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  1. Hey I know i havent responded to the RP in like over a week and im so sorry about that. I still intend to reply this weekend its just things got a bit hectic and disorganized for a time


    1. jaistlyn


      No problem! Take all the time you need. I'm busy myself, so I understand, haha.

    2. B2BBear


      Thank you:) 

  2. Ill jump in with the leper if thats cool
  3. Mind if I add you on skype?

  4. @Charli Foxtrot is this your mittens?

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      I is mittens. :laugh:


    2. Charli Foxtrot
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      I like it. We should all do a quest together sometime. 

  5. Hahahah im interested in seeing how the group dynamics will work out
  6. "No Sir Gillington... you may not have another cup..." The Leper mumbled whilst in his slumber. "Hmm?" He was coming to by nudges against his neck and goggles. "Mmm hahaha- hmm? Oh!" He reeled to his side once he made contact with the piercing light eyes of the unfamiliar canine. "Whats this?" He saw that the dog had a collar and small travel pack attached to his back. The bandaged man patted the dog on the head, deciding it was a friendly beast before noticing the distinct smell of a cigarillo. He got up and turned around, adjusting his helmet and goggles to see the master of the curious dog. He stared at the red haired vixen for a few seconds, noticing she was well... noticing him. Something few people, rarely a woman, rarely did. He gulped deeply, not quite used to be looked at so he decided that he wanted to sidetrack the attention elsewhere. "... This one yours?" He asked while pointing a wrapped finger towards Tralee. Before she could reply however, a young boy in simple attire came bursting to the scene from the hills, with the likeness of a mountain goat. Underneath his mask of wraps and goggles, he went wide eyed, as he was so exhausted from the trek that he had to literally take a nap to recharge. The stamina of the Shepard Boy was something impressive to The Leper and he felt both envious and as old as ever. Not too long after him the 4th companion for this journey appeared. I contrast to Red's calm and stoic demeanor, and Shepard Boy's genuine and energetic enthusiasm. This one walked a certain way, twisted her face a certain way, and once she opened her mouth, The Leper was already making judgement about her. Her hair was bright, colorful, and inviting, but her face once she saw him was certainly not. The Leper knew that expression quite well, and knew she already made a decision about him. Stay far, far away. The Leper breathed and turned to see a middle aged couple headed their way. They were the employers and their briefing was short but satisfactory in The Lepers mind. Of course Alethea, or Raver Chick, as The Leper already nicknamed her, was the first to speak out. He agreed with her that they shouldn't have ventured too far in the cave systems, however he believed that people should pursue their passions no matter how old or dangerous that passion was. He then wondered if that was a selfish act, considering now that he himself has to put himself in danger to retrieve them and now the locals have sacrifice a precious reward in order to get them back. He wandered off in an internal argument about the philosophy and morality of the situation, before snapping his neck towards the sharp and unkind tone of Raver Chick. The sass she threw at the boy was uncalled for and totally rude, but The Leper didnt jump at the chance to defend Shepard Boy, not wishing to start conflict right at the beginning of the mission. She then rudely swung her hair 'round and went off on her own to the caves without the team. Was this the self proclaimed leader of quest? She barely even gave the couple reassurance or peace of mind upon her departure! Barely even a "Everything will be okay.". The Leper breathed hard once more and shook his head, while turning off the music to his radio. He looked to Red and bowed his head, seeing that introductions would have to place later. He walked towards the caves mouth, passing the middle aged couple. "They'll be safe and at home soon..." His voice was crackly and barely a whisper, and this caused the couple to lean back and look at each other slightly. See? Alethea should've been the one to say it. Feeling a bit embarrassed he tried another interaction with the by as his stepped inside the cave and towards the path. "Don't worry about her. The way you move, you'd leave us all in the dust. We're counting on you." He tightened his backpack by the straps and eventually came in distance enough to watch Alethea work her magic. The Leper took a few seconds to climb up to the ledge and join the rest of the party do his not being used to his spelunking equipment. He eventually become familiar with the weight and adjusted properly. When he got up there he was proud of himself since he wasnt breathing too hard. "So far so good..." He whispered to himself. He was watched her finishing tying the rope to the rock in anticipation, knowing she was about to do something slightly dangerous. He angled his head downward and began preparing himself mentally in order to surpass this first obstacle. He hoped it would all go smoothly for the team members, since this would set the tone for the rest of the journey as well as that of the moral of the team. Whomever had trouble with this upcoming obstacle would be seen as the weakest link for the good length of the journey, and he knows what it feels. Its a horrible anxiety and being inadequate pierces the heart like no other.
  7. Awesome character.

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    2. B2BBear


      I can totally relate to the drug/lowlife shtick. My lepers the same way. Dudes always blased and/or wasted. Tana is probably a bit more skilled than him

      If you like what you see, drop some interest for Jai and test her out! The thread is in Genesaris (stonehaven) so it wouldnt be too far from home for your character!

    3. AngryCacti


      Thank you very much for the offer but it looks like the thread has already been filled. Next time tho!

      and The Leper looks super cool. (In a creepy, wouldn't want to meet him in an alley at night sort of way.)

    4. B2BBear


      Bahahaha maybe he is. Oh well. If you ever wanna do a quest or something and you need extra people, Im down!

  8. The Leper did not realize that Ysra intended to follow and lead him to the fountain. He was not used to company however he was not opposed to that of the kind stranger. The man carried many weapons while the leper was simply barehanded and unarmed. He has taken jobs as a lookout or bodyguard for small time criminals are citizens and has rarely ever had to actually apply his combat skills. He carried nothing but a simple dagger for self defense, since most guards in cities would probably find a full bodied bandaged man carrying a sword a bit suspicious. The would blew hard against the two, and although Ysra was stoic through out his return to the bridge, The Leper grimaced underneath his wraps. Finally the reached the foot of the bridge with Winged Woman in the distance on the other end. The two walked down near the water and The Leper worked on unwrapping his bandages, starting from his goggles. "Mmm. So it is called the Stature of Tellus? Apologies for my ignorance. I'm new in town actually." The Leper nodded as Ysra spoke. He continued while his wrappings began to reveal his chest as he simply laughed out loud at the Dawnbreaker suggestion. He was in no shape or form capable of taking down such an opponent... although the money would be well worth it. "Hahahaha." He chuckled. "Perhaps... but the bandages give me comfort..." Eventually the man was in none but his underwear, revealing his dark grayish skin. His skin was surprisingly moist and warm however, due to a Vaseline-like substance he lined his bandages with. The substance gave him a warm, calm and happy feeling upon contact to his skin and lasted all day. Thats why the cold was bearable to his was well. Although he looked only burnt, one could see that he was cursed Leperosy before his burning took please. Slight bumps and crevices were exposed throughout his body. He oddly smelled of mint. His shivering foot nearly met the waters before he turned to Ysra, arms crossed and teeth chattering. The Lepers eyes were slightly red and his knees were practically knocking on themselves. "M-m-m-more than drink it, Y-y-ysra. I p-p-p-p-plan on diving h-h-headfirst into Estrellas p-p-urifying depths." He stuttered in the cold staring at him, waiting to see if there was some sort of warning the man offered for him.
  9. The genius basically explains his story! I hope you enjoy it!!!
  10. Im real big into characters being underdogs, usually in the strength or power sense. I like applying teamwork, and tactics instead of straight up brawling out. Luis, my old main, was written in a way that he rarely ever used his real powers, although he was capable. He liked that challenge of teamwork and applying realistic combat in the mix, though he was just probably too lazy to use any of his chi powers. My current main, The Leper, is not very strong, like at all. But i like the grind and seeing progress rather than simply being badass from the get go. I've never once, even when i started RPing, ever felt like i made an incredibly strong character without first putting a lot of backstory or grinding into them.