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  1. Kinda crazy really. I turn 32 in October. ;d
  2. Haircut incoming on Friday. Too long. Gravity is starting to win, granted this is after working out for two hours. Lol.
  3. There's no such limitation.
  4. It does allow for characters, but that is due to our desire to not police character creation. Players are ultimately free to play with who they want to, but your ability to impact the Lore/progression of stories affiliated with quests would be massively negated with such a character. Though you have the freedom to make characters, players will self police those that they write with in an effort to make sure that their threads are able to be approved for the canonization process. The administration process will never comb through character sheets in order to alert players, since the amount that are generated weekly is rather daunting. Instead, it's best to allow players the ability to do what they want, while having displayed the limits and style of play through the various guides on the website. There is of course the Alternative section which is free game for any style of play. As a general rule of thumb, the more your character can do, the less people have a reason to write with you. This isn't just due to the desire to have a quality thread, but because your character will have less of a need for someone else.
  5. The more focused a character is in a task, the better they should be. The more tools they have, the weaker they should be in each individual aspect due to lack of time, training, and effort. You don't want your character to look like a novelty Swiss Army Knife.
  6. I hope you don't mind my comments on this. Average strength of an NPC in Terrenus is going to be Olympian in nature. This is before buffs. If you're talking just raw strength being able to toss a ton of weight, that might be a bit too much without ramp up time. Far above normal. Once again, what is an average vehicle? If you have an idea of her actual speed, list it. Don't be vague to this extent. If you're saying she can outrace a modern car consistently that means she's doing over 120 mp/h. The agility isn't an issue really. Far above normal in terms of speed. Any height? So she can survive terminal velocity falls? Run over by a truck? What kind of truck? How fast was it going? Is she taking a 90 mp/h 18 wheeler to the face? Is this with buffs, or just raw durability? Far above normal. In T1, regeneration takes time and turns. It isn't a passive effect that can be given. Regeneration alone can be a major power for any character, for you it is merely a footnote under a slew of other powers. Far above normal. Most characters have some means of sticking around far longer than a normal mortal. Though this does bring up questions since she isn't a pure human, if spells/buffs/debuffs that are targeted on a 'human' would fail on her. It'd be a double edged sword. Pretty normal, not counting the endurance/regeneration. Far too much. Unfocused. You already have massive physical capabilities, and now you're going to throw in magic as well. You aren't specialized either. You're doing a little of everything. Once again, another feature that would normally be a main stay for a single character. You have this as a footnote. Your character currently is capable of answering every need a plot would have on her own. She has magic, she has the ability to do stealth while changing her form to suit any environment, and her raw physicals are far beyond anything in the realm. Unnecessary ability. What happens in Valucre stay in Valucre. People don't shift dimensions here. Her weakness is something that would require massive amounts of meta knowledge as well as a specialized ability to create. This isn't a weakness. No one would ever have a reason to know that this was her weakness, or even have the ability to utilize this dubiously titled 'corrupt mana.' With all of that said, your character is too powerful and too unfocused. You should design a character based on the goal of not being able to complete a task on your own. The less that your character can accomplish alone, the more interactions that you will have to write with other characters. Your character does not need anyone. She is beyond the strength level of the realm, and any one of her powers would be enough for a single character to already be closer to the upper edge of Mild Powers [assuming the progression of the strength was handled properly.] You need to do massive retooling for the character in order for it to fit in threads and story lines effectively. If you had to sum up your character in a single sentence without omitting abilities, you wouldn't be able to do so. Keep it simple. View things through archetypes and classes.
  7. In fighting games, you have different levels of match ups between characters on the rosters. They range from 50/50 [which would be a toss up] all the way to near unwinnable ones such as 90/10. Despite the best attempts of the game developers, characters are never equal in power, or the options that they have available to them at a particular time. This is what leads to tier lists in games. Now, these match up assume even player skill, so for a moment divest yourself from your character. What powers, archetypes, or situations would create a counter to your characters? Perhaps a particular setting is enough to destroy your character?
  8. So, this is something that drives me pretty crazy in general. This is something that occurs not only in RP forums, but in pretty much every community that exists from Gaming to Reddit to Facebook, and in fact the strange entity known as Real Life. What's frustrating is that it is something that only takes a moment to do, yet it produces a massive signal boost for everyone that is involved while prompting others who might be interested in the subject to have the chance to see it. If you think someone is cool, interesting, novel, or anything that evokes some level of emotion beyond, "Meh," respond to it. It honestly does not take much to give the creator a level of motivation to keep doing what they are doing. It could be as simple as writing, "Hey that's cool," or clicking the Like button if you honestly feel you have very little to add to the conversation [seriously though, a sentence of acknowledgement can mean a ton]. Maybe you don't have time to join the event/thread/discussion, but by providing a tangible viewer to it, you produce an environment that will attract more individuals. The absolute worst thing that you can do to anything online is to allow it to exist in silence. For Facebook/Reddit, this is absolutely the kiss of death for a discussion/event/group/page/post. This has to do with the algorithms that are used to push out content to those that may be interested in it. Facebook decides how many people see a post by interaction rate. What I'm trying to say is that the decision to not provide positive input, or encouragement leads to a stifling of activity and awareness in the sectors of your life that you care about. Even if it something that you don't particularly desire, you can provide people respect for the effort that they put in. Just close your eyes and think about how little it takes in a compliment to provide you with the motivation you need to continue doing what you love. Encouragement is free, yet it is the best investment tool. Use it.
  9. There are more periods per post.
  10. This is a pretty fun way to catch up with people. One of the fun things about Discord [for those that don't use it], it'll show you what games people are currently playing on their computer. You might end up finding out that a few people in your writing community also play the same games as you.
  11. He has his own BJJ gym.