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  1. Listening to the soldier he sighed and looked at Renjiro. "If you're wondering my animosity for you being here. I was in a tavern in town and the clan who held out near there liked to beat the people and rob them. I was a victim of their beatings too just for being what I am. After that I held a distaste for clans. That's also partially why I never joined a clan when they ask me." With a pause he motioned outside to the Kozui and the villagers. "You, however, are different. You actually helped the people, you helped me. You also helped these people when they called for you. Other clans came looking just for me and ignored them. If you'll forgive my earlier rudeness than I'd be grateful." As he finished the tea, he handed the cup to healer woman and stood up. "If there is no other business to attend to I have to go back to my home. You might've seen it on the way to this village. It would've looked like a large wooden shed on the side of the road." As he takes a step outside the hut he adds one more thing. "I actually have to go back home no matter what you say. I have a pet waiting for me, so if anything else needs to be said then follow me or meet me there." With that he heads to his house and walks down the road.
  2. Introducing Amy Harrison. Don't ask her about home or you might get an uncalled for 'what you never seen a Brit before'.
  3. Heyyyy! Another female character! And speaks Spanish! Our characters already have two things in common.
  4. Kinaro nodded and followed Lady Koharu and Ruiser as they ate eclairs and drank sake. This would've been an a fun time but he soon found out he didn't enjoy eclairs. He would've thrown it out but he felt bad to waste food so he regrettably ate the éclair and drank two servings of sake. As the day went on Kinaro watched the Yokai people walk the streets and examined them. 'How odd. Definitely different than what I'm used to but who am I to talk? I'm blue skinned and have black tribal markings on my body. For all I know I could be of similar origin to these folk.' With a sigh he watched the dancers and listened to the music. It was enjoyable to say the least. He wasn't one for art but the music and dancers made him rethink that decision. As Lady Koharu and Ruiser went to give their gift he wandered off from the two. This wasn't something he wanted to be a part of so walked to the lantern display and watched. The beautiful lanterns filling the sky was beautiful. It reminded of him something but he wasn't too sure of what. As he watched the lights, he leaned back against the wall. "Peaceful."
  5. Ragnar watched Chinafel skin the wolves and upon looking at the skins he realized they weren't damaged to badly, which is good thing. Then he saw the hearts and examined them. All were the same size except one which was only a slight bit larger. It wasn't noticeable by much but he softly picked up and set it aside. "That one." Then he realized two more things were needed. He remembered the voice said something about Mjolnir. As he thought about it he realized Mjolnir is made of uru metal. It was long before he heard a portal open beside them and looked inside. Inside the portal was a large ball of metal on a pedestal. Upon closer inspection he realized it was uru metal and quickly plucked it from the pedestal and set it on the ground, the portal closing behind him. "Yeah I remember something needed. Something to do with a power source? How's a solid ball of uru metal?"
  6. Solomon took the man's hand and shook it. "You uh... want something to drink? Food? Or ya just here to take a single puff and just watch the tavern?" @Strangeland Quietly he pointed to the waygates as he sipped his soda. "Yeah. Looked for the one marked Terrenus. Just be sure you wanna leave when you do. Most people I see leave for through them waygates, I rarely ever see them back here. It's not like it's bad or anything just make sure you wanna leave. It's already hard enough to find this place so leaving to a different continent will make it a bit harder."
  7. Amy sat in the building she called home. It wasn't much of a home since she barely used it but it was still the placed she slept the most, ate the most and enjoyed the most. Shitty rundown building made up the most of what she used. It was one thing to be forced into a place that isn't your home but to do it of one's own free will is another. Despite being in her own home she was always prepared. She always had her contacts in and her backpack with her whether she was out hunting or when she was out 'hunting'. It wasn't long before she saw her watch and backpack glow and with a heavy sigh she went to her bedroom. Quietly entering her room she walked in her closet and opened the hidden panel in the back. Slowly sliding out a couple cases, pulling them onto her bed. With a few flicks she opened the cases and put together her guns. They were far from standard issue of what the SHD gave her. These were the only guns she ever used and needed. Two CZ 75's one equipped with a flashlight and a Dragunov sniper rifle, 1963 make, used by the soviet union. All the while she put them together she heard the President talk to her and all the other Division agents. "Yes sir Mister President. Green Poison. Executive Order 51. Do this, do that. Shoot these people, shoot those people." With a huff she stood up and walked out her house before walking the streets. Upon exiting her house, she smelled the fresh cold air and walked down her street towards the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was the most obvious place they would rendezvous seeing as everyone in city knows it. She listened to the comms and heard three people speak. One agent used his real name, another simply acknowledged that he's coming and the last sounded professional. Too professional. The person going by the callsign 'Fiver' was most likely a soldier. A moment of silence on the comms from her end before she finally talked. "Jackdaw. See you there boys." It wasn't long before she saw the park as she lived only two streets away from. As she neared it, she pulled up her scarf over her mouth and on that scarf was a bird, a Jackdaw, on the front for all to see.
  8. [BASICS] Name: Amy Harrison Ethnicity: Caucasian Marital Status: Single Orientation: Homosexual Gender: Female Age: 27 Callsign: Jackdaw Occupation: Unknown main occupation Animal hunter Affiliation: SHD Role: Sniper [PHYSICAL PROFILE] Voice: Female, slight European accent Eyes: Blue Complexion: Fair Height: 5'9 Weight: 131 lbs Build: Athletic, slightly muscled Hair: Blonde, long hair, straight Tattoos: A jackdaw on right shoulder [PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE] Born in the UK, moved to the US at age 10. Highschool achievements: Fastest time on track, never allowed opposing soccer teams to score, A's in every class with the exception of math which averages to a C+, passed two years of foreign language: Spanish. Joined local hunters after high school as a side job. Fully experienced in using sniper rifles and to a lesser extent shotguns. Kind and usually calm until her birthplace is mentioned then gets agressive. Prefers to work alone as "people get in her way" but is capable of working with a small group of people to some extent.
  9. Solomon witnessed the woman named Pita turn into something different having turned around to grab a bottle of root beer. As he stared, a bit stunned he quickly shrugged and used his ring to pop the bottle open. As he sees the girl leave to the bathroom he sees her take the glass of alcohol with her he was about to say something but stopped. It's not his business what happens to the beverage and if the glass breaks the girls paying for it. Quietly the bartender sipped his soda before answering. "It happens. We've had all kinds of folks come in. Had a big beast of a man. Ate liver and licked the plate clean. Made a snowman army. Probably saw the remnants of them outside." Upon looking at the well dressed man, he pulls out a zippo lighter and lights the cigarette for the man. "Yeah just don't burn the place down. We had a fire thing once. Bad incident."
  10. So I have a few ideas for a character but I need some help from an experienced divisoner. @Vetanoob Idea 1: Are hunters needed in this post-apocalyptic world? A good sniper would have tons of experience with his rifle from hunting. Idea 2: Are the trained people necessarily supposed to be 'good guys' day to day? I have close combat character in mind that would make money being a fighter of sorts. If possible I was thinking of a fighting ring that people bet money on. Fighter earnings being the money that was used to bet. Idea 3: Going along with question of the previous. Are we day to day good guys? I had a hitman idea who kills who hired him. A hitman no matter what is a killer but a hitman who kills who hired him has some set of morals.
  11. Rounds generally means everyone in the thread posts once until everyone has then refresh. Hence round. One round of posting is one post person. There's an any order whoever posts first posts. Then there's a kind of organized round where everyone has a set position to post and they can't post until the person before them does. I wanna say this a free order round but I can't say for sure.
  12. 'As much as I wish for them to not help me, that blast did more than they think.' Kinaro nodded and allowed the soldiers to help him to the village. Visibly he was fine, only a couple bruises and plenty of small slashes but none of which seemed to be damaging, more of a nuisance. However internally he was in pain. The blast of magic sent by the bandit leader was supposed to immobilize while the second was to finish him off. He still felt the immobilizing effect to some extent as both of his arms seemed to struggle to move very far so he kept them to his side. As they entered the healer's hut he sat down and let the village folk tend to him. The only thing he could do is grunt. He didn't want them here but they had proven they're capable enough to take a small army of bandits. "There's not much else to say but fine. I can't argue the plan of some clan's soldiers. Not even I would be foolish enough to fight you and your men. As for the benefits. I see the village gaining from this but what of you and this... Yanaihara clan. This is a village of traders and farmers for the most part. They do what they can to survive. If you come because they called for you and expect them to have plenty to give in return then you're mistaken." Quietly he sips some herbal tea from the healer now that his arms are fully functional before continuing. "For these benefits to be of equal value you would have to somehow find a way to recruit, train and arm the men you lost, maybe more if you actually plan to leave some here to help these people out."
  13. "Oh so you're the gun supplier here. Nice to meet ya. What type of gun you like? Rifles? Pistols? Shotguns?" Dante looked out the front door and then back at Thurgood with a confused look. "The supply crates are gonna be brought inside right? Or at least closer to the mansion? It's possible someone could be around this area fucking our stuff up. One way to screw some people is screw with their shit." After he saw Blondie came down the stairs and give the order to get to the skiffs, he sighed and looked at the burgers. "Fuck me man." Crumpling up his empty wrapper, he tossed it in the box and walked to skiffs outside. He stood by the second skiff, helping the wounded onto it before making his way to the first one. "Sasha. Second skiff. Double time!" Quickly he downed the rest of the Coke can, crushed it and tossed it to the side in the sand. 'Today seems like a great day to die.' -- After Sasha finished preparing her food she heard the order to prepare to leave. Sadly she looked at the food in front of her and sighed. With a disappointed look she grabbed what she could hold without it being messy and ran to the second skiff, jumping into it she held a cornbread in her mouth, a drink in her left hand, and a sniper rifle in her right. Slowly sitting down with the wounded, she ate her food and waited.
  14. I take it the characters wouldn't know that they were in this program and if this is post apocalyptic I'm just gonna be the guy who sells you stuff without telling you how effective the stuff is but make it seem like a big deal. Post apocalyptic snake oil salesmen.
  15. Watching the man drink the water and finish it within seconds, he slowly poured more water into the cup. It wasn't every day someone ate and drank like this, so it told the young bartender he really needed the food. As the man pushed the fries back, he shrugged. "No need for pay with this meal. I'm not asking for it." Then Hain leaned in closer, asking if the reason was the Tavern of Legend which caused Solomon to nod. "I keep saying we should have a small sign out there but every time I put one I think Lonely Night takes them down. Sign or not we're still the Tavern of Legend." @ticklefarte Going back to the women he grabbed a glass and set it in front of her before turning to stare at shelves off alcohol. Not everything was in it's proper order since he had to restock the entire shelves after the attack. With a quiet 'ah' he grabbed the bottle and filled the empty glass to the brim. Leaving to the kitchen, he placed the bottle back, and looked around the kitchen. It took him several minutes before coming back a few honeycombs on a small dish, placing the dish in front of the girl who he heard said to call her 'Pita'. "Well Pita. You're in luck. We have a few honeycombs left over from when a... giant bee person came in. Weird fellow. Talked about his queen a lot." @haberdane
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