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  1. Landon’s worries weren’t surprising but nevertheless welcomed, prompting a confident smile from Akni, albeit a small one. ”Maybe, but I could literally turn into one, so... it’ll be just like encountering a kin if you think about it.” She had dragon blood in her veins, that fact alone should make her endeavor less ‘crazy’. ”I’d never find answers without taking risks.” She added. The redhead chuckled at the excited bobbings of Aslashar and hushed whispers of the other elementals. ”Let’s find out about that, shall we?” She gestured for the living flame to lead the way before closely following behind it. When the trio emerged from the ancient temple, Akni’s amber eyes reflected the dusk sky. The orange tint combined beautifully with Velhatien’s golden sands. Like many other deserts, the gap in temperature was quite wide between day and night. Even now, Akni could feel the heat steadily dipping. However, stargazing would have to come later, they had more pressing matters. The dragon girl kept a watchful eye of their surroundings as the party ventured even deeper. Unlike the temple, most of the other buildings were damaged beyond repair. Collapsed doorways, pillars, and even floors made them positively uninhabitable. At last, they arrived at the edge of a gaping hole. It was extremely wide... wide enough to fit an adult dragon. Her instincts told her that they were getting close. When the fiery guide literally lit up said hole, it was revealed that the thing could be man-made, judging by the carved steps lining its walls. Akni was about to take the first step - Aslashar was floating so it didn’t count - but stopped when Landon suddenly took the initiative. How odd, she thought he’d not even eager to enter, let alone leading the way. Still, the petite girl shrugged in slight amusement and let him do as he willed. Deeper and deeper, the spelunkers made the shift from desert to subterranean tunnels. Then, a low rumble vibrated along the walls. “Yeah, it almost sounds like...” Akni pondered, remembering she had heard such sounds before. Sounds she made as Arkanist. “A dragon’s breaths...” That was all it took for Akni to grin wide. “Still want to lead or shall I?” Depending on her lover’s answer, she’d either continue what she’s doing or take the frontmost position.
  2. As a young orphan, it was quite understandable that she never once set foot in a nightclub. At least up until this very moment. Everything was new to her, the flashing lights, glittering glasses, and idle chatter amongst the serene atmospheric music. If it wasn’t her brain implant constantly feeding information into her mind, the violet-haired girl would already be lost in this strange colorful realm. Her eyes examined all the patrons around her, noticing that girls and boys around her age, give or take a few years, mingled among them. Was this normal? They didn’t look like they were enjoying the bar. If so, why were they here? Perhaps, they were like her, agents sent by the good doctors to do good. Iris paused for a moment, mulling over her thoughts. Finally, she shrugged, putting the matter at the back of her mind. She had to focus on her target. Gradius Entreve should be around her somewhere... She caught a glimpse of the collar wrapped around the swaying songstress’ neck just before a suave voice called out to... her? Yes, said voice was indeed directed at her. She made eye contact with the dark-haired man in a suit, blinking a few times. Even as she closed the distance between the man and herself, her enhanced vision already formed a rectangular border around the man’s face. At one corner, her implant analyzed his facial features from all possible angles, then tried to match the result with Antigone’s database of citizen IDs. Whoever may or may not come up in the results, the young girl would still sit across from him, putting her pale hands on her lap. She looked up at the man as he prattled on, wondering if he wanted anything from her. It took her a couple seconds to realize he was asking for her opinion. How odd... Iris looked down to the side for a moment, then back at him. Her small lips opened for the first time in the club, ”I think she is very pretty. Her voice is nice.” The little girl answered frankly, conveying the genuine innocence of a child. No judgements, no thin-veiled sarcasms. ”What do you want from me, Sir?” She continued with her own question.
  3. The wind against her face, the aerial view of Antigone under the night sky, and the simple fact she could move freely. Iris was thoroughly enjoying her time, quite so knowing this would only last for so long. If she dallied in her duties, they would punish her and all the joy in the world was nothing compared to the agony from that lever device. Closer and closer she approached her destination, guided by the digital map provided by her brain implant. Until at last, she could see the a particular building below, bearing the neon-lit sign of ‘The Timed Clock’. She had arrived. The lavender-haired young girl positioned herself above the backalley behind the tavern, then she slowly floated downwards, holding her dress to prevent the garment from waving up due to the nature of her direction. A moment later, her dainty white sandals made contact with the ground. She huffed in relief. That went rather well, but... even she knew it was the easiest part of her mission. ”Do not use any magical powers or abilities while in contact with the public. Your collar is deactivated but is assumed to restrict your abilities. This illusion is to remain in place at all times.” The synthetic voice made her orders clear. As much as she disliked having machine voices in her head telling her what to do, she’d have to agree for this particular case. She didn’t want to hurt anyone other than bad people, the people she had been sent to eliminate. If she hurt innocents, she’d be no different than her fellow mutants. Taking a deep breath, she took the first step towards the establishment’s front door. She had to admit, the singing voice was beautiful, a part of her wanted to know how the singer looked like. However, she’d have to be patient as a large man, easily towering over the young psychic at almost twice her whole height, stood between her and the entrance proper. Fortunately, the quiet little girl didn’t have to break her streak of silence. The bouncer somehow let her in, no questions asked. Iris wasn’t about to question him and possibly ruin the chance, she took it by the neck instead. Stepping into The Timed Clock, her violet eyes were immediately drawn to the aforementioned songstress. She looked as beautiful as her voice... It was her presence that made Iris noticed the foreboding feeling in the building’s atmosphere. It was as if the singer was like a sheep among flocks of laughing, growling, and drunken wolves. Blinking a few times, the white-clad girl narrowed her eyes as she ventured deeper...
  4. The fiery redhead raised an eyebrow to their literally fiery guide. Touch it? What would she achieve by touching the mural? Why couldn’t the elemental just tell her verbally? Aslashar clearly could speak, despite the broken grammar and whatnot. However, Akni would be lying if she wasn’t the least bit curious. Her adventurous nature provided the final push for her to step in and place a palm against the image. “...?!” Her amber eyes widened as her vision was immediately filled with crimson. The petite girl could see nothing, everything was filled in the reddish light. She gritted her teeth, trying really hard to push down the thought that she was duped by Aslashar. If it was indeed the case, that little talking torch would pay dearly. Fortunately, the light soon dissipated. However, relief quickly turned to bewilderment as she found herself situated high above a desert settlement. Not a small tribal camp like Zelaros’ tribe, this one was a sprawling metropolis with huge bazaars filled with busy citizens. Akni was so taken aback by the sudden change in scenery, she forgot that she was flying in her wingless human form. A fact she certainly wouldn’t realize anytime soon as a massive adult red dragon descended upon the city, landing without regard to anything below. Those unlucky enough to be directly under its gigantic feet were instantly squashed. If that wasn’t enough, the dragon’s hostile intent was made painfully obvious the moment it launched a huge cone of inferno, torching buildings and humans alike. Akni blinked, part amazed, part horrified, and lastly, part shell-shocked as the traumatic memories of Arkanist returned. It was a different time and place, but she had done something like this, slaughtering whole villages in bouts of rage. She would have called this dragon a monster, but she couldn’t... for she was no better... ”What happened? You... you... turned all red!” “Nghaaa-...?!” Landon’s frantic voice brought her back to reality. So, it was a vision. Judging by the scenery they saw, it was most likely a vision of the past. How long ago? She couldn’t tell. This distraught her, she had thought the city was destroyed by the Heatwave catastrophe, not by a red dragon. ”I...” Before she could properly muster her words, a certain ‘mighty’ elemental drifted close. “Mighty Aslashar tell,” the fire elemental piped. “Dragon call itself Arkanalandis.” Aslashar suddenly bobbed closer to her. “Aslashar think,” it said after a pause, “smell like him. Father, maybe?” Akni hung her head. That dragon’s name, his appearance, and the way he roared. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say Aslashar was spot-on in his guess. “I saw what happened to this city, Landon,” Akni pursed her lips, trembling a bit in shock, “A red dragon destroyed it... and... I’m afraid this “Arkanalandis’ is indeed my ancestor.” The girl then slowly raised her gaze, narrowing her brows at the fire elemental, “Take me to him. He must answer for what happened here.” Was the vision true or not? She must know, she must get to the bottom of this.
  5. The couple, led by their fiery guide, ventured deeper into ruins. Now within the interior proper, the awe-inspiring architecture could be observed. It wasn’t just all broken glass after all. No random tribe could’ve made something as grand as these. These runes and glyphs were the works of craftsmen from a deeply cultured civilization. Finally, they entered one of the few buildings still standing within the dilapidated city. It seemed it was a temple of some sort. Now Akni was curious just what kind of god or gods these people worshipped. Aslashar led them to the northernmost wall, where fire elementals were congregating around a picture of... ”Arkanist...?” Akni blinked, murmuring to herself in quiet disbelief. The traumatic memories of being possessed by the dragon tyrant briefly flashed in her mind once more, like a slideshow of the past. Knowing the terrible dragon had - at its very core - her own personality, only twisted by greed and pride, was disconcerting. But no... the dragon wasn’t her, it couldn’t be. Steeling herself, Akni approached the giant mural, standing amidst the elementals. ”Mighty Aslashar, who is depicted in this picture?”
  6. Miraculously, the duo managed to defeat the bio-mechanical abomination, but not without a great cost. Their vehicles were totaled, Landon was wounded, and worst, Akni was literally dying and catatonic. It fell upon the blue-eyed man to salvage their lives. He took his redheaded lover upon his shoulders then began a desperate trek through the Velhatien Desert. No more jeep and out of supplies, he had his work cut out for him. Upon his last legs, Landon managed to seek out the help of a local tribe, led by Chieftain Zelaros. As it turned out, this tribe literally revered dragons. A convenient fact for Akni - who has recovered by now - to display her draconic heritage in a show of fire and flame. She managed to impress the chieftain and the tribe. In exchange for her dragonfire, they gave the adventurer pair two strong horses and supplies for the journey ahead. Bidding their farewells the next morn, Landon and Akni finally reached a ruined city, known to be the location where Genesaris' Heatwave incident first began. The latter persuaded a fire elemental named 'Aslashar' to serve as their guide. The peppy and cocky 'Mighty' Aslashar led the couple deeper and deeper into the ruins, until they ventured inside a temple still strangely left quite intact...
  7. ”Eh...?” The purple-haired young psychic realized she was still lying on the same operating table-bed. However, the restraints were already released and she was by her lonesome. The sudden voice only startled her a bit. After what she had experienced, some disembodied voice was hardly surprising. Iris took in what the texts and voices said, or commanded to be more specific. So this was what the doctors meant by working as an agent for Antigone. This Gradius person was a bad man and she needed to make him gone, just like what she did to those patients in the laboratory. Iris didn’t know where the Timed Clock was... oh wait, a map was displayed at one corner of her vision. She couldn’t believe she’s thinking this, but what they did to make these things appear in her eyes was helpful. She nodded to no one in particular, then climbed off the operating bed. She was still naked, but... this time there was a small rack set aside near the sliding door. Hanging from it was a set of simple clothes and footwear. She went there in a heartbeat, relieved she wouldn’t have to do the mission in the nude. White sundress, a pair of white panties, and white sandals. These were similar to clothes she often wore in the orphanage, Was this Doctor Vance’s idea? Well, whoever it was, thank you. The young girl wore the clothes immediately, already familiar with the style. The quality was good too, it felt comfortable on her skin. Putting the hanger back, she finally left the operating room for the first time since she got there. --- Iris didn’t see the need to disobey the instructions as she followed the instructions to the letter. Left, right, right, left... and... a rooftop? ”Mmmgh...” Iris winced at the sudden wind, her long lavender hair swaying in the breeze. It was in the middle of the night. The scenery looked quite... beautiful. The young girl took in a few moments to herself, grateful she could see the sky again. The voice brought her back to reality as she examined the map once more. Alright, she’d get there now. But... she had to get down first. The most obvious thing was to return where she came from. However, the instructions specifically directed her here and if she deviated, she’d be punished. Hmmm... An idea came to her head, so crazy it might just work. Iris looked at her own palms then gripped them into fists as she focused on her powers. She enveloped herself in her own psychic wave and thought of her own body as the object to manipulate. Slowly, but surely, she began to levitate off the ground. ”O... oooh... haha~” A bit wobbly at first, she finally stabilized. She landed on back on the rooftops then turned to the particular direction of the Timed Clock tavern. Taking a deep breath, Iris ran towards the edge of the building then leaped off the roof, her cybernetic limbs launching her farther than she expected. Without a moment to waste, Iris focused her telekinetic power to keep herself afloat as she - somewhat recklessly - flew towards her destination.
  8. Thus, the surgeon-scientists proceeded with the long, extensive, and excruciatingly torturous process to reconfigure the psychic young girl into their twisted image. Her body was cut open, her limbs surgically removed, her brain tampered with, and various other surgeries that threw any notions of ethics or morals out of the proverbial window. Every inch of her body was molded and reconstructed, augmenting her with cybernetic implants and parts, turning the purple-haired girl into a cutting-edge blend between flesh and machine. For Iris, the surgeries were the easiest part of her ordeal. Next, the scientists slowly brainwashed her to follow their bidding, to make her obey the new purpose in her cursed life... Henceforth, she began her eternal servitude as Antigone's black ops agent, using her cursed powers for the 'greater good'.
  9. When Caroline signed her employment contract two years ago, the fresh graduate more or less understood what she signed up for. Her work would involve dealing with the Antigone's worst monstrosities, coming in all manner of shape and sizes, including but not limited to humanoids. Lizard-like men who spat acid from their throat, banshees who ruptured eardrums by their shrill voice, hulking abominations who could shatter concrete barehanded, and other such mutants. However, in all her experience, she never encountered someone who looked so young and innocent, appearing no different than a small child, to be one of them. If she was entirely honest, this didn't sit right with her at all. Still, Dr. Aaron was unfazed, not a single twitch in his stoic features. There was nothing wrong with this? At all? They were going to cut open a child! "Doctor..." She was about to voice her qualms but paused her senior explained the circumstances. "I see, Forgive me, Doctor." Of course, how foolish was she? These walking horrors didn't necessarily need to appear monstrous. In fact, the greatest threat often came from unsuspecting things. For all they knew, the violet-haired child could be an arch-demon. She mustn't let emotions disrupt her duties, good honest lives were at stake. "Yes, Doctor. Preparing Subject for operating procedure." While Aaron prepared his tools, Caroline went over to the row of medical stations with an operating table-bed attached to each. She stopped at the seventh one from the left as instructed. Tapping on her holopad, she connected the portable device to the station. The operating table detached itself with a hiss, following Caroline using automated wheels. Bringing it over to the pod, the blonde programmed the stasis tank to drain its breathable solution. That done, the glass covering slid up, exposing Subject Iris to the lab's sterile air. She still had to be moved onto the operating table. However, Caroline wasn't going to touch her just like that, no unauthorized personnel was allowed to make physical contact with the Subjects. "Beginning transfer." Four mechanical limbs slid out from the mobile bed. The thick wire-like appendages gently moved Iris from the pod to lay on the table. Once properly positioned, they snugly wrapped around her wrists and ankles then pulled taut, restraining her to the table. With another tap on her device, the blonde returned the table to Station #7, this time with Iris in tow. The wheeled bed reconnected with the various machinery there, ready for the next step of the procedure. "Installing Subject to Analyzer Unit." A helmet-like contraption wore itself to the violet-haired girl's head, adjusting itself to her cranial size. Hums of advanced machinery echoed within the whitewashed chamber as Medical Station #7's various displays lit up, showing assorted data regarding the Subject. She was now ready to be experimented on, for Antigone's greater good. "Subject Iris is ready, Doctor." Once Aaron returned, if there was one thing he could deduce from his experience, it was that Subject Iris' readings regarding her brainwaves were similar in pattern to those telekinetic mutants. However, they were pushing the charts even as she lay asleep. The indigo magilock collar was barely suppressing her mental influence as it was.
  10. Writing as Akni Otria Dashing through the sand, one an Exalta spellcycle, Over the dunes she went, grinning all the way. Fire plains, fire plains, sandy all the way! The redhead couldn't help to enjoy herself, taking in the beautiful golden sea of sand. She could go all out here, not caring for any speed limits, much like riding through an open grassland. Any obstacles large enough to stop her tracks would be so few and far between, she'd have more than enough time to adjust her course. The dried bones of a once majestic beast passed by her right side, prompting her to wonder if there were any of them still alive or were they extinct? Judging from the stories regarding a dragon living here... there should be at least one remaining beast. "Eh?!" Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Landon called out to her via their intercom. Braking the spellcycle to a halt, she made a U-turn, going over to Landon and the jeep. "Huh..." The draconian girl immediately saw what was amiss, the splotches of crimson among gold were obvious enough. Even if it wasn't, her keen nose could smell the distinct iron scent of blood. However, no corpse was around... so assuming this was the work of a predator, then it must have carried off its prey. Oh right, was the aforementioned predator still around then? "Heh... and here I am, thinking when we would see something exciting!" Whatever thing made those strange tracks and clanking sounds, Akni was eager to find out. "Relax, Landon~" Quipping in her signature (over) confident smirk, Akni drew her Caster Gun - already primed with a potent fireball spell - then twirled it a few times, her other hand roared the spellcycle's engine. "Let's hunt this thing!" She was ready, come and get some!
  11. Writing as Akni Otria "Kiddo...?" Now she wasn't going to judge Jericho's actual age, for all she knew, this detective-looking man could be one millennium old. However, the redhead was fairly confident that being eighteen years old, she was firmly in the young-adult age range. Just because she was short didn't mean she looked like a... oh who was she kidding? Her height only increased by a single inch since three years ago, she looked like a kid. It was harsh but the truth didn't care about her feelings, she just had to deal with it. Anyways, let's hope Jericho didn't underestimate her just because she looked young now, she had enough of that. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. I was born with the fire, if there's one thing I can do well, it's pyromancy." No manner of wraiths were going to stop her. --- The spellcycle, powered by the finest Exalta technology, roared through the landscape. Leaving the city of Tia, entering the major road, then off the beaten path, straight through a village. It turned what was supposed to be hours into a breeze, nothing short of an unfortunate accident would stop them now. "What the f-?!" Of course, fate was as fickle as ever, throwing a proverbial wrench into the smooth sailing, or in this case, a man into the spellcycle's path. The redhead skidded to a halt, throwing dust and pebbles everywhere as she backed up to their victim. Standing in the middle of a road, did he have a deathwish? Granted, probably the guy didn't expect some biker girl to come racing through the peaceful hamlet. Still, she couldn't just leave him there. "Ah... great, just great!" Groaning in frustration, Akni picked up a healing potion from their supplies then went over to the unlucky fellow. Jericho was already examining him, much like the detective he dressed as. Hopefully, he wouldn't be accusing her of manslaughter now. "Uh..." Mixed emotions came over her, one, she was relieved he was still alive, but two, out of all the people in the world, the guy just had to be one of the Justice members. "Yeah, Hawke... he's one of us." Even though both him and Jericho had blond hair and green eyes - were they related in any way? - she could recognize that narcissistic mug. Knowing it was Hawke, Akni didn't feel too bad about hitting him now. "Pops, uh... I'm not sure he wants to join us, not after this." She mused as she administered the potion into the dizzied Hawke's mouth, "But eh, fuck it, whatever you say." If the younger-looking blond threw a tantrum when he woke up, she'd just knock his head against a tree, that ought to shut him up. "Hey... give room, damn it!" Thus, the overcrowded spellcycle continued on its way to the Haunted Glen. Who knows? Maybe the sight of three people mushed together on a sports bike would be strange enough, most of the ghosts would leave them alone. On the other hand, they might just attract other elements, such as children thinking them to be a circus group. "No worries, Pops, this beauty can adapt. Paved road, wet dirt, sand, snow, she can take them all! Well, except for floating on water, but you can't have it all, aye?" She chuckled, "Right now, I'm more worried about one of you falling off the side, the seat isn't designed for three passengers."
  12. Your go in teh rp.

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  13. (Copy pasting this from the Blairville event OOC thread for visibility) Well... bad news, I just got home from work today (Tuesday) at 23:00 (11:00 PM), eleven in the night. An important client struck a deal with the office and my team is among those assigned to the big project. So... yeah, to not inconvenience anyone, feel free to skip my turn because I am highly unlikely to make a post within the expected timeframe. I am sorry but yeah, life happens. Have fun with the plot, guys and gals! <3
  14. @Akiris It's fine. :) Thank you for the notice. --- @Vehement Agony and gang. Well... bad news, I just got home from work today (Tuesday) at 23:00 (11:00 PM), eleven in the night. An important client struck a deal with the office and my team is among those assigned to the big project. So... yeah, to not inconvenience anyone, feel free to skip my turn because I am highly unlikely to make a post within the expected timeframe. I am sorry but yeah, life happens. Have fun with the plot, guys and gals! <3
  15. @Mag I’ll make a post. Also, @Praetorian, I think there has been a slight miscommunication among the thread participants? Explaining the sudden drop in activity, my assumption is that we’re all waiting for your cue? Cmiiw.
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