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  1. Thurgood and Asterdon "Good to hear that ye got the space, I'm sure I could assist ye in gathering em up!" he said enthusiastically. "Now in terms of metallurgy and the like, I'm familiar with all kinds of metals though I'm mostly working with iron and steel as ye could probably assume, not much of a machinist though I'm sure I could pick up some of the technical skill". Asterdon wasn't entirely sure what Thurgood was getting at with his question. There was of course plenty of people all over Terrenus who needed weapons and tools but by the sound of it the Singlance's had plenty of wealth to be buying such relatively trivial things. Guns especially weren't cheap and the fact they were being offered as payment told Asterdon that these nobles weren't hurting for cash. "If ye don't mind me askin', why do ye need someone like me making stuff for ye? I mean it seems like ye got all your ideas in order and you know how to do em, unless you're tellin' me that you want to make mines and refineries without knowing a lick about how to go about doing any of that kind of thing?" Perhaps this noble wasn't as put together as he had first thought. @notmuch_23
  2. Thurgood and Asterdon Asterdon choked on his beer as a chuckle rumbled from the bovine's chest. He cleared his throat and regained his composure. "Ye'll have to forgive me, I couldn't quite keep it together through all that political inspirin talk," he took another drink before continuing, "Ye don't need to be goin and trying to pump your chest and talk big McSofty, it makes ye look desperate even to a sorry sod like me." He stroked his beard absent-mindlessly. He had to admit he probably wasn't making himself all that popular with Thurgood, but he wasn't here to be dealing with some thin-skinned man with a fancy name and a title. "I've drank with an empress once a quite a few years back -she was all pragmatic and formal and such- but she held a casual conversation just like ye and I are havin," he recalled as he stroked his beard, "Despite my teasing like I'm doing with ye now she didn't need to go bout asserting herself because she already knew she was the shit." He gestured toward the drow. "I think you're the same, though ye ain't no empress, ye don't need to go bout spouting off this redefining nonsense- actions will speak louder than words McSofty." Asterdon tapped on the breastplate that was strapped to his chest. The metal rang dully with each strike of his finger. The breastplate wasn't anything particularly special, being simple but well done craftsmanship. "I'm a blacksmith by trade, make this sorta thing meself," he paused briefly, "I'm just one minotaur though and while I could surely help ye hammer a piece a metal for your dam or carry some heavy loads of some sort, I think what you're really lookin for is manpower-" he chuckled again "-except what I'm suggesting is that you use some bovinepower." "There's plenty of minotaurs around Terrenus and whereabouts such as meself that are out of work or looking for some better pay than village life. What I'm getting at is that we get em to build this economy of yours, providing ye got the space for em." @notmuch_23
  3. Thurgood and Asterdon Asterdon gave the drow a once over as he took a seat beside him. He looked at his tablet once more to make sure this was the right man before setting it aside. The informal attire wasn't quite what he had been expecting, though perhaps he simply was a little behind in the fashion and trends of nobility. His own kilt and other attire wasn't all too impressive either so he wasn't much in a position to judge. Seeing drow above ground was another peculiarity, though just like with his acquaintance's clothes, perhaps he was just not up to date with the Valucre of today. After silently analyzing the nobleman for a brief moment he responded in a deep baritone voice. His accent was thick, sounding somewhat Scottish. "Sup? I expected a wee more poofy language of some one like ye." He tapped his hoof on the floor as he considered his next words. It clicked like a very fast metronome. "To be quite forward ye, I'm looking for work and noble types such as ye tend to have an odd job or position in those eh-" he twirled his hand in the air in a flowery motion "-bureaucracies and hierarchy whatsits for simple folk such as me self." He sat up in his chair, making himself quite a few inches taller than the drow. He gazed down at the man with his golden eyes as he leaned in a bit closer. "So tell me Thurgood McSofty," he said gesturing to the noble's gut, "what are your 'noble goals' and what kinda payment are ye offerin' to those that wish to help ye achieve em?" He leaned back into his chair, asking his attendant for another pitcher of beer. He was already a bit thirsty. @notmuch_23
  4. Thurgood and Asterdon The clear note of the bell resonated throughout the building, bouncing off the walls and filling the ears of the many guests of the Glassman Estate. Asterdon sighed, having been idle for much of the first round after arriving later than expected. The journey here wasn't too terrible though he would not have described it as comfortable. The minotaur's stature wasn't very convenient in many settings and was especially exasperated by the cramped nature of cities such as Hell's Gate. In fact the Glassman Estate was a literal breath of fresh air as the he finally had the space to breathe, no longer confined by the soaring towers and choked by the lingering smell of burning fuel of the airships he had encountered in the rest of the city. Despite its faults however, he would be ignorant to not marvel at the technological prowess that had been put on display. In fact he was even envious knowing he could never even dream of fashioning some of the contraptions he had seen in the streets. Upon some reflection, he could see why a place so focused on progress had been chosen as the meeting place for those who wished to "change Valucre for the better". His attendant wasn't of much note, being as helpful and resourceful as any of the many others seeing to the guests during the evening. Asterdon's pitcher of beer that fit snugly in his hand was always topped off and at the slightest rumble of his stomach food seemed to appear out of thin air. He was appreciative, though he barely seemed to show it outside of the occasional mumbled "thank you". The tablet was tiny in his hand but he had to admit was fairly intuitive. A tap here and swipe there was all it took for him to navigate the device, though his large fingers made some of the motions slightly more cumbersome than usual. According to the screen he was to be meeting some "Thurgood Singlance". He scanned lazily over the many heads in the room in hopes of maybe catching a glimpse of him. He shrugged and gave up, figuring that his soon to be acquaintance would have no trouble finding the bipedal bovine among the moving bodies of guests finding their new partners. He downed his pitcher in a resounding gulp before wiping his whiskers off with his arm. Handing his empty glass to his attendant he found a chair that seemed like it would hold his weight and settled in. Slouching as much as the seat would allow, he waited patiently for this noble who went by the surname "Singlance". @notmuch_23
  5. Just making sure in the event there was an official transition post or something of that nature
  6. Sure thing, though finals will slow my posting down a bit. Asterdon's Roll so a 29(?)
  7. Rolling for Asterdon in Strangers in the Night Networking Event
  8. With the pairings already made it seems it would make more sense to wait. If you would like me to hop in I'm all for it, but I'm content with reading all the IC banter for now.
  9. Been having trouble getting online due to this ever changing schedule. I'll let you know when I'm available for posting.
  10. Go ahead and wrap it up. One more thing off the checklist and an important one at that!
  11. "Hm, interesting indeed Elder Stanger". The nomads spoke among themselves discussing the new information. While their voices remained hushed one couldn't mistake the occasional argumentative tone that rose. A few times they asked to see the rifle, repeating some of the actions the Count had performed. Eventually though, it seemed that some form of agreement had been achieved and the room went silent as the talking ceased. "This "rifle" contraption as you call it greatly interests us. While the weapon itself is not something we would," his face contorted into a slight frown," enjoy using, we cannot deny the utility of such a thing for surviving the dangers our people might face as you have shown us- if we could arrange to acquire them in any number that you find reasonable for our use that would be in the best interests of both our tribes. Such a thing must be shown to other Mahrjan!" "As for this alliance you speak of, such things typically involve something that binds more than word, for it is action that speaks more than word. Normally such things involve the hand of a daughter, herd of animals as a gift, or material gifts such as weapons or beads". He gestured to the Rhodian rifle. "Such a weapon is something that intrigues us and that we think should be shared with others who do not yet know the power of your tribe Elder Stranger, however it is still a distortion of Gaia and thus cannot carry the same weight of something made of Vakar for example in its value". The head elder kneeled in front of the Count, beckoning him to kneel as well. Laying his wrinkled leathery pale hands on the nobleman's shoulders he looked him straight in the eye. While the man appeared old, his grip was strong and betrayed hidden strength. His voice became so low that it was only audible to him and the Count. "Stranger, I ask you not as a superior or inferior as you have shown through your gesture of kneeling, but as your equal in an attempt at a mutual cooperation for the betterment of people that trust and rely on us and thus are at our whim" he tightened his grip on the man's shoulder," What action, what gift, what must be done for us to cement such an action?"
  12. Speaking of absences I'm going to be gone Monday through Sunday in a internet free middle of nowhere farm. I'll work on a post today and hopefully finish the nomad thread tomorrow for the sake of getting it done before things begin to drag on.
  13. Revolt sounds fun, I could probably help with that as well. Btw for the nomad thread we should have only have a few posts left in actuality- negotiations just need a little cherry on top to solidify things in my eyes at this point and Diravek needs to do his part to help flesh out whatever character development he has in mind.
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