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  1. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn I wonder how many, if anyone, noticed the five stages of grief.
  2. Wiping her face clean proves near impossible, considering the dirt and grime that now clung to near every surface of Ilpholin. But it felt symbolic enough that she tried it anyways. She had to pull herself together and face reality. She got reckless and she paid for it. Now she could continue to grieve her loss or she could suck it up and get back out there. What was the point of all her training and effort if not to prepare her for situations where she was disadvantaged? But she needed to get smart. Ilpholin peered over the rock at the battle. It was beginning to collapse into a single point, the hole in the wall. At least two of her known comrades were just freeing themselves from battles with gutterfiends. Heavy armor one and heavy armor two. And a Chitten Magnus? Better not to ask. Instead Ilpholin merely gripped her whip tight and darted out onto the battlefield once more, hurrying to close the distance. "Group up and stab them in the back!" Ilpholin shouted to Catherine, Gormaric and whatever the hell that thing was piloting the Magnus. Together, the four of them could throw enough offensive pressure into the Yh'mi army to force them into a hellish pincer. Either their troops will push for the hole and get cut down or they'll turn to face the combined threat, halting their advance and giving the allies on the wall a chance to retaliate. Either way the Yh'mi army will have walked into a massacre and now was the time to capitalize on the opportunity. ***** A chitter of caution emanates from Mister Squiggles as ax man starts wandering off to investigate. He suggests the man doesn't go, or at least takes a friend. Alas, a chitter is all the spider with ill foreboding can provide as if he wanders off with the ax man, he may be declared circumstantially guilty. So he stays to be tested. And tested he is, though not quite in the way he expects. As calmly as Mister Squiggles can, he chitters an explanation to all three mistaken assumers that he, in fact, does not belong to anyone. He is a free spider, or as free a spider as normal spider liberties can entail. This is paradoxically both extensive and minimal as he frequently falls outside standard written laws. Regardless, he is not owned and is here freely as a friend to offer moral and combat support to someone who is still behind the wall. It isn't all exasperation and explanation. After all, Elenwen's reaction to him is a fresh air that defies the norm he's come to expect from most people. Plus, Mister Squiggles appreciates hugs. Who doesn't? His enthusiasm for the intimacy deflates a little when Elenwen proceeds with her test. Discounting the fact that it did hurt, it also looked like it hurt. And really, the appearance of pain can be so much more effective than actual pain at times. He can't say he's thrilled anymore about being tested. But this may be another case of falling outside of the standard. The test didn't seem like one that could be directly transferred to non-humanoids. At least, not without some modifications that he suspects haven't been prepared ahead of time. A spider can hope. Maybe they'll just let him go this one time with a warning.
  3. "Safer than being next to the wall." This crowd seemed to be comprised of those who live closest to the wall and would be the first to die if the wall went down. Ironically the thing that would keep them safe at Purgatory is the very thing they now rail against. It's a losing situation for them either way and a part of them recognizes the futility of it all. Yh'mi would win and they were doomed. As Dawen stepped into their midst, one man does reach for her shoulder. Not that he ever gets there before his hand gets cut off and he screeches. And wobbles and twists, his form dissipating into that of a wild Twistling. An ambitious little creature who heard a small amount of the trouble the shadow creature caused while salvaging from some fallen airship. It figured it could make Inn'sth that much weaker if it could get the town to turn on the shadow monster and kill it or cause Sasha to overreact and then be banished for the trouble she 'caused'. Whether it was the sole Twistling's idea or some order from above doesn't matter now though. Between Dawen and Sasha the Twistling's ambitions are swiftly put to rest. The remaining crowd didn't even stick around to see its death throes, scattering to the wind as soon as it appears. Better to take their chances hiding somewhere else, far away from any neighbor or friend. Nothing more impedes Dawen's progress as she joins in the battle at the wall.
  4. Yeah, actually. That's really good. Special effects! Woo!
  5. That's about the size of it, thank you. I'd enjoy an Ilpholin, but I don't recall any Fire Emblem having a whip. At least none that I've played.
  6. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn
  7. Panting heavily, Ilpholin steps back from the slain gutterfiend at her feet putting some distance between her and the growing pool of caustic acid leaking from the lifeless body. It was a win, yes, but it was sloppy. If any of the other monsters had turned their focus on her she surely would have failed. It was only fortunate that they were so focused on getting through the wall and couldn't spare any time on her. Or they thought she was such an insignificant threat they didn't need to. Ilpholin can't help but think that would be right. It is over, isn't it? She fluked her way to survival twice now, but could never live through a third encounter. Not that this could be considered living. Her arm was gone and with it a lifetime of skill, training, and hardships. She's been reduced to an afterthought. What little respect she had earned in service to the matron would dissipate as well. As Ilpholin ducked behind a rock to recover her strength away from the corpse and the army now advancing towards the breach, she realized the heat on her face wasn't sweat or blood, but flowing tears. ***** Mister Squiggles chitters his gratitude to the sorcerer upon reaching the top of the wall for not being murdered. It seems like the type of thing you want to thank people for. Oh and there's actual glorious news! There's a Twistling test? Fantastic. Well mostly fantastic. As long as it wasn't something quite stupid like 'if you get nervous when we all stare at you intently, then you're a Twistling'. Regardless, it was a good idea for the moment and he'll quite passively follow Ax-dude along to get tested. Can Twistlings even grow to be his size? Do they have to follow a conservation of mass of some sort? Well he's not a Twistling so he doesn't know the answer and he hopes never to find out. Along the way, he will chitter to Alice, explaining in his own spider way what a Twistling is, why they're quite dangerous and how it's important to get tested on a regular basis. I'm sure he would make an excellent teacher. If any of his students could understand a word he was saying. Sigh. He misses Ilpholin already. Maybe she did set the bar fairly low on what qualified as having sanity, but at least the communication was a solid two way street. Alright, focus on the present. Get tested first, then... set traps around town perhaps. Or help evacuate. Both seem like reasonable things he could assist with, but they'd need to hurry.
  8. The good Doctor Xeyal frowns at Dawen's retort. She gave far too much credit to this hunk of land, attributing it some level of intelligence. The denizens here might hold some agenda, but the suggestion that the earth itself had some plans for the inhabitants of Inns'th was absurd. Then again Dawen did just hallucinate she was the land, so it is easy for her to project some emotions onto the emotionless rock they stood upon. It was a common side effect of such 'trips'. Or so all experimental data in the area suggested. But she was offering to go to Lirrey. Doctor Xeyal sorely lacked specimens from that area and could use a bit of retrieval. Finding out what made the people of Lirrey different from the ones in Inns'th could go a long way in determining why attacks where so frequent here and not there. At least according to what limited understanding they had of the place. The paladin's ban on the area was infuriating for proper research. Before he could agree to an expedition though, the entire place shook, destroying the careful chaotic order of the good doctor's mess. Xeyal curses loudly. "I just pickled those Saevion livers!" He ends up remaining behind to try and salvage some of the more important materials to his operation. It mostly looks worse than it really is though. The main room of the bar maintains its eerily empty status resulting from a number of factors including the hour. The biggest factor, however, is probably just outside the front door. As Dawen exits, she can see the little monster stoically standing still with her scythe against a crowd of seven. It'll take a bit of maneuvering for Dawen to get by the freezing chill of Sasha, as she is that close to the entrance, but Sasha does not actively prevent Dawen from leaving. The group of implorers might, however, as an intense ripple of dissatisfaction rises from them when Dawen exits. "Hey! What gives?!" "She's allowed in there, but we aren't? That's bullshit!" "Why's she get special treatment?" "Just step aside and let us in already you little creep." "It's not safe out here. We're not safe out here." "There's Twistlings about. I heard it from one of the guys fleeing the wall." "I betcha it's one of them. That's why the piece of shit is not letting us in. It wants to trap us in the open where we can be cut down when they break through." "If you know what's good for you, you'll go back to the whitewoods where you belong." "Yeah!" The fear, anger, and tension at this point is palpable and clearly near a boiling point. The crowd might have stayed cowed by the unknowable terror in front of them, but now that they know Dawen was allowed inside, their rage is fueling their courage. One of them even bends down to scoop up a rock.
  9. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn
  10. Ilpholin soon finds herself at the army's rearguard, her whip carving an ugly, unbalanced arc through the air as it is brought to bear against the back of the head of the gutterfiend she got the drop on. "Paladins. Paladins are healers right?" She asked no one as she attacked its dome repeatedly, believing it to be safest from caustic repercussions. "They can fix this. They can put it back on as... as part of my payment, yeah. If... If I kill enough of these, they'll have to fix it. It is their fault I'm like this in the first place. And... and even if they can't, they have a doctor in their camp. Doctors fix things. If I just pull my weight here, they can fix this. Everything will be alright." ***** Mister Squiggles chitters out some concern about actually going up the wall himself. He's not oblivious to rather destructive traps destroying other would be wall climbers on the other side of the battlefield, nor does he hold any false preconceptions about how friendly most people consider him on first glance. They might murder him first and not ask questions. Worse even if the warning call for Twistlings is true. Of course that means Alice could be in danger from anyone up there and it would be wise not to leave her alone. Unless, of course, Alice herself was a Twistling. It seemed pretty likely. After all, they got separated and then she just happened to reappear to hitch a ride right as Remissio's army left Ilpholin behind. What better way to infiltrate rank than posing as one of the returning mercs? There was certainly plenty of time to replace one or more of them. But if Alice was a Twistling did he now hold some deeper moral obligation to prevent her from doing real damage since he assisted her in infiltrating this far? Does assisting an unknown cause beholden the ignorant to the shackles of ramification? The decisions facing Mister Squiggles was fraught full of peril. The only thing he could adequately ascertain was that while it might be safer to not scale the wall that metaphorically stood for his philosophical conundrum, he would receive no answers to his quandary if he refused the attempt. So the spider walks towards and then up the wall to join Alice, having little trouble with vertical surfaces. He does have to pause and cling tightly though when the entire wall rumbles and attempts to shake him loose. Rude.
  11. Wouldn't that be a plot twistling?
  12. Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @jaistlyn
  13. "NO! No. He's a dead man. But that's not good enough. No. I'll make him suffer slowly. There's no time. I need to hear him whimper and beg," Ilpholin replied, her voice growing increasingly more unstable as she rants. Alice had a self destruct button that could possibly end all of this. But it can't end. Not so ignominiously. Remissio denied Ilpholin a swift death, so Ilpholin would return the favor. She couldn't tell Alice where the bomb went. Alice might try to deny her her due. "The plan? The plan is to find him and make him regret the day his mother fornicated!" Her cries became a shriek of frustration and rage as the army came into view ahead. Leaping off her spider, she unsteadily and unceremoniously barreled towards the left side of the wall where the enemy was congregating at an unhealthy speed, heedless of the danger she railed against. Mister Squiggles chitters a protest to such unseemly behavior, but it was clear by now that the nymph wasn't listening to reason or much of anything else for that matter. It seemed equally unwise to abandon Alice to go after her too, so he turned instead, heading for the right side of the wall. It seemed reasonable that they might be able to slip in over there unnoticed since the bulk of the army was focusing on the other side. Even that seemed risky though. Well Mister Squiggles was nothing if not adaptable and if Alice comes up with a less dangerous plan, he would be happy to assist.
  14. Ayumi EpicRome23 sorainvoked Reinholdt @jaistlyn
  15. Ilpholin swats away Alice's hand with the back of her still functioning one, an accompanying grunt of protest escaping clenched teeth currently wrapped around the strand of webbing she's utilizing as a method to cut off the circulation to and from her injury. It'll do nothing for infections, but the web Mister Squiggles provided that she just tied around her arm should theoretically keep her from bleeding out. She spits the excess out of her mouth, brushing away a few particularly stubborn, sticky strands that wish to remain. "I don't need your help. I'm fine. This is fine. Nothing's changed," the nymph insists in a shrill, desperately manic voice, looking right through Alice. "This is why everyone has two arms. Lolth, I've had worse injuries. This is nothing. I can still fight. Everything's fine." Shakily, she makes her way to her feet, climbing into a standing position, fighting off the sweat, endorphins, and adrenaline. Heading over, she carefully snatches up her whip and dismembered arm. She might consider leaving the latter there out of some level of shame, but the last thing Ilpholin needs is for Yh'mi to take it and graft it onto some body horror monster who goes around collecting pieces of fallen adventurers and grafting them onto its body in some never ending quest. Returning to Mister Squiggles Ilpholin takes a moment to get upon the arachnid, the task providing a sense of difficulty the spider rider is unused to. The process is a tad arduous, made more so by her insistent refusal to do it alone, but through stubbornness and a creative jump, she makes it up to his back. Upon which, she immediately chastises Alice. "Why are you dawdling? We need to move." Ilpholin apparently hasn't gotten the memo that Alice said exactly as much just a few seconds ago. As soon as Alice gets on board, Mister Squiggles will set off towards Inns'th.