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  1. Alexa's wounds were healing well, though her exhaustion was more attributed to her extended use of her powers more than anything. It had been a rough few days, Lena dutifully looking after her and not letting her jeopardize her health further. Observing her surroundings, the pristine white walls of the medical bay were a shocking contrast to the metallic gray and black of a black ship, or even the regular staff corridors of the Imperator Bellum. "How are you feeling today Alexa?" Asked Lena in a peppy tone, bringing her a little juice carton. The inquisitor smiled and took the juice with gusto, her hands still a bit stiff with bandages all over. "You don't have to pamper me so much Lena, your job is making sure I don't die, not being my personal caretaker." Alexa answered, giving the Guardian a puppy wide-eyed gaze. The warrior lady waved her comment away, enjoying a juice herself. "Oh yeah... Imagined if I all of us had that kind of protection on us..." A booming voice would break the peace from another corner of the room. It was another guardian, this one with bandages and a patch covering what appeared to be a now rent eye socket. His expression was borderline angry. "You are gonna run your mouth today Barret? Is that what you really want to do in medical leave?" Lena answered, her voice instantly changing to a stern tone. Alexa dropped her gaze slightly, wanting to avoid the confrontation entirely. "I'm just saying... Imagine if the Kadians had sent something more than just this... Child. Are all inquisitors like her? A one shot match that breaks after the first use?" "She kept your ass alive out there did she? Or do you think those beastmen suddenly keeled over because they were afraid of your shitty blade play?" Lena lashed back out. Alexa held the Guardian's arm, like begging her to drop it. "What are you now Drachenberg? A guard dog? Are you going to run away with her and frolick in a field like an obedient little puppy?" Lena stood up like a missile, approaching the other Guardian with her fists balled up. "You question my loyalty... I might just decided to even up your other eye!" Alexa stood up as well, holding Lena's hand back in an attempt to stop her friend. "Please Lena... Just let it go..." She said almost in a whisper. "Both of you, that's enough..." Another voice cracked the tension, like a hammer banging against an anvil. It was Greatsword Davath, now standing and seemingly towering over all present. "Would it have mattered if we had a battalion of Kadians at our side? Would it have mattered if the Inquisitor had an unlimited supply of power?" Davath spoke to the other two Custodes, who had fallen silent at the words. "This war is not about power, or about numbers. We do what we can, with what we have, as we have always done... This bickering is as pointless as asking for 'What ifs'" The Guardians looked at each other begrudgingly, each going back to what they were doing before. Alexa followed Lena back to her bed, Davath going back to his carving. "Don't scare me like that..." Alexa said to Lena, rather serious at the moment. "Tensions are running high... I'm sorry." Lena answered, rubbing her neck embarrased. Alexa looked up to the ceiling, feeling a bit cold. Her mind focused on their situation for the moment, an energetic "Tug" as it may, being what discovered their current path through the warp, and what little power she could put towards it was at least enough to keep them safe... For now.
  2. A hum resonated into her mind. Alexa barely opened her eyes, the white lights of the Imperator's medical bay blinding her like a sun upon her eyes, the psyker covering her faces weakly with a hand. A large gauntlet held it, however, the concerned face of Lena softly putting it back to rest. "Don't move too much Inquisitor... You suffered many injuries and the other psychics say you strained too hard on that last burst. You really saved many lives out there..." Indeed, perhaps among the fighting she didn't notice the amount of injuries. Her jacket was off, leaving her only with her bra protecting her top. Medi-gel and gauze covered what appeared to be several stab wounds and slashes, adding more to the already many scars among her torso. Ironically, the tattoo of the scholastica psykana appeared to be covered as well. The psyker girl became restless. She couldn't keep her mind quiet for long, and it seemed to become harder to focus. She could feel the huge pull of the chaos hordes approaching... And the lights lagging behind in the approach back to the Imperator Bellum. She tried to stand up, Lena trying to hold her back. "No, Alexa. You are heavily sedated, please remain in the bed..." The Custode said, trying to keep her from standing up. In her stupor, all Alexa could answer with was by shaking her head. Struggling, she unplugged everything from her and climbed out of the clinic bed, Lena right beside her trying to help her. "I... Want to... Save them." She whispered. The Inquisitor walked back to the loading bay, every step harder than the last... But it was too late. She raised her hand, trying to use her powers to stop the ramp from closing, but her eyes merely flickered for a second before going back to normal. In a last effort, she tried to run, able to make it to half way before the ramp finally locked and the Imperator began to lift off the battlefield. She fell to her knees. "No... I can still... I can get him up just..." Lena held the psyker and lifted her up, holding her on her arms. The golden light of that last Greatsword shone brightly, brighter than anything down there... Before dimming down to nothing. Outside the observation window, scores of dead bodies laid, the fresh horde stepping over the cadavers like they were nothing but obstacles. Among those bodies, gleaming armors laid as well, motionless. As Lena carried her back to medical, Alexa could only hold close to her chest, her eyes filled with weak tears. All she could think of, was that she couldn't save them all...
  3. A silent, honored bow followed Asora's compliment on Tsuyu's handiwork, a smile of satisfaction forming on her lips as the "It is not rude Haruhi-sama. This is merely a simple dress for testing purposes, nothing I would dare to be worn on someone of your status. As for the origin of the ideas, it all comes from fashion sense and comfort really. Dresses for ladies such as ourselves leave very little room for practicality... Most of the time. My childhood was mostly spent being paraded around by my father in many social gatherings, and I had so many toys I could not take with me due to this conundrum... So I began to improvise. My mother was adamant about the toys I could bring however, the little prankster I was back then." She walked to the mannequin and removed the dress and accessories from it. Leaving the dummy dress on a workbench, Tsuyu moved to uncover the selection of fabrics and silks behind the curtains of her workshop. There were many to choose from, different colors and tonalities, fabrics and materials separated into hues and grades of sophistication. "Certainly, it is my pleasure to offer you the best of my collection. Patterns and designs are no issue, I shall do them by hand for you Haruhi-sama. I promise I will use all my skill and expertise..." Tsuyu smiled and ran her hand softly over the fabrics, making sure to show the colors and textures of them all. "Please, do the honors... The choice is yours. I assure you no matter what you pick, I will make it shine brighter than the stars in the night sky."
  4. Word spreads quick for those with more eyes among the populace than they would let know. Indeed, she was expecting the question to come out since Asora-san had entered the state with Haruhi in tow. Her family had left a legacy that was fairly untarnished, and now as heir, Tsuyu had to make sure it remained so, specially among the clans such as the Yanaihara. Tsuyu nodded politely and finished her tea, waiting for everyone to finish theirs before finally standing up. She excused herself with her yokai mother before extending her hand towards the pair of honored guests, the servants diligently fixing the dishes while the group walked back out of the gardens. As they walked, Tsuyu calmly explained her creative process. "You are correct Asora-sama. Since I was but a child, the intrincacies of art have interested me beyond reproach. At first it was caligraphy, paintings, drawings... The usual affair for a kid. However, as I grew, more things began to call my attention. Pattern complexity, origami, clock-making... Though I have to admit this last one still eludes me to this day. It seemed like my mind grew restless, so my mother recommended to turn my eye towards an art that combined almost all of these things into one." Ryohei walked in front, eventually reaching a large portculis with drapes instead of a door. The trusty bodyguard moved the drapes over to allow for the women to pass, revealing the room behind them. Rolls of silk of different colors, cloths and fabrics. A needlework station, a loom, mannequins... Everything an upstanding modist would need and more could be find inside. "This is my second workshop. My work as a seamstress is only second to my sculpting... Perhaps evenly matched, though perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part to be as skilled as I can be in the trades I love." Ryohei quickly pulled large cushions, posing them over the soft tatami floor for the ladies to sit. Though a bit informal, the workshop still held most comforts a girl would wish for. "Fortunately, I was prepared for something of a demonstration." She said, pulling a mannequin into the center of the room, fully in sight of the two ladies. Over the model, a simple dress was posed, unassuming and regular to a fault. The mannequin also had bracers and other jewelry on the wrists, a necklace with some prayer beads and a wig held up in a ponytail by a comb and some lace. "A dress..." She said simply. It was no work of art at all. "But like the feathers of an owl, what can be seen is not all there is." Tsuyu grabbed what looked like a slightly thread in the hem of the sleeve. She pulled it, and silently, a metallic wire extended comfortably to 40 cm in length. "Many call this piano wire. Doesn't take a lot of strength to use, just have to be careful with the grasping hand" As she let it go, the wire quickly retracted back into the hem, like it never was there. Tsuyu then continued by inserting her hand into the sleeve, almost to the elbow, and when pulling it out, a small cube was in her hand. She opened it, revealing roll of almost transparent thread with a slightly sharp tip, the base of the cube also bearing this tip. "A wire trap. When armed in a door frame or a narrow hall, it's almost imperceptible, but when tripped..." Tsuyu cut the wire and a very faint but distinctive sound, like that of a wailing baby cat, could be heard. "Useful for when you want to know if someone is coming... Now this." She grabbed one of the bangles and pulled it out. "This bangle is hollow, if you give a little twist and throw it with enough force..." Tsuyu said, twisting the metalic frame just a bit and throwing it outside the window. A thick cloud of smoke began to rapidly spread outside. "Just a few easy to procure chemicals. Though it's not very stealthy, it could help on a hasty escape. Now I have a few recent developments as well. Specifically these two." Tsuyu removed the comb and the prayer beads from the mannequin and showed them to the ladies. The final two beads of the necklace were black and white, respectively. "First, the beads. They look like normal prayer beads, nothing out of the ordinary. But crush the white one and the powder inside can be used to spike someone's food or beverage. It's nightshade extract combined with black lotus resin. It will induce a heart attack in 30 seconds, and it is nigh-undetectable when used correctly. The black bead on the other hand hold the antidote to the poison, how you use it is up to you, but it might be a bargain chip, or a pleasant surprise." Finally, Tsuyu showed them the comb. A beautiful jeweled comb, with shiny teeth and a sturdy body. "This is quite simple..." She said, pressing the body. The comb's teeth lengthened a few inches and turn to a side, becoming fan like. When hit by the light, the ladies would be able to appreciate the keen edge on it. "A hidden blade, you can throw it, or use it as is to slash. Press again to turn it back into the comb." Tsuyu smiled and returned all items to the mannequin before turning back to her guests. "Other than those well, there are many hidden pockets on the inner parts of the dress. The underlayers are also stab-resistant, and could also probably stop a slashing as well, though obviously it is better to avoid such dangers. The sash is filtered, it will allow you to breath in the presence of airborne poisons and can be used as a convenient face mask to this purpose. And just as an emergency..." Tsuyu finally put her hand under the skirt of the dress, a most unladylike place to be precise. With a quick pull, however, she revealed a hidden, fairly large matte-colored tanto knife. "Let's hope no one gets to this part of the plan..." She said, putting the knife on a table before sitting in front of her guests. "It might look... Gruesome. And dangerous for sure. But in our line of work, sometimes violence is needed. Any other modifications that you might think of, I might be able to work into your dress. Caltrops, sleep agents, stuff like that. I also have to take your measurements, and for that you would need to disrobe. But no worries, Ryohei will wait outside, and will not let anyone enter." She said rather coldly. Ryohei nodded and calmly walked out of the workshop, standing guard outside. Tsuyu awaited Haruhi's and Asora's answer, a tad nervous that perhaps it would look like she was too much into killing, when in fact she disliked violence greatly.
  5. "Activating oxygen recycling and contingency procedures... I should be fine out there Master Eredas. I will go with you." Ellyna said rather matter of factly. Her artificial skin was highly resistant to heat, as her father had previewed the possibility of fire damage in her creation. However, with the intense heat, most of Ellyna's sensory modules would be useless and at best, she would have to rely on enhanced vision and sonic detections. It was not much, the equivalent of a particularly sensitive human with magic potential, but she thought it would be enough for her. The walk through the hellscape was a treacherous one, with lava pits, molten rock geysers and even the walls being a possible hazard. She dutifully stayed right behind James, keeping her senses working on any external threats. Their voyage eventually took them through a tunnel, reaching an altar among a sea of magma. "Fascinating. My father's books never spoke of something like this... It's beautiful, in it's own way. Don't you agree?" She asked around her cheerfully to those who came with them, though she certainly didn't expect much of an answer. Suddenly, from a rock, a small shining orb of light appeared. Ellyna picked up on it almost immediately and observed it moving around, sort of like... Fluttering. Adjusting her ocular ligh sensitivity, she could finally recognize it was a crimson, glowing butterfly. She was mesmerized by the small little insect, and her brain tried it's best to analyze it, the girl standing still for a second as she watched this delicate creature surviving in such inhospitable place. It was then that she picked up. The massive signature, coming from the nearby pits of molten rock. As James prepared for battle, Ellyna walked to his side and looked at the creature, mystified. "Apart from the obvious demonic figure and horns... It kinda looks like you Master Eredas." She said smiling. In a split second, she retrieved her blades from her back, the familiar cyan glow of their edges brimming with energy as she readied for combat. In her battle stance, she began to bob and bounce very subtly, following the rhythm of the music inside her. Those around her would hear the melody as well, but like it was inside of them, beating in their minds and their chests. It was not distracting, as they could ignore it's beats if they wanted, but the effect was the same. They would feel their hearts beating in unison, their muscles invigorated, their reflexes even faster than before. Ellyna's Battle Hymn had began, a buff she was sure James and the rest would be truly appreciative of.
  6. The ache on her muscles was overwhelming at this point. With each psychic blast, each blade stroke, each dodge she did, her body felt more and more tired. However, at the same time, her fear began to subside... It was still there, but faint. What was survival instinct was shifting, shaping into something more, an energy that fueled her psyche with power she previously felt chained in the deepest recesses of her mind. She was not a warrior. She could not face the beast men face to face, blade to blade. No, she had to be devious, so she stayed behind Lena at all times, burning those who tried to attack her blind spot, providing shielding and finishing off the occasional down-but-not-out beast with her side arm. It was a steady rhythm, but like everything in war, one that was bound to change in seconds. The beasts pushed mightily against the custodes combat lines, and despite the greater effort they were doing, the breach they were providing for Master Eredas and Master Tenkai was slowly being pushed back. It was not until a charging, filthy goat-monster crashed into her side that her concentration was broken, carrying her on his fortunately blunt horns towards the right flank. As the beast stopped, Alexa was flinged back forcefully, crashing into the dusty ground violently. Lena watched helplessly, a surprised "Alexa!" being bellowed before another group of foes called for her attention. Lena could only carry on with her gruesome task, her armor covered in a thick coat of blackish-red blood. Alexa on the other hand, tried to stand up only to feel a sharp, excruciating pain to her side. Blood dripped from her mouth, and every breath was a horrid task. Her heartbeat thumped inside her head, to her ears, and her sight was obscured by a red blurry filter. She was no warrior. She was frail. The beast walked towards her, drooling in anticipation to what she hoped was a clean killing blow. The custodes around them had problems of their own, as the chaos horde was just too large and the Guardians, though fierce, could only kill so many at the same time. She prepared to give up, to close her eyes and let the dark take her. But something in her mind would not shut up. "Stand up!" it screamed. "Stand up and fight!" She gritted her teeth. It was nothing super natural. It was not a voice from the warp, nor an entity pleading for her life. It was herself, he own instincts stubbornly asking her to shut up and do her job. Something had clicked, tempered by the sheer amount of death around her. She understood now. If she failed here, she would never see those she loved again. Her new home, her new family, her friends, those who found her in the gutter and still thought she was worth something. She was now worth something, no longer a mere slave to her condition. She screamed. The beastman was taken aback as the diminutive Inquisitor charged towards it. Not even bracing, the chaos minion merely readied it's axe to strike her down when suddenly, Alexa raised her arms towards his figure, her eyes bursting aflame in incandescent warp energy. A wave of kinetic energy pushed against the sinewy muscle with unrelenting force, the massive knock back so strong it sent the beastman barreling towards it's brethren, striking them like a cannonball at full speed. Without even wasting a second, Alexa gazed towards the hordes of chaos and held her head between her hands, screaming at the top of her lungs towards her assailants. An expansive wave of warp energy suddenly shot out from her, like purple static chaining through every beastman in a large radius. The custodes in the right flank would find their enemies clutching their heads and braying in pain, desperately clawing at their temples trying to get whatever something was currently assaulting their heads. The weaker ones straight up collapsed into seizures as the targeted psychic scream overloaded every nerve in their brains beyond their limits. "This is our chance! PRESS THE ASSAULT! WITH ME BROTHERS, ADVANCE!" Yelled a Greatsword, practically jumping into the fray with his weapon held high. The rest of the warriors followed suit as they attacked with renewed zeal, massacring their foes left and right before they could recover from the psychic assault. James and Tenkai would now find out the custodes at the right flank being able to support their efforts as combat medics rushed towards the inquisitor who was now kneeling on the backlines. Alexa fell on her back, exhausted and calling for aid. The medics took the chance given by the push to gather the injured and give the wounded some proper attention. A concerned Lena rushed to her side as the medics carried her back. "Inquisitor! You are alive, thank the heavens. You have done it, you gave us a breach. Our troops will hammer these beasts until none of them are left..." Alexa gazed at the Guardian with a faint smile before looking up into the reddened sky, for it were the Dark Gods that would taste defeat today, and she knew it.
  7. A soft hammering could be heard behind the wooden panels of the workshop, the smell of oak and lavender filling the air as the sonorous strings of a harp could be heard as well. Ryohei, Lady Shirokawa's cousin and appointed personal bodyguard, stepped quietly towards the door and knocked a couple of times. The harp slowly faded in volume, a low murmur being heard from behind the door. A few seconds passed before the door opened. A figure stood by the door, feminine in shape yet obviously not human. Clawed, scaled hands and talons adorned with jewelry and bracelets, a lithe body covered by a purple cloak with golden designs embroidered all over and a face obscured by a hood, the only recognizable feature being a pair of almond shaped glowing pink eyes. The figure floated a couple inches over the floor and was gazing at Ryohei attently. Yet the young man didn't flinch and instead bowed politely, the figure doing the same, her eyes seemingly "smiling". "Momo-sama, I didn't know you were here." Ryo said to the yokai. "Who is it Oka-san?" A young female voice came from the other side of the room. The yokai turned to the voice and let out a few sounds, like bells and meowlings fluttering in a melodic way. Ryo peered inside to see Tsuyu standing on a small wooden ladder, working on the top of a block of white-gray stone, already showing some rough details of a masked face and a figure locked into a sort of dance position. "Excuse me my lady. Ladies Asora and Haruhi have arrived to the estate, they seem eager to have an audience with you." Ryo continued. Tsuyu stepped off the ladder and wiped her hands in a small towel before signaling for a couple of servants to help her with the supplies. "Please prepare a quick bath for me, and the silken robes..." She said to the servants before turning to Ryohei. "They are the Yanaihara, Ryo-kun, if anything, I'm the one having an audience with them... Good thing I finished those designs yesterday. They will be impressed." The confident tones of her voice clashed very much with her small, cute figure. "Oka-san, would you please tell the staff to entertain our guests? I'm sure they will be delighted with your tea, if you are willing." She continued, approaching the yokai and holding her arm tenderly and flashing a smile to the spirit. The ghastly figure chimed adorably and nodded, her hands clapping softly before taking her leave. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shirokawa family tea room was anything but traditional. Though preserving the classic central table and seats, the room's windows were large and open, looking directly into a small yet well tended garden. The corners of the room were adorned with artsy sculptures and paintings of vast fields of flowers and other nature sights hanged from the walls, bearing the signature of Tsuyu and her mother's respectively. In the center, Momo-san used her claws to delicately add petals and other aromatics to the tea. It was obviously not the standard tea ceremony, but the normal seemed to have given room to some eccentricities since Tsuyu had officially been announced as the next head of the household. The tea was served, a delicious honeyed aroma mixed with hints of jasmine. Tsuyu bowed happily and smiled at her guests, extending a hand in a gesture to enjoy the beverage. "I am grateful to host such esteemed and beloved guests as our Ladies Asora-sama and Haruhi-sama. I beg to the kami that the tea served by my beloved spirit mother is of your delight. Without bragging, I would say it is the best tasting tea this side of the Empire." Tsuyu began to say, adding grandeur and flair to her words. "Asora-sama, I can not avoid but to admire your presence blessing my home, for that I am grateful. I hope it has been of your liking so far." Tsuyu continued, focusing on Asora before turning to Haruhi, her eyes seemingly glittering. "And you Haruhi-sama. Pardon my words if they are too forward, but your beauty surpasses that of the rainbows over a sunset sky." In a moment, Tsuyu took a sip of the hot beverage, closing her eyes to feel the smooth flavor of the tea washing over her tongue. As she opened her eyes, her pupils seemed to have sharpened, and a happy yet slightly devious smile formed on her lips. "It will be an honor to serve the clan... In court, street or battlefield. How may I serve?"
  8. I have discord in my phone and my computer so that sounds like the best idea for me as I'm basically always on xD Either the Datsuzoku one or Yanahaira's own to avoid clutter I'm ok with either choice.
  9. She has been created! I will update her little by little with more stuff, but she is officially alive :3
  10. Name: Shirokawa Tsuyu Age: 18 Height: 160 cm Class: Noble/Trapmaker Occupation: Artists/Spy Hair: Mid-back length Black Hair Eyes: Purple Body Type: Small and Petite Personal Habits: Reading, sculpting and painting are her main hobbies, specially in well cared, beautiful natural spaces. She also enjoys tinkering with her traps, having an interest in bothany and machinery. Enjoys food of any type and has great fondness for “junk food” as a guilty pleasure, though she makes an effort to eat reasonably as to remain healthy. Personality: Though usually calm and elegant, Tsuyu can at times be overly emotional, specially when subjected to high amounts of stress or when overwhelmed by strong sentiments. She often suffers from a Princess Complex, loving being pampered, served and feeling socially superior to others, though she refrains from being a cruel taskmaster. She firmly believes that people who dabble in crime and other disreputable vices like drugs and excessive drinking are not “Worthy”, the opposite being true as well as she considers clean and proper individuals “High Stock” regardless of social standing. Otherwise, she is amicable and highly capable at blending in socially. She is highly protective of her family and clan, from servants to siblings, and greatly dislikes when someone disrespects them. Equipment: Modified Clothing: Tsuyu dresses on fine garments, yukatas and kimonos, as well as other less traditional but equally fine clothes. Most of these clothes have extensive but seamless modifications, such as pockets and compartments where she can stash objects and poisons as well as trap materials that could help her while in the field.
  11. Great then! I'll start working on her sheet right away :3 My only question right now is, is there any lore I should be aware of besides the Clan page? I'm pretty excited for this xD
  12. My idea for her was to be a sculptor and a painter. This would allow her to blend nicely and be good at subterfuge when it comes to the "Darker" part of her job, that of a trap maker and creator of ways to silently neutralize the clan's enemies when words are not enough. She is not fond of direct combat, so "accidents" and "unexpected tragedies" would be her way to deal with those that need uh... Dealing. So basically, artistry and espionage, and other members of the clan would be welcome to come to her for traps and low-profile assassination needs.
  13. Hello there! I am interested in making a character for clan, if it isn't too much of a bother and you are willing to accept my poor soul. My idea is: Let me know if my character could fit the clan nicely and I'll have a character sheet ready very soon :3
  14. It seemed like the battle had been raging for hours by now, and every Custode around them was ever present in combat, their near superhuman stamina stretching into it's limits as every swipe of their weapons and every shot of their shotguns rent flesh and bone by the troves. Yet the beastman hordes didn't relent, as with every fallen warrior there was another three to take it's place. Alexa alternated between healing and fighting as well, supported by Lena at all times. However, her stamina was nowhere near the level of the custodes, and with every blade swipe and every psychic bolt she dealt her breath became more ragged and pained. Panting, she knelt next to a wounded Guardian and began to heal his wounds. The sound of the Imperator's cannons created a tempo she could keep up with. Every shot pushed the horde back a few inches, and the militants didn't hesitate to push harder into the fray. It allowed her to focus on healing and rest up a bit before having to retake her place as psychic artillery. That's when it happened. The Daemon Engine fired a shot that rattled the very earth they were standing in. As the bolt of warp energy crashed into the Imperator Bellum's shields, the sheer magnitude of the impact almost threw Alexa off balance. She saw as some Custodes near the ship caught fire and desperately attempted to quench the flames. Others were thrown back and knocked by the blast, but that wasn't the worst part of it. The ship had redirected all energy to the shields, the cannons stopping their onslaught upon the beast hordes. Without the support of the ships weaponry, the beastmen crashed into the Force Majeure ranks with increased savagery. Alexa stood there, watching the wretched army of wild sinew and muscle push through the soldiers on the field, cutting down what they could and bashing that they could not. The Custodes fought with greater zeal as well, but the numbers were against them. She fought that familiar feeling in her gut, her hand grasping on her blade so hard her knuckles would go white if they weren't bionic. Her other hand rested on her temple, trying to soothe the heartbeats pounding into her brain. She wanted to run, to find ephemeral safety somewhere, to curl up and cry. "Inquisitor!" Alexa opened her eyes. Lena was in front of her, clashing blades with a massive monster of a beastman, her armor chipped and scratched. Despite her great strength, the beast proved to be driven to split her in two as his axe fell over and over, Lena's halberd barely resisting the savage attacks. A sudden rush of adrenaline came by the Inquisitor as she saw her aide so close to being cut down. Her mind went blank for a second, rushing to understand the situation in front of her. Her eyes glanced to her mechanic arm, the blade glowing a faint blue hue. Her exhaustion dissapeared and her body acted on instinct. The daemon touched warrior swung it's axe down heavily, but before it could crash into Lena, it stopped suddenly. The beastman's muscles bulged as he tried to finish his swing, or to move his axe at all, but an invisible force kept the wicked cutter in place. A scream was heard, and out of the corner of it's eye, Alexa jumped into it's view, her eyes aflame with warp energy. In one stroke, her blade buried deep into the beast's chest before pulling it out and thrusting it right under it's muzzle, the simmering of warp fire evaporating the blood that shot out and came in contact with the warp enhanced metal. More beasts came to avenge the fallen barbarian, and Lena met them head first, Alexa close by with her eyes shimmering in unbriddled warp power. "We must push into their ranks, Lord James and Commander Tenkai must be covered at all cost!" Lena screamed into the communication link. As an unit, a group of guardians moved with the pair and created a sort of spearhead, eventually fighting their way to the group protecting the advance of their leader units. Alexa and Lena fought next to Knight Selene with all the might they could muster. The Inquisitor moved forward and raised her arms, projecting a directed stasis field that stopped the beasts around them in their tracks. With this opportunity, James and Tenkai would have enough breathing room to carve a path towards their objective, also allowing the custodes guarding their backs to retaliate and score some easy kills. However, the strain of her psychic powers was exhausting her, and Alexa struggled to keep the field up. "Hurry! I... I don't know how much more I can hold it!" She said into the comm link.
  15. Virgil took the teasing like a champ, a slightly annoyed one at that, while Hunter merely smiled and walked along with the team. He knew Virgil was a man of action, and several times were their necks saved by the quick thinking of the man. It was like back when they were younger and they had met each other for the first time, cracking jokes, teasing and sometimes bickering about inane and nonsensical stuff. However, Hunter couldn't take this strange feeling off the back of his mind, like something was odd in the air. Once the group had reached the rooftops, the topic of conversation turned into the wreckage that was the ruins of the Whispernight. Could this happen to Aelindra someday? Perhaps. But if it came, he thought, he would be there standing to either reverse it, or avenge it. His reminiscing was cut short by a precise discharge of Elson's caster gun, blasting down a black figure from the sky in a swift motion. "Excellent shot Elson. Let's hope we all share your mighty aim when the dragons come a-knocking." He spoke before retrieving his binoculars. He scanned around the ruins, trying to ascertain where exactly were they supposed to be. "Not to bring down my own abilities as a Cavalry Officer, but I have no bloody idea of our surroundings... However." His gaze moved towards a nearby area of the city, reaching into a caved in street where he supposed the warehouse district would have stood. Under the rubble he could spy pieces of machinery, like something large had crashed into the place... Or attempted to get out. He held out his binoculars for anyone to take while pointing in that direction. "Eastward, by the arches. I don't have any reference but I know of a clue when I see one. Hopefully the way remains unimpeded."
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