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  1. Ran Iji

    Valucre Discord 2.0

    Not trying to make you feel like a heel or the bad guy. It's why I've been calling myself an idiot nonstop to take all of the responsibility for it.
  2. Ran Iji

    Valucre Discord 2.0

    Thank you for replying. @Praetorian, I had evidently messaged @Paroxysm instead. Silly P names getting mixed up. I'll edit the post in which I had used your name.
  3. Ran Iji

    Valucre Discord 2.0

    Four people, no replies. All of which, aside from one were talking in the chat at the time. It's Discord, the message gets through. This isn't two soup cans tied together with a string. It's okay. This is what happens when a policy such as 'ignore without a response' is implemented. I was an idiot, and I'm fine with holding that badge with honor. It's not often that I read something wrong to this degree.
  4. Ran Iji

    Valucre Discord 2.0

    Thanks for the reply. I PMed, since it was a matter of it being on Discord, as it was done at the first Discord Channel. My mistake, I was an idiot. At the same time, it would have been nice to receive a response of some form from any of the four individuals that I sent a message to. Praetorian was the only person to mention he would not respond to someone [and I evidently didn't even message him]. Even if it was a, "Uh, Ran... go read stuff again." I'd have thought that years of conversation with the individuals I messaged would have merited something, even if it was a mocking of my inability to read that the PM needed to be through the forum. Ignoring people flat out is never a good policy. Sometimes people fail to read something properly. I failed to read it. Sometimes people are going to be idiots. I was an idiot. I feel I'd continue to be an idiot if I wanted to associated with people that opted to ignore, rather than take the few moments to provide some level of response.
  5. Ran Iji

    Valucre Discord 2.0

    Evidently I don't qualify, since I've messaged four people who haven't messaged me back at all [despite them being active in the chat]. The Discord was the one thing that was reminding me to vote every day for the website. Even though I don't Rp, I was still helping in that regard, as well as answering questions about character creation, or the planning of events. I was also told prior to the wipe that I was 'in the clear' due to what I did OOCly, yet now no one seems to want to even return a message to me? Sure, I made joking messages such as, "Plz make me a member, kthx bbgurl." At the same time, I'd expect some level of reply, rather than stone silence. If I was told that my efforts in OOC weren't enough prior to this, I would have just taken the time to write a few terrible role play posts, that I would then just post every month. I'm probably more irked about not being responded to, and being told that I was 'okay.' Oh well. I hope that you get what you want out of the Discord.
  6. If everything went wrong, what would be the worst case scenario for your characters? Simply being dead isn't good enough.
  7. Ran Iji


    What do they want? Why do they want it? What were they told they needed? Why do they need it? Do they want what they need, and do they need what they want? What aspects of themselves aid in their journey? How do they get in their own way? What are they lacking to accomplish their goals? Probably a decent starting point.
  8. Ran Iji

    Character Power Survey.

    I do appreciate the responses so far. Hopefully I can get some more during the weekend. I removed the ones that were made in error.
  9. Ran Iji

    Ancient Character Rating Quiz.

    As said, it was an old quiz. There was a time when characters that could do the absolute highest levels in it were actually thriving in the realms/forums/chats that came before Valucre. There are some characters that players had that were retooled to then fit into Valucre, or they only sent an 'portion' of their character into Valucre. We always joke that Ishtalle [Corban's sentient sword] is stuck at the TSA trying to get into Valucre.
  10. Ran Iji

    Character Power Survey.

    Thank you. I removed the duplicate. Probably in a week or two. I'm only at 60 entries. I'd like more.
  11. Ran Iji

    Character Power Survey.

    This is intentional. Everyone has their own internal scale, and often times they decide on what their character is capable of based off the stimulus of the situation. Mild Powers isn't codified to this extent of a scale, but I can gauge what people are building their characters are based on their own scoring of their character. You can do it for as many characters as you would like.
  12. Ran Iji

    Character Power Survey.

  13. Ran Iji

    Character Power Survey.

    For science.