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    Kaigan is connected to Odaiba by the Rainbow Bridge.... these two towns is where RB began, right on the ocean.
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  1. A Plague Spreads Across Terrenus!

    I'm down as hell. Need to make a new character tho
  2. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    and I died in your arms that night
  3. The Golden Lotus: Tea House

    That excitement Leper was looking for? Yeah... he found it. As soon as he pivoted his body to walk down the sidewalk he was immediately pulled back by his adventuring pack and back towards the entrance of the tea house. "Hua?- ugh!" He landed on his bum before he was picked up by large lumbering hands and turned around. Held by his arms, Leper was a good foot or two off the ground and facing a large lumbering man with a rag on his head. He looked like one of the guys who made the tea for the establishment. "Aye. You didn't pay for the rest of your tea!" The man set Leper down, who promptly searched his pockets for his coin. "Oh... apologies. Here you go!" The Leper paid the rest of what he owed to the man. "Also!" The tea house worker exclaimed in his deep voice as he looked down to count the money. "You left your hat on your table!" The bandaged man felt the top of his head and suddenly felt that uncomfortable, unfamiliar draft hit his head. "... Thanks.". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So The Leper was back inside the Golden Teahouse. He looked around the room, scanning for his hat, but only noticed things he hadn't paid much mind to before leaving the first time. It seemed like the wealthy gambling fellow had a small gaggle of women around him. Three? There was a red head who had already seemed to claim him upon his lap. A nice young looking one who had just taken a seat next to him, Then finally was very sly looking... a women with a strange aura about her. The Leper remembered Xi talking to her previously before deciding to choose himself as a tea partner. The red head one and this women were not to be trusted. The Lepers opinion of them were perhaps that they weren't very nice women in their hearts. But who was he to judge? Prince Kazuhiko was a strong, handsome, wealthy looking young man and seemed to be quite the charmer. The Leper sighed. He did not know whether he was beautiful or not in his past life, but he knew one thing for certain. He felt love. He felt lust. And he felt pride. Now all he could ever feel was numbness, bitterness, and anger. He was not jealous because of Kaz, but of what he represented. An image of a happy past life that he believed he might have led. A life of success and loved ones around him. Now he must this horrible experience all alone. He was cursed and would rather die alone anyhow. Hes sneered underneath his bandages towards the table before noticing a few patrons making for the exit. One patron caught his eye since his eyes were already fixated on the general vicinity of Kaz, the wealthy prince. He frowned as he watched for her hands, having been a bit of a pickpocket himself depending on the day and how low on funds he was, he was kind of curious about who hung around this side of town. She wore skirts and donned piercing blue eyes. Hands. Hands. Hands. There. A pickpocket. He saw the swift movement from a distance and the slight glitter of the coins she had taken and placed in her skirts. He waited in the middle of the oncoming mini-crowd as they went around him and she followed within their ranks. His head was down as she went around him slightly. Very softly he swiped up inside her skirts and swept up the coins, however she was not left without anything to take home with her that night. Inside her skirt pocket she would find a small sack of coins, The Lepers very own funds. The thief would not need to go on her usual routes tonight because that should make up for a whole days work on a pick pocketing circuit. He stepped forward through the crowd towards Kaz's table. "I believe you lost this." The Leper spoke roughly. The Leper dropped the coins on Eternitys lap and his armed hovered above them for a few moments as he stared at Kazuhiko. "Enjoy." The bandaged man suddenly turned his head and made his way over to his table. His hat waited for him there. He grabbed his article of clothing and then began making way for the exit....
  4. What's in your speakers, nukka?

  5. The Golden Lotus: Tea House

    The Leper ignored the panda man and agreed. This place bored him. His purpose of coming finished as soon as he downed the last of his tea. He paid and wiped his mouth with the sleeve his jacket before standing up and heading for the entrance. Once outside his saw the panda heading one direction and so he went the other. Time to see what excitement he could stir up...
  6. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    "..." The Leper would not respond to Renin until he finished speaking. He had no reaction at the laugh either, since he was not high enough to have a good time at this moment. "Thank you. I did not get the codes by the way. That was my partner." The Leper cocked his head towards Thea who stood next to him. "I look forward to meeting you sometime Coriander." The Leper said as he walked towards the exit suddenly. "But I must make haste make sure my people are ok before they become yours. They are standing outside in the heat and it is quite dangerous out there. I'll let them know your conditions of being under Tazeraks cares before they are allowed in. Thank you sir." The Leper then walked out of the room and allowed Thea and Renin time to speak to one another. The Leper felt a great relief as he walked through the compound. He was beginning to get annoyed having to lead and take care of others. He wanted to be free of such responsibility and finally had it. He was free to kill and/or die as he pleased and no one would know or care and thats what he wanted. He stepped outside and talked to his people and with their faces full of doubt nodded their heads. He watched each of them file in as the dwarves took them in and checked them for whatever the had. The people looked at him wondering if this meant he was no longer their leader and in this respect they would be correct. The Leper no longer would be their leader and this marked the end of the short lived Burnt Renegades. They were now refugees who would make their own way. The Leper stepped back in the base last and hung around in an isolated location by himself. He paced around and sweated wondering how he could get a hold of any drug. He considered walking up to a dwarf and finding out if they had brought any native drugs with them on this campaign.
  7. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    smalll post cause im antzy
  8. Legend of the Emblem

    The Leper was relaxed and felt his reactions slow down a bit. Too much in his mind. He took out a small baggie of a white powder substance and carefully spread a line out on the the window sill. He smiled underneath his bandages, his hidden eyes full of enthusiasm for this next psychological journey. He brought out a small radio and placed it on the sill next to the lines of the powerful mind altering substance. The Leper, to say the least, was an abuser and liked to inflict pain upon himself. The motivations for this was nothing he liked to think about and so he was always in some way intoxicated. He had no shame about consuming the filth in public, let alone in front of the Exarch and the strange woman he had just saved. As the music blared out softly in his corner of the room he bent over and made an opening through his bandages, just big enough to reveal his nose. As he snorted, Darby had just walked with Tralee sprinting towards him. He was surprised and quickly finished his deed before bending over and petting the small creature. Before standing up again he fixed and retightened his wraps and shook his aggressively at Darby. He remembered her but right now was not a good time. He turned and swept the rest of the substance out of the window before picking up his radio and back pack. "Nice to see you again Red." He said quickly. "Right now isnt the best time. We must kill, kill, kill hahahaha." The Leper chuckled as he placed a bolt on his crossbow. "Shh shhh shhhhh." He placed a finger up and looked over to the Exarch and Lily. Leper's fingers wiggled in anticipation. He wished to join the Exarch up there to the roof. He didnt care much for the danger, and he grew bored of being a simple errand boy/medic. He wished for blood now and revenge, that self loathing feeling he hated that could only be cured by inflicting pain on others. "I will follow you Lord Exarch! Let's kill these bastards!" The Leper turned to Darby. "Hope you have a deathwish!!! If not then better stay here hahaha." The Leper laughed cruelly at the thought of death, no matter if it was his own or the enemies. The jogged happily towards the ladder and went up after the mages and the Exarch. He bobbed his head to the music the whole time.
  9. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

  10. Ending the Engine (OOC)

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  12. Renovatio | AMA (Ask me anything).

    I miss you :(
  13. What's in your speakers, nukka?

  14. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

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