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  1. I'm a simple man. I see cultist-chan, I say hello xD

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  2. The spider beast's screeching began to falter little by little as Marigold's tendrils released their shocking payload into it's body. Alexa, still struggling to remove the webbing from the previous chitten forces, could only watch as the mad scientist ravaged the creature in a creative display of power... And insanity. Finally, the thing was dead, and whatever Marigold would do to the corpse was nothing Alexa was eager to know. Volentia finally called for the party to rest and make camp as the mist began to engulf the surroundings even more and the light of the sun dimmed over the horizon. She moved towards the Paladin and helped her move to a more comfortable spot. "Are you well Miss Volentia? You seem oddly tired..." She asked in a worried tone. The rest of the party began to settle down. "Perhaps if we... If we..." Alexa's head began to buzz... A feeling began to invade her mind, a feeling she knew very well... A feeling she never wanted to feel again. Her breathing became erratic as her body shook. She looked around, like searching for something. The party was still there, but everything began to change. Her eyes widened as the mist gave way to metallic walls and dim crystalline globes, revealing the familiar workings of the inside of a ship. From the shadows, black robed people began to appear. Alexa turned around to ask for help but Volentia was no longer there, nor was the rest of the people. Reality flickered for a moment... She could feel she was in Valucre, yet... A searing pain invaded her head as one of the robed people prodded her with a psychic dampener, sending her falling and screaming in pain. "No... This... This can not be real... Emperor please let this AAAAH!" Another hit with the dampener followed, her body falling limp for a second before every alarm in her body raised in emergency. She lifted her sight to see the man in front of her, the symbol on his robes bringing every memory she had repressed from that moment. "Welcome to the Black Ships... Mutant..." The man said grimly, in an almost ethereal voice. She stood up as quickly as she could, only to find herself surrounded by the Inquisitorial guards and the Adepts inside. The walked towards her menacingly, ready to subdue her to the cruel tortures of the Astra Telepathica. She stepped back as they approached. "No... No please... I didn't ask for this... Get away from me!" She finally hit the wall behind her as the men got closer and closer. Her eyes began to glow bright blue and crackle with warp energy. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" She threw her hands to her front and closed her eyes, releasing a psychic wave strong enough to throw them back along with some of the surrounding rocks. As she opened her eyes, she could see she was no longer in the ships. She was back in Yh'mi, but she couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her. The mist began to subside from her sight and she could see the faint silhouettes of the party, her back against a large boulder she thought was the Black Ship's hull wall. She slid down to the floor, tears falling from her eyes as she hoped she hadn't hurt anyone with her outburst. Reality kept glitching out to her, and there was nothing she could about it for now. "I'm sorry..." She muttered to whoever could hear her. "... I'm so sorry..." She sat there, shivering and sobbing softly, waiting for her mind to clear enough to regain composure. Mental State: Nightmare / Turn: 1/1
  3. Alright I rolled a 100 and a 1 so Nightmare for 1 turn. Poor Alexa... I hope one of you has a heart big enough to hold her at least until her fear is done. Also prepare for a little of a psychic mess. If any of you is familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe you will know what I mean when I tell you that she's gonna live her imprisoning on the black ships all over again. Good thing that this happened after the monster is dead xD Edit: 'Tis done. I hope I'm not disrupting anything in the thread. If I do please let me know.
  4. Hey, someone on discord (Avvercus) told me you're looking for more threads so I'm hitting you up. Let me know if they were lying so I can go tell the chat not to trust them.

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      Alright I'll think on some potential elaborations on that plot and get back to you.

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  5. Yes, I'm sorry I've been a little busy lately ;-; My apologies for my horrible tardiness, no problem if you skipped me just act like my character is still tangled in the chiitten web and can't really move.
  6. Hey Maverick, I know you've been REAL busy IRL, but be sure to let Gravid and I know if that WH 40K is still something you would be interested in setting up.

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      Yes of course hehe, glad to hear you guys are still interested in that! 

  7. Everything you just said sounds SO DELICIOUS. I would actually love to taste some arab cuisine. I love humus, it's delcious and healthy too! Too bad I'm so strapped for cash lately hahaha.
  8. Posted! This post was kind of difficult to write for me. It has been a crazy weekend and I'm quite tired so I'm sorry if it comes out as a little overdetailed or overcomplicated or another "overs". But I owed you a post and I didn't want to dissapoint you. If someone wants to defend Alexa from the two web bugs feel free, and maybe we can make some character development out of it. And my roll was 30 so she's safe from the mist, for now... -spooky music-
  9. Everything happened extremely fast, as the chiitten began their furious onslaught against the team. For a second, a silken strand had attached to her leg but before she could react, Wesleigh got injured, prompting Alitta to charge furiously against the attacking queens. The sudden tug made her fall down rather abruptly but it was nothing serious, as the spider-woman's massive movement had broken the web enough for her to wiggle free. She looked around, catching Volentia's orders. She nodded quickly and searched for Nieve's whereabouts. As soon as she had eyes on her, Alexa's eyes began to glow. "Nieve! You must land quickly, the skies aren't safe!" Her words would probablt matter little, however, as the creatures were probably faster and more plentiful. Suddenly, she felt something hit her side from the east, noticing that it was the same sticky web that she had seen before. Without a second thought, she was fiercely pulled towards the chiitten group, Alexa falling directly into the Broodqueen's hands. The young psyker watched frightened as the creature came closer to inspect her, her multiple eyes making contact with hers. She could feel the spider creature trying to penetrate her mind. Her eyed widened as she could feel the psychic wander of the creature inside her mind. "You... Alexa... I taste your fear..." The creature said telepathically. Alexa began to shake, trying to free herself, the web chiitten coming closer for the kill. However, Alexa's mind suddenly went blank. Time stopped for her, the sight of the queen's multiple eyes fixated in her vision. Her eyes began to glow as memories of her past flooded onwards. Everything, the black ships, the dark corridors of her former life, the pain, the tortures. The large creature's eyes began to close in pain, the sheer psychic resonance making her flinch. As the beast tried to back down, Alexa's robotic arm moved forward, grabbing the chitin plates of the monster's head and keeping her in place. A web Chiitten clasped down on her arm, but it's mandibles struggled to make any lasting damage on the strong material. Alexa was gasping as a noticeable nosebleed ran down her lip... "I will not... Be killed... By you!" She screamed, her eyes becoming aflame with pure warp power. The creature began to scream a high pitched screech, it's mind burning with the psychic link between the psyker and it. Alas, the beast's mind was far too weak to handle the warp... The Chiitten broodmother fell down, bleeding from it's many eyes, mandibles agape, it's mind ravaged. The two lesser chittens stepped back, like frightened dogs watching a mightier animal killing their handler. Alexa grabbed her machine pistol with her cybernertic arm and rested it against the creatures open mouth, squeezing the trigger. A short burst fired inside it's skull, the hard plates making the bullets ricochet inside of it and causing massive trauma. The lifeless body of the brood mother went limp. The two lesser chiittens screamed with rage and charged Alexa. She was still slightly immobilized by the web and shaken by the experience, but she managed to get a hold of her force staff and put it in the way between her and the attacking creatures. With some effort, she stood up and began backing up towards the team, firing warp bolts at the creatures. At this distance, anyone from the team could probably notice her struggle and help her, or so she hoped...
  10. Yes I'm sorry about my lateness. Filming got in the way and what we initially thought would be a light day ended up being a 10 hour filming day yesterday. Will be posting soon!
  11. Gonna post in a few! I really like our team. We are like the avengers, but weirder. We even have a spider hulk!
  12. I remember being able to change your title with points instead of a nebolous thought and a prayer to Supernal
  13. Post done. I hope you guys like it!
  14. Alexa's scribblings were nothing very impressive. Notes about the group in general, a diary entry, sketches, doodles and nonsense. To most people, it would seem like a waste of time and space in her inventory, but for her it was a crucial tool of survival. Her mind was always busy and full of thoughts, more so since she was discovered as a psyker. That day's writings followed the same pattern, a diary entry about her mission, a few drawings to get her nerves in line and notes about her teammates. Everyone looked quite capable and strong in their own way, and her own usefulness was put into question as more psychics were present in the group. "This group is strong..." She whispered softly to herself. A drop of sweat ran down the side of her face. Her powers were still poorly controlled and defined... And it taxed her to think that she could be a burden. Memories of her past time in the Guard came to mind. The times she couldn't save anyone because of her fear... The times were her unleashed powers ripped her own allies from the mortal coil... She shook her head and busied herself with her mind once again, but her silence was broken by a voice. "Embrace your connection to the world around you. Suppression is not Control, it is a chain waiting to break. Let go of the Chain". She paused on the spot and looked at Wesleigh with a surprised gaze. His words bounced inside her head for a few seconds before her attention had to be directed elsewhere... It was time to move. As the team set foot outside the gate, it became awfully quiet. Everyone was focused on their own trails, and even Volentia leading them couldn't help but fall into the steady rhythm of a team that didn't really know each other. By the time the party reached the broken plains, Alexa had already finished sketching a decent rendition of Alitta, as her appearance was interesting for her. That duo in particular seemed to attract a lot of looks, the Seer walking with an ethereal aura around him, and the Spider-looking humanoid girl being like a relatively peaceful and elegant form of what she had known as a Tyrannid... She tried to put the book away, as she was close enough for them to probably see her sketch, and she didn't dare to challenge the wrath of the Spider-woman. She also reminded herself to speak with the Colonel, as another member of the Military might be easier to fight with if pushes came to blows against the creatures of Yh'mi. Alexa avoided the crevices with as wide a margin as she could without breaking formation, when suddenly, Volentia stopped. "Anyone else hear that? " Alexa could hear a faint humming and moaning, like something trying to call their attention. "I can hear... Something. But I'm not sure what... Anyone else?" She gripped her staff with both hands just in case before starting to look around. She was hoping the fighting could wait a bit longer.
  15. I'll be posting shortly :)