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  1. The redheaded dragon girl instinctively leaned against her lover's arm and shoulder, sharing the solemn moment. It felt really nice to just let her emotions quietly flow right now. Even Aslashar joined in and against her better judgment, she actually found his little quip rather amusing. A small chuckle left her lips as she slowly stood up. Well, her father's soul had obviously moved on, she already spent enough time mourning his remains. It felt cathartic to be able to find closure regarding her origins. Akni's attention was taken by her grandfather's fiddling with the ground. She went over as he procured an item from beneath the upturned earth. "Woah..." So it was true after all, the totem did exist. Her amber eyes reflected the ruby shine of the draconic statuette. It was as beautiful as it was fierce. The artifact made no effort in hiding the power contained within. "Why... thank you. I'm honored." She blinked a few times in awe before reaching out for the figurine. Her palms felt warmer when she touched it. The girl brought it closer to her chest to examine it closer. She felt as if the object was resonating with her. She could feel power coursing from its ruby body into her veins. This... this was a similar, yet distinct, feeling as to when she donned that cursed choker. The primal, raw, strength was identical, yet it carried no malice with it this time. "Haaa..." She breathed out, stimulated by the power. Unlike the cursed choker, it didn't try to force itself into her, it simply laid there, waiting for her to grasp it. By her own volition, she'd gladly do so. Closing her eyes in deep focus, Akni grasped the statuette tighter as both it and her body shone flaming red. The artifact promptly vanished in her arms, absorbed into her body. Then, the redhead opened her eyes, slitted reptilian amber pupils gazing at the wide open sky. She flexed her legs then leaped high into the air before erupting circles of fire around her. Inferno covered her whole body as she grew, larger and larger, far past the point of her usual half-dragon size. Massive wings spread from her back as fiery red scales covered her whole form. Every part of her body shifted until the flame-covered silhouette of a massive dragon blot the sky. Once the inferno receded, Arkanist, no, Akni floated there, in her full draconic glory. The female dragon roared, unleashing jets of flame from her fanged maw. She flexed her wings to fly around for a bit before landing at some distance from the party. She craned her neck at trio of men and judging by the signature cheeky grin on her jaw, there was beyond any doubt that Akni was herself. "I can get used to this." She finally spoke, her voice rumbling, "Oh... I forgot to take off my clothes first though... damn it."
  2. The little march might not have been that long, but it sure felt like forever considering her circumstances and Bailith's leisurely pace. In a subconscious effort to stave off her boredom, Iris examined her surroundings, finding herself rather taken by the many engravings on the doors. She wondered if there were any meanings behind them. Perhaps, it was related their tendency to show off. Examining these doors were a better alternative than making eye contact with her new master. Everyone here had a creepy stare. Finally, she arrived at a phoenix-engraved door, Suite 12B. Looks like this was it, this little scum's lair. A part of her wanted to just book it right then and there, but she took solace in knowing that she had her power and weapons available to her. When the door opened, the revealed room honestly took her by surprise. She expected a den of villainous cruelty, with spikes, chains, and blood splatters all over the place. What she witnessed was a fancy apartment. Iris never stepped foot in a place like this before, her orphanage certainly couldn't compare, while the laboratory was obviously out of consideration. It was as if those picture books became a reality right in front of her. A bit dumbfounded, she just followed Bailith's lead to the canopy bed. Her chains rattle a bit as she was sat down at the edge. She closed her manacled legs closer together and looked up at the whispering man. "Sure..." She answered, trying to sound disinterested but couldn't help to reveal that she was indeed quite hungry. She didn't have anything to eat ever since they stuck her into that cage.
  3. The air had turned rather solemn as the party of four journeyed back out of the deep subterranean hole. Akni was just content to just follow Ark while listening to his stories, spoken from someone who held insurmountable amount of wisdom and experience. Heh, that half-machine half-flesh abomination was definitely one of the desert anomalies alright. By the time they ventured outdoors once more, the sun had set hours ago, the night sky reigning as biting cold breeze swept through the desert. Unlike heat, Akni was uncomfortable with the cold so she shivered much like Landon. However, her grandfather didn't seem bothered or was he just relieved to be out of that cave? It wasn't like he was trapped either. Maybe he spent all those years mourning for his deceased son. Nevertheless, it was time to leave this ruined city. A draconic transformation was always an awe to behold, Akni would know, she both saw and experienced the process herself. After Ark was properly in dragon form, she wasted no time in ushering Landon to mount him, despite his reluctance. "Don't worry, I can fly in to catch you if you fall~" That might make his anxiety worse, but he was a grown man, he could handle himself. Taking into the skies, Akni sat back and enjoyed the journey. This felt liberating, to finally have the answers and leave the accursed place without loose ends. The redhead couldn't help but chuckle as Ark mischievously toyed with the settlements below. Now she realized where she got her prankster streak from. She didn't mind the pace actually, content to just sit there and sometimes take a nap or two, it wasn't like they were on an urgent mission. Her father was already dead... his corpse wouldn't be going anywhere. At last, they seemed to have arrived. Clutching Landon back, Akni's amber eyes watched as Ark revealed her father's tomb, buried beneath the snow. "..." Those massive bones, they once belonged to a great dragon alright. In silence, Akni hopped down from Ark's back then approached the pile. So, this was Arkanalandis, her blood father. She had so many questions to ask him, like who was her human mother, why did they decide to leave her in the care of someone else, and other things. But, she figured she didn't need the answers anyway. What's done is done. Smiling somberly, Akni crouched near one of the massive rib bone, lay her forehead against it, then closed her eyes in mourning.
  4. Iris had to admit, it was becoming very hard to keep holding back her desire to kill everyone. The way they were bidding on the dark-haired girl as if she was a literal cattle for sale, utterly disgusting. These fancy-clothed bastards weren't human, but monsters taking the guise of one. They might not have cursed powers like her kin, but they were abominations nonetheless. Pursing her lips, Iris exhaled heavily as she watched the gavel came down, cementing the black-haired girl's fate as that creepy woman's toy. She could only watch as slaves were pulled forward then auctioned off one-by-one. Although a few didn't manage to garner interest, one of them Heth. In hindsight, this was a good thing. This meant he'd be back at the cage, easier to find him later. "Nghkl?!" Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when her leash was pulled, causing her collar to choke her briefly, forcing her to move forward with rattles of her chains and cuffs. The pure hatred oozing from her expression was undeniable as she arrived by Longriver's side. When the bid for her began, Iris oddly felt embarrassed, enough to leak through her anger. "..." Being the center of attention as the product being auctioned was different than simply watching from the sidelines, even though she was naked and restrained in both cases. Longrivers certainly spared no expense in gushing about her, in odd contrast to how she was viewed back in the laboratory. "Haha..." How ironic, the people who were her enemy actually praised her features while the doctors deemed her a freak of nature. Regardless, she knew it was all smoke and mirrors, or else these children would look happy and comfortable instead of shaking in fear. "Noisy..." She winced at the sheer chaos that was her bidding process. Most of them ate up Longrivers' words just like that, throwing increasingly higher bids... until one of them silenced the rest. A green-eyed man named 'Balith'. Like his ilk, he looked well-mannered, groomed, and attractive, but they were all the same inside. Rotten. She hatefully stared at Longriver's eyes as he detached her leash to exchange it with the Balith's own, attaching the new set of chains onto her indigo collar. He then handed it over to Balith's hands. "Mmmgh..." Iris drew back when her new owner whispered to her, but then forced to follow him when he pulled at her leash. Her manacles rattled with her movements as the purple-haired girl marched in her shackles, wrists still restrained behind her back. She wondered where would he take her and whether her chance to make her move would come soon or not. It seemed Balith hadn't noticed that her abilities and gadgets were available to her. Good...
  5. To be honest, her foremost reason was curiosity. She was an adventurer at heart, always craving for more excitement and discovery in her life. When she heard about an artifact that was so closely linked to her blood? She had to find out more about it, it was an obligation. ”No, but I assume it’s a real downer?” Judging by his tone and choice of words. She returned back to her human form while listening to Ark’s story alongside Landon. Oh... it was one bummer of a story alright. ”I see...” Well, her motivation certainly changed for the obvious now. ”I was curious about it, see if it has anything to do with my ancestry. Well, I know it does now that you told me. I want to destroy it so the souls can be set free.” As someone who lived with the blood of both human and dragon, she knew dragonkin did some really fucked up things too. Ark was biased to his kin and she couldn’t blame him for that, most humans would do the same. It was only natural ro care for one’s own kind. ”I see...” That was certainly convenient, ”I wish to visit my father’s final resting place too then.” She chuckled at Ark’s attempt of humor, just to lighten the mood a bit, how courteous of him. Not to mention, she could ride a dragon too. Well, it wouldn’t be too different for her since she could fly, but Landon would certainly find the experience... interesting to say the least. ”Shall we?” With a grin, she extended a hand for him to take so they could follow Ark.
  6. For the moment, Iris had no choice but to follow the procession. She grunted in mixed anger and frustration as the rope connected to her collar was pulled by the slave in front, forcing her to walk, which in turn caused her to pull the slave behind her. Thus, the coffle was marched out of the slave pen, into the light, but not into salvation. The whimpers and sobs of slave creating a symphony of sorrow together with the rattlings of their chains and manacles. Along the way, Iris too noticed the door leading to the infamous “Suite 24601”, it was painted deep red. Must be a symbol for blood. Slaves would be sent there to be murdered gruesomely, she could bet on it. Maybe Rachel was sent here, maybe not. Either way, Heth deserved better. Going past said door, Iris and the others were marched up onto a stage. ”...” Iris scowled as bright spotlights were shined on her nude and restrained body, along with the enslaved children. They were showcasing her around to potential buyers, the very same men and women who surrounded her after Longrivers pushed her from behind. Speaking of that scum, here he was, dressed like a fancy fuck as always. Oh, her primal urge to literally tear him limb from limb was unbearable! ”Mmmgh... nngh...!” The purple-haired girl had a difficult time of keeping herself still, her chains and cuffs rattled as she fidgeted about in bubbling rage. The more Longrivers talked, the angrier she got, especially when not-so-subtly mocked then winked at her. That was it, he must die! ”...?!!” Iris’ eyes widened in shock as her cybernetic interface suddenly came through of its glitched out state. It soon booted up, restarting its Operating Systems. While Iris could not understand the jargons displayed, she could feel her mind regaining its access to her cybernetic weapons and gadgets. But most importantly, her collar was deactivated. She... she was free! ”Hehe... hehehehe...!” Her cuffed hands gripped so hard into fists, her pale skin turned even paler. She was hunched down a bit, her long purple locks hiding her face, concealing the absolutely murderous grin tearing her face from ear-to-ear. These... these bastards were going to die! DIE! DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Her hair began to rise up as if she was underwater, the slaves right beside her sides could feel the supernatural tension in the very air, Iris took a deep breath as she threw her head up, her pupils already constricted in pure rage. ”...” Only to pause as she finally saw the child slaves along the audience. ”Kh... mkuh... nnngh...!” For that short, but tumultuous, moment, Iris’ conscience was mentally fighting against her own murderous urges. Doctor Vance said that she was going to be Antigone’s protector, its defender against evil. She was born an abomination but there was still a chance for her to do good. If... if she let loose now, she’d kill the children in the collateral damage. No... no, she couldn’t do this! Rachel might still be alive, she... she wanted Heth to reunite with her. If she do this, she could kill Heth. But... Longrivers... he... aaaaaaargh!! .......... ..... ... In the end, her compassion somehow won out and she calmed her rising powers down. ”...” Closing her eyes, Iris decided to bid her time, waiting for a chance where she could do her mission properly. That’d be only assassinating her target, plus Longrivers, and no one else, especially these innocent children. Fine, fine! She’d endure this humiliation for a bit longer. Standing there on the stage, naked, collared, and shackled, but unrestrained, the esper let the event proceed... for now.
  7. Tch, these two really weren’t going to share after all. Not the stew, nor the water. However, even Iris could see why. That bastard of a guard gave them an ultimatum. There was absolutely no reason that the twins would even think of getting themselves into trouble just to help a stranger. Well, whatever, not like she wanted food and water anyway. She’d be just fine... The purple-haired little girl just settled on watching what was going on through the bars of her cage. She saw slaves were let out of their prison in small groups, then out the exit. A moment later, they’d return, taking turns with the other occupants of their respective cages. What were they...? Oh, her answer came when that one guard threw in an empty bucket while his cohorts escorted the twins out. They wouldn’t even let her relieve herself like the others, huh? These assholes... Iris simply scowled at the so-called ‘Master Kefka’, waiting for him to leave before doing her business. Then, the older twins returned, the cages shut and locked back, leaving the imprisoned slaves to do whatever in their own cages. Which wasn’t much really. Shrugging, Iris just scoffed as she too went to sleep. However, with each passing second, her urge to disobey her order about keeping casualties as minimal as possible kept rising. Fuck them all, they should all die. Her mind whispered to herself. .......... ..... ... ”Nnnnh...” The caged, collared, and nude psychic stirred awake as the light poured into the room along with sounds of idle chatter. She rubbed open her eyes and for that brief moment, Iris acted like the innocent young girl she originally was. However, her shameful state, the cage, and the appearance of those men and women returned her to her bleak reality. She immediately scowled when she located Longrivers’ smug mug, hatefully glaring at him even though he didn’t even pay attention to her. It wasn’t him who stopped by her cage, it was some other suited man instead. His predatory eyes leering over her and the twin’s naked body before he decided to purchase the female of said twin. Of course, the twins didn’t take too kindly at this betrayal of ‘Master Kefka’’s promise. Rachel was screaming for her life and Heth seemingly turned 180 from being a docile sheep to a rebellious wolf. Of course, he barked loud but possessed no bite as the guard simply smacked him away. ”...” Iris had to admit, the display looked kind of sad. Everything Heth had done was truly just to protect his twin, down right to the threat he gave to the purple-haired younger girl last night. Huh... what did she know? She felt pity for them. Alas, what could she do? Nothing. As long as whatever barrier Longrivers set up disabling her powers and cybernetic weapons. As such, Iris had no choice but to reluctantly obey the guards. One eased her out of the cell, a bit gentler compared to the three from last night. He then grabbed a set of restraints. First, he clasped her small hands behind the small of her back to cuff them together with shackles, keeping Iris’ arms forced behind her. Second, he connects her ankles with a pair of manacles linked by a length of chain. Lastly, using ropes, he connects her collar with the child in front and back of her, creating a coffle of tradeable slaves. ”Mmmgh...” Iris tugged against her cuffs and raised a leg a bit to test her manacles. They were quite heavy and sturdy, the cold metal biting into her skin. There was no chance she was going to break them without her powers or cybernetics, both of which denied from her at the moment. Sighing, she’d just have to take her chances with this Trading Time thing. This so-called Suite was too much of a risk, it could really mean certain death.
  8. Oh, it felt nice to be hugged back by the fellow half-dragon. She had assumed Ark would be quite stiff and awkward. Well, he was a little awkward, just a little. Maybe it was because she’s his kin. If it was Landon, she’d imagine he’d be suffocating and burning simultaneously. Akni slowly let go as he did, chuckling wryly. ”Since I lived amongst humans for all my life, I can say that dragonkin aren’t exactly innocent either. There are dragons who burn villages, destroy castles, and hoard stolen treasure out of greed and pride. It’s more like, both sides have their bad eggs and due to that, the good ones get dragged into the whole mess.” She sighed heavily, ”The world is fucked up, grandpa, but I try my best to live in it.” Even though the old dragon ignored the only human in the room, Akni flashed Landon a supportive smirk, telling him that he shouldn’t take it too seriously. ”There’s so much I’d want to ask him, but... well, what’s done is done.” Akni’s thoughts went back to Arkanist when for the moment, ”Well, actually... maybe it was because I achieved my dragon form using a cursed artifact. It granted the wearer great power but brought out the worst in them. Maybe, my actual dragon self is, well, myself, not a corruption of my personality.” That brought them to why they were here, their original goal before they found out about the whole ruined city, Aslashar, Arkanalandro, and Arkanalandis’ fate. ”Ahem... well, we decided to investigate a rumor about the existence of an artifact, a Red Dragon Totem around this area, guarded by a dragon. I figured, why not, maybe this dragon would be my ancestor. Haha... I can’t believe it turned out to be true. The ancestor part, that is.
  9. What? That was the reason? Because that little elemental brat mixed up their names?! Her urge to literally facepalm was overwhelming. To be fair, the creature didn’t sound too bright and their names were somewhat similar. Well, whatever, not a big deal anymore. Akni sighed, this time in slight mirth and chuckled. ”The name of your granddaughter is Akni Otria.” The redhead humored his gesture, ”Through extraordinary circumstances, I found out my dragon self called herself ‘Arkanist’, though I had lost the means to call upon her. Not that I want to... she was a bitch.” She shrugged. Hearing the ultimate fate of her estranged blood-related father made the dragon girl actually sad. Her wings drooped as she stared at the ground, finally figuring out why he never showed up in her life. If only she could do something about it. ”I’m sorry...” Man, it sucked. But at least, grandad and she were alive to remember him, right? As for what happened to the city, the explanation was sufficient. These were bad people, worshipping bad gods. They needed to be judged by the very thing they worshipped, fire. ”It’s a good thing you did it then.” If only Arkanalandis was there to see this. Haaa... Akni chuckled somberly at the bobbing fire elemental, ”Nah, it’d feel weird to bow to my own granddad. I’ll just...” She flew up to Ark’s level and wrapped her arms around him. ”...hug him instead.” She closed her eyes, exhaling. ”I wish things could’ve been different for dad...”
  10. These sick bastards clearly saw her as nothing more than an uppity puppy, all bark and no bite, trapped harmlessly in her cage. For some reason, this really annoyed the purple-haired girl. After all she did in that lab, she was convinced that she held power not possessed by ordinary men. She was about to use said powers to do good, to prove she wasn’t like the others, and yet, they were denied from her. All because of that one man... Apparently, her fellow children here were too broken to care. Heh, just from being stripped nude and caged. She wondered how would they react to being abducted, dissected and mutilated while fully conscious, and forced to kill on top of everything else. Weaklings, they were... or maybe, Iris was broken to such a degree, she looped back around to be fierce and brave. Nevertheless, she was better than them. However, at least the timid twins here could still talk rather coherently. The information they provided was useful. Huh, so these men and women were trading these kids as pleasure toys, who knew. Iris rolled her eyes. But Longrivers being the head honcho certainly made sense, this explained his grandiose attitude. Now, who the fuck was Kefka? Who gave a shit? ”...” That’s strange. The fact that they never seen this Gradius plus everyone being amused about him made Iris wonder. Either he didn’t actually exist or a laughingstock of this community of perverts remained unseen. It was something she had to find out. ”No.” Iris answered tersely, her eyes narrowing dangerously. If she had her powers, this older boy would already be pinned against the bars, his bones and organs crushed. ”I’m not here to help you.” ”Whatever.” She found herself not caring about the twins’ plight or any of the other children really, her mission was the topmost priority. Oh, and making Longrivers eat his own words while she’s at it. This ‘Trading Time’ looked to be an opportunity for her to make a move. For now, she should just wait and see, or take a nap. The previous guard only brought two bowls with him after all. Not like the sad twins would share after that threat, nor did she want their food anyway. She wasn’t hungry. She wasn’t hungry at all... It sure smelled good though.
  11. ”Tell me something I don’t know...” Her anger slowly made way for frustration, exhaustion really, prompted by realization. This dragon was likely amusing itself by toying with them. Knowing he possessed more than enough power to squish the two like bugs, he had not a shred of doubt that he could treat them like playthings. Unless he started making sense, she had no purpose left here anymore. Oh, apparently he did, as if on cue. ”Arkanalandis’ your son...” Oh wait, so he indeed wasn’t the dragon mentioned by the fire elemental - where was the thing now anyway? - but he’s his father. Also, apparently, this old dragon’s son was her father?! Oh wow wow wow, hold on there for a second, so much information at once. ”A... ah I see, so you’re my... grandpa? Huh...” The half-dragon redhead blinked in shock. Wait, this just made what he did even worse! “You tried to eat your own granddaughter’s mate and even bit her tail.” She snarked, not at all amused. What followed was no less than a show of power, except in reverse. From dragon to half-dragon, the towering figure before them made the family resemblance quite obvious. “So you weren’t lying after all...” Hey, that’s nice and all, but he really should have asked first before trying to eat Landon. “Eeeh... tell me about it.” She rolled her eyes, who was the one joking around again?! Hah, whatever. “I’m here to find out about my ancestor. Well, that question’s answered. Nice to meet you, grandpa. Though, I have more that propped up along the way. First, where’s my dad then? That fire elemental kept talking about ‘Master Arkanalandis’. And second, I saw a vision of a dragon destroying the desert city above, who was it? Dad, you, or someone else?” There, damn it, this could’ve been so simple.
  12. The purple-haired psychic felt a prickle at the back of her mind, a kind of ominous premonition that’d soon proved to realize itself. Somehow, her cybernetic HUD became riddled with static, the programs crashing out completely. To make matters even worse, her deactivated collar hummed itself on. In a matter of a few seconds, the young girl felt her powers being sealed away. Now without the means to access her implant, the myriads of weapons stored in her cyborg limbs were barred from her. Disarmed, powerless, and stripped nude, the realization of her dire situation hit the girl hard. She blinked in disbelief, staring absent-mindedly at the children of varying ages and genders imprisoned inside the cages lining up the wide room. She knew that she was no different than them now. Suddenly, the air felt really, really, cold. Her petite body shivered, both from temperature and creeping anxiety. The revelation on why this came to be didn’t help at all. In fact, she’d prefer if these scum just kept quiet about it, leave her wondering. That damned Longrivers, she’d kill Gradius *and* him, her orders be damned. ”Hnn... hah...!” Iris gasped in pain and disgust as their hands forcefully touched her privates. Through her wincing eyes, she saw the cage that was to be her prison. The locks released, the door opened, then she was quite literally thrown inside. “Nngh...!” She crash-landed with a pained grunt. This time, she wasn’t so quick to get up. Oh, shut the fuck up. Food was the literally the last of her worries right now. The long-haired girl got up on her butt, scowling just as the men shut the cage back. Her hateful stare never left them even as they worked on reapplying the locks and chains. “Haaa...” She finally sighed when they were out of earshot, hugging her knees to her bare chest, shivering. She huddled her back against one side of the bars, turning at the pair of brunette twins. They appeared to be older than her. A couple years it seemed. Didn’t matter really, they were just another pair of slaves for sale. Deciding that there was nothing else to do, she regarded them. ”What is this place?” She asked, not hiding her frustrated snarl, ”Who are Gradius Entreve, Tyferi Longrivers, and the rest of them?” She hissed, then roared, ”Answer me!”
  13. Great, the dragon decided to move it giant ass just as they were about leaving. What the blazes did it actually want?! Akni was equally annoyed and agonized as the dragon bit her tail, then pulled her back down. Oh bother, that’s going to leave a mark. “Nghaaa...” She groaned in pain, writhing on the ground. Fortunately, they didn’t get squished under the dragon’s claw. The redhead’s slitted eyes turned up at the gigantic beast’s snout. This bastard really couldn’t make up his mind, could he? A second ago, he was wholly uninterested in them. Now, it was the opposite. “Body much like his...? Who’s ‘he’?” It couldn’t be Landon, right? Her jaw dropped, blinking in utter disbelief at the dragon. This was just... utterly unbelievable! “No! You big dumb lizard!” The draconic girl snarled with a fury matching her hair, “I’m just here to ask a simple question! And you go ahead and assume I’m bringing food to you. No, this is my soulmate, not a servant and certainly not food! You’d surely understand why I lost interest in you the moment you went on a tangent without even listening to me. Goddamn it! God-fucking-damn it! ...at this point, I doubt I’m even related to you. You’re just some big-ass dragon that has nothing to do with my blood. Except the one you just licked.”
  14. ”Mmmmkh-...?!” When the wiry man suddenly grabbed her throat, choking her, Iris winced deeply with one eye closed. She’d have squirmed in panic... if not for the hell she went through when being experimented on. This little choke was nothing compared to being literally cut open, mutilated, and modified like a machine. Not to mention being violated against her will. Although, judging from what Tyferi was saying, that might happen sooner than later. The man’s statements about Gradius actually saved his life... and everyone else in the room. The purple-haired girl was already debating to just slaughter everyone here. She was this close. The threat of punishment kept her long enough to give Longrivers a chance to finish his words. Which unwittingly spared him. So, Gradius was here? Excellent. She sure hoped he’d choose her to fuck, as Longrivers said, that would give her a prime moment to dispatch him silently. No one would be the wiser. He preferred boys, did he? That’s a bummer. She couldn’t do anything about that. Her powers and cyberware had nothing to change her physical sex. She’d have to find some other methods if she wasn’t chosen. For now... she was morbidly curious to let things play out. From all these dubiously ‘innocent’ scum, one of them must be Gradius... The purple-haired girl didn’t budge much even as the perverse man stripped her nude. Like she hadn’t experienced an extended amount of time without a single clothes on her in that lab. However, the instinctive embarassment from being the center of attention while naked still got to her, causing her pale cheeks to flush slightly. Still, she said nothing, only a grunt as she was thrown into a pair of men. They held her by her thin arms as she glared at the snake. He certainly looked like one, with his wiry frames and suit, also the fake smiles. Iris sighed, letting herself be dragged through the crowd of wolves in sheep clothing. When they opened the door into the other room. Iris found herself... unsurprised, honestly. What did she expect? The presence of those children up above made sense now. The way Tyferi treated her like a pampered daugher only to turn completely around at a moment’s notice, the clappings and cheers of the crowd just now. In fact, it’s quite surprising that these children were in cages, alive, and not hanging by meathooks, disemboweled. She wouldn’t put it past them if such a cannibalistic butchery actually existed too somewhere. It looked like she’s about to join them, as one of their commodity for sale. No matter, if this would get her to Gradius in the end, she’d go through with it.
  15. Everything about the dragon brought about painful memories to the redhead, those of her Arkanist persona. His amber glowing eyes, his massive fangs, his gigantic scales. He was all but the dragon except male and slightly bigger. Still, if there was a merit to it, this made her used to dealing with one. However, his personality seemed to differ. This legendary creature was referring to the tiny fire elemental by a painfully ironic moniker, especially coming from someone like himself. Unless, he did use it ironically. She kept eye contact up until his tongue went over to lick Landon. The redhead whipped her head to check if he’s okay. Oh, he’d be alright... but pissed? Most likely. Next, it was her turn to be literally tasted. ”Hey...! Gah...!” Damn it, how was she going to wash all these?! Her fashion concern was immediately snuffed out when the dragon’s words started to be genuinely threatening. Akni simply stared, deadpan, then sighed. First, he wasn’t Arkanalandis. Second, he didn’t even so much entertain the thought about ancestorship. Third, he was only thinking about food. How stereotypically accurate. Oh well, she didn’t want to be related to him if her ancestor was basically just a freeloader bum of a giant lizard. She wasn’t angry, she was just... disappointed. “No thanks.” Akni shrugged as she leapt to Landon, transforming into her half-dragon self in mid-air. She landed near him, grabbed him, then swiftly flew up back toward where they came from. They were done here.
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