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  1. Peering through the scope of their rifle, T.E.M. saw another group ride back to wear the fiery arrows were launched from. "Great. Competition. Jasmine, go get Billy and see what's up with them. Talk with them first. If they wanna speak with your leader they can. Just don't provoke them." Leaving their post, they walked around to find the remaining bandits to eliminate. "Don't underestimate them. Ever." Before allowed Jasmine to say any word, they disappeared and left. "You can't let me have a moment with you, can you?" Jasmine quickly shook her head and ran off to gather her giant friend, eventually surfing on the ground via rock and earthen magic towards the unknown riders. Rexus stood on the top of fortress and held his ground, ready for another barrage of flaming arrows. Luckily the last fire was put out but the wooden structure had charred holes and was starting to become structurally unsafe. If another attack of sorts came down, he could prevent major damage but the wood underneath would collapse.
  2. Shannon tilted her head partially out of curiosity and partially out of confusion. "An eternally moving machine? How does that work and what kind of machine do you intend it to be? I'd imagine that doesn't seem easy to tell if it actually works? Surely you would have to get someone to manage it's stability and make sure it still goes on after you depart. That is unless you can keep an eye on it yourself." Looking down at the marking on her body, she shrugged. "I actually don't know if they are useful. From what I could figure out, they're magical purpose is to allow communication with the spirits in any given. I have a planchette that if pressed over my chest, it allows me to materialize them into a visible and physically interactive form. I think if I wear to pursue any other school of magic, it'd have to involve the dead somehow. It came very natural what I can do but I never had to opportunity to learn other magic."
  3. Delta was peppered by bullets of infantry and the cyclops and it started to get angered and annoyed. The smaller bullets of the infantry felt more like a mosquito bite than the bigger ones from the cyclops. Stopping its crawling movement towards the infantry Delta turned directly to the cyclops in melee range. A echoing roar resonated from the mutant as it slowly stood up using the things in the garage to pull itself up. Its full height being another four feet above the mechs, it stared the rider down the entire time it rose from the ground. Its pointed, almost drill like, arm lurched back before being launched through the protective glass and piercing the rider through the mech. The soldier was lucky enough to bring the mechs retractable blade into Delta but wasn't lucky enough as the mutants thick skin prevented it from burying itself too deep. Having pierced the mech and its rider, Delta positioned itself to launch the cyclops at another but on the way back down it threw the mech at the unsuspecting infantry, getting rid of the last of the mosquitoes. Turning it's attention to another mech, it barreled itself towards it and began lashing at the legs with the crystalline arm. "Shoot this thing! It's going to break the legs!" Some soldiers began pelting the mutant but there was still the matter of the other mutant that melted the face of another soldier.
  4. The cosmic duck would like to participate.
  5. Rexus looked around at the top of the fortress and growled. Flames were starting to catch fire on the wooden fortress and another volley of arrows were seen in the distance. "Billy! Arrows! Do your job!" Inhaling deeply, the heat from Rexus' armor soaked into his body and was then exhaled forcely, shredding all the arrows he could. The flames that were starting to catch around him and places he could see, he held his hands towards them to pull them into him, absorbing it into his armor. Billy grabbed onto the stone ground and started physically ripping it from the actual planet itself. Hoisting it over his head, he hurried over to his allies and began providing cover for them with makeshift barriers. However in making the barriers for his allies, it also provided protection for the bandits and any other enemies within. Jasmine hurried inside the fortress and the snake tattoo on her arm was fully extended out, biting into people's necks dripping venom in their body. Any person left straggling would have a small alchemical bead thrown onto their body and immediately started to melt from a poison. "Allie? Where are you?" Turning around the corner, she heard a door slam shut but no person. The snake on her arm, smelled the air and jerked its head to a window. The heavily clothed figure appeared, holding their gun.
  6. The trio heard the horn blow and rushed to action. Rexus stood in front of his giantkin ally and stood in a runners position. "Launch me." Without any pause, the ground beneath the devil born was taken out from under him and launched towards the fortress. Landing on the top of the fortress the devil born looked aroumd growled. Everything here was in danger of being caught on fire. "Of course it's nearly all wood. I guess I gotta be sa...fe." The sense of fire caught his attention. It came from the direction opposite of where they came in from. And not inside the fortress itself. "Well that's not good." Not wanting to be impaled from the flaming arrows, raining down on the fortress like hellfire, Rexus inhaled deeply before unleashing a breath of fire at the arrows. The actual gout of fire looked as if a dragon had spewed it from it's mouth and then vanished. Unfortunately not all of the arrows were turned to ashe, only those that would've pierced the mercenary devil.
  7. T.E.M. stood behind the fortress, invisible and hidden from danger. Thee dressed in their layers of clothing that made identification near impossible but made sure they wasn't weighed down. They had told the others to stay behind them and clear the stragglers they didn't finish. Looking behind them, they saw the group they was in charge of waiting patiently and silently behind cover. 'I guess it's now or never. Boss man, you better be right about this place.' With a sigh they went forward and walked ahead towards the fortress. Staying silent yet moving swift, T.E.M. was able sneak inside. Once inside they looked around and shook their head. Wood. Wood. Wood. Most everything was wood, which meant Rexus was not useful and Billy couldn't make use of the ground. To their right a bandit was heard moving towards the mercenary. ---- "I'm getting so bored here. I haven't been out of the fortress in almost a week. I wish someone would ju-" Quickly being cut off, an invisible object cut through his gut and was pulled back as soon as it entered. The body of the bandit was grabbed and then dragged into hiding. Unfortunately for the assailant another bandit was heard swearing and then running off. "Dammit." Quickly dropping the body, T.E.M. started running to go after the bandit. The bandit turned a corner and yelled for others. Soon the entire fortress was on alert and a horn was heard being blown. Then another, and then another. Quickly looking around, T.E.M. found a room and ducked inside. Bandits were inside, rushing to finish their meals and get prepared. The massacre was soon to happen. The shouts outside the room heavily drowned out the screams of pain and agony from inside the room.
  8. Shannon looked at the barmaid and ordered a simple meal. Thanking the friendly man for the cider, she sipped it and smiled. It was a nice change of pace from the drinks from her home, which was odd considering her home land contained more flavorful and colored drinks. The simple things in life were sometimes better than the what one's used to. Looking at the man she held up a paper with a job offering on it. "I caught wind of someone needing helping with spirits and I took up the offer. Home's far from here and the man took his offer at the job away seeing my unusual appearance. I look like a human Ouija board and can appear unsettling to some. I think I might take up the school or whatever it is here. Maybe I'll learn some other kind of magic." Pausing to take a sip of her cider, she motioned to the elf. "What about you? What are you here for? As you said, it's not the ideal place for tourists, and in my opinion you seem here for the education, with your curious nature."
  9. Shannon held her hands to the fire and looked over as someone began talking to her. It was the same person she had bumped into on the street. Embarrassed she looked back at the fire and inched slightly closer to it. She stayed quiet for a few moments, before deciding to reply. The person seemed peaceful and it would be rude to just ignore them. "I am new here. I came here looking for job opportunity, but the person that wanted to hire me rescinded the offer upon seeing me." She reached to her satchel, which was black and matched her entire outfit, and pulled out a little notebook and began writing in it. Hearing the person offer her a drink, she immediately perked up and her stomach rumbled quietly upon the mention of anything to fill her stomach. "Yes please. I'd very much like that," she answered quietly. A part of her was embarrassed to accept anything from someone, but another part was desperately wanting to ask for food. "Nice to meet you Sentheril. I'm Shannon. Just Shannon."
  10. Sylvis witnessed the ignorant pirate call her ship, boarding it. Stepping on the cherry from her cigarette, Sylvis sighed and put her hand in her pocket, thumbing the necklace she acquired awhile back. The hatch opened and when Jade aimed her gun towards the docks, the elven captain smiled and put her fingers to her mouth, whistling loudly. Slowly making her way to the back of the property, she sat down on the edge and watched as the water rippled. The giant sea leviathan that was once the Renovation god Aquarius, came from the water and protected the ship and it's crew from whatever Jade shot nearby. Along with anyone and anything else it needed. The giant sea serpent didn't surface much but it made it's presence known. Looking up at Jade, Sylvis smiled and waved at her. "As I was saying, and this time I'll say it nicely. Leave my property and don't come back unless you plan to apologize else I'll introduce you to Aquarius." The captain stood there, waiting for a response before she'd go back to her business.
  11. "I'm cold... I'm hungry... Who suggested I come out this way? I want to go back home to the island." Walking around with no particular destination in mind, Shannon looked behind her and sighed. The spirit she had summoned to help her find food was of no use as it died with no knowledge of this area. It departed to it's realm and left her in even worse of a situation then she was previously in. No food or lodging and the clothes she was wearing to protect her from the cold were a size too big. After making it near lodging, she bumped into a person and quickly froze. Looking up at the male, she raised her left hand up, which read 'Goodbye', over her right eye. "Sorry sir." Quickly she hurried off into the building and sighed, quickly finding a place to sit near a fireplace. With an exhausted sigh, she took the baggy coat off and began warming up. @Zigzag
  12. I would like to use Shannon for sure.
  13. The door opened slowly, two allies had already slipped through and when the door opened fully, Subject Delta dropped to the ground to head further. Seeing two groups head off to separate into the cyclops garage where one ally had went to caused it to follow. Footsteps of armed enemies grew closer and the voices was heard by Delta. "We hit the damn creature, now to flush it out." As the door started to close it stopped before it hit the bottom. The guards looking over would see a crystalline object blocking the bottom. Raising their guns before examining a loud noise sounded, signalling that Delta has recognized an ally has been injured. The yellow hue beside the crystal turned a deep red. Then banging on the door. Immediately the guards opened fire on the crystalline arm of the mutant as the banging dented the door heavily. The door began to weaken and ultimately came crashing down on top of two guards, one fully splattered beneath it and the others legs being pancaked underneath. The remaining forces backed away to get cover while firing at Delta. The guard still barely alive underneath the door was pierced by the crystalline arm. Looking down at the dead body, it detached itself and positioned itself to aim before hurling the half body at the guards, blood and innards flying about. The red rain covered them, one getting the worst of it and their vision heavily obscured. As he backed further, the blinded guard tripped over a tool and fell to the ground only to be stepped on, collapsing his torso inward. The other guards were startled at first but carried with finding their initial target with extreme caution. Leaving either mutant ignored wouldn't be ideal. One approached slowly, while the other hid in the shadows.
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