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  1. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I am around :) will be posting very soon
  2. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    Alexa is currently in this thread with PandaHat However, if that doesn't count I'm still willing to do another mission!
  3. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Thunder began to boom away on the horizon, the sound growing louder and louder each time it rumbled through the sky. At the second barrage, Alexa looked up and scanned the sky for any sign of a monster. A Saevion, Volentia called it that way... It had a fearsome name, and a much more fearsome presence to be able to scare a fully trained warrior like her. Alexa grabbed her staff and fastened her machine pistol to her belt quickly before looking around for the team. They were splitting up into teams as to give the Saevion more targets to occupy itself with, a sound plan that gave the young Psyker an instant chill running down her spine. She thought of running away as to not burden the team. If any, her abilities made her unsuited for stealth, and she feared to risk the lives of her party members. However just as she turned around, she found herself looking directly at Maira, calling Alexa "Princess" and offering her protection and stealth to their escape. She blushed a bit, not only for the compliment but also at the sudden shift in personality the colonel had. She looked over to the clouds of thunder approaching fast towards their position... Nodding, she grabbed her hand and was instantly bathed in a shadowy ink. She felt cold and her senses seemed slightly muted, but she was otherwise fine. Maira moved gracefuly and, dare she say, seductively through the path, giving Alexa ample time to keep up with her. She only hoped the Saevion didn't find them, or else things would get messy really fast.
  4. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Yeah I'm still in, I'm sorry I've had so many issues with college and migration laws that it has been hell but I'm definitely still interested.
  5. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    It's alright, thank you for being so understanding n.n I will be posting tonight!
  6. I'm very sorry about the long wait. I ran into some things to do at college and it consumed a lot of time from me, but I'm writing a response to our RP right now.

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      Hey dude, just a bit of a nudge. The reply never came through and I was wondering if everything was alright?

  7. Pale Blood, Crimson Flame

    Rainza's embrace seemed to make the knight's inner fire to flicker, the ember ever-strongly attempting to reignite in challenge against the mist that held it hostage. He could feel the warmth return to his chest, though even for a second, before the moment was finally over. The aldrak helped herself up and kicked the door open, her movements accented with fury and determination. This was the woman he knew, the one he saw inside the clouded halls of her heart. With a smile, Ansen stood up and walked towards the exit, his helmet finding it's way back to his head. Rainza pointed towards the structure looming in the horizon of the dark chasm, an impressive tower etched with unknown architecture and irradiating a sickening aura. He looked towards his beloved with deep emerald eyes shining through the visor of his helmet, his shield held high in anticipation for the road yet uncrossed. He would see their hearts free from this place and set upon the light of the sun once again. "Let us see this through my Lady. I will be your shield, if you in turn become my blade." He said, noticing the knife in her hand. "Whatever await us in that tower, we will defeat it... Together." The knight started moving towards the tower, vigilant for any danger and ready to fight his way back to freedom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the tower, in the highest level, a dark figure stood in the throne room. Before him, a flickering darkness swirled, the mist coming out of it and spreading towards the windows in an effort to escape outside. A hound walked into the room and approached the figure, speaking to it in whispers and frightened howls... "Hmmm... Survivors? No. They must be meddlers from outside..." He balled his fist at the thought. If they arrived to the portal before the ritual was finished, then all his planning would have been in vain. The fragment of darkness in front of him was a testament of his might... And he would not see it unfinished... The dark figure chanted harshly, the air becoming heavy with forbidden magic. From the portal emerged red eyed lizardmen, their scales completely black, grasping jagged blades in their clawed hands. Five in total, they snarled and growled in front of the dark figure, eager to taste blood once again. The figure raised his hand and pointed outside of the tower, towards the chasm. "Find them... Bring me their heads. Do with the bodies as you wish." The lizardmen roared and broke into a sprint, jumping from the window down to the valley below. The fight had just started.
  8. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Tears fell down her cheeks. Her mind unclouded fairly fast this time, but such concious nightmares would take a toll on the strongest warrior, let alone a girl like Alexa. She flinched and scurried back a few inches as the scientist Marigold came to her, but to her relief, he came with loving, if slightly hard to understand words. He spoke of his wife and of his passions with such happiness that the girl couldn't help but smile as the picture of the woman in question was shown to her. "She is a beautiful woman..." She whispered to the man, unsure if her words could be heard. She blushed a bit when told that she would do a pretty daughter. If anything, her family was absent most of her life, and her only friend, that who she called sister... Alexa snapped out of her trance as Marigold moved towards Volentia, now noticing a change in personality in the scientist. She tried to read his mind, not without giving a silent apology, but all she got was a cloudy wall of emotions. Was this the mist affecting them? She shivered at the thought... But unable to do anything about it in the current situation, Alexa merely relegated herself to resting what she could and hope the next day would bring more fortune to the party. She sat right next to the fire, accepting Kazuhiko's smores with gusto as she cozied up next to the group, to the other side of Volentia. At the moment, she did not know what to say, but she hoped that her presence would show them that she was still able to fight and help them.
  9. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Sorry for my late reply, I will be posting tomorrow morning if there's no problem with it. I was in finals and today was my last day so I'm freeeeee
  10. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  11. Where Does The Nightingale Perch?

    "Apologies." A soft voice would be heard, almost a whisper, though not an ethereal one. Scanning the surroundings would not bear a human presence, yet a dim blue light appeared beyond the trees. It held the form of a small rabbit, it's fur soft and fluffy, white with a tinge of light brown. It's aura, a whispy blue light, stood as the most definite and curious of it's strange features, and a scan from magical eyes would reveal the fact that the rabbit was made of natural energy given form. The rabbit stepped closer to Anessa, looking at her with curious eyes. In front of her, the rabbit would dissipate it's form and softly reshape, a pair of wings and small beak materializing as the sillhouette of a Nightingale took flight from the cloud of energy, circling the girl a few times before moving back towards her back. "I did not seek to upset your meditation." Turning around would reveal a girl, clad in dark blue clothes, dark hair and fair skin almost glowing to the few rays of sunlight breaking through the canopy above. As the girl opened her eyes, the cloudy turquoise would at first adjust to the contact of light and then stare softly in front of her, seemingly at nothing in particular. An item hung from her back, wrapped in leather and secured in simple yet finely made straps of cloth. The whispy nightingale would fly towards her open palm and snuggle softly against her hand, chirping happily. The girl smiled and giggled as the bird slowly dissipated, the energy embracing her arm until it was completely absorbed. "I sensed a high flow of energy towards this grove. I expected a nymph or perhaps a spirit like the legends say, but alas it seems my imagination was more vast than my reason. However, I certainly did not expect to find someone else so deep in the forest." She giggled, remaining in place and silently measuring the other girl's intent. She bowed politely. "Where are my manners? Once again my apologies... My name is Hiyori, and I am a traveler from the north seeking warmer lands. Winter is coming harshly this year I heard."
  12. I'm a simple man. I see cultist-chan, I say hello xD

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  13. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    The spider beast's screeching began to falter little by little as Marigold's tendrils released their shocking payload into it's body. Alexa, still struggling to remove the webbing from the previous chitten forces, could only watch as the mad scientist ravaged the creature in a creative display of power... And insanity. Finally, the thing was dead, and whatever Marigold would do to the corpse was nothing Alexa was eager to know. Volentia finally called for the party to rest and make camp as the mist began to engulf the surroundings even more and the light of the sun dimmed over the horizon. She moved towards the Paladin and helped her move to a more comfortable spot. "Are you well Miss Volentia? You seem oddly tired..." She asked in a worried tone. The rest of the party began to settle down. "Perhaps if we... If we..." Alexa's head began to buzz... A feeling began to invade her mind, a feeling she knew very well... A feeling she never wanted to feel again. Her breathing became erratic as her body shook. She looked around, like searching for something. The party was still there, but everything began to change. Her eyes widened as the mist gave way to metallic walls and dim crystalline globes, revealing the familiar workings of the inside of a ship. From the shadows, black robed people began to appear. Alexa turned around to ask for help but Volentia was no longer there, nor was the rest of the people. Reality flickered for a moment... She could feel she was in Valucre, yet... A searing pain invaded her head as one of the robed people prodded her with a psychic dampener, sending her falling and screaming in pain. "No... This... This can not be real... Emperor please let this AAAAH!" Another hit with the dampener followed, her body falling limp for a second before every alarm in her body raised in emergency. She lifted her sight to see the man in front of her, the symbol on his robes bringing every memory she had repressed from that moment. "Welcome to the Black Ships... Mutant..." The man said grimly, in an almost ethereal voice. She stood up as quickly as she could, only to find herself surrounded by the Inquisitorial guards and the Adepts inside. The walked towards her menacingly, ready to subdue her to the cruel tortures of the Astra Telepathica. She stepped back as they approached. "No... No please... I didn't ask for this... Get away from me!" She finally hit the wall behind her as the men got closer and closer. Her eyes began to glow bright blue and crackle with warp energy. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" She threw her hands to her front and closed her eyes, releasing a psychic wave strong enough to throw them back along with some of the surrounding rocks. As she opened her eyes, she could see she was no longer in the ships. She was back in Yh'mi, but she couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her. The mist began to subside from her sight and she could see the faint silhouettes of the party, her back against a large boulder she thought was the Black Ship's hull wall. She slid down to the floor, tears falling from her eyes as she hoped she hadn't hurt anyone with her outburst. Reality kept glitching out to her, and there was nothing she could about it for now. "I'm sorry..." She muttered to whoever could hear her. "... I'm so sorry..." She sat there, shivering and sobbing softly, waiting for her mind to clear enough to regain composure. Mental State: Nightmare / Turn: 1/1
  14. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Alright I rolled a 100 and a 1 so Nightmare for 1 turn. Poor Alexa... I hope one of you has a heart big enough to hold her at least until her fear is done. Also prepare for a little of a psychic mess. If any of you is familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe you will know what I mean when I tell you that she's gonna live her imprisoning on the black ships all over again. Good thing that this happened after the monster is dead xD Edit: 'Tis done. I hope I'm not disrupting anything in the thread. If I do please let me know.
  15. Hey, someone on discord (Avvercus) told me you're looking for more threads so I'm hitting you up. Let me know if they were lying so I can go tell the chat not to trust them.

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