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    [Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

    "First, your name..." "Alex... Alexandra Caelestia. But... Alexa is fine." She said with slight hesitation. She felt a small pull from her mind the moment the man's eyes laid gaze on her. A few seconds passed before a soldier entered the room, giving her a cup of tea and even kindly putting a blanket over her shoulders. Though his face remained reluctant of this treatment, the man seemed to act with care, if only following orders. She took a sip of the hot beverage. It was hot, cinnamon with a tinge of honey. Her hands shivered much less often now, as that familiar pull was felt once again in the borders of her mind. She was given an offer. Though not as extreme as a "Join or die", the question still gave her a sense of confusion. If she was so dangerous, why let her live. "A bullet to the head nullifies psykers just fine" she remembered some commissars uttering. Her thoughts would be answered by the inquisitor promtly, confirming her suspicion, the man was also a psychically capable person. The man would confirm so, but note the difference between their powers. It was in that moment that she entered the room, a poised, radiant figure in a long beautiful dress. Leoa walked towards them calmly yet in Alexa's eyes it was like her aura shined like the sun, all of the warmth without none of the burn. She almost moved out of the way instinctively, like fearing her own energy would somehow soil her light. Caelius and Leoa commuted while Alexa watched in silence. Her head tried to wrap around what was happening, rushing to find an answer. The thoughts of her sister's voice asking for help looped in her brain. Her trance was only stopped as Leoa laid her hands on her shoulders, a soft warmth "Drying" her cold and stopping her shivers. "I'll do it... I'll join you." She finally said. "I don't know of what use I could be. I'm... Damaged..." She held her arms close and looked down, a glint of the light reflecting from her bionic arm, a dim shadow of bags under her eyes from her nightmares.
  2. Hi Jaist, I'm sorry I was such a bad roleplayer in the Yh'mi quest :c I promise that next time I will be much more constant with my posting

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      No problemo! I enjoyed your writing! Looking forward to the next time we RP together again 🙂

  3. Maverick

    Red Line, White Snow [Monster Hunt]

    Ellyna could barely contain her happiness as she was given her own horse to ride. The girl rode excitedly for the first few hours, chatting softly to her horse and petting it's hair between glances towards the road and her companions. So far, the road seemed easy and calm, with snow covering most of it but not to the point of slowing them down. She smiled to Novalie a few times, keeping an eye on her surroundings as well as her senses sharp on picking any disturbances nearby. "These roads are so pretty... Much more than the pictures could ever show me. I'm glad I came here!" She expressed to the group. "With a group like us I'm sure our mission will be succesful!" The road stretched for hours on end, and the more time it passed, the more thoughtful everyone became. If only because of boredom, Ellyna began humming a cheerful tune. Some of the pikemen at her side seemed to enjoy it, sometimes humming along with her or giving her nods of approval. Sure enough, she kept her side of the group's morale as high as she could muster, making some friendly chatter and giving them some tunes to march to as well. It was only as the captain spoke that she noticed how pensive he was. He spoke of odd creatures, her eyes twinkling as her brain tried to search for relevant data, to no avail. "Seven limbs, nine eyes, no mouths... My databanks show no match Uncle." She said to her commander. "I'll keep my sensors up." She then turned to Novalie. "Do you know anything about these creatures, sis?"
  4. Maverick

    [Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

    Alexa stood still as they cuffed her, mostly in complete silence and wary of the rifle that was mercilessly pointed at her. She knew the soldiers were just doing their jobs and that if it came to it, they would pull the trigger without hesitation. What came as a surprise was how gentle they were, despite the firmness of ther demands. In the Empire, her status as a psyker would mean more than cuffs... Psychic dampeners, full torso restrains, mouth covers to avoid incantations. Even in Terrenus they would have treated her as a domestic security risk. The flight was a short one, but for her it felt like the good part of an hour or two. She could see the city in all it's splendor, a sight that left her speechless, but when approaching the black marble building, her muscles tensed into the familiar feeling of nervousness and expectation. "Is this it?" She asked softly, but the officer wouldn't answer. They left the ship in an orderly manner, a situation she imagined the soldiers had repeated so many times it was ingrained in their muscle memory by now. The maze like corridors were foreboding for her, reminding her of the Scholastica that had shaped her through beatings and harsh training. She gulped as they finally stopped and entered a cold dark room. With the soldiers at her back, Alexa walked deeper into the room, shivering all the way as the cold chilled her to the bone, only exacerbated by her dampness as wet strands of her hair clinged to her face. "You can just ask" She could listen in her mind, like her subconscious was trying to console her. "It's a simple request..." Alexa looked back to the menacing figure of the soldier behind her, gazing into his visor for a second before avoiding eye contact. "Sir is there... Maybe a blanket or something you could give me... I'm cold., P-please."
  5. Maverick

    Broken Ground.

    "Hm, yes about that..." Hunter thought. His hand calmly grabbed the blueprint, the paper rolling up lightly by itself from sheer custom before he finished by tightening it up. "Is there anything I can help you with? And if not, if you are unoccupied by any urgent work we could perhaps have a stroll around the city? Seems like I have been years without a dash of free time." Hunter gave Aunoma a most curious smile, one he so bashfully could not control as he awaited for a positive answer. Military life was something he excelled at, perhaps at the cost of sociality, and royal gatherings and balls were, at best, more of an excercise in disguise and political subterfuge than actual pleasure opportunities. Perhaps it was there, in a simple workshop or a regular old bench in the park that he could finally unwind and enjoy the company of others, moreso with someone like lady Aunoma. He took a swig of the drink and reclined himself in the chair, sighing contently while scanning the rest of the workshop. "My bike has enough space for both of us."
  6. Maverick

    Broken Ground.

    Hunter's eyes scanned the workshop with curiosity. For someone as calm and collected as Aunoma, the workshop seemed to be a shrine to utter chaos, with gizmos, tools and schematics strewn around the place like they were worked on partially before being left behind for something more interesting. However he was not an engineer, let alone a tech expert of the level Aunoma was. He chuckled at the thought of her carving her own little Stonehaven in the fields of Aelindra, if only for the sake of feeling closer to home. Hunter being the gentleman he is would not mind to make her feel more comfortable of course. Perhaps over dinner? "Over dinner?" He thought to himself. "Perhaps I'm spending too much time around Cazarosta..." Not that he minded. Aunoma was an attractive lady, with a brilliant mind, beautiful eyes and- “Please, tell me what brings you this far out of the city to see me. I have no doubt it will be intriguing. I know how busy you gentlemen have been as of late.” Hunter came out of his small trance a few seconds too late to avoid embarrasment. However he did have a few topics to discuss with her. Settling down the cooler next to the table for easy access, Hunter took a seat near Aunoma and brought up a roll of paper. "Would you not believe I would come for the prospect of quiet, intimate conversation?" He said chuckling. "But, if you insist. I talked to a few of my most tech-minded soldiers and they came up with some possible designs for mobility gear. As you may know, cavalry is all about maneuverability. However, in terrains like marshlands and deeply forested paths, a mount can not move at maximum efficiency. In that case, a series of powered grappling hooks harnessed to a soldier's uniform can provide quick mobility in tight spaces as long as there are decent spaces to attach them. My technical skills are mostly weapon and bike related, so maybe I'm explaining myself wrongly. I'm sure you will be able to understand it much better than I do, even improve it." He retrieved a canned soft drink from the cooler and offered Aunoma her iced tea with a slight smirk. "Other than that, I was wondering how you were adapting here my lady. I know Aelindra has not much alike to Stonehaven, but hopefully it is to your liking. If there is anything I can do to help you feel more comfortable as well, please let me know."
  7. Maverick

    [Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

    Minutes passed in complete silence. The downpour had already made Alexa's hair damp, sticking to her arms as she craddled her legs. The night fell into an almost serene buzz, interrupted from time to time by a cough or a hack from the three dying men. Her eyes still gave a pale glow as she stared down to the floor, tears softly disguised by the rain streaming down her figure. Reality for her was that what she had done mattered very little in the greater scheme of things. She knew she was in a world where her display of power would never go unnoticed, so she just waited. They would probably shoot her on sight, as any Imperial would have done back in her dimension. Maybe a few questions, a few queries over her nature. She asked herself if she should try and fight them, survive another day... But was it really worth it to be on the run forever? There they were. Surrounded on all sides as she had been before so many years ago. They were no different from the black ships, coming to take her away once again. She raised her arms, a glint of light reflecting from her bionic limb as she slowly raised them up. She looked at the soldiers with sadness and despair in her glowing eyes, tears still running even if they were unnoticed due to the rain. She sobbed for what she had lost and would never have back. The gentle embrace of her sister. A normal, if difficult life. One outburst was all it took to take even her sad attempt at living a life not as a freak, but as one more human in the world. She looked at the soldier approaching her, a look that seemed to plead both for freedom and for death. “I said stand up slowly, and keep your hand visible!” "Are you... Going to kill me?" She asked between sobs, staring over the barrel of the rifle aimed to her face. "They came at me... I couldn't control... I... It was me yes... They tried to..." She tried to explain but her words just kept getting jumbled. Finally, she just rested her head on the barrel, crying, cold and wet. "I just wanted to live..."
  8. Maverick

    Prologue- Reformists [Hellfire Club]

    Hunter took the moment to nod and give a small reverence to Elson's carefully groomed words. The man had a way with diplomacy since they had met years ago, that was for sure, and it was little surprise that his skills took him to be a Major in such a esteemed platoon as the Talons. Deviously, he smiled with knowledge they the future might reunite the old squad together, and things would finally get exciting once again. Now, with more pressing matters to think about, he stood up and tapped his glass with a small spoon as to call attention to the rest. "Friends, it is with a great sense of pride and honor that I direct my words towards you, for the time could not be better for what we are about to discuss. As Commander of the Royal Dragoons, it is my duty to keep our lands safe from invaders, to scout the surrounding areas for threats and to fight for the safety of the Aelindran people. In this way, my desires are two-fold." Taking a slow sip of his whiskey, Hunter cleared his throat and gazed around the room. "Socially, I believe we share the common goal of overthrowing this wicked, corrupt body of leadership that has turned our once renowned and magnificent country into but a small dot in the cartography of the continent. No longer I wish to stand by the sidelines while other powers rise to challenge us without us having a strong base to defend our way of life. As for lady Olandra's question, any species or race willing to help us grow and to share the common goal of prosperity and safety would be more than welcome. Second, as you may know, most of us here are career military men and women. The sentiment of looming dread is ever-present this days as news of warmongering and military campaigns become more and more common along the continent. Therefore, it is with great sadness that I fear for our borders. Our coffers are used for lavish parties and corrupt deals between filthy-minded nobles while our armies become stagnate and obsolete. What will we do when the armies of the south come to our doorsteps, seeking to conquer our lands? Without new technology and funding, we will be left in the past and easily crushed. Our footmen are fierce and hardy, our cavalry swift and precise, our scouts and ranged infantry fast and disciplined. If we provide them with the necessary tools, Aelindra can become a force to be reckoned. But please, do not confuse my words with a lust for carnage. As a great general once said... If you want peace, you must prepare for war. Thank you." Perhaps his words would be harsh on their ears, but Hunter felt it was his duty to point out his outlook. It wasn't a hunch at all... He KNEW that the world's turmoil would eventually reach them, and that no matter how valiant and fierce his soldiers were, without proper gear and funding they would be sitting ducks against the more technologically advanced forces of the continent. He sat back down and gathered his whiskey once again, drowning the sourness from his lips with a big gulp of the cold beverage.
  9. Maverick


    A collapsing building on one side, a horde of undead on the other. Hunter's eyes rushed from side to side as his comrades began to formulate plans, with Alfonso taking the lead with that. A higher ground would serve well, but where exactly could they- Virgil, obviously using his quick wits, took a shot at a half collapsed structure, making it began to rumble before the scream of "Get inside!" could even reach his ears. Hunter's eyes went wide as the rubble began to recede, time running short on their choices. Deciding that they stood more chance fighting a crumbling building than an unending swarm of ghouls, he sprinted towards the building with his sword in hand, preparing to open a path if necessary. Unfortunately, dust began to cover the entire area inside the building, making hard to breath and even harder to see. His friends where out of his sight, but just forwards he could see a couple of weathered down metal desks where he could take cover. Hunter ran and dexterously slid under one of the desks as debris began to fall harshly on it. "Oh, bloody hell..." He groaned as he used his neck scarf to cover his face from the dust particles while a staccato of stone threateaned to bury them alive. He suddenly heard a cracking sound just above them. Raising his eyes, he saw the ceiling cracking under pressure, and it would take only seconds to break and hit those inside the room. Thinking quickly, he kicked the desk towards a nearby pillar before moving towards it and pushing it hard, the pillar crumbling down and making one of the already ruined sides of the building bear the brunt of the landslide of debris. The ceiling seemed to hold now that enough pressure had been released as Hunter procceeded to take cover under the desk once again. He would wait until the dust settled to scan around him. "Everyone alright? Elson? Virgil? Sancroix?" He yelled, hoping to hear his friend's responses.
  10. Maverick

    [Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

    One more night in the city. It seemed like a long time since she had arrived, since that incident in Terrenus... Since she took all she had and took that airship across continents, taking her to the place she had heard was akin to her old home. The Corvinite Empire, Kadia... Another empire to live under. Why did her mind take her there, she didn't know. Holding her hands together, Alexa walked down the streets of Axis Mundi. It was a rainy night, one like many others before where she had nothing to count but the memories in her head and the steps she took towards the pub. The bustling of souls and coin filled her ears as she approached the Emporium area, people spending money they barely had on things they didn't need, or she thought. More than annoyed, she was jealous... Of their clean minds, the ignorance in which they lived their lives serving the empire day after day. They didn't know of the horrors inside her head, the images burned into her eyes, making her afraid to even consider sleep. Yet she was still human, a fragile one at that, and her survival depended on what little hours of sleep she could muster before waking up in cold sweat. She pushed the door softly, the heavy wooden thing creaking while the jiggling of the bells announced her entry. "Welcome to the Brew Stop my lady what can I... Lords have mercy Alexa, is that you?" The tender said, approaching the girl and touching her face. Alexa had not slept well in days, perhaps weeks, and it was starting to show. Her eyes were sunken, her hair was scruffy and her white strands of hair seemed to grow wider since the last time she had been there. "I'm fine Claire... Just had a couple rough nights..." Alexa coily answered, trying to avert her gaze. "Are you sure you can work like that today? I can tell the boss-" "No! No... It's... It's fine hun I just... A glass of juice perhaps and I'll be ready to sing." Claire looked at Alexa with a worried look, but could do nothing but nod at the request. She knew she needed the money. A few minutes later, she was already standing on the centerfloor, a man with a guitar next to her. "Ladies, Gents and all who join us today at the Brew Stop, today we welcome once again our angel voiced maiden for the delight of your ears! A round of applause for Alexa!" The owner of the pub announced, giving way for her. She cleared her throat as the patrons' looks gathered all on her. She felt weak, but if there was something that soothed her mind for a while, it was that song... Her voice carried the weight of a pained spirit, every word that came out ebbing and flowing through the crowd with melancholy and emotion. Some of the patrons teared up, others simply focused on the tune, some even sang along with her, knowing the lyrics from a previous night. Alexa lost herself in the music, a single tear streaming down her cheek as the last words fell from her mouth. One more round of applause, a few cheers. "Thank you..." She uttered to the crowd, bowing softly before leaving the stage. "Another good night sweetie! Here's your pay. Are you sure you don't want to stay the night? It's rainy outside." The owner, Clarence, said. Alexa merely shook her head. "It's fine boss. I can take care of myself for now." "Alright... But do come back if you need anything eh?" Nodding, Alexa turned and left the pub into the stormy night... Walking down the street, she reminisced of the things she had now. A job, perhaps not the best, but enough to keep her fed. A small place to live, so she wouldn't freeze to death on the streets. Not steady, but not bad... However. The image of her sister asking for help plagued her mind. It was a recurring nightmare, one that had become more a more prevalent since she had left Yh'mi. Every night, on the clock, she would hear her praying for her return, to hear her voice once again. Then the screaming of demons, the rattle of heavy weaponry, the searing flash of laser fire. All these things crawled down her memories every day... Even now, they plagued her, and made her forget about her surroundings. She had just walked into an alley without noticing. "Hey... What do we have here?" A raspy voice called her attention behind her. She turned to meet the gaze of 3 men, all looking like drifters, perhaps foreign. She took a few steps back before one of the men grabbed her arm. "Where do you think you are going eh? Don't be scared we won't do anything you wouldn't like!" He said. Alexa stuttered, scared and confused. "P-Please I... I need to leave..." "No don't go! We are kinda lonely here. We saw you singing at that place, beautiful voice you got there... A nice purse too. And a rocking body..." The men threw her against a wall and pressed a knife to her throat. She stared at them in utter shock, her eyes beginning to water. "Give us what we want and you won't become another victim eh princess?" One of the men said. "Yeah. Girls disappear all the time y'know?" Another said, moving her coat out of the way to reveal her shoulder. "Please... I don't want... I don't want to hurt you please..." She answered her voice beginning to crack. She could feel it building up... "Hurt us? Haha!" The three men began to laugh out loud, failing to notice the environment around them. A few stones began to float, dust seemed to freeze in place, stray cats and dogs ran for safety. Small things that would go unnoticed, but she knew what they meant. Her voice became more desperate. "Please! Let me go! PLEASE LET ME GO PLEASE YOU DON'T KNOW." She closed her eyes. The blade was pressed harder against her throat in response. "Shut the fuck up bitch! You... You?" As Alexa opened her eyes, they were aflame with blue energy, her tears shining down her face like liquid stardust. The men began to feel the temperature drop suddenly, something pulling at their brains. They tried to run, but couldn't. They tried to say something, anything, but their bodies wouldn't answer. The one with the knife fell back in pain as the pressure in their brains became more pronounced. "I SAID. LET. ME. GO!" A wave of blue energy erupted from her as she screamed at the top of her lungs. To the outside viewer it made no sound, but inside the minds of those in the alley, a scream of supernatural proportions ringed inside their heads. The three men fell back in excruciating pain, their minds torn apart piece by piece by the cacophony. They thrashed and clawed at their eyes, desperately trying to make the pain stop and the noise go away. One of them began to bleed out of his eyes while the other lied twitching, copious amounts of a sickly yellow-red liquid pouring from his ears. The last one became like an animal, trying to climb up the wall in vain like a lizard trying to escape from a fire, before simply collapsing into a gibbering mess. The scream began to cease after a solid 30 seconds. The rain, stopped by the psychic explosion, began to fall again. With her back to the wall, Alexa sat with her hands to her head, her knees to her chest and her face hidden against them. She sobbed... Why her... Why didn't she die back in the hiveworld? Why couldn't she just... Die. @Alexei
  11. Maverick

    Passing of an Azure Torch

    Ansen gazed into Arieya's eyes with puzzlement. Every muscle of his body seemed to tense in her presence, as if his instincts could easily pick up the sheer difference in power between the two. He knew she wasn't lying. Rainza was a dangerous girl, more dangerous than anyone he had ever met. Perhaps the most dangerous currently standing in the world. Many had goals, achievements and necessities, but none compared to the raw, barely contained lust for retribution his beloved held inside her. He also knew that his mission was still not over, and however dangerous the Aldrak was, she was also his greatest ally, and if both of them at full power could not defeat the giant beast that had fell them, then what chance of surviving their missions did they have. "What say you?" was a rethorical question. The Emerald Banner Master knew this very well, only waiting for the confirmation to come out of his lips. Perhaps the knight was not ready for the challenges yet to come. But Ansen was no lesser man. He lowered his head in respect, knowing that a more formal bow was meaningless in the presence of someone as Arieya. "What must be done, will be done. In and beyond the call of duty. I, Ansen of Carilssia, submit to your teachings, Arieya of the Emerald Banner." His gaze would raise once again, meeting with hers as the last words came with his voice, his eyes aflame with the will of his spirit. "What is it that must be done?"
  12. Maverick

    Broken Ground.

    The alternating hum of the spellcycle bumped and weaved as it crossed the open spaces of the city's outer plains. "Logical place for a workshop." He thought, though he wasn't accustomed to the country side anymore, as it was either the spiraling towers of the capital, the claustrophobic rooms of the barracks or the open wilderness of the battlefield what he usually trudged on. Hunter rode down the road, his helmet reflecting the vibrant greens and browns like lines of paint from an artist's brush. A smirk crossed his face when he thought of the current situation. Aunoma was a part, if not THE technological future of Aelindra, and the fact that he was involved in the reformists gave him a window to see that future happen in front of his eyes. It also helped to think that he was good friends with the woman, and that his help would be appreciated instead of scorned. After a few more minutes, he arrived to what seemed to be a mobile workshop, quite rustic looking, but cozy in it's own sense. "Lady Aunoma..." He said, taking off his helmet and turning the spellcycle off before unloading a small cooler sitting tightly in the rear grill. "... Hopefully I don't intrude in your ruminations." Placing the cooler at his feet, he removed his jacket, showing he was wearing black, form fitting training t-shirt under it. Sturdy pants and a pair of trail boots completed his casual ensemble, with his hair left scruffy and just lightly combed to a side painting a stark contrast to the sharp, shiny looking Cavalry man present in the day to day. His speech however remained almost the same, a smooth but stern tone. "I brought some beverages. Ale, soft drinks and... Let's see... Iced Tea. No sugar. Your favorite, if I am not mistaken." A slight smirk formed on his lips as he said the last part, betraying his self-satisfaction. "If you must ask... Miss Elilah told me. She is a fine source of information."
  13. Maverick

    Red Line, White Snow [Monster Hunt]

    Ellyna nodded happily, practicing the pronunciation a few times in her head for safekeeping before patting the man's arm and turning to face Novalie. "Ah, don't worry about that. You already look the part I asure you!" She said to her new sister, shaking her hand. "If anything, I am the one honored to meet you haha!" Ellyna then faced Lord Llewellyn again as he began speaking. The way he spoke reminded her of the teachers and professors in her father's educational videos, men and women of stern but pleasing attitude, carrying the crowd through their words with explanations and hand gestures. In her mind, the plan lacked a few essential components, as they had no specifics on their marks. However, a company of veterans was a solid option as they would be the most adapted to change and on-the-move strategies. Ellyna scanned the map, her eyes flickering as the information imprinted on the digital part of her brain. "Done." She whispered in a soft tone as the captain finished talking. "I have stored the information from the map, if you need to review it just tell me yes?" She continued excitingly. "My only question is... Where can I put my things? Oh... I have to change into my armor..." Ellyna looked around for a place to change, her naivety coming out to play once again as her lack of questions would denote. However, in her mind at least, she had all the information she needed and would need to be of as much help as she could in the mission to come. When pointed, she would excuse herself and walk cheerfully towards the room for a few minutes, returning already doning her suit of Blackwatch Armor and her pair of blades hanging from the sheaths on her back. She walked back to her place next to Novalie and began humming once again.
  14. Maverick


    Chaos and dark magic. Ravenous undead surrounding them at all sides. A berserker of flame, cutting swath after swath of revenants with both gusto and insane rage. All these images would have broken lesser men into gibbering masses, for the mind of a human is a soft, fragile thing. However, in Hunter's mind, he saw mere obstacles to overcome. After all... They were not lesser men. His teammates fired their volleys with the precision a company of warriors such as themselves were expected to make, the hordes of the dead vaporizing as the caster gun's payloads flown through them like butter, those not destroyed tumbling to the sides inmobilized with severed limbs and bodies. Hunter leveled his gun as well, aiming towards the close group remaining and firing his own shot to make the gap that much more wide. To an outside observer, the men acted mere seconds away from the other, the staccato of gunfire sounding like a rapidly thumping war drum in the dawn of a battle. Indeed, though they were trying to downplay their previous knowledge of each other, it was inevitable that when working together, they would look, act and fight like a well-drilled firing line of elite soldiers. "Well... It seems like subtlety is no longer an option my friends." He said, giving the others a cool, but amused gaze before unsheathing his runic blade. "A fine show, but not yet finished." His sword would light up in arcane fire as he charged along with Elson and the others, cutting up any undead on his path as they continued their advance. At this rate, they would certainly manage to make a sizeable progress, but not without requiring as much effort as they could muster. His eyes moved sharply as another rabble of undead appeared from a nearby alleyway. "Look out!" He exclaimed as he raised his sword into the air before striking the soil with the edge. The runes lining the blade began to shine as a wave of magic boomed through the floor, reaching the horde and becoming a veritable wall of fire that stopped the monster's advance in their tracks.
  15. Maverick

    OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I'm still here. I'm really, sorry for my lack of posts ;w; Internship is kicking my butt. I'll try to keep up tho!