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  1. With Lena out of the fight, and an unending buzzing sound grating inside her mind, Alexa kneeled panting for air over the exhertion of throwing that psychic scream towards the daemon of Khorne. She cursed her feebleness, how weak she was in comparison of this putrid being of pure seething hatred. For a second, she thought of defeat, how the world would not see her again, or her friends, or even the warriors she barely knew but fought to their end just to see this one miserable beast felled in one way or another. Would it be peaceful? To finally die? To finally leave the suffering of the world behind the curtain? Would she even make it to an afterlife, knowing her soul would be ripe for the taking of the warped gods of chaos? But it would not end. A flourish from Tenkai sliced the arm of the blackened knight as the area fell into an eerie, preternatural silence. Or maybe it was just inside her head? Her eyes started to focus around, looking for another way out, her human instincts kicking in once again. A dog cornered is one that fights until it couldn't, and now with that in mind, she couldn't help but to feel as if she hadn't seen this before. Indeed, she had, every day, every second, and just a few instants ago. Lena, Davath, Tenkai, and the other guardians that had suffered grievous injuries or simply lost the fight. But that they did... Fight. Fight until the end. She merely dropped to the ground and covered her face. Certainly, something a Khornate daemon would found pathetic, a mere human girl giving up to her faith. But perhaps, it would be too late, or so she hoped, that he would see the errant shard of metal shoot straight to his charred visage. And then another, and another, and another. Suddenly, every piece of metal, from tiny to the largest, began to assail his figure, some bouncing on his plate, but others repeatedly clashing against his skin, Even Lena's glaive, so idly forgotten, would fly blade first against the daemon's skin. More metal joined, twisting, piercing, turning. And a final blast of superheated shrapnel coming from the girl herself, sent flying back by the sheer recoil of the Guardian's shotgun she had managed to pull towards herself enough. If the daemon tried to move, he would find himself riddled with so many shards on his flesh, so much wrought steel twisted against his skin and over his body, that mobility would be even more impaired than ever.
  2. It was a fight to the death, Alexa's ill advised strike not only missing but the khornate monstrosity taking advantage of her psyker powers to press on her mind. It was a grave slight, to attempt such frivolous attacks against a beast made of corruption and misery combined in a corporeal shell, seething with hatred and sheer burning bloodlust. It was an intense headache, like someone slowly driving a titanium spike right into her cranium with a power fist. But her eyes didn't stop burning with her own font of psychic potential, warp energy still pulsing out of her sight. Kneeling, reeling, every movement a struggle, every thought of retaliation snatched. But for a second there, the Inquisitor could feel a burning light inside of her, like a fire bellowing inside her like a furnace. She very slowly, but firmly, stood up and looked at the demon directly into what she thought would be it's foul eyes. A trembling hand raised, the other in a white knuckled grip around her blade, Alexa's mind flooded with the memories of her past... How the odds were against her all this time, and how she had beaten them all... And now in what could be her darkest hour, the dice were cast, and she stood tall... A moment courage, shining brightest in the backdrop of despair. The Inquisitor braced herself, and in an instant, a psychic scream of her own clashed against the unsurmountable chaos energy of the blackened knight, perhaps matching it for a second. And a second is all she needed. She knew she couldn't stand mind to mind against a corporeal channel of the Blood God, but she needed to keep it's focus for but a single moment. From behind her, the Stalwart image of her protector charged forward, heavy armor not impeding her speed in the slightest. Guardian Lena Drachenberg's stride was victorious, at least in spirit, as the combined efforts of Tenkai and Alexa would hopefully give the opening she needed. She was not a Greatsword, but every Guardian in the Force Majeure knew that one swing could be as decisive as a flurry. And one swing she attempted, all her might behind that single blow of her war glaive, aimed at that chip in the back of the daemon champion's leg. @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto
  3. Davath's cunning action gave Tenkai the opportunity he needed to strike, as Alexa's assault pierced the blackened, warped plate of the Khornate beast in front of them. Had it been a simpler monster of a lower caliber, it would have surely been beaten by now. However, the Black Knight dashed onwards, like the stuff of nightmares running wild in the dreams of the most disturbed Astropaths. But Alexa was not one to relent anymore, for nightmare had been her life, and she had taken the abyss within herself... Promising to bathe it in the light of humanity's greatest determinations. She would let her psychic energy run over her body, feeling every fiber of her being buzzing and writhing with the warp as she dashed towards the foe with everlasting fury. She didn't need to beat it in combat... After all, her melee combat prowess was but a fraction of Tenkai's incredible ability... But she only needed one strike, perhaps not lethal, but a strike to cement her zeal into the beast's twisted void of a soul. She moved like a blue blur, ending right in front of the Knight as Tenkai released his attack upon his leg. All the energy she had gathered she charged her blade with, the catalyst steel crackling brightly against the ashen background as she attempted to strike an opening on his armor. All the time, she looked up to the creatures face, her eyes pulsing with the warp as she spoke in a modulated, but furious voice. "Face me Daemon... Face the light of the Emperor himself." She uttered, prepared to clash her own Psychic powers against his.
  4. The more time it passed, the more heat Ellyna's temperature auspex began to overcharge, the diminutive cyborg resorting to turning it off altogether. Her heat resistance was put to the test to it's maximum capacity, certainly, though she was confident her father's work was beyond capable of resisting such an infernal amount of heat. She moved from side to side, jumping to the pillars opposite of Master Eredas as she kept giving the massive creature a multitude of slashing wounds, her blades moving at the rhythm of her music in radial, wide arcs of piercing purple. "This is barely working." She uttered in a frustrated tone, her bobbing intensifying along with the music picking up a higher tempo. As the order to take cover suddenly roared, the creature reared his massive head into an echoing scream, becoming a veritable living volcano as it spewed a massive amount of fire. Ellyna jumped back and twirled, her blades scoring the ground in a rather large circle around her. The flickering image of a barrier appeared around her just in time as the fire began to spread. "Defensive protocol 21-B activated." She spoke, unemotionally, her stance changing to a lower, more grounded position, grabbing her blades in a reverse grip. The shield would keep her safe from the heat, and anyone nearby could use the covered area to protect themselves as well. The music the people affected by her audiomancy would feel was now a slower, more Bass boosted rhythm. They would feel more balanced, grounded and with greater endurance.
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