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    Kaigan is connected to Odaiba by the Rainbow Bridge.... these two towns is where RB began, right on the ocean.
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  1. Have we done a heist rp in the past? Did you leave for awhile? 

    1. ~Harlow.


      Not a heist but I think we started an RP a long time ago! Let’s do a redo! :) 

    2. B2BBear


      I got a pretty low powered character if that’s cool with you. I just came back myself after being gone for awhile, so it’s really nice seeing you again too. I’m used to posting only about once or twice a week. Let me know what rp to join tho and I’ll get involved.

      heres my character 

  2. Sea Troubles

    The Leper awoke with a start. The crisp sea air filled his lungs and it took him a while to notice that he had been shivering due to his tightly wrapped bandages. He hoped that the temperature would not drop significantly, for he feared of hypothermia. He took in his surroundings and felt the bobbing motion, evidence that he didn't just have a nightmare. He was indeed abducted and put onto a ship. The Leper hoped that the ship model was one he was familiar with. Was it an airship? Or your average sea vessel? This was vital information since he would need to utilize this in an effort to escape. Was there an emergency raft or airpod? Was it by steering wheel or by control pad? How big was this vessel? Were the pirates currently continuing their abductions or were they calling it a night? These questions began to be too much for The Leper. In effort to calm down, he tried to reach for the brim of his hat... "sha-sheeckle". The Leper looked down. "sha-sheek" . Chains. His back was against a wall and attached to the chains were shackles which were around his wrists. The chains were attached to the floor where he sat, which would make it near impossible to stand up with, even if he used the wall as support. He sat in silence and looked at a dimly lit lamp through some bars. He was in a holding area of sorts... and he was not alone. There were others, but two caught his eyes. Two red headed women sat before him, across from his side. Unfortunately, he could only make out general features about them due to the darkness and the fact that his goggles were foggy. One tall, the other short. One pale, the other a bit more dark. They were like two sides of a same coin from this angle. For a split second he wondered if these two were related. From his viewpoint he could also make out their restraints. They both had the shackle and chains and yet the shorter of the two had this neck collar about her. This was no normal neck collar. He knew because through his foggy goggles he could make out the glowing lines and buttons from it. She had powers or magic. He had read about those collars.... could've been shipped from Antigone Isles, Genesaris. He looked at the others in the holding area and some had this same collar and some did not. This provided two clues to the Leper automatically. "These pirates could possibly be from Antigone Isles. Or they could be from here and just had the connections. Also, it seems they know who has powers and who doesn't... these are not normal people. They have background on at least some of the prisoners. The Leper noticed they did not check his boots. He engaged in some thievery himself and knew a trick or two. He placed one fight on top of the others shoe heel and pushed until it got loose. He eventually had it dangling on his foot and sent it across the holding area towards the woman. Inside the boot was a lock pick. "L-l-lockpick..." The Leper said his voice shaking from his wet cold bandages. He continued looking around the room at the others for any shipmates that could've survived the attack... @Mickey Flash @Mittens
  3. What are you watching? [TV edition]

    I've seen the first two episodes. He's one of my fave characters of all time along with the Red Hood! I've been watching Full Metal Alchemist with the lady.
  4. Memorable Quotes

    "I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you. Plant your roots in me. I won't see you end as ashes. You're all diamonds." "Boss, whoever you are, I'll always follow you." MGS is definitely a huge influence of mine...
  5. Welcome to the site m8

  6. Terrenus RP Survey

  7. The Rabbit Hole

    The Leper "... ?" In an unnamed city in Elendaron, The Leper had just killed a few hours at outside a local cafe. In his left hand, the strange looking man carried the coffee cup around with a straw in it, to provide easier access for the slit he made across his bandaged face. In this same left hand, there was a lit cigarillo looking smoke in between his middle and index finger, which he puffed occasionally by switching his coffee cup to his right hand as needed in order to freely inhale the relaxing herbs. He had started his day off as usual. In a 1 star inn, hungover, and plainly confused about what occurred the day before. Due his strange appearance he normally stayed at the most run down inn in town, since most feared if his condition was spreadable. So he quickly grabbed a cold sandwich from the bar and went on his way, opting not to eat at the inn due to the fear of rats jumping on top and starting a fight with him. He was also fairly self conscious and did not like eating in public, since people liked to stare. Who could blame them? It is normally assumed that he doesn't eat at all, so seeing the man separate his bandages to eat must've been very peculiar, perhaps even disgusting to some patrons. It was night time. He preferred it this way since he tended to bring attention to himself during normal hours of the day, with people usually crossing the street and whispering questions about the drifter. He walked along dimly lit cobbled streets, listening to the crickets chirp, and watched as the occasional home cut off the lights/candles. He stopped suddenly and turned 90 degrees to his side, facing the street. He looked both ways. No one. He was all alone. He closed his eyes and felt peace for some reason. He took a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. He looked across the street and noticed a well lit area. An alley with a dead end. A small garden in it along with a bench. He stuck his smoke to his mouth and enjoyed it for awhile before throwing it on the damp cold street and stomping on it. He looked both ways before crossing and ventured down the alley. The closer he got, the more at peace he was for some reason and oddly enough, the less lonely he was. He finally stepped and looked around the small area. He scanned around and saw nothing really out of the ordinary, a few bird houses, herbs, and statues. There however one rabbit statue that caught his eye. He tilted his head for a bit before deciding to sit down and pull that sandwich out of his jacket pocket. He parted his bandages and began to eat and sip the rest of his coffee. The whole time he couldn't help but stare at the rabbit. He wasn't creeped out by it in anyway, he just felt that he wasn't alone was all. Upon finishing his meal he spoke to the rabbit. "You're different..." The Leper thought to himself. He stood up, feeling drawn to the statue, and reached out. The further he reached out, the stranger he felt, as if there was a powerful magic hidden within the little rabbit statue. He rubbed the head for a while and spoke to it. "What's your story buddy?". The Leper could not expect that he would be answered. Suddenly he was transported and sent into another plane of existence.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suddenly he awoke... in a bar stool... at tavern? He rubbed and raised his head, feeling a minor ache. He looked around and read a sign. "The Rabbit Hole?" He asked himself, bewildered. If that wasn't enough there a rabbit headed man working the bar, serving drinks and food to the customers. Now the Leper knew about strange creatures, magic, and magi tech, being an experienced mechanic and amateur mercenary. He was no stranger to the world and read the papers often to get a feel of the world known as Valucre. But never had he heard about a rabbit headed man working a bar. Very strange. However, the others didn't seem to mind, and seemed to be enjoying themselves and the Rabbit Man seemed nice enough. The Leper couldn't help to wonder... was all that in the alley just a dream? Or was this a dream? Is he really here or is his body back in that alley? He pondered these questions for awhile and then suddenly decided to not care. He knew this had to be a dream so he would just go along with it. He would order some beer with a side of water. Even in his dreams The Leper wasn't very fond of speaking, since his voice was very crackly. He often just spoke at a whisper to spare mercy to others ears. He raised his hand for the bartender or a waitress or whoever would help him? He would point to a keg and to a nearby glass of water, using actions and body movements to make what he wanted known. He would thank the helper and cross his arms at the bar. He noticed a newspaper to his side and grabbed it, checking out the headlines....
  8. Glad to see you are back mate.

    1. jaistlyn


      You’re back?! Oh gosh, I was just talking to Song Sprite today about the Mezthaluen thread we were in, and your creepy character.. good times!

    2. Genkuro


      thank you O: its good to be back O: Hopefully to bring back the creepy O:

  9. Hello...again!

    Have we met? Nice to meet you if we have not. Welcome back. Digging the profile pic and the "Location". Speaks to me.
  10. Sea Troubles

    Pat-Pat- papa....Psssssshhhh! A small cylinder object landed on the deck suddenly. Then another. Psssshh! Then another! Psssssh! Suddenly the deck was full of small grenade-type weapons spewing smoke all over the place! "We're under attack Sir!" A crew mate yelled. The Leper dropped his book out and quickly reached for his knife, totally bewildered. "An ambush boys!" The captain of the fishing vessel yelled. "It must've been magic! They're cloaked!" "Cap'n I can't see them!!!" A mate on the verge of tears suddenly dropped on his knees. "Cap'n... help..." The man fell to the flow suddenly, seemingly unconscious. The smoke. It was no normal smoke! "Sleeping gas!" The Leper huffed out. One by one the men began to fall unconscious. The Leper was suddenly grabbed by the neck of his coat and thrown overboard into the ice cold water like a barrel. He emerged, shivering and bandages soaked, from the sea surface and made out the familiar husky silhouette of the Captain. "Swim Leper! Make it to shore and get help! Go!!!". The Leper waded there for what seemed an eternity before he nodded and turned. The Captain fell to his knees and knocked out. The Leper would not know however since he was already swimming towards shore, his muscles already burning from the heavy weight from his clothing and bandages. Make it to shore! He repeated this to himself as he occasionally looked up towards the city lights. They were still so very far, but he couldn't give up! Pushed through the heavy, high tide waves as much as he could be suddenly he hit his head against something. Wood?! A very large object stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to stop his escape. A emerged and spread his arms slightly. He couldn't see what was in front of him, for it was invisible! The curve of it... A ship!? Clonk! The Leper went limp and although at first he was sinking, he was suddenly plucked up. He could not make out what just hit and captured him but before he could find out, he was already out cold. All he could feel was the heavy weight of his body hit a ship deck before falling into a deep sleep. Will he awake to a nightmare?
  11. Sea Troubles

    Quest: (Class A) You wake up on the ship of pirates, kidnapped from the city of Lo'Bre. You have been chained up with chains designed to withstand magic, and powerful abilities. How will you escape? Quest can have one, or a group. Location: Lo'Bre, Lothrei Kingdom, Elendaron Participants: B2BBear, Mickey Flash, Mittens -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Leper "It's a big one! Last round boys, make it count!" The it was a good day for fishing off the coast of Lo'Bre, the northernmost city of Elendaron. The salty, rejuvenating smell of the sea filled his lungs. The beautiful sun was beginning to set and would soon cast a grand orange hue over the city. He was fond of moments like this. "Leper!!! Get over here and pull you nitwit!" The Leper had been reading up on the city, learning about the population, the system of government, and history in between catches. He was mostly paid to help navigate and guard the ship- though he wasn't much of a fighter. He dabbled in merc and bounty work, but found himself at best when it came to situations of manual labor or mechanics. He had come a long way from an airship leading to La Guardia, Renovatio from Elendaron. He's had a few experiences since then, but none too important for him to really remember, except his time learning the mechanic trade on that ship. He decided to come back to Elendaron to the city he was most familiar with due to the company he worked for- Lo'Bre. He knew his way around and knew the men at the docks from previous work well enough to land a job doing some fishing. The Leper was a bit of a drifter you could say, a man with no history, no relationships, lost in this world. Indeed, the burned man could care less except to drift and be intoxicated. As matter of fact the Bandaged Man would not mind having a a drink with some grass right now, preferably at the popular Basic Blues Bar in town. He found himself staring towards the coast, where a large flag of Lo'Bre flapped freely in the wind... "LEPER! Get over here now!" The Lepers eyes opened through his goggles, his day dream now broken. He rushed over to the men, whom were tugging and pulling at a line. "Heave! Heave!" The captain of the fishing vessel ordered rhythmically. With Lepers aid the small crew began to make real progress, the beast would soon emerge. "Here it is booooys!!!!!" The burly, hairy captain huffed with the final tug of the line. Pop! Out of the water it came and landed on the deck of the vessel. A pink hump on it's back. A humanoid shape. The crew began looking at each other before yelling simultaneously, "A Pink Backed Sleel!!!". The Leper had no clue as to what that was, but the thing began to stand, and it didn't look to happy! "Agh!" The Leper yelled. Without even thinking his own two legs moved forward straight towards the creature, and like a line backer he crouched down slightly in his sprint and pressed his shoulder into it's torso. In a split of a second, before the crewmates could even bring their fists up to fight the damned creature, The Leper tackled the thing overboard back in to the water. The fishing captain rubbed his balding head as the crew watched the pink hump quickly submit to the sea and disappear. "What a day! Good quick thinking, you bandaged bastard!" He patted The Lepers back as he went back to the wheel of the ship. "Sun is setting boys. Time to head home before orange turns to blue, aye?" The crew of six responded with aye aye's and off they were back towards shore. The Leper, now calm, decided to take the rest of the downtime back home to finish up on that mini book he got at the tourist center on docks of the Lo'Bre. He really did find such information interesting, and he thought that one day it could serve important. He focused in on the characters and absorbed its contents as the sun began to set... @Mickey Flash