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  1. After having gone through so much pain in her life already, Evelyn didn't want any more pain, She didn't wanted his mother to not approve of them and even try to get her away. But she knew that she would get through anything if she just had Rafael by her side. Him being so close to her and even showing her such signs of affection felt wonderful. For the past year she had gotten affection from others, but in a friendly mannor, but nothing compared to him. She was very happy that he had come back to visit her, otherwise she would have perhaps felt like something was missing for the rest of her life. "I don't know really, I haven't really travelled before" she said and thought for a moment. She knew no special places she wanted to go herself, but she remembered something her friends had talked about. "What about Italy? Or France? I've heard both of them are so beautiful. Or maybe someplace warmer? Like the Carribiean?" she then suggested, though she didn't know if he would like the heat that much. She then nodded to him and squeezed his hand before raising an eyebrow. "A present? Do you mean that I have to come with you to grab it? I'm ready at any time". Then when they got back she would have to pack a bag with clothes, make sure someone looked over her house while she was gone and she would probably have to quit her job as well, or atleast go on a vacation.
  2. Evelyn was a bit shocked to hear that his own mother would do that to her son. She had enver known her parents, or she had once upon a time, but she couldn't remember them now. But from what she had learned then her parents would have loved her. She had seen her friend's parents, they were all kind and loved htier own children, even if they sometimes were a bit harsh with them. But maybe demons were different. She nodded quickly to Raphael as he warned her about his mother. "I won't go near her, and I wont look into her eyes, I promise" she told him, guling slightly as he seemed so tense and dark for a moment. When he relaxed she relaxed as well and sighed out deeply before smiling faintly. "That's all I need. I just hope someday she gives up". She moved a little bit closer to him and smiled more. "But let's go out and have ourself a trip around the world. I need to do a few things, but it would at most take a day before I'm ready to go".
  3. Evelyn continued to be lit up as he told her he could take her out to explore the world. She would love that so much and could really just go at any time. She probably needed to tell one of her friends to look after the house for her, and she had to quite her job at the inn, but otherwise she was good to go. She had some money she could bring and some supplies, but with him she would always have what she needed. Her appearance changed quite a lot as they spoke about his mother. She sighed a bit and continued to listen to him. "Even if I met her and convinced her that I really cared about you?". But she knew that his mother would probably not change anyway. She sighed a bit but her eyes grew wider as he mentioned the demons and why they were sent here. "Kill us? Would your own mother really do that?". She gulped, feeling very uneasy by that fact. "Do you still want to be with me, despise that?" she asked him, meeting his gaze. "I mean, your mother must be angry at you for this...".
  4. Evelyn lit up a bit as he told her that. "Really? That would be really nice!". He was the only person she truly wanted to spend time with now, and going aorund the world would be much easier with him as well since he could fly and do some other things. She turned her face to the sun for a moment, just enjoying that moment with him. She then began to listen to him as he told her about his mother. "Why doesn't she approve?" she wondered, feeling a little brought down by it. "Doesn't she like me?". She had never met his mother, but he didn't seem to like her. "Let's just run away. Just the two of us going around the world" she said, though mostly as a joke before smiling again. "What does those demons want? Just to check on us?".
  5. Evelyn continued to look at him with a slightly raised eyebrow to continue to tease him. But she didn't manage to tease him much, he was much better at that game after all. She listened to him and nodded, getting a bit curious as he mentioned his mother. "Why do you need to keep an eye on your mother? Does she get herself in trouble? Or do she get others in trouble?". She was still unaware that the demons that had attacked them were sent from his mother. She shrugged as she heard his question."Not really. I've worked, been with friends, relaxed. I've enjoyed quite a bit of time out in the sun". She wasn't as pale as she used to be, and she wasn't as skinny either. "For a while I've thought about travelling though, from the beginning I wanted to go with Benjamin and some of the others. But now I'm not sure...". She wanted to see the world a bit, that was for sure.
  6. Evelyn relaxed as they sat outside to eat breakfast. She poured some tea up for herself and took some of the food she had brought out and started to eat. It was nice to just have some alone time with him. So far, they had only had drama. Before she had remembered who he was she had just been confused and scared, and at the party it had only been drama with Michelle and Ben. Now they could finally have some peace. "Yeah, it's really nice" she smiled and took a sip of her tea. "I love sitting here in the mornings. It's almost even better to sit here in the evening though and watch the sun set". She finished her breakfast and turned to him. "So, what have you been up to besides turning down the succubus?" she asked him, with a slightly teasing smile.
  7. Evelyn furrowed her brows as she heard him. A demon sent there to kill him? A demon was troubling enough, but someone who wanted to harm him made her quite worried but also angry. Now when she finally had him again she wouldn't let go that easily and would make sure to protect him. Though, could she protect him? SHe wasn't so strong nor did she have any of the powers he did. She shook off her worried appearance though and smiled towards him. "I'm not in the mood for visiting my friends. What about just a day here by the beach? We can eat breakfast outside". She started making breakfast, boiling water for tea and coffee, cutting bread and finding some cheese she had. Soon enough she had assembled a tray that she filled with the different things and started to carry outside. After putting down the tray on her porch she sat down beside it, starting to eat some. "I love the mornings here. It's so beautiful..." she mumbled out, smiling as she looked over the beach.
  8. The young girl had been through quite a bit those last couple of weeks. While the thugs had never actually really hurt her, they had several times threatened to hurt her or worse. She had been so scared all the time, scared that she would never see her home again. Seeing such a friendly, smiling face as Circe's and knowing that she would get help so she could get home made her feel much better. The princess hadn't felt this lighthearted since before she had been kidnapped. Once she was home again she was going to make sure to give Feng whatever he wanted, money, trinkets, whatever. She would make sure he had enough to give to Circe as well. She looked with big eyes as a vine brought the map over to their table and spread it out. She studied it, soon seeing the name of her kingdom as well. She smiled towards Circe, a few weeks would pass quickly, especially if they were moving. "Thanks" she said again, taking the map as it was offered to her. She rolled it together and was about to ask when they could leave when it started to knock on the door. She gasped out, feeling fear fill her again. She was sure it was the thugs. How had they found her so quickly? Mia didn't need to be told twice by Feng, she got up and headed for the door. But she turned her head, seeing Circe stand there alone, she hoped she would be okay. But the witch seemed able to handle herself. "Thank you" she whispered before she and Feng disappeared through the door. Mia held onto the map tightly, not wanting to lose it.
  9. Mia needed help, a lot of it. Not only would she need someone to help her get back to her home, she also probably needed to borrow some money for food and other supplies. Of course she would make sure they were compensated and rewarded once they reached their destination, but she still knew it was a lot to ask someone. If they couldn't help her get back, she needed to find an embassy or a court she could ask for help. They would probably know about her, or atleast her father. They often had guests from all around the world so she hoped so atleast. As the witch replied, the girl's eyes lit up with happiness. But she held herself back a bit. She didn't want to possibly scare away the little witch and make her regret her decision to help her. She stood up and followed Circe to the viny door. It looked old since there were so many vines all over it. She let out a gasp of wonder as the vines retreated as soon as the witch touched the door. Mia walked inside and looked around. The room was beautiful, she loved all the books and the atmosphere, it made her feel like she was in some kind of half library, half nature room. The girl sat down on the chair the witch had offered and looked at her own arm. She had forgotten about the wound, being so caught up with everything else. It didn't really hurt, but there was still a small open wound. She gave her arm to Circe, wondering what she was going to do. She had heard of healing magic, but never witnessed it herself. As the wound started to mend itself together, she let out another gasp of amazement. "This is...amazing!" she exclaimed. "I've never seen magic at work like this before". There were magic in her kingdom as well, but not so much in the castle. "Thank you" she then added with a smile. "Well...Several weeks ago, I was kidnapped by those thugs. They wanted money from my father, but they also threatened to kill me several times. They took me further and further, north? I think, until we got here and Feng helped me get away and got me here. I don't know how far from home I am, but it must be an awfully long distance...". She bit her lip a bit. "I just want to get home again".
  10. Anna badly wanted to know if there had been anything she had ever done that was the reason for her being hunted. But there seemed to be none. Was it just because she was a witch? She knew some other witches weren't hunted, but most of them worked for others who protected them though. She smiled faintly to him and thought for a second. She didn't really like asking people to do things for her, but she did need help. "First, what's your name?" she asked. She smiled a bit more. "My name is Anna". After he had told her his name she bit her lip a bit. "I want to return to my home, but I know that if I do that now then someone else will come after me. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you help me investigate why they are hunting me? And stop them from doing it?".
  11. Anna watched him place his hand above her ankle. She tried to relax, after all it really seemed like he wanted to help her. But she couldn't help but to be a bit anxious and distressed. After all, a minute ago she was sure he was going to capture her or maybe kill her. Now he was helping her. It was a drastic change and she needed some time to truly make sureh e wouldn't hurt her. As he finished his spell she moved her ankle a bit, it didn't hurt anymore and looked okay. She then looked up at him and listened. Why did people believe she was dangerous? She had never done anything to anyone, why would someone lie like that? "I...I don't know. I try to not practice magic as much as I can. Just so people won't know I'm a witch. I mostly stay in my house and only go to town to sell and buy things. I'm peaceful". She took his hand and got up, brushing some dirt off her clothes. "Did anyone tell you what I 'have done'? What did they say?" she asked, still seeming quite distressed. If other people were still hunting her, she couldn't return home.
  12. Anna knew that she could try to use a spell to defend herself. After all, this man already knew she was a witch anyway. But she was still hesitant to do it. Even if it was about protecting herself, she didn't want to hurt anyone. She was also not so sure she would be able to do a spell that would protect her, she wasn't very good at magic, and she was afraid that it would backfire. She stared up at the man, her green eyes big and scared. Though...She could see that he was charging a healing spell. Why would he do that? She thought for a moment. If he was truly out to hurt her, he would have done so already. She had to trust him, she just hoped she wasn't too naive now. "O-okay". She stopped crawling backwards and sat down completetly again, showing him her ankle. "But...why did you hunt me from the beginning?".
  13. Anna quickly sat up after falling down to the ground. Since there were a bunch of roots everywhere, the fall hadn't been anywhere near pleasant and her body was aching a bit. She tried to stand up but quickly sat down again, her ankle hurt quite badly. It wasn't broken, she could feel that, just a bit twisted. She knew she could fixed that. One of the few sort of spells Anna was quite adapt at was healing spells, atleast minor ones. She could fix herself up, if she only had time. She didn't even had time to try and limp away before the hunter was upon her. But instead of capturing her or killing her, he knelt down beside her and asked if she was fine. Anna stared at him, not able to believe that he was truly asking that. She was sure he was the one that hunted her though, he looked like the right type. Instead of answering his question she began to crawl backwards, looking quite frightened. "Don't come near! Please! I've done no harm!" she begged.
  14. Anna just knew something was wrong. Her magic powers weren't always the best. Or well they were fine but she never practiced almost so she didn't know too many spells. But she was still good at feeling her surroundings and trusted her gut feeling quite often. That had helpe her before. So when she felt that something was close, she knew it truly was. She tried to move as quickly as possible while also being quiet. It turned out to be rather difficult but she would rather be quiet and a bit slower for a while than getting caught by hunters. The bad feeling grew stonger though, and she glanced over her shoulder. There, for just a second, she saw someone before they disappeared from her line of sight. She gasped out and then started to run. She tried to run as quickly as she could. After a little while she glanced back again, though that proved to be a bad idea. Just as she did so, she ran past a tree. It's roots were a bit above the ground, and her foot got caught in one. The redhaired witch fell to the ground, landing with an 'oumph'.
  15. Mia was worried about Feng and she didn't want him to be hurt because of two reasons. 1. If he got too hurt he couldn't help her. 2. She didn't like seeing people get hurt without an explanation. She stood up after Feng had gotten up. She looked back at Circe. From the beginning she had thought Feng had just entered the first best house, but it was clear to her now that the fox boy and the witch knew each other. She watched the two of them until Feng pointed at her. Mia looked at Circe again and nodded. "We...Well, I, need help". She sighed deeply. "I'm probably terribly far from my home in Lecce. I don't know the way back, I need someone to give me directions, or can come with me". She knew she couldn't go alone, she wouldn't make it then she was sure of it. "Will you please help me?" she asked. Her brown eyes that normally were quite big turned a bit bigger, she didn't mean to look so begging but she was truly in trouble.
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