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  1. I want to spar.

  2. What do they want? Why do they want it? What were they told they needed? Why do they need it? Do they want what they need, and do they need what they want? What aspects of themselves aid in their journey? How do they get in their own way? What are they lacking to accomplish their goals? Probably a decent starting point.
  3. I do appreciate the responses so far. Hopefully I can get some more during the weekend. I removed the ones that were made in error.
  4. As said, it was an old quiz. There was a time when characters that could do the absolute highest levels in it were actually thriving in the realms/forums/chats that came before Valucre. There are some characters that players had that were retooled to then fit into Valucre, or they only sent an 'portion' of their character into Valucre. We always joke that Ishtalle [Corban's sentient sword] is stuck at the TSA trying to get into Valucre.
  5. Thank you. I removed the duplicate. Probably in a week or two. I'm only at 60 entries. I'd like more.
  6. This is intentional. Everyone has their own internal scale, and often times they decide on what their character is capable of based off the stimulus of the situation. Mild Powers isn't codified to this extent of a scale, but I can gauge what people are building their characters are based on their own scoring of their character. You can do it for as many characters as you would like.
  7. Correct.
  8. For science.
  9. Do not share your choices with other people. The more people that do this the better. It's short. Thank you.
  10. interest check

    I believe I wrote up some of my thoughts already for the next event in this thread.
  11. interest check

    There's a level of good faith that is to be assumed from competitors. No reason to worry. The event is finished, and is one of the few tournaments in recent memory to accomplish that task.
  12. interest check

    Character sheets were only meant to provide the information of a character so that a judge or player could reference them. At no point were sheets graded. I stated that plainly. If you had issue with how a character was accomplishing a task, it was the job of the player to contact a judge during the fight.
  13. Corban-Last Thursday at 8:26 PM BGM: Joanna would find herself floating upon a smooth platform that defied attempts to mar or mutate its surface. Similarly, the shifting cosmomirage defied explanation. Finally, there was the other presence that shared this platform…a shadowy simulacrum of herself. It was the dual blades, the pig tails, and the competing influence over the surrounding dark energies that would unnerve many. However, perhaps she had the fortitude to clash with her own shadow. Mimi spread her arms wide, flexing her newfound powers. Ten shadow orbs were part of the repertoire…but in her last battle she felt as if she was unable to use some of her amazing creativity. They vibrated in place before extending into thin, aphotic blades that stacked together like the wings of a bird. The ten blades floated behind her like wings, occasionally sharpening against each other with a metallic sound. "Come, and show me what you're made of!" Spoken like a true shadow boss. -e- @Ataraxy Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 8:30 PM Joanna glanced around the current match’s stadium, mouth set firm and hands held steady at her side. Both her swords hanging from the left of her hip weighed down enough that she felt their presence, but not enough to slow her down in by any means. Her black hair, set in quickly braided pig-tails were stone still, not a single gust of wind present in the void of an arena. For as far as she could see or tell, the stadium was the only structure. Everything else was just a black void. In every direction. Up. Down. Left. Right. Nothing. Other than nothing and the stadium, there was another Joanna, presumably her opponent, about 25 meters away. The ten spheres with her bumbled around her vicinity as usual, currently nothing but dormant black bubbles. Their existence was a simply trick, however, as it often led her opponent to believe Dark Energy was limited to the spheres. It was only upon their doom that they realized their assumption was incorrect. Dark Energy was everywhere. It was as if Joanna were a waterbender in the middle of an infinite ocean. As her clone extended the spheres into bladed wings, Joanna commanded a single sphere toward Joanna. It was split into 5 smaller pieces, each sharp as a needle. With one acting as the center, the other four hit the four corners as if forming a 2 dimensional box around the center needle. A second sphere followed behind the initial sphere by approximately 4 meters. Though the second didn’t split. It would appear to be less formed than the other, the edges wiggling as if having trouble holding its form. Two more spheres fell to be around a foot in front of Joanna: one held at chest level while the other fell to knee level. “I’m just made of flesh? What are you made of clone?” <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 8:37 PM Mimi watched as Joanna created a blockade with her spheres, her new sight beyond sight allowing her to see the ethereal hands that pushed these pieces around on the board. It was as if she was able to see the ninja stage actors behind the play. No doubt that Joanna could also see what she did, which mean that security through obscurity would not work for them. They would have to act with purpose, and less subterfuge…mostly. She skated across the ground, a greasy streak of dark matter following behind her. At any time she could flip the sandpaper over to reveal its rough edge…and this stuff was everywhere? Fascinating. "I am thou, and thou art I! I too am made of flesh, even as our constructs aren't. The ubiquity and multifarious nature of your powers gives you an advantage, but I wonder how you would fare against an equal?" -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 8:44 PM As Mimi ran toward the tossed spheres, Joanna cocked her head to the side for a moment of pondering. She hadn't been taught a lot of vocabulary words beyond what was necessary, so a lot of what the other her said was just about nonsense. Just sounds in a void. Now with momentum, the split sphere needles increased at a natural pace locking in on Mimi and entering the 5 meter range. The second still lagging behind at nine. Two of her dormant spheres slammed into her feet. They, however, injured nothing, instead melding around her feet in a sort of hermes boot type fixture. The seventh sphere soared high up into the distance of the void. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 8:49 PM Hmmph, so the Prime did not actually want to show her what she was made of. Very well then! She'll just have to start this off. Pulling one of the swords out from behind her, it suddenly expanded into a much larger slab. It was the very antithesis of a slender and elegant blade, more akin to a jagged piece of human-sized rock. Was she for real? And to follow up, she tossed it! With a single augmented toss, she made it set sail for behind Joanna. However, while it was natural for someone to look at airborne objects, that was dangerous against someone who launched floating swords straight at her. The repulsive properties of dark energy made for an excellent cutting edge. If flesh parted as it was severed, then her cuts would be clean and quick to Joanna's detriment. For something that comprised 70% of the universe, one would think that it'd be more obvious in appearance or perhaps infectious. Instead it was malleable (by her standards), and quite multifaceted in its ability to change hardness, elasticity and even keep a charge. Would they cut? Would they pierce? Only one way to find out. -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 8:57 PM There had been a nagging thought in the back of Joanna's mind since she'd first laid eyes on her opponent. -Was she me?- As it turned out, the answer was obviously a no. The imposter was obviously new to the manipulation of Dark Energy, using it only at its most basic level. Not that it particularly annoyed Joanna; rather it made the young warrior happy. At last she could test the depth of her understanding against someone like herself. Hopefully the clone could last long enough. Because Mimi failed dodge in preparation of the speeding needles, it would only make since for the five piece, or at least one, to find its mark in Mimi's skin. Its speed having increased in mulled in natural momentum until reaching a max speed. It would be a split second later that the second sphere would collapse. Not explode or implode, but collapse. Gallons of black liquid bursting from the inside and cascading around Mimi's legs. It wouldn't matter whether the woman was moving, beginning to move, or standing still. The black liquid was like a glue. Though liquid in form, the material was extremely sticky, sucking in whatever touched it. Joanna's boots kicked in, blasting her at a diagonal angle from the stadium and away from the large dark energy rock. Her Dark Energy boots propelled her into the air, constantly pressing down on the elements through a combination of Reverse-gravity and mental control from Joanna. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 9:02 PM 'Was she for real?' If referring to the one before Joanna then no…she wasn't real, not once the shadowy simulacum was struck. By mixing Nega-Erkokinesis and some illusions, she could use its variable density to be convincing enough gravimetrically to pass a cursory inspection, but probably not enough for Extra-Destructive Testing practices. Once the slab landed, the dark energy fell away like sabot fins to reveal the woman within. As expected, Joanna evaded the blade wings. Perfect! With a flex of her shoulders she beckoned them to reassemble behind her, and immediately chased the woman. Mimi may not be her, but she still had her powers and her previous combat experience presented an X-factor. Angelwings…shadow clones…for those observing, she was using tactics from previous fights on new opponents in the dream fights, adapting. With the combined lift of ten blades, now impromptu dark energy thrusters, she rose up to Joanna and twisted her body, the blade wings now forming a serrated ring around her and on a crash course to slice her in half from the waist down. -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 9:13 PM Joanna blinked and then chuckled. She couldn't help it, it had been a rather smooth illusion trick that her clone had just pulled off. It was a rather interesting trick, feeling almost like there was a ninja in front of her than anything else. Substitution jutsu at its finest. In the moment before Mimi took off, at the instant that her silhouette vanished from the original spot, Joanna began to rotate her remaining spheres around her body. A ring of defense one might say. The liquid from the collapsed sphere continued to spread, and would continue until the entire platform was captivated. Joanna changed her trajectory toward going up, closing the space to the earlier tossed sphere. With Mimi spinning around like a top, her sight would naturally be rather harshly hindered. It would be at that moment that the sphere Joanna had previously sent spiraling into the sky would come crashing down toward Mimi, shaping itself into a giant ball. The edges were a bit unusual, but it held as a giant black ball barreling toward the turning clone. The air around Joanna began to buzz and frizzle, instantly expanding to a five foot radius. One which not even her own dark energy spheres would enter. Anything entering that vicinity, weaker than the power of assimilation would find itself...well assimilated. Corban-Last Thursday at 9:24 PM Influence worked both ways. If one sought to cover the entire platform in order to prevent the opponent from getting a firm grasp, then what happens when someone already put a hydrophobic coating down? Mimi had originally made the streaks to catch Joanna and create fissures in the ground…similar to how that one electro raver had sought to influence the entire field and bind her. Seems they had similar ideas. It was as if people were copying each other! The nerve of them! Despite managing several properties at once, Joanna was able to concentrate enough to perform a midair adjustment. Two could do that as well. Mimi kicked off of midair, a pane of dark energy groaning before shattering back from whence in came. Her trajectory was not Joanna, however…but the field itself. Landing upon her fissure, she did as promised…and aimed to flip the ENTIRE sheet of sandpaper over. Only, the situation was reversed: instead of presenting a rough edge in case Mimi tried to attain influence, it would instead be a smooth edge for her. If this was a game of Go, it would be a masterful play that would have her owning substantial territory. -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 9:32 PM Joanna, using her true vision as well as simple feeling, could see how Mimi attempted to take "influence" from Joanna concerning the liquid Dark Energy on the field. However, there were two things that would lead the woman's lack of knowledge to hurt her. For one, the liquid was not hydrogen or a natural "liquid." It was barely a liquid state, being somewhere in between a fluid liquid and a glue like substance. Coating wouldn't do anything. The second was that there was no such thing as maintaining influence over the growing pool of Dark Energy liquid. Not all Dark Energy was malleable or controllable. Especially not the Dark Energy that came from a sphere which had collapsed. That was chaotic energy. Not even Joanna could touch that. Therefore Mimi, upon landing, would actually find herself stuck to the arena's surface having landed in an area she'd thought to be made to repel "liquid." Even if Joanna wasn't entirely sure how someone copying her abilities could create a substance like that. Continuing upward, Joanna entered the enormous black sphere, all but ignoring Mimi as the woman captured herself. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 9:41 PM Joanna had air superiority, unfortunately…but Mimi did have some enviable real estate. Although it was difficult for her to manipulate, it was still bulk matter. Perhaps it wasn't combustible just yet, since it was still glue-like. She had previous fought someone who had great command of Entropy, after all…and although she could not affect the entropy of the area to that degree, she still retained some of that knowledge. It was true; she had been mistaken about the properties of this particular one. But it still exhibited tactile properties and was very much a thing. If it was so chaotic then it would not stick, and it would certainly spill over the edge of the platform. With a clap of her hands, her blades bolted to the ground, their arrangement appearing more like some kind of futuristic cannon. Although they were made of similar materials, the hardened aspect of her current blades lent itself well to resisting high pressures! The air was lit ablaze with the repetitive bangs of vulcan fire as she systematically fired the glue in compressed slugs at Joanna -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 9:47 PM The previous 5 meter radius of assimilation having encompassed Joanna’s body connected with the enormous black sphere. The Dark Energy material was easily altered from neutral to assimilation, increasing Joanna’s range of assimilation from a measly 5 metered radius to one of 15 meters: an assimilation sphere with a thirty meter diameter. A steady and lasting ability. As the charge of her sphere continued to raise, Joanna looked down at Mimi and frowned. Why was the woman so concerned about the platform? The thing didn’t really even matter anyways. She had no need to land on it. Neither of them did. “There’s fifteen meters of incineration under me. I couldn’t really step on that platform if I wanted to,” she muttered under her breath. Having come back to her, nine spheres hovered around the edges of the large black sphere like the rings of Saturn. Rotating around her as if they awaited her order. It was then that Mimi, feet stuck to the ground, launched sporadic slugs of the compressed Dark Liquid at Joanna. Not that it really mattered. The slugs would hit the outer shield of the Assimilation field and dissolve. As everything did. Even so, Joanna moved toward Mimi and kept her approach in a random zigzag so that it would be impossible to predict her next movement. Turning three of them into large cubes, each with 5x5x5 dimensions, Joanna aimed her finger like a gun toward Mimi and shot the cubes toward the clone. The edges of each a separate color from the rest. A light grey in a field of black. Corban-Last Thursday at 9:57 PM By the time Mimi finished her barrage, her 'blades' were looking rather pitiful. The stress of firing left them with cracks here and there, and dings in their edges. She bid them to drink from the watering hole at her feet, the fount of dark energy that she dug within this space recoating them. …Fount? Indeed, the fissure she had made was spilling upon the ground, diluting what existed there prior. The field was once polished and patterned, but now it was dark. The cup runneth over, the matter falling over the edge and into the void like an infinite pool. Joanna remained high above her, just as imperious as Mimi had been with her. That said, she didn't take it personally; she knew the fun in mimicking someone, and turning the tables. That said, she didn't have much time to think about that. Joanna was closing in with an aggressive and manic formation. Her blades combining into a large buster blade, she swept upwards. In the same stroke her infinity pool of dark energy moved like the tide to the moon's pull. What would happen when they intercepted the cubes? -e- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 10:05 PM Joanna tisked, her beyond sight witnessing the large draw of energy Mimi pulled from the infinity that was Dark Energy. Randomly pulling on energy was useless. Dark Energy formations pulled on the surrounding Dark Energy on its own. Forcing it to draw more that it needed was a useless brainial effort. Oh well. It takes practice to realize that. Her cubes continued to plunge downward, there large bodies closing in quickly. It would be only a matter of seconds before Mimi's buster blade crashed into the first square. And would, in essence, rip it apart. If she also swung at the other to cubes, a similar effect would occur. The cubes were irrelevant in the scheme of things. The grey corner of the spheres would explode a moment after the blade vanquished the cubes, creating a random myriad of little explosions. The explosions weren't exactly powerful, and when completed, would leave the platform with remnants of their explosion. Tiny Dark Energy particles of a neutral state, and under Joanna's manipulation. Joanna herself continued her approach, though, to be honest, she wasn't in any rush. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 10:15 PM The polarity of these particular particles was no bueno. Treating the top layer of her pool like flypaper, she cut it off like the moldy surface of parmesan cheese and sprinkled it off the edge of her platform. Joanna did not seem to be in a hurry to attack her right now, although there was that imposing ball she had summoned up. Still, if Joanna was going to approach, and perhaps land…Mimi would give her the red carpet. The dark energy splashed upwards from the edge and swept towards her, and yet she herself didn't change positions. Although the glue-like DE that bound her before had been scattered away, she remained standing in the same position. There was the dense that the dark energy gathered was getting denser, and combining with her weapon…-e- [first para, add in front] And switch! The wave went from liquid to a non-newtonian solid upon impact. With the backing of the platform beneath it, it absorbed the force of the incoming cubes with a great thunderclap and dropped them upon the platform with a thud. This form factor also meant that the explosions did not quite touch her, covered was she in her own waters. -c- Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 10:23 PM Joanna eyed her opponent with a wary gaze. It wasn't that she wasn't impressed, it was that she wasn't really bothered by it. The remnants weren't there to explode or to do damage: in fact, it was to Joanna's benefit that they had been dusted off to the side. The remnants, having been pushed off the edge of the platform, stopped right there. They didn't fall into the abyss, preferring to hover at the edges. And suddenly they were no longer remnants, but particles, drawing upon the infinite being that was dark energy. They stuck to the edge of the platform, attaching to each other so there was no longer space in-between. And the started to rise. The sphere around Joanna grew even larger, blasting out at a twenty foot radius. At the same time, Joanna entered a distance of thirty meters from Mimi. A sphere detatched itself from the rotation to hover thirty meters, dead center above the platform. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 10:33 PM The remnants could try, although they were still specks embedded within pieces of Mimi's own, larger dark energy masses. The effect was roughly equivalent to school bullies ganging up on someone for their lunch money and given a swirly. "Ugh." Was this how it was going to end? A bomb dropped on top of her? To be rained on so hard that it would blot out the sun? She would rather it end in other ways. Now possessing sufficient reserves, with the entire platform sucked clean, she leapt off the platform as if launched by a spring. This placed her no longer beneath the sphere, and at eye level with Joanna twenty meters away. Her footing in the air was guaranteed by an aphotic black tile. "…" Mimi lofted her weapon in a high kendo stance. -e- [paused for OOC deliberation] Ataraxy-Last Thursday at 10:45 PM Even if Mimi did manage to soar up to eye level with Joanna in a matter of seconds, she wasn't any closer to defeating Joanna. In fact, if Mimi was 20 meters away from Joanna, she was basically hitting the edge of Joanna's field of effect. This also implied that the sphere which had detached from Joanna was no behind Mimi. In a manner of cause and effect, the sphere extended and split into three arrows, each launching themselves at a different part of Mimi. All controlled, unaffected by momentum. The sphere of influence around Joanna also near instantly expanded, now twenty five meters. Which, even if the arrows wouldn't have hit, would turn Mimi into nothing. <e> Corban-Last Thursday at 10:50 PM --- Ataraxy wins --- Warlock-Last Monday at 8:04 PM This was by far the strangest of the battlegrounds he had fought in, but that would not matter on this day. Goliath looked upon his opponent from the other side of the platform, ready to find victory in battle. With his ax in hand, he would charge forward, shield at the ready. As he would charge, Goliath's spirit would call to his patron spirit, asking for its strength as his large legs made their way to his opponent. Through the blessing of this winter spirit, Goliath would not suffer the effects of his own attacks, the air beginning to grow colder as he charged his opponent. This would be a good fight indeed, one that many would remember. Kasai Uchiha-Last Monday at 8:06 PM Kiki had learned from her previous fights two important lessons: 1) no one dies. And 2) she was far too nice. Smashed together into harmony, it meant she was going to switch up her fighting style. Her arms were spread out as the air warped and twisted with white sparks and the magnetism being generated around them. Iron dust flew from the container on her back, surrounding her through the air. She also ran at the orc, the dust rushing around her body though her eyes could still see through the spacing in the effect. Kiki could tell her opponent was big and strong. She could also sense the dropping of the temperature by the various changes in the heat signatures that her eyes could barely see due to spectrum vision. A master of the cold versus a master of metal. Odd mix. Warlock-Last Monday at 8:16 PM Raising his ax towards his opponent, he would send forth a cone of cold that would spread out through a wide area, making it difficult to dodge. If it struck then she would be hit with freezing temperatures, making it difficult for her to move. An added bonus of the effect would be that the metal dust around her would be blown away by the freezing wind, making it difficult to use. The temperature would lower even more, the power of winter fueling his next spell. When it was ready he would use it, ultimately sealing his victory in this battle. Kasai Uchiha-Last Monday at 8:19 PM By now, both of them were at the center of the platform. The electromagnetism pulled at the iron dust that surrounded her. It closed in onto her body, and it instantly sealed as the cold wind struck against her. Well it would have felt cold were it not for the heat being generated through the metal encasement that was now upon the top of her. Using her power, she was creating thermal energy, resulting in the iron now atop her body becoming warm. She had become Metal Kiki! And she was still running. Goliath's weapon was raised, which meant briefly his offense was out of the window. It left his shield to remain, which she shoulder checked into with her right shoulder. An electromagnetic pulse followed but the orc would feel nothing due to having no metal on his person. <e> Warlock-Last Monday at 8:27 PM Using his superior strength he would swat at Kiki, bashing her away from him to his left as he turned to face her. While his ax was temporarily unable to strike, he was prepared to use it now to cleave into her. Swinging downwards at her chest he would attempt to end her here and now. The temperature continues to decrease, more power being funneled into his spell. It was risky not to use it now, but he was prepared to make that risk in order to finish this quickly. Kasai Uchiha-Last Monday at 8:32 PM The swat led to a very funny outcome. Kiki did not fly away. Not in the traditional sense. Her hands were stuck to the metal shield. And with the swat, she simply rode the motion of his arm. Her feet were pressed against it, too. The electromagnetic pulse had magnetized her briefly to the shield, allowing her to stick to it like a spider. It would be pretty hard to swing such a long axe at a close range. Mostly because Kiki had used this moment of his arm's swing to reposition herself onto his back/ left shoulder area. No longer stuck to the shield, she brought both of her warm hands forward to cover over Goliath's eyes. "Peekaboo!" Her warm hands had then became hot. The iron over her body took on a more glowing red color. Time for harsh burns! To cool herself, she removed the metal from her back area, allowing a convection to take place. Good thing Goliath gave her a natural air condition, too. <e> Warlock-Last Monday at 8:37 PM He screamed out in pain, but knew this would be his perfect time to activate his secret weapon. Calling upon the power of winter he activated his Coldsnap spell, which as he had spent three turns fueling with channeling the power of his patron spirit, would be incredibly strong indeed. From all directions would come an almost instantaneous effect of freezing, Kiki would take it full force as she had decided to grapple him. Her blood would freeze, her organs would shut down, death would come in a matter of moments before he fell backwards to crush her under his weight. Kasai Uchiha-Last Monday at 8:42 PM The freezing effect came upon her. An instant sizzling effect happened. The cold power interacted with the growing hot iron and it caused the usual interaction of elements to happen. The prep power of both of their abilities were equal, which not made it come down to what happens when thermal heat meets anything cold. The answer was obvious. Though the skin on her back became brittle, the metal beneath it was her real skin. And it was coursing with the thermal heating mechanism she was using on the outer layer of her metal but at a lower effect to not burn her insides up. What ends up happening is that the cold snap does not finish her off. And his ability does cool down her hot iron, making them both fizzle out. But as he fell toward the ground, all Kiki had to do was push her feet off and sprawl in the air as the orc came falling backwards. And in turn, the metal on her fingers took on a very sharp design. And with just a thought, it shot into his eyes and into the rest of his skull cavity. Should it work. <e> KING-Last Monday at 9:16 PM @Kasai Uchiha, @Warlock - Judgement: As detailed in the roleplay-discussion thread, the heat attack that Goliath suffered in his last post would have been more than enough to render him in a state of disrepair. "Howling in pain" is a severe downplay to the level of damage he would have sustained by having those "glowing red" metal hands over both of his eyes, and without and ignore pain talent (which he clearly doesn't have by the admission of feeling pain at all) I do not feel he would have been able to continue thusly. Kasai Uchiha is the winner.
  14. Warlock [1-2] vs Kasai Uchiha [2-0-1] Corban [1-1-1] vs Ataraxy [2-1] Mag [2-1] vs Misty [1-2] Robbie Rotten [1-2] vs Jesus Negro [1-2] Sunbreaker [3-0] vs Albireo [0-3] Notes: Platform is 50 yards long and 15 yards wide. There is breathable air for those that need it. The abstract alterations in the background have no impact on play.
  15. Warlock - 05/25/2017 The storm had gathered, his patron spirit was already working towards bringing the fury of winter to this calm piece of meadow. He stood at the river, waiting for his opponent, knowing that they would be there soon, but he was ready for them, and would emerge the victor in this battle. If his opponent was aware of what laid in store for them, they would do the sensible thing and retreat somewhere safe. Turning around, Goliath knew that his enemy was here, and battle would soon commence. With the power of his patron spirit, Goliath would not have to fear the effects of the storm, for he was not just bringing the storm. Goliath was the storm. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 The first thing that comes to mind is wind. Wind is quick, brash, ambitious. It flies without care – it soars through the distance, from horizon to horizon, taking all of earth and sky beneath its purview. To the small, it is gentle and cool; to the massive, it is merciless and cruel. The chill breeze brings a touch of ice from the whitecaps, and starts up a dirge-like whistle as it carves itself through the mountains, wearing down the rock to soil. The second thing is the scent of suspended, tranquil life. It is not the hot must of the tropics, nor the unbridled freedom of plains. This is a muted, reserved sort of flourishing. Fish leap in placid waters; deer graze on sparse lichens. Pines scraggle upwards where there are nutrients, and regal stones stand stoic where there is none. The air is fresh and crisp. It is like glass in this way – perfect, unbroken, and fragile, yes, ever-so-fragile. It feels as if the slightest touch or imbalance will send it careening into decay. The girl stretches out a hand, staring at her palm, and wonders if this dream is truly as fragile as it appears – if the subversive motions of a single hand are enough to shatter this illusion of peace. Whether even all the force of the beast of storm that was a fair ways down the riverside could do a single thing to touch this place’s tranquility. Aria smiles, and with the snap of a finger, flares into life. Red haze encases her as Entropy begins to rise and Order is subsumed into the earth. She is standing at the wide bend of the river – almost a lake where the waters still. The beast of storm stood some fifty meters down the side of this lake; from there, he was in a supreme vantage to observe the seraph work her miracle. The young girl takes a deep breath of the crisp air, feeling it invigorate her lungs – and, as if launching into a dance, steps onto the glassy surface of the lake. A film of ice forms beneath her feet, more than enough to support her drastically dwindling weight, and Aria continues walking, buoyed up by a steadily spreading floor of ice. Warlock - 05/25/2017 Goliath could see the strange girl walk upon the lake, nodding solemnly as she did so, but he knew that her magic's would be no match for the brutal force of nature. While nature could be a delicate, fragile thing it could also be an incredible force for one to make witness of. As the storm began to churn, snow began to fall from the sky, wind picking up speed in a steady rate as its power coursed through him. Goliath would cross the river, jumping over it with ease as he would begin a circular path towards the strange child. If she wished to go out into the lake, then she would bear the brunt of that risk. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 The lake is wide, surprisingly so; where the other could make a crossing at the narrow width of the river that spanned some ten meters, the lake was far too large for that, stretching at its most central point to a diameter of more than sixty meters. If Goliath wished to assault her meaningfully, he would have to meet her. Aria continues walking. The water beneath freezes, and the spirals of ice plant themselves into the earth as her domain follows beneath her, growing. Warlock - 05/25/2017 If she believed it was impossible for the seemingly brutish man to attack her without getting close to her, then she would be sorely mistaken. As the snow began to fall harder, dropping down in a continuous flow against the little girl as the storm encompassed nearly all of the terrain around them. Not only would she have to contend with the power of the increasingly cold climate, but also the harsh winds which were now starting to become stronger, faster, more dangerous. Bringing his fist to the palm of his hand, the wind began to head straight for her, sending a flurry of snowflakes directly at her. It was a minor thing, a flexing of his control over the storm above, but the obscuring snow would prove a problem for the small child, his path continuing as he made a circular path. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 In a dream, we are given a bit of liberty that is found nowhere else, in no other time. It is the liberty to freely be. No shackles bind us, no rules or fools to stand in our way. We are unlocked, uncocked – there is no nervousness that needs wind us up. Aria takes this to heart; games deserve to be played, and so she hums as she goes, dancing, surging along the surface of the water, gathering speed as she does so. It almost seems as if the ice is not supporting her, but rather playing catch-up. The winds break on her aura, rendered inert, forced into the gentle warm breeze that bites teasingly at the hems of her dress, and she dances freely, so freely that a flurry of snowflakes flies by far to the side, almost without notice. The domain is sufficient, and begins to head for shore, half in the water, half in the earth.(edited) Warlock - 05/25/2017 It was at this time that he was ready to bring forth the power of the storm, so much so that she would regret allowing the wind to break against her. Pumping down his fist, the wind that seemed so harmless now whipped up into a frenzy, empowered by the natural forces granted to him by his patron spirit. She would feel the sudden strikes of the storm whipping against her without mercy, her lightened body now the plaything of the storm around her. Windburn was a given, but the forces of the wind itself would most assuredly put her off balance, causing her to most likely fall into the water, which would cause the ice to enclose around her. Her own power would soon be used against her as the storm continued to pick up its pace, the temperatures dropping to dangerous limits for a mortal coil. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 The wind intensifies, and Aria’s aura blooms in response. Air is the worst of tools to use against her – a low-density, low-energy medium of energy exchange; the low forces of one blade of wind are leveraged against another, and on the whole indeed she is buffeted, but just as a bird fears nothing short of a hurricane – just as a paper thrives, untorn, in any speed of wind – Aria is sent rocking side by side, almost chaotically, but the expression on her face is one of wonder. She is flying! How incredible – how incomprehensible. The same weight that the storm relies upon to turn her, sends her sideways and upwards for wind bounces off the surface of the water to carry upwards – such is the curse of pressure differentials and the shear forces of density. Her domain has now reached the shore, and the ground beneath the beast is compacted suddenly – the soft mud of the shoreline is thrust and folded upon itself, caving into a flat pit two meters deep beneath the beast’s feet with all the suddenness of a sinkhole. On the shore, it would be in contact with the frigid water, which would rush in to splash and subsume the beast. Aria continues to be buffeted, not entirely in control, not entirely out of it; she merely enjoys the sensation, and guides herself back towards the center of the lake. Warlock - 05/25/2017 Goliath watches from around thirty meters away, curious as to how the little girl felt she was close enough to attack him in such a strange way. The water filled into the hole, but it was nowhere near where his position was, for even with himself at full speed, he would not be able to cover a space of fifty meters in such a short span. A pity that such a powerful attack would be seen more as a parlor trick than anything else. His storm was now reaching blizzard levels, the winds now starting to whip hard against her as the snow came down hard. How she was able to withstand the temperature was beyond him, but it seems that the wind would not be enough to put an end to this creature, so he would attempt other methods as he stayed at his position, waiting for the child to come to him this time as the blizzard went to full power. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 Humans learn quickly. Aria, deceptively so. The winds come from macroscopic phenomena; the beast, it seems, lacks the sophistication to manipulate them finely. Such brusque control breeds predictability, and Aria thrives in such an environment. The temperature may continue to drop around her, but locally the atoms lose rigidity. Once again, air is all too low-density to carry meaningful amounts of heat or, even worse, lack thereof being limited by their own liberties of movement. Even in the absolution of zero degrees, the beast would need something more substantial to pierce the veil of constantly diffusing, heightening energy. Her finer control of local variables leads her to balance herself, if unsteadily, once more - here, Aria places foot in the air above the precise center of the lake. Water is a deceptively powerful thing. It washes away mountains, erodes continents, swallows islands. A single trickle tears a canyon from the rock; a single drop traces paths in the salt and sand. It is also, unlike air, an incredible well of high-density potential. Where she pauses, the water mass freezes as the energy comes flowing into her – against the gradient of entropy, order commands the vast thermal energy to fill her limbs. Aria smiles. The baton has been passed. “I’m…it?” Entropy shapes itself into a torpedo – the girl is encased in aerodynamic perfection. A single thrust of the stored, unstable thermal energy coalesced in her outstretched hands sends the nearly weightless maiden flying across the surface of the lake at speed toward the beast, winds deflected with the light touch of diffusion. Warlock - 05/25/2017 Even in the height of the storm, Goliath could see the actions of this strange child, his vision unimpeded by the snowfall due to the blessing of his patron spirit. Stomping his foot downwards there came a shape of what would appear to be the same shape as Goliath, obscured by the churning of the snow being whipped around by the wind. What was different about this shape was that even as it was a perfect statue of Goliath, it had multiple pertruding spikes of blue ice was waiting for Aria, he using his power over the wind to make certain that her direction stayed in its place. Then he dove to his right, knowing that at this speed she would not be able to change her direction, and so would be impaled upon the spikes of ice in a gruesome display of arrogance. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 Vision is a startling thing. Some humans cannot live without it – others have lived their lives without it. Yet this is in the end true: that humans were irrevocably blind to the important things. The shift of the stars, the grand sweep of the planets as they carve their way through empty, infinitely lonely space; the unbridled excitation of a brilliant tau particle, and the valence of individual electrons and photons as they join and part and join in part in harmony. Aria viewed the world in terms of these things. A little snowfall hindered nothing of mass, of gravity, of the forces that governed this world. When Goliath shifted and called upon a statue of ice to substitute – this, she saw. When the winds changed to tunnel her ever-forward towards this stoic sentinel, this, she saw. When the spikes passed beneath her, this, she saw. What are winds to a bullet? What are winds to an arrow? Even in beginning of human age, the primitives learned that a feather here, and aerodynamic touch there, and even a great wind would barely budge the path of an arrow. A sniper fires across a continent, and his bullet is shifted more so by its own weight than the vicious breeze. Aria, bullet that she is, corrects her course with another light burst of energy to the side. Though this be small, again her weight and again the passively-shaped shell of entropy cut through the side of the Jetstream well before danger of impact. The beast forgets that momentum is a function of both mass and speed. One without the other is open to infinite malleability. Aria is now hurtling towards the beast himself, and from the icy air and the rippling, freezing water beneath, she draws more energy. The domain of water earlier unspent returns to keep pace beneath her. Warlock - 05/25/2017 Goliath called upon all the power that was stored in the storm, having been built up for a majority of their match. The winds, the statue, all of it merely small exercises of his power, nowhere near the power that had been building up for just this moment. If the child believed herself capable of defeating him, than she was to be surely mistaken. He would wait until she was close, almost meters away before he unleashed the power of winter against her, and a great lightning bolt of power came screaming from the clouds straight in her direction. This would be his most powerful attack, one that will most certainly kill her in an instant as it came straight towards her. Seraph Magdelene - 05/25/2017 A lightning bolt needs charge. Where does this charge arise from? The dissatisfaction of the earth with heaven, the war of electrons, one against another. Aria notes this as she comes. Lightning is a fearsome beast, but as brash as it is angry. Like a bull, a single Ole! is enough to send it into a frenzy. Aria grins and gives her Ole! As the charges build, the order that she had built in the earth erupts upwards – the richly conducive minerals of the soil, so inimical with the thin air to plant life, rises in a lattice of pillars. As soon as the lightning bolt is brought into conception, it is eaten alive by the infinite maws of the earth. How easily is a home protected by the fury of the whole heavens, beyond the mastery of any man, by a single length of metal plugged shallowly into moist, wet dirt – could it stand a chance against the exposed ore of the mountain and the wealth of damp electrons in the soil? The net of earth grounds the lightning. No matter the force, it is reduced to nothingness, diffuse through the heart of the mountain. In less time than a man and a mind can think, the lightning bolt is gone. The net is smoldering, crumbling with the force of current, but this matters nothing. She flies through the remnants and intends to slam into the Goliath at maximal power. Warlock - 05/25/2017 Goliath could not act quickly enough, his attacks were useless, and so his body was pierced by the body of the strange girl. She burst through him, a hole now where his chest used to be, he stood for only a moment before collapsing onto the ground, perishing upon the snow. ===============================Winner: Mag================================================================== Corban-05/26/2017 @Jesus Negro Fight can take place here If Mimi wanted, she could’ve jumped off one side of the lake and reached the other side in a single bound. Part of it was because of how the shores curved towards each other until only a few inches of water and rocks separated them. However, it was mostly for the Olympian body that she now possessed. The normally slender girl towered over mere mortals, her muscles visible underneath the relatively-muted canapa tunic and trousers she wore. This wasn’t the first time that she had copied a superhuman being, oh no, but it still delighted her like tasting delicious food several months later. Each time she copied someone there was a flood of knowledge into abilities, but not all abilities were cool manipulations of the current universe. Some were couched in history and tradition, their actions elevated by this noble provenance. Mimi Cuesta felt that her Prime was such a person, descended from gods and blessed by the spirits in some faraway place. “’Renovatio’…When I wake up, I should like to visit this timeless land.” But first, she wanted to earn her ticket. She knew this was a dream, one of incredible verisimilitude, and that her Prime’s arrival would not be long. Standing up from the edge of the lake, she turned her hand slowly in the air and watching as motes of light dewed upon her nails, danced in new orbits. These powers promised to be flashy…and she would not let him outshine her! -e- Jesus Negro-05/26/2017 Elijah had made his way from the very first pine that drew him just over a hill where a beautiful lake shimmered like diamonds. The wind rushed him to it, and his fate, and the walk was one of peace and reflection. When he came near enough to behold Mimi in all of her glory, he found that her attire was much like his own, if not the same. He noted many things but what confused him the most was, Hilderic. The Wreath of Dawn residing upon his crown began to pulsate several hundred times per minute as Hilderic's excitement began to rampage, causing Elijah's heart to beat violently. Henceforth Hilderic would shine as bright as a flash bang and blind all near enough to suffer. It would also provide as a font of accumulating cosmic fire energy. No more than ten meters away would he stand and address Mimi by brandishing Mapema `Jua. "You would not regret such a decision."<e>(edited) Corban-05/26/2017 Mimi saw the flash, yet her eyes were not blinded for they were no longer ordinary. The man she had mimicked could be said to be an avatar of light and the stars. Indeed, it was this mirrored resistance that had messed with her in previous fights, unable to find a one-sided advantage. The wreath upon her own head was similarly excitable, even without her say-so. This would be messy. The 15lb dumbbell known in common language as the "Early Sun" showed up in her hand. Blessed by Santo's light, the motes coalesced at its tip before igniting into a large, wide blade that would assuredly melt most untempered metals. It was heavy, too heavy to have been wielded by her original form...but not for an amazon. She slowly advanced towards him with her right guard facing him, holding it across her chest as if to beat him with the head...or cut across. "In that case, let us wake quickly!" Dashing towards him, she made a broad cut from his right shoulder down to his left side with the hefty gladius. -e- Jesus Negro-05/26/2017 And so she glows with the radiance of the Light Bearer, and swings what appeared to be a two handed weapon in her grasp. It was strange to see how she took to Early Sun and the Wreath upon her crown. Though there wasn't long to dwell on the notion, he would wager that this Mimi possessed all of his abilities, and if this were true he would find out soon. Hilderic, grew brighter, and so did the alter-Hilderic, and it's likeness and conjuration were alike and would be treated as separate fonts henceforth. Mimi was brave to charge him, and when she began to do so, Elijah would place Mapema Jua within his left so that he may hold it high neck high and point it at her and so that his right arm may hover just before his chest as Mimi's assault became more obvious as she drew to bring harm to his person. Only when he knew for certain she was committed, Elijah would simply activate his gladius allowing for it's plasma to reach out three meters to impale her chest. Should he fail in his attempt to fell Mimi, he may fall now. <e>(edited) Corban-05/26/2017 Indeed, Mapema`Jua could be extended indefinitely and, had he feinted with a slash but projected the blade instead, it might have caught her off guard. However, his stance gave him away. Leveling a weapon like that, even an unignited one, was used for thrusting maneuvers and firing rocket launchers. That was enough to give doubt to her as she charged. The blade extended at a frightening pace, giving even a wary opponent like Mimi precious little time to position her hilt in its pathway and grind against it. Assuming that the weapon was resistant to its own blade energy, the points of its star crossguard would act as an effective swordbreaker, allowing her to push it away from her centerline and prevent it from advancing further as she charged him, grinding her way up its length until she could perform a rightwards cut across his torso. -e- Jesus Negro-05/26/2017 The handle was durable enough to perform to Mimi's likings, for its composition was of primal alloy, and although it would burn hot red almost instantly, it would retain its shape and hardness. Mimi's performance was impressive; her composure spoke volumes of the experience she may hold proudly like a trophy of some kind. Although a feint slash to a thrust would've certainly been more clever no doubt, the idea was to draw Mimi in as close as he could , and how she dealt with his initial assail would allow him to follow up accordingly. Normally if the blade had struck, they act very much like lightsabres bouncing wildly off one another. That was not the case here, and instead, Elijah would tap into Hilderic and alter-Hilderic font whilst triggering the blade that had extended outward and now somewhat away, to explode violently into a conflagration of cosmic fire. This happening the moment she brought Mapema Jua to her defense. This was a controlled blast conjured in attempt to knock Mimi back just far enough to lick her wounds and approach him once more. <e>(edited) Corban-05/26/2017 Her homely clothes, inherited from her Prime, were unbecoming of both of them. It was only a matter of time before something forced her to tap into his armory, focusing upon the noble raiment known as Lion's Riot. The explosion burned away the grass around them, leaving behind the smell of ozone. His surprise attack knocked her back a few meters, yet she kept her poise and remained upright. Her arms were now encased in segmented gauntlets of white gold, while her torso also had a faint outline of something yearning to pierce this veil. It would seem she also had access to Lion's Riot. "Hnngh…I did not expect that. Well played. This is not the end though!" Mimi straightened her back and clenched her left hand with a clink. There was still much for the Mime to learn of his powers! Hilderic agreed, seeking to redouble its efforts in azure flame, in spite of recent spillage. -c- Jesus Negro-05/26/2017 "I thought so." Elijah had finally discovered the results of his test and it was much to his disliking. These were the words he muttered to himself as his head canted while his mind tried to comprehend the how. Elijah had been equipped to do battle with any who thought they were battle-born but he was certainly not prepared to do battle with something of his likeness. It bothered him how good Mimi looked as she stood their analyzing the armor of the celestials. Had he gawked any longer he may have grown jealous. So it seemed Hilderic had grown bright enough to mimic the sun; a page straight out of Mimi's book no doubt. There would be no land nor shadow for quite a distance that would go untouched by their light. A green energy begins to manifest around his hands and his crown whilst whispering righteous prayers and ancient words confidently as if reading them directly from the Tome of Alteration. "What other tricks do you know?"<e>(edited) Corban-05/26/2017 Oops Mere mimicry may not suffice to take him down. Based upon what she had inherited from him, she would need to use creativity to shape his powers in ways even he may not have thought of. That was the only way to gain a firm advantage in this battle. "Hmm hmm…allow me to show you what you could do…" Light. Sun. Stars. Radiance. These were so apropos for his portfolio that one could easily associate him with a Paladin. Mimi perhaps strongly associated a paladin with a church, and angels. Suddenly she had an idea. With a thrum, the gladius doubled in length. Mimi clicked her heels together, saluting Elijah with her gladius six times. Like the hand of a clock, she held it loft six times in a most clockwise ring before her. Each time, an image of the Early Sun remained as if one had gazed into it for too long. Once complete, she leveled the gladius at Elijah. It was almost the same pose as he had menaced her with before, yet this time her blade was drawn and she was clearly too far away. -e- Jesus Negro-05/26/2017 Elijah possessed no ego, in fact, his curiosity grew with every word she spoke that summed up to the promise she had now come to make. The cogs and gears in Elijah's mind were well oiled, and constantly working towards a solution, and the only way he'd opt to put her down was through the arts of Alteration. Imbuing said energy with the light they both now shared, green and ivory particles had quickly faded to nothing. This was no doubt a sign of completion. Through the light, and only through it would Elijah target Mimi and attempt to cast Paralyze. For all that was not him within said radiance would become subject to the command of this power. Given the little time he had to conjure such energy, it would only be potent enough to successfully make Mimi, "Yield." Unable to move or even conjure energy, for she would be very much like a vegetable for a while. Were he successful.<e>(edited) Corban-05/26/2017 When she took up this defensive position, she did it to delay him while her things cooked. Mimi had committed not to engage until they were complete. Furthermore, she was already on guard for further Trojan horsing through the circlet. It was plausible that she could also send payloads towards him, and so the reason why she didn't copy him lay with the fact that she had limited hers. She flinched as she felt his spell smash against her gate, an arc of fire leaping off the wreath like a solar prominence. The images hung in midair still, although now they were less phantasms and more consolidated blades. With her Angelblades complete, she tensed her shoulder and drew her newfound wings behind her. They floated naturally, splitting and merging together like a bird's feathers. Yet she herself did not move. Perhaps could not. -e- ===============================Winner: Corban================================================================== spearing-05/21/2017 : A woman walks this path, a sheer white sundress hanging loosely about her ample form. As the mountain commands this valley by its greatness, so she commands its life by hers -- by his, truthfully -- and to both masters the valley's occupants cannot help but bow in recognition, cannot help but willingly subordinate themselves. <c> : She comes to a halt, then steps off the path toward a lake of waters as clear as the sky -- or, rather, as clear as it would be were it not so cloudy. A stiff breeze catches her and she raises her arms, allowing it to make off with her sundress, that she might be rendered as invulnerable as any natural thing at birth, in life, and upon death. <c> : Her name, it is said, is Aistreine. <e> Ataraxy-05/21/2017 Nearly 2 dozen meters away from Aistreine, a girl sits on a medium sized rock with her back to the river. Green eyes peer under dark black hair braided into twin pig tails. Judging and analyzing her naked opponent who approached the warrior girl was a casualness not oft seen. Joanna stands, the ten black spheres floating around her moving in sync with her climb. Before either one of them could utter a word of greeting or one of trash talk, one of the sphere launches itself toward Aistreine. Joanna was used to these dream matches by now. Chatting wasn't going to get her anywhere. A second sphere launched itself into the sky a moment later. <e> @spearing spearing-05/21/2017 : As Aistreine walks toward the lake, fed by a river from the mountain in the distance, she speaks a single word of strength; the macrocosm answers, and a hot dark appears at the center of her mass, propagating both along her skin and into the air around her like a thickening cloud. <c> : Instantly, a portion of her true cosmic weight makes itself available to her. This other, she who is ensconced by spheres, would likely have the means to sense a tug upon the energies common to their setting -- though none, perhaps, upon that which she herself appears to control. <c> : As a white tinge takes the inner folds of this cloud, the fired sphere approaches. Should it reach five meters without modification, it will disintegrate, its energies rendered inert, as all must before identification and assimilation. <e> Ataraxy-05/21/2017 The sphere, in fact, did not reach 5 meters of Aistreine. Rather, it exploded into millions of individual particles that swam forward with a brush of strong wind. A wind, quite similar, but perhaps stronger than the one which had declothed the woman. Each particle however, was not separate from each other, or the universe that encompassed it. While a normal attacks, such as a ball of ice or fire may find itself inert from such assimilation, the Dark Energy controlled by Joanna was another matter. It was always pulling at Dark Energy from its surroundings. So, while parts of the particles quickly encompassing the walking woman may have parts of them assimilated or destroyed, they reconstructed themselves faster than one could disintegrate them for nothing so quickly assumed could act in such prowess. <e> @spearing spearing-05/21/2017 : The sphere explodes, its bits swarming like insects. It is clear to Aistreine by its displayed properties that the substance is, in fact, an energy of some kind, though its specifics continue to elude her. However, the knowledge alone of its being energy sets in motion a terminal series of events. <c> : As the swarm maintains beyond five meters, Aistreine stops at the lake's edge, twenty meters from the other, and speaks a second word of strength. Again, the void and the stars within it answer -- this world must be made ready for such strength, and so the process begins. <c> : Five meters out, the edge of her field of effect gains the same white tinge as the inner folds of her cloud, suddenly rather like liquid glass. The cloud itself continues its thickening, beginning to shroud her body in darkness -- though, simultaneously, the innermost regions of this cloud take on a distinctive red, one not seen except in the belly of stars. <c> : Of the swarm around her -- and of sphere in the air above, should it descend into relevance -- the energies would, should they not be reinforced or modified, be disintegrated, rendered inert, and identified upon contact with this field. <e> @Ataraxy Ataraxy-05/21/2017 Joanna witnessed as a stray blade of grass was blown into Aistreine's area of effect, disintegrating into nothing. Well, not nothing. Nothing that could be witnessed. It was a constant and undeniable rule of the universe that something could not become nothing. It would simply become something else. The girl watches as the clouds around the woman thicken, but Joanna finds herself lacking in worry. It was obvious the woman was building something up. Perhaps it was a powerful attack, though it could also be a defensive maneuver. Either way, it made no difference to Joanna. A woman who relied so heavily upon power could never defeat one who had utility to her beck and call. However, feeling the space around the woman might prove to be a bit troublesome, Joanna didn't bother with it. As Aistreine stops at the at the edge of the lake, the particle cloud moved in a decidedly nonrandom order. It curved around the woman who stood still. The bottom of the particles floating around knee length while the rest bounced over her, creating a dome like appearance. At the same moment, there was a rumble in the sky, signaling that the cloudy nature of the environment was becoming something storm like. At least it was approaching. Three spheres floated down in front of Joanna, seeming to chuckle at the desperate attempts of the naked woman. Though partially unsure what the woman was planning. <e> @spearing spearing-05/21/2017 : As above, so below. A deep series of distant booms echo recursively, the cloud stretching and changing shape with each one; a second, distinct white sears from the innermost recesses of the cloud, heavy and strangely liquid. Plasma begins to arc from within the cloud to many destinations about its host; it meets the inner surface of her field, propagating around it; it strikes the lake, the waters steaming away from each bolt; it strikes the earth, scorching it in random locations within five meters. <c> : Aistreine maintains this maelstrom while watching the other slot more spheres for action. With her effect in place as described, she begins to quietly walk toward her. <e> @Ataraxy Ataraxy-05/21/2017 Joanna feels the upper parts of her lips twitch as Aistreine simply walks toward Joanna. By walking forward and neglecting to avoid the dome, she acknowledges that the shifting succeeds. Though the 5 meters around Aistreine were impregnable by energy of its equal strength or of lower caliber, it would not be able to deflect a strike that far outmatches its defensive capabilities. It was at the moment that Aistreine stopped standing still, went to lift her foot to begin walking that the sphere Joanna had tossed earlier made its move. But it didn't come cascading downward. Oh no. It cackled in the sky as the clouds rumbled in divine anger. The Dark Energy sphere acted as a conductor sphere, connected with the millions of particles down below. With the below of a god, the clouds above rained down three strikes of lightning attracted toward the black sphere. At a speed well beyond that of Aistreine simply strolling, the black sphere redirected the three strikes of lightning as one. Following the path between the sphere and the particles around the naked woman, the combined lightning struck with all the force of mother nature. It would crash straight through the floating particles, powering itself downward and striking Aisreine, effectively destroying her cloud and killing her, unless something saved her. As a result of the heat of the lightning, the chaotic particles of Dark Energy imploded upon themselves, only adding to the destruction that rained down upon the woman. <e> @spearing May 22, 2017 spearing-05/22/2017 : Lightning above advertises its excitement to meet its dominator, and as the word has already been spoken, she does not need to react to accept its kneel -- the macrocosm, so bid, reacts for her. <c> : Now is the time for this world to become hers. As the clouds above rumble, those centered on Aistreine call back with an echo that propagates even across the void, that all worlds might hear it. Like a white-hot bubble does the plasma burst from the cloud, exploding in generative annihilation -- all things within ten meters convert to free energy in a burst which nourishes her, consuming the swarm before the seeded lightning can even begin its descent. In this, she is given the knowledge of its properties, an event she also is freed from needed to trigger herself. <c> : Simply, the explosion fertilizes her surroundings and primes her to consume them. As she emerges from the hole, again the other would notice a tug on the energies common to their setting -- this one, though, is sustained. And much, much stronger. <e> @Ataraxy Ataraxy-05/22/2017 It was smart of Aistreine to assimilate the cloud of Dark Energy particles. However, that did nothing to stop the lighting from striking downward. The Black Sphere hovering above had already attracted the lightning. And while the naked woman's explosion of energy was quick, it happening before the lighting made its descent did not entail anything about stopping the lightning. The black sphere from above only required a single particle of dark energy to direct the lightning. It didn't need the entire cloud. The cloud, as stated, was useful in following the lightning strike up with an explosive bang. While her area of effect expanded to ten meters, and no doubt assimilated everything within, the Dark Energy particles had closed around her on a string of wind. There placement was around Aistreine, though not within exact measurements. There were handfuls of the previously million particles still floating in the air. Without having blocked the lightning itself, not truly blocked it from accurately connecting, Aistreine would feel the full brunt of all the lightning. One of the three Black Spheres in front of Joanna shot forward toward what would remain of Aistreine. <e> @spearing God Emperor of Dune-05/22/2017 Judgement: So, for fairness when deliberation starts if a judge is going to be called it needs to be notated before deliberations so time can be refunded. If the judge call is noted in text, a judge must be called to prevent gaming the time system. I am going to give Old the time agreed by both parties via PM refunded (he shouldn’t have to wait for us). If this is wrong, Ran will correct me. So, whatever time you have remaining will begin AFTER the next post to give time for people to react to judgements. Old will post next in order, and then on his next post the timer will start again as normal. (This was the fairest way I could figure out for someone to react to a third party). As for the attack. After reading, skimming, reading, rereading and questioning both parties on the events from their perception I am going to give mine. The most important thing about t1 is clarity. It is much easier for someone to react to you if all the information is clear in all posts. It is easier to say, “I shoot magic missile at your chest from my hand.” I know some people’s styles revolve around more of the writing aspect, when fighting technicalities can be life or death if you post is confusing (no one’s was) it is much harder for your opponent to write back at you logically. <c> When looking at the first part and what seems to be a major component of the attack the ‘’Dark energy swarm’’. As stated by the author, the dark energy swarm was different than normal energy, as the way it stayed alive was to absorb dark energy from its surrounding areas. My question number 1.) If the authors dark energy is special, and absorbs dark energy to stay relevant where is this dark energy coming from to sustain it? Is the caster continuously feeding it energy to keep it active? Or, is it feeding off itself. Because the energy typing is so specific I find it hard to believe that the caster isn’t either a.) continuously feeding it with his/her own energy or b.) it is consuming itself.<c If the caster is constantly feeding it, where is the continued upkeep? Magic is t1 is not sit it and forget it like videogame buffs. Generally, there are rules for how many turns a move stays relevant after initial cast. Example 1 prep = 2 turns and so on. Since the attack was a quick draw, generally, these dissipate after a single turn, however, because it stated it was fed by dark energy I can only assume it began to consume itself the next turn after the poster’s cast. <c> Meaning turn implemented: Opponent (old), Next turn (Ataraxy). But, we will use the ‘’feeding off dark energy’’ to sustain itself as the ruling here. Each turn the dust is in play it feeds off itself to stay in power. As soon as the next implementation of the attack comes into play, the dust, which again is keenly part of the attack would begin to drain the dark energy from the orbs. The orbs then used for the lightning conductor would be absorbed by its own dust (the dark energy absorbing particles which were laid out in the arena.)<c> because of the vast amount and regenerative properties of the dust as stated in posts before. So, if you are following, at this point the orbs collecting the lightning would never have reached the sky, as the dust, as author stated “It was always pulling at Dark Energy from its surroundings” and the only dark energy in the surrounding would be either A.) Itself or B.) the orbs from the next attack. I feel that the vast amount of dust described would cannibalize any dark magic the mage would fire to keep itself alive. Final Verdict: There is no attack from Ataraxy as his dust field would cannibalize any dark energy put into play from the turn it was put into play. <e> spearing-05/22/2017 : With her setting now properly primed, the flood begins; concussive explosions of cosmic energy, white and golden-red, radiate to another ten meters outward, bringing the affected material in this burst of primal chaos a sense of macrocosmic order. In propagating through her field, this energy takes upon its properties, adding a layer of redundancy to its ordering effect; caught flatfooted within this radius ( for they stand now within ten meters of one another ), the other and her now-fully-reckoned implement would, without protection, be dissociated and disintegrated in the cosmic conversion field. <c> : And of this new well does Aistreine drink deeply, finally able to nourish herself. As she raises her right hand, suddenly aglow from within, toward her lips, a third and final word comes to them -- though this time, it will not be of strength. <e> Ataraxy-05/22/2017 It was lucky for Joanna that her spheres had not disappeared. Completely anyways. The particle cloud domed around Aistreine was sustaining its form by feeding off of the surrounding spheres. A miscalculation on Joanna’s part, that resulted in her lightning not going off. However, Joanna was not slow either physically or mentally. Certainly there were people smarter than she, but the woman would not stand in place as her orbs deteriorated and the naked woman's ever expanding Area of Effect continued to grow. As her lightning strike had failed after being attempted the moment that Aistreine began to walk, it is improbable that the woman would find herself facing a flatfooted Joanna at ten meters of distance. Rather, not only would having her attack fail incur an instinct of the need to regroup, but the approaching area of effect as well. No one in the right mind would stand in place as a sphere of assimilation approached. The moment her sphere hovering in the air fizzled out, the remaining dust particles reshaped into a sphere and shot upward. It acted in the same way as its master, who was on the move. Jumping off the rock she was on the girl sprinted past the trees toward the larger rock. What remained of her sphere combined into three larger ones, making up for the power they had yet to recover. As the last known movement of Aistreine was walking, that is what she was doing while Joanna was walking. When Aistreine expended the next step of her ability, Joanna was already putting space between them. The three spheres condensed themselves into thin, but strongly constructed spears with an undeniably pointy end. <e> @spearing God Emperor of Dune-05/22/2017 Judgement: It is not insane to think that the defender’s character would be able to move or react, as the character can ‘’feel’’ energy, that and the attack is traveling through the defender’s dark energy. My ruling is, that the moment the character feels the initial push with her sense, she would begin to move, however, “cheesing it” would not be able to escape the expanding outward attack given by the attacker. That being said “dissociated and disintegration” may be a bit outside the scope of mild powers if done instantly. (Believe it or not stuff actually disintegrates slowly not wholly.) The defending character is struck with moderate to severe epidermis loss through disintegration, of the back of her legs, torso and head. The defending character would survive the blast, but in my opinion would be unable to continue. @spearing @Ataraxy ===============================Winner: Old==================================================================