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    Kaigan is connected to Odaiba by the Rainbow Bridge.... these two towns is where RB began, right on the ocean.
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  1. hahahaha im glad you liked it my friend.
  2. This base Terran stat tmthing has officially blown my mind. i read this specifically just because my old main Luis had the same states as Captain America (When not using chi energy/prepped) so it's really interesting to see how this is stacked up against the base terran i feel like this changes everything and that the majority of the threads on this site, even my own, when concerning npcs... is all a lie.
  3. Nice post @Mag That was pretty unique rather than the general chaos of the situation.
  4. The Leper was in a daze as he dragged out the heavy set bartender who had fell unconscious in the smoke of the taverns fire. He hated to leave the man out in the open, but the second the fire jars dropped, The Leper knew he only had so much time. He spotted the man who cut an exit open back there with his sword whip. He coughed and heaved as he walked over to his position. He kneeled as they conversed until suddenly one of them was caught by the spear and, like a rag doll, dangled till he dropped from the air. The Leper stood and looked to Ivas, with a hand upon his shoulder. "We are no good here Sir... too open." He huffed out coarsely. "I suggest we take the backstreets to the palace. By now they should have the palace gates open. We must use the ballistae. We must!". Whether or not Ivas followed, The Leper had sprinted toward the nearest alleyway and left the area. Outside the palace, he had seen a holyman of sorts preaching to the crowd and giving them hope. He overheard in the crowd that he was of the Bellend family. Not a very noble name, however he seemed to be playing active role so far. When the gates opened, The Leper quickly followed Belline since he was headed up to the walls anyways in order to support the effort. He watched as Belline used his holy/magical powers to deflect and defend the ballistae and this certainly raised moral. The Leper offered his hand by going up and down the will with injured or dead men, carrying them up and down the stairs to nurses and doctors below. He also made sure all the posts had enough bolts when they were running low. For now he didnt need to any killing since they werent low on men, which was a relief to The Leper who was not very fond of killing himself. A high ranking officer on the wall pulled The Leper to the side. "I see you saving my men off this wall. You are fairly quick!" The mustached soldier yelled in The Lepers ear. "You will be my runner! Tell the Exarch of the latest update. The mens morale on the wall has increased and we are taking the fight back to them after heavy losses. The holy son of the Noble Belline family is here and helping take control of the fight. Please request for any additional guards or defense systems, specifically any mages we may have in the palace. Belline himself requests it. Good luck!" With that, the officer gave him a special paper, pushed him towards the stairs and The Leper was on his way. In his rush to the Garden of Exarchs The Leper runs into Lily, and does not hang back for an apology. He gives the note to the guard and he is allowed in. The Leper stuck to the walls as the Exarch called his orders, watching and following his movements with his eyes. He made sure the coast was clear and sprinted across the garden only to see that the Exarch was disappearing! With a grip of his fancy hat and a grunt The Leper gave it his all to accelerate and follow before that door closed. And with one last push he dived through the sliding stone before it returned to is discreet postion. "Exarch of Isore!" The Mercenary exasperated, nearly breathless. "I have a report for you from the palace walls!" The Leper delivered this message promptly between a few gasps for air. He reached round his adventuring and sucked on tube from his camel back. The sweet relief of cool water truly hit the spot at this point in time. He suddenly looked around the hidden passageway. "Where are we?" He asked finally.
  5. From the south, from the now dried up wasteland caused by the beam, a storm was brewing. A violent, powerful magical sandstorm was aimed at Talix Engine and just by the sight of it, it would show no mercy. Tornados made of dust and misery would pick up everything in its path and that great wave of sand was soon clouding over Thea and the "grunt" that was attacking her. The snipers shot would not do any go as the storm was clouding over most of the area the two strugglers occupied. It begged the question however. How did Nesh faction/army move so quickly? Obviously they werent in the south since the south was occupied by the dwarves. So how convenient was it that the Nesh, being the flawless, infallible warriors they were, managed to transport themselves all the way to the South side of the huge city of Talix Engine? And how was it that a sniper was directly and perfectly positioned to have a perfect shot on Thea on that side of the city? Hopefully there was a good explanation for these happenings. The Nesh certainly must have some good scryers because it seems to me they had this all planned out from the beginning! Such amazing Gods this force has in it's holy ranks! Anyways... The skies darkened and the storm soon took over the warehouse the Dwarven forces had just sacked and abandoned. The sandstorm would eventually cover the southern edges of the city and would go after the Dwarven Base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Leper With binoculars glued to his goggles, The Leper hid behind a group of dried bushes with his team of 8 other men resting on their bikes behind him. They looked over their shoulders and knew their assault would have to be soon unless they wished to be consumed in a tornado hidden in the magical sandstorm. With the exception of Leper they were all clad in the same powered armor that the Dwarves had just sacked for themselves. The Leper had just watched Thea transport a few dozen meters ahead of them seemingly from nowhere. All of a sudden the woman was attacked! "Leper!" A man called out as he started his clockwork bike. The Leper nodded and turned around, jumping on his bike. "We shall save the girl ahead on the way. LET'S RIDE!". With that the sandstorm covered them as they rode forward. His man managed to pickup Thea while abandoning the grunt in through some advanced eye gear in their power suits. The group soon stopped behind the warehouse and quickly moved a boulder over, revealing a hole from the back end of the warehouse. This hole lead directly to a broom closet and they were in. "Ready your weapons. I'll go last with the woman. Prepare to clear. " The Leper whispered. The men carried clockwork rifles and pistols. The Leper lifted a pistol upright and gave the command. "Go." The men quietly opened the door and began checking their angles and their corners. "Clear. Clear. Clear." each one of them whispered. The Leper had one arm strapped around Thea to help for support. The two walked out into the main area of the warehouse The Leper shook his head. "What a shit show. What happened?" In the warehouse a struggle occurred and obviously his former men lost the battle. Bodies riddled with wounds by bullets and beams, cuts and bruises.... and blood... they were all over the floor. Bullet holes and broken glass were slowly let in the sand and dust from outside. Slowly however this slight discomfort of dust changed into trembling. "The storm will most likely ruin the structural integrity of our base and pick it right up." He explained to his men who now formed a half circle around him. "I believe this will be a second wave of total destruction for the city. The magical properties and the sand itself will leak into the Engine and who knows what kind of damage it shall do to the whole thing. Talix engine will soon be purified of monsters, armies, and god forsaken men. All we can do is hide-" "Sir!" He was interrupted by the last man clearing the area. "They are still here! Seems they forgot to check the Holding Room." "Come." He directed this Thea and soon they were all in the basement. The Holding Room was hidden by a few lockers with bells on it. This was down to make sure the slaves held inside wouldn't try to escape with out alerting their captors. The locker was moved and the door was opened. Men, women, children, elderly... about 100 in total were held in a large, dark room probably was as big as the warehouse itself. They came out thankful that the Leper had returned to save them. They had no clue what had happened over the course of the past few days, only that there was a lot of noise coming from the upper levels of the complex. The Leper shook his head and went in another room, the Ration room which held all their food and water, of which there wasn't much of anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After properly tending to and feeding his people the Leper rested on the stairs leading up the main the level of the warehouse. It sounded brutal out there and he wouldn't be surprised of the violent gusts of wind had already taken the warehouse. He couldn't believe what had happened. That ungrateful Elrich! The one armed hulk of a metal dimwit! He wanted to control the Burnt Renegades soooo badly. He was jealous for no reason and was not satisfied being the Lepers character. He convinced over 50 other men and women that he was the rightful leader of BR, that because he was a native and of the elite caste from the former society that he knew right way to survive. He caused them to become monsters. They sacked and killed other colonies unprovoked for over 4 days, ruining multiple alliances The Leper quickly established during 10 day long tenure as leader. Karmas a bitch. Whoever did this wiped the floor with the Elrich and the traitors when they should have been more careful like The Leper. Now they have less numbers because whatever came through may come again. So many questions! The Leper buried his hands in his head. Who did this? What new factions have risen in the city? Who will survive the storm? How would they survive if everything is covered by sand? They can't stay here. They can't walk over the wasteland. They must look for help. But who? Their remaining power suits had been stolen. Could the ones who killed and stole from BR be trusted? Did they have much of a choice? After this storm, The Leper would organize with his man... they would seek out who they were and they will negotiate. This was all their fault. The ones with the death laser. They ruined and took they lives of millions. The Leper needed to bring them justice, for they were too lost to do it themselves. They would gather any information and dig into the comms center of the Engine. They had information on the location most likely, of the source of the beam. The Leper would investigate and finish this all himself if he had to. These people did not deserve this, burnt skin and horrible lives. They did not deserve to be ostracized and forgotten like he had been for so long. The did not deserve to be Lepers... He looked around the room at the faces of the small group of people he just somehow happened to come to lead. Through his gogles he stopped scanning and he looked to Thea some feet away. @aesome
  6. YOU'RE a stand up guy lmfao

  7. Can you tell me more about HAVEN?

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    2. B2BBear


      I like that!

      I am currently reading the fourth page. If things go the way I wish them to go I may have an idea for Thea and whoever I bring in the RP

    3. aesome


      Lol which RP if I may ask? If it's Ending the Engine, I'm honestly trying to pull out of that right now due to personal reasons not to be placed on a public status lol.

    4. B2BBear


      Oh thats a shame :( She was honestly the one I was depending on the most for my idea. Could you please message me privately? I would like to try and convince you to stay!

  8. I just liked a comment of yours talking about offerings.

    which quest would you like done the most?

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    2. B2BBear


      Likes hes literally god moding or close to it at some points which means he is a hindrance to the story imo.

    3. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      He's barely interacted with anyone outside of aesome, and may be the reason she lost motivation. I'm hoping you can help on that particular front. Other than that though, I can confidently say that no, he hasn't caused anyone to stop posting. His manner of action is certainly not what I would prefer, but I'm not going to make any sort of attempt to "call him out" so long as it's not actively interfering with other people.

    4. B2BBear


      I understand. Thank you.

  9. "Hahaha you got me... *gun fingers* you're pretty good..." literally how Luis would die.
  10. The Leper In a far corner of the shack stood a fully bandaged man in a light coat, goggles and hat. He had just finished taking a swig of what was in his metal flask and placed it back in his adventuring backpack that leaned against the same wall he himself was leaning against. He continued sharpening and polishing his hunting knife, his only weapon. He was your average wandering merc but his main role in the Wahr-Bear Tribe was mostly that of a support role. He acted as the mechanic, the driver, the lookout, a guard, and sometimes the medic if need be. He was not Terrenus Military but a contractor who already had expertise in the field of being in sketchy business as a merc. He was in a government office in Last Chance when he applied for a contract job and had to undergo various briefings and subtle threats had he revealed any secret actions to anyone made by the military. He signed on the dotted line and was quickly called a few days later. More briefings and few dossiers on his teammates and then he had the head start. He had been running with this gang for more than a week now and tried his best to figure out the what, when, how, why, and where about the Wahr- Bear tribe. He was a transport guy unfortunately and had already shipped out many slaves (children mostly) against their will. Though he understood emotions and how to convey them, he did not really feel anything oddly. However he continued doing his job. Finally! The first of the team had arrived. the mage known as Delistair aka Jeremy had made himself known. He had hoped to see the leader of Op, Hana first, but he would remain patient. He looked to the ruckus caused by Delistair for a few seconds before returning to his hunting knife. After some more polishing he sheathed it in his pocket and crossed his arms, looking at the floor. The others would be here soon.
  11. I will be reactivating this one with Spacegy. I hope you would be willing to return. Ill be posting soon.

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      Yes! I'm already returned for that! I posted not that long ago lollll :P

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  12. lol thanks. We still got a thread to finish too. Unfortunately RB is not much of a thing right now so that means that one character I used is not even on planet anymore.