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  1. Hey man! It sure has been a while since I've seen you around. Whether you're planning a return or just checking things out, welcome back-ish and hope to see you around. Let me know if you have any questions

  2. Been working on my own project for a grand total of the whole summer, I apologize for not having been active for a year folks.  I want to write here again, I truly do.  This community will still have, in my opinion, the best people and the most freedom to write.


    Shoutout to supernal for keeping it real and understanding!

  3. Ing! *exaggerated fox point like The King*

  4. Sorry for not being so active the past few months.  So many projects, ladies and gents.  One day I'll be able to juggle twenty sites again, BUT NOT THIS DAY.

  5. You know, I've learned something these past few months.  You can't force success.  You can only just do, and reap the fruits of your work.  If you force success, you're going to be in a deeper hole than you were previously.  So just do, and give your efforts one day at a time.

  6. I like Gordon Freeman, he's my favorite Spartan in Metal Gear Solid: The Force Awakens.

  7. So ah...writing is still a thing in my repertoir.  I've just been tired and cramming my other work into my already packed schedule.  Starting 55's next week until the peak season is over.  Which could be up until Crimbas.

  8. I'm going to do a showing of my friend's anime that I voice in and then go right back to surviving a nuclear wasteland ^_^ Come join! https://www.twitch.tv/lordbartex

  9. I still do the Twitch thing o.o

  10. Mister Karma


    Something was off... The demon was in a rage, and it responded to noise. Or at least...it should have. Loud noises would have lured a starving, bloodthirsty demon to the source, to inspect and examine potential quarry before feasting on the flesh. Aruka wasn't doing that. Aruka was... Dammit, kid, I know you two seconds and you're already causing me trouble! Goddamn, I have to babysit everywhere I go. As fast as he bellowed his exclamation, Dave grinned jovially, patting Mr. Bergeron on the shoulder. "Gotcha," he chuckled, thumbing in the direction of the path. "Yeah, let's go back to Umbra. Get you there nice and safe..." See if I can't get ya to give up that pendant...man, I need to lay off this Mirror artifact. Worst experiment of my life! Well...next to that husky... "Mr. Dave, please, I ask you not to do that to me again!" Mr. Bergeron pleaded as he and Dave sauntered back out onto the dirt path. He pulled his cloak tightly around him as though it would shield him from the dangers of the late night forest. "That...thing...is wandering these woods, and you're here making noises. What are you trying to do, get us killed?!" Dave snorted, mumbling under his breath, "Maybe one of us for something nice and soothing..." And then so Bergeron could hear, "Well, ya know, you want me to tame him so bad, what better way than to lure him to us?" Mr. Bergeron said nothing as he trembled and continued walking alongside the mercenary. The two followed along the dirt road leading back to the town, Dave keeping an ever vigilant eye on the path ahead of him in case the fox decided to come around from his blood high and actually get things done. He kept a hand now on Mr. Bergeron's shoulder, patting him on the back every now and to keep him calm, assuring the businessman that there was a big, strong mercenary to ward off any danger should they be confronted. All the while basking in the radiating energy of the man's pendant...
  11. Having an existential crisis, thinking about what comes after death.  I thought I was over this.

  12. Mister Karma


    There was crashing noise that filled the air, followed by the panicked whinnying of a horse. Soon, the whinnying was cut off, and then...silence. Dave took a deep breath, as deep and refreshing a breath as he could under the weight of the broken forestry, closing his eyes as he released the air in a sigh of relief. Whatever that was, it sounded like Aruka stopped a potential assailant. Then there was a rustling of bushes and leaves, the sound of footsteps growing louder. The pain shot up the wolf's arm once again, and he gritted his teeth in anguish with no way to even massage the affected limb. The laughing voice made its way into his mind again... "Ahahahaha! Quite the show, dear wolf! Marvelous performance, being knocked out while your new buddy does all the work! Tell me, is this how you plan on running your new guild with the halfbreed? Because no one likes a boss..." Solstice...did that fucker ever shut up? "Agh, get the hell out of my head, you asshole!" Dave shouted, to no one in particular. His body pinned, all the mercenary could do was wiggle hopelessly as a means to escape, maybe even free up his trapped arm. But there was no use, he was all out of usable aura. Whatever was left in his natural system was keeping him barely awake and conscious, fighting the losing battle of personalities between himself and the artifact's entombed spirit. Suddenly, his entire body burned as the footsteps grew closer as if some asshat decided it was a smart idea to summon a holy water rain on a coven of Satanists doing nothing more than eating lunch in the park. "Dammit, what's hurtin' me now?!" Dave growled. A shadowy form appeared over him, displaying nothing more than a set of glowing green eyes and a soft green glow on his chest, making the wolf demon squint from the bright light and forcing Solstice within his mind to snarl at its energy. He smirked at the spirit's distaste for the aura, glad that there was finally something in the area that could combat the mirror shard in his body. The figure extended a robed hand to help. "I'm here to help you," the being explained gently, leaning closer to Dave. In the soft green light, he could make out his facial features. A kind and gentle businessman, judging by his smile and disposition...this wasn't good. The smirk disappeared as Dave looked away from the gentleman. "Name your price," he bit crossly, a little louder than intended so as to drown out the babblings of the insane Solstice. The man chuckled softly, waving off the remark as nothing more than a cold, cynical remark of an injured man who bit off much more than he could chew. "On me, my friend," Mr. Bergeron answered, shaking his hand insistently. "Let me help you. There's a demon on the loose 'round these parts, and you don't want to be caught in his path." A demon loose...? Was he talking about Aruka? That guy had a whole other form to him, and he didn't know about it? The glowing light emitting from the man's chest was slowly restoring whatever aura Dave lost to the mirror shard over the last week, giving him the physical strength to loosen some of the fallen thicket which kept his legs pinned. He was soon able to shift around enough to alleviate much of the debris, and coupled with the rejuvenating energy he was receiving Dave extended his freed arm to grip the gentleman's hand. The wolf was soon pulled free of the wreckage, and he stumbled about to get his bearings before finally leaning against a barely intact tree to catch his breath. The businessman kept his charming smile as he nodded, approaching Dave. But the wolf was having none of that. An arm out defensively, he remarked, "Hey, you save me, now this? No date first?" "Real rich, Cruxis. You're as killer with the old men as you are with the ladies." "Shut your ass, Solstice..." Mr. Bergeron chuckled at the remark to what appeared to have been no one in particular, accepting Dave's gesture as a request to stand down. The man complied, bowing his head in greeting. "You may call me Mr. Bergeron," was his simple introduction. Dave blinked his gold eyes as he straightened to his full height, no longer feeling the horrific pain of a thousand burning knives coursing through his system in doing so. He dropped his arm and simply nodded a greeting in return. "Dave..." "Lovely making your acquaintance, Mister Dave, sir!" Mr. Bergeron replied cheerfully, thumbing in the direction of the beaten dirt road he came in from. "I'd hate to ask, but would you kindly accompany me back to Umbra? I fear for my life out there with such a savage demon running about, and I do not want to be next on his menu." Dave arched a brow, his eyes set on the glowing green light on Bergeron's chest. Okay, so after that nice little aura restoration, he was more focused enough to learn that was probably an artifact of some sort that he was wearing. Possibly a good luck charm. Considering the good vibes Dave was getting from this man? He was getting more and more energized with each passing second. How could he pass this opportunity to repress Solstice for another week up? But there was the catch. Umbra. The villagers wanted his and Aruka's asses hanging over their collective mantles. God only knew what they wanted to do with their other body parts...women in the brothel were especially known to be freaky. He needed a way where he could either lead Bergeron away from Umbra entirely, if he were to go with him...or get him out of the picture, by any nonlethal means necessary. I mean, the guy did just save his life. He chuckled softly at Bergeron's small joke, thinking over his answer. It came out faster than he could finish the thought processing. "I mean, Umbra is such a long way from here. Who knows if whatever is out there is going to follow us back? There's a chance we might not survive the trip there, and if we do, we might end up endangering the entire village," Dave explained, arching a brow and approaching Mr. Bergeron at a slow pace as he held his arms open. "I know how to deal with whatever it is out there that's got you so scared to travel alone. I sicced him on our assailant no sooner than you got here....but unfortunately, it backfired, resulting in...heh...that mess you graciously helped me out of," he continued as he addressed the pile of junk just feet away from them. He went back to locking eye contact with the businessman, stopping his pace so that he was just within arm's length of the man. Tilting his head, his smirk became a sincere smile, closing his arms in a loose fold over his torso. "So, if you wouldn't mind following me--" "W-wait, wait, Mr. Dave, sir, I have...I have one question," stammered Mr. Bergeron with a wave of a hand. He thumbed back in the direction of the path. "I still have my cart out there, and it has my goods...if...if you can...tame this beast...to maybe, perhaps...I don't know, ride us back to Umbra, could you handle it? I know, I know it's asking...asking a lot, sir, but bear with me--" Dave held up a hand, nodding with eyes closed for a few brief moments, returning to the locking of the eyes soon after. Every ounce of his old aura was slowly returning, and the taunting breathing, laughing and general existing of the madman Solstice was soon drowned out--by him. Granted, that did nothing to the bright pink light that was just dimming in his left arm, but he could think clearly. He wanted that pendant. "Ya know, it's....something worth considering," Dave calmly explained. Mr. Bergeron was now tensed up. The businessman was right where he wanted him. The mercenary's eyes flicked to behind Bergeron, and a soft breeze blew through the clearing, rustling the leaves and branches of the trees. The wind was nothing, but the rustling was enough to at least make a normal wanderer think there was a creature stirring about. And with how fidgety Bergeron was suddenly acting--all thanks to the Cruxis glare--this was going to be an easy coaxing of the feral Aruka. "We just take a stroll out there on the path, you and I, and--HOLY FUCKIN' HELL, WHAT'S THAT?!" he bellowed, the words echoing through the windy night. In a fluid, yet exaggerated, motion Dave extended an arm to point behind the man. An utter look of wide-eyed shock and appall replaced the calm, cool expression he wore moments ago. Mr. Bergeron jumped with a squeak, looking behind him with green eyes darting this way and that, trying to scope out the danger that Dave exclaimed was there. Or was never there? Was it?