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  1. Mia didn't really have any ideas to where they could go either. She never got to go out exactly, so she didn't know any good places or similar to hang out at or do activites. But she was keen on making as much of this day as possible. When she heard Cara she also heard the difference in her tone. "Uh...". She smiled faintly. She then heard what Amon said and realized that Cara wasn't so fond of doing such things. "Well, I can take care of my bags myself. But thank you" she said with another smile and opened the door and put her bags down on the floor. She didn't have too much, just the books and some clothes so it didn't take up much space. She then moved and sat down in the backseat and listened to them. She blushed a bit as she heard Cara. THey were probably going to have dinner, so she guessed it could qualify as a date, but it was still a bit awkward to think about. "Well going back to the hotel to freshen up sounds good. I know I would like to change my clothes if we are going to eat dinner somewhere". She didn't want to force the idea of a date on Amon, even if she kinda liked it a bit herself even if it was a bit awkward.
  2. Mia thought about buying a plant or some flowers for her room, but decided not to. Not this time atleast. But she wanted to buy a plant to brighten up her room a bit sometime. A plant or flower could do much in making a room more alive and fresh. She listened to Amon as he explained why he wanted to buy roses, and she smiled. There were both practical and aesthetic reasons, which she liked, though she would have understood it if he had just bought them because they were pretty. "Well, roses are really nice, I think it's a good symbol" she smiled. Nice to look at, but the thorns could hurt if you weren't careful. When they started to head out the shop she was about to voice her thoughts when he rushed back and paid for the flowers. She smiled and started to walk towards the exit. "Yeah, let's put these things in the car. Should we dirve somewhere else perhaps? I don't think I need to buy anything more" she said and continued to walk. They soon reached the exit and got outside. Mia spotted the car and walked up to it before lookign at Amon. "Where should we go?".
  3. Mia had the money to go and shop in every single store she could possibly want to go into, she could buy a whole new wardrobe if she wanted, it would be affordable for her, but she didn't do it. She had no real use of it, no events where she could wear them or would need them. She jsut spent time in the hotel, mostly in her room and in the dining halls with her dad, but not much else. She had so much money but no real use of it, and no ideas for it either. Though she still wanted to buy something for Amon, and perhaps give money to others. She listened to him. It seemed like they had everything they needed, so they could probably leave whenever they wanted to. Though she didn't want to leave, she was afraid that she would never be able to experience things like this again, being so relaxed and having so much fun. But she knew that they had to leave eventually, and they probably would pretty soon. Her trail of thoughs was broken when Amon took her hand. She blinked a couple of times before following him, a small smile appearing on her lips. At the florist's shop she started to look around. All the flowers and plants were beautiful. She didn't buy anything but she enjoyed being in there. Once Amon had bought the roses she walked up to him. "Why did you buy roses?" she asked, a bit curious. She remembered that he had carried a rose the day they met, and that he had given it to her, but she didn't truly know what he did or wanted with them.
  4. Mia continued to look around even though she glanced at Amon from time to time. She grabbed some stuff for herself while they were in the store. She found a button up shirt that had no arms, and that was in the same red colour as her newly dyed hair. She got another shirt and a black, long sleeved turtle neck shirt for when it was colder. She did look at a black dress for a while, but didn't end up buying it since she in a way saw no point of it. She liked dresses, skirts and all that but she never had a reason to dress up, so couldn't really wear the dress if she would buy it. She was done around the same time as Amon was, and she paid for her clothes before walking over to him and saw that he had gotten quite much clothes himself. "We can still go to that department store if you want" she said with a small smile. "I don't think I'm going to buy more clothes but it's fun to look". She seemed much happier than just a couple of hours ago, being outside the hotel really did her good.
  5. Mia nodded. "Yeah, like do you need to buy anything or should we just roam around?" she said to clearify her question a bit more. She would enjoy going anywhere he wanted to go and she didn't have any special place she wanted to go. When he mentioned clothes she smiled. "Well, let's go to the designer store first then, since it's on the way to the department store"'. She picked up the bag with her books and stood up once she was sure he had finished his food. "Let's go then" she smiled and started walking when he was ready to leave. She soon saw the store he had talked about and entered it. She wasn't exactly in need of new clothes, but she wouldn't mind having a look around and buying something. While walking around the store she made sure to glance over at Amon and made mental notes on what he looked at and perhaps bought so she could learn mroe about his tastes and so she could figure out what to get him as a small gift
  6. Mia listened to Amon while eating. She found it sweet of him to think about Cara and grab her something while they were out. She heard the books he had bought, she wasn't big on poem or the subject economy but they still sounded interesting and it seemed like the last book could mean something to Amon since someone he knew had written it. She nodded to him and smiled a bit before continuing to eat After finishing her burger and most of her fries and smoothie she was completetly stuffed. It had been quite much food for her even if she had been hungry. While Amon ate she looked around the mall from the spot they were sitting at. She guessed they could always go into clothing stores, but she had quite much clothes already and it wasn't like she had anything special in mind, but it could still be fun to look around. "Hey, do you wanna go to some special kind of store after this or should we just wander a bit?" she asked him and leaned back into her chair. She studied him a bit. She still wanted to find a way to pay him back for everything he had done for her, she had thanked him but she wanted to do more. She had the money to buy something for him, but to be honest she had no idea what to get him. If he had been more like her previous bodyguards when it came to tastes she would have bought him some fancy clock, but now she wasn't sure at all.
  7. Mia soon noticed that Amon had gone to a nearby restaurant to order some food instead. She didn't mind. One thing that was really good about malls was that there always were a bunch of restaurant pretty close together, meaning a group could order different stuff from different restaurants and still eat together. She would have been happy to eat anything though since she was pretty hungry. When Amon came back she smiled towards him. She had put her bag with books down at the floor beside her feet and she was about to start eating when she heard Amon. She looked up as he left, a bit confused as he went into the coffee shop, but she decided to question it later instead. She took a french fry and put it in her mouth before looking at him again. "Yeah, I've read it quite a lot, and it was a really long time since I read it for the first time. But I think I saw him a bit as Elizabeth did, a bit arrogant and prideful". She smiled and picked up the burger and started to eat and continued to do so for a few minutes in silence. She then turned her attention to him again. "What did you go and buy at the coffee shop? Want something sweet after your lunch?" she said with a small smile. "And what did you get at the bookshop?".
  8. Mia smiled towards Amon and continued to study him. This was probably good for them both, to get out of the hotel and do something fun and just relaxing. She knew she needed it atleast. She smiled a bit more as she heard his words. Her hair was a bit changed, but she didn't think it was too big, she felt rather comfortable with it and felt more fresh and relaxed than in a long time with it as well. Spending time in the salon and relaxing had made her completetly forget about the 'incident' out in the car earlier when she had startled Amon. If she had remembered she would perhaps not have taken his hand, but now she did and noticed his slight squeeze, but it only made her smile. Once in the bookstore she looked after Amon as she had let go of his hand, it seemed like he already knew what he wanted. She wasn't sure exactly what books she wanted herself, but just something she could read when she was bored. She looked around the different sections of the store, though mostly at the fiction section. She could enjoy a biography or book about a specific subject but she liked to just dream herself away in some story most of the time. Ten minutes later she had bought two books. She smiled as Amon walked up to her and she shwoed him the bag with her books. "My old copy of Pride and Prejudice was so damaged so I got a new one, and I bought 'A clash of Kings' by George R. R. Martin". She had a pretty simple taste really, but she liked the classics and some new fantasy stories. She listened to him as he told her about the different food places. "Well, let's go to the food court, I'm sure it will be good!": She was hungry as well. Mia started to walk and glanced at Amon again and she noticed something about him, he just seemed a bit...sad in some way. She bit her lip before continuing to walk. She didn't want to bring it up now in case it would upset him or make things awkward. At the food court she ordered a hamburger with some french fries and a small strawberry smoothie. She didn't go out often so se decided to spoil herself a bit now. She sat down at a table and waited for Amon to order.
  9. Mia began to think about her hair dye choices. She had choosen red and black from the beginning since it was the Black Eagles colours. But now when she thought about it, even if she liked how it looked she knew that the coloured slings would easily mark her as an Eagle member if she ever happened to go out into an unsafe environment with other gangs. She had also had those two colours for so long and it would be fun with something new, or atleast something different. She thought for a few more seconds, looking over at Allie and then at Amon. She saw that he went and was going to get his hair trimmed and possibly coloured, so she decided to do so as well. She hadn't thought about cutting her hair but now when she looked at herself in one of the mirros she saw that she could really use a light trim. She went over to Allie and sat down in the chair and told her what she wanted. In the end Mia's time in the salon took as much as Amon's. She had gotten a light trim and didn't really have a new hairstyle or anything, it was the same as before just a bit shorter. Instead of black and red slings in her hair she now had some new dark red slings intertwined with her brown hair, she had also gotten it a bit styled with some slight curls in her hair, making it look a bit wavy.. She bought some more hair dye so she could refresh the colour once it started to fade before she got over to Amon. "You look really nice" she smiled to him and studied his red hair. She then stepped out of the salon and looked around. Soon Mia saw a bookstore a bit away. She read quite a lot in her spare time so she could use some new books. "Let's go and look at some books!" she proposed with a smile and without even thinking she took his hand to get him to follow and started to walk. They soon reached the store and she let go of his hand and started to look at different books.
  10. Mia was somewhat amused by how flustered Amon seemed to get this day. She had never really seen him like that before, but it was quite cute and nice in a way. She was also a bit confused by it, but since it wasn't really harming anyone or seemingly making Amon annoyed she continued to 'enjoy' it. When he started to explain she got suprised and she started to blush as well when she heard what he said about Cara. "Y-yeah, she did wink at me...". Did Cara think there was something between her and Amon? They had kissed, but that was only to get her to swallow the pill without gaining too much attention. Though, she had gotten quite into that kiss and it had really made her feel better. Still, the thinking about it all made her all flushed. Well at the mall she began looking around, following Amon and listening to him as he pointed out the different stores to her. It seemed like a nice mall. She hadn't been at one in such a long time that most things were nice and good to her really. Once inside the salon Mia watched as Amon greated the manager. She blushed heavily as she heard Jasleen's question and shook her head slightly. "I'm not his girlfriend" she mumbled out. No matter if she wanted to be it or not she wasn't actually together with Amon. "But I would like some hair dye. A black one and some deep red as well". She gestured to her own coloured slings to refer to the colours she wanted and then looked at Amon again, smiling as she noticed how embarrassed he was again though she was still blushing too.
  11. Mia had expected Amon to react, the whole point of her touch was to try and make him 'wake up' and get otu of the car. But she hadn't expected her would react so strongly. Before she could even put one foot down on the ground outside, she felt Amon's hand ensnare her waist and pull her back against him into a tight hug. She let out a gasp of suprise, once again having no idea of what was going on or what was going to happen. Since she got so suprised, and since it was Amon and she didn't really feel threatened or anything, she didn't struggle. When she first felt him hug her, the thought that he just wanted to 'comfort' her some more popped up into her head but it quickly disappeared as he pinned her arms to her side and covered her eyes with his hand. She let out a slightly shaky breath as she heard his mutter into her ear. "Oh...Sorry" she mumbled out. Once let go of she looked at Cara that was seemingly having a great time watching Amon and her. She smiled a bit as well and then got out of the car. Following Amon to the map of the mall Mia listened to his apologizes. "You didn't hurt me or anything Amon, it's fine, you just suprised me" she reassured him before looking up at the map. To be honest, exactly where they went didn't matter too much, they didn't even have to start with looking for hair dye, but it was still a good place to start. "Well if you like that salon then it's good enough for me" she smiled. She started to walk towards the entrance and saw that Amon's face was still slightly flushed. She raised an eyebrow and couldn't help herself for asking about it. "Why did you blush so much just because I said thank you? I...I didn't embarass you did I?". Perhaps he had thought it was awkward that she had said it in front of Cara or something like that?
  12. Mia thought back to the times Amon had helped her. He had saved her from those men the first day they had met, and he had comforted her after she had killed someone for the first time. If she hadn't gotten that comfort then perhaps she would be a completetly different person now instead, and perhaps she would still be really haunted by it. He had helped her gathering information about the blackmail and blackmailer, and had helped save her from him, and now this. She owed him a lot and she was determined to try and return the favor somehow. She quickly noticed how flushed Amon became, and he was even stammering. She looked at him with a slightly confused, slightly suprised gaze, not really understanding why he was acting that way because of a simple 'thanks you'. A smile appeared on her lips as she saw Cara wink at her through the rear view window. Once they arrived she had undone her seatbelt before she noticed that Amon still seemed a bit flushed. "Hey, Amon?" she asked with a small smile. "We'e there now". To really get his attenton she gently touched his arm a bit and then she opened the car door and got outside.
  13. Mia's coloured black and red slings were showing her natural brown hair colour in the roots now and the black and red had become a bit 'faded', the red a bit lighter and some brown showing through it while the black were still pretty okay. She hadn't even thought about her hair during all this time and to be honest it wasn't the most important thing. But now when she remembered she wanted to buy some hair dye to redo it. She followed Amon out of the room and downstairs. She felt excited to leave the hotel and knowing that they had a place to go, they wouldn't just walk around without goal like sheh ad done when she was attacked. Now she felt pretty safe overall, she had Amon with her and he had said that it was an Umbra friendly place. Once in the car she looked at Amon and smiled a bit as he spoke. To be honest, what they ate wasn't what mattered the most to her. She was still just happy to have a change of scenary. "Well everything you mentioned sounds delicious, but I really like sushi so we could go there. I haven't eaten it in a long time": Since she never got to go out she had to have someone go and buy it for her or order delivery, and even that didn't happen too often. Mia looked out the window and brushed the coloured strands away from her face. She actually felt much better now than just ten minutes ago. She turned to look at Amon again. "Thanks for all this" she said with a small smile. "If it wasn't for you I know I would feel horrible right now. You have helped me a lot". (Yeah, welcome back to you too!)
  14. Mia guessed that was true. She hadn't completetly shut down, but she hadn't exactly done much besides just being in her room either. But she hadn't completetly frozen up so that was atleast something. But now she felt pretty excited to go and do something with Amon. She listened to him, a bit suprised by how many different suggestions he had. She wasnt' really sure what to pick since all of them sounded so good. She thought for a while. "Hm. All that sounds good and I guess we can do a lot of stuff in a month when we want to take it easy". She thought some more. "It's not so warm today so let's go to that mall, I need to pick up some hair dye, then maybe we could go to one of those restaurants you know for dinner?" she suggested to him. She opened up the doors to her walk in closet and picked out a pair of jeans and white shirt. She actually had a small smile on her face now, feeling pretty excited about it all. After changing in private to her clothes she was ready to go: She grabbed some money and her phone and turned to Amon. "Let's go" she smiled.
  15. Once Mia had brushed through her hair she started to put it up in a bun, listening to him while he did. He was right about her being stressed about the whole thing, because she really was. She felt stressed about everything and there were so much happening that she didn't know what to focus on or what to do anymore. If she could even do anything more than staying out of the way. She looked at him again and at first she thought he was going to say they could try to do some work like they had before the blackmail incident, perhasp try and find information or something like that. But then she heard what he actually said and she felt a bit suprised, but also relieved. She wanted to try and enjoy herself, it felt like a long time ago she actually had done it. There was an ashtray at her windowsill, filled with cigarette butts which showed how much she had been smoking those last days. Mia let out a small, but not really happy laugh as she heard him. "I've taken this pressure well? That must be a joke, right?". But she was still a bit happy that he seemingly thought so. She stood up from her chair and thought for a second before nodding with a faint smile. "Okay, let's do it. I've been in my room for way too long now". She was ready to go at any time, though if they were going somewhere she would perhaps just change her clothes but that wouldn't take long. "Do you have anything in mind?".