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  1. How would one try to reignite old threads, or storylines, that have been very cold for several months?
  2. Hi everyone. About the end of september, I caught covid. It didn't really manifest itself symptomatically for a week, so the exact date I caught it is kinda *shrug* and we weren't able to trace where I got it from well. The best guess is a UberEats driver who had it, but there were other possibilities too. I was in the hospital for two weeks. By that point, Val was secondary to my school efforts, so this just kind of fell off.

    I'm back, I'm just going to be taking things really really slow, like one thread at a time once a week. Please those who RP'd with me in threads that died, DM me and maybe we can work something out. 


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    2. Darthgamer101



      A little bit, yes. It's so gradual you don't notice it until- 'hey, isn't this rice too salty?' It varies directly with the rate at which my sense of smell improves, which is also shot. I'm lucky, though, I have heard it is affecting people teeth, in the roots of their gums. 


      Thank you, me too. 

      Glad, as ever, to see this place is always thriving.

    3. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      You must have been pretty sick to be in the hospital for two weeks.  I'm glad you're better now.  👍

    4. Zenthaur


      Glad to have you back Darth. I'm not really around much more but I'm just happy you're on the road to recovery 🙂 I check in time to time so if you do want to casual something out I'm game.

  3. Hi everyone. I got covid, then had finals for school. Really sorry this got dropped, after all that waiting 😕 EDIT: if you want details, I made a status update.
  4. Okay. Tonight or tomorrow morning is the target, I really do appreciate everyone here. Never had a RP this fucking loyal tbh! Thanks!
  5. Im allergic to compliments, if you continue I *will* die.
  6. Sorry folks, I'm still here, I promise. All my other RP partners are just as upset lol. I'll do my best to get yall something very soon
  7. Sorry. I'll double post later tonight with a comprehensive response.
  8. Darthgamer101

    Writing Styles

    No I read alright. If you wanna have a fun convo, please do so. Otherwise, I don't think anyone here will engage you in the fashion you have been engaging them.
  9. Darthgamer101

    Writing Styles

    I'm gonna bite the bullet here. This is absolutely incorrect. Something said in length can always be phrased in short. Look to Hemmingway. And even in writing where often times brevity is not the goal or necessarily beneficial, such as scientific analysis, there are abstracts for a reason. There is also a general, universal principle, that if you can say something in less words than you did before without sacrificing your intent- then do it. This is generally accepted as a marker of skill amongst writers, I am of the opinion that the best among us here are the ones who can tell the most story with the least characters. I am not going to respond to the rest, because, ironically, it appears to me you are exemplifying the exact kind of over verbosity here that they were talking about. There are so many bullet points, so many passive aggressive, sass laden, mischaracterized, points, that it would be impossible to respond to you in anything resembling the timeframe I would normally dedicate to Val. To me, it does not seem as if you genuinely desire a conversation here. If you do, perhaps assess how you have been making it, the curtness of Nobi's reply's, and find the answer to the latter within the former. Like I said, I have found it to be impossible. Without this 'voice' I do not know if I would be able to write at all, honestly. When I do try to reduce this voice, it's typically by just developing a new one. Strange, I know. But I have an analytical voice, just like I have a different narrator's voice for two different characters. By looking at this not by 'eliminating' but instead by 'choosing,' I have found it has made my life exponentially better. Of course, underneath it all, it is just me talking in a deep baritone trying to figure out how Bane would pronounce "geopolitical." Sometimes I talk to myself, and find a different voice. Usually this is completely asinine and silly, but every now and then I'll do something different and go 'Oh!' Tl;dr- Talk to self in funny voice while alone in dark room.
  10. Darthgamer101

    Writing Styles

    I've found that when writing I have a particularly strong 'voice,' that I am incapable of shaking. It's ingrained in how I write, even when I write analytically. I actually like that, if I am honest, but I am sure an employer will hate one of my copies as a result. So as a direct consequence of this 'voice,' the differences between narration in my characters takes place in the strength of that voice. My characters only feel different when I keep a shorthand list of vocab they use, when I actively try to narrate their actions as if they were narrating themselves, but not quite.
  11. Hi! I apologize for my relative absence, fell into a horrible sleep schedule, with just enough time to get crucial work done, then procastinate, then sleep, and repeat. What is the "Confrontation Thread?" Is that the original Kahd thread? I like everything posted so far, and I will copy in the exact details of what I discussed with Alex in PM, with a little extra. "I'm gonna be responding as best I can right now. I have a few ideas, and I really like the idea you proposed of her being suddenly 'endowed' with telepathy, though it will appear at first to be more of an affliction. Right now, I definitely see it as a completely unfiltered access to a sort of 'frequency' that she can't turn off. Constant high decibel screaming of however many voices (minds) she is surrounded by. I don't know exactly where it would end up when trained, beyond the obvious ability to finally filter those voices, or maybe very minor telekinesis. Thats in the air, but I've really become quite taken with the telepathy idea. I'm very open to suggestions for the details" I am also going to PM Squid and see if maybe I can get a small link to the Xelken hivemind, as I think that'd be the nicest little dash of pepper on an already very cool little dish of plot. I have an idea for this thread that I think would be very compelling, but it totally relies on the willingness for people here to play ball- but first I wanna clarify something. I am totally lost LOL. once it hit 'Conversation chapter 24, section 6, line 4, item 12a' I felt a wire fall loose in my brain. So if someone could TLDR in caveman speak what the conversation here means for me I would be very grateful. As for my idea, the one tidbit I did pick up here was on This caught my eye. I also vaguely remember Alex mentioning that Cae could be Aethe's best avenue for figuring out her new telepathic affliction. Pushing aside what exactly this curse is, I was thinking we could play both these up. Specifically, what if Aeth wakes up way before she was medically meant to, defying all odds and stasis. She's screaming, or jibbering, etc. Cae can immediately recognize the symptoms of a novice telepath (or whatever explanation we prefer here). It's an extreme version, powerful in range to a point of pure detriment, and nearly useless for Aeth without some kind of very strong filter or training. The plot-goblin in my brain is really interested in a tense confrontation between Aeth's military bosses, and House Glassman, who I was thinking would be very, very, reluctant to release Aeth. They're dodging paperwork, the doctors are never there when the military envoys request them, Cae is stalling, etc etc. All this stemming from an interest in Aeth's peculiar affliction, before the grubby Lagrians can get their hands on their 'asset.' I dont know Cae's character very well, so I could just yelling down an empty hallway here, but it's an idea.
  12. its me, taking an eternity, as always
  13. @The Alexandrian Do you want to make a smaller, briefing thread, or are we all good?
  14. @Zenthaur ZEN. YOURE UP TO BAT BUDDY
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