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  1. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    This is a reminder poke for @1ionFang. Your library card is due for renewal.
  2. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    For-given? Sasha expressionlessly tilted her head to one side. Well, whatever the meaning that lay locked behind those words, the Forbidden One appeared satisfied. As did the townsfolk walking away with stark normalcy, as if church had just concluded for the day. The girl of shadows couldn't say whether the Monster was satisfied as well, but she could say she didn't want to know. Her attention diverts to Karuna, fists of purple flame prepared to strike down the offensive beast. It wasn't pitchforks and torches, but it was a familiar fear that Sasha saw etched into the flesh dancer's face. The look faded into one of exhaustion, which was a relief to the fiend of darkness. There was no telling how poorly things would turn out if they were forced to turn upon one another. A tragic ending considering their mission had been a success, at least as far as she had been instructed. Suggesting they continue this outside, Lunara flew back up the staircase, but Sasha is more hesitant. She looks back at the portal. They were supposed to go through it when they created it in order to return home. But Master had admittedly never said they had to go through right away. She's certain this was the place he wanted it formed. So theoretically they could take their time from here. Not that there was much choice. Lunara had already gone on ahead. Reluctantly, Sasha follows after, ascending the staircase in a silent glide. Life in Lirrey had reverted to normal. The streets were a little bare, but those who they encountered always smiled and any they verbally greeted suggested they head to the harbor. Though none called them strangers anymore. Instead, there was a noticeable reverence in the presence of Lirrey's Herald. Now in the heart of the village of Lirrey, there were numerous buildings to choose from, most of them obvious what they were. They were bright and perfect: models of engineering worth replicating. The type of building that influences architecture for centuries into the future, worthy of pride. To Lunara at least, and Obtenebra to a lesser extent. To the others, they would be as they were before. Too perfect with a hyper-real quality juxtaposed with unsettling segments of decay and disuse.
  3. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    The blood from the Admiral wouldn't do much I'd think. The only thing stopping the Admiral reforming is Lunara's active suppression of her eternal nature. When Lunara moves on, the Admiral will respawn with her blood like anyone else (though she's lost the rights to act or make decisions outside of the 'herd'). If she were still Lirrey's Avatar, it would probably have more effect. Drinking Lirrey Star's blood directly is the big one. So at most maybe a mild taint? Obtenebra might feel a greater need to comply to HOA standards and improve Lirrey's community as a whole.
  4. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I've seen you mention this library a few times but have no idea what library this rumor is talking about. 🤔 I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  5. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    A bit short, but holidays are squeezing me. Also less need for mook responses. Whee. You're up @1ionFang!
  6. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    Sasha is horrendously confused. Everyone was fighting. Then they weren't. Then they were fighting again? Then they weren't? What was going on? The Forbidden Snack felt different now. Wrong. The same kind of Wrong that surrounded them and pervaded this town at its very core. The mob's stance seemed directly reflected by the flighty creature's mercurial mood. Yet her mood, her aura now seemed tapped into the terrifying monstrosity. It would be best if they all just left now during this brief opportunity. But the Flesh Dancer was trapped in a haze of survival instinct, the Metal Dancer seemed enthralled by the creeping demise that awaited them within Yh'mi, and the Forbidden Snack's actions were as wild and unpredictable as her motives. The only thing Sasha could think to do in this situation is to relent to Lunara's request. A flurry of physical and mental anguish descend upon them as if a plague of locusts were assaulting their auditory senses. A comprehensible and incomprehensible string of syllables melds together through the air in a concussive cacophony of chaos. If staring into Lirrey Star's true form was an impossibly maddening feat, then listening to this was the equivalent incarnate of ill conceived ideas. The word blasphemous is not strong enough to encapsulate the profane and paradoxical nature of the sounds this monstrosity ushered forth. "Sorry," the little shadow girl replied, at Lunara's request.
  7. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Don't worry about it. Hope there's an upturn for you soon.
  8. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    No, the Admiral stopped to watch more important things. Agony might be wrapped in her sticky, icky, warm embrace or something. But there's also nowhere for Agony to repent now. She is alive though.
  9. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Now it's my turn to apologize for the delay. Anyways, Lunara has weird blood powers now. Like complete, full control of her own* blood. She can do freaky messed up blood things like the Admiral did if she wants, but the Admiral's not really the best example to follow. What's that? Worried about running out and killing yourself by accident? Don't worry. Lunara is Lirrey. Lunara is eternal. She'll be fine**. What? Mild Powers? Well alright. The further she is from the town of Lirrey, the less effective her abilities are. Use your best judgement. Eternity might come with roaming charges. Any twist you want to add or anything else that might be a little secret can be worked out in PMs. I know Lunara probably at least knows the Truth Dawen knows now. Oh right. And there's no more pool to baptize the sinners in and make them repent. I guess they get a pass today. Lucky insignificant finites. *Blood on loan from an Elder God. **Until someone figures out a solid counter anyways. Or her own deranged nature kicks in.
  10. Reinholdt

    Lirrey Lines

    For every wave that fell, another rose unharmed, swiftly turning the prospect of holding back the tide of villagers into an eternal struggle. The stains of gore upon the cave floor alternates between existing and not, like a crimson mockery of disco night. The combined might of Agony and Karuna deflect the herd and defeat the oncoming blood tendrils, each of the reflected ones cutting wide swaths of destruction through the crowd. With a sickening squelch Agony follows it up by impaling the Admiral upon Oathripper. This is practically an improvement to the malformed priestess' appearance, but does nothing for her attitude as the seemingly unfazed monstrosity slides forward along the weapon, arms reaching for Agony to wrap him in roiling mess of blood, muscle, and sinew so it can pull him towards the pool of the Eternal Star's blood. There he can be baptized. There he must repent. Still the Admiral's outer appendages no longer split their focus and Karuna and Sasha are left untouched. Perhaps there is more effort being put into fighting off the paralytic and the intruding steel than first let on. With Agony's attention upon the Admiral and Karuna fighting for her life, only seconds remain before some villagers slip through and reach Sasha. Those are seconds the villagers no longer have. The little shadow monster completes the task her Master provided, the cable now forming an overly complex symbol upon the wall. A moment later that symbol flashes a dark spark and a loud whoosh can be heard, as if fresh air were suddenly forced into a small canyon. A swirling black energy coalesces upon the focal point of the circle and instantly expands to approximately the height and shape of a door, with unstable edges wavering like waves. The portal has completely replaced the symbol, preventing any detailed examination of Sasha's work. The portal's appearance has also freed up the minute monster to turn her attentions on the town denizens. She could leave now. She wants to leave now. Anything would be better than being near the maddening creature this cavern consists of. But she couldn't leave the others behind like this. So the terrified little girl rises up, the inky darkness around her practically doubling, tripling in size as light seems to begin to leave the cavern. Dozens of black tendrils emerge from her form, prepared to lash out and pin th- wait. Sasha stops. Sasha stops because time seems to stop. All of the peasants and even the Admiral stops, all turning in unison to face the orb of blood that is spinning with a great wailing intensity. The Herald was about to be born. What was the minor transgressions of the insignificant, the finite, compared to the unending glory about to be bestowed upon them? As the ball spins, blood rises up from the pool as if being drawn to the red womb in a reverse waterfall. There's a gurgling as the great volume in the pool disappears, condensing in ways that defy natural law. Soon the pit in the cavern floor is completely devoid of liquid, only a small red ball hovering above it as rememberance of what once was and will be again. For now, even the ball of blood starts to collapse in on itself, folding in until it is very much a pixie shaped doll of blood. Even that fuses inwards, seeping into the pixie within from every pore and every orifice, uniting in ways more intimate than any honeymoon. Soon there is no hint of the blood of an Eldritch God at all, only an invigorated pixie. A new star, Lunara, Avatar of Lirrey, has been born.
  11. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hardly. I'm sad for poor Karuna, throwing her lot in with mischievous pixies and malicious blobs. The Dark Side may have cookies, but they're full of laxatives.
  12. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Lengthy posts are good. I enjoyed it and it made clear to me when and why she slides down to an instinctual will to survive at any cost. I hope she realizes she doesn't need to feel as guilty going all out on them given the impermanence of their injuries, but she seems to be in a battle trance and probably doesn't have time for that boring rationalizing thing.
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      I like doing things.  Don't always have the energy for it, but I do always try.  What did you have in mind?

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  14. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Really? That's pretty amazing. Now I can always imagine a befuddled Agony every time I picture him.