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  1. Evelyn hadn't expected him to start carrying her again, so she let out a small gasped as he sweeped her off her feet. Literally. She looked up at him and smiled as she heard him. She was tired, so she didn't protest. It was getting quite warm as well. Once in the bathroom she stood up once he put her down and she nodded to him about cleaning herself. She was about to start running the water when she saw the sly smirk on his face and heard how he teased her. She blushed quite a lot as she and didn't know what to say at all. She knew he was teasing her, but she still no idea how to respond to it. "W-well, do what you want" she finally mumbled out, blushing even more.
  2. Evelyn had expected him to put her down so she could walk herself. But she didn't complain as he continued to carry her back to the shore. She was placed in the sand and took the towel he offered her. She stood up, walking back to the water for a short moment as she washed away some she had gotten on her legs before she wrapped the towel around herself and walked up to him. "Hm...Well maybe we can just sit on the porch, if it won't be too warm to you. Or go inside". She didn't want to say it, but hse was getting rather tired, since they had done a lot that day. She didn't have the energy left to do something more special.
  3. Evelyn continued to splash at him, intending to get the demon completetly soaked. But she stopped as he raised his hands in surrender. She still laughed a bit though, a playful smirk on her face as she looked at him. When he dove in she relaxed and closed her eyes, turning her face up to the sun. It felt quite nice against her wet skin. If she spent enough time on the beach she would hopefully become less pale, she hoped so atleast. She hoped she would be outside a lot in the water as well since she lived just at the beach now. Since she had her eyes closed, she didn't see what Rafael did, so when he lifted her up she let out a suprised gasp. He had almost scared her, but just almost. She laughed again and looked up at him. "Very funny" she said, but she was still smiling. She splashed some water on him again before relaxing, looking up at him. The water was really nice, but now when he lifted her up a bit she started to get quite cold. "Let's go back to the beach" she suggested.
  4. Evelyn decided to make the best out of the time they had left. Being a bit playful and teasing was a perfect way to spend their last time together. It was just plain fun. She tried to splash as much water on him as possible, to really get him suprised. It seemed to work as well as she heard him yelp. She let out a small laugh and quickly took a step back. But she didn't get far before he splashed water back at her. She quickly splashed more at him and continued to laugh. After that she moved a bit closer, trying to get more water on him. If she had been a little bit cold before, she wasn't now after moving around so much in the water.
  5. Evelyn stepped further out into the water. When she had lived in the library she hadn't washed herself so much, but when she had done it she had used the rivers in the forests. That hade been much more cold than this, so she found the water quite pleasant after all. Especially since she was rather warm. She continued to go further until it reached up to her chest. She couldn't go out as far as Rafael, since he was so much taller than her. She smiled as she heard him and looked over at the demon. "I think it's warm". She dipped her arms in a bit deeper to get a bit more used to it before she dunked her head underneath the water. Once getting up she moved her wet hair out of her face. She saw how grumpy Rafael seemed to be by the water, and got an idea. She had a playful smile as she splashed some water up on him.
  6. Evelyn followed him out of the restaurant. She saw the water as well and waved a bit and smiled before they got out of the restaurant completetly. She closed her eyes as the pentagram started to form and soon they were back at the beach. She had almost always been freezing before, since the asylum wasn't too great when it came to heat and she hadn't really had heat in the library either. So now when she finally got to feel some warmth, she loved it. The sun was also something she really liked, just because it provided that warmth and brightness. Though it was beginning to almost get a bit too hot in the clothes she was wearing. It wasn't exactly a summer dress and since she had the shawl as well on it made it even warmer. When he suggested heading in she didn't mind it too much and was about to start walking when he stopped and looked down at her. She smiled as he suggeted taking a dip in the ocean. It sounded perfect right then. "I think that will be quite nice". She wasn't sure about how warm the water was, but since it was quite warm outside she guessed it was fine. She then looked down at her clothes. She knew they hadn't bought any bathing suits or anything for her before. But it shouldn't be a problem. She headed to the house and unlocked it with her key before stepping inside. She headed to her bedroom where she found the bag with her clothes. She quickly got the dress and the shawl off, remaining in just her underwear. She found a very simple shirt she put on before stepping out of her shoes. She checked the bathroom and found two towels and took them outside to Rafael. "I think I'm good to go now" she smiled and handed him a towel before placing hers in the sand. She started to walk towards the water and soon it started to splash up against her legs. It was a little bit chilly, but not enough for it to be unpleasant.
  7. Evelyn was happy she had managed to ask that last request of him. She wasn't sure when they would part ways, but since he did all of this, she had a feeling it would be very soon. It made her very sad and she almost wanted to beg him to not leave when the time came. But she knew he had to. She was just so grateful she had been able to meet him and spend the time with him that she had done. She would never forget it. She saw that he was sighing and she felt concerned for a second before she asked his question. "That sounds good" she said with a faint smile. She stood up from the table and waited for him to join her. She guessed they would be teleporting to her home so she waited for him to go over to her. It was a bit strange to think that she actually had a home now, but it was also a very nice thought that warmed her.
  8. Evelyn was still blushing. She knew it was a bit of an awkward thing to ask. But she had to. During the short time they had known each other, a lot of things had happened and it had changed her forever. He had been everything she had needed, and she guessed she had started to fall for him quite quickly. Though who wouldn't fall for him with his charm? She wanted to atleast have one kiss. When she heard his question she shrugged. "I doubt I'll have a future lover or a special someone" she said, not really sounding sad though. She wasn't sure about it yet, but she doubted she would be able to find someone. Perhaps she could find friends atleast, that was her goal now. She then smiled faintly again as she saw his grin. "Thanks". She looked out through the window, watching the sun before looking back at him. "The food was delicious, thanks again".
  9. Evelyn raised an eyebrow in suprise as she heard about the waiter. She had thought he seemed quite professional even if he looked quite young. But now when she heard more about him she guessed he was some sort of demon as well. She realized that Rafael was probably much older than he looked as well. Perhaps he had lived hundreds of years already? She continued to eat and felt happy until she heard his sad tone and what he said. She would never forget him. How was that even possible? She didn't say anything about that then and just nodded to his question about fixing up her house. A while later, when she had finished her food and her wine she took a deep breath and looked at him. "I know we are probably running out of time right now. But when you have to go, can you grant one last wish for me?". She seemed quite serious, but also a bit embarrassed as she started to blush slightly. "I would like to be kissed before you go, just once. So I know what it feels like". She doubted anyone would ever really fall for her, and she had become more attached to him then she thought from the beginning. So she wanted one kiss.
  10. Evelyn really liked it, and managed to push away any bad feelings she might have for the moment. She jsut wanted to enjoy that with him, make it something she could remember. She smiled as he took her hand and nodded to him. "I'm happy you're my first date too". She hadn't wanted anyone else. She continued to meet his gaze, feeling happy in that moment. She didn't need much to do when he was around, his company was enough to make her feel calm and happy. When the waiter arrived again she leaned back as well and looked at the silver platter. She had no idea what the food could be, having never been on a restaurant like that before, but she wasn't disappointed by what they got. It looked very good. She studied the food before looking up at the waiter as he talked to her. "Oh, Okay. Thanks" she said with another smile and grabbed the wine glass,taking a small sip before looking at Rafael. "Very nice, you seem to know each other" she commentated before she started to it. It had not only looked good, it was delicious as well. She had to stop herself from making humming sounds from how tasty she found it. "This is amazing!" she exclaimed after washing down some meat with some more wine. "All of this is amazing" she then added with a bright smile. "You didn't have to do any of this for me. I would have been just as happy just being in your home". She was grateful though, just because he had one the extra bit he made her even more happy.
  11. Evelyn had for a second thought to do something with her hair, but had decided not to. She had never really done it before and didn't want to take too much time, and she was afraid that it wouldn't turn out too well either. But all those thoughts disappeared as she saw Rafael. He didn't look too different, but looked a bit more formal than usual, which honestly just made him even more handsome in her eyes. She smiled as he moved some hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. She nodded to him before letting him teleport them. She hadn't really had time to think about where they were going or anything like that. But a restaurant sounded quite logical to go to. She followed him inside and looked up at the waiter who seemed to know Rafael. She didn't question it though and continued to follow them deeper into the restaurant until they were in some sort of small garden. Once she was sitting down she smiled towards Rafael. "It's really nice!" she said, sounding quite happy. "I'ven eve been to a restaurant like this before". She looked around the place they were sitting in a bit. "It's really beautiful here. But I'm just happy that I'm here with you" she said with a small smile. Still, despite being so happy she also felt sad, she didn't truly know it, but she had a feeling that they were running out of time as well. There was one last, small thing she wanted to do before that happend. But she wouldn't mention it until their date was over. Until then she would just enjoy herself as much as possible.
  12. In some strange kind of way, Evelyn felt a second of pity for the doctor. Mostly just because she had been in that position herself, when someone had forced an unknown substance into her with a syringe. But that pity disappeared as she remembered that he had been the one that many times had done that to her. This was nothing more than revenge. She watched as Rafael stabbed the syringe into the doctor and started to inject the poison into him. It took seconds before he was dead. A small smile adorned her lips and she looked back at Rafael again. "Thank you" she said softly to him, now having a much less dark smile. She didn't get to say much more before he tugged her upstairs back to his room and then into the bathroom. She didn't get to protest or anything before he had closed the door. Not that she would protest though. She undressed and got into the shower, cleaning herself quickly as he wanted. Once done she stepped out and dried herself off and brushed her hair before getting dressed. She made sure that the brooch was fastened before she existed the bathroom. "I'm done" she called out, smiling. She was happy he seemed to have a plan. Because she didn't anymore. She hadn't realized it herself, but know that she had her goal fullfilled, she had no idea what to do with her life more than surviving.
  13. Evelyn watched him as he grabbed a syringe filled with a dark purple liquid. She had honestly no idea what the liquid could be. But since it was down tehre in the basement, she was sure it was something she never wanted injected into herself. She wanted to punish and kill the doctor by how he had tortured her before, with strange medicines and needles. But just looking at the syringe made her heart beat a bit faster, it brought back many horrible memories that she never wanted to remember again. She managed to snap out of it though before she got more upset, she knew she couldn't get upset just yet. She listened to Rafael talking about what the poison would do, it sounded good enough for her. She nodded, the smile still on her face. "That sounds perfect". Then the doctor would always experience the same feeling of not be able to fince peace that she had done since she couldn't remember anything. It sounded more than fitting to her. "It's good enough" she confirmed again.
  14. Evelyn nodded to Rafael and listened to him. She had heard a lot about hell. There had been some religious people in the asylum when she had been there, and even if she had never really met them herself she had heard them scream about hell and the devil a lot. Though she had never really thought too much about it herself. She watched the small crated he created and tried to imagine it all. It sounded quite horrible. It was still a bit hard for her to udnerstand that they were actually in hell right now. It sounded so strange and absurd in a way, but after all Rafael was a demon. When he was finished describing it all to her and asked her what she wanted she was quiet for a long while and just started to think. She looked at the doctor. He looked quite pathetic now in a way, but she hadn't really done much to him yet. He deserved much worse. But she was tired of it all. She didn't want anything more to do with him. So she finally made her mind up. "Kill him". She then looked around, how should he be killed? Then she got an idea and a sadistic smile spread across her face. "Do you have any syringes? Perhaps you can use them in some way?".
  15. Evelyn knew that couldn't just let the doctor go atleast. She would feel paranoid that he might come after her again, or summon some guards from the asylum to do that instead. She wanted him dead. But her determination about doing it herself had weakened. She wasn't sure if that's waht she wanted to do anymore. She wasn't sure if a rat like him deserved to even die a quick death. But she did want to get rid of him. She looked up at Rafael as he offered to kill him. She bit her lip hard and continued to listen to him. What he said in the end confused him. "What do you mean? How would you get him accustomed?".