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  1. MOBS tournament lobby

    Word :) No worries!
  2. MOBS tournament lobby

    @Fennis Ursai I’m going to post up a thread tonight if I don’t hear from ya!
  3. Consider the roots of a tree

    “Someone’s been hurt here.” The elf had previously been staring at the sky above them, taking note of some cloud cover she didn’t recall being there previously. At Yates’ statement, her attention diverted back down to their level, just in time for Kai to brush into Mae. He jumped at the interaction, sending Mae into a split-second panic, her mind beginning to piecing together contingency plans just in the event someone fell over the edge. Unsure she could pull off the feat of catching a person mid-air, mid-fall, she opted to try and calm the source of any tensions or fear instead. “Woah,” A pair of gloved hands gently rested on either of Kai’s upper arms as he jolted away from her. Mae didn’t need her empathetic senses to notice the bundle of nerves he was attempting to hide. She could see the spore he was holding crumbling under his grip and used it as an opportunity, “I have something to hold that with, if you’d like to hand it to me. But first, you have to stop crushing it.” She smiled and hoped her light-hearted joke would help ground any worry or concern he might be experiencing. In the midst of their exchange, her hopeful smile suddenly gave way to unease. She stood away from Kai and slowly turned to face the edge of the platform on which they stood, attuning the sensitivity of her senses, much as one might when attempting to listen to a signal through static. Her boots stepped softly, as to make minimal sound, as she crept to the edge. The impressions she was getting were sparse and incomplete, but left little doubt of what they’d been born of. Mae turned to Yates and Kai, “I don’t think we’re going to be alone down there. I feel negativity, or maybe it’s fear. There’s a lot of concern -” Her heart kicked against her ribcage as a wave of the sensation passed through her body, seizing it in the way of tightened hands around her hair and chest as she endured the episode. After it was over, the bridge of her nose began to tingle, a subconscious hand reaching to touch it. A wetness hit the tips of her fingers, and in pulling away, revealed it to be small amount of blood dripping from her nose. “O..kay. That usually doesn't happen...” She quickly wiped it from her face with a sleeve, eyes now darting around the ground in thought, "Maybe we should get down there... faster."
  4. Good luck, I'm rooting for Jack to have Dashing victory. 

    1. ~Harlow.


      lol did you read my mobs lounge post, "those murders you never solved"

    2. Praetorian
  5. MOBS tournament lobby

    Rolled! @Fennis Ursai feel free to start a thread if you’d like to! Otherwise I can start one between tonight/tomorrow.
  6. Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for winner of round in MOBS tourney! Fennis 1 , Harlow 2
  7. MOBS tournament lounge

    An entrance door slammed open to the sight of a dressed down, moody Jack Dashing, as she entered the lobby to await her next fight. "Ms. Dashing!" Hidden behind the great walls of her raised-collar, hooded jacket, and trademark sunglasses, Jack glared at the oncoming annoyance to see her cobalt-haired executive assistant, Azriel, excitedly bumbling his way over to greet her. Without waiting for him, she slumped into one of the nearby cushioned chairs in an area sparse with participants. Azriel hovered over her with his sparkling, buoyant attitude, tapping the edge of his crystal array clipboard with a stylus to tame his excitement. "What a great match - !" "Hold your presumptuous tongue, kid," she spat, then reminding herself that he was not the source of her frustration, "Sorry," she grumbled, "It wasn't a good match. This entire setup is rubbish." She removed one of her hands from her jacket pocket and waved it with her words, referring to the room, "I won, Azriel, because my opponent froze up. Not because of my skill, not because we had a fabulous exchange of blows and I bested her. Do you know I can't even see the crowd when I'm in that thing? Pfft." She sunk her face behind her raised collar to mope. "Yes, but," Azriel brought the clipboard to her face, "It's not all bad. The fact that you never solved those murders isn't even coming up in any of the feeds that I've been following. Most of the chatter if focused on the face plant you took -" "Azriel," Jack's voice thinned under full-body restraint as she held back a deep urge to react to his statement with something more, "Maybe let's not talk about all that shit right now," she seethed through her teeth, "I just want to relax before I have to go back into that -" she whirled a hand at the door from whence she'd come from over a shoulder before retreating again into the darkness of her big jacket, "...Contraption."
  8. Consider the roots of a tree

    “I can take the other half,” Mae said as more of a statement than an offer, half-attentive as she peered down the depths of the pit, distracted by what might lie beyond its darkness. She could sense nothing upon initial attempts to read its atmosphere, and silently hoped this would be an (un)exciting tour of a new archaeological wonder. After setting down her weaponry and satchel, she glanced at Yates from over her shoulder to give him a brief chance to disagree before recalling that he had clearly just stated a desire not to lead. She turned back around and started around one side. “Alright, I’ll take the right, Kai, if you take the left?” As she walked, Mae couldn’t help but question why someone would start off an endeavor like this proclaiming a reluctance to lead. The thought should have bothered her more than it did, but it was hard to focus on much else beyond the atramentous sea that seemed to beckon them to descend with its impressive expanse. She stopped at the center and took a knee, placing a small, glass vial upright on the dirt. Coming to a full stand again, Mae closed her eyes and placed her palms together. Her words which followed were small passages she’d enjoyed from the Gaian bible, the same which her family used in their practice of the faith. Surrounding the small vial at her feet rose a small tuft of lively sprouts. They tapped at and twirled around the glass, consuming its visage in green before snapping the glass in half with a squeeze. The clear liquid within absorbed into the dirt below as the little, lively plants split in two, dispersing the water along the edge of the pit in either direction. The small sprouts excitedly descended back into the earth once they’d reached both ends of Mae’s half of the circle, leaving the broken glass in their wake. Satisfied, and not wanting to get too elaborate in front of the gawking construction crew, Mae retrieved the broken glass pieces and stuffed them in one of her empty pouches to throw away later. “I wonder if it’ll be cold.” She questioned out loud to herself, digging into her satchel to retrieve an additional garment. Mae fanned the fabric out from the shape of its encasement, revealing a dark, decades-old version of a clergy member’s tunic, and threw it over her shoulders. She realized then that the old garment might date her older than she truly was, but wasn’t too concerned about such small misconceptions at the moment. She paced over to her satchel and bow, re-securing them as she stepped to Yates, "Blessed and ready on my side, fellow non-leader." Her eyes diverted once again to the pit, "Should we have a plan for going in, or is this one of those 'make it up as we go' situations?"
  9. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Depends on how. If it's physical, you can try and see. If it's electronic or via any sort of technology, it won't successfully send.
  10. OOC: Feast or Famine

    ALRIGHT. I did it. It actually ended up being shorter than it should have been. I was going to do a time jump to the next location at the end, but didn't want to go too far ahead without everyone first coming together, so I'm going to hold on posting that :P The good news is that I have a head start on my next post :P @Ellipsis the Inn is the one you mentioned as nearby in your post : ) Also, if it's not obvious, hoping to do a time jump in the next round or so here to advance to the next location!
  11. Feast or Famine

    In through the spaces of floorboards, windows, and walls crept a curious, invasive presence. It permeated through the shelves and goods of the store and slithered around those still inside. One might understand it as an uncomfortable dampness in the air, something easily wicked into the skin, causing an achy, full-body clamminess. Chills. And for the keen, an unmistakable sensation of observance. This presence, however, did not reach for the outside, but remained within the general store, circulating about Dan, Asari, and the store owner, filling the air with a thickness. The front windows fogged with condensation, making it more difficult for anyone inside to be able to see out into the square. Still in the cover of one of the store’s outside pillars, Mae eased herself to peer at the two men that brandished weapons, dipping below a large potted plant to get a good look. Hearing that the third fellow was from FIST was an incredible relief to the priestess, who hadn’t anticipated a unwelcome arrival. It’d been quite a while since the elf had been in a combat state of mind. The man who’d fired his gun turned to Hawk with fierce, golden eyes, stunned and infuriated by the audacity of this invading official, “I don’t care who you are -” He advanced towards Hawk. “Wait! Hold on -” A thick pair of arms threw themselves in front of him, the second, more rounded stranger standing with his back to the first, facing Hawk, “We’re so sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr. Hawk.” The man promptly placed his gun on the gravel, “We’re just very weary of strangers coming into the area, with everything going on and all.” He folded his hands together with a smile under a nervous laugh, “Oh - and this is our sheriff -” He stepped to the side and gestured to the first man, whose silent stare grew stiff and narrow, “Sheriff...?” “Hmm.” the sheriff grimaced, keeping his eyes locked on the detective. “A-anyway. . .” His shorter, portly companion attempted to fan away the sheriff’s tension, “I’m Charlie Baker, the local treasurer. Who are all of these friends of yours?” He looked around the area, having seen Manah run out of the store, and sensing others within it, “Come on now,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear, knowing there were ears listening, “There’s no sense in hiding. Right, Sheriff?” Mae sighed from her spot and held her breath, standing slowly out of her cover, hands kept in sight, robes waterfalling to the ground from around her bent elbows. The sheriff’s stare shifted in her direction, and the panic it instilled forced her to shudder, “Ahah.. I was just trying to find a way to say hello.” She could feel her face getting hot, sweat beading on her forehead. “Didn’t want to interrupt. I-I’m from The Church. I came here because of the notice I found. I think all of us are here to help with the crisis it describes.” “A notice?” The sheriff’s voice was that of obvious intrigue and genuine surprise, “A notice about what?” “Uh,” His question threw Mae, “I mean - “ she opened her arm at the woman lying on the ground just beyond them, “There appears to be something happening to the people of this town that make it impossible to eat. Something isn’t right.” Now she wasn’t sure, “...Right?” The sheriff’s annoyance had been underscored the majority of their exchange by the sheer flatness of his brow, the proud flag of a man tired with a labyrinth-full of responsibility, a man who quietly bore the weight of his village upon his shoulders. Under normal circumstances, he might have been happy to welcome visitors, but there was much to be done, and he didn’t need the distraction or added obstacle of strangers. “I’m afraid you are mistaken, Miss.” He softened slightly, rubbing the back of his neck, “There seems to be a misunderstanding.” He lowered his disarmed rifle and slung it over a shoulder, “These people are sick, but it’s got nothing to do with that.” Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a brief glimpse of the fogged store windows and cleared his throat, “Look - This isn’t the place for this discussion. There’s an unused Inn just down the road. The innkeep died a few years ago and it’s just been sitting there ever since. You’re welcome to use it, but I can’t promise what you’ll find in there.” Charlie scoot to the side as the sheriff took a final two steps in Hawk’s direction, getting close enough to speak lowly. “Tonight, we can discuss. I’ll come to you. Tell your friends, and tell them to stay out of trouble until then, too.” Without so much as a goodbye, or even an offer of his name, the sheriff turned from the group, Charlie chasing after him like a dog might to an owner, both headed back down the road. “Oh -” he called out loudly, stopping in his tracks, “One last thing.” He spun on his heel, looking back at them, “You might find it difficult to contact anyone outside of this village. I suggest you don’t try.” He smiled, and with that, left. “Well,” Mae shrugged, glancing around at the townspeople, and then the others, “Not the warmest of welcomes, but sounds like we have a place to stay.” Her eyes fell on the victims again. It gripped at her to observe suffering in such a removed way, unable to immediately tend to their anguish, “I was going to check out the inn, if anyone wants to join me. Then, I’m going to start performing a few experiments around the area. I have a couple of hypotheses that I want to eliminate as possible solutions. Anyone in?”
  12. Consider the roots OOC

    I’m down! Also quick question! Let’s say I did a perception check on this pit - would Mae sense anything?
  13. OOC: Feast or Famine

    I really appreciate the offer! And I’ll keep that in mind :) I’m finally out of the weeds from work, so I’ll get a chance to post later today. Sorry guys lol my post is looonggg so I apologize in advance!
  14. Consider the roots OOC

    Werd to the berd
  15. Consider the roots of a tree

    “Find your brother when you get there. He can help you integrate.” “But he’s socially awkward. That won’t be helpful. I don’t know, I like people... It can’t be too hard.” “Mae-Lynn,” she could remember how her mother’s hands felt gripping her face, “I... I don’t think it’ll be as different as you’re hoping. Just try to blend in.” -- Walking into Hell’s Gate for the first time had brought with it memories from an old life across the sea, a life long before Terrenus. She'd learned many lessons since then. Making the conscious decision not to adorn herself in robes, Mae had made her way without issue into The Weary Orc much earlier than the other two, of whom she was currently observing, now seated at a table against a nearby wall. Most of her long lavender hair had been pulled back into a single tie, save a few arrant strands that one might mistake for bangs. They framed her focused, cerulean stare as she leaned forward to sip at her drink, the elf lifting her glass with two fingerless-gloved hands, watching first Yates, then Kai, enter the tavern from over its rim. After a few moments of surveying the two from afar, Mae decided to help the lost one find his way. She stood from the table and meandered over to Kai. “Excuse me - are you looking for someone?” She greeted him with a smile, “I am too. Something tells me it might be him.” She motioned over Kai's shoulder at the man standing beside the entryway, dressed in familiar garb.