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  1. "Lep did you see her?! She really had a time of it back there! Ms. ( enter mocking imitation voice ) I find supernatural beasts more agreeable than highwaymen. If we ran a contest for saying the word shit as many times as possible in ten seconds, you'd snatch that cake up so fast. If you had one of those things on your tail, at least!" The Leper, having calmed down a bit, allowed himself to smirk under his bandages as they rode towards camp. With the camp getting ever so closer, he let himself relax just a bit, although he was admittedly a bit anxious since he felt they were intruding. Perhaps once inside he would be allowed to find something to calm his nerves. For now however, he'd have to do with finding solace in the sound of the cycles and running river. After some time, the party was close enough to the caravan to pass by dark skinned woman trekking the waters. The Leper offered but a nod in addition to Stellos wave. "Hm." Leper grunted at Stellos party comment in agreement, looking forward to some substances to aid his ever growing itch. He followed his companions in disguised as as he found himself staring in the fifty foot tall oysters that served as a temporary home for the caravan peoples. As he followed he looked at Ioreth and Stello, concluding from the events that just transpired, that Stello and Ioreth were in fact "normal" in the sense that they feared for their life. Leper found comfort in this, especially in the case of the Elf Woman who, although was experienced and skilled, still found that she herself made mistakes. We're all mortal after all... in a way anyways. Most of us. The markets, people, wagons, and all the other Banjari property caught the Lepers eyes as he tilted his head from side to side just so that he could get the full scope of his surroundings. It was quite interesting to him. However not only did they pique his interest, but the he and his party also piqued the interest of many people in the caravan. As the men and women worked, he also felt the interested eyes of the children upon him as they played their games and went about their chores. As it was instinct, The Leper shrugged his shoulders and tucked his in his collar with his hands in his pockets. This was his most natural, albeit insecure, response to a big crowd casting eyes upon him. Unless it was blatantly obvious and necessary that he was exposed, he preferred not to let others see him. With those stares he knew his place and boundaries, and this was quite alright with him as long as they did not attempt any harm upon them. After awhile Ioreth found the perfect place for the party to set up camp among the denizens of the caravan. In a strange fashion, The Leper had an idea of how to setup camp properly and helped the Elf Woman as best as he could. After setting the camp, he noticed the ritual Ioreth had performed and watched from a distance as she performed it. Religious. Spiritual. The Bandaged Man wondered what these beliefs she held encompassed. He imagined after a few hundred years one may begin to think of themselves as gods rather than continuing to praise other gods. This he did not understand, however he minded his manners and the looked the other, trying to not seem rude and facing her direction. After being done, Ioreth declared that she was hungry, which from now Leper learned to mean that everyone around is hungry as well. He smirked under his bandages. Time to hit town again. The Leper felt discomfort as an outsider among outsiders, however it was nothing that he had not experienced before. He took the role of the "bodyguard" quite seriously as he remained behind the group, constantly looking about his surroundings, He noticed Ioreths violet eyes glance back toward him at some point, however she would never know where his eyes laid due to his bandages and goggles. He did not mine the glances for he was used to it, even from an employer. As they ventured through the market, he noticed a woman with an indigo scarf and wild hair looking at him for a longer than normal amount of time. "She's.... still staring isn't she?" The Leper said to himself. He looked towards her again and she in fact was. Leper stared back at her and decided that he was interested feeling that there was something that could be gained from this woman. He noticed the woman finally coming towards him and he stayed put, quite enamored by the idea that a woman would be interested in her. He let his party go, irresponsibly so, and stayed his ground as the woman approached him. He held out a thumbs up towards his companions just in case they looked back search of him. The Leper looked towards the woman Kezia Roffize and lifted his goggles, exposing his black centered, gray eyes to her. "... Intrigued?" The Leper questioned the gypsy woman gruffly. At that moment a tall, tanned, red headed woman in dark clothing appeared before them, seemingly in efforts to speak with Kezia. He looked the newcomer up and down, and stared for a while at her bracelet with his exposed black eyes... He finally took off his hat, in the presence of the two women. "You can go first if you wish..." The Leper bowed his head towards the red headed woman, referencing her obvious interest in speaking with Kezia. He was a patient man. Sniff sniff. He smelled the herb he so desperately wanted from this woman. Real high quality grass! He stayed silent about this matter however...
  2. "You can do that?!" The Leper yelled out after Stello suddenly conjured green lightning which helped stop the 2nd land shark from giving chase. He wasn't surprised that the Elf Woman had the ability to summon nature but Leper assumed Stello was but a simple Blacksmith! No time for that right now however. They had to make it to the river, which the Leper and Stello were well on their way, until Leper noticed how Stello was nearby yet Ioreth was so far behind. He looked over his shoulder and turned his head straight towards the river. If they went back, Leper realized that although they had the numbers, they would still be overpowered by the land shark. Leper knew just one of those beasts could do still maul them all. He knew that he and Stello could make it out alive if they left Ioreth there... but he made a deal. He signed a contract that bound him to both Stello and Ioreth, and although he couldn't cast spells or summon lightning, he could always rely on his ability to react quickly. A little courageousness didn't hurt either, although the gulping his throat would say otherwise. As predicted Stello would go back, and Leper would not let him go alone. He simply nodded when Stello declared that they were returning to Ioreth. "One!" "THREE! THREE!" It happened so suddenly that Leper barely had time to react."Rrrrgh!" He grit his teeth as he swerved hard right as ordered. He looked to his side and saw as the Land Shark descended upon the position they were just at! Too close! Leper shuddered at the thought of being under its massive weight, then being crunched in between its rock hard jagged mouth. Being granted a few precious moments to gain distance away from the surprised beast, Stello went left and found themselves in parallel positions heading back towards Ioreth. They rode towards Ioreth who had already thought ahead and began picking up speed on her prowler. The group now united once again, Leper pointed ahead towards a tree (as advised by Stello), and then another direction, repeating the gesture several times. He remembered where Ioreth instructed them to go and intended to go around the large tree so that they can be in line with the river once more. He led the trio this time and curved around the tree and then subsequently kicked the prowler into next gear, its energy being visibly generated as it tore through the terrain. Ioreth and Stello must have had the same idea in mind because they were close behind. The Land Shark, now back to it's senses once more was not going to give up so easily and gave chase once more. However the distance was too great for the great beast. The smell of running water and the appearance of rather healthy vegetation began to appear before them. The Land Shark began feeling uncomfortable and this caused it it feel doubtful and perhaps even weaker... Silence but the roaring of the of the three prowlers and the sound of the running river. Leper slowed down the speed as the soil became more moist. He looked her his shoulder and let out a great sigh. He rode leisurely and deliberately ahead, not wanting to talk for now. This was the most danger he had been in... maybe... he couldn't remember- but that didn't matter! This was just the start of the journey and already he almost died!!! Maybe he wasn't cut out for this continent... maybe he should head back to Tellus Mater and take on small jobs again. Or better yet find a way back to his home world... He was in deep thought with cigarette in mouth as they rode along the river for about half an hour before seeing a strange camp in the distance. There was activity. Was this one of the camps Stello and Ioreth had talked about previously? (Sorry for the wait)
  3. The Leper followed the instructions and advice given out by his companions. He stood on the bike when appropriate- when over rough terrain- and found the "physics thing" quite true. His body and legs shook as he accounted for the ground beneath him on the cycle, finding the process an amusing challenge of body strength and timing. He was surprised about how well he was doing so far, but he couldn't help but have the itch to have a smoke, of both varieties. Although he forgot his grumpiness, he still knew it would rise again if he really thought about it too much, so instead he opted to focus on the road and crew in front of himself. He thought to himself how well he'd be paid and how many smokes he'd be able to have by the end of this. Stello broke his day dream when he approached about "the nuts on the seat" situation. The Leper gave but a nod in reaction to the Blacksmiths approach. He was not quite in the laughing mood just yet... The Bandaged Man paid his attention back to Ioreths and Stellos motions and gestures. Ioreth specifically continued looking towards the hills. She looked towards what looked to be a large mole hill. How strange! The Leper did not like how increasingly uneasy she was getting... that gut feeling in the Lepers belly started getting worse and worse. He followed Ioreths motion to ride by her side, one of the few times he has done so this whole journey to their destination. He was ever more aware of the disturbances about them the triggered the Elf Woman. The Leper gritted his teeth and inhaled sharply through his nostrils. He cracked his neck leftwards and grasped the handles of his cycle with enough force to break a glass of alcohol, something he really wanted right now to calm himself down. Those twenty minutes seemed like an eternity... the finally that gut feeling came to be true. The group was now in danger. It happened so fast. The Leper did not turn around to see the metallic bonehead creature coming for them. All he needed to know was that there was a lot of dirt falling upon them, there was panic among his group, and that there was a big ass son of a bitch coming closer to where the groups general area was. "Shitshitshit!". Leper could not have said it any better. The stomping was so fast and heavy that the Leper felt like it matched the feeling in his chest at that current moment. He was not thinking fast enough, he felt like a gazelle in the pack, waiting for which one of them was going to be prey. He knew for sure, due to the current position, that Ioreth was the safest in the group as she was the head of triangle. This meant it came down to Stello and Leper. 50/50 percent chance he was going to get eaten if the beast came decided to propel himself even faster. “They should be in the Wastes! Why is it here?” The Elf Woman said. Like hell Leper knew. He wasn't even from this world! All he knew was that the woman abruptly veered left and that he would do the opposite, predicting that Stello would follow her. He would go immediately right and breathe for a moment. What did he have!? The Leper thought deeply for a few moments before committing to a deep U-turn back towards his companions. For a moment it looked like he abandoned them but hell no! He needed that money!!! He reached in a deep pocket on the side of his cycle that he remembered about... that is until suddenly.. Two more landsharks popped up, creating a trio of vicious creatures! The Leper could not let them be devoured however at this point he felt a bit powerless. At this point he said "fuck it" under his breath and committed to his original plan. His current position was that about 20 feet (and coming closer) towards the pack chasing Stello and Ioreth. His coming closer would result in.... (I'm going to dice roll on this one. Google provides a dice from 1-6 so I'll just use that.) (I rolled a 6 sided dice on Random.org and it gave me a 5. I'll say it was medium positive for now) The Leper successfully accelerated to one of the land sharks without grabbing the packs attention. He pulled out a basic spare sword from the cycles side bag given to him by Stello and gripped it in his right hand whilst steering the handles with the left. He was currently very close to one of the land sharks. The Leper readied himself whenever and wondered if the the shark he was currently behind would suddenly turn on him....
  4. The Leper would have usually stood up if a person had entered the room, in his usually polite manner, however he decided that this moment would not be the moment he did so. He watched the magenta haired Faerin step through and enter the kitchen all bruised and beaten. "So this was the fighting cousin..." Leper thought to himself. Truly he understood the feeling of "absorbing punches". The Leper was always bruised up and cut, however it was never as honorable or graceful compared to Faerin he assumed. The Elf Man most likely had a greater audience compared to the bummy pits and alleys Leper found himself in for the extra dough. Leper sighed under his breath as the man tottered forward in his pink slippers. All these new people were beginning to stress Leper out. He needed a smoke. Leper cracked his neck, twisting his neck leftward in his usual mannerism as Faerin near fainted. He scoffed in feign amusement as Ioreth told him the reason behind Faerins victory over the famous fighter addressed as Odinfield. He did so because not only was he well mannered but because he knew the feeling of winning not because of superior strength and technique but simply because the other guy could not take beating him up anymore. A true chin indeed. He noticed Faerin truly wanted Stellos attention throughout this whole course of events and this caused him to ponder why this was. Was it because Leper was so insignificant or was it because Stello had already established a name for himself already? Perhaps both, and this was what Leper settled on. Leper repeated to himself the greeting in the language of Ioreth and Faerins people. "naidann mahath...". Leper watched closely Stellos reaction to the fighting elf and he would be sure to remember this. Amusement. Stello truly was a light hearted and positive. Even Leper was drawn to the man, wondering the true nature of his origins. After Stello opened his mouth, Leper concluded he was unimpressed with faerins performance last night. Stello was somehow aware of Faerins fight and somehow the news spread of the Elf Mans' unmiraculous victory over Odinfield. LEper scratched his head. How did Stello know? Did he know? If he did is there such thing as the "internet" on this side of the world or "tv"? Leper did not even know himself how he knew about "tv" or the "internet". Suddenly thoughts of Fox News and Youtube began popping in his head.... eventually Stello left to check out the spell cycles with Hanya and Faerin managed to rest in a nearby seat, subsequently knocking out for well deserved rest.... He then had a brief personal moment with Ioreth.... He looked into her eyes as the other parties began parting with them. In this moment he felt the turbulent feeling from his belly to this chest. She wanted to get close. He gulped under his bandages as he stared at her through his goggles, knowing to expect some sort of question from her. Those violet eyes were too fixed on him, something he did not like too much. She was relaxed however, proven by her body language. He soon discovered she was inviting even, too charming for her own good. She asked the question. The Leper paused and looked towards her for what seemed an eternity. He began making up possible answers and responses for Ioreth. He could tell her the whole story of how woke up one day with no memory, only knowing his past through the vague dreams he has sometimes, if he even sleeps that day. He could tell her that the reason was because claiming an identity was useless since one day all life would end. That the attachment to any identity of any sort, whether that be race, name, or group, actually was a distraction from what someone truly was the opposite of an asset. He could go the easy route and simply tell her that the name was simple and easy. He did none of this in the end as he made up his mind and grabbed his hat. "Because that is what I am. I am a Leper as you are an elf woman at the end of the day." The Leper stood up and mounted his hat upon his head. "We will both see one day... who we truly are... no matter how long it takes." He began walking towards the door that led outside and declared his next course of action. "I will skip on the tea for now.... for now I will be outside smoking, and pondering what else will be needed for our journey... boss." Before fully leaving Ioreths' company and walking out the door, he turned said one last thing to her while pointing towards the wounded Faerin. "Take care of him and mend his wounds. Family is family after all." And after that moment he was gone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Leper himself donned a large backpack similar to Stellos however his outfits were not as varied as his. No need when your clothes were your bandages and your outfit choice was towards leathers, jeans, cargos, blacks and grays. He was behind Stello, and was informed of their location in Terrenus when he occasionally rode up to Stello to ask where they were every now and again. He tried his best not to stay too close to the curious Ioreth. He watched in awe at the landscape. This was the life. Beautiful hills and a raw, powerful motorcycle. Although he found it difficult to ride at first, the spellcycle felt somewhat familiar after a few practice runs, as aided by Hanya. He was a quick learner peculiarly, especially after having no riding experience as far as he could remember. Soon they turned west, away from the sun, as Stello warned. They were headed towards Langley Keep. Leper watched as Stello rode up to Ioreth, most likely to ask a location question. After a few moments he noticed Stellos body language, encouraging the Leper to go to him. The Bandaged Man left his place as the rear guard to be by Stellos side, the engines revving up powerfully as he speed up to match the Blacksmith. He answered the beckoning and and listened to Stello, raising his helmet slots likewise. "..." Leper nodded his head. "Not too easy at first but..." The Leper looked towards his side mirror briefly. Oddly enough his saw full, long, and curly swaying in the mirror of the spellcycle. He let go his right hand off the steering to "comb" his "hair" as naturally as it was anyone. "Feels good hahaha!" The Leper exclaimed. "I got the hang of it real quick oddly enough! As for the hard land coming up, I'll let you know!" He stuck by Stellos side, somewhat forming a triangle formation with Ioreth at the head.
  5. "...They’re magi-fueled and the crystals absorb solar energy, too. I added two gears for parking and reversing down by your right foot..." Although Leper thought himself a fairly good mechanic the truth was that his experience paled in comparison to Hanyas'. This realization dawned upon him as he listened to her talk about prototype bikes with such wisdom and enthusiasm. He scratched his neck embarrassingly as Stello and her continued their lively mech-talk with one another. Thinking back to when he first entered, he wondered if the folks in some of the family photos were her parents or guardians. Most likely they were the ones who taught her everything she knew. Leper pretty had to make mistakes to get to the amateur level he was at currently and along the way he received many wacks from some of his old shipmates. In the end, although he thought all this knowledge was good to know, he learned to be handy because it was practical for his situation. The thing that set him apart from the others was passion or a lack thereof more appropriately. From what he could tell Ioreth was into artifacts, Hanya into the mech trade, and Stello into black-smithing.... "It was then that there was a knock at the front door and an elf that was over encumbered by a canvas backpack and armfuls of survivalist gear came tottering down the spiral staircase. Atop this load suitable for a pack elk rested a carefully rolled map. Once Ioreth had descended enough steps to be within reach, Hanya picked up the single parchment map and offered a courtly bow." Leper had been "combing" his head in thought until the knock on the front door sounded. With hat in hand, he stood up in preparation for Ioreth to appear until a myriad of survival tools and gear began rolling its way down the stairs. Ioreth miraculously made it all the way down with ability of a camel in the desert, somehow carrying down so many items by herself. Leper bent down and picked up all scattered items and placed them on the nearby table he was just at. He leaned his head towards Ioreth with hat on chest and looked towards the map in Hanyas hands. When Ioreth fixed herself up he turned his gaze towards her, taking note of the type of equipment she liked to adventure with. Clearly, Stello and Leper had not dressed correctly for the occasion, but thankfully Ioreth prepared ahead of time and brought some extra supplies for the rest of the party. “Take them,” she said, as a shudder crept down her spine. “I would prefer to not spend any more time sweating out over forty years worth of a nicotine addiction.” "Very generous. Appreciated." The Leper offered his thanks. He felt no urge smoke as of now but these would be useful for a grand chain smoking sesh after a hard days work. His mind felt blissfully light headed at the thought of it already. He found the forty years comment humorous but would not be surprised if it was true about the elf woman. He would not press that subject unless poked to. As for him being insignificant to her extremely long life experience, the Leper ,unfortunately, did not believe himself to be very significant for most people. So the presumption of her opinion on that did not bother him too much, just so long as he was not horribly thrown under the bus under any circumstance. For now business was about to begin, so when Ioreth took her seat, so did Leper, once again. He listened as Ioreth trailed her fingers over the map and explained the best course of action in order to make it to Asheville. Stello wished to try out Hanyas bikes. "..." The Leper tapped the table for a few moments. Most likely taking the shorter path with the bikes until reach the river and ferry was the best course of action. He simply looked around until the decision was made, since it seemed it was heading there anyway....
  6. A strange feeling. As if he had already been here before. It must have been quite a sight to see the odd pair walking down the street. On one hand, a well-off, upbeat, and strong young man absorbing the sights as they passed through the suburbs. Enjoying the journey that currently was Haze's Kitchen essentially. On the other hand, The Leper begrudgingly went lurched forward, knowing full well that what he had agreed to join Stello on could certainly kill him. The Bandaged Man was in a bit of a grumpy mood because he was sober. On his mind was the destination and the money, nothing more and nothing less. As Stello and him approached Hanya, the bold motorcycle woman under the blue tree, his eyes looked across to a home with a family of four out front. There were two kids, two brothers it seemed playing with wooden sticks. "We're the true warriors of the Desert!" One of the boys sported a dusty old leather jacket that seemed a bit too big for him. Such strange attire for such a sunny day, Leper thought to himself, although what he was wearing was hardly any better. The parents were on the porch, swaying back and forth on their rocking chairs having a smoke while sipping on some lemonade. The Leper had not realized he had slowed to a stop and stare until the father stopped rocking on the chair. The Leper and father stared for a while before the father nodded towards him and continued rocking away with his lady. The Leper nodded in return. For what reason? He did not know himself. He thought it would be best to catch up with Stello however. Letting Stello lead the introductions and niceties was perhaps going to be the case for Leper from now on. The Horned Hanya, was a positive and nice vegetarian animal-lady, however she was far too energetic for the Leper in his current emotional state. As the conversation flowed, he paid no mind to the corpse comment, since he's heard it a thousand times. The moment she called loudly for Ioreth, Leper couldn't help but rub his forehead to cope with the sudden loud noise. "God I need a smoke..." The Leper thought to himself. Before this meetup Ioreth had given Leper a pack of some special head-numbing cigarettes in exchange for some protein bars. He chain smoked all of them, which wasn't the best idea. After that he to drink almost a gallon of water to get a semblance of feeling back to his tongue! He wish he hadn't however, because he could totally use a smoke break already. Instead of opting for a handshake and ending up like Stello, Leper simply tipped his hat to Hanya. "No handshake. I've got corpse cooties and you don't wanna catch em." The Leper teased. The Leper looked around the enclosed space and paid attention to details much like Stello. Was this where Ioreth resided? Or at least one of her homes in Terrenus? So this was her home in Hell's Gate or at least Hanya, her friend's. Bookends was ran from another major city as Leper recalled. Leper didn't always have the best memories, due to obvious reasons. So did she have multiple dwellings and safehouses? The Leper always asked one question when it came to elves, since he was fan of a few tales from a man called Tolkien he believed. Tolkien.... how did he know about him? How peculiar... All he knew from his memory was that this Tolkien man mentioned that elves could basically live forever. Ioreth was such a mystery to him and he would never admit it, but the mystery of the adventure with her and Stello ultimately drove him to join them. Leper looked over to the Gaia shrine. "... Is this the religion people practice in these parts?" He wondered to himself as he turned his gaze to a nearby window. Perhaps he would asked Stello and Ioreth later at some point. As Stello looked over a few pictures and finally read over the contract, The Leper stared outside for a while, towards the Deserts that Hells Gate bordered. Something about this city... Finally Stello was finished. "I trust your judgement sir." The Leper took the pen from Stello and quickly signed his surprisingly large signature in cursive. The Leper was in it now. He took a nearby seat, taking the hat off his head and placing it on his nap. "Tea sounds good right about now." The Leper looked over the images. Seemed Hanya was a major mechanic nut. Leper was a mechanic and bodyguard on the airships that ran around Tellus Mater. He woke up on one shipping airship in which the men there taught him a thing or two about mech work. He remembered that day. He woke up with that special golden flask and nothing else.
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  8. The Leper usually chose a bottle over a plate, but honestly, the guy could go for some food right about now. He couldn't recall the last time he ate actually. The Leper was fine going with either person, but felt some relief when Stello spoke for him. "I could probably fit in the side car, but I think I'll stick around with the Blacksmith a little longer." Leper politely bowed his head to Ioreth in thanks for her hospitality. The Leper looked towards Stello as he spoke and nodded in approval. He felt a good, honest aura about the man and he knew he would be in safe with Stellos local experience and presentable nature. When describing the dish he had planned, Leper felt that even under his numbed skin, a tinge of hunger began to rise in his belly. He could practically smell and taste the orange baked ham, his mouth watering slightly in his usually dry mouth. Leper could not help but smile underneath his bandages at the two people before him a over a meal. It felt so.... normal. He could not recall a moment within his life that he shared a home cooked meal and bonded with anyone over it. A bit of anxiety arose from him. He felt like he was in a dream. The display kindness and reaching out to him was a bit too foreign. He was so used to being avoided and feared, whether by repulsion or something else. He began to have hid doubts. Perhaps he should not join Ioreth and Stello for dinner... he was but a tool after all. They were the minds behind the project. The goggles and bandages hiding Leper from the world was like a layer of protection for him, although he used it for self medication purposes. He could not lie that he felt naked and embarrassed without it. He used it as an excuse for moments like this, in which he could look towards the ground and not at those who talked to him. The Leper looked up from the ground when Leper made a little joke about rubbing alcohol filler, to which the Leper did not have any reply to. The reality was that people who struggled out there did crazy, even shameful things to get their fix. "Leper will do. It's a reminder." The Bandaged Man replied to Stello. He would then (perhaps) get the instructions on how to get to The Big Meat plus any additional info. He would simply fix his hat, turn, and leave without much of a goodbye. Once outside the shop, he would quickly take out one of those numbing cigarettes Ioreth had traded him for the protein bars. His itch back there was almost too much to handle. Once lit, Leper would inhale its unique contents, and feel the rush that Ioreth had described not too long ago. He faced the street pondering on whether he should wander off now. He predicted he would get rather close with these people, which he felt rather uncomfortable with. Those he got close to always got hurt, whether he knew it or not. He pondered abandoning those two. They were much stronger than him, he would only be a liability he figured. He took a few more hard puffs to numb the rising anxiety within him. Should he just go and leave them? He thought long and hard. He decided he would walk towards the butchers and see what he would do from there... (Not sure where i could go with this now. Perhaps I can just let yall talk and come back in a bit.)
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  11. @~Harlow. 26 AO. Is that now? Is your story set in the past?
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