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  1. "I very much don't like that this mansion is in the middle of nowhere captain! A mile into the forest! A mile! This could be a horrible elaborate trap. Or worse..." The younger looking elf, Aquila, nervously looked out the carriage towards the mansion. Obviously she was a little paranoid seeing as people that she's never heard of before decided to make the captain a guest here. Luckily for her she was able to come and keep her captain safe. "Captain I really don't li-" A hand was placed over her mouth and soothing smile was directed towards her. "Aquila, sweetie, it's fine. If anything happens we'll be gone. You can still summon Luna if ever needed." Sylvis stepped out of the carriage, gathered the satchel that contained the gifts and looked over the host, who was also named Luna. Handing the satchel over to a butler she followed their host inside, eyeing the more casually dressed woman. After she introduced herself, Sylvis and Aquila both bowed. "The name is Sylvis Blaze and this is Aquila Talnae." With a paused she nervously smiled, looking a small embarrassed. "Forgive our outfit choices. Aquila said party and I figured I would dress up for one." Quietly under her breath she mentioned something about not realizing she might be highly overdressed. The two women were dressed both formal but entirely opposite of each other. Aquila wore a long and hooded mage styled robe that was white with gold trim, her arms sporting white finger less arm warmers, fit for the cold. Meanwhile Sylvis wore a long pirate themed black and silver trimmed thigh slit dress that seemed to fit more of a fair weathered ball then a winter party. The only unique thing of her outfit was the eyepatch she wore which was black and had an intricate silver skull design.
  2. What kind of stuff does the war hammer get up to?

    1. SteamWarden


      Every month or so they go raid and just attack ships, leaving nothing behind. The captains been lessening that after settling down in Port Kyros but she does also provide transportation for fee or future favors. 

      Why you ask?

    2. supernal


      Just kind of seeing what's out there!

  3. Damien had already turned invisible and dashed away, Alejandra and Veronica were waving back at Khaki and Teresa felt the lunar energy before laughing. "Don't know who Lilith is but that moon energy radiating off you feels amazing." The blue haired pirate began stomping her foot over and over. "Don't care how you fell but get up back in the sky, Come on, come on, come on!" Alroy looked over at the two females and smiled devilishly. "Get te feck up in te sky! Now!" The cards bundled together, circling the ship as the god's serpent body tried wrapping around before being pushed away. In the crow's nest the Tiefling fired off her shots before channeling a spell. "Three." She looked as more flying women were heading towards the serpent god. "Two." Then the serpent looked directly at her, the left eye in the cross hairs. "One." A silent shot went off that pierced directly in the eye, a massive explosion going inside the eyeball.
  4. 'This woman is nuts. Is she really... did she just call me a knife-eared upstart?' Sylvis stared at the pirates posture and noticed how she acted and... started laughing. 'Oh by the gods she's just an immature child.' As she laughed the captain holstered her gun and turned away. 'The least I can do is treat her like one.' "You're funny I'll give you that. 'Knife-ear' isn't original but being called an upstart is. I don't blame you though for not knowing. You're probably all about the fame and fortune that comes with being a pirate and looting treasures and blah-de-fucking-blah. I wouldn't be surprised if you let people survive just to tell the tale of how they were attacked by some headstrong pirate all to cause panic and disorder throughout the area." She pointed behind the house and towards the other side of the cliff down by the docks. "Don't need to make a name for myself when all captains understand what a red flag means on a ship like mine." Sylvis turns around and smirks. "Now piss off, go find an inn, I hear there's one with a stable, and go drink from the trough to clean your disrespectful mouth with." As she finished her worded assault she leaned forward and waved her off as if she was shooing away a fly. An annoying, buzzing fly that refuses to leave.
  5. Aquila hit the ground, egg on her face, holding her nose and watched the pirate head onto the property. "No no no!" Quickly she scrambled to her feet and hurried to the captain. With a sigh she eventually gave up and went to go clean herself off from the sticky, slimy egg off her face. "Hope the captain gets pissed." Sylvis hears the eggs crack and hit her pirates and she couldn't help but pulling out her pistol and walking towards the direction they came from only to be greeted by the culprit who threw them. An attractive, yet very much rude, woman who also reeked of pirate. 'Fun.' Aiming her pistol at the ground in front of the pirate, she fired off a shot. "Either you get the fuck off my property, let me finish my house, and we go on our merry way or..." She tossed her pistol down, having fired the single shot, and grabbed another, aiming it. "...I shoot you for damaging my house, pay off the fines, and go back to finishing my house. Oh and trust me money is not a problem." The elf stood there holding her ground and the stare in her eyes showed she would rather shoot the intruder for trashing her house and hitting her first mate.
  6. Sylvis 'Lady' Blaze - Captain Aquila Talnae - First Mate Shy, awkward, very capable mage (specializes in defensive magic) Reginald 'Shiller' Huxton - Quartermaster Prideful, drunkard, can only fight drunk Veronica Roberts - Sister to Damien Flirtatious, slightly greedy for money, very capable sharpshooter, capable fighter Damien Roberts - Brother to Veronica Quiet, avoids conflict, capable illusionist mage, very capable assassin Teresa Hornigold - Wife to Alroy Hothead, commanding, very capable fighter, capable pugilist Alejandra Rackham - Treasurer Rarely talks, handicap (wooden leg), extremely capable fencer Alroy O'Malley - Husband to Teresa Gambler, cheater, very capable mage (specializes in dice and card magic) Kiirana 'Diabla' Teach - Crow's Nest Lookout Hates everyone that's not the crew, capable mage (specializes in channeling offensive magic), capable fighter, extremely capable sharpshooter
  7. The crew gathered below deck, prepping the cannons, ballista, even the hellfire mortars save for the few members who are on the main deck playing poker. Sylvis and Aquila fired barrages of energy, magic and projectiles. The Tiefling, Diabla, hears... arguing and sees... flying women. "What..." "HA! Got me a straight to te A--" SLAM! Two females landed directly in the middle of the poker game and a red headed man shouted out and threw some dice across the deck out of frustration. "Son of a bitch!" The red head lightly kicks the two girls and the cards that were on the deck flew to his hands and shuffled themselves back into his pocket. "Get te feck up ye feckin' shrinky dinks. Go fight tis fecking serpent or sometin', make yerselves useful." "Alroy! Shield us up!" The captain turned back and saw two young girls but ignored it. "Have the chef get those two some apple juice or something." The red head chuckled and he pulled the playing cards out, threw them and the cards grew into a massive size that encircled the ship from all sides. The cards didn't look durable at all but the serpents body that was going to slam into the ship made an echoing crack into the cards and bounced off.
  8. The next day and a half was simple but felt at home for Sylvis. The smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves. Peace. That was until something caught the captains eye. A few dark specks in the distance ahead of them. With a sigh, she peered through her looking glass and saw five ships, not merchant, not military but rather other pirates. "Huh. I thought we'd be alone for once." Looking through the looking glass once more she noticed something that genuinely spooked her. The ships were moving at full speed. And then the sounds of cannons went off. "Oh shit!" As the cannon rounds flew through the air the captain panicked a little and shouted at the top of her lungs. "BRACE!" Every pirate on the main deck shouted it as well, delivering the message to the decks below. The cannons hit and if it weren't the plating the ship might've been more damaged than needed, a few pirates who were unlucky on their timing, fell overboard. The first mate ran down below deck, gathering the crew while Sylvis and the quartermaster stood beside the wheel. "Shiller. We need to halt, tell the crew. I'll be in my quarters." With a sigh she walked, with her hands behind her back and left the crew to handle the problem. Though she saw Rhyko turning his meal overboard and quickly ran to him to make sure he was okay. "Alright Rhyko. Come on now." She held her hand out, hoping to lead to the kid to the safety of her quarters. --- "BRACE!" The command rang through the decks below and the pirates braced themselves, save for a select few. One of the flashy dressed pirates held onto their sibling before running off, drawing a sword and a unique dagger. A red headed pirate sat there, shuffling his cards and laughing. "Some fucker dare try to mess wit te cap'n? Bit off a wee bit more ten he could chew tere." A female with blue hair shoved the red head and barked an order at him. "Get up there Alroy before I send the hounds to bite off something of yours." The pirates rushed about as Aquila reached Kaige. "Hey, so, um..." She paused as a loud booming sound echoed throughout the ship as it lurched to the side, knocking her onto ground rather roughly. "We're being attacked. Five ships. Big ships. Either go somewhere and be safe or help. Your choice." Quickly she got up and ran further down the ship, all the while shouting obscenities.
  9. Sylvis heard the older gentleman, Kaige, talk and paid with what sounded like more than necessary and the boy, Rhyko, having his slight outburst. Seeing the actual gold made the pirate captain blanche a small bit as it was way more than what she was going demand but regardless she motioned for the other pirate in the room to take the gold. "Alejandra, take the gold... and fetch the horse if he allows." Turning to the boy she listened intently to his words, chuckling a small bit. 'I suppose he's not used to standing up for himself.' With a nod she tapped Rhyko's hand. "Go ahead and go below deck then. Breakfast should be made." She started to headed to the doors to escort the two men out, opening the doors and waiting there. "She's called The Warhammer. Right now at least. Oh and tell me where to and we'll be off shortly" --- Down below the top deck was a series of shouts, cheers, and the clanging of glasses, metal and feet against wood. All this despite it still being morning. The first deck went directly to the resting area followed by the rather average sized eating area. Not anything unique, just tables with seating but there was at least ten of them. Two pirates sat alone together at one table, brother and sister, eating their breakfast. Both dressed rather flashy. The rest of the tables were filled with pirates, drinking, cheering and the metal clangs were actual coming from the 'kitchen' rather than from swords.
  10. Sylvis napped soundly while her crew worked on her house until something wet yet hard had landed on her. Jerking awake, she felt whatever it was that landed on her and looked back at her house as the cracks sounded. Eggs. "My house... is being egged." The bellow of an angered individual sounded in distance and she sighed. Motioning for her first mate to go check whoever caused the slight damages, she stood up and cleaned the egg off herself. "A delay. How lovely." She looked about the shell of the house and began helping the fellow pirates clean up the eggs. 'What kind of person eggs a house? Especially one that's not even built yet?'
  11. A quiet and slightly distant knock on the door immediately drew the attention of the sleeping captain. A knock meant either Aquila or someone else wished to talk and Sylvis squinted to look through the windows and much to her surprise the two men from the inn were at the door. With a sigh she grabbed her blanket and her clothes to dress behind the folding screen only to come out in her captain's outfit shortly. "What do these blokes want? It better be important to wake me from my rest. I bet Aquila led them-- Hello!" The double doors opened and the cheery attitude showed itself, although her personality was a bit more masked than usual. She motioned the two inside, walking in herself and pulled some chairs out at the table. The table was covered with maps, a few pouches of coin, two pistols, and one sword, although the bladed weapon was more of an antique than a practical weapon. The captain would let the men decide which side of the rounded table they preferred and sit opposite of them. "First things first, you may have noticed we are pirates. I can assure that nothing bad happens to guests on the ship unless they bring hostile intent. I take it with the kindness I showed you two that you're either here to talk or you're here for more important business." With a look at the boy, she'd smile warmly and then she stared at the older man. Something about the two didn't seem all that normal about. The man wore armor but the boy didn't. 'Wouldn't an uncle want to keep his nephew safe..?' Shaking her head slightly, she noticed another pirate walk in and take a post beside the doors. All the woman held was a tankard and nothing else. No sword attached to her side, no firearm, nothing. The only unique detail about her was she was missing her right leg. "Secondly, if you're looking for passage I don't do that for free. If you can't pay me that's fine just know I can simply call upon a favor if I ever see either of you again and yes that does mean you could potentially have free passage but the favor means I can call upon anything." With a side glance at the older man, Sylvis was curious if he'd pay or not. She knew he had the money to pay for passage if they needed but a favor of her choosing would be better for her. "Thirdly, if you are looking for passage than know I don't have rooms like an inn, this is a ship. Being a ship there's hardly any privacy and if you'd like some than the only place for that is here. And..." She looked at the boy and then his 'uncle'. "...this is not a ship for kids. I have one rule and that is kids stay here at nights. If needed I'll sleep down below but the nights are no place for kids to be roaming down below. So if your nephew is a grown man than he can stay below but I recommend for his safety that if he's not I'll lend him my quarters." The look on her face showed she really didn't like this rule. The expression was one of slight sorrow but she had the rule for reasons. After having regaining her composure she held out her hand towards the two and smiled. "Lastly the name is Sylvis Blaze."
  12. T.E.M. walked through the town, heading to the large source of magic that had shown a while back but disappeared. The only thing they knew about the person who hired them had magic capabilities and that was it. The edge of town was close though and that was where they saw the person who hired them. Walking past two men, T.E.M. reappeared long enough for them to get a glimpse of the mercenary before stepping beside Dredge. No fear of whatever the man would do to them, T.E.M. stood in silence for a moment before they spoke. "Job's done. I heard you were to pay me well for the job so I did it well. Made it known that Bone Devil was eliminated. I assume you're a man with enough honor to fulfill the payment." The masked voice showed no emotion, no remorse for the man who they murdered, nor the care that for the actual payment itself. Looking at the field of posts that were now emptied from the corpses and barely alive men and women that were left to die. "If you need me for another job then fill me on the details. I prefer to be told what's exactly going down save for an elimination. Those are obvious." Looking at the hooded cloak Dredge wore and the outfit, T.E.M. couldn't help but chuckle a small bit. "I wasn't expecting my employer to be a dark lord that looks like a good guys villain. You do, however, hold the murderous look of an evil person."
  13. Seeing the two had decided to follow her Aquila quickly made her way back to the ship, not bothering to make sure the two were keeping on par with her faster pace. There was much to do with getting the ship, casting some barrier spells, changing the flag to a normal flag and not the red flag, locking the bottom levels of the ship from any trespassers and setting up spare cots for possible guests. A lot could easily go wrong in very little time. The two men cause a disturbance and need to be thrown off, killed, or imprisoned, another possible mutiny from a bothered crew member and the off chance the man with a spear plans on attacking the captain. The nervousness sets in very quickly with Aquila and she begins looking back at the two men. Frequently. Arriving at the ship Aquila sees the red flag is still raised and she lets out a small whimper. If either knew what the red flag meant they would know that the pirates showed no mercy to anyone which Aquila hoped would be changed fairly quickly. The ship itself was a massive war galleon capable of holding an unnecessary amount of pirates, passenger and loot and looked more akin to a ship of the line with it's size. Looking back at the men, motioned to the main deck and spoke loud enough to be heard over the noise that occurred on the ship itself. "Her quarters are located on the main deck, look for the double doors and I ask that you kindly knock on the doors and don't peek through the glass. I understand it's not easy as it's normal glass but it's possible private matters are being attended to. Thank you." With that she quickly hurried up onto the ship and disappeared. --- "zzzzzzzzzz" Sylvis still slept on her bed, half uncovered, half covered. The runes that covered her entire arms were both visible to those that peered inside. The rest of the quarters looked to be a deep blue color, very professionally decorated, and looked as if a large amount of money was put into it.
  14. "Where's her journal? I know I had her journal just a minute ago..." Looking around the room with a surprising amount of rolled up papers tucked nicely under her one arm and a satchel hanging over the other that was overflowing with items. Aquila had gathered everything Lady Blaze had told her to grab. Her maps, her books, her bigger maps, her clothes, and... "There it is!" Swiftly she picked up the journal that was tucked neatly under the pillow and started to walk to the door to leave. "Uh oh..." She looked at her hand with the journal, and her arm with the rolled papers. "Welsa." As the word escaped her mouth the door opened itself and before she stepped out the door, something had knocked on it as it was opening causing her her to jump back out of fright. "By all that is unknown!" As the door opened fully Aquila saw the person who had knocked and saw the man and boy from last night. Why the two would be at the captain's door confused the young elf but she stood there, feeling a bit trapped, seeing as they blocked the door. Then the words said by the man filled her head. "Oh! You want a word with the captain?" With a worried look she looked down at the ground before shaking her head to erase the possibilities it will be a violent visit. "You can have a word with her but she's not here. I can take you to the ship if you'd like." Whether she left the room with the two following her or not was entirely up to them but she would wait for her response before heading out.
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