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  1. I'm Back & Whatnot

    Thanks! Looking forward to getting back into it! :)
  2. I'm Back & Whatnot

    haha Thank you, I'm going to need it xD
  3. I'm Back & Whatnot

    Ah, same! I remember you as well! :) See you around!
  4. I'm Back & Whatnot

    A trend I intend to squash. This'll be my final attempt to return from the infinity of real life, because I intend on sticking around this time. Huzzah. Missed everyone :) Time to see what's changed and what's new!
  5. Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!

  6. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    Hey guys, I know it's SO surprising that I did not yet post.. argh. I apologize. my career is a wild beast. Good news is that I have a 3 hour block of time later this afternoon where I am determined to get a post up! Blocking off my calendar now so I can make this happen ^^ Who says you can't schedule time to be creative..
  7. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    Sure will! I will post tonight :] Also @CodieneAngel LOLOL 'Fake-Lynn'
  8. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    Lloryn is most certainly not the cuddly type. lol but that shouldnt stop you from posting whatever. his reaction will be his own xD
  9. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    I did itttttt. :) Also, this infiltrator is a professional asshole, and very good at hiding his intentions/himself - so unless your character has a ridiculous ability, no one should really be able to tell immediately that Mae isn't Mae. This guy is one of my new characters, and I figured this would be a fun time to introduce him into the world. No character sheet quite yet, but his name is Lloryn if anyone would like to know. He was not part of the group that has been stuck in the room under the other Corporal's command. He's totally separate, fyi.
  10. The Twilight Zone (The Tower) (SPOOK WARNING)

    Not once did Mae stir from her sleep when she was moved from her initial resting spot. It were as though something had taken ahold of her consciousness, and the feeling continued. As Mae lay in slumber on the floor, gated by the couches, she awoke in her dreams. She rose slowly from the floor, realizing quickly that she was the only one in the room. But that wouldn’t last long. A sudden hand, appearing alone in the air with no body behind it, wrapped itself around the elf’s neck and lifted her from her feet, its grip tight enough to inhibit speaking – or breathing for that matter. “You’ve been sitting pretty in that body you have there for a while, haven’t you?” Her supposed assailant spoke, the voice of a haggard man. Unable to respond, Mae could only claw and pull at the disembodied hand, watching and struggling in silence as the rest of an arm, then the form of a hooded man, appeared before her. “I have some unfinished business waiting for me on the other side of this world’s fence, and I have waited far too long for an opportunity to get out of here to simply allow you to pass without taking advantage of it.” Mae tried to speak as she shook her head, gasping for air, but no words would come; her vocal chords were crushed under the vice-grip this apparition had on her. With his free hand, the man would remove his hood, revealing a head of short, white hair and a notable scar down the center length of his face. Whatever had happened to him must have been painful – and for a moment, despite the situation, Mae found herself wishing she could speak with this angry spirit instead of attempting to fight him off. The feeling didn’t last long. The man pulled Mae closer to him, her body still dangling inches from the floor, “I wonder what it’ll be like – you know – being a young woman.” He cracked a small, predatory smile, which was quickly met by a swift kick to the abdomen by the priestess. By reflex, the man released Mae, who collapsed onto the floor with her hands around her neck. Wordlessly, the apparition took hold of her once more, this time by the shoulders, and slammed her into the wall of covered picture frames. She fell to the floor below them, and could see from over the man’s shoulders that her body still laid quietly on the floor behind the couches. She would have no access to weapons as a spirit, and the intense fatigue of her soul from the room’s atmosphere left her nearly defenseless in this moment. “You don’t need to do this – I can help –“ The man laughed, cutting her off, before ripping the cover on the picture frames from the wall above her. The revealed portraits of people, all by themselves, most staring blankly into the viewers eyes – some screaming, other frames nothing but a wall of black. One of the deadpan faces, she noticed, belonged to the man attempting to steal her body. Mae’s brow furrowed, “What are these?” “These –“ the man grabbed her by the arm, picking her up roughly from the floor, and shoved her face into the frame he was pictured in. Mae’s head did not slam against the wall, however. Instead, she found herself suffocating in a void of total darkness. Her body began to writhe under the stress, but the apparition held her there, as one might hold another underwater. He spoke as she struggled, “These are the fine paintings of the many who’ve come before you, and before I, and so on and so on, you get it. See, I don’t belong here. There’s a lot waiting for me back in Terrenus. Eternity’s a long time for you to get trapped here – but honestly, how could I pass up the opportunity of an unstable soul waltzing right by me? Have things changed that much in Terrenus, where they would let someone of such an unnatural degree become a priestess? Lucky for me I guess. I'm not questioning it.” Her movements slowed, and within a few minutes, she’d been sucked into the frame, her expressionless portrait replacing that of this mans. She watched from the frame, unable to move or speak, as the man approached and smiled at her. “Thanks for the body. Good luck.” Without so much as a second glance, the man turned from the frame, moseyed happily over to her sleeping body, and laid himself into her frame. When ‘Mae’ would awake, there would be little immediate signs of any difference. She would still appear as Mae, the pictures on the wall would show undisturbed from their cover, giving no indication of the struggle Mae had experienced in her dream state. The priestess’ body sat up from its resting state with a resounding gasp, as though it’d been years since she’d breathed. Meanwhile, trapped within the painting, Mae was silently screaming, unable to communicate or send any signal that her body was no longer hers. She prayed to Gaia that this imposter would not hurt her comrades.
  11. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    Yep. so.. as you can imagine, I have been delayed.. I was at work late last night -_- I should just never promise posts before Wednesdays. TONIGHT I will post after I cook dinner. It's mostly complete, just need to finish it up!
  12. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    Hey guys! I'll be posting tonight. I was super busy this weekend and yesterday thanks to work and weather!
  13. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    on it B]
  14. The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    yall can try waking mae up if you want, but good luck cause I need her asleep for my next post. /grin