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  1. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I won't make you change it. Promising to communicate in the future will be enough.
  2. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I was actually going to just have Squiggles pick up the earrings after thread conclusion. I just couldn't find a good literary way to work it into my post. Normally I wouldn't mind much except that Jaistlyn explicitly stated earlier the loot was not for characters that joined mid way and no one ran this development by me at all. It seems unsporting. I believe I have covered everything I wanted to in thread otherwise.
  3. [Quest] Black Destiny

    "Your troubles with the maimed and living would be a thousand times lessened if you barbarians didn't keep burning all the good, salvageable parts!" Doctor Xeyal insisted, wrenching his elbow free from the 'escort' that brought him out. Disdain covers his face as he watches another dead body get collected from the battlefield and taken outside the wall for improper disposal. Sure there was a chance the parts from any individual body were tainted with the poisons and toxins of Yh'mi, usually the Chhitten variety. And the death resulting from the integration and rejection of these parts was quite agonizing. But it was a minuscule chance really. Forty, forty-five percent tops. Kneeling down next to the broken nymph, he looks her over. "I might be able to set up something for her." A large part of that depended on what his personal monster could salvage outside the wall. A straight humanoid arm to humanoid arm transplant was so... average. Any skilled monkey could accomplish such a mundane procedure. But there was just such a large variety of life in the world that it would be a sin to limit oneself so. That goes doubly true for the unusual creatures of Yh'mi. Oh he hopes there's a fresh Gutterfiend out there. Or one of those Maash he's heard about. "Take her to my lab. I'll deal with there." The good doctor wanders about the field, stitching together a few wounds and staving off death for a few severe cases to keep in the good graces of the paladins for the moment. As he does he points out three more that should be brought in for the more intensive care. Satisfied with his collection, he excuses himself to operate. Minus the impending doom from a foretold Eater-of-Stars, it has been a relatively good day. --- Mister Squiggles takes Alice's bag and plays courier for a time, though chitters a deep insistence that he does in fact have a name that's not just spider. Given the number of people who call him that as he stays in town to help, he doesn't know why he bothers. He will have plenty of opportunities to leave in the future, but he doesn't take them. One might be convinced he is a very altruistic spider and one would probably be right. But very few other places in the world has quite a steady supply of Twistlings and he can't recall anything he's eaten that ever tasted so good. --- Doctor Xeyal's pet monster has been given the odorous task of collecting the monsters outside the wall and moving them into a pile to burn. It's an unpleasant job for an unpleasant creature. Sure the cretin that walks the shadows takes a few choice pieces for her master's private collection, but otherwise it vastly accelerates the process of moving all the enemy corpses. Though it pauses as it watches Dawen and the Dyloceus escape into the wild, no alarm is raised. Raising one's voice is impolite after all. --- While Ilpholin entered Purgatory on that day, none saw her leave. When questioned, Doctor Xeyal claims she simply snuck out one night and he didn't care to ask her reasons or destination.
  4. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I have no real reward preference.
  5. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn Look at me, I'm adulting.
  6. [Quest] Black Destiny

    It was done. The renegade 'paladin' was finally dead and all of Yh'mi's invading forces were defeated. Well all except that one sadistic, cackling cretin running from Catherine. Ilpholin opens her mouth to raise her voice, but it dies on her lips. The Order of the White Hand could surely put her down themselves and she finds little to believe that they wouldn't. Her strength to handle additional problems was gone and the adrenaline of combat, of terror, of hatred was no longer enough to keep her standing. She fell back against the wall for support, slowly sliding down it to sit. The harsh crustiness of the ground was poor substitute for a soft bed and a warm body to rest upon, but her options were limited and her muscles wouldn't move. Here she would rest, accompanied only by her own loud, harried breathing. It was done. ***** Mister Squiggles rounded the corner, having finished off his meal. It was surprisingly delicious. A little tangy, but nothing to really detract from the experience. More than that it was filling. Feeling rejuvenated, he returned to the battlefield, only to be somewhat surprised by a dead renegade paladin. Finally, some good news. Looking around at the carnage and destruction, he's a little hesitant to call it a success. Speaking of which, there ought to still be some urgency to the situation. There were a lot of wounded about and the longer they went untreated, the worse their chances. Fortunately, Mister Squiggles is highly mobile, especially with so many corpses to step over. If there were medics about he could swiftly ferry them to the injured. But he roughly estimates the chances they would want to ride him to be only marginally above zero. So he'd have to bring the injured to the them. Not ideal. But nothing in war ever is. He begins scouring the area for those still alive. He'll use sticky silk webbing to stop the most grievous injuries from bleeding all over the place before placing the poor souls gingerly upon his back, contrary to any protests the more coherent ones usually spout. After which, he'll ferry them to more practiced healers. This will include retrieving Aryssin, Ilpholin, and even Alice. While there was definitely some case to be made as to how alive each of them were, they were special cases, being part of the group that went out in the first place. Mister Squiggles gives them special treatment accordingly and prioritizes them. Even if he does chitter angrily at one half-dead nymph for her reckless behavior that he's not sure he can take anymore. There are limits to how much madness one friend can watch and this pushed the line too far.
  7. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I've got an old roommate to move out and a new roommate to move in and it's taking a lot more of my free time than expected. Better go ahead and skip me this round, sorry.
  8. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Stunned is a nice way of saying they all clawed their own ears off to make it stop oh god ohgodpleasemakeitstop.
  9. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    You know given the thread title, I don't remember saying Yh'mi! Yh'mi! all that much either. Then again, Sasha has to be a good, quiet little girl or the adults will get mad.
  10. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    You sure you don't want to start the entire quest over again and replay all of it to keep anyone from dying?
  11. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn
  12. [Quest] Black Destiny

    Ilpholin continued her campaign to crush the chattel and Chitten. Even as Gormaric broke rank to heed the calls of his master, the slaughter went well, thanks in no small part to spooky skeletons. As effective as they were, Ilpholin could not help to find nothing but loathing in her heart for them. They reminded her far too much of her mother. She thought creatures like those were despised in this country. A classified enemy of the state. Unnatural or something. Perhaps Inns'th was so desperate it couldn't afford to make those distinctions. If it survived Ilpholin could easily see Inns'th becoming a haven for such abominations. To say the fight was going perfectly would be a mistake though. As time went on, minor scrapes and cuts began to add up and the light-headedness she felt probably came from reopened wounds and torn bandages. Worse, there was a rather large sounding and sudden kaboom that proved quite startling. Oh right. The bomb that she had bequeathed upon Remissio. Alice's fury could be felt across the battlefield. Everything about the last hour felt similar to a dreamlike blur. Maybe this was just another part of the nightmare. ***** Mister Squiggles follows the crowd to the dual Warins. It seems safer to him to stick around Elenwen. As spooky as her methods might be, she did have a patented method for finding Twistlings. If this one is any indication, it even works. He considers following Alice to the Wall, where he suspects he'll end up eventually to put up a temporary barricade of webbing. For now there sounds like there's too many enemies for such a patch job. He'll start webbing up the Twistling in the tentacle instead. Maybe inject with some poison so it stops thrashing about Elenwen just left it there conveniently after all. And he hasn't eaten since starting this mission. He's rather famished. Mister Squiggles hopes Twistling doesn't taste too bitter or chewy. Well... only one way to find out. Omnomnom.
  13. Ooo. New and shiny. I'll be working on getting a team together for What's Mine is Mine. I'll let you know once I've got one. asdkjflkn. I don't know what I was thinking. Someone else should go ahead and pick this up.
  14. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt @sorainvoked jaistlyn I wonder how many, if anyone, noticed the five stages of grief.
  15. [Quest] Black Destiny

    Wiping her face clean proves near impossible, considering the dirt and grime that now clung to near every surface of Ilpholin. But it felt symbolic enough that she tried it anyways. She had to pull herself together and face reality. She got reckless and she paid for it. Now she could continue to grieve her loss or she could suck it up and get back out there. What was the point of all her training and effort if not to prepare her for situations where she was disadvantaged? But she needed to get smart. Ilpholin peered over the rock at the battle. It was beginning to collapse into a single point, the hole in the wall. At least two of her known comrades were just freeing themselves from battles with gutterfiends. Heavy armor one and heavy armor two. And a Chitten Magnus? Better not to ask. Instead Ilpholin merely gripped her whip tight and darted out onto the battlefield once more, hurrying to close the distance. "Group up and stab them in the back!" Ilpholin shouted to Catherine, Gormaric and whatever the hell that thing was piloting the Magnus. Together, the four of them could throw enough offensive pressure into the Yh'mi army to force them into a hellish pincer. Either their troops will push for the hole and get cut down or they'll turn to face the combined threat, halting their advance and giving the allies on the wall a chance to retaliate. Either way the Yh'mi army will have walked into a massacre and now was the time to capitalize on the opportunity. ***** A chitter of caution emanates from Mister Squiggles as ax man starts wandering off to investigate. He suggests the man doesn't go, or at least takes a friend. Alas, a chitter is all the spider with ill foreboding can provide as if he wanders off with the ax man, he may be declared circumstantially guilty. So he stays to be tested. And tested he is, though not quite in the way he expects. As calmly as Mister Squiggles can, he chitters an explanation to all three mistaken assumers that he, in fact, does not belong to anyone. He is a free spider, or as free a spider as normal spider liberties can entail. This is paradoxically both extensive and minimal as he frequently falls outside standard written laws. Regardless, he is not owned and is here freely as a friend to offer moral and combat support to someone who is still behind the wall. It isn't all exasperation and explanation. After all, Elenwen's reaction to him is a fresh air that defies the norm he's come to expect from most people. Plus, Mister Squiggles appreciates hugs. Who doesn't? His enthusiasm for the intimacy deflates a little when Elenwen proceeds with her test. Discounting the fact that it did hurt, it also looked like it hurt. And really, the appearance of pain can be so much more effective than actual pain at times. He can't say he's thrilled anymore about being tested. But this may be another case of falling outside of the standard. The test didn't seem like one that could be directly transferred to non-humanoids. At least, not without some modifications that he suspects haven't been prepared ahead of time. A spider can hope. Maybe they'll just let him go this one time with a warning.