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  1. Name: Meyvitaan Drog Nick Names: Mey Age: ??? Species: Wendigo [WIP]
  2. I'm back, bitches.

  3. "Well, getting bored of the same thing over time. That is how I feel. I don't mind how long this takes, as long as I'm not a burden. However, why are you looking for someone you might not find?" Rin asked from her horse behind his. "Well, I was told to," Zeron said simply, nice and straight. "I may be a noble of Hell, but I am not the king. I get few orders, but when I do there is good reason. I am a strong fighter, stronger than most generals within the Legion. And the man I am after is the same; a noble of Gehenna. Sending anyone after him is more like a suicide mission; an ant sent to kill a dragon. So, to spare lives, I was sent instead. I honestly have no words to decline such an order, I can only graciously accept. That's what it means to be a lord of Gehenna. We are the first defense of our people, and lead the Legions to war. So I was sent to hunt him down to protect the people and courts from his lying and traitorous ways," Zeron explained. It was long winded, surely, but the manner he spoke seemed to chip away at the brutish and blood smeared image he had first appeared to her in. It denoted a sense of refined and well mannered temperance, bound by a sense of duty. A man who had indeed seen his share of tutelage, and battle; well spoken and read as well as hardened and wary. "And don't think of yourself as being a burden. I'm sure on this trip you'll see you've got many skills that I don't possess that might just save our asses. It's one thing to swing a sword, but a different thing altogether to use your head. Really, a sword is useless in many situations outside of fighting, but sound thinking is used for all situations," Zeron stated. The black wolf demon seemed to be full of optimism. Or some form of lunacy. He looked about ready to prattle on about something else in a high spirit til a short 'zip' sound interrupted him and smacked into his side. Zeron didn't really recognize any pain at first til he looked down at his side above his right hip to see a bolt stuck so deeply into him that the fletching was half way through his clothes. Blood was starting to seep from the wound, darkening his tunic and beginning to run down his leg and stain the dark brown trousers. His left leg began to go numb. Agony rose along his spine. "Shit-" Zeron listed, tilting in his saddle as his numb leg refused to help balance him til he fell off the horse into the road as it stopped confused by the wolf. Already he was putting a hand over the wound, putting pressure as he tried to grip enough of the bolt to attempt to pull it free. "What bastard did that?"
  4. "So you think your conspirator is hiding out in a vampire filled land? Pretty creative if you ask me. No one would go looking where vampires lay. Though don't know why you would go hunting after them here." Rin asked as Zeron paused to watch from the corner of his eye. His face went rather straight. "This- " Zeron went silent as his eyes darted around to look about quickly as if ashamed. The way she put it sounded like he had made a mistake. "This is where I came up. And even though I doubt he's around here, I will do a thorough search. I will look for him first, then, and only then when I am certain that he is not in these lands will I move on to others," Zeron said. He gripped the reigns hard in a hand, hitting the side of his fist against his saddle, "I am prepared for how long this mission will take." The wolf demon went silent for a moment. He wasn't really sure aside from going town to town and listening to rumors and local news to find the fox. Other than actually catch its trail and chasing him down himself. He was probably living like a rogue; find some place to call his territory and terrorize it to feed his hunger. "But, aside from all the vampires and my job of finding the fox, I don't think I'll consider this mission a strain or burden. I think if anything, I might even consider this my own vacation," he said, giving a wry look back to Rin. He'd be damned if he let a few hardships here and there ruin a very rare chance for him to wander the human world. He spread his arms wide. "There's no ceiling! The sun feels nice, so does the breeze. I mean, that alone, there's a breeze. No stench of decay, or sulfur, or anything burning. Smoke. And so much green. Gehenna is hot, overburned, red. The surface world has so much more than that. So what if this mission takes a week, or a month or even longer? Bed, ground, or sleep on a log, I could care less. Everyone takes this for granted I feel. In Hell I get anything I could ever want handed to me. Do you know how boring that gets? You feel useless. Here, I have to work for it, fight for it. I feel more alive than I have in years!" the wolf proclaimed.
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