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  1. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    Ultimately Chloe is more of an "either" person. Her main goal is just to be bigger than her father by any means. Kill or be killing
  2. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    @Ataraxy So is there any additional information on the mind control parasites for characters like Apex or for people who have possible ways of accessing such information through techy means. I.E. Red Hands with his mass amounts of money might have techy people or those who have affiliations with retired villains like Chloe. @Sanonymous Wanna give a little info on Steve King that'd be found out somehow and put on the web? Got a little plan in mind. Obviously this isn't necessary, I could whip something up if you wish to not give any.
  3. SteamWarden

    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    Chloe was in her house getting prepared for the night. She made sure she had her father's old attire on and a lot of pistol ammunition. Tonight was gonna be a bit of a crazy, unorganized mess. She filled her jacket pocket with loads of ammunition, almost two dozen clips, a dozen for each pistol with each clip containing twelve bullets plus the one always kept in the chamber. After she finished getting prepared she walked out the front door, locked it and started heading for downtown to find someone. She knew if she found her and she was being controlled by these... bugs then she was gonna have to kill her. And that wouldn't be an easy task. As she looked around the streets, she pulled up her masked hood and put the pistols in their holsters behind her back and hid the bowie knife on her side. The walk to downtown was pretty difficult seeing as she didn't want to be seen by gang members, other Masks, or even law enforcement but she eventually arrived at the apartment. Looking around the street to make sure no one was looking she buzzed the apartment number and pulled her mask down. "Who is it? Whaddya want?" The voice on the intercom was slightly staticky. Probably from people punching it and just in general lack of maintenance. "Aunt Sally. It's me Chloe. Let me in." Chloe stood there, hearing a quiet 'fuck' and then the buzzer going off indicating the doors unlocked which she proceeded to go through. She walked the stairs two flights and down a long hallway until she made it to a door marked 28. As she was about to knock the door opened revealing a woman in her fifties that has zero resemblance to Chloe. "Hi Aunt Sally." "Yes hello. I will ask again cause apparently you didn't hear me the first time. Whaddya want?" The woman closed the door behind Chloe and sat down on a chair in front of a computer. Chloe stayed standing as she leaned against the door. "I know you're retired but I need to find out who's behind this weird bug shit. I got attacked the other day by one of my friends because of these bugs." She pulled out her phone and showed Aunt Sally a picture of the bug. "I was too afraid to remove it because I don't know what it does when it gets removed by force. For all I know it could kill the person it's attached to." At this point she was heading to the fridge to find a drink. Aunt Sally sighed after she saw the photo and turned to the computer, hitting away at the buttons. "Oh so you'll come and visit me with a question about a bug on someone's neck but you won't make a normal social visit? Yeah I was the person who gave your father his targets and any information he needed but I'm still your family." She heard a soda can open and sighed. "Yeah you're welcome to the fridge too. Make a sandwich while you're at it." A few minutes of silence goes by before Chloe gets a text message from her phone. At first she ignored it but then it started to go off repeatedly so she pulled it out and checked it. The message was definitely not something she wanted to see as her face grew a fearful expression. "Aunt Sally when you get anything text me all you got." She ran to the window that was in front of the fire escape and opened it but she stopped for a second. "Oh and give me information on a Steve King if you can. He's a boxer." She then jumped out the window, heading down the fire escape and ran as fast as she could to Palgard General. Not caring if she got seen she ran street side instead of through the alleyways. 'You better not be hurt kid or I'll hurt you worse than you are already are.'
  4. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    @Ataraxy I was looking over the cast and saw three heroes, two villains, two anti-villains, and two other. Y'know if it weren't for the "other" I'd be more scared of the anti-villains but Apex is other. So that scares me more.
  5. SteamWarden

    TOL mentor

    Oh I already knew it wasn't about building up my own characters. TOL unnamed staff for me. It does interest me but I'd have to think about it. Debating on if I should focus getting myself used to the site first since I'm still "new" myself.
  6. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    A certain dragon might enjoy seeing that.
  7. SteamWarden

    TOL mentor

    *nervously raises my hand* I have interest as well. Not sure how many you may need since you have ODST and Vielle wishes too as well.
  8. SteamWarden

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    They said they'd be busy this week. Give them until this weekend.
  9. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    I feel like this would be great for an episode similar to how certain anime do things. Example? The entire Black Butler season of random ass stuff. Just an entire season of the heroes and villains doing weird things together.
  10. SteamWarden

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    Dante was sitting in a chair when he felt a weird magical presence come from the entrance. Normally it wouldn't bother him but this one made him feel slightly off. 'Why do I feel like not drinking?' He shrugged and kept drinking his alcohol as eventually the effect left him. It wasn't like him to let things bother him that were small. Sasha was on her way to find Dante when she saw the front door open and this weird guy do some weird stuff. However she did feel an incredibly strong magical presence coming from him. With a shrug she walked over to Dante and sat on the arm of the chair. "Very strong wizard here. Presumably illusion magic going to work right now." She made sure that only Dante could hear her.
  11. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    I suggest going through the pages of this thread. Specifically the first 6 or 7 and you'll find the links.
  12. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    The Night Dragon has been born. Beware the power of ancient dragon.
  13. SteamWarden

    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    Chloe watched as Steve King stepped beside her and wrapped his hands around. For a second she was confused but remembered she was holding a phone in her hand which she then proceeded to use to take a selfie. She smiled and looked at the picture for a second. The picture itself could've been a bit better as it was held at an awkward angle due to her being much smaller than the boxer but she liked it nonetheless. After putting her phone away, she stayed in her spot as she watched Steve leave, thinking to herself. 'Make a name for the ruthless Dragon. Remember, Chloe. Make a name for yourself.' She started to head through alleyway and walk home. 'Who would I have to kill to get the headlines in a couple of days? Get noticed quickly? A politician? A cop?' Then it hit her. This person would definitely make the papers and bring notice. 'A famous boxer.' She wanted to turn back around but she knew if she did it'd be known who it is in the likely chance she fails. She'd have to take him by major surprise. As she was walking home she heard a noise coming from behind her. Deciding not to let it bother her she kept walking. Eventually it did bother her as someone had grabbed her shoulder roughly and stopped her in her tracks. A large group of people, presumably a gang, was standing there. "Hello lovely. What are you doing walking alone at night? Dontcha know what kind of people lurk the streets at night?" The large man was armed with a gun while the others seemed to have either blunt or sharp weapons. "Yeah. I do know what kind of people lurk at night. Very deadly people. Hell I'm one of them. You should be careful of who you touch at night." All the while she said this she had her hands behind her back. She was reaching under the back of jacket to the two pistols. She knew she was gonna kill someone. These guys seemed to be the someone. "You? Deadly?! All I see on you is a knife. A very large knife that little ol' you can't use. It's gotta be bigger than those tiny hands on you. Ain't no way that---" The man was cut off as a bullet was shot into his gut before he could finish. The group of men was stunned as their leader fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. "What are you fucking idiots doing?! KILL HER!" Chloe turned around and ran to get some ground. She was a good bit away already so she managed to get a good distance away before she turned and aimed the dual guns at the group before unloading the clips into them as they charged her. She missed many rounds as five of the seven men fell. Knowing she wasn't done, she dropped the pistols and pulled out her knife. When the two men approached, she spun downwards and stabbed one of the men in the leg while the other missed his swing with his bat. As she stood up, she kicked the injured man on the back of his knee, knocking him down a bit, before she slammed the knife into his back. She was going to go after the guy with the bat but she felt a gun on the back of her head causing her to halt. "You have ten seconds to tell me who the fuck you think you are before I splatter your brains on the concrete." The leader managed to gather enough strength to get up and stop her. He was very pissed and very serious. He then started counting down from ten. Chloe was so concerned that she would and afraid that she froze up. The second she heard five she snapped back into reality. "Night Dragon." Just then a massive black dragon emerged from her body and stared the leader down. It's eyes a burning red that would induce fear in even the most fearless of people. Knowing the man was scared she ducked out of the way and stabbed him in the side, making him instinctually fire his gun. The bullet hit the last man in the chest sending him down while Chloe slashed the knife from the mans side all the way to the other. She watched as the man fell dead on the ground and went back to pick up her guns. As she put the guns away she knew she had to do something before she left. She went to each and every person laying on the ground and sliced them from side to side as her father would do before she left for home. Chloe walked through her front door to clean off her knife and take her clothes off to clean them of any blood that was on them. She stared at her closet and saw a certain outfit that she remembered from her youth and took it out. It was her fathers outfit from his villain days. "An ancient dragon has risen from his slumber. Those who are not careful will meet the end of their days. They will feel the bite from a dragon's tooth and be slashed open. The sight will terrify those who see and make them wonder. Has the dragon of old come back to haunt the streets. Or is it someone who wishes to make them remember." She finished her talk to herself and stabbed the bowie knife into her kitchen table, the dragon on the blade is now a black dragon instead of it's normal green dragon. And with that. The Night Dragon is born.
  14. SteamWarden

    Heroes and Villains

    It's perfectly fine. Life and such comes up before a simple roleplay. Take your time, no need to rush.
  15. SteamWarden

    The things we do for a pop... (Port Sun)

    Lithist stares at the twins and then the trailer. It didn't seem impressive to him at all but considering the trailer was looking brand new in possible record time than to an average person this was really different. He snapped his fingers in front of Thurgood hoping to get his attention. "You good there mate? Now unless you got anything else that might need fixing I'm gonna go work some magic and make my money back. Unfortunate downside of being able to fix anything and being a traveler? No one's been able to get me a worthy job. Had a job has a mechanic but turns out all the other mechanics at the shop put their dirty work into my lap. Also the fortunate upside of making minerals?" He paused to make some currency that was an exact copy of the currency around the parts. "I can do this. However highly illegal because it's technically not legal currency. Only do it when I'm in a pinch but generally I'm gone before they get a chance to check." After finishing talking with the two his hat flies out of his head as a little propeller comes from the top so it can fly around. He goes over to the center of the market not to far away and does what he was doing before. Making money.