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  1. Another large wave was shoved into the side of the wooden ship, causing the salty water up onto the deck, knocking over equipment and a few unsuspecting sailors. The young woman heard a voice yell out into the stormy air that instantly sent another bout of rage through her. Whipping around, her clothes sticking to her skin due to the rain, her fiery hair plastered to her scalp, the captain's eyes shone with fury as her vision landed directly onto the merchant that had followed her up. Her face slowly became red as she marched over to him, hands clenched into fists, trying to suppress any sort of wishes of physical violence she harbored at the moment. The rain pelted down painfully on her crew as everyone yelled at each other to get things tied down, the wind howling and lightning crackling against the blackening clouds. "Do NOT talk to my crew like you have any sort of authority, do ya understand?" Piper yelled, getting up close and personal with the beaten merchant, shoving him back. "I let you live, I give you a simple order to not leave your room, and ya can't even do that? Are ya that slow?" The captain approached him again, ramming her palms into his chest again harshly, her brows furrowing, tears whelming up in her emerald eyes. "I let ya live after takin' away my sailing master and ya can't even listen to the simplest thing I tell ya to do?" The redhead pushed him back towards the edge of the deck, the wooden rail just behind the merchant. "You made me fall in love with you so easily, I let ya aboard my ship and ya ruin everything, I give you mercy and ya still think yer allowed to have any sort of say in what anyone on this ship does? I don't think so!" With a final blow and scream, undistinguishable tears sliding down her freckled, red cheeks, Piper slammed her hands into the merchant's chest one final time, causing him to hit the rail. With a slip or another push, the man would be sent toppling overboard. Piper had so much more to be focused on, she had her ship, her family, the storm, everything else to be worried about but her focus was solely on the man against the rail, her heart fighting over the disputation if she wanted him alive or if she wanted to send this fool into the stormy waves below. Her eyes were a bit bloodshot, her mouth twisting into a quivering frown, her features softening as her rage subsided and instead her expression wore the emotion of heartbreak. There was so much yelling and commotion around the two, the rain sliding down her face and dripping from her hair and clothes. Piper stared directly to the merchant, studying his face and movements, her arms raising halfway and then falling back to her sides in a confused defeat. "Why?" She asked Acreos, her voice shaking. "Why did ya have to kill him? Why couldn't ya have just let things be so I wouldn't be put in this God awful situation? So things would be fine, so I wouldn't feel like I have to kill or get rid of you? Ya could've stayed here with us and my heart wouldn't feel like it's been completely shattered!" The redhead pressed a palm to her forehead, a heavy feeling in her chest as another crash of lightning lit up the sky and Piper's distraught face, her emerald eyes hauntingly bright in the white flash. A roar of thunder exploded in the sky, shaking the entire deck of the Sadness. An incoming yell was spewed into the air by multiple sailors, "WAVE!!" The same instant the warning was called out through the violent rain, Piper reached forward, grabbing ahold of Acreos' wrist and yanking him away from the rail as another giant wave slammed into the side of the ship, the vessel groaning in response. The redheaded captain fell forward with the collision, collapsing to the wooden floorboards, her back slamming against the side rails with a hard gasp. Piper scrambled back up to her feet and began her rush up to the wheel of the ship, making brief eye contact with Acreos before walking away from him. The captain took her spot behind the wooden wheel, dismissing her shipmate sharply, her hard and determined expression placed upon her features once more. She turned the wheel to drive the ship into the waves so the vessel didn't roll with another hit to the side.
  2. Iridia blinked out of surprise about how the fae seemed to shrink as she grew a bit flustered, but thought it might be rude to say anything about it, so instead, the sprite took advantage of the fact that Rashvana was so close to make sure her cloak was pulled on securely before scooping the winter girl into her arms gently, mindful of her injuries. The sprite touched her forehead to Rashvana's sweetly as her heart swelled with affection. Grinning like an idiot, the smaller girl walked with ease to the edge of the bell tower's ledge, making sure she still had the bandages and medical elixirs she had on her person before leaping off the tall building. For a moment there was a brief moment of silence as the two fell as one, Iridia's hold on the winter fae firm and pulling her close to her body as the wind blew both of their hair up out of their faces wildly. The tanned girl then began to flutter her iridescent wings and their fall slowed and curved until they began to move in a horizontal direction instead. "We're not too far from your shop and village. Depending on how many stops we make we should be back before nightfall." Iridia told the woman in her arms, carrying her with ease. Up ahead, in a tall tree with small white flowers, there was a familiar shimmer and shine that caught Iridia's attention, causing her to immediately dart away in a different direction. The sprite weaved in and out between buildings and trees, not wanting to be seen by members of the royal guard, not wanting to take the chance of being recognized. She flew towards the thick woods at the edge of the human town, knowing the exact layout of their location and knowing how to get home.
  3. B A S I C Name: Aspen Salvator Nickname: N/A Alignment: Neutral Evil Gender: Female Species: Demon Sexuality: Lesbian Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 749 P H Y S I C A L Eyes: Light Gold Hair: Long, Wavy, Silver Complexion: Dark, Warm undertones. Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches Build: Tall, Thin, Lean Misc: Aspen has medium-sized horns on each side of her head that curve backward and up towards the points. Her scleras are black which heavily contrast against her golden eyes but blend into the dark, black makeup she usually has around her eyes. Usually wears dark red lipstick, but lips are naturally tinted black. Aspen has a rather large tattoo of demonic lettering and runes that runs along her spine. Attire: Usually found wearing a dark red blouse with multiple layers of necklaces under a black cloak, hood pulled over her head to hide her horns. She wears black, fingerless gloves almost always unless finishing deals. Aspen has a favorite pair of black, leather boots she wears that have a bit of a heel. M E N T A L Aspen is a naturally confident person in how she carries herself, talks she talks to others and even doing mundane tasks. She is also fairly proper when speaking and interacting with almost anyone, as she often has a business approach when meeting new people. Aspen is quite smart and tends to contemplate everything around her and often uses this when proposing deals to new clients. The demon enjoys music, thunderstorms, spicy foods, and small animals, but she can't stand snobbish people, people who try to turn her deals back on her and money. D E A L S Aspen travels far and wide making deals with unfortunate victims who trade their hearts for an endless amount of gold and riches while they live, unknowing that they will spend their eternal afterlives in torment due t A B I L I T I E S M I S C
  4. "I'll be just fine, I promise." Iridia said warmly, her voice calming and gentle, understanding and feeling the anxiety that was coming from the fae. The little sprite cracked a cheesy smile and winked at the taller girl, a warm feeling coming up to her chest. "I think you underestimate how many heavy pocketwatches I've hulled around in my time." The white-haired girl stepped a bit closer to the taller fae, reaching a hand out to take one of hers in her own, squeezing gently. Iridia looked up to Rashvana, relishing the feeling of their hands touching sweetly, her blush deepening on her cheeks. Iridia gave her a look of adoration, smiling reassuringly as her teasing subsided. The little thief ran her thumb over Rashvana's knuckles before lifting her hand to place a tender kiss upon the winter girls chilled hand. "Rashvana.." Iridia murmured, looking back up, her voice practically made with honey at the moment. "I got you into this mess, I caused a huge ruckus in your life, so I swear to you completely.. I'm going to get you home safely and you have no reason to worry or be anxious. I promise you." Iridia's mismatched eyes studied the taller girls, going back and forth to take in the color of her lovely orbs, her blush still lingering upon her cheeks and the tips of her pointed ears. The sprite really did want to get the mechanic home safely, she wanted to visit her at the shop and tend to her wounds, help and make tea and bring her dinner, slip into bed with her, hold each other close and press each other with kisses. However, Iridia said none of this and only allowed those thoughts of want to beat within her heart and flood her mind. However, a moment of doubt dimmed the sprite's thoughts as the sharp words Vox had spoken prior rung through her mind, never trust a thief.
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  7. "I'm going to have to carry you, we'll just have to take frequent breaks if I feel like I need to rest." Iridia answered, pushing her white locks away from her face, cheeks still flushed, her mind flustered at the thought of kissing Rashvana. The sprite stood a bit awkwardly, fidgeting with the loose fabric of her bottoms, lingering for a moment too long before turning to head back into the bell tower to gather what items they had acquired. Iridia picked up what clean bandages were left, wrapping them up and sliding them between her hip and the band of her pants, tucking the medical elixir into her pocket and picking up the cloak that she had stolen for the fae from the floor. Her wings fluttered lightly as she continued speaking, her voice echoing a bit so the taller fae could hear her. "We just need to get going soon, it's dark so it'll be easier to hide from the guards." Iridia made her way back to the winter girl, fluttering just in front of her, wrapping the cloak around her shoulders gently before touching back down to the ground. The small girl smiled up to Rashvana, her white hair shifting softly in the chilled wind, the moon reflecting beautifully in her mismatched eyes. She held out her arms to the taller girl, ready to pick her up to carry her bridal-style. "C'mere, snow angel, we gotta get goin'."
  8. The taller fae pulled Iridia into her lap, squeezing her tightly to shield her from the chilled breeze that rolled through the air. A dark blush flared up onto the thief's cheeks, her eyes widening and her lips pursing together shyly. The small sprite froze for a moment, her body tensing up until a gentle kiss was placed to the back of her head, causing her shoulders to relax, her body leaning back against Rashvana. However, her face still sported a hot, bright red. Iridia looked up to the moon, the clouds illuminated in the dark sky, few stars peering out. "No, it was just a bad dream." The white-haired girl spoke up, stretching her legs out as her back leaned against the chest of the winter fae. "Just got to me a little too much, is all." With another sigh, Iridia shifted to face Rashvana a bit more, her mismatched eyes twinkling under the lunar glow in the sky, her face still flushed and burning. Iridia's pink lips were pulled into a shy smile, her features softening as she focused on the winter girl before her. "Thank you, though." With that, Iridia reached up to gently tuck a piece of light blue hair behind Rashvana's pointed ear, exposing her face more, the thief's fingers brushing against the side of Rashvana's soft face, sweetly. The sprite studied the taller girls expression, her sparkling blue eyes, staring at her lips for a moment too long, wanting desperately to kiss them. The tanned fae found herself leaning forward in the slightest, her green and blue eyes flicking up to meet the mechanics before she pulled herself back. Pursing her lips together out of embarrassment, Iridia turned away, clearing her throat and sliding herself out of Rashvana's lap. "We - uh - we... should start heading out soon." The small girl said, pushing herself up to stand once more, pressing a hand to her chest to calm her heart, which felt like it was about to beat right out of her chest.
  9. The thief breathed heavily and shakily, clinging to the fae as her arm wrapped around Iridia, her white hair stroked softly. Her body was visibly trembling. Iridia was hardly ever terrified, never truly hurt or worried about things, that was until Rashvana showed up in the situation. All she could think about and fret over was the mechanic; her wound, how she felt, her safety, how she thought about the thief. Trying to settle her ragged breaths, the smaller girl slumped against the blue-haired fae, wiping at her mismatched eyes, not daring to let a tear fall. "S-Sorry.." Iridia murmured, forehead still pressed against the other woman, her breath tickling her cool skin. "It was.. a really dumb nightmare. I'm.. not sure why it got to me so much?" Iridia stayed put under the moonlight with Rashvana for a few moments, soaking up her company, knowing exactly why the dream had affected her the way it did. Hearing the mechanics voice, the words spoken with icy hate kept pulling at the sprite's heart, making her uneasy and upset. The smaller girl apologized for rushing over to Rashvana and clinging onto her like a leech, still leaning against her gently, enjoying her hair being stroked softly.
  10. No real dreams came to Iridia as she snored and drooled, her eyebrows furrowing in the slightest as instead, she heard voices surrounding and echoing around her drowsy mind. The voices started off quiet, indistinguishable, but they slowly started to build up, overlapping one another and becoming more angry, more hostile. You're clipped next. She will never love you, no one will. Never trust a thief. You left us to be killed! All you know how to do is lie! You should have died, not us. You betray everyone. Stop hurting more people. All you do is cause trouble. Just be a better person! I loved you, and you took advantage of that. Everyone despises you. ... You deserve to die. Iridia sat up from her slumber quickly, her forehead covered in sweat, white hair sticking to her skin and neck. She had heard the voices in her sleep other times, voices she could recognize as Vox, her parents and people she had wronged in her past, but there was a new voice this time. A lovely chime of bells echoing through her head before she awoke, easily distinguishable as Rashvana's sweet voice. The sprite looked around frantically, not spotting the mechanic, her heart pounding in her chest as her throat tightened, feeling like she might get sick. The white-haired fae felt tears whelm in her eyes as she stood, her body aching with bruises and bumps, spinning to look for her winter girl. "Snowstorm!" Iridia cried out, her voice cracking as she saw the faint glow of the moon on the other woman's light blue locks. The thief ran over, her small feet tapping on the metal before her wings excitedly picked her up and flew her over to Rashvana, her body practically collapsing next to her as she clung on to her arm, resting her forehead against the chilled skin of the mechanic's shoulder. Iridia's body was shaking from the anxiety clutching her chest, her breath huffing as she found comfort and safety near the winter fae.
  11. "I don't think anyone saw it was me necessarily, so there shouldn't be too many guards about anyway." Iridia spoke, looking back up to Rashvana as she sat back down. The smaller sprite studied the girl in front of her, taking in her features, her heart pounding against her chest, a blush rising to her face. The winter woman had the face of an angel that Iridia so desperately wanted to touch and press kisses to, long hair that she wanted to run her fingers through and play with, a figure she wanted to touch gently and caress. Swallowing hard, the tanned girl tore her gaze away hesitantly, wanting to admire Rashvana for ages more. The white-haired fae instead looked up to the window, the sun shining through and lighting up the small dark bell room. "I am, however.. a bit sleepy.." Iridia murmured as she slowly lowered herself down to lay on her side, eyes fluttering closed. A big sigh escaped from between her pink lips, allowing her body to relax and fall limp finally. Her body was extremely exhausted but she kept pushing herself for Rashvana's sake: making sure she was taken somewhere safe, flying quite a distance and escaping away from the fae guards with the materials for the winter girl's wounds, carrying her around due to her injured wing. Iridia didn't mind doing it in the slightest, it was the least she could do for the mechanic considering that she was the one who pulled her into their mess of a situation, but it was definitely taking a toll on her small body.
  12. The taller fae pulled Iridia closer as she stood on her knees, dabbing at her cheeks and wounds on her face tenderly, the cool water pleasing to the sprite. With a small sigh, she fluttered her eyes open only to see Rashvana's chest near her face, instantly causing a blush to rise up to her cheeks and pointed ears. Blinking rapidly, Iridia quickly looked away from the mechanics breasts, not wanting to be rude, though she very much would've enjoyed to kiss and touch. The white-haired girl cleared her throat sheepishly, looking up to Rashvana's face, watching how her face concentrated as she cleaned up Iridia's own wounds. "Th.. Thank you." The sprite said, her voice hardly above a whisper as she took in the mechanic's beauty. She stared up at the fae before tearing her gaze away from the winter girl, coming back to her senses, looking down to the ground, trying to avoid catching sight of her chest again as it was still near her face. "We can camp out here for a little bit.. Wait until you have your strength back again and such before moving along and getting you back home."
  13. "I'm just fine, Rashvana." The sprite spoke, unraveling the bandages. "Just thinking, is all." Iridia wrapped her arms around the mechanic for a moment to wrap the bandage around her body, the thin cloth pressing against the sliced skin on her back. The thief's arms and hands brushed softly against the sides of the winter fae every now and then as she continued wrapping the gauze around her body, still a bit silent as she patched up Rashvana. After wrapping it around her quite a few times, Iridia tucked the end of the bandages into the wrappings and set aside what was left to redress it later on. The shorter girl moved from behind the winter woman, a small frown on her lips, a bit of a blank look in her eyes. "You'll probably have some scars.." Iridia spoke softly, unable to look at Rashvana. "Your wing should heal up just fine, though." The small sprite rubbed her arm a bit anxiously, wondering when they would be able to get on the move back home.
  14. "The Royals aren't necessarily fans of mine." Iridia answered with a cheesy smile, hoping it would ease her worry. "But it's fine, you don't have any reason to fret." The sprite moved to sit behind the mechanic, slowly untying the bloodied sash from around her body, exposing her cuts and wounds from just the night before. With a shaky sigh, Iridia took in the sight, feeling her heart drop, a sickness overcoming her entire self. This was guilt, and she wasn't used to such a feeling. The small girl took the cream-colored garb and placed it in the water, Rashvana's blood immediately reddening the water. The thief cursed softly as she reached with shaky hands to pull away the mechanic's shirt from the lacerations around her damaged wing. With eyebrows furrowed with concentration and distraught, Iridia took the sash soaked with water into her hands, wringing it out into the bowl and placing the chilled cloth against the mechanic's back. "S-Sorry!" Iridia immediately said as the fae in front of her tensed and seethed with pain. The small girl continued murmuring soft apologies as she gently wiped away the dried up blood away from the slices in the girl's pale skin. Pulling it away to soak back into the bowl, chilled water running down Rashvana's back as it was beginning to look a lot cleaner and fresh. Iridia was mostly quiet, no jokes or teasing remarks despite having the winter fae's bareback in front of her. The crease of her spine down the middle of her back, between her wings, the soft skin between her shoulders she wanted to kiss. With another sigh, Iridia finished cleaning away all the old blood from the previous night's tragedy, placing the soaking sash back into the bowl before reaching for the bandages and a little glass vial she had managed to steal for Rashvana.
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