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  1. Blairville chaos event - first come first server

    Ooooh! Looks fun! @supernal If I use Vita the Inquisitor as my character for this one, can the Quest be counted towards her Terrenus Military Rank progression?
  2. Looking to start again.

    Thread is up! @Letherius
  3. Draconian Heights

    Writing as Akni Otria At first, Akni simply wanted to challenge herself and tackle her fears. She wanted to become stronger, better, honoring the draconian blood flowing through her veins. As a dragon of heat and flames, she was naturally weak to the cold, something she ought to fix. As such, going through a gauntlet by hiking the Cold Mountains region of Genesaris seemed like a good idea... until now. "Ha... fuh..." Lacking oxygen, shivering, and rather lost. The sheer cold seeped through her winter clothes, biting her skin, shortening her breaths into painful gasps. She winced as mists covered her goggles, ears hearing nothing but the blowing winds. Her lips slightly ajar as she hissed yet another curse. The redhead grunted as she stubbornly continued, the elements merciless against her petite frame. Even taking a single step forward was a struggle on its own. The draconian prided herself on her agility and acrobatic abilities, but here, she was reduced to a crawl. No matter how hot her flames burned, they couldn't melt a whole mountain... Well, Arkanist would say otherwise but the redhead wouldn't let that narcissistic dragon bitch to take control. If she must conquer this self-imposed challenge, she must do it as herself, as Akni, not through some artifact. Speaking about that, she still needed to remove the white choker from her neck. Her efforts so far proved fruitless but who knows, maybe this trip would do the trick. Thus, the fiery redhead moved on, one heavy step at a time, the blood of the dragon refusing to give in under the frost. Not even a blizzard would extinguish her resolve! Still, a cup of hot chocolate would be welcomed right now... @Letherius
  4. Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    @Praetorian So! Will we all be working as a single team? :)
  5. Hummingbird's AFV!

    @The Hummingbird Have a safe and wonderful trip! ... No horseying around!
  6. [Antigone] F12 Indigo

    Laboratory Arcanist, the shining example of Antigone's concrete stability, where rogue elements in the island nation were properly quarantined. Away from the public eye and contained a controlled environment, the facility was a major factor in maintaining the utopia that was Antigone. At least that was Assistant Researcher Caroline Schmidt tried to believe. A Biochemistry fresh graduate, the golden-haired young woman applied to work in the research facility-slash-asylum around two years ago. She had been doing quite well since due to her skills and diligence, even stationed in a specific sub-section of Arcanist dubbed "F12". Located deep underneath the building itself, accessible only by a single elevator (that she knew of). As far as she was aware, F12 was designed to keep the most dangerous elements threatening the tranquility of Antigone. She should be proud really, not many have the privilege of working there and yet... why did she feel uneased by the whole thing? Ah... she was worrying too much. There was an important subject being delivered to F12, she was to retrieve the container and put it in the appropriate chamber. After that, Dr. Aaron would take things from there. --- A few hours later... "Alright, just put it there, yes. Thank you." She nodded at the forklift operator. The small vehicle entering the white-washed cell, carrying a large cylindrical object. A cryo-stasis pod used to safely support a single occupant in suspended animation. Currently, the content was hidden from view due to the cover meant to shield the insides. The operator and a few workers carefully put down the 6' 6" (2 meters) tall tube at the center of the room. After letting Caroline sign off the paperwork, they moved on with their duties, leaving the assistant and the pod alone. "Hmm..." Caroline was examining the documents detailing this particular pod's data through a holographic display of her tablet. Strangely enough, there wasn't much written there regarding the occupant. "Subject: Iris." She mumbled, "Indigo..." the young woman pursed her lips. Indigo, the term reserved for the most dangerous and most often lethal rogue elements of Antigone. So they finally acquired another one, good riddance. The less of these freaks roaming the streets, the better honest citizens could sleep. She was curious to see what they look like, what manner of abomination contained within the pod. However, she must wait until Dr. Aaron arrived. As if on cue, the famous Doctor entered the secure cell. "Good evening, Doctor." Caroline flashed him a professional smile. The ponytailed blond gave her tablet to the taller man. "The subject has arrived, I am sure you have already been informed but it's an Indigo, Doctor." Ah, she shouldn't patronize him, he knew what he was doing. "With your permission, I shall open the pod so we can proceed with the procedures." After Aaron gave her the go-sign, Caroline went over to the pod's control panels. Her fingers deftly tapped away at the display, entered the authorization code, then stepped back. The pod's lights lit up then with a loud hiss and billowing cool steam, the cylindrical cover detached itself in two parts then slid up and down respectively. Lo and behold... the monster contained within was... "...what?" A young human girl no older than 10. Long violet locks swaying in the clear breathable liquid solution filling the pod. As usual for suspended animation subjects, she was clad in nothing but the skin she was born in. One exception was the signature Indigo-tier Magilock collar snugly wrapped around her small neck. Pale and lithe, the fragile girl was the complete opposite of how a dangerous rogue should look. Arms and legs bound by cable-like straps to the ceiling and floor of the pod respectively, likely to prevent her from bumping around in transportation. Her eyelids were closed in a peaceful sleep. This... this was Subject Iris? This was the Indigo-level threat?! "A c-child?" Caroline stammered, looking over the documents once more in a frantic search for any misinformation. "Doctor, I... this can't be right!"
  7. Writing as Caerula Akrua "I am capable but your men and tolls are far more so than I am." To hear someone like Hana, accomplished mercenary, field engineer, and Direktor of her own organization, placing her trust in her was quite uplifting. They started off as enemies, well, more like Cae was a small disruption to her plans. Then Hana explained her case and somehow, they built mutual trust. Still, there was a nagging feeling inside her, that underwhelming sense of perceived incompetence. Compared to what Hana has up her sleeves, Cae could offer little in terms of power. However, after a moment of self-contemplation, the blunette decided to accept the job. She could think of this as just another chance to uphold justice, instead of worrying about things beyond her ability to influence. Caerula stood up from her seat, not consuming much of her meal. She wasn't hungry when she came here and there were higher priorities. "Lead the way then." She went to the coat rack to grab her signature white cape before following the younger woman. "I'll see what I can use. However, I don't have any skills in firearms. Worst case, I am good as I am." Oktavia had served her faithfully all these years, the blade wouldn't fail her now. "Right, let's get on with it then." Interrogation, huh? Let's just say Cae had a knack for cutting through bullshit and getting things done. She possessed little mercy for criminal scum, a little manhandling was more than acceptable to get them squealing.
  8. You are baaaack!

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      I have come back!

  9. Iris

    Update Logs (from earliest to latest): -Created Iris
  10. Iris

    Writing as Iris Image Choices: - https://i.imgur.com/ZilA3ge.jpg - https://i.imgur.com/pRhXoQC.jpg - https://i.imgur.com/JXP61k5.jpg
  11. Iris

    [Thread List] - Antigone - F12 Indigo [Completed] [Abandoned]
  12. Iris

    [NOTABLE ITEMS] None yet.
  13. Iris

    "Subject: IRIS" [BASICS] Name: Iris Nicknames: "Iri" Alignment: True Neutral Race: Human Hometown: Antigone Isle, Genesaris [SEXUALITY] Marital Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Undetermined Gender: Female Age: 10 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Wispy, Childish Eyes: Violet Complexion: Pale Height: 4' 1" / 125 cm Build: Lithe Hair: Violet, Ankle-Length [MENTAL] Demeanor: Meek, Obedient Hopes: Finding herself Fears: "Experiments" Likes: The good doctors, dolls, picture books Dislikes: The bad doctors, syringes, white rooms [SKILLS] Indigo Psion: Iris is born with exceptionally potent psychic abilities. However, due to her unfortunate circumstances of growing up in a vehemently anti-magic city, what's supposed to be a gift turned into a curse. As a result, she lacks training and control of her powers. Telepathy: Forgoing through matter, Iris' mind is able to connect with most other beings possessing some kind of sentience, excluding mechanical entities. The recipient will hear her voice echoing as if she speaks from inside their head. Telekinesis: A seemingly simple power, Iris can move physical and even ethereal objects through her mind. Think of her as possessing invisible disembodied limbs that she can freely manipulate. The usage is only limited by her creativity... and brain power as similar to moving a limb, the action consumes her energy. [BACKGROUND] One of the children housed in an orphanage in Antigone Isle. Iris never had the chance to know her biological parents, her only family are her fellow orphans and caretakers. The violet-haired young girl awakened to her psionic talents at an early age when she pushed a boy just by 'looking at him'. Unfortunately enough, she lives in the most anti-magic civilization in all of Genesaris. As according to the law, all mages are cursed and their powers must be suppressed. Even before she knew how to count, a Grey magilock collar was strapped to her neck. Alas, her natural talents only grow as the years go by. Her untapped abilities overpowered the collar, though they tried replacing it with higher tiers, from Grey to Amber to Crimson then finally Indigo. At the young age of 10, she is already a pariah of Antigone society, a cursed abomination requiring an Indigo collar to restrain. Of course, the authorities put Iris on their watch list along with all collar wearers. Then, when their sensors detected that even an Indigo-tier collar began to collapse under her burgeoning powers... they had to take action. Nevermind that she's but an innocent young girl, she's not even human in their eyes. [FAMILY] None known. [TRIVIA] Theme Song: Trails in the Sky - Whereabouts of the Stars
  14. Return of Arkanist (Artifact Quest)

    Writing as Akni Otria "Hmm~" The redhead closed her eyes, surrendering the ministrations of her hair to Landon. A sigh escaped her lips as his firm fingers massaged her head, covering her fiery locks in her favorite peach shampoo. Well, Akni might appear all boisterous and spunky. Tomboyish enough to pass off as a boy with the right hairstyle and clothes. However, behind all that was still a girl who loved to be pampered. It made sense really, considering dragons were prideful beings who loved being served. Once her hair was done, Akni was about to huff, "Ahn?!" but a slightly surprised moan escaped her lips instead. Her red eyes winced as a jolt of pleasure traveled up her spine from her chest. "Heh..." She smirked, "Couldn't hold yourself, huh?" teasing the blue-eyed man who had his hands all over her. An act that'd earn any other person a literal flaming fist to the face. "It's fine..." Letting him do as he will... while her small hands trailed beneath the water surface, reaching for a certain part of him. She found it quickly enough then grasp it firmly, "Payback~" Now let's see who would win the 'battle'. --- After the lengthy journey, the pair arrived at the Velhatien Desert. Both famous and infamous, the Desert was where the Heat Flash phenomena first took place. At the center of it all was the Fire Plains where the God of Fire Elemental, Infernalis, attained physical form. The plain would definitely be the climax of their trip. For now, Akni basked in the golden landscape of Velhatien. She stood up on the jeep, extending her arms to her sides. "Fuh..." Sighing, the redhead enjoyed the desert heat brushing against her skin. The howling winds told stories of this ancient region. The fossilized beasts as silent witnesses to the enduring nature of the sands. Akni's fiery irises reflected the desert's harsh beauty as she observed the horizon. She felt at home here, the draconic blood inside her embracing the heat. Maybe she could live here... ahaha, nah, Landon wouldn't like it and besides, getting anywhere would be difficult and resources scarce. Even though she was immune to the heat, Akni still needed to eat and drink after all. "Right, we should go into one of those oases first then." The redhead replied, descending back down as she examined the map beside Landon. "Heh... whatever comes our way will feel the claw of a dragon! ...and your whip~" She winked. Whether out of bravery or arrogance, one thing for sure, Akni was confident in their abilities. Her suit-armor, caster gun, and most of all, draconic talents were ready. The redhead went to the jeep's rear to unpack her shiny red Exalta Spellcycle when the blue-eyed man called her. "Yes?" Perking up, she focused on the curious object held in his hand. "Oh..." Fulgurite, she knew those from her time in the Slaver's Enclave. "Yeah..." Akni went silent for a moment, past memories surfacing to the forefront of her mind. The collar, shackles, humiliation, torture, rape... how she broke under everything. The dragon tamed and leashed as Blue Eyes' pet... "Nnn..." Shaking her head to push those painful images away, Akni nodded at him, "I see~ well, keep it, who knew it'd be useful." As she said so, the Spellcycle finished unpacking. The petite redhead mounted the two-wheeled vehicle, custom designed to accommodate her small stature. She wore the visor and activated the engine, Exalta technology humming with a low rumble. Finally, the wheels adapted themselves to the desert terrain, she was ready to soar. "Alright!" Akni gleefully grasped the handles, her signature smirk on her face, "Let's go!"
  15. Looking to start again.

    @Letherius Alright! Any random mountainous spot in the wilderness of Genesaris will do then! I'll start it and PM you when it's up.