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  1. Minerva turned around and skipped off with her atronachs following. The atronachs were made from a strong metal capable of withstanding several thousands of pounds of force onto but had very little defense against magic. As she skipped around she would order an atronach to stand guard at certain points covering one half of the construction site while she and Nikolai covered the other half by themselves. She sat on the ground, cross-legged, and stared at the construction. "So Nikolai. We never did get to finish our game of I-Spy. Wanna go again?" Nikolai shrugged and stood silent before quietly saying. "I spy something made of steel." Minerva huffed and crossed her arm, her face pouting. "No fair." (It's fine with the wait. I don't mind. Side note Nikolai isn't elderly, he's around early 30's.)
  2. Having the ability to create/fix things useful to many people does come in handy. Gun needs fixing? He'll have your firearm shooting better than it used to. Need a car built? He'll make sure you got a vehicle to get you places. Need your ceiling fan fixed? Call an electrician.
  3. Well I thought I'd drop by. Say hello. Drop the idea that my boy Lithist is the last of his kind (that we know of) and a very beneficial person to have when it comes to the needs of metals, gems, minerals. Take this information and give it some thought.
  4. Lithist nodded at the Otherworlder comment. "Yeah. I like to call myself a traveler of sorts. I'd rather not use a term that some people might not appreciate. Some employers might not pay me if I get called that. A traveler does need to get paid if one frequents inns and taverns." After learning the one brother's name, instead of doing a traditional handshake, he just simply tips his top hat. "Pleasure to meet you Lenore. M'names Lithist O'Malley." Normally at this point of him introducing himself he'd promote his ability to make and fix things but he decided against it. A party of someone else doesn't seem like the proper time or place to do such a thing.
  5. Solomon witnessed Fiji's entirely demeanor change with just a simple scolding. It was kind of adorable to witness a large, scary beast folk turn into an innocent looking creature. Trying not to chuckle as he talked to Fiji. "I understand why you did it. Big beast man can break people and you wanted to demonstrate why you couldn't do something but that cup was supposed to be on display so if you can clean it then I'll find a way to fix it. As for the snowmen I don't mind. Just an innocent game you played. I'm pretty chill when it comes to those kind of things." He paused and slid the plate of venison pot roast closer to Fiji. "Eat. It's not a big deal. It's not like you're in trouble." @Ghorroj
  6. By heading off I assume you mean my mental health break? I've found a way to take it and still reply. As for the job of ToL mentor? I will happily keep my place. Side note: @supernal is there anyway to get my unnamed bartender as part of the small time staff?
  7. Lithist chuckled slightly at Lenore's first comment. Catastrophe did bring people together. He knew that too well from his time back home. "Yeah. It does bring people together." His voice sounded slightly reminiscent as he remembered his past. It was definitely a bad past but it had its pleasant moments. He sat silently and listened to Lenore, intrigued by the fact someone here owns a city. 'He must be important enough to own a whole city but...' "Why is it a tragedy? What happened to it?" To have something happen to your city without ever visiting it yet would definitely be upsetting. As Lenore asked about his power he smiled as he took off his gloves. He put the gem on his palm and closed his fingers over it, balling his hand up just to open it again. The gem itself is now a different color and shape becoming a different gem entirely, this one being found on Valucre. "It's a power a few of my people have. We either possess godly strength, creation of gems and metals and minerals or we can manipulate electricity. You can see which one I gained." He closed his hand and put his gloves back on, the gem gone from existence. "I could also create currency if it's of the things I can create but I don't think that's quite legal so I stray away from that." As the question of where he originates from he stopped looking happy. "I'm from a planet called Ragnera and it's main thing was industry. We made weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. It's unfortunately no longer around as we went to war and um... let's just leave it at it's not longer around." He leaned back a little and popped a chip in his mouth. Home wasn't a topic he liked discussing. It left a bad taste in his mouth.
  8. @EtherealWings Actually the girls are a reference that his plane in Oblivion have two enforcers. The Dark Seducers and the Golden Saints. I figured the girls would be a nice addition to him being a crimelord. However on the note of what was written and the ideas of what was written has been changed. Only kept the alcohol aspect but decided to make it a purple wine (his business) and sending the girls out of the room. Side note if he ever gets his powers and memories back he'd be a force to reckon with but to keep it on terms to be dealt with he will only be able do basic magic from Skyrim.
  9. SHEOGORATH The mad man entered his home and was immediately greeted by his assistant Haskill greeted him. It was just the same 'where have you been, you know the others don't like it, the girls wouldn't stop talking about you, etc...' The Breton man walked with Sheogorath as he took his suit jacket off of him. The next thing that was said definitely caught Sheogorath's attention. "Joker called from the Asylum. He asked for your personal number since you're always out. I hope you don't mind that I gave it to him." Sheogorath walked into his kitchen and put the bottle of Coca-Cola in the fridge staying quiet. He was listening alright but he didn't like to talk with Haskill about everything. But Joker was something he needed to discuss. "Ah well. Speaking of Joker. Freeze is dead. We both knew what would happen if he came near me but this fool threatened me and expected to drive off alive. I'll speak with J myself about this. We always come to an agreement." It was entirely a lie. Freeze was in the middle of a threat but he never got to finish it. Such is life for people who wish to say things they can't commit to. All that heard from the assistant was a sigh as he walked towards Sheogorath's office. The mad man grabbed a bottle of some strange liquid and took with him to his bedroom. As the door swung open he was greeted by two girls arguing with each other. One girl being grey in color and dressed in black and the other girl seemed to be of pure gold and dressed in it too. The two stopped arguing when they saw Sheogorath and simply gave each other a stare saying 'this isn't over'. "Jezebel, Lilith. I'm home. Now what were you two arguing about? No wait, don't tell me. Was it about me being out alone or did it have to deal with Haskill driving you insane or... are we out of cheese? I was just out why didn't you message me?" He laughs loudly before popping the top off of his bottle. It was a bottle of liquid he only drank when he had a fun night. It was just a bottle of weird purple wine. He motioned the girls to leave the room and go about their business. He grabbed his glass he keeps and poured himself some wine. He flipped on the TV and watched the news. 'The murder of gangster known by the alias 'Mr. Freeze'. He smiled widely and sipped his wine and smacked his lips. It didn't taste like it was made correctly. He sighed and tossed the glass into the fireplace and watched it burn brighter and more intense. "Time to have a discussion with my wine distributor."
  10. I'd like to add in a part that a way around the God/Jesus part is that some characters wouldn't know who those two are. Namely Sheo and Jyggalag wouldn't worship anything but if they were to worship a 'god' then it'd be the long lost Aedra. This only applies to Jyggalag though. So if he would say something like 'gods rest your soul' instead of 'God rest your soul' (purposefully not saying anything bad). The whole religion aspect of this city would be a fustercluck due to all the people that would reside in it. We have Hylians, Orcs, Daedra, a vampire. So on the terms of religion the probability of someone praying to God would be lower than most. Unless of course the religion maintain real life ones. Then all this goes away.
  11. SHEOGORATH As the mad man walked down the street he watched the cars pass him by. The cars were much less than what passes by during the day. However one particular vehicle stood out to him. It was a duo-blue colored SUV. "For the love of-- What is he doing here? He knew to stay away from me otherwise he'd regret it." He watched the SUV pull up next to him and the person driving rolled the window down and talked to him. "Hey Sheo. What a surprise seeing you on the streets. Alone. Without your girls. Speaking of your girls tell them I said 'hi'." The mad man laughed. This was going to be a fun night. "Freeze. Lad. You should get to driving before your boss loses a very nice agreement we have." The man driving smirked. "Or what? There's nothing you can do right now. I could drive off or run your pathetic body into the gro---" The sound of a gunshot and the horn of the SUV was the only thing to be heard. The blue SUV now splattered with a sinister red. The mad man put his gun away back up his sleeve. Advantages of being a crimelord include nice toys to have. As he walked he got hungry and pulled his bag of Cheeto's out of his bag, eating some as he walked. "Cheese... To die for."
  12. JYGGALAG The detective was in his house, in his office chair, staring at a suit of armor. It was a unique set of armor with unknown origins. The armor itself was like molten metal had taken the form of a human. Then there was the sword that went with it, also unknown origins. It was a claymore. Nothing special about it except for it's unknown origins. "One of these days, I will figure out where you came from. One of these days." His voice held a hint of disappointment. Being who he is and considered the best at his job but he couldn't locate the origin of some armor and a sword. As he felt like he was going mad from the seemingly foreign objects in his office a loud ding! came from his open laptop. He wheeled his chair to his desk and checked what the noise was for. As he moved his mouse to a little red 1 over his email. Clicking it open he read the email title and who it was from. The chief of police sent over the files they have. "'Bout time." He opened the files and looked over the evidence that was sent to him. As he looked over the evidence he noticed that everything that happened was really recent to when they got there. "How is that possible? Blood was fresh and the cigarette was still lit but no one was near." As he examined the pictures he realized something. There was definitely a reason the killer couldn't be found. Ever. He picked up his phone and called the police headquarters, calling the chief of police directly. "Chief you need to find out who was near the crime scene. I have reason to believe the killer was posing as an average civilian to avoid suspicion." He listened to the officer talk before quietly hanging up. As he looked back at the pictures he saw the foreign words but couldn't make it out. That was the only thing he needed to decipher before he had a clue who to look for.
  13. I am fine with this. Just leave the representation of Sheo not known. I'm keeping his lawyer hidden for now.
  14. SHEOGORATH As the mad man was almost out the drugstore when something talked to him. No... not something. Someone. The mad man turned around and looked at the person talking to him. "Are you talking to me? You understand who I am dontcha? Actually you answered that question when you talked to me the way you did and are still standing there." The mad man sets his bag down and walks over to the boy, staring him down. "I don't think you understand the consequences of what it's like to socialize with a... 'business man' such as m'self." As the mad man slowly reaches into his pocket he continues talking, his voice getting more menacing. "I could see you dead in a mere instant and your body never identifiable. I could see your entire existence erased and more importantly if I wanted to I could find out more things about you than you'll never about me." As his hand finally exits his pocket it's revealed he's holding a wallet. He stands straight and turns to the cashier and hands him two fifties. As he spoke his voice went to a more cheery tone. "This is for mine and the boy's cost." The mad man turned back around and walked out of the store, grabbing his bag as he left.
  15. Side note since I didn't say Sheogorath's age. He's the same age as Jyggalag.
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