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  1. Great to hear! I'm still open so I'll shoot you a PM!
  2. Mia took a deep breath to try and calm herself down and thought about what had just happened. They had seemingly been able to get away from the thugs. Atleast that was what she hoped they had done. She felt afraid that the thugs would come storming into the house, cornerning them and then it would be over for her. Maybe they wouldn't have hurt her before, but now the thugs were surerly in rage and wouldn't care what happened to her or Feng. She let out a loud gasp as she heard a new voice, and quickly turned around to face a small girl. She looked very young, but the way she spoke and held herself seemed to suggest that she was older than Mia expected. She noticed her clothes, it looked like witch clothes, and that along with the staff in her hand convinced the young princess that Circe wasn't an ordinary little girl. She had met a witch before, and other persons and creatures that weren't human, so she wasn't frightened by that. But what she was confused by was that Circe knew her name. "Yes, I am Mia. But how do you know my name? And of my title?". She glanced at Feng, he didn't seem alarmed so she tried to relax a bit and hoped that Circe could explain things.
  3. Well it's a swedish holiday, so I understand your confusion! From the beginning it was a thing to welcome the summer but now it's mostly about eating good food (often boiled new potatoes and herring like I ate today), and drinking.
  4. The wound Mia had gotten was hurting a bit, but she didn't care about it at the moment. They needed to get away and get somewhere safe. But she had no idea where somewhere safe were. She didn't know this town, and it would be hard to lose the thugs. She counted on Feng and hoped he had an idea or atleast would keep going. She kept dragging Feng for a little bit before he became quicker than her and he started to drag her instead again. She heard the crowd around them scream and gasp, but she didn't take the time to look back or really look at Feng either, so she couldn't seei f they were gasping at anything more than them being chased around. She did hear the thugs yell at them though, she quickly looked back and saw that they were getting close again. One of them reached our his harm, trying to grab her arm, but just in that moment Feng pulled her closer and lifted her up into his arms, carrying her instead. She gasped out and wrapped an arm around his neck to keep herself up. They took several turns and she couldn't see the thugs anymore and before she knew it they were inside a house. Mia turned to look at her wound at her arm. It was bleeding slightly but she hoped it wasn't bad. She then looked back up at Feng and let out a small gasp, it was the first time she really noticed his fox features. If he hadn't just helped her, she would have been scared, but now she was just grateful towards him. She got down from his grip, shakily nodding. "I'm o-okay. You then?". The thugs couldn't have known where they had gone so she hoped they were safe now. "Where are we?".
  5. Mia was pretty sure that they would get out of this. After all, they had gotten away form the thugs once, so she was sure they were going to get away again. But she felt a slight panic as she saw the criminals. If they got their hands on her again, she was sure she would be quite badly hurt or maybe even killed so she couldn't run away again. She was to busy with trying to get away from the thugs that she didn't realize how close Feng was holding her. She just held onto his hand tightly, not wanting to let go of the boy that was her security at the moment. She didn't notice the blush that came up on his face and just continued to glance back at the thugs. That proved to be a bad idea. Just as she glanced back at the thugs, they looked in their direction and saw her face. "There!", the female orc shouted. Mia was struck with panic. She started moving quicker, almost dragging Feng now instead of him dragging her. They came out of the crowd a bit, but so did the thugs. She quickly turned around, still holding Feng's hand and started to run again. She heard a sound behind her and moved to the side a bit, but she wasn't quick enough. A knife that had been thrown had cut one of her arms, not too deep but for a rather sheltered girl like Mia, it was painful. She gasped out but continued to movie. "Where can we go?!".
  6. Mia hoped that they weren't as far away from Prato as she thought. She and the thugs had traveled for weeks, but she hoped that they somehow had just ended up close to her home again. But she knew that wasn't possible. Maybe her father had sent out someone to come and save her? She could start travel with Feng and then hopefully meet someone who would help her the rest of the way, or she could try and get in contact with her father. Her heart sunk a bit in disbelief as Feng said that he had never heard of her home. That meant that she was probably further from home than she had originally thought. They had to find a map or someone who knew the way. She let him take her hand and pulled her hood up as well. She didn't want the thugs to see her again. She followed Feng and glanced around a bit. Almost all people around them looked friendly atleast, she took it as a good sign. She continued to glance and gasped quite loudly suddenly. "I see them!" she said in a hushed tone. "To our left". She looked down at the ground, trying to not show her face.
  7. Mia knew that it would take several weeks to travel home, as it had taken several weeks to reach where she was now. She knew she couldn't travel alone though, even if she was told how to go, it would be dangerous for her. Those thugs could perhaps find her again. If they did that she was sure they would never let her get rescued again, perhaps they would even kill her. The thought almost made her shiver with fear. She just wanted to go home and be safe again. She didn't mind travels or going on small trips, but she had never been so far from home and without anyone she actually knew. She studied the boy. He looked to be around her age, though it was a bit hard to tell. She liked his hair, it was quite a pretty color, like some of the flowers that grew in the garden near the castle she lived in. He seemed like a quite nice and noble boy who had helped her. She smiled until she heard what he said and her expression turned a bit suprised as she found him a bit mean. "He is a king in everything but the blood. He rules Prato and takes care of it's people". She almost sounded a bit hurt as she spoke, like Feng had offended her somehow. "My home is in the most southern part of Prato, in the city of Lecce. I don't know the exact way to travel. I don't even know where I am right now". She sighed deeply and turned to look rather sad instead. "I just want to get home, will you please help me?".
  8. Just made and ate Sloppy Joe's for the first time! I really liked it, a nice change from a normal hamburger. Now I feel super american!
  9. Mia could understand that Feng would be a bit suprised and maybe even uncomfortable with her hug. But she had just not been able to help herself, she was so grateful and happy she had been freed that she wanted to express it somehow. It seemed even more noble as well to the young girl that Feng hadn't known who she actually was before rescuing her. He had just wanted to help. But what she couldn't understand was how tense he seemed to become, and even more confused. She started to become a bit confused as well, and now when the knowledge that she was actually free was beginning to sink in, she thought of something. How would she get home? She didn't know the ways and she had no supplies, money or anything with her. She took a deep breath and looked at Feng, getting an idea. "I was kidnapped by those thugs several weeks ago. I must be so far from home. My father is...not a king but almost. He rules the area where we live. People usually call me Princess Mia because of that". She then bit her lip slightly. "I need to get home. But I can't do that alone. If you would be so kind to help me get back then I promise it will be worth your time". Her brown eyes turned a bit begging at the end.
  10. Mia felt adrenaline surge through her whole body. She was very tired, but the fear of being found by the thugs and the pure relief that she was free for the moment kept her going. She waited as the boy peeked out from the wall. When he said that they were safe for the moment she sighed out in relief and became much less tense. She was actually free. All the thoughts about her wanting a 'real' warrior to save her were completetly gone. Instead of accepting his handshake she couldn't help herself, she wrapped her arms around him, almost jumping him as she hugged him tightly. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she said. "I was sure they were going to kill me...". She then realised what she was doing and stood straight, taking a small step away from him and blushed slightly in embarrasment. "My name is Mia Ciolino. I guess since you don't know my name, my father didn't send you?". If her father had sent someone she was quite sure it would have been a big, muscular warrior. "I promise that you will be rewarded for helping me, Feng" she promised with a smile. She knew her father would reward him handsomely.
  11. Ideally Mia would have liked a big, strong and seasoned warrior to save her. Someone who was capable of getting her out and dealing with the thugs if needed. But now she couldn't choose or wait for someone better. If she didn't escape now, perhaps she wouldn't live to the morning. She held out her tied hands as far as she could, trying to make it as easy as possible for the boy to cut the ropes off. As her hands became free she didn't waste any time to try and get over, and that combined with the boy dragging her by the hand got her out of the window before the thugs could get over to them. She didn't need much encouragement to start running with the boy. She ran as quickly as she could beside him, holding onto his hand tightly like letting it go would mean death. Which it probably could in this situation. Her long, dark brown hair was whipping in the wind as they ran and she realized she probably looked rather ungraceful and rough at that moment. But she quickly pushed that thought away, it didn't matter. When the boy grinned slightly at her, she smiled back, a bit out of breath. It wasn't often she ran, and while she was slim she was in rather bade shape physically. "Are we safe?" she asked him, looking behind them as they moved.
  12. Mia thought about trying to get some sleep. If she ever got a chance to escape from these thugs she couldn't be exhausted. She hoped she wouldn't have to escape from them herself and instead be saved by someone. But she was beginning to doubt that more and more. What she didn't doubt was that her father would pay the ransom, she knew he would and maybe had already done it already. But what she doubted was if the money would reach the thugs or if they wouldn't let her go despite getting the money. Maybe they would kill her then. Just as dread began to fill her, she heard something, or rather someone. She then felt something light hit her shoulder. She looked up and at first she almost wanted to cry out of pure relief. Someone was there, someone to help her. But then her hopes sunk down again, he looked so young and she doubted if he could actually help her. But she didn't have much of a choice now. She was just about to try and move closer when the thugs looked towards her. She moved in the other direction, making it look like she was trying to get herself comfortable. Once they looked back she breathed out quietly and then started to try and move slowly towards the window and her freedom. She managed to reach it without getting the attention of the thugs. She reached out her tied hands to the boy so he could help her get over or just do something atleast. "Hey!". One of the thugs had turned to look at her and saw both her and the boy. Mia panicked and her usually tan skin turned rather pale. She tried to get over the window but heard a sound come against her. She just managed to move to the side as a throwing knife embedded itself into the wall.
  13. It was a fairly regular day in Predator's Keep. Or as normal as it could get anyway. People of all kind were taking care of their businesses, working or just taking a walk. Among them walked four persons that tried to blend in as good as they could. In the front walked a human man, looking quite rough with muscles showing and a sword and other weapons strapped to his back and belt. In the back walked another human man and a female orc, dressed in the same fashion. The person that stuck out the most was a human female in the front, walking arm in arm with the man. She looked rather small compared to the rest of the group and she was almost dragged by the man instead of walking beside him. She wasn't as roughly dressed, she wore dark blue flat shoes, a rather expensive and decorated dress in a matching color and had long coat on with the hood pulled up to cover her face a bit. The female's name was Mia. Several weeks ago she had been kidnapped by some thugs, as she had been on a walk with her cousins. Ever since, she had been forced to travel almost all the time. They had barerly never stopped, She wasn't sure how far away from her home she was now. Probably so far that no one would know who she was if she asked around and told people her name. Back in her home she was rather famous, she was a princess, or as good as one anyway. Her father wasn't king, but ruled her home town and the surrounding places. That plus the fact that her father had always called her princess as a nickname, made her into a princess. But now she wished she wasn't one. Those thugs had kidnapped her just because of that. She was lucky that they were just after ransom money and not wanted to hurt her father by killing her. Mia knew she could try to run. She was surrounded by people that could help her. But she was too scared to try again. Several times during their travels she had tried to run away, or tried to make the thugs let her go. Each time they had either laughed at her and mocked her, or threatened her. After moving through the town for a while, the thugs stopped in front of a small building that looked almost abandoned and opened the door. It was quite dark inside, but not empty. There were furniture in there. Once the door was closed the man let go of his grip on her and instead got some piece from his pack, tying her hands in front of her before pushing her towards a bed. Mia sunk down on it and took a shaky breath. She threw her head back a bit so the hood would fall off. It felt like heaven to sit down in a bed like that since she had been walking quite a lot and slept on the hard ground. Please pay the ransom father, she thought and took another shaky breath. I need someone, something to get me out of here. She didn't dare to think about what would happen to her if the thugs never got their money.
  14. I just spent 10 minutes trying to remember what something was called in english, finally gave up and googled. Arm in arm.