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  1. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    good luck. i drink and dedicate this new release to you fennis. tequila boys.
  2. Just stuck and I felt this way for awhile
    I'm too tired to smile
    This is not what it used to be
    Now it's everything we're not
    And I'm learning how to forget
    But I still have the smell of her cigarettes in my room
    Lay down, close my eyes, and I think of you
    And it's killing me

  3. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Your ignorance shall not be forgiven Mr. Light. You will forever rue the day you’ve made this mistake!!!
  4. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Good to know. Time to be an asshole now. *spits* jk lmfao
  5. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Hahaha no worries mate. You're right though it has a nice ring to it lol.
  6. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    He'll prolly go depending on how this rp plays out. At this point hes wary of getting dragged too deep in her world tho lol but hey he likes the sound of the payout. If that Una quest happens and hes around to hear, he would most definitely go though that is for sure.
  7. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    thank you for the patience
  8. The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    The Leper frowned under his wraps because he couldn't make out what the Elf Womans' reaction would be to the protein bar- cigarette exchange. His fears of her straight up rejecting him were wrong to his relief however. "Oh sweet nicotine..." Leper mused to himself as she happily took the chocolaty deliciousness in exchange for those little cancerous sticks that provided that warm comforting buzz. "Thank you Ma'am." Leper said quietly as he bowed his head toward her in gratitude. He did not quite understand all the drugs on Valucre but he was sure as hell willing to try them all, well, within reason of course. The way she described it felt within reason, this tobacco with dried headless horseradish. The Bandaged Man was excited to see if its numbing effects were real, even though frankly he was sort of used to feeling numb at all times due to his special mint leaf oil that provided him his constant.... calm you could say. This was a very expensive habit to keep up but he always tried his best to keep an ample supply of wraps and drugs that helped not only deal with the pains of life in general but to also deal with physical pain, since many times The Leper simply out chinned his opponents due to him not feeling pain very sharply. He brushed the oil around his wrappings every day and once he set upon his journeys he would start feeling its effects. It doesn't help that he's no good at managing money in the first place so that is why he's always doing risky work, work that is usually far above his skill and experience range. Usually it comes down to luck and the effects of self medication that causes him to be numbingly calm or hyped up enough to just take action (depending on said drug). The Leper had been running low on funds the last few days so he decided to use the last of his coin to buy a weapon for a quick resale with an inflated price. This meant no cigarettes but luckily he had them now! He regained his focus on Ioreth and Stello, trying to catch up on the conversation. Oh the card! Seems he would have to work out the background checks and price with Stello afterwards. "What do retrieval agents do exactly? Hunt down stuff for the store like books and swords? I've got something I want to look into but I've been to a few places and no dice. Someone historical, named Una. All I know is that she wielded her ultimate sword during the reign of Levas the Cruel, somewhere around 700 BG. Doesn't look like she ever did much though, history didn't see fit to remember her well." @LastLight The Leper placed the pack of smokes in his pants pocket and realized that Ioreth ran a sort of small business which dealt with the retrieval of old items, documents and artifacts. Book Ends. The Leper watched the two exchange, listening very carefully all the to watching her cousin fight tin a boxing match for tomorrow. He stared at her then slowly traced his red eyes to Stello. He looked at his hands. Those knuckles of his were in fact very roughed up. Was he a brawler as well as a blacksmith? He then looked back to Ioreth. And this woman. "Who is she?". He looked her up and down. When she walked in she was quickly drawn to the Earth hammer. She owns a small business called Book Ends which deals with very sensitive relics, and she is for sure not state sponsored... as he assumes. She had "contacts" in Asheville whom seemed to work with her on finding any leads to artifacts she wants. She has family involved in the fighting scene, and she seems to be visiting Hells Gate for that primary reason, not just to walk around the shops and buy a new weapon. Blue flame magic. There is something more to this woman than her simple attire and good nature portrays. The Leper made this mental notes and concluded that with her being an elf, she is most likely older than what she looks. This is a powerful woman, not only physically and with her powers, but she is socially powerful. She has to have been around for awhile. He wonders how long its taken her to get to this point, and if her background has any effect on her mortal experience. The Leper would not have known that her dark elven peoples were of a nomadic sort. Perhaps this has had some sort of impact on her. Strange... Why is she so interested getting all the most powerful relics in the world, in her private possession? For private power? Is she working for someone? Was she someone he should work for if he could? Stello and Ioreth. Leper analyzed both of their faces. Young. Ambitious. Full of direction and sense in the world. Himself on the other hand... "CR-CRACK!". The Leper turned and looked outside towards the mime for a moment in order to make sense of the light outside. He wondered what time it was, as he'd like to walk around Hells Gate for bit and look for a sucker to potentially sell a weapon to if could nab one from Stello. He'd hit the bars and taverns first and if he had no luck, he'd have to go back to the alley he came from. He'd have to return to LaPlace Square. He returned his attention to the two new acquaintances as he reached for his hat on the counter... @KittyvonCupcake
  9. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Posting ASAP!!!!
  10. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    @LastLight Awesome post. I like where this is going.
  11. i feel like shit again (I feel like fucking shit)

    like shit again

    my words burn like they sizzling

    i can’t take notes, i’m scribbling

    i ball with bands, you dribble

    flow so cold, it can’t ripple

    i got the the slight of hand, flying like im peter pan

    waste entire days, can’t find purpose anyway

    can’t find shit, I’m in a haze

    40 oz right to my face

    i’m isolated, why they think I'm famous?

    blame it on the numbers

    sometimes i can’t take it

  12. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    @KittyvonCupcake Glad leper could supply. Gonna read now.
  13. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Thank you guys. Posted.
  14. The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    The Leper carried the sword limp-wristed at first but stiffened his arms up as he carried the sword out slightly above him, with the sword pointing straight forward. He bent at the knees and took a few steps away from the counter in order to enact some sluggish swipes and and thrusts in order to get a nice feel for it. He took a few seconds to admire the pristine metal before deciding that perhaps this could make for a good travelling weapon, far more useful than his simple knife. He would think twice before simply selling the weapon. He threw a thumbs up to Stello, finding it quite lithe. Satisfied, he began making his way towards the counter and now focused on the exchange between the Elf and Blacksmith. He did not hear most of it other than it was about his motivations. What other motivation does a man need? It was either for the passion or the coin. Perhaps both. Why does anyone else pick up a trade? The Leper placed the test sword on the counter, standing next to the Elf woman again, and listened to Stellos suggestions at picking up the messer version of Water. Leper placed his hand on his chin in thought as Stello acknowledged the mime outside. As he fell into warm, deep thoughts, he closed his eyes, not that anyone would see underneath his thick goggles. He let out a relaxed sigh before opening his eyes to watch the Elf suddenly dig in her plethora of loose pockets. He heard a stomach growl from her direction as well. He tilted his head slightly, wondering if she had anything valuable on her person. Corners. Something good caught his eye and he knew what it was right away. It was the distinctive corners of a cigarette pack dangling about in her loose pockets. The Bandaged Man had totally not heard Stellos background check question and was now fixated on his sudden urge to smoke. The question would not meet an appropriate answer anyway. He, just like Ioreth, had no documentation or history on him. Leper simply woke up on an airship headed from Elendaron to Renovatio one day, mysteriously. From there he learned his first trade as an amateur mechanic and bodyguard. Emphasis on the amateur. The Leper quickly took off his adventuring pack and knelt down, missing the moment Ioreth slid the card in front of him to his hat.He dug, dug, dug, and dug until finally he pulled out two protein bars. He stood up with the bars as Ioreth finished mentioning her business. He leaned over to her and tapped her pocket with the pack of tobacco in it with the bars. He held out the bars to her, signaling his desire for a trade. She wanted food, and he needed a pick me up from the "calming" effects of his bandages. He looked to his side and noticed the card, finding it perplexing since it was not there a moment ago. "... Book Ends?". He then looked at Stello, then Ioreth, then back at Stello. “... did you guys say something?”. He tilted his he head confusedly. @KittyvonCupcake @LastLight