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  1. Missing.

    Dreek shook his head." Not even I know why they are at odds. Cordeliane has not confided in any of us as to the reason for the estrangement between them. Her husband might know but from what my brothers tell me I would have better luck using a water mage to find diamonds in a mine then getting him to open up" Dreek had yet to be to Kedves since Cordeliane had returned wedded to the mainlander. His brother did not say much only that this Shawn was good match for Cordeliane despite the age difference. He still could not believe Corde married a man of age with him. "I have not met Shawn yet, my brothers tell me it is a good match. He does not treat her as property. That he gets offended if she is submissive to him. I think he will be a good ally in the change we plan to make to the kingdom when you are king." His horse tended to he settled against a tree for the night not bothering with a bed roll or blanket. Despite the time of year it was still very warm on the island. Sebastian fmgave a soft laugh and shook his head as he settled beside Dreek." You know our sisters are going to start a trend? Soon all young noble women will be taking off to the grasslands for a husband. Rosa said that both Shawn and Kay the two men who came back with Corde are rediculasly good looking. She called them yummy." He shook his head. "Whatever is is between our sisters is serious. Rosa will not tell me and if you bring up Corde to her she fights back tears. Wish I could fix whatever has come between them. Between the fight and mom and dad talking about maybe finding her a husband its no wonder she took flight." Sebastian yawned and closed his eye " It will be a cold day in...." Sebastian drifted off to sleep exhausted as Dreek too slept under the shade of the tree. The night would pass the by without incident.
  2. Missing.

    The royal couple would sleep the night for the first time in three days. Exhausted from worry they finally with their theroy had peace. They would pass the night peacefully in each others arms. Luca woke and looked at his sleeping wife as he carefully eased himself from their bed. Even after all these years he still was in awe of his beautiful wife. With her hair spilled across their pillows he ached to join her back in bed but firsr he had a few letters to pen. Sitting at his desk in the bedroom he pulled out a few peice of parchment and began writing. His first letter was to Cordeliane explaining that Rosa was missing and they believed she had used the portal scroll to the Arcantian lands. The second note was to Lord Hourglass Dream and the last to hiss beloved Daughter. He sealed the letters with his royal seal and as quietly as he could summonned a mail to take them to the avery to send them to Cordeliane. With that done he left instrusions they were not to be disturbed until after mid day. He smiled as he crawled back into bed with his wife and wrapped her in his arms. They were not king and queen this morning just a man and his wife having a morning to themselves.
  3. Missing.

    Dreek sighed. Rosa had haunted they training yard desperate to learn fighting skills but had been turned away. Archery was the only skill the king had allowed them to teach her. He thought it best she not learn other warrior skills as she was too wild and reckless. "Yes. She should have been taught with Laine something I hope we can correct". Kings permission or not if he had the chance he would teach Rosa more of the knights skills. It was time the wild one learned how to best protect herself if she was going to be running off. "We had best camp for the night. We can make Kedves by mid afternoon. The horses need rest and so do we." Sebastian had come to the same conclusion as Dreek. Despite his fathers wishes he would train Rosa in the knightly arts. That way he would not worry about her if and when she pulled something like this again. He only hoped it was not too late. He blinked as Dreek suggested stopping for the night. He had not realized niggt had fallen. "Yes. Lets make camp. Hopefully Corde will have some insight on my wayward sister." They reined in their horses and dismounted. Luckily they were not wearing their armour. They had desided against it incase they had come upon other knights on patrol. Rosa's disappearance was not widely known and the fewer people who knew about it the better. It was not unusual to find Sebastian and Dreek together riding hunting or even just camping out. They spent as much time together as they could before their noble resposibilities would separate them. It would not do for the King to look as though he favoured one noble family over another. The kingdom knew the Larkens and Scorcha families were close always had been and seemed always would be. Sighing Sebastian unsaddled and rubbed down his mount. Like the Scorcha family he too rode one of Star's offspring. Cordeliane had gifted both families with his offspring. There were no better and more loyal mounts. Though they did not share the temperment of their father. "Do you think Corde will be willing to make peace with Rosa? Maybe it will make her come home."
  4. Missing.

    He knew his wife was right. He did not want Rosa so far away, but Aera was right. Envoy or embassador to the main lands was exactly the type of thing that would appeal to his youngest. With thoughts of who he could send to guard and protect Rosa he gasped. What if she was already on the main land? His thoughts had drifted to the treaty with the Arcantians, and now he could not shake the idea that Rosa was there among them, that she had used the costly portal scroll at Kedves to go to the grasslands and the Arcantians. "Gods Damn it. I know where she is. Why did I not think of it sooner. Blasted child has harried off to the Arcantian people. It just makes sense. She risked Cordeliane's wrath to use the portal scroll." He was also sure she would not have asked Cordeliane or her husband before using the scroll. He looked at his wife and pulled her close" Rosa is the reason my hair is greying. You are right, I have to give her space and her own task. I will write to Lord Hourglass Dream. She can be our representitive to their people." Aera groaned as her husband voiced his suspicions as to where Rosa had gone. It made complete sense now that they had calmed down and thought about it. All Rosa's procieved problems stemmed from Cordeliane going to the Arcantian grasslands. So of course she would go there for answers she would never find. "Yes We must make it official. But who can we spare to guard her and protect her from our people. I am reluctant to send any of the Scorcha boys to stay at her side and Bo and Dari are not much better than Rosa. Sebastian and Dreek are best at looking after her but neither can stay both are heirs." Pulling from him she skiled her first worry free smile since discovering their youngest missing "Come my love. Rosa will be safe in the grasslands for now. We can send our messages out in the morning. Lord Dream will allow no hard to vome to Rosa or her reputation. I doubt he wants another political match forced on his people"
  5. Missing.

    Dreek shook his head and watched his friend. He too was worried about Rosa. She constantly did her own thing reguardless of the rules. She was one day going to get herself into trouble she could not talk or charm her way out of. Even the griffin she had watching over her could not protect her forever. And he knew what kind of nasty work they were. Had he not found a baby giffin in the back of a poachers cart? Even now it was at his home in a special cage he had made for it so it did not savage him or those tending it while he attempted to find its parents. He had hoped to ask Rosa to ask her griffin to find the youngling parents and have them come pick up the little beast without killing him for touching the cursed thing. With her missing it was going to be difficult to to be savaged by the beast. Dreek was pulled from his thoughts by Sebastian's words. Dreek had learned long ago to listen to Sebastian and his feelings. So far he had never been wrong when he was ill at ease with a situation. "We will find her Seb, hopefully before anything happens to her. " "From your lips to the Gods ears. Rosa is much to wild and free spirited to realize the danger she put herself in" Sebastian was worried. He could not shake the feeling Rosa was not going to be coming home. It scared him. Despite their age difference he was closest her. She was most like him. He worried more about her because she was most like him, most likely to get into trouble. "Do you think we did a disservice to Rosa by sheltering her so much. She was not trained like Cordeliane because dad did not want to risk her getting hurt." He knew Corde had taught Rosa some of what they had taught her but she was no where near as skilled as Corde. It worried him since she coyld not protect herself as Corde could. Just what type of trouble was Rosa in?
  6. Problems with site

    uninstall updates on Chrome on your phone if it will not let you uninstall it altogether
  7. Problems with site

    What browser are you using? and have you tried clearing your cookies? I have experienced this in the past and found its usually something to do with cookies. restarting my computer and browser after cleaning my cookies and cashe usually works.
  8. When Night met Rosa

    As he settled behind her she leaned in to him a little. Nothing noticeable by those on the ground below them, just a slight shift against him. Wrapped in his arms a sense of rightness of belonging swept through her. It was something she had never felt before ever in her life. "Ok Twilight we are settled" she murmured to the Griffin as Night told her with slight hesitation in his voice he was ready. Night and Rosa would feel Twilights muscles shift and bunch as he readied to take off. His wings unfolded from his side brushing any tents that were withing 13 feet of him . Hunched down he pushed off wings flapping as he took to the air in a large lazy circle over the food tent and camp. Spirling higher into the sky as the tents below became nothing more then the size of a toy in their view. As Twilight took flight Rosa leaned more heavily into Night shifting so she was pressed against him her head resting on his shoulder. "You need to tell him which direction to go Kaesivi" She smiled at him one hand now reating on his chest instead on in Twilight's feathers. Rosa was content in his arms at peace. It was a new sensation for her one she was loath to ever give up. Never before had she felt like this so calm and at rest. The urg to go and do something anything wild and adventureous dangerous was gone. She felt rooted settled with him and a brought a sense of serinity to her. The feeling in her showed in her eyes and face making her appear all the more lovely. For there was nothing as lovely as a woman at peace and in the first blushes of a blossoming love. Not that Rosa would admit to herself that this was the first real love she was feeling. That what she thought she felt for Dreek Scorcha was nothing but a childish infatuation with her brothers best friend. "Isn't this wonderful Kaesivi?" She murmured to him as she shifted to rest more fully against him. One hand on his chest as her head rested in his shoulder. The other wrapped around his waist hand tangled in Twilight's feathers still.
  9. When Night met Rosa

    She did not realize the path the mens thoughts had taken as she explained about the feathers or she would have reassured him that she was careful not to leave his feathers anywhere. That she groomed him carefully. She would never allow one of his feathers which were worth their weight in platinum to get in the wrong hands. She had not yet spoken of it to Niggt but she was planning on gifting Dream with some of his feather for grudgingly allowing her to remain in the grass lands with Night. Rosa beamed at Dream as he called the children off of Twilight who was in his element with the children. She was practically glowing as she watched the children scramble off Twilight. She continued to absently rub Nights hand with her thumb having not yet released it. She was positively giddy at the thought of flying with him. She did not even think about what it would look like to his people. How they would be sitting indecently close with his arms around her. No her thoughts were solely on the joy of having somebody to share the experience with. "Oh Kaesivi I cannot wait to share this with you" her voice was no more than a whisper. Loud enough for only him to hear. Still holding his hand she stood and pretty much dragged him to Twilight's side. "Twilight we are going to fly. Night would like to show us the grass lands" She spoke to Twilight happiness in her voice and body language. "And maybe when we return"she spoke over the chanting children" If the children get parental permission Night and I can take the children up on your back. Would you like that Twilight?" With her free hand she patted Twilight's beak 3 times. It was her signal she would like to mount up. Once Twilight was in position she would release Night's hand and climb up onto Twilight settling herself sidesaddle between his shoulders. She then reached down a hand to Night "Need a hand up Night?" Twilight was enjoying the children. His loud rumbling purrs echoed over the grasslands and he played. Though even with all their rubbing and climbing and playing not one feather had come loose. It was rare for a griffin to lose feathers that they did not pluck themselves out of molting season. One did not pull a feather from a griffin if they wished to live. Twilight allowed Rosa to pull loose or damaged feathers but only she. Twilight cocked his head at Rosa as she dragged the human male with her. He gave a regal nod of his head as she explained what was going on. He did not want to stop playing with the children but it would be nice to stretch his wings some. As she patted his beak he lowered himself to the ground and shifted his leg back a little so she could use it to climb upon his back. He did not move as she settled and held her hand down to the man. He nodded at Night as if giving him permission to mount up behind Rosa.
  10. Tell me about your early works.

    The first story I can remember was Candy Land. It was about 4 sisters who got wisked away to a land made of candy where they had to save the land. I was in gr 4 so 9 yrs old nd it was supposed to be 1 page of fullscap paper it endexd up being 40 fullscap pages front and back long... my teacher accepted chapters from me inlue of short stories.
  11. When Night met Rosa

    Twilight as the humans takked was playing catch and release with the children. He would snatch one bathe them in kitty kisses before releasing them to find his next target. He was loving the attention and playfulness of the children. His loud rumbing pur filled the air as the stroked petted and were lavishing attention and praise on him. Rosa was curious now at his soft spoken words that to her carried an undertone of longing. What was his destiny that he wished for such a long life? Curious but not willing to pry she mentally shrugged it off as he asked her to speak of a griffins abilities. " As I said when I arrive you cannot lie in a griffins presence. Nobody knows how or why but it is physically impossible. Either the truth slips out unwillingly or you physically cannot speak it. Your vocal cords with work but no sound emerges. Its as if they have the ability to silence lies. Griffins nigate magical false hoods as well. They can see and hear through them and when they come within a certian range of an illusion spell it desolves. This carries over to their feathers too. Wearing a griffin feather protects you from magical falsehoods." She gave a small shrug"feather make the best arrows too as they fly true. You can divert them from their aimed for mark with magic but they will still hit their target. If I aimed for your heart and you used magic to change my arrows course it would still find away to hit you thought not in the heart" Rosa gave a smile as Dream teased Night about flying. Without thought she took one of Night's hands in hers and gave it a soft squeeze. "Kaesivi" she called him by his given name without realizing it."Twilight will not mind. He is not some rare creature to only be tamed and touched by a maiden" She gave him a wide smile as she rubbed her thumb over his hand"I would love to be able to share the joy of flying with you. " as an after thought she gave her attention to Dream" You as well lord Dream, if you desire it Twilight would fly with you. I of course cannot go with you as I cannot be more than 10 feet to 15 feet away from Night or mt gift will no longer effect him."
  12. When Night met Rosa

    Her eyes widened as Dream started to say something then stopped and seemed irritated. Wisely Rosa said nothing of it even though shw was curious. It seemed Twilights abilities were hard at work among these people. Even socially acceptable white lies were not happening while Twilight was around. She frwoned softly trying to remember if she had told Dream as well ss Night about Twilight and his abilities. The excitement and stress of the day before had pushed it from her mind. Looking over at Twilight she murmured softly so only Dream and Night could hear "Did I speak to you of Twilight and the abilities of Griffins Lord Dream?" As the children shrieked and laughted as they ran Twilight made his move. Quick like the cat he is he caught the little girl in his beak. With a loud rumbling purr dragged her back to him. Closing her in his claws like a cat holding a mouse he then licked her before releasing her to look for the next child to lavish some kisses upon. Rosa watching Twilight antics laughed softly "Twilight adore children and playing. I am not sure how old he is but he seems still a kitten to me. He does not seem as mature or regal as some of the other griffins I have seen from afar. It is a pitty he will out live all of us by centuries" She looked at Dream and frowned as he spoke of a horse. She spoke before she even asking Night if he wanted to fly. "Why would we need a horse when we can soar over the rolling plains. Wind in our hair, the ground racing below us. There is nothing like flying." Her voice had this dreamy far off note to it as she looked at them both without really seeing them. There was nothing since Twilight came into her life she liked more than soaring through the air on his back. It was something special something she longed to share with somebody else anybody else but had been unable to do so until hopefully now.
  13. Missing.

    He knew his wife was right but part of him rebelled at the idea of giving Rosa, his baby, some important task. The other psrt of him did not see her as responsible enough to shoulder any type of responsibility. "She is not ready Aera. Look how she disobeyed me when I forbade her to be in attendance upon the arrival of Cordeliane and her husband Shawn. She ignores her duties as a princess of the realm as well. The only thing she does is tend her mount and that blasted Griffin" With a sigh he pulled away from his wife and raked his hands through his hair." She shirks her studies and lessions on running a house hold and being a lady, how can I trust if she does not like whatever important task I give her, she will not shirk that duty as well? If I could trust she would not go harrying off on whatever adventure takes her fancy I would give her more responsibilty." Shaking her head she patted his arm. "She is not Alanna, our Rosabella is not meant to be some nobles wife. She would never bow down to a mans rule. Look how she chafes at our rules. No We must give her a important task, one that calls to her sense of adventure and her thurst for knowledge." Wrapping her arms around him she sighed deeply. "It pains me to suggest it, but with her need for adventure and her thurst for knowledge she would make a good envoy or embassador. Our borders are now open to the main land by sea. Rosa could travel be our representitive on the main land. She would have the adventure she craves as well as a responsibility to act the Princess she is and do her people proud."
  14. It's not all Roses

    The sawing and hammering continued as they were waved in. The people were working hard to build the frame work for the interior walls. So the sound of a tree being sawed was not noticed. Nobody noticed the extra man working where he should not be doing something he should not. Cordeliane smiled at Shawn and shook her head. "We tried that. It is ok against a weak fire but not a strong one. Fire destroys all traces of magic power. It burns it as if it never existed only fire mages seem to handle fire well." Giving his hand a squeeze she looked around. " we keep the store room as far from the fire and heat as we can without making it difficult to do the baking. See there " she pointed to what looked like a door way leading to the outside "That is where the flour will be stored it has its own entrence so it does not come to close to the ovens which will be at the other side of the kitchen area" She pointed to the opposite wall. "They are expanding a little as well. They will have a larger dining area so people can sit in and enjoy the baked goods with a warm beverage." She turned facing the way they had come in. She could picture the place filled with people and the smell of fresh baked goods. Fin looked at both the younger men as Kay lost it. It was clearly too much for the young Arcantian man to take. Looking at Orion he shrugged not sure what to do or say. He did not feel human emotions he did not feel guilt or any of those other annoying emotions. Faeries were pretty much immortal teenagers. Life was all fun and games to them. They loved yes but guilt remorse regret were forgien to them. This out burst was not something he was equipped to handle. So Fin did nothing just let him get it all out. As Kay rode off Fin stopped Orion "No let him go. Mina will come to him. Neither of us can help or understand like she can. Mina is the best to help him deal with what his going on with him and in his head." Fin shook his head "No harm will come to him here" Orion glared at Finvarra and ached for Kay. He did not know what was going on anymore than Kay did. He paled at yhe word Spidrens. When had Kay seen Spidrens? What wasn't he being told."Spidrens? When.. where?" He blurted out gettjng over his shock just as Kay took off. Getting Ready to ride after him he grimaced as Gin stopped him from giving chase " He does not know the forest. This forest is not safe." He was not reassured by Fin telling him no harm would come to him here. Somethjng had happened and he was jn the dark about it. Something important. Mina could feel his emotions and sighed softly to herself begore appearing a head of Kay. She would have to talk with the mortal. She was not how he had seen her before. She was no longer armed to the teeth infact not one blade could be seen on her person. She stood bare footed on the path before him. Her odd hair down falling to below her knees. She was dressed in a strapless dress that fell just above her knees. Her multicoloured eyes were soft and filled with understanding. "Sojourning Shroud, Kay Elias Halt." Her voice was soft but commanding as she stood there. There was power in her. She would not use magic if she did not need to "You and I will talk. I have been where you are"
  15. Questions about lore (and other stuff)

    No its not. Copy right is taking Archer and playing him exactly how he is on the show. You have borrowed a concept and tweaked it to fit your needs. Many people have done simular things. What you are doing is more of a Fanfiction type thing. You are ok. I have done the samething with powers and such for my characters too.