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  1. As the pair passed a derelict building, the lanky form of a dog-creature suddenly jumped through the door, shattering it completely with force. Ansen flinched slightly and prepared himself for the impact but before the creature could reach him, Rainza launched herself into a mighty kick, pinning the monster down and punching it until it ceased to live. The knight looked into the horizon only to see a horde of the same types of creature running towards the derelict town, snarling and screaming for blood. "We need to hide" Rainza said, and he couldn't agree more with her. Ansen quickly started running as fast as he could towards the tower in the distance. He saw an almost untouched building among the wrecks, this one had a wooden door and looked like an old tavern, dilapitated to hell and almost falling apart but it was the soundest building he could see around him. Signaling Rainza, the flame knight charged towards the door and rammed it open, waiting for his aldrak companion to get into the building so he could close the door. However, as she entered, a couple of dog creatures jumped out of the shadows towards them. With a swift reflex, the knight met the first creature face to face, crashing his shield with all his might against it's head, fracturing it before intercepting the other one in the air. He grappled the creature and moved it into a chokehold, holding it's muzzle closed and pressing it's throat under the pressure of his armored arms. "Quickly Lady Rainza! Close the door!" He held the creature, struggling with it until it's neck eventually receded and failed to hold the grip. With a crack and a twist, the creature stopped moving and slowly dematerialized. Outside, some of the creatures were already reaching the tavern, but they seemed unaware of their presence there.
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  3. Ansen flinched in surprise as the diminutive aldrak embraced him. Her weight was decievingly large, but he could handle it, the only thing on his mind being the sudden act of care from Rainza. He embraced her back and stroked her hair softly, a smile forming on his lips before kissing her forehead in consolation. The knight remained silent for a few minutes, enjoying the company and almost forgetting the predicament in which they were in. The mist swirled steadily, the only light to guide them coming from the tower ahead. "There is still quite the road ahead of us my dear, but I remain certain nothing will stop us if we work together. Now let us carry on, the light of day awaits." Ansen gave Rainza the warmest, most loving smile he could muster and helped the girl stand up, starting to walk forward into the mist as the road towards their freedom became clear. Dark shadows swirled through the mist as a stone road materialized under them, showing the way towards the tower. A few dilapitated buildings laid in the distance, like a small ruined town just before the imposing sillhouette of the dark spire. Staying near Rainza in case something attacked, Ansen readied his shield, alert to any movement on his periphery.
  4. Ansen was a little surprise to see Rainza speak in such a manner. Her tone had changed and her smile was so warm and loving... He found it odd, but nonetheless he was happy to see her like that. He smiled back and made sure to keep his hand open for her, channeling as much energy as he could for her to replenish well. "I would love to show you my kingdom one day, and your help would be most appreciated by all of us my lady. Though for that to happen, the flame must be fully strengthened. Likewise I wish to accompany you in your endeavors if you allow me." Rainza's expression suddenly changed, her visage a much more shy and reserved tone now. "You know I do not place faith in the gods, yes? I wish to fight them. Make them answer for my fate. How can you love your Goddess so much? I simply do not for me has always been an impossibility. A place from which I cannot draw resolve. I only have myself, and now a very small list of allies. Which includes you..." Ansen quickly understood what she meant. Rainza had been through the worst of humanity, transformed into a being she did not wish nor choose to be, ripped from the arms of her family and robbed of her innocence forever... It was a fate worse than death and she had endure it for all these years, full of hatred and vengeance. In a sense, Ansen felt guilty... He lived a good childhood and only knew strife through his own choice and desire to fight evil. He tried to hold her hand but remembered that she was busy absorbing energy, so he only caressed her arm for a second before looking at her with a hint of sorrow. "I know what you mean lady Rainza, and I appreciate your honesty... I guess it is something that gives us a slight difference, is it?" The knight smiled softly, though his eyes revealed that he was trying to find words to give her. "My goddess has provided my people with so much... A prosper land to live in, the tools of knowledge... Supposedly, the powers I wield come from the very essence of the Goddess' being. I can feel in my heart that her light is nothing but benevolent. But..." He sighed and lowered his view for a second before looking back to Rainza. "I come from a different land. I do not know why my goddess is different from the deities that gave you nothing but suffering... There must be more to it, or at least I wish for it to be more of it. Your suffering, Rainza... It is unfathomable to me. But if I could put myself in your position to spare you the pain, I would gladly do so. I am sorry I lack all the answers, but I can at least tell you this." Ansen looked firmly at Rainza, a stern but valiant look. Somehow, the feeling he had in his chest coursed through his veins... An impulse and a need to protect the Aldrak he cherished the most. The feeling turned to willpower, the willpower turned to fire, and so the fire raised and burned brighter even among the dark nature of the fog. Even if the glow would be only slightly brighter, the warmth it gave would manifest much harder. "Whatever cursed you with this burden, god or king, will know justice... And by my goddess and everything I believe in, I pledge to never rest until the day I see what you lost being returned to you."
  5. Ansen smiled at Rainza and let her feed as much energy as she needed. The power of the flame was nigh-unlimited after all and his only worry was that the fog didn't allow her to absorb enough of it. At her request, the knight chuckled a bit and looked at the aldrak with a warm gaze. "Well, I guess it is fair. I know more about you than you know about me after all. Carilssia is a beautiful place, with green plains dotted with flowers and mountains high and mighty. Some legends say that it is in the land's highest peaks that the gods reside, watching over the people with thoughtful eyes." Ansen noticed a small chip of wood on Rainza's cheek. He lifted his hand and very carefully wiped the chip away, caressing her cheek in the process. He barely smiled and continued his story. "My father is a chef and my mother owns a flowershop in town. They would take me to see the knights when they returned from their missions. I was always fascinated by their gleaming armors and their heroic stories, so it was no surprise when I told them I wanted to be a knight of the order." Ansen smiled and looked up in reminiscence. "The day I left for the fortress, mother was sad and worried I would not be accepted or that I would get hurt, but my father was much more spirited. I wrote to them every step of the way until the day I was knighted. She was overjoyed when I came back, and the first thing I did was lift her and my sister off their feet in a hug. I miss them dearly, but I know they will be fine." He remained silent for a few seconds. "But anyways, as for my Order well, we are one of three actually. The Knights of The Flame, my order, is the one in charge of protecting the people from any threat that presents itself. The Order of the Ruby is comprised of wizards and scholars who study and further our knowledge. And finally there is the Order of the Oak, they are hunters and druids in charge of protecting the wilds of the kingdom. We all serve the Goddess Nilsaran and receive her blessing through her priests. It was through the Goddess and the High Priestess that I ended up here in the first place..." Ansen liked to talk about his land. It made him feel close to his origins and soothed his heart. More so, talking about this with Rainza made him feel like he wasn't alone... He felt warm and happy, even among the seeping mists of their current whereabouts. "I hope I did not bore you with so much information... Sometimes I get carried away. Thank you for listening to me my lady Rainza." He smiled warmly and sighed, the flame glowing warmer if just slightly.
  6. When Rainza moved towards him Ansen was a little confused of her intention. Though he was certain it wouldn't be an angry response, the look on her eyes was different than other times. However he was pleasantly surprised when she lean to him and hugged him. Despite her diminutive body she was quite heavy, but that only gave her gesture a little more impact to say both figuratively and literally... Rainza was not one to hug anyone. Ansen smile, happy with the gesture of gratitude. The knight listened to her, frowning a bit when she lowered her eyes and called herself a burden. He remembered the moment when he felt her energy radiating out of her and the fact that she needed said energy to remain alive. The briefing was brief on what she saw, the knight listening carefully. "Yes of course my lady, please rest... Is there anything I can do for you?" Ansen looked a bit worried but he was trying to hide it... Rainza didn't need more tension for now. Hopefully it didn't show. He sat down on the floor and invited her to sit at his side. The calm made him remember that he had not taken any rests either, not since the conflict with that vampire coven. He looked at Rainza and gave her a warm smile. "Rainza you are far from useless... Do not describe yourself as such. Believe me when I say it my lady, I have seen you in action and I owe my current health to you as well." He put his hand on her shoulder, lightly caressing it in support. "Listen... I have knowledge of your necessity for energy. I was there in the woods when you were emaciated and weak back in Tia. For a moment I feared you would perish... And I can not bear that thought. This place is blocking us, but please if there is a way I can help you, tell me." Ansen was not a genius when it came to the complexity of enthropy, but he understood enough to know the consequences of it.
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  8. The fog seemed to only get thicker the further they walked into it, but still somehow clear enough to notice a cluster of trees nearby. It was odd seeing vegetation around a place like this, but Ansen knew very well that stranger things had happened before. As they walked, the knight observed his companion walk in front of her, noticing a few changes. For example, her walk had become much more confident, with a little sway of the hips that made her appear more feminine. Her clothes too had changed, no longer being wild and rough but actually styled and fitting her petite body. It was almost tantalizing to see her in such state... Ansen shook his head a bit as he noticed he had lost his train of thought. He kept walking behind Rainza, happy to know that she was becoming more comfortable with herself, a step up from barely considering herself an escaped slave. "I'm going to climb one. Perhaps I can see through more of the fog that way." Ansen nodded and observed as the aldrak climbed the tree with impressive agility, a proud smile showing on his lips. Meanwhile, he approached the trees and started to check on them one by one. He drag his fingers down the bark of the first tree. It had a rubbery texture, not unlike the skin of a lizard, and it seemed to have faint movement inside the trunk. As he moved to the other tree, he could her some rustling on the leaves, possible from Rainza's movement. However, as he touched the tree he noticed something strange... This tree was just that... A tree. The wood felt hollow and the bark lacked the rubber texture. Perhaps... His eyes widdened in realization as he took a step back to turn around, but it was already too late. The 'Tree' grabbed Rainza's small body in a strong grip, moving her slowly towards it's trunk as a jagged mouth seemed to materialize on the surface of it. A long tongue whipped out, dripping saliva. "Ansen! I can't free myself!" The knight readied his shield and tried to materialize his flaming sword. His preparedness was cut short as the flame barely lit up in his palm, remaining very small and ghastly in nature. He felt fear in that moment... His friend was in danger and his powers seemed to be restricted by an outside force. Scrambling for an idea, he suddenly reached the conclusion that he would have to do without his sword... But he could still rely on his flame, however small it was. Ansen ran to the tree creature and got a hold on the branch hand that had Rainza on it's grip. He quickly turned and put his boots firmly on the creatures body, holding himself strongly against the arm as he reared his hand back for a strike. The creatures tongue tried to grab a hold of his neck but the knight mightily brought his hand down on what he assumed was the creature's face, and as soon as his fist hit it, the flame combusted into a small contained explosion. The impact and momentum of the strike tore the branch-arm of the creature clean off, sending the knight back while still holding the damn thing. Ansen managed to get a hold of Rainza as they flew back a few meters, holding her by her midriff and keeping her close to his chest in case the impact had caused her damage. The tree-creature's roots unhinged from the soil and the entire entity tumbled back to the floor with an agonizing screech. It's body seemed deflate as it reached the floor, becoming immobile and turning an ashen gray in color. The knight panted, slightly rattled as he released Rainza from his hold. She still had some 'Fingers' around her but they had become brittle and she would be easily able to break them and shake them off. "My lady, are you hurt?" He asked worriedly. "I am sorry for the sudden... Explosion. I am as surprised that it worked as you are."
  9. The cold, mountainous region bordering Terrenus was a stark contrast to the usual sights most adventurers would ever see around the central continent. The air was cold and dry, the terrain was rough and the trail was a most ominous silent path to the tops. "How far into the mountains must we go?" The soft voice of the gargoyle morph was heard behind her hood. She was wearing a heavy white winter cloak that concealed most of her body, tho it did a poor job when it came to the wings as she had to fold them back to accomodate them. Between her arms and close to her chest she held a big, heavy looking book with a hard cover titled "Terran Compendium of Flora and Fauna". At her side, her companion walked calmly, keeping himself close to her. He was wearing a brown winter cloak over his usual full-cover armor, his eyes being the most notable feature seen under the hood. "We are close. The Dwarves of Tazarek are quite the isolationists..." He answered to her. After a few seconds of silence, Gwynn stepped a bit closer to Connor, leaning to him in order to stay warm. Though he was used to this behavior before, the hunter could feel that something was wrong with her. He moved his arm to her cloak and moved it slightly to uncover her face, gazing into her eyes with a thoughtful look. "Something bothers you." She averted her eyes. "Nothing really it's just..." Before she could say anything else, the pair realized they were reaching their destination. The great Halls of Tazarek were carved directly into the mountain ahead, a massive and imposing peak as sturdy and strong as the people who called it home. As they walked towards the entrance Gwynn couldn't avoid gasping in awe at the size of the mountain, something she had never seen up close. Connor held her hand, her attention quickly changing back to him. "Before we go in, I must warn you. These people have probably never seen someone like you... Whatever they tell you, do no take it personal. Dwarves are very cautious of outsiders, stubborn too..." Gwynn answered with nervous nod. She felt like a burden sometimes, her mere presence initiating more conflict than interest. But she trusted Connor to do the talking for her, and she would protect him and help him as best as she could in exchange. They finally reached the entrance to the city, the guards immediately noticing their approach and moving accordingly. "Greetings outsiders to our mighty halls. What brings you so far from the Terran mainlands?" The first guard asked very politely. Connor tilted his head slightly in puzzlement. "It is surprising to find such a warm welcome." The second guard grunted loudly before the first one spoke again. "Well not all of us are grumpy, hot headed lads... Though I am indeed an exception. Before we let you in I'm afraid we must know where you are headed and for you to show us your appearance and weapons, if you are carrying some of course." He said. Gwynn looked at Connor nervously. Connor frowned behind his mask, unsure of what would happen after they showed themselves. Luckily, the guard seemed jolly enough to give them a pass... or so he hoped. Nodding to Gwynn, the demon hunter lowered his hood and opened his cloak, also showing his sword and other tools on his belt. The girl hesitated for a minute before doing the same, her more draconic-looking features instantly catching the guard's eye. The second guard immediately raised his axe the moment he saw her. The first guard raised his hand towards the other, as Connor instinctively grabbed the pommel of his sword. Gwynnevere took a few steps back, fearful of their reactions. "Now now, hold on... Sir I'm afraid we might have a problem here..." "I do not see the problem..." "Sir, your companion. She is-" "A Scholar... Holding books instead of weapons." "And claws, talons... Fangs." The second guard said without lowering his axe. Gwynn awkwardly looked down, hugging her book strongly. Connor retrieved the signed letter from his belt, handing it over quickly to the first guard. "We come to see Drogmar Bloodram and his clan. That includes my companion. If you wish to appeal to him for denying our entry then we won't bother you anymore." The guard read the letter carefully, occasionally shooting glances up to the pair of outsiders. After careful consideration of his options, he sighed and returned the letter before signaling his fellow guard to lower his weapon. Reluctantly, the guard did so, uttering a low 'It's you head on the line...'. "Please come with me... I'll escort you to the tavern, for security reasons." The trio walked silently through the busy streets, not a problem considering that most people moved out of their way and minded their own business. Some kids spoke among them in hushed tones, glancing at the pair of outsiders. "You'll have to excuse our wariness, we are just coming out of a draconian problem in the lower levels. And you miss are not exactly easy to miss... No offense of course." The guard said, waving people away as they stared. "I am aware..." Gwynn answered with a whisper, remaining close to Connor the whole trip. Eventually, the group reached the tavern in question. The guard pointed at the entrance and waved them farewell, taking the way back to his post with haste. The pair promptly entered the establishment cautiously, Connor taking the lead as they passed through the door. They were immediately greeted with the smell of strong ale, food, and the conversations of various groups of dwarves inside. Most eyes however were quickly posed on the strange pair as they entered. "We are looking for Drogmar Bloodram and his clan. I assure you we mean no trouble." Connor said loudly for those who were willing to hear him. The hunter signaled his companion to remain close, walking towards the bar as they awaited for an answer.
  10. The battle had started and the beasts were ready to tear Ansen asunder... Or at least, ready to try. 2 vampires threw themselves at the knight, their claws glowing a pale red akin to a resting coals in stone oven. Naturally, it was up to Ansen to show them what a real fiery crimson looked like. Gathering his strength, the knight planted his feet firmly in a defensive position and raised his shield to meet the attackers, his other wand holding his sword at an angle ready to strike. As soon as the first one touched the shield, Ansen pivoted on his own weight and spun in place, the sword glistening in fire and striking the vampires in an arching counter-strike. The four halves fell to the floor, motionless, Ansen striking his shield and taunting the rest to attack him if they would. Two others attacked but this time, as Ansen prepared to meet them in combat, a flash of light appeared in front of him. A familiar blue glow, the posture, the change in the atmosphere. There was no mistaking who she was. "Rainza!" He exclaimed in surprise. Extremely quickly, the aldrak suddenly twirled around and hit the two vampires with a powerful energy palm strike, obliterating one and sending the other back in pieces. All this happened in no more than a second, the laws of physics themselves seemingly slowing down time as well. The impact, however, sent the small powerhouse flying backwards in recoil directly towards Ansen. The knight thought of raising his shield but the impact against it would most like hurt Rainza and he didn't have the time nor the willingness to dodge her and let her fly away, so he did the only thing he could do. He braced for impact. As the aldrak hit his chest, he managed to grab a hold of her midriff, hopeful that at least his armor would cushion their fall. However, Rainza's reflexes were enough to send a chain flying, stopping their velocity enough to not be fatal, albeit causing a snapping sound he recognized as her arm dislocating from the socket. The fall was loud, messy and somewhat painful... But then again, this seemed like a normal thing to happen to the traveling knight. Ansen remained down for a second, eyes closed, regaining his breath. As he opened them, he only found the gaze of his aldrak companion looking back at him, garnering a hidden smile behind his helmet. "Are you alright?" She asked, and the knight couldn't be happier to hear her voice after so much time. "I have had worse moments my lady Rainza... Though it is by your timely arrival that my head remains attached to my body." He said, chuckling and coughing a little before taking off his helmet for a second. "You have my thanks." As they untangled, his suspicions of a dislocated arm had been true, the aldrak asking him to relocate her arm back into the socket. In the body of another person her size, the pain could have been unbearable... Or the arm could have been torn off by the force of the chain, who knows. Luckily, he knew Rainza was much sturdier than many warriors twice her size or more. He grabbed her arm and looked at her softly. As he prepared to relocate her arm, Rainza would be able to notice a few subtle changes. Ansen's armor held the same shine it always had, but the metal itself was visibly tested with scratches and marks of combat here and there. His ever-present cape still remained, the emblem of his order still presented proudly on his back, but the edges were torn in places and looked much more well worn. Despite all this however, his shield remained strong and dauntless and his posture firm and knight-like. "This could be slightly uncomfortable my lady..." He said before pulling with one hand while pushing back her shoulder into place with the other. A few cracks and pops and her arm was back into action. He held her hand once more and kissed it softly. He smiled warmly at her and sighed with relief. "And I have missed you greatly as well, it seemed like it was only yesterday when we parted ways back in Tia." He answered her. He noticed her body still irradiated energy... A dash of worry invading his mind as her remembered that her sustenance laid on the rays of the sun. He shook those thoughts away however, focusing on the present situation. The moment was interrupted by a ominous roar at the distance, Ansen moving his sight towards the fog trying to see if anything moved. Alas, it was fruitless, the fog was way too thick. "I have a feeling we are not alone down here, my lady... Maybe we should find a place to gather our senses before venturing too much into this strange fog." He raised his gaze up, but his eyes couldn't see very far from his point. Just exactly where were they?
  11. The constant screech of the crickets, a sweet tone of tranquility that gave contrast to the usual news that tended to reach the ears of the priest in the mornings. It was a calm night, good for writing in the candle light and listening to the old classics. The priest walked softly to a corner of the chapel where a simple small table was set, the sconce over it giving it the perfect illumination. Carrying a fairly large tome, a quill and some ink, the priest was ready to begin his nightly break. However, down his spine he could feel a chill... Nothing good ever came from those feelings, but he was certain that his old bones were only playing tricks, getting accustomed to the dark, long nights of Elendaron. He sat down and exhaled a big sigh of relaxation. The quill barely touched the parched paper... Knock knock knock. "Uhm?" The Priest wondered. It wasn't that late... But so far from the city? Who could be roaming near his chapel at these hours? He waited a few seconds... Perhaps it was the wind... Knock knock knock. Strange... The priest retrieved his staff from the pulpit, grasping the holy symbol and sprinkling it with a light touch of holy water. He knew what it could be... The news of vampires having reached his humble home days ago. He was unafraid though, his old age was no impediment for him to defend his chapel, as he had done many times before in his past as a paladin. "Who is it?" He asked, approaching the door carefully. Nothing. "I shall not ask again... This is a place of worship. Trouble will not be tolerated in these gardens!" The priest got a hold of the metal door knob, preparing a small incantation in case anything happened. However, his chanting was cut short as the door blasted open. He managed to side step, only to glance the pale figure of man, broken down and stuck to his wall with a bright red javelin. A group of 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children, quickly ran into the chapel. "What is the meaning of this?" He shouted, trying to make sense of what had just became a sudden turn of events. Before the group could say anything however, another vampire appeared from the open door, a crazed mutant thing probably too lost in it's blood lust to remember his own humanity. Without hesitation, the beast threw itself towards the family. The priest frowned and pointed his staff towards the vampire. The golden cross at it's tip began to glow with golden light as he blocked the way of the monster, crashing the staff against his midriff with impetus. "Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde..." He said sternly, pushing the beast away. The vampire's eyes widenned in shock as his extremities became stiff and unresponsive. "Begone, foul demon... Or be burned by the holy light!" As if a giant current had swept through the chapel itself, the body of the vampire was thrown out of the building like a ragdoll, screaming all the way outside as this unseen force burned his soul into oblivion. The family huddled themselves into the corner where the table was. The elder child, perhaps 15 years of age, ran to the priest quickly and grabbed him by his tunic, his father trying to stop her but failing to hold her in time. "There is one more of us!" She shouted, tears running down her cheeks. "He is outside fighting against those things! Please Father you have to help him!" The mother softly tried to pull her away as the father ran to the door and closed it fiercely. "Laura please... It's too late for him." The mother said. But the little girl refused, escaping her mother's grasp. "No mother! Ansen is strong and brave, he will not fall!" She yelled before turning back to the priest. "Please sir, help him!" The Priest stood there for a few minutes, unsure of what to do. Finally, he walked to the door and opened it lightly. The clash of steel and flesh could be heard, the steadfast warrior fending of a group of about 3 or 4 vampires. They were all armed with swords, most likely stolen from previous hunts, but the knight's blade burned with a bright red aura, like it was engulfed in fire. "Close the door!" The knight shouted, turning quickly to look at the chapel. "Close the door and don't open it until dawn!" A cheap shot knocked him back, one of the vampires making a run to the chapel, but before he could reach it a pair of flaming chains pulled him back into the knight's range. The priest closed the door behind him and pulled down the metallic gate, sealing the door completely. "Good luck young one..." He said, before turning his attention to the family. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ansen stood in front of 4 fiends, panting softly. He had been fighting them for miles on end, protecting the family that had been hunted down. From the shadows appeared a fifth vampire, this one looking more formal and menacing than the snarling welps from before. "My my... You have been quite a pain on the neck for our covenant Mr. Ansen." The vampire said. He lifted his hand, materializing a jeweled sword from thin air and pointing it towards the outnumbered paladin. From the shadows, 4 more vampires emerged, like dark clouds of smoke. "Forget about the family..." He said arrogantly. "I want this man's head resting on my comode by the night's end. Use his shield as the platter!" With the last word, the fiends threw themselves to the knight in full force. Ansen smirked. The knight lifted his shield up to the skies and smashed it against the floor, creating a glowing barrier between himself and the angry mob of monsters. They crashed against the flaming wall like angry wolves, clawing at the seemingly crystal material desperately. The head vampire laughed. "I have seen this before, you pathetic welp. You are only prolonging your dead by a few minutes." Ansen nodded and took off his helmet, taking a deep breath and kneeling to a resting position. "Perhaps so... But I think I deserve a rest after tonight's hunt my lord...." Ansen answered the vampire. He knew this was only a temporary respite. He had to think of something, fast. He started to chant something quickly, his shield starting to shine brighter and brighter by the second, blinding the vampires. A few seconds later the light had subsided, leaving the vampires confused as Ansen had seemingly dissapeared from thin air. "What? Ansen!" The head vampire shouted. He could still feel his presence nearby, towards the woods. "I can still sense you, do not think for a second that I will relent! I have an eternity to hunt you down, little warrior, can you say the same?" Ansen ran along the forest paths, trying to think of a strategy to defeat the wretched coven. He had slain so many, but they just kept coming... And their leader had his own tricks up his sleeves. His thoughts distracted long enough for him to find himself at the side of a cliff. If he could hold them here until dawn, he would be safe... But could he manage to do it? He took a deep breath once more and put his helmet back on turning around to face his enemies. In the deep of the forest, the snarling of bloodhounds and feral vampires could be heard approaching... It was now or never... He lifted his shield and prepared his sword, the steel becoming aflame once more. "May the goddess protect me now..."
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  13. Hiyori's eyes glared lightly in his general direction as Avvercus stood in the branch in front of her. She didn't do more than stand up as well however, not even moving her hand to her weapons. "Your appearance does not bring surprise to me darling. I am glad to see you are as polite as the rumors say." She swiftly retrieveda scroll from her side, handing it to the swordmage softly. Opening it would reveal a wanted letter, but not the simple kind found in pubs and inns. This letter bore the signal of high houses, calling for the hunting of a mysterious warlock along with an image that looked a lot like Tegrash. "This letter has been dispatched far and wide across the main settlements of Tia and beyond. Your friend is a wanted man, and I know for certain that a mercenary group is already on the way here." A few seconds of silence passed before Hiyori spoke again. "Oh, my apologies... I always forget to introduce myself." She said, bowing politely. "My name is Hiyori, though I am preceded further by my titles... Perhaps you know me as 'The Nightingale'." She smiled to the man and walked closer to him, waving her hand as the spectral bird of her namesake materialized on his shoulder. "I am not after your friend... Certain organizations wish for him to live, for now. So they sent me here, to warn you and aid you, if you let me of course..." -------------------------------------------------------- Ansen would softly hold Solaris and kiss her, having a relaxing time with her as the tension died down completely. In a world like Valucre, with a life like the one Ansen had lived, calm moments were something scarce, but he always made sure to enjoy them. He would frown as she walked to Haze, confronting the assassin with renewed valor. However, what followe was a harsh conversation, one that would undoubtly hurt the manadite more than she thought... However, Haze seemed affected as well, a surprising turn of events that made him lose himself in thought. As the princess approached once again, he catched up to her and held her hand. "That was quite a heated conversation..." He would try to comfort her, caressing her hair softly and kissing her hand, making his best to be loving and supportive. "Lady Solaris... Listen, the assassin wants to merely prove her point, beyond whatever you might say. However do not think your words did not reach her... You two are like water and oil, opposites... Light and dark." He remained there with her, trying to appease to her happier side. -------------------------------------------------------- Not so far from the camp, in the Terrenus fields, a shadow loomed over the darkened paths. Warriors clad in blacks, reds and greens walked the soil, some with their weapons never leaving their hands while others had snarling, vicious beasts at their side akin to bloodhounds or hyenas. At their front, an imposing figure held his stride, looking to the distance. He bore a gleaming sickle in his hand, notches in it's pomel that spoke of battles long fought and blood spilled. His bald head and facial scars gave him an intimidating look and his silence only made it worse. However, his lips would remain sealed no more... "Our target is nearby... Move!" He ordered with a booming voice, his cadre following him without question as to where or when.
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