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  1. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    [Full Summary] Doctor Xeyal hired a group consisting of Lunara, Agony, and Karuna to escort his minion Sasha to Lirrey in order to set up a portal between Inns'th and Lirrey as the first step in his plan to seek out the Harbor. Setting off into the harsh lands of Yh'mi, the group decided to force march through the underground tunnels to get there as quickly as possible, bypassing Furthest point by surviving attacks from Chitten, the Eyes of Yh'mi, and a Wailing Cavern. Just outside of Lirrey they were accosted by a lone Cyclops wearing a necklace made from Ercaniron. The frequent magical attacks from Karuna and Lunara in conjunction with Ercaniron's chaotic destabilization nature caused an unceasing laser to be fired from the Cyclops' eye. The Cyclops' head remains there now, firing into the sky and marking the edge of Lirrey's territory. The village of Lirrey was overly friendly, overly perfect and each inhabitant made a point to suggest the group should visit the Harbour. Testing a theory of Lunara's, Sasha cut down one of Lirrey's trees. The tree reformed almost instantly, completely unhurt, but the group had drawn the ire of the villagers who emerged from their homes, demanding repentance. Only a single dark skinned man seemed to fail to fall into unison with the other villagers as they herd the party towards the church. Within were three religious like figures in painting form and stairs down. The party descended to discover the secret of Lirrey in the caverns below. Lirrey was not simply a village, but a fallen eldritch god: Lirrey the Eternal Star. Lirrey the Eternal Star had been wounded by the Eater of Stars long ago and that wound has yet to close, dripping blood which converts those who bath in it into the villagers who enjoy everlasting servitude. Sasha decided against repenting in Lirrey's blood and begins setting up the portal, agitating the villagers. Agony and Karuna fought the villagers off, holding them back, but found quickly they were eternal, just like the tree and everything else within Lirrey. Lunara, brought here by some deeper purpose, flew to the pool of blood and absorbed it with Lirrey's blessing, transforming into Lirrey's Herald and usurping the previous Avatar. Lunara retains her free will unlike the villagers and quickly commands them to stand down. The danger passed, Karuna returns to the surface to seek out the library of Lirrey only to find a mysterious old man in possession of numerous books of power. He informs her she has void rot from the overuse of magic and she takes a few books from him before he immolates himself and the rest of his collection. Finally the group heads through the portal to return to Inns'th. The trip is surreal and confusing, a metaphorical rewind of their trip through Yh'mi. It culminates in a scene from Sasha's past, revealing that she was once Doctor Xeyal's human daughter prior to an horrendous lab accident. [Minor Summary] Doctor Xeyal aims to set up a portal between Lirrey and Inns'th with the help of Lunara, Karuna, Sasha, and Agony. The group travels to Lirrey and ends up exploring a secret passage leading beneath Lirrey's church. There they discover the horrible truth behind Lirrey, that the village and the people within are an extension of a fallen elder god, Lirrey the Eternal Star. Fated to be drawn to this location, Lunara and Lirrey form a deep eldritch pact, making the pixie Lirrey's Herald and granting her great blood powers. The portal is successfully opened and now secretly connects the Lirrey church with Purgatory's basement. [Opportunities] A. Rumors have reached the Order of the White Hand of a man out of synch with Lirrey's otherwise perfect harmony. Investigate this anomaly on their behalf, in hopes of discovering a clue as to how to mentally protect oneself from Yh'mi's influence. B. An unceasing laser has been spotted on the edges of Lirrey. This would make for a powerful defensive weapon for Furthest Point. Learn how to control the weapon and retrieve it before Yh'mi finds a way to turn it against Inns'th.
  2. Void Rot is a rough disease. Hah, did Agony also suffer a superhero-esque lab explosion origin story? Anyways, I'm fine with another thread, though the good Doctor won't like it, I'm sure.
  3. That could certainly work. Access to a portal is quite useful. As for what he might know, he has autopsied a fair number of Yh'mi's creatures, especially after the attack on the wall. He may have a hint at how one of the species communicates. Or he did help someone connect with Yh'mi/Lirrey once through a questionable amount of hallucinogenic drugs and a coma. He could describe that procedure in detail and give them notes on what ingredients he used. Maybe they could refine and repeat the process until they're properly attempting communication with Yh'mi's creatures utilizing astral projections. I'm sure that comes with its own risks, but it's Yh'mi.
  4. That pretty much wraps it up. Feel free to conclude things in your next post if you'd like. Doctor Xeyal also promised a reward to everyone (except Sasha) who went through this, if anyone wants to cash in on that. I know most characters got what they wanted out of the trip already, so body modification by a deranged surgeon might not be the hot ticket item it once was. But if anyone has another idea, you are still owed for all the hard work.
  5. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Entering the portal feels like walking through a film of gasoline. The oily nature clings uncomfortably to the skin and refuses to let go. Not that it necessarily is their skin. Each time the group wills themselves to move, their legs moves, but it feels like someone else's leg entirely. This only compounded by how fast they move as they squish in the river of blood they're standing atop of, the current of crimson guiding them. Things are slow when they don't move and too fast when they do. It's not unlike walking with a moving floor. Color itself is off-center, as if someone had broken the axel on the color wheel. Words are only sometimes intelligible. At first their journey is surrounded by buildings of stars and sinew, empty pustules of life lining the riverbank. This fades into a deep black emptiness pressing in on all sides, seeping into the brain and invoking apathy. EXILE the voice shouts in their heads, dispersing the fog and hanging an albatross upon their necks. The Eye blinks in sorrow, rising to become the sun - glowing, but providing no light. A scream skitters across the blood, now merely a stream's trickle, and causes the albatross to flap and kick itself free, flying into the air and blotting out the sun. The stream's flow fades, their own steps carrying now, each one a heavy clack upon a hardened lab floor. "...sh you would get rid of that thing," says a silvery, feminine voice from within the room they find themselves staring at. "But, honey she likes him," replies a familiar voice. Everything becomes more still, as if mirroring the sudden stiffness of the monster of shadows. There's a sharpness here that draws the scene into focus more than what they've experienced thus far. Yet still it flits at the edge of consciousness, the knowledge remaining that this couldn't possibly be real. Before them is a laboratory packed the brim with chemicals, beakers, bunsen burners, and copper tubing. The most prominent feature lay towards the back. Surrounded by the glow of carefully placed candle lights, a spherical containment unit rest atop a pedestal, connected to unseen apparatus via a network of small, thin pipes. Within the unit, darkness, roiling against the viewing glass. "Fiiiine," concedes a dark skinned woman fading into existence in front of a beaker as if she was always there. Despite her protests, a small smile dances on her lips as she looks across the room. There a small girl, roughly three years of age, faded into view, defiantly holding the thing in question. A long, many legged instectoid creature with a split tail. Roughly half the size of the small girl, it squirmed in her grasp. Despite the wriggling of its sharp legs, however, it never seemed to harm the girl. Turning back to her work, the scientist fiddled with the equipment in front of her for a moment before glancing around looking for something. "Where are the empty test tubes? Why do we not have empty test tubes?!" "Because you used them all. Again," says the man fading into view, hunched over microscope. He looks and sounds very much like the owner of Purgatory, except a decade younger. Undettered, the woman frowns. "Well I'm going to the supply room to get some. Need anything?" She waits a second, but when the man doesn't reply, she shrugs and heads out the door. The man finally looks away from the microscope to scribble something down on the notepad next to him. "Uhh, yeah, actually. I could really use-" The man pauses as his head swivels back and forth. Realizing she already left, he sighs and gets up quickly to hurry after her. He could probably still catch her. By this time, the multi-legged creature had escaped from the young girl's grasp and was skittering away from her, stopping every once in a while to turn its head back and ensure she was following him. Which she happily was, giggling away. It scurried behind the containment unit, twisting around its base. The girl tried to catch up, but soon got caught on the pipes that connected to it as she tried unsuccessfully to crawl through them. A brief struggle made it worse as she got more stuck than she already was. So she pushed harder. She pushed as hard as she could. The pedestal rocked. One of the thin pipes snapped. The apparatus fell, crashing loudly with the sound of breaking glass. A few candles tipped over and a gentle blaze steadily roared into an inferno. It was the darkness oozing free, grasping, clinging to her body as it inched up her skin that caused her to scream the loudest. The insectoid creature scampered back and forth between the girl being engulfed and the fire raging around them, finding no paths to the door. Both scientists arrived to take in the state of the lab, looking disheveled, their hair slightly mussed. Spotting the girl within the blaze being devoured by the dark, the woman starts to rush in, but the man grabs her hand. "It's too dangerous!" Another wail, a plea from the endangered child crying out for its parents, and the woman rips her hand free from the man, giving him the most withering glare he's ever received before dashing headlong into the room. The fire reaches the largest concentration of chemicals. And everything explodes. The heat rushes over the group, causing no damage as time itself seems to slow. The man is tossed backwards from the doorway, head smacking hard against the wall in the hallway. The woman's body incinerates, grotesquely disintegrating in front of them. The child plunges downwards outside of the bounds of the reality that should constrain such flippant disregard for its rules. Falling like a star into a sea of dark shadows, the child is engulfed entirely by the void. And the insectoid? It peels itself off the frozen explosion, dragging its very nature from the dream like an image crawling from its portrait. It grows on sustenance unseen, drawing strength time's stream. Slightly larger than Karuna, it has become as real as any of the four of them, its tails flicking back and forth, sensing their invasion in its world. Yet its focus is upon the Doctor's pet as it takes a few steps closer. The minion of shadows raises her arm towards the Dreamcrawler. No, not an arm. She has no arms. A tendril of darkness, wavering uncertainly. But a flutter of wings catches the Dreamcrawler's attention. Lirrey was here. Here. If Lirrey was here, it could not be. Not for long. The insectoid turned and skittered away some before stopping and turning his head back to ensure she was following him. She was not. He waited as long as he dared before lowering his head down low and leaving for good this time. It was all too much for the little shadow girl. This day had been very bad indeed. So she cried. Long. And hard. And loud. And for a moment. For a very brief moment. She almost sounded human. --- Nothing else of interest happens in the short remainder of their trip through the portal. As they exit, they will Doctor Xeyal himself tutting around the portal on his end, scratching notes away on his notepad and mumbling to himself. He is gleefully surprised when they step out. "Ahhah!" He exclaims in that familiar voice, a huge, smug grin on his face. "So it did work! I was afraid when the portal opened and nothing came through that the expedition had actually been a failure. Success! SUCCESS! YESSS!" "Welcome back to Inns'th."
  6. Just the journey through the portal. I'll keep it quite brief (via extra long post) because things have gone on for a while, but eventful (depending on your definition). This sort of transportation is still questionable. That reminds me. Does Agony ever dream? Asking for a friend.
  7. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    A lot of the exchange between the adults (and one pixie) went over the little girl's head. She deeply wished they wouldn't be so nonchalant about fire. And there was a lot of concern over Karuna which sounded quite serious. Maybe when they got back, Karuna could talk to Master about this void rot problem. He was a Doctor after all. He could cure anything! Master really was quite amazing. Everything remained relatively distant until the sudden onset of everything being on fire-itis. The shadow writhed upon the floor in agitation. It took a moment to realize what was going on. To realize the fire was here to engulf everything. To realize the man was in the middle of it all. No no no nononono. He should be running. He should be screaming. Sasha didn't like him that much, but that didn't mean she wanted him to suffer this. No one should ever have to suffer being burned alive. Tendrils of darkness stretched out, towards the man, into the fire. Each one sizzled away in the light and the heat before even getting close, flailing in agony before dissipating into a heavy smoke that mingled, failing to distinguish itself from the rest of the smoke. Yet the tendrils of darkness kept trying. Again and again and again and again and again. They acted recklessly, desperately, without thought, throwing themselves to their deaths in their futile efforts, each one looking thinner and weaker than the last. Perhaps if Sasha had formulated some kind of plan, there could have been some chance. But the cretin of shadows was hardly acting intelligibly. It had hardly moved even as the flames spread around her and started to close in, threatening to overtake the puddle as it stood there, throwing lifeline after lifeline into the blaze. Smoke obscured most of what happened next. Maybe the doctor's pet remembered its own life, the fire becoming overwhelming in a different way and forcing her outside. Maybe Agony subtly intervened while no one was looking. Regardless, the next moment the puddle of darkness was outside the house and it erupted into an impressive inferno. The shadow didn't even try to hide behind anyone, just watching as the domicile melted away. Sasha doesn't respond to Lunara either. Not immediately. The lack of reaction stretches uncomfortably for a few moments. Finally, laboriously, the shadow begins to move again, back towards Lirrey. Normally her glide is smooth and graceful, but this is rough and clumsy. Like someone staggering home injured or in a daze. ----- The town line forces Sasha out of the ground and while she doesn't look particularly different, her travel remains erratic. Regardless, she continues the journey back to the town church, ignoring the far too chipper townsfolk and that one guy who still seems off-synch. When they reach the church, a small surprise awaits them. Everything is as it was when they first arrived, except the very back of the building which now houses a dark, swirling portal. The same that should be several meters below them. Not even questioning it, Sasha continues forward into the portal without hesitation. Master had told her to come through here when they were finished. The surface is cold and the texture is oily but there is no resistance to anyone who enters.
  8. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Sasha was rather surprised to find anyone, especially out in Yh'mi, who talked more than the Forbidden Snack did. The tiny shadow girl began to doubt the old man's lucidity after a while of his rambling though. Power? No one was here for power. They were all here because Master asked them and they obeyed. And maybe for some berries that happen to also lie? Yeah, Karuna had some weird tastes. At least the man made no more aggressive motions. That's good. She's had enough fire to deal with for two lifetimes. ---- There was an undeniable relief exiting Lirrey. The monster of shadows didn't hesitate to sink into the ground the moment she was free of that accursed village whose grip on dimensions proved ironclad. The shadow world was a substantial comfort after meeting Lirrey. It was a horrible place, but it was her horrible place. The old man had a horrible place too. It appeared out of nowhere, much to the shadow girl's awe. This must be his personal dimension as well. A lot more books and a lot less predators though. Seemingly nothing to do with berries, but Karuna seemed satisfied. At first. Numerous attempts at taking books only resulted in an equal number of denials. Whatever was going on, she was looking for a particular book. Having spent a great deal of time in Master's lab, Sasha knew a little bit about cleaning up and organizing the otherwise slovenly home. The trick was not to touch any of the vials or things he was working on at the time. And definitely not while he was looking. As Karuna continued her search, slender shadow tendrils rose out to grasp the books she was previously denied in order to set them aside in a new pile, heedless of the man's previous sorting system. That way she would know which ones she's already tried.
  9. I'm the opposite. I like dem der fannnncy words. I mean, you used bequeath appropriately. That's just downright fun. Jaistlyn's right, it's just personal preference. You can have good and bad writing with either method. One of the traps of the fancy descriptions I think Jaistlyn touched on as well. The trap that it is easy to get bogged down in a long sentence with a cool descriptor, maybe a marvelous metaphor, to the point it becomes hard to tell what the subject and verb of the sentence even is. I've certainly fallen for this plenty of times and had to restructure or cut entire sentences, sometimes paragraphs, because of it. I had a similar feeling when I was trying to parse the first paragraph of the post. It's a tricky thing to catch and rectify too since it makes perfect sense in YOUR head when you read it. Not that any of it was particularly bad. I thought it was a good post at any rate. Especially the ending which provided solid content to react to.
  10. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Catching up was much easier once the man's escape route was blocked off by... that had to be Agony. Presumably. It bubbled in the same way when fire was applied to the unquestionably insane masochist. The same general aura of disdain and grave seriousness emanated from that wall too. It was hard to miss, even by the emotionally stunted shadow. The man himself gave Agony a run for his money though. Sasha found herself agreeing with Lunara. The man started running away before they did anything at all! He can't chastise them for not trying to talk while he was trying to walk. Though she supposes technically Karuna did tell them to get him. It was a little ambiguous. Not much though. Either way, something about him rubbed Sasha the wrong way. Oh right. The fire. And the chastising. And inquiries. And willingness to give Karuna books? That was pretty off. Either way she was wholly disinclined to reply when asked what she was doing here. That was information only the Master knew anyways. She wasn't entirely sure. But she was sure she wasn't going to talk about it with him. The little shadow girl skulked behind Karuna, keeping close to the person most likely in danger from this unknown. Her empty, void-like stare never left his figure and tendrils hovered nearby to intercede defensively should he try anything with that pyromanic tendencies of his.
  11. Probably doesn't need to be said, but we can go ahead and change up the order to reflect the recent posts. So @Dolor Aeternum will be next before 1ionFang.
  12. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    The monster of shadows doesn't understand. Sasha doesn't understand. Did... did Agony just hug her? W-why? Was he trying to crush her? Then why did it feel... safe? Warm? No, not warm. Not physically at least. Maybe... Maybe there was no sense to be had in the creature who faced fire unafraid. The one who transformed from a mass of metal to one of amorphous darkness. A darkness that faced the searing nature of light unmoved and unshaken at his own request. A darkness that spoke and walked freely without inciting hatred and terror. Such a creature must surely be lost in the depths of madness. N-nothing else could explain that sudden embrace. Sasha remained at a loss for what was happening when Agony provided a tendril of his own to cast protective shade over her. At the very least Agony must be unaware of the hideous abomination she was, undeserving of such basic kindness. Sometimes adults would get confused and mistake her for a small normal girl to protect. That only usually happened with first impressions however. It was far beyond that point in time. There must be something awful in this town driving everyone insane. First Lunara, then Agony, now even Karuna, throwing out abnormal queries about berries. Sasha couldn't blame them for leaving their sanity at the door. This place was inherently awful, the village preventing her from reaching her home plane of shadows, friendly neighbors forming flash mobs, and that indescribable horror in the rotting church. The sooner they all left, the better. Which meant sticking with Karuna and Lunara as they zoomed after an unknown. Lunara insisted they stop him, and it was a nice focus for the shadow girl. Clear, obvious instructions. She knew how to chase after and catch people... Normally. With access to her better half. Now she glides along at a reasonable pace, but nowhere near the speeds she could otherwise have reached outside of Lirrey. Still, she held enough mastery to manipulate the shadows, even if she couldn't be possessed by them. A blackened tendril, flat and sharp, shot forth to sever the tendons in the figure's legs with the alarming precision of someone who has performed this surgery dozens of times at least. The figure's saving grace is their fire skills, the cut slowing them down but failing to get deep enough to accomplish the intended task before the tendril dissipated. Why must everyone magically utilize the destroyer of darkness? It was frustrating and the creature of shadows sank into a cold sulk, unable to do much more under these conditions except keep pace.
  13. Oh no worries. I will drag this kicking and screaming to the final canonical summary even if I have to make a dozen posts in a row myself. It's just much more fun with you guys involved.
  14. Many mysteries of Yh'mi have been explored, though answers have been rare. One of the more enigmatic elements of Yh'mi remains nearly untouched, travel unfairly discouraged by the Order of the White Hand for reasons they can't even properly elaborate upon. The Village of Lirrey. Entrepreneur and adherent to science, Doctor Xeyal wishes to fund an expedition to Lirrey to properly investigate the strange village and open up a possible trade route. I will be sending Doctor Xeyal's pet monster Sasha to accompany the group and @jaistlyn and potentially @Dolor Aeternum will be joining in and as well. I am looking for two other players interested in traveling deep into southern Yh'mi to investigate this strange town. A standard 72 hour post rate will apply. This is a canon thread, so any creative contributions made to Lirrey (within adult reason and following theme) is very likely to become lore. Now's an excellent chance to carve your name into horror history. Are you brave enough to accept? Current Roster: 1. Sasha - Reinholdt 2. Lunara - jaistlyn 3. Agony - Dolor Aeternum 4. Voldemort, Lord 5. Karuna - 1lionFang
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