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  1. The crew of the ship saw the serpent god drop below the water only to appear before them. Sylvis and Aquila dropped to the deck, shouting to the crew to watch for any attacks but it was too late. The tail had wrapped itself around the ship, tightening itself around the ship. "No no no!" Sylvis forced her hands onto the ship and made an ethereal blue shield around the entire ship. Aquila focused all the magic energy she could right into her captain allowing her to keep the ship from being crushed in half. It didn't stop the god from crushing the ship but it did help the ship stay intact longer.
  2. Minerva saw rogue crouch down and head on ahead. That made sense, he has to be sneaky. She wasn't really useful like everyone else seemed to be. Resting her hand on the bookshelves to help go ahead without needing to see, she motioned the little atronach to run. It was fast and offered nothing more other than run by slashes. Peering through the eyes of the atronach, she would be able to see what the little 3 foot creation sees. The only downside of this was that can't see through her own but still hear. If anyone saw her drifting ahead aimlessly, hand on the bookshelf, she'd be able to stop walking.
  3. Stepping out of the car driven by T.E.M. the leader of Infernal Contracts looked about and grinned. A convention to show off the creation of his best mercenary with the added benefit of seeing potential rivals, allies and even other inventions. "T.E.M. Let us go inside and set up. You should be able to test live rounds fairly easily if the convention staff are not complete imbeciles." Without waiting for an answer he started heading inside. -- T.E.M. sat in the car for a few seconds in their usual work outfit consisting of multi-layered clothes and a face mask. The glowing red eyes peeking through two holes scanned the surroundings. 'First public appearance with the director and it's to show off a bullet design. Better make it worth the effort.' Turning the vehicle off, siphoning the magic from it and followed their boss. Walking to their booth T.E.M. spotting other mercenary groups and sighed heavily. One they recognized and the other they didn't, but they soon would. Shaking their head and turning back to the booth, waving his hand and illusions of decorations showed around it while putting out papers with the other hand. The only thing not being laid out were the bullets in case someone wanted to snag one for whatever reason.
  4. Minerva listened to the cat creature speak and heard multiverse. That meant every book ever. "Books of Earth will be fun. Hopefully my cousins aren't here," she muttered to herself. There would be a big problem if witches from Salem were to see Minerva, be her family, and try to kill her. The cat asked what everyone's strong suits are and she shrugged. "I know hemomancy. Most of them take time to activate. I can also summon allies." She places her hand on the demonic atronach that was smaller than her. The atronach stared at the cat with hungry eyes, it's long extended tongue drooling heavily. "I also have a puppy but he's sleeping right now."
  5. Minerva saw the crushed tables, books all over and looked up at the celestial person. He radiated justice and righteousness and holy. With a sigh she walked to a more open space and took out her dagger. The base requirement for her spells were blood so with a quick slash on her hand, she tossed the blood forward. Quiet splatters of crimson touched the ground and from them a single atronach formed and stood at three feet tall. The atronach ran up her, ran its hand on Minerva's wounded hand, healing it instantly. Walking back to the group she heard the celestial ask the purple feline how to solve the problem. 'What even is the problem? What kind of problem can a library even have? Did someone take over and are holding hostages?' Looking up at the angeloid she tapped him slightly to get his attention. "What evil is even here? You really didn't explain what the evil is other than there is an evil." What could be considered evil to an angelic entity could vary significantly. Especially to someone like Minerva.
  6. Rexus smiled as he saw the bear. The creature was magnificent in all of the horror it presented. The heat radiated off him, metal turned red hot and the ground beneath him steamed. Happily he raised his fists and breathed heavily. The flames curling out of his mouth. 'Hungry. Hungry. Hungry!' Pulling his head back he let loose a wave of fire onto the bear, not caring who is in front of him aside from his allies and prisoners, in an attempt to roast the bear. "ROAST BEAR, ROAST!" --- Jasmine was rambling nonsensically about what she'd order for dinner when she got back, she was quickly picked up and turned around towards the bear. Looking up at Billy, she motioned to go guard the prisoners. "We got this, it's fine." The snake on her arm extended ten feet and began biting the bear. No damage would come to the snake being enchanted ink and perhaps to the bear creature too. If this bear was unaffected by poison then her options were limited to punching it, which wasn't the ideal choice. --- Billy hurried his way to the prisoners, making sure they were safe. The man who was easily over 7' tall making calming gestures to everyone was probably more terrifying than the attack by the creature. "Safe? Yes." Billy looked at the last prisoner, the female and saw she wanted to be freed. He wanted to help her stay calm but her saw the blood on her wrist. "Oh no. Not safe." In an attempt to keep the female prisoner safe, he stood in front of her and would guard her, preparing to throw anyone and anything to came to hurt her further. He wasn't sure how the prisoner got hurt but he would make sure she wouldn't get hurt any further. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, he prepared himself for any bull rush to come to him.
  7. Rexus sighed seeing the prisoner shut down from the world and the caravan captain. Things were going south and it was already getting bothersome to deal with annoying guards. He bent the bars back, hopped down and pushed past the guards only to see one guard on the ground, bleeding from his loins. "Yeah and what I did is the real problem." He scoffed and walked past everyone and went to the absolute front of the travelling group. --- "Yeah so that's why I want to go back as quickly as I can. You wouldn't get it Billy, girl thi-" The sound of a body hitting the ground nearby, Jasmine quickly turned, fists up, ready to fight but saw a guard on the ground, bloodied. She started laughing and kept walking. "Oh this is gonna be great. I really doubt that man lives."
  8. Rexus heard the prisoner ask to use the bathroom and grumbled under his breath after the leader of this expedition asked for a reasoning as to why he should. This was bothering him immensely. Prisoners and slaves in hell were treated more fairly than this, getting food and rest and bathroom breaks. His red eyes glowed and the bars on the back of the cage would start to heat up slowly. The prisoner than talked about the pain she went through and Rexus clenched his fists. 'Keep your cool, Rex. You can't kill them.' Climbing on the carriage and getting the cage as the bars were now a red hot glow, two bare hands grabbed the bars and bent them to the side, allowing for the female prisoner to be let out. Turning his head to the captain of expedition he growled under his breath. "Even demon lords have more fairness than you do. I'm taking her to use the bathroom. Should I die, so be it but at least I won't have died forcing a woman to act such a way." He kept his gaze on the expedition captain while speaking to the prisoner while still hanging on to the side of the carriage. "Komm schon kleiner Vogel. Du wirst auf die Toilette gehen."
  9. Minerva pushed her way to the front of the crowd and stood up facing the angelic humanoid. She glared up at him, the demonic seal on her left eye glowing slightly. The girl looked to be in her teens and she easily looked to stand zero chance in any fight. "I'm only here to save books. Your holy righteousness can stay in it's filthy mouth angel." Her tone made it very obvious she had a distaste for angels. The alliance of holy and unholy would have to be allowed for the sake of knowledge and entertainment. Even if the angeloid were to try and smite her right now he'd understand, the presence of a demonic seal on her body, marked that she belonged to an unholy being of importance. Minerva understood this well and stood in front of the angeloid with high confidence.
  10. While Jasmine and Billy slept, Rexus watched them over and anyone else who needed sleep. A weird silence covered him as his mind wandered to the briefing on the contract. He remembered being briefed directly by the handler. The odd and mysterious founder of the mercenary organization always knew more than he led others to believe. "Be careful with the prisoners. Keep an eye on the girl. The shadows hold the danger of the unknown." How the handler knew these things were unknown to everyone in the organization but no one ever questioned it. Coming back to the real world only hearing the clink clink from the prisoner biting down on the bars. "Stop biting. Even if you'll be fine, don't hurt yourself."
  11. Rexus saw the eyes watching back him and he watched back, an equally ravenous look in his glowing red hot. Quietly chuckling he walked back to the carriages, the red hot armor cooling off back to its usual grey. The hungry smile faded as he saw the guard tell the prisoner she might not. 'I hate ignorant assholes who think themselves better than people in a position lower than theirs.' As the demon man walked by the guard, he rammed his arm into the guards shoulder and went to grab food from his pack that Billy held onto. He hated these guards. Cruel to people who don't have any say, even if the people were prisoners. They'll get theirs one of these days. At the last carriage, Rexus held a bag of food out towards the prisoner. The food itself was a meal you'd find cooked at an inn and not suited for the road but the bag it was in had a low level enchantment to keep the food fresh. "Essen." Leaving the bag he walked behind the carriage, sat on the ground and leaned against the carriage itself. Despite the orders the captain of the prisoner transport, Rexus followed Jasmine's orders and when she says guard the prisoners, he does what his leader says. --- While the other mercenaries setting up their camp, Jasmine and Billy were already for resting. Jasmine donned a large warm robe and sat in a meditative position. Meanwhile Billy rested his head on a rock that was easily more than half the size of the dwarven mercenary. The two seemed to be resting and... they were. Both were fully asleep. They could easily rest knowing they have means of waking very quickly. A party member who doesn't require much sleep is useful.
  12. “It's hard to get shit done when there's no one to do it for you” -Dmitry Dyatlov
  13. I have a character I'd like to bring for a one off at least once. Sweet little girl. Just an itty bitty lass.
  14. Aquila went through her medical supplies, putting on gloves, and making sure the stitching supplies were in good condition. The last thing she needed was to make a warrior die of some silly infection. Walking behind him, she angled his down a bit, feeling the wounds area a small bit before prepping it to be stitched. "I'm not a healer, I'm a magical doctor. At least that's what my mother always called me. She resented medical healers due to a past experience so when I told her I wanted to go to the mage school to save lives she wasn't too keen on the idea but we both knew magic can be more beneficial than standard medical practices. I graduated from school, wrote her everyday and in my last year she wrote me a letter saying she was ill. Apparently she was ill all my years there and she didn't want to tell me so she could see me achieve my dream. That never happened unfortunately." As she talked she would slowly tilt Kaige's head back up every so often, making sure the stitches were done. The speed at which she stitched the warriors wound showed her experience in this specific practice. "Instead of going directly home, I traveled awhile. Learned how to enchant and make magical items. Found Lady Blaze on an island, patched her up, she took me in with the promise of knowledge. All I wanted really was to just spend more time with my mother but with Lady Blaze essentially treating me as her own, even if her real personality and maturity doesn't match her age, I felt at home." Helping Kaige up, she waved her hand to one of side of Kaige and back to the other. He looked fine to her. "Tell anyone of this and I will hurt you." With a smile and a wink she walked Kaige out of her office as another pirate came in. --- Sylvis walked through the cabin, doing various things at seemingly once. One second she was going through the healing supplies, then to her tea set, then to her closet, then inspecting Rhyko closely, then back to the closet and then back to the tea set. As she poured some tea into a cup, she handed it to Rhyko and went back into the closet, grabbing a set of clothes that looked as if a young man would wear them. Setting the clothes very gently beside the young man on her bed she noticed he was covering his delicate and chuckled. "I understand the embarrassment but don't worry. You've got more to show off than the last man I've seen in this state. Apparently when city officials hear a woman is coming for business it can misinterpreted fairly easily." Walking to her table she closed the curtains in front of the doors and waited by the door so the young man can change in peace. Heading to the table she tossed a large and heavy coin pouch towards Rhyko. It contained a large quantity of the money used in Aelindra and was way more than any one common folk should ever have. It was the amount a money one would save over years of hard work and had kept for safe keeping. "Yes I saw. I think nothing of it. You're still a sweet boy, you were helping those helping you during this transformation, and I believe you'll get your answers somewhere, sometime and know everything you need to know. Besides, the most I think of you right now is you'd make a great guard dog." Turning to the doors, she walked out onto the deck, yelled out some orders and disappeared from view.
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