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  1. As of late my posts and my ability to post have been MIA recently and to give those I roleplay an idea as to why that has been happening. My mental problems, specifically my depression have gotten to some bad extreme's so much so that I'm doing hardly anything recently, both for fun and for my health. I've been thinking about leaving Val for some time and with how bad I have gotten recently I need to leave for awhile. I do not know when I'll be back as the last time long term leave I had was back in 2013 and I just came back recently this year. To the GMs I currently have I will provide a summary of how to exit my characters and if you wish to accept them is up to you guys, and whether you wish to acknowledge them in the actual thread itself is also up to you. @Tyler I have already told you the exit plan but if you have any more questions then let me know. @Die Shize The tea thread was fun and it will probably be ended by my leaving so I don't think an exit summary is needed however if you want one then let me know. @Jotnotes The Skarr/Skaven will have to continue without Ragnar and Fenris. I would say they would've left either during a raid or before via portal and will have disappeared. @Aleksei Aquarius has been left alone for awhile and I will officially say I am giving Aquarius up to someone else. @EpicRome23 I don't know if and when the vines will taken but if it does continue then Sinder will have snuck away and left after having second thoughts. @Vetanoob I'm sorry for not posting for so long but the above is the reasoning behind it. For the kingfisher and it's crew, Minerva will now be a background character seeing as she has no real exit. However my original plan for the pirate ship was to have Nix breathe fire onto it and have it end up crashing, only to come back and affectionately nudge onto Minerva, showing that she is his master. Vetanoob again - The Division will have to go on with Amy but if you wish you can have her npc'd for the police station and then she will end up going MIA. These people are those I wish to thank or apologize to as plans have to be cancelled. @Typhon I'm sorry but I will not be joining anymore. @sheep Tookie's Tantalizing Tales will have be down a certain wondrous and spectacular story. @Dmitry Fluffy boi is going to have to go a separate course that you had planned with me and even those these ideas were before I started going down I still see fluffy boi going places even if plans have to change. @Malintzin Port Kyros will not be having Lady Blaze as a their resident pirate queen and protector. Also go with a pirate of yourself! I know you want to! @vielle The Yanaihara will be down their resident master of Kyoketsu-Shoge and half-yokai warrior. Whether you wish for him to an npc or gone is up to you but I ask if you go down the route of npc that he is npc'd as a protector/teacher more than anything. @supernal The ToL's mentoring days has come to an end. I am glad to have helped out the fresh faces.
  2. Not sure if I told you but I'm currently sick so my posts are delayed for the time being until I'm better.
  3. -salutes with tears- It was an honor my friend. May we be blessed to have you back some day.
  4. I would appreciate that. Thank you.
  5. @Vetanoob Currently sick so my posting might be delayed. I will however post the second I can when I'm feeling better
  6. I have a lovely villainous character who'd be willing to join. He may not have military experience but he has a lot of combat experience and makes an excellent soldier. That and he has crap morals and will do anything so long as his people aren't being treated unfairly.
  7. Incredibly sick right now, posts will be delayed.

  8. Lok-Tar Ogar! For the Horde!

  9. Seeing the Skaven get on the wagons and the raiding party get a move, Ragnar stayed towards the back of the group, preferring to keep an eye on everyone else. Staying quiet he just listened to every conversation happening which thankfully he picked up every word of it all. A Skaven named Thril talked to Vito about sneak stuff. He wasn't really listening to the conversation until he heard about a 'badgerfolk' had passed away. With a mournful look he knew Vito meant Chinafel and looked at Fenris, knowing the dire wolf heard it too. Fenris wasn't has emotional but still felt a bit of sadness for the being that aided in it's creation. Watching Veron's vehicle go on ahead, a slight whistle could be heard from behind the group and if anyone looked behind, the dire wolf was gone from it's place and had dashed to the sides, taking cover in the trees while steadily keeping up the raiding party. Quickening his pace he walked to wagon that held the Skaven and the ginger girl and spoke to them, eyes forward. "Glaive rat. How experienced are you with your weapon?" He waited for the answer and regardless of what answer he received he slowed his pace to go back to where he was at originally. All he needed to know is if the rat would be more of an obstacle with it's experience, or lack of, or an asset.
  10. I don't know why but my mind felt useless filler wouldn't make a difference. Thank you for reminding me/filling me in that it's alright. Will post later.
  11. I'd say skip me for this turn. The gist of my next post would be Ragnar following with a lot useless filler just to make a decently long enough post.
  12. Ragnar Amarth is Norse demi-god from unknown origins. Height is 6'8, approximately 300 pounds, and carries two weapons. A two-handed battleaxe and a greatsword. He is fully capable of wielding both weapon and magic simultaneously. Known magic is Breath of the Frost Giants and Strike Fear while the rest is unknown to those on Valucre. Travels via portals created by his immortal parent. Has a dire wolf who he obtained through a badgerfolk named Chinafel.
  13. Ragnar chuckled quietly and looked at Veron. 'Another... 'person' who's raided numerous times before. So we have another experienced member.' Quietly listening to everything that's being said by the Skaven he rested on Fenris and closed his eyes, waiting. The raid was to happen soon enough and he'd most likely be set up front in case stuff went south along with the other humanoid raider, Vito, and the Skaven, Veron. Smiling at this realization, he cracked his knuckles and open his eyes, before turning his attention to Fenris. "Fenris. How do you feel about having a meal?" He watched the large dire wolf bare it's teeth in a sort of toothy smile before laying down beside it's master. With a turn he faced the raiding party, hearing Vito's question. "I wanna believe the smaller towns and cities, with what we have now, wouldn't be hard at all to raid. I guess it all matters on the ratfolk if they want backup to arrive. Looking at what we have now we seem capable." He quietly looks at the Skaven with the glaive and sees the inexperience they have by their expression. "Most of us at least."
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