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  1. I have discord in my phone and my computer so that sounds like the best idea for me as I'm basically always on xD Either the Datsuzoku one or Yanahaira's own to avoid clutter I'm ok with either choice.
  2. She has been created! I will update her little by little with more stuff, but she is officially alive :3
  3. Name: Shirokawa Tsuyu Age: 18 Height: 160 cm Class: Noble/Trapmaker Occupation: Artists/Spy Hair: Mid-back length Black Hair Eyes: Purple Body Type: Small and Petite Personal Habits: Reading, sculpting and painting are her main hobbies, specially in well cared, beautiful natural spaces. She also enjoys tinkering with her traps, having an interest in bothany and machinery. Enjoys food of any type and has great fondness for “junk food” as a guilty pleasure, though she makes an effort to eat reasonably as to remain healthy. Personality: Though usually calm and elegant, Tsuyu can at times be overly emotional, specially when subjected to high amounts of stress or when overwhelmed by strong sentiments. She often suffers from a Princess Complex, loving being pampered, served and feeling socially superior to others, though she refrains from being a cruel taskmaster. She firmly believes that people who dabble in crime and other disreputable vices like drugs and excessive drinking are not “Worthy”, the opposite being true as well as she considers clean and proper individuals “High Stock” regardless of social standing. Otherwise, she is amicable and highly capable at blending in socially. She is highly protective of her family and clan, from servants to siblings, and greatly dislikes when someone disrespects them. Equipment: Modified Clothing: Tsuyu dresses on fine garments, yukatas and kimonos, as well as other less traditional but equally fine clothes. Most of these clothes have extensive but seamless modifications, such as pockets and compartments where she can stash objects and poisons as well as trap materials that could help her while in the field.
  4. Great then! I'll start working on her sheet right away :3 My only question right now is, is there any lore I should be aware of besides the Clan page? I'm pretty excited for this xD
  5. My idea for her was to be a sculptor and a painter. This would allow her to blend nicely and be good at subterfuge when it comes to the "Darker" part of her job, that of a trap maker and creator of ways to silently neutralize the clan's enemies when words are not enough. She is not fond of direct combat, so "accidents" and "unexpected tragedies" would be her way to deal with those that need uh... Dealing. So basically, artistry and espionage, and other members of the clan would be welcome to come to her for traps and low-profile assassination needs.
  6. Hello there! I am interested in making a character for clan, if it isn't too much of a bother and you are willing to accept my poor soul. My idea is: Let me know if my character could fit the clan nicely and I'll have a character sheet ready very soon :3
  7. It seemed like the battle had been raging for hours by now, and every Custode around them was ever present in combat, their near superhuman stamina stretching into it's limits as every swipe of their weapons and every shot of their shotguns rent flesh and bone by the troves. Yet the beastman hordes didn't relent, as with every fallen warrior there was another three to take it's place. Alexa alternated between healing and fighting as well, supported by Lena at all times. However, her stamina was nowhere near the level of the custodes, and with every blade swipe and every psychic bolt she dealt her breath became more ragged and pained. Panting, she knelt next to a wounded Guardian and began to heal his wounds. The sound of the Imperator's cannons created a tempo she could keep up with. Every shot pushed the horde back a few inches, and the militants didn't hesitate to push harder into the fray. It allowed her to focus on healing and rest up a bit before having to retake her place as psychic artillery. That's when it happened. The Daemon Engine fired a shot that rattled the very earth they were standing in. As the bolt of warp energy crashed into the Imperator Bellum's shields, the sheer magnitude of the impact almost threw Alexa off balance. She saw as some Custodes near the ship caught fire and desperately attempted to quench the flames. Others were thrown back and knocked by the blast, but that wasn't the worst part of it. The ship had redirected all energy to the shields, the cannons stopping their onslaught upon the beast hordes. Without the support of the ships weaponry, the beastmen crashed into the Force Majeure ranks with increased savagery. Alexa stood there, watching the wretched army of wild sinew and muscle push through the soldiers on the field, cutting down what they could and bashing that they could not. The Custodes fought with greater zeal as well, but the numbers were against them. She fought that familiar feeling in her gut, her hand grasping on her blade so hard her knuckles would go white if they weren't bionic. Her other hand rested on her temple, trying to soothe the heartbeats pounding into her brain. She wanted to run, to find ephemeral safety somewhere, to curl up and cry. "Inquisitor!" Alexa opened her eyes. Lena was in front of her, clashing blades with a massive monster of a beastman, her armor chipped and scratched. Despite her great strength, the beast proved to be driven to split her in two as his axe fell over and over, Lena's halberd barely resisting the savage attacks. A sudden rush of adrenaline came by the Inquisitor as she saw her aide so close to being cut down. Her mind went blank for a second, rushing to understand the situation in front of her. Her eyes glanced to her mechanic arm, the blade glowing a faint blue hue. Her exhaustion dissapeared and her body acted on instinct. The daemon touched warrior swung it's axe down heavily, but before it could crash into Lena, it stopped suddenly. The beastman's muscles bulged as he tried to finish his swing, or to move his axe at all, but an invisible force kept the wicked cutter in place. A scream was heard, and out of the corner of it's eye, Alexa jumped into it's view, her eyes aflame with warp energy. In one stroke, her blade buried deep into the beast's chest before pulling it out and thrusting it right under it's muzzle, the simmering of warp fire evaporating the blood that shot out and came in contact with the warp enhanced metal. More beasts came to avenge the fallen barbarian, and Lena met them head first, Alexa close by with her eyes shimmering in unbriddled warp power. "We must push into their ranks, Lord James and Commander Tenkai must be covered at all cost!" Lena screamed into the communication link. As an unit, a group of guardians moved with the pair and created a sort of spearhead, eventually fighting their way to the group protecting the advance of their leader units. Alexa and Lena fought next to Knight Selene with all the might they could muster. The Inquisitor moved forward and raised her arms, projecting a directed stasis field that stopped the beasts around them in their tracks. With this opportunity, James and Tenkai would have enough breathing room to carve a path towards their objective, also allowing the custodes guarding their backs to retaliate and score some easy kills. However, the strain of her psychic powers was exhausting her, and Alexa struggled to keep the field up. "Hurry! I... I don't know how much more I can hold it!" She said into the comm link.
  8. Virgil took the teasing like a champ, a slightly annoyed one at that, while Hunter merely smiled and walked along with the team. He knew Virgil was a man of action, and several times were their necks saved by the quick thinking of the man. It was like back when they were younger and they had met each other for the first time, cracking jokes, teasing and sometimes bickering about inane and nonsensical stuff. However, Hunter couldn't take this strange feeling off the back of his mind, like something was odd in the air. Once the group had reached the rooftops, the topic of conversation turned into the wreckage that was the ruins of the Whispernight. Could this happen to Aelindra someday? Perhaps. But if it came, he thought, he would be there standing to either reverse it, or avenge it. His reminiscing was cut short by a precise discharge of Elson's caster gun, blasting down a black figure from the sky in a swift motion. "Excellent shot Elson. Let's hope we all share your mighty aim when the dragons come a-knocking." He spoke before retrieving his binoculars. He scanned around the ruins, trying to ascertain where exactly were they supposed to be. "Not to bring down my own abilities as a Cavalry Officer, but I have no bloody idea of our surroundings... However." His gaze moved towards a nearby area of the city, reaching into a caved in street where he supposed the warehouse district would have stood. Under the rubble he could spy pieces of machinery, like something large had crashed into the place... Or attempted to get out. He held out his binoculars for anyone to take while pointing in that direction. "Eastward, by the arches. I don't have any reference but I know of a clue when I see one. Hopefully the way remains unimpeded."
  9. Maverick

    Liber Corvinum

    “With the war finally ending and the threat of chaos finally quelled before Kadian soil, the people mourned and rejoiced equally, their lives able to continue on in the times of peace sure to follow in the post-bellum period. Those soldiers with a family rejoined them, smiles and warm embraces to heal the scars of war. Those without them honored their dead, tears of sorrow and melancholy, but with their brothers in arms providing a shoulder to cry on. In the black spire of the Inquisition, silent comrades sat side by side, sharing a meal and mending their wounds, their work never ending, their respite short. But perhaps by overcoming the hellish events they endured, they became closer, stronger and more respectful of their position. The royal families weren’t without loses either. Many a child was lost in the battles, many a parent never to return. Their tombs were gilded, with images and ostentatious decorations… But the death tell no tales, nor enjoy such frivolous mortal privileges. At the end of the day, the ground reclaimed them all, and their names… All of them, rich or poor, old or young… Would be remembered in history as heroes, for the blood spilled in defense of their homes was not in vain. Kadia would honor their sacrifice. A great pyre and a long vigil of prayers were given to those lost in the immaterium, asking to the heavens for peace to their souls, respite from the horrid touch of chaos. No talk of the dark gods was given, not even in loathing, for the worst punishment for their atrocities would be ignorance and indifference. Do not feed the foul beast willingly, as it will bite your arm in payment. For 3 nights, every city in the Empire would light up in fire and word, with Axis Mundi offering the largest, as to guide the righteous souls to an eternal, peaceful rest. The brave warriors of the Empire, those still standing, joined in prayer as well, promising to carry their wills until their last breath announced their reunion. As for the young Emperor, the son of Corvinus, he was the leader who stood at the front of the line, who carried the weight of a nation on his shoulders in its darkest times. For that he received the eternal praises and gratitudes of his people… But we knew him better. We, who stood behind him, who fight to alleviate the crushing responsibility of his position. His friends, family and allies. We knew that behind the proud visage of a ruler, lied the painful memories of those he couldn’t save. Innocence, lost at such a young age, thrown into the harsh reality of a world who would attempt to crush him at any opportunity. And yet he stood there, facing the abyss... And driving it back. The scars we bear will never disappear. The lives we lost will never return. But we carry on, with the unyielding will of humanity as our standard, facing the darkness proud and defiant. Long live the Empire of Kadia, and its people, forever stalwart into the future.” From the Prologue of “The Harrowing - A Memoir” by Inquisitor Alexandra Caelestia.
  10. I'm also interested in the unnamed island, with a plan to make it the site for a kingdom of amphibian antropomorphs. Obviously, my experience in running a land is quite low in comparison to other Val users but I'm more than willing to try my best to make it something cute and enjoyable for everyone.
  11. The conversation between the Lord Inquisitor and the Empress, despite being clad in wealth and royalty, was filled with a homely, familiar sense that she doubted most of the people outside the walls of the palace would believe they had. It was almost absurd, to see the majestic visage of Empress Leoa so casually bringing a plain brow paper bag to what she could assess was a man with the power to make people dissapear without trace. She couldn't avoid but to feel a sense of admiration, tarnished with a feeling of self-consciousness... After all, Alexa never had a family to speak off, besides of a drunk of a father and a legion of droning, merciless taskmasters willing to throw her into a furnace for three extra degrees of precision in a warp-jump. She had no one... And the only one she did have had suffered her same fate... Or even worse. Her reminiscence got interrupted by the warm feeling of a hand grasping her own. It was the Empress again, a reassuring grip that brought calmness to her despite having met her bare minutes ago. Alexa tried her hardest to contain the rush emotions currently invading her, managing to swallow the overwhelming urge to cry. Such simple words, carrying such an impact on a wayward soul. It was then that the Lord Inquisitor ordered for Alexa to be measured and clothed for her now fated reunion with the Empress, a triad of female Inquisitors cordially telling her to follow them. A few minutes passed on the hallways as the young psion tried to digest the turn her life had just taken, when suddenly, a stern voice stopped the group in their tracks. "Ladies... I'll take it from here, return to your duties." The voice said, Alexa gazing up to see the source of it. Another Inquisitor stood in front of them, this one a more experienced looking one. She was a woman a few inches taller than the other Inquisitors, the creases and marks of age already showing in her otherwise immaculate face. Her poise was remarkable, and her steel gray eyes pierced the air like a cold dagger. At her hip, a gleaming silver-blue rapier, bejeweled and bearing the mark of the empire rested on an oak-colored half scabbard, mirrored on the other side by an equally engraved and obviously custom-made pistol. She took a few heavy steps forward, looking up and down Alexa's figure in an inquisitive manner before turning back. "Follow me Dear..." With doe eyes, Alexa nodded and followed this new acquaintance, a few steps behind her. "Your name young lady?" The inquisitor asked, without turning her head. "Hmmm... Alexa, my lady." She answered nervously. "No need for formalities dear. We Inquisitors don't care much for ranks. As long as you do your job and do it well, respect will come by itself. The obvious exception would be the Grand Lord Inquisitor himself, but he sometimes can be a little... Forgetful." The pair ended up on a small office, a guardsman in administrative uniform sitting behind a desk with a dull, dutiful look as he seemed to input data on hologlyph tablet. Stacks of files and requisition warrants rested on his desk as he perused each carefully before typing the information in the tablet. As he noticed the pair entering his office, his face changed to one of attention. Fixing his collar, he quickly tidied up the desk before adressing the women in front of him. "Inquisitor Bastille, glad to see you back from your mission." He said politely before continuing. "What can I help you with madame?" "This young woman is a new addition to our esteemed organization. Please submit her information into the system and assign her living quarters at once. I'm sure we have available facilities." "Right now?" "That is the definition of 'at once', private." The guardsman nodded, a nervous grimace in her face as he took notes of Alexa's information. It took only a few minutes for the clerk to finish up the procedure, with some slight pushing from Inquisitor Bastille, and the young girl promptly received a set of keys with her name on them. With puzzlement, Alexa looked at Bastille as she nodded silently and turned around, signaling her to follow again. Without hesitation, the psion retook her position at her side. "We have not had any new members since a long time ago, pardon the bureaucracy and paperwork." "It's no issue... But if you excuse my... Prying? Why are you escorting me personally?" The Inquisitor smirked and fixed her coat softly. "I ran into our royal highness, Empress Leoa Melisende, on the way to the Lord Inquisitor's office. You seemed to have made quite an impression... I was asked to personally see to your induction to the order, and I respectfully agreed." Bastille answered, rounding a corner and running into a single door at the end of a hallway. As they approached, Alexa could pick up the faint smell of fabric and dyes, getting stronger as they got closer to it. As they entered the room, it was like they had entered an entire new building. Instead of the sterile, eerie feeling of the Lord Inquisitor's Office, the workshop they were standing in was almost too colorful. On the walls, lines upon lines of designs and fashion sketches hanged proudly on display. On the floor, rolls of expensive fabrics and sewing utensils rested right next to boxes labeled things like 'Military grade plasteel' and 'Shock resistant microfiber'. On the other side of the room, a posh, graceful looking woman with carefully kept hair and wide rimmed glasses worked on a drawing table, dainty hands moving a pencil in delicate, singular arcs and motions. However, as the women approached the desk, the woman noticed them and her face lit up like a rainbow after a rainy day. Standing up and walking happily to them, she surprised them by wrapping her arms around the Inquisitor in an explosive, overly cheerful manner. "Oh Valeria! So good to see you my dear oooh, I figured you were going to be back in a couple weeks or so." She said, jumping back and smiling widely. The Inquisitor looked non-chalant at best, but Alexa figured they were acquainted enough to be in friendly terms. "Good to see you as well Lady Laurien. Working on more designs I presume?" The Inquisitor asked, prompting a cheerful nod from her opposite. "Oh yes yes, I got the best designs ready for Prince Connor's first steps... Though it would help immensely if Corvinus didn't have such fondness for such dark palletes. I can't really count with my fingers how many rolls of black I have used by now. Oh, and who this might be? Such a young, fair lady!" Laurien blabbered, recognizing the presence of Alexa after a long rant. The Inquisitor nodded. "This young lady is Alexia Caelestia. She is the new addition to the Inquisition so she's gonna need a wardrobe of her own, with full capabilities. She also has a meeting with our dear Empress. Maybe you have something in there already made that could fit?" Lady Lauriens face lit up in absolute delight at the prospect of making a new outfit and quickly gathered up her tools, measuring tapes and needles. "Oh my dear I'm gonna make you look the part in no time. Oh such possibilities with your beauty. So much time without working on such a cute young girl like yourself. Now I'm gonna need you to take those old clothes off there in the back so I can take your measurements." Alexa's eyes went wide, a reflexive "What?" coming out of her lips as she took a step back. With a puzzle look, Lady Laurien looked at Bastille for a second before focusing back to Alexa. Likewise, Bastille worriedly looked at her. Laurien instead began to smile. "Oh dear, maybe you are shy? Don't worry, I'm sure you don't have anything we haven't seen before, and if you do well. As a royal seamstress I've already seen way too many things. I can't take your exact measurements with those wet clothes on. Bastille, could you give us some privacy please?" The Inquisitor nodded and left the workshop in an instant, reassuring Alexa that she would wait outside. Meanwhile, Laurien led Alexa deeper into the workshop, to an area with a small padded pedestal and a few mannequins with strands of cloth on top of them. "Now come on honey. It's just you and me in here, no need to be ashamed, I assure you I'm a professional of utmost caliber." Laurien smiled at this last part, trying to ease up the young girl into letting her take the measurements needed. Alexa thought about it for a few more minutes, nervously fidgeting in place until eventually accepting that it was just her job, and she was wasting her time at this point. Alexa slowly, shyly began to remove her clothes. As clothes began to fall, Lady Laurien's expression began to change, from awe, to surprise, to sadness. Alexa's body was covered in scars... Lashes, burns, cuts and the like pockmarking her otherwise alabaster skin. To the left side of her body, just under her ribs, a branded black tattoo of an eye surrounded by the crown of a sun on top of a capital 'I'. She stood there in her underwear, her bionic arm completely free from any cloth or fabric. Laurien approached her with a tinge of sorrow in her eyes, but quickly turned her expression into a reassuring, warm smile. Carefully, she began to take Alexa's measurements, noting all of them in a small notebook with another bunch of scribbles and doodles. "Well... That is all honey. Thank you for cooperating." Laurien said, moving a strand of hair from Alexa's hair away from her face. "I... I'm sorry. It must be hard to show this much to total strangers. I thank you for at least trusting with that much. I promise I won't tell anyone girl... We all carry the scars of our past." Alexa took a deep breath and smiled to Lady Laurien, nodding to her words before trying to pick up her clothes. However, Laurien stopped her before she could move. "Oh no no no dear, you are going to see the Empress. I'm going to dress you up for the occasion. I think I have something your size around here..." It was a few more minutes before Alexa left the workshop to reunite with Bastille in the hallway, garnering a small smile from the veteran inquisitor as she guided her to the area where Empress Leoa would meet her. When she entered, Leoa would see Alexa dressed in a beautiful burgundy dress, paired with stylish but cute gloves and a small, fixed up bow on her hair. Under observation, some of her scars and the obvious sight of her metallic arm could be seen, but Alexa's demeanor had changed considerably. She was teary eyed and shy, but with a genuine smile. Looking up to the Empress, she bowed politely. "I... Thank you for this your highness... I... I never... I don't know what to say. This is too much..." She stuttered, avoiding eye contact. "I just... Thank you."
  12. @Aleksei The ship thrashed mildly, the turbulent skies of the Kadian land still not fully cleared in the aftermath of the horrors of the Harrowing. Alexa stood in the bridge of the ship, a small vessel borrowed from the Empire's navy, nothing compared to the imposing figure of the Imperator Bellum nor any of the other large battleships at their disposal, but still fitted with armament and supplies enough to get the job done. She hadn't slept in days by now, the bags under her eyes much more prominent than ever, all thanks to those gods-forsaken headaches and the now more frequent nightmares that plagued her mind at night when she closed her eyes. Now that, the worst of the war had come and gone, the remnants of the daemonic incursion were swiftly being quelled by the combined powers of the Kadian legions and the fierce, stalwart warriors of the Force Majeure. However, pocket resistances still remained, and in even more remote areas, warp tears still wrecked havoc in the Empire, though by this time in such lesser capacity that sending her to investigate one would not warrant more than a good crew and a personal retinue. As to why sending Alexa? During the Harrowing, Alexa's part on the battle against the forces of Chaos had garnered her a modicum of prestige and veterancy. She was now a recognized and fully fledged Inquisitor, with the battle scars and tales to prove it, and so, she was trusted to command her very own first mission. However, that was not the entire reason. Beyond the former, she had also seen visions... Images appearing in her head, perpetual screams for help, all pointing to a single point on the map. A warp tear near the outskirts of Kadian territory, barely brushing the eastern coasts beyond Ravenspire. It all sounded so familiar, so close to her, that the thought of what she could find there only added to her sleepless nights. But she was so close now, she could taste it... The warp signature of the tear pulling at her mind. Her headaches had become so frequent it was practically a chronic migraine, lessening at times but spiking to such levels she would just lay down for a few minutes until they ceased. "Madame Inquisitor, we should be approaching the warp tear's last signal soon enough. ETA 45 minutes." The Navigator said. She was a sturdy looking brunette by the name of Nadya Volkovia, a veteran ship navigator that proved herself invaluable during the assault to the capital. Beside her was Captain-Helmsman Blaine Von Redderit, a scowly man with a mechanical arm like the Inquisitor herself, but this one fitted with flight control measures and dials. A man of few words, but skilled par excellence. Alexa nodded in approval, observing the map. "As soon as we approach the target I want a full scan of the area. It might be a small tear but these heretics are a crafty bunch. The last thing we want is an ambush when we land." The Inquisitor ordered. Alas, perhaps some of Master Eredas' commanding tones had rubbed off on her. She made a mental note of her new retinue. Lena Drachenberg, the Guardian Custode that stood beside her all the way through the Harrowing as her personal battle aide, still bound to her side until the last of the daemons were purified. Lieutenant Cory Eisenhorn, dubbed "The Hawk" by other military personnel, the man was a deadly CQC specialist with a hand-cannon and blade combo. Lao Tsien Zheng, a mercenary marksman Alexa decided to employ based on his file, as the man had presumably routed a raiding party while defending a fringe town from the top of a bell tower. Finally, a small squad of Kadian troopers was provided by Conno-... The Emperor himself, believing that any warp tear that remained had to be secured and eliminated without cutting on manpower. It had obviously nothing to do with Emperor Connor Melisende considering Alexa a very close friend, almost like a sister... Besides these people, the Mother Empress Leoa had also provided Alexa's crew with another extra passenger, an agent that in her own words "Will help you immensely with your mission. And he will do it, because he basically has no choice."
  13. Alexa: Peace of mind and psychological healing. She has mad PTSD, and all she wants is to earn her keep and sleep well at night. Ellyna: To help her father and eventually understand her existence and status as a clone of his parents genetic code. Ansen: To bring back the flame of his goddess to his kingdom and drive the demon invasion back. Hunter: To bring Aelindra to greatness and exalt it's values of Honor, Duty and fair Justice. The others are very selfish xD I need to rework them a bit.
  14. "Wow you custodians sure look like big bad warriors and all. My uncle didn't tell me you would be so menacing!" The girl said to the Greatswords, dressed in black and purple armor and bearing the insignia of the Blackwatch. Ellyna bobbed her hair softly with each step, a tune playing on her head while she walked the sturdy, techy hallways of the Imperator Bellum. "Custodes, miss, not custodians. And thank you, that seems almost like a compliment." One of the Greatswords answered in a slightly grumpy tone. The other one bumped him with his elbow before speaking. "She's from the Blackwatch, Adler, keep the sarcasm to a minimum." Ellyna, however, didn't mind much, a simple smile and a perky step continuing as she approached the situation room where she would meet with Master James Eredas. "Master and Commander of Force Majeure. Power Rank: Special. Priority Level: High." She uttered rather robotically for a second before returning to her cheerful demeanor, garnering a confused gaze from her escorts. Eventually reaching the room, Ellyna bowed to the Greatswords and smiled. "Thank you for the company! Here..." Ellyna materialized a couple of what looked like small chocolate bars and handed them to the now fairly puzzled Custodes before taking her leave and skipping towards the figures already present, one her sensors immediately recognized as Master Eredas. The other man stood firm and polite as Ellyna approached the reunited duo. Bowing politely as Novalie had taught her, she decided this time was as good a time as any to practice what her sister called 'Etiquette'. "Gentlemen. Ellyna Garniel, Blackwatch representative. It is an... Honor? Honor, to join your party for this mission. Enchanté." She said with a very soft spoken tone before flashing her usual cheerful smile and jumping back excitedly. Ellyna pulled out a couple more chocolate bars for the others and offered them with a smile. "You want one? It's homemade." She said.
  15. Alexa left the ship with an uncertain step, a glowing excoriator in hand while the other firmly gripped her side-arm. Slowly, she paced her breath, in and out, in and out, softly, as to prepare herself for the unavoidable battle ahead. Lena stood at her side, doning her helmet firmly and doing a final check on her gear before turning to the Inquisitor. "Are you nervous Madame Inquisitor?" The Guardian asked. Alexa nodded, nervously checking her gear once again. "It's not my first time against beasts like this but... The feeling never changes. These demons will never relent..." She answered. "Then..." Lena continued, loading her shotgun with a menacing cocking. "We shall stop them in their tracks. Do not worry Alexa, I won't let them get near you." There they stood, stalwart and fearless, the Order of Force Majeure. The Greatswords yelled battle chants, their warriors hyping themselves up for all out war. In the center of the line, Master Eredas stood undaunted, a sight that, would the beastmen not lack the basic emotional spectrum beyond hunger, would surely make them think twice, thrice even, to stand against such a distinguished warrior. It almost made Alexa feel the thrill of the battle to come... Perhaps the therapy was working, or perhaps it was the small shred of confidence she gained during her training. Nevertheless, she still feared... She knew what these beasts did to their defeated foes, specially to their women... It was a thought best left for the dark recesses of her mind. "Some of them will probably come for me... I trust you will protect me?" Alexa asked, a tinge of fear in her voice. Lena answered by putting a strong, armor-clad hand on Alexa's shoulder. "By my will, these beasts will fall before us Inquisitor. I shall be your shield." Alexa and Lena took their place in the line, a mere few paces in the back, as Alexa's abilities would serve better as fire-support. Then it began. The Imperator's cannons began firing a string of shells that would fell lesser armies in seconds. The Custodes blasted holes, ripped limps and cracked heads with their superior weaponry, scores of corrupted falling in their approach to the wall of soldiers. Alexa's eyes began to glow as she started to release bolts of pure kinetic-energy towards the sky, striking the hordes of beasts with warp-artillery in an attempt to make as much damage as possible. Suddenly in the distance, she could feel the tug of something... Something big coming. Alexa stopped in her tracks, her eyes widening, a nauseous sensation sinking into her stomach. Then it appeared, from the dust raised by the horde trampling. "No... It can't be..." She whispered, taking a step back and covering her mouth with her cybernetic hand. Lena held her up, preventing her from falling. "Inquisitor... Alexa, what's wrong?" She asked. Alexa looked at her before pointing towards the distant point. "It's a... Daemon Engine. I've seen them at work before... We must tell everyone. If that thing isn't destroyed, it will wipe us out like we are simple vermin." Lena huffed and pinged her communicator. "Master Eredas. Inquisitor Caelestia has confirmed the presence of a Daemon Engine in the field." Before she could continue, however, the horde of beastmen finally crashed into the front line of the Custodes. The Carnage began, the fierce warriors cutting the foul spawns left and right. With the battlefield strewn with gore and blood, it was just a matter of time before some Custodes began to crack under the assault. Alexa and Lena moved forward towards the battle in order to help, the Guardian joining her brothers and sisters in the fray, remaining close to Alexa at all times just in case. Meanwhile, the Psyker began signaling the soldiers to bring the wounded to her. "Bring the injured to me quick! I can heal you." A Greatsword quickly turned to the squad, barking orders. "Form a perimeter around the Inquisitor, protect the wounded, Guardians, I want a Halberds on all fronts, Seekers, flanking positions, look for high ground." As the wounded began to retreat to her position, Alexa asked them to group in front of her before channeling her powers through them. Their flesh would mend in a very short span, a rather painful procedure, but no pain a warrior of their caliber couldn't bear. Only a few minutes would pass before the small group would be ready to fight once again and another set of wounded would take their place. Hopefully, by doing this, numbers would not easily overwhelm them as the battle raged on. In between healing the troops, Alexa also used her psychic powers to provide ranged support against the beastmen, erecting barriers to allow for flanking and pushing large clumps of enemies back, providing some respite to the more overworked units. As combat entered more advanced phases, it wasn't long before even her blade began tasting heretic blood. Lena always at her side, Alexa used her psychically-enhanced blade and full repertoire of abilities to stop the hordes in their tracks. But their numbers were too many, and they could only buy the crew some time before the Daemon Engine was upon them.
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