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  1. Lirrey Lines

    Regret, regret, regret. The Shadow knew of this word. Light Walkers loved to bandy about the word, using it as some form of threat. It was uncertain what kind of threat regret was supposed to convey however, as it never seemed to come to fruition. It made more sense when Master used the word. But it also meant something different then. The Forbidden Snack proceeded to address It directly, guessing as to Its preferences. They were completely correct of course. Down in the caverns the agonizing sun couldn't bombard It with constant low-key suffering. The Shadow could emerge in the surface world with no ill effects. And there was much to love about the beauty of the Surface world compared to the Shadow's world, even if the Light Walkers didn't understand it. Warmth in particular. Lunara appeared to want an answer. Speaking was always ill advised, so the shadows behind Agony begin to coalesce and solidify around the tendril holding the cable. Before anything could come of it, Agony decided their course with commanding efficiency and proceeded into the tunnel. The Cretin settled on not actively responding and hurried behind Agony at his increased pace, having little trouble keeping up. This was nowhere as fast as Doctor Gladstone had gone sometimes. Only when the light from the entrance fade did the creature finally rise up from the floor, Its small humanoid form silently floating behind the Metal Dancer. The passage underground is surprisingly wide, granting the group more than enough room to move freely. This was likely designed with creatures much larger in size or quantity in mind. Small holes occasionally pock the stone and water drips freely somewhere nearby. the further the group advances, the more apparent two major obstacles to their travel become. The first is truly more unsettling than an actual obstacle. The growing sounds of The growing sounds of cave life resound along the walls. Whatever is making those sounds are still pretty distant at best guess. The second problem is the darkness itself. The light from the entrance disappears quickly enough and soon only the comforting blanket of darkness remains... If only that were true. Contrary to the Shadow's personal desires, there is actually some light in here. Up ahead to be exact. Two points of light characteristic of lanterns illuminate an area just around the next corner and throw their unwanted excess dimly upon the floor ahead.
  2. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Sasha needs to find friends that aren't pyromaniacs.
  3. Lirrey Lines

    Fire. Of course it was fire. Surface dwellers were obsessed with light and fire. It was a punishment of some sort. The master was displeased with its results so he sent it with another fire user to cause the shadow creature as much pain as he could until it learned. Dawen must not have been available and the Flesh Dancer was the next possible option. Normally the shadow would visibly flinch in the face of the element of flame, but this time it remained entirely disciplined, making no reactionary movement. A surprise more to it than anyone else. It wasn't that it hadn't tried to flinch, but that it couldn't. The feeling was strange and thoroughly uncomfortable. Fortunately the paralysis passed quickly and it regained motor function without incident. But the feeling was not an experience the creature ever wished to repeat. The other two members were upset too. Finally someone who understands the harshness of fire. Oh no, wait. They were just concerned about potential collateral damage. A reasonable complaint the shadow supposes, but not quite the same as having kindred souls who dislike fire. Well whatever keeps the power in check. The shadow continues to trail the Metal Dancer as the journey resumes. The Broken Plains lives up to its name, a grungy brown wasteland speckled with an occasional tuft of green, torn into steps of varied elevation. It was never a significant change, the area still mostly flat, but it was a constant battle, moving up and down and carefully stepping around rocks. Like the entire land was designed to exhaust from the start, ensuring a slow pace from most travelers. As the group continues towards the hill marking Furthest Point, they soon cross in front of a crevice larger than others. Looking closely, an entrance can be spotted that clearly leads into Yh'mi's underground caves. It is likely one of the passages used for the attack on Inns'th and not yet sealed, in which case it would be much faster to traverse than the plains. Of course, such shortcuts are fraught with their own dangers and though the path immediately ahead of them has numerous small cracks in the ground, it is less of an unknown.
  4. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I think I should have put more emphasis on their shrieks actually being paralyzing, but that's on me. Anyways, when I imagined this to be a decent warm up, I didn't think it'd be taken so literally. But if everything went as I expect, it wouldn't be RP. I imagine Yh'mi is sure to notice such blatant power. How to twist it?
  5. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Reinholdt @1ionFang jaistlyn Dolor Aeternum
  6. Lirrey Lines

    The actions of the Flesh Dancer baffled the shadow creature. While loose clothing and exposed skin hadn't been completely unheard of, it couldn't recall any such instance since arriving in Yh'mi. Even in Inns'th, the seeping feeling of paranoia and need for protection drove most, if not all to cover themselves with strange bits of leather and metal. The shadow could understand this at least. It had met impenetrable mountains of metal before. What the cretin of shadows most certainly had never seen before was metal that rippled and rolled like disturbed water. Metal isn't supposed to do that. Curiouser and curiouser. Was Dolor a metal dancer? But metal can't do what it just did. Surely the creature is confused. It got distracted dispatching a minion of the underworld and didn't see what it thinks it just saw. Nothing else made sense. Then again there was a tiny flying talking forbidden meal traveling with them. None of these light travelers made sense. The king of mustaches reluctantly steps aside and helps raise the gate when Damian demands it of him. Though he eyes each person as they pass through, following their movement as they step past the portcullis into the realm beyond. Leaving him and civilization behind, the group begins to traverse the wastes of the Broken Plain. The signs of the recent battle remain painfully evident, from the ground caked in red, to the corpses strewn about. The Order has removed most of their own, and continue to work on piling the monsters together to burn, but the lack of manpower shows. Large corpses of Chitten Magi and Gutterfiends are too bulky to easily be disposed of and a number remain at the fringes of the battlefield, as if morbidly marking territorial lines. Something must not have agreed with the group's assessment of where those lines begin and end. As they are passing what appears to be the furthest and final Chitten Magus corpse, it shudders and shifts, the only warning given before it bursts apart in a hideous wave of gore, feathers, and screeching. Five overly sensitive Raakes claw their way free of the ruined corpse they were nesting in, flapping wildly to get off the ground, relying on their deafening, stacatto screech to paralyze their foes while they get aloft. Once there, they'll show no hesitation dive bombing the group, attacking with razor sharp talons.
  7. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Well haven't heard anything from Voldemort in a month now. If there's someone lurking who wishes to join, they can. Otherwise I think we'll be fine with four. Regardless, I'll post tomorrow to keep it rolling. Yh'mi demands blood.
  8. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    She watches you while you sleep. Reinholdt 1ionFang jaistlyn Dolor Aeternum @Voldemort
  9. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Mercurial research indeed. Poor Dolor. I suppose one advantage of being a little girl is that when you stare creepily at other people, you're not a sexual predator, you're just demonically possessed. Jaistlyn's away for the weekend, so this is just a notice for when she gets back. Reinholdt 1ionFang @jaistlyn Dolor Aeternum Voldemort
  10. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Feel free to stick a post in whenever Voldy. Can I call you Voldy? ... I probably shouldn't. But that just makes me want to more. Reinholdt @1ionFang jaistlyn Dolor Aeternum Voldemort
  11. Lirrey Lines

    The lack of further questions was of great relief to the busy doctor who took the opportunity to sequester himself once more in the back room. He trusted the motley group could efficiently handle themselves from here without further guidance. So far as anyone can be trusted at any rate, given the high frequency of twistling infiltration in Inn'sth. Xeyal makes a mental note to make time at some point to investigate the rumors of the twistling test witch capable of discerning innocent from imposter. Displaying no hint of the paranoia which now threatened to encapsulate the doctor's mind, in fact displaying no hint of anything whatsoever, the shadow creature trailed after the rest, moving with unnerving silence. The appearance of it growing smaller held basis in fact as the creature steadily sunk into the ground as if melting and nearly disappearing entirely. Soon it was a blot of darkness skimming along until finding a companion in Agony's shadow. No sense of fondness or connection brought it to this decision. Indeed, the minion of darkness knew not what to think of any of its companions as of yet, other than Lunara was very small and probably edible? Agony's shadow simply was the largest and darkest. It provided the best protection against the blistering pain of the sun. If these creatures of light felt compelled to travel in the accursed day, then it felt compelled to protect itself during the trip as much as feasible. It found it was never truly enough. In other situations, the creature of shadows might be able to blend with the ambient shadows with near perfection, becoming rather difficult to spot. This mission would run counter to that as the creature gave itself away, holding the spool of cable tight in a pair of tendrils that remain above the surface. The cable fed down into the shadow indicating its location exactly while it continued to grip its luggage. Every movement made caused a little more cable to unroll and disappear. When the group felt ready, the gate to the wilds of Yh'mi was just a short walk away. Damage to the wall separating Terrenus from the horrors that would readily tear it apart was evident. The mad paladin and his forces may be dead, but the sense lingers that the battle continues to stretch on. Much of the manpower focused around the breach in the wall, ensuring nothing slipped through the hole. With the casualties piled on top of the additional patrols, the gate itself was actually lightly manned. But those who were there were obviously on edge, dulled only by their own heavy set fatigue, pulling too many extra hours trying to plug the gap until the situation improved. "Oi, hold up there," calls out a burly man with a booming voice and extensive mustache when they approach, waving them down. The guard steps forward to look over the group. "What's all this? The Order didn't mention sending anyone through this morning. If you're here to help fix the hole, you need to see Jasmina just down that way." He motions down towards the distant hole.
  12. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Voldemort doesn't seem to have been around. RL must have caught them. I'll give it one more day, then I'll make a post anyways to keep things moving.
  13. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Reinholdt 1ionFang jaistlyn Dolor Aeternum @Voldemort
  14. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Reinholdt 1ionFang jaistlyn @Dolor Aeternum Voldemort
  15. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    What? You haven't made it ubiquitous yet? Shame on everyone else.