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  1. Ghost listens as Rin explains what they quest is about. It seems they are looking for some type of cursed weapons. She seemed worried about what they could do to hims and asked about what he was able to do as far as countering things. "well hopefully we find them them both for you. I require no such weapons so I merely want to help you. As far skills I do have a few that might aid in this. I will start with the basics, my eyes are a bit different than most. They allow me to see the world in ways most people do not. Enhanced Synesthesia a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In other words, such as being able to "smell" colors, "see" odors or perceive sound-waves as colorful lights. This has allowed me to not only see things in ways most people dont, but prevents a few charms for working on me. With my Kuro eyes vision cannot be distracted or misled, granting you immunity to all figments, illusion and glamors so we will not be fooled. Its a gift of my race" Ghost says showing he his eyes. They shined and shimmered as clearly showed he was not of this world or any like it. "My true skills come from my weapons and how i use them." He says showing of a odd looking paintbrush and a odd looking bracelet. The bracelet was made of odd looking crystal and hung loosely. "Basically this allows me to make and control crystals of most natures which I may say I am pretty handy at. With my brush it allows me to place a word upon a object and make that word come true. Basic word magic but I have mastered it as words are my playthings." He says with a smile. My birthwrite gifts is the power to create and control paper so in combine with the rest, I am pretty handy to have at your side." He says creating a tiny rose out of paper out of nowhere. He takes the brush and makes a few markings on it, the words "Grow, Real and Despell" With in a moment the tiny rose grew to full size and became real. He tapped it a few times and it turned to crystal, then it shatters as the rose disappears. "I mean there is more but i do not want to seem my gifts are not without limits." He smiles
  2. Ghost smiles as he walks through a town he had never heard of. Ever since he and his fellow Tears tried to come part of this world, they have slept. It seems it was a bit too much for them at the time. Ghost would one day like to bring them all back to the fold, but for now he is seeing how this can be done. The Kuro is still here somewhere he just has to find it. So for now, he will take some odd jobs to help. His latest, was to help someone find something. He was bad at details. The little crystal spider along his shoulder walked back and forth as seeking something. Maybe trying to help him remember, maybe annoyed about him taking the job. "Why is it so hot here? Cant you do something about that?" Dia says in a whisper to Ghost. "yes its a bit warm I agree but it cant be help. We have to find who we are looking for and help. Maybe it wont take long." Ghost says as he cloak dances in the heat. He noticed someone avoiding the heat and wondered if they too where her for this job or if they were the job itself. "Hey you there! are you whom I am to be seeking!" he blurts out. It had been awhile since he had been around people and lost all ques of normality. He stood 5'9 black hair and eyes of a crystal blue that held a power not of this world. He was very strong but hid it as well as he could. He hoped this was the person her was to aid, he wanted to help this world. And here was his first start.
  3. Is this still open to join? O: I been looking to kick off my rp dust O:
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