkle in his eyes as he murmured that she was lovelier than the area they were in. A blush crept upon her cheeks as she moved closer to him. Her own eyes sparkling with pleasure at the compliment. "Do you mean it Kaesivi? Do you really find me lovely?" There was a hint of longing in her voice as she asked. As if she did not believe one could find her Rosa Larken lovely and not just see her as Princess Rosabella. She was used to empty flattery and did not believe herself to be beautiful.
  10. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa was fighting to contain her own blush as he unlaced her. She had never done anything this improper before. She skirted the line of imporprity before but never crossed it until this moment. She was giddy and excited in a way she couldn't begin to describe. This was a completely new experience and adventure for her. Her dress pooled at her feet she stepped out of it sanding in nothing but a white chemise with satin ribbon lacing the front closed and a pair of simple white linen pantelettes. There was a soft blush over her face and neck as she watched him strip off his clothing. She nearly swallowed her tongue at what she saw as percection. She turned her eyes away before he could catch glimps of the hunger in them. All these feelings were new and confusing to her. Here she was oggling Night thinking about what it would be like to touch him. To have the right to run her hands over his chest and back and feel his muscles move benieth her hands. She wanted to be wrapped in his arms again and to feel his kisses. She had thought she had felt something for Dreek but it was nothing to the feels she had for Night. Swallowing she dashed off into the water slpashing as she put herself under too cool down. The cool chrips water felt good against her heated flesh as she redied her self to face him again. She turned her chemise sticking to her figure and now nearly see through from the water. "I swim. Not well but I am getting better" She shrugged and then splashed him."I know... My parents want me to be like Alanna but I want more than what they want for me" She waded over to stand next to him smiling softly. "It is lovely here Kaesivi I am glad you brought me" Twilight bored and hungry again went a little further down stream from them to catch some fish for lunch. He was ignoring them and what he figured was their mating dance. Humans at times confused the fuck out of him. Not to far away but far enough that hteir splashing and swimming did not fighten off the fish he laid on the bank and waited. With it being a river he could not hunt as he did back home soaring a diving to catch his prey. The fish were too small to catch in his talons. So he waited and watched ocassionally snapping his beak and catching a fish as it passed by him.
  11. Spirits/Intangible/Immortal characters in rp?

    I myself have an immortal powerful character. Lady Mina Lexiss is a goddess.. there for immortal and 'all powerful' but she does have her hidden weaknesses. She also has flaws and problems herself. its all about using your character. I have as of right now restricted her to her area of power where her pantheon rules and by her pantheons rules and basic celestial being manners a god or goddess cannot interfere in the area of another pantheon without being summoned or permission given by said divine beings. It makes playing her fun.
  12. Detailing the Details - How Much is Too Much?

    I do a lot of reading... not so much writing now adays just mostly with Raze. Raze and I when we write together are into what I call the important details. One of my characters rides a griffin. Now there are different types of Griffins different looks to griffins so I have to be more specific in how I describe him. Twilight my griffin is described as a griffin with the head and fore legs of an eagel and the body of a lion. His feathers gold orange and red like the sky as sunset. With claws as long and sharp as a well taken care of long sword. Some details are necessary. I could say his claws are a long and sharp as a sword. But then their are the minor details like is it a long sword or a short sword. And not all swords are shape as with use the blade dulls. Sometimes I will use more flowery descriptive words like his feathers are the color of a flaming sky at sunset gold reds and oranges.... or something along that line. I look at the decriptive wording as a way to give as much detail without being overwhelming. I give the bases for the mind to paint their own picture. I am writing not painting... If I have a certian look in mind I would use an image to give the detail. It is the same for me when i write solo or in tandem. Those are also the books I enjoy. Ones who lay the foundation for my imagination to paint its own picture. Its probably why I do not always enjoy movies made from books i love. Because the movie is not as vivid as the picture i have painted myself in my head I try to avoid what is known in the writing world as purple prose... to much flowery detail yhat distracts from the story. But you want to keep away from the Beige Prose of being to borin as well. If what you write doesn't invoke your imagination to start filling in the little details it does not have enough descriptive words. And vice versa if it has to much detail you mind focuses on the thing being described and the whole picture is lost.
  13. Hummingbird's Art Kiosk

    Raze does wonderful work 2 yrs ago i had a painting done as a gift. It was beautiful and well loved by the person I gave it to
  14. Ask an admin?

    Stardreamer. Your healer is fine how she is. My character Cordeliane is a healer too. She heals by reversing time and space on a person or object. So your water healer is fine. We are a free form forum. Its only specific items yhat must be earned by quests or found in stories. Many of us have magical items for our characters that are ours alone. Your characters crystal and other items are fine.
  15. When Night met Rosa

    Rosa smiled as he gripped her hand to dismount. It felt right to clasp hands and she reluctantly let it go when he was girmly on the ground. She love the spot. It would be yhe perfect place to camp or even build a simple cottage and live off the land. "It is beautiful here Kaesivi. I can see why you love it." She gave a soft twirl, spinning with her arms wide. Her dress swishedcaround her legs as she stopped and looked at him a blush staining her cheeks as he asked if princesses were allowed to swim."Techincally no... Its too hard to guard a river or lake for swimming. My father built an indoor pond for me to swim in but it is not the same" Her eyes lit up as he told her yes she could go swimming but that she would have trouble in her dress. Tossing herself at him in a hug she looked up into his face and winked" Than I guess you will just have to help me out of it so it doesnt get wet" She turned holding up her hair her back to him. She was practically vibrating with excitement at the thought of swimming. "Will you join me in the water?"