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  1. Whispers chuckled at the kobold's comment, finding it funny that someone like Aygis would be so eager to die. However, a tinge of concern crossed her mind, as if such fatalism was a strange sight where she came from. She quickly waved it off however, and continued eating her food. The fire crackled comfortably, casting shadows on the soft soil where they were sitting. Looking up, the stars could be seen through the openings in the tree's canopy, and the lizard girl found herself very relaxed, her lids growing heavier. However, she had enough energy for a few more rounds of conversation, if Aygis wanted so. "I sure hope you don't die this time though. Would be hard to carry all that loot back by myself." She said, smiling warmly. "... And to be honest, I wouldn't want anything bad happening to you. You deserve more than a sudden death in some flooded ruins." Whispers finished her morsel, bone and all, and threw a few more pieces of firewood on the bonfire to keep it alive. She retrieved a piece of cloth from her backpack and dabbed it with some water from her waterskin, cleaning her muzzle with it with a few swipes. It was too dark for birds to be awake, so she figured that if she wanted to clean her teeth, she would have to wait until morning, as cryptic as that may sound to outsiders. Looking Aygis, she noticed that the kobold girl had a small piece of food over her lip she hadn't noticed. "Uh, you have a... Hold still." She asked softly, using the cloth to softly wipe the bit of food from her companion's upper lip. "There. You can use the cloth if you want too." Whispers smiled before stretching a bit, a yawn instinctively escaping her mouth as the night progressed into a more peaceful lull.
  2. "Not much, mostly what the traders told us when our people went to the towns near Bloodstone Marsh..." Whispers says, finally taking the food out of the fire and offering Aygis her share. She blew on it slightly before taking a big bite, her reptile teeth easily ripping the tender meat from the bone. "... There used to be great cities and towns here, full of life, magic and relics beyond knowledge. Even where we are resting now was supposedly busy with people, even at night. Then, it... Fell. Father never told us what happened, said it was bad luck to talk about such things." Whispers couldn't avoid but to reminisce about the past in that moment. The 7 children of her family, huddled up around a small fire sharing stories, rumors, legends... "My brothers and I used to tell stories about the lands outside of the tribe. The Lanternway was among them, really. At first it was about what kind of relics and people walked around the streets, what kind of animals they hunted. Then, in our late teens, I remember talking about the spirits with my eldest brother. He is a warrior smith you see, and he always talked about how so many marvels of metalwork were lost when the Whispernight happened. I never knew what he meant until I read about the Cavern of Blades. He said the rumors told about specters and ghosts haunting the formerly hallowed streets... So I figured that someday I would return with a weapon from the Cavern for my brother." Whispers stared at the fire for a few seconds before resuming her eating. "I miss my brothers..." She said, biting into the meat once again. She gazed back at Aygis and gave her a melancholic smile, as much as a lizard could give anyways. "What about you? Is not every day someone is eager to face death in some gods-forsaken ruins. What brought you here Aygis?"
  3. The fire fluttered cozily in front of the two girls as they talked, the sound of the sizzling pork accentuating the crackling of the flames consuming the wood. For a lot others, the campfire would just look like a temporary respite, a measure to stave off the cold and survive another night in the wilderness, but for Whispers this was like a bonfire at home, the only thing missing being her brothers' laughter and joking around the fire. She missed them quite a lot, but she was not in bad company. Aygis sat at her side, close enough for the 2 girls to be sitting arm to arm under the bear skin blanket, the comfort settling in on her weary body. "Oh, ah... Yes, it's nothing serious." She said, raising her arm slightly to show her cloth-wrapped wound. It still stung a bit and the red, slightly swollen bite was still visible under her broken scales, but the pain had already subsided to almost nothing. "It's mostly just a little pain by now, but it will pass." Giggling, Whispers gave the kobold a reassuring pat in the arm, her body so relaxed she accidentally let her fingers linger softly on Aygis scales. Noticing it, she blushed a small bit as if it had been a grand gesture of affection, choosing to poke the still-cooking meat. "So anyways, you can ask me whatever you want. I'll try to ask as best as I can." Whispers smiled and chuckled softly, if anything leaning slightly towards the kobold girl in a comfy, relaxed way.
  4. The sun was already setting by the time the last of the spiders gave it's last breath, the trees projecting vast shadows across the landscape as they last minutes of light slowly passed. Whispers merely leaned against a nearby tree, giving a small effort to rest her tired muscles before deciding what else to do. Aygis broke her concentration with her wild sprint towards, her eyes full of worry. The kobold girl examined her wounds exhasperated, her care found endearing to the lizard girl and answered with a small smile and a light chuckle. "Yeah. Lucky for us I guess." She said giggling. "Ambushes are not exactly easy to deal with, at least I was lucky to have such a skilled mage with me!" Whispers looked up to the sky, the clouds reflecting beautiful shades of red and purple with last bits of sunlight. The Lizard girl took a moment to enjoy the view before gazing back to Aygis. "Well... It's too late to continue right now. Maybe we should set up camp here. The rest of the animals must have known this area was the spider's, so I bet that they will leave us alone until they realize they are dead. What do you say?" Of course that last question was mostly rethorical. Braving the ruins at night would be much more dangerous, as even with the lizard's natural night vision they would be at a disadvantage against the magically enhanced undead revenants inside the Lanternway. Whispers had not been there before, but her instincts would tell her that camping and waiting for the next morning was the best choice they could make right then. With some combined effort, Whispers would gather some firewood and fuel for a campfire, while she would leave the logistics of lighting it up to her fire-dispensing companion. While building the campsite, Whispers would engage in some idle chit chat, giving some information about her life in the tribes and how things were back then. "Yeah, my tribe is mostly composed of artisans. We have warriors of course, but it's a small militia of fine warriors instead of a full army. Lucky for us, the marsh tends to help us fend off invaders rather well..." She explained, finally sitting by the bonfire and settling up into resting. She unpacked a couple of leaf-wrapped bundles, each contaning a nice morsel of salted boar meat from her hunts. Arming a makeshift spit roast, she would put the meat by the fire to cook. "I guess we could eat some of the spider's meat if we are still hungry... Had never tasted spider meat though." She said, sitting closer to Aygis in order to stay warmer as the night grew colder. "I'm sorry if I speak too much... I have hardly let you say anything..." She apologized. "Tell me, what makes the great kobold magus click?" Whispers smiled warmly towards Aygis, putting her arms under her own cloak.
  5. Aygis had turned the tables quite nicely for the pair, with an onslaught of fireballs that made her quip of being a fire dispenser a welcome truth. The spiders would take more than that, however, and continued their onslaught with hungry zeal. Skittering along, the spider holding Whispers on it’s back had sustained so much damage that the young hunter had already run out of places to stab, desperately flailing around in an effort to throw the girl out until it resorted to throwing itself against the nearby columns. Whispers tried to hold on, but to no avail, eventually being thrown towards the pillar forcefully. She huffed in pain as she crashed against the worn but still sturdy stone, stunning her enough for the creature to regain it’s footing and attack her with renewed sense. Disadvantaged, Whispers merely blocked the attacks with her daggers as fast as her reflexes allowed, the creatures fangs coming closer and closer to her until suddenly, strength failed her. The spider’s fangs clasped down on her defending arm, making the hunter release a muted cry of pain. The spider thrashed around, attempting to rip Whispers arm with brute force. However, almost instinctively, Whispers spotted an opening and drove down her dagger down on the creature’s skull right in the middle of it’s six eyes. Either by pain or a lucky hit to the brain, the spider eased it’s grip on her arm, giving enough time for her to stab her second dagger right next to the first one. The creature trembled and struggled for a few seconds, squealing a few pained cries before finally crashing into it’s side, it’s many legs twitching and curling towards it’s thorax. Exhausted, Whispers tried to catch her breath, examining her arm to see the extend of the wound. The spider’s fangs had torn some scales on the area, piercing her skin and making her bleed slightly. Thankfully, it was her scales that also saved her arm from being completely pierced, adding to the fact that this type of spider was not poisonous. Now turning her attention to her companion, Whispers prepared her bow, aiming towards the chasing spider. With a knock, the arrow took flight with great speed, hitting the spider right in the joint between it’s back leg and it’s body. Hopefully, the hit would cripple said leg, slowing the monster down and giving Aygis the opportunity to strike back.
  6. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Oh wow haha, feel free to play that regardless if the shield held or not, Alexa got knocked out by the blast then.
  7. As they walked, Whispers could have sworn Aygis was staring at her for some reason, her eyes roaming down her shape for a second before looking away. Not only that, but the Kobold girl's cheeks began to turn red, like she was embarrased or... Perhaps she found her attractive?. Whispers felt a fluster herself rushing through her body and giggled shyly at the possibility, trying to pay no mind to it and keeping with their walk towards the gate. She found Aygis bag of rocks a strange quirk, but she figured she had seen stranger things in her time at the tribe. In any case, she would be able to provide enough supplies for both. Whispers nodded, stepping out of the gate and into what was now the wilderness of Whispernight. "Hopefully we get there without problems. I guess we just have to find a good place to camp for tonight and we'll get there by tomorrow morning." She said to her companion, looking up to the sky to gauge the time of day. "Noon at the latest..." The road they were taking was slightly damp, rain most likely the culprit of such a state, making their steps a bit slower than normal. Luckily, Whisper's reptilian feet were specially useful for this kind of terrain and she doubted Aygis had any problems either. The first few miles of the trek where mostly mottled with idle chit chat and some obstacle traversing, a quite relaxing travel for the lizard girl, albeit a bit boring. The sun crossed the sky as the day progressed, and the farther they traveled from Sunset Way, the more difficult the path became, adding more forestry and hills until the marked path had completely dissapeared, leaving them only with a map of the are Whispers had picked up before meeting Aygis. The sun had begun to set by the time they had reached the heavily cliff-addled stone paths near the Lanternway. There was still about an hour of light available and the archs of the ruins began to appear in their way, Whispers marveling at their construction and studiness, still standing even though they were almost completely overtaken by nature. However, Whispers also began to notice certain, small patterns along the way. Broken shrubbery, strips of leather and animal bones were crudely hidden under patches of dirt and leaves. Some of the soil looked trudged upon and irregular, and the sound of birds and other animals were oddly absent. Whispers looked at Aygis with a concerned expression. "Aygis... Look around the pathway. Maybe you already noticed, but the place is too silent... If my tracking skills are not wrong, this path has been already walked on before, but not by humanoids. I'm not sure what could it be, but be on your guard." She whispered to the kobold girl. Whispers began to walk slowly and more cautiously, making sure to stay close to the kobold mage in case something happened. It was barely a few minutes passed when the pair of lizard-girls unwittingly stepped on a weird patch of twigs. The cracking of the small branches seemed to reverberate all over the place. Whispers stopped in her tracks immediately with a wide eyed expression, her feet picking a small rumbling under their feet... "Watch out!" Whispers screamed as, from the soil beneath them, a pair of giant spiders shot up from the ground with their front legs and fangs bared, pouncing the pair in an effort to make them their next meal. The lizard girl instinctively grabbed Aygis from the waist and pulling her out of the way of the attack, falling on her back. She moved Aygis out of the way and quickly retrieved her daggers from her waist as one of the spiders pounced her without waiting, the creature meeting with a pair of sharpened steel weapons striking it's underbelly before being kicked back in defense. The spider reeled back and stood before it's partner as they circled their prey. Panting, Whispers prepared to attack at Aygis' side, sheathing her daggers and now grabbing her bow instead. "You take one and I'll take the other! Be careful!" Whispers shot an arrow directly to a spider, hitting it on one of the eyes and making it screech in pain. The creature frenzied and pounced once again, the lizard girl deftly dodging the spider and firing a point blank shot to another of the creature's eyes before climbing on the creature's back. A desperately struggle ensued as Whispers began to stab the creature on the back repeteadly while the spider tried to shake her off on top of it, giving Aygis a perfect opportunity to hit the enemy with an attack of her own. In turn, Whispers used her bow and shot a couple of arrows towards the other spider in an effort to aid her companion make more damage.
  8. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Yes, I'm sorry for the waiting... I'm super embarrased about it. I'm finding very hard to get into Alexa's mindset lately. Feel free to control the battle and our Saevion and I'm once again I'm very sorry, won't happen again I promise :c
  9. Aygis was so full of enthusiasm Whispers couldn't help but to giggle and smile at the kobold girl. The lizard girl was very relieved to have someone closer to her species to join, specially with the amount of stares she had picked up on the way there. Perhaps with Aygis, she could act like herself instead of trying to blend into the group. Holding the smile, Whispers gave Aygis a firm handshake to seal their companionship for this quest. Upon her comment about being a mage, Whispers blushed slightly over how she failed to notice that before, being quite apparent because of her staff and her cloak. "Ah... I'm sorry I didn't notice. Well that will come handy in our travels I'm sure." She added a bit shy. "First we should check if we need anything for the journey... I believe I have enough food for both of us, and I can hunt something on the way if we get hungry for something more consistent..." She said, taking her cloak off for a moment to check in her backpack. Removing her cloak revealed Whisper's clothing under it, a comfortable fabric top overlayed by leather segments stopping just short of her mid-riff showing her defined abdominals, tight but flexible pants ending above her ankles followed by straps running down to her lizard-like talons, long fingerless gloves covering to her elbows and a jeweled tribal necklace adorning her neck. Her bow hanged across her chest, and her daggers were safely sheathed on her hips along with a quiver filled with arrows. "I also have some rope and... Uh... I'm sorry." She apologized, looking at Aygis a little bashful. "I talk too much. I bet a mage needs very little of this mundane stuff right? I'm not... Very accustomed to this lands yet." Whispers propped her cloak over her shoulders, enjoying the cool air for a moment before turning her attention back to her Kobold companion, carrying her backpack once again. She somehow felt comfortable with Aygis, not having to be the "weird tribal girl" anymore. "I think I have all I need. What about you?" Whispers began walking towards the gate with the Kobold girl. There was a small amount of vendors just before reaching the exit in case they needed to buy more supplies, otherwise they could carry on to the plains towards the Lanternway, hopefully without much issue. Whispers' wanderlust made her a bit anxious to explore, and she felt in her horns that this would be an interesting adventure no matter what they found in the caves.
  10. Covering herself with her traveling cloak, Whispers walked around Sunset Way like a single ant trudging on a log, mostly undetected by the bare eye and sticking to walking at the sides and near walls. It was not like she was casing the area, not at all; everyone in the city was so occupied looking above their own noses that even a mediocre pickpocket could probably make a nice profit out of the common gentry, and someone of her skills could rob them blind by the time they decided to afford her an elitist look-down. Not that she hadn't considered it, after all, she was there looking to make some profit out of the loot found in the Lanternway and maybe, if her bravery didn't falter, risk the Cavern of Blades to find a suitable weapon. It was by the time she had reached the "Escort service" building that she had started to regret her decision. Every expeditionary group she saw around her was commanded by the same high-saddled guard-type, some even shooting unpleasant looks at her. Regardless of the reason, she was starting to think about facing the tribulations of the Lanternway by herself. "But that would be a little too complicated huh?" She whispered to herself, sitting by the Fountain. If there was something she didn't like, it was looking at self proclaimed blue-bloods talk about "Destinies" and "Worthiness", as if such titles and concepts could be dealt by a clerk sitting behind a desk. For the moment, Whispers had decided to think about it over a snack, summoning a tasty looking apple from her backpack. If the citizens were going to look at her weird, might as well give them a reason to do so. Opening her maw in an exagerated manner, she let her razor-sharp teeth gleam in the sunlight for a few seconds before quickly biting down on the fruit with an audible clack. Some people around her visibly flinched and moved away, the lizard girl chuckling gleefully at the reactions. "Small victories." She thought. However, her quiet moment was cut short by a cheery voice not too far from her. A small draconic girl was jumping happily, garnering a wide eyed expression from Whispers. "I suppose I'll just make the trek myself, then! One kobold magus against the horror and wonders of Lanternway, fighting her way to the Cavern of Blades alone? It'll be dangerous, I might get in trouble!" The girl said cheerfully. That was certainly a sight so to see, someone so eagerly to put herself in danger. "I might die, but it'll be an adventure!" That last part certainly made Whispers raise her brow. The girl looked like a mage, but her diminutive stature wouldn't win her any battles. It was in that moment that she noticed the Kobold's blue eyes, sparkling with happiness and determination at the mere thought. The lizardgirl felt a certain... Captivation while looking into those large azure eyes. Compelled, Whispers approached the retainer, lowering her hood to present herself. "Excuse me... My name is uh... Walks-In-Whispers. But just call me Whispers." She said to both the retainer and the kobold girl. "I was listening to your conversation. You said you were going to the Lanternway?" "Yes..." The retainer responded. "But Ms. Aygis here was not approved to be escorted to the Lanternway by official channels. It is explicitly reserved for people who-" "Are worthy, yes I've heard that before." Whispers interrupted the retainer before continuing. "That doesn't forbid her for making the trek herself right?" "Well technically no-" "Then I believe you have other stuff to attend to?" She interrupted once again. The retainer huffed annoyingly, but remained polite. "Well yes, but we are not responsible for whatever injuries she accrues while traveling alone in unsancti-" "She won't be traveling alone. I'll go with her." She responded, cutting the man's words once again. The Retainer finally gave up and turned around, leaving the premises and going back to his post. Whispers watched him walk back with a smirk on her face before turning to Aygis. "I'm sorry you had to see that. I'm not good with authority figures." She said giggling. "My name is Whispers. I'm also planning on going to the Lanternway without uh... Official permissions. Maybe we can go together? That would probably raise our chance of... Not dying perhaps?" As forward as she could, whispers didn't meditate over her words and just asked right away. Hopefully, her direct approach wouldn't frighten her possible companion. As for the reasons inside her mind, the only thing she could think about is that she had a hunch over this girl. She awaited her answer, asking herself just what exactly did these deep azure eyes were about to bring for her future.
  11. Personal History Basics: Birth Name: Nhakik Di Kis’sqon Nessa Common Name: Walks-In-Whispers (just “Whisper” for friends) Alias: Silken Hands. Alignment: Chaotic Good Personality: Whispers is fiercely independent and hard to settle down for long. Her penchant for thievery and stealth along with her almost total disregard of boundaries has given her a lot of trouble accepting or respecting authority figures. Being from a tribe of simple, hard working people, she considers the opulent wealthy to be nothing more than parasites in society, and a prime target for her crimes. Despite the fact that people would consider her a career criminal, a large part of her bounties end up in the pockets of people who really need it. It is not rare after a visit from her for a single hardworking mother or a down-on-his-luck war veteran to suddenly find a bag full of coins and a note telling them to spend them wisely. Socially, Whispers is an elegant, soft spoken girl, with pleasant conversation skills. However, it’s hard for her to really trust people, though she has little problems working with people as long as their goals are the same. Most social problems for her come from the fact that she is a lizardfolk, with much fewer facial expressions than humans and customs that could appear alien for others. Appearance: True Age: 24 Apparent Age: Hard to tell for a human Race: Lizardfolk Height: 5’7” Weight: 135 lbs. Skin/Scale Color: Red and Green scales, White Underbelly Eyes: Yellow Hair Style: None. Instead, she has a pair of horns curving close to the top of her head, which she adorns with feathers and other jewelry. Build: Lithe and flexible. Tattoos: Tribal markings along her face and down the figure of her body, complimenting well with her scales. Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, a common trait among her race. Biographical Information Date of Birth: January 28 City of Birth: Bloodstone Marsh Hobbies: Dancing, Stealing, Bird watching, Exercise. Current Occupation: Dancer/Thief Associations: None Current Location: Port Caelum Companion: None. Abilities and skills Markshmanship: Years of hunting both large and small game have turned Whispers into an expert marksman, capable of using her bow and arrow to shoot targets at great distances even if they are in movement. Combined with her stealth, it makes a great combo to catch her opponents off guard with ranged attacks. Skilled Dancer: Whispers took the Art of Dancing as her artisan skill from a young age. Her lithe figure and elegant moves, combined with the curious color and shine of her scales make her a beautiful sight to behold even despite her alien appearance. This skill has served her many times as a distraction when stealing from targets and sometimes as a secondary source of income. Close Quarters Combat: Every member of her tribe has to go through mandatory combat training once they come of age so the entire tribe is prepared to defend their home in the event of an attack or invasion. Whispers is a capable fighter proficient in the use of bladed weapons and throwing spears, though not to the extent of a professional soldier requiring her to outwit her opponents instead of facing them in full frontal combat. Stealth and Thievery: True to her name, Walks-In-Whispers has the outstanding ability to blend with the shadows, moving gracefully and undetected when she wants to. Her sleight of hand is also nigh-unmatched, pickpocketing, swiping and lockpicking being second nature to her. Her athleticism also makes acrobatics quite easy for her, often used when needing to escape. Waterbreathing: As an amphian being, Whispers is capable of breathing underwater as well as in land. Survivalism: Being raised on the marshlands by her tribe has given Whispers the skills to survive and live of the land. She’s able to correctly identify edible and poisonous roots and fruits, prepare herbal medicines, track and hunt, among other skills necessary for surviving. Weapons: Artisan-Crafted Bow: A bow crafted by the artisans of her tribe for personal use. It is a sturdy, exquisitely made weapon, made of a hand carved wooden frame reinforced with worked steel and decorated with personal markings by Whispers. Hunter Daggers: A pair of carefully forged daggers, capable of cutting flesh with easy. Their edges are kept well sharpened by Whispers at all times in case she needs to defend herself at a range where her bow would be useless. Used with speed and agility, these daggers are as lethal as any weapon. Personal History Walks-In-Whispers was born to a tribe of secluded, mysterious and very artisanal species of amphibian lizardfolk. The only female of the hatch, she showed a particularly rebellious personality from a young age, usually sneaking off at night and stealing small amounts of food from her neighbors to enjoy with her 6 brothers. Though considered an offense, this quickly called the attention of the tribe’s master of the hunt and thus earned her the name of “Nhakik Di Kis’sqon Nessa”, roughly translated to “That who walks with a silent voice”, upon her name day. While her brothers became warrior-smiths, Sea Hunters (Their kind of fishermen) or architects, Whisper’s art came from her ability to remain unseen and her smooth, elegant movements. She thrived both as a hunter and a dancer, becoming an expert marksman with bow and spear as well as an exotic, skilled dancer. However, as years passed, Whispers’ curiosity of the world outside her tribe became too much to bear. After careful consideration, she finally decided to leave the nest and seek higher adventures beyond the safety of her village’s limits. Gathering her possessions and saying heartfelt goodbyes, Walks-In-Whispers left her village with promises of returning with greater knowledge of life.
  12. Pale Blood, Crimson Flame

    Minutes had passed from the time Ansen had escaped the Mimic Tower, and the cobblestone under him had become as comfortable as any ground could ever be. The knight slipped into a dreamless sleep, the aches of his body and the relentlessly cold breeze stopping him from achieving a full rest. Under heavy lids, the thoughts of his many brushes with death repeated themselves in a loop in front of his eyes, coupled with the feeling of solitude and despair the very soil transmited. However, the air seemed fresher and his breath felt lighter, the murky taste of the mist suddenly dissipating from his tongue. It was this absence that rose the knight back from his slumber, his throat tight and dry from thirst. He felt like he had gone weeks without eating or drinking anything, which would not be surprising for him given the place he was in. He looked back to the towering mimic, still writhing and struggling to form completely, it's morbid shape trying to escape the canyon to no avail, but coming closer to it's goal by every minute that passed. But suddenly, he saw a burst of mist coming from a fresh wound in the tower, making his eyes focus on the tiny spec above the began to fall quickly in his vision. It was... "No... No!" Ansen screamed, his eyes watering as the frail form of Rainza hit the ground with sickening thud. Her eyes gazed at him, if only for a second, before the deep blue of her eyes faded under her lids. His pain dissapeared, bruised flesh and broken ribs completely ignored by the sudden burst of adrenaline coursing through his veins. For all he knew, his heart was beating so hard and fast that it could be heard over the entire canyon. But knowing was a thing, and caring was another, as he would have even left his shield if it wasn't already strapped to his back. Reaching Rainza, he cradled her body as softly as he could trying to check on her wounds. He desperately looked for a heartbeat or a breath, not remembering if those even were normal functions in an Aldrak body. "Rainza... Please hang on, I... I will not let you die here. Come on, open your eyes." He pleaded, without response. Her body was beyond broken. Cuts and bruises littered her small frame, and her glow was nigh-impossible to perceive. But he concentrated, putting his hand on her chest and closing his eyes, a few seconds passing before he could finally sense a small, yet flickering ember of life inside her. He exhaled in relief, sure that his love was still alive... But he had to do something, or else that could change forever. Ansen looked around him desperately, his mind rushing to find a clue as to what his options were. His eyes finally found the blade Rainza was carrying before they were separated, or at least what was left of it. The sword was broken in half, but it would work... Ansen held Rainza's body close to him and began to run opposite to the mimic tower, far enough for the creature to ignore him. Wrapping the Aldrak with what was left of his cape and holding her firmly over shoulder, Ansen thrusted the sword against the hard rock of the cliffside, the edge still holding strong enough to pierce. Using it as a makeshift tool, the knight then began the slow and painful climb out of the chasm... Every meter he managed to advance seemed to spawn a couple more at the end of the climb. His arms burned, his body ached... The pain was even greater than before, but he refused to give up. Slowly, but firmly, the knight reached higher and higher, and with every inch he could feel his flame returning as the cursed mist dissipated from their surroundings. After what felt like hours, Ansen could finally see the edge of the cliff, fresh air rushing into his lungs as the breeze finally hit his face once again. With one last pull, the flame knight rose from the cursed valley, falling on to the damp grass of the Yh'mirian plains with his beloved resting on his chest. He took a deep breath in there, taking a second to savor their survival once more. He had made it this far, and he couldn't stop yet. Picking up Rainza, the knight followed his memory towards the town of Inns'th... He was not going to risk setting camp outside in the condition they were in. Nevertheless, his powers were slowly coming back, and so he took the opportunity to irradiate what little energy he could gather to feed into Rainza. It was the least he could do until he could properly have her rest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The town's gate opened heavily as the two strangers, battered and bruised, stepped into the shadowed town of Inns'th. Ansen walked slowly, exhausted from the tremendous ordeal the pair had to suffer, his eyes till giving up a faint glow from his constant effort to give Rainza enough energy to keep her alive. Now it was a matter of finding a place to rest and to tend to their wounds. The Aldrak girl was in critical condition, and Ansen would not leave her side or rest until his love was out of mortal danger. That he promised...
  13. Pale Blood, Crimson Flame

    The air was thick with the mist, although it was mostly seeping out harmlessly around the tower, this floor absolutely reeked of darkness. Every step Ansen took into the room was like walking into a bog of tar. It was slightly hard to breath and his lids would fog and moisten his eyes by the bare touch. They had to find a way out and fast. The room was the stuff of nightmares, the walls almost looking like they were breathing a writhing somehow. Red scribbles and gibberish seemed to vanish and reappear out of nowhere, pulsating with dark energy at every second. The void caller spoke with an eerie tone, phasing out of reality from time to time while he spoke. It reminded him of the cleansings back at Carilssia, where the possessed would be purged of demonic energy, sometimes kicking and screaming for a way out. Rainza didn't hesitate to charge into battle, a surprised Ansen being unable to do anything but yelling a futile "Rainza wait!". But the aldrak didn't listen and attacked, to no avail, as her fingers dried up and desintegrated in an instant. Suddenly, the entire tower began to shake violently, the knight losing his footing and falling down. He grabbed onto some loose stones before said stones tried to bite him... A mouth had materialized on the floor. And it was not only one, the entire room had become a writhing mass of flesh, with gaping mouths and sharp teeth suddenly biting into his armor. He struggled to free himself, the dark energy being so powerful as to begin rusting his blessed armor away. He could only watch in futility as his greaves were chewed up and his gauntlets were ripped apart. His struggle managed to free him, but he had already lost both greaves, his left gauntlet, his helmet and part of his chestplate. His shield proved uncorruptible however, as he began to slash and bash the faces on the floor to move them out of his way. Plunging the borrowed sword into the floor finally made the mouths relent, giving him some breathing space. “There was another set of stairs out there, you should be able to run down them and escape through the mist!" Ansen looked at Rainza in shock. "No! I will not leave you here with this abomination!" He screamed, bashing tentacles away from himself as he stood up. “I can’t go, mist that thick will immediately kill me. I’ll meet you on the ground, trust me! Go!” The knight gulped. He couldn't leave her here... But he would die before he could help if he stayed there. His only hope was to trust her... He looked at Rainza and nodded, his eyes watering at the thought of what he was about to do. "Rainza...." He said, running back to the stair area, looking back once more before leaving. "... Do not dare to die!" He ran as fast as he could towards the staircase and began making his way down the tower. The floor was wobbly and the mist was so thick he could not see his hand if it was in front of his face. Tentacles and fanged mouths assailed him at every step, his struggle to fight them off making every step he took an ordeal on itself. Floor after floor he ran down until he reached the bottom of the tower, only to find the mist covering the entire area. The wall had crumbled and turned into tentacled slabs of flesh, but the entrance was still semi-intact. Ansen took the opportunity and ran out of the building. However, there was a ripping sound as a gigantic arm emerged messily from the side of the mimic-tower, slamming down in an attempt to crush him. Ansen dodged every attack as best as he could, but his strength began to fail as the mist invaded his lungs. The giant hand fell down and pounded him into the ground, knocking the air out of him and the sword out his grasp. Blood seeped from his mouth... He felt as if the mist was corroding his throat, and he wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. "C'mon..." He uttered "... This... Will not... Kill me..." He began to stand up, but the hand pounded him back to the ground, the only thing protecting him from the hit being his shield... But he wouldn't surrender. He stood up once again, all his strength focused on the sole purpose of surviving to reunite back with Rainza. Images of his land came to his head, of his family and friends and all the people that depended on his flame. As the hand descended once again, Ansen dodged to a side and grabbed on to it, being lifted out from the floor. The knight began to smash his shield against the knuckles of the mimic hand, the wretched limb trying to shake him off as he relentlessly crashed the bless iron against the hard bony structure. Tentacles suddenly coiled around him, trying to pry him off, but he would not stop his assault as he could feel the hand trembling in pain harder with each second. Finally, there was a crack followed by a screeching sound, purple blood and mist seeping from the open wound he just created. Ansen was thrown of the hand as the hand recoiled for a second, giving enough time for the knight to retrieve the sword. "Come on beast! Attack me!" He screamed in defiance as tentacles shoot off to grab him. The fire knight gathered as much streng as he could and fended the tendrils off, advancing little by little until he was close enough to the hand. The limb pounded in a desperate attempt to kill him, but the knight rolled to the side and stabbed the sword in the palm of the hand before beginning to chop down. He screamed as he bored down the sword repeatedly, cutting into the middle of the mimic hand as purple blood ran like rivers over his boots. With a final cut, the hand was chopped in half, the tower itself screaming in pain as the appendage retreated into the fleshy walls while the severed part crumbled into dust. Ansen stepped back and ran to the stony path outside the tower grounds, collapsing when he reached the middle of it. Exhausted, he took his first breath of uncorrupted air in what he felt were hours, trying to recover from the whole ordeal before sitting down and resting against a large rock. His armor laid in ruins, his face was bruised and his arms were so tired he could barely lift them above his chest. His shield arm felt numb but luckily he had no broken fingers. What was left of his breastplate was so corroded it was practically useless, but it had endured enough to protect his vital organs. He could not believe he was alive... Surely his goddess had a hand in his survival, or so he believed. He gave a quick soft prayer before looking back to the tower. The massive structure was now moving about, giant arms holding to the sides of the cliff in what looked like an attempt to escape the chasm. Rainza was still there, but Ansen could do nothing at this point. His stamina drained and his armor broken, he could only pray for her to be alive and trust in her skills. "Please my lady..." He whispered. "... Save us all." He could not bear the thought of losing her... Yet he could do nothing but hope for her victory.
  14. Pale Blood, Crimson Flame

    Ansen barely finished wrapping the cloth around Rainza's arm before she firmly pushed him back. The fire in her eyes always made him smile, her strength and determination oddly contagious as she pushed the pommel of one of the abyssal blades into his hand. This blade was a bit larger than the one she picked, but it seemed to weight the same, and even with their former wielders dead the edges were still hot with void energy. It was no problem for him to use a weapon such as this, and although he wouldn't be able to use it's full potential, it would do for the situation. The pair opened the large door, the entrance to the tower sliding open eerily softly. The main lobby was littered with dusty skeletons and broken weapons, a large hall with the battered corpses of what Ansen theorized were previous adventurers that were unsuccesful in their escape. He doubted enough time had passed for corpses to decay into skeletons, something else he thought must have picked them clean of their flesh. The hall ended in the center chamber, where a spiral staircase raised upwards to the upper levels of the tower. His theory was proved correct when Rainza cleverly stabbed the initial steps of the staircase, revealing it to be one more mimic preying on the unsuspecting. The creature screeches grew louder as the Aldrak stabbed it until it was finally killed and turned to dust. The pair began to ascend slowly, careful not to trigger anymore traps, Rainza taking point while Ansen stood behind her just in case. The climb was uneventful for about half an hour, and the couple had already settled into a steady pace as to not tire themselves. "It is too quiet... Maybe whoever is controlling this mist never expected people to get this far. Be on your guard my lady, I doubt we are safe yet." A few minutes passed and the mist seemed to seep out and drip from the staircase at this point. By his calculations, they were close to arriving to the top of the tower. However, the mist suddenly began to concentrate into the middle of the staircase. Ansen stopped to look, signaling Rainza to be on her guard as well. A loud cracking was heard, coming from below, and the spiral staircase began to rumble violently. Ansen looked down just see how the mist thickened in every step below them to the point of rotting the steps and make them fall... "We have to move, go go!" The knight exclaimed. Rainza was infinitely more agile than he was, but he tried to keep with her as much as he could. The steps crumbled almost as fast as they could climb the stairs, if slightly faster to the point that Ansen could feel how the steps rotted under his boots. Ansen's shield would serve as a stepping stone if Rainza needed to jump, and his speed was fast enough to keep himself nearby in case she needed help. Just as they were reaching the last flight, the stairs gave out under his feet, the knight reflexively drove the blade in his hand into the walls, managing to cling to it as it embedded into the stone. He looked up to see he was mere inches to the edge of the top floor. He quickly grabbed the edge and pulled himself up to the top, laying down on the floor panting in exhaustion. "That was... Awfully close. Should have kept silence." He said, a few forced chuckles coming out of his tired lungs. The pair was now standing in front of an ornate doorway, the hall before it seemingly big enough to meld with the wall of the canyon the tower was in, as one of the walls nothing but a rocky surface. From under the door, the black mist seeped in an almost liquid state, the air was damp and sticky and strange chanting could be heard from behind the door. Ansen took a few seconds to catch his breath before retrieving the sword and standing up once again. "Who knows what resides behind that door... Are you ready?"
  15. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Took a while because I was figuring how to portray the Saevion. Hopefully I did it well and didn't just failed on an entire new level xD Feel free to take the battle anywhere you want and I hope you enjoyed the post!