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  1. Piper was solely focused on the task at hand, her mind easily pushing away thoughts of Acreos and the events of the night prior as the crew piled back out onto the slick deck. She called out orders with her commanding and powerful voice, locks of wet ruby clinging to her head and skin as the wind continued to whip around, attempting to drown out her voice. The captain then turned her verdant gaze to the stern, breath shaking as she watched the titan of a wave they had traversed continuing to make its way over the surface of the untamable expanse of sea. A heaving, churning, blue mirror-of-god that eagerly drove itself forward in search of devouring anything that resided on the ocean. With her eyes on the rogue wave her crew had overcome, Piper licked the salt water from her lips and swore it tasted like all the shipwrecked songs of the wave's forefathers. However, the captain could no longer dally about, gawking at some wall of water. Instead, she turned her focus back to her exhausted crew and her ship, the vast majority of sailors attempting to control the foremast that had snapped upon impact as the bow of the Sadness briefly dove beneath the waves. The crew shouted and yelled over the storm, removing what splintered wood they could while pinning the top half of the mast against the bottom with a series of knots, ensuring it would not fly uncontrollably in the wind and rain they currently endured. The Sadness had already been taking a beating, and it did not need to suffer further as they rode out the wrathful storm and waited until it could be jury-rigged. "It's just some rain now, folks!" Piper yelled out, her voice carrying across the deck as the sea churned wildly and the winds howled viciously. The Sadness had weathered a wide array of storms before, and now that the imminent danger of the colossal, stray wave had passed, the crew knew exactly what to do. The temperament of the ocean was as natural as night and day to a sailor, and even though they were run ragged from the seemingly never-ending problems they kept running into as of late, and not looking forward to the difficulties the storm brought, they were ready for the arduous task of keeping themselves afloat as the low, deep rumble of thunder stretched across the heavens above them. As the crew of the ship went about their duties, Piper commanded those who weren't in the best of shape to head below deck to fix themselves up and ensure everyone was relatively unharmed. "Should we be takin' 'im too?" A pirate questioned over the merchant that lied on the wet floorboards. "Ain't he the one that went 'nd killed the sailin'master?" Another voice, on the opposite side. "Well, yeah," The first man spoke up again, scratching at the scruff on his chin. "but, Cap'n kept 'im kickin' for a reason, aye? 'nd I ain't bearin' any consequences if 'is brains start leakin' out here on the wood." There was a brief moment where the two sailors over Acreos honestly debated worrying about the man but figured it'd be best to be safe rather than sorry if Piper indeed kept the tradesman alive for a specific reason. So, with a grumble and grunt, the two men grabbed the Jade Merchant by each arm, dragging him up to his boots as the Sadness continued to violently rock and lurch with the harsh waves that circled the vessel like sharks. "Right, then," the pirate on the left spoke as they dragged Acreos through the nearby halls. "Doc ought to be close 'round here."
  2. { Glitches Galore } — I'm holding out for karma. ✦ NAME C0L3 ALIAS Cole GENDER Cis Female SPECIES Human AGE Sixteen ORIGIN Unknown TEMPERAMENT Choleric _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | CHARACTER Upon first meeting Cole, if you even get the chance to properly meet with her, that is, the girl is extremely paranoid and carefully selective on who to trust. She can expertly dart around through heavy crowds, get around people she had no urge to interact with, and sneak within shadows just to avoid being seen. However, if the teen happens to find her trust residing with you, she is very protective and affectionate. She is easily excitable and impressionable, sassy but sweet, and is the very incarnation of 'currently living your childhood since you didn't get to as a child'. Cole is also a selective-mute individual, and when speaking, she will usually answer in no more than five words. However, when sharing information, or she glitches out, she can speak at a mile a minute, spouting information that is either needed or not. She will occasionally speak normally when delivering pure sass or being completely, harshly honest about someone or something. Cole appreciates the little things in life since it was difficult for her to in her past. Though, she does tend to enjoy things like peach tea, spicy foods, odd-looking plants, animals of any sort, and gaming. She also adores soft stuffed animals, cute, frilly fashion, and the color pink, but will NEVER admit that out loud. Outside of being [not finished] will have a melt-down if she sees a syringe/needle of any sort near her. PATIENCE ✦✦✦✧✧ INTEGRITY ✦✦✧✧✧ CHARISMA ✦✧✧✧✧ COURAGE ✦✦✧✧✧ TEMPER ✦✦✦✧✧ | DESIGN Cole typically wears simple clothing that is easy to move around in and strays from accessorizing too much in fear of it being used as leverage against her in a fight. Often, she can be found wearing jeans, shorts, or joggers, and almost always wears tank tops, even if that means cutting the sleeves off of t-shirts. She does, however, also have a black bomber jacket with a couple patches on the back. Switches between black, leather combat boots or converse shoes. She has an undercut and a piercing in her right eyebrow. The teen also has countless markings that look akin to black tattoos, in the pattern of broken circuits. These markings under her skin trail from the right side of her head and face, down the back of her neck, over both of her shoulders, around the sides of her throat, and all along the right arm, down to the fingers tips. These markings are caused by her programming's virus, and the longer she goes untreated, the further the broken circuits spread across her body. SKIN Light tan, Smooth, Circuits HAIR Chin-Length, Choppy, Blue-Black EYES Augmented, Crimson and Cyan HEIGHT Five Foot Five Inches BUILD Average, Lean AESTHETIC Visuals VOICE Undecided | SKILLS ☆ INFORMATION [Information soon to be included.] ATTACK ✦✧✧✧✧ DEFENSE ✦✦✦✦✧ AGILITY ✦✦✦✦✧ LUCK ✦✦✧✧✧ | GLITCHES Due to a technological virus that has taken hold in Cole's body and programming, she has since developed the following glitches: ☆ PHYSICAL Has random ticks/involuntary movements. Sometimes they can be quite small and subtle, while other times, depending on her current mental state, they can worsen to the point where she will fall into a complete seizure. A small, white 'buffering/loading' circle will appear within her pupils when processing a lot of new information, or when experiencing sensory overload. Sleeps a lot due to 'updating' information taking quite a while. Can't wear clothes with certain materials (satin, knit) because it feels uncomfortable over her circuits. ☆ VOCAL When under a lot of pressure or feeling overwhelmed while speaking, her words will begin to jumble up before spouting out hundreds of useless facts as quickly as she can. Voice can also glitch out or change pitches rapidly while under incredible stress or danger. ☆ MENTAL Sometimes gets mental blocks, akin to internet pop-ups, which causes her to get distracted very easily, change the subject of conversation entirely, or space out for quite a while. | TRIVIA Is completely unaware of what her actual birthday is, but since autumn is her favorite season, she has decided to celebrate on November third. It's incredibly easy for her to get and keep first place on arcade machines and/or ranked video games. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | EXTRA ☆ PLAYLIST Spotify Link YouTube Link ☆ ART ↑ Return to top.
  3. { Wildflower Wonder } — That's what happens when you find a creature that was left outside. ✦ NAME Amaryllis Valkari Clover von Magpie Nightpyre de Castillo IV ALIAS Mar, Val, Clover GENDER Cis Female SPECIES Human AGE Twenty-Four ORIGIN Oakheart, Ineru TEMPERAMENT Sanguine SEXUALITY Bisexual _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | CHARACTER Amaryllis is very jovial and sweet, kind and welcoming, and often finds something positive to say about situations when others can only see the negative. She is usually quite honest, aside from her attempts at bad pranks and jokes, believing it's better and saves time to be forthright. Quick to make tea or give away what she's grown in her garden as a way to comfort or welcome others. Easily entertained, laughs frequently, and is quite the sunshine of a personality. Makes sassy remarks sometimes, though they are almost always good in nature. Enjoys learning about nature in different places in the world, tending to her gardens, and caring for anything hurt that comes her way. Amaryllis is also an avid fan of ghost stories and spooky tales. Due to her downtime in the cold, barren months of the year, the gardener is a fantastic chef and baker, and usually has another recipe perfected by the end of the winter season. Her favorite colors are orange and lilac, snowdrop flowers have a soft spot in her heart, and she adores how cozy a tasty soup or casserole makes her feel inside. She doesn't handle the cold well; both in terms of temperature and the boredom it brings when she can no longer tend to her gardens outside. Wishes people weren't so cruel and mean sometimes, but Amaryllis is still kind to those even with the coldest of hearts. Detests wasps, she will scream. Due to her upbringing, Amaryllis sometimes has a bit of a hard time understanding social cues. Also tends to impulsively and recklessly throw herself into dangerous situations, either because she's not worried about the outcome, or she doesn't necessarily care. PATIENCE ✦✦✦✦✦ INTEGRITY ✦✦✦✦✧ CHARISMA ✦✦✦✧✧ COURAGE ✦✦✦✦✧ TEMPER ✦✧✧✧✧ | DESIGN There are two separate styles Amaryllis wears: one is specifically for being comfortable while gardening and working, while another is for going out for a day trip or running errands within the nearby village. Her gardening clothes are simple and made to get dirty - usually consisting of trousers, harem pants, or shorts, as well as simple blouses or button-ups. For days she dresses up a bit more, Amaryllis has a wide variety of skirts and more elaborately decorated blouses, as well as dresses and cozy cardigans. Usually wears plain, brown boots and a belt that has multiple pouches attached. Wears golden or copper jewelry on occasion. Visual examples can be found HERE. Has rosy cheeks and shoulders from being in the sun often. Two front teeth have a cute gap in between. Has multiple piercings in ears and a singular lip ring in the center of her bottom lip. Adorns dark green tattoos that take up the entirety of both her arms, upper torso, and back. These tattoos consist of leafy vines and blooming flowers, fruits and vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, as well as woodland creatures and insects. It's a complete array of artwork dedicated to the lush, beautiful life of nature. Her hands are rough and somewhat callused from gardening and using tools nearly every day. Smells only of earth, flowers, and herbs. SKIN Deep Bronze, Freckled, Lightly Sunburnt HAIR Plum Purple, Short, Wildly Curly EYES Are purposefully hidden under her hair. HEIGHT Five Foot Seven Inches BUILD Thin, Toned, Semi-Athletic AESTHETIC Visuals VOICE Undecided | SKILLS ☆ SENSES [Information soon to be included.] ☆ PLANT MANIPULATION [Information soon to be included.] ☆ SIMPLE MAGIC [Information soon to be included.] ATTACK ✦✧✧✧✧ DEFENSE ✦✦✧✧✧ MAGIC ✦✧✧✧✧ AGILITY ✦✦✦✦✧ LUCK ✦✦✦✧✧ | TRIVIA Her little cottage resides on the outskirts of Lancaster, Ineru. Visuals can be found HERE. Born on a rare, sunny afternoon in early Dusk. Took in an abandoned, weak fawn and named it Pix, it now tends to follow her around the Limbo Wilds to ensure her safety. Has trouble falling/staying asleep without the aid of Echo. Mostly everyone assumes her full name is fake. Cannot lie to save her life. There is a strange monarch butterfly with skull-like markings on the back of it's wings that seems to accompany the gardener everywhere she goes. Has an incredibly heightened sense of smell and hearing because of her lack of sight. Amaryllis keeps a journal that she writes in every day, though a lot of it is scribble-doodles. Seems to genuinely not fear death in any way. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | EXTRA ☆ PLAYLIST Spotify Link YouTube Link ☆ ART ↑ Return to top.
  4. { The Forsaken Child } — I want money and all your power, all your glory. ✦ NAME Aerona El-Amin ALIAS Aero GENDER Cis Female SPECIES Human / Djinn AGE Twenty-Five ORIGIN Northern Zaira ROLE Thief and Wanderer TEMPERAMENT Sanguine SEXUALITY Bisexual _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | CHARACTER Aerona is very outgoing, bubbly, and flirtatious, often breaking hearts and causing mischief for her own entertainment. She is very positive, bright, and has a very strong curiosity about everything around her. While she is a tease and a sweetheart, she is also known to be incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, going about life following no one's rules or commands, save for her own. She has a talent for dancing and making convincing conversation, as well as sneaking, hiding in difficult places, and getting out of hairy situations. Enjoys exploring and showing off, causing trouble for fun, setting bad examples, and flaunting her magical capabilities to the kids at the markets. Also likes shopping, fashion, and bright colors. Often spends her free time gambling, playing games, and taking risks. Dislikes authoritative figures and uniformity. If she deems you 'bossy' when you tell her to do something, Aerona will most likely do the complete opposite just to be petty and spiteful. Isn't a big fan of sweets; much prefers salty and savory foods instead. Has a habit of being a pathological liar due to her upbringing and years of wandering and dealing with more unsavory types of people. PATIENCE ✦✧✧✧✧ INTEGRITY ✦✦✧✧✧ CHARISMA ✦✦✦✦✦ COURAGE ✦✦✦✦✧ TEMPER ✦✧✧✧✧ | DESIGN Often wears comfortable, flowing clothes with tight accents that bring attention to her figure. Most of her attire is bright and patterned, usually in red or dark blue. Either wears long, chiffon skirts with cropped tops, breezy blouses, or draped fabrics that somewhat resemble saris. For footwear, depending on location, it will switch between leather sandals, or simple, brown ankle boots. Accessorizes with jewelry and light makeup. Often wears rings, earrings, and bracelets of bronze, gold, and gems - however, the majority of her stolen, expensive accents stay hidden away to prevent theft (again). Has multiple piercings in both ears and a septum and nostril piercing. A small beauty mark resides just under the outer corner of her right eye, on her cheekbone. Doesn't wear much in terms of makeup, save for a bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and maybe a touch of blush to her lips. SKIN Deep Tan, Soft, Unblemished HAIR Waist-Length, Wavy, Dark Brown EYES Navy Blue HEIGHT Five Foot Eight Inches BUILD Thin, Lean, Hourglass VOICE Vidalia, Steven Universe | SKILLS With the magical capabilities of a djinn running through Aerona as a result of her birth circumstances, she has figured out how to harness a fraction of her power by the time she was just a child. However, the full potential of her abilities is still untapped. Currently, listed below is what she is capable of: ☆ AGING Due to being half-djinn, Aerona will age noticeably slower and will have a longer lifespan than the average human by a few decades. She has yet to realize this about herself. ☆ ILLUSIONS Can conjure and control incredibly mild illusions, only having the ability to bend reality a minuscule amount since she isn't truly from a djinn bloodline. Currently, the extent of her abilities falls under changing the appearance of cards and dice while playing for money, subtly shifting things in her surroundings, and creating minor, harmless disruptions. * Basically the equivalent of thaumaturgy in Dungeons and Dragons. ☆ FIRE MANIPULATION This ability is much more powerful and developed than her conjuration of illusions. Can create, shape, and manipulate the element of fire at will for different practical uses or attacks. Can easily maintain small flames, but if she conjures anything above a massive bonfire, it becomes dangerous and incredibly hard to control. Usually used for small utility uses or as a means of escaping in an emergency. ☆ DAGGERS Usually keeps a hidden dagger or two on her person as a means of defense. ATTACK ✦✦✧✧✧ DEFENSE ✦✦✦✧✧ MAGIC ✦✦✦✧✧ AGILITY ✦✦✦✦✦ LUCK ✦✦✦✧✧ | TRIVIA Currently wanted alive for a bounty in Terrenus.Born in the early summer, on a peaceful afternoon.Keeps a specific jade necklace on her person at all times.Often carries a hidden dagger or two if she can't rely on her other abilities. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | EXTRA ☆ PLAYLIST Spotify Link YouTube Link ☆ THREADS Run for Ever — Dropped ↑ Return to top.
  5. { Captain of the Bloodlust } — Whatever begins in anger, ends in shame. NAME Piper Winston ALIAS Wrath, Little Red GENDER Cis Female SPECIES Human AGE Twenty-Six ORIGIN Vroiya ROLE Sin of Wrath TEMPERAMENT Melancholic SEXUALITY Bisexual _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | CHARACTER Piper is snarky, confident, and astute. She has a commanding presence if need be and a penetrating green gaze that has seen through a thousand lies. Aside from her sarcastic remarks and analytical eyes, she is incredibly patient and kind-hearted despite her title as a Sin and being known for her wrath. Even with her reputation and tendencies to react violently and blindly to certain situations, Piper is no fool and shows a remarkable amount of wisdom regarding the people she interacts with. Loyal to her allies and vicious to her perceived enemies. Intentionally upholds her reputation, knowing it will make people less likely to interfere with her and her plans. Enjoys reading - particularly horror and mysteries, as well as history. Favors hibiscus tea and mead over other drinks. Has grown used to the somewhat bland meals at sea, thus she often craves and devours as many sweets and fruits as she can while docked at port - pomegranates and oranges are her favorite. Seems to prefer the color blue, specifically darker shades. Loves to dance. Extremely protective of her rapiers and deeply hates if anyone tries to play with, touch, or move her weapons if they are not at her hips. Is willing to remove, sometimes by murder, anyone who she sees as getting in the way of her goals or conspiring against the Bloodlust's ideals. Will heatedly argue about the existence of Paradise Island if someone tries to convince her otherwise. PATIENCE ✦✦✦✦✧ INTEGRITY ✦✦✦✧✧ CHARISMA ✦✦✦✧✧ COURAGE ✦✦✦✦✧ TEMPER ✦✦✧✧✧ | DESIGN Piper isn't necessarily a woman too keen on keeping up with appearances or fashion and prefers to wear comfortable and practical attire instead. Often wears trousers rather than skirts or dresses, calf or knee-high boots, and a variety of different blouses or plain, cotton tie/button-up shirts. Her blouses range from being fairly boring, lacking design or frills of any sort, to bright colors and silhouettes with puffs, dramatic sleeves, and lace. Just as long as it fits properly and stays out of her way while she works, then it doesn't really matter what it looks like. While Piper doesn't care too much about her clothing, she has taken a fancy to jewelry and accessories to contrast this. She is often seen wearing multiple necklaces or earrings, both simple and extravagant depending on how she's feeling that day. Rarely caught wearing finer bracelets in place of braided leather or plain bangles. Mild scars litter her body in random places from past battles or accidents. Has somewhat rough, callused hands from her past on the farm and a life at sea. SKIN Sun-kissed, Freckled, Lightly sunburnt HAIR Mid-Back Length, Rust Red, Curly and Messy EYES Olive. Emerald in certain situations. HEIGHT Five Foot Nine Inches BUILD Thin, Lean, Average VOICE Caitlyn, League of Legends | SKILLS ☆ VISION The captain has a full visual of every nook and cranny on her ship thanks to Illuna's influence. Piper can simply think of a specific person, room, or other destination aboard the Bloodlust, and will clearly see the location or creature in her mind as if she were there. This ability also occurs without her control, though usually only so when something dangerous approaches the Bloodlust, or is onboard. Most members of her crew are not aware of this ability, though it is widely speculated. ☆ RAPIER Piper's preferred style and weapon in combat are dual-wielding rapiers. She was originally trained by her former captain, Patches, before learning more from her spymaster, Ulysses. Her rapiers are Crowblades - weapons expertly crafted and forged by the leader of an infamous assassin sect. Due to the rare material, the rapiers are made from, they hold mild magical properties that aid the wielder. ☆ RAGE Piper is typically a powerful and strategic opponent and does not lose her cool often in the heat of battle, but under the circumstances she is fighting an enemy that goes against her ship's ideals, or they foolishly incur her wrath by some other means, she will battle with an almost primal-like ferocity. The captain will toss aside all concern for her well-being and defenses simply to attack with vicious and brutal desperation, and in this frenzy of adrenaline and blind rage, will fail to realize if she had been injured until after the conflict. ATTACK ✦✦✦✦✧ DEFENSE ✦✦✦✧✧ MAGIC ✦✧✧✧✧ AGILITY ✦✦✦✦✧ LUCK ✦✦✧✧✧ | BLOODLUST The Bloodlust is a tri-masted man-of-war ship with about sixty or so guns. It is roughly one hundred and forty-five feet long and thirty to thirty-five feet across. The vessel is composed of incredibly dark wood, nearly black in appearance, and holds mild magical properties. The easiest identifier of the Bloodlust, aside from Wrath's flag, are the crimson sails. The figurehead takes the shape of a woman halfway merged into the wood of the vessel - most of the crew aren't sure if it was there before Illuna's death or not, though it seems to take on a great resemblance of the deceased dryad. The Bloodlust has rowboats to be utilized, a moon pool at the bottom of the ship, and multiple hiding places and secret rooms that are concealed with sliding planks of wood or switches. Some of the halls in the depths of the vessel have an odd maze-like feel to them, and if one is not accustomed to the ship or traversing these corridors, it can be incredibly easy to get lost or turned around. There are also multiple rumors around the ship that these hallways are haunted. Some claim to have seen the 'ghost' of Illuna, while others feel as if they are being watched or hear a mysterious woman's voice. | TRIVIA Character was first created in 2014 and was vastly different. She's a light-weight when it comes to drinking, surprisingly. Ambidextrous, though the captain utilizes her left hand more often. Born around the middle of autumn, on a sunny morning. Has a specific worn-out, blue-ribbon she keeps as a lucky charm. Definitely drools in her sleep. Actually has a few tattoos, but they're usually hidden under her clothes. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | EXTRA ☆ PLAYLIST Spotify Link YouTube Link ☆ MOODBOARD ☆ THREADS Little Red Captain — Dropped The Traveler's Tug — Ongoing ↑ Return to top.
  6. IV. MISCELLANEOUS — Crowblades[Information soon to come.] — Heart of the Sea[Information soon to come.] ↑ Return to top.
  7. III. BESTIARY — Leeches The Leech is a detestable creature of unknown origin. Born typically to human parents, a Leech is recognized from birth by many telltale traits: pointed, dangerous teeth, faintly glowing eyes, and ears reminiscent of the elven, pointed design, albeit shorter and mildly rounded off. Leeches have a natural affinity to magic, though it is weak, and they cannot train to strengthen that magic by a natural means. However, when a Leech imbibes enough blood from a creature or person, for a brief period of time, they mimic their abilities and powers, and greatly strengthen their physical properties. — Vinculum Vinculum are a mixed species between deímon and elemental, with the strange ability to merge with another's soul. They work similar to genies in the sense that they generally bond for the benefit of the other party whilst being given something in return for their services. Depending on who they bond with, they can become stronger or weaker as they feed off the energy of their bonded partner. Born with crystals and stones that determines which elemental powers they will develop as they begin to mature. — Looking Glass Dolls [Information soon to come.] — Veilspawn [Information soon to come.] ↑ Return to top.
  8. II. ORGANIZATIONS — Night's Sepulcher The Night's Sepulcher is an organized syndicate dedicated to both the mastering of and the utilization of assassination techniques. This organization is headed by an entity known as, "Crow", whom sits in the Throne of Bones, surrounded by his nineteen fellow practitioners, all of which have adopted animalistic monikers and masks. Crow's companions are ranked by their killing prowess, and by which their abilities should be fear - number one, being Crow himself, down to number twenty. — The Bloodlust The Bloodlust is a tri-masted man-of-war ship, captained by Piper Winston - she is better known as her title of Wrath in the Sins of the Seas organization. The Bloodlust dedicates its time and resources to liberating those kidnapped and forced into slave trade, as a result of Piper's history. In the ship's downtime, they often spend time searching for clues to lead the crew to an isle named Paradise Island, a small speck of land surrounded by ocean that is said to be a true heaven on the material plane. — Looking Glass The Looking Glass is an organized criminal force primarily composed of Dolls: elegant and beautiful creations that resemble a mix between human and ball-jointed doll, specifically created to be the perfect weapons. Lead by the Puppeteer, who handles operatives and contracts. Has no specific goal in mind, save for acquiring influence through sending out Dolls to mercenary groups, performing assassinations, assisting other sects, and forming diplomatic ties. — Sins of the Seas [Information soon to come.] — The Council [Information soon to come.] — Cards of Kalli [Information soon to come.] ↑ Return to top.
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  10. V. GEOGRAPHY AND CLIMATE Konístria consists of seven main continents and six oceans. There is a strange, diagonal split dividing warm and cold climates that runs from the top left of the map to the bottom half. Much like Valucre, the realm of Konístra has similar seasons, weather, atmosphere, flora, and fauna to out Earth, unless stated otherwise. Each continent tends to gravitate towards their own individual biomes and climates, which varies according to the season and specific locations. Konístria's inhabitants, creatures, and locations are also partially open by design. Meaning, while there will be an official bestiary and list of humanoid races posted in the future, players are not necessarily bound to these. Players may also add small, uncharted villages, camps, or settlements in between towns and cities, as well as any islands or businesses that will adhere to their stories. * Measurements for travel on this map are not accurate. Current map is being used as a placeholder while I adjust small mistakes and details in the mean time. Click HERE for a bigger version of the map. Click HERE for an interactive map. [WIP] — AFHERIAN EMPIRE — INERU — VROIYA — ESTERIOS — BRAMIRA — ZAIRA — CRYSTALSAND ISLES — MISCELLANEOUS ISLANDS — UNDERWATER CAPITALS
  11. V. CALENDAR AND RECOGNIZED HOLIDAYS The Konístrian calendar is split into ten months, each one thirty-five days long. It is based around the two moons. The cycle through the sky of the first, smaller moon, Ketros, is thirty-five days long, thus the length of the month. The cycle of the second, larger moon, Ulvara, is exactly three-hundred and fifty days long, thus the length of the year. The seven-day week begins on Avarmera and continues as Letharmera, Invidimera, Medimera, Iramera, Epulmera, and Amormera. These holidays and celebrations fall on the following days: — DAWN (Winter) 1st, Year's Dawn Celebration. Commemorating the new year and new beginnings. The day is often honored by revisiting memories of the past year, letting go of old things, and completely cleaning the home. This is usually a time when people make new goals for themselves, believe in fresh starts, and move to put plans into action. — OSTAROS (Winter/Spring) 14th, Viara's Festival. A celebration of love, friendship, trust, and sexuality. Celebrated by offering homemade gifts and sweets to loved ones, as well as showering one's significant other with wholehearted affection. Since Viara is also the god of fertility, it is believed to be lucky or blessed if a child is conceived on this day. Special offerings are commonly left for the god on this holiday. 21st, Day of Mending. Celebration to better one's community and strengthen the bonds between townsfolk. It has become a tradition for folks to freely offer their goods and services to the community. The primary tenet of the Day of Mending is that old grudges and quarrels are set aside, if only for the day. — RAINSWRATH (Spring) 5th, Festival of the Sky. A celebration for the Creationist, Araceli. Often honored by opening windows to allow fresh air into the home, dancing in the rain, cloud-watching, or flying kites. Coastal cities set out thousands of sailing vessels to utilize her wind and fishermen bring back their bounties of fish from the day to have prepared in a massive feast. 28th, Heritage Day. A day in which everyone to remember where they came from and pay respect to their families, relatives, and homelands. People are encouraged to get in touch with their roots on these days by either meeting relatives, rekindling bonds with family members, and visiting where their ancestors came from. — VERIS (Spring) 1st, Festival of the Earth. A celebration for the Creationist, Atlas. Often honored by working in the garden, planting new seeds, spending time with nature, and sharing spring fruits and baked goods with neighbors. Floral and herb wreaths are made and put up during this time to bless the home. Salvaged stag antlers, pressed flowers, and seashells are often left as offerings. 23rd, Day of the Arts. A celebration where every form of art is honored. For months before this day, humanoids all across the continents prepare songs, plays, dances, paintings, sculptures, and many other forms of art to either put out on display or sell. On this day, offerings are commonly left for the Ancient of art and self-expression, Lynessa. — MIDYEAR (Summer) 11th, Bride's Day. Commemorating the middle of the year, all the new brides dance with the unmarried women, to imbue to them their own marital fortunes. These celebrations take place in hidden gardens and courtyards, and no males are allowed in. In the Empire, the queen has made it a tradition to try to set up an unwed dancer with a royal family member at the very end of the fest. 33rd, Festival of the Sun. A celebration for the Creationist, Dysmas, on the longest day of the year. Honored with huge bonfires, fire dancers, and fireworks. There are plenty of feasts with spicy foods and cold sweets made with summer fruits. Generally, just a day trying to have fun by incorporating fire, warmth, and light into their life. Common to light candles at dusk as well so they may burn through the night for the Creationist. — HEATSWRATH (Summer) 10th, Feast of the Sea. Primarily a coastal holiday. Fishermen bring back their bounties of fish from the day not to sell, but to prepare in a massive feast. Everything eaten that night, from the fish to the seaweed to the clams comes from the sea. It is in honor of the way that the ocean connects all life and continents. Many use this day as an excuse to play around at the beach instead of going to work, as well. — ENAR (Autumn) 13th, Remembrance Day. A day in which citizens honor their fallen friends and warriors. Many people commune with the dead via magic, attend bardic concerts where mesmerizing music is played, put offerings out for the departed, and come together with those who knew dead family and friends and pay their respects together. 26th, Nesdite's Night. A night where [wip] — HARVEST (Autumn) 1st - 3rd, Days of Stillness. No one goes outside or opens doors for three days, worldwide. In remembrance of the Fall of Eireen, when deímons were first let loose upon Terra and how towns barely escaped total destruction and death by staying locked within their homes. It is a tradition for current day deímon-hunters to set out on grand group hunts for the dark creatures during this time. 17th, Neytris' Feast. A celebration of the year's bounty and giving thanks to the Ancient of hunt and harvest, as well as honoring those who toil in the fields and gather food. There are large feasts made from the season's crops and produce; meals often shared around bonfires and gratitude is often openly expressed towards others on this day. Traditionally celebrated in the Empire, southern Ineru, and Vroiya. — MABUHM (Autumn/Winter) 1st, First Frost. This is usually the day when the frost is meant to come through the central and eastern continents. If it occurs early, that is a sign of a grey, dreary winter. A late frost means a harsh, bitter winter, and if the frost comes on the right day, Mabuhm the First, it is a sign that the winter will be mild and bountiful. 18th, Hearth Ceremony. To honor the inevitable darker, colder months, it is a tradition in the central and eastern continents to put out and clean one's hearth. Massive bonfires are then later lit in the night and celebrated around. Folks take a light from this communal fire to ignite their newly swept-out, individual hearths, which are then kept going throughout the period of darkness. — DUSK (Winter) 19th, Family Feast. A day families and clans gather together for a grand dinner and trading gifts. Aside from plenty of food shared around, there are plenty of winter- themes decorations and many activities and games for people to enjoy. Customary to put the elders/patriarchs of the family on a bit of a pedestal on this day, depending on the clan. 35th, Festival of the Moons. A celebration for the Creationist, Kallisto. This is the longest night of the year and when both moons are full and at their peak; it is bright enough that it doesn't seem like night ever falls. Often honored by staying awake the entirety of the night, singing and dancing under the moons. Fires are not lit to allow both moons to have their time to shine, and feast foods are often decorated with lunar shapes and stars. — NOTABLE DATES 22nd of Heatswrath, Meeting of the Sins. 35th of Harvest, Nokhebt's Genesis.
  12. IV. DEÍMONS AND DARK CREATURES Information soon to come.
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