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  1. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Sasha was rather surprised to find anyone, especially out in Yh'mi, who talked more than the Forbidden Snack did. The tiny shadow girl began to doubt the old man's lucidity after a while of his rambling though. Power? No one was here for power. They were all here because Master asked them and they obeyed. And maybe for some berries that happen to also lie? Yeah, Karuna had some weird tastes. At least the man made no more aggressive motions. That's good. She's had enough fire to deal with for two lifetimes. ---- There was an undeniable relief exiting Lirrey. The monster of shadows didn't hesitate to sink into the ground the moment she was free of that accursed village whose grip on dimensions proved ironclad. The shadow world was a substantial comfort after meeting Lirrey. It was a horrible place, but it was her horrible place. The old man had a horrible place too. It appeared out of nowhere, much to the shadow girl's awe. This must be his personal dimension as well. A lot more books and a lot less predators though. Seemingly nothing to do with berries, but Karuna seemed satisfied. At first. Numerous attempts at taking books only resulted in an equal number of denials. Whatever was going on, she was looking for a particular book. Having spent a great deal of time in Master's lab, Sasha knew a little bit about cleaning up and organizing the otherwise slovenly home. The trick was not to touch any of the vials or things he was working on at the time. And definitely not while he was looking. As Karuna continued her search, slender shadow tendrils rose out to grasp the books she was previously denied in order to set them aside in a new pile, heedless of the man's previous sorting system. That way she would know which ones she's already tried.
  2. I'm the opposite. I like dem der fannnncy words. I mean, you used bequeath appropriately. That's just downright fun. Jaistlyn's right, it's just personal preference. You can have good and bad writing with either method. One of the traps of the fancy descriptions I think Jaistlyn touched on as well. The trap that it is easy to get bogged down in a long sentence with a cool descriptor, maybe a marvelous metaphor, to the point it becomes hard to tell what the subject and verb of the sentence even is. I've certainly fallen for this plenty of times and had to restructure or cut entire sentences, sometimes paragraphs, because of it. I had a similar feeling when I was trying to parse the first paragraph of the post. It's a tricky thing to catch and rectify too since it makes perfect sense in YOUR head when you read it. Not that any of it was particularly bad. I thought it was a good post at any rate. Especially the ending which provided solid content to react to.
  3. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Catching up was much easier once the man's escape route was blocked off by... that had to be Agony. Presumably. It bubbled in the same way when fire was applied to the unquestionably insane masochist. The same general aura of disdain and grave seriousness emanated from that wall too. It was hard to miss, even by the emotionally stunted shadow. The man himself gave Agony a run for his money though. Sasha found herself agreeing with Lunara. The man started running away before they did anything at all! He can't chastise them for not trying to talk while he was trying to walk. Though she supposes technically Karuna did tell them to get him. It was a little ambiguous. Not much though. Either way, something about him rubbed Sasha the wrong way. Oh right. The fire. And the chastising. And inquiries. And willingness to give Karuna books? That was pretty off. Either way she was wholly disinclined to reply when asked what she was doing here. That was information only the Master knew anyways. She wasn't entirely sure. But she was sure she wasn't going to talk about it with him. The little shadow girl skulked behind Karuna, keeping close to the person most likely in danger from this unknown. Her empty, void-like stare never left his figure and tendrils hovered nearby to intercede defensively should he try anything with that pyromanic tendencies of his.
  4. Probably doesn't need to be said, but we can go ahead and change up the order to reflect the recent posts. So @Dolor Aeternum will be next before 1ionFang.
  5. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    The monster of shadows doesn't understand. Sasha doesn't understand. Did... did Agony just hug her? W-why? Was he trying to crush her? Then why did it feel... safe? Warm? No, not warm. Not physically at least. Maybe... Maybe there was no sense to be had in the creature who faced fire unafraid. The one who transformed from a mass of metal to one of amorphous darkness. A darkness that faced the searing nature of light unmoved and unshaken at his own request. A darkness that spoke and walked freely without inciting hatred and terror. Such a creature must surely be lost in the depths of madness. N-nothing else could explain that sudden embrace. Sasha remained at a loss for what was happening when Agony provided a tendril of his own to cast protective shade over her. At the very least Agony must be unaware of the hideous abomination she was, undeserving of such basic kindness. Sometimes adults would get confused and mistake her for a small normal girl to protect. That only usually happened with first impressions however. It was far beyond that point in time. There must be something awful in this town driving everyone insane. First Lunara, then Agony, now even Karuna, throwing out abnormal queries about berries. Sasha couldn't blame them for leaving their sanity at the door. This place was inherently awful, the village preventing her from reaching her home plane of shadows, friendly neighbors forming flash mobs, and that indescribable horror in the rotting church. The sooner they all left, the better. Which meant sticking with Karuna and Lunara as they zoomed after an unknown. Lunara insisted they stop him, and it was a nice focus for the shadow girl. Clear, obvious instructions. She knew how to chase after and catch people... Normally. With access to her better half. Now she glides along at a reasonable pace, but nowhere near the speeds she could otherwise have reached outside of Lirrey. Still, she held enough mastery to manipulate the shadows, even if she couldn't be possessed by them. A blackened tendril, flat and sharp, shot forth to sever the tendons in the figure's legs with the alarming precision of someone who has performed this surgery dozens of times at least. The figure's saving grace is their fire skills, the cut slowing them down but failing to get deep enough to accomplish the intended task before the tendril dissipated. Why must everyone magically utilize the destroyer of darkness? It was frustrating and the creature of shadows sank into a cold sulk, unable to do much more under these conditions except keep pace.
  6. Oh no worries. I will drag this kicking and screaming to the final canonical summary even if I have to make a dozen posts in a row myself. It's just much more fun with you guys involved.
  7. Another poke at the @1ionFang's den. Though I think it's about time we skip on to @Dolor Aeternum for the moment.
  8. A reminder for @1ionFang that only you can prevent forest fires.
  9. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    A few of the villagers that pass by the demonstration look vaguely uncomfortable despite their typical parroted response. In other circumstances, they were supposed to take action against those who would sully and damage the great Lirrey. A new Herald has signaled the overturning of the previous Avatar's priorities. Some mild scorching of the streets would have to be overlooked? Their instructions unclear, they would have to visit the nearby church and pray for more guidance in these confusing times when it came time for their habitual visit. But so long as the Herald requires no action in regards to the servants who escorted her to the sacred Lirrey, then none would be taken. The quiet and inconspicuous shadow monster felt much tension leave her upon the group's exit from the inner chambers of Lirrey. Her unease didn't leave entirely. She felt far too exposed in this surface world, incapable of sinking back into the comfort of the shadow world within the unnatural town limits. Which meant bearing the insufferable rays of the noon sun directly for as long as necessary, the light even penetrating some of the natural shade cast by her cloak, granting vague glimpses of the black, void filled eyes hidden within. Finding and staying behind the largest member to cast a shadow would remain a high priority for the creature, which largely meant silently trailing on Agony's heels, close enough that the natural chill that emanates from her form like an unholy aura can easily be felt. When the group stops for Karuna's demonstration, Sasha shifts, emerging slightly, her curiosity enabling her to bear the evils of the light a little more than usual. Her inquisitiveness immediately punishes her as the roaring cackle of fire bursts to life, bathing her in the mixed malevolence of sweet warmth and bitter light. Shrinking back, she once more juxtaposed Agony between her and the scorching light. This was much like it was with Dawen. Always ending up with groups containing fire lovers... Master must be arranging this on purpose out of displeasure. She would have to redouble her efforts to satisfy him. Suddenly and without warning, the Metal Dancer moved forward to offer himself as the focus of Lunara's casting. The little shadow girl stayed in place, or rather even backed up some meters to get a little more distance between her and the distasteful display of supernatural power. Yet even so, a tendril of darkness emerged from Agony's shadow and wrapped around his hand to tug on it, trying to pull him away. No force was being exerted to do so. It was less a violent attempt and more a child's warning. A warning of danger, that this was bad, to please move before it was too late. The Metal Dancer would never actually move of course, fearless as he was. And as the Forbidden One agreed and begun to channel, the tendril released its hold and sunk back into the darkness, slithering back into nothing. The only reaction further garnered from the shadow beast was a flinch when the pixie's incomplete inferno took hold, representing either empathy or pain.
  10. This is a reminder poke for @1ionFang. Your library card is due for renewal.
  11. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    For-given? Sasha expressionlessly tilted her head to one side. Well, whatever the meaning that lay locked behind those words, the Forbidden One appeared satisfied. As did the townsfolk walking away with stark normalcy, as if church had just concluded for the day. The girl of shadows couldn't say whether the Monster was satisfied as well, but she could say she didn't want to know. Her attention diverts to Karuna, fists of purple flame prepared to strike down the offensive beast. It wasn't pitchforks and torches, but it was a familiar fear that Sasha saw etched into the flesh dancer's face. The look faded into one of exhaustion, which was a relief to the fiend of darkness. There was no telling how poorly things would turn out if they were forced to turn upon one another. A tragic ending considering their mission had been a success, at least as far as she had been instructed. Suggesting they continue this outside, Lunara flew back up the staircase, but Sasha is more hesitant. She looks back at the portal. They were supposed to go through it when they created it in order to return home. But Master had admittedly never said they had to go through right away. She's certain this was the place he wanted it formed. So theoretically they could take their time from here. Not that there was much choice. Lunara had already gone on ahead. Reluctantly, Sasha follows after, ascending the staircase in a silent glide. Life in Lirrey had reverted to normal. The streets were a little bare, but those who they encountered always smiled and any they verbally greeted suggested they head to the harbor. Though none called them strangers anymore. Instead, there was a noticeable reverence in the presence of Lirrey's Herald. Now in the heart of the village of Lirrey, there were numerous buildings to choose from, most of them obvious what they were. They were bright and perfect: models of engineering worth replicating. The type of building that influences architecture for centuries into the future, worthy of pride. To Lunara at least, and Obtenebra to a lesser extent. To the others, they would be as they were before. Too perfect with a hyper-real quality juxtaposed with unsettling segments of decay and disuse.
  12. The blood from the Admiral wouldn't do much I'd think. The only thing stopping the Admiral reforming is Lunara's active suppression of her eternal nature. When Lunara moves on, the Admiral will respawn with her blood like anyone else (though she's lost the rights to act or make decisions outside of the 'herd'). If she were still Lirrey's Avatar, it would probably have more effect. Drinking Lirrey Star's blood directly is the big one. So at most maybe a mild taint? Obtenebra might feel a greater need to comply to HOA standards and improve Lirrey's community as a whole.
  13. I've seen you mention this library a few times but have no idea what library this rumor is talking about. ? I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  14. A bit short, but holidays are squeezing me. Also less need for mook responses. Whee. You're up @1ionFang!
  15. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Sasha is horrendously confused. Everyone was fighting. Then they weren't. Then they were fighting again? Then they weren't? What was going on? The Forbidden Snack felt different now. Wrong. The same kind of Wrong that surrounded them and pervaded this town at its very core. The mob's stance seemed directly reflected by the flighty creature's mercurial mood. Yet her mood, her aura now seemed tapped into the terrifying monstrosity. It would be best if they all just left now during this brief opportunity. But the Flesh Dancer was trapped in a haze of survival instinct, the Metal Dancer seemed enthralled by the creeping demise that awaited them within Yh'mi, and the Forbidden Snack's actions were as wild and unpredictable as her motives. The only thing Sasha could think to do in this situation is to relent to Lunara's request. A flurry of physical and mental anguish descend upon them as if a plague of locusts were assaulting their auditory senses. A comprehensible and incomprehensible string of syllables melds together through the air in a concussive cacophony of chaos. If staring into Lirrey Star's true form was an impossibly maddening feat, then listening to this was the equivalent incarnate of ill conceived ideas. The word blasphemous is not strong enough to encapsulate the profane and paradoxical nature of the sounds this monstrosity ushered forth. "Sorry," the little shadow girl replied, at Lunara's request.
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