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  1. Happy Holidays :)

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      Happy Holidays 🙂

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  3. The carriage doors creak as they part, revealing a set of flush violet irises glistening in contrast to the pale figure they belonged to. With his uniquely woven grey military coat draped over his shoulders, swaying to and fro with each gentle step, his features become more visible as he nears the opening of the vehicle. Gregory barely smiles, revealing two protruding canines that mark his dhampiric heritage, his eyes scrutinizing his clientele from under the grey postman's cap he donned. Perking up at the scene greeting him, he elegantly sits down upon the lip of the doorway, and crosses one leg over the other in adjustment, a neatly folded shirt already resting upon his lap. He quite enjoys this part of his work, savoring areas where he would be allowed to show a bit of flair and flavour alongside his business. "Tsk tsk," he clicks his tongue in mock disappointment, "And here I thought that I would just have to play the part of informant, instead of tracker, Mr. Brecht. You're going to have to give both me and Ms. Li a reason if you want a bit more of our expertise." With a gloved hand, he covers his mouth as he giggles at his own mannerisms before casually saying, "Half a Kilo of Taqat will do nicely, and of course we could also trade favors for favors." His eyes dart to Darah for a moment, "Obsidian could very much use a few favors from you too. I've heard some rumors, I'm sure that Ms. Li would adore you." He winks at Darah as he finishes his comment, pausing for just a moment before speaking once more. "I've sent a few songbirds to those who owe me a few favors. They should be back with a bit of new information momentarily-- in fact here are a few now." And as if on queue, a few oddly silent looking birds land upon his shoulder, and with a quick snap of his wrist each dissipate into a small flurry of papers which fold neatly into a deck on his hand. "So what'll it be?"
  4. cN9rXe5.gif 'ello Keevs, hope all is well and you're making a living doing voice acting -- because if you're not by now, you certainly could be. Still the best actor around and something I can make use of for future projects, just busy doing solo work lately.

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      In fact, I should definitely keep you on standby. Please email me at TRScharstein@gmail.com so I can have your contact info -- I'm not doing anything narrative or fiction related at the moment, but I'd be able to pay you for quick line reads and jobs every so often (and will definitely be doing fiction in the upcoming months).

      If you'd be interested, I want to shift towards digital puppetry to have a voice actor perform a character in real time. Here's an example with Babette. We could have it set up so that you control the character's face (through your own, via webcam) and voice (the mouth will auto-sync as you talk) while I control the body, setting, soundtrack and general behind the curtains technical stuff. Let me know if you'd be interested in trying something like this some time.

    2. Kiva


      Just letting you know I sent a follow up email OT! Lemme know when you wanna collab!

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    why can't we call fire ants spicy boys

    [new double posting bug rip]
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    why can't we call fire ants spicy boys

    if we get spicy boys then beyblade deserves to be an olympic sport yo i'm kiva, resident grand wizard deluxe its been awhile since i've mambo'd 'round here but i started out making a sheet and postin it here from using some of these picante spice templates and checkin out the water cooler for some threads of your preference or maybe start your own thread either way though usually i'd say welcome and enjoy your stay but I'd rather ask what is your favorite household object to use as a combat weapon of choice during an invasion of bears to be fair you said we could ask anything we wanted i await - keevs
  9. Always on Skype, drop me a line when you're done with all that schoolwork!

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      I'm almost done with what I need to do! Ready to roll soon soon

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      lKH71kF.gif You could answer your Skype sir.

  11. try asianroleplay.com im pretty sure the conversations will end with neither gossip or debate bazinga
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    What's in your speakers, nukka?

    @Witch @Ampersand @Off Topic @Lisinka You goons are still on my mind. Heartsign.