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  1. Does anyone play MHW on the PS4? Looking for Squadmates to play with. I share my PSN account with my little brother. We'll trade IGNs thru PM/Discord~
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  3. When Caroline signed her employment contract two years ago, the fresh graduate more or less understood what she signed up for. Her work would involve dealing with the Antigone's worst monstrosities, coming in all manner of shape and sizes, including but not limited to humanoids. Lizard-like men who spat acid from their throat, banshees who ruptured eardrums by their shrill voice, hulking abominations who could shatter concrete barehanded, and other such mutants. However, in all her experience, she never encountered someone who looked so young and innocent, appearing no different than a small child, to be one of them. If she was entirely honest, this didn't sit right with her at all. Still, Dr. Aaron was unfazed, not a single twitch in his stoic features. There was nothing wrong with this? At all? They were going to cut open a child! "Doctor..." She was about to voice her qualms but paused her senior explained the circumstances. "I see, Forgive me, Doctor." Of course, how foolish was she? These walking horrors didn't necessarily need to appear monstrous. In fact, the greatest threat often came from unsuspecting things. For all they knew, the violet-haired child could be an arch-demon. She mustn't let emotions disrupt her duties, good honest lives were at stake. "Yes, Doctor. Preparing Subject for operating procedure." While Aaron prepared his tools, Caroline went over to the row of medical stations with an operating table-bed attached to each. She stopped at the seventh one from the left as instructed. Tapping on her holopad, she connected the portable device to the station. The operating table detached itself with a hiss, following Caroline using automated wheels. Bringing it over to the pod, the blonde programmed the stasis tank to drain its breathable solution. That done, the glass covering slid up, exposing Subject Iris to the lab's sterile air. She still had to be moved onto the operating table. However, Caroline wasn't going to touch her just like that, no unauthorized personnel was allowed to make physical contact with the Subjects. "Beginning transfer." Four mechanical limbs slid out from the mobile bed. The thick wire-like appendages gently moved Iris from the pod to lay on the table. Once properly positioned, they snugly wrapped around her wrists and ankles then pulled taut, restraining her to the table. With another tap on her device, the blonde returned the table to Station #7, this time with Iris in tow. The wheeled bed reconnected with the various machinery there, ready for the next step of the procedure. "Installing Subject to Analyzer Unit." A helmet-like contraption wore itself to the violet-haired girl's head, adjusting itself to her cranial size. Hums of advanced machinery echoed within the whitewashed chamber as Medical Station #7's various displays lit up, showing assorted data regarding the Subject. She was now ready to be experimented on, for Antigone's greater good. "Subject Iris is ready, Doctor." Once Aaron returned, if there was one thing he could deduce from his experience, it was that Subject Iris' readings regarding her brainwaves were similar in pattern to those telekinetic mutants. However, they were pushing the charts even as she lay asleep. The indigo magilock collar was barely suppressing her mental influence as it was.
  4. Writing as Akni Otria Dashing through the sand, one an Exalta spellcycle, Over the dunes she went, grinning all the way. Fire plains, fire plains, sandy all the way! The redhead couldn't help to enjoy herself, taking in the beautiful golden sea of sand. She could go all out here, not caring for any speed limits, much like riding through an open grassland. Any obstacles large enough to stop her tracks would be so few and far between, she'd have more than enough time to adjust her course. The dried bones of a once majestic beast passed by her right side, prompting her to wonder if there were any of them still alive or were they extinct? Judging from the stories regarding a dragon living here... there should be at least one remaining beast. "Eh?!" Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Landon called out to her via their intercom. Braking the spellcycle to a halt, she made a U-turn, going over to Landon and the jeep. "Huh..." The draconian girl immediately saw what was amiss, the splotches of crimson among gold were obvious enough. Even if it wasn't, her keen nose could smell the distinct iron scent of blood. However, no corpse was around... so assuming this was the work of a predator, then it must have carried off its prey. Oh right, was the aforementioned predator still around then? "Heh... and here I am, thinking when we would see something exciting!" Whatever thing made those strange tracks and clanking sounds, Akni was eager to find out. "Relax, Landon~" Quipping in her signature (over) confident smirk, Akni drew her Caster Gun - already primed with a potent fireball spell - then twirled it a few times, her other hand roared the spellcycle's engine. "Let's hunt this thing!" She was ready, come and get some!
  5. Writing as Akni Otria "Kiddo...?" Now she wasn't going to judge Jericho's actual age, for all she knew, this detective-looking man could be one millennium old. However, the redhead was fairly confident that being eighteen years old, she was firmly in the young-adult age range. Just because she was short didn't mean she looked like a... oh who was she kidding? Her height only increased by a single inch since three years ago, she looked like a kid. It was harsh but the truth didn't care about her feelings, she just had to deal with it. Anyways, let's hope Jericho didn't underestimate her just because she looked young now, she had enough of that. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. I was born with the fire, if there's one thing I can do well, it's pyromancy." No manner of wraiths were going to stop her. --- The spellcycle, powered by the finest Exalta technology, roared through the landscape. Leaving the city of Tia, entering the major road, then off the beaten path, straight through a village. It turned what was supposed to be hours into a breeze, nothing short of an unfortunate accident would stop them now. "What the f-?!" Of course, fate was as fickle as ever, throwing a proverbial wrench into the smooth sailing, or in this case, a man into the spellcycle's path. The redhead skidded to a halt, throwing dust and pebbles everywhere as she backed up to their victim. Standing in the middle of a road, did he have a deathwish? Granted, probably the guy didn't expect some biker girl to come racing through the peaceful hamlet. Still, she couldn't just leave him there. "Ah... great, just great!" Groaning in frustration, Akni picked up a healing potion from their supplies then went over to the unlucky fellow. Jericho was already examining him, much like the detective he dressed as. Hopefully, he wouldn't be accusing her of manslaughter now. "Uh..." Mixed emotions came over her, one, she was relieved he was still alive, but two, out of all the people in the world, the guy just had to be one of the Justice members. "Yeah, Hawke... he's one of us." Even though both him and Jericho had blond hair and green eyes - were they related in any way? - she could recognize that narcissistic mug. Knowing it was Hawke, Akni didn't feel too bad about hitting him now. "Pops, uh... I'm not sure he wants to join us, not after this." She mused as she administered the potion into the dizzied Hawke's mouth, "But eh, fuck it, whatever you say." If the younger-looking blond threw a tantrum when he woke up, she'd just knock his head against a tree, that ought to shut him up. "Hey... give room, damn it!" Thus, the overcrowded spellcycle continued on its way to the Haunted Glen. Who knows? Maybe the sight of three people mushed together on a sports bike would be strange enough, most of the ghosts would leave them alone. On the other hand, they might just attract other elements, such as children thinking them to be a circus group. "No worries, Pops, this beauty can adapt. Paved road, wet dirt, sand, snow, she can take them all! Well, except for floating on water, but you can't have it all, aye?" She chuckled, "Right now, I'm more worried about one of you falling off the side, the seat isn't designed for three passengers."
  6. Your go in teh rp.

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      I know. >.> See my recent post for the latest update on my situation.

      tl;dr: Work, Life. Happens.

  7. (Copy pasting this from the Blairville event OOC thread for visibility) Well... bad news, I just got home from work today (Tuesday) at 23:00 (11:00 PM), eleven in the night. An important client struck a deal with the office and my team is among those assigned to the big project. So... yeah, to not inconvenience anyone, feel free to skip my turn because I am highly unlikely to make a post within the expected timeframe. I am sorry but yeah, life happens. Have fun with the plot, guys and gals! <3
  8. @Akiris It's fine. :) Thank you for the notice. --- @Vehement Agony and gang. Well... bad news, I just got home from work today (Tuesday) at 23:00 (11:00 PM), eleven in the night. An important client struck a deal with the office and my team is among those assigned to the big project. So... yeah, to not inconvenience anyone, feel free to skip my turn because I am highly unlikely to make a post within the expected timeframe. I am sorry but yeah, life happens. Have fun with the plot, guys and gals! <3
  9. @Mag I’ll make a post. Also, @Praetorian, I think there has been a slight miscommunication among the thread participants? Explaining the sudden drop in activity, my assumption is that we’re all waiting for your cue? Cmiiw.
  10. Yo guys, we can use this article to spice things up. Especially for Sharak ( @LordYalet)
  11. @Akiris I made a post for Isidor! Vita will be specifically following her. Now, however you want to react to this is up to you, all I ask is you at least give a read on her character sheet, specifically her skills and abilities section. On the other hand, I tried to find Isidor's but for the life of me, I can't locate it. >.> If it exists, would you be so kind to link me? Sorry for the trouble!
  12. Writing as Vita Testarossa The situation was growing tenser by the second. Two Unnaturals and a fairy ganging up on a crooked goblin merchant, the Inquisitor had struck a solid lead in her search for Bruga. The item Osmer was so eager to sell was of advanced magitech nature. The thing was so out of place among his other wares, it wouldn't take a trained Magitech Engineer like Vita to notice. The next plan of action was quite obvious, she must acquire the amplifier. If there was anything that could take her to the gypsy artificer, it was that. Now, how to approach the situation without spooking the hoodlum trio? While Vita had federal authority to conduct an arrest on them, under charges of disrupting peace, now wasn't the appropriate time. She had already marked them as "Potential Suspects" for Blairville's law authorities anyway. Unsurprisingly, while her gears were still turning, a wrench was thrown into her formulating plan as a hooded figure suddenly made the purchase. Swift as she came, the woman blended into the crowd. "Vita." "I know." The salmon-haired Inquisitor cut off the android, "Gray hoodie, khaki pants, and sneakers. Looks to be female." "Requesting next course of action." "We tail the buyer." "What of the goblin merchant, the fairy, and the Unnaturals?" "The item takes higher priority. Other agents can handle them." "Affirmative, Vita. Scanning target, calculating possible routes and destinations of said target. As gathered from goblin merchant, 'Inn de Clairmont' is on the list." "Good, Altima, don't lose the amplifier and the buyer." Leaving the gathering of onlookers behind her, the Inquisitor retreated from the scene as she stalked the hooded woman. She kept herself low profile, her hands tucked into her jacket's pocket, as she weaved through the crowd. @Akiris
  13. Writing as Akni Otria What did vampires truly fear? Holy water? Garlic? Or even, a stake to the heart? Nay, the bloodthirsty creature of the night trembled in terror upon the presence of fire. The nosferatus would do all in their power to avoid the heat, the flames, the very element that would burn their wretched existence into ashes and dust. The sun was an age-old vampire deterrent, a bright torch shall do well. However, these particular members of the Highway Wicked Gang felt goosebumps. Slitted vampiric eyes were raised, attention shifting from boisterous chatters to focus on one particular individual. Long fiery locks framing irises of blazing orange as a petite girl swaggered into the tavern's fourth floor. Mixed expressions fell upon their pale visages, the once lively boasts regarding pillaging and maiming innocent villagers quieted down. Why all the tension for a single vertically-challenged girl? Simple, she smelled like a dragon, specifically the kind that'd spew streams of napalm and magma upon her victims. A walking bastion of fire and brimstone was upon them... and while nothing was confirmed, the bikers began watching her like cornered wolves. Of course, the heavy atmosphere didn't escape the aforementioned girl's notice. Ah yes, bloodsuckers... what a pain. Safe to say, she was aware that creatures who weren't friendly with fire wouldn't get along with her, including but not limited to vampires. The redhead simply shrugged, reddish-brown leather jacket stretching with its distinctive sound. She wasn't here for the unnatural lowlives, there were higher priorities... such as meeting this aloof orange-haired man. Oh, he noticed her, she assumed he'd continue staring at the wall instead. Shaggy hair? Check, droopy green eyes? Check, and "Most likely dressed like a private investigator from crime fictions."? Double check. Whatever he was drinking, she would not be having it. "Yo, just call me 'Red'." The aptly-named redhead introduced herself in return. Right, surely both of them knew they were fucking around. What kind of stupid name 'Legba' is anyway? Yeah, they were both Justice and that was enough for now. "Yeah, my bike's just parked outside. Mind talking there instead? It seems I'm not exactly... welcomed here." Whether Legba confirmed or not, Red would already be leaving the bar. True enough, she was waiting for him by her Exalta Spellcycle, supporting her torso with her elbow on the bike's seat. "Yeah, the Haunted Glen, 'ghost pouch'. I know. Don't worry, I have experience with spirits, whether corporeal, ethereal, or something in between." She smirked, "I'm no exorcist but from experience, wraiths and specters are banished just fine with a little spark." A confident snap of her fingers and she literally ignited her index, the fire not damaging her in the least. "Still, we'll watch out for each other's back out there, aye, Pops?" Red wore her gloves and mounted the spellcycle, custom-fitted to accommodate her slight height, then started the engine. "Let's trundle."
  14. Vita used her Mini-Android to listen in to the conversation between the three and the goblin merchant. However, afaik, I didn't automatically assume that this action succeeded. If I did so, feel free to correct me and I will edit the post to whatever that satisfies you. Furthermore, I took my time to search for Agony's character sheet and peruse his abilities. I was aiming to respect the abilities and powers of each character participating in this thread. However, I am aware that in the end, this "IC Justification" argument is meaningless. To be elaborated in my point below. --- This is an issue with a freeform power system, even with mild powers, everyone can put anything they like without any IC work basis (It is optional instead of mandatory). When conflicts do arise between IC matters, at this point, I no longer have any fuel left to engage in a debate about fictional powers. Play-by-Post RP is all about consent, unlike video games where if someone kills you, you're dead like it or not. To summarize, whatever you want to do, I'm game, worse come to worst, I'll just rescind my participation. I rather do that than risking unnecessary OOC conflict over IC matters.
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