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  1. I apologize I haven't responded to any roleplay's yet! ;; I'm currently in the hospital and I'm not sure when I'm gonna be able to get out but once I do I'll get around to everyone, promise! Sorry again!

  2. Sorry for my delays in current roleplays! I've had something come up in my personal life that has been dragging me down mentally and physically. But I'll get to them very soon, I promise! Sorry again.

  3. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for not using technology to display your emotions.
  4. Hello! I'd like to start up a few more roleplays I think and I'll need some help! I don't have any real thought out plots just kinda simple ideas that could be worked off of. I have a bit more interest in and do a bit better with fantasy but I am trying to broaden my genres. I also have a thing for romance (sorryyyy). I have multiple characters that I'd like to use so honestly, you can pick and choose if any of them interest you. Thank you for putting up with me! ~ Aerona El-Amin: She's half human-half jinn! 24 years old, chaotic neutral and honestly, what a babe. She's a bit of a gambler and a pickpocket/thief but because she is a half-jinn she has gained a few abilities when it comes to altering reality. Although it is minuscule, it helps her hide the fact that she cheats at games and while stealing majority of the time. She's very flirtatious and lascivious so expect it to be a bit more mature. [Her background and abilities are already known to me, I just haven't included it into her bio yet.Whoops.] Aero is wanted for a bounty in Terrenus if anyone wants to jump on that. If your character also dabbles in gambling or thieving, the two will get along great. Maybe there is a priceless artifact the two can team up to steal or some such. Penelope: A bitchy shark mermaid! Woo! She's kinda rude and snappy, temperamental and unapproachable. However, that is just a persona she puts on. Get close enough and she's a total sweetheart that genuinely cares deeply and does her absolute best to protect what or whoever she grows attached to. She sucks at dating and being friends with.. well, anyone because how many times she's had her heart broken. A lot of others tend not to get close to her just because of the stigma of Selachiad's (shark-mermaids) have of being violent for no reason and just being bad eggs. Penny travels a lot and never stays in one spot, though she can be very curious which gets her into tough spots. Because of the stigma of Selachiad's she could get blamed for something while simply passing through where your character may try to help. Or she helps your character from danger or vice versa. C0L3 : Basically a 19-year-old human Wikipedia. Cole was taken from a shitty home when real young and was experimented on along with other children. He was the only successful human to come from the program and was made to be more artificial. He escaped of course with all the knowledge that was given to him from the experiments but with all the chips, wires and circuits implanted into his anatomy, it developed a virus after escaping that gives him glitches and twitches. Cole is funny and sweet, kind of a prankster and light-hearted despite his past. C0L3 'Cole' is basically on the run all the time in fear of being caught and taken back to be experimented and tortured again. I don't have much of a plot idea for this one besides the cliche 'bump into one another' kinda thing.. yikes. I have more characters on my character list of any of those interest you a bit more, these 3 are just ones that don't get as much love and I'd like to use them a bit more.
  5. A Wandering Star

    Ella took in a shaky breath as her hands trembled, holding her mask in her small hands. Jophiel comforted her and reassured everything would be fine, but a nervous feeling continued to lurk in her chest. Her lovely eyes fluttered closed as she put on her disguise, the nymph's chest beginning to rise and fall rapidly as she grew anxious. Heart racing against her chest, the small nymph had begun to change and transform into a monster of the night. Her beautiful skin of moonlight had changed to become a disgustingly rough and rigid, turning dark sheds of grey and black to match what she had painted her mask. The mask had molded around her face and became more lifelike; the flesh-ripping teeth shimmering under the light in the treehouse, saliva stringing from each tooth, the red paint smeared around its mouth now slid from its maw and dripped from its chin. A soft whimper was heard, from Ella as she could feel herself changing, feel everything shifting. However, that whimper turned into a low and guttural growl which caused almost all of the fairies to fly off and hide. The nymph was truly becoming nightmare fuel. The growl rumbled from her throat and echoed around in the air before the creature began to hunch over and grow taller, ear-splitting cracks of bones and muscles to contort Ella into the tall monster. It didn't hurt her at all, she just felt a tightness and a pressure around her as the monster towered over Jophiel, no matter if he was a wolf or in human form still. Ella's black dress of midnight began to tear and fall to shreds around the transforming anatomy. It had a flat and bony chest, ribs protruding from the rough skin, a hunched and sharp spine. The nymph let out a breathy sigh of exhaustion, which was a lot deeper and raspier than her normal tone. Everything seemed to stop for a moment. The fairies hid from sight, too terrified to look at the monster Ellanorce had formed into. Ella stood where she had before, though instead of a small and dainty girl with a lovely smile and angelic features, stood a monster. She now had a flat nose and a large mouth with protruding teeth, her body now distorted into a tall and ugly being, long and slender arms with long and razor sharp claws. The creature opened its eyes and instead of Ella's normal gems of blue and silver, there instead was pure white. With no trace of pupil or iris, the monster looked haunting. Rather, Ella looked haunting. "D-Don't you know.." The creature spoke, it's voice sounding like it needed to cough something up. It was between a rasp and a growl, slow and deep sounding. "It's rude t-to look upon a lady if she's having a wardrobe malfunction."
  6. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    So.. is this gonna be a thing still? QvQ;;
  7. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for being against excitement!
  8. Arts & Crafts

    I RP with a friend on Skype and he's off at boot camp, so for Valentine's day, I'm sending him a cute picture of Ella and his character!
  9. just a psa..

    padmaavat was such a good movie

  10. A Wandering Star

    Ella blinked rapidly, her eyes a bit wide as she watched the boy transform right before her eyes. Her mouth fell open a bit as he sat in front of her, white tail swishing from side to side. Her eyes seemed to light up, silver dancing around her blue eyes as she reached forward to run her hand over the top of Jophiel's fluffy head, her fingers lacing through the soft fur. She cooed, taking in the softness of the fur, much like the fairies, and she glittered a bit, continuing to pet the boy's new form. Though she stopped, her brows furrowing together as her gaze shifted up to look at her own mask. "Oh my stars.." Ella said softly, her body freezing up as her eyes trailed back to Jophiel's purple ones. "What have I done?" Ella stood from petting the white wolf and walked over to her mask, blood smeared around its mouth, its rigid skin texture and sharp teeth causing a face of regret to cross the nymph's features. Turning to Jophiel again, her lips were pursed together tightly, though it was apparent that she was holding back a smile, her eyes glinting with mischievousness. She held her mask in her hands, though her hands were a bit shaky, she broke out into laughter. Her laugh was simply adorable, magical to the ears and filled with warmth. Ella ran her slender fingers over her mask, her eyes crinkling with mirth. "I'm going to turn into a monster!" Ella laughed again, flipping the mask in her hands as if she would put it on. Though she simply stared at the inside of the mask, her smile fading a bit as nervousness began to take over her amusement. She took in a shaky breath and looked up to Jophiel again, looking a little concerned. "I'm.. gonna turn into a monster?"
  11. The Slave's Revenge

    It was a dark game Lex had begun playing with the slaver, causing the nymph to shiver and keep her gaze away. The two spoke and while Ella was unable to stop herself from listening, she had indeed noticed a pause within Lex after the man in the seat had proposed a trade of information. Ella looked up at the flameborns back, eyes wide, scared that he would take the offer and trade over the nymph for Kalakan's location. However, upon hearing Lex's response she let out a trembling breath, her eyes beginning to water. However, the slaver screamed out into the air, a line of profanities escaping from his mouth, causing Ella to wince and cover her ears. She didn't like the violence, she didn't want to see anyone hurt, she didn't like it, she didn't want any more blood. Feeling the vibrations of the man falling to the side in his seat when dodging Lex's blade, Ella uncovered her ears in shock, a sharp gasp coming from her as she looked down to the slaver. The redheaded man cuffed him to his seat after sitting him up and drug his blade across the other's cheek, blood running from the slice and dripping from his chin. Ella's chest began to rise and fall heavily as if she couldn't breathe, turning her back to the two in cahoots. The small girl wiped the tears from her eyes, a bit of fear coming over her body as she realized how easily Lex could harm someone with a wink and a grin on his face. Not only that, but he wanted the hooded figure to beg for the girl's forgiveness, which left a sick feeling in her stomach. The innkeeper came back over with two plates, the smell of delicious fish gracing the nymph's nose, but she didn't feel as hungry as before. Lex took a piece of his bread as Ella only stared down at the plate in front of herself, not having the urge to eat, though that didn't matter as Lex told her to wait until the man in the hooded cloak apologized. The beautiful nymph turned from her untouched meal to look upon the man chained to the chair, her eyes glossed over and watery still, her soft lips pulled into a slight frown. Her incredibly long and white snowy hair ran over her shoulders and down her back, bright gems of blue and silver holding a bit of sadness. While Ella was short and fragile looking, the way she drew herself up to the slaver made her seem a bit more powerful and resolute, her chin held up a bit, shoulders back, and an expression upon her face that Lex had not seen before. It was a face that demanded respect, her eyes held upon the hooded figure that stared up at the nymph. If Ella wasn't in a simple dress the girl would've looked like royalty, however, the albino looked like a goddess ready to bring upon her judgment to a mere mortal. The man in the seat had rage and humiliation apparent in his shadowed features, his teeth clenched together. There was a moment of silence throughout the dining hall, the patrons that sat in the room all looking away from the scene, though listening intently for the nymph's verdict. Ice in glasses had settled, the elderly man in the corner had silenced his instrument, the scraping of silverware on plates had silenced. It had seemed that the whole room had hushed to listen to how everything would play out. Ella took in a shaky breath as the hooded man opened his mouth to apologize, to beg like Lex had wanted him to do, but before a word had slipped through his lips, Ella interrupted him.. "I forgive you." The hooded figure froze, his jaw instead falling, surprise overtaking the fury within his expression. The man looked from Lex to the girl repeatedly, seeming just as confused as the others that had waited to hear his apology. The nymph tucked a piece of her long hair behind her ear and looked up to the redheaded man, her expression a bit determined yet melancholy, silver dancing around in the blue of her eyes. "I forgive him." Ella spoke up again, her voice filled with warmth and gentleness. "No one else needs to die here today." And with that, the small nymph looked to the slaver once more with a slight nod before turning, her black dress ruffling with her spin around her knees. She took a seat at one of the empty wooden tables after picking up her plate of fish, sitting on her ankles comfortably, keeping her back to the slaver and Lex himself, the others in the dining hall all looking over at the beautiful nymph in awe along with staring at one another in confusion. Thinking back on it, it may have been the first time Lex would've seen the nymph be serious. She hadn't trembled from fear or bounced with excitement, it was in the moment of her forgiveness that the true maturity of her being thousands of years old shone through and was made apparent to everyone in the hall.
  12. Arts & Crafts

    @Pasion Pasiva haha I'd love to! I'm having a lot of fun making these, youd just have to help me with what the key elements of your character is. UvU
  13. Arts & Crafts

    Edited bc I was rude
  14. Arts & Crafts

    Aaaaaand a moodboard for Aerona. However, I don't know if I like this one as much.. I might redo it.
  15. A Wandering Star

    He had fallen over a pencil but somehow managed not to drop the pie all over, which the nymph found fairly impressive. But he bounced right back up, looking a little flustered, stating that he was fine. She blinked rapidly at his recovery and watched as he got her a piece of pie before she shuffled over to the pencil and picking it up.. just in case he was to trip again. Ella tucked a piece of her hair away from her face and sat at the table, taking a bite and savoring the fruity taste. She rubbed at her sleepy eyes again when looking up to the boy. "Really good." She answered after swallowing her bite of pie. "I had a dream.. a really happy dream. But I can't remember what it was about." Ella trailed off, looking off to the side for a moment before turning to take another bite. Though she quickly perked up, eyes widening a bit as she turned back to Jophiel. "Oh! Did you finish what you were doing outside?" Ella questioned, looking a bit curious as to what he could've been up to while she napped.