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    Returning Tears O:

    Rain has falling from the sky. The air is still. Quite crawls throughout the streets. In a flash from the sky a sign of change sparks into life. The moment has come where the rain can become Tears. Do you have what it takes? Are you lost? Is this world not feeling like home? We have a way to help. Who: The who is you the who is us. We are the Tears and we want you to be part of us. (This means we are recruiting for new members to The Kuro and the Tear Race.) What: The What is above. We are now in the right time that we can share our gift to you. We are offering you to fit in to this world. Gain magic for those who have not be able to obtain it. Show those who do how to be truly connected with it and become stronger. When: Now if you are ready. It will be a slow pace to start but worth it in the very end. You will be born anew and changed forever. Where: Athentha Simply meet us in The Kuro and be shown a world you never seen before. How: How is by passing the test of Tears. In order to obtain our gift you must be able to open your mind tom ore then you will ever know. To understand that reason is not the only way to live. If you think this is you then we can help. Why: Because you dream of more and know your life is not what it can be. Let us show you what you were meant to be. Join The Kuro and Be the Tears of a new world. So basically my group The Mind of The Kuro is open to new members. The Members are known as Tears. A race from the Kuro that converts you into a stronger you. It will give magic to the magic less or enhance your magic dramatically. There are many other perks but why spoil the fun? So I will link helpful info below and anyone that would like to join let me know. Post your char or if you need help creating let me know! This will be a group of no more then 3 four max as to many will slow me down and I do not want to ruin the fun for anyone. Main group thread. The Kuro the home of the group and race Tears race info Story behind this group and my char so far
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    The Kuro (Meeting of the Queen)

    It was a long time coming. The Kuro had placed roots in this world for sometime. There was a moment it was active and growing strong, but for some reason The Kuro had hidden itself once again. But it was now time to reopen to the world. To share the gift of the Tears to the world and find the reason it is here in this land. The room was slightly lit. The warmth of power in the room danced along causing a spending sight of wondering and mystery. In the room a group of people sat, all looking towards one man. They seemed to be waiting for him to speak as if he was someone they look to. “I think it is time we meet the lady of the land. If was re to be a part of this world, then we need to establish a connection to the people of this world. I know we have in the past interacted with this world, but now its time to step it up. I have sent word to who I think is the leader of the land The Kuro has made home. I am not sure if it will reach them, but if it does, we will be meeting our guest. When she does, I want each of us to take her on our own tour of The Kuro. We need to show her that we are here as an ally” The man at the table said as the others nodded. A few of them would have something to say but knew better then to at this moment. With his little speech ending, the room went black and the people in it were gone. Alone stood, the man gazing out the window in hopes for answers. “I do hope we get word soon Dia, it would be some much easier for her to come here than for us to make the trip to them. ‘Ghost says to the darkness. Sent to the home of the leader, small crystals butterfly that shine of colors not of this world. A simple message would be read only by the person it was meant for. “Follow me and see a world like none you will ever know. We mean to meet and no harm will come to you. Bring anyone you like but we are her to aid you by any means.”
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    The Kuro (Meeting of the Queen)

    The little butterfly shines in the light as it leads her out of her home. As soon as they step outside the butterfly lands on her shoulder. As it does, the world around her seems to fade as it feels as if she is falling. She moves through the earth like falling through air. Time seems to pass normally until the world stop before here. But she was no longer in a place she knew. Before here, stood a world like no other. Plants seem to be different from what she was sue to, the sounds of the water and wildlife all seemed to be different. For a moment she was left alone, until a moment someone stood before here. Even with the person standing before her, it would be hard not to notice the true nature of The Kuro. As she thought about the things around her, she would notice they changed at her thoughts. As if the world was allowing her to interact with it. The Kuro was showing her that it wants to be accepted in this land and opening its gifts to her. Once she had taken it all in, she would notice a man standing before her, dressed in a white hooded cloak. His hair was a pure white that seemed to slightly chance as is charged by an unseen power. He would wait before speaking. "Greetings I hope your trip went well. I am here to show you to our home. My name is Da of The Tears and we welcome you to our home. Before we move on, I am sure you may have some questions from me. I am here to answer what I can until you get to me our leader The Oracle, better known as Ghost. I am also to speak of sorry for when you meet the others. We are made of a very. Intriguing set of members." He says with a smile as he waits for her to gather what is going on.
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    Returning Tears O:

    That would be grand! O:
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    Back I am O:

    Hello there O: its been like a few years since i been here. I had a baby and started working more so i was super busy O: But now I have a bit of time and looking forward to getting back into things O: Not sure what of mine is still here but I am back all the same O:
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    Returning Tears O:

    Any takers? O:
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    Two Realms As One

    Kasumi Kamikaze will be who I use as from what I gather of the story line, she will fit in the most O: Added a link to her CS. Its old so the format is ALOT of spoiler boxes I sowwie O: But a little bio is she is Ifrit/Tear who is touchy when it comes to being called a demon. She is charming and diplomatic but quite powerful as a fighter. She walks the path of an Oracle and has a curse because of it. During fighting she is unable to speak common tongue. ( Auran ("Tongue of the Heavens") Ignan ("Tongue of Fire") are the only two she can speak but that tis about all i can think of. O: Question comments let me know O: I dont mind joining in canon fun as i have a group/ race here that travels through out the lands so tis not hard to write up a reason to be there O: We are to bring balance and see nor good or evil just what must be seen at the end O: When the world weeps were are the Tears O:
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    Two Realms As One

    I would like to knock of mt rp dust here if I may O:
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    Back I am O:

    Thank you Rin O: Good to see you still here and someone I know O: lol I am O: Meow is back with her bag of cats O:
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    Raven's Landing[Tear's Shadow Rising]

    @Ayumi Shinozaki no post from you by sunday i am assuming you be out and well make weekly post to finish O:
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    Strange Things Are in the Works OOC

    I didnt even noticed yall had posted O: Go ahead a skip me nothing really to work from O:
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    Strange Things Are in the Works

    Half listen to what was being said, Twix wanted to be done with this lady. She was rude, judgmental and could use a good neck smile. Sachiko simply smiled and faded away. It was clear this lady felt she had something she needed to prove to them. To show she was in charge here. They did not doubt that, that didnt mean they would be talked to as however she saw fit. But that was a moot point, she had left and it was their turn. Most of the people that had came seem to be lost or rush off to do their own thing, not one asked for her help so she assumed she was on her own. She had meant to gather the information she was talking about but to much time had pass and she just wanted to get started. Not having much of a place to start, she left the area and went until she was outside. She took a look around and was a bit lost. This place was bigger than she had thought and there was a lot more places to look. She stood there for what seemed like forever not really knowing what to do. She was about to start using her own brand of skills to start finding things out when she noticed the fellow that was with them before, running back towards her. She wanted to stop him to see maybe he knew of a good starting point but he seemed to be in some kind of hurry. So waiting till he past her, she started to run after him a bit. Well not really run, more like a fast moving walk. It looked as if he had found something or a guess by her so it would be a good point to start. She knew she was being boring and lack luster but it was all she had right now. She would do more once she found out more. If not she would just annoy the lead lady and that always proved to be fun.