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    Kaigan is connected to Odaiba by the Rainbow Bridge.... these two towns is where RB began, right on the ocean.
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     this song got me effed up

  2. Hey do you have discord? Lmfao

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      I do. Almost Best Girl#9371

  3. I havent posted because here in florida its 4 am and im drunk af and i just played songs for my gf on guitar. Im proud tho cause i posted twice on here after work so its lit. If i dont post tomorrow ill try and post tomorrow for the leper. If i dont most likely it means I chose to workout instead of posting thanks, peace.
  4. thank you man
  5. For all my country fans out there.
  6. "Very handy skill, unfortunately she is right about the timing." The Leper shrugged at Darby. "We should be fine though." The Leper followed the girl not minding if she was a bit cocky. If she was good then that was all he cared about, since she might be saving his ass in the nearby future. As the group ventured deeper into the cave system he was quite comfy in the dark honestly. It reminded of him when he first awoke on airship heading to Renovatio from Elendaron cold, dark and sort of homey. His favorite adventures seemed to be in caves he noticed. He always felt sort of vunerable out in open nature and much preferred taking his chances with close spaces, steep drops, and creepy shadows and angles. He was happy he was at the least not very paranoid and actually quite comfortable with his partners on this mission. It seemed the boy would hang back for a little bit, perhaps to ask the others old folk for more evidence or to go back home after figuring this task too difficult. Images of the boy running around and down that mountain stayed with The Leper and he began to wonder if he would need to be so agile soon. Then suddenly Raver Girl presented he and Red with two choices. The dangerous way or the easier way. He began to think. If he was an experienced spelunker, and an elderly person who lived nearby and often explored these caves where would he go? "... There are a few motives to consider." He spoke roughly while clasping his hands to his bandaged mouth thoughtfully. "If these people wished themselves a challenge they would have have gone the dangerous way riddled with stalagmites. However the easier route would be a way used of course if they wanted an easier time. Now that seems obvious but consider this... if you and I have explored this caves for 20 plus years don't you think either way would become easy in a sense? Most likely they have explored that path already and deem it no longer a challenge, which makes sense because we just entered this system. The biggest unknown factor is which path separates into newer, deeper and unexplored paths? This we can never truly know until we go down one of them. However if I was elderly and experienced I would save my energy and take the easiest paths that continue to get deeper until there no longer were any easy paths. After 20 plus years these people have most likely mapped out which easy paths to take until they reach an unexplored point. I suggest we go down the easy paths since there may be markings and hints in order for them not to get lost. When it becomes more difficult and any hints stop then we will know we are on a good trail. Plus if we do not find anything it will be easier to climb up the easy path, come back in a day or two and resupply and then go down the harder path. Just in case we are wrong. That is my opinion though." He stopped speaking. What a mouthful.
  7. The Leper raised his head and cocked slightly at the strange armored woman that approached him. "..." He looked her up and down, bending his head up and down at her. "... Tall." He thought to himself. After a few seconds he dug through the large adventuring backpack that rested on the wall next to him and grabbed a metal flask. "The last few drops of the liq. No more green to smoke either..." He let out a big sigh before uncapping the flask and taking big old swig in front of Thea, as if she wasn't there, testing her patience on purpose. "Ugh. Yah!" He shook his head and cracked his neck with sideways bend to his left side. He finally spoke. "We... are the Burnt Renegades, and these people are refugees in their own land. It's bad enough that they've lost their old lives but now they shall never have a chance of getting it back. No thanks to you and these other factions. You are a parasite in this wasteland. Worse than the monsters out here." His voice was rough and he clearly not very happy to talk to her. "You come here and invade the resources and land of these people who used to take pride in their technology and culture. You've stripped them naked and beaten them down. You've taken thousands of years old progress in a mere day, you and these other people and now do you know what I must do? I must beg on their behalf. I must go to those who have infiltrated and raped these lands and ask them to take these people in. Not only for their health and safety but to track down the ones who did this." The Leper quickly stood up. In her armor she was taller than the 5'10" who never really even liked to stand up straight half of the time. He looked up at her slight and got close to her face. Though he was not very strong compared to many on this world, he definitely was not afraid. His bandages smelled of mint. "And to you I must do the same. I do not like you. Truth is I hate you. But they need you and are too proud to admit it. I am not of this land and do not care much for pride, for I am ugly, and the ugly and humble care not for such things. This is new to them. My beautifully humble, ugly followers clearly affected by that fateful day." He paused thoughtfully and scanned the room before looking up at the woman once more. "Choices. You can leave with whatever you took and never look back. Maybe you can go home and fall asleep, not having any of this affect your conscious whatsoever. However if it does it will be too late. They will die and you contributed to the problem instead of solving it. OR you can stay and come with me in the morning and seek those who did this with me. Im sure you are aware of who is out there and without you I am going out on a blind. If you come with me I will lead negotiations between the factions. The end result is as follows: You vultures take everything, but you will take the refugees, and you will help me carry out their revenge. With or without you I will track those who committed this heinous crime down. And I will kill them. I do not care if this means I must dig down to the engine with nothing but a shovel for all of eternity. I will do it myself if I have to. My blood boils and I want their blood. So... what is your choice... woman?" He waited patiently for her response. (Guys is it cool if I fast forward till the next day orrrr...)
  8. The Leper is slowly becoming more and more punk so please bear with the edge. *Powered by vodka dew lol Hoping to get some posts out tonight. Stay tuned.
  9. Welcome Mr. Ambivalent
  10. Thanks for explaining
  11. hahahaha im glad you liked it my friend.
  12. This base Terran stat tmthing has officially blown my mind. i read this specifically just because my old main Luis had the same states as Captain America (When not using chi energy/prepped) so it's really interesting to see how this is stacked up against the base terran i feel like this changes everything and that the majority of the threads on this site, even my own, when concerning npcs... is all a lie.
  13. Nice post @Mag That was pretty unique rather than the general chaos of the situation.
  14. The Leper was in a daze as he dragged out the heavy set bartender who had fell unconscious in the smoke of the taverns fire. He hated to leave the man out in the open, but the second the fire jars dropped, The Leper knew he only had so much time. He spotted the man who cut an exit open back there with his sword whip. He coughed and heaved as he walked over to his position. He kneeled as they conversed until suddenly one of them was caught by the spear and, like a rag doll, dangled till he dropped from the air. The Leper stood and looked to Ivas, with a hand upon his shoulder. "We are no good here Sir... too open." He huffed out coarsely. "I suggest we take the backstreets to the palace. By now they should have the palace gates open. We must use the ballistae. We must!". Whether or not Ivas followed, The Leper had sprinted toward the nearest alleyway and left the area. Outside the palace, he had seen a holyman of sorts preaching to the crowd and giving them hope. He overheard in the crowd that he was of the Bellend family. Not a very noble name, however he seemed to be playing active role so far. When the gates opened, The Leper quickly followed Belline since he was headed up to the walls anyways in order to support the effort. He watched as Belline used his holy/magical powers to deflect and defend the ballistae and this certainly raised moral. The Leper offered his hand by going up and down the will with injured or dead men, carrying them up and down the stairs to nurses and doctors below. He also made sure all the posts had enough bolts when they were running low. For now he didnt need to any killing since they werent low on men, which was a relief to The Leper who was not very fond of killing himself. A high ranking officer on the wall pulled The Leper to the side. "I see you saving my men off this wall. You are fairly quick!" The mustached soldier yelled in The Lepers ear. "You will be my runner! Tell the Exarch of the latest update. The mens morale on the wall has increased and we are taking the fight back to them after heavy losses. The holy son of the Noble Belline family is here and helping take control of the fight. Please request for any additional guards or defense systems, specifically any mages we may have in the palace. Belline himself requests it. Good luck!" With that, the officer gave him a special paper, pushed him towards the stairs and The Leper was on his way. In his rush to the Garden of Exarchs The Leper runs into Lily, and does not hang back for an apology. He gives the note to the guard and he is allowed in. The Leper stuck to the walls as the Exarch called his orders, watching and following his movements with his eyes. He made sure the coast was clear and sprinted across the garden only to see that the Exarch was disappearing! With a grip of his fancy hat and a grunt The Leper gave it his all to accelerate and follow before that door closed. And with one last push he dived through the sliding stone before it returned to is discreet postion. "Exarch of Isore!" The Mercenary exasperated, nearly breathless. "I have a report for you from the palace walls!" The Leper delivered this message promptly between a few gasps for air. He reached round his adventuring and sucked on tube from his camel back. The sweet relief of cool water truly hit the spot at this point in time. He suddenly looked around the hidden passageway. "Where are we?" He asked finally.